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File 155797447155.png - (174.02KB , 700x583 , 9-1.png )
932953 No. 932953 ID: 7816e7

18+ adult content
Chapter 9: Lost in the Stacks

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Previous thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/926761.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point

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No. 932954 ID: 7816e7
File 155797451679.png - (94.89KB , 700x456 , 9-2.png )

No. 932955 ID: 7816e7
File 155797453148.png - (82.72KB , 700x412 , 9-3.png )

No. 932956 ID: 7816e7
File 155797455631.png - (95.36KB , 700x583 , 9-4.png )

“Shhh!” The head librarian shoots a glare at the mouse.
No. 932957 ID: 7816e7
File 155797459563.png - (116.12KB , 600x700 , 9-5.png )

Gabe pulls himself up out of his boneless slouch and stares back at the book in front of him. Slowly his neck gives way and his head rolls, touching ear to shoulder as if reading sideways would make the dry historical tome any more interesting.

Gabe’s eyes roll over to his partner, nose deep in a book about known vampire lord history. A page turns reverently under Casey’s snout as her eyes snap to the beginning of the next passage. A notebook sits next to her, half filled with scribbles. Her hand moves snake-like, jotting down a tangent to explore as she continues to read.

Gabe whispers, “Ugggh there’s nothing here, its just he begat this and she begat that...” he flops over the pages dramatically, “It’s so boooring.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Casey agrees, only half listening. “You said it...” her finger traces a passage and she takes another note.
No. 932958 ID: 3ed3c3

All work and no play makes Gabe a dull boy.
No. 932959 ID: 83bf07

Who's up for a fun study method?
No. 932961 ID: b1b4f3

Boy, the character design sure took a turn...

Gabe go try looking up something different, like fae history.
No. 932962 ID: 10c408

That might be what he's already reading, given that Casey is jotting down notes about vampire history.

How long have you been at this, Gabe? it might be time for a break.
No. 932966 ID: 94e3ab

Grumble that the city could have coughed up the dough for a research team to do this so you wouldn't have to, given that, y'know, the fate of the whole city is at stake.

Get up, stretch and tell Casey your brain is frazzled. You're gonna take a little stroll, get some fresh air and a coffee. Ask if she wants you to get her anything while you're up.

And when you get back, instead of slogging through that whole dry text try skimming for the relevant names you know and work back from any hits.
No. 932967 ID: bb78f2

Fuck homework
You're not getting anything done here
Lets just... GATE the the knowledge INTO our brain!
No. 932968 ID: e8df9c

Go talk to the librarian about what you are researching. I bet they would have suggestions of better stuff to look through.
No. 932972 ID: c7f906

Find a source that's a little less primary, maybe a 'notes on' book that includes context and is easier to look through.
No. 932978 ID: 91ee5f

Gabe, behave yourself or the head librarian will come over and smack you with a ruler!
No. 932982 ID: caf1de

just speed read
No. 932989 ID: 8d23f0

ask Casey if its ok for you to attempt seduce the librarian to relieve boredom, or is that rude when doing a group project?
No. 932994 ID: b5b4b5

Get yourself some notepads and pencils or something so you can doodle to relieve boredom. And also take notes if you do find something useful.
No. 933008 ID: 864e49

Offer to eat out librarian if she helps.
No. 933018 ID: a9af05

Have you tried looking in the children's books?

Sure, it may seem like a dumb idea, but there must have been a few children's books with stories about Augustine Moot in them. Even if those stories have a few details changed to make them child friendly, there could still be a few things in them that may not be in these other books.
No. 933020 ID: bcc41d

Investigate sources of ancient folklore about Augustine Moot and try to pin down the more credible ones by cross-referencing what might actually fit her timeline and be the root cause of the tale. Lean on research and compilations created by more competent individuals of the past.

If nothing else, it's gotta be more entertaining than dry geneaologies!
No. 933055 ID: 322af8

Go to the head librarian and apologize. Then apologize with your dick.
No. 933067 ID: 094652

Screw it, look for secret passages for forbidden books. These things are made just for the funsies.
No. 933073 ID: 7816e7
File 155806219629.png - (120.88KB , 700x486 , 9-6.png )

“You should stretch your legs, Gabe.” Casey suggests; continuing to read as fey drama and bitter conflict swirls in her mind.

“Maybe the head librarian would know where to look?” The mouse slithers out of his chair and stands, casually stretching his lithe frame.

“You’re not gonna go flirt with her are you?” Casey mutters with a smile.

“Heh, I do like the bookish type, don’t I?” Gabe replies, his innuendo laced eyebrow wiggle unnoticed by his partner. “Nah, I don’t think Mariana would appreciate me trying to hit on her wife.” Gabe swivels on a heel and heads over, his footsteps muted by worn carpet as he sidles up to the librarian’s desk.
No. 933074 ID: 7816e7
File 155806220126.png - (148.12KB , 700x583 , 9-7.png )

“Hey Ashe, how’s it goin’?”

“Pretty good, Gabe. How can I help you?” She squints behind her half-moon glasses with uncanny patience. 

“I’m wondering where’s the good shit. You know...”

“The... good shit?” The lizard blinks as if it were scheduled on a calendar.

“The real shit. The ollllld shit.” Gabe pinches his fingers and waggles them.

“Gabe, those books would fall apart the second you touched them. We have archivists scouring our collection for clues, but these things take time.” She cocks an eyebrow over the frame of her glasses. “Half of them are written in fey runes that require translation.”

“Oh... well, are there any more modern translations?”

She scratches her scales thoughtfully, “I know Kol was poking around the fey lit section earlier, maybe he’s found something?”
No. 933075 ID: b1b4f3

Probably not but it's worth the diversion.
No. 933081 ID: a9af05

Let's go see if Kol found anything.

And before you even think about trying it, don't even try portaling yourself over there!
No. 933090 ID: e7848c

T e a m s t u d y
No. 933121 ID: 94e3ab

Ask Ashe if it would help to have a fey working on translating those runes. 'Cause you know two... Er... Maybe not Nixxy. Her around priceless, fragile tomes sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. But besides Caleb and Nixxy, there's Rodwin, the devil up on the bargast. He'd probably know archaic fey runes.

Then ask Ashe to point you in the direction of the fey literature section, thank her and head on your way to meet with Kol.
No. 933166 ID: 7816e7
File 155814860209.png - (108.40KB , 700x516 , 9-8.png )

“Yeahhhh, I’m gonna go see how he’s doing...” An impish smile on his face, Gabe heads off between the shelves.

A thundercloud of suspicion crosses the librarian’s mind and she calls after him, “No gating in the library!”

The mouse waves back as he turns a corner.
No. 933167 ID: 7816e7
File 155814860692.png - (173.27KB , 700x475 , 9-9.png )

Gabe’s bare feet pad softly through the great library of the Sender Order. Carved into the stone of Moot Point itself, the cavernous space is lit with giant, flat windows and broken up by massive pillars. Made with the same techniques as the school itself, the senders didn’t so much as build the library, rather they removed everything that was in the way. Cut with mathematical precision, the walls, floor and shelves all form perfect cross sections of the mountain. Many historic buildings in the city still feature curiously smooth stonework, obviously taken from the unwanted slabs cast aside by the early senders.

Gabe peeks left and right as he crosses the isles. Row upon row of catalogs, ledgers and histories line the isles or pile up on tables. In some places, scrolls roost in pigeonholes, their thick vellum and parchment yellowing in the dry air. Old tomes bound in exotic leathers are chained to lecterns, or transferred tiny sheets of glass for preservation. Young senders-to-be meander this way and that with anxious expressions: looking for obscure texts to satisfy the most demanding of professors.
No. 933168 ID: 7816e7
File 155814861189.png - (112.53KB , 700x408 , 9-10.png )

He eventually comes to the fey literature section, its neatly bound tomes collected in rows dedicated to specific fey courts and legends. As Gabe works his way down the isle, he spies a ropey tail swaying between The Knight in Green be he so Merry and Fables for Lost Children.
No. 933170 ID: 06fdc0

Well, walk over and say hello!

Also, ask if there's anyone named Gawain in the book about the green knight.
No. 933171 ID: b1b4f3

>this is dug into a cliffside
Uh I guess the cave-in risk is handwaved away somehow.
Go whisper a hello. Maybe grab some ass.
No. 933181 ID: 094652

Port his tail straight into your mouth
No. 933183 ID: 83bf07

Oh some entertainment! See how long you can watch.
No. 933212 ID: cb6404


You know, Toxo, now you have me wondering whether or not early senders might have had a capacity to shape gates in anything but a flat disk. Like a hyperbolic curve or even an enclosed region!
No. 933219 ID: f57349

While it's true sn arched ceiling would be more structurally sound than what's depicted, all else being equal, approximately flat ceilings could work if it's a sturdy enough type of rock. Looks like those pillars aren't more than twenty feet apart, at least on the more visible axis. The ceiling might be arched in some way that's concealed by perspective along the shelves.

Also, given that water and fire elementals are well-known in setting, and this place was built by a group which specializes in dealing with such entities in general, it's very plausible earth elementals were involved in selecting an appropriate site and/or providing subsequent maintenance, repair, even supernatural reinforcement, or at least warnings about potential structural problems while there's still time to do something.
No. 933253 ID: c7f906

Make sure it's him and not his uncle or someone else before you go up and act too friendly.
No. 933256 ID: 91ee5f

I agree. It would be really awkward if you grabbed the wrong person’s tail!
No. 933276 ID: 7816e7
File 155822744167.png - (197.85KB , 700x662 , 9-11.png )

Kol feels a tug at his tail. He finds himself being gently towed backwards until his butt is flush with the shelf. An unseen hand gives his backside a squeeze accompanied by a quiet “Honk.”

“Hi, Gabe.” Kol tucks a thumb in the book he was reading and tries to look behind him.

“How’d you know it was me? Coulda’a been a student reaching for a book and accidentally grabbing a bookworm.” He gives his partner’s tail another tug. “You find anything interesting?”

“Not much. Rodwin mentioned a war on the Plains of Dawn, but it seems like it was a campaign so dull and unmentionable the fey barely wrote about it. It didn’t so much as end as everyone lost interest.” Kol yawns, his brain frazzled by rather boring military history.
No. 933277 ID: 465a14

Pull his pants down.
No. 933278 ID: b1b4f3

Alright let's try the children's books next then. Could be some hints in there now that we know what we're looking for.
No. 933279 ID: cb6404


New hair, huh? Just how long have we been at this hunt, and how much of our year remains?
No. 933280 ID: 8ef27d

I'd advise against such action in the library. It's worse than portaling, and we don't ant to piss off the librarian.
No. 933285 ID: 6e0cd7

Maybe just a little bit in the back for access.
No. 933387 ID: 7816e7
File 155829299097.png - (155.45KB , 564x700 , 9-12.png )

“I know the feeling. How about we take a break?” Gabe suggests, his hand reaching under Kol’s waistband. “Wanna show me your bookworm?” He drags the medium's pants down a bit and gives him a fondle. "I missed you these last couple of weeks."

The medium checks either end of the isle, hearing a murmur from around the corner. “Uh, maybe somewhere more out of the way?”
No. 933388 ID: 465a14

Nah, Gabe's already plenty out of the way, it'll be fine.
No. 933396 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, sure, this will probably be breaking a bunch of library rules so it'd be better to avoid getting caught.
No. 933398 ID: a9af05

Yes, let's avoid getting caught with our pants down!
No. 933406 ID: 7bb6a5

Normally I would say have at it, but you guys reeeeaaaally need to not get kicked out of the library. At least go to a stairwell, or some section that nobody uses, or something like that.

... Actually, Gabe, did you ever manage that personal pocket dimension trick from your fae theatre friend?
No. 933409 ID: 8eaf98

he did it's a question of how big he has gotten it by now
No. 933416 ID: cb6404


>Falling book

No. 933417 ID: 94e3ab

Yeah, definitely find a private spot, away from the books. Ashe would figuratively skin you two alive if you get the books... sticky.

>... Actually, Gabe, did you ever manage that personal pocket dimension trick from your fae theatre friend?
Probably not yet, but he does still have Vivian's permission to enter her heart's pocket dimension, doesn't he? She wouldn't mind Gabe bringing a friend, would she? Ah, but if Gabe has to Gate to get there, then he can't do so in the library. And if they have to leave the library to do so, then they may as well Gate back home for their sex break and not bother Vivian at all.

So, instead, find a windowless study room, supply closet or some other private room. Preferably one with good sound insulation.
No. 933421 ID: 23c164

Look, there's a lot of bookshelves here, the chances of someone seeing you must be one in a hundred! And if they do then they were a nerd for looking.
No. 933422 ID: 91ee5f

>Probably not yet
Actually, yes, he has learned how to make it already. He’s been seen using it a few times when everyone was traveling atop the Bargast earlier.

But it’s like >>933409 said, the only question is how big he’s made his pocket dimension by now.
No. 933439 ID: 7816e7
File 155831691195.png - (161.62KB , 700x501 , 9-13.png )

Gabe runs around the corner and excitedly takes Kol’s hand. Together they hurry over to a space between a couple of columns, tucked behind a couple of comfy chairs.
No. 933440 ID: 7816e7
File 155831691530.png - (133.07KB , 700x583 , 9-14.png )

Gabe positions Kol so that it looks as though he’s leaning against the wall and drops to his knees in front of him, hopefully unnoticed. He fiddles with Kol’s pants, trying to muffle the clink of his belt buckle as his shaft bobs free.

“Boy I really missed this...” Gabe licks his lips, his breath hot against Kol’s belly. “You get up to some good, salty fun with Caleb while you were gone?” He massages the base of Kol’s dick, bringing him to his full size.

“Heh, well, fishing is really boring.” Kol admits with a rosy blush. “Not a lot to do, you know?”

No. 933461 ID: c8974b

Tell me everything.
No. 933487 ID: 91ee5f

So, did he and Caleb find the fish they were looking for?
No. 933556 ID: 7816e7
File 155840851519.png - (138.80KB , 700x583 , 9-15.png )

“Ooh, I bet you did plenty. I would have loved to see that: a couple of weeks of getting wrecked by selkie dick. Why don't you tell me about it?” Gabe winks and slips Kol’s shaft between his lips.

“Ah-“ Kol manages to stifle his moan. His knees wobble under Gabe’s ministrations and he leans against the wall. He bucks lightly into the blowjob, his hand encouraging Gabe and helping set the pace. "Ah- We started off just kind of fooling around while waiting for fish to bite. I wanted Caleb to feel comfortable, you know?"

Gabe mumbles a "Mmhmm…" into Kol's crotch.

No. 933557 ID: 7816e7
File 155840851831.png - (154.71KB , 700x583 , 9-16.png )

"Caleb's not much for oral, but his hands- Ah- Man, those hands are amazing: so powerful and so big. But he's-uh- used to working with them, and he knows exactly what he's doing."
No. 933558 ID: 7816e7
File 155840852321.png - (116.14KB , 700x450 , 9-17.png )

"I think he was a bit worried about hurting me, you know… after last time. Ah-Caleb let me set the pace, gave me plenty of control; it was very sweet. Once we got going though, he would slam me down on his dick, over and over. Fates-uhh! I- I could ride him for hours."
No. 933559 ID: 7816e7
File 155840852721.png - (206.89KB , 700x700 , 9-18.png )

"Which was good, 'cause Caleb was really pent up. I- I swear, every time he came I could feel him filling me up. I- Ah- I loved it: feeling his cum leaking out of me as he fucked me senseless. I'd pass out, exhausted and dripping; laying on his chest, feeling his heart racing and his breath hot in my ear. Knowing that as soon as I was ready, he'd take me again and make me his…
No. 933561 ID: 347c6e

That's sweet! Almost just a little too sweet. Hmm. Wait until you're done before you ask, Gabe, but is it possible a little cinder-spark or two of Caleb's last lover got left behind after that body-sharing adventure?
No. 933576 ID: 094652

It occurs to me that Kol is a hit with fae who have big deer eyes. I wonder if there's a pattern, but we don't have enough data.

Also, go to the bathroom. This is a library, no liquids allowed outside of containers. Including yours.
No. 933668 ID: 7816e7
File 155849196407.png - (149.36KB , 560x700 , 9-19.png )

“Mmmm-“ Gabe pulls away, leaving a ghostly ring of lipstick. “Wow, you guys were busy. You think Adrian was giving you any tips?”

“Heh. It did feel kinda... familiar? Its weird, like there was some lingering connection. Ah!” Kol gasps as Gabe slips a finger under his tail.

“Good to know you’re not completely stretched out back there.” Gabe remarks as he teases his partner and finds his sweet spot.

“G-Gabe!” Kol bites his lip as the pleasurable pressure starts to build. His knees go weak and he pushes another hand against the wall for support.

“You gonna cum? Come on, give it to me, big guy.” Gabe opens his mouth and shows off an inviting, pink tongue.

No. 933669 ID: 7816e7
File 155849196961.png - (123.45KB , 700x583 , 9-20.png )

Stone shifts and Kol suddenly tumbles into the dark, taking Gabe with him.
No. 933670 ID: 3ed3c3

No. 933674 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like this is enough of an emergency situation to break library rules and portal out.
Just... look behind you first to make sure you aren't gonna cut anything important (and also to be sure you're not at the bottom already anyway)

Or, actually, maybe Kol can salvage the situation via his strength?
No. 933676 ID: 10c408

ohhh no.

Gabe, you need to get your right arm around the back of your head. Your left hand needs to not grab ANYTHING, at all.

Kol... Uh, fuck. Try and keep your head up and make sure the first collision you have with the floor is your arms and not your head.

...Either of them!
No. 933683 ID: a9af05

A secret passage? Maybe the information you're looking for is down here?
No. 933688 ID: 94e3ab

Gabe was kneeling when he fell back, so I think he isn't gonna impact the stairs so badly as long as he tucks in. Most he should get is bruises. That is, as long as Kol doesn't fall on him.

Kol, spirit boost or whatever yourself and shoot a arm out to the nearest wall to push yourself to the side so you don't land on Gabe. Roll over at the same time and then curl up to protect yourself.
No. 933689 ID: 85c48e

Dammit Gabe why weren't you wearing a skirt again?! We could've positioned ourselves for optimal gravity assisted entrance.
No. 933694 ID: 094652

Brace your head and try to gain some traction with your legs! Or portal if you are that good.
No. 933738 ID: eb6c64

oh no protect Kol's dick!!!

... and your heads, I guess.
No. 933745 ID: 7816e7
File 155857668685.png - (148.55KB , 700x583 , 9-21.png )

The pair manage to protect their more sensitive bits as they roll down the stairs, landing in an undignified heap. They groan and untangle themselves, thankful that they avoided any major injury.

Kol grabs his pants and drags them awkwardly up to his waistline. “Gabe, what the fuck? Did you know this was here?”

Gabe coughs, sending up a small cloud of dust. “Ack! I think I choked on your dick for a second. What is this? Where are we?”
No. 933746 ID: 17c2ee

Finish the job.
No. 933750 ID: cb6404


Clearly we are in {unintelligible markings}, which is just behind whatever section we were previously in.

That section is now the Blowjobs, But Dangerously section.

This section is, too, by proxy.
No. 933751 ID: b1b4f3

Those marks on the wall might shed some light on things.
No. 933753 ID: 94e3ab

The mood's been killed for the moment. Time to get down to business, not blowjobs.

From the layer of dust it's a solid bet this place hasn't been opened up in a long time. The both of you hold still and examine the dust on the floor for footprints. If there are and how deep they are will tell you how long it's been since anyone has been in here.

Gabe knows the layout of the Sender school, right? Can he take a guess about where and what this hidden area is under or above?

There also looks like some markings on the wall behind Gabe. Do they look like anything to either of you?

And don't proceed any farther in. There's the risk of danger in there, and nobody else knowing where you are means if something bad befalls you then it'll be a long time before anyone searches for you. Also, hidden ancient passages are right up Casey's alley and she will not forgive you two if you don't get her in on this ASAP. So go get Casey and perhaps Ashe as well, just to show her where there's a hidden passage in her library.
No. 933754 ID: 91ee5f

Gabe, does you little pocket dimension have a lantern or some kinda light source? You might need one to see what’s down here.

And maybe you guys should consider telling the head librarian about this secret area of her library that she doesn’t know about.
No. 933756 ID: e7848c

Oh, good feelings gone. What light source do you have around here?
No. 933766 ID: 864e49

What would Frillsby and Gallsby do?

Don't do that, blue ball blue mouse for fun later and go get Casey and start exploring.
No. 933777 ID: 10c408

Go get Casey, and maybe see about acquiring supplies for a good old fashioned dungeon crawl.
No. 933783 ID: 719d94

It seems that when you casually leaned on a wall while absolutely nothing interesting was happening, you discovered a secret passage! Ashe might know where this leads, and if she doesn't she may need to be informed that it exists. Either way, talking to her seems prudent.
No. 933805 ID: ea82cb

Yell for her from inside the entrance. Hell, if this gets the librarians attention she might be interested too.
No. 933818 ID: 3ed3c3

Looks to be some manner of secret chamber.
No. 933868 ID: 7816e7
File 155866596001.png - (80.21KB , 700x583 , 9-22.png )

“Hey it says something here!”
His fingers trace a series of carved symbols, the edges still crisp despite their obvious age.

Kol buckles his belt and checks them out. “Can you read what it says?”

“Uh. It looks like the kind of runes we have etched around the school but... I can’t make anything out of it.”
No. 933869 ID: 7816e7
File 155866596964.png - (134.16KB , 700x700 , 9-23.png )

The pair exchange a glance in the dark and agree. “Casey?”

“Yeah we should go get her.”

“Well, you should. I don’t exactly want to be walking around like this.” The tent in Kol’s pants shifts, ad small dark stain of pre-cum leaks through.

“Heh heh, its cute seeing you pent up.” Gabe leers and runs a couple fingers up the length of the bulge. “Okay, be right back. Just hang onto that load for me, okay?” The sender gives him a quick kiss on the cheek and scurries off.
No. 933870 ID: 7816e7
File 155866597371.png - (171.84KB , 700x674 , 9-24.png )

"Psst, hey Case. Case!"

No. 933871 ID: 1b9176

We found a secret room, with secret runes!!
No. 933874 ID: b1b4f3

There's a secret room, and Kol has a boner!
No. 933875 ID: 422cea

This one.
No. 933876 ID: 83bf07

clearly this
No. 933879 ID: 91ee5f

Get directly next to her ear so that she can clearly hear you say this: >>933874 !
No. 933926 ID: 21d52d

Whisper in her ear.


Waggle your fingers dramatically.

"As in, me and Kol literally fell into a secret passage that I don't think anyone knows about. 's real dusty 'n old, and I know you love your dust. Oh and there's old runes or weird symbols to translate."
No. 933953 ID: 8eaf98

Kol and I triggered a secret door with a blowjob
No. 933961 ID: a9af05

"Remember that temple where you and Mr. Ochre found that secret room, where you guys found Flashing Feathers trapped in that pot? Yeah, me and Kol just found a secret room here in the library and I came to get you just in case there's another imprisoned god that you can set free in there."
No. 933967 ID: b1b4f3

And if there is, Gabe calls dibs.
No. 933974 ID: 91ee5f

Unless Kol found it while Gabe is out here getting Casey. Then it becomes “first come, first serve” and Gabe will have tragically missed out on getting to sex a god again!
No. 934068 ID: 438a42

"Wanna join me and Kol in plumbing a secret tunnel?"
No. 934096 ID: 7816e7
File 155891132438.png - (84.50KB , 700x583 , 9-25.png )

Gabe leans closer, until he’s right in her ear and whispers, “Psst, Case, we found a secret passage with mystery runes and shit. Wanna see?” He waggles his fingers dramatically but isn’t sure she notices.

Casey’s eyes pause mid-sentence and she clicks her tongue thoughtfully. Weighing her options, she shuts her notepad, stands and follows Gabe without a word.

Gabe leads her back to the hidden door and gives her a thumbs up. “Eh? Told ya.”

She runs her hand down the smooth, featureless edge where the passage opens and nods. “Huh... I’ll be honest, I kinda thought you were just trying to get me to sneak off for a quickie...”

“What, me? Never!” These are hallowed halls, Ms. Leander!” Gabe’s hand goes to his heart in mock outrage.
No. 934097 ID: 7816e7
File 155891132967.png - (155.20KB , 583x700 , 9-26.png )

They descend into the passage, finding Kol still struggling to hide the tent in his pants. He waves, looking bashful.

“I see, Very hallowed.” Casey giggles and flicks her tail under his nose playfully. “Where’s this ancient writing?”

“Uh, over there.” Kol points the magelight for her. “This tunnel keeps going too.” He waves the lantern and the light disappears into a long corridor.
No. 934098 ID: 7816e7
File 155891133392.png - (118.90KB , 647x700 , 9-27.png )

Casey takes a look at the runes and scowls at if for a while, “Gud werk ya figurt owt me hidy plase...Gud luk figurn me ridlz...”
No. 934102 ID: 439039

So, this is more "student with too much free time", not "ancient mystery"? Though, I'm wondering how long ago this person might have written this. It could still be theoretically very old, given that Casey seems to be reading it like some old dialect thing rather than a code of any kind.

Is there really nothing else in here? Just an empty space? Not even some ancient booze stash? It says "hidey place".
No. 934104 ID: b1b4f3

Oh. Well, let's at least see what's down here. It'll be a good distraction if nothing else.
No. 934108 ID: ac10e5

..Uh oh. Keep reading. Look around for anything you can't read, too.
No. 934109 ID: 94e3ab

The very sharp edges of the runes points to them being made by a Sender Gate-cutting them. Not surprising given the location. But it's highly doubtful such a hidden area was done by one person and still kept hidden. Likely this place was already here for a long time before being found by the message writer. Ask Casey how long its been since this runic language was in common use in the Sender school.

Put one of the comfy chairs in the doorway to block it from closing behind you and check for a control to open it from the inside. While Gabe can Gate y'all out if you get trapped, it's best not to rely solely on him. And if the door is stuck open, then if y'all don't come out then eventually someone will come to investigate.

Only way to go is down the corridor. Be on the lookout for more messages etched in the stone, on floor, ceiling and walls. And make sure to mark the direction you came from at any intersections to come to.

Gabe, make it your secondary mission to keep teasing Kol so he doesn't lose his erection throughout the entirety of this expedition, but without him going off. Start by running your tail over that tent in his trousers and go from there. Make him squirm~

Um, where'd the magelight Kol was holding before handing it to Casey come from? Not from Gabe's pocket dimension 'cause he's not allowed to Gate in the library. And it's rather too big to have fit in Kol's pockets. Was it just on the floor inside the hidden door?
No. 934110 ID: cb6404


Perverted old pirate ghost, ahoy ...?
No. 934111 ID: 2709e5

Well it was established that Moot came from nothing and could barely read and write so... possibly on the right track.
No. 934116 ID: 83bf07

How old is this writing? Broken old language..is the writer illiterate?
No. 934119 ID: 91ee5f

>”Huh...I’ll be honest, I kinda thought you were just trying to get me to sneak off for a quickie...”
“A quickie is how we found this place.”

Ask Casey if there’s supposed to be an accent or if that’s just really old and/or really bad handwriting?

We should also check and make sure we clear this place of any potential death traps before we tell anyone else about this place.
No. 934152 ID: ea82cb

Wait she expected a quickie but she came with anyway, eh?

But might as well follow the writing even if it's nothing. There's more likely to be something in here than in some dusty old book.
No. 934213 ID: 7816e7
File 155900571491.png - (98.96KB , 700x583 , 9-28.png )

She stands up and brushes her hair out of her eyes. “No wonder you couldn’t read it: who ever wrote must have been just writing phonetically. You get that sometimes with older texts, since literacy was exclusive to those that could afford it. A lot of common folk just made do with sounding things out.”

"That reminds me: I was talking to Mariana a while back and she said something about Augustine Moot. One of the reasons she didn’t leave any records or anything is that she was pretty much illiterate until later in her life."

"And she decided to found a school? Bold move, I guess." She shines the light down the corridor and grins, "But now I'm interested. It could be nothing, but we should investigate."

The guides carry on down the tunnel. Casey pans the light around, searching for traps or clues.

“This is taking us right into the heart of the mountain...” Gabe points out as he traces the smooth stonework.

"Shh!" Casey stops them as her light illuminates a pair of stone doors. "I suppose this is one of the 'ridlz'…"
No. 934214 ID: 7816e7
File 155900571823.png - (132.06KB , 700x583 , 9-29.png )

Hey, wake up. Someone's coming!

The three guides huddle together, their backs against one another. "What was that? Who's there?"

Oh wow, its about time, hang on

A pair of faintly glowing figures slip through the ceiling as if it were nothing. Reclining in mid air, the two spirits assess the trespassers.

"Is this right? They don’t seem like the type…"

"Does it matter? We've got a job right?"

"Might as well, its been ages since we've had anything to do."

"Right! This is, as you guessed, a riddle!" The jackal beams at them with a ghostly smile. "There are two doors! The right one will take you further into the mountain. The wrong door will boot you out and activate a ward that seals the chambers for, what like a hundred years?"

"Yeah, give or take." The lizard nods. "You get to ask us one question! But, one of us always lies!" His fingers wiggle like a pair of crafty spiders.

"And one of us always tells the truth! Simple, yeah?"

They pause for a moment and high five.

"Nailed it!"

"You guys have no idea how many times we practiced that…"
No. 934217 ID: 77e37e

That's an old, old puzzle and I doubt you two managed to remember which one is supposed to be which since both of you were telling us about the puzzle. Anyway, the right question is to ask either of you which door the other guy would tell us to take if we asked him which door to take, then take the opposite door. That wasn't an actual question, so do you two ever get bored of this? Also you cockblocked us, not cool.
No. 934218 ID: 4294c6

Which door leads to a better riddle?
No. 934219 ID: 8d4593

Wanna Smash?
No. 934220 ID: b1b4f3

What kind of spirits are these? They don't look similar to any we've seen before.
Also they're cute. Not gonna do Kol's boner any favors here.

Yep that's the answer. Gotta involve both "door guards" in the question to get a reliable answer.
No. 934221 ID: 83bf07

Can we get names before we get started?
No. 934224 ID: 10c408

fake them out.

Say, DO NOT ASK, "Well I guess you two know which of you is which, then."

Look like you are mulling it over. Maybe we'll get lucky and the tedium of guarding this room for hundreds of years will leave them vulnerable to poker based trickery and other forms of shenanigans.
No. 934225 ID: cb6404


Oh my fates, just invite these horny nerds along. It's gotta be way better than being stuck here doing nothing.

Afterwards we can all have kinky ghost sex.
No. 934227 ID: c49ece

Absolutely indirectly ask if they've forgotten who lies and who tells the truth, because that's gonna be funny.
No. 934230 ID: 8d23f0

ask if they want to fuck.
No. 934231 ID: cb6aa2

You can bypass the "one question" thing by talking to each other using statements and seeing if they respond. Like "Casey, Kol, I'm wondering if any question will count or just one we address towards them" and "Kol, given how long these two must have been here, I'm not sure they'd remember themselves which one of them is supposed to be which" and "They both explained, so that might mean part of the explanation was a lie, too".

Then you see if they take the non-question prompt to say anything further.
No. 934232 ID: cb6aa2

If you want my take at actually solving the riddle: the lizard said "one of us always lies". Always would mean that the explanation was included as well (try explaining this reasoning aloud, just in case). If that's true, then the other one has to be lying, but that would mean "one of us always tells the truth" is a lie, which means both of them can lie, which means always lying could have been a lie, which means both of them can tell the truth or lie as they feel like it.

So my solution is: use a small guesstimate portal to the space just on the other side of the doors to peek what's on the other side of them without actually opening them, which is presumably the trigger for anything bad.
No. 934233 ID: 10c408

And if they can just trigger the ward whenever they think about it?
No. 934244 ID: de7a00

I think the solution would be asking either one something like this:

"If I asked your partner to show me an incorrect door, which door would they indicate?"

If we ask the liar, they will indicate the correct door, because their partner would actually indicated the correct door. If we ask the truthful one, they'll also indicate the correct door, because the liar would show us the correct door if we asked that question.

I know this works for versions of the riddle with two doors, and I think it should work with three as well, though I'm not sure.
No. 934245 ID: 94e3ab

>So my solution is: use a small guesstimate portal to the space just on the other side of the doors to peek what's on the other side of them without actually opening them, which is presumably the trigger for anything bad.
Considering this is hidden in the Sender Order's school, whoever built this place likely figured Senders would be the ones most likely to find this place, therefore there's fair odds they put in counters to using Gates in such a way. They could be blocked, or they may even trigger the fail state for cheating.

I think a safer way would be for Kol to separate his spirit from his body just enough so he can stick his spirit's head through the wall to see what's beyond each door. Less likely to be countermeasures for spirit walking than gating in here.
No. 934246 ID: a9af05

>Use gates to cheat
>Use spirit walking to cheat
Or we could just not be a bunch of cheating assholes and just solve the riddle normally?

It's really not that hard to solve.
No. 934249 ID: 20300e

Mention that since they both took part in explaining the rules, if one of them always lies, you can't trust their explanation of the rules.
No. 934250 ID: ea82cb

Yeah it's straightforward assuming they don't mess up
No. 934259 ID: 91ee5f

I agree with not being a cheating asshole. Let’s not be a killjoy to these guys!
No. 934268 ID: caf1de

full kill joy mode

explain to them fully how this riddle works and how to get the answer but that only works if they themselves know which is which

then explain how it doesn't really matter anyway because one of you can use gates and one of you can spirit walk and this is in a library in a school for magic users and we're friends with like three fay and a god so they might as well just let us through and help us because well have sexy times afterwards
No. 934271 ID: ecd116

once we deal with this knights and knaves game the spirits are playing, there are questions to be answers like what were they like in life, when did they pass away and how they came to guard these doors?

also if they know anything that will help you out information wise when it about Augustine Moot and things like the library, if they feel like joining up or following/leading us though the building. that will be helpful as well.
No. 934277 ID: f57349

Leave without saying anything. Notify a senior librarian before proceeding. Consider whether this secret passage predates the development of any portal techniques which might be used to trivially bypass it, such as beacons. Look up blueprints for the library, see if you can narrow down what sort of shape "deeper into the mountain" would have to be.
No. 934286 ID: a9af05

>people wondering if they remember the correct door or remember who is supposed to lie/tell the truth
They just told us that they've been rehearsing the entire time they've been down here waiting for someone to show up.

That tells me that they know their roles and know the correct door. I don't think we're going to trip them up like you guys are hoping will happen.
No. 934287 ID: a9af05

Also, if the liar was the one that told us the other always tells the truth, that would make that a lie. Wouldn't that mean that both of them are liars and we can't trust what either of them tell us?
No. 934291 ID: d94e15

Line up in a line. Ask one of them who has the longest tail.

It's easily observable and confirmable.

Then, you know which one the other is and you can ask which door is which and know whether they're lying or not.
No. 934292 ID: b1b4f3

We have ONE question. The puzzle requires you to ask a question which determines the correct door. Determining who is lying and who is telling the truth is not required.
No. 934294 ID: a9af05

>Line up and each of you ask a question
We have one question, not one question for each person!
No. 934296 ID: 94e3ab

Alright, then asking the question >>934244 suggested would be the best choice to determine the correct door, right?
No. 934308 ID: a9af05

I believe doing what was suggested here >>934217 is the best way for us to determine the correct door.
No. 934312 ID: cb6404


This guy gets it.
No. 934349 ID: 7816e7
File 155910178024.png - (150.30KB , 700x583 , 9-30.png )

“Okay, how about this: you,” Casey points to the jackal, “What would your partner say is the incorrect door?” She folds her arms with a smug grin.

The ghosts exchange glances and go into a huddle.

“Who’s turn is it? Am I the liar today?”
“-I dunno. I thought it was my turn-“
“You were supposed to be keeping track of that, Rufus! We’re gonna look like idiots!”
“What’s with that guy? Is he turned on by all this?”
“Focus, man! Who’s the liar?”
“Uh, is it Tuesday? If it is, then I’m the liar, right?” 
“Forget it, we wait all this time and fuck it all up cause we can’t figure out a schedule...”

They unhuddle and sigh, their spirits deflated. “Okay, yeah we forgot which one is which…”

“Heyyy, how can we trust you?” Gabe scratches his chin and squints, his eyes flickering between them. ”You both told us the rules, so what if you’re both liars?”

They stare blankly for a moment and the lizard pipes up, “Wait, what? No, one of us doesn’t literally lie all the time; that’d be crazy. Its just puzzle logic. What's the point of a puzzle if you don’t know the rules, right?”
No. 934350 ID: 7816e7
File 155910178559.png - (113.23KB , 700x583 , 9-31.png )

“Speaking of puzzle, what’s with your friend?” Rufus, the jackal leers at Kol, “He some kind of fey? Got a riddle fetish?”

Kol clears his throat, “It’s unrelated, it just hasn’t gone down yet!”

Casey steps between them, “Hey now, we’re very sorry your puzzle didn’t work out like you hoped. But we’d like to get through. Is there something we can work out that will satisfy you?”

“Satisfy, eh?” Rufus’s ears perk up.
No. 934352 ID: 465a14

Yeah if you two forgot the riddle and we got the right question to answer it let's just fuck and call it even.

>the latest update
No. 934356 ID: b1b4f3

Eh, the mood is a bit off though.

Again: what kind of spirits are these? Elementals? Ghosts? Some kind of pure energy being?
No. 934359 ID: 10c408

"Sorry Kol, but this appears to be less of a puzzle and more of a transaction.

And let's face it, this is important."
No. 934369 ID: 3940d3

We must sacrifice kol for the greater good, we will remember you dear friend.
No. 934377 ID: 7a0a43

... Wait did you ask if he was a fey because you thought he had a riddle fetish? Do fey all have riddle fetishes? That is some very useful information.

Anyway, let's hear what they'd like, but if it involves fucking they could at least tell us their names and some minimal background info first, and you guys do the same. Don't want to be completely impersonal.

Speaking of not being impersonal, maybe you should tell them about the whole giant dog threat? If the worst comes to worst then these guys are down here where no-one even knew anyone was around and they shouldn't get stuck here without even knowing what's happened.
No. 934378 ID: d94e15

They've been waiting an awful long time right? Surely it'd prove an equal measure of skill to satisfy them both in a different way.
No. 934379 ID: 91ee5f

>... Wait did you ask if he was a fey because you thought he had a riddle fetish?
They might’ve asked him that because he probably smelled like Caleb. Kol did spend a lot of time with him, so he might smell like a fey right now.
No. 934381 ID: 7a0a43

I would like to feel confident that Kol took a shower after coming back from a long sailing trip.
No. 934384 ID: 94e3ab

Ask Rufus what he has in mind that'd be satisfactory. While it feels like it'll be something sexual, best not to assume that and make a offer that's off the mark. Hear what he wants and figure if it's acceptable or negotiate with him.

Since they're spirits, presumably they're incorporeal and can't interact with the physical world. That'll be a issue if Rufus wants sex. So far the only way we know of that he could do that is if he possesses or co-occupies Kol's body and Kol may not be down to do that with some stranger. Ah, but Rufus doesn't know Kol is a medium, so he likely wouldn't suggest something he doesn't know they can do. So Rufus may just want to watch 'em have sex. Anyway it goes, whoever is involved will have to be okay with it. No pressuring 'em into it.
No. 934393 ID: 83bf07

Let's talk mergers.
No. 934398 ID: a9af05

Would a normal shower be enough to wash away the smell of a fey? It could be a smell that only other spirits can smell and showering doesn't wash it off.
No. 934400 ID: bb78f2

Yes please help us help you help us AND help you by letting us pass through curing Kol's poor yon boner
No. 934423 ID: f0762a

Kol can help one of them. Casey can help the other.
No. 934489 ID: 7816e7
File 155927149365.png - (172.81KB , 700x583 , 9-32.png )

“You’re a medium, right?” The jackal continues, “Pezzi and I were too!”

“Lost our bodies sealing a mana well. We’ve been guarding this place ever since.” Pezzi nods a little sadly. “The Guardian Alliance used to use these chambers to meet in secret, but those days are long gone.”

“So, when you said ‘satisfy’ you meant...” Kol asks.

Rufus floats on his back, drifting lazily in the dark, “We’re all pretty pent up, I was just thinking it might be fun if we helped each other out.” He shrugs, “You guys got the question right, even if we screwed up the answer, so I understand if you’d rather move on. But if you’re okay with it, I think Pezzi and I would love to share your handsome body for a bit...” He winks at his suddenly flustered partner, “Even if he’s too shy to admit it.”
No. 934490 ID: b1b4f3

Uh... so they died while projecting their spirits, and thus aren't quite ghosts? So they don't need mana to survive, which would eventually turn them into liches?
I wonder how many forms of undead there are...

Anyway, sharing your body with two former Mediums sounds like good Medium training.
No. 934491 ID: 8eaf98

still gotta make sure we put up the spirit barrier thing just in case these kiddos want to escape without asking. otherwise may as well right?
No. 934492 ID: 465a14

Sure why not, you got blueballed earlier anyway. Finish the job.
No. 934494 ID: 83bf07

I mean, three bodies and five minds could work
No. 934496 ID: 91ee5f

Sure, might as well do it. You and Gabe were already doing that when you found this place and I’m sure Casey would be more than happy to join in as well.

Kol: “You’re already naked, Gabe?! All I did was blink and your clothes were gone! How did you do that so fast?!”

Gabe: “Practice.”
No. 934527 ID: 6e4f73

Help your fellow mediums out. After all, you'd probably want help in their position too!

Hey maybe you can get people coming down here more in the future?
No. 934539 ID: a9af05

Might as well help out.

That made me laugh. And that does sound like something that would happen.
No. 934541 ID: cb6404


I mean, why not? They ARE asking, and they certainly are cute, too.
No. 934582 ID: 7816e7
File 155935629161.png - (202.68KB , 700x694 , 9-33.png )

“If you guys are cool with it, sure!” Kol closes his eyes and feels his mind open to the spirits. A slight chill passes through him as they settle in alongside his soul.

He opens his eyes and grins. “Ooh this is nice. I’ve missed this.” “Oh wow that’s a rush!”
No. 934583 ID: 7816e7
File 155935629538.png - (109.66KB , 700x410 , 9-34.png )

The walls flare red for a second as Gabe snaps his fingers. “Just in case. Now how about we finish what we started, Kol?” He sidles up beside the medium, his grabby hands drawing a moan from the spirits. He plops down in front of them and starts fiddling with Kol’s belt.

“Actually, mind if I join you?” Casey slips in next to Gabe as Kol’s cock bobs into view. Kol gasps in chorus with himself as the two mice get to work, happily lapping at his shaft in alternating turns.

No. 934586 ID: 465a14

Someone work the balls.
No. 934591 ID: b1b4f3

Uhhh... Gabe and Casey should ask what they like.
No. 934596 ID: e7848c

Give the mice some head pats, lads.
No. 934604 ID: 10c408

Considering that this is for the spirits...

Gabe and Casey should work the shaft, then figure out who's going to be on it and who will be attending Kol's mouth during round two. (I'm thinking rock-paper-scissors)
No. 934643 ID: 567477

Inspired by the positioning of the spirits as they move in, here, how about Gabe behind and Casey in front for a nice sandwich?
No. 934649 ID: 7816e7
File 155943469753.png - (121.01KB , 700x456 , 9-35.png )

The mice feel Kol’s hands on their heads. Soft fingertips tease their ears and Gabe shudders, his eyelids fluttering. Together, their ministrations draw out a steady taste of pre, which they share with small exchanges of tongues. Gabe and Casey lick their lips and look up at their partner expectedly.

“Having fun?” Asks Casey.

Kol nods back. “Oh yeah, wonderful!” “You guys are great!” “Ohhhh, yess...”

“It’s been a while hasn’t it?” She winks, “Is there anything you guys want to try out?”

Kol feels an internal discussion flicker behind his eyes, reading their desires as they listen to his. “Welllll, one of us always tops.” “And one of us always bottoms.”

No. 934652 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds like you need a sandwich.
No. 934659 ID: edf377

Time to strip down and sandwich up.
No. 934661 ID: 10c408

Oblige them, then.

Gabe on top and Casey on bottom, with aura tentacles.
No. 934664 ID: e7848c

Hey now, we're past the stage of riddles
No. 934696 ID: 8d23f0

“Welllll, one of us always tops.” “And one of us always bottoms.”

but you always cum as one I assume? and tentacle aura always a good idea
No. 934783 ID: 235ba5

If I asked you if your partner tops, what would they say?
No. 934784 ID: f57349

No, no, you've lost half the analogy, it's something more like "If I told you to tell your partner to bend over, what would go wrong."
No. 934804 ID: 6e4f73

Can you... share Kol's body in a particular orientation?
No. 934839 ID: 7816e7
File 155969498196.png - (185.89KB , 657x700 , 9-36.png )

Casey lays back and pulls aside her bodysuit with a finger, "I think we can solve this riddle, right Gabe?"

"Oooh, yeah." He slips in behind Kol and rocks his shaft back and forth beneath his tail. "This is more my kind of puzzle." A slick sheen gleams on his cock. Gabe tucks a small vial of lubricant back into his pants and gleefully discards them. "Good thing I figured we'd get bored."

The three mice shuffle loose from their clothing and drift to the floor in the dark. Casey pulls Kol's body close and helps slowly guide him in. "That’s it- no lower, there…" She sighs as they push forward, filling her with a single smooth motion. "Ah! Okay, that’s good. Are you guys okay?"

Kol closes his eyes and nods. He grinds against where they meet hungrily and leans forward. "Oh, this… yes I missed this…" "Oh, you're so warm inside, it feels so good!"

"We're just getting started!" Gabe slips inside, feeling Kol accept him and snugs up against his butt. "Mmmm, good to know you're still tight back here. You ready?"

"Ah! Yes! Give it to me!" "Oh, wow that’s- that’s something. Ooooh yeah…"

No. 934840 ID: 7816e7
File 155969498711.png - (190.18KB , 689x700 , 9-37.png )

They start slow, five minds coordinating three bodies, they work together to find a rhythm that feels comfortable. Gabe fills Kol. Koll fills Casey. Pezzi and Rufus moan and writhe with pleasure as corporeal sensations tingle through them for the first time in centuries. Their bodies piston back and forth, maintaining a careful balance between one another's needs.

A glow goes unnoticed behind them until Gabe gasps. The familiar smoothness of Casey's aura pierces him, steadily stretching as it flows inside. "Ah! Yeah! Y-yeah! Fffffffuck, Case!" The mouse's knees buckle and his pace falters as the tendril coils like a living thing.

"Hey-hey, don't stop!" Kol pants, "We're getting close!"

No. 934845 ID: e7848c

S a n d w i c h t i m e
No. 934874 ID: b1b4f3

Get it together, Gabe.
No. 934959 ID: 7816e7
File 155979047565.png - (189.71KB , 700x500 , 9-38.png )

Gabe wraps his arms around Kol and hangs on tight. “Ah! I’m bout to cum! Case, give it to me!”

Casey clenches her fist and her aura ripples in response. Her spell drills Gabe, bucking him forward as it fills and stretches him. The momentum carries him into Kol and, as his cock twitches ominously inside, it pounds a furious tempo against needy flesh.

Kol moans a choir of ecstasy. Nailed down into Casey’s waiting pussy, he pushes back against Gabe’s thrusting, only to be driven in again and again. Overwhelmed, trying just to hold out for a few more moments, Kol, Rufus and Pezzi blur as they lose their senses of self and succumb to the haze of pleasure.

Casey grins and huffs, the air driven out of her each time Kol slaps against her hips. Her fingers slip down to where they meet and her body welcomes him, rubbing furiously at her clit. She bites her lip and watches the expressions on her partners, judging that they’re mere seconds from cresting as she races to catch up with them.

She feels Kol’s body lock up, shuddering as heat pulses within her. A moment later Gabe follows him, his gasping cries punctuated by frantic thrusts. “Hang on guys, almost there.” Casey warns, as her binding spell flexes and coils.

Already spent, Kol and Gabe push back weakly against Casey’s aura. The tendril pistons in and out and the three mice slap against each other in a squeaky Newton’s cradle. Casey’s finger works a blur between her legs as cum spreads across her thighs and through her fur. Her hips buck up to meet the messy thrusts and she throws her head back. Her eyes screw shut and legs quake as climax rushes over her.

No. 934963 ID: b1b4f3

Good work team. Let's take a breather before the next room.
No. 934967 ID: e6b8d9

Y'all hug each other close and roll to the side together to rest a bit and bask in the afterglow and warmth of each other. Maybe Casey can form a mat of aura tentacles for a few minutes so y'all don't have to lay on the hard, cold floor. And Casey could deeply kiss Kol too, since Pezzi and Rufus haven't felt that in a long time as well.

Ask the two ghost guys how that felt for 'em. A greatly satisfying experience after so many centuries, hopefully. Also ask if they'd tag along on your journey into the mountain, if their duty doesn't hold 'em here. Perhaps one or the other or both riding in the "backseat" of Kol's body. And ask if they could possibly leave the mountain for awhile, either together or one at a time. No doubt they'd like to experience more sharing Kol's form, such as food and drink. Oh, and ask if they surely remember which door is the correct one. It's just to be absolutely sure, y'know.
No. 935113 ID: 7816e7
File 155996153399.png - (128.70KB , 700x632 , 9-39.png )

Kol collapses, sprawled over Casey in a boneless heap. The spirits inside pant as long forgotten endorphins run through borrowed veins. The shared body fumbles awkwardly, trying to make sense of all of the sensory information and coordinate worn out muscles and joints.

Casey pulls them close and their eyes open wide as they kiss. All other thought goes out the window while her tongue tangles with theirs. When they pull back and remember to breathe, she asks, “How was that, guys?”

“Ah- Fate, that was amazing!” “I know, right? Hah, I wish I had done that while I had a body.”
“Do you three do this kind of stuff often?”
No. 935114 ID: 7816e7
File 155996153943.png - (93.13KB , 466x700 , 9-40.png )

“Oof, More than you’d think.”Says Gabe, standing up and slipping free. His dick bobs and drips, glistening in the magelight as his erection fades. “But not as much I’d like...” He opens a small gate, fishing out a rag to wipe himself off.

Kol pulls himself up into a kneeling position and Casey stretches as he stands. “Mmph, we gotta find more comfortable places to fool around. Fates, you guys made a mess.” She accepts the rag from Gabe and tries to brush her fur clean of cum.

“Tell me about it...” Kol chuckles, “I’m with Gabe though; we should do that more often.” He buckles up his pants despite the slippery sensation oozing beneath his tail. “I hope you two were satisfied.”
No. 935115 ID: 7816e7
File 155996154817.png - (142.28KB , 466x700 , 9-41.png )

The spirits, Rufus and Pezzi pull free from his body all smiles and tangled limbs. “Yes. Absolutely yes. That was wonderful! I’ll be dreaming of that for centuries...” Rufus lolls, pawing at his partner. “Pezzi, I’m officially a switch now. If we ever get corporeal bodies again I want you to fuck me in the ass. Okay?”

The lizard nods shyly, his shoulders all bunched up in the excitement. “Ye-yeah, I’d l-like that...”

“Well you guys could come with us if you want! We might need the help figuring out the next riddles...” Gabe suggests. “I mean its not like this place will stay secret for long, now that we found it...”

“Mmm true. What do you think ,Pezzi?”

“Its- its been a long time... I’d like to go out, see what’s happened to the world since we lost our bodies...”

“Yeah, nothing keeping us here anymore. Hundreds of years and we couldn’t do our job right, might as well go with you and see if we can be of some help.”

“Sooooo,” Casey asks, “which door is the right one? You remember that, right?
No. 935116 ID: 7816e7
File 155996155617.png - (91.82KB , 526x700 , 9-42.png )

“Oh yeah, its the left one. Right?”

“Yup. At least we can help with that...”

Casey takes hold of the handle and pushes the door inward. Beyond the frame is a solid white glow, much like the surface of a gate.

“Oh yeah the guardians put a spacial charm in place for the next bit.” Rufus floats up to the surface, “If I remember right, things get a bit weird in there. Might want to avoid using gates while we’re inside.”
No. 935126 ID: 83bf07

Maybe we should grabs some water and refresh before we go out of gate range?
No. 935144 ID: bc88b2

Refreshing before you go further is a good idea, yeah. While you do that, maybe fill the spirits in on the broader situation? You never know, they might know something.
No. 935156 ID: b1b4f3

Spacial distortion, I'm guessing. I wonder how they did it.
Ask who built this place, and why.
No. 935167 ID: a9af05

All of this
No. 935223 ID: f57349

Extract any other stuff you might need from the pocket dimension before proceeding. Leave a message about what you're up to where somebody responsible will find it, so if you get stuck, backup will be coming in days rather than decades.
No. 935338 ID: 7816e7
File 156019970688.png - (152.16KB , 700x560 , 9-43.png )

Casey pauses and turns back to Gabe. “Better grab anything me might need before heading in, then.”

The Sender cracks his knuckles and opens up his storage portal. He pulls out a backpack fixed to a frame and sets it down. He extracts a thermos and some dry granola for the group and passes them around for everyone. Gabe holds the bag up for the ghostly mediums and asks, “You guys need anything?” They thank him but wave a “no”.

Kol shoulders the backpack with a grunt. “Nice, Gabe. How much can you store now?”

“Its about as big as a closet. I’m trying to at least make sure everything I store is useful though.” The glowing red hole in space shrinks away into empty air. “It’s nothing as amazing as Vivian’s. Delilah and I spent a weekend exploring once and it just seemed to keep going.”

"Let's hope whatever's on the other side isn't that big." Casey scribbles a note on a piece of scrap paper and sticks it to the door-frame. "I don't want the senders to have to come rescue us. We ready?"
No. 935339 ID: 7816e7
File 156019971190.png - (197.24KB , 700x700 , 9-44.png )

With everyone prepared, they step through the glowing rectangle. Emerging on the other side, they find themselves in a large room terraced with staircases. Windows and doors pigeonhole the walls, pointing up, down and sideways in an architectural mess. The design appears to be completely nonsensical regardless of where a viewer is standing and what their gravitational orientation is.

"Awwww lichfire. Its one of these?" Gabe slouches.
No. 935341 ID: ef28f6

Damn, and you guys just had a bunch of sex. It would have been fun to play around with the messed-up gravity directions, assuming those are a thing.

Well, let's see. Things of note:
- The door immediately above you is darker on the inside than the others.
- There are only two rounded doors, the others are square.
- There's only one door that looks like it has two "floors", the one to the right of the bottom of the stairs in front of you.
No. 935357 ID: e6b8d9

"Just what is "one of these," and why did you sound like you'd rather crawl across broken glass than deal with this?"

It's looking like you're facing some kind of spacial fuckery maze. This could potentially be real nasty to figure out. Something like shifting parts around behind you if you go the wrong way will make the usual maze trick of marking where you came from or following the right hand wall ineffectual. And you better hope the maze maker designed it to dump you out at the entrance and not trap you if you went too far the wrong way.

Anyway, first off, check if you can freely walk back out the way you came in; Wouldn't be surprising if the way back out isn't the same gateway now. And as you go in, mark the way you came from with chalk or anything else you have. Ask Pezzi and Rufus if they know who designed this place. Perhaps it'll be someone Gabe knows of and if they had any particular quirks or tricks they put into spaces like this.
No. 935358 ID: b1b4f3

Time to start marking entrances and exits with chalk so you know what leads where.
No. 935359 ID: 10c408

Okay, hm. Gabe, you seem to know about this, care to explain/answer questions?

1: Is travel limited solely to the staircases?

2: is it possible to jump off the 'floor' and land on the surface that used to be a 'wall', without pratfalling due to gravity, or is that right out?

3: can one simply walk off of the edge of a 90 degree surface and continue walking after a 90 degree shift, albeit very careful?

4: do we have a ball of string and other miscellaneous supplies for marking doorways such as tape/markers/paper?
No. 935373 ID: cb6404


Hope you brought your chalk.
No. 935402 ID: e6b8d9

Oh, and a mass on a long string (like a plumb bob) to check for gravity shifts. Useful to check that gravity where you're gonna step is the way you want it, and also for putting over the edge of ledges to see if stepping off will be a fall or not.
No. 935407 ID: e7848c

We uh, have any way of pathmarking?
No. 935573 ID: 7816e7
File 156038465386.png - (146.15KB , 700x571 , 9-45.png )

“Yeaaah, the Senders made us solve one for an exam once: something about learning how to navigate space and keep from being disoriented. Its just a maze but the gravity and physics are all weird.” Gabe rolls his eyes, “You have to find the right combination of doors to orient yourself for the exit.”

“Well, with all of us working together, we might be able to solve it quicker. As long as we’re methodical about it. Here...” she takes out her pencil and scribbles the number 1 on the doorframe of the entrance. “That’s our starting point.” She sticks her head through to check and verifies that it still leads to the library. “Okay, good. Gabe did you pack any string?”

“Mmm nope, there’s a couple feet of rope for the hammock. But that’s it.”

“Since when do we have a hammock?” Kol demands.

Gabe shrugs, “You we’re talking about how comfy they are! I wanted to try it out!”

“Well, I’m not sure how far it’ll stretch, but...” Casey extends her binding spell, “We could use my aura. We should start out by figuring out what doors lead where. Rufus and Pezzi, since gravity isn’t really an issue for you two, would you mind floating through some doorways so we can find out which ones are linked?”

The disembodied spirits give her a thumbs up and start floating through the open doors one after another. Casey follows along, using her aura tentacle to crudely mark the linked doorways.
No. 935574 ID: 7816e7
File 156038465703.png - (138.85KB , 700x694 , 9-46.png )

“Okay,” she pauses and examines the results. “These all seem to lead to one another as expected but I noticed one thing.” She points to door number 5. “This one is set up so that you can enter it from two different angles. If we find the right combination of doors, we can orient ourselves to pass through it upside down, which I’m guessing will take us through.”
No. 935577 ID: b1b4f3

>enter door 4 upside down
Clarification please? Aren't we currently standing "upside down" compared to door 4? Also it looks very awkward to enter that door(well, either of them) in more than one angle.
The diagram has one door 5 shaded in, and it looks much easier to enter that one upside down. Was THAT the right door?
No. 935578 ID: ba5829

... I think you mean the one marked 5? And, to be clear, gravity only changes for you if you go through a door? That means some of these doors are pretty dangerous to go through the wrong way.

To get to door 5 upside down, you need one of the 3s or either one of the 4s, but you'll have some climbing to do, so we need an answer on how well you can do that. Casey, can you shape your aura to form a ladder that other people can climb?
No. 935579 ID: 055cbc

Uh.. which door 4? I can see hitting one of those from the side, but not sure how you would get to either of them upsidown.
No. 935580 ID: b1b4f3

Also there's a door in the initial shot that isn't shown in the diagram. It's right above the left door 4.
No. 935582 ID: 7816e7

Slight edit, text changed to door 5
No. 935584 ID: f57349

Down the stairs right in front of you, through door 8, turn left, up the shallow-looking stairs, turn right, down into door 5.
No. 935586 ID: b1b4f3

That would put us into door 5 while gravity is pointing left. That might work?

We might need it to point up, which means we need to go through door 3 right before door 5. In that case, door 2 is a dead end since there are no other doors oriented that way.

How about this: enter 5 the correct way, then 7, then 3, then 5 the wrong way.
No. 935600 ID: 10c408

Okay, before we try anything else we should see what happens to gabe's rope by inserting it into the #5 door from the wrong entrance (the one at the bottom of the flight of stairs we're on)

If nothing happens to aside from a major shift in gravitty then the easiest (and very gordian) solution is to simply re-orient everyone using aura tentacles and walk them through the door.

Casey can do a handstand after helping the other two.
No. 935699 ID: 7816e7
File 156048177062.png - (125.16KB , 624x700 , 9-47.png )

“Let’s see if this works...” Casey extends her aura on ahead, looping it through door 5, then door 7, around to door 3 and back into door 5. The end of the tendril disappears into the darkness and Casey pumps her other fist. “Got it! Follow me, guys!”

She takes the lead and they clamber over the mismatched geometry into the correct doors. Passing one another inverted, Casey jumps up and gives Gabe a high five.
No. 935700 ID: 7816e7
File 156048177609.png - (178.93KB , 700x700 , 9-48.png )

They pass through the door, once more into shadow. Kol pulls out the magelight again and feels a slight chill turning it on as the device pulls a minute charge of mana from his body.“Do you two remember anything else about what’s down here?”

Pezzi scratches at his chin and thinks, “I remember The guardian used to have some kind of beast from the feywilds living down here, but that was centuries ago. I can’t imagine it would be still alive.”

As Kol waves the light scatters and reflects off of a layer of water a couple inches deep and smooth as a mirror. A drop of water somewhere ahead echoes and a second later an imperceptible ripple disturbs the surface. "Huh, looks like a you guys have a leak somewhere."
No. 935706 ID: 10c408

Noooope. Get away from the edge. If it's a fey creature, it might still be alive. And the drip cannot be coincidental given the intent behind the design of this place. I'm thinking it's a kelpie or worse and it'll try to snatch someone into the water to drown them.
No. 935707 ID: b1b4f3

>beast from the feywilds
>centuries ago
If it *did* die... it might have left a ghost. Or it's just a very long-lived animal? We know elementals can live that long.
Also, I wouldn't be surprised if that water is from the beast. Don't move any further. Shine your light all over the room(or corridor?) to see what's in it. If you can't see anything then I suppose we can begin to move forwards... just uh, make sure that water is as deep as it looks and isn't actually a lake with an illusion on it. Remember we are potentially going to have to deal with fey magic. Poke the water with something.
No. 935727 ID: 055cbc

magelight points up now. Find that 'leak'
No. 935805 ID: 7816e7
File 156056035833.png - (88.60KB , 700x637 , 9-49.png )

The light swings upwards, tracing along the ceiling. Kol mutters, “Aw man, really hoping its not another kelpie. Nixxy is already enough to handle, thank you.” He spots a gleaming refraction of light. A single drop of water beads out of a crack in the stone, traces down a tiny stalactite before dripping into the placid reservoir.
No. 935806 ID: 7816e7
File 156056036431.png - (94.00KB , 700x437 , 9-50.png )

“Looks like it isn’t very deep. Should we keep going?”

“I suppose so, we’ve gone this far already.” Gabe and Casey shrug.

Kol rolls up his cuffs and splashes into the ankle deep water. “Huh, not as cold as I expected.”

“Let’s keep an eye out. Rufus and Pezzi can you watch our backs?” Casey cautiously steps into the water and waves to the two lost spirits.

“I suppose so, not like anything is going to attack us...”

The group wades into the tunnel, finding that it opens up after about a dozen feet. Kol’s light waves over a low, wide ceiling carved from intersecting arches. The resulting vaulted space seems mostly empty, save for a few heavy stone tables and the odd overturned chair.
No. 935820 ID: b1b4f3

...yep that really is a leak. It's been there long enough to form a stalactite.

Is that something on the bottom of that overturned table? If not I guess we should just try some doors.
Can Gabe use portals now that we're past the maze?
No. 935826 ID: e6b8d9

There must have been something or someone real strong and angry to be able to flip a stone table over. Hopefully they're not still down here.

Inspect the furniture and the floor where the tables were flipped over for any items that were left behind. And it's peculiar that the wooden chair hasn't collapsed from rot from water exposure by now. Give it a poke to see if it's just about to disintegrate or if it's solid. If it's solid then something is weird with the water and you ought to be suspicious of it.

And thinking of water, check if Gabe can Gate. If he can then he could make a drain hole to clear the water out. ...Y'know, shouldn't there be drain holes built into this place already? Water does tend to condensate in caves, so whoever built this place ought to have put drains in to channel the damp out. And if there aren't any, then shouldn't the water be much higher than it is? It's cool in here, so it wouldn't evaporate much and keep building up, right? So how come it isn't?
No. 935867 ID: 83bf07

Let's check the door on the other side of the over turntable. Seems like there's a raised section in the wall next to it.
No. 935894 ID: c49ece

Is that stalagmite setting off anybody's OCD in this otherwise completely geometric basement?

I hope opening up one of those doors doesn't flood the room you're trying to enter.
No. 935906 ID: e6b8d9

>I hope opening up one of those doors doesn't flood the room you're trying to enter.
Oh, that raises another question: Why haven't the wooden doors rotted from all the water? At least at the bottom. It's rather suspicious if they haven't and there isn't a fitting explanation like them having magical or mundane wood treatment back in the day.
No. 935912 ID: a9af05

They could be stone doors.
No. 935931 ID: cb6404


Doesn't the style of this seem oddly familiar? Kind of like when we talked to the fey guy on the barghast?

The architecture is very atypical, too, given what we know of how the library itself was created. Especially considering that vaulted ceilings were designed for structural support.

Does either Rufus or Pezzi have any knowledge of this room beyond that its former occupant was fey?
No. 935957 ID: 7816e7
File 156064733098.png - (132.05KB , 497x700 , 9-51.png )

They slosh through the dark, inspecting the upturned table. Casey’s foot nudges something and she fishes around and finds a leather book cover and clasp. It seems fairly well preserved. although the pages have long since disappeared into pulp. The brass latch on the front reveals a corroded seal of the Sender Order. She sighs, “I hope something down here is still intact. Gabe, do you think its safe to use gates down here?”

“Let me check...” He closes his eyes and tries to call up a beacon. “Oh wow, that’s interesting... We’re definitely not in the spacial warp anymore. But we’re not even in Moot Point; this is somewhere to the... southeast? A couple of miles out of town.”

“Do you think you could use a gate to drain the water?”

“I could try, let me just take a peek so I’m not dumping it out in some guy’s living room.” He makes a couple of peepholes before being satisfied. “Okay, I found a pond I can dump it in. Hang on.”

He flexes his fingers and opens a gate at floor level about two feet wide and watches as the water rushes in. The flow goes on for what feels like an unusual amount of time with no sign of abating. “Fates, how much is there?”
No. 935958 ID: 7816e7
File 156064733540.png - (175.12KB , 700x700 , 9-52.png )

Kol tugs at his cuffs and shines the light on his legs. “Wait, is it getting deeper?”
No. 935960 ID: 91ee5f

It only started getting deeper when Gabe tried to drain away the water. So hopefully if Gabe stops trying to draw away the water, the water lever will stop rising.
No. 935961 ID: 465a14

Oh gee wow, what's that, a test for people who use gates all the time where you were explicitly warned not to fuck around with gates doesn't let you teleport water away with gates? Shock and amazement.

Stop that immediately. It looks like the gate's just duplicating whatever water's going through it.
No. 935962 ID: 91ee5f

>water lever will stop rising.
water level will stop rising.
No. 935965 ID: 8eaf98

I want to know what water does in the prior room with all the gravitational shifts
No. 935971 ID: b1b4f3

Yep there's a water spirit in here alright. Trying to drain the water awakened it. Find where the new water flow is coming from.
No. 935973 ID: 8eaf98

if it duplicates water trying to leave, what if we try to add water? (brought to you by stupiD idEas Inc.)
No. 935978 ID: 10c408

Water is already being added back in by an unknown source, and at an evidently faster rate than gabe's portal is removing. We don't need to start portaling in water because that's just going to fill the chamber faster.
No. 936011 ID: a9af05

So what did we learn? We learned that if you find a secret chamber built by your city's founder, where everything inside is built as a test, you don't try to cheat the test!

Augustine Moot built this place, so it's pretty damn obvious that she would put in countermeasures against the same type of magic she uses. Most likely as a way of teaching whoever comes here a lesson in not relying on their magic to solve everything.

It was pretty foolish to just immediately try using gates instead of actually looking around first to see if there was something else we could've done to get rid of the water. Hopefully the increased water level didn't mess up anything further in.
No. 936015 ID: cb6404


Can't help but feel that what we're doing is causing whatever water's backed up elsewhere to form an inrush, which considering the size of the portal, our limited rate of draining, and the VERY uncertain knowledge of how much more water is in here is exceedingly dangerous.

Let's shut the portal before things get worse and just hope we don't get too soggy in sloshing around to explore?
No. 936021 ID: e6b8d9

Ask Rufus and Pezzi to scout beyond the doors and check if any of them are barred or blocked from the far side. Once the spirit guys report back, physically check if the doors that lead to apparently safe areas are stuck or too heavy to move. If the water level keeps rising in here, then any doors open into this chamber will become increasingly hard to open due to water pressure if the areas beyond have lower or no water, so get those first. Inversely, doors that open outward will become easier to open, possibly even pushed open on their own by the pressure.

Check where the new water flow is coming from by closing the Gate and observing both that and if it stops rising. Then test whether just putting it through a Gate or if trying to drain it away is causing it to rise by creating a Gate in the floor to one in the ceiling and checking if the water rises from it flowing through.

Since there was, and possibly still is, a beast from the Feywilds down here and this water may be connected with it, especially if its behavior is magical, then conferring with Nixxy on this would make sense. Make a Gate (on the wall) to her place and give her a scoop of the water to check if it's got traces of Fey or other magic on it. Also ask her what aquatic Feywilds beasts may have been brought here as a guardian. You may also want to bring Nixxy here if the water starts to get to be too much.
No. 936039 ID: 7816e7
File 156071978693.png - (147.81KB , 700x507 , 9-53.png )

“Gabe, shut the gate!” Casey waves at him desperately.

The portal winks out of existence with a splash and as the ripples fade away, the guides stand stock still. Their ears swivel and strain as the last drips echo against the ceiling. “...I think it stopped...” Casey whispers.

“Hello? Is someone there?” Kol calls, his voice bouncing back at him like a stranger.

A second voice echoes through the chamber. Its direction impossible to discern, the one word warbles uncertainly: “H-hewwo?”
No. 936042 ID: b1b4f3

Ask if they're behind one of these doors. Knock at each one in turn, see if they respond.
No. 936043 ID: cb6404


Heeeeeeeeeccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ...
No. 936045 ID: 5386d0

Hi there, who are you?
No. 936052 ID: 91ee5f

Either it’s a child or someone that doesn’t speak very well. Or both.

Call out and tell them that you’d like to talk. Then politely ask if they would like to come out.
No. 936124 ID: 864e49

oh herro
No. 936135 ID: 864e49

Also we should get Nixxy in here to help and as backup.

And also could Vivian help translate those old fey texts?
No. 936138 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s at least see if we can figure out what’s here on our own before we start bringing in more people.
No. 936144 ID: dbf437

No. 936242 ID: cb6404


Gabe, go full owo
No. 936340 ID: 7816e7
File 156090943539.png - (68.08KB , 493x700 , 9-54.png )

“Hey, where are you?” Casey cups her hands around her ears, listening for a source to the voice.

“I-I’m in hewre. Whewre are you?”

“We’re in the big room with the tables.” Casey responds. “Are you okay? Do you need help?”
No. 936341 ID: 7816e7
File 156090944133.png - (128.98KB , 700x700 , 9-55.png )

She sloshes in the direction of the unseen person and peeks through the door. She can just make out a shape standing upright in the gloom.

It moves slightly as the door creaks, “Is-is dat you?” Its voice is high pitched and curious.
No. 936343 ID: b1b4f3

Time for introductions I suppose.
...is that a Kappa?
No. 936344 ID: e7848c

Axotl? Get some light in there with an aura tentacle. Be ready to pull back and get that door closed with that same tentacle.
No. 936345 ID: b1b4f3

An axolotl would suggest this is a young Water Elemental.
No. 936350 ID: 864e49

A axolotl kappa?

Or that I guess.
No. 936353 ID: e6b8d9

Ask it who "you" is. Or, rather, was. And also what its name is and if it was what raised the water level in here just a moment ago.

Considering what the ancient water elemental upstream of Delilah's spa looked like (see >>868255 for reference,) it's quite possible this is a young, or possibly stunted, water elemental. Get some light on it and get Gabe to have a look see for comparison, since he saw the big old water elemental. ...Did he ever get that elemental's name?
No. 936417 ID: cb6404


Huh. Old lecture hall.

... iiiiiiiiiiinteresting.
No. 936588 ID: ecd116

'Is-is dat you' ...

does it mean it talking about someone that either look like you or someone that look totally different that it met before? or does it mean are you the one making that noise /movement in the water behind the door? or maybe it both and/or something else beside that? .
No. 936624 ID: 7816e7
File 156108371884.png - (135.91KB , 700x700 , 9-56.png )

“In here, hang on I’ll make some light...”
Casey turns back to the room and sees it empty

“Wait, wha-?” On instinct her aura unwinds, filling the space with glowing light.
No. 936625 ID: 7816e7
File 156108372315.png - (166.28KB , 651x700 , 9-57.png )

Something uncomfortably close glistens in the dark. “Hewwo!”

The light catches the figure full in the face. A semi-translucent blue shape grins toothlessly at her. A pair of dark spots dot the creature’s blunt head, seeming to float an inch or two under its skin. A mane of diaphanous frills dangle wetly as it beams back at her.
No. 936626 ID: 7816e7
File 156108373024.png - (173.45KB , 700x500 , 9-58.png )

She falls back with a splash and a firm grip catches her around the waist. “Cawefuww! Awre you okay? Sowwy if I scawred you.”

Casey feels a hand patting carefully at her fur. “Ooh! You awre aww fuwwy! I thouwt you wewre anothewr ewementawl.” The creature’s mouth seems fixed in a permanent oval, making enunciation a bit of a challenge. Its head flops sideways with a gloomp. “I’m Fennew. Nice to meet you! I nevewr had vistowrs befowr!”
No. 936628 ID: 465a14

With that accent we have no choice but to exterminate it for the good of society.
No. 936629 ID: b1b4f3

"Fennel"? Wait, other elementals?
Ohhh I get it! The crack in the ceiling must allow other Water Elementals to enter the area. That's good, that means Fennel wasn't alone all this time.

Introduce yourselves. Ask if there's anyone else here? You can stay and visit for a bit, you brought the door guards with you.
No. 936630 ID: ecd116

and it Nice to meet you as well Fennew.
wait a minute. you said you haven't seen visitors before until now. does that mean you were alone by your self for all we know could a been an very long time? how did you came to be as in were you born/created here or were you somehow move here either by your own doing or by someone else? and what did you do in your spare time until you have met me plus the others close by with us?
No. 936649 ID: e7848c

Well it's only proper that you introduce yourself and the rest of your crew. There's no way to tell time down here is there? So there's no way to know how long they've been here.
No. 936678 ID: 7fd250

"Nice to meet you too, Fennel! And a little surprising. I'm Casey. Me and my friends are exploring this place. So far it's been kind of a secret magic puzzle maze, so that's why you haven't gotten visitors before... If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been living here?"

Theory: That "beast from the feywilds" was, Pezzi implied, something that could die of old age. So, it was probably something that needed to eat and drink. In which case, it needed a way to get fresh water. So maybe whatever was responsible for that has malfunctioned somehow? The drip from the ceiling could have created this amount over time, but it wouldn't have caused the weird drain-reversal effect.
No. 936974 ID: 7816e7
File 156131872526.png - (229.88KB , 700x700 , 9-59.png )

“Fennel, right? Nice to meet you too. I-I’m Casey. I’m a spirit guide.” She relaxes bit by bit as the elemental pats her arm. “Are there more like you here?”

Fennel lets out a soggy sigh. “Dere used to be. But dey lefd a whiwle ago. I tuwned dis pwace into a spwing a few yeawrs ago hoping dey wouwld come back.”

“Well, if you’d like I could introduce you to my friends.”

Her mouth contorts into a perfect “O”. “Dere awre mowre of you? Suwre! Wead the way!” The undine’s tail unwraps itself from around Casey’s waist and takes her hand expectantly.

Casey leads her back into the main hall and waves. “Hey guys, this is Fennel. She's been living here a while.”

Fennel shrinks back from the magelight a bit, shading their eyespots. “Oh wow, dats bwight!” Kol aims the light at the ceiling, scattering a dim, but usable light through the room.

“Hey there! I’m Gabe and that’s Kol.” Gabe waves and indicates the two spirits, “and that’s Rufus and Pezzi.”

Fennel cocks her head back and forth, zeroing in on his voice. “So many peopwle! Nice to meet you aww!” She sloshes up to the mice and extends a hand and Gabe clasps it. “Ooh, you’wre fuwwy too? I see.” Her hand roams down his arm and catches the edge of his sash. “I don’t suppose any of you awre undines?”

“No, all of us are mortals.” Says Kol.

“Or former mortals” supplies Rufus.
No. 936975 ID: 83bf07

She really is green around the gills, huh. Ask her what she knows about this place.
No. 936976 ID: b1b4f3

Strange, she shielded her eyes from the light but otherwise seems to act like she's blind. Is her eyesight just really bad?

Does she know how to proceed further in?
No. 936990 ID: e6b8d9

Tell Fennel that unfortunately you three don't know any undines. Y'all haven't even met a undine... No, wait, Gabe did briefly meet with that big, old undine in the spring upstream from Delilah's spa. But that one sleeps nearly all the time and all the other undines keep away from his territory 'cause he's so old. Doubtful he'd enjoy Fennel visiting, and he wouldn't even fit in this place to visit her. ...Hm. Nixxy did visit that old undine looking to be his consort. Perhaps she has a thing for undines and would like to meet Fennel.

Ask Fennel why she's looking for undines. Is she lonely down here? If she is, why hasn't she left to travel and meet other undines and other folk? Maybe even resettle elsewhere.

The Guardian Alliance used to keep some kind of feywild beast down here, centuries ago, so maybe it was a undine and Fennel and the other undines came from it. Ask Fennel where she and the other undines that used to be here came from and also why the other undines left and have not even visited her since. And tell her what Rufus and Pezzi told y'all about a feywild beast being kept down here a few centuries ago and ask if she's seen any signs of it and what it was.

And on the subject of the Guardian Alliance, ask Fennel if there was anything left down here of interest. Like magical items or fancy stuff or any books or scrolls that didn't get soaked and rotted. Oh, and did Fennel or any of the other undines that lived down here try to pass through the way y'all came in? You do hope none of them got trapped in the extra-spatial maze.

Also ask Fennel if she could lower the water level in here so it'd be easier for your group to move about. The water's not cold, but it does slow your walking.
No. 937358 ID: 7816e7
File 156160377036.png - (133.71KB , 572x700 , 9-60.png )

Gabe brightens up, “I met an undine a couple of months ago. Biiiig guy, likes to sleep a lot?”

“Oooh I heawed of him:the owd dweamewr. No most undines stay away fwom him, they say he’s vewy tewrwtowiawl.” Fennel sighs with a glub.

“Why’re you looking for other undines? Are you lonely down here?” Kol scratches his chin and knits his brow.

“Me and my fwends found dis pwace years ago. We wewre gonna make it spwing, but dey fought it was too cweepy hewre. The wawwls awre too smoove, and pewfect, dey said it was unnatuwawl. Dey wewre wowwied whoevewr made it wouwd come back and kick us out. We had an awgument and dey weft to find somewhewre ewlse...” her head droops, trailing her sparkling frills down her shoulders.

“Why’d you stay then?”

“Its hawd to find a space dis big, and I wike the shape! The echoes awre so neat! Making a cavewn takes yeawrs and yeawrs just to cawve out a tiny howle bawewly big enough fowr one of us.” She beams, stretching out her arms and basking in the open room.

Casey holds up empty book binding and hands it to the elemental. “When you found this place, was there more stuff like this? Books, scrolls, maps maybe?”

Translucent fingers run over the ruined book and trace the sigil. “Ooooh. Yeah, though... a wot of dem feww apawrt. When we fought abouwt whether owr not to stay, some things wike this wewre knocked ovewr. I twied to pick evweything up again but these just kind got aww soggy and wotted.” Casey groans and sags: the earliest writings of the Guardian Alliance, ruined by arguing elementals. “There might be some of dem that stiww intact. I wemembew some of dem fewt diffewent and I put dem up away fwom the wawtewr.”
No. 937361 ID: b1b4f3

Well, people *might* reclaim the place, it was secret until now.
Ask her to show you the special stuff.
No. 937368 ID: 10c408

Check the room for any surviving paper or other important information that hasn't been subjected to the entropy of water exposure.
No. 937384 ID: 0899d7

It was very considerate of her to try and save what she could. Thank her for that.
No. 937408 ID: e6b8d9

Thank Fennel for putting what she could away from the water and ask her to lead us to where they are kept.

On the way tell her that y'all are so interested in what was left behind here because this place was the secret meeting hall of the Guardian Alliance several centuries ago. We're hoping to find out more about their early days and founding members from what's here.

Also tell her that the walls are so perfectly smooth because they were cut out of the solid rock by Senders using Gating magic. The way y'all got here was via a secret entrance hidden in the library of the Sender Order's school in Moot Point.

And if Fennel's worried about folks taking this place back and kicking her out... We don't know. The modern Guardian Alliance might make a claim they own this place, but they probably wouldn't throw Fennel out if they did take ownership. But even if Fennel does get kicked out we'll make sure she has a home, even if we have to cut it out of the rock. And, just so she knows, there'll almost certainly be archaeologists who'll want to search the place, so she should expect more visitors.

...Oh, and ask Fennel how she and her fellow undines got in and out of this place, since they obviously didn't come in the way y'all did. Could they slip out through just that little drip of water y'all saw when you came in.
No. 937454 ID: 86eb65

You know what fixes ruined books?

Mending (spell) is what fixes books.

Have the nice elemental show you around her place.
No. 937465 ID: 7816e7
File 156168761119.png - (104.98KB , 700x476 , 9-61.png )

“Oh thank the Fates,” Relief washes over Casey and she brightens up. “Would you mind showing us where you kept them? Its important to preserve as much as we can from this place.”

“Suwre!” Fennel beams with a wobbly sketch of a smile. “What was dis pwace anyway?” The elemental reaches out a hand, which stretches until it finds a wall and uses it to trace her way through the chamber.

“It used to belong to the first Spirit Guardians. Its connected to the Sender Academy in Moot Point by a spacial warp.”

“Ohhh! Dat’s what dat is! We stayed out of dewre because the gwavity made us feewl sick.” She shrugs and her body ripples.

“Before the school existed, Madame Moot and her comrades met here in secret. Its where they trained the first generation of guardians for the impossible task ahead of them.” Rufus floats along behind as they slosh through the ankle deep water. "Pretty neat, eh?"

Fennel opens the large double door at the end of the hall, into a chamber in which a wide, stone table occupies most of the room. In the dark, it looks almost like an altar. A pair of small, dark shapes sit in the middle of the surface.

“I put dem hewre because I figuwred it wouwdn’t get knocked ovewr. I hope deywre safe.” She wrings her hands together nervously. “Sowwry, we didn’t mean to damage dem.”
No. 937467 ID: b1b4f3

Only two left. This is a disaster. I guess we'll just have to make do.
Make a beacon so you can lead other people back here later, and retrieve the documents to be brought somewhere they can be carefully examined and preserved without further damage.
No. 937497 ID: 10c408

...Try not to let your collective frustration show.

fail anyway. Take what little is left and make a report on this place to whatever higher-ups would be interested.
No. 937502 ID: 83bf07

Humidity is still very much a thing. We have to be very careful.
No. 937506 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s grab those books and have Gabe put them in his storage portal. Then we should continue exploring the other rooms in this place to see if there’s anything else we can find.
No. 937508 ID: 4bc84a

Fennel is precious and must be kept happy
No. 937515 ID: e6b8d9

Casey, make a visual inspection of the two artifacts but don't pick them up right away. The high humidity in here may have still damaged them despite not being immersed. They may require special conservation work to keep from falling apart on handling, especially if one or both of them is a book, parchment or similar. If you could get something solid and flat to slowly slip under each, then place them each in a separate box for transport in Gabe's pocket dimension, that'd be the best. Does Gabe have anything like that in his pocket dimension you could use?

Ask Fennel how many books and suchlike were here when she and her fellow undines first arrived to gauge just how many were destroyed. Also ask the same for the furniture or other items. And also ask if there's anything sturdier of interest around that she did not bother to move since it could take water exposure. That or it was too heavy to move or too bulky to find a space out of the water.

Oh, and also inspect the stone desk and the floor and walls around here for etched markings. Do the same for the rest of the rooms and ask Fennel if she's ever felt writing-like markings in the stonework or stone furniture. It's possible that a Sender or Senders discreetly left their mark or a bit of writing here. May have to move the stone furniture to find it, though.
No. 937516 ID: 3ed3c3

This is fine.
We can work with this.
Something is better than nothing.
It's not like Fennel knew about this place.
It's not her fault most if not all of the info is gone.
I mean, it kind of is, but holding it against her wouldn't be right.
No. 937517 ID: b1b4f3

...I just thought of something of potential hope. We know Fennel isn't the fey creature that was originally down here. What if that creature had a storage pocket to keep backup copies of documents? It might even be possible that the creature has some way of hibernating or stepping outside of time while the First Guardians weren't here.

Ask Fennel if she found any remains of something that once lived here, when she first arrived. We can't afford to leave this loose end dangling.
No. 937572 ID: 7816e7
File 156177466307.png - (119.71KB , 700x700 , 9-62.png )

“So this is all that’s left?” Casey groans and picks up the bundle’s carefully. One is obviously a book, wrapped in heavy, waxed canvas. The other appears to be a long wooden box, sealed with wax and stamped with a sigil. By turning it, she feels something light shift slightly inside. “Gabe could you store these away from the humidity for now?”

The sender stashes the parcels in his dimensional space and gives her a thumbs up. “I’ll set a beacon here too. I imagine we'll want to be coming back here.”
No. 937574 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, look at the table! Isn’t that a map of some kind? It looks like it marks different locations. Maybe those are other secret areas like this one?
No. 937580 ID: b1b4f3

...if that's true then there are definitely more caches of documents to go through.
It *would* make sense for the First Guardians to not put all their eggs in one basket.

Time to compare the table to other maps, I suppose.
No. 937581 ID: 10c408

Check the opposite side of the table so that it is not, in-fact, a desk that is merely missing it's chair.

In fact, might as well give the whole place a once over in case there's something else below water that wasn't made of paper which is still intact.
No. 937583 ID: 3ed3c3

Is that a map carved into the altar top?
No. 937593 ID: f73624

Alright,do a once over. Let's continue on, yeah? maybe fennel knows about any other places?
No. 937647 ID: 681e2a

Hmm, did someone maybe mark some important things on a map maybe?

By the way, I don't suppose there's any magical method for restoring damage to objects? Or some roundabout way of getting information from things like that, like using them as a link for some sort of divination into the past that spies on the author as they were writing? If you don't know, you should ask around. I'm sure there are some... bits and pieces still around the place?
No. 937808 ID: 7816e7
File 156193616837.png - (135.28KB , 499x700 , 9-63.png )

Kol shines the light over the “altar” revealing a number of vague, faded shapes. Up close they seem like senseless scribbles and colors; but as he stands back, reason dawns on him. “Hang on- that's a map! Look, there's the coastline!” He points at the jagged contour.

“Are you sure?” Gabe squints at it, “It looks kind of different...”

“I spent the last couple of weeks at sea, helping Caleb with his charts. I recognize those squiggles, even if they’re bit off.” He traces a particularly deep curve, “That’s the point and there’s the bay. The river looks like it had a different course then...”

“This must have been from before Augustine’s gate. I imagine moving a whole city changes the landscape a bit.” Casey scratches her chin. “What are all these points, then? They seem pretty important but they don’t correlate with any cities or ruins I’m familiar with...”
No. 937809 ID: 7816e7
File 156193617351.png - (135.85KB , 700x612 , 9-64.png )

“I recognize one of them...” Pezzi speaks up, pointing to one of the marks. “That’s where we sealed a mana well and lost our bodies...”
No. 937811 ID: e7848c

Does the timeline match up here? I thought these guys lost their bodies well after this place was abandoned.
No. 937814 ID: b1b4f3

I think it was before, and they were put on guard duty since they're immortal now.

Okay, that's another lead. Ask if they can lead you there. We can investigate to get an idea of what the markings mean. Also we can have someone come down here with a map to chart out where the other dots are. Maybe they're ALL mana wells?
Also ask what happened at the mana well exactly. (what is a mana well, even?)

Oh, but investigating the well should probably wait until we've brought the ancient texts to a scholar.
No. 937816 ID: bcc41d

Wait. Hold the fuck. Were these guys near- or actual-contemporaries of Augustine? And they were sealing mana wells? And the Guardians sealed a bunch of them, if this map is any indication?

Is the reason for today’s low-mana environment that the Guardians have been artificially keeping it that way? Is this a known thing Guardians do or some secret thing?
No. 937823 ID: e6b8d9

The marks are most likely mana wells, but don't lock that in right away. They may indicate some other thing that just coincided with that being the mana well where Pezzi and Rufus lost their bodies. For all we know, they could be locations where those in service to the Guardian Alliance lost their lives (or bodies) in the line of duty. Wait until a few other sites are scoped out and we've got a common element before deciding on what they are.

Better make a copy of this map so we'll have a easier to carry reference (and a backup.) A big sheet of paper and a pencil to trace the grooves would work. Either that or a charcoal stick to take a rubbing. Does Gabe have anything like that in his pocket dimension? We'll want to compare this map to modern and historical maps ASAP.

Perhaps it'd be possible to tap into these capped mana wells to send extra mana to Rodwin's barghast and buy us some more time to track down where Madame Moot took Lord Hekal.

...And thinking of Moot, Rodwin and Lord Hekal, perhaps Rufus and Pezzi remember something from that time. Fill them in on Rodwin's deal and what he says Moot did to Hekal and ask 'em if they remember anything related to those three.
No. 937824 ID: b1b4f3

...the Guardians were sealing up mana wells in order to starve out the participants of the war, weren't they?
No. 937830 ID: 91ee5f

Plugging up those mana wells is what caused all the magic in the world to be smaller than it used to be. If that’s true, that might explain why Clio’s Claíomh Solais is so small.

Speaking of Clio, would being born near one of these wells explain how she was born with her magic? Maybe her old home is near one of these wells? Although, that also raises the question of if the well was one of the plugged ones or one that wasn’t plugged?
No. 937889 ID: cb6404


Magic has been steadily disappearing from the world. Maybe these wells being sealed is part of it, but then ... why?

What would be accomplished by that, even if it were to stifle the fae wars?

Wait wait wait wait --- Gabe has a map of the magical currents in the area, the same one we used with the Barghast or whatever! He should be able to check, right? See if there are any similarities between these points and certain "hot" or "cold" spots in that map.
No. 938122 ID: 7816e7
File 156220442500.png - (148.63KB , 700x700 , 9-65.png )

“Fates, that’s why the Wild Age ended! The first guardians sealed up the mana wells!” Casey leans over the map, sketching out the marked locations. “But why? Why seal them off?”

Pezzi and Rufus look exchange a worried glance and Rufus sighs. “Because the mortal realm was never meant to have that much power. You know about the far planes right?”

“We’ve all studied them, but go on...”

Rufus flattens his hands and starts laying them out. “Imagine them arranged like a stack. At the bottom you have the ethereal sea, the source of all magic. Above that is the elemental plane, where mana seeps out into wild and unpredictable forms. Above that is the faewild, where things are more stable, but magic is common and still very raw. And then above that is the mortal realm where natural magic is quite rare but still present. Mana flows upwards and imbues the planes with life and purpose at a steady, sustainable rate.“

“Right, so what went wrong?”

Rufus alights weightlessly on the surface of the water, gesticulating as he explains. “The mana wells were essentially gates, permanent ones, that punched through into the ethereal sea and allowed those that controlled them to wield unimaginable power. What’s more, whoever controlled them, could use them to renew their own life force, allowing them to remain in power indefinitely.” The jackal rests his glowing palms on the stone and glares, "And when such immense forces went to war- well..."

Casey shudders, a lifetime spent among the ruins of the past flashing by. "We've... seen the results."
No. 938123 ID: 7816e7
File 156220443033.png - (122.76KB , 608x700 , 9-66.png )

“Could we use something like that to sustain the bargast?” Kol asks, finally putting a voice to everyone’s thoughts”.

“Woah, you aren’t talking about- about making a mana well are you?” Rufus interjects. “Pezzi and I gave our lives- sort of- to ensure they were destroyed. Opening a new one would go against everything the first guardians fought to create.”

“Maybe we don’t have to: what if we can find one that’s still open?” Kol scratches his head, jiggling the short, dense locks he cultivated at sea. “Gabe, do any of these points show up on your ley line map?”

The sender pulls the thick atlas from the dimensional space and, mindful of the water, lays it out on the stone.

Flipping back and forth, he pauses and watches as networks of lines ebb and flow on each page before moving on. “Not on any chart I have; but there’s a couple points on here that I don’t have active maps of.” He sags, and twists his mouth anxiously.
No. 938124 ID: cb6404


Well, hmm ... question for Rufus and Pezzi: as best they know, is there any amount of magic "residue" or "seepage" (ugh, what an awful word) from the sealed wells that could be used for the purpose?

Obviously we can't have the thing roaming forever, but if it could plunk down at one for a few years at a time and recharge ... that'd solve Fae-guy's problems and ours, right?
No. 938125 ID: 990ff0

Well, we know at least one of their sealing attempts went... sort of wrong. Did anyone else do a not entirely perfect job sealing a well, maybe? Also... ok, the direct mana wells went bad, but would opening a well to one of the two higher level planes have something of the same effect, but less?

Also, uh. I get the problem the wells caused, absolutely, but it seems like it'd be an idea for someone - someone everyone else agreed to keep an eye on - to still know how, just in case? I mean, something like moving an entire city could be handy in case of natural disasters. Now that the whole initial pack of super-wizards fighting each other have died off, couldn't people who knew what they were getting into set the whole thing up more sensibly? Checks and balances, and all that?

Those are admittedly the kind of things a future super-wizard king would say, though.
No. 938126 ID: 990ff0

Plus, this brings back the question: what were these tests and riddles supposed to protect, and what kind of person were they supposed to allow in? This place was built specifically to be what you find after being tested, and hey, here's a map of where the mana wells are? Does that say something about the intentions of whoever built this place?

Of course, we should ask our incorporeal friends if they remember anything about that.
No. 938127 ID: b1b4f3

Well let's go check the missing ones out then. It's worth a shot.
No. 938183 ID: e6b8d9

If there are still open mana wells out in the world, then most likely they'd be where ley line measurements haven't been done. This is assuming they'd show up obviously on ley line readings. Better ask Pezzi and Rufus how mana wells were located back in the day, how they were capped and how they were tapped for power. If anyone is drawing in secret from mana wells, then knowing how to detect the subtle indicators of that would be real helpful in tracking 'em down.

It appears that the Guardian Alliance did this whole mana well capping project in secret so they would not be stopped by those who'd tapped the wells for their own benefit. But after it was all done, what was to keep another power hungry or just curious person from popping the cap off a mana well or "drilling" new ones? It's likely the successor organization to the Guardian Alliance has been operating in secret to stop such things. Which would include scrubbing the ley line records of mana well locations. So y'all best be quiet 'bout this. Also, take your own ley line readings and not rely on the ones in the records.

It's reasonably safe to assume that any active mana wells still around would be in hard to reach locations. Like far to the north, where the barghast came from. The higher ambient magic level there may be because of uncapped mana wells that the harsh, frozen environment made too tough to handle for a capping team. Also in the depths of the sea, such as the bottom of a trench.

There's also the unsettling possibility that the Guardian Alliance's secret capping project could have also secretly kept one mana well uncapped. A well tapped by one person while all the rest of those who'd tapped mana wells were taken down, leaving that person the only mortal with such power in the world. Just keep in mind there may still be a empowered mortal in the world, looking to keep others from gaining such power.
No. 938342 ID: 7816e7
File 156237278566.png - (124.30KB , 700x700 , 9-67.png )

“We still have most of a year to search. And in the meantime, looking might bring us closer to finding out what happened to the vampire lord Hekal.” Kol pats him on the back and gives him a small, encouraging smile.

“We also have that book and box that Fennel saved, who knows what we might find in there?” Casey chimes in as her eyes flash with excitement. “Those texts could have all the answers we’re looking for. Plus two mediums from around the same time period! Anything you two can remember would be a big help.”

“Hekal? That was a loooong time ago, but before he disappeared, his armies controlled this whole area.” Rufus encircles a region to the east of Moot Point.

“That’s a lot of territory. Looks like the old city was part of it too.” Kol points out. “There’s a couple of mana wells; are there any that you don’t have ley lines for, Gabe?”

“Yeah, uh just the one... Hoo boy.” The sender checks and shivers, “That’s up by the Highspires.”

“That kind of makes sense.” Impossibly tall pillars of granite and ice conjured in her mind, Casey taps the spot on the map. “People have long assumed that magic was involved in their creation. What better place to hide a mana well?”

Gabe leans on his palm and drums his fingers against his cheek. “I mean even sender’s haven’t really explored the place. Sure you can gate up there, but the air’s so thin you can’t stay for more than a few minutes.”
No. 938349 ID: 10c408

Low oxygen is a trivial problem to handle. A certain friend of ours can get involved so we can explore without issue. (even something as simply as leaving a gate open to import fresh air would work with his aid.)
No. 938351 ID: e7848c

What if.. we had Fennel go up there for us? Does she need to breathe?
No. 938353 ID: 856b99

High altitude does odd things to water, plus it sounds like it's freezing up there, so she'd probably still have some sort of problem.
No. 938355 ID: b1b4f3

Then we need some kind of air supply. Wait, the pressure's the problem. We'd need some kind of pressurized mask. ...or a wind elemental to manipulate the air itself? We do know an especially powerful one.
Seems like everything's coming together. The Fates guide you well.
No. 938401 ID: 7816e7
File 156246459045.png - (187.33KB , 700x628 , 9-68.png )

“True,” Casey gives him a knowing smirk. “But do they know an air elemental?”

“Flashing Feathers? Yeah, I wonder what he and Cecil have been getting up to? If there’s old ruins and stuff to explore, you know he’ll be interested.”

Excitement arcs between the mice as the idea starts to take shape. “We can send them a message once we get home. I suppose we should let the Sender Academy know what all we’ve found.”

Kol wands the magelight around the room, looking for any other clues. “What about Fennel? I’m pretty sure the academy would like to have this space back...” The elemental glubs sadly, but nods.
No. 938403 ID: 83bf07

Is Del hiring?
No. 938404 ID: cb6404


Oh. Oh!

Yeah, the baths!!
No. 938417 ID: e6b8d9

Wait, I thought that was the big, old, grumpy undine's territory, since it's downstream from him and the waters from his spring supply the spa. Even if it wasn't his turf, would Delilah's spa even be a good home for Fennel?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think she wants a large enough dark or dim enclosed space, preferably underground, to make her home. The spa is quite well lit during the day, and doesn't have spacious dark or dim areas. I doubt she'd like to live cramped inside a water pipe or cistern.

I think the best option would be to first find a area not already claimed by a undine and either locate a suitable cave for her or, if none are there, make one using Gate cutting. But Gabe doing it alone would be slow going. However, the Sender Academy's faculty and students could make short work of cutting her out a new home. It'd be a suitable trade for them displacing her from her current home, yes? And she'd get to choose just how she'd like her new home shaped too.
No. 938428 ID: 10c408

It was, which leaves us with few good options.

And I'm not sure Nixxy is one of them, given that she really wanted a consort and I doubt Fennel would be on-board with it.
No. 938486 ID: e6b8d9

We shouldn't dismiss asking Nixxy to allow Fennel to stay in her place. While Nixxy was lookin' to be the consort of that big, old undine, that doesn't mean she was lookin' to be the consort of any undine. Nixxy might be alright with sharing her home with a undine who got kicked outta her home without tryin' to get all consort-y with her. And it may just be temporarily, 'till Fennel finds a new home.
No. 938488 ID: 10c408

Underestimate the fae at your own peril. Nixxy was looking for someone else to be her consort and not the other way around. If it was the other way around, she wouldn't have tried to trick Kol and the others into believing she had a valid claim on Kol being 'hers' solely because she wrapped herself around him before agreeing to play hide and seek with everyone.
No. 938491 ID: 235ba5

...Squatter's rights?
I mean, assuming Fennel wants to stay.
No. 938606 ID: 7816e7
File 156264069192.png - (80.68KB , 700x431 , 9-69.png )

“It would be nice if she could stay at Delilah’s bathhouse, but I’m pretty sure thats the Old Undine’s territory.” Gabe shrugs and wracks his brain. “Can she live with us for now? I bet Nixxy would get along with her.”

“Oh Fates...” Momentary dread passes over Casey’s face at the thought of how much trouble a kelpie and undine could get into together. “I can’t think of a better idea. Fennel, would that be alright with you?”

“Wewwl, its been vewry wonewey down hewre. It wouwld be nice to make some new fwiends...” The undine’s oval mouth curls into something resembling a smile.

“What about you two?” Kol asks his fellow disembodied mediums.

“Without bodies, travel like that might be asking a bit much. It might be best if we stay with the senders. If we can get word to the Path of the Mediums they might be able to set us up with something a bit more permanent.” Rufus takes his partner’s hand and nods, “It’d be nice to get out of that chamber for a change.”
No. 938608 ID: 7816e7
File 156264069710.png - (173.15KB , 700x437 , 9-70.png )

Together, the group sloshes out of the chambers of the First Guardians, through the maze of doors, and back into the library. Leaving soggy footprints in their wake, the mice approach the desk of Ashe, the head librarian.

Unabashed, Gabe reaches into his dimensional space and places the bundled relics of the first guardians in front of her.

Ashe adjusts her glasses and assesses the smiling mice, the two glowing figures, the amiably waving elemental. “And what is this Mr. Wikk?”

"That..." The young sender nods and flashes her a cocky grin. “is the good shit.”

End of chapter 9
No. 938618 ID: 91ee5f

Gabe, I wouldn’t be so cocky if I were you. She’s gonna kick all of your asses once she sees the soggy footprints all over the floor.
No. 938648 ID: 10c408

Next up, Gabe's funeral.
No. 938703 ID: 7816e7
File 156272650756.png - (144.22KB , 494x700 , 9-71.png )


“Nixxy! We’re home!” Gabe calls as his gate collapses with a boom. “Can you belive Ashe making us mop up? Discovery of the century in her own library, but no. Its all: 'What if somebody slips?!'"

"I mean, what about that guy who slipped?"

"He'll be fiiine; I gave him Delilah's card."
No. 938704 ID: 7816e7
File 156272651813.png - (164.71KB , 505x700 , 9-72.png )

“We brought a new friend!" Casey announces. "Nixxy’s sweet, but let us know if she’s too much, Fennel.” She explains as she helps the elemental find her way around.

“Suwre thing! thank you awwl fowr wetting me stay hewre. I hope I’m not too much a bothewr.” As her careful fingers trace the wall and furniture, Fennel commits as much as she can to memory. Even though its all much brighter than she’s used to, the undine beams at the thought of staying somewhere with new friends.

A blast of horsey breath ruffles Casey’s hair and she turns to find the kelpie standing right behind her. After the shock wears off and she recomposes herself, the mouse sighs. “You really need to stop doing that...”

The kelpie giggles wetly.
No. 938705 ID: 7816e7
File 156272652507.png - (200.88KB , 700x553 , 9-73.png )

“Nixxy, this is Fennel. She’s going to be staying with us for a bit until she can find somewhere a bit more comfortable. She’s not used to living above ground so she might need you to help her get around sometimes, okay?”

Nixxy nods, sending her mane flopping and takes the undine’s hands in hers. ”Hello new friend of Nixxy!”

Amazed, Fennel traces Nixxy’s massive fingers and runs her hands up her powerful foerarms. “Woooowww, you’wre so big!”

Nixxy giggles. She gently takes the elemental’s hands and brings them up to feel her face. Fennel gasps. “Oooh! You’wre pwetty! I wove youwr haiwr!” Her fingers twist through the long, straight locks and Nixxy shivers as a blissful expression drifts over her face.
No. 938706 ID: 094652

Make a note: Hair.
No. 938710 ID: 91ee5f

>Nixxy shivers as a blissful expression drifts over her face.
Alright, Nixxy, if you’re gonna do what I think you’re wanting to do, then take Fennel somewhere it’ll be easy to clean up the water.
No. 938711 ID: e7848c

...Who's ready for some bath shenanigans?
No. 938731 ID: f2d0b9

Probably someone should pick up some sunglasses for Fennel. Soooo, what's up with that door with the frame that looks like it's come back to life back there?
No. 938738 ID: a274c9

Ask Nixxy just how much she's liking the feeling of Fennel running her fingers through Nixxy's hair. Seems like she really likes the touch of a undine. Why is that?

And if Nixxy and Fennel are gonna do anything wet together, take it where it won't cause water damage to your place. Dunno where, since your bathtub isn't big enough for 'em both... Unless Nixxy can shrink down a whole lot.

We'll have to see about getting a pool or fountain installed so Fennel doesn't have to sleep in the bathtub. Also get smoked glass goggles for Fennel so what sight she does have isn't totally blinded by the light.

>Soooo, what's up with that door with the frame that looks like it's come back to life back there?
Nixxy installed that. It leads to her home in the Faewild. Looks like its branches have grown a lot since we last saw it in >>/questarch/876749.
No. 938853 ID: 7816e7
File 156288675240.png - (157.56KB , 700x633 , 9-74.png )

Fennel’s eyespots go wide as Nixxy leans forward and whispers something to her. “Can we? Suwre, wead de way!”
No. 938854 ID: 7816e7
File 156288677929.png - (134.39KB , 700x668 , 9-75.png )

Nixxy scoops her up and retreats to the bathroom in a blur of green. The door slams, leaving the mice staring in silent amazement.

“Fates, she doesn’t mess around does she?” Casey mutters. “That was fast, even for us.”

“She must have a thing for undines.” Gabe shrugs and wanders away to have a post-adventure nap. “I don’t see us getting in there for a while. If anybody needs the bathroom, I’ll scry one out and hook you up with a gate...”
No. 938855 ID: 7816e7
File 156288679112.png - (210.19KB , 700x700 , 9-76.png )

Inside the water closet, the two water dwellers lock together at the lips as hungry hands explore each other’s curves. Nixxy's one concession to modesty flops to the ground as they jostle against each other in the cramped space. Fennel glubs appreciatively as a squeeze to her backside lifts her off the tile floor. Little, delighted ripples bloom across her skin and she squeals. "Ohhh Nixxy, dat feewls nice…"

The kelpie chuckles and whispers to her "Nixxy liiiikes you. You pretty, Fennel. Nixxy want to have more fun with Fennel."
No. 938866 ID: efe94f

They say if a mortal tries to ride a kelpie, it'll drag them into the water. So, if the water rides the kelpie, it... no, wait, if the kelpie drags the water into... uh...

... there's got to be some sort of clever way to twist that around.
No. 938867 ID: a9af05

Fennel seems a little too small for Nixxy. Would turning on the shower and adding water to Fennel let her grow bigger, so that she can be closer to Nixxy's size? Maybe even let Fennel become bigger than Nixxy, so that she can see what it's like to be the small one?
No. 938871 ID: a274c9

There are fey rules of hospitality, being a guest in another's home and respecting your host, right? So if you two are gonna be getting all wet 'n wild, please take it into the bathtub and draw the shower curtain so y'all don't water damage your host's home. Nixxy can compact herself down to fit better, yes? We know she can stretch out, and she fit through pipes before, so she ought to be able to shrink.

I'm thinkin', Nixxy wraps herself around Fennel with her tail, neck arms and legs, keeping her kiss the whole time, and Fennel does the same, entwining each other. Perhaps Fennel could even partly or completely surround Nixxy, touching and massaging her from all sides.
No. 938877 ID: 91ee5f

That sounds like it would be an interesting experience.
No. 938882 ID: 83bf07

If we don't see Nixxy absolutely soaked at the end of this I'm going to take it as a loss. Play with her neck, Fennel!
No. 938887 ID: fa0d60

If a mortal rides a kelpie it'll drag them under the water.
If water rides a kelpie, it'll drag them to it's under regions.
No. 938904 ID: 2709e5

You can lead the horse to water but you can't make her drink. She was thirsty af tho.
No. 938909 ID: 10c408

Nixxy can shapeshift, all she'd have to do is shrink to match Fennel's height.

That said, the tub is probably the best place for what's next.
No. 938930 ID: 7816e7
File 156297398670.png - (76.76KB , 700x315 , 9-77.png )

"Yes! I want mowre! I- uh, woah!" Fennel tips backwards and grabs blindly for support. Something clothlike brushes her fingers and rips loose from above with a series of metallic tinks as she stumbles.
No. 938931 ID: 7816e7
File 156297399138.png - (158.77KB , 566x700 , 9-78.png )

The elemental lands tail up with a slight splash. She giggles, feeling herself starting to drip with excitement as the kelpie looms overhead.
No. 938932 ID: 7816e7
File 156297399631.png - (106.41KB , 700x700 , 9-79.png )

Nixxy hovers between the awkwardly splayed legs, her breath eliciting a shiver from the stricken undine. "Ooo good, Nixxy was feeling thirsty." She laps between Fennel's thighs and is rewarded as she writhes in response. It doesn't take long for Nixxy to find what she's looking for. A slight change of taste leads to an invisible slit, which spreads around the kelpie's tongue as it surges inside.

Fennel covers her face and she squeals helplessly as the broad tongue curls within her. "Ah! Oh, oh Fates, Nixxy! Ooooh keep going!"

No. 938933 ID: 8d23f0

No. 938953 ID: e7848c

What's that about leading a horse to water? Go for gold, Nixxy
No. 938985 ID: a9af05

We should put a plug in the bathtub. We don't want Fennel to accidentally go down the drain!
No. 939045 ID: a274c9

Slip those big, strong hands under Fennel to lift her up and reposition to a more comfortable position for her with you at the end of the tub and her tail end at the end of the tub. All the while keep working your tongue deeper in her. Even lift her up and tilt her like a waterskin you're tryin' to lick the last drop outta.
No. 939052 ID: df0650

Don't let her go down the drain!
No. 939126 ID: 7816e7
File 156314236021.png - (198.59KB , 533x700 , 9-80.png )

Fennel flails with her hand and grabs hold of something. It wrenches down suddenly and fills the narrow space with the groan of complaining pipes. Somewhere above, the showerhead kicks fitfully to life as a spray of warm water drenches them both.

Lifting the dripping undine by the hips, Nixxy happily works herself deeper inside. She squeezes herself into the tub curls up with the undine dangling helplessly in front of her.

No. 939127 ID: 7816e7
File 156314236564.png - (245.31KB , 700x700 , 9-81.png )

Soaking wet and upside down, Fennel weakly reaches out. She blindly grasps a lock of long, straight hair and hangs on, giving it a tug. Somewhere between her legs Nixxy moans with her mouth full.
No. 939142 ID: a274c9

Fennel, rub your feet along Nixxy's mane, grab onto her hair with your other hand and hold on for dear life while enjoyin' the extra vibrations from her moanin'. Also tilt and turn your head to try and give Nixxy some reciprocal tongue action.
No. 939146 ID: e7848c

Damn it, I've already used "rode hard and put away wet"

Fennel, do be sure to call Nixxy a "good girl"
No. 939148 ID: 91ee5f

If Fennel reaches behind her head, she’ll be able to return the favor to Nixxy.

Bonus points if she can morph her watery hand into a watery tentacle!
No. 939493 ID: 7816e7
File 156341486102.png - (194.60KB , 700x700 , 9-82.png )

Nixxy feels a watery hand slap against her thigh. The nubby fingers stretch and flow, snaking their way between her legs to where she is wettest. They tease her soft outer folds hesitantly, and as Nixxy moans encouragement to her partner, dive in. She shudders as Fennel surges inside of her. Laying back, she drapes her legs over the sides of the tub and lets the elemental pump herself in and out.

The tiled walls echo with, rising pants and gasps. Fennel's thighs shiver and she turns to her partner with a low noise. "Ah! Nixxy don't stop! I- I'm so cwose-"

No. 939497 ID: 83bf07

[Horse pun]
Let the rivers flow, girls!
No. 939501 ID: 91ee5f

Apparently Fennel is capable of leading a horse to water and she can make Nixxy drink!
No. 939593 ID: 7816e7
File 156350309038.png - (60.74KB , 700x700 , 9-83.png )

"Ah! AH! OHHH, NIXXY! Haaaaaa- ahhh- ahhhhh…"
No. 939594 ID: 7816e7
File 156350309553.png - (123.27KB , 691x700 , 9-84.png )

No. 939595 ID: 7816e7
File 156350310330.png - (186.43KB , 691x700 , 9-85.png )

No. 939596 ID: 7816e7
File 156350310990.png - (132.57KB , 571x700 , 9-86.png )

"Is… is Fennel okay? Nixxy not hurt Fennel?"
No. 939597 ID: 7816e7
File 156350311698.png - (72.25KB , 700x604 , 9-87.png )

Pooled in the bottom of the tub, the dazed undine sloshes. "Ha ha ha hooo ooh… I'm- I'm okay. I just need a minute. Dat was so fuuuun. Oh gosh…"
No. 939617 ID: e7848c

It's probably time to turn off the water now. Good job, Nixxy!
No. 939618 ID: 2df440

oh no, the sandwich...
No. 939639 ID: 864e49

Cole can't enjoy his sandwich.
No. 939663 ID: 415370

Nixxy, pat Fennel's head and play with her frills and tell her that that was fun. Though, Nixxy didn't get as much fun as Fennel did. When Fennel recovers, perhaps she could rectify that. Maybe Nixxy could share that she wanted to be with a undine before, even asking that big, old grump to be her consort.

Kol, bang on the bathroom door and tell Nixxy and Fennel to shut the shower off 'cause the water is running out into the hall. Then go get a mop and bucket and Gabe and Casey's help to clean the water up quick.
No. 939672 ID: a9af05

Don't let her fall down the drain!
No. 939715 ID: 7816e7
File 156358965923.png - (170.71KB , 700x646 , 9-88.png )

Scooping up some of the postcoital undine, Nixxy gives her wobbly head a kiss. ”That’s okay. Nixxy had fun. You and Nixxy have more fun later. “ She slips a plug in the drain, turns the water off and lays back for a nice soak.
No. 939716 ID: 7816e7
File 156358966622.png - (146.66KB , 700x700 , 9-89.png )

End of chapter 9
No. 939719 ID: 83bf07

Fae, amirite?
No. 940231 ID: 7816e7

Next chapter: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/940228.html
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