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File 160296923204.png - (259.73KB , 1200x1200 , Title Card 2.png )
978766 No. 978766 ID: 5f8e56

The Real Adventure Starts Here!

Coral has Gained a New Ability:
Water Lunge - Gives an Air Breathing Creature the Ability to Breath Water, and the Reverse. (Only one Creature can be Affected by this Ability at any Given Time)

Coral now has 3 Magic Points per Day!

Coral has Gained New Spells:
One Point Spells:
- Bless/Curse Liquid - Imbues a Liquid with an Good or Evil Alignment.
- One Day Forecast - Determines Weather Conditions for the next 24 Hours.
- Shrink Body - Halves the Size of a Creature for a Short Time.

You Currently have 18 Gold, and Need to get Supplies for your Expedition into the Magical Ruins.
Camping Gear - 4g - (Tent, Sleeping Bag, Flint/Steel, 1 set of Silverware, Bowl, Cooking Pot.)
Adventurers Kit - 10g - (2x Candles, 4x Chalk, 25ft Rope, 2x Large Bags, 3x Torches, Notebook, Ink, 2x fountain pens)

Please Vote: 'Yes' or 'No' to Each Kit, then List any Additional Items you want to buy. (Will attempt to buy the 1-3 Most Popular Additional Items, within Budget)

See Wiki for Current Stats and Equipment.

Thread 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/974951.html
Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Magic_Elevator_Quest
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No. 982820 ID: 6c227a

Witches have a problem with insomnia often enough that Coral has the Fatigue spell for personal use. Does this room feel like that effect?

Certainly magic afoot. Wild speculation, but my guess is the suspicious candle is a magic item making people drowsy while it's still lit. Proceed through room cautiously. If moving further into the room makes it harder to stay awake, abort.
No. 983114 ID: 7c1ace
File 160747493730.png - (324.51KB , 1200x1200 , 39.png )

Coral quietly Casts Sonic Blanket, targeting herself.
[1 Spell Point Spent, 1 Remain]

As she makes her way through the room, the tired sensation does NOT seem to strengthen.
Thanks to the Sonic Blanket, none of the Goblins are roused from slumber.

Stepping though the Northern Door, into a Room that can only be described as a Square Hall. This nearly empty room features a Flight of Stairs and Three Doors.
The Eastern Door features a Crude Picture of a Goblin, Painted onto it.
Through the Northern Door, the Very Clear Sound of Arguing can be Heard. At this Proximity, Coral identifies the Language as Goblin, Unfortunately Coral did not study Goblin in MudTown Wizarding College.
From the Room Above, the Sound of Pacing and a Faint Mumble can be heard.

[The Effects of Sonic Blanket are Still Active.]

What Do?
1. Investigate the Arguing? / Enter the Northern Room?
2. Go Somewhere Else? Where? (This Option will require Two Votes)
3. Do Something here? What?
4. Other.
No. 983141 ID: 12b116

3. Since we can't understand the goblin arguing, let's check up the stairs and see if we can tell what the mumble is mumbling about. See if we can peek up without being spotted.
No. 983286 ID: e7c7d3

Check upstairs to see who's pacing
No. 983313 ID: 894419

3. Lets see who is pacing around upstairs!
No. 983431 ID: e52634
File 160774789618.png - (444.63KB , 1200x1200 , 40.png )

The arguing can wait for now, Coral Sneaks halfway up the stairs and listens upward.
Luckily, the Mumbling is in the Generic Language.

Voice: "Why Goblin so weak?"

Voice: "Me Give Goblin Strong Tactics."

Voice: "Me Give Goblin Strong Armor and Weapon."

Voice: "But Goblin still WEAK??"

Voice: "Need think way to make Goblin Strong."

The Voice seems to repeat himself multiple times.
Based on the Sound of the Footsteps, Coral would guess this creature is much bigger than the Goblins we've seen so far.

What do?
1. Enter Room with the Voice? What's our Plan of Action?
2. Stay Here and do Something? What?
3. Go Somewhere Else? (2+ Votes)
4. Other
No. 983434 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds like their boss is up there. What races associate with goblins but are bigger? Could it be an orc?

Hmm, a direct fight isn't a good idea considering they're definitely tougher than a goblin. Unless we use Shrink Body on them, then it'll be more of an even fight. After that it might be a good idea to go either leave, or hide in the sleeping room and take a nap to recuperate.
No. 983441 ID: e7c7d3

Could be an orc, or perhaps a hobgoblin. Or maybe it's just a goblin with a glandular problem.

1.) Confront the voice. It might be reasonable? Ask why it needs strong goblins. Hopefully if a fight breaks out the two arguing goblins won't hear it.
No. 983442 ID: 5824fa

Can you peak under the door/open it just a little and get a look at whoever is inside before you open the door? If they look tougher than you, you should go in fighting. If they look weaker or the same consider talking to them instead.
No. 983466 ID: e52634
File 160781836311.png - (333.54KB , 1200x1200 , 41.png )

Coral climbs the remaining half of the stairs, to enter the room above.

This small room is the Only Room with Windows, that we've seen so far. Pacing at the foot of a Large Bed, is a Large Orange Humanoid.

He fails to notice you.

Coral: "Hello?"
[Sonic Blanket is No Longer Active.]
Coral: "What do you want to make your Goblins Strong for?"

Large Orange Humanoid: "WHAT?"

Large Orange Humanoid: "Perhaps if Goblin Strong, you not be here to ask Dumb Question?"

Coral: "But I AM here, and I AM asking the Dumb Question!"
Coral: "Perhaps, I could help?"

Large Orange Humanoid: "My name Baggragg, How you think you help?"

What do?
1. Respond to the Question? How?
2. Press for more information? What/How?
3. ATTACK!! What do? (2+ Votes)
4. Other
No. 983471 ID: e7c7d3

2.) Can't make them stronger if we don't know what for. So again, why does Baggragg want strong goblins?
No. 983484 ID: 894419

2) If we don't know why he needs them stronger we won't know how to make them stronger! He has to tell us more.
No. 983490 ID: 12b116

2. Also how did window get broken? This could be vital information.

And compliment his thunder bird bed.
No. 983810 ID: e52634
File 160825562977.png - (357.10KB , 1200x1200 , 42.png )

Coral: "There are many ways I could help, but I need to know a few things first."

Baggragg: "What need know?"

Coral: "How did the window break?"

Baggragg: "Me break window, enjoy Fresh Air. But not know how that important."

Coral: "That's very important..."
Coral: "For reasons I can't explain.."
Coral: "For what Goal are we making the Goblins Strong?"

Baggragg: "No need say, if Goblin Strong, Goblin good for any goal."

Coral: "Not True. A Hammer isn't good for eating Soup, but it is Very good for building a Chair."

Baggragg: "What that mean? Goblin not Hammer!"

Coral: "You're Goblins are WEAK LUMPS! Waiting to be reforged into STRONG TOOLS!"
Coral: "It would be a Huge waist of time to Forge your Lumps into the Wrong Tools."
Coral: "You wouldn't be very happy if I turned them all into Spatulas, when you wanted to chop down a tree?"
Coral: "That's why it's Imperative that you Brief me on the Nature of our Goal."
Coral: "A Team of Blacksmiths wouldn't try to cure a Plague!"
Coral: "Of course, if you don't mind eating your steaks with a spoon, I--"

Baggragg: "Stop Talking, Me tell you goal, just shut up!"

As Baggragg talks with Coral, he leads her back to the room bellow.

Baggragg: "Me Bugbear Runt of Tribe, so me leave tribe."
Baggragg: "Capture Goblins, build ARMY of Goblins."
Baggragg: "Take Fortress as Me Home, but Not just home of Baggragg."
Baggragg: "Man live in Basement, Make Dead Goblin Walk."
Baggragg: "Goblins scared of Man, Now YOU Make Goblin not Scared! You Make Goblin Strong!"
Baggragg: "Then Goblin Kill Man, and Baggragg have Home."

At the Bottom of the Stairs, Baggragg turns around.

Baggragg: "When Goblin Strong, You tell Baggragg."

Baggragg walks back up the stairs leaving you alone.
[Goblin Trainer Quest Thrust Upon You!]

What do?
1. Go North to the Arguing? Plan of Action?
2. Go East through the Painted Door? Plan of Action?
3. Go South to the Beds Room? Plan of Action?
4. Go Somewhere Else?
5. Other?
No. 983815 ID: b1b4f3

>man live in basement, make dead goblin walk
Oh, so there's a necromancer... What's the legality of necromancy around here?
1. Go find out what they're arguing about, see if you can settle things.
No. 983839 ID: e7c7d3

Go see what's in the painted door room. If any goblins object you can just say that Baggragg sent you to train them
No. 983840 ID: 598b92

We are now a part-time drill officer. Go in there and tell them to quit arguing and stand at attention. They're gonna learn how to kill necromancers, and we're gonna help!
No. 984095 ID: 19da02

1. Find out what the situation is and see if we can solve it. Be sure to throw your weight around and tell them they can take it up with Bagrag if they have a problem.

Our goal is ostensibly to get treasure out of the ruins. Bagrag and the goblins probably don't really have much worth taking, but you can bet the necromancer probably has some unguents and reagents and maybe a grimoire or tome or whatnot full of dark secrets. Maybe even an accursed object of magical power!
No. 1016839 ID: 7dab23
File 163885719320.png - (230.88KB , 1200x1200 , 43.png )

You check your Law Pamphlet.
It's quite verbose, so you chooses to skim for the important details:
"Unlawful Magics:
The magical Creation, Summoning, Transmogrification, ... of any Creature with Evil Alignment, Intent, ... are considered Unlawful, and are to be destroyed with immediate haste. The Magical Benefactors of which, shale be considered no better than their creations."

Recalling your time at MudTown Wizarding College, you where taught that Necromancers are some of the sneakiest, most underhanded, of Magics Users. Much caution should be taken when facing one.
Their followers are are often stronger than a typical adventuring party, and they usually have pacts and deals brokered with forces beyond their comprehension. So even if you best them, you'll invariably mucking up the plans of a higher being.
This feels like a bad idea, but perhaps you can train the goblins to do the dirty work for you?

You Storm into the room to the North.

This Appears to be a long Dining Hall, though it appears this room doesn't get much use.

Hairy Goblin: "I says my turn to go round for Lookout, just was over and now its you're turn for to go round for Lookout."

Bald Goblin: "Mines turn ended for Lookout, not yous turn! and Yous Go out later!"

Hairy Goblin: "Ifing it aints yous turn for Lookout, then there's No Lookout, is there?"
"Sos yous gos tos Lookouts!"

Bald Goblin: "Lookouts is the Goblin what looks like me, hes out look out now, thens it's yous turn for Lookouts after!"

Hairy Goblin: "Right, Goblin what looks like yous is the Goblin whats turn is Lookouts!"
"Sos yous go round for Lookouts!"

Coral: "ENOUGH!"

Hairy Goblin: "See, now wes has intruder cause yous aint at lookout!"

Bald Goblin: "If intruders is here, then maybe its IS mines turn for Lookout?"

Hairy Goblin: "I was rights, cause I's ALWAYS RIGHTS!"

Coral: "NO! YOUS WRONG!"
"I mean, --" "You're wrong, I killed the Lookout, Infiltrated past your guards, and got to your boss without even the smallest of alarms being raised!"
"And you know what Baggragg did?"

Hairy Goblin: "He KILLED YOU! and Ate the Goblins what you sneaked past!"
Bald Goblin: "Yeah, and he--

"He hired me! As your new General! CHIEF OF THE ARMY!"
"Now you sorry lot take orders from ME!"
"Mine is the word of Baggragg! And if you feel so inclined to disagree, then you can go see Baggragg himself, and Admit your treason directly to him."

The Goblins cower together.

"Whenever I'm around, you stand up straight!"

The Goblins clamber onto their feet, tripping over each other, they stand frozen.

What do?
1. Assign posts? Who, and what posts?
2. Give Orders? To Who, and what orders?
3. Ask Questions? What to Ask?
4. Go Somewhere else? To where, and should the Goblins follow?
5. Other?
No. 1016856 ID: e7c7d3

2. Time for patrols! Pick up sticks to whack any slacking goblins along the way
No. 1016867 ID: 7dab23
File 163892809580.png - (173.81KB , 1200x1200 , 44.png )

Coral: "Time for Patrols!"
"Arm yourselves, and bludgeon any goblin's that don't fall in line!"

Bald Goblin: "What is fall in line?"

Hairy Goblin: "It means, uh,"
"Yous Fall, and, Lay Down straight. Like I line!"

The Bald Goblin trips the Hairy Goblin off the table. Jumps down and start pummeling him.

Bald Goblin: "Well, why aints you Fall in Line? You Know What it means, and yous aint follow orders?"
"What we do with slacker, General?"

Coral: "We will show mercy, this time."
"Let this be a lesson to you, Hairy, Next time I will not be so nice."

Hairy: "Thankyou, general.."
Hairy stretches out to lay flat, like a line.

Baldy starts bashing and wrenching on the table, eventually tearing a leg off. He swings it a couple times, then whacks Hairy. Who groans in pain, but doesn't break posture.

Coral: "A bit excesive, but I like the enthusiasm."
"Baldy, you'll follow me."
"Hairy, get ready for Lookout duty. You'll be taking over Baldy's Shift, as well as the shift of the Lookout I killed."
"Do not make me repeat myself."

Hairy: "Yes, General, no need for repeats.."
He crawls West, exiting the room.

Baldy: "Where we Start Patrol sir?"
Baldy looks at you with those swollen goblin eyes, all full of mucus, bloodshot, and milky.

What do?
1. Go Somewhere? Where?
2. Ask something? What?
3. Give something to Baldy? What?
4. Other?
No. 1016903 ID: e7c7d3

1. Go through the eastern(?) door. Patrolling involves going to places you haven't been
No. 1016905 ID: 7dab23
File 163901225129.png - (322.62KB , 1200x1200 , 45.png )

Coral: "First, we will visit the remaining rooms that I have yet to explore."

You turn and open the door to the east, just as you do, a Foul Oder spills out. Reminiscent of spoilt food and the decay of wild creatures. Everything here appears to be crudely preserved, to little effect..

Coral: "yughk!"
"What, is this, room.."

Baldy: "When Wild Goblin give tribute to Baggragg, this room for put tribute."

After a brief search, you don't find anything of major note. Though it is interesting that the Wild Goblins would pay tribute to Baggragg. Goblins are a disorganized mess and can barely hold a tribe together, often splintering into different groups, being captured and enslaved, or eaten by larger creatures. It's to be expected the Goblins in the Ruins would be beholden to Baggragg, but there is little tying the wild ones to him.

Baldy: "I loves the smell here too."
He looks at the room with drool dripping from his mouth.

Few Unexplored Rooms Remain:
A. Painted Door Room (Eastern side)
B. the Hole in the Wall (North West of the N. Hall)
C. the Western Locked Room
D. the Eastern Locked Room

What Do?
1. Go Somewhere? Where?
2. Speak to Baldy? What say?
3. Grab Something? What?
4. Other?
No. 1016929 ID: 96c896

Go to A.
No. 1016974 ID: 7dab23
File 163908688606.png - (305.09KB , 1200x1200 , 46.png )

You leave the smelly tribute room, and head directly for the Painted Door.
Baldy Follows, reluctantly.

You attempt to enter, but the door is barricaded from the other side.

Coral: "What's behind here?"

Baldy: "That Goblin Shaman's room, but me think him not really shaman.."
"I see Wild Goblin Shaman, speak to forest, cast curse, sometime help tribe too."
"But him, Zapgartz, made things like we find on intruder. Strange Drinks, Magic Sticks, ..."
Baldy begins to mumble those three items a couple more times.

Coral: "He could be useful."
You begin to knock on the door.
No answer.

You Knock a Little Louder.
No Answer.

Coral: "HELLO?!"

Baldy: "Shaman leave maybe not here?"

Coral: "The door feels like its blocked on the other side,"
"Unless there's a secret mechanism, or--"
"Are there any exits or windows in his room?"

Baldy: "There is a high window, but it not open. And East side of Castle is all cliff, bad Idea climb down there."

Coral: "Then the only reasonable assumption, is that he is sleeping or ignoring us in there."
"Baldy, You made short work of that table, do you think you can do the same of this door?"

Baldy: "Hmm, this not goblin door,"
"Made before we take castle,"
"Me need Squiggle Bar to break door, maybe can't then.."
"We try fire? wood door burn, stone wall Not Burn."

Coral: "Let us refrain from setting fires for now."

What Do?
1. Cast a Spell? What Spell? [1 Spell Point Remains for today]
2. Go ask Baggragg for help? He's big and Strong?
3. Go Somewhere else? Where?
4. Other?
No. 1017016 ID: e7c7d3

3. Head to the north hall. Got that "?" on the map there. Let baldy bonk goblins along the way
No. 1017018 ID: 96c896

Yeah let's come back and annoy the wizard later I think.
No. 1017059 ID: 7dab23
File 163918041139.png - (215.61KB , 1200x1200 , 47.png )

You head north then west to the room with the Art Goblin and His Muse. Baldy Immediately leaps into action, Pulling the chair out from under the Muse, and bludgeoning the Artist Goblin. this gives you mixed feelings.

Baldy: "FALL IN LINE!"
"The General is here. Yous back to work!"

The artist goblin remains huddled on the floor.
The Muse however, grabs Baldy by the Ankle and Yanks him to the ground, before standing up. You can now see this goblin is much larger than the rest, and oddly shaped..

Large Muse Goblin: "I forgive you intrusion, you show respect the Arts before."
"But, this goblin, not show respect."
The Muse Lifts his leg and stomps down hard on Baldy!

Baldy: The sound of coughing up blood.
Baldy Coughs up Blood.
"So that what me cough blood sound like? Me not sound like again.."
Baldy Swings his Table Leg Club catching the Muses' hand.

Or rather, the Muses' Hand catches Baldy's Table Leg Club, disarming baldy.

Coral: "Um.. excuse me?"


Large Muse Goblin: "No, me make you ART! ART OF MEAT AND BLOOD!"

the Goblins are too focused on each other, to pay you mind.

What do?
1. Join the Fight? Do What? To Who?
2. Leave? Where? Continue to N.Hall?
3. Check on the Artist? Heal? Kidnap? Kill?
4. Other
No. 1017121 ID: 83b68a

Continue to N-hall
No. 1017309 ID: 7dab23
File 163944906140.png - (166.30KB , 1200x1200 , 48.png )

Coral: "Catch up when you're done, Baldy."

You continue to the West, entering the N. Hall. This is a long hall with a Wooden Barricade set up in the middle. The North western Corner has collapsed to reveal a smaller room with a ladder.

Continuing up several feet, you find yourself looking over a battlement, at the top of a tall tower. Though, Baggragg's tower is taller. In this room there appears to be a rough Chair and Table made of random bits of wood and cloth. on the table is small horn, 3 gold pieces, a bone necklace, and a slimy piece of suspicious meat.

Looking south, you can see there is another tower, opposite the double doors from you. You can see what might be Goblin Ears poking out between the South Towers Battlements.

What Do?
1. Get Loot? All? Selective?
2. Shout to the South Tower? Blow Horn?
3. Go Somewhere else?
4. Other?
No. 1017431 ID: 7dab23
File 163953387892.png - (198.86KB , 1200x1200 , 49.png )

As any adventurer knows, an unattended coin is your coin.
[+3 Gold][6 Gold Owned]

The Horn appears to be crudely made from some kind of animal horn, with a rough metal mouth piece. It has no discernable value.

The Bone Necklace appears to be crude, but working with such small bones can be a delicate process. Each of the Bones are unDamaged, though a bit sun bleached from their time here. One of the Bones stands out from the rest, shaped vaguely like a key.
[Bone Necklace with Bone Key Obtained!][placed in bag]

The Suspicious Meat is so revolting, there is nothing to say or think about any further. In fact, You leave.

On the ground floor, you hear a familiar voice.

Baldy: "General--"
Baldy collapses into a pool of his own blood.
"Me tell you.. important.."

Baldy is barely maintaining consciousness, and appears to be critically wounded. There likely isn't much time left for him, if he isn't treated soon.

What Do?
1. Heal Baldy? [1 Spell Point Remains for today]
2. Kill Baldy? Why?
3. Talk to Baldy? What Say?
4. Other?
No. 1017460 ID: e7c7d3

Heal Baldy to hear what's important. If it's not we can threaten to return him to a beaten state
No. 1017461 ID: 96c896

No. 1017464 ID: 6c227a

oof yeah, sucks to burn the spell, but you already put in the hard work to make this loyal minion, better heal him.
No. 1017498 ID: 7dab23
File 163961277203.png - (242.72KB , 1200x1200 , 50.png )

You cast "Minor Healing" on Baldy. His wounds forcefully close as his flesh binds back together. Swelling goes down, and much of his Healthy Green Color returns.
Baldy has been stabilized, though his right arm is still broken.
[-1 Magic Point, 0 Magic Points Remain for today]

Unfortunately, a Broken Bone is so severe an injury for this spell, nor does it clean the blood off.

Coral: "I can only cast so many spells in a day, this better be worth it."

Baldy: "Me fight big goblin, very tough, but me--"
Baldy Vomits up a black sludge.
"Me more tough."
"When big goblin fall, him head split open, thing like shadow pour out."

Coral: "A shadow?"
This is troubling news, you don't know much about shadows, but their presence is a sign of great dangers.
"Where did it go?"

Baldy: "It squeezed under the door to the basement."
"But before, it kill twisted nose goblin, and try kill me."
"But me not die so easy."
"Find you, General. What Goblins do?"

What Do?
1. Attack Baldy? That didn't sound that important.
2. Craft a sling for Baldy's broken arm? with what?
3. Ask something? What?
4. Go Somewhere? Where?
5. Other?
No. 1017512 ID: 6c227a

does that black sludge have anything to do with the shadow? did it try to crawl in your mouth?
No. 1017613 ID: 7dab23
File 163970359754.png - (235.55KB , 1200x1200 , 51.png )

Coral: "That sludge, did the shadow try to climb in your mouth?"

Baldy wipes his hand in the puddle of black sludge, and licks it.
Baldy: "This, uh.. Lunch."
Baldy shuffles back.
"Me uh, sneak into tribute room for eat fish. But! Baggragg not like fish anyway!"
"Fish not even taste good, very old."

Coral: "Yeugh.."
In spite of your instincts, you bend down to smell the sludge.
A foul rotten-flesh kind of odor, it reminds you of the Tribute room.
"You fought valiantly in the face of danger, and for that, I'll forgive your trespass against Baggragg."

Baldy: "Thank you, General."
"The door to the basement is this way,"
Baldy leads you eastward.
"Baggragg lock door to stop goblin from wander down. But, always say, 'When Goblin Strong, goblin take basement.'"

The art room has become a mess of blood, food, and broken wood.
In one corner is the body of the Large Muse Goblin, head split in half, and drenched with his own blood.
Next to him is the bottom half of the Artist Goblin. Across the room is his upper half.

Continuing South, Baldy stops between the locked doors.
Baldy: "Baggragg give goblin basement key, but goblin scared and hide key."
Baldy leans on the eastern door.
"This door for basement, we find key, we go for hunt shadow."

Coral: "What's in this other door?"

Baldy: "That Armory. Baggragg have key."
"Only give armor and weapon to 'strong goblin,' say Baggragg.."

You pull the bone necklace from your bag,
Coral: "We can try this key?"

Baldy takes the key and attemps the lock on the basement,
the Key turns smoothly,
and the lock drops open.

Unceremoniously, the door slides open as a goblin corpse falls out between the both of you. This one looks a lot older than the others, and on closer inspection, it starts to shift and move, sliding onto its feet.

What do?
1. Attack Zombie? How?
2. Order Baldy? What do?
3. RUN!!!
4. Other?
No. 1017674 ID: 96c896

Shoot it with the crossbow!
No. 1017695 ID: 7dab23
File 163980069070.png - (218.47KB , 1200x1200 , 52.png )

You fire the Crossbow! The bolt sinks deeply into his rotten flesh.
[4 bolts remain]

The Zombie seems unfazed by this, as he lunges for Baldy.
But falls past him, as Baldy swiftly steps to the side.

Baldy: "Quick! Give me you sword!"

Coral: "What about your club? The one you got from the table?"

Baldy: "Broken, it stop shadow from cut me in half like other goblin."
"Me better right hand, but left hand strong enough kill old Zombie."
Baldy stands with a serious look in his eye.
"Me think you abandon me, when Fight Big Goblin,"
"But me see now, what you mean."
"Me strongest goblin, that why General Trust me make goblin fall in line."

That's not at all what we meant, it was just convenient to ignore that fight..

Baldy: "Any weapon good, me can fight!"

The Zombie shambles to his feet once again, and turns to look square at you.

What do?
1. Give the Sword to Baldy?
2. Give Something else to Baldy? What?
3. Attack the Zombie yourself?
4. Other?
No. 1017747 ID: 6c227a

give him the sword. Even wounded he is probably better with it than you, and the only other weapon you have is your staff, which is yours for sure.
Has Misfortune's cooldown finished yet?
No. 1017918 ID: 7dab23
File 164004107620.png - (257.07KB , 1200x1200 , 53.png )

You hand the sword to Baldy.
[Shortsword no longer in Possession]

Baldy turns an lunges for the zombie, stabbing him square in the arm!
He twists the sword causing the Radius and Ulna to spread and Bursting open the zombies forearm like a rotten Chicken Wing.

The Zombie, coldly unfazed, claws at Baldy with his remaining hand.

You realize that Misfortune is no longer on Cooldown.
Coral: "Misfortune!"

With the full physical force that the Zombie can Muster, he misses!
Hitting the stone floor, causing his exposed hand bones to separate and scatter.

Baldy takes this moment to kick the zombie off of him.
Spinning around on the floor, Baldy swipes at the zombies Ankles, cutting one foot cleanly off!

Baldy leaps onto the Dismembered Zombie, and starts hacking away.
After several minutes, the pile of meat and bone, stops moving.

baldy, stands at attention, covered in blood.
Baldy: "Dead Goblin dead, sir!"

Coral: "What? oh!"
Snapping out of a daydream,
"Very good!"

Baldy: "What us do?"
"Basement Door is open, or we have do stuff here still?"

What do?
1. Descend to the next level? [End of Chapter 2]
2. Camp Out? Where?
3. Go Somewhere? then do what?
4. Other?

Areas can be revisited later, but the longer we are away from an area, the more it might change/progress.
No. 1017943 ID: 96c896

Go to sleeping room and sleep so you can regain spell charges.
Uh, close and lock the basement door first, so no more undead get out.
No. 1018004 ID: 6c227a

We could use a rest, and Baldy here would benefit from some further medical treatment. Maybe a splint made of broken table or something.

Probably worth checking out the aftermath in the art room, and grab some recognizable bit of zombie goblin here. We're gonna present Baldy to Baggragg as a strong goblin who has already defeated two minions of the basement weirdo.
No. 1018013 ID: 96c896

Oh, do tell Baldy that he's not to use the sword to make goblins fall in line. Honestly, maybe you should clear up that general misunderstanding.
No. 1018024 ID: 7dab23
File 164014125344.png - (247.18KB , 1200x1200 , 54.png )

Coral: "I should probably clarify what I meant by Fall in Line."
"See, What it actually means is that Goblins should stand up straight, and look like they are paying attention to me."
"Also, when you make somebody fall in line, please don't use the sword."
"I would like my subordinates to be minimally harmed."

Baldy: "Yes Sir!"
"Me punch and kick, hurt more, harm less."

Close enough.
Coral: "First order of Business, we need to gather trophies, to take to Baggragg."
"Not only have you killed a Zombie, buy you also survived an assault from a Shadow, after a grueling fight with a goblin Three Times your Size!!"

Baldy: "Thank you sir, that nicest thing said to me, ever."
Baldy has turned a deep blood crimson, likely from all the blood on his body.

The Two of you gather up a Zombie Hand, and Two Bones.

Continuing to the Former Art Room, Baldy gathers half of the Large Muse Goblin's Head.
As the head had already been split by the shadow, Baldy finds it easy to scoop the insides out, and use the cavity as a bowl to carry the Zombie Hand in.
You remove the shredded pants from the lower half of the Artist Goblin.

Using the Two Bones and Goblin Pants, you craft a splint for Baldy's Arm.
Coral: "Based on what I learned at Wizarding College, a Broken Arm can take up to 3 moons to heal naturally."
"But, I don't know how that will translate to Goblin Biology?"

Baldy cuts his arm with the Shortsword, causing the swelling to lessen immediately.
Baldy: "Not know, wild goblin shaman heal hurt wild goblin."
"But, me not think us Goblin Shaman, be Good Shaman."

The party continues east, then south, then Up the stairs to Baggraggs Room.

Coral: "Baggragg! I've considered all your goblins, and found just one, that has potential!"
"I've taken him under my wing, and he has grown to be quite Strong!"

Baggragg: "Just one?"
"You train Army, for take basement!"
"One strong goblin not enough."

Baldy looks at you with a face that says, "OH GOD! HE"S RIGHT! WE"RE DEAD."

Coral: "I would have said the same, if I didn't know the strength of this goblin!"
"Baldy! Show him the trophies."

Baldy tosses the Half Head and Zombie Hand in front of Baggragg.

Coral: "Baldy has slain two minions of the Basement Weirdo Already!"
"First, the Large Goblin was in fact a spy and held a Shadow inside of him."
"Walking away with only a broken arm."
"Second, we opened the Door to the basement, and where beset by a Horrible Zombie Goblin."
pause for dramatic effect.
[Baggragg looks intrigued, Baldylook relieved]
"Between my quick thinking, and Baldy's talent with a sword, we dispatched the Zombie!"
"This is the strongest Goblin under your rule."
"We request access to the armory."

Baggragg: "Very well,"
"But, Baggragg go armory, what you want?"
"Me have many weapon, armor, food."
"Goblin Shaman have other stuff from adventurer, me go get too."

[unless Voted otherwise, a Rest in the Sleeping room will be taken before descent to the next level]

What do?
1. Give a list of supplies wanted? Be as specific or general as you like. Baggragg will do his best.
2. Other. Baggragg doesn't like to be kept waiting.
No. 1018114 ID: 6c227a

Yes, get that boy some armor, a decent club or mace, and a ranged weapon. Can he do a shield? You need some more crossbow bolts too. I don't know what your proficiency with weapons is, but maybe a knife or something? Hatchets are good multipurpose murder tools.

I think everybody here can see in the dark okay, but you might want a good lantern if there are angry shadows about. Rope comes up often.

If the shaman has potions or healing items we can get access to, we want some of that absolutely.
No. 1018155 ID: 7dab23
File 164024907567.png - (216.07KB , 1200x1200 , 55.png )

Coral: "We need whatever healing potions you can get,"
"Baldy has a Broken Arm, so Minor Healing isn't strong enough."
"Additionally, we'd like to put him in some armor, maybe a shield?"

Baggragg start writing things down.

Baldy: "Me want RatSmasher, no need shield."
"Me also want throwing weapon, any kind."

Coral: "I'm running low on Crossbow Bolts, and I'd like a dagger, anything heftier is hard to wield."
"Also, More Rope and a Lantern will be very helpful."
You check your bag, then look at Baldy.
"Get a Backpack for Baldy too."

Baggragg: "That all? me get that quick."

Coral: "We're going to rest in the Sleeping Room before we descend. Can you drop the stuff off there?"

Baggragg: "Yeah, me know where."
"But you not waste time, after rest, first you go basement."

Baggragg leaves, and the party heads to the Sleeping Room.
After a couple seconds, you're both out cold.

You're not sure home much time passes, but you're eventually woken up by Baggragg.
He says something you can't quite hear, drops some stuff on the floor, then leaves.
You fall back asleep for some time.

When you awaken again, your feel fully refreshed.
There is a pile of Equipment next to you.

Baldy: "Me Sort equipment."
Baldy is wearing a Bronze Breastplate, a Bronze Helmet, some fresh pants, and leather sandles.
attached to his belt is the Shortsword and a Hammer, presumably the 'RatSmasher' he asked for. On his back he has 3 Javelins in an Elongated Quiver between his back and an Old Backpack.
The Blood that covers him has dried and began to crack.

Next to you are 10 Bolts, a Dagger, and 6 Labeled Potions.
[+10 Bolts, 14 Bolts remain]
[Obtained Dagger, light weapon, can be thrown, you have familiarity with this weapon type]
[+2 Potions of Minor Healing]
[+3 Potions of Bone Mending]
[+2 Potions of Nutrition]
Coral: "What about the lantern and rope?"

Baldy: "Me have 20ft Rope, lantern with 1 Candle."

Coral: "Here, drink this."
You hand a potion of Bone Mending to Baldy.

He reluctantly takes it and drinks the potion.
The swellling in his arm goes down and the Color is still red, becaus he is still covered in blood. After some time, you hear and audible POP as his bones painlessly snap back into place.
[-1 Potion of Bone Mending, 2 remain]

Coral: "They must have gotten that from some kind of Cleric."
"They always waste time making the healing painless, I could have had your arm fixed in a Third of the Time!"
"If I knew the right spell.."

You eat one Days Rations, and Baldy eats something he found in the Sleeping Room.
[1 Days Food and Water Remain, 2 Potions of Nutrition Remain]

You Re-Unlock the Basement Door and the Party descends to the basement.

Chapter 2 Complete!

Sorry todays Update was so late!
I'll have Chapter 3 started at a much more reasonable time tomorrow! Dec. 23rd
I also plan on adding color moving forward. I hope this will help make the images more 'readable'.

No. 1018156 ID: 96a9a8

I think they were readable enough tbh but I'm not complaining.
No. 1018222 ID: 6c227a

I actually really like the colored outline look if that's easier for you. Full color is a nice treat, but your linework is fine.
No. 1018304 ID: 7dab23

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