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File 161208023164.png - (13.52KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_001.png )
986604 No. 986604 ID: afe7de

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No. 993196 ID: caa34f

Shoot at arm holding rock, prepare to dodge
No. 993217 ID: 118174

remember: instep, kidney, solarplexus. Stomp, poke, pistolwhip.

ruin mobility, put in the pain, knock the wind out.
No. 993290 ID: afe7de
File 161683148679.png - (10.85KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_185.png )

> Mention your audience
> Shoot her

You point out that there’s someone watching you in the forest, Cannie turns around and you shoot the hand that was holding the rock.

The shot HITS, dealing some damage to Cannie, causing her to drop the rock on the ground.

Cannie: HEY, So you play dirty huh? Alright then.
No. 993291 ID: afe7de
File 161683149796.png - (62.99KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_186.png )

> Prep a dodge
You remain motionless, but adopt a crouching stance, readying yourself to move at a moment’s notice as Cannie bends down and pounces forward. Beast-kin are naturally more athletic than other races and she does this with a natural ease. She circles around you and as you turn to face her you come face to face with her leg as she attempts to kick you in the chest.
No. 993292 ID: afe7de
File 161683150839.png - (10.00KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_187.png )

Her kick HITS you, knocking the wind out of you. But because you were DODGING you take a little less damage.

She’s tough. And just from that exchange you can tell that her POWER is GOOD, and she’s GREAT at melee as you expected. This won’t be a fight you win if it lasts a long while, you need to hit her hard and fast.

You feel GOOD right now, and can keep fighting. Cannie on the other hand looks GREAT, you wonder if your shot to her hand means she’ll be using her other limbs to fight.

It’s Your turn, what do you do?
You also gained [1] Advantage point from your amazing shot! You MUST spend it now.

No. 993293 ID: b1b4f3

>knocking the wind out of you
I'm hoping this is something you've had practice dealing with, otherwise the fight's already over.

Spend that 1 advantage to have her slip on some gravel so you can get a good couple shots off on her. One to the torso, one to the head.
No. 993298 ID: 52a53b

1st action: aim
2nd action: gunkata
Advantage: your friend roach showed up and is concerned for your well being! He can read Cannie's mind and tell you what moves she is about to use next and you can prepare accordingly
No. 993299 ID: e51896

(Deleted my previous two posts, I forgot we can double up on actions)

Advantage point: The small knockback from the kick brings you a little closer to a stick, and you grab it. You now have a melee weapon along with your gun, which makes it good for your GUN-KATA technique!

Double up action: Now that she is close range, we got her where we want her. use your GUN-KATA technique with your stick and gun! Go for the legs to slow her/trip her up a bit. As the narration said, we gotta hit hard and fast.
No. 993302 ID: 9a2966

Minor advantage: Because you dodged, Cannie's kick had to overextend to hit, so she's actually off-balance for a second - increasing your chance to GRAPPLE.

ACT1 - GUNKATA her. Target a knee if you can, make her further stumble. Combo it into...
ACT2 - A GRAPPLE THROW, to launch her into a prone state and further increase your own advantages.

(Sending a melee powerhouse to the dirt because they focused too much on kicking your scrawny ass and not enough on defense is typically something you've found to be pretty satisfying.)
No. 993304 ID: e51896

Updated the Catalyst Quest Log https://questden.org/wiki/CATALYST/Log
No. 993305 ID: ce39da

This is what I was going to suggest besides the fact that this guy’s managed to figure out the specifics for me.
No. 993306 ID: e51896

This is pretty much what I suggested too in my post before I deleted it, lol (except the advantage point was to get a stick instead of the off-balance of her kick. this advantage point is also pretty good though.)
No. 993402 ID: afe7de
File 161688551645.png - (9.74KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_188.png )

You regain your composure after a moment. You’ve been in a few fights before, but you’ll probably be down if you take 2 more blows like that. 3 if you’re dodging.

> ADVANTAGE - Cannie is off balance for a second
> GUNKATA her knee
Barely a second has passed since you were hit and you notice that Cannie is having trouble regaining her footing and stumbles for a bit, her leg is still in the air, so you get in close and try to smack your gun into her knee muzzle first.

You BARELY MISS, firing a wild shot through her legs, it hits a tree in the distance and you hear a branch fall, along with some squeaks from some kind of animal or maybe your observer.

But your maneuver did successfully ruin Cannie’s balance further as she had to twist her leg into a difficult position, so you decide to follow up with a GRAPPLE THROW, tackling your body into her you wrap your arm around her waist and under her leg, lifting with all your might.

Cannie: Getting a little FRISKY aren’t we?
No. 993403 ID: afe7de
File 161688553459.png - (61.04KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_189.png )

You SUCCEED in GRAPPLE TOSSING her to the ground, she lands face first and takes a little bit of damage from it.

Cannie: OOF.

You see Cannie struggle to regain her poise, but don’t expect her to twist her body around her waist to deliver a low kick. You raise one of your legs in an attempt to dodge.
No. 993404 ID: afe7de
File 161688554375.png - (50.34KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_190.png )

Her kick HITS you in the left leg, you wobble a little bit but regain your balance. It wasn’t a heavy blow, but it does remind you to keep on your toes against your opponent.

You see Cannie get on all fours and you try to back up about a foot but your leg bumps into a rather large piece of wood, making it hard for you to maneuver any way other than towards your opponent without leaving yourself open for a blow.

You feel DECENT right now, Cannie looks GOOD. Your experience fighting other beast-kin on the streets leads you to believe that from her posture she is going to try to pounce on you and pin you down, but it could be a FEINT.

It’s your turn, what do you do?
You gained [2] Advantage points this round! You MUST spend it now.

No. 993405 ID: 094652

You almost have her pinned, glomp onto her and fire a few rounds into wherever you can make contact!
No. 993408 ID: e51896

moderate Advantage: Cannie is now very dizzy after that hit in the head, she is very likely to miss now, even if you don't dodge.

Pick up wood as a melee weapon, and double up on Gun-Kata!
No. 993413 ID: 031458

LEAP into the air and FRONTFLIP into a devastating HEELDROP to her head.

(Advantage) Your form is PERFECT.
(Advantage) Cannie is left AWESTRUCK by your most GRACEFUL flight.
No. 993433 ID: 9a2966

Moderate Advantage: You step back over the BIG LOG, reaching down and grabbing the convenient branch still sticking out of one end as you go, pulling it up into a raised position.

It's TOO BIG to hold on to for long (or fully lift!), but the IMPROVISED COVER should substantially aid in your ability to BLOCK or MITIGATE the damage of an incoming attack this turn.

ACT1 - Ready a BLOCK, with the temporary aid of your hefty new friend.
ACT2 - GUNKATA Cannie in the side. She can have some lost air, too.

Sadly, Cat's FRONTFLIP HEELDROP skill is ABYSMAL and any attempt at it better left for being adventurous in a GYM (where at least they might FACEPLANT on a soft MATTRESS).
No. 993447 ID: 031458

Are you suggesting a FRONTFLIP HEELDROP would require BOTH advantage points pull off, but Cannie would continue her POUNCE anyway, leading us to miss and land in a sorry pile on top of that furball?

Because that would also be an acceptable outcome.
No. 993457 ID: ce39da

ADVANTAGE: She makes it obvious that she isn't going for a feint; she's yet to determine whether or not you're a monkey worth bluffing for.
ADVANTAGE: Her stance is awkward; her leap will go high and short, leaving her wide open to:
ACTION 1: a midair gunshot.
ACTION 2: You dodge forward under the arc of her overblown leap.
No. 993490 ID: afe7de
File 161691009627.png - (43.46KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_191.png )

> M. ADVANTAGE - Cannie is dizzy from the hit on her head, likely to miss her next attack.

If you’re being honest, you’d admit that your ACROBATICS skill is NONEXISTANT, but the image of you doing this cool move to show her that you’re a threat worth taking seriously overwrites your very genuine knowledge that you’re probably going to fail this maneuver horribly, but on the other hand, if it succeeds, you’ll probably deal a CRITICAL HIT. It’s a gamble, but if you don’t take any gambles now, you’ll probably lose the fight.

You adopt a sprinter’s pose and you can see a gleam in Cannie’s eyes as she backs up a little bit and grinds her paws into the dirt. It seems you’re both going to pull out all the stops for this move. The two of you dash at eachother and when you’re about a meter or two away from eachother you both leap into the air.
No. 993491 ID: afe7de
File 161691010760.png - (10.81KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_192.png )

In what must be a stroke of luck or genius you manage to perform the very first front-flip of your life, bringing down your right leg and right arm onto Cannie. You manage to get a shot off and deal a CRITICAL HIT to her head and chest, tearing away some of her clothes.

You’ve been thrown heavily off balance though and were not prepared for Cannie to stand straight up grab you by the waist, and attempt to suplex you.
No. 993492 ID: afe7de
File 161691012010.png - (118.84KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_193.png )

She SUCCEEDS in a comical reversal of your previous maneuver and slams you down on your back. It definitely hurts.

You’re both PRONE on the ground, you think that maneuver was a one in a million shot and hope it has helped you turn the tides of the fight.

You feel BAD right now, and from the sounds of it Cannie isn’t in a much better position, you think she’s feeling pretty BAD right now too, but can’t confirm it without looking at her.

Cannie: FUCK, that hurt. PANT PANT. Did you just do some sorta front flip?!? PANT PANT The FUCK… WAS… THAT…

It’s your turn, what do you do?
You gained [1] Disadvantage point this round! You MUST spend it now. Suggestion: The rock Cannie had earlier is conveniently by her hand so she picks it up.
No. 993493 ID: b1b4f3

Ok sure, disadvantage: she gets the rock back.
Don't even bother getting up, just shoot her in the face.
No. 993502 ID: 4605a0

Yup, no need to move, just start blast'n before she knocks your teeth out.
No. 993503 ID: 031458

Laugh, "I saw a dwarf luchador do it once"

Disadvantage: We've lost hold of our gun! It's nearby but can be contested!

Roll supine, then pounce on her! Far from optimal, but it's now or never to end this fight!
No. 993505 ID: eb1fcc

We're both Bad, which I'll take as meaning first good strike decides the match!

As such, I recommend putting it all down on a solid, no-frills punch or elbow to the kidney, solarplexus, or tit. Quickly now!

Disadvantage here is, as suggested, contested gun! We're in a race to see who can get last shot off first here, either to force concession or deny them the use of the gun!
No. 993509 ID: e85a08

Disadvantage: Her hand pressed against your crotch as she slammed you down, and it's left you distracted.

Lock at least of one of her arms down from behind and aim for her torso.
No. 993514 ID: e51896

Pretty much this.
No. 993522 ID: 12b116

chaddest move: awaken her in the middle of the fight.
No. 993529 ID: e51896

Would be funny, but Im against awakening her. I feel it'd be more meaningful if Willamina is the first person we awaken tonight, and should save our energy for her in case we want to give her a strong super power that may use up a lot of our energy.
No. 993536 ID: e51896

Actually, here is an awesome disadvantage: from the intensity and stress of the battle, Cannie awakens on her own (not from Cats power)
No. 993582 ID: afe7de
File 161697476031.png - (14.54KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_194.png )

> DISADVANTAGE - Dropped and Contested Gun
> Pounce on her and try to end the fight!

You: GASP Ha ha, Ha COUGH ha. I saw a PANT dwarf luchador do it once.

This fight will probably be determined by the outcome of this move, either you hit first, or she wins the fight. You spin around and without getting up, POUNCE on her.

Your maneuver is a SUCCESS, you’ve got her pinned down and you can smell her sweat and breath. But she’s struggling to reach for your PISTOL with her left hand.

Cannie’s breath smells faintly of meat and smoke and her body has a sweet musky scent that you usually associate with Beast-Kin. But now’s not the time to get distracted by those kinds of thoughts, you try your hardest to pin her down and stop her from reaching the gun.

Cannie FAILS to grab your gun but in the process gets her arm completely free.

This is your last chance, you see her winding up her arm for a shot at your shoulder. You know that she’s STRONG enough to take you out with the next hit, so you aim at her chest hoping you can hit something, anything, and get her to concede.
No. 993590 ID: afe7de
File 161697518217.png - (12.30KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_195.png )

You managed to HIT her in the stomach, her raised arm falls down and with a cough she responds to you.

Cannie: I give, COUGH uncle, SPITS fuck, you won.

You collapse on top of Cannie, your head falling beside hers. You’re aching and EXHAUSTED, you used basically all of your stamina in that fight. You’re both breathing heavily and you can feel Cannie’s body heat. You look up and notice your spectators have vanished. It’s quiet in the forest sans your deep breaths and the occasional cough. Eventually Cannie pats you on the back a few times and pushes you off, causing you roll to the side.

It’s at this moment that your alarm goes off. It’s the sound of wind chimes with an ever increasing intensity. A few nearby birds flee the scene at the sound and you can see them flying off in the distance. You force yourself to get up, still pretty EXHAUSTED and silence your phone. Cannie then speaks up breathily, she looks only TIRED now, she’s probably used to this kind of thing so her recovery rate is probably pretty quick.
No. 993591 ID: afe7de
File 161697520151.png - (13.29KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_196.png )

Cannie: Fine. Keep your damn secret for now. Hopefully you’ll just tell me eventually.

You hear the sound of ripping cloth and turn around to see Cannie’s bare chest.

Cannie: Might as well get rid of this thing, torn to shreds anyway.

You’re a little flushed and start fumbling with the pile of clothes, you notice Cannie looking your way and tilting her head.

Cannie: Well, what are you waiting for? Take a picture. You won.

You: Huh?

Cannie: You won so you get a picture of me. Oh right you’re not a part of the fight club so you don’t know. It’s our custom here when you beat someone down to take a picture as a memento to remember the loser so you don’t get conceited and forget all the people you fought.

You: Huh, never heard of that custom. You’re topless though is tha-

Cannie: Who cares about that shit, it’s just my tits.

You shrug and take a picture of Cannie’s topless, slightly bruised body, saving it to your phone.
No. 993592 ID: afe7de
File 161697520951.png - (9.98KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_197.png )

You both get dressed and start walking back, you’re a little slower than she is from exhaustion, but she matches your pace as you walk back to town.

Cannie: Thanks for the scrap, that was a good workout. Didn’t actually expect you to put up a good fight. Even if a lot of it was you getting some LUCKY SHOTS in on me.

You: It was good practice, you know, making sure I don’t lose my edge since I left the City.

Cannie: Anything you wanna talk about before we split off and you go do your thing?

You can ask Cannie a single pressing question you have about Lyst or it’s Residents, what do you ask?
No. 993595 ID: 8483cf

We need to uncover the mystery of what dark powers fuel the slurpee flavors, and harness it for ourselves.

Ask her about slurpee magic.
No. 993597 ID: 031458

All friendly and familial bonds aside, who here in town would you trust the most if you had like... a serious personal issue that money or violence couldn't fix?
Put another way, Who do you think is the real-est of them all?
No. 993598 ID: e51896

Yeah, we'll keep Isabella's power a secret for now. She is keeping ours a secret after all.

Ask her if she can train you every now and then, as you want to get stronger. Not every night of course, as there are some things you might want to do on different nights (we'll need to train ourselves to get stronger to prepare for the apocalypse)

But I think the most important thing to ask is Isabella's relationship with Willamina. Tell her you notice some hostility between the two and know that they used to be friends. Ask how their friendship fell apart.

once she is gone, drink your STAMINA LIQOUR to regain your energy so you aren't tired for the date! two if you have to.
No. 993599 ID: b1b4f3

Alright. Ask her why the doctor's been avoiding you. Does he have some kind of diagnostic power?

I'm tempted to ask stuff about Isabella or Iraphena but they are clearly keeping her in the dark so it's useless. I DO want to warn her about them though. Just tell her that she should be careful around them. They have a lot more power than she knows.
No. 993602 ID: 413e1a

Cannie would have the best insight on Willamina's and Isabella's rivalry. Ask about their hatred towards each other.
No. 993620 ID: 9f8373

This seems prudent to ask.
No. 993621 ID: 9a2966

Gotta agree Cannie's input on why Isabella's gotten such a dislike for Willemina might be interesting to have.

As well as chugging a stamina potion, if they're not too expensive and won't, like, ruin your appetite.
No. 993635 ID: 894419

Yup, ask and chug a stamina potion.
No. 993637 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, and can you tell what that extra item was she dropped? Maybe you can ask about that for free.
No. 993645 ID: afe7de
File 161700506123.png - (14.49KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_198.png )

> Talk about Willamina and Isabella’s rivalry?

You: Yeah actually, what’s the deal with Willamina and Isabella’s rivalry? Willamina doesent like her and Isabella seems REALLY aggressive when it comes to her.

Cannie: Hmm, that’s a little complicated. I was there for most of it but bare with me for a moment.

Cannie: So Me, Isabella, Maxamillian and Willamina used to be best buddies basically. We’d hang out, go exploring, play Supes and Villains, hang out at the abandoned Paper treatment plant. You know, kid stuff. We were also really close, like we’d joke about making out and actually do it kinda close. AAAAANYWAY, we all got along really well for a long time but then like about a month before the fire Max confessed that he was in love with Willamina, something about how he was waiting until he was accepted to confess.

You: Well, we are in Midlands south after all.

Cannie gives you a look but continues anyway.

Cannie: Well Willamina didn’t take that very well and ran off to me and Isabella crying and I tried to console her but Isabella FREAKED the fuck out. I’ve never seen her more angry in her life. Well Willamina was already a wreck so I consoled her while Isabella left to cool her head. To be clear, she wasn’t mad at Max, she was mad at Willamina for rejecting her brother’s love because she DESPERATELY wanted him to love her.

Cannie: From that day forth Max was just… different, he acted different, like he barely recognized us, when we were together things were really awkward and he wouldn’t joke anymore, Willamina huddled behind me always, and Isabella tried furiously to flirt with him. Honestly it was like primetime TV, you can’t make this shit up. It was around this time Isabella started blaming Willamina for his change, at first she was really vocal about it but then she was just really passive aggressive. I stood up to her a few times and she usually stopped when I was there, but still, it was pretty gross.

Cannie: Then the fire happened and I was devastated. I remember the day before Willamina hanging out saying her folks were coming to celebrate her brother and she didn’t want to be there. I told her she could come stay with me if she wanted, but her family said it was important that she be there for him. Anyway, Isabella was acting really strange the day of the incident, said she would go to the house and profess her love to Max in front of the whole family. She headed out that night but then the fire happened and everything was a blur. When I asked her what happened she said she got sidetracked by someone and reached the house too late, that it was already on fire and Trey and Gruk were there.
No. 993646 ID: afe7de
File 161700507216.png - (43.33KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_199.png )

Cannie: Okay, so after that happened I remember consoling Isabella and her saying that it’s Willamina’s fault this all happened. She really believed and blamed her for what happened. But from that day on she just pretended to be all sweet when she was near Willamina as she recovered and she was adopted into our family. Probably helped that she had time to steam it over while Will recovered. Then, at just random times she’d pull on Will’s heartstrings when she thought no one was around, or try to make her life difficult. I just thought it was her pulling pranks since we were just teens, but now that I’m older I recognize it as it being a bit more malicious than that.

Cannie: Basically what I’m saying is that Will’s in the right in hating Isabella, but Isabella has just a very wrong outlook on the whole situation. Willamina’s told me about the more heinous things she’s done and I reprimanded Isabella for it but she just said she wouldn't do it again, and then proceeded to do it again. She’s my sister and I love her to bits but even that’s going a bit too far. It only really calmed down after Isabella got into college in the Big City, I moved there with her and got into Nunitus, she introduced me to them. I got buff, but then I came back to live here and found that not having Isabella breathing down her neck really calmed down Willamina. Anyway, Long story short, there’s beef.

You: Uh, wow. That’s a lot to take in. I uh, don’t really have a response but um. Thanks for sharing that, I kind of get a better idea of things now. That uh. That really sucks. Is Isabella um, please don’t take this the wrong way but is she psychotic?

Cannie: She’s only really psychotic about Will and Max, other than that she’s a perfectly normal and good younger sister. Oh, also, if you ever want to turn on Willamina she REALLY likes headpats. Just like go to town. Oh, and for fairness’s sake Isabella’s is if you can get a good belly rub in. I’ll keep mine a secret just so you can’t use it on me when we scrap. We ARE scrapping again by the way. At fight club or otherwise. I’m not going to be satisfied until I win more than you do. Anywho, I’m dipping here, laters champ.
No. 993647 ID: afe7de
File 161700508498.png - (15.28KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_200.png )

>Take a Stamina Liquor
Cannie rounds the corner and salutes you as she leaves. You’ve been given a lot to process but you’re a bit too tired at the moment, so you pop a stamina liquor out of your ring after checking your surroundings and chug it. You store the EMPTY BOTTLE in your ring, best not to litter. It takes a few minutes as you’re walking but you start to feel more energetic until you’re back to your normal energy level. You’re still in pain from the fight, but it’ll pass. Though if you were to get in a fight right now, you’d say your condition only improved from BAD to OKAY, but the drink makes you feel as if you were DECENT.

You reach the post office and this time you don’t bump into the pole outside. You pull the bottle of CHEAP WINE from your ring while no one is looking. You don’t see Willamina, but notice that it’s 7:55PM, so you decide to check your COMM. Looks like you’ve got messages from a few people but you skip to the one from Willamina.

Willamina: Heyo, when you get here, come around the back of the building, my house is attatched.

You reply with an emoji of a person running and a thumbs up. Then type “I’m hereeee” and put your comm in your pocket. You walk around the building and notice that its kind of nice, there’s a glass window next to the door that’s covered by a curtain but you can see a light and a shape moving behind it. You can also see some potted plants on the outside and a small table with two chairs and an umbrella. The top of the building is covered in Ivy of some kind and it gives it a real rustic feel, you can see why Willamina would like the place. You get ready to knock but hear shuffling and decide to wait. You’re a little sweaty still and you hope she doesen’t mind. It’s almost time for the BIG DECISION you’d be lying if you said you weren’t nervous.
No. 993648 ID: afe7de
File 161700509562.png - (11.90KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_201.png )

Willamina opens the door.

Willamina: Well heya PRICK, glad to see you make it on time, foods almost DONE.

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