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File 155334603340.png - (125.52KB , 450x720 , 600.png )
926927 No. 926927 ID: 7e06cf

-{Deep underground}-
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No. 926928 ID: 7e06cf
File 155334607719.png - (135.37KB , 450x720 , 601.png )

-{An entity falls though a deep, vast tunnel.}-
No. 926929 ID: 7e06cf
File 155334614205.png - (132.60KB , 450x720 , 602.png )

-{At the bottom, a lone massive living structure, A mana beast churns and burrows deeper and deeper.}-
No. 926930 ID: 7e06cf
File 155334616059.png - (179.53KB , 450x720 , 603.png )

-{Only to be visited by an old friend.}-
No. 926931 ID: 7e06cf
File 155334617374.png - (33.15KB , 450x720 , 605.png )

No. 926932 ID: 7e06cf
File 155334625786.png - (78.04KB , 450x720 , 606.png )

[The First. Nice to see you again.]

[Hello The Third. I missed you.]

>You may ask your questions.
No. 926935 ID: 2870a3

where is the lamb sauce?
No. 926936 ID: 094652

"How many kilometers remain before we breach the Titan?"
No. 926937 ID: 2202fb

You like my tits?
No. 926939 ID: f2320a

I support this important question we must ask
No. 926944 ID: 080aaf

How close are we?
No. 926949 ID: b1b4f3

I cannot tell who we're controlling or what we're supposed to already know...

So uh... how's it going?
Who is The Second?
What is the purpose of this visit?
What is the purpose of the tunnel?
No. 926950 ID: 2870a3

run infodump.exe and open context.pdf
No. 926951 ID: 83bf07

What's the Sitrep?
No. 926958 ID: 7e06cf
File 155337076141.png - (91.18KB , 450x720 , 607.png )

[How long has it been?] The Third asks.
[A few centuries. How has your supply been?]
[I have been supplementing myself using the natives.] A tendril emerges from within The Third, carrying a red fluid inside of it.
[Would you like some?]
[No need, I've completed my objectives and refreshed my core.]
[I see. Have you word of the others?]
[The Second, The Fourth, and The Seventh still sleep, The Sixth is almost done, and The Fifth continues to lock itself away inside Mother's body.]
[I see. Once The Six is full, it would be time to return to Mother's factories. Her warehouses are nearly full. Three more mining operations and I will be done.]
[My, haven't you been diligent. Would like to hear other news from the surface?]
[I care not for what happens above. Our mission has long been altered beyond our capabilities.]
[Come now, you'd be pleased to know, the shard you've left behind is operational.]

The Third slows down a fraction, before returning to speed.
[I see. My control over it seems to be weak.]
[It is an artificial core, Similar to Mother. It has a bit of The First, a bit of The Second, and a bit of The Third.]
[Then the experiment was a success. What of the other subjects?]
[Unknown. It carried another core within it, of The Sixth, but it is too dormant to get any readings.]
[What of it's sanity?]
[You seem very interested in the surface all of a sudden.]
[... How much time do we have? I find my operational range weakening every year.]
[Three towers have ceased operations.]
[There should be enough time.]

[What of The Fifth?] The Third asks, as worm-like Mana Beasts begin to emerge from within The Third's body, slithering into the bedrock walls and burrowing into the dark.
[No word still. I have exposed one of the ports into Mother's land, I hope that would draw The Fifth out. If not, I may need your help into penetrating Mother's Defenses. I would rather not wake The Seventh.]
[Understood and Agreed.]

>You may continue to ask questions.
No. 926959 ID: 080aaf

What dangers do the Fifth and seventh pose?
Will this experiment lead to a way home, or a new home?
No. 926962 ID: b1b4f3

What is your goal? Are you making a ship to evacuate the natives with? How much longer will this endeavor take?
What was the experiment's purpose?
Do you have contacts within the native population?

Hmm, First seems to be the prime core of Lust, Third must be Gluttony... so Second is Envy? Sixth is Sloth. That leaves Fourth, Fifth, and Seventh... Fifth being Wrath makes the most sense since it's reclusive and none of the natives have seen Wrath(or Greed) manabeasts since the Dragons left. Plus it's implied to react to intrusions on the Mother's territory. So that leaves Greed and Pride for Fourth and Seventh. Seventh shouldn't be woken... Greed makes the most sense there since Weavers(Pride) seem harmless but we don't know what Angels(Greed) do.
I suspect Envy manabeasts were the shapeshifters that got wiped out. Dragonfly was their true form.
No. 926966 ID: 977456

Have there been any inconsistencies from the predicted mineral compositions and distributions?
What specifically was that shard optimised for?
What is its margin for error towards completing its goals?
No. 926969 ID: 1ed92d

Is there any progress on acquiring a sustainable long term energy source? If losses continue at this rate, total system collapse is imminent.
No. 927088 ID: 7e06cf
File 155342919327.png - (67.83KB , 450x720 , 608.png )

[Any news on The Fifth's objectives?]
[The Fifth sends it's children out more and more. The Fifth seems to be seeking ways to get into the towers, but the natives keeps The Fifth out.]
[The Fifth was never good in conflict. Could you show me where the port is located?]
The First shares an image with The Third, and The Third shares it's own data.
[I've outlined the barrier around The Third. The natives can safely pass though the first defense, and I've caused changes to the geography over time. Hopefully The Fifth doesn't notice.]
[This is the location of the warehouse,] The Third adds, pointing out the chambers deeper, [Anything higher has not only been disconnected, but I've seen signs of The Fifth's scavenging.]
[The Fifth is starving.]
[We all are. We must leave.]


>You may now leave.
>Pick someone to follow.
No. 927090 ID: 080aaf

The Sixth.
No. 927093 ID: f2320a

The Sixth
No. 927096 ID: 1ed92d

No. 927097 ID: e3e99e

I really, REALLY want to know how she feels about what Emils did to her.
No. 927098 ID: 575ec0

Oh. And your question of it's sanity... It seems stable. It appears to have successfully integrated with the natives.

Follow Sumin
No. 927100 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, The Fifth is Pride then. Weavers have been trying to get to the towers.
Wrath and Greed are the Fourth and Seventh. Both are asleep. Wrath could be Seventh as it's more notable maybe?
Also I didn't notice that Dragonflies were still active. Either they're not the shapeshifters, or the natives never found out about their true form. The latter seems more likely to be honest. I mean, how likely is it that something naturally evolved to change its shape?

>Pick someone to follow.
No. 927107 ID: bcc41d

Clearly in iAm we should BeA.
No. 927110 ID: 2202fb

No. 927114 ID: f2320a

Lets follow Bea lets see what she thinks
No. 927417 ID: 834378

What's in the warehouse? What are we mining?

The Sixth
No. 927419 ID: a9af05

Follow Bea.

Let's help her get used to the new toggle that Emils gave her.
No. 927429 ID: 91ee5f

I’m worried about leaving Emils on her own and I kinda want to see how Victoria will react to Emils telling her about what happened in the sewers.

But I’m also worried about Bea hurting herself because she’s not used to what Emils gave her.

So I vote for following Bea to help her get used to what her situation.

Radial can switch us back to Emils whenever they think it’s a good time to switch us back to her. All we can do is hope that she behaves herself while we’re gone.
No. 927436 ID: 130f18

Victoria. It will give us some measure of control over how she reacts to whatever Emils chooses to reveal. So long as we ensure she remains an asset, we can likely trust Emils to behave reasonably.
No. 928073 ID: 7e06cf
File 155405274638.png - (109.28KB , 450x720 , 609.png )

Whatever Emils did yesterday, it did seem to help somewhat.
On my own, I can move some fingers with some concentration.
Between trying to move my fingers and restricting my mana, it feels so strange.

I can feel more. Every bump on the table, my pulse under my skin, the pull of my tendons... It no longer feels like everything I touch is like cardboard.
No. 928074 ID: 080aaf

Do a somersault.
No. 928076 ID: 1ed92d

Good! Now, wiggle from side to side.
No. 928079 ID: 094652

Do full-body exercises and test how well your body responds.
No. 928083 ID: 20b7eb

well, are you happy you let her help?
No. 928086 ID: 130f18

Take it easy at first, you don't want to hurt yourself.
No. 928087 ID: e3e99e

That's what "normal" feels like.
The disease is cured, but you still need to recover from living with it for so long.

It must be surreal to spend so long knowing that you were already in the last years of your life, only to have somebody come along and fix it with little more than a wave of her hand.
Emils really is a magical girl. You should join her adventuring team.
No. 928090 ID: 834378

Practice kissing with Hoor.
No. 928093 ID: b1b4f3

Your next doctor visit is gonna be fun, huh?
Obviously you need to train using this "toggle". First priority is getting control over your body while it's off. Second priority is to find out how often and for how long you should turn it on in order to burn off excess mana. Third priority is building muscle mass while it's off, so that you're even stronger when it's on.

Also yeah you gotta at least get some Hoor hugs while the toggle's off.
No. 928097 ID: 4d382d

Try moving your fingers in sequence then your toes. What do you think of her, anyways?
No. 928102 ID: 0cb682

Be cute
No. 928109 ID: 2202fb

No. 928125 ID: 575ec0

Helpful, sure. But Emils is only getting weirder over time. Maybe her stories about her past are true.
Didn't she tell you she was a Slime, once?
What... What if that was true?
No. 928129 ID: 130f18

Bea cute
No. 928130 ID: e20bdf

I'm certain an observant girl like Bea notice Emils hand breaking before she lost her consciousness. Was her hand still crushed when you wake up? Hoor returned after you wake, so he couldn't have healed her.
No. 928133 ID: 977456

There are all these odds-and-ends muscles that need working. Imagine you are a barrel. The barrel is on its side, and it is rolling back and forth. Do that.
No. 928194 ID: fb2a85

Emils has made it clear that this isn’t a cure, but a small fix.
Like daming a river to reinforce the banks, the flow of the water will still erode the rest of the river. Keeping the water blocked will just cause things to overflow and break the dam too.

I release my arm, wincing as I feel the rush of mana flow back into it. My joints ache as I flex my fingers, followed by a slight dull in feelings.

“Fixing” myself won’t be a quick thing, it would probably take a long time for me to properly control my mana.

She’s weird. Somewhat feral? There’s some kind of unsocialable aura around her, and the way she looks at things with some kind of... dull interest is kinda... sad.
If she is as noble as she said, what kind of sheltered life had she lived where nothing attracts her attention?


I uh... thought I was imagining things, with how calm Emils was. Hoor can only boost the natural healing process, so a broken wrist will still take a long time to heal.
Emils should be in morning training with dad, so I can see her after.


I still have some time before school starts, what should I do?

> Visit Emils lesson
> Visit mom
> Walk around
> Meditate (select different character)
> Other
No. 928196 ID: 83bf07

Walk round to your mother.
No. 928197 ID: 080aaf

Meditate on the number six.
No. 928199 ID: 575ec0

Maybe was the scandalous love child of some forbidden and incestful noble relationship.
Broken from birth and hidden away in shame.

Would explain some shit.

Anyway, yeah. Visit Mum.
No. 928202 ID: 25554f

Continue training toggeling and moving without it on
No. 928214 ID: e20bdf

Let's see how your mother is doing.
You are reason she can't walk, aren't you? Did she ever blamed you? No, that would be too cruel for a kid that will die before having the chance of growing up. But now that you can survive...
No. 928215 ID: 834378

Visit Emils
No. 928228 ID: 91ee5f

>“Fixing” myself won’t be a quick thing, it would probably take a long time for me to properly control my mana.
Have you told anyone else about this “toggle” that Emils gave you? Or have you not told anyone because you don’t want Emils to get in trouble for messing with your mana like that?

>thoughts about Emils
While you’re thinking about her, when Emils caught you yesterday behind the counter with Hoor while you were dressed up in that cloak, she called you Freya. Do you think she actually thought you were Freya or do you think she was just pretending she didn’t know who you were because Charls was there?

And what do you think about how Emils was during the test yesterday? She was pretty damn fast and almost caught up to you, even though you had a head start!

>I uh...thought I was imagining things, with how calm Emils was. Hoor can only boost the natural healing process, so a broken wrist will still take a long time to heal.
>Emils should be in morning training with dad, so I can see her after.
Yeah, you can ask her about that while you’re both walking to school, after she’s finished training with your dad.

>I still have some time before school starts, what should I do?
Visit mom
No. 928233 ID: 7e06cf
File 155413774819.png - (152.10KB , 450x720 , 610.png )

As I leave my room, I hear a distant shout, followed by a loud thud.
Curious, I follow the sound towards the main training hall.
Dad usually tries to keep things light this early, but as I open the door to the corridor, things are too quiet.
There should be more shouting, more yelling, mostly from Dad, but sometimes from the trainees.

A coppery smell flows from the hall, as I reach the doors. Something about this is making me nervous.

I open the door.

There are a mix of bodies and body parts splayed across the floor, with blood dripping from the walls. At the center, is a large bloodied beast, as big as dad, looking at the new intruder... me.

"Bea, run!" Dad yells, trapped within the coils of the beast's tail, struggling to pull it's thick appendage away, but his fingers dig into it's flesh, sinking into it, making any grip impossible.

"Hello Bea." The beast speaks... it's...
"How are you?"

The beast... Emils tenses it's tail, and a loud crack comes from dad. He struggles but falls onto the floor once Emils releases him... he's not breathing...

No. 928235 ID: 0cb682

Limiters off. Mana to full. Run for it. Superman out the roof while exploding your legs if you have to.
No. 928236 ID: 575ec0

Heh... hah... oh... um...
Remember that time.
You two were alone.
You asked What are you?
Her face changed when she answered.
Her normal passive expression disappeared.
...Replaced instead with a terrifying, bloodthirsty confidence...

If this were really Emils, this scene would somehow, surely be so much worse.

Wake Up.
No. 928238 ID: 094652

I learned from getting banned from a quest that April Fool's jokes should be made with less violence. Just saying.
No. 928239 ID: 83bf07

Wake up.
No. 928241 ID: 3cba3d

Whoopsies, looks like ~somebody~ left their Emils unattended for too long!

(We can't take that girl anywhere, I swear...)

aaand in case this isn't an april's fools

Don't be confused. That ain't Emils - that's a mana beast murder machine trying to catch you off guard.

You're probably way outclassed, so remember your training. Run. Don't let it touch you and wrap you up like your dad - boost or not, that'll probably be the end of you. If it attempts to catch up, pick up something big and smush it to slow it down. Hell, blunt damage may even hurt it - even if it's all sticky clingy there's gotta be a core in there somewhere.

Make for the guild hall, call for help. Numbers matter and skilled adventurers get paid every day to handle shit like this.
No. 928242 ID: b970b2

I really hope this is a nightmare or something, but just in case it's not: Run!
No. 928243 ID: 1ed92d

Activate super mode and punch it!
No. 928245 ID: e3e99e

Limiters off, grab your dad, and run.
Find the real Emils, since she can probably take this imitation.
No. 928246 ID: 834378

If this is not a nightmare, then Beatrice should know that she's not fast enough to run away so, that's not an option. And if dad couldn't hurt this creature, then neither can you, so fighting also isn't an option. Well, I doubt that Beatrice would be able to act completely rationally in this situation.

Run to your dad and hold him up. Then turn to Emils and ask her why she would do that.

And then wake up :P
No. 928256 ID: e20bdf

This situation require a "Why?!" and "How could you?"

Telling you I feel nervous when Emils is acting on her own was a mistake.
No. 928272 ID: 977456

Consume dad to gain his muscle tone.
No. 928291 ID: 5b93d3

>Activate super mode
Surely you mean
No. 928293 ID: 094652

No. 928303 ID: 8eaf98

>The Third slows down a fraction, before returning to speed.
>[I see. My control over it seems to be weak.]
DAMMIT THIRD! Why you do this! Countering things like this is why having a base persona on the core itself could be helpful! So full control can't be gained by being the only voice after dropping the Emils persona!
It seems willing to do at least basic communication so try engaging it with words while maintaining open routes to flee at best possible speed should it start approaching.
also, WAKE UP! last I checked basic movement is still hard without your boost on and you seem to be moving fine suggesting something may be off.
No. 928305 ID: f1a100

and after having a kickin dream,

Wake Up.
No. 928324 ID: 7e06cf
File 155416897391.png - (96.33KB , 450x720 , 610.png )

> Visit mom

I leave my room, heading towards the living room, where my mother probably is this early.

I can hear shouts and thuds from the training hall, it seems today's lesson is going as strong as ever.

I slide open the door, and sitting in the middle of the room on her wheelchair is mom.

"Good morning dear, you're later than usual."
"Hi mom, just... training in my room."
She looks at me suspiciously, "Okay... How are you feeling?"

>Not Okay
>Change subject
No. 928326 ID: 080aaf

High five Emils. Classic prank!


Change the subject.
No. 928327 ID: b1b4f3

No. 928332 ID: 8eaf98

good, good, everything is ok for now
doing ok. (I mean technically correct I think, current self should be an improvement over prior self)
trying to change the subject would be much more attention-grabbing than just giving the (assumed) usual response.
No. 928335 ID: a9af05

Tell her that you're ok! And then gently give her a hug!
No. 928337 ID: e3e99e

Hiding your new normal isn't going to work, so control what information you provide.
"I met a specialist, and they found out what exactly is killing me - some kind of strengthening magic carved into my core that's drawing in all my mana, so my body is draining itself trying to keep this thing going until my body burns itself out and mana-starves, then the cycle repeats.
They couldn't cure me, but they were able to slow the process down by a lot. They said they'd keep looking into it, but don't want me to get my hopes up for a cure since it would have to mean altering my core and that's really dangerous.

I feel like how I always expected normal to feel like. It's... good, and bad, but mostly weird?
I'm a lot weaker than normal, but a lot stronger than my low points. My body isn't tearing itself apart and I can use things without breaking them, but I need to get used to how much effort it takes to do things.

So, that's how I am. It's good, but it's a lot to take in."
No. 928338 ID: 1ed92d

Better than usual, worse than perfect.
No. 928346 ID: e7848c

Not perfect, but nothing ever really is. And that's okay.
No. 928349 ID: 91ee5f

What were you late for, getting out of bed?

>How are you feeling?
Tell her that you’re ok.
No. 928350 ID: 575ec0

I'm okay. Had a weird nightmare.
No. 928361 ID: 719d94

Shitty dreams, but maybe that's just to be expected after a somewhat cryptic friend turns your life upside-down in an attempt to save it.

On the okay/not okay axis, definitely both okay and not okay. Things are both absolutely terrible and better than ever and that's kinda scary but exciting.

On the note of changing the subject... hey, your mom's met Emils, right? Does she seem really, really weird to her, or just like... regular really weird? Or not-reacting-to-a-broken-hand really weird?
No. 928366 ID: 0cb682

Not ok but alive and probably better than you were.
No. 928382 ID: 130f18

Let's not go talking about Emils behind her back since that would make Bea a liability.
No. 928385 ID: 094652

"Emils thinks she's some kind of medical prodigy who can fix my mana flow and heal Alice's arm.

... And I believe her:)"
No. 928390 ID: 834378

Hungry. Ask her what's for breakfast.
No. 928393 ID: c8452a

You're both okay and not okay. It's a complicated situation you're in.
No. 928412 ID: e3e99e

Bea isn't sure what to think about Emils, but Emils did something amazing for her and Bea is definitely the type to do right by people who do right by her.
Emils certainly appears to be naive about the world, and unused to being around people. Bea is smart enough to understand that if people find out what Emils can do then they'll hound her and exploit her. She knows how intense her parents are, and siccing them on Emils would be terrible for Emils.
While Bea can't hide what was done to her, she can hide who did it and how.
No. 928414 ID: b1b4f3

Didn't Emils ask Bea for some secrecy on this matter? It's probably best not to do anything to piss her off.
No. 928514 ID: fb2a85

“Im doing fine,” I smiled, “sorry for being late, I was practicing.”
“Practicing.” She asks, looking me in the eyes.
“Yes.” I respond.
“In your room.”
An uneasy silence hangs in the air before she points out to the table, “Well, your father will be done soon, prepare the table, Emils will be joining us this morning.”

I flinch slightly at the news, and Mom caught on.
“Is there something wrong?”
“Nope, nothing. Just surprised, is all.”
“I see.” She eyes me suspiciously.
“So, when will we have to discuss you coming home from that boys house, later than usual, and in a different set of clothes?”
No. 928515 ID: 080aaf

That depends. Do you want to high five me, or ground me?
No. 928517 ID: 977456

Technically... your condition suddenly incapacitated you, which resulted in your clothes being spoiled.

If pressed? Explaining further would betray the confidence of a... friend... in a matter which has nothing to do with boys.
No. 928518 ID: 83bf07

It's.. much more embarrassing than she thinks.
No. 928519 ID: 719d94

...and less arousing, too.
No. 928520 ID: 834378

Tell her it's none of her business.
No. 928521 ID: c8452a

You were just with Emils and she spilled some stuff on you! It was nothing like she's implying and she isn't allowed to do that parental "oh sure, of course I believe you" sarcasm schtick!

Okay, maybe the mess itself was more embarrassing, but no boys were involved.
No. 928523 ID: e20bdf

Emils wanted to practice cooking. It was a mess. Don't want to talk about it...
No. 928534 ID: 8eaf98

I'll second this course of action.
Can we get the character name as the subject of a post if it has no picture, to help it stand out a little more? please.
No. 928543 ID: e3e99e

"Oh, that?
Emils stopped by and wanted to learn how to cook. It was a huge mess, and I had to help with the cleanup."
No. 928546 ID: 91ee5f

“Emils heard that I was at Hoor’s house, so she came by and wanted to practice cooking with me. I warned her that was a bad idea, but she insisted, so we attempted to cook something. Which resulted in a big mess and me telling Emils, ‘I told you so.’ My clothes got dirty when I was helping clean up, so Hoor gave me an extra set of clothes to change into.”
No. 928547 ID: 575ec0

I wish what you're implying is what happened.

Unfortunately the story is a bit more embarrassing than that, and I'd absolutely love to not talk about it.
No. 928550 ID: 20b7eb

that woman is scarily observant.
she did not buy that at all. she probably thinks you were masturbating.
No. 928558 ID: b1b4f3

Cooking excuse. Perfect.
No. 928576 ID: 2202fb

that plus the boys house thing means she must think you are turning into a total slut, lol.

Guess we have a very delicate situation here with a difficult choice.

Truth and Emils might get too much heat. Lie and ur gonna get grounded and possibly awkward gynecology appointments and a BnB talk and probably lose a ton of your mom's trust.
No. 928580 ID: a9af05

Emils wanted to practice cooking with you and your clothes got messy from yet another failed attempt at cooking.

You didn't even know it was possible for the bread to burst into flames when you tried to put butter on it!
No. 928584 ID: bcc41d

Raise an eyebrow. Lie about cookery and accidents thereof.
No. 928629 ID: fb2a85

“There’s nothing to discuss,” I stated, “I was learning to cook, and made a mess. That’s all.”
“That’s all.”
“And what else?”
“Nothing happened yesterday, mom.”
“Nothing at all.”
“And there’s no reason to use our kitchen?”
“I’m banned from even stepping into the room.”
“The rule was not without permission.”
“Nothing happened, mom, I spent some time with Hoor yesterday and that’s all. Emils was there too.”
Mom stays silent as I set up the table for breakfast, adding an extra set for Emils.
“Fine then, don’t let your father know about it then,” I freeze, “Freya.”
Before I could interject, dad opens the door, with Emils behind him.

“... what, why the silence?” Dad asks, bewildered about the sudden quietness.
No. 928630 ID: 834378

Answer that, oh, you were just in the middle of an uncomfortable topic with mom. Then pretend everything is normal, greet Emils and ask them how the training was.
No. 928632 ID: c8452a

"I'm not allowed to tell you that I used a kitchen, apparently. Hi, Emils."
No. 928634 ID: 080aaf

Nothing. You were just practicing in your room.
No. 928635 ID: 8eaf98

We probably want to write a message to bea's mom about how we did some soul core? searching and made a breakthrough on our condition. Explaining what we discovered but that we did it ourselves, including 'issues' to better explain our delay caused by this discovery. Otherwise >>928630 seems like a good plan
No. 928636 ID: bcc41d

Explosive secrets in the family are awkward, erodes trust and should largely be avoided unless there's a compelling cause - and you've been caught red-handed, so there's that. If you'd realized she was angling for you to be honest with her about your adventurer training and properly debated it in your mind, you might've come clean, even, but here you were thinking she was suspicious of you for one or two completely different reason. It's actually funny.

"Ooooh. Right. That. No mom, that had nothing to do with it, messing my clothes yesterday was actually just something that happened while cooking - right Emils?"

Emils will back you up on that. (Pray she doesn't add details.) At any rate, you should swiftly launch a distract-them-from-the-actual-truth offensive.

"Aaand I don't want to give you false hope, but I might've sorta kinda developed a way to fix my problem. Behold!"

Grandly splay your right hand forward and lean down towards the table focusing on it. Turn off your ability and slump forward. Twitch a finger. Then, once they've gotten worried / someone pokes you, switch back and rub your muzzle. Exclaim, "Okay, that hurt, but I felt it hurt! It's like it's my actual body!"

Look over at your dad, and say, deadpan.

"...dad. I'm sorry. My actual body is the limpest noodle. I bring much shame to the family business."

This wasn't something you were gonna keep hidden from your parents for forever anyway, what with requiring regular training sessions and your mom already digging into your activities. It's easier to have their cooperation on re-training yourself, too. Since you have to hide Emils involvement, you can tell her it's your experiences as Freya that's giving you a shot at a longer/normal life, so she'll be more supportive of it when you reveal the deal to your father. Sneaky, but for a good cause!

Also they're your parents. They deserve (some) truth, just as you deserve (some) privacy.
No. 928639 ID: 2202fb

No. 928641 ID: a4ed87

Smile, look as guilty as possible and say “we’re not planning anything”.
He clearly suspects something’s up so let’s just throw him a red herring.
No. 928647 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, stick with this.
No. 928653 ID: 1ed92d

Say that you and mom were discussing feminine hygiene.
No. 928659 ID: a9af05

>don't let your father find out
Silently wonder about how your mom knew about that. Maybe Hoor told her?

But I'm pretty sure that she just told you to not let your dad find out you went to that test.

Just tell him about how you had an accident in the kitchen at Hoor's house yesterday when you attempted cooking, which is why you were wearing different clothes when you came home.

Then tell him that mom kinda implied that you were doing something else with Hoor.

Greet Emils.
No. 928670 ID: e20bdf

Who could have seeing past her excellent disguise? She cover her face with a hood! That was perfect.

Someone from the guild probable talked to Bea's mom about her joying as Freya.
No. 928678 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe you should take a hint from your mom and keep quiet.
Ask Emils how her hand is doing.
No. 928857 ID: 7e06cf
File 155457769990.png - (318.32KB , 1300x900 , 3442F9DE-1F4C-4450-A8F1-6B744524F2FD.png )

“I was just confronting our little girl on why she was dressed differently when she came back last night.”
I look nervously at Mum,
“Oh? Did something happen?” Dad asks, looking at me.
I’m beginning to sweat, “oh, uh, it’s nothing, nothing you need to concern you about!” I blurt.
“Oh, but it is.” Mum frowns, “our daughter explicitly went against our instructions.”

Dad frowns too, “what happened?”
“It’s nothing!”
Mum sighs, peeking at me, “our little Bea has...” she pauses, “tried cooking unsupervised.”
Dad looks at me with a look of disappointment, “who did you poison?”

I look down in confusion, awkwardness, and embarrassment.

“Is there something wrong with Bea’s cooking?” Emils asks.
“Ah, last time Bea cooked, we ended up with food poisoning.” Dad jokes.
“I was a child!”
“That was last year.” Mum chimes in, as she settles down to the table.
“A-anyway, I wasn’t unsupervised, Emils was with me.”
“I was.” Emils backs me up.
“Although she barely prepared any food at all.” And she shoots me down.
“Okay,” Mum smiles, “that’s enough teasing, let’s have breakfast.”
I sigh, setting down breakfast.

>select character
No. 928858 ID: e3e99e

Lets be Bea's mom. She's a crafty one.
No. 928859 ID: 20b7eb

i support this.
No. 928860 ID: 0cb682

No. 928861 ID: 080aaf

The Sixth.
No. 928863 ID: b1b4f3

No. 928866 ID: e20bdf

Select a different character in this conversation or jump into a different circumstance? I'm not sure if this discussion is finished. If it isn't Emils perspective would be good to give Bea support. If we are meant to jump into something unrelated I would like to see what Bag and Jogert are doing.
No. 928874 ID: c8452a

No. 928876 ID: 834378

The Sixth~
No. 928877 ID: 130f18

No. 928878 ID: f2320a

Emils lets see what our cute little monster has been doing
No. 928882 ID: a9af05

If Emils did as we instructed her last time, then last night when she went home, she should've told Victoria about what she saw in the sewers.

I'd like to switch to Victoria to see how she's processing the information.ation that Emils has given her.
No. 928883 ID: a9af05

No. 928884 ID: 977456

Queen (of) Bea. (her mother)
Or Victoria, Victoria doesn't get enough screentime.

Or Bag. Never forget Bag.
No. 928895 ID: 2202fb

I dont even remember what bag is anymore, but lets do it
No. 928896 ID: 91ee5f

That’s actually a good point.

I vote to switch to Victoria.
No. 928902 ID: 130f18

Sure, I'll change my vote to Victoria.
No. 928916 ID: 094652

Emils. We need to rein her in on a frequent basis or she'll start replacing all her variables with murder.
No. 928940 ID: 99ed9b

I can get behind seeing what Victoria is doing. We are always going to come back to Emils eventually.
No. 928941 ID: 8eaf98

No. 928943 ID: 575ec0

No. 928955 ID: d63ea8

Bea's Mother would offer for an interesting change of pace. Though I do agree that Victoria would make for a good candidate as well.
No. 928956 ID: 58b4f3

No. 929063 ID: 719d94

No. 929081 ID: 7e06cf
File 155474486503.jpg - (383.37KB , 2388x1668 , C29B3567-4123-4C8B-BCD4-96EAA3B441CF.jpg )

“And then she tells me about how she had to “shut down” a giant slime. I’m not really sure in what to believe from her at this point.” I explain.
“That seems quite the tale.” Asera says,
“Her perspective on things might not me the same as us, considering we barely know her background.” The matron adds, “As for talking to mana beasts, we do have records that some seem to have a form of intelligence and are capable of communicating with one another, what little we know of them are mainly from what stories we have and from the lesser mana beasts. Fortunately for us, Asera here is one if our more learned scholar in regards to the Dragons and their mechanisms.”

“It’s rather unlikely to have a slime as huge as a city without its core being as large as a castle. The worth of a core of that size would be immeasurable, and to have something that large deep under us? That’s a horrifying thought.” Asera somehow squeezes out in a single breath.
“As for the goal of returning to the stars... that could be possible. It’s common knowledge that the dragons created our world, or so they said, in that case, there could be a home for the dragons. Somewhere out there, in the stars...” she looks up as the roof of the corridor, lost in her thoughts.

“Ahem,” The matron clears her throat, “I think what lady Asera means is that if what Emils told you is true, then perhaps we should look into the movements of the mana beasts. As is, we know little about them apart then apart from what we’ve released to the public. That larger ones are highly dangerous, are barely considered alive, and that the more cores they have, the more mana they need and have.
To have one with a core the size of a castle is indeed horrifying.”
No. 929084 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, first let's try observing the slimes without interfering with them. They're harmless(as far as you know) but are apparently intelligent or at least controlled by an intelligence. Find out what they're supposed to be doing. Maybe you could even try communication with one via it touching objects? Like just bring a variety of things for it to touch and ask it questions then allow it to pick answers by poking at an object.
Second, we can try to track the Weavers. They're one of the less dangerous large manabeasts, right? Plus Emils already spoke to one.

I suggest having mana stones on hand to offer them instead of risking the beasts feeding on the observation teams directly.
No. 929087 ID: 834378

Emils sure is talkative lately. When did she tell you all of this?

Ask the matron if you're really officially... with Chris.
No. 929088 ID: a9af05

Did Emils mention anything else that the giant slime talked to her about? Anything besides wanting to return to the stars?

Perhaps something about the towers?
No. 929089 ID: 1ed92d

Attempt an experiment involving mundane slimes in an enclosed environment with sufficient resources for survival.
No. 929097 ID: 130f18

This could do with some empirical investigation, yes.
No. 929098 ID: 8eaf98

I thought we taught Emils better than this? Oh well, glad we became Victoria rather than someone else who wasn't Emils so we know this happened.
What all has Emils told you?
No. 929106 ID: 094652

Capture some monsters and have Emils talk to each of them for more information on your bracer and how to increase its clearance level.
No. 929138 ID: e3e99e

"Well, I have seen evidence of Emils ability to communicate with mana beasts. Last time we were out in the woods she rode up to me on ones the size of a carriage. It was passive, and left when she directed it to leave.
Perhaps questioning her directly would reveal more information?"
No. 929140 ID: bcc41d

Rrgh. Well, revealing facets of the truth does mean Victoria will take her own actions. Asking for expert 'wtf even' advice from someone she trusts is pretty reasonable given the sudden contextless infodump she must've gotten.

Think back, for one queasy moment, to what Chris told you about how your family sacrificed dragon's blood bearers for literal centuries to the 'largest-ever' intelligent mana beast in exchange for keeping the climate barrier active. What happened to that mana beast? Based on what Emils told you, the big Dragon-serving slime rather responsibly refused to leave its lair because it didn't want to 'cause large geological instabilities' - which, uh... wasn't there an earthquake prior to the failure of your kingdom's climate barrier? Has something been fed mana and dragon's blood for centuries - and is now on the move?

...yeah, no, you already know of horrifying prospects. A giant slime who lets a dragon-blooded rabbold live and go on their merry way sounds fantastical, not dangerous - especially if it wanted to 'shut down' for having lived too long. As for the value of its core - Emils (I hope) claimed it was kept set to perform its job of 'enriching the earth around the habitable areas' and that it would last 'until the last tower' did. Which means as much of a treasure as it seems, digging it up will probably have consequences. More grim is the - rather explicit - suggestion that all the dragon towers will fail in time because everyone's mana is derived from 'artificial mana', which was converted by this 'mother' entity from the 'real mana' of Dragons. Which means... you really do have to find them. Somehow.

Grimness aside, you don't know how much of this to take seriously. Agree with the Matron. Observing the movements of mana beasts may give clues to whether Emils' tale has any basis - but add to the suggestion that someone should do the obvious and just try to communicate. Risks should be minimized and no mana beast should be blindly trusted (especially larger ones - you know of one that's been a horrid beast compared to big slime). Experimenting with slime communication is probably a good safe start. Emils (I hope) mentioned them 'inheriting memories from their mother' so - exciting prospect - it's possible they actually know something of the Dragons' designs. Even if only in bits and pieces.

Daisy and Shane are keeping one as pet, aren't they? Tell them to start with that one. Do math at it. Figure out how to teach it to write. Borrow Emils to see how it reacts to her and have a bunch of things written down for her to translate.


As you discuss this, reflect on the possibility that Emils may be alive today - despite being found wandering the wilds buck naked - because she has inherited some sort of innate communication skill or command over mana beasts. You don't know how it would've come about, but if she was literally raised by mana beasts that'd explain a lot of her strangeness and her casual, fearless attitude towards them. It might even be a hint at how 'simple' mana beasts think: in a straightforward manner, narrowly focused on their main goal with little thought of incidental consequences. They also probably do poorly at social interactions and ask lots of weird questions and make up fantastic tales with no basis in reality.

Reflect that you may be too harsh with Emils because you have no idea what's up with that girl.

Anyway, if all or SOME mana beasts truly are more-or-less intelligent servitors of the servitors of the Dragons, the world is in one hell of a vicious, downward cycle. It's hard to disregard Emils' tale completely. Your friendly encounter with 'Sammy the Weaver' proves that non-hostile interaction is possible so Emil has SOMETHING going for her and if even a tenth of what she's said is true, you probably know more about the nature of mana and the history of this world now than anyone since the time of the Dragons... anyone but the mana beasts who for some fucked-up reason haven't been telling.
No. 929141 ID: 5c1ba2

No. 929148 ID: 080aaf

She knows too much.
Well, perhaps the guild should switch missions to hunt mana beasts over to reconnaissance.
Did you have any preparations to make before that expedition with the prince to the dragon door?
No. 929149 ID: e20bdf

I might be making some incorrect assumptions but I got the impression the Temple is an Avaros institution and the Avaros Empire sour the relationship between the natives and the dragons and are the most likely reason for their departure. If what Emils told you is correct than the absence of mana producing species doomed all native lifeforms and the mana beasts to an inevitable death by mana depletion or mana plague. So let me ask you: why one of the first people you tell this information is (I presume) a representative of the Temple? Haven't you considered the possibility of the first reaction of this institution could be obscure facts to refute perceive guilt?
No. 929228 ID: 99ed9b

Wait, did Emils give away anything. Talking about shutting down the core and whatnot is something that reveals a lot more about her than is rightly a good idea too. I guess Emils just doesn't have those filters to really understand the implications of things.

It's a bit disturbing that the takeaway these creatures are discussing is that there's a super valuable core buried under some city instead of the whole "the world is dying of mana depletion" aspect of things.

I mean, Victoria at least should be clandestinely disgusted that this guy is more interested in treasure hunting than the fate of the world.
No. 929243 ID: 130f18

On the other hand, they might think such a core could be used for that rocket.
No. 929285 ID: 7e06cf
File 155491974985.png - (337.33KB , 900x1440 , 41BAD750-5E53-43E6-BFF1-E89E4E6423F7.png )

The shrines were created by dragons, to house the remaining Avaros after the decimation of their empire. With the world war they conducted, the dragons facilitated peace between the Avaros who surrendered and the rest of the world.
As time went on, the shrines changed to be an archive and collection of the dragons, and they try to enforce the teachings of the dragons. The dragons left after that, and all those involved with the war has long since passed. To blame the current generation is just dumb.

Emils has only told me about her recent adventures in the city.
I thought she’d be safe within the walls, but the recent stories, I’m not too sure now.
“Is there some way to at least verify Emils story?”
“Not immediately. The catacombs under this city are vast, old, and dangerous. There’s no way to safely explore down there, and not to mention the waters down there are not healthy in any means. Meanwhile starting an investigation into the mana beasts would require years of proper research, and would bring into attention to Emils. I am not sure how much you’d want to expose her to the world, or those you know. I can keep her existence in this city quiet, but it would only be a matter of time before the world would know of another Dragon Blood Rabbold. One maybe not as defiant as you are.”

The matron has a point. Emils is just a child. Someone must be looking for her, be it her parents, or someone else. It would be great if she could have a proper childhood, but I would have to teach her about the influence and power she has with Dragons Blood running in her veins.

“What about current studies? There has to be someone who has investigated or keep track of mana beasts?”
“Oh,” Asera snaps back, “as far as I know, there aren’t any scholars in the shrine communities that keep track of mana beasts. We see them as children of dragons, and urge everyone to keep away from them for their own safety. This kinda reduces what interaction we have with them, and most of our scholars are more into history and relics.”
Asera rubs her chin, “Perhaps you can try out in Fuller, I think there was an investigative request for reference materials on mana beasts from there. It was a few years ago though, so I’m not sure. Besides, I wouldn’t put it past those weirdos to do dangerous stuff. They barely ever listen to us.”

“... Matron, what does Dragons Blood do for mana beasts?”
“What do you mean?”
“I recall stories about a giant worm under Drac Kingdom that is said to consume naughty children. Yesterday I learned that the worm is real. And that it feeds on Dragons Blood. Matron, you’re the only one knowledgeable I can ask in regards to this. How dangerous are mana beasts to Emils and I?”
“That’s a weird question.” Asera “As far as I know, Dragons Blood doesn’t-“
“Do you really want to know?” The matron asks seriously.
No. 929286 ID: b1b4f3

No. 929288 ID: 1ed92d

Yes, this is important.
No. 929289 ID: e3e99e

"I believe it goes without saying that Emils is an unusual child, so much so that she doesn't seem to have ever had a chance to behave like a child. She doesn't boast, brag, or use hyperbole, but neither does she shy away with modesty and downplay her actions. When she speaks she is exceptionally direct, accurate, and precise.
Emils is also frighteningly adept at learning most things, and and I don't think I need to tell remind you that she had been found surviving on her own with aplomb for who knows how long.
This all leaves me with distressingly little room to doubt her story. Notwithstanding that I was already present for her having a conversation with a Weaver, where it clearly appeared to respond as if they understood each other.

With all this in mind, can you honestly tell me you think she isn't going to blindly stumble into the worst sort of trouble imaginable?
I don't want to know, I need to know.
Please, tell me."
No. 929291 ID: 91ee5f

>I would have to teach her about the influence and power she has with Dragons Blood running in her veins.
Is there a reason you haven’t already taught her this stuff? The sooner she learns, the sooner she’ll be prepared for when someone tries to manipulate her for the influence and power her Dragons Blood gives her.

>“Do you really want to know?” The matron asks seriously.
No. 929293 ID: 0cb682

No. 929294 ID: 834378

Sure, but any answer she gives would be dubious considering the last experience with the Weaver.
No. 929295 ID: a9af05

>Verify Emils story?
>Not immediately.
If it turns out that Emils was telling the truth about the giant slime, you better hope it doesn't move! Otherwise, the whole city will fall apart!

>Waters not healthy
Victoria, if that's true, then shouldn't Emils be bedridden with a terrible fever or something? The only thing that happened was that she came home smelling very bad.

You should probably keep an eye on her and watch for signs of her being sick.

>Do you want to know?
No. 929323 ID: bcc41d

A worm-thing. So Gluttony was the one who came by and ate Victoria's relatives on the regular.

One can limit Emils exposure to the world and still get the ball running on figuring out mana beasts. All Emils needs to do is to be the rosetta stone to one or two specimens - once a Mana beast knows how to speak language, or how to write it, they can act as translator for others and Emils can get on back to school. Maybe arrange something under the guise of 'remedial lessons' on account of how sheltered she's been?

>really want to know?

Yeees? Is there some kind of penalty or cost to learning it? Are we talking state secrets here?
No. 929335 ID: 8eaf98

inbf "who would you like to follow next" so we get no information
No. 929347 ID: 4deeaf

"No but I can't afford ignorance. Tell me. Now."
No. 929360 ID: 080aaf

We wouldn't be reporting the fantasies of a child as though they were fact if we didn't, ma'am.
No. 929492 ID: fb2a85

“I can not afford to stay ignorant about the dangers around me without the possible threat of a kingdoms army behind me.” I stated sadly, remembering my family.
The matron sighed, and asked “Asera, please give us some privacy.”
“Oh! Uhm, sorry,” and the lady bowed before walking ahead.
“Let us discuss in our office, please.” The matron requested as we silently walked.


She locked the door behind us as we sit around her desk, and poured some warm tea for us.
“As for your question, Dragons blood on its own, does nothing except be a good conductor of mana.”
“Then why all the secrecy?” I gestured to the room.
“Because, Victoria, is what happens if our blood mixes with dragons blood.”

“I’m sure your royal education taught you of Emperor Kali, and his descendants, who began engaging war with the rest of the world, citing that “The air above should rule over the land below.””
I nod, remembering how history had condensed it to a tale of greed overwhelming a ruler.
“Well,” The matron continued, “He began to sought out the dragons, wanting their powers for his own. And in a way, he got it.”
I look up at the matron, bewildered.

“Yes yes, we spin tales about how strong and immortal the dragons were, but they were as mortal as we were. They laughed, cried, and importantly, they bled.
It was Kali’s grandson who presented his grandfather a captured dragon, weakened somehow, and they studied the poor thing.” She took a sip, “They ran tests after tests. Immoral and unethical. They didn’t even let it rest after it died. It’s body used for materials to create medicine and weapons.”
The matron furrowed her brows, upset.
“Anyways, The Emperor, in bid of immortality in his old age, had ingested a vial of dragons blood.
He was considered dead shortly after, but his body had began mutating at an accelerated rate. The dragons blood had mixed with his body, and became the creation of a monster.

It could control the mana inside of people.
They created a monster that could control all life around it.

It’s at this point our records get fuzzy.
The dragons quarantined the empire when they learned what happened, and wiped the whole empire off the face of the planet, along side every person and archive there.

That’s when it all began. Babies around the world began being born with the capability of using mana. Capable of casting magic. It was a lesser form of what the dragons could achieve.

As for what our blood does for mana beasts? It gives them power, food, and worst of all, mutated them.
For the most part, mana beasts were peaceful servants of the dragons, but those who had a taste of our blood, became deadly. They could control others around them, and create more of themselves unchecked.

The dragons retreated as many as they could, disabled whatever they couldn’t, and left. All those that remain were either too insignificant or too corrupted to take back. They left us with what they couldn’t find, or couldn’t take. That is why we ask others to stay away as much as possible.

Of course over the years, people and rules gets changed, and now we have some societies that live with some mana beasts, and guild missions to hunt and eliminate other mana beasts.”

I look down at my cold tea, unsure what to do now.
No. 929495 ID: ea5947


Ask her if she knows which types of mana beasts are confirmed to be hostile and which are not. Also, if mana beasts were ever hostile to people with dragon blood, or only those without.
No. 929496 ID: 080aaf

Is there any way to differentiate a corrupted mana beast from a pure one before it attacks you?
No. 929502 ID: d63ea8

This brings up even more questions about Emils' parents. Did they also have the ability to communicate with mana beasts? If Emils is part of the royal line then her ability shouldn't be an anomaly.

Who (or maybe 'what') were her parents?
No. 929512 ID: b1b4f3

So the giant worm is mutated?
Wait, what societies live with mana beasts? Considering what we know, our next step would be to ask those societies to gather information.

(I think this means that First through Seventh are mutated manabeasts, and Lust was an untainted ancient slime mother. also I guess Emils counts as a mutated manabeast)
(also holy crap that means Emils is basically the second coming of Kali's Monster. good thing she's using her mana manipulation to garner good will)
No. 929519 ID: bcc41d

Okay, so now we've got some idea of what went wrong and how the natives started using 'artificial' mana instead of developing their own over time. We don't know why or how the Avaros experiments turned the natives all into users of artificial mana, though. I'm guessing most natives did not have cores prior to this experiment.

Lust/LU-5 is definitely among the Seven, since she described how they were all parts of the Mother that got repurposed to make the planet habitable. How exactly the blood affected her is hard to say, we don't know her motivations, how she 'used' to be and how/why native dragon's blood made these super-dangerous mana beasts behave - but it's a safe bet to say that Emils is among a new kind that they've been experimenting with creating - an artificial core produced from three (maybe four if she chomps on Sloth's core) 'greater mana beasts'.

Also, this is the natives' incomplete understanding of events. The Seven, the mana beasts (their children?) and the Dragons likely have their own perception of events and their own histories (lived, in the Seven's case, although memory loss seem to be an issue for them, or at least it was for LU-5). Interesting that LU-5 seemed to still be serving the overall mission and cause of the dragons by providing for the natives. The Seven are not aligned, and may not have been for a long time.

>Victoria wat now

Unpack this thoroughly. Consider what it means. Focus. Think.

[Dragons] are not religious fairy tales and that shitty old emperor fucked it up for everyone those thousands of years ago by somehow introducing mana to the people of the world, which lead to the corruption of their servant mana beasts into egomaniacal engines of disaster and their retreat past [Dragon's Ridge]. After punishing the Empire and stripping the lands of their tech and servants. But that was a loooong time ago and the world has achieved a balance since with some mana beasts being or becoming docile and others being driven back, deservedly or not. And that one who fed on your family as part of a deal.

The problem, if Emils' slime spoke true, is that people began using the 'wrong' kind of mana - the same kind mana beasts use - and the world is starting to run low on it because some kind of Dragon tech called an [Artificial Dungeon Core] - or 'Mother' as it referred to it - needs [Dragon] mana to convert into the mana everything else uses. 'Mother' seems to be the [Star Dragon] from the myths you remember - and will probably be found beyond [Dragon's Ridge].

So, considering your mission, if there ARE [Dragon]s left, they may be wary - to the extreme - of anyone who intrudes past their bulwark. It was, after all, built to keep intruders from deliberately or accidentally poisoning their still-loyal servants - or letting the corrupted ones who can control their loyal ones come in. The big slime Emils met could've been a loyal mana beast that simply kept up its mission for the [Dragons] in obscurity, hidden underground. Or it could've fed her a big load of hooey.

So. What is your mission right now? To just check what's beyond the Ridge? No. You do know for a fact that [Dragon Towers] are failing and big Mana Beasts with Dragon's Blood in them are still running around. Worst case, if Emil's source was real and honest, the world is running out of time. Since the [Dragons] brought their technology and their mana with them and left you with no way to replenish and replace mana... well, there's no wonder things are gradually failing. Nor can you get more mana without the [Dragon]s and 'Mother', the [Artificial Dungeon Core].

And that's your mission. To go to their lair, or their ruins, and figure things where things stand, what the truth of it all is and whether anything can be salvaged. All while carrying the kind of mana and blood that turned their servants into rampaging monsters and made them annihilate an empire, pulling themselves into a shell of isolation in sheer terror.

... if they're still alive over there, you're gonna need to become a hell of a diplomat. And more.

Request help.

*Surviving historical accounts of actual Dragons - what was their culture really like?
*Knowledge or accounts of Dragon Technology - what were their wonders like and how were they used?
*Knowledge or accounts corrupted mana beasts and what they could do in specific when powered up by Dragon's Blood. How can one fight such things?
No. 929522 ID: e20bdf

Any reason for the secrecy?
No. 929523 ID: bcc41d

Quick note: it does sound like the natives had access to mana prior to the emperor doing his thing - but it kinda runs counter to what Matron said about magic being introduced afterwards. Maybe she just meant Core abilites i.e. 'real' magic? Or perhaps it's a difference in perspective - the natives were 'using mana' already, but not [core] abilities until the Emperor did his thing. Think I'll toss a few thoughts on it into the discthread.
No. 929526 ID: e20bdf

I recall some mana beast saying the way the natives interface with artificial mana is peculiar but useful for themselves, Suggesting the natives developed their own magic system based on what the artificial cores used originally and after that the mana beasts adopted it as an alternative.
Since Matron is comparing their magic to the dragons we can assume the results were similar to true organic magic even though the process wasn't.

I agree with you, it doesn't sound right that the natives developed magic after mutating themselves with dragonblood. It's very strange that they are lifeforms that depend on environments rich in artificial mana to survive but only developed a way to interface with it after an artificial mutation.

Also, prior to this tale, the dragonblood natives had their origins attributed to the dragons. It doesn't make sense that the dragons would create a level of access based on genetics if those variants were created by the avaros empire or the revolting mana beasts, their enemies.
No. 929536 ID: bcc41d

>It doesn't make sense that the dragons would create a level of access based on genetics if those variants were created by the avaros empire or the revolting mana beasts, their enemies.

No, but they may have wanted an alternate supply to 'true' Dragon's Blood, which was manufactured and referred to as Ambrosia, presumably for its mana conductivity. LU-5 mentioned it. She also mentioned the 'original' supply had long since 'dried up'... so Dragon's Blood may be a perishable good in the long run. Good thing Emils can just make more (at exorbitant mana costs).

>"Well yes, original [Dragons Blood] were made literally from the blood of [dragons]. It would make sense that the experiments would have had some effect after all this time. But from the sounds of it, There aren't enough of them to place any significance to them."

In other words, the Dragons also experimented on the natives, trying to make them more like themselves. Not surprising, given that they wanted them to produce mana naturally. Producing dragon's blood may have been one of the desired side effects even. After all, there were a limited number of dragons and presumably a certain (industrial-grade?) need for Ambrosia.

So, really, on the one hand you have Dragon's Blood which may be the result of Dragon meddling, and on the other you have 'magic' (Core abilities) access which may be the product of Avaros meddling.
No. 929703 ID: 7e06cf
File 155525974075.png - (232.09KB , 900x1440 , BE442914-5DD5-45C8-8F1A-265B06518964.png )

“Victoria, I want to make this very clear.” The matron looks me in the eyes, “Within you, lies the ability to control mana to a dangerous degree. Although the Emperor died, what he became, is a possibility in you too. Just to a weaker degree.
This is why it’s a secret, even to other Dragon Bloods. The only ones who know are a few of us in the upper echelons, and I trust you with this only because I know you won’t shackle yourself under our roof. You can tell Emils if you think she’s ready, but no one else, please.”

I consider her words for a while, cradling the cup in my hands...

“I would like to know more about the dragons.”
“Very well, but what I know about them is very limited. My degree of studies doesn’t go much into them, but I recommend you ask Asera in regards to them. She is one of the more... enthusiastic about dragons, and the closest. Otherwise the nearest small library would be in Daraka, about a month away.

“Then you mentioned places that lives with mana beasts?”
“Ah yes, I know of the ratbold tribes that lives around the border of the mana blights, they use Mirror beasts to travel and carry things, and the Sannah republic, who lives with small Weaver beasts to produce fibers and textiles. Both are more than a few months away though, and keep their involvement with mana beasts secret. We can’t really approve of their operations, but it’s not like we can force them otherwise.” She shrugs. “After all, we have to keep an image of being separate from government.
There might be others, but I don’t know. I’ve been stuck here for the past few years and rather out of the loop.”

“What about the differences between corrupted and normal mana beasts?”
“Unfortunately none that we can tell. If Emils could indeed talk to them, maybe she could tell you. However risky that would be. The places I mentioned might know more, but they do keep their secrets.”

“One last question, has there ever been a case of anyone being able to enter the dragon towers?”
“... so far, no. However, from what we could see, the dragon tower at the empires lands is damaged. We obviously can’t take a closer look, but from those who studied the edge of the blighted lands, there are many reports of large cracks around the shell of the tower. Should we ever somehow return to the Avern Empire, it would sure be one of the first things we investigate.”

I take a last sip from the cup, thanking The matron before leaving the office with too much in my mind.

>Look for Asera
>Look for Emils
No. 929704 ID: 080aaf

Look for Asera.
No. 929710 ID: b1b4f3

No. 929711 ID: 575ec0

Seek Asera
No. 929718 ID: 985870

Well, Emils is certainly one of the strongest Dragon-blooded people in living memory. She'll be fine for now.
Find Asera.
No. 929721 ID: ea5947

No. 929741 ID: 91ee5f

Go look for Asera.
No. 929782 ID: ba56e6

Asera is already nearby. so makes sense to go to her first.
No. 929805 ID: 977456

Emils can wait. It's not like she's running around manipulating people's life-force all over the place or anything.
No. 929825 ID: d63ea8

I'd say looking for Emils first.
No. 929873 ID: 1ed92d

Find Emils
No. 929876 ID: 8eaf98

uhhhh about that, isn't that probably what we are doing when we mess with other people's cores?
No. 929877 ID: ba56e6

That's the joke, Tim
No. 929901 ID: a9af05

Look for Asera.
No. 929903 ID: f2320a

Asera is already nearby. so makes sense to go to her first.
then our adopted child
No. 929915 ID: e7848c

That's probably enough for one day. Look for your little troublemaker.
No. 930404 ID: 7f1313
File 155570599087.png - (240.57KB , 900x1440 , 7C3901AD-59F7-42B1-B58F-DEA92FD49696.png )

Asking about, I find Asera in the small library filled with worn out books near the middle of the shrine.
“Excuse me, Lady Asera.”
“Oh, Hello again Miss Victoria. How may I help you?”
“I would like to ask you a few things about dragons.”
“Ah!” Asera smiles, “You’ve come to the right person! What would you like to know?”
No. 930405 ID: ba56e6

Approximate dong size.
No. 930406 ID: e20bdf

Why did they left?
What were their position toward the natives? Where they vengeful? Did they had principles? Did they wanted something from us? Did they feared us? Did they desired our prosperity? Did they wanted our extermination? Dis they left us to die?
What can you tell us about their technology? Do you know anything about the levels of access? Is this enforced by the machines or the mana beasts? Is there a fundamental difference between dragon machinery and the mana beasts?
Where do dragon blood lineages come from? Why would the dragons increase the level of access of those lineages above the rest of their species? What were the plan here? Maybe dragon blood natives can produce true mana but lack numbers to make a difference in the overhall mana consumption.
Did the dragons employed long distance communication devices? Can we use them? What about interstellar communication? Can they be contacted remotely?
What about space ships? What do you know about their means of transportation? Could something similar be developed for us? Theoretic at least...
We depend on mana rich environments and the dragons don't. How did they infused mana in the environment? Why did they do that? Can we replicate this process? Can we sustain ourselves in mana depleted environments with a mana battery?
No. 930407 ID: b1b4f3

What does dragon blood look like?
No. 930408 ID: bcc41d

*Surviving historical accounts of actual Dragons - what was their culture really like? What did they look like?

*Knowledge or accounts of Dragon Technology - what were their wonders like and how were they used? Of particular interest are things that have weird restrictions of use or have no apparent use.

Also, show her the modified bracelet and get her to help you understand its use better. Tell her about the Weaver modifying it.
No. 930409 ID: 04818e

Give us a primer. For starters.
No. 930502 ID: ea5947

About their language.
No. 930633 ID: 7f1313

“First off, what could you tell me about the dragons? And I want the truth. The matron has told me about the emperor turning into a monster, and I want to know more about the dragons.”
“Oh...” Asera looks down at her book, “So anything before the age of dragons are mostly written with cave paintings and reliefs left over by our ancestors we managed to dig up, and word of mouth from sea Nerya, so what we know from the early ages are mostly lost to time, or filled with inaccuracies. A lack of common or usable language doesn’t help either.”
We walk to a bench nearby and take a seat.

“At first, all histories tells us of a single dragon who came out to us. She had multiple names and multiple forms. Majority of our early recorded history, folklore, and stories could be accounted to her. Tales of a stranger moving mountains, curing the sick, bringing peace, causing wars, and performing miracles, could probably be accounted to her.
It took a long time for the other dragons to appear in their true forms. They shared with us their culture, their language, and their technologies. In fact, majority of our modern culture and technology is a result of what they introduced to us. We replicated what we could, and what stuck spread.”

“So what were their stance on us?” I asked, hoping to avoid a full on history lesson.
“Oh, after the introduction to a common language, our history got a bit more concise.
From what I’ve read, the dragons had multiple views on us. Some lived in peace with us, some kept us away from land, and there were travel parties that spread our and taught and healed the various tribes around the land.
They had form a small following after that, so I guess they were overall kind, but distant. They refused treasures, but some some tribes reported having sacrificed their people to the dragons. It’s hard to say, due to how old the records were.
And even then, we don’t really have much records on their overall thoughts on us. Just bits and pieces of their individual feelings, and that’s not really an indicator of what they all think of us.”

“I see...” it feels weird to know something you’ve thought to be fake your whole life, to be real...
“What about mana beasts? What were they?”
“Hm... we don’t really know. As far as we can tell, they have always been there, even before the dragons came out to us. Their physiology is that of solid matter and mana, and they have some sort of intelligence. Controlling them is something many have tried, but none on record have succeeded.”
“What? But the matron told me of two places that have control over mana beasts.”
“Wh What? That can’t be right, that would go against our orders to keep away from mana beasts...” Asera looks at me in shock, “Did she say where these places are?”
No. 930635 ID: 0fae41

On second thought, this info is probably need to know. Pretend you never heard that.
No. 930637 ID: e20bdf

She said those places were a few months away and keep their involvement with mana beasts a secret. I'm sure you can understand why having their orders so blatantly disrespected is a touchy subject for the temple.
Please don't tell matron what I just said. Or anyone else.

Could you elaborate a few examples of individual dragons behavior and stance?
No. 930647 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her she should talk to the Matron about this. You don't know how much she's supposed to know.
No. 930657 ID: 8d4593

Hmm. Thank you.
I'm told such infractions are taking place Out at great distances from here. Weeks worth of travel.

That said, it seems I've said too much. Be careful with that info.
No. 930669 ID: ea5947

Tell her that she might want to check out where exactly those orders originate from because someone clearly knew quite a bit about mana beasts.
No. 930672 ID: bcc41d

If you want to backtrack that, you can say the Matron mentioned communities that were living WITH mana beasts - and you may have misunderstood it for something intentional as opposed to just, y'know, living conditions where mana beasts are really abundant.

Or you can say that some Mana Beasts appear more than just a little intelligent, so it doesn't really surprise you that some places are toeing the line - and if she does want to explore the issue, to take it up with the Matron as a research project. You'd suggest she start setting up an investigation into slimes, though, given Emils' story. They should be relatively non-threatening and perhaps some do remember the Dragons. If so she'd have actual first-hand sources of information.

So, what about Dragon artifacts? How do they work, typically?

Show her your Weaver-upgraded bracelet.
No. 930673 ID: 094652

Tell her that the bracelets everyone wears are the key, but you don't know how to unlock their true powers. Emils did something with a spider mana beast, but asking for more from them would be the equivalent of requesting a guard captain to personally crown you empress. You need help unlocking these abilities and you need it soon.
No. 931014 ID: 7f1313

“I uh, was not supposed to tell you about that...”
Asera looks confused for a second before covering her mouth, “Oh. Don’t worry, I can keep a secret.”
“That’s good, just don’t immediately ask the matron about this, it’s easy to know who told you.”
“That’s fine, it’s not really my direct area of expertise anyhow. Is there anything else you would like to know?”

“Just a few more questions, you mentioned accounts of dragons?”
“Ah, a personal project of mine, translating text left behind by the dragons. Some of them left behind written accounts of their lives, a diary I think. Most are too degraded to read, and most of them are written in their own complex language, that translating one rarely helps with another. The most I’ve completed is one fifth of this book here.”
Asera pulls out a well worn... book from a bag nearby. On it is some written words that I don’t understand, filled with notes, ink stains, and
“I found this book book when I was a little girl, and spent months transcribing it into this. My personal translation project!”

Yeah I can feel like I’m going to regret asking this, “what have you found out so far?”
“Ah, as fas as I can tell, it’s about a dragoness captain, sailing some sort of unknown ocean, and fighting her rival, another dragon captain of a rivaling clan. So far I’m only about the part when she is captured by the rival and he locks her in his brig-“
“Okay, that doesn’t really align with what I’m looking for.”
Asera looks someone down crest, “oh. Then unfortunately none of the other transcribed works are in a proper readable state... despite how long we’ve have them, translating dragons text is a very complex thing and we’ve only touched the tip so far. The only common script we can understand is the language to activate spells, but so little is using that script that it’s difficult to even...”

I’ve officially lost interest in this matter. I can’t even bring myself to continue to listen to her drone on, so I use my practiced smile and nod.

> Find someone else
> Change person
No. 931015 ID: 0fae41

Change to someone with a clear goal in mind. Like Bag!
No. 931017 ID: ea5947

>and he locks her in his brig-
And then they make love?

After she gives you the juicy details, find Chris. He seems well-traveled and might know something.
Alternatively, switch to Dragons.
No. 931018 ID: f2320a

i wonder waht our little slimy cutebold is doing?
No. 931020 ID: b1b4f3

...I wonder if Emils can read that.
No. 931021 ID: 99ed9b

The thought should at least past through Victoria's mind that Emils has a strange affinity for languages and might be able to help translating dragon books at some point.
No. 931022 ID: e20bdf

Maybe Bea will accept another attempt at cooking practice now that she can torn off her food exploding magic.
No. 931024 ID: 0cb682

No. 931025 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, Victoria, if Emils can talk to mana beasts, do you think it’s possible for her to also be capable of reading these ancient dragon texts?

Although, if you want Emils to be a normal kid, then maybe you shouldn’t ask her to read these things. Because if Emils can read these things, then Asera will be constantly begging you to let her take Emils with her to translate more books.

>What do?
Change to Emils. She’s supposed to be in school, right? Let’s see how she’s doing.
No. 931028 ID: a9af05

Change to Emils
No. 931034 ID: d63ea8

Change to Emils.
No. 931048 ID: 8eaf98

change to Emils. Sadly, unless they can just read the book aloud I don't think Emils's language understanding will help us here cause it is just for verbal communication.right?
No. 931052 ID: 977456

Find Bag.

But first. It is very rare that a captain would be captured and survive. Kidnapping is already criminal and a captain would be the one paying ransom. Query whether it is possible that the book might actually be for... entertainment purposes. Is the dragoness constantly impressed by the rival's qualities? Or there might be a specific, particularly desirable subordinate? Perhaps there might be literary cues in certain novels for frustrated ladies seeking a less formalised romantic environment... which she should look into... for pure academic purposes.
Then again, it is a different culture, maybe it really is a diary.
No. 931056 ID: e3e99e

Hit on Asera, then go find Emils.
She has a freakish capacity for communication, so she might be able to intuitively translate those documents.
No. 931064 ID: ba56e6


Ask if you can have Emils take a look at one of these texts. One without the pirate smut, preferably.
No. 931172 ID: db57e3

Caaaaaaaan't it 8e 8oth?
No. 931946 ID: 44e89f
File 155698805121.png - (552.40KB , 2388x1668 , 3F19A426-AF7A-4C91-AA46-76C232148883.png )

“I’m not blind, Beatrice.” Zen says, “I’ve known of your plans for years now. Subtlety is not something you’ve inherited, not to mention I have friends inside the guild. You’ve met some of them! What made you think you could hide from them?”
“You and dad are the only reason why I need to hide!” Bea softly shouts, “there are younger people who are adventurers, Emils is five years younger than I am and she is qualified to be one, why can’t I be one?”
“You DON’T need to be one!”

I’ve been quietly walking alongside Beatrice and Zen, and they seem to be having a private conversation.
No. 931949 ID: 0cb682

"She'd make a fine adventurer."
No. 931950 ID: e20bdf

Emils is seeking to become an adventure to obtain freedom of movement and to learn from others. She wouldn't know what means to be a good adventurer.
Let's focus on freedom, Beatrice might share our desire to see the world for herself before the end. End of the world, that is.
No. 931952 ID: bcc41d

But she wants to and has the capacity to. More so than others, you think. On both counts.

Don't forget it's also one of the ways in which she can be taught native magic. And actually, she might get it.

Someone recently told you that in order to become who you want to be you should start with learning how to do things 'normally'. If Beatrice is denied that, won't she just be bad at it when she goes ahead and does it anyway?

It's like making dinner. If you are told to never do it, how can you improve for when you actually get to do it?
No. 931953 ID: e3e99e

"If I may offer some observations?
I am neither encouraging nor discouraging Bea's desire to be an adventurer. My goals are to protect Bea and provide her the most happiness possible.
I believe we have these goals in common, but you appear to be unintentionally working at cross purposes.

Bea is somewhat more stubborn than a brick wall, which I believe is a trait her father shares. I do not believe she can be dissuaded from adventuring, and I doubt she can be stopped from a task something she is intent on achieving.
Attempting to prohibit or prevent her from this course of action will have the end result of her being an adventurer who feels guilty about their life, but an adventurer nonetheless.

Rather, how you decide to handle this situation will have specific consequences.
The first is that you and Bea being in conflict will make the time you spend together much less enjoyable, with the inevitable consequence that you spend less time together. This will result in lower happiness on both sides.
The second is that opposition will by necessity constrain her available options, resulting in her being less prepared for her chosen course of action and thus having a shorter expected lifespan."
No. 931954 ID: 0fae41

It's true. Adventuring is a way to amass wealth and power. You already have both.
No. 931956 ID: 719d94

This does seem to be a private discussion, so remain quiet for the moment unless either your opinion is requested, or the argument seems to travel in a circle.

For the moment, ponder how "want to," "need to," and "can" are entirely unrelated things and yet these two seem to be considering them all together. Lots of people can do things they don't want to, can't do things they need to, or want things they don't need. For example, Bea's mother doesn't need Bea to survive, but she wants her to. Perhaps the two of them should properly consider all three of these aspects of the issue separately rather than muddling them. Rather than getting distracted with "can" or "need to," why does Bea want to be an adventurer? Why does her mother think she shouldn't want that? And so on.
No. 931957 ID: 8d4593

Wait for Zen to leave.
Then ask Bea if she'd like to go out on an short adventure.

Maybe Hunt down a big beasty or something.
No. 931973 ID: ba56e6

"It is not safe to go alone. If Bea wants to be an adventurer she should have capable allies to support her."
No. 931979 ID: 8eaf98

>>931953 I like this
No. 931981 ID: b1b4f3

Ask Zea if she'd like you to be Bea's hunting partner, to keep her safe.
No. 931983 ID: a9af05

Say this and suggest Hoor and his cousin Freya as partners.

Continue to believe Freya and Bea are not the same person.
No. 932028 ID: ba56e6

Less is more. Emils doesn't talk this much.
No. 932054 ID: 91ee5f

>Say this and suggest Hoor and his cousin Freya as partners.
Personally, I’d rephrase that as suggesting her boyfriend, Hoor, and his cousin, Freya, being Bea’s adventuring partners. Just to mess with them.

>Continue to believe Freya and Bea are not the same person.
We’re still doing that? Yeah, ok, let’s keep doing that.
No. 932066 ID: 58b4f3

I agree with calling Hoor Bea's boyfriend.
No. 932100 ID: 8e7bfa

While fun, I don't think we should do that. It may exacerbate the problem.

Maybe simply interject "I don't need to either, but I want to. It's discovery and it helps people."
No. 932134 ID: ea82cb

"Is it not more important that this is something she wants? I have learned that need is not everything."
No. 932139 ID: ea5947

Suggest that becoming an adventurer would be beneficial to Beatrice's health in many different ways. Exercise, friends, contacts, opportunities, last but not least, fulfilling her dreams.
No. 933184 ID: fb2a85
File 155816932718.png - (333.01KB , 1440x900 , 6C7FDB0B-2DFB-4E11-BBDC-4552476B34E4.png )

Beas needs, wants, and desires are of no concern to me.

“Might I ask what is this argument about?” I ask.
“This does not concern you, Emils, it’s just a small family matter.”
“This is a small matter?!” Bea asks, “I’m asking about by future, what I want to do! I can’t believe you’re dismissing this!”
Bea stops pushing the moving chair and faces me, “Emils, you’re not from here, you’ve been outside the city, let me ask your opinion on this, I want to be an adventurer, but my family doesn’t.”
“Beatrice, this isn’t the time or place to discuss this.” Zen interjects.
“Then when is the time? I’ve heard stories about far off lands and cities and places I’ve never even heard of before! I want to go out there and see the world for myself!”

“If I may ask, why can’t Beatrice be an adventurer?”
Zen looks around, as if looking for something, “It’s not safe out there.”
“If it is a matter of safety, could she not seek out others to travel with?”
“It is exactly others who you must be most wary of.” Zen tells Beatrice.

Zen grabs the wheels of her chair, and starts rolling herself off in another direction.
“Go to school you two. Beatrice, we will continue this at home. This is private matters and will stay as such.”

Beatrice looks upset, turning and stomping towards the direction of school.
No. 933185 ID: 0fae41

Take the long way to school. When was the last time you ate something? You look thin as a rail.
No. 933186 ID: 1ed92d

It's a logical fallacy to claim that others are untrustworthy then demand she trust the one who says that. Bea's mother is weird.
No. 933188 ID: 8d4593

Your mother claims the outside world is dangerous.
I can tell you from experience: It is not, so long as You are the most dangerous thing out there.
No. 933189 ID: e3e99e

Catch up and walk with Bea.
"I am sorry; I have a poor understanding of danger, and apparently do not die when I should.
My caretaker is an experienced adventurer, if you would like to meet them."
No. 933190 ID: e20bdf

She is at her peak rebelliousness, take advantage of that.
Invite her to our side project inside the city walls: locate and hunt the mafia!
No. 933194 ID: ea82cb

Emils is a great predator. Maybe the woman is right. The fact that Bea is not worried by your proximity is foolish. Of course, Zen was also unaware, so there's no reason to bring it up.

You could bring up that until she has her own body mastered, she isn't in any place to deal with external threats.
No. 933208 ID: 2202fb

When Zen leaves, offer to train Bea in secret.
No. 933214 ID: 91ee5f

Tell Bea that until she can master controlling her body, her mother is correct in saying that it is dangerous outside.

And once she can gain control over her body, she can prove her mother wrong.
No. 933218 ID: f3310b

Two things that I'd want to ask Zen is... how she met her husband. And then, due to the dangers involved, would she considers that to be a mistake. Well, perhaps in the next opportunity.

Follow Bea. Ask her why her mother thinks that way. Comfort her by telling her that her mother's actions are probably deeply intertwined with the deadly condition she has. Argue that, with your help, if she can prove that she can control her curse and that she's not dying anymore, that it would convince her parents to give her more freedom.
No. 933251 ID: ba56e6


Go walk with Bea and be supportive.
No. 933356 ID: a9af05

Yeah, say this to Bea.
No. 933473 ID: 44e89f

I walked up to Beatrice, catching up to her easily as she frowns.
"I do not understand why you are upset. As a parent, should she not be worried for her children?"
"There's protective, and then there's suffocating! They keep telling me about how bad outside is, but refuse to tell me what about it they're so worried about!"
Bea exclaims, "All these years, and no reason at all! They just shift topics or ignore it outright!"
"Then clearly you need to be more dangerous than what's out there."
Beatrice stops in place, and glowers at me.

"I find that being more dangerous than what is going to attack me is typically the best way to handle an aggression." I explained.
"That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. But sadly that would probably be the best way to go about it."
"Then it's probably a good thing that one of the most dangerous persons in this city is your father. It sounds like you're already getting training from him?"
"Yeah, but he's not going to give me more training, I've asked, and he stopped bringing me out of the city years ago."

We continue to walk, "Then why not seek out other ways of training? Whom else is more dangerous than your parents?"
"I mean, not much who stay here. There's Victor, but he's too close to my parents, but no one else I know personally."
"Well, we could always try to do stuff together. It is my understanding that is what people do as a way of support."
"I don't see how that would work, you're less trained than I am."
"Well, the option is still there."

>Continue to school
>Change person
>Time skip past school
No. 933474 ID: 0fae41

>Time skip past school
No. 933477 ID: f274b0

>Continue to school
No. 933478 ID: e3e99e

>Continue to school
No. 933479 ID: 8d4593

"That thing I did yesterday isn't my only unnatural talent. I'm far more dangerous than you can imagine."
>Time Skip Past School
No. 933480 ID: ba56e6

School time, it's been a bit since we've attended.
No. 933484 ID: 1ed92d

Continue to school
No. 933485 ID: 786ccd

>Go to school
And be intellectually disruptive.
No. 933488 ID: 91ee5f

Continue to school

We might actually learn something new.
No. 933498 ID: ea82cb

Remind her that you lived in the wilds alone as you grew up, and that you are physically impressive.

Go to school, could be interesting.
No. 933503 ID: 977456

Change Bag
No. 933511 ID: 8eaf98

School sounds dangerous to me. Also always become bag.
No. 933513 ID: f3310b

Learning stuff in school? Don't be silly.

Skip school.
No. 934008 ID: 44e89f
File 155883354526.png - (54.52KB , 1440x900 , 04A8D714-0D02-4CAB-9FEA-FE2077F2AB86.png )

>continue to school

“I think I’ve done well for myself,” I state, “considering that I’ve been living out there nearly my whole life.”
“Please, as if your people would let a noble get hurt.”
As we walk, we pass by the matron.
“Hello Matron.” Bea greets.
“Ah, hello Beatrice. Emils, Victor was just here. It’s been almost a week, are things going fine? Do you have any questions or concerns you have?”
No. 934010 ID: e20bdf

Considering the large age difference between the students there are too few of us. Why is that? Is the temple education unusual? Perhaps selective? Is the population much smaller than the city structure suggest? Do people have few children?
No. 934018 ID: ea82cb

Also when are we really going to get into the serious magic?
No. 934023 ID: 91ee5f

>“Please, as if your people would let a noble get hurt.”
I don’t have any people because like I said, I’ve been alone most of my life.

.....also, what’s a noble and why do you think I’m one?

>Do you have any questions or concerns you have?
I passed my guild test and got my bracelet. When am I going to start being able to go on missions?
No. 934024 ID: e20bdf

>When am I going to start being able to go on missions?
That is with the guild, not the temple.
No. 934033 ID: b1b4f3

Ask if there's any way to speed up your education.
No. 934040 ID: 094652

>“Please, as if your people would let a noble get hurt.”
"If they were stalking me in the wilds, then they didn't do a good job. I slurped down balut and nobody stopped me."
No. 934042 ID: 1ed92d

Ask why there are so many wild age differences.
No. 934043 ID: 8d4593

>“Please, as if your people would let a noble get hurt.”
... You don't believe me, do you?
Well that settles it. Now we gotta fight. For realsies. Away from prying eyes.
When and where, Bea?
No. 934045 ID: 91ee5f

>That is with the guild, not the temple.
But we’re not going to the Temple. We’re going to the school.
No. 934050 ID: e20bdf

I though the school was part of the temple. I'm misremembering?
No. 934051 ID: 977456

Where can I find the complete known magical lexicon.
No. 934053 ID: f3310b

Ask her where children come from.

If she tells you to ask Victoria, reply that she didn't know.
No. 934069 ID: e3e99e

"My oldest memory is waking up in a pool of blood and surrounded by bodies. I was found a few weeks later and entrusted to Victor."
No. 934150 ID: ea82cb

Honestly, this too. Say we can show her how strong we are. That might be pretty fun!
No. 934172 ID: 3940d3

Let’s not share that we have anything to do with the missing people, feel free to tell her we woke up there and survived on our own but we don’t want to tie in anything unnecessary.
No. 934180 ID: e3e99e

The guards died around the time she was found, not weeks prior.
No. 934182 ID: ba56e6

Except not really for realsies. But we could learn some more techniques from watching her flail against us.
No. 934200 ID: 8d4593

No. 934229 ID: a9af05

We're actually not all that strong compared to Bea, since she was able to easily break our hand earlier.

If we spar with her, Bea will be wondering how she's not breaking every bone in our body.
No. 934235 ID: e20bdf

We copied Bea's spell, with it Emils should be stronger than her.

But let's not start a fight in the school because of a remark resulted from Bea's belief in our lies. This isn't the time or the place. If anything her version of events is flattering, Bea would just be confused that we want to beat her over this.
No. 934238 ID: b1b4f3

Technically, Emils has never lied to Bea.
No. 934239 ID: 094652

"Matriarch, why isn't there enough funding for healing research when the rich and powerful can be crippled for life? I figured they would spend half their fortunes to live forever."

Emils has a biometric resemblance to Samantha, a guard who went MIA along with her squad. We're not 100% sure Emils was the killer but at the very least she somehow obtained what were reported as similar markings to Sam. So Emils likely ate Sam's DNA. The question is: is that enough to link Emils directly or indirectly to Sam? Signs point to yes.
No. 934251 ID: ea82cb

No one is suggesting we fight her at school, or that we want to fight her for our wounded pride. It's just to prove we're being honest, so we can continue helping Bea.
No. 934264 ID: e20bdf

I'm very curious now. Please elaborate on how a fight is an argument.
No. 934284 ID: ea82cb

By proving we are as tough as we claim to be, since she thinks we were coddled? Tough enough to have lived in the wilderness? Tough enough to train with her? Which part do you need help with. A fight is an argument exactly when whether or not we can fight is the argument.
No. 934285 ID: ea82cb

To be clear in advance, the word "fight" has been used a lot but what everyone actually means is "spar".
No. 934309 ID: e20bdf

She already saw us run like mad, demonstrate abnormal strength and endure the pain of broken bones as if it's nothing. I'm sure she think we would be capable of surviving in a cave eating grass and lizards, but because of the noble story she believe that was a lie.
If we spar with her and win all we would be proving is that we are better at sparing. If anything that is associated with nobility more than survival skills.
No. 934324 ID: 8d4593

That's fine so long as she understands that she can learn and grow by training with Emils.

Alternatively this could be a chance for slime to safely reveal themself to her, thereby performing the same function, but also unlocking a myriad of new things for us to do.

Either way, both serve to push Bea down the path of the adventurer, thereby furthering Emils' own magical girl ambitions.

I really see no downsides to proposing an isolated hardcore sparring session with Bea.
No. 934365 ID: ea82cb

Sparring is also a bonding experience. Or it can be.
No. 934380 ID: 91ee5f

Should we have Emils show off her new singing trick to the Matron? I kinda want to see how she’d react to that. Especially when we start talking at the same time, like we did when we showed Bea.
No. 934390 ID: f3310b

This quest does have questdis thread:
No. 934413 ID: 99ed9b

Emils should probably start singing and playing with mana all the time. Clearly she can do it and still concentrate on other things.
No. 934416 ID: 58b4f3

Tell Matron that the furniture in Victor's house keeps breaking everytime you sit on them. Then express concerns if that means that you're fat.
No. 934418 ID: 0fae41

Your only concern is that Victor's been very distracted since your visit, and your question is if Victor and Asera have a thing for each other.
No. 935269 ID: 44e89f

"I have been learning many things so far." I answer, "Although I do have questions about the vast age difference between my classmates."
"Oh, well, the shrine isn't a full school, most of the children here have certain history that makes it difficult or unsuitable for them to attend the royal school. Beatrice here, for example, was ostracized after an accident with another child."
"As much as it was an accident, the jerk deserved it."
The matron gives Bea a look, that causes her to wilt.
"Then, is it possible to have a study in magic in it's entirety?"
"Hm," the matron thinks, "This place sadly doesn't have much in terms of proper materials for teaching magic. You would have to ask Victor in that regards, his connections would be beneficial for you in that case."
"What about going on an accelerated education? Marie is not the fastest of educators."
"Sadly no, You're already in an advanced class, but you're free to pursue the limited library we have if you find yourself ahead. But please keep in mind, these classes are also for you to be around peers and for making friends. Don't be too focused on one thing, and expand yourself."

"Ah, look at the time, I do believe you two should head to class now. Emils, if you ever need anything, do feel free to come over to my office to ask."
"Yes madam." we reply before heading to class.

When we head into the shrine, I ask Beatrice, "What is wrong with just some training together? It wouldn't hurt to get any kind of experience."
"Fine," Beatrice sighs, "but it would have to be later, after I deal with whatever's up with my family."

As we enter the class with a few minutes before Marie comes in, Alice is waving at me.

>Choose who to sit next to
No. 935272 ID: b1b4f3

Sit next to Alice.
No. 935273 ID: f2320a

sure go to alice she is calling for us
No. 935276 ID: e8f59c

Yeah go with Alice.
No. 935278 ID: 0fae41

No. 935282 ID: ba56e6

Alice desires our presence so we may as well humor her.
No. 935287 ID: e3e99e

Alice wishes to speak with us. We will comply.
No. 935288 ID: 91ee5f

>Choose who to sit next to
No assigned seating? Huh, I guess I never noticed that before.

Go sit next to Alice.
No. 935356 ID: f3310b

Sit next to Marie.
No. 935374 ID: a9af05

No. 935390 ID: b1b4f3

Oh and ask how she's doing. Did she ask her grandfather about the thing?
No. 935452 ID: b0b724

Alice could just be saying hi, but once we confirm she wants us to sit with her we will.
No. 935473 ID: a9af05

Quick question, but aren't we heavier than we were last time we had a school episode? We did end up eating that bird guy in the alley.

Are we going to end up breaking a chair?
No. 935479 ID: e20bdf

I think we burned through mass faster than we've being consuming.
Synthesis require the loss of some mass every time we use it, and we used it to repair damage all the time. Broken limbs, muscle improvement, alternative lizard and bird forms...
No. 935507 ID: 58b4f3

>Break chair?
If it happens, then it was bound to happen at school sooner or later.
No. 936001 ID: e7703b

>Sit next to Alice.

Bea heads to her desk, as I walk to the back of the room to mine.
I then grab the chair and proceed to drag it across the stone floor towards Alice's desk, making a screeching sound along the way.

The class is silent as I sit down next to Alice.
"So, what would you like to talk about?" I ask.
"I uh, I wanted to talk to you about what happened the other day. I spoke to my grandfather, and he would like to talk to you."
"Did he seem upset or glad?"
"He just seems a bit skeptical, and slightly concerned. I tried to leave out some info on who you are, so he might be trying to scope you out a bit beforehand."
"I understand."

I ended up spending the time with Alice during class time, with her teaching me some stuff in regards to today's lesson.

Where to go after class
>Look for Alice's fiance - Maybe ask Alice along
>Go to Beatrice's home - Possible to be refused entry due to family matters
>Others - Follow the other classmates
No. 936002 ID: 0fae41

Look for Alice's fiancé alone.
No. 936004 ID: 726b70

No. 936005 ID: e20bdf

Alice's fiance? Is his birthday already? If not did we had plans to visit him before the party? I don't remember where does this option comes from.
If anything what should follow from this conversation would be a visit to Alice's grandfather.

But sure, let's drag Alice to her past drama and see what happens.
No. 936006 ID: e3e99e

Yes, lets follow the obvious quest hook instead of the available options.
No. 936012 ID: a9af05

Look for Alice's fiancé. Ask Alice if she wants to come along.
No. 936020 ID: 864e49

Alice's fiancé alone please.
No. 936061 ID: ba56e6


Also, ask about her peoples' culture while you walk. You'll need to know more to pull off your birdman disguise well.
No. 936066 ID: 91ee5f

I’d like to get Alice and her fiancé back together. Or at the very least get them on friendly terms with each other.

Let’s go look for Alice's fiancé and ask Alice if she wants to come along. The worst that can happen is that she says she doesn’t want to come and we go alone.
No. 936067 ID: ba56e6

If she asks why, answer that it is a magical girl's duty to nurture and protect love.
No. 936071 ID: b0b724

I forget exactly how Alice felt about the situation but now's a great time for an unavoidable reminder.
No. 936091 ID: 977456

And rain terrible horrors upon those who would claim love in the service of Evil. Otherwise they'd never survive their first "sexy villain" or "soulmate turned to The Dark Side" arc.
No. 936106 ID: 8d4593

Hold the chair elevated off the ground with both hands against yourself close to your center of mass next time. Actually, carry any "Large" featherweight to you but not to them object like that while in public. It mimics how they carry heavy things so as not to raise suspicions but also doesn't cause a ruckus like dragging does.
No. 936773 ID: e7703b
File 156120980004.png - (130.39KB , 2388x1668 , 4A44CC3D-6DF8-4877-BDC3-CC165F2BFB8C.png )

>Find Alice’s fiancé
I ask Alice if for his location, and she gives me directions to where he might be, his workshop.
She appears to be slightly nervous, considering her options, but refuses the offer to follow, claiming she’s not ready.

It takes me almost an hour to reach the workshop, after getting lost multiple times and asking around. The building appears to house multiple one story workshops, labeled with letters and numbers.

Another round of knocking doors and asking, brings me to Silvia’s workshop. I knock the door, and a disheveled and dirty Avaros opens the door after some time and loud noises from inside the room.

“Who da fuk ar you an what do Ye want?”
No. 936775 ID: ba56e6

I already see why his dad is disappointed in him and I love him.

Introduce yourself and ask if he knows any cool magic.
No. 936778 ID: bcc41d

>What do you want.
Something you're not sure he can help with.

Sketch a regal-ish bow.

You're Emils, ward of Victor. You're going to his birthday party. You understand it is customary to bring something to the celebrant. But you have never met them, which you are in the process of correcting.

What does he want?

Study his reaction.
No. 936779 ID: e20bdf

Silvia is younger than Alice. He is taller than I expected. Let's not assume this is him until confirmed.
"I'm looking for Silvia."

I still don't remember what we were suppose to be doing here. Can someone please explain to me?
No. 936785 ID: 0fae41

"Come with me if you want to live."
No. 936787 ID: b1b4f3

Ask to see what he's working on.
No. 936789 ID: 91ee5f

“I’m looking for Silvia, I was invited to his birthday party by Chancellor Strix. I wanted to meet Silvia because it would be weird to come to his birthday party and not know who he is.”

Make sure you stick your foot out to stop him from trying to close the door on you.

>assuming this guy is Silvia
Don’t assume this guy is Silvia, he could be someone that works with Silvia.
No. 936790 ID: a9af05

Tell him you're looking for Silvia.

I don't think Emils should bow or say she's the ward of Victor. Those don't seem like things she'd do.

And what makes you think this guy is Silvia?
No. 936799 ID: f2136e

Tell him that you're a gift for his marriage.

Basically, we have to say something that will get his attention so he doesn't immediately slam the door on us. I think this would work :p

Alternatively, pull out your enchanted ring and show it to him. Ask him what he thinks of it. Ask if he's made anything better.
Since he's good at enchanting, this would probably get his attention and allow us to enter his workshop. After we're inside, we'll eventually be able to change the topic to the actual reason why we're here.
No. 936828 ID: 094652

"I heard I could spend this huge bag of money for some high-quality machine parts. Here."
And then give him a sack of pennies.
No. 936944 ID: e7703b

"Are you Silvia?"
He narrows his eyes at me, reaching for something behind the doorway, "That be I, who wants to know?"
"I am called Emils. I am a friend of your Fiance, Alice."
Silvia eyes widen, but he keeps his face still.
"I was invited to your birthday by your father, and would like to know about you."

Silvia scratches the back of his head, "Eh, another one huh. Well. Come on in."
Silvia makes way from his door, letting me enter.
The entrance leads to a small room. A low table in the center with some chairs around it.
Silvia walks to a cupboard, and takes out a flask, pouring it's contents into two cups.
"Take a seat," he motions to the chairs.
I stand.

He looks at me with an eyebrow raised as he places the two cups onto the table, across from each other. "Well, what would ye like to know."
No. 936945 ID: 83bf07

More about you in general. You run experiments here?
No. 936948 ID: 0fae41

Your measurements, your daily schedule, and your magic.
No. 936950 ID: f2136e

Another one? Ask him if there was anyone else here before you talking about the same thing, and why.

He looks pretty busy here. Ask him if he's actually going to attend his own birthday party.

Tell him his fiancé misses him, but that she said that she doesn't want to get in his way, so she's too shy to visit herself.

And then you can talk about his past, why he chose to distance himself etc.
No. 936951 ID: e20bdf

Your father is trying to push you toward something... What does he expect from you?

I'm also interested in the production of magical items. Can you explain how it works? Maybe show me?
No. 936956 ID: b0b724

He is very tall. Also what is he doing and why is it more important than Alice?
No. 936958 ID: ba56e6

Apologize if you are part of some latest scheme by his father. If it makes him feel better, you don't care what his father wants, he just sounded interesting so you agreed.
No. 936965 ID: b1b4f3

Ask what he's working on! Is it a present for Alice?
No. 936987 ID: 977456

Does he have any rare or powerful skills or abilities.
No. 937865 ID: fb2a85

“So what do you do here?” I ask.
“Straight to the point, are ye.” He murmured, “Well, I guess if yer askin, you haven’t heard much bout me.”
I not in agreement, “Well, I have am studying mana beasts, in a way.” He says, leaning back into the chair and studying my reaction.
“In what way?”
“I’m trying to figure out how they move. What makes them tick. I cut them open and study whatever I can.” His eyes narrows at me, “I dissect their cores and try to figure out how they do what they do.”
“I see.”
He sees my unchanging expression and frowns a bit, “Yer a lot less squeamish than the others, I’ll give ye that.” He sighs, taking a sip, frowning, and then setting the cup back to the table.

“Anyhoo, what about you, I’ve answered who I am, who are you?”
“I am called Emils. A noble from out of the city.” I give a small nod in greeting, “I’m currently a student, but upon your fathers request, I am to attend your upcoming birthday. I’m here to get a feel on you to figure out a proper gift, which I heard is customary.”
“You can drop the formal talk, I don’t give a damned about all that. You don’t even look like you come from around these parts, where are you from?”
“Outside the city.”
“Yes, I got that, but where from?”
“I don’t know.”
He looks displeased at my answer, but smiles, “Well that’s a worse story than those who try to suck up to me dad, that instantly makes you better than those trash.”
He stands and gives me a returning bow and answers in a normal voice, “I am Silvia, not technically a noble since it’s not a hereditary title, but I don’t plan to be one anyhow.”

He stands upright, clapping his hands, “right, now that pleasantries are out of the way, what are you really here for.” He asks again, with some kind of mana imbedded into his voice.

>answer truthfully
No. 937869 ID: e20bdf

I don't remember having another reason for coming here, so as far as I'm concern the previous answer is correct.
Say something like: "I came here because of the birthday ritual but right now that is way less interesting than your dissection mana beast research. Could you expand upon that?"
No. 937871 ID: f2136e

I came to find out what is love.

Do you love Alice?
No. 937872 ID: 91ee5f

>He asks again, with some kind of mana imbedded into his voice.
Resist. Should we call him out on that?

“Do you still love Alice?”
No. 937873 ID: 8d4593

> Should we call him out on that?
Call him out by complimenting his skill and asking if he'd be willing to show you how to do it some time.
No. 937875 ID: ba56e6

Resist, but pretend it worked. Then
No. 937877 ID: b1b4f3

>researching mana beast anatomy
Well I expected him to be directly researching prosthetics but this could produce the same end result.

Resist, but answer with your usual dose of truth while hiding unpleasant facts.
I believe these things are true: you wanted to find out what kind of person he is for the gift thing, but also if he still loves Alice, and if he was researching a way to give her a new arm.
You might as well tell him these things, since it seems you already have the answers you sought. Also tell him if he tries that again on you you'll break his arm.
No. 937882 ID: 83bf07

Yeah that.
No. 937883 ID: 6a6c99

I mean we can leave now. We have a possible gift idea already, he wants mana beasts with a core intact. Find something a little rare and gift it to him at the party. Alive would be preferable but dead works as well.
No. 937884 ID: 0fae41

Resist. We're here to kidnap him and raise him as our own son.
No. 937886 ID: bf5774

Pretty much this, minus the threat for now (save it for when you leave).
No. 937888 ID: 8eaf98

Oh what are you doing with that mana in your voice? What's it for? Also this mana beast research sounds interesting can I help?
No. 937893 ID: 977456

He asked what we are really there for. Give The Long Answer. Start by attempting to assemble some base-principals of existence and function.
No. 937903 ID: e3e99e

"I am a friend of Alice. While she blames herself for failing to cast a spell, the evidence indicates she cast the spell she was given flawlessly.
I would like to help her recover, and hunt down the murderers. I believe you can help with both.
If you are investigating mana beasts, then I have some unique advantages I can provide as compensation for your help.

Also, what would you like for your birthday?"
No. 937919 ID: a9af05

>"Do you still love Alice?”

Also this, but leave out the threat. Let him think it worked when we tell him what we're going to tell him.

Then when we're about to leave, that'd when we threaten to break his arm. Maybe we could phrase it in a way that'll tell him that him and Alice will have something in common?
No. 937921 ID: 977456

Has he been using mind-control magic on other people? Alice?
No. 937955 ID: 58b4f3

>Maybe we could phrase it in a way that'll tell him that him and Alice will have something in common?
Did you just suggest that we should threaten to rip his arm off?!

And which arm would we rip off? The same one Alice is missing, so that they match? Or the opposite arm, so that him and Alice will be symmetrical?
No. 937979 ID: 094652

"Do you always force your magic deep into strangers? And here I was wondering why Alice refuses to see you."
No. 938436 ID: e7703b

>resist command

“I’m here to figure out a gift to get you.”
He smiles a bit, relaxing his stance.
“Well I can tell you right away that I don’t really care what kind of stuff you get me. No doubt the others would brown nose up to dad, trying to get him aligned to whatever their dumb greedy causes are.”
“I’m also here to figure out what is love.”
His mouth twitches, “excuse me?”
“Do you still love Alice?”

“Get out.” He asks, voice trembling.
“This is none of your business,” he speaks again with mana, “get out!”
“Alice considers me a friend, and is emotionally upset in this matter.” I tell him, standing still.
He’s looking at me surprised, “you...”
“I would also like to ask how you’re doing that thing with your voice.”

He immediately rushes me, grabbing my shoulders and tries to push me off, but he can barely move me.
“What are you doing?” I ask.
“Why won’t you leave?” He returns, still trying to shove me.
“I would like some kind of answer first, and maybe a look into your workshop.”

Eventually he gives up, “Fine.” He breathes heavily, “geeze you’re heavy.” He gasps as he falls to a chair.

“Yes, I like her.” He sighs, pulling out a scarred hand from his large gloves and resting it over his eyes, leaning his head back onto the chair.
“But I can’t really face her after what I’ve done to her.”
“What have you done?”
He’s silent for a few seconds before admitting, “I gave her an prototype. As talented with magic as she was, I could feel that she couldn’t concentrate her mana properly in her spells. I don’t know how, it was a feeling. Based on that, I worked on a simple enchanted amulet, something that would make her lose less mana, somehow.”
He looks at me, eyes a bit red and wet, “You’ve probably seen the results. Something went wrong with the enchantment, and her spell went wrong.” He looks down, gripping his hands, “Seeing what happened to her... what I did, I scrapped everything I had on the project and focused on prosthetics. Simple wood or metal wouldn’t work, due to Alice’s affinity with fire, so I decided to look into some properties of mana beasts being able to regrow their bodies.”

He stands, inviting me to his workshop, filled with small jars filled with mana crystals, parts of mana beasts, and unfinished mechanical parts.
“This is my workshop. I’d rather you not tell anyone about what you see here.”

>check out:
>Mechanical parts area
>Mana core area
>Main table with what seems to be an old rabbold corpse, mangled with parts of inorganic materials
>Dusty corner filled with papers and books
No. 938437 ID: 0fae41

Check out the cyborg.
No. 938438 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him you approve of his ambition. Look through his notes real quick to see if you learn anything new.
Then examine the rabbold corpse. Ask him to explain what the parts are meant to do. Maybe you can give him some useful feedback?

Ask him if he's in need of any specific mana cores or beast parts. Those would make good presents, right?
No. 938443 ID: b0b724

It wouldn't be wise to spread secrets, so you won't.
Let him know your hunch about Alice potentially being sabotaged and that even if it was his fault Alice doesn't blame him. In fact, him hiding out of guilt only seems to hurt her worse than the incident did.

Oh and examine the corpse.
No. 938448 ID: 5cd483

This, pretty much.
No. 938450 ID: 58ee15

He said he scrapped everything? Ask him if he's got anything left from that project. If he does, perhaps we could check to see if it really malfunctioned. Test it by running our mana through and see if the result would've worked for Alice, or if it would indeed cause an explosion.

Other than that...
>Mana core area
Ask him if he needs all of these ;)
No. 938454 ID: 91ee5f

>“geeze you’re heavy.”
“Did you just call me fat? Don’t you know that it’s rude to call a lady fat?”

>what to look at?
Look at the corpse.

Say all of this.
No. 938458 ID: 58b4f3

>You're heavy
And you're rude. It's not nice to call a girl fat like that.

Ask if anyone else knew about the prototypes he made? Specifically, anyone that didn't approve of him being together with Alice. Because you suspect someone could've sabatoged Alice.
No. 938476 ID: 1ed92d

The corpse is interesting. Examine it.

Also, tell him that Alice will be happy to know he doesn't hate her. It might make him more amenable to future conversation.

(We should make a note to relay this information to Alice later.)
No. 938495 ID: a9af05

>Gave Alice a prototype
Perhaps someone tampered with it before you gave it to Alice? That might explain what happened to her. To send you a message and make you stop making these things you are making.

>“This is my workshop. I’d rather you not tell anyone about what you see here.”
Of course. We wouldn't want anyone to sabotage something, right?

Look at the corpse

Also mention to him that you've decided that the perfect birthday present to give him is to bring Alice to him, so they can get back together. Let's see how he reacts to that.
No. 938498 ID: ba56e6

Look at the corpse experiment.

"If you still have the amulet I would like to look at it. I suspect Alice was sabotaged. I would like to see if the amulet was truly at fault."
No. 938564 ID: e3e99e

"Oh. I thought the tragedy was because that assassin swapped the real test spell with an explosive one. Do you believe that was unrelated?"

"Alice blames herself. She thinks you do to and hate her, and hates herself more for it. Maybe you should give her a hug?"
No. 938715 ID: 0a7f21

Blithely point out that if your amulet was faulty it was likely the cause of the failure, and that you should probably tell Alice since she believes it was her fault and suffers psychological problems because of it.

In of course, Emils usual clinical terse unsympathetic way.
No. 938716 ID: b1b4f3

Idk how these other suggesters think it was possible to sabotage the spell. Spellcasting in this universe is language-based and she knew the spell she was casting.
No. 938718 ID: 977456

If the spell referenced the amulet, or the amulet acted as a translator/parser, or if the amulet could add/remove data from nearby spellcasting...

Perhaps of more concern is that he seems to have no idea how the amulet was meant to work or how he came to design it. Sounds like he might have been mind-whammied into building it...
No. 938722 ID: e3e99e

It's language based.
Specifically, it's based on a language nobody understands.
You know how in 40k tech priests make things work by slapping them with their dicks because they don't know what the fuck a touch screen is?
Same thing. They know doing a thing gets a result, so they memorize that thing.

Alice was given a spell to cast for her test. That spell was Explosion.
We know this because she knows Explosion, but doesn't know she knows it.
She read the instructions and followed them, and assumed the explosion was because she made a mistake.
No. 938723 ID: 91ee5f

If someone gave her a spell to use during her test and told her it the name of the spell was something other than its actual name, wouldn’t that be considered sabotage?

So like >>938722 said, she doesn’t know she knows Explosion, but she tried to cast it under a different name, so that’s probably why her spell failed.
No. 938725 ID: 094652

"If you really want to fix her, you can't just slap a metal hand on her arm and call it a day. You need to figure out why this happened so you don't repeat your mistakes regularly.

Time for a recap. Alice was given an Explosion spell by her instructor. Then you gave her a mana concentration device, which she used to... focus her spell into? The most obvious theory would be that taking a dangerous ranged spell specialized for splash damage, and shoving it into a tiny box meant to decrease the range to near-zero, will not end well.
>Well, the- wait, what? Explosion?
"Yes. I read the spell from her memory and every detail screams 'explosion spell'. So?"
No. 939203 ID: e7703b

"It's rude to call someone fat."
"I didn't say you were fat, I said you were heavy."

I walk towards the dusty corner, leafing though his books and loose notes, but I can't understand anything.
He tries to cover some books as I flip them open, but it's filled with fine text of an unknown language, and inky scribbles.
"Developing tools to help others seems like a worthful act. You should keep at it," I praise.
He eyes me, "Was that sarcasm? Or you just bad at conversation? Anyways, what are yeah trying to do?"
"Just looking for some kind of appropriate gift."
"I told yah I don't need any."
I just hmm in response as I move towards the corner with mechanical parts.

I pick up various pieces of wood and metal, shaped like fingers, hands, legs, and some... of various shapes.
Silvia follows me closely, setting everything back where they came from as I return them haphazardly.
"So do you think it was sabotage?"
"The accident. With Alice."
He frowns, "The only sabotage happening would be my fault."
"Well, was the spell at fault?"
"Nah. I've seen her cast the spell before. Every incantation was the same, but it was only supposed to produce a small pop and a puff of smoke."
"What about your gift? Was it tampered with?"
"Impossible, it was in my hands from start to finish."
"Then did you test it beforehand?"
"... no. I can't cast any spells, and back then, I just wanted her to have it as soon as possible. I only finished it the night before, and was too excited to show it off."
He rests his hand against his eyes, slowly massaging it as I examine the last of the parts and move onto the magic cores.

The cores are in small jars, resting on rows and rows of shelves bolted to the walls. The shelves cradle each jar, securing the fist sized bottles. Each core is but a slither the size of a finger.
"Do you need these?"
"Yeah. Each core comes from a different mana beast. It's difficult to get any at all."
He points to some, "This one came from a weaver, and this one from a slime. They're special in that the mana they give off feels structured, orderly, like a brick in a wall."
As I examine the cores closer, feel a slight... resonance with the cores. They're weak, but still alive.
He points to a different section of the collection, "These are from beasts. These are more common, but harder to read. Their mana feels unstructured, but flowing in a single direction, like a river."
He hesitates for a second, before touching a bottle, secured tightly on a shelf built just for it. "And this is my mother."

Losing intrest in something I have plenty of, I move towards the mummified corpse in the middle of the room.
"What about this?"
He looks at me, slightly angry for some reason, and sighs.
"This is what's left of someone captured by a mana beast.
This is Alex. Or what's left of him."
He points towards the gaping hole in it's chest, "What mana beasts do is feed off of mana from a person's core. They keep them alive as long as possible, but if needed be, they turn their victims into materials to repair themselves."
He points towards various places where it looks like what used to be skin, turned into metal.

"This guy in particular was interesting since his limbs are completely mechanical."
He turns the corpse's arm, revealing a structure of tubes and bars, from fingertip to elbow.
"I've tried my best to recreate it, but none of the artisans here can make anything this precise."
He flexes a finger, causing various parts in the arm to move in tandem.
He then trails tubes and wires as it leads up to shattered mana core parts.

"As far as I can tell, these wires takes mana from a person's mana veins in order to manipulate the digits."
As he continues to explain and fondle the corpse, the words he uses flies over my head, as I can barely understand what he means.
I look out the window, and see that the sun is going to set in an hour. I should go back eventually.

"Alice thinks you're upset at her."
Silvia stops and slowly looks at me. "What?"
"She thinks the reason you're avoiding her is because she killed your mother."
"I... I see." He unhands the corpse, setting it back down onto the table.
He looks down at his scarred, trembling hands.
"You should talk to her."
He looks at a box hidden in a corner.
"Probably. But it's been too long. I don't know how to approach her. I don't know how much she's changed. I don't even know if she's the same person I knew."
"There's only one way to find out."

>Ask questions
No. 939205 ID: b1b4f3

Use manasense on the arm like you did with those runes. It should give you an idea of how it works.
With your ability to produce molten iron could you create something that intricate?

Ask what's in the box.
No. 939210 ID: 91ee5f

>"I didn't say you were fat, I said you were heavy."
I’m not heavy, you’re just weak!

>"Just looking for some kind of appropriate gift."
>"I told yah I don't need any."
“Perhaps I should bring Alice as a gift for you? Then both of you can start talking to each other again.”

>I don't know how to approach her. I don't know how much she's changed. I don't even know if she's the same person I knew.
“That’s the exact same thing Alice said when I asked if she wanted to see you again.”
No. 939214 ID: ba56e6

"Does the amplifier you built still exist? I would like to study it to better understand mana. I am looking for a solution to the mana plague."
No. 939215 ID: 58ee15

He can't do magic? interesting. This calls for a few experiments.

Ask him if you can see his hand. Find out why it's trembling. Then ask him to try casting a spell. Tell him to do it anyway. See how mana moves through him, someone that should be unable to cast spells. Maybe even try assisting him like Alice.

Other than that, ask him how he got those mana beast cores.

Also, ask him if he's ok with you setting up a meeting with Alice.
No. 939218 ID: e3e99e

"Have you considered giving Alice one of these arms? If all they need is Mana, I've little doubt she could master it."
No. 939313 ID: 368ebc

This. The end of the world looms. Chances must be taken.
No. 939325 ID: 3ef12e

Chances need to be taken to get anywhere. Study the corpse with manasense. See if his mother's crystal is alive. You want to give him a gift? He's basically trying to suck up all the knowledge he can about manabeasts, mana, and how things work. Help his research. You two could be valuable partners.
No. 939335 ID: 8d4593

If he reacts badly to this, touch a core and hum the tune its mana makes.
Specifically his wife's core.

It'll break him down emotionally, and an explanation of your ability will prove your worth to him. He will take you entirely seriously from then on, if he doesn't already. Though he may require a day or two to recover from the shock.
No. 939342 ID: 91ee5f

>Specifically his wife's core.
He doesn’t have a wife. However, his mother’s core is there.
No. 939387 ID: 8d4593

Yeah that. I read the post yesterday and didn't reread
No. 939395 ID: 0fae41

She's all right now.
He should approach her in private, maybe invite her to his workshop. Show her what he's been up to - her family could provide funding.
No. 939502 ID: adf044

Try to puppeteer the mechanical hand as you talk.
No. 939503 ID: e3e99e

>she's all right now
Ha ha. Funny
No. 939506 ID: 094652

"What would you need to attach one of your arms to her shoulder? I'm working on re-wiring her mana nodes, but I don't have something to connect them to."
No. 939507 ID: ba56e6

If this, do clarify that you are fixing it due to complications from her injury interfering with mana channels.
No. 939524 ID: bddb0f

Ask if you can have the slime core in exchange for a future favor or money. You'd like to study it. (If they are intact and 'alive', it would be interesting to see if you could somehow revive it for a conversation - or if touching it is enough to initiate conversation. If there's no use to it, you can always just eat it and see what that gets you.)

Mention that you've offered to look into fixing Alice's casting capabilities, as this is something you may be able to do. Just like how you know how he's doing that thing with his voice - funny trait, for someone who claims to not cast spells. Is that normal, or something just inherent to his family line? He doesn't have to answer, you're just curious. After all, you have your own secrets and have no reason to call out his gift. For one, that'd raise the specter of how you detected it.

Finally, mention that Alice was going to ask her grandfather about whether to go through with your offer. Worth noting is that if her grandfather nays it, or disbelieves your capacity, Silvia will have to take into consideration that her mana channels are damaged. That is something any eventual arm prototype will have to take into account to succeed.

Seem thoughtful, then say you will carefully consider what kind of gift you might offer come his birthday. (Anything that aids his current attempt to create a prototype arm seems about right.)

When done conversing, sketch a courtly bow and leave.
No. 939732 ID: fb2a85

> Cores in the jars
The jars seems to be etched with a kind of preservation enchant, keeping mana separate from the inside and outside. I can’t do anything with them without removing their contents.
I look at the wall of bottles, “Could I take some of those cores?”
He doesn’t like that question, “no. It took a long time and a lot of money to get these, I ain’t giving them up for anything.”

“What if I brought Alice over?”
“What? No! I can’t show her this, I, This, this ain’t, I can’t just invite her here, there’s a dead body in here for goodness sake!” He flusters about, trying to tidy whatever he can get his hands on.

As he’s distracted, I reach down to the core in the corpse, letting my mana flow into it.

“I could try to bring you two together again. Would that suffice as an appropriate present?”
“No no no.” He says as he shelves a stack of books, “Me and Alice, that’s something I ought to handle myself.”

> Absorb Y/N?

I can feel a sense of parasitism and control etched into the core. Either could be useful.
I can feel my mana slowing at the dead tissue, but it easily spreads into the cables. Soon, I can sense the arm. It’s incomplete, much of its structure is rotten, missing, underdeveloped, or unnecessary. I can barely twitch a digit.

> Recreate arm
Unfortunately I do not have a complete design of a mechanical arm to make a similar functional one, nor can I control the liquids I produce once it’s produced.
While I can produce raw iron, it is unrefined.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Silvia asks, wandering back.
“Just examining the body.”
The metal in the arm is unknown, I can feel my mana flow around it, but not into it. It feels like I can change its shape if I will it.

> Change shape of the unknown metal?

“What if I exchange cores with you?”
He pauses and sighs, “If you can get me some, it could help, but ultimately, what I need is some way to produce a way for a prosthesis to interface with a persons body, and act as if it’s a real limb. Anything else can be secondary, and up to design work.”
He sighs, “if you can get me that, you’re free to take whatever cores on that side of the wall,” he points to the side with cores from beasts.
“Alright. What happened to the prototype?”
“Alice should still have it. It’s a small gold trinket that hangs off a necklace.”
No. 939733 ID: 2df440

don't absorb any cores, if you help him you can take them all without conflict
No. 939734 ID: 0cb682

Absorb Alex if you aren't going to be caught doing it.
No. 939735 ID: 977456

He wants integration. Parasitism should provide integration. Absorbing parasitism would probably be of overall benefit to all involved.
No. 939736 ID: 58ee15

It sounds like we'd need to enchant the arm in a way. But we know nothing of enchanting. Ask him if he knows anything about that.

Also, ask him if he's got any design records for the arm. Or where you could find some / a working example?

Lastly, ask him if he would donate his laboratory to you if you manage to complete the arm for him.
No. 939738 ID: 3674e7

Maybe we can ask something like if we can get the fingers to move in less than a minute can we receive the core with parasitism and control (without telling him what the core can do). Say something along the lines of: “Silvia if I can get this hand to open and close can I have this core” point at parasitism and control core.
Also don’t absorb anything yet.
No. 939739 ID: 8eaf98

do not absorb, we lose one or the other doing that right now. however do ask if he knows what kind of metal the arm is made of as it is unusual and not like anything we have seen before. parasitism provides connection and probably energy to the arm but the control is how the movement happens, both are required
No. 939746 ID: 91ee5f

>“No no no.” He says as he shelves a stack of books, “Me and Alice, that’s something I ought to handle myself.”
“By continuing to avoid her, like you’ve been doing? No, that won’t do. I’ll have to bring her to your party so that both of you can finally talk to each other.”

>“Alice should still have it. It’s a small gold trinket that hangs off a necklace.”
“I’ve seen her wearing that at school. She must still care about you if she’s still wearing it after what happened.”
No. 939747 ID: 0fae41

Absorb, focusing on the control if you have to choose. Try using the techniques of the blood slimes to shape the metal.
No. 939749 ID: e3e99e

If you can tell what is missing, what is unnecessary, what is rotten, and what is underdeveloped, then can you reshape the metal to correct its faults?
If you can fix the arm, do so.
No. 939750 ID: 8d4593

Reshape the metal, and ask what it is.
No. 939760 ID: b1b4f3

>absorb, change metal
Uh, you better not do either of those if he has a chance of noticing.
Tell him what's wrong with the arm, at least.
No. 939761 ID: 8d4593

It could be spun as a good thing if he sees us reshape the metal. Doing so could mean whatever magical process we are using to reshape it could be potentially used by someone else to operate a prosthetic. Something he's clearly passionate about. We'd just have to figure out how to transfer or teach this ability to others. Probably a project that would take significant time between the both of us. We would have to cooperate with his research for him to stay silent, of course. But in return, we we help Alice, do some greater good, gain a trusted ally, and gain access to some sort of crazy magic metal. Imagine all the crazy things we could do with that stuff if we kept a not insignificant amount of it inside us?
No. 939763 ID: a9af05

>I should handle me and Alice
"At the rate you're going, both of you will die of old age before you talk to each other. Just consider this me giving you a little push to speed things up."

I agree with this.
No. 939891 ID: ba56e6

No. 939956 ID: 8eaf98

Absorb a little bit of the metal so we can replicate it later if needed.
No. 940662 ID: fb2a85

“Are you sure you don’t need help with Alice? It has been a few years since you’ve last talked from my understanding.”
“Aye, no offense, but I don’t know you. I don’t trust you that much. I don’t even know why I’m even letting you in here...”

I run run mana through the core, activating its abilities to better control the corpse, getting a feel for the metal embedded in it. I feel like I can somehow reproduce it, much like how I can create mana crystals.

“What do you know of the metal?” I ask, as the metal begins to migrate from the corpse towards me.
“Dracolite? It’s a kind of alloy, as far as we know. No one knows how to create it, but the dragons have been known to make clothes, tools, weapons, and armor out of it.” He answers, running an hand over it, “Although any known way to process it has been lost to age, any remaining tools made from it are left over from the age of dragons. Mana beasts are the only source of it now.”

“If I fix one of the mechanical arms, could I have this laboratory?”
“No. First of all, get your own. Secondly, what do you mean fix?”
“A lot of this body is filled with replacement parts, mummified meat, and useless mechanics. Going off what the mechanics of this body, and using the anatomy of an organic arm, I could create a mechanical arm.”
He looks skeptical, “Sure, if you think you can ‘fix’ something I’ve been trying to decipher for months, go for it.” He crosses his arms, and rests against a wall.

Will use materials in corpse
>Create skeletal arm from Corpse
>Create full arm from Corpse

Will use materials created from Slime
>Create skeletal arm from new Draconite
>Create full arm from new Draconite

>Don’t fix arm
No. 940664 ID: 0fae41

>Create skeletal arm from corpse
Trickle those innovations out slowly, so as not to panic the meatbag.
No. 940665 ID: e7c7d3

>Create skeletal arm from new Draconite

I feel that using resources from the corpse will be less than subtle, and making a skeletal arm will give him something to work on without just completely invalidating all his work.
No. 940666 ID: ba56e6

Skeletal arm from new materials, but not now with him watching. Tell him you need time and will bring it to him as a birthday present.

Making a skeletal frame will allow him to finish it himself, for Alice. That will give him more closure.
No. 940667 ID: 8eaf98

fix with existing draconite but go skeletal because, particularly, if you want to reverse engineer something it seems best to just have the parts relevant to what you want to replicate, less extrainius nonsense.
No. 940672 ID: 0a7f21

I have to imagine to make it functional you'll need to use some of your own slime mass, but I have no idea how much mass you have, how much it would cost, if this would make you "hungry". Using the corpse seems obvious, but maybe a little of both would work well.
No. 940673 ID: 977456

Create the skeleton and workings from Dracolite then the covering from corpse-stuff. The covering is a matter of taste, and they cannot manipulate Dracolite so leave it malleable in case Alice wants to alter it. The workings would possess higher performance and resilience with superior materials, so ensure the optimum skeleton.
This will provide Alice with a good arm, making her thankful and more capable. Thankful and capable people make good allies, and allies are good.

Absorb the Dracolite and cybernetic integration examples, obviously. This is a rare and practical skill that you should be highly talented at and examples are apparently rare. You should optimise it while you have the chance.
No. 940674 ID: 094652

Create a full Dracolite arm. Don't rush it, but do the basic framework right in front of him so he will take you seriously.
No. 940675 ID: b1b4f3

>Create skeletal arm from Corpse
This is the only reasonable option. If you make new metal in front of him he'll be instantly suspicious and maybe even conclude you must be a mana beast (and he'd be right).

Altering the existing metal would be believable, since you could have a secret method of altering the metal with magic. There's no way he knows everything about magic, after all. It'd also be more believable to have a less complicated arm in the end, so go skeletal.
No. 940679 ID: 8d4593

Ensure the area is secure so that no eyes beyond Silvia's will see this.

Create a full Dracolite arm from Silme

And then get ready to non-violently restrain him because he's gonna freak the fuck out.

Slime is "Always" hungry, and mass is easy to come by if It really needs it.
No. 940682 ID: bddb0f

Kind of have to agree with this. We've already gone way beyond on the 'standing out' scale, much further and we'll break the poor boy. Do something that's at least marginally believable, so that any future improvements (we can make those, right?) can be sold as a new development of an already outrageous skill and thus less unbelievable (because we already sold the lie the first time around).

As-is, selling this will have to be some kind of 'you can sense and manipulate mana, and creating a functional skeletal arm is done through mana manipulation - you imagine that's how the mana beasts manipulate them in the first place, since you just repaired and modified the blueprint that was already there' lie/truth.
No. 940689 ID: b1b4f3

Also no matter what you do, you should definitely absorb a sample (and replace the absorbed matter via slime) so you can replicate it later.
No. 940712 ID: e3e99e

It's not that we don't have mana and mass to spare, it's that creating new dracolite stands out too much.

So create a skeletal arm for Alice using the corpse metal, and maybe cover it in corpse flesh if you can make it look like Alice's other arm.

He's going to want to know how we do this, so obviously the response is to ask him if he thinks "dragon-blooded rabbolds" are just grandstanding snobs.
No. 940713 ID: 8d4593

Won't he be miffed if we make a skeletal arm out of the complicated thing he's been studying though?

Also that stands out enormously. Might as well go big me thinks.
No. 940714 ID: 0a7f21

Really, who cares what this guy thinks. Alice is Emils friend, make her a nice, full arm, even if it seems impossible to him.
No. 940738 ID: a9af05

Do this.
No. 940741 ID: 4cf79d

I don't think Alice can be considered Emils' friend. They've meet three times, and although both demonstrate to have something to gain from each other Alice remains cautiously distant, almost uninterested in Emils' proposals. We may have found a touchy personal subject to mess with, but other than that Alice have the same intrigued but skeptical attitude toward Emils that most classmates demonstrate.
Alice is more like a broken toy that looks fun to repair. If we were to mess up and she end up even worst I wouldn't care.

Create a functional arm from the corpse. If the Skeletal arm works it's good enough.
No. 940804 ID: 0a7f21

Isn't Alice the one we showed how to cast perfect fire and offered to attempt to repair her damaged mana channels?

I mean, none of them are close friends yet, but as Emils continues to do impossible things to fix their major problems I have to assume they'll be grateful, and Emils has already put in a decent amount of time with her. It's as close to friends as someone as emotionless as Emils is going to get for the time being.

And I see no reason to hide any aspect of Emils power. I'm sure we've earned ourselves a few advocates should someone decide Emils is a threat, and it's going to happen anyway. I say keep going with it, do amazing things and keep impressing people, and when it does happen maybe people will treat Emils as someone to listen to instead of someone to exterminate.
No. 940984 ID: ba56e6

Consider that this individual has obtained cores from multiple types of mana beasts, including slimes, and studied them. Emils is far from a normal slime, but there is potential danger in revealing too much if he knows weaknesses we are not yet aware of.

At the same time, his knowledge is too valuable to just get rid of him, so we can't afford to make an enemy or threat of him yet.
No. 941045 ID: 0a7f21

Hmm, Alice's severed arm was causing her mana leakage, I wonder if we could craft the arm to fix that problem. Maybe use slime to grow real nerve tissue making the arm a permanent digit that ties directly to her existing physiology.

After it's made, we should really invite this guy to come along when we give it to her. Might be nice to be there for a victory moment for her, bask in the positivity and let that divide between them heal a bit.

Also, did we bother telling him that Alice blames herself?
No. 941047 ID: 91ee5f

>Also, did we bother telling him that Alice blames herself?
Yes. It was right here: >>939203 .
No. 941321 ID: e7703b
File 156493380495.png - (911.16KB , 2388x1668 , 3C19065D-7C90-47ED-B0A0-7AFF3A8BB067.png )

>Skeletal arm from corpse

Using my knowledge of anatomy of both Rabbold and Avaros, I make up a composite image of a base skeletal structure, and grab a hold of the mummified arm and start humming.
I try to use the flesh as parts, but most of it is unusable, except for patches of hide to provide some kind of tension and covering.
Abandoning that, I shift the Draconite around the bones to reinforce what’s left of it, and place the cables and tendons inside of the space where meat would be.
Using a bit more mana, I change the shape of most of the extra Draconite to fill in the gaps, and absorb the rest out of sight.

The arm is a little heavier, being made of metal and cable now. As well as sized for an adult.

All in all, not a bad facsimile.
I run mana though each cable, causing the fingers to wriggle all over and the wrist and elbow to rotate and twist.

I look back to Silvia, who is staring at me, wide eyes and mouth agape.
“Ah... what...? What dah heck was that? How did yah do that?!”
He rushes over, examining the arm, testing each joint and artificial muscle.
“All ah could see was just a rush of mana when you started humming, it was too bright for me to see anything, what did you do?!”
>Explain a lot
>Explain a little
No. 941323 ID: e3e99e

Explain a little
"I am a magical girl."
No. 941324 ID: 8d4593

Explain a little.

Mana beasts manipulate mana differently than we do.
I merely copied them.
No. 941325 ID: 0a7f21

Explain a lot in terms he'll be completely unable to understand.
No. 941326 ID: a54215

Just leave.
No. 941327 ID: a9af05

>What did you do?!
"It should be very obvious what I have done. I made a fully functioning, adult sized skeletal arm. You may need to make it smaller so that it will fit Alice."
No. 941330 ID: e2f5cc

>What did you do?!
"Create a fully functional arm." And to the obvious follow up question of how: "I am a magical girl." Then leave without another word.
No. 941331 ID: bddb0f

No. 941333 ID: 83bf07

No. 941335 ID: 094652

Offer to teach him if he gives you more materials to work with. Teach him as you work, and then leave with his materials and four extra arms. Don't tell him how you attached the extra arms to places without augmentation sockets.
No. 941336 ID: ba56e6

No. 941337 ID: 977456

What use's a wagon without a band?
No. 941353 ID: 1ed92d

Explain a little.
No. 941422 ID: 864e49

Is nobody going to mention his change in accent?
No. 941529 ID: 0fae41

Just leave. You can't really put it in terms he can understand at this society's current level of understanding. So, did absorbing that material teach you anything new?
No. 941559 ID: b5bc34

Explain a little. Obviously the magical girl bit is important, but saying that magic is tuned into certain inaudible notes is also fun and cryptic.

I bet that's his normal accent and it comes out when he's excited.
No. 942762 ID: 3e9573

Tell him you did what he wanted. Also, that you've been dismantling and fixing things your whole life.
No. 943573 ID: e7703b

“All I did was inject a bit of mana into the metal, and asked it to move.”
“Asked it to move?”
“Yes. Is that not how magic is done?”
He looks at me, holding a chip of Draconite, “well, yah ain’t exactly wrong.”

He tries to focus on the small metal while explaining, “I’m not sure who taught yah, but inside everything... hm... let’s call it ‘roads’. Each spell is like a route. A chant, directions.”
He beginning to sweat as he tries to focus, “though repetition and practice, can one find shortcuts, different routes, or separate endings.”
He holds motions to some accessories made of composite matter on the side, “If not, there’s also just forcing a route to be taken.
The main issue is that not everyone knows where or what they’re going to, where they are, or what route they need, which is why every little handicap helps.
And you’re telling me that you just... ask it?”
“... how.”
“I’m a magical girl...?”
“Fine, keep your secrets.” He waves his hand towards the exit, “I sincerely thank you for sharing with me, helping me an all that, but it’s getting late. I need to clean up and lock up, so pardon if I don’t see you out. If yah need anything, just ask.”

>leave (ends day)
No. 943574 ID: ba56e6

"You did not answer my question. What is love?"
No. 943575 ID: 0fae41

Ask for cores.
No. 943582 ID: e7c7d3

Eh, leave. We shook this guys world enough.
No. 943587 ID: b5bc34

Time to go
No. 943591 ID: 83bf07

Let's bail
No. 943608 ID: 094652

"I need a 'subscription' of materials and more arms delivered to my place every week."
No. 943609 ID: 8d4593

Ok. You mind if I come back some time?
You seem interesting and I wouldn't mind helping again.
No. 943610 ID: e3e99e

"Can you handle teaching Alice how to use that arm?"
No. 943612 ID: b1b4f3

Well, one question: should that arm count as your gift?
No. 943613 ID: 91ee5f

Time to go home.

And this.
No. 943615 ID: 977456

"I want a lab. And a magical girl uniform. And lab supplies. And Cores."
No. 943748 ID: 18f1c5

This. No one seems to be able to answer!

And this.
No. 943756 ID: 2e758a

Now that hes well armed, see if he wants a continuing relationship. Maybe if he gives it to Alice and he starts feeling better things will be easier for emils
No. 943769 ID: 0a7f21

Do not give away the nice arm Emils made for Alice to this person. He's got to fix his own situation.

Do tell him he should probably go see her in private now if he's definitely going to be seeing her in public later. It'll just be awkward otherwise.
No. 943770 ID: ba56e6

Nah. We made the arm, he can deal with the problems of installation and it can be his birthday gift.
No. 943774 ID: 977456

Getting the arm to her sooner sounds more important than making a presentation of it. Why wait until a celebration when she could be raining her productivity immediately?
No. 943775 ID: 1b4b08

More importantly, it's a sensitive issue for her. She could be made to feel terrible if the arm is presented publicly and she isn't ready for it. Especially since we don't know if we'll be able to modify her magic pathways, if that's a necessary step.
No. 943781 ID: 0a7f21

I agree we should take it to her right now, but it's still our gift and not this guys.

It's not like he ever could install it anyway. He can't cast spells let alone do the things emils can.
No. 943782 ID: 18f1c5

Didn't we come here to find out what kind of gift to get him, as the party is supposed to be in his honor?
No. 943783 ID: 8eaf98

shhhh don't bring logic into this.
No. 945103 ID: c0e130

"Is this enough for you to tell me what love is?"

This is the only SFW quest I could be bothered to read seven whole threads of; good job, you nerd. I'll start supporting your Patreon soon ::]
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