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File 150311671186.jpg - (183.76KB , 1200x1200 , 40ozPatch.jpg )
114582 No. 114582 ID: 9876c4

Because I am in always in danger of too much of a positive outlook*,
I've decided to post in remembrance of some quests that were too pure for this world.

Some died ignobly before they hit their stride, others just couldn't sustain their greatness.
All are currently housed in the Graveyard tab right now.
* That's a joke, son

Tit's Quest
>Doomed by factors beyond it's control, appropriately locked in an escape from Hell itself

A Tale of Two Worlds
>Gate without boob jokes (so far), you rewarded us for diplomacy, and had a cast too large for me to remember.
>The elves didn't even get a chance to ruin everything, unless they went very meta.

Hammer Imp (and Origins)
> Just a dynamo of zany interactivity and animation, as insane protagonists go, yours was a diamond in the rough.

> With a crazy amount of effort per update, including multiple brightly colored panels, this one was clearly defying gravity.
>It was great cartoony fun while it lasted!

1/2, more to come in next update.
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No. 114583 ID: 9876c4
File 150311825309.gif - (756.85KB , 500x333 , 40falls.gif )

And a few more:

Staycation Spectra
>You were good, kid. We'll never know if you were more Zootopia or Eyes Wide Shut.

Apocolypse World
>Despite the early clusterfock, still the best attempt. Travels of an emerging Rasputin, fighting corruption with his mutant brain.

Little t Adventures
>I was late getting into this one. Went whole cloth creating a truly unique universe. You will be missed!

The Legend of House Tamarin
> big. full color updates, an emerging world and customizable backstories. Solving problems the Adventurer way. Also bugs the size of dobermans.

2/2 Who agrees or disagrees? What did I miss? I've tried to focus on a few exemplary attempts that dared to be different, but this thread is for participation, too. Tell us what quests you miss, and why. Even if I hated them, I encourage you all to get the conversation going!
No. 114584 ID: 7fad5d

RIP FIND CRAB, too pure for this world
No. 114587 ID: 8f6d47


yeah don't even put my quest in you cocksucker it was only the greatest thing on this earth shit realm
No. 114588 ID: ba56e6

RIP Black Company
No. 114595 ID: ff40e2

Rendamel was good, clean fun. The good die young it seems.

Zeeke Quest had goblin boobs. GOBLIN BOOBS! And yet it died.

Also where is Conspiracy of Wasps? Did its own Singularity ate its existence up?
No. 114596 ID: 3ce125

RIP Wholesome Quest. Ring was interesting to talk to and I was looking forward to seeing how the quest was going to remain wholesome despite what she was planning to do next. Maybe the bandits were gay...?

RIP Story Time. I really liked the art style and Mirage was an adorable goof of a dragon.

RIP Lost In An Art Gallery. The puzzles were cool, and the overall concept was new.

RIP Reformation. It's one of the few tactical battle quests which had a battle system that never got boring. The plot was very interesting too.

RIP Panic Galaxy. It had a mysterious, engaging overarching plotline and a cute art style. The characters were likeable and I feel like the freelancing missions were done just right.

RIP Word Witch. What a unique spellcasting system.

RIP The Icon. Probably the best base management quest we've ever had.

RIP Neo Sex Mall. Bitequest really had a way with words.

RIP Tiffany the Necromancer. The moody artstyle worked perfectly with the subject matter, and bravely dancing around the bladed edges of the dark arts was great for drama.

RIP Dovahkitty. Out of all the elder scrolls themed quests, this one was the best. We totally could've taken that dragon, realistic damage be damned.

I could go on and on and on. So many good quests in the graveyard...
No. 114603 ID: af6e04
File 150313004181.gif - (10.53KB , 400x300 , kissofdeath.gif )

>Hammer Imp (and Origins)
No. 114612 ID: 9876c4

There's something in my eye.
No. 114618 ID: 5bcb58

Timberland High
Staycation Spectra
everything from LonelyWorld
Sports Drink with Electrolytes
little t adventure
Island of Onigashima
Hammer Imp
Sombermanns dead quests
Old Tower Quest
Slavery quest
club quest
Mouse and his quests
Panic Galaxy
gnoll and his quests
Jukashi in general
all fractals dead quests
all broken halos dead quests (especially big shit goes down in space)
Dolx Quest
Quoll Quest
Fucking ClockworkSeal man
Orions quests
Every Single one of RMLs dead quests
Wholesome Quest
Cutebold Slaughter Fest
Sifony quest
Trout , just Trout
Any quest with tozols
Flesh Tenants
Whisper's Ascent

I remember all of this and it makes me cry.
No. 114621 ID: f8f9ea

Whee, let's bring up a few more.

It was inevitably going to spiral out of control but MAKE was pretty neat.

Imitation Glass Flowers had robots so I had to like it.

Remember Skyking? It had a baby dragon in it. Also orphans. And griffons.
No. 114624 ID: af6e04

I miss Rag Girl and Phillip Dollarfield Doesn't Care About Saving the Princess.
No. 114631 ID: 8a251a

good news for you, maybequest is currently in the process of being prepped for updating again and with any luck should be ready to go next weekend (don't hold me to that tho i just got done w/ two brain surgeries)
No. 114637 ID: 79756e

So many good quests, so many casualties.
I'd like to say that the kind of quests that I enjoy the most are NSFW quests. Because I'm an adult. But I'm not gonna list any here because, I think that instead of mourning, it's better to pay homage to them by creating something interesting.

For instance, a few months ago I decided I wanted to pay my respects, so I made a music video from all the NSFW quests plus some of my favorites:
Yes, the video is highly NSFW heh.
No. 114653 ID: 050dab

Ah fuck, you reminded me of Loretta.
Loretta Loretta Loretta.

That and Katherine Quest (although it was finished) was part of the inspirations for Ouroboros.
No. 114680 ID: 113730

>RIP Dovahkitty. Out of all the elder scrolls themed quests, this one was the best. We totally could've taken that dragon, realistic damage be damned.

Aw man thank you. Its especially impressive considrrin i was drunk the whole damn time i was doing it =_=

..been toying wih bringing it back but dont get tio excited..
No. 115053 ID: 12aed4
File 150426778317.png - (36.52KB , 377x657 , 127434185233.png )

No. 115056 ID: 9b8c8d

RIP Panty Raid. Great art, great porn, good characters and an entirely fine story. Nothing real to complain about, yet it just couldn't last.
No. 115129 ID: 67d5dc

Well jeez, I'll have to go resurrect my quests and continue at least until they make lists like this.

I had a baby dragon too! It was also a spider! Then some jerk quester asked me what sonar looked like and I got scared.

I'd nominate some of Idiom Alpha's quests, but she keeps coming back to them.
Which is awesome.

I miss Monomyth, in which our race of fae had just started to diplomat at some humans.
No. 115130 ID: 5b93d3

In no particular order:
- Abducted (Chairs ARE important)
- Oblitus (Eldritch god & fungus wife)
- Breaking Reality (must protect precious daughteru)
No. 115154 ID: 12aed4

I do quit like you wiki page.
No. 115955 ID: 9876c4

Also missing The Edge Of Blade.
You had it all- Good art, Mexican superheroes, gratuitous pancake infusions and butt modeling.

Vaya con carne!
No. 119897 ID: 9876c4

Rest well, Dorf Odyssey.
I wasn't sure what to do, and it killed you.
No. 123063 ID: c563ce

Now lets take a death tally ans see how many (Qusets I liked) we've lost since last time?
The Zot Nebula
Kaed why please come back
Good old typo with SECOND ASCENT OF EKWI IRREPAUMAL and Breeder Quest before he left again
the return and then subsequent pissing off of Sports drink : Big Iron, CRAWLER
Jukashi back but briefly with Dragon Boner
Bunny's Inferno Escape
Gnoll for like three seconds with Urban Expiration
Ash Quest
Stupid sexy Indonesian Gentleman
That thing with Lynd but she was a slime and it didn't have a name and nothing was explained and then it died
Bimbo Quest, I guess
Holyshit guys it's Troutsworth with Kobold Adventure! Aaaaand he's gone!
No. 123070 ID: d2e2ce

Don't forget Jukashi doing Easter Fools' for literally one day
No. 123118 ID: 6f3bdf

Just popping by to say I'm still alive (there will be cake), it's just that I've been diverting the majority of my focus towards trying to make a game these past months. So that, coupled with trying to refresh myself after too many art and idea blocks led to an impromptu long hiatus.
I'm hoping that I'll continue to quest here with you guys sometime after July, I've been hoarding ideas for the rat's nest that is Ouroboros Parable (maybe a bit of short side quest), and hopefully continue Bord Quest until the first thread's done.
Can't wait until I can thaw all dat quest!
And remember your task, Baxter.
No. 123123 ID: 9876c4

I'm glad things to hear you've got other projects in the mix.

Your stuff is good, and well worth waiting for!
No. 123201 ID: 395c02

I'll give a mention to the old Mudy Quest.

Despite the ...interesting directions it began going in, I remember being super hooked on its plot and characters... and then it stopped.

The disappointment I felt was so strong that it was a major factor in my desire to ensure I never put someone else through the same thing.

So it's thanks to Mudy quest that I get to do the following:

--List of Abandoned Slinko Quests over a 9 year period--
No. 123206 ID: de6d84

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