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File 148309725619.jpg - (4.85MB , 1748x2480 , Discussion thread 1.jpg )
107070 No. 107070 ID: 23060e

Here you can ask me theauthor about anything connected to the quest and I will answer it as soon as possible
Expand all images
No. 107072 ID: 3583d1

Allllllrighty then! So time to dump up some fan art. Because songs also seem to be a thing, I'll link a song that I always associate with the character
No. 107073 ID: 3583d1
File 148309868489.jpg - (1.81MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_2977.jpg )

I'll go in order of appearance:

First up was my first one, Ana that I posted on the main quest
No. 107074 ID: 3583d1
File 148309882205.jpg - (1.88MB , 2729x3583 , IMG_3040.jpg )

Next is our sad suicidal child of leaves, Daniel
No. 107075 ID: 3583d1
File 148309892919.jpg - (2.48MB , 3004x3671 , IMG_3034.jpg )

Our villain ladies and gentlemen, The Root of Ash
No. 107076 ID: 3583d1
File 148309904150.jpg - (2.52MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_2985.jpg )

One of my personal favorites, our late but not forgotten Viking, Derrick (and I don't think we've seen the last of him)
No. 107077 ID: 3583d1
File 148309916016.jpg - (2.52MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3025.jpg )

Our friendly but sometimes unwanted ghost companion, Casper
No. 107079 ID: 3583d1
File 148309937322.jpg - (2.17MB , 3021x3530 , IMG_2984.jpg )

Our favorite bomb buddy best friend FBI agent, Laura
No. 107080 ID: 3583d1
File 148309951612.jpg - (2.07MB , 2995x3293 , IMG_2983.jpg )

Our reformed cultist turned life saving friend, 1993
No. 107081 ID: 3583d1
File 148309968570.jpg - (2.41MB , 2930x3802 , IMG_3033.jpg )

We all love to hate her, and we broke her for it, Clara
No. 107082 ID: 23060e

Your awesome art puts my shitty art to shame
No. 107083 ID: 3583d1
File 148309981189.jpg - (2.20MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3026.jpg )

Our new guide and astral projection cool cat, Wild Cat which was actually made part of the real quest too which was pretty awesome.
No. 107084 ID: 3583d1
File 148309997518.jpg - (1.98MB , 2980x3290 , IMG_3035.jpg )

The hunteress who wants our ass 6 feet under, Rosalia
No. 107085 ID: 3583d1
File 148310019511.jpg - (1.94MB , 2561x3382 , IMG_3041.jpg )

And finally he's only been mentioned in passing so far so this can be only really be considered fan interpretation more than anything (plus I'm worried I made him look a bit too edgy anime pretty boyish)

Our possible love interest and also possible enemy cultist, Logan.
No. 107086 ID: 3583d1

So now that that out of the way, how close did I get too what you had in mind? I was especially worried about the characters with masks like Root and Casper.
Also any particular favorites?
And lastly any part of the quest you really liked doing or a suggestion someone put up that you liked? Anything you didn't?
No. 107089 ID: 23060e

I must admit that I would never have such a dedicated fan when I started this quest. Also this is my first quest that I have ever wrote. How is it turning out
No. 107090 ID: 3583d1

Honestly I thought the only major slip up was with the whole "rape" debacle where everyone lost their damn minds but other than that I'm enjoying it a lot! And for the record your art isn't shitty, it's inspired me to do all this, a lot worse has been on the board and done well, your doing just fine.
No. 107091 ID: 23060e

I really love how 93 has ended up. When I see her all I think is Peridot from Steven Universe
No. 107093 ID: 3583d1

Ha! Yeah I can see that. Trying to find a way to do her hair was the toughest part
No. 107094 ID: 23060e

Yeah I must admit that part wasn't my best moment and to be honest if I could turn back time I would have changed it
No. 107095 ID: 23060e

As for the rest of them they all look as close as I imagine them. especially the ones without them mask. Also I have a bad new the majority of the character will have masks in this story
No. 107096 ID: 23060e

I listened to all the music of all characters and the best one was for the Casper, hands down
No. 107097 ID: 23060e

And this is how I would describe this day
No. 107099 ID: 3583d1

Yeah, le Mis, French Revolution and people singing about being free, it fit almost too perfectly
No. 107100 ID: 3583d1

And that's okay, that just means more fan interpretation of what they might look like, which I love to do to.
No. 107104 ID: 23060e

One thing that I want to ask you, do you have a deviantart account. I would really like to see your other work if you have them
No. 107105 ID: 23060e

Also soon I will start with the preview of the second chapter
No. 107106 ID: 3583d1

Nope sorry, I don't.
No. 107107 ID: 23060e

oh ok
No. 107111 ID: aac44d

Awesome, can't wait for the sneak peak. Out of curiosity what would you say started this quest anyway?
No. 107115 ID: 23060e

Well there are three things that are my main inspiration for starting this quest. First one is tgWeaver and his awesome Ruby quest that was the first quest that I ever read. After that I continued with his equally awesome Nan quest. That story made my summer a memorable one. This summer I was reading the DiveQuest and it was never finished. But still thanks to that author I got interested in writing this kind of stories.
Warning all this videos are spoilers for Ruby quest and Nan quest
No. 107116 ID: aac44d

I've read them all and participated in them too, Weaver is the man.
No. 107117 ID: 23060e

Second inspiration was from one creepy old video on youtube, that is were I got the name of the tree and a idea how trees can be really scary
Also I love this video from the same person
It is so eerie and wrong
No. 107118 ID: 23060e

Last inspiration was from the stories about Slenderman and his proxies. I always found them fascinating, how none of them looked the same and they were all unique in there own way.
This video I choose only for the music
No. 107120 ID: aac44d

I see, and yeah those videos were pretty creepy, but I like creepy stuff like that. So my other question is how did you come up with the mask design? Did you just play around with designs until you found one you liked?
No. 107121 ID: 23060e

Yeah, Weaver is the an awesome story writer and it moves my heart that one of his readers has been captivated by my sub par work
No. 107124 ID: aac44d

Hey don't sell yourself short man, everyone deserves to have their story told.
No. 107126 ID: aac44d

No. 107127 ID: 23060e
File 148314523650.jpg - (222.32KB , 919x1769 , slika33b.jpg )

No way you also watch Extra Credits.
As for that cult symbol this is how I have created it. Well that is kinda funny story. It was a error that occurred when one my old sketch I wanted to modify it from the Photoshop to illustrator. It didn't turn out as I expected. It looked like this
No. 107128 ID: 23060e
File 148314579820.jpg - (1.01MB , 3508x2778 , The maskks.jpg )

That funny symbol at the top of that picture looked interesting to me. Like some abstract face. I worked it out some sketches and made a different version of that symbol and I really liked how it looked
No. 107129 ID: 3583d1

Looks like a Rorschach, but still that's pretty awesome. Actually I was going to say, one thing that I love is your design for Absolution and , that kind of fractal like design I completely love. I've tried stuff like that before but I don't feel i've gotten in down. However given your other work with abstract character design I can't say i'm too surprised
No. 107130 ID: 23060e

Well originally it was just one of my regular drawings but when I turn pixels into vectors the picture become something like a Rorschach test
No. 107131 ID: 23060e

Also tomorrow I will start the preview for chapter 2, get ready for a party
No. 107132 ID: 23060e

No. 107133 ID: aac44d

No. 107134 ID: 23060e

No. 107162 ID: aac44d

Alright so here's a question that has been kicked around in my head for a while. What nationality is everyone? So far I've just been considering it america in some big city I've also been considering other places like london would work as well. 93 has been especially puzzling because I can't figure out what country she came from that still does labor like that (unless it was an illegal factory she was working at) so far my best guess was either Russia or South Africa
No. 107163 ID: 23060e

Hmmm to be honest I wasn't thinking about that while writing. Only thing that I was considering was the nationality of Root when someone said his name which sound like a slav name. As for 93 I wanted it to be ambiguous as to which country she comes from
No. 107164 ID: aac44d

Actually that brings up another point that I was curious about what do you think of people giving names and backstories to you characters before you do? I've notice a couple examples like Root and Laura's name as well as 93 who had a French name before you changed it. Some of them were interesting, like Roots backstory with being severely handicapped before becoming this all powerful guy, but usually I've always thought of it as a kind of "here's an idea you may take it or leave it" kind of deal.
No. 107166 ID: 23060e

Well the thing about that. I was expecting people to start doing that the moment when I revealed that you are a future version of the same person. Actually when people do that I see it like they are role playing in this story and yes my attitude toward it is like take it or leave it. Most of the characters will have more titles instead of names for that reason. For example Logan was the character that the readers created, he wasn't originally in the story but now he will appear soon and that is what I like about writing this story it is more like playing chess. You have to anticipate what the readers want to do and the readers want to figure out what I want to do.
No. 107176 ID: 23060e
File 148328678244.jpg - (720.49KB , 1360x2446 , Discussion thread 2.jpg )

No. 107177 ID: aac44d

Heeeeeey Roooooottyyyyyy

Guess what? I wrote a song for you...
No. 107178 ID: aac44d

Whop-bop- aloo-op Ah-whop-bam-boom

Tooty Fruity! Oh Rooty! Tooty Fruity! Oh Rooty! Tooty Fruity! Oh Rooty! Tooty Fruity! Oh Rooty!

Whop-bop- aloo-op Ah-whop-bam-boom

There's a girl, named Ana
Drives me all bananas
There's a girl, named Ana
Drives me all bananas
I want to kill her, yes indeed, but killing this girl is killing me!

Tooty Fruity! Oh Rooty! Tooty Fruity! Oh Rooty! Tooty Fruity! Oh Rooty! Tooty Fruity! Oh Rooty!

Whop-bop- aloo-op Ah-whop-bam-boom

Gotta girl named Lilah
Really makes me wild!
Gotta girl named Lilah
Really makes me wild!
Smokes to the east, smokes the west
I'd love her again but that's incest!

Tooty Fruity! Oh Rooty! Tooty Fruity! Oh Rooty! Tooty Fruity! Oh Rooty! Tooty Fruity! Oh Rooty!
No. 107180 ID: 23060e
File 148330458952.jpg - (238.46KB , 1090x792 , Discussion thread 3.jpg )

shocking reveal he was a dickhead all along
No. 107184 ID: 91ee5f

What makes this even more funny is the fact that his head really does look like a dick, which makes him a literal dickhead! XD
No. 107188 ID: 23060e

No. 107223 ID: 3583d1
File 148334914656.jpg - (2.63MB , 2920x3969 , IMG_3050.jpg )

Our newest friend, the trippy hippy "heir" to the brothers cult, Delilah.
No. 107224 ID: 3583d1

To her brother's*
No. 107225 ID: 3583d1

I have the doctor almost ready to go, but I want to learn their real names before I post them, I don't think "Dr. Deadbeat" or "Spaceman" is his real name.
No. 107228 ID: 23060e

An awesome art as always
Also I have a couple of questions to ask you
Did you see the answer that I sent you to from my yahoo mail?
Aslo do you know how to improve this internet page
I have seen from others quest givers that this kind of page can be used to show all the characters and to display all the fan art
No. 107229 ID: 23060e

I am a complete noob we it comes to the using this site.
No. 107230 ID: 9145ba

To edit your wiki page, create an account on the wiki and sign in, and an Edit Page button will be made available to you at the top of the article. Then you just have to format your text so it looks nice. Personally, I just copy/paste the formatting from other articles that have what I want, but it's a very simple format to grasp.

>using the email field on an imageboard
Just so you know, including your email on posts is very optional.
No. 107231 ID: 23060e

thanks for the info
No. 107241 ID: 3583d1

I sadly did not see any reply in my own email box, I'm not sure what happened
No. 107243 ID: 23060e

Well I will just answer your question here, you can find me on the facebook if you type in Boris Čalija
No. 107247 ID: 3583d1
File 148338850760.jpg - (1.91MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3052.jpg )

The deadbeat, the spaceman, the cults punching bag for insults, Dr. Lester
No. 107248 ID: 3583d1

And I did find a Boris Calija, idk if it's you though, is your profile pic you feeding a pidgeon?
No. 107249 ID: 23060e

Well did you see the picture for the root and branches discussion it is the model for that drawing was picture. Also awesome drawing did you watch Science gate by any chance
No. 107251 ID: 3583d1

Can't say I ever have seen but after looking it up he does kind of look like one of the characters.

And no I didn't see it on your FB, if it is you. Maybe it's only available to friends? Idk
No. 107307 ID: 3583d1
File 148343924470.jpg - (2.69MB , 3024x4032 , IMG_3053.jpg )

A bodyguard, a monster, a nightmare made flesh, Stitch.
No. 107309 ID: 23060e

Sorry I don't want to be rude buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.......
No. 107311 ID: 23060e

Sorry I don't want to be rude buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.......
No. 107316 ID: 3583d1

No offense taken, I designed him to be creepy as fuck...8 guess I succeeded. Also funny enough the song I linked was written about one of the band mates who is a really quiet and kinda creepy guy, and even equate him to a real life Michael Myers
No. 107317 ID: 23060e

When you used the word bodyguard Michael Myers is usually the first thing that comes to my mind and yes he looks awesome in a creepy way
No. 107318 ID: 3583d1

lol I can just imagine him just hulking into room clear of the fog with some of the cult members and them starting to take their masks off to wash up or something and seeing Stitch about to take his and just going
"DONT DO THAT... just uh... just keep it on for now... w-we cool?"

And he just doesn't say a damn thing.
No. 107321 ID: 23060e
File 148347383923.jpg - (397.64KB , 1652x1208 , Discussion thread 4.jpg )

Also bonus question what cards do you think the cult members are playing
No. 107323 ID: 3583d1

No. 107324 ID: 23060e

The are playing cards against humanity
No. 107325 ID: 23060e

sorry for a bad pun i couldn't resist
No. 107326 ID: 5f31bd

No. 107343 ID: 5f31bd

"Alright then next black card... 'when you get down to it, blank is really just blank. Alrigh Rob, 'when you get down to it god really is just a tiny horse.' Ha! Not bad. Avery? 'When you get down to it necrophilia is really just poor life choices.' OHHH! Good one! Gary? 'When you get down to it, the rapture really is just some goddamned peace and quiet!' AW SHIT! That's also good! And Stitch... 'When you get down to it a Ferris wheel rolling towards the sea really is just. A windmill full of corpses....' AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! STICH WINS!!!!"
No. 107344 ID: 23060e


No. 107345 ID: 23060e

And the funny thing about this all is, how accurate to the lore of this world this really is
No. 107347 ID: 5f31bd

The even funnier thing is that those are all real cards from the game and some actual combos that I've seen
No. 107348 ID: 23060e

Also I have some questions to ask you
No. 107351 ID: 5f31bd

Lay em on me
No. 107352 ID: 23060e

First question am I uploading too quickly and not giving enough time for more readers to answer
No. 107353 ID: 5f31bd

I don't think so, personally I like the fast updates. Especially when compared to how most other quests update at a snails pace your speed is pretty good! But that's just the opinion of one man.
No. 107354 ID: 23060e

I just get too excited when I see one answer, I already started writing when I see it
No. 107355 ID: 23060e

Second question what do you think about the music implementation. I saw that when I was reading an awesome comic on a deviantart and it used the music in a similar way. What I want to ask is it a distraction or does it help with the atmosphere. Is it a gimmick or is it an addition. Is it help or a hindrance
No. 107356 ID: 5f31bd

Idk, I think it can be fun and add to the atmosphere provided that the song fits whatever mood you are trying to st. Also sometimes the mood can stay with one song like you don't have to link a song every time, one song can work with multiple scenes I've found, provided it works with both.
No. 107357 ID: 5f31bd

Try to set*
No. 107359 ID: 5f31bd

Also one piece of advice I was going to give, if you want a scripted event to happen declare it as a cutscene, and have suggestions be something like a commentary rather than an action. Try not to do it too often or frequently though or people may feel railroaded, I'd say limit one per chapter/and or thread and keep it short.
No. 107360 ID: 23060e

Can you give me some kind of an example where in my story that tactic could have been used
No. 107362 ID: 23060e

Also last question, what is your overall feeling toward this quest and what can I do to improve it in any way
No. 107363 ID: 23060e

Also last question, what is your overall feeling toward this quest and what can I do to improve it in any way
No. 107365 ID: 5f31bd

Alright so in weavers divequest, near the opening of every quest Weaver sets the scene with 1-2 pictures in which he disregards any suggestions very briefly to set the scene and establish a goal. And you did this as well by at the very opening of R&B a few pictures to set the tone and rules and then it's on with the story.
As for am I enjoying it, yes I am. The spelling can sometimes need some work, sorry. But I as long as I understand what you mean to say it's a minor thing. But me and my fiancé are enjoying it a lot (she only reads she doesn't actually partake in actions)
No. 107369 ID: 23060e

About the spelling mistakes, I am very embarrassed from them. I try to minimize the number of them. This is an one man's team and sometimes is hurry and try to finish it as soon as possible and then mistakes happen. I write everything in google translate, then I put it on my page
No. 107370 ID: 5f31bd

Understandable, I kind of figured English may not be your first language.
No. 107371 ID: 23060e

I always know how to speak, but writing was another thing for me
No. 107383 ID: 3583d1

Hey man! So I said over FB that I would so my b-day request once I got home so maybe just draw me and Ana having a toast with some tankards of ale or something kind of modern day Viking-ish. Thanks again man, it was super cool of you to offer
No. 107385 ID: 3583d1

Also fun question, but when you write for character's dialogue what voices to you hear?
No. 107407 ID: 23060e
File 148355283677.jpg - (760.12KB , 1833x1302 , Discussion thread 5.jpg )

No. 107408 ID: 23060e

As for the voices that I imagine for them to have. Well usually I just think of my voice but in a different volume for different characters.
No. 107409 ID: 3583d1

Badass, Skoal my friend! And I may have to make up my own headcanon list of what I think everyone sounds like
No. 107412 ID: 23060e

Glad you liked it
No. 107485 ID: 3583d1

Poor Lester... He has a chance at either a possibly abusive relationship where he may think he is happy, but he'll be hurt more, or possibly a good relationship in which he may think he's miserable but he has a chance at real happiness... This hits home to me harder than you realize..
No. 107494 ID: f62389

Man, Lester just gets shit on no matter what doesn't he?
No. 107496 ID: 23060e

At this point it is a running gag
No. 107564 ID: 64e08b

It's a very interesting how the Demon and Root work off one another. It reminds me of a line from a book, American Gods
"he was me, but I am not him."
No. 107565 ID: 23060e

Yeah I wanted this to be a distrusting relationship. Everyone having their own agenda and their own goals. Also I have one question
No. 107566 ID: 64e08b

Let's hear it
No. 107567 ID: 23060e

What is the benifit of having more threds. The second chapter will be on a new thread, that is what I wanted to know
No. 107568 ID: 64e08b

I think it's just an organization thing mostly, so we don't have to keep scrolling all the way to reach the next chapter. But I am not a quest author so I could be wrong. Like I said I think it's mostly just for organization and to keep the two separate so people don't think it's one whole chapter
No. 107570 ID: 23060e

Oh ok
No. 107760 ID: 4e9c99

So because we share a love of creepy stuff I figured I would share this with you. But have you ever heard ARGs? It stands for alternate reality game. Basically it's like questing but the actual story is taking place in the real world with the writers as the main character. If you think of them as a cross between a found footage movie, and a tg style quest I think you'll get the idea (marblehornets is an example of this as between the footage there are puzzles that viewers need to solve in order to progress the story). So often times these ARGs start with a weird video or creepy tape they play on YouTube. However the longest running one is called "The Wyoming Incident." I'll let you do your own research on it but this the video that is associated with it. Fair warning this is pretty creepy not exactly startling but it definitely unsettling and falls into that uncanny valley. But the reason I share this is I like to imagine the cult did something similar with the city they spread the fog to. As the fog rolled in, they hijacked the tv signals and began their own broadcasts which I imagine might have looked something like this... enjoy

No. 107786 ID: 23060e

Yeah that's some creepy shit. Also I was planning to do something creepy with the town . I want to show the sinister and creepy side of this cult even more
No. 107855 ID: 3583d1
File 148481175274.jpg - (833.25KB , 1972x2481 , IMG_3102.jpg )

Hey so I have a small confession, I'm actually the guy who was "the dreamwalker" or Morpheus as he is now known in the story (if that continues anyway). I had some free time at work and did that from my phone, I would have drawn out what I think Morpheus looked like but didn't have any chances to draw at the time. However I do now! Quick backstory on this guy and why I thought he made sense, see after seeing that video "illusion of bias" I thought of Dahlia for some reason, it just seemed to make sense. But the dream like quality of it made me think of dreams and what a god of dreams would be like. From there my mind just ran with it, Morpheus is the god of imagination, and Absolution is the one who makes only what can be imagination real. Your thoughts?

Also, I drew him based on my own interpretation, as well as some inspiration from the art piece I used (I tried to find something abstract like Absolution was). Plus I tried drawing in your style too. So here he is, Morpheus, Mr. sandman, the god of dreamspace and imagination
No. 107856 ID: 3583d1
File 148481182983.jpg - (1.32MB , 2685x3378 , IMG_3103.jpg )

Also I did an updated Ana, her face just radiates the look of pissed off. I like to think she is about to "Say my fucking name, bitch."
No. 107858 ID: 23060e

Ok first off, Morpheus looks awesome I can see the family resemblance. And you can bet that I will implement him in the story. If you can't tell I tend to do unpredictable things with what you readers recommend. Logan is part of the story now and you will see what I have planned for Morpheus. Spoiler alert it won't be anything with the red and blue pills
No. 107859 ID: 23060e

No. 107860 ID: 23060e

As for Ana, I think that this describes her perfectly

What is more appropriate
No. 107861 ID: 23060e

Also for the second act this kind of facial expression will fit perfectly

No. 107863 ID: 3583d1
File 148484161204.jpg - (92.59KB , 1024x768 , IMG_3104.jpg )

I think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1GIULg-RsU is the most iconic one, but I like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAlHPWEM57g more to be honest. Hey I forgot to ask, have you ever read The sandman comics by Neil Gaiman? I think they would be right up your alley. The main character who also happens to be a god of dreams so to speak has more than what I would say passing resemblance to a certain character in R&B. This is him.... now why does that look so familiar?
No. 107865 ID: 23060e

I read that comic. It is an awesome graffiti novel, the best depiction of death ever. As for my look of Andrew it was inspired by this picture. Just pause the video on the 9:28 and you will see
No. 107874 ID: 143250

Ah, Downfall. Have you played it's remake, and/or the cat lady?

Are there any other inspirations that is implemented to Root and branches?
No. 107879 ID: 23060e

does this answer your question
As for the other inspirations there is Ruby quest and Nan quest some creepypastas and a bit of the Lovecraft
No. 108359 ID: 064dd5

So I am curious if you knew about the story that was told to Root from his unnamed teacher. That story is a real story, kind of a combination of history and legend (which most legends are based on history) Vortigern was a real king or at least a warlord who called the Angle and Saxon tribes over to Britain to be his army and they did start to take over the island. The rest, about Emrys, that is actually part of the Arthurian legend, Emrys is a young Merlin, and in the story he did give excalibur to Uther so he could be king and end the wars (although he really just fucked everything up more). But I liked this one because I thought the parallel one could draw between that legend and certain characters in R&B were pretty similar in tone.
No. 108385 ID: 47be15

Well the unnamed teacher, was like the merlin that gave the knowledge to Root , which he turned into his twisted version of morality. Yeah the parallels are there and interesting observation
No. 108548 ID: 7cb4d2

I suddenly just had an idea of who we are following I meaningless ticking... Are we witnessing a Stitch Origin Story?
No. 108565 ID: 47be15

Who do you think that the mystery person is, I won't say if you are right or wrong, don't want to spoil the surprise. But I am curious to see your answer
No. 108570 ID: 853caa

I think this is right, I think we are witnessing a pretransformation Stitch, my biggest inficator is his hair is kind similar in the first picture to Stich. Both look like they wild and untamable mop of hair. It makes sense to me anyway, he goes to prison and while in there he slowly starts to lose his sanity and then he is free'd by Root and becomes a monster for him.
No. 108571 ID: 853caa

Plus they are both quiet, lost in their own minds and thoughts so that they scare others around them without even trying.
No. 108579 ID: 47be15

Interesting observation, you will just have to wait and see if that theory is correct. Also I must apologize. I was working on a new part and my pc just stopped working. It will it will take longer than expected to finish
No. 108609 ID: 064dd5

Here's a song you could use, for a theater/dream sequences. I like the idea of this being if Root and Ana ever did hook up and get together this is probably what their relationship would end up looking like
No. 108613 ID: 47be15

Interesting choice, but for Root it is fitting to use a more sister and twisted music. Something more like this
No. 108633 ID: 861db5

Here's a funny cult sing along song for you, I can totally see Root and his inner circle singing this.
No. 108638 ID: 47be15

This one also fit him when he is in a more peaceable mood
No. 108718 ID: 143250

Root certainly loves his string instruments, lol

What themes are you going for in your story? What I am getting out of it is the consequences of having control over people, and how control over others shows a lot about the morality of a person. That was one of the reasons why when Ana asked if we saw her as a puppet, I told her that she is free to not follow our suggestions if she feels it is wrong, only see our words as advice, and that from that point, we will not intentionally punish her for going against what we suggest her to do. I feel that if we have her make choices for herself, and not make the choices for her, she'll be able to accomplish lots of things with her own decisions.

I'm also interested in hearing what other people's thoughts on the themes in the Root and branches quest
No. 108725 ID: 915428

He really does

Well I like stories about people getting manipulated and doing things that they never were possible of doing. As for Root he is the person that on a fundamental level doesn't understand people, but his problem is that he thinks that he does. He believes that if he just gives the people what they want that they will do what he says. Humans don't work that way.
No. 108821 ID: e6eb4d

I almost get a Stephen king vibe from it in terms of setting and tone. Particularly his story of "The Stand." That story has a lot of similarities to R&B, good vs evil, a charaismatic cult leader, how control it is hard to maintain real power and control through fear, nightmares and dreams, and of course the end of the world.
No. 108827 ID: 52bd63

I almost forgot, found this song a while ago. Some of what the guy sings about really reminds me of Delilah and Root and their very... odd relationship. I think it works pretty well for her
No. 108850 ID: fe1fe4
File 148732304028.jpg - (112.76KB , 484x700 , IMG_3124.jpg )

Hey man, found this painting a while back. I love creepy stuff but something about it I found deeply unsettling. Just remembered it a while ago and thought you could draw some kind of inspiration from it. I did a bit of digging on the artist and her name is Leonora Carrington, and she kind of specializes in surrealist creepy paintings.
No. 108861 ID: 915428

looks abstract and weird, I like it
No. 108903 ID: 0fa5de

You know... I'm kind of glad we weren't allowed to make our own character in R&B. Because if we knew we were going up against cultists... this is probably what would have been made. It's very funny, but to a Quest Author/Game Master, this is the stuff of nightmares and frustration. I present to you for your reading pleasure, The Tale of Old Man Henderson.
No. 108908 ID: 915428

Well to be honest I was always preferred a story were the characters were created by the storyteller instead of the readers. I don't have anything against those kind of stories, it is just preferences. As for The Tale of Old Man Henderson it looks promising when I get a chance I will read it
No. 108945 ID: 143250

Plan of action: after we see the shopkeeper, the two survivors we met will probably be pretty far from us. We should at that point call them for 3 reasons: to test out our radios to see if there are any technical difficulties, suggest with them that we should have code names in case our radios get tracked by the cult (I have a code name idea for Ana), and to suggest the idea of radio silence in case one of us are sneaking around and don't need any noises from the radio.
No. 108948 ID: 0fa5de

Sounds good to me
No. 109002 ID: 143250

Ana seems to might have gained enough power to hear my suggestion even though it was in the discussion thread. She might have heard me indirectly though, as she contacted the survivors during our meeting with the shopkeeper, and not after. It's good that Ana is gaining power, but should we worry that she might be gaining too much power? Lets be careful.
No. 109011 ID: 22471c

Well it was more in the case that I the story writer overheard that conversation and just tossed that idea to her. It seem like a sensible thing to do in that moment to call her new informants
No. 109013 ID: 3583d1

Alright so I have some bad news, I am officially out of ideas on how to get Matilda out of this. I keep reviewing the facts and it seems like there is always some counter argument. I'm lost. Anyone else have and leads to go on?
No. 109014 ID: 22471c

Don't worry it will go step by step and it will have multiple choices answer. I will form it like a solving a multiple riddles which one by one will reveal the whole story
No. 109015 ID: 22471c

just give it a try, it'll be fun. Or you can always just admit defeat. The story will continue whether Mateld proves her innocence or if she fails in doing that
No. 109027 ID: 143250

If Matilda makes it out of this trial, I was thinking she should consider applying to become a defense attorney for others in the cult in case something like this happens again. They seem to be lacking one, and defending yourself in court without a defense attorney is often seen as a pretty dumb idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNCxvpJVpdY.

Also, I think I figured out the riddle in this part of the trial. I would have done it sooner, but I'm a pretty busy guy IRL.
No. 109028 ID: 22471c

You just give me an idea about a future story possibility
No. 109038 ID: 143250

When we are bartering with the shop keeper with our information, We shouldn't give him all the info we know about the cult, only a select few for now, and gradually reveal more things later on if we need to.
No. 109040 ID: 8138da

Of course! No one gives away EVERYTHING they have.
No. 109047 ID: 22471c

This part will test your haggling skills
No. 109093 ID: fe9b88

So I'm just completely lost here. Because what I don't understand now is what we are exactly missing and what is contradicting what. We know a ball hit Matilda's face and the only thing that I can figure is contradictory about it is that maybe girl didn't throw the ball? Matilda just turned and BAM! The other thing that I'm confused about is then if WC went to the window and saw the kids running away he would have seen Matilda on the ground crying as well. So for five minutes after that he had to have looked away again in order for a kidnapping story to be valid.
No. 109098 ID: 22471c

This is what I feared the most, people getting stuck. That is why I will nudge you in the right direction
No. 109101 ID: b2e14f

Ok so taking into consideration that the first floor is not the ground floor of this building:
A) trajectory of the ball, it had to have gone up very high if it cast a shadow in the room on the top floor. A little higher than the roof for example.
B)the speed of the ball, it had to have been going FAST. A regular rubber ball might bruise someone but to break a nose and to flying, it had to have been thrown very hard to to that
C) possibility of two balls, I'm at a bit of a loss on how this could work my best guess is one of them was dropped from the roof and landed nearby or that may have been the one the broke Matilda's nose.
D) direction of the ball, as stated, it had to have gone almost straight up but definitely at a slight angle to go past the window and cast a shadow
E) distance of the ball, here's another place where I'm stumped, because we never saw where the ball landed or where it could have gone after it flew past the window.

What can we infer so far?
No. 109102 ID: 22471c

You did mention the answer you are so close, you just have to focus on it
No. 109103 ID: 22471c

Also one person suggested to me to create the General Discussion, but what is the purpose of that thread
No. 109104 ID: 22471c

One last thing, which character from R&B can you can imagine to sing this song and to which character
No. 109150 ID: 064dd5

Okay well with that song it's definitely a bad girl singing that one, so definitely Delilah singing that one. To whom though? Idk my guess is it would have to be a "good girl" in the ranks. Only one I know of so far is 93 but I suppose I could also see her singing this to Matilda.
No. 109164 ID: 22471c

Stop reading my mind, it is not fair. That was the exact characters that I was thinking about Delilah and 93. Also I might thatart Street smarts short story
No. 109174 ID: b913ba

Please, if I could read minds Matilda would be out her predicament by now (I'm tempted to just post my guesses based on what I put here and see if that gets us anywhere. You said I had a correct answer in there so it should move along, hopefully). And I'm looking forward to Street Smarts.

Also, I have a nightmare for Clara.

She's in darkness. It feels like the floor is a sheet of metal. When suddenly a light opens in the darkness, and she sees Root, only something's different, he's tall, a giant actually. He reaches a giant hand into the darkness and grabbing her, pulls her out. She realizes she was in a giant tool box. Root carries her over to a giant slab of marble. He has a chisel in his other hand, and it's then she realizes what he intends to do. Using her as the hammer he beats the chisel with her face over and over, until what Ana did is her face again. But through one blurry eye, she can see what Root carved. Himself. She realizes she is nothing but a tool to his ambition. He brings her back bloody to the tool box and discards her inside, and she is again left in darkness. Someone comes for her and picks her up, lifts her into a chair. She looks like she is now. She can hear shuffling of feet but cannot see them. Then the figure she cannot see shuffles in front her, and flicks a lighter. it's Ana. And as she stares at Clara a dozen other little lights flicker on, her other selves all in a circle, all staring at her. But they aren't shouting, they don't even look angry, just sad and pitying. Slowly they all reach out an extended hand to Clara. Asking her to forgive them, and forgive herself. Does she?
No. 109190 ID: 22471c

You better hurry up with Matilda, there is a real life clock about that decision. As for the nightmare you know by now that I use all the things that you guy give me. Also what do you think who would sing this song in the story
No. 109192 ID: 272cf3

Well I put up my best guesses. Just have to roll the dice now and see if I did well.
No. 109196 ID: 22471c

don't worry you only need, is to belive in the heart of the cards
No. 109212 ID: 272cf3

Okay, if my final theory on that was right, in order to shut this case down, and prove these kids really are little asses I only need to know ONE thing. How did Matilda's ears feel after getting hit in the head?
No. 109213 ID: 22471c

The ears were ringing
No. 109214 ID: 272cf3

No. 109268 ID: 143250

Funny idea: if we fail to save Matilda, it would be interesting if we were to see her again, but only as a lost soul in the labyrinth city quest.

Not that we want her to die, of course.
No. 109269 ID: 272cf3

Hmm... what if we are playing as Root in that? Or at least a lost soul version of him? Fucked his own sister and women lusting after him so he looses his dick, tried to shape the world as he saw fit so he looses his hand, and poisoned others against each other and built his own empire on words and power so he lost his mouth.
No. 109284 ID: 22471c

I have a question for you if you do fail to win the case and she does die, do you think that she will deserve to end up there. As for the protagonist of the Labyrinth city to be Root would be interesting connection with those two stories and those two characters do have some similarities. But for spoilers sake I will not answer that question. I want my story to be like a unpredictable current I don't want you to know what is the next thing coming behind the corner
No. 109285 ID: 143250

She seems innocent enough, but we don't know much about her backstory to judge whether she deserves to go there or not just yet admittedly. We do have to consider though that she is still working under the evil cult. if she does end up in the labyrinth, she just might suffer a small punishment.
No. 109286 ID: 22471c

Well in that case do everything you can to prevent that from happening
No. 109309 ID: 3583d1

As to answer your previous question here and who would sing this. It's about a girl having enough with a dude who she was enamored with, but realizing that he is a monster and then trying to stop him...

A Clara rebellion song perhaps?
No. 109313 ID: 22471c

Interesting choice, to be honest I had a different scenario in mind but this can work as well. Do you think that Clara will rebel against Root?
No. 109320 ID: d8b9a6

I imagine she would if certain conditions were right. For one a healthy mental state, a healed up face, and her sister alive and already doubting Root's cause as well.

What scenario did you have in mind for the song?
No. 109323 ID: d8b9a6

This whole time I've tried to figure why the ball did fly in that direction because it's highly unlikely it bounced off Matilda's face and straight up. So my guess is they actually threw it up after it hit Matilda and they trying to get rid of any last bit of evidence. And also when WC sneezed he had his eyes closed so that could explain why he didn't see the shadow on it's way back down.
No. 109324 ID: 22471c

From the author
Look at it this way, from all the things that you recalled just replace one action with another and the pieces will fall into place
No. 109325 ID: 22471c

You can do this this is the final countdown
No. 109348 ID: fe1fe4

Damnit! I thought I was so fucking close with that one! When you said rearrange one of them that was the only way I could think of, it made sense too. But I guess not... alright there has to be some way to rearrange events will make sense
No. 109354 ID: 22471c

Good theory but unfortunately it wasn't the correct one
No. 109357 ID: 7cb4d2

So with the talk of a backstory I figure I'd put this here as well for some more ideas and stuff to go off of, this was posted in the last thread during the Quarto match so I figure there is something here that can give you some more ideas. Here you go!

"Oh, I see it now. It took a lot of digging to find you, but I see it now...


I saw it, the first you, a boy. Crippled, and broken in a wheelchair. Muscular Dystrophy, they said. Your body would continuously get weaker and weaker until you died. The doctors said you probably wouldn't live until the age of 20.
At first you were sad, but it quickly gave way to rage. Anger at how others treated you, anger at your teachers for assuming a cripple in a chair was a cripple in the mind as well. Anger at your parents for coddeling someone who never wanted to be coddeled. Anger at society for looking at you like a pariah. Anger at the hand that fate and dealt you.
And anger at yourself, for you had gifts no one could understand. You could see them, you could dream of them, and you could speak to them. All other versions of you. Some happy, some not. But all couldn't escape the prison cell that was your disability, you could never escape muscular dystrophy, you could never escape being a pariah. So you ran.
You ran as far as your wheelchair would carry you. Your parents looked for you but you didn't want their help, you wanted no one's help. You just continued to run, until your wheelchair could take you no further, away from the town who looked down upon you, away from the glares of others who could never understand your pain. And when your chair could go no farther, you crawled. You crawled through the dirt and the mud, you wanted to prove to everyone and yourself that you could make it, even without your legs, you could make it.
And as you crawled, you felt something, a calling. As if you your other selves where all screaming as one for you to find this calling. Somewhere, here in the middle of nowhere, and you found it, a tree. Black and withered but its branches reaching high into the sky. And at its base, near the roots. A fruit. You reached out and touched it. All the voices went silent at once, and you knew what to do. You bite into that forbidden fruit. You gained something, something you'd never felt before.



Your muscles no longer felt weak and on the verge of breaking, but new strength flooded into your once crippled body. You stood on your own legs. And more, you felt a rush of power unknown to you at the time through your whole body. And you knew things, things unknown to man for thousands, millions, of years. But now you knew them. You knew them, and you knew this old Ash Tree was its source. And you saw within it a being of more power than you could imagine, this was your god, your source of power. And you would raise it to heights beyond man kind's imagining.

You would be, The Root of Ash."
No. 109358 ID: 7cb4d2

Also, while on the topic of Matilda's trial, I know that the events assumed are wrong (option C) sorry you kind of gave that one away by telling me to to rearrange the events and the rest falls into place, but the only problem is I don't know what event needs to go where. The only thing that I've learned so far is that what we see and what we don't see really matter here.
No. 109359 ID: 143250

I thought up a backstory for the wheelchair bound kid, but I want to run it through the discussion thread and get input from the author if it fits well with the story of Roots and Branches. It's long, so feel free to condense, take things out of the story, add on or not use it at all, I don't mind, lol. If anyone else wants to send in a back story, I'd be interested in reading it

"As you know, before I was sent to the orphanage, I was involved in a serious accident that made me lose the ability of my legs. With the help of my real parents, and others around me I had to reluctantly adjust to my new life stuck in this chair. At first I was grateful for the help I was getting, felt loved by the attention, but soon I started feeling resentment at how people would think I wouldn't be able to do just about anything on my own, no matter how menial. I started having thoughts that maybe my parents, and others around me just saw me as a dead weight, and as someone who the only benefit I had was to make others feel better about themselves for helping someone less fortunate than they are. It was to the point where their helping became a hindrance on my pride, what little I had left.

It was when I was at my lowest point one night on a coast over the ocean contemplating the idea of suicide when I came across a man. Something about him was inviting, but at the same time, mysterious. When I saw him studying me and my actions closely, I initially thought that he was going to be like everyone else and pointlessly help me to boost his own ego. When I confronted him on this, he instead of trying to help me with pointless words about my life having meaning, gave me a choice to either end my life right there, or make myself useful for once, and help him with certain tasks.

At first the idea was insane to me. How can useless baggage like me help another person more physically able than I. But when I looked in his eyes, it struck me that he didn't see me as an invalid at all, he saw me as a person who can be good for something. It was the first time since my accident that I felt needed. I accepted his proposal to be his errand boy.

It started with small tasks on the streets like delivering packages to others, sending messages, and speaking on behalf of this person, even if I did not understand what the words coming out of my mouth had meant. I never asked questions, I was just happy that for once, I was useful. While I was still looked down by some people, I held on to the fact that I at least had someone who believed in me to get things done like any other person could.

Soon, I was spending less and less time at home, and more on the streets. My parents started getting suspicious of where I was heading out for such long periods of time, and would sometimes question why I had sneaked out late at night during my tasks. But I didn't care, I was finally away from people who only looked at me with pity, and with people who saw me as a helpful errand boy.

Then, The tasks this man was giving me started to get a little more sinister. He would ask me to do things I wasn't comfortable with, like delivering weapons, sending out threatening letters, and even risking my life to steal things for this person. At this point, I was afraid to ask questions, and also afraid that this man might do something bad if I decide to up and leave, and I thought that while these newer tasks were riskier, it in a way made me feel more useful for this person.

Somehow, my parents found out what I have been getting up to. I do not know how they figured it out, I assume they must have sent someone to spy on my actions. They had a long discussion with me, telling me not to associate with such a sketchy stranger, but in the end of the day, I had thought they were saying these things just to bring me back to my pointless helpless life, and decided to ignore their pleas.

A few weeks after pass, and the man had somehow discovered that my parents have found out what I've been up to. It was the first time I have ever made him angry, and I can tell you that his anger may have the potential to give you a heart attack from fear. While he was angered at my actions, he told me that as this was my first offense, he would let me off easy, but only on the condition that I kill my parents, and never come back to that life and stay with him.

I don't know if it was out of fear, or out of this newfound pride I had gained, or if there was something sinister in my mind, but I actually considered the man's proposal, and had accepted it. I decided to off them the next night while they were sleeping, but in the end, when I saw them peacefully asleep, embraced in love being together, I couldn't gain the will to do kill them. and decided to never go back to that life as his errand boy, and back to my pointless life hoping that if I never go back to that life, never speak about it, we would be left alone.

Unfortunately, when I got back from school the next day, I had found my parents dead in a pool of their own blood. I was absolutely traumatized, worried that this person might come for me next. from that point, I have never seen or heard from that man again. Afterwards, I was sent into an orphanage stuck with the thoughts that I had indirectly killed my parents, all for the selfish reason to have a life where I can be depended on."
No. 109360 ID: 7cb4d2

It's good and I like it, but the serious accident in this case I don't think would work. If he was born with Muscular Dystophy as in the last one it would be mean he was born with it. The way the disease works is it slowly withers your muscles until your entire body is too weak to live. So it kinda gives him that fear of death as Root always had, plus the feeling of being so weak and then regaining strength is pretty powerful interms of story and character development. Plus think of the sheer horror his adopted parents will go through when the see him again. First, all they knew was a small, very weak a crippled boy. Then by a word or some event he runs away. They search and searc for him, afraid for their boy, but to no avail. Then he returns, not as a boy but a monster.

Also, maybe am I right in assuming that the man who wheelchair Root saw was Andrew Goodwill? And also "meeting" him is a good way to put it to someone who doesn't understand powers like Ana and Root have, I thought that was clever. But if that's the case however, maybe this is the reason why there is so much tension between the two of them. At times they seem like old friends and at others they are at each other's throats. And if that's the case then ol' Andy has been with him from the start before he actually became The Root of Ash.
No. 109362 ID: 143250

I was going with the assumption that this kid wasn't Root, if it is though, we can go with Muscular Dystophy instead of the accident. Thats why I was keeping some things in the story vague as well.
No. 109369 ID: 22471c
File 148836127058.jpg - (338.77KB , 1604x1725 , Discussion thread 6.jpg )

No. 109370 ID: 143250

Sounds good to me. Thanks.

I will have to reread everything about Matilda's trial pretty carefully. the past week has been pretty busy for me, so I haven't been able to contribute as much as I wanted on that story. I'll reread into Matilda's story today and/or tomorrow before I give my answer for the trial.

Unrelated note: that thinking chair and outfit reminds me of Sir Raven: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qimBHg1Ch54
No. 109371 ID: 22471c

Ahhh that guy brings back memories
No. 109375 ID: 22471c

Also that episode was the inspiration for the possessed tricycle quest as well
No. 109376 ID: 143250

I thought this song might fit the backstory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASFFsXL2Iqg
No. 109387 ID: 22471c

That music fits perfectly
No. 109388 ID: d8b9a6

Alrighty, so this is me speculating again and putting it here so you don't have to consider this official unless I'm right, but if the friends were passing off the ball tonthe girl, from their position, then by your diagram they would have had to toss it over the car. It looks to me that they could have tossed it overhand and over the car and this is what WC saw through the window was the balloon going up as it was arcing over the car. But he sneezed so he never saw it fall back down for the girl to catch.
No. 109390 ID: 22471c

You sir are correct
No. 109397 ID: 64e08b

I have a question for WC, what is wrong with ananas on pizza? That stuff is delicious! Granted if that's the ONLY thing you have on it that's kind of gross, but that's why you need to counteract it with something, like Canadian bacon for example! That way you get the sweetness of Ananas and salty of the Canadian bacon, and then if you want to go a step further, add jalapeños and get some spicy flavors in there as well!
No. 109411 ID: 22471c

Something that is delicious to one person is revolting to another
No. 109413 ID: 143250

theory from the recent developments in Matilda's case: What if the reason why Root made Clara judge was because all this time, Root himself was actually a witness to the crime. Root might have known this whole time the series of events that had happened with Matilda and the kids, probably saw the kids sneak in the vehicle and saw this as a perfect opportunity to test his cult members: Clara's skills as a body double, and judge, Lorence and Luvia's skills as a prosecutor, and Matilda's skills to defend herself.

It would actually make sense as to why Root during his meeting with the children's father he asked him to take custody of his children out of nowhere: because he already took his children involuntarily in the first place, and wanted to convince their father so he wouldn't get in trouble in the long run.

Also should note: during Root's hug with Matilda, his eye bulged. It probably wasn't because he was getting weirded out by Matilda's response from getting hugged, but because at that moment, he saw the kids sneak into his trunk.

I think we need to call Root to the stand.
No. 109426 ID: 16ace0

No. 109482 ID: a82793

Aaaaalright, so a divider/protractor... so how is this evidence? The most I can gather is that is what he used to pop the ball to get rid of any last bit of evidence, as protractors usually have one pointed end
No. 109483 ID: a82793

The only other idea that I have is if we use it on the actual map of events some new piece of information will show up.
No. 109484 ID: a82793

Actually... I think I have it!

I don't think Matilda had any thing Sharp in the trunk that Susan could have used to fake that dart hole, so they had to have had something to use in order to fake the attack with! And m with a protractor she could have! Like I said, a protractor has a pointed end that can be used to fake a dart wound!
No. 109584 ID: 143250

Hm, I wonder how Logan found us, and recognize us in that mask. The one possibility I could think of is that those two survivors we came across may have told him as they learned our name while we were wearing a mask, but it is probably too soon to point fingers. Plus if it is them, they probably only told him out of fear.
No. 109587 ID: d0002a

From the author
All shall be explained
No. 109590 ID: b0371a

He could have found us through AJ, I mean he is a disciple of absolution. It stands to reason that he has some ability to find and sense his god. So for a second he winked out of existence before a small but familiar trace came to him
No. 109657 ID: d0002a

I am sorry for not uploading anything, I had to do school stuff, after that I got sick and started vomiting. When I get better I will continue the story
No. 109690 ID: 143250

Hey, take your time. You pretty much upload every day. Take a break.
No. 109708 ID: 97af11

Hey so in Street Smarts we are playing as a young Root before his transition to evil cult leader, that much is clear. So the question is are we Ana's other selves time traveling again? Or are we Root's other selves? If we are Ana's then we are seeing this and can glean information from it, but if we are Root's other selves than we really can't (from a role play perspective anyway)
No. 109709 ID: d0002a

The thing that you see in Street Smarts is from the perspective of the Ana's other selves, short stories are a way for you to find out more about certain persons
No. 109771 ID: 143250

While we are talking to Logan, I've taken the time to write Lorence a letter for the delivery. feel free to critique, fix, condense, whatever. (My only complaint is that I think it is probably too long, but a lot of things need to be said for Lorence to accept this deal. If someone has the time to condense it while keeping a lot of the good points in, please do so.)


This is Ana's astral projections writing.

First off, please forgive us using a curator to deliver this, as we know you're not too fond of them, but its the only quickest and safest way we can think of to track and send this to you.

We are writing for the purpose to form a deal between us that we think will benefit the both of us, you more than us. But before we lay out the deal, I think it is best we should be honest with each other to form a trust between us for this deal to work.

Apologies ahead of time, but we must let you know that we have played the role of your inner thoughts from the time you were falsely imprisoned to when you became a proud member of Root's cult.

After you've taken your time to destroy a clock or two to calm your nerves upon learning this and get back to reading this letter again, keep in mind that while we acted as your inner thoughts, We could have used the opportunity to our advantage to lower your chances of getting into the cult, lower you reputation in Root's eyes, and make you lose complete control of your sanity for shits and giggles.

Instead, we saw how innocent and helpless you were and decided to help keep your sanity, and help get you get into a spot in the cult you are in today, such as helping you hold no hatred towards your wife for falsely accusing you when talking to her for the final time, help you cope with that annoying ticking of that broken clock, helped you show no contempt to the people who locked you up when explaining your wishes to Root, and helped you get out of being punished by Root when you went against his orders and terrorized that innocent woman when you thought she was your wife.

While there are some actions you perform that we disagree on, and while we are on opposing sides, we can see that deep down, you only act harshly towards others because you care deeply for the future of the cult, and the well-beings of most of the people who help make a difference in it.

Which brings us to our deal. Enclosed you will find one needle of life. What we want you to do is use it to heal Clara.

Firstly, as of right now, we know that Root has been parading Clara around like some sort of symbol for the cult for her bravery, and strength for surviving against the attacks we ordered Ana to cause against her (which we've regretted). We know that it probably annoys you to no end that Root is using her disabilities to help boost morals of the cult, and boost his own ego when he should actually be using the time to find a way to heal her and make her a useful part of the cult again, which is why we suggest you using the needle of life to bring Clara back to her former glory, and help further the cult's goals rather than just sit there as dead weight.

Secondly, we want Clara to heal because as of right now, Rosalia is angered at us. Honestly, we are scared. Scared not because she may kill Ana, but more to the fact that Ana may have to be forced to kill Rosalia to protect herself. Rosalia is a strong and valued asset of your team, and I'm sure you respect her for taking action. But as of right now, we have a strong advantage against her should she threaten us. Ana has grown very powerful since we first helped her in the beginning, and we have a detonator to destroy Rosalia should it come to it. We are hoping that we can calm Rosalia down and listen to reason, but honestly, I think her anger and lust for revenge will blind her too much for us to effect her with our words. If you can heal Clara, maybe Rosalia will at least see that we are trying to make things better, and open her mind to us enough to converse with her, and spare her life.

You're probably thinking "why should I trust the enemy with this deal?" or "what if they somehow got Clara to join Ana?" I'll admit, you're right, you can't trust us, but keep in mind that we have helped you, our enemy, back when you had no one on your side when you were stuck in prison. we figured maybe you would like to return the favor. Also, we have seen Clara's strong dedication to Root's cause. I assure you that she holds no intentions of sabotaging what she, and the cult worked so hard to achieve. If you need proof, then I suggest performing an evaluation on her before using the needle of life. I'm confident you'll see nothing but pure dedication to the cult.

Our only request is that after you use the needle of life on Clara, you immediately tell Rosalia so she can calm down a little, and we can spare her life. If you need the perfect opportunity to take Clara, it will be during a celebration that Root will host. during that time, Lester will take Clara out for some fresh air. Clara will have hopes of committing suicide. That is when she will need your help most. Take her away from Lester at that moment, and do what you have to do.

If you decide not to perform the task, at least keep the needle of life as a form of apologizing for invading your mind.

good luck,
Ana's astral projections
No. 109773 ID: 5391fc

You brilliant son of a bitch!!!
No. 109774 ID: 3583d1

Also new night mare for Delilah, welcome the heavy metal theater!

Delilah is in what looks like a mental hospital, but she is strapped down to the table. The is one door and I walks Lester, bloody and with her knife still lodged in his chest

Lester: Yeah, I get it
You're an outcast
Always under attack
Always coming in last
Bringing up the past
No one owes you anything
I think you need a shotgun blast
A kick in the ass
So paranoid
Watch your back!

(Lester pulls out the knife and slashes at Delilah but has only cut her bonds, she stands up and tries to fight but her blows never land and it seems he is laughing at her and as he laughs he cuts her many times)

Lester: Another lose cannon, gone bi-polar
Slipped down, couldn't get much lower
Quicksand's got no sense of humor
I'm still laughing like hell
You think that the cryin' to me
Looking so sorry that I'm gonna believe
You've been infected by a social disease
Well, then take your medicine

(Lester shoves a thousand different types of drugs in her face, some prescription some are narcotics but it's clear he's trying to induce her into overdose and kill her)

Lester: I created the sound of madness
Wrote the book on pain
Somehow I'm still here
To explain
That the darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun
When you gonna wake up and fight?

(During the chorus here, She somehow survives the fits of seizures and feels awful but somehow has a gun, aiming it at Lester she fires and hits him between the eyes but ronni avail, and from this bullet hole Lester begins to become a monster that chases her but leaves her not room to get away)

I'm so sick of this tombstone mentality
If there's an afterlife
Then it'll set you free
But I'm not gonna part the seas
You're a self-fulfilling prophecy
You think that cryin' to me
Looking so sorry that I'm gonna believe
You've been infected by a social disease
Well, then take your medicine

(He throws her into a coffin filled with drugs that she has abused and slowly lowers her into a grave and begins to shovel in more drugs covered in his blood)

I created the sound of madness
Wrote the book on pain
Somehow I'm still here
To explain
That the darkest hour never comes in the night
You can sleep with a gun
When you gonna wake up and fight?

(Lester has now buried her so deeply in her addiction she can no longer escape it. But one ray of light shines through the bottom and suddenly it widens and she drops through into the light. Here she sees Ana a looks of immense pity on her face she offers her the pils that Lester originally gave her to help with detox and a glass of water. Does she take them?)
No. 109775 ID: b8f2da

From the author
Interesting story additions, I will see what will I use and when
No. 110035 ID: 10976e

Alrighty so plan of actuon: we need to figure out a way to fight Stitch. We really aren't ready but we can't leave Blacky to just be tortured at his hands. First of all, is hoping Jack shows up because he has to have some kind of defense measures for very surly customers. Another question we need to figre out though is during the feast, someone said Stitch was fishing? Maybe fishing means out killing his target? Idk. So we might just change fate here or we could convince him to leave. The question is how do we do that?

But for now here's the battle plan. Stitch is ridiculously strong and we know he has a titanium shell around his heart and neck so he can exactly be decaptitated. First thing I want to do hit him in the eyes. Blinding him In an eye will
really help us and give us a blind spot we can take advantage of. Also, maybe we can put the knife bomb to use? Preferably throw it in the back of his head and detonate it? We were told by 93 that Stitch is unkillable so this means he probably has a healing ability kind of like wolverine... the answer to people who heal is always always decapitation, or destroying the brain. Any other ideas?
No. 110038 ID: 10976e

Some short quotes I wrote out of boredom.

Ana: I don't know what the future holds, or what to do in these godless times, but I know that I can still be a good person despite everything else.

Logan: I can be a forgiving man, and I believe in forgiving my enemies. But not before I see them hanged for their transgressions.

Wild Cat: Fate and luck are so like the wind, sometimes it goes in your favor and other times it can utterly destroy you in a storm.

Delilah: It's not as if I'll never need anyone to be happy. After all, I seem to cause a great of misery where I go.

Lorence: When law is brought out of this chaos, and true men stand above the rest, then I will be allowed to feel happiness.

Lester: I don't mind being hurt, sometimes it takes a martyr to distract people from hurting those who don't deserve it.

Root: What I seek is true perfection of our race, the true pinnacle of human heights, and if some must be left behind, then so be it.

Andrew: I've heard that good and evil are two sides of the same coin. I wonder what is on the reverse of my coin.
No. 110040 ID: 6f5376

From the author
Do you really want to fight Stitch, I will have to warn you that the odds are not in your favor. And he won't hesitate or even talk with you. There's no reasoning with him and if you don't have what it takes he will kill you. Also nice short quotes, maybe I will see if I can implement them in some way
No. 110097 ID: c9ce4d

I see the beak mask, that's Epidemic Gretel getting her shit kicked in isn't it? So, the question is, if we help her is she a cultist or freelance? I'm hoping WC can identify her.
No. 110109 ID: 6f5376

From the author
Good question, you will find it out soon
No. 110184 ID: 3583d1

I think I just realized who the fake Gaia is, the one guiding Rozalia... This just me guessing but it would make sense given Rozalia's penchant for violence. Plus this is a goddess that would be very closely aligned with Gaia and Death. She is death's best friend, the chooser of the slain. She does have a name but let me just give you her description...

"Over hills and over meadows see the crow fly, feel her shadow. Over woods and over mountains, searching for a war. Her wings embrace each strife and battle, where swords they clash and chariots rattle. Seeking out the one whose time has come to take the blade."
No. 110188 ID: 6f5376

Is this the person that you are thinking about
No. 110191 ID: 58ae0d

Yuuuuup. It makes sense to me anyway, her and Rozalia would be best friends. She is also a Druidic goddess who would know Gaia. In some instances she is death herself, she was the chooser of the slain, she would pick who dies in battle. And didn't Absolution suspect death and Gaia had a thing?
No. 110195 ID: 6f5376

I will see what I will do about that
No. 110334 ID: 143250

I can tell that Boxhead Hobo is going to be one of those very weak joke characters at the start that will become very lethal as they get stronger.

Also, this tune came to mind when he joined us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAnqXKz3fe0
No. 110343 ID: 17aee7

From that author
So you know about the Lisa the painful game, cool. As for the Boxhead Hobo you will see what I have instored for him
No. 110403 ID: 17aee7
File 149140623606.png - (14.45KB , 1500x800 , 149065697121.png )

From the author
How would you fill this one, I am curious about my quest what did you think, and what did you got
No. 110407 ID: 027085

Here's my thoughts
What I read: Root and Branches
What I expected: The Ring/Ruby Quest (and/or) Nan Quest
What I Got: Something akin to Stephen King's "The Stand" which isn't a bad thing because that's one of my favorite ever.
No. 110416 ID: 17aee7
File 149142910307.png - (1.17MB , 1500x800 , Discussion thread 7.png )

Does this represent your experience!?
No. 110419 ID: 3583d1


Yeeeeep, something like that. Just without Kumamon (where the hell did that come from?). Actually have you ever read The Stand?
No. 110420 ID: 17aee7

Well I used Kumamon more for the cult representation. As for The Stand I watch the TV Mini-Series
No. 110423 ID: 3583d1

The book was way better, Randal Flagg is waaaaay more scary in the book than he is the mini series. Plus he didn't really die, he's actually a part of a much larger story by Stephen King. Actually I did borrow some his quotes from his magnum opus, The Dark Tower, in which Randall Flagg himself is a character. When we were talking to Godfrey, I said that Flint and his men had "Forgotten the faces of their fathers." In the dark tower, the main character is a kind of knight-errant crusader (but he looks like a cowboy) called a Gunslinger. When a Gunslinger "Forgets the face of their father" it means they have shamed themselves and behaved without honor. The best quote though, was a lesson that I think Godfrey would know...

"I do not aim with my hand. He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my eye.
I do not shoot with my hand. He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I shoot with my mind.
I do not kill with my weapon. He who kills with his weapon has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my heart!"
No. 110427 ID: 17aee7

No. 110447 ID: 143250

My predictions for the second and third round:

Whoever we face second, they might give the stipulation of having Ana, or whoever we have fight for us, fight without his or her mask in hopes to having whoever we have fight suffer in the fog, in order to pick up an easy win.

third round: Ambassador is going to choose someone we do not want to fight: WC (showing he may have been a traitor all this time, but I highly doubt that. Plus, he is somewhere else) us astral projections (will probably play mind games on Ana to see if Ana truly does trust us, and if she will abandon us) himself (turns out he might not be on our side after all), or someone dangerous like Stitch or Rosalia might just conveniently wander in here and have us fight that person.
No. 110453 ID: 17aee7
File 149152703113.jpg - (288.35KB , 1324x592 , Discussion thread 8.jpg )

No. 110455 ID: b0371a

That includes himself
No. 110456 ID: 17aee7
File 149152975405.jpg - (204.72KB , 1196x663 , Discussion thread 9.jpg )

No. 110457 ID: b0371a

That first round... That was just embarrassing...
No. 110460 ID: 17aee7

Don't worry, there is going to be escalation with every next fight
No. 110461 ID: 143250

Even you?

when you say literally anyone, do you mean in the area Ana is fighting in, or anyone in the multiverse?
No. 110462 ID: b0371a

Just in the area
No. 110464 ID: 17aee7
File 149153640940.jpg - (356.93KB , 1236x1306 , Discussion thread 10.jpg )

No. 110466 ID: 143250

>out of all possible final fights I won't be one of them

and neither will Mokap

What interests me is that you said unfortunately. You want to fight Ana? why?
No. 110470 ID: 143250
File 149155273681.jpg - (836.90KB , 1536x2048 , Neighborhood Watch.jpg )

Also on the topic of the Ambassador, I found a sign with a picture of him.
No. 110493 ID: 20f33b

I would like to ask a brief question of the Ambassador. Mostly because it will relate to how I draw you. If you have noticed at the drawings I've done for this story, people who
can still qualify as human have gotten portraits because he face shows their character, but gods and supernatural beings have gotten mostly full body shots to really highlight what they are. But I'm not entirely sure where to place you, Ambassador.
No. 110520 ID: 81c4c9
File 149177025680.png - (46.86KB , 1000x1462 , 146309940588.png )

I might do one of this very soon
No. 110544 ID: e06de5
File 149180108831.jpg - (68.92KB , 999x799 , IMG_3396.jpg )

Saw this and wondered what would go here, there's more but these are the ones that immediately came to mind

Ana/Godfrey: Lawful Good
Gretel: Neutral Good
Derrick/WC: Chaotic Good
Jack: Lawful Neutral
You/: True Neutral
Laura/Delilah: Chaotic Neutral
Ambassador: Lawful Evil
Root: Neutral Evil
Andrew: Chaotic Evil
No. 110552 ID: 81c4c9

That looks like a fun thing to make. I will do it also, but first I want to ask one question
No. 110577 ID: e06de5

I really... really don't want Godfrey to die...
No. 110578 ID: 81c4c9

From the author
He won't go down without a fight
No. 110583 ID: 064dd5

A short quote for ol' Boxy (bonus points if you know what movie it's from):

When some wild-eyed freak grabs you by the collar and asks "have you paid your dues?" I've found that the correct answer has always been, "Yes sir, the check is in the mail."
No. 110594 ID: 81c4c9

Oh that is from Big trouble in little china, a legendary movie with the best version of the Mandarin so for. As for my question, I must know how do I place my ended quest threads in the Archive place where all the finished quest goes
No. 110595 ID: 143250

No idea. I thought they usually put it in the archive after you announce you've finished it. You might need to contact a mod.
No. 110596 ID: 81c4c9

How do I contact him?
No. 110597 ID: 72ed6b

Use the "report" option on your opening post, with the reason filled out as "Quest complete, please archive" or similar.
No. 110599 ID: 81c4c9

Oh OK,thanks a lot
No. 110601 ID: 81c4c9
File 149202557666.jpg - (625.47KB , 999x1067 , Discussion thread 11.jpg )

No. 110667 ID: 81c4c9
File 149226910457.png - (1.22MB , 1000x1487 , Discussion thread 12.png )

No. 110680 ID: aebd9f

I could really imagine Root doing something like this.
No. 110683 ID: 81c4c9

Yeah, that is pretty much every day for him
No. 110705 ID: 3583d1

Hello, patient "Absurdity"
I'm sorry—Hello, how are—
How are you feeling?
Um, not great
Has the treatment been working?
Uh, I don't think so, no
What are your remaining symptoms?
I just—I internalize my feelings a lot. I have trouble articulating how I'm feeling to other people. I feel like I just—
So basically you're still a little bitch
Yes, very mature of you disembodied voice way up there
I was just joking, dude.
All right, you're not as safe on TGchan as you might think with that shit
I'm not human I can say whatever I want
Okay, just let's get to the point. What's wrong with me, please? Please.
Your emotions and your logic are at war.
Your creativity and your analysis are at war.
And most simply, your left and right brain are at war.
My left and my—
To fix the problem we must separate them from each other.
Splitting your neurological functions in 5... 4...
Can we book an appointment or something?!
You just don't start counting down to major medical procedures!!!
2... 1...
This may hurt a bit

I don't even know what 'it' is!!!!
Just tell me what you're- AAAGGHHHHHH!
Isolation complete

This is Absurdity's left brain, Absolution: objective, logical, cold, analytical,
Aware of patterns, aware of trends, he's efficient, and a prick
This is Absurdity's right brain, Dreamwalker: subjective, creative, sensory,
Aware of feelings, aware of people, he's emotional, and an idiot

Dreamwalker: That's your opinion-just careful with opinions

Okay, boys, play nice

Absolution: I am the left brain, I am the left brain
I work really hard 'til my inevitable death brain
You got a job to do, you better do it right and the right way is with the left brain's might

Dreamwalker: I like oreos and pussy yeah! Yes, in that order!
And I cried for at least an hour after watching "Toy Story 3"
'Cause I am the right brain, I have feelings,
I'm a little all over the place but I'm lustful, trustful and I'm looking for somebody to love... Or put my penis in!

Root in the back holding up a sign: He doesn't have one...

Absolution: Here comes a female, here comes a female
Puff your chest. I'll take your phone out and check your email
Our evolutionary purpose is repopulate
So gather data now and see if she's a possible mate

Dreamwalker: Holy fuck I think she might be the one, there's something about her, I just can't describe it

Absolution: Tits!

Dreamwalker: I am the earth, she is the glorious sun
I want her to trust me and I just want her to—how do I say this—sit on my face! Sit! Sit on my face!

Absolution: Alright now, brother, you're being insane

Dreamwalker: No, brother, I'm just being alive
You should try it, you might like it

Absolution: I worked hard to give him everything he cared about
You were worried about the things that he was scared about
I'm calm and collected when you act wild
I am the adult, you are the child

Dreamwalker: You think you're the right one every time
You think you know everything but you don't know anything at all
Half of his problems were supposed to be mine
But you wanted everything.
I hope that you're happy 'cause he's sure not

Absolution: Well, according to my calculations, I'm sorry, let me run the numbers again, um, you're a pussy

Dreamwalker: Name calling? Really? You're gonna just do name calling?

Absolution: I'm not calling names alright, I'm just stating facts and the fact is you're a quivering pussy

Dreamwalker: I'm the pussy? Well, at least I don't play with toys still, OK...

Absolution: Rubik's cubes are not toys, they keep my spacial reasoning skills... sharp

Dreamwalker: Absolution plays with toys!
Look at you, Mr... you're a toy player

Absolution: Well, at least I did my fucking job, alright! I kept him working, I kept him productive
You were supposed to look after him
You were supposed to keep him emotionally stable through all this!
Now you're trying to blame me for how he's feeling, how he's feeling!
If he's feeling unhappy it's because you failed him
You did this to him, he hates you I know he does, he fucking hates you!

Dreamwalker: crying

Absolution: Dreamwalker, look, I'm sorry, okay?

Dreamwalker: No, you're not...

Absolution: Look, maybe there's something that we could do together

Dreamwalker: Together?

Absolution: Take the best parts of both of us and put them together

Dreamwalker: I'm listening

Absolution: It would let you let your feelings out, it would let me analyze
So you could man the themes; I'll man the form.
It's something that Weaver did, it's something that Reaver did
It's something special that we could both perform.
Do you know what it is?

Dreamwalker: Juggling, we could juggle, and juggle our cares away!

Absolution: It was... It was questing, you, fuck it, we could do questing together.

Initiate reassembly[/b]

Absolution: All right, brother, we're gonna do quests together, we gotta do quests together!

Dreamwalker: All right, brother, I'll do quests with you!

Absolution: Look, we can fix him like this—we can make him happy again. I promise, all right?

5... 4... 3... [/b]

Dreamwalker: Absolution... brother, I love you bro!

2... [/b]

Absolution: I know...

1... [/b]

Experimentation complete[/b]
No. 110718 ID: aebd9f

So if you are wondering where that all came from:

No. 110719 ID: 81c4c9
File 149238442315.jpg - (307.50KB , 1952x1016 , Discussion thread 13.jpg )

I know that song, I was planning to use that song as for the final teatar segment. And I might still use it but not now
No. 110720 ID: 81c4c9

Also there's another part of self reflection
No. 110721 ID: aebd9f
File 149238501664.png - (85.68KB , 750x519 , IMG_3435.png )

Holy shit. Every time I write something under "Dreamwalker and Fanart Guy" now I'm going to imagine I look like that.
No. 110722 ID: 81c4c9

But is it truth that you like pussy
No. 110723 ID: 81c4c9

and Oreo
No. 110724 ID: aebd9f


....... and tits.....
No. 110725 ID: 81c4c9

No. 110726 ID: 81c4c9

Do you think that I am pandering to the audience
No. 110727 ID: aebd9f

I think you can draw the line at what becomes panderingand what isn't. If it's straight up fan service then yes, I'd say that can be pandering. But if it's just goofing off and having fun with your works then no.
No. 110729 ID: 81c4c9

No. 110730 ID: 81c4c9
File 149239255170.jpg - (118.10KB , 960x904 , Discussion thread 14.jpg )

No. 110819 ID: 143250

I associate the result of the Ambassador's actions with this trope: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GoneHorriblyRight
No. 110822 ID: 82a33d

Pretty much
No. 110873 ID: 3583d1

I am not sorry.
No. 110874 ID: 82a33d

You are also watching the new season of Samurai Jack
No. 110876 ID: 82a33d

Best part of that episode
No. 110878 ID: 82a33d

Hey did you just updated my wiki, with chapter 3
No. 110880 ID: 3abd97

As your friendly neighborhood wikilord, yup.

If there's an error, I'd ask you point it out for me (or step in and correct it yourself). I'm afraid I don't follow your quest (and have difficulty making heads or tails of it, to be honest), so I might have.
No. 110881 ID: 82a33d

I am honored by your dedication, you are an awesome person. May the internet speed guide your ways brave friendly Neighborhood Wikilord
No. 110882 ID: 82a33d

Also I must ask is it hard to edit the wiki page. Because I was planning to update it for my school project
No. 110885 ID: 3abd97

Wiki editing isn't particularly hard, and for the most part you can get away imitating examples. Or ask questions if you get stuck.

>Because I was planning to update it for my school project
I... would advise against that, honestly. I don't know what you're planning, but this site isn't worksafe or really appropriate content for classwork. Also, wiki content is by definition open and collaborative, when anything you submit as course work should be owned and controlled by you.
No. 110889 ID: 82a33d

Yeah I have been long enough here to know what kind of materials show up here. But the reason why I asked this is because he have assignment to make our own site and on it there has to be some pictures, links, table and other things things. To be honest they don't even know about tgchan and they won't even check my story attached to the wiki page. They just want to see the wiki page but nothing else
No. 110891 ID: 3d2d5f

A wiki page probably wouldn't meet the requirements of a web development class, since for the most part you're not using html to do any of the things you describe. There are built in tools and templates and shorthands for making links, hosting images, building tables, etc. A lot of the work / complexity has been handled for contributors. It's really not equivalent if your assignment is to make your own webpage.

The wiki welcomes contributors and improvement, but it's really not intended for what you're thinking of.
No. 111160 ID: 82a33d

Well anyways I was planning on updating my wiki page. In a way tanks for all the help so far
No. 111342 ID: 3583d1

"For only we... shall be unhappy. There will be thousands upon millions of happy babes, and a hundred thousand sufferers who have taken upon themselves the curse of the knowledge of good an evil... we shall keep the secret, and for their happiness we shall allure them with the reward of heaven and eternity."

-Dostoevsky 225-226
No. 111348 ID: 41b778

No. 111362 ID: 3583d1

A dream/nightmare (kinda?) for Clara, probably given by Laura as she was trying for something scary but being mean just doesn't come easy for her so it meshed into a kind of sillyness.

Clara is sitting in her chair, and sharing a few beers and drinks with Delilah and Lester about how miserable and lonely she is and wishes it could end. Lester and Delilah assure her that they are her friends and will help her with her problem.

Delilah: Let's find a rock
I mean a big-ass rock
Or maybe something like
A cinder block is better
I'll hoist it up
And drop it on your face, my buddy

And just before the lights go out
You'll see my smile and you'll know
You've got a friend
With a rock
Who cares
I mean a BIG-ASS rock!

Lester:Or rope
I got some quality rope
Made for a gal who's devoid of hope
Like you are, my buddy
Cindy -

Clara: Uh, that's Clara

Lester: Yeah! Clara, right...
And I won't leave you swinging there
Twitching like a fish while you claw the air
I'll grab your feet
And pal o' mine
I'll pull real hard
And SNAP your spinal cord

Delilah: The world is cold when you're alone and
They ignore you
But don't kill yourself

Delilah and Lester: We'll do it for you...
You've got a friend!

Lester: you know, I remember a guy who put me in a box and then sent me down the stairs.
You know what the son of a bitch said? "Drop dead, asshole."

Delilah: eople are pricks. I asked this orderly once to go the medicine room and getting me some cyanide pills, you know what he said?

Lester: What'd he say?

Delilah: "we're out of cyanide!"

Lester: People are selfish pricks...

Delilah: Another time, now get this,
I just lay down in front of a steam roller and asked the guy just to proceed,
you know, business as usual, and just squash me like a bug.

Lester: That's a good way to go, Del, the ol' bug squash.
We could tie a plastic laundry bag over her head.

Delilah: Naw, that's such a wimp suicide...

Clara: I stuck my finger in a socket once, and that hurt real bad... But it didn't kill me...

Delilah: Clara, stay out of this.

Clara: I've got a friend
Like Carole King
Or was it Carly Simon
Used to sing?
I always get those two confused
But anyway -

I turned around
And suddenly
I'm not alone
It ain't just me
I'm like a player on the team
I'm part of the gang...
A member of the club Delilah & Lester
Player on our team
Part of the gang
Welcome to the club

Lester: Ooh! Let's get a club!

Delilah: I like big-ass rock

Lester: Naw, one good swing and
I'll clean her clock forever!

Delilah: Let gravity do the work!

Lester: It's a great way to die, Cindy!

Clara: CLARA!
I got friends

I've got friends


Delilah and Lester: Friends who will
Love you like a maniac
And lead you like a lamb
To the railroad track
And tie you down

Or tickle your wrist
With a single-edge razor
Or buy you a beer with
A Draino chaser
Or dump you in the
River with a rock

Clara: A big-ass rock!

Delilah: Here's a nice one over here.

Lester: Can I give you a hand with that? It looks heavy.

Delilah: No Lester, it ain't heavy... She's my friend...

Lester: C'mon group hug!
No. 111366 ID: 41b778

No. 111368 ID: 41b778

Who would sing this song?
Or who would sing this one?
Or who would sing this one?
No. 111379 ID: 3583d1

Okay, so the first one can be either Ana or Boxy, I lean more towards Boxy due to the fact that it's about being depressed and wishing for a better days and good company,
The second one implies that although the girl may look sweet and innocent she is a force to be reckoned with, so Madamé Rosaline and her tea cups
The final one... I really struggled with but my best guess is it's Mother Gaia because I would say so far she is the only character who has show real love and affection for someone. But I'm certain that if she sang it would be more like the version that is the ending to Neon Genesis Evangelion, more soft and melodic because if she ever did speak her voice would be pure and absolute love and harmony
No. 111381 ID: 41b778

First one Root
Second Susan
And third Dr. Lester
No. 111383 ID: 3583d1

Alright I got one for you, Who would sing this one (if you don't immediately get this i'm going to be very disappointing in you)
No. 111385 ID: 41b778

Root or Lorence!?, please don't be disappointed in me
No. 111386 ID: 41b778

Who would sing this song?
No. 111389 ID: 3583d1

You've failed me... Ok...

I want you to listen to it again. And there is a very key word in that song, and it's a very specific animal singing it. And i'll even change the opening lyrics around a bit.

"Wheeeen you're... Hopping on down the multiverse, the creators all seem to look down. Your metal and small, your ears and too tall, and stories make the worlds go round'... Now I'm a big prick, and but you gotta admit, when you're dealing the guy in the mask, so you aren't gonna change my thieving ways until my house is finished at last!"
No. 111390 ID: 3583d1

Well Rozalia, as she is currently out hunting for us or Root
No. 111402 ID: 41b778

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH! I didn't even occur to me that you were referring to him. Because I don't really count him as a part of this world. But that little bunny from Hoodwinked was such an awesome villain.
But yeah it fits him perfectly, especially the way that you reroute the song, made me laugh.
Alright who would sing this song
No. 111405 ID: c37dad

No. 111408 ID: 41b778

Yeah that can work and for you participatory reward I give you this magnificent video
No. 113063 ID: 143250

I think it might be a good idea to bring back this discussion thread so that we can talk about the Root and branches story as ourselves and not as our avatars if that is alright (especially after my mistake of revealing the secret person to Absurdity)

That said, I have a theory: We've been assuming that Ana's father had joined Root's cult based off of the last name Mr. Tiova Root had mentioned, but what if that isn't the case? What if it isn't her father after all, but a different person related to Ana. I remembered that Ana was given her Venice fish mask from her cousin before Ana modified it to protect her from the fog. What if her cousin planted that mask in Ana's possession because they knew what was going to happen and was preparing Ana for it. The note Ana received did call her "my little fishy" after all, it would also make sense that her cousin wanted Ana to have that note in that case since they were the only one who knew about the fish mask she has... Maybe we should rule her cousin into a possible candidate of Mr. Tiova's identity.

Also, to the author: do you use tgchan's IRC, or do you have any other way to personal message you? I might need to discuss something with you some time in the future if that is alright :).
No. 113223 ID: 3583d1
File 149933581857.jpg - (40.55KB , 480x360 , IMG_3910.jpg )

Dude. Ok I'm going to try and be nice about this. But seriously, that just made me actually mad and physically angry, I feel like throwing my computer out the window. If we seriously have to go around this whole thing or probably not, but honestly, I feel angry at this ending. Everything we did, all added up to "game over. continue?" I hate it. And that ending... like I've said, I refuse to accept it, I will keep trying to change it anyway I can until we get to keep going where we left off and our mistakes are corrected. I refuse to just take this, all the work we've done added up to nothing. If there is a way to bypass this bullshit, then I will fucking do it.
No. 113227 ID: 6e649f

Alright out of role play I hear your concern and I will only answer this to address your fears. I am not planning to end the story, this will only be a transition
No. 113228 ID: 6e649f

Only thing that I ask from you it to be patient and have faith in me. If you really feel betrayed I won't be sad if you abandon this quest, but I will still continue with it
No. 113229 ID: 143250

Don't worry, dude. I've got your back. The story has been a thrill so far, and I'm going with the flow in this wild ride. No need to feel guilty. I give people the benefit of the doubt. Just do your thing, I'll stick by this quest.
No. 113232 ID: 3583d1

Hey, I'll keep going if you plan to continue. I'm very confused how we go from here... more or less I think my attitude towards this whole ending can be kind of similar to this:

But hey I've loved your stuff so far, so I won't quit, I'll keep going if you plan to keep going. LETS DO THIS!
No. 113659 ID: 7161c9

Because we are coming to the end of this alternative timline, I have to ask you all what happend with the rest of the charecters? What do you think they are doing in this alternative timeline?
No. 113664 ID: 143250

theres a lot of characters to cover. I'll just do the ones the come to my head

Gaia: after seeing her entire family either betray her, get kidnapped, or get killed, she probably couldn't take the heartache anymore and just left the dimension and start a new life, or even create her own universe. Worst case scenario: suicide or murdered.

Rosalia: after finding out Ana joined the cult, she still never forgave Ana for what she did to her sister Clara, and still tried to attempt to murder Ana. her continued actions to try to take Ana down was eventually seen as treacherous to the cult, and eventually got to the point where she decides to narrowly escape the cult, and fight against the them just so she can try to kill Ana, her one and only goal at that point. Yes, she has a large enough grudge against Ana that she can't even stand to be on the same team as her, and even join the other side she was fighting against just to get revenge on Ana. It didn't work out for her too well, unfortunately. I assume she was killed in battle.

Lester: he was eventually healed, but he decided to do a lot of research on the voices after they revealed what they called themselves back at Roots party that Logan crashed. Eventually during his intense research, I assume he mysteriously went missing. Perhaps because he learned too much and was taken out of the universe or murdered or committed suicide as he couldn't handle what he found out, or perhaps he was taken by Rosalia after she left the cult to get her revenge on Ana, and was kept hidden by her. Whatever the case, he was never seen again. Whether that is a good or bad thing, who knows. But there were rumors that he was starting to become mentally ill and acting strange during his research on the voices.

Clara: whether she was healed or not by our actions, her depression was not healed. No amount of healing or apologizing can fix that. It got to the point where she was put on suicide watch by the cult. Root also ordered the cult to keep Clara hidden from the world, especially Ana as they feared about what would happen if they were put in the same room together, even after all the years Ana served the cult. She was once found and urged by Rosalia to leave the cult join her in getting revenge against Ana for what she did to her, but she refused as she felt like in some ways, she deserved it. She honestly did not care anymore for the war, or to follow orders from Root, or take revenge on Ana for what she did. She felt that nothing mattered.

1993: seeing as the museum tour guides said she contributed so much and is a valuable member as part of the Ash Tree Acolytes, I assumed she returned Rosaline's children to Rosaline and was seen as a hero to the cult for saving some important missing children from the dangerous new world that was created. After she learned long ago there were very bad people among the cult from their actions, and from Ana before she joined the cult, She decided to fight against the corruption within people in the cult through negotiations and talking to make them to make them better nicer people. But she knew deep down, even though there are some good people in this corrupted group and was able to reform some of them, she needed to escape. However, she knew she was also targeted by the resistance against the cult like Laura. But seeing as the tour guides at the museum said she went missing during the war and still haven't been found even after all these years, I'm assuming she found a way to escape this dimension and live a happier life in another universe. Or perhaps she just left the country and headed back to her country of origin.

Stitch: Even though he was ordered to stop hunting down Ana, he's still searching and hunting for her. He is that dedicated to a job once he is given an order. He has no idea the Bringer of Nightmares all this time is actually Ana.

Matilda: Her skills as a defense attorney became legendary. She was also able to defend her father for helping Ana long ago after Godfrey's trial. However, unfortunately, because of her popularity and status as a successful defense attorney among the group, she let it get to her head, and she started to become a little corrupted. She decided to at times cheat her way through victory through forged evidence, and bribery, even successfully defending very bad people. this corruption really started when one of the people she was defending threatened to have one of their people assassinate her if she failed to win the case. Out of fear, and seeing all the evidence against her client pile up she decided had to cheat her way to victory to save her own life. Even though she won, and managed to save her life, she started to apply her cheating ways into future cases unfortunately. Despite her cheating ways, she was never caught. And despite their intense rivalry in court, she somehow found herself dating Lorence. Whether they got married and had children before Lorence killed himself after they succeeded in the war is up for interpretation.
No. 113669 ID: 3583d1

The only one I don't agree with there is Matilda, for some reason I don't really see her getting too corrupt, or even dating Lorence. I get the feeling he is old enough to be her dad, so... that would be a little weird. Here are some more that I thought of

Susan: Despite her attempts at being evil and her ultimate coup d'etat at trying to take over the cult and become head of the phoenix nation, it ultimately went down in flames as her "boyfriend" again just told an adult what she was planning to do. She was found in the act and received actual punishment beyond just getting a "detention." She described her punishment as worse than hell. Although she received little no support as a spanking and having no television for week wasn't really that bad, and many people consider that she got off too easy.

Anthony (Susan's sister): Despite trying to be there for his sister he too received the "horrific spanking" but unlike his sister who would simply try again, and steadily receive worse and worse punishments, including but not limited to "cleaning the bathroom and doing the dishes," he decides he is done playing second fiddle and tried his own coup. But, never really being the brains of the group, he was caught before it even began and grounded again. It is unaware if these kids ever really learned to behave or not.

Susan's "Boyfrined": despite being scared of Susan for most of his life, and having to be jerked around by her. He eventually did find the courage to tell her off one day, and although she might have intended it as a cruel punishment, she told him she was breaking up with him. It didn't quite go over as she intended, as he was more grateful it was over and relieved. He was eventually returned to his family after the cult's successful take over and the wars were over. He no longer has any correspondence with either Susan or her brother.

Madam Rosaline: Her genetic disorder continued to age her body rapidly and by the time the wars were almost over, she was already on her death bed. She only ever saw her children once before her death, but it was a bittersweet reunion. Although, she did appreciate the names Ana had given them and thought them quite fitting, she received a mixed reaction from them. Ramona was happy to see her, Russell looked unsure, but Robert only scowled and wanted nothing to do with her. She died a day before the final battle.

Ramona, Russell, and Robert: Despite their efforts at trying to fight back, 93 eventually brought them back to the compound where they met with their mother. Each of them had very mixed reactions to their mother and even greater mixed reactions to their grandmothers. All three of them agreed that they wanted nothing to do with Rosaline's mother, although the did occasionally play with their uncle Roscoe. When it came to who raised them, Mary and Ramy were as good as their words and loved them despite their appearance. Ramona was scared of them at first, Russell was just unsure, but Robert found himself actually liking the two old matrons he found himself living with, he like Ramy most of all for her sass. It is unknown what happened to them after the wars but it agreed that they didn't have their mother's genetic disorder of aging. Most of the sources say each went their separate ways, Ramona becoming part of the healers guilds, Russell staying at home to take care of his grandmothers who were quite old now, Robert however, always hated the cult and their nation and left and went wandering.
No. 113671 ID: 3583d1

Oh! forgot these guys

FBI Laura: With her "New" Partner, she thought she would make some great headway in the war against the cult. And together they did do some great infiltration. However when it came to calling in for back up, instead, Laura requested air strikes, and a lot of them. Only problem was that while these strikes were very effective against the masked legions of the cult, they also targeted civilians by mistake. With everyone forced to wear a mask for their safety it was harder to distinguish who was friendly and who was foe. In the end it was the same for Laura, she too could no longer tell enemy from friendlies. Boxy was eventually forced to gun her down before she could harm any more people.

Boxy: He committed suicide shortly after killing Laura, finally realizing that he was alone, truly and utterly alone.

Epidemic Gretel and "Jimmy": Always one with good intentions firmly in place, Epidemic Gretel did the best she could with her sister. Her sister wanted to try and escape the city but that was never an option for Gretel. If there were people that needed aid, she would support them. She later formed a healers guild during the wars called "The Ash Hospitallers." Together with the Cross Ash Knights, they cared for the injured who were too sick or hurt to escape the city successfully. Sadly this good work was short lived as two people in leading armed american military soldiers mistook them for enemy cultists, and killed much of their people, including Gretel and her sister.
No. 113673 ID: 7161c9

Wow you really predicted the worst possible outcome for many of them. First to address the ones that did appeared in this future, Susan was one of the girls that came to have the tea party with Ana. She was the one they called the queen of trade, she saw ruling more like a boring wast of time and simply decided to rule over somthing more flexible.

Boxhead also appeard, he was the butler of Ana
No. 113674 ID: 7161c9

For the Rosalia I also imagend a simullar scenario, only diffrence she decided to join the wolf pact but still the same outcome.

As for the Lester telling you what his future is will only spoil the suprise. Only thing that I will tell you is that he hates Ana but is still the member of the cult.
No. 113675 ID: 7161c9

Clara was actually used to lure out Rosalia out and blown up when she was clouse to the whellechaire. This plan was thought out by Ana after waching Breaking Bad

I like the idea that Stitch never found out who Ana was, also he became the bodyguard to the queen of the trade
No. 113677 ID: 7161c9

The one for Matilda I like the most. The idea that by Ana becoming more corrupted started affecting other charecters, only diffrence she woudnt hook up with Lorence.

As for the Fbi lady preety much got that mental breakedown. After she diead Ana found her corps, made a puppet out of it and connected it to the mechanizam, that whould make the puppet kneel before everyone who enterd the house of Ana. This wiuld be the last humiliation that Ana whoul maker her old adversary suffer. Even in her death she would be used as a mocking and awfull decoration.
No. 113681 ID: 143250

I bet she somehow stole the bomb Robbit took after she diffused the bomb 93 had, and modified it to make that plan happen

Anastasia and her grandfather (the two survivors)(long one, sorry): They were making some decent headway for a good while, and was able to get ahead of the fog as it was spreading throughout the country, even if traffic from other survivors, and other attacks from terrorists were slowing them down. But eventually, they had to leave their van behind, and walk the rest of the way towards salvation for a couple months as all the gas stations in the area were blown up by a bunch of jerks (whether it is cult members, or just freaks looking to have some fun is up to interpretation). The fog caught up with them again, and they decided the best place to take refuge was north out of the united states where Root had taken over, and towards Canada, preferably either find a boat or plane to escape the country from, or take refuge towards the mountains where they hope the fog wouldn't reach them in case Root decides to attack Canada as well.

Meanwhile during the two months before Lorence found her, Ana secretly kept in touch with her friends over the walkie, giving them advice, and places to stay safe as she studied how Cela Mortus was controlling the fog. All without letting them know she was a part of them. Shortly after Ana was discovered by Lorence, She was also discovered that she was still in touch with these people without informing anyone. In response, to test her loyalty and prove she would not be a traitor, and to make sure these people she kept in touch with don't try to retaliate in the future, Ana was tasked by Lorence to try to trick Anastasia and her grandfather through the radio to lead them into danger, and try to capture them, or get them killed. Ana reluctantly agreed, and at first started trying to lead them towards small inconveniences while they tried to escape, to eventually being more confident, and heartless enough to actually send soldiers after them as the months went by. Anastasia, and her grandfather eventually caught on with what was going on, and figured out that Ana had betrayed them, and decided to leave the radio, and fake their demise to keep the soldiers, and Ana away from them (up to interpretation how).

Currently, they are hiding, taking refuge out in Canada. Their initial plans were to take a plane, or boat out of the country, but sadly, as the fog was spreading, no other country was accepting passengers to and from US, Canada, and South America. But it didn't matter to them, they found a safe community of refugees hiding in the mountains, and was able to make due without any more conflicts from terrorists.
No. 113693 ID: 143250

Something more silly:

Fire of Hate: towards the later part of the war, I imagine she got bored, and decided to form a decently popular hard rock, heavy metal band, and would often use crazy amount of pyrotechnics and explosions in her live shows that would make even Rammstein jealous (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_3-aUiYhgg) her pyrotechnic are so wild, it would even burn the crowd watching the performance on purpose. Because of this, She kept her shows mainly towards the immortal demographic in the country, but there has been mortals who would be known to come watch the show anyway despite knowing they will most likely get burnt or die during the entirety of the performance. but any mortal who manages to survive gets a back stage pass to meet FoH, and even get an autograph written and branded on their skin. She gained enough popularity to even start considering doing a live world tour. Lets hope she remembers that there are most people out of the country are not immortal, and she remembers keeps the pyrotechnics to a minimum.

Currently, her favorite live show was when she accidentally(?) burned Madison Square Garden to the ground, but was still able to keep the show going from beginning to end, and even get an encore in from the crowd.
No. 113711 ID: 0787bc
File 150049438780.jpg - (2.33MB , 3264x2448 , 20170719_213817.jpg )

No. 113717 ID: 80b588

Awesome! And gosh-a-golly that looks like one happy fellow despite also looking like he wants to hurt me with that axe
No. 113719 ID: 143250

I agree, but ironically, I think he is crying on the inside and has crippling depression.

Also, don't worry too much about updating if you need to. Your on vacation, remember? You deserve a rest.
No. 114125 ID: 143250
File 150163621023.jpg - (1.16MB , 3000x1163 , butterfly.jpg )

I just realized something

Left side: Spirit parasite
right side: title card for art thread.

coincidence, or not? If that's the case, I wonder if that is Anthony on the right side drawing concept art for a vision he saw.
No. 114132 ID: 28e01e

Interesting observation. I know how I will use this parallels
No. 114198 ID: 28314e
File 150216861983.png - (190.14KB , 1256x706 , IMG_4115.png )

I couldn't resist.

No. 114203 ID: 415363

Never resist a good meme
No. 114589 ID: c841ed

I will stop uploading for this quest, I am sorry but I can't make myself put up anything new. I have lost the ability to do so SORRY :(
No. 114591 ID: 3d5eb2

Just hold on for a little bit okay? I feel this is better discussed over a personal message.
No. 114592 ID: 143250

It's alright. I won't ask why. If you feel you can't continue, whether it is writers block, making you unhappy, or are just way too busy (like I am), you don't have continue doing it. What matters is that we had fun while it lasted. I will say the story really made us think at some points about our actions.

All I can say is thanks for the story. If you ever want to do it again whether it be continue from where we last left off, or reboot the story from the beginning, or start a completely new quest I'll be down with it. If you don't feel like doing quests anymore, that is ok too. All I can say is do what you feel is best for yourself.
No. 114594 ID: 3d5eb2

Amen to that.

And hey, if you want to talk I'm willing to listen. I just sent you a message and if you want to talk I'll be there. Just letting you know you've got friends here. I'd love to see it continue, but I know shit can get in the way, but you don't have to bear any burden alone.

Carry on sir.
No. 114597 ID: c841ed

I am unable to draw anymore. Because of the shark attack, that happened yesterday when I was swimming during the night. The shark eaten both my hands and I am writing this message with my tongue
No. 114598 ID: 3d5eb2

No. 114599 ID: c841ed

The doctor said that my hands may grow back, if we find the shark and take 666 milliliters of its blood, sacrifice a goat and eat a hope bagel
No. 114600 ID: 3d5eb2


No. 114601 ID: c841ed

Alright I will stop with the jokes and tell you all what really happened. The laptop that I used to post pictures during this summer stopped working and I am unable to continue the story because of it. I am sending this message with my tablet
No. 114602 ID: 3d5eb2

Ah, technical difficulties then. I'm assuming you aren't stopping but it will go on hiatus for a while until you either get a new one or your old one is fixed? I hope so. I'll keep doing my thing with Anthony and other drawings if you are willing to keep going (eventually). Hope it gets fixed soon.
No. 114604 ID: 143250

Sorry to say this, but it wasn't a shark, it was a spirit parasite disguised as one. I saw it in the ocean you were hanging out in back in the beach day thread. Please check for infections, we don't want this story to be taken over by an Absurdity being mind controlled by Spirit parasite

But yeah, sorry to hear about your computer :( I hope things get better for you.
No. 114606 ID: 143250

But hey, one idea I have if you two are interested in doing it is turning this quest into a collab if only temporary. Absurdity can write and send the script of each page to Anthony explaining the actions and dialogue while Anthony makes the artwork based off of the script until things get better. It all depends on how you both feel about doing it. The artwork doesn't need to be too detailed if time is an issue for Anthony.
No. 114607 ID: c841ed

Yeah pretty much and it really sucks. The moment when I realized that I can send you pictures from my vacation place, I planned out most of the outcomes for the event that I call the summer of sadism
No. 114609 ID: c841ed

Also sorry for messing with you all, you guys are the best. You are simply the best
No. 114610 ID: 143250

Thanks, and it's alright. It's important to keep a sense of humor when crap like this happens.
No. 114611 ID: c841ed

No I am completely serious, out of all the followers of all the quests you are the best. The amount of time and dedication you put towards my shitty story is too much than it really deserves. I am humbled and happy by your interaction with the story
No. 114613 ID: 3d5eb2

Absolutely, I'm glad even when shit goes south you can still have fun with it. I hope everything gets sorted out soon man.

As for having me pick up the story... well one, I don't really want to get saddled with big chin breathing down my neck haha, but honestly that would probably get very meta very fast. On top of that I really don't have a whole lot of
time for drawing, I do it when I can but otherwise it would be too slow going for my own liking.
No. 114614 ID: c841ed

No I wasn't asking for you to continue the story for me, that is my job. I was simply praising all that you did so far for the story
No. 114615 ID: 0e57d8

I know, I was just reply to the idea that you send me the story and I draw. >>114606

That's not something I want to do.
No. 114616 ID: 3261ca
File 150313706697.jpg - (2.04MB , 3264x2448 , 20170819_074553.jpg )

That was probably just a joke or something. As for me continuing the story I would technically be able to do it. Only problem it would look like this, which I really don't like. I prefer to make it better with photoshop first
No. 114650 ID: 143250

>>114611 that means a lot for me hear that. Thanks. And don't think that your story is shitty. It is actually pretty engaging and often kept me wondering what would happen next, and if our actions were successful, or mistakes in the long run.

That said, take all the time you need, even if it takes a very long time. You can use this hiatus to think hard about where you want the story to go from here, or look back at your old pages of this story to rediscover some inspiration or events in the story you may have forgotten about that you would like to revisit if you decide to continue the story after you get a new computer, or get your old laptop repaired. Or you can spend time reading and participate in other people's quests and gain inspiration that way.

There is no need to rush, we're very patient and we understand your dilemma.

I do have a question for you Absurdity if you feel like answering: you gave us what you thought what Scarred Ana's theme song would be, and now I'm interested in knowing what you think the other player character's theme songs would be (Anthony, Fortune Ana, Dreamwalker). Thanks.
No. 114654 ID: 32108b

First I will say what are my decisions for the songs
For Dreamwalker it would be this one Your Guard Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Scarred Ana, for her it would be this song Cybersix opening
For you it would be The Book of Mormon: I believe
As for Anthony it would be LARRY OWENS - INTERLUDE (BOB ROSS THE JOY OF PAINTING)And finally for Absolution it is Fade to gray (Poni1kenobi & GatoPaint)
No. 114655 ID: 32108b

As for when I will be continuing my quest if I am unable to fix my laptop, it would be 24 day of this month, because that is when I should return from my trip. Don't worry I am going over my old plotpoints and seeing what I need to adress my atention to
No. 114657 ID: 32108b

One more thing that I want to point out, when I showed you all my preview characters. I told you that you can ask about six of them for some for some additional information. If you want to know a bit more about some of them
No. 114662 ID: 143250

My thoughts on the preview characters
Ambassador's people: might be that they could see us as allies, but might also see us as potential traitors considering how we disagreed with some of Ambassador's actions and his way of trying to influence Ana, but we still kept him as our bodyguard for protection. We'll just have to wait and see. In the end, it seems like they could help us as long as we stay on Ambassador's good side, but we should be careful with our actions around them and not look suspicious.

Lorence's people: Lorence hates us, despite us helping him a few times, and even giving him a means to cure Clara. I'd stay clear of these people, but who knows, maybe our actions may have changed his view on us even if just a little, but I highly doubt it. but lets stay away from them if it can be helped. Though, considering one of them seems to be an inspector, it might be difficult for us to stay hidden from them for long.

those treelike creatures: they aren't aligned with anyone, but Robbit does know Whispers and will be talking with them. I would say they are neutral. If I have to guess, I don't think they will bother us unless we do something that upsets them, or if Root or one of his members somehow convinces them to hunt us down. At the same time, I don't think they'd be interested in joining us if we ask them. that said, we won't bother them, they won't bother us.

Godfrey's people: I'm sure they'd be willing to protect us, if not leave us alone. Godfrey helped us, and see's us as people that needs protection, he'll probably let his people know to protect us if he gets out of his predicament.

Raphael's people: could go either way. Raphael wanted to take us down, but at the same time noticed our actions in sparing Rosaline, which made him happy. But at the same time, I don't know if he blames us for Flint's death and is upset with us, even if Flint made him unhappy. Though, he did tell Rosaline about how we spared her life, he didn't have to let her know that if he deeply hated us. We'll just have to see. For now, I recommend avoiding them until we know for sure what Raphael's deal is.

Cera's... people?: If we can find a way to escape from their sight, I'll take it... within reason of course. We might have to consider letting Logan have AJ while we get the benefits of WC's defense and stealth to keep them off our trail. Besides, we already have another deity, Desolation, with us we need to deal with. If AJ's magic is weakening WC's magic, and WC is able to keep Desolation from taking control, we may have to consider letting Logan have AJ as a precaution if we meet him in the hotel in case Desolation gets stronger and WC is too weak because of AJ.

My question about the preview characters
My question regarding Ambassador's people is are they cult members or not? On one hand, Ambassador wants to take down Root and take his place as ruler of the new world, and even is helping Ana who is currently fighting against Root and his people, and Ana is one of their most wanted fugitives. But on the other hand, he is good friends with Lorence, and a lot of the other members seem to see him as an ally.

I'll try to come up with at least two more questions later if I can think of some. Seems like a fair number since we are only given 6 questions.

just an idea going forwards in the story
This is only a thought I had going off my assumption that the parallel universe Robbit might create with future Ana's ashes will be the same universe but takes place at the very start of the story with Ana at the bus stop: I think in that dimension, I would like to play the role of a different astral projection Ana from a different past life help guiding this new Ana while keeping Fortune Ana contained in the current universe with the Ana we've been helping all this time in the current universe we went back in time to before meeting with Cera. The two astral projection Anas I will play won't meet or interact with each other unless the story somehow has the two meet.

Of course, this is going off the assumption that the new universe Robbit creates will be a restart to the story letting us choose a different path.
No. 114672 ID: 3261ca

Well for the Ambassador's people they are not really cult members, those two are the iron maiden maids. They are sisters one can't talk and the other one doesn't want to talk. They just maintain and clean the mansion of the Ambassador, they don't really care what happens outside but inside the mansion is what they will fight for
No. 114687 ID: 143250

Cool. Silent characters are pretty cool and mysterious. Also, the way you described them makes me think they are kind of in the neutral side of things, whether it is neutral good, or neutral evil all depends on what alignment the Ambassador is I assume. I'm a fan of neutral characters in stories, especially those that don't want to get involved in the mess the heroes an villains are fighting in.

Also, this probably doesn't matter much, but I will be in the process of moving out soon during the next two weeks to a pretty nice looking condo. Yay for me. However, it will require some work like packing my belongings, lots of driving, getting things arranged at my new place, attempt to transfer from one workplace to another, etc. It probably won't effect when I post here, but just letting you all know just in case. I'll try to post my other questions when I get the chance.
No. 114695 ID: 32108b

Well I wish you the best of luck with your moving out and I wish for you to get to your condo as soon as possible.
As for the preview characters, before And gets to interact with them, you will see most of them and figure out what kind of carecters they are.
No. 114704 ID: 93184b

So... what is this about me being a clown??
No. 114705 ID: 93184b

No. 114706 ID: 93184b

I am in no way a fucking clown. I refuse to look like a fucking jester. If you choose to continue to do this, I will murder each and every character you have ever made.
No. 114707 ID: 93184b

No. 114708 ID: 3261ca

Hmmmmmmm, alright I believe that we can come to some agreement. The thing about that character is that I never expected for someone to actually play that role in the story, that is why I took the liberty in customising that character. If you want to participate in the story, I will give you a chance to customise your appearance if you really want to
No. 114709 ID: 3261ca

Also why the clown hate :(
She isn't one of those evil crazy clown killers. The way why I dressed her like that is because she feels comfortable looking like that
No. 114713 ID: 3261ca

Well that's what I imagined for the character to be like
No. 114714 ID: 93184b

Ooookaaaaay, calm down everyone. Alright as for the character redesign I think the one I did is good but it's not really my call. But maybe she can leave some of the classic designs in? Maybe a colorful outfit and the same colors the old mask over the new (I did think my redesign was lacking in something) I don't know not really my call. Honestly my best advice would be if she really did want to be with Anthony she wouldn't really want to scare him due to a crippling fear of clowns, so in order to be closer to him she would change the outfit a little. Like I said I don't feel this is my call to make.

As for the clown hate... well you already know my own fear of them. As for why my S.O. hates them... I don't really know...
No. 114717 ID: 93184b

As why to I hate clowns, that is very personal. And I would change my outfit to make Anthony like me a lot more. More than friends...if you catch my drift. Anthony is helping me draw up my new outfit. But I do plan on keeping most of your original ideas in.
No. 114720 ID: 93184b

Okay I put a design up in the draw thread... it's um... quite sexy...
No. 114722 ID: 3261ca

As I previously said all those terms are negotiable and you will see how I will implement all of that in the story. Only problem is that she has already appeared wearing that costume and I won't be retconing that part which is already established about her
No. 114723 ID: 5d13f5

No retcons, please... I hate when authors do that.
No. 114727 ID: 143250

progress report: so I spent the entire day just closing on the condo and going through all sorts of contracts to sign. Bottom line, I'm an official home owner now. Now it is just a matter of moving my belonging there, (already got the bed frame, vacuum, and outdoor table set up today) and try to score a job closer to my new place (otherwise, I'll have to drive about an hour to get to where I work currently). I'm so tired right now.

my second question (making it the third question asked in total) for the preview characters: regarding the characters aligned with nobody, are they from this universe, or from a totally different universe? I'm assuming the characters aligned with nobody are not from this dimension as they don't look like something you would see on earth, but then again, Black Tomato, Absolution, Dreamwalker, and the ash tree exist on earth. Also, Robbit did say he was going to talk with Whispers to get us the prequel story, so I'm assuming that Whispers must have been from this universe to know about the events in order to give the story to us if he decides to let us have it.
No. 114728 ID: 143250

also, You all are making me want to make an avatar character of my own for the story, heh heh.
No. 114730 ID: 5d13f5

And like that, you and I have come full circle, haha. The whole reason I created Scarred Ana's name was because you had become Fortune Ana. Now with all of these new avatars you're thinking of making one too.
No. 114738 ID: 32108b

First of all I am happy to hear that you finished with the moving out. I personally know how those actions can be a hassle and draining annoyance to deal with

As for the faction that is allied with nobody some of them exist inside the Ash tree other exist among the Branches of the Ash tree

As for you having your worlds avatar in the story, hmmm well you can be practically a philosopher of the cult. Just say your name, describe how your avatar would look and I will find the way how to implement him in the story
No. 114748 ID: dec6b1

Important to remember the Whispers likes pudding. But it can't have any. Because it is allergic.
No. 114750 ID: 93184b

And it is also vitally important that they get their daily supplement of shrimp. But they must be prepared in the French style... but never the Italian style....
No. 114788 ID: 143250


Thanks. I'm not done packing out just yet, I only just got done with signing contracts and paying the closing costs to officially own the place. I just now have to get things out of my current room where I live, get internet service prepared there, and then I'll be all set. May take a week or two as I also have two jobs to juggle as well as moving things over to my new place. As such, free time will be very tight until it is done, so don't expect me to post too much. Also don't be afraid to continue the story without me if I don't respond. There is no need to pause the story on my behalf.

For the character, a Philosopher is an interesting role. I can imagine him having an interest in preserving, reading and researching books while having dreams of being a story writer and poet (kind of like how Anthony is an artist in drawing)

For looks: mask shape is pretty standard, nothing special stands out. The only really unique thing about it is that there is writings on the mask as relates to his interests in reading and studying books, and writing stories and poems. It's probably something like a very short and simple phrase, or word, nothing too intense. Wears square shaped glasses over the mask. Glasses are kind of glaring making it difficult to see his eyes. Wears a hooded cloak when at work preserving and researching, or when he isn't working, a typical comfortable hoodie. Behind the mask, still has the glaring glasses, but when he isn't wearing them, his eyes are a little sleep deprived. has Standard medium size hair, and a short beard. I can draw out the character later once I find the time to.

personality: introverted. Kind of lazy and sleepy at times (from staying up too late reading, writing, internet browsing or playing video games as it is mostly the only time he is free from work). Likes to ideally be alone and stay out of trouble, and as such, doesn't talk too much and prefers to let his thoughts out through his writings. He's happy as long as he has his books to protect and read, and a way to write his poems and stories without being bothered too much. While he is smart and proficient when working, his flaws is that he can be distracted by his own thoughts, but is a hard worker when he manages not to get distracted. Even though he doesn't show it, or can appear annoyed with others, he is not above helping people if they need it (within reason of course). He genuinely likes making others happy or likes making them think, and can enjoy the company even if he can't think of much to say, and even if he doesn't show the appreciation at times.

I won't give out my real name, instead, I just go with the name "Nathaniel" I'll let you come up with the nickname since it seems like the group gives people their nicknames (like when Cera gave Ana the title of nightmare bringer), and also because I can't think of one.

If you want me to think up a backstory like how the person playing Anthony thought up one for him, I would be interested. I have some ideas, but you may have some of your own.
No. 114794 ID: 3583d1

Nathaniel the Librarian maybe?
No. 114796 ID: 1187e2
File 150361091638.jpg - (184.89KB , 428x956 , Discussion thread 15.jpg )

This how I imagine your avatar to look, if you want me to add some corrections I will do it. The reason why I imagined your avatar as the Philosopher is because of the way you interacted with the story. You always trying to see things from different perspectives. As for all the avatar characters I want every single one of you to represent a different use in the story As for your moving out I hope it all goes smoothly and you mentioned that you have two jobs that can be really stressful. I wish for you to be strong
No. 114801 ID: 143250

Thanks for your concern. Yes, it is stressful at times, but I can manage. At the very least, I enjoy one of the jobs I'm working for (for one thing, I get to work for what I went to college for and work at home) The other job is a little tougher, but I at least have a lot of friends at the other place I work. I'm gonna miss them if I am able to transfer to another store closer to my new place.

the avatar character: The profession of the character makes a lot of sense to me considering how I participated in the story, which is pretty cool.

The character design looks great as well. I think the only change would be if the beard was shorter, we will be all set.

Thank you.

The Librarian seems like a silly nickname. I'd be totally on board with that, lol.
No. 114844 ID: 143250

a quick character retrospective regarding the character Fortune Ana: although I play her as a nice person trying to see both sides of everything and trying to avoid conflict whenever possible, I like to think that she may have had a dark side to her in her forgotten past life. I think parts of her dark past could be resurfacing very slowly as shown with the choice between saving her best friend Falafaf, or choosing to end Spirit Parasite in that split second. Without giving a second thought, She immediately chose killing off Spirit parasite without consulting or considering the feelings of Scarred Ana, Robbit, Dreamwalker, or Falafaf herself even though Falafaf promised to eliminate Spirit Parasite even if it meant sacrificing herself. Plus, as I said before, Fortune Ana has high respect for Falafaf as her student, and as her friend. Seeing as she chose to stop Spirit Parasite immediately without a second thought and without regret even though she feels bad about sacrificing Falafaf could be seen as a little out of character and a little suspicious about her.
No. 114847 ID: 13eacf

On the topic of Fortune Ana, I kinda feel as if I've been writing somethings about her before you really have a chance to okay them. Like most of the stuff I've written/drawn involve her being a scholar/healer type that may have some forbidden knowledge. Now with that in mind, her just suddenly turning like that makes me think that maybe she had a hand in some other kinds of work. Honestly the way that she is currently makes me think she might go the way of something like Magnus the Red from warhammer 40k, a scholar who due to her own overconfidence and through the machinations of other's fooling her, fell to darker powers. And while on the topic of forbidden knowledge some of the stuff I've written/drawn are from real sources of old magic and knowledge. Similarly to how all of Scarred Ana's magic is Nordic inspired, most of what I've done for Fortune Ana revolves around real world Alchemy, even that poem about "the bird of hermes" is from a famous alchemical text known as the riply scroll. I'll link that down below so you can take a look at it.


But I digress, what do you think of the way I have portrayed your character in my writing and drawings thus far?
No. 114849 ID: 143250

I've been okay with them, really. Sorry for not speaking out about it. Really, I've kept her past open for the author Absurdity to flesh out as I think it will make things more of a surprise if we ever find out what her past is, and how it will effect me and how I've been playing her. If Absurdity wants to use some of the things you fleshed out for Fortune Ana, that is fine by me. If not, I'm also okay with it and will be interested in seeing where my character's future and past will be headed, if he decides to do that.
No. 114856 ID: 143250

That aside, I wanted to let you all know that Saturday, I will be moving my computers over to the new home, and get internet service set up there, and after that, I will be moving other heavy things most of the day. Please do not let this stop you from continuing the main story. No pausing will be necessary. Besides, I think at this point, it would make sense for Fortune Ana to do a lot of thinking about what she had done before she can properly speak to Ana again.
No. 114870 ID: 1187e2

Well the thing why I made you all sort of not remember things is because for me to have a element of surprise. As for in story explanation there is a reason and when the time is right you all will know the reason. Also I wish you the best of luck, for your moving
No. 114900 ID: ae9b99

I'm wondering what Cera and her people's reaction to all that is going on right now with the jack in the box, the orchestra, and everything right at this moment. I'm sure it's hilarious.
No. 114902 ID: 1187e2
File 150394354658.jpg - (390.67KB , 1088x858 , Discussion thread 16.jpg )

No. 114903 ID: ae9b99

Ah, okay. Thanks. Then I'm assuming those cracks are just part of Ana's vision, and not the timeline getting destroyed. You can ignore my post in the story regarding that.
No. 114906 ID: ae9b99

Oh, another question, I know Cera and everyone can't see what is going on in Ana's head, but can she hear the voices through the totems? This is all happening before Ana broke Scarred's totem, and lost Fortune's totem. Is she hearing Scarred screaming, and Fortune crying?
No. 114907 ID: 1187e2

No they can't hear any of this
No. 114908 ID: 1187e2

What I feared the most happened, you didn't see the perfect opening that I have give you all

No. 114910 ID: 9ecbd6

Oh yes I did...
No. 114912 ID: 13eacf

Or did we really miss something huge and it wasn't exactly clear what and I ended up fucking it up...?
No. 114914 ID: 13eacf

Because I mean seriously... at this point I'm fucking guessing what they hell that meant, I don't know how to take down what you have set before us, and honestly these have been some desperation measures taken here. So you referenced what is said at the end and to apply it to the start.. the start of what? This whole dream sequence? The start of the quest? Something isn't clear enough, and it's just getting frustrating. I feel like we are trying to break down a wall with a pencil...
No. 114915 ID: 1187e2

Well that song that I ended at that part; Is this a dream or is it real?
The next sentence in the song is; Sometimes the dream becomes reality. Which is something that Dreamwalker would say. What I hoped is for you to connect and for you to continue where the song ended at my part
No. 114918 ID: ae9b99

lol. You can still put that in if you want in the next panel.
No. 114919 ID: 3583d1

I just did
No. 114920 ID: 1187e2

I am sorry if I am a little bit pushing this, but there will be an awesome payoff. Also to be honest I don't know how to any other way to continue forward. I mean I could but I will have to rethink a lot of things
No. 114921 ID: ae9b99

hmm... If your confused on where the story will go from here, Perhaps if we clear this hurdle, you can end the chapter, do some thinking, and work on the couple of quests you started recently until you are ready again.
No. 114924 ID: 1187e2

No it is not that I don't know how to finish this chapter, it is the only way that I know how to finish for now it is with that song
No. 114928 ID: 3583d1

I mean I'm having fun and all with it, but... you know what this technically is right???


I couldn't resist... sorry...
No. 114932 ID: 1187e2

Yeah you are completely right in that assessment, once again I apologise for this


No. 114937 ID: 4bfce0

Hey as long as I'm having fun, also it's really satisfying to fuck over Essence.
No. 114938 ID: 4bfce0

So this is something I wrote as a kind of additional background for Fortune Ana. However, because she isn't my character I don't really consider this Canon unless it would be otherwise specified. The background for this whole thing is a kind of council meeting of the scholars of Fortune Ana, some of whom are turning to a darker side of magic and knowledge. I really got the idea for this because it's been hinted at that Fortune Ana may have had a darker side to her that we don't know about. The actual name is used are supposed to be mysterious, like people that Fortune knew and trusted on her Journey, one of them may be someone we already know... but we may never know. So just take a look and tell me what you think, like I said, I don't consider this to be canon, it can be, but unless this has the go ahead, think of this as just fan-fic stuff.

Locke: The heretic library burns! The books of the false prophet burns with arcane fire! We now stand upon the precipice of vindication, of vengeance, of justice, at long last!
The Arbiter: Traitor! Do you think we have forgotten your betrayal, Locke? Did you believe we would forget your slight against us?
Fortune Ana: ENOUGH! You are all my children, born of our collective knowledge. Some, loyal and faithful throughout the years, others who have left to pursue their own knowledge and insight, walking their own paths. But the separations of the past mean nothing now. All paths have led back here. The blade of fate hangs above the remnants of the False Disciples of the Ash. Together, we shall drive it deep into the broken remnants of the deceivers! The miserable echoes of The Root of Ash will face our legions, renewed with arcane strength. Conclaves of our Sorcerers and Scholars will shatter the Deceivers battlements! Hordes of our fallen bretheren shall return to the battlefield to harvest every soul within their fallen walls!
Scholar: But the False Disciples Great one...
Fortune Ana: They will break, their final stronghold will burn. Their waters will turn poisonous, and the last of their ilk will cry over their own blackened funeral pyre...

At long last my children, there will be justice for our Enclave...
No. 114951 ID: ae9b99

Pretty interesting take on the character. As I said, I'll leave it to Absurdity to flesh out the past of Fortune Ana if he wants to. If he wants to make your story for that character canon, I'm on board with it.
No. 114987 ID: bccf1a


So before any guesses are made let's talk them out here. Alright so my first guess is Mother Gaia, especially given that the singer in that part of the song that Essence stopped us from sing is called "love" but also given that we have her Rose of hope, so maybe if we call upon that we can get out of this situation.

Another Candidate I've thought of is Absurdity given he could also come and fix this mess but Essence has also said that she could stop him. I figured this could Also apply to Robbit as well, especially how she made him his bitch...

However the other one that I thought of was AJ, where is he through all of this? He is bound to Ana and her psyche is currently being messed with. So why hasn't he stepped up yet?
No. 114999 ID: ae9b99

No. 115001 ID: 1187e2

Well place your answer in the Root and branches quest
No. 115132 ID: a8cedc

Pretty much Essences ending summed up right here...

Because seriously... what the fuck did we even do?
No. 115133 ID: e6b69c

Well this episode was the main inspiration for that whole part

No. 115306 ID: ae9b99

My question is directed more towards the suggester playing scarred Ana: based off of everything, will we be changing our main antagonist to fight with to Essence over Root and Andrew, or do you still feel the Root and Andrew are still our main antagonist? I feel with the amount of power Essence has with controlling almost everything she see's fit, it feels like she could be our main antagonist now, with Root being the decoy antagonist to distract us from the real evil http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DiscOneFinalBoss?from=Main.DecoyAntagonist
No. 115315 ID: 3583d1

To answer that question I think we will be seeing a mix of the two. I think Essence will be the end boss or at least a stepping stone anyway. I can see her going to Andrew who I imagine is a being similar to her in power and joining forces. But honestly it can go either way.
No. 115321 ID: ae9b99

It makes me wonder who is more powerful: Andrew, or Essence.
No. 115336 ID: aa1e7b

Hmm... maybe if we somehow put them against one another we might find out...
No. 115421 ID: 4fc114
File 150481887269.jpg - (506.02KB , 1420x1088 , Discussion thread 17.jpg )

No. 115427 ID: ae9b99

hmm... makes me wonder: if we at the beginning of the story chose not to fight against Root, as well as not join him, would he have left us alone to try to escape and do our own thing, or would he still come after us to take us down or attempt for us to join him for whatever reason? And for that matter, would people like Logan, or Laura from the fbi try to have us join them, or kill us for taking a neutral route.

no need to answer that, just talking to myself :).
No. 115438 ID: 4fc114

Sorry I was unable to upload much stuff today, I had some things to do and watch the new it movie
No. 115439 ID: ae9b99

Don't worry about it. Hope the movie gave you some inspiration. How was It?
No. 115440 ID: 4fc114

How was It the movie or it the clown
No. 115444 ID: 3583d1


*shudders in fear* Where do you think Anthony/myself first got our fear of clowns?
No. 115445 ID: ae9b99

No. 115447 ID: 4fc114

Film was great, creepy and scary. The flute girl was the scariest thing in the movie. As for the clown, he was the bogeyman that eats little children
No. 115458 ID: a2d9cf

something I thought of while reading through the last thread, incidentally I think would would like to see the wolf pack guys, hell I even have a drawing in mind for them. I think I know a way to make them part of Scarred Ana's timeline, maybe we can make some allies out of them... maybe


knight 1: My lord Godfrey, we have learned of a new possible threat to the people of the city, our scouts have photographed them... *shows photos of the Wolf Pack mercenaries*
Godfrey: *slightly drunk* FURRIES...
Knight 1:... A-absolve me my negligence my lord, what do you mean-
Godfrey: FURRIES!!!
Knight 2: My lord I think you mistak-*gets smacked in the face with a rubber chicken by Godfrey*
Godfrey: FOOLS!!! BEHOLD!!! *shows pictures of wolf furries*
Knight 1: My lord, these aren't furry cosplayers, they are vile mercenaries who have succumbed to madness and turned into beasts! We have to purge them for-
Godfrey: FAHCK YOU!!! FURRIES!!!
Knight 1:... of course my lord... they are indeed furries...
Godfrey: GOOD.
No. 115463 ID: 4fc114

Well I was planning that the Wolf pack and The Cross Ash would go one against the others
No. 115467 ID: a2d9cf

[spoiler]Oh dear... that's not good, I love werewolf lore and even have created some stories about their association with Vikings, and I love knights... What a tear in my favorites... I have a feeling getting them to an understanding will be pretty difficult... Nevertheless, I will try!
No. 115496 ID: ae9b99

For the Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions thread, with this Missing Pieces short story, I think we should stay silent. I believe this portion is being shown to Spoony on the tape. Anything we say can and will be used against us. Probably best to not say anything just in case.
No. 115675 ID: ae9b99

The fact that Essence was able to look through this discussion thread, and take something Anthony said here as eveidence (which I thought this thread was supposed to be private) makes me suspect that she is well aware that she knows that she is just a fictional character in a story written by absurdity masked man, which would explain a lot about her actions. Would also explain why she shown some interest in Anthony, because in a way, he and Scarred Ana is one in the same, both being played by one person. And she knows this.

Can you imagine what would happen if she found a way to escape to the real world?

Also, Essence OP, plz nerf. lol.
No. 115676 ID: 16913c

lol probably, I even outlined it for her, calling myself "Lawful Good" and "Meta-1" in the other did thread. I think I broke her brain on that one.
No. 115677 ID: 4fc114

Just to address something, Essence isn't really one of those characters that break the fort wall. In the story she is more like you only with the tangible body. That what she showed was more to indicate what she heard and used against you. That whole trope of characters knowing that they are a part of the movie, comic, book or video game is a little bit overdone for me. I don't have nothing against those tropes, I just feel that the world of the story suffers when the characters start peeking behind the curtains. And I know what an oxymoron is saying that when I have a literal storyteller character in my story called Absurdity

As for the nerf
No. 115690 ID: 16913c

I figure this might bring a little smile to your face, because today I used Root and Branches in the classroom today. As I've stated, I work as a substitute teacher during the school year and today I was in one of my town's high schools in a 9th grade English class. One of the girls had finished her assignments early and was attempting to write something like a story but was suffering from writers block. So I gave her a couple prompts to get her started.

"A girl is waiting for her bus, but it's been 20 minutes and it still hasn't shown. The street is empty and quiet and the evening sky is a uniform grey."

Then I drew the Ash tree symbol as another prompt for her. And this started a conversation with her friend.

Girl: That looks like a skull
Friend: Yeah it also looks like a tree...

I was both amazed and a little creeped out that she successfully guess what it was.
No. 115692 ID: 4fc114

Please don't start a cult at your school or do anything that might endanger your job, other then that cool story
No. 115694 ID: 16913c

I t h a s a l r e a d y b e g u n.
No. 115695 ID: 4fc114

No. 115696 ID: 4fc114

No. 115721 ID: 4fc114

Look at this awesome art piece that one person did, is so reminds me of the trunk of the Ash Tree
No. 115802 ID: 3583d1

That is almost uncanny...
No. 115804 ID: 4fc114

No. 115805 ID: 4fc114

It is true what they say there is no original idea
No. 115807 ID: ae9b99

simpsons has done everything anyway.
No. 115808 ID: 4fc114

No. 115835 ID: ae9b99

regarding the recent update: if Scarred Ana draws a triangle over the #19 trumpet, is it considered an Illuminati joke?
No. 115848 ID: 4fc114

Only if you believe that Illuminati controls our dreams
No. 115852 ID: 3583d1
File 150584219995.jpg - (1.47MB , 2578x3373 , IMG_3408.jpg )


... You think?
No. 115853 ID: 4fc114

No. 115867 ID: ae9b99

just a question: the Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions thread, is it a bunch of short stories that takes place in the Root and Branches stories (and possible other stories you've created)? if so, that is a pretty fun concept, getting to see how other characters are doing.
No. 115869 ID: 4fc114

Yeah that was pretty much the main idea of that thread, the main inspiration was the 22 short story of Springfield
No. 115871 ID: ae9b99

hmmm... I wonder who we are going to see in this then.
No. 115872 ID: 4fc114

You will just have to wait and see. actually who would you like to see the story of in that thread. I am curious to hear your answer?

No. 115888 ID: ae9b99

You don't have to take our requests, I prefer things to be a cool (or horrible) surprise on which characters we follow.

If your really curious, where do I even start? Mostly, I guess I want to see how Laura and Dreamwalker will try to escape, but that might not be for a while since Dreamwalker is a little busy talking to Falafaf, a flaming haired guy, and a sleeping Fortune Ana.

We can look into Laura from the FBI,


there is the other characters we control besides our Anas (Anthony or Nathaniel) that we can follow,

the Ambassador, maybe see where he even came from

maybe a section of Scarred or Fortune's past life, but that one is kind of a long shot

that guy who got burned mercilessly by Ana and fell off the building

but most importantly, we HAVE to see how Masturbating Mike and Handjob Hank is doing

Also, this might be a good thread to look into those other stories that were locked to us and needed multiple keys for us to unlock earlier. Speaking of which, how many keys do we have now?
No. 115894 ID: 4fc114

Laura and Dreamwalker will actually be the main characters in chapter 4.

As for the other Laura from the FBI, I will keep it a secret what she is doing. He he he he!

As for stretch his part in the Fractured memories I have already planned out and it will be interesting to see.

Anthony or Nathaniel I will see about them maybe something in the future

For the Ambassador he will be a partial character for the upcoming story in the Fractured memories story

As for the Scarred or Fortune's past life, the way how I was planning to do that is if you to tell your version of the story when the memories return at the end of the journey

The guy who got burned mercilessly by Ana and fell off the building, he will return!

As for Masturbating Mike and Handjob Hank, they will show up when America needs them the most!

No. 115896 ID: 4fc114

You are completely right I can implement really easily those other stories that were locked. I will see how I will implement that mechanic again
No. 115939 ID: ae9b99

Pretty cool. Don't push yourself too hard though.
No. 115940 ID: 963ae7

Fortune Ana is in for quite a shock when she wakes up...
No. 115943 ID: ae9b99

The question is, does she even wants to wake up? lol.
No. 115944 ID: 963ae7

Probably not, and waking up to see your best friend, the person who she leans on for courage is missing an arm and looks like an emotional train wreck won't help much either...

I'm just hoping she does so she can help her out. *cough*
No. 116064 ID: ae9b99

My personal thoughts on these new guys Ana met: they seem nice enough, probably not one of Root's people, but I wouldn't have Ana get too attached to them. I feel that if any cult members came in demanding where Ana is in exchange for their own safety, they would probably throw Ana and her friends under the bus.

It would probably be best to come up with an escape plan or a hiding place, or set up a trap in her room before Ana decides to sleep like the letter recommends.

No. 116078 ID: 4fc114
File 150642339476.jpg - (211.71KB , 1112x609 , Discussion thread 18.jpg )

No. 116080 ID: 3583d1

Okay so after all that went down in the draw thread I’m wanting to let you know Im done with that character. Marty does belong to you, so I’m giving you back the reins on him. I was really just having fun with the ideas of him, especially since we are getting close to seeing past events, and wanted to create something like an evil memory come back to life, a blast from the past seeking vengence. But honestly I thought it got way out of hand at the end there (no pun intended) so I’m pretty much done with him. So I’m giving that guy back over to you. So right now if you wanted to kill him off you could. Sorry if it got way too crazy there.
No. 116083 ID: 4fc114
File 150643772248.jpg - (560.93KB , 1692x904 , Discussion thread 19.jpg )

No. 116086 ID: ae9b99

what did you want to ask?
No. 116088 ID: 4fc114

I would prefer if you still had the control of that character. Also you know that I like it when things get way too crazy
No. 116089 ID: 3a80a6

Why not both? It’s already been established that human that are defended from gods tend to have some kind of power and have odd afterlives. And it’s also been established that both he and Anthony are/were artists. This is just an idea though.
No. 116090 ID: 4fc114
File 150644326620.jpg - (421.42KB , 1262x1007 , Discussion thread 20.jpg )

No. 116092 ID: 3a80a6

Hmm... I’d say it’s complex story that is complexly told. But this is mostly due to the nature of story telling on Tg as well as having multiple threads running parallel to events in the main story line. For instance if someone wanted to pick up your story they would have to read through a lot of different threads and try and figure out where everything fits together.
No. 116122 ID: ae9b99

in regards of the decision we will have to make later on whether Ana should still confront Root, or just try to escape and survive, my heart is set currently on having her just run away. With the tremendous amount of enemies we'd have to face, Cera's unsettling prediction on how Ana will die if she continues fighting them, not having a lot of people in our group with some that could potentially betray us, Essence using her god powers to mess with us whenever she wants, I feel the odds our tremendously against us if we continue going against them. Besides, I believe from the very start, she was going to be chased by them regardless of if she had decided to confront them or not. I feel that just running away will severely foil their plans in a major way without having to fight them, whatever they needed Ana for to begin with.

But I have a question if Ana decides to just run from it all and try to survive: is it required that she has to escape through the forest? I think I remember somewhere hearing that regardless of what choice she makes, she is required to go through it, but I might be remembering wrong. If she does have to go into the forest after she decides to take the survivors route, I'm interested in knowing why she would still have to escape through the forest.
No. 116126 ID: d98041
File 150647535302.jpg - (371.18KB , 1692x599 , Discussion thread 21.jpg )

No. 116129 ID: ae9b99

Cool. Can't wait to see what kind of weird stupid shenanigans we will come across in the forest, lol

A couple more questions:

1. does the forest have a name?

2. a few times, there was a username "trustworthy voice". Was that you, or will it be a character we have not yet seen?
No. 116159 ID: d98041
File 150652154430.jpg - (322.53KB , 1300x704 , Discussion thread 22.jpg )

No. 116204 ID: 1667ef

New dream... This. Everyone gets this one. Or maybe this is what Delilah saw while on a bender one time... Regardless something tells me you will appreciate it.

No. 116205 ID: ae9b99

glad to see you're finally back with Laura and making more dreams/nightmares.
No. 116207 ID: ae9b99

also, dumb question for Dreamwalker: do you give Anthony nightmares? He is one of Root's people, and you did vow to give everyone who is part of his order nightmares...
No. 116209 ID: 1667ef

Technically I never left Laura. I am able to split myself within a certain range and send myself out. It’s not permanent though. My main body is with Laura and I’ve always got my eye on her. She alway will be safe with me. As for Anthony, honestly no. I don’t give him Nightmares. In fact there are a handful of people with the cult, but not actually IN the cult if you see what I mean. Anthony is one of them, Godfrey and most of his people are another. Funny thing is with Anthony is because he is my descendant he has a small modicum of power, it’s how he sees people when he dreams and where he draws them from.
No. 116210 ID: 1667ef

Also I never stopped giving dreams and nightmares either. That’s something I’m always doing. See from my own body is the flow of dreams and imagination. And this flow is what gives people dreams. I can change dreams around as much as I want, but most all dreams are based around people’s own experiences and fears. But my curse will always be in place for the cult. Some of them have already started taking pills for sleeping problems. It’s just going to get worse for them...
No. 116212 ID: ae9b99

Anthony should be careful on who or what he draws from his dreams. He might draw someone or something he will regret later, like someone who doesn't want his or her identity to be revealed, and would want revenge, or a cursed artifact or symbol or something.

But yeah, I think it is soon time for Laura to awaken. Lots of people are hinting that you need to start focusing all your attention on her now.
No. 116214 ID: d98041
File 150659689699.jpg - (490.67KB , 1610x759 , Discussion thread 23.jpg )

No. 116227 ID: ae9b99

Nope, it isn't permanent, don't worry.

I guess what I'm doing is I'm taking a break to think about a lot of things about my character Fortune Ana, and how to proceed with her.

(wall of text. I apologize)

One of the things I'm thinking about is her morality after everything that has happened. Things I'm taking into consideration is how she would feel about accepting one of her best friends, present Falafaf's offer to cancel her date to help us after the events with Spirit Parasite. For one thing, she feels intense guilt for abandoning future Falafaf, and would probably feel even more guilt if she had present Falafaf help her even if it meant forgetting about her date, whether it be to have her help further her fortune telling training, or have Falafaf physically fight with us. Fortune Ana would feel like as if she is disrespecting future Falafaf's death tremendously as it would look like she is thinking future Falafa's life didn't matter at all, and would feel like she would only be using present Falafaf as a replacement.
But at the same time, I guess you can say Fortune Ana feels a little betrayed by future Falafaf. She did after all recommended to Falafaf to stay in the power suit, but was ultimately ignored by her, and paid the price for it by getting impaled by Spirit Parasite. Also, Future Falafaf did say on her own without the influence of the voices that she would take down Spirit Parasite even if it meant sacrificing her life. Fortune Ana really took that into consideration to justify defeating Spirit Parasite over saving Future Falafaf. However, after Falafaf fell into the void, and accepted Essence's help after thinking we abandoned her, Fortune Ana may have felt a little betrayed that Future Falafaf went back on her word of sacrificing her life to save the multiverse, and possibly seeing Ana and the voices as her enemies at that point. Considering this, Fortune Ana might also think that accepting Present Falafaf's help might be a little risky as that hint of betrayal and mistrust may be within present Falafaf. Putting all this into consideration, that is why in her sleep talk, she recommended Falafaf not to worry about helping and risk losing her happiness or her life, and just enjoy her date.

As for Ana, I'm putting into consideration as to what she might truly think of Fortune Ana. For one thing, after she broke Scarred Ana's totem in anger, she went back and took all the effort to fix it again. However, she never mentioned what happened to Fortune Ana's totem or if she bothered to even look for it again. Also, when we came back to Cera, and Fortune Ana was offering to tell a story to everyone, Ana interrupted and told her own story, and fixed her tarot card. Ana next before she was leaving and decided instead of keeping a calm head, went ahead and threatened Cera. She claims she did it because she wanted to be like Scarred, but Fortune Ana might wonder if there is more to it than that, like maybe Ana had lost respect for Fortune Ana in her journey in some way, and she might have to think about how she can regain Ana's trust in her.
This whole scenario could be symbolic also: Scarred Ana's totem got damaged, and now Scarred Ana herself got damaged after losing her arm. Fortune Ana's totem is missing, and now Fortune Ana herself is missing, hiding from the dangers of reality in her little dream land and trying to find herself and how to proceed.

speaking of totems, we can't forget that her totem has been lost ever since she threw away and broke Scarred Ana's totem. We don't know for sure where it ended up. For all we know, one of Root's people, or Essence might have taken it to eavesdrop on what she says and use what she says against her, and find out where she is. (I know Anthony said he has it, but I don't know if that is confirmed, or if that was only a false memory.) That said, when Fortune Ana comes back, I'm going to have to be very careful what to say as to not say anything that could be used against us. Fortune Ana's voice may have been compromised.

Lastly, I think Fortune Ana is trying to come to grips with her abandonment issues, and that she might not in fact be a good person like she was trying to be through the quest, also fearing she might have in her past life been even worse. She abandoned future Falafaf to stop Spirit Parasite, and she almost abandoned Ana when she felt everything was hopeless after Essence started to try to take control of Ana again before Dreamwalker and Laura came in to save her. Perhaps everything Fortune Ana has done or is currently doing might stem from her not being happy with the story path Ana is taking of confronting Root, or perhaps after all the suffering, she lost her way. But maybe a change of scenery might be good for her. You did say the next chapter will focus on Laura. Maybe perhaps since Fortune Ana is sleeping, Dreamwalker can take her subconscious with him to help out Laura for a while.

All that said, don't worry. I just need time to think about what to do with Fortune Ana. I apologize for the wall of text, but I thought it would be fun to explore what I think is going on in Fortune Ana's mind. I haven't given up on the story. It has been engaging so far
No. 116231 ID: d98041
File 150663099298.jpg - (209.43KB , 1588x464 , Discussion thread 24.jpg )

No. 116249 ID: ae9b99

Thanks. That means a lot.

As I said, she will return once she is finished with her meditative sleep (or rather once I figure out what direction I want to steer the character in). In the meantime, I'll spectate how the story will proceed for a while in order to help me decide where to go with her.
I think a good place for her to make suggestions again is when the chapter with Laura begins. Helping Laura in her perspective might help Fortune Ana rediscover and find out who she is and what she has become after the events with Essence, and Spirit Parasite happened. It might help her regain the confidence she needs back to help Ana properly when she officially returns to Ana. Helping Laura will also be kind of like a fresh start for her in a way.
It's not set in stone though, it also depends where the story goes from here and what events will happen leading to the next chapter. That said, She will return at some point.

Hypothetical question for Dreamwalker: you were recommended by your guide, (the flaming haired guy that the Great constructor had made to guide you to your full potential) to consume the memories of mortals to grow stronger, and you refused. I have a question: say that somebody went through some horrific traumatizing events, had lost everything and has nothing to gain and nothing to lose, and wants to forget it all to escape their downward spiraling depression. would you consume their memories so they can forget their traumatizing past and live on without those stressful memories, or would you refuse and attempt to find another way to help them?
Also, if Scarred Ana or Fortune Ana, or even Ana herself were in a position where they needed to ask you to consume their memories to forget certain events and make you stronger, would you do it?

lastly, for the person controlling the other characters (Dreamwalker, Scarred Ana, Anthony, etc.), would you be interested in exploring their minds like I did with Fortune Ana? you don't have to if you don't want to. For instance: I am interested into knowing why Scarred Ana continuously tried to fight against Essence even though she knew everything she tried wouldn't work (like her attacks phasing right through Essence many times), and ignoring Fortune Ana's warnings many times to stop. I'm also interested as to why Dreamwalker is pushing himself so hard especially after all the damaged he sustained and should be healing himself with Laura. What is making him be so self-destructive all of a sudden?
No. 116252 ID: d98041
File 150664693186.jpg - (354.66KB , 1748x488 , Discussion thread 25.jpg )

No. 116254 ID: ae9b99

Yep. I'll participate in the prequel. I'll be interested to see what kind of person/people we will be focusing on there.

And please don't feel that you need to rush to finish the chapter for my sake. Take your time.

Really, how I think one of the ways I will probably be approaching this next chapter for Fortune Ana is to try to get her to learn not to abandon reality for dreams, and try to accept reality for what it is to regain the will to help Ana properly again, no matter what kinds of suffering Essence or Root might have in store for her and Ana.

side note, I just got done watching one of my favorite animes, Paranoia Agent, and I might have gotten a little inspired by that in a way. I recommend you watch it as well if you haven't already, I feel it is right up your alley, Absurdity. It is a pretty good psychological thriller with dark comedy, and a focus on many characters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seV2DwFu3Lg[/spoilers]
No. 116255 ID: d98041

I have already watched it. I have a question about that whole series, do you think that there was something supernatural happening in the series or do you think it was a case of mass hysteria
No. 116264 ID: ae9b99

mass hysteria, all caused by people looking for an easy way out of the pressures of life, suffering, or responsibilities. Whether it is externally like being falsely accused by everyone or tight deadlines, or internally like mental illnesses such as Dissociative identity disorder or depression.

All their problems are solved in a very unhealthy way in the form of a false savior who doesn't even exist and was made up to give people a simple way out of their problems by knocking them out/killing them when they've reached their limits and feeding off everyone's rumors until it gets out of hand, or a plush dog toy that can help ease people worries trying to convince them to forget their issues rather than facing reality and their challenges.

Also, I love the soundtrack. It really fits the show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhVHb9Dj-DI

I have a question, have your opinion of our characters changed from when we began to now, Especially after what happened recently? Have you've been surprised by some of the actions we have taken?
No. 116275 ID: 3583d1

Yes I could hypothetically eat those memories if they really wanted me too but it’s not an end all be all cure. The human mind is actually fairly fragile when it comes to things that can really harm it. Mostly these kinds of memories and experiences are what cause PTSD, and while I can eat those memories they can change me just as they change the people who initially had them. And even still the damage to the mind is still there, it’s like removing a nail, I can take out the cause but the damage is still there. But with time those wounds may begin to heal. But even still, I would be taking this memory into myself which in turn is really what created my other form of Phobetor. See the thing you have to realize about Gods and celestial beings is that we represent all parts of life, the good the bad and the ugly, with the possible exception of one being, it’s why we can never truly “die” we just stop existing as you know it. Gaia is nature incarnate but she also represents life and death, decay and renewal. I represent the mind and imagination, which are the building blocks of progress and hope, for progress can bring change and change can be either good or bad which in turn affect the mind. Absolution was magic and chaos but he also represents the opposite side of this, law and order. His magic has the power to change reality but someone has to be around to keep reality in check. My father represents time and space which are in turn reflections of each other. Without him the laws of physics would cease to exist I think it’s why Essence would never try to kill him because without him, the very fabric of reality crumble. Now as for why I am pushing myself so much, I won’t lie it is straining on me. The more I spread my conciousness out across the multiverse the harder it becomes to come back together as I will have two sets of memories. I’ve done it before but a human mind for example would not be able to do it without breaking or developing schizophrenia. Now my top levels of attention however are towards catching essence with Triumphant and protecting Laura. In fact these are the only two instances I have going at the moment. And for now I’d like to keep it that way. As for self destructive behavior it’s actually nothing that new, I’ve always been rebellious, why do you think flame hair was sent to begin with. I like humans a lot, I’ve seen so many of their dreams and memories that I know you for the beautiful people that you all have the possibility of being. My father wants me to eat memories but then I would be depriving them of humans who often want to remember them. However that’s not to say I don’t eat the as there are certain memories no one can remember, do you remember being born for example? Most memories I eat I make sure are long in the past and even then I don’t take more than a small amount as too much would leave an amnesiac behind.

I hope this shed some light on that.
No. 116276 ID: 3583d1

Now as to the question of exploring Scarred Ana's mind I feel we have already done that a bit with the comic you have seen of her past. I would like to see it in the story but the deal is with exploring her mind is that I have already written out who she was and even why she keeps on fighting Essence despite her lack of ability to. The reason being is that her own post-tramatic stress disorder can be triggered by remembering these events or having the trauma be brought up directly, this case Essence. When this trauma comes up, the primal brain takes over and the fight-or-flight response shows up. Most often she choses to fight. Now if we did explore her mind I don't think it would be so much "exploration" as much as "healing and surgery." However it is something I would like to do at another time.
No. 116281 ID: 3583d1

You might also find something else in her mind, something that she took into her very own being that made her like she is...
No. 116284 ID: 3583d1
File 150671196585.jpg - (706.10KB , 1536x2086 , C5722455-F9B1-40EE-9B7A-F100AEE364E5.jpg )

No. 116288 ID: ae9b99

Oh crude, Ana and her walkie talkie friends forgot to use code names, Lorence probably heard her say Ana's name unless she was whispering.

But it is odd, they were getting into position as if they knew the bus was coming at that exact time in the Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions thread... we might have a traitor among our group feeding information to Lorence.
No. 116290 ID: ae9b99

Thinking about it, maybe Laura and Dreamwalker could save them. Ana isn't really in position to be finding them right now.
No. 116338 ID: d98041
File 150680800092.jpg - (289.47KB , 1684x544 , Discussion thread 26.jpg )

No. 116339 ID: ae9b99

First of October. That's tomorrow. I wonder if it will involve Betty in some way. She is wearing a Halloween mask after all.

For dreamwalker: when we start the next part with Laura, first possible chance we get we should have a discussion with Laura on what she wants to do, what we want to do, and how to proceed. We could also ask Laura if she would like a nickname, like we did with Ana? I was thinking maybe: Lucid. What do you think? I think it makes sense, but maybe you can think of another? You are connected to her after all. Just in case.

Though I might be getting ahead of myself again.
No. 116472 ID: bccf1a

I think this quest is starting to have some odd effects on my brain. Ironically, I had a weird dream about a cult last night. I was wandering around a weong neighborhood and cams across this cult about to get up to some very nasty stuff. I ran and they chased me into some drugged out dudes (possibly a cult member) back yard where upon he laughed like a coked up mouse repeatedly and tried to kill me with a serrated butchers knife. I somehow managed to get the better of him and rip him to pieces with a chainsaw I found. Then the army showed up, specifically one guy in a suit of power armor and I chastise him to the degree “way to show up late to the party jackass, I already finished him off. Nice suit of power armor by the way, all I have is a pair of MASSIVE BALLS because I apparently didn’t need one.”

That’s about when I woke up.
No. 116473 ID: 903f04

Hmm strange how this quest is affecting your dreams. The dream that I had night was about me creating a hornet's nest nothing more. But last week I had a dear where I was the leader of the cult, that dream was bizarre and it was one of those dreams where you believe that it was real
No. 116480 ID: ae9b99

I haven't had dreams related to this quest.

I guess what comes close would be a dream I had a few times where some kind of large disaster happens where I live, whether it is a natural disaster or an attack happens, and I am trying to find and reunite with my brother and escape.
Eventually it becomes a "explore the world and get lost in it" kind of dream". My mind comes up with all sorts of pretty environments to explore

Just a question: are you still taking art requests during October, or is it on hold until the Halloween costume game is done? I've had a few ideas recently for art requests, like having characters sing and put on a show to some songs I find, but I can wait until after the game is over :)
No. 116483 ID: 903f04

Sorry but during the October I will be busy with the costume party so I will not be able to do requests
No. 116485 ID: ae9b99

Heh, Lorence says he doesn't fear death, yet here he is with fear in his eyes right now. What was it he said to Anastasia? There is no point in being afraid of it, and you should accept it? pretty hypocritical.

I assume thing that came out of Anastasia's leg is that one monster we saw earlier after Ana chewed that gum Root gave her.

I wonder if we should even say anything to Lorence and watch this play out. He thinks us voices were taken care of by the conductor.
No. 116496 ID: 24d915

Ok I’m confused, did that skull monster kill Anastasia or IS the skull monster Anastasia?
No. 116497 ID: 24d915

Or never mind I guess???
No. 116498 ID: 903f04

It is just a joke
No. 116500 ID: ae9b99

It is probably Essence messing with things again.
No. 116503 ID: 903f04

No. 116515 ID: ae9b99

I recommend not saying a anything like Lorence asks us to. I want to see if he can get out of this situation on his own. If he starts panicking and pleading for our help, then that is when we will tell him we will consider it, and perhaps make some kind of deal.

(Also, I'm not sure if I really want to help him or not at the moment.)
No. 116519 ID: ae9b99

That said, I want to hear the person playing Scarred Ana's opinion.

My opinion is that we shouldn't really help Lorence unless he begs for it, and he gives us a reason to help him. After all, preparing for the worst, it could be likely that if we help him, and he gets sent back to Anastasia, he would ignore what we did to help him, and kill Anastasia. He values his new "family" more than anything right now.

Lastly, I want to truly see if he stands by his word of not fearing death.
No. 116542 ID: 0f8a66

So far I don’t really consider things I’ve said to be exactly “helpful” so much as “sassy and opinionated ” haha. But I do agree, right now he doesn’t have access to his contractor so he is alone right now. So right now this could be something of an endurance test, how long before he breaks. But should he also really get up shit creek I’m willing to purpose a bargain if we help him out if he helps Ana.
No. 116543 ID: ae9b99

Thanks for your input.

As you know, Fortune Ana is asleep as I wanted to take the time to think about the direction to take her character after everything that has happened, and is currently going on with the quest. I know you all want her back and I appreciate all of your patience. I am getting some good ideas on how I would want to proceed with the character during this break, and I'll admit I do miss suggesting things for the quest, but I'm going to hold out until a little after the next chapter starts as by then, I think I would have set things in stone for her.

My next questions for everyone: after she is somehow woken up, and considering everything that has happened and is currently going on, and after reading what I have explained about what she is thinking about in her dreams here: >>116227 what kind of person do you think she will be? Will she be the exact same as she always was, or will she be a changed person? if you think the former, do you think it is for the best she stays the same or does she needs to have a new attitude? If you think the latter, what kind of person do you think she would become?
No. 116547 ID: 0f8a66

Well most of the things that I have suggested for her have all been mostly suggestions only, I know you’ve been waiting on Absurdity’s say so on the character but honestly you are the one playing as Fortune Ana so you should have the say so on who she is like. I know I’ve been trying to give you some ideas but like I said you have the final say on everything. As for what I think she will be like. Something like a kinder Dr. Spock but maybe with some darker undertones. She is a kind person but at the same time there is ice in her, where Scarred Ana is hot, Fortune Ana is cold, and when she gets angry her anger isn’t rage and destructive it’s poisonous and calculating.
No. 116550 ID: 903f04

No. 116556 ID: ae9b99

Okay a few things I should say

Regarding who Derek is talking to: I don't think that is Root. During the "Don't feed them after midnight" thread, we saw him clearly putting on a regular mask. Plus, the only disguise he was wearing was a wig, and a curly mustache, and contact lenses. I think who Derek is actually talking to is Clara, without the bandages on her face. Also, she is willing to die. She is just looking for a reason and a way to. That is just what I think.

Second, regarding what you all think >>116547 >>116550 I will take into consideration during my brainstorm. I think with the direction I want to go for Fortune Ana at the moment, it will be best at the moment to keep her in her amnesiac state in regards to her past. Although, I am still going to let Absurdity flesh out her past or give out hints if he so chooses.

I also wanted to say lastly that during this break while I am also thinking about what Root, Essence, and our other enemies has said and done to Ana and Fortune Ana, and how Fortune Ana was treated by Falafaf, Ana, and her friends, I am also thinking about how Dreamwalker, Scarred Ana, and Anthony has interacted with Fortune Ana and how they paved the path for Ana throughout this journey.
No. 116557 ID: 0f8a66

It occurred to me too. There was just too much missing to make Clara the real Root. What I think however is that this shows the level of trust that Root has placed in Clara. If he has told her this much then it can be assumed that he keep a her well informed when he has need of her.
No. 116563 ID: ae9b99

Be honest Absurdity, when Lorence said "If you want to tell me something, can you just get to the point already!" and then soon after got impaled, was that an intentional pun, or a coincidence?

No. 116564 ID: 903f04

Yes it was intentional

No. 116568 ID: 903f04
File 150758276334.jpg - (594.50KB , 1588x1296 , Discussion thread 27.jpg )

No. 116570 ID: 86d76e

Alright I’m going to Sherlock Holmes this. First of all, the biggest indicator for me that we are dealing with Clara is the fact that we cannot see Andrew with Root in the Cell. Usually we have been able to see him and if his protege is about to commit suicide, you can bet that would get his attention. He shares the same kind of connection that Ana and us share.

Now if and when he first put on the mask it took his face off, again why doesn’t the Ash tree heal him? Perhaps his face was the payment for power? It’s possible but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The same goes for the prosthetic. If he really is Mrs. Doubtfiring this, why wouldn’t he just keep the prosthetic on? It would probably save him a great deal of pain.

Also if this is Root, he really does have his times messed up. And given what we know about the timeline there are some inconsistencies with his story. Especially Clara being in a coma, that just doesn’t make any sense what so ever. Now if it was said she was recovering from a serious injury, then It would be more believable. But a coma? That’s just stretching it. So right now I’m learning towards Clara being in that cell.
No. 116571 ID: ae9b99

Don't worry, I've been participating. Though I've been too busy at work that when I get back, it is too late to give my answer, or I've been too stumped to know the costume. Don't worry about it :)

Another thing to think about: during the fight with Root and Logan when Root was about to be dropped, He was having memories of the time Delilah pushed him off the stairs. It would be weird for a person who is dressed up as Root to recount his memories like that unless it is the real Root. Even if it turns out to be Root and he is ultimately shot and killed, that would be he wouldn't die by the gunshot if he shoots himself.
No. 116574 ID: ae9b99

I think we can rule out possibility one, I just remembered that time Root saved 93 and the other factory workers. He was wearing his mask then. I don't think it would have been possible to leave Matilda, put on the mask for the very first time, save the factory workers in another country, get them adjusted to the cult in his home country, and return to meet with Boldon during tea time to find out about Susan and Anthony's "kidnapping" by Lorence. Seems unrealistic

Also looking back at the tea time thread, I realized that Lorence mentioned Essence's name when he said she predicted there was and 80% chance of Root's meeting with Boldon going wrong. WTF?
No. 116617 ID: ae9b99

The person who wore that woodpecker mask said she was leader of the book club.

Earlier today, that made me think of a silly thought that in the book club, during the middle of one of their literature discussions, debates, or writing sessions, Delilah once kicked open the door and did this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8FEhMxSSWw
No. 116625 ID: 67a70a

No. 116626 ID: ae9b99

So now that chapter 3 is over, what is next? are we going to take a break like we did after chapter 1 ended while we focus a little on Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions, or are we jumping straight into chapter 4? if we're taking a break, maybe we can revisit and continue labyrinth city again if you want.
No. 116631 ID: 67a70a
File 150779864370.jpg - (572.81KB , 1539x1025 , Discussion thread 28.jpg )

No. 116659 ID: ae9b99

Absurdity, have you ever played Drakengard on ps2? Dreamwalker and Laura bonding together while Dreamwalker loses some of his power as a price reminds me of how the characters in that game would form a pact with mythical creatures, but would have to pay a price like losing their voice, eyesight, or age.

Also, speaking of which, I wonder if Cera will still be searching for two members to join her since Anthony and Ana refused. It is possible that since Black Tomato is one of her members, and he helped Laura merge with Dreamwalker, Cera is probably going to use Laura as a backup plan to try to get her to join in case Ana or Anthony refused.
No. 116712 ID: ae9b99

hmmm, I think either before, or during some kind of prequel to chapter 4, or a little after Chapter 4 begins, I would like to have Fortune Ana have a one on one talk with Dreamwalker on a few different things.
No. 116726 ID: ae9b99

IMHO, I think when Ana meets Logan again, we might want to consider letting him take care of AJ to prevent Desolation from taking control of Ana and using AJ's magic, make Logan stronger, and perhaps let us take more advantage of WC's assistance and see if we can learn to control Desolation magic like future Ana did. This is assuming Logan did not get killed or converted by Root in some way. Thoughts?

Also, question: can we give requests for a chapter in the Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions thread as long as it is within reason? I have an idea for one.
No. 116730 ID: 67a70a
File 150819908409.jpg - (791.65KB , 1628x1322 , Discussion thread 29.jpg )

No. 116732 ID: bccf1a

Stories I would like to see in FMAD:
-Logan saves Magna Carta
-Something with the Cross Ash and it's members
-Seeing what happens with Dante Vargas and his relationship with other cult members
-Godfrey's Trial
-What ever happens to Epidemic Gretel and her sister and could her sister actually be "Jackie Miller" (probably not)
-Garm's introduction (not really expecting this tbh but it would be cool to see)
-Something with Mother Gaia
-Marty finally meets up with Anastasia and her Grandfather, past comes alive again
-Was Dreamwalker saving Robin actually Canon? I felt I kinda jumped the shark at that moment but i'm hoping it happened, but my hopes are fairly low.
No. 116733 ID: bccf1a

Also speaking of Robin's "death" here for a second. Like I said I hope he isn't dead but until we get that confirmation whether Dreamwalker did save him or not is canon i'm going to consider him dead. But I feel as if I owe some explanation why I jumped ahead trying to save him. I won't lie I was feeling a little butt hurt seeing him die in his first canonical appearance. I've stated before I never expect to see any characters I create become part of the story but when they do its super awesome, but to see one who i'd written killed off in a few images kinda sucked and it wasn't a good feeling. in games i'm the kind of guy who can get super attached to his character and while always try to fight like hell to not kill them off. To me characters are means of exploring a story I think is good. And when they die with business unfinished, it can get to me. So while I hope my attempts were successful i'm not holding out any time soon.
No. 116735 ID: f0e789

And speaking of ambiguous character deaths that another story I’d like to see:
-Blacky’s fate
No. 116737 ID: ae9b99

The only request I have right now: Dreamwalker (along with that fiery head guy maybe) traveling in Fortune Ana's dream to have a conversation with her. I believe she has some things that she would like to discuss with him before she awakens, as I said here >>116712

Though it doesn't have to happen in the Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions thread, as like you said there are some short stories you'd like to complete first. It could happen in a kind of prequel to chapter 4 when it begins, like maybe dreamwalker before his journey with Laura begins, will try to wake Fortune Ana up and then have their conversation in her dreams then.

Wow, that is a lot of stories to get through, lol.
No. 116786 ID: 67a70a
File 150833124902.jpg - (2.35MB , 2755x2920 , Discussion thread 30.jpg )

No. 116798 ID: 23d381

Did we overwhelm you a little bit there? Maybe just address those a piece at a time...
No. 116803 ID: ae9b99

WAAAAAIT a minute...
wasn't your mask round? not diamond shaped? and even if this is the previous Absurdity, Absurdity ver 1.5, his diamond mask did not have those eye marking designs on it. Is this a stunt double?
No. 116804 ID: 23d381

Maybe the fused into... Absurdity Prime? Idk
No. 116822 ID: 67a70a
File 150843161492.jpg - (1.66MB , 1748x2524 , Discussion thread 31.jpg )

No. 116825 ID: 3583d1

I’m sorry things are proving difficult to implement. Remember what I’ve said though, I never really expect to see them. The Jarls that I’ve drawn are part of another timeline so they may not even be here at all. Cameos are awesome but don’t write yourself into a corner trying to figure out how to implement them. If it’s too much then don’t worry about them.
No. 116835 ID: ae9b99

Haven't seen Absurdity and mini Absurdity in a while. I wonder if they think our characters abandoned them or something? probably best not to give that idea to Fortune Ana though, she is already having trouble coming to grips with how she abandoned future Falafaf, and Ana, and maybe a lot more people by sleeping lol (don't worry, she'll be back).

The post I said about nerfing Essence a while ago was more of a joke btw, but do what ya gotta do..

I wonder, what happens if by some miracle, we somehow tie between the trick points and the treat points in the drawing thread? will we get both the trick and the treat prize, will we get nothing, or will we have a tiebreaker?
No. 116838 ID: 67a70a

You returning?! Don't get me wrong but I think that you are being just a Mr. Bear
No. 116843 ID: ae9b99

*gasps* AH NO! they're on to me!


She'll be back. I actually have some ideas I had during this hiatus on how I'll be playing Fortune Ana moving forward, especially since the next chapter is going to focus on Laura and Dreamwalker. I will say that depending on how things go, things might get interesting with her.
No. 116844 ID: 67a70a

Well the thing about chapter 4 is that I will be focusing on the symbiotic relationship between Laura and Dreamwalker and all the shenanigans that they will get into. I have so many things planned interesting twists and turns, I am afraid to say it but it will get busy with so much work
No. 116853 ID: ae9b99

Sounds like it will be crazy, and fun. Can't wait to see how it will go.
No. 116893 ID: ae9b99

I just realized: What is WC doing in Ana's dreams when he is supposed to be watching over her in the outside world while she sleeps???
No. 116897 ID: 67a70a

Well you can look at it this way, even if WC isn't in the same realm with Ana he can still hear everything that is being said to her. That is why he intervened and said what was worrying him. He is still with the little one and keeping a watchful eye over him
No. 116921 ID: ae9b99

My personal thoughts, nope. She doesn't need to touch the painting Wad World is in. Besides, touching artwork with greasy hands in a museum is not the best thing to do, especially not without Robbit's permission. Besides, wasn't getting greedy and trying to get more power was what brought us to that bad ending in the first place?
No. 116923 ID: 67a70a

Well no additional power will be granted if the picture is touched

No. 116962 ID: ae9b99

heh heh, I was face-palming when Ana started touching the picture frame. You should know not to touch valuable museum artwork.

question for the person playing ??? and Scarred Ana: where did ??? take Scarred Ana to?
No. 116964 ID: e7fef0

She is just muted for the moment I didn’t send her away like I did the first time, I actually placed a trace on Scarred. It’s how I found her the first time talking to the Ambassador. The trace activates when I sense her emotions rising higher, and if I feel I need to intervene then I do. In this case, a monster being who is the last of its world? That looks like quite a FEAST to me. Another soul to feed to my void.
No. 116965 ID: e7fef0

I’m especially hoping she leads me back to Essence of life.... oohhhhhh what I would do to that little minx...
No. 116966 ID: e7fef0

Alright role playing aside here have you been keeping up with the Halloween costume game I could use some assistance with this latest one.
No. 116983 ID: 67a70a
File 150877325649.jpg - (1.40MB , 1748x2688 , A place where I go to fuck myself 142.jpg )

No. 116984 ID: 67a70a
File 150877432710.jpg - (699.58KB , 1662x1074 , A place where I go to fuck myself 143.jpg )

No. 116985 ID: 67a70a
File 150877570154.jpg - (778.62KB , 1748x1278 , Discussion thread 34.jpg )

No. 116986 ID: 272cf3

Alrighty so to avoid getting the quest master even more pissed at me, I’ll explain what ??? wants and his motivations. This is also a why I initially wanted you to take him over. When the author writes a character they can pretty much anchor them however they want, when we play them they have way more power. Alright so as I said, he goes by Marty, but all in all he doesn’t have a name. He used to be human in fact he is Marty from the first event but after dying in the first (or maybe he didn’t maybe he lived and was just haunted for the rest of his days we’ll see) upon dying he went to a place called “the void.” See that’s why when I draw him his eyes are always rectangular, they are his glasses.
While he is in the well of souls known as the void he remained for a long ass time, in fact time really has no meaning there, he was just part of a formless mass of darkness. However he left one thing behind and that was his sketch books/journals. When they were found they were what brought him back from the abyss. In fact upon waking up he realized he had a new form. He was the void and the void was him. And he could remember things, and then he began his new mission, to get his revenge on the Ash tree by consuming it in all universes . He wants to consume it, for vengeance for the first event. And honestly when it comes to the whole void of souls thing here’s the deal, it’s a one way thing. It can’t bring back the dead. It’s like he becomes a giant mouth. Also he wouldn’t give a shit about someone like stitch. He wanted Mad world because he is a one of a kind thing, so he saw him as a delicacy only able to have him once, where as stitch is in different universes so he really doesn’t care. And honestly he is only using Ana as as a means to an end. He’ll help if he thinks he should but otherwise he is trying to further his own goals of getting close to the Ash tree to eat him.
Now if you want I can retire this character, or you can take him over. If you insist I play him you know I’d only play him for things like that. He won’t save Ana’s life unless he is getting something special out of it, seriously time has no meaning to him so if she dies he’s just going to jump timelines.
No. 116989 ID: 3583d1

I can even explain why the thing with the great contractor didn’t work, but that’s not to say it couldn’t. So when Big-daddy C attempted to remove him, they were literally in the void, his home terf. So he tried to remove him from... himself if you get that. So in a way it did work, but he is the void, so he just reappeared. Now if he did that outside of the void then he could capture him as he is already cut off from the void, so if he is outside he is vulnerable. As for trying to open a void gate on him, I think the great contractor would shut that one down, even I have to admit that one.
Also in regards to how he feels about Essence, yes he likes her, but it’s also why he likes to hurt her. He likes her because he sees her as a living reflection of himself in a way, a sick and twisted being made manifest. So he looks at her as thinks “I want that.” He REALLY likes her but it is way more of a possessive kind of want, if they got together it would be an abusivs relationship for sure.
Alright I hope that clears a few things up about him so whatever you want to do with him you can, he isn’t all powerful and it’s why i initially recommended you take him over. Don’t worry he’s nothing like Dreamwalker. Honestly if the two of them met, he’d want to eat him.
No. 116995 ID: ae9b99

Just my two cents, this is one of the reasons why I keep the characters I play as limited in how many I play as, and the powers they may have. I don't add more characters as I don't want to complicate things for the story or the author. Nathaniel's inclusion, the second person I will be playing as, was because I asked permission to play as another character.

As far as powers goes, Fortune Ana I wanted to keep very limited, and only to get stronger in her abilities by learning from her teacher Falafaf so that the author has say as to what she can and can't do with new abilities she may gain from Falafaf. Even so, however, after what has happened to future Falafaf and Fortune Ana during the incident with Spirit Parasite, Fortune Ana might not be too interested in getting stronger in her abilities as she may feel too guilty for sacrificing Falafaf, and/or betrayed by Falafaf to learn new things and abilities from her anymore. (There is another reason why she might not be interested in training with Falafaf, but it will be explained some time after Fortune Ana wakes up)
Nathaniel on the other hand will have no powers whatsoever, unless perhaps he gains some against his will. That is why I haven't played as him yet, he doesn't have the ability to telepathically talk to characters. I'll only play as him when he appears in the story.

Bottom line, I think having us playing as overpowered characters will ruin the suspense of the story, so that is why I keep my characters mediocre. I will say, if you are stressed out by bad things that happens to us, or the characters we are following, you got to sometimes abide with the bad things that happens, and go along for the ride. An opportunity to get out of situations will present itself eventually. Everything will work out and be fine in the end. if it hasn't, then it's not the end yet.
No. 116997 ID: ae9b99

Though, to be fair, I think I myself have been making things complicated for the story with the simple act of having Fortune Ana sleep, lol.
No. 116998 ID: 272cf3

That’s precisely why I wanted to give control of ???/Marty over, I know dreamwalker a limitations especially with him being bound to Laura, but this guy doesn’t necessarily have one. It’s why I wanted to give him over to the author. But when I was told “I’d rather have you do it.”
My reaction was “uhhh... alright then...”

I’m already playing as Scarred, Dreamwalker, and Anthony (one of them just being a regular dude) so I really didn’t wan to have another one under my belt because at that point I felt I was biting off more than I could chew. And I will admit trying to save the situation is bad habit of mine, it’s something I’ve always tried to do with games I play so I get really too involved when really I have to roll with the punch.

So all in all, I would like to give power of ??? Over especially now that you know his motivations and character arc. Honestly the whole reason I brought him in was to bring an element of the first event back to light since we were getting so close to figuring it out, that’s more or less why I wanted to give that book over. I even had ideas of him interacting with Anastasia and her grandfather since they have a direct relation to him. So yeah, I honestly don’t want to play as him anymore, while it would be cool to see him, I’d much rather just give him over to Absurdity as I have done with other characters, especially seeing as how he is originally one of his characters anyway, it makes me feel like I just sort of claimed him.
No. 117005 ID: 67a70a
File 150878727754.jpg - (719.67KB , 1588x1224 , Discussion thread 35.jpg )

No. 117011 ID: 272cf3

I guess I’m for it if my co-player is.

So here are some ground rules with this guy feel free to add to them or change/remove what you see fit:
1. Void gate is a one way trip what gets sucked in isn’t coming out, nothing can be brought back to life with this power.
2. When not in the void, Marty is vulnerable to be attacked by creates of equal or greater power than himself.
3. Marty will not act to save Ana unless it pertains to his interests which include: consuming unique souls, getting closer to the Ash tree, flirting/hurting up with Essence.
4. Marty being a creature of the void cannot interact with the material realm unless he has a specific foothold in it, of which he currently has only 1 so his interactions are limited
5. Marty is NOT A GOOD GUY, and he is not a god. If anything he is closer to a demon like Andrew.

That’s the most important ones I think. Feel free to amend what you deem necessary.
No. 117012 ID: 6a58a0
File 150880058325.jpg - (361.62KB , 1530x630 , Discussion thread 36.jpg )

No. 117015 ID: f0e789

I already took him out of that scenario. So any thing else you want to put forward for him?
No. 117018 ID: 6a58a0
File 150880613507.jpg - (324.31KB , 1640x603 , Discussion thread 37.jpg )

No. 117019 ID: ae9b99

You could probably yell for Robbit for help. He can hear Ana's other selves.
No. 117021 ID: ae9b99

As far as me playing Marty's role is concerned, I'm not too sure if I want to or not currently. I like to keep things simple for myself, and he seems like he might be too complex character for my taste. Though I'll wait and see how he is developed in the other thread before I give my final answer. :)
No. 117058 ID: 6a58a0
File 150883891279.jpg - (284.63KB , 1634x471 , Discussion thread 38.jpg )

No. 117070 ID: ae9b99

Interestingly enough, I've been thinking about what would happen if I would played a villain in this story, especially when I was thinking about what direction I would take when I play as Nathaniel when he appears. That said, If I play as Marty, I'll most likely play him as one of the villains while I'll probably make Nathaniel a neutral character, and may become good or evil depending on what happens in the story.

plus, I think it might make things even with both of us playing a character that helps Ana (Scarred Ana & Fortune Ana), a character we directly control in the physical world (Anthony, & Nathaniel), and a being with godlike powers (Marty & dreamwalker)

Tell you what: I'll read and study the posts and panels where Marty made an appearance later tonight (since I am working today). tomorrow, I'll ask some questions I may have regarding the character to the other player, and you. Afterwards I will give you an answer of whether or not I will play as him. I'll be honest, I didn't really pay much attention during Marty's appearances in the story, and I apologize for that.
No. 117114 ID: ae9b99

I'll start with this question for now: why does marty speaks the way he does?

with spoilers tag sometimes?
No. 117119 ID: f0e789

It's just a quirk of his, he is a being shadow and void so his words are too
No. 117141 ID: ae9b99

Ah, so it is like as if when he talks, even his text leaves a shadow covering up what he is saying next.

Also, sorry about not responding much recently, something happened at home yesterday and today that I needed to take care of. I got things fixed up, so I'll give my answer soon about Marty.
No. 117177 ID: 6a58a0

Alright just take your time and I hope you finish what you have to do. Soon we will start with the prequel and I would like you to be part of that story
No. 117181 ID: 9b9146

So I have a questions. A while ago I posted a reason why taking in bad memories was the cause of Phobetor’s existence but in this post I also explained the nature of gods and the celestial beings. I wanted to you know what you thought of that whole spiel I wrote.

Here is the original post: >>116275
No. 117183 ID: ae9b99

hm, alright. I think I have a better idea with the type of character Marty is, and his goals. In fact, I think I have an interesting idea of what I would like to do with Marty next, though it all depends on what the author says when I try out my idea.

Now, my next question: any living thing that Marty consumes into the void gate, are they killed instantly, or are they still alive in the void until they starve or something?
No. 117184 ID: 9b9146

They are slowly eaten alive until they too join the void of souls and become one with Marty.
No. 117185 ID: ae9b99

Sounds vicious.

Alright. I'll give playing as Marty a shot. Just let me know if I overstep any boundaries. This should be intriguing.
No. 117187 ID: 6a58a0

No. 117192 ID: ae9b99


anyway, I take it it is now official I will be playing as Marty now? There is actually something I want to do with him (not in the painting room of course)
No. 117265 ID: ae9b99

My theory: it is probably Falafaf's date that removed the protection from the painting, but that might be too obvious. For all we know, it might have been her instead.
No. 117272 ID: 6a58a0

Oh so you do believe that there is a possibility of a traitor exiting in that hallway, well like any good mystery there will be a lot of suspects
No. 117274 ID: 9b9146

Until we find out who her date even is, I think occam’s razor would suggest it wasn’t her, more likely it’s either her date or someone else.
No. 117286 ID: ae9b99


Everyone is a suspect.

And I mean literally anyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgJ3C1srZW8
No. 117312 ID: ae9b99

>>117286 That said, as far as suspicions goes, if Robbit is truly trapped in the bathroom, why can't he use his dimensional traveling powers to get out of that area?

Not accusing, just pointing out something I noticed :)
No. 117316 ID: 6a58a0

Well it is probably designed to contain him and nullify his power, his jailers know about his powers and how to make them not work
No. 117323 ID: ae9b99

Keyword is "probably" ;)
No. 117330 ID: 6a58a0

No. 117393 ID: d5b588

I am sorry for not updating, today I had a lot of things to do for my finals. I won't even have time to do the October costume party for today
No. 117396 ID: ae9b99

It is fine. I'm glad you got your priorities in order. Good luck on your finals
No. 117415 ID: ae9b99

If you want my opinion, my vote is to kick the Mad World painting out of Ana. Though, I don't think it will be that simple as Robbit might cut off Ana's hand or something. But it will probably be for the best.
No. 117449 ID: d5b588

No. 117456 ID: 9c2f50

Ok so the path of betrayal? Implying we betrayed him? Alright gotta stop you right there for a second, so that implies that we betrayed him. That’s pretty lame, that implies choosing him to go away was some how not our fault... that’s wrong.
First of all, we have no way of knowing that Mad World was just lying to us, and just wanted an escape. We were even willing to work with him at first to help him out. But when we do HE betrayed us. Sooo... Maybe a better name for this path would be “The Path of Retaliation.”
No. 117457 ID: d5b588

Well in order for the name of the path to make sense you would have additional information, which are not available to you all at the moment. But this title will make more sense later in the story
No. 117459 ID: e06de5

I hope so because as it stands the way it’s presented it’s as if we are in the wrong, and this is my reaction to your naming of this path.
No. 117487 ID: ae9b99

An escape is something I would choose, but with the offer coming from Dervan seems pretty risky especially if he admits he hates all things that are good in all realities, says he kills others to try to get bored of it, and even says he speaks with Andrew a few times. For all we know, the escape could actually be a prison or something for Ana.

I wonder if it is possible to see what the card says before we read the diary, and if we can keep the card after reading the diary just in case?
No. 117518 ID: ae9b99

hmm, can Scarred Ana go through reliving the memories instead of Ana?
No. 117522 ID: d5b588

No she can not
No. 117580 ID: ae9b99

I have to say, thanks for introducing Demoria for Marty's character. I was kind of directionless for a little bit, but with her inclusion as a kind of guide, I feel like I have a goal set up for Marty now and how I'll play him.

I'm interested in which character they will target since they couldn't get Mini Absurdity due to interference.
No. 117592 ID: d5b588

Well the person that introduced that character wanted to be one character from the past and I wanted that to be something connected with the old gods. So I decided to combine these two ideas. Oh you will see what choices you will have to make with that character and I already told you that you won't be alone with that character
No. 117598 ID: ae9b99

As I said, I will be playing Marty as a villain with his main goals of making the void as strong as it can be, and sending the Ash Tree into the void. That said, I will most likely make some choices that will not make the other player happy, such as trying to kill off some characters. That said, I apologize ahead of time.
Regardless, I think it will be fun and intriguing playing the role of a villain in this story. it will be interesting to see what difficult choices Marty may have to make as an antagonist in his own journey.

I have a few questions

1. It seems like these gods or goddesses gain strength by absorbing something from other living things in some way, such as Dreamwalker absorbing the memories of people, Demoria and Marty sending people into the void to make it stronger. I'm interested in knowing how Absolution and AJ and Desolation gains their strength. Desolation I assume is feeding off of Ana's emotions, especially anger, right?

2. This one is more of a dumb idea you can incorporate for marty if you want: what if while he is traveling in the fog, he wears a cheaply and crudely designed paper plate mask that he made in like 50 seconds? granted, he probably doesn't need to wear it since he might be sharing Demoria's powers, but he wears it anyway as he feels it is a fitting way for him to insult the Ash Tree's appearance, and anyone that takes so much time designing complicated masks in the dangerous situation they are in. It is kind of his way of showing he does not give a damn.

3. so the treat prize was choosing which character we would follow which we failed to get. But you said there was a trick prize... I'm... afraid to ask what that might be.
No. 117600 ID: fc0d38

The thing about the past story is that point of time there didn't exist the deadly fog, the cult or even the Ash Tree. As for Marty at that point of time he wasn't a villain, he was just an average guy. The events of this story takes place before any of the events of the main timeline
No. 117601 ID: ae9b99

I know. I was actually referring to the story of the present we were following, not the past prequel story. Sorry I wasn't clear.
No. 117602 ID: fc0d38

Oh ok
No. 117619 ID: 3583d1

You may want to go pop over to the draw thread, something interesting is happening involving Nathaniel.
No. 117751 ID: 528a85

Happy birthday R&B!!! So what is the plan to celebrate?
No. 117756 ID: ae9b99

Thats what the celebration is for? Cool. Good job!
No. 117757 ID: fc0d38
File 151053693487.jpg - (444.43KB , 1502x903 , Discussion thread 39.jpg )

No. 117758 ID: 008d05

Well you know some of my own experiences with it, whenever I wake up it’s one of the first things I do is check and see if you have updated. It’s funny looking back I never expected to get this far into the quest to the point where I have written whole characters and even some parts of the world. But nevertheless I feel honored to be a part of this story and I want to see it through to the end.
As for where the story on a whole is I feel that it’s a little slow but that’s not a bad thing given for where we are currently. We started in the middle of a fire that started out as a slow burn, and now we are witnessing the start of that great fire. As for where it is going, only time will tell. But I suspect we won’t have Scarred Ana’s ending or whatever happened with Fortune Ana. Instead I think we might have something that is a combination of both. Or I might be wrong, we’ll have to see.
And of course, I am shipping Ana and Logan of course, there is also Dreamwalker and Falafaf, and I think I would ship Lester with almost anyone as long as he is happy.

Alright and here is want to see, let’s just have a team pose of the good guys, no masks all their personalities and faces shown ready for the future, and ready to do their best in a dark world.
No. 117764 ID: ae9b99

Experience with the story: fun

is it moving slowly?: nah, it's fine.

where is the story going?: no idea. It depends on our actions. Right now, I think we will lose if we continue suggesting to Ana to try to stop Root. Right now, I think we are considering changing our goals to to just have Ana escape instead of confronting Root at this point. Though it depends on what happens to Ana and Laura (Lucid) in the story.

I am excited in seeing how playing as an antagonist in this story (Marty), will effect things for both sides of this war between Ana and Root. Though I'm sure despite being a villain who sends people into the void to make it stronger, he will still have difficult decisions to make like all the other characters we follow like Ana makes.

Also, with Fortune Ana, her case will be interesting. She can only communicate with Ana and Dreamwalker through her thoughts now due to her missing totem. It will be interesting how I will be playing as her because of her actions in the past leading up to now.

Characters am I shipping?

Dreamwalker's Laura (Lucid) with Logan. It would be an interesting twist, especially since Scarred Ana is trying to get Ana together with him. It would make me wonder what Scarred Ana would think about them being together instead of Ana and Logan.

Dreamwalker with Falafaf, (though, it is implied it won't end well for them with her most likely being marked for death by Essence with the trumpet drawings.)

Marty with Demoria. (......at the moment)

Anthony with Cleopatra of course

Nathaniel: probably no one. He probably prefers the single life at the moment. He doesn't need a lover to make him feel complete.

Commission: hmmm... let me think about that
No. 117777 ID: fc0d38
File 151062043012.jpg - (274.00KB , 996x720 , Discussion thread 40.jpg )

No. 117779 ID: c5b754

Such as?
No. 117786 ID: fc0d38

No. 117795 ID: f0e789

Ah I see, how fitting because...
No. 117804 ID: fc0d38
File 151070659791.jpg - (1.30MB , 1748x2024 , Discussion thread 41.jpg )

No. 117805 ID: 3583d1


I know how you are feeling and I know how it feels to have worked on something just to feel like it went to waste. But i'll address your concerns in order.

Should something happen to one of us: That is genuinely nice of you to be concerned for us like that. I remember when I went on my vacation and you were concerned that something had happened to me. That shows a lot of kindness dude, I appreciate it. Here's the thing with that though, I would hope that even if something were to happen you would continue is some form other, this is a good story and it deserves to be told in some form or other.

Feeling like we have lost interest in the story: I am genuinely confused as to to where this is coming from. I certainly do NOT feel like that at all. I am really interested in seeing the story through to it end, and I feel honored that you have made me a part of it. I have no intentions of giving up on it at all, and I am sorry if for any reason we have made it seem that way. Like I've said before man, you have helped me through a few dark spots in my own life whether you have realized it or not. I don't know if I should really be saying this here but I actually do suffer from clinical depression, and some mornings you were what got me moving. So I owe you a debt of gratitude, and I feel completely honored to share this experience and be a part of this story. I have zero intentions of calling it quits or giving up any time soon, I'm in it till the end.

The Halloween Game: I am sorry to say, and I cannot speak for my co-player here, but I just got burnt out on it. It has been a pretty trying few month for me and trying to play a game like an online detective while also trying to juggle my own social life as well my own college and school just got to be too much at time. I wanted to continue, but at times it was a little too hard, remember when I told you I actually went down to a local gaming a hobby store to see if anyone had an idea of who some characters were? I got that desperate at times, and having to try and get that done along with my own school and work just wasn't possible for me. That's not to say I didn't have fun, and I can't think of a reason why you shouldn't do holiday related things. But I feel maybe we should have been more vocal about it, I know that it must have been a pretty big undertaking getting those out, and I'm sorry we didn't get them all. However if you did something like this again I really would recommend doing something on a much smaller scale to ensure there isn't burn out from either you or us.

Regarding a slow down of updates due to work: Life has to come first man, so don't feel bad about it. It's completely understandable and you shouldn't worry. You have updated almost everyday, and that has been awesome but this isn't a job, it would be awesome if it was, and I would love to see it like that. But as long as you are happy making this story I will be happy whenever I see a new panel and it's continuation.

I am looking forward to its continuation and as long as you are writing and drawing, you will always me as one of your players and readers.
No. 117813 ID: ae9b99

I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

I have not lost interest in the story, in fact, I think I have more interest in it with the introduction of Marty and letting me play his role. I anticipate what kinds of trouble I may cause for others as a bad guy (and the kinds of trouble he will get himself and Demoria into). I think the idea you had of us losing interest might have been the hiatus I put on fortune Ana. The reason for that was because I was at a very important step in my life that required most of my focus in (owning my first home) Plus, I felt that at that place in the story, after what happened, I thought it might have been best to put Fortune Ana in a heroric BSOD (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HeroicBSOD) and take a break while I get things in order, and do some thinking for the character and her role.

And I agree with >>117805 concerning the halloween game, it was burnout for me too. As I said, I've recently become a first time home owner, and with that comes getting adjusted to the place, and lots of responsibilities which means putting more hours into the two jobs I currently work at to meet my budget. Sadly it was just not having enough time for me to participate towards the end, and being too tired from my jobs to do much. With that, I apologize.

That said, keep it up dude.

Bonus: theme songs for different characters. Tell me what your thoughts

Marty's theme:

Nathaniel's theme (I love how the piano sounds as an instrument):

Whisper's theme:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9H41sI96hU (not really a song, but whatever)

All I got right now.
No. 117814 ID: 3583d1
File 151074210586.jpg - (710.52KB , 2304x1288 , B8F0BE52-21DA-4ADE-8DAB-721FE42FC7A3.jpg )


Hey bring it in guys, group picture! Happy one year! Here’s to many more!
No. 117848 ID: fc0d38
File 151084922541.jpg - (767.42KB , 1748x1364 , Discussion thread 42.jpg )

No. 117859 ID: ae9b99

I've recently been looking into for obscure video games, even going as far as looking for games that weren't released over here, or were fan translated like the NES game Lagrange Point (a konami rpg game with music sounds that like they belong in a genesis or MSX computer game for some reason) or Live A Live (an rpg game that focuses on 7 character in their own 7 stories taking place in different time periods. games, films, or books that focuses on a different character in each episode, or chapter always interested me), 3 in Three (a funny puzzle game where you play as a number 3 in a computer after getting kicked out of a spread sheet after a power surge, and try to find her way back to it) or the aforementioned irisu syndrome (such a relaxing puzzle game to keep you calm and focused *wink*). I thought a haunting yet relaxing song like that for Nathaniel will fit the mood for how I would play the character. second pick would have been Petiatil Cx Htdui from Aphex twin.

I apologize for ignoring the costume game towards the end. What I wanted to do was try to do detective work on the characters when I had free time. That is why I didn't post anything at the time. Unfortunately, I never had the time to put work into doing research and was holding out until I could work it up. But yeah, I should have said something. That said, it was fun trying to figure out the characters and the costumes.

Take your time with the commission. Don't feel like you have to rush for our sake.
No. 117876 ID: fc0d38
File 151094280019.jpg - (1.21MB , 3460x954 , Beautiful butterfly 136.jpg )

No. 117880 ID: ae9b99

No. 117896 ID: ae9b99

Also, DeVoid should be careful. the commission is a team pose of the good guys, yet I see him posing with the good guys, when earlier he said he wouldn't get too involved with the characters and would only be an observer a not be a helpful force. ;)
No. 117897 ID: fc0d38

Well this is more of a celebration of a milestone and it is not canon. To be honest he is the only person among the all of them that isn't in real danger of dying
No. 117915 ID: ae9b99

>To be honest he is the only person among the all of them that isn't in real danger of dying

Hmmm, I thought Essence was invincible.

And that also means Fortune Ana, and Scarred Ana can be in danger of dying too. Interesting.

Aaanyway. I was wondering, will Chapter 4 start after the prequel Strange Abnormalities ends, or will it begin sometime during Strange Abnormalities? I'm alright either way.
No. 117921 ID: fc0d38


Well there's a way for her to be neutralized Essence, but it would involve trapping her in a place where she can't escape and erasing her mind. I know that isn't technically killing her, but after that she will not be a danger to you at all. As for Fortune Ana and Scarred Ana they can also die, actually someone is planning to kill those character. So be careful and even your characters are in danger.

As for Chapter 4, it will be starting during the Strange Abnormalities. But I am not still sure when actually, there will be a couple of previews before it starts, so just keep your eyes out for that.

No. 117924 ID: ae9b99

Oh cool, a preview. I assume it will be like the preview in the end of chapter 1 when we were following Delilah and Lester. If so, I wonder who we might follow. I kind of have an idea who we may focus on, but I won't say it here.
No. 117936 ID: 5d13f5

I never said how cool seeing that drawing is, thank man! You are awesome!

And thanks for the warning about killing Fortune and Scarred, I’m a bit confused how that can happen but I’m not going to question it.
No. 117945 ID: ae9b99

Ambassador just implied it will happen


just curious, What did Ana from the bad future think of Fortune Ana? I know she tried desperately doing everything she could to contact Scarred, but she never mentioned anything about Fortune Ana. Did she hate her, forgot about her, didn't care about her, or missed her, or will knowing be a spoiler, and we'll find out later?

Second question: Essence from time to time seems to bother Anthony for some reason, and even showed up in Cleopatra's dream. It makes me wonder, is it only those cult members she bothers, or does she bother other cult members like Delilah, Lazlo or Lester?

Credit where it is due, nice job on that artwork. I really like the question mark mask as it invokes mystery (and made me laugh), though I should say that Nathaniel does not currently nor has he ever owned a question mark mask. He just wears his standard ash tree symbol mask :).
No. 117946 ID: 5d13f5

Technically it’s not supposed to be Nathaniel, but rather YOU the player. I did model the hair of of Nathaniel however. Think of this as more the writer and his players kind of thing. Because Anthony actually started out as nothing more than something of an avatar for myself as “Dreamwalker and Fanart Guy” that’s why he is there. Where as you are just Anonymous, when not playing your characters, that is why you have a question mark mask, it’s the mask of Anon.
No. 117978 ID: ae9b99

Question regarding Strange Abnormalities: For the previous choice selection, I thought we chose D) I hope this confession helps in calming down the ghost, not the resulting C) You bought this to yourself. Was that a mistake, or do we have an uninvited intruder making choices with us? Just wondering.
No. 117982 ID: fc0d38

No. 117989 ID: ae9b99

Personally, I thought it was funny.
No. 117992 ID: 5d13f5

Alright so listen, I took those two posts down here and even changed what I originally said on Fractured Memories. I realized they were really bitter, and so I just wanted to move forward on a more positive note. Sorry if that one kinda stung. That being said however, I will not try hide the fact that I was displeased with that last post, it just seemed out of nowhere and a little unfair, but it is what it is. I’ll take whatever is coming next.
No. 117995 ID: fc0d38

No. 118010 ID: ae9b99

You wanted to know who we will be following in the penalty trick story. I'm not sure, if it is someone we shouldn't reveal ourselves to, it is probably someone who hates us. Maybe it's Cera? or her brother? Most likely not, those just popped up in my head.
No. 118041 ID: ae9b99

Just a note, I will be gone from the night of the 22nd to the mid afternoon of the 24th for Thanksgiving, and work for Black Friday. That said, don't pause the story and wait on my behalf. That way, I can have some fun reading what happened when I get back. Thanks.
No. 118048 ID: fc0d38
File 151134865320.jpg - (284.50KB , 1469x712 , Discussion thread 43.jpg )

No. 118056 ID: ae9b99

Thanks. Though it is just a hardware store. We don't typically get much customers on black friday. But thanks for your concern

to the other player: please, please, please be very careful what you say to Essence at this time. We are supposed to be undercover, remember? Best not to insult her at this moment or she will get suspicious. Thank you.
No. 118058 ID: ae9b99

Oh, I was too late. *sigh* and I just got home from work too.

Ah well. At least I can't blame myself for this.
No. 118062 ID: fc0d38
File 151138416617.jpg - (351.31KB , 1592x653 , Discussion thread 44.jpg )

No. 118063 ID: ae9b99

Nah, I'm sorry, but I don't want a do-over. I think this needs to be a learning experience for the other player. Sorry if this seems cruel to him, but I want him to really learn from this mistake.
No. 118065 ID: 3583d1

That's role-playing as Scarred Ana for you. And honestly if you want the truth about what she thinks about Essence, go look at the draw thread.

Anyway I've tried again and even made it sound a little more believable.
No. 118067 ID: fc0d38
File 151138803911.jpg - (246.96KB , 1113x525 , Discussion thread 45.jpg )

No. 118068 ID: ae9b99

Seems fair.

Again, I apologize for being harsh about my decision of moving on to the next story without a do-over, but I got frustrated by Scarred Ana's response, and wanted to as I said, have Scarred learn from the mistake made because of it.

If I got here sooner from work, I probably would of of had Fortune Ana break character, cover Scarred Ana's mouth, and slap some sense into her...

Actually, that would be a pretty funny art request. Can I see that from Anthony?

That said, I'll be heading out of town soon. I'll see you guys sometime on the 24th :) For now, since I assume Essence still thinks Fortune Ana is still out of commission, she will be hiding out with Mini Absurdity for a while.
No. 118073 ID: 3583d1

It's cool.

Alright so I really didn't intend for that drawing to become part of the story, that was just me having a really bad day. And the timing really WAS a coincidence.

Alright so what do we know about Scarlet, she may be connected to the Rage within but that is just a working theory as most of the drawings I have done lately are all bloody.

She also has some 4th wall breaking stuff happening as she talks about reality vs. Fiction and may have some dream powers as well.

Also it seems people can make Faustian bargains with her as she has offered to make anthony really strong and has asked what he would do with that power if he had it.
No. 118075 ID: fc0d38

You have to figure out one thing about that character. In the last statement Essence was focusing on one aspect. She made it that if you even attempt to answer it one way, your first word would be wrong and reveal that you are spying on her
No. 118086 ID: 3583d1

I'm probably looking more into than necessary. I'm trying to figure out what aspect about her we know But my first thoughts that comes to mind with Scarlet are just one word answers.
"Red." "Tall." "Spikes."
No. 118094 ID: 3583d1

So here's the deal, I'm going to wait to post on the whole "what do you know about Scarlet" thing because I would like my co-players input before I post anything, i'm not trying to make the same mistake as last time.
No. 118096 ID: fc0d38

That is a good strategy and if you still need help after that I will give you a hint then
No. 118107 ID: ae9b99

Can't speak much right now as I have to go to work in an hour, but I will give my opinion about what to be said about Scarlet after I get back from work, and do some brainstorming, and give my answer tonight.

I will say this though, as of right now, I think my strategy is, if the author will allow it, is that I will help in this discussion thread while Scarred Ana does all the talking and spying with Essence at the moment. I want to keep Fortune Ana hidden from Essence for as long as possible as Essence still thinks Fortune Ana is out of action. Fortune Ana will be hiding out at the "Talking to this douchebag" and the "Strange Abnormalities" thread. I will only start posting in the "Fractured MeMories of Confusion and Delusions" thread If Scarred Ana fails and reveals she is talking to Essence and gets kicked out. That is when it will be Fortune Ana's turn to spy and act as Essence's thoughts. It will be like we have 2 lives in a video game. HOWEVER, I want to keep Fortune Ana hidden as much as I can. Having myself go in after Scarred Ana fails will mean I am risking having Essence know Fortune Ana is awake and back in action, and also risk having Fortune Ana speak using her voice thus giving away info to whoever has Fortune Ana's totem.

Also, I think we have another weapon in our disposal: Anthony's artwork. Scarlet is apparently sending Essence Anthony's artwork. So what if we use that to our advantage? as of right now, Essence is suspicious because Anthony drew a violent pic of Essence getting mutilated by Scarred Ana after what Essence drew in her diary. What if what Anthony drew was just part one of a series of drawings? my idea if Anthony wants to do this: draw more parts to his previous drawing where it shows Essence getting the upper hand at Scarred Ana somehow after being brutally injured with a bat. Some ideas: maybe she rejuvenated and starts beating the crap out of Scarred Ana, or perhaps is attacking Scarred still as injured as she is, but seeing her injuries like it was just a flesh wound... Or some kind of betrayal, like while Scarred Ana is still beating the crap out of Essence with the bat, Fortune Ana comes out of nowhere and saves Essence's life by tackling Scarred Ana and beats her to a pulp.

I know you really hate the idea of Essence gaining the upper hand in your drawings, but this is a way I can think of that will help lessen Essence's suspicions that Scarred Ana is talking to her, to make the drawings a sequence from the first one. Of course, you don't have to draw those if you don't want to.

That said, After I get back from work sometime tonight, I will find the time to analyze the posts, and think about what Scarred Ana should say to Essence regarding Scarlet. I thank you all for your patience.

No. 118112 ID: fc0d38
File 151153276949.jpg - (202.54KB , 699x775 , Discussion thread 47.jpg )

No. 118116 ID: ae9b99

*comes in wearing a shirt saying "I survived black Friday and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"*

ok, I'm back. I'm burnt out though, so give me some time to rest up, get some work done on the home, and my other job, and I'll give my opinion late tonight. Even though it wasn't really crazy to a point where people were trampling over others, it was still very busy. I had to load a lot of heavy things all day. Again, thanks for your patience.

Thanks for approving my plan. Now I'm interested in hearing my co-player's opinion on drawing more parts to the picture he made.
No. 118117 ID: 3583d1

Well I suppose I could do it, but what is just a little strange is I never intended Anthony to draw that. That was literally just me venting some anger at a situation I was going through. So I don't really know how Anthony could have done that. I guess maybe he did it in his sleep? His reaction would probably be sheer horror that he had drawn something so graphic. I suppose I could do something but I cant exactly think of a reason why he would draw that. It would almost be like metagaming if he was drawing something for the purpose of throwing off Essence, after all he has no idea that his drawings are being sent to Essence by Scarlet. He might have seen the bird take off but he has no real idea where it's going. I'm really trying to limit his dream vision thing because I want him to stay as normal as possible without it getting too crazy. So unless we can think of a reason why Anthony would draw more like that, unconscious or not I doubt more could happen.
No. 118127 ID: ae9b99

Well keep in mind that we can use your artwork to help us through this. It is up to you what you want to draw in order to help us. Of course, this is if you want to do that. That is all I'll say about that.

Now the Scarlet business: what we know about her is that... Ms. Scarlet killed Mr Boddy, in the billiards room, with the candlestick.

...oops, wrong game.

But actually, what if that is the correct answer as silly as it sounds?

Here is my thoughts: Essence claims that her imaginary friend "Meat Man" knows Scarlet, has seen her and hears her voice. But what if Essence is lying, and has never told her imaginary friend "Meat Man" about Scarlet before, and meat man has never seen or heard the voice of Scarlet? If we were to mention anything about what Scarlet looks like, or what Scarlet said to us while meat man never in his life has never met or heard her, that would mean we reveal that Scarred Ana is spying on Essence as she in some way has seen and heard Scarlet.

But yeah, that is my answer, Ms. Scarlet killed Mr Boddy, in the billiards room, with the candlestick.

Though I'm interested in hearing my co player's thoughts before it is posted. Please think hard if this is the right answer and if you can think of anything wrong.

Lastly, just a interesting thing I noticed: Essence stated that she is thinking about giving Anthony a mutated puppy. However, that has already happened... in Anthony's dreams. That would mean Scarlet probably saw the pictures Anthony made of the mutated puppy, and gave that info to Essence. Basically, Scarlet is spying on Anthony's artwork such as people unmasked, different timelines, different outcomes, and different people from the voices' pasts, and are giving these info to Essence to plan her next move. That is how she got the idea for the mutated puppy, or how she knew about one of Scarred Ana's people to kidnap and kill. Basically, Scarlet is Essence's minion sent to spy on Anthony and his artwork I think.

Now that I've finished brainstorming and written all that, I can finally go to bed.

No. 118130 ID: 3583d1

I actually like that answer. It occurs to me now the the biggest indicator is Essence trying way too hard saying we should recognize her. But yeah what if Meat Monster doesn’t know her. So yeah let’s try that!
No. 118131 ID: 3583d1

Also in the interest of fair play and keeping to the rules of the game, it would not exactly be fair for me to just do that to throw them off. However... if you were to somehow tell Anthony what you needed he may be inclined to help you out. And last I checked he somehow was in possession of Fortune Ana’s white totem... after all that was never NOT confirmed with the author...

Juuuuust Saying....
No. 118134 ID: ae9b99

If he truly has it, then I can't have Fortune Ana speaking. Scarlet's job is to spy on Anthony. If she speaks at all, Scarlet will hear it and report to Essence.
No. 118137 ID: fc0d38
File 151162079315.jpg - (837.57KB , 1924x1233 , Talking to this douchebag 122.jpg )

No. 118138 ID: fc0d38

As for the hint that I promised, well here it is. I hope it helps you
No. 118144 ID: 3583d1

It’s okay, Essence wasn’t the one who was making me mad. It was an unfair situation that I was going through but there was no one to be angry at because the situation was an accident, but it ended up screwing me and my girlfriend over. I just needed some outlet because really it was no ones fault, so I just figured
“Ok, I’m pissed odd and need to get some anger out, so let’s just take it out someone deserves it.”
No. 118146 ID: fc0d38

Do you want to talk about it?
No. 118149 ID: 3583d1

Wait... does this mean... that Scarlet is actually a... ohhhhhhh....
No. 118150 ID: 3583d1

Nah, I’m alright now and we getting the issue resolved. But thanks dude, I appreciate it.
No. 118170 ID: ae9b99

Just my plan, since she just got done being paranoid right now, I wouldn't ask her questions Ana's voices wouldn't know just yet, like why she hates Ana's headvoices so much like you posted. Perhaps you should gain her trust convincing her further you are meat man first by asking some things the voices already knew what happened and meat man wouldn't like asking "what happened that they almost destroyed her plans without knowing?" (which is obviously when Fortune Ana wanted to go to the future instead of the present but Scarred convinced Fortune Ana not to).

After asking questions Ana's voices already knows, change the subject away from Ana's head voices like asking how the spying on Lorence went, or other simple questions not relating to the voices. Afterwards, once we feel we gained her trust, we can start asking her questions we wouldn't know like why she hates them so much.

If you agree, it would probably be best to delete your post.

No. 118171 ID: 02d8f4

Took your advice, just changed it around a little bit.
No. 118199 ID: c66305
File 151176216693.jpg - (31.84KB , 400x710 , CE4EE4B5-418B-4B62-A64F-0C45C3DE5A0A.jpg )

No. 118205 ID: a1c783
File 151178276844.jpg - (172.88KB , 481x854 , Talking to this douchebag 123.jpg )

No. 118209 ID: 3583d1

well firstly this is addressed to my co-players character of Nathaniel, lol. It’s Anthony sending him a text message for... reasons. I’ve been planning ahead.
No. 118211 ID: ae9b99


I take it Devoid stole/borrowed Nathaniel's phone, heh heh heh.

I'm happy with that. I want to keep Nathaniel elusive for now, so I really did not know how to respond to that. That said, Thanks for responding in my place, Devoid

(Though I will say Nathaniel would probably get slightly annoyed that Anthony found his phone number if he read that text message)


that said, please have a convo with Devoid like you are talking to Nathaniel.

No. 118212 ID: 3583d1

That is honestly a shame, given what is happening with Anthony at the moment. He is having some serious trust issues, this conversation would have been Anthony trying to see if he could trust him, because Anthony does consider Nathaniel a friend, and one of the only people that qualify as human. As for the phone number thing, I just assume Nathaniel gave it to him so they could talk D&D times