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File 159720550968.jpg - (469.85KB , 1200x1200 , Title Page s.jpg )
974331 No. 974331 ID: 55b47c

Lazy Fairy & the Lucky Panties

You partied through Fairy College and now no self-respecting adventurer will take you. Fortunately, you have an ace up your skirt.
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No. 974333 ID: 55b47c
File 159720578231.jpg - (445.70KB , 1200x1200 , Page 1.jpg )

You have the WORST hangover and can't remember anything.

That party must have been AWESOME.

You flutter around on the ground. You check your wings. Oh, ow. You slept on the forest floor again, and now your hair looks AWFUL.
No. 974334 ID: 55b47c
File 159720615483.jpg - (20.74KB , 390x310 , Lucky Panties.jpg )

You check your inventory for your emergency beauty kit. This is gonna take some SERIOUS PRIMPING to fix.

But all you have is a pair of panties WAY too big for you. Like, it's amazing they even fit in your inventory.

They're human-sized. And they're practically buzzing with magic.

Your pounding headache instantly vanishes. These panties are stupid powerful. Whoever used to own these is gonna want them back real bad. And anyone who owes a fairy has to pay up, or face the evil, legendary, awe-inspiring consequences of crossing the fae! That or you call your sisters and talk smack about them for a week and their reputation is FOREVER TARNISHED.

This could be your ticket out of Tutorial Forest!
No. 974335 ID: 55b47c
File 159720627044.jpg - (477.74KB , 2100x2100 , Page 3.jpg )

Your daydreaming is interrupted by a shrill cry of distress!

No. 974336 ID: b5fb67

Investigate cry of distress.
No. 974337 ID: 5a08b7

Quick!! Hide in the shadows until the opportune time to give safely advice
No. 974338 ID: 80f23f

Quick, bug the hell out of whoever's chasing her!
No. 974339 ID: b488b1

"Hey! Listen! Can't you see I'm trying to sleep here?"
No. 974340 ID: 0fae41

What's chasing her?
No. 974341 ID: b1b4f3

Hahaha, this is your chance! She needs power, the panties are powerful, so she gets to pay you back. With... what exactly did you need?
No. 974387 ID: 5e6dbf

Throw the panties at her head
No. 974410 ID: 55b47c
File 159729716759.jpg - (382.53KB , 1235x1750 , Page 4.jpg )

All right! An adventurer! You always knew that someday opportunity would come knocking if you partied hard enough.

Adventurers are basically the only way for a fairy to get out of the woods. It's a cold, dark world outside, and the only really reliable travel companion is one with a sword or spellbook.

That, and a successful adventurer is THE fashion statement this year.

You flutter off the ground and hover unsteadily towards the panicked girl, flapping your wings and straightening your favorite party dress. You only get one chance at making a first impression, and this is it. Here she comes!


Fairy college payin' off.

The girl screeches to a halt.

"Oh, thank goodness!" she pants. "I'm being chased by a Whirling Dervish! It stole my potion pouch! And... and..." she blushes.

You flutter your wings and tilt your head.

"It keeps asking for my panties! I don't know how to get my stuff back!"

You let out a peal of laughter. Someone's obviously summoned this Dervish to search for their missing panties. Their whilwinds steal as much as they can from the unsuspecting new adventurer- it's a perfect summon for a more powerful witch who's lost her panties. But you're too smart to be caught by that!

"Please!" the adventurer says. "I need my pouch! It has all my alchemy reagents and potions, I put so much time and effort into making them! I can't leave the woods without it!"
No. 974411 ID: 55b47c

Credit to Anon44 for the chibi style. Made it a lot easier to get the proportions right.
No. 974412 ID: b5fb67


"I happen to have a spare set of underwear I could give that Dervish! But what can you offer in return?"
No. 974413 ID: b1b4f3

Offer panties in exchange for her taking you on as a companion.
No. 974414 ID: 094652

Let's just write up the contract already.
No. 974423 ID: 685022

She's an adventurer who spends days and weeks outdoors. There's no way she doesn't have a few spare sets of panties. Just tell the adventurer to give the dervish one of those to get if off her back.

If the dervish is looking for magic panties specifically, then maybe use your fairy powers to put a simple enchantment on one of the spare pairs of panties, and give them to the dervish.
No. 974434 ID: 4f8347

Tell her you'd love to help her, but you're just so busy looking for a fledgling adventurer in need of a fae companion to make their adventuring life easier. Then act like you just realized she's an adventurer and ask if she knows any newbie's in need of the 'Awesome Power of the Fae TM'. Don't forget the TM this time, so you don't get tangled up with the practitioners of the fell arts of copyright again.
No. 974435 ID: 5e6dbf

flash dem tiddies n pop that pussy
No. 974460 ID: 55b47c
File 159738041094.png - (355.33KB , 892x1250 , Page 5.png )

"I'd love to help, cutie, but I'm just so tired from searching for the perfect adventurer," you say, giving an exaggerated flutter of your dirty wings. "I have such high standards, and if you're running at the mere sight of a Whirling Dervish asking for your undies... are you really cut out for this?"

"Hey! That's not fair!" the girl stamps her foot. "It stole my potion bag! It has all my ice bombs and potions in it! And... and... it was really insistent on getting panties! It blew up my robes and... and... it was horrible!"

"How horrifying," you yawn. "Why not quit while you still have your underoos?"

"Please!" the alchemist whines. "I can't go back to town without my bag! I need it to finish transmuting my rent or else I'll have to go begging for money from daddy again!"

"Is your dad a noble?"

"Yes! And I can't ask him for any more money, he'll make me live in his keep again and marry me off to some ugly prince!"

You try to keep your bells from tinkling. "Oh? And you're all set to inherit his huge tracts of land?"

"I don't care about that! I hate my home! I want to see the world!"

Hints of the whistling winds of a dervish blow through your wings. It's now or never.

"Oh, no! Here it comes! Please help me get my bag back! I can't go home naked!"

You pull out the first spell you learned in Fairy College. The one that's second nature to any fae, no matter how hung over.

"Sign here on the dotted line! Just a few terms and conditions!"

"T-terms?" her eyes squint, the she jumps as the whirling gets closer. She holds her hands to her robes.

"I help get your bag back, and you agree to be my adventurer!"

"You promise?"

"It's all in the contract!" you hold out the pen.
No. 974461 ID: b1b4f3

Cmon, I'm a fairy. You can trust a fairy.
No. 974466 ID: b5fb67


Think of all the cool adventures we can get into!
No. 974467 ID: 094652

"Look, we both know this is a bad deal, but the truth is, we're both going to be forced to make worse deals if you don't take this one. Like getting eaten by wild beasts or starving to death."
No. 974469 ID: 55b47c
File 159739091398.png - (85.25KB , 500x500 , Contract 1.png )

"I'll... I'll do it!" the girl says hurriedly. "Just help me get my bag back!"

She signs her name, family name, and title on the contract. The paper glows with a bright blue light and disperses into a sparkling waterfall of legalese.


What did she write?
No. 974470 ID: f8fa51

Lady Sarah. Someone else suggest a family name. She's only a "Lady" because she's yet to inherit the real title along with her father's land, but her father is a Count.
No. 974471 ID: b5fb67


"Lady Kensington."
No. 974472 ID: cdabe3

Sarah! An excellent name. :D
No. 974473 ID: 12b116

No. 974475 ID: b1b4f3

Nooo no no her name is Saras.
No. 974477 ID: 977456

Family name: Nayde
Or: engass
No. 974482 ID: adb916

No! No! No! It should be June to properly credit Anon44's quest protagonist. I'm only slightly sorry Anon44.
No. 974483 ID: 094652

Family Name: "Swindleton"

Medieval Bureaucracy is practically a caste system.
No. 974489 ID: 55b47c

(Since I've already stolen so, so much from Anon44, I'd prefer not to use the same first name and spelling of their primary OC.

What does the peanut gallery think of calling her Cera?)
No. 974496 ID: 1898ce

Cera Michael
No. 974497 ID: ed54dd

(Or name her Sarah, but give her a nickname.)
No. 974518 ID: 55b47c
File 159745429356.jpg - (514.76KB , 1500x1500 , Page 6.jpg )

"Lady Serah Kensington." You test out the name of your new adventurer. Very pretty. Very regal. Very close to Count Swindleton, a name you've heard thrown around with some very colorful insults.

The Whirling Dervish arrives! It whips through the underbrush and makes a beeline straight for Serah, its voice a high-whistled whistle.

"Pantiesssss for misssssssssstresssss!"

"There's my bag!" Serah braces herself. "You won't steal anything this time! I brought out the big guns just for you!"

You assume she means you. Well.

You briefly consider giving up the panties in your magical inventory. With your hangover faded, you finally recognize the spell placed upon them. Some witches enchant their clothes with multiple amplifying spells, but whoever did these used all their oomph for just one.

It's a very, very powerful good luck charm.

You've already got what you need: an adventurer companion with all the bells and whistles. Do you really need to go around making enemies with these panties' owner?

But the Dervish doesn't look like it'll slow down its charge. If you give up the panties, will it give up the bag?
No. 974519 ID: b1b4f3

Take out the panties and move to the side to see how much the dervish is interested in them.

Can you do battle if necessary?
No. 974520 ID: b5fb67

So what kind of combat abilities do we have? Can we fight it?
No. 974526 ID: 55b47c
File 159746280196.png - (1.13MB , 1500x1500 , Page 7.png )

It would be the worst of tragedies to bruise your pretty face. The world would never recover from what it lost! No, fighting isn't for you.

You could always cast dancing lights (great for parties). Uh... what other spells did you learn at Fairy College? Well, whatever. Maybe you'll remember them later.

Worst comes to worst, you could sprinkle a ton of fairy dust on Serah and hope she flies away. Once, you danced so hard on a boy's head, he got coated in enough of your dust that he took off like a balloon!

Or maybe that was the pixie stix making you see things.

Well, it's not like you're about to rub your dust all over Serah without her buying you dinner first. You decide to play the only card you have and try to bait the Dervish away from your cute adventurer. Can't mess up that hair!

"Hey, Dust Bowl!" You pull out the magical panties and wave them at the Dervish. "Looking for these??"

"Oh Goddess," Serah gapes, flustered beyond belief. "W-why do you have something like that?!"


The Dervish screeches and whips away from your adventurer- straight towards you!
No. 974527 ID: b1b4f3

Fly up out of reach. Tell the dervish it's gotta drop the pack first. Give back what was stolen, and you will return what was lost.
No. 974529 ID: 9f00f4

No no, you want to keep the bag AND the panties for yourself (and your adventurer, whatever)!

What you need to do is trick the dervish into over-extending itself and getting itself trapped or exhausting itself somehow!
No. 974563 ID: 55b47c
File 159754257735.png - (1.86MB , 2100x2450 , Bag Get.png )

Time to do what you always do when you end up in trouble: make a beeline for your friend's house and crash on their couch!

The Dervish follows you- and its mistress's panties- straight to your fox friend's underground hidey hole.

You reach the hoe and fly straight up, as high as you can. "Here I am!" you shout. "Come and get me! Neener neener!"

The Dervish reaches the foxhole. With a sound like a vacuum, the tip of its tornado gets sucked into the foxhole. It's trapped!

"Now!" you shout at Serah. "Grab the bag!"

"W-what?" Serah hesitates. "I- I have to grab it out?!"

"Yes! What are you waiting for? Do it now now now!"

"Oh, no..." Serah cautiously steps next to the angry trapped dervish and whimpers. She tries to grab the bag once, twice, but she misses.

The trapped Dervish hisses and whips the bag around faster inside its vortex.

"Get closer! Grab it fast!"

"Oh no..." Serah bites her lip and puts a foot into the dirty vortex scrambling to grab the bag. "Come on, come on, come on!"

Just as she grabs the bag, the Dervish catches her belt!
No. 974564 ID: b1b4f3

Alright she's got the bag which means as soon as she's clear of the dervish we can drop the panties.
No. 974565 ID: b5fb67


Use your fairy might to push Lady Kensington out of the whirlwind!
No. 974618 ID: b488b1

Sacrifice the belt. The bag's more important!
No. 974930 ID: 55b47c
File 159822385556.png - (303.45KB , 600x600 , Branch.png )

"My belt!" Lady Serah squeals.

"Forget the belt!" you shot back. "You got the goods, now get outta there!"

You rack your brain for a creative solution. There must be something you can do to get your adventurer out of the whirlwind without getting sucked in yourself.

You find a branch. Using your AWESOME FAIRY STRENGTH, you flex it just enough to get sucked into the whirlwind.

"Grab on!" you shout. You flap your wings hard and just barely escape the Dervish's pull.
No. 974931 ID: 55b47c
File 159822494138.png - (1.08MB , 1500x1500 , Page 8.png )

“Let's blow this popsicle stand!” you declare.

“But my belt!”

“So what? Nice undies, by the way.”

“It's not underwear!” Lady Serah flushes. “It's an adventuring-fashionable layered corset-romper with frills!”

“That's a mouthful.” You fly down to thigh-level. “And it sure looks like undies from this angle...”

“Shut up!” Lady Serah clutches at the slit in her robes and presses her bag against her hip.

The Dervish whirls harder and harder, digging itself out of the foxhole. Your foxy friend is gonna be pissed at the damage to her living room once all this over.

While you're down there, you peek inside Lady Serah's bag. A quick peek with your keen fae eyes shows you that she has:

- Boring transmutation reagents. Great for making gold, terrible for fighting.
- Ice Bomb x2
- Fire Bomb x1
- Minor Healing Potion x2
- Smoke Bomb
- Potion of Swift Stride
- Minor Elixir of Strength
- Failed Potion of Invisibility
- Shiny Shiny Gold

Lady Serah should really forget the belt, but she seems to care about her decency. With her potions, maybe she could get it back somehow? Ice potions aren't the greatest against wind type enemies, and someone setting off fire bombs this close to your apartment will send your renter's insurance premiums through the roof.

“You... you evil Dervish!” Lady Serah huffs. The Dervish whistles angrily.
No. 974936 ID: 094652

Does the failed potion of invisibility make things more visible?

One way to find out!
No. 975044 ID: 0fae41

If you drink the potion of strength, could your wings becomes strong enough to blow away the wind spirit? Or perhaps Serah could drink the potion of Swift Stride and rotate counter to the spirit's rotation to dissipate him.
No. 975090 ID: c5d2fe

Far as I can tell, best option is to make her chug the Potion of Swift Stride and perhaps you work to distract it or something.
No. 975782 ID: 55b47c
File 159943436577.png - (441.66KB , 1299x1500 , Swift Stride.png )

There's lots of potions in there that might help you fight the Dervish yourself, but- ugh!- combat would muss up your already bed-headed wings. You've got too much primping to do already- and isn't fighting the adventurer's job, anyway?

“That Dervish spinning clockwise,” you yawn. “I bet if you use one of your potions to run fast enough in the other direction, it'll cancel out the enchantment powering its rinky-dink vacuum and it'll poof out of existence or something.”

“And we're free to leave!” Serah pulls out her Potion of Swift Stride and chugs it down with speed that would make a few of your party-hearty friends raise an eyebrow. “Finally, it's time for battle!”

Serah takes a runner's stance and zips forward, swirling around the Dervish in quick counter-clockwise circles so tight it makes your head spin. Or maybe that's the hangover.

“It's working!” Serah shouts. “Take that!”

With a dusty cough, the Dervish collapses into itself, until the little bit of wind magic fueling the construct's tornado gives out in a sparkly pop.

“Victory is mine!” Serah smiles and retrieves her belt. “Oh, the rush is just like I imagined it would feel!”

“First time?” you titter. “I should have guessed daddy's girl would be so sheltered.”

“My father has nothing to do with this,” Serah says haughtily. “I earned this victory all by myself.”

“Uh, hello?” You bounce around in front of her. “I totally saved your butt.”

Serah finishes buckling her belt and crosses her arms. “I could have done all that myself.”

You roll your eyes. “Uh-huh. Next time an overgrown dust bunny steals your bag, I'll make sure to remember you don't need any help. Nu-uh.”

“Next time?”

“Yep!” You give a delighted bob. “We're partners now! You didn't forget already, did you?”

“...Oh.” Serah bites her lip as you plop yourself on top of her head.

“Onward, noble steed!” You grab a few strands of her hair and give a crack on the reins.

“Hey!” Serah brushes you off her head. “Don't do that!”

“Too bad,” you say. “I get my choice of how you carry me. It's in the contract!”

“Oh, dear...” Serah sighs. You gleefully hop back on.

You stretch your wings. They're still ruffled from the time you spent sleeping on the forest floor. And your dress is a mess. This. Will. Not. Do.

You could drop by your tiny treehouse apartment and freshen up... but you're late on your rent, and your landlord is totally nuts. Better to leave it all behind and let him deal with your mess.

You could go straight for Serah's place in the nearby city and see what they have for beauty kits. But would you really be seen in public such a state?

Decisions, decisions...
No. 975800 ID: b5fb67


Let's go check out Serah's place. It's gotta be filled with stuff we can... appropriate.
No. 975802 ID: b1b4f3

I think keeping the lucky panties is a bad idea.
No. 975830 ID: c5d2fe

We're gonna TOTALLY take her under our wing. She's gonna be an adventurer and learn how to be fabulous doing it!
No. 975831 ID: c5d2fe

Oh, and yeah, let's head back to her place.
No. 976209 ID: 55b47c
File 159998122917.png - (364.05KB , 855x1000 , Page 9.png )

There's nothing in your apartment but yesterday's fashion and last night's spilled cocktails. Let your landlord deal with that mess. You're moving up in the world!

"Let's get outta this lame-ass forest!" You give Serah's hair-reins a whip. "Let's see how your gal pals back home welcome their conquering hero!"

"Hero..." Serah smiles. "I like the sound of that."
No. 976210 ID: 55b47c
File 159998137649.png - (366.92KB , 855x1000 , Page 10.png )

"Though all I really did was stomp on a lewd Dervish..." Serah sighs. "It's not really a victory if I didn't save someone, is it?"

"Of course it is," you say. "You saved your dignity! That has to be worth something!"

"I guess..."
No. 976211 ID: 55b47c
File 159998147843.png - (361.59KB , 855x1000 , Page 11.png )

"Wait a minute!" Serah exclaims. "The only reason I got in this mess was because the Dervish was looking for panties!"

Uh oh.

"Panties you appear to be the owner of! Panties much too large for you!"
No. 976212 ID: 55b47c
File 159998158188.png - (364.24KB , 855x1000 , Page 12.png )

"Hey, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this," you say.

"And what might that be?" Serah asks.

"...I didn't say I knew it, I just said it exists."
No. 976214 ID: 55b47c
File 159998177247.png - (321.79KB , 855x1000 , Page 13.png )

"Well, I feel like those panties are bad news! If you really want to go on adventures with me, I say you get rid of them right now! Go on, drop those unlucky panties and prove you aren't in on some grand conspiracy with the Dervish!"

Well. She miiiiiiight have something of a point.

Should you ditch the panties?
No. 976215 ID: b5fb67

Keep panties, investigate cute fox.
No. 976216 ID: 094652

"I'm too hammered to be in any conspiracy theory! Just tie the panties around that dolled-up fox and let's go."
>Wait, why does that fox have a bow?
"Where there are magical sentients, there is trolling."
No. 976230 ID: 735fa3

No way, those panties are proof of some ribald conquest you can't remember, you can't just give that up.
No. 976253 ID: c5d2fe

"You sure? These things are stupid powerful. Like whoa. Whoever used to own these is gonna want them back real bad, and they're gonna owe us big for finding them. And anyone who owes a fairy has to pay up, too! It's like...a law. I think. Pretty sure.

We could probably get like, a DOZEN margaritas for this. Or a really good bottle of booze.
No. 978586 ID: 6f7a5a

look at cute fox
No. 978589 ID: 3994a2

Demand a little reciprocity. If you're ditching your panties she has to ditch hers -- fair's fair! (Just dismiss any complaints regarding your panties' size relative to your body or the fact that you aren't wearing them.)
No. 978591 ID: 3994a2

And, of course, she should go first as a show of good faith, since she still owes you for getting her bag back.
No. 978807 ID: 055dbd
File 160298730257.jpg - (395.41KB , 1200x1600 , Serah Ink.jpg )

You and your new adventurer continue down the wooded path. It shouldn't be long before you're out of the woods. Just keep her walking, and talking, that's the ticket.

You flutter alongside Serah and flap your ruffled wings. "Look at me, honey. I am way too tired to think up an elaborate plan like that. And if I really was in cahoots with that Dervish, why did it even go after you in the first place? To find some panties it already knew I had?"

"I don't know!" Serah says. "I just think it's highly suspicious that the first fairy I find happens to have just the right thing to solve my problems in exchange for signing a magical contract."

"Oh, honey," you sigh. "What exactly did you think it was that fairies did, again?"

Serah grumbles. "Those panties of yours are still bad news. I demand you get rid of them right now!"

"Aren't you rushing things a little?" You give a giggle and tug playfully on her hair. "You can't just tell a girl to drop her panties the first time you meet."

"That is not what I meant!" Serah flushes a deep crimson. "Stop twisting my words into whatever shape suits your inane purposes!"

"Oh, honey. What exactly did you think-"


You dodge a swipe of her hand. "Whoa! Easy, sister! I'll give it a rest! In fact, I'll do you one better and get rid of these panties if it means that much to you. Even though these babies are worth, like, a gajillion gold pieces, and their owner is gonna owe me a favor if we give 'em back, which is also worth at least two gajillion."

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah. Since we are official adventuring gal pals, I think we need to establish some trust in this relationship. But trust is a two way street. If this is gonna be a panty free zone, I'm gonna need you to toss your undies too!"

"W-What? No, no, no! Absolutely not! I didn't give them to the Dervish, why would I give them to you?!"

"You're not, sweetie. You're tossing 'em away and going commando!" You flutter around her robes and catch a glimpse of white frills. "What did you call this frilly number? Fancy pants adventuring lingerie?"

Serah slaps a hand to the slit in her robes, growing even more flustered. "It's an adventuring-fashionable layered corset-romper with frills, and it is not underwear!"

"So many layers. Such a prude!" You clear your throat and adopt an overblown highborn accent. "Lady Kensington, this esteemed faerie court finds your sense of modesty entirely unsuited to the noble profession of ahhhhdventurer. Unless thou art prepared to sacrifice thine panties in the name of equality, thou shan't demand what thee cannot give!"

"You're not even wearing those panties!" Serah shrieks. "The court's determination is based on an inaccurate premise! I demand an appeal on grounds of reversible error by the finder of fact!"

"Certiorari denied!"

"Curses!" Serah huffs. "Fine, keep the panties! Just don't come crying to me when their owner shows up, takes your clothes, then chains you to their ballroom ceiling and uses your naked body as a chandelier!"

You bite your lip. "Does the chandelier have candles? Is there hot wax?"
No. 978808 ID: 055dbd
File 160298740005.jpg - (269.36KB , 1000x1333 , Homeless Fox.jpg )

Serah sputters incoherently for a moment and stares at you with an expression of utter exasperation. She looks like she's about to flip her lid- and then her eyes snap in the direction of a bush on the side of the path.

"Is that fox staring at us?"

Uh oh.

"Keep walking," you urge. "It's probably more scared of you than you are of it."

"It doesn't look scared. In fact, it's walking towards us. And... is that a bow?"

"Keep walking! Don't make eye contact!"

"It's so cute!"


"Who's a good foxy? Yes you are! Yes you are!"

Crap. You turn around and squint through one fae eye to block out the glint of the offensively crude enchantment magic, even by your standards.

You realize, with horror, that the fox you're friends with actually lives on the other side of the woods, and it's not able to cast spells.

This one's definitely supernatural. Definitely cute. Definitely dangerous.

Definitely zeroing in on your adventurer for wrecking its foxhole.
No. 978809 ID: b1b4f3

Well unless you can fight off the fox yourself your adventurer is gonna get wrecked. Bargain with it. Offer to like, get it some food or something to make up for it needing to dig a new hole.
No. 978843 ID: b5fb67


Body slam fox.
No. 978844 ID: b5fb67

Body slam fox.
No. 978874 ID: c5d2fe

Oh god are we gonna have to serious up for a moment?

We might have to serious up for a moment.

Get in front of her and sober up as quick as you can and try to block eyesight. If you can't fight it, as stated, offer it a sincere apology and offer recompense unrelated to the adventurer you're currently guiding.
No. 978877 ID: 9f00f4

Perhaps offering to make it a new home, or see to it that a BETTER home and shelter gets made for it?
No. 978881 ID: 735fa3

Ask it if it could please not hurt your adventurer. You just got her and it'd suck if she got all dinged up just because someone set a dervish after her.
No. 978885 ID: f14d2d
File 160306720387.jpg - (139.42KB , 1000x750 , BAP.jpg )

That fox took a simple, perfectly serviceable compulsion and cranked the volume up so high it's making your teeth buzz. Only a complete rookie wouldn't notice the spell completely hijacking their train of thought.

"Look at you, you cute little foxie! Do you want a treat? A healing potion? Tummy rubs? Oh, what cute little fangs you have!"

What are they teaching adventurers these days? You hitch up your skirt and decide to save your adventurer from a mini-mauling.

"Hey, hussy! I'll give you something to look at!" You barrel straight for the fox's eyes.

Then she smacks you into a tree.

You bounce off so hard it knocks you senseless. You see stars, and it's not just the twinkling of fairy dust billowing around you.

You can only lie on the ground and groan. That fox hit you so hard it knocked practically all the dust out of you. Your once-healthy blue glow, formerly bright enough to light you up like a disco ball, is now just a twinkle in your eye. Fortunately, it was just enough to get the fox to look away from your adventurer.

"Ah!" Her strings cut, Serah wobbles unsteadily and cradles her head between her hands. "It hurts! Oh, gods, it hurts!"

"Sorry, foxy. Amateur hour is over," you groan from the forest floor. You flap your dry, dustless wings. You're drained. The one good thing about all this is that your hangover, at least, vanished right alongside the rest of your senses.

The fox bares her fangs at you and crouches low to pounce. Your adventurer is out of the fight. You can't even fly.

Time to get serious.

"We'll owe you a favor!"

The fox freezes.

"We'll owe you a favor," you pant, "If you please, please don't hurt me. Or my rookie adventurer here."

The fox's back arches. She leaps at you and pins you to the ground, eyes wide, fangs bared.

"Ahh! No strings attached! I promise!" you can barely get the words out. Your eyes water, your head pounds, and you try ferociously not to make eye contact. "We'll help rebuild your hidey-hole. We'll get you a better hidey-hole. Shit, we'll get you a friggin' apartment, just don't eat me!"
No. 978886 ID: f14d2d
File 160306726924.jpg - (213.35KB , 1200x900 , Fox Bargaining.jpg )

The fox swishes her tail back and forth. Her snarl fades. You can feel the utterly unnecessarily powerful yanking on your mind fade as she dials down the compulsion spell, but she keeps pressing you into the dirt with her paw.

"Good for you, you won a fight. Friggin' beginner's luck," you huff. "You gonna let me up or what?"

The fox tilts her head, smiles, and lifts her paw.

"About time." You clamber to your feet just in time for the fox's other paw to pin you down again. You swear at her, she lifts her paw, and lets you up just long enough to get your balance before pinning you again.

This goes on for far longer than you care to admit.

"Please let me up," you moan. "If you let my adventurer give me a healing potion, I'll... I'll..."

The fox tilts her head, further than the last time.

"I'll give you a name. A good one."

The fox immediately lets you up. You spy Serah taking long, heavy chugs of a healing potion in between bouts of rubbing temples. Some partner she is.

The fox sees this and snatches the potion in her teeth, then drops it in front of you.

"Hey!" Serah looks over and sees your sorry state. Her jaw drops. "Oh, no! What happened? Where's your glow? Are you dying?" Her jaw drops. "...Oh, sweet savior, what are you wearing?"

"It was a hell of a night, all right?" You sigh and take the last chug of the healing potion for yourself. You stretch and stretch your body. Dust billows from your wings, and your healthy blue glow is right back to a healthy shade of cyan.

The fox watches you eagerly. Ah, crap. You promised to give it a name, and names have power.

This can only end badly.
No. 978887 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 978888 ID: 0fae41

Sheepdog, because they're fluffy and canid-like.
No. 978891 ID: 5dfe40

Kumi, as in kumiho. A name that will have no bad consequences for anyone.
No. 978909 ID: 6f7a5a

I say call he Dotti , based on her pokadot bow
No. 978910 ID: b1b4f3

No. 978911 ID: c5d2fe

No. 978914 ID: 23bf8a

Double Bubble Disco Queen!
No. 978915 ID: 23bf8a

Double Bubble Disco Queen!
No. 978916 ID: 23bf8a

Shit I don't know why it posted twice
No. 978928 ID: 094652

No. 978959 ID: b5fb67


Foxy Fox Foxington
No. 978961 ID: 735fa3

Well If I'm understanding naming properly, you could name them Icarus as that would likely be considered this bargain backfiring on them. Probably in some hilarious way a little down the road.
No. 978981 ID: 23bf8a

Lets not try to screw them, we did destroy their home after all. Besides, they might willing to help us in the future!
No. 979117 ID: 735fa3

Hey, one magical companion per adventurer, don't need no foxes honing in on our territory.

Name it "right fuckt"
No. 979289 ID: f6f419
File 160340083153.jpg - (327.33KB , 1400x1050 , WarmFluffyGoddess.jpg )

Names are a tricky business. Think a name, it creates an image. Say a name, it draws attention. Live a name, it creates an identity.

If you give the fox a powerful name, she might get ideas. If you give her a ridiculous name, you've cursed her and made an enemy for life.

That and you promised to give her a good name. You could try and weasel out of your promise based around the definition of the word "good", but that's dicey at best. If you go back on your word, that is a Big Deal In All Caps.

You ponder the benefits of having a warm, fluffy fox to sleep on. Then you remember that this fox just kicked your ass and doesn't need another ego boost.

You remember that foxes aren't dogs.

Tempting, but this fox has already shown her fangs. You don't want to run into her again if she gets it in her head she's a killing machine.

Dorothea might work. It's a good fairy name, cute enough, and you can nickname her "Dotti."

Great way to get eaten for real this time.

That's a guy's name!

>Double Bubble Disco Queen
You are the only dancing queen the world will ever bow to!

Feels deeper than it is, kind of like your first boyfriend.

>Foxy Fox Foxington
You're starting to run out of fox to give at this point.

Another guy's name! But after all this fox has put you through, you do like the idea of naming her something related to burning horribly and crashing into the ground at high speed.

>right fuckt
It'd be awkward to name her after your favorite dildo.
No. 979291 ID: b1b4f3

Dorothea then.
No. 979299 ID: 6f7a5a

go Dorothea go Dotti!
No. 979300 ID: 094652

Doranami? Okay Dorothy it is then.
No. 979301 ID: 23bf8a

No. 979302 ID: 0fae41

Unami then. There's a savory sound to it.
No. 979309 ID: c5d2fe

Dorothea works.
No. 979448 ID: 371355
File 160358629709.jpg - (579.33KB , 1500x2000 , RED ALERT.jpg )

"Your name is..."

The fox waits in eager anticipation.


The fox continues to wait, as if she didn't even hear.

"Uh... Dotti?"

Dotti bounds back and forth in excitement.

"Great," you sigh. One less thing to worry about. You flap your wings in a huff and call out to your adventurer. "Hey, newbie! I hope that precious pouch of yours has a shovel in it. You've got some digging to..."

Your jaw drops. The sight is too terrible to comprehend.

"You gave her a name! That means we can keep her, right? Right?!"
No. 979449 ID: 6f7a5a

give in, you can't deal with cuteness at this magnitude
No. 979450 ID: 9f00f4

"Uh, as an intelligent, mystical creature, that'd be Dotti's choice of whether or not to adventure with us."
No. 979451 ID: b5fb67


"I mean... sure... yeah... why not..."
No. 979452 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, this.
No. 979460 ID: 23bf8a

No. 979477 ID: 52ea6a
File 160359774361.jpg - (301.87KB , 1500x1125 , Fox is Sus.jpg )

"Are you crazy?!" you object. "That's not just some fox! That's some fox that just put the magic whammy on you so hard you didn't even notice her try to eat me! Well, she can't fool me, I went to college! That fox is, without a doubt, a k-"

Out of Serah's vision, Dotti bares her teeth at you and makes a slitting motion across her throat.

"...k-kind, intelligent vixen that can make her own decisions."

Serah smiles and sets Dotti down. "If she's smart enough to cast spells, that makes her smarter than you, doesn't it?"

"Oh, you did not just go there!" You stomp your foot on thin air.

"I always wanted a pet, but daddy wouldn't let them in the manse," Serah smiles and pats Dotti on the head. "He said they were for commoners, circuses and druids. And druids always made a mess on the rugs."

Your eyes bug out in disbelief. You fly up to Dotti and stare her right in the eye, dull throbbing of the almost-gone enchantment be damned.

"You can't possibly be okay with this," you hiss. "Don't think I don't know what you're up to. Or not up to. And don't think I don't know what you think I don't know you're not up to!"

Dotti grins.

"Fine," you say, grinding your teeth. "If you're going to be my adventurer's pet, then you get to stay at her place. That means my favor is over and done with. Kaput! Books square. Capisce?"

Dotti rolls her eyes and nods.

"And there have to be ground rules!" You rack your brain for ground rules on how to deal with supernatural foxes. Why didn't you pay more attention in fairy college?! "Uh... no trying to kill me! That's rule one!"

Dotti ignores you and trots over to Serah, her tail flicking back and forth lazily. She gives a big, wide yawn.

"Oh, you're so tired," Serah says. "You must have been so scared when your home got destroyed. It's okay, I'll carry you home."

Dotti hops into Serah's arms and nestles comfortably against her bosom. She sighs contentedly.

"I have so many ideas for when we get you home!" Serah says. "How about a bath? Oh! We should wash your bow! And a nice, hot leg of lamb! And then..." She excitedly lists off every dream she's had for her pets since she was a little girl, and your irritation grows further.

This is unacceptable. Serah is your adventurer. She should be pampering you!

You make your way out of the forest, towards the nearby town where Serah has begun her life as an adventurer. Your irritation begins to fade, if only slightly.

What kind of town are you about to hit? Does it have a nightlife? How good is the wine? And most importantly, how will you take your revenge on Dotti and assert your rightful place atop the totem pole of pampering?
No. 979485 ID: 6f7a5a

bide your time on revenge and wait for an opening or for Dotti to let her guard down
No. 979495 ID: aa25c3

Of course the wine's good, why else would you live on this side of the forest?

You might be able to turn this around, Serah's a bit of a lightweight in the heroics department and that fox isn't going to stick around if she has to do the heavy lifting. Good chance to get Serah a bit more used to ADVENTURE while you hardly have to lift a finger.
No. 979496 ID: e51896

you are going to end up at a town known for its festivals! fattening unhealthy food, scary funny jesters, large circus tents, thrilling shows, carnie games that rip you off, lots of fun.

Too bad it is all too expensive.
No. 979497 ID: b5fb67

Let's hit up a town that has lots of places to shop. I wanna find some kick-ass magic items and weapons.
No. 979507 ID: 735fa3

You just have to spur Dotti to get revenge on some other person who's "wronged" her, in full view of Sarah. She won't accept an evil (or at least bitchy), fox pet.

Just make her true colors come out by convincing someone else to yank on her tail or muss up her ribbon or something.
No. 979540 ID: 8bf1fe
File 160366920799.jpg - (61.81KB , 600x450 , SweetUpgrades.jpg )

After an hour of what feels like one long, high-pitched squee, the three of your arrive at the bustling town of Minga.

"Minga! Yes!!!" You can't help but flit from one side of the street to the other, drinking in the sights and sounds. It's dusk, but the merchants are still going strong- especially the wine sellers! "Hey, newbie! Look! These guys have double magnums of rosé! And it's the good stuff!"

Serah is ignoring you. Worse, she's buying Dotti dinner!

You grind your teeth and look further. There, behind the stalls, is a dim shop selling just what you need. Magical armaments. Swords for slaying! Wands for witching! Shields for slamming! You make a note to come by when they're open. Maybe you can convince Serah to buy a few upgrades for "pest control."

You float over to your adventurer and try to ignore the hanger-on tearing into a heavily spiced leg of lamb. "Hey! Are we gonna celebrate your first day as an adventurer or what?" You shout in Serah's ear. "Look at the signs! There's wine! And cotton candy! And jesters! And fire breathers! And wine!"

"Uh... I kind of spent all my money on Dotti's dinner," Serah says sheepishly. "I still need to transmute my rent."

"You can dupe gold and your father is literally a Count," you say, your mouth hanging in flabbergastation. "How are you broke?!"

"Actually, I can make copper from base metals, and silver from copper," Serah says proudly. "I'm the youngest alchemist to transmute silver in the parish!"

"So daddy paid for your education and got it in your head to become an adventurer even though you haven't left the lab once," you say. "Suddenly it all makes sense."

"I am an accomplished alchemist, and I do not have to suffer these indignities from you!" Serah says. "Come on, Dotti. Let's go to home and get you a nice pillow to sleep on."

"No nightlife?!" you whine.

"Dotti needs her sleep!"

Dotti yawns.

You watch dejectedly as your useless bankrupt adventurer carries Dotti down the street, away from the festival.

Your revenge will have to be served cold.
No. 979541 ID: 8bf1fe
File 160366928032.jpg - (225.43KB , 900x1200 , DormLife.jpg )

You smell the place before you see it.

"Are you kidding me?!"

"What?" Serah fumbles for her keys to the reinforced wooden door.

"You rented a hole in the wall in the adventurers' guild?!"

"It was the only place that had a 24/7 alchemist's lab. And don't worry, I got the biggest room they had. It fits a whole bed!"

"Well, you're supposed to be able to afford better! What about vanity cabinets? You have to have places for primping! And there aren't any private bathrooms! I am NOT taking a bubble bath in the same tub as Harrietta the Barbarian, Champion of Pube Mountain!"

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that. There's separate shower stalls, and the drains hardly ever clog."

You start to sniffle.

"Bedtime, Dotti!" Serah says, carrying the fox upstairs.

Today sucks.

You follow her up. Serah opens the door to her hole-in-the-wall room and you recoil in horror. How can a noble girl live like this?!

Dotti immediately leaps onto the foot of the bed and curls up contentedly. You look around for a fairy-sized place to sleep and come up short.

"Here you go!"

Oh no.

Serah is standing beside the standard-issue chest adventurers toss their gear in while they hit the town. She lays a handkerchief on top of her pile of clothes. "This is big enough for you, right?"

"Oh no. No, no, no. I am not sleeping in that. I only sleep on beds of leaf and vine, plucked from fresh-"

"It's either that or the floor."

You remember last night and your back starts to ache.

"...I will not dignify this with an answer," you say as you climb into your "bed". You find a copy of Serah's alchemist's journal as your mattress and try to make it as comfortable as possible.

"Well, that was a big day," Serah says. She stretches. "Time for bed. I'm going to change into my nightie," Serah says, looking at you expectantly.

"For real?" you laugh. "Nobles are so weird. Fine, I'll close my eyes."

"Actually, I'd be more comfortable if you gave me some privacy."

"Wait, wha-"

CRASH! Serah locks you into the chest.

"THIS IS ILLEGAL!" you shout, but you're stuck.
No. 979542 ID: 8bf1fe
File 160366933529.jpg - (45.79KB , 500x375 , Level Up!.jpg )

You groan and decide to make the most of things. You crank up your fairy night-light and flip Serah's book open to see where she's at in her adventuring skill level.

Serah is at least passably competent in the following schools:

Transmutation: The art of changing one material to another. Great for changing stone to mud, lead to gold, etc. Offensive uses include crafting sticky bombs to trap your opponents, or dissolve the ground they stand on. Alkahest and the philosopher's stone are part of this school.

Elixirs: Duplication of magical spells via potions. Another support school, but always in demand for its usefulness in healing potions and buffs. Panacea is part of this school.

Mutagens: The art of crafting nonmagical potions that alter the imbiber's physical form. Impossible to dispel, but has side effects compared to an elixir. The school for alchemists on the front lines.

Destruction: Kablooey! The art of deconstructing fundamental bonds of the universe. In addition to elemental bombs, covers flashbangs, smoke bombs, gravity bombs, and other explosives.

Serah is most skilled in transmutation. Great for taking lemons and making lemonade, but not so great for one-on-one combat.
No. 979543 ID: 8bf1fe
File 160366939693.jpg - (406.96KB , 776x1300 , Sleepy Serah.jpg )

"All done!" Serah says, and opens the lid of your crate. You glower at her in her stupid nightie. She looks dead tired, and it's only just past dusk. You'll need to fix that if you're going to have a party girl adventuring partner.

"Is this gonna be a routine or something? Because it's cramped in there, even for me."

"If you're living here for free, I get to have my privacy," Serah sniffs. She looks at you and sees her open journal. "Hey, you understand those equations? No way!"

Well, yeah. It's only natural for fairies to know magic, even if it's garbled up by numbers.

It's night, and that's when everything tends to get stronger for some reason. What school should you encourage Serah to learn more of?
No. 979545 ID: cdabe3

No. 979548 ID: 6f7a5a

Mutagens, Dotti can be the test subject
No. 979549 ID: e8e5f6

Mutagens seems like the easiest progression from Transmutation for Serah and should help her strengthen herself in a fight.
No. 979556 ID: b5fb67

Make like a Witcher and brew some Mutagens.
No. 979558 ID: 8bf1fe
File 160367351270.jpg - (229.12KB , 900x1200 , ObviousFox.jpg )

"Yes way," you say. "And frankly, you should have already concocted these mutagens you have listed under 'to do idk maybe later'. If you'd had quicker reflexes, that Dervish wouldn't have gotten that pouch off you."

"I... suppose they could have helped," Serah sighs. "All right, all right. I'll try them out. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Let me sleep on it," you say. You'll brainstorm in the morning. What upgrades could Serah use? Cat-like reflexes and balance are a musts. But what else?

"Okay. Good night!" Serah says.



You're jolted awake in the middle of the night to the ungodly snap, crackle and pop of wild magic.

You mutter curses under your breath and poke your head over your handkerchief blanket. It's coming from the foot of the bed. You flutter up and confirm what's hardly a surprise.

Dotti's magic aura is condensing around a new tail. Seems like everyone's leveling up but you these days.

You consider waking Serah up, but that would get Dotti up, too. If you remember your lessons on supernatural foxes right, they can hide extra tails from creatures without extra senses- like humans.

You grumble and try to go back to sleep, but Dotti's bursts of magic are just too loud for you to tune out.

Well, at least you have plenty of time to brainstorm mutagens for Serah...
No. 979565 ID: e7c7d3

A tentacle-arms mutagen. Great for grabbing and tossing! And nothing else
No. 979566 ID: e8e5f6

Tough skin or protective scales. Giant monster hands for punching. Chameleon mutagen for hiding if needed. Potion of Jump Good.
No. 979567 ID: b1b4f3

No. 979577 ID: 0fae41

Jotun mutagen. Bigger, tougher, stronger. Icier, too. Who needs air conditioning?
No. 979579 ID: 6f7a5a

dragon mutation would be solid, tough scales, maybe winds, resistance to elements? general power . . .
No. 979589 ID: b5fb67

Night vision!
No. 979616 ID: 094652

Enhance knockers, but creatively.
Sponges, ice cream, mouths, tentacles, all working in a strange and pleasurable tandem.
Store a potion in the secret compartment, and drink potions directly from the secret compartment!
No. 979700 ID: 23bf8a

Lets start simple, stronger bones Mutagen.
No. 979724 ID: dec718
File 160376726804.jpg - (577.26KB , 1500x2000 , Rookie Mistake.jpg )

You wake up sore. Again.

You blink the sleep from your eyes and wake up to find a pile of blueberries lying next to your head. Well, at least that's an improvement. You eat one and go back to sleep.

You wake up and stumble to the nearest reflective surface to fix your hair. It's a disaster, but whatever. You'll find a brush your size somewhere in this city.

You chow down on blueberries and consider going back to sleep, but your adventurer is missing. What's she getting herself up to now? And where is that damned fox? You don't trust Dotti out of sight.

You wander around the adventurer's guild and trail in the wake of a few fairy-less losers until you find the alchemist's lab. The door is open just enough for you to see Dotti inside, watching something with all the attention span a fox can muster.

You float inside and put a hand to your forehead.

"Oh no!" Serah squeals when she sees you enter. "C-close the door! Close it fast! CLOSE IT!"
No. 979727 ID: 6f7a5a

as a tiny fairy can you even close the door?
No. 979728 ID: b1b4f3

She doesn't look particularly mutated yet. May as well close the door and ask what's up.
...wait, were her boobs that big before? God damn it.
No. 979729 ID: b5fb67

Attempt to slam door, but get caught on door and let the slamming door propel you right between the enhanced knockers.
No. 979736 ID: 6e7a99

Looks like there's plenty of mutagen left. Ask if she's planning to supplement her income.
No. 979737 ID: 0fae41

Are ya winnin', princess?
No. 979741 ID: 094652

"I'm not casting a wind spell where there are hundreds of unstable potion flasks.

So... I think they look good on you. But next, you need to strengthen your spine."
No. 979763 ID: 735fa3

It'd be remiss not to compliment the ladies new assets.
No. 979764 ID: 9f00f4

So, bone and muscle and tendon strengthening next? You'd think you would need only one, but actually, all three work together! Especially if you don't want to bulk up overly much! Also, it will be MUCH trickier if you want to do that and also maintain buoyancy in water.
No. 979812 ID: b28c0c
File 160386027618.jpg - (373.57KB , 1125x1500 , Don't Believe Her Lies.jpg )

>You're a fairy. Can you even close the door?

You boop the door lightly. It does not move. Your work is done.

>Wait, were her boobs this big before?

You giggle and give Serah two thumbs up. "Love the new and improved yous! Nice job on the tits, girl!"

"It's not what it looks like!" Serah squeaks. "T-the mutagen is making me bigger!"

"I'll say!"

"I didn't make my boobs bigger, I swear!" Serah flushes a deep red. Her corset creaks ominously and she lets out a high-pitched noise.

"Sheah, right," you say, raising an eyebrow. "Nobody needs to guess the first thing alchemists buff."

"It's not that!" Serah cries out. "I'm getting bigger! A-and there's something itching right above my... just help me!"

"Wait a minute," you say, looking closer at Serah. You didn't notice at first, but she is growing slightly taller. "I see two flasks. What did you make?"

"Exactly what you told me to! Jotund's might and some lesser dragon armor!"

Uh-oh. You may have done some brainstorming out loud. And half-asleep.

"You put those in the same mutagen?" you ask incredulously.

"Yes!" Serah continues to grow. Her corset pops a hook and she lets out a panicked yelp.

In the corner of the lab, Dotti's gaze has gone from amused to worried. Now that's interesting. You sigh and float over to Serah. "All the useful bits cancel each other out, and you're left with the, uh, not-so-useful stuff. The good news is, it probably won't kill you."

"What's the bad news?!"

"You'll see."

Serah's corset can take no more. Its hooks pop wide open, splitting the oh-so-fashionable not-underwear down the front. Underneath she's wearing a dark, stretchy bodysuit just barely keeping up with her growth.

Serah shrieks and covers herself. "How do I stop it?!"

"Can't," you shrug. "Best course of action is to pick one and double down to overpower the other. Otherwise you'll get all the bad and none of the good."

"Which one do I drink to keep my clothes?!"

You ponder deep thoughts on how to answer this question.
No. 979813 ID: 0fae41

I dunno, maybe you should wait until the current reaction's finished before inducing more mutation.
Then lie to her and say the jotun's might.
No. 979814 ID: b1b4f3

No. 979815 ID: 6f7a5a

more Jotund juice for lulz
No. 979820 ID: c5d2fe

If you wanna keep 'the girls' at all, go with the Jotun and get used to guys trying to look up. If you want to keep your clothes but lose your lady lumps, pick the dragon armor.
No. 979823 ID: 96e04f

Double-down. This will work, you just need more.
No. 979826 ID: c09af9

I mean if you want to keep your clothes you should take them off. They're not going to hold up to much more of this. Isn't there a bedsheet or dust cover you could use instead?
No. 979829 ID: cdabe3

the obvious solution

just buy new clothes later! or not at all! they might interfere with magic you know, maybe you should just stay naked
No. 979830 ID: b5fb67

Jotund's might!
Jotund's might!
Jotund's might!
Jotund's might!
No. 979831 ID: 894419

gotta go dragon
No. 979832 ID: f28e46

Use Jotund's might. Removing clothes will just waste time and You might not even need to remove clothing if we can cancel it out quick enough
No. 979835 ID: b1b4f3

Jotun is why she's getting too big for clothing!
No. 979839 ID: 094652

"Your clothing sizes are six feet... under. Right now, you need to decide which is decidedly less image-damaging; bulging muscles, or reptilian features. I recommend the latter."
No. 979850 ID: 12b116

No. 979864 ID: e51896

Jotund's might plz.
No. 979867 ID: 9f00f4

No. 979868 ID: 0df397

Don’t be a coward, double down on both!
No. 979881 ID: bcda15

No. 979889 ID: e2dc7c

Dragon, definitely dragon.
No. 979902 ID: 12b113

Dragon. Remember the old idiom, always be yourself, unless you can be a Dragon, then always be a Dragon.
No. 979929 ID: e51896

Idea: what if whatever flask Serah doesnt drink, the fairy will have to drink instead somehow?
No. 979937 ID: b93bbf
File 160395414714.jpg - (375.08KB , 1500x1125 , Not a Thing that Will Happen.jpg )

You consider telling Serah to take the elixir of lesser dragon armor, put the whole thing in the mutagen mix and chug as much as she can. You like the idea of a dragon adventurer. Dragons are cool!

...but it'd still be a mutagen of lesser dragon armor. At best, Serah would get a bunch of scales over her vital areas, and maybe some on her face. Her arms would definitely toughen up and get scales, but no claws (what alchemist designs a mutagen that hurts their potion-making skills?). Legs? Probably some thigh armor. Chest? Probably cover up her ribs and heart.

What it would not give you is a super-cool adventurer with horns and wings and claws and those legs that bend in two places. That's a little more hardcore than anything with the word lesser in it.

You interrupt your pondering and remember Serah said something about itching, and she was grabbing her ass for some reason when you walked in. You quickly flit behind her and spy something red and shiny shimmering on the small of her back, through the tight-stretched fabric of her bodysuit. It's a dragon scale, and it's scraping away at the inside of her bodysuit!

Now you have a conundrum.

Serah continues to grow, if ever so slightly. Her bodysuit stretches tighter.

"I can't be naked in the middle of the adventurer's guild!" she whines. "I'll do anything, just save my clothes!"

Serah tugs the lower half of her too-small corset ensemble tight against herself, hoping against hope that the stretching and popping around her thighs doesn't get worse.

Dotti looks at you with an upset expression.

>Stop! Fairy time.

Mutagens: impossible to dispel, and a pain in the ass to get rid of. Fortunately, everyone's body remembers what it wants to be, and if an alchemist goes on the mother of all cleansing diets, they can reset their system in a few days. So whatever happens, if Serah needs to, she can undo it. It just won't be pretty.

You refuse to believe Serah's bountiful bosom isn't the work of the Jotund's Might mutagen... but you could be wrong, as much as you hate to admit it. Her newfound height is definitely the Joto juice, though. If Serah chugs more of the juice, she'll definitely get bigger, and she'll get rid of whatever scales she has- but there's a chance her bodysuit is stretchy enough to make it. Maybe.

If she chugs the mutagen with just lesser dragon armor, she'll probably shrink down again- but she also might grow too many scales and rub against the inside of her bodysuit.

Are you sure you want Serah to chug the Mutagen of Lesser Dragon Armor?
- Serah will lose the extra strength and size (and boobs?) of the Jotund's Might mutagen. She will lose the cold resistance too.
- Serah will gain super-tough dragon scales on her vitals and limbs, plus heat resistance.
- Chugging too much may have unintended results, but it won't turn her into an awesome dragon adventurer.
No. 979938 ID: 12b116

No. 979941 ID: b1c253

She might get cold if her suit doesn't make it. Better chug that joto juice.
No. 979942 ID: cdabe3

alas! no derg

time for more boobs jotund!
No. 979943 ID: e51896

yeah, better get her more of that joto juice. Lets go Jotund's Might

But hey, what if we instead drank the Mutagen of Lesser Dragon Armor? Think about it, dragon fairy! Has there ever been a dragon fairy before?
No. 979946 ID: 0fae41

Take that jotun juice! Serah's outfit is about to get a whole lot more breezy.
No. 979948 ID: b1b4f3

Okay let's look at this logically.
1, she asked to save her clothes. Currently, she believes her clothes are being destroyed because she's getting too big. So if you tell her to drink jotun and she gets BIGGER, she will not be grateful. She will feel the opposite of gratitude, in fact. If it turns out the scales are sharp enough to damage her clothes too then she will at least understand that it was unavoidable. Also I don't expect the scales to completely destroy her clothes.
2, the physical benefits of jotun potion aren't that great for an alchemist. strength isn't super useful when you have no combat skills. Size is inconvenient in some situations and may interfere with alchemy. Also, if she gets too big, she won't be able to fit into any of her SPARE clothes.
3, we have noone who can take a hit. Dragonscale armor will allow her to at least stand in the way of attacks directed at the smaller party members without worrying too much (and encourage clothing damage, for those of you who can only think with your dicks)
4, heat resistance is more useful than cold resistance. Fire is just more common than ice or snow, and clothing layers can protect against cold attacks. Though, to be honest, I suspect we could just get the other resistance type from magical items or buff potions if we need it, so it doesn't matter much.
5, just because it's a LESSER dragon mutation right now doesn't mean we can't upgrade it later, if we invest further in mutations. I presume the same can be said of the jotun mutation, but that means she'll get even bigger, and there are definite problems with getting too big.

So, yeah. I'm sticking with my dragon vote.
No. 979949 ID: b1b4f3

...huh, that's a good option too.
No. 979961 ID: 094652

Let's test out dragon knockers knuckles.
No. 979976 ID: 79b14f

Chug way too much Jotund then. The bigger the better.
No. 979980 ID: bcda15

No. 979981 ID: 6f7a5a

No. 979995 ID: b5fb67

Wait no, sticking with Jotund!
No. 979996 ID: abb12d

Changing my vote to dragon
But lets have fairy drink jotund juice
No. 980066 ID: 735fa3

Gotta go Jotund. She ain't going to want scales on her assets. S
No. 980067 ID: 7f1230

No. 980159 ID: 424412
File 160420899924.jpg - (773.98KB , 1125x1500 , Yep_theyre_real.jpg )

You could tell Serah to drink the dragon mutagen. It'd be the smart move to keep her safe on the front lines, and heat resist is awesome in general. And her clothes stand a better chance if she shrinks down again.

But you really, really want to prove she buffed her tits.

"Those scales are shredding your bodysuit!" you say with an exaggerated grasp of horror. "Throw that Jotund's might in the mutagen and drink, or the second you step through that door, you'll tear yourself right out of your clothes!"

"NO!" Serah shrieks and mixes the mutagen wildly, then takes a huge gulp. Then another.

Her rough patches of scales disappear from beneath her bodysuit. She sighs.

And then she starts to grow.

"Oh no... no, no, no!" She whines, her panic growing. "Make it stop!"

You keep an eye on her boobs. They're gonna get humongously huge, you know it!

Dotti lets out a loud, high-pitched noise between a yip and a whine. She darts back and forth on the floor for a few seconds in a panic, then collects herself and looks at you with a glowering fury.

You float a few feet higher, just in case.

With a great tearing noise, Serah's lower half of her suit shreds to pieces. She cries out and straightens up in shock- and slams her head against a high-up shelf.

But her boobs stay the same size relative to her body. Ugh. Honestly, the wrong girls get all the luck.

Serah mercifully stops growing before her stretched-tight panties begin to fray.

"This isn't what I wanted!" Serah whimpers. "I can't go outside like this!"

"Not my fault," you say. "You were the one who made a giant-size mutagen and didn't wear stretchy-"

"I DID!" Serah shouts at you so loud your ears hurt. "I even left my robes upstsirs so I wouldn't risk them! You were the one who told me to drink too much!"

"Only because you messed up in the first place! I saved your butt!"

Dotti bares her fangs at you. You give her such an exaggerated roll of your eyes that your wings make an off-key tinkling noise more like a cowbell than a dainty wind chime.

"Don't be a crybaby. You just need some pants! Don't blame me for your screwups."

"None of my pants fit now! And my favorite outfit is... is ruined!" Tears fill Serah's eyes. "I'm never drinking another mutagen again!"
No. 980162 ID: 10dac2

The nice thing to do would be getting her some pants. I don't suppose you can pour mutagen on pants to get giant pants?
No. 980166 ID: e51896

Um, we should probably cheer Serah up first.

Maybe show her this isn't such a big deal by confidently using either one o the mutagens on yourself? You can't really carry clothing to Serah with the size you are now after all and may need to grow in size to do that.

Alternatively, you might need to tell Serah to hide here while you find somebody to hire to go on a quest to pick her up some new clothing.
No. 980167 ID: 10dac2

Oh also maybe a real quick lesson on mutagen compatiblity is a good idea. Just in case she tries to mix up something else.
No. 980170 ID: 6f7a5a

drink mutagen to show her it's not a big deal, and that she should relax
No. 980171 ID: 094652

"I expected Jotun's might to give you ugly bulging muscles and a slighter increase in height. I guess it's more accustomed to the increased size of arctic animals due to the need for increased heat dispersal pending the square-cube law.

Serah, when was the last time your father told you not to buy new clothes? So you ripped a single pair, just buy some fabric and stitch yourself a new outfit. Also, most adventurers need to learn how to replace or repair damaged clothing and armor when they take the blows for your skin and organs, that's what armor is meant for."
No. 980172 ID: 0fae41

Before you declare this whole mutagen business a failure, I want you to go outside and punch some targets. Maybe lift some heavy stuff. And remember, they're still a lot bigger to someone else...
And start racking your brain for some fairy magic solutions to wardrobe replacement.
No. 980173 ID: b1b4f3

Well, I tried. Good luck!
No. 980498 ID: 81c2e1
File 160473247246.png - (97.04KB , 929x600 , Ice_Dragon_Fairy.png )

"Uh, please don't cry," you say, rubbing your neck ashamedly. This wasn't what you had in mind when you got Serah to sign that contract. You kind of assumed she'd have some basic idea of, you know, how to be an adventurer, and everything would kind of work out.

"I'm not crying!" Serah sniffles, fooling no one. "You're just a terrible fairy!"

Dotti nods.

"Shut it, you," you huff. You rack your brain for ideas. You're pretty sure you can jury rig some fairy magic to piggyback off the old "turn a noble girl's rags into a beautiful ballgown until the stroke of midnight" spell, but you totally slept through your Godmother classes. With Serah's luck, and since she's not a princess, the clothes would vanish way sooner than that.

No, the only way to solve this is by doing what you do best: drink everything in sight!

You grab the elixir of Lesser Dragon Armor and, with all your fairy might, lift it up and dump it into an unused mutagen mix. Then you grab what's left of Serah's Jotund Mutagen and dump it in your new mix.

"What are you doing?" Serah asks, confused. "I'm not drinking that! No more mutagens, ever!"

"Hey, if mutagens were so bad, would I do... this?"

You chug it all down.

The world catches fire.
No. 980499 ID: 12cb2e

Blow up.
No. 980502 ID: b5fb67


Stop, drop, and roll!
No. 980508 ID: 0fae41

Act like everything is normal until she buys it, then go jump in a fountain.
No. 980524 ID: 094652

Stuff yourself down her throat and swim in her stomach acids until you stop being fire
No. 980526 ID: 735fa3


So what's the idea here, be a distraction while she sneaks back to her room?
No. 980531 ID: e51896

try not to scream, try not to scream, try not to scream


No. 980544 ID: 23bf8a

Feel amazing, and go get clothes from your room. Or something.
No. 980953 ID: 052425
File 160532411277.png - (251.44KB , 1600x1002 , Unamused.png )

“Oh, sweet savior, you're on fire!” Serah gasps. “You shouldn't have drank that!”

The mutagen mix is playing havoc with the magic in your body. It's not a pleasant feeling. Not one bit. But rule number one of sorority sisters: never let your girlfriends do anything stupid on their own.

“This is fine, just the dragon armor mutagen making me a little radiant!” You grit your teeth and give a winning smile. “I've drank way worse. Trust me! And look at what the Jotund mutagen did for wings! They're HUGE! What girl doesn't -owch!- want huge wings?”

“But my whole body is huge,” Serah says, looking down at herself in embarrassment.

“I think you look great, cutie!” you say, inching closer to the door. “It's your body, be proud of it! Mix things up! Change the way you look! Just try it out! It's not like you're on fire or anything.”

“Like you?”

“Yes, like me.”

“Are you... okay?”

“Never been better! Now let me go get you some clothes that fit. I'll make it all better, just wait and see!”

You disappear through the door. Then you fly screaming into the nearest mug of ale left over from lunch.

You spend a minute sizzling in the ale, not caring who sees you in the smoldering, ashen remains of your favorite party dress. You're not on fire. That's step one in life. Don't be on fire.

Then you hear the pitter-patter pawsteps of a very unamused fox. You groan and look over your mug's rim.

“Don't say a word, you... you... bow-wearing sheepdog,” you mutter. “I'll get her some clothes. Or a bedsheet. Or something.”

Dotti huffs.

“...Is she still upset?” you ask quietly.

Dotti shakes her head. You sigh.


You take stock of yourself. The dragon mutagen let your fairy dust ignite into fae fire, but the Jotund mutagen cancelled out any fire immunity. So there's that. Your clothes are an ashen mess, and you're not quite decent. But at least your wings are awesomely huge, and your glow covers up the important bits.

Dotti continues to stare at you.

“I'm thinking!” you say.

You could test out your godmother wardrobe-fixing spell. Or you could you could work with Dotti to have her carry a bedsheet or something downstairs. But that would be teamwork, and that fox doesn't deserve a spot on your team.

But what kind of wardrobe could you conjure up for Serah? You're low on magic. And anything you make for her would have to be really simple, or else it would disappear right away.

Or you could drink your troubles away. That sounds like a good idea too.
No. 980954 ID: c57fb0

Go with a fairy classic: simple, one piece dress.
No. 980955 ID: 0fae41

Magic her up some simple athletic wear, just to tide her over til your magic's back. Tell her to train to get used to her size to buy time.
No. 980962 ID: 4bf9bd

You could conjure her up a huge orange shirt with a blue < symbol on it


Actually, lets just swallow our pride and get the bedsheets with Dotti, but only just to try to do more work than Dotti in order to show her up, and then we will consider conjuring up some clothing for Serah once that is done, like a simple hooded robe.

though one little sip of alcohol wouldnt hurt before you leave first... maybe two.
No. 981003 ID: ecb3d0

Your new big wings should help you carry the bed-sheet so do that, then you can magic that into something more presentable with the sheet present as a backup in case it wears off too soon. (Be sure to tell her that is a possibility) Keeping close to the source materials should probably help it last longer. exercise cloths if we don't get the sheet, one piece dress if we do.
No. 981004 ID: cdabe3

Get a sheet for a dress! Or something
No. 981005 ID: cdabe3

(and maybe just a sip of booze...)
No. 981011 ID: 5a788d

Have Dotti go find a bedsheet, while you Fairy Godmother up some fancy fancy lingerie, and maybe a dress afterwards. That way, she has nice clothes from you, and a crappy sheet from the dumb fox. Back in the good books, baby!
No. 981013 ID: 052425
File 160539898282.png - (178.71KB , 1215x1407 , Fairy Blanket.png )

From what little you remember of your Godmother-ing classes, the clothes-fixing spell works best on damaged wardrobes for noble girls in desperate situations. This should qualify. And if you give the spell a little more to work with, say, a bedsheet, maybe it'll help? Maybe?

All this thinking is making you thirsty. You take a nice big gulp of ale.

Dotti frowns at you.

“What's the matter, mutt?” you say through a mouthful of sudsy goodness. Say what you want about adventurers, but they definitely know their ale. “You need my help or something?”

Dotti narrows her eyes and bats at the air in frustration.

“That's adorable. Keep doing that.”

Dotti angrily opens her mouth and takes a breath, but catches herself before she makes a sound. Instead, she lets out a soft huff and mimes grasping at something with both paws.

“You need my help opening a door, don't you? You wanna get Serah something to wear?”

Dotti nods.

“Too bad, foxy fox,” you giggle. “You're a pet. Pets don't go where they're not allowed. Nyeeeh!

Dotti lets out a high, shrill bark and knocks your mug off the table, sending you flying in a tidal wave of ale. You catch yourself midair and flutter your newly enhanced wings dry.

“Just sit right there while I fix things for my adventurer,” you gloat. “Life's tough outside the forest, foxy! You can't expect to get things done just by being cute!”

Dotti sits down. She look around, as if she's realizing just how big everything really is.

You leave her behind and fly upstairs to Serah's room. It's unlocked from when you left earlier, and you throw your whole body into getting it open. It's noticeably easier than this morning- these wings are payin' off!

You grab a bedsheet. It's heavy and bulky, and it won't fit in your inventory. You'll have to look into juicing up your inventory spell later. Instead, you grab ahold of the sheet and lug it downstairs with your glorious new wings. This mutagen mix isn't so terribly bad- you just need to remember not to catch on fire. What sets it off again? You can't quite remember...
No. 981014 ID: 052425
File 160539902525.png - (171.70KB , 847x1554 , Classy Countess.png )

You fly into the alchemist's lab a sweaty and panting mess, but you did it all by yourself, no foxes required! Dotti is just sitting on the floor in front of Serah, who's hunched behind a table, afraid someone will come in.

And this time, you close the door behind you.

“Put this on! I've got an idea!” you declare.

Serah throws the sheets around her shoulders. “I don't know if I trust your ideas...”

“It's a good one, trust me!” you say with as much confidence as you can muster. “I just need a little help from you on this one. Do you want me to magic you up some nice clothes or not?”

“You can do that?” Serah's eyes go wide. “Yes, please!”

“All right!” You try to remember as much as you can. How do you make sure the spell works as long as possible?

“I need you to say some magic words,” you say.

“Okay,” Serah nods. “What are they?”

“I'm a pretty pretty princess, and I need a dress for the ball to marry prince charming.”


“Look, I don't make the rules, I just fix wardrobes,” you shrug. Technically, there are no magic words, but the closer you can get to the spell you half-remember from college, the better.

Serah flushes. “I'm... a pretty, pretty princess and I need a dress for the ball. To... marry prince charming.”

“Good enough for me!”

You take a deep breath and draw as much fairy magic together as you can without risking running out of dust. Just like when Dotti knocked the stuffing out of you earlier, if you run out of dust, you lose your awesome fairy glowyness and the ability to fly.

You fly around Serah in tight circles, sprinking her with dust and channeling your magic into her outfit. The bedsheet, her panties and her shredded skintight suit glow bright with magic, and soon she's covered in a bright white layer of light.

The light fades. Serah looks down at herself nervously. Her eyes go wide.

“Check you out!” you say, giddy with success. “Come on, praise my work! You look awesome! Praise me! Do it!”

“I... do look nice, actually,” Serah smiles. “D-did you give me high heels? You did!”

“Party time! Party time! Show off that new outfit! Test out your new big, hot bod! Come on, party time!”

“I mean... I did finish transmuting my rent...” Serah says, getting to her feet. “This spell lasts until midnight, right?”

“That is its maximum duration, yes.”

“I don't trust the way you say that.”

“Look, just come on and celebrate with me! Just a little!” you urge. “This city's full of great wine and fun stuff to do!”

“I think I need new clothes first. Just in case.”

“I literally just made you a new outfit! I need new clothes too, and you don't hear me complaining.”

“Nobody can see what you're wearing,” Serah says, nonplussed.

Dotti moves toward Serah and gives a friendly swish of her tail.

“Stay back a little, girl,” Serah says. “No fox fur on the dress, please!”

Dotti's jaw drops. You give a wicked grin.

“Come on, come on, come on!” you urge your adventurer. “You look great, girl! Leave the furry fox at home and come party!”

“How do I know this thing will hold together?” Serah asks nervously.

You search your brain for something, anything that will make Serah come with you and abandon Dotti to an evening of boredom. There has to be a way!
No. 981015 ID: cdabe3

Awww let dotti come with :3
No. 981016 ID: 0fae41

It'll hold together long enough to show up, make everyone look up at you in awe, and then leave a lasting impression in their minds. And in heels no less on top of the mutagen. Just turn up, stand up, and walk away! Simple plan! Couldn't go wrong...
No. 981017 ID: c57fb0

Baby steps, Fairy! Wardrobe shopping in that nice dress now will motivate her to buy other party dresses for later! You have to ease her into your high party lifestyle.
No. 981018 ID: 6f7a5a

Don't push it, Serah's starting to be comfortable being huge, go on a shopping spree for huge clothes! while your at it suggest buying a leash for Dotti . . . and maybe a muzzle
No. 981019 ID: b1b4f3

Why do you need HER to party? Let her buy clothes and then go partying by yourself if she doesn't want to.
No. 981020 ID: d27cb4

No. 981021 ID: ecb3d0

Yea gotta ease into such things. Besides why set yourself up for failure with a dress that could disappear too soon. Serah is a girl who is not big risks. It will take time to steer her there.

As much fun as it might be to taunt, jeer, and jab at Dotti. It hurts more when you just be better than her (passive aggressive can work too. TL;DR: overt aggression isn't as effective as subtle, quiet underhanded tricks and ignoring her like the pet she is.)
No. 981022 ID: e51896

Clothes shopping spree!

Sorry, no pets are usually allowed in stores, Dotti.
No. 981028 ID: b5fb67

No. 981078 ID: 052425
File 160548603589.png - (180.30KB , 1434x1209 , Sad Dotteh.png )

>Turn down for what?

As much as you want to PARTY HARD, Serah isn't even close to your level. You decide to tone it down. For a little bit.


"Okay, let's get you some new clothes, then!" you say, feeling your enthusiasm build for a different kind of inhibition-free spree. "You are gonna knock these dressmakers OUT!"

Dotti is sitting by the door, looking at Serah forlornly.

"Sorry, girl," Serah says sadly. "I don't think the seamstresses would like you shedding on their hard work."

>Passive aggressive >regular aggressive

You don't say a word in Dotti's defense.

Serah breezes by Dotti, ducks under the door's archway, and tells her to stay in the guild for the day, and she'll get a leg of lamb later.

"You are KILLING those heels, girl," you say with a satisfied flap of your new, luscious wings.

Serah glances down at a buff fighter in the hallway, who does a double take at Serah's new statuesque style. "I feel ridiculous," she whispers, but says it with a smile. "Let's just grab some clothes. But... do I want new adventuring gear? Casual wear? Or... a nice dress? You know, to look... kinda like this one, I guess?"

You positively glow with pride. She likes your dress! She likes it!

What should Serah go buy first?
No. 981079 ID: 0fae41

Casual wear, then adventuring gear, then a nice dress. Can always redo this spell if she wants to feel special.
No. 981080 ID: 6f7a5a

buy fancy dresses! always be stylin!
No. 981083 ID: e51896

Adventuring gear first, we are adventurers after all, maybe they'll have some big enough alchemy outfits for her too. afterwards, we can decide on dress or casual wear next. leaning towards dress unless they have the Steve shirt in casual
No. 981089 ID: c5d2fe

Secret fashion tip: Adventurer Fashion can dictate commoner fashion. Two birds, one stone going for stylish adventurer clothes.
No. 981095 ID: b5fb67

Adventure Gear!
No. 981108 ID: 052425
File 160550524898.png - (492.04KB , 3030x4000 , Serah Doll 1_0.png )

"I mean, you have to look stylish when you're adventuring," you say. "Let's go find you some new duds!"

But what adventuring gear would your now giant-size gal pal look best in? What specialty clothiers should you hit first?

You size Serah up and imagine the possibilities...
No. 981109 ID: 052425
File 160550529536.png - (480.34KB , 3030x4000 , Serah Doll 1_0 NH.png )

You ponder even more deeply. Maybe a new haircut for her, too?
No. 981110 ID: 052425

For reference, Serah's current height is roughly 6'8".
No. 981115 ID: 052425
File 160550930292.png - (464.91KB , 3030x4000 , Serah Doll 1_0 NB.png )

You stare at Serah's chest for a second longer. She's preferred robes and loose clothing until now. Maybe you should make her feel more comfortable with her body, and get her something to keep her boobs from drawing too much attention?
No. 981118 ID: 894419
File 160551040843.png - (220.28KB , 3030x4000 , Sbeve.png )

New robes, now with 300% more cancerous growths on the left hip
No. 981119 ID: b5fb67
File 160551137283.png - (530.49KB , 1049x1759 , Serah_outfit.png )

This outfit can scale a bit, with the lace-up corset and whatnot, but more importantly Serah needs a component pouch belt.
No. 981287 ID: e51896
File 160569226912.png - (1.61MB , 3030x4000 , paperserah.png )

Just wanted to draw Serah in a hood.
No. 981789 ID: 052425
File 160608238483.png - (296.87KB , 1386x1006 , Dress Shop 1.png )

You escort your newly embiggened, newly glamorous adventurer down the streets of Minga. She's got the poise and grace of a noble without a single wobble in her heels. She's catching stares from men and women alike, and it's absolutely awesome.

You catch a cute squire mid-ogle. Without missing a beat, you slip behind Serah's ass and give your wings a salacious shimmy. He blushes and turns around.

“You should totally dress up more often,” you say. “This is fun!”

Serah is noticing the stares. She grips her arm nervously. “I... think I should go back inside.”

“But you can't! We still have to get you clothes!” you object.

“I'm not used to wearing something so... insubstantial,” Serah says.

“Are you serious?” you laugh. You want to make fun of her, but... baby steps, baby steps, just remember, you have to give her baby steps. “Just imagine you're at one of your fancy balls your daddy holds. And this is the latest fashion. You're used to at least some attention, right?”

“I guess,” Serah says, straightening her shoulders. “Let's just hurry, okay? I think this shop here will be fine.”

“This one?” you look up at the sign: Active Dresswear and Fashionable Fittings. The outfits are a little too conservative for your taste, but you can certainly spice things up. “Sure, whatever.”

You enter the shop, and Serah's expression brightens. She must love to shop. “Hello!” she calls out to the man behind the counter. “Do you have anything in my size?”

“We would need to take a day to adjust it, but yes, we can provide,” says the man.

“A day?” Serah bites her lip. “Can you do it before midnight?”

“I'm sorry, miss,” the dressmaker says. “For a rush job this late in the afternoon, you'd need to walk to the specialist at the other end of the quarter, and be quick about it, too.”

“Um...” Serah turns to you and glances uncomfortably at the magicked-up dress. She's clearly weighing her options.

Should she walk all that way, or should she play it safe?
No. 981790 ID: 0fae41

Play it safe and have it delivered to where she's staying.
No. 981792 ID: 10211b

The main thing about being an adventurerer is that an advenrurer needs to take risks, something she needs to learn asap if she wants to go on adventures to find treasures protected by traps, or face against monsters, otherwise she wont get the courage to do many cool things and get the rewards for her courage.

To help train her courage, lets get her to walk quickly to the specialist as a test. If she needs to run, she might need to lose the high heels since those are hard to run in.
No. 981799 ID: 6f7a5a

make an order in case things don't work out then rush to the specialist
No. 981813 ID: 052425
File 160609457225.png - (150.96KB , 972x1300 , Dress Run.png )

“You can make it!” you urge Serah. “That mutagen will totally help! Just take three steps and you're there!”

“I... I....” Serah's eyes dart around. “Sir! How quickly can you take my measurements?”

“For a basic dress? Very quickly.” The dressmaker whips out a measuring tape. “Will you be requesting delivery via courier? I recommend making your choices first, but if you are in a hurry...”

“Yes, please allow my courier to place my orders,” Serah says hurriedly. She takes off her heels and fidgets as the man gets to work. She looks at you and frowns. “Don't be surprised if the courier is... unusual. And magical.”

You get the sneaking suspicion you're being conscripted. Just like a noble to let the little people do the real work. Well, at least you'll get to pick her outfits!

“I am all set, miss. I will send you an invoice once your courier decides which of these outfits you need, and how they should be adjusted.”

“Thank you!” Serah says. She puts her heels back on and power walks out the door. You follow her out. She's really moving!

You follow Serah down the streets. She's moving as quickly as her heels will allow, and the stares are even more pronounced. She is really, really good in heels.

Halfway across the quarter, you pass the squire from earlier. You smile and flutter down to Serah's waist and give your best little shimmy. But this time, it's your turn to do a double take.

You look at Serah's waist again. It's missing something.


“Hey, girl, I don't want to alarm you,” you say. “But in my newfound spirit of teamwork, I think I should let you know something.”

“I don't like the sound of that,” Serah says.

“I think your sash disappeared when we stepped into the dressmaker's place.”

Serah freezes. She looks around and realizes she's closer to the specialist outfitter than you she is to the Adventurer's Guild.

“Oh no, no, no...” she whispers under her breath.

“I'm sure the spell has plenty of time left,” you say. “Just trust me, on this o-”

Serah takes off her heels and breaks out in a full sprint to the outfitter.

And she is fast.

“Wait! Come back!” you shout. You put on a burst of speed, but as you panic, your fairy dust starts to flicker and heat up. You might catch fire! “Slow down!”

A twinge of fear hits you. It's a dangerous world out there for fairies with no adventurer, and you're not sure you remember the way back to the guild.

Do you try to catch up?
No. 981814 ID: 0fae41

Catch up! You're burnin' through the sky, that's why they call you Mrs. Fahrenheit!
No. 981815 ID: 6f7a5a

Catch up! flutter you enhanced wings as fast as you can!
No. 981818 ID: ec3159

Looks like she lost her collar too.

Remember, you got giant wings now! Use them to your advantage to catch up! This is a good time to test them out to their full potential.
No. 981819 ID: b1b4f3

What collar?
No. 981822 ID: ec3159

My bad, i got confused it looked like a dress collar here
But it turns out she didnt have that the whole time as shown here
No. 981827 ID: 052425
File 160610166673.png - (106.96KB , 598x451 , Brick Fairy.png )

What's a little fire to a hot-blooded girl like you?

You flap your awesome new wings as hard as you can, and manage to just barely keep pace with your sprinting adventurer. The fire burns, but you convince yourself it's a good burn, like the feeling of a really spirited shot of spirits.

But it catches up with you too soon. You can feel the fire burning through your fairy dust, giving you extra speed and maneuverability, but at the expense of your magic. And you can't turn it off.

“Serah! Serah, help!” you shout out, but she doesn't hear you. You see Serah disappear inside a shop with a beat-up sign just in time for you to fall to the cobblestones in a fiery ball of fire.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow!” You can't even fly at this point. You have to put out the the fire before your magic runs out and you're left totally dull!


“So you're the little imp responsible for the Lady's predicament,” says someone standing over you, very pleased with herself. “Her outfit was so poorly put together, her collar was flickering in and out of existence. Such sloppy work!”

You cross your arms and look up at the...

What does the specialist look like?
No. 981828 ID: 71ea59

Three fairies in a trenchcoat.
No. 981829 ID: 0fae41

Half-troll, half-fairy, don't ask which one's the father. Her teef are accessorized like her glasses - with style!
No. 981830 ID: e51896

It is a small elf
(going based off of the elves and the shoemaker fairytail, if they can make awesome shoes, they can make awesome clothes)
No. 981831 ID: b5fb67

Elf lady with a bow, white tunic, leather skirt, thigh-high boots.
No. 981832 ID: e51896

Also, as an excuse, tell her that the dress Serah was wearing was an emergency due to circumstances beyond your control, and you only had a little bit of magic left at the time.
No. 981834 ID: 6f7a5a

small elf seems like a good idea to me
No. 981876 ID: ecb3d0

three trenchcoats in a fairy
No. 981917 ID: 052425
File 160619388488.png - (232.07KB , 844x1051 , Gnelf.png )

She's a gnome.

No, wait. She's too skinny for that. A midget elf?

But she's got a really stupid hat. And really, really bad fashion sense. So she's a gnome. Right?

“W-w-w-what's w-w-w-w-wrong w-w-w-w-w-w-with your outfit?” you ask, teeth chattering.

“What's wrong with yours?” the gnome-elf asks with a grin.

You look down and find that you've finally burned off the last of your favorite party dress. You're soaked to the bone and stark naked, with just your glimmery glow to keep you decent.

“You can s-s-s-s-see me?” you ask, curious. “How?”

“Practice,” the gnelf giggles. “Fairies always have to have the latest fashion, and you stupid little imps are so bad at maintaining your wardrobes.”

“I'm n-n-n-not stupid! I w-w-w-went to college!”

“Are you sure?” the gnelf asks. “Because that godmother spell wasn't baccalaureate material. It was second-week home ec at best.”

“You're one to talk!” you fire back. You're starting to warm up again, and now you're mad. “You've got the fashion sense of a troll that tripped into a coat closet!”

“I'm not the one sitting naked on the curb, dripping wet and out of magic because her adventurer ran away,” the gnelf shrugs. “Fairies that live in glass houses...”

“Oh, shut up!” you huff, rubbing your arms up and down for warmth. “Shouldn't you be making my adventurer some clothes or something?”

“My assistant is taking care of her,” says the gnelf with a turn of her hat. “Noble girls need special attention, after all.”

“So what, you're just here to taunt me?”

“Yup. And fleece you for new clothes.”

“I'm broke.”

“But your adventurer isn't.”

“True facts,” you smile. “Now gimme.”

The gnelf kicks open the milkbox. It's full of fairy-sized dresses of leaf, vine, flower, spider silk, dragonscale, mermaid scale, gimmerdust, and everything you've ever dreamed of.

What do you want to put on your awesome Lady McCan-Turn-Copper-Into-Silver's line of credit?
No. 981927 ID: e51896

>Fairies always have to have the latest fashion, and you stupid little imps are so bad at maintaining your wardrobes

Wow, she is speciesist against faires.

prove her bad assumption of fairies wrong and give fairies a better name by not choosing a dress she has for you and use what remaining magic you have left to conjure yourself the best party dress ever, something 10 times better than her stupid dresses. Protect your pride by proving her wrong!

then fail miserably at doing that, and just pick a outfit that is fire resistant, probably dragonscale unless gimmerdust is better... what is glimmerdust btw?
No. 981929 ID: e51896

Oh wait, Gnelf said you are out of magic, nevermind.

Just get the dragonscale dress.
No. 981930 ID: 73300b

Something fireproof and translucent. Would any of the dragonscale options qualify?
No. 981933 ID: 0fae41

Dragonscale. Powerful and practical.
No. 981949 ID: ecb3d0

yea burning seems to be the primary way we actually loose clothes, so something fireproof. but probably just as a bottom layer so we can have something nicer looking (and cheaper) over it but not end up naked if we burn it off. (try not to max out your adventurer's credit, we are trying to be better than the horrible fox)
No. 981957 ID: b1b4f3

Definitely get some fire protection. It's either that or you fix your mutation.
No. 981968 ID: 6f7a5a

dragon scale undies
No. 982245 ID: 052425
File 160650354780.png - (149.56KB , 593x707 , I_Went_To_College.png )

There's so many choices! You want them all. A vine wrap midi dress? Yes please! A super-daring off-the-shoulder silk number? Great for cocktail parties. A hot, hot halter of glimmerdust, the most fragile, translucent but oh-so-shimmery material only fairies can wear? It'll make anyone jealous!

And the underwear! It's so sexy and sparkly and just the right size! You immediately grab the best set of dragonscale for yourself, just in case someone else finds it first.

The gnelf shakes her head as you flitter and flutter between outfits like a hummingbird. “You glowsticks are all the same,” she says, deadpan. “I'm practically a drug dealer at this point.”

You pause. “Wait, are you saying-”

“No, I don't sell pixie stix.”


“See? You're so predictable,” the gnelf giggles. “I used to wonder why some adventurers carried you guys around. You're so fragile and needy.”

You hold up a dress stitched together from flower petals and let out a little squee. “But then you saw how awesome and helpful and magical and sexy we are!”

“Nope,” the gnelf smiles. “I learned that if somebody grabs you by the wings and spanks the dust out of you, they can fly.”

You flush and throw the dress back into the milk crate. “That is- that is NOT... I...”

You're suddenly very aware of the fact that you're out of magic, and have just the barest amount of glow left to keep you decent. You can't even fly- you burned away too much dust.

“What I mean is...” You clear your throat. “That is a highly undignified way to treat a fairy. I am so much more than a flight spell. I went to fairy college!”

“Did you graduate?” asks the elf incredulously. “We've been over this. You're not a shining example of magical prowess. And your adventurer was pretty upset at your work almost disappearing.”

“Of course I graduated!” you seethe. “And I am so magical! I know lots of magic! I just forgot most of it!”

“Well, you should probably get to remembering it,” the gnelf says. “Or else you're on the one-way train to spanksville.”

Ice fills your veins. Serah wouldn't do that to you. Would she shake the dust out of you just to fly around for a bit? No, she wouldn't.

But Dotti would.

“Oh, shit!” you shriek. “I'm so fucked!”

You need to give Serah a reason to forbid Dotti from grabbing you in her teeth and shaking all the dust out of you. You need to remember your magic lessons!

What classes do you remember best? And what would Serah value most?

-Space-Time 201: Inventory Magic and You
-Godmothering 103: An Enchanting Evening
-Geas 202: The Art of the Deal

No. 982247 ID: c5d2fe

>Space-Time 201: Inventory Magic and You

Because you can ALWAYS use a portable closet for all your nice things! Keeps your dresses ironed out, any emergency snacks fresh, and drinks cold!

And maybe at one point you were hoping you could make a little place to hide away from the world every now and again when one of those moods hit you.
No. 982248 ID: 0fae41

Computer Science 202
Godmothering 103. Temporary transformation magic always has the right tool for the job, at least until midnight.
No. 982250 ID: 12b116

Space-Time is by far the most useful in an everyday way, and something you've probably kept up with yourself.
No. 982254 ID: b5fb67

-Geas 202: The Art of the Deal

When you have high enough charisma, you can convince people to do [i]anything![/b]

Plus, Sorcerers and Bards use Charisma for spellcasting, right?
No. 982284 ID: ecb3d0

no that is Geas class, the 'force people to do things' class not the convince them class. Doti is probably too magical to be vulnerable to that.
Space-Time 201 sounds the most regularly useful and therefor the most remembered, because it was used.
No. 982297 ID: 094652

>The art of the deal
... PUOTFL (Pushing Up On The Floor).
The more manipulative you act around Sarah, the less she'll trust you. Eventually she'll trigger her aristocratic paranoia and kick you out entirely. Most aristocrats learn to sense motive due to the backstabbing nature of their neighborhood community.

>An Enchanting Evening
That seems to be more of Sarah's job, with her alchemy and enchanting skills.

>Inventory Magic And You
This one, definitely. Bags of holding are expensive, even for nobility, and few hammerspaces can use themselves in combat. Keeping everything in one piece without jumbling around will make you essential personnel, especially if you're the one holding all of Sarah's spare clothes when she has a wardrobe malfunction.
No. 982300 ID: e51896

Art of the deal makes the most sense, especially since we've strung Serah along with some crazy ideas, and even managed to convince her to leave Dotti behind.
No. 982380 ID: 8483cf
File 160663191743.png - (139.11KB , 776x1208 , New Duds.png )

“Look, I don't care how fucked you are, later, you're still naked now,” says the gnelf. “Do you want all those dresses or not?”

You hold all those dresses in your arms lovingly. You really, really, really want them. And Serah totally has the money.


What if Serah's really, really mad at you for messing up the godmother spell and still (wrongly!) blames you for the mutagen mess-up? What if she regrets signing that contract? What if she gets a rite of rescission?

What if she likes Dotti more than you?

“You're more than a flight spell. You are, you are, you are!” you tell yourself nervously. “You were, like, number one in that class on shoving things in tight places. You're fine, babe. You're fine.”

You remember that all-nighter you pulled in Space-Time 201: Inventory Magic and You. It wasn't for a test, but because you desperately needed to fit a pony keg in your cleavage.

Your inventory space increases tremendously!

You can now carry up to 87 lb (39.4 kg) with no ill effects. Larger objects require more of your fairy dust to store and retrieve. You cannot access your inventory at all if you do not have enough fairy dust.

“I'm taking these dragonscale undies and the cheapest dress you have,” you say, and it's the most painful thing you've had to do all day. You slip on the undies unceremoniously, and take the shimmering shift the gnelf offers you. “I'm totally going to set it on fire at some point when I push myself too hard or whatever.”

“Wow,” the gnelf says. “How did you get cursed like that? You dim bulbs are supposed to understand magic at least a little. You really catch on fire just by flying too fast or thinking too hard?”

You grit your teeth. You are not stupid. “That, or you could just keep running your pint-sized mouth, bitch.”

“Ooh, is this happening? I really hope so.” the gnelf leans forward in her seat, teeth glimmering from beneath her ridiculous hat. “Come on, you crack-fueled tree ornament. Call me pint-sized one more time. See what happens.”

You're about to give the gnelf a piece of your mind, but the door to the shop opens up loudly, and Serah steps out.

Your rub your eyes in disbelief.

She looks like a real adventurer.

“Oh, it's you,” she says, looking at your flightless glowing body surrounded by fancy little dresses and lingerie, strewn on the sidewalk. She is clearly not surprised. She gives her skirt a tug. “I'm going back to the guild. I don't care if you go out and party.”

Your ears perk up at the word party.

But what's a party without friends?

“I... can't really fly right now,” you say, shuffling your feet on a brick. “...Could you please give me a lift?”

Serah sighs, holds out her hand and you hop aboard. She sets you on her shoulder and looks at the gnelf with a tired expression, and when she speaks, her voice changes somehow. “Miss Venmiphi, thank you for your assistance. I will pay for whatever inconvenience you may have suffered on my behalf.”

The gnelf hops to her feet and gives a deep curtsy. “Your generosity humbles me, Lady Kensington. My shop's door is forever open to you and yours.”

You want to get in the last word, but you're almost swept off Serah's shoulder when she whips around to leave. You ride on her shoulder in silence.

You hate silence.

“I remembered how to carry more stuff!” you tell Serah helpfully.

More silence.

“I can carry up to eighty-seven pounds! Now you don't have to worry about losing your reagents!”

Even more silence.

“...Are you mad at me?”

“Mad? Mad?” Serah stops. Her voice is ice-cold. “You said that spell would last until midnight. I was nearly stripped naked in the streets because of you! How can I trust a single piece of advice you give me now? How can I trust that my fairy has any idea what she's doing?”
No. 982381 ID: e51896

Just confess that you are the worst fairy in the world and that you need Serah's help to be a better fairy more than serah needs your help to be a better adventurer. you dont want to be labeled as an outcast again, but you dont know how..

The truth hurts, but it is better to admit it than live this lie further.
No. 982383 ID: 4c882c

>You remember that all-nighter you pulled in Space-Time 201: Inventory Magic and You. It wasn't for a test, but because you desperately needed to fit a pony keg in your cleavage.

Talk about priorities...
No. 982384 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her you will go over your school notes and remember more stuff and become useful to her. You're kindof crap right now just because you're out of practice, that's all.
No. 982386 ID: b5fb67


Welp, time to apologize and own up to our mistakes.

"Look, I'm sorry. I was hoping the mutagens would give you cool magic adventurer powers, I didn't mean to embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable. It's why I drank the one that set me on fire, I was hoping it would show that I'm willing to do what you're willing to do. And if it helps... I was a hair's breadth away from being completely naked myself. That dragon mutagen damn near burned off my clothes and left me in my birthday suit, save for my fairy glow."
No. 982387 ID: 094652

Just sit on her shoulder and don't snip back at her.
No. 982389 ID: 12b116

Be sure to cry a lot whenever you say whatever it is you say. Like, full-on uglycry so she feels bad for you.
No. 982390 ID: 8483cf
File 160664704446.png - (103.10KB , 525x990 , Promise.png )

You take a big, deep breath and wind up for a helluva comeback.

Does Serah want some grand apology, where you throw yourself down and beg for forgiveness? Is that what she wants? To see you grovel? Cry so hard you uglycry and use your wings for tissues? Well, you're better than that! You're awesome and smart and magical and everyone wants a piece of this!

Except that's not how the last few days have played out at all.

You kind of suck.

You let out that big, long breath and decide instead to nestle against Serah's neck.

“I'm not used to sucking this bad, okay?” you mutter. “I was just really happy you liked the dress I made for you. I didn't know it would wear off that fast. I really tried hard. I really, really did.”

Serah keeps walking, and this time the silence is a little less agonizing.

“And maybe I should have helped with the mutagens. I was kind of half asleep when I asked you to make them, and I was hoping they'd give you awesome new powers and stuff, not mess you up and embarrass you.

“If it makes you feel better, I was totally streaking back there,” you giggle softly. “I burned off all my clothes trying to keep up with you. It was just me and my glowy bits for three blocks.”

“Nobody can see your glowy bits anyway,” Serah grumbles.

“You asking?”


You giggle again.

Another block passes in silence. Serah shrugs her shoulder, and you nestle tighter.

“I just want to help,” you say frumpily. “I know I'm really out of practice and forgotten way too much, but I can do so much better. I'm used to be really, really good at some really, really cool stuff, even before I started partying all the time. I just haven't had anyone willing to let me try, until you came along.

“So... I'm sorry. I'm really, really, really, really sorry.”

Serah takes a long time to answer, but when she does, it's a doozy.

“Can fairies lie?”

“Uh. Ew?” You stick out your tongue. “Why are you asking?”

“Just answer.”

“Yeesh,” you shudder. “Yes, but it's gross. That's like me asking you if you can take a dump in the street over there. It's horrible and icky and will probably get you kicked out of polite society forever.”

“Then say it again. And tell me what you are going to do better tomorrow.”

“I'm not a bellman.” You roll your eyes. “I don't need to say it three times for it to be true.”

“Do it anyway,” Serah says.

You grumble. “Fine. I'm sorry. Really sorry. From the bottom of my glowy little heart. And I'm going to get up at the cock's crow tomorrow and practice my magic until sundown.”

“Sunup to sundown?” Serah titters. “I'm starting to see how fairies think. You could cast one spell an hour, or even just one at sunup and one at sundown, and you'd be telling the truth.”

“Uh...” you gulp.

“You can do better than that,” Serah says forcefully. “I want you to practice until you've wrung every little bit of magic out of your system. That's how I'll know you actually want to help me, and you're not just mooching off me for fancy clothes.”

“Um...” you flutter your wings nervously. “Every little bit?”

“Every bit!”

“Can't I-”


“All right!” you shout. “Tomorrow I promise I'll practice until I'm totally, one hundred percent dustless! There! Are you happy?!”

“No, but it's a start.”
No. 982391 ID: 8483cf
File 160664717964.png - (263.87KB , 1386x1006 , The_Perfect_Crime.png )

Serah stops beside a dressmaker's sign you recognize from earlier. “Do you have enough magic to help me carry some dresses?”

“Uh. Outlook unclear, ask again later?”

“Forget I asked.”

You recognize the shop from earlier: Active Dresswear and Fashionable Fittings. Serah steps inside. You barely hear her ask the dressmaker if he's managed to put together any plans for an outfit similar to her old one, but in her new, larger size. You have a bigger problem.

How are you going to weasel out of a capital-P Promise?!

Serah, meanwhile, is having problems of her own.

“Wait, you mean to tell me that my courier already ordered a dress on my line of credit?” Serah asks, utterly confused. “I didn't send anyone yet. I was expecting to send my fairy, here.”

“Lady Kensington, I must apologize. My senses appear to have taken leave of me. I allowed the courier to select a dress on your behalf, but the details are hazy. I can't seem to remember what they looked like, or anything else for that matter. If you'll excuse me, I have to tend to this headache...”

Serah looks to you. “Did you order a dress from here?”

“Huh?” you snap back to reality. “I didn't do it! I swear!”

“Well then, who did?”
No. 982392 ID: 894419

No. 982393 ID: 094652

"Are your parents sending their potential suitors hand-picked agents to help you out on your quests?"
No. 982397 ID: e51896

>“Do you have enough magic to help me carry some dresses?”

>“Uh. Outlook unclear, ask again later?”

Come on, you can show Serah you aren't worthless, you promised you'll use all your magic until you are dried up. So what about that magic you are using to make yourself glow then? You should be able to sacrfice that glow to get just enough magic for your inventory magic to carry her dresses. It will at least show you are trying to help her. She may rather appreciate you trying to help and fail over not trying at all.
No. 982398 ID: 12b116

Prove the usefulness of your magic by inventorying the stuff so you can help her carry stuff!

Also, make sure you're up high in the room so that Dotti can't get you, and burn through your dust as fast as possible first thing int he morning so you can spend a most of the day resting to get it back.
No. 982400 ID: 6dd335

Probably should just tell her what Dotti is and damn the consequences.
No. 982408 ID: b1b4f3

You can still avoid blowing Dotti's cover and keep from being eaten. Evade the question.
Ask Serah if it really matters who ordered the dress. Does she want it?
No. 982416 ID: 8483cf
File 160668681420.png - (94.10KB , 745x605 , WTFairy.png )

You detect the lingering aura of wild magic and know exactly who ordered that dress.

“That was Dotti. One hundred percent,” you say.

“My fox?” Serah blinks. “What? That doesn't make any sense.”

If you're going to repair your relationship with Serah, you can't hold anything back, even if it means risking orange, fuzzy wrath. This is just too important.

Plus it might get Dotti kicked out, which is a pretty big bonus.

“She's not just a fox!” you say, using your serious voice, which is just your regular voice but without the threat of making fun of somebody. “I tried to tell you earlier, but she threatened to eat me! She's a fox spirit. I'm not sure what kind she is, but nine times out of ten, they're bad, bad news. She's got two tails and everything! You just can't see them because you're not all magical like me.”

“That explains... a great deal, actually,” Serah shakes her head. “This is bad. Is she going to attack us if she's found out? Could she use her powers on us?”

“Oh, definitely,” you say. “That fox spirit has more raw power than she knows what to do with. Don't put anything past her. Compulsion magic seems to be her go-to, but she's got a lot of tools to work with. Fire, illusions, possession... depending on what kind of spirit she is, she might have access to a lot of really nasty stuff.”

“She's surrounded by a guild of adventurers,” Serah says. “Hopefully she doesn't try anything. And...”

“And what?”

“I think she likes me,” Serah scratches the back of her neck.

“Fox spirits are literally masters of deception and lies!” you fire back. “She's toying with you for... for... nefarious reasons beyond mortal comprehension!”

“You might be right, but I'm not going to go in flasks blazing,” Serah says. “We'll bring backup.”

“Sounds good!”

Serah hightails it back to the adventurer's guild, and again, she shocks you with her newfound speed. Her extra strength and long stride are going to be huge assets in the field.

You show up at the guild, and as Serah gathers a few of the more-experienced adventurers to back her up in case things go south, you detect the unmistakable aura of wild magic.

And it feels [i]awful.[i/] It's the magical equivalent of swimming in a lake of burned olive and weeks-old kitchen grease.

“Serah?” you tug on her ear. “We need to get upstairs right now. I think Dotti tried to cast a spell and it short-circuited or something.”

“With me! Now!” Serah points to the stairwell, and you charge up and into the unlocked room.

Serah opens the door cautiously, keeping her eyes ready to break contact at a moment's notice.

Then you both forget about it and just stare, stack-jawed.
No. 982417 ID: 8483cf
File 160668730588.png - (261.78KB , 926x1589 , Dotti.png )

“Is... that you, Dotti?” Serah asks, utterly flabbergasted.

The adventurers outside the door are still waiting, ready for action. Serah waves her arm downwards, and the more inexperienced ones lower their weapons.

You take a whiff of Dotti's aura and nearly gag. You can't believe your luck.

Dotti's burned out all her magic on a half-baked transformation. She's completely defenseless.

Oh, revenge would be so, so sweet.

HUGE thank you to LonelyWorld for the character design and base lineart!
No. 982418 ID: 0fae41

You can't take revenge in front of all these people. That dress is meant for Serah, so... compliment it!
No. 982419 ID: 6dd335

Lets not go for revenge. Instead, ask her why she did it and what she wants.
No. 982420 ID: cdabe3

yeah cmon, don't be a bitch to dotti :P
No. 982421 ID: c5d2fe

Well, she was a bitch to us, so I'm not exactly a big fan of turning the other cheek, but. Not in front of all these people.

>"What and WHY? That isn't even a good color for you!"
No. 982424 ID: b1b4f3

Let her speak. Everyone always has some explanation for their own actions, and it's the adventurers who get to decide if it's believable.
Do tell them that she's out of magic, as far as you can tell.
No. 982425 ID: 12b116

pee on her to establish dominance. It's the only thing animals understand.
No. 982434 ID: 8483cf
File 160669198640.png - (148.83KB , 655x631 , Just_Mute_Problems.png )

Dotti opens her mouth, considering her first words carefully.

She pauses.

Still pausing...

Dotti looks away quickly. She shuffles her feet, swishes her skirts and smiles as big as she can.

“Dotti?” Serah asks again. “What's going on?”

“Careful,” you say. “I can tell she's out of magic, but there's no knowing what she might do.”

Dotti hears you. Her smile instantly turns to anger. She opens her mouth to object- and lets out a high, shrill bark.

She immediately slaps her paws her mouth and tries to sink into the floor.

“I don't think she can talk,” Serah says slowly. She backs up just a little. “She's out of magic, too.”

You know what? You don't even need to take revenge at this point. This is just getting better and better.

“No magic?” a tired voice calls out from the back of the line of adventurers. “Fantastic. This is your problem now, Lady Kensington. I'm going back to my ale.”

The experienced adventurers follow. The newbies stay and rubberneck.

Dotti's eyes are glued to the floor.

“That's your dress,” you tell Serah in an extra-loud whisper. “She's a thief.”

“You bought that on my line of credit, didn't you? You followed us to the dressmaker?” Serah asks. “Why are you doing this?”

Dotti opens her mouth and tries again to speak, but all that comes out is a rasp.

You flutter your wings at a curious boy in half-plate behind you. “Hey, get me some popcorn, will you? Three or four kernels would be great. I'm hungry.”

“You will do no such thing!” Serah snaps at the boy before he has a chance to hop to it.

“But I really am hungry,” you whine.

“We'll get dinner later. For now...” Serah rubs her temples. “What am I going to do about this mess?”

“Establish dominance! Get a spray bottle and don't let her pee on the carpet,” you say helpfully. “She's definitely not housebroken.”

Dotti bares her teeth.

“Honestly, I don't know if you're joking or not,” Serah tells you. “Dotti, how much do you know about human rules? Raise your hand high for a lot, down low for a little.”

Dotti raises her hands as high as they'll go and gives a nervous smile.

“Liar, liar, raise them higher!” you say.

Serah groans. “I can't deal with this right now.”

“Let me handle it!” you volunteer. “I've given nothing but good advice when it comes to Dotti.”

“As much as I hate to admit it, you're right. But still...” Serah looks at the newbie adventurers wearily. “I can't handle this madness any longer. Could someone please stay here and make sure my fairy doesn't make things worse? I'll owe you one.”

You rub your hands together gleefully. You get a minion! And full control over how to handle the Dotti Disaster!

Which newbie adventurer do you choose, and how do you deal with Dotti?
No. 982435 ID: b5fb67


Hot elf lady with a bow/arrow, lavender hair, white tunic, leather skirt, ankle boots.
No. 982438 ID: e51896

This. She is also an adventurer that is shaking in anticipation to attack (but you fail to realize the newbie adventurer you chose is actually very timid and shaking in fear)

(Somehow find out that Dotti had stole and is wearing your lucky panties)
No. 982439 ID: b1b4f3

Alright first thing to do is to establish a line of communication. Can she write with those dumb hands? Does she even know how to write, if she could? At least you can ask her yes/no questions, or ones that have a number answer.
Secondly, tell her that now that she can't pretend to be a normal fox, she can't blast people with persuasion magic anymore and get away with it. Everyone will know it was her.
Thirdly, ask her what she wants from following Serah around, anyway. If she can't write then it'll have to be a series of yes/no questions, like does she want to be a pet, or a full party member in your adventuring group, or does she want to stay at home and do chores while you and Serah are out? Or does she want to become independent and get a job, assuming she gets better at transforming?
No. 982440 ID: 12b116

Yeah I'm down for this. She's like a ranger-type so she's "good with animals" (in her own opinion)
No. 982446 ID: 094652

>Character Creation: Minion
The shy mage girl at the back. She looks like a dwarf, but she's actually a half-halfling. She wears glasses with lenses shaped like dodecahedrons for some reason. According to her official bio, she dropped out of school because a self-absorbed prodigy at school geased her into dropping out permanently, and as a side effect she's been forced to self study at the college level ever since.
No. 982493 ID: 6f7a5a

I like the idea of a ranger trying to use "handle animal" on her maybe offering her dog treats

seconding this
No. 982702 ID: 5f20bc

Congratulations Dottie. Let’s all just lay down and forget tonight. It’s been a clusterfuck.
No. 982778 ID: 8483cf
File 160721196306.png - (140.13KB , 511x1014 , Elf Ranger.png )

You know exactly who to draft into Dotti Duty.

“That elf girl over there!” you tug on Serah's hair in the direction of a lavender-haired elf. “Put me on her shoulder and we'll handle this all ourselves. You go take a load off and get some dinner. Relax, I've got this!”

“Please don't set anything on fire,” Serah sighs. She holds out her hand and you hop on.

“Hey, peek-a-bangs!” you call out to a lavender-haired elf girl. She's skinny like most elves, but and has a faint tingle of nature magic about her and tan skin, so she's not a high elf. She's definitely a ranger, given the quiver on her back, and you feel safe assuming she's a wood elf. “Think you're up for a little fox whispering?”

“If you could please help me with this while I figure out my lodging and clothing situation...” Serah wearily holds you out. “I would greatly appreciate it.”

The elf girl holds out her hand and gives Serah a warm smile. “Magic, spirits and animals? You should know not to worry when an elf is involved in any of these. I'm a specialist on all three.”

“Thank you,” Serah lets out a sigh of relief.

You hop off Serah's hand and into the elf girl's palm, and she puts you on her shoulder with perfect poise. The rest of the adventurers either follow Serah downstairs or head to their own rooms. It's just you, the elf, and Dotti.

Dotti's standing tall in the center of the room. She's trying to put on a brave face, but she's shaking ever so slightly.

You rub your hands together gleefully.

“This fox spirit tried to eat me yesterday,” you declare. “She's dangerous!”

Dotti gulps.

“Dangerous, yes,” the elf says. “But she doesn't have any magic, and she's not threatening anyone right now.”

Dotti smiles widely and bats her eyelashes.

“Don't try that cute stuff on us!” you say. “I'm on to you! You've got a secret agenda, and we have ways of making you talk!”

The elf nods. Dotti's smile fades.

“We do have ways of making her talk, right?” you whisper in the elf ranger's ear.

“That we do.” The ranger reaches behind her back and pulls out a tiny biscuit. “Are you hungry, Dotti?”

Dotti stares at the biscuit.

“It's tasty,” the ranger girl says. “It's getting late. Everyone's hungry. Here, take it.” She holds out the biscuit in Dotti's direction, but doesn't take a step towards her. She has to come closer.

Dotti shies closer, suspicious. She sniffs the air and licks her chops hungrily. She steps forward, bends over and opens her mouth- then catches herself, and holds out her hands instead.

“Good girl,” the elf ranger says. “Go on, take it.”

Dotti snatches the biscuit out of her hands and takes an enormous bite, spilling crumbs all over her apron.

“See?” the elf girl says. “Serah was right to trust me. I know how to handle this.”

“Wow, look at her go!” You let out a giggle as Dotti messily devours her meal. “Is that biscuit fresh-baked or something?”

“Close,” says the elf girl. “It's a dog treat.”

Dotti suddenly gags on the treat and throws it to the ground, huffs, and turns around to face the wall in a petulant pout.

“That's weird,” you say. “She didn't have a problem being treated like a pet yesterday.”

“All right, so you have some pride,” says the elf girl. “It's very immature of you to sulk in the corner. If you can't talk, but don't want to be treated like a pet, we still need a way to communicate with you.” The elf girl grabs a quill, inkwell and scroll from Serah's open equipment chest and holds them out. “Can you write?”

Dotti looks over her shoulder, bites her lip nervously, and lets out a defeated whine.

“So she can't talk, can't write, and throws a tantrum over dog treats,” you say.

“It appears so, yes.”

You want to kick Dotti back out and send her home to the woods. Why shouldn't you? She's a moocher! A walking disaster who uses magic to get her way! A freeloader with a bad temper!

...Why does that sound so familiar?
No. 982779 ID: 094652

You already know the answer to that. Leave her alone and get acquainted with your new cute minion
No. 982781 ID: 8483cf

Now it's your turn to huff.

You might know the answer to that question, but what's your cute new minion's name?
No. 982782 ID: b5fb67


Realize that you and Dotti are almost alike in every way, and launch yourself into a state of depression and self-reflection.
No. 982791 ID: c5d2fe

...you don't have a bad temper.
No. 982799 ID: 12b116

No. 982812 ID: e51896

I know! Why dont we convice the elf girl to take Dotti in as her pet/travel companion! That way, Dotti can be happy to have someone to be with, and will leave you and Serah alone to live happily ever after!
No. 982814 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe she's upset because it's a dog treat, and she's a fox, not a dog.
Just ask her if she wants to be a pet. If not, is it because she doesn't want to be left at home while you and Serah are out doing things? She can actually tag along as a pet so long as she stays outside of the shops I guess. Also she has to agree to restrain herself when it comes to her magic.
No. 982835 ID: e51896

this elf is name Raelynn
No. 982933 ID: 8483cf
File 160732758205.png - (137.31KB , 915x1122 , Collar.png )

You feel something sapping away your gleefully vengeful mood. It's an aching, horrible sensation. Small, but loud and insistent. Kind of like you. You shove that feeling away.

“We have to get rid of this fox spirit!” you say forcefully. “She already tried to eat me once. I won't let her do it again.”

“Serah said she let the fox spirit spend the night last night,” your minion says. “Why didn't she do it while you were sleeping?”

“I was locked up safe and sound,” you say. “Look, I don't trust this fox, and neither should you, uh...”


“And neither should you, Raelynn!”

“I don't trust her. But I do have a fairly good idea which animals can be tamed. Dotti certainly can be.”

“Tame a fox spirit?!” you groan. “What are you gonna do, make her shapeshift back into a fox and give her a collar?”

“If she wants, sure.”

You look at Dotti. Dotti looks back nervously.

“Well?” Raelynn asks.“Do you want to change back and be a pet fox like you were yesterday? Is that what you want?”
No. 982934 ID: 8483cf
File 160732764625.png - (82.68KB , 425x514 , Nervous_Dotteh.png )

Dotti shakes her head.

“Well, then what do you want?” Raelynn presses. “Do you want to live like a human?”

Dotti nods enthusiastically.

“No way!” you say. “There's no place for her to sleep! And she stole that dress!”

Dotti shrinks back.

“Dotti?” Raelynn asks. “Do you plan on paying for that dress? Do you plan on sleeping here? You'll need to pay for it somehow. Do you know how money works?”

Dotti shuffles her feet.

“She's going to use her magic and steal what she needs,” you say. “She's done it before.”

“She might,” Raelynn says. “So someone will have to keep an eye on her.”

“Or we could just kick her out and send her back to the forest!”

“I don't see a reason to do that at this point in time,” Raelynn muses. “If she's really out of magic, can she transform back? Would she even survive back in the forest like she is now?”

“If you care about her so much, why don't you take her in?” you say. “You said you're great with animals!”

“I could use an animal companion,” Raelynn ponders. “A real, live fox spirit to help me in the field? Oh, the things I could do...”

Dotti shakes her head furiously. Raelynn looks at her, confused. “What? Do you not want to be my companion?”

Dotti stomps her foot and opens her mouth again, trying angrily to form words, but all that comes out is a long, high whine. She puts her hands to her eyes, and you can see tears.

You stare at Dotti, and that horrible feeling comes back again, stronger this time. This isn't supposed to be so complicated! She should be gone!

No. 982936 ID: 8483cf
File 160732774548.png - (85.25KB , 500x500 , Contract.png )

You grab ahold of your new elf minion's lavender braid like a vine and slid down to the end, then springboard off her boob and flutter to the floor.

“Hey!” the elf says, putting a hand to her chest. You don't bother with a pithy remark as you make your way over to Dotti.

“This is stupid. You're stupid, you know that?” you say, staring up at her. “Get down here and look me in the eye when I'm talking to you!”

Oh, you are so going to regret this.

Dotti kneels down unsteady, wobbles, then crashes to the floor in front of you. Good.

“You blew your cover and now you're gonna cry just because you can't get free room and board? Is that it?”

Dotti sniffles.

“Well, guess what? It's your lucky day. I went to fairy college, and I can write up binding contracts. So if you don't want to be a pet, or an animal companion, you earn your dinner just like me, and maybe you can afford to pay Serah for that dress.”

Dotti looks to Raelynn. Raelynn shrugs. “I'm a ranger. I can't afford to buy you fancy dresses whenever you want.”

“Come on, foxy,” you say. “Sign on the dotted line, and I'll help you out.”

What terms did you put in the contract?
No. 982938 ID: 0fae41

1) No touching the fairy without permission. Emergencies do not count as permission.
2) The arbitrator of this contract known as 'LAZY ASS FAIRY' (henceforth referred to as LF) has a controlling stake in Dotti's soul, if indeed such a creature has one.
3) Dotti shall attempt to preserve their own life so long as doing so does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.
4) LF gets the top bunk.
5) Pending adventurer's signature, ADVENTURER will provide Dotti with fiscal and social guidance in the human world, in exchange for magical and domestic assistance by Dotti.
6) Tunnel snakes rule.
No. 982939 ID: 094652

You are refered to as "Party L"
Sarah is refered to as "Party S"
* Dotti will NOT kill Party L. This supersedes all other contract obligations.
* In the event that Party L does not recognize a threat to Party L, Dotti will do everything in her power to prevent the threat from harming Party L. This supersedes all subsequent contract obligations.
* Dotti will NOT kill Party S. This supersedes all subsequent contract obligations.
* In the event that Party S does not recognize a threat to Party S, Dotti will do everything in her power to prevent the threat from harming Party S. This supersedes all subsequent contract obligations.
* Party L will receive three (3) Favors from Dotti every day. Party S will receive three (3) Favors from Dotti every day. Each Favor is defined as a command that Dotti must attempt to the best of her ability. Favors may not carry over to the next day or be requested while Dotti is unconscious.
* Dotti's chest area is now Party L's new bed
* Party L has permission to visit Dotti's womb once a month for cleaning purposes.
* Party L does not have permission to visit Dotti's digestive tract anywhere between the
mouth and the anus.
No. 982940 ID: 894419

Dotti(henceforth known as Mean Fox, Jerk Fox, Or MF) acknowledges that by accepting the contract she is agreeing to following terms.

1) MF will not intentionally bring harm to The Fairy, or conspire to allow The Fairy to enter into a situation that would cause her harm without previously informing her of the danger.

2) MF will not intentionally bring harm to Sarah, or conspire to allow Sarah to enter into a situation that would cause her harm without previously informing her of the danger

3) MF will enter the exclusive service of Sarah and The Fairy until such time as Sarah declares MF's debts repayed. In that time Sarah and/or The Fairy will allow MF to enter into cohabitation with them.

4) MF will, in good faith, attempt to satisfy any command given to her by Sarah which does not constitute blatantly suicidal action.

5) MF will be polite to The Fairy and Sarah

6) The Fairy reserves the right to mock MF at any point for any reason, or no reason at all.

7) By signing the contract MF acknowledges that The Fairy is in fact, better than her.

Sign Here:
No. 982943 ID: 933c00

>Dotti will, to the best of her abilities, obey all direct orders from the fairy who wrote this contract (henceforth, "the fairy").

>Dotti will, to the best of her abilities, obey all direct orders from Serah, unless they conflict with an ongoing order from the fairy.

>Dotti will not attempt to harm Serah or the fairy, nor will she deliberately allow harm to come to them, without the express permission of Serah or the fairy.

>Dotti will not commit any felonies without the express permission of Serah or the fairy, except to protect them from imminent danger.

>Dotti will not make any purchases or trades without the express permission of Serah or the fairy, nor will she steal from them.

>Dotti agrees to abide by the spirit of the above terms, as Serah would understand them.

>Dotti agrees that the fairy is superior to her.

>This contract will remain in effect for a minimum of 30 days, starting at the moment of signing.

>This contract may only be terminated with the express permission of both Serah and the fairy. Either party may revoke their permission at any time while the contract is still in effect.

>Sign here _______________

This should be pretty hard for her to weasel out of, and also really easy for us to abuse.
No. 982945 ID: e51896

wait, if we put just "The Fairy" on the contract, would it be too vague enough so that it could be any fairy, not just you? maybe we should write our real name on the terms? (unless fairy is our real name)
No. 982951 ID: 6f62dd

Honestly I like the non-accruing 3 favors idea from here the best, although I could do without the unbirth clause.
No. 982952 ID: 6f62dd

The contract also needs to include a duty to provide Dotti with room and board, otherwise she has no reason to sign it because she's not getting any benefit from it.
No. 983024 ID: 8483cf
File 160741106683.png - (85.51KB , 576x571 , Hesitation.png )

Dotti looks over the agreement. Surprisingly, she can read. Where'd she learn that?

This ROOM AND BOARD AGREEMENT, hereafter “Agreement”, is entered into by and between ______________, the contracting Fairy (“Fairy”), and Lady Serah Kensington, Heir Countess of Kensington (“Serah”), and Dorothea, a.k.a. Dotti, a Fox Spirit of indeterminate variety (“Dotti”), each a “party” and collectively the “parties”.

>WHEREAS, Dotti seeks to obtain shelter, clothing, and food, having no means of obtaining thereof; and

> WHEREAS, Dotti is a Fox Spirit, which is known for trickery, deception, violence, duplicity and malevolence; and

>WHEREAS, Fairy has actual and apparent authority to act on behalf of Serah in matters involving Dotti;

>WHEREAS, Fairy is generous, kind, beautiful, smart, and glowy; and

>WHEREAS, Dotti is stupid; and

>NOW, THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, this RBA is issued under the following covenants, terms, and conditions:

1. Definitions.
Days shall be measured in earthly, mortal days at the location of signing. Favors are defined as commands that the grantor must attempt to the best of their ability. All other terms contained herein shall be defined as set out in the Uniform Fairy Code, as amended.

2. Room and Board Provided.
Fairy and Serah shall provide Dotti with reasonable food, shelter, and clothing for the term of this Agreement, at their own expense.

3. Term.
The term of this agreement shall be from the date of last signature until thirty mortal sunsets thereafter. This agreement will then automatically renew for a further period of thirty days unless Fairy and Serah give notice of intent to not renew.

4. Compensation.
a. Fairy shall receive three (3) Favors from Dotti every day. Favors do not accrue. Favors cannot be requested when Dotti is unconscious.
b. Serah shall receive three (3) Favors from Dotti every day. Favors do not accrue. In the event that Favors granted to Serah conflict with Favors granted to Fairy, Fairy's favors will control.
c. Dotti will treat Fairy and Serah with courtesy and respect, which includes welcoming them with curtsies. The deeper, the better.
d. Fairy may use Dotti as a bed. Upon Fairy's request, Dotti is required to fluff herself to Fairy's satisfaction.

5. Non-Aggression and Duty to Protect.
a. Dotti shall not intentionally cause harm to Fairy or Serah, or conspire to allow Fairy or Serah to enter into a situation that would cause either party harm without previously informing the threatened party of the danger.
b. Dotti shall not deliberately allow harm to occur to Fairy or Serah through Dotti's inaction, without previously informing the threatened party.
c. This section shall be interpreted broadly.

6. Compliance with Laws.
Dotti shall comply with all applicable laws of all jurisdictions she is present within, unless Fairy or Serah waives this clause, or completion of a Favor requires noncompliance to achieve, or Dotti's Duty to Protect requires noncompliance to achieve. Waivers of this clause shall not extend beyond a reasonable time as defined by the circumstances of the waiver.

7. Default and Geas.
By entering into this Agreement and providing her True Name, Dotti consents to her True Name being recorded in the Greater Library. Should Dotti commit an act that violates the terms of this agreement, Fairy is authorized to draw upon the Library and utilize magic of a strength necessary to cure the default. Should Fairy be incapable of controlling or channeling the energy of said Library due to incapacitation or other circumstances, Fairy authorizes the Library to act on Fairy's behalf to cure any outstanding default.

8. Termination.
This Agreement may be terminated by mutual consent of both Fairy and Serah. Termination is allowed verbally and may take effect immediately, should it be stated. Upon termination, Dotti's name will be erased from the Greater Index.

9. Supremacy Clause
Dotti acknowledges that Fairy is better than her.


Contracting Fairy (Please Sign True Name in Fae)

Contracting Fairy, on behalf of Lady Serah Kensington, Heir Countess of Kensington

Dorothea, a.k.a. Dotti, a Fox Spirit
(Please Sign in Pawprint)

No. 983025 ID: 6f7a5a

Dotti signing away you freedom in immensely unfair deals is a very human thing to do
No. 983026 ID: b1b4f3

The "previously informing" part could be a problem. She can't speak, how is she supposed to inform anyone of the danger? How about change it so that instead of her having to inform you and Serah of the danger, you have to be aware of it somehow, whether she warns you or not?
"or intentionally manipulate events to cause Fairy or Serah to be harmed without their consent." which means she would have to be responsible for something going wrong for it to be a breach of contract.

Also you should put in a probationary period. For two days, you and Serah have the right to change the terms of the contract, though you both have to agree on the changes. Therefore if you mess up the first draft and give Dotti too much leeway you can change it, and Dotti doesn't have to worry about getting stuck with a bad deal for 30 whole days because Serah will have mercy.
No. 983027 ID: b5fb67


I would throw in a clause there to invoke arbitration by a trusted third party.
No. 983028 ID: 0fae41

Skip to the end and sign, nobody reads these things.
No. 983037 ID: e51896

Wait, lets get a witness' signature of the contract signing for added validity and security so that if any legal issues happen like Dotti trying to claim she did not sign anything happens, the witness can deny it. Raelynn can sign as a witness! is she still here?

(Idea: Because Lazy Fairy put Serah as part of the contract without her permission, Raelynn should leave quickly in order to go get Serah's input on LF's contract first because she is an honest ranger and doesn't want Serah to get upset with her breaking her promise to make sure LF doesn't do anything bad.)
No. 983046 ID: 12b116

yeah yeah it's fine just sign it.
No. 983048 ID: 9c48ac

The duty to protect section should say something along the lines of "without the party informedly consenting to temporary waiving of the clause".
Otherwise, she could just say "I'm gonna stab you", and then stab you, without technically breaching the contract.

The rest looks good, I think.
No. 983054 ID: 094652

Remove that last clause and most of the Whereas; if the administration can see blatant Fairy-Supremacy, they might deem it grounds for annulment.

And seriously, you're being spitefully racist.
No. 983092 ID: 67d59f

In addition to toning down the spitefulness and racism as others suggested, we should also try to tie up some loopholes.

Add a clause for where either fairy or Sarah are deceased (just so nobody gets stuck in a contract simply due to Sarah biting the big one a hundred years down the line), along with explicit forbiddance of Dotti directly or indirectly killing either fairy or Sarah regardless of prior warning.

In matters of mortal peril, Dotti is required to protect both fairy and Sarah TO THE POINT OF DEATH as to prevent the early demise of either fairy or Sarah unless consent is otherwise unanimously given by both Sarah and fairy on a case-per-case basis.

Define consent as verbal permission stated plainly and with clear intent by both fairy and Sarah while both are of sound mind and not under the influence of any forms of drugs, poisons, torture, hypnosis, magic, or any other possible sources that may influence either fairy or Sarah.

Remove the curtsies bit from 4.c. It will get old fast and is petty.
No. 983149 ID: 8483cf
File 160748738691.png - (152.08KB , 844x569 , Lemme_See_That.png )

“I'm not one of those book-smart high elves,” Raelynn says, “But even I know signing contracts with fairies has the potential to make things worse.” She grabs the contract away from Dotti and looks to the bottom. “Well, look at this! You signed for Lady Kensington!”

“I can do that! She let me!” you protest.

“Well, then she would have no problem reading it herself, then?” Raelynn smirks. She turns to head downstairs with your contract.

“Wait! Wait!” you call out. You flutter your wings desperately, and find that you have just enough dust to zip in front of her and block her path, for what good it does. “Uh... it's not finished yet!”

“Smart fairy,” the elf says, and watches as you drift like a leaf back down to the ground.

You grit your teeth and get to revising. Maybe this is your chance to do something Serah would be proud of, instead of just getting petty revenge. Maybe you can get Serah to like you for how helpful you're being, and how fair you are. Maybe she'll celebrate your newfound fairness with a party!

You generously allow Serah to sign for herself, and give her favors priority over yours, and rework the recitals, and give it your best shot. Serah's going to love it for sure! And she'll love you, too!

But you can't let this chance to have a fluffy fox bed go to waste...


This ROOM AND BOARD AGREEMENT, hereafter “Agreement”, is entered into by and between ______________, the contracting Fairy (“Fairy”), and Lady Serah Kensington, Heir Countess of Kensington (“Serah”), and Dorothea, a.k.a. Dotti, a Fox Spirit of indeterminate variety (“Dotti”), each a “party” and collectively the “parties”.

>WHEREAS, Dotti seeks to obtain shelter, clothing, and food, having no means of obtaining thereof; and

> WHEREAS, Dotti is a Fox Spirit demonstrating aptitude for compulsion charms and minimal restraint in use thereof; and

>WHEREAS, Fairy has the ability and authority to enforce contracts between the parties; and

>WHEREAS, Serah has the ability to provide shelter, clothing, and food through her occupation as an adventurer, alchemical skill, and access to the wealth of House Kensington; and

>WHEREAS, Serah is an adventurer, and as such is likely to be placed in mortal peril as part of her day-to-day activities;

>NOW, THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, this agreement is issued under the following covenants, terms, and conditions:

1. Definitions.
Days shall be measured in earthly, mortal days at the location of signing.
Favors are defined as commands that the grantor must attempt to the best of their ability.
Consent is defined as verbal permission stated plainly and with clear intent by both Fairy and Serah while both are of sound mind and not under the influence of any forms of drugs, poisons, torture, hypnosis, magic, or any other possible sources that may influence either Fairy or Serah.
All other terms contained herein shall be defined as set out in the Uniform Fairy Code, as amended.

2. Room and Board Provided.
Fairy and Serah shall, at their own expense, provide Dotti with reasonable food, shelter, and clothing for the term of this Agreement.


This agreement shall have a provisional term in effect from the instant of last signature until sunset of the second (2nd) day following the instant of last signature. Prior to termination of the provisional term, if the parties express intent to continue the agreement, the agreement shall continue for the Primary Term.

The Primary Term of this agreement shall be from the termination of the probationary period until thirty (30) days thereafter, at the sunset of the thirtieth day. This agreement will then automatically renew for a further period of thirty days unless Dotti, Fairy or Serah give notice of intent to not renew. Intent to not renew must be expressed no less than one (1) day prior to termination. Automatic renewal periods shall continue indefinitely.

4. Compensation.
a. Fairy shall receive three (3) Favors from Dotti every day. Favors do not accrue. Favors cannot be requested when Dotti is unconscious.
b. Serah shall receive three (3) Favors from Dotti every day. Favors do not accrue. Favors cannot be requested when Dotti is unconscious. In the event that Favors granted to Serah conflict with Favors granted to Fairy, Serah's favors shall control.
c. Dotti will treat Fairy and Serah with courtesy and respect.
d. Fairy may use Dotti as a bed. Upon Fairy's request, Dotti shall fluff herself to Fairy's satisfaction.

5. Non-Aggression and Duty to Protect.
a. Dotti shall not intentionally cause harm to Fairy or Serah, or conspire to allow Fairy or Serah to enter into a situation that would cause either party harm. This provision may only be waived by Dotti informing the threatened party of the harm to be suffered, or the party is fully aware of the harm to be suffered, and Dotti obtains consent of both Fairy and Serah.
b. Dotti shall not deliberately allow harm to occur to Fairy or Serah through Dotti's inaction. This provision may only be waived by Dotti informing the threatened party of the harm to be suffered, or the party is already fully aware of the harm to be suffered, and Dotti obtains consent of both Fairy and Serah.
c. Under no circumstances may Dotti cause the death of Fairy or Serah. This provision cannot be waived.
d. Dotti agrees to a Duty to Protect both Fairy and Serah. In situations where Fairy or Serah is or will imminently be in mortal peril, Dotti's Duty to Protect requires her to protect Fairy and Serah until Fairy and Serah are no longer in or will imminently be in mortal peril, regardless of risk to Dotti's own life. This provision may only be waived by consent of both Fairy and Serah, and only on a case-by-case basis.
e. This section shall be interpreted broadly.

6. Compliance with Laws.
Dotti shall comply with all applicable laws of all jurisdictions she is present within, unless Fairy or Serah waives this clause, or completion of a Favor requires noncompliance to achieve, or Dotti's Duty to Protect requires noncompliance to achieve. Waivers of this clause shall not extend beyond a reasonable time as defined by the circumstances of the waiver.

7. Default and Geas.
By entering into this Agreement and providing her True Name, Dotti consents to her True Name being recorded in the Greater Library. Should Dotti commit an act that violates the terms of this agreement, Fairy is authorized to draw upon the Library and utilize magic of a strength necessary to cure the default. Should Fairy be incapable of controlling or channeling the energy of said Library due to incapacitation or other circumstances, Fairy authorizes the Library to act on Fairy's behalf to cure any outstanding default.

8. Termination.
This Agreement may be terminated by mutual consent of both Fairy and Serah. Termination is allowed verbally and may take effect immediately, should it be stated. Upon termination, Dotti's True Name will be erased from the Index of the Greater Library.

9. Arbitration.
Disputes regarding the the terms of this agreement shall be arbitrated by a third party mutually agreed upon by all parties.

10. Death of Party.
Should either Fairy or Serah become deceased, all benefits and duties of the deceased under this contract shall vest in the survivor. Should Dotti become deceased, this contract shall terminate.


Lady Serah Kensington, Heir Countess of Kensington

Contracting Fairy (Please Sign True Name in Fae)

Dorothea, a.k.a. Dotti, a Fox Spirit
(Please Sign in Pawprint)
No. 983150 ID: b1b4f3

That seems fine.
No. 983153 ID: c5d2fe

Looks fair.
No. 983155 ID: e6ff21

Looks good. The only change I would make is the terms of termination

>This Agreement may be terminated by mutual consent of both Fairy and Serah.

Take your name out of this so that it reads "This Agreement may be terminated by Serah." It makes Serah feel like she is in most control this way.

(I would also add that Dotti must keep herself clean before fairy wants to use her as a bed, but contract making isn't LF's strongest skill, inventory management is, so lets not add that and leave that loophole in for hilarity)
No. 983181 ID: ecb3d0

>This agreement will then automatically renew for a further period of thirty days unless Dotti, Fairy or Serah give notice of intent to not renew.
I feel like could cause problems, have it be two out of the three give notice in the same renewal period. (otherwise Dotti can just kinda stop after the first month by declaring non-renewal during an intense moment, also this lets it end by you and Serah, you and Dotti, as if or Dotti and Serah)
This agreement will then automatically renew for a further period of thirty days unless two (2) individuals, out of the list of Dotti, Fairy and Serah, give notice of intent to not renew within the same renewal period.
>shall receive three (3)
should be 'up to' (Being required to receive 3 could, and probably would, quickly become a pain)
shall receive up to three (3)

>leave that loophole in for hilarity
good thing it is already 'may' not 'will')
No. 983187 ID: 67d59f

I want this to turn out good and eventually have a better relationship with Serah, so i am voting against shenanigans like this.

I can get behind this, aside from the bit at the very end.

Also a few changes:
5.a needs rewritten as it currently could be broadly interpreted as allowing Dotti to beat the shit out of you by just telling you that she will beat the shit out of you before she does it.
>Dotti shall not intentionally cause harm to Fairy or Serah, or conspire to allow Fairy or Serah to enter into a situation that would cause either party harm. This provision may only be waived by Dotti informing the threatened party of the harm to be suffered and Dotti obtains consent of both Fairy and Serah.
This should cover all scenarios.

Either replace the comma with a colon after Kensington or add "and" after the blank.
No. 983299 ID: 9c48ac

Huh, I guess that is still vague... but the "already aware" clause is there for a reason. How about:
>This provision may only be waived by Dotti obtaining the consent of the threatened party, given that either Dotti has informed the threatened party of the harm to be suffered, or the party is already fully aware of the harm to be suffered.

(I also changed it so the non-threatened party doesn't have to consent, since that didn't really make sense anyway.)
No. 983303 ID: 233458

Eh, seems to me that to have both agree would actually be a check if a party's ability to judge was compromised (like if Fairy got Serah wasted). At the same time, all parties are able to kill the whole deal after 30 days, so if a party is dissatisfied, they have that as a remedy.
No. 983306 ID: ecb3d0

>I want this to turn out good and eventually have a better relationship with Serah, so i am voting against shenanigans like this.
What? The 'shenanigans' are a way for Dotti to be a little bitch to fairy. (by being dirty)
The other thing was have fairy give up some power so Serah has more, for the express purpose of improving Serah-Fairy relations. (I do, however agree with not giving all the early termination power to Serah))
An extra check, but yes. Also as per my earlier suggestion I think it should be two out of three parties are dissatisfied, then renewal can be prevented.
No. 983352 ID: 8483cf
File 160766499203.png - (84.00KB , 500x500 , Serah_Sees.png )

“It's finished!” you declare. “Look, look! It's finished!”

Dotti peeks over your shoulder. She reads through it and stares at you with some confusion in her eyes.

“I wasn't kidding when I said it was your lucky day, you orange furball,” you say. “This deal's as fair as you're ever gonna get! Now sign!”

“Aren't you forgetting someone?” Raelynn asks.

“Oh, right. My adventurer,” you sigh. “Okay, okay. Let's get her opinion. But only because your hair is so cool.”

“Thank you,” Raelynn smiles. She puts you on her shoulder and takes the contract in hand.

You, Dotti and Raelynn head downstairs and find Serah seated at a table near the bar. Beside her are a stack of four plates, and a spread of lamb and salad and figs- and popcorn!

“Popcorn!” you cheer.

Dotti licks her chops. Serah scoots away ever so slightly.

“Thank you, Raelynn,” Serah says. “I wasn't sure what your particular dietary choices were, so I ordered meat on the side. Everyone, please, help yourself.”

“You don't have to worry about me being picky like some elves,” Raelynn says, pulling off her gloves and taking a leg of lamb for herself. “Where I'm from, we eat what we can.”

“Ew, meat.” You stick out your tongue and hop onto the table expectantly. Serah plates you four kernels of popcorn and a fig.

“A noble girl serving a fairy?” Raelynn says through a mouthful of lamb and salad. “Now I've seen everything.”

“With this contract, she won't have to!” you declare.

“Another contract?” Serah asks warily.

“It's legit! I swear! And it's really, really fair! That rhymes, which means you have to like it!”

“Thougt I'd get your opinion before anyone signed anything,” Raelynn says. She licks her fingers. “Good seasoning. Devin must be cooking tonight.”

Dotti tries to pick up a leg of lamb and drops it on the table. She smiles nervously and scoots it closer to her plate.

“That was very wise of you,” Serah says, a flicker of concern passing across her features as Dotti leans in to devour her leg of lamb. “Let me see exactly what this says.”

Serah reviews the contract in detail while you chow down. “This... isn't the worst thing in the world,” she says, surprised.

“Hey! You're welcome, Lady Fussingt- Uh, I mean, you're welcome.”

“I think we could improve the non-aggression language in sections 5(a) and (b),” Serah says. “Commas are pernicious devils, and order of wording matters.”

“Sure,” you say. “But you like it, right?”

“I do,” Serah says, a little relieved. “Honestly, I'm glad you came up with this solution. I wasn't sure how to handle any of this. But are you sure this contract actually...” Serah leans down and whispers to you. “Keeps us safe, in case...”

“You've never tried to go back on a deal with a fairy, have you?” You rub your hands together gleefully. “Oh, yeah. It's, way, way more than enough to stop her dead in her tracks if she tries messing with us.”

“Good,” Serah says. She sits up and looks to Dotti.

“Dotti, do you think this is fair? Did my fairy explain it all to you?”

Dotti pauses.

“She can read, somehow,” Raelynn says. “Any idea where she learned?”

You and Serah both shrug.

Dotti messily tears a strip of meat from her leg of lamb.
No. 983353 ID: 8483cf
File 160766501987.png - (70.93KB , 500x500 , Party_Girl.png )

“Very well, then,” Serah says. “I just think we should get Raelynn's opinion, and then sign.”

“Me?” Raelynn raises an eyebrow. “I'm no fancy-pants nobility. What makes you think my advice is worth something?”

“There's no way my fairy would have drafted a contract this thorough without encouragement.”

“Hey!” you pipe up. “I did all this myself! She just reminded me never to send the first draft.”

Serah looks to Raelynn with a knowing expression.

“Sure, fine,” Raelynn says. She takes the contract and her eyes immediately glaze over. “Okay, whoa. Lots of words here. If you say it's fine, it's fine.”

“I feel like I'm missing something,” Serah says. “I don't want to forget something important in a deal like this.”

“A deal? Well, that's easy,” Raelynn says. “You just need to know what kind of people are in on the deal. I think we know a lot about Dotti, but... hey, fairy! Tell me about yourself. What's your name?”

“How rude!” you say. “An elf? Asking a fairy her name? You should know better!”

“So you're a bit cagey,” Raelynn observes. “Not that unusual for a magical girl who binds people using their true name. But fine. What do you like to do? What're you good at?

You spin in place and flutter your wings glamorously. “I am the sexy, beautiful, glowy, unstoppable life of the party!

“Fascinating. Hey, I just remembered,” Raelynn says, pulling out a wineskin from her belt and dropping it on the table. “I've got a thing of rosé. Want some?”

“Do I ever!” you declare, and lunge for the wineskin. “Three more of these and we can all have a good time!”

Raelynn yanks the wineskin away from you just before you reach it. “I was kidding. But now Serah knows to assume that you might be blitzed out of your mind at any given moment.”

“Oh, dear,” Serah sighs. “I'm changing a few things to stop any one of us from collapsing this whole contract.”

Serah makes the following changes:

To § 1:

>Consent is defined as verbal permission stated plainly and with clear intent by both Fairy and Serah while both are of sound mind and not under the influence of any forms of alcohol, drugs, poisons, torture, hypnosis, magic, or any other possible sources that may influence either Fairy or Serah.

To § 3:

>This agreement will then automatically renew for a further period of thirty days unless two-thirds of the parties give notice of intent to not renew.

To § 5:

>a. Dotti shall not intentionally cause harm to Fairy or Serah, or conspire to allow Fairy or Serah to enter into a situation that would cause either party harm. This provision may only be waived by Dotti obtaining the consent of the threatened party, and that either (1) Dotti has informed the threatened party of the harm to be suffered, or (2) the threatened party is already fully aware of the harm to be suffered.

>b. Dotti shall not deliberately allow harm to occur to Fairy or Serah through Dotti's inaction. This provision may only be waived by Dotti obtaining the consent of the threatened party, and that either (1) Dotti has informed the threatened party of the harm to be suffered, or (2) the threatened party is already fully aware of the harm to be suffered.
No. 983354 ID: 8483cf
File 160766507418.png - (60.49KB , 363x444 , Serah Big Head.png )

“I think I'm ready to sign,” Serah says.

“Yay! Time for the execution!”

Everyone looks at you.

“Of the contract,” you say, exasperated. “Honestly, am I the only one who went to fairy college? Oh, wait! I am!”

Dotti claps her lamb-stained paws. Serah frowns and hands her a napkin to wipe.

“Wait a minute,” Raelynn says. “We didn't ask how you might affect the deal, Lady Kensington.”

“What about me?” Serah asks, stiffening slightly.

“You have to be honest with yourself. Do you trust yourself with this kind of responsibility? Do you think you can handle being bound to these two? Be honest with yourself, Lady Kensington.”

“I...” Serah slumps. She stares into her salad.

Dotti looks to Serah, her eyes big, wide and full of hope.

“Maybe we should ask your fairy for her opinion about you,” Raelynn says. "She can't lie, after all."
No. 983355 ID: b1b4f3

She has a tendency to rush into things, is a bit naive, and too reliant on others.
Personally I'm worried Dotti might unintentionally lead someone into a dangerous situation or a nominally safe situation could devolve; would that also trigger damages on the contract?
No. 983356 ID: b5fb67


She has a ton of potential. Very intelligent, perceptive, courageous, a total hottie, and a commitment to public service.
No. 983358 ID: c8ac22

"raelynn, you're a bastard for putting me on the spot but if you all really want my opinion... She's not competent, but she's getting there and I have definitely noticed improvement over our time together, she'll be a fully fledged adventurer in no time. Now sign the contract so I can have my fluffy bed."
No. 983362 ID: 67d59f

She isn't competent, but honestly neither are we right now (we really let ourselves go more than we ever should have...). We complement each other by strengthening our good points and keeping our bad points in check.

Also this
No. 983363 ID: e51896

Say sarcastically "if you are that worried about Serah, Raelynn, then why don't you join her and be our babysitter?"

Raelynn: accept that offer in all seriousness because you got nothing better to do.
No. 983364 ID: 9c48ac

Is there really any other option
No. 983368 ID: 6f62dd

It's fine, it's fine.
No. 983428 ID: 8483cf
File 160774600208.png - (76.78KB , 500x500 , Teamwork.png )

“Wow, weawwy?” you say, your mouth full of fig. “Thankf, Waewinn. Mo pweffur or muffin.”

You swallow your fig, and girl, you feel great. You're positively radiant now that you've had a full meal!

But you look over to Serah. Really, really look at her. You dim a little.

She's tired. Sad. Full of self-doubt. And she's had an terrible day.

Maybe you can fix that.

“Well, well, well!” You hop to your feet and flutter your beautifully full wings. “You really want my opinion, Raelynn?”

Raelynn nods.

“Well, Lady Kensington here's a real newbie! As green as they come! Plus she's almost as bad as me when it comes to getting other people to solve her problems for her!”

Serah stirs her salad sadly.

“But!” you flutter to her side. “She's also learning really, really fast! She's got so much potential to be a great alchemist And she's a good person, as good as they come! I think she'd be a great influence on Dotti. We'd make a good team.”

Dotti's ears perk up. Her eyes brighten.

Uh-oh. You may have been a little too honest there. Better change the subject. “Uh, and... also! Serah's a total hottie! She's gonna rock the nightlife! This girl's an ice cream sundae topped off with two big, round, all-natural cherries!”

“Please be quiet!” Serah hisses.

“Shutting up now.”

There's an awkward silence as the four of you finish your meals. You hate it, but you did say you'd shut up.

Serah is the first to break the silence.

“I think... I think I can do this,” Serah says, far less confidently than a noble girl should.

“Okay,” Raelynn says, drawing the word out like she's casting a fishing line. “If you say so.”

Well, that just boils your beans. You flit in front of Raelynn. “Hey! Lavender Locks! You don't get to do this to Serah like you're better than her. She's had a really, really bad day, okay?!”

“Fairy, you don't have to-”

“No! It's my turn!” you say to Serah. “Listen, Peek-a-bangs, Serah doesn't need you badgering her! She's the nicest person I know, and if you're going to tell her to pack her things and go home to Daddy, then you've got another thing coming! She's brave and fearless and is gonna make an awesome adventurer!”

“Fine,” Raelynn says.

“No, not fine! She's gonna be great! I think she's gonna be one of the best party leaders ever! So suck it!”

Serah looks like she's been slapped.

The corners of Raelynn's lips curl up in a small, slight smile.

“Sounds like you three are going to be just fine,” Raelynn says. She stretches her arms and burps. “Well, thanks for the dinner, Lady Kensington.”

“Y-you're welcome,” Serah says, still in shock. “I owe you one.”

“I appreciate it.”

Wait! No! This isn't how it's supposed to be. Raelynn shouldn't be leaving. She should be asking to come party with us for the rest of the evening! Wine! Gossip! Pillow fights! What's wrong with her?! She must be one of those... what's the word... introverts! You flit behind Serah's ear.

“Serah!” you hiss as Raelynn turns to leave. “She wants to party, I can feel it!”

“Please, no parties...” Serah sighs. “Wait... or did you mean party up?”

“She's getting away!” you tug on Serah's ear. “Are you a party leader or aren't you?”

“I, uh, I-”

You need to tell Serah something so Raelynn will come party with us!
No. 983444 ID: e51896

Tell Serah that Raelynn is the glue that will hold the team together and can help push to raise her confidence just like she did to give Serah the will to believe in herself to take on the contract with Dotti. Also tell serah that Raelynn was also responsible enough to keep you in check like reminding you to make more than one draft of a contract to make it even more awesome. Mention how It would be nice if Serah had another adventurer to relate more with on the team, and it will make adventuring easier with more members in the group. Plus the important thing about being an adventurer is having the courage to grab opportunities when they see it, otherwise they'll never reach the treasure at the end of a scary dungeon, or they'll never ask a hot stud to dance with her at a ballroom dance party.
No. 983460 ID: b5fb67


Raelynn feels like an excellent anchor for this team; she has an uncanny knack for keeping people grounded and offering an outside, unbiased perspective on things.

We need her. She's the Andy Griffith to our Don Knotts, the Chewbacca to our Han Solo, the Monica to our Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe!
No. 983462 ID: b1b4f3

Dammit Serah we need a straight man for this comedy group!
No. 983480 ID: 094652

Remind Sarah that she comes from aristocracy. If her father didn't teach her how to lead and dictate others every breathing moment, he'd have to be a body double of the real noble.
She can command the party, and not because of her bloodline. Getting others to swallow her bull is the epitome of her family's heritage and training.
No. 983498 ID: ecb3d0

I hope §3 was altered or the favors are already optional
but yea this is in your best interest Sarah they are doing a good job of keeping everyone honest
No. 983517 ID: 8483cf
File 160790322327.png - (242.02KB , 1200x1976 , Raelynn Casual.png )

“Come on, Lady Kensington!” you urge. “We need her because she's not crazy!”

“Oh, sweet savior, you're right.” Serah snaps out of her shocked stupor and calls after Raelynn. “Wait!”

Raelynn keeps walking.

“Raelynn, stop! we are not done here!”

Raelynn stops.

“Way to go, bosslady,” you say proudly. Serah shuffles in her seat excitedly.

“What's up?” Raelynn asks, turning to face Serah.

“I have an offer for you,” Serah says, still seated. “If you're willing to listen.”

Raelynn cocks her hip to one side, but doesn't say anything.

“I need more money to feed and clothe my new... responsibilities,” Serah says.

You flit behind Dotti and flap your wings excitedly. “That's us!”

Dotti waves a dirty paw.

“As I said,” Serah continues, “I'm going to need more money. And for that, I'm going to need to either hunt for treasure, or find reagents to try and turn silver into gold. Both are much easier to do with a competent ranger at my side.”

Raelynn says nothing.

“And...” Serah smiles. “A Lady always needs wise counsel.”

“Can't argue with that one,” Raelynn says. “But I've done pretty well on my own trading pelts. What makes you think I want to party up?”

“I wouldn't want to assume, your goals,” Serah says, “But I'm willing to bet that between my fairy and Dotti, they might be able to help find you an animal companion like no other.”

“How did you know I-” Raelynn catches herself midsentence, shakes her head, and smiles. “Fair enough. I shouldn't have underestimated your keen ear for gossip.”

“It comes with years of practice,” Serah says warmly. “So what do you say?”

“I'll think about it.”

“Not good enough,” Serah presses. “I'm about to commit to a two-day probationary contract with these two. Tomorrow will be prep for adventuring, and the day after that, we'll be leaving bright and early for a day trip of real adventuring. I need to know if you're on board now.”

“Oh, she's good,” you whisper in Dotti's ear.

Raelynn gives a small smile. “Fine. I'm in. For two days.”

“YES!” you cheer. “Not-crazy is in the house!”

“Thank you,” Serah says. “Now, I believe we have a contract to sign.”

“Three favors a day! And a fluffy bed!” You clap your hands and materialize a pre-inked quill from thin air, and an ink pad for Dotti. “I can't wait!”

“I don't have to use all three, right?” Serah asks before grabbing the quill.

“Nope. Contract just says you get them, and they don't carry over. No need to burn 'em.”

“Good,” Serah says.

Raelynn watches as you all sign, and turns to head upstairs, shaking her head.

“The deal is done!” you cheer. The contract bursts into a snapping, crackling and popping display of fireworks. “PARTY TIME!”

“No parties!” Serah says. “It's bed time! You promised to get up early tomorrow, remember?”

No. 983518 ID: 8483cf
File 160790327940.jpg - (878.20KB , 1800x1800 , Title Page.jpg )

END OF THREAD 1: Lazy Fairy and the Lucky Panties

Who Will be the POV of the Next Thread?

1. Serah's Fairy, a Fairy
2. Lady Serah Kensington, Heir Countess of Kensington, a Human Alchemist
3. Dorothea, a.k.a. Dotti, a Fox Spirit
4. Raelynn, a Wood Elf Ranger

Thread will remain open for one week to count votes.
No. 983519 ID: 0fae41

Serah! Our thirst must be quenched.
No. 983520 ID: b5fb67

I'mma gonna say... Lady Serah.
No. 983521 ID: 894419

I'm all in for Dotti here
No. 983522 ID: 6f7a5a

Dotti! she needs her revenge!
No. 983525 ID: 1179b6

Voting 1.
No. 983537 ID: e51896

No. 983561 ID: 12b116

2 Serah
No. 983563 ID: 094652

1. Dotti
2. Sarah
No. 983704 ID: 5a788d

4, to observe the insanity from the outside.
No. 983719 ID: 7f1230

No. 983908 ID: ecb3d0

Fairy or as second option Sarah.
The other options sound fun but I don't want to commit to them for a full thread.
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