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File 162034483781.png - (7.14KB , 400x375 , p1.png )
999168 No. 999168 ID: eedbeb

There are two girls. They have to talk about feminine bullshit that is considered to be uninteresting to or inappropriate for men or they will fucking die.
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No. 999170 ID: b1b4f3

Talk about tampon brands and messy periods.
No. 999171 ID: 0fae41

Talk about the Bechdel test.
No. 999172 ID: 7c7aa7

Talk about how you both love to eat the flesh of men once a month to keep up your eternal beauty
No. 999173 ID: e7c7d3

Foxy, talk about rabbits
Rabbit, talk about foxes
No. 999177 ID: 12b116

how to fit inside ventilation ducts
No. 999179 ID: 11f77a

Be a bunch of Karens. Make an MLM scheme
No. 999180 ID: 6a0e81

Talk about the difference between bread made out of the four different types of yeast infections.
No. 999182 ID: 031458

Emma are you even real? Do you poop?
No. 999183 ID: ce39da

"So, how're your sourdough-pickling jars coming along?"
No. 999187 ID: eedbeb
File 162035032307.png - (6.06KB , 400x375 , p2.png )

Two girls are standing in a barren cement room. There is a scary masked figure in the door window.
No. 999188 ID: eedbeb
File 162035034218.png - (6.96KB , 400x375 , p3.png )

>Talk about bread

The rabbit girl, J, shuffles her feet. “So, uh, you hear about that lady who made sourdough from her yeast infection?”

The fox, E, is quite upset. “This is stupid.” she says.

“We have to do it or we’ll die, come on, just—just make shit up.”

E sighs. “Wow that is so crazy, did the bread turn out okay?”
No. 999189 ID: 5195a1

Look around the room while you have this conversation, you’ve got to figure out a way out of this. Mention how doing that used to actually be a practice in mideval times to flirt with men.
No. 999190 ID: 12b116

talk about horses
No. 999191 ID: 11f77a

>Did the bread turn out okay?
No! It all went a-rye! We gotta think of something else to talk about or we're toast! We wouldn't want naan of that.

Want to look at a collection of paint sample cards?
No. 999193 ID: 12b116

horses are so cool.
No. 999198 ID: b1b4f3

I mean it rose but god, eating bread, amirite? Girl's gotta watch her weight!
No. 999209 ID: eedbeb
File 162035964766.png - (3.69KB , 400x375 , p4.png )

“No, it went a-rye! Also, eating bread amirite? That’ll make you fat.” the rabbit jokes. The masked figure nods with approval and leaves.

The rabbit and the fox are being recorded, so they keep babbling nonsense bread facts while taking the opportunity to examine the room.

They see:
-Flimsy bed
-Toilet paper and holder
-Camera and microphone
-Air vents
No. 999210 ID: b1b4f3

Shift the conversation to weight loss and comparing your figures, mention that maybe E could fit through that vent.
No. 999211 ID: afe7de

Talk about lipstick and try to see how big the vent is, maybe one of you can go through it? Maybe E?
No. 999212 ID: 0fbdcd

Haha, wouldn't it be soooooo embarrassing if we got wet toilet paper stuck to us? Haha, like, look, I'll do it to this camera to show, haha.
No. 999215 ID: 11f77a

"Oh my god. I had to use soooooo much toilet paper the other day. Sooooo much. Like, I had the shits real bad. The amount I had to use could, like, make a decoy."
No. 999246 ID: 12b116

No. 999262 ID: c4388c

Clog toilet with all the toilet paper
No. 999268 ID: eedbeb
File 162040433660.png - (5.24KB , 400x375 , p5.png )

>Try to block the camera with toilet paper
The toilet paper is shitty one ply garbage. When J tries to dip it in the toilet bowl it dissolves in her paw.

>Make a toilet paper decoy
The girls only have one roll, unfortunately.

>Clog the toilet with tp
J takes the entire roll and jams it down the toilet. When she attempts to flush it, the pipes groan and the bowl starts to fill with water.

>Air vents
E points to the air vents. “Do you think those would make you look fat?”

J catches on quickly. “Oh yes, my hips are much too wide, but you have a wonderful figure.
No. 999270 ID: eedbeb
File 162040439623.png - (4.56KB , 400x375 , p6.png )

E uses the toilet lid to reach the vent. The camera beeps ominously as she wrestles with the grate.
No. 999273 ID: 6a2a09

pretend like your lipstick is stuck in the vent?
No. 999274 ID: 0a472e

Oh my god is that a limited edition Katie Perry album in this vent???
No. 999275 ID: 19da02

Better clean these vents so they don't get all musty-dusty!
No. 999277 ID: 11f77a

Rabbit should distract the camera by making selfies of herself. Thus blotting the view as Fox gets to work on the vent.
No. 999278 ID: eedbeb
File 162041862097.png - (5.75KB , 400x375 , p7.png )

“Hey over here!” J says, waving her arms at the camera. “I need my picture taken for the gram.”

“Yeah, and there’s a bunch of lipstick and pop music albums in the vent. I’m trying to reach them.” E adds.
No. 999279 ID: eedbeb
File 162041862646.png - (5.08KB , 400x375 , p8.png )

Camera successfully distracted, E works the grate off of its rusty hinges and starts squeezing into the dusty space.
No. 999280 ID: 19da02

DO a bunch of poses and ask the camera about the size and shape of your ass relative to said poses.
No. 999285 ID: 6a2a09

ask the camera out
No. 999286 ID: 4646ad

Talk about your butt and feminine products and tampons and stuff while striking poses and your partner figures out how to escape
No. 999313 ID: eedbeb
File 162044650885.png - (6.96KB , 400x375 , p9.png )

J continues to vogue in front of the camera, commenting on the size and curvature of her ass while E starts traveling through the dark vent.
No. 999314 ID: eedbeb
File 162044652352.png - (5.24KB , 400x375 , p10.png )

E runs into a canister of extremely poisonous gas. It’s rigged to an electronic controller system.
No. 999315 ID: b1b4f3

Disconnect it.
No. 999318 ID: afe7de

Use your COMICAL GIRL POWER OF CONSUMPTION to eat the poison and store it in your STOMACH SPACE. it's where you store things to PURGE them later.
No. 999322 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, more girl talk: talk about how you totally could've been a model but that bitch Becky ruined your chances by sleeping with your agent.
No. 999334 ID: 6a2a09

insult the gas canister so hard it cries
No. 999372 ID: eedbeb
File 162048861230.png - (6.87KB , 400x375 , p11.png )

>Insult the gas canister

“You’ve never done anything important with your life, you’ll be forgotten after you die, and nobody loves you.” E tells the poison gas.

The canister doesn’t react, but when E goes to disconnect it from its control system, the wires seem to give rather easily.
No. 999373 ID: eedbeb
File 162048862454.png - (4.22KB , 400x375 , p12.png )

“—And I totally could have been a model but that bitch Becky ruined my chances because she slept with my agent.” J adds.

“I disconnected a thing of deadly gas.” E shouts back at her. “I don’t know if you need to keep talking bullshit.”
No. 999377 ID: afe7de

Double check the inside of the toilet just in case
No. 999381 ID: 6a2a09

claim that you lost your jewelry in the tank part of the toilet, and open it up to see what kinda toilet loot there is
No. 999384 ID: 23e313

E should keep searching for traps.
No. 999387 ID: b1b4f3

Oh thank god. First, cover the camera with the pillowcase, then take off the toilet tank lid and use it to bash the masked man.
No. 999388 ID: 9c48ac

Check the other vent before you declare it safe.
No. 999405 ID: eedbeb
File 162051415940.png - (5.38KB , 400x375 , p13.png )

“Check the other vent.” J says. “I’m going to look at the toilet tank for pads and tampons. I’m due for my period and I have really heavy flow so if there aren’t any that would be awful.”

E shimmies backwards out of the first vent and carefully slides over to the second one.
No. 999406 ID: eedbeb
File 162051417055.png - (9.02KB , 400x375 , p14.png )

J lifts the toilet tank lid and sees a mound of waterlogged rats crumpled inside.

The camera beeps in warning as her words die in her throat. The rats look up and say:

“Idiot child. What have you done?”
No. 999407 ID: eedbeb
File 162051417850.png - (5.08KB , 400x375 , p15.png )

E sees that this vent leads to another cell.
No. 999409 ID: afe7de

Freaking out about rats is girl talk, girls are ascared of rats, so be squeaky and annoying and panicky about it and that should count right?

Also, E, investigate the other cell.
No. 999414 ID: b1b4f3

Demand your boyfriend come kill these rats for you.
No. 999417 ID: 031458

I'm just gonna.
Put this back.
Right back on top.
There. Perfect.
Check other cell.
No. 999424 ID: 15a025

Nope, no tampons in here.
No. 999425 ID: 6a2a09

freak out and conveniently throw toilet tank lid at camera
No. 999447 ID: eedbeb
File 162052973014.png - (4.76KB , 400x375 , p16.png )

>J: freak out

The hiss of the rats and the shrill beep of the camera agitate the already stressed rabbit.

“Someone come kill these rats!” she shrieks. “Chris, where are you?”

J freezes. She’s not sure who Chris is. No, wait, that’s her boyfriend. They’ve been dating since freshman year of college.
No. 999448 ID: eedbeb
File 162052974103.png - (5.26KB , 400x375 , p17.png )

The camera, temporarily sated by the cry for machismo induced violence, starts beeping again. J hurls the toilet lid at the wall, shattering the lens and knocking it off the wall.

Rats start to crawl over the edge of the toilet and fall to the floor.
No. 999449 ID: eedbeb
File 162052975082.png - (4.59KB , 400x375 , p18.png )

>E: Check other cell

E, indifferent to J’s noise, creeps up to the strange vent and sees a fish playing video games in a cell that looks similar to her own, except with a sofa and TV.
No. 999451 ID: afe7de

That fish is the enemy, don't talk to him, or freak out and talk to him anyway. J, pick up the bits of toilet cover and use it as a weapon in case that jigsaw guy comes in and you have to fight.
No. 999461 ID: 6a2a09

stand on top of flimsy bed to avoid rats
No. 999464 ID: b1b4f3

That guy could be completely innocent. Open the vent and get him to call the cops.

Uh, are you SURE your brain isn't being fucked with somehow? None of the stuff you were saying was supposed to be true.
No. 999483 ID: 6a2a09

wait a minute, those rats look dead. How are they talking?
No. 999491 ID: e51896

I wonder if he likes fishing
No. 999494 ID: 031458

Yup. He could be.

Could be.

Luckily were a couple psychopaths!
Fish dies.
No. 999515 ID: eedbeb
File 162058138435.png - (5.93KB , 400x375 , p19.png )

The longer E looks at the fish, the less she likes him. He could be completely innocent, like she and J are, or he could be the enemy.

The obvious solution is to punch out the grate, get into his cell, and kill him.
No. 999516 ID: eedbeb
File 162058139057.png - (5.66KB , 400x375 , p20.png )

“Hey, whoa!” the fish says as E advances. “If you make me stop playing video games and smoking the crazy masked guy will blow up the bomb in my stomach.”
No. 999517 ID: eedbeb
File 162058140121.png - (6.53KB , 400x375 , p21.png )

Meanwhile, J is having a severe existential crisis. She takes the high ground against the rats and fends them off with a chunk of ceramic. The rats don’t react to their wounds, and the best she can do is keep them away.

Her brain has been fucked with, she’s sure. She doesn’t remember how she got to this room, but she has memories of her entire life before this.
No. 999519 ID: afe7de

Good thing E’s a psychopath. KO him with a punch and knock him towards the door to blow it open to safety. Guy wasn’t going to live too long with a stomach bomb anyway. You were doing him a favor really.
No. 999520 ID: e51896

J, leave through the other vent above the bed, keep talking about how gross rats are.

E: We are going to need to find a cellphone or a portable gaming system so he can travel with us while he plays. See if there is one in the room, maybe that masked man left one in here for this fish. If not here, we'll need to search another room... or convince the fish to have the masked man get him a portable gaming system. Be sure not to be in the camera's line of sight in this room, and continue making girl talk: speak about how his fashion sense in clothes is outdated, and how fur coats like yours are sooooo in, just in case
No. 999521 ID: 031458

That's fine, I'll cut the bomb out first.
Go ahead. Keep playing.

Fashion the already fucked up grate into a makeshift shiv, and get to work.

They talk and won't die?
This is magic.

Tell them "You know, locking up or killing two murderers actually makes the world a better place right? Your magic is invalid."
No. 999526 ID: 6a2a09

stick your hand down his throat to retrieve the bomb and tell him to keep playing without warning
No. 999527 ID: b1b4f3

In his stomach? Was it surgically implanted or did he just swallow it?
>and smoking
But he's not smoking.
No. 999529 ID: 6a2a09

E - Also realize that you are probably naked, considering that the fish has clothes on and you dont look like you're even wearing panties
No. 999532 ID: 031458

Oh yeah, and let E know through your ring that this is done magic bullshit goin down right here.
No. 999549 ID: eedbeb
File 162059830064.png - (5.98KB , 400x375 , p22.png )

The rats are too persistent. J abandons her weapon and scrambles for the left vent. She’s shorter and heavier than E, and she has to get a jumping start to haul herself into the opening.

One of the rats leaps onto her arm and she tries to shake it free.

“Stupid, stupid, you have doomed us.” the rat squeaks.

J leaves the rats behind.
No. 999550 ID: eedbeb
File 162059831424.png - (14.61KB , 400x375 , p23.png )

“You’re lying.” E snarls.

“No, really,” the fish lifts his tunic and shows the scar on his stomach. He fumbles for a cigarette as the camera starts to beep threateningly.

If the bomb is in his stomach, E can tear it out. She advances on the sweating fish.
No. 999551 ID: eedbeb
File 162059832678.png - (5.55KB , 400x375 , p24.png )

“E, the masked man is gonna come soon cause I broke our camera and I think this is some kind of magical hallucination.” J pants from the vent.

E pauses and turns to face her. “Magic…” she says slowly.

“Oh really? That’s cool.” says the fish.
No. 999553 ID: afe7de

E lifts the toilet bowl lid and grabs the hidden THREAD AND NEEDLE in there, then she claws open the fish man, steals the bomb, tosses it at the door, and leaves the fish man to sew himself up, yup that sounds like E alright.

that or the fish man magics the bomb out or something, maybe into one of them? that'd be IRONY.
No. 999555 ID: b1b4f3

There's another vent here, in the fish's room? Better check it out.
...huh, were the rats not attacking, just trying to hitch a ride? I guess it'd be fine to take them along in that case.
No. 999558 ID: 6a2a09

once you take out bomb by using your RAZOR SHARP NAILS to cut the stitching, you should probably throw the bomb at the nearest door
No. 999563 ID: 23e313

Both of you remove the invisble rings from your hands. They are there, trust me.
No. 999564 ID: afe7de


No. 999566 ID: b1b4f3

I guess the vent could just lead to the gas canister we disconnected already...

Anyway priority one is to murder the fuck out of the masked man, and he's going to go to the girls' room, not this one. J and E better go there.

Oh, ask the fish man what his name is.
No. 999579 ID: eedbeb
File 162060866063.png - (7.13KB , 400x375 , p25.png )

“What’s your name?” J asks the fish.

He takes a moment to think. “Call me C. Also please leave me alone.”

The girls hear a rattle at the door. The masked man has arrived, seen them in the fish’s room, and is unlocking the door.

E takes advantage of the distraction to plunge her hand through the fish’s stitches and pull out the bomb.
No. 999580 ID: eedbeb
File 162060866827.png - (5.89KB , 400x375 , p26.png )

The fish squeals and dies as E hurls the spherical bomb towards the opening door. The masked man jumps in surprise, machete in hand, but can’t move fast enough to dodge.
No. 999581 ID: eedbeb
File 162060867994.png - (5.21KB , 400x375 , p27.png )

The explosion is deafening in the small space, and J falls to the floor and covers her ringing ears.

Ringing. J realizes. The rings. It’s the rings. The Magic she summoned gave them those rings and that was the last thing she remembered before she ended up here.

She reaches for her hand, but can’t see or feel any ring on her finger.
No. 999582 ID: 031458

No. 999583 ID: b1b4f3

>fish squeals and dies
Awful quick for a gut wound that really shouldn't have severely damaged any organs...

Well, go make sure the masked man is dead, and take the machete. If you can't pull off the ring despite knowing it's there, maybe this is just a nightmare? What's outside the room?
No. 999584 ID: afe7de

TRY TO PULL THEM OFF ANYWAY, if that fails go get the machete and lop off the dude's head. Now you have a weapon.
No. 999585 ID: 6a2a09

slap the fish until he revives, payday 2 style
No. 999590 ID: eedbeb
File 162061821903.png - (9.12KB , 400x375 , p28.png )

J struggles to remove a gold ring that simply does not exist. She’s interrupted by a loud tearing sound as E starts devouring fish flesh.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

E’s mouth is full and she does not respond. If the fish wasn’t totally dead before, he is now.
No. 999591 ID: eedbeb
File 162061822899.png - (6.77KB , 400x375 , p29.png )

J goes to the blasted doorway and takes the machete out of the masked man’s limp grip. She lops off his head, just to be safe, and takes his keys.

J and E can now explore the rest of the facility.
No. 999593 ID: e51896

E: take the mask off the body, and put it on. Take the machete too. Lets leave and explore the facility with J.
No. 999594 ID: afe7de

J: don mask and explore facility
E: Finish eating and bite off an arm as a to-go meal, explore the place.
No. 999596 ID: 6a2a09

rip fishie

anyways for more important matters, try to explain to j why you are currently eating him with a full mouth, itll totally work
No. 999600 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, check the masked man's body for keys. Then go around the corner of the corridor and let the rats out of your room. Go "not doomed after all, dumb rats"
Might as well check the toilet tank in here first though.
No. 999630 ID: 80b336

Explore the dungeon. Slay the boss. Get phat loot.
No. 999635 ID: eedbeb
File 162066856192.png - (6.51KB , 400x375 , p30.png )

J dons the mask and checks the fish’s toilet for rats. It’s empty.

“Let’s go explore.” she tells E, who tears off a fish arm and nods.
No. 999636 ID: eedbeb
File 162066857472.png - (4.63KB , 400x375 , p31.png )

The door leads to a narrow hallway. There are three cell doors, with the fish’s cell in the middle. At the end of the corridor is a staircase and what looks like the security office where the masked man was staying.
No. 999637 ID: eedbeb
File 162066858359.png - (4.18KB , 400x375 , p32.png )

J opens the door to her cell and lets out the rats, who scramble over her feet in a cohesive unit.

“We’re not doomed after all, dumb rats.” J mutters.

“No! We are!” the rats squeak.
No. 999638 ID: b1b4f3

How? What do they know that you don't?
No. 999639 ID: 6a2a09

kick down the security door liek a baws
No. 999642 ID: afe7de

Ignore weird rats. Explore security door. Talk about how weird this situation is, why does everything look “simpler” is it the rings? Is this a dream? E is part magic right? What does she think
No. 999650 ID: 031458

You bitch ass rats can't even die correctly so I don't wanna hear any complaining!
What are you so doomer about anyway?
No. 999654 ID: eedbeb
File 162068053994.png - (6.25KB , 400x375 , p33.png )

J bends down to address the rats. “What are you guys talking about? Do you know something about the Magic that we don’t?”

“Just ignore them.” E interrupts. “Let’s check out the security room.”
No. 999655 ID: eedbeb
File 162068055539.png - (5.41KB , 400x375 , p34.png )

“Have you noticed we look different?” J asks E while they find the right key for the security door. “We’re like, simpler, somehow.”

E gnaws on a slippery bit of bone. “Yeah, I guess. You think this is because of the rings? We got like, transported to a dream realm?”

“Something like that…”
No. 999656 ID: eedbeb
File 162068056561.png - (4.98KB , 400x375 , p35.png )

They get the door open and find a dingy little room, empty except for a desk with three computer monitors on it.

There are sticky notes attached to the three monitors labeled ‘Mom’, ‘Dad’, and ‘Me’ in order. The mom cell is empty, as far as the girls can tell. The camera to the me cell is broken, and J can see the rats eating the remnants of the fish in the dad cell.
No. 999658 ID: bc7042

What if we are in a rudimentary reimagining of that Magic’s perception of reality or something. Why’s the mom room empty? Maybe they didn’t have a mom?
No. 999662 ID: 6a2a09

I think we were in the mom cell. I wonder if you can peek in the me cell then
No. 999666 ID: 031458

Seeing as we broke the camera in ours, we were in the "me" cell.

Guess we got another cell to find.
No. 999671 ID: 23e313

Both of you halt for a moment and consider: it is very likely the magic messed up and this is an unforeseen magic-induced hallucination.

As such, you might actually just have entered the house of a teenager with three computers and thrown and stolen the hat of an innocent bystander who fainted after being thrown a chunk of viscera from another person!
No. 999674 ID: b1b4f3

J broke the camera in the first cell, so that's the Me cell. We haven't been to the Mom cell yet, let's go find it.

If you're still connected to the rings you can try contacting the Magic through them.
No. 999679 ID: eedbeb
File 162069307860.png - (5.79KB , 400x375 , p35.png )

“That’s ours.” J points to the ‘Me’ cell. “Let’s take a look at the mom cell, we passed it on the way down the corridor.”

Emma finishes her snack and burps politely. “Hold on. So this weird situation is because of the Magic? The one that made me? Why would it trap us in a weird hallucination?”

“Maybe it was an accident. We need a way to get out.” J says.
No. 999680 ID: eedbeb
File 162069309350.png - (6.23KB , 400x375 , p36.png )

They leave the computers and return to the hallway. The remains of the masked man have disappeared, which is just a great sign.

J opens the Mom cell and the girls peer inside. There’s a large exercise wheel in the corner instead of a bed. Water from the toilet is all over the floor.
No. 999681 ID: eedbeb
File 162069310242.png - (8.14KB , 400x375 , p37.png )

“Oooh, okay, I’m remembering some stuff that the Magic put in my brain.” E says. “I think the fish was a summoner for its dad and some rat lady is important to its mom.”
No. 999682 ID: 031458

Smash open that there toilet.
No. 999683 ID: bc7042

Check the toilet for an escape route? Maybe the rat swam down it or something?
No. 999686 ID: b1b4f3

The rats... are the rat lady. They tried to escape through the toilet system and hid in the tank, or just used it to catch their breath maybe. After eating the fish they'll reform into a humanoid shape, I guess.

I think we should just head to the staircase and try to escape.
No. 999687 ID: 6a2a09

throw exercise wheel at toilet
No. 999746 ID: eedbeb
File 162074671882.png - (6.09KB , 400x375 , p38.png )

>Smash open the toilet

E seizes the exercise wheel and starts to bash it against the toilet.

“Are you checking for an escape route?” J asks. “The rats must have gotten to our room from here.”

The sturdy toilet bowl resists E’s attack but the fox keeps hammering away. J, not wanting to be left out of the fun, starts smacking it with her machete.
No. 999747 ID: eedbeb
File 162074672927.png - (4.17KB , 400x375 , p39.png )

“Would you stop that racket? It’s bad enough to be trapped here without you smashing everything.” says a voice from behind them. The girls turn to see one very large rat in the doorway.
No. 999749 ID: 6a2a09

its the rat queen, use thunderbolt!
No. 999750 ID: 031458

No. 999751 ID: 99ce67

Then join us and escape, we're just trying to find a way out.
No. 999766 ID: afe7de

Get the rat to explain don’t let E eat her yet
No. 999793 ID: eedbeb
File 162076976711.png - (8.05KB , 400x375 , p40.png )

“Rat queen!” says E. She runs towards the rat and engages it in violent fisticuffs.

J watches for a while, transfixed by the noble display of deadlocked violence.
No. 999794 ID: eedbeb
File 162076978186.png - (6.20KB , 400x375 , p41.png )

“Okay, cut that out.” the rabbit finally says. “Rat, we’re trying to escape this Magic hallucination thing. You can join us if you want, or explain what you know.”

The rat punches E one more time, for good luck, then drops back to all fours. “This isn’t a hallucination and I’m not even supposed to be here. You did something with that new Magic that somehow dragged a copy of me into this alternate reality.”
No. 999795 ID: 0d7eb8

So this is a copy of reality so even if we figure stuff out we can’t escape? Guess it’s time to get used to this weird reality. Or figure out a way out and to take over our real selves. Maybe we can summon the Magic here?
No. 999796 ID: b1b4f3

Kindof sounds like you're gonna have to stay awake for 3 days to summon a Magic.
Let's find a safer place for that. Go to the stairs.
No. 999800 ID: 23e313

Tell her that there is also a copy of her children in here. Maybe they are the key to solving this puzzle.
No. 999809 ID: 031458

All I'm staring it's there is 3 MAGICS here and we killed one.
Hello us find the other 2
No. 999810 ID: eedbeb
File 162078615320.png - (5.78KB , 400x375 , p42.png )

J’s heart sinks. “So we can’t just walk out of here to escape.”

The rat nods. “There’s nothing outside this building, quite literally. We’re in a kind of purgatory.”

“What about the guy we killed? The one who was watching us? Is that the Magic?” E asks.

The rat shrugs her shoulders. “It’s a construct, I think, like this fox. I’m sure it will be back.”
No. 999811 ID: eedbeb
File 162078617831.png - (6.38KB , 400x375 , p43.png )

The women stand in somber silence for a moment, absorbing the hopelessness of the situation.

“If I stay awake for three days, will I be able to contact the Magic?” J asks.

“Maybe. That’s probably our best chance. I don’t think I can do it when I’m like this and your friend can’t for aforementioned reasons.” the rat says.

The girls have a plan! J has to stay awake for three days while avoiding death, with the help of her two allies.
No. 999812 ID: 23e313

Let's get the rat's babies to help us!
No. 999815 ID: d24c0f

Look for food? Will you have to eat fish corpse? Figure out logistics of this.
No. 999816 ID: 6a2a09

wait what? E's just a construct? Pinch yourself to see if you *really* are a construct
No. 999817 ID: b1b4f3

Was... the fish a real person?
No. 999848 ID: 33dd48

The fish was real delicious.
Also, probably.

Anyway, we know the constructs of this place die pretty good, even if it's not permanent. That just means we need to keep killing them.
Should be simple enough.
No. 999862 ID: eedbeb
File 162083505129.png - (7.34KB , 400x375 , p44.png )

“I have a few more questions.” J says. “Are you saying E’s a construct because the Magic made her? Does that mean the fish was a construct?”

The rat hesitates. “Yes to the first question, and I believe the fish was a real mortal, which means he would be able to summon Magic as well if he’s brought back to life.”
No. 999863 ID: eedbeb
File 162083506008.png - (5.67KB , 400x375 , p45.png )

“He was real delicious so I hope so.” E says. She elbows J. “What are you going to eat? We can save one of the toilets for water or see if there’s a sink somewhere.”

J isn’t sure. Once she gets hungry enough she might resort to cannibalism, but otherwise she’ll try to stay strong. They still haven’t explored the rest of the facility, so there might be food around.
No. 999866 ID: afe7de

How to revive people? And explore the facility more, see if there’s a cafeteria or something. Be on high alert for a headless corpse.
No. 999871 ID: b1b4f3

Well let's explore. Haven't gone up or down those stairs yet.
No. 999888 ID: eedbeb
File 162085406477.png - (4.16KB , 400x375 , p46.png )

E and J leave the rat behind to stand watch while they go to the second floor. The staircase ends in a cute kitchenette slash break room, with a large sci-fi looking tube of fluid in the corner. The window behind the sink shows only darkness.
No. 999889 ID: b1b4f3

See what's in the fridge.
No. 999894 ID: b648fc

Check fridge, contemplate if you are INSIDE of the magic or in the magic dimension.
No. 999898 ID: 99cd0c

Considering you are dopplegangers of the real E and J, (and seeing how simplistic you look, maybe even less than that), think about what you will do if you manage to go to the real world and meet your real selves.
No. 999908 ID: eedbeb
File 162086710987.png - (4.74KB , 400x375 , p47.png )

E strides over to the fridge and reaches for the handle.

“Whoa whoa whoa,” says J. “There’s probably going to be like, bodies in there or something.”

“Yeah? What’s wrong with that?” says E. She opens the door and reveals a sensible arrangement of raw foods, to her immense disappointment.
No. 999910 ID: eedbeb
File 162086712302.png - (6.24KB , 400x375 , p48.png )

J inspects the packaged meat and vegetables. It all looks safe, if weirdly simple.

“If we do get out of here, what’ll happen to us?” she wonders aloud. “Will we go back to the real world and meet ourselves?”

“I dunno.” E checks the freezer too and sighs when she finds ice cream. “We’re the fake ones, though that won’t stop me from trying to eat the other me.”
No. 999911 ID: 99cd0c

Yeah, I thought E would say she'd kill the other one.

Let's divide the food in the fridge into rations to last the three days.
The rat, G, probably doesn't need any since she is undead.
No. 999912 ID: 031458

Oh wow.
You know E, the other you is probably out there slaughtering fools left and right.
Hopefully this place will spawn some more dudes or you to chop up, to keep you sharp.
No. 999916 ID: 6a2a09

can you use MAGIC to magically cook the food, or do we have to cook it the boring way
No. 999918 ID: 760c9a

On second thought, see if you can do magic or other cool shit. Maybe in this alternate reality the rules are bent a bit. Maybe you can do cool stuff easier or there’s some perk to it? Experiment!
No. 999941 ID: eedbeb
File 162087755003.png - (5.52KB , 400x375 , p49.png )

J organizes the food into portions to last three days. She doesn’t leave anything for the rats or the fish. She hums cheerfully while E watches her with narrowed eyes.

“You know, the other you is probably killing people left and right. You’ll have to get some practice here or she’ll beat you for sure.” J teases.

E grunts.
No. 999942 ID: eedbeb
File 162087756653.png - (6.95KB , 400x375 , p50.png )

>Try to use magic or other cool shit

J wonders if the alternate dimension has different rules for reality. She tries to lift the package of bacon with her mind.

Nothing happens. J decides that this place sucks.
No. 999960 ID: b1b4f3

Is the fluid attached to anything? Is anything in it aside from fluid? Can you open it at the top?
No. 1000007 ID: eedbeb
File 162092624063.png - (4.42KB , 400x375 , p51.png )

Food and water addressed, J turns to the mysterious tube against the wall. She can see a drain in the bottom and near the top, but no door.

A touch screen at chest level is attached to the tube.
No. 1000008 ID: eedbeb
File 162092625419.png - (5.76KB , 400x375 , p52.png )

Three icons are shown on the screen: J, E, and the fish. J swipes through them. The fish is illuminated with a green check mark.
No. 1000009 ID: dc230f

It’s probably a respawning tube, wake up the fish dude, another magic user is welcome, good to know you can just do this if he does.
No. 1000016 ID: 6a2a09

if you do revive him, have E give him an apology for ripping him apart and eating him, something about it being the heat of the moment
No. 1000028 ID: b1b4f3

Deffo resurrect the fish.
No. 1000036 ID: 0fae41

Can you interrupt the respawning process before it finishes and get half a sal? Two words: fish dinners.
No. 1000037 ID: eedbeb
File 162094060723.png - (6.01KB , 400x375 , p53.png )

J presses the fish icon and the tube gurgles to life. The liquid drains out of the bottom while solids start coming out the top. The gunk sticks together until it’s formed C, who jolts awake and blows out a few bubbles.
No. 1000038 ID: eedbeb
File 162094063131.png - (6.11KB , 400x375 , p54.png )

The tube empties and the glass slides apart. The fish blinks at them and J elbows E.

“Hi.” the fox says gruffly. “Do you remember me?”

The fish furrows his brow. “Yes…you impaled me rather brutally.”

“Well I won’t do it again unless we run out of food.” E says. “We’re trying to start awake for three days to summon a Magic and get out of here.”

C purses his lips. “Does this place have any energy drinks?”
No. 1000039 ID: eedbeb
File 162094064333.png - (6.98KB , 400x375 , p55.png )

It’s the gang’s first day awake. What activities do they do to entertain themselves? At the end of the day there will be a 50% chance that the masked man returns.

As long as J has other people around, she won’t fall asleep, but as she gets more sleep deprived she’ll be weaker and grumpier.
No. 1000048 ID: 0fae41

Prepare a trap in case of masked man return. Drag the video games into the security room so you can hang out in there with the broken glass in the doorway if he runs in. Store the poison gas in one of the toilets so the water traps it in case of a leak.
No. 1000049 ID: dc230f

Play video games with the others in the security room while you wait, after you eat use one of the cans and like a chain from the toilet to make a super rudimentary noise trap so if the masked man appears you get like a 5 second head start
No. 1000055 ID: 031458

Imstruct fish to entertain you, bully him relentlessly when he fails.
No. 1000063 ID: eedbeb
File 162095590354.png - (6.98KB , 400x375 , p56.png )

E retrieves the poison gas and gives it to J for safekeeping. The rat collects the broken pieces of glass and ceramic and lays traps around the entrance to each room.
No. 1000064 ID: eedbeb
File 162095593179.png - (5.84KB , 400x375 , p57.png )

C suggests taking his game system and sofa to the security room. The girls spend an hour dragging furniture around, which is made difficult by all the glass and ceramic scattered on the floor.

Once they’ve moved the beds, the security room becomes a cozy sort of den. J, E, and C settle down to game while the mega rat naps on the ground.
No. 1000065 ID: eedbeb
File 162095595270.png - (3.31KB , 400x375 , p58.png )

J is in the middle of a yawn when she hears a crunch down the hall.
No. 1000068 ID: dc230f

Machete time, try talking to the man; but if that fails, kill him and have j wear 2 masks!!!! It’ll be funny you swear.
No. 1000072 ID: b1b4f3

Time to ambush them. It would be better to disable/restrain the masked man so that you don't have to worry about them resurrecting and you getting ambushed. You'll know where they are at all times.
No. 1000074 ID: 99cd0c

Assert dominance by having E brandish the machete while yelling "Are you looking to start something?"
No. 1000079 ID: 031458

Hi dad. I'm Machet-E!
E: Engage, J: Support.
No. 1000083 ID: 745eba

Oh boy! here E goes killing again!
No. 1000110 ID: eedbeb
File 162096534011.png - (7.11KB , 400x375 , p59.png )

E seizes the machete and pokes her head out of the doorway, joined by the rat and J.

“You trying to start something?” J yells down the hallway. “We’ll fuck you up again.”
No. 1000111 ID: eedbeb
File 162096534997.png - (4.50KB , 400x375 , p60.png )

The no longer masked man turns to face them.

“You are not girl talking.” he says. He points at the rat. “You are not running on your wheel.”
No. 1000114 ID: 6a2a09

boytalk him to blow his mind
No. 1000116 ID: e51896

Point at him and say "You are not wearing your mask."
No. 1000117 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, and? Why does he want you to do those things in the first place?
No. 1000123 ID: 031458

Mhm. Mhm.
"You are not alive."
*Stabs through neck*
No. 1000144 ID: afe7de

Boytalk him, ask him why we should do that, and then after he's outlived his usefulness have E get impatient and then steal the machete to cut em up (and or eat him)
No. 1000180 ID: eedbeb
File 162101100728.png - (6.73KB , 400x375 , p61.png )

>Boy talk

J and E immediately begin a discussion of sports teams and uninspired sexual innuendos. They give it much more enthusiasm than they did with their original task, out of spite.
No. 1000181 ID: eedbeb
File 162101101701.png - (6.76KB , 400x375 , p62.png )

The man advances. His right arm bursts open to reveal a buzzing chainsaw.

“If you look at the batting average of the 69ers, it’s clear that they’ll win the world series this year.” E says.
No. 1000182 ID: eedbeb
File 162101103204.png - (8.82KB , 400x375 , p63.png )

The rat leaps in front of the descending blade and is sawed in half.

“It’s fine. We can respawn her later.” E says.

“She wasn’t on the tube tablet!” J splutters.

“Oh. Well, that’s a shame.”
No. 1000183 ID: afe7de

Use machete on man
No. 1000185 ID: 99cd0c

Let E chop his arms off while J and C pin him down and asks him why he wants us to do those weird things and how to bring back the rat.
No. 1000190 ID: b1b4f3

Block the chainsaw with the machete while E kills him.
No. 1000192 ID: 031458


E:Talk girly as you assault them.

J: Grab the sever rat head and BEAT CHANSAW HANDS WITH IT
No. 1000196 ID: eedbeb
File 162102580344.png - (7.73KB , 400x375 , p64.png )

The mystery man advances over the bloody rat corpse. E passes J the machete and lunges forward. The man is too slow to intercept her and E tackles him to the floor.
No. 1000197 ID: eedbeb
File 162102581609.png - (7.02KB , 400x375 , p65.png )

“Hey dude, are you gonna help us at all?” E yells towards the security room.

The fish sighs and gets off the comfortable sofa to sit on the man’s legs. J lifts the machete and hacks the chainsaw arm free. She cuts off the other arm for good measure.
No. 1000198 ID: ae5011

Interrogate the idiot, ask the fish guy if he has experience interrogating and restraining, e and I sure dont
No. 1000212 ID: 031458

Free chainsaw. Nice.

Just chop off his legs too. And anything that grows.

What is this place, warden?
No. 1000214 ID: b1b4f3

Ask him man what.
No. 1000215 ID: b1b4f3

Also don't forget he can die from blood loss. Keeping him alive somehow would be ideal, but if he can make weapons out of his limbs that'll be difficult.
No. 1000219 ID: 0fae41

Obstruct the stumps with something before they grow back. Chairs, perhaps.
No. 1000221 ID: 99cd0c

I wanna reiterate my question from before: Why does man want them to girl talk, play games, etc.? And is there a way to resurrect the rat?
No. 1000238 ID: eedbeb
File 162104074246.png - (5.84KB , 400x375 , p66.png )

J bends down to ask the man questions before he bleeds to death, only to be rudely interrupted by your arrival.

You are a cute red devil creature! You don’t have unlimited power when in this star based form.
No. 1000239 ID: eedbeb
File 162104075638.png - (5.71KB , 400x375 , p67.png )

While everyone swears with shock, your attention is immediately drawn to the fish sitting on the floor.

It’s your dad’s summoner. He blinks at you, eyes dulled from lack of sleep.
No. 1000243 ID: 031458

Godfather! How nice to finally meet you! I can see now why Dad was totally gay for you, you sexy, sexy beast!

And favorite summoner and dearest daughter!

I have summoned myself here from the outer world!
But It seems I am no longer omnipotent. What is this place?
Have I joined you in purgatory?
No. 1000248 ID: b1b4f3

Uh yeah tell them you messed up. Turns out, using that star created this alternate plane, which is designed to make them suffer for all eternity. But you're gonna try to either free them or change this place so it's not so bad.
Also wow, Dad's summoner is here? Bringing him back would sure make them happy. Or, just giving Dad a way to visit would be nice, in the case of you making this place livable.

Anyway first thing's first ask them to give you a tour and explain how things work here. Looks like they've been fighting back? Good work!

How much power do we have in this devil form?
No. 1000250 ID: efc03e

Oh hi! So this is what hell looks like. Neat!
No. 1000256 ID: 99cd0c

Think scan the area to investigate how this realm works and hopefully find an exit.
No. 1000268 ID: eedbeb
File 162105044429.png - (4.72KB , 400x375 , p68.png )

You yelp as a machete lands between your eyes. It doesn’t hurt you, per se, but it’s the first time your form has been affected by an outside force and it’s upsetting.

“Hey! Stop that! I’m the Magic, your Magic!” you say to J, who’s wearing a scary mask.

“What?” she says. “But it hasn’t been three days.”

You quickly summarize the situation with the stars.
No. 1000269 ID: eedbeb
File 162105045846.png - (5.01KB , 400x375 , p69.png )

“So hi! I’ve met Emma and Jo before, but you must be my dad’s summoner. It’s really nice to meet you.” you conclude.

“I was a summoner, wasn’t I.” says C. “Funny, I didn’t remember until you said that…”

“What do you need to do to get us out of here?” J asks.

“No idea. I want a tour.” you say.
No. 1000270 ID: eedbeb
File 162105047337.png - (4.83KB , 400x375 , p70.png )

The ragtag party shows you the cells, the kitchen, and the security room. You prod at Gruoch’s corpse while E comments on the disappearance of some construct that’s been bossing them around.

You take stock of your abilities. You can float, pass through surfaces, and are immune to damage. You cannot create objects or constructs, affect minds, or do anything fun.
No. 1000275 ID: d9cb21

Is there a corpse around to eat maybe you can gain energy. If not, try floating outside and see what that’s all about.
No. 1000285 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's look outside. Check out the exterior of the building from every angle.
No. 1000312 ID: eedbeb
File 162109865675.png - (6.70KB , 400x375 , p71.png )

“We’re going to go to sleep for a bit since we don’t have to stay up anymore.” J says once you’ve examined the respawn tube.

“Okay. Shout if you need anything.” you say.
No. 1000313 ID: eedbeb
File 162109866774.png - (4.60KB , 400x375 , p72.png )

You leave the girls and travel past the walls of the building into the empty void beyond. Unlike your home, there are no flourishes of red sparks, or distant shapes of other Magics to light up the space.

From the outside you can see that the prison is orbited by two gold rings.
No. 1000314 ID: eedbeb
File 162109867774.png - (3.21KB , 400x375 , p73.png )

You think hard about the gold star and the rings. The star was created from the relief of your parents and the joy of the other Magics’ at the success of your first mission. Then you shaped it into a tool to help your new creation and favorite summoner.

You’d consider it a protective force. If it’s powerful enough to cause a retirement, you can probably try to reason with it.
No. 1000316 ID: 6127fd

Try to manipulate and or talk to it, you shaped them into that form so maybe there’s something you can do to influence it.
No. 1000329 ID: 031458

No. 1000334 ID: cd5ee2

Could it be that for the rings not having a drawback, it creates a duplicate of the wearer in a pocket dimension to suffer all the curse part? In that case. Do you want to risk the possible reaction the real ones can suffer to save these clones (if this theory is correct)?
No. 1000335 ID: 031458

Wait. Didn't we bring one with us?
We can still communicate with the outside!
No. 1000351 ID: f2320a

OH YEAH also this means kind of all objects in our retirement dimension is stuff we earned and then we fill it with the people we meet hmmmmm would be fun if instead of other magics being gone forever they just kind of had a house, also the fox is that not the boyfriend of the rabbit, who looks fatter here? oh and fish he is here must be from when and mom bumped into each other and had us dad will be happy if we bring the fish with us
No. 1000352 ID: f2320a

oh thats a interesting theory does that mean the rat that must eat her own children is here?
and wait can we create stuff in the magic dimension like materials places beings? so little time and such a strange situation but so much to mess around with!
No. 1000358 ID: eedbeb
File 162112306245.png - (3.69KB , 400x375 , p74.png )

You ponder the stars a little more. The one that brought you here has enough juice to bring you back, and is operating off your shaping in the mortal world. Molded to your form as it is, you can assess how much energy is behind it, and it’s not enough to create another retirement world.

Your mother theorized that the stars could only do small tasks, but now you think that she’s wrong. You gave the gold star a very simple task and all the leftover power had to go somewhere.

The stars don’t need curses to power themselves, luckily, but they’re far more potent than anyone realized.
No. 1000359 ID: eedbeb
File 162112307383.png - (3.91KB , 400x375 , p75.png )

And now you have to deal with the aftermath. Speaking of which…

You float over to the rings. “Hello!” you shout. “Can you understand me? I’m the baby Magic! I did so good on my first task that everyone got together to celebrate and that’s how you got made!”

No response. The orbiting rings either can’t hear you or can’t talk.
No. 1000361 ID: 0fae41

Can you add on to the original task so it requires more power? Like, give everybody in the world free internet access from anywhere.
No. 1000362 ID: b1b4f3

Well why don't you just try poking the rings? See if you can change this place to be more pleasant. Just removing the construct meant to torture the inhabitants would be enough, really, but optimally you'd make this place a bit bigger, or allow it to connect to the real world's internet.
No. 1000365 ID: 031458

What if, since the rings are supposedly permanent, they need a source of permanent power, hence the hell created.

Try touching the rings. See if you can gauge how much power they have in them.

I bet if you had enough power in the red star, you could take everyone back home. Dad would be happy to see his summoner again.

Is there a way to charge your red star? Suffering would probably work, but maybe if you could cause other emotions?
No. 1000366 ID: 4fb393

No. 1000374 ID: eedbeb
File 162113286406.png - (4.21KB , 400x375 , p76.png )

You attempt to access the rings’ power, but in this pathetic devil form you can only bonk yourself uselessly against the unreal material.

If you were your normal self you could reshape the rings to make them stop torturing your friends. To your great frustration, you can’t take the easy solution.

Talking to the gold star is still your best bet. If only there was a way for the star to understand you!
No. 1000375 ID: eedbeb
File 162113287460.png - (6.90KB , 400x375 , p77.png )

You return to the security room and see J and E sleeping on a pair of truly shitty beds. You hear a faint noise coming from the middle monitor. It looks like the fish is talking to someone in one of the rooms.
No. 1000376 ID: b1b4f3

Observe the monitor before you go in there personally.
No. 1000378 ID: 99cd0c

Let's overhear the conversation by stealthily phasing out ear through the wall of the room.
No. 1000385 ID: b8c14a

Be sneaky, go listen to their convo!
No. 1000405 ID: f2320a

support yeah we must know what is at work here
No. 1000486 ID: eedbeb
File 162121280381.png - (3.57KB , 400x375 , p78.png )

You try to hear the conversation through the monitor, but the fish is talking too quietly. You shrug and sneak towards the middle cell and float forward so that your face is just barely poking out of the wall.

The fish is smoking a noxious cigarette and whispering to the opposite wall. You listen.
No. 1000487 ID: eedbeb
File 162121282641.png - (5.71KB , 400x375 , p79.png )

“Remember the first week we met? I thought I could pretend it was a dream and you’d go away, and then I almost forgot you were even there.”

The fish’s tone is sweet and intimate, like he’s talking to a close friend instead of a concrete wall. To your surprise, a pair of bulbous eyes grows out of the wall to stare at the fish.

“All those times we talked, I don’t think I realized you liked me so much. I thought I was being smart when I made our contract for the house, but you were being nice to me, weren’t you?”
No. 1000506 ID: bd1ba8

Is that your dad? Cause it sounds like he’s talking about a summoner and that is probably your dad? Maybe listen some more and then pop out, Ooorrrrr sneak around and pop your head out next to the face in the wall, joining the convo
No. 1000542 ID: f2320a

how can dad be here? OKAY lets look at the wall from behind if there is anything sticking out and if dad is actually there listen more and possibly join in
No. 1000562 ID: 6b2a38

Pop on down onto Carl's lap and say hi to maybe dad.
No. 1000615 ID: eedbeb
File 162127433851.png - (2.93KB , 400x375 , p80.png )

It sounds like C is trying to talk to your dad, or remind the parts of the star that are from your dad about their shared past. You keep listening.

“Remember all the good times we had? If I were alive again in the real world you could see me again. Think about how great that would be.”

The eyes in the wall blink slowly.
No. 1000616 ID: eedbeb
File 162127435060.png - (5.81KB , 400x375 , p81.png )

You decide to join the conversation and hover vaguely over the fish’s head.

“Hello.” you say.

The fish jumps with shock and the eyes in the wall shrink away and disappear.

“Oh, uh, hey there.” C says. “I was having a smoke before bed, thought you were still looking around for a way to escape.”
No. 1000618 ID: 031458

I am. Though I need to talk to the uh. House.
My dad really loved you. It seems some of that transferred into this place. Could you ask him to pop back in?
No. 1000626 ID: 06781c

You know my dad really loved you and was sad when you died, can I talk to him too?
No. 1000637 ID: 9675f4

Let C seduce the house to let them escape.
No. 1000679 ID: eedbeb
File 162129541890.png - (4.90KB , 400x375 , p82.png )

“I am. I did. Speaking of which, my dad really loved you.” you say.

“Right…Yeah, I was just reminiscing about our good times together to this totally blank and normal wall.”

This fish is very silly. “I saw the construct looking at you. It was listening.”
No. 1000680 ID: eedbeb
File 162129543263.png - (3.98KB , 400x375 , p83.png )

You float close until you’re almost touching the fish’s mouth. “Even though mortal intimacy is very gross and uncool, you should try to seduce it. I think there’s enough of my dad in there that it would work and we can ask it to let us go.”

“Great idea. Yup. I’ll just go back to talking to the wall.”

“Mention kissing. My dad likes kissing.”

The fish has the good sense to look vaguely embarrassed.
No. 1000681 ID: 1ab3d0

Give the fish man a forehead smooch, smooches may be uncool but your trying to be a NICE magic now, and smooches are NICE.
No. 1000683 ID: 031458

By the way, our forms and genders are fluid. Dad could be anything you like if we get out of here.

I'll leave you alone for now.

Go look for some baby rats to shove in the big rats mouth.
No. 1000711 ID: 96c896

No kissing but maybe a headpat is fine.

And yeah. Tell him you'll be back later, you uh, don't want to watch him talking about kissing, ugh.
No. 1000795 ID: eedbeb
File 162135590409.png - (5.95KB , 400x375 , p83.png )

You give C an encouraging nudge and leave him to soften up the gold star. Surely nothing bad could come from this decision.
No. 1000796 ID: eedbeb
File 162135592642.png - (5.66KB , 400x375 , p84.png )

The imitation Gruoch corpse is still in the hallway. There seem to be smaller rats spilling out of the body cavity. You consider the still wet blood with a frown.

The real Gruoch was getting a headache because her curse could somehow tell that the star was pulling a retirement on her. Since the imitation can’t be revived with the tube in the kitchen, the anti-Magic was at least making giving the star a hard time.

One of the small rats twitches weakly. It’s still alive! Do you want to feed it some valuable foodstuffs or leave it to rot?
No. 1000803 ID: 7893e3

Eat rat.
No. 1000805 ID: afe7de

You could feed it... or you could EAT it and gain a bit of your magic back
No. 1000809 ID: 96c896

Can't you just feed J or E to them then revive the body donor?
No. 1000812 ID: eedbeb
File 162136990544.png - (4.26KB , 400x375 , p85.png )

>Eat the rat

You stare at the small rat and lick your lips. In your weakened form, eating other creatures seems awfully appealing.

Once the rat has wriggled out of the corpse you position yourself so that it’s wriggling headfirst into your body sack. You know how to eat, despite never having done it before, and soon the rat has wriggled its last.
No. 1000813 ID: eedbeb
File 162136992078.png - (5.48KB , 400x375 , p86.png )

Once you’ve digested the flesh into nothing, a pair of strong arms emerges from your devil body! They have prominent muscles and neat rows of fingers.

Do you:
-Rest until J and E wake up
-Make breakfast with your newfound limbs
-Punch shit
No. 1000814 ID: e442b6

Make breakfast, the dinner of the gods
No. 1000816 ID: 7893e3

Punch the rings! Violence is the only language they understand.
No. 1000821 ID: 031458

No. 1000858 ID: eedbeb
File 162139373562.png - (5.62KB , 400x375 , p87.png )

With your modern arm technology, you fly outside the facility to the orbiting rings and give them a good what for. You actually manage to dent the smooth representation of a surface and you feel very proud of yourself.

Maybe that wasn’t the nicest thing to do to a magical organism that you’re trying to commune with, but it sure felt good.
No. 1000859 ID: eedbeb
File 162139374983.png - (6.17KB , 400x375 , p88.png )

Once you’ve calmed down, you try your hand at making a mortal breakfast to surprise J and E when they wake up. There’s bacon and eggs in the fridge, and you fiddle with the nobs on the oven until everything is crackling merrily.

You load up two plates and take the stairs to the security room, where J and E are struggling to become vertical.
No. 1000869 ID: 031458

You have become MIGHTY. I wonder what else you can eat.
Offer food to the local carbon based life forms.
No. 1000871 ID: afe7de

offer food to them, flex and be an overall goof.
No. 1000872 ID: 9675f4

Serve breakfast. Eat breakfast. Gain more power.
No. 1000879 ID: f2320a

we could eat the rest of the rat corpse
No. 1000945 ID: eedbeb
File 162143554311.png - (6.86KB , 400x375 , p89.png )

You offer the food to E and J, who thank you and start to eat.

“I like your new muscles.” J says. You blush and perform a mighty flex.

“This food is good.” mumbles E. “I like all the flavors. Like salt.” She offers you her plate. “Want to try?”
No. 1000947 ID: eedbeb
File 162143555810.png - (4.23KB , 400x375 , p90.png )

You take a bite of bacon and eggs. The crunchy meat and fluffy eggs please you greatly, but do not make you stronger physically. Instead, you feel an increased kinship with your creation and your summoner.

Your father might disapprove, but you care very much about these silly mortals.
No. 1000948 ID: eedbeb
File 162143557620.png - (7.68KB , 400x375 , p91.png )

“You are not girl talking.”

E and J flinch and look for the source of the voice.

Above you, a section of the ceiling bulges outwards and becomes an insect-like body wrapped around a familiar pair of bulbous eyes.
No. 1000956 ID: 87f492

No. 1000958 ID: 031458

And still you ignore me!
Fine. I've learned a new way!

No. 1000971 ID: afe7de

Punch and devour!!!
No. 1000998 ID: eedbeb
File 162145667518.png - (6.59KB , 400x375 , p92.png )


C’s seduction technique was clearly lacking if the star is still trying to torment E and J. You are offended that it’s still ignoring you and soar to meet it in the air.

You deliver a legendary punch that knocks the centipede’s head to the side.
No. 1000999 ID: eedbeb
File 162145668959.png - (7.76KB , 400x375 , p93.png )


While it’s stunned, you seize one of the construct’s many arms and tear it off. Blood showers down on the very shitty beds and the computer desk.
No. 1001000 ID: eedbeb
File 162145672730.png - (4.75KB , 400x375 , p94.png )

You swallow the arm in one massive gulp and sprout a muscular set of legs. Wow, eating things is great.

Since you get more powerful when you eat parts of the gold star, you should be able to escape without having to reason with it. Which method do you prefer?
No. 1001002 ID: 19da02

Reasoning is for stupid nerd losers
No. 1001003 ID: 96c896

I feel like we should at least try talking to it directly, now that we know how to do that.
No. 1001022 ID: 031458

Wait... What if E and J ate parts of it too?

No. 1001026 ID: afe7de

I rlly like this idea tbh. You'll give it a last negotiation but if that doesent work... meat's back on the menu boys C:
No. 1001028 ID: 1f53e8

Dismembering someone and eating them alive is not a nice thing to do.

Let's ask the creature why is so important to girl-talk.
No. 1001046 ID: eedbeb
File 162147425697.png - (9.35KB , 400x375 , p95.png )

Reasoning is for stupid nerd losers! But you will talk to the centipede, after you beat the snot out of it.

You drag the construct down to the floor and start kicking it with your fresh feet. E bends over and tears another arm free while J joins you with the sick kicks.

“Doesn’t taste like much.” E comments. “Darn, I’m not getting a cool power-up.”

Once you judge the centipede to be subdued, you back off and speak in your gruffest, meanest voice.

“I have some questions that you’d better answer.” you say.

J cuts in. “What’s with the obsession with making me and E talk bullshit?”
No. 1001047 ID: eedbeb
File 162147427273.png - (6.31KB , 400x375 , p96.png )

The construct lies on the floor. It opens its mouth and stutters something unintelligible.

“What was that?” J says harshly, with a kick to the armpit for good measure.



The large eyes stare through your form and you get a strange sense of seeing yourself in the third person. “I want you two to be friends.”
No. 1001049 ID: afe7de

Can't you just let them be friends naturally? Forcing two girls to do girl talk doesent make them friends.
No. 1001053 ID: 6a2a09

If you wanted us to be friends, why did you try to chainsaw us to death?
No. 1001054 ID: 031458

You coulda just said that!
Why so creepy instead?
No. 1001055 ID: 53560f

I’m pretty sure they’re bonding pretty well just surviving and beating the centipede up together.
No. 1001063 ID: 96c896

Oh. It's... just extremely stupid. Well tell it that it wasn't working, and the threat of death isn't really helping either. They got along better when they were rebelling against it. What about the other two? What was it trying to accomplish with them?

Also, why, in general? You didn't intend to do this when you made the rings, so... did it read your innermost desires and act upon it with the power left?
No. 1001137 ID: eedbeb
File 162152650934.png - (6.07KB , 400x375 , p96.png )

“That’s a dumb.” says J. “We bonded more from beating you up than anything. You can’t force friendship, dude.”

“Yeah, and you were trying to chainsaw us do death earlier. Why didn’t you just say that you wanted us to get along instead of threatening us? Why any of this?” E adds.

The construct stares at the ceiling and doesn’t reply.
No. 1001138 ID: eedbeb
File 162152652577.png - (5.30KB , 400x375 , p97.png )

You stand over the bloody concrete and think.

You had made the rings because you wanted Emma and Jo to communicate with each other. And you had wanted them to get along, despite Emma being a killer and Jo being a bit psycho.

You slowly raise your eyes to look at the far right monitor, with the note that reads ‘Me’.

You’ve stumbled upon the part of the star that is you.
No. 1001141 ID: 031458

I see. So the rest construct was mom, this one is you, and the... Wall... Thing... Is dad.
Seems you'll need to eat them all since they won't talk to you. At least this one.

Maybe C has figured a way for you to talk to the dad one. In the meantime DEVOUR
No. 1001147 ID: afe7de

Consume the yourself manifestation to gain more POWER
No. 1001149 ID: 1f53e8

Let's inspect the monitor more closely before mindlessly putting it in our mouth.

So, hey, what was the reason for C playing and smoking and the rat running in the wheel?
No. 1001158 ID: eedbeb
File 162154419741.png - (3.74KB , 400x375 , p98.png )

When you created the rings, they must have picked up your goals and personality and jumbled everything together with the rest of the Magics in the star.

This construct has more of you in it when it’s addressing E and J. That makes sense because it responded to romance talk like your dad would when C was the only one there.

You slurp up the centipede as you ponder life’s mysteries, and the energy makes you grow in strength and size.
No. 1001159 ID: eedbeb
File 162154421165.png - (5.82KB , 400x375 , p99.png )

Where is that fish anyway? You stomp down the hallway to check on the middle room.

Nobody’s there. You leave E and J to play video games while you check the rest of the facility.

You can’t find C anywhere. He’s not even showing up on the respawn tube tablet anymore. The fish is gone.
No. 1001160 ID: afe7de

Maybe he left with dad? Hmmmm. Talk to your summoner and minion
No. 1001165 ID: 1f53e8

I have a bad feeling about this.

Let's try testing our powers with the monitors.
No. 1001168 ID: 96c896

Sounds like he convinced the Dad part of the ring to let him go. Do you have enough power to get E and J out yet?
You could always go to G's room and see if the entity there will show up.
No. 1001171 ID: 031458

Hmm. Check the monitors. Check the outside.
If need be you can always easy the rings outside of it comes down to it.
Take another look at yourself. How much power does your red star have? How much power do you have? Are you only physically stronger? Or can you do some fun stuff?
It's there a way to take these clones with you?
No. 1001174 ID: eedbeb
File 162155444697.png - (5.57KB , 400x375 , p100.png )

C must have convinced the Dad part of the ring to let him go, without asking for freedom for the rest of you. That darned fish! You are both impressed by his selfishness and disturbed by the thought that he could suck your father back into a toxic relationship.
No. 1001175 ID: eedbeb
File 162155445609.png - (4.78KB , 400x375 , p101.png )

Before you report back to E and J, you assess your current power. You have enough juice that you could send one person back to the real world. The remaining power sources you can consume are the respawn tube and the orbiting rings.

Your stomach burbles and you feel vaguely ill. All this conflicting energy is disagreeing with your digestion.
No. 1001176 ID: 0fae41

Send the other Emma back first. She needs backup.
No. 1001183 ID: 031458

Hmm. Then maybe slow down. Perhaps it will take some time for you to properly absorb the energies you have consumed.
There are video games and your two favorite people here. Hang out.
No. 1001187 ID: 96c896

Send one person back, that will burn off extra power and calm your stomach; afterwards you can regain some power and send the other one. Might as well send Jo back first since she's less likely to cause trouble.
No. 1001192 ID: eedbeb
File 162156863154.png - (5.27KB , 400x375 , p102.png )

You decide to send one girl back now to relieve your nausea, eat some more, and then send the other. You explain the plan to E and J, who both nod eagerly.

“Who are you going to send back first?” J asks.

“I’ll do it randomly.” you declare. Showing favoritism would be in poor taste.

You shut your eyes and wave your hand in the air.
No. 1001193 ID: eedbeb
File 162156865057.png - (5.67KB , 400x375 , p103.png )

“It’s just us now.” J says cheerfully. “I probably should have mentioned this before, but E wants to eat her other self.”

“Oh. I’m sure they’ll work it out.” you say.

Your legs have shrunk back into your body and you settle into the threadbare couch to rest for a moment.
No. 1001204 ID: 96c896

So ask J if she's gonna get along ok with Jo.
No. 1001209 ID: 76d753

Whatre you gonna do when you go back? Make friends with yourself? Go traveling? Make out with yourself?
No. 1001213 ID: eaa5e7

When you're ready, eat the cloning machine, punch a hole in the wall, and take J with you as you eat the rings (in case doing so collapses the structure)
Then go back together
No. 1001225 ID: eedbeb
File 162161095755.png - (6.41KB , 400x375 , p104.png )

You play a quaint co-op cooking game with J while you wait for your appetite to return.

“What will you do when you go to the real world? I hope you get along with Jo.” you say.

“I mean, she’s different from me. I have tits and no job or boyfriend. I think I’ll say hi to her and then go do my own thing.”

She pats you on the head. “Send me back with some cash and IDs and I’ll be happy.”
No. 1001226 ID: eedbeb
File 162161097106.png - (4.22KB , 400x375 , p105.png )

After several levels of sizzling meat and cooking soup, your stomach starts to growl. J follows you as you head up the stairs and gulp down the respawn tube.

“Stay where I can see you in the window.” you tell J. “I’m going outside to eat the rings.”
No. 1001227 ID: eedbeb
File 162161098104.png - (4.43KB , 400x375 , p106.png )

You sprout a spiky pair of wings and soar out into the vacuum. The rings glow faintly, like angelic strips of cheddar cheese.

It will take you a while to eat the rings. What do you do to avoid getting sick while you eat?
No. 1001230 ID: afe7de

Can you poop out the toxic parts that make you sick while you do it?
No. 1001231 ID: 031458

Shave it down with your teeth continuously into your mouth. This way you are forced to pace yourself
No. 1001245 ID: 3ba2bb

Ask j to make some tea for you
No. 1001271 ID: eedbeb
File 162164571550.png - (6.42KB , 400x375 , p107.png )

You take it slow at first, scraping away the rings with your teeth and letting the shavings fall down your throat. Whenever you feel sick you stop for a brief rest.
No. 1001272 ID: eedbeb
File 162164572747.png - (5.77KB , 400x375 , p108.png )

As the rings shrink, you grow until you’re larger than the facility and can easily swallow whole sections of gold nothing. You taste each piece carefully and leave particularly conflicting parts behind.
No. 1001273 ID: eedbeb
File 162164574062.png - (3.90KB , 400x375 , p109.png )

J offers you a steaming cup of tea when you return, swollen with success. You take it gratefully.

“I think I can send you to the mortal world and go back home.” you say.

“Great.” says J.

Is there anything you’d like to do before you leave?
No. 1001274 ID: afe7de

leave something behind like a note or message for the next people to enter
No. 1001277 ID: 031458

This hell is inactive and has been abandoned. Feel free to play the video games. They're alright.
If you are trapped without Star-power, this dimension responds to Hope, Despair, the Power of friendship, and Video games.
Good Luck.
No. 1001286 ID: 96c896

Can you look at the place better now that you're powerful? Maybe find out what your mom's part of the facility was doing with the wheel and G.
No. 1001291 ID: 2996dc

Do we bring the whole house with us?
No. 1001324 ID: 53560f

Consider finding a way to repurpose the pocket dimension.
Maybe we could turn it into a clubhouse or other fun stuff?
No. 1001370 ID: eedbeb
File 162170640431.png - (6.96KB , 400x375 , p110.png )

You’re not sure if the retirement dimensions are connected, but you pen a polite hand-written note for any Magic that may stumble across the old facility. You include advice on how to avoid torturing mortals for eternity.
No. 1001371 ID: eedbeb
File 162170642924.png - (3.86KB , 400x375 , p111.png )

You create a bubble of air for J and let her hop onto your head.

The two of you admire the facility for a moment. You memorize the structure so you can analyze it later.

“What was the deal with the rat?” J finally asks. “The construct wanted her to run on a wheel, which is like, unpleasant after a while but not the worst thing in the world.”

You ponder the question. Your mother wants Gruoch alive and healthy, but suffering.

“Running must make you age better. Like a wine.” you say.

No. 1001372 ID: eedbeb
File 162170646360.png - (17.68KB , 400x375 , p112.png )

“I’ll make sure you’re doing okay in the real world.” you continue. “Let’s go.”

Girl Talk has ended. Your story will conclude in Good Impression: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/997795.html
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