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File 158669913147.jpg - (162.35KB , 800x1067 , Discussion Open.jpg )
132511 No. 132511 ID: d63ea8

>Ask Questions,
>Offer Comments,
>Express Thoughts.

I hope you are all enjoying the quest thus far, and I'm very excited to be running it.

Feel free to answer questions here and I will try to answer them as best as I can.

Unfortunately, due to the quest being centered around exploration and discovery, I can't afford to reveal absolutely everything.

But as I had said to a friend of mine:

"If this quest had a thesis statement, it would be 'why not ask?'"
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No. 134127 ID: 87a01c

we don't have anyone else's voice I don't think, well quick way to find out which voices we have))
((send these to ourself rather than to Avenue))
test test test test test test test test test
((any ones we do not have just use our normal voice instead))
No. 134128 ID: d63ea8

I-if You weren’t before me right now I-

This… this is something that will cost a lot to keep secret.
You should keep it secret.

The fact that
You can-

...so perfectly…

You don’t know how You did it?!

No. 134130 ID: d63ea8


Your scheme wouldn’t work because all She would need to do is ask who sent the message.

Your ‘mimicry’ would be found out immediately.


I’m starting to see why
She has Her eye on You.

>Attempted Mimicry. Improper Resonance.
>(Return to regular tone?)
>(Relay in banked tone?)

((test test test test test test test test test))
No. 134131 ID: d63ea8


Speaking of

You have a reply to that last message, but it wasn’t really a verbal one.

It was more of a stern look followed by a sigh.

Not really a friendly gesture, but for
Her it was very restrained.

She has stated that ‘This conversation has run its course.

I don’t believe that
She will be Communing with You any further at this moment.

No. 134134 ID: 87a01c

It is like we got this big-ass switchboard, but none of them are labeled and they are all interconnected. (switch one and it could make all the other switches do different things) Occasionally I like to try flipping some randomly to see if something neat happens! Apparently I found the 'copy ((Mimicry))his((/Mimicry)) voice' combo. ((Though some part of me feels like the power is somehow tied to me as a Fragment, If someone else could try I would appreciate it.))

Also what do you mean by 'here' you said most Beings can't be multiple places very good, but I think we are here and with our Vessel, is that normal? I don't feel we are very physically 'here' but we are physically with the Vessel, as you know it was a whole deal.
No. 134136 ID: d63ea8

Alright… I think I understand.
Whatever caused
Your amnesia, be it a broken Promise or not, has also overwritten whatever basic instincts You had.

Though it seems like some of those instincts returned when
You became separated from Your Vessel.

I imagine this ‘mimicry’ would’ve been vital to
Your survival in the Beyond after You first formed.

I wouldn’t think that it is a new ability, but
You’ve been defying a lot of my previous expectations.

And if I were to guess what
You mean by ‘here’...

I am an Outer Being that is fully capable of existing in multiple places at once, physically or otherwise.

You on the other hand…

It’s more like
You are ‘reaching out’ in a less physical manner. Though I can certainly imagine that You were once able to exist in multiple physical spaces as well.

You still can…

Well, it would require some experimenting on
Your part.

No. 134137 ID: b1b4f3

We can't fool Lovely and she doesn't want to talk anymore, which means all we can do is relay information to Errant.
...or maybe we can do something with our strange connection to Ashley? I don't get why we can see what she's doing but are unable to communicate or interact. How would we even make the attempt...? (it's not like we have a standard format for actions, and in the disthread everything seems to be directed at other Beings instead of the area around our body)
Wait, what about other Beings...
Can you send messages to Aldemire? I'm wondering if he would be willing and able to help. Relay this if so:
"A friend of ours is being pursued by Grey Gash, can you help us?"

...can we afford to buy secrecy about the mimickry? If not, I guess we'll just have to hope nobody asks about it. I presume we don't need to pay you to prevent you from immediately telling the URC about it, since I don't think you want the URC to know we're still alive (they would likely kill us)... I guess only Lovely and the darkest color are a concern. How much would it cost to keep it from them, specifically? Or just the darkest color?
No. 134138 ID: 87a01c

Well I was hoping to wait on this one a little longer till I could more directly prove the potential threat, and then offer this deal as a show of peace, but now with us paying you on the table when I feel we should hold the leverage...

In exchange for a Promise from you not to knowingly reveal this capability, we can Promise not to knowingly attempt to use this 'Mimicry' to cause you to unintentionally break a Promise.

You are a clever Being, I am sure you realize the existential threat this ability could pose to you specifically. I would guess protection against a credible threat of assassination would have... rather high value to you. Enough that I could probably attach a number of additional demands to this Promise, but I am not. I do, however, request, (not demand) if it can be told, what the terms of your Promise(s) of privacy to the darkest color are.

Also when relaying messages you seem to talk in other's colors, how is that different from our 'Mimicry'?
No. 134141 ID: b1b4f3

Did you just threaten Avenue? Doesn't seem like a good idea.
No. 134143 ID: d63ea8

You’re bluffing…

This ‘mimicry’ of
Yours is impressive, but I don’t believe that You can break another Being’s Promise.

But if
You want to play hardball, fine-
I’ll bite.

What’s stopping me from revealing
Your existence to the URC, and have this little cycle repeat itself?

No. 134144 ID: d63ea8

Because if I receive the knowledge that You are a very real and active force… then such information would be considered ‘common knowledge.’

And I know just
Who to ask.

So if
You’re willing to make such pointed assertions, then I have to wonder…

No. 134145 ID: d63ea8

How much do You value Your ongoing existence?
No. 134146 ID: d63ea8

But it seems that not all of You agrees on this course of action.

So maybe we should both take a step back.

I could certainly convey messages to both
Errant Signal and Aldemire, but the mortal would be more difficult.
Most of the devices they are using are experiencing
technical difficulties.

And seeing as this message is going to a valued contact, I will wave the regular fees.

Message Sent.

Normally if one of my clients were to threaten myself or my business they would…
...find many grievances leveled against them.

But seeing as we’re not doing that, I’ll ask

How much is my silence worth?

No. 134147 ID: b1b4f3

You'll have to be more specific.
No. 134148 ID: d63ea8

Well, seeing as You’re being very civil about it.

This ‘mimicry’ ability could be rather… dangerous to the natural discourse on Numara. As it lets
You copy another Being’s Resonance entirely.

While I can merely relay the messages I am given, nothing more nothing less.

Your ‘mimicry’ can give you a very significant edge in some interactions, so long as it remains secret.

So how much is that advantage worth to

No. 134149 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, well, the thing is once we start using it, Beings will catch on fast and take countermeasures. Any advantage we can get will be temporary, and on top of that, any major use of the ability will likely result in a search for who is responsible and that could lead to us being discovered and killed. The only long term use I can think of would be for inconsequential communication with Beings associated with the URC without revealing we still exist.
In the short term we could maybe use it to protect Errant from Grey Gash, or to trap the darkest color by making them think they gave a Promise to someone else, but in fact it was to us. Sadly I'm not sure who the darkest color would bother making Promises to, so that use has serious issues.
These uses make it valuable, but I wouldn't put that much value on it just from that, considering I know you won't spill the beans before Errant is safe. Like, one moderate question?

Another use of it could be... deception as part of a larger plan, but we don't have enough information to really plan around the actions of other Beings.

So, I have an offer. In exchange for some measure of secrecy on our ability to mimic, we can work for you. You can come up with a plan that uses the ability, and we can execute it. I'm aware that we don't know what your greater plans and aspirations are so it's possible we'd be helping you do something we disagree with, but you are one of our only allies right now so I'm willing to take that chance.
No. 134151 ID: 87a01c

You misunderstand, I don't force you to, I would trick you into it. Unless this ability is common, I can pose as someone else, get you to say something to the me posing as them that you can't say to me but could say to them. We currently have no reason to do this to you. The promise would just make sure it doesn't matter if we got reason to in the future, you threatening to reveal it would likely provide just such a reason.
>What’s stopping me from revealing Your existence to the URC, and have this little cycle repeat itself?
Nothing, other than making that deception a priority, if only as a way to take you down with me.
>How much do You value Your ongoing existence?
Less than you probably think, but more than I could. If I die, I don't have to worry about anything anymore, If nothing else it ought to be a novel experience. My story would end, but it would have closure.
This was not to be a threat, but an offer keep that potential threat from ever being a problem for you. The original plan was to be like 'you thought we were that guy but it was really us, and this is a thing we could have done but didn't' along with a Promise not to in the future, along with a Promise from you not to share the ability, but the time table was accelerated when us paying you for that promise went on the table.
No. 134152 ID: d63ea8

Your discourse is very polarizing.

But more agreeable part of
You does bring up an important point.

I wouldn’t have a reason to reveal this secret, if it was being used by someone who was working for me, or better yet someone I would consider an ally.

Though right now,
Your age (or lack thereof) is showing. I have dealt with shackdowns and I will not be intimidated by the likes of You.

But how about this:
I take one of
Your questions ‘Of Moderate Worth’ back, as collateral, and I offer a small job for You.

Nothing binding, just a little arrangement.

For some reason
Lovely wants to keep You around. I want to find out why. If You can bring that reason to me, then I will trade a Promise of my secrecy (and perhaps a bit more) for it.

It will also should serve as a good foundation for us, if
You want to solidify a solid ‘working relationship’ with me.

Share the details of this agreement with anyone else, or try to ‘mimic’ me, and the deal is off.

Sound fair?

No. 134153 ID: d63ea8

Ah, He’s gotten back to You.


Unfortunately, I cannot act if She is the one harrying You. If I interfere with Her or the business of Her allies they resume the extermination of my followers. But I will try hold Your friend in my thoughts. I’m sorry that I cannot do more.

I would hold out much hope, the URC did quite a number to

No. 134154 ID: 87a01c

If you do not fear that possibility then all that is moot and you have no need of my promise, though I expect it to be plenty expensive should you change your mind later *shrug*.
The small job seems reasonable, I'll accept that.
Would what happened to Light be a medium question?
No. 134155 ID: b1b4f3

Sure. Too bad we can't just ask her right now.

Hmm, you didn't list Compression Knot in that list before, can we get a description of them?
No. 134156 ID: 87a01c

((I believe I know why we have Etzil's Resonance. We have consumed his life fluids. So now I wonder can we copy our mortal's Resonance.))
No. 134161 ID: 87a01c

Ima try to Mimic myself. ((Mimicry))Is this any different?((/Mimicry)) or this for that matter.
No. 134162 ID: d63ea8

Then it appears we have an accord for now.

And forgive me, but I’m not really in the mood to answer
Your questions, Fragment.

No. 134163 ID: d63ea8

As for You I’d be happy to help. Unfortunately I don’t have much to tell.

Compression Knot has no names, only It’s Title. As I mentioned before, Potency can be cultivated by one willing to spend enough time and focus. Compression Knot has done so since It first formed, and is a social and political non-entity.

The only thing
It seems to do (beyond developing more Potency) is answer the call of mortals.

It has effectively become a rule that anything sealed by
Compression Knot will not open. Full stop.

I’ve only gotten three words from
‘Leave,’ ‘Go,’ and ‘Away.’

As I said,
You’d have better luck talking to a wall.

>Attempted Mimicry.
>Relaying in regular tone:
Is this any different? Or this for that matter.
No. 134164 ID: d63ea8

No. 134165 ID: 87a01c

K then. Guess I'll let you and Unnamed Fragment talk, I'll try to stick to observations. But I'll give you this: Our identities are largely what we decide them to be, such that >>134166
No. 134166 ID: 9aafe2

I can be unnamed too.
No. 134167 ID: b1b4f3

((Not sure why it took me so long to notice the reptile theme Avenue has. It's a dragon that hoards information, basically. It has shapes for scales.))
((here's a theory on why we can mimic Errant Signal and no one else: we absorbed some of his life fluids))

Alright... I'm still not sure how we can help Errant. You know almost everything we do and more, do you have any suggestions? ...maybe we could send Errant instructions on how to summon us(wait, do we even know our own ritual?!), which he could then tell the mortal, which would let us help directly? I'm not sure what we could do even if we were there... I guess we could give Errant some of our life fluids. Or recklessly stand in Lovely's path.
No. 134171 ID: 87a01c

((>>134167 see >>134156 -_- glad we agree though.))
Rituals take time to set up, and we probably want Ashley to finish the one they are currently about to start (Which I think is almost certainly to summon Compression Knot)
((I suspect the seals he places are like the Gordian Knot, impossible to undo or 'pick apart' but if you just physically destroy the seal or 'cut it' it has no resistance. However, that is why our Vessel's is made of wood planks, harder to physically defeat, and why the better the bonds on the seal the better, not to better keep Grey Gash out, but to better prevent it or Ashley from accidentally defeating it physically.))
((The '5 seconds' instruction is to keep Ashley from seeing him and give him 5 spaced events to do work in))
No. 134172 ID: 87a01c

Avenue I would like to send a message to our friend, feel free not to send it if you do not feel the concern I bring up is justified. The message: Careful not to go too loud with your "loud blare", ruptured eardrums are a thing and sound like they would be just as lethal as a bruise.
No. 134173 ID: 87a01c

((I think these >>/moo/5138 >>/moo/5139 symbols could be good inquiries, I would ask myself, but as he said, he was not interested in my questions, so you would have to ask them b1b4))
No. 134174 ID: b1b4f3

((where did you find all these hidden symbols?))
No. 134175 ID: d63ea8

((The Symbol and the Way were discovered in Chapter 1; See Coming to Terms with the New Way 3/11 and 5/11))
No. 134176 ID: 87a01c

((>>/questarch/969354 and >>/questarch/969352 for the two most recent symbols
>>/moo/5081 from earlier came from >>/questarch/961574))
No. 134177 ID: b1b4f3

I'll just ask more directly; what can you tell us of Fractile Joints?
How valuable would additional knowledge of Ways be? I believe you saw we found six of them, then one more.
No. 134181 ID: d63ea8

Unfortunately, I do not know the specifics of Your ritual, as it wasn’t a focus of the URC’s investigation. But I would safely say that it would involve Your symbol in some way.

Though if I were to compare the Potence of
You and Compression Knot, It would come out on top.

Information on
Fractile Joints would be a question ‘Of Little to No Worth.’ Seeing as He is little more than a floating corpse now.


As for Ways, they have no value to me. They act as foci for mortals that can project their consciousness into the Beyond or other worlds. Meaning that this Vessel of Yours is a rare find, but not unique.
No. 134182 ID: d63ea8

Message Sent.
No. 134183 ID: 5cb1b2

so >>/moo/5139 would be Fractile Joints's symbol? Do you know what >>/moo/5138 this might be?
No. 134184 ID: d63ea8

That is indeed His symbol.

But again, I don’t put much value into Ways, so I cannot say which one that is. They are as common as sand in a desert.

No. 134187 ID: e6a049

Interesting that an information collector like you wouldn't even keep a passing list of them. I am willing to bet some Ways are more, hmmm... Potent? Effective? Efficent? Common? than others. If nothing else it is a missed oprotunity to potentaly sell us infomation.

If it makes you feel any better, I Promise my offer was intended to be massively in your favor. In my 'eyes' I was offering to take a large threat I could pose to you off the table in exhange for you takeing the relitively smaller threat you could pose off the table.
It proved to be a swing and a miss, for which I appologize.
No. 134188 ID: d63ea8

I do not keep a list of them because that list is ever changing as Ways appear and diminish with the ebb and flow of thought.

There is only one Being that willing to deal in that information and
She is my direct competitor. My general practice is to deal in mortals, not with them.

What I do not understand is why
You in particular wish to provoke me.

No. 134189 ID: 5cb1b2

The Promise was to show my goal hadn't been to provoke, I honestly thought I was giving you a good deal.

Please feel free to tell me where my logic went wrong.
You collect information.
I still do not know if you have even a passing list of Ways, and I did not previously know any reason you wouldn't have such a list.
I am still willing to bet there is meaningful difference between Ways even if they come and go, but it is not your area of expertise I now gather.
Not having that information meant you could not sell it to us.

Yes there are two (intended) subtle jabs at what I think you pride yourself on, but can you tell me they were false or came entirely out of the blue? We had not made any Promises of secrecy before meeting you, you know all we have seen and experienced, if, possibly, not quite all we have thought.
I didn't know she also dealt extensively in information till now, nor that she might have a sort of specialty beyond basically being the Beyond. Likewise I had thought that Ways, even if numerous, were at least relatively stable. We gave you what we know, if it isn't there when would we have learned it?

I don't particularly want to provoke you, but you seemed unfairly upset with me and I am a little spiteful. Also, most everything you say generally includes something new that we didn't already know.
No. 134190 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, Laybrinthine being a useful contact for our mortal, as well as being unaffiliated with the URC (if she was, she would've told the URC we're alive while she was pissed at us) means that we really should get on her good side.

Is there any chance that anything we say here can be overheard? Some of our initial conversations here were interrupted, but I'm not sure if that's because we said some sensitive words, or if they were listening from the start.
No. 134192 ID: 5cb1b2

>>134190 More pointedly this sequence: >>132807 >>132808 >>132811 >>132812 for example
No. 134193 ID: 5cb1b2

>>/quest/979593 >>/quest/979595 >>/quest/979599
Avenue, I'm scared.
No. 134194 ID: d63ea8


I have tried to keep a shadow list of Ways, and for reasons I will not disclose, the attempt was a failure, and for said reasons I will not attempt to create this shadow list again.

If it would help smooth over this little disagreement between us, then I am willing to provide
You with my cursory knowledge about Ways, but I cannot give any specific examples.

And while I won’t dissuade
You from doing business with Her, I would warn You not to trust Her, especially in Her domain.

Many take
Her civil facade at face value, and forget that She annihilated many in order to cement Her position as ruler of the Beyond.

The place where all Beings first form.

No. 134195 ID: d63ea8

No. 134196 ID: b1b4f3

(to Errant) .-.. .- ... - ... - .-. .. -. --. --. --- -... .- -.-. -.- .. -.
No. 134197 ID: 5cb1b2

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