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File 155334603340.png - (125.52KB , 450x720 , 600.png )
926927 No. 926927 ID: 7e06cf

-{Deep underground}-
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No. 938564 ID: e3e99e

"Oh. I thought the tragedy was because that assassin swapped the real test spell with an explosive one. Do you believe that was unrelated?"

"Alice blames herself. She thinks you do to and hate her, and hates herself more for it. Maybe you should give her a hug?"
No. 938715 ID: 0a7f21

Blithely point out that if your amulet was faulty it was likely the cause of the failure, and that you should probably tell Alice since she believes it was her fault and suffers psychological problems because of it.

In of course, Emils usual clinical terse unsympathetic way.
No. 938716 ID: b1b4f3

Idk how these other suggesters think it was possible to sabotage the spell. Spellcasting in this universe is language-based and she knew the spell she was casting.
No. 938718 ID: 977456

If the spell referenced the amulet, or the amulet acted as a translator/parser, or if the amulet could add/remove data from nearby spellcasting...

Perhaps of more concern is that he seems to have no idea how the amulet was meant to work or how he came to design it. Sounds like he might have been mind-whammied into building it...
No. 938722 ID: e3e99e

It's language based.
Specifically, it's based on a language nobody understands.
You know how in 40k tech priests make things work by slapping them with their dicks because they don't know what the fuck a touch screen is?
Same thing. They know doing a thing gets a result, so they memorize that thing.

Alice was given a spell to cast for her test. That spell was Explosion.
We know this because she knows Explosion, but doesn't know she knows it.
She read the instructions and followed them, and assumed the explosion was because she made a mistake.
No. 938723 ID: 91ee5f

If someone gave her a spell to use during her test and told her it the name of the spell was something other than its actual name, wouldn’t that be considered sabotage?

So like >>938722 said, she doesn’t know she knows Explosion, but she tried to cast it under a different name, so that’s probably why her spell failed.
No. 938725 ID: 094652

"If you really want to fix her, you can't just slap a metal hand on her arm and call it a day. You need to figure out why this happened so you don't repeat your mistakes regularly.

Time for a recap. Alice was given an Explosion spell by her instructor. Then you gave her a mana concentration device, which she used to... focus her spell into? The most obvious theory would be that taking a dangerous ranged spell specialized for splash damage, and shoving it into a tiny box meant to decrease the range to near-zero, will not end well.
>Well, the- wait, what? Explosion?
"Yes. I read the spell from her memory and every detail screams 'explosion spell'. So?"
No. 939203 ID: e7703b

"It's rude to call someone fat."
"I didn't say you were fat, I said you were heavy."

I walk towards the dusty corner, leafing though his books and loose notes, but I can't understand anything.
He tries to cover some books as I flip them open, but it's filled with fine text of an unknown language, and inky scribbles.
"Developing tools to help others seems like a worthful act. You should keep at it," I praise.
He eyes me, "Was that sarcasm? Or you just bad at conversation? Anyways, what are yeah trying to do?"
"Just looking for some kind of appropriate gift."
"I told yah I don't need any."
I just hmm in response as I move towards the corner with mechanical parts.

I pick up various pieces of wood and metal, shaped like fingers, hands, legs, and some... of various shapes.
Silvia follows me closely, setting everything back where they came from as I return them haphazardly.
"So do you think it was sabotage?"
"The accident. With Alice."
He frowns, "The only sabotage happening would be my fault."
"Well, was the spell at fault?"
"Nah. I've seen her cast the spell before. Every incantation was the same, but it was only supposed to produce a small pop and a puff of smoke."
"What about your gift? Was it tampered with?"
"Impossible, it was in my hands from start to finish."
"Then did you test it beforehand?"
"... no. I can't cast any spells, and back then, I just wanted her to have it as soon as possible. I only finished it the night before, and was too excited to show it off."
He rests his hand against his eyes, slowly massaging it as I examine the last of the parts and move onto the magic cores.

The cores are in small jars, resting on rows and rows of shelves bolted to the walls. The shelves cradle each jar, securing the fist sized bottles. Each core is but a slither the size of a finger.
"Do you need these?"
"Yeah. Each core comes from a different mana beast. It's difficult to get any at all."
He points to some, "This one came from a weaver, and this one from a slime. They're special in that the mana they give off feels structured, orderly, like a brick in a wall."
As I examine the cores closer, feel a slight... resonance with the cores. They're weak, but still alive.
He points to a different section of the collection, "These are from beasts. These are more common, but harder to read. Their mana feels unstructured, but flowing in a single direction, like a river."
He hesitates for a second, before touching a bottle, secured tightly on a shelf built just for it. "And this is my mother."

Losing intrest in something I have plenty of, I move towards the mummified corpse in the middle of the room.
"What about this?"
He looks at me, slightly angry for some reason, and sighs.
"This is what's left of someone captured by a mana beast.
This is Alex. Or what's left of him."
He points towards the gaping hole in it's chest, "What mana beasts do is feed off of mana from a person's core. They keep them alive as long as possible, but if needed be, they turn their victims into materials to repair themselves."
He points towards various places where it looks like what used to be skin, turned into metal.

"This guy in particular was interesting since his limbs are completely mechanical."
He turns the corpse's arm, revealing a structure of tubes and bars, from fingertip to elbow.
"I've tried my best to recreate it, but none of the artisans here can make anything this precise."
He flexes a finger, causing various parts in the arm to move in tandem.
He then trails tubes and wires as it leads up to shattered mana core parts.

"As far as I can tell, these wires takes mana from a person's mana veins in order to manipulate the digits."
As he continues to explain and fondle the corpse, the words he uses flies over my head, as I can barely understand what he means.
I look out the window, and see that the sun is going to set in an hour. I should go back eventually.

"Alice thinks you're upset at her."
Silvia stops and slowly looks at me. "What?"
"She thinks the reason you're avoiding her is because she killed your mother."
"I... I see." He unhands the corpse, setting it back down onto the table.
He looks down at his scarred, trembling hands.
"You should talk to her."
He looks at a box hidden in a corner.
"Probably. But it's been too long. I don't know how to approach her. I don't know how much she's changed. I don't even know if she's the same person I knew."
"There's only one way to find out."

>Ask questions
No. 939205 ID: b1b4f3

Use manasense on the arm like you did with those runes. It should give you an idea of how it works.
With your ability to produce molten iron could you create something that intricate?

Ask what's in the box.
No. 939210 ID: 91ee5f

>"I didn't say you were fat, I said you were heavy."
I’m not heavy, you’re just weak!

>"Just looking for some kind of appropriate gift."
>"I told yah I don't need any."
“Perhaps I should bring Alice as a gift for you? Then both of you can start talking to each other again.”

>I don't know how to approach her. I don't know how much she's changed. I don't even know if she's the same person I knew.
“That’s the exact same thing Alice said when I asked if she wanted to see you again.”
No. 939214 ID: ba56e6

"Does the amplifier you built still exist? I would like to study it to better understand mana. I am looking for a solution to the mana plague."
No. 939215 ID: 58ee15

He can't do magic? interesting. This calls for a few experiments.

Ask him if you can see his hand. Find out why it's trembling. Then ask him to try casting a spell. Tell him to do it anyway. See how mana moves through him, someone that should be unable to cast spells. Maybe even try assisting him like Alice.

Other than that, ask him how he got those mana beast cores.

Also, ask him if he's ok with you setting up a meeting with Alice.
No. 939218 ID: e3e99e

"Have you considered giving Alice one of these arms? If all they need is Mana, I've little doubt she could master it."
No. 939313 ID: 368ebc

This. The end of the world looms. Chances must be taken.
No. 939325 ID: 3ef12e

Chances need to be taken to get anywhere. Study the corpse with manasense. See if his mother's crystal is alive. You want to give him a gift? He's basically trying to suck up all the knowledge he can about manabeasts, mana, and how things work. Help his research. You two could be valuable partners.
No. 939335 ID: 8d4593

If he reacts badly to this, touch a core and hum the tune its mana makes.
Specifically his wife's core.

It'll break him down emotionally, and an explanation of your ability will prove your worth to him. He will take you entirely seriously from then on, if he doesn't already. Though he may require a day or two to recover from the shock.
No. 939342 ID: 91ee5f

>Specifically his wife's core.
He doesn’t have a wife. However, his mother’s core is there.
No. 939387 ID: 8d4593

Yeah that. I read the post yesterday and didn't reread
No. 939395 ID: 0fae41

She's all right now.
He should approach her in private, maybe invite her to his workshop. Show her what he's been up to - her family could provide funding.
No. 939502 ID: adf044

Try to puppeteer the mechanical hand as you talk.
No. 939503 ID: e3e99e

>she's all right now
Ha ha. Funny
No. 939506 ID: 094652

"What would you need to attach one of your arms to her shoulder? I'm working on re-wiring her mana nodes, but I don't have something to connect them to."
No. 939507 ID: ba56e6

If this, do clarify that you are fixing it due to complications from her injury interfering with mana channels.
No. 939524 ID: bddb0f

Ask if you can have the slime core in exchange for a future favor or money. You'd like to study it. (If they are intact and 'alive', it would be interesting to see if you could somehow revive it for a conversation - or if touching it is enough to initiate conversation. If there's no use to it, you can always just eat it and see what that gets you.)

Mention that you've offered to look into fixing Alice's casting capabilities, as this is something you may be able to do. Just like how you know how he's doing that thing with his voice - funny trait, for someone who claims to not cast spells. Is that normal, or something just inherent to his family line? He doesn't have to answer, you're just curious. After all, you have your own secrets and have no reason to call out his gift. For one, that'd raise the specter of how you detected it.

Finally, mention that Alice was going to ask her grandfather about whether to go through with your offer. Worth noting is that if her grandfather nays it, or disbelieves your capacity, Silvia will have to take into consideration that her mana channels are damaged. That is something any eventual arm prototype will have to take into account to succeed.

Seem thoughtful, then say you will carefully consider what kind of gift you might offer come his birthday. (Anything that aids his current attempt to create a prototype arm seems about right.)

When done conversing, sketch a courtly bow and leave.
No. 939732 ID: fb2a85

> Cores in the jars
The jars seems to be etched with a kind of preservation enchant, keeping mana separate from the inside and outside. I can’t do anything with them without removing their contents.
I look at the wall of bottles, “Could I take some of those cores?”
He doesn’t like that question, “no. It took a long time and a lot of money to get these, I ain’t giving them up for anything.”

“What if I brought Alice over?”
“What? No! I can’t show her this, I, This, this ain’t, I can’t just invite her here, there’s a dead body in here for goodness sake!” He flusters about, trying to tidy whatever he can get his hands on.

As he’s distracted, I reach down to the core in the corpse, letting my mana flow into it.

“I could try to bring you two together again. Would that suffice as an appropriate present?”
“No no no.” He says as he shelves a stack of books, “Me and Alice, that’s something I ought to handle myself.”

> Absorb Y/N?

I can feel a sense of parasitism and control etched into the core. Either could be useful.
I can feel my mana slowing at the dead tissue, but it easily spreads into the cables. Soon, I can sense the arm. It’s incomplete, much of its structure is rotten, missing, underdeveloped, or unnecessary. I can barely twitch a digit.

> Recreate arm
Unfortunately I do not have a complete design of a mechanical arm to make a similar functional one, nor can I control the liquids I produce once it’s produced.
While I can produce raw iron, it is unrefined.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Silvia asks, wandering back.
“Just examining the body.”
The metal in the arm is unknown, I can feel my mana flow around it, but not into it. It feels like I can change its shape if I will it.

> Change shape of the unknown metal?

“What if I exchange cores with you?”
He pauses and sighs, “If you can get me some, it could help, but ultimately, what I need is some way to produce a way for a prosthesis to interface with a persons body, and act as if it’s a real limb. Anything else can be secondary, and up to design work.”
He sighs, “if you can get me that, you’re free to take whatever cores on that side of the wall,” he points to the side with cores from beasts.
“Alright. What happened to the prototype?”
“Alice should still have it. It’s a small gold trinket that hangs off a necklace.”
No. 939733 ID: 2df440

don't absorb any cores, if you help him you can take them all without conflict
No. 939734 ID: 0cb682

Absorb Alex if you aren't going to be caught doing it.
No. 939735 ID: 977456

He wants integration. Parasitism should provide integration. Absorbing parasitism would probably be of overall benefit to all involved.
No. 939736 ID: 58ee15

It sounds like we'd need to enchant the arm in a way. But we know nothing of enchanting. Ask him if he knows anything about that.

Also, ask him if he's got any design records for the arm. Or where you could find some / a working example?

Lastly, ask him if he would donate his laboratory to you if you manage to complete the arm for him.
No. 939738 ID: 3674e7

Maybe we can ask something like if we can get the fingers to move in less than a minute can we receive the core with parasitism and control (without telling him what the core can do). Say something along the lines of: “Silvia if I can get this hand to open and close can I have this core” point at parasitism and control core.
Also don’t absorb anything yet.
No. 939739 ID: 8eaf98

do not absorb, we lose one or the other doing that right now. however do ask if he knows what kind of metal the arm is made of as it is unusual and not like anything we have seen before. parasitism provides connection and probably energy to the arm but the control is how the movement happens, both are required
No. 939746 ID: 91ee5f

>“No no no.” He says as he shelves a stack of books, “Me and Alice, that’s something I ought to handle myself.”
“By continuing to avoid her, like you’ve been doing? No, that won’t do. I’ll have to bring her to your party so that both of you can finally talk to each other.”

>“Alice should still have it. It’s a small gold trinket that hangs off a necklace.”
“I’ve seen her wearing that at school. She must still care about you if she’s still wearing it after what happened.”
No. 939747 ID: 0fae41

Absorb, focusing on the control if you have to choose. Try using the techniques of the blood slimes to shape the metal.
No. 939749 ID: e3e99e

If you can tell what is missing, what is unnecessary, what is rotten, and what is underdeveloped, then can you reshape the metal to correct its faults?
If you can fix the arm, do so.
No. 939750 ID: 8d4593

Reshape the metal, and ask what it is.
No. 939760 ID: b1b4f3

>absorb, change metal
Uh, you better not do either of those if he has a chance of noticing.
Tell him what's wrong with the arm, at least.
No. 939761 ID: 8d4593

It could be spun as a good thing if he sees us reshape the metal. Doing so could mean whatever magical process we are using to reshape it could be potentially used by someone else to operate a prosthetic. Something he's clearly passionate about. We'd just have to figure out how to transfer or teach this ability to others. Probably a project that would take significant time between the both of us. We would have to cooperate with his research for him to stay silent, of course. But in return, we we help Alice, do some greater good, gain a trusted ally, and gain access to some sort of crazy magic metal. Imagine all the crazy things we could do with that stuff if we kept a not insignificant amount of it inside us?
No. 939763 ID: a9af05

>I should handle me and Alice
"At the rate you're going, both of you will die of old age before you talk to each other. Just consider this me giving you a little push to speed things up."

I agree with this.
No. 939891 ID: ba56e6

No. 939956 ID: 8eaf98

Absorb a little bit of the metal so we can replicate it later if needed.
No. 940662 ID: fb2a85

“Are you sure you don’t need help with Alice? It has been a few years since you’ve last talked from my understanding.”
“Aye, no offense, but I don’t know you. I don’t trust you that much. I don’t even know why I’m even letting you in here...”

I run run mana through the core, activating its abilities to better control the corpse, getting a feel for the metal embedded in it. I feel like I can somehow reproduce it, much like how I can create mana crystals.

“What do you know of the metal?” I ask, as the metal begins to migrate from the corpse towards me.
“Dracolite? It’s a kind of alloy, as far as we know. No one knows how to create it, but the dragons have been known to make clothes, tools, weapons, and armor out of it.” He answers, running an hand over it, “Although any known way to process it has been lost to age, any remaining tools made from it are left over from the age of dragons. Mana beasts are the only source of it now.”

“If I fix one of the mechanical arms, could I have this laboratory?”
“No. First of all, get your own. Secondly, what do you mean fix?”
“A lot of this body is filled with replacement parts, mummified meat, and useless mechanics. Going off what the mechanics of this body, and using the anatomy of an organic arm, I could create a mechanical arm.”
He looks skeptical, “Sure, if you think you can ‘fix’ something I’ve been trying to decipher for months, go for it.” He crosses his arms, and rests against a wall.

Will use materials in corpse
>Create skeletal arm from Corpse
>Create full arm from Corpse

Will use materials created from Slime
>Create skeletal arm from new Draconite
>Create full arm from new Draconite

>Don’t fix arm
No. 940664 ID: 0fae41

>Create skeletal arm from corpse
Trickle those innovations out slowly, so as not to panic the meatbag.
No. 940665 ID: e7c7d3

>Create skeletal arm from new Draconite

I feel that using resources from the corpse will be less than subtle, and making a skeletal arm will give him something to work on without just completely invalidating all his work.
No. 940666 ID: ba56e6

Skeletal arm from new materials, but not now with him watching. Tell him you need time and will bring it to him as a birthday present.

Making a skeletal frame will allow him to finish it himself, for Alice. That will give him more closure.
No. 940667 ID: 8eaf98

fix with existing draconite but go skeletal because, particularly, if you want to reverse engineer something it seems best to just have the parts relevant to what you want to replicate, less extrainius nonsense.
No. 940672 ID: 0a7f21

I have to imagine to make it functional you'll need to use some of your own slime mass, but I have no idea how much mass you have, how much it would cost, if this would make you "hungry". Using the corpse seems obvious, but maybe a little of both would work well.
No. 940673 ID: 977456

Create the skeleton and workings from Dracolite then the covering from corpse-stuff. The covering is a matter of taste, and they cannot manipulate Dracolite so leave it malleable in case Alice wants to alter it. The workings would possess higher performance and resilience with superior materials, so ensure the optimum skeleton.
This will provide Alice with a good arm, making her thankful and more capable. Thankful and capable people make good allies, and allies are good.

Absorb the Dracolite and cybernetic integration examples, obviously. This is a rare and practical skill that you should be highly talented at and examples are apparently rare. You should optimise it while you have the chance.
No. 940674 ID: 094652

Create a full Dracolite arm. Don't rush it, but do the basic framework right in front of him so he will take you seriously.
No. 940675 ID: b1b4f3

>Create skeletal arm from Corpse
This is the only reasonable option. If you make new metal in front of him he'll be instantly suspicious and maybe even conclude you must be a mana beast (and he'd be right).

Altering the existing metal would be believable, since you could have a secret method of altering the metal with magic. There's no way he knows everything about magic, after all. It'd also be more believable to have a less complicated arm in the end, so go skeletal.
No. 940679 ID: 8d4593

Ensure the area is secure so that no eyes beyond Silvia's will see this.

Create a full Dracolite arm from Silme

And then get ready to non-violently restrain him because he's gonna freak the fuck out.

Slime is "Always" hungry, and mass is easy to come by if It really needs it.
No. 940682 ID: bddb0f

Kind of have to agree with this. We've already gone way beyond on the 'standing out' scale, much further and we'll break the poor boy. Do something that's at least marginally believable, so that any future improvements (we can make those, right?) can be sold as a new development of an already outrageous skill and thus less unbelievable (because we already sold the lie the first time around).

As-is, selling this will have to be some kind of 'you can sense and manipulate mana, and creating a functional skeletal arm is done through mana manipulation - you imagine that's how the mana beasts manipulate them in the first place, since you just repaired and modified the blueprint that was already there' lie/truth.
No. 940689 ID: b1b4f3

Also no matter what you do, you should definitely absorb a sample (and replace the absorbed matter via slime) so you can replicate it later.
No. 940712 ID: e3e99e

It's not that we don't have mana and mass to spare, it's that creating new dracolite stands out too much.

So create a skeletal arm for Alice using the corpse metal, and maybe cover it in corpse flesh if you can make it look like Alice's other arm.

He's going to want to know how we do this, so obviously the response is to ask him if he thinks "dragon-blooded rabbolds" are just grandstanding snobs.
No. 940713 ID: 8d4593

Won't he be miffed if we make a skeletal arm out of the complicated thing he's been studying though?

Also that stands out enormously. Might as well go big me thinks.
No. 940714 ID: 0a7f21

Really, who cares what this guy thinks. Alice is Emils friend, make her a nice, full arm, even if it seems impossible to him.
No. 940738 ID: a9af05

Do this.
No. 940741 ID: 4cf79d

I don't think Alice can be considered Emils' friend. They've meet three times, and although both demonstrate to have something to gain from each other Alice remains cautiously distant, almost uninterested in Emils' proposals. We may have found a touchy personal subject to mess with, but other than that Alice have the same intrigued but skeptical attitude toward Emils that most classmates demonstrate.
Alice is more like a broken toy that looks fun to repair. If we were to mess up and she end up even worst I wouldn't care.

Create a functional arm from the corpse. If the Skeletal arm works it's good enough.
No. 940804 ID: 0a7f21

Isn't Alice the one we showed how to cast perfect fire and offered to attempt to repair her damaged mana channels?

I mean, none of them are close friends yet, but as Emils continues to do impossible things to fix their major problems I have to assume they'll be grateful, and Emils has already put in a decent amount of time with her. It's as close to friends as someone as emotionless as Emils is going to get for the time being.

And I see no reason to hide any aspect of Emils power. I'm sure we've earned ourselves a few advocates should someone decide Emils is a threat, and it's going to happen anyway. I say keep going with it, do amazing things and keep impressing people, and when it does happen maybe people will treat Emils as someone to listen to instead of someone to exterminate.
No. 940984 ID: ba56e6

Consider that this individual has obtained cores from multiple types of mana beasts, including slimes, and studied them. Emils is far from a normal slime, but there is potential danger in revealing too much if he knows weaknesses we are not yet aware of.

At the same time, his knowledge is too valuable to just get rid of him, so we can't afford to make an enemy or threat of him yet.
No. 941045 ID: 0a7f21

Hmm, Alice's severed arm was causing her mana leakage, I wonder if we could craft the arm to fix that problem. Maybe use slime to grow real nerve tissue making the arm a permanent digit that ties directly to her existing physiology.

After it's made, we should really invite this guy to come along when we give it to her. Might be nice to be there for a victory moment for her, bask in the positivity and let that divide between them heal a bit.

Also, did we bother telling him that Alice blames herself?
No. 941047 ID: 91ee5f

>Also, did we bother telling him that Alice blames herself?
Yes. It was right here: >>939203 .
No. 941321 ID: e7703b
File 156493380495.png - (911.16KB , 2388x1668 , 3C19065D-7C90-47ED-B0A0-7AFF3A8BB067.png )

>Skeletal arm from corpse

Using my knowledge of anatomy of both Rabbold and Avaros, I make up a composite image of a base skeletal structure, and grab a hold of the mummified arm and start humming.
I try to use the flesh as parts, but most of it is unusable, except for patches of hide to provide some kind of tension and covering.
Abandoning that, I shift the Draconite around the bones to reinforce what’s left of it, and place the cables and tendons inside of the space where meat would be.
Using a bit more mana, I change the shape of most of the extra Draconite to fill in the gaps, and absorb the rest out of sight.

The arm is a little heavier, being made of metal and cable now. As well as sized for an adult.

All in all, not a bad facsimile.
I run mana though each cable, causing the fingers to wriggle all over and the wrist and elbow to rotate and twist.

I look back to Silvia, who is staring at me, wide eyes and mouth agape.
“Ah... what...? What dah heck was that? How did yah do that?!”
He rushes over, examining the arm, testing each joint and artificial muscle.
“All ah could see was just a rush of mana when you started humming, it was too bright for me to see anything, what did you do?!”
>Explain a lot
>Explain a little
No. 941323 ID: e3e99e

Explain a little
"I am a magical girl."
No. 941324 ID: 8d4593

Explain a little.

Mana beasts manipulate mana differently than we do.
I merely copied them.
No. 941325 ID: 0a7f21

Explain a lot in terms he'll be completely unable to understand.
No. 941326 ID: a54215

Just leave.
No. 941327 ID: a9af05

>What did you do?!
"It should be very obvious what I have done. I made a fully functioning, adult sized skeletal arm. You may need to make it smaller so that it will fit Alice."
No. 941330 ID: e2f5cc

>What did you do?!
"Create a fully functional arm." And to the obvious follow up question of how: "I am a magical girl." Then leave without another word.
No. 941331 ID: bddb0f

No. 941333 ID: 83bf07

No. 941335 ID: 094652

Offer to teach him if he gives you more materials to work with. Teach him as you work, and then leave with his materials and four extra arms. Don't tell him how you attached the extra arms to places without augmentation sockets.
No. 941336 ID: ba56e6

No. 941337 ID: 977456

What use's a wagon without a band?
No. 941353 ID: 1ed92d

Explain a little.
No. 941422 ID: 864e49

Is nobody going to mention his change in accent?
No. 941529 ID: 0fae41

Just leave. You can't really put it in terms he can understand at this society's current level of understanding. So, did absorbing that material teach you anything new?
No. 941559 ID: b5bc34

Explain a little. Obviously the magical girl bit is important, but saying that magic is tuned into certain inaudible notes is also fun and cryptic.

I bet that's his normal accent and it comes out when he's excited.
No. 942762 ID: 3e9573

Tell him you did what he wanted. Also, that you've been dismantling and fixing things your whole life.
No. 943573 ID: e7703b

“All I did was inject a bit of mana into the metal, and asked it to move.”
“Asked it to move?”
“Yes. Is that not how magic is done?”
He looks at me, holding a chip of Draconite, “well, yah ain’t exactly wrong.”

He tries to focus on the small metal while explaining, “I’m not sure who taught yah, but inside everything... hm... let’s call it ‘roads’. Each spell is like a route. A chant, directions.”
He beginning to sweat as he tries to focus, “though repetition and practice, can one find shortcuts, different routes, or separate endings.”
He holds motions to some accessories made of composite matter on the side, “If not, there’s also just forcing a route to be taken.
The main issue is that not everyone knows where or what they’re going to, where they are, or what route they need, which is why every little handicap helps.
And you’re telling me that you just... ask it?”
“... how.”
“I’m a magical girl...?”
“Fine, keep your secrets.” He waves his hand towards the exit, “I sincerely thank you for sharing with me, helping me an all that, but it’s getting late. I need to clean up and lock up, so pardon if I don’t see you out. If yah need anything, just ask.”

>leave (ends day)
No. 943574 ID: ba56e6

"You did not answer my question. What is love?"
No. 943575 ID: 0fae41

Ask for cores.
No. 943582 ID: e7c7d3

Eh, leave. We shook this guys world enough.
No. 943587 ID: b5bc34

Time to go
No. 943591 ID: 83bf07

Let's bail
No. 943608 ID: 094652

"I need a 'subscription' of materials and more arms delivered to my place every week."
No. 943609 ID: 8d4593

Ok. You mind if I come back some time?
You seem interesting and I wouldn't mind helping again.
No. 943610 ID: e3e99e

"Can you handle teaching Alice how to use that arm?"
No. 943612 ID: b1b4f3

Well, one question: should that arm count as your gift?
No. 943613 ID: 91ee5f

Time to go home.

And this.
No. 943615 ID: 977456

"I want a lab. And a magical girl uniform. And lab supplies. And Cores."
No. 943748 ID: 18f1c5

This. No one seems to be able to answer!

And this.
No. 943756 ID: 2e758a

Now that hes well armed, see if he wants a continuing relationship. Maybe if he gives it to Alice and he starts feeling better things will be easier for emils
No. 943769 ID: 0a7f21

Do not give away the nice arm Emils made for Alice to this person. He's got to fix his own situation.

Do tell him he should probably go see her in private now if he's definitely going to be seeing her in public later. It'll just be awkward otherwise.
No. 943770 ID: ba56e6

Nah. We made the arm, he can deal with the problems of installation and it can be his birthday gift.
No. 943774 ID: 977456

Getting the arm to her sooner sounds more important than making a presentation of it. Why wait until a celebration when she could be raining her productivity immediately?
No. 943775 ID: 1b4b08

More importantly, it's a sensitive issue for her. She could be made to feel terrible if the arm is presented publicly and she isn't ready for it. Especially since we don't know if we'll be able to modify her magic pathways, if that's a necessary step.
No. 943781 ID: 0a7f21

I agree we should take it to her right now, but it's still our gift and not this guys.

It's not like he ever could install it anyway. He can't cast spells let alone do the things emils can.
No. 943782 ID: 18f1c5

Didn't we come here to find out what kind of gift to get him, as the party is supposed to be in his honor?
No. 943783 ID: 8eaf98

shhhh don't bring logic into this.
No. 945103 ID: c0e130

"Is this enough for you to tell me what love is?"

This is the only SFW quest I could be bothered to read seven whole threads of; good job, you nerd. I'll start supporting your Patreon soon ::]
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