Magic Elevator Quest

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Magic Elevator Quest by ArtisanBubblegum

A Text Quest about delving into a Magical Ruin.

Loosely based on the Pathfinder 1e, Adventure Module, "The Emerald Spire"

As the Adventure continues, names, creatures, events, and even entire floors may be edited or completely replaced. I'm using the Module as a Jumping off point, and a VERY LOOSE guideline. If you're already familiar with the Emerald Spire, that's fine. If not, I recommend NOT reading it, as it will only serve to spoil some of the early chapters, and will be Very Far off base for the later chapters.

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Coral Dagwood

A Kobold Witch, of Blue Dragon heritage.

She Graduated from the, little known, MudTown Wizarding College.

Not much else is known about Coral or her past, yet.

Known Stats

Race: Kobold (Darkvision)

Class Witch (Water attunement)

Temperament Choleric


Witch Abilities:

  • Misfortune!
Once per day Coral can cause an enemy to suffer a sudden influx of terrible luck, for a short time.
  • Water Lung
Allows an Air Breathing Creature to Breath Water. Only one Creature may be affected at any given time.
  • Dragon's Breath (Blue)
Once per Day, Coral can emit a 30ft Line of Lightning from her mouth.

Spells: 5 Magic Points per Day.

0 Point Spells:

  • Patron Call
Contact's Coral's Patron for advice. Often Cryptic and Non-Specific help.
  • Read Magic
Allows Coral to read Magic Text's that are not meant to be read by mundane individuals.
  • Fatigue
Helps with insomnia, a very common problem among witches.

1 Point Spells:

  • Minor Healing
Heals Minor Wounds.
  • Shrink Body
Halves the Size of a Creature for a Short Time.
  • Arcane Diagnostics
Determines many Adverse Afflictions on individuals.
  • One Day Forecast
Determines the Weather in the current location for the next 24 Hours
  • Sonic Blanket
Muffles the noises coming from an individual.
  • Find Water
Using a Stick, Coral can find nearby water sources.
  • Bless/Curse Liquid
Blesses or Curses a Liquid, the Choice it made at the time of Casting.
  • Mudball
Conjures and Fling's a glob of Mud at an enemies Eye's, obstructing their vision
  • Summon Helpful Creature
Summons a creature that MIGHT be helpful. (Always summons an Amphibious or Aquatic Creature)

2 Point Spells:

  • Arcane Itch
Makes a creature magically itchy, causing it to have a very hard time focusing on anything.
  • Summon Rain Cloud
Coral dances, summoning a 20ft Wide Rain Cloud, soaking everything under it.



  • 6 Gold
It's Money
  • Potions:
Minor Healing x2, Bone Mending x2, Nutrition x2
  • Adventurer's Warrant
Allows Coral to Legally explore the Magic Ruins, a small tax is collected on what she earns, and periodic reports are Requested.
  • Law Pamphlet
Prevents Coral from accidentally committing crimes. (If you intend to Commit Crime, please specify in comment)
  • Rope 15ft
Rope that is 15ft long, good for binding things, or practicing the flute. (It was been Cleaned between Chapter 1 & 2)
  • Rope 25ft
Rope that is 25ft long, Has knots tied into it making it excellent for climbing.
  • Misc Gear:
Small bag of Glass Eyes, Candles x2, Chalk x4, Large Bags x2, Torches x3, Notebook, Vial of Ink, fountain pens x2, Squeaky Chew Toy, Fizz-UP Carrot Pulp+, 1 Days Food and Water.
  • Turtle Familiar
Unnamed Turtle given to Coral by her Otherworldly Patron. If something happens to him, Coral would lose her access to Magic and Spells.

Weapons and Armor

  • Magic Staff
Magic Staff gained from graduating MudTown's Wizarding College, has a few useful magic Abilities.
  • Dagger
Given to Coral by Baggragg, this is a light weapon that can Stab, Cut, or be thrown.
  • Crossbow
A light Crossbow, fires bolts a considerable range. 14 Bolts.
  • Eel Skin Witches Robes
Witches Robes with added Electrical Resistance


  • One Basic Room
at the Agreeable Inn, on the Corner of Questionable Ally. it has a Bed, a Sink, and a Locked Chest for Storage. (Public Bathroom on Ground Floor)


A Goblin warrior, he was 'Made Strong' by Coral under Baggragg's orders. His exact loyalties are not clear, but he has shown favor toward Coral.

Martial Abilities

  • Single Combat
Once per Day, Baldy can issue a Challenge to a single enemy, this Focuses his Mind and Body on defeating that enemy.
  • Protector
During Single Combat, Baldy can extend his Unyielding Ability to an Adjacent Ally, as long as that ally remains adjacent to Baldy.
  • Unyielding
Baldy has Strengthened his mind against Fatigue, Sickness, and Feat. Additionally, he can remain conscious despite Physical Traumas.



  • Candle Lantern
A lantern that has mirrors on the inside to channel candle light into a beam. 1 Candle.
  • Rope 20ft
Rope that is 20ft Long, Very old and a bit frayed at the ends.
  • Misc Gear:
Tent, Sleeping Bag, Flint/Steel, 1 set Silverware, Bowl, Cooking Pot, and Key on Bone Necklace.

Weapons and Armor

  • Short Sword
A Short Sword, given to Baldy by Coral.
  • Ratsmasher
A less common Goblin Weapon, it's simply an irregular Orb affixed to a Handle.
  • Javelins x3
Long sticks with a sharp Pointy Tip, they can be grabbed and thrown in a single motion.
  • Bronze Helmet and Breastplate
Protective Armor made of Bronze, very old, but still in good condition.
  • Leather Sandals
Crudely made of leather, will protect the sole of Baldy's feet, but not much else.

Side Character's of Note


A small Bugbear, which is still a large creature. He gathered an army of Goblins to take over the ruins as his new home, but has failed to secure the 'basement' due to a supposed Necromancer.

He hired Coral to train his goblins and to clear out the basement.

Due to the exploits of Baldy, he rewarded the party with some new equipment.

Goblin Shaman

Not much is known about him. Baldy distrusts this Goblin.

Head Priestess:

An Elderly Lady who is in charge of the local Church.

She gave us a Quest to find the Source of the New Undead that have been coming out of the Magical Ruins. Our only Clue is an Image of a Crowned Skull.

Peculiar Man:

A man Coral Met when Traveling to Nearby Villages.

Based on the Evidence gathered, the Reward for Flim Flam's bounty was payed.

The Thing:

A Small Humanoid that coral discovered dragging a drunk into the Sewers.

With Quick thinking and a bit of Magic, Coral saved the Drunk and Captured the Thing. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a Gnome. the Following Day, the Guards Informed Coral that was in fact Slim Stinkman, and his Caught Alive Reward was Paid.

Locations of Note

Fort ThisPlaceIsNice

A small fort, and the base of Operations for Corals Adventures.

There is a Small Market where most Mundane Supplies can be bought, A Church for Religious Needs, an Old an Acentric Wizard that may provide Insight on the Arcane. The High ranking Guards take their jobs and the local Laws VERY Seriously.

Nearby Villages

This is an aptly named Village, nearby Fort ThisPlaceIsNice. this is also the location of the Flim Flam Bounty.

Not much is known about this local, yet.

Magical Ruins

The Main Set Piece for this Quest.

There are rumors that Ancient Artifacts, Great Sources of Power, and Dangerous Monsters Inhabit it's lower levels.

Not much is known about this local, yet.


  • Wizarding Colleges
Originally, these institutions only trained Wizards, and on Rare Occasions gave guidance to Particular Sorcerers. But as more Magically inclined Adventurers started to manifest, so too did the difficulty of getting Hired for a Quest. The Organizations and Individuals behind the Higher Paying Quest began asking for official credentials, thus the Wizarding Colleges seized this new demand by offering courses for many more types of Magically inclined Adventurers.
  • Barbarian/Warriors/etc Colleges?
These types of Hero's Typically Associate with the Magically Inclined, are Part of Guilds, or are wrapped up into Quests against their intentions. As such, there is no real demand for these kinds of Institutes.
  • Why are all the Guards Orcs?
Orcs are Strong, Intimidating, and often work for cheap. They make perfect Low Level Guards, which is all Coral has interacted with so far. That said, the more ambitious Orcs find it easy to climb the ranks withing Fort ThisPlaceIsNice.

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