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File 161584424739.png - (366.92KB , 800x600 , thread9title.png )
991458 No. 991458 ID: 2451c3

This quest is NSFW.

Thread one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html

Thread two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html

Thread three: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/743976.html

Thread four: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/771470.html

Thread five:

Thread six:

Thread seven: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/880264.html

Thread eight: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/913803.html
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No. 1033630 ID: 6184cb

C, c

The teasing gate has been opened, Let the flood waters wash over you.
No. 1033631 ID: e51896

No. 1033632 ID: b88434

No. 1033633 ID: 0eef85

C, A
No. 1033634 ID: be3107

C, A Time for Daatra curiosities!
No. 1033655 ID: 1e26b3

A and e
No. 1035133 ID: c67566
File 165540621350.png - (94.26KB , 800x600 , 1840.png )

"So hey! Speaking of weird relationships..."

"Enough about our parents! Let's just call it a tie!" Daatra insists, even though you totally won.

"This time it isn't about them!"

"Whew. So what, you have a 12th boyfriend or something?"

"Eh? No! That'd be way too many to draw!"

"You draw stuff other than that bird and dolphin comic?"

"Well, no, but obviously my hoard has to guest-star in those! And for literally only that reason I'll be keeping the HOARD OF DRAGON ROMANCE in check! for now"

"If you say so."

"I-I do!"


"Daatra, come on! I'm trying to be serious!"

"What, and ruin the comedic streak we have going?"

"We are often hilarious, it's true, but..."

Daatra smirks. "Exactly. Now let me get out my list of puns..."

You smirk harder. "Oh? I didn't know you were into BDSM."

Daatra unsmirks hardest. "Hsss! WHY WOULD YOU PHRASE IT LIKE THAT."

"Because it's fun~"

You clear your throat. "Anyway, for real now. I just wanna make sure you'll be okay."
No. 1035134 ID: c67566
File 165540621623.png - (116.99KB , 800x600 , 1841.png )

"Don't worry about me; We reptilians can handle anything. You could say we're always up to scale."

"Could you just--"

"Every night as a kid my dad would give me a goodnight hiss."

"I'm trying to--"

"My family's real good at math. You could say we're a family of adders."

"Oh gods that's--"

"I went to a gender-reveal party recently. It was a boa."

"That doesn't even make any no wait I get it now but like come on--"

"I tried to convince Mr. Ilan I was sick when I wasn't, but he had no legs to pull."


"When I get a little older, I'm thinking of becoming a civil serpent."


"Do you think Mr. Ilan's 3.14 meters long? 'Cause then he'd be a pi-thon."

"You got these out of a book, didn't you!?"

"My dad had to quit coffee, because it made him viper-active."
No. 1035135 ID: c67566
File 165540621994.png - (87.31KB , 800x600 , 1842.png )

"Hsshsshss~!!! You're so adorably weak!"


"So like Siphon--"


"Careful eating me, your jaw might get a bit unhinged."


"Hsshsshss~ Okay, I had my fun."

"GOOD. GLAD FOR YOU. Can I actually say what I wanted to say now????"

"I guessssss."

"Did you elongate the s's there because--"


"Just checking."

Looks like she's finally done. Maybe productive conversation is finally possible?

"Look, Zesmirl is coming pretty soon," you say, "and I just want to make sure you'll be okay."

"Don't worry, I'm saving my most devastating puns for him."

"That's not-- well, maybe that's fine. But like..."

"He'll find my puns hissterical!"


"It'll be fine. We'll meet at the CLICHE TREE and--"
No. 1035136 ID: c67566
File 165540622202.png - (99.77KB , 800x600 , 1843.png )



"The cliche tree!? There's no way you're gonna have a normal conversation there!"

"It's just a tree, Ceri-berry."

"It's so much more than a mere tree!"

"*Hss.* Just figured it'd be appropriate, since we used to spend so much time there."

"But... the dramatics!"

"It'll be fine."

"But what if it goes poorly...!?"

"Then I'll eat a ton of snake-icecream."

"That's not a thing."

"Imagine if it was, though."

"Then it'd... slither down your throat and guarantee you get brain-freeze?"

"See? Then I'd be distracted from thinking about it."

"I... I guess."

Maybe it really will be okay. Still...

You previously decided not to interfere, but maybe you can... watch over her from a distance? Then you can be ready with ice-cream in hand should things go poorly.

Or maybe you should respect her privacy? Either way, it's not a decision you have to make just yet.

"Well, no matter how it goes me and the others will be here for you."

"I uh... 'preciated."
No. 1035137 ID: c67566
File 165540622578.png - (126.76KB , 800x600 , 1844.png )

Once you make it back to Daatra's apartment, she starts getting plates and utensils together for the enjoyment of delicious cake.

"Our first mommy-- er, egg-meal together as sisters!" you say excitedly.

"Yeah, it's crazy to think about. You've always been so weird about your eggs," Daatra says.

"Me!? You're the one who wouldn't let me help you lay until very recently!"

"I didn't say I wasn't also weird!" she protests.

"Then we're both weird!"

"That's not exactly new information."

"Yes, well."

What should you talk about while eating (more) delicious cake?

A: Other reptilian traditions to do together.
We'll do a speedrun!

B: Last chance to talk about Life-Magic!
Plenty of neurons wanted this earlier, so you'll give it another shot.

C: Ask if she'd want to move into Unity Base with you.
You're not moving there just yet, but when you do... maybe she'd like to join you?

D: Let her know you totally have a backup boyfriend prepared for her.
Who would it be?
No. 1035138 ID: 0c87f0

No. 1035139 ID: 3edd0d

B! We gotta know what cool ideas she has with that kind of magic!
No. 1035140 ID: 53c12c

Life-Magic talk!
No. 1035141 ID: 273c18

B, a.
No. 1035144 ID: 3ba6cb

A, b
No. 1035145 ID: 0bfc71

B, A
No. 1035147 ID: abcc39

A, D: Skif. Sisters always share!
No. 1035153 ID: 815672

A, c
Let's explore that reptilian side
No. 1035154 ID: 4e8c5a

B, d- say Gulketi just to see how she would react.
No. 1035156 ID: fa1ed4

B, C
No. 1035162 ID: 736b7e

B, C
No. 1035163 ID: 899c9f

D (Gulketi!), a, especially considering how large we just explained he is.
No. 1035192 ID: a9af05

No. 1035244 ID: 2aa5f0

B, c
No. 1035320 ID: 211b7e

A, b
No. 1035522 ID: 6184cb

B, D.

The fluffy.
No. 1035700 ID: c67566
File 165593333385.png - (102.86KB , 800x600 , 1845.png )

With things set up, it's time to eat cake for the second meal in a row!

Daatra looks down at her cake slice thoughtfully.

"What's up?" you ask.

"Dunno. This just feels kinda... surreal."

"It's just cake, Daatra!"

"Yeah. Well, no. This has a piece of you inside it."

"Are you getting weirded out? After teasing me so much??"

"Nah. It's just... it kinda feels like it solidifies us being sisters now, ya know?"

"Ah, yeah. I guess it does, huh? Well, in that case..."

You raise your fork, adorned with delicious cake.
No. 1035701 ID: c67566
File 165593333686.png - (100.18KB , 800x600 , 1846.png )

You smile. "Here's to us, the Fuckup Sisters."

"*Hshss~* To us."

Now it's double official!

Daatra takes a bite. "Whoa, this is pretty good."

"Thanks! I made it myself!"



"You didn't even wink you just said the word 'wink'"

"It saves on images that way."

"*Hsshss~* You're such a weirdo."

"That's why you love me!"

Daatra's only response is a soft grunt as she noms on more cake. A grunt of love, no doubt!
No. 1035702 ID: c67566
File 165593333709.png - (145.85KB , 800x600 , 1847.png )

"So hey, about the Life-Magic talk earlier..." you say.

"Yeah, yeah. I should be proud of my apparently-quite-thick hips or whatever."

"You should be! But... I dunno. I realize I've never asked what about yourself you'd actually change."

"I figured you already knew."

"I mean, I have some guesses. But maybe I'm way off!"

"Probably aren't."

"Either way, it's worth talking about. We're sisters, you know!"

"*Hss...* Guess that would be something sisters talk about."

"Sisters with polymorph, at least."
No. 1035703 ID: c67566
File 165593334078.png - (128.86KB , 800x600 , 1848.png )

"Well, you weren't exactly... wrong earlier. But I wouldn't want to just be a fluffy version of myself. I'd want to be something that actually fits in with the mammals."

"With the boobs and everything??"

"Uh, I guess? Hss! You're so obsessed with those things!"

"Me and basically all mammals! Come oooon! Answer the queeestiooon!"

"*Hss.* you really are like having a little sister."

"In this particular field I'm anything but 'little'! But yes indulge your little sister with booby-talk."

"*Hsssss fine. Well, unlike you I don't care much either way, except that yours look like a pain to deal with."

"They do get in the way sometimes, but it's not a big (ahem) a deal once you're used to it. My main problem's been finding a good bra, which isn't a problem with Kharadra in town."

"I dunno, still sounds like a pain."

"There's actually tons of upsides! They're fun to play with, and mammals generally have favorable opinions towards them."

"If the mammals like them... I guess I wouldn't mind being like you. But I wouldn't consider it quite as... important as you do. Hell, I'd probably be okay staying flat."

"Haha, that's fair. Any thoughts on body type in general?"

Daatra pauses, as if considering your question. "If I could have any body type I want...?"

No. 1035704 ID: c67566
File 165593334321.png - (95.08KB , 800x600 , 1849.png )

"Obviously I'd still want to look tough-- Like I could kick a dragon's ass without breaking a sweat," Daatra says.

"Haha, gotta be true to yourself!"

"I'd want all the cute fluffy boys to be in awe at the sight of me. And not just because I beat up a dragon."

"Hang on. Am I the 'dragon' in this scenario? Are we gonna pretend you're beating me up to impress boys?"


You roll your eyes at the silly snake. "Right. And obviously you want lots of lovely curves to go with all that muscle, right? Hehehe."

"Yeah, kinda."

Eh!? "Wait, really? I thought you didn't care about being feminine!"

"Just because I ain't into 'girly' stuff doesn't mean my new body shouldn't be smokin' hot."

"Heh, can't argue with that. Anything else you'd want in a mammalian body?"

Daatra shrugs. "I dunno. Never gave much thought to the details."

"I guess details are hard to visualize, anyway."

You take another bite of cake... and almost choke on it as a wonderful idea enters your head.

"Oh! What if I used POLYMORPH to show you what a mammal Daatra might look like?"

"*Hss?* Does that mean you're coming around on the Life-Magic thing...?"

"Er, well... we can figure that out if and when I'm actually able to use it. For now, seeing your fluffy self in action might help you figure out what you actually want?"

"*Hsss...* Maybe. But... why offer this now? You've always insisted I love what I have."
No. 1035705 ID: c67566
File 165593334650.png - (89.23KB , 800x600 , 1850.png )

You look up at the ceiling, collecting your thoughts. "I guess... I'm starting to realize I'm being unfair to you. Kharadra and others work so hard to show the world their 'True Beauty'... why shouldn't you get that same choice?"

You smile gently. "Besides, my abilities don't seem to upset you so much anymore."

"Ah. Well, I can't continue being a jealous bitch if I wanna set a good example for my little sister, now can I?"

"Heehee, that's right."

"And I'm the one who has a cool dragon sister."

"Yeah? Well I'm the one with a gaming master for a big sister!"

"Aw, shit. Now I'm jealous again."

"Not as much as me! I still can't beat 'Jump, Man!'!"

"*Hsshss~* You'll get there someday."

"Encouragement?? Aww~! My big sister believes in me!"

"Oh stop, I'm getting enough sugar from this cake."

With the entire room literally full of sugar not actually literally, the two of you partake in some more delicious cake. Nummy!

"So! Do you have any more ideas for a mammal-tra form, or do you want me to wing it?" you ask.

"Oh gods, don't call it that."

"Okay, lizaatra~"

"That's worse."

"Since it's me, maybe it should be Ceriaatra?"

"Please stop."

"That's for all the puns earlier."


"So which is it~?"

"With increasing reluctance, I'll defer to you. You know the mammals better than I do at this point."

Guess it's all up to you, then! Convenient, since your neurons are in your head and not hers.
No. 1035706 ID: c67566
File 165593335071.png - (104.99KB , 800x600 , 1851.png )

Time to design a mammal body to show Daatra! Since she wants to still look tough, you'll focus on a toned body that has some muscle to it.

Firstly, which species should you aim for? [Primary/secondary vote]

A: El'himzen.
They are tall and tend to have lithe proportions and small chests, but she'd remain about the same height which could make things easier for her.

B: Ralian.
They are pretty average in height and trend smaller bust-wise (but not as small as the el'himzen). They're also cute when not chasing you down for being naked!

C: A canine-like lesser-species.
Awo! They have a wide range of body types. (Feel free to name a species of earth-canine)

D: A minotaur-like lesser species.
Wait, are you remembering...? Ah, nevermind. (Feel free to name a species of horse, cow, pony, donkey, etc. Or that one, if you prefer.)

E: A feline-like lesser species.
Meow! (can be any small or large cat)

Secondly, how busty should she be? [Vote 1 only]

F: Flat as a board.
The focus would remain entirely on Dem Hips!

G: Modest.
Give her some curves, but not so much as to distract from her other features.

H: Ceri-size.
You are sisters, after all! This means she'd gain the attention of ass-folks and boob-folks! You better not entertain going any larger, or she might beat you up.

Thirdly, how Dem Hips should Dem Hips be? [Vote 1]

I: Similar to Ceri's size.
Your hips are already pretty hip-py, so she'd fit right in as your sister!

J: Bigger.
The upper-limit of what a would-be artist would be capable of drawing? Why not!
No. 1035707 ID: 53c12c

E E E, full scalie opposite! H, I
No. 1035708 ID: 899c9f

El'himzen/a Clydesdale horse-like minotaur, Ceri size on top and bottom.
No. 1035709 ID: 0e1661

E, A and H, I
No. 1035710 ID: 0eef85

E, a person-sized cat, H, I. A cat Ceri.
No. 1035711 ID: 3edd0d

Ralians are cute, B! Otherwise E, then G and I.
No. 1035712 ID: 8688a1

How about literally just a fuzzy sphere? ALL curves, yet still flat? ;p
No. 1035713 ID: 23af06

Primary E
Secondary B
H, I
No. 1035714 ID: f5b4c2

B. but Daatra height (cuz you can do that).
I. (or maybe a touch bigger. No hyper)

Make sure they are buff.
No. 1035718 ID: 4e8c5a

Cat tats. That is, E, H. Hips I.
No. 1035732 ID: e7848c

No. 1035737 ID: 273c18

She probably still wants to be tall, with a STRONG frame, so
D, horse. or c.
I (wait, are Daatra's hips bigger than Ceri's)
No. 1035742 ID: 3283aa

Daatra Caatra, E!!! Sisters stick strongly, so H, and I!
No. 1035744 ID: 1ff64e

This scenario might be hypothetical for now, but I think it'd be best not to change too much. We like her the way she is, after all!
A has a pretty similar body type to Daatra I think! Otherwise, e definitely fits with the way she acts and all those cat faces she makes.

G sounds reasonable and not overwhelming (since nobody seems to be voting for F), and J seems important for preserving Daatra's visual identity as she is, long with big hips.
No. 1035752 ID: 736b7e


Make sure she's good and BIG! Uncomfortably big! Trouble fitting in the room big!
No. 1035753 ID: b81967

No. 1035755 ID: 9ab9f7

E, H, J: I see size sliders, I have to turn them all the way up. It would be criminal to polymorph into a mammal version of Daatra and not keep the big hips, it's practically illegal!
No. 1035757 ID: be3107

E (make the cat size a foot taller than you for height!), H, I
No. 1035762 ID: 6bb66d

D, H but slightly smaller, and I but slightly larger. You've got her beat on the bust game, but she has you beat on the hip game, so why not represent that. Also, Moo.
No. 1035767 ID: a9af05

>species? specify?
C: A canine-like lesser-species. Canis Lupus (a Wolf).

>how busty should she be?
G: Modest.

>how Dem Hips should Dem Hips be?
J: Bigger. (Gotta keep them Daatra sized. She wouldn't be Daatra if they were smaller.)
No. 1035770 ID: 9ab792

>You better not entertain going any larger, or she might beat you up.
Ceri, as Daatra's sister, you are legally obligated to prank her. That means that you should entertain going larger!

I say that you should go Kharadra sized breasts and dem hips should be bigger than what Daatra already has! The look on Daatra's face will be worth it for this prank!

After you do that, you can be serious and change into your real mammal Daatra shape. Which would be this >>1035767 .
No. 1035771 ID: cebec5

Lets not accidentally ruin Daatra's poor apartment! But imagine her being a super fluffy mammal...
E, B, H, I
No. 1035781 ID: 58dd24

A to preserve her height
G for modest mammal
J to preserve the hip ratio
goal is fluffy Daatra, not randomizing the character creator sliders.
No. 1035802 ID: 36784c

>species select
Primary: A. El'himzen. Make it the same species as Zesmirl!

Secondary: D. A minotaur-like lesser species. Nothing wrong with being a big buff minotaur (which looks similar to Dilia from Tezakia Quest)!

G: Modest. Gotta give her a little something up top.

>dem hips?
J: Bigger. Need to keep the hips big, so that it’ll be easily recognized as a fluffy Daatra.
No. 1035803 ID: 9a2966

A/b - Let's stick with the local flavors for now! Too exotic and it might put her off.
H - Well, obviously you're gonna try to give her the MODEST proportions! (modest compared to a certain stor-owning bird, at least...)
I - Let's see how she does being Ceri-hipped.
No. 1035805 ID: fdb1ea

E C H I Hehe ecchi
No. 1035806 ID: 6184cb



No. 1035839 ID: f73077

E ( tiger! big and strong!)
No. 1035915 ID: 2b3343

No. 1035934 ID: 2db274

Species: A/d
Boobs: G
Hips: J
No. 1035955 ID: ef5d95

(D/a) , (G) , (J)
No. 1035956 ID: e51896

No. 1035992 ID: 01fe07

No. 1035997 ID: f3f534

No. 1036019 ID: 9bcb00

E (Tiger)/c (wolf), G , J
No. 1036127 ID: a977b8



No. 1036200 ID: fe225b

No. 1036298 ID: a0679d

No. 1036376 ID: 63cbf0

A to preserve Daatra's height.

G to show what Daatra would look like with some curves up top.

J to preserve Daatra's hip size.
No. 1036397 ID: f2320a

J is the only possibility
No. 1036403 ID: c67566
File 165645404008.png - (243.41KB , 800x600 , 1852.png )

"And... Tadaaa~! Presenting, Daatra as a mammal!"
No. 1036404 ID: c67566
File 165645404393.png - (42.95KB , 800x600 , 1853.png )

"That's literally you as a cat."

"No way! This has 'Daatra' written all over it!"

"Seriously? Fluff aside, all you did was give yourself some muscle and remove the chub."

"Well, yeah! I know you work out a lot more than I do!"

Daatra crosses her arms. "And despite insisting my hips are very 'dem', you gave this form your usual size."

"Well, my hips are already pretty 'dem' themselves. Besides, I didn't want to make it harder for you to find pants that fit."

"Harder than it already is? My species isn't common around here, you know."

"Ah... well... this way we look more like sisters! And think of all the cute fluffy boys you'll attract!"

"*Hsss.* What, I just trance out with that body all 'hey boys, let me feel your fluff'? I don't think that'll work as well as you think it will."

"It's all about how you say it, big sis. Here, I'll show you."
No. 1036405 ID: c67566
File 165645404698.png - (230.03KB , 800x600 , 1854.png )

"♥♥Meow~ Hey boys~ If you let me feel your fluff, I'll let you feel mine, nya~♥♥"

No. 1036406 ID: c67566
File 165645404998.png - (127.62KB , 800x600 , 1855.png )

"Yeah, I'm out."


"Maybe I can trade you in for a new sister..."

"Daatra, please! Don't be like that!"

"I wonder if Siphon would be interested..."

"Whoa haha wow okay let's not make any hasty decisions."

Daatra sighs. "Look, I know what you're doing. You're trying to show me that even if I had a 'perfect' body like that, I wouldn't feel like 'me' anymore. I'd feel like a cat, or a ralian, or whatever."

"actually i just picked a form i thought you'd like"

"What was that?"

"Y-yep! You caught me! I was totally trying to teach you something just now!"


No. 1036407 ID: c67566
File 165645405124.png - (124.91KB , 800x600 , 1856.png )

The door suddenly opens, revealing your salvation from Daatra's prying eyes.

"Daari, I'm home! It's almost time for-- oh! Is this a new friend of yours?"

He looks you over for a moment, then you see realization in his eyes "Ah, I remember that outfit. That's Ceri doing a polymorph then, yeah?"

"Yeah," Daatra responds, "She's certainly doing something right now."

"You know me! Always doing things!"

Guess that makes it three dads who now know you do 'things'. In a cruel twist of irony, only your own father knows the exact nature of the 'things' you like to 'do'.

"So what are you kids up to?" he asks.

Daatra rubs her eye-ridges. "In theory she's showing me what I'd look like as a mammal."

"Pretty cute, right?" you say, trying not to meow again. "She'd be so fluffy!"

"Apparently I'd look a lot like her," Daatra says flatly.

"Yeah, because we're sisters!"

Daadtra lets out a dad-sized version of Daatra's usual laugh. *Hsshsshss~!* You sure keep life interesting, little Ceri."
No. 1036408 ID: c67566
File 165645405475.png - (140.82KB , 800x600 , 1857.png )

Daatra's stern expression finally gives way as she lets out a Daatra-sized version of Daatra's usual laugh. "*Hsshss~* That much we all agree on."

You can't help but join in their merriment. "Hehehe, yep! I'm a little rascal!"

The three of you giggle madly for a bit, as if you were kids again.

Wiping a tear from his eye, Daatra's father smiles broadly at you, revealing no teeth because he's a snake. "By the way, Ceri, thanks for running after her the other day."

"D-Dad, we don't have to talk about that."

"Daatra came to me, she said she--"

"Dad it's fine."

Oh~? Wonder what this is about?

What will you do? [Vote 1]

A: Insist Daatra let the poor man talk.
He's gonna say something about how much Daatra loves her baby sister, no doubt!

B: Save Daatra from potential embarrassment.
You can just ask Daatra about it later, probably.

Also, will you switch forms? [Vote 1]

X: No.
Nya~! Let's be a cat for a little bit longer! Maybe once Daatra gets used to it she'll realize this is the super perfect form for her?

Y: Yeah.
You had your fun. Besides, Daatra probably has tons of time to figure out what body she'd want, or even if she'd still want to change.

Also also, will you offer some cake to Daatra's dad? [Vote 30. I mean 1.]

C: Nah.
It's more special if it's just you and Daatra sharing an egg-meal, yeah? Er-- right? He probably wouldn't be offended, rather happy that you and his daughter share such a powerful BOND!

D: Sure!
He's like, a step-dad now? Or however this works? Your family's growing as large as your hoard! Maybe he'd be happy to be a part of that?
No. 1036411 ID: 4e8c5a

It's fun ribbing on Daatra but if it's a dad concern... B, Y, D
No. 1036412 ID: 273c18

B, Y, uhhhhhhhhhhh abstain
No. 1036413 ID: be3107

B, Y, C
No. 1036414 ID: 899c9f

B, X (nya), 30x nah. I think Siphon would prefer a game of cat and mouse.
No. 1036416 ID: 736b7e


At the risk of making Daatra slightly embarrassed, I think we want to hear what she said! She might have said something she wouldn't say to you directly!
No. 1036421 ID: e7848c

She's tough but that doesn't mean we have to pick on her all the time
No. 1036431 ID: 6184cb



No. 1036442 ID: 65d136

B, Y, C.
No. 1036446 ID: e51896

B y d
No. 1036451 ID: 0eef85

B, Y, C
No. 1036482 ID: c3e059

B, Y, D

Distract Daatra's dad with a slice of cake!

>Maybe he'd be happy to be a part of that?
Ehh, don't mention the hoard thing. He might not be ready for that yet.
No. 1036491 ID: f28519

A, Y, C
No. 1036494 ID: 2fce91

B. Y. C.
No. 1036902 ID: 6184cb

A, X B.

Well, it might help bolster your own self esteem towards your own cooking.
No. 1037312 ID: 534a88
File 165722864265.png - (105.04KB , 800x600 , 1858.png )

"Haha, it's okay," you say, "I know she loves me~"

Daatra's reaction is basically perfect. "CERI."

You giggle like the maniac you are. "We probably shouldn't embarrass the poor girl further, sir."

"I'm not embarrassed."

"If you blushu'd any harder your scales would become permanently pink."

Daatra's father smiles widely. "*Hsshss~* Then I guess I needn't elaborate further, yeah?"

"Yeah. You can give me the details later~"


You're gonna get so many details later.
No. 1037313 ID: 534a88
File 165722864552.png - (106.31KB , 800x600 , 1859.png )

Dad suddenly turns towards the television that's been there the whole time. "Oh! I almost forgot the reason I rushed home! We're about to witness a historic moment!"

"Oh? Did the mammals finally relent on their dumb laws?" you ask.

Daatra flicks her tongue. "Nope."

"Oh! Maybe a hot new video game came out!"

"Nah. I'd have been the first person to know."

Gulp. "Uh, it isn't about aliens or random underwater bases or dragons or anything, right?"

"Uh, we're talking about a real event, not some made-up story."

"H-haha, yeah, that'd be silly." Why didn't you take her to see Unity Base already???

"You done making dumb guesses?" Daatra asks.

"Hell no! Is it a news story about everyone running around the mall naked and the sexy anonymous snake-lady that caused it?"


"Oh! Maybe it's about the criminals I brought to justice earlier!"

"The what?"

Oh no here comes the spaghetti. "Yeah! They were studying TIME MAGIC and Life-Magic and wow I just noticed those aren't capitalized the same way that's weird anyway there was this big spooky cave with signs of Life-Magic use and Skif and Sir Duke and we had a little bit of sex you know as you do and then I found this guy and I maybe gave him a huge boner but don't worry about that part the important thing is he was doomed the moment he saw my titties and then there was this woman who was much less affected by my feminine wiles and was able to pause time itself but I wasn't affected by it and it reminded me of this popular comic about the world I loved that comic except this was real life and not a comic anyway I was able to foil her plan and we took them both to the police and are basically heroes now."



Daatra shakes you. "And you didn't bring me along!?!? That sounds like it kicked ass!"

"I mean, it was like 4 in the morning."

"Oh. Fuck that I need my beauty sleep."

"Yeah, that's why I didn't bother trying to wake you up."

Your antics are interrupted by a very excited Dadtra. "Here we go! Girls, come look! History is about to be made!"
No. 1037314 ID: 534a88
File 165722865050.png - (147.30KB , 800x600 , 1860.png )

Wow, this looks old. And oddly familiar.

"Well, we've done it. We punched the giant-bug-with-a-giant-buttocks, and stopped their dastardly plans to turn the entire populace into magical beasts!"

"Is that a good thing? A world filled with awesome monsters sounds pretty good, actually."

"Perchance, but they intended to corrupt both mind and soul such that we gave in to our carnal desires!"

"Golly! We might have done things you couldn't show on television!"

"A true shame we won't be doing such things! .... Anyway, I'm glad we decided to stop being enemies and become such good friends."

"Just friends? But... I love you! And also Miss Cow but I'll unpack that later."

"Holy cow!"

"I know! It's complicated!"

"But my dear, you are reptilian and I'm an itkiaki who's also a magical beast! That's why I have these antennae!"

"Oh gosh, but I... I find magical beasts really hot actually!"

"Jeepers! Can guys and gals of different species truly intermingle?"

"By golly, I'm pretty well willing to find out!"

Do relationships between same-species individuals even exist in these stories? Not that you're complaining.

"Oho! I must say you are quite the adventurous sort!"

"Wait until you see how 'adventurous' I am once the cameras are turned off~"

"Now hold on there, miss! Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this story about magical beasts and corruption?"

"Ah, but any story was destined to become about love the moment you stepped in, with your devilishly handsome beak and totally real antennae."

"Well then! I look forward to seeing how this romance of ours plays out in future episodes!"

"Yes, I also need to talk to Miss Cow about my very complicated feelings! That'll keep the audience hooked for several more seasons!"

"Golly gosh and goodness! That'll be a hoot! But for now, let us walk into the sunset and end this chapter of our lives."

"Should we? What if this is such a satisfying ending that we don't get any more seasons?"

"My darling, such are the risks we take to leave our beloved audience with good feelings!"

"Zoinks! Then let us grasp each others' hands and set off for the next adventure!"

"Heehee, I remember watching this as a kid. My dad used to love this show," you say.

"It's a real classic, yeah?" Daatra's dad responds. "It ran for ages. Has 1860 episodes."

"Wow, that's pretty long!" you say for possibly the first time in a non-sexual context. "So it's the longest-running show ever, then?"

Daatra shrugs. "There's another show that's technically longer."

Her father is quick to respond. "You know that doesn't count, hun! That was several shows that happened to take place in the same world! This was one continuous story beginning to end!"

"Eh, just because they split it up doesn't mean it wasn't all one story."

Her father strikes back. "That's like saying the third book of a series is the longest book ever written just because it's part of a set!"

Daatra goes in swinging. "I mean, people usually do consider all the books a single entity and judge its length as a whole."


"Come on, sis. Let your old man have this," you interject.

"*Hsshss~* Okay, okay."

You watch the credits roll. "So this was the last episode? I guess that's pretty historic!"

"Nah," Daatra's father says. "This show ended a while ago. What's historic is the show that's about to come on!"


"Itkiaki's Quest is 1860 episodes long, but it ended there. Next up is a brand new episode of Loving Dragons!"

"Oh, I never heard of that one! Is this gonna be episode 1861 of that?" you ask.


"Oh, that is exciting!"

You watch the commercials play out, anticipating the moment when such a long-held record would finally be broken.

And then, the beginnings of a theme-song begin to play...!
No. 1037315 ID: 534a88
File 165722865378.png - (121.50KB , 800x600 , 1861.png )

Confetti fills the room, punctuating this massive achievement!

"This is it, girls! The beginning of a new era!"

"Yaaay hahaha! How long have you had all this set up?"

"Weeks," Daatra says, clearly less amused than you two.

"You don't just half-ass historic moments like these! It's history, hun! History!" Daatra's dad insists with infectious enthusiasm.

Consider yourself infected. "Woo-hoo! A new longest-running show ever!!"

"Unless you count that other show," Daatra reminds.

Both you and Daadtra glare at her. "Don't ruin this for us."


"So!? I'm a history buff, Daatra!!!"


"That's okay, I'll even for the both of us."

Wait, didn't you promise not to do this joke ever again?

Oh whatever. Historic moment! Yeah! Woo!

The three of you begin to watch the historic episode (how long before 'history' and 'historic' stop sounding like words?).

"So what's this show about?" you ask.
No. 1037316 ID: 534a88
File 165722865581.png - (94.50KB , 800x600 , 1862.png )

You notice Daatra cringe a bit as a glimmering sparkle appears in her father's eyes. You suddenly feel you've made a grave mistake.

"So it's about a powerful magic-user girl, yeah? She was blessed by a dragon to have more schools of magic than the typical mortals, and uses those powers to solve mysteries and help people out. She also has a huge crush on Sir Dashing, an aptly named mysterious figure who often steps in and bails her out. He's quite chivalrous, yeah? She's also on a journey to find the dragon who blessed her, as they mysteriously vanished one day. Season one was amazing, setting up lots of mystery and intrigue. And then season two's even better, as we watch her grow up and figure out her powers! Seasons three and four are a bit weak, as there's randomly some space aliens? Kinda strange, yeah? The show goes off the rails a bit in season five, being unsure if it wants to be a serious drama, or a light-hearted comedy, but it figures itself out in season six. Since then, the show's gotten better and better, and yet I'm starting to think we'll never actually see the day where she meets the mysterious dragon-benefactor, as the show's much more focused on slice-of-life stories. Still, those stories are what gives the show heart, yeah? They made me really care about this little lady, and her dear friends. I hear there's also a video-game in the making, which I'm hoping Daatra can teach me to play when it comes out. I hope it comes out soon, it's been delayed several times already."


That certainly felt like your own spaghetti-filled episodes, except he was able to articulate himself, and your usual panic was replaced with his genuine excitement. Everyone spaghetti's differently, you guess.

"Dad's freaking obsessed with this show, in case you couldn't tell," Daatra says.

"Haha, I had a feeling," you respond.

"Ah, if only you kids appreciated television the way we adults do."

"Video-games are the way of the future, Dad. They let me control the action directly!"

"She has a point," you say. "Instead of watching a magical girl, I can be the magical girl! I can run around making tons of friends and training my magic!"

What a concept, huh?
No. 1037317 ID: 534a88
File 165722865790.png - (101.13KB , 800x600 , 1863.png )

You and your sister finish off the cake while the show continues to play. Mmm, my own eggs that I laid myself.

It's a bit ironic, finishing this reptilian tradition as a mammal, but for polymorphers like you it's less about what you are and more about who you are.

Daatra's father regales you with random trivia about the show. Apparently this entire story-arc is setting up for a video-game they're gonna release? But the game kept getting delayed, resulting in lots of filler. He remarks that since the show is a slice-of-life story, the padding didn't bother him much.

From what little you've seen, it looks like a pretty good show! You bet the video game will be lots of fun, too! A shame it keeps getting delayed. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

You feel your shoulders relax a bit. With how hectic today-- hell, the past two weeks have been, you've learned to appreciate these moments of calm and peace. No dragons. No seals. No drama.

Just you, and your sister, watching a show and eating cake.

You briefly consider what to do next, what DECISION to task your neurons with, but maybe it's best to simply exist in this moment.

After all...
No. 1037318 ID: 534a88
File 165722866009.png - (231.48KB , 800x600 , 1864.png )

...This might be the last quiet moment you get for quite some time.
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