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File 152048236585.png - (146.47KB , 700x397 , moot point.png )
872282 No. 872282 ID: a30024

Chapter 4
First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Previous thread:https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/863633.html
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No. 872283 ID: a30024
File 152048255877.png - (206.41KB , 580x700 , 4-1.png )

It smells like fish. This is a normal state of affairs in a fishmarket. Cod, bass, squid, herring, tuna, eel, urchin; voices of all makes loudly proclaim the quality of their daily harvest, occasionally descending into squabbling matches between their neighbors or customers. Scales are removed, fillets are cut, glassy-eyed catches are spread across ice or lurk in shallow tanks. It is busy, messy, smelly chaos. In such a maelstrom of noise and activity, it seems impossible to discern any useful information.
No. 872284 ID: a30024
File 152048257952.png - (199.94KB , 700x549 , 4-2.png )

Undeterred, Casey, Gabe and Kol wander through the crowd, following up on a lead about a haunted ship. With them is Miki, who took a rare day off to visit the market.

Casey waves away an enthusiastic eel seller, “Thanks for coming Miki. Are you sure Raithe will be alright minding the shop by himself?”

“Oh sure! He said I needed a break. Such a sweetheart.” She beams, “Besides, you’ll need my help finding Galle. She’s a regular: told me about the ghost ship. I’m not sure where she sets up usually, but keep an eye out for an older tern.”
No. 872287 ID: 67456a

Do you guys even like seafood? Maybe see if anything looks good before things get spooky. Maybe you can leverage a "saved your asses" discount when it's over.
No. 872292 ID: 91ee5f

I don’t know, something about this whole “ghost ship” thing smells a little.....fishy. *ba dum tss* ;-D
No. 872293 ID: f6785d

Am i the one that is going to say it?
Fine. *inhales* TENTACLE MONSTER!
No. 872295 ID: a363ac

get a souvenir
No. 872306 ID: d887c0

Ghost ship, huh? We gonna tangle with some salty sailing spooks?
No. 872409 ID: a30024
File 152055821747.png - (90.79KB , 600x598 , 4-3.png )

“Keep a lookout for good deals too.” Says Gabe, admiring a small tank of cuttlefish. The creatures glare at him with eyes full of alien knowledge and flash messages of ancient and terrible meaning across their colorful skins. “Heh, cute.”
No. 872410 ID: a30024
File 152055822431.png - (161.65KB , 611x700 , 4-4.png )

He moves to the next stall and goggles at the creatures on sale. Spread across a field of ice shavings are a trio of lobe-finned fish: their heads are armored with thick plates of bone, which curve down into hulking scythe tipped beaks. They are clearly creatures that have changed little over the epochs, dragged from a dark and deep era by a powerful hand.
“Woaaaah! I’ve never seen a fish like that!”

“What the lichfire are they?” Asks Casey, prompting the vendor to smile and launch into a pitch,
“Ahhh, those are abyssal reapers: deep water fish. They’re a delicacy, very hard to catch. I’ve got a guy, the only one who knows where to get them.”
No. 872411 ID: a30024
File 152055823286.png - (103.79KB , 501x700 , 4-5.png )

“Guys, we gotta try it, right?” Gabe grins hopefully.

Kol assesses the fish, “I wouldn’t know how to even begin cooking one. It looks like its almost all bone: a fillet knife would bounce right off...”

“Pssh, I could fillet one, no problem.”

Casey and Kol grimace at the thought, “You mean gate-cutting? I dunno, you remember last time?”

“Hey, they stitched it back on! It was a clean cut!” He twists his lips up in a scowl, muttering something about “wasn’t my fault...” He throws his hands up, "-ONE TIME!"
No. 872412 ID: 3abd97

Maybe ask the salesperson for advice on how this kind of fish is supposed to be prepared before purchasing. Presumably he sells these things to people without portal cuts.
No. 872413 ID: e1c8f7

Awh, let him try again!
No. 872424 ID: f6785d

Fine, but he gets to cook it all by himself. We ain't dealing with your magic cooking.
No. 872425 ID: 7b53bd

buy that fish!!!!!
No. 872434 ID: 0e2ebe

Ponder the morality of selling potentially sapient cuttlefish for consumption.
No. 872437 ID: d887c0

Let him give it a shot. Just be sure there's a healer nearby.
No. 872438 ID: e9c11a

Given a world full of magical creatures, wonder if the alleged few fishermen that have been able to catch this species have been properly propitiating its spirit ruler for the loss of their subjects, as other hunters must.
No. 872448 ID: 67456a

You know what'll make everyone feel way better? Tuna! Get some tuna. Fresh tuna is the best and very easy to cut. Look up a seared tuna recipe! 

Please just get some tuna you guys absolutely can't afford another lawsuit right now.
No. 872456 ID: a363ac

I agree. another lawsuit will end badly, you already lost the camero.
No. 872474 ID: ce19bd

Because they're like tidepods with gills and therefore their candy-like coloration is only an enabler for their consumption.
No. 872492 ID: de6d84

It was the first time doing that, this one'll be fiiiine. maybe someone on standby in case

Ask how abyssal reapers are usually prepared
No. 872559 ID: c7680f

I like food. Getting this fish is a fine plan.
No. 872590 ID: 555f33

Evolution and teenagers can be so cruel...
No. 872830 ID: a30024
File 152072258311.png - (137.35KB , 700x585 , 4-6.png )

“Let’s hold off on cutting it up until we find out more about how its prepared, okay?” Kol pats him on the shoulder.

“Okay, sorry.” Gabe deflates a little, “You know how it is...”

Casey takes his hand and nods, “We’ve all had a lot to learn about using our magic, Gabe. Its okay, but you know that’s not what gate spells are for.”

His sigh is nearly lost in the sound of the market. “It is if you’re a Spirit Guardian...”

“None of us are at that level yet; we’re councilors, not defenders. Maybe someday, but right now I’m just happy helping people with you guys.” Kol gives him an encouraging smile and Gabe brightens up a bit.
No. 872831 ID: a30024
File 152072259234.png - (127.71KB , 481x700 , 4-7.png )

“Awwwww!” An extremely fluffy hug wraps itself around his midsection and Gabe looks down at the sparkling eyes of Miki, “You guys’ll be Spirit Guardians one day! I just know it!”

Gabe gives her little a hug back, “Thanks Miki. I hope so. Truth be told, it kinda scares me.”
No. 872832 ID: a363ac

time to refocus! what were we here for again?
No. 872849 ID: 56e50f

Only thing to fear is fear itself. Besides! You guys are on a bit of a winning streak aren't you?
No. 872871 ID: f6785d

Miki, the world doesn't deserve you, you are too good for it.
OK! Let's keep looking for this contact.
No. 872875 ID: 0f7290

Honestly, I think "lover not a fighter" describes you lot quite well. But then, we haven't seen you really fight. Just make sure you're up on all the different aspects of what defending people means! Non-magic martial arts, disaster relief, etc. etc. You probably know this.
No. 872892 ID: a30024
File 152073728399.png - (144.92KB , 549x700 , 4-8.png )

“Why don’t you guys go on,” Kol tells them, “I’ll find out more about how to cook a reaper and catch up with you.” The rest of them agree to meet up later and wander into the crowd. Kol turns back and starts chatting with the vendor about the finer points of cooking a prehistoric nightmare.
No. 872893 ID: a30024
File 152073728797.png - (152.38KB , 500x700 , 4-9.png )

“What's so scary about being a Spirit Guardian?" Miki asks.

“There’s a kind of trial in order to become one, and not all of the people who try make it, or even come back.” Casey explains, “It involves crossing over to the etherial plane- “

“-Ghost zone!” Gabe interjects.

“-or as some people call it, Ghost zone. Supposedly, there's a sea of mana there, and on the far side of the sea are the Fates. Those who manage to cross the sea are then chosen by the Fates themselves to be Guardians.” She finishes.

“Woah, you mean they’ve been in the presence of the Fates? Scary!” Miki shudders.

“Yeah, they’re pretty badass.” Gabe nods.
No. 872907 ID: 67456a

What exactly makes the Fates so frightening? I assume they're Lawful Neutral AT MINIMUM, so is it sort of a "Be Not Afraid" situation? Wheels that are on fire, multiple faces, bodies that kill you if you view them?

Also keep looking for a Tern! You've got work to do!
No. 872911 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, why is the Ghost Zone dangerous though?
No. 872921 ID: 56e50f

Remember, we might have friends on the other side~[/KeithDavid]
No. 872998 ID: 2b371e

missed the nose shading oh glorious quest master.
No. 873008 ID: 55b74a

So what happens to those who make it to the fates but aren't chosen. Are they the ones who make it back without becoming Guardians or the ones that don't make it back at all?
No. 873009 ID: a30024
File 152079844612.png - (140.72KB , 500x700 , 4-10.png )

“What’s so scary about the Ghost-Zone? I mean besides all the ghosts?” Miki skips to keep up with her longer legged friends.

Casey pauses, “Well, put it like this... Do you remember when Raithe um... released all that mana into you?”

“Oh yeah! I felt like I was so full of energy I could barely contain it. Oooooh.” Miki swoons, "I feel tingly just thinking about it…"

“Right, you had to burn it off with that huge flare. Now imagine an ocean of that power; Imagine trying to contain that.” Casey makes a worrying explosion gesture, “Its the source of life itself, a mortal's body would come apart at the seams…"

"Oh wow, I had no idea!" She closes her eyes and a noticeable warmth pours off of her, "I hope my body can handle Raithe… mmm."

Gabe chuckles, "Just don't let him get too pent up, Miki."
No. 873010 ID: a30024
File 152079845114.png - (177.24KB , 500x700 , 4-11.png )

Casey and Gabe exchange a look and shrug, "We… don't really know. The Guardians don't talk about them, either they're forbidden or they can't. Most of what we know is from the stories of the first Guardians."

"There's MINERVA, the moon, preserver. She represents order, preservation, and law. A lot of people follow her since she's the bringer of good health and science. Its because of her that we can understand the world."

"Then there's MUUT, the sun, the destroyer. He's the spirit of change, decay and death. He's probably the most mysterious of the three and a bit of a paradox, he is often represented with an absence, or void. He's the spirit of change, both good and bad; both necessary for the cycle of life to continue. His gift to us is the ability to change the world."

"And then there's MELEK TAUS, The rainbow, the creator. Their job is pretty obvious: they created the natural world, and are responsible for the creation of all things. They're supposedly the wellspring of thought, giving us the ability to create new ideas. "

"Not much else is known about them, supposedly because they don't want to interfere in the lives of mortals. Its not their job to tell is what to do, only to maintain the order of things."
No. 873016 ID: 3abd97

So the obvious question is if you get to bang any of those dudes / dudettes when you become a Spirit Guardian.
No. 873021 ID: f4b62c

If they have supposedly seen it all, I wonder what they would say about the way you handle your jobs.
No. 873022 ID: e11567

I'm sorry but your first thought when hearing about these gods is "can we Bang These Boys"?

No. 873023 ID: 2d1231


Each one seems to be part of a duality save MELEK TAUS. Interesting.

On a slightly different note, is it possible to use mana from outside of yourself? That is, rather than taking it into yourself or using your own reserves, work your abilities without directly interfacing with a source of mana.
No. 873024 ID: 2d1231


(In hindsight, I suppose MELEK TAUS is more of the union of the two. Equally, and perhaps more, interesting.)
No. 873029 ID: 55b74a

I mean I can see where he's coming from. We've practically solved all of our problems thus far with some application of sex. These are just stronger spirits after all. Yes, stronger on a scale beyond mortal ken but still spirits.

Of course, the fact that Raithe, if allowed to get too pent up, could be a danger to his partner combined with just what kind of ludicrous scale these three are likely on, but if we'd have to survive swimming in an ocean of pure mana just to reach them it still might be possible.
No. 873059 ID: 15b669

Call me crazy, but I don't think the application of smut to a spirit is always gonna be the winning move after a certain threshold.

Not to say it's not still working out, and it'll probably KEEP working out. 

Just remember Kol mentioned that Portal Amputation is a thing Spirit Guardians know how to do.
No. 873142 ID: f6785d

I wonder if the Spirit Guardians are just as perverted as the rest of the unnatural things we have faced until now, and by extent, as us.
No. 873178 ID: a30024
File 152090406372.png - (154.23KB , 500x700 , 4-12.png )

“Its nice that they don’t try to interfere or judge or anything. Still, are you guys worried about what they might think about your... approach to problem solving?” Miki asks.

“A bit...” Gabe admits.

“A little...” Casey acknowledges. “Honestly I’m still kind of worried about what other guides will think once word gets out...”

“Eh,” Gabe shrugs, “Better than our reputation when we started out. Besides, who can argue with all our happy customers?”

Miki beams, “Oh that’s right! You’ve got a date with Delilah coming up! Any ideas for what you’d like to do?”
No. 873180 ID: d887c0

A little dinner. A little theatre. Nothing too dramatic. First dates are for getting a feel, you know?
No. 873184 ID: a363ac

LARPing date
No. 873194 ID: 3abd97

Super soakers wet t-shirt battle
No. 873196 ID: f6785d

I agree with this, even if we had a literal feeling off her, hehehe. Still, i didn't really thought on what to do yet, besides dinner.
You know her, right? What kind of activities she likes? Besides of swimming, of course.
No. 873208 ID: e1c8f7

Can't go wrong with that. Maybe wind down with some sightseeing? Gabe should have a waypoint to an awesome sunset.
No. 873219 ID: 555f33

Good plan.
No. 873491 ID: a30024
File 152099313741.png - (129.81KB , 625x700 , 4-13.png )

Gabe moseys along and thinks, “I’m still not quite sure. A some dinner, maybe catch a play, take her sightseeing a bit... You know, play it by ear: I’m not a great planner.”

“Ohh, sightseeing with a sender. Sign me up! That sounds great!“ Miki gets dreamy eyed again, “There’s so many places I’d like to see.”

"Oh really? Like what?"

"I've always wanted to see the great reef, but I have that problem with water…. Oh and the cliffs! I'd love to visit the statue of Augustine someday. Ooh, or the ruins of the old city! I've heard they're fantastic this time of year: just draped in lilac."

"Hmm all good," Gabe mentally takes some notes, “Got any tips for me?”

“Well... Del’s always loved the idea of someone sweeping her off her feet, like in some kind of fairy tale...”

Casey chuckles, “I think after her latest experience with the fae she might have other opinions.”

“Oh yeah, how’s that going?”

“Well, haven’t seen much of Nixxy since then; but when we woke up the other day someone had installed a doorway under our staircase. As far as we can tell it leads to the faewild.” Casey stares straight ahead and sighs, “I don’t yet know how we’re going to explain that to the landlord.”

“Yikes, what’d you do?”

“We put a sign on it.” Gabe shrugs.

“Oh, good to know.” Miki giggles, “Gabe, I think the problem a lot of Del’s partners have had is in thinking they need to try and keep up with her and, let me tell you, its impossible. You’ll burn out long before she does.”
“She doesn’t need someone who feels like they constantly have to prove themselves. As a healer, she’s got no time for an idiot who doesn’t know when to quit; she’s always the one who has to go rescue them.”

Casey shoots a wry smile at the other mouse, “I don’t think you needs to worry about that, Gabe.” He mugs, the tip of his tongue peeking out from beneath his mousey incisors.

Gabe scratches his head, "Sooo, what you're telling me is that she wants someone to sweep her off her feet, but also not try too hard. Miki, those are two totally different things! What am I supposed to do with that?"

The baker winks, "If I knew, I would have taken a shot at her a looong time ago, dear. You don’t have to prove yourself, just… show her that she's special. Oh, and if you break that girl's heart, you can start paying for your own biscotti, mister." She adds.
No. 873492 ID: a30024
File 152099314196.png - (148.35KB , 626x700 , 4-14.png )

Her eyes light up and she suddenly shouts across the market, "Hey! Galle! How're ya doing ol' girl?"

A weathered looking tern cocks her head at the sound of "hey" and "Galle" rhyming, spotting the tiny Miki in the crowd. "Hey! Who let you out of your shop? How's it going, Miki?"
No. 873497 ID: a363ac

No. 873503 ID: 555f33

I think Gabe will be fine. Just has to show that he cares.

Miki is doing GREAT.
No. 873506 ID: 56e50f

Hanging out with her bad influence friends! Engage eyebrow waggle.
No. 873507 ID: b1b4f3

Oh hey is that who we're looking for?
No. 873509 ID: f6785d

Gabe, my dude, you have her on the bag.
Well, since she found a little someone to give her a hand, a very useful hand, she has more time to stretch her pretty little legs.
No. 873511 ID: 91ee5f

>“Well...Del’s always loved the idea of someone sweeping her off her feet, like in some kind of fairy tale...”
You heard her Gabe, start working out so that you can sweep her off her feet with big strong arms!
No. 873595 ID: 8a122e

One could almost say Miki's romance game has been on fire recently ;3
No. 873598 ID: 01b48b

shout this as loud as possible for the shots and giggs
No. 873605 ID: b1b4f3

She didn't get laid yet though.
No. 873875 ID: a30024
File 152116500989.png - (127.72KB , 700x468 , 4-15.png )

“SHE GOT LAAAAIIID! THAT’S HOW ITS GOIN’!” Gabe frames the chinchilla with double fingerguns. he bats his hands away and rolls her eyes. “Hehe, Gaaabe.”

Galle leans over her buckets of squid all ears, “What? With who? When?”

“I don’t know if you’ve met. Raithe’s watching the shop today.”

“The elemental? Hah, if he can get you out of that floury palace you built, he must be some kind of miracle worker. You be nice to that boy.” The Tern warns, “Dating, your employee, you’re playing with fire, girl.”

“Tell me about it.” Miki giggles.

Galle spreads her hands, “So you finally take a day off, and you visit this stinky corner of the city? To what do I owe the pleasure, MIki?”

“Well, we’re here because you mentioned something about a haunted ship a while back. Gabe and Casey here are Spirit Guides,” Casey bows slightly while Gabe waves. “They were hoping to look into it.”
No. 873876 ID: a30024
File 152116501405.png - (115.38KB , 700x639 , 4-16.png )

“Spirit guides at my stall? The fates must be having fun today.” She eyes them critically, “These aren’t the ones people have been talking about have they?”

“Are we?” Casey starts to blush, “What’re they saying?”

“Something about some new Guides who stopped a rampaging kelpie in that bathhouse up the coast.” She clears her throat diplomatically, “I don’t think they mentioned specifics as to how.”

“Trade secrets, you know how it is.” Gabe nods.

“Uh-huh, I sure do.” She treats them to the smirk of old ladies everywhere who know a great deal more than anyone’s comfortable admitting. “So, how can I help you up and coming ghost hunters?”
No. 873879 ID: a363ac

well anything you know about the job will help!
No. 873885 ID: 555f33

Specifics about the job, mostly!
No. 873886 ID: d887c0

Information. Any details on that ship. Sightings, people who have seen it, a name, anything you can offer.
No. 873913 ID: f6785d

What ever you have. And if you have some old ghost stories that might be related to what is happening, better. Sometimes, stories and myths are more than just that, sometimes they are truth, the real aconteciments.
No. 873956 ID: e1c8f7

A lead in the right direction. A smile for our troubles?
No. 874153 ID: a30024
File 152132376722.png - (121.57KB , 500x700 , 4-17.png )

"Anyway!" interjects Casey in an attempt to drop a girder in front of that particular train of thought, "Ghost ships! Am I right?"

"Oh yeah, I suppose that's what you're here for. Well, I heard from one of the crews I buy from about this ship that was spotted out by the Chevalier Trench. Just a small fishing boat. The crew thought it was adrift, and hailed it as they approached. Didn't see anyone at the helm so they thought they'd check it out, maybe claim it as salvage. Well, as soon as they set foot onboard , mana fire spread across its rigging. They said they felt a presence staring at them, and an unseen force picked them up and tossed 'em overboard. They turned tail and came straight back to the Point, haven't been back to that area since."

Casey nods, "Sounds like pretty standard ghost ship stuff. Not sure how we're going to get out there, its not like we have a boat."

"Ahh, that’s the odd thing," Galle continues, "You won't need to go that far. A couple of weeks ago it showed up just off the coast. No one's seen anybody come or go from it and its starting to worry some of the crews we've got here."

"We'll check it out. Anything else can you tell us?"

"Just the name-"
No. 874154 ID: a30024
File 152132377262.png - (146.12KB , 500x700 , 4-18.png )

"-The Sea Scar"
No. 874157 ID: a363ac

oh sorry about that bump.
No. 874173 ID: 56e50f

Sorry about that. Hands kinda full. You uh, know where to go?
No. 874177 ID: d887c0

"PArdon me, squire."
No. 874189 ID: 3036fe

say mybad don't turn your head, and keep walking.
No. 874282 ID: f6785d

"OUPS, sorry there sir. Didn't meant to be so clumsy."
No. 874305 ID: 91ee5f

Check your pockets to make sure he didn’t steal your wallet or something!
No. 874316 ID: 255b3c

"Next words outta your mouth better be 'sorry, sir' or you're gonna catch these hands"
No. 874326 ID: 8a204b

Quicktime Event!
No. 874338 ID: b1d97d


...Lets hope this guy doesn't try and start something...
No. 874340 ID: b1b4f3

Holy crap guys why don't you just roll over on your back and ask for belly rubs while you're at it?
A simple "excuse me" would be fine.
No. 874404 ID: a30024
File 152141128022.png - (157.60KB , 500x700 , 4-19.png )

Kol steps back, "Oh, sorry I was just looking for someone"

The massive sailor glares down at him, almost as wide as he is tall. One shovel-sized hand curls into a fist and a rumble of warning emerges from his throat.
No. 874405 ID: a30024
File 152141129267.png - (161.75KB , 621x700 , 4-20.png )

His eye catches the bundle in medium's hand and the growl turns to a deep, saw-edges laugh. "So, some fool does buy those monstrosities. Fates deliver, you're a braver soul than I."
No. 874409 ID: f6b57a

Oh no, yeah, it's probably a crazy idea.

But our whole JOB is having crazy ideas and then making them work!
No. 874413 ID: f6785d

Yeah, we should actually makethat our logo: "We make crazy plans work".
No. 874431 ID: 56e50f

"Fortune favors the bold. Do I have you to thank for catching this?"
No. 874433 ID: d887c0

"Believe it or not, this thing is the least scary thing I've dealt with recently."
No. 874441 ID: 05ff2f

What? Why? It's not risky to prepare like fugu or something like that, is it? Or are you referring to the taste?
No. 874539 ID: a30024
File 152151887368.png - (133.96KB , 700x500 , 4-21.png )

Kol looks down at his purchase, “Believe it or not, its not the scariest thing on my plate lately.” He thinks back to the new door in his apartment. “Do I have you to thank for this catch?”

The scarred sailor gives him a jagged grin, “A good eye you got there. The name’s Caleb: deepwater angling is my specialty. Abyssals are a tricky catch, but worth the effort for the right buyer. Never could stand the taste myself, though.” He shrugs, “In some places, they ferment the blasted things for a season. Can’t say that improves the flavor much. You want my advice: cut ‘em into steaks, drown ‘em in wine and grill ‘em. Its the only way I could stand ‘em.”
No. 874540 ID: d887c0

"Oh, stop. You're making me hungry."
No. 874543 ID: b1b4f3

As for cutting them... how?
No. 874545 ID: f6785d

A diver eh?
What other things do you find down there? Any interesting story to share?
I cold tell you some of mine in return.
No. 874568 ID: e1c8f7

That does sound good.. This dude is bound to have stories. See if he knows anything about that ghost ship that's been floating around.
No. 874574 ID: 2d1231


Perhaps we'd be more partial to keeping it whole, but drowning it wine none the less and roasting it on a spit.

... if you know what I mean ;3c
No. 874661 ID: 90f3c0

It sounds like he knows quite a bit about seafood. Invite him over for dinner, maybe he can show you a thing or two in the kitchen. That'll give you plenty of time to ask him about ghost ships / seduce him.
No. 874785 ID: 8a3ef2

I'll never say no to a good marinade.
Not much of a cook, though... You want to show me how it's done?
No. 874786 ID: a30024
File 152167988449.png - (151.76KB , 700x549 , 4-22.png )

Kol offers him a hand and a smile, “Sounds like you could teach me a thing or two in the kitchen. Maybe you’d like to have dinner some time?”

The seal laughs, “My, that was fast; especially for someone carrying a trench fish. Maybe, if you could find something better to offer an old sailor than a couple of bony steaks.” Nevertheless he engulfs Kol’s hand in an iron-gripped handshake. “I don’t even know your name yet, stranger.”

“Kol, Kol Bardo. Maybe we could swap some stories, then? I’ve got a rather bawdy tale about a kelpie I’m sure you’d like.”

“Muut’s whiskers; now that sounds more like my kind of dinner. Ahh, but you don’t want any of my stories. I got...” He hesitate with his eyes lost in something distant, “Nothing worth tellin.”

Kol cocks an eyebrow at him, “You sure? I heard something about a ghost ship in the area. Me and my partners were looking into it.”
No. 874787 ID: a30024
File 152167989195.png - (126.81KB , 568x700 , 4-23.png )

“Your partners, eh?” He shifts his weight uncomfortably, “Yeah, I heard about it. I’m not gonna tell you your business, but... best leave it be. The sea holds a lot of stories, some of them best untold...” He points at the hideous fish and nods, “I thank you for keepin me afloat, though. Nice meeting you, Kol.”

He turns and exposes his back, along which a pale white thunderbolt of a scar is stretched. He gives Kol a backwards glance, not unfriendly, and strides into the crowd.
No. 874790 ID: a363ac

damn thats a cool scar. ONWARDS
No. 874792 ID: 8a3ef2

Yell after him, "That's a far cry from nothing worth telling!" but don't chase him or anything. We'll get the whole story sometime.
No. 874793 ID: 3abd97

Well he's totally a ghost.

No. 874810 ID: f6b57a

Cool dude. Wonder if we can meet him later.
No. 874816 ID: f6785d

I like that guy.
Tell him that you will see him around.
No. 874830 ID: 56e50f

That's the face of man who stared death in the eyes. Keep his warning to heart, you probably have some rough waters ahead of you.
No. 875008 ID: a30024
File 152176847975.png - (181.20KB , 656x700 , 4-24.png )

Kol watches him go, wondering what the story is behind that scar and why its “not worth telling.” He makes a mental note to ask around and see if he can learn a bit more about Caleb. His head full of questions, he heads off into the crowd in search of the others.

Its not long before he sees the three of them gathered around a stall, chatting with the vendor. Casey waves him over. “Hey! Kol!”

Gabe takes a peek at the beak protruding from Kol’s purchase, “Oh nice! I was hoping you’d get one! Get any tips on what to do with it?”

“Yeah actually, I ran into the guy who catches them. Said to cut them into steaks and soak it in wine before grilling it.” Kol explains, “Though he did warn me that it has kind of an... acquired taste.”

The stallkeeper checks out the purchase with interest, “A reaper? I didn’t think anyone was catching them anymore. Only place to find them around here is the... Chevalier... Trench...”

A quiet shiver of realization washes over the group and they stare at Kol. “What? What’s so special about the trench? Don’t just stand there looking spooked!”

Casey explains, “Kol, that’s where the ghost ship was first spotted...”

“Dude, did you just meet a ghost?” Gabe finishes.

“What? No, this guy was no ghost. He was flesh and blood like us.” He shrugs, “Besides, meeting ghosts our job; no need to get all spooky on me.”

Casey thinks, “You’re sure he was alive? Kol... what if he’s a ghoul? Or even a vampire?”

Miki squeeks as fear pours off of her. “A Vampire? Here? I-I thought they were just legends!"

Kol looks down, shaking his head. “Sort of. Most of what we know of them predates the creation of the Spirit Guardians. They're rare, but really they’re just another type of spirit. Normally, ghosts feed off of mana produced coming from objects and places. They’re rarely dangerous to mortals because a living body protects its mana reserves so well. But, once a ghost gets powerful enough to overcome those defenses, it can feed directly off of living beings. We call that a LICH. They’re much more dangerous and usually require banishment... something we try to avoid.”

Casey continues, “A VAMPIRE, or to some a JIANGSHI, is something even more dangerous. If a mortal body is completely drained of mana, a lich can possess it, manipulating it like a puppet. It can use the body to drain more victims, which lesser spirits inhabit and turn into GHOULS.”

Kol looks defiant, “But those kinds of things don’t happen anymore! They're practically myths at this point: just stories told of the old Guardians."
No. 875025 ID: 93c57d

So does this mean the dinner date is cancelled?
No. 875026 ID: a363ac

well we won't know unless we ask him ourselves or find a way to determinate if he is. focus on the ship for now.
No. 875028 ID: b1b4f3

Starting to sound like this job might be out of your league.
I say ask around a bit more about Caleb to be sure.
No. 875039 ID: f6785d

Oh come on, we are sopused to be trained for this, right?
It is our job too, whether we can or not. Something must be done.
He didn't look like a bad dude, actually, he looked kind of sad when mentioning his story. But i am sure that is somthing that it must be investigated before going futher with the goust ship.
No. 875042 ID: 3abd97

Hey look, just because a ghost ship is out there doesn't mean it's impossible for regular people to go finishing! And he was pretty badass.

Let's look into the ghost ship for now. It there's a lich or vampire connected to it, you'll likely find some kind of evidence, right?
No. 875052 ID: 297b5e

Lets not jump to conclusions everybody. No reason to assume that every grizzled sailor is a evil spirit monster in disguise.
No. 875065 ID: 91ee5f

Tell them about Caleb and how you literally bumped into him on your way over here.
No. 875086 ID: caf1de

>sailor with scar
>catches rare fish
>only place to catch is by ghost ship
>ghost ship named sea scar
>sailor with scar
you find that motherfucker and you ride his salty dick right now
No. 875113 ID: 555f33

He's not a ghost or a ghoul and even even if he is, he's cool and we're not going to bother him with wild accusations.
No. 875164 ID: e1c8f7

Let's refocus here. How do we investigate this ship?
No. 875405 ID: a30024
File 152200282447.png - (123.76KB , 596x700 , 4-25.png )

“Look, let’s not jump to assuming that he’s a vampire or a monster just because he fishes in ghostly waters.” Gabe concedes. “But we still gotta follow up on this guy. He’s probably at least seen something.”

“Well... I did mention that we were looking into it and he got all evasive and left...” Kol admits.

“Kol...” Casey folds her arms.

“Kolllllll...” Gabe

“Kolllllllllllllll-“ They both stretch out until he waves them off.

“Yeah, yeah I know.”

“Well, what did he look like?” Gabe asks.

Kol thinks back, “A big seal, no shirt. Had a huge scar running down his back...”



Casey sighs, “The ship’s name is the Sea Scar...”

“Okay, that’s… pretty suspicious…” Kol admits. “He’s still not a vampire, though. But we should look into it.”

They wave goodbye to Galle and head back to the stall where Kol bought his nightmare fish, hoping the vendor can tell them more about Caleb.
No. 875406 ID: b1b4f3

Ok let's go over the facts again. They think there's a ghost on the ship because it looked abandoned but when they boarded the ship, mana fire showed up on the rigging and "an unseen force picked them up and tossed 'em overboard". Could this just be magic? Some sort of security system? A wind spirit perhaps?
No. 875413 ID: 86aeb8

Ask the vender who sold him the reaper, Where they usually do business, Where they dock, anything.
No. 875432 ID: 555f33

Also when they usually hang out and if there are any strange stories about him.
No. 875607 ID: a30024
File 152219876565.png - (141.58KB , 633x700 , 4-26.png )

They find the vendor dumping a fresh load of ice shavings into the bin. His burly brow twitches from recognition to concern, “Oh, hey, you guys again! Something wrong? All my stuff is freshly caught each morning...”

“No, its not about that,” Casey explains, “We were wondering about your source for your reapers. Can you tell us about the guy?”

“Caleb? Sure, I guess. He’s not in any trouble is he?” The vendor scratches his head, “He seems like a nice guy...”

“No, I don’t think so. We just wanted to ask him about something he might have seen, out by the trench.”

“You talking about the ghost ship?” He shudders, “He’s never mentioned it, but he’s not what you’d call talkative...” He pauses to recollect. “He showed up a few weeks ago and came to me directly. I supply for a lot of chefs in the upscale restaurants around town, so I have a bit of a reputation for selling hard to get fish. Caleb finds me and he offers me something I’ve never been able to get a hold of before; then he throws one of those ugly bastards down on the ice before me.”
“Now, most people have never even seen a reaper before. Most of the time they end up washing up on shore or tangled in a net, long dead and rotting. People thought they were extinct! He offers me a chance to be the sole buyer if he can keep bringing them in. I can’t say no to that!”

Kol hefts the fish as it weighs down on his arm and asks, “Do you know anything about him? Anyone talk about him at all?”

“I asked around, seeing if he was approaching anyone else. No one else knew anything about him, or what crew he worked with, or his boat... A few people had mentioned seeing him walking a path headed towards the southern cliffs once. There’s a park in that direction just past the market, but past that is only scrub and pines.”
No. 875609 ID: e1c8f7

You have a trail, follow it. Tell the vendor that if he comes across Caleb, let him know Kol wanted to catch up with him. See if the vendor will hold your fish for you before it starts smelling.
No. 875610 ID: f9d2b4

Has he been known to engage in spooky behavior, e.g. rattling chains, standing so as to be just varely visible out of the corner of your eye, giving people cryptic warnings, asking for rides by the side of the road and telling a scary story during the journey only to end up disappearing before reaching the destination, and so on?
No. 875611 ID: 555f33

Caleb's probably not going to be happy about you guy's following him, but knowing what you're getting into is more important.
And couldn't Gabe just take the fish home? Like, instantly?
No. 875612 ID: f6785d

The fish is going to rot!
I think this is a good opportunity to split into two groups. One should keep looking for Caleb, while the other looks around the place where the ghost ship appears. That way we cover more ground.
No. 875613 ID: 91ee5f

Portal the fish home before it starts smelling!
No. 875742 ID: 3abd97

Thank him for the help, and absolutely do not make any ghostly accusations. If you're wrong, you don't want to start rumors that will cause Caleb troubles.

Good point, right in the fridge it goes.
No. 875769 ID: a30024
File 152228660346.png - (138.28KB , 500x700 , 4-27.png )

The group thanks the vendor for his help. “Okay, we have a lead. I’m down for following him, but I’m not hauling this fish all the way out to the cliffs.” Kol shifts the weight of the reaper as his muscles start to complain.

Gabe perks up, “Hey, no problem! I’ll take you home and we can drop it off.” He gives Kol a thumbs up. “Are you two okay checking out the cliffs until we catch up?”

“I think we can handle it.” Casey winks at the chinchilla, “Isn’t that right Miki?”

The baker practically glows as enthusiasm bubbles out of her, “We’re going to follow a lead! Its so exciting!”

Kol gives Casey a pick peck on the cheek, “Stay safe, you two.”

The two parties split up; Miki and Casey head for the park, while Gabe and Kol look for a place away from the crowd where they can open a gate.
No. 875774 ID: 56e50f

Fish group can dip into an alley. Pursuit group should go ahead and make their way to the edge of the market. Make sure to keep your wits about you!
No. 876163 ID: a30024
File 152246591255.png - (158.95KB , 661x700 , 4-28.png )

Gabe and Kol duck into an alley and open a gate in order to avoid accidentally slicing apart anything in the crowded market. A flash of light later and they step into their apartment, landing in a square of carpet specially cleared for incoming gates.

“Nixxy! We’re home!” Gabe announces, as though the thunder of gate travel weren’t enough. He opens up the ice box and Kol drops the abyssal reaper inside. “Niiice. So what’d he say about preparing it?”

Kol shrugs, “Caleb said cut it into steaks...”

Gabe grins.
No. 876164 ID: a30024
File 152246591613.png - (89.96KB , 700x389 , 4-29.png )

Casey and Miki find their way out of the fish market and climb a set of stairs that lead them to the cliffside park. They meander arm in arm through the well manicured gardens, between the various lawn games of the well-to-do. Miki pops her parasol to keep the sun off, completing the image of a pair of society ladies enjoying a stroll in the park.

“Such a lovely day!” Casey remarks.

“Isn’t it?” Miki agrees.

“Nothing lifts my spirits like a visit to the gardens.” Casey drawls.

“Oh, quite so! Isn't nature grand?” Miki manages, barely stifling a laugh. "I was just saying to myself 'Miki give the servants a half-holiday and go see the roses.'"

"Oh, yes the roses! SO lovely this time of year!" Casey exclaims, "I told Kol the other day that we need a vase of roses in every room of the manor."

The pair choke back church-giggles as they attempt to out-posh each other, dragging at their vowels like taffy until they become practically unintelligible.
No. 876165 ID: b1b4f3

So how's the family?
No. 876172 ID: 56e50f

Hi Naz, Selma and Geoff

What's so funny, Gabe? Also, see if Nixxy has any advice. You should probably get that town map ready as well so you get a prime gate location.
No. 876191 ID: d887c0

Gabe, you behave now.
Time to chat and gossip as only a pair of lady friends can.
No. 876192 ID: 555f33

Gabe and Kol said they'd drop off the fish and catch up, not fool around with it.
No. 876749 ID: 07a312
File 152271571787.png - (98.45KB , 700x555 , 4-30.png )

Kol catches his smile and warns, “Gaaaabe, come on, no cutting.”

“Aww, but I can totally do steaks!” He sighs and rolls his eyes, pushing the icebox door shut.

“Later, we promised we’d catch up with Casey and Miki, right?”

“Ooookayyy, let me grab a snack to recharge...” Gabe snags a muffin from the breadbox.

“I wanted to check with Nixxie too, see if she might have any advice...” Kol approaches the door under the stairs, its sign hanging askew from a nail. He notices that the door frame seems to have sprouted a few young leaves.

“Really? Your call, Kol...” Gabe munches his baked good from a safe distance as the medium knocks on the door.
No. 876750 ID: 07a312
File 152271572389.png - (168.89KB , 500x700 , 4-31.png )

The door instantly swings inward and there is a rush of wind, carrying the smell of undergrowth and lilac through the house. A whirlwind of movement follows, and as it resolves, the kelpie looms over Kol.
”Kol! You bring fun for me?” She hugs him with surprising gentleness for a creature so large.

“A little... There’s something we’re checking out that we were hoping you could help us with...” Kol explains what they’ve learned about the ghost ship and the mysterious, scarred sailor.

Nixxie’s emerald eyes go wide and she gives them a huge horsey smile. Ohh a thing! A thing I know! I tell a thing, you guess for Nixxie? Give Nixxie a reward, yes?” She claps her hands together and bounces on her heels, rattling the dishes in the cupboard.
No. 876753 ID: a363ac

give nixxie a snoot kiss. you know anything about ghost ships in (area here), or less malevalent spirits based around Sea Scars?
No. 876758 ID: b1b4f3

>guess what it is
Uhh, does she know what threw people aboard?
No. 876765 ID: 91ee5f

She has clothes? I didn’t think she owned any clothes to wear!
No. 876770 ID: deec6e


A reward... well, you could invite her to the dinner. Or you could take her shopping and buy her something she likes. Within moral and monetary reason.
No. 876786 ID: eeb7d9

True! She looks gorgeous.
No. 876793 ID: 07a312
File 152272373779.png - (148.32KB , 700x535 , 4-32.png )

Gabe chews his muffin, "Is that our rug you're wearing?" She does a little spin to show it off and he munches thoughtfully, "I was wondering where that went…"

“Okay, go ahead Nixxie, tell us the thing.” She squeals, glee exploding out of her.

NIxxie pauses and thinks, composing herself. Closing her eyes, she recites,

”What to call a sailor
Sealed from the sea?

What lets a warden,
Set a prisoner free?

If I had a brother,
What would he be?”

She opens her eyes and smiles, awaiting their answer.
No. 876795 ID: f9d2b4

>sealed from the sea
>sailor guy was a seal
>"if I had a brother, what would he be?" - a fairy creature, like her
>keeping someone from the sea/imprisoned

I'm not sure what the exact answer to her riddle is but I feel like maybe a selkie is involved.
No. 876796 ID: deec6e


You put me on the right track, so thanks. It's not a selkie. It's an unseelie.
No. 876797 ID: b1b4f3

A sailor sealed from the sea... shipwrecked? Landlocked?
Warden sets a prisoner free with a key. You could also say the lock allows it, though.
A Kelpie's brother would be uh... this is stumping me actually. Maybe it's more along the lines of a male horse? Colt? Stallion?
No. 876798 ID: deec6e


Or possibly a selkie unseelie, I suppose. Pretty sure unseelie is correct, though! A sailor away from sea is un-sailing, what lets a warden set a prisoner free is un-sealing and a fey seelie's 'brother' could be considered an unseelie.
No. 876800 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, a selkie. This is a three part riddle, but it's a bit odd.
"sealed" is important in the first one(maybe the answer is water-sealed or something?), the second part's plain answer is "a key" and the third one requires you to combine the first two. Seal-key. Selkie.

Or maybe the first part is a hint that his ship is a submarine?
No. 876801 ID: b1b4f3

Ha, or that.
No. 876802 ID: f9d2b4


"Unseelie" does work well, but I think our man being a selkie works pretty well. He's a seal, and has a mysteriously good knowledge of the deep ocean. More than that, seals use their skin to change forms, and our sailor man has a large scar - in other words, his skin is damaged. Some incident that stopped him being able to return to the sea would explain his initial surliness, his positive response to the suggestion of a story about a kelpie, and the impression of something sad in his past he doesn't want to talk about. The reason I'm not sure about selkie being the answer is I don't see how to work it with the first verse. Well, each of our heroes should get one guess, right?

Not sure how selkie form-shifting would work in a world like this, though. I guess he'd basically turn into a mermaid? Or are there non-anthropomorphic seals?
No. 876803 ID: cefedd

Think it might be a nuckelavee which is a sea variant of the kelpie and an unseelie, and is apparently kept in confinement in the summer by the Sea Mither.
No. 876809 ID: eeb7d9

Sheesh, i really don't get this one. I had a hard time with the last one, no way i can get this one. The only think i can think of is a male mermaid. But as far as i know, those never were a real thing.
No. 876820 ID: 5c3123

>What lets a warden,
>Set a prisoner free?
The key to the lock.

Traditionally, selkies become stuck in human form when their sealskin cloak is stolen - permanently, if it's disenchanted.
That was a really big scar. Like somebody ripped about a square foot of skin off his back.
No. 876826 ID: 555f33

I mean, selkie/cell-key.
No. 876856 ID: caf1de

well cell-key duh
and selkie with their seal skin stollen can't return to the sea but they aren't sailors is there a term for like retired sailors or something
and how the hell are we supposed to know what your brothers called
is it a water bull
i mean i'm reading shit and apparently most kelpies are male and selkies female so i guess if we swap genders we get our female water horse and a male seal thing
i almost posted water seal wtf
No. 876859 ID: e1c8f7

"Selkie.. You're the best, Nixxy!"
No. 876905 ID: 2d1231


Selkie makes the most sense, though our buddy hardly seemed like he'd be part of the Unseelie Court, you know?

Unless we're using a more literal translation considering it all, wherein unseelie here would mean "unhappy or misfortunate," which would very much coincide with his circumstances and the first clue.
No. 876909 ID: deec6e


Looking at what we know, I'll admit Selkie does seem the more likely answer, although it's cool that the poem was ambiguous enough for me to cludge 'Unseelie' onto it.
No. 876934 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, if he lost his sealskin maybe that's why he's doing deep water dives? It fell into the ocean and he's trying to find it? Or someone put it down there on purpose.
No. 877013 ID: 07a312
File 152280167650.png - (164.93KB , 700x500 , 4-33.png )

“A warden...” muses Gabe, “A key!”

Realization strikes Kol, “A cell-key! Selkie! He’s a selkie!”

Nixxy runs in a tight circle, lassoing the two mice together with her tail and pulling them into a hug, ”An answer true! Good! Good! Much fun!”

“The scar on his back! He can’t go into the water! Selkies transform in order to swim, but they need their skin!” Feeling the rush of epiphany, Kol kisses his fae friend on the nose. “Thanks Nixxy!”

“But is he dangerous?” Gabe asks.

”He a fae,” Nixxy shrugs as though that was explanation enough, ”Him sound... sad. Yes? Fae call unseelie. Dark spirit. A shadow on him. Rules of fae, they say selkie no skin, no swim. Him trapped, yes? Bound to land.” Her eyes turn sorrowful and worried, ”You careful, Kol. And you, Gabriel. No bad fae, Nixxy think, but... is trouble. You need a help, you call to Nixxy, yes?”
No. 877014 ID: f9d2b4

Yes. But first... "Give Nixxie a reward, yes?" That was the deal!
No. 877020 ID: b1b4f3

He can't swim, but he's catching deep-water fish? How...? Is he just walking on the ocean floor, then climbing back up his anchor? Technically not swimming!

Well, seems like we've solved the case, but now we have a side mission. Help the poor guy! Ask Nixxy if he could put his skin back on if it was ever recovered. Maybe we can get it for him!
No. 877025 ID: eeb7d9

A deal is a deal.

He might have used a diving suit. It is not a really crazy possibility. If he can't go underwater, the only option is that he has to use a dry diving suit. That way he doesn't touch the water directly, and he can perform most of the activities he could do if he was without the suit.
No. 877030 ID: a363ac

Gabe you know what to do kiss the best place.
No. 877031 ID: 9c2d0c

Or he is just using standard surface-based fishing gear and insider knowledge. Don't jump too far into conclusions without more information.
No. 877037 ID: 91ee5f

Welp, now that we’ve solved that, let’s go tell the girls what we’ve learned.

.....yes, after we’ve rewarded Nixxy, we’ll go tell the girls.
No. 877073 ID: a363ac

give Nixxie 5 minutes of massage and heavy ear petting.
No. 877095 ID: e1c8f7

Definitely, Nixxy. A deal is a deal though. What would you like?
No. 877124 ID: 555f33

Maybe Gabe can go catch up and tell them what's going on, and then pick up Kol after he finishes whatever the reward requires?

It's his fault portals are so convenient.
No. 877166 ID: 07a312
File 152288941689.png - (96.80KB , 700x528 , 4-34.png )

“Don’t worry, Nixxy. We’ll be careful.” Kol rubs her neck, reassuringly, running his fingers through her long mane. “Now, I believe you mentioned something about a reward?”
No. 877167 ID: 07a312
File 152288942053.png - (178.09KB , 500x700 , 4-35.png )

"Hey, Kol, who's rewarding who here?" As Gabe's pants are slipped away, he leans back against the kelpie's arm and gasps as a warm tongue teases him.

The medium mumbles something that's lost between Nixxy's thighs, his tongue already hard at work rewarding the fae.

No. 877169 ID: a363ac

No. 877173 ID: 56e50f

Remember the saying, "Rode hard, put away wet."
No. 877200 ID: eeb7d9

It is a mutual reward! We reward her for being so helpful, and she rewards us for being so smart.
No. 877202 ID: d887c0

What does a kelpie taste like? Horse? Fish?
No. 877232 ID: eeb7d9

I bet she tastes like a seahorse, but without salt.
Or maybe she does?
No. 877268 ID: 4a9f32

Surf and turf
No. 877690 ID: 07a312
File 152313935999.png - (144.39KB , 700x583 , 4-36.png )

Still cradling Gabe, Nixxy lays back and spreads her legs. Kol takes his position between them and everybody starts to feel really rewarded. Trying to keep this quick, Kol's thrusts slam into Nixxy's thighs and she moans in appreciation. She easily takes Gabe's cock down to the base and sends her moans tingling through his body. "Fucking faaates, you're really good at this. I'm not going to last if you keep doing that."
No. 877693 ID: e1c8f7

Let her have her salt lick and treat. We're riding this to the finish!
No. 877695 ID: a363ac

Gabe rub those pretty ears, reach your legs over and pet Nixxie's neck with your calves be sure to use a light touch.
No. 877723 ID: fd257c

Rewarding though this should be, it should also as a secondary priority not take too long, since you have some buddies waiting for you. Push the envelope a little.
No. 877930 ID: eeb7d9

Gabe, grabe the ears!
No. 877931 ID: deec6e


Grab? Fondle!
No. 877957 ID: 07a312
File 152323400516.png - (188.71KB , 700x600 , 4-37.png )

Kol feels her tensing up and does his best to send her over the edge, his hips meeting hers in a frenzy of thrusting. Nixxy lets out a long, rising moan, muffled by a mouthful of mouse cock, as the medium drives her to a climax. Gabe feels the urgency in her moans and can barely squeak out a warning before he spills himself into her mouth. She grinds herself between his legs hungrily, not losing a drop as the mouse goes limp in her hands. Gabe gasps and twitches, too spent to fight the overstimulation as she keeps sucking, "Oh fuck, fuck dude…."
Kol's hips break into an uneven staccato and he manages, "Nixxy, you ready?"
The kelpie moans and affirmative into Gabe's exhausted cock. Kol staggers as his orgasm overtakes him; continuing to pump away at Nixxy as she shudders and clenches in climax. When he finally stops, he lays against her gasping, feeling the gentle comingling of their fluids and her quivering aftershocks.

Nixxy drops Gabe onto her chest and he sprawls across her body in a boneless heap. The keplie's lips pull back into an exhausted smile and she nods "Good. Good reward for Nixxy. Thank you, friends…"

No. 877958 ID: 07a312
File 152323401567.png - (139.17KB , 700x500 , woods.png )

Meanwhile, Casey and Miki find the edge of the park and set along the cliffside hiking path. A gentle sea breeze wafts through the pines, and the muted crash of waves comes over the hill.

"I wonder what's keeping the boys.." Miki ponders, stowing her parasol in the shade of the trees.
No. 877963 ID: a363ac

probably just being gay
No. 877964 ID: b1b4f3

Oh hey, that's him. Just say hello once you catch up. Ask if he's the sailor your associate ran into at the market. Is it okay if you check his ship for ghosts?
No. 877966 ID: dbf422

It sure would be great if they were here with pertinent information, but Nixxy deserves the best. Small talk about fishing, maybe? Nah, I guess be straightforward about what you wanted to talk about until the boys show up.
No. 877996 ID: e1c8f7

Excellent riding, lads.
There's your target. Casey, you want to tail at a distance? Mikky you want to wait for the boys?
No. 878000 ID: 7ff038

They're probably caught up in resident fae shenanigans.
Anyway once you've caught up with Mr Scar keep him busy acting like to free spirited women interested in his "tall tales".
No. 878011 ID: eeb7d9

I was going to suggest that we follow him all sneaky beaky like, but fuck it, go be two charming ladies.
No. 878078 ID: 07a312
File 152331939468.png - (116.98KB , 700x433 , 4-38.png )

“Knowing them? Probably having a quickie...” Casey smiles.

“Boys...” Miki rolls her eyes with good natured commiseration.

“Boys...” Casey agrees. She peers between the trees and points, “Hey, is that him?” Sure enough, a broad shouldered figure is visible between the pines. Even from a dozen yards away, a pale white slash is visible across his back.

Miki cranes over the undergrowth, “Its gotta be. What do we do? Should we hang back?”

“Nah, I don’t want to lose him. Besides, we’ve got nothing to hide, right? Let’s see if we can catch up.”

The pair double their efforts, setting a hurried pace down the trail. Fortunately, the path is easy and well maintained, but by the time they draw close, both of them feel out of breath. Miki leans against a tree, accidentally puffing out a flicker of flame, which evaporates in the dewy air. “Ughhh, I need longer legs.”
No. 878079 ID: 07a312
File 152331939871.png - (127.52KB , 500x700 , 4-39.png )

As they get closer, the sailor stops and plants his feet, letting the sound of the ocean wash over him. His powerful arms drape loosely at his sides, each tipped with a set of savage looking claws. He half turns and fixes them with a glare, “You following me? What’dya want?”
No. 878080 ID: a363ac

We wanna touch your muscles!
No. 878081 ID: 094652

Offer to give his hands a massage.

With your thighs.

And then your muffs.
No. 878082 ID: 3ffc1e

We saw you hiking up the hill and we were wondering where you were going. Is there a nice view up there or something?

Also, you're very attractive.
No. 878087 ID: 2d1231


Time *huff* to gasp and *puff* wheeze our ... *wheeeeze* our way through (fates, my legs) -- look, *inhale* we want to help.

I couldn't resist
No. 878088 ID: 56e50f

Tell him he looks like the seafaring type and you always found Sailors to be fascinating. Is there perhaps a chance he could tell you a seafaring tale?
No. 878089 ID: b1b4f3

Introduce yourself as Kol's friends. Apologize for disturbing him, but you wanted to know if you could help him with anything? If there's a ghost in his ship you can guide them to the afterlife.
No. 878092 ID: eeb7d9

Pretty much this.
No. 878096 ID: e4bab0

Let's not forget to add a flattering/flirtatious comment
No. 878201 ID: 07a312
File 152340725109.png - (131.40KB , 700x600 , 4-40.png )

Casey steps forward cautiously, “Its Caleb, right? I’m Casey and this is Miki: we’re friends of Kol’s. We heard you might be headed this way and, well... we’re trying to help.”

The seal turns to face them, an uncertain anger etched across his face. His eyes flicker between them and the ground, “That’s... nice of you to offer, but we don’t need any help.“
No. 878203 ID: 0d45a9

No. 878205 ID: dbf422

We? Um, well we do specialize in these sorts of things and we've done really well lately. Last time we made friends with a fae! So we don't know exactly what's going on this time, but we've been asked to help and even if you don't need it, maybe you might want it?
No. 878206 ID: 025e66

Not receptive at this time, so back off. Say "Alright, if you're sure. If you decide you would like some spirit guide help, we'll be working around the waterside for a while, doing investigations."
No. 878211 ID: deec6e


That's... okay. That's fine. We're not here to force ourselves on you - I know it might seem that way, but we've really just come up for a chat. Miki here isn't a SPIRIT GUIDE like me, so, uh, if you REALLY don't want us to poke about, let us down gently, okay?

It's just... we'd like to talk about the 'ghost ship' rumour that's been going around. Kol said that you warned us away from investigating it, but we'd heard the ship's name was the Sea Scar and well... we ended up putting two and two together. Sorry if we're being rude.

Sure you don't want to talk about it?
No. 878235 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him you can sign a non-disclosure agreement if he's got trade secrets.
No. 878240 ID: 56e50f

You're not here to push anything, you're just here to help. Is it okay if you just talk for a bit?
No. 878242 ID: c31aac

No. 878310 ID: a363ac

who said you needed help, we are here to help weather you want it or not better to let us then to leave us to mess something up right?
No. 878475 ID: 07a312
File 152357788159.png - (94.28KB , 700x362 , 4-41.png )

“We? Who’s we?” the question hangs in the air between them.

Caleb steps back, panic blooming in his eyes. “Nobody! Stay back! You leave him alone!” He retreats further up the path, an enormous hand held in front of himself protectively.

“Caleb, its okay, we just wanted to talk about-“

“The ghost ship right? You're Guardians aren’t you? He- he never hurt anybody!” His voice echoes into the trees, sending a flock of crows skyward. He takes another step back followed by another as tears stream from his eyes. “We’re fine, okay?”

Casey holds out her hand, “We’re not Guardians, Caleb. We’re just Guides. We just want to talk...“
No. 878476 ID: 07a312
File 152357788763.png - (63.95KB , 700x500 , 4-42.png )

Caleb considers this, appearing to calm down. He shakes his head sadly, “No, I’m sorry. I... I can’t lose him again...”
The seal takes another step-
No. 878478 ID: 0d45a9

He's gonna fall, grab his hand quickly.
No. 878479 ID: 600f38

He's gonna fall. Can you use tentacles to push him back from falling over the cliff?
No. 878485 ID: 0e2ebe

Well, if you mean "pull" then this one.

Tell him you want to help whoever he's talking about, not slay them! You make sure everyone wins, mortal, undead, or fae.
No. 878488 ID: 56e50f

Quick! Grab with your power before he falls! Pull him back!
No. 878496 ID: a363ac

try to grab him around his belly with your magic larger target and less likely to hurt if he falls
No. 878501 ID: deec6e

Cry out, rush towards him, but slip and fall off the cliff yourself. Use the tentacles to emergency tether yourself to Kol and whatever tree/bush overlooks the cliff.
No. 878506 ID: eeb7d9

Pull him out of there!
No. 878638 ID: 07a312
File 152367146280.png - (83.48KB , 700x445 , 4-43.png )

Casey flings her hand out, “Caleb, wait!” Her aura snakes out and coils and coils around the sailor’s wrist.

“No, let go!” Caleb struggles with the tentacle, losing his balance and slipping over the edge.

Casey and Miki manage to lock eyes for a split second before the weight of the seal yanks the Binder off her feet. “No wait! Miki!” She turns and reaches for the baker just as shes pulled off the cliff.
No. 878639 ID: 07a312
File 152367146681.png - (153.83KB , 571x800 , 4-44.png )

Miki races after her and stops just short of the edge. “Caseyyyyyyyy!” She yells after her, looking around in a panic for what to do. She’s startled when the deck of a ship swings into view below her. It pulls along the shore, impossibly close to the cliff face, and stops perfectly still in defiance of the ceaseless waves. As she watches, the tiny form of Caleb grabs the rigging in one hand. He turns and catches Casey around the waist as she plummets past and swings onto the deck. The ship, seemingly on its own, turns into the tide and starts to sail away from the shore.
No. 878640 ID: 07a312
File 152367147268.png - (144.27KB , 700x606 , 4-45.png )

Thunder crashes through the trees, causing Miki to squeak with surprise. Kol and Gabe drop out of a gate and a slow, creaking catastrophe of a sound builds up as a hundred year old pine slides off of its bisected stump. As the noise dies away, Gabe uncurls from his cringe while a drift of pine needles settles over the forest, “Shhhhhhiit, sorry.”

Kol sees the fear in Miki’s eyes, “What happened? Where’s Casey?”
No. 878641 ID: a363ac

tell gabe to gate onto the ship, Miki
No. 878644 ID: b1b4f3

Uh wait can he even gate onto a moving object safely?
No. 878645 ID: e1c8f7

"SHIP!" Point! Take a breath and tell them that this guy is troubled and fell off the cliff when Casey tried to pull him away from the edge. He's scared and panicked.
No. 878646 ID: eeb7d9

You still have a lot to practice, motherfucker!
No. 878649 ID: 5c3123

"She's down there, on the ghost ship!"

Open the widest gate you can manage, one end out in front of the ship, other end up here. After the Sea Scar runs aground and (ideally) has her bowsprit tangled up with the falling tree, ask politely for permission to come aboard.
No. 878691 ID: dbf422

The seal jumped on the ghost ship and Casey fell after him!
No. 878703 ID: 2d1231


I think ... Caleb and the Sea Scar are part of the same entity -- or else that's the other half of the "we."
No. 878705 ID: 07a312
File 152372816819.png - (82.14KB , 700x500 , 4-46.png )

She rushes to him, her voice a blur of blazing syllables, “WefollowedthatguyhereandCaseytriedtotalktohimbuthegotscaredandjumpedoffthecliffandCaseytriedtostophimandtheylandedonaboatandITSSAILINGAWAY!WEHAVETOCATCHTHEM!”
She stops and refills her lungs, going cross-eyed as the air flows in.

Kol eyes the retreating ship. “Gabe, you think you can get us there?”

The sender squints through the sea haze and eyes his chances, “Moving target, rocking waves…" he checks the height of the cliff, "I’m gonna have to drop us in front of it and hope they don’t change course.” He frowns, “And I do mean drop. Depending on the swells we could end up at 3, maybe 4 meters above the deck."

"But you can do it?"

"I think so, give me a minute to figure out the range." Gabe makes a loop with his index finger and thumb and peers through it. There's a number of pops as he opens and closes a sequence of tiny portals and peers through them. By the time he's done, the Sender is sweating from exertion.
No. 878706 ID: 07a312
File 152372817249.png - (154.41KB , 700x500 , 4-47.png )

Gabe nods to them and takes one last look at the distant ship. “Okay, get ready. Jump in as soon as the gate opens, and be ready to hit the deck.”

They get ready to jump and with a flick of his hand, the sender rips open a portal. The three of them dive through, falling a few feet and landing on the deck with a slight stagger.

They look around at the deserted deck, seeing coils of rope, carefully hung nets, racks of harpoons and barrels of fresh water. In spite of her anxiety, Miki looks excited, “I’ve never been on a ship before...”

The hairs on Kols neck stand on end, “There’s something on the ship... Something strong...”

“Wow, you can feel it already?” Gabe circles warily.

“Mmm hmm, its a Medium thing...”
No. 878712 ID: b1b4f3

Gabe that is the middle of the ship not the front of the ship. Lucky we didn't slice through anything...

Anyway, Mixi should inform Kol that the seal has some kind of ghost boyfriend that he definitely does not want to let go of, so this mission might be a bust.

Casey must be below decks, go find her and see what the situation is like. If it's bad, we summon Nixxy. If it's not so bad yet we can try talking it out.
No. 878713 ID: 91ee5f

Start calling out for Casey and asking if she’s ok.

Start calling out for Caleb and telling him that you’re Guides and just want to talk.

>”There’s something on the ship...Something strong...”
Considering the fact that the ship is moving and the sails aren’t being used to catch the wind, I think it might be safe to assume that the entire ship is possessed by a ghost.

Meaning you should be careful around any rope that’s lying around because it could spring up and tie you guys up!
No. 878717 ID: 10c408

Start by announcing that you know the story behind Caleb's scar. You can help him. You aren't here to fight.
No. 878723 ID: 33cbe7

Is it a strong thing or a medium thing? Make up your mind.
No. 878725 ID: c31aac

No. 878784 ID: dbf422

Say that you know what's up with the scar and that you want to help. You don't plan to do anything like an exorcism without everyone's okay, including the ghost's.
No. 878799 ID: 07a312
File 152377239099.png - (128.72KB , 700x514 , 4-48.png )

"What is it?" Gabe swivels, looking behind them.

“Dunno, never felt one before. Never felt this before, either...” Kol glares, “Be ready for anything.”

"Kol, Caleb said something before he fell: he said he didn't 'want to lose him again.'" Miki huddles closer to them. "Whatever is here, its close to Caleb…"
No. 878800 ID: 07a312
File 152377239445.png - (233.91KB , 700x500 , 4-49.png )

A glow suffuses the ship, building until mana flares from the rigging
No. 878801 ID: 07a312
File 152377239881.png - (111.93KB , 700x500 , 4-50.png )

The unnatural light crackles and leaps to the helm. The stairs creak under the weight of footsteps as a figure descends to the deck, its body crackling with-
No. 878802 ID: 07a312
File 152377240386.png - (150.30KB , 500x700 , 4-51.png )

"Lichfire." Miki gasps.

"Who are you?" The figure demands.
No. 878803 ID: a363ac

fuckers of the occult. no need to worry the lich we are Spirit Gurdians like Caleb got confused
No. 878805 ID: d887c0

Introduce yourselves and apologize for the intrusion. Explain what's happened and that you mean no harm.
No. 878807 ID: b1b4f3

A Lich!? Wait, the stairs creaked... would a Lich do that without a body? Is this a fucking VAMPIRE?! Wait no I guess if the Lich had complete control over the ship he could be doing that to make it feel more like he's physically there, both to himself and others.

First impulse is to summon Nixxy. On the other hand, the report from the sailors just involved them getting thrown overboard. This could be a peaceful Lich.
How about this for an answer: "I'm Kol, this is Gabe and Mixi, and we are so totally out of our depth right now."
No. 878810 ID: 5c3123

Ghosts gotta go to the Ghost Zone so they don't poison the mana pool, right?
>"Who are you?" The figure demands.
"We are your doom."
No. 878811 ID: 91ee5f

>"Who are you?"
“Hi, I’m Kol, this is Gabe, and we’re Spirit Guides. This is Miki and she’s a baker. Our friend and fellow Spirit Guide Casey accidentally fell onto your ship and we followed her down here to make sure she was ok.”

No, we’re Spirit Guides, not Spirit Guardians.

>"We are your doom."
No, don’t antagonize him!
No. 878831 ID: 8a204b

"Ship inspectors. This is Mully, that's Sculder, and I'm Gone Lunman. Sir, were you aware that your vessel has amounts of ectoplasm exceeding regulations?"
No. 878834 ID: c914a9

I don't know the best course of action but DON'T HURT THE BUN or else you'll suffer the terrible consequences of bunny karma. Yes, even if he's an undead monster wanting to chop your heads off. NO HURT BUN.

Carefully introduce yourself and don't just assume the bun wants to kill you just yet. Be good.

Gabe, your Sender abilities allow you to trap a ghost/spirit in a small place for a while, right? Be ready to try that if the bun turns out to be aggressive. I don't know if that'd work but it's worth a try at least, right?
No. 878842 ID: dccc88

Just introduce yourselves normally and politely. Casey, Gabe and Kol, Spirit Guides, and Miki, baker. Say sorry for suddenly jumping on the ship without asking permission but Casey got tangled with Caleb when she thought he was trying to kill himself or something, you know split second perceptions and all, and the rest came here after her to make sure she was ok.

Now that you are here, though, you should say you've received reports of... spooking.
No. 878844 ID: eeb7d9

I agree with this. Don't make the pirate mad.
I think now i am understanding the backstory of this apparition.
No. 878855 ID: 2d1231


Tell the truth: Our friend fell off the cliffs trying to keep Caleb from falling, too. He caught her and they're both on the ship. We're here to bring her back.

No threats, no mention of being spirit guides; just people concerned for their friend who want to see that she's well.

And maybe invite Caleb to dinner for saving her, because it's the right thing to do.
No. 878870 ID: 07a312
File 152381542154.png - (143.67KB , 700x500 , 4-52.png )

"I'm Kol and this is Gabe, we're Spirit Guides. This is our friend Miki. We're here because our partner, Casey, landed here while trying to help Caleb. We just want to see if she's okay…" the medium keeps his tone calm and peaceful despite the race of his heartbeat in his ears.

The apparition's glare softens, "She… Caleb took her belowdecks. I think… I think she was hurt in the fall. He said he was going to try to heal her…"

He looks at them imploringly, "Please! Caleb, he's not a bad person! He's- He was my husband… I know you're probably here for me but… I can't leave him! Not until I return what he gave me!"
No. 878875 ID: e1c8f7

"How can we help?"
No. 878876 ID: 0d45a9

It's alright, we're not here to hurt anyone. If you explain more about the situation, maybe we can see if there's something we can do to help?
No. 878880 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him it's alright. This situation is not what you expected, now you'd just like to help. Ask his name.
Let me guess: Caleb gave the ghost his sealskin when they were both still alive, but it was lost on the sea floor and they've been searching down there somehow, catching deep sea fish in the process?
No. 878889 ID: 1561e1

Sounds like a good deal to make. You find what he gave them, and then the ghost can disappear without any fighting or anything bad like that. It sounds like they're not lingering out of desire to drain mana from people. Still, -keep your guard up-.
No. 878894 ID: 91ee5f

“Hey, it’s okay. We don't work like that. Our job is to show you the way and help you move on. We only banish if someone is in danger and as far as we can tell, you haven’t done anything to hurt anyone or put anyone in danger, so we’re not gonna banish you.”

“Why don’t we all go below deck? Both you and Caleb can tell us your stories and that’ll help us find a way to help you.”
No. 878901 ID: a363ac

was it his coat?
No. 878929 ID: eeb7d9

Our business is helping folk like you. Now, tell us, how can we be of service? And if it is not too much to ask, can we check on our friend? We are kind of worried.
No. 878970 ID: 2007b6

If you can give Gabe some more mana, and maybe hold the ship steady, we could solve some of those problems with portals. Scout out the ocean floor through waterproof windows, return the injured binder to a proper hospital, something like that.
No. 879008 ID: f0c8b7

Actually we just want you to move your ship out of the good fishing spots and not get in the way of the harbor or other ships, after that you and Caleb are free to settle thing your own way if you like and move on when you a Caleb are ready.
No. 879022 ID: dbf422

His skin, right? Did you lose it, and that's what caused you to get spotted? We can help find it.
No. 879039 ID: 2d1231


Looks like we'll be helping a lot of people today, then. Time to ask him what we can do.
No. 879052 ID: 9c2d0c

Oh.. did he give up his skin to be with you?
No. 879153 ID: 07a312
File 152393094651.png - (144.71KB , 700x574 , 4-53.png )

“His skin right?” The lich steps back, staggered with surprise. Kol continues, “Caleb’s a selkie, right? He’s trapped in his current form without the skin from his scar. What happened, did you lose it?”

The lich sighs, “No, its not like that... In the old days, to marry a selkie you had to steal its skin while it was on land and hide it away. It was a sign of ownership, and if the skin was found they would be free. Caleb... he gave me his skin out of love: giving up his life in the sea so we could be together.”

“Awwww!” Miki swoons.

The lich smiles, taking confidence from the baker’s warmth, “The fae have very particular rules about these things. They believe in something given for something taken, and he trusted me with his skin. So I did what I was supposed to: I hid it.” He shakes his head, rattling his dreadlocks, "But after I died... I-I couldn’t remember where...”

He wipes his eyes, “I... I haven’t told Caleb this, but... its getting harder to remember things. Living things, I mean. I’m forgetting the way things tasted, the feel of the breeze, the... the feel of his warmth on a cold night... I’m scared that if this goes on too long, there’ll be nothing left!”

Kol steps forward carefully, putting a hand on the lich’s shoulder and feeling the shock of icy fire course up his arm. “What’s your name?”

He hesitates, as though taking a moment to remember, “Adrian. I- I’m Adrian.”

“Don’t worry, Adrian. We’re here to help.” he takes his hand away and shakes some feeling back into it. “Why don’t you take us below. We need to check on our partner first, okay?”

Adrian nods and leads the way, taking them to a narrow door in the side of the ship.
No. 879154 ID: 07a312
File 152393095605.png - (169.75KB , 800x438 , 4-54.png )

They follow him down a twisty staircase; Kol and Gabe having to duck to fit through.

Belowdecks, they enter a messy cabin: its walls tacked with nautical charts, books lay open on shelves, the pages shifting gently as the ship sways, an elaborate looking fishing lure sits in a tiny workman’s vise emitting a strange glow. A large hammock swings between a pair of supports and above it, a small, glass photoplate hangs from the wall depicting Caleb and Adrian in formalwear, caught mid embrace.

Casey lays across a table at the far end of the room, her arms over her stomach and groaning slightly with each breath. A pile of books and equipment looks as though its been shoved to the ground to make room for her. Beside her, a grim faced Caleb pours a glowing liquid out of a glass flask and into a shallow dish. He looks up as they enter, “Adrian, wha- You!” nearly dropping the flask, his skin momentarily goes as white as his scars. “What? How’d you get here?”
No. 879156 ID: 600f38

"Adrian let us in.
We understand you need relationship counseling."
No. 879164 ID: b1b4f3

Liches are physical without possessing someone? Interesting.

Portal. Don't worry, nothing got sliced. How's she doing?
No. 879165 ID: 600f38

What if we have Adrian possess Caleb? Would that be a sustainable solution?
No. 879167 ID: eeb7d9

Easy now Caleb. Adrian allready informed us about your dilemma, and, as we tried to explain when we first met, we are here to help. But first, we need to check on Caesy.
No. 879169 ID: d887c0

Hey, Caleb. Used a portal. Met your BF. He's cute. How's Casey?
No. 879186 ID: dbf422

Portal. But why we're here is more important. We weren't going to abandon Casey. And also we're here because we want to help. With your skin, and with your husband. And not in a Good way, in a Guide way. To find something sustainable.
No. 879296 ID: 07a312
File 152401562858.png - (100.81KB , 700x455 , 4-55.png )

“Oh, that’d be me.” Gabe waves, “I’m Gabe, I’m a Sender. Is Casey okay? What happened?”

“A Sender, of course-“ Caleb shakes his head. “I should have known. I- I’m sorry I didn’t mean for her to get hurt. She got pulled after me and I caught her, but I think I bruised her ribs when I did.”

Casey sits up, taking short, light breaths, “I’ll be okay. Good to see you guys.”
No. 879297 ID: 07a312
File 152401563210.png - (116.45KB , 700x655 , 4-56.png )

Caleb holds up the flask for them to see. It glows in his hand like liquid lichfire. “I was going to try and use this to heal her.”

Kol takes the flask and sloshes it, the glowing concoction slides around the container in an oily, slightly viscous wave. “What is it?”

“Its mana oil, from the abyssal reapers.” He sighs, “Its how I’ve been able to sustain Adrian for so long. They’re ancient fish, from the age of Wild Mana, long before the Guardians. The mana in their blood keeps them alive so that they can go years without feeding.” He looks into the little bowl, the luminescent fluid gleaming in his eyes, “Sailors tell myths about them: that eating one could bring back your youth, or heal the sick, or raise the dead. I went looking for them once I lost Adrian...”
No. 879299 ID: b1b4f3

Ah. Well, it's not exactly a healing potion but I suppose we'll see if it works?

In the meantime, where have they looked for his skin?
No. 879300 ID: a363ac

do you have a limited supply of that stuff if so save it for now we have an adventure to go on and we need you both in tip top shape.
No. 879301 ID: a363ac

both being you and the lich
No. 879302 ID: 600f38

"Ok, so. Adrian is forgetting what it feels like to be alive. He doesn't want that to happen.
At the moment, he wants to find your skin so that he can move on without leaving you enslaved forever. The problem is that he can't remember where he hid it.

Bit of an out-there idea, but have you considered asking Adrian possess you? You either share control, or take turns. He gets to feel being alive, you get to stay together."
No. 879303 ID: d887c0

Or it might do something bad to her. I'm sorry, but I'd rather take her to a conventional healer.

Besides that, can we do anything for Adrian and Caleb? They sound like they need help.
No. 879304 ID: deec6e


"Limited supply, huh? With Gabe here, if Casey needs medical help we can get her a check-up and some healing, so you could save it for giving your hubby a boost. If they're this manifest, yet not far gone it must've helped a lot. Still... there's something you need to know. Adrian? Please. Find your courage. Tell your love what you told me."

Wait for Adrian to admit to forgetfulness.

"I'm a Medium, Caleb. I speak to ghosts and spirits, do last requests and help people pass in peace. Adrian isn't ready to go yet, but it's becoming more important that he do so before losing himself - and so... I'm here - we're here - and we'd like to help Adrian recover your skin, if at all possible. If it helps, I could borrow Adrian my body - since experiencing life again might jog his memory. I've never actually done it for a ghost of his caliber."
No. 879305 ID: 2d1231


So Caleb found them, as we know. I take it the myths were just that, then; myths.
No. 879322 ID: 4c908d

Don't liches have a phylactery or something to keep them bound to the physical realm? What's sustaining Adrian?
No. 879323 ID: 91ee5f

It’s probably that elaborate looking fishing lure that’s sitting in a tiny workman’s vise emitting a strange glow on the table behind Caleb right here: >>879154 .
No. 879324 ID: 10c408

Save the mana oil for adrian, he needs it more and we already know a healer.

As for the skin... I don't know if letting adrian borrow Kol's body is gonna work out too well since adrian already has a physical form still. We should try and figure out if Adrian left it in the ocean or on land.
No. 879332 ID: dbf422

Let's not experiment on Casey. It sustains lichfire but who knows what it really does to flesh, and to Guide flesh at that. I feel bad for her, but we know a healer and that's a lot safer. We might have to just ask her to lay down for a bit, while we help your situation. Adrian might have something to tell you about that. After, I'm a Medium. I could maybe loan my body in order to help with that.
No. 879378 ID: 56e50f

We can send her to a healer if needed. There's something we need to help you two with..
No. 879410 ID: 07a312
File 152410182842.png - (131.96KB , 500x700 , 4-57.png )

“You- you should save it- for Adrian.” Casey sighs between breaths, “Gabe, you think- you can get me to- Delilah?”

The Sender nods, “I’ve got a beacon set. Getting back will be the hard part. Kol, Miki,- you coming?”

Kol shakes his head, “No, I still want to help, I can’t leave yet.”

“Same here!” Miki insists, “I won’t leave you here alone, Kol!”

They help Casey onto her feet and she leans against Gabe. "We'll be back as soon as we can. You guys take care…" He takes Casey's hand, "You ready?" She nods and a moment later a glowing disc of light opens behind them. The forward momentum of the ship carries them through the gate and a second later it vanishes with a thunderclap.
No. 879411 ID: 07a312
File 152410184499.png - (141.81KB , 700x500 , 4-58.png )

Caleb takes the vial back and waves a hand, “I told you, we don’t need help. Can’t you see we’re fine?”

“Not from where I’m standing,” Kol squares his shoulders, glaring at the defiant selkie. “There are reasons the dead can’t stay in our world. You may think you’re not hurting anyone just because you’re pulling mana from fish: but have you thought about what this is doing to your partner?”

Caleb looks to his husband, “What’s he mean? You’re fine Adrian! Look at how strong you’ve gotten!”

“No, he’s right...” Adrian bites his lip, struggling to admit his anxiety. “Caleb, you know how I can’t remember where your skin is? Its not just that; I’m losing all sorts of memories… memories of us… there are-" he clutches at his head in desperation, "huge holes in my mind! And the mana, there’s been this... hunger for it. I’m holding it in check, but I’m... scared of what it’ll do to me. Wh- what happens when you leave for the market one day and I-I-I don't remember you when you come back?”

The sailor’s shoulders slump, “What’re you saying?”

Adrian steps close to him, reaching out as to touch, but holding back. “Caleb... I love you, but we need to let this go. Let them help us. I-if we can find your skin, we can make you whole again...”

“You make me whole! I don’t want that crap, I want you!” Caleb grabs the lich’s hand in his, gasping as the glacial fire drags bits of his life away. “I gave you my heart!-“

“And I need to give it back. I know you blame yourself- for what happened- but you need to let go...”

The seal holds on for a long minute as realization sets in. He lets his hands drop and sags, “What- what should we do then?”
No. 879412 ID: 07a312
File 152410185045.png - (147.40KB , 700x546 , 4-59.png )

Kol steps between them, “Caleb, I’m a Medium. If you’d let me, I could let Adrian possess my body for a short while and maybe it’ll help him remember enough to help him find what he needs.”

"Are you sure?" the lich fidgets, sending little tongues of flame from his fingertips, "You'd trust me?"

An uncertain shadow crosses his face, “I... I’ve never given my body to a lich before, but I trust you.”

Adrian thinks for a moment and comes to a decision, "Actually… if, I could make a request? I'm worried that a living body might be too much for me to resist. Once I'm inside, you might never get me out…" His fists clench, "Would it be possible to share your body? Do you think you could, you know, keep me from taking hold if you stayed with me?"

"I- I don't know." Kol thinks, "I can't say I've ever heard of anything like that. I- I think is possible, but your lichfire… "

Caleb glares at them and holds out the flask of mana oil. “Drink that. All of it. Might be enough mana to keep him contained; at least for a little while."
No. 879413 ID: a363ac

i mean there isn't a reason not to at the moment unless if there is more mana in a body the more delicious it is to lich's in which case politely decline. be sure to tell them to get a living hug before you have to boot him out.
No. 879415 ID: b1b4f3

No. 879419 ID: 7e3575

Unless you can think of a reason not to, do it. More importantly, keep Caleb as close to you and as much a presence in your senses as you can manage, so Adrian has a constant emotional reminder of what his aims are.
No. 879421 ID: 7e3575

Oh, and possessing you isn't going to stop him controlling the ship, is it?
No. 879463 ID: 3cb845

Yeah, okay. I'm not sure about this but it's a pretty difficult situation and the potential advantage is worth it. Caleb needs to make sure not to hesitate in calming Adrian if he needs it.
No. 879473 ID: 05ff2f

Hold up. Kol, there isn't a urgent reason you need to do this immediately, right? No reason you can't wait a short while until Casey and Gabe return, right? 'Cause if there isn't a good reason to not wait then wait for 'em to come back. You need their help on this, and their backup in case things start turning bad. Also, you owe it to your loved ones not to hastily risk your body and soul without taking precautions or thinking of alternatives. So cool your heels.

In the meantime, Adrian should steer the ship to a cove or harbor or someplace with calm waters and tie up or drop anchor. This'll both make it easier for Gabe to target his portal back and make sure the ship doesn't go out of control in the period Adrian isn't at the helm.

Now, you'll need Gabe eventually to open the portal to the Ghost Zone for Adrian. You'll also want him to put down a spirit barrier to catch your soul if things go wrong and it gets ejected from your body. This way you might be able to get put back if Adrian is evicted. And if things go really wrong and Adrian vampires out, you'll want Casey around to bind him down and Gabe to open a portal to escape or call for help. Maybe Spirit Guardian help. But only if things go totally off the rails.

Hm. Actually, Gabe could open portals to speak with others where he's put down beacons, right? Is one of those beacons someplace someone with more spirit guide experience is? Someone you could consult on whether sharing bodily occupancy with a lich for a short period has been done before, or if there are other, safer ways to jog a lich's memory? Perhaps a library to reference?

Is there some way Miki could help here, other than encouragement? Could she contribute a small bit of mana from her breath to Adrian before he enters your body? Every little bit would help, right?
No. 879492 ID: 2007b6

If this situation has been relatively stable long enough to go on multiple deep-water fishing trips, it can definitely wait a few minutes for the team's Sender to get back. Pushing the envelope on what you're confident is possible at all would be the absolute worst time to neglect basic safety measures for something that's considered fairly risky even under ideal conditions.
>This is why a spirit walk is only done with precautions in place, and when its utterly necessary.
No. 879534 ID: bc6601

Are those two coming back though? I heard "getting back will be the hard part" without a lot of elaboration. He had to see the ship and still trial and error the first time, and he has stamina limits.
No. 879555 ID: 4c908d

You sure a lich possessing you won't cause your body to wither or something? I figured there was a reason they're known for being skeletons and mummified corpses.
No. 879556 ID: 0f94ea

I thought that had to do with centuries of body usage.
No. 879559 ID: 05ff2f

What's known as a lich in the quest world is different from the common definition. As explained in >>875008, liches are ghosts that have grown powerful enough to overcome a living body's natural defenses of its mana reserves and feed on them. And in the quest world, a vampire is a living body that has been drained of all mana then possessed by a lich.
No. 879561 ID: 0f94ea

Right, I'm sure I read that and just forgot it. But in that case, as long as we remove him before the Mana gets too low, we'll be fine.
No. 879570 ID: deec6e


So... handing Kol a handful of mana is meant as an additional layer of defense - in case Adrian absorbs more mana than would be healthy for Kol - which is a distinct possibility since they've been living the high life (/unlife) on concentrated mana for a while and is hungry for more. Be moved and grateful - he's essentially handing you ablative armour to help his lost lover pass on. It's the right decision, but it couldn't have been an altogether easy one.

Entrust Miki with Nixxy's pearl. If things go (heh) 'pearl-shaped' while Kol is possessed, we want her to be able to call to the fey for help - or if Caleb's skin was left stashed in, say, somewhere underwater Nixxy's help might be invaluable since, technically, she's received permission to plumb the depths and vastness of the ocean by the Great River Spirit. 'Go wherever my waters may take you' is a stupidly broad phrase, you ol' dummy! It's a good thing she's turned out to be a nice (if mischievous) fey.

Another wise maneuver is to perhaps jog memories ahead of - or during - the possession, for both of them. How long ago was the skin given? Where in the world were you at the time? For how long did Adrian leave to go hide the skin after it was entrusted to him? Could he have hidden it on the ship itself? I mean, it doesn't sound unlikely that love might inspire them to respect traditions and make the skin real hard to find, but still try to keep it close enough that in the event of an untimely demise Caleb could still go and find it if he wanted to. I think if you love a fey you'd keep a thing like relative mortality in mind.

Caleb may just... not really have wanted to. Did he spend time searching for the skin? And if he hasn't, would he know a couple of good places, of sentimental import to them both, that would be easy to cross off the bucket list before we go ahead with the possession?

That said, finding the skin is not everything to consider here. If you do find it before possession is needed, you'd still consider possession to let the two make the most of their final farewell. That's as much for Caleb as it is for Adrian. To celebrate the life you had - to not wallow in guilt, but to embrace one's love and let it go.
No. 879580 ID: 2d1231


Crazy idea, but is it possible for Kol to go "50-50" on it? Like an actual possession but still sharing it -- without popping out completely as we did for our Miki's fire-dragon buddy.

If it works, cool; if it doesn't, then ... at least we're still IN there? I guess?
No. 879584 ID: 07a312
File 152418763799.png - (124.49KB , 502x700 , 4-60.png )

Kol takes the flask, “Normally, we’re only supposed to do a possession with a ward and bindings... But, knowing Gabe, he’s already pushing himself harder than he should.” He thinks for a moment and pulls the black pearl out of his pocket before handing it to Miki. “Miki, if something goes wrong, call Nixxy. She should be able to keep us contained until the others get back. Its not perfect but with one of my partners hurt and the other exhausted, I think she may be our safest bet.”

“Count on me!” The baker cups the orb in her hands and sets her face with determination. “Anything else I can do?”

“Do whatever you can to help me stay Kol. I’m not sure what, but be ready for anything.” He turns to Adrian, “Is there anything you can do to make it easier for them to gate back to the ship? Gabe said it was hard to figure out the distance.”
No. 879585 ID: 07a312
File 152418764255.png - (87.67KB , 500x700 , 4-61.png )

“Sure, how’s this?” Everyone suddenly lurches slightly as the Sea Scar stops dead in the water. The waves outside lap at the immovable hull as though trying to push a mountain.

“This should make it easier to find us.” The lich rolls his flames into a ball and throws it upwards. The lichfire disappears into the ceiling and rises above the sea. Once its several hundred feet up, it blooms into a glowing green flare. The light hangs in the sky, casting its unnatural glow over the city like an omen of doom.
No. 879586 ID: 07a312
File 152418764776.png - (124.00KB , 700x585 , 4-62.png )

“Okay, I think we’re ready then...” Kol uncorks the flask, puts it to his lips and throws his head back. The taste is immediately overpowering, nearly sending the oil back up his throat. He steadies himself and takes another huge gulp, determined to get the fluid past his tongue as fast as possible. When the last of it is gone, he slams the empty flask onto table. “Faaaaaates, that was foul.”

Despite his grim mood the selkie chuckles, “I told you they taste like ass, didn’t I?”
No. 879587 ID: e1c8f7

"Yeah, where's that wine?"
Assess yourself and let's get stared.
No. 879588 ID: a363ac

"nah ass tastes better then that" lets do this possession now.
No. 879589 ID: b1b4f3

Let's get started. Sit comfortably, gather your mana and try to lock it away, then let Adrian possess you.
No. 879597 ID: 0e2ebe

This is the proper response.
No. 879603 ID: deec6e


Shudder and attempt a joke to lighten the somber mood further.

"Ooof, imagine rimming an abyssal reaper. How much wine would THAT take?"

There, now you're not the only one getting haunted (by vivid imagery).

Tell Miki she's also on question-asking, memory-jogging duty. A true romantic like herself might faster clue on to where someone might've hidden their love's most important possession.
No. 879639 ID: ee9ab9

"Now I'm regretting buying one of the damn things.
Have anything to wash this down with before we start?"
No. 879702 ID: 07a312
File 152427203687.png - (165.72KB , 700x500 , 4-63.png )

“Ugh, ass tastes better than that.” Kol wipes his mouth on the back of his hand. “You have anything to wash that taste out?”

The selkie reaches under a workbench and pours a measure of brandy from a decanter into a tin cup. Kol knocks it back and lets the fiery liquor evaporate on his tongue, leaving behind the taste of very drunk fish. “Thanks, ugh...” He feels a warmth building inside him, as if something were smoldering in his gut. It spreads and grows, filling him with an energy that seems to overflow and crest. He makes tiny, slow movements as if trying not to spill an extremely full glass, looking at his hands and chest.

“Well, how do you feel, Kol?” Miki leans into his field of vision, “Are you okay?”

The Medium nods carefully, “We better do this now. Its a lot to hold on to.” He extends a shaking hand towards Adrian.

The lich takes his hand and in a flash of green flame, draws himself into Kol’s body. Kol gasps as coming up for air in an icy lake, that glowing warmth instantly replaced with a ceaseless hunger. He looks around, they look around. Adrian clenches their hands and closes their eyes, taking in a deep breath and listening to the creak and flow of blood and bone. “I- I can smell... I can feel... Fates, I can feel!”
No. 879703 ID: 07a312
File 152427204050.png - (147.73KB , 700x609 , 4-64.png )

He rushes to Caleb and, unable to stop himself, pulls him into a kiss. His hands run themselves over the selkie’s skin in a frenzy of emotion. Caleb’s alarm melts away after a moment and he leans into the kiss, embracing the shared body as if it were his husband’s. They pull away at last and the selkie makes a face, “Sorry, I can still taste that fish. You okay in there?”

“It- its amazing, its overwhelming, life... Oh fates how, I’ve wanted to hold you again...” Kol’s eyes half lid themselves in a dreamy expression Caleb had seen many times before.

“And Kol, are you okay?”

The mouse’s face shifts, losing the adoration but keeping its warmth, “I’m here. I’m okay so far, but hes like an icicle dripping on my neck.”

“Best not wait around, then. Can you remember anything, Adrian?”

They cast a look around the cabin, squinting with concentration, “Its here, somewhere on the ship. I thought I had searched everywhere for it, but its still here. Please, help me remember more!"
No. 879707 ID: 4a5c30

Caleb, you know anything important, a place where you shared a special moment? Let's walk around while we talk to see if that helps.
No. 879709 ID: b1b4f3

Where did he sleep? Any rooms he was particularly fond of, or used for private time?

What about under one of the floorboards? Or on the bottom of the ship?
No. 879711 ID: eeb7d9

Then think about what you use to do back then. That way might be able to pinpoint places in the ship where you used to be around.
Caleb should be able to help with this too.
No. 879714 ID: 10c408

Walk and talk. If it's on the ship maybe getting closer to it's location will help with remembering it's exact location.
No. 879717 ID: 824ac6

when did you last unfurl the sails?

Is it in the sails?
No. 879718 ID: 2d1231


Shortly after Caleb gave it to you, you would have found a place to keep it. Said you had to do right by what was freely given -- laws of the Fair Folk, and all.

What were you thinking, feeling at the time? Maybe trying to draw up the memories that way will help.
No. 879719 ID: a363ac

No. 879721 ID: 91ee5f

>”Its here, somewhere on the ship. I thought I had searched everywhere for it, but its still here. Please, help me remember more!"
“Caleb’s skin is very precious to you right? That’s something you’d want to keep close to you, probably somewhere in the same room you slept in. Could it be under the rug? Behind that picture above the hammock? In a treasure chest?”
No. 879722 ID: 3b7b4e

On the ship, huh? Well, if we assume he was intent on taking care of it properly, and like the precious token of affection it was, then he wouldn't have put it anywhere that would be dangerous or disrespectful, like the bilges or something. So... somewhere out of the way, hidden, not exposed to the elements, not gross or undignified, and not obvious or you would have found it. In with the spare sail, maybe? Try starting by remembering where they did look. He probably brought Caleb into the search when they were looking for it after he died, so maybe ask Caleb where they already looked and save Adrian's rememberin' energy for when you're closer.

Remember to keep close to Caleb, keep Adrian focused. Maybe hold his hand.
No. 879728 ID: 91ee5f

Actually, would it help if we act out the moment Caleb gave his skin to Adrian? It might help if we have a moment leading into when Adrian would first choose his hiding spot for Caleb’s skin.
No. 879736 ID: e1c8f7

Look at those photos on the wall. Describe them.
No. 879746 ID: b1b4f3

Wait, how big is it?
No. 879752 ID: 2007b6

You've presumably already checked all the logical places for it to be, so start at one end of the ship and work toward the other, sweeping back and forth, checking for hidden compartments. It can probably fold up pretty small.
No. 879758 ID: 91ee5f

Selkies can only shapeshift when they have all of their skin, right? So once Caleb gave his skin to Adrian, he would be stuck in whatever form he was in when he removed his skin, which I’m assuming is his current form.

So I’m pretty sure the skin we’re looking for is the same size as the scar on Caleb’s back. Or if it’s been folded up, it’ll be smaller than that.
No. 879774 ID: 3804c3

Well it's inevitable so I'm just gonna say it "Would riding that salty selkie dick help you remember?"

And again what is with the strange lure?
No. 879786 ID: c914a9


I think we all know it'd come to it anyways. If this is the first time in very long and yet also the last time Adrian and Caleb get to even cuddle like that, why not let them at least have some fun for the last time? In how much of a rush are you?

... Technically this could be very dangerous and it would raise the risks of Kol losing the control and letting the lich take over fully, but... It's worth a try for the sake of selkie dick and happy buns!
No. 879791 ID: 07a312
File 152432991644.png - (107.30KB , 700x500 , 4-65.png )

"Remember more…" Miki thinks, "Of course!" She grabs their hand, pulls them over to the wall and points them to the hanging photoplate. "Look! When was this taken?"

Adrian squints at the glass plate as memories come back to him. The pair are standing on a beach, caught in mid embrace and wearing finely tailored robes. The joy in their expressions could only have come from one day, forever etched in silvered glass.

"This was our wedding day! Right?" Adrian recalls, "I had to get that robe custom-made to fit your arms! You looked so handsome!"

Caleb grunts, "You didn't need to go through the trouble…"
No. 879796 ID: 2d1231

> Tailored robe
> Custom made
> to fit his arms
> broad stitching

No. 879797 ID: b1b4f3

That cliff face looks familiar. They got married in this cove?
No. 879801 ID: deec6e


"Aww... no, he had to, Caleb. The gift you gave in love had to be returned to its rightful place - with love! It's probably sewed into the robe!"

Miki, compliment Adrian on the care and thought he put into his secret wedding gift - that has to be the sweetest thing ever and you make pastries for a living!

Caleb should go dig it out to verify the skin's there - and to put it on to jog Adrian's memories further. It's probably(?) better if we can fill in any big gaps in his memory before he goes and let them have as proper a farewell as can be made.
No. 879805 ID: e1c8f7

But he did, because it was a special day. Where are those robes now?
No. 880029 ID: 07a312
File 152443453290.png - (127.96KB , 537x700 , 4-66.png )

"That's it!" Miki exclaims, "The robes! Caleb gave you his skin before you got married! You must have had the skin sewn into his robe! You took the gift Caleb gave you and made it a gift for him! Right?"

Adrian scratches his head, "That sounds… familiar. You still have them right, Caleb?"
No. 880030 ID: 07a312
File 152443454275.png - (122.92KB , 700x402 , 4-67.png )

The Sailor opens up a foot locker and starts pulling out piles of clothes. From the bottom of the chest he removes two bundles wrapped in soft paper. As the paper is pulled away, he holds up a kimono of fine linen, lined with silk and stitched with red thread. A pale diamond pattern is dyed into the robe and a sash of silk spills from the bundle. "It's just the way I remember it…" Caleb drapes it over a broad arm and admires the craftsmanship. "I haven't worn this since our wedding night…"

He slips his arms into the robe, letting it hang open and looking at himself, "I- I don't feel any different, are you sure?" He looks back at Adrian, "What're you doing?"

Adrian steps forward, his own robe stretched over Kol's slightly larger frame. "I- I want to remember this, okay? I know we don't have much time, but can't we just…"
No. 880035 ID: b1b4f3

Go to the Bone Zone before the Ghost Zone?

But yeah we gotta verify that the skin is in the robe. Unfortunately I can't think of a way to do that without undoing some of the stitches.
No. 880038 ID: 02a9a6


some passionate sex can pop a few threads
No. 880039 ID: 4f8325

This feels kind of uncertain. Wouldn't you notice if a sealskin was put in a robe? You'd have to cut or at least pierce it with needles to do that, too, and that doesn't seem like the done thing for this situation. He said it sounds familiar, but maybe it was something else to do with the wedding? Did they exchange gifts?
No. 880040 ID: a363ac

get your fuck on freind! Kol will just be there I guess... if you think of anything while your fucking just shout it to Miki and she will check it out.
No. 880057 ID: dbf422

The seal skin being in the kimono is still just a theory right now. If you can confirm that, you can use up some of the precious time, but if it's not there, you might not ever have time to find it.
No. 880117 ID: 07a312
File 152445758224.png - (121.30KB , 700x475 , 4-68.png )

"Are you sure?" Caleb lets Adrian step close, until he can feel hot breath on his neck and hips grinding against his. " Is this what you want?"

A hand on Caleb's chest pushes him gently to the ground so that Adrian can straddle him, "Yeah… Caleb, you remember that night? Please, let me give you that again, I know it’s the key…"

"Its not your body, Adrian." Caleb growls, "Kol, are you okay with this?"

Kol feels his hips continue to grind against the selkie's "I want to help, if you're okay with that. Just let us know if we need to stop, okay?"

Caleb lays back and exhales as a tightness grows between his legs, "Fates, its all you rodents think about isn't it? It- its been a while; I might need some help."
No. 880118 ID: 07a312
File 152445758828.png - (138.54KB , 700x500 , 4-69.png )

With a wordless smile, Kol and Adiran slip lower. A shuffle of cloth later and the sailor pops free of his pants. A gentle hand runs along his length, eliciting a bead of salty anticipation at the tip. "You're so warm… you have no idea how much I've wanted to feel this, to taste it."
No. 880122 ID: a363ac

Hands engauge belly rubbing and butt grabing. Face rub that dick. Miki... go play childrens card games on deck???
No. 880129 ID: 67456a


Great idea! In fact, let's add some detail...

Miki, challenge Gabe to a M:tG duel. Then break out your carefully crafted Mill Deck and MAKE HIM SUFFER.
No. 880178 ID: e1c8f7

How did you used to play around, hm? How did your tongue move? Where did your hands rest? You remember, right?
No. 880211 ID: b1b4f3

Miki has to stay. She's got the pearl. Free show!
No. 880289 ID: 07a312
File 152452778430.png - (150.46KB , 700x541 , 4-70.png )

Adrian teases his tongue up to the tip, savoring that pearly dewdrop before diving headfirst onto his lover’s shaft. He takes in a lungful of salt and sweat as his tongue dances across every familiar inch of Caleb’s cock.

The selkie throws his head back, resting a hand on the back of their head, “Ohhh, fates. I don’t know how you were always so good at that.” He closes his eyes and lets the rise and fall of mousey lips drive him to new heights. “That’s it, ahhhh.”

Adrian smiles as much as Caleb’s girth allows, feeling Kol joining him and pushing his body faster, taking it deeper. They wrap their hand around the base, pumping along with their bobbing head. They feel Caleb spilling salty, orgasmic dribbles across their tongue and lap at them hungrily.

Caleb moans a warning, “Adrian, I- I’m gonna- “ His knees buckle inwards, teetering on the edge.

No. 880296 ID: 02a9a6

>>880289 Don't nut quite yet, there's still more fun to be had!
No. 880298 ID: a363ac

No. 880325 ID: b1b4f3

Well this taste should be familiar.
No. 880360 ID: 56e50f

Make eye contact. Watch that Selkie fall off the edge like Casey did earlier.
No. 880367 ID: eeb7d9

Gonna love Miki being a creepy madafaka in the background.

Oh come on Caleb, so soon?
No. 880372 ID: 07a312
File 152454040993.png - (108.76KB , 700x554 , 4-71.png )

They take a breath and take him as deep and slow, teasing out a shudder as the seal struggles to hold on.
Unable to control himself, Caleb arches into them; gasping as pent up pleasure paints white-hot streaks across the back of their throat.

Caught by surprise, Kol and Aiden cough as selkie cum rapidly fills their mouth. They try and take in as much as they can, but as it goes on, they can't keep up and it spills back out. The finally pull off as the last few spurts slide weakly down Caleb's still hard cock. They swallow and cough, "Wow- it had been a while hadn't it?"

No. 880373 ID: 07a312
File 152454041327.png - (111.05KB , 560x700 , 4-72.png )

Caleb's chest heaves as he props himself up. He blinks back the purple spots in his vision and as he comes back down from his orgasmic haze, he looks over at the baker. His face drops as he realizes how much she's watched, "Uh, sorry, we kinda got carried away didn't we?"

Miki giggles as he remembers her presence. "Are you kidding? You should have seen the time I met my boyfriend. I hope that’s not all you’ve got!" Her cheeks flush warmly.
No. 880374 ID: 07a312
File 152454041855.png - (130.17KB , 538x700 , 4-73.png )

A laugh rumbles out of the seal like gravel on a drumhead. "I'm just getting started. Pass me that vial." She tosses him a container stoppered with cork and filled with a viscous, clear liquid. He applies a generous coat to his shaft and stands over the possessed mouse. Running his fingers over the glistening length, Caleb growls, "How about I give you another wedding night?"

No. 880376 ID: b1b4f3

That sounds fun AND useful for jogging Aiden's memory!
No. 880396 ID: a363ac

time for ananalversery.
No. 880415 ID: e1c8f7

Seems like someone wants to renew their vows.
No. 880427 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, and ask him to replicate the same position he used back then. Make it as familiar as possible.
No. 880436 ID: eeb7d9

Maybe Adrian is not the only one that is remembering some stuff. Carry on~.
No. 880516 ID: 07a312
File 152462071698.png - (100.96KB , 700x456 , 4-74.png )

Adrian slips out of the robe, spreading it across the ground and climbing on it on all fours, “You okay with this, Kol?” He then nods, biting his lip as the selkie kneels down behind him.

No. 880517 ID: 07a312
File 152462072556.png - (114.38KB , 500x700 , 4-75.png )

The sailor grabs a handful of ropey tail and lifts it straight up, sliding his tip against his entrance, “You let us know if we need to stop, okay?” He gets another nod in response and angles himself just inside. Caleb pushes in, slowly, spreading Kol around his cock until he's pulled himself flush with the mouse's ass. “Fates, Kol. Your ass is glorious. I’m guessing this isn’t your first time getting this hole filled, is it mousey boy?” The Medium can only squeak in reply as he's speared by the slick length.

No. 880518 ID: 07a312
File 152462073711.png - (194.09KB , 700x700 , 4-76.png )

Caleb waits a bit for the mouse to relax a bit before starting to move, setting a casual “pap, pap, pap” as his hips slap home. “Mmm, how’s that, Adrian? Feeling familiar?”

“Ohhh fates, yes! Caleb, give it to me!” The lich gasps, between pounded breaths. “Harder!” The selkie grins and fucks his husband just how he likes it. A moan of appreciation wobbles its way out of the mouse as he struggles to stay on all fours.

"You doing alright there, Kol? Not too much for you?"

"Ah! No- so good- keep going!" Kol manages, "Fates, I'm just- kinda cold…"

No. 880520 ID: b1b4f3

>kinda cold
Well not to be a buzzkill but we gotta finish this soon. Running low on mana/life.
No. 880557 ID: b4d323

Oof. Yeah, not ruin the mood, but that's a bad sign. Better wrap this up and remember real fast.
No. 880564 ID: a363ac

miki ask Adrian and Caleb if they mind you warming Kol up with your breasts on his face.
No. 880625 ID: c914a9

Alright, Plan B: ENGAGE
Take this wildly and just hump it away until the point of a mind-break or something like that and finish quickly yet pleasurably. Being so gentle doesn't seem to be reminding him of a lot. Make it more intense; if Kol is okay with that! Which I assume he is, knowing these mice.
No. 880627 ID: eeb7d9

Yeay, they might want to speed un a bit.
No. 880635 ID: e1c8f7

Hm, can we get backup from Miki? Have her warm up the room or something?
No. 880912 ID: 07a312
File 152479248768.png - (171.25KB , 700x500 , 4-77.png )

Something fluffy shuffles into Kol's personal space and wraps around him. "M-Miki?"

"Don't worry, I'll keep you warm…" She wraps her tail around him and an aura of heat pours off of her fur, drawing the chill from Kol's bones. "You might want to hurry it up though. That mana won't last much longer."

"Ah- are you- ah naked?"

"Is that okay?"

No. 880913 ID: 07a312
File 152479249292.png - (161.73KB , 700x500 , 4-78.png )

Kol's answer is to scoop her up, holding her tight as Caleb rails him from behind. The selkie's robe stretches across his broad back, drawn tight by the fierce slamfucking.

No. 880918 ID: a363ac

No. 880948 ID: e1c8f7

Hang onto your teeth, cowboy. It's gonna be rough.
No. 880975 ID: eeb7d9

Yay, more dicks!
Can we have it, Miki?
No. 881071 ID: 3804c3

Maybe Miki can give Kol something to work on to keep focused? Maybe even something warm to drink down?
No. 881075 ID: 02a9a6


"The selkie's robe stretches across his broad back, drawn tight by the fierce slamfucking."

He's going to fuck so hard he rips the robe in half and their will be his skin. I'm calling it, 9 ball; back pocket.
No. 881197 ID: 07a312
File 152488086730.png - (146.21KB , 700x437 , 4-79.png )

Kol buries his face in Miki’s lush fur, uttering a babble of lewd nonsense as he’s drawn closer to the edge of orgasm. He slips lower, taking Miki into his mouth and pumping his head in a sloppy, moaning blowjob. He can feel her getting warmer, bucking into him, urging him on with her squeaks of praise.
It isn’t long before Kol is swallowing hot sprays of cum, filling him with the radiant warmth of a baker’s love.

No. 881198 ID: 07a312
File 152488087258.png - (208.31KB , 500x800 , 4-80.png )

Somewhere in the back of Caleb’s mind, he’s aware of the feeling of something tearing, but rational thought was already gone, replaced with a desperate, animal need to finish. The stitching in Caleb’s robe finally gives way and as it does a rush of energy courses through him that he hasn’t felt in years. He feels his weight shifting and muscles surging, Kol’s body suddenly feels tighter around his cock. He hugs the mouse to his chest with one massive hand and lifts them off the ground.

Kol and Adrian gasp as the selkie’s shaft stretches them suddenly, his cock finding new and deeper places to fill. As they’re bounced mercilessly against Caleb’s hips, they surrender completely to the overwhelming pleasure; arms and legs clutching helplessly under the ceaseless pummeling. Their mind goes blank and in a wordless, panting daze a cascade of cum arcs its way across their chest.

Caleb's chest heaves and he lets out a roar as he buries himself in the hapless mouse. An unleashed flood pours into their body, overflowing their clenching cavities and oozing down the still pumping shaft. The seal's orgasm tapers off after what feels like an eternity and he finally drags a ragged breath back into his lungs.

No. 881203 ID: a363ac

let them have one last honeymoon cuddle and then mention that Caleb seems to have found his skin.
No. 881204 ID: 2e758a

did he grow sexy hair?
No. 881220 ID: b1b4f3

Cuddles for a little bit. You're probably gonna need to separate from the Lich soon though. Also, give him his congratulations.
No. 881222 ID: c914a9

CALEB. BRO. LOOK AT THAT MANE. HOLY FUCK, YES. YOU GOT IT, MAN! I knew mindbreaking would be the solution for all of these problems.

Seriously though, that mane!! It has to be a good sign! Cuddle with him for a little more, enjoy every minute, and let you both find out if the skin was really in the robes and such. Yay for happy endings!
No. 881224 ID: eeb7d9

Hmmm, his eyes are different too.
No. 881246 ID: e1c8f7

Become a glorious pile on the ground. You earned it!
No. 881258 ID: 02a9a6

>>881197 still have the biggest crush on Miki
No. 881261 ID: 02a9a6


fuuuck that was hot
No. 881663 ID: 07a312
File 152505802124.png - (157.04KB , 500x700 , 4-81.png )

Caleb slips loose and a river of spent selkie trails down Kol's leg. The mouse is carefully lowered to the ground and rolled over. "Kol, Adrian, are you okay?"

Their hands drift reach out as they focus on the massive shape looming above them, "You always looked so good with hair." They smile in a dreamy half conscious haze.

Caleb runs a hand across his scalp, feeling for the first time in years a mane of grizzled, salt-flecked hair. He looks down at himself with dark, wild eyes, "I- I transformed? How?"

"It was sewn into the lining. You ripped the seams while we were fucking."
No. 881664 ID: 07a312
File 152505802717.png - (156.11KB , 700x497 , 4-82.png )

Caleb drops to his knees, scooping them up and holding them close. The deep rumble in his chest vibrates through them like the crash of the waves, I- I'm sorry I tore it, Adrian. It was so beautiful... Thank you for such an amazing gift..."

A limp hand drapes around his neck, "Its okay. I shouldn't have hidden it somewhere so precious. I was young and I thought we'd be together forever."

Great salty tears rain down on the mouse as the titan's voice bellows a whisper, "Adrian…" there's a question too raw to be heard, but begging to be spoken.

Gentle hands caress his cheeks, "Caleb, you've taken such good care of me… You can't just live your life trying to keep what's left of me here. I want you to be happy-" The selkie opens his mouth to interrupt but is silenced, "No, don't say it. You need to take care yourself. For me, okay?"

A distant "Okay..." squeaks out, as though a lion had roared it from the bottom of a cave.

They hold one another while their moments together tick away, neither one strong enough to let go on their own.

Before long a crash of thunder echoes from the deck, signaling the arrival of a sender.
No. 881667 ID: a363ac

Miki go stop Gabe from coming down here waving a fish around.
No. 881673 ID: eeb7d9

Wait. Don't we need Gabe to teleport Adrian to the other world?
Aren't we on a time limit here?
No. 881674 ID: c914a9

Aaah! <3 This is so sweet and just absolutely heartwarming!

Miki, let them have their moment. It's their last one. It's a goodbye. And it's important. Go talk to Gabe and tell him about all that's happened, and also ask him if he's ready for what he's gotta do.
No. 881675 ID: 91ee5f

Yes, we need Gabe to open a portal to the Ghost-Zone.
No. 881684 ID: dbf422

Miki, get Gabe over in a hurry! Well, I think there's time to get decent first, if you want to.
No. 881729 ID: e1c8f7

>Try not to cry
>Proceed to cry a lot

Mikki get them a towel please. They're a mess.
No. 881833 ID: 07a312
File 152513763018.png - (168.92KB , 700x560 , 4-83.png )

Miki runs to the footlocker, grabs a sheet and tosses it over Kol. She borrows a shirt from the chest, letting the oversized garment hang low like a nightgown. The stairs creak with a pair of careful footsteps and a moment later Gabe and Casey make their way through the door.

“Woah, what happened here? Kol, you okay?” Gabe takes in the massive bulk of the transformed selkie. “Where’s, um, Adrian?”
No. 881834 ID: 07a312
File 152513763780.png - (101.18KB , 700x500 , 4-84.png )

“In here.” He points to himself, before waiving, “Hey there! We found Caleb's skin!”

They stare in shared shock, “You’re containing a lich in your body? Wh- how?” Casey demands, “You know what, tell me later. I don’t think we have a lot of time before we get company.”

“What’d you mean company?” Miki shuffles closer in her too-large shirt.

“You know that flare you sent up?” Gabe twists slightly with discomfort, “Yeah, we’re not the only ones that saw that.”

"People saw lichfire," Casey sighs, “You can bet that Guardians will be on their way.“
No. 881836 ID: 6ca5e1

Deescalation time, I guess. Get everyone visible on deck and look harmless. Good luck.
No. 881837 ID: 56e50f

Maybe it's time for final goodbyes. Can we get a ghost zone portal going?
No. 881839 ID: 91ee5f

Then it sounds like it’s time for final goodbyes. It’ll be better if Adrian goes to the Ghost-Zone peacefully with us right now before he’s forcefully banished by the Guardians!

No need to do that. We can just open a Ghost-Zone portal down here.
No. 881841 ID: b1b4f3

I think we need to send off Adrian before they get here. No way are they gonna stand there and listen to his story.
No. 881842 ID: 419ba1

Hate to ruin a long, passionate farewell between lovers, but we need that lich gone or else the Guardians are going to rain down holy Hell on this entire ship.
No. 881849 ID: c914a9

Alright, scratch what I said. Screw the moment. Instead, finish this with a really tight hug and a sweet last kiss. Then, let Adrian go through the portal right to the Ghost Zone! And in case the Guardians are too close, maybe set up some kind of distraction? ONLY if necessary though. If there's enough time to open the portal and take Adrian before they arrive, then that's great!
No. 881851 ID: b1b4f3

Nixxy might make for a decent distraction...
No. 881858 ID: 2007b6

When the guardians arrive, play it cool, like "yeah, we got here first and already solved the problem, no big deal." For maximum dignity, please remember to be wearing all your clothes and not have any visible jizz in your fur.
No. 881866 ID: a363ac

well better speed up those goodbyes! kisses hugs and last meals in the next 10 minutes!
No. 881867 ID: dbf422

Alright Kol, time to get things moving and fast. Gabe needs to get working on the portal and Adrian and Caleb need to say their goodbyes without lingering.
No. 881884 ID: da1ce9

Outright departing may be premature, but Adrian should at least leave Kol's body before the guardian arrives.
No. 881916 ID: dbf422

I'd rather find out if the guardians are the "shoot first" type AFTER Adrian is able to pass on peacefully.
No. 881918 ID: 05ff2f

And the Guardians have Senders that are, like, a order of magnitude or two more powerful and skilled than Gabe, right? Which means once they do get word, within a few minutes they could drop a team right on this ship's deck from who knows how far away. And thanks to that giant lichfire beacon overhead, they can easily target this ship. We probably have less time than we think before they show up, so get a move on.

Adrian should reel in his lichfire so the Guardians will have to take a little bit longer locating the ship. Adrian, Caleb, hug and get your final goodbyes in before Adrian has to vacate Kol's body. Gabe, get ready to open a portal to the Ghost Zone the second Adrian is out. Casey, get up on deck to intercept the Guardian team, inform them of the situation and talk 'em down from charging in. Miki, get dressed and keep Nixxy's pearl on stand-by in case things go really wrong. Oh, and also get Kol's clothes for him.

Once the Guardians arrive, will they have any issues with Caleb since he's a selkie? Will he need to dive overboard before they show to avoid a altercation?
No. 881921 ID: dbf422

A much more thorough plan of action than what I had, I'll vote? for this.
No. 881937 ID: 05ff2f

Bit of a change to this: Casey should stay below deck while Miki gives her Nixxy's pearl and goes above to intercept the Guardians. Miki knows what happened after Casey and Gabe left, most importantly Kol drinking the mana oil before Adrian entered him, so can better inform the Guardians. Casey and Gabe should also be filled in on what happened by Kol when he gets a moment.
No. 881942 ID: dbf422

It's Guide/Guardian business. Miki shouldn't face them on her own, she's just a friend helping out. All she knows about them is that they're scary.
No. 882016 ID: 05ff2f

Ah, right, so Casey should be the one to meet the Guardian team. That is, unless her binding magic is needed in some way to pull Adrian out of Kol or for some other important reason.
No. 882064 ID: 07a312
File 152523010072.png - (152.46KB , 456x700 , 4-85.png )

Adrian rushes to his husbands side, throwing his arms around him one last time. “Caleb, I wish we had more time to say goodbye. Thank you for everything. I- I remember more now, I feel whole...”

The burly selkie nods his head solemnly, knowing that its finally time. ”I’ll always love you, Adrian.” He pulls them close, tears rolling from his massive face.
No. 882065 ID: 07a312
File 152523010437.png - (122.08KB , 700x494 , 4-86.png )

Kol feels something wrenching itself from his being as the lich pulls himself free. He gasps wordlessly as though the very air were being drawn from his lungs. Completely exhausted, he collapses against Caleb and is cradled in a gentle arm.
No. 882066 ID: 07a312
File 152523010832.png - (139.26KB , 500x700 , 4-87.png )

They watch as Adrian pauses in front of the white hot Spirit Gate and turns to the guides, “Thank you all for giving me this one last moment. Kol, words can’t express my gratitude... Miki, thank you for helping me remember... Caleb, I love you...”

He turns back to the gate and steps through into the seas beyond.
No. 882067 ID: 07a312
File 152523011343.png - (177.73KB , 700x500 , 4-88.png )

The gate holds for a brief moment before it snaps closed with a clap. Gabe's knees buckle and he collapses to the floor, his mana reserves completely spent. The Sea Scar shifts and settles in the water as, without Adrian’s influence, physics once again take hold.

Casey and Miki rush over to Kol, “Is he okay? What did you guys do?” Casey's palm traces over his chest, “He’s so cold!”

“We used the mana oil! It gave Kol enough time to help Adrian remember where he hid the skin!” Miki concentrates, letting her warming aura radiate out.

"I'll be fine. Thanks, Miki." Kol groans, "How are you holding up?"

"Sore, but nothing to worry about. Delilah was surprised to see us again so soon."

"How's Gabe?" He cranes his neck.

Casey checks behind her; the weary sender gives her a thumbs up. "Tuckered out. He was really pushing himself today."

Their brief moment of rest is interrupted by the sound of thunder above them. All eyes turn to the ceiling and Casey nods, "They're here…"
No. 882068 ID: b1b4f3

Well the Lich is gone, there won't be a fight. Will there be legal trouble for Caleb if we explain that he created the lich?
...maybe we should just lie and say it was some fae magic. Bring out Nixxy's orb as "proof" but don't summon he since she doesn't know what's going on.
No. 882073 ID: deec6e


Well, the truth will out. Is Faeleb gonna be okay around Guardians? They don't try to mess with fey just for being around, do they? Maybe he should hide his true nature again? Poor guy.

Kol, get to your feet. You've got a lot to explain to people who are likely going to lambast you for doing the right thing, risky-sounding as your gambit was. You have to mention from the get-go that there were mitigating factors and that the lingering lover has, after all, been successfully sent to the sea of mana.
No. 882075 ID: 1561e1

Probably don't bring out the orb, best not involve anyone else. Just be as calm as possible and no sudden movements! Time to slowly explain what went down. Making peace with the supernatural is your jobs after all, isn't it? You've done nothing at all wrong, so a calm conversation is probably your best bet for explaining why there was lichfire.
No. 882076 ID: a979ea

This made my tear up slightly. I love this. Every bit of this. <3

Alright, so, it seeeems you guys won't be able to make another portal to flee. That's bad. I think in order for us to choose the best course of action for this situation we need to answer this question:

How's the relationship between the Spirit Guides, aka you, and the Guardians?

If the Guardians respect what you guys do and won't be hostile towards you, then by all means DON'T try to flee or put up any fight, it might come off as suspicious. Explain to them what you guys have done, maybe you'll ever earn some praises!
Buut... If the Guardians don't like you guys or if they have a reputation of being hostile or the "Shoot first, ask later!" type of people, then... By all means, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. And without precious, sweet sweet precious Gabe the Sender, you're stuck with few alternatives for a hidespot.

Casey and Nixxy seem to be the ones with the most potential to put up a good fight at the moment. Caleb is sensitive with the moment so I would NOT advise you push him to edge and make him fight the Guardians right after saying goodbye to his beloved husband. This doesn't have to end that way.

If you guys aren't sure how this will turn out, let Casey and Nixxy take the front and speak to the Guardians. Caleb and Miki should take Kol and Gabe to a safer spot, they were true heroes today and need some well deserved rest.

May luck and good karma be on your side!
No. 882084 ID: 91ee5f

>The Sea Scar shifts and settles in the water as, without Adrian’s influence, physics once again take hold.
So, does anybody here know how to sail? Because if nobody knows or the Guardians aren’t willing to give us a ride, we’re gonna be stuck out here until Gabe recovers.

.....unless Caleb wants to jump into the water and push/pull the ship to shore?

>Their brief moment of rest is interrupted by the sound of thunder above them. All eyes turn to the ceiling and Casey nods, "They're here…"
Well, there’s no point in hiding from them, since all of you were only doing your jobs. So I think everyone should just stay down here and wait for the Guardians to come to you.

Maybe someone should shout something and let them know you’re all down here?
No. 882113 ID: e1c8f7

Ask Caleb if he's okay.
Clean yourself up as best you can. There's no rush now. Catch your breath too.
No. 882116 ID: 25aaa5

Don't forget to thank Miki, she really helped.
This makes her like an official unofficial member of the team.
No. 882118 ID: dbf422

Okay, depending on how illegal making a lich is, Caleb might need to skedaddle. Is there anything you could do with Nixxy? Like, if you call her, could she get Caleb out of there with her? They aren't going to hurt you guys, but Caleb isn't mortal so the rules might be different for him, and that means he's the new priority.
No. 882122 ID: 10c408

Yeah, if it comes to light that you solved the problem with possession and fucking, you are gonna hear no end of shit from these guys.

So, keep your answers to their inevitable questions short and to the point.

(Also put your pants back on Kol)

"Yes, there was a lich. No, he's not here anymore, he's been sent on his way. How? We helped him with his last tie to the mortal plane by finding his selkie lover's missing skin."
No. 882135 ID: a363ac

I guess Miki is the designated story teller for the Gaurdians since everyone else is tired or injured
No. 882138 ID: dbf422

Except Casey specifically just returned from being healed.
No. 882208 ID: 07a312
File 152530940727.png - (179.31KB , 700x500 , 4-89.png )

“Come on guys, lets at least get cleaned up and get some pants on before they find us.” Casey starts toweling off Kol’s chest, “I’d rather not have to explain to a couple of Guardians why you’re naked with a selkie and baker.”

”Am I going to be in any trouble? I helped turn him into a lich: that’s bad right?” Caleb helps hoist Kol up so that he can be slid back into his pants.

Casey thinks about it, “I- I’m not sure. The mana came from what we would classify as a ‘natural source’ rather than people. I think you should be okay, but we’ll vouch for you if it comes down to it.”

Once everyone is somewhat decent, they help Gabe and Kol to their feet and climb up and peek onto the gently shifting deck.

There they find a trio of figures poking about the ship. One is draped in a long red robe which is held shut by the golden sigil of a Sender. One of them is covered in looping blue tattoos that fill every inch of skin, visible through a glowing haze of aura that seems both diaphanous and impenetrable. The third... appears to be a wiry, old mouse, clad in simple hard-worn trousers and a vest.

The Sender looks over the bow and calls back to her comrades, “You sure its gone then, Sifr?”

The mouse scratches at his beard and looks up into the rigging, “It was here a moment ago, but the presence faded. How curious...”

Kol goes pale and chokes with surprise, “Fucking fates!” He manages in a hushed shriek.

Miki looks at the old mouse with skepticism, “What is it? Do you know him?”

“Th- That’s my great-uncle Bardo!” Kol stammers, “The guy’s a legend! Shit, of course they’d send for him! They say he’s fought vampires: as in multiple!” he ducks out of sight.
No. 882210 ID: b1b4f3

You know they're going to check the cabin, Kol. Can't hide.

May as well come out and tell them everything is fine now. If they need details you can provide them. Uh, just leave out the sexy part.
No. 882216 ID: 3abd97

Come on, out and face the music, tell them it's sent already.
No. 882219 ID: eeb7d9

Anything more we should know about him in particular? Do you two get along? Is he the old grumpy-kind of old-man, or the chill-kind of old-man?
No. 882220 ID: 094652


Act BUSY and get to the portal with a literal barrel of loot.
No. 882226 ID: bfa041

You can't exactly hide from them on a boat, and you did remove the lich one way or another. Go say hi!
No. 882228 ID: b4d323

Okay. Everybody be cool. Get your story straight. You found the lich, successfully banished it with the help of your deputized selkie, and they've shown up late to the party. None of that is lie, technically speaking. As for Kol's uncle, don't sweat it. Unless he's an utter bastard, we should be able to smooth this over and go home.
No. 882251 ID: 1561e1

Definitely don't try to say you did anything to 'banish' the lich or anything violent like that. It's not your job! What you did was help a ghost that's been there for a while to move on.
No. 882252 ID: e91f60

kol, its fine, he may have slayed a shit ton of vampires and such, but I bet he hasn't slayed as much FURRY PUSSY as you

sorry i'll try to help for real now

First of all, calm yourselves. If they realize you guys are nervous the chances of them getting more suspicious and pinning you guys down even more is much bigger. Don't panic, and also make sure to NOT stutter, please. I think Miki should be the one to speak with Casey helping her too, and you two will manage to get out of this well.
And if you want my honest opinion, don't mention the lich being Caleb's husband and neither the mana stuff. It'll get Caleb really screwed. And he doesn't deserve that.
Instead, try to come up with a different story. If they keep asking you too many questions, try not to be too overwhelmed by them. DON'T let the tension of the moment get the best of you. Don't let them punish Caleb, he just wanted more time with his husband, the person he loved the most. It's reasonable. This is how I think you should proceed:

The best way to answer a question without having to say too much is with another question.

If they ask "Where did the mana come from?", ask "Where do you think it could come from?". "What are you doing here?", you ask "What do you think a group of Spirit Guides would be doing here?". You don't have to do it to the point where it's annoying though, PLEASE don't anger them, just try not to tell them the entire story. And you might also be able to build another story on the spot just by using all the Guardian's answers to your questions and such!
No. 882261 ID: 824ac6

"Kol we all just helped send a Lich peaceably into the afterlife here, so you can probably relax a little bit."
No. 882266 ID: 2007b6

Calm down. Deep breaths, but don't start hyperventilating. Situation is under control. This team is older and scarier than you, sure, but you got here first and didn't need their help. Respectfully explain that to them.
No. 882269 ID: a363ac

Casey tell Kol that Bardo isn't going to kill him, do you guys not meet at family reunions?
No. 882307 ID: dbf422

Figure out why Kol is panicking. Is he scared or awed? If it's the latter, calm him down by reminding him of all the incredible things he did. The former, by telling him how suspicious hiding would be.
No. 882323 ID: e1c8f7

Dread it, run from it, but destiny still arrives. Stand tall, Kol.
No. 882416 ID: 67456a

Listen, as long as you aren't visibly cum-stained or anything you should be okay. As Spirit Guides, your ENTIRE GIG is ghost-diplomacy. Just say you managed to talk this lich into splitting, and follow ALL THIS ADVICE about how not to admit you let him into your soul then fucked a selkie. They have no reason to outright disbelieve that you, yknow, DID THE THING THAT IS YOUR JOB.
No. 882431 ID: 7816e7
File 152540274026.png - (99.79KB , 500x700 , 4-90.png )

“Its okay, Kol. We came here to help someone and we did, right?” Miki pats him on the arm.

Kol relaxes, “Thanks Miki, you’re right. Its just that... I've always had this expectation to live up to. My family wanted me to be the next legend.”

“Well, we did just help a lich cross over, we just did it our way.” Casey admits.

Caleb growls, ”You helped us, all of you. No one can take that away from you. Thank you.”  

"I suppose we better go introduce ourselves..."
No. 882432 ID: 7816e7
File 152540274750.png - (164.40KB , 538x700 , 4-91.png )

They peek out of the stairwell again and find the Guardians staring at them, clearly having heard some amount of hushed conversation.

“Oh... Hi...” Gabe waves.

“Hello.” Kol's uncle nods curtly, “Sorry to intrude; but my colleagues and I were curious as to whether you have seen a lich?”

Casey clears her throat and steps onto the deck, “Um, yes actually. We just finished Sending him.”

The deer blinks back incredulousness and cocks his head, “Not banished? You sent him?” There's a murmur of mixed impressions, “You’re just Guides, right?” Casey nods, her eyes flicking sideways to her partners.

“Well don’t just stand there!” The older Bardo exclaims, “Get up here so we can get a look at you! Excellent work!” As the party files up onto the deck he bows arthritically, “Allow us to introduce ourselves, Sifr Bardo, Medium.”

Master Medium.” The cardinal reminds him.

“Our Sender, Mariana Rue-Larrey...“ The cardinal bundles up some of her robe and bows. “And Cervantes Heulwen, our Binder.” The deer’s head dips and for a moment the antlers float in place, framing him with a bone halo.

“Honored to make your acquaintance. I’m Casey Leander. This is Gabe Wikk and Kol-“
No. 882433 ID: 7816e7
File 152540275212.png - (114.20KB , 700x500 , 4-92.png )

“Kol! You’re Finn’s boy aren’t you?” Sifr closes the distance with starting speed and claps his relative on the back. “I heard you’d joined the Guides. Sounds like you’re making a name for yourself! Good lad!” 
No. 882435 ID: 2baeb6

Relax, Kol. Tell him you have some big shoes to fill.
No. 882436 ID: b1b4f3

Ahaha... well, you're probably not going to be sending any more Liches. This was a unique situation.
No. 882437 ID: eeb7d9

Well, he did had someone to look up to. I mean, fighting more than one vampire?
All of them at once?
Hard not to.
No. 882438 ID: e80ece

Well, luckily this lich was entirely non-hostile and was Sent easily. Just had to help with a minor issue before he was ready.
No. 882442 ID: d887c0

It's been a busy time. Helped Miki hire an elemental, sent a ghost, had some dealings with the fae, and now this little adventure. Been great for publicity.
No. 882451 ID: 4af093

Inform him that you just let a very nice Lich take control of your body without precautions and then took it up the ass from a selkie. It'll be a good bonding experience and will make a good funny story later on, then invite them to you house that has a kelpie living in it with you.
Your life has gone ways you never expected hasn't it?
No. 882454 ID: 91ee5f

Just explain that you were all investigating rumors of a ghost ship and that lead you here. When you came aboard, the lich, who’s name was Adrian, was actually very nice and explained that he couldn’t move on because he couldn’t remember where he had left his husband’s skin, which is this big selkie guy named Caleb.

After searching the ship, we eventually found the skin, Adrian and Caleb shared one last tearful goodbye, and then Adrian let us Send him to the Ghost-Zone.

Let’s not say all that.

The Guardians won’t respect any of the Guides if they tell them all of that.
No. 882455 ID: 91ee5f

>who’s name was Adrian
That’s supposed to say, “whose name was Adrian”.
No. 882460 ID: caf1de

deal with this situation the way we deal with all situations
also who keeps the boat
No. 882463 ID: 2007b6

>The Guardians won’t respect any of the Guides if they tell them all of that.
A certain amount of humility seems appropriate, if only to make sure they don't try to point you at something even more out of your league, or delay their response to some future incident when you really need it.

Keep the sexy details vague, though, yeah. Something along the lines of "We were being reckless this time, and got lucky. This wasn't really a normal lich, anyway, only fed on fish."
No. 882464 ID: dbf422

They don't have that kind of authority over the guides, I don't think. And the goal of avoiding tougher challenges is almost certain to be mocked at best.
No. 882491 ID: 8a2fbb

The situation was complicated, but suffice to say, the lich didn't actually want to hurt people. You helped with his unfinished business so he was able to move on peacefully.
No. 882624 ID: 7816e7
File 152549324640.png - (147.96KB , 700x500 , 4-93.png )

“It was nothing really; we were just investigating reports of a ghost ship.”

“Ahh, and yet you saw lichfire and stood your ground? Remarkable..” Sifr nods approvingly.

“Well, we could see he had no interest in hurting us. All he wanted was help finding his husband’s skin.” Kol admits.

Caleb nods and grumbles. The elder Medium sizes him up with an eyebrow raised in intrigue. “A selkie? My, you do meet some interesting people in this line of work. I take it you’re the master of this vessel, Mr....”

”Caleb. Yeah. Adrian and I; this was our home for all our years together. I’m... glad they were able to help him...” There’s still a tinge of sadness to his voice, but a genuine gratitude as well.

“Indeed,” Sifr nods solemnly, “It sounds like he was a good man. I’m sorry for your loss, Caleb, but it brings me peace knowing you were able to help him move on.” He sighs, “When you get to be a Guardian, there get to be certain... expectations. People expect the axe when an open palm is all that is needed. We need more Guides who can tell the difference.”

Kol steps aside, “To be honest, Miki was the one who figured out where it was hidden. I don’t think we could have done it without her.”

The starstruck baker squeaks as the master Medium drops to a knee and takes her hand. “Madam, we thank you for your service.” He plants a chivalrous kiss across the back of her hand, “You have my undying gratitude.”

Behind him Mariana rolls her eyes and shakes her head, “Alight you fossil, if you laid it on any thicker you'd need a trowel." She sighs, "Look, you guys need us for anything?"
No. 882627 ID: 6bcf97

Well, that depends on if Caleb is able/willing to bring this ship back to port on his own. If not some help with that would be nice. Oh, and Casey took a tumble getting onto the ship, Gabe brought her back. She's probably perfectly ok, but if somehow she wasn't some assurance of a little assistance in that regard would be nice?
No. 882628 ID: d887c0

Nah. We're good. Unless you wanna hang out or something?
No. 882631 ID: b1b4f3

Well our sender is very very tired. A ride back home would be nice.
No. 882633 ID: e1c8f7

Yeah let's check in with Caleb and see if there's anything we can help him with. What does he want to do with the ship? Continue sailing until she can run no more?
No. 882634 ID: dbf422

Right, that's a good point. Especially since they're offering.
No. 882635 ID: dbf422

Right, that's a good point. Especially since they're offering.
No. 882644 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm maybe Kol can check with Sifr about any possible side-effects of letting a lich co-habitate your body.
No. 882650 ID: a363ac

a ride home our sender is pretty pooped. Guess that Bardo charm runs in hte family eh Kol~
No. 882653 ID: 1e23d4

We'd invite you back to our place but Nixie might try to play with you.
No. 882671 ID: a363ac

thats half the fun lets invite them in. Who knows maybe she will jump the old Bardo's bones
No. 882683 ID: 3abd97

Haha, I really like the way Miki's inadvertently becoming the team's fourth ranger.
No. 882713 ID: eeb7d9

Yeah, no kidding. He made portals all day. He did not miss them once. And he carries a lot of people too, so the portals were fairly big. So we kind of need a ride.
No. 882846 ID: 72c1dc

Does sending work like scrying, where you can't open a portal anywhere you haven't seen? Mariana might not be able to take us home.
Why not have dinner in town instead? Caleb could join too if he wants!
No. 882848 ID: 91ee5f

If that were true, then wouldn’t that mean that Gabe shouldn’t be able to open portals to the Ghost-Zone?
No. 882852 ID: c914a9

From what I remember, Gabe has put beacons all over the city and that's what allows him to make the portals, he cannot make a portal to a place he hasn't put a beacon on before. like, the portals need to be linked to a beacon, I'd think. And I think the Ghost Zone is just an exception to that rule...? Like, it's a rather special place so it makes sense for him to not need a beacon to open the portal to it.

That being said, perhaps Mariana has a beacon at least NEAR their house or something? I mean, assuming she has put beacons all over the city too and such.
No. 882856 ID: b7a158

I think this only applies to less experienced people like Gabe, because it seems the guardians portal'd straight here
No. 882888 ID: 9d4af9

We could use a lift, if it's not too much to ask.
No. 883350 ID: 7816e7
File 152583965807.png - (104.12KB , 588x700 , 4-94.png )

“Its kinda weird asking this,” Gabe admits, a weary lilt to his voice, “- but could you give us a lift? I’m kinda spent...”

“No problem!”
Mariana stretches a hand out and spins her arm in a horizontal circle, dipping low and ending at her feet. A glow pours out from under the ship and everyone instinctively grabs for a hand hold as they feel the world slide away beneath them.

There’s a roar of water as the Sea Scar lands in the middle of the harbor. A circular wave spreads out that rocks the moored boats against the jetty and prompts a cascade of salty complaints from their occupants.
No. 883351 ID: 7816e7
File 152583966435.png - (140.18KB , 700x612 , 4-95.png )

Their anger is somewhat muted when Cervantes steps to the bow and extends his aura; wrapping it around the mast and coiling around the end of the dock. He clenches his hands, pulling the bindings tight and drags the ship up to the pier. A rope is thrown down, the ship is safely moored and Caleb drops a gangplank down with one clawed fist, allowing the crew to disembark.
No. 883352 ID: 7816e7
File 152583967114.png - (102.90KB , 500x700 , 4-96.png )

“I’m still curious as to how the spirit was able to grow so powerful...” The deer muses out loud as he steps onto the dock.

“Oh, I’m sure it was just some natural mana source he tapped into, the sea is full of such things.” Sifr winks.

Kol sidles up to the elder Medium, “Uh, Uncle Bardo, can I ask something?”

“Why certainly! I can’t promise an answer, but I am, as it were, all ears...”

“Have you ever allowed a lich to possess your body? Is... are there any lingering effects?”

He thinks for a moment and scratches his beard, “I’ve done a great many things in my time: and one thing I can say is that every spirit that I have lent myself to, great or small, has left an imprint on these old bones. I daresay there are days where, when I close my eyes, I can see what they saw and remember things they left behind. There may not be a physical impact, but they stay with you for a lifetime...”
No. 883353 ID: 7816e7
File 152583967641.png - (119.45KB , 700x421 , 4-97.png )

Kol stops at the base of the gangplank and turns back to the ship, “Caleb, do you want to come have dinner with us? I have a feeling we’ll be getting something other than trench fish...”

The selkie starts to decline, but as he looks at Kol a change trickles through. He closes his eyes, drawing his form back into something more terrestrial. A short oiled leather cape pulls away from his shoulder and he fastens it around his waist like a kilt. “Y-yeah. I think I could use some company.”

He joins Kol on the dock and together they head for the quayside, where a number of curious onlookers have started to gather.

Sifr matches pace with them as they pass, “Did I hear you mention dinner?” He rubs his hands together in a shuffle of callouses and knuckles, “Sounds like an excellent chance to catch up with my favorite nephew! Did your dad ever tell you about how I tangled with a pair of vampires? Well I say ‘tangle’ because I only fought one of them...”

End of Chapter 4!

Kol learned the ability: Shared Spirit, allowing him to remain in his body while possessed, but drains mana much quicker.

Gabe learned the ability: Spirit Cut (sort of), using the edge of a portal to sever any solid object. Always practice gate safety!

Miki learned the ability: Warming Aura, radiating a warm and calming glow, she can help combat the effects of cold and exposure to life draining effects.
No. 883370 ID: d887c0

YES! SCORE! Great ending!
No. 883372 ID: e1c8f7

No. 883397 ID: dbf422

Hey, it worked out!
No. 883404 ID: eeb7d9

Can we make Miki a baker-guide?
No. 883405 ID: 91ee5f

>Gabe learned the ability: Spirit Cut (sort of), using the edge of a portal to sever any solid object. Always practice gate safety!
Oh no! He’s going to try and suggest that he be allowed to attempt gate-cutting that abyssal reaper we bought earlier!

Gabe, don’t you remember what happened last time you tried gate-cutting?!
No. 883547 ID: 7816e7
File 152591732414.png - (168.33KB , 700x500 , 4-98.png )


"Hey Miki! How was your day off?" Raithe looks up from the ceramic hearth where he rests. Heat pours off of him in the gentle waves of a banked fire. "Everyone was talking about the lichfire! Was that you guys?"

The baker sheds her clothes and climbs up next to him, "Yeah! I had so much fun! We went to the market and followed a lead! Then we met a lich and helped him and his husband! I kinda helped out Kol a bit myself, if you catch my drift." She giggles. "Oh and we met some Guardians! They were amazing!"

"Aww, I wish I could have been there! "Raithe chuckles and slithers up next to her, "I'm glad you're alright.'

"Me too. Thanks for watching the shop today." She stretches out: comfortable despite the hard surface, owing to her natural full body fluffiness. "Everything go alright?"

"I kept singeing the bank notes, so I had to use the honor system with the register. But everyone was very nice!"

"That’s cause you're so sweet." a quick peck is exchanged, which flares off his lips in a spit of flame. "We'll have to get them to take you along some time…"

"Aw, I hope so. I'd miss the shop though." A tired sigh slips out. "You wanna read some?"

"Sure!" Miki reaches for a lightly scorched book on a stool. Illuminated by his glow, she lays back and reads for her boyfriend.
No. 883550 ID: 91ee5f

Woah! Was Raithe always that big or has he gotten bigger?
No. 883553 ID: eeb7d9

No. 883558 ID: 56e50f

N'awh how sweet ♥️
No. 883565 ID: b1b4f3

Apparently elementals can change their size somewhat.
No. 883577 ID: 05ff2f

Oh, gods, these two are adorable together. Hey, Miki, gift idea for your hot boyfriend: Fireproof gloves.
No. 883609 ID: d887c0

Such a cute couple.
No. 883694 ID: a363ac

hot boi with cuddly hot gurl~
No. 883759 ID: 7816e7

Next chapter!: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/883755.html
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