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File 151754330409.jpg - (289.07KB , 1000x800 , labyrinth-logo.jpg )
863922 No. 863922 ID: 12b116

Previous thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/854128.html

Kobolds have entered into a strange Magical Realm and leave chaos wherever they go!
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No. 863923 ID: 12b116
File 151754336866.jpg - (267.67KB , 1000x800 , break1.jpg )

:tronklis: Well, everybody has settled down in the long room. Everybody is also exhausted and we decide to make camp, even though there's no telling if it's day or night any more.

Should anyone sleep with the strange necklace? Oubliss has it currently.
What questions should we ask tonight?
No. 863927 ID: b1b4f3

Yes someone sleep with the strange necklace. I don't care who, really. Does Oubliss still want it? Kloldril might do alright with it, he seems brave enough to handle LoMD's spookiness.

Ask golden lady:
1 if you should trust the Lord of Marvelous Devices. (this isn't bite quest and this isn't Lord of Marvels so we don't know!)
2 what she would wish for if she had a crown of wishing
3 what's with the weird fleshy gun arm?
No. 863940 ID: c88e6d

This is all very reasonable. Oubliss seems like a competent Strange Necklace Wearer.
No. 863942 ID: 130855

See if you can ask more about the labyrinth, maybe find out what the deal is with this place.
No. 863975 ID: e1c8f7

Everyone should have a turn with the necklace. Kloldril should be next.
No. 864022 ID: 1472df

I think it would be better if Tronklis wore it this time.

Are you actually a kobold?
Can you share your power with us now?
Should the Machine be destroyed?
No. 864161 ID: 12b116
File 151762598608.jpg - (170.75KB , 1000x800 , goldbold3.jpg )

:oubliss: "What would you wish for if you had a crown of wishing?"

:goldbold:"Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement."

:tronklis: "Should the Machine be destroyed?"
:goldbold:"The price of inaction is greater than the cost of making a mistake."

:slorsnis:"Tell me about the Labyrinth, what's the deal with this place?"
:goldbold:"You have been trapped in the inescapable net of ruin by your own want of self"
:slorsnis: She is pointing to herself and seems very frustrated!
No. 864162 ID: 12b116
File 151762600001.jpg - (208.71KB , 1000x800 , magiconion.jpg )

:kloldril:I've agreed to take the strange necklace tonight, I dream I'm pulling up onions in the field, but one of them is making a ringing noise! When I pull it up, it's made of metal and has multi colored roots that keep going forever!

:md:"Are you to be my new disciple? Assist my Wheelmen and I shall reward you !"
No. 864164 ID: 130855

I'd like some information up front, please and thank you.
No. 864166 ID: a363ac

what is your darkest desire
No. 864168 ID: 0d45a9

What is your quest?
What is your favourite colour?
What is the airspeed velocity of a unladen swallow?
No. 864181 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds like this labyrinth was made to capture her.

Ask him what his deal is. Why's he trapped here? What will he do when he gets out?
No. 864185 ID: 12b116
File 151763061114.jpg - (341.03KB , 1000x800 , br03.jpg )

:kloldril:"... and the blue things in the fountains are not food, don't even lick them. Oubliss do you have any idea what the necklace's deal is?"
:oubliss: "other than letting you talk to the machine guy I don't think it has one? What did you ask him?"
:kloldril:"I didn't get to ask him anything! The dream ended after he said that thing about the wheel men."

:tronklis:Well, now that everyone is up, we eat the food we brought from home as a good morale booster while we share dreams. What do we do now? Just walk down the hallway? Nobody is going to get lost at least.
No. 864192 ID: c4809e

Might as well walk and talk down the long hallway, might be a while.
No. 864198 ID: b1b4f3

Haha, infinite toilet paper as firewood. Genius.

Well, you could open the door again. It might lead somewhere different now. Or it could lead directly to the anomaly again and kill you before you can close the door again!
You should at least walk down the hall for a little while, to see if anything changes.
No. 864203 ID: e1c8f7

See if there's any way you can check what's left on the other side of the door. Maybe pushing a piece of reflective metal under the door and looking at the reflection?
No. 864215 ID: 3d336d

The way I would interpret her answers would be like this:
"Wishing alone isn't enough."
"At any cost."
"I've been imprisoned in the Labyrinth for wanting to be myself."

There's a wish that I think would be a good idea to make. To guarantee our safe passage.
Basically, pre-emptively wish that, in case someone in the group is lethally wounded, or definitely about to get, that they would be saved and placed out of danger. Ask the kings if such a wish is possible.

And, yeah, I would prefer to try walking down the hallway first before trying to open the door again. If we haven't moved, then there's little reason to think opening it right away would lead to a different place.
No. 864221 ID: b1b4f3

Pretty sure the first answer is just her saying she would wish for freedom. She has to speak using words others have said, but she isn't trying to get across complicated concepts, that is rather unlikely to be possible with her limited vocabulary. She seems to favor using the first or last word of a phrase as her answer if she can't find a good phrase to use.
The second answer is really hard to interpret actually. It seems to be implying that destroying the machine (referring to the vent-machine-thing or the printout machine? If it was supposed to be asking about Lord of Marvelous Devices it sure wasn't phrased properly. BE CLEAR WHEN ASKING QUESTIONS DAMMIT) will have drawbacks but it was better than doing nothing.

On re-evaluation, I wonder if the third answer is her saying she IS the labyrinth?
No. 864368 ID: 12b116
File 151770747587.jpg - (191.99KB , 1000x800 , br04.jpg )

:tronklis: "All right, let's get going." If this place doesn't go forever we should know pretty soon. The door remains closed, we might be able to damage it enough to reopen it but that seems like a really terrible idea. We walk for a good while, and things start to get predictably weird again.
:slorsnis:"I would normally say this is weird but I guess it's actually normal."

:7kings:"You cannot wish for something that has not happened!"

:tronklis: At first I thought things were just a little off, but now everything is gettiny more and more mushy looking. It's still very solid ground though, things aren't actually soft. We certainly haven't seen anything noteworthy, though it is getting warmer as we go along.

On the place itself, I think that Uncon- no, Non-, no, Inconsistent Connectedness might have more to do with it than I thought. She might be trapped here because she's actually a part of it...
No. 864374 ID: c4809e

Try opening stalls every once in a while, maybe one of them will turn into a door to a new place?
No. 864376 ID: c88e6d

Yeah, keep opening the things that look openable. This place is honestly kind of neat.
No. 864381 ID: 9bad90

Does any of you or anything you are caring seem to suffer distortion? If not we can keep going, if it does I say retreat.
No. 864397 ID: b1b4f3

"The Ideation of Non Contiguous Connectiveness" is her name, silly.

Also pretty much just keep going, but maybe have someone in the lead with the spear tapping the ground ahead to make sure you don't stumble into a pitfall or something.
No. 864415 ID: 12b116
File 151771584536.jpg - (295.83KB , 1000x800 , br05.jpg )

:tronklis: "Keep an eye out for doors with something behind them"
:slorsnis:"Nothing but fresh water basins, even though some of them are all weird shaped."

None of our items seem affected, there's no sorts of traps or anything either. Eventually we can see darkness ahead, and when we get to it the weird hallway just kind of ends. We find ourselves standing on a big grey stone looking platform. There's a door on top that is just kind of standing by itself. The floor itself starts going downhill and leads to a kind of warm red glow. I can't really see what's down there, but I can vaguely hear clanking noises coming from that direction. It looks like an endless black void on either side, and it's much warmer here than it was in the hallway.

Kloldril opens the door and a blast of dry, hot air blows through followed by a terrible burned smell! Behind it is what looks like a desert with skeletal structures sticking out of it far off in the distance. The ground is just dunes made of ash. It seems to be night time wherever that is. We need to make a decision, do we go down the ramp, or through the door?
No. 864416 ID: 772fe4

down the ramp I guess, going into a dead desert don't seem the best idea unless one or more of you know how to survive in a sandy wasteland
No. 864418 ID: 772fe4

No. 864420 ID: 90f3c0

The ramp looks rather ominous. Take the door.
No. 864423 ID: c4809e

The Ramp might be safer, if the desert is really hot and we don't find a cool place soon, we might use up all our water.
Also, if the ramp has clanking noises, there might be a machine that is being maintained by someone.
No. 864424 ID: c88e6d

I suggest the ramp.
No. 864433 ID: 130855

Both of these options seems kind of shitty. Try the door, I guess. Red glow and clanking sounds too ominous for my taste.
No. 864441 ID: b1b4f3

>The floor itself starts going downhill and leads to a kind of warm red glow. I can't really see what's down there, but I can vaguely hear clanking noises coming from that direction.
Clanking? Or clanging? I'm thinking it's a magma forge and you can go down and trade with dwarves or whatever.

Besides, the ramp will go both ways but the door might not. We can just come back if we don't like what's down there.

Go RAMPways.
No. 864442 ID: 33cbe7

Go down the ramp. It can't be worse than an infinite bathroom.
No. 864451 ID: 3d336d

Geez, Oubliss is just hard to look at now.

Go down the ramp first to see if you can find the source of the clanking noise. Whatever we're looking for seems to be related to machines in a way, so I think this might be important.
No. 864546 ID: 12b116
File 151777695814.jpg - (329.51KB , 1000x800 , FD01.jpg )

:tronklis: The clanging and banging is definitely getting louder the farther down we go, untill we reach the end of the ramp! Whoa! It's pretty hot looking! There's all kinds of stuff going on in here! There's giant pots full of what looks like lava, and there's glowing stuff moving all around. We're really high up! There's a ladder going further down, and a metal pathway that's suspended from somewhere high above with some rails or something next to it. We can barely make out tiny figures down below moving around doing things.
:kloldril:"EVERYTHING is made out of metal! I've never seen so much!"
:tronklis:"Are you going to get tired of doing that any time soon?"
:oubliss:"Not likely~"
:slorsnis:"Uhhh, we're awfully h-high up. Maybe we should climb down and n-not go on that walkway. It, ah, doesn't look s-safe."
:Tronklis:"I dont think any of this looks safe! Would you rather go back to that ash place? This at least looks inhabited. There might be some friendly guys down there."
No. 864548 ID: c88e6d

This place is cool! Oubliss is the fastest and heaviest. Have her test the walkway's stability first.
No. 864549 ID: c4809e

We should head down with the softest looking kobolds infront, as not to scare whoever might be working here. Maybe hold out something as a peace offering?
No. 864552 ID: 3d336d

This may be a stupid idea but.. use a rope and tie it around everyone so that we're all connected. That way, in case someone slips or something breaks, they can be pulled back. Oubliss should walk in the back since she's the strongest.

And then let's explore this place.
No. 864554 ID: 56e50f

I sincerely hope that all this metal isn't hot to the touch. Burnt 'bold beans are not fun. Keep your eyes up or straight ahead.
No. 864561 ID: 12b116
File 151778295945.jpg - (307.62KB , 1000x800 , FD02.jpg )

Slorsnis:"Are you sure that's ok? It might be too hot!"
:oubliss:"It's fine! We can tie you to the rest of us if you're that scared of it!"
:tronklis:"You weren't scared of the pier, what's the difference?"
:slorsnis:"I thought there was something under it! There's nothing under there and it's a LOT higher!"

:Kloldril:"you're the one that's always saying to stop thinking about things!"
:slorsnis:"If nothing reminds you of how high up you are!"

:tronklis: Where do we want to explore first? The left goes into a dark forest of metal pipes, and the right goes over to some really big structures that look like volcanos. Or should we take the ladder?
No. 864563 ID: c4809e

We should take the ladder down to calm Slorsnis, don't want a bold burning his beans because barely becalmed.
No. 864565 ID: 66b5eb

Let's go down the ladder. Make sure you get a good look at the people down there before they see you. They might not be happy to see strange intruders in their foundry.
No. 864567 ID: c88e6d

Try the catwalk.
No. 864568 ID: b1b4f3

Going down the ladder is going to unnerve someone afraid of heights even more than walking across a catwalk. It's also more dangerous!

If we really must go down there, have Oubliss at the top and everyone tie their belts to a rope. That way Oubliss can hold onto the ladder if someone falls.

I kindof want to go back actually. This place looks even more barren than the ash desert.
No. 864570 ID: 56e50f

Right! It would be easier to keep track of everyone there.
No. 864574 ID: 12b116
File 151778796649.jpg - (427.27KB , 1000x800 , fd03.jpg )

:tronklis: We tie off to each other and set off down the right. There's some metal stairs going down to sort of a platform overlooking a MASSIVE pit full of lava! The rails to the side stay level and look like they go on farther into the place. There's a guy down there that I can't quite make out, Every time a little cart comes by, he pulls a lever and it dumps everything into the lava. There's also a dead guy up here, it looks like he got porcupined by all these brass shards. He's got some stuff, but as soon as I turn around I notice something coming up on the next cart! Should we do anything or watch for now?
No. 864576 ID: 772fe4

LOOT BODY and watch the creepy guy
No. 864581 ID: c4809e

Keep distance away from body, the brass quills might be dangerous, watch the guy instead.
No. 864590 ID: b1b4f3

READ one of the bolts to see how this guy died. Or READ the dead body itself? Or the armor it's wearing?
No. 864591 ID: 094652

If only they knew how to fire a gun...

Take the corpse's loot, but leave a note in pictograms saying you want to ally and trade with the robed guy. Maybe he won't accept, but I doubt he'll be ignorant of your existence for more than a few days anyway.
No. 864593 ID: 12b116
File 151779581257.jpg - (486.37KB , 1000x800 , grosstailgetsrekt.jpg )

:tronklis: Two... things jump off of the cart and attack the large figure! Their faces are covered in brass plates, and they have a bunch of shifting, whirring shards where their arms should be! It looks like the stuff that's stuck in the dead guy! Embedded in their torso is a huge slowly spinning wheel!

The worker is a large creature covered in heavy metal plates and dirty white cloth, with a single red eye in its shrouded head! It starts beating them with its metal pole, but it keeps bouncing off of some invisible force whenever he hits them! They start tearing off metal plates from him with their spinning shredder arms but it doesn't look like they're slowing it down!

Things look like they're turning in favor of the two brass head guys until the foundry man slams his metal pole into one and there's a blue flash and a popping sound! His next strike hits it full on in the torso, nearly ripping it in half in one blow! The wheel is now broken and stopped spinning

They're all moving somewhat clumsily like they don't really know how to fight.

Should we just keep watching or interfere?
No. 864594 ID: 772fe4

you should prob get away before you catch a face full of brass meant for the cloaked guy
No. 864595 ID: c88e6d

Those brass guys are creepy as fuck. Use the sling on one. They're covered in brass, and this dead guy is full of brass fragments, so they'll probably brass you up too.
No. 864598 ID: b1b4f3

These are the Wheelmen. I'd say help them out. You know you'll be rewarded if you do, while you don't know what would happen if you helped the other guy.
No. 864601 ID: c4809e

Kloldril and Slorsnis should use their slings at the same time to hit the worker. These brass gearmen might be the wheelmen the machine was talking about.
No. 864604 ID: 91ee5f

>Embedded in their torso is a huge slowly spinning wheel!
Don’t those look like the necklace? Maybe these are the Wheelmen you’re supposed to help?
No. 864626 ID: 66b5eb

Watch and wait, for now. Both of these guys look like bad business, and I'm not sure about this so called "lord of machines" guy anyways.
No. 864648 ID: 9c2d0c

"The price of inaction is greater than the cost of making a mistake."
No. 864683 ID: 3d336d

It's kinda hard to tell which ones are the good guys just from looking at the fight. And we have no idea if the Lord of Marvelous Devices is a good person, or if assisting his Wheelmen is the right thing to do.
What we do know is that we need to help the Other One and that seems to only be possible by freeing the Lordie as well so.. for now it looks like helping his Wheelman is the best choice we can make.

So we're attacking the foundry worker. Probably better to do so at long range.

Tronklis attack using the Biogun
Kloldril attack using 9mm Pistol
Slorsnis attack using the Flare Gun .. heh, maybe it will put the cloth on it on fire.
Oubliss attack using.. rope and grappling hook. If it can reach. If it can't, then Slorsnis use her sling and Oubliss use the Flare Gun.

Of course, Tronklis should show everyone how to use the guns first.
No. 864747 ID: 12b116
File 151785292333.jpg - (419.35KB , 1000x800 , maybeweshouldhaveputsomepointsintohandgunskill.jpg )

:tronklis: Fires into the combat and misses the foundryman, going directly into the head of the one he wasn't aiming at, killing it instantly!

:kloldril: opens fire! He misses the combat entirely and makes loud noises! He tries to fire again, but nothing happens! (the gun is jammed)

:slorsnis: fires a sling bullet and strikes the worker solidly in the chest, but it doesn't seem to do much to its heavy armour.

:oubliss: fires a flare at the ground, it bounces and lands in the pool of molten metal and disappears!

:kloldril:"I thought we were shooting at the other ones!"
:tronklis:"Oh crap! I was shooting at the other one!" The foundry worker spins the metal pole around in its hand and rams the pointed end clean through the invisible barrier of the other attacker and out the other side of its head!!! They both fall to the ground with a hollow "CLANG!" and the chime-like sound of falling shards of brass! Maybe we should have hidden instead...

The foundryman is motioning at us to come down there now!
No. 864751 ID: c88e6d

Hey, he doesn't seem to want to kill us! Go say hi! Cautiously!
No. 864754 ID: 3d336d

What kind of "come down here" motions are they? Friendly? Angry? Provoking?
Well, if he wanted to kill us, then he would probably start making his way around the foundry and towards our location.
Can we quickly loot the dead body? We should have some free space after camping.

And then throw a rope down. Have Oubliss climb down first. Since she's fast and good at wrestling, in case he attacks her, she might be able to do something, perhaps by getting behind it and grappling it.
No. 864763 ID: b1b4f3

Approach but be wary. Also swap to weapons you can actually use effectively, yikes.
No. 864773 ID: 6eaef4

Well, just pretend you meant to help this guy, I guess. Also don’t forget to loot the corpse on the ledge with you.
No. 864777 ID: b1b4f3

No. 864784 ID: 12b116
File 151786423902.jpg - (246.19KB , 1000x800 , fd04.jpg )

:tronklis: We don't need to throw a rope anywhere! There's some stairs right here. It seems to be pointing at us, then the handle. The carts are starting to get backed up, it looks like. I doubt any of us but Oubliss could actually move it though. The foundryman picks up the bodies and heads down some stairs. It's a lot more damaged than we thought, there's metal plates barely hanging on to it and scratches all over.

Everyone has their melee weapons out now, and the necklace is hidden.
No. 864786 ID: c88e6d

He wants you to pull the lever while he takes care of the bodies. Help him out.
No. 864790 ID: 2120ee

Throw it the rope.
No. 864792 ID: 3d336d

It could've simply pulled the lever any time it wanted to so, it looks like it's telling us to get into the carts and pull the lever when we're ready. Interesting.

I'd say, loot the dead guy first, now that we got some time.
And then we should get into the carts. Have Oubliss pull the lever and jump in with us.
No. 864828 ID: 772fe4

pull every lever multiple times
No. 864869 ID: b1b4f3

How about you look in the carts to see if you want to take anything, before you pull the lever?
No. 864878 ID: 12b116
File 151788534272.jpg - (264.25KB , 1000x800 , FD05.jpg )

:tronklis: We are NOT going to get in those carts! First of all they are full of rocks. Second of all they dump the rocks into the lava! We don't want to get dumped in there!

Oubliss volunteers to go pull the lever, it gets the carts moving along and she seems to be enjoying herself
No. 864879 ID: 12b116
File 151788535907.jpg - (373.32KB , 1000x800 , fd06.jpg )

:tronklis: Let's check out this guy and see what happened here. It looks like he was walking along this catwalk like we were, but one of the brass face guys ambushed him on the stairs! It shoots a rain of spikes out of both hands before he can even get a shot off!

He looks like some kind of golem or something, he's made of stone. But still works like a regular person? I don't get it, let's see what kind of stuff he has...
No. 864880 ID: 12b116
File 151788539009.jpg - (530.83KB , 1000x800 , important quest item.jpg )

:tronklis: He doesn't have much actually, just a weird shaped crossbow with a tube on top, some bolts for it and a bag full of brown mush and papers. The mush is sweet, it actually tastes pretty good!
No. 864884 ID: 12b116
File 151788571675.jpg - (1.67MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

Here's what we're carrying at the moment
No. 864889 ID: b1b4f3

I guess Oubliss could carry the weird crossbow.

You should Read the foldy box and jellies to see what they're for.
No. 864891 ID: c88e6d

READ the box of tasty stuff, see if you can load the crossbow.
No. 864919 ID: 91ee5f

Try looking through the tube. Maybe it’s there to help with aiming?

And considering you guys completely missed the guy you were trying to kill, all of you will need any help you can get when it comes to aiming!
No. 864922 ID: 094652

You need to keep that crossbow. It's clearly well made with a high offensive capability, yet you know how to use it easily.
No. 864943 ID: e1c8f7

Lick the chocolate, carry the crossbow and bolts. It's perfect for practicing aiming and shooting as long as you have a soft target to retrieve the bolts from.
No. 864961 ID: c0641d

Looks like the brown stuff melted. See if you can’t Read the papers that got smeared.

It’s actually pretty light: only taking up 1 weight. I think this sniper weapon would be a better fit for Slorsnis, considering she’s the one that likes to get physical the least. We’d have to make room, of course, but I think that’s fairly trivial with Oubliss.
No. 865170 ID: 006e5c

Sigh. We have so many weapons, but we can't aim for shit. Like, how hard can it be to point a thing at a target and press the trigger? Why isn't there a skill called Aiming?
We need some serious timeout so that everyone can properly learn how to use these weapons.

Let Outbliss carry the crossbow. And let Slorsnis eat the chocolate.
Where can we go next?
No. 865193 ID: 12b116
File 151794828982.jpg - (166.94KB , 1000x800 , FD07.jpg )

:tronklis: Somebody is going to have to practice shooting next time we make camp! The papers aren't paper really but they're like sealed packets of brown goo. some of them have broken open and that's why it's everywhere. I can concentrate on them and briefly see someone absolutely screaming about "Genuine fake imitation Chococolat" but nothing else. It looks like they're not normally supposed to be melted. I should probably keep it away from Slorsnis, not let her eat it! I don't want anybody running around in here they could fall into lava or something!

We'll take it anyway, maybe the next place won't be so hot.

The crossbow looks like it works like a real crossbow but it's more complicated for basically no reason. The tube makes things look closer, so that would make it easier to aim. If I would have taken Minj or another archer they would probably be a better shot than us but I can't exactly go back and get somebody else! We will have to just practice with it during camp times and such.

There's a couple of places we can go. We can keep going to the floor from here, or we could go back up to the catwalk. There's a stairway around the volcano building thing here where the guy went down. Another one has come up, or is it the same one? Either way it's taking over the lever-pulling.
No. 865202 ID: 006e5c

Follow the stairway where the guy went down. Maybe we could sabotage the place where they're getting repaired.
No. 865283 ID: 56e50f

Offer Kloldril some of the brown stuff. Then onwards, keep going to the floor. Eyes open!
No. 865305 ID: b1b4f3

Okay let's go check out the place they came from.
No. 865341 ID: c88e6d


Try and communicate with the huge guy.
No. 865362 ID: 12b116
File 151797404512.jpg - (510.76KB , 1000x800 , FD08.jpg )

:tronklis:The worker guy doesn't seem to want to communicate, so we go on down the stairs. It's very noisy down here when we get to the ground. There's giant pots full of lava moving around overhead, full carts going one way, empty carts going across bridges, and rivers of lava running through channels in the floor with little metal bridges over them! Across from this thoroughfare type area, there's what looks like a big forest of pipes. We can cross it in a couple of places if we wanted to, or we could follow it downstream and see what's that way.
No. 865370 ID: c88e6d

Check to see if the bridge is safe to cross by slowly approaching and seeing if the air is cool enough to walk through.
No. 865374 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah. Lava is really hot, getting near it tends to be unpleasant. If we can't cross over the lava channel that at least gives us less we'll inevitably explore.
No. 865381 ID: ed67d9

The post LITERALLY says the lava can be crossed safely in a couple spots.
No. 865382 ID: c88e6d

Wait, apparently we can cross without fear of incineration. ACROSS THE BRIDGE, CHARGE!
No. 865383 ID: 094652

Follow the mine carts to their source. Whatever they're mining, you can expect them to find rare materials that need to be sorted out for higher-quality processing. Steal those.
No. 865392 ID: 91ee5f

But Oubliss isn’t wearing shoes. Crossing a metal bridge with something hot under it sounds like a good way to incinerate her feet!
No. 865438 ID: 006e5c

No. 865616 ID: 12b116
File 151804879229.jpg - (217.65KB , 1000x800 , Fd09.jpg )

:tronklis: We cross over to the other side, where there's a forest of pipes. The go above and below us, and the path is kind of randomly turning to avoid them. We follow the carts as best we can, they're going through pretty fast though! I don't think trying to jump on one is a good idea. Especially not the part where it dumps everything into the lava. The empty ones are really high up on a bridge thing going the other way, I don't know that we could climb up there from here without getting our fingers smashed.

Right after the path crosses over the cart tracks we spot something walking around the other side of these pipes, it looks like another wheel guy! What should we do about it? It hasn't seen us yet.
No. 865625 ID: c88e6d

Use your sling. Knock its block off.
No. 865630 ID: 006e5c

Show it the gear amulet.
No. 865646 ID: b1b4f3

Show it the amulet.
No. 865657 ID: 33cbe7

Shake the catwalk until it falls off.
No. 865727 ID: e1c8f7

Keep the pipes between it and you. Try to get around it without it noticing you. Do not engage.
No. 865871 ID: e4958d

If it gets too close take control of the valve in front of you to steam it off the platform
No. 865960 ID: 66b5eb

It looks like it's going to walk in front of some kind of vent. Is there a wheel you can turn to open the vent and blast it? You could also try showing it the amulet if you don't want to fight.
No. 865997 ID: 12b116
File 151814690978.jpg - (199.25KB , 1000x800 , fd10.jpg )

:tronklis: There's two spinning wheels here, should we spin them now or wait till it crosses by the pipe end?
One of us can try showing it the amulet first, but who should do it?
No. 865998 ID: b1b4f3

Tronklis should probably show the amulet since he's best protected and will be best off if it goes wrong.
No. 866020 ID: 33cbe7

Oubliss should wave it at them. Hold off on the valves until they reach the pipe end.
No. 866025 ID: 12b116
File 151815545704.jpg - (292.89KB , 1000x800 , fd11.jpg )

:tronklis: I jump out and show it the amulet. It doesn't attack me, and it just sort of ignores me all together. It is getting closer to the pipe end, should I have Oubliss turn the valves? I don't know what it's planning to actually do, or if it can even think.
No. 866026 ID: b1b4f3

Oops I meant Kloldril. Anyway if it's ignoring you maybe you can just ignore it. Or follow it and try to assist it again.
No. 866045 ID: 006e5c

Yes, you should turn the valves right away. If they're stuck, then use the portable welder that we have to heat it up.
No. 866083 ID: e1c8f7

Hit it, Oubliss. Blast that thing right off the platform.
No. 866091 ID: 1b55ef

It might be pacified by the amulet, but it might also just not be in aggro range.

Turn the valve and blast it, just to be safe.
No. 866125 ID: 12b116
File 151819280747.jpg - (299.33KB , 1000x800 , fd12.jpg )

:tronklis: It just continues walking forward, like I'm not even here.. "Oubliss now!"

That wasn't steam! It was lava! There's a blue flash and a popping sound as the invisible wall around it breaks near instantly and it's blasted off the walkway and goes banging down pipes for a good while before disappearing competely, leaving only the smell of burnt frog meat and rust behind. It looks like we can either go farther into the pipes or go more in the direction the carts are coming from
No. 866126 ID: 006e5c

RIP poor wheelman. We hardly knew ye.

Go further into the pipes.
No. 866128 ID: 33cbe7

Stick your head in the pipe. Maybe now that the steel has been cleared the steam will come out?
No. 866171 ID: 56e50f

Better safe than sorry. Continue onwards to the source of the carts
No. 866172 ID: b1b4f3

Welp, can't say THAT was an accident. Lord of devices is gonna be pissed if we don't actually decide to help out later. Turn off the lava, head towards where the carts are coming from.
No. 866373 ID: 4ac1a7
File 151828912835.jpg - (205.79KB , 1000x800 , foundryb01.jpg )

:tronklis: We follow the direction of the carts further and come into what looks like a cart sorting area, there's a big machine in the center that shoots carts out of different holes to do down diffferent tracks, the empty ones come in from the elevated tracks and go down to a spot where the rocks come out of a big thing into them and then go into the sorting machine. It looks like there was a fight here too and there's no workers around.
No. 866377 ID: c88e6d

Loot the huge guy for stuff.
No. 866378 ID: 006e5c

Check the bodies if there's anything to loot.

If not, then enter the big machine.
No. 866379 ID: e1c8f7

Make your way over to the bodies, but keep an eye out for any ambushes. How recent was the attack?
No. 866402 ID: b1b4f3

Is that blood?
No. 866442 ID: 4ac1a7
File 151831133867.jpg - (295.55KB , 1000x800 , foundry02b.jpg )

:tronklis: There's an iron man surrounded by two dead brass men. The iron man looks like it bled out, it's pretty fresh but the blood is a weird dark red and smells off. There's not much here we could take except for the big metal club the iron man had. Nothing else is around, looks like maybe the wheel guy from earlier in the pipes came from this fight? The metal club looks heavy but oubliss can probably carry it.

"Oubliss can you..."
:oubliss:"What? "
No. 866462 ID: b1b4f3

I think we've figured out what the wheelmen are doing. They want to stop the carts for some reason. Don't pull the lever. See if Oubliss can wield that club. ...she has no skill in blunt weapons though. A heavier whip or spear is what she'd want to be using. Probably not worth carrying the club around.

Maybe she can smash the lever with the club though? That would be assisting the wheelmen.
No. 866474 ID: 13fded

...can you not? Wait until we are all hidden before activating strange mechanisms.
Are you strong enough to wild that big ass metal club?
No. 866526 ID: 006e5c

Considering how bad aiming with guns was, I wouldn't want to fight with that club anyway.

Unless that club is a wrench of some sort, that we'd need to use somewhere, I don't see the point of carrying it.

Oubliss should pull the lever. But I'm not sure if it should be up or down. I guess try both and see what happens.
No. 866532 ID: 9d4af9

I think we might be past assisting the wheelmen at this point... (considering we killed 3 of them :3)

That club looks more like a tool than a weapon. See if you can find a square peg that the hole in the wrench fits over.
No. 866567 ID: 4ac1a7
File 151836830073.jpg - (135.57KB , 1000x800 , foudnry03b.jpg )

:tronklis:"Do you think you can use that club?"
:oubliss:"I can but that's not how I'm trained to fight."
:kloldril:"This might not just be a weapon, it kind of looks like a handle for something, maybe we should carry it anyway"

:tronklis:Oubliss enthusiastically pulls on the lever, it makes this section of the floor go up and down. The circle handle next to it makes it stop sooner or later, but there's nothing but darkness down there.
No. 866568 ID: 92dd1f

Do you have another flare? You can drop it down.
No. 866576 ID: 006e5c

Have Tronklis and Kloldril ride the platform down there, while Oubliss and Slorsnis wait here.
No. 866598 ID: 006e5c

The plan is to first see what's down there. If it's dangerous or not. If there's no sign of danger, then we can lower ourselves down. But be ready to be pulled back up in case something happens. In case nothing happens, Oubliss should reverse the lever after 5min either way.
No. 866625 ID: 56e50f

We could drop one of the bodies on to that lift and see if it drops off after a certain point. What are the directions can we go from here?
No. 866691 ID: 12b116
File 151839943997.jpg - (224.39KB , 1000x800 , fd13.jpg )

:tronklis: We can just throw some brass shards on it instead of hauling a body or shooting a flare on it!

Depending on how the circle handle is positioned, it does one of four things:

It stops at the first stop down, where nothing happens. If it stops on the second stop down, a cart comes out of the tunnel, if it stops at the third stop, the cart goes away into the tunnel. The fourth stop looks like it dumps whatever was on it into some moving path or something. We can hear the brass bits clatter around for a while and there's a reddish glow when the platform swings away. Should we do anything else with it? We could maybe go in the first one but I think if somebody was on it when a cart came out on the middle bit they might get squashed!

From here we can go over to the cart loading area, the big machine in the middle or further down past the tall cart bridge which would be downstream of the lava river.
No. 866697 ID: b055fc

Oubliss is the most resilient, she can test the first one out.
No. 866700 ID: c88e6d

Go to the Big Machine In The Middle.
No. 866727 ID: b1b4f3

These are all cart tracks. The first stop is probably a departure location for incoming carts on the surface level. Did you test to see if a cart will go into the first stop if you collect one from the second stop?
If the first stop doesn't interact with carts at all, then sure, have someone stand on the platform and get sent to the first stop to look in the tunnel. Then bring them back up.
No. 866779 ID: 33cbe7

Climb down there and see where it goes.
No. 866842 ID: 006e5c

Go to the big machine first since that's most likely a dead end.
No. 866964 ID: 12b116
File 151847512490.jpg - (319.27KB , 1000x800 , fd14.jpg )

:tronklis: I'll go check out the first room down. It looks like a storage area. There's different carts in here, flat ones, ones with seats on them, and just box shaped ones. There's a machine over in the corner and a control with a bunch of levers on it. Looks like it controls where the tracks go, they switch around when I pull different levers. There's a dead foundryman in here too but he doesn't have anything. Should we mess around in here or go back up?
No. 866966 ID: b15da4

Is that a tank or an engine? Go mess with the controls on that.
No. 866967 ID: c4809e

Go in the seated carts with everybold and travel around, maybe its how you're supposed to get around quickly.
No. 866974 ID: 006e5c

Hmm. We could build a small train using the.. what looks like an engine block on the right, and attach a wagon with seats to it. And then we could get somewhere.

Is it possible for any of the wagons inside here to get to the lift outside? Is there a connection? And even then, I don't think the train would fit on the lift. Do we even need the train? Do we even need a wagon? I mean, I don't think a wagon would make anything safer.

Anyway, I suggest we go back out and explore the lift.
No. 866978 ID: b1b4f3

Get the engine onto the platform, then onto the tracks at the top, then you can use the platform to exit.
No. 867004 ID: 66b5eb

see if you can take the engine, a seat car, and a cargo car up the elevator. You will probably have to do it one at a time. If the engine runs, it's probably a much more efficient way of getting around this facility.
No. 867032 ID: 12b116
File 151849671058.jpg - (262.41KB , 1000x800 , fd15.jpg )

:tronklis: OK, I'll take a look at the machine here. It's hooked into a pipe coming out of the ground, there's a lever on the end of the pipe that looks like it might release that though. There's a platform with a wheel, two levers on the left, and one on the right. There's two little things with arms on them and marks too. One of them is pointing right and one is pointing left. When I turn the wheel they both point right and there's a hissing noise. The lever on the right makes a horrible squealing sound when I move it down and the whole thing kind of jerks a little bit. Both of the ones on the left have only two positions and make a clunk sound but I can't see what they do, something changes underneath the platform. There's a little pin next to a latch thing that I assume is used to hook them together on both ends. I don't need to bring it up to the platform, as there's a ramp that goes up to the upper level at the end of this room. After some time I figure out that one of the levers locks the wheels and the other one changes the direction it goes in. I might have banged up the pipe coming out of the floor a bit though.

I can hook up some carts and head up the ramp to the floor above, everybody should be able to fit on one seat cart...
No. 867033 ID: 12b116
File 151849672820.jpg - (256.76KB , 1000x800 , Fd16.jpg )

:tronklis:"Everybody, over here!I found a thing!"
:slorsnis:"This looks like fun! It's better than walking all over the place,
:kloldril:"Where does it go though?"

That's a good question, it looks like it goes up to an elevated track that has an option to go left or right at the top. The left part goes higher up into the pipes and the right goes back across where the rocks come out. There's no other carts on this track, it looks like it's not connected to the one with all the carts. There's a couple of more unused tracks running around here, one goes from the big machine to the platform which is now down, another one splits from the empty cart line and also goes to the big machine in the middle. We also still haven't investigated the big machine itself.
No. 867040 ID: c88e6d

Investigate the big machine.
No. 867060 ID: e1c8f7

Yeah, let's investigate the big machine first before we make any travel plans. Drop off our stuff in the carts though.
No. 867100 ID: 006e5c

You mean, we haven't investigated the upper floor of the big machine. Yeah, let's check that out.
No. 867143 ID: 12b116
File 151854795704.jpg - (270.46KB , 1000x800 , fd17.jpg )

:tronklis: "Before we take a ride, let's check this big machine out first. "
It's really loud here. "oubliss don't climb on those!"
:oubliss:"They don't move, I already tried. It's like they're all locked in place! There must be some way to unlock them so we can move things around!"

:tronklis: From what I can tell, it looks like this machine controls where the carts go. There's a line of track that splits off the empty cart line and goes into here as well but they're not going down it, they're getting loaded and then coming into here, there's some loud clunking noises, then they go out of one of the gates on the other side that looks like it goes back to where the lava pit machines were. There's an opening on here that nothing comes out of that Slorsnis is sitting above now.

Oubliss is right, I can rattle the handles a little bit but nothing actually moves no matter how hard we pull on it.

:kloldril:"I'll watch out for trouble"
:oubliss:" There's nothing on top of here but a bunch of dirt!"
No. 867145 ID: 006e5c

You tried every one of the levers and none work? Did you try pulling them out, towards you, or twisting them in place? What about the wheel thingy in the middle? And the smaller one on the right side?
No. 867146 ID: e1c8f7

The controls are probably locked. Is there any levelers or knobs that turn or move? That's probably the one that unlocks the rest of the controls.
No. 867148 ID: 006e5c

Look into the history of that club that we got from the dead guy to see where it was used.
No. 867161 ID: 12b116
File 151855683546.jpg - (268.75KB , 1000x800 , fd17.jpg )

:tronklis: Oh, hey, I can use my power to figure this out! It looks like that club we found goes on this square peg over here, I see the guy pull it off and go attack the wheel men with it when they start messing with the platform controls! We put it on and move it up and the red light comes on! Still no clue as to what anything does though. What should we do?
No. 867163 ID: 006e5c

This looks complicated.


I don't know what we're supposed to accomplish here. Perhaps making the whole thing stop? In that case, we'd need to try the levers one by one until we find the right one. I think the prime candidates the 4 levers on the left and the one above them. And the big lever on the right.
No. 867172 ID: b1b4f3

No. 867174 ID: 91ee5f

Have Slorsnis move away from that opening, just in case pulling on of these levers ends up pushing her into the opening.
No. 867189 ID: 12b116
File 151856530422.jpg - (290.50KB , 1000x800 , fd18.jpg )

:tronklis: I'll start pulling the ones on the left side first! "Slorsnis go see what happens when I mess with this!"
:slorsnis:"Huh? Oh, ok! OK the empty carts start going on a different loop! Now they're rejoining the line! Now they're going straight to the machine!"

:Tronklis:OK, it looks like the four levers on the right control the rails where they get filled up. I can't really do much with that other than cut off the loop to the filler and then there would be nothing but empty carts on the whole line after a while. Should I mess with something else?
No. 867190 ID: 006e5c

Hmm, nah. No need to do anything else for now. We need to find out what these wagons were doing in the first place. Like, we don't know if we were even supposed to stop them. It could be that we did a bad thing and we actually need them in some way to save the golden kobold.

So, get on our train and get rolling.
No. 867201 ID: c88e6d

The filling machine carries molten slag to be dumped in the pit. This is probably either disposal or part of some kind of refinery process. Hook some empty carts up to the machine that had controls on it and take them with you while you go up the elevated metal track.
No. 867202 ID: b1b4f3

Empty carts? That is probably what the wheelmen want. So go ahead and do that. Then go for a ride on the train!
No. 867230 ID: 56e50f

Now this is just a shot in the dark, but have we tried reading the metal pole The Foundry men wield? Other than that, I say we cut off the loop and have to line backed up for a while. Get their attention on this area after we leave.
No. 867311 ID: 66b5eb

See if you can find some more foundrymen. After we helped them out, they might be friendly to us.
No. 867625 ID: 12b116
File 151866012695.jpg - (291.55KB , 1000x800 , fd19.jpg )

>read pole
:tronklis: I don't have one available, but it doesn't really show exactly how to use things, it just shows what happened with them at a certain point. I imagine the pole is just for poking around in the lava with. Unless it was used to fight with I probably wouldn't get anything from it.

We can't put ore carts on this track unless we can move them to the platform, but we already have an empty cart and don't really need one!

Oubliss keeps messing with the levers while I get the machine ready again and a bunch of empty carts are now going where the full ones should be. Oh well, somebody else can fix it. I turn the speed all the way up, this thing can go fast! We take off down the right hand path, and it looks like there's a big lava puddle off in the distance. To our left there's a couple of rooms with peices of carts and wheels and stuff. There's a fight on the track up ahead, It looks like a foundry man just stabbed a pole through a guy! Should we stop?
No. 867663 ID: 094652

You kidding? RAMMING SPEED!
No. 867665 ID: 66b5eb

Stop and say hello. Maybe try to tell him about how you messed up the big machine? We've already antagonized the wheelmen, might as well stay on the foundrymen's good side.
No. 867696 ID: 006e5c

Investigate those rooms. After ramming them both full speed.
No. 867707 ID: e1c8f7

You've picked your side. Assist if you can, but I'm not sure you'll be able to stop in time anyways.
No. 867821 ID: 12b116
File 151873518082.jpg - (245.64KB , 1000x800 , fd20.jpg )

:tronklis:"OK hold on!"

I push the lever all the way up, the foundry man jumps out of the way but the other guy can't move fast enough and with a loud clang he goes flying off the walkway! The machine jumps a bit but doesn't come off the tracks! It looks like there's a split in the track up ahead, I better slow down. One side goes downhill back to the floor and the other side goes forward past the lava pool. We will have to stop to switch it over, as there's nothing standing by the switch to do it for us.

As far as the rooms go, they're just full of metal plates and wheels and stuff. It looks like spare cart bits. We don't really need to stop and investigate them, it's pretty obvious there's nothing there.
No. 867826 ID: 006e5c

Accidents happen.

Uhh. Another left-or-right choice. I wish this place had a map or something.

I guess stay up and go forward. We need to get a better overview of this place.
No. 867841 ID: 56e50f

Forward, let's see what's past the lava. Remember to keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times!
No. 867888 ID: 12b116
File 151875195719.jpg - (301.81KB , 1000x800 , fd21.jpg )

:tronklis: This area has a big lava pool right in the middle of it, and what looks like a giant round wheel thing set into the wall, there's guys moving around down there but we go by pretty fast. It looks like the river drains into here too. Further ahead there's another stop, and the tracks go down into a machine filled area after that.

:slorsnis:"Can we maybe slow down a bit!?"
No. 867890 ID: b1b4f3

>slow down
Fine, spoilsport.
No. 867893 ID: c88e6d

Slow down.
No. 867920 ID: 56e50f

Go ahead and make the stop before heading down. Do have binoculars or some sort of viewfinder?
No. 867953 ID: 006e5c

It's ok to go fast as long as we can see what's ahead of us.

In this case it looks like we might be stopping soon so, slowing down is in order.
No. 868024 ID: 12b116
File 151881807563.jpg - (269.17KB , 1000x800 , fd22.jpg )

:tronklis: We slow down at the next stop, there's a guy here, he looks injured. It doesn't look like there's anything here we can take, even if we wanted to. It's all big metal plates and pipes and bars. We can also make a switch here, it goes down to an area full of machines. The other way is back around to where the volcano buildings are.
No. 868026 ID: 006e5c

Take off his armor and treat him. If that's even possible. Have Slorsnis use her medicine if necessary.
No. 868028 ID: c88e6d

Check on the guy. See if he can communicate anything he needs. If you can't do anything, then go to the Machine Track.
No. 868033 ID: b1b4f3

Shoot him in the face.
No. 868038 ID: e1c8f7

Go ahead and make the switch to go down before looking the guy over. No use wasting your medicines on one who's not going to make it.
No. 868039 ID: 12b116
File 151882721058.jpg - (268.41KB , 1000x800 , fd23.jpg )

:tronklis: I go up to the foundry man and touch it. It stands up and goes to the seat cart and sits down! It looks like it's missing a hand and has some other damage. We change the swich, go down a tunnel of pipes and stuff, and stop at the machinery area. When we stop the injured one gets up and goes into the maze of tunnels and pipe There's some different looking guys down here, and I think one of them is motioning for us to follow it.
:Tronklis: "What do yu think, should we follow it?"
:kloldril:"Are you sure that it's not going to try to squash us?"
No. 868040 ID: e1c8f7

Follow, but have your weapons ready. Leave the giant pipe.
No. 868041 ID: 006e5c

Do these guys looks bigger or is it just me?

Follow the one motioning us.
No. 868045 ID: c88e6d

Follow them. They seem okay.
No. 868049 ID: 12b116
File 151883369618.jpg - (328.56KB , 1000x800 , fd24.jpg )

:tronklis: The guy leads os through a maze of pipes and banging things and moving belts and turning gears into a room. We are on our guard but nothing happens along the way.

There's a dome thing with a wheel on top of it that I can hear what sounds like rushing water under but Slorsnis just sits on it.

It starts making gestures.

:oubliss:"It wants my spear, should I give it?"
No. 868050 ID: 006e5c

Well, why not. It doesn't seem to be a very effective weapon even if it wants to destroy it.
No. 868051 ID: d0d281

Yeah, it's just a copper spear, you've found a ton of fancy weapons that put it to shame since you got here.
No. 868052 ID: e1c8f7

Do it, but Kloldril should put his mace away before they ask for that too.
No. 868058 ID: c88e6d

Sure, hand it over.
No. 868062 ID: 91ee5f

I wonder if he’s going to improve the spear so that it does more damage?
No. 868070 ID: 12b116
File 151883928375.jpg - (256.50KB , 1000x800 , Fdwpns.jpg )

:Oubliss: It comes back with some better stuff! Looks like I can take one of these in exchange for it:
Steel Spear Carry Limit -1 : It's like a bronze spear but better. I should at least take this.

Foundryman's Pole Carry Limit -4 : A solid metal rod with a sharpened point on one end, just like the poles the foundrymen use to poke around in the lava. It's really heavy, but does more damage and can also be used as a staff with decent defensive qualities.

Punch Spear Carry Limit -2 : A long handled punch used to make holes or dots on metal. The first hit does more damage but takes more actions to reset later. Has a pipe handle is it doesn't weigh much.

Hand Punch Carry Limit -2 : A heavy tool worn on the hand that works similarly to the punch spear. It uses the Brawling skill and provides some defense. Uses a free hand though.

[reminder: Weapons don't use any carry limit points when they're being held, but use a free hand.}

:oubliss:"I wonder if they'll trade anything else?"
No. 868071 ID: 12b116
File 151883934713.jpg - (1.65MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

:tronklis:"Hmm, does anybody else want to trade with them?"

Here's what we have right now...
No. 868073 ID: b1b4f3

Oubliss should take the Foundryman's Pole. Offense and defense in one package and she's strong enough to use it effectively! ...she can, right? She's the one saying it's really heavy... if she can't use it very well despite her strength go with the punch spear.

Try to trade the two knives and the music box for a better slashing weapon. Maybe see if they have something whip-like? A better articulated weapon would be cool.
No. 868074 ID: b1b4f3

...can you use your Object Reading power on the foldy box that came with jellies? Might be able to see what it's for.
No. 868080 ID: 12b116
File 151884654272.jpg - (271.80KB , 1000x800 , Fdwpns.jpg )

:tronklis:"It seems like they can really only offer similar items for what we give them, or maybe it's just because we can't really communicate too well."

For the whip, we can trade for:

Light Chain Carry Limit-1 : It's got a removable handle and a shackle at the end for attaching things to.

Heavy Chain Carry Limit-3 : A much heavier chain, it will cause more damage than the light chain, or weighted light chain.

Plumb Weight Carry Limit-1 : Can be attached to the light chain to cause a bit more damage. Could be attached to the heavy chain as well but even Oubliss would have trouble using this in combat.

For the knife they will trade us:

Plate Knife Carry Limit-1 : More like a sword for us, definitely more effective than a knife, but slower.

We show them the music box/ and they bring out:

Clipper Carry Limit-2 : This looks like a tool, but what it's for I have no idea. It's a sort of unweildy sword but has a heavy spring powered clipper blade on the back side that could pobably take off an arm.

>read foldy box

:tronklis: Looks like the jellies burn, and you can set a pot on top of it to cook with. This would have been a lot better than the paper fire we made earlier.
No. 868091 ID: b1b4f3

Offer the bronze scalemail! Maybe we can get some steel scalemail instead.
Also the wooden shield, and his mace.
I wonder if they have a better tent? Or better slingshot rounds? Hey try seeing what they'll trade for a sling!

Use the Light Chain with the weight on it. I feel like a heavy chain isn't going to be very effective for its weight.
Go with the "Clipper" for a blade upgrade.
No. 868092 ID: a5de99

Can we up Kloldril's mace and shield with the foundrymen?
No. 868093 ID: c88e6d

Take the Clipper! :D
No. 868148 ID: 006e5c

Take everything. This stuff actually looks useful and also valuable as loot to return home.

And give them Kloldril's armor, shield and mace. Also, give them one of the waterskins to see if they can do something with it.
No. 868168 ID: e1c8f7

Def take the Punch Spear and Plate Knife. Clipper seems situational at best. See what Kloldril's gear gets you. Rest here and have some snacks.
No. 868185 ID: 12b116
File 151888868442.jpg - (294.07KB , 1000x800 , Fdwpns.jpg )

For the shield we can get
Metal Shield Carry Limit-4 : Like a wood shield but better.
Refractory Shield Carry Limit-5 : Made out of what looks like hard cloth and ceramic, it's bigger than the other ones.

For Armour we can get

Small foundry plate Carry Limit-5 : Same protection as bronze scale, but lighter.
Small foundry scale Carry Limit-7 : Heavier than plate, but more protective.
Refractory Cloak Carry Limit-3 : Very light compared to other armor, it's kind of like maille but made from a heavy fireproof cloth

The weapons we can swap the mace for are

Crowbar Carry Limit-1 : About as effective as copper mace, with additional uses.
Chipping hammer Carry Limit-2 : Lighter and more effective than copper mace, basically a warhammer
Bolt Cutter Carry Limit-3 : More unwieldy than a real weapon, but can deliver a bone cutting bite. It can also grab stuff with the other end.
No. 868203 ID: e1c8f7

Metal shield, small Foundry plate and chipping hammer should do nicely.
No. 868204 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder if Tronklis could trade his shirt for something like the cloak?

I think the R.Shield, Small Plate, and Crowbar should be good. At some point Kloldril is going to want a helmet and gauntlets so we need to save carry weight for those.
No. 868231 ID: c88e6d

I recommend the Refractory Cloak. It's light-ish and might be good protection.
No. 868249 ID: 006e5c

Hmm. How to organize this. Well, this is what I came up with.

Tronklis (10/10):
R. Hand: Biogun
L. Hand: free
Belt slots: Clipper (2), Flashlight (1), Crown (2), Portable welder (1), Brain stim (0)
Tronklis' Backpack (4)

Slorsnis (6/6):
R. Hand: 9mm pistol
L. Hand: Plate knife
Belt slots: Sling bullets - clay (1), 9mm pistol ammo x15 (0), Heater with ethanol jellies? x10 (0), Lighter (0), Brain stim (0)
Extra: Sling
Slorsnis' Adventurer's Backpack + tent (5)

Oubliss (22/25):
R. Hand: Foundryman's Pole
L. Hand: Oubliss' Sack (4)
Scarf slots: Gear trinket (0), Crossbow bolts x20 (0), Brain stim (0)
Belt slots: Light chain + Weight (2), Lantern (1), Crossbow (1), Thief's tools (1), Chocolate (1)
Extra: Grappling hook (2), Rope (5), Green rope (5)

Kloldril (10/15):
R. Hand: Chipping hammer (2)
L. Hand: Refractory shield (5)
Armor: Refractory cloak (3)
Belt Slots: Sling bullets - lead x10 (1), Flare gun (1), Flare gun ammo x4 (0), Brain stim (0)
Extra: Sling

Tronklis' Backpack (8/8):
Waterskin x5 (5), Slorsnis' flask (1), Tin canteen (1), Bepsi x3 (1)
Let's put all the drinks together.

Slorsnis' Adventurer's Backpack + tent (6/6):
Tube with food x2 (2), 5x Biscuit (1), Medicine bag 3x (1), Antidote bag x3 (1), Cookware (1)
Food and medicine.

Oubliss' Sack (8/8):
Bedroll (4), Fire extinguisher (3), Duct tape (1), Chalk 3x (0), Whetstone (0),
The rest of the junk.

Alternatively, since Kloldril is lighter, we could move a backpack from Slorsnis to Kloldril, giving her more inventory options.
Also, Plate knife is probably a terrible weapon for Slorsnis since she doesn't have any melee skills. Well, probably still better than a hatchet.

What can we get for Slorsnis' hatchet?
We have 2 knives. Is the trade for both of them, or only one (which one?)?
Also, what about the portable welder? Would we get an actual flamethrower for it? :D
Can we (or them) unjam the 9mm pistol?
No. 868286 ID: 12b116
File 151891693215.jpg - (1.34MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

We can trade the Hatchet for the same items as the mace Slorsnis doesn't have much skill in using any sorts of weapons though. The hatchet can be thrown, she is good at that.

They don't have anything for a sling, waterskin, or small torch

The pistol is already unjammed, you just have to move the worky parts to fix it.

With a bit of item maneuvering I think we can take all this stuff... Does that look like what we need to do?
No. 868287 ID: b1b4f3

Oh cool, we got a second suit of armor? The scalemail must've counted as two suits since it had padding underneath.

Slorsnis should probably practice with the gun-arm later so she can use the pistol (or the gun arm) to fight with. Also I'd say trade the hatchet for the crowbar! Crowbar's very useful and the two heavy slashing weapons we have now can do a hatchet's job.
No. 868292 ID: 12b116
File 151892002195.jpg - (1.31MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

"I look like a weird cultist with this on. "
:kloldril:"I look good!"
:oubliss:"I still look the best though~"

OK, this should be good, it looks like the foundryman is headed back towards the ride carts. It seems to want us to follow.
No. 868293 ID: b1b4f3

I guess go find out what it wants.
No. 868299 ID: e1c8f7

Kloldril does look good! Keep following though.
No. 868305 ID: c88e6d

Follow, the Foundry Men seem like pretty okay guys thus far. They even forgave you for whacking that one in the chest with a bullet.
No. 868306 ID: 12b116
File 151892615166.jpg - (270.77KB , 1000x800 , fd25.jpg )

:tronklis: We get onto the riding cart, and the guy takes us back toward the big lake of lava. We stop in front of a big metal circle in the wall. There's two guys pushing a big wheel around, and with a horrible screeching metal sound, the inside of it ponderously rolls aside. It looks like this might be a way out. It's the heaviest looking door we've ever seen! I can feel cool air rushing out of it as well.
:slorsnis:"Should we go in there? It looks like they opened a way for us."
:kloldril:"We ended up helping them, maybe they're helping us with a better way to go?"
No. 868307 ID: c88e6d

Honestly, if they wanted to kill you they wouldn't have given you a crapload of weapons first. Let's go explore the vault door!
No. 868309 ID: a5de99

Let's go through, the foundrymen are nices afterall!
No. 868335 ID: 006e5c

Follow. If this leads outside of this place then.. too bad. We never managed to find out what this place was all about. What was being produced / disposed, what was the point of playing with all the controls etc.
No. 868340 ID: e1c8f7

Might as well, but be ready to jump back out at a moment's notice.
No. 868350 ID: 499d93

These guys have only been nice to us so far, no reason to assume otherwise just because of language barrier and speculation. Let’s go!
No. 868388 ID: 12b116
File 151898600246.jpg - (188.93KB , 1000x800 , Dam01.jpg )

:tronklis: We walk into the crack, and there's that brief dizziness for a second. The door behind us rolls shut with a loud boom! The air is cool and damp here, and it kind of smells like wet stone and rust. The floor and walls are the same type of solid stone the floor was made out of in the foundry.
:slorsnis:"It's pitch dark in here."
:kloldril:"And quiet."

:tronklis: It's not totally silent, I can hear rushing water in the big pipe ahead of us. There's a hallway right next to the pipe, and this room goes off to the right. There's another hallway to the left as well. We might want to look for somewhere to make camp fairly soon.
No. 868392 ID: c88e6d

Check the left hallway.
No. 868396 ID: 006e5c

So there's 3 paths. Left, right, and forward.

Our plan should be to find out if any of them are a dead end, so that we can make a camp there.

Explore the first 100m or so of each direction and return if there's no end.
Kloldril + Slorsnis to the right.
Tronklis to the left.
Oubliss forward. She can use the lighter for the light.
No. 868399 ID: b1b4f3

Is that another exit near the top of the pipe?

Go left, first. Not very far though.
No. 868400 ID: 56e50f

Security in obscurity, find a room with one or two entrances and not out in the open. Start with the left path.
No. 868404 ID: e4958d

No. 868428 ID: 12b116
File 151899668117.jpg - (128.02KB , 1000x800 , dam03.jpg )

:tronklis: "Let's check out that room to the left first."

:slorsnis:"It doesn't look like anything's in here except some broken peices of wood and one of those pipe things like we saw in the room where we traded our stuff"

:kloldril:"I can hear rushing water near it."
No. 868429 ID: 12b116
File 151899669376.jpg - (130.64KB , 1000x800 , dam02.jpg )

:tronklis: Oh, hey, looks like there's a pathway of sorts, or a room, up there. There's no ladder going to it or anything, somebody would have to climb up.
No. 868432 ID: c88e6d

Standing on Oubliss' shoulder.
No. 868434 ID: b1b4f3

Well that seems like a decent place to camp, but it's not really secure.
Alright use the grappling hook to go take a look up there.
No. 868435 ID: 006e5c

We could easily climb up there with a grappling hook, yeah, but that's definitely not a dead end and who knows what kinds of things creep in those shafts :p

I suggest checking out the other two paths first.
No. 868444 ID: 56e50f

Let's just take a quick look and continue our exploration.
No. 868452 ID: 12b116
File 151900430660.jpg - (214.30KB , 1000x800 , dam04.jpg )

:tronklis: "Oubliss can you get up there and have a look? Don't go too far."
:oubliss:"I can't go too far, it's a dead end~" "It's a dank rusty room with nothing in it~"

:Kloldril:"That might be a safer place to put our stuff."
:oubliss:"I'm coming back down now~ "

:tronklis:"let's check this other passage next."
No. 868490 ID: 56e50f

That place might just do. Possible candidate number 2.
No. 868495 ID: c88e6d

Check the next passage.
No. 868514 ID: 12b116
File 151901505838.jpg - (141.24KB , 1000x800 , dam05.jpg )

:tronklis: The opening next to the pipe leads to another hallway. There's two more halls on the left, one on the right, and then it takes a right hand turn. I'll check out the far end of the first room next...
:slorsnis:"everybody hush! I saw something move!"
No. 868516 ID: 12b116
File 151901512832.jpg - (131.37KB , 1000x800 , dam06.jpg )

:tronklis:There's definitely something out there, looks like behind the big pile of trash or inside the door on the very far end. I am pretty sure it's either seen or heard us by now. I see a flash of yellow eyes!
No. 868520 ID: 52a081

Keep your lights on towards whatever that creature is. might want to know what it is or straight up kill it before setting up camp.
No. 868521 ID: b1b4f3

Careful now. No idea what that is, might not be hostile. Tell it to come out where you can see it. Try gesturing too, just in case it can't understand you. If it won't move see if you can get a better look at it without making it run off.
No. 868548 ID: c88e6d

Demand it come out, but keep your shield ready.
No. 868552 ID: 006e5c

No. 868556 ID: 66b5eb

Kloldril's got the heavy armor and shield, so they go in front. Approach whatever this thing is slowly, and be ready to fight if it's hostile.
No. 868573 ID: e4958d

I don't know... make a tight kobold "arm wall" ready to become a mighty circula of doom.
No. 868648 ID: 12b116
File 151906896613.jpg - (215.10KB , 1000x800 , dam07.jpg )

:tronklis: Whoa! There's something scary running around in that room! It's pretty fast, I see it run past the door for a second! This definitely looks like a trap, I think it's trying to get us to go in that room. It's a good thing Slorsnis spotted it before it could jump out on us.
No. 868650 ID: b1b4f3

Spooky. Well, if it's staying in that room then we can go camp in the alcove just fine.
No. 868652 ID: c88e6d

See if there's anything you can barricade the passage with. Otherwise, set up a fortified camp in the alcove.
No. 868659 ID: 006e5c

Shoot a flare inside and charge in immediately after.
Proceed to bash it while it's startled.
No. 868660 ID: b1b4f3

Well we could push the big brown bin in front of the doorway.
Is there anything in the bin?
No. 868664 ID: 91ee5f

If it’s trying to get you to come into that room, then there might be more of those things in there waiting to jump at you guys!

Don’t go in there!
No. 868682 ID: ab5f17

This has a good point. They want you to walk into a trap, so you should trap them instead.
No. 868689 ID: 006e5c

I have a great idea about how to safely sterilize that room!

1. Fire up our gas torch and keep it that way (tape down the button or something)
2. Roll it inside
3. Shoot it
No. 868742 ID: 12b116
File 151908951045.jpg - (246.03KB , 1000x800 , dam08.jpg )

:Kloldril:"There's two of them!"
Something leaps for Kloldril, but misses and lands next to Oubliss! It's hard to tell what it is except for fangs, claws, and eyes! The second one leaps after me, but I'm too fast and it falls over into the darkness!

Everybody is kind of surprised, and all of our initial attacks miss!
No. 868743 ID: 12b116
File 151908952684.jpg - (269.38KB , 1000x800 , dam09.jpg )

Oubliss hits the one that landed near her in what might be its head, sending it staggering back. She whips the weighted chain around its leg and rips the leg off, sending it sailing through the air! The beast dissolves and leaves nothing behind but curious looking claws and teeth!
Slorsnis hits the second one between the eyes, but I can't see what's going on in the darkness until it jumps! My clipper catches its leg but it meets some strange resistance and just kind of chips it! Slorsnis hacks at it a couple of times but seems to be meeting that same resistance. Oubliss turns around and lands a devastating blow on the monster, sending peices of black material flying across the floor! Slorsnis stabs it with the plate sword and finishes it off!
No. 868752 ID: c88e6d

Analyze their remains. Are they machines?
No. 868756 ID: b1b4f3

Everybody okay? Did they drop any loot?
No. 868762 ID: 56e50f

Don't stop yet! There might be more, listen for movement and get everyone in a circle to have your backs facing each other. Anything else out there?
No. 868844 ID: 9d4af9

Take a look at those claws and teeth, but be careful. There could be more waiting for you to let you guard down.
No. 868849 ID: 006e5c

Send Kloldril into the room to see if there's any more of them in there.
No. 868990 ID: 12b116
File 151916369952.jpg - (203.33KB , 1000x800 , dam10.jpg )

:tronklis:"Kloldril check out the room, I'm right behind you."
:kloldril:"Nothing in here but some more old wood bits."
:tronklis: The doorway opens into a huge massive room. there's peices of wood and unrecognizable trash piled up in the corner and all over the floor. A huge yawning pit takes up one wall, with a giant grating of iron bars over it. I toss some wood into it but don't hear it hit bottom. There's a matching opening over the pit in the cieling, and another opening really high up that we can't really see into. There's no evidence of any more monsters in here, we don't see or hear anything except some distant dripping echoing from somewhere.

The claws and teeth of the monsters look like the came off of a real animal, from what we can figure out. Was it some kind of ghost? Somebody could take some of them if they wanted.
No. 868991 ID: 9d4af9

Could you climb up into that opening somehow? Maybe Oubliss could catch her chain on something and let you climb up? Or you could try tying a rope to a crossbow bolt and shooting it into the hole.
No. 868993 ID: c88e6d

Strange. There doesn't seem to be much in here. Is this all there is?
No. 868994 ID: 006e5c

Examine the trash. Collect the claws and teeth. Also use your psychometry skill on them.

Have Oubliss climb up there with rope and hook and look around.
No. 868996 ID: b1b4f3

Could probably grapple up there if we wanted. Not right now though. Camping is a better idea for now.
No. 869049 ID: 12b116
File 151917943468.jpg - (190.97KB , 1000x800 , dam11.jpg )

:tronklis:"Oubliss can you try to get up there with the hook?" I don't need to use my power on the claws and teeth, I already saw what happened to them just now! It's weird though, I can almost identify what animal they came from, but not quite. They kind of look like a blend of all the different predators I know of, but none of them specifcally. There's really not much else in here but what looks like boards and driftwood peices. At least we can make a proper fire with them, it is kind of chilly in here.

:oubliss:"There's nothing up there to grab on to! It's just sliding around!"

:tronklis:"looks like we're not getting up there now. You should probably stop before somebody wanders over here and gets hit in the head." What should we do next, make camp or keep exploring? Where should we make camp? Who should hold on to the monster bits?
No. 869052 ID: b1b4f3

Does anyone even have any carry weight available? Oh come to think of it you could give the gun arm to Slorsnis and hold your sword to free up 2 weight, that'll let you carry the monster drops.

Seems like slings aren't really doing much anyway, at least with the clay ammo.
No. 869162 ID: 006e5c

Driftwood.. it's as if this place is gonna get flooded. Well, nothing we can do about that.

Make camp here I guess. Kloldril has some space for the bits. Unless they weight a lot.
Would putting empty waterskins together make them more compact?
No. 869165 ID: 05ff2f

Make camp, but up high. With how damp it is and all the driftwood and trash left in here there's decent odds the halls and rooms here flood on occasion. The dead end Oubliss found should be your camp site. She can climb up and tie the grappling hook down for everyone else to climb up, then pull the rope up.

Before leaving this room, use the non-grappling-hook rope to tie up a bundle of material for a fire and have Oubliss and Kloldril haul it back to the camp site together, or maybe just drag it there. Leave a lead from the bundle to haul it up with.

If the claws and teeth only weigh one unit, then Kloldril can carry them. Take them all unless that would be over one weight unit, in which case only take what can be carried.

Before everyone goes to sleep they should each use the shooty arm to practice aiming and firing until it tires them out, then sleep to recover. Use the chalk to draw targets on the wall below and opposite the camp site entrance and the floor below to aim at. Avoid shooting at or near the pipes since you don't know what flows through them.
No. 869210 ID: 12b116
File 151923652228.jpg - (214.15KB , 1000x800 , dam12.jpg )

(FYI empty waterskins don't take up inventory space)

:Kloldril:"I'll hold on to those teeth for now, they don't weigh anything."
:oubliss:"I'll get the fire started, I want to use one of these fire starters already."

:tronklis: "Before we sleep for the night, let's practice shooting."
:oubliss:"EEW, gross, no. I am not putting my hand in that. It looks like a hairless butt."
:tronklis:"FINE, use that crossbow instead then. You don't have to scrunch your nose up like that at it."

:oubliss:"Oh, this crossbow is neat! It has a thing you can look through like a spyglass! It's even got a mark on it that shows where the arrow will go!"
:kloldril:"I'll try it, it is kind of gross but it doesn't make any noise and use up ammunition like the other shooter does."
:slornis:"I think those things were somewhat armored, it would be nice to have an alternative for the sling. It doesn't do too well against armor."

Slorsnis and Kloldril will practice handguns and Oubliss will practice long arms

Will anybody sleep with the amulet? Will anybody try to ask any questions? Is there anything else we should do before going to bed for the "night?"
No. 869211 ID: ed67d9

Have a team-building hug. Everyone should hug and just... you've all been through a lot, and it'd be nice.
No. 869217 ID: c88e6d

Have Tronklis wear the necklace.
No. 869225 ID: 006e5c

What will Tronklis be practicing then? Doesn't he need to learn some aiming as well?

If there's one thing I'd do before going to sleep.. it would be looking into the biogun's history.

I'd say it's Slorsnis' turn for sleeping with the amulet next. Tell her (or the one that's gonna be wearing the amulet) to apologize to the Lord of Marvelous Devices for accidentally sabotaging the wheelmen.

The golden kobold.. eh, her answers have been so vague. If only there was a way to make them clearer. Maying using one of those mind stims would work? I guess Tronklis could try using the stim on himself just before sleeping to see if anything would be different, assuming he won't be the one wearing the amulet.

The questions:
Is the Lord of Marvelous Devices an ally?
Could you use your hands to form letters as your answers instead of speaking? (maybe we would be able to understand them like that sign)
Would getting a 'telepathy' skill allow us to communicate with you better?
No. 869257 ID: 536c4b

It's Slornis's turn with the amulet. Questions the others should ask should be "Are we any closer to saving you?" "Can the Lord of Marvelous Devices be trusted?" "Is escape possible?"
No. 869336 ID: 12b116
File 151925908326.jpg - (242.60KB , 1000x800 , dam13.jpg )

:Tronklis:"OK, everybody come here. We're doing pretty good so far, if we keep up this kind of pace we should be out of here pretty soon. We make a good team!"

we turn in for the night...
No. 869340 ID: 9d4af9

Don't wear the amulet. Machine dude is just going to yell at you and it's not going to be a good time.
No. 869345 ID: 91ee5f

And then Oubliss used her new strength to pick everyone up in a squeezing hug!
No. 869359 ID: 12b116
File 151926673314.jpg - (272.28KB , 1000x800 , TTMiD01.jpg )

:kloldril:"I'm alone, in the forest, walking along a path. There's a big canyon with a huge wall going across it, and it's night time. I'm looking at the wall when my blood runs cold suddenly. I'm being watched by something in the darkness! Out of instinct, I start running down the road! I can hear it, feel it running behind me, giving chase! What should I do?! "
No. 869362 ID: c88e6d

Run left.
No. 869380 ID: b1b4f3

Head for the wall?
No. 869447 ID: 6e3e0e

muster up all of your courage. hit breaks and tackle the chaser.
No. 869456 ID: e1c8f7

Find a path it can't follow you down! A crevice in the rocks? Up a tree?
No. 869457 ID: 006e5c

Look for the motif
No. 869731 ID: 12b116
File 151942873956.jpg - (270.62KB , 1000x800 , TTMiD02.jpg )

:kloldril: I turn left into the woods, trying to find somewhere it can't follow! I can still feel the monster chasing me, silently, almost as if it's flowing through the trees! Is there anything I can do to get away from it?!
No. 869733 ID: 499d93

alright, so you know it can die, let's find a branch or something pointy and run straight at it!
you'll have to dodge as close as possible but monsters don't usually think that fast and it should hopefully impale itself with the momentum.

alternatively: wake up
No. 869735 ID: 56e50f

Arm yourself, but don't stop moving! Any loose branches you could rip off in a hurry?
No. 869766 ID: b1b4f3

Drop the teeth?
No. 869797 ID: 006e5c

This seems like a good idea, assuming he's holding them. If he's not, then...

Shout for help. The golden kobold, lord of devices, anyone!
No. 869898 ID: 9d4af9

Turn around and smack that thing upside the head with a wicked uppercut. You're a strong independent kobold that don't need no Lord of Machines.
No. 870163 ID: 12b116
File 151961769536.jpg - (196.31KB , 1000x800 , ttmid03.jpg )

:kloldril: I need a weapon! I turn to face it! For some reason I think of the teeth, and I feel a spear, no, huge rending claws on the ends of my fingers! I slash at its face, taking out a handful of teeth, and its eye runs out of its head like glowing water! The fight transitions to another dream, where I'm placing a small animal carcass under a bush, and speaking with something? "...ordeal is not ...may commune... find ... dark places..." I can't remember the rest of what it said.
No. 870164 ID: 12b116
File 151961772825.jpg - (275.19KB , 1000x800 , md01.jpg )

:slorsnis: I'm alone, walking around what looks like the same place we are in now. There's a door with a faint red light and a weird noise coming from it. It almost sounds like running water, but harsher. It seems to be coming from a grating, and I instinctively push on the red light.
:md:"Oh, another one? My wheel men saw you attack the foundryman, ineffective as it was. I fear your companions have decided to align themselves against me, but I can still offer you power, if you so wish it. We are all trapped here together, and we all wish to be free, do we not?"
No. 870165 ID: b1b4f3

Okay sure. Still no real evidence for or against trusting Lord of Devices here. His boon should give us a better idea of what he's up to. If you have an opportunity tell him the first two wheelmen were hit by accident.

Did we find a third entity? Some kind of nightmare god maybe. I think it's saying "your ordeal is not over" We have to find a dark place and commune with it there. Maybe offer up a dead animal?
No. 870166 ID: e1c8f7

The difference is that your group is simply visiting. He's the real prisoner, isn't he?
No. 870168 ID: b1b4f3

Oh and if you can, ask him what he'll do when he gets free.
No. 870174 ID: c88e6d

Ask why the Foundrymen and the Wheelmen are fighting.
No. 870175 ID: ee965a

If you're going to get help from machine guy, be careful. Make sure that there are no strings attached, or that you can see the strings at the very least.
No. 870194 ID: bbbdf9

If we're in this, we're in this together.
We worked with the foundrymen because we thought it too late to help the wheelmen, but if you say it isn't the case...
No. 870226 ID: 0db3a5

"We haven't aligned against you. We're just treating everything that doesn't lower their weapons and raise their hands as a threat. Maybe next time you could have your minions put their weapons away?"
No. 870254 ID: 499d93

Well it’s kinda hard to effectively pick a side when we know nothing about either sides motives. You’re offering power in exchange for your freedom and attacking the foundrymen for some reason, while the foundrymen appear to be doing their job (whatever that is) and defending themselves as necessary from your attacks.
Without proper context as to why the wheelmen are attacking the foundry men and why you are imprisoned, you look a lot like a bad guy.
No. 870255 ID: 006e5c

So this is another faction? They seem to manifest itself through this sort of teeth or something. But then, how do we communicate with them to figure out what they want? And even if they could help (let's say by having someone put on those teeth), we have no guarantee that the teeth would come off again.

Ask him what kind of power is it and why was he fighting the foundrymen. How was it related to freeing him?
No. 870267 ID: 9aca35

explain yourself machine-thing, nobody is informed enough to align themselves with or against anyone right now.
No. 870302 ID: 12b116
File 151967794505.jpg - (222.10KB , 1000x800 , md02.jpg )

:slornsis:"Why were they fighting in the first place? There was one stalking us with its weapons out, can you have them put them away next time? It's really hard to pick a side when we no nothing about their motives!"

:md:"The Foundry is my domain, they have usurped it. My Wheelmen can no more put their weapons away than you can remove your arms and put them in your pack.

:slorsnis:"Why are you here? Who's this place meant to trap anyway?"

:md:"This labyrinth is a prison for the Ideation of Non Contiguous Connectiveness. As long as they remain locked away, nothing or no-one can be in more than one place at a time. This was done to force things into a particular reality so they could be defeated. There are more Ideations trapped in here with us as well, such as Things that Move In Darkness. A dread black beast, and an ideation of fear. There are no doubt some of its minions lying in wait in dark places. Those of us that are trapped must be as long as Non Contiguous Connectiveness remains here. Others are trapped on other worlds, unable to leave or affect anything else. The knowledge of what this threat was is not known to me, unfortunately. I just happened to be caught here as well as my Wheelmen."

:slorsnis:"What exactly are you planning to do when we get out of here then?"

:md:"I seek nothing more than the enlightenment of cultures through technology, of course. Anyone who follows my will shall be granted wondrous knowledge. I can grant you the powers to resurrect non functional machinery, and use anything you may come across."

:slorsnis: The dream fades after this and I can't remember much else. He's definitely lying about something, but why? He's also avoiding saying what his "will" is. I really wish this wasn't that complicated!
No. 870305 ID: 006e5c

>lying about something
There's two things which I think would be the ones he's most probably lying about.
The first one would be that this would be his domain. Well, maybe he's not lying, but he simply decided on that fact on his own accord. Those foundrymen definitely seem to belong to this place much more than his wheelmen.
The second would be the twisting of the truth by using the word "enlightenment". It probably means slavery and/or unconditional acceptance of their technology. Perhaps the foundrymen used to be his slaves and they simply decided not to be slaves anymore.

As for what to do next, I'm not sure. Will decide after others are done dreaming.
No. 870318 ID: c88e6d

He probably has the same will as other powerful beings, he wants to rule over them. The Foundry Workers are probably the real owners of the Foundry since they are made of the same metal and the Wheelmen aren't and have no interest in keeping the machinery running.

Next time you meet your golden kobold friend, you should ask them what they are the Ideation of. It might give clues as to their desires. Either way, the Lord of Wondrous Devices has given us valuable information in spite of his lies. We now know of the existence of ideations and a little of their nature.

Perhaps we should wish for some information, but we should definitely save wishes for more dire circumstances. Let's wake up and see about heading through the dark more. If all is as he says, then we are in the Domain of the Thing That Moves In Darkness and so we're on the right track to get to the next area.
No. 870323 ID: 499d93

Well now we know a bit about the things that move in the darkness we should try to commune with them at least once. When you wake up try to find a particularly dark space and wait there for a bit.Hopefully the fact that they’re fear itself won’t be to big an issue.
I wonder if they would be more willing to give the truth. Instant brownie points if they are.
No. 870328 ID: 094652

Hopefully he'll understand to have his minions make a callsign next time you encounter one.

Duh. He's a god in a prison designed to prepare gods for their execution by forcing them to stop being connected concepts. He'd lie about his ambitions to convince you to help him leave.

For now, he's one of the only high powers you can call on though, so work for mutual benefit for the moment. Not to mention technologically-advanced post-apocalypse sounds better than the alternative tech-less wasteland.
No. 870354 ID: b1b4f3

Next, questions for goldbold.
I've got some!
1: (Slorsnis) What is the will of the Lord of Wondrous Devices?
2: (Kloldril) How do I commune with the thing in the dark places?
3: (others) How come you could talk freely in dreams outside the Labyrinth but not inside it?
No. 870365 ID: 56e50f

You should consider writing these dreams down as soon as you wake up.
No. 870425 ID: 12b116
File 151970534734.jpg - (331.72KB , 1000x800 , NCC1.jpg )

:tronklis:I'm on a wooden platform plummeting through the darkness! There's invisible monsters all around me, I have to fight them! "Are we any closer to saving you!? Who's the Lord of Marvelous Devices? Can he be trusted?!"
:goldbold: "I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday! Not only an untrustworthy scoundrel, but a fundamentally wicked person!"
No. 870426 ID: 12b116
File 151970540064.jpg - (165.79KB , 1000x800 , NCC2.jpg )

:tonklis: The dream shifts suddenly, we are in a tunnel. "Why can't you answer anything directly but you could in the real world?"

:goldbold:"Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one"

:tronklis: There's pictures all over the walls down here, mostly of scenery. Pictures of mountain valleys, icebergs, that kind of thing. Each one has a few words under it in white text. I have a feeling that even if I knew the language, I can't read them in the dream. She keeps trying to motion me away from looking at the other side of the tunnel, and back towards the pictures on the wall.
No. 870428 ID: c88e6d

That's super helpful!

Point out to her that he says releasing her will release him too.

Follow her.
No. 870431 ID: b1b4f3

Ok so don't trust LoMD. Seems like we don't have much choice but to release him in the end though... unless he was lying about that.
I wonder why he wanted us to trigger the anomaly's destruction of the research facility? Maybe if he disrupts the Labyrinth he gains power?

Look closer at the paintings. Best not to look at something she doesn't want you to look at-- remember that knowledge down here can be harmful.
No. 870466 ID: 006e5c

Look at the other side of the tunnel. Ignorance isn't what brought us here.
No. 870468 ID: 91ee5f

>She keeps trying to motion me away from looking at the other side of the tunnel, and back towards the pictures on the wall.
Focus on the pictures like she wants you to do.
No. 870470 ID: e1c8f7

See if you can take a hold of her hand.
No. 870584 ID: 12b116
File 151977968289.jpg - (216.20KB , 1000x800 , NCC3.jpg )

:oubliss:These dreams keep getting stranger. I'm eating a raw grit-apple, something I haven't had in a long time and don't particularly like unless it's pickled. I'm walking down a tunnel, there's some big tracks in it like we rode on earlier! That was pretty fun~ I can see light ahead, so I go up to it. There's a room on the side, then the tunnel goes weird and up hill. Ooo, I see Tronklis and the nonsense kobold and they're holding hands! hee hee~
They're looking at some pictures on the wall and don't notice me~
No. 870596 ID: 499d93

Sneak up and spook them!
It’s what they get for not paying attention.
No. 870599 ID: 91ee5f

Sneak over there and say, “Tronklis, kiss her already!”
No. 870611 ID: c0641d

Best not interrupt them. What’s up the weird slope?
No. 870626 ID: 12b116
File 151979373756.jpg - (200.52KB , 1000x800 , ncc4.jpg )

:oubliss:"Tronklis touch her nose already~"
:tronklis:"OUBLISS WHA-"
No. 870627 ID: 12b116
File 151979376145.jpg - (197.36KB , 1000x800 , NCC5.jpg )

:tronklis:Well I see what I wasn't supposed to. I shouldn't be able to read this, but it's clear as day. WORLDBREAKER! My vision blurs like running paint, and a feeling of absolute terror grips me like freezing claws reaching into my head!
No. 870628 ID: 12b116
File 151979378132.jpg - (268.29KB , 1000x800 , dam14.jpg )

:tronklis: I sit bolt upright, awake, in a cold sweat. That feeling of terror is rapidly fading, taking the Name with it. "Oubliss did you see what I saw?"
:oubliss:"Yes, I saw... something? I can't remember what it was now. You've got a nose-bleed~"

:tronklis:"I can't remember it either, you should look at your own nose!"
:oubliss:"huh? Oh."

:slorsnis:"Is it time to eat?"

:tronklis:Hmm, I think so. I wipe the blood off my nose with my hands and let everyone know what I can remember, but it's not much. We might as well get on with the day, there's stuff to check out in here. Yeah. Let's uhh, just keep moving forward here.
No. 870635 ID: c88e6d

Arright, time to eat and head into the darkness.
No. 870642 ID: b1b4f3

How's Tronklis doing after his dream? Everybody share info.
No. 870646 ID: 14581c

Tell Oubliss not to mess up your dream date next time
No. 870651 ID: e1c8f7

Clean up and get some food in ya. Wash your faces if you can.
No. 870662 ID: 830fb7

Both of Tronklis and Oubliss eyes have turned red where there once was white (implying that they are bloodshot or something).
No. 870671 ID: 006e5c

>the Name
Well, that Name doesn't tell us anything. It could belong to a certain person, or it could simply be a concept. As a wall graffiti in a dream, it also obscures any sort of context to it. Maybe it's NCC's other name. Since she grants things the ability be in more than one place at a time, you could say she allows worlds to break apart, thus the Name. But there really too many possibilities to guess.

It seems everything in this world is too much for the poor kobolds to comprehend. Or maybe not. Maybe the damage was real because simply encountering that concept was enough for their heads to be pulled apart. This is probably why we'll need those mind shields.

Actually, this dream.. maybe it was a training of sorts. Maybe the NCC was trying to teach Tronklis that if you get mind-attacked, you should imagine what we saw in those pictures. Hmm.

>Let's just keep moving forward
I think we should sit down and meditate, imagining beautiful scenery like on those pictures for a while :P
No. 871036 ID: 12b116
File 151995668304.jpg - (1.29MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

:tronklis:Everyone gets cleaned up that needs to, so let's try out those biscuits we found. They're not particularly good, but not particularly bad either. That leaves us with one day's worth of food and water. Slorsnis and Kloldril have taken well to what Oubliss calls the "Hand Butt." I can do more damage with it but they are more likely to hit things. We are all [b]much]/b] more likely to hit things than before, for that matter. Oubliss is OK with the crossbow as well, instead of being really bad.

Where should we go first?
No. 871039 ID: 56e50f

I suppose we should check that hallway we didn't get to finish looking through
No. 871053 ID: c88e6d

Agreed, onwards!
No. 871058 ID: b1b4f3

Kloldril didn't actually grow fangs, I see.
Well, time to investigate more of that first room you found the shadow monsters in.
No. 871061 ID: 91ee5f

He also grew claws in his dream. Maybe his gloves are hiding some newly formed claws?
No. 871101 ID: 14581c

Onward ever onward.
No. 871153 ID: 006e5c

>4 biscuits were consumed
It was written before that each biscuit can feed two kobolds, so only 2 biscuits should've been used. Well, I don't particularly care one way or the other. We can simply say that the biscuits weren't as filling as we thought, so we used up 4.

>where go
Check out the other 2 rooms in this hallway.
No. 871231 ID: d0d281

Oh, so this magical labyrinth is probably a prison for the world breaker.

That probably means it's really hard to get out.
No. 871376 ID: e4958d

You're thirsty, drink all the Drepsi.
No. 871499 ID: 12b116
File 152013865285.jpg - (230.78KB , 1000x800 , dam15.jpg )

that was my mistake, it should be 3

:tronklis:"Let's check out this hallway first, everybody stick together."
The first room on the left has a bunch of rusty stuff and an important looking machine. There's a single red light blinking on it and everything else is silent.
:slorsnis:"This thing gives me a bad feeling for some reason"
:tronklis:"Why's that? Do you know anything about it?"
:slorsnis:"No, I can't think of anything. It's probably just that red light on it being kind of ominous."

:tronklis:" Oh, I've remembered something! We learned a name in the dream, and I think this might be a prison for something called the World-
No. 871500 ID: 12b116
File 152013866738.jpg - (255.04KB , 1000x800 , dam16.jpg )

:tronklis:"-brAGH!" A horrible ringing starts in my ears! It feels like my head is being crushed from the outside! All I can focus on is the blinking light, it's brighter than anything I've seen!
:oubliss:"I remember it, but don't say it! Saying it is bad!"
:tronklis: After a few seconds, the pain and disorientation stop. "I'm pretty sure this place is a prison for something else. A really bad thing. I think Connectedness and Devices are here kind of because they either got caught in or are part of the trap."
:slorsnis:"That kind of makes sense, if some of what my dream was about is actually true. Whatever it is can hurt you if you so much as say its name, maybe we should try to not think about it."

:tronklis:I'm beggining to think she is right about that...

:kloldril:"I think either they don't want to tell us what it is, or can't."

:tronklis:"Either way, we need to figure out how to get out ourselves. I certainly don't want to stay in this place any longer than I have to."

There's lots of buttons and switches on this thing, should we try anything out?
No. 871502 ID: c4809e

Lets turn some switches, maybe it can turn on the lights or open a door!
No. 871509 ID: b1b4f3

That looks like a map. Do not go in the blinking light room if it seems to be associated with the other thing.

Hmm, does Slorsnis have that promised power from Devices? She should try to use it here.
No. 871510 ID: 094652

Push buttons one at a time. If any lights start flashing, ask for MD's help, and if he doesn't tell you about any nuclear warheads you just armed, disconnect the power to the control panel.
No. 871531 ID: 006e5c

Just ask Slorsnis to talk at the speaker and ask MD what this machine is for and what to do with it.
No. 871653 ID: 12b116
File 152022115120.jpg - (287.54KB , 1000x800 , dam17.jpg )

:tronklis: Oubliss has been pushing buttons. None of them seem to do much of anything at the moment. "This looks like a map. If that's what it is then the red light is in the next room on the left down this hall. Let's try out a few things in here first though."

:oubliss:"I found one that switches itself back after I turn it! A few of them do actually~"

:tronklis:"Slorsnis if this is from your dream, do you think you can use it? Can you try talking to what's his name... Lord of Marvels or whoever with it again?"

:slorsnis:"I can try doing the same thing I did in the dream."
I push the red button, and harsh, grating noises come out of the hole. I can hear a voice...
:md:"so.. you want to use my powers then? I can tell you everything about this machine you could wish to know, but let's cut the pleasantries. I can make your time in here much easier, all you must do is prove to me that you will work towards the enslavement of all organic life. If you choose not to ally yourself with me, you'll never make it out of here alive!"

:slorsnis:"Uhh, did anybody else hear that?"

:tronklis:"I didn't hear anything."
:kloldril:"Nope. just clicking from Oubliss messing with those things over there."
:oubliss:"What? I didn't hear anything. I don't think anything works on here but this is a lot of fun. I love the sound they make! click click click~"

:slorsnis: That sounds pretty bad, what should I do? It seems like only I can hear him. I'm starting to think all these machines are something we should leave alone! They're scary and we don't know how they work. There's no powers to disconnect from the thing, I'm not sure what that means.
No. 871658 ID: c4809e

I think this is the time to ignore the machine spirit, probably isn't going to be helpful. We still got the wishing crown, some good equipment, and a strong Oubliss. We might as well stop sleeping with the amulet.
No. 871674 ID: b1b4f3

Ask him how the hell you'd begin to prove that. Why does he think you would agree to it in the first place? That's stupid, he's stupid, and his threat is stupid because he said earlier that you're going to wind up freeing him if you get to the end of the labyrinth. It's to his best interest that he helps you, whether or not you agree with his long term goals.
No. 871676 ID: 91ee5f

>enslavement of all organic life
That means you would also be a slave! Don’t do it!
No. 871707 ID: c8ffa1

Took long enough to figure out what he wanted. If we’re gonna join a faction let’s make sure they aren’t completely evil. For now though just ignore the machines and continue looking around for anything of interest before moving on.
No. 871723 ID: c88e6d

He wants to hurt anyone with blood and flesh. What a jerk. Let's ignore him.
No. 871728 ID: 006e5c

Let's parley with him. Hmm. Maybe he's a sucker for flattery, so let's start with that.

Tell him that his powers are really awesome and that you're jealous of how powerful and smart he is. Tell him that you wish you were like him and had such a grand domain.

But then tell him that, if you were like him, wouldn't you get trapped in here also? So it's sometimes nice to have a variety of races and ideologies, who can then help each other despite their differences. And then ask him that, even if you don't ally yourself with him, wouldn't it be in his best interest to help you? I mean, one way or another you'll probably be freeing him, so aren't you helping him already? Enslaving everyone can come afterwards. Also ask him if the enslavement would include you hehe.

If that doesn't work then ask him if "not working against him" would be good enough? Or does the deal absolutely have to include "enslavement of all organic life"?
No. 871734 ID: e1c8f7

This guy is an ass. An ass that knows shit. Wonder if we can work him for info while teasing him with our support. Like never fully committing to him. Just enough to get him to help out occasionally. Let's hear what his first offer is.
No. 871852 ID: 6b1136

I don't think we can exactly get behind the enslavement of all organic life... But LoMD doesn't have to know that, does he?
No. 871870 ID: c0641d

“Doesn’t organic life include me” will probably be met with “it doesn’t have to.” Not something we want, but that shouldn’t matter since we have to help him to help the one we’re saving at the same time. Also, we’ll need all the help we can get if we’re gonna deal with the thing this place was built to ensnare; we may not like you, LoMD, but this thing we can’t name without eye-bleeding is probably even worse.

Klodril, see if you can find a dark (but safe) place where you can test the waters regarding communion with (I think it was called) That Which Goes Bump in the Dark. Be prepaired to politely semi-reject it as yet another evil-but-has-our-best-interests faction, of course.
No. 871962 ID: 12b116
File 152036199553.jpg - (259.82KB , 1000x800 , dam18.jpg )

:slorsnis:"He is talking about enslaving all life or something!"
:tronklis:"Well that seems pretty evil doesn't it? We should probably get rid of that amulet. I don't like the thought of dealing with something this powerful that doesn't have our best interests in mind unless things get a lot more desperate. Kloldril, let's see if your guy has anything better to say."
:kloldril:"I think what I need to do is catch and kill a small animal, but we haven't seen any in here so far. I don't think it'll work without that."

:tronklis:"Let's see what else is in this place before committing to something like that. The thing on the wall does look like a map, we'll start with what looks like the red light room." It's full of ropes or something held up by knobs and going in and out of the wall. One of them looks like it's been broken and there's a black spot on the wall where it sits on another one.
No. 871966 ID: b1b4f3

Try Object Reading on the lever to see what it does.
No. 871969 ID: 006e5c

Eh, I'd still keep the amulet and wear it. As long as we don't throw it away, we probably won't be treated as an enemy by him. Who knows, maybe he'll have something interesting to say.

This seems like a fuse box or something. But how to connect those wires..
No. 871971 ID: c88e6d

What are those wires connected up to? The lever probably makes it work.
No. 871975 ID: 006e5c

I would first try to connect the rope that was cut.

Here's some of the possible options that I see (in order of my preference):
a) Maybe the rope is loose enough and it can be pulled together enough to make a connection
b) Search the trash for a metallic wire that could be used as a bridge
c) Maybe our green rope has a metallic wire in it and could be used as a bridge
d) Using a crowbar as a bridge
Could also try with Oubliss' chain, or the MD amulet but, eh.
No. 871976 ID: b1b4f3

Okay specifically I'm going to vote not fucking messing with the broken cable. Black mark on the wall is "lots of fire was here" so even if kobolds don't understand electricity that's a red flag.

Also yes get rid of the amulet. Devices is not going to be helpful at ALL unless we aid him directly apparently. He keeps promising power but not giving it to us.
No. 872055 ID: df66a2

Hire a licensed electrician to remove this old electrical wiring and probably upgrade the service while you're at it. It probably doesn't have sufficient amperage for modern usage.
No. 872063 ID: 12b116
File 152038726058.jpg - (204.02KB , 1000x800 , dam19.jpg )

:tronklis: Hmm, object reading the lever doesn't really give me anything, there must have not been any strong emotions or anything associated with it. I am kind of wary about whatever made that black spot on the wall. I don't know what they're connected to, but they go up into the cieling on further inspection. Should we try flipping the switch up or go look for something else? We don't know what's in the room across from here, or what's further down the hall.
No. 872069 ID: b1b4f3

Explore a bit further for now. Check out the room opposite this one; the map seemed to mark it as important.
No. 872142 ID: 006e5c

Flip the switch.
No. 872147 ID: 91ee5f

There’s a black circle thing up there. What is that?
No. 872168 ID: c88e6d

Let's flip the switch. Maybe it will turn on the lights?
No. 872219 ID: e1c8f7

Try to remember that map. What rooms are left too look through?
No. 872255 ID: ca332d

If you flip the lever, make sure that you don't touch the broken rope, and that it doesn't touch the other ropes or anything metal.
No. 872271 ID: 12b116
File 152047615870.jpg - (234.10KB , 1000x800 , dam20.jpg )

:tronklis: The circle metal things have been in the ceiling in almost all the rooms. I don't know what they're for but there's a glass over each one. I flip the switch to the up position but nothing really happens. Now, according to the map with the light on it there's a couple more rooms. The doorway on the other side of the hall goes up some stairs, which is where the other room with the light on it might be. The hallway also turns right after all the rooms, I'll check what's down there first...
No. 872272 ID: 12b116
File 152047617369.jpg - (163.69KB , 1000x800 , dam21.jpg )

:tronklis:... turning the corner in the hallway, there's another staircase on the left, and a room on the right. At the end of the hallway there's a big metal contraption, possibly some kind of fancy door. Which should we check out first?
No. 872273 ID: 094652

Staircases - you're small enough to dash down if you need to escape. Just start at the first one.
No. 872274 ID: c88e6d

Check the door.
No. 872278 ID: b1b4f3

Check up the stairs.
No. 872367 ID: c0641d


Seconding this.
No. 872381 ID: 12b116
File 152054198582.jpg - (268.16KB , 1000x800 , dam22.jpg )

:tronklis: Up the first set of stairs is another machine room. There's four big switches, and a bunch of little ones. There's what look like four big buttons that are lit up and another red light on what kind of looks like the map in the other room, in basically the same place. There are big windows on the wall, angled to look downward into complete darkness.

Should we mess with anything or move on?
No. 872402 ID: 05ff2f

Tell the others to not fiddle with the switches and levers and shit here yet, with a pointed look at Oubliss. Climb up to shine the flashlight through the windows to see if you can make out what's on the other side. Where does the area on the other side of the windows lie relative to the lower levels?

Methodically flip each switch, move each lever and press each button on its own in turn. If it doesn't obviously have a effect, put it back to the way it was before before moving on to the next one. Use psychometry on each one as well. Do not press the buttons next to the grill, since that may get the Lord of Marvelous Devices' attention.

The red light on the map may indicate where something is broken that needs fixing to make all this machinery work, since that cable in there was broken. But how do you fix it? And more importantly, how do you fix it without hurting or killing one of the party trying to fix it? Just tie the broken ends together? Use psychometry on the cables to figure it out? Well, you're probably gonna have to fix that at some point to get out of here.

Next check out the unexplored room on the level below. Have Kloldril on point with his shield up to screen the rest of the group and advance slowly, the next person behind him shining a light around to check the room and its ceiling.

After that room, the room with the broken cable will probably be your next destination. Get a better look at the broken cable and what it's made of when you do.
No. 872403 ID: b1b4f3

I think we should keep looking around until we find replacement cables for the broken room.
No. 872426 ID: e1c8f7

We gotta get those heckin' lights on. Don't know if anyone is particularly skilled in cable repair though. Leave the control panel for now. Check that weird door.
No. 872427 ID: 12b116
File 152056049542.jpg - (215.36KB , 1000x800 , dam24.jpg )

:tronklis: Going up to the window, I can barely make out what's behind it. It's a really big, really dark room, it looks like. There's some kind of contraption in the middle.
:oubliss:"Look, on the other side."
:tronklis:"I see it, looks like a room like this one, or at least three round windows like it. Let's try moving some of these -"
No. 872429 ID: 12b116
File 152056054310.jpg - (298.95KB , 1000x800 , dam25.jpg )

:tronklis: Going up to the window, I can barely make out what's behind it. It's a really big, really dark room, it looks like. There's some kind of contraption in the middle.
:oubliss:"Look, on the other side."
:tronklis:"I see it, looks like a room like this one, or at least three round windows like it. Let's try moving some of these -"

:oubliss;"ON IT!"
:tronklis:"ONE AT A TIME!"
:oubliss: "OK, fine!"
:tronklis:Oubliss goes on to make a show of flipping and pushing levers and buttons slowly while looking back at me. Nothing seems to happen till she pushes the first glowing one on the right side of the room.
:oubliss;"It went off! The light went off! I'm gonna slap 'em!"
:tronklis:"Please jus-"

:tronklis:"Well I don't know what that did but it must have done something. They don't come back on again. let's go check out the other stairs and that last room then."
No. 872430 ID: 12b116
File 152056068235.jpg - (274.82KB , 1000x800 , dam23.jpg )

:tronklis: The next room down the hall is the other one with the stairs leading to it. Looks like a different bunch of controls, and there's more lights lit. It must be the other room we saw through the window!


:oubliss:"ok FINE"

:tronklis:"There's one room we need to check out first."
No. 872440 ID: 12b116
File 152056318615.jpg - (246.26KB , 1000x800 , dam26.jpg )

:tronklis:There's some big stuff in the last room. A wooden table with some thick smooth rope or something wrapped around it, and a broken one lying next to it. There's a pile of what might have once been tools but is now a solid lump of rust in the corner, and there's a bunch of weirdly shaped bottles on the table.

:kloldril:"There's broken glass all over the floor, be careful."
No. 872441 ID: e1c8f7

Are those bottles up high busted too? Kloldril has boots, right? Send him to check.
No. 872443 ID: b1b4f3

Hey, that's the same kind of rope that's broken in the red light room. I bet if you cut a piece off of the correct length you could replace the rope! You've got a powerful cutting tool in that weird sword you got from the foundry workers.

Hmm, gonna need to move all that broken glass out of the way. We don't have anything approaching the utility of a broom... Maybe Kloldril's shield could push the glass effectively without any getting stuck on it. Then we can take a closer look at the intact glass things.

(I think this place might be some kind of hydroelectric power station? Trying to get it working again without expert advice is going to be difficult as hell. Might have to blow a wish on this. Ask for the same power Devices was promising, maybe? Slorsnis could get the power, since she's otherwise underpowered.)
No. 872444 ID: c4809e

Take a closer look at those broken glass bottles, do they have tiny springs or metal inside them? sweep them to the side afterwards and examine the rust and unbroken bottles.
No. 872459 ID: 12b116
File 152057312402.jpg - (272.17KB , 1000x800 , dam27.jpg )

:tronklis:Wow, this sword clipper just cuts straight through it! It's some kind of copper rope with a weird smelling coating on it. It's kind of heavy but I can manage it. This looks like about enough.

:slorsnis:"There's nothing in these glass things, and they don't have any sort of stopper. They're pretty useless bottles if you ask me. The glass is really thick and there's hardly room for anything inside. They're pretty though!"

:tronklis:"Can somebody check that rust pile?"
:kloldril:"Sure. It might have been a pile of tools or something at one point, but I can break through it with my fingers. It's almost solid rust! I don't see any use for this. Nothin hidden under it either."

:tronklis:All right, what do we want to do with this thing?
No. 872465 ID: e1c8f7
File 152057445528.jpg - (81.78KB , 500x335 , flickr-photos-tagged-glassinsulators-picssr-glass-.jpg )

So we have something to help protect ourselves when we start fucking with electricity.
No. 872494 ID: b1b4f3

This is the last unexplored room?

Seems like we need to drag the cable into that room and replace the broken one before we start turning things on.
...odd that those tools are so rusted through when there's no water around. Maybe this place was flooded at one point?

You might need to use Object Reading on one of the big control panels to see what the correct settings are.
No. 872554 ID: 12b116
File 152062480370.jpg - (247.43KB , 1000x800 , dam28.jpg )

:tronklis:Everything we can get to has been explored. I'll take this to the red light room....

All right, I had to peel some of the peeling off to be able to tie it together, but that looks like it should hold. Nothing really happened though. Maybe there's something else we need to do? Object reading the panels doesn't prove useful, there's nothing really important happening there I guess.
No. 872560 ID: c7680f

Hey if you take those glass things, you might be able to sell them to a collector :3
No. 872585 ID: b1b4f3

Flip the lever again?

Check the first panel you saw again, see if the red light turned off.
It might be time to start pushing buttons randomly...
No. 872596 ID: 56e50f

Might need to start making some back-and-forth trips to check out these consoles as we're flipping switches. See what changes.
No. 872626 ID: 05ff2f

Before flipping the switch use the cutter sword to snip the stub of copper rope off the scorched area to clean it up a bit.

Take extra care when flipping the big switch on the board, since you don't know if your repair will go horribly wrong. Whoever has the longest arms should flip the switch. Everyone but the switch-flipper should retreat out of the room. Flip the switch 3/4 of the way, then push it the rest of the way home using a wooden tent pole held at arm's length.
No. 872671 ID: 12b116
File 152064790023.jpg - (306.48KB , 1000x800 , dam29.jpg )

:tronklis: Slorsnis pushes the lever down with a tent pole and magic starts shooting out! There's crackling and popping noises! It's way too bright to look at for a few seconds, but it calms down after that. I think it's fixed? There's light coming out of the metal thing on the cieling now. There's no lights anywhere else though.

Now all we need to do is figure out how to open that door.
No. 872753 ID: e1c8f7

Think the door controls are on one of those pannels? Let's get another look at said door first.
No. 872820 ID: 12b116
File 152072074237.jpg - (273.87KB , 1000x800 , dam29.jpg )

:tronklis: Well I'm not totally sure that it's a door, but it's certainly blocking the hallway. There's no handle or anything on it or any buttons to push here. Just a big rusty slab of metal. If there's a control for it anywhere, it has to be on one of the panels. Which one should we try first?
No. 872825 ID: 56e50f

Considering how rusty it is and how there's no controls, it's got to be some sort of levee to control how much water flow goes into the next compartment. Lets head over to those controls with the windows. Now that the lights are on, we can hopefully see into the darkness now. Hopefully got those doors open without flooding ourselves.
No. 872835 ID: b1b4f3

Ok first head back to the third control room and flip up some of the grey switches on the left below the grating(the intercom). I noticed one of them was up but the others were down. Those might control the lights.
No. 872901 ID: 12b116
File 152074051756.jpg - (213.71KB , 1000x800 , push all switches.jpg )

:tronklis: We go back up to the last control room, it looks like there's one light on in here and it's very dim. It's still dark in the big room. "Let's try these grey switches one at a-"
:oubliss:"That didn't do anything!"
:tronklis:"I didn't say to slap them all at once! It looks like we still only have the one dim light on in here, maybe it's controlled from somewhere else? Hmm.." What should we check?
No. 872904 ID: c88e6d

Try the room with the glowy button-lights.
No. 872912 ID: b1b4f3

Well, the first control panel you found has a bunch of small switches, let's try messing with those again.
No. 872913 ID: 56e50f

You dummies are going to blow a fuse like that. Let's check the opposite pannel or follow the electric lines for any visual damage.
No. 872931 ID: 05ff2f

Check the lights on the maps on the consoles to see if any other red lights are on. The last one indicated where something was broken, so maybe there's something else broken and it'll show that.

Besides that, wasn't there a bank of smaller switches next to the big one Slorsnis flipped? If so, then perhaps those control the flow of power up into the each of the smaller copper ropes. Go back and flip... No, wait. Tell Oubliss to wait in the room next door and yell to you if the controls do anything, then go in and flip the switches one by one.
No. 872986 ID: 12b116
File 152078948675.jpg - (239.24KB , 1000x800 , dam30.jpg )

:tronklis: Looks like we're getting somewhere. There's a dim light on in here as well now, and four of the yellow lights are on. I suspect there's one for each room that has a light on. All of the switches on the side move up and stay up this time instead of flicking back down. Pushing on the yellow lights doesn't make them come on though. Maybe there's something else we need to do first?
No. 873003 ID: c88e6d

Hmmmmm... Maybe if you head to the rooms the red lights are lit up in you'll be able to find other machines to fix.
No. 873007 ID: b1b4f3

Hey there's a new red light lit up on the map, go check that room again.
No. 873026 ID: f4b62c

So now we have locations to check out. There probably is something to fix an each room that doesn't have a light on.
No. 873033 ID: 05ff2f

Looks like there's a fault indicator on for three rooms, the two at the bottom just aren't placed within the rooms they correspond to. So that's the room with the huge grate in the floor and... The chambers where the group entered this area? Better check 'em out, starting with the grate room.

Don't you mean in every room on the map that does have a light on? Because the room with the broken power cable was the one that was lit before.
No. 873036 ID: 56e50f

Yeah my bad
No. 873098 ID: 006e5c

Inspect the rooms where the red lights are. Look for any faults in the ropes going between the power room and those rooms.
No. 873572 ID: 8a122e

lets take a look for other connection points.
No. 873640 ID: 12b116
File 152104268664.jpg - (258.98KB , 1000x800 , dam31.jpg )

:tronklis:It looks like there's a light on in the second room, let's go check that. Things are different in here now, and I manage to grab a certain black hand before it starts messing with things. "Hold on, let's think about this before we just go slapping on everything at once!"

No. 873651 ID: b1b4f3

Well we could start with the big levers. See if pushing one up prompts any response at all.
No. 873653 ID: 006e5c

Do these levers go only fully up and down, or can they be pushed to any position in between?

Slowly push the leftmost lever a third of the way up. If that doesn't do anything, then slowly push all the large levers up.
No. 873655 ID: e1c8f7

Lights are yellow. Getting somewhere. One thing at a time. Flip those switches up. Maybe they do more than turn on the intercom.
No. 873718 ID: 673a8c

Can you inspect the gauges at the top of the levers? I know you guys can't read words, but do you know numbers?
No. 873761 ID: 12b116
File 152114363501.jpg - (278.08KB , 1000x800 , dam31.jpg )

:tronklis:"try that first one, move it SLOWLY up to the top."
:oubliss:"The thing above it moves with the handle! When it gets into the green the yellow lights on the top two rows go out and the green ones come on! A bunch more yellow lights are on too!"
:tronklis: They have pictures beside them so there's nothing we have to worry about trying to read. I'm not sure what the first one is but the second one looks like the door in the hallway. The one under that is mysterious, but the next one down is arrows going in a circle. The last one looks like an upside down grit-apple.
No. 873763 ID: e1c8f7

Take a quick at the door and see if it's moved. If not, move on to the next lever.
No. 873765 ID: 006e5c

I think a good idea would be to check what each lever does individually so..

Pull a lever all the way up, see which lights lit up. Then go check the door (also check if you can see anything through the windows in the 1st upstairs room). Then return here, and pull the lever back down. Repeat this for all 4 levers.
No. 873775 ID: c88e6d

Check the adjacent rooms whenever the lights change, move the lever one slot at a time.
No. 873857 ID: 12b116
File 152116364768.jpg - (250.34KB , 1000x800 , dam32.jpg )

:tronklis:I send Kloldril and Slorsnis off to check the door.
:kloldril:"It hasn't moved from last time, it looks pretty much the same"

:tronkliss:"All right, let's do the next one. SLOWLY"

:oubliss:"The next one is up all the way but the little thing isn't quite as far into the green as it was at first."
:tronklis:"Kloldril how's the door look?"
:kloldril:"No change!"
:tronklis:"all right, try the next one:"
:oubliss:"It's all the way up but none of them are in the green any more!
:tronklis:"Ok it looks like we can only have two of them all the way on at a time then. Push that one back down and try the next one...

OK I've drawn what lights come on with each switch. The first one makes the top two green ones come on, and the other ones each do the line under that in order. The bottom one controls the lights, they come on in this room when we put it all the way up! So the first one and the last one on have what I think are the doors, and the lights on. If this thing is a map that means there are four doors in the circle room. The controls to the actual doors have to be somewhere else, what should we try?
No. 873896 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm ok. Doors and lights are on now? Check the other big control room to see if the readings changed.
No. 873964 ID: e1c8f7

With the lights on, we can explore easier. Return to the other consoles for changes and hopefully the door controls.
No. 874028 ID: 006e5c

Turn the 2nd and 3rd one up all the way and then go to the other control room up stairs.

My guess is that we will control the bridge and spin it so that it connects to the correct doors.
No. 874138 ID: 12b116
File 152132015712.png - (658.11KB , 1000x800 , dam33.png )

:tronklis:OK, with the first and last levers turned up, we'll go check the other room. Nothing's changed on the left hand side. The middle panel has two more red lights on on either side of the circle by the small levers, and there's some yellow and red buttons that are lit up as well. On the right, the two levers have green lights on by them instead of red, and the other two have yellow lights on by them as well. One of these has got to be the door controls. Which one should we try first?
No. 874166 ID: 006e5c

First try the right-most levers with yellow lights. Afterwards, try the levers with the green lights. Try pulling them individually first, and then both if it's possible.
No. 874171 ID: 56e50f

Let's go for the long lever on the left first. Squeeze the handle and then bring it up slowly. After that, we can mess with the levers on the middle panel. I just hope that those doors open without a wall of water behind them.
No. 874184 ID: b1b4f3

Take a look through the windows!

Try the levers on the right with yellow lights.
No. 874344 ID: b1d97d

I bet the lever on the left controls a slipway in the dam, so I don't think we should mess with that one. Try the small ones on the right, I guess.
No. 874416 ID: 12b116
File 152141506396.jpg - (243.56KB , 1000x800 , dam34.jpg )

:tronklis:The switches on the far right don't seem to do anything by themself, but I hear a click coming from the nearby lever. I think it locks them in place. The farthest big lever on the right is free to move, I get Slorsnis to move it while I look through the window. It's a gigantic pit! The whole room is just one big shaft that goes really really far down. There's some kind of metal tree thing in the middle, some metal things inset into the walls, and roughly half a bridge on top. The other half of the bridge dangles down into the pit from the center post. There is one door at the bottom on the far side, and as Slorsnis moves the lever there's a muffled groaning sound like some giant metal monster, and the door on the far end starts to open. If the map is any indication, there should be another door on the opposite side but I can't see it from here. The two doors at the top look like the ones in the hall, and are on opposite sides of the pit.

:slorsnis:"Do you want me to move the other one?"
No. 874423 ID: 006e5c

Go wild.
No. 874452 ID: 56e50f

Might as well. Open up as many paths as we can. So we can get moving. Just hope we don't need to start rappelling down that broken bridge.
No. 874454 ID: 094652

Conserve energy. Move the fan walkway slowly.
No. 874789 ID: 8a3ef2

Wait for a minute and see what happens. Then if it's nothing bad you can move the lever.
No. 874915 ID: 12b116
File 152174755126.jpg - (341.19KB , 1000x800 , dam35.jpg )

:tronklis:"Go ahead and move the other one"

:oubliss:"FULL POWER!"
:tronklis:"Wait wha-" Water starts rushing into the chamber with a roar! It fills up to just below the doors at first, then stops. It looks like there was an initial rush but now it's moving steadily without the level rising. I don't know which one moves the walkway, but the half of it that was hanging is good and truly snapped off now. The thing isn't spinning either.

The two side doors haven't moved, should we keep trying levers? Which ones first?
No. 874916 ID: b1b4f3

Ah I'm dumb, the doors we want open correspond to the two little levers in the middle, on either side of the rotor representation. Try those.
No. 874927 ID: 006e5c

The two levers in the center console, yeah. See what they do.
No. 875051 ID: 297b5e

Well. Now we have a hole full of water.

This I guess.
No. 875153 ID: e1c8f7

I really hope we don't have to cross that way. Grappling hook or not, that's dangerous. Anyhow what controls haven't we tried?
No. 875184 ID: 12b116
File 152184927805.jpg - (330.29KB , 1000x800 , dam33.jpg )

:tronklis:"Ok since you want to push buttons so bad, try the two little levers on either side of the circle"

:oubliss:"CLICK click click click"

:tronklis:I can hear a low roaring noise now, and Kloldril peeks into the room"

:kloldril:"That was it! the door's open. There's no way we can get across like this though. Oh, and I think I saw something big moving around in there."

:tronklis:"What? How big?"
:kloldril:"I dunno, big-big. Bigger than the door at least."

:tronklis:"Well then we'll just close off the door and let it all drain out. Oubliss, put the left big lever up"
:oubliss:"The red light just came on, it won't let me move it. Kloldril give me your hammer so I can-"

:tronklis:"NO." We do need to figure out how to deal with whatever's happening, preferably without Oubliss getting excited and breaking something. The other levers are still movable, but the one that controls the water coming in is stuck.
No. 875186 ID: e1c8f7

You said there was locks on the controls, maybe some flipped? Double check that and start slowly pushing levers back to their original positions, not the doors of course.
No. 875194 ID: 006e5c

Pull the middle two levers back up to close the doors. Then see if you can move the left-most large lever.
No. 875200 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah try to just put everything back the way it was first.
No. 875210 ID: c88e6d

Try and reset the system except the doors.
No. 875414 ID: 12b116
File 152200641399.jpg - (329.14KB , 1000x800 , dam33.jpg )

:tronklis: We could put everything back to how it was, but that would fill the whole place with water! The lever that won't move is the one letting the water in! Do we really want to do that? The locks are currently off on all of them, I think the door is just stuck, maybe the other half of the walkway is jammed in it. "Oubliss try that lever on the left"

:oubliss:"It moves but nothing happens. The little spinner thing above it doesn't move or anything and the red light is on still. Just let me hit the other one with a hammer, it is probably just stuck!"

:tronklis: "All the other doors still work though, I think it's a problem with the door and not the lever. The red light came on, if the lever was stuck that probably wouldn't happen right?"

I don't actually know, but I really don't think hammering things is going to solve any problems. Do we set everything back to how it was and flood the chamber, or should we check something else out first?
No. 875416 ID: 86aeb8

Drowning is bad. Let's not do that. Let's go out and investigate any new paths.
No. 875420 ID: b1b4f3

Ok let's head to one of the other control panels... how about the first, smaller one? That seemed like a maintenance panel and should tell us where the problem is.
No. 875425 ID: d328bb

Smack Oubutt. You need to get revenge!
No. 875447 ID: 006e5c

Maybe we can redirect the power into draining it instead of pumping it in there.

Go back to the second room, pull the 1st and 4th levers down, then push the 2nd and 3rd one up.
No. 875705 ID: 12b116
File 152226338592.jpg - (276.44KB , 1000x800 , dam35.jpg )

:tronklis:As we go downstairs I can hear a roaring waterfall the closer we go to the first room. It looks like the only things that changed is there's a lot of green lights on! If I had to guess I'd say there's one for the three open doors and then five for the outlet door for some reason. There's two other red lights on but it just looks like the door from the foundrymen place and that other hatch we saw in the very beginning. The little switches on here just look like they control lights in the first three rooms. We'll try moving some more levers in the other room...
No. 875706 ID: 12b116
File 152226341873.jpg - (254.16KB , 1000x800 , dam36.jpg )

:tronklis:"all right, I need somebody to move the ones that are up down, then move the ones that are down up"
:oubliss:"I'LL DO IT!"
:tronklis:The five green lights on this one are all on too. When we turn the last lever all the way down the lights go dim and turn off so we're back in the dark. The lights for the doors are still on, maybe because they're all open? Should we go back to the other room and try more levers or look around somewhere first? I can hear a waterfall coming from the room the monsters came out of.
No. 875708 ID: 006e5c

Check out the waterfall sounds.
No. 875709 ID: b1b4f3

Check the source of the noise.
No. 875726 ID: c4c620

I'm wondering if we should bring the lights back up and go investigate that one room where we heard movement.
No. 875939 ID: 12b116
File 152238086373.jpg - (175.71KB , 1000x800 , dam37.jpg )

:tronklis:Before going back to the other room, I'll check out where the noise is coming from. It's the loudest thing I've ever heard! There's a massive WALL of water pouring out of the cieling and into the floor where the grating is! It's so loud I can feel it!
So then the water comes in from somewhere, goes through the round room, then comes out here! Everything makes more sense now. The room with the four levers controls how much magic goes to each thing, but it's controlled in the other room. We probably need to do something in the control room, but what?
No. 875940 ID: c88e6d

Just switch off the waterfall, then leave two 'bolds with weapons in the control room and tell them to switch off the waterfall when they go to sleep if you can't get through. Or find a way to communicate. Maybe you can use your object-sensing to figure out if there was some kind of equipment used to communicate with the control room.
No. 875942 ID: b1b4f3

What about the three levers grouped together? Can you move those now?
No. 875976 ID: c0641d

Hm... I’m sorta confused right now; what are we trying to accomplish? What’s the win state here? Are there other rooms to potentially try fixing? That last one is important; we might be missing the functionality needed to make this puzzle technically doable.
No. 875984 ID: 006e5c

So, go back to control room and try to close the doors and stop the water. See if the levers that started those got unstuck.
No. 875989 ID: e1c8f7

Well let's head back to the control room to check, yeah?
No. 876042 ID: b1b4f3

Did you just not read the first thread? Or the rest of this one?
The win state is we find the way through this area and into the next one. It looks like that involves crossing the main water room, but we can't do that while the water is in it due to the broken bridge. Also there's probably a monster in there.
No. 876101 ID: c0641d

I knew that opening a way to the next area was our goal; I just wasn’t sure where that way was. I was only 80% the bridge was the right way, but some part of me got turned around and thought that way led back around to another mecha-door we already saw the other side of, which there wasn’t any, when I stop and try to remember harder. So the goal is to drain the water, it seems? My position on checking other things to actually fix instead of just fiddle around with is good, at least to make sure this isn’t currently unwinnable.
No. 876545 ID: 12b116
File 152263487339.jpg - (117.72KB , 1000x800 , dam38.jpg )

:tronklis:"OK, we need to figure out a way to communicate with each other over the rooms. I'll take the light, and turn it on and off a certain number of times for each-"
:slorsnis:"Just push on this thing and YELL INTO IT!"

"YELL INTO IT INTO IT it it... "

:tronklis:"OK it doesn't need to be that loud!"
This simplifies everything a lot. I'll go with Oubliss to the control room, and we'll try the three levers next.
No. 876546 ID: 12b116
File 152263489910.jpg - (164.91KB , 1000x800 , dam39.jpg )

:tronklis: All right, back to the other room with Oubliss because I know she wants to mess with things.
"OK see those three levers? Let's try them next."
:tronklis:"Ok one at a time would have been better" We hear a rumbling sound for a while, then a clunk sound. The three outside lights on the symbol next to it turn off, and the three lights on the inside come on! Something happened but I can't see what because the room is full of water. "Try the door lever, see if it's still stuck"
:oubliss:"It is and also I bet it would get un stuck if you'd just let me hit it super hard"
:tronklis:"Or it could bend weird and we could get stuck in here forever! We should drain the water out of the room, and that is the lever that controls the water coming in. We need to either mess with things till it comes free or figure out a way around it. If it gets stuck permanently we have no option to turn things off"
There's one lever we haven't tried, should I yell at the thing for Slorsnis and Kloldril to move anything first? Right now the middle two levers in the other room are all the way up.
No. 876554 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, the doors are lever 1 and the central whirly thing is lever 3. Lower lever 2 and raise lever 1.
No. 876555 ID: b1b4f3

...what lever have you not tried? I'm not sure which it is. May as well see what it does?
No. 876610 ID: 006e5c

Turn on the lights for a bit to see what changed. Thne try the left-most lever again. Then do this >>876554. Then again. Then the lever we haven't tried.
No. 876612 ID: e1c8f7

Bring the lights back on and try the mystery lever
No. 876983 ID: 12b116
File 152278550685.jpg - (285.10KB , 1000x800 , dam40.jpg )

:tronklis:"Slorsnis turn the lights on and the second lever off"
The lights come on, I can see that there's some fingers extended off the sides of the room. The last lever has to make the thing turn, and that should get rid of the monster by smushing it and hopefully dislodge whatever's stuck in the door! "Oubliss move the big lever just a LITTLE BIT"
No. 876984 ID: 12b116
File 152278552187.jpg - (396.06KB , 1000x800 , dam41.jpg )

There's a loud screaming metal sound, as the thing starts moving slowly, followed by another loud screaming but not so metal sound! The water turns red! "Can you move that door lever now?"

:oubliss:"Yeah! Looks like it!"
:tronklis: All right! I have Slorsnis shut off the lights and turn the doors back on so we can close them. Do we want to let the water drain out or leave it in the room? The thing with the bridge on it is still spinning as well.
No. 876990 ID: 73cdd6

Yeah, let's go ahead and leave the water and turbine(?) spinning. All we want is to get through this area. How we leave it might benefit one of the "Gods" trapped here but screw it.
No. 877000 ID: b1b4f3

I kindof want to drain the water and see what's down there. Could be loot?
No. 877004 ID: 05ff2f

The blood in the water may attract other watery beasts that'll be trouble for y'all. Better see about draining the water out before entering the chamber, just to be safe.

Open both chamber doors and leave the thing with the bridge spinning. You'll use it to cross the chamber by jumping onto it as it rotates past, then jumping off it as it goes past the exit. But only do it one at a time. It looks so worn out it may not support the whole group at once. And have the first one that gets on it the heaviest of the group and tied to a rope held by the rest of the group to catch them in case the bridge can't support even one of you.
No. 877007 ID: 006e5c

RIP whatever was there.

Drain the water and go check out what changed. In the 3 control rooms, are there any changes to the lights?

Jumping on the rotating bridge would be kinda dangerous. But only the last kobold actually needs to do that.
I suggest we control the bridge. Starting and stopping it. Have kobolds pass it 1 by 1. And then the last kobold, Tronklis, will need to leave the rotation on and jump while it's rotating. Fortunately, he won't need to carry anything heavy (give it to the first 3 kobolds).
No. 877129 ID: 12b116
File 152287325957.jpg - (363.87KB , 1000x800 , dam42.jpg )

:tronklis:I'll let all the water drain, then close the doors. I'll head to the drain room, hopefully anything good that came out of there would have ended up in here. What I find is a massive gross pile of smelly meat and wait, why are there so many eyeballs? There's at least half a dozen kobold sized eyeballs scattered around the place! There's also some twisted metal walkway that looks like it came from the section that fell off and the floor is covered with bloody sludge. Whatever this thing was, it was definitely big, and had a lot of eyeballs? There's nothing really noticeable in here, especially not anything that anybody would want to even touch.
Everything is drained, and the thing is slowly spinning. Is there anything else we should do before trying to cross? I'll stay up in the control room, and stop the walkway next to the doors so nobody has to jump across, but I'll have to make a jump for it myself if I go last.
No. 877131 ID: 006e5c

Look into the past of these eyeballs.

One thing left to check would be climbing down from inside the round room and checking out what's in the bottom and the passage to the drain room. If there's nothing there, then we can leave the area.
No. 877143 ID: b1b4f3

Smelly meat? ...do you think it's edible?
No. 877175 ID: c88e6d

Dunno. Seems we've managed to stop whatever this thing was. Yaaaaay? Maybe it was one of those angry gods everyone's been mentioning. Whatever, let's cross.
No. 877191 ID: 05ff2f

Okay, I think I have a better, safer plan. One that doesn't involve the risk of jumping onto a structurally suspect turning walkway over a deep empty shaft.

You have control over both the chamber inflow and outflow, right? So fill the chamber up as high as it was before, then close the fill and drain gates simultaneously. Then leave the rotor turning for a bit to deal with any nasties that might have come in in the water.

Next step is to stop the bridge where your group can walk onto it. Y'all cross to the enter hub one at a time to keep weight on the bridge to a minimum, with a safety rope tied to you and anchored to the door side in case the bridge gives way.

Once y'all are on the hub, whoever that will go back to turn the bridge will drop their gear, then tie a rope to the handrail at the hub, then walk back to anchor it at the door side. They'll go up to rotate the bridge to point to the other side, then come down and tie the door end of the rope around themselves. They'll then jump into the water and the rest of the group will haul on them via the rope while they swim to the hub to speed them up, then pull 'em up. Then y'all cross to the other side one by one.

>Look into the past of these eyeballs.
Is looking into the past of what looks like a some kind of eldritch abyssal abomination really that good a idea? 'Cause it doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

>One thing left to check would be climbing down from inside the round room...
I don't think they have enough rope to reach the bottom, even if they tied all the lengths together. Even if they did, it'd take a long ass time and risk someone slipping and falling down the shaft.
No. 877222 ID: c0641d

Better idea; tie off the rope as described, and climb across after rotating the platform. Should be safer than immediately trying to wade through water that might receive another creature as it flows in.
No. 877309 ID: 12b116
File 152296050232.jpg - (260.21KB , 1000x800 , dam43.jpg )

:tronklis:We've definitely got enough rope to go down there, but from what I can see up here it's a blob of smelly green slime, mud, and monster parts with some driftwood mixed in. I don't think I'm going to be able to get anybody to go down there, and I certainly don't want to go myself.

We can probably cook and eat the monster parts from the other room, but if it tastes as bad as it smells everybody might need a lot of convincing to actually get them to eat it.

I don't want to use object reading on an eyeball because I don't want to either touch it or see the monster getting smushed through its own eyes. I'm pretty sure that's all I'd get out of it, as that's the last important thing that happened to it.

We can definitely fill the room with water before crossing, this is a good idea so that instead of falling fifty feet into the floor slime and probably dying, somebody will just get wet instead. We can open the door a crack instead of all the way so nothing gets inside if we have to. I'll move the walkway over, then we'll bring a line to the middle, rotate it to the other side, and then tie it off and I'll just take off my robes and follow it across. Sounds like a good plan!

The question now is do we cross over or try to eat gross meat first? We have some time to kill before the water fills up the room again
No. 877313 ID: 2251c3

I'd vote against eating that meat. We're not that desperate yet.

There's several things that we can do while waiting (in order of my preference):
- Rub each other's noses
- Look into the past of the Biogun
- Practice meditation as hinted by NCC in the dream
No. 877324 ID: c88e6d

Cross over now, do not eat gross meat.
No. 877383 ID: 05ff2f

Voting against eating the smelly meat, even by just one of the group. Dunno if it'll cause vomiting or the runs or something else nasty later.

However, do take this opportunity to fill up your water containers with fresh water from the intake. Just make sure to taste the water first for anything obviously wrong with it.
No. 877484 ID: e1c8f7

No meat. No one is starving yet.. maybe take a break to drink some water or sit for a bit.
No. 877540 ID: 12b116
File 152305831039.jpg - (322.13KB , 1000x800 , dam44.jpg )

:tronklis:I strip down and swim across without incident
:oubliss:"LET ME HELP YOU UP! Doesn't it feel better, not wearing all those clothes!?"
:tronklis:"I'd really rather wear dry clothes! Can you put me down now!?"
That was embarrasing!
No. 877541 ID: 12b116
File 152305836174.jpg - (264.24KB , 1000x800 , dam45.jpg )

:tronklis: The water is kind of metal and weird tasting, I don't think we'll take any from here. We get back on our way, up the stairs, and when I look down the open space to the right I can see down into the drain room! This must be the window we tried to get into at the beginning. Kloldril opens the door at the end, and there's a cool fresh breeze.
No. 877542 ID: 12b116
File 152305840656.jpg - (281.98KB , 1000x800 , dam46.jpg )

:kloldril:"Everything's clear, looks like we're in a forest! I'm glad to be out of that nasty place."
:tronklis:"We all are!" It looks like we just come up out of the ground to a path. It's nice outside, and night time.

:kloldril:"This almost reminds me of the dream I had. I don't see any monsters around thankfully!"

:tronklis:The path seems to go downhill, deeper into dark forest, or uphill, into lighter forest towards the mountain with a wall in it.
No. 877545 ID: c88e6d

Oh thank the shiny golden kobold, it's a place with trees. Examine the trees to make sure they're normal.
No. 877546 ID: b1b4f3

Lighter forest first. Need to get used to this environment before we investigate the dark places.
Definitely try to get some hunting done, both so Kloldril can commune with the aspect of fear and to get some food.
Try to find some fresh water to refill canteens with.
No. 877548 ID: 56e50f

How's everyone feeling? Anyone tired yet? If no one is tired, we should go uphill. Going down into the dark part should probably put us in the realm of the dark guy trapped here.
No. 877555 ID: c73fcd

Start going towards the dark forest and look for small animals so we can at least attempt the communion before we abandon the idea.
If things aren’t working out then we can probably just come back and travel to the lighter forest.
No. 877621 ID: 2251c3

To the wall!
No. 877626 ID: e4958d

Ow woa, we got this far... ow wee... Let's go find out about weirdness in the dark forest. There's probably something to hunt us worse than we hunt it.
No. 877631 ID: c0641d

Dark forest is probably That Which Goes Bump in the Dark’s territory (or whatever it was called). Better to go with the demon we know than the demon we don’t (and yes, I get the irony of TWGBitD being the demon we know).
No. 878175 ID: 2474dd

Uphill. Better vantage points.
No. 878177 ID: 9071b8

I change my vote to go to the dark forest, because what the dark things told us before was:
>may commune... find ... dark places
No. 878181 ID: 6f4ee1

Definitely uphill.
No. 878184 ID: 12b116
File 152339132982.jpg - (227.75KB , 1000x800 , for01.jpg )

:tronklis: The trees seem real enough, if a bit weird looking.

:slorsnis:"They don't smell like anything I know of either, they smell kind of good actually"

:tronklis:They do smell good. "Ok, going uphill will get us a better view of what's around here, but going downhill we might be able to catch something to eat."
:kloldril:"If we go downhill, I can try to do that communication thing. It's dark enough for sure"

:tronklis:"All right, let's try to catch something then."
No. 878186 ID: 12b116
File 152339298614.jpg - (388.58KB , 1000x800 , for02.jpg )

:tronklis:"All right, everybody be safe, meet up here in an hour."

:Slornis:"I've trapped a tree lobster!"
:oubliss:"I managed to catch this hairly wiggler>"
:kloldril:"I found a pinecone-onion"
:tronklis:" I didn't catch anything but I found a tree with giant beans on it"

:Tronklis: "Ok, let's eat the rest of these, and kloldril can take one to use for the thing. What do yout need to take?"
:kloldril:"Hmm, we have a few options. I can just cook the wiggler, which will be easy but maybe not enough. I can cook the tree lobster, which looks like it'll be harder to get right, but will definitely be enough. Or you guys can go hunt for more while I'm off which will definitely get us enough even if it's just more vegetables, but might attract unwanted attention.

So, what should I take, and what should I ask about?"
No. 878189 ID: 9071b8

The group should try to find more food and Kloldril should take the lobster.

The questions that Kloldril can ask the dark ones are.. if they know about NCC. If they know MD. Who are they loyal to and what do they want. If they would like to be allies. If they can help us and what do they want in return.
No. 878191 ID: 56e50f

Cook the lobster while getting additional food. Does that Pinecone onion smell any good? If there's any squish to it, try cutting it in half and seeing if the inside is sweet at all.
No. 878216 ID: b1b4f3

Try the wiggler first. If it's not enough you can just eat it, and it'll be practice for the lobster.
No. 878227 ID: c0641d

Seconding this. I also like the questions described in >>878189, and I agree with the >>878191 pinecone inquiry.
No. 878946 ID: 12b116
File 152383437780.jpg - (188.20KB , 1000x800 , for03.jpg )

:kloldril:I take the wiggler, we won't have to go looking for more food if we cook the tree lobster. I've set it in a dark place and moved away, and I can feel a presence. "Who is Non-contenuous correctivness? Non Contigulou- you know who I'm asking about right?"
:ttmid:Non Contiguous Connectiveness is the Ideation allowing things to be in more than one place at a time. It is here to keep Mysterious Devices' abomination in check. As long as it remains here, nothing can be in more than one place at once.

:kloldril:"Abomination? Who is Mysterious Devices?"

:ttmid:Mysterious Devices is a malevolent Ideation, it wishes to destroy or enslave all organic life under the rule of machines. The abomination must not be named. Mysterious Devices created it as an ultimate warrior for its goals.

:kloldril:"And who are you loyal to? Are you willing to help us?"

:ttmid:Neither. The lesser creatures' fear of things in the darkness, being hunted, is my domain. I can only affect places such as these, and not all areas of the Labyrinth. We all seek to escape in our own ways. This place is seperated from all realities, but there must be some way out. Is this all you seek to know?
No. 878956 ID: b1b4f3

Wait does that mean if NCC escapes, the abomination will too, since it could just be in more than one place again? We can't let that happen. Is it possible to neutralize the malevolent Ideations so that the other Ideations can be free?

If not... then what can we do? Seal off the labyrinth even further, to keep adventurers from entering it and potentially releasing the abomination?
Also tell it that you feel it would be a good match for kobold society. Kobolds hunt and are hunted. Does it have any requests?
No. 878977 ID: bc19ee

Couple more questions:

Are there any other ideations we should know of?
What are non contiguous connectiveness’ creatures that attacked us?
What would you do if you escaped?

And when that’s done, thank it for actually being so helpful.
No. 878982 ID: 91ee5f

I’m kinda tempted to ask if he can give you the cool claws and teeth you had in your last dream here: >>870163 .

But I’m not so sure if that’s a good idea. Also, he may not even have the power to do that.
No. 878993 ID: b1b4f3

Claws won't be too useful for Kloldril since he's got weapons. Cool fangs though.
No. 879027 ID: 9071b8

Mysterious Devices referred to itself as Marvelous Devices. Why the difference?
What more can you tell us about this abomination you speak of?
What can we use the teeth that we got from one of yours for?
So you seek to escape this place as well. Does that mean you'll help us?
How do we call/contact you in the future?
No. 879040 ID: d0d281

Why exactly isn't it trying to prey on you right now?
No. 879066 ID: e1c8f7

These seem pretty fair. I'm mostly curious about what other big-name entities are trapped here. Be sure to thank them for their time.
No. 879068 ID: 12b116
File 152390770202.jpg - (200.02KB , 1000x800 , for04.jpg )

:kloldril:"So if we let everyone out, the abomination gets out too? We can't just let out who we want?
:ttmid: If anyone gets out, everyone gets out. For anything to escape the Labyrinth must be destroyed.

:kloldril:"then what can we do?"

:ttmid:Either release everything, or stay forever entombed in the Labyrinth.

:kloldril:I've got a horrible feeling. "Umm, are there any other, uhh, ideations we should know about? Does Non connected have creatures that will attack us?"

:ttmid:Paths and Portals with its mirrors and doors, The Old and Forgotten that knows of things long lost, the mysterious Stranger, there are many more. You may meet another, or you may not. It has no thralls, creatures or anything of the sort. There are surely other things trapped here. Remnants or drifters that remain. You have wisely avoided one by going through the large door from the Place of Heat instead of going through the water tunnels.

:kloldril:"so uhh, what do you do if we escape?"

:ttmid:[i]hunt. kill. Wherever there is fear.

:kloldril: There's a rustling noise, and it's gone! there's nothing remaining of the wiggler either. I'm going back to the camp.
No. 879069 ID: 12b116
File 152390771701.jpg - (185.15KB , 1000x800 , for05.jpg )

:slorsnis:"I don't think this is right, it smells bad."
:tronklis:"The cone is starchy inside, we might be able to boil or mash it. Oubliss found a stream where we can refill our water when she was out catching another animal to put in the pot."

:kloldril:"I talked to the thing that moves in darkness..."

:tronklis:"Hmm, that's some disturbing news. There's got to be another way to get out of here than destroying the whole thing, right?
:kloldril:"He didn't seem to know of any. Slorsnis you don't get to cook any more, give that to me"

:tronklis:Hmm, it seems like we need to make a decision. Kloldril cooks the food and doesn't make a mess of it, and we're ready to get moving again. Should we start going uphill or go further down?
No. 879073 ID: 9071b8

No. 879089 ID: b1b4f3

TTMID seems like an ok fellow. A primal force, but not an intrinsically evil one.

Staying in the Labyrinth wouldn't be too bad, if you can find a place that you can survive easily in. Heck, this is a good place. You've got trees for materials, the stream has water, and there's food. As a matter of fact, why don't we camp out here for a couple days to stock up on food supplies and explore safely? TTMID's territory might be dangerous, or you could appease it by sacrificing an animal each time you venture in there. You're well armed anyway, you can probably handle anything that TTMID throws at you. Just remember it would want you to be afraid. If you get overconfident or linger too long(to make it think you're not going to release it) it will attack you with more creatures, probably.

For now go a bit further downhill. TTMID shouldn't attack you so soon.
No. 879091 ID: 56e50f

Let's go up. I'm curious what the landscape looks like from up high.
No. 879098 ID: d0d281

This might seem like an odd suggestion, but considering we can't let that which cannot be named out, we might as well get used to living in the labyrinth. This forest has food and water and something similar to trees, setting up some kind of encampment in the woods seems like a smart move, since you really aren't going to be leaving any time in the immediate future.
No. 879306 ID: 12b116
File 152402115791.jpg - (276.13KB , 1000x800 , for06.jpg )

:tronklis:"Let's head uphill."
:slornis:"This place seems safe, couldn't we stop here for a while? Maybe just live here instead?"
:tronklis:"We could, but why? We've had a good meal, refilled our water, and I made a promise. This place does seem nice, and I won't stop anybody from staying if they want to, but I have to go on."
:kloldril:"I don't know if what that monster said is true, or if it knows for sure what's going on. Mysterious Devices has been lying to us the whole time, remember?"

:oubliss:"What's that over there?"

:tronklis: We've come out of the woods to the top of a ridge, the path ends at a grey building not much further off. Oubliss is pointing at some lights way down in the valley below us. It might be a town or something? I can't tell. I estimate it would take at least three or four days of travel through the dark forest to get to it, assuming we don't get lost.
No. 879309 ID: c0641d

I think we’ve been out of our element for too long. Through the woods we go!
No. 879311 ID: b1b4f3

Welp. Wish we had seen that before communing with TTMID. We could've asked them about it or asked for safe passage while traveling.

Let's at least check out the wall while we're up here.
No. 879319 ID: 91ee5f

>Maybe just live here instead?
Are you sure about that? Don’t you want to go back home to our friends and family?
No. 879341 ID: 9071b8

>the path ends at a grey building not much further off
Let's check out the grey building first before venturing towards the lights
No. 879346 ID: c0641d

Just as long as we don’t physically go inside. We’re no stranger to points of no return.
No. 879380 ID: 56e50f

As tempting as the town is, that's a few nights in TTMID's domain and I'm not convinced hunting sacrifices would keep the 'bolds safe at night. Building it is.
No. 879892 ID: 12b116
File 152436374042.png - (289.16KB , 1000x800 , for07.png )

:tronklis:"Let's just check this thing out while we're up here. I know I for one want to go home!"
:kloldril:"We don't even know if this place is safe, even though it looks like it. What if everything falls apart like that first place did? "

:tronklis: It's dark in here, but it looks like this leads out to the top of the wall. There's another door at the far end of the room. It looks like the wall is actually a giant dam, we can go look down at the ledge and see the bottom, there's water rushing out of the bottom! How did something so BIG even get built? There must be a HUGE amount of water behind it!

It looks like there's a skeleton or some sort sitting over in the corner as well.
No. 879901 ID: 0c3c2c

Search the skeleton for anything valuable!
No. 879903 ID: b1b4f3

Walking along the rim of the dam sounds boring. Check out the skeleton then go back and prepare to adventure through the woods. If things go bad after the first night (or during it) you can turn around and get out before having to camp there a second time.
No. 879946 ID: 9071b8

Investigate skeleton. Check out the back room. And then we'll probably have fun exploring the forest.
No. 879976 ID: e1c8f7

Praise the moon, Oubliss.
Onwards. Inside.
No. 880489 ID: 12b116
File 152460791947.jpg - (272.64KB , 1000x800 , for08.jpg )

:tronklis:It's dark in here, and kind of looks like the area we were just in. There's another door that looks like it goes out on the wall, and no lights in here. The skeleton is really weird looking, like a big giant snake with arms. There's some more bones, from a kobold sized creature, and even weirder block shaped skulls lying around as well. Maybe they were carved or something? Nothing would have a head like that. The snake with arms is wearing a dirty robe and doesn't have anything except a bunch of these iron bottles. I use object reading on the one that was closest to its hand...
No. 880490 ID: 12b116
File 152460795526.jpg - (633.35KB , 1000x800 , forestvision.jpg )

...I see hands with red skin, it's pouring rain. It's pulling on the ring, and there's some kind of ... machine... I can barely make out through the sheets of water. It appears to be moving closer, It's got another bottle with no ring in it, throws it at the machine, and it explodes! The machine seems to stop, but then starts lurching forward irregularly! The creature attempts to dive under the damaged spot, but doesn't make it and its body is smushed by the machine! The last thing I see is where the machine has passed over it, and it's crawling back towards the door.
No. 880494 ID: 12b116
File 152461083695.jpg - (1.30MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory.jpg )

:tronklis:"OK, everybody listen up! These things are dangerous, they explode!"

:oubliss:"They're not exploding now though."

:tronklis:"You have to pull this ring out of them first. Don't do that."
If we want to take some of these we'll need to leave some stuff behind.
No. 880497 ID: b1b4f3

Looks like this guy was fighting one of MD's machines. Could be dangerous... From the position of the body, where did this poor guy crawl from? I'm guessing the machine patrols the wall, which is another reason to go through the dark forest.

Take one. Put it in Slorsnis's backpack, there's room in there.
No. 880501 ID: 0c3c2c

Poor snake-thing. Oh well. Equip everyone with an Iron Bottle and give the last one to Oubliss to carry. Have Kloldril leave behind half his ammo to take an extra Iron Bottle if that doesn't work.
No. 880603 ID: e1c8f7

Ditch the slings, ammo, and the fire extinguisher.
No. 880617 ID: 393ae0

Drop the fire extinguishers, clay ammo, Oubliss' dagger.
No. 880620 ID: d0d281

You could always use another wish to make someone else stronger.

In fact, you should use all the wishes but one.
No. 880706 ID: a71513

I think we can safely part with the slings and sling bullets at this point. We could drop the fire extinguisher, although I don't really want to.
No. 880936 ID: 12b116
File 152479785993.jpg - (1.37MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory.jpg )

:tronklis:All right, let's leave some stuff behind. Oubliss doesn't need to be carry three weapons on her, our sling bullets haven't been very effective so far, and we can still use a sling to throw these things anyway. The thing to put out fires with will let us take three exploders which seems a whole lot more useful. Do we really want to use a wish for something like this? I don't think that's a good idea.

What should we check out next? There's the door going out onto the wall, and the one we came through.
No. 880946 ID: e1c8f7

Save the wishes. Can we tape/secure the knife to Oubliss's spear? That way she gets an upgrade and we keep the knife.
No. 880949 ID: b1b4f3

Save wishes for dire emergencies like running out of food/water or critical medical attention.
No. 881245 ID: 992200

Since the trip to the lights in the forest would take a long time, I see no problem by checking out the wall first. Assuming it would take less than an hour that is. If it's longer, then just go back.
No. 881319 ID: 12b116
File 152493694649.jpg - (319.72KB , 1000x800 , for09.jpg )

:tronklis:I open the door to check out the wall and it's blown almost off the hinges! There's a massive storm raging and I can barely see in front of my face! This looks pretty dangerous, the wind is whipping and there's not much visibility.

There's that dizzy feeling again...
No. 881321 ID: 0c3c2c

Oh. Well crap. This sucks.
No. 881323 ID: b1b4f3

No. Do not go out there. Oubliss will probably have to help close the door again, then we can go through the forest.
No. 881324 ID: 992200

Seems there's some magic going on here.

Throw some of the discarded slingshots out there. Maybe the storm is only in the first few feet of the door. Also shoot the biogun.
If these actions don't yield any interesting results then I suppose we should go back. Maybe the next time we see MD we could ask him what lies beyond here.
No. 881346 ID: 064d5a

Going into the massive storm doesn't seem like the best idea to me. Lets find another way to proceed.
No. 881365 ID: e1c8f7

If it's enough to nearly blow the door off, I'd rather not risk losing any party members or gear. Should we try our luck in the dark woods?
No. 882621 ID: 12b116
File 152549181917.jpg - (324.68KB , 1000x800 , for10.jpg )

:tronklis:"Let's go back."
:slorsnis:"the other door is locked!"

:tronklis:"oubliss, can you take care of that?"

Oubliss opens the door and-
"CRAP! It's storming this way too!" Not only is it storming, but wwe can toss some clay sling stones into it and they curve with the wind a LOT. There's also water pouring down what's now a very treacherous, dark mountain path. I think this is actually MORE dangerous!

I shoot the gun into it, it doesn't actually seem affected by the wind at all, weird.

What should we do? Should we attempt to go across the wall? It's a lot wider and not muddy at the very least.
The roar of the wind and rain is almost deafening, and I can only see about ten feet in front of me, even with the light! How do we navigate something like this?
No. 882622 ID: b1b4f3


Okay try CLOSING both doors then opening the door that used to lead backwards. Maybe it's like an airlock.
No. 882637 ID: e1c8f7

Fuck, keep going then. With winds this harsh coupled with slippery roads, you're going to want to take mountain climbing precautions. Makeshift climbing poles and tie everyone together in a line. You lead, Kloldril, Slorsnis, and Oublis as anchor.
No. 882660 ID: 992200

Open and close both doors a few times. If doing so caused a weather change behind them, then doing it again should yield the same change.

If that doesn't work, then I'd just set up camp and wait for the storm to pass. Play a game or something.
No. 882680 ID: b1b4f3

It's not a weather change, it's in a different area of the labyrinth now. Did you not read the rest of the quest?
No. 882687 ID: c0641d

See, this is why I said we should avoid going too far in before turning back; that’s just asking to run into points of no return like this. Try closing the doors and waiting a few minutes, then opening the door you came in.
No. 882689 ID: 992200

The area didn't change, only the weather did. Even if it's due to some dimensional/time switch. The point is, this change should be reproducible.
No. 882693 ID: b1b4f3

The dizzy sensation happens when we move to a new area of the labyrinth. The storm is associated with this new area, but it's not just a new effect on the same terrain. We can't expect it to go away.
No. 882696 ID: 05ff2f

The storm appears to have come when you had both doors into this room closed, then opened the one onto the top of the dam, so if you close both doors then open the one back the way you came that might get rid of the storm. It's worth a shot before choosing whether to hunker down in here for who knows how long hoping the storm passes, slowly working your way down a treacherous mountain path in a howling rainstorm then walking for days in the rain through the forest, or taking your chances crossing the dam.

Take the non-grappling-hook rope and tie its end around the waist of the lightest member of the group, then tie the rest of it around the waists of the rest of the group as a anchor. Next, take the grappling hook rope and tie the end without the hook into a noose. Have the lightest member of the group take the noose and go out to put it around the door handle. Haul them back in, then the whole group will haul on the rope attached to the door to try and pull it closed. Hook the grappling hook down to anything sold in here in case the door breaks its hinges and blows away it won't carry the group away with it. Repeat the same process for the other door.
No. 882875 ID: 12b116
File 152563093245.jpg - (249.68KB , 1000x800 , for11.jpg )

:tronklis:"Let's get this door closed, oubliss, can you tie a rope on to-"
:oubliss:"I can just close it."

:tronklis: With both doors closed I can still hear the rain if I put my ear up to either one.
:oubliss:"What are you doing?"
:tronklis:"Listening for the rain to stop, shh."
:oubliss:"Why do you think that's going to work?"
:tronklis:"It, uhh, might?"
It hasn't stopped after a few minutes, it doesn't look like closing the door is going to make it stop now.
No. 882876 ID: 992200

Then I suggest we make camp and wait for a few hours.

Uhh. Anyone wanna play Truth or Dare?
No. 882880 ID: 91ee5f

>"Why do you think that's going to work?"
Has anything made sense ever since we came here? I thought closing the door would make the rain stop!
No. 882881 ID: b1b4f3

Ok now try opening the door you came in from.
No. 882885 ID: 9d4af9

let's hole up here for a bit and see if the storm lets up. It might be a magic storm that never stops though.
No. 882895 ID: e1c8f7

Well dang. Proceed forward with >>882637
No. 883110 ID: 12b116
File 152574858711.jpg - (417.69KB , 1000x800 , for12.jpg )

:slorsnis:"How many times are you going to go back and forth opening and closing doors?"

:tronklis:"I'm just trying to see if there's a combination, to make it stop raining"
:slorsnis:"You've been doing this for at least an hour and nothing's changed. "

:tronklis: I don't think it's been that long.. it might have been that long. No amount of door opening and closing in any combination is making it stop raining. It's been the same since I opened the door. It hasn't gotten any better or worse, I think we're stuck here.

:slorsnis:"Walking back and forth isn't going to solve anything. You're supposed to be in charge, what do we do? "

:tronklis: It's not really time to make camp yet, nobody's tired. We could wait some more, or tie everybody together and try to cross the wall.
No. 883121 ID: 56e50f

Forward march. Stick close to any raised ledges or walls that give some reprieve from the wind.
No. 883125 ID: b1b4f3

Nothing to do but go forward. Move carefully, can't risk getting blown off the wall. If you see that big machine... uh... I don't know. Throw all the explosive jars at it?
No. 883157 ID: 992200

If there's one time that waiting is a good option, it would be now. So just wait then.
No. 883486 ID: 12b116
File 152590346562.jpg - (446.64KB , 1000x800 , for13.jpg )

:oubliss: I can barely see Slornsis ahead of me, it's raining super hard! Every now and then a little ball of ice hits me in the head too! It stings!

I think I'm hearing a noise that isn't part of the storm, sort of a thundering mechanical sound. Wait, there's glowing eyes behind me all of a sudden!

:slorsnis: -cannot see or hear anything
:kloldril: -cannot see or hear anything
:tronklis: -cannot see or hear anything
No. 883491 ID: 56e50f

Prep and throw one exploding jar at the ground below the eyes and start running forward. Keep running until you have the whole line running forward.
No. 883495 ID: 992200

Sounds like that machine that squished the creature of which skeleton we just saw.

I think we're gonna have problems throwing a grenade in this wind. Remember, the clay slingshot curved a lot.

I suggest Oubliss try attacking using the Chain with Weight first, to get a hang of using a long-range weapon in this wind. Aim for the head.
No. 883503 ID: 05ff2f

Turn around to get a better idea of what is behind you. At the same time tug hard and repeatedly on the rope to get the rest of the group to turn their attention around too. It's high odds that that giant machine with the glowing eyes is under the Lord of Marvelous Devices' direction and, considering what you did to aid the Lord's enemies, should be assumed hostile.

This seems like a big enough threat to warrant using the explosive bottles. Grab the one you have, pull its pin and pitch it as hard as you can at the mechanical beast, making sure to take into account the wind to angle your throw. If the machine isn't destroyed by that, then move to Slornsis and grab the explosive bottle she has and repeat arming and pitching it at the machine, adjusting your throw according to how the first one went. If that one doesn't knock the machine down for good, keep pitching the rest of the group's explosive bottles at it until it either stays down or is close enough to down it can be taken out by other means.
No. 883510 ID: b1b4f3

Slorsnis is better at throwing than other people, and can use her sling to throw with. She should be the one to use the explosives.
No. 883774 ID: a6c84a

Maybe you can get a better view through the scope on your crossbow? Try throwing one of the exploding bottles after removing the pin. Throw it hard and take the wind into account. You don't want to miss.
No. 884126 ID: 12b116
File 152623940972.jpg - (427.86KB , 1000x800 , for14.jpg )

:oubliss: I throw the thing! IT EXPLODES!
No. 884127 ID: 12b116
File 152623945538.jpg - (449.72KB , 1000x800 , for15.jpg )

:oubliss: A bunch of the eyes go out! There's sparks shooting off the side and I can hear a screaming noise, but it's still getting closer! I yank on Slorsnis, she's yelling something but I can't make it out!
No. 884128 ID: b1b4f3

Just try moving faster for now! See if the damage you inflicted was enough to make it slower than your group.
If you need to you can throw another explosive to damage it again.
No. 884130 ID: 8df643

Move closer to Slorsnis and talk to her. Tell her what happened and ask what she was saying. Of course, while moving forward fast.
No. 884135 ID: 56e50f

Pull her close enough for you to tell her that there's an enemy at your back so it's time to start running.
No. 884145 ID: 5fa661

It's blind on the left side, try and pull everyone to that side out of its path.
No. 884150 ID: 846a8b

Oubliss: Take a grenade out of your bag and repeat. Hopefully one more will slow it down enough that you don't need to worry. You could also try to shoot out the eyes with your crossbow, if you think you could make the shot in this wind.
No. 884198 ID: 12b116
File 152626547964.jpg - (444.24KB , 1000x800 , for16.jpg )

:oubliss: "WHAT?"

I can't get anything out of the bag right now! It's still gaining on us!
CRAP She threw it already!
:oubliss:"GET KLOLDRIL'S ONE!"

I think we can throw one more before it gets too close to use them!
No. 884199 ID: 12b116
File 152626549444.jpg - (485.02KB , 1000x800 , for17.jpg )

Slorsnis throws the third one right into it! There's two explosions and the machine slides to a halt!

Everybody is shaken up, but nobody's really hurt!
No. 884201 ID: b1b4f3

Phew. Alright don't get near it, it could start back up again. Just keep going.
No. 884204 ID: 05ff2f

Right, keep going. You've got no idea if that machine will get up again. And as you go get the explosive bottles out of the bags to replace the ones that were on your belts. If another of those things is at the other end of the dam you'll definitely want the explosives at hand.
No. 884210 ID: 56e50f

Alright. Catch your breath and return to your pace forward. It'd damn dangerous and hard to loot the thing in these conditions.
No. 884274 ID: 8df643

Try to find out who was driving the machine.
No. 884674 ID: 12b116
File 152652190836.jpg - (315.84KB , 1000x800 , for16.jpg )

:tronklis: "Is everybody OK? That was some good thinking, Oubliss, you saved everybody from getting smushed!"

We make it safely to the other side and go through a door. It goes into a small room made out of bricks that doesn't match the door with a rickety looking platform hanging from ropes that disappear into the darkness above. Everybody is soaking wet and there's a lever on the floor that I'm hesitant to pull. Should we investigate anything?
No. 884675 ID: b1b4f3

I guess you could feel the walls to see if any bricks are loose or out of place, while everyone dries off a bit.
No. 884677 ID: 7c90bc

psychoanalyze that lever
No. 884681 ID: e1c8f7

Tell everyone to step back from the elevator and analyze the platform. If you get nothing, we can go ahead and pull the lever and make sure it can even reach the bottom without crashing.
No. 884682 ID: 4ee927

seems like the lever activates the lift. You should try examining the walls, and looking under the platform. Also check out the way you came, and see how close the machine you destroyed is.
No. 884709 ID: 8df643

Is there still a storm outside?

Shoot a flare up into the darkness.
No. 884755 ID: 12b116
File 152658593210.jpg - (262.52KB , 1000x800 , for19.jpg )

:tronklis: "Check for loose bricks and secret doors, I don't like the look of this thing. We can wait a bit to dry off some in here too." Actually, my cloak seems to be water proof, Slorsnis and Oubliss are both soaked though.

:oubliss:"Nothing seems movable or breakable except the platform"

:tronklis:"Ok we're not gonna break that, it might be the only way down. I'm going to see what's up first though" I shoot a flare into the shaft and it goes way, way, up with no end in sight! the flare has a little cloth sheet on top of it that makes it fall slow, that's neat!

I'm getting nothing from the lever or the platform, history wise. Under the platform looks like a big pit but who knows if that means anything!? I can't hear anything outside the door, and it appears to be stuck fast now. It isn't locked but it's not opening. Should we try to force it?

The lever itself looks like it's holding the platform in place, there's a mechanism underneath it keeping it up. Moving the lever a bit moves the mechanism, and if I were to move it all the way the platform would drop or go down or whatever it's supposed to do. I don't see any sort of thing to wind it back up though. Should we pull it and see what happens first or try to ride it down?
No. 884758 ID: 8df643

Send someone to scout the way up by climbing one of the ropes.

No. 884761 ID: b1b4f3

Just ride it.
No. 884764 ID: 0c3c2c

Pull the lever and lower the platform.
No. 884769 ID: 56e50f

Let's go ahead and take the lift. Be sure to spread your weight out evenly so you don't break the lift
No. 885432 ID: 12b116
File 152694202213.jpg - (198.00KB , 1000x800 , sub01.jpg )

:tronklis: We get on the platform and pull the lever. It descends faster than anyone would like but stops safely in another stone room. There's a hallway leading to a tunnel with some tracks in it. There's a walkway on this side of the tunnel, it looks like. The only thing of note is a niche or hallway further down to the right. it's completely dark inside.

This place seems familiar?

:oubliss:"This looks familiar!"
No. 885433 ID: b1b4f3

NOPE turn around go back up let's go down the rainy slope that's safer than going anywhere near this location.
No. 885434 ID: 0c3c2c

The track looks like a transport system rolls along it like we used before.
No. 885438 ID: 91ee5f

This place looks like the place in your dream where you were with the glowing lady. And then Oubliss showed up and made you look at something you’re not supposed to look at.
No. 885440 ID: 91ee5f

It was at this place: >>870426 , >>870584 .
No. 885450 ID: 56e50f

Yeah! This is where you had your date. I would say look around and check before looking down the tunnel. I would prefer to see if the lift goes up from that room you're in before. If it doesn't, our only option is to go down the tunnel.
No. 885453 ID: 5fa661

Just to be safe, if you can't hear or see anything coming, put your head against the rail and see if you can feel any vibrations.
No. 885471 ID: 7c90bc

Yes, and you aren't going to think on it too hard, or look at a certain wall. You aren't gonna turn in the direction at all, you are going to stare at the wall like the golden one was until the train arrives.
No. 885589 ID: 12b116
File 152702941326.jpg - (302.07KB , 1000x800 , sub02.jpg )

:tronklis: "OK I think we should try to climb back up." I turn around and everybody is just staring up into the air as ropes come dropping down and make a huge pile on the floor.

:slorsnis:"I didn't do it! It just fell!"

:tronklis: OK well of course. Why would I expect anything else at this point?
Ok. Fine. OK.

:tronklis:"Well looks like we have to go through this stupid tunnel..."
No. 885590 ID: 12b116
File 152702942902.jpg - (302.80KB , 1000x800 , sub03.jpg )

:tronklis: As soon as I go to take a step into the tunnel a machine comes SCREAMING down it from left to right! It's gone after a few seconds and everything's quiet again.

"OK if anybody sees anything on the wall, DON'T look at it."

Which direction should we go? There's a path on the side of the tunnel where another machine won't hit us if it goes past, but it's not very wide. Should we follow the machine or go towards where it came from?
No. 885596 ID: 0c3c2c

Let's go towards where the machine was coming from. Maybe there are some non-crazy people there?
No. 885604 ID: b1b4f3

Go towards the hallway further down. If it gets too familiar we can go the other direction.
No. 885611 ID: 56e50f

All right. Let's form a line and head up the tunnel. Have the shield be ready to come up at any moment in case anything is hanging off the side of the machine and might hit you guys.
No. 885631 ID: 3740b1

LHC? Jump in.
No. 885633 ID: b1b4f3

No it's not the Large Hadron Collider, it's a subway.
No. 885911 ID: 3334f7

Follow Machine
No. 886203 ID: a8b0c6
File 152736298645.jpg - (170.66KB , 1000x800 , sub04.jpg )

:tronklis:We can follow the side path a bit in the direction the thing came from but it ends after a while and the tunnel narrows. THere's another one visible really far off, and I can hear the rumbling from it starting up already.

I can't tell how far this tunnel goes but if another thing zooms down it while we're inside we would definitely need to lose our packs at the very least. Even then it might be dangerous. Should we keep going this way or check the other way first?
No. 886204 ID: 0c3c2c

Check the other way first.
No. 886232 ID: b1b4f3

Looks like the walkway ended. Don't go that way.

...seems like we've only had one path to go down since we opened that door on the dam.
No. 886251 ID: 8506b2

Yeah, turn around
No. 887012 ID: a8b0c6
File 152774302893.jpg - (199.82KB , 1000x800 , sub05.jpg )

:tronklis:We go down the other way, towards the niche thing in the wall. It looks like a little room with stairs going up and around a corner. THere's some benches that are all rusted up all over the place, and some suspicious looking contraptions near the stairs. Should we investigate things further or keep going down the tunnel.

Why are these things going by so fast!?
No. 887049 ID: e1c8f7

Investigate the room. Maybe those stairs lead somewhere. Be prepared for movement and poke those contraptions with a stick as you approach.
No. 887623 ID: a8b0c6
File 152816335212.jpg - (159.39KB , 1000x800 , sub06.jpg )

:tronklis:All right, we've got a bunch of suspicious looking things here. "oubliss don't stand on that it might be a trap!"

:oubliss:"It's not a trap, and even if it was it's broken! "

:tronklis:OK, there's a bunch of these things that supposedly aren't traps, some glass and metal on the floor, and some stairs going up at the other end. There's several benches one of which Slorsnis is already sitting on. Should we investigate anything?

:slorsnis:"I'm going to sit on this bench while you make a decision on what to do. "
No. 887629 ID: c4809e

Look under the benches and go up the stairs, there might not be anything here.
No. 887640 ID: 90f3c0

Ignore the useless broken junk, check up the stairs.
No. 887656 ID: b1b4f3

Look in the ceiling.
No. 887679 ID: 0c3c2c

Head up the stairs. Consider producing more kobolds with Oubliss.
No. 887709 ID: b38f01

No one is tired, right? If not, just have a look around before heading up the stairs. If they are, clean this area up some and rest for a bit.
No. 887763 ID: a8b0c6
File 152823067120.jpg - (226.89KB , 1000x800 , sub07.jpg )

:tronklis:OK, Kloldril has got one of the plates off of the things,
:oubliss:"TREASURE! Oh, they're made of brass."

:tronklis:OK, it looks like the thing in the cieling was another light thing but it fell out of its hole in the top and made broken glass all over the floor.

:slorsnis:"I found something under the bench!"
No. 887764 ID: a8b0c6
File 152823070902.jpg - (155.92KB , 1000x800 , sub08.jpg )

:slorsnis:"It looks like some kinda food. It smells sickly sweet and weird. there's four pieces inside"
:tronklis: "Hmm, I can't see anything in its history either. "
No. 887772 ID: 0c3c2c

Give the maybe-food a bite and see how it is, gather up some brass tokens and go up the stairs to see what you can see.
No. 887773 ID: 56e50f

Might be a protein bar? Lick it.
No. 887777 ID: b1b4f3

>weird-smelling food
Leave it. It's probably gone bad.

Let's go stairwards now. Take some of those coins, maybe we can buy something with them in this area.
No. 887838 ID: a8b0c6
File 152825208185.jpg - (133.03KB , 1000x800 , sub09.jpg )

:tronklis:I take a handful of the brass coins and go see what Slorsnis found. "Just give it a taste, maybe that will tell us what it is?"

:slorsnis:"It's sweet, like, gross sweet. I can't explain it really but it also kind of tastes like berries. It stings a bit like spicy, and it's making my tongue tingly! I think it might make you sleepy."

:tronklis:Hmm, maybe we shouldn't just eat whatever we find on the ground. Should we check out the stairs or do something else?
No. 887842 ID: b1b4f3

Try glancing at the writing on the package to see if you can understand it.
No. 887844 ID: 0c3c2c

Head for the stairs!
No. 887879 ID: b38f01

Looks kind of like Bubblicious bubble gum. Anyways, we should move on.
No. 888018 ID: a8b0c6
File 152834674004.jpg - (227.28KB , 1000x800 , sub10.jpg )

:tronklis: At the top of the stairs there's this metal gate thing. It's all bent and warped and looks like it's somewhat stuck. We might be able to force it open, unless there's soemthing else we should try?
No. 888024 ID: c4809e

Put your hand against the gate to gauge the temperature and try to listen through it, We don't know if it leads to a fire or some sorta flooded area in this crazy world.
No. 888025 ID: b1b4f3

Use crowbar on the bottom to pry it upwards.
No. 888039 ID: b38f01

Any history on the door? Any cables connecting it to a switch or box nearby?
No. 888040 ID: 91ee5f

Have Oubliss do the prying with the crowbar.
No. 888049 ID: 0c3c2c

Have Oubliss lift it.
No. 888052 ID: 823c3f

It looks like there is a hole near the bottom right of it? Can you try to look through it first?
No. 888131 ID: a8b0c6
File 152840577821.jpg - (273.44KB , 1000x800 , sub11.jpg )

:tronklis: "oubliss, you think you can get this open?"

:oubliss: "OF COURSE"

:tronklis: It takes some effort but we get the thing open. As soon as the first crack appears under it, a fine ash or dust starts pouring in. We get the whole thing to move up with a loud crash! Outside of the tunnel, it's freezing cold! There's a world here, but all we can hear is the wind, it stings at my nose like it's the middle of winter. There's not any snow though, and everything is covered in black dust. Where we come out it's almost neck deep! The sky is dark, but I can see a pale red sun through the black clouds. Freezing air is rushing in through the door and bringing more dust with it. Despite, or maybe because of, the complete silence, I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, should we investigate here?

:oubliss: "It's freezing out there, can we go back?"
No. 888132 ID: 0c3c2c

Well. Everyone out there is dead. Any landmarks?
No. 888145 ID: 5fa661

Maybe we should try our luck further down the tunnel before we start wandering around outside. That dust doesn't seem very safe to travel through.
No. 888148 ID: b1b4f3

>horrible feeling
Yeeaaahh go back. See if there's a way to continue further along the tunnel without getting run over.
No. 888164 ID: c0641d

Turn back, for god’s sake! We’ve already learned our lesson on points of no return on the previous transition, let’s just hope we haven’t already made the same mistake here.
No. 888168 ID: ff0134

Okay, head back, close the gate behind you and look for other exits.
No. 888169 ID: 56e50f

Is this a nuclear winter or fallout? Let's bring that door back down as best we can and head back the way we came.
No. 888267 ID: c01f48

This doesn't look terribly inviting. Let's see if we can find another way.
No. 888702 ID: 12b116
File 152885191252.jpg - (273.44KB , 1000x800 , sub11.jpg )

:tronklis: "Uhh, I don't like the look of this place, let's try a little further down."

:oubliss:"It's way too cold. I don't want to go out there."

:tronklis: We get the door closed most of the way, but there's still a crack in it, oh well. We'll check out what's further down the tunnel. It narrows again, but there appears to be a doorway or something a ways down the narrow tunnel. I think we can run for it in between the time it takes the machines to scream past? It might be risky unless we can think of some way to give us more time.
No. 888704 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm well you could sabotage the tracks to cause a pileup. Is there any control panel or something somewhere though?
No. 888748 ID: cdd7c3

Damaging the track, dumping any junk you may have collected or any rubble nearby on the tracks might by you a second or two.
No. 888772 ID: c01f48

There should be a control room around here somewhere. In that room there should be a control that will turn on red lights in the tunnel. The machines will stop for the red lights. You could also use the flare gun to put some flares around the tunnel. The machines might stop for that too or at least slow down.
No. 888832 ID: 12b116
File 152894595186.jpg - (252.62KB , 1000x800 , sub13.jpg )

:tronklis: There's no levers or anything to pull on around here.

"Let's push some of these benches on the tracks, maybe we can slow it down. After that everybody needs to hide behind a column!"

The next machine slams into them and sends them flying! There's a deafening CRASH!

I don't think just putting junk on the track will slow it down, we might need to figure something else out. There's just not enough stuff around to shove in front of it.
No. 888835 ID: b1b4f3

Well if you found tokens in those things maybe something happens when you put a token in? Try it. Maybe the tokens tell the cars to stop?

I also thought that maybe you could try prying up the rails. Better do that towards the end of the section you can reach, so it derails away from you instead of towards you.

Lastly you could try blowing one up but that would require some specific timing and might be worse than a regular derailment.

Also if you do derail them and cause a pileup you'd have to hope they stop coming after a while. We don't know how many cars there are.
No. 888836 ID: b1b4f3

Oh right you can use your reading power on the token-machines, that'll give you a clear explanation for what they're for.
No. 888842 ID: b38f01

I wonder if there's any emergency brake stations nearby. We haven't seen a subway control station yet either. Do you think Oubliss will be able to run to the the door on the side of the tunnel and see if it's locked, before the subway comes back?
No. 889258 ID: 12b116
File 152929017739.jpg - (134.83KB , 1000x800 , sub14.jpg )

:tronklis: I can't seem to see anything useful on the coin things. When you put a coin in it makes the thing on the side unlock and turn. Maybe whatever lived here didn't have any legs and this was to keep them from going through without using a coin? We can just climb over them though.
"Oubliss can you make it to that door and see what's over there before one of the machines come?"

:oubliss:"Of course! "

:tronklis: so what should we do? blow one up or something else?
No. 889259 ID: b1b4f3

Use a coin and walk through the machine. To see what happens. Can't be anything dangerous.
No. 889264 ID: b38f01

Let's take a look at our inventory real quick. If there's anything else we can add to the grenade we're going to toss into the tracks.
No. 889907 ID: 8df643

Use some of those brass coins on each of the coin collector thingies and spin those triple-spike wheels.

Then just wait for a while.
Observe the screaming machines passing by. Count the seconds between each pass to determine if there's any specific interval at which they're passing by. Perhaps, every once in a while, there's a larger time window in between the machines, which would give us enough time to safely reach the doorway down the tunnel.
No. 890279 ID: 12b116
File 153012948093.jpg - (1.26MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory.jpg )

:tronklis: The things are zooming past about every 20 seconds more or less. Sometimes it's longer or shorter but there doesn't seem to be any regularity about it. Oubliss has been playing with the turners this whole time and it doesn't seem to affect anything. Here's what we have, what would we add to the thing or do with it? What's the plan?
No. 890281 ID: b38f01

I wonder if wishing for subway tickets would do anything. Anyways, was Oubliss able to open the door? If so, we should just gun it as soon as the next train passes by.
No. 890285 ID: b1b4f3

Send Oubliss over if she can make the run, to see what she can do over there. Looks like the door is a safe spot at least.

Obviously she should leave her gear behind.
No. 890388 ID: 8df643

Yeah, I agree. Oubliss should go and check out the doorway.

I mean, even if we somehow managed to stop the train, we'd still want to explore that doorway first. But if we stopped the train, we'd have to jump on it as soon as it stopped.

As far as stopping the train goes, I have two more ideas.
1. Shooting our flare gun in front of the train. The train might perceive it as a stop signal and stop.
2. Placing Oubliss' iron spear on the track. The benches didn't work because the front of the train simply knocked them away. But something thinner, something that would hit only the train wheels might work.
No. 892580 ID: 12b116
File 153150422970.jpg - (268.96KB , 1000x800 , sub15.jpg )

:oubliss: I can make it over just fine, but I worry about Slorsnis and Tronklis with those big backpacks. They should be able to make it over, but it might be a bit chancy. I could make it over even if I had my bag because I'm that good! I could probably throw it from the platform and hit this area! Probably.

There's another weird door here that looks like it doesn't belong, I'm not surprised.

I don't think putting my iron spear on the track will do much more than the benches, except maybe ruin my weapon! We can try shooting a flare at it I guess but I don't think that's going to do much good, these things aren't even slowing down a little.

I'm sure we could use a wish to get everybody and their stuff over safely but that might be wasting it when we could probably solve this without it.
No. 892584 ID: b38f01

Your poses are a gift, Oubliss. What if you were to leave your pack in front of the door, run back, take the packs off them and make another run? That way the others can make a run unhindered.
No. 892587 ID: 757ccd

What is through the door? Can Oubliss ferry everyone's stuff over so the others can pass (more) safely?
No. 892588 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, just ferry everyone's bags over, then they can run over without anything slowing them down.
No. 892592 ID: 0c3c2c

Oubliss should carry the backpacks one at a time over there. There's no one else here after all. Then if she's still worried she can just carry the team over one at a time.

This way we maximize safety and give Oubliss a chance to show off her magical alien-king-granted muscles.
No. 892597 ID: 91ee5f

Won’t she get tired from making that many trips?
No. 892618 ID: ff82d2

Hmm, what else could work..

1. Having everyone drink some Bepsi and overloading on caffeine, making them move faster. I kinda doubt this would work.
2. Making a swing and attaching it to the ceiling, then having us swing across. I don't see how we could do this considering the ceiling is smooth. Unless there's something on the ceiling or some other way to attach the grappling hook there.
3. Making a giant sling and slinging bolds across. I also don't see how we could do this considering we don't have enough elastic material. Unless the stuff our tent is made of is elastic.
4. A makeshift catapult or trebuchet? Don't think anyone has the expertise for it, nor do we have the material.
4. Using the Biogun to shoot at someone, propelling them across. Considering our poor aim, I doubt this would be safe enough to be viable, altho it probably wouldn't hurt shooting at our metal shield to see how strong the push would be.
5. Calling MD and asking him for advice.
6. Something using all the rope that fell down?
7. Having Tronklis turn the flashlight into a lightsabre and using his Jedi power to push someone across!

I mean, I doubt this problem is just about getting our backpacks across to be able to run there more easily. Since that can easily be solved by throwing the stuff and using Oubliss' speed.
No. 893128 ID: 12b116
File 153170989763.jpg - (233.13KB , 1000x800 , sub17.jpg )

:oubliss: "YAAAH!"

:tronklis:"Be careful with that!"

Oubliss has thrown everything across, and we can get to it safely now. Do we want to go through the door or check further down? There looks like there might be another niche further down, but it might be risky to get to it. I don't think i could make it with this robe on, for one thing. Everybody can definitely make it to the door now either way.
No. 893140 ID: e7848c

I kind of doubt we can make that run again with an even farther distance. Let's take the door now.
No. 893148 ID: b1b4f3

Depends. Does Oubliss think she can reach the other niche with time to spare? Remember, the trip back will be slightly more dangerous because she'd be running towards where the trains are coming from. Barely a difference because of how fast they're moving, but still...
If she's confident then she can go check it out. Could be some loot there.
No. 893159 ID: ff82d2

Hmm, could we use a wish for something like an all-purpose drone? An AI-supported flying drone that we could use to carry stuff, scout, or ever fight for us.

If not, then enter the door.
No. 893596 ID: 12b116
File 153197278518.jpg - (151.89KB , 1000x800 , sub18.jpg )

:tronklis: "Oubliss do you think you can make it to that next niche down there? "
:oubliss:"maybe. I think I can make it there, but making it back might be chancy. If everyone goes there I don't think we could do anything but go further down the hole here."

:tronklis:Hmm, should we try for it? Or should we try the wooden door here first? I don't understand anything about wishing for bees. That seems like a real waste.
No. 893597 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s try the wooden door first.

>I don't understand anything about wishing for bees. That seems like a real waste.
It is a waste. Don’t do it.
No. 893608 ID: b1b4f3

Gamble losing a party member on a promise of possibly no treasure at all? Nah.
I feel li