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File 156046180527.png - (393.32KB , 1558x1064 , Mr Blue Sky 1.png )
935639 No. 935639 ID: a451fc

You rise from a deep slumber, staring up at a beautiful blue sky. With no memory of how you got here, or where here even is. You are lost in both a physical and mental sense, but not for long because...
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No. 935640 ID: a451fc
File 156046202432.png - (516.36KB , 1558x1064 , Sprite.png )

[SPRITE]: I'm here! Hi! My name's Sprite! Because I'm a Sprite! I'm sorry I'm just very excited because you finally arrived! I was narrating you until you woke up and I could talk to you! I do that a lot.

[SPRITE]: You probably think you're in heaven with how beautiful this place is but you're not! Nobody goes to heaven anymore! Anyway if this place isn't Heaven, then what is it you ask? Well! I have a little story here to answer that!
No. 935641 ID: a451fc
File 156046225277.png - (824.39KB , 1558x1064 , War.png )

[SPRITE]: Somewhere far far FAR away from here, a war was begun on a little planet called Earth between Angels and Demons! This war completely decimated the Earth, and left it a shell of it's former self. A wasteland! But that's not the important part! The important part is that the energies of Heaven and Hell clashing would bring upon an immensely odd phenomenon that would ripple throughout space and time!
No. 935642 ID: a451fc
File 156046251932.png - (238.68KB , 1558x1064 , Giant Ball of Bullshit.png )

[SPRITE]: Rifts in dimensions would tear away parts of the Earth and send them somewhere else! Different CHUNKS of geography from different parts in time and space! Where would these chunks go you ask? Well! They all coalesced into the big pile of bullshit you are laying on now! The GIGA-CHUNK!

[SPRITE]: (I was gonna call this place the Nexus but that's a really generic and overused name)

[SPRITE: A place of danger! treasure! adventure! anything you could want!
No. 935643 ID: a451fc
File 156046280603.png - (454.20KB , 1558x1064 , Sprite 2.png )

[SPRITE]: Well, now that you know what's going on! You're welcome to run around! Have adventures! Face danger! and most importantly take me with you! Please! I've been sitting floating around waiting for you to arrive, that's been my one job and you're really fucking late so I've had to wait doing NOTHING...

[SPRITE]: But first you need to tell me about yourself! Who the hell are you? What the hell are you?

Choose a name, species, and whatever else you want. You can be anything from an imp to a bunny, what you choose will have affects
No. 935645 ID: 0fae41

Your name's Brook and you're a lady hill giant. Also, there's this tiny buzzy gnat flying around your face, which is very disorienting.
No. 935647 ID: 094652

"Uria Lightfall"
Sex: Intersex (mostly Female)
Species: Corrupted Deerangel (Antlers sprouting feathers dripping coal)
Special Ability: Call of the Earth - your antlers absorb trace materials from the air and secrete rare materials or chemicals from the feathers. This process is slow but a steady source of income.
No. 935652 ID: eeb7d9

I wanna be a Lizarman, a male one! Your name is Arrayan, and you only care for your survival! If this place is as dangerous as you say it is, then survival would be difficult! AND also fun!
No. 935654 ID: 3ce3ca

Jorin, a male shadow. Yep, some poor guy back home is walking around without a shadow.

Want to see some shadow puppets?
No. 935655 ID: 726b70

Your name is Tom London, and you're the suavest (and the cutest) sonovab*tch cat in existence.
No. 935656 ID: 91ee5f

No. 935658 ID: e20bdf

I approve.

If you mean a normal looking cat I doubly approve.
No. 935659 ID: a451fc
File 156046678886.png - (339.95KB , 1558x1064 , Arrayan.png )


[SPRITE]: Are-Ray-An? What a weird name, but I like the attitude! Well Arrayan if you love danger you'll love this place! especially since when the sun goes down you'll be in trouble without a shelter! or tools! or anything! Even if you fancy yourself a fighter you'll be overwhelmed in the dark!

[SPRITE: But don't worry! As your guide I will help you in whatever was is possible! Now what do you want to do before the night comes?

Arrayan is currently in The Fields
No. 935662 ID: ad51b8

find shelter... and a weapon I guess
No. 935663 ID: ba5829

Get shelter and tools would be the obvious one! But only if it's necessary? First is to see if you can find a vantage point to survey the landscape! Maybe there's a town nearby! Or at least a place that looks good for getting resources to make things?
No. 935664 ID: b1b4f3

...is this minecraft? If we need a shelter before nightfall, then let's go looking for raw materials and/or some abandoned building we can salvage.
Tools would speed everything up.
No. 935665 ID: 3ce3ca

Yep, vantage point sounds good. Try to look for stones and trees, or a river. Rivers have stones that can be broken and sharpened into rudimentary axes. Not perfect, but it's something.
No. 935666 ID: a451fc
File 156046841832.png - (356.41KB , 1558x1064 , Immediate Surroundings.png )

By surveying his immediate surroundings. Arrayan can see a few points of interest...

[SPRITE]: You're in THE FIELDS right now! This place never gets too much danger in the daytime! Near you is a MOUNTAIN, a FOREST, and a POND!

[SPRITE]: The MOUNTAIN and POND might not be too dangerous, but plenty of creatures love to hide under the FOREST's canopy! So be prepared for trouble if you go that way.
No. 935667 ID: 3ce3ca

How is a lizard at swimming? Can you catch fish with your bare hands? I'd suggest going to the edge of the forest, getting a sturdy stick and make a fishing rod so we can fish, but I don't know how to get string.

Wait, we can make a spear. Let's do some spear fishing!
No. 935668 ID: ad51b8

Pond, you need a source of water.
No. 935669 ID: 91ee5f

No. 935670 ID: 0cf16f

Forest! You need a few sticks to make a campfire and also some tools to survive the night.
No. 935671 ID: a451fc
File 156047126881.png - (492.30KB , 1558x1064 , Spearfishing.png )

With one stick from the outskirts of the forest fashioned into a spear, Arrayan is ready to go spear fishing!

[SPRITE]: I know you're doing this for a practical reason, but I hate this pond so much! It has no legends or myths about it or dangerous monsters hidden beneath it depths! It doesn't make you younger when you drink from it! It's just a boring lake with dumb fish, fish are never magic...

Arrayan has a hard time catching any fish, only managing to get two small ones...
No. 935672 ID: a451fc
File 156047127275.png - (400.42KB , 1558x1064 , Spearfishing 2.png )

The next fish Arrayan sticks however is a bit bigger! It should make a nice meal.

[FISH]: Halt mortal! You have no buisness hunting here! This wound will heal should I escape your clutches so I will give you one chance to free me! Before I make you regret coming here at all!

Arrayan's some what convinced by the talking fish, but if he lets it go he doubts he'll manage any more food from the POND. What will he do?
No. 935673 ID: 094652

It's a sentient fish. Spare them.
Ask for food sources that you can eat, like mindless predators and berries.
No. 935674 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, but this is a source of information, not just food. Take it off your spear and tell it you just want to ask a few questions. First, where should you hunt if not here? Second, is there any shelter nearby?
No. 935675 ID: 3ce3ca

Sounds good. Not comfortable about eating sapient creatures.

Also, Sprite, do you feel a little silly now?
No. 935676 ID: 0cf16f

Get him out of the lake and go to land, his wound might regenerate but a magical fish outside of water is still a fish out of water. You shouldn't intimitate someone that impaled you!
No. 935679 ID: a451fc
File 156047372983.png - (194.59KB , 1300x739 , Fish.png )

Arrayan is less interested in the food and more interested in the information he could get from this fish. He removes it from the spear
[ARRAYAN]: I'll put you back, as long as you answer some questions for me.
[FISH]: I shouldn't have to answer anything for you mortal!...but I guess if you happened to put me down I'd be kind enough to.

Arrayan places the Fish back into the water where it darts out of view to the bottom of the pond, after some time it returns to the surface to speak to you.
[FISH]: Okay, NOW I am ready to answer your foolish questions. Speak!

>Where should you hunt if not here?
[FISH]: Anywhere really! The forest has many animals you can eat such as boars and deer. The Mountains have goats, there are birds everywhere! However they will fight back a lot more than fish will...NOT TO SAY I WASN'T READY TO SMITE YOU!

>Is there any shelter nearby?
FISH: Past the forest there is a ruined city, though it is quite a ways away and you'd have to get passed the horrors of the forest to get to it!...Though if you do find yourself heading through the forest then maybe this will serve you.

The Fish hands ..."fins" Arrayan a clump of wet purple moss.

FISH: This heals wounds, but keep it away from your eyes, it stings quite a bit. FAREWELL.

The Fish dips back into the pond.

>Sprite, do you feel a little silly now?
[SPRITE]: Just because the fish talked doesn't mean it was magic! You're not a magic lizard are you? Anyway, where to now?
No. 935680 ID: ad51b8

>You're not a magic lizard are you?
I... I don't know

anyways might as well head to the mountain next to hopefully find some better gear before tackling the forest.
No. 935682 ID: eeb7d9

>You're not a magic lizard are you?
Na-ah, i am a Lizardman! Lizardmen can talk! I should be able to communicate with other lizard-kind too.

I am not sure if we should go to the forest, but i guess we dont have much of a choice, we need to find some food. We can try to spend the night in the fields, since it's more safer than the other places arownd here.
No. 935683 ID: b1b4f3

I think we need a better weapon to hunt goats. Let's go to the forest, gather some vines and a sharp stone or hopefully some flint, and make a stone spear.
Might be possible to craft a bow and arrow too, that'd take down birds.
If we can find good enough materials in the forest we could make an axe and gather wood for a shelter... Ask Sprite how sturdy the shelter needs to be.
No. 935684 ID: 3ce3ca

Speak the magic words that activates the salamander blood within you and sets you aflame and show the nonebeliever!
The forest was stated to be more dangerous, but vines would probably be useful to help build things.
No. 935689 ID: b1b4f3

It said "horrors of the forest" but that could just mean it'd take too long to go through and we'd have to survive the darkness for a while.
No. 935692 ID: 3ce3ca

>[SPRITE]: The MOUNTAIN and POND might not be too dangerous, but plenty of creatures love to hide under the FOREST's canopy! So be prepared for trouble if you go that way.

Sprite also implied that the forest is more dangerous.
No. 935698 ID: 2202fb

We are totally fucking magic.
No. 935704 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s start a fire and cook the 2 small fish we caught! They’ll make a good snack before we hunt something bigger to eat! Offer one of them to Sprite. If he can’t eat, then we eat both of the fish.

>stone spear
It might be easier to find those rocks close to the mountain, instead of in the forest.
No. 935718 ID: a451fc
File 156048674425.png - (253.74KB , 1558x1064 , Walk.png )

>Speak the magic words that activates the salamander blood within you
>We are totally fucking magic.
Unfortunately, Arrayan is only a simple Lizardman, and is only magical in his own special way, not in any real way.

Arrayan and Sprite head for the forest. Arrayan making sure to take stock of his meager inventory which currently holds a Flimsy Wooden Spear, Purple Healing Moss, and 2 Small Fish.
No. 935719 ID: a451fc
File 156048683018.png - (488.61KB , 1558x1064 , Forest.png )

[SPRITE]: Now the forest is the real place to be! Teeming with mystery and danger! What secrets do these woods hold?...Wait is there a difference between Woods and Forests?

Beneath the dense canopy of the Forest Arrayan and Sprite move carefully and quietly to gather material. Arrayan manages to find some stones suitable enough to use! Along with some vines from the trees and a sturdy branch...
No. 935720 ID: a451fc
File 156048689063.png - (230.72KB , 1120x709 , Stone Spear.png )

After some work chipping the sides of the rock, sharpening the edges and using the vines to tie it down, Arrayan has crafted a Sturdy Stone Spear!

[SPRITE]: Well...It's no Excalibur, but it's still a deadly weapon!
No. 935721 ID: a451fc
File 156048690855.png - (275.64KB , 1558x1064 , Alert.png )

Arrayan's triumph is quickly interrupted by Sprite getting his attention

[SPRITE: Arrayan! I think there's something watching us!
No. 935722 ID: a451fc
File 156048692651.png - (224.81KB , 1558x1064 , Forest Fight.png )

Arrayan quickly readies himself with his newly built stone spear, as an odd gelatinous creature leaps out from behind the tall trees of the forest. It's wonky eyes wobbling in Arrayan's general direction as it slithers closer.

[SPRITE]: Oh it's only one Sludge, this should be no problem for a survivalist like you right Arrayan?
No. 935723 ID: b1b4f3

Of course. Pop the eyes.
No. 935724 ID: eeb7d9

Let's not be overconfident. Let it attack first, to see what it can do. Learn its patterns, then strike! Take advantage of your range.
No. 935728 ID: 3ce3ca

Yeah, stab the eyes. But don't thrust all the way in, this thing might be able to wrestle your spear away from you if it gets a good grip.
No. 935731 ID: 1d29df

Your spear gives you each, take advantage of that and try to keep it at a length. Also go for the eyes I guess.
No. 935734 ID: a451fc
File 156049040961.png - (337.63KB , 1558x1064 , Forest Fight 4.png )

>Go For the Eyes
Arrayan's spear is precise enough to attack the Sludge's weak-point! He thrusts the stone spear into the Sludge's eye! It bursts like a blood filled balloon!

[SPRITE]: Nice Arrayan! Your FIGHT SCORE is higher than the Sludge's with that new Stone Spear of yours! You can hurt it easily!
No. 935735 ID: a451fc
File 156049044432.png - (346.73KB , 1558x1064 , Forest Fight 2.png )

The Sludge attempts to attack, but with a missing eye and Arryan keeping your distance with the spear it misses it's attack completely!

[SPRITE]: Oh now it's wide open! Slay it!
No. 935736 ID: 3ce3ca

Do what she says, and make a killing blow on the other eye.
No. 935739 ID: b1b4f3

Okay NOW you can strike straight through the eye.
No. 935742 ID: 91ee5f

>Your FIGHT SCORE is higher than the Sludge's
Gonna need you to explain that to us, buddy...

>Oh now it's wide open! Slay it!
After we kill this thing!

Slay it!
No. 935743 ID: b1b4f3

...after this fight, ask where Sprite came from, and why it was waiting for you.
No. 935744 ID: 977456

You need an Epic Fatality to bring in the big score multipliers. Don't bother with a mere stab-to-the-eye move... follow these easy steps:
1: Throw spear over sludge's head.
2: Grab spear and be pulled behind it until over sludge's head, because what did inertia ever do for you?
3: Grab Sludge with one hand and with the other spike spear into ground to pole-vault all three of you into the air.
4: Throw Sludge in front of you then two-handed spear-smack it into the ground to launch yourself into the sky. because inertia might not be all bad...
5: Reach the apex of your ascent then start spinning as you descend upon Sludge, forming a dust-devil in your wake.
6: spinning spear-point + Sludge's eye + dust-devil = gorenado.
7: emerge perfectly-clean from the ensuing impact-crater to discover that the gorenado signed your name into the scenery.
No. 935748 ID: a451fc
File 156049842901.png - (435.14KB , 1558x1064 , Sounds Cool.png )

Arrayan wishes he could do any of this shit because it all so badass, It's dumb and makes no sense really but for Arrayan's idiot brain it's the coolest shit in the world. Arrayan is kicking himself for not being able to do any of the extremely easy shit listed here. The best he can do right now is just stab it in the eye again...maybe twirl his spear a little.
No. 935749 ID: a451fc
File 156049843242.png - (323.97KB , 1558x1064 , Slayed Sludge.png )

Arrayan skewers the Sludge! Really feels lack luster after knowing there could've been a better finishing move...
No. 935750 ID: a451fc
File 156049844671.png - (318.17KB , 1558x1064 , Loot.png )

What isn't lack luster is the stuff the Sludge dropped when it died!...Well some of it's just Slime, but it also dropped some odd black crystals.

[SPRITE]: Oooh! SLIME! that can be useful. And ONYX! I'll take all of those

Sprite flies over the crystal and slime and they float off of the ground and into her mouth.

[SPRITE]: Ugh, the slime ones never taste good.
No. 935751 ID: a451fc
File 156049849970.png - (109.69KB , 447x694 , Level Up.png )

[SPRITE]: That was so cool Arrayan! I mean it was a pretty fast fight, but I love how all of it went down! Oh wait. You wanted to know what Fight Score is right? I guess it is important that I tell you. Even if you did fine without knowing it.

[SPRITE]: Fight Score is the layman's term for the brilliant resonant energy one brings forth in the midst of a skirmish. Many know it by it's true name FIGHTING GOLD. If your FIGHTING GOLD is higher than your opponents you'll have an easier time fighting them, and they'll have a harder time fighting you!

[SPRITE]: It never came up in your fight since you took no damage at all, but your life is driven forward by your PHANTOM BLOOD, a culmination of your physical, mental, and spiritual health. If your PHANTOM BLOOD ever hits zero, and no one's around to help you, you'll pass out and soon after die.

[SPRITE]: You won't have to worry about that though! After all you're such a natural with that spear! The way you so easily targeted the Sludge's weak-point must've been a BATTLE TENDENCY, a skill you can use mid battle either actively or passively! Not to mention because this is your first battle you get to ADVANCE! meaning everything you have get's BETTER!


[FIGHTING GOLD]: 4 ==> 5
[PHANTOM BLOOD]: 6 === 6
Pinpoint: If aimed at a weak point, Deals more damage and cripples the body part. If not aimed at a weak point has a high chance of breaking the weapon used.
No. 935752 ID: 977456

Training montage time! 100 lying on a sunning rock. 2 miles of examining the scenery. 1000 dipping your feet in a pond!
No. 935753 ID: 1d29df

Should probably head towards that city you were told about before night kicks in
No. 935757 ID: 506f96

What about you Sprite? How are you in a fight?
No. 935761 ID: 91ee5f

>Sprite flies over the crystal and slime and they float off of the ground and into her mouth.
So does this mean that she’s holding all of that for you until you need it? Or did she just eat all of it and you can’t get it back?

You’re not mad at her for eating it if she was hungry, you just want to know what’s going on.

>stats are Jojo references

Is it possible for us to get some more vines and make a little belt for us to wear around our waist? Then we could make a Stone Knife to carry on our belt in case we need something for if we ever want to get up close and personal with the next enemy we run into.
No. 935765 ID: eeb7d9

What are this things for?
No. 935768 ID: 3ce3ca

All those Jojo references.
Yeah, ask her this. Also ask what would be considered good shelter by this place's standards.
No. 935771 ID: 2202fb

Lets get industrious. Build a stone shovel and stone pickaxe and start digging. Try to find some metal. Then we can make a forge out of stone and mud.
No. 935773 ID: b1b4f3

Alright questions time. Where did she come from, and why was she waiting for you? What even is a Sprite?
What kind of shelter would be sufficient for nightfall?

If we can find more flint, a knife would be useful.
No. 935774 ID: a9af05

>Sprite ate the loot
What did you do that for? I might need those later!

>Level up
So will we get taller as we level up? Possibly evolve?

All of this.
No. 935812 ID: a451fc
File 156056407661.png - (249.15KB , 1558x1064 , Forest 3.png )

A sunning rock sounds like heaven for Arrayan right about now, this is one of the best training routines. Unfortunately this may have to be done later.

[ARRAYAN: What's all the SLIME and ONYX for?
[SPRITE]: These MEDIUMS are vital for you to create more powerful tools that aren't WOOD and STONE. Of course, for you to be able to able to use these MEDIUMS properly we must construct the HEAVENLY MACHINA, which we can't do right now. The ONYX is one ingredient, we'll need COPPER, GOLD, and STONES. For now let's not worry about that!
[ARRAYAN]: Where did you come from? What is a sprite anyway? and why were you waiting for me?
[SPRITE]: Remember the phenomenon that created rifts and made the Giga Chunk you're standing on? That same phenomenon created Sprites along with the Giga-Chunk! I don't know the specifics of it really. As for why I was waiting for you, A Sprite's main goal is to guide those that come here! Without someone to guide I have nothing to do, and that's so fucking boring!

>What kind of shelter would be sufficient for nightfall?
[ARRAYAN]: (SURVIVALIST) A good shelter would be one that's sturdy enough to be attacked or hidden enough to be bypassed yeah?
[SPRITE]: Yeah! If you're scrapped for time a smaller well hidden one would work well, once you have more time and resources you can make a larger one.
[ARRAYAN]:: Maybe using a cave in the mountain or digging a hole would work.

Arrayan searches for more stones, wood, and vines. Scales make getting splinters harder so it's not too hard, sharpening out more stones is frustrating though.
No. 935813 ID: a451fc
File 156056408715.png - (381.42KB , 1179x1064 , Stone Toolset.png )

Arrayan has crafted a Sturdy Stone Pick, a Sturdy Stone Shovel, and a Sturdy Stone Knife. To help carry these new tools he also uses vines to craft a Poor Vine Belt, it adds two extra slots to his inventory, If you throw away the Flimsy Wooden Spear you can fit all of your new Stone gear.

>Try to find some metal. Then we can make a forge out of stone and mud.
SPRITE: Before you start digging all willy nilly. I'll have you know that this Forests ground tends to hold cursed items and oddities, as well as creatures that enjoy nesting in the ground. Digging somewhere else might be more appropriate. We'll also have to look for a large enough stone to use for an anvil, and we'll have to make a furnace...Looking at how much time we have you can either mine for ores or gather more material for a sturdier shelter. It looks like it's noon right about now.

SPRITE: Oh! And before I forget, your FIGHTING GOLD is affected by your clothing, weapons, and physique! To begin with your base [FG] was 2, with the Stone Spear it was 4. Now that you've advanced in strength your base [FG] is 3 and with the Stone Spear it's 5. Equipment's great for raising your [FG], but some fights might be easier if you worked to lower the opponents [FG]! Taking an action before you attack like throwing something, using an item or a BATTLE TENDENCY might help!

[SPRITE]: Anyway I'm rambling, what're we going to do?
No. 935815 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's head to the mountain. We should be looking to make a shelter there, as it's a good long term site. We will occasionally need to gather wood (and some clay) in the forest, but most of our time will be spent searching for ore and hunting for food.

First priority is the shelter. Once we have one, we're past the biggest hurdle which is the threat of eminent death. We already found a source of water, all that's left is learning to hunt in the mountains. After that we can just progress through the tech tree at our own pace until we're strong enough to pass through the forest.
No. 935817 ID: 91ee5f

Woah! Arrayan, what are you doing?! Don’t touch yourself like that in front of Sprite!

So we can still use them, even though Sprite ate them? Does that mean she’s got extra inventory space in her stomach or something?

>If you throw away the Flimsy Wooden Spear you can fit all of your new Stone gear.
We could at least use it to start a fire for cooking those 2 small fish we’re still carrying with us. Then after we eat them, that’ll free up some more inventory space.

>Oh! And before I forget, your FIGHTING GOLD is affected by your clothing, weapons, and physique!
So maybe we should get ourselves some pants, we’ve already got weapons, and once we find a safe location, we start working out to increase our muscles!

>go to the mountains for shelter
>get stronger before going through the forest
Good plan.
No. 935818 ID: 977456

Getting all these tools to the mountains without going unarmed would be nice. Try disassembling the tools into one bound together bundle of handles and one vine-wrapped bundle of tool-heads(maybe held together in a large leaf or plate of bark?). That way the tools would drop by a carrying slot at the cost of having to reassemble them at the other end...
No. 935827 ID: acdd32

We could use our shirt and some vines to make a small pack to hold items.
No. 935829 ID: 91ee5f

But then we’d be naked in front of a girl! That would be embarrassing!
No. 935834 ID: 066bfd

We're already pants-less, what difference will a shirt make?
No. 935835 ID: a451fc
File 156058321081.png - (540.59KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Climbing.png )

>Arrayan, what are you doing?!
Arrayan was very obviously working to assemble his set of tools! Nothing more and nothing less!

To be fair Arrayan is already pants-less so it wouldn't make much of a difference. Still he is against using his one good tank top to hold goods.

Getting rid of the Flimsy Wooden Spear still leaves Arrayan with the Sturdy Stone Knife and Sturdy Stone Spear, he would be far from unarmed, and even if those are disposed off his other tools can be weapons in a pinch. Disassembling the tools would be more work than it's worth.

>Make Fire with Flimsy Wood Spear to cook fish
Arrayan makes a quick fire with the spear and eats both fish freeing two slots of space.

>Sprite's got extra inventory space in her stomach or something?
[SPRITE]: I can easily store MEDIUMS. MEDIUMS tend to be naturally occurring resources on the Giga-Chunk, so it can't just be ANYTHING.

An excellent strategy! The lizard and sprite work their way out of the Forest carefully not to provoke any hostile creatures and head for the Mountains, there they ascend the rocky slopes until they find a good place to mine.
No. 935836 ID: a451fc
File 156058321322.png - (416.06KB , 1558x1064 , Mining.png )

Once Arrayan finds a decent quarry he gets to work mining for ore all the while Sprite eats all of the STONE MEDIUM that gets dug up to get to it, the two of them stop for a little bit. Arrayan has gained nothing but junk stone, which can be useful on it's own, but the lizard-man is craving ore not stone.

[SPRITE]: So Arrayan! What're you here for?...I mean, most of the people that come here come here by accident. Sucked up by an errant rift or something, but now that you are here you don't seem to be in a hurry to get back anywhere are you?

[SPRITE]: So now that you're here, and we're close to making your shelter, what're you looking for after you figure out how to survive? Amassing vast treasure? Hunting down dangerous monsters? Exploring amazing places!? Because whatever it is I'll be here to help you as long as it's FUCKING AMAZING!
No. 935838 ID: 432de4

Amass fight money to herd two of every animal on a boat. Then beat the crap out of every single one.
No. 935840 ID: 4f51b2

You want to be important live a life of luxury, to have power over other people but not in an evil way.
No. 935846 ID: 977456

We were just embarking upon our grand [life/quest] when we were informed that the whole "become a dragon by travelling the world and being awesome" that we had been persistently convinced of was, in truth, a practical joke at our expense, and not even slightly possible. Thus it is that we have no grand purpose aside from no longer being surrounded by lying traitors.
... Let's punch out a dragon? Let's punch out [u[all[/u] of the dragons!

How quickly can you absorb MEDIUMS? Can we use you to drain an ocean? Can you be used as a shield against a rocky landslide? What about sling bullets if they are purely composed from a MEDIUM?
No. 935852 ID: ad51b8

My father taught me everything I know and I left home to try and become a legend.

Or to add on to that I lived with your family growing up who lived on the edge of civilization and my dad was a bit of a woodsmen. Taught me everything he knew about surviving in the wild, how to fight, and well... a bunch of stuff really. Raised me off stories about his youth and how he set off from his home to travel the land and eventually settled down and build my family home. However when I finally came to age to go off on my own adventures something horrible happened. Civilization caught up to us. The woods that I grow up in where chopped down for lumber, the open plains plowed into farms, and the wild spirit of the land was tamed. No one had use for a woodsmen anymore. So I left to try and find greener, wilder pastures but it seemed no mater where I looked I could only find more civilization. I wanted to explore the unknown like my father did before me, by using the skills he taught me, but after traveling for so long I started to crave more. After going from town to town and finding nobody needed someone with my skills I also wanted to become something more, a... a legend. Someone who would be remembered for years and years.

I guess one reason I'm not see keen to head straight home is because this place is kind of a dream come true for me. A wild and untamed, unknown land full of danger and mystery, and maybe even treasures. How could I resist?
No. 935857 ID: a451fc
File 156059351971.png - (523.66KB , 1558x1064 , Be The Dragon, Arrayan.png )

[ARRAYAN]: As a child my father taught me how to survive, and once I grew up I wanted to explore the wilderness like he had! I had wandered my world looking to tame the untamed, explore the unknown, becoming stronger and more awesome with each trial I faced...but with civilization taking hold on the world there was nothing unexplored...nothing for me. In addition to his amazing stories my dad also told me of a legend, that a lizardfolk like me could become a dragon through mythical means I'd have to find through exploring the world..though a lot of people thought it was just bullshit, crazy hearsay. They may have been right, but now that I'm here there's wilderness, adventure, treasure! This is my kind of place! How could I want to leave!?
[SPRITE]: That's exactly how I feel! All of this unexplored craziness is going to be so fun to root through! and that's such a great goal! Becoming a dragon? That's fucking amazing?
[ARRAYAN]: W-what? I said that was bullshit.
[SPRITE]: Well maybe on your old lame world it was, but HERE with all the weird shit on the Giga-Chunk! There's gotta be a way for you to be a dragon!
[ARRAYAN]: You mean it!?
[SPRITE]: Of course!

With spirits soaring Arrayan continued to mine with new found energy! His dreams are coming true at last.
No. 935860 ID: a451fc
File 156059362176.png - (554.80KB , 1255x865 , Mined Iron and Copper Ore.png )

>How quickly can you absorb MEDIUMS?
[SPRITE]: Pretty quickly
>Can we use you to drain an ocean?
[SPRITE]: Of course not, I have limits to how much of a certain MEDIUM I can keep contained
>Can you be used as a shield against a rocky landslide?
[SPRITE]: Nope! The MEDIUM chunks need to be small enough for me to consume. I can't just eat boulders without them being broken down first
>What about sling bullets if they are purely composed from a MEDIUM?
[SPRITE]: Yes if you want to use bits of a MEDIUM for ammo I can store them for you and give them to you when needed, of course stronger enemies will need more than just rocks to be hurt.

After all of the mining Arrayan has done, he's managed to dig up Iron Ore and Copper Ore, waiting to be smelted. Sprite gobbles the ores up and tallies what MEDIUMS she's holding right now.


[SPRITE]: Want to keep mining? Or should we start worrying about something else?
No. 935861 ID: ad51b8

probably should start on building/finding that shelter before dark just so we can knock that off the list and don't have to scramble to find shelter later when the sun starts to set.
No. 935862 ID: 066bfd

We should probably find shelter. Maybe look for a cave, or perhaps a little hidey hole that you can cover with a few rocks to keep it out of sight.
No. 935866 ID: 91ee5f

>you can become a dragon here!
Awesome! We’re gonna be dreaming about that whenever we sleep for while!

>total MEDIUMS
Now all that’s left is to find some gold, then we can construct the HEAVENLY MACHINA that Sprite mentioned earlier.

>Want to keep mining? Or should we start worrying about something else?
Let’s start worrying about getting a shelter.
No. 935876 ID: a9af05

>There's gotta be a way for you to be a dragon!
Maybe you're already a little more dragony? Try breathing really hard to see if any fire comes out!

>Sprite eats more mediums
Does this mean that she doesn't need to eat normal food?

>Now what?
It's probably time to start looking for a shelter.
No. 935884 ID: a451fc
File 156061285236.png - (346.57KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain.png )

>Try breathing really hard to see if any fire comes out!
All Arrayan has at the moment is fish breath.

>Does this mean that she doesn't need to eat normal food?
[SPRITE]: Even if I don't consume MEDIUMS I don't need to eat!

>Look for shelter
Arrayan and Sprite check the mountain up and down for a suitable place to call home. Arrayan makes sure to stay away from caves with signs of animal inhabitance. No cave seems suitable to use, at the base of the mountain however there's a crack in the rock that can be mined out.
No. 935885 ID: a451fc
File 156061285767.png - (438.97KB , 1179x1064 , Mining Mountaian.png )

+ x105 STONE = STONE [x315]
No. 935886 ID: a451fc
File 156061292086.png - (236.45KB , 1558x1064 , Cave Shelter 1.png )

After some work Arrayan manages to carve out a pretty decent cave for him and sprite to stay in.

[SPRITE: It's cozy! This place doesn't look too bad! It could still use some work though. Needs a treasure trove over here, and armory over here, and a hammock. Hammocks are great!

The sun is starting to set, but there's still some light out.
No. 935896 ID: 432de4

Make thine hammock, start collecting the materials for one.
No. 935897 ID: 7fb87a

make the entrance harder to see from the outside.even just piling up rocks so things would have to noisily climb to peek inside might help.
No. 935898 ID: b1b4f3

We need to secure the entrance. You could transplant a bush to obscure it, or position some large rocks in front.
A hammock would be nice but how would we anchor it? We'd have to use wooden posts secured at the base somehow, I think. A bed of leaves might have to do for now.
No. 935908 ID: 066bfd

You know what could be useful for that? Leather. Maybe go out and kill a goat for its skin. It would also be helpful in that we could use their sinew for string that can be used in bows, their bones and horns to make more durable weapons, their meat for food. Mammals have tons of useful raw material.

Or maybe we should use the skin for pants. Kind of awkward running around without any pants on, and it could be useful as (weak) armor.
No. 935909 ID: b1b4f3

Making leather is really difficult though...
No. 935911 ID: a9af05

Is Sprite made out of electricity? Hey, Arrayan, try poking Sprite to see if she zaps you a little.

>Bush or rocks to hide entrance
>No time for hammock, bed of leaves for now
I agree with these.
No. 935927 ID: 91ee5f

Once you cover the entrance with a bush and/or some rocks, you should wag your tail and do a little dance to celebrate finding a shelter!

>A bed of leaves might have to do for now.
Yeah, we can figure out the hammock later.

>poke Sprite
How about we give her a high five instead of poking her? It’s kinda rude to poke a lady.
No. 935929 ID: ad51b8

I'd say start with a door or at least drop some stones in front of the entrince to hide the cave from the casual observer. Then build something to sleep on and maybe see about getting a fire going assuming you can figure out a way to let the smoke out of the cave and not having the light shine through the cave mouth giving away your position.
No. 935937 ID: 977456

Gold seems to be an annoyingly rare random-drop from mining, there has to be an easier way. Do any low-threat monsters drop gold? Is Sprite willing to go looking for a gold-deposit we could mine? Just this once? Maybe we could build a stone bowl and go panning for gold in a stream.

Maybe we could build a hammock from carnivorous vines growing on the mountainside? That seems like a thing that vines would do...
No. 935944 ID: 2202fb

Try to find some coal so you can make some torches. We also need to start amassing iron and flux stones (Calcite, Chalk, Dolomite, Limestone, or Marble. Shoot for Limestone) so as to make pig iron and then crucible steel. Coal will be required to get a fire hot enough to melt the materials.

I would suggest going out and making two rudimentary doors. One for the entrance, and another for inside so you can start a mine in your cave.
No. 935945 ID: eeb7d9

I agree with this. We should find some food too.
No. 935947 ID: 91ee5f

We don’t need any of that. All we need is GOLD, then we can make the HEAVENLY MACHINA, which will help us make more advanced tools and weapons.
No. 935949 ID: 3d1dd5

Quickly grab some raw materials to make bedding and a door and then close the place up for the night.
No. 935974 ID: 2202fb

That was never stated anywhere. While making it is important, it may have no bearing on gear. It clearly does something, but if it was just gear, Sprite would have had us focus entirely on it rather than worry about survival at all as it would be able to make anything we could possibly need.
No. 935997 ID: 91ee5f

True, it was never stated anywhere.

But it might help us make better gear, since the Heavenly Machina could either act as a forge or it gives us the ability to create a forge. And if it helps us create a forge, that would be a much better option than trying to make one ourselves.
No. 935999 ID: a9af05

That's what I was thinking.
No. 936057 ID: a451fc
File 156072994594.png - (337.93KB , 1558x1064 , Forest Trek.png )

>Try poking Sprite to see if she zaps you a little
She buzzes lightly, she only zaps Arrayan's hand when the occasional bolt of energy arcs off of her.

>The Heavenly Machina could either act as a forge or it gives us the ability to create a forge
[SPRITE]: It kind of acts like a forge, but not really! You see, certain MEDIUMS can't be shaped easily without the HEAVENLY MACHINA, or they can only be shaped into certain things with the HEAVENLY MACHINA. You're going to still want things like COAL and FLUX STONE, and your also going to want to make a FORGE if you can since it's easier to do that then to wait 'til you can find gold. It might be a while until you can actually make the HEAVENLY MACHINA.

>Make a door
Arrayan and Sprite head to the Forest to find wood and brush.
No. 936058 ID: a451fc
File 156072995056.png - (526.53KB , 1457x992 , Clay and Wood.png )

Along the way they pick up some clay along with the wood.

No. 936059 ID: a451fc
File 156072995572.png - (312.38KB , 1558x1064 , Cave Shelter Grass Door.png )

Arrayan drags a bush back to the cave. There he ties the wooden sticks into criss cross pattern and then attaches the bush to the wooden frame. Arrayan props the bush door up against the cave opening.
No. 936060 ID: a451fc
File 156072996098.png - (327.04KB , 1558x1064 , Cave Shelter 2.png )

Any extra is used to make a small bed.

[SPRITE]: Yeah...I guess we don't have time for a hammock, this is a perfect shelter for now though! So do you want to call it a day?
No. 936062 ID: 71b768

We need our energy to find more food first thing tomorrow so let's call it a night.
No. 936063 ID: 3ce3ca

Early to bed, early to rise, let's not get caught in the dark.

You know, I bet there might be some gold in that town on the other side of the forest. We're probably going to have to improve our combat ability if we want to get there though.
No. 936064 ID: 91ee5f

Sure, let’s call it a day!

Is there enough room on that bed for Sprite? Or should we give her a tiny little bed of her own?
No. 936065 ID: b1b4f3

Seems like that'll do for the day's work. Not as much food as we'd like but tomorrow can be focused more on hunting. Oh I forgot about foraging. ...if there's enough time we could gather some berries before bed. The sun certainly looks to be setting though, and if any monsters see us going into the cave they'll just follow us in.
No. 936068 ID: ad51b8

sure, tomorrow we can mine for more materials and maybe improve our base a little bit.
No. 936077 ID: a451fc
File 156073542051.png - (475.38KB , 1273x1064 , Sleep.png )

Arrayan curls up into his grass bed, and falls asleep...there are odd noises in the dark outside...
No. 936078 ID: a451fc
File 156073543992.png - (310.12KB , 1558x1064 , Cave Shelter 3.png )

The next morning Arrayan wakes up and rises from his grass cot, Sprite is hovering patiently waiting for him to get up.

[SPRITE]: Good morning Arrayan! Welcome to your second day on the Giga-Chunk, and congratulations on surviving your first night! How are we going to begin the day huh?

No. 936079 ID: ad51b8

make fire, eat one of those fish you caught yesterday, work one making your base a bit bigger and then if we have time left find some more stuff to fill your base up with.
No. 936081 ID: eeb7d9

We must eat! and maybe find a way to preserve food, so we can collect and then eat later them when we are hungry. In the mean time, we need food that can be stored without having to worry about it going bad, like frutes and stuff like that. Berries or something?
No. 936082 ID: 71b768

He ate both fish already. The fish said there's deer and boars to eat in the forest. If you don't have any luck hunting maybe there's fruit and berries and mushrooms and things there too.
No. 936084 ID: 3ce3ca

Let's kill a goat for food, and maybe make some clothing from its skin. Specifically pants.
No. 936086 ID: b1b4f3

Alright first let's forage for food-- fruit, veggies, nuts, and maybe some edible roots and tubers. Then once we've got some easy breakfast let's hunt for goats.
No. 936087 ID: 91ee5f

No. 936090 ID: 977456

Sprite has lots of stone, could we make a sort-of underwater trap-fence? A porous L-shape from the shore making a passage that water and smaller fish can somewhat get through the walls of but larger fish can be chased into and be forced to turn around or jump to escape. It would make them easier to catch? And only involve dumping rocks into the river? The problem would be that you want a tall, distinct porous wall and would get a vague mound.
Or you could try to make a section wider and shallower, but the fish would avoid that because they know how easy it is to get caught in open shallows.
Or make some stone shotputs and hunt rabbit-equivalents.
No. 936098 ID: 91ee5f

The talking fish told us to not fish in the pond anymore and it would kinda be a dick move to go fishing again after we said we wouldn’t.
No. 936099 ID: 2202fb

This is a good idea, however we may be a carnivore which would mean this wont work.

We will need to get some wood to make a tanning rack, but that shouldn't be too difficult.

So if we are going to make steel, we will need to make pig iron, which is basically iron that has been smelted and purified to make crude ingots. Once we make these, we can throw them and any flux stone we find into the smelter and then let stew for a while.
No. 936101 ID: a451fc
File 156074956952.png - (264.06KB , 1271x780 , Breakfast for Champions.png )

Thanks to Arrayan's excellent survival skills there's no question what food is and isn't safe to eat. After scavenging around the forest Arrayan managed to find a good amount of edible berries and mushrooms, enough to make a good breakfast.

Arrayan is no longer HUNGRY.
No. 936102 ID: a451fc
File 156074957689.png - (445.06KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Climbing 2.png )

>If we are going to make steel, we will need to make pig iron
Arrayan will definitely need a FORGE first. He has the clay to make it, and can always get more.

>Hunt for goats
Arrayan and Sprite climb to the top of the mountain again in search of goats to hunt...
No. 936103 ID: a451fc
File 156074958147.png - (570.03KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Combat 1.png )

Following the signs of inhabited caves and hoof prints, Arrayan manages to come across a Woolly Goat near it is another odd looking creature Sprite calls a Shelluk. The Woolly Goat stamps it's hoofs against the ground and bleats loudly at you as a warning, the Shelluk simply sits there, odd energy occasionally arks off of it's shell...
No. 936104 ID: 71b768

Not sure if the shelluk's charge is purely defensive or it can zap you from range. Go for the goat first, but don't use your battle tendency until we're sure of a weak spot. The head maybe?
No. 936105 ID: 3ce3ca

Goats have hard heads since their main attack is headbutting, and with the shape of the skull the spear would be unlikely to pierce, probably just giving a shallow cut (although there are lots of blood vessels in the head which could blind them if cut, probably would be better to use a knife for that though). Its chest would probably be better, especially if it's charging in which case the spear would just dig deeper.

For the shelluk, best advice would be to stab the fleshy bit and not the shell. Because our spear is partially wooden, we probably don't have to worry about getting zapped in the process. Bet it also drops something that generate electricity which could be used to give us an electric spearhead if we make one out of metal. Assuming it is simple enough we won't need a Heavenly Machina.
No. 936112 ID: 277bef

I have a bad feeling there’s some symbiotic relationship here. Try and lure the goat away from the shelluk before we attack it so we don’t have to find out if that’s the case.
No. 936115 ID: a451fc
File 156075630415.png - (618.92KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Combat 2.png )

Arrayan stabs at the Woolly Goat, but it's FIGHTING GOLD is too high to get past!...Wait, the Shelluk is empowering the Goat and adding their FIGHTING GOLD together.

Gastropod Guardian: Shelluk can add it's FG to one other allies
No. 936116 ID: a451fc
File 156075631063.png - (691.26KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Combat 3.png )

The Woolly Goat charges Arrayan.

No. 936117 ID: 3ce3ca

Damn. Can you reach the shelluk with your spear? If not, try throwing a big rock at it to knock it over and hopefully distract it long enough that you can harm the goat.
No. 936118 ID: 91ee5f

>the Shelluk is empowering the Goat and adding their FIGHTING GOLD together.
You could easily beat them one at a time, but with that Shelluk boosting the Goat, they’re stronger than you!

It seems like in order to win, you’ve gotta take out the Shelluk first, but there’s no way you’ll be able to get in close with the Goat in the way!

There’s some rocks by your feet, try throwing those at the Shelluk!
No. 936120 ID: 0efe8e

One thing we could do, as our opponents primary attack appears to be a charge, we can plant and angle our spear, thus turning the enemies momentum into a weapon against them when they attack. Brains over brawn.
No. 936122 ID: 0efe8e

also it occurs to me that as our primary weapon is a spear we should at some point make a simple shield as they tend to compliment spears well in battle.
No. 936128 ID: a451fc
File 156076622337.png - (604.67KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Combat 4.png )

Arrayan takes one of the rocks from the ground and chucks it at the Shelluk. It knocks the Shelluk off of the rock and onto the ground stunning it and scaring into hiding in it's shell. The Woolly Goat rushes Arrayan again without noticing it lacks it's Shelluk Protection...
No. 936129 ID: a451fc
File 156076623654.png - (657.66KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Combat 5.png )

Arrayan quickly angles his spear as the Woolly Goat charges and the goat ends up impaling itself on the spear head. Arrayan swiftly grabs hold of the spear handle and pushes it further into the Woolly Goat's chest until it stops moving. After removing the spear from the animal's chest Arrayan looks over and realizes the Shelluk is still alive, though not much of a threat anymore now that the goat's dead. When he attempts to pick it up, the Shelluk stings his hand, not enough to do real damage but enough to sting like a motherfucker. It's not very friendly, but it's also not the main reason Arrayan went hunting.

[SPRITE]: Another excellent battle! Soon enough we'll be fighting truly ferocious beasts! But for now you should gather what you need from the goat, oh and maybe kill that Shelluk too. They like to eat the bacteria out of Woolly Goat coats, but are giant assholes to everything else.
No. 936130 ID: ad51b8

might as well slay it just to see what it drops.

what sort of loot do goats and shelluck when slain?

either way start cutting up that goat for it's tasty tasty meat... now that I'm thinking about it maybe at some point down the road we should build a smoke house to be able to smoke the meat of things we kill, and maybe a pen at some point to try and capture and tame some goats. I mean if we can grab a few goats we might be able to get milk to add to our diet.
No. 936131 ID: 977456

Are Shelluk susceptible to Stockholm Syndrome? I think this question calls for Science!. Tie it to your spear and carry it like a bindle.
No. 936133 ID: 506f96

Hm, any possibility of taming beasts in this world?
No. 936134 ID: b1b4f3

What if we wore the fur from the goat? Would the shelluk assist us then?
No. 936137 ID: 8d4593

Kill the Shelluk, keep shell as a hat. Skin that goat. You shall have a wooly mantle and smelly meats.
No. 936139 ID: 91ee5f

The Shelluk’s shell looks like it would be big enough to serve as either a shield we can strap to our arm or a helmet we can put on our head. Both of those would be extra armor and increase our FG.

Let’s pull out our stone knife and finish off the Shelluk. Then we can start carving out the Goat’s meat and wool. Arrayan's excellent survival skills should make it pretty easy for him get those.

I know Arrayan already ate some berries and mushrooms, but that seems like a small snack, so I think he should cook and eat the Goat’s meat. Especially since we have no way of preserving the meat and it could spoil if we just try to save it.
No. 936141 ID: eeb7d9

What would we gain from killing the Shelluk? Something useful? Can we use its shell for anything?
No. 936189 ID: a451fc
File 156081189376.png - (239.18KB , 1209x943 , Shelluk Drops.png )

>Shelluk Shell
The shell of the creature is too narrow to fit onto Arrayan's head, and too oddly shaped to use as a shield. At least while it's in it's current shape. When Arrayan slays the Shelluk, it's shell becomes brittle and falls apart into what looks like a limestone like material. All but one piece, the largest spine on it's back stays whole and keeps it's toughness, it even crackles slightly with energy.

No. 936190 ID: a451fc
File 156081193334.png - (832.62KB , 1786x1238 , Woolly Goat Drops.png )

>Woolly Goat
Arrayan gets to work harvesting material from the Woolly Goat, getting it's Hide, Wool, Horns, and plenty of Chevon in the process. Arrayan wraps the wool and horns up with the hide so it fits better into his inventory, and keeps the meat separate and stores the Shelluk Spine in his belt to make room.

SPRITE: Good haul! We gonna head back to base to cook it?
No. 936193 ID: 3ce3ca

Might not be the best idea. There's going to be smoke so we can't cook it inside, and the smell of meat could potentially attract dangerous things to our spot. Better to do it in a temporary camp.
No. 936194 ID: 91ee5f

Good idea.
No. 936196 ID: 2202fb

We could also simply fortify our camp. Outward-facing spikes should keep out most things. We could also dig a chimney into our camp allowing us to not only cook, but also smelt and forge inside of the cave without risk.
No. 936198 ID: 3ce3ca

Smoke would still have to come out around our house, unless we want to dig a really convoluted system. I also would rather just not risk our shelter getting attacked at all. Spikes might be a good thing to have though.
No. 936199 ID: 8d4593

True, but we do have ore now. We're gonna need to smelt it to use it.

Perhaps after we cook, we should search either for a more secure location, or materials to fortify ours.
No. 936200 ID: b1b4f3

Let's set up a cooking spot on the plains, within sight of home base but far enough away as to not be directly associated.
No. 936201 ID: 3ce3ca

It's fine if it's ore near our base, that would probably only attract something intelligent. It's cooking meat which attracts predators.
No. 936207 ID: a451fc
File 156081783140.png - (280.58KB , 768x723 , Smoking.png )

Arrayan smokes the meat somewhere far from his base, but still on the plains. He uses some wood and stone to make a smoking set-up and slices the chevon up into small strips to make jerky. It's going to take a few hours to smoke it.

WOOD [-10]=[x15]
STONE [-10]=[x305]

[SPRITE]: The Field is a safer place to cook meat, but if you set up defenses around your cave you could cook there safely too!
[ARRAYAN]: That Shelluk thing's shell also had LIMESTONE in it, I can use that to make LIME MORTAR and make stone buildings. That'd be useful for reinforcing my base.
[SPRITE]: So after we're done making your jerky what do you want to do? You've got a lot of stuff you might want to store away to use later, or use now!
No. 936208 ID: 3ce3ca

I feel like we should get to work on either tanning for armor, or smelting for metal weapons.
No. 936210 ID: b1b4f3

Time to collect wood, make a forge with our clay and stone, then make some copper tools. Especially a saw, so we can make planks, which will let us build a sturdy shack for storing barrels, which will let us make leather properly.
We should also set up a charcoal pit.
No. 936211 ID: cd5c00

Can you make a better spear with the shelluk spine or would you be better waiting for later?

Fortify your base and once that's done you can work on setting up a forge and other workshops.
No. 936214 ID: 977456

There is a significant lack of ranged options at present. Ranged weapons generally require experience to use, so making some crude ones for training seems like a good use of free time. Javelins /throwing-spears feel like a good option for the ranges at which we have been fighting, but that would be less of a factor if we ever get fire-breath or similar. Bows have an undeniable advantage of range and damage per mass of ammunition, but are less in our expertise and can be awkward to swap out or use in close-quarters. Crossbows could be a nice compromise, but loading can be a chore and they are probably beyond our means to construct.

I'm going to say bow!
Construct a crude bow from wood and twisted bark and some wooden sticks to fire. Use these to train while waiting for jerky. You aren't trying to hit anything nor apply any strength, just get used to keeping your grip consistent and keeping your claws and eyes out of the way of any fast-moving elements.
No. 936216 ID: ad51b8

I kinda want to improve the base a bit by making it a bit bigger. Nothing fancy for now just some more rooms to put some more things. If we can find enough lime stone as well and build some basic defenses we could also just build out from our crave and make an actual base that is both inside and outside the mountain... that sounds like a later project though, for now I say improve our base a little bit.
No. 936240 ID: 91ee5f

Would that piece of the Shelluk shell make a good spear tip? Since it’s still crackling with energy, it would give anyone you stab an extra jolt of damage!

You can untie the Stone tip of your spear, tie the shell to the end, and give it a few test swings to see how that feels. If it’s too awkward, you can take the shell of and put the stone tip back on.
No. 936256 ID: 0efe8e

upgrading our spear to a glaive if we can might serve better than a charged spear due to it giving us extra ways to use it in a fight.
No. 936257 ID: a451fc
File 156083247941.png - (202.93KB , 810x512 , Wood and Clay.png )

>Can you make a better spear with the Shelluk spine?
The Shelluk spine while still tough isn't useful for a spear head, it doesn't seem to be too much tougher than your stone one and the tingling energy dormant in the shell doesn't really "shock" anything. It's better to wait and find a better use for it.

>Gather wood
Arrayan and Sprite spend a good amount of time, it's difficult considering Arrayan never made a proper axe so he sticks to gathering fallen wood and twigs, Arrayan collects any clay he can too while he's in the Forest.

No. 936258 ID: a451fc
File 156083248256.png - (352.60KB , 1251x951 , Charcoal Mound.png )

>Make Charcoal
Arrayan makes a Charcoal Mound and fills it with 40 units of wood, he then leaves it to burn. It'll probably be ready tomorrow.
No. 936259 ID: a451fc
File 156083248746.png - (144.37KB , 876x941 , Bow and Arrow.png )

>Make a Bow and Arrow
Arrayan uses some fibrous wood and sticks ,about 8 units, to make a simple bow and some wooden arrows.

[SPRITE]: I took you for more of a spear guy, but I'm definitely not complaining!...Well unless your aim is shit then I might complain.

Arrayan takes some time to practice holding the bow and making adjustments, he sets up a log and practices his aim...It's not great.

[SPRITE]: Yep, looks like I'm complaining.
No. 936260 ID: a451fc
File 156083249111.png - (184.22KB , 1056x824 , A Stranger.png )

It's been some time, Arrayan decides to return to the temporary smoking camp sight, He immediately notices the stranger slowly inching closer to his beef jerky. The figure also notices him from behind, possibly from his smell or from hearing him. Arrayan prepares for conflict before the stranger speaks.

[STRANGER]: Oh! Is this your camp site? I don't mean to intrude, I just couldn't help but be drawn to the smell. I'd hate to be rude but, would you be interested in a trade?
No. 936262 ID: 2202fb

We have limestone which we can use as a flux if we want to make steel tools as well.
No. 936264 ID: cd5c00

Might as well hear this batty fellow out.
No. 936268 ID: 91ee5f

>terrible aim with bow and arrow
>Yep, looks like I'm complaining.
Well I can’t always use a spear! I’ve gotta branch out and see if I’m good at more than just 1 weapon type!

>I'd hate to be rude but, would you be interested in a trade?
“That depends, what are you offering?”
No. 936271 ID: 055cbc

No. 936272 ID: 3ce3ca

Well, that's why we're practicing. Can't all be experts at the start.

Sure thing. You wouldn't have any gold you might be willing to part with, would you? I might not have anything worth giving gold for, but maybe we could work out a deal? I'm willing to take jobs.
No. 936273 ID: e4fa58

Ask who he is and ask what he has for trade.
No. 936276 ID: 977456

Sprite is an electric type! Use the Thunder Stone on her!
Can Sprite use her shocking nature to manipulate the electric-aligned spike? Maybe we could mount it into a clasp to let her wear some sweet robes!

Yeah... bows take a lot of work to get good at. Still, one of the deadliest of all weapons in the hands of a master.
No. 936277 ID: 864e49

Compliment badass coat.
Suggest teaming up to increase chances of survival.
Offer lizard hole to sweeten the deal.
No. 936278 ID: 3ce3ca

He probably can survive well enough on his own.

Also, Arrayan has too much self respect to let just anyone use his lizard hole, it needs to be the right person. Also, it might be awkward with Sprite around.
No. 936284 ID: a451fc
File 156085749182.png - (159.76KB , 1169x883 , I'm Begging You.png )

[ARRAYAN]: Dear god, please stop calling it that
No. 936285 ID: a451fc
File 156085750842.png - (322.85KB , 1558x1064 , Desmond.png )

[ARRAYAN]: The names Arrayan, what do you have to trade?
[DESMOND]: Well Arrayan my name is Desmond, and I have a few things that may interest you. Though, I'm not very well stocked, but I do hope I have something worth a bundle of jerky.

Desmond produces a number of items from his cloak which he lays out for you to examine.

COMBAT MANUAL: A thin booklet on the in's and out's of combat using certain weapons
CRUDE MAP: A poorly drawn map of the things outside of your immediate surroundings
LEATHER BANDOLEER: A nice looking leather strap to go across your shoulders, looks like it'd give you more inventory space
COIL OF ROPE: About 50 feet of rope
GLASS JARS: 3 Jars of clear glass complete with lids
PAIR OF TONGS: A pair of iron blacksmithing tongs

You have 5 batches of jerky smoked, you doubt Desmond would object to taking more than one batch. Your sure you could possibly trade something else for whats in his inventory too.
No. 936286 ID: ad51b8

definitely going to say the map.
No. 936287 ID: 432de4

A map for that KNOWLEDGE.
No. 936289 ID: 3d1dd5

Tongs and jars! They're both things you'd currently struggle to make by yourself and they'll be helpful.
No. 936291 ID: caf1de

yes invite him to come into you lizard hole then later tell him your goal to become a dragon and say that if he helps you you'll let him ride you
No. 936294 ID: 91ee5f

>Desmond produces a number of items from his cloak which he lays out for you to examine.
Combat Manual and Leather Bandoleer.

>You’re sure you could possibly trade something else for what’s in his inventory too.
Tell him what you’ve got, besides the jerky, and see if there’s anything else he would like. Just don’t offer to give him anything that would be difficult to replace.

>lizard hole
Please stop calling it that.
No. 936295 ID: eeb7d9

>lizard hole
Ew, you guys, stop it.

Map and a combat manual sounds good, what is he willing to accept for those?
No. 936297 ID: 8d4593

Hey man. His Lizard Hole is a private place for him to crawl in to.

Manual and Tongs!
No. 936300 ID: 12d426

Well, we can probably supplement the manual ourselves, and we can make our own bandolier with the leather we are going to make, so I think we should pick from the last four.

If we are comfortable doing so, i say we should trade four of our five jerkies for the map, rope, jars, and tongs.
No. 936301 ID: 7fb87a

Perhaps we could offer the snail spike in trade, as well. We don't really know what it's good for, and can probably get another easily enough.
No. 936302 ID: 864e49



CRUDE MAP, could be wildly inaccurate.
LEATHER BANDOLEER, can make one ourselves.
No. 936303 ID: 12d426

>map sucks
Oh, i didn't even think of that. Thats a good point.
No. 936306 ID: 3ce3ca

Combat manual and the tongs, make better weapons and learn how to use them better.
No. 936307 ID: a451fc
File 156087433890.png - (250.57KB , 1019x1064 , Desmond 2.png )

Arrayan passes over two bundles of jerky for a pair of iron tongs and a combat manual.

>Tell him what you’ve got, besides the jerky
Arrayan shows Desmond his other items. Desmond is interested in the Purple Healing Moss and nothing else.

>Team up with Desmond
[DESMOND]: As a traveler I can't be tied down to one spot for too long...but I guess I could make sure to travel over this spot more often. More buisness is always good, and when I get more inventory I'm sure you'll have more stuff to trade with me.
No. 936309 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm none of these are particularly game-changing.
Alright my evaluation:
It's thin so it won't be a huge deal.
Poorly drawn so it'd be about as good as making a map yourself (though I guess you don't have paper...)
Can't you just make a vine strap?
50 feet is a lot of rope! Rope is generally useful and time consuming to make, this might be the best purchase.
Clay jars will work just as well for most purposes.
Well, you will want one of these eventually but the thing is you can probably make do with wooden tongs. They'll scorch and burn but you can make multiple tongs; also you won't need tongs for cast-molding.

I say buy the rope, and maybe the combat manual.
Also I figured you'd use your stone knife for gathering wood. An axe would be better though, make one! You won't need to carry it around all the time, just leave it somewhere near the woods when you're not using it.
No. 936311 ID: 3ce3ca

That moss could save our life later, so I don't really want to trade it. A lot of the stuff that he has is also stuff we could probably make except for the jars, and I don't really know why we would need glass jars. If Sprite can't pick it up, we can probably just use a bag.
How do you even make wooden tongs? I also don't think it's a good idea to use flammable objects to pick up something that's incredibly hot. That's just asking for a fire.
No. 936312 ID: 864e49

Lets give one jerky for rope and keep the moss.
No. 936313 ID: 91ee5f

>Arrayan shows Desmond his other items. Desmond is interested in the Purple Healing Moss and nothing else.
Hmmm, I think we’ll keep the moss for ourselves. Sorry, Desmond.

>can’t be tied down to one spot
>can make sure to travel over this spot more often
That sounds like a good deal.

Make sure you shake his hand, er, wing, thank him for the trade, and tell him that you hope you can continue to do business with him in the future.
No. 936315 ID: 977456

Does he have any interest in the long, hard, pointy things we pulled off of the round slimy thing and the big thing that kept thrusting forwards? Maybe as a matched set we could get one jar? Or he knows refined products of them that he would want in future?
It would be good to get a list of local products that are desirable trading goods.
Glass jars are a big deal. They resist most corrosive substances(but perhaps not the lids) and can be sealed. Clay jars are difficult to get a seal on(though something similar to a wax plug is probably possible) and could easily contaminate any chemistry efforts.

The rope would be a huge pain to make, and if this stuff seems reliable, that can be difficult to get by hand.

>travel over this spot more often
But this is just a random fire-pit you might never return to. You should show him your mountain. That way he'll know to get his bearings by sitting on your peak before descending to your personal crevice to unload his stuff.
No. 936316 ID: b1b4f3

I agree that glass jars would be really useful if we get any volatile liquids, but uh... that seems a long way off at this point.
No. 936317 ID: a9af05

Let's keep the moss.
No. 936319 ID: 8d4593

Trade for the rope too.
No. 936326 ID: ad51b8

If he travels would he mind telling us some of the areas that lie past the mountains, pond, and woods?
No. 936330 ID: 8d5b51

yeah ask him about what he's seen around the place.
No. 936338 ID: 58b4f3

Keep the moss. Tell him this ain't your camp and where he can find you if he feels like trading again.
No. 936361 ID: a451fc
File 156092597703.png - (323.86KB , 1277x988 , Desmond 3.png )

[ARRAYAN]: What lies beyond this area? I've only been to the outskirts of the forest and mountains.
[DESMOND]: I haven't really been here too much, this chunk of land is pretty new. It wasn't here two days ago, but there are some ruined buildings past the forest, and I think I've seen some structure in the mountain somewhere. I tend fly more than stick to the ground so I do pay attention to too much of the stuff close to the ground.

Arrayan keeps his moss, but sells another bundle of jerky for 50 feet of rope. He explains where his actual base of operations is as well. Arrayan has 2 bundles of jerky left

[DESMOND]: Well, I'll be sure to fly over if I can. Be seeing you Arrayan. Oh! and here.

Desmond hands Arrayan a small pouch and then flies off, he shouts over his shoulder as he leaves.

[DESMOND]: It's just some seasoning in case you cook more!

[SPRITE]: He seemed nice! and useful! Well back to the grind! What's our next move chief?
No. 936363 ID: 3ce3ca

I'm thinking work on tanning that skin.
No. 936364 ID: cbdfa8

Briefly wonder how bat tastes.

Build wooden traps for bigger animals
No. 936368 ID: 91ee5f

Take a bite of the jerky. Then sprinkle some of the spice on it and take another bite. Compare the bites you took to see if you like the spice or not.

Regardless of if you like the spice or not, eat a little more jerky so that you don’t get hungry for a while.

Afterwards, use your survival skills to attempt tanning the Woolly Goat Hide.

>Briefly wonder how bat tastes.
Please don’t eat the traveling salesman that may end up providing something cool in the future.
No. 936375 ID: 50c93e

Well we could either find somewhere to mine for more materials or build a bunch of traps and leave around the area to try and help us catch more game so we can have a steady supply of food coming in.
No. 936381 ID: caf1de

briefly wonder if you'll ever find love
No. 936383 ID: 1d00f8

Let's get working on some leather gear! A nice chestpiece, bracers and helmet. Oh, and one of those strap things for arrows!
No. 936385 ID: eeb7d9

Eating, then we need more materials for when the Charcoal Mound is ready to use.
No. 936390 ID: 864e49

Read manual, eat food, make leather.
Hug tom
No. 936391 ID: 3ce3ca

Read food, eat Tom, hug leather, make manual.
No. 936393 ID: a451fc
File 156096695757.png - (353.12KB , 1558x1064 , Eating.png )

>Take a bite of the jerky. Then sprinkle some of the spice on it and take another bite.
It's much better seasoned, the bag of seasonings seems like a mix of salt, pepper, and paprika. It'd probably taste better if Arrayan seasoned the meat first and then smoked the jerky.

>Briefly wonder how bat tastes.
[ARRAYAN]: I remember eating a bat once on a spelunking trip. It didn't taste too bad, though I wouldn't go out of my way to eat one again.

>Briefly wonder if you'll ever find love.
[ARRAYAN]: I've never given that much thought. I'm not really the romantic type so it's never really crossed my mind.

>Read manual
Arrayan claws through the small booklet, it gives important tips on using certain weapons to their full potential.

Gain +1 FIGHTING GOLD When using SPEARS. Learn PUNCTURE (When using a SPEAR, attacks hit one enemy behind the original target)

Gain +1 FIGHTING GOLD When using DAGGERS. Learn SHIV (When using a DAGGER, will lower enemy FIGHTING GOLD by 1 ONCE per combat)
No. 936394 ID: a451fc
File 156096698483.png - (551.37KB , 1211x1064 , Tanning.png )

Arrayan lacks certain supplies to properly tan the hide, he can however make it into RAWHIDE. This way Arrayan can re-hydrate it later when ha has the proper supplies and tan it. Arrayan make a tanning rack with [x10] UNITS of left over wood.

[SPRITE]: So what do we need to tan the hide for leather Arrayan?
[ARRAYAN]: Brains!
[SPRITE]: ...W-what?
[ARRAYAN]: We gotta boil brains in water and smear it on the hide to tan it.
[SPRITE]: T-that sounds uhh...
[ARRAYAN]: We could probably just use egg yolk or oil if we can't get brain though. Anything fatty.
[SPRITE]: Yes! Please no brain smearing.
No. 936395 ID: a451fc
File 156096699534.png - (181.35KB , 1210x1002 , Simple Small Game Trap.png )

>Make traps
Arrayan's only familiar with small game traps, though he does know how to make larger ones it'll be time consuming and exhausting. If he does want to make smaller ones he'll need more wood.
No. 936398 ID: 3ce3ca

Honestly, I think we're more likely to get brains than eggs or oil.

Maybe we should get started on that smelter.
No. 936399 ID: b1b4f3

Make an axe, chop some lumber.
No. 936400 ID: 864e49

That's not how tanning works you need salt son!
No. 936401 ID: b1b4f3

There's many tanning methods.
No. 936405 ID: 864e49

Yes but the one he's thinking of needs salts.

And ya lets make a stone axe.
No. 936410 ID: 977456

What does Sprite care about brains? She doesn't even have- nevermind...
No. 936419 ID: 91ee5f


Since we’re already using a spear, it makes sense to get a spear skill!

>Tanning Rack
You built that close to you shelter, right?

We should probably work on making our shelter bigger. That Tanning Rack looks like it’s too big to fit inside our shelter, which isn’t good since we don’t want anything or anyone messing with it during the night if we leaving it outside.

Don’t be rude!
No. 936420 ID: 91ee5f

>leaving it outside.
leave it outside.
No. 936421 ID: b1b4f3

I looked it up and it doesn't?
No. 936425 ID: eeb7d9

Everyone knows that spears win wars. Is literally the most OP weapon in history. Grab a shield and you are set.
No. 936428 ID: 8d4593

Numbers are the name of the game and we lack them. Best learn us ways to deal with superior numbers.

>Leather Tanning
A good brain alternative is plant tannins.
Boil down a shitload of Bark, leaves, or bitter nuts, and then boil it some more until it's black and pungent.
No. 936429 ID: 3ce3ca

Oh crap, I didn't notice it asked us to pick. Yeah, spear definitely.
Wouldn't call it OP, but it was definitely commonly used. It required very little training to use compared to a weapon like a sword, and since soldiers in the medieval age had to buy their weapons and armor, they flocked to cheaper weapons. Since the spear is pretty much a stick with a sharp stone/piece of metal, not hard to make. They are also fairly good against cavalry, which had a serious advantage over none mounted units.

There are also many different types of spears, wondering if we should take a specific type. I kind of like the spetum.
No. 936430 ID: cbdfa8

Gain +1 FIGHTING GOLD When using SPEARS. Learn PUNCTURE (When using a SPEAR, attacks hit one enemy behind the original target)

Chop some more wood and get started on a smelter
No. 936432 ID: eeb7d9

I said "OP" just to say that they are very good. They are cheap and easy to matain, they give you range, and if you are really good with it, you can beat any other wapon with ease. The same could be said of any other wapon, but might not as easy to mantain or produce. Axes are quite similar as well, but they lack the range. Any way, spears are balanced and useful when survival is on the line.
No. 936436 ID: ad51b8

spear specialist

and find more wood... and since we're going to be out and about anyways maybe see if you can't find something to make that hammock that sprite was talking about.
No. 936439 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, yeah, definitely need to get that hammock.

Or maybe a sunning rock?
No. 936440 ID: 977456

Spears may have been many things in history, but here it looks like Puncture for multiple opponents(especially support units like shelluk) versus Shiv which is more generalist for gaining an advantage early or summit.
No. 936442 ID: c3e059

Get the Spear Skill. Make an axe for chopping wood. Attempt to build a hammock.

If the hammock fails, get a sunning rock.
No. 936446 ID: c3e059

Maybe when you become a dragon, all the ladies will come to you? After all, who wouldn't want to be with a dragon?!

That snail shell has electrical energy and Sprite is made of electricity. Did we ever see what would happen if Sprite touched the shell? Or see if she can charge the shell? Or absorb the energy for herself?
No. 936463 ID: 91ee5f

>After all, who wouldn't want to be with a dragon?!
Lots of people. But if we specify being a big, strong, handsome dragon, that’s when everyone will want to be with us!
No. 936464 ID: 3ce3ca

Of course we would be a handsome dragon. We were incredibly handsome as a lizardman, so it only stands to reason that we'll be the handsomest of dragons.
No. 936469 ID: 8d5b51

I want to investigate the structure on the mountain at some point. Maybe not now though, since we're doing stuff.
No. 936474 ID: eeb7d9

As far as i am concerned, liard people don't care for those things, unless, Arrayan is other kind of lizardman. But yeah, he shouldn't mind those things now.
No. 936496 ID: a451fc
File 156101117619.png - (772.28KB , 1558x1064 , Gathering Wood.png )

Arrayan learns to utilize the spear more efficiently!

>Make Axe
Stone Axe is made!

>Gather wood
[x100] Wood is gathered! Sprite has [x102] WOOD stored!

>That snail shell has electrical energy and Sprite is made of electricity.
The Shelluk Spine doesn't really react with Sprite.
No. 936497 ID: a451fc
File 156101119180.png - (235.20KB , 1326x1067 , Stone Furnace.png )

Using [x50] Clay and [x50] Stone, Arrayan constructs a Furnace outside of his cave base, complete with a fan blower to supply oxygen to the flame and a large rock to use as a makeshift anvil, Arrayan sets the tongs down by the Furnace.

[SPRITE]: This should be safe enough out here! I don't think anyones in a rush to steal a furnace

Building the furnace took a while, the sun's beginning to set.

[SPRITE]: Now that we got more done today we should think more about what we need in the future if we're going to venture out further!
No. 936500 ID: 50c93e

Backpack to carry more things, armor encase we run into more trouble, and food/water if we’re planning on taking trips that are further then a day.

Speaking of longer trips, we would need to figure out a way to rest safely at night like a sleeping bag we can hang from a tree to hopefully keep it out of reach from threats, or go about a days journey out from our base, build another safe camp, and then just make a series of camps we can leap frog from. The second option would take longer but would probably be safer.
No. 936510 ID: 91ee5f

>the sun's beginning to set.
Time to eat dinner!

Then we start getting ready to go to sleep. Or, if we have time, do 1 or 2 small things, then go to bed.

>What do we need in the future?
Obviously we’ve gotta get ourselves some decent armor at some point.
No. 936512 ID: 3ce3ca

Maybe replace the rock spearhead with metal. Also, armor. Gotta get those brains.
No. 936514 ID: caf1de

>Tawing is a method that uses alum and aluminium salts, generally in conjunction with other products such as egg yolk, flour, and other salts.
using plants to get tannin seems like a easier idea so do that

>what we need in the future
we need to get iron
No. 936520 ID: 3d1dd5

We should practice more with the bow and probably make sure we have a backup weapon seeing the spear might break due to our BATTLE TENDENCY. Is the axe good enough?

We do have a little bit of iron ore, we should make a new spear. Make some pieces of armour with whatever we have left over, maybe use some copper too. The rest can be rawhide.

Will a rawhide tent provide enough protection or will we have to dig out a shelter each night? A better pick might be a good investment then.

Finally we need to stockpile more food and make a good backpack.
No. 936530 ID: a451fc
File 156103901850.png - (479.87KB , 1558x1064 , Trap Making.png )

>Make sure we have a backup weapon
Arrayan has a stone dagger, and the axe would also be suitable as a weapon. Though it isn't very accurate, if he uses it he probably wouldn't be able to use (Pinpoint).

>If we have time, do 1 or 2 small things.
Since Arrayan has the wood now he goes to set up some small game traps around the outskirts of the Forest. He uses [x20] Wood to make 4 traps.

Arrayan eats a bundle of jerky.
No. 936531 ID: a451fc
File 156103902884.png - (454.36KB , 1558x1064 , Sleep 2.png )

Arrayan goes to bed, only occasionally waking from the sounds of odd creatures moving around outside...
No. 936532 ID: a451fc
File 156103906693.png - (325.92KB , 1558x1064 , Cave Shelter 1_3.png )

In the morning Arrayan wakes to Sprite patiently waiting for him to get up.

[SPRITE]: Good morning Arrayan! It's a new day just waiting to be tackled!

Arrayan's had a few thoughts on what to do for today. Getting better material for armor and equipment is a good idea, maybe exploring the area some more since he's never gone that deep into the mountain or forest.

Arrayan assess his inventory, a lot of the stuff he gained yesterday he had mostly left on the ground somewhere he thought was safe when he need more room for something else.

- Stone Tools (Spear, Dagger, Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel)
- Bow and x2 Stone Arrows
- Shelluk Shell
- 50 ft Rope
- Purple Moss
- x2 Woolly Goat Horn
- x4 Wool Clumps
- 1 Bundle of Jerky

-Nothing right now

Arrayan can carry 4 things on him and 2 things on his vine belt. A backpack or bag would definitely be useful in someway
No. 936533 ID: 91ee5f

Time to go check the traps and see if you caught anything that you can kill and eat it for breakfast.
No. 936535 ID: ad51b8

I say go check the traps and see what you may have caught. Then since you're already near the woods might as well head out and explore the woods a bit more. Maybe find that city people have been telling you about. Might find some good supplies their and maybe even a second base you can shack up in if you can't make it back to your mountain base for whatever reason.
No. 936539 ID: b1b4f3

We can probably gather enough vines to make that hammock, and anchor it with logs or sturdy branches with stones at the base.
Go out, check the traps and forage for fruit and veggies. Gotta keep a varied diet.

Bring the spear, dagger, and actually we should gather some vines to make some vine rope for tying things up with. The rope is mainly to be used for climbing down a pit or something since it's so long. We could also take bits of twine off of it; that would be more durable than whatever we're using to bind tools with.
No. 936540 ID: 21bd50

Check the traps, then lets start processing the iron into steel so as to make some quality weapons.
No. 936544 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t we need a hammer and a big tub of water or something when using the furnace to make metal weapons and armor?

I think a hammer is needed to shape the hot metal into the shape you want it to be. And the big tub of water or something to put the hot metal into in order to cool it off.
No. 936545 ID: 21bd50

Just processing the metal doesnt need either of those. Making steel will take a while.

But yes, when we actually start making blades and tools, we will need some form of anvil, a tub of water, and a hammer.
No. 936546 ID: 91ee5f

I guess we’re already 1/3 of the way there, since Arrayan said he put a large rock to use as a makeshift anvil in front of the furnace.
No. 936548 ID: b1b4f3

Well, it's possible to make stuff without an anvil or hammer. We just need to make casts, and a grindstone.
No. 936550 ID: 864e49

The dagger ability would've been more useful.
Can we still get it? How does the manual work?

waggy waggy waggy

Check and reset traps, eat foods, get charcoal, mine some metal, make hammock.
Then start working on leather or metal.
No. 936554 ID: 33b450

What did you dream about, Arrayan? Did you dream of being a big dragon sitting on top of a giant pile of treasure?

>What do?
Check traps, kill and cook whatever you caught, add spices while cooking, eat food.

>fruit and veggies
Include these with the meat to get and amazing meal!
No. 936556 ID: 21bd50

It would be higher quality if we use a hammer though. Really, all we would need to do is tie a flat-ended rock or an ingot to a sturdy piece of wood to make a hammer. We do need to make casts for ingots though.
No. 936558 ID: eeb7d9

Do we have materials to make a back pack?

Also, how's temperature over there? Are you warm? Is there winter in this place? Should we worry about it?
Lizards and cold don't go well together.
No. 936559 ID: 3ce3ca

We still have the goat skin, but I'd rather we make leather armor out of it.
No. 936562 ID: 977456

Copper is probably soft enough that you can make a needle from it. That would be very useful for making a backpack.
No. 936589 ID: a9af05

Time to get up and eat breakfast. Then maybe work on that hammock?
No. 936603 ID: 21bd50

We still need brains to make leather. Right now it is just rawhide.
No. 936611 ID: a9af05

Read this >>936394 . Brains are only one method we could use, which Sprite didn't like.

Arrayan then said we could use anything fatty, which Sprite agreed with and said she didn't want any brain smearing.

We don't need brains, we only need something fatty.
No. 936612 ID: 3ce3ca

It isn't like she's going to wear it. And really, it depends on what we find first. If we kill something with brains, we'll use brains, if we find something else, we'll use something else.
No. 936614 ID: a451fc
File 156108187630.png - (402.58KB , 1480x898 , Food.png )

>What did you dream about, Arrayan?
ARRAYAN: Being a dragon of course! Loads of treasure soaring through the sky! Burning down castles!

Arrayan takes his Stone Spear and Stone Dagger.

Arrayan takes some vines from the outskirts of the forest, enough to make a decent hammock.
[SPRITE]:Yes! I'd love to sleep in a hammock! If I needed sleep that is.

>Check traps
Only one of Arrayan's traps has caught anything, one other trap only has bits of fur.

>Scavenge for food
After some searching Arrayan manages to find some edible mushrooms and tubers, which he'll have to cook to get rid of any toxins.

After gathering everything Arrayan prepares and seasons the meat before cooking it along with the tubers and mushrooms. It tastes much better seasoned.
No. 936615 ID: a451fc
File 156108188292.png - (149.34KB , 770x845 , Stone Hammer.png )

>Need a Hammer and water tub for the forge and anvil
A Stone hammer should do for now. As for water, there is the pond and if he needs to carry water then Arrayan could make vessels out of clay.

>How's temperature over there?
The weather hasn't been anything too extreme, if there was an issue Arrayan would know.
No. 936616 ID: a451fc
File 156108189672.png - (149.80KB , 820x831 , Charcoal.png )

>Get Charcoal
Arrayan finds and breaks open the charcoal mound from yesterday, there are [x80] Units of Charcoal inside which Sprite inhales.

[SPRITE]: I'm starting to get full. I have room for one more MEDIUM before I can't hold anymore

>Work on armor
Arrayan does have that Rawhide, it can be made into armor unless he wants to get the supplies to tan it.
No. 936619 ID: eeb7d9

Make some chests or something to put mediums inside so Sprite doesn't fill up.
No. 936620 ID: 8d4593

Nah, the rawhide alone will be poor armor. Besides, the day is young, surely we can find some Brains, dung, and/or bark to tan with.

We should build a couple Bins to stockpile mediums in back at base.
No. 936621 ID: 3ce3ca

We'll make leather first.

A chest sounds good though.
No. 936631 ID: b1b4f3

At this rate we'll start forging metal before the leather's tanned, which will let us go straight to copper armor. That's fine though, leather is useful for a lot of other things.
>stone hammer
Must've taken a long time to put a hole in it like that to put the shaft through but I'm not complaining. (it'd probably be easier to make a one-sided hammer without good drilling tools, or to wrap the wood around the hammer instead of through it)

Hmm, what next. I'd like to get some copper tools, but I think it's about time for us to make some fortifications. Would it be faster to use wood, or stone? Maybe a mix of the two?
Let's at least cast a copper spearhead to upgrade our weapon. OH, let's make a wooden shield!
No. 936642 ID: 422ead

Is there a way to improve how many mediums Sprite can carry?
No. 936644 ID: 50c93e

Might as well make some chest or at least boxes to dump your extra gear into. Also might as well hold off on the armor and see if you can find things to tan the hide with to make proper leather since we’re going to want some eventually
No. 936645 ID: a451fc
File 156108993538.png - (391.02KB , 1878x1064 , Cave Shelter 2.png )

>We should build a couple Bins to stockpile mediums in back at base.
Arrayan works on weaving some baskets out some wood fiber, it takes [x30] Wood, then he mines out a new room to keep them in. The cave now has a storage area!

Arrayan also sets up a hammock in the side of the wall with the vines he collected. The cave now has a hammock!

>Surely we can find some Brains, dung, and/or bark to tan with.
The bark method would take longer than the others. Arrayan's needs to decide on a method to use if he wants to tan it.
No. 936647 ID: 50c93e

Go with whatever is the easiest to grab resources for.
No. 936648 ID: a9af05

>Yes! I'd love to sleep in a hammock! If I needed sleep that is.
She doesn't sleep? What does she do, stare at us and watch us sleep? Doesn't she get bored or lonely not having us to talk to? Reminds me of Alphonse from Full Metal Alchemist.

>Tanning method?
Didn't the thing you caught in your trap have brains? Or were there not enough brains to use?

Also, if you've gotta boil the brains, you're gonna need to bring some water up here to the furnace.
No. 936650 ID: b1b4f3

We can hunt another goat for brains... or we can go looking for a bird's nest. There are supposed to be birds in the mountains, and we have rope to climb with. Make a lasso and we can grab outcroppings with it.
No. 936653 ID: 91ee5f

Here’s a random question: Arrayan, how old are you?

>Arrayan needs to decide on a method to use if he wants to tan it.
Let’s go with whatever’s convenient and easy to gather.

>water for boiling
We also need some water for drinking.
No. 936658 ID: b1b4f3

...it occurs to me that we could eventually make copper wires and use Sprite as a source of electricity to run motors.
No. 936659 ID: 3ce3ca

That might be exhausting to her, and since touching her doesn't hurt us I'm not sure she has enough power for that. Also pretty sure we don't have knowledge on that level of tech.
No. 936660 ID: 864e49

Lets go find some bird eggs and use that along with the brains from the thing from the trap, and maybe we'll find more things to kill while exploring.

Then use leather to make things like bags and water skins first then clothes and armor.
No. 936663 ID: caf1de

lizard hole expanded
lets go get some fucking iron
No. 936665 ID: 91ee5f

I’ve been thinking: We’ve got plenty of wood, why not make ourselves a wooden shield? That’ll help increase our defense until we can make some armor. Just make sure the shield can be strapped to our arm so that we can block and still be able to hold our spear in both hands.
No. 936673 ID: 8d4593

The bark method makes better armor if were using the leather as our primary defensive material. If it's structural for armor made primarily of wood, bone, or metal, or if were using it for more normal clothes or like weapon grips or what not, the brain method is superior.

This guy has the right idea, though we'll likely need to make ourselves a basket backpack and a pick first. Though maybe the mountains have some more ore dropping baddies.
No. 936675 ID: 977456

Now we need a guard lizard to protect our stuff.
No. 936722 ID: a9af05

>We also need some water for drinking.
And bathing. We're probably a little stinky after a few days of hard work.
No. 936724 ID: b1b4f3

I'm supporting the brain/egg method then.
No. 936743 ID: a9af05

So will I.
No. 936748 ID: 91ee5f

>method works for armor
>method works for grips and other things
I think the only difference between the methods is how quickly it works and what they’re supposed to be used for isn’t going to matter.

But since the brain/egg method seems to be faster, then I’ll support it.
No. 936752 ID: 8d4593

Tanin Tanning makes Harder Leather. Harder Leather means better protection but also a higher risk of cracking.

I too support the brain method. We seem only an encounter or three away from having a proper breast plate.
No. 936755 ID: 91ee5f

I meant that I don’t think the different types of leather will matter in this quest, since that seems a little too complicated to keep track of. I think the leather we make will be usable any way we want, regardless if we used the correct method to create it or not.
No. 936829 ID: a451fc
File 156125229720.png - (336.88KB , 827x823 , Flimsy Wooden Shield.png )

>Arrayan, how old are you?
ARRAYAN: 20 years

>Make wooden shield
Lacking any real planks of wood the most Arrayan can do is find branches sturdy enough to tie together to create a Flimsy Wooden Shield!...This sucks, but it's better than nothing and it lets Arrayan block a certain amount of damage until it breaks.

- Stone Spear
- Stone Knife
- Flimsy Wooden Shield
No. 936830 ID: a451fc
File 156125230636.png - (540.59KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Climbing.png )

>Look for Brain/Eggs to tan with

Arrayan scales the mountain once again in search for tanning supplies. The first thing he notices is traces of a bird nearby, possibly leading to a nest which he follows.
No. 936831 ID: a451fc
File 156125231281.png - (587.81KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Combat 2-1.png )

After some searching Arrayan finds not a bird, but a large mantis like creature hunched over the remains of a nest. It's eating one, but there are still 3 large eggs intact. The mantis turns and looks at you, striking a fighting stance. As it does so you notice something odd floating near it, an ethereal looking crown hovers close behind the giant bug.

The Godless Mantis and Remnant of Regicide stand in Arrayan's way.
No. 936833 ID: ad51b8

can you try you're new spear technic and spear through the mantis to nail the crown?
No. 936834 ID: b1b4f3

Use Puncture. Looks like you could aim for the eyes here too.
No. 936837 ID: f1a100

Seems like they are either a boss or another sapient with a sprite.
No. 936840 ID: 977456

Time to get your Puncture on! Probably? Sprite would tell you if you met anyone who she thought didn't need to be silenced was open to parley, right?

>20 years
In dragon years that is... what? Toddler? Fledgeling?
No. 936845 ID: 8d4593

Focus on the Regicide remnant. That mantis looks tough even on it's own.

If the mantis trys to body block it, Puncture it.
No. 936852 ID: a9af05

Use Puncture!
No. 936866 ID: 91ee5f

Use your new Puncture skill!
No. 936877 ID: 094652

Wait, they also have a guardian spirit.
Try to communicate before you stab them to death.
No. 936897 ID: a451fc
File 156126923275.png - (613.46KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Combat 2-2.png )

>Try to communicate before you stab them to death
Arrayan attempts to speak to the Godless Mantis...It only makes chittering hissing noises in response.

[SPRITE]: C'mon! that things obviously not a sprite! It's a weird crown thingy! Does it look anything like me?

Puncture is PASSIVE, so as long as both enemies are in a line Arrayan's attack will hit them both. In addition to using Puncture Arrayan uses Pinpoint to attack the Godless Mantis' eye. It lands, the cut fills the creatures eye with green blood and ruins it's vision.

The attack Punctures and hits the Remnant of Regicide. The crown staggers a bit and almost falls to the ground.
No. 936898 ID: a451fc
File 156126926051.png - (771.24KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Combat 2-3.png )

The Remnant of Regicide glows brightly!

[HEAVENLY MANDATE]: Grant 1 FIGHTING GOLD for every PHANTOM BLOOD an ally is missing for one turn.
No. 936901 ID: a451fc
File 156126930560.png - (608.89KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Combat 2-4.png )

The Godless Mantis swings it's claws

[CRUSHING GRIP]: Attacks deal high damage to equipment.

The attack clashes with Arrayan's shield, obliterating it completely. Luckily none of the damage connects with Arrayan himself.
No. 936902 ID: b1b4f3

Seems fine. Poke out the other eye, then we won't get hit anymore.
No. 936914 ID: 094652

Hit the damaged eye again with power attack through the skull.
No. 936916 ID: ad51b8

now go for the second eye and hopefully finish off the crown.
No. 936922 ID: a451fc
File 156127496920.png - (580.59KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Combat 2-5.png )

>Attack the eyes again
Arrayan aims [Pinpoint] at the undamaged eye once more, but the Godless Mantis raises it's pincers and stops the attack completely!

[MANTIS STANCE: When a Weak-point has been attacked before, it will be kept defended afterwards. Can only be in effect for one Weak-point at a time.

Since [Pinpoint] didn't hit it's target, the Stone Spear is highly damaged.
No. 936924 ID: a451fc
File 156127506667.png - (575.96KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Combat 2-6.png )

The Remnant of Regicide flies from it's position and hovers over Arrayan's head.


The Godless Mantis makes a wide swipe with it's claw

[CRUSHING GRIP]: Attacks deal high damage to equipment.

The attack hits Arrayan and his spear, splintering the handle and shattering the stone tip.

No. 936925 ID: 977456

As far as we can tell, Sprite is intangible to everything. Even MEDIUMS seem like more of a remote interaction than direct physical contact. If Sprite successfully attempts to head-butt the Remnant of Regicide then we will know one way or the other whether it is somewhere on the same branch of taxonomy as Sprite is. If she doesn't, then there will forever be some sliver of doubt... Has she truly no interest in our trust?
No. 936926 ID: 977456

Godless Mantis has just been eating. Draw our heaviest knob-on-a-stick and whack it in the stomach.
No. 936928 ID: 91ee5f

>spear got broken
Damnit! Now we’ve gotta make a new spear!

>What do?
Jump up and grab that Crown! Then start biting it!
No. 936935 ID: b1b4f3

You still have the knife. Whip it out and stab the shit out of the crown.
No. 936937 ID: 8d4593

Use your. Uh. Stick that was once a spear, and shove it through the crown so you can bring it down to you.

Once in hand, wield it like a weapon.
If the mantis strikes with crushing grip it'll smash it, and if it doesn't, you'll be stabbing at it with it's buddy next turn!
No. 936938 ID: a451fc
File 156128455272.png - (221.87KB , 1637x1654 , Regicide.png )

Arrayan has poked sprite before, She's not intangible. She simply seems to be poor in combat despite her enjoyment in watching you fight.

Arrayan equips his knife and leaps up to attack the Remnant of Regicide. The stone knife goes through the crown's opening and Arrayan uses it to bring the Remnant down and grab it.
No. 936939 ID: a451fc
File 156128455759.png - (582.72KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Combat 2-7.png )

The Godless Mantis swings it's claws once again.

[CRUSHING GRIP]: Attacks deal high damage to equipment.

Arrayan holds out the Remnant of Regicide to block the attack, and in the process avoids the damage from the [CRUSHING GRIP] and obliterates the Remnant of Regicide.
No. 936943 ID: a80ef8

Try stabbing its underbelly!
No. 936946 ID: a80ef8

Oh and can you pick up a piece of your broken shield to bait its claws?
No. 936961 ID: 91ee5f

>obliterates the Remnant of Regicide.
Ha ha! Tricked you into destroying your friend!

Since you can’t attack its weak point anymore, you should attack somewhere else. Try attacking its body! Make sure you come in on its right side, where its damaged eye is, so it won’t see you coming!
No. 936962 ID: 8d4593

If we gotta get close, I wanna end this quickly, screw getting a knife hug.

Use your entire body and stab up through the underside of it's head.
No. 936989 ID: 977456

Kiss it, then bite off its head!
No. 936996 ID: a451fc
File 156132702588.png - (581.80KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Combat 2-8.png )

Arrayan rushes forward and aims his knife for the underbelly of the Godless Mantis. While the rest of the creatures carapace is rather tough the underbelly is soft and gives way to a stone knife easily. After the mantis keels over in pain from the wound Arrayan moves around to it's head where he pierces it's skull through its eye killing it.
No. 936997 ID: a451fc
File 156132702877.png - (337.95KB , 1558x981 , Mantis Crown Drops.png )

After the struggle is over Arrayan harvests what he can.

The Remnant of Regicide exploded into metal shards that give of a low soft hum when Arrayan holds them up to his ear. Sprite calls this material Ghost Metal and urges Arrayan to take it.

The Mantis is stripped for it's meat and the pincers from it's arms.

Arrayan also takes the three eggs from the ravaged nest.

[SPRITE]: Y'know sometimes, and I know it's ridiculous, but sometimes I just hope things you killed would just explode into gold coins. It's a dumb thought but we have a noticeable lack of treasure and riches. So now that we have non-brain stuff to tan with, we heading back to base?
No. 937002 ID: ad51b8

we should still have enough wood and stone to replace our spear so yeah, we can probably head back and make some new gear.
No. 937003 ID: cbdfa8

we should keep one of the eggs whole so we can see if it hatches.
No. 937005 ID: 91ee5f

Yes, let’s head back. We’ve got a spear to rebuild and some hide to tan. As soon as we get some water for boiling.

Nah, let’s just eat it or use it for tanning.
No. 937006 ID: b1b4f3

I bet if we killed the monsters that spawn at night, they'd drop gold!
We should upgrade to copper equipment first though.

Also yes we're heading back. Let's get to work replacing the equipment that was lost, tanning that leather, and probably working on an easily defensible position for night battle. Either fortify the entrance to our base, or make a second hidey hole with a reinforced door. Heck we could just make a reinforced door for the hidey hole we already have.
No. 937013 ID: a9af05

>Ghost metal
Any idea on how to use it?

>Go back?
Yes, we're heading back.

Does eating heal us? I'd like to get back that little bit of health we lost. If eating doesn't heal us, then let's not worry about it for now. And no using the healing moss either! We're saving that for when we get really hurt.

There's really no reason to do that. Let's just use the eggs the way we intended to use them.

Fighting whatever shows up at night would be a good idea once we got stronger. We'd also need to sleep all day and have Sprite wake us up at night, so that we don't suffer any health penalties from trying to stay up all night.
No. 937019 ID: 864e49

Oh my, how large are they? Can we turn them into swords/knives/glaives?
And also use leather to make things like bags and water skins first then clothes and armor.

And also also how does the MANUEL work?!
No. 937025 ID: a451fc
File 156133678124.png - (134.11KB , 962x880 , New Stone Spear.png )

>Head back to base/ Make a new spear
Arrayan and Sprite head back to the cave. Arrayan uses some wood and stone to make a new spear.

>Can we turn pincers into swords/knives/glaives?
They are a decent size for it, it is possible.

>how does the MANUAL work?!
Arrayan read it, now he's a Spear Specialist, there's nothing more to learn from that manual.

>How to use Ghost Metal?
Melt it down? Wait til you get the HEAVENLY MACHINA and use it there? Something else completely?
No. 937026 ID: a451fc
File 156133683268.png - (424.73KB , 1878x1064 , Cave Shelter 3.png )

>Tan the hide
Arrayan smears the yolk of the eggs onto the rawhide and places it under some damp leaves so it doesn't dry out. It should be ready to continue working on tomorrow. It takes two eggs leaving Arrayan with one.

>Does eating heal?
To a certain point yes, the amount of damage Arrayan took can easily be fixed by light rest and a little food.

>Working on an easily defensible position for night battle.
This is a good idea if Arrayans plan to try killing whatever roams at night. A good starting point may be an actual door for the cave since currently the door is an easy to knock down bush.

>Upgrade to copper
The forge is ready to use. Arrayan has the charcoal for it, though maybe he'd want to look for more ores?

- Stone Tools (Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel)
- Bow and x2 Stone Arrows
- Shelluk Shell
- 50 ft Rope
- Purple Moss
- x2 Woolly Goat Horn
- x4 Wool Clumps
- 1 Bundle of Jerky
- 1 Egg
- Bug Meat
- Ghost Metal

- Stone Spear
- Stone Dagger
No. 937027 ID: eeb7d9

>Enemies exploding into gold coins
As long as they explode into useful things i don't mind.
Can we use the Mantis pincers for something, like a weapon, for a new spear? Or maybe for some sort of armor?
No. 937028 ID: b1b4f3

If we need more ore then we should get more ore. Also, generally explore the mountains a bit to see if there's anything interesting there.
No. 937030 ID: 8d4593

Could use the copper as a mounting material for the Mantis blades.

Could make a poll-Axe, 2 Short swords...
...Garden Shears Combat Scissors...
No. 937035 ID: ad51b8

>The forge is ready to use. Arrayan has the charcoal for it, though maybe he'd want to look for more ores?

If you could find some tin you could get started on making bronze gear. So if we want to spend the rest of the day just gathering supplies I'm not against it. Just make sure to reset your traps before you call it a day and while hunting for ore try to prioritize copper and tin if you can find it for bronze weaponry.
No. 937037 ID: a9af05

>Starting point, upgrade door
You'll want to reinforce it from the inside, if you want to the door to keep looking like a bush from the outside.

>The forge is ready to use.
>Maybe look for more ore first?
Yeah, let's go look for more ore.

Also make another shield. It can be helpful, you just got unlucky and ran into an enemy that breaks your stiff easily.
No. 937039 ID: 3ce3ca

Maybe make some simple practice arrows continue practicing the bow. We need to get better at that.
No. 937040 ID: 977456

A door sounds nice. Can we mix up some cement-equivalent to hold a rock wall together? It'd be nice to have some iron for metal pokes to hinge a door on, but needs must...
Locks would be a bit convoluted for now? Although a beam across to keep us safe while inside would be nice.
Then we can mine out a passage to a higher spot on the cliff-face from where we can build a sealed overlook from which to shoot at the outside facing of the doorway.

>two mantis blades
How do you feel about sword-chucks?

>an enemy that breaks your stiff easily
Even then the shield helps. I am sure that there is more valuable stiff than our shield that could have been broken.
No. 937047 ID: 58b4f3

Isn't that a bunch of carapace on the bug meat >>936997 ? Why not scoop out the bug meat and eat it, then use the carapace as a shield?

≥How do you feel about sword-chucks?
That sounds like a good way to stab himself in the head. Let's not do that.
No. 937048 ID: 91ee5f

>carapace shield
That could work.
No. 937050 ID: 8d4593

I dunno man, as far as terrible ideas go, that's a pretty awesome one.

Though maybe we want some armor before we start training with them. XD

I for one am on the Sword chuck Train.
No. 937058 ID: 91ee5f

>that's a pretty awesome one.
Stabbing yourself with your weapon is dumb, not awesome.

The mantis pincers are better off being used as dual wield swords.
No. 937068 ID: caf1de

make your own thanos copter blade and then fuking metal!
No. 937069 ID: 2d9825

So the choice was for what the manuel was for not which part we read.

We should make a carapace shield, one pincer short sword, one pincer glaive and make a door then go mining.

Minion how much metals do we have?
No. 937071 ID: 8d4593

>Stabbing yourself with your weapon is dumb, not awesome.

Ah, I get your game. So it's "Stupidly Awesome".

I see no problem here.
No. 937084 ID: 864e49

No, because it will end badly it's "Awesomely Stupid".

And seriously guys how are we going to duel wield two swords and a shield? Not to mention we specialized in spear.
No. 937095 ID: a9af05

>how are we going to duel wield two swords and a shield?
There are shields that can be strapped to the arm so that they don't need to be held. That would leave both hands free to use two swords and still have the shield ready to defend.

>Not to mention we specialized in spear.
Yeah, we should stick with using spears.

We can try switching things up later, but for now, let's keep using what we're good with.
No. 937128 ID: a451fc
File 156143119529.png - (103.26KB , 1110x972 , Mantis Equipment.png )

>Make Mantis Gear
Arrayan uses a Godless Mantis pincer and the carapace from the meat to make a Mantis Glaive (+3 FG) and Carapace Shield. Arrayan is left with one pincer left to use if he wants to make another weapon.
No. 937129 ID: a451fc
File 156143121273.png - (142.21KB , 1162x1064 , Sprite 3.png )

[ARRAYAN]: Minion! How many metals do we have?
[SPRITE]: First things first I'm not your god damn minion shit for brains! and here's how much of what you have.


[SPRITE]: I'm dumping all of this in the storage room though! We don't need to lug it around everywhere do we?
No. 937130 ID: a451fc
File 156143125080.png - (438.97KB , 1179x1064 , Mining Mountaian.png )

>Go mining / exploring.
Arrayan grabs his pickaxe and heads to the mountains to mine for ores.
- Stone Spear
- Stone Dagger
- Stone Pickaxe
- Mantis Glaive
- Mantis Shield

He spends a good amount of time digging through the rocks stopping to mine at different parts of the mountain from the bottom to the top.
STONE [x175]
IRON ORE [x10]
TIN ORE [x10]
No. 937131 ID: a451fc
File 156143126707.png - (418.23KB , 1558x1064 , Temple Run 1.png )

After mining for a bit Arrayan begins to explore the mountain. Soon he comes across a few ruins at the top.

[ARRAYAN]: What's this place?
[SPRITE]: Ruins of course! I bet a place like this is hiding secrets somewhere in it. Wanna look closer?
No. 937132 ID: f07f0b

Oh shit, this may have the facilities to actually forge high grade gear, like a professional forge! We should raid it, and then, if it has the amenities, move in! Plus it would be a more defensible spot and it may have actual beds.
No. 937133 ID: 91ee5f

Arrayan, you apologize right now! That was very rude! If you keep treating her like that, she’s gonna ditch you and you’ll be all alone!

>Wanna look closer?
Hell yeah! Let’s go!
No. 937134 ID: 91ee5f

>more defensible spot
That would imply that this place is better than our cave, which it’s not.

Our cave protects us from all angles, this place is missing entire walls and a roof. That makes this place worse than our cave!
No. 937135 ID: 3ce3ca

Of course! There could be something gold in there that the people left behind.
No. 937136 ID: 977456

Hmmmm... I want a bronze helm and chest-plate first. But that would be boring?
No. 937144 ID: eeb7d9

Let's go! ARVENTURE!

>shit for brains
Learn to take a joke, flying light bulb!
No. 937145 ID: 50c93e

Let’s a go
No. 937151 ID: 7fb87a

exploring is a great idea
moving in isnt
It might be a good landmark to meet people at, once we make sure its safe.
No. 937155 ID: b1b4f3

Cool, we can make bronze now. It's better than copper, and we won't be able to smelt iron without a blast furnace anyway.

Heck yeah let's explore. Hmm, how late is it in the day?
No. 937158 ID: 864e49

That face is great, it gives me life.

Loot the place!
No. 937161 ID: 977456

Minion is really inaccurate. Minions do menial labour, amongst other things, and Sprite doesn't. What does Sprite do? Carry heavy loads, provide quiet companionship, haul supplies, observe from the sides while we fight, pack loot... Really more similar to a beast-of-burden, like a mule, or an ass. Yes! Verily! Ass would by far be the most fitting title for her profession.
No. 937162 ID: 3ce3ca

Let's not say that, she doesn't really have to do what we tell her to. If she wanted to she could probably just leave us, and we can't even make that machina thing. Let's keep things friendly.
No. 937164 ID: 91ee5f

Don’t say that! Don’t be a jerk to Sprite!
No. 937167 ID: caf1de

yet you still responded
you know that we know that we need you partner
No. 937168 ID: caf1de

yes we need more things to cram into our lizard hole


No. 937195 ID: b1b4f3

Beast of burden. She is sworn to carry our burdens...
No. 937198 ID: 93f48b

Please just don´t. She´s our partner and should be considered as such
No. 937199 ID: 91ee5f

Please stop.
No. 937209 ID: 864e49

Yeah lets not be a dick to Sprite, her help is invaluable.

On a totally unrelated note Sprites eyes look like fried eggs.
No. 937211 ID: 422cea

Yanno what? We need pants. Or a kilt.
No. 937213 ID: 3ce3ca

We need a kilt. And some bagpipes.
No. 937231 ID: eeb7d9

I am down for the kilt idea!
No. 937236 ID: a451fc
File 156151679381.png - (207.00KB , 1315x903 , Temple Run 2.png )

>We need pants
[ARRAYAN]: Pants are a symbol of the civilized world and I refuse to place them on my body!

>...Or a kilt
[ARRAYAN]: Those are kinda pants adjacent but better. I'll think about it.

Arrayan and Sprite poke around the ruins,

[ARRAYAN]: Sprite I'm sorry I called you a minion before.
[SPRITE]: You'd better be!
[ARRAYAN]: Minions do a large array of things and you mostly carry stuff, so you're more like a beast of burden, a pack mule, an ASS! That's it! You're an ass.
[SPRITE]: If I'm an ass then you're a dick, lizard brain! I hope there are traps in here.

Though there's not much to find inside. There is a doorway that leads underground and deeper into the ruins.
No. 937237 ID: a451fc
File 156151680219.png - (300.40KB , 1558x1064 , Temple Hub.png )

After descending down beneath the ruins, Arrayan and Sprite find themselves in an open room in the mountain. The center of the room is a a large dragon like statue, that immediately draws Arrayan's attention, and 3 doors that on each wall.
No. 937238 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, I bet those doors are locked and you have to turn the statue to look at whatever door you want to enter.
Before that though, just generally admire and examine the statue. Are those red eyes gemstones? Don't try to pry them out obviously, that's probably protected somehow and we don't have any use for gems at the moment.
No. 937249 ID: c3f16e

Hol up.

We can use those gems to decorate the hilt of our future sword! Those are definitely useful!

(although i agree that they aren't a priority and we can probably go about getting them on our way out)
No. 937250 ID: 977456

Tell the statue that one of you always tells the truth and one of you always lies, and it can only prevent your passage if it solves the riddle.
No. 937253 ID: a797d7

Examine dragon statue. You’re doing this to see if it tells you anything about this room. Absolutely not because it looks like a dragon and you’re geeking out a bit.
No. 937255 ID: 91ee5f

That’s not any better. She at least knows you’re messing with her and you’re not being serious, right?

>a large dragon like statue, that immediately draws Arrayan's attention
Try (and fail) to not let out a squeal of delight like the huge fanboy you are! Then realize your tail is wagging like crazy and you have no hope of hiding your excitement.

Surely this is a good sign that you might find something here that’ll help you become a dragon! Or at least get you one step closer to that goal!

Examine the statue. If nothing interesting is on it, then try to open the door on the left and hope it isn’t locked and isn’t too heavy to lift open.
No. 937257 ID: eeb7d9

A dick and an ass? Hey, we make a nice pair, he? *wiggle eyebrows*

Check the doors, if nothing happens, i say it has to do with the dragon's eyes. We can try taking one out, or covering it up, to see if a door opens.
No. 937266 ID: caf1de

i have two dicks thank you very much
well at least neither of us is a pussy
loot the statue

we just need a really long ass chainmail shirt
No. 937268 ID: a4058e

Any enscriptions or carvings on the statue, or anywhere else in this room?
No. 937275 ID: a9af05

>Possible secrets to becoming a dragon might be near.
Try not to faint from being overexcited.
No. 937284 ID: 8d4593

Take a moment to pray to the statue.
No. 937291 ID: a451fc
File 156156743039.png - (322.18KB , 756x927 , Dragon Statue.png )

[ARRAYAN]: A dick and an ass? quite a pair.
[SPRITE]: Disgusting, funny but also disgusting.

Arrayan has not taken his eyes off of the monument since he entered the room. Though his admiration for dragons is not really based on any religion he does stand before the statue in respectful silence. The lizard men of Arrayan's world see dragons not as deities but as a higher form of being that a lizard can achieve, of course it was only a myth then.

As Arrayan inches closer the eyes of the statue glow and a bright aura emanates from the monument. A booming voice startles both Sprite and Arrayan as it echoes in the room.

[STATUE]: Traveler who descends to be rewarded. Find the three that keep things sorted.

Once the statue finishes the light dies down.
No. 937292 ID: a451fc
File 156156744501.png - (181.85KB , 947x966 , Puzzle Alter Farmer-Miner-Baker-Stocker.png )

>Try to open the door on the left
Arrayan approaches the door to the left of the entrance, the stone slab lifts itself once Arrayan gets close enough. Inside is a small room with stone podium at the back along with four medallions sitting in on it. On top of the podium is a small hoop that seems to be wide enough to fit a medallion into it.

The medallions each show something different...

-A farmer
-A miner
-A baker
-A stocker
No. 937293 ID: 3ce3ca

Put the miner in and see what happens.
No. 937294 ID: b1b4f3

"Find the three that keep things sorted"
You want the stocker. Then to the next room.
No. 937295 ID: 3ce3ca

Oh, you got a point there. Yeah, do that.
No. 937296 ID: a9af05

What are these mysterious beings depicted on these medallions? They don't look like lizardmen.

Yes, do the stocker.
No. 937303 ID: eeb7d9


Man, i really hope Arrayan can become a dragon, that would be so cool.
No. 937311 ID: 91ee5f

No. 937313 ID: ad51b8

A stocker
No. 937315 ID: 8d4593

>Disgusting, funny but also disgusting.
Ehh, you're full of shit.
No. 937326 ID: eeb7d9

No. 937330 ID: a451fc
File 156159516489.png - (174.15KB , 947x966 , Puzzle Alter 1 Stocker.png )

[ARRAYAN]: Eh, You're full of shit.
[SPRITE]: And you're a piss head, now shut up and solve this. I want treasure!

>What are these mysterious beings depicted on these medallions? They don't look like lizardmen.
They kind of look like scaleless, tailless, snout-less lizard people sort of.

Arrayan takes the Stocker medallion and slots it into the alter. It fits perfectly.
No. 937331 ID: a451fc
File 156159516872.png - (179.43KB , 947x966 , Puzzle Alter Spearman-Blacksmith-Cannoner-Swordsma.png )

>Onto the next room
Arrayan heads to the next room and is faced with similar decor but with slight differences. The medallions next to the alter are different.

-A Spear-man
-A Blacksmith
-A Cannoneer
-A Swordsman
No. 937333 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm I'm not sure what the answer is here. It's probably some sort of pun or deeper meaning. Maybe we should check the next room before choosing one.
No. 937334 ID: b1b4f3

...it could be the blacksmith, since he provides gear to all the others.
No. 937335 ID: ad51b8

going to go with blacksmith.
No. 937336 ID: 3ce3ca

Either blacksmith because they work in shops, or cannoneer, because they need to take stock of tons of things like cannonballs and gunpowder.
No. 937338 ID: 977456

I say that we use the coin for "keeping things sworded".
No. 937339 ID: 8d4593

The three soldiers sort out problems.

But the smith is the only one that could use a stocker.
He's of a different sort than the other three.
No. 937340 ID: 094652

Sortie, noun - an attack made by troops coming out from a position of defense.

I'd say spearman - they start out as primarily defensive units, but switch to melee combat when enemies breach the walls. Also known as "Sortie'd".
No. 937352 ID: 91ee5f

Well, we’re still looking for anything that falls under the “keeps things sorted” category.

I’d say it’s the blacksmith. They’ve gotta keep their weapon orders sorted, don’t they?
No. 937359 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, i think it goes better with either of these.
No. 937363 ID: 923240

Hmm, but is Heretic genius enough to think of this? :P
No. 937364 ID: 2be4ec

Spearmen fight in formation, I bet it's the spearman.
No. 937365 ID: 91ee5f

Don't insult the author! He/She will punish us!
No. 937388 ID: caf1de

>Eh, You're full of shit.
>And you're a piss head
didn't know you were into that sort of thing no wonder you like my lizard hole

all the fighters stay in formations but that's not really their choice they are ordered to do that

but would lizard now that

Sorted - to keep something in good order?
i think its the blacksmith
No. 937393 ID: 977456

Then again, a "spear"man might keep things sordid, while cannoneers, due to the odds of being exploded by their own guns, likely spend half the time keeping themselves sotted.
No. 937411 ID: a451fc
File 156165857569.png - (170.61KB , 947x966 , Puzzle Alter 2.png )

Arrayan slots the Blacksmith medallion into the alter's ring, it fits perfectly.
No. 937412 ID: a451fc
File 156165857949.png - (189.54KB , 947x966 , Puzzle Alter Witch-Huntress-Prostitute-Priestess.png )

>Next room
Arrayan and Sprite move onto the final room. Again similar to the previous two with different medallions...

-A witch
-A prostitute
-A Huntress
-A priestess
No. 937415 ID: b1b4f3

All female professions...
I think "keeps things sorted" might actually involve picking the odd man out, here. Like, the medallions need to be sorted, we're not picking the job related to sorting things. The first one we took the distributor amongst the producers, the second one we took the producer amongst the soldiers... what do we have here?
Witches can be aligned with all sorts of things depending on how they're depicted, but are generally associated with dark arts, herbs, potions and curses.
Prostitutes are all about the pleasures of the flesh.
Huntresses just gather food.
Priestesses are about moral guidance and religion.

If you think about it, the Huntress is the outlier here. All the other ones follow a theme of "sin". I'm gonna go with that.
No. 937418 ID: 3ce3ca

I think the witch. The witch makes and sells potions, herbs and spells. That's a lot of stuff that needs sorting.
No. 937419 ID: d81061

Priestesses! They're a sort of a moral and spiritual guide, right? They keep things fair and honest!
No. 937421 ID: 8d4593

A profane Sort
A worldly Sort
A devout Sort
Huntress is the clear outlier.

Hunters also sort out the woods, exterminating predators and taking game they deem worthwhile.

That said...

Isn't the job of the Priestess to Sort out the spiritual matters of her fellow man?
No. 937423 ID: 3ce3ca

Honest doesn't necessarily mean they keep stock of things. A blacksmith and a stocker could trick people into buying overpriced goods.
You could also call the huntress worldly, because her job takes her outside of her village, while the rest can do their job while staying in one place. I'm not sure a witch needs to be profane in this setting either, for all we know that could just be a standard female spell caster.

Although now that I think about it, the first and second set of disks all had something in common. The stocker takes things from the baker, the miner, and the farmer to sell. The blacksmith builds things for the swordsman, the spear-man, and (maybe) the cannoneer. They were the end and beginning of the chain, respectively.

Huntress can get animals and plants for the witch, but I'm afraid I don't quite see any other patterns.
No. 937424 ID: 91ee5f

The Huntress
No. 937431 ID: eeb7d9

The huntress provides food, without that the other ones can't live.
No. 937434 ID: 977456

Witches deal with all manner of recipes and rituals, that takes a lot of sorting, left to themselves, that is. In reality, witches get into conflict with and/or manipulate the wider community, jealousy, confusion, maybe a dash of cursed fields and angry mobs... it doesn't fit.
Prostitutes are, in many cases, amateur merchants, and that just screams chaos. Not to mention the S.T.D.s.
Hunters leave traps, paths, fences and all manner of what-have you in the world, and then go home to dump their filthy clothes on a rack, lay animal carcasses across their home, and then start trying to mix with people after being alone for too long. They do render wild animals down into usable products, but they spend too long tracking civilisation into the wilds and wilderness into civilisation for them to fit.
A priest, for all that they can incite or permit conflict, are trying to bring about conformity. It is a very brute-force method of sorting, you aren't meant to "sort" varied gold coins by melting them down and reforging them identical, but it does work.
That said, while we are on the matter of religion... go back and get the spearman. "Kill 'em all and let god sort 'em out"!
No. 937435 ID: a451fc
File 156166813118.png - (182.76KB , 947x966 , Puzzle Alter 3.png )

Arrayan takes the huntress medallion and slots it into the ring. It fits perfectly. There's a loud noise from the main room...
No. 937436 ID: a451fc
File 156166813504.png - (322.18KB , 756x927 , Dragon Statue.png )

The dragon statue flashes red once again, but this time it's accompanied by an awful buzzing noise that blares on and off again for a good 5 seconds. The noise itself is bad, but whats worse is that its loud enough to attract something else...
No. 937437 ID: a451fc
File 156166814794.png - (317.15KB , 1558x1064 , Temple Fight.png )

From cracks in the room two large spider like creatures float out, when their eyes set on Arrayan they approach him.

[SPRITE]: Oh god! Arrayan fucking kill those things! I don't know what those are but I hate them! We did something wrong somewhere!
No. 937438 ID: 8d4593

You know what I just realised?
That there was no rule stating that we couldn't go back and get the unused medallions from previous rooms. The ones available were out of order and needed to be Sorted.
I wouldn't be surprised if any combination matching combination of 3 would work. Like Farmer Huntress Cook, Miner Blacksmith Swordsman, or Spearman Prostitute Priestess, with Stocker Cannoneer Witch going together as the odd ones out.


Those would be Giant Spiders, Sprite.
Focus the frilly one first! I can't help but think he's got something tricky goin on.
No. 937440 ID: 977456

Huh, Sprite scared of spiders, didn't pick her for a bug or a bird...

Usually the big ones are comparatively tougher for their threat level. Focus on the little one's antenna, but Puncture if you can.
No. 937441 ID: 8d4593

Since we have a glaive now, can we SWEEP our enemies?
No. 937442 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, so we messed up somewhere. What sucks is that it doesn’t tell us which ones we got right nor does it tell us which ones we got wrong.

We’re gonna have to guess which of our answers need to be changed and which ones we don’t change.

All right, let’s see what these guys can do! Attack the big one!

>move medallions to different rooms.
That would make this puzzle unnecessarily difficult. I think the medallions are in the rooms they need to be in and don’t need to be moved around. We just messed up somewhere and need to fix it after we take out these enemies.
No. 937443 ID: b1b4f3

It could be the priestess, since she's related to religion, which sorts deeds into good and evil.

Attack the smaller spider first. Aim for the joints.
No. 937449 ID: a451fc
File 156168301099.png - (366.92KB , 1558x1064 , Temple Fight 1.png )

Arrayan stabs at the smaller Warp Pod Drone. The glaive leaves a gash across the odd insect's carapace, at the same time he can feel a tingling sensation come through the glaive's handle as he hits the thing. Luckily he's not using anything made of metal or it may have been more than just a few small tingles.
No. 937450 ID: a451fc
File 156168301641.png - (370.97KB , 1558x1064 , Temple Fight 2.png )

The small Warp Pod Drone glows brightly and bolts of electricity arc between it's tentacles before a blast shoots from it's body. This energy travels through Arrayan's shield and into his body easily, it doesn't hurt him too much at first but an odd feeling overcomes his body.

[ION CHARGE]: A weak attack that Marks targets

[Arrayan is MARKED (MARKED targets have -1 FIGHTING GOLD when attacked)]
No. 937451 ID: a451fc
File 156168303151.png - (428.53KB , 1558x1064 , Temple Fight 3.png )

The larger Warp Pod Soldier's carapace glows with electricity as it quickly rushes Arrayan.

[GALVANIC GNAW]: a rushing attack that deals extra damage to MARKED targets

Arrayan's Mantis shield manages to block most of the Warp Pod's attack but the crackling lightning from it's body still stings him

[PHANTOM BLOOD]: (6 ==> 4)
No. 937453 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, just to know our options, can we retreat? We took 3 damage that round, and I'm not sure if we can kill either target this round. We can survive taking another hit this round but next round it's death. Even if killing the smaller one erases the debuff, we'd still take 2 damage, and die in the same number of turns.
...maybe we can use the moss to heal next round?

Aim for the smaller one again. The underside might be more vulnerable...
No. 937456 ID: a451fc
File 156168570115.png - (201.36KB , 1558x1064 , Thinking.png )

>Can we retreat?
The sin is not in being outmatched, but in failing to recognize it.

Retreat's always an option in hard times. Though Arrayan will definitely not be happy about giving up, he'll appreciate not dying.

> Maybe we can use the moss to heal next round?
Arrayan left that in the cave!

>Aim for the smaller one again. The underside might be more vulnerable.
Should Arrayan use [PINPOINT] to do this?
No. 937458 ID: 977456

Yeah, go for the buoyancy sacks.
No. 937459 ID: 8d4593

No, Pinpoint the larger one, straight between mandibles. If the mark remains after we kill the small one we won't have time to kill the big one.

If the attack doesnt bring it down in one shot. Run.
No. 937460 ID: c3f16e

Rather than attack, could we spend a turn prepping ourselves for their attack and riposte? (sort of like overwatch in xcom)
No. 937461 ID: 91ee5f

>We took 3 damage that round
>[PHANTOM BLOOD]: (6 ==> 4)
We took 2 damage, not 3.

>left the moss back at the cave!
This is what we get for not having a proper bag of some kind.

>retreat or keep fighting?
Unless the entrance is blocked, I really don’t see a reason to keep fighting, since it looks like we’re losing.

Let’s run away and come back when we have stronger equipment. And let’s make sure we don’t bring anything metal with us next time!
No. 937462 ID: 7fb87a

out. even with the improved equipment , these things are probably meant to take on people with metal armor and weaponry.
No. 937464 ID: 28d5a9

We need to focus down the big one and hopefully the small ones has no attacks of its own. Can we grab that wall hanging to try and tangle the big one up next time it charges?
No. 937466 ID: c3f16e

My logic here is that when they attack us, assuming we avoid or deflect the hit, we could decapitate them in one swipe with that nice narrow groove around their head.
No. 937469 ID: b1b4f3

...oh, we did take 2 damage. That means if we shed the debuff, we'll be taking 1 damage a turn.
I guess the red diamonds are Fighting Gold, not Phantom Blood? I need to re-examine prior combats.
No. 937470 ID: a451fc
File 156168918623.png - (414.19KB , 1558x1064 , Ride the Spider.png )

Arrayan quickly rushes over to grab the flag hanging from the wall, As the Soldier Warp Pod charges him he uses it to tangle the warriors head and stab the creature in the back of it's abdomen. One stab isn't enough though, and the Warp Pod's carapace crackles with electricity once again hurting Arrayan. Arrayan continues to stab the creature until the electricity stops and the Warp Pod Soldier falls to the floor dead. Arrayan was not unscathed from the tussle.

[PHANTOM BLOOD] (4 == 3)
No. 937471 ID: a451fc
File 156168920682.png - (277.61KB , 1558x1064 , Temple Fight 4.png )

Now alone, all the Warp Pod Drone can manage is a pathetic zap. It looks kind of pathetic as it is...maybe you should just-

No. 937476 ID: b1b4f3

WELL NOW. Seems like clever plans can give us a huge boost in combat effectiveness. Did we oneshot that spider, or were we able to simply ignore the smaller one while the big one was disabled for multiple rounds?

Cut it in half. Try to keep the head intact, so you can gross out Sprite with it.
These "warp pods" seem to have an affinity with electricity, I wonder if their organs or other parts will help when we eventually start doing higher tech stuff.
No. 937477 ID: eeb7d9

No. 937478 ID: 91ee5f

Kill it. This thing has you pissed off, so take out your rage on it!

I think we got electrified by the big one while we were standing on it and stabbing it.
No. 937480 ID: b1b4f3

Yes, the big bug was responsible for the 1 point of damage taken. Please read my post again.
No. 937481 ID: 977456

Grab the other wall hanging, and tie up the flailing woobie. Once trapped, carefully extract the top half of its head and use that as a helmet over your snout.
No. 937482 ID: 28d5a9

Yes, follow Sprite's sage wisdom and squish the freak bug.
No. 937485 ID: c3f16e

Skewer it, and then smash it into the floor.


Remember to loot the banner when this is over! The top is probably made of metal and the banner itself could be made into clothing or a scarf to tangle up opponents.

In fact, once we are done exploring, lets take all of the banners we find, along with the statue's gemstones.
No. 937492 ID: a451fc
File 156170190080.png - (168.13KB , 967x813 , Warp Pod Drops.png )

Arrayan shows no mercy, and slaughters the disgusting thing. The two bugs don't have much worth taking except for their eyes and bits of exoskeleton. Arrayan gets Warp Pod Eyes [x8] and Exoskeleton Shards [x15]

>Remember to loot the banner when this is over!
Arrayan takes the banners from the room as well. Cloth is a useful material to have.

>Did we oneshot that spider?
It was far from one-shoting the thing, Arrayan had managed to get more hits in since it was bound.
No. 937494 ID: a451fc
File 156170201535.png - (58.27KB , 757x634 , Level Up 2.png )

[SPRITE]: Hey are you okay? That looked a bit tougher than normal.
[ARRAYAN]: Who me? I'm fine! A little close call doesn't hurt anybody!
[SPRITE]: I bet if your GOLDEN WIND was higher you'd have more options!
[ARRAYAN]: My what?
[SPRITE]: GOLDEN WIND is how many actions you can take before you're done! It's the GOLDEN WIND running through your lungs! Giving you the stamina to fight before you need a breather. Attacking takes 1, and using an item takes 1, Battle tendencies cost a certain amount to use depending on what they are.


[FIGHTING GOLD] (3 == 3)
[PHANTOM BLOOD]: (6 ==> 8) (Currently 3)
[GOLDEN WIND]: (1 ==> 4)

LEARNED [TOREADOR]: End turn and go into a PARRY stance. All rushing attacks aimed at you will be PARRIED until your next turn.

[PINPOINT]{2 GW}: Cripples and deals extra damage to weak points, if not aimed at a weak point damages weapon used.
[PUNCTURE]{PASSIVE}: Normal attacks will hit one target behind the intended target
[TOREADOR]{1 GW}: End turn and go into a PARRY stance. All RUSHING attacks aimed at you will be PARRIED until your next turn.

[HUNTER]: Arrayan's skill as a SURVIVALIST gives him an advantage in hunting beasts! +1 FIGHTING GOLD to Beast-Like and Insect-Like Creatures, gain more knowledge in crafting objects from Beast Materials.
[HERBALIST]: Arrayan's skill as a SURVIVALIST gives him an advantage in using Herbs! Learn how to make Soothing Poultice, gain more knowledge in experimenting with herbs.
No. 937495 ID: b1b4f3

Oh right I forgot Pinpoint damages the weapon if we don't correctly identify a weak point.
What does PARRY do? Does it negate all damage, reduce damage, counter-attack in response to damage?

As for the skill, this is a really tough choice the more I think about it.
Herbalist gives better access to healing items. That'll let us punch above our weight, no matter what type of foe we're fighting. It'd be nice to gain access to items later on which give buffs, and considering we can use 4 items a turn now stacking buffs is a clear route to power. However, thematically this is boring and we'd need to spend extra time in the day foraging for herbs to take advantage of it.
Hunter's +1 bonus against beasts and insects isn't that great considering we've mostly won battles via our wits, but you could also say the same about potential herbalist buffs. More beast ingredient crafting means we get better stuff from beating tough beast enemies. I'm against actively hunting beasts to get ingredients for that, since anything we'd really want to make items from would necessitate combat updates, and that would slow down the quest. Thematically this is great. It means we get to wear cool shit, like Monster Hunter.

At first I was gonna vote herbalist for the buffs and healing... but I'm voting for HUNTER for the cool factor. We can make bandages and stuff for out of combat healing and trade for in-combat consumables later.
No. 937496 ID: b1b4f3

Also binding enemies might be useful again in the future, we should try to craft some bolos or nets.
No. 937499 ID: 977456

Probably the weaker option. The combat boost would accelerate our growth and carapace is good stuff, but I am too weak to give up on the versatility of plant-matter and the dreams of high-level alchemy.
No. 937500 ID: 7c89bc

Hunter, Arrayan's a cool wildereptile who makes cool stuff out of the cool beasts he's fought.
No. 937501 ID: caf1de

>Warp Pod Eyes [x8] and Exoskeleton Shards [x15]
the fuck this even do

bug armor
No. 937503 ID: 91ee5f


This’ll also help us when we decide to fight whatever monsters show up at night. Definitely not gonna do it anytime soon, but eventually we’ll try.

We should probably go home and heal before we make another attempt at solving this puzzle. With how little [PHANTOM BLOOD] (health) we currently have, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to survive another round of fighting monsters that get summoned from our incorrect answers.
No. 937507 ID: 8d4593

All our opponents up to this point have been beasts, and while I'm sure that will change, There are certainly plenty of beasts here for us to utilise the combat boost.

As for Better monster part crafting, sure. Right now were about to make a jump up to metal armor, But what about later, high tear beasties with high tear materials? Surely some of yall played monster hunter before, right?

This perk covers us in both the short and the long game, it's too good to pass up.
No. 937509 ID: a451fc
File 156173676272.png - (294.18KB , 1558x1064 , Temple Hub 2.png )


After everything is said and done, Arrayan goes back to check the rooms again to see if anythings different. All of the rooms are the same, except for the room where he chose the Huntress medallion. The Huntress coin has ejected itself from the alter ring.
No. 937510 ID: 91ee5f

At least now we know what we got wrong. But another incorrect answer will bring in more enemies to fight, which I don’t think we’ll be able to handle with how beat up we are right now.

I still say that we should leave and come back tomorrow after we heal ourselves.

Also that hide we started tanning here: >>937026 should be ready for us to work on tomorrow, so if we make some leather armor, that’ll help us out. And if we run into any more electric spiders, the leather we’ll be wearing won’t conduct electricity as easily!

As long as we don’t bring anything made of metal, we should be able to fight those things much easier next time.
No. 937512 ID: 7c1196

Lets keep going.

Stick the witch disc in. That is most likely the right answer.
No. 937513 ID: d3176e

It's probably the witch, but before putting it in, examine the entire room closely. The statue, the side rooms, the banners, the walls, the recessed areas in the corner of the floor. See if there's anything anywhere that might be a clue.
No. 937514 ID: b1b4f3

I think it's the Priestess, because religion sorts actions between right and wrong.
No. 937518 ID: e6b8d9

I agree. Priestess makes more sense than the other ones.

How does the witch make more sense as the one to "keep things sorted" than the other two choices? I'm not seeing it.

If Arrayan gets it wrong, he can just flee from the fight if it looks like it'd go badly for him.
No. 937519 ID: a451fc
File 156174772359.png - (189.54KB , 947x966 , Puzzle Alter Witch-Huntress-Prostitute-Priestess.png )

>Examine the entire room closely before picking anything
There's nothing in any room that can give a clue as to the puzzle. The only thing that has any clue for Arrayan is the dragon statue's voice. He checks it one more time to see if anythings changed.

[STATUE]: Traveler who descends to be rewarded. Find the three that keep things sorted.

There's nothing different

[SPRITE]: The three that keep things "sworded"?
[ARRAYAN]: No no it said "sorted".
[SPRITE]: How can you tell? They sound the same.
No. 937521 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, Sprite is hinting that it's a pun.
"sordid" would be the Prostitute then.
No. 937525 ID: 8d4593

Hmm... But isn't the prostitute only sordid to our modern ideals?
Historically it has been more typically seen as a desperate or necessary profession. Some cultures have even seen it as noble in some cases.

Witchcraft on the other hand, has almost universally been seen as sordid throughout history. Only in our modern age has it been romanticized.
No. 937527 ID: b1b4f3

Then I suppose we need to find out which perspective is correct.
No. 937529 ID: 1b0e72

It's a pun. A stocker keeps things sorted, a blacksmith keeps things sworded, and a prostitute keeps things sordid. Pick the prostitute.
No. 937537 ID: 3ce3ca

Witches from the beginning were associated with making deals with devils and monsters for power, sometimes performing sacrifices or damning people's souls. Prostitutes in specific cultures are well respected, like geishas in Japan.

Since prostitutes aren't really associated with murder, I say witch.
No. 937539 ID: 91ee5f

That actually makes a lot of sense. I’ll also pick the Prostitute.
No. 937541 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, the profession itself being sordid isn't the point here. The riddle is "the one who keeps things sorted/sworded/sordid". The swordsman was more associated with swords than the blacksmith, yet blacksmith was the correct choice because he produced swords-- he keeps people equipped with swords, aka sworded.

Witchcraft is more consistently seen as immoral aka sordid. Yet, witches don't maintain that state for anyone else, so I think that's the wrong choice.
Priestess might work since religion is what guides morality, and keeps certain things as being seen as immoral, aka sordid. Unfortunately I'm not totally sure that's the depicted role here.
On the other hand if rampant sex is seen as immoral then a prostitute could be seen as maintaining that state. Also I think "sordid" is commonly used to describe raunchy things, not just the dictionary definition.
No. 937542 ID: 3ce3ca

Wouldn't the priestess keep things the opposite of sordid?
No. 937550 ID: b1b4f3

True. Definitely sticking with my first choice then.
No. 937551 ID: c12ba4

Choosing priestess again.
No. 937553 ID: eeb7d9

Why the hell not, i like the idea of the pun. I pick the Prostitute.

Are there any prostitutes in this world? Or any other people like Arrayan?
No. 937564 ID: c3e059

No. 937573 ID: 0fae41

Mis-guessed Huntress, unlocked skill Hunter. Hmm.
...Choose the prostitute!
No. 937575 ID: 3ce3ca

Are you implying that by choosing the prostitute token, we'll get prostitute abilities?
No. 937579 ID: 91ee5f

I think that is exactly what they’re implying.
No. 937585 ID: a451fc
File 156178076736.png - (181.38KB , 947x966 , Puzzle Alter 5.png )

Arrayan slots the prostitute coin into the alter's ring. Like before the coin is a perfect fit.

This time a chime goes off outside, When Arrayan checks it doesn't seem like anything's different until he examines the dragon statue closely. The statue has sunken into the floor a bit. Curious, Arrayan attempts to inspect closer only for the statue to descend further down, like an elevator.

Arrayan and Sprite ride the statue down further...
No. 937586 ID: a451fc
File 156178077391.png - (311.10KB , 1558x1064 , Temple Run 3.png )

After descending further down, Arrayan and Sprite come to another floor in the ruins. The paths they walk on are precariously high over a pit with no obvious end, luckily the bricks still seem sturdy enough to not risk any collapse.

There's a hole in one of the platforms with a burlap bag next to it. Arrayan begins to move toward the hole but before he can take more than two steps he hears something come from it.

[???]: Hello!? Is someone up there? Look if there is somebody up there could you drop my bag down?...There's a bag there right? It's not gone? I can get myself out of here pretty easily, but I just need my stuff.

Arrayan picks up the bag and examines it, he notices there's a little design embroidered on the side of it that looks like...
>A Snake
>A Lizard
>A Goblin

...and being a nosy lizard he peeks inside to find
>A Hammer
Heavy and worn, The kind used by a blacksmith

>An Set of Bottles and Vials
Arrayan has no idea what any of this stuff is, but it Looks useful for alchemy

>A Pair of Padded Gloves
Obviously they belong to someone good with hand to hand fighting
No. 937588 ID: 0fae41

>A snake
>Padded gloves
I wonder how they're going to punch their way out of this, though...
No. 937590 ID: 3ce3ca

We chose the blacksmith/fighter combo, so lets get a potion maker. Snake venom could also be of use in brewing.
No. 937591 ID: b1b4f3

Snake, vials.
No. 937592 ID: cbdfa8

>A Snake
Has to be sexy
>A Hammer
No. 937594 ID: 3d1dd5

Snake and vials, that's a fun theme.

Might want to try and use that candle holder to lower the bag part of the way down, wouldn't want to break anything.
No. 937598 ID: ad51b8


I'm tempted to say gloves just because the idea of a normal snake (no hands) with boxing gloves makes me smile.
No. 937599 ID: cbdfa8

oh i meant
No. 937600 ID: 977456

Huh... I guess that the local version of Schrödinger wasn't a cat-person... Can we persuade the snake that it is a legless lizard and that legless lizards are larval goblins? Best not, mentally traumatising our apparently-loyal assistant/vizier is only hilarious once, and is awkward forever.
Snake! Down with the tetrapodarchy!
No. 937604 ID: 91ee5f

>Arrayan picks up the bag and examines it, he notices there's a little design embroidered on the side of it that looks like...
A Snake

>...and being a nosy lizard he peeks inside to find
A Set of Bottles and Vials

If Arrayan is right about these things being used for alchemy, then hopefully whoever he/she is that’s down there can make some healing potions. Because I do not like how we’re sitting at a really low 3 health right now!
No. 937608 ID: 8d4593

Well, Drop Siegward his stuff. You could just take it, but you won't get that sexy, sexy titanite slab later.
No. 937610 ID: 864e49

>Exoskeleton Shards
Can we use this to make armor later?

Are those metal candle holders? We're taking those with us when we leave, easier then mining for metal.

Looks like we're going with Snake alchemist. Do we have a rope to lower the bag down gently?
Also I didn't realize we were supposed to choose anything so at fist I was confused and excited and now Am Disappoint.
No. 937635 ID: eeb7d9

I agree that it has to be sexy, either it is female or male.
No. 937639 ID: a9af05


>What's in the bag?
A Set of Bottles and Vials
No. 937644 ID: 189b8c

Sexy female snek.

No. 937649 ID: 8d4593

Snake Vials.
No. 937664 ID: 977456

Can we do that thing where you put a bunch of critters together in a pot vial, wait for them all to fight to the death, and then the last one has absorbed the combined evil of all of them?
No. 937668 ID: a451fc
File 156186675955.png - (308.57KB , 1558x1064 , Snake Friend!.png )

After scrutinizing the bag and it's contents, Arrayan makes sure to give a heads up before dropping the bag down. There's no shattering noise so it's safe to assume nothing is broken. A quick thanks is shouted from the hole before some noises can be heard, shuffling, bubbling, glass breaking, and the like until it gets quiet. Soon after Arrayan and Sprite can hear something from where they entered, the same elevator statue that lifted them down has descended further into the ruins. Afterwards the statue ascends again, this time carrying a passenger. A large light purple snake like creature slithers from the statue elevator to meet with Arrayan.

[???]: You are the one who helped me I assume?
[ARRAYAN]: Yes I am!
[???]: Well! Thank you fellow reptile comrade! I was stuck in that hole for quite sometime. I suppose you are also here to search for hidden treasures too?
[ARRAYAN]: You know it! My names Arrayan and this is my partner Sprite.
[???]: Arrayan and Sprite. Well thank you for rescuing me, but I have yet to reach the end of this dungeon. This hole was merely a trap to distract me and waste my time. I can only assume that ahead of us is the treasure that we both seek.
[SPRITE]: Before we go anywhere though! Whats your name snake-man?
No. 937669 ID: 0fae41

Hemp, like the rope.
No. 937670 ID: 91ee5f

>Before we go anywhere though! Whats your name snake-man?

Now for Arrayan to ask some important questions!
How did he end up in the hole? Was he trying to climb that ladder when it broke?

What did he do down there to get himself out of the hole? You didn’t exactly see what he did.

Does he have any healing items with him? You took one hell of a beating on the way in and you’re not feeling too great right now.
No. 937673 ID: 977456

Wow. You have a mighty huge snake there. With a bit of stretching, it could fit a whole lizardman inside.
No. 937674 ID: ba56e6

No. 937675 ID: b1b4f3

He doesn't have a guide? Ask Sprite how come you got one and he didn't.

Name: Kendric
No. 937676 ID: ad51b8

No. 937688 ID: 8d4593

No. 937725 ID: a9af05

Vermillion sounds like a good name. I'll vote for this.
No. 937738 ID: 864e49


Good name.
No. 937787 ID: 58b4f3

Vermillion is such a cool name! I'm voting for it!
No. 937796 ID: eeb7d9

That's a cool name! A pleasure to make your acquaintance, partner! What have you found so far? What are your specialities? Where are you from?
No. 937841 ID: a451fc
File 156195561646.png - (118.83KB , 1205x1005 , Vermilion.png )


[ALCHEMIST]: Has extensive knowledge in alchemical processes and brewing potions and concoctions

[POTENT-BREW]{Passive}: Status effects granted by consumable items last for 1 turn longer.

Alchemy Set
Throwing Knives [x10]
Numbing Politice [x3]
Healing Vial [x1]
No. 937843 ID: a451fc
File 156195565459.png - (145.55KB , 629x886 , Healing Vial.png )

SPRITE: Your name is Vermilion?
VERMILION: Yes ma'am!
SPRITE: ...but you're like a blue-ish purple.
ARRAYAN: Sprite don't be rude to our new friend. Speaking of our new friend do you think I could borrow one of those healing things you have?
VERMILION: Of course! I can only assume such grievous injuries were earned in a fearsome fight with local beasts.

Vermilion gives Arrayan his Healing Vial. Arrayan is healed ([PB] 3 ==> 8 {MAX})

VERMILION: Now that everything has been settled, let us continue! Our goal is mere meters away from us let's continue!
ARRAYAN: (meters?)
SPRITE: (well snake don't have feet do they?)
No. 937844 ID: a451fc
File 156195567588.png - (457.33KB , 1558x1064 , Temple Library.png )

Arrayan and Sprite follow Vermilion to the final room of the catacombs. Inside are shelves, presumably once lined with literature now almost empty. Despite this Vermilion seems ecstatic to find what little books and scrolls are left behind. At the back is a book with a yellow cover left open on a podium.
No. 937849 ID: 3ce3ca

Check out that book, but be careful around it. Look at the floor nearby, and try not to touch it, or at least be careful not to put any weight on it if you must turn a page. This thing is in a position that screams booby trapped.
No. 937851 ID: 977456

Yeah... That book is so trap that the trap must be trapped!
Or, more specifically, assuming that the book is "the" trap is also a trap, and there are other traps first. Just go over the whole place one step at a time. One of those books to the side is bound to have a string attached to it that leads to a Portable Whole that will fill in the dungeon.
No. 937854 ID: 2df440

make a mental note to craft a ten foot pole soon so you can check for traps.

on the shelf to your left, on the bottom row, the second cubby from you has something in it. is it just dirt, or something valuable?
No. 937856 ID: 91ee5f

The book in the back looks important. Which means that there’s gotta be a trap of some kind that’ll activate once the book is lifted off the podium or when someone approaches the podium.

Arrayan, use your survivalist instincts to check for traps!
No. 937858 ID: a797d7

Ask party if we should expect traps and if so what kind. Maybe we will get lucky and find something about dragons in here or even a clue on how to become one
No. 937859 ID: b1b4f3

Oh dear his FG is real low. We're gonna have to tank for him I guess.

Check out one of the scrolls before the obvious important book.
No. 937860 ID: 864e49

Lets help Verm go through the scrolls and book on the selves first then tackle the trap book together.
No. 937938 ID: a9af05

>Low FG
Perhaps we can make some armor for him back at our cave?

Let's look around for traps. Then carefully examine the important looking book in the back for traps.

While we're here, should Arrayan tell Vermillion that he's hoping to find a way to become a dragon? Maybe even have Vermillion tell Arrayan what his goal is?
No. 937950 ID: 58b4f3

I'm hoping the important looking book is titled "How to become a dragon"!
No. 937951 ID: 977456

>make some armor for him back at our lizard hole?
That seems sensible, and some weaponry too. Maybe give Vermi the glaive, a sword, and a Main-gauche while we go back to spears? As for armour... 'm not sure how well they could support heavy armour, probably keep it light, a hardened breast-plate, open metal helm, and snakeskin boots ought to suffice.
No. 937954 ID: 58b4f3

>snakeskin boots
Why do you want to kill Vermillion!?
No. 938029 ID: a451fc
File 156212387848.png - (212.89KB , 1059x1053 , Parchment.png )

>Arrayan, use your survivalist instincts to check for traps!
ARRAYAN: This place is stone and carpet, not nature's domain. My Survival skills aren't a lot of help here.

>Go through the scrolls and books
Arrayan and Vermilion go through the shelves. Arrayan has little interest in whats written on the pages as none of them pertain to dragons, nature, survival, or are entertaining in anyway. Vermilion still opts to take as much as he can. Most of the documents refer to a king who's been asleep for thousands of year beneath the land in some form or another, but they're all varied in content. They can always be read later at a safer place.
No. 938030 ID: a451fc
File 156212388711.png - (280.65KB , 1160x773 , Book.png )

>The book
Arrayan approaches the book and examines the page it's been left open on, it's in a completely different language. Vermilion can't read it either.

SPRITE: Lemme see!

Sprite hovers closer to the book looking over the page closely. The book begins to slowly levitate off of the podium and radiates the same bright yellow light that Sprite emits...
No. 938032 ID: a451fc
File 156212393701.png - (254.85KB , 1018x879 , Sprite and Book.png )

SPRITE: Now I can read it!...Not a lot of pages in here though. I'll just read the one it was opened on...

Though the reign of Jarogniew was nearing it's end and the control the dragons had over the land would wane. Certain groups would vie for the power the dragons would soon lose. The Red Cult had researched various methods to gain the abilities of the wicked winged beast, after multiple failures they would soon find the key to their unholy evolution. A concoction brewed from the marrow of a dragon's bone and dragon's blood would have ungodly effects on creatures that drank it, though the results were rabid and wildly uncontrollable. It was only through the addition of [Can't read that] that the brew would see completion. The Dragon's Tincture was still imperfect and only granted a measly fraction of a dragon's true power, though that measly fraction was still threatening.

Although The Red Cult had taken it's first step to great power. The All-King Elbio would take drastic measures to make sure the dragons would not rise again, and so, he would evacuate the people and cast the land of [Can't read that either] into Utangard along with himself and The Red Cult. Now Elbio sleeps below the land, waiting to strike against the Red Cult should they try to return to the Material World.

No. 938035 ID: 58b4f3

So there is a way to become a dragon! Too bad the way to do so would result in becoming a deranged monster. And that final ingredient needed to fix that side effect can't be translated. I guess until we find out what that last ingredient is, we can't become a dragon.

If there's nothing else here, let's take the book and head on out of here.
No. 938037 ID: b1b4f3

So, we need dragon marrow, dragon blood, and something else for an imperfect dragon tincture. Well, without knowing the third ingredient it's a bit pointless to pursue making such a thing, and it's still a flawed potion. We'd probably want to do more research.
Ask Sprite if she knows where Utangarde is. Is that where we are now...? Well, we'll know we're in the right place if we find the Red Cult or Elbio.

Is there anything else around here? I wonder if Verm knows what the third ingredient might be.
No. 938038 ID: eeb7d9

This is great! This might be the first steps to becoming a dragon! If we somehow manage to find all the ingredients, we can make the imperfect potion, and if we investigate more, we might even find clues to make the perfect potion! With Arrayan's knowledge of the Natural world and Vermilion's knowlodge of potions, we can actually pull it off!
They both can become dragons!
No. 938039 ID: 977456

Huh, Sprite and the book are glowing the same way, almost as though they melded or similar. Sprite also, amongst her many fine qualities, has a literally perfect number of limbs, similar to certain burrowers. Is she a bookworm?

More immediately, check for secret compartments, especially under the book's pedestal, and keep alert for sudden structural failure in the structure. It is rare to get an underground base this big so early in the quest, and dungeons do love their self-destruct mechanisms.
No. 938040 ID: b1b4f3

Wait a minute, is that a Sprite on the cover?
No. 938042 ID: 91ee5f

“Sprite, did you write this? There’s a picture of you on the front cover of the book!”

Now that we’ve got the book, let’s look around for anything else that could be interesting.

>They both can become dragons!
What makes you think Vermillion wants to be a dragon? Becoming a dragon is Arrayan’s dream. We don’t know what Vermillion wants, but I doubt that it would be the exact same thing as what we want.
No. 938047 ID: 864e49

Sprite are you fucking with us right now?
Is this a book of sprites? Like does the book tell the sprite about the goals of their mastercompanion or something?

And I still can't get over the fact that Sprites eyes look like fried eggs.
No. 938064 ID: a451fc
File 156215307995.png - (132.89KB , 1039x709 , Temple Library 2.png )

ARRAYAN: Sprite, did you write this? There’s a picture of you on the front cover of the book!
SPRITE: Oh Arrayan. you're lucky you're cute or you'd be the stupidest motherfucker on the Giga-Chunk. Of course I didn't write this book, I've just translated it for you and using it as a base for any other books or note we find. The rest of these pages are ruined or blank so it's perfect for storing other information we find. So I just happened to change to cover to make it look better. I could probably store all of the other legible material we found here.
VERMILION: I would be happy to let you hold on to what we have found! It'd be difficult to carry it all.

>They both can become dragons!
VERMILION: Why I'd never thought about becoming a dragon at all. Doesn't really sound like something I would be interested in to be honest.

ARRAYAN: So where is Utangrade?
SPRITE: I assume that Utangard is the Giga-Chunk. Just a different name these people used for it. This whole place we're on: The Forest, The Plains, The Mountain, they're all probably from this land.

>Anything else?
There's nothing else of interest in the library, there doesn't seem to be anything hidden that either Arrayan nor Vermilion can find. There's nothing left
No. 938065 ID: ad51b8

huh, the banter between spirt and lizard is starting to sound actually hostile instead of just friendly banter. Neat.

guess transfer everything to the book so we have a copy of everything and head on out. Ask snake friend where he's holding up and maybe see about telling him where he can find you as well so we can meet up again later should we so chose.
No. 938067 ID: 3d1dd5

"You think I'm cute?"

Time to head out I guess.
No. 938068 ID: 3674e7

New Objective acquired:
(Part 1) Find all the information possible about dragon transformations.
(Part 2) Find either living dragon willing to help us ascend or their remains to use as ingredients.
(Part 2.5 (optional)) Find alchemist willing to refine potion further till full power dragon transformation is possible.
(Part 3) Get alchemist help making dragon transformation potion.

While we are here with are alchemist friend might as well ask if he/she will help us with this quest of ours.
No. 938070 ID: 91ee5f

“You think I’m cute? I didn’t know you felt that way about me. I think you’re also cute.”

>can use the book to store any other we found
Then let’s do that. That way we only have to carry this one book, instead of everything in this library.

>there’s nothing left on this floor
Then I guess we can keep going down. There’s still the floor below this one, where Vermillion was stuck before we tossed his bag down to him.

Unless Vermillion tells us there’s nothing down there.
No. 938071 ID: 8d4593

Well you're pretty cute for a ball of lightning, yourself, Sprite.
I'd smash.
No. 938077 ID: 864e49

So you're not fucking with us? This incredible coincidence is just that?

>change the cover to make it look better.
>store all of the other legible material we found here
How you do?

What do my looks have to do with my smarts? And did you just call me cute?
I am only a little cute, but mostly vicious rawr.
No. 938078 ID: eeb7d9

Yeap, this sounds like a nice plan, write it down, Arrayan!

> Why I'd never thought about becoming a dragon at all. Doesn't really sound like something I would be interested in to be honest.

*GASP* say whaaaaaat? I fail to understand. Don't want to be a dragon? What would you like to be, what are your objectives in life, Vermilion?
No. 938083 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, are there any unexplored paths in the ruins?
No. 938097 ID: a9af05

You're right. There's at least one more floor below us, so let's go there if there's nothing left on this floor.
No. 938129 ID: a451fc
File 156220846643.png - (611.99KB , 1558x1064 , Temple Run Finished.png )

ARRAYAN: Awww you think I'm cute?
SPRITE: Arrayan I think you're the cutest.
VERMILION: ...Am I cute?
SPRITE: You're adorable Vermy. Everybody here is so goddamn cute.

>Go deeper?
Vermilion says that the floor he was on is filled with nothing useful.

The group climbs out of the depths of the ruins and leaves the rubble behind.

ARRAYAN: So where've you been staying since you got here Verm?
VERMILION: Nowhere. I have only gotten here recently.
ARRAYAN: And you arrived without a sprite?
VERMILION: Yes, I came here without a guide.
SPRITE: I guess not everybody get's one. Maybe Arrayan was just lucky. Still! It's not like I'm solely his guide, I can help you out too Vermilion.
VERMILION: That would be fantastic! I assume you two have shelter of some sort. Correct?
ARRAYAN: We do, I've gotta say you don't seem to worried about being transported somewhere far from your home. Especially since the first thing you did when you got here was explore some ruins. What's your story Verm?
No. 938132 ID: b1b4f3

Seems like we have to make up Verm's backstory.

How about: he's primarily an alchemist, but got into archaeology after learning about how ancient civilizations had knowledge of alchemy that was lost to time.
No. 938135 ID: 3ce3ca

I was a simple snake of healing originally, Going from town to town, giving out potions to cure people's ailments. One day, I ran into someone who claimed to have a potion that could make someone twice as strong as they once were permanently. Did this huge show with a person from the audience. I asked him how he made it, and he told me that it was made from a beast, but it was now extinct, so that's why the price was so high. Curious to see if I could copy it, I bought it.

The potion... was a total scam. The people who bought it were a bit more energetic, but twice as strong? No. But the idea of a potion that can improve you, forever? I found myself in love with the idea. Many have lost their lives to animal attacks. My teacher told me prevention is better than a cure, and I've seen a lot of wild animal attacks that probably would have gone better if the victim could fight harder, or move faster, or run longer. I managed to make potions that temporarily improve you, but permanently? Still an ongoing process.
No. 938139 ID: ad51b8

Verm was an explorer in his old life... well an archeologist would be more accurate.

His family wasn't the wealthiest growing up but they were able to save enough to give him some decent schooling. While he was learning he found that the subject of alchemy caught his eye and he started making it the primary focus of his studies. During said studies he also gained a love of myth and lore, especially stories involving the stone of the philosophers. How it could turn lead into gold, mercury into silver, and even said to be able to make something called the elixir of life which was said to be able to give someone immortality. He became convinced that given the details that were printed about the stone that someone must have been able to make one once upon a time so he believed that the secret to making his own was hidden away in the ancient and forgotten parts of the world. So when he finally finished his schooling he became an explorer in hopes of finding out how to create his own stone of the philosophers. He usually traveled with other groups of explorers as his knowledge was more often then not helpful to whatever party he found himself paired with and add in how he could make potions tended to make him an easy fit for any team.

However while exploring a more recent ruin he got separated from his party and found himself here where he then quickly found the ruins we were just exploring and thought it was his best bet on finding out just where he ended up. In his words he'd say it did rather well for himself and just got a bit unlucky with the trap near the end.
No. 938140 ID: a9af05

>What's your story Verm?
After Sprite's comment about Verm being a blue-ish purple color here >>937843 , I think his back story should include something about testing a potion that caused his scales to change color.
No. 938141 ID: a9af05

Which was an accident back when he first started making potions. It was obviously not what he wanted the potion to do.
No. 938147 ID: 91ee5f

Well, in that case, let’s make it so that Vermillion’s original scale colors were actually vermillion. Yes, his parents weren’t very creative when naming him.

But he actually liked his new scale colors, so he never bothered trying to change them back to normal.
No. 938164 ID: a451fc
File 156225129715.png - (150.82KB , 1163x986 , Philospoher's Stone.png )

VERMILION: I know we come from different worlds, but have you heard of the stone of philosophers where you're from?
ARRAYAN: I haven't.
VERMILION: It's a miraculous thing. Said to be able to turn lead to gold and silver, create an elixir of everlasting life, and preform other wondrous feats beyond our comprehension. I discovered it during my studies, the greatest legend among alchemists. I...I knew it might've just been a myth. A story cooked up by ancient scholars but some part of me wanted to see if I could do it, make one of my own. So, I explored the lost and forgotten corners of the world looking for something to help me.
SPRITE: I'm guessing you never found anything huh?
VERMILION: Sadly no, It was a hefty task for someone like me. Though I appear competent now I was nowhere near as experienced when I began. The first potion I brewed was meant to sooth rashes and burns, instead it turned my scales blue.
ARRAYAN: Never turned 'em back?
VERMILION: Never figured out how! The taunting was awful "Were your parents colorblind or something?". Heard that one all the time. I got used to it though, became more of a quirk then anything after a while. Regardless, on one of my expeditions I had gotten lost and when I found an exit I walked out into this place.
SPRITE: The Giga-Chunk!
VERMILION: Right, the Giga-Chunk. Even when I'm here, I couldn't help but explore the ruins I found...Though, I don't know if what I want is here. None of the pages from the mountain ruins mention anything close to something like the philosopher's stone. I think my journey's met an end.
ARRAYAN: ...Sprite, should you tell him or should I?
No. 938165 ID: a451fc
File 156225140123.png - (490.35KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Shelter.png )

After explaining the Giga-Chunk, the chance of finding the Philosopher's Stone, and witnessing Verm's excitement at getting closer to his dream. The group reach the cave base. Vermilion immediately has an issue with how small the cave is, he doesn't say anything but it's obvious in his expression. Maybe in the future expanding would be wise.

SPRITE: Now that there's two of you we really need to get to expanding the lizard hole!
ARRAYAN: Sprite!
VERMILION: Is that what you've been calling this place?

The sun is beginning to set.

SPRITE: Hey! Ar. Before we do anything else, can we talk?
ARRAYAN: No we aren't calling this place the Lizard Hole, I will throw myself off of the mountain if we do.
SPRITE: No not that! I know I give you a lot of shit but I was very worried when those Spider things gave you more trouble in the mountain. I'm just...I'm very glad you're not dead okay? We ought to go over how you fight more to make sure it doesn't happen again. Be sure to inspect your weapons and gear to learn more about it, also make sure you take anything important with you when you leave the base 'kay? That goes for you too Vermilion! I want you both to be more careful.
VERMILION: Hey! I am plenty careful!
ARRAYAN: We found you stuck in a hole.
VERMILION: Yes! A hole I carefully got into.

Vermilion has taken residence in the storage room for the time being. Sprite now has access to the Sprite Codex, it houses a few notes from the mountain ruins along with other useful information
No. 938167 ID: 91ee5f

Alright, everyone get something to eat, then go to sleep.

When the sun comes up, we’ll go check our traps again, eat breakfast, then get to work on expanding the cave. Gonna need to make another pickaxe so that Vermillion can help Arrayan dig out the extra space.
No. 938172 ID: 7c1196

Then we need to start working on metal. We need it if we are going to make proper weapons, armor, alchemy gear, and even a blowpipe for glassblowing if Vermilion has any intention of continuing his alchemical studies.


Has Vermilion ever heard of, or heard tales of, witchers? Seems like they would be right up his alley.
No. 938173 ID: ad51b8

>Maybe in the future expanding would be wise.
I've been saying that for awhile now.

Ah well, least we got the hammock up so we could probably build Verm a simple bed like we use to sleep on for the night before we call it a day. Other then that I say get some food in all of yous, get some shut eye, and then tomorrow we can try and turn this place into something that resembles an actual home. Or at least make it nice enough that people will stop calling it your lizard hole.
No. 938180 ID: a9af05

>I was very worried
>I'm just...I'm very glad you're not dead okay?
Aw, you do care!

>Be sure to inspect your weapons and gear to learn more about it
We can probably do that while we eat or after we eat. This'll also give us a chance to look at what Verm has been using as a weapon.

>Sprite now has access to the Sprite Codex, it houses a few notes from the mountain ruins along with other useful information.
I wonder if that other useful information is a bestiary of enemies we've fought and any weaknesses they have and other things like that?

>Check traps, eat, expand cave.
Sounds like a good idea.
No. 938184 ID: b1b4f3

>inspect equipment
Alright, let's do that now. Take inventory. Also ask Verm what kind of bed he sleeps in.
No. 938188 ID: 864e49

>Lizard Hole
>We found you stuck in a hole.
>Yes! A hole I carefully got into.
That's a lot of talk about holes.
Seeing a Vermilion is staying here now it's now the Reptile Hole.
Sprite say this while chuckling and floating out of Arrayan's reach.

Check traps, inspect weapons, eat, sleep.
Tomorrow give Verm healing moss to work with while we expand dong hole cave!
No. 938189 ID: 977456

Yea, our lizard hole is a bit tight to fit a snake that big, but we can't let this chance slip through!
For now one of us can sleep in the storage room on some goat tufts.
We gotta' carve out another bedroom and laboratory tomorra'. We also gotta' Show Verm around and gather some starting alchemy supplies. And then there is basic kit to get a rise out of Vermi's fighting gold. Big day, sleep well.
No. 938192 ID: eeb7d9

I agree with this one.
No. 938193 ID: a451fc
File 156227615136.png - (211.95KB , 1258x837 , Takeing Inventory.png )

>Everyone get something to eat
Arrayan eats the last bundle of jerky, and Vermilion eats the last egg, uncooked and whole because he's a disgusting snake.

>We need to start working on metal
Sounds like a plan for the morning. There's definitely enough ore to get started.

>Expand Cave
Vermilion takes the Stone Pickaxe and works on making his own section of cave along with expanding it in general so it's more snake size.

>Inspect Equipment
Arrayan looks over all weapons and gear and takes stock of their capabilities

SPRITE: Don't forget to check the Weight (WGT). It determines how much GOLDEN WIND is consumed when the weapon is thrown.

Stone Spear: A simple flint-knapped spear. [FG + 2] [DMG = 1 Piercing] [DUR = MED] [WGT = 1]
Mantis Glaive: A glaive made from the claw of a Godless Mantis. [FG + 3] [DMG = 2 Piercing/Slashing] [DUR = MED] [WGT = 2]
Mantis Shield: A Shield made from the carapace of a Godless Mantis. [DMG RED. = 2] [DUR = LOW] [WGT = 3] (Only blocks physical damage)
Throwing Knives: Small iron knives, perfectly balanced for throwing. [FG + 2] [DMG = 1 Piercing/Slashing] [RNG = SHORT] [WGT = 1]
No. 938194 ID: a451fc
File 156227616312.png - (276.36KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Shelter Morning.png )

Vermilion and Arrayan sleep until morning.

VERMILION: Did anybody else hear the noises coming from outside?
ARRAYAN: Yeah that's why shelter's important at night.

With two sets of hands now, twice as much can get done in one day. Who'll do what?
No. 938197 ID: 3ce3ca

>Vermilion eats the last egg, uncooked and whole because he's a disgusting snake.

That sounds incredibly speciesist of you, Arrayan.

Well, we're kind of low on food so Arrayan should probably check on the traps or go hunting. Maybe practice with the bow a bit, and try shooting birds. It might be a good idea for Vermillion to look for herbs that could be used in his potions. Maybe see if we can get a bit of a farm for the stuff.
No. 938198 ID: ad51b8

what's with the red on the rocks next to the door?

Anyways Verm can probably hollow out his own room and a workshop for him to work his trade and you should probably go check your traps and see about getting some food for everyone for the day.
No. 938199 ID: eeb7d9

Ar check the traps, Ver maybe you could start making some space for yourself, making the cave bigger? Sprite can read something else from the Codex.
No. 938200 ID: a9af05

>Vermilion eats the last egg, uncooked and whole because he's a disgusting snake.
Be nice, Arrayan. Don't be a speciesist!

>Throwing knives
Are those Verm's knives?

>Who does what?
Arrayan goes to check the traps, while gathering other edible veggies. And he should also check on the leather to see if it's ready for use.

Vermillion should keep working on expanding his part of the cave and possibly making a bed for himself. Maybe he could make a healing potion out of that healing moss?

Once Arrayan returns, everyone eats and then we plan on what to do after that.
No. 938216 ID: e6b8d9

Arrayan, you never did get around to reinforcing the door, did you? Y'all better get to that before whatever is snuffling about out there at night gets the idea to poke at it and knocks your grass camo "door" over.

If Vermilion is good enough at woodworking, then Sprite can cough up the materials to make the door and leave the appropriate tools here for him to do the job. Meanwhile, Arrayan and Sprite go hunter-gathering for food (since you're out) and whatever easily collected materials they find on the way for about as long as it'd take for Vermilion to finish, then return. (Sprite goes along to carry what's collected.) But if Vermilion isn't good enough at woodworking to make the door, then swap him with Arrayan in the plan.
No. 938225 ID: a9af05

Also, if the plan is for Vermillion to stay here, then Arrayan should tell him about the possibility of Desmond, the bat salesman, dropping by. That way Verm knows that Desmond isn't an enemy.

But there's no telling when he'll drop by, since he never specified when he would.
No. 938232 ID: 91ee5f

>Vermilion eats the last egg, uncooked and whole because he's a disgusting snake.
Ar, don’t be a speciesist jerk.

Verm, playfully ask Ar if he’s jealous that you can eat things whole and he can’t.

>what's with the red on the rocks next to the door?
Let’s investigate.

Sounds like a good plan.

Also this.
No. 938278 ID: 864e49

Give moss now.
Check traps -> find fruit/vegetables -> check leather -> make leather/metal things.
No. 938282 ID: b1b4f3

Looking at it closely, I think the red bit on the rock is an art error.

First, check traps and forage for breakfast.
Then get some copper smelting started, and also start shaping rocks into bricks (or at least, better shaped rocks) to make walls with. How's the leather coming along?
...wait, what's gonna keep monsters from spawning inside our enclosed area? Do we need to pave over the dirt too?

>tasks for both
Oh, hmm. Well, does Vermillion have survival skills? Herb lore maybe? He could do the foraging instead if he's good at that, but Arrayan will need to keep close while Vermillion is in the forest, since it's not safe there. Unless he can just run away from fights? If Arrayan finishes his forest-related tasks before Vermillion, Verm can at least retreat back to base since Arrayan will be there working the forge.

Arrayan: check and reset traps, perhaps start setting more of them (make sure to tell Verm where they are), split forage-related tasks with Vermillion depending on expertise. Smelt some copper, make a grindstone, and fire clay casts for some basic metal tools like chisels or drills or a hammer if we have enough copper.
Vermillion: look for alchemy supplies, in the forest outskirts or plains. Gather lumber or stone, whatever is needed to build a fortified outdoors enclosure.
If more useful herbs can be found deeper in the forest, they should team up to collect some.
Another general task would be to start making mortar for brick walls.
No. 938314 ID: a451fc
File 156235805042.png - (179.93KB , 993x907 , Cave Map.png )

>Vermilion should keep working on expanding his part of the cave.
>Arrayan check traps and look for food
Arrayan takes his mantis material equipment and leaves with Sprite. Vermilion spends his time expanding the cave. He doesn't go too far however, for fear of causing a cave-in. If the shelter's going to get bigger it's going to need to outward.

With some wood stored in the base and of the cloth from the ruins Vermilion makes Arrayan a better hammock. Using some wool and cloth he makes himself a bed.
-[x10 WOOD]
-[x2 Cuts of Cloth]
-[x2 Wool Clumps]

>Examine Purple Moss
Vermilion inspects the moss clump closely. It's meant to be applied directly to the wound for rapid healing. For now, there's not much he can do with it.

>Is Vermilion good enough at woodworking?
That's not really something they go over too much in alchemy classes. Besides, more complex wood working requires proper tools like a saw, drill, or an adze. Arrayan would probably know more about making those tools since he was raised by a woodsman. Maybe he could teach Vermilion about it when he gets back.
No. 938315 ID: a451fc
File 156235811306.png - (659.97KB , 1558x1064 , Forest Stranger.png )

Arrayan walks through the woods checking the traps for food, Two of them have small rabbits trapped. One of them is broken completely. The last one is empty.

Arrayan continues to forage for food. Sprite points out a tree that has some fruit hanging from it. None of the perfectly round fruits seem poisonous, they look great to make into preserves though. Arrayan picks 5 Round Fruits.

SPRITE: Hey! While you're looking for food look for herbs too, your survival instinct knows whats good right?

A few plants around the area look like they help sooth rashes or burns. Arrayan picks 5 Soothing Leaves.

SPRITE: Great! should we get to smoking the meat now? Since you have Vermilion now I doubt anything will try to attack both of you for some jerky if you cook it at home.
No. 938316 ID: b1b4f3

Who goes there?
No. 938318 ID: 8d4593

Hey Buddy.

Look at you! Lookin all ominouse n' shit.
No. 938333 ID: ad51b8

sure, and as a said note to our buddy hang out in the woods. If you don't want to be seen maybe try not standing out in the open.
No. 938335 ID: eeb7d9

I hope you came armed Arrayan, because we don't know who that figure is." Friend or foe?" ask him.
No. 938341 ID: 91ee5f

>That's not really something they go over too much in alchemy classes.
But improving hammocks and making beds are covered in those classes?

>Great! should we get to smoking the meat now? Since you have Vermilion now I doubt anything will try to attack both of you for some jerky if you cook it at home.
“Sure, sounds like a plan.”

>mysterious figure
Without missing a beat, look to the figure, as if you knew they were there the entire time, and tell them, “And if you don’t want to end up on the menu, I suggest you either get lost or you come down here and talk instead of creeping around in the shadows like that!”
No. 938345 ID: 977456

Ask Sprite if she has spotlight powers. They would be really useful against shadowy figures, and would be consistent with her bright personality...
No. 938370 ID: 8d4593

I think it's less that he knows what he's doing and more that he has standards.
No. 938390 ID: a9af05

You ever get that feeling that you're being watched?
No. 938392 ID: acdd32

Rather than start expanding outward, lets just reinforce the inside with wood.
No. 938393 ID: acdd32

Compliment the stranger's kickass glowing eyes.
No. 938399 ID: a451fc
File 156246394734.png - (758.55KB , 1302x964 , The Wolf.png )

Arrayan turns to face the figure bathed in shadow out of the corner of his vision.

ARRAYAN: Hey pal! You wanna come down here and talk face to face? If not how about you get lost creep.

The figure moves a bit in the darkness beneath the trees. Arrayan can make out a distinctly wolf like appearance, unsure if it's a mask or if this is some sort of wolf-man. The stranger reaches a hand out and a red ball of light zig zags from behind them. A sprite, just like the one that follows Arrayan joins the lupine stranger in glaring. The red sprite's eyes glow, and Arrayan notices Sprite's eyes glowing as well as the two's gazes meet. The interaction is brief, and after its over the wolf and the red sprite are gone. Sprite is silent for bit, seemingly shaken by what happened. After she snaps out of it Sprite turns to Arrayan and speaks.

SPRITE: We have three days before something bad happens...We gotta get back to the hole.
No. 938400 ID: b1b4f3

Something bad? There have to be more details than that.
No. 938405 ID: 91ee5f

>We have three days before something bad happens...We gotta get back to the hole.
“Damnit, Sprite! I told you to stop calling it that!”

Start heading back to your shelter and ask Sprite for more details on what she’s talking about. Was that red sprite making threats at her or something?

And if there’s danger coming, then we really should focus on getting that leather turned into armor and reinforcing the door.
No. 938406 ID: b1b4f3

Honestly I think we can probably manage to travel to the city past the forest within three days. Making a reinforced enclosure is only really necessary to allow going out at night to fight mobs and get gold(hopefully), because we can make a sturdy door that's not too close to the beds so monsters banging on it won't keep us up all night.
No. 938409 ID: eeb7d9

Care to fill me in on what might happen? What should we do? Also, stop calling it hole.
No. 938410 ID: 3ce3ca

What kind of danger? Were they threatening us? Warning us?
No. 938411 ID: 8d4593

Alright. On the way, talk to me. What's going on?

Think I can toughen up in time?
Maybe I should make some armor today and face the night tonight? I could keep it close by in the mountains, so I can retreat should I get overwhelmed.
No. 938434 ID: 864e49

His sprite had comically long eyebrows. Do all sprites eyes have some silliness to them?

>something bad happens
Was that a warning or a threat? We need more details Sprite.
No. 938435 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, it might be a good idea to get more of that healing moss. Either by diving into the lake to gather it, or by paying a fish to get some for us.
Also whoever's going anywhere dangerous needs to be carrying some, instead of leaving it at home like we've been doing.
No. 938456 ID: a451fc
File 156251141284.png - (526.94KB , 1532x998 , Eclipse.png )

ARRAYAN:I told you to stop calling the cave that!
SPRITE: You said not to call it the lizard hole, I just called it the hole. Honestly if you want me to stop calling it that give it a better name and really that's not the most important thing to talk about right now!
ARRAYAN: Right, were those two threatening us?
SPRITE: No, it was a warning. That red sprite shared something with me I didn't know before. There's going to be ana eclipse in three days.
ARRAYAN: And what does that mean?
SPRITE: It means the things that are a problem in the nighttime will be a problem in the daytime too, and they'll be more aggressive. Which is definitely bad for us since the only door we have is twigs and leaves.
No. 938457 ID: a451fc
File 156251142686.png - (409.85KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Cave Outside 3.png )

Arrayan and Sprite return to the Cave. Arrayan admires the expansion and renovations done by Vermilion.

VERMILION: Should we make some earthenware? It'll make cooking easier, as much as I enjoy eating eggs whole I would prefer some cooked food as well.
SPRITE: Maybe another time, there's something important we have to tell you!

Sprite explains the eclipse to to Vermilion.

VERMILION: So more danger? Of course. Should you need me to I will need to gather useful ingredients to make more brews. I'm short on much I can use at the moment. I will need pots to carry water in, I did see that there was a lake not too far from here. I can boil the water to make sure it's clean.
ARRAYAN: Putting it through a water filter would help it too, I can make one with some SAND and CHARCOAL later.

>Getting that leather turned into armor
The leather from yesterday is ready to be used! Arrayan almost forgot. There's plenty of ore to use in making the iron too.

>Reinforcing the door
Proper wood working tools will need to be crafted, along with metal and a lot of wood of course.

>What else to prepare
SPRITE: If we plan on defending the ho-The cave, then some traps might help.
No. 938460 ID: 3ce3ca

Maybe we should try to expand upwards a bit, and make a small hole from above so that we aren't cornered if anything gets in from the front. I'd suggest filling the main hole with rocks and use the above hole as your main entrance using a ladder, but I'm not sure how good Vermillion is at using ladders.

If we aren't going to go outside, I say we get that sand and charcoal to begin stockpiling water that night, just go to the river and check on a place you've cooked before. Vermillion should start looking for those herbs as soon as possible. Poison would be good in traps, so it would be useful if he were to make some.
No. 938463 ID: 58b4f3

We should consider bulking up to improve our physique, since that would also improve our stats! Some bigger muscles to help us hit harder and a few layers of fat for increased defence, since there would be more padding between an attack and our vital organs! Plus, the increased muscles would help us carry the extra fat, which would negate the reduction in speed being fat would cause!

Also dragons are know for being strong and kinda hefty, so this would just be us preparing our body to be more dragon like, in preparation for when we finally do become a dragon!
No. 938471 ID: 58ccd4

Make pitfalls, Wooden spikes, wooden tank traps.

Make more room in the cave for a possible fight.

Start crafting those tools.

Start training with VERMILION.
No. 938472 ID: 91ee5f

>Which is definitely bad for us since the only door we have is twigs and leaves.
Then we’ll reinforce the door. And if we add some spikes under the leaves, then when anything tries to ram the door, they’ll get hurt on the spikes!

We should also have a bar that we can slide in front of the door on the inside, so it’ll act as a lock and the door doesn’t just swing open.

>earthenware for cooking
How quickly can we make that? If it won’t take long, then we can make that right now before we eat, so that Vermillion will be able to enjoy some cooked food.

>Should you need me to I will need to gather useful ingredients to make more brews. I'm short on much I can use at the moment.
We’d better stick together when doing that, in case of wild animals attacking while gathering.

>pots to carry water from pond
We’ll need those too.

>cleaning the water
If we plan on staying inside all day during the eclipse, then we’ll need plenty of clean water. We’d also need either a way to preserve meat and cook it or we just only eat fruits and veggies and any other non perishable foods for that day.

>proper tools
We’d better start with this, since we’ll need the tools to do any of the other important things.

We can make some pitfalls with spikes at the bottom, along with more of those traps that Arrayan checks in the morning (which I’m assuming are bear traps that snap closed on whatever steps in them), only we make them out of metal.

If we need anything else, we can probably go fight some monsters to get parts from them.
No. 938473 ID: 3ce3ca

>Bear traps
They aren't bear traps.
No. 938474 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, it's just a day of monsters? Well all we need to do is make a secure base. Heck, we could just stock up on food and wall up the cave and we'd be fine.

More earthenware is a good idea. Make some pots while Verm goes out to gather ingredients. He should take the healing moss with him and any other survival equipment he wants. Can he use a shield?
After the earthenware, start working on getting those copper tools made.
>leather armor?
I disagree with this use of it. Armor can be broken and leather is harder to get than copper. Make a bag first, at least, and maybe a bandolier. Arrayan has almost no carrying capacity. We should hunt another goat later to make rawhide armor from.
No. 938480 ID: 91ee5f

Then we should start making those.
No. 938481 ID: eeb7d9

Making extra weapons would be useful, we are going to be fighting a lot, so we need to be prepared for our weapons breaking. Maybe some light armor?
No. 938485 ID: 3ce3ca

I don't think Arrayan can make something that complicated. Snares, tripwires, and spiked pits are simple, bear traps are made out of a lot of parts. Not only that, these parts would have to be made one by one, including the jaws, the bridge, the plate, a spring, maybe some hinges.

We're going to be fighting in an enclosed space where we won't be able to move much, heavy armor is better.
No. 938489 ID: 91ee5f

>We're going to be fighting in an enclosed space where we won't be able to move much, heavy armor is better.
That’s only if the front door gets broken, even after we’ve reinforced it. Hopefully that won’t happen, but preparing for the worst possible situation would be better than being underprepared from assuming nothing bad will happen.

We should also make sure we give Vermillion some armor as well. Wouldn’t be fair if we only gave Arrayan armor.
No. 938490 ID: 864e49

>defending the ho
When did we get a ho? Verm?

Then Verm can go gather water and ingredients while we make some metal armor and maybe even tools/weapons.

Over the coming days you and Verm should be able to make a door, expand the base a little, gather supplies, make potions/mine metal. The day before the eclipse just spend making traps.
No. 938492 ID: ad51b8

if you want to build a wall while simultaneously building out to add more room to your home you could try making mud bricks to throw around the cave entrance.
No. 938497 ID: a9af05

>Bulk up with muscle and fat!
>It'll make us more dragon like!
>Prepare our body to become a dragon!
That's an…interesting idea.

>Door spikes hidden under leaves on door
>Pitfalls with spikes at the bottom
Those sound like they would work.

>Various leather things
Yes, let's make those.
No. 938504 ID: 66e5ff

We definitely should make an outer wall, a stronger door (wood with iron bands?) and a second interior level in case things go really wrong. Arrayan's the handyman so he can get stuck into that while Vermilion works on food and potions.
No. 938508 ID: 8d4593

I say we should focus on becoming tough enough to take the eclipse head on, rather than focus on bunkering down.
We'll need Armor, better weapons, and more experience. We should also face the night at least once before then.

Spend today making anything else we need to start metalworking, and then make ourselves some armor right away.
A breastplate at least, maybe a helm.
Verm will need armor too before the eclipse but as he's backline it's less of a priority.

We should use the copper to make Verm a cauldron or whatever else he might need to make potions.

If we have time before sundown, I say we look for some trouble before bed.
No. 938511 ID: ae9bd9

Rather than traps, lets make some deterrents. We could make some cheval de frise out front and make a proper door. Some diagonal wooden palisade walls could also help. Lastly, making slits in the wooden door and some long wooden pikes would help keep anything that gets through from getting anywhere.
No. 938512 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, one important detail here:
When exactly is the eclipse? "in 3 days" as in, we have 3 safe days before then including this one, or it'll happen on the third day after this one so we only have two safe days including this one?

I want to fight some nighttime monsters on the night before our last safe day.
No. 938522 ID: a9af05

>Fight monsters at night at least once before eclipse.
If things get tough and we end up using any resources we have that would be difficult to replace, wouldn't that just make us completely screwed when the eclipse comes around?
No. 938526 ID: 8d4593

Remember, we got the Hunter Perk. If our stuff breaks in battle we can make better stuff from our fallen foes, provided we win, of course. As long as we don't go out the night before the eclipse, we can always just collect some materials and remake our stuff the next tay, even if we're forced to retreat.

Besides that tho the benefits of facing the night are two fold:
First, we'll gain critical knowledge of what to expect during the eclipse. We've been told the enemies during the eclipse will be tougher than normal night enemies, so setting up some baseline expectations will be crucial to formulate any sort of strategy.

Secondly, The more we fight bere the eclipse, the more capable we become. We just gained a significant boost to our golden wind. We could learn some more abilities to spend it on.

We also need to train up our new companion a bit. Without significant potion/poison prep, his current lack of battle tendencies make him just as much a liability as a boon.
No. 938534 ID: 91ee5f

But what about things we need to make from the forge? If any of those get broken, there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to dig up enough ore to reforge whatever got broken in time for the eclipse.
No. 938562 ID: ce39da

Focus down the door task; that will likely be crucial to our survival during the eclipse. What do we need for the right woodworking tools, and how much wood, vines, and stone do we need to make a door we can be confident in?

After that, armor; if it can break like weapons and shields can (make more of those too, BTW), then maybe hold off on actually wearing it until the eclipse.

On the last day beforehand, we need to stockpile food; not a ton, but not going hungry while we're cooped up in the cave all day would be nice. Maybe do a lot of smoking that day. If Desmond comes by again, we need to warn him of the eclipse, and maybe offer to let him hunker down with us. (We'd be willing to take the floor for the night if we must.)

Verm should stick to the meadow, for the most part, gathering herbs and materials for his own work.
No. 938563 ID: a9af05

Yeah, we should let him know the next time we see him. Maybe he'll show up once we start cooking and he follows his nose again?
No. 938612 ID: a451fc
File 156264462381.png - (558.92KB , 1406x995 , Earthenware.png )

Arrayan and Vermilion spend some time crafting earthenware out of clay. Some jars, a pot, some cups, a few bowls, and some crucibles. It takes ALL of the clay that was being stored.
No. 938613 ID: a451fc
File 156264463048.png - (261.46KB , 995x1064 , Arrayan Smelting.png )

>When exactly is the eclipse?
SPRITE: We have today, tomorrow, and the day after that to prepare.

>How much wood, vines, and stone do we need to make a door we can be confident in?
Arrayan figures a proper door should be made with [x150 WOOD] made into sturdy planks for the base while having IRON nails to reinforce it and a bar to lock it with of course. Maybe some STONE to give it a frame.

>Make a wall
A wooden wall would be a useful measure. However it would take a lot of wood to get done, maybe around [x300 WOOD]. Along with time and effort.

>Make traps
Pitfall traps seem like the best way to go. Of course, they'd take time to dig up and make. And they'd require some wood.

>What do we need for the right woodworking tools?
Saws and REAL axes, Not stone ones, These things'll take actual metal though. Making a shaving horse would help but it's not a priority.

>Leather working
The goat hide had a decent yield of leather [x50 Leather]. Arrayan could use all of it to make a good set of leather armor out of it, he's not exactly big by any means so it wouldn't take too much [x20] and a bag with what's left over [x10]. Then the real issue would be getting Vermilion armor, since he's much bigger it would probably take more.

Realizing many of these projects include the need for metal, Arrayan gets to work smelting the ores he found...
No. 938614 ID: a451fc
File 156264464164.png - (365.20KB , 1005x960 , Flaming Crucible.png )

Arrayan fills the new clay pot with water and gets to work. It takes 3 Ore to make 1 Ingot. So if Arrayan works all day he'd come up with 6 Poor Quality Iron Ingots, 8 Poor Quality Copper Ingots, and 3 Poor Quality Tin Ingots. Of course it'd take a lot of time and he'd be preoccupied doing this rather than anything else all day. Or he can prioritize making half of the ingots and being able to do other things later.
No. 938615 ID: a451fc
File 156264465207.png - (467.51KB , 1062x1064 , Vermilion Gathering.png )

While Arrayan works at the cave. Vermilion takes a basket and looks for proper components for alchemy around the fields and near the outskirts of the forest .Most of the plants are similar to ones he's seen before, but there are some different ones he's never seen before. After some searching Vermilion finds...

[x30 SLIME]
[x15 Iron Bacteria]
[x10 Demon Needles]
[x5 Soothing Leaves]
[x3 Weeping Lady Flowers]

Vermilion has a good amount of components. He could return to base and experiment with what he's found, or continue to look for more. Maybe in different areas.
No. 938616 ID: a24198

Better to stockpile I think. Maybe try around that lake with the talking fish? It must have gotten that moss from somewhere.
No. 938617 ID: 3ce3ca

Would metal armor not be out of the question? How much ore would it require for both of us? And do we know of a way to get higher quality metals? Ah, Vermillion also needs a weapon, we'll probably need metal for that too.

It's probably best that we just keep getting stuff to gather materials though. Make an axe, and go chop wood for the door.
Do we have any idea what the things that Vermillion has picked up can do? Specifically the iron bacteria and demon needles. Let's check on the mountains, there might be some good stuff at higher altitudes.
No. 938620 ID: b1b4f3

We used all the clay? Make a wooden or stone shovel so we can gather more fast.

Yeah alright use 20 to make some armor and 10 for the bag. We can always recycle the armor later for straps.

>make all the ingots?
Well, no. Use half of the ore we have, then use the resulting copper or iron tools to upgrade our smithing process so we can get better quality ingots and smith more complicated items.
How about a bellows, for instance?

>look for more herbs in other areas?
Sure, check around the mountains too, just avoid the wildlife.
No. 938621 ID: b1b4f3

...say, we initially saw a map showing the pond to the north, mountain to the west, forest to the east. What's to the south?
No. 938622 ID: 91ee5f

Go ahead and make the armor and the bag. We’ll have to go hunt another goat and use some more eggs to make more leather to give Vermillion some armor.

>Ah, Vermillion also needs a weapon
He has throwing knives. We don’t need to get him a weapon, we need to get him a better weapon.

Maybe since he’s got ranged weapons, it would be better to see if he can use a bow and arrow, instead of trying to get Arrayan to use them. After all, we want Vermilion to be behind Arrayan during a fight.

>Use half of the ore we have to make better tools
Good call.

Looking back here: >>936497 , I think we’ve already got something like that. I’m not entirely sure if a fan blower is the same thing, so I could be wrong.

>Sure, check around the mountains too, just avoid the wildlife.
Maybe both of them should go to the mountains? Arrayan can do some more mining for ores, Vermillion can do some gathering, and both of them can watch each other’s back when the wildlife get a little too close for comfort.
No. 938623 ID: 977456

Full metal armour sounds like way too much, even leather would take a while. I would stick to shield/bracers/skullcaps. Headwounds are no joke, but otherwise a solid plate between you and your enemy gets much of the protection at a fraction of the cost.
How much time/goodies would it be for
a thin bronze plate over a wooden shield,
an iron cap with leather straps,
and iron spikes/studs and strips set into a leather sleeve in both forearm and tail sizes?
No. 938634 ID: 864e49

>Leather working
No armor! Make pouches, bags, water skins that kind of shit!

>how metal
The idea to make shitty metal to make shitty metal tools then use shitty metal tools to make better metal and then use better metal to make good metal tools and then melt down shitty metal tools to make more good metal could work.

The Plan.
Ar - work leather and make door.
Verm - gather more everything.

Ar - work metal.
Verm - alchemy experiments.

the day after:
Ar and Vern - making traps and stockpiling resources.
No. 938635 ID: 864e49

Also Vermilion cutest husbando!
No. 938637 ID: 8d4593

We might need to spend additional time tomorrow purifying it the ore further it seems. At least if we want to make decent armor or weapons with it.
Do half right now, three of each. The tin and copper can be refined further tomorrow into decent bronze and the shitty iron used for nails.

We're gonna use up that leather and the charcoal fast, and we need to find flux if we wanna have any hope at steel and real tools.

We should spend the other half of the day collecting more wood (for both general use and charcoal), finding another animal to start more leather (And this time making sure to extract it's brain!), and if daylight allows, search for some flux to mine out.
No. 938639 ID: b1b4f3

For nails, isn't bronze or copper a much better idea than iron? Iron rusts, while bronze and copper simply gain a patina.
No. 938640 ID: caf1de

the two of you should just spend today gathering stuff to work with tomorrow

mmmmmm lizard crotch

No. 938642 ID: 60790c

No, Desmond is!
No. 938652 ID: 8d4593

This is a temporary shelter. It will be abandoned after we cross the forest, as doing so will take literal days.

Iron will do.
No. 938660 ID: a451fc
File 156269326068.png - (207.75KB , 1253x775 , ingots.png )

Arrayan works some of the ore he has into poor ingots, 3 of each.

SPRITE: Those look kinda...off.
ARRAYAN: Well, I'm not a blacksmith. This is the best I can do right now.

>No armor! Make pouches, bags, water skins.
There'll still be leather left over if armor is made. Waterskins would probably take [x5] Leather each.

>We need to find flux
There's [x210] LIMESTONE at the cave.

>Make axe, gather wood
Arrayan can make a metal axe with three ingots of metal. and [x10] wood.
No. 938661 ID: a451fc
File 156269326522.png - (126.48KB , 1030x513 , Crashed Cart.png )

Vermilion searches the mountain for more components, but not before dropping off his other ingredients at the base and taking the Stone Pickaxe from the cave in case he needs it. Plenty of components can be mined from the earth. After some searching Vermilion finds...

[x20 Sulfer]
[x15 Redcap Mushroom]
[x5 Bee Hive Husk]

While in the mountains Vermilion stumbles across the remains of a crashed cart. Inside the remnants of the wooden vehicle there are a few bags of salt [x50] and sugar [x50]. Along with a box with a marking on the top of it. It looks sort of like...

>A red plus
A symbol of medicine

>A hammer and nails
Possibly carpenter's tools

>A bear trap
Hunter's traps maybe?
No. 938670 ID: 0fae41

A bear trap. Where there's bees, there's honey, and where there's honey, there's bears!
No. 938673 ID: 864e49

For now make 2 water skins [10], 2 pouches [10], 1 bag [10] and 1 armors [20]. We'll need to go out hunting again for more meat and leather.
And also make metal mattock but with a axe for one side and a pickaxe for the other.

>A red plus
Could have stuff useful to Verm but

>A hammer and nails
We need any carpentry anything right now.
No. 938674 ID: b1b4f3

Hammer and nails.
No. 938681 ID: 8d4593

Hammer and Nails.

I second the mattock idea.
A little over one third an ingot of tin, with about 2 and 2 thirds ingots copper..

If more metal is needed for a mattock, smelt one more copper ingot, and do A bit over half a tin ingot to 4 Ingots copper
No. 938684 ID: eeb7d9

Hammer and nails!
No. 938686 ID: 91ee5f

>box with marking
Hmmm, the red plus symbol would probably help with making healing items, the hammer and nails symbol would help us with building things, and the bear trap symbol would help with hunting animals for materials.

I think that box would be more beneficial to us if it has the hammer and nails symbol on it. Mostly because if there’s an axe in there, then Ar won’t have to use up any materials to make an axe and we’d be able to use those materials for something else.
No. 938699 ID: ce39da

Hammer & Nails

If the ax is not included, Ar should make one and take both into the woods (with a weapon) and get a'chopping - after all, might as well get a little more use out of the stone one while it's still around. Meanwhile, Ver should get started on seeing what he can actually do with all this stuff he's collecting.
No. 938721 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, are those exoskeleton shards any good as armor?
No. 938724 ID: ad51b8

>A hammer and nails
No. 938727 ID: caf1de

stop hammer time
No. 938728 ID: a9af05

>Box with marking
Hammer and nails

Is there anything else you can salvage? Perhaps some of the wood or one of the wheels?
No. 938729 ID: a9af05

Since the monsters at night are going to show up during the eclipse when it's still dark, that must mean that they're sensitive to light, right?

Maybe if we make a few torches, the light will make them weaker and lower their Fighting Gold, so that we can fight them more easily?
No. 938734 ID: 8d4593

I was thinking that mostly intact wheel could be used for a flywheel, perhaps for a basic pedal operated hammer, bellows, or saw but...
While we Can make those things, I don't think they'll help in our current time limited situation. The time it takes to build them won't be made up by the time they save, since we'll need to improvise more carpentry tools first to make use of them.

Maybe it could be a wheel barrow but it does look rather damaged.
No. 938735 ID: 864e49

>exoskeleton shards
I completely forgot about those! Are they any good?

Also can we take the cart apart for parts?
No. 938747 ID: 91ee5f

That might work.
No. 938748 ID: a451fc
File 156277959022.png - (243.13KB , 1321x961 , Carpenter Tools.png )

>Hammer and Nails
Vermilion opens the Hammer and Nails box to appropriate