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File 160911084238.png - (209.72KB , 1000x1000 , Title Card 2.png )
984338 No. 984338 ID: 8483cf

I am Lady Serah Kensington, Heir Countess of Kensington, and I sincerely hope I don’t screw this up.

Lazy Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy

Previous Topic: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/974331.html
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No. 989421 ID: afe7de

Lacey is good, but what about Boozy the fairy
No. 989427 ID: b1b4f3

>fairy name?

For real though why don't you ask her?
I'm sure it's something like Moonshine or Vineleaf.
Moonshine would be a pretty good name to call her regardless.

>spell suggestions
Actually I wanna revise mine, to pick spells I want instead of what LF's preference might be.

-How to Make Friends and Influence Djinn (apparently this lets us summon spirits that can help in combat!)
-Rewind (who knows how much time rewinds, but time magic is OP regardless)
-Portal (portal!)
-Empathic Senses (read minds? would be useful for communicating with Dotti... and figuring out if she's going to behave)

crossed out
-Aimbot (guessing this is her circling around a target to enhance aim like legend of zelda, which... puts her in harm's way in exchange; seems bad.)
-Om nom infinite food buff (looks like it summons food)
-Fate is My Bitch (no idea what this actually does, but messing with fate tends not to end well, and is boring when it does end well)
-Do As I Say, Not As You Do (Geas? an all or nothing spell, I don't like it)

-Stop! Arrow Time (some kind of arrow spell)
-Razzle Dazzle Disco Attack (sounds obvious, flashy blindness spell)
-Reflect (reflect)
-Sparkle Sparkly Weapon and Sexy Dress Buff (which is also Armor) (gives her direct offense/defense? not needed if she's gonna be a summoner)
No. 989428 ID: 1d109c

Moonshine for fairy name
No. 989433 ID: b5fb67


Yep, this is the best one.
No. 989504 ID: 8483cf
File 161455598086.png - (128.87KB , 737x1186 , NapkinFairy.png )

“I’m sorry, Miss Fairy,” I say, “but we’re going to put ourselves in mortal peril tomorrow, not today. I don’t want you breaking your neck ahead of schedule.”

“Mortal peril?!” Archibeard gasps from inside my bag. “Lady Kensington, you cannot!”

“What the fuck was that?” my fairy asks.

“Just my disembodied skull servant who tracked me down and is threatening to drag me home to get married. Nothing to worry about,” I reply tersely. “I’m an adventurer now, Archie. I told you that when I left. I’m not letting you out of that bag to run off to Daddy, so either shut up or help me!”

I shock even myself with my sudden assertiveness. I guess Archie brings out the best in me. Sort of.

“Uh, okay,” my fairy says. “I was wondering why your aura felt kind of… undead-y. Now I know.”

“Yes, you do. Now will you please let me help you down?”

Silence. Then a huff. “No!”

I let out an exasperated sigh. “What possible reason could you have to refuse my help? I don’t care if your glow is gone. I can’t believe you of all fairies have a hang-up over being seen.”

“Oh, that’s rich coming from you!” my fairy snipes back. “You locked me in a trunk when you wanted privacy getting changed!”

“…That’s fair,” I say. “All right. I promise to loosen up a little.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Okay, miss fairy. You want proof? I’ll help you drink this wine and more. Now will you please let me help you down?”

“Uh… deal, I guess. No backing out!”


I spring off the ground, light as a cloud. The Cloud-Manta soap from this morning hasn’t worn off yet, and I’m able to easily reach the rafters. I grab on with one hand, and extend the other, palm up. My newfound strength and height, combined with the soap, is more than to let me grip the beam tight. I look around for the source of the voice, and find my fairy on the same beam I’ve latched on to.

“Whoa,” my fairy says, taken aback. “I didn’t know humans could fly.”

“And I didn’t know you were wearing a… napkin?”

My fairy shuffles her feet nervously. She barely makes eye contact. “I was being responsible with our money.” She quickly hops on to my palm, and I float us down gently.

Dotti looks at my fairy and licks her chops, eliciting a terrified shriek.

“No! Bad Dotti!” I turn to shield my fairy with my body. “That wasn’t funny!”

Dotti smiles.

“She’s gonna eat me!”

“The beast shows its true colors! Dispose of it!”

“Shut up, Archibeard! Say you’re sorry, Dotti! The contract says you have to treat her with courtesy and respect! Do you want me to break it and kick you out?”

Dotti narrows her eyes, but she gives a deep curtsy and keeps her eyes down to the floor in what is presumably remorse.

“I should zap her,” my fairy says. “I can still enforce the contract, even without my own magic. She’s in default.”

“She was joking. Don’t zap her.”

My fairy huffs.

“Let’s just pop the cork on this wine and talk it out,” I say. “I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

I pluck a tiny alchemist’s tool from my belt and uncork the wine. It’s normally used to prime bombs, but for this it also seems appropriate. I set the wine on a box and realize I didn’t bring glasses. My fairy doesn’t care, though. She somehow summons up the strength to kick the bottle so hard that the base pivots straight out and neck falls into her tiny grip. She chugs the flowing wine like a champ.

No. 989505 ID: 8483cf
File 161455603574.png - (140.20KB , 824x1092 , Moonshine.png )

“Classy lady like you probably needs a glass, huh?” my fairy smiles once she’s had more than she should logically be able to drink.

“Give me that,” I say, and take a swig of my own. The rosé is sweet and has notes of cherry. It’s not bad, for something the guild had on the bottom shelf. I don’t even choke.

“Nice,” my fairy says in appreciation.

Dotti reaches for the bottle.

“None for you,” I say. “You can’t joke about eating party members and expect to be rewarded. Have you even had wine before?”

Dotti crosses her arms and whines.

“That’s what I thought.”

My fairy takes another herculean swig from the bottle. I shake my head. “That’s amazing. How did you even learn that?”

“Necessity is the mother of party tricks! And I have lots of needs!”

“I bet you do.” I take the bottle from her and help myself. It’s a big bottle. Or, it was. “Oh, sweet savior. We’re going to need more wine at this rate.”

“Or a bottle of rum!

“Shut up, Archibeard!”

“I like this guy! He’s trying to get you laid, hates Dotti, and parties hard!” my fairy says. “Hey, Archibeard! Hi! I’m your new best friend!”

“Charmed! What may I call you?”

“Serah’s Fairy!”

“Hello, Serah’s Fairy!”

“This is getting old,” I say. “Hey. Fairy. Can I just call you something other than, you know, Fairy?”

“Do you have to?” my fairy asks. “I like that name just fine.”

“We’re risking our lives together and are bound by a hastily-signed contract with questionable benefits. I’d say we should be on at least a first-name basis.”

“Uh. I guess. I haven’t really… you know, had an adventurer before. Names are important, you know?” My fairy takes a drink and a minute to think. “I guess I can tell you my name. We’re already magically linked. You could probably find it out anyway. But! But but but!” She looks at Dotti and wags her finger. “Dotti doesn’t get to know it! For obvious reasons!”

Dotti puts on her most innocent face.

“So whisper it in my ear or something,” I say.

“Dotti has big, fat ears! She could totally hear it. I shouldn’t tell you as long as Dotti’s in the same city as us!”

“Fat ears?” I can’t help but giggle at how ridiculous that sounds. The wine is starting to get to me, I can feel it.

Dotti, shocked, puts a paw to the tops of her ears. She pats them self-consciously.

“Fine, Fairy. Dotti, as my second favor for the day, I order you to grab one of these grain sacks, go to the other end of the shack and scream into the bag as long and as loud as you can.”

Dotti blinks. She looks at me questioningly, like I’m drunk or something. I nod. Yes, she should do it. My fairy nods too. “No eavesdropping!”

Dotti picks up a sack and goes to the other end of the shack and lets out a muffled, high-pitched squeak-squeal of ungodly fox frustration.

I hold out my hand. My fairy hops on my palm and I lift her up to my ear.

“Hey, there,” she whispers. “I’m Moonshine. Nice ta’ meet ya.”

“That’s a lovely name,” I giggle. “Nice to meet you too.”

I set Moonshine down on a box just as Dotti runs out of breath. Dotti, flush red even through her fox fur (somehow) sits down next to us, wearing an expression of a fox spirit utterly done with life and everything in it.
No. 989507 ID: 8483cf
File 161455607569.png - (126.87KB , 1289x559 , Lounging_Fairy.png )

“So that’s my true name,” Moonshine says, lounging on the box, “But you all can call me Landi. Actually, everyone here except Dotti, ‘cause she can’t call me anything at all! Ha!”

Dotti turns even redder. I should say something, but the wine is hitting me a little too hard to act like a proper leader person. “That’s mean! You’re mean, Landi! Landi! Landi, Landi, Landi! How’d you get that nickname, Laaaaaaaaaan-di?”

“Long story, and I think I might have missed a few parts of it I was there for.”

We both polish off the bottle.

“What’s that spell list, anywahy?” I ashk. “You trying to make friends with Djinn? Make fate your beeeeeeeeyatch?

“Please never do that again,” Landi groans. “For both our sakes. And yes! Yes, I was trying to remember a lot of really cool spells I should know. But I don’t think some are worth remembering or relearning. I think I may have pissed off all the Djinn I know. Especially the Spirit of Western Winds.”

“What’d you do to her?”

“I think I stole her panties. Maybe. It’s unclear.”

“Oh! Well then you should give them back!” I suddenly remember the panties Landi shoved in my face a while back. “Those were very nice panties! I want panties with gems in them like those! Pretty panties!”

“You’re drunk,” Landi smiles.

“No, you’re drunk! I’m party leader! I’m the boss lady!”

“Yes. Yes, you are.”

I hear a stifled snuffling noise that sound suspiciously like a fox trying not to laugh. I turn and spy Dotti watching all this with growing amusement.

“No laughing! Laughing at the boss lady is illegal!” I boop her snout. “Boop!”

Dotti covers her booper.

“Where’s Rae Rae?” I ask Landi. “She’s smart and not drunk. She should decide what we do with the rest of our day.”

“But you’re the boss lady,” Landi says. “And the boss lady gets what she wants.”

“Yeah, I am! Yeah, I do!”

What does the boss lady want?

Decide what to do with the rest of your day. This decision will have consequences. Awesome consequences.
No. 989512 ID: e51896

You know what, now that you are drunk and confident, how about we try and make that Gravity bomb again? or hell, even a mutagen with your fairy!

That, or just hang out with the adventurers at the guild! maybe dance even!
No. 989515 ID: e51896

Though if you are still not drunk confident enough to make a gravity bomb, we can try to make another Solvent Bomb, cause why not.

Maybe make both!
No. 989517 ID: b1b4f3

GRAVITY BOMB- wait maybe we shouldn't make explosives while drunk.

Go find some quest you can do for the adventurer's guild. Do it.
No. 989519 ID: 094652

Spend the rest of the day researching futa transformations - whatever those are, because you wonder why your [] had whole magazines you were magically censored from seeing.
No. 989528 ID: 0fae41

Finish your potion brews first. Replenish your fairy's mana. And when that's all said and done, go looking for more ingredients with Dotti! You can collect flowers and have a nice picnic and Jeebs can clean up after.
No. 989542 ID: afe7de

You’re drunk and having a good time with your fairy, why not strip and dance with them, clothes are so restricting while you’re drunk. And then after getting the excess energy out decide that you’re finally brave enough to attempt the GRAVITY BOMB again, maybe this little liquid courage is what you needed to get it right this time.

Also give Dotti a smooch on her booper as soon as she uncovers it, she might have threatened Landi, but she’s still a good girl for listening and covering her head/screaming to not hear her real name.
No. 989675 ID: e51896

To add to my suggestion >>989512 >>989515, ask Landi if you can borrow the Lucky Panties to wear to help give you luck in making the gravity bomb
No. 989720 ID: 27edeb

Spend the evening doting on Dotti. She was awfully sweet with you before with the hugging, and she's been awfully tolerant of the jokes at her expense. A little love and positivity could help build your bond so she'll be happier to do things for you in the long run.

Other than that, I recommend spending the evening on stress relief. You're getting too drunk to reliably and safely do something productive like potion brewing. You're putting your life on the line in the near future, it'd be good to come into it as relaxed and happy as possible. Whether that means strip poker, messing around with make up, telling horrible jokes, cuddling, doing up Dotti's fur in horrible hair-dos, whatever it may be, we want to be fresh and ready for what comes tomorrow.
No. 989721 ID: 3637bf

so wholesome I can't help but support it.
No. 989725 ID: 9263d2

Also support.
Stay in your room for the rest of the day/night to cool off so nothing bad happens. In fact, just go to bed early, dream of something abstract.
No. 991100 ID: 8483cf
File 161568442211.png - (71.21KB , 498x543 , SerahBraid.png )

I look at Moonshine, who prefers to be called Landi, and think so hard I burp.

“I wanna relax!” I say. “I feel good! I look good! I’m done being responsible!”

“YES!” Landi squeals. “Now you’re speaking my language!”

“Lady Kensington, I must insist that you not do anything rash!” Jeebs calls out from inside my bag.

“You’re a rash!” I smack the bag. That’ll show him! “Landi! Dotti! More wine! Tomorrow is adventure day, but tonight is girls’ night!”

“YEAH!” Landi cheers. “Wait, can we invite that cute-“

“No boys!” I stick out my tongue. “Girls’ night! Girls’ night!”

“Eh, you win some, you lose some…” Landi sighs.

We leave the shed and go to snag another bottle of wine from the guild’s storage. Say what you want about the living conditions, but these guys know what’s important to adventurers!

“Food!” I realize. “Bread! Bread and cheese!”

Dotti looks at me with big wide eyes.

“And jerky!”

Dotti smiles.

We load up on tender vittles for girls’ night from and barricade the door. I shove Jeebs’ bag deep, deep inside my lockable chest and smother the bag with a cloth so he can’t hear us talk, then slam it shut.
No. 991103 ID: 8483cf
File 161568475403.png - (93.35KB , 546x605 , DottiBraid.png )

“Girls’ night!” I declare. “Wine! Wine and hair braiding!”

“I’m fuckin’ awesome at both,” Landi says. “Dotti, take off that bow so I can do it right.”

Dotti drops her jerky and clamps her paws to her bow.

“Okay! Bow stays on! Honestly, fox spirits…”

Braiding hair is great. Landi is great. Dotti is great. Wine and cheese is great too.

I’m feeling preeeeeeeeety good about my adventuring party right now. And Jeebs can't hear me or judge me.

I can finally relax.
No. 991109 ID: e51896

We should find Rae, and braid her hair too!
No. 991111 ID: afe7de

Give Dotti and Landi a smooch and then swap childhood stories that are too embarrassing to tell while not drunk
No. 991146 ID: 8483cf
File 161569595464.png - (161.87KB , 831x866 , Dottikiss.png )

“Where’s Rae Rae?” I ask, taking another sip of wine. “She needs to be drunk with us! We can braid her hair and stuff.”

“Her hair’s already in braids,” Landi says, wolfing down a tiny slice of bread. “But I wanna see her with her hair done up! Maybe she’s hiding a sick scar under those peek-a-bangs!”

“We need to hunt down the hunter,” I ponder ponderously. “Dotti, you have a good nose, right? Can you sniff her out and bring her here?”

Dotti looks at her unfinished jerky and sighs.

“No! Eat jerky!” I say. “You should eat lots of jerky. You’re a good girl. Good Dotti! I love you sho much.” I kiss her booper.

Dotti puts her paws to her cheeks and melts into a puddle of happy fox.

“And I love seeing you in such a great mood!” Landi says with a wide grin. “Look at you, Lady Bossington! All happy n’ shit!” Landi twirls around her wine glass stem like it’s a pole and gives an excited flutter of her wings.

“Yeah!” I say. “Girls’ night rules!”

“About that! Girls’ night doesn’t just happen,” Landi says. “We gotta share our juiciest secrets for it to be a real girls’ night. This is known.”

I nod shagaciously. “Is known!”

“So?” Landi leans forward expectantly. “Gimme the goods, fancy pants! I wanna know it all! What do highborn girls do to get guys? Tell me about the hot guys drooling over you! Did you ever sneak out and kiss any big, strong farmhands while Daddy wasn’t looking?”

I flush a deep red. “M-maybe?”

“Holy shit!” Landi squees and dances back and forth on her teeny-tiny slippers. “I knew it! I knew it! Tell me! Tellmetellmetellme!”

“Um… it’s kind of embarrassing…”

Landi looks like she’s going to explode.

“Okay, okay! I’ll tell you!” I lean back and take yet another sip of wine. “Um… once, before I got really good at alchemy, there was this really cute Farm Boy who used to bring fresh milk and eggs to the keep. He was tall and tan, with scruffy black hair, and his sleeves were always rolled up. I used to wait for him in the mornings he’d show up to watch him unload the jugs. He was so strong…

Landi’s eyebrows bounce up and down as I tug at my corset. It’s getting kind of hot in here.

“So I wanted have an excuse to talk to him, but Jeebs would always stop me. So I begged for fresh milk every day, and that just wasn’t possible because the farm was too far to get daily delivery. So I got Jeebs to buy a cow from the farm! And… well, I pretended the milk was bad, and Jeebs got Farm Boy to come tell us what was wrong.

“I finally had the chance to talk to him face to face! And… and I told him…”

“Spit it out!” Landi says, eyes wide. “What’d you say?”

“I told him… oh, sweet savior… I told him I needed him to feed my cow so I could drink his milk. Every day.”

Landi falls over laughing.

“Yeah, yeah! I know!” I huff and wait for her to finish.

“Did he feed your cow?” Landi manages to ask through her giggle fits.

“Daddy found out and had the cow served for dinner. I never saw Farm Boy again.”

“Oh,” Landi says, disappointed. “So you never got to drink his-“

“No, I didn’t!” I slap the floor and tug on my corset again. “Hey, this is girls’ night! Not talk-about-hot-boys’-night!”

“Same thing,” Landi says. “My turn, my turn! What do you wanna know about me?
No. 991150 ID: 094652

Tie-dye the braids!
No. 991166 ID: e51896

Remember how Landi magic'd you up a dress which didn't work all that well yesterday meaning she was probably even worse when she was in fairy college. Ask about her most humiliating fail back when she was in college.
No. 991180 ID: afe7de

Listen to embarrassing stories from fairy college. Get the deets so you can use them as totally not blackmail later.
No. 991188 ID: 12ecef

What are fairy boys like?
No. 991193 ID: 8483cf
File 161570941192.png - (126.21KB , 774x808 , Portalfail.png )

“Fair’s fair!” I declare. “Tell me your most embarrassing story from fairy college!”

“Oh, have I got one for you!” Landi says. “So, as part of an escalating series of pranks between my sorority and the Kappa Epsilon Kappa fraternity, I found myself in the guys’ dorms cutting ball-sack sized holes in gym shorts- long story, too epic to tell here- and, sur-prise, the guys come back from class early! I hear them coming in, and I can’t be caught in the act, ‘cause the whole plan will be blown.

“I try the window. It’s stuck! Cheap piece of crap won’t open! But I have a solution. I just learned how to portal from one place to another. Now, I’ve only tested it in class and it was a pretty half-assed test, but space-time is my bitch and it’ll be easy, right? Wrong! I totally forgot that extra-magical stuff, like yours truly, burns through my portal spell’s fairy dust way faster than, say, a box of wine.”

“Oh no,” I say, trying and failing to keep the smirk from my lips.

“Oh yeah. You can see what’s coming. I open the portal to the other side of the wall and can see through, ezpz. I shove myself through- and instantly run out of dust. The portal slams shut halfway through. I’m stuck with my dust-less butt pointed at an entire frat!”

“Oh no!” I giggle. Dotti, too, lets out a small snuffling noise. “How horrible for your butt!”

Landi takes another drink of wine and groans. “So yeah, I’m giving the guys a show they’ll never forget, like some kinda bad porno. Like, if I’m gonna be in a porno, at least put some pixie stix in it! The guys of course are laughing it up, but one of ‘em realizes that hey, maybe a stuck portal spell is maybe not something to fuck around with? So they get someone who can fix it.”

“Ohhhhhh no!” I let out a laugh. “Who do fairies call to get butts un-stuck?”

“They brought the space-time professor in. He fixed it no problem. But yeah. I couldn’t look him in the eye from then on out.”

I look at Landi and her napkin-based outfit. Something clicks in my mind. “Do fairies wear panties?”

“Some do, some don’t.”

“…Were you wearing panties?”

Landi flushes. “I learned a valuable lesson that day.”

I collapse into a giggle fit. Dotti bites her paw, but soon she can’t contain herself and she lets out a peal of ungodly fox laughter.

“So there you have it,” Landi says. “May you learn from my butt.”

“I hope they gave you a Bachelor’s of Butt Sciences for that.”

“They should have!” Landi stomps. “My butt is amazing!”

“Yeah!” I agree. “Your butt is amazing. I wish I had your butt.”

“You should appreciate what you have!” Landi cups her chest. “Some of us aren’t so lucky.”

“Big boobs are a pain!” I tug on my corset again. “It’s too hot and I can’t take this off or else I’m gonna be all over the place!”

“GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT!” Landi shouts. “Let them be free!”

I tweak the straps of my corset. It’s too hot. But if I’m gonna go outside to, like, get Rae or more food or whatever, I’m really gonna regret taking it off. There is no way I’m gonna be able to get it back on.

No. 991194 ID: afe7de

> remove clothe, going out be damned.
No. 991195 ID: b1b4f3

Release the beasts.
No. 991198 ID: 0fae41

Girls' night out!
No. 991204 ID: 12ecef

Listen to your heart, and general chest area.
No. 991225 ID: 9c09e5

Umm... be a good leader and dont do it for the safety of your reputation. You'll disappoint Raelynn and Dotti going out with your breasts exposed while searching for Rae out there.

If you're gonna go topless, at least stay in your room so you'll have the excuse you were just changing clothes, but overall, forget it.
No. 991263 ID: 8483cf
File 161575131457.png - (168.56KB , 696x943 , Befree.png )

I should probably keep my corset on. Once it comes off, it stays off.

But it’s girls’ night, and I’m done being responsible!

I fumble to get the knots on the back of my corset undone. This is hard! Why must life be so cruel? Finally, I get the strings unlaced, the rush of cool air confirms that all is right in the world.

Landi cheers. “Be free!”

“Freedom!” I toss my corset to the ground. “Ah, yeah! That feels good!”

Landi laughs as I sit down. “Wow! You weren’t kidding! Look at those puppies go!”

“You’re just jealous.” I sigh and lean back against the bed, rubbing my back against the soft sheets. “Oh, yeah. Yeah. Much better.”

It’s good to be the boss lady.

"I have an idea," Landi giggles.

What's her idea?
No. 991264 ID: afe7de

Landi wants to motorboat you, duh. Cause obveously the fairy that likes panties would like the boobah
No. 991265 ID: d31e61

Her idea is... wait, aww, fuck, she just forgot it, lol.
No. 991266 ID: 1d109c

A game of Truth or strip (Dare or strip for Dotti)
No. 991273 ID: ca86a5

Landi's idea is to go streaking...
However, Serah passed out for the rest of the day and night before she can hear that idea
No. 992069 ID: 8483cf
File 161620479701.png - (86.74KB , 554x649 , Poutydotti.png )

"We're going streaking!" Landi shrieks. "Take it to the streets! We both did it yesterday, we've had tons of practice!"

"No!" I laugh. "No more running around Minga in disappearing outfits!"

Landi claps her hands excitedly. "I could make you all glowy like me! Would that help?"

"Uh... maybe? I mean, no!" I shake my head. "I've had too much wine!"

Landi's smile twinkles brilliantly. "You're fun when you're drunk. You should totally do it more often."

"Only when I'm about to risk life and limb the next day. This is a special occasion."

"You're an adventurer. That might happen more often than you think."

"Well, nothing bad is going to happen tomorrow!" I purse my lips. "We're gonna go out and... and either go ruinate the ruins, or find some rare reagentsh. Somewhere. I'm not sure where. Raelynn will help me. She's shmart."

Dotti points at herself and looks at me expectantly.

"Dotti, you stay here," I shay. "Dangerous fight fight. Not for emotional support specialisht."

Dotti waves her arms like she's casting a spell.

"She's out of magic!" Landi pipes in. "She's totally useless!"

Dotti barks and snaps her teeth at Landi, who turns around and slaps her butt in a grand you-want-some-of-this?

"Oh no," I say. There's something I've forgotten! "Dotti will eat all the trash when we're gone!"

Dotti nods.

"Leave her here!" Landi says. "She's dead weight!"

There are no good options. I can't risk her, but I can't leave her!

Oh nooooooooooo
No. 992071 ID: 1d109c

Take her! maybe her swiping skills will come in handy?
No. 992072 ID: b1b4f3

Won't she regain some magic overnight anyway?
Also you can give her your bombs so she can throw them on command, leaving you able to do other things.
Or she could just be a scout, if she wants.
No. 992080 ID: 0fae41

She's still a fox. She can bite, she can use her strange fae knowledge, she can look cute. Besides, who are you to talk about going in unprepared, going adventuring without a corset?
No. 992082 ID: c294aa

Sh'hee's got dat, dat smeller! Dat'll give us a warrrr... headsh up iff there's, like, bad guysh!
No. 992096 ID: 8483cf
File 161622076642.png - (310.29KB , 888x1207 , BePoliteBeEfficient.png )

“Dotti’s not useless!” I decide. “She is full of uses! Like exploding!”

Landi and Dotti both stare at me.

“I mean bombing!”

“Oh,” Landi says. Dotti sighs in relief.

“I can give her bombs,” I say. “To explode. Explode the bad things.”

“I don’t think you’re thinking this all the way through,” Landi says. “You’re not wearing a bra, your argument is invalid.”

“Did they teach you that one in fairy college?” I retort.

“Yes, actually. I have scientifically observed that when people take their bras off, they’re rarely thinking things all the way-“

“Dotti, dispense hugs!”

I receive Dotti hug.

“She’s coming tomorrow!” I declare. “Dotti, as my final favor, I re… re… ask that you tuck me in tonight!”

“Whatever,” Landi groans. She pours herself more wine. “No more planning. Time for gossip! So who’s the hottest guy in the guild?”

“I mean, Flax is cute,” I say. “He’s a verdant knight and he-“

“Verdant knight?! They have those here?” Landi asks.


“Okay, Imma check this guy out. Who else?”

Landi and I spend the rest of the evening sliding further into the floor. Eventually, we fall asleep. Possibly on our beds. Dotti presumably tucked me in.

-------------- DAY FOUR --------------

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh,” I groan. I’m throw off the covers. I’m still dressed.

And I am having a BAD TIME.

I can barely think. I feel like I’ve been run over by a carriage. Full of wine.

The sunlight is shining through the window. Oh no.

Oh no! I need to get ready for adventuring!

I leap out of bed and grab a towel, then immediately regret it.

I grab my head and nurse my poor, poor temples.

Then I resume panicking.

I stumble out the door and run into the elven grim reaper!

“AHHH!” I shriek, and clap my hands to my head. “Uhhhh…”

“There you are,” says the leafy reaper. Leafper? “Your fairy said you wouldn’t be up for a while. I’m impressed. Sort of.”

“…Raelynn?” I ask. “Uh…. Wow. Nice armor.”

“I assumed we’d be adventuring ASAP. Daylight’s precious, spend it well, my dad used to say.”

“Oh, sweet savior…” I grasp my head. “I need a healing potion.”

“Already?” Raelynn asks. “You must be swimming in those.”

“Oh no,” I groan. “I have to ration those. Oh dear…”

I could ask Landi for help with my hangover. Or I could get Dotti to try a fox spirit remedy. She eats trash and doesn’t get sick, she must know something. Or I could just chug a healing potion, or tough it out and take a nice long shower.

Raelynn looks at me expectantly.

Oh, right. I’m the boss.

Uh… what do I tell her to do?
No. 992098 ID: b1b4f3

Landi is the expert in this subject. Even if she can't give you magical assistance she can give you good advice.
No. 992099 ID: e51896

Tell her to do some warmup exercises while you get ready. Today, It is important to be in tiptop shape on our first day venturing out together...

Ask if she is interested in today's adventure being a quest to find her an animal buddy in the forest or cave or something. A ranger such as herself needs one after all.

If she says she wants to find a companion in a cave, lets use Lumenbug Amber when we shower to make ourselves light up the cave with our glow. Otherwise, Saltrock Mist to increase our defense in case we run across a bear!
No. 992100 ID: 094652

Ask for a hangover cure, or go buy one, or even cook one yourself.

Since you're not trained in cooking, fry a few eggs, boil some vegetables, add the leftovers of your meat wherever you want, and eat it all. Then take the long-road to the dungeon and do basic herb-picking until the guilt finally kicks in.
No. 992126 ID: c53a0a

Lets find Dotti and teach her how to breakfast before she eats trash again.
No. 992131 ID: 5a788d

Health potion!
Drinking got us into this problem, and drinking can get us out of it!
No. 992140 ID: da355f

Ask Landi on helping you with your hangover.
No. 992193 ID: 8483cf
File 161626882671.png - (73.91KB , 700x700 , Hangover_B_Gon.png )

“I’m not going to waste a healing potion already,” I tell Raelynn, my voice hoarse. “While I… prepare, you, Raelynn, are also going to get yourself ready.”

Raelynn looks at herself and her armor. She cockily cocks a hip.

I massage my temples. “You never told me where you wanted to search for an animal companion.”

Rae’s hip un-cocks.

“We can search near the ruins and caves for a bigger beast, or go deeper into the nearby forest for something more avian,” I propose. “Oh, sweet savior, it hurts to talk…”

“I’ll consider both,” Raelynn says, eye sinking down to the floor. “I’ll think on it.”

“Don’t think too long. Maybe do some warm-ups for cardio.”

“I’ll do that.”

I leave Raelynn, clutch the towel to my incredibly wrinkled outfit from last night and poke my head downstairs. There are few enough adventurers in the mess, thank goodness. I am in no presentable state, but standards are low this early in the morning.

“There you are!” Landi’s voice calls out from a table. “Come here, come here! You did it!!!”

I glance around one more time, and, satisfied there’s no one judging me on my disheveled hair and half-dressed state, I join her.

“Look!” Landi says. “An almond-cashew date shake with bananas, and almond butter toast! Guaranteed to pick you right up!”

I don’t wait. I dive right in.

It’s heavenly.

“Thank you,” I sigh, and I feel better already. “These ingredients aren’t easy to find. Where did you get them?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Landi says.

I narrow my eyes.

“I didn’t steal them, okay?” Landi huffs. “I’m not Dotti. I called in a favor. Yeesh. You’re so suspicious in the morning.”

“I’m going to go shower and get ready,” I say. “I’ll have a better idea of what we should to once I’m done.”

“Okay! I’m gonna go grab Dotti. Stupid fox, probably trying to eat trash again…”

I pause at the bottom of the stairs. That was really nice of Landi. I should let her know how much I appreciated it. But she’s gone, disappeared down the hallway.
No. 992195 ID: 8483cf
File 161626890556.png - (71.25KB , 500x549 , Showerthonk.png )

I grab a bar of Saltrock Mist to wash up with.


Do you want to gather rare reagents in the forest, or hunt for treasure in the cave ruins?

What items should you put in Landi’s inventory?

Should you grab any more supplies on your way out of town?

Serah’s Arms and Equipment

Bastard Sword OR Axe OR Warhammer OR Heavy Spear

2x Ice
1x Fire
1x Flashbang
1x Smoke
1x Solvent

1x Healing
1x Strength
1x Invisibility (Failed)

1x Healing
1x Mage Armor
1x Strength

1x Coating of Flame

1x Magic Missile

Landi’s Spell List
- Inventory: Can hold up to 87 lb./ 39.4 kg. Currently holding lots a’ arrows.
- Calamitous Cacophony: A blinding display of glowyness. Can also deafen for extra dust cost.
- Portal: Tunnel through space-time to a location within 20 feet. Visibility or reasonable assumption of distance required; accuracy reduced if not able to see target. Currently limited to nonmagical, inanimate objects. Alchemical products are considered nonmagical. Portal entrances and exits cannot terminate within objects or creatures.
- Godmother’s Blessing: Increases defense of armor based on amount of dust used.
- Godmother’s Makeover: Transforms outfit of one willing target into something more stylish. Duration depends on dust used.

Raelynn’s Equipment
- Elven Shortbow, nonmagical
- Elven Underbrush Armor, nonmagical
- Elven Rope, magical
- Quick-Draw Quiver, nonmagical
- Samhain (heirloom; magical; long dagger; half of paired set)
- Antidote and First Aid Kit
- Flint
- Provisions and Water Cleansing Pellets
- Animal Treats (Wrapped in scent-proof liner)
- Uncanny ability to mimic animal noises

- Strong sense of smell
- Can eat trash
- Hugs boost morale unless she’s been eating trash
- Novice pickpocket (only works on the overly trusting; bonus to stealing jerky treats)
- Can throw bombs with only a moderate chance to drop them at her feet
No. 992199 ID: e51896

Let us look for ingredients in the forest so we can get supplies to practice becoming the best alchemist out there! we didn't use the soap to make ourselves glow, so cave is off the table... for now. I feel stronger enemies make their home in caves.
No. 992211 ID: 12b116

Forest seems like the best choice from now, although we should definitely look for the caves to actually get an animal companion. Between Dotti and Landi, the very last thing we need near us is a fucking bird.
No. 992215 ID: 5a788d


Plays to the strengths of Jotund's Might, and a nasty surprise for anyone expecting the stereotypical squishy mage.
No. 992335 ID: 12b116

Have Serah use the heavy spear.

Dotti should carry the smoke bomb and flashbang, which are least likely to mess her cute face up if she drops them.

Put the Healing elixir, Coating of Flames, and Healing potion in Landi's inventory.
No. 992343 ID: afe7de

I’m more fond of Serah using the Warhammer since she’s still big and stronk right?

Probably give Dotti a smoke and flash since she would probably need to practice before actually holding the stronger bombs right?

Then Uh, Probably go to the forest, I like the idea of getting more potion ingredients, though not the idea of getting an avian companion, well, actually that might be useful in scouting and keeping you all safe from the really strong monsters.
No. 992379 ID: 8483cf
File 161631156332.png - (58.61KB , 1250x450 , Combat_Panels.png )

I finish my shower and gear up. I confirm that everyone’s eaten breakfast and packed enough provisions for a day trip. Dotti’s provisions are stored securely in Landi’s inventory.

I also check the lock on my crate and make sure it’s secure. I don’t want Jeebs getting loose while I’m gone.

When I ask Raelynn where she wants to look for an animal companion, she says either the forest or cave will work, as long as she has enough time to try and find an animal receptive to bonding. In that case, I choose the forest for our trip. It gives us more room to maneuver, and eliminates certain risks like cave-ins or ancient booby traps. Plus we don’t have to pack torches or rely on Landi for light.

Well, then.

It’s time to go adventuring.

Please, please, please let everything go smoothly…


I’ve given Raelynn a list of plants, mosses and mineral deposits I’ll need to transmute silver into gold. By themselves, they’re useless, but in a lab, I can reduce them down to their constituent components and essences, which are far more potent. Raelynn has seen a most of the items before, but two specific items we’ll need to search for: the blue-capped acid mushroom found only around tree roots at least two centuries old, and plated bauxite, which is rich in alumina and devilishly hard to identify against cliffsides covered in useless clay.

We spend a few hours making our way out of Minga and into the forest from an angle most adventurers don’t take- or at least, adventuring parties without alchemists in need of reagents. The underbrush is thicker than usual, but the forest floor is still clear enough to make our way unimpeded.

Thankfully, we don’t encounter any vengeful spirits or angry animals for a few hours- but then, Dotti begins sniffing the air curiously. Then she crouches to the ground, ears flat, teeth bared.

Raelynn vanishes into the underbrush.

“Wolf pack,” she whispers from a direction I can’t pick out. “Six wolves total. A few are circling behind to cut off our escape.”

“Wolves?” I whisper back. “Why in the middle of the day?”

“I feel… bad,” Landi says, and she starts shivering. “Oh, shit, Serah. There’s a spirit leading them. A nasty one, and it’s hungry. It’s driving them all rabid.”

I ready my borrowed warhammer and down my elixir of mage armor.

“Can we run?”

“They have your and Dotti’s scent,” Raelynn says quietly. “They’ll chase. Right now, we can try to set up an ambush.”

Wolves led by an evil spirit are circling us for the kill. My shoulders hitch. My heart races.

I have to focus. I have to plan something. I… I have to…
No. 992380 ID: b1b4f3

Dotti should get up a tree. Wolves can't climb, and she can toss her bombs from above.
You're gonna want to drink one of your strength potions too. Save the magic missiles for the spirit if you can.

Landi should try to find a wolf and open a portal for you to toss a bomb through to hit it at long range. If things get bad Landi can cast a cacophony, giving you a warning so you can shut your eyes and possibly ears.
No. 992403 ID: 12b116

This is a pretty good plan, and I support it
No. 992404 ID: 094652

Sarah: Start by felling some trees, and coat your weapon in fire oil. When the time comes, hammer into your barricades to let loose a barrage of flaming splinters.
Landi: Open a portal from a bird's eye view so you can get a good look at the general battlefield, then plan two escape routes and a favorable combat location.
Raelynn: Climb up, set up overwatch.
Dotti: Follow Raelynn and focus on the spirit. Be ready to throw a bomb if you see three wolves bunched up together.
No. 992450 ID: 8483cf
File 161635452331.png - (282.30KB , 1250x1250 , Forest Combat 1.png )

The wolves are locked on to me and Dotti. I have to protect her! I chug a Potion of Strength and prepare to defend. That means Landi and Raelynn are free to go on the offensive and pick them off early.

Before the wolves approach, I hear my party’s handiwork.

Raelynn scores an easy kill, shooting a wolf through the heart from complete concealment.

Landi drops an ice bomb on one wolf, freezing it solid and shattering it to pieces in one great blast. My bombs don’t hold back.

The wolves arrive just as I finish hoisting Dotti up the tree. She hasn’t practiced climbing in boots. We’ll need to fix that.

Dotti fumbles her smoke bomb and drops it at the base of the tree. One wolf spies her, and is distracted in indecision, but ultimately decides to come after me.

Three wolves surround me. I swing my warhammer at one and and miss. Two wolves try to hamstring me while I’m off-balance, and their sharp fangs are deflected by my mage armor.
No. 992455 ID: e51896

Landi: make one portal next to you on the ground, and another portal several feet above a wolf for the arrow to travel down fast enough to cause damage, and start dropping arrows down the portal at a wolf

Rae: shoot one of the wolves near Serah

Dotti: throw another bomb at the wolf going towards Serah

Serah: swing at the wolf that hasn't been attacked by the others.
No. 992466 ID: 12b116

This is a good plan and I support it.

Holy fuck Dotti is useless. But very useful for hugs so be sure to tell her she's a good girl.
No. 992477 ID: 8483cf
File 161636372211.png - (295.50KB , 1250x1250 , Forest Combat 2.png )

Raelynn scores another kill the wolf behind me with two arrows in quick succession.

Landi tries to be fancy and portal an arrow fast enough to pierce the wolf’s hide, but the arrow isn’t moving nearly fast enough.

Dotti misjudges her throw, and ends up tossing the flashbang right behind me. It explodes, blinding and deafening the three wolves around me. I’m only deafened (and shocked and scared witless), but it’s not the first time I’ve heard a flashbang go off.

Dotti is very upset!

Raelynn’s level of concealment has increased!

I swing wildly at a wolf in front of me. The result is NOT pretty.

Two wolves remain. One is blinded and deafened. The other is confused, but close enough to bite me the instant it realizes there are no more flashes and bangs coming.
No. 992479 ID: b1b4f3

Kesington should murder the disabled one, it's easy to hit. Rae can kill the other one.
Keep a lookout for the spirit, it should have showed up by now...
No. 992480 ID: 094652

Serah, chokehold the blind and deafened wolf until it falls unconscious.
Landi, distract the confused wolf.
Raelynn, shoot the confused wolf.
Dotti, hunt down the spirit.
No. 992481 ID: 12b116

Landi should fly up and see if she can see the spirit. You keep swinging wildly and tell Dotti it's ok and she's a good girl. Rae keep shootin'
No. 992482 ID: e51896

Dotti: cry and get it out of your system so you are not upset anymore

Rae: shoot a wolf again.

Landi: Godmother’s Blessing on Serah

Serah: keep swinging!
No. 992492 ID: 5a788d

Serah: grab the nearest wolf by the tail, and beat a motherfucker wolf with another motherfucker wolf.
No. 992495 ID: 8483cf
File 161636851340.png - (348.75KB , 1250x1250 , Forest Combat 3.png )

Raelynn cuts down the confused wolf with two exceptionally well-placed shots before it decides to attack me again.

Landi begins casting Godmother’s Blessing, which will help my magical defenses, but they will not be as powerful as when I first drank the Elixir of Mage Armor.

Dotti is upset.

I splatter the final wolf with my warhammer. The instant I do, I feel a rush of wind.

Landi shrieks. The air around us chills. I can feel the life being drained from my body- and the wolves around me, as well.

Spirit of Bloodshed gains power from the battlefield! Serah and Landi are caught in its feast! They will lose life as long as they remain close to spilled blood, and must resist the skeletal hands keeping them in place.

Dotti begins crying loudly and cannot act.
No. 992496 ID: b1b4f3

Landi you gotta get out of there.
Kesington, priority one is to get your magic missile swarm going. If this isn't a panic button situation I don't know what is.
No. 992497 ID: e51896

Rae: shoot at the hand grabbing Serah
Serah: magic missle!
Dotti: deep breaths
Landi: portal near Dotti. If you can't, move away.
No. 992499 ID: 12b116

Magic Missile and try to get away if possible, Rae, shoot it if it's shootable, or the hands if they're more obviously shootable.

Landi, get over to Dotti if possible.
No. 992518 ID: 8483cf
File 161637395940.png - (318.40KB , 1250x1250 , Forest Combat 4.png )

Raelynn sees Landi’s struggles, but she refuses to take such a risky shot. She fires at the insubstantial body of the spirit, to limited effect. She curses, breaks cover and draws her dagger, but she’s too far away.

Landi struggles in vain to break free of the skeletal hand. Her glow dims. Her wingbeat slows.

“NO!” I shout. I won’t let this happen. I can’t!

I pop the stopper of the Magic Missile distillation on my belt and let the magic loose all at once, not caring about the skeletal hand keeping me in place. I’m aiming squarely for the spirit’s body.

My vision dims. Then the ground gives way beneath me, and the dread cold in my chest is gone.

We survived.
No. 992519 ID: 8483cf
File 161637398119.png - (288.74KB , 1250x1250 , Combatclear.png )

Raelynn reaches my side, dagger drawn, circling me, eyes darting for any other dangers.

“Is Landi…”

“She’s alive.”

I look up, towards the sound of faint sniffles. I see Dotti still in the tree, holding it tight, Landi nuzzled against her neck, shivering for warmth. Her light is dim, but still there.

“That was close,” Landi says, her voice as faint as her glow.

I drink most of my healing elixir and the world sorts itself back into place. I save the rest for Landi. I don’t know how much dust it’ll give her back, but it’ll help.

“What was that?” I ask Raelynn quietly.

“A spirit of bloodshed,” she says, concern lacing her words. “It shouldn’t have been here. There’s not nearly enough spilled blood in a forest to feed it for long. Something is very wrong.”

“Are we in danger?”

“…I don’t know.”

We have all our reagents except plated bauxite, and only I know how to identify it. Rae can’t hunt for it on her own. The nearest cliffside that might have it is close- only a ten-minute walk from our current position. If I find the mineral deposit quickly, it’ll add a half hour to our trip.

Raelynn can handle herself. I’m healed up, and still have some vestiges of magical armor left. But Landi is cold and shivering, and Dotti is shaken.

I have a choice to make.
No. 992523 ID: 12b116

if we are going to be in the hole without it based on the materials that we've already used, then risk going for it. If we're already coming out ahead with what we've got so far plus whatever we can salvage from the wolves/spirit of bloodshed, then head back. Having half our party useless is very bad though.
No. 992524 ID: b1b4f3

Bombs: 1x Ice, 1x Fire, 1x Solvent
Potions: 1x Healing, 1x Strength, 1x Invisibility (Failed)
Elixirs: 0.5x Healing
Oils: 1x Coating of Flame

We used up like half our supplies.
If you can get Landi back her mana, it'll be fine. Try the rest of the healing elixir on her. Any chance the coating of flame could do something?

From here on though we need to be as stealthy as possible. ...maybe Rae can get a vantage point to try to spot where the main bloodshed happened? If we can just avoid that spot, we can collect the bauxite and then retreat.

Another possibility: Dotti goes back home with Landi. You can use a Favor for that. She's being good right now and not hurting Landi despite the very real opportunity she has to do so.
No. 992569 ID: e51896

We should probably let the adventurer’s guild know about what we discovered as soon as possible. Rae said this wasn't a normal encounter.
No. 992587 ID: 094652

Head back, half your party is wounded and you can't risk any further encounters like that. Have Raelynn scout ahead and nab as much trash on the way back as possible while you keep Landi and Dotti alive.
No. 992684 ID: 8483cf
File 161647021343.png - (24.41KB , 265x264 , Potion.png )

I gently ease Dotti down from the tree branches, and forget everything nasty I’ve ever thought about Jotund’s Might.

We have to push on. We're so close, and we have Raelynn to help us avoid danger. And Dotti, too. If we just focus on stealth, everything will be fine. We'll succeed. We'll get what we came for. No problem.

Landi is in bad shape. Even as we nurse a bit of glow back with the Elixir of Healing, she doesn’t stop shivering in Dotti’s paws. I can still see her outline, too. I step back and take Raelynn aside.

“This doesn’t make sense,” I say. “She drank a tiny bit of healing potion a few days ago after getting hit by Dotti and she got all her dust back. Isn’t her vitality supposed to be tied to her magic?”

“Only fairies know details about fairies,” Raelynn says, shaking her head. “Their bodies are mostly physical, unlike spirits, but they don’t act like it. I think they respond to magic.”

“But that potion was magic!”

“It’s alchemical,” Rae says, thinking. “It has the essence of a healing spell. But it’s not a healing spell.”

“It’s exactly the same as a healing spell! And I just told you that she responded to an even weaker one!”

“I’m sorry,” Raelynn says. “I just don’t know what to tell you.”

I want to scream. I want to curse Raelynn out. But I can’t.

I’m the boss. And a good boss doesn’t blame people when they’ve tried their best.

And speaking of trying their best…

“I shouldn’t have brought Dotti,” I say, the anger leaving me. “She’s torn up. Look at her.”

Raelynn’s eyes narrow.

“What?” I ask, confused.

“I didn’t hear you tell Dotti what that bomb did, exactly.”

“So? I didn’t expect her to do anything. She’s here because she can’t be trusted not to eat trash.”

“Serah,” Raelynn whispers. “She threw it at your feet.”

“She missed!”

“Are you sure?”

I blink.

Forget what I said earlier. I’m going to cuss her the fuck out.
No. 992692 ID: b1b4f3

Tell Rae she needs some shred of evidence before she accuses a party member of betrayal. Dotti fumbled the first bomb, so it's more likely that it was a fuckup than not. She's also under contract, a contract that Rae helped make. What was the point of that if she could just try to kill you in the very first fight you get in? What would even be the point of Dotti betraying you, when every enemy here could kill her and she has no easy way to escape?

Ask Rae why she's so quick to accuse. Was she betrayed by someone before? If she absolutely needs to be sure Dotti can be trusted in a combat situation, then ask Dotti directly if she wanted to harm you with that bomb. She can even stand exactly where she intended for it to go off.

Lastly, try giving Landi some healing POTION. That worked last time, maybe one of the ingredients in the elixir disagrees with her. Or maybe sharing something alchemical ruins the magical aspect of it?
No. 992696 ID: 58f8c9

Consider: Scary spirit notwithstanding, are Dotti's actions those of a vengeful trickster who is afraid because their assassination attempt unexpectedly failed, or a friend freaking out because they apparently nearly hurt someone they like. Modulate your response accordingly. I suspect dotti wouldn't take another bomb right now if you offered one.
No. 992697 ID: e51896

Deep breaths, then Ask Rae if someone hurt her by betraying her trust in her past. You'll listen. Though make it clear if she doesn't want to talk about it, you'll understand.
No. 992700 ID: 8483cf
File 161647839081.png - (117.29KB , 578x467 , Blood and Claw.png )

How dare she?! How dare Raelynn accuse my party member of attempted murder? I was wrong about her. She’s not smart at all. She doesn’t know a thing about Dotti or the contract. How could she be so callous?! No wonder she doesn’t have an animal companion- no one could ever like an aloof, callous bitch like her.

It takes years of practice being very, very quiet in front of very, very disgusting nobles to keep that thought to myself.

“You’d better have a very, very good reason for saying that,” I say quietly. “She has a contract.”

“A contract written by Landi!” Raelynn says. “I have no idea how well her magic works, but I do know that every time I hear about a fox spirit showing up, it’s always bad news. No one has ever done the right thing trusting a fox spirit. Brave, powerful warriors and nobles alike have been tricked into horrible, bloody ends, over and over again.” Rae looks at me, and something like worry flickers across her golden eye. “I don’t want you to make the same mistake.”

“I make mistakes on a daily basis. Lots of them. But trust isn’t a mistake.” I look Raelynn right in her eye. “I don’t trust Dotti, at least not fully. She lies and breaks rules when it suits her, and if she had her magic, I’m sure she’d be a terror. But I do trust that she isn’t trying to kill me. It takes a lot to make that leap. Why did you think that?”

Raelynn breaks eye contact first. She looks to Samhain for the briefest of moments.


“You don’t have to tell me,” I say. “But trust is a two-way street, Rae.”

I go to Landi, still dim and shivering in Dotti’s paws. I pull the healing potion out from my belt. It’s the last bit of healing I have.

“Hey, Landi. Try this one.” I pop the cork and tilt it to the outline of her mouth. “It’s the same kind you had a few days ago. You know, when we first met.”

Landi guides the potion to her lips. I keep talking. “When we first found Dotti, remember? You warned me not to make eye contact. I really should have listened to you. Could’ve saved myself a trash-eating fox girl.”

Dotti sniffles. Landi takes a deep pull of potion. It doesn’t look like it’s working.

“I almost died,” Landi says quietly.

“It’s okay to be afraid,” I say. “I think I know something to help with that. Do you want to get some wine on the way back?”

“Yeah,” Landi says. Her glow brightens just a little. “Wine is good. And friends. Friends are nice.”

“Am I a friend?”

“Yeah.” She shines a little brighter.

“Is Dotti a friend?”

Dotti’s ears perk up.

“Dotti’s a pillow.”

Dotti’s ears go flat.

“I like pillows.”

Dotti whines.

I go to Raelynn and tell her the truth. “She’ll be fine.”


I take stock of our supplies. Thankfully, Dotti didn’t prime the smoke bomb before dropping it- that one’s still usable. Raelynn says the trip home will be just as dangerous as taking an extra half-hour to find the plated bauxite. I decide to trust in Raelynn’s skills, if not her forthrightness.

I won’t send Dotti home alone- she’s completely defenseless. Better to keep her with the group.

The risk pays off. We reach the cliff sooner than expected, and I find a deposit almost immediately. It feels good to get an unconditional win. Really good.

Raelynn is waiting for me when I step away from the cliffside, prize in hand.

“Are we still safe?”

Raelynn nods. “I found the source of the bloodshed.”

“Oh, no. Is it…”

“It’s not bad,” Raelynn says. “Not right now. I found a clearing with bloody bear pawprints. Lots of them, with ritual markings in the trees, and boot-prints in the dirt surrounding the clearing.”

“What on earth…” I put a hand to my head. “You make it sound like an arena.”

“Ritualized combat. Months’ worth of it. Enough to overpower the ritual cleansing.”

“But what kind of bears would fight with people watching?”

“Not bears,” Raelynn says numbly. “Druids.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Neither do I.”

We decide to leave. Now.


Everyone is exhausted once we leave the forest and make it to the safety of the well-traveled road. There’s only one party member who might have enough energy to have a conversation with me after everything that’s happened.

Is it Landi? Raelynn? Or Dotti?
No. 992701 ID: 894419

Lets talk with Landi.
No. 992703 ID: e51896

I think we should talk to Rae about why she has trust issues. Maybe we can get her to open up a little bit more. Perhaps her trust issues is why she doesn't have a animal companion yet.
No. 992705 ID: b1b4f3

Druids in repeated ritual combat? Maybe it was some kind of tournament? Regardless, they fucked up and we can file a complaint.

Talk to Raelynn. You don't know her very well, let's fix that. You can ask her about her adventures, where she trained, etc.
No. 992826 ID: 8483cf
File 161654714002.png - (85.25KB , 500x500 , Contract.png )

Raelynn’s the only one aside from me that’s not completely drained. I try to strike up a conversation with her to try and find out a little more about her. She doesn’t bite.

Fine. If she wants to walk home in silence, that’s up to her. It just gives me more time to think about how absolutely rich I’m going to be if my transmutation works out. I’ve still got silver left from my last batch- enough that if I successfully transmute it all to gold, it’ll set me up for months and months of lavish dinners and dresses for me, Landi and Dotti. That or some nice magic items. The artificers, gemsmiths and enchanters have a real racket going on.

That’s all assuming I can do my first silver-to-gold transmutation without blowing up.

But before I do that, I have a different issue: Dotti’s contract. The provisional term expires at sunset. Landi, Dotti and I have an hour or so to decide whether to extend it for a month.

If I’m going to propose modifying the contract, like adding in provisions banning Dotti from lying or eating trash, I’m going to have to do it now.
No. 992829 ID: 12b116

Using magic to compel her to not eat trash is counterproductive. You want to teach her as much as possible and only use magical compulsion to prevent direct and obvious betrayal.

If the only reason you can trust her is because you know she's being forced supernaturally to be trustworthy, then you really can't trust her at all.

Leave the contract as-is and just extend it.
No. 992830 ID: b1b4f3

The more restrictive you make the contract the more she'll resent it.
Don't put a "no trash" clause in there. You already kindof have a way of making her tell the truth, too. Isn't the Favor clause flexible enough to order her to answer a question truthfully?

Ask the other members of your team if they're satisfied.
No. 992848 ID: e51896

Dont put trash restrictions.

Make sure to tell the guild what your party went through since it wasnt natural
No. 992863 ID: 8483cf
File 161656261290.png - (86.59KB , 500x500 , Sunset.png )

I could compel Dotti to never lie, never tease Landi, and never eat trash. But that wouldn’t be very trusting of me, would it? I have to believe Dotti can be better, just like Landi can be better.

I glance back at them. Dotti is weary and tired, eyes glued to the ground, staying close to me the whole time. Landi is perched atop the top of Dotti’s puffy dress shoulder.

“Are you both okay?” I ask.

“Yeah,” Landi says.

Dotti nods.

“I’m sorry you got hurt, Landi,” I say. “I didn’t mean for things to happen that way.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“I know,” I sigh. “Dotti, I’m also sorry that I dragged you out like this. It was a lot of pressure, and I shouldn’t have put you in that position. I’ll understand if you want to cancel our contract.”

Dotti looks up at me with big, watery eyes and shakes her head. She rushes me with a hug and refuses to let go. What can I do but hug her back?

Raelynn watches impassively. I ignore her.

“Landi?” I ask. “What do you think of having Dotti around for a little longer?”

“Do I get to zap her if she threatens to eat me?”

Dotti winces.

“No zapping unless it’s in self-defense,” I admonish.

“Fine, whatever. She’s okay, I guess.”

“Then it’s settled,” I say. “Landi, I vote to extend our contract for one month.”

“Meh. Seconded.”

Dotti nods and looks around excitedly.

Nothing exciting happens.

“Was there supposed to be fireworks or something?” I ask Landi.

“You didn’t buy the premium package,” Landi jokes halfheartedly. “You want something pretty to commemorate our awesome adventuring party? There. There’s a sunset. It’s very glowy.”

“It is.”

I look to Raelynn. She’s preoccupied with something- whether that’s Dotti or the druids, I don’t know. She might join up with us again. She might not.

I might have screwed up. I can admit it. But… at least the future’s looking bright.

That’s all I need.
No. 992864 ID: 8483cf
File 161656263667.png - (209.72KB , 1000x1000 , Title Card 2.png )

END OF THREAD 2: Lazy Fairy and the Adventuring Party

Who Will be the POV of the Next Thread?

1. Moonshine, a.k.a Landi, a Fairy
2. Lady Serah Kensington, Heir Countess of Kensington, a Human Alchemist
3. Dorothea, a.k.a. Dotti, a Fox Spirit
4. Raelynn, a Wood Elf Ranger

Thread will remain open for one week to count votes.
No. 992865 ID: e51896

Dotti's turn to have character development.
Lets see if she can win Rae's respect.
No. 992866 ID: a85e28

No. 992869 ID: 1d109c

DOTTI fox adventures!
No. 992871 ID: 094652

In the mind of the Dotti,
No. 992888 ID: 12b116

No. 992915 ID: 75ba56

Dorothea. Time to do the big fox think for big fox problems. Like how to stop people to toss perfectly fine meats in tiny compartments.
No. 992983 ID: 5a788d

Raelynn. Sensible Adventure of Sensible Elf!
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