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File 148309725619.jpg - (4.85MB , 1748x2480 , Discussion thread 1.jpg )
107070 No. 107070 ID: 23060e

Here you can ask me theauthor about anything connected to the quest and I will answer it as soon as possible
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No. 132407 ID: d63ea8

The vessel is suitable for my skin.

I shall grasp at the walls,
and extend these talons.
What fine things might I feel...
and seek.

No. 132408 ID: 8a8fef

I like Anthony’s armor, but it’s what he would wear when weight training with the knights and when he trained with them. He hasn’t officially challenged Godfrey at all unless he can’t get him to see reason in words, and even then it’s a last resort kind of deal.

And as for Corax, jokes on you. I always had this in mind honestly, the thing about him not feeling pain just made it better.
No. 132467 ID: 2bd15b
File 158586713969.jpg - (1.36MB , 3284x2092 , BB 499.jpg )


Well, this is my idea for the spin-off to the series. This is how some scenes would work out.
No. 132468 ID: 8b660e

Okay so I figure I would at least do a better job of explaining my thoughts and feelings on all of this than I did on Viber. Here's what I am doing with Scarred trying to resurrect Ana, and just what it is I am trying to accomplish with all of this.

I did that mural because I am so serious about this and I wanted to give Ana the time she deserves. It also serves to show my dedication to this and how serious I am about my actions. All of those voices on my draw thread are all real people who I've talked with and volunteered to help me bring her back. All of them are meant to represent all the Ana's across the cycles all of the ones who never got a voice but all who have a story to tell, and all who want to be free of the cycles. To be free once and for all. Can you imagine that? Ten thousand voices all declaring as one, with all the power they have that they believe in you and need you. That you are the future, and that they love you? That's impossible to ignore, and it's meant to be that way. And what's more all of them are giving everything they have, all the magic, all of their wills, all of them are crying out for her to come back. This is what Scarred is doing, calling out with the voices and power of tens of thousands with the strength of the Ash Tree itself to change fate, rejecting the end that has been given. Because Ana deserves better than this, that we are tired of letting others decide our fate for us, that we are less than nothing, some anomaly, or an idea. Ana is ever-changing but all of them are her, and all of them are crying out in defiance of this. That is what's happening.

Now, what I am expecting from this. I understand our author wants to move on to other parts of the story. I accept that, and I look forward to them. But what I am expecting is at the very least Ana is back and with Scarred until we can find a way to get her back in her body. That's what I am hoping for, that's all. If we can get that, then I would be happy. Both my fellow players, Doors, and Ethanoic have expressed that they wouldn't mind this as well and wish to not see her story just end here.

All I am doing with this is trying to not let Ana die and end here, and that we can work towards a better future with her. That's all, nothing more and nothing less. I am not expecting the story to continue with right away, but I also cannot accept what we got and in all honesty, I can't accept anything else except for what I am striving for. So I am willing to work this hard and get as many voices as I can to help with this because I don't expect this for free, and I will earn my gods damned happy ending.
No. 132501 ID: 2bd15b
File 158648067026.jpg - (1.35MB , 2536x1513 , BB 502.jpg )

No. 132504 ID: 8b660e

I will, without a doubt, continue to focus on the investigation as you suggest. I doubt either of my colleagues were going to stop with that either. But I want to highlight something that you mentioned that I think even you fail to realize, and it's why no matter what you do with Ana from this point on, it is still going to be a bad deal for us, regardless of intentions and why I cannot accept it as a good outcome by this point.

You claim that you still intend to use Ana albeit in a different form, fair. But as you have shown through your story telling she is still quite possibly doomed. What I suspect this means is she will return as a new Essence of Life having been tortured enough to break her mind enough that it will probably cripple her in spirit and break her will to that of Happy's design. Or the form you intend to bring her back in is so broken that there is little to no hope of restoring her back to her body. You showed that the form of the Voices of Ana have will translate over to the body. So regardless, I cannot be as satisfied or left with much hope for whatever ending you chose to give. The only real way I can see of stopping this is to continue with the investigation to stop Happy. But by the time we get to it, it might be too late. The sucky thing is we can't get through this quick enough to really change that outcome.

What ticks me off about all of this is I tried to warn my co-players that what we were doing was essentially handing her off to Happy, and wouldn't you know it, I was right. With all do respect to them and you, I am tired of feeling like the smartest man in the room, and I say that with no amount of pride. You say is that "Our actions have consequences." That would make sense if we understood what the consequences of our choices were before hand. I get the feeling you are thinking this is something like a chess game, each player moves separate pieces on the board and the other reacts accordingly. But that isn't what's been happening at all. What we are essentially doing is throwing dice, and hoping for the best outcome. In that sense the old meme you so often use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QlT3tK5XVk, can no longer can apply here. It not a fair statement, and it's lost all humor.

The other thing you said is that this world is chaotic and unpredictable. That is true and fair, we couldn't predict this outcome but you can certainly control it, and we can control our characters actions. I have already stated, drawn, and coordinated what Scarred will do in response to this, and that has not changed, nor will it unless you specifically veto it. And I'm sorry to say, this is something you seem to do a lot of as of late. I have repeatedly tried to get Corax through with his healing and avoiding others as necessary in order to focus on this investigation which you are now stressing upon us. Yet in the story it's turned right around and he is constantly interrupted on his way back. To be quite honest I'm tired of it and it only adds to my annoyance. I understand you have that power as the quest master, but regardless, it's very frustrating to have actions and work outright ignored.

This is your story, but at times it's hard when it feels like we are fighting against the author's ideas of how the boat should go, and quite often these arguments lead us nowhere good. You are free to give us the ambiguous ending or whatever it is you want. But in all honesty, I probably won't be happy with it either way. My hand has already been forced to try and get this boat back on track and you have already seen the lengths I've gone to ensure Ana returns with Scarred, and this will not change no matter what. I am determined to earn what I set out for with that action and the drawing just to emphasize that is the only outcome by this point I can really accept without more disappointment. I have only used everything with the knowledge our characters have learned and the abilities you have given them. Both Polite Ethanoic and Doors have expressed they would be okay with this outcome and it's the only way I can really see in order to get us back to where your players wish to be. You may accept it or not, you may acknowledge it or not. It is up to you. But the biggest feeling I am left with through all of this is disappointment.

These are just my own thoughts and opinions on the matter, and I cannot speak for either Doors or Ethanoic on this case other than that of bringing Ana back. I'm sorry, but this just the way of things.
No. 133004 ID: 2bd15b
File 159080183181.jpg - (452.82KB , 1665x881 , BB 513.jpg )

No. 133608 ID: 5dce20

A song written about my friend, Godfrey, who in another time, met his end by betrayal. I’ve published this as The Song of Godfrey.

The fairest flower of chivalry who led his mighty band
The noblest of all the knights the throughout the land.

Was Godfrey, Godfrey, ‘twas’ born a noble son,
Renowned throughout of all the fog for battles you have won.
In Council hear you Lorence who makes plea to go to war, To fight the rebel Ana who now fights her rightful lords

Godfrey, Godfrey, you call this plan ill made,
But nonetheless does Root of Ash agree to send them aid.
But Lorence hath requested you the post most perilous,
And willingly do you accept, as honor deems you must.

Godfrey, Godfrey, the rear guard you command,
With your loyal Cross ash Knights to ride at your right hand.
But on the street of Roncevaux your doom is now anigh,
For Lorence’s men do hold the pass, and will not let you by.

Godfrey, Godfrey, you know now you're betrayed,
But in your heart is courage, and your voice is not dismayed.
Face ye now grim battle, take your shields and hold them high,
With honor we have lived our lives with honor we shall die.

Godfrey, Godfrey, sound your mighty horn.
And try to call back Root of Ash who rode just yestermorn.
Poor Root has heard you call afar, but Lorence doth says nay,
Tis only our great Godfrey, out hunting on this day.

Godfrey, Godfrey, sound your horn again.
Meanwhile the battle rages in the streets of your campaign.
Again The Root has heard your call. Again the traitor lies,
And none shall come to aid you, since your peril he denies.

Godfrey, Godfrey, Sound your final blast,
As one by one your men at arms die fighting in the pass.
And finally of all your Knights by bullets overthrown,
And you of all the Cross Ash Knights now stand alone.

Godfrey, Godfrey, oh black the day you died.
Your comrades slain around you and your sword there by your side.
They found you on a hilltop with your face turned to the foe,
And never has there been a day of such great woe.

Godfrey, Godfrey, your name will live in song,
Whenever brave men take up arms to right a grievous wrong.
The fairest flower of chivalry who led his mighty band
The noblest of all the knights the throughout the land.
No. 133618 ID: 2bd15b
File 159724167964.jpg - (4.43MB , 3508x3854 , BB 527.jpg )

No. 133640 ID: 2bd15b
File 159763223125.jpg - (4.19MB , 3508x3200 , BB 529.jpg )

This is just a what-if scenario, about another world story that one of my participators constructed.

No. 134394 ID: 2bd15b
File 160641049971.jpg - (1.96MB , 3271x1903 , BB 549.jpg )

No. 134395 ID: d63ea8

I do find both sets of characters engaging, and enjoy that they are both pursuing the same target. But seeing as we didn't get to do much with the voices, that was the reason why I went with Totally Angels for now, and I will probably go for the Investigator choice next chapter.

As someone who is new to the 'lore' I'm finding it kind of hard to keep track of all the new faces, but seeing as both of my characters are meant to be inexperienced, I can try and play around that issue.
No. 134397 ID: 5f4030

Ultimately I think this is what you need to hear.

“The morality of fantasy and horror is, by and large, the strict morality of the fairy tale. The vampire is slain, the alien is blown out of the airlock, the Dark Lord is vanquished, and, perhaps at some loss, the good triumph – not because they are better armed but because Providence is on their side.
Why does the third of the three brothers, who shares his food with the old woman in the wood, go on to become king of the country? Why does Bond manage to disarm the nuclear bomb a few seconds before it goes off rather than, as it were, a few seconds afterwards? Because a universe where that did not happen would be a dark and hostile place. Let there be goblin hordes, let there be terrible environmental threats, let there be giant mutated slugs if you really must, but let there also be hope. It may be a grim, thin hope, an Arthurian sword at sunset, but let us know that we do not live in vain.”
— Terry Pratchett
No. 134418 ID: e51896

>how do you feel about the outsider characters

They are fine, and pretty important to finding out about the main antagonist behind everything (Happy).

>which set of characters has a more engaging story

The investigators, I want to find out more about who Happy is and why he is causing so much mayhem.

>which set of characters is more interesting to follow

right now the voices are more interesting, considering it is rare in stories where the main protagonist dies and another character takes their place.

>do you think that the addition of the outsider characters to this world is an addition to the story, or do you think it is a hindrance to it?

I'm pretty sure you have big plans since the beginning of the quest for those outsider characters, so I'd say addition.

One idea I think we could try if there are any worries of hinderance is have two separate threads going on, where one thread focuses on the investigators while the other focuses on the voices and other insider characters. Both can still be called "roots and branches"
No. 134420 ID: 2bd15b
File 160675685618.jpg - (2.44MB , 3016x2790 , BB 554.jpg )

No. 134421 ID: 5f4030

He wanted me to do a drawing for him. Thing is, I’m not opposed to doing it necessarily, but he has to do two things for me first. He has to tell me the name of his boss who wants it, their actual name no nicknames or stupid titles. Secondly, he has to tell me who’s heart he gave me. If he tells me those he’ll have a drawing before the end of the day. If he can’t do it without at least some semblance of being normal, he can forget it and he’ll never get anything from me again. No sick ultimatums, no games, just facts and honesty.
No. 134451 ID: 2bd15b
File 160715936902.jpg - (530.14KB , 1464x958 , BB 558.jpg )

No. 134453 ID: 5f4030

How long will it be before he figures it out? You can call him back and explain it if you want. If not let’s go visit Godfrey and the knights. I need to ask them something as well.
No. 134499 ID: 2bd15b
File 160769690222.jpg - (879.77KB , 2924x978 , BB 559.jpg )

No. 134505 ID: f3eb46

Alright look I’ll make this quick. I’ll do the drawing but I need two things from you first. I don’t get them, no drawing. First you need to tell me who the heart you gave me is, lastly I want to know who the drawing is for and I want real fucking names for both answers, no stupid titles. If you can do that with no riddles, games, or strings attached you’ll get the damn drawing. If you can’t give me honesty you get nothing.
No. 134506 ID: 2bd15b
File 160779571025.jpg - (4.05MB , 3508x3569 , BB 560.jpg )

No. 134507 ID: 5f4030

Cool story bro, can’t wait for the movie. By the way, wrong number.
No. 134508 ID: 5f4030

Actually hold that thought for a second. Spikey if you’re hearing me on another line or something just give me a second.

Inner thoughts Hey, Ace are you hearing the voice of that crazy woman on the end of the phone or is this just my brain going crazy again?
No. 134510 ID: d63ea8

No, I hear it too. But we do live in the time of voice changers and doctored recordings. Worst case scenario it's just an angry ghost. I wouldn't put much weight into what they say.
No. 134511 ID: 5f4030

Well that’s reassuring, yeah I kinda recognize this voice, you definitely have the wrong number.
No. 134535 ID: b0b286
File 160839972844.jpg - (1.48MB , 3508x1205 , BB 561.jpg )

No. 134536 ID: f3eb46

Oh good, the call is going through. Sorry, technical difficulties on my end. Okay well it’s probably someone from that damn tribunal. My guess is it’s Dervan. He and Lorence seem to be two of a pair.

Alright now spill, who’s heart is it?
No. 134538 ID: b0b286
File 160847989437.jpg - (1.51MB , 3508x1378 , BB 562.jpg )

No. 134547 ID: e6e228

*sits back and smiles.*

Honestly, I couldn’t say. But, he gave me everything I asked for I am a man of my word. He’ll get his drawing. In the meantime, I need to go pay Godfrey a visit. We have business to discuss with the affairs of this place.
No. 134564 ID: c24649
File 160880621744.jpg - (1.74MB , 3428x1577 , BB 564.jpg )

No. 134565 ID: c24649
File 160880630567.jpg - (1.55MB , 1764x1875 , BB 565.jpg )


We all add emotional attachments to inanimate objects and some believe that the same things can be possessed by the spirits of the dead. But who knows maybe a miracle can happen especially during this time of the year. Happy holidays everyone!
No. 134582 ID: 5f4030

Wow, she just will not stay away will she...?

As for the knights, and the wolves we need to stop the fighting.
No. 134870 ID: 612369

I'm just gonna write this out here because if I write it out in the chat that I share with you guys, I'm just gonna get more angry than I already am.

So here's my thoughts. I don't really want to kill of Scarred Ana, but at this point, I'm not sure what else to do with her. I greatly dislike the direction we are going in so much so I'm honestly considering abandoning this story all together. It seems every goal I've tried to set with her has just blown up in my face. So really, what else is there for her? What is the point of a character who has no purpose anymore and just fails at everything we try. I'm tired of the "pick your poison." and "there are no good options." Because it's just so fucking draining. It's especially frustrating because I have been with her for 5 years, and to just have a long path of failure without any good returns is not good storytelling, and is just making me feel depressed, angry, and holding on for this long has felt like a herculean effort to begin with.

I'm addressing this to you, Absurdity. It's why I keep asking, what is the point of this character? If she has failed in everything she has done, her original purpose failed, already lost everything to begin with, what is the point of staying? It just sucks a lot because I really really want to see good things happen. I want that really awesome feeling of victory, I just need SOMETHING. But it is just not worth the pain dude, if our failures are outweighing the triumphs, and we are just getting diminishing returns, what the hell is the point of keeping on? I honestly think you are a sadist by this point, and I'm having fun anymore. And I can't keep going on empty promises of "things will make sense." Because, I still don't get it. I'm not satisfied with this, and if this is honestly the direction you want the story to go, I don't think I want to be a part of it, not if I'm this upset and miserable about it.
No. 134871 ID: 53db94

Alright, I will try to address your concerns. But at the same time, I would like to know primarily the main source of your problem with the story. Is your problem that you see Ana with the physical body as a letdown now that she finally appeared after a period of time when she wasn't active. Or is it that you don't like the way how she acts toward your character, how she feels frustrated about that voice. Or is it how right now you don't see your character as having a purpose, because of the friction with Ana in the first place. Despite all my reasoning, it is clear that the center of the problem is Ana. So what exactly would you like me to actually do with that character? How would she be an intriguing character in your eye? And the main question would you prefer if she was in the position of the protagonist instead of Charred Ana?
No. 134872 ID: 612369

Would I prefer it if Ana was back in the lead, yes I would. She was an intriguing character when she was the main focal point, because her, Fortune, and Scarred all had a really good dynamic to work off of each other. The problem is now, due to outside forces that we can't control, we've lost her and doesn't want anything to do with us. And really I refer to that tentacle monster that swapped us to begin with. I still don't understand that thing, and it's all needless bullshit.

Because the one thing I keep trying to tell you, I don't think you have learned. If you removed that thing, what would we lose? What would we GAIN? Your biggest problem is you have all these characters and ideas and try to fit them in when they don't work, and you don't need them to work. Perfect example, Mad world came out of nowhere, and I don't miss him. If we never met him, what would we have lost? So far, nothing has come of it. And I'm honestly glad nothing has come of it. He was pointless to begin with.

The biggest issue I have is that if Ana is a villain, and she doesn't want us to help her, and we don't have another deus ex machina to do a reset, what does point does Scarred have anymore? Our entire goal stated right at the beginning, was we are voices meant to guide her. That's what I wrote, that's the character I built, that's what I'm playing. There's no point to having her stay and try to be this hero if it feels you are so determined to break her down. My other biggest issue is you like to keep things cryptic and secret, but when we finally learn them it either doesn't make sense or goes against everything we are trying to work for. So what the hell is the point of keeping on if all we get are diminishing returns on our victories, each one worth less than the last. It's not fun anymore.

What I would like you to do is pretty much this, do better.
No. 134873 ID: 53db94

I do see your concern about how Ana might be currently going down the route of the antagonist but that is not what I have intended to happen with her. As for the idea for things going back to their initial format, I am sorry but I have no interest in doing that. I understand your fondness for that character but at this point, Charred Ana is currently in that position and it isn't fair for you to wish for that participator to forfeit his position just because you prefer a different character. Have you asked him how he feels about his current character or if he enjoys it? I think that all of this comes down to one important question and that is what kind of story do you which for Root and branches quest to be? Do you want this to be a fantasy adventure or a supernatural thriller, Lovecraftian horror, or all of the above? I get that you are coming to my quest in a search for a specific tone but you also expect substance with it. So what do you want to get from this story?
No. 134874 ID: 2f1e7c

I want one that isn’t trying to be the MCU when all I want is one story. I love my Lovecraft, I love my Nan and Ruby Quest. That’s how you tell a story like this right. If you wanted to do Lovecraft, do Lovecraft. What you have isn’t that. How do you want to write it, because what I’ve laid out for you was my expectations going in and what I hoped to get out of it.

> As for the idea for things going back to their initial format, I am sorry but I have no interest in doing that.
Then we have nothing more to discuss.
No. 135240 ID: 612369

Wow. Okay.

So first of all, what the fuck was that? If this is your idea of questing then I want off this god damned railroad. You give us the choices to make our actions and then make them irrelevant, the moment we look as though we could go in an interesting direction you pull the rug out and say "psyche!" I know you want to get back to the whole detective angle, but wow. This is some bullshit, you could have just ended with Ana maybe plotting this out and her and Scarred could have had it out later. But holy shit, you went full fuck force. Not only am I disappointed, I'm insulted and disgusted. I couldn't give a rat's ass about finding Happy or the shitty detective story you so desperately want to tell. You want to do that? Make its own quest.

Most importantly, I feel as though my trust has been broken. You kept swearing that things would get better, and so far I feel more like this is just lies told by a controlling and abusive spouse. I don't want to stay with a quest that just shovels garbage and promises me a diamond at the end. Because that diamond is looking less and less real each time you pull this shit.

Do fucking better. Let me know when you pull your head out of your ass.
No. 135242 ID: f626ab

Alright, I will answer your question with my question. What do you think that Ana needs to do on her own?
No. 135243 ID: 2783c4

No no no. I’m not playing this game with you, not again. Either do better or give me a reason why killing us off was necessary to advance the plot beyond wanting to be done with this section. Because if she doesn’t need us what function do we even serve? At this point we are more readers than questers. She could have easily just told us without killing us, but no. This is bad writing and you could have done so much better, hell you didn’t even give me a chance to even fight back or try to talk it out. Just straight for the rock to the face and burning the body, taking complete autonomy away from the players. No rhyme or reason given and then she even regrets it later. Do better.
No. 135244 ID: f626ab

Tomor I will do another update and then you will see what I am referring to.
No. 135245 ID: f626ab

Fuck what I meant to say is tomorrow
No. 135246 ID: 612369

Stop. I don't care about spoilers, or any updates. From a meta narrative and perspective this has gone one too many times, so much so that it's beginning to look like a pattern. This has happened, how many times now? When you remove autonomy from your players it ruins the whole thing. I am done being patient, and I'm not waiting for anything. I want an explanation from you, not the characters, or anything else storywise. Explain why was this necessary. Why didn't I get a chance to defend myself? WHY DO YOU CONTINUOUSLY FUCK US OVER WITHOUT GIVING EXPLANATIONS OR JUSTIFICATIONS? Especially that last one, I know you try to avoid spoilers but this is like the Petscop creators blurring out their own work to avoid spoilers that in the end really didn't need to have the spoiler tags on them. Without justification or explanation, the pay off is not worth it and takes away from the experience.

What it seems like to me, from a meta perspective, is you are trying to rush through this as fast you can so you can get back to the investigation. If this is the case you have options and alternatives. Why not run it on a different thread as part of the same chapter? I don't know.

I am so so tired of having this conversation with you, and especially when it so easily avoided. You make huge updates, like your to get everything done at once, but that ruins pacing, takes actions away from us that could've prevented this, and makes it so we can't choose or act based on what's happening in the updates itself. All you need to do is slow down. When there is no pacing and you don't let your players react to the scenario or action being undertaken, it becomes a railroad.
No. 135247 ID: f626ab

Do you honestly think that I am rushing through this part of the chapter? Especially with everything else that has happened in it? Not to mention that this part of the chapter is still not over.
No. 135249 ID: 2783c4

No. 135250 ID: f626ab

I see....ok then...I don't know what else to tell you...I will have to think about my responce
No. 135251 ID: f626ab

Oh, I got it a perfect response. I am going to bed good night.
No. 135252 ID: 2783c4

Where else can we go? You’ve already taken away most of the autonomy we had, and expressed vehemently that we’re not going back to Ana before, still haven’t really forgiven or forgotten that one by the way. Here’s what is probably going to happen, I bet money this is what is going to happen knowing your track record.

So we’re dead, and something is going to come along and either resurrect us which is a long shot, but who knows maybe Laura and Dreamwalker will show up. But I’m willing to bet something else is gonna show up, offer us ANOTHER deal, because you seem to love that trope so much where the option is live or die, which you know, isn’t really a choice it’s just another railroad option. How’s that? That somewhere in the ball park?
No. 138836 ID: dc13c4
File 167184024576.jpg - (3.09MB , 2720x4253 , BB 1002.jpg )

No. 138995 ID: dc13c4
File 167394864511.jpg - (2.07MB , 2482x2984 , BB 1018.jpg )

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