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File 154043069125.png - (205.43KB , 1039x709 , Title Card.png )
908163 No. 908163 ID: a451fc

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/D3:_Slight_Return
Disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/126175.html
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No. 914288 ID: 575ec0

A man can dream.
No. 914292 ID: 2202fb

Lets summon a succubus!
No. 914293 ID: 91ee5f

Yes, it would be nice, but I agree with >>914282 . Let’s do the ritual normally before we try changing things.

Also, using those ingredients here in the reboot might not give us what you’re wanting to summon.
No. 914296 ID: d3602f

We don't even know how powerful a succubus is. This ritual probably won't summon anything too strong (at least, I hope not, otherwise we could have a high demon on our hands) so if they are really strong we might not be able to summon one.

I am also kind of worried about the rumors that might come about if people find out we keep a succubus with us. Might also worry any potential waifus, and depending on how a succubus works in this story, waifuing one could potentially end badly.

Also, I'm getting tired of succubuses. "Let's look up information about succubuses" "The underaged girl must have been taken over by a succubus" "we'll summon a succubus". There are tons of potential demons based on known folklore alone, and that's ignoring the creation of new demons, like the gnawbur or roaming gluttony. If we find one eventually, that's fine, maybe she'll even be a great new enemy or ally, but please be a bit more patient? They aren't hiding around every corner, and when a demon does something magical, it does not have to be a succubus, we don't need to focus on this one single demon to the exclusion of all others. Just let it occur naturally, I love seeing Heretic's portrayal of "real" demons, but I fear that my excitement of this particular demon may be curtailed by this.
No. 914298 ID: 91ee5f

>Getting tired of suggestions saying “succubus this” or “succubus that”
Oh good, I’m not the only one that feels that way! I’m also tired of it!

Give it a rest guys! It’ll happen when it happens, stop trying to force it!

No. 914299 ID: 465a14

If you feel the need to spoiler large parts or the entirety of your suggestions for being offtopic I recommend trying questdis and the disthreads
No. 914306 ID: 2202fb

Now hang on guys, dont get mad at everyone. Get mad at me. As far as i am aware, i was the only one that suggested it. I just suggested it quite a few times.
No. 914351 ID: d3602f

I think only some of us frequent the discussions thread, I had no idea the right people would see it. It's also easy to skip through spoilers.

It's all good. If we ever have a vote where one of options will likely end with us meeting one, you can choose and debate for that option all you want.
Back to the ritual.

Forgot to ask, what time does it need to be for the ritual to work? So we know when we can experiment with it again.
No. 914419 ID: a451fc
File 154512432661.png - (482.80KB , 1039x709 , Summon Circle Flag.png )

>Summon: Requires 5 Demon Bones, 1 Feather, Something Made of Bone
You gather five bones from the Gnawbur corpses, a feather from Reagan, and a sixth bone from a Gnawbur. You assume the spell designates "Something Made of Bone" and "Demon Bones" because the former can be any bone from any creature while the latter must be from demons.

You place the materials onto the circle and Vol recites a string of phrases that causes the circle to glow brighter and brighter until there's a flash of red light. Afterwards you see no demon, only a red sheet of cloth on the board. You pick it up carefully and hold it out, you realize it's some sort of flag.

VOL: It's a war flag. Dat's da Redcap Army symbol. I can't believe d'em assholes are still kickin' around down d'ere...Looks like d'is spell summons objects and not creatures...or maybe it does both?
No. 914420 ID: 10c408

Looks pretty torn up. Try giving the flag a bit of a wave to see if anything happens?
No. 914421 ID: 2202fb

Wave the flag and summon rotkäppchen!
No. 914422 ID: 447fc7

So who are the red caps and what’s their deal?
No. 914425 ID: d3602f

Maybe... fill it with aether energy?

For more timely matters though, do you think it will give us something different if we do the ritual again at the same spot?

Oh! I also just got an idea for what we should do for the "send" ritual, but it will probably have to wait for tomorrow. If we buy a remote camera or some tracking object, maybe we can see just where the object went?
No. 914427 ID: 094652

What if it's a calling card? Try summoning an army with the flag.
No. 914430 ID: eeb7d9

You think it does something? Try using it, somehow... do you have or a pole or something to tie it up with?
No. 914431 ID: a451fc
File 154513329388.png - (160.22KB , 1039x709 , Flag.png )

>Wave the flag
You give the flag a little wave...it doesn't do anything really. It's just red cloth, nothing special about it.

>The Redcap Army
You ask about this group

VOL: Jus' a gang dat controlled part a' da third layer. D'ey didn' control a lot a' land but it was a good amount...but maybe dat's changed?
YOU: We're they dangerous?
VOL: Sorta, d'ey we're mostly made a' goblins, hobgoblins, and some imps. Plenty a' groups fight for territory on certain parts a' da Aether, especially on da lower layers. I think some a' d'em jus' fight for fun? I dunno, never really concerned me. I only ever heard a them from other demons dat'd been up d'ere. I roamed da second layer an' d'ere was less warin' d'ere.
YOU: Hmmm...Is this the most I'll get out of using this spell?
VOL: Probably, but you oughtta get somethin' different if ya do it again, you still got time and materials.
No. 914432 ID: ad51b8

sure why not, let's give it another roll and see what comes through. If nothing else it's interesting to see what type of things are in the Vol's old word. Fun to learn about them too.
No. 914433 ID: eeb7d9

Alright, let's give it a shot. But i would also like to try other rituals too.
No. 914436 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, try the Summon ritual one more time.

After that, it’s time to try and have Reagan translate your tattoos.
No. 914439 ID: 3209d3

Yeah! One more time! Summon! Maybe add the flag as a reagent too?
No. 914440 ID: a9af05

Summon one more time.

Maybe Reagan can help read the parts of the ritual that Vol can't read?
No. 914445 ID: 575ec0

Summon again, but add an extra reagent. Like the flag itself, or at least a part of it.
No. 914446 ID: a9af05

I'm kinda afraid of using the flag.

Adding that might summon 1 or more members of the Redcap Army! Or something even worse will happen!
No. 914448 ID: 575ec0

But. But... Science!
Also, don't we have a silver slug still?
We can load that up and have our shotgun ready, just in case.
No. 914455 ID: 2202fb

Hang on a sec! Lets use the silver slug as a reagent! That should spawn something interesting!
No. 914456 ID: d3602f

Or it could be like adding cesium to water, IE, will be incredibly explosive. I am absolutely against this, that's just asking for trouble.
No. 914459 ID: a9af05

Another reason that's a bad idea is that if it works and actually summons a demon, that demon might end up being completely immune to silver, which would be bad for us if it ends up being a hostile demon, since silver is our main weapon against demons!

So I agree, this is a bad idea and we should not do it!
No. 914465 ID: 575ec0

No risk no reward.

Roland risks his life on the daily to oncover demonic secrets.
He could easily be a musician/mechanic working out of Dawn Springs if he wanted to survive safely. He's practically Indiana Jones.
This isn't Dangerous. This is life.

Throw a random catalyst in the spell!
Whats the worst that could happen!?!?
No. 914469 ID: d3602f

Demons are just a part of life, and we're trying to find a way to deal with them. Some people may end up accidentally running into hostile demons, but I don't think many people are going to accidentally perform a demonic ritual with a piece of silver.

We also have a bit of an idea of what the regular ritual does, but we could learn more about it. If this ritual only pulls things from the third layer, we might be able to handle most living things that could come our way. It also seems too simple to pull something incredibly dangerous.

If we do use silver, I predict two possibilities. The spell will fizzle, and we'll waste our time. Or, it might do something really dangerous, ranging from exploding to creating a miniature black hole. I really don't think we'll be summoning anything by adding silver.
No. 914480 ID: a451fc
File 154518433986.png - (589.90KB , 1039x709 , Summon Circle Figure.png )

>Use silver slug in ritual
>Use flag in ritual

You place both onto the circle along with the necessary ingredients to preform the spell and begin. The circle glows but the light quickly dies down and the silver slug vibrates. It looks like the silver disrupts the ritual, so you remove it and only leave the flag. You preform the spell and this time it works successfully, however the flag is not consumed and it seems the ritual has not changed at all.

On the board this time is what looks like some sort of rock or crystal covered in demonic writing in a golden stand. Vol has no idea what this thing is and neither do you. He does remark that the writing is in high demonic.
No. 914484 ID: d3602f

Doesn't seem adding things changes the ritual. This thing is really interesting though, I'm really curious what exactly it is. Hope no one will miss it too much.

Let's try fusion next. We might want to stand a ways for this one, just in case.
No. 914486 ID: 3209d3

Actually let's call Reagan really fast to check out what the hell this statue means. Doesn't sound cheap tho.
No. 914487 ID: d3602f

Reagan can read it later, the rituals can only be done at a certain time of day. Perform them while we still can.
No. 914488 ID: ad51b8

I'm starting to wonder if their are going to be certain demons running around trying to remember where they put their shit.

-I could have sworn I put it here last night, now where the hell is it? It's not like it just up and vanished into thin air!

But yeah, I feel this is something that we should get the bird to look at once he's sobered up a little bit.
No. 914489 ID: 3674e7

More things for Reagan to decipher for us.
This’ll help if we ask him to teach us high demonic.
No. 914490 ID: eeb7d9

Best ritual ever! We will be able to learn so much from the stuff we get from there!
But let's try another one, Fusion sounds promising. Do you have the materials?
No. 914491 ID: d3602f

Wait, I just thought of something interesting. A place in the material realm may correspond with a place in the aether. If the ritual is performed repeatedly in the same area, it may take objects that are around it in the corresponding area.

>>914271 may be on to something, and we might be able to summon the record back if we perform it at Phineas' shop.
No. 914492 ID: 91ee5f

>Perform Fusion
I’m not sure if Roland is willing to give up 15 oz of his blood to do that.

Unless that blood that’s under the house for the ritual used to camouflage the house: >>/questarch/885167 , is actually human blood, we might need more time to prepare before we just start draining blood outta our body!
No. 914499 ID: b1b4f3

Ask Reagan to read it.
No. 914505 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, right, I forgot to suggest what to do.

I think we should stop doing rituals for now and just have Reagan read what’s on the crystal.
No. 914506 ID: 575ec0

fusions neat but what are we gonna fuse? I'd like Reagans take on the artifact.
No. 914512 ID: a451fc
File 154521202932.png - (255.91KB , 1039x709 , Reagan 2.png )

>Ask Reagan
You show the crystal to Reagan, luckily he recognizes what the thing is.

REAGAN: It's a Sound-gem. It records and plays sound clearly along with having a number of other features with it. The markings up and down the sides are just sigils used to get the thing working, all you need to do to use one is charge it with aetherial energy and speak. Really you can learn how to use these things pretty easily. They aren't made exclusively for High Demons but they are used frequently by them.

Reagan's eyes go blank as he opens his mouth and a red mist spills out of it twisting until it turns into his true form. He reaches and touches the base of the scribe-crystal.

REAGAN: Wow a golden base? This is definitely a High Demon's crystal, let's see whats on here.

The crystal glows as Reagan turns it on. You don't hear word's only gentle music, sounds like a piano followed by singing? It's a very calming song, like velvet on your ears.


The music plays on a loop until Reagan stops it.

REAGAN: Lovely singing. I guess you could record your own stuff on this too. This thing has 6 sides to record sounds on and only one seems to be used up with that song, nice find
No. 914514 ID: eeb7d9

Raegan could you teach me what it says in this thing? I would like to start learning high demonic. A few words would be nice to start.

Should we keep trying other rituals, or we ask Raegan to translate what we wanted now?
No. 914516 ID: 91ee5f

>Reagan's eyes go blank as he opens his mouth and a red mist spills out of it twisting until it turns into his true form.
So he’s a 5-eyed demon? Let’s draw him in our journal!

Then ask him if he always had 5 eyes? You know demons with more eyes are supposed to be stronger, but you’re not sure if demons are always born with a set number of eyes or if they can gain more eyes when they become stronger.

After that, I guess go inside your house and have him look at your tattoos.

We should ask Reagan to teach High Demonic to both Roland and Vol.
No. 914517 ID: 575ec0

Ayyyy We can draw Reagan now.

Also, this could come in handy in a number of ways.
We could record music, obviously.
It could be used to secretly record a conversation.

The Sigils could (and should) be studied thoroughly for purposes of both replication and general magic and demonic research. In fact, I think they should be at least transcribed right now for later study.

The gold base could be sold, retained for use in later projects, or given whole or in part to Ada for the production of advanced electronics, though it would likely flip the debt massively in your favor. Not exactly a good thing for you team Ada guys.

I am, however, of the opinion that the gold base is removed from the object, regardless of what we want to do with it.

If taking things from the ether like this was without risk, everyone would do it and pagans would be far more prominent. We just stole something from a high demon. Identifying features such as the base should be removed. Honestly, the recording should be wiped too, but It would be a sin we didn't at least transfer it to another medium first.
No. 914520 ID: 91ee5f

>sell gold base to Ada
Why would she want that? She’d be more interested in computer bits, machinery, maybe even the crystal itself (because she said she was looking for a different power source). But not the gold base.

There’s also the possibility that the gold base is stuck to the crystal and we can’t separate them without damaging either of them.

>We just stole something from a high demon.
If the high demon cared that much about the crystal, then it would’ve already killed us and taken the crystal back. For all we know, it could’ve just been sitting in the demon’s attic, collecting dust from not being used, among a bunch of other random things it keeps and forgets about.

And if the high demon did come looking for it, why would we put Ada in danger by selling the gold base to her?

Besides, if there was any real danger, then Reagan and/or Vol would be freaking the fuck out right now.

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing to worry about.
No. 914523 ID: b1b4f3

Uhhh... ask Reagan how much trouble you'll get in from summoning stuff from the Aether.
No. 914524 ID: a9af05

Draw Reagan, then go inside and translate your tattoos.

>Pagans would be far more prominent
Did you forget the tournament we entered? I'm pretty sure the pagans are very prominent. We just got lucky enough to receive an invitation to participate.

And let's not forget how much money and resources are needed to do something like that. I wouldn't be surprised if a few high demons actually helped fund the tournaments because of them being bored and watching humans fight each other is amusing.

I think you're worrying too much.
No. 914525 ID: b1b4f3

>Draw Reagan, then go inside and translate your tattoos.
Oh yeah this too.
No. 914534 ID: 575ec0

Gold is a great conductor and is fantastically resistant to corrosion.
She could make electronic components from it that are resistant to corrosive conditions.
This would free her up to use more effective, but otherwise dangerous chemicals in her designs.

I happen to remember an exploding robot powered off Psy and Lucy that she was trying to build.
I bet it would be at least a little more stable if she was etching on a gold-backed semiconductor.
No. 914547 ID: a9af05

But wouldn't that also make a bigger explosion if her robot explodes again?

Sure increased stability sounds promising, but that means any failures are much more dangerous!
No. 914550 ID: a451fc
File 154526719420.png - (345.87KB , 1039x709 , Reagan 2-1.png )

>How much trouble will you get in from summoning stuff from the Aether?
REAGAN: Ehh? Probably not at all? The summon spells seems to only work on the lower layers of the Aether, so I think some high demon just left this thing on a low layer and forgot it. Besides these things aren't hard to make, someone might be a little annoyed but unless you summons something really important you don't need to worry

>Remove the gold base
The crystal pops out of the base with a firm pull, the base isn't necessary for the device to work.

>Ask Reagan to teach you high demonic
REAGAN: I can't teach either of you! A one eyed and a two sorta eyed being can't learn it
VOL: Seriously? You're gonna bring up da eye thing now?
REAGAN: That isn't just me embarrassing the classism of our world Imp. I cant teach either of you because the only way to properly understand the language is to have a proper amount of demon eyes. Even I can only barely parse out parts of the language with 5 eyes. It's a stupidly complicated language, but I've been doing my best to try and understand as much as I can...when you don't have a body the most you can do for fun is read.
YOU: So you can't read high demonic?
REAGAN: I can understand more than you or any other human you know, and demons with more eyes than me on earth tend to be insanely hostile.
No. 914551 ID: a451fc
File 154526719947.png - (447.14KB , 1039x709 , Ghoul Journal.png )

>Draw Reagan
As a formless being that controls people and uses them to sate an endless hunger you take to calling Reagan a "Ghoul". You also make sure to add a footnote that Reagan's Physique, Nimbleness, and Condition change with what he possess and are low on their own.

>Did Reagan always had 5 eyes?
REAGAN: Of course. You can't just gain more eyes that's ridiculous...Well I mean there are rumors, but those are just bullshit.

With all of that over you decide to take a brake from the rituals for now and show Reagan the rest of your tattoos. You both move to the inside of the house where you remove your tank top and bandages so he can see your tattoos closer. Reagan hops around you to get a good view of all of them.

REAGAN: ...Lots of traces of sun sign writing, next to no clay sign...I don't recognize these parts though...it looks like these were drawn on by humans and not demons, I can tell from the line work on your back. Where'd you get these from?
YOU: I don't know?
REAGAN: Right...well with the odd mixture of the different types off writing along with the fact that it's human written and that has a lot of effect on the legibility it's hard to understand what it will do...but it is pretty cool to look at! I've never seen runes like this.
No. 914553 ID: d3602f

So we actually need multiple eyes to read this? Think we could create some kind of machine with a bunch of cameras and calibrate them so it's similar to the vision of a high demon?

Sun sign writing, but little to no clay writing? Does that mean anything important?

Also, give him some food. We did promise him after all.
No. 914554 ID: 91ee5f

>The crystal pops out of the base with a firm pull, the base isn't necessary for the device to work.
And now to put that gold base in the “give to Ada” pile.

>Of course. You can't just gain more eyes that's ridiculous...Well I mean there are rumors, but those are just bullshit.
“Sometimes rumors are actually true. So what are these rumors that you’ve heard?”

>Where'd you get these from?
>I don't know?
Actually, you only know what your dad has told you every time you asked him. Your father told you that you were born with them.

>it's hard to understand what it will do...
The runes on your body are supposed to do something?!

Maybe you’ve got a really cool super power? Which kinda sucks, since you don’t know how to activate the runes.
No. 914555 ID: 91ee5f

>Also, give him some food. We did promise him after all.
Yeah, do this.

Just don’t give him rice. Birds tend to explode after eating rice.
No. 914556 ID: ad51b8

so what sort of things do runes written on people usually do? Like do they put on runes to boast their strength, ward against things, or what?
No. 914558 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe the Pagans will know. Better ask Flint next time you're in town.

Do we have time to do anything else?
No. 914559 ID: df5c09

Ask Reagan if fulling reading the High Demonic language requires a certain minimum of demon eyes or if it could be any kind of eye. Because if it's any kind of eyes, mortal included, then perhaps there are mutants out there with enough eyes to learn the language. ...Actually, how many eyes does Ada have? She's a spider mutant, so does she have eight eyes as well?

>So we actually need multiple eyes to read this? Think we could create some kind of machine with a bunch of cameras and calibrate them so it's similar to the vision of a high demon?
If it's possible, we'd probably need Ada's help to work on it. And I also have a feeling that "ritual computer" from the guy that had the Gnawbur infestation might help on this as well.
No. 914561 ID: 575ec0

It's fine if we can't learn high demonic it. Just tell us what he can, we'll have to figure out something through research...

Say, could we understand just... part of it? Like... what if we had a team of 10 humans working on the same text?
That's 20 eyes between us!
No. 914563 ID: 91ee5f

You want to show only your upper body? Are you sure you don’t want to take your pants off and show off the tattoos on the lower half of your body?
No. 914564 ID: 3209d3

Hey, Reagan, why did you came to our world instead of staying at the Aether?
No. 914565 ID: d3602f

If this demon who somewhat understands high demonic doesn't know what they will do, the pagans, who according to Flint do not know high demonic, won't know about them either.

Whether demonic eyes are different to ours or not, it would probably be expensive to hire a bunch of people to get together and parse it. I'm also pretty sure that you need the eyes to all be connected to one brain, otherwise we could probably just take a bunch of pictures at different angles and put them together.

The Ada idea sounded good at first, but now that I think about it that might not be the best choice for the long term. First, asking her to learn a completely new language and have her read Hazels books for us might be asking a bit much, especially seeing as we're already indebted to her. There is also the issue of what we'll do if she isn't present to help us.

There is also another thing to consider. We want our information to be open to everyone, assuming they have the resources. There are only so many mutants with multiple eyes, much less mutants with more than five. Our book should explain the language, while giving a method to read that EVERYONE has the potential to use. We should create demon eye goggles, and make a schematic and blueprint in our book.
No. 914567 ID: b1b4f3

Who other than Pagans would tattoo a child with High Demonic writing?
This brings up questions as to who Roland's father really was.

Also the only way the multiple eye thing makes sense for reading High Demonic is if demons need more eyes to understand more symbols. Like maybe demons have bad eyesight normally and more eyes let them see things more clearly? Either that or demons with more eyes just have more brain matter associated with vision and object/symbol recognition.
Humans shouldn't have that problem.
No. 914569 ID: d3602f

Think about it like this: most humans have two eyes, right? Most of the time our eyes are focused on one place, which let's us build a specific image of the world around us. Now, try to make your pupils look in completely different directions (not too long though, don't know about you but it gives me eyestrain). Try having your left eye look left, and your right look right. It probably makes things look like a mess, but it is still a different view. Imagine doing it with five, or even ten eyes. With all the eyes pointing in different directions, they can see different things, and build upon it. But, it requires one vision. We may have two eyes, but it is hard to distinguish exactly where your left eye stops, and your right eye begins. Put multiple pictures from different angles into one.

One thing we can be sure about, father definitely was a curious man. We know little about our mother either.
No. 914572 ID: 91ee5f

>only so many mutants with multiple eyes
What if that still doesn’t work? What if it specifically has to be demon eyes? Even if Ada does have enough eyes and she’s willing to help translate, that still might not be enough for her to read high demonic.
No. 914580 ID: d3602f

Then we'll need to either find a way to make imitation demon eyes, connect demon eyes to a machine that can make a picture out of them, or find a demon with enough eyes who is willing to help us. The latter seems the least likely, but the first two we might be able to handle with some help from Mordecai and a good dissection.

One problem with the first two options though. The only demons we've run into with "real" eyes are sapient, and none of them have given us a reason to murder them. So unless the "fake eyes" of a lesser demon works similarly, we'll have to wait until we run into a demon with real eyes who gives us a morally justified reason to kill them.
No. 914587 ID: b1b4f3

Symbols are two dimensional. They look the same no matter what angle you're looking at them from. More eyes won't let you see more of a two dimensional shape.
No. 914589 ID: 235ba5

Ahh, Kos.
Or some say...
Grant us eyes.

But seriously ask about the myths regarding gaining eyes.
No. 914590 ID: d3602f

Let me give another example. Look at the text, and wink with both eyes. Switch between them, and you'll see that the place where the text is changes, albeit subtly. This is because each eye has a picture at different positions. Two pictures, two positions. You can even see both examples with both your eyes open, but it's more obvious with three dimensional objects where one eye can see behind an object.

The reason why the two pictures are so hard to separate is because the human brain processes it so that you get an in between image. The human brain processes tons of information to fix our sight, heck, the way the light hits our eyes inverts reality. If we saw without any processing whatsoever we would see the world upside down. The demons could have a different way of processing vision with many eyes, allowing them to see all the images at once and lay them on top of each other without the mind trying to force them back into one. Again, something cameras probably wouldn't have a problem with.

I cannot think of any other reason why having tons of eyes would allow you to read high demonic better.
No. 914596 ID: a451fc
File 154529738251.png - (307.08KB , 1039x709 , Living Room.png )

>Sun sign writing, but little to no clay writing? Does that mean anything important?
REAGAN: Not really. Sun sign and clay sign writing are two of the most common scripts that make up demonic languages. There are other's but they're rarely used

>Rumors of gaining eyes?
REAGAN: Some demons think if you eat enough humans you can grow extra eyes and become a high demon, some think killing an angel grants you high status, others think training can do it but none have yielded any results. So yeah, myths

>How does having more eyes help you read a language?
YOU: Does having more eyes for reading high demonic have something to do with reading it from different angles? I do know a spider mutant, maybe she has enough eyes to learn it?
REAGAN: Demon eyes! Your friend won't have any luck unless those eyes of her's are from the Aether. Also, while it may be true that viewing high demonic from different angles is part of reading it the very physiology of a demon and their eyes is also necessary for it to work, I know I'm not really an expert but I doubt you flesh bags will figure out any way to read it on your own anytime soon.
YOU: Why would something like this be tattooed on me?
REAGAN: Beats me, but it had to have been some one in contact with high demons or knowledge of their language

>Feed Reagan
You toss Reagan a few bits of jerky which he scarfs down quickly. The information he's told you has got you wondering about your dad more.
YOU: If I wasn't born with these tattoos then how'd I get them?
VOL: Y'know! I think'd make da most sense if ya got kidnapped as a baby by pagans!...right? dat kinda makes sense. Would explain why Marshall didn't like 'em.

>What now?
There's still time to try a few more spells. Or you could do something else? You remember Flint saying you should exercise more if you want to get through his lessons faster? You could do that for the rest of the day if you want. Or do something completely different if you can think of it.
No. 914597 ID: d3602f

Exercise might be best. Gotta prepare for future fights.
No. 914598 ID: b1b4f3

get swole.
I'm not sure what we could do with the other rituals anyway. We don't have anything to send into the aether and I don't want to fuse anything either.
No. 914602 ID: eeb7d9

I know that reference.

But wait, if there is some high demonic in those runes, what do those mean? At least in those parts. And if those other runes are human, someone must know what they mean. We need to research this. Is like not knowing a part of yourself. What was dad thinking with all this, if he had something to do with it.
No. 914604 ID: 575ec0

Offer To let Reagan "Ride along" in you. Then go to an all you can eat buffet in town and see how much food you can stuff in your mouth hole.
No. 914606 ID: 91ee5f

>Y'know! I think'd make da most sense if ya got kidnapped as a baby by pagans!...right? dat kinda makes sense. Would explain why Marshall didn't like 'em.
.....maybe we could ask Flint if Pagans kidnap babies? Specifically, were they doing that 19 or 20 years ago when you would’ve been a baby?

Also, when you got knocked the fuck out in the tournament, plenty of people saw your tattoos. So if the Pagans did kidnap you, wouldn’t someone recognize your tattoos?

>What do?
Exercise for the rest of the day. You won’t get stronger if you slack off!

No! That is a stupid idea! Why would you want him to go around town and eat a bunch of people?!
No. 914609 ID: 575ec0

>Why would you want him to go around town and eat a bunch of people?!

Can't tell if sarcastic, or if legit don't know what an all you can eat buffet is...
No. 914610 ID: 91ee5f

To a demon that’s always hungry, a town is an all you can eat buffet full of people to eat.

Also, letting Reagan into Roland’s body is just plain stupid. He’s not going to want to leave if we let him in.
No. 914615 ID: 575ec0

First point is paranoid and moot because...
>Second is patently false.

Remember what he said when we were exercising him? He chose a child because she was the only person around with a feeble enough mind for him to control.
As an adult, Roland should be able to easily resist any attempts at control.

Also, remember what the main difficulty was when we exercised him? We didn't want to start slicing up a child. Roland can easily do it to himself or have Troy do it if Reagan is dumb enough to refuse to leave when asked. Reagan knows this, too.

Honestly, combat body-hopping could be a viable strategy later, and Reagan can't fight with us if he's stuck in a bird. He needs to be able to switch into and out of Roland in case that bird gets one shot by something. Otherwise, Reagan might forever be a homebody.

All that aside though, my suggestion was primarily a joke. I was mainly hoping for a silly thought response from Roland. It's not like this would be a good way to spend our time. I'm honestly surprised that you're so uppity about it.
No. 914617 ID: 91ee5f

>All that aside though, my suggestion was primarily a joke.
It’s really hard to tell if someone is joking or not when it’s just text on a screen.
No. 914630 ID: a451fc
File 154536024133.png - (213.47KB , 1039x709 , Workout.png )

You don't think there's an all you can eat buffet in any city. You think Luucc serves food at his bar though. You're kind of getting sick of fruit and jerky, you saw somebody eating grilled chicken there before, that sounds good. You could bring Reagan too, since he can't just possess anybody he wants and he seems to have calmed down a bit now.

You get the weights again and begin to workout more.

VOL: So...Are ya not worried 'bout Troy?
YOU: About him being chased? of course I'm worried that's why I'm letting him hideout here.
VOL: No, I mean aren't ya worried about us gettin' caught up in his issues more than we already have? Bein' chased by bandits ain't somethin' you should take so easily!
No. 914631 ID: d3602f

We've destroyed 10 of their cars including a tank, and killed a saint of theirs. If you're worried about pissing them off, I'm pretty sure we already did that. I don't think these are good people, and I have a feeling any attempts at an apology will fall on deaf ears. That gang is probably going to be our problem now, whether we distance ourselves from him or not.

You also had a point about demons being dangerous, and it helps to have another person there to help. Those Displacer Beasts could have been a major problem, but he helped us. Admittedly he came with his own problems, but I think it's better that we deal with them together than alone.
No. 914634 ID: 575ec0

Well duh I'm worried about that. But we're already in too deep.

On the upside, what we did today had to have been a crippling blow to whatever gangs chasing Troy. On the other hand, that means whoever we encounter next from them will probably be absurdly tough. We'll be seeing their best, soon.
No. 914635 ID: 10c408

or they could abandon the brute force approach after we turned their tank into wreckage and start sending assassins, bounty hunters and begin employing all manner of obnoxiously dangerous guerrilla tactics against us.
No. 914636 ID: 10c408

or they could abandon the brute force approach after we turned their tank into wreckage and start sending assassins, bounty hunters and begin employing all manner of obnoxiously dangerous guerrilla tactics against us.
No. 914637 ID: eeb7d9

Think about this, Vol. That crazy bastard that we killed early today had a tank. He was accompanied by like 20 guys or so, all of them with vehicules, they have resourses, weapons, etc. There is bound to be even more. He said that Troy's former boss was planning something big. Clearly, those guys are to no good, all a bunch of raiders and maniacs, murderers, whatever. And we like it or not, we'll likely cross them sooner or latter, because of Troy, or just because we are in their way.
And if they susccid with whatever they are planing, we are as good as goners. So, yeah, i worry about all this, that is exactly why i will help Troy and face those bastards. Besides, Troy is a good guy, i like him.
No. 914638 ID: b1b4f3

That was their first approach.
No. 914647 ID: 91ee5f

“Of course I’m worried! These guys are going to get in the way of our demon research!”

“.....hey, Vol? I was wondering if you’d like to do some training with me? Because let’s face it, if anymore of those guys show up, we need to be ready to face them together. So what do ya say? You wanna work out with me?”

Hold one of your weights towards him so that he can take it if he wants to work out with you.

They already tried that.

Remember the people that ambushed Troy when he went to one of his stashes? And let’s not forget about the voodoo guy that was hired to track Troy down. We’re lucky we convinced him to talk to Troy and he became our ally!
No. 914661 ID: a451fc
File 154537956683.png - (209.11KB , 1039x709 , Workout 2.png )

YOU: Well yeah I'm worried about all of that, this shit's getting in the way of my demonological studies. More importantly I feel like it's for the best that we help Troy. From what I've heard Channing's gang or whatever is planning something dangerous that we could easily get swept up in, and more importantly can easily sweep over other unsuspecting people. I feel like we'd encounter them one way or another and this helps us prepare a bit right?
VOL: ...I guess dat's one way a' lookin' at it.
YOU: Plus I like Troy! and we've already gotten pretty involved so ditching him won't do anything. Now grab some weights! You should be working out too.
VOL: Ain't my magic good enough? and I already been bleedin' myself dry!
YOU: Come one Vol! We're going to be facing tons of dangerous gang members and magic users, you can never be too prepared!

Vol attempts to lift a dumbbell but it's difficult for him to use properly, so you go look for smaller ones. Despite your worry about Channing's gang you still feel confident about what your up against. It won't be easy, but neither you or Troy are going to take it laying down
No. 914662 ID: a451fc
File 154537958637.png - (14.96KB , 1039x709 , Shit's Black Y'all.png )

No. 914663 ID: a451fc
File 154537959737.png - (123.26KB , 1039x709 , Matzen 1.png )

Matzen, c'mon you know this is a waste of both of our time! It's so easy for you to just let the cat outta the bag right? I want this done just as badly as you do.


Look I have no interest in any of this, honestly you should consider yourself lucky my brothers not doing this. I know you've been in contact with Troy while he was planning to ditch and after he ditched us. So I'm gonna give you one last chance to tell me what I want to know.

...You look like a jack ass in that mask.

No. 914664 ID: a451fc
File 154537962463.png - (114.81KB , 1039x709 , Matzen 2.png )

Oh yeah I wore it for a little shin-dig I went to down in Crater. I was iffy on it but hey, it's grown on me. Anyway I guess there's no convincing ya, there's no beating it out of ya...It's a shame really, I hate killin' people that can't fight back

D3: Slight Return - End Episode 4
No. 914676 ID: eeb7d9

He doesn't look like a jackass, he IS a jackass.
No. 914679 ID: 91ee5f

Aw, come on, Naos, don’t be like that! I thought you were cool!
No. 914681 ID: a9af05

Well that's unfortunate. I was hoping he'd help us out, but it looks like we're gonna be enemies.
No. 914682 ID: d3602f

If you're talking about Naos, the guy broke most of our limbs, is apparently a sore loser, and is Channing's brother. He never seemed like an ally.

If you're talking about Matzen, it doesn't look like he's our enemy, but it looks like he won't get the chance to be our ally either. Shame, kind of wanted to get to know him. He was willing to help Troy despite being in the gang.
No. 914685 ID: a9af05

Yes I was talking about Naos. And all of that happened during the tournament, so he was allowed to break our bones.

Someone that powerful would've been a good ally, but it turns out that he's our enemy, which is why it sucks that he ain't going to help us.
No. 914706 ID: d3602f

The problem wasn't just breaking our bones, that looked like it could have broken our neck. He could have thrown us out or something, but he went way too far.

We've also known that he and Channing were brothers and part of the same gang for a while, this is not new information.
No. 914708 ID: a9af05

>He went way too far.
You say that as if he's the only one that would've done that.

It could've easily been either Rascal or Gwyn that broke our bones and gone "too far".

Besides, we've been told multiple times that there were safeguards in place to prevent someone from getting killed. With something like that in place, he probably felt that he didn't need to pull his punches during the tournament, the same way Rascal and Gwyn didn't pull their punches. Therefore, he was justified in doing what he did.
No. 914713 ID: 91ee5f

>Ain't my magic good enough? And I already been bleedin' myself dry!
“Vol, we can’t rely only on our magic! We’ve also gotta improve our bodies!”

Anyone else think we should have Vol train with Roland the next time we go to Flint for some training? We’ll probably have to bribe him by saying that he doesn’t have to do any of his blood training if does Flint’s training with us.

Take it to the disthread.
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