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File 148309725619.jpg - (4.85MB , 1748x2480 , Discussion thread 1.jpg )
107070 No. 107070 ID: 23060e

Here you can ask me theauthor about anything connected to the quest and I will answer it as soon as possible
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No. 130949 ID: f7ff14

I have a question for all of you participators. Do you think that the Spirit Contaminator will become the next threat big as Essence was or even bigger?

No. 130970 ID: e51896

Not sure. We have so many enemies that it is hard to gauge who's the biggest threat anymore. But I thought Happy had made it clear he is our next opponent after Essence. I guess the threat of Spirit Contaminator depends a little bit on how Null interacts with her maybe?

btw, I have a question, in the beginning of the discussion thread, there is that picture of the spirit from Strange Abnormalities. But who or what is that bird?
No. 130979 ID: bfce93

Gods I hope not...
No. 130985 ID: f7ff14

No, that spirit on the beginning of the discussion quest is just something that was supposed to be the first spirit portrait in the prequel story. But I change it for that other one that showed just the head of the girl.
No. 131075 ID: f7ff14
File 156992630609.jpg - (709.65KB , 1440x1703 , BB 418.jpg )

No. 131353 ID: e51896

hey, thanks for coming to the debate. Let us keep this civil. I don't want any pie throwing or tomato throwing or limb throwing at each other, lol.

I think we'll address the issue about Lorence sending Stitch to attack Ana and the blacksmith. While it was a shitty thing for him to do, we'll have to look into the context of the perspective in Lorence's eyes.

Lorence looked like he was in a small panic to see Ana was not only at the shop, but standing next to Logan as well (https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/src/149005187962.jpg). Logan is somebody that Lorence knows works directly for Absolution Prime (which we now know that Absolution Prime is a demon trying to use humanity as his puppets, much like how Andrew Goodwill is seen as an evil demon). Lorence seeing Ana with Logan could have given Lorence potential red flags that Logan was trying to recruit Ana or use Ana in some way by feeding her misinformation about what Absolution Prime is fighting for, corrupting Ana (luckily Logan didn't as he seemed to be working separate from Prime at the time). Lorence also knows that Logan is someone who could also potentially be used as a sacrifice for Prime to become the secret Blind Will member to start a hive-mind in the universe until the next cycle. Him sending Stitch could just be a result of him trying to prevent such an outcome especially if he believes that Absolution Prime has already gotten to Ana through Logan at or before enter the shop, leaving him with the only option to send Stitch.

Lorence couldn't just outright tell Ana right there that it is a bad idea to listen to Logan either. Lorence had no idea how long Ana was with Logan to corrupt her or if Prime was with Logan at the time to potentially hear Lorence's warnings. and warning Ana would be difficult with Root being present as it could raise suspicion about what Lorence's knows in front of Root. Plus, we might not have been keen in believing Lorence especially after Absolution in this cycle perished as we formed a friendship with Absolution and Gaia. Lorence is also trying to juggle everything on his plate already to prevent certain outcomes that could lead to Absolution Prime winning and using humanity as his puppets, or Andrew Goodwill winning and being summoned to destroy all of existence, so Lorence could not have been given the chance to set things straight even if he wanted to. Plus, this is a shop that sells information. If they hear Lorence give out those warnings to Ana, the shop could have taken those information to start rumors.
In other cycles Lorence was in, there could also have been similar situations where Ana was in the shop with Logan and Lorence ignored or warned Ana at the shop which lead to disasters, as Lorence had live the cycles countless times and seen the same tragic outcomes happen all those times.

And as far as Stitch attacking the blacksmith goes, I do remember that after Stitch attacked the blacksmith, Stitch was punished for harming the blacksmith, getting grounded. https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/src/149049592724.jpg
I don't think it was Lorence's intention to have Stitch attack the blacksmith in the first place, just to try to prevent an outcome where Absolution Prime takes total control of the universe even if it was extreme.
No. 131354 ID: efa420

Okay I see where you are coming from on this and yes it makes his actions understandable.

But that doesn’t mean it’s okay or right that he did it. Lorence knows the kind of person stitch is and yet in the heat of a moment of blind panic. Lorence used stitch like a a gun and sent him in, if Stitch was the gun Lorence pulled the trigger. He did so without thinking of the consequences of it. In that moment it was easier to kill Ana off and get rid of her than try and understand her.

This is what has me frustrated at the moment. At what point does trying to understand him become apologizing for him? Because that’s what it feels like you’re trying to do. Try to get him in the best light possible so we can give him AJ but ignoring how impulsive and rigid he is. To someone like Lorence the status quo is god and cannot he moved. His track record thus far, to me, shows he is someone who doesn’t deserve to have that kind of power.
No. 131364 ID: e51896

You raise good points, what Lorence did wasn't right. Even though he acted in a panic and with impulse in tight situations, and although it may have been impossible at the time to try to understand Ana without raising suspicion or giving away information, and even if he believes the ends justifies the means based off of previous cycles he had experiences, he still has hurt Ana and her friends mentally and physically.

And yet, Lorence's actions makes me think about how Ana and her voices acted in a similar manner with their actions, doing some immoral things while thinking it is the right thing to do in the spur of the moment when it was actually hurting others in some way, or acting in a panicked state and by impulse, such as Ana beating up Clara until she was unrecognizable, Scarred hurting Logan's daughter thinking she was Essence without asking questions first to Essence or her allies, or Fortune sacrificing future Felafaf to get rid of Spirit Parasite without considering her allies wishes. Looking at it that way, Ana and her voices isn't all that different from Lorence. As much as we might want to admit it, we can't deny that there are similarities between Lorence, Ana and the voices, and their actions.

With their similarities in mind, we do know that Ana and the voices at least want to fix their mistakes, or try to gain forgiveness for their actions, but can't seem to receive it like from Rosalia for example. And I'm wondering, does that also means that Lorence also deeps down yearns for redemption for his actions even if he believes the end goal justifies his actions? Perhaps despite his wishes for redemption, he knows it is impossible to gain any sort of forgiveness for his actions because of the terrible atrocities he is forced to do because of his knowledge of different negative outcomes in different cycles prevents him from taking a more peaceful route for a peaceful outcome for humanity or prevent Prime or Andrew from gaining control of the universe.

I can even think of some instances where Lorence was seeking forgiveness for his actions, such as pleading for forgiveness and help from Root when he invaded a woman's house thinking it was his old wife's home and drugging her asleep, or apologizing to Matilda for being rough on her with his accusations against her during her trial. This at least shows that he isn't above seeking forgiveness for his actions, and may still be seeking it even if he knows it is impossible at this point. Maybe that is why he continues to repeat the cycle countless times? to finally succeed in saving humanity and redeem himself for all his atrocities?
Plus, I think I remember that the memory of his wife that he clings to had kept him from going off the deep-end and prevented him from becoming a full-blown monster and cause far worse thing in the quest. Remember that the watch that Lorence wears is a memento of his wife and in a sense could be in a way be a momento to cling on to his humanity. Maybe it is what was preventing him from killing Ana, and he is currently wrestling with himself to go through with it? (perhaps his watch is his very own WWJD bracelet? Maybe not that far, lol. I don't know if he is still wearing that watch or not)

And speaking of his wife, Lorence himself was treated very unfairly by his wife when he was in prison, and thrown under the bus for crimes he didn't commit by her. And yet, when she pleaded to Lorence for forgiveness, he, despite the suffering he was subjected to, had still managed to keep his will to love her strong. He has the will to not only apologize, but to forgive.

We were told many times that Lorence is someone who has never changed, and never will. So if he has never changed, that means he still has the ability to not be above apologizing, and maybe not be above forgiving others based upon his past actions with wanting to apologize to Matilda, and even forgiving his wife for her unforgivable actions.

So I propose this idea before we decide whether to trust Lorence with AJ or not and to see if Lorence hasn't changed meaning he still retains his humanity from when he was imprisoned: what if we try to get Lorence to apologize to Ana? Ana would tell Lorence that although she understands that his actions were forced by knowledge of previous cycles to prevent bad outcomes and that the end justifies the means, he still traumatized her, and for that, she wishes nothing more than to at least hear him apologize to her for sending Stitch to hurt her, and for trying to hurt her friends, as although what he was doing may have been for world peace, he still traumatized her and she wants an apology for that.

If Lorence is too proud to apologize for causing Ana some traumatic experiences that lead her and the voices to do the things they did, then Ana should mention that his wife was strong enough to ask Lorence for forgiveness, and Lorence had the strength to forgive his wife. then mention that Ana is strong enough to forgive Lorence, but ask Lorence is still strong enough to apologize to Ana like his wife apologized to him, because Ana can't forgive Lorence unless she hears and apology from him and means it.

If he still refuses, then maybe Ana should just forgive him anyway because whether he realizes it or not, he needs to hear he is forgiven from somebody somewhere as he probably never heard it from anyone else, and lord knows he needs to hear it to move on with his life doing a thankless job of living different cycles for world peace, just to see his reaction.

Sometimes an apology is something somebody only wants to hear to forgive.

If you agree, let us discuss here first how we can have Ana ask for an apology from Lorence before we post in the Roots and Branches thread. We should choose our words carefully, not too demanding, and not too pitiful.
No. 131365 ID: 8b660e

We can discuss that here. I’m thinking of having scarred leave for a bit to go wander through the building. If this is bunker city then Laura and Dreamwalker would be here. Maybe we can get them get Ana and bust out if here.
No. 131378 ID: e51896

If it is alright, can we Scarred stay with Ana instead? I apologize but I don't feel very comfortable dragging Laura into this after everything that happened to her. Besides, Wicker Kid also said that Ana is soon going to have to make an important decision and I don't want to disrupt that. And also, I no longer want Ana and the voices to run away from their troubles anymore. I would instead like for them to face them head on, and try to come to some sort of common ground, or maybe even a small truce with Lorence even if in the end Ana and the voices might not be able to see eye to eye with Lorence.

For her argument regarding AJ and Lorence, what Fortune Ana wants to prove to Scarred Ana right now is that Lorence is not a monster, and still has his humanity. to prove that, she wants to show that Lorence still has the will to apologize to Ana for everything he done to her and her friends, and prove that Lorence is still a human with remorse for his actions even if he believes the ends justified the means. I really think he does have guilt bottled up over what he did to Ana as he has shown remorse in the past towards what he did to others such as what he did to the woman at the place that used to be his wife's home, and how he felt guilt for trying to convict Matilda even though she was innocent, even fishing for an apology from her.
I believe if many like the Spirit of Halloween of Wicker Kid have said that Lorence can never change, then that also means he also hasn't changed into a monster who doesn't feel guilt for his actions and is still human yearning for forgiveness even if he is forced to commit atrocities and believes he can only remain unforgivable.

that said, here is what I am planning on Fortune Ana suggesting to Ana:

Ana, show Lorence your missing hand and say "I know what you mean about curators being untrustworthy... but... with that in mind, why do I still deeply miss my curator despite how he kept things secret from me?"

After that, say "I found out too late what was going on around us in this world, and I understand what you did to my friends and me was an act of the ends justifying the means from the knowledge from previous cycles..."

"...But Lorence... with your actions of sending Stitch at me or threatening my friends, you and Root still deeply hurt and traumatized me, even to the point of us getting too scared to think logically and act in impulse trying to defend ourselves, forcing us to make bad decisions and lead us to this point of no return...

"You're one of the many people who broke me the most, Lorence, And even though I am doomed now, and you may see your actions as just, I want to know if you feel any kind remorse for your actions. After everything you did to hurt me, I just want to hear you apologize for what you did to me."

If Lorence thinks he is above an apology, Ana, tell him "look at your watch you stole from that house. it is a memento of your wife that clings you to your humanity and remember your good morals. Your wife was strong enough to apologize to you for her unforgivable actions, and you were strong enough to forgive her. I am strong enough to forgive you, but I first need to know you are strong enough to apologize. Not just to me, but to yourself."

What do you think? If you feel you need to edit anything, I would highly appreciate it. Keep in mind I want to hear an apology from Lorence, but I don't want it to be too demanding, and I don't want it to sound too wishy-washy either. (For example, I'm not sure whether or not to mention Wild Cat in this conversation).
No. 131379 ID: 8b660e

Don’t mention WC. Lorence still had a prejudice towards currators, and besides WC’s ability to hide Ana. He might suspect that she has something planned. Everything else is great.
No. 131391 ID: e51896

What are your thoughts about what Lorence had to say? What he said was what I suspected about him and his actions and I'm relieved that he is still human to acknowledge that his actions are unforgivable. But despite that, he was still able to apologize to Ana for what he did when she asked for one, showing that he wasn't above apologizing. This shows that he still haves his humanity to know that his actions are wrong even if he is forced to do them in order to prevent something worse from occuring, and I think that is what makes him different from someone like Essence or Happy. While Essence embraced hurting others without remorse, Lorence is aware that while he had no choice but to hurt others in order to prevent the blind will or Andrew from being summoned, he has remorse for his actions with what he needed to do. And he wasn't forceful with people like Anthony with what he requested him to do and even left when Anthony requested him unlike Essence who was forceful. And I think after living so many cycles of not having anybody ask him to apologize, I think the request from Ana to get his apology was what he needed to hear.

I'm wondering if Scarred will be able to have Ana forgive Lorence after hearing what he had to say and hearing his apology, or if she believes he should remain unforgiven by Ana? Lorence himself said that him apologizing won't make any of his actions right for how he made the other versions of Ana suffer, or many others for example, and believes that he has sinned too much to not have a good afterlife. But I think if he is able to at least apologize for his sins like he did to Ana, do you think he can be forgiven, or is he too far gone off the deep end?

When all that is said, I personally no longer want to view Lorence as an enemy.
No. 131394 ID: 89ee1a

Honestly, my gut intuition is telling me not to trust him with AJ. I think he’s taken a step in the right direction. But words are cheap and actions speak louder than words. Scarred may not say she forgives him, because in all honesty she doesn’t and wont ever forgive him for it. But she will concede this one. But my gut is honestly telling me giving him AJ is going to be a mistake.
No. 131395 ID: 89ee1a

And of course we need to discuss what’s going to happen to us now. Whether or not Lorence can be redeemed is definitely up in the air but it won’t mean anything if the rest of the cult wants us dead.
No. 131401 ID: e51896

Hmm, we're at an impasse of what we believe we should do.

I still deeply believe trying to give AJ over to Lorence is what we need to do no matter how painful it will be to let him go, and this might be the only small window of chance we have to do this if I believe this this will keep AJ alive.

Melkior the incubus said that Prime will eventually find out about AJ since Prime will be able to detect AJ's power as his powers grows in time, thus making Ana a large target for Prime, especially since Ana does not have Wildcat anymore to hide some of AJ's power from Prime. And once Prime senses AJ's powers, AJ and Ana will not be able to be strong enough to defend themselves.
It doesn't really help that Wicker Kid and the Spirit of Halloween already says that Ana is not going to have a good ending and won't live to an old age and I don't want to drag AJ into his death with Ana's fate.

And while Ana can't let AJ escape this world, Lorence however somehow managed to sneak from cycle to cycle without Prime noticing, and since he has all sorts of knowledge and technology, I'm sure he has a way to keep AJ hidden. Plus, seeing that if AJ can gain strength as time passes, it would make a lot of sense for AJ to follow Lorence allowing AJ to grow strong enough to oppose Prime. Lorence did not expect Ana to ask for an apology as none of the other Ana's he spoke with ever did that, perhaps we should to do another unexpected thing to Lorence by revealing AJ to make this story go into an unexpected new direction.

I'm interested to know, what do you think might happen if we reveal and hand over AJ over to Lorence? And how can we protect AJ from Prime and Ana's fate if we do decide to keep him?

(sorry for the late response, I was stuck with work)
No. 131402 ID: a5d601

I see the logic behind it but would Lorence actually do it? Would he be willing to become a target? As for what others say about not having a happy ending? I don’t believe in that. I think there’s always a way but it’s gonna be a bitch to find. Kind of like the “earn your happy ending trope.”


Also this doesn’t answer my earlier question, they have Ana. Now what? Even if Lorence doesn’t want to kill us or have us killed that’s not a guarantee others won’t try while we’re here. If AJ is protected great, but if Ana dies I still count this as a lose condition.
No. 131403 ID: a5d601

Okay so this literally just occurred to me but I want you to think of this. So far this whole universe can be thought of a a repeating cycle, right? In other words it’s a Möbius strip, one without beginning or end but it always repeats itself in some ways.

Okay so we’ve seen that Lorence does have some humanity in him. That much I get, but he also confirmed in his speech that to him, The status quo is god.

Also AJ from what we’ve seen of him can be easily influenced by his host and hosts decisions. In the now dead timeline he even took on a darker form to reflect the changes Ana had made and her darker personality. I know you want to think he could change Lorence but what we’ve seen there’s just not enough evidence to support this. Lorence, whether he likes it or not can ignore his moral compass for what he believes is the best action. Which is why I equate him so closely with Prime because both of them have that sort of “the ends justify the means” sort of attitude. But here’s where I am about to get wild with this theory, if that’s the case then what if giving him to Lorence would be creating exactly the same circumstances to create Prime again as he is now? I know you want AJ to take over as Prime eventually but let me ask you, what if he does? What palpable change is going to happen? Or have you just replaced the old and dying version of Prime with the younger version of himself with the same morals?

And, no offense, wouldn’t that be just the kind of thing Absurdity would do? How ironic would it be for both you and Lorence? His greatest enemy is dead! Prime is defeated! And now AJ is on the throne! And he’s the one who taught him how to think! But ohhhhhh shit... I’ve just created the very thing I spent eons trying to get rid of. And then, let’s go another step further, what if AJ now Prime kills the old Lorence, then sets up a new one in exactly the same way in order to ensure his rebirth and to keep his status quo?

Sorry if I’m going all conspiracy theory here but it’s just something that occurred to me.
No. 131405 ID: e51896

You raise good points to consider. While I still stand by my decision, I think for now, just to keep the story moving, lets see what Lorence wants to say or do before we decide on AJ.
No. 131423 ID: efa420

You know... I can’t even bring myself to be happy with the whole “I told you so.” routine...

So, how’re we gonna get out of this one? I suppose if we’re gonna mention AJ by this point it would be now. But I don’t know if that would be a good or a bad thing anymore. It might just further his incentive to kill us. If you want to go that route Scarred might have the key to telling him what he needs to hear to convince him we’re not on Prime’s side.

Alternatively we could just tell him why the reason why Root hasn’t killed us yet. It’s because he’s fucking lonely, and he’s the only other person who can hear voices like Ana can.
No. 131428 ID: e51896

I actually think I have an idea as to why Root hasn't killed Ana, it all probably has to do with how the voices once tried to save Root from Delilah when he was bound in a wheelchair. If I remember, he seemed to really respect the voices for trying to save his life from Delilah. Not to mention Derrick was also there to try to save Root, and Root even wanted Derrick to take his place as the leader if I remember. Perhaps that moment was when he actually finally found people that cared for his wellbeing when everyone else at the time saw him as a disabled person no one cared for and even mistreated like Delilah.

I'm going off of memory and might need to confirm these. But what are your thoughts, Harbard?
No. 131429 ID: 8b660e

Possibly, and that’s part of it but I think there’s one bigger reason why call me crazy but I think he’s in love with her.
No. 131623 ID: 38927d

I have an announcement I am not going to be at my home for a couple of days, so I won't be able to update my story. But I will return in Monday so don't worry the story will continue.
No. 131983 ID: e51896

>Stop for a second, just hold on. Let me make this clear. If she goes, Ana willsuffer a fate worse than death. Ana goes we stay, okay then we guide Laura hopefully out of a bomb scenario. Ana however, her leaving? That’s game over right there. Because Dreamwalker will know what happened, and what she just did to someone he has basically adopted as a daughter. And he will punish her for it. This is isn't even a threat it’s me staying in his character. So I’m telling you dude it’s not a good thing no matter how you try to phrase or look at it. There is no silver lining in this, Ana goes, quest fucking over.

Would you really want Dreamwalker to kill Ana? I was hoping that he would at least look through her memories and understand the situation she was in was a very bad and impossible situation and would be forgiving even if he was really upset with her. And I was hoping he would trust Laura's life with us to save her in Ana's body. I know that Dreamwalker said that he loves humanity. and if he loves humanity, he would understand their faults enough to forgive their sins and mistakes, especially since Ana feels really bad about her actions and would want forgiveness even though she believes she might not get it. I was hoping Dreamwalker would show forgiveness when no one else would. plus, if he kills ana, he'll kill AJ as well, his nephew.

What i think we need to do is to make light out of a bad situation. Some things in life are unavoidable, an unfortunate fact of life. we just need to press on with the cards dealt we're dealt with. Make lemonade outta lemons
No. 131984 ID: 9554be

He wouldn’t kill her. He’d mentally break her for her actions. He’d see why she did what she did, he’d understand too. But at the same time justice has to be met. I’ve stated from day one of his character, he is more of “an eye for an eye” type of person. He does love humanity, but Laura was bonded to him and he considered her his daughter. Imagine if you could for a moment, someone takes away your child and puts them into a dangerous situation in which death is a very real possibility. Yes there are people with them who could help her, but it’s not a guarantee. Would you forgive them for it? His sympathies only go so far. Remember he still has a curse on the cult where whenever they sleep they have horrible nightmares, and that was just for the death of his brother.
No. 131986 ID: e51896

Then we've reached another impasse then.
I really don't want to say this, but sadly, I don't know if I can handle another impasse especially this time around. I can't help but feel the quest probably gotten really out of hand because we both wanted vastly different things from the character(s) we are guiding and their paths, and because of that, we've gotten into an unwinnable situation by doing decisions that contradict what I want and what you want, and it is starting to exhaust me, and I'm not sure if or how I can press forward on this quest with these roadblocks we have when we want to decide what to do in important situations. I'm not saying you or I are at fault, just that we want different things that is causing us to play tug-a-war with the decisions we want.

That said, I apologize, but I might need to take a hiatus off Roots and Branches to clear my head a bit. I'll still participate in the investigation with the draw thread, and Bricks of Utopia, but I need a hiatus off of Roots and Branches. I don't want to stop participating in Roots and Branches, but I don't think I can handle another roadblock in our decisions right now as it is taking its toll on me. I apologize :(
No. 131987 ID: f7ff14

I will respect the way that you feel but I intend to finish that part and believe me all of that turmoil is going towards something. There is an end goal that I want to achieve with this part, but like all things in life, it takes it. I know it is too much coming from me to say for you to be patient. Just remember it can't rain all the time.
No. 131988 ID: e51896

I'm alright, don't worry. I want to be clear that It wasn't that I was complaining about the bad situation and turmoil we were given, as I was ready to try to continue through with what we were dealt with and roll with the punches, to make light out of a bad situation by continuing to help Laura while Ana lived her new life and see where things go from there and where the story would take us and have the characters grow from this challenge with the optimism that Laura and Ana may see each other again when things get better. I can tough it out.

I think what it was is that I just got a little frustrated when I heard that Dreamwalker was going to get revenge on Ana while I wanted to try to pull through with the cards we are dealt with, and hearing that dreamwalker would threaten to destroy Ana's mind just felt like we are being forced into taking a different direction, and we'd be giving up instead of pulling through the bad situation and grow from the experience, and I think that is what made me want to step away from the quest for a little bit.

That said, don't worry, I'll continue through and be patient. I just got a little irritated after what I read about Dreamwalker, but I also want to apologize to Harbard if I came across as immature and offended you in any way in my previous post, I think I just needed to vent my frustrations, but I am fine now. Are we cool?
No. 131992 ID: 9554be

More than cool dude.
No. 132089 ID: 2bd15b
File 158195870313.jpg - (694.09KB , 977x1751 , BB 475.jpg )


What are mortals to the gods other than abandoned dolls with interchangeable parts.
No. 132101 ID: 8b660e

Credo in deum patrem omnipotentem
Creatorem caeli et terrae
Et in absolutionem, voluntatis suae testamentum
Dominum nostrum
Qui conceptus est de spiritu sanctum.
No. 132307 ID: 8b660e
File 158391447817.jpg - (333.21KB , 2732x2048 , Root&BranchesIntroREDO.jpg )

Alrighty, I said I would try to type whole recap of this story so that if anyone is interested we can get some new people involved. I'll try to make this as clear as I can but I assume its gonna take me more than a few posts to do it justice. So Root and Branches recap, GO!

Our story begins with 22 year old Ana Tiova, a college dropout who just got off work waiting for the bus and being rightly miserable with her lot in life. Her parents immigrated to the U.S. got married and had her, but left to go back to europe after she got into college. However, after dropping out she began work at a tiny convenience store and had seeming lost all goals and directions in life and just let life happened to her.

However, that night as she waited for the bus she begins hearing strange voice that sound like her but aren't necessarily her own thoughts, although he at first thinks they are. The voices advise her to wait for the bus and if it doesn't show just walk back to her apartment. The bus is running unusually late so she decides to walk, but as she does someone runs up behind her and hits her in the back of the head. Turning around she sees a mysterious man in a skull like mask staring at her from an alleyway. Wisely deciding not to mess with this individual as she has heard rumors about a strange cult of people in these masks, she quickly goes home. When she gets home there's a note with the same skull design on the cover telling her to put it over her bed when she sleeps. Ana does it partially at the urging of her bizarre "thoughts" and also because as a child she enjoyed paranormal lore and ghost stories and wanted to be a magician as a child. Outside it sounds like gunshots are firing and something big has started but she decides its best to just get through it as quick as possible and turn out the lights and try to sleep. Before she does, Ana puts the paper above her bed.

That night she has strange dreams of an old man bound by branches who says that he is responsible for it all, even though she has no idea what that means. In her dreams is in darkness and she travels a way before finding a drawing of a young girl, which slowly seems to bleed a charcoal like substance over the picture of the girl's face. The pattern is predictably, the same skull like pattern, and out the drawing erupts the Ash Tree Demon. Despite its name the "demon" is surprisingly agreeable, and along with the demon comes a boy about maybe 15 years of age. The boy is named Daniel and explains that he is a friend of the demon but wishes to die for what the cult did to him. Daniel offers her a mask with the same pattern of the skull but if she accepts, it will kill him. However, Ana refuses to take Daniel's life despite his protests otherwise. The demon says that this is her choice (and besides he would get lonely otherwise) and explains to Ana that the cult that she's been hearing about and seeing over the night get their power from him, and worship another demon with even more power than he does named Andrew Goodwill. The leader of the Cult calls himself "The Root of Ash" (often abbreviated to just Root) and that using his power and the power of Andrew Goodwill, they intend to remake the world in their own image.

The Ash Tree however, doesn't actually like its cult or Andrew Goodwill and wants to pass on himself, the only reason it has become a demon and gained sentience is through a tragic accident of the past that has led them exactly where they are now. The demon also explains to Ana that the voices she is hearing are not actually strange schizophrenic thoughts, they are other versions of herself from timelines that have ended and that she is similar to Root of Ash in that the are both tied to the Ash Tree which connects them to multiple versions of themselves. The Ash Tree explains that Scarred and Fortune are going to guide her throughout the world and lead her down various routes and that this scenario has played out a possibly infinite amount of times. The main two who guide her eventually give their names. The first one is called Scarred Ana, a warrior and military mage who led the people in a new kind of war against the cult. The second guiding voice eventually calls itself, Fortune Ana, a wise and knowledgeable version of herself and quite scholarly, she is given this name as she later gains an ability to see tarot cards representing people in the world and the decisions they make. Both Scarred and Fortune give Ana moral support but where Scarred is charismatic, loud, and verbose, Fortune is quiet, studious, and contemplative. It's here that after a brief bit of shenanigans Ana awakens to find the city outside in a state of chaos.

Outside her window there's no light from the sun despite it being fairly early in the morning. She goes outside to find her rather panicky/doomsday prepper neighbor clarence in a gas mask and holding a gun. He tell Ana that the city is under a biological attack, that the cult is spreading this black mist throughout the city and he's about to go for help. However upon taking two steps outside of house into the darkness of the black fog outside, he begins to shriek and it sounds as though he's burning from in the inside, which he is. Ana watches in horror as Clarence dies but then she sees another of the cultists standing over Clarence's body. He is small and holds up a sign saying he wants to talk. Ana doesn't believe him and doesn't go outside. It's then that Ana's other neighbor, Derrick comes down armed with a shotgun. He and Clarence were friends and he is angry to hear that his friend is dead but doesn't see the small cultist outside who has written on the sign he has a gift. Derrick and Ana adjourn to his apartment for tea and to discuss things over and discuss what should be done. The two of them decide that they will investigate the strange cultist further and they find out that the cultist outside is actually a ghost. Ana decides to take the gift of the ghost boy which turns out to be a note from the cult explaining the black fog.

The notes says that fog will kill anyone who isn't wearing the sign of their order on their face as a mask. It also states that the cult is on its way to her place now and she needs to get out. Ana modifies an old fish mask making a rather goofy looking mask for herself, which Derrick has a strong aversion to. She also goes through Clarence's apartment finding weapons and survival gear. She also takes with her a goalie hockey stick that her ex-boyfriend left. Geared up she decides to flee via the roof, however Derrick stating that he has lost his family to cult and being an old cop and war veteran volunteers to stay behind and fight them.

Ana goes over to the next building only to find a survivor trapped inside. Deciding to go inside and help, Ana finds a woman named Laura trapped under a heavy wardrobe. However upon getting her free it turns out Laura is actually FBI and puts Ana in an arm lock, thinking she a cultist. Scarred however, shows Ana a way to get out of it which does but not before this woman stabs Ana in the leg. Ironically however this was convinced Laura that Ana wasn't a cultist as she reveals that cultists cannot feel pain or even bleed properly. Laura offers to bandage Ana's leg but secretly puts a miniature bomb into the gauze to keep her in line, but also gives Ana the knife she was stabbed with which turns out was also a bomb. Laura tells Ana that the only way to prove her trust would be to give a note to the person she locked up in the wardrobe. With that Laura puts on a mask disguising herself as an acolyte of the cult and leaves.

Ana opens the wardrobe to reveal a young woman, only about 17 or so with mousy hair, but with extremely sharp teeth and black hollow eyes. The woman introduces herself as 93, a name she got because she was born in country where she was kept as a serf before the cult saved her and other slaves. The two of them decide to work together more out of necessity rather than any drive for friendship. 93 also reveals that most of the people within the cult don't actually know that it's a doomsday cult, and that the majority of them are fairly ignorant of their true cause. The two of them go out the window and attempt to use the fire escape to leave but are suddenly caught by the cult that was sent to get Ana in the first place, they threaten to kill her if they don't come with them, which 93 is shocked to hear they would do. Scarred however using experiences from her own time gives her a spell she would use to doom her enemies and ensure their deaths. The spell works but also backfires horribly, as Ana feels horrible pain in her hand. One of the cultists spontaneously combusts and falls to his death the others feel a slight chill before bringing Derrick forward revealing that they captured him and intend to use him as leverage to also take Ana hostage. Derrick however reveals that underneath his awesome viking beard he was hiding grenades and pulls the pins on all of them blow the cultists the fuck up in an attempt to take them with him.

In the resulting explosion 93 almost falls off the fire escape but Ana catches her, but lets go letting Ana escape. Ana tries to move but the pain in her hand is agony, and a voice from a strange figure explains that she wasn't attuned to magic hence why her body is reacting so violently to it. The figure then takes Ana's pain away and reveals itself to be the God of Magic, Absolution. A god from the old world, he represents both magic as well as being a god of law and order and knowledge. Absolution bring's Ana to the astral plane of existence so that they might talk. He tells her that he can give her more magic but he has to swear loyalty to him, and Scarred reveals in her time she swore an oath to him as she had met, and fallen in love with, and married his apprentice Logan. Ana takes some time to consider it and Absolution and her share a beer and talk about what to do. Absolution says that if she chooses not to swear she has to lose her hand as she used magic that wasn't hers to use. Absolution tells Ana that the he is but one fascent of a much larger god called Absolution Prime who hoards magic and knowledge and that untrained mages using his power are often punished for using it without a contract. But in the end, Ana decides to swear loyalty. However it turns out that by taking the gift and note from the ghost Ana already swore a pact with him, and is unable to swear to Absolution. The ghost appears and reveals itself to be named Casper, the ghost of a young boy who died in the french revolution.

Casper tells her that if she breaks the pact with him it would essentially mean his even more permanent death sentence for him and the cult would wipe him and his entire ghost clan out of existence. Ana and Absolution discuss what can be done and they invite Root of Ash to the Astral plane in order to make a wager on a game for Casper's life. If Ana wins, the pact is broken and the ghosts are allowed to go free. If Root wins Ana goes with him willingly. Absolution as the host picks the game they play, and he decides the two of them will play Quarto. Throughout the game both Root and Ana talk about why Root is doing what he does, and Scarred tells Ana that Root's actual name is Vladislav Dragomir, a boy from europe who was born with muscular dystrophy granted power by both the Demon Andrew Goodwill and The Ash Tree. Most of what they talk about is actually a ploy to get Root distracted and through the efforts of both Scarred and Fortune as well as Ana, the three of them manage to beat Root.

Root however it turns out is a sore loser and while he does break off the pact with the ghosts and agrees to set them free he does not wish to let the power the Absolution represents as a god of magic go unchecked and he attempts to assassinate him using a dagger blessed by Andrew Goodwill. Ana however warns Absolution but he still manages to cut Absolution, and with the blood of gods Root summons a monster of the Ash Tree capable of killing a god, a "Heartless Branch." Ana however decides to stand with Absolution and fight Root, while Absolution with the blessing of his wife, Mother Gaia goddess of the Earth, powers up to fight the Heartless Branch. Ana does surprisingly well against Root, and Absolution also holds fairly well against the Heartless Branch. Ana gets Root to swear that he will leave both her and Absolution alone. Root makes that promise but, surprise! Reveals that SHE wasn't Root at all, but a body double for Root named Clara.

Clara summons more Heartless branches using Absolutions blood, and while he could take one down, three is too much for him and he is quickly overpowered. Clara meanwhile enjoys punishing Ana for beating her earlier and wants to take her time in killing her, only for Casper now working with Ana because she save him, suddenly jumps in to save her. Throughout this whole experience, another voice begins to talk from Absolution, a being known only as "The Rage Within" and it inspires Ana's other voices to try and fight back as they have some semblance of form in the Astral realm however their blows merely go through Clara and their efforts were in vain. Or was it? Suddenly, one of the voices walks up to Clara and swings only to surprise her with a fist to the face that actually connects. Soon the other Anas' as well as the real Ana quickly overpower Clara and beat her within an inch of her life. In fact the beating is so bad that Clara nearly loses an eye but doesn't die.

It's at this point the real Root of Ash arrives and restrains Ana using magical thorns and taunts Scarred and Fortune who have lost their physical form, and even threats to do rather unsavory things to her but reveals this to only be a sick joke. Root however does have Absolution restrained by the Heartless Branches. Ana then watches in horror as he drives a spear into Absolutions eye, also the source of his power. Without it Absolution cannot live for long. Root then leaves And, but not before giving her a strange detached hand saying that he will still honor the agreement and set the ghosts free and the hand and the power inside is also a reward for her victory.

As Absolution dies he and his wife create a new offspring with their remaining power, the voices name this offspring AJ, short or Absolution Jr, and it is then bonded to Ana's right eye creating a magical pact giving her access to magic. Ana also attaches the hand's power to her own summoning forth the curator, Wild Cat. Curators are humans who have abilities to astral project their mental selves in order to give powers to people who are attached to them. In this case, Wild Cat, abbreviated to WC, gives Ana stealth and shadow abilities.

With the last of his power Absolution says farewell to Ana and his wife Gaia as passes away welcoming Ana into his family. Ana and Gaia mourn together and Gaia gives her a rose of hope before departing. Ana has a brief discussion with Wild Cat who also swears he will watch over Ana. Scarred and Fortune also pledge their oath to always support Ana. She then jumps back into the material plane, ready to confront the new world she's found herself in.

Or so she thinks...

No. 132308 ID: 2bd15b

No. 132309 ID: d63ea8

Thanks Harbard! This really helps solidify a lot of the information that I am trying to pick up.
No. 132310 ID: e51896

I think the knight was stuttering was because

1. when the knight saw Ana With her hair the way it was, and with the horns on her head, Ana looked almost exactly like Essence did

2. This knight has come across Essence in some way, shape, or form. And whatever happened in their encounter, Essence had done something horrible or unforgivable to him in some way. He did after all ask Ana to fix her hair as it was distracting, perhaps out of fear of the sight of Essence

with that in mind, I'm worried that this knight might have doubts about Ana, and might do something to betray Ana in some way if Ana goes with him out of revenge and fear for what Essence did to him.

Besides, I want to point out that just leaving with him is also going to throw more suspicion on Godfrey in his trial if one of his men saved Ana, and it might make Godfrey's trial extremely difficult to impossible to help him find innocent.

I kind of want to have Ana ask the knight: "I know you want me to put all my trust in you, but I've been backstabbed already by so many people. Not only that, you were stuttering when you first saw me, like you were afraid of me.
While you want me to trust you, I get the feeling that you don't trust me and are afraid of me. Besides, just going with you is just going to throw more suspicion on Godfrey in his trial, and I know with him as your commander, I don't think you want him to suffer on my behalf."

"But let me ask you, what gives you hope to keep moving forward when there are nothing but dead ends everywhere?"
No. 132311 ID: e51896

But I have an idea: maybe, instead of escaping, maybe Ana can ask the knight if she can go to Godfrey's trail as a surprise witness to help save Godfrey instead and tell her side of things to everyone? It might even gain sympathy from the audience in the court. Besides, Lorence can't have final say on Ana's fate since he will be acting as a lawyer, the judge will, so she can't be executed without the judge's say so. It will all depend on what happens during the trial with what Ana says.

Though I'm not sure whether or not Ana would be enthusiastic about the idea though, she is already in despair. It's going to take some time to convince her.
No. 132312 ID: 2bd15b
File 158395623646.jpg - (230.32KB , 1140x2721 , 157241378947.jpg )

I will answer the question that I asked here, the reason why he was stuttering because he already saw the drawing of her that the artist made. Also, I did say that there were two reasons that contributed to him feeling that way but I will let you all figure out that one on your own. I trust that you will be able to grasp the meaning of my metaphor, with both hands. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No. 132313 ID: 8b660e


You realize that’s an image of Scarred Ana, yeah? And it just me having fun with it. Anthony didn’t draw that.
No. 132316 ID: 12a79b
File 158397842621.jpg - (1.89MB , 2048x2732 , Scarred Ana.jpg )

With this recap I'm going to be going over all of the side stories that happened in between chapter 1 and 2 or the ones that happened alongside with the chapters. However I'm going to be going in chronological order in which they occured in the timeline of the story. The biggest thing to take away from these is that as it turns out, Scarred and Fortune have an ability to warp around the timeline through their connection to the Ash Tree.

The first real side story that happens within the timeline of this story is called Street Smarts. We start with a young teenager named Delilah, probably 17 years old, smoking on a bridge as the sun goes down. Delilah fancies herself a young thug and a rebel against society. She laments that she needs to look after her "younger brother" who's just shown up to get her. Her younger brother is none other than Vladislav Dragomir, the boy who would become the Root of Ash. At this time, unbeknownst to Delilah, Vladislav powers are already developing and he even has a few people who follow him, despite his weak and frail body. But it's because of his frailness to due to his muscular dystrophy making him wheelchair bound he also feels people often look down on him and treat him differently. Only one person hasn't treated him differently, but that was someone who had him run some odd packages around town (who this person is never said but it's often suggested this was Andrew Goodwill's first interactions with Root). Delilah doesn't share his sympathies but agrees to teach him a few things she's learned hanging out with various gangs. Vladislav quickly learns however that Delilahs method of teaching is not a nice one. The first thing she teaches him is might makes right by dumping him out of his wheelchair and then throwing him back on and then dangling him over a fall down the stairs. It this way Delilah teaches Vladislav the second rule of street survival, trust no one, especially when they hold a position of power over you. And rule three? Embrace the pain. Vladislav realizes she is about to drop him but she is stopped by a younger Derrick, still with the police at this time. Delilah however, knowing she's caught attempts to drop him anyway and run. Derrick runs and saves young Vladislav along with the help of another person named Dante Vargas who was actually waiting below and went with Vladislav at the time. It's here the first story ends

The second story starts as a man named Lorence Nilton takes the fall for a crime he did not commit. He is seemingly abandoned by everyone he loved and cared about, his wife his family, all of them seem to turn away, some of them even know he is innocent. Lorence is put in jail, but whatever crime they think he is guilty of puts him into isolation for very long time. Lorence waits in the darkness for an ungodly amount of time, his only companion is a faulty clock hung on the wall. One morning the prison seems unusually quiet. Lorence gets up to see that someone he doesn't recognize is outside his cell, and it's none other than a follower of the Ash Tree. The cultist offers Lorence a chance at freedom by placing a drawing with the skull symbol of the cult over his bed when he sleeps. Lorence deciding to take the chance does it and awakens on the astral plane meeting with The Root of Ash who offers him his freedom in exchange for his services. Lorence agrees and when he awakens, Root is waiting for him and he sees why the prison was so quiet, Root had the prison flooded with the black fog killing everyone except for Lorence. To prove his loyalty, Lorence burns a corpse of a prisoner. Two weeks later Lorence is a loyal follower of the Ash Tree but has spent so long in prison his mind is partially damaged. He even made an attempt to hill his ex-wife, the one who was truly guilty of the crime he was locked away for, but couldn't do it. Lorence then establishes himself as a distinguished member of the Ash Tree followers, and later gains a power to warp between dimensions, gaining a semblance of immortality. He has been warping around dimensions and timelines in order to ensure the success of the Ash Tree followers all because he is that loyal to Root and their cause.

The third short story comes the day before the black fog rolls in. A retired army general is taking tea in his penthouse tower study, while he awaits for a former pupil of his to arrive to join him. His former pupil to no one's surprise, his pupil is the Root of Ash himself. It's from this meeting we find out how the cult managed to take the city so efficiently, they had a man on the inside use his army influence to prevent the national guard from mobilizing. The general warns Root that while his goals may be noble he tells him the story of a british king as an allegory for the dangers of having too much power. Some shenanigans ensure shortly after this where the meeting ends peacefully and Root enters the astral plane on the car ride home to meet with Lorence. Lorence says that he met with someone calling themselves "The Essence" who said that the whole scenario with the general could have gone disastrously. However, they also talk about a problem, someone has snuck into the Cult's complex. Root is a little angry about it but also says meets with his curator, Wild Cat who as you know gets transferred to Ana later on. Root tells WC that his job when he is transferred is to keep the person he is transferred to alive. What the purpose is for we can only guess...

Which immediately brings us to the next story, taking place almost side by side with the last one. Matilda, a young chauffeur and assistant to a wealthy socialite currently waits outside a high rise penthouse waiting for her employer to return. While waiting is accosted and bullied by two bratty kids who rip her dress and play a mean prank resulting in her nearly breaking nose by getting hit in the face with a ball. When he employer comes out she relays the sad story to him and the two depart. While in the limo her employer changes his clothes revealing that... dun dun dun! It was Root all along. Root enters the astral plane as stated before and Matilda drives his body home. When they get back to a complex hidden inside a wooden mansion she parks in the garage and opens the trunk to get the bags only to see that surprise! The kids snuck into the car. Matilda promptly has a panic attack. This was the issue Root was forced to leave for, as it turns out these kids are the son and daughter of army general Root went to see, their names are Tony and Susan. The two kids as part of their meanest prank yet convince the cult members that Matilda actually kidnapped them and the result of which could mean that she is put to death. Matilda is chained up and forced to undergo a kangaroo court where she has to prove her innocence by going over the events that happened, with Root as the judge, and two other members of his inner circle Lorence and Luvia (the court gossip and possible head of the mistresses of pleasure) acting as the prosecution. She finds out however that its not actually Root she is dealing with but his body double/lover Clara. Luvia leaves in a huff about this as she was only there to be closer to Root. Lorence however is adamant of Matilda's guilt. However she isn't alone in this Scarred and Fortune have been there the whole time and help her prove her innocence. The boy as it turns out isn't actually the real Tony, but rather a friend of Susan's (her boyfriend she calls him) who dressed up in her brothers clothes. The boy feels guilty at what he's done and helps prove Matilda's innocence. Susan is dragged off kicking and screaming to detention (where she does arts and crafts?) And the boy (WHO STILL DOESN'T HAVE A NAME, ABSURDITY!) goes off to watch her. Lorence and Matilda actually hug it out and together they discuss the fog rolling in, and Matilda decides to quit being Root's chauffeur and decides to pursue a career in law.

The next story comes directly after the events of chapter 1. Root awakens from a nightmare where Ana has killed him and where he also confesses his love for her. An assistant comes in to check on him saying that dinner will be ready soon, and that his sister Delilah has also awakened from a nightmare where she was given a new face that reflected her inner ugliness. Root however has no time to deal with her saying to just give her something to calm her down and he leaves for his dinner party. All the while, an angry god of dreams watches over the two of them. Meanwhile at in a recovery ward section Clara watches a very weird tv show accompanied by her sister Rosalia, an aggressive huntress who prays to Mother Gaia. Rosalia resolves herself to hunt down the woman who beat Clara near to death, Ana. She talks with the doctor who is in charge of the medical ward, Dr. Lester and he tells her to be careful also saying he loves her or at least he says that after she leaves. Rosalia mounts up on her demon, Amu-Amu and converses with Mother Gaia who appears before he telling her to kill Ana. But something is amiss as Ana had met mother Gaia when Absolution died, and she had embraced her as a daughter and also did not speak.

We then move from these events the to the party, where Root and his inner circle are celebrating the death of Absolution. Fortune and Scarred are there and are talking with two different people at the party, the first is Delilah who is drugged out on some kind of narcotic and doesn't fully realize that Fortune and Scarred and talking with her. The other is Dr. Lester who has come Clara who is still injured and wheelchair bound. With Delilah they discuss a few of the key members of Root's innercircle, some of them are more like shamans who pray to the Ash Tree and Andrew Goodwill, others are military experts, torturers, and bureaucrats. Delilah makes fun of all of them and thinks its funny how she's also the one who took Root's virginity (the fact that he is adopted does not make this fact any less gross and probably explains a lot of the psychological issues with Root). With Lester they discuss how Clara is doing showing they feel bad for what they and Ana did to her. After a while Clara asks Dr. Lester to take her to the balcony outside the dining hall. He does and she requests that he throw her over the railing. Lester pulls her away saying that she hasn't failed Root despite what she thinks and that she has a chance to redeem herself. Which is when Lorence shows up also out on the balcony, he shoots Clara with dart which knocks her out and grabs Lester by the coat stating that he knows something Lester has done and is guilty of. Lester denies this and actually puts up a pretty good argument against Lorence. Meanwhile however, inside at the dinner table a new figure emerges in from a painting of Root holding a spear over a dead Absolution and it is revealed to be Logan, Absolution's apprentice and worshipers of the old gods and magic, and Scarred's husband from her own time. Logan kills a few of the inner circle (mostly the ones who didn't have names) and using his magic takes Root hostage. Delilah meanwhile who's drug trip has turned very bad due to the stress of Logan showing up and flexing his magic flees to the balcony where she sees Lorence restraining Lester and Clara out cold. The stress of this is too much for her and she collapses.

When Delilah awakens she is in the medical ward with Lester taking care of her. He tells her the cult is in an uproar at the disappearance of Root however they are keeping it quiet for now. He also she can't go off the rails on the hard drugs again as her body is failing as a result and the next time she goes off on a bender it could kill her. As a weird kind of thank you, Delilah offers sex as a reward which Lester says he is thankful for, but he heart belongs to Rosalia for saving his life (he was pushed down a flight of stairs by a group of bullies that were ironically paid by Delilah, but Rosalia saved him). Delilah however does not take this well and stabs Lester for rejecting her and leaves. Lester passes out from blood loss and it's unclear whether or not he lived.

There are more side stories but they will need proper context in order to really make sense to I'm going to end this recap here.

No. 132322 ID: e51896

So I was thinking about what was going on in this latest update and wanted to share my thoughts that we might need to consider. I was thinking that something about all this is too good to be true, and something really bad is going to happen. Something seems very odd about all of this

For one thing, I was thinking, how and why is Godfrey is even here in the first place? If he has a trial coming up, I would have expected him to be somewhere locked up and under heavy surveillance. And if he had escaped, he kind of just waltzed right in here.

And also, if Anthony was going to get help, I would have expected him to get help from the knights, not from Godfrey considering he should be locked up.

and finally, while he indeed stuttered at the sight of Ana because he recognized her in a lewd pic (which was actually Scarred) he had a second reason, and I feel that he recognized Ana's appearance as Essence, and it terrified him, even asking her to fix her hair. I'm worried if that had made him doubt Ana at all.

I can't help but shake the feeling that something sinister is going to happen, like maybe this person isn't Godfrey and instead someone disguised as him and will hurt Ana, or worst, it is indeed Godfrey and he might be here perhaps as an evaluation to truly test his loyalty to the acolytes of the Ash Tree by executing Ana himself, and might stab Ana in the back after she turned around.

and even if that wasn't the case, I know that if Godfrey does intend to let Ana escape, the firing squad will show up and shoot at Godfrey instead, killing him instantly. And I know that the other knights are going to blame Ana for doing that.

Right now, I'm torn between either
1. letting him help Ana escape

2. having Ana throw the blanket over Godfrey (or Godfrey's imposter) and run away out the unlocked door that got opened

3. just ask Ana to save Godfrey's life by pushing Godfrey out of the cell and plead with him to save himself and not take his life to save Ana's since he already risked his own life before and we must return the favor. I feel that pushing Godfrey out of the cell and telling him to get back to his cell and await his trial is the most noble thing Ana can do in this situation, risk her life to save Godfrey from sacrificing himself for Ana. Ana has after all accepted her fate.

That is what is on my mind right now. As I typed this out, I'm leaning towards 3, but I want to hear what the other(s) has to say before I post.
No. 132323 ID: e51896

Though I could just be overthinking this
No. 132354 ID: d63ea8

Hey Absurdity, may I ask what program you use for your artwork?

I've finished catching up on R&B and I have some musings that I want to toy with in the meantime.
No. 132355 ID: 2bd15b

Well, I combine drawing on paper with a pen, which I scan and then I use photoshop filters to create the form that you see. Honestly is a pretty basic knowledge of photoshop that I use to create my artwork and to be honest my artwork is nothing special to brag about. I hope that answered your question.
No. 132356 ID: d63ea8

It does. I mainly asked because I remember Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid mentioning that they wanted to run a quest in the future and it made me wonder about the logistics behind setting one up.

I'm not much of a digital artist, and your artwork seemed to be more of a hand-drawn style.

If I were to run a quest it would likely be more dialogue/writing focused.

Either way, thank you for the help.
No. 132367 ID: 8b660e
File 158470332312.jpg - (736.48KB , 1924x2488 , andrew goodwill.jpg )

Episode 3! But a story always goes better with music! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRSgyE670tk

Continuing with the recap, we start with Ana's story. Something, or someone has hijacked her exit from the Astral plane and she see a dream of someone who has a dream of chopping down a tree, but then the tree retaliates and makes the lumberjack a part of itself. The lumberjack awakens and knows "they must protect her at any cost." Remember this "lumberjack" because they will be important later and cause a shit load of trouble for Scarred and Fortune. Speaking of our intrepid duo, the two of them after seeing the events of the side quests have a meeting with the real master of the black fog and the true leader of the Acolytes of the Ash Tree, the demon known as Andrew Goodwill. He makes it clear that the Ash Tree demon is basically his bitch and he uses him like a weapon to fuel his own dark designs, he also reveals that he wanted to punish Root for going against certain order as killing Absolution was not his wish, and that he was the one who granted Scarred and Fortune bodies to beat the shit out of Clara. Andrew then offers Scarred and Fortune a choice of who they would like to see die, for no other reason than his own amusement. However in defiance of him they chose none of them and instead pick someone entirely random (intending for Andrew to pick himself) as they don't want to hurt anyone. However the joke is on them because instead he picks Wildcat, the Curator attached to Ana. They quickly make a bargain for his life, but Andrew proposes a new idea, he takes over Ana's body to further punish Root. Both them promptly refuse, so in order to defuse the situation and save Wild Cat (who I will refer to as WC from here on) they all start to tell some really dirty jokes in order to save him, only highlighting how capricious Andrew Goodwill really is. Scarred comes in handy here as she tells one about a guy fucking a cow to death as well as "The Aristocrats Joke," often considered the dirtiest joke in existence (see here for what she said: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGA0dIz9-Wk) The joke is so filthy that Andrew lets WC live. They all swap some jokes, and Andrew leaves in good humor and WC promises to do his best to help Ana. Andrew returns to Root and warns him to not get so high and mighty again.

Meanwhile all of this going on Ana is talking with the young offspring of Mother Gaia and Absolution, who is promptly named Absolution Jr, and from this point on goes by AJ. AJ shows her that now with him acting as her right eye, Ana now has access to basic magic abilities. Ana is able to summon fireball and shoot it like a bullet from her finger. However this is the extent of her power so far, and it's all AJ can give her at the moment as WC is actually hindering her and AJ's ability to evolve and grow further at the moment, they will still grow however but at a slower rate. When suddenly, who should appear by Andrew Goodwill again. He reveals that Clara suddenly attacking was against his order and that Root was the one who ordered the death of Absolution due to receiving knowledge of another universe that had a far greater impact with magic and that he needed to die in order stop such a cataclysmic future. As stated this was against Andrew's orders and so he feels Root needs to be punished for his insubordination. He also plays the blame game and tries to convince Ana that her voices are actually a hinderance to her but it doesn't really work, although he does give some convincing arguments. In response Andrew gives Ana a sudden nightmare of her being attacked by a singing Root and immediately tries to blame it on the newest arrival to this meeting.

It's here Ana meets the brother of Absolution, the one who has placed a curse on the entire cult of the Ash Tree for the death of his brother. Morpheus the Dreamwalker, God of Imagination, progress and innovation, and dreams and nightmares. Dreamwalker makes it very clear that by siding with the cult, and for the deaths of his brother he has sworn vengeance on Root and by proxy, Andrew Goodwill. However some very odd peace negotiations occur in which Andrew tries and fails again to get more people on his side, but Dreamwalker will not be moved. Dreamwalker pledges to help Ana in anyway he can provided she takes care of AJ, his nephew. Andrew leaves in something of a huff and Dreamwalker helps Ana wake up back on the material plane.

When Ana awakens we see that WC has brought her into an abandoned auto garage, but she isn't alone. The young ghost Casper appears and tells Ana that the contract with him is dissolved and so has all the ghostly ties with the Ash tree Acolytes. Root was good to his word and let all of the ghosts go, however without their power Casper's form of a young boy falls away and he becomes a formless ghost. Ana tells Casper about Logan and that he might be someone who he and the other ghosts should look into meeting. Casper agrees and goes off to meet him. After he leaves two people enter the garage talking about their families curse. One of them is a young woman perhaps a few years old than Ana, and the other is an old man. Not only that but he is the old man whom Ana, saw in her dream when she met with the Ash tree, the woman is his granddaughter, Anastasia. Alas her hiding skill isn't great and she is quickly found out and Anastasia quickly points her gun at her. A very tense negotiation occurs, Anastasia says that Logan has made himself known and has begun his war against the cult. Anastasia and Ana after talking it out trade weapons and supplies and Anastasia and her grandfather take the car that's in the garage in an attempt to escape the city. Before they go Anastasia and Ana agree to stay in communication via a long range radio.

After the two of them leave WC requests using a small silver hand bell that he gave them when they first met. The bell opens up a small pocket dimension where a curator and shopkeeper named "One Horned Jack" runs a business selling good and information. One Horned Jack isn't his real name but it's what he goes by as a curator. Apparently on this pocket dimension Scarred and Fortune also have seeable forms, although they can't interact or touch anything, they are still able to talk and be heard by both the curators and Ana. Ana makes a brief radio call to Anatasia to test out the radio and they establish code names and she learns the cult is pulling corpses out on the streets and burning them. WC and Jack leave to talk business and Ana looks at what is for sale. Turns out Jack isn't just a shopkeeper but a man who will literally sell everything under the sun from items to secrets. Ana buys some healing items called "the needles of life," which can heal any injury no matter their severity. Jack and WC come back from talking business and as it turns out, owes a debt to Scarred and Fortune because they saved his daughter's life. Jack's daughter is Matilda who was on trial earlier and he gives them some information about who buys from his shop, mostly cult members needing medical supplies or even drugs. They negotiate the distribution of some needles of life to people who need them like Lester who as you remember will be stabbed later on and this may save his life. The shop also has a young blacksmith there who simply goes by "Blacky." . She also gives a new mask order for Blacky to fill out as the cult has already begun to recognize her by her fish mask, as well as gets a new weapon head for her hockey stick. Blacky turns it into a Svardstav, a swedish weapon that's a kind of long spear with a short sword on the end rather than just a regular spear head. Black leaves to complete the weapon order after it has been placed.

Suddenly, who should break into this pocket dimension by Logan the Magus himself. Ana attempts to be cordial, and Scarred is delighted to see the man who became her husband, but Logan is furious and demands she hand over AJ immediately. Logan reveals he knows that Andrew Goodwill is aware of his presence but he isn't the one he is worried about, and he demands she hand him over as he sees him as a little brother. Suddenly Dreamwalker shows up who was apparently disguised as one of Ana's voices and has been following her since she woke up and he helps defuse some of the tension in the air and points out some areas of information that Logan was missing. Ana however breaks down in tears and says that she knows her actions may very well be what got Absolution killed. She takes of her mask and offers to let Logan take AJ. But seeing her cry seems to have softened Logan up a little bit and he admits that he was too harsh and that the psychic connection has already been made between Ana and AJ. Jack comes back and offers both Logan a letter from Root. Upon opening the letter however it establishes a kind of ghost communication with Root and he invites Logan to his dinner party claiming that both he and Logan as well as Ana are all friends and allies. Both of them just see him as a sick fuck and while Logan agrees to "attend." Jack is also reprimanded by Lorence who shows up on the line and says that by serving Ana Jack fucked up and will need to have a performance review It's revealed this invitation is how Logan showed up at the dinner party in the side quest and how he was able to kidnap Root and kill off certain cult members. Logan says he has to leave soon and see someone who he isn't really wanting to see but it's a complicated situation and he must attend. Before he goes he warns Ana about someone called "The Ambassador" and that he's a dangerous and creepy person but he is definitely someone better to have on your side than against you.

Jack leaves and so does Logan and Black comes back with the completed Svardstav and also gives Ana a list of bodyguards she can choose from to help her out. The list consists of the following choices:
- Masturbating Mike and Handjob Hank, two men with mutated arms who work for porn. They are quickly discounted as being good choices.
- The Wolf-Pack, a group of hunters and warriors who worship Fenrir Wolf, the son of Loki, and seek hunt and live as free men in the world Root has made despite not being allies with the Acolytes of Ash. To get them Ana would have to join the pack.
- Fire of Hate, a pyromaniac who's payment is accepting "The love of fire" she is also quickly discounted.
- Crimson Cinnamon "Bleeding" Jimmy, "a psychopath" who dressed like Chucky the killer doll and is into tinkering and creating various gadgets and who keeps various weapons and tools inside their body like fucked up magic bag trick. He apparently works for cash.
- And lastly the Ambassador, who as stated is a creepy individual but one better to have on your side than not. This is the one who Ana decides to chose.

They place the call to the Ambassador who agrees to be her bodyguard after some very odd words and questions. He agrees to be her bodyguard as he was once a mortal and wants to gain more power, and even take over the Acolytes of Ash. It's made clear he sees her as something of a means to an end but at the same time she also agrees and the two form a rather tense alliance. After some very choice words the two end the call only for it to be revealed that Root's bodyguard, a silent monster named Stitch, is standing behind Ana, still acting on his previous order to find her and kill her. Stitch is a silent killer and a frankenstein's monster of an abomination. Ana freaks out but Blacky, gods bless his heart tells her to ring the bell again which will send her out of the pocket dimension. She does so just in time before Stitch has a chance to put his knife (which he keeps lodged in his neck) through her heart. However, Stitch is furious at Black for telling them how to escape. Stitch begins to break all of the bones in Blacky's hand except for Dreamwalker who is able to disguise himself uses his power to turn into Root, and he gives the order to not kill him. Stitch obeys but it doesn't mean "don't hurt him," and he breaks both the arms of Blacky and rips one of them off before putting a smile on his mask for Ana as she leaves watching all of this in horror.

Both Ana and Dreamwalker are horrified, Dreamwalker confesses he looked into the mind of Stitch while they were at it and there was just, nothing cohesive, like voices trying to call out from a black hole and even to a god like him it was horrifying. Ana wants to take a minute to think everything over but isn't given the chance as she looks out and see a woman dressed as plague doctor getting beaten up by three people in masks. Ana goes out to at least check it out and listen in on what's going on. As it turns out the plague doctor isn't one of the Acolytes of Ash but is instead someone who gives out masks to people so they can live in the fog. The people beating her are panicking and scared of what's going on and continue beating her. Scarred convinces Fortune and Ana that they need to help and Ana leaps out gun ready and one of the others also pulls out a gun and there's a stand off moment, Ana does the whole "Look behind you!" trick only for it not to be a trick. As it turns out this plague doctor named Epidemic Gretel also has a bodyguard, and it's none other than Bleeding Jimmy. Jimmy jumps down from roof he was standing on top of and attack with scythe. Ana like a champ calls out for Jimmy to stop.

Amazingly he does and reverses his scythe blade to just bonk one of the attackers with the round edge. Jimmy like a true psychopath reveals that he can't be killed by conventional means, even proving it by shooting himself in the face, we later find out Jimmy is one of the immortals like 93 is hence why normal weapons and gunfire won't kill him. Jimmy pull out a sort of remote taser and sets it to blast and the three attackers drop like flies all while he continues to act weird and creepy and threatens Ana with either coming quietly or getting chopped up via chainsaw. Ana promptly refuses to which Jimmy then throws a teddy bear with a bear trap in the mouth which Ana just shoots out of the air, to which then Jimmy shoots Ana with a harpoon gun which also has a car battery attached to a long cable. Jimmy activates it effectively tasing Ana and knocking her out. When she wakes up Jimmy has her tied up in an abandoned apartment complex and apparently is very worried about his boyfriend, who as it turns out was Blacky. Black set Jimmy up as a bodyguard and Ana tells him that he needs help fast, Jimmy instead is furious at the situation and while he still wants to kill Ana, Gretel has convinced him that Ana is a good person and says they should give Ana a chance to come with them and even sets her free. Ana says no but is grateful to both her and Jimmy (in a roundabout kind of way). But Jimmy has another trick and throws Ana out a window via another one of his traps. Ana lands in a dumpster with various needles in her back.

Scarred and Fortune ask for a damage report when suddenly a strange and very angry voice appears and tells Ana to get up and tells her to use it's magic to transform herself. Scarred and Fortune are horrified and see what it is doing this. It's the being known as "The Rage Within" which is later revealed to be a different side Absolution. If Absolution was law and justice and magic this thing is Anarchy and survival of the fittest, and pure primal rage. It is a being of pure rage and malice seeking blood. In the old days it was worshipped by berserkers who called it "The Blood God." Even Dreamwalker can't look at it and is horrified by it's presence. It was reborn with AJ and it's here it also escapes as Ana refuses to listen to it or either doesn't hear it. She pulls the needles out of her back which as it turns out healed as soon as she did it and healed up her wounds too. Amazingly they are needles of life. Jimmy has attached a note thanks for not joining us, and that while she's not a bad person she can't have them with them anyway as Jimmy wants to protect Gretel. We later find out in a separate sequence that Jimmy isn't really a man at all but in fact a young woman and Gretel's younger sister. The whole "Bleeding Jimmy" thing was all an act and she is actually very afraid for both her sister and Blacky. Funny enough in Scarred Ana's timeline Jimmy went by a different name, Alora "Jackie" Miller and both her and Gretel as well as Blacky who later gets new metal arms and calls himself "Weyland" become generals and part of her inner circle.

Ana begrudgingly carries on and decides to take the alleyways to stay off the main streets. Rounding a corner she meets a homeless man wearing a box for a mask with a sharpie drawn on the symbol roasting a hot dog over a fire in a steel drum barrel. The man introduces himself "Boxhead Hobo" (although I would later give him the name Edward "Ned" Kelly but he still goes with Boxhead for now)
They talk for a bit and Boxhead says that he has a sawed off shotgun in case he gets into trouble but otherwise prefers to avoid it whenever possible. Living on the streets and being an old army vet he learned how to survive and Ana asks if he want to come with her as both Scarred and Fortune recognize his tone as someone who is planning on using that shotgun on themselves. It takes some convincing but he does decide to join them, mostly because Ana did it via threats. This becomes something of a bad trend for Ana as she often makes the mistake of taking what Scarred and Fortune say she should do and then going either too hard on it or not enough. Boxhead does admit he is at least somewhat glad to have Ana with him as he was actually planning on doing something like suicide. Together the two of them make for an abandoned hotel that Boxhead sometimes sleeps in.

The two banter back and forth a little bit making their way through an old pit where the city was doing some construction work when suddenly, Oh no! A trap! They are caged in on both sides and the pyromaniac known as fire of Hate appears with a flamethrower at the ready. Her boss is a new general for the Acolytes of Ash, a try-hard named Flint, whom Ana mocks with Jojo references. After some banter anand more Jojo references with Flint being the butt of the joke, Ana and Boxhead realize they're completely caged in with Acolytes of Ash all armed. Ana questions why they're bothering with her at all since by this point Root has been captured by Logan. Flint says that Root said no one should follow him while he "Talks" with Logan and that his order are to bring Ana back alive if possible. Flint has also brought three people along with him. The first Madame Rosaline, a proper english lady with a penchant for tea and spiders, as well as her retinue of "Teacups" basically her butlers all armed with SMGs. The second is Inquisitor Raphael, a cohort of Lorence who likes making fun of Flint and being generally creepy. Thirdly is an unnamed lieutenant of Flints'. And lastly is Grandmaster Godfrey, the leader of a group of knights called the Cross Ash who seek to help people out of the city.

Scarred Ana recognizes everyone except for Rosaline, and is especially excited to see Godfrey as she learned how to fight from him. Ana says that she will surrender to Godfrey but not to the others, or she will have an honorable duel with Flint with her freedom if she lives. This causes a disturbance among the group as Godfrey doesn't know Ana and Flint wants the glory to himself and doesn't want to take the deal. It also reveals that Godfrey's mission and goals within the Acolyte of Ash are already under scrutiny from Lorence and others like him in the cult. Ana convinces the others that Flint is acting like a spoiled child and that this only proves Godfrey's in league with Ana. Godfrey responds by drawing his sword on Flint and telling him to essentially cut the shit. Flint, coward that he is agrees to let Godfrey take Ana. But then surprise entrance by The Ambassador who was listening in the whole time! He says he likes the idea of the duel better, and it quickly becomes a fighting tournament to see who will win. But since Flint's side has both himself, Raphael, Rosaline, Fire of Hate,and Godfrey and Ana's side has only herself and Boxhead, Godfrey joins Ana as he doesn't want to see innocents hurt.

The first match is between Ana and Flint. Flint gets in and huffs and puffs about how badass he is only for his try hard nature to be revealed in spades and he goes down with a single boxing style punch that Scarred taught Ana. Ana asks who the hell put this guy in charge and it looks like Ana has won, only for flint to be a cheating bastard and hit her with a blowgun in the booty while she was talking, which knocks her out for a few minutes. It's a cheap win and Flint doesn't get any points from anybody not even a high five but the win goes to him.

the second match is Godfrey vs, Fire of Hate (whom I will shorten to FoH from here on), the knight vs the fire breathing dragon. The ambassador gives Godfrey a ring that allows Scarred and Fortune to help/talk with Godfrey and the fight begins. FoH unleashes a blast from her flamethrower while Godfrey circles around using keeping his shield up against her fire. The shield won't last for long against that heat so he gets underneath and is able to cut the fuel line of the flame thrower. FoH isn't done though as she throws two different fire bombs into the air. Dreamwalker attempts to help but the powers that be determine him to be overpowered to stay with Ana with powers like being able to stop brain function and he is whisked away elsewhere to deal with some other shenanigans. We'll get back to him later but for now we continue the duel. Godfrey's cloak is actually fire proof and he wraps in around himself shielding himself from the falling napalm. However he can't get in close to finish the job as the falling fire has lit up parts of the field and she's retreated behind them. Godfrey is fireproof from above but otherwise walking through fire is still too tricky. Fire of Hate however pulls two firepokers out and tells Godfrey to get her. Instead he pulls a move straight out of lord of the rings using his shield like a surfboard going across the flames but FoH was ready and uses her fire pokers to stick Godfrey in the head and rip of his chest plate. Turns out Godfrey is an immortal and can't die from a blow to the head like that and he forces his way up even using his cape to smother more of the flames and catch a fire axe she swings at him. Cheered on by Scarred Godfrey headbuts FoH and she goes down and he points his sword at her. FoH won't accept defeat on anyones terms but her own and attempts to light herself on fire. Only through Godfrey literally punching her lights out does she stop. Godfrey takes the win and the score is one for one on both sides.

From here we cut back to Dreamwalker who was taken away from the fight by a mysterious power. He is introduced to a man calling himself "Black Tomato" and he says he needs Dreamwalkers help and wants to give him a physical presence he can act on. Why? Lord only knows. But he introduces to him a young woman named Laura. Please note this is not the same Laura Ana met earlier who works for the FBI. This Laura is a quiet girl who was born blind from birth. For some reason or other Black Tomato owes her a debt and through the help of an entity calling itself "Mr. Midnight" wishes to bond Dreamwalker with her. Dreamwalker has bonded to humans before creating the first "Seers." as it were. He talks with Laura and gets to know her a little bit more and sees that she is a very kind and warm person. He even gives her an idea of what she looks like to others via a telepathic view of her face. Dreamwalker agrees to the bonding on three conditions, she gives him open access to her mind, she leaves the cult, and three she must join Ana and help her and AJ. All of these she agrees to. Before the bonding, Black Tomato gives a phone to Dreamwalker to talk with "Mr. Midnight." Amazingly, Dreamwalker recognizes the voice on the other end of the line a trickster god of madness, and creation, something akin to March Hare from alice in Wonderland. The being has many names but simply goes by "The Mad Creator." He's dabbled in creating worlds of his own before, but his main goal is going around other universes stealing objects and materials to build his incredible hall. In this case, he's come to this universe and he is actually dying and needs something from this universe to prolong his life. The call is abruptly ended however, and Dreamwalker asks Laura if this is something she wants.

Laura assures him it is and the two of them bond, creating a kind of father-daughter relationship. Laura awakens back in the bunker city of the Acolytes of Ash and she can now see using a kind of dream vision. She quickly makes plans to escape only to get side tracked by a pumpkin witch named Betty. She and Laura talk a little bit and Betty reveals she was part of the original scouting crew sent to spy on Ana at the bus stop, and that she recently turned herself into an immortal. They also use this opportunity to test out one of Dreamwalker's abilities and they look into Betty's mind as she recounts a story to Laura, revealing everything she's saying to be a half-truth and that Betty is a monster who killed a poor fool and took their head. Betty in a twisted sense of humor gives Laura the head after making it sing the Adam's Family theme. The head says its name is Cleo and it would appreciate help in getting her body back. Laura agrees but before that she takes a short rest to test out more of her new powers of Dream-walking and dream shaping.

and it's here i'm going to end episode 3 as it is almost 3:30 in the morning. Goodnight!
No. 132372 ID: d63ea8

Good work as always :)
No. 132375 ID: 8b660e
File 158474750578.png - (358.36KB , 1093x819 , Absurdity gonna sing the doom song now.png )

Here's where parts of this story goes absolutely bonkers but I'll try to explain it all as we go. These are mostly stories and weird tangents that have somehow worked their way into becoming established canon, and as the title implies they are all strange 4th wall breaks in some way or another, but somehow we keep coming back to these characters and locations. Because this is the absurdist part of the recap Ah! See what I did there!? let's have some music that is equally absurd given the strange context we now found ourselves in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OysEzsruFK4 and why not this one too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0wOD9TWynM

Self reflections and Anthony- This was more a continuous run and the start of a character more or less based on myself. Anthony was just a regular college student who got mixed up in all of this and taken captive by the Acolytes of Ash. Turns out he has some psychic powers through being able to see things in his dreams because he is a human descendent of Dreamwalker and his lineage retains some dream powers. Mostly his powers allow him to see into various alternate dimensions and other parts of what is going on in the world. When he awakens he draws what he saw. Mostly what he sees is the lives of people and their faces without ever really seeing their faces. His powers and his art quickly make him something a celebrity and he's given much nicer treatment by the cult. But certain people, particularly Lorence, use his art as a means spy on people. But its through Anthony's art both he as a character and the audience learn more about the people in this setting. It was to Anthony that Bleeding Jimmy revealed her true identity as Gretel's sister. There are some other interesting tidbits gleaned from all this such as the Rivalry between Delilah and Luvia, Fortune's secret past involving WC, and other secret bits of character information. His dream vision isn't perfect and he has to try and fill in the gaps himself at times but usually they're pretty close, as seen in his drawings of Delilah and Root when they were both young. It's also during this scene he meets the other artist of the group, a woman dressed as a clown named Cleopatra. Anthony however has a phobia of clowns like a motherfucker and his fear triggers his dream vision and he dreams he jumps into the arms of the author like scooby-doo even though he's just on top of a coat rack. Ironically Cleopatra and Anthony form a close relationship as both lovers and artists after this and she changes her outfit as to not scare the shit out of him. After his little freakout a shaman named Cela Mortis, leader of a group of shamans who control the fog and worship Andrew Goodwill ask him to complete a commission for them. You will want to remember Cela Mortis for later.

Dreamwalker's knife- Dreamwalker talks with the power that be about a knife he forged way back in the iron age with the help of three gods of blacksmithing. He also imbued the knife with some of his powers and it has a really good cutting edge as proven when he accidentally cut through a whole table with it while trying to cut a watermelon for him and Absolution to share. But oh no! shenanigans ensue and his knife is stolen and he has to order his knife back by ordering a shit load of meat from a brand that is not exactly up to industry health standards and they keep placing him on hold just for sick kicks. Eventually he finds out the knife was sold to a lawyer named Dervan Glasshrauder, a man who considers himself the devil and loves lying just for the sake of it. More shenanigans ensue and Dreamwalker threatens to go all Liam Neeson on Dervan to which Dervan says he's already killed a load of people with it (he hasn't though, again he loves to lie for the sake of lying). Dreamwalker threatens to use his nightmare abilities as a more ancient and old form called Phobetor. Phobetor is the inverse of Dreamwalker just as The Rage Within is the inverse of Absolution. But that's pretty much were this whole thing ends too, it's never really brought up after this. Although the knife does reappear throughout the story like weird meme, often being summoned by Scarred to deal some damage, though it's often ineffectual.

A place I go to fuck myself- This is a recurring spot on the astral plane that we somehow keep coming back to. It's the house of the Mad Creator, and Dreamwalker arrives to chat and discuss some weird stuff and look at some art all which relates to the infinite amount of universes that has been played out before. This also establishes The Mad Creator as a trickster and thief archetype. This is also where we meet this adopted daughter, Falafaf. Falafaf as it turns out is from another universe and a fortune teller who is getting ready for a date with Lorence of all people. It's a weird scenario especially because upon seeing her Dreamwalker gets a huge crush on her. Shit's weird. He's pretty much out of luck on this one however, as she asks Anthony to design her a dress for her date with Lorence and it actually comes out really nice. Back to Falafaf and her significance to the plot however, it's from her that Fortune Ana actually get's her name as it turns out, Fortune was Falafaf's apprentice and used powers of the Tarot to see into the future. It's also from this that Fortune get's her ability to use with Ana, Tarot Vision, allowing her to see various tarot cards which relate to the present moment and how it can relate to others. Together the two read various fortunes and determine outcomes of various characters from various cards.

Grandma Brownie's Chocolate Chunker Wunker Bunkers, Now With Even Bigger Chunks of Chocolate Chunks!- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szofvWm3Zwk this has become something of a running gag within the quest similarly to Dreamwalker's knife, and ironically it was Dreamwalker who promoted them in the first place as it was an idea from the Mad Creator he use his dream abilities to promote products to people in their sleep. It's some kind of breakfast cereal that has gone interdimensional. And whenever someone mentions Grandma Brownie's Chocolate Chunker Wunker Bunkers, Now With Even Bigger Chunks of Chocolate Chunks, the person they are talking to can't help but also say "Did you just say Grandma Brownie's Chocolate Chunker Wunker Bunkers, Now With Even Bigger Chunks of Chocolate Chunks!?" from there shit just goes off the rails. As for the cereal itself? Meh it's a sugary slop what more did you expect?

Talking to this Douchebag- Fortune and Scarred continue to break the 4th wall and talk with the power that be and run the universe. It seems that guardian of this current universe can't help but not stay neutral however and he constantly has to keep things rolling when things get too confusing or stagnant. Luckily, the guardian is actually quite the affable and agreeable fellow. And the other powers that be (Myself and Polite Ethanoic) mostly just use this space as a spot to shoot the shit and chill and share various influences. Hell it was because of this that Cela Mortis and her group was created from old Alaskan Shaman masks and other pieces of Alaska Native Art. But it's also here that Scarred and Fortune plan a sort of welcome home party for the guardian. Again, shit's weird and I ask you to refer to the title of this episode.

This is where I'm going to cut it for now as any more gets into spoiler territory, especially with what happens next. Sorry if it's a little shorter than most but this is just to help establish certain events that happen later as well as some running jokes.

No. 132377 ID: d63ea8

Yeah... the more I read of the side-story involving Dervan Glasshrauder the more worried I got for Threshold. I wouldn't change anything that he did, since I don't think Threshold would know the full depth of Dervan's depravity, but I have a feeling that he's going to get stabbed in the future. We'll have to see.

((And don't worry, I'll ensure that my knowledge is compartmentalized for the character(s) I play.))

Again, another great summary and I can't wait for the next one. 'Fractured Memories of Confusion and Delusions' really lived up to its name.
No. 132402 ID: d63ea8

((Alright, to outsiders I apologize if this comes across as bizarre or creepy.))

For this place, and within these confines, I divest my name:

My skin I abandon,
This hair I cut,
My name is given to the air,
And all form abandoned.

Let me be empty,
Let my head be clear.

Let me breath in the color of absentia.
Let me witness nothingness.

Let my heart hurt.
Let my thoughts fade.

Let me forget the skin I have.

Let me rest, let me dream.

That I might walk amid the shadows of my former self.
No. 132403 ID: d63ea8

And take the form of another.
No. 132406 ID: 2bd15b
File 158510336405.jpg - (1.11MB , 2308x1689 , BB 497.jpg )

Me physically reacting to the changes that you implemented on your characters

No. 132407 ID: d63ea8

The vessel is suitable for my skin.

I shall grasp at the walls,
and extend these talons.
What fine things might I feel...
and seek.

No. 132408 ID: 8a8fef

I like Anthony’s armor, but it’s what he would wear when weight training with the knights and when he trained with them. He hasn’t officially challenged Godfrey at all unless he can’t get him to see reason in words, and even then it’s a last resort kind of deal.

And as for Corax, jokes on you. I always had this in mind honestly, the thing about him not feeling pain just made it better.
No. 132467 ID: 2bd15b
File 158586713969.jpg - (1.36MB , 3284x2092 , BB 499.jpg )


Well, this is my idea for the spin-off to the series. This is how some scenes would work out.
No. 132468 ID: 8b660e

Okay so I figure I would at least do a better job of explaining my thoughts and feelings on all of this than I did on Viber. Here's what I am doing with Scarred trying to resurrect Ana, and just what it is I am trying to accomplish with all of this.

I did that mural because I am so serious about this and I wanted to give Ana the time she deserves. It also serves to show my dedication to this and how serious I am about my actions. All of those voices on my draw thread are all real people who I've talked with and volunteered to help me bring her back. All of them are meant to represent all the Ana's across the cycles all of the ones who never got a voice but all who have a story to tell, and all who want to be free of the cycles. To be free once and for all. Can you imagine that? Ten thousand voices all declaring as one, with all the power they have that they believe in you and need you. That you are the future, and that they love you? That's impossible to ignore, and it's meant to be that way. And what's more all of them are giving everything they have, all the magic, all of their wills, all of them are crying out for her to come back. This is what Scarred is doing, calling out with the voices and power of tens of thousands with the strength of the Ash Tree itself to change fate, rejecting the end that has been given. Because Ana deserves better than this, that we are tired of letting others decide our fate for us, that we are less than nothing, some anomaly, or an idea. Ana is ever-changing but all of them are her, and all of them are crying out in defiance of this. That is what's happening.

Now, what I am expecting from this. I understand our author wants to move on to other parts of the story. I accept that, and I look forward to them. But what I am expecting is at the very least Ana is back and with Scarred until we can find a way to get her back in her body. That's what I am hoping for, that's all. If we can get that, then I would be happy. Both my fellow players, Doors, and Ethanoic have expressed that they wouldn't mind this as well and wish to not see her story just end here.

All I am doing with this is trying to not let Ana die and end here, and that we can work towards a better future with her. That's all, nothing more and nothing less. I am not expecting the story to continue with right away, but I also cannot accept what we got and in all honesty, I can't accept anything else except for what I am striving for. So I am willing to work this hard and get as many voices as I can to help with this because I don't expect this for free, and I will earn my gods damned happy ending.
No. 132501 ID: 2bd15b
File 158648067026.jpg - (1.35MB , 2536x1513 , BB 502.jpg )

No. 132504 ID: 8b660e

I will, without a doubt, continue to focus on the investigation as you suggest. I doubt either of my colleagues were going to stop with that either. But I want to highlight something that you mentioned that I think even you fail to realize, and it's why no matter what you do with Ana from this point on, it is still going to be a bad deal for us, regardless of intentions and why I cannot accept it as a good outcome by this point.

You claim that you still intend to use Ana albeit in a different form, fair. But as you have shown through your story telling she is still quite possibly doomed. What I suspect this means is she will return as a new Essence of Life having been tortured enough to break her mind enough that it will probably cripple her in spirit and break her will to that of Happy's design. Or the form you intend to bring her back in is so broken that there is little to no hope of restoring her back to her body. You showed that the form of the Voices of Ana have will translate over to the body. So regardless, I cannot be as satisfied or left with much hope for whatever ending you chose to give. The only real way I can see of stopping this is to continue with the investigation to stop Happy. But by the time we get to it, it might be too late. The sucky thing is we can't get through this quick enough to really change that outcome.

What ticks me off about all of this is I tried to warn my co-players that what we were doing was essentially handing her off to Happy, and wouldn't you know it, I was right. With all do respect to them and you, I am tired of feeling like the smartest man in the room, and I say that with no amount of pride. You say is that "Our actions have consequences." That would make sense if we understood what the consequences of our choices were before hand. I get the feeling you are thinking this is something like a chess game, each player moves separate pieces on the board and the other reacts accordingly. But that isn't what's been happening at all. What we are essentially doing is throwing dice, and hoping for the best outcome. In that sense the old meme you so often use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QlT3tK5XVk, can no longer can apply here. It not a fair statement, and it's lost all humor.

The other thing you said is that this world is chaotic and unpredictable. That is true and fair, we couldn't predict this outcome but you can certainly control it, and we can control our characters actions. I have already stated, drawn, and coordinated what Scarred will do in response to this, and that has not changed, nor will it unless you specifically veto it. And I'm sorry to say, this is something you seem to do a lot of as of late. I have repeatedly tried to get Corax through with his healing and avoiding others as necessary in order to focus on this investigation which you are now stressing upon us. Yet in the story it's turned right around and he is constantly interrupted on his way back. To be quite honest I'm tired of it and it only adds to my annoyance. I understand you have that power as the quest master, but regardless, it's very frustrating to have actions and work outright ignored.

This is your story, but at times it's hard when it feels like we are fighting against the author's ideas of how the boat should go, and quite often these arguments lead us nowhere good. You are free to give us the ambiguous ending or whatever it is you want. But in all honesty, I probably won't be happy with it either way. My hand has already been forced to try and get this boat back on track and you have already seen the lengths I've gone to ensure Ana returns with Scarred, and this will not change no matter what. I am determined to earn what I set out for with that action and the drawing just to emphasize that is the only outcome by this point I can really accept without more disappointment. I have only used everything with the knowledge our characters have learned and the abilities you have given them. Both Polite Ethanoic and Doors have expressed they would be okay with this outcome and it's the only way I can really see in order to get us back to where your players wish to be. You may accept it or not, you may acknowledge it or not. It is up to you. But the biggest feeling I am left with through all of this is disappointment.

These are just my own thoughts and opinions on the matter, and I cannot speak for either Doors or Ethanoic on this case other than that of bringing Ana back. I'm sorry, but this just the way of things.
No. 133004 ID: 2bd15b
File 159080183181.jpg - (452.82KB , 1665x881 , BB 513.jpg )

No. 133608 ID: 5dce20

A song written about my friend, Godfrey, who in another time, met his end by betrayal. I’ve published this as The Song of Godfrey.

The fairest flower of chivalry who led his mighty band
The noblest of all the knights the throughout the land.

Was Godfrey, Godfrey, ‘twas’ born a noble son,
Renowned throughout of all the fog for battles you have won.
In Council hear you Lorence who makes plea to go to war, To fight the rebel Ana who now fights her rightful lords

Godfrey, Godfrey, you call this plan ill made,
But nonetheless does Root of Ash agree to send them aid.
But Lorence hath requested you the post most perilous,
And willingly do you accept, as honor deems you must.

Godfrey, Godfrey, the rear guard you command,
With your loyal Cross ash Knights to ride at your right hand.
But on the street of Roncevaux your doom is now anigh,
For Lorence’s men do hold the pass, and will not let you by.

Godfrey, Godfrey, you know now you're betrayed,
But in your heart is courage, and your voice is not dismayed.
Face ye now grim battle, take your shields and hold them high,
With honor we have lived our lives with honor we shall die.

Godfrey, Godfrey, sound your mighty horn.
And try to call back Root of Ash who rode just yestermorn.
Poor Root has heard you call afar, but Lorence doth says nay,
Tis only our great Godfrey, out hunting on this day.

Godfrey, Godfrey, sound your horn again.
Meanwhile the battle rages in the streets of your campaign.
Again The Root has heard your call. Again the traitor lies,
And none shall come to aid you, since your peril he denies.

Godfrey, Godfrey, Sound your final blast,
As one by one your men at arms die fighting in the pass.
And finally of all your Knights by bullets overthrown,
And you of all the Cross Ash Knights now stand alone.

Godfrey, Godfrey, oh black the day you died.
Your comrades slain around you and your sword there by your side.
They found you on a hilltop with your face turned to the foe,
And never has there been a day of such great woe.

Godfrey, Godfrey, your name will live in song,
Whenever brave men take up arms to right a grievous wrong.
The fairest flower of chivalry who led his mighty band
The noblest of all the knights the throughout the land.
No. 133618 ID: 2bd15b
File 159724167964.jpg - (4.43MB , 3508x3854 , BB 527.jpg )

No. 133640 ID: 2bd15b
File 159763223125.jpg - (4.19MB , 3508x3200 , BB 529.jpg )

This is just a what-if scenario, about another world story that one of my participators constructed.

No. 134394 ID: 2bd15b
File 160641049971.jpg - (1.96MB , 3271x1903 , BB 549.jpg )

No. 134395 ID: d63ea8

I do find both sets of characters engaging, and enjoy that they are both pursuing the same target. But seeing as we didn't get to do much with the voices, that was the reason why I went with Totally Angels for now, and I will probably go for the Investigator choice next chapter.

As someone who is new to the 'lore' I'm finding it kind of hard to keep track of all the new faces, but seeing as both of my characters are meant to be inexperienced, I can try and play around that issue.
No. 134397 ID: 5f4030

Ultimately I think this is what you need to hear.

“The morality of fantasy and horror is, by and large, the strict morality of the fairy tale. The vampire is slain, the alien is blown out of the airlock, the Dark Lord is vanquished, and, perhaps at some loss, the good triumph – not because they are better armed but because Providence is on their side.
Why does the third of the three brothers, who shares his food with the old woman in the wood, go on to become king of the country? Why does Bond manage to disarm the nuclear bomb a few seconds before it goes off rather than, as it were, a few seconds afterwards? Because a universe where that did not happen would be a dark and hostile place. Let there be goblin hordes, let there be terrible environmental threats, let there be giant mutated slugs if you really must, but let there also be hope. It may be a grim, thin hope, an Arthurian sword at sunset, but let us know that we do not live in vain.”
— Terry Pratchett
No. 134418 ID: e51896

>how do you feel about the outsider characters

They are fine, and pretty important to finding out about the main antagonist behind everything (Happy).

>which set of characters has a more engaging story

The investigators, I want to find out more about who Happy is and why he is causing so much mayhem.

>which set of characters is more interesting to follow

right now the voices are more interesting, considering it is rare in stories where the main protagonist dies and another character takes their place.

>do you think that the addition of the outsider characters to this world is an addition to the story, or do you think it is a hindrance to it?

I'm pretty sure you have big plans since the beginning of the quest for those outsider characters, so I'd say addition.

One idea I think we could try if there are any worries of hinderance is have two separate threads going on, where one thread focuses on the investigators while the other focuses on the voices and other insider characters. Both can still be called "roots and branches"
No. 134420 ID: 2bd15b
File 160675685618.jpg - (2.44MB , 3016x2790 , BB 554.jpg )

No. 134421 ID: 5f4030

He wanted me to do a drawing for him. Thing is, I’m not opposed to doing it necessarily, but he has to do two things for me first. He has to tell me the name of his boss who wants it, their actual name no nicknames or stupid titles. Secondly, he has to tell me who’s heart he gave me. If he tells me those he’ll have a drawing before the end of the day. If he can’t do it without at least some semblance of being normal, he can forget it and he’ll never get anything from me again. No sick ultimatums, no games, just facts and honesty.
No. 134451 ID: 2bd15b
File 160715936902.jpg - (530.14KB , 1464x958 , BB 558.jpg )

No. 134453 ID: 5f4030

How long will it be before he figures it out? You can call him back and explain it if you want. If not let’s go visit Godfrey and the knights. I need to ask them something as well.
No. 134499 ID: 2bd15b
File 160769690222.jpg - (879.77KB , 2924x978 , BB 559.jpg )

No. 134505 ID: f3eb46

Alright look I’ll make this quick. I’ll do the drawing but I need two things from you first. I don’t get them, no drawing. First you need to tell me who the heart you gave me is, lastly I want to know who the drawing is for and I want real fucking names for both answers, no stupid titles. If you can do that with no riddles, games, or strings attached you’ll get the damn drawing. If you can’t give me honesty you get nothing.
No. 134506 ID: 2bd15b
File 160779571025.jpg - (4.05MB , 3508x3569 , BB 560.jpg )

No. 134507 ID: 5f4030

Cool story bro, can’t wait for the movie. By the way, wrong number.
No. 134508 ID: 5f4030

Actually hold that thought for a second. Spikey if you’re hearing me on another line or something just give me a second.

Inner thoughts Hey, Ace are you hearing the voice of that crazy woman on the end of the phone or is this just my brain going crazy again?
No. 134510 ID: d63ea8

No, I hear it too. But we do live in the time of voice changers and doctored recordings. Worst case scenario it's just an angry ghost. I wouldn't put much weight into what they say.
No. 134511 ID: 5f4030

Well that’s reassuring, yeah I kinda recognize this voice, you definitely have the wrong number.
No. 134535 ID: b0b286
File 160839972844.jpg - (1.48MB , 3508x1205 , BB 561.jpg )

No. 134536 ID: f3eb46

Oh good, the call is going through. Sorry, technical difficulties on my end. Okay well it’s probably someone from that damn tribunal. My guess is it’s Dervan. He and Lorence seem to be two of a pair.

Alright now spill, who’s heart is it?
No. 134538 ID: b0b286
File 160847989437.jpg - (1.51MB , 3508x1378 , BB 562.jpg )

No. 134547 ID: e6e228

*sits back and smiles.*

Honestly, I couldn’t say. But, he gave me everything I asked for I am a man of my word. He’ll get his drawing. In the meantime, I need to go pay Godfrey a visit. We have business to discuss with the affairs of this place.
No. 134564 ID: c24649
File 160880621744.jpg - (1.74MB , 3428x1577 , BB 564.jpg )

No. 134565 ID: c24649
File 160880630567.jpg - (1.55MB , 1764x1875 , BB 565.jpg )


We all add emotional attachments to inanimate objects and some believe that the same things can be possessed by the spirits of the dead. But who knows maybe a miracle can happen especially during this time of the year. Happy holidays everyone!
No. 134582 ID: 5f4030

Wow, she just will not stay away will she...?

As for the knights, and the wolves we need to stop the fighting.
No. 134870 ID: 612369

I'm just gonna write this out here because if I write it out in the chat that I share with you guys, I'm just gonna get more angry than I already am.

So here's my thoughts. I don't really want to kill of Scarred Ana, but at this point, I'm not sure what else to do with her. I greatly dislike the direction we are going in so much so I'm honestly considering abandoning this story all together. It seems every goal I've tried to set with her has just blown up in my face. So really, what else is there for her? What is the point of a character who has no purpose anymore and just fails at everything we try. I'm tired of the "pick your poison." and "there are no good options." Because it's just so fucking draining. It's especially frustrating because I have been with her for 5 years, and to just have a long path of failure without any good returns is not good storytelling, and is just making me feel depressed, angry, and holding on for this long has felt like a herculean effort to begin with.

I'm addressing this to you, Absurdity. It's why I keep asking, what is the point of this character? If she has failed in everything she has done, her original purpose failed, already lost everything to begin with, what is the point of staying? It just sucks a lot because I really really want to see good things happen. I want that really awesome feeling of victory, I just need SOMETHING. But it is just not worth the pain dude, if our failures are outweighing the triumphs, and we are just getting diminishing returns, what the hell is the point of keeping on? I honestly think you are a sadist by this point, and I'm having fun anymore. And I can't keep going on empty promises of "things will make sense." Because, I still don't get it. I'm not satisfied with this, and if this is honestly the direction you want the story to go, I don't think I want to be a part of it, not if I'm this upset and miserable about it.
No. 134871 ID: 53db94

Alright, I will try to address your concerns. But at the same time, I would like to know primarily the main source of your problem with the story. Is your problem that you see Ana with the physical body as a letdown now that she finally appeared after a period of time when she wasn't active. Or is it that you don't like the way how she acts toward your character, how she feels frustrated about that voice. Or is it how right now you don't see your character as having a purpose, because of the friction with Ana in the first place. Despite all my reasoning, it is clear that the center of the problem is Ana. So what exactly would you like me to actually do with that character? How would she be an intriguing character in your eye? And the main question would you prefer if she was in the position of the protagonist instead of Charred Ana?
No. 134872 ID: 612369

Would I prefer it if Ana was back in the lead, yes I would. She was an intriguing character when she was the main focal point, because her, Fortune, and Scarred all had a really good dynamic to work off of each other. The problem is now, due to outside forces that we can't control, we've lost her and doesn't want anything to do with us. And really I refer to that tentacle monster that swapped us to begin with. I still don't understand that thing, and it's all needless bullshit.

Because the one thing I keep trying to tell you, I don't think you have learned. If you removed that thing, what would we lose? What would we GAIN? Your biggest problem is you have all these characters and ideas and try to fit them in when they don't work, and you don't need them to work. Perfect example, Mad world came out of nowhere, and I don't miss him. If we never met him, what would we have lost? So far, nothing has come of it. And I'm honestly glad nothing has come of it. He was pointless to begin with.

The biggest issue I have is that if Ana is a villain, and she doesn't want us to help her, and we don't have another deus ex machina to do a reset, what does point does Scarred have anymore? Our entire goal stated right at the beginning, was we are voices meant to guide her. That's what I wrote, that's the character I built, that's what I'm playing. There's no point to having her stay and try to be this hero if it feels you are so determined to break her down. My other biggest issue is you like to keep things cryptic and secret, but when we finally learn them it either doesn't make sense or goes against everything we are trying to work for. So what the hell is the point of keeping on if all we get are diminishing returns on our victories, each one worth less than the last. It's not fun anymore.

What I would like you to do is pretty much this, do better.
No. 134873 ID: 53db94

I do see your concern about how Ana might be currently going down the route of the antagonist but that is not what I have intended to happen with her. As for the idea for things going back to their initial format, I am sorry but I have no interest in doing that. I understand your fondness for that character but at this point, Charred Ana is currently in that position and it isn't fair for you to wish for that participator to forfeit his position just because you prefer a different character. Have you asked him how he feels about his current character or if he enjoys it? I think that all of this comes down to one important question and that is what kind of story do you which for Root and branches quest to be? Do you want this to be a fantasy adventure or a supernatural thriller, Lovecraftian horror, or all of the above? I get that you are coming to my quest in a search for a specific tone but you also expect substance with it. So what do you want to get from this story?
No. 134874 ID: 2f1e7c

I want one that isn’t trying to be the MCU when all I want is one story. I love my Lovecraft, I love my Nan and Ruby Quest. That’s how you tell a story like this right. If you wanted to do Lovecraft, do Lovecraft. What you have isn’t that. How do you want to write it, because what I’ve laid out for you was my expectations going in and what I hoped to get out of it.

> As for the idea for things going back to their initial format, I am sorry but I have no interest in doing that.
Then we have nothing more to discuss.
No. 135240 ID: 612369

Wow. Okay.

So first of all, what the fuck was that? If this is your idea of questing then I want off this god damned railroad. You give us the choices to make our actions and then make them irrelevant, the moment we look as though we could go in an interesting direction you pull the rug out and say "psyche!" I know you want to get back to the whole detective angle, but wow. This is some bullshit, you could have just ended with Ana maybe plotting this out and her and Scarred could have had it out later. But holy shit, you went full fuck force. Not only am I disappointed, I'm insulted and disgusted. I couldn't give a rat's ass about finding Happy or the shitty detective story you so desperately want to tell. You want to do that? Make its own quest.

Most importantly, I feel as though my trust has been broken. You kept swearing that things would get better, and so far I feel more like this is just lies told by a controlling and abusive spouse. I don't want to stay with a quest that just shovels garbage and promises me a diamond at the end. Because that diamond is looking less and less real each time you pull this shit.

Do fucking better. Let me know when you pull your head out of your ass.
No. 135242 ID: f626ab

Alright, I will answer your question with my question. What do you think that Ana needs to do on her own?
No. 135243 ID: 2783c4

No no no. I’m not playing this game with you, not again. Either do better or give me a reason why killing us off was necessary to advance the plot beyond wanting to be done with this section. Because if she doesn’t need us what function do we even serve? At this point we are more readers than questers. She could have easily just told us without killing us, but no. This is bad writing and you could have done so much better, hell you didn’t even give me a chance to even fight back or try to talk it out. Just straight for the rock to the face and burning the body, taking complete autonomy away from the players. No rhyme or reason given and then she even regrets it later. Do better.
No. 135244 ID: f626ab

Tomor I will do another update and then you will see what I am referring to.
No. 135245 ID: f626ab

Fuck what I meant to say is tomorrow
No. 135246 ID: 612369

Stop. I don't care about spoilers, or any updates. From a meta narrative and perspective this has gone one too many times, so much so that it's beginning to look like a pattern. This has happened, how many times now? When you remove autonomy from your players it ruins the whole thing. I am done being patient, and I'm not waiting for anything. I want an explanation from you, not the characters, or anything else storywise. Explain why was this necessary. Why didn't I get a chance to defend myself? WHY DO YOU CONTINUOUSLY FUCK US OVER WITHOUT GIVING EXPLANATIONS OR JUSTIFICATIONS? Especially that last one, I know you try to avoid spoilers but this is like the Petscop creators blurring out their own work to avoid spoilers that in the end really didn't need to have the spoiler tags on them. Without justification or explanation, the pay off is not worth it and takes away from the experience.

What it seems like to me, from a meta perspective, is you are trying to rush through this as fast you can so you can get back to the investigation. If this is the case you have options and alternatives. Why not run it on a different thread as part of the same chapter? I don't know.

I am so so tired of having this conversation with you, and especially when it so easily avoided. You make huge updates, like your to get everything done at once, but that ruins pacing, takes actions away from us that could've prevented this, and makes it so we can't choose or act based on what's happening in the updates itself. All you need to do is slow down. When there is no pacing and you don't let your players react to the scenario or action being undertaken, it becomes a railroad.
No. 135247 ID: f626ab

Do you honestly think that I am rushing through this part of the chapter? Especially with everything else that has happened in it? Not to mention that this part of the chapter is still not over.
No. 135249 ID: 2783c4

No. 135250 ID: f626ab

I see....ok then...I don't know what else to tell you...I will have to think about my responce
No. 135251 ID: f626ab

Oh, I got it a perfect response. I am going to bed good night.
No. 135252 ID: 2783c4

Where else can we go? You’ve already taken away most of the autonomy we had, and expressed vehemently that we’re not going back to Ana before, still haven’t really forgiven or forgotten that one by the way. Here’s what is probably going to happen, I bet money this is what is going to happen knowing your track record.

So we’re dead, and something is going to come along and either resurrect us which is a long shot, but who knows maybe Laura and Dreamwalker will show up. But I’m willing to bet something else is gonna show up, offer us ANOTHER deal, because you seem to love that trope so much where the option is live or die, which you know, isn’t really a choice it’s just another railroad option. How’s that? That somewhere in the ball park?
No. 138836 ID: dc13c4
File 167184024576.jpg - (3.09MB , 2720x4253 , BB 1002.jpg )

No. 138995 ID: dc13c4
File 167394864511.jpg - (2.07MB , 2482x2984 , BB 1018.jpg )

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