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File 155868339560.gif - (1.32MB , 560x354 , first.gif )
933892 No. 933892 ID: f7fe08

Congratulations young lady, and welcome to the Cherub Safety scouts. A thrilling summer ripe with science, fun, and most importantly safety awaits you here in Cerebrum City.
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No. 975544 ID: a34b8a
File 159914438344.gif - (127.44KB , 657x304 , rat scan.gif )

“I'm glad you asked! you see…”
Oh no
“We’ve found a cause for all these strange mutations! It’s caused by the blah blah blah blah when they’re exposed to the blah blah blah and then it causes them to blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.”

Oh god….I’ve made the terrible mistake of indulging her interest, now she's gonna gab about sciencey nonsense for hours!
No. 975545 ID: a34b8a
File 159914459353.gif - (117.52KB , 560x259 , rat scan2.gif )

She hasn’t changed at all...Actually now that you think about it Grace's science babble seems twice as worse than before. I practically dozed off to her speech!
No. 975546 ID: a34b8a
File 159914478744.gif - (158.44KB , 552x560 , huhhhh.gif )

Huh? that was weird! Seems like we were reading someone’s mind by accident there was that mom and the mean doctor we saw? How long has she been collecting rats? Her collection probably sucks compared to our rat friends tho.

“Bonnie baby!” Mom calls out to us.
No. 975549 ID: a34b8a
File 159914544967.gif - (1.32MB , 813x508 , stats.gif )

“Baby we just want to know if you feel any different we're just going to ask a couple questions.” Mom assures us through the intercom

“The same goes for you too Ms. Atkins, We can only estimate what changes happen to a person but the best way for us to figure out what’s really going on is for you to tell us how you these changes are affecting you.”
The doctor explains

“We want to know how you two feel about these 6 things. F being really bad and S being really really good.”
Mom explains to us.
No. 975550 ID: a34b8a
File 159914558520.gif - (67.21KB , 814x233 , huhhh.gif )

How we feel huh? guess we never put too much thought into it with all this sugary cereal going through our veins. But we know for sure that we feel pretty strong... but what about these other things?
No. 975553 ID: a34b8a
File 159914633344.gif - (67.12KB , 783x224 , hmm.gif )


It's stat allotment time fellas we have seven points each for Bonnie and Rose. to allocate into stats all starting from grade D.

Every person is allowed to vote on +1 stat for both girls raising the grade by one letter for each vote.
(e.g. "+1 AGI for Bonnie and +1 END for Rose")

Bonnie's strength can't be altered
Rose's Perception can't be altered either

The grades are as follows;
D-Below Average
B-Above average
A- Phenomenal
S- Super Human

STR =Strength AGI =Agility PER = Perception
DEF =Defense INT =Intellect END = Endurance
No. 975554 ID: 4b5651

+1 DEF for Bonnie
+1 INT for Rose
No. 975557 ID: 8fab7a

+1 END for Bonnie
+1 INT for Rose
No. 975560 ID: f03e15

+1 DEF for Bonnie
+1 AGI for Rose
No. 975562 ID: 6c227a

+End for Bonnie
+Int for Rose
No. 975563 ID: c5d2fe

+1 END for Bonnie
+1 AGI for Rose

Bonnie's more than proven she's a tank on legs, methinks, and Rose isn't the smartest ever, but she's quick on her feet in both senses of the word.

I'm tempted to raise Bonnie's Int by one at least, even if she isn't the brightest crayon in the box. That or her Agility.
No. 975564 ID: 6e6f32

+1 int for bonnie
+1 agi for rose
No. 975565 ID: c5d2fe

Oh yeah. Also remember this: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/src/159064711210.gif
No. 975566 ID: ce39da

+1 AGI for Bonnie.
+1 END for Rose.

We have to spread this out at least a little bit (though I like where the specialization is going for both of them).

Bonnie, as a walking juggernaut, has no point if she can't hit her opponent once before they can return the favor ten times over; reading her opponents' minds has got to count for something. (Might be useful for someone to also boost her PER to at least (C): Average.)

Meanwhile, Rose has got the Evade/Accuracy stats down - she can predict and dodge attacks, and she's brainy and sharp enough to set up some critical hits. However, the last thing we want is for her to wind up utterly pooped less than a couple of minutes into the fight.
No. 975568 ID: 735fa3

+1 int Bonnie
+1 int Rose

They are both pretty dumb.
No. 975570 ID: c5d2fe

Smart thinking.
No. 975574 ID: b5fb67

Bonnie: +1 to DEF
Rose: +1 to PER

I wanna max out Perception on Rose because why not?
No. 975576 ID: 977456

Bonnie: +1 int
Because int + smol = creepy
Rose: +1 end
Because she has to put up with these people.
No. 975584 ID: df76b1

Everyone gets DEF. No one gets INT.

We will be the toughest, dumbest, crisis-solvers ever.
No. 975628 ID: eb1fcc

damn, both our girls starting below average...

I guess let's get +1 endurance on bonnie and +1 Int on Esme.

Let's shoot for the classic brains/brawn team.
No. 975645 ID: 6dc8d9

END for Bonnie and AGI for Rose.
No. 975686 ID: 26cc8e

+1 Agility for Bonnie

+1 Intelligence for Rose
No. 975693 ID: 094652

Bonnie - End
Rose - Int
No. 976004 ID: a34b8a
File 159976691081.gif - (373.63KB , 814x281 , hmm_2gif.gif )

You don’t mean to brag or anything but you’ve always considered yourself a bit of an egghead, and you’ve always been pretty nimble on my feet. This should come as a surprise to no one you are in the cheerleading squad at school. Although with those noodly arms and peachlike skin you much preferred positions that didn’t involve anything revolving around lifting or throwing.

If a problem ever arose you’d often opt to take a more supportive role offering assistance where it was needed with the use of your observational skills, quick wit, and just as quickly get out of the way before things get too sticky for you.
No. 976005 ID: a34b8a
File 159976702221.gif - (1.67MB , 751x386 , head.gif )

We tell the doctor all this and the weird visions and stomach sickness we’ve been having lately.
“Alright Ms. Atkins...It seems that you’re exhibiting traits of an anxiety hazard, it give’s you foresight into upcoming events.”
The Doctor says as she scribbles down notes into a folder.

“It’s one of the more passive type’s, although it can be utilized whenever you see fit. But…”
The doctor continues

“If you take advantage of it too often and depending on how far ahead you look. You can really tear up your body. Especially your stomach.”
No. 976006 ID: a34b8a
File 159976740176.gif - (393.89KB , 876x335 , huh22hh.gif )

Well… um you seem pretty strong and super tough! You can punch through walls all day and it doesn't even hurt, not even a little bit. Although unfortunately your stubby little legs probably won't get you anywhere anytime soon. And seeing things lately has been a...Woah wait what?! Why is our INT and PER that low! We don’t feel dumb…

"Are you calling my baby a dummy?" mom "politely" inquires

“No no no....Bonnie dear~.” The doctor calls to us
“I'm not entirely sure what your hazard may be but I do know what it's not.” she says making sure to delay mom’s temper
No. 976007 ID: a34b8a
File 159976762221.gif - (956.24KB , 875x734 , THE RAT.gif )

“You exhibit absolutely no signs of being a psychic But...as long as you stick around with your little rat...uhhh pet... It will have some sort of psychic influence on you. Any psychic feelings or abilities that you may be feeling are not from you but from your...pet. The mean doctor explains.
No. 976008 ID: a34b8a
File 159976781094.gif - (187.34KB , 720x367 , huh3hh.gif )

“But with your symptoms we can easily predict what type of hazard you have. Do you feel irritable? Or any uncomfortable feelings on your back?" She asks
No. 976010 ID: ce39da

"I mean, I'm not emotionally e-rat-tibble, but I do feel a little tense and twitchy all over ever since I woke up. Is that what you mean by ee- ih-ra- the first thing?"

(My vote's for "EHS" (whatever that stands for), if it wasn't clear.)
No. 976011 ID: df76b1

EHS seems to be the best fit.
No. 976012 ID: 82f94e

Koilonychia means your fingernails are flat; you might have an iron deficiency.
Not the worst thing to have, go for it.
No. 976013 ID: 735fa3

Gonna go with Koilonyochia. Wings would be rad.
No. 976014 ID: 21c1e0

Did a search. EHS is electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Irl this is an ill-defined catchall for any apparent sensitivity to electromagnetic signals. Most commonly an apparent allergic reaction to wifi, radio, magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields, and microwave. However, the ability to see electromagnetic fields (also a real, albeit very rare trait) would also fall under this. There have also been irl individuals that have claimed to be magnetic which could also potentially fall under this.

In this context, we could probably do any sort of vision within the electromagnetic spectrum (either all encompassing or selective, although all encompassing would probably be incredibly overwhelming), sense electromagnetic waves through some other sense (probably touch, and would present itself similarly to the warm feeling of sunlight on your skin), we could possibly generate an electromagnetic pulse (would fry electronics in a certain radius), or we may become magnetic.

Basically, EHS is an allergic sensitivity to electromagnetic waves although it can also be the ability to see or feel different electromagnetic waves as well. While passive irl, in the quest, EHS may also allow for some types of EM manipulation (magnetism, emp, shooting radiation, bending light, etc.).


Koilonychia, from what I have found, is simply an iron deficiency which can cause all sorts of negative effects, but the most visible symptom is brittle, flat fingernails. There is no connection to wings or flight, so idk if FUN just pulled the name out of their ass or if there is some other angle they are working that I just don't understand (probably the latter).
No. 976017 ID: eb1fcc

EHS, we've already shown off the ability to shrug off a taser so why not BECOME the taser?
No. 976018 ID: 8fab7a

Your back does feel a bit itchy now that she mentions it.
No. 976019 ID: cf2790

Technically, it wasn't a taser perse, it was an open circuited cell phone that was shocking us.

Either way, voting EHS.
No. 976028 ID: 977456

Static hair or wind-blown hair? Imma go with itchy back, so at least we can try to get our hair under control before everything goes wrong, rather than waking up with it completely unmanageable.
No. 976030 ID: 651ae0

Lightening. EHS
No. 976032 ID: 4b5651

No. 976036 ID: 6e6f32

No. 976063 ID: bcda15

No. 976083 ID: 0fae41

Koilonychia. Zaps? we already have equipment for that!
No. 976131 ID: 5cb1b2

We don't have the agility to make good use of flight (unless it gave us a big boost to it) being a tank shocking things that contact us seems rather good. EHS
No. 977073 ID: a34b8a
File 160092962727.gif - (1.71MB , 560x283 , Timeline 1_0000.gif )

Well we have been feeling a bit twitchy sense we woke up and lately it seems like the tiniest thing could send us over the edge and-”
“Ah see, EHS.” The mean doctor rudely interrupts
Making sure not to dilute her verbal blitz the doctor continues “It’s not too uncommon of a hazard. Basically Bonnie dear, you can produce and store a large amount of electricity. But it can cause the part of your body that you’re not transmitting to, to seize up momentarily….Not organs or anything just her skeletal muscles.” She reassures mom.

“Ordinarily you sit at a 25% charge anything below that and you’ll begin to feel fatigue and anything above that will make you feel energized. You’ll naturally build it up and will have to expel it somehow. External forces will have to boost you above your regular charge. But most importantly although you are very resistant to electricity you are not completely immune to it. Anything even the tiniest bit above your threshold (100%) will cause all that electricity you’ve stored up to blow.”

“Theres various forms of treatment that we can provide for you two young ladies but they’ll take blah some time until blah then I implore blah that blah blah blah blah…”
This doctor lady talks too much, we came her to do fun stuff and eat dirt not get lectured by some old lady!

Trying our hardest to phase out the mean doctors spiel, we begin to wonder what activities we’d enjoy at camp...an aquarium? Hiking? A trip to the beach perhaps?... or maybe something else? What would our perfect summer camp activity look like?
No. 977074 ID: 094652

PARTY! Dance with all the girls!
No. 977075 ID: df76b1

Taking a walking battery to an aquarium could in no way result in hilarious and lethal hazards... so let's do that!
No. 977111 ID: ce39da

Shopping in the big city! Everyone loves to feast their eyes on the latest fashion. (And psst, hey, with the stuff the safety scouts can get you access to, it can be practical, too!) Can you imagine how good the food at the downtown galleria is? I heard they even had a few amusement rides! The galleria is truly the rich woman's mall.
No. 977119 ID: 789351

A trip to the cheese factory, where they mine cheese from moon rock deposits and refine it into orange gold.
No. 977195 ID: b5fb67


Ropes course! Great way to build character!
No. 977242 ID: a34b8a

Somewhere downtown sounds great! there’s probably lots to do there like amusement parks and cheese! We can’t quite put our finger on it but suddenly we have the urge to hoard copious amounts of various cheeses despite not liking it too much before.

NEW THREAD: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/977240.html
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