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File 155797447155.png - (174.02KB , 700x583 , 9-1.png )
932953 No. 932953 ID: 7816e7

18+ adult content
Chapter 9: Lost in the Stacks

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Previous thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/926761.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point

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No. 937408 ID: e6b8d9

Thank Fennel for putting what she could away from the water and ask her to lead us to where they are kept.

On the way tell her that y'all are so interested in what was left behind here because this place was the secret meeting hall of the Guardian Alliance several centuries ago. We're hoping to find out more about their early days and founding members from what's here.

Also tell her that the walls are so perfectly smooth because they were cut out of the solid rock by Senders using Gating magic. The way y'all got here was via a secret entrance hidden in the library of the Sender Order's school in Moot Point.

And if Fennel's worried about folks taking this place back and kicking her out... We don't know. The modern Guardian Alliance might make a claim they own this place, but they probably wouldn't throw Fennel out if they did take ownership. But even if Fennel does get kicked out we'll make sure she has a home, even if we have to cut it out of the rock. And, just so she knows, there'll almost certainly be archaeologists who'll want to search the place, so she should expect more visitors.

...Oh, and ask Fennel how she and her fellow undines got in and out of this place, since they obviously didn't come in the way y'all did. Could they slip out through just that little drip of water y'all saw when you came in.
No. 937454 ID: 86eb65

You know what fixes ruined books?

Mending (spell) is what fixes books.

Have the nice elemental show you around her place.
No. 937465 ID: 7816e7
File 156168761119.png - (104.98KB , 700x476 , 9-61.png )

“Oh thank the Fates,” Relief washes over Casey and she brightens up. “Would you mind showing us where you kept them? Its important to preserve as much as we can from this place.”

“Suwre!” Fennel beams with a wobbly sketch of a smile. “What was dis pwace anyway?” The elemental reaches out a hand, which stretches until it finds a wall and uses it to trace her way through the chamber.

“It used to belong to the first Spirit Guardians. Its connected to the Sender Academy in Moot Point by a spacial warp.”

“Ohhh! Dat’s what dat is! We stayed out of dewre because the gwavity made us feewl sick.” She shrugs and her body ripples.

“Before the school existed, Madame Moot and her comrades met here in secret. Its where they trained the first generation of guardians for the impossible task ahead of them.” Rufus floats along behind as they slosh through the ankle deep water. "Pretty neat, eh?"

Fennel opens the large double door at the end of the hall, into a chamber in which a wide, stone table occupies most of the room. In the dark, it looks almost like an altar. A pair of small, dark shapes sit in the middle of the surface.

“I put dem hewre because I figuwred it wouwdn’t get knocked ovewr. I hope deywre safe.” She wrings her hands together nervously. “Sowwry, we didn’t mean to damage dem.”
No. 937467 ID: b1b4f3

Only two left. This is a disaster. I guess we'll just have to make do.
Make a beacon so you can lead other people back here later, and retrieve the documents to be brought somewhere they can be carefully examined and preserved without further damage.
No. 937497 ID: 10c408

...Try not to let your collective frustration show.

fail anyway. Take what little is left and make a report on this place to whatever higher-ups would be interested.
No. 937502 ID: 83bf07

Humidity is still very much a thing. We have to be very careful.
No. 937506 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s grab those books and have Gabe put them in his storage portal. Then we should continue exploring the other rooms in this place to see if there’s anything else we can find.
No. 937508 ID: 4bc84a

Fennel is precious and must be kept happy
No. 937515 ID: e6b8d9

Casey, make a visual inspection of the two artifacts but don't pick them up right away. The high humidity in here may have still damaged them despite not being immersed. They may require special conservation work to keep from falling apart on handling, especially if one or both of them is a book, parchment or similar. If you could get something solid and flat to slowly slip under each, then place them each in a separate box for transport in Gabe's pocket dimension, that'd be the best. Does Gabe have anything like that in his pocket dimension you could use?

Ask Fennel how many books and suchlike were here when she and her fellow undines first arrived to gauge just how many were destroyed. Also ask the same for the furniture or other items. And also ask if there's anything sturdier of interest around that she did not bother to move since it could take water exposure. That or it was too heavy to move or too bulky to find a space out of the water.

Oh, and also inspect the stone desk and the floor and walls around here for etched markings. Do the same for the rest of the rooms and ask Fennel if she's ever felt writing-like markings in the stonework or stone furniture. It's possible that a Sender or Senders discreetly left their mark or a bit of writing here. May have to move the stone furniture to find it, though.
No. 937516 ID: 3ed3c3

This is fine.
We can work with this.
Something is better than nothing.
It's not like Fennel knew about this place.
It's not her fault most if not all of the info is gone.
I mean, it kind of is, but holding it against her wouldn't be right.
No. 937517 ID: b1b4f3

...I just thought of something of potential hope. We know Fennel isn't the fey creature that was originally down here. What if that creature had a storage pocket to keep backup copies of documents? It might even be possible that the creature has some way of hibernating or stepping outside of time while the First Guardians weren't here.

Ask Fennel if she found any remains of something that once lived here, when she first arrived. We can't afford to leave this loose end dangling.
No. 937572 ID: 7816e7
File 156177466307.png - (119.71KB , 700x700 , 9-62.png )

“So this is all that’s left?” Casey groans and picks up the bundle’s carefully. One is obviously a book, wrapped in heavy, waxed canvas. The other appears to be a long wooden box, sealed with wax and stamped with a sigil. By turning it, she feels something light shift slightly inside. “Gabe could you store these away from the humidity for now?”

The sender stashes the parcels in his dimensional space and gives her a thumbs up. “I’ll set a beacon here too. I imagine we'll want to be coming back here.”
No. 937574 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, look at the table! Isn’t that a map of some kind? It looks like it marks different locations. Maybe those are other secret areas like this one?
No. 937580 ID: b1b4f3

...if that's true then there are definitely more caches of documents to go through.
It *would* make sense for the First Guardians to not put all their eggs in one basket.

Time to compare the table to other maps, I suppose.
No. 937581 ID: 10c408

Check the opposite side of the table so that it is not, in-fact, a desk that is merely missing it's chair.

In fact, might as well give the whole place a once over in case there's something else below water that wasn't made of paper which is still intact.
No. 937583 ID: 3ed3c3

Is that a map carved into the altar top?
No. 937593 ID: f73624

Alright,do a once over. Let's continue on, yeah? maybe fennel knows about any other places?
No. 937647 ID: 681e2a

Hmm, did someone maybe mark some important things on a map maybe?

By the way, I don't suppose there's any magical method for restoring damage to objects? Or some roundabout way of getting information from things like that, like using them as a link for some sort of divination into the past that spies on the author as they were writing? If you don't know, you should ask around. I'm sure there are some... bits and pieces still around the place?
No. 937808 ID: 7816e7
File 156193616837.png - (135.28KB , 499x700 , 9-63.png )

Kol shines the light over the “altar” revealing a number of vague, faded shapes. Up close they seem like senseless scribbles and colors; but as he stands back, reason dawns on him. “Hang on- that's a map! Look, there's the coastline!” He points at the jagged contour.

“Are you sure?” Gabe squints at it, “It looks kind of different...”

“I spent the last couple of weeks at sea, helping Caleb with his charts. I recognize those squiggles, even if they’re bit off.” He traces a particularly deep curve, “That’s the point and there’s the bay. The river looks like it had a different course then...”

“This must have been from before Augustine’s gate. I imagine moving a whole city changes the landscape a bit.” Casey scratches her chin. “What are all these points, then? They seem pretty important but they don’t correlate with any cities or ruins I’m familiar with...”
No. 937809 ID: 7816e7
File 156193617351.png - (135.85KB , 700x612 , 9-64.png )

“I recognize one of them...” Pezzi speaks up, pointing to one of the marks. “That’s where we sealed a mana well and lost our bodies...”
No. 937811 ID: e7848c

Does the timeline match up here? I thought these guys lost their bodies well after this place was abandoned.
No. 937814 ID: b1b4f3

I think it was before, and they were put on guard duty since they're immortal now.

Okay, that's another lead. Ask if they can lead you there. We can investigate to get an idea of what the markings mean. Also we can have someone come down here with a map to chart out where the other dots are. Maybe they're ALL mana wells?
Also ask what happened at the mana well exactly. (what is a mana well, even?)

Oh, but investigating the well should probably wait until we've brought the ancient texts to a scholar.
No. 937816 ID: bcc41d

Wait. Hold the fuck. Were these guys near- or actual-contemporaries of Augustine? And they were sealing mana wells? And the Guardians sealed a bunch of them, if this map is any indication?

Is the reason for today’s low-mana environment that the Guardians have been artificially keeping it that way? Is this a known thing Guardians do or some secret thing?
No. 937823 ID: e6b8d9

The marks are most likely mana wells, but don't lock that in right away. They may indicate some other thing that just coincided with that being the mana well where Pezzi and Rufus lost their bodies. For all we know, they could be locations where those in service to the Guardian Alliance lost their lives (or bodies) in the line of duty. Wait until a few other sites are scoped out and we've got a common element before deciding on what they are.

Better make a copy of this map so we'll have a easier to carry reference (and a backup.) A big sheet of paper and a pencil to trace the grooves would work. Either that or a charcoal stick to take a rubbing. Does Gabe have anything like that in his pocket dimension? We'll want to compare this map to modern and historical maps ASAP.

Perhaps it'd be possible to tap into these capped mana wells to send extra mana to Rodwin's barghast and buy us some more time to track down where Madame Moot took Lord Hekal.

...And thinking of Moot, Rodwin and Lord Hekal, perhaps Rufus and Pezzi remember something from that time. Fill them in on Rodwin's deal and what he says Moot did to Hekal and ask 'em if they remember anything related to those three.
No. 937824 ID: b1b4f3

...the Guardians were sealing up mana wells in order to starve out the participants of the war, weren't they?
No. 937830 ID: 91ee5f

Plugging up those mana wells is what caused all the magic in the world to be smaller than it used to be. If that’s true, that might explain why Clio’s Claíomh Solais is so small.

Speaking of Clio, would being born near one of these wells explain how she was born with her magic? Maybe her old home is near one of these wells? Although, that also raises the question of if the well was one of the plugged ones or one that wasn’t plugged?
No. 937889 ID: cb6404


Magic has been steadily disappearing from the world. Maybe these wells being sealed is part of it, but then ... why?

What would be accomplished by that, even if it were to stifle the fae wars?

Wait wait wait wait --- Gabe has a map of the magical currents in the area, the same one we used with the Barghast or whatever! He should be able to check, right? See if there are any similarities between these points and certain "hot" or "cold" spots in that map.
No. 938122 ID: 7816e7
File 156220442500.png - (148.63KB , 700x700 , 9-65.png )

“Fates, that’s why the Wild Age ended! The first guardians sealed up the mana wells!” Casey leans over the map, sketching out the marked locations. “But why? Why seal them off?”

Pezzi and Rufus look exchange a worried glance and Rufus sighs. “Because the mortal realm was never meant to have that much power. You know about the far planes right?”

“We’ve all studied them, but go on...”

Rufus flattens his hands and starts laying them out. “Imagine them arranged like a stack. At the bottom you have the ethereal sea, the source of all magic. Above that is the elemental plane, where mana seeps out into wild and unpredictable forms. Above that is the faewild, where things are more stable, but magic is common and still very raw. And then above that is the mortal realm where natural magic is quite rare but still present. Mana flows upwards and imbues the planes with life and purpose at a steady, sustainable rate.“

“Right, so what went wrong?”

Rufus alights weightlessly on the surface of the water, gesticulating as he explains. “The mana wells were essentially gates, permanent ones, that punched through into the ethereal sea and allowed those that controlled them to wield unimaginable power. What’s more, whoever controlled them, could use them to renew their own life force, allowing them to remain in power indefinitely.” The jackal rests his glowing palms on the stone and glares, "And when such immense forces went to war- well..."

Casey shudders, a lifetime spent among the ruins of the past flashing by. "We've... seen the results."
No. 938123 ID: 7816e7
File 156220443033.png - (122.76KB , 608x700 , 9-66.png )

“Could we use something like that to sustain the bargast?” Kol asks, finally putting a voice to everyone’s thoughts”.

“Woah, you aren’t talking about- about making a mana well are you?” Rufus interjects. “Pezzi and I gave our lives- sort of- to ensure they were destroyed. Opening a new one would go against everything the first guardians fought to create.”

“Maybe we don’t have to: what if we can find one that’s still open?” Kol scratches his head, jiggling the short, dense locks he cultivated at sea. “Gabe, do any of these points show up on your ley line map?”

The sender pulls the thick atlas from the dimensional space and, mindful of the water, lays it out on the stone.

Flipping back and forth, he pauses and watches as networks of lines ebb and flow on each page before moving on. “Not on any chart I have; but there’s a couple points on here that I don’t have active maps of.” He sags, and twists his mouth anxiously.
No. 938124 ID: cb6404


Well, hmm ... question for Rufus and Pezzi: as best they know, is there any amount of magic "residue" or "seepage" (ugh, what an awful word) from the sealed wells that could be used for the purpose?

Obviously we can't have the thing roaming forever, but if it could plunk down at one for a few years at a time and recharge ... that'd solve Fae-guy's problems and ours, right?
No. 938125 ID: 990ff0

Well, we know at least one of their sealing attempts went... sort of wrong. Did anyone else do a not entirely perfect job sealing a well, maybe? Also... ok, the direct mana wells went bad, but would opening a well to one of the two higher level planes have something of the same effect, but less?

Also, uh. I get the problem the wells caused, absolutely, but it seems like it'd be an idea for someone - someone everyone else agreed to keep an eye on - to still know how, just in case? I mean, something like moving an entire city could be handy in case of natural disasters. Now that the whole initial pack of super-wizards fighting each other have died off, couldn't people who knew what they were getting into set the whole thing up more sensibly? Checks and balances, and all that?

Those are admittedly the kind of things a future super-wizard king would say, though.
No. 938126 ID: 990ff0

Plus, this brings back the question: what were these tests and riddles supposed to protect, and what kind of person were they supposed to allow in? This place was built specifically to be what you find after being tested, and hey, here's a map of where the mana wells are? Does that say something about the intentions of whoever built this place?

Of course, we should ask our incorporeal friends if they remember anything about that.
No. 938127 ID: b1b4f3

Well let's go check the missing ones out then. It's worth a shot.
No. 938183 ID: e6b8d9

If there are still open mana wells out in the world, then most likely they'd be where ley line measurements haven't been done. This is assuming they'd show up obviously on ley line readings. Better ask Pezzi and Rufus how mana wells were located back in the day, how they were capped and how they were tapped for power. If anyone is drawing in secret from mana wells, then knowing how to detect the subtle indicators of that would be real helpful in tracking 'em down.

It appears that the Guardian Alliance did this whole mana well capping project in secret so they would not be stopped by those who'd tapped the wells for their own benefit. But after it was all done, what was to keep another power hungry or just curious person from popping the cap off a mana well or "drilling" new ones? It's likely the successor organization to the Guardian Alliance has been operating in secret to stop such things. Which would include scrubbing the ley line records of mana well locations. So y'all best be quiet 'bout this. Also, take your own ley line readings and not rely on the ones in the records.

It's reasonably safe to assume that any active mana wells still around would be in hard to reach locations. Like far to the north, where the barghast came from. The higher ambient magic level there may be because of uncapped mana wells that the harsh, frozen environment made too tough to handle for a capping team. Also in the depths of the sea, such as the bottom of a trench.

There's also the unsettling possibility that the Guardian Alliance's secret capping project could have also secretly kept one mana well uncapped. A well tapped by one person while all the rest of those who'd tapped mana wells were taken down, leaving that person the only mortal with such power in the world. Just keep in mind there may still be a empowered mortal in the world, looking to keep others from gaining such power.
No. 938342 ID: 7816e7
File 156237278566.png - (124.30KB , 700x700 , 9-67.png )

“We still have most of a year to search. And in the meantime, looking might bring us closer to finding out what happened to the vampire lord Hekal.” Kol pats him on the back and gives him a small, encouraging smile.

“We also have that book and box that Fennel saved, who knows what we might find in there?” Casey chimes in as her eyes flash with excitement. “Those texts could have all the answers we’re looking for. Plus two mediums from around the same time period! Anything you two can remember would be a big help.”

“Hekal? That was a loooong time ago, but before he disappeared, his armies controlled this whole area.” Rufus encircles a region to the east of Moot Point.

“That’s a lot of territory. Looks like the old city was part of it too.” Kol points out. “There’s a couple of mana wells; are there any that you don’t have ley lines for, Gabe?”

“Yeah, uh just the one... Hoo boy.” The sender checks and shivers, “That’s up by the Highspires.”

“That kind of makes sense.” Impossibly tall pillars of granite and ice conjured in her mind, Casey taps the spot on the map. “People have long assumed that magic was involved in their creation. What better place to hide a mana well?”

Gabe leans on his palm and drums his fingers against his cheek. “I mean even sender’s haven’t really explored the place. Sure you can gate up there, but the air’s so thin you can’t stay for more than a few minutes.”
No. 938349 ID: 10c408

Low oxygen is a trivial problem to handle. A certain friend of ours can get involved so we can explore without issue. (even something as simply as leaving a gate open to import fresh air would work with his aid.)
No. 938351 ID: e7848c

What if.. we had Fennel go up there for us? Does she need to breathe?
No. 938353 ID: 856b99

High altitude does odd things to water, plus it sounds like it's freezing up there, so she'd probably still have some sort of problem.
No. 938355 ID: b1b4f3

Then we need some kind of air supply. Wait, the pressure's the problem. We'd need some kind of pressurized mask. ...or a wind elemental to manipulate the air itself? We do know an especially powerful one.
Seems like everything's coming together. The Fates guide you well.
No. 938401 ID: 7816e7
File 156246459045.png - (187.33KB , 700x628 , 9-68.png )

“True,” Casey gives him a knowing smirk. “But do they know an air elemental?”

“Flashing Feathers? Yeah, I wonder what he and Cecil have been getting up to? If there’s old ruins and stuff to explore, you know he’ll be interested.”

Excitement arcs between the mice as the idea starts to take shape. “We can send them a message once we get home. I suppose we should let the Sender Academy know what all we’ve found.”

Kol wands the magelight around the room, looking for any other clues. “What about Fennel? I’m pretty sure the academy would like to have this space back...” The elemental glubs sadly, but nods.
No. 938403 ID: 83bf07

Is Del hiring?
No. 938404 ID: cb6404


Oh. Oh!

Yeah, the baths!!
No. 938417 ID: e6b8d9

Wait, I thought that was the big, old, grumpy undine's territory, since it's downstream from him and the waters from his spring supply the spa. Even if it wasn't his turf, would Delilah's spa even be a good home for Fennel?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think she wants a large enough dark or dim enclosed space, preferably underground, to make her home. The spa is quite well lit during the day, and doesn't have spacious dark or dim areas. I doubt she'd like to live cramped inside a water pipe or cistern.

I think the best option would be to first find a area not already claimed by a undine and either locate a suitable cave for her or, if none are there, make one using Gate cutting. But Gabe doing it alone would be slow going. However, the Sender Academy's faculty and students could make short work of cutting her out a new home. It'd be a suitable trade for them displacing her from her current home, yes? And she'd get to choose just how she'd like her new home shaped too.
No. 938428 ID: 10c408

It was, which leaves us with few good options.

And I'm not sure Nixxy is one of them, given that she really wanted a consort and I doubt Fennel would be on-board with it.
No. 938486 ID: e6b8d9

We shouldn't dismiss asking Nixxy to allow Fennel to stay in her place. While Nixxy was lookin' to be the consort of that big, old undine, that doesn't mean she was lookin' to be the consort of any undine. Nixxy might be alright with sharing her home with a undine who got kicked outta her home without tryin' to get all consort-y with her. And it may just be temporarily, 'till Fennel finds a new home.
No. 938488 ID: 10c408

Underestimate the fae at your own peril. Nixxy was looking for someone else to be her consort and not the other way around. If it was the other way around, she wouldn't have tried to trick Kol and the others into believing she had a valid claim on Kol being 'hers' solely because she wrapped herself around him before agreeing to play hide and seek with everyone.
No. 938491 ID: 235ba5

...Squatter's rights?
I mean, assuming Fennel wants to stay.
No. 938606 ID: 7816e7
File 156264069192.png - (80.68KB , 700x431 , 9-69.png )

“It would be nice if she could stay at Delilah’s bathhouse, but I’m pretty sure thats the Old Undine’s territory.” Gabe shrugs and wracks his brain. “Can she live with us for now? I bet Nixxy would get along with her.”

“Oh Fates...” Momentary dread passes over Casey’s face at the thought of how much trouble a kelpie and undine could get into together. “I can’t think of a better idea. Fennel, would that be alright with you?”

“Wewwl, its been vewry wonewey down hewre. It wouwld be nice to make some new fwiends...” The undine’s oval mouth curls into something resembling a smile.

“What about you two?” Kol asks his fellow disembodied mediums.

“Without bodies, travel like that might be asking a bit much. It might be best if we stay with the senders. If we can get word to the Path of the Mediums they might be able to set us up with something a bit more permanent.” Rufus takes his partner’s hand and nods, “It’d be nice to get out of that chamber for a change.”
No. 938608 ID: 7816e7
File 156264069710.png - (173.15KB , 700x437 , 9-70.png )

Together, the group sloshes out of the chambers of the First Guardians, through the maze of doors, and back into the library. Leaving soggy footprints in their wake, the mice approach the desk of Ashe, the head librarian.

Unabashed, Gabe reaches into his dimensional space and places the bundled relics of the first guardians in front of her.

Ashe adjusts her glasses and assesses the smiling mice, the two glowing figures, the amiably waving elemental. “And what is this Mr. Wikk?”

"That..." The young sender nods and flashes her a cocky grin. “is the good shit.”

End of chapter 9
No. 938618 ID: 91ee5f

Gabe, I wouldn’t be so cocky if I were you. She’s gonna kick all of your asses once she sees the soggy footprints all over the floor.
No. 938648 ID: 10c408

Next up, Gabe's funeral.
No. 938703 ID: 7816e7
File 156272650756.png - (144.22KB , 494x700 , 9-71.png )


“Nixxy! We’re home!” Gabe calls as his gate collapses with a boom. “Can you belive Ashe making us mop up? Discovery of the century in her own library, but no. Its all: 'What if somebody slips?!'"

"I mean, what about that guy who slipped?"

"He'll be fiiine; I gave him Delilah's card."
No. 938704 ID: 7816e7
File 156272651813.png - (164.71KB , 505x700 , 9-72.png )

“We brought a new friend!" Casey announces. "Nixxy’s sweet, but let us know if she’s too much, Fennel.” She explains as she helps the elemental find her way around.

“Suwre thing! thank you awwl fowr wetting me stay hewre. I hope I’m not too much a bothewr.” As her careful fingers trace the wall and furniture, Fennel commits as much as she can to memory. Even though its all much brighter than she’s used to, the undine beams at the thought of staying somewhere with new friends.

A blast of horsey breath ruffles Casey’s hair and she turns to find the kelpie standing right behind her. After the shock wears off and she recomposes herself, the mouse sighs. “You really need to stop doing that...”

The kelpie giggles wetly.
No. 938705 ID: 7816e7
File 156272652507.png - (200.88KB , 700x553 , 9-73.png )

“Nixxy, this is Fennel. She’s going to be staying with us for a bit until she can find somewhere a bit more comfortable. She’s not used to living above ground so she might need you to help her get around sometimes, okay?”

Nixxy nods, sending her mane flopping and takes the undine’s hands in hers. ”Hello new friend of Nixxy!”

Amazed, Fennel traces Nixxy’s massive fingers and runs her hands up her powerful foerarms. “Woooowww, you’wre so big!”

Nixxy giggles. She gently takes the elemental’s hands and brings them up to feel her face. Fennel gasps. “Oooh! You’wre pwetty! I wove youwr haiwr!” Her fingers twist through the long, straight locks and Nixxy shivers as a blissful expression drifts over her face.
No. 938706 ID: 094652

Make a note: Hair.
No. 938710 ID: 91ee5f

>Nixxy shivers as a blissful expression drifts over her face.
Alright, Nixxy, if you’re gonna do what I think you’re wanting to do, then take Fennel somewhere it’ll be easy to clean up the water.
No. 938711 ID: e7848c

...Who's ready for some bath shenanigans?
No. 938731 ID: f2d0b9

Probably someone should pick up some sunglasses for Fennel. Soooo, what's up with that door with the frame that looks like it's come back to life back there?
No. 938738 ID: a274c9

Ask Nixxy just how much she's liking the feeling of Fennel running her fingers through Nixxy's hair. Seems like she really likes the touch of a undine. Why is that?

And if Nixxy and Fennel are gonna do anything wet together, take it where it won't cause water damage to your place. Dunno where, since your bathtub isn't big enough for 'em both... Unless Nixxy can shrink down a whole lot.

We'll have to see about getting a pool or fountain installed so Fennel doesn't have to sleep in the bathtub. Also get smoked glass goggles for Fennel so what sight she does have isn't totally blinded by the light.

>Soooo, what's up with that door with the frame that looks like it's come back to life back there?
Nixxy installed that. It leads to her home in the Faewild. Looks like its branches have grown a lot since we last saw it in >>/questarch/876749.
No. 938853 ID: 7816e7
File 156288675240.png - (157.56KB , 700x633 , 9-74.png )

Fennel’s eyespots go wide as Nixxy leans forward and whispers something to her. “Can we? Suwre, wead de way!”
No. 938854 ID: 7816e7
File 156288677929.png - (134.39KB , 700x668 , 9-75.png )

Nixxy scoops her up and retreats to the bathroom in a blur of green. The door slams, leaving the mice staring in silent amazement.

“Fates, she doesn’t mess around does she?” Casey mutters. “That was fast, even for us.”

“She must have a thing for undines.” Gabe shrugs and wanders away to have a post-adventure nap. “I don’t see us getting in there for a while. If anybody needs the bathroom, I’ll scry one out and hook you up with a gate...”
No. 938855 ID: 7816e7
File 156288679112.png - (210.19KB , 700x700 , 9-76.png )

Inside the water closet, the two water dwellers lock together at the lips as hungry hands explore each other’s curves. Nixxy's one concession to modesty flops to the ground as they jostle against each other in the cramped space. Fennel glubs appreciatively as a squeeze to her backside lifts her off the tile floor. Little, delighted ripples bloom across her skin and she squeals. "Ohhh Nixxy, dat feewls nice…"

The kelpie chuckles and whispers to her "Nixxy liiiikes you. You pretty, Fennel. Nixxy want to have more fun with Fennel."
No. 938866 ID: efe94f

They say if a mortal tries to ride a kelpie, it'll drag them into the water. So, if the water rides the kelpie, it... no, wait, if the kelpie drags the water into... uh...

... there's got to be some sort of clever way to twist that around.
No. 938867 ID: a9af05

Fennel seems a little too small for Nixxy. Would turning on the shower and adding water to Fennel let her grow bigger, so that she can be closer to Nixxy's size? Maybe even let Fennel become bigger than Nixxy, so that she can see what it's like to be the small one?
No. 938871 ID: a274c9

There are fey rules of hospitality, being a guest in another's home and respecting your host, right? So if you two are gonna be getting all wet 'n wild, please take it into the bathtub and draw the shower curtain so y'all don't water damage your host's home. Nixxy can compact herself down to fit better, yes? We know she can stretch out, and she fit through pipes before, so she ought to be able to shrink.

I'm thinkin', Nixxy wraps herself around Fennel with her tail, neck arms and legs, keeping her kiss the whole time, and Fennel does the same, entwining each other. Perhaps Fennel could even partly or completely surround Nixxy, touching and massaging her from all sides.
No. 938877 ID: 91ee5f

That sounds like it would be an interesting experience.
No. 938882 ID: 83bf07

If we don't see Nixxy absolutely soaked at the end of this I'm going to take it as a loss. Play with her neck, Fennel!
No. 938887 ID: fa0d60

If a mortal rides a kelpie it'll drag them under the water.
If water rides a kelpie, it'll drag them to it's under regions.
No. 938904 ID: 2709e5

You can lead the horse to water but you can't make her drink. She was thirsty af tho.
No. 938909 ID: 10c408

Nixxy can shapeshift, all she'd have to do is shrink to match Fennel's height.

That said, the tub is probably the best place for what's next.
No. 938930 ID: 7816e7
File 156297398670.png - (76.76KB , 700x315 , 9-77.png )

"Yes! I want mowre! I- uh, woah!" Fennel tips backwards and grabs blindly for support. Something clothlike brushes her fingers and rips loose from above with a series of metallic tinks as she stumbles.
No. 938931 ID: 7816e7
File 156297399138.png - (158.77KB , 566x700 , 9-78.png )

The elemental lands tail up with a slight splash. She giggles, feeling herself starting to drip with excitement as the kelpie looms overhead.
No. 938932 ID: 7816e7
File 156297399631.png - (106.41KB , 700x700 , 9-79.png )

Nixxy hovers between the awkwardly splayed legs, her breath eliciting a shiver from the stricken undine. "Ooo good, Nixxy was feeling thirsty." She laps between Fennel's thighs and is rewarded as she writhes in response. It doesn't take long for Nixxy to find what she's looking for. A slight change of taste leads to an invisible slit, which spreads around the kelpie's tongue as it surges inside.

Fennel covers her face and she squeals helplessly as the broad tongue curls within her. "Ah! Oh, oh Fates, Nixxy! Ooooh keep going!"

No. 938933 ID: 8d23f0

No. 938953 ID: e7848c

What's that about leading a horse to water? Go for gold, Nixxy
No. 938985 ID: a9af05

We should put a plug in the bathtub. We don't want Fennel to accidentally go down the drain!
No. 939045 ID: a274c9

Slip those big, strong hands under Fennel to lift her up and reposition to a more comfortable position for her with you at the end of the tub and her tail end at the end of the tub. All the while keep working your tongue deeper in her. Even lift her up and tilt her like a waterskin you're tryin' to lick the last drop outta.
No. 939052 ID: df0650

Don't let her go down the drain!
No. 939126 ID: 7816e7
File 156314236021.png - (198.59KB , 533x700 , 9-80.png )

Fennel flails with her hand and grabs hold of something. It wrenches down suddenly and fills the narrow space with the groan of complaining pipes. Somewhere above, the showerhead kicks fitfully to life as a spray of warm water drenches them both.

Lifting the dripping undine by the hips, Nixxy happily works herself deeper inside. She squeezes herself into the tub curls up with the undine dangling helplessly in front of her.

No. 939127 ID: 7816e7
File 156314236564.png - (245.31KB , 700x700 , 9-81.png )

Soaking wet and upside down, Fennel weakly reaches out. She blindly grasps a lock of long, straight hair and hangs on, giving it a tug. Somewhere between her legs Nixxy moans with her mouth full.
No. 939142 ID: a274c9

Fennel, rub your feet along Nixxy's mane, grab onto her hair with your other hand and hold on for dear life while enjoyin' the extra vibrations from her moanin'. Also tilt and turn your head to try and give Nixxy some reciprocal tongue action.
No. 939146 ID: e7848c

Damn it, I've already used "rode hard and put away wet"

Fennel, do be sure to call Nixxy a "good girl"
No. 939148 ID: 91ee5f

If Fennel reaches behind her head, she’ll be able to return the favor to Nixxy.

Bonus points if she can morph her watery hand into a watery tentacle!
No. 939493 ID: 7816e7
File 156341486102.png - (194.60KB , 700x700 , 9-82.png )

Nixxy feels a watery hand slap against her thigh. The nubby fingers stretch and flow, snaking their way between her legs to where she is wettest. They tease her soft outer folds hesitantly, and as Nixxy moans encouragement to her partner, dive in. She shudders as Fennel surges inside of her. Laying back, she drapes her legs over the sides of the tub and lets the elemental pump herself in and out.

The tiled walls echo with, rising pants and gasps. Fennel's thighs shiver and she turns to her partner with a low noise. "Ah! Nixxy don't stop! I- I'm so cwose-"

No. 939497 ID: 83bf07

[Horse pun]
Let the rivers flow, girls!
No. 939501 ID: 91ee5f

Apparently Fennel is capable of leading a horse to water and she can make Nixxy drink!
No. 939593 ID: 7816e7
File 156350309038.png - (60.74KB , 700x700 , 9-83.png )

"Ah! AH! OHHH, NIXXY! Haaaaaa- ahhh- ahhhhh…"
No. 939594 ID: 7816e7
File 156350309553.png - (123.27KB , 691x700 , 9-84.png )

No. 939595 ID: 7816e7
File 156350310330.png - (186.43KB , 691x700 , 9-85.png )

No. 939596 ID: 7816e7
File 156350310990.png - (132.57KB , 571x700 , 9-86.png )

"Is… is Fennel okay? Nixxy not hurt Fennel?"
No. 939597 ID: 7816e7
File 156350311698.png - (72.25KB , 700x604 , 9-87.png )

Pooled in the bottom of the tub, the dazed undine sloshes. "Ha ha ha hooo ooh… I'm- I'm okay. I just need a minute. Dat was so fuuuun. Oh gosh…"
No. 939617 ID: e7848c

It's probably time to turn off the water now. Good job, Nixxy!
No. 939618 ID: 2df440

oh no, the sandwich...
No. 939639 ID: 864e49

Cole can't enjoy his sandwich.
No. 939663 ID: 415370

Nixxy, pat Fennel's head and play with her frills and tell her that that was fun. Though, Nixxy didn't get as much fun as Fennel did. When Fennel recovers, perhaps she could rectify that. Maybe Nixxy could share that she wanted to be with a undine before, even asking that big, old grump to be her consort.

Kol, bang on the bathroom door and tell Nixxy and Fennel to shut the shower off 'cause the water is running out into the hall. Then go get a mop and bucket and Gabe and Casey's help to clean the water up quick.
No. 939672 ID: a9af05

Don't let her fall down the drain!
No. 939715 ID: 7816e7
File 156358965923.png - (170.71KB , 700x646 , 9-88.png )

Scooping up some of the postcoital undine, Nixxy gives her wobbly head a kiss. ”That’s okay. Nixxy had fun. You and Nixxy have more fun later. “ She slips a plug in the drain, turns the water off and lays back for a nice soak.
No. 939716 ID: 7816e7
File 156358966622.png - (146.66KB , 700x700 , 9-89.png )

End of chapter 9
No. 939719 ID: 83bf07

Fae, amirite?
No. 940231 ID: 7816e7

Next chapter: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/940228.html
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