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File 156267337206.png - (194.96KB , 700x600 , RenameOP.png )
129878 No. 129878 ID: 5fc3a0

Off and on for the past decade people have pushed for TGChan to be renamed, mainly due to the bad associations with other chan boards from the current name.
The discussion has recently come up again on Discord about a name change, so I'm making a thread here to gather more opinions. (Fen is the OP because I needed an OP image and I felt like drawing Fen)

ThatQuestSite is already associated with the site, and ThatQuestSite.org became a redirect to the site ages ago.
QuestDispenser, QuestJunction, and SnagglePost are new suggestions that had some support and no immediate major issues.

Suggesting new names is encouraged.
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No. 129879 ID: 3d1dd5

It's perhaps worth pointing out that tgchan has almost nothing to do with traditional games or modern chans.

And just to help visualise how they parse as an actual url:

No. 129880 ID: 75cf31

i’m in really strong support of the change, and i think thatquestsite is good. questdispenser is also really cute and appealing, imo, but if it would be easier to stick with the name that’s already associated i don’t sway too hard one way or the other.
No. 129882 ID: 1e9cbc

I'm very much with the idea. Currently, I don't think it could do any more harm than good.

Personally, I think something so simple as Questchan.org might be good. We are still a chan board, after all. Something that's too the point, you know?

On the other hand, we could do something of an 'inside joke', we could call it what it is: Lagotrope.org, or perhaps we should spend a moment reflecting upon the near-decade of history this site has. I'm sure we could find something catchy that evokes tgchan's true spirit...

It would be enhanceknockers.org, wouldn't it?
No. 129883 ID: 5fc3a0

The entire point of the rename is to get away from the chan association because it makes people not want to check out the site, so Questchan is out.
No. 129884 ID: 75ea94

Quest Dispenser!
No. 129885 ID: 0dd15d
File 156268207590.jpg - (152.66KB , 750x574 , 127969361038[1].jpg )

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it
After 10 years this site will always be tgchan in my mind.

-tg shows the origins
-chan shows the format

Seems a shame to throw away a little bit of the sites legacy after all this time, especially if its just because a few people are squeamish about the 4chan connection

I feel like we've had this discussion before many years ago but cant find the thread in the catalogue
No. 129886 ID: 2551d5

No. 129887 ID: 2551d5

also way to dig up an image reply in a format that hasn't been relevant for years
No. 129890 ID: 0dd15d

oh wait here it is
No. 129891 ID: a9a7b5

I'm not that much against the chan name, but that's probably because I'm nostalgic for a better era. I get the problem. I do still like the old notion of everyone being anonymous unless they have reason not to be, since it has a lot of benefits (encouraging honesty, people not trying to become Faces, etc), so it'd be nice to keep that in our culture.

"thatquestsite" seems nicely established already, easy to understand and easy to remember. Though, unless someone is already familiar with the medium, the word "quest" may not immediately tell them what we're about. The other options I can think of right now are more cumbersome, though. Interactive storytelling? Forum games? It's have to be something really good to trade in on the innate charm of "quest".
No. 129892 ID: 5fc3a0

There's no plans to remove the ability to post anonymously.

Not sure there's any good way to get across what quests are in a concise name to those unfamiliar, and having quest in the name is a big bonus to people that have a passing familiarity with the word from quests that had more reach like Ruby Quest.
No. 129893 ID: a9a7b5

I didn't mean to imply I thought there was a chance for things to become non-Anonymous, I just wanted to point out that there were some good things inherited from old tg, since this whole discussion stems from wanting to distance ourselves from it.
No. 129894 ID: cb22c8

I'm definitely on board with ThatQuestSite, it's the only one of the suggested names that doesn't feel out of place to me. The current name's always made me uneasy about showing this website to anyone, and probably gives a similar impression to other newcomers.
No. 129895 ID: 4ffd17

I like questdispenser.
thatquestsite is ok, though a bit cumbersome.

Shouldn't you make a change this big a sticky in /quest/? most people don't ever come here
No. 129896 ID: 58ee15

There's pretty much unlimited choices. Here's a few interesting available domains that I found:


Anyway, deciding on a name isn't as simple as it sounds tho. I think it would be good to first decide on a few guidelines, for instance, what kind of meaning you'd want to expose (collaborative storytelling? worldbuilding?), how long you want the name to be (shorter is better?), whether you want the name to cater to old users or new ones, would you like it to sound catchy, or do you prefer it simple, etc.
No. 129897 ID: eeb7d9

"qst.land" Sounds good to me, short and sweet. I am all aboard for the name change.
No. 129898 ID: 0fae41

The answer now is the same as then. Just keep TGChan TGChan. A name change isn't some magic tonic of coolness. The people who would dismiss our site based on four letters are too fickle to engage anyway.
No. 129899 ID: 5b93d3

As long as the tgchan.org URL remains so I don't have to retrain a decade of muscle-memory or deal with endless dead links, I don't mind what string sits at the top of the homepage.
No. 129900 ID: ad51b8

honestly after, what, a decade of being called tgchan I honestly don't see a point in calling it something else. And if it would also mean changing the URL Then I'm going to have to say, "Hell no!"
No. 129901 ID: a9a7b5

I actually always have to use thatquestsite.org anyway, since the tgchan domain times out for me for some reason. So a domain name change would actually improve things for me in terms of wiki links and so on. Still yeah, you'd want to keep the old domain as something that redirects, at least.
No. 129902 ID: b1b4f3

I've avoided sites based on reputation before and I'm like the opposite of fickle.
No. 129903 ID: 4294c6

You could also use the domain as part of the name. "que.st", for example.
No. 129904 ID: 1f812f

No. 129905 ID: 790132

thatquestsite.org seems reasonable enough, but if we want people to show up that may not know what 'quests' are but know a bit of what quests is about...

Well, quests are basically digital Choose Your Own Adventure stories, right? You could call them that, or in some cases online roleplay.

I'd suggest something like 'RolePlay.org' which I think is available (it went to a nothing site when I just checked) or something like 'createyourstory.org' which is also available.

What does everyone think of that kinda angle for it?
No. 129906 ID: bcda15

This. Just give me a dark mode.
No. 129908 ID: 3c191e

ThatQuestSite.org keeps sounding better and better. It's just fitting, you know? And it's the kind of website name I think I would check out if I just saw the link without knowing what a quest was. It's inviting. I think I'm with this one.
No. 129909 ID: b1b4f3

The main issue I have with That Quest Site is how it sounds when you say it. There's a dead stop between each word. Quest Express would've been perfect but it's taken. Most of the suggested names so far have the same problem with TQS...

Oh! What about "Quest La Vie"? I mean sure we don't have the quest.lv domain but I bet we can do questlavie.org or something.
No. 129910 ID: b91db9

Questlavie is awkward to search for since it's going to point you towards Questlove results, and it's not immediately obvious what it'll be spelled like from hearing it out loud. I wouldn't really want to take the SEO gamble on something so close to an established popular thing.
Thatquestsite/etc are all easy to remember and search for from a brief mention.
No. 129911 ID: bcc41d

ThatQuestSite seems the better of the OP options.

Say, wouldn't it be simpler to just replace 'chan' with 'quest' and get a similar structure to the name? It still being TG may no longer hold true, but it's certainly the better part of the site's heritage.

tgquestsite.org ('ThatGayQuestSite', clearly)

Obligatory alt suggest:

No. 129913 ID: 58ee15

No. 129914 ID: 9876c4

I agree, and you've put it way more politely than I would be likely to.
No. 129916 ID: 58ee15

Arguments against change have no value because there's not a single existing user who'd stop using tgchan simply due to a name change.

What this site severely lacks is an influx of new users, and when it comes to new users, first impressions matter. The domain name is THE first impression.

Btw, "ThatQuestSite" sounds kinda cheap. As if the site considers itself unpopular.
No. 129917 ID: bcda15

No. 129918 ID: 15a025

I'm fine with tgquest. It's short and simple.
No. 129919 ID: ba56e6

Seconding tgquest or ste.ve
No. 129920 ID: e7c7d3

How about TheQuestorium?
No. 129922 ID: b1b4f3

Quest Caravan
No. 129923 ID: 3d1dd5

I kinda like this one.

That Quest Site is maybe a little too self deprecating and I like the idea of Quest Dispenser and Quest Junction but they're just a little too long. All alternatives I've thought of so far are pretty so-so like Quest Nub or Quest Nest.
No. 129924 ID: 75cf31

yeah actually, looking at new suggestions i'm liking tgquest or other things like questcaravan a little better than thatquestsite (thatquestsite is also a little clunky/not very catchy/a little unclear when said aloud, etc). i do think it's really important to keep "quest" in the name and that people will have enough familiarity w that due to rubyquest etc (and it's easy enough to explain if they don't) for that to be more important than like, trying to overexplain that we're Interactive Fiction etc. i've already seen ppl on other sites who aren't native to tgchan referring to my stuff as "tg quests" so it's something that seems to catch on quickly.
No. 129925 ID: c914a9

I second Questorium, though it may be a bit of a mouthful for some people.

TGquest also sounds really nice, though it still has "TG" in it. It might not sound as bad as "-chan", but it still has its, well, ties.

Perhaps something like... quest.me ?

> yourquest.org
This one actually sounds really nice as well. It doesn't have the "tg" and isn't too long. +1
No. 129926 ID: c914a9

Actually, nevermind, quest.me is taken, so here are a few alternatives:

questr.me (naileD suggested "questr" above already)
plsquest.me (I know, a little cheesy)

I hate posting twice in a row, but it's for a greater cause.
No. 129929 ID: 4ffd17

tgquest is so perfect, how did we not think of this earlier?
it's true to out history, it doesn't have chan, it passes the google test, it's short and catchy, it's just perfect.
No. 129932 ID: 87353e

I like TGQuest, its succinct and removes the part that's seen as problematic with out being too long.
No. 129935 ID: 0d5cb3

I can't edit my vote to include tgQuest, so I'll say here that I like it too.
No. 129937 ID: 864e49



But I kind of like the old name and we do still have a traditional/tabletop games board so

No. 129939 ID: d7f01b

oh i like TGQuest! my write-in suggestion was QuestHub though
No. 129942 ID: 58ee15

I support Arhra and Cirr's logic which states that tgchan has nothing to do with Traditional Games anymore. So including tg in the name is pointless (outside of nostalgia) as it would only leave new users confused when told what the abbreviation stands for.
Also, removing chan but then keeping tg seems like a half-measure that would probably lead to another rename down the line.

Traditional Games Quest? Sounds weird to say the least.
No. 129943 ID: e4aa95

Yes please change the name! Like every single person I've ever recommended this place to has been "Eww 4chan? Hell no!"
No. 129944 ID: 0d5cb3

"tg" can mean something else.

Terrible Good Quests
Touch Grab Quests
Trumpet Geronimo Quests

Whatever really. I'm bad at names though, so someone else could come up with something else.
No. 129945 ID: b1b4f3

Top Grade Quests/Questing
True Grit Quests
Text/Graphic Quests

Come to think of it, TGQuests and TGQuesting both work just as well for the site name.
No. 129946 ID: 4cf79d

I don't imagine a name change enough to avoid tg association with 4chan. The layout is a giveaway, and anyone who knows anything about this site past won't miss the relation.
Keep in mind that potential visitors who would otherwise avoid chans will only be more willing to visit this site if they heard of it by it's new name, so some of the newer quests will have to reach different circles of the internet the way Weaver's quests did. From the outsiders perspective we would be losing the association with older threads and confuse new readers trying to find tg from old links.
By changing the name we risk making the site more obscure and completely fail disassociate with the chans reputation.

But if the name have to be change I propose we promote the best characteristics of this site: komequests.org
No. 129947 ID: ba56e6

Text/Graphic Quest(ing) seems both descriptive and suitable. This with tgquest for short would serve well.
No. 129948 ID: 847561

Most people who would find the chan association distasteful won't have been on that site enough to learn the different sub-boards. It's not like /tg/ is one of the front and center ones, after all, so "tg" won't mean anything to anyone who hasn't associated with that site themselves, and those people either won't care or will be understanding.

People might associate the site just for the similar layout and format, but that's pretty inescapable and there are more sites that use it than just the infamous ones.
No. 129949 ID: 9876c4

I'm amused that people think visitors will be scared off by 4 letters in the name or the layout, and not by the extreme fetish content front and center in the quests themselves.
No. 129950 ID: e7c7d3

Not picking a fight with ya, but this was pretty much my exact experience. I became aware of tgchan when the first thread of NanQuest was happening but didn't participate or even kept track of it because i legit thought that this site was part of 4chan and all it's /b/ (or whatever it was) stupidity. As for all the the fetishy stuff? I mean, yeah, it'd scare people away but also it's the internet? Again, from my experience, I had already been surfing deviantart and furaffinity so coming to a site that kobolds macking on each other was just sort of.. background noise. Plus the site and the community as a whole has gotten better at not being quite in your face about it. No, what was intimidating was the layout. The layout is archaic and does have the feel of "if you didn't grow up in 4chan, good luck figuring this shit out!" I mean, it's a somewhat regular occurrence that for a new user to ask how to do green text or link to other posts in the quest advice thread, (and no, it doesn't tell you how to do it in the FAQ section.)

Ultimately, my feelings is that a rebranding might hurt, yes, but sticking to the status quo DOES hurt.
No. 129952 ID: b1b4f3

It's not visitors that get scared off by the name. If someone actually visits the site, they've gotten past the name already. The problem is when linking people to the site, or when it shows up on google. 4chan has a really bad reputation.

Also wow, no, there is no extreme fetish content front and center, at least not right now. Do you consider "furry" to be an extreme fetish? There's far worse.
No. 129953 ID: a307f1

I'm 1000% in favor of a rename. There really is a bad connotation with the -chan name. Every time I link someone here I have to go "yeah.... I swear its not actually the real 4chan. its not Like That...." and 9 times out of 10 the name scares them off anyway.

Plus what >>129950 said

>>No, what was intimidating was the layout. The layout is archaic and does have the feel of "if you didn't grow up in 4chan, good luck figuring this shit out!"

That's exactly how I felt when I first came to tgchan years back. The chanboard layout has a "keep out!" vibe to newcomers because 1) the association with 4chan, and 2) its unintuitive. People really have to make tutorials on how to use this site in order to get their audience over here. So I wouldn't be opposed to an eventual redesign either.

I dont think a typical forum layout would work though. I agree that the anonymity and no avatars are nice.

As for the horny and occasionally fucked up stuff on here... its not my fav thing to have to warn people "be careful though there's horny shit" when I tell them about tgchan but most people have been online long enough to be relatively understanding. Spoilering nsfw content helps. maybe adding a way to filter it out?
No. 129955 ID: 972422

I think that TGChan is a perfectly good name and doesn't need to be changed. We've got a -chan format and we've got a lot of /tg/-based content. I don't think it's really going to be a make-or-break issue for anyone who'd be interested in the site's content. If there are any apparent issues, they'll stop getting in the way as people learn about us and the interest in various quests grows.

We've been known as TGChan for over ten years, on this site and off of it. That's what people who know us already know us as. People who know about our quests know that they're "on TGChan", and people know that artists and authors have "moved to TGChan" or "post on TGChan too". Completely changing the site's name to one of many unrelated generic ones, thereby invalidating any existing references and links to our current name, would cause more trouble than it's worth. A new generic name wouldn't make people who haven't seen the site like it more, it would just make the site look generic and even more obscure.

And that's not even mentioning the technical issues. People already say they're having trouble accessing the site through one URL or another for some reason, so we might mess it up for them. The more changes we apply, the more things could go wrong somehow, and the more issues will result.
No. 129958 ID: 972422

Keeping our current name might receive more support if it wasn't completely absent as an option.

Right now, the only people chiming in are the ones who've seen this specific thread on this specific board of the site during the time that the name was declared a problem, and who felt that they had something to add to the discussion. That doesn't mean that everyone who didn't already say to keep the name hates it and wants it changed.
No. 129959 ID: e9010d

TGChan was a starting option on the opening poll. At this time it has 6 votes, ThatQuestSite has 19.
Discussion in IRC over the years has been that it should be renamed. Consensus in Discord now is that it should be renamed. Current votes in the poll are a strong majority that it should be renamed. Responses in this thread are largely that it should be renamed.
No. 129960 ID: 972422

This thread has been up for all of three and a half days, and this is the first mention of there actually being a poll. The first post had a URL, but didn't say what it was. While some people might have been calling the name a problem on IRC and Discord, there wasn't any visible discussion of it on the site itself until this topic was made. Currently, the only people who would be aware of the problem are those who scrolled through this particular sub-board and happened to read through this thread during the period in which it was active, or those who were already complaining off-site. And of those people, the only people who would vote are those who realize that voting was already happening, which again mostly means people who felt that there was a problem and already had the issue fresh in their minds.

What I'm saying is that the way this discussion is being held means we're looking at a fairly small and lopsided sample size. Nineteen people might be a majority among those who've noticed and voted on the poll, but it's not necessarily the majority of TGChan's users. A decision that affects the entire site like this should be more visible and include more time for discussion.
No. 129961 ID: 864e49

I also think we should wait a couple more days for more people to notice and give there input, we don't want to rename the site and then have several threads of people complaining.
I mean we'll have people complain anyway (like right now waaaaa I hate the name thatquestsite please god don't let that win) but we want to keep it to a minimum.
No. 129962 ID: b1b4f3

Perhaps take a cue from the CFB polls for how the polling should work?
No. 129963 ID: 9876c4

No. 129964 ID: 4cf79d

From all the options thatquestsite is the only one I hate. You want to disassociate with 4chan to associate with thatguywitheglasses?
No. 129966 ID: f71664

Whichever site name gets the most CFBs drawn is the winner.
(If you have strong ideas on what The Proper Way to determine what the name should be then go nuts, I ain't gonna stop you and these polls are just ways of getting a feel for what names have support and they aren't binding)
No. 129967 ID: 0a7f21

I know as a lurker my opinion might not exactly be relevant, but I don't think giving in to pressure to distance from the chan format is really needed. No one is mistaking tgchan for 4chan.

If you feel the need though, thatquestsite is an awful name, it's too long, not catchy. Quest.me or the closest available option would work (short and to the point).
No. 129968 ID: f0a059

If it affects anything, quest.al is a domain name I already own snapped up from some time in the last three years when this topic last came up and I'd gladly hand it over to Dylan if asked.
No. 129969 ID: 0055dc


/tg/ is not the better part of the site's heritage. /tg/ being a shithole is the entire reason the site was made. There's no 'heritage' there.
No. 129970 ID: 12b116

rebranding never works and only makes sites lose traffic. If people are so scared of an imageboard name they shouldn't be on the internet anyway.
No. 129971 ID: 5fc3a0

talehole is the only good name to change to and all others wish they were it
No. 129973 ID: bcc41d

Honestly? I never spent that much time on 4chan, I just remember the fun amusing things coming out of TG - like RubyQuest and tgchan - and I can't say I was shocked or horrified by anything in there back when I was browsing it on the semi-regular. It may be that I'm good at sorting crap and I turned a blind eye at the time, or that it just wasn't that prevalent back then, and so left me with a lopsided bias that's also out of date.

Now, as some pointed out, calling it the "Text Graphic Quest" site seems like a spot-on name to run with when explaining the purpose of the site to friends, one that certainly wouldn't emphasize the heritage for anyone but those in the know (who'd recognize the chan board format anyway). I can see "Oh, here's this place for text and graphic quest format adventures." working out fairly well.

As for the change being necessary I don't mind it, I think the arguments are valid enough and, most importantly, I don't think it would hurt. Nothing says the old site name can't still - for a while at least - bounce you to the new one, thus losing it little to no traffic on those grounds.

Since it's come up, I also think that a site redesign has potential to make tgchan more quest writer and user friendly. It could do wonders for sorting through quests, reading them in order of author or thread line (I currently rely on the wiki a lot), or allowing for easier editing of posts (I never edit, too much hassle), auto spellchecking and other quality of life improvements.

But this would take design chops and skill, as well as money and effort that I'm not sure this community has reliable access to. There's probable risks involved, of burnout by the responsible parties, money running dry or the new solution being inadequate and losing the site its users or failing to attract new ones. I wouldn't want that to happen and be a demotivating factor to the administrators (I'm honestly not sure of 'who's in charge' of the site). So in general I'd encourage a cautious approach, see whether people are on board with it (and reasons for why/why not), investigating what improvement options are economical, practical and efficient and talking with programmers/designers to see how feasible they actually are. If that goes well, maybe whip up a prototype for testing and feedback purposes.
No. 129978 ID: 972422

The poll results aren't binding? That's news to me.

As for discussing the issue, I think a good place to start would be a discussion of whether we even need to change the name in the first place. A change like this warrants at least an easily-visible sticky thread in which we can talk about whether replacing the site's name would be worth the hassle and potential problems, with a reasonable amount of time for said discussion to take place. This thread pretty much presented it as a one-sided issue; a few people tried to talk about problems, but other users were mostly talking around them while talking about which jumble of vaguely quest-related words to change everything to.

Alternatively, we could handle it the way we handled it before, with having multiple URLs that access the same site. I don't mean as redirects, I mean that using one URL takes you to this site under that name, and using the other URL takes you to the same site under a different name, but with the same threads with the same text and images. From what I've just checked, that's mostly how it works already: typing in "tgchan" goes to TGChan, and replacing it with "thatquestsite" goes to the same page on ThatQuestSite. I don't know if or why it works differently for anyone else, but it should be doable without much trouble; I've seen other sites do something similar, and it seems to work just fine for them.

If this works on a technical level it would be a perfectly good compromise; those of us who think "TGChan" is a nice name can keep calling it TGChan without fear of technical difficulties, and anyone worried about looking bad can link people here with the alternative URL. Maybe we could list them somewhere for the sake of convenience.

In short, I don't think it'll be an issue for the site to have an alternative name as long as it's not at risk of losing its current name.
No. 129980 ID: 5fc3a0

Alternate names are awkward and cause confusion, especially if the watched threads list is ever improved on the base site instead of needing a script. I can't imagine tgchan not just redirecting to avoid broken links though.

Polls can easily be rigged, and put random anonymous users on the same level as major quest runners. They are mostly useful just for getting an idea of what options the general public doesn't like (I also expected more use of the write-in option o well.)

The chan name brings associations with alt-right shitholes that are news-worthy for how much worse they've managed to get than the disasters they already were. While 4chan/etc have gotten even worse, tgchan has gotten away from the chan attitude, and has become much stricter against slinging slurs and the like.
TG never should have been part of the name because the site was made due to /tg/ being garbage and banning quests. TGQuest is a bad name from this and is already in use anyway.
No. 129985 ID: e5e15e

Unless I misunderstood your point tgquest.com and. org don't direct me to any current site, so I assume they are open. Googling it leads to one Twitter guy and fiction.live links, but they also seem inactive. I assume with current traffic this site could rise to the top of the SEO.
No. 129987 ID: 7347a1

Don't delude yourself, there are no redemption in this era faith. Once the guilt by association is establish you can never get rid of it. The name change won't suffice.
No. 129988 ID: b1b4f3

Are you kidding? Corporations and even individuals successfully flee their OWN bad reputations via simple name/nickname changes.
No. 129990 ID: 864e49

Isn't that the whole reason PR departments and spin doctors exist?
No. 129991 ID: 75cf31

the point is that the association drives new people off, because they don’t KNOW how closely affiliated we are or aren’t with 4chan. the issue isn’t people who already know we stemmed from there and have decided we’re Forever going to carry some kind of guilt (which is..... a demographic i have never encountered frankly), the issue is people who stumble on the site, don’t know anything about us and don’t know that it’s been ten years and that the userbase has shifted, and decide not to take that chance (and, as has been mentioned a couple times + is my own experience, the discomfort and embarrassment of being an author on the site and having to tiredly assure people over and over again that it’s not That Kind Of Site and that the people on here aren’t freaks.)

and as brought up, even with a name change, yeah, the layout itself is an immediate callback and i don’t know if there’s anything we can do abt that that doesn’t require a lot of time and resources and effort. at its core though i don’t think it’s REALLY that different from any other threaded forum-type layout, and i like almost everything about it, except for stuff other ppl have brought up abt it not being particularly intuitive for new people, especially expanding images, etc.

and if we do a name change and you’re one of the people who is nostalgic or is convinced that people who are put off by -chan associations are like... shallow or weak willed or whatever, nobody’s putting a gun to your head and making you stop calling it tgchan. it’s probably gonna take me a while to stop calling me tgchan if we rename it even tho i’m in favor of the change, just out of habit. and nobody is going to stop coming to the boards bc of a name change. at best, we have better reader and author retention — which is what we NEED — and at worst people are annoyed that we did something they felt was unnecessary.
No. 129992 ID: 75cf31

and, sorry to double post but just to clarify my point: the issue i’ve run into when trying to get fresh readers onto the site has never been that i link it and people go “well i read up on the site’s history and if you guys stemmed from 4chan that means you’re tainted forever and i’m not gonna read it.” nobody cares abt the technical history. what happens is i hear “i was confused and put off by this looking and sounding and smelling like 4chan, but i stuck it out, and i’m glad i did.” and every time i hear something along those lines i feel really confident that for every person who gave it a chance there were a couple who saw the chanboard name and that combined w the layout etc made them decide that this wasn’t what they were gonna spend their time on today.

and you can say those readers are oversensitive or “shouldn’t be on the internet” or whatever but the point is that they’re readers. (and i don’t know abt you, but when i avoid stuff online that reminds me of communities i find annoying, it’s not fear or sensitivity, it’s that i’m getting old and i’m online to have fun, not to annoy myself, but whatever.) and the more readers we have, the more feedback authors will get, which means fewer authors dropping their quests, and i think that can only be good for the site in the long run. whatever we can do to remove barriers for new readers that doesn’t involve compromising the core of the site (anonymity, etc) is good, imo.
No. 129993 ID: e7c7d3

If TGQuest is out, then what about something more indirect for a name? Like something that alludes to the puzzley nature of a lot of quests like ThreeKeys or CursedOrb. Or maybe something the references things inside quests like Cutebold'sDen or HotNuemenoNudesLive. Or if we are really concerned about keeping legacy, what about TheLich'sLegacy?
No. 129994 ID: 0a7f21

A few things I'll add, to some degree you won't ever escape the 4-chan connection, you are that format of message board using I'm assuming the same software, and the name isn't the cause of that. If you wanna fix that you need to change the default styles to not look like 4chan, I'm assuming some larger format change is beyond reach, since there's a lot of freely available softwares and themes that shouldn't cost anything, and making new ones isn't the kind of huge outlay of effort devs who get paid for that kind of thing make it out to be.

I don't think it matters much either, the connection to 4chan is tenuous at best, even a minor exposure shows this isn't the same kind of deal you get there. It's not like this is the kind of site that's attracting a ton of random traffic, and as the kind of community more likely to grow by word of mouth, it doesn't seem like some random finding and thinking it's too much like 4chan should really be a concern, since I don't think a lot of people are finding 4chan. To make sure I'm not off base, I spent a few minutes trying to get google to post tgchan as a search result. I got references to tgchan without getting a single tgchan result without using the exact name.

And this is just my personal opinion, but it only empowers those alt-right assholes when you let them take over things. The ok symbol is not a nazi symbol. 4chan is not an alt-right stronghold, it's just the only place lax enough to let them stick around. Even if it's just trying to fight public perception so it doesn't impact the place, it's not right to just let them own things that really have nothing to do wtih them. The news media is at fault for the perception they do own those things, but it's no less true or right to let it be that way.
No. 129995 ID: 0a7f21

Oh, and sorry for the double post, but if the name change is needed I'm nominating InfinitePsyche.org.
No. 129997 ID: c1eaac

going to chime in again in support of a short, snappy, easy to remember domain name that has clarity when typed or said out loud (i.e. questnest, questhub, yourquest)
No. 130000 ID: 864e49

But again we HAVE a TG board.

I don't give a sod about heritage, the "chan" scaring people off could be seen as good or bad and as long as we aren't connected to anything that will get us on the news or FBI watch list then I don't care what place people associate us with, but this site is more that just quests, it's also tg shenanigans and art and I would like a name that helps get that across to new and old alike, not just some in-joke or one-size-fits-all name.

I want us to have a name that is us. I want our name! And if that takes a year or more of debate to find then I'm okay with it.
No. 130001 ID: 0dd15d

I’m assuming Dylan is still the Admin, have they said anything on this? theirs is ultimately the only opinion that matters

Also I'm endlessly amused at the idea that people are scared off by the name but not the site content, personally I'd be reluctant to recommend this site to anyone due to the endless furry shenanigans and other smut.

The argument that changing the site name would preserve or create a more favorable reputation makes no sense to me because tgchan doesn’t really deserve or need a more wholesome reputation.

Its even more ironic sine 4chan /tg/ and /qst/ are work safe boards and nsfw content isn’t permitted.
No. 130002 ID: b1b4f3

We have a tg board and it's dead as fuck. What TG shenanigans are you referring to, exactly?
No. 130003 ID: 58ee15

This thread is about the name. Let's not bring up separate matters such as site format and content here.
No. 130006 ID: 7816e7

People keep either claiming that "the chan thing doesn't scare people off" or that "if it does we shouldnt care about those people" but as a creator I can vouch for how hard it is to get people to actually come here and read my quests. Ive had to make entire offsite compilations just to make my stuff more approachable to outsiders. getting non chan people to actually stick around is pretty fucking hard and I think we've missed out on a lot of really cool artists and writers and suggesters over the years because of it
No. 130007 ID: 8275cf

different people have different experiences.
I for one have never experienced anyone I've introduced the site to objecting do believed 4chan connections
however personal experience is not the only thing that matters.
people have said that the Chan name discourages people, I believe them
and it's true that the name "TGchan" is originally a reference to 4chan.
this site was founded by 4chan exiles

I have a healthy respect for tradition, but only as long as it remains vital.
if the site still had healthy growth I'd be all for keeping a name that's been successful. but readerships is drying up, we're getting less and less new quests, things aren't working It's time to make changes.
I think a new name is a good place to start.

that said I think "thatquestsite" is a terrible option, I much prefer something like "QuestJunction" or "QuestLand" something more distinctive.
No. 130008 ID: e7c7d3

>I want us to have a name that is us. I want our name!

Building on this a bit, that does beg the question: what makes this site what it is? What is the soul of tgchan? Traditional games certainly had their influence. I mean, just look at the threads that the spambots resurrect. They're all warhammer and D&d and such. Warhammer is definitely no longer relevant here. D&D still sorta is, but only in so much that it's always relevant when fantasy is involved.

And then there's all the smut, as people have pointed out as a counter-argument to a name changed. ( okay, maybe not so much as a counter-argument but as snide observations if we're being pedantic.) Who's saying we can't have it be part of our identity, cause it kinda is. To me, this does lend to the name having 'den' or 'dungeon' in the name. QuestDen, QuestDungeon? Something that better represents what this site is than 'chan' anyways.

TheRedBoard, KoboldDen, QuestsAhoy?
No. 130009 ID: b0a972

It's a bit long, but how about "suggestadventure"? It has a nice sound to it. Long urls aren't so bad if they're proper complete words.
No. 130010 ID: 790132

QuestDen/QuestDungeon sound good.
No. 130013 ID: 864e49

QuestDen does kind of roll of the tongue, like Questin'.
Would we then call ourselves Denizens?

>Quest for D
why dos my brains go this place
No. 130014 ID: 5a5548

I left the site partially because I didn't feel comfortable associating with a Chan board as heavily as I was, and I've mostly stayed away in the last couple of years because my view of Chan culture has only gotten more negative in recent years. I'm not likely to return in any full capacity, but I might. maybe other former users feel the same way I do, maybe not. all I know is that currently, I have no reason to link people to my work here, and therefor I have no reason to spend time here making quests.

I don't give a shit if this site is really furry or really horny. that is the demographic and I can deal with that. the demographic is not 4channers. why are we married to an image that doesn't represent us? why should we be?

I think we shouldn't be. this is a website that does quest stuff, furry porn, and weird esoteric fanart holidays. how does the name "TGchan" represent that? literally any of the names provided on the IRC, Discord, and this thread would fit the website's culture better than TGchan.
No. 130015 ID: c5dec0

QuestDen sounds pretty cool. Sounds respectable.

Honestly, I think finding more readership should be a primary goal among this community. I've got plenty if ideas but this is not the time or place. So in short, I agree we need to change the name simply to get rid of old associations. It was only by an extreme stroke of luck that I found this site in the first place, following a nearly dead link on an obscure site, and I was even luckier to end up on the wiki and not the weird, hard to navigate home-page. This site is not friendly to newcomers, not at all. I think several things need to change if we want new readers, but first comes the name. We change that, we show a new face, we show that we are ready to adapt, and then perhaps we can get out of the current death-slump.

TL;DR: we change the name, we change our face, we start afresh; and perhaps we persist as a culture.

Reverence for our past is good, and something I advocate for; but living in the past when the future is now is a death sentence. We change to reflect the internet demographic, or the Internet forgets us. To my mind, it's quite as simple as that.
No. 130016 ID: 0dd15d

But I think the *chan image is representative of tgchan, I found the this site through 4chan and consider the 4chan connection a positive thing, and descriptive of the sites layout and content.

I never realized there was so much negativity towards 4chan, makes me feel really old and miserable
No. 130017 ID: ee5b39

The 4chan of '07 is not the 4chan of '19. I remember /tg/ with fondness, and the chans taught me to seperate wheat of content from chaff of shitposts, but if this community wants to pull away, I can understand why. QuestDen sounds the best to me, it's simple and fast.
No. 130020 ID: eb1fcc

tgchan is still a chan imageboard with a lot of chan culture keeping it from developing into Tumblr 2 like so many have tried to do in the past.

Without that association we'd lose a lot of the freedom from political babyfight nonsense that makes the board work. Keep that contained to the irc where it can be safely left ignored.

Leave the chan part of the name, it's part of the nerd repellent we need to not be flooded with garbage people who think politics are an acceptable substitute for a personality and writing ability. And since 4chan still hates us for all the furry porn we also don't gotta deal with weird right-wingers either. Balance is maintained.

Questchan could be a simple change that would make things more clear.
No. 130021 ID: 7816e7

Let me get this straight: you seem to be under the impression that its some kind of binary, where if this isn't a chan site, it'll automatically become a hive of "garbage people" and thus we need "nerd repellent".

We should be looking for more readers, more creators, and more members of the community. Not pretending we're some super secret furry clubhouse.
No. 130022 ID: cb6404

What if we went full nostalgia with quest.love?
No. 130023 ID: cb6404


Somebody give this man a paper doll.
No. 130025 ID: f40b33

No. 130031 ID: 4f591e

I think the important thing about this whole debate is to consider that we are dealing with two viciously opposing philosophies for what the website should be. There are people like me would take a name change as an offense to the very nature that this site was build on, then there's a big modern movement who see's this website and questing a whole different way than it used to be.

As I can't see this site reverting to it's former glory (as a comfy little sergal infested shit-haven roleplay cult), I support the name change (though I hate the idea). The tg and chan parts are long dead and it would do the modern questers a disservice for the old questers who don't even do much any more to try to hold on to some silly nostalgia. Let the people that make up all the activity nowadays have it how they want it.

If it was several years ago and there was a similar movement trying to take over I would of fought, but they're not, the community changed little by little over time. We don’t really have much of a culture worth protecting anymore, it’s become just a standard style internet community. So an unoffensive URL suits it much better.

//////////Here’s the TL;DR explination:

Both chan and tg used to fit us very well. It's more that there has been a radical philosophical shift. We used to be a chan not only in the site's layout/software but in culture and content. Here are 3 major examples.

1-Not focused on advertising or trying to fulfill this mainstream view that we must be constantly striving to be popular or get more people.(actually the opposite as despite it’s ironic popularity chan culture aggressively tries to filter out the majority of people except those that are dedicated to the dream)

2-People are expected to lurk until they internalize the culture enough to act appropriately.

3-"if you don't like something don't look at it". Anything goes (that is legal [for the webserver to host] and on topic)

The major theme is that we came from and used to be a "user hostile" environment where people are expected to be able to handle and work out things for themselves instead of a more "user friendly" environment where the website tries to handle and work out everything for the user. There was a weird cult like initiation to people coming in where they:
A: had to find the site (generally implying a chan/tg/furry or simular "no-life" background)
B:had to be flexible and lurk enough to fit in smoothly.
C:Thick skinned enough to be able to filter out the stuff they didn't like or found offensive instead of needing censorship to protect them and ruining it for the local degenerates(i.e. everyone on the site).

Eventually we got enough people that didn't have A,B,C anyway. This lead to an attack on the "user hostile" chan culture of the site. Here’s what happened to the 3 examples from before:

1-We got people who were obsessed with advertising and "making the site popular". wanting to advertise and make the site accessible to everyone. They started bringing in these weirdos (i.e. non-wizards who actually have “friends” and “relationships”)

2-We got defined rules, instead of just the ambiguous "don't be an asshat" that would leave it up to the user to use observation to work out what is appropriate.

3-People complained that they wanted a safer front page and we got image censorship (originally with the promise that it'll only be opt-in and never enforced).

From what I see the philosophical chan part is long dead. Tgchan is no longer the cult-like and nihilistic cozy little bunker from the world that it used to be. The weird combination of exclusivity and anonymous/no-membership openness is gone. All the old quest authors are gone (well, not questing at least). There aren't even any sergals any more, I originally came to this site for the sergals but they're all gone now and what value can this site have without the sergals? (answer: none)
No. 130032 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think anyone is really trying to make the site "popular". More like, we're trying to keep it alive. TGchan has been on the decline over the past couple of years. It's very noticable now-- there's only 4 pages on /quest/!
The rules are still pretty vague, I don't know what you're talking about there.
I think the worst thing that happens if you leave a gory/fucky image unspoiled is that it gets spoilered by a mod, or your thread gets autospoilered.
No. 130033 ID: c75d55

Not buying it. The site has been "on the decline" (and "getting taken over by furies") for ten years. It's summer. People go outside more.

not for a main brand, but man, if this isn't a valid redirect by the time we're done, I'll be disappoint.
No. 130036 ID: 7b45b2

I don't remember specifics, but the pages are double the amount of threads they used to be, and graveyard strictness has changed at times. Tgchan dying is very exaggerated, it just continues to be hard to convert audiences from elsewhere into tgchan readers, and the name makes it harder than it needs to be.

This whole post is wack but I wanna tackle some of that last paragraph.
>>The weird combination of exclusivity and anonymous/no-membership openness is gone.
You're literally posting anonymously right now.

>>All the old quest authors are gone (well, not questing at least).
A handful of 8+ year names still questing off the top of my head: Typo, ClockworkSeal, Slinko, Lagotrope, Anon44, RML, Cirr, Lonelyworld

>>There aren't even any sergals any more
Draw them yourself! Make the content you want to see!
No. 130037 ID: 24ced3

This is my point exactly. They may be "trying to keep it alive" but the way they are recommending to remedy it is by advertising/bringing more people in. I don't agree that it's even dying (just the fanart/fanstory side{I blame the culture shift mostly}). I don't pay much attention to the number of active quests to know if its slowed down much but I do know there are a good number of healthy quests. Also the 4 page thing is more a tidiness decision when there were more pages they just held quests that where just non-updated for longer.

>>what was my point with the rules
I was referring to the difference in philosophy of having effectively no formal rules where you are expected to be able to figure out how to run or post in a quest by your own observations compared to explicitly giving people an outline.

>>spoilers optional
Having your posts spoiled for you isn't 'optional' censorship. It's just they don't punish for getting it wrong.

>>tgchan "getting taken over" by furries
I know, it gets me every time. It's almost like people don't know how tgchan started or who it is made up of.
No. 130038 ID: 73b272

I said in combination with exclusivity but I agree, not a very meaningful statement.

>>old quest authors still posting
Maybie a couple of those but I consider names like sinko, cirr, lonelyworld, lagotrope in the new group of people that changed the culture. (this isn't meant as an attack I actually like their quests and wouldn't change that they came)

I was thinking more gnome, weaver, reaver, SDF, beakie, bitequest, lucid

>>make your own sergals
Not bad advice but even if I can start some sort of sergal revival it won't be the same. Also making content with the propaga plan to revive sergals(effectively a dead meme now) feels silly.
No. 130039 ID: 7b45b2

People that have been questing for 8 years are not new.
No. 130040 ID: 2b9e8f

nope, not correct at all. thinking on long term here.

we do need to soften the image somewhat, to attract new people, but if we go too far with that we run the risk of alienating others. not just through name changing of course but through cultural shift that undercuts what makes tgchan a neat place.

follow my logic here for a monent as I run through a proposed timeline

-we change the name and possibly format to be more open. sure, good move, brings in new authors.

-new authors come in, bring friends, general uptick in traffic.

-some authors get political, but most just try to tell stories with politics in them.

-disagreements start because someone saw a furry penis quest next to their magnum opus about gays in space or something stupid as we've seen before

-newer and more rabblerousing users unfamiliar with the usual MO of chans as free for all PvP enabled zones start trying to force rules and throwing huge stinks because someone wrote something they disagree with (something that's already happened several times across board history, Don't you DARE try and claim this is a leap of logic)

-the pushback is edgelords pushing even harder to drive them off, resulting in board chaos and endless shit as the few good authors continue to dwindle and work on more marketable formats

-this continues to spiral until we're back to square one, but even less than we started with because now the overwhelming negative bullshit has also driven off former mainstays sick of dealing with the usual dramatic bullshit

my problem isn't with left or right political types but with attracting new people who don't know how to turn it off and just get on the grind and MAKE things.

we'd need strict moderation on that and probably some containment boards to boot, and well...

I really wouldn't be so hesitant about these changes but the moderation staff still has a lot of problems with handling this sorta thing. they can barely deal with the current community, how can I trust them to not go insane putting out the new fires an insurge of other people would cause?

as for ad revenue, I don't know that that's something we'd ever be able to get without major changes to what tgchan is.
No. 130041 ID: 3d1dd5

This is a long and somewhat convoluted way of saying "Something I don't like might happen."

Sites need new users to counter attrition. Tgchan's current name doesn't provide any cues into what it is. Several people have provided ancedotes of how the current name is a detriment even. No current user is going to abandon a site over having to update a bookmark. There is no reason not to change it.
No. 130042 ID: d8126d

I think you're overestimating the amount of new people who would come from the suggested changes. If there was going to be a surge of people, then sure, id agree with the general gist of what your saying, that there would be a lot of disruption and the culture would probably change a lot. I've looked into the history of some other forums ive been interested in before and seen similar things.
But I really dont think that's a worry here. Unless some quest here gets incredibly popular, or some other incredibly popular person or site links to this place, there's just going to be a slow trickle of new users, which is already what happens. The suggested changes are just to hopefully increase that trickle slightly.
Idk, I only started really browsing this site last year in September, because an author was running multiple quests both here and other sites that i actually did use, and i read their quests here, then started exploring what else was on the site. Maybe my word isnt worth much. I do think TGChan is a very non-descriptive name for what this site actually contains, and a more relevant name just makes more sense.
No. 130043 ID: 37b536

In comparison to who I was thinking of at least.

Checking dates it does make sense though, it's like a 2year time vs a 8 year time or something. I thought it was something around 5y vs 5y. I guess it's remembering quest activity/engagement/fanart/drama and not the actual passage of time in the real world. Like how bees are assumed to measure distance by visual stimulus and for us the general intensity of questing on the site(and reaver) where like the tubes they make bees go through to make a couple meters feel like a hundred. Obviously this means that we should be hunting down and capturing reaver so we can sell them off to people that want to (effectively) live longer instead of arguing.

Maybe all the more reason to name change, which I was in agreement with (I just hid my agreement in with the obligatory misguide nostalgia and passive aggressive submission to the "modern" tgchan so people may of skimmed over it).

I guess the problem is that (and I assume the other old tgchan people) is that going from one culture in one place to another culture in another place is easy but changing culture radically in one place is jarring/offensive. Already got the imprint from when tgchan first started so our only hope is to go off and do non-tgchan activities like farming and woodcutting or whatever non-tgchan humans are supposed do.
No. 130044 ID: 972422

I'm going to put this first so it doesn't get buried in the rest of my post:
Since we already have alternate names for the site, why not try using them and see how it goes? Just as an experiment? If the problem is that unfamiliar people see "chan" and decide not to bother checking the site out, then if they don't see "chan" it won't get in the way of their interest, right? It's worth at least giving it a try to see if it solves the problem before doing anything big and dramatic.

>Alternate names are awkward and cause confusion, especially if the watched threads list is ever improved on the base site instead of needing a script. I can't imagine tgchan not just redirecting to avoid broken links though.
We already have alternate names. Have they caused confusion so far?

A new name will inevitably cause confusion whether people are forced to use it or not. We've been known as TGChan for all for the 10+ years since the site was created, and there are hundreds of references to that name on and off the site people describe its content. You'll have people wondering "What's TGChan? Is that some other site?" or "I was linked to TGChan so why am I here?" or "I heard this was from TGChan so where's that?" no matter how you handle it, because people won't all just forget the site's original name when they're discussing it; there will still be a lot of references from old posts that talk about TGChan. If people are confused by the "alternate name" thing, we can simply explain it to them and clear it up. We could include it in the FAQ.

Besides, if people have read enough of the site to be confused, they're already interested in the site. It won't drive them away. That is, if we go with the "multiple names" idea; if we just make the current site a redirect, the confusing parts will hit people right when they arrive.

>While 4chan/etc have gotten even worse, tgchan has gotten away from the chan attitude, and has become much stricter against slinging slurs and the like.
Actually, I've noticed it getting better lately. There's still a lot of weird extremist stuff being randomly inserted into threads, but there's almost always pushback of some sort by users who are neither convinced nor impressed by it. The initial invasion of political spammers has lost its momentum, and now it's mostly just obvious shitposters doing what they do.

That aside, I personally wouldn't mind building a reputation as "the chan that isn't like that". Our reputation will steadily grow as long as people keep talking about us, and the more people hear about us, the more they'll know TGChan for what we really are. We might even be seen as an alternative to 4chan by people who don't want to put up with that, and if enough people realize that "chan" doesn't equal "bullshit", it could lead to an attitude shift for "chan" sites in general.

Politics shift and change. They always have and they always will. If we give up our name to accomodate them for the sake of quickly increasing viewership, it will feel like a permanent scar left on the site. I'd rather we try and lead the next shift, to steer chan politics in a better direction.

>TG never should have been part of the name because the site was made due to /tg/ being garbage and banning quests.
Huh? I thought the entire problem was that "chan" was possibly scaring people off. This is the first I've heard of anyone hating that the name references tabletop games.

But since you brought it up, it's totally appropriate for our site to reference tabletop games. The whole reason that quests got started on /tg/ in the first place is because they were like an online version of tabletop gaming, like play-by-post games. That's where many of the most iconic quests were, and where the community started before it moved here. TGChan was created as an alternative to /tg/ as a site dedicated to quests. Even now, a lot of our quests use /tg/-like game mechanics in them and/or have settings based specifically on tabletop game settings; some of them even directly use certain systems and settings like Dungeons and Dragons.

The tabletop gaming reference is fitting for the site, and it would be sad to see it go.
No. 130045 ID: 2b9e8f

fair call. I'll hold my judgement on this change then.

still, I kinda want to put extra emphasis on my hesitation to trust current mod staff now that I'm thinking on it. they've been the core of a lot of drama that's driven other authors off the site and we should try to get Dylan to address that with a changing of the guard if possible.

I will never forget and never forgive the enabling of "hell months" in the irc. if we have a mod team that does that kinda shit to people we're going to drive off newbies either way.
No. 130046 ID: 5fc3a0

>>still, I kinda want to put extra emphasis on my hesitation to trust current mod staff now that I'm thinking on it. they've been the core of a lot of drama that's driven other authors off the site and we should try to get Dylan to address that with a changing of the guard if possible.
That's a pretty wild thing to say, what drama and driven off authors are you even thinking of?

>>I will never forget and never forgive the enabling of "hell months" in the irc. if we have a mod team that does that kinda shit to people we're going to drive off newbies either way.
The irc got as bad as it did specifically because of the attitude of "don't change anything, leave it exactly as it is and don't stop people from being the same shitheads they were in 2009"
The move to Discord especially came alongside an increased strictness of rules, and a lot of people coming back.
No. 130047 ID: d2de35

I knew it, I kept saying I was a newbie and people kept saying "Cirr you've been here since 2010 you dense fuck" but now I am finally vindicated in my belief I'm not the old guard

Now I can finally go to the skate park once my arthritis stops acting up
No. 130048 ID: 046224

You got any more fan fiction you want to hit us with?
No. 130049 ID: 2b9e8f

absolutely not the case as I remember it. I seem to recall people being plenty open to change /so long as it wasn't coming from the current mod staff./

chigui and toxoglossa especially caused a lot of problems not because they sought a change but because they tried to _force_ it, something that drove off an entire wave of new posters after they saw the irc. there was a whole revolving door if fresh faces around 2015-16 or so (mostly) because of specifically these two.

they never deescalated anything and spent seemingly every minute in that chatroom picking fights.

I won't oppose any changes to the website after thinking on it more than not at all, but if we're going to see the changes succeed and have new authors stick around we cannot keep mods who don't moderate themselves on staff. I'm pushing for people who can handle the position better be put in place.
No. 130051 ID: 1c9556

Don't worry you'll always be a tgchan newbie in my heart. With the fights with you over how you thought having sex and weird blood/violence/bondage/rape stuff uncensored front page (and fanart page) was somehow offensive or inappropriate.

Though you might want to reconsider skateboarding, I'm pretty sure modern young people just stay inside and online.
No. 130053 ID: 5fc3a0

Unverifiable "fresh faces" from four years ago supposedly driven off, with the problem being two specific moderators, neither of which is actually active now, is reason to remove the entire mod team?
I have almost complete logs of IRC from as far back as late 2010, if you have anything specific it can be addressed, but if you have vague feelings there is nothing that can be done, especially as this was four years ago.
No. 130054 ID: 2b9e8f

if they're not active I don't care amd I don't have logs. I know there were reports at the time.but it's still a while ago.
No. 130055 ID: 046224

If it means we get to change the name I’ll gladly step down from being a mod. Weird pull though: Ive barely set foot in the aIRC in the last 1-2 years let alone took action as a mod. I support the current mod and admin team even if I dont always agree with their decisions.
No. 130056 ID: 5fc3a0

Okay I think I have deciphered some timeline info from the logs. Increased moderation (mostly banning racists, a very controversial stance) happened in later 2015. The "hell months" mentioned I must assume is talking about me one day putting "Hell Zone: Active" in the topic one day in October 2015, and telling people when the Hell Zone was active they had to tag their anime (this coincided with the time that moderation increased but Hell Zone didn't actually mean anything.)

I had some disagreements with some of the mod actions of 2015/2016 Chigui, but I'm not seeing anything very wild skimming logs.
Overlord was "driven off" around then because we told him not to say racial slurs, and he didn't accept that. There were a few other people "driven off" for the same reason around that time, but they weren't quest authors or fanartists, just randos wanting to yell slurs.
No. 130057 ID: 046224

I think you mean valuable, upstanding members of the community
No. 130058 ID: 2b9e8f

I've only recently returned to the site, and that's not how I remember the situation. if the new mod staff is better than what we had before then it's probably fine, and if your logs are just showing edgy twats it's probably just me misremembering the situation. I'll trust logs over my faulty memory any day lol

I stand by my statements on chigui though, tox I can forgive as he was never as bad as she got but I don't think there was a single person I talked to who appreciated her in any position of power.
No. 130059 ID: 2b9e8f

I do distinctly remember hell week being described as chigui having a bad situation irl meaning she could act like an ass in moderating the community without blowback though, that I do have to ask about because that stuck in my memory hard and I know I'm not so dumb as to wholly fabricate memories
No. 130060 ID: e7c7d3

Still gonna argue against the 'chan' part of the name, but this time I'm gonna argue that we should get rid of it because it's passe.

The analogy I'm thinking of would be gangsta rap. Gangsta rap was hard and edgy and cool and raw. During its heyday it probably produced some of the best raps songs that last to this day. But then people started realizing that "hey, these murder poems sung by murderers kinda encourage murderous people to commit murder. Maaaaybe we should sing about bitches and bling instead." Around the same time, a lot of other sources were providing similar aspects but without the tarnish. Like a lot of rock groups quickly added *ahem* "rapping" to their songs and alternative was offering edgy and raw but no murder. Sure, there''s gonna be some holdouts, but in general gangsta rap just isn't cool anymore.

So it kind of is with the chans. When 4chan hit the scene it was hard and edgy and cool and raw. Even though I disliked it, it really did heavily influence the whole of the internet. But then people started realizing that "hey, maybe all these insincere slurs and casual death threats are actually causing trouble. Maaaybe we should go somewhere else." And again, around this time the internet was offering alternatives without the tarnish. You could go to facebook for memes, head to tumblr to argue, or go on instagram for attention. (Lot's of these sights have their own tarnish now, but that's beside the point.) Most importantly though, people don't need to go to a chan site to get quests. After all, why would they, when they can just start one on any number of social media sites and not deal with the negative reputation that a lot of chans have garnered.

Ultimately, what gets me thinking the most is Srriz, (https://twitter.com/srrizadventurer) It's a good adventure and you should check it out, it's on twitter. But why is it on twitter and not here, despite it being about a naked kobold adventurer? I mean, twitter just seems awful of a format to run a quest, the mod team is the worst, and there's definitely a lot more racists to deal with. So why? Why is something that should ultimately be on tgchan not on tgchan? Well, because it doesn't need to be, and that's what we need to solve. A name change won't solve it, but it's a much needed step towards solving it.
No. 130062 ID: 1195a5

Man I can't imagine what it must be like to not change as a human being over the course of a decade.

What's it like?
No. 130063 ID: 1b58ab

Renaming TGChan is my favorite quest right now. Suggesters figting over what the website should do is way more fun than fighting over what some made up character should do.
No. 130064 ID: 046224

So wait, you’re only recently returning to the site but are spending a lot of time telling us how “things are now” and how the current mod team is unacceptable despite not knowing even who’s still a mod. Ill admit Ive never been the most popular mod, but I dont appreciate being called out like this because its completely unrelated to the discussion being had. If you have a problem with me, I dont know what to tell you other than Im one of several mods that have been mostly inactive over the last few years.

Also you brought up ad revenue? When has tgchan ever wanted to host ads? I dont think thats ever really been considered.

Actually to be honest there are several authors that make their living off of patreon supported quests who would probably enjoy a larger audience. Ive been able to slowly grow my own patreon and reader base but thats only by hosting my stuff offsite. I dont ever intend for it to be my main source of income, but it would definitely be nice to see more subscribers and I think being a non-chan site would help.
No. 130065 ID: d075c4

The same as it's been for a decade~
No. 130066 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, the pages are that much bigger? Well, the problem isn't as bad as it seemed then. Still, that's 8 pages in the old size. I remember it usually being 10-11? Or more maybe? I dunno, are there any records of site traffic and posting rate etc? It'd be cool to see the data.

I kindof like this analogy.
No. 130067 ID: b970b2

I don't really mind what name we change to, just something with quest in it and something without -chan in the name. Definitely against keeping tgchan, it doesn't hint at what the site's about and just brings up associations with the garbage-fest chan culture has become in public perception.

Just, that term has picked up a lot of baggage / associations, especially with gamergate and what 4chan is like now, alt-right, pol, doxxing, that sort of shit. If you approach the name from the position of not being familiar with chan boards or quests, tgchan doesn't really tell you much about the site and brings up negative associations from when 4chan or other splinter boards made the news doing shitty stuff.

We're not what -chan was like back then anymore, and definitely not what it's like now. The name no longer reflects the site properly.
No. 130068 ID: 2b9e8f

ad revenue was brought up in the thread earlier, just an offhand remark. I also don't hate you like I do chig because despite /acting/ like an ass a lot you never acted that way out of malice like chig often did. you also actually contribute writing worth a damn, lol.

I hold by my opinions on your moderation ability being lacking but as I've been away from the irc and discord and only ever posting HERE I've not been caught up on the politics. this is why my opinions are so out of synch with modern day, there was no way of knowing only through the threads I kept up on.

I personally was driven off by behavior I viewed as disgusting throughout the chat and moderation, you were just one of the people acting as a sort of amplifier for the problems. sorry for being a punk about it, I'm a bit more bitter about circumstances than I thought.
No. 130069 ID: 046224

Well here’s me moderating: this is just personal bias and against two people and still not related to the discussion.I don’t really care what you think of me but this doesnt belong in this thread.
No. 130070 ID: 611118


How you gonna talk shit about mods picking fights and not de-escalating situations in 2015 and leave me out. At least be even-handed about it.
No. 130071 ID: eb1fcc

you were funny so it's good
No. 130072 ID: 046224

I mean, I wasn’t gonna mention it, but Seal is why I became a moderator. He’s since chilled out and is a much better mod even if we don’t always see eye to eye.
No. 130073 ID: 58ee15

Is this thread a quest now? Can we suggest actions?

> A: Suggest a new name
> B: Do not suggest a new name
> C: Bring up nostalgia
> E: Sergals!!!
> F: Start drama
> D: Look in the mirror and compliment the sexy bastard
> G: Pick a fight with mods
> H: Splinter off and create new tgchan within tgchan (-> Choose your crew)
> I: Complain about random things
> J: >____________
No. 130075 ID: ba56e6

We should move it to /quest/ and have LawyerDog run it.
No. 130076 ID: b14c9b

I mean, we could practically gaurentee a lack of interruption by doing it on /qu/ (8chan's quest board) because that shit is deader than dead. Hey, a use for a shuffling, moaning corpse of a board! Whodathunkit.
No. 130077 ID: 9876c4

>Regard Dumpster Fire fondly.
No. 130078 ID: 73b272

>Massage Dumpster Fire's shoulders and ask them about their day.
No. 130079 ID: 2df440

>dumpster fire like this thread heyoooo
No. 130080 ID: 2df440

To add something productive, questden or something would be a good name
No. 130081 ID: 29e9f3

If you're worried about the site address being misleading, how about something more accurate, like Furry And Porn Quests.

You can even abbreviate the first part if you like.
No. 130082 ID: 5fc3a0

F&P Quests, eh
No. 130083 ID: 972422

This thread seems to be going in a wildly different direction. Let's try to un-bury the actual discussion of the forced rename problem before it gets ignored and forgotten.

Earlier, I proposed that we could use the site's alternate name as a solution instead of making everyone use one and only one name. You opposed this, and I addressed those objections here:

So, what do you think of that? I think that answers the issues you had with the idea.
No. 130084 ID: fb588c

1. Watched thread and hidden thread cookies don't transfer between site names.
2. The mountain of (often with illegal content) spambots that is likely at least partly from being a *chan stays the same.
3. Discord is going to be one name.
4. We have no obligation to try and save the chan name, 4chan being better than its peak of racist bullshit in 2016 doesn't mean it's not still 40% worse now than it was in 2015, and 2015 is already a time long past when 4chan was "good". Having a *chan name available implies to people that the chan attitude is remotely okay here today, and it's not.
5. Quest authors don't want the name to be tgchan, only a minority of readers do. An alternate name of talehole would make more sense than an alternate name of tgchan.
No. 130085 ID: 972422

>1. Watched thread and hidden thread cookies don't transfer between site names.
All the more reason to let the current name stay usable, then. A unilateral rename with redirects will cause that problem for everyone who's already using those features. If they can keep using TGChan with no problems, they can keep using their cookies with no problems. It's the same for anyone who comes here in the future; if they want to keep accessing the site with one name or the other, then it'll work fine for them, and if they want to switch over to the other site for some reason, then re-adding quests to their existing lists won't be too hard for them.

>2. The mountain of (often with illegal content) spambots that is likely at least partly from being a *chan stays the same.
That's a vague suspicion, and even if that does have something to do with it, forcing a name change won't be a quick fix. Even if you erase all traces of the old name instead of using a redirect, which would cause no end of trouble on its own, they'll just update to include whatever new name you use to hide from them.

>3. Discord is going to be one name.
Doesn't it already? It'll still work the way it is.

>4. We have no obligation to try and save the chan name
Wasn't the main problem that the name was scaring people off, and not that some people had a personal hatred of the name and anything associated with it? The site is what it is now while it still has the name, and not changing the name won't force the site to conform to the political issues that are happening on other sites. Their politics are theirs, and our politics are ours. Forcing everyone to stop using the name won't "fix" people's behavior, either; people who come here will either act like that or they won't, and if they pay enough attention to the site they'll see the way people act here.

>5. Quest authors don't want the name to be tgchan, only a minority of readers do.
Some authors of some quests are unhappy because the current name seems to be scaring people off. That's the main reason they're asking for another name here. It doesn't necessarily mean "all of the people who care at all about the current name are just a tiny minority group who aren't even worth considering".

It's worth reiterating that we're already known as TGChan on other sites. We have more than ten years of history, and we always will. There are thousands of links and references to us and our content with the TGChan name. There are a huge amount of references to TGChan on TGChan. No matter what happens, people will still see those links and find their way here through them. If people are willing to give us a chance when they know us as TGChan, I don't want to alienate them.

That's why I suggest we use the alternate names that we have. Why not at least try it as an experiment? We already know they work on a technical level, and logically they should solve the problems that people have when introducing outsiders to us, without causing any new problems except for those which would also happen with a redirect. It's worth at least giving it a chance to see if it works before going through all the trouble of the "one name and only one" plan.
No. 130086 ID: fb588c

The experiment was already done! That's why this thread is happening and we're not just already thatquestsite.
No. 130089 ID: 972422

It's true that we have an alternate name already, but have we been using it? I don't think people would be scared off by the "chan" name if they heard about us through a name that didn't have "chan" in it. A lot of users might not know the alternate name even exists; it's not exactly very visible. If we just mention it somewhere like the site FAQ, people will be able to learn about it easily, and if they're squeamish about being hated as a chan user, they can tell people about us through that name instead.

Please consider it as an option before trying anything dramatic. There were a lot of fun quests, not to mention other projects, that were made by and about us and that call us TGChan. It would be sad if all of those were just suddenly "wrong" somehow.

As for the political issues, you've been saying that TGChan has been getting better while 4chan has been getting worse. Be that as it may, it's worth noting that TGChan has been getting better while 4chan was getting worse, and we were called TGChan while that was happening. While I understand the problem you have with the political invasion happening on another site, it's ultimately a temporary thing that's already on its way out; we don't need to do anything permanent to accomodate the problem when we can just let things keep improving. Sooner or later, we'll still have our old name, we'll still have a good community, and the whole thing won't be a problem anymore.
No. 130090 ID: b1b4f3

Yes, I think everyone is aware that TGChan has a reputation of its own, but that only applies for people who already know about the site.
No. 130091 ID: fb588c

Almost no one reads the FAQ.
Thatquestsite was pushed as an alternate name a lot when it happened nine years ago but because it wasn't an official actual name change a lot of people didn't really want to update bookmarks, and it was awkward with people linking the various different names the site used and having different sets of cookies.

Hiding threads you don't want to see and then having them randomly pop up again because you visited the same site in a different way is wack. One time slight confusion for old users is better than confusing both old and new users forever in order to preserve a dumb name that Flynx randomly picked.
Any new features added like post editing or a sfw mode also get awkward with the multiple names.

Having multiple names actively in use again is a much more drastic change to how the site is used than simply changing the name.
No. 130092 ID: 1f812f

We just need to go with www.TaleHole.com and be done with it.
No. 130093 ID: 972422

It applies to anyone who hears about TGChan through any of the references that already exist, and anyone who continues to use its name instead of the one and only new real name.

Even if this site's users have no choice but to abandon its identity, that doesn't mean that everyone on other sites will follow suit. There would be a large amount of confusion and inconvenience as people find references to it, or try to "fix" statements that they already made which suddenly became "wrong" while they weren't looking, or don't/can't change them and end up leading other people here through the "bad" name. And if they don't hear about it before coming here, they'll eventually find one of the numerous references to the site as TGChan that are already here, thereby getting confused about that.

If TGChan's name continues to function properly, people will at least be able to know what it means when they use it.

>Almost no one reads the FAQ.
It's where the style tags are listed, and users get plenty of use out of those.

The point is that people might make more use of the alternate names if information about them were in some easy-to-find place. That way, people who think they need it can use it. If they miss the information, and then start worrying that people are being driven off by the "chan" in our name, we can tell them about the alternate name; as of now, it's not doing those people any good because they're not using it. It's not fair to say a type of medicine can't treat an illness if the patients don't take the medicine.

>Thatquestsite was pushed as an alternate name a lot when it happened nine years ago but because it wasn't an official actual name change a lot of people didn't really want to update bookmarks
In other words, it fell out of use is because people didn't want to use it. The fact that they had a choice in the matter isn't what I'd call the root of the problem.

That aside, the option is still there. If some people find that the site's name is causing problems for them, then they have an alternate name available for use. Updating URLs when they're talking and adding new bookmarks for themselves is understandably inconvenient, but it'll be worth doing if the site's name is really that much of a problem, and they would have to do it anyway if they wanted to avoid their issues with the other name.

>and it was awkward with people linking the various different names the site used and having different sets of cookies.
There are solutions to that. You could, for example, have a way to import or synchronize their cookies across both URLs for users who want to use both URLs regularly. Or an option that users who use both URLs regularly could toggle to redirect them to their preferred URL, so they don't have to use both if they don't want to. That wouldn't be too hard, would it? Other sites have the same "multiple URLs for the same content" thing going on while also having cookies, and they seem to make it work.

>Any new features added like post editing or a sfw mode also get awkward with the multiple names.
They would? I'm not aware of any such problems that they're causing already. Since both names access the same data, I don't see why those specific hypothetical features would be, as you put it, awkward.

Either way, the idea that the site's existing features might be awkward with other features which might be implemented in the future doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem with them.

>One time slight confusion for old users
Again, a forced rename would not be "one time slight" anything. It would be a permanent, unilateral change for everyone that clashes with over ten years of history. There are places all over the site and in many places on many other sites where our name is used, and people will find their way here from there. What if someone comes here through an old drawing made for a quest here? What if someone finds an old quest that was crossposted somewhere else and mentions us here? What if someone finds something that's directly named after TGChan? What if someone just keeps using our name? A rename won't just be a neat, easy little one-and-done deal, all those existing references will be around no matter what.

>confusing both old and new users forever
Aside from the above, that would actually be less of a problem if we used the alternative names. People would go to one URL, find this site, go to another URL and find the same site; at that point they'd probably think "oh, so the site has multiple links to it". It wouldn't be enough to drive people away.

>Having multiple names actively in use again is a much more drastic change to how the site is used than simply changing the name.
Allowing some people to use a different name for themselves isn't a much bigger change than forcing a permanent name change on everyone. If by "drastic change" you mean a problem of some sort, well, we haven't had any such problems with the existing system because people haven't been using it.

That last part is the part to focus on at the moment. We have a problem: people think we're being pre-judged by strangers because of our URL. We have a solution to this problem already implemented: an alternate URL that leads to the same site, that people could use when linking to us. People haven't been using the solution they have available, probably because they don't know about it or it didn't occur to them. Let's give it a chance. It's better to use the existing option to see if it works than to risk all the issues inherent in a forced name change.
No. 130094 ID: 5fc3a0

>>There are places all over the site and in many places on many other sites where our name is used, and people will find their way here from there. What if someone comes here through an old drawing made for a quest here? What if someone finds an old quest that was crossposted somewhere else and mentions us here? What if someone finds something that's directly named after TGChan? What if someone just keeps using our name?

they would type in tgchan.org and as their browser redirects them to talehole.com they would yell out to the world that the furries have hijacked them
No. 130095 ID: ba56e6

2 here is honestly the most irrefutable reason to change the name. I say that as someone who prefers tgchan. When the name/domain tgchan is an actual tangible problem and not just a matter of preference, a change is necessary.
No. 130096 ID: eb4a6c

More like tailhole.com amiright. Cause furries.

Seriously though, there's sensible reason to change the name. It's not a big deal if it's changed to something lame, since it's already nothing impressive.
No. 130097 ID: 972422

...Thereby causing confusion and inconvenience for everyone who uses or has used the site's original name in any context. Mostly inflicted on people who either didn't find the site's name to be a big problem to begin with, or talked with those people while also hearing about the replacement name in a different context.

All the problems inherent in "the name we've had for 10+ years is wrong now" could be avoided if we did something else, like... using the alternate name feature that we've got. Assuming we really need a quick influx of new users, and letting our reputation grow naturally just wouldn't cut it.

Seriously, I really think it's worth a try. It'll be much less of a big deal than a full one-way-only name change. For one thing, it won't be nearly as much of a dramatic statement, so people are much less likely to have any problems with what, exactly, the alternate name is.

The spambot problem isn't exactly what I'd call a "tangible problem". Well, it's obviously a tangible problem, but it doesn't have a tangible relation to the current TGChan name drama. Spambots are by no means limited to "chan" sites, we don't really know how these particular ones work, and in all likelihood they'll still be around no matter how we handle this issue.
No. 130098 ID: ba56e6

LD just finished explaining that coding for multiple domains is going to be awful especially if new features are added.
No. 130099 ID: 5fc3a0
File 156345477399.png - (158.41KB , 700x670 , Fenbreakers.png )

No. 130100 ID: b970b2

Yeah, anything that reduces the spam would be good. A couple years ago I didn't want to open the site on my phone while in public because there was a wave of what looked like CP spam going on. You can tell someone who's spying over your shoulder to shove off if it's just furry porn you're scrolling past, but there's no good response to that kind of spam.
No. 130101 ID: 58ee15

Not to be a downer but, Dedicated Quests (splinter of fiction.live) is going for TaleForge. I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to have a name similar to them. Unless we wanted to steal their traffic :B
No. 130102 ID: a3c999

I don't think anyone is actually suggesting TaleHole seriously.
No. 130107 ID: 0055dc


it's already been registered, my dude
No. 130111 ID: b1b4f3

>It applies to anyone who hears about TGChan through any of the references that already exist, and anyone who continues to use its name instead of the one and only new real name.
Anyone who hears about TGChan through references elsewhere will not know of its reputation. They would have to read more information about the site to find out about its reputation, and that means they've gotten past the name, which is the hard(er) part-- the part we're trying to change.
A redirect to the new site would solve any issues with old links to the site. Also I imagine the new URL would show up if you googled TGChan, even after the redirect expires (if it ever expires). Google is pretty smart.

Also no, people aren't going to be super confused when they get redirected to the new URL. They were told "hey check out this cool questing site called TGChan" and they get redirected to a cool questing site called Quest Den. What do you think the conclusion will be?

It's ABSOLUTELY a joke. We are NOT naming the site that. Yes someone bought the domain (I think it was Seal?) but IIRC he collects domain names so it doesn't mean anything.
No. 130116 ID: 5b93d3

> They were told "hey check out this cool questing site called TGChan" and they get redirected to a cool questing site called Quest Den. What do you think the conclusion will be?

With 99% of the time that happens? That the original domain expired and was hijacked by some unrelated party trying to sell something or seed malware. "Site immediately redirects to a completely different domain" is a big enough red flag to CTRL+W before whatever the new page is finishes loading, and that reflex has yet to lead me wrong.
No. 130119 ID: 58ee15

I agree. Redirects often make users worry.

However, this problem is easily solved with a fancy redirect page telling the user that the site has been renamed and a countdown to redirect.
No. 130121 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah a splash page makes sense.
No. 130122 ID: bb186d

i wish this place wasnt called tgchan, everyone thinks i draw on 4chan or 8chan when i talk about it
No. 130128 ID: bd7f61

Hey actually, speaking of fiction.live, didn't it used to be called Anonkun, and then its name got changed? Does anyone here go there much? How did the name change work out for them?
No. 130134 ID: 972422

You could tell them you draw on ThatQuestSite. That's what it's for.

He guessed that it might be a problem somehow if they add some feature in the future that conflicts with it for some reason.

The multiple URLs haven't been much of a problem so far, admittedly because people haven't been using them even to solve problems that they could solve, and I don't see why they would be any significant trouble in the future, given that all the URLs access the same site with the same content and coding.

Unfortunately, we have no reason to believe it would reduce spam.

>Anyone who hears about TGChan through references elsewhere will not know of its reputation.
Except for the fact that it's being recommended by someone for a specific reason, such as containing art or stories that they presumably like, and/or by people they presumably respect. And many of those people don't promptly refuse to give us a chance just from hearing their name. For those that do, the alternate name would work just as well.

Also, as you mentioned, redirects expire. We've already lost some of the ones we've had in the past to neglect. If that happens to TGChan, which seems like a very real possibility at this point, then that's a decade or more of our history lost.

A redirect page would be even more pointless inconvenience and annoyance, and wouldn't do anything about the aforementioned hijacking problem.
No. 130135 ID: b1b4f3

>Except for the fact that it's being recommended by someone for a specific reason, such as containing art or stories that they presumably like, and/or by people they presumably respect. And many of those people don't promptly refuse to give us a chance just from hearing their name. For those that do, the alternate name would work just as well.
What? You're not making sense. If the person refuses to give us a chance based on the name, then we NEED to give an alternate name, it wouldn't work just as well. Are you holding onto the idea that we can use two names for the site, interchangeably? We can't, for a lot of reasons other people have stated.
Here's another reason. First, ask yourself this: why on earth would anyone use a more objectionable name when introducing someone new to the site? We may as well just have one name for that purpose. Considering that, the only use for the old name would be for internal use, and that would eventually go by the wayside as new users are more likely to use the new name.

>redirects expire, we'd lose stuff
Redirects expiring doesn't result in lost data! It would break really old links from external sites, that's all.
No. 130137 ID: 4ca358

There's a particular brand of the most heinous spam I have literally only seen on *chan sites, and not on any other site I've been on with anonymous posting, and it's a common issue of *chan sites.
Random pill spam you see on any site is not a big deal to report it and move on, but that is not the only spam we get. Getting away from that is a potential upside to ditching the tgchan name, and I would consider even a chance of that to be more important than letting a few anons continue to live in the past.

The cookie problem is theoretically fixable but it is in fact a real problem that caused real issues when people more commonly used multiple names for the site.
No. 130185 ID: 972422

>If the person refuses to give us a chance based on the name, then we NEED to give an alternate name
There's not exactly a compelling "NEED" to attract people who hate us on principle without even trying to see what we are. Anyone who personally thinks that their associates will do so, and wants to use an alternate name to hide their shame, has that option available to them.

>Are you holding onto the idea that we can use two names for the site, interchangeably? We can't, for a lot of reasons other people have stated.
There's no reason that we could never use our real name just because we have an alternative for those who feel the need for one. If they don't feel the need to anticipate or fear kneejerk reactions, they can still use our real name, and the ten years of information about us will keep making sense to anyone who hears about us.

>Redirects expiring doesn't result in lost data! It would break really old links from external sites, that's all.
Ten years' worth of growth, references, and inbound links from people who have already had extensive dealings with us and will still lead new people here aren't just some insignificant nothing that can be brushed aside with a "that's all".

If we change to a new name and abandon our old name, we'll still be a site in the same format. There still won't be anything stopping anyone from spamming us, and they'll still know where we are through TGChan.

The only way to actually find out if "chan" has anything to do with it would be to try an experiment of some sort, like using the alternate names. If all of it is targeted specifically at our real name and nonthing of the sort happens to any of the alternate names, while they're in frequent enough use that people would actually know about them, then that would be evidence that the automatic spambots somehow solely target any and every site with "chan" in its name and ignore every other site with the same format.

Even that, however, wouldn't prove that running from our name would easily fix it. We would still have a redirect that leads people to us, and they'd be able to find us that way. It's highly unlikely that a simple redirect would get in the way of a spambot's "go to site, use site's format to post" operation.

The spambot issue just doesn't seem relevant to this issue. Trying to erase our name wouldn't solve it.
No. 130186 ID: 0055dc


I do not collect domain names and you do not dictate site policy.

Also, to the nerd who keeps doing it: Stop reporting the posts you don't like in this thread, it's annoying.
No. 130188 ID: b5fb67

Please change the name. I want more people to come and draw and tell their cool stories without the baggage that comes from being -chan adjacent.

I'm down for whatever name change works the best.

Also I can't believe I've graduated to Elder Quest Master.
No. 130190 ID: 2df440

This thread is the dark souls of discussion threads.

Questden or talehole would be good alternatives.
No. 130192 ID: b1b4f3

Sorry, that wasn't meant to imply it was my decision. I was stating what I believed were facts. I guess I got something wrong about who got the domain name and why, but the rest should still be correct.

>we don't need to attract people who judge based on the site name
I don't care if you think that. Multiple quest authors have said the name gets in the way of telling people about the site.

>ten years bluh bluh bluh
You know, I don't actually understand site redirects well enough to totally refute what you're saying, but it *looks* like google would catch the new url pretty quickly. If any broken links happen from the old domain name somehow expiring and losing the redirect, people could do an easy google search to find the site.
Also it's not like people attach a 10 year history lesson to their links, holy crap.
No. 130193 ID: 972422

Eh? I didn't know someone was trying to get posts here deleted. Did they bother to say why?

...I hope I'm not crossing any important lines here. This whole ordeal has been very stressful, and I'm trying not to make anything sound like a personal attack.

>good alternatives
Well, I could understand why people would want a different alternate name for the site. ThatQuestSite isn't all that great as far as names go. TGChan is concise, catchy, and actually gives better information as to what the site's actually about.

All the same, it's an alternative that we have.

The people with the problem have the solution.

>Also it's not like people attach a 10 year history lesson to their links, holy crap.
We have ten years of links and references to our site, TGChan, by artists and authors to their work here and by fans to the things they like here. People will find those links and references to us when they look through those artists' past work.

That is, assuming the links haven't been left to rot by then. If that happens, then sure, maybe they'll decide to go out of their way to find us by using a search engine, find whatever's left of our real name, and assume that it's actually us by a different name that hypothetically no longer exists, if they don't just assume the site simply died first and its name hasn't been stolen by that point. But hoping our potential readers will go through yet another extra step to reach us doesn't do much to mitigate the problem.
No. 130195 ID: 4ca358

>>TGChan is concise, catchy, and actually gives better information as to what the site's actually about.
Please report to the moderators any posts you see that make you think "chan" gives good information about what this site is actually about.
No. 130196 ID: 972422

Reporting every message made on a chan-formatted board would be reporting abuse.

Rage about the current political invasion of other sites aside, TGChan implies that it's a thread-based message board (chan) where people talk about and/or play tabletop games. When people think "tabletop games", they're reminded of roleplaying games, which are pretty close to what quest threads actually are. That's why we got started on /tg/ in the first place, and in all likelihood it's also the reason why many of the site's oldest and most popular quests/authors started there before coming here. A significant portion of our quests take place in distinctly tabletop RPG-esque fantasy adventure settings, and many of them have game mechanics much like those you'd find in a roleplaying game, a board game, or a miniature wargame. For that matter, some quests are literally people playing out a tabletop game on our message board.

If people come here looking for a message board that's about tabletop games, that's what they'll find.

On a related note, the whole reason this site was created in the first place is as a branch of /tg/, because of the moderation problems which were happening on /tg/ at the time, namely the removal of quest threads. Even now, there's no small amount of crossposters on both boards (presumably, the reason they're on /tg/ isn't for things that don't belong on /tg/) and we still have the -chan board format because it works for us.

But that's all way, way far back in the conversation. The main reason people object to the name isn't that it mentions tabletop games, it's that people think it's scaring off other users. I still maintain that the answer is to let those people use an alternate name to see if it helps.
Maybe there will be a mass influx of new users like people are hoping.
Maybe people will decide to use the alternate name because they prefer it that way.
Maybe the people who give us a chance because of the alternate name will switch to our original name, because they like it better this way.
Maybe the "chan" situation will continue to cool down until our original name doesn't frighten people anymore.
Maybe both names will become popular.
Maybe the alternate name will be less popular.
Maybe the alternate site won't work and people with problems will have another URL as a convenient backup.
Maybe something good will happen. Maybe something bad will happen. The best way to be certain is to give it a try and see.

There's one thing I am pretty certain about, though. Discussion about choosing an alternate name will be much less heated and much less worrying for everyone involved if they know it's not the only name they're going to get.
No. 130197 ID: 5fc3a0

You being very heated and worried doesn't really make other people those things. I don't have worries about the rename because I know it's going to be renamed and I'm fine with any of the front-runner options that ends up being chosen by the administration.

Chan sites being as bad as they are now is relatively new, but that's also a rather impressive thing because they were already cesspits. History lessons aren't needed, I was following Weaver's Boxdog threads in 2007, I was in #rubyquest while it was running, I was here day 1 of tgchan.
4chan was garbage then, it's just more garbage now. Even back in 2010 when people on tgchan were still slinging slurs and generally being degenerates (including me! I did that!) there was significant concern about the chan in the name giving people the wrong idea because of how bad other chan sites were, and was part of why so many people wanted the name changed then.

This alternate name thing you keep pushing is what already happened in 2010. It's not a new idea, it's what the site already tried out. It was wack.

The old and popular quest authors and artists of tgchan you keep talking about overwhelmingly want the name changed (as far as I've seen it's just been slowpoke that wanted tgchan still and he was also in favor of talehole.) Even widening it out to all of tgchan, people wanting the name to stay the same are in the minority.
No. 130199 ID: 842ac4

You really shouldn't be talking for other people Lawyerdog. The way you are talking has angry Reddit argument all over it.
No. 130200 ID: b970b2

Nah, I'm with LD here, the only thing -chan about this site is that it's an image board. Everything else about -chan is kinda shitty and not what this site is.

What does angry Reddit argument even mean anyway?
No. 130201 ID: 465a14

LD is saying this because he's seen the overwhelming majority of authors and anons speak out/vote for the name change. I can confirm what he's said about popular opinion.
No. 130202 ID: 8d1a63

Except he isnt speaking for other people hes literally speaking from his own experiences as an early member of the site. What exactly about that makes it a “reddit argument”? I dont know why people are trying to give LD a history lesson on the site since hes been here day one.
No. 130203 ID: 864e49

I'd also like everyone to look at the opposite side of this: What are the kinds of people that come here wanting it to be a 4chan like site?!
No. 130204 ID: 0fae41

People who looked before they leapt and saw 4chan isn't all one big /pol/ board. People who liked the /qst/ format but wished there were a few more image quests, and/or furries.
No. 130205 ID: 4854ef

Because not everyone who uses 4chan is /pol/ as another user mentioned? There's tons of other boards people tend to use.. Including /tg/
No. 130206 ID: 8d23f0

true not everyone who uses 4chan is a horrible person, but by and large the community its know for is, so why shouldn't we move away from that association.
No. 130208 ID: eb1fcc

Yo, coming out of hiding to say I think the name change isn't likely to fix anything.
Not even the spam, as the spam is likely tracking format if I had to guess.

Tgchan's running off a decades-old chan framework that hasn't seen a major update outside of new boards and add-on features so it's easy to find the main board. That's probably why it all ends up on /meep/.

Tgchan would need to reformat as a whole in order to start drawing new users again. You can change the coat of paint on our nice little chan board here, but it's still just gonna be a chan board at the end of the day with all the problems that entails.

There was that one spinoff site that one guy was working on and that was promising, but without our history backing it it wasn't able to compete really. Which sucked, it had some nice ideas like the ability to seperate out suggestions and comments from each other or only reading update posts.

The website itself needs a remake. Nothing short of this will ever really salvage the dying community here, at best it'll just continue to get a drip feed of the occasional wanderer drawn here by Weaver's old works or furries drawn in by popular posters on the site keeping it on life support.

Frankly, I think it's a bit silly that it's so controversial though. Hire some code monkey to make a bot to change up site links or migrate stuff if it's that big a worry, there's no shortage of people willing to do quick programming projects for cash these days.

Hell, see if you can tap Mozai to do it, he already did the one migration tool we just need something scaled up from that.
No. 130210 ID: 7816e7

While I agree that an update to the site design would be rad and probably go a long way towards getting new people to stick around, Youve been here about as long as I have and you know how slow change can be here. Shit, as LD said, this is something thats been discussed since 2010. I dont expect a major site overhaul anytime soon.

I still think the best way to get new people to come here is to change the name. The only way for people to find the site is, as you said, either through like a weaver deep dive, or if they get linked here from somewhere else. In the past most of the creators here were active on 4chan, so yeah it made sense that there was a constant influx of new 4chan people. But as this thread has shown, most of the creators here dont want to be associated with 4chan or chan culture. Thats why most of the new members come from authors posting links on their twitter/tumblr/fa or whatever. I tried posting stuff in /trash/ for a while and I met some very cool, very nice people that im still friends with. But Im not posting my shit anywhere on that site again, and I dont want to be associated with it. Even my brief time there, in some of the chillest, friendliest threads on the site, left me uncomfortable with the way the culture works and what is normal there. As LD has mentioned, 4chan has changed, and the fact that its gotten worse means that its no surprise that people dont want to associate with anything chan related.

he bottom line is: If we stop calling ourselves a chan site, authors arent going to have to worry as much about being lumped in with chan culture. so, with any luck, they're gonna be more open about linking to the site.

Like, yeah no shit changing the name isnt going to overnight magically turn the site into a not-chan site. But its a good start towards representing ourselves as a place that people might actually want to hang out in.
No. 130211 ID: 5b93d3

If the main impetus for a name-change is to avoid 'scaring off' newbies, then they does not really need a wholesale domain replacement. The thatquestsite.org redirect is already available, and could be shifted to a duplicate homepage with "tgchan" in the grand total of two places it is visible swapped for "thatquestsite".
Keep the boards on the tgchan domain, as the boards themselves do not have tgchan written on them anywhere, and that avoid the decade-of-broken-links issue, and by the time someone has already visited the site and not immediately noped out of there they are unlikely to do so due to the URL (as the intersection of "people who would avoid a *chan board due to the name but not the format" and "people who actually monitor the URL nowadays" likely has a vanishingly small population).

tl;dr Use existing domain setup, but shift the thatquestsite.org redirect from that tgchan homepage to a thatquestsite homepage. If you want to send links to scared newbies, use the existing thatquestsite.org links.
No. 130214 ID: b1b4f3

So you're saying we should change the name everywhere BUT the url?
No. 130215 ID: 2df440
File 156357865430.png - (131.50KB , 700x670 , shirt update.png )

No. 130216 ID: 58ee15

I'm always surprised at how adverse some people are to change, no matter how small. I guess that's what age does to ya.
No. 130219 ID: 7816e7

any change is either not enough or too much so we should never try anything at all
No. 130220 ID: 5fc3a0

>>Because not everyone who uses 4chan is /pol/ as another user mentioned? There's tons of other boards people tend to use.. Including /tg/
Even the "good" boards on 4chan like /tg/ are full of slurs and racism. Some other common blue board stuff is rampant pedophilia and idolizing serial killers, so that's cool for people to associate us with. (it's actually not cool. stop going to 4chan.)

Tgchan is not dying, but people want it to grow. A name change is a simple thing that can help.
No. 130222 ID: 61b5e1

No. 130223 ID: 9876c4
File 156359803335.png - (313.63KB , 600x302 , strangetimeinmylife.png )

Put an option for 5chan.
No. 130225 ID: c796ab

these all suck.
No. 130227 ID: b5fb67


Your face sucks.
No. 130229 ID: 972422

The point isn't whether "chan" should automatically bring to mind the worst invaders from the worst board on 4chan. It hasn't meant that for the ten years we've had it, but again, that's not the main point I'm trying to make at the moment.

My point is that there's a way to address people's worries without taking anyone away from anyone, and by all logic it will work.

>This alternate name thing you keep pushing is what already happened in 2010.
I'm pretty sure we discussed this over a hundred posts ago. Yes it existed, but people weren't using it to solve the problem it was specifically meant to solve. That's why they're complaining about problems caused by its absence rather than its presence.

That's why I propose that people use it to see if it helps. Then we'll know for sure. Like I said earlier (before it was buried by politics):

Maybe there will be a mass influx of new users like people are hoping.
Maybe people will decide to use the alternate name because they prefer it that way.
Maybe the people who give us a chance because of the alternate name will switch to our original name, because they like it better this way.
Maybe the "chan" situation will continue to cool down until our original name doesn't frighten people anymore.
Maybe both names will become popular.
Maybe the alternate name will be less popular.
Maybe the alternate site won't work and people with problems will have another URL as a convenient backup.
Maybe something good will happen. Maybe something bad will happen. The best way to be certain is to give it a try and see.

There's one thing I am pretty certain about, though. Discussion about choosing an alternate name will be much less heated and much less worrying for everyone involved if they know it's not the only name they're going to get.
No. 130230 ID: 2df440

... I'm pretty sure most websites only have one name.
No. 130231 ID: c796ab

putting yourself in bold qquotes doesn't make you any more right

you're still talking out your ass
No. 130232 ID: 0fae41

None of these are very good.
No. 130233 ID: e7c7d3

Yo, then suggest some names that don't suck. That is technically what this thread is about.
No. 130234 ID: f91a34

I don't have a problem with the more popular of the current options (and have already voted for questden) but if people are still unsatisfied how about the .ing names they are supposedly releasing this year? I don't know the logistics of getting one but quest.ing seems like a really cool name for a site focused on questing.

But what's really on my mind now is that I just realized something that might convince everybody once and for all to change the name (and is making me really look forward to it).

When tgchan started and for a long time there has always been a regretful under representation of cock. Sure there were some noble efforts and a few characters that were appreciated for their dicks (though primarily in fanart) but despite this we have always been in a state of dick famine. Now that over the years we have been getting further from our connection to 4chan and chan culture we have been getting a slow rise in the penis level of the site. As such we need to focus on not only retaining our current level of partial saturation but to grow it a healthy size.
No. 130235 ID: 9ce670

As such a name change will give us the rise we need.
No. 130236 ID: 0fae41

The top two results in the original poll are the names we already have. Those should work.
No. 130238 ID: 5b93d3

The alternate URL is already in effect, you can visit every page on the site using thatquestsite.org rather than tgchan.org.
My suggestion is that, rather than perform a wholesale renaming of the site, add a duplicate homepage for those visiting via thatquestsite.org to also swap the two instances of the site name in the body text that actually occur. As far as anyone visitng from that URL is aware, that is the site name. As far as anyone else visiting for the last decade, everything remains BAU.
Keep tgchan.org as the authoritative domain to avoid breaking internal and external links.
No. 130239 ID: b5fb67

Banish the URL and name TGchan to the shadow realm forever.
No. 130240 ID: 61b5e1

Not sure why anyone thinks I would break links.

Cookies I'll do my best to port.

What says .ing is coming soon? It seems to be stuck in place.

I wanted quest.app but someone took it just to make a 404 page...

And no, not going to do a weird rival-domain thing.
No. 130242 ID: 58ee15

> >>130234 >quest.ing
questing.org is available
I also liked quests.dev

quest.online is also available but... it's $1080/year, so fuck that.
No. 130243 ID: 61b5e1

What do you mean questing.org is...

oh, I guess I could give $99 to a squatter if people like it enough.
No. 130244 ID: b5fb67


I can help fund that if that's what we're doing!
No. 130247 ID: b1b4f3

Okay that's a nice url but would the site name be "Questing"?
No. 130251 ID: f0a059

A lack of a definitive one-source-of-truth single domain name that all others redirect to is terrible for SEO, and in this day and age, people find websites by search engines. A (sad?) truth.

I don't have anything else to add to this conversation that hasn't been said already.
No. 130256 ID: 972422

I've recently had an epiphany. This is going to sound strange, but bear with me, please.

The name TGChan will actually help our website grow.

Odd, I know, given that people think we're having growth issues because of "the chan". But keep in mind that all "chan" means is that we're an image board. The negative stigma is mostly just stereotypes that unfairly associate us with trolls and various other unpleasant people who tend to drift around any site with lax moderation (and are generally disliked by the site's other users). With that said, let's look at how someone might react to learning about us.

Imagine you're talking with your friends online, or posting your art online and your fans are reading the descriptions, or the like. Presumably these people trust and respect you and your opinions, don't think you're a horrible person, and won't suddenly start thinking that because of vague stereotypes. While you're talking about art and stories you like, or mentioning art you made for another website, they see you mention TGChan. They might be interested. If they've heard certain rumors but are open-minded, they might think "I've heard bad things about those chan places but if my friend likes it then it can't be all bad, so maybe I'll check it out" and then find out that we don't do any of what they're afraid of. They might be surprised, and ask you "Why would you associate with a chan of all places?" because their prejudices don't match up with what they know about you. This last scenario is generally what people are understandably afraid of.

But here's the thing: even if they react negatively to the mere mention of our name, if they're asking about your reasons, they're receptive to an answer. It's an opportunity to tell them what our website is and what it's about, which will make it easy for them to overcome their prejudice and join us. And when they call attention to us, other users will also take notice of our description, which will help even more people learn about us.

Now, consider a different scenario. Word about us goes around a place that's already low on anti-chan bias, like, say, another image board. This gets the attention of people who use those sites because they like the image board format and/or that board's subject matter, and are less than impressed by the jerks who keep trying to derail perfectly good threads with trolling and edgy politics. They hear about a better chan where they can enjoy tabletop games/quest threads/fantasy worldbuilding/kobold porn without any of those jerks getting in the way of their conversation, and eagerly hop over. Then they go back where they came from and tell people about how much fun they had here and how we're a great place to discuss whatever it is they came here to discuss.

On the other hand, we might also get the attention of one of those jerks that the previous folks were trying to get away from. They'd come over here, ignorantly assuming that "chan" meant a safe haven for bad attitudes, then find out they were wrong and leave in disappointment. Or they might try to be edgy, get frustrated with the uniformly negative reaction, and then leave in disappointment. Then they'd go back where they came from and warn people about how much of a "social justice furry shithole" we are, and the people who already don't like them will translate that to "a chan site without these jerks" and consider that we might be a better option.

It all works out in our favor. Pepole hear of TGChan, they learn what we're about, our reputation grows, people understand us better, and we attract the kinds of people we want to attract.
No. 130258 ID: 13ef8e

>Presumably these people trust and respect you and your opinions, don't think you're a horrible person, and won't suddenly start thinking that because of vague stereotypes.

That's an incorrect presumption. You're assuming that anyone who talks about us will only do so to people they're good friends with. If they're just doing the internet equivalent of chatting with people at a bar (and I'd say the majority of people a person talks to on the internet are just acquaintances who chat about mutual topics of interest), or tossing links to the wind under your art or whatever, then those people are much more likely to be dismissive, and may dismiss the person talking about us as well.

Essentially, it's embarrassing to be associated with other -chan sites, and it's something to be concerned about both as a person who wants to talk about their art and writing, and as a site in general.

As for the jerks, we don't want them here at all. They disruptive while we're here, there's no guarantee they'll leave without being forced, there are plenty of them who are subtler and can be a slow poison to a site, and there's always a chance that if one of them feels like enough of an asshole they'll go call their friends for a raid or start spreading false rumours about us or so on.
No. 130259 ID: 7816e7

You're right it does sound strange. I've had the "oh its an imageboard, it used to be part of 4chan, look its kind of wonky but its cool" conversation many times and the conversion rate is pretty low. most people are just like... eh I like your art so I will just follow you on fa and twitter because that's easier than associating with fuckin chan sites. Even people who have been huge fans of mine still tell me "i need to get around to reading your quests". This is a thing. I can tell you this firsthand as a person who has been pointing people towards the site for years. On the other hand, the itch.io mirrors to my stories get 1-2 new readers every day from just the pinned links on my pages and no effort on my part.

Honestly I think a site redesign would help a lot too, most of the people that do make the effort to stick around have a lot of questions about just how all this fuckery works. but a site rename would be a good start, not a magical fix-all, but like at least its something

>As for the jerks, we don't want them here at all. They disruptive while we're here, there's no guarantee they'll leave without being forced, there are plenty of them who are subtler and can be a slow poison to a site, and there's always a chance that if one of them feels like enough of an asshole they'll go call their friends for a raid or start spreading false rumours about us or so on.

Hard agree. jerks like that dont just leave, they stick around and make trouble
No. 130262 ID: 58ee15

>Imagine you're talking with your friends online
Assumption #1: Assuming that everyone is your friend
>or your fans
Assumption #2: Or fans
>Presumably these people trust and respect you and your opinions
Assumption #3, #4, #5: Assuming people trust you, respect you and value your opinions
>won't suddenly start thinking that you're a horrible person
Assumption #6: That people's opinion of you won't change if they learn a new thing about you
>They might be interested.
Assumption #7: That people are interested
>If they've heard certain rumors but are open-minded
Assumption #8: That people are open-minded
>so maybe I'll check it out
Assumption #9: That they would check it out

Do you realize what you just did? You cherry-picked the most optimistic case, based on a ton of assumptions, wrapped it into a problem, sprinkled it with a few more logical fallacies, and then presented it as some sort of an epiphany. Is this a joke?

How about we turn your "logic" around?
If people see a chan-link and are not your friends, they simply won't click it.
If people see a chan-link and they don't trust you, then they won't click it.
If people see a chan-link and they don't respect you, then they won't click it.
If people see a chan-link and they're are not open-minded, then they won't click it.
They won't click it. They won't talk about it. They won't accept your explanation.

Stop being optimistic, and start being realistic.
No. 130269 ID: ba56e6

>Some other common blue board stuff is rampant pedophilia and idolizing serial killers
I only ever visit /tg/ and /vg/ and I have never seen either of these things.
No. 130271 ID: 93fc57

It's a problem of PERCEPTION, regardless of anything else. People believe these things. That's the problem.

LD and the others here wish to distance themselves from the origins of the board, and that's fine. I wouldn't call the hobby dead, but it does need a shot in the arm. A new name and relaunch would be a decent idea. Feeling more free to aggressively spread word makes it easier for QMs with audiences that care about that sort of thing. Let me make a few points:

>There's a /quest/ board on 4chan and /qu/ on 8chan.
The latter is FUCKING DEAD and the former is only a little higher pace than here. If you want to run on those sites, you can, and get the audience there that you might expect of such places, be that whatever it may be. Leading to my second point:

>Differentiating can only lead to positive results.
Essentially, by distancing from "problematic" places, we open the doors to more and more people. The only way to make the site even more broadly appealing would be to move all NSFW quests to another board behind an age gate and splitting the site into that (NSFW and SFW). And the name is just that: It's not like the site itself is changing, the name change simply reflects the will of the staff and many/most of the users and thus reflects the content better.

>We were always doing this.
TGChan's very birth was an attempt to make a Blackjack And Hookers so we could run our shit in peace without nazimod destroying everything. Quests were looked down on (and still are) for clogging the front page due to their naturally high activity and constant bumping. More than ten quests at a time on /tg/ and whoop, there goes the front page. Yes, there is a catalogue and yes, I'm pretty sure it's the default browsing style now, but even so. This site was born from a noted exodus from /tg/. Continuing in that direction isn't all that much of a shocker.
No. 130275 ID: ba56e6

>The only way to make the site even more broadly appealing would be to move all NSFW quests to another board behind an age gate and splitting the site into that (NSFW and SFW).
This is frankly the main reason I can't link the site to anyone, including people from chans. Having furry porn as a first impression is more of a bar to new people than being a chan, and the two of them together even more so.
No. 130287 ID: b1b4f3

The last time a NSFW-SFW split was suggested it was rejected due to it effectively splitting readership.
Look at the ITQ/BTE split to see what happens when you split off things like that.

Now, it is probably possible to introduce a "fake" board on the site that is just /quest/ but doesn't display NSFW threads. You could link to that, or browse that while in public or whatever purpose you want such a thing for.
On the other hand, there's still going to be porn one or two clicks away. This is gonna be a NSFW site overall, there's no getting away from that. Any new users are going to just have to accept that the site has porn.
No. 130288 ID: 7816e7

Its something thats been discussed in the past and kinda caused some panic and slippery slope arguments. As someone whos stuff is mostly NSFW, at this point im kind of ambivalent about it.

Not being able to share the site because of the lewdness is a legit concern; but I think the consensus was that tgchan is just considered fundamentally nsfw. I think there is probably a solution to that somewhere but would take a lot more discussion.
No. 130291 ID: eb1fcc

I sure do, so I've made a new thread using my own chutzpah and ability to purchase things with adult money to circumvent tgchan's usual stagnation
No. 130292 ID: eb1fcc

Looking back on that whole debacle that was the flimsiest "evidence" ever

we'd have more people using the website and we'd PROBABLY have the ability to actually make some ad revenue off shit if we weren't so gung-ho about frontloading dicks and tiddies on the front page without some kind of opt-in for that
No. 130300 ID: b5fb67

NSFW content is a topic for another thread. We're discussing the name, folks. Stay focused!
No. 130316 ID: 972422

This whole this has been very worrisome to me. It's difficult to express all my thoughts on the matter.

>That's an incorrect presumption.
It's a shorthand for someone who respects you enough to potentially listen to website recommendations. It applies anyone who's willing to have a casual conversation, not just a person's closest friends.

>then those people are much more likely to be dismissive, and may dismiss the person talking about us as well.
Yes, it's possible that the mention of "the chan" will cause someone to suddenly hate the person they're talking to when they were holding a perfectly good conversation beforehand, and refuse to listen to anything you have to say that contradicts their preconceptions. That's certainly something that can happen, but if a stranger is prone to turning against people for something as small as the mention of a hobby, then it's no big loss if they don't come here.

>Essentially, it's embarrassing to be associated with other -chan sites
I get that some people are embarrassed to be associated with us, not because of anything we actually do but because of obnoxious things that happen on other chan sites due to people that those sites are also embarrassed to be associated with.

It's true. Most of the stuff people hate about 4chan is actually against the rules. It still happens because of the site's massive userbase and lax moderation, but it almost never happens without someone telling them off for their edgy bullshit. Most of the users are as unenthused about them as anyone else.

Back on topic. I understand that, as unfair and prejudiced as it is, people are having trouble convincing others to give us a chance and don't like associating with us because of our name, and I get that they want something to make us look better so that they can feel better about being seen in public with us. But those are external problems that happen on other sites. We shouldn't have to make a personal, internal change to our identity just to accomodate people who don't understand us, especially something as special as our name.

We've all heard how horrible "the chan" is, and how it's associated with the worst of all worsts and we should be ashamed of them. But TGChan doesn't mean any of those awful things. TGChan means us.

TGChan isn't just a set of letters. It's who we are. It's been who we are since the beginning. Its meaning is this site, the people who use it, and the things we've made here. We've made TGChan Radio. We've made TGChan Secret Santa. We've made the TGChan Caravan. We've even made TGChan Strip Poker. We've made hundreds, likely thousands of works of art as TGChan,

If we have to look back on all that, and be told "that's wrong now, we're not TGChan anymore and it was bad of us to be TGChan", then it would honestly be tragic. It would feel like we'd lost something important that we could never get back.

That's why I don't want TGChan taken away from us.
No. 130317 ID: 5fc3a0

Changing the name doesn't erase tgchan's history.

Questden is lookin' pretty popular from the poll and what people have said. I can dig it.
No. 130336 ID: b5fb67


I'm down for it.
No. 130339 ID: 75cf31

bro this is a lot of overwrought emotionality where it’s not really necessary. you’re pulling assumptions abt other people’s motivations out of thin air when nobody here has expressed the Tragic Sentiments you’re complaining about. we’re not talking abt a name change bc we’re ashamed of ourselves or our content or bc we’re trying to distance ourselves from what we do here. we’re talking abt a name change bc we love this site and think that what we do here is really cool and we want to be able to grow what we do without being burdened by shit that doesn’t reflect on us. being realistic abt optics is not, like, plunging a dagger into the still-beating heart of tgchan
No. 130341 ID: b5fb67


Exactly. For the umpteenth time, we're not going away, we're distancing ourselves from a site that has become overrun with racists, bigots, and general assholes.
No. 130345 ID: e4a574

taking a quick break from wiping my daughter's ass to support a name change
No. 130348 ID: f8d428

Yo brom weve missed you. I hope dad times are treating you well.
4chan kicked us out like a decade ago and missed out on an amazing form of storytelling that the community here has been fostering. Fuck em. The name tgchan doesnt define us, the artists and writers and active members of the community are what define us. And most of them are saying its time for a change
No. 130352 ID: 972422

TGChan's history defines our name. That's why I'm so sad to see it go.

I remember what you've been saying. I'm trying to explain why I feel the way I do; I realize you don't think of it as giving in to prejudice to appease the prejudiced, but that's still what it looks like to me. I think TGChan means us, our community, and every work of art we make here, but other people think "chan" means the evil people who are currently causing grief to the people on 4chan and making strangers hate us by association. I get why you have a problem with this.

What I don't get is why people want to make the "TG" part of our name go away too. I have no idea why associating us with tabletop games would be controversial. For one thing, they haven't been a target of prejudice since before our site was born, and for another, they're still a strong part of our site's identity. If no one's willing to budge on the issue of us losing our name, then we might as well use TGQuest as our new name; it's short, memorable, and gets the point of our site across at least as well as any other name could.

That aside... well, I realize that pretty much no one is going to care about what I'm about to say, but I don't want it to go unsaid.

The problem people are having is that outsiders refuse to give us a chance just because of our name (and possibly because of general internet apathy towards trying new things, but they blame the name).

If the problem is that they refuse to come here because of the name they see, then a redirect to TGChan would solve things just as effectively as a name change. The problem is that outsiders see a name they don't like and hate us unfairly, and the solution is that outsiders see a different name and don't judge us before seeing what we really are. We don't need to remind each other that we're "not like that", and if someone's interested enough to click a link to an unfamiliar website then they're already giving us a chance. Plus, it would avoid any confusion that could arise when people find references to "TGChan" on a website with a seemingly unrelated name.
No. 130362 ID: eb1fcc

I like pretty much all of these more than the current leading contender.

questden sounds poopy and I dun like it.
No. 130366 ID: b5fb67


"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
No. 130370 ID: f28b2f

Yeah dude I slept like 4 hours last night and there was a little piece of poop on my shirt this morning but the baby rules. Also I am here to claim credit for Talehole
No. 130375 ID: 5b93d3

Out of curiosity: for those who dislike linking to your work due to the name/URL, why is the existing thatquestsite.org URL insufficient?

For example, if you link to a board or thread directly using that URL (rather than to the homepage) right now, the word 'TGchan' does not ever appear in either the body or header. And if you visit https://thatquestsite.org/kusaba/ (rather than https://thatquestsite.org/ which straight redirects to tgchan.org) even the menu header uses thatquestsite, leaving a grand total of one string at the top of the homepage to swap out.
No. 130376 ID: 5fc3a0

Even if the issues of a rival URL are ignored, the wiki links tgchan and has tgchan in the top left, and is generally the best way to be giving out a link, especially if the quest has ITQs.
No. 130380 ID: 5b93d3

Ah, I'd completely forgotten the wiki.
No. 130385 ID: ccd2ca

I have to say, "questden" makes me think of late 90s/early 00s web 1.0 sites where people posted their generic fantasy fiction and roleplayed talking animal characters and everyone on there was clearly a furry but were all so naive and innocent that they equally clearly had no clue that's what they were or even what a furry was, and the whole site would have some forest motif with crudely anti-aliased navigation buttons and maybe a pixelly picture of some mountains or the moon or something. And probably somewhere someone would have put a link to DMFA.

So, whoever originally came up with the name: you're responsible for my suffering.
No. 130386 ID: 04c67a

Regular lurker since about 2009 here.

Jesus Christ, this is a level of idiocy I haven't seen in a while.

>ID: 972422

Are you legitimately austistic or just really, really stupid? Your posts sound unbelievably clueless, as if you're expecting the outside world to operate exactly as you imagine it in your head and can't fathom how or why it wouldn't be like that.

>But keep in mind that all "chan" means is that we're an image board. The negative stigma is mostly just stereotypes that unfairly associate us with trolls and various other unpleasant people who tend to drift around any site with lax moderation (and are generally disliked by the site's other users).
I've been on 4chan from 2006 to 2010 nearly every day and occasionally after that. Back in the day I thought every board turning into /b/ was the worst 4chan would get, but time proved me wrong.
Before /pol/ became the most popular board, 4chan and imageboards in general were commonly associated with no-holds-barred trolling, and if you had actually been to 4chan, that's fairly accurate for the popular boards. You needed serious troll resistance back in the day and you need far more today.

To claim that the reputation of imageboards is somehow undeserved, or that you're a "victim" of "prejudice" is pure bullshit. (It actually brings to mind the old "fursecution" meme.)

The imageboard format is the only thing connecting this site to 4chan and has been for a long time. Remember, when this site came into existence, 4chan's furry hate memes were more relevant, and this site has been full of furries from the earliest days. TGchan hasn't been representative of "4chan culture" for well over a decade, and if you think the site's layout will keep undesirable users away, you haven't been to actual 4chan in the last ~five years. Whether tgchan will be overrun by shitheads after a relaunch will be entirely up to the staff and the userbase, not a nondescriptive name and two decades old software.

>a small minority ruins 4chan for everyone
>4chan's bad rep is a recent phenomenon linked to politics
More transparent bullshit. No one with any sense at all would recommend 4chan to random people and that has always been true. You'd tell a friend about the site if you knew they'd be able to handle 4chan. You wouldn't drop someone expecting normal behavior into it.

The imageboard association is a harsh filter, even if it's not factual for tgchan in particular.

>the name makes sense
This site doesn't tolerate the kind of attitude you'd have seen on e.g. 2008 /v/ and it definitely doesn't tolerate the attitude of present-day 4chan.

I have never seen anyone refer to tabletop games as "TG" outside of the 4chan board name itself. That claim of yours is nonsense. How or why could you believe that it'd be descriptive to outsiders?

tl;dr you're full of shit and you're either a moron or literally incapable of processing reality
No. 130387 ID: 3d1dd5

You'd think "Don't call each other names" would be an easy thing to do but here we are. Don't do this.
No. 130462 ID: 92425d

If people are up-tight about a name I really don't care if they come here. As confrontational as the question may be, do you feel quests will be taken down or altered by the moderation staff if they're deemed offensive by these new users too? You can't please everyone and you shouldn't try to, you're a lovely group and I wish you would keep doing what you've been doing as that's what brought me here nearly a decade ago.

I'd feel a bigger issue to dedicate time to would be knowing which quests updated without IRC, It's why I sage my suggestions but a slight color change would be nice if the quest OP posts since you last viewed the thread.
No. 130463 ID: 5fc3a0

>do you feel quests will be taken down or altered by the moderation staff if they're deemed offensive by these new users too?
There is no reason to believe this would happen to any quests. The name change is something favored by many current quest authors, removing current quests would presumably not be favored by current quest authors.
The people that are making fat stacks on questing are making some of them there furry fuckin' quests, y'all ain't gotta worry about the furry fuckin' going away on TaleHole.

Even if scaring off normies is considered a good thing, the site's contents will already do that. We don't need collateral damage of scaring off weirdos that just don't want to bother taking a chance on a *chan, and the people that are enticed by a *chan name in 2019 are people that are unlikely to be good members of the community.
No. 130464 ID: bbd5f5

To be specific, we were driven off 4chan during one particular period of overly aggressive moderation towards any sort of quest thread and much of /tg/'s creativity and worldbuilding content, and the moderators (believed to be) responsible for it were highly unpopular with the site's other users for precisely that reason. That period of time has been over for a long while now; creative content is a regular part of /tg/ again, and the site has a whole board dedicated to quests now. In fact, some of our authors came directly from there, simply because our board was slower and our threads last longer.

To put it succinctly, we weren't "kicked out" by 4chan. We were forced apart.

I sympathize with the "if they reject us and miss out, then they brought it on themselves" sentiment, but it's not fair to aim it at all of 4chan. Most of them had nothing to do with that incident and didn't like it at all. In fact, our content has some popularity in some of the site's threads, particularly ones that involve cute kobolds, sexy aliens, and other special interests which are very much like our own. The ones who are actually rejecting us are the people who take one look at us and decide that we're not worth learning anything more about just because we're a chan site. If some people refuse to associate with us and end up missing out on our stories, then that's up to them; we've gotten along just fine without them in the past, and we'll continue to grow without them in the future.

I can understand wanting to share our community with more people, but it's not a good idea to tell ourselves "if they won't accept us, to hell with them" and then change our name in hopes of attracting those specific individuals.
No. 130466 ID: eb1fcc

I agree with this dude. While I'm not terribly fond of 4chan's edgelord cultural baseline, I also feel like trying to overly restrict that attitude on the website beyond standard "don't be a douche" standards is going to stifle new users AND creativity. Let's avoid that.
No. 130467 ID: b5fb67


Out of curiosity, do you run a quest?
No. 130475 ID: 395c02

I feel there's a point I should make if it hasn't been made already: We're changing the name. You can't change our minds on that. That discussion is over.

Tgchan.org will still lead you to the site for as long as Dylan feels like hosting the mirror, but the site's official name is gonna be something else.

Tgchan split from 4chan ten years ago. Very little that was true of the community in 2009 is true in 2019. We've grown and matured, and I was here almost the whole time to see that. This place was less of a cesspool than 4chan, but I always had to explain to people why tgchan isn't terrible when linking it, and some of my original Tezakia suggestors were put off by the community.

I really want the day to come that I can link to this site with pride, not a hundred asterisks. I don't want to have to temper years of work and thousands of images, hundreds of days worrying over what would make a good story, all for someone to go 'nah, looks too much like 4chan'.

I'm lucky in that Tezakia itself is a separate entity that, despite its age and growing pains, works well as a starting point for my stuff.

Other people don't have that.

If you prefer 2009 TGchan, then I'm sorry, but it's gone. The people are nicer, and the mods actually step in if you act like an asshole. We're working to make the site design catch up to that.

I spent 10 years explaining to people that acting like a jerk is a bad thing, and if you think otherwise then this place simply isn't for you anymore.
No. 130478 ID: 4854ef

If everything about old TGchan was such a complete cesspool that you constantly seem to hate, why did you even stay? It seems like everytime you and some others speak of it, everyone was simply hateful, and it was a lawless land that nobody liked.
No. 130480 ID: 5fc3a0

For some people old tgchan's attitude was tolerable because of the unique content, but a lot of people were actually also part of that attitude at that time and then grew up and matured. It's been ten years.
No. 130482 ID: 395c02

I almost didn't join. The site very much scared me away with its community and 4-chan look.

I ran tezakia, hoping I would get experience enough to not make a fool of myself and become victim to the extremely cruel way poor questers were treated back then (remember vyt?).

What ended up happening is TGchan, or specifically some kind people from it, found me in the 11th hour of Tezakia.

Their kindness is what made me go ahead and join the community in full. And I stayed because I believed in Questing as a format for telling unique stories, and over time I would make attempts to improve things (often failing due to intense pushback)

But the thing is, I never ended up changing things-- things changed on their own!

Had I found tgchan today, I might not have been scared away as much... but if the site also doesn't look like 4chan, I imagine a me that discovered it today would happily have run tezakia here instead of a dead 2008-era social media platform.
No. 130483 ID: 29e9f3

>4-chan look
Changing the name is going to do jack shit to stop that. So long as it's an imageboard with anonymous posting, it will be blatantly obvious it's chan derived.

If you're all that determined to cleanse the site, make a new one and let TGChan die with dignity, instead of gutting it and parading its corpse around.
No. 130485 ID: 465a14

hello yes rename site to questdan in honor and glory of me

people and things change over time my man, this is not dying

like i disagree with you but i still get how you feel about things not being like the old times you enjoyed anymore, i feel you there, but you gotta appreciate the old times for what they were and move on so you can enjoy current times for what they are
No. 130486 ID: 61b5e1


Oh yeah changing the layout a little bit is totally gutting the site~
No. 130488 ID: b1b4f3

We're not "cleansing" the site. Moderation will not change overnight. Why are you so mad about a name change? It's a new coat of paint, the internals will be the same. So like, the opposite of what you're freaking out about.

Changing the layout (well, major changes anyway) is a different issue, which afaik isn't supported by the mod team. They're more interested in adding features like post editing and a working watched threads feature.
No. 130491 ID: 9876c4

>The people are nicer, and the mods actually step in if you act like an asshole. We're working to make the site design catch up to that.
Sure, you really stepped up to the plate when I got called a cocksucker in my own thread, by the author of this one. Truly outstanding work. >>114587
And all the assorted prejudice and profiling of people here from the chans has been very enlightened. Maybe we should count 3/5 of their votes, too?

I'm not buying it.
No. 130493 ID: 3d1dd5

I don't know how to tell you this but NotDog is, in fact, not LawyerDog.
No. 130494 ID: 465a14

my bro are you comparing people disagreeing with you to being a slave
No. 130495 ID: e7c7d3

Did.. did you really equate the general distaste for 4chan with the historical plight of black people in America? Like.. did you really do that?
No. 130496 ID: 5fc3a0

hey dude not all people with dog in their name are the same person, quit with the prejudice and profiling
No. 130497 ID: 9876c4

The general distaste for anyone leads us down a dark road, was my point. Better to judge them fairly.
No. 130498 ID: 465a14

i understand your point but please consider using better examples to support your arguments, like even putting aside how absolutely buck wild it was the 3/5ths mention immediately shifts focus to that bit rather than the point you were making

and if you feel like people have specifically been discriminated against please say so more specifically, so far other than some dudes who were told to stop posting insults I mostly see people saying they didn't like the general site culture
No. 130501 ID: eb1fcc

it's that moderation ignores the odd number of people who prefer the old ways that gets me in this thread most, I think.

Why do you downplay the viewpoints of those that disagree with this? it seems mean-spirited to do this this way.

you cannot pretend this man's anxieties are unfounded given the tones being taken towards the culture that was around at the founding of the site.
There's been enough change in the irc especially that pretending he or she is ridiculous for this fear isn't great.

that's from 2017, shortly before irc's chat sanitization efforts really started in earnest. Probably not productive to try and highlight that.
No. 130502 ID: 465a14

>it's that moderation ignores the odd number of people who prefer the old ways that gets me in this thread most, I think.

>Why do you downplay the viewpoints of those that disagree with this? it seems mean-spirited to do this this way.
can you elaborate on this I don't understand what you mean

>you cannot pretend this man's anxieties are unfounded given the tones being taken towards the culture that was around at the founding of the site.
the people who dislike the culture at the time of founding have been explicit about their dislike and have explained why they dislike it, it may help if you explain why you disagree instead of just saying that you do

you posted about stifling creativity and that sure would be a bad thing to do but i still don't understand how exactly the things you are concerned about lead to stifling creativity
No. 130505 ID: 9876c4

I'll accept that, though the date of those reforms seems to wildly fluctuate.
No. 130506 ID: 5fc3a0

You also need to report posts that you have issues with. That linked post is very clearly a joke post (and to be very clear, not posted by me!! https://tgchan.org/wiki/NotDog), nothing being done about an unreported joke is not a big deal.
No. 130507 ID: eb1fcc

see some of these responses:

and many more of similarly varying levels of civility throughout the thread, this is a long one and I don't feel like cherry-picking every single anti-chan culture comment here.

While I agree that distancing us from some of the *chan discourse is good for both civility and bringing in new users, we're also built on a certain measure of shitposty "degeneracy" that originates from this same culture and some of that has to be maintained for the content to remain tgchan's unique flavor (that being vaguely savory with a hint of fur and weird spices.)

But concerns about these potential changes are, essentially, getting glossed over or swept under the rug because people believe distance from these folks will necessarily breathe life into the site anew.

I, and many people in this thread, don't believe this is the case.
No. 130510 ID: 465a14

If you agree that the name change is likely to bring in new users then the remaining issue seems to be possible censorship of "degenerate" quests. Considering how many modern quests heavily feature unusual sexual elements like Kaktus or Cirr's works, or quests that do a good job handling very unusual perspectives like TVRN or ringor mortis' works, or even just the overall board culture still being very distinct from mainstream sites, I don't see any cause for concern on that specific front.

Moreover, even if we accept that the anti-chan sentiment you're concerned about is going to ruin tgchan's board culture, I don't see how preventing a name change would stop it. The name of the site being tgchan doesn't stop staff from implementing whatever policies they would like. Even with the given premise I don't understand why you're specifically worried about the name change.
No. 130512 ID: 04c67a

I don't believe that tolerating blatant bullshit but also insisting on civil treatment for the bullshitters is a good idea, but I'm not making the rules. If you want to give propagandists and trolls who deliberately insult the intelligence of everyone who isn't them a shield to hide behind, that's your decision.

More obvious bullshit. Amazing how those concerned citizens who are all about muh imageboard culture suddenly start crying about "prejudice" when they are judged for being associated with the culture they ostensibly want to represent. You really think everyone but you is stupid, do you?

The core of imageboard culture is basically anarchy. That's a double-edged sword and anyone who accepts imageboard culture understands that. The price of freedom and honesty is that assholes are not silenced.

Whining about outsiders treating you "unfairly" because they don't want to deal with assholes running free (and thus avoid your community) is hypocritical, and I'm sure you know that.

Not every site that isn't an imageboard will censor itself over some angry newcomers; see AO3.
No. 130514 ID: 4854ef


Why did you even grab my post for such an example. I was asking a general question for why they remained if they felt so strongly about it beforehand and now I'm a propagandist.. What? Just.. What?
No. 130515 ID: b970b2

You know it'd be a lot easier to understand whatever you're going on able if you stopped with dismissing things as "obvious bullshit" and started explaining things, cause I have zero clue as to whatever you're going on about.

How is this connected to website names anyway?
No. 130517 ID: 04c67a

>You know it'd be a lot easier to understand whatever you're going on able if you stopped with dismissing things as "obvious bullshit" and started explaining things, cause I have zero clue as to whatever you're going on about.
4chan has never had a good reputation. Before /pol/ became its face, it was /b/. 4chan used to be "that site full of nasty trolls who got banned from normal forums".
That reputation is entirely deserved, as is obvious to anyone who has actually been to 4chan for a while. Yes, even in the "good old days".

The good parts of imageboard culture require you to weather the storm. You will encounter trolls, weirdoes and assholes. That has always been the case. Generally, people who don't want to have to deal with the troll horde to get to the gold can, should, and do choose to avoid imageboards.

The obvious bullshit I'm talking about is people acting as if imageboard culture and the association with it doesn't scare off people, and acting as if people being scared off by it are "prejudiced", "treating the community unfairly", or other such hypocritical whining.

Imageboard culture being difficult to access is a FACT. Imageboards frequently take pride in that. When outsiders are scared away by the chan reputation, that means it is working as intended.
Re-framing these facts as some sort of evil bias akin to persecution is bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

Concerned citizens crying about normies just not wanting to give imageboards a "fair chance" because they're "prejudiced" are crying crocodile tears, and I refuse to believe they're not aware of what they're doing.
No. 130518 ID: eb1fcc

I don't want to see the board awash with dipshits again like what happened when Fractal's tumblr cult first arrived.

catering to 4chan's need to be an anti-pc offensive dickhole to the extreme will bring dipshits.

catering to twitter's pc hugbox bullying will bring dipshits.

make the only not retarded decision, ban people for personal attacks and actual racism shit instead of politics and how they talk.

also, thatquestsite and questden are both awful names, hard no from me.

(This user has been banned for personal attacks.)
No. 130520 ID: 3d1dd5

This thread has served its purpose of generating ideas for a new name for tgchan and is rapidly degenerating into the third coming of the Big Dumb Arguments thread, so that's all folks.

Be good to each other!
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