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File 151442463117.jpg - (289.07KB , 1000x800 , labyrinth-logo.jpg )
854128 No. 854128 ID: 12b116

:tronklis: She came to me in my dreams, the most beautiful kobold I've ever seen. If I try hard before I go to sleep, sometimes I get to see her again. I've been getting better at it lately, and tonight I might be able to talk to her. I haven't been able to ask her anything before, but I've been able to see her for longer and longer the more I try. Tonight I'm going to try to talk to her for more than a few minutes, what sort of things should I ask? I have to find her!
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No. 854129 ID: 33cbe7

Ask if she wants to join your death metal band.
No. 854131 ID: 56e50f

Start the mating call of your people
No. 854134 ID: 613c3b

Ask if she would like to boop snoots together. Also, if you feel you have to find her, then asking where she is is mandatory.
No. 854136 ID: 423cc9

Ask for her name
No. 854146 ID: b1b4f3

Ask for her name and where she is. Tell her she is beautiful.
No. 854147 ID: 3b108e

Ask what her favorite reptile is.
No. 854173 ID: 5e9133

Ask her to come with you via dreams
No. 854180 ID: 094652

Ask yourself: WHY would this diva EVER tip her hat to you? How far are you willing to go to attain what you want?
No. 854204 ID: 94bef7

Ask them why they come to you. Of all the people in the world it could have visited in their dreams, why did they choose you?
No. 854297 ID: 12b116
File 151449596663.jpg - (315.70KB , 1000x800 , lab001 copy.jpg )

:tronklis:It worked this time!
:goldbold: "Tronklis my friend, I have been waiting to see you again! The door is near to you now, you should be able to find it and free me"
:tronklis:"But why me? How did you know to find me? I have such trouble remembering your name to come visit, can you tell it to me again? "
:goldbold: "It is hard to remember isn't it? You're getting better at remembering my Name, The Ideation of Non Contiguous Connectiveness. And I came to you because there is something special about you, something that I think will let you free me from the Labyrinth. If you let me share my power with you we can see each other every night, but I cannot do that now as my power is very limited. I can barely be in two places at once and only because the bonds of the Labyrinth are temporarily weakened. "
:tronklis: "I'll do it! I will find this door and free you!"
I reach in to touch noses with her but she vanishes and I wake up... I didn't get to ask about reptiles
No. 854300 ID: 12b116
File 151449615261.jpg - (230.96KB , 1000x800 , lab002.jpg )

:fiblet:"Tronklis get up! There's an elven caravan that just got attacked by goblins and there's some free stuff all over the ground, matriarch says we better go out and get it before somebody else does!"

:tronkblis: Ugh it's Fiblet, she always wants to be in charge, she's one of the matriarch's daughters. She's not a good fighter at all though. On top of that, it's raining.

:fiblet: "Get up, I'm getting a party together and if you ever want do get to do your silly adventure you better get some good stuff this time before the other village gets there."

:tronkblis:"It's not silly, it's important and if you don't beleive me I'll go on my own"

:fiblet: "Don't be stupid, kobolds going places alone usually don't come back." "I've got some bolds together already, if you want to sit around in your house all day sleeping and amount to nothing then go ahead"

:tronkblis: I've got a boot pack and a digging stick, maybe if we do well on this I can finally get permission to search for the door. I really just want to sleep again and see her though. Should I follow Fiblet or do something else? If I can find the stuff first I could show her up but that might be dangerous to do by myself.
No. 854303 ID: bdc404

Getting supplies sounds useful regardless of any other long term plans.
No. 854305 ID: e1c8f7

True. Acquire your starter pack!
No. 854308 ID: 094652

If you want to be a dungeoneer, you need combat experience, adventuring wisdom, or a really good set of equipment.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the third thing.
No. 854316 ID: 90f3c0

Do it, maybe you can find some good adventuring gear.
No. 854324 ID: 613c3b

Don't sleep, you need to set things up so that you can find the door and see her for real.

She said the door was near to you now which means it was previously far away, so it must be on the move. Perhaps the caravan has some hint to the door's location.
No. 854334 ID: 13fded

There is something epic about this quest, but if we don't know where to start might as well start this search as we gather useful supplies. Dreams will came sooner or latter, focus on the elven loot.
No. 854351 ID: 33cbe7

Chase that caravan first, chase your dreams later.
No. 854378 ID: 3abd97

Maybe the door you're looking for moves, and is on the caravan?

Even if it's not, getting supplies and experience could help you.
No. 854411 ID: 12b116
File 151452312636.jpg - (287.52KB , 1000x800 , LAB003.jpg )

:tronklis: OK I guess I'll just follow Fiblet to the ambush place, the goblins like to attack caravans around the same spot, you'd think they would have learned to avoid it by now. They have been getting smaller and less frequent now that I think about it.

:fiblet: "All right you're the finder, so find something"

:tronklis: Fiblet is really bad at tracking and looking at stuff which is why I always come along on these things. She is only good at fighting. We've got Jibrilumis and Griklmls with us. Jibrilumis is good at cleaning fish and is learning how to set traps, where Griklmls is good at sneaking and catching spiders.

I can spot two wagons, one of them is overturned and missing two wheels, the other one is sitting upright. There's boxes and stuff loose all over the overturned wagon that look like they've been broken open, but not much around the other wagon. There's three bodies, looks like two elfs on the ground and one goblin by the farthest wagon. We need to work fast before something shows up or the goblins come back to take everything else. Who should I point to what? What should I go look at?

I haven't seen any doors on the way here, but we will be taking a different way back, maybe it will be there.
No. 854415 ID: f66698

Grab metal stuff, tools, weapons, coins (hah, like an elf would have coins), and if they have any potions be sure to get those.

Someone needs to check the goblin's corpse. No one wants crappy elf wood weapons, but goblins use iron. If you are lucky he'll have a carving knife or dagger.
No. 854416 ID: 33cbe7

Check out the goblin. Maybe they didn't have time to loot their comrade before they left.
No. 854418 ID: 3b108e

Look for geckos.
No. 854427 ID: 094652

Start with the guards. Guard equipment is usually scavenged last because the wearers might still be alive, and has a high weight-to-cost ratio, but since the guards are long dead or incapacitated by now they're ripe for harvest.

One of the carts is partially functional. See if your team can hoist the side with no wheels and move the cart out of the way, into a ditch or somewhere hard to see. The goblins will be less suspicious of someone stealing their hard-earned raid loot if there are less cargo vehicles at the ambush site.

Other than that, prioritize anything that is obviously valuable. Rations, cloth, and scrap metal go first. The expert looters are to find small boxes, dump out anything that doesn't seem important. Make sure to leave enough wealth so the goblins don't discover what you did and retaliate.
No. 854432 ID: e1c8f7

Make sure everyone is dead before looking! Keep your eyes and ears open, the rain can hide anything..
No. 854447 ID: d36af7

Can Jibrilumis abstract those fish-gutting skills to butchering a pack animal? Or one of the elves or goblins, for that matter, if you haven't got a taboo against that sort of thing.
No. 854459 ID: 13fded

Good strategy.
I would add that since it's not guaranty that those people are dead we should check one by one. Fiblet and Griklmls should release those bodies of their valuables while Tronklis and Jibrilumis biggin searching the wagons.
No. 854502 ID: c88e6d

That one dropped a really big knife! Grab it, then you can be the strongest!
No. 854541 ID: 12b116
File 151458999336.jpg - (240.09KB , 1000x800 , lab004.jpg )

:tronklis: OK, so far we've got two dirty bolts of cloth, and there's two elf guards that had wooden swords, cloaks and wooden armor. No gems or coins so far, but this goblin is wearing some bronze armor and has an iron dagger. It's also missing a head which isn't exactly normal. In the other wagon there's two barrels of apples and one sealed barrel of some liquid. Looks like the elves were killed by swords and axes acording to Jibrilumis and but there's nothing like that on the goblin. There's a bunch of tracks around as well, I think that something scared the goblins off. What should we try to take? I think two kobolds can bring one barrel, or we could keep picking stuff up off the ground. It will take two or three of us to get the armor off quickly. I can do it myself but it will take longer. We can keep looting or we can just take off now with what we have and leave all this other stuff lying around. It's not a very impressive haul so far but it's better than nothing?

How many bolds should work on doing what tasks? Or should we run for it?

I'm taking this dagger for myself before Fiblet sees it and steals it.

I have not found any geckos but we aren't exactly equipped to do any fighting right now.
No. 854542 ID: 33cbe7

Get one kobold started rolling the barrel while the other two strip the goblin's armor. Then make off with the armor and a barrel or two.
No. 854544 ID: f66698

Forget the armor, none of you can wear it and it's not like you can sell it. The dagger is a fantastic find.

The goblins attacked the caravan but something killed one of them and they ran off. Maybe the caravan had a dwarf warrior or something. You need to grab and run quickly. Have two take the barrel, it's probably elf spirits of some kind, and the rest of you should grab whatever loose stuff you can quickly get. If there's nothing easy to grab and run with, or particularly valuable looking, then just grab the elves cloaks as you retreat back to the woods. Also, don't worry about wood weapons, you could carve that kind of crap with your badass iron knife anyway. I'm not sure how many kobolds are with us, but if there's nothing to imemediately grab, take the barrel of apples too.
No. 854546 ID: 094652

Something tells me that isn't regular wood. It isn't heavy, so stuff a few wooden swords in the apple barrel and start rolling. Take anything that's light enough to carry in one hand, no matter how useless it seems.

Since the corpses are too hard to unequip, just grab the whole thing. You can give them a proper burial under your farm, the nutrients from the dead should act as a fertility offering.
No. 854614 ID: b1b4f3

Get an apple barrel, leave the armor alone, pick up any other random junk you can get. Don't forget to check for coinpurses!
No. 854675 ID: 94bef7

Leave the armor alone. Loot pockets. Unclothe elves. Get an apple barrel.

What does the liquid inside the barrel smell like?
No. 854848 ID: c4809e

The apples are more useful. They're good food and can be turned into juice if you're into that. If there are any farmbolds back home, they can plant the seeds from the apples or turn the apple cores into compost.
No. 854852 ID: 12b116
File 151469035111.jpg - (330.06KB , 1000x800 , lab005.jpg )

:tronklis: All right, that makes three bolts of cloth, three bolts of silk, one sparkle rock, a bag of seeds, two elven cloaks, one wood sword Fiblet took for some reason and I've found a bag of goblin coins. We can take one of the barrels, but I can't find out what's in the liquid barrel until we open it and if we do that we can't carry it without spilling it all over. Each barrel is as big as a kobold, and there's only two of us who aren't carrying a bunch of stuff already so we have to choose between them. Shrablit is the matriarch and she is the one who ultimately decides what's the best stuff. Except I don't know what she will like more, the apples might be good because everybody can eat them but whatever's in the barrel might be even better? I can't decide! Either way we need to get moving, and we definitely don't want to drag a dead anything with us, that's just asking to get attacked by scavengers and we'd have to drop a lot of our stuff to do it.

:fiblet: "I'm going on ahead, once you three figure out which barrel to take meet me back at the village. "
No. 854860 ID: 33cbe7

Now listen buddy, you're a kobold. That means you solve problems. Not problems like 'how many ale mugs can a kobold chug before blacking out?', because that would fall into your conundrums of your body mass index. You solve practical problems. For instance, when old mother Hubbard goes to the cupboard, how is she going to feed your tribe for the winter? The answer, is a barrel of apples. And if that don't work, use two barrels of apples.
No. 854864 ID: 86eb65

The correct answer is to hide the liquid barrel nearby in a clever hiding place. Then cart the apples back.

The apples are usable right now and the liquid is probably booze. If you leaved the apples the barrel is open and animals will smell them and eat them.

But if you hide the booze its more likely that the barrel will remain hidden until you can come back later.

So find a nice hidey hole at least 100 feet away and then cover it with brush and mud. But leave a mark only a kobold would notice on the tree its under.
No. 854871 ID: b1b4f3

Apple barrel.
No. 854887 ID: 094652

The container likely has good wine. It's worth far more on the market, but you'll need those apples to survive the winter. And if the goblins get their mitts on the wine, they'll be less coordinated and more forgiving of your bandit tax.

So take the apples and plant them for the winter.
No. 854890 ID: 13fded

The liquid is likely some beverage, no doubt more valuable than fruits but food is a more immediate concern. Take the apples.
No. 854896 ID: e1c8f7

You can make cider from apples. BAM. Now you have food and drink!
No. 854897 ID: 91ee5f

Only if they know how to make cider.
No. 854920 ID: d36af7

Apples first, then see if you can get more 'bolds interested in making a second trip once they know there's fresh food at stake.
No. 855006 ID: 12b116
File 151475294838.jpg - (257.97KB , 1000x800 , lab006.jpg )

:tronklis: We don't have any time left, need to get going! We are going to leave it a bit off the road but not to well hidden, something is coming this way. We aren't exactly low on food but we'll take the apples anyway, we know what they are at least. There's something big out there, we better not come back today.
No. 855007 ID: 12b116
File 151475296122.jpg - (242.16KB , 1000x800 , lab007.jpg )

:tronklis: As we pass by the old burned out building, it looks like somebody has put a strange door in the doorway. Could this be it?! It looks like it's been burned as well, which is very strange, and it has a weird looking ball on it and no handle.
No. 855012 ID: 7fad5d

Use your MIGHTY KOBOLD FISTS to punch the door down.
No. 855024 ID: 13fded

It could just be a ruined door. Open just to be sure.
No. 855026 ID: b1b4f3

Touch the ball. See if you can pull or push or rotate it.
No. 855030 ID: 33cbe7

This is it, the magic door! Grasp that ball like it's your own snoot.
No. 855036 ID: c88e6d

Grab the ball and fidget with it.
No. 855038 ID: b4f880

wait is it glowing near the bottom?
check the other side just to confirm it for unnatural
No. 855040 ID: 56e50f

It wouldn't hurt to check. .. right?
No. 855041 ID: 86eb65

That's your girls door! Go touch the orb and cross your fingers that things work out!
No. 855293 ID: 12b116
File 151484743309.jpg - (320.68KB , 1000x800 , lab008.jpg )

:tronklis: The door looks like it's still smouldering, I don't think I want to punch it. I'll fidget with the ball, it looks like it moves around, it's some sort of handle for the door I think. I'll check the other side, just to make sure, before I pull on it. That glowing on the bottom is definitely worth seeing about.
No. 855295 ID: 12b116
File 151484745239.jpg - (179.29KB , 1000x800 , lab009.jpg )

... That's not right.
No. 855296 ID: 7fad5d

So it's left instead? What's the problem? Go left then.
No. 855297 ID: 094652

You could try walking into it.

But that's dumb. Close door, go home. Wait, where did the door go?
No. 855298 ID: 33cbe7

Were you imagining the door? Do kobolds have that much imagination?
No. 855299 ID: e1c8f7

Investigate: Self
Something is off. Is anyone around?
No. 855301 ID: 86eb65

Its a magic door to your dreams. Did you really think it would have two sides?

You can either go around front and enter or head on home with the others.

But if you want to save your dream girl you will have to go inside.
No. 855309 ID: f66698

This is what your dream girl was talking about! The door to adventure!

It's time for you to bold, to pass through this mystic portal and find the woman of your dreams! You've heard the stories about the famous Glukmil? Be like him, brave but careful and clever. Open the door and look through.
No. 855312 ID: b1b4f3

Definitely a magical door then. Twist and pull.
No. 855317 ID: 12b116
File 151485427218.jpg - (249.94KB , 1000x800 , lab010.jpg )

:tronklis: I'm not imagining things, the door is only here on one side. When I went around to the back it wasn't there. Inside there's a burned looking wood hallway, and I get a very ominous feeling from it. This has got to be the door, but I don't know if going in here is a good idea any more. Something is definitely wrong with this place. It shouldn't do this.
No. 855318 ID: 0d1514

remember: kobolds who go off alone don't come back. Explore the hallway of death as a group activity!
No. 855319 ID: b1b4f3

What did you expect the Labyrinth to look like?

The only question is, are you ready? Are you prepared?
No. 855320 ID: f66698

Sneak inside, see what's further in.

It's dangerous, but it beats sleeping all day just hoping for a glimpse. You might not get another chance if you don't go through, it's obviously magical in nature and might not even be here if you leave and come back.
No. 855326 ID: 33cbe7

Your lady is waiting! Go now, alone, without any backup or equipment.
No. 855332 ID: 094652

See if the doorknob on the other side can be opened easily. If not, this door might be meant to keep things in, so close it and come back later.
No. 855341 ID: e1c8f7

You ready? Are you sure? Nothing you need to gear up for back home?
No. 855342 ID: 94bef7

I was expecting it to be made of stone... You need to think about this.
No. 855349 ID: 4421a6

Don't go in alone. You still need to prepare.
No. 855397 ID: d36af7

Throw a rock through it from the back side, to see what happens. Climb up on top of the wall and see if you can loop your cloak or something around under the lintel.

Don't go inside unless you're carrying enough food and water for at least a day, in case something weird happens and you can't get back out quickly.
No. 855683 ID: 12b116
File 151494761676.jpg - (339.40KB , 1000x800 , lab011.jpg )

:tronklis: All right, I've caught up to the group and we got back to the village. Everybody's put the cloth and stuff on the table, I've got a few things in my bag. The goblin coins, the seeds, the knife and the sparkle rock. Should I leave it all out or keep anything for myself?

Shrablis is here, and if I want to leave, and take some kobolds with me I'll need to get her permission. What should I tell her about the door and how do I get her to let me recruit a party and get equipment?
No. 855685 ID: 7fad5d

Look for Driblis first and see what you can bully from him. Tell Shrablis you found some awesome magic stuff and there might be screaming lizards.
No. 855686 ID: 3ce125

Keep the knife, you're gonna need it.

Tell them you found a door that only exists on one side so it obviously leads somewhere cool, you wanna go loot it. There could be MAGICAL TREASURE!
No. 855687 ID: 33cbe7

Keep the knife.
Tell her you found half a door and it smelled good.
No. 855688 ID: 9b80a5

keep the dagger and sparkle rock at minimum, my checkov's gun sense is tingling
No. 855729 ID: 56e50f

Keep the knife, name the knife. Use the shiny rock as a bartering chip to get a looting party going.
No. 855946 ID: 12b116
File 151503778776.jpg - (206.73KB , 1000x800 , shrablit.jpg )

:tronklis: I'll keep the knife and put down the other stuff. I don't know what you name a knife though. There's nobody named Driblis in the village.

:shrablit: "Well, it looks like you did good. Despite bringing back an entire barrel of these horrible persimmons, this bag of coins more than makes up for it. Who did you think was going to eat those things? I don't see how anybody can actually like them."

"This amethyst is very nice, Tronklis. Did you find out anything new?

:tronklis: "I've found a door in the forest that I think leads to a magical realm. There's bound to be some treasure in it, and I'd like to go exploring!"

:shrablit: "Well, since you've brought back so much good stuff, I'll let you take three more people with you, and you can take some equipment from the storage room as well. You'll be in charge of this expedition, so you'll also be responsible if anybody gets hurt or killed."

"When do you want to set out?"

:tronklis: Hmm, I could either wait another night and try to dream, try to go back to the wagons, or I could depart as soon as we are ready.
No. 855952 ID: 86eb65

Make sure to mention the barrel you hid.

I would try to dream once more for any more info before you head out tomorrow.
No. 855963 ID: 094652

Go back for the mead.

Also, plant the persimmons. Your tribe may hate them, but if they grow well, they'll make for good emergency rations.
No. 855967 ID: 33cbe7

Do you have anything as good as that bronze armor in your armory? If not, you should go to the wagons first.
No. 855986 ID: 56e50f

Gather volunteers, then decent gear, then the mead you left, then the door! Sound like a plan, boss?
No. 856050 ID: c88e6d

Depart as soon as you are ready.
No. 856221 ID: 94373f

Wait another night and go in fresh.
No. 856223 ID: f66698

Do you even have three friends who will follow you through the sinister magic door?
No. 856228 ID: 12b116
File 151512280324.jpg - (274.46KB , 1000x800 , kobold billage.jpg )

:tronklis: So, seems like going back to the wagon site for another round might be a good idea, so I won't go asking for equipment, but first I do need to get some people together.
There's a lot of kobolds to choose from that might want to go with me, but some of them might take some convincing, especially if they don't get along well with anybody else that I've gotten to come along.

Who should I talk to first?

Oubliss A kobold who doesn't like to wear clothes. She is very nimble and good at sneaking but she is also weird and some other kobolds don't get along well with her.

Ruffles One of the village cooks. He knows how to prepare food and can make something that's not safe to eat into something edible. He is a bad fighter.

Shablin He's a craftsbold, and is always trying out new things. He's good at designing houses and stuff and building things. He is also weird though.

Fiblet She's the chief's daughter, and she is good at making kobolds do what she says. She is not a good fighter but thinks she is. Now that she has that wood sword she is going to try to use it.

Grklmls One of the farmbolds, he is good at sneaking and at catching things.

Jibrilumis Fisherbold, she is good with a knife and knows about traps. She can prepare food as long as it's fish.

Smectyx Potter, he is good at making things and throwing. He is not very perceptive though.

Slorsnis Other kobolds like her but she is kind of lazy. She knows some first aid and can use a sling.

Razelip A woodcrafter, he makes most of our weapons and arrows.

Shav Minj's sister, she is very good at sneaking and theivery. Sometimes this really goes to her head though.

Minj Shav's older sister, she's very perceptive and uses a bow well. She always wears a hat. She is normally on lookout duty in the watch tower.

Glimus Another one of our scouts, like me. He is an OK fighter and good at noticing things, he also uses a sling.

Fasramus A farm worker, he is one of the strongest kobolds and a decent fighter.

Corta She is an old 'bold and was a good fighter in her day. Unfortunately she doesn't have her legs any more but she uses swords instead. She is really mean to anybody that she thinks is lazy or useless, which is a lot of people.

Briblnif One of our best fighters, she even has a sword! She is pretty eager to use it. She also wears a skull from some creature on her head and doesn't like to take it off even though she can't see as well with it on.

Kloldril A strong bold, and a good farmer, he knows a little bit about making food as well. He can use a sling as well.

Jrifdib Our woodcutter, he even has an axe! He is strong but he is always trying to set things on fire.

Pralbin Good with a bow and a dagger. She thinks she is good at sneaking but isn't. She is always trying to steal food out of the store room and usually gets caught.
No. 856230 ID: 33cbe7

Your village needs Shablin, don't take him.
Take Glimus, Minj and Shav. Everyone needs to have a watchful eye in the labyrinth.
No. 856231 ID: 7fad5d

Corta, Shav, and Oubliss sound good.
No. 856232 ID: 772fe4

Oubliss Kloldril Corta
No. 856239 ID: 94373f


If you can convince her to join you or at least convince her to ask the others with you you have a greater chance of recruiting others.
No. 856241 ID: c4809e

Maybe we could ask Ruffles for some rations for the trip into the odd door later, we don't actually need to bring him to the door if we don't know what's past it.
It might be a good idea to bring Oubliss, Shav, and Minj if we're planning to scout the door out and if coming back out might be possible.
No. 856242 ID: 93b636

Fiblet, Slorsnis, and Corta
Fiblet will save the day
No. 856243 ID: ed67d9

Corta, Oubliss, Ruffles
No. 856253 ID: 93b636

Er, Fiblet first.
No. 856254 ID: d36af7

Slorsnis for sure, first aid is indispensable and a ranged attack with cheap ammo is likely to be useful as well. For the other two, go with whoever seems the most eager, or if nobody volunteers, least reluctant. Skills don't matter if their morale falls to pieces.
No. 856259 ID: c4809e

Well, I'm thinking we should ask Oubliss 1st, then Shav, Then Minj.
No. 856263 ID: 33cbe7

...Of those three, talk to Shav first.
No. 856314 ID: 37538d

Again, volunteers first. Failing that, here's suggestions for a full adventuring party.

Jrifdib your tank, Slorsnis your medic with range, Pralbin for long range and you as the scout. Have Ruffles and Razelip as your camp guards who stay with your stuff and supply everyone with food and gear.
No. 856401 ID: 12b116
File 151518868566.jpg - (202.12KB , 1000x800 , whichboldfirst.jpg )

> Oubliss Corta Fiblet Minj Shav Slorsnis Glimus Kloldril Ruffles

Ok but who do I go talk to first?
No. 856403 ID: 7fad5d

No. 856404 ID: 93b636

No. 856406 ID: ed67d9

It's a puzzle!

So! Let's logic this out.

Of these nine kobolds, people wanted Oubliss, Slorsnis, and Corta the most.

First off, let's assume that kobolds will join more readily if there are kobolds they like already.

If we're picking kobolds that people don't like, we need to talk to them last.

We NEED Slorsnis. She's a healer, and kobolds like her. So, we need her first. However, she is lazy, which might cause issues with Corta. This means we need an alternate fighter - I propose Kloldril. Finally, we really want a sneaky, nimble scout, and Oubliss is the most qualified. We gotta talk to her last, though, since she is weird.

Proposed order: 1. Slosrnis 2. Kloldril 3. Oubliss
No. 856407 ID: 90f3c0

Corta. Gotta get that badass on the team.
No. 856415 ID: 56e50f

Shav seems like she'd be easy to convince to go.
No. 856420 ID: 91ee5f

Someone. You need to go talk to someone.
No. 856430 ID: 33cbe7

No. 856456 ID: 12b116
File 151520191332.jpg - (186.63KB , 1000x800 , lab012.jpg )


:tronklis: Hmm, that's the best argument, so I'll go to her house first.

She is laying on top of a peice of wood.

:slorsnis: "Hii, Tronklis! Are you looking for something?"
:tronklis: " I need three bolds to come with me on another run to those wagons, and then do some exploring after that. You don't look like you're doing anything. "

:slorsnis: "I guess I can go along, this isn't going to be too dangerous is it?"

:tronklis: "There were some scavengers at it when we left but I've got a couple of people in mind that should help get rid of them and take some more loot. There's definitely some still there."

Slorsnis has joined
No. 856460 ID: 56e50f

Set up a rendezvous point!
No. 856463 ID: 7fad5d

Corta time.
No. 856468 ID: 12b116
File 151520353079.jpg - (174.79KB , 1000x800 , boldvillage BG.jpg )

20 clay bullets
bag of herbs and stuff

She is wearing: Sack with holes cut in it
No. 856470 ID: fabcfe

No. 856518 ID: a606da

Gotta go for Corta.
No. 856521 ID: ed67d9

Corta is gonna cause issues with Slosrnis. I suggest Kloldril.
No. 856537 ID: c88e6d

I recommend Oubliss.
No. 856562 ID: e1c8f7

Healer aquired. Get your Tank, Kloldril.
No. 856574 ID: 33cbe7

Speak to Grklmls. What is his weapon?
No. 856699 ID: 12b116
File 151529977030.jpg - (165.12KB , 1000x800 , kloldriltalk.jpg )

:tronklis: Corta is does not get along with Slorsnis very well, so we'll talk to Kloldril first.

:kloldril:" Hi there, what's going on? "

:tronklis: "We're going to check on that caravan wreck again, do you want to come with us?"

:slorsnis: "We can really use your help!"

:kloldril: "Sounds like a good idea, is anybody else coming along too?

Kloldril has joined

He has
Hickory Cudgel
20 clay sling bullets

:tronklis: Ok who should we talk to next? Corta? She is pretty mean.
He is wearing leather pants and shoes.
No. 856700 ID: 33cbe7

Smectyx, with all these slings you will need some way to reload.
No. 856701 ID: 3ce125

That is not one of our 9 options.
No. 856705 ID: 33cbe7

There were 18 options. But we can talk to Glimus if you're writing off kobolds like that.
No. 856707 ID: 91ee5f

Correction: We narrowed it down to 9 here: >>856401 , meaning >>856701 is right, Smectyx isn't one of our 9 options.
No. 856710 ID: c4809e

Let's just get Oubliss. What could possibly go wrong?
No. 856715 ID: ed67d9

Excellent! We have healing and fighting, now it's time for our sneaky, nimble 'bold!

No. 856741 ID: c88e6d

No. 856747 ID: e1c8f7

Shav would cause the least amount of friction, I think.
No. 856748 ID: 3ce125

I'll vote for Shav.
No. 856818 ID: 56e50f

I would just like to point out that even if Shav doesn't cause immediate problems, I feel we should give Oubliss a chance to prove herself a valuable teammate.
No. 856893 ID: eef407

No. 856899 ID: 12b116
File 151537539556.jpg - (121.91KB , 1000x800 , oublisscave.jpg )

:tronklis: "I think we should also take Oubliss, I know a lot of people think she is weird but her unique skills might help us out. "

:slorsnis: "Oh, I don't have any problems with bringing her along! Better than Shav or Corta, They both act like turds for no reason."

:kloldril: "I'm fine with her even though she doesn't believe in wearing clothes."

:tronklis: Oubliss is usually hanging around in the mushroom cave.

:oubliss:"o hi Tronklis! Where are you going? Can I come along?"

:tronkliss: "That's what I came here to ask you! We are going back to the wrecked caravan first to try to get a couple more things, after that we're going back to the village. I've found a magic door, and we're going to get supplies and go see what's inside it. I figured you might want to come along for that"

:oubliss: "Of course~ "

Oubliss has joined

:oubliss: has

Nothing at the moment

she is wearing a scarf


:tronklis: I think we are prepared to go check the wagons again
No. 856900 ID: c88e6d

Arright, let's go to that spooky door!
No. 856901 ID: 56e50f

Maybe you should bring a few bags to carry loot in!
No. 856907 ID: 12b116
File 151537888982.jpg - (228.98KB , 1000x800 , wagons2.jpg )

:tronklis: There's still enough cloth at the wagons we can bundle something up in it if we need to

We sneak back the way we came, and there's another wagon and a large cloaked figure walking around and messing with the bodies. It's not a goblin, and it's definitely not a dwarf. It could be a really large human or maybe two elfs in a cloak. It doesn't look like any of us have been seen yet. What should we do? Me and Oubliss are the sneakiest.
No. 856909 ID: c4809e

send Outissa and Tronklis to investigate carefully, if the large man is looting the rest of the wagon alone you might be able to scare him off. If there's more we might have to run away.
No. 856910 ID: 3ce125

Scout it out with sneaky bolds. Find out what the guy's doing with the bodies.
No. 856913 ID: c88e6d

Oubliss can handle this sneaking mission if you back her up.
No. 856988 ID: e1c8f7

Scout out the guy, be prepared to bail if he's a threat/aware of you
No. 857417 ID: 12b116
File 151554116985.jpg - (240.71KB , 1000x800 , lab013.jpg )

:oubiss: Oh no! It's Rawhead-and-Bloodybones! They say he comes to take away bad children and add their bones to his bony steed, which is pulling a large black carriage! He's huge! I didn't know he was even real!

The bodies are gone but their clothes are all arranged in a neat pile by the roadside. As I watch he pushes the carts out of the road single handedly!

He hasn't seen me, and nobody's been misbehaving, but I don't know what to do!
No. 857419 ID: 86eb65

Stay quiet and still and wait for him to pass. If he finds you and confronts you be polite to the necromancer and hope for the best.
No. 857426 ID: 56e50f

Retreat as quietly as you can. There may be a chance this guy is not hostile but that is a big risk. If this guy doesn't leave the next few minutes, go for the door.
No. 857458 ID: c88e6d

Just hide and watch for now. Remember, just because he's FUCKING TERRIFYING doesn't mean he's going to hurt you. Oubliss is scary when she hops out of bushes at night to say hi and they're not dangerous at all!
No. 857460 ID: 094652

He's only here for the corpses. Just leave quietly and say hello if he spots you.
No. 857479 ID: 3ce125

Hide and wait for him to pass.
No. 857831 ID: 12b116
File 151569089551.jpg - (220.02KB , 1000x800 , lab014 copy.jpg )

:oubiss: As he drives away I think he looked right at me! I'll go get the others now that he's gone.
No. 857832 ID: 12b116
File 151569096814.jpg - (208.33KB , 1000x800 , lab013-2.jpg )

:tronklis: Everything is lined up by the side of the road, it's super weird. There's a barrel with some different apples in it right next to the barrel with liquid. There's another barrel of liquid we stashed in the woods as well as all the clothes and armor and what might be a bag of herbs. It will take two kobolds to carry one barrel, and they can carry some clothes with them too if we want to take it. What should we take?
No. 857834 ID: 0d1514

Are they apples or more persimmons? Stash em in the woods anyways. And take the clothes. and the herbs. Take everything! If humans were hauling it it's probably good!
No. 857844 ID: 86eb65

Almost looks like he is paying you for the corpses. But he might just be obsessively tidy.

Well have one bold grab the cloth and herbs and then two grab a barrel of liquid.

Best to grab as much as we can for the village before the adventure.
No. 857920 ID: 3ce125

Those are probably the same "apples" as the other barrel.

Take the non-barrel things as a first priority. If you can manage to get the liquid barrel too, take it.
No. 857924 ID: 28cb85

They aren't poisoned or covered in some rawhead/bloodybones disease, are they?
No. 857948 ID: 12b116
File 151572394543.jpg - (286.54KB , 1000x800 , lab015.jpg )

:tronklis: The sun is starting to come out. " Does it look like anything is dangerous to take?

:slorsniss: "Everything looks OK to me, that's a bag of medicine herbs."

:oubliss: "I'm not putting on dead elf clothes, and especially not dead goblin clothes"

:tronklis: We can take all of the small stuff, the problem is deciding which barrels to take, and if we want to take the armor.

:oubliss: "Gross! These are onions. "

:tronklis: "They both come off of a tree, basically the same thing."

:kloldril: "They really aren't." " I can carry that barrel by myself, or I could wear the armor and take it if we dump out some of the onions."

:tronklis: "So we are going to have to leave a barrel behind, any two of us can carry whatever's in the liquid ones but not with the armor too."

Should we take two barrels, one liquid and a half barrel of apples and the armor, one barrel and the armor, or do something else?
No. 857950 ID: 0d1514

Burn the onion barrel and try both liquid barrels to find out which one is tastiest and take that one. Take the armor, of course, and the herbs.
No. 857951 ID: 3ce125

One liquid barrel and the armor. The armor can be refitted and is extremely valuable!

The liquid won't be as valuable and is basically just luxury.
No. 857953 ID: 86eb65

Prioritize on what is most valuable.

Metals first because they are hard to come by.

Cloth because its hard to weave.

Then the barrels themselves. Cause watertight barrels are hard to make.

Then the liquid. Could be a valuable trade item.
No. 857954 ID: c88e6d

I agree, we should take both liquid barrels and the armor.
No. 857965 ID: e1c8f7

This seems sound.
No. 857966 ID: d36af7

Eat some of the apples to check if they're any good. Got some complaints about that last time, so it makes sense to be careful.

Would it be possible for a single 'bold to move the barrel of liquid if you turned it on it's side and rolled it along a relatively smooth path, instead of carrying it? If so, you might be able to just go ahead and take everything.
No. 858119 ID: 12b116
File 151581548981.jpg - (213.44KB , 1000x800 , lab0161.jpg )

:tronklis: So Kloldril will take one barrel and dump out some of the onions or whatever they are, because we can always use a barrel, Oubliss and me will take another barrel and slorsnis will take the armor. If we could roll them around this wouldn't be a problem, but we have to do some climbing to get up to the village. I would open one but then we can't really carry it without pouring everything out of it, since we need to carry them on their side

So we have brought back one apple barrel, one barrel with drink in it, two sets of elf clothes, one set of goblin clothes with blood all over it, some bronze scale armor and the thing to wear under it, and another bag of herbs that Slorsnis is going to keep.

:shrablit: "That was fast, did you just want to go back to those wagons?
:tronklis: "I thought we should scavenge the wagons again before we left, there was still some stuff over there. Well, there still is, we had to leave a barrel of something behind.

:Shrablit: "Well we have enough cloth and clothes to outfit a good many kobolds, and those onions will be good once they are pickled. I'll give some of them to Grklmls to plant as well." Taking the extra barrel was a good call, even if you couldn't carry all the onions back. If you're ready to go through the door, come see me and we will get some gear ready for you and your team."


I think we are ready to go, should I go get supplies now or do something else? Kloldril, Oubliss, and Slorsnis seem to be ready to go get supplies, but I can go talk to somebody else if I need to for whatever reason.
No. 858120 ID: 3ce125

No. 858121 ID: 91ee5f

Go get supplies! Then go for the door!
No. 858123 ID: e1c8f7

Supplies sound fine. Before you leave, say your goodbyes, pick a god, and prey. You know, just in case.
No. 858126 ID: c88e6d

No. 858374 ID: 12b116
File 151594793984.jpg - (168.72KB , 1000x800 , shrablit2.jpg )

:tronklis: It doesn't look that dangerous, I'm sure everything will be fine. Weird stuff happens all the time.

:tronklis: I tell Shrablit our plans - "... and what's behind the door isn't the same as what's in it when you open it"

:shrablit: "Well, this sounds sort of dangerous, you had better get some equipment and supplies. Since you've done such a good job with the wagons, you can take anything you want out of storage. When you get back with treasure we will celebrate with this barrel of sweet wine! Good luck!"
No. 858379 ID: 12b116
File 151595201419.jpg - (207.15KB , 1000x800 , lab017.jpg )

:tronklis: I tell Shrablit our plans - "... and what's behind the door isn't the same as what's in it when you open it"

:shrablit: "Well, this sounds sort of dangerous, you had better get some equipment and supplies. Since you've done such a good job with the wagons, you can take anything you want out of storage. When you get back with treasure we will celebrate with this barrel of sweet wine! Good luck!"

:I have access to all sorts of stuff, let's check out the store rooms. There's clothes, armor, weapons and other gear. I can make Oubliss wear clothes or armor if I really need to but she won't like it. Everybody has their current gear, plus a waterskin. A belt has room for about five pouches, and any loose items will need to be in a pouch or bag. Weapons have their own carry strap and can be held on the back if they're too large for a belt. I'd think the main thing to worry about will be how much food and water to take with us.

Each kobold can carry equipment up to their carry limit [b] before being encumbered. If a kobold is carrying too much stuff they are going to tire out faster, make more noise, and generally make things more difficult.

:tronklis: [b] carry limit 3/10

1 Wood Shovel
1 Boot pouch
1 Waterskin (1 day's water)

1 Loincloth
foot wraps

:slorsnis: carry limit 3/6
1 Medicine bag
1 antidote bag
1 sling
20 clay bullets

sack w/ holes

:kloldril: carry limit 3/12
1 sling
20 clay bullets
1 hickory cudgel

Leather pants
Leather shoes

:oubliss: carry limit 3/10

cloth scarf
No. 858381 ID: 12b116
File 151595212495.jpg - (256.13KB , 1000x800 , clothes-armor.jpg )

"Let's decide what to wear, first of all-" :oubliss: " I vote for 'nothing!'"
"I don't know what's behind there, do we load up on armor and weapons in case there's a lot of fighting, or do we bring gear, food and water instead? "

clothing and armor

Padded gambeson Lots available; -4 carry limit - Provides light protection from hits and cuts, and keeps you warm
Bronze Scale armor 1 available ; -7 carry limit - Provides excellent protection from slashing and peircing attacks, comes with gambeson underneath
Iron Maille 2 available; -6 carry limit - Provides excellent protection from slashing attacks. Comes with gambeson
Cloak Lots available; -1 carry limit - Provides protection from cold and rain, has a hood
Cloth shirt lots available; no penalty - provides moderate protection from the weather
Bone Lamellar 3 available; -5 carry limit - Moderate protection from peircing attacks, good protection from slashing attacks. Gambeson included
Cloth sock lots available; no penalty - keeps feet from getting cold, as long as they stay dry. No two are alike!
Leather shoe 5 available; no penalty - Light protection for the feet. four of them match but there's one for an extra left foot?
Pouch lots availablel no penalty - 5 can fit on a belt, used for storing stones. bits of stuff, and anything else that can be stuffed int it.
leather cuirass 2 available; -3 carry limit - provides moderate protection to the torso only
leather pants 4 available; -2 carry limit - moderate protection for the legs only
cloth pants lots available; no penalty - They're pants, they come with two pockets!
Sack 1 available; no penalty - Anything that is too big to fit in a pouch will have to be carried by somebody in this sack. It can hold 8 points worth of items, and the carry

penalty for the items inside is half of the total.
No. 858382 ID: 12b116
File 151595217254.jpg - (314.06KB , 1000x800 , misc gear.jpg )

:tronklis: "Here's the supplies, there's lots of random stuff all over the place. Ruffles has preserved some food for expeditions that we can also have"

Rope 50 feet ; carry limit -5 - This might either be useless and heavy or the most important item we could bring.
Belts lots available; no penalty - you can wear more than one if you want to look strange, but only one of them can have pouches on it before things get really difficult to

Waterskin 2 available; carry limit -1 - Extra waterskins for carrying more water. Or other liquids?
Clay jar lots available; carry limit -2 - A heavier, more breakable waterskin but we have a whole lot of them.
Grappling hook 1 available; carry limit -2 - This is pretty useless without rope.
String ball lots available; carry limit -1 - about a hundred feet of string
Tin Pot 1 available; carry limit -2 - Useful for cooking and carrying things
Ceramic Pot lots available; carry limit -3 A heavier, more breakable version of the tin pot.
tinderbox 1 available; carry limit -1 - used to start fires
Theif's tools 1 available; carry limit -1 - used to pick locks and other things
Copper Adze 2 available; carry limit -2 - It's like a hoe and an axe stuck together on a short handle. It's a farming tool, really.
Wood Bucket lots available; carry limit -2 - A wooden bucket.
Grass fiber raincoat lots available; carry limit -3 unless being worn. This will keep you dry in a storm
FOOD lots available; carry limit -1 - A day's worth of food. It's stored in bags and barrels in the store room but it will need to be carried in a pouch if we want to bring it

with us. Very important item!
Tin Cup 2 available, carry limit -1 - Used for drinking or playing dice. We don't have any dice though.
Ceramic Cup Lots available, carry limit -1 - Same as the tin cup, really.
Bedroll Lots available - carry limit -4 - Good for sleeping on, which might be nice to have depending on where or how long we're gone for. It's kind of bulky to carry around

Lantern 2 available; carry limit -1 - An iron and glass lantern. Much better than making torches.
Walking stick lots available; carry limit -2 unless in hand. - Sometimes you need a long stick. Can also be used to hit things.
Cloth Lots available; carry limit -2 - We have a LOT of cloth. It might come in handy?
No. 858386 ID: 12b116
File 151595473210.jpg - (199.48KB , 1000x800 , wepons.jpg )

:tronklis: "Let's check out the weapons next"
:slorsnis: "But we've got weapons already, those look heavy."
:kloldril: "You say that now, but it's better to carry one around and not need it than to not have one when you do."

Weapons only have a carry limit penalty when they are not being held in the hand.

Spear, Stone 10 available; carry limit -2 - A spear with a stone blade, can be thrown as well as used in melee
Spear, Bone lots available; carry limit -2 - The same thing but with a bone blade,
Spear, Bronze 3 available; carry limit -2 - A better spear
Spear, Wood Lots available; carry limit -1 - A worse spear, it's just a pointed stick with a fire hardened tip
Hatchet, Stone 3 available; carry limit -3 - Stone hand axe, it's OK
Hatchet, Bone Lots available; carry limit -2 - Bone tomahawk, can be thrown easily.
Hatchet, Copper 1 available; carry limit -4 - Copper hand axe, can be thrown, but it's more valuable.
Mace, Stone lots available; carry limit -3 - A kobold tried to make an axe but gave up
Mace, Copper 1 available; carry limit -4 - A real bone breaking weapon
Mace, Lead 1 available: carry limit -5 - Exceptionally heavy, but the head is somewhat soft. Well, for metal.
Club, wood lots available; carry limit -2 - It's like a naturally grown mace
Hammer. Iron 1 available; carry limit -3 - This is actually a blacksmith's hammer and not a weapon, but we don't have a blacksmith here.
Whip, leather 1 available; no penalty - Goblins use these sometimes, does anybody know how to use this thing? :oubliss: "I do!"
knife, Stone Lots available; carry limit -1 - A stone knife, it's sharp but fragile
knife, bone Lots available; carry limit -1 - This one is less fragile but also less sharp.
knife, copper 1 available; carry limit -2 - A knife that's both sharper and more durable.
Sheild, wood lots available; carry limit -4 - use it to hide behind or surf on
Light Crossbow 1 available; carry limit -4 - Only a strong kobold can use this thing, but it really shoots.
Arrows/bolts, wood lots available, no penalty - 20 training arrows. Why would we take training arrows?
Arrows/bolts, stone lots available, no penalty - 20 stone headed arrows, they're OK for shooting small animals and stuff wiht.
Arrows/bolts, bone lots available, no penalty - 20 Bone arrows, fly farther than stone ones but tend to be less damaging.
Arrows/bolts, copper 20 available, -1 carry limit - 20 copper arrows, much better than using natural materials.
Arrows/bolts, bronze 20 available, -1 carry limit- 20 bronze arrows, These are the sharpest!
Short sword, bronze 1 available, -2 carry limit - A decent sword. There's only one of them
Sling lots available, no penalty - Everybody that's any good with it kind of has one already
Sling bullets, ceramic lots available, -1 carry limit - 20 sling bullets made out of baked clay. They're easier to use than rocks because they're all the same shape
Sling bullets, lead lots available; -1 carry limit - 10 lead bullets, the fly farther and hit harder
Short bow lots available; -1 carry limit - None of us are trained a whole lot to use a bow, but we can still hit things every now and then with one.
No. 858390 ID: fbc94f

Leather Shoes for Tronklis and Slornis.
Whip and bone knife for Oubliss.
Belts and pouches for everyone.
Another waterskin for slornis.
Kook and rope on kloldril
Lantern, tinderbox and sack for Tronklis, also the thief tools if anyone can use em.
Rest can be filled with food.
No. 858400 ID: 3ce125

Why no armor? Kloldril is going to be our tank, he should have some.

How about Kloldril wears the bone lamellar (this covers the legs right? He'll swap his leather pants out for cloth pants) and a shield. Also he should swap his cudgel for the copper mace. He won't be able to carry anything but he'll be well armored and armed.
Heck, Tronklis should have some armor too since he's no good with ranged weapons. Leather should work ok. Cuirass and pants. ...Tronklis where is the knife you picked up? Why do you have a shovel instead?
Slorsnis should put on some real clothes.

Whoever's the best with a sling should get some lead bullets for special occasions.

If we're taking the rope and hook, put it in the sack. Oubliss should probably be carrying the sack since she's not going to be wearing anything and has decent base carrying capacity.
No. 858406 ID: 56e50f

This seems fair. Have Oubliss carry the rope and hook like a bandolier.
No. 858407 ID: d36af7

Bring at least one clay jar of water as well, even if it puts somebody into encumbrance. Carrying too much water is self-correcting, and lack of water can kill faster than lack of food.

You might be able to forage food in the dungeon, or butcher defeated monsters, but an underground environment is less likely to have random rain, and more likely to have areas of excessive heat that'll dry you out.

Is "a day's worth" of food or water enough for the whole party, or per bold?
No. 858426 ID: 3ce125

Oh and someone should get a walking stick for poking things with.
No. 858474 ID: e95cec

Pretty good, though I feel like that loadout is pretty short on weapons. Are you merely eliding the things they were carrying before? I think most of the bolds should have at least a simple weapon, and one should have a sword or spear or something maybe.
No. 858487 ID: 094652

Go a few units over the carry limit for supplies and shelter, and set up a temporary base in the dungeon to put all your nonessential stuff.

Training arrows are good for hitting pressure pads and trap triggers at a distance. They can also be used to carry quick messages with minimal risk of friendly fire. Take them all, and stuff them in the camp.

Oubliss wears no armor and has a high carry weight, so give her the artillery-grade crossbow. Equip her with bronze bolts in addition to other bolts she's willing to carry. Have her equip two belts bandoleer-style around her breasts with four sets of bolt pouches sewn on in the front and back. She's proficient with a minimal-weight whip so obviously get that. Finally, a rope with a grappling hook so she can get to high places and snipe enemies.

Slorsnis doesn't have a high carrying capacity, so she can carry the essentials like food and water. Upgrade her clothing with a cloak, a cloth shirt, and some cloth pants. Finally, some cloth for staunching any bleeding and a waterskin for extra water.

Kloldril can replace his pants with a full set of Bronze Scale armor, making him the tank. Give him a mace to complete the set. Finally, have him hold the tinderbox, lantern, and an extra ration of food, because he might get exhausted if he has to carry anything else.

And then there's you. Get a bedroll so you and your buddies have someplace to rest up, and wear a padded gambeson. Take the sword and shield, you'll need them. Discard your starting gear and replace with a larger clay jar and some rations.

Oh, and everyone gets shoes and socks, because you have them.
No. 858582 ID: 12b116
File 151604435637.jpg - (828.63KB , 2000x1600 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

I have done a fuckup and there are a bunch of wrong numbers in >>858379
These are the actual numbers and should be used instead!

Sorry, guys!
No. 858589 ID: 6cc25a

Ok so, this changes things and I'll need to rewrite my post.
No. 858598 ID: 6cc25a

Also some clarifications from the author:
Food: 1 unit is 1 day's worth per kobold.
Water: 1 waterskin is 1 day's worth per kobold. Clay jar holds the same as a waterskin.
Sack: Uses up one free hand
Shield: Always counts towards carry limit
Hickory cudgel: weight 2 and adds towards Kloldril's initial weight
No. 858608 ID: 3ce125

Seems like the biggest change is that Kloldril has 3 more carry limit than we thought. 15 max is pretty big! That said, I like the bone mail just fine. I don't think I want to change my suggestion.
No. 858643 ID: 6cc25a

I think we should definitely bring 2 lanterns with us. Light is pretty important in dungeons! Other important items are also rope, to go up and down the holes and stuff. Kinda useless without the grappling hook tho. Thief's tools for the chests and locked doors, and tinderbox because setting stuff on fire is fun (also camping/cooking). A day's worth of food and water in the waterskins would be useful. Unfortunately, we're pretty limited with space, so we can't bring more food and water, or more than 2 bedrolls. There should be nothing wrong with 2 kobolds sharing a bedroll, right?

Oubliss (10/10):
She doesn't like to wear clothes but she said nothing about belts! So make her wear a bunch of belts. On arms, legs and waist. And since she likes the whip, she's gonna love some rope. Let's hope she doesn't tie anyone up.
(0) 5x Belt + pouches
(1) Waterskin
(1) Food
(1) Thief's tools
(7) Rope + Grappling hook
(0) Hand: Whip

Slorsnis (6/6):
Since she's lazy, maybe it's not the best idea to trust her with carrying her food and water. Hmm.
(0) Belt + pouches
(1) Waterskin
(1) Food
(3) 3x Medicine bag + 3x Antidote bag
(0) Sling
(0) 20 Sling bullets, clay
(1) Hand: Lantern

Tronklis (10/10):
No space for the shovel so gotta have to leave that one behind. Let's hope we won't have to do a lot of gravedigging. If there's any fighting, you'll be dropping the sack and pulling out the dagger.
(0) Belt + pouches
(1) Waterskin
(1) Food
(2) Iron dagger
(1) Tinderbox
(4) Hand: Sack (2x Bedroll)
(1) Hand: Lantern

Kloldril (14/15):
If he's gonna be the tank, then he will need the best armor and shield. Which means, there's very little extra he'll be able to carry. Replaced the hickory cudgel with copper mace and clay bullets with lead ones.
(0) Belt + pouches
(1) Waterskin
(1) Food
(0) Sling
(1) 10 Sling bullets, lead
(7) Bronze Scale armor
(4) Hand: Wood shield
(0) Hand: Copper mace

Cloth shirts, cloth pants, leather shoes for those that want them.

Hmm. 2 scouts, 1 healer, 1 farmer. What an interesting setup. Anyway, if we wanted to bring an extra day worth of food and water, then we'd need 10 space and I'm not sure what to replace to accomplish that.
No. 858645 ID: f66698

Are the sling stones carved with Kobold faces? That's disgustingly cute.

I feel kinda bad we are gonna lead these little bolds to their deaths.
No. 858680 ID: 12b116
File 151607434398.jpg - (218.22KB , 1000x800 , convincing.jpg )

:oubliss: "OK FINE you caught me! I'll wear the belt!

:tronkliss:"I could just go get somebody else who doesn't make me catch them before the put on anything!"

:oubliss: "I still want to go! "
No. 858681 ID: 12b116
File 151607453235.jpg - (1.09MB , 2500x1600 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

Here is the current loadout based on which items were most suggested, We have room for a couple of more things, what's the most important that we don't have?
No. 858682 ID: 3ce125

You don't have any poking sticks. You need at least one poking stick!
The ball of string could be useful for navigating mazes, too.
Also you could stand to bring some chalk or charcoal for marking the walls or whatever.
No. 858710 ID: 094652

Get a crossbow and a shield.
No. 858751 ID: 6cc25a

Tronklis and Oubliss are already doing it? And here I thought it would take at least until camping time. Her elbow rubbing his nose must feel pretty good!

The numbers for Kloldril don't add up. 7+1+1+1+1+1 = 12. However, he doesn't have any more space in the pouches, so if we'd want to burden him with anything else, it would have to be in one of his hands.

-Add Walking stick to Slorsnis's hand.
-Exchange Tronklis's Clay jar with a Waterskin (we have 1 more available).

>what's the most important that we don't have
I think that there's nothing else that would seem really important. But I guess we have enough space to add either a shield for Kloldril or a string ball.
No. 858798 ID: e1c8f7

Ya got any tinder boxes for starting fires? Extra water in a clay jar, string ball and an a few extra rations for snacking.
No. 858807 ID: 12b116
File 151613398696.jpg - (1.12MB , 2500x1600 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

:tronklis: She elbowed me in the nose! It didn't feel good, that's for sure.
:oubliss: You pulled my ear!

OK, if we mix things up Kloldril can take a shield, and Oubliss can take a poking stick, where Slorsnis can have a regular one. I think we are ready to go!
No. 858809 ID: 3ce125

Well by poking stick I meant a walking stick but if a spear would be better than a whip as a weapon that's good too.
No. 858810 ID: 6d8591

Not too late to suddenly find faith and pray.
No. 858813 ID: 6cc25a

Ok, now silently recruit Fasramus or Briblnif to go with us so that we actually have a decent fighter with us.
No. 858814 ID: c88e6d

Yeah, this looks good. Let's hit the road and explore the Scary Magic Door.
No. 858824 ID: 3ce125

Only other thing I can think of is bandages. Could take half of a "cloth" to make some, but we'd have to drop something.
No. 858830 ID: 6cc25a

That's probably a part of Slorsnis' medicine. But we can always tear off a part of Oubliss' scarf if we need cloth or yarn.
No. 858890 ID: 12b116
File 151615214960.jpg - (324.81KB , 1000x800 , lab018.jpg )

:tronklis: Well it's a lot sharper so poking does more good with a spear. If you're going to poke things might as well have something good at it.
She does have those in the bag. Even if we need more I don't think Oubliss is going to let us tear some off her scarf. I'll probably just tear my own shirt for that.

The only one of us who isn't a decent fighter is Slorsnis! I can only have three more kobolds with me anyway.

:tronklis: "All right, this is it, I'll go in first."
:tronklis: As soon as I step through the door I get an overwheming sense of dizziness that quickly goes away. The others follow. I can't hear any of the normal forest noises, which is strange, but not really as strange as this place existing in the first place. It smells of burning wood.
No. 858891 ID: 3ce125

Alright keep an eye and ear out. Watch your step, don't fall through the floor or anything. Try to keep quiet for now, too.
No. 858912 ID: 56e50f

Watch for traps. Eyes and ears open. Roll for perception.
No. 858924 ID: c88e6d

Can you peek through the cracks in the wood?
No. 858959 ID: 7fad5d

Firmly grasp Oubliss' tail.
No. 858963 ID: 12b116
File 151616253912.jpg - (226.61KB , 1000x800 , lab019.jpg )

:tronklis: There's no traps, but this hallway is really strange. It looks like it's burned and still smouldering but it is warm as a sunny day, and not intensely hot like I thought it would be. The construction is like nothing I've seen, All of the boards look like they were once straight and uniform like they were copies of each other. They're put together with weird nails too, not like humans or dwarfs use. The aren't square but round and thin.
:Kloldril: "This place is really ominous"
:oubliss: " It isn't trapped or, anything really. The other door looks the same as the first one, it's basically charcoal. "

:tronkliss: I try to peek through the cracks, but it IS really hot if I get too close to them, like it might burn my eye! It's like there's a fire outside and this hallway is somehow protected. The only sounds are from us walking, there's no roaring like you'd think if a fire was burning outside.
No. 858974 ID: 3ce125

Seems intensely magical. Is the door on the other end of the corridor warm?
I guess open it if it seems safe.
No. 858992 ID: 56e50f

I hope you guys propped the entrance open with a big rock or something. You don't want to get trapped in here.
No. 858998 ID: 12b116
File 151616582731.jpg - (260.90KB , 1000x800 , lab020.jpg )

:tronklis: The door isn't any warmer than any other part, let's open it u-

" I wasn't sure what to expect on the other side but it definitely wasn't this. "

:slorsnis: "are you sure this is a good idea? This is getting really weird."

:oubliss: "I don't see any monsters jumping around, it looks like a nice sunny day over there~"
"It's obviously a magical realm!"

:kloldril:"OK but why is there a pier in the middle of grassy plains?"
:oubliss: "only one way to find out! Hey, it's actually really high up, I can see the tops of trees and it looks like there's some buildings off in the distance. Nothing dangerous yet~"

:tronklis: "Hey, I'm supposed to be in charge here! Don't go running ahead! We need to figure out what to do. This pier is just hanging in thin air!" I think it's about 20 feet down to the ground, if that's even there. We can probably get down there with the rope, but if Oubliss ties it to a post how are we supposed to get it down with us? I don't want to lose our rope so early
No. 859005 ID: 3ce125

Can't you wiggle a grappling hook to dislodge it? Anchor the hook, everyone goes down, then wiggle the rope until the hook falls down too.

Just be sure to get out of the way of the hook when it falls.
No. 859022 ID: 13fded

Beside the pier, what what other structures surround this door on the outside?
No. 859023 ID: e1c8f7

Secure the grappling hook and then send everyone down, going by weight. Heaviest first leading to lightest. The lightest person loosens the hook so when they get to the bottom they can just wiggle it free. Worse comes to worse, the lightest person drops the hook and jumps down so the others can catch them.
No. 859065 ID: 6cc25a

Looks like we forgot to bring a parachute. Or have we? Maybe we could use the two sleeping bags to fly!

Don't be silly. Just go out and look around. So from outside it looks like a pier coming from a door frame and they're both floating in mid-air? Or is there actually some sort of structure supporting us?

Anyway, to get down while still recovering the rope is simple.
We have 50ft of the rope which means that if we lead it around one of the pier pillars, we'll end up with two strands each 25ft long. You hold onto both of the strands when climbing down. And once you're at the bottom you pull on one strand to get the rope.
No. 859076 ID: 33cbe7

Tie it to Oubliss' foot and have her jump down last.
No. 859104 ID: d36af7

Pry one of those weird round nails out of the charcoal hallway walls. Could be a clue to the origin of the place which some sage could later interpret. At the very least it's good metal with a sharp point on it, and if you're using bone and stone for weapons you can't afford to ignore that kind of thing. Only one for now, though, in case taking too many would make the whole thing collapse somehow.

As for further exploration, remember to check around "behind" the door you just emerged from.

>We have 50ft of the rope which means that if we lead it around one of the pier pillars, we'll end up with two strands each 25ft long. You hold onto both of the strands when climbing down. And once you're at the bottom you pull on one strand to get the rope.
As further refinement for this idea, twist the two sides of the rope together a little. Not a knot, just a double helix. Extra friction to make sure it doesn't come loose ahead of schedule, but it'd be easy to undo from below.

Alternatively, you could simply have somebody run back to camp and requisition a second rope, then leave one of 'em in place. If you pull the rope down after you, what's the exit strategy? Do you want to be frantically fumbling with a grappling hook while some monster's chasing you?
No. 859216 ID: 12b116
File 151623950105.jpg - (58.22KB , 578x476 , 6 nails.jpg )

:tronklis: Well, the nails look like this. Nobody has seen anything like them here, but we also don't have anybody that would know a whole lot about nails like a carpenter or smith. It's the least weird thing about this business so far.
:kloldril:"I've only seen square ones before too."

:tronklis: I'll put a couple of them in one of my bags, just in case.
No. 859217 ID: 56e50f

That is rather off. Modern human design. No other explanation 'sides magic. Go on ahead with >>859065 's plan
No. 859219 ID: 12b116
File 151624063888.jpg - (355.35KB , 1000x800 , lab021.jpg )

:tronklis: Now, as to the pier itself.. It just kind of fades? And doesn't touch the ground? There's nothing else around here for it to be attached to, and the door just isn't there on the other side. It doesn't have a shadow like I would expect, and neither do we. We can run the rope over a post and go down pretty easily. I can see the rope touch the ground, so I think that's real? I don't know any more. We can't exactly go back and get another rope, this is the only one that was in storage. We also aren't going to use Oubliss as a counter weight no matter how funny that might be!

Should we start climbing down or is there anything we should do first?

:kloldril: "The door is here on one side, but if I stick my hand through I can't see it"

:oubliss: "This is fun so far~"

:slorsnis: "This is scary. Nothing is holding it up, the door is in the middle of the air, nothing makes any sense. What exactly kind of treasure did you say was in this place?"

:tronklis: "It's a magic place, you just have to accept this kind of thing might happen. Does it matter what's holding it up if it's being held up regardless?"
:slorsnis: "I.. I guess not? Can we please just go to the ground? This is making me nervous."
No. 859223 ID: 13fded

I agree with Slorsnis, this is very disconcerting.

The rope could be helpful somewhere else, but by leaving it here we can feel more secure there will be a way back. How would you climb this floating platform without the attached rope?

Is there anything interesting on the horizon?
No. 859226 ID: 94a268

You had best be careful that you can get back up if you choose to go off the pier. You have no idea what's down there and being able to return the way you came is good regardless.
No. 859233 ID: 3ce125

Alright how about you establish a hand signal for them to pull you up, if something horrible is about to happen to you while you're climbing down.
No. 859260 ID: c88e6d

Let's climb down, but remember to securely tie a rope!
No. 859298 ID: e95cec

How easily and quickly could you grappling hook your way back onto the pier?
No. 859347 ID: 6cc25a

If there's something I'd go back for, it would be some stuff for the rain.

But, we can't do that. The beautiful kobold said that >the door is near to you now. Now, as in, it wasn't always there, so it's implied that the portal moves around and that it may also disappear. Our time may be limited.

I think getting back up is also simple, even without a hook. It's just a matter of throwing the rope over the whole pier and then pulling a kobold up, like using a pulley.

I'd be more worried about this whole pier slowly floating someplace else. It may look like it's still, but I wouldn't be so sure about that. Similarly, I'd be worried about finding it again. We don't have a compass (not that it would work here anyway), or any specific landmarks to rely on.

Anyway, climb down (can throw down the unbreakable stuff first) and let's move. Go towards the buildings.
No. 859361 ID: d36af7

While you're climbing down, poke at the underside of the pilings where they fade out, see if that feels the same as the back of the door. Probably a related phenomenon.
No. 859418 ID: 12b116
File 151630025460.jpg - (240.04KB , 1000x800 , lab022.jpg )

:tronklis:I suppose I should go down first, we can just throw the sack down with the bedrolls, there's nothing fragile in there.

On my way down I try to touch the column. As soon as I start thinking about it, I start to get dizzy. Touching it makes my head spin and I almost lose my grip on the rope! It feels, um, kind of soft? Like a rotten log that looks solid but when you go to climb on it your foot sinks into mush. Well, except it doesn't look solid. From what I can tell anyway. As soon as I look down the vertigo goes away. I'm casting a shadow on the ground but the platform above definitely isn't. It looks like there's something laying in the grass around where the end of the pier would be if it were on the ground.

My feet touch the ground safely, finally. I'll warn the others not to look up. It's tall grass as far as I can see in every direction, and those two buildings off in the distance. There's a few small trees around as well. There's no sound other than the rustling grass from a slight breeze. It's pretty nice actually. Especially after going through that first bit.

Oubliss is saying something but I can't hear it and she starts coming down the rope.
No. 859419 ID: 7fad5d

"Say again?"
No. 859424 ID: fbc94f

Probably a warning, something is gonna try to eat you.
No. 859427 ID: 094652

Make a marker in the direction of the landmark. Then cut the grass in the local area to give your team some breathing room. Keep cutting towards the goal, and make more markers so you don't get lost.
No. 859429 ID: 3ce125

You can't hear her? She couldn't hear you, then. Wave at her to stop! Then climb back up and give them all the warning so they don't screw up the descent like you almost did.
No. 859439 ID: 6cc25a

Get a good view of Oubliss' butt as she's climbing down. I mean, you gotta be careful to catch her in case she falls.

Then check out what was the thingy that you saw laying in the grass.
No. 859463 ID: 12b116
File 151631741364.jpg - (325.35KB , 1000x800 , lab023.jpg )

I clear out a bit of grass and sit on the sack. It's not so tall that we can't see where we're going though.

:oubliss:"What were you yelling and carrying on about? I couldn't hear you."
:tronklis:"I was saying not to touch the post or look up too much."
:oubliss: "That seems like a stupid thing to do, why would I do that? It's obviously magic and you usually don't want to touch that kind of stuff. You better not be using this as an excuse to look at my butt!"
:tronklis: "N-no! Of course not! Looks like some-"
:oubliss: "Well why not~?"
:tronklis; sigh."Don't be difficult! It looks like something is laying on the ground over there, should we go check it out now or wait for the others?"

Slorsnis is coming down next.
No. 859465 ID: 33cbe7

Send her to poke it while you wait here.
No. 859473 ID: 85f8f7

Never split up! Secure that rope so it doesn't slip and cause Slorsnis to fall and trap Kloldril on the pier.
No. 859475 ID: c4809e

Walk around the rope area, check if there are any rocks or holes in the grass while the other bolds are climbing down.
No. 859495 ID: 6cc25a

Tell Oubliss that her butt isn't large enough for your tastes and that you prefer the one from Slorsnis. In fact, you should look up so that you don't miss it, while touching your nose.

Wait for the Kloldril to reach the ground before checking out the thingy.
No. 859502 ID: 3ce125

Stick together, and make sure everyone gets down okay.
No. 859528 ID: 12b116
File 151632555010.jpg - (256.55KB , 1000x800 , lab024.jpg )

:tronkliss: Nobody's talking about butts! I don't see any rocks or holes or anything and Oubliss wants to go check out the thing we saw from up high.

Right after Slorsnis passes below the fadey part, I can hear her saying something,..

:slorsnis: "...know there was going to be so much climbing I would have tried to find a ladder. Hey, can you-"


:slorsnis: "I'm OK. It's OK."

:oubliss: "You might want to come look at this, that thing is a dead guy."
No. 859530 ID: 094652

>dead guy
Why have you not looted him yet
No. 859534 ID: c88e6d

Let's loot em.
No. 859545 ID: 3ce125

Poke it with a stick!
No. 859549 ID: 12b116
File 151633289699.jpg - (380.92KB , 1000x800 , unlucky indahl.jpg )

:tronklis: We go over to check out the dead guy. I have no idea what it actually is though.
"How do you think it died?"
:slorsnis: "Well it looks like he had a fall and broke his neck. At least, if his head was pointed backwards afterward. He's all shriveled up like when a frog dies underneath a barrel or something, and you find it a few weeks later when you move the barrel."

:tronklis: "So not killed by a wildlife animal?"

:slorsnis:"Definitely not. it would be all pulled apart and maybe ripped up."

:tronklis:"Well we can't use any of these clothes, but let's have a look in that pack."
No. 859550 ID: 12b116
File 151633293307.jpg - (130.77KB , 719x701 , pack stuff.jpg )

:tronklis: "Wow, look at all this metal stuff!"

Tent carry weight -4 - All of us could fit in here, in theory.
Bronze trinket Carry weight -0 - A little wheel thing with nubs all around it. I have no idea what this is for.
waterproof tinderbox Carry limit -1 - It's pretty much the same thing as our tinderbox we already have but it's in a little metal container instead of a wooden box.
Tin cookware carry limit -1 - A cup, bowl, pot, pan, kettle, and spoon that all fit together in a package.
Clockwork Thing Carry limit -0 - A thing that makes noises when you turn the handle. I don't know what this is for.
Tin canteen Carry Limit -1 - This is better than a waterskin, it holds two days worth of water and is more convienient to carry around.
mortar and pestle carry limit -1 - it's for grinding things, why would you bring this?
Waxy wrapped items carry limit -1 - Five really hard biscuits wrapped in wax paper. Kloldril thinks we can probably eat them safely.
Hatchet Carry limit -1 - A pretty nice small hatchet.
whetstone Carry limit -0 - a sharpening stone.

Adventurer's Backpack Carries 6pts worth of items and one tent. Does not require a free hand, and reduces Carry Limit of the held items by half.
No. 859557 ID: 13fded

The dead indahl reference...
No. 859567 ID: c0641d

Get the backpack for Slorsnis. Using it to carry 4 units of the stuff she was already carrying should balance out with the tent, and we should stuff her freed up pockets with the weightless stuff in the meantime. Replace one of the bedrolls in the sack with four of the biscuits (we have a tent now). Have Oublis ditch the hook (useless without rope) and fill up the free 7 carrying capacity with the remaining biscuit, the tin tinderbox, the cook set, and the canteen (and not sure what else; we’re out of non-pocket space, I think). (Man, it’s already getting hard to keep track of inventory.)
No. 859575 ID: 3ce125

We still have the rope. That was why it was doubled up, so that it could be recovered afterwards.

Upgrade your tinderbox. Swap one of your waterskins with the canteen.
Only take the tent if you guys are capable of setting it up! Tents can be tricky you know. If we do take it, swap a sleeping bag for it.
Obviously someone gets the backpack to free up carrying weight. Taking the extra food could be useful I guess, but the backpack only frees up 3 weight!
Slorsnis can put on the backpack and store some stuff in there. She doesn't have a close range weapon, so she could carry the hatchet instead of the walking stick. If she really wants something to lean on like a stick, we can give the hatchet to Oubliss instead and Slorsnis can hold the spear. If the walking stick is still useful, I suppose Tronklis could hold it.

Give all the 0-weight items to Oubliss since they only take up slots and she has extra slots. It's possible we'll run across someone down here that would trade things for them.
No. 859582 ID: c77d8d

Clearly, this guy forgot the most important thing to bring on any sort of Adventure: rope. Make camp from his gear. Right under the pier.
No. 859585 ID: d36af7

What's the center of the sky look like? Clouds, stars, moon(s), anything unexpected along those lines? Try standing where the pier's shadow would be if it were a normal structure, check whether you can see the sun (or other things) through it from below as well as behind.

Also, scan the horizon for those buildings Oublis spotted, as well as any other points of interest. If it's just featureless grass in all directions, you'll want to take extra precautions against getting lost.
No. 859610 ID: 94a268

you should cut this guy's cloak into pieces and make awesome adventurer cloaks for everyone
No. 859630 ID: 6cc25a

I have several questions.
1. Are we able to set up a tent?
2. Does backpack + tent combo weight 5 in total? (half the weight of items that weight 6 and tent which weights 4)
3. Does Slorsnis know how to use mortar and pestle?
4. How many days worth of food are the biscuits?
5. Does a bedroll use up an empty hand?

If we can use the tent, then I'd leave behind one bedroll and the wooden tinderbox, which would be enough to prevent encumbrance. If we need to drop more items, then I'd suggest one of the weapons (we don't need more than 4 weapons) and mortar and pestle.

I would also prefer to keep all the water containers because this way we have exactly 2 days worth of water.
The 0-weight items should be kept in the backpack instead of wasting belt slots.
No. 859674 ID: c88e6d

Take the clockwork thing and the gear, as well as the tent.
No. 859691 ID: 12b116
File 151639141729.jpg - (1.38MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

:tronklis: We can definitely set up a tent. We can either ditch a bedroll for it and I carry it, or we can hook it or anoter bedroll on the pack.

:slorsnis: I can take the pack and put all my stuff in it, which lets me also carry more water. I can either do this, or swap some more stuff out and maybe carry the tent or a bedroll on it as well. I don't think we can take everything though. This way we only have to leave the mortar and pestle behind, which really isn't that useful.

:kloldril: If we take the food, we will need the cooking pots as well because it looks like we need to soak it in water. Each one is a day's worth of food, and all five of them together don't take up much space. They're really compacted.

:oubliss: "I'll take this thing! "

:tronklis: Is this the best arrangement?

>cut up his cloak
:tronklis: We could do that, but nobody could actually make it into anything! None of us can sew, even if we did have the stuff to do it with.
>What's the center of the sky look like
:oubliss: There's a regular looking sun up there, but I don't think it's moved since we got here.

>1. Are we able to set up a tent?
>2. Does backpack + tent combo weight 5 in total? (half the weight of items that weight 6 and tent which weights 4)
Yes, 5 total.
>3. Does Slorsnis know how to use mortar and pestle?
:slorsnis: Of course. I'm not sure what for though.
>4. How many days worth of food are the biscuits?
:kloldril: Each one, when prepared, can feed two kobolds, so two and a half.
>5. Does a bedroll use up an empty hand?
Yes, and it's cumbersome as well.
No. 859692 ID: 12b116
File 151639158681.jpg - (274.35KB , 1000x800 , lab025.jpg )

:slorsnis: "Oubliss what are you looking f- Wait where's the platform!? Our stuff is here and the rope is in a pile on the ground! It should be right there!"

:tronklis: Uh oh, it might be time to panic! It's just gone, there's no trace of it.
No. 859697 ID: fbc94f

At least you guys got the rope back, that'S the really important thing here.

Check out the nearby buildings next. It's either a ideal base of operations, or a source of danger.
No. 859703 ID: 3ce125

>Is this the best arrangement?

I think you just found out why that guy died. He was on the platform when it disappeared.

Time to continue onwards. There's no way back unless the platform reappears on its own, so I guess you'd better hope there's another exit deeper in. Also reassure your group that you came here to rescue someone who knows a lot about this place, so she'll know a way out after you release her from her bonds.
Head towards that yellow building you saw.
No. 859704 ID: 6cc25a

>swap some more stuff out and maybe carry the tent or a bedroll on it as well
Do this. Give 1 food + 1 water to Tronklis, and he gives you a tent. That way Tronklis will get 2 extra space in his bag, so he can pick up mortar and pestle. I guess this means we'll throw them away some other time heh.
Personally I'd prefer Tronklis or Kloldril carry the backpack so that Slorsnis' butt isn't obscured.

>Of course. I'm not sure what for though.
So that we can make pixie dust in case we find some pixies.

>It's just gone
Have Oubliss throw a rope over the place where the pier should've been. Maybe it's got auto-cloaking features.
No. 859705 ID: c0641d

The rope wouldn’t have fallen in the first place, then.

Alright, take some time to issue the standard “let’s not panic” shpeel. We can’t have any of our allies freaking out here and blaming us for their current predicament.
No. 859707 ID: 56e50f

Well this is concerning. It's not invisible, the rope wouldn't have fallen if that was it. Mark this spot with the discarded stick, deep enough for it to stand against the wind and visible from the nearby structure you're going to commandeer.
No. 859709 ID: a363ac

"don't panic if magic is in play all we have to do is beat the dungeon with the loot and we will go back home."
also poke a butt, any butt.
No. 859718 ID: 12b116
File 151640089946.jpg - (1.38MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

:tronklis: "OK nobody panic. I know there's a kobold somewhere in here that can get us out. All we need to do is find and free her."

:Slorsnis: "Oh, so this is a rescue mission? Why didn't you say so?"

:Tronklis: "It's ALSO a rescue mission, there is definitely stuff here we will want to bring back. As long as we keep going forward we should reach the end and get out."

We can leave this stuff here for now.
No. 859721 ID: 12b116
File 151640125945.jpg - (266.99KB , 1000x800 , lab026.jpg )

>poke butt
:tronklis: It's not time for that! Oubliss throws the rope over to where we think the pier should be, and it just sails through the air. Should we go over to the buildings now or look at something else?
We made a scarecrow out of the stick and cloak in case we need a landmark.
No. 859722 ID: a363ac

poke a butt.
go to the building yes
No. 859723 ID: 56e50f

Time to go. Pack up and get moving, scout.
No. 859726 ID: fbc94f

Hide the stuff a bit away from the scarecrow, way to obvious.
No. 859729 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, let’s get going.
No. 859730 ID: 3ce125

Is there anything else to look at?
No. 859734 ID: 6cc25a

Go to the buildings. Maybe we could find a map there or something.
No. 859754 ID: 12b116
File 151641219551.jpg - (241.11KB , 1000x800 , campus01.jpg )

:Tronklis: I guess we should get used to stuff like this.

The building is kind of floating on its own ground but there's a path of stepping stones that we can take up there, and random grass growing out of nothing in mid air. From what I saw in the air there's another building behind this one. Underneath them is kind of weird blurriness that I can't quite focus on.

:kloldril:"This is all going to get really weird isn't it?"

:tronklis: There's not much to look at, other than the building and the few trees that are around.

:slorsnis:"What does Please Respect the Integrity of this Historic Site mean?"

:slorsnis: "It's right there on the sign!"
:tronklis:"But none of us can read. How do you - " I can actually read it for a split second, it does indeed say Please R-something something and right as I start thinking about it everything is a bunch of meaningless lines.

:slorsnis: "That's weird, I knew what it said before I looked at it again! Does thinking about things change them here?"

:kloldril:"Wait! The platform disappeared when we all went to look at something else! Tronklis what have you gotten us into?"

:tronklis:"I'm not completely sure. I told you it was going to get weird when we opened the door."

:kloldril:"I was expecting maybe snakes with legs or little puff balls that scream all the time."

:oubliss:"Now that you mention it, there aren't any animals here, or bugs, or anything but grass and trees. At least, I haven't seen any~"

:tronklis: Should we go up immediately or look around at anything else?
No. 859755 ID: 7fad5d

Throw Oubliss up there first, just in case. Look at her butt on the way up.
No. 859756 ID: a363ac

don't pay attention to things or they will become muddled if you need to know something it will show itself to you. so go on into the building after you touch a butt.
No. 859757 ID: 094652

Go inside and loot the place. Just DON'T DROP ANYTHING or it might disappear.
No. 859760 ID: eef407

I assume none of you can read but if you have paper or something try to write down the squiggles and take it to the matriarch who might be able to read.
No. 859763 ID: 56e50f

Don't worry, if it doesn't make sense, you can write it off as magic. Enter the building, don't touch anything important looking.
No. 859770 ID: 3ce125

Yeah I figured there were no animals since the corpse was all shriveled up. No rain either.

Tell the party that if they touch stuff in there they might get cursed or something. The sign says respect its integrity so you can't take anything. Go look inside at least.
No. 859840 ID: 027a87

Yeah, explore, but looting or littering will be unwise.
No. 859855 ID: 6cc25a

Must be mind magic.

Hmm.. integrity. Did our pier disappear because we didn't respect its integrity? In that case, we better not think about why this house is here or anything that would imply that it shouldn't exist. Simply use it for what it provides and nothing else.

The sign may give us a clue. We may have rendered it inoperable by thinking about the contradictions of being able to read it. But we can test this.

If Oubliss or Kloldril haven't looked at the sign yet, then they might still be able to read it. So ask them to tell you what the sign says. If they can't do that, then it would prove that we broke it.
No. 859873 ID: 12b116
File 151647000801.jpg - (269.49KB , 1000x800 , campus02.jpg )

:tronklis:" Let's go check it out, but carefully."
:oubliss: "I can't push the door open! Somebody want to help?"
:tronklis: "I meant as a group! Don't run ahead! Wait, can you tell me what that sign says?"
:oubliss: "None of us can read! You know that! If I had to guess I'd say it says please go inside and take things from this site. Hmm, site. Site. Site." "I don't know why I said that instead of [i]place]/i]. Maybe I learned to read a little bit since we've been here! Maybe that's what it says."
:tronklis:"Kloldril, what does the sign say?"
:kloldril:"I have no idea. I think Oubliss is just making things up because she is weird. We all know nobody here can actually read anything."
:slorsnis: "Site? I think that's what it said on the thing? I can't really remember any of it now. I'm just not going to look at writing from now on!"

:tronklis: "Ok nobody touch anything yet. I don't want to get cursed or anything." Should we just go on in?
No. 859874 ID: a363ac

yeah go on in its a shopping market based on the door. poke a butt while you enter the door.
No. 859876 ID: 7fad5d

Walk up, smack Oubliss' butt, and pull on the door.
No. 859880 ID: 6cc25a

It seems Oubliss was still able to read at least one word of the sign, which would mean that the sign isn't broken. Which means we don't need to worry about causing permanent damage. Instead, we're changing our own perspective. Or group perspective.

Hmm, how to get inside. Well, if things around here are operated by thoughts then.. you could try this:
Everyone move to the door and place your hands on the handle, then close your eyes and imagine stepping inside.
No. 859892 ID: 3ce125

No, do not go in. Check out the other building.
No. 859938 ID: 12b116
File 151648641688.jpg - (207.40KB , 1000x800 , campus03.jpg )

:tronklis: Nobody is getting slapped on the butt! OK, I'm going to go look around the corner at the other building. There doesn't seem to be an easy way up like there was on the sign building, and there's a gap between the two. It looks like about a ten foot fall and I don't think any of us except maybe Oubliss could make that jump from here. The doors aren't lined up with each other either so we can't just bust them out. I don't know if we want to find out what happens if something falls between the buildings and the ground, I've got a real bad feeling about it.

:oubliss:"Are you satisfied? I want to go in the door already!"
No. 859941 ID: a363ac

go in but touch under someones tail.
No. 859942 ID: 3ce125

...yeah there's no way across here. If you tried to grapple and swing across you'd hit the danger zone. Also the roof is sloped so the grip on the grapple won't be stable. Let's go in the first building. Hope either nobody messes anything up in there or there's no harsh penalty for doing so.
No. 859946 ID: 6cc25a

Yeah, let's try a few things with the first building for now.

Oubliss said she can't push the door open. Did she try pulling then?

Next I would try this, by using the power of our imagination!

And lastly, if those doesn't work, then we'll try entering through the back door of the first building. Now, to do that, someone would have to walk the thin edge towards the door, but that's dangerous on its own. We'd need something to prevent the kobold from falling. And that something is a rope. One kobold can go on the other side of the building, to whom we throw a rope. That way we can have 2 kobolds holding the rope from the sides and keeping it tight, which would allow the 4th kobold to walk the edge while holding onto the rope so they don't fall.
No. 859949 ID: 91ee5f

Maybe there’s a path that’s only visible if you go through the sign building and out the doors back there?

Would you stop already?!
No. 859952 ID: e1c8f7

Go in, try pulling the door open. Keep your head on straight.
No. 859985 ID: 12b116
File 151649688902.jpg - (231.19KB , 1000x800 , campus04.jpg )

:oubliss: "Kloldril help me push, It's moving a bit I think."
:slorsnis:"Maybe it will open magically if you think about it and touch it..."
:tronklis: "I think everyone is making things more difficult than they have to be here."
No. 859987 ID: 12b116
File 151649713188.jpg - (303.81KB , 1000x800 , campus05.jpg )

:tronklis: The inside of this place smells strange and dusty. The air is dry. There's glowing things making light in the cieling. There's a table with some stuff on it and another one with less stuff on it. Everything is very quiet except for an annoying but very quiet humming sound.

:oubliss:I stick my hand in, it's real enough!
:tronklis: "Why are you smashing yourself against that door still?"
No. 859990 ID: 3ce125

Looks fine so far. Does anything look trapped? Just go on in if not. What's that stuff on the desk?
No. 859993 ID: 6cc25a

Go in and inspect the stuff on the desks.
No. 859995 ID: 7fad5d

Make a kobold pyramid and smash open those ceiling things. Harvest the buzz tubes.
No. 859996 ID: a363ac

take a nap on the couch its been a long day. while your at it poke a male butt.
No. 860090 ID: e1c8f7

This looks like as good a place as any to set down your camp
No. 860120 ID: 0d1514

Taste test everything. You need to use all of your senses in a place like this!
No. 860121 ID: 0d1514

Taste test everything. You need to use all of your senses in a place like this!
No. 860157 ID: 12b116
File 151656703437.jpg - (332.20KB , 1000x800 , campus06.jpg )

:tronklis:" Let's have a look around this room, if it's safe it will be a good place to camp if it ever turns night. "

We put some stuff on the floor and it doesn't disappear or turn to pudding or anything.
:oubliss: "There's nothing I can tell that's a trap, these mechanical things just make noises mostly."

:tronklis: Uh oh! I spilled things everywhere, the drawer just came all the way out!

:slorsnis: "This thing makes a ding when you shake it real hard."

:tronklis: Everything seems safe, and it would normally be time to make camp anyway, Oubliss is starting to taste things. There's a bunch of little items in this table drawers I don't know what any of them are. There's a thing with a handle on it and a hole in it that makes noises when you turn it. I can't fit my finger in the hole though. I don't think breaking the magic lights is a good idea. It will take a while to go through all this stuff, I wonder if it's even worth going through?

:slorsnis: "these pink things aren't food."

:tronklis: "Don't eat that!"

At this point we can make camp, or should we do something else?
No. 860159 ID: 8d6d8c

recon around the place. You want an exit plan if something attacks you while you rest.
No. 860160 ID: 56e50f

Yeah, go ahead and set your things down. By the way, what's that thing in front of you, on the desk? Is there anything written on it?
No. 860161 ID: a363ac

play twister before bed. touch a butt
No. 860167 ID: 6cc25a

Tell Slorsnis to stop masturbating with the phone handle.

I don't think we've been walking so long that we'd need to make a camp. Resting for 30-60min or so is ok, but I think we should explore the place first. I mean, what if there's someone alive in other parts of the building?

Go check out the door in the back. If you can't open it, try spinning the handle.
No. 860168 ID: 3ce125

Not done investigating! See what those switches on the wall do.
Also we gotta check out the next room before you sleep, there could be someone or something in there that would discourage camping in this room.
No. 860169 ID: 91ee5f

Do this!

>touch a butt
Would you stop already?! It’s not funny anymore!
No. 860171 ID: c2051e

Touch Oublutt.
No. 860184 ID: c88e6d

Make camp!
No. 860206 ID: e95cec


Maybe first check the whole building you're in, to make sure there's nothing living here, THEN make camp.
No. 860221 ID: 130855

This building probably has a storage room somewhere with lots of interesting stuff, considering it's a historic site. Go check it out before you make camp.
No. 860233 ID: 12b116
File 151658086497.jpg - (237.89KB , 1000x800 , campus07.jpg )

:tronklis: Ok, we'll check everything out first.

Behind the door is more doors! There's a hallway off to the side and a window way at the back. There's a low humming sound coming from the first door that has a thing on it, but it doesn't make it all the time.

The switches on the wall turn the lights on and off! This is useful information, Oubliss turns on the lights in the hallway. There's four doors on the right and one of them has a thing on it. There's two on the left and another hallway as well. Looks like there's another room all the way where the window is. Everything's quiet except for the humming sound.
No. 860234 ID: c4809e

Gently knock on the door with the humming, wait for some response then open it. maybe someone is using a machine and is friendly.
No. 860235 ID: a363ac

close the door thats a headache you don't want to deal with while tired. Touch Oubliss's butt while you shut the door
No. 860245 ID: 91ee5f

>Touch Oubliss's butt while you shut the door
Seriously, shut the fuck up already, it’s not going to happen.
No. 860250 ID: 6cc25a

Hey, everyone's free to suggest what they want. No need to get angry~

Hmm. If the lights were turned off, then there's probably no one there. Still, we should search the rooms. Maybe we'll find a bedroom heh.
I guess start with the 1st one on the left, then check the 4 doors on the right, and then 2nd on one the left.
No. 860261 ID: 3ce125

Whoa this is going to take way too much time to investigate. Close the door, get ready to sleep, we'll handle the hallway of doors afterwards.
No. 860266 ID: 56e50f

Do any of these doors have little dials on them that when turned, lock the door? If there are locks, maybe you can lock the door you just opened to prevent anything from ambushing you while you sleep.
No. 860285 ID: e95cec

Hmm, well, how tired are you guys? Very tired, deal with it later; not so tired, run a check of the rooms before going to sleep.
No. 860332 ID: d36af7

No need to search everything comprehensively before settling in to sleep, but at least take a quick look inside all the doors to make sure you're not camping on a cave bear's front porch or something like that. In particular, keep an eye out for any ladders, stairs, or hatches in the floor or ceiling that might lead to another level of the building.
No. 860362 ID: 130855

Check every room. if you miss something important you could regret it later. Also who knows what interesting things you could find.
No. 860464 ID: b15da4

Examine the typewriter. I'm sure if you fiddle around with it long enough, between the four of you you'll manage at least one scene of Shakespeare.
No. 860477 ID: 8cce23

Make sure the door to your gear stays open.
No. 860535 ID: 12b116
File 151665714939.jpg - (229.59KB , 1000x800 , campus08.jpg )

:tronklis: We have been making enough noise that I think if there was anything else in this building we would have found it or it would have found us by now! The first door on the right with the thing on it is locked. I'll just give everything a quick look before we make camp for what is supposed to be the night but isn't. There's a couple of rooms down the short hall that have some water basins in them, it looks safe to drink. Most of the other doors just have those tables and chairs in them, and shelfs and things. There's definitely not enough time to really go through everything right now.
No. 860536 ID: 12b116
File 151665725871.jpg - (293.27KB , 1000x800 , campus09.jpg )

:tronklis: The end of the hall has another room that looks like the first one, but it's got some different stuff in it. There's two long green seats instead of one red one. There's another short table, And a tall table with some stuff on it including a jar full of some foul smelling black stuff. There's what looks like slots and buttons all over two of these big things. There's nothing else living in this building but us. It seems fairly safe. There's plenty of water available too.
No. 860537 ID: b15da4

Flick the levers on the wall. Touch the butt while it's dark.
No. 860538 ID: 772fe4

search seats for coins
No. 860539 ID: c2051e

Get someone to see how the water is, and feed black stuff to Oubliss. Push slots and buttons until something happens.
No. 860540 ID: a363ac

have Oubliss try the black stuff in the glass over there.
No. 860541 ID: 3ce125

Alright, time for camp.

No butt touching.
No. 860543 ID: 91ee5f

Maybe it would be better to camp in this room with the two long green things?
No. 860546 ID: c88e6d

This place is great! Let's explore further and see if there's any food hidden here.

Also, wonder why this place is so clean and bright even though no one is here.
No. 860562 ID: 6cc25a

So all the rooms were searched and there weren't any beds anywhere? I guess we're sleeping on couches then.
Eat the food that we got at the start and drink the water. And replace the water with the one from the basins.
Each kobold gets to sleep on one of those long seats as they look quite comfortable.
Oubliss should sleep on the floor or wherever. Give her a bedroll (altho I doubt she'll use it).

And turn off the lights when you go to sleep.

Nose touching is fine too.
No. 860626 ID: 56e50f

Don't trust those water basins. Is there any white packets near the foul black liquid? If there are, you could possibly make sugar water! It probably would be wiser to keep camp in the first room, closer to the exit.
No. 860681 ID: 12b116
File 151667212714.jpg - (169.72KB , 1000x800 , campus10.jpg )

:tronklis: Sleeping arrangements are made, we'll worry about all that other stuff when we wake up...

:goldbold: will answer THREE questions, choose them carefully !
Three questions will be chosen at random from suggestions until the next update
No. 860684 ID: 3ce125

1: Can you help us get out after we reach you?
2: What dangers are there in this place?
3: Can I touch your nose?
No. 860686 ID: 772fe4

No. 860687 ID: 33cbe7

1. How do you take your coffee?
2. What's the fastest way to die in here?
3. Why did looking at the pier make my eyes hurt?
No. 860688 ID: 3abd97

What is your name?
What is your quest?
What is your favorite color?
No. 860698 ID: a43366

How much danger are we in here?
Is there a particular direction we should explore in?
Is the pussy popping, babe?
No. 860700 ID: 6cc25a

Are you actually a kobold?
In which direction do we go to get to you?
Can you share your power with us now?
No. 860705 ID: be8f7c

1. Which of the adventurers has the best nose?
2. Which door leads to the room least likely to cause anyone harm?
3. Why is no one other than the kobolds here?
No. 860710 ID: 130855

1. Is Boek or Bepis the better drink?
2. Where the hell are we?
3. Where the hell are you?
No. 860717 ID: a363ac

what is the meaning of Cutebold life?
how do I reach you to touch your nose?
will a hug ever save me in my quest to find you?
No. 860727 ID: 12b116
File 151667652022.jpg - (54.05KB , 1000x800 , goldbold2.jpg )

:kloldril: What's the fastest way to die in here?

:goldbold: "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail"

:slorsnis: Which of the adventurers has the best nose?

:goldbold: "Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask, act! Action will delineate and define you"

:tronklis: Where the hell are we?

:goldbold: "If you're going through Hell, keep going"
No. 860734 ID: 3ce125

Slorsnis: resolve to touch every nose, to find out the answer.
No. 860736 ID: a363ac

No. 860738 ID: 12b116
File 151667765252.jpg - (216.56KB , 1000x800 , campus05.jpg )

:oubliss: Am I asleep? What's this constant bell ringing noise? It's coming from the thing in the other room? Nobody else has woken up, can't they hear it?
No. 860740 ID: 3abd97

Smack it until it stops making noise
No. 860741 ID: 3ce125

Poke at it. Maybe grab the handle thing?
No. 860742 ID: a363ac

well if it won't let you sleep break it. its loud and might wake the others up.
No. 860743 ID: ed67d9

Pick up the part that is on top. Hold it up to your head so the part with the string coming up is near your mouth. The other end should be near your ear.

This top part will also have two flat surfaces - those should be facing your head when you hold it.
No. 860744 ID: 772fe4

pic up the horn shaped thing and breathe loudly into it
No. 860746 ID: 6cc25a

Softly press it against your nose and feel the vibrations.
No. 860748 ID: 33cbe7

Pull out the rear wire to make it stop making that annoying noise.
No. 860749 ID: 56e50f

Knock it over! If it doesn't shut up, throw it outside!
No. 860764 ID: 12b116
File 151668015441.jpg - (191.02KB , 1000x800 , whowasphone.jpg )

:oubliss: It stops when I pick the thing up, and I hear a voice. Like metal sliding over metal...

:md: The ones you are with, they are talking to the Other One who is trapped here. She can only speak in words already spoken in this place, but I am not placed under such restrictions. I too seek to escape this prison. By freeing the Other you also free me, if you agree to do this I can fulfill your dreams. I can guide your path, as long as you sleep with my talisman near you. The one that was coming here before was unprepared and paid the price for its folly. You, however, have the power to see this through to the end. I am a lord of many marvels, and my voice is that of the Machine.

:oubliss: This machine, it's kind of scaring me... I throw it off the desk!

:kloldril: ... well I'm not going to try it, it smells just like the stuff in that jar you tricked me into tasting!"
No. 860767 ID: 12b116
File 151668038453.jpg - (234.81KB , 1000x800 , campus11.jpg )

:slorsnis: "Put some of these in there, they're really good. Oubliss, drink this stuff, it's great!"

:tronklis:"That's about all the coins I can find under the cushions, what were we supposed to do with them seeing as how there's nobody to buy stuff from?"

"Is Oubliss awake yet?"

:oubliss:"Hmn. Lord of marvels?"

:tronklis: "Did you dream about the same thing too?"
:oubliss: I explain the dream
:tronklis: "that's strange, but at least you got something that makes more sense"

Ok, where do we head to first?
No. 860772 ID: 33cbe7

Find a dictionary and start reading words from it.
No. 860774 ID: 3ce125

Okay let's interpret these:
"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail"
Could simply mean "being unprepared"

"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask, act! Action will delineate and define you"
obviously means "try them yourself and find out!"

"If you're going through Hell, keep going"
Seems hardest to interpret, I can't imagine she means to say it's literally Hell. Probably more like "just keep going".

Check the door with the weird thing on it.
No. 860775 ID: 6cc25a

First, Oubliss should use the Thief's tools to unlock the locked door that we saw.
No. 860779 ID: ed67d9

First, Oubliss needs to taste the stuff! She tastes things, that's what she does!

Knowing a thing's flavor tells you a lot about whether or not it's good or bad.

Also, Oubliss, these kobolds are okay with you being weird and tasting weird things.
No. 860786 ID: 91ee5f

Put the coins in the slots of the big blue thing and then push a button!

Make sure you share with the others!
No. 860827 ID: d36af7

Somebody brought lockpicks, right? See if you can get those vending machines open.
No. 860829 ID: 3ce125

I don't think most lockpicks are able to pick a vending machine lock. Those use ring keys.
No. 860867 ID: e1c8f7

Try picking the locked door, we must unravel the mystery!
No. 860914 ID: 772fe4

what he said, that is what the coins are for!
No. 860971 ID: 12b116
File 151673332013.jpg - (210.15KB , 1000x800 , coffee.jpg )

:oubliss:"it's kind of bitter and not that good"
:slorsnis: "Put some more of these in it!"
:oubliss: "It's not too bad now."
:tronklis: "I'll taste it, seems safe enough"
:oubliss: " I think I know what to do with those coins, see the slots on those machines there?"
:tronklis: "Which ones should we use? I have six coins. One machine has four slots, and one just has one slot. Can you pick the locks on any of these things?"
:oubliss: "I don't think so, but I can try. I can definitely do the door in the hallway at least."
No. 860974 ID: e1c8f7

You gotta go for the blue machine. It's probably more refreshing.
No. 860985 ID: 6cc25a

Assuming they even accept these coins. I'd rather use the left, teal one first. The one with 4 coin slots. Because the blue one is probably or drinks, and we don't need drinks.

Oubliss can go unlock the door in the hallway in the meantime.
No. 860995 ID: 3ce125

Do the one with one slot.
No. 861009 ID: 094652

Smash the machine, get the loot. Well, after you're ready to leave.
No. 861012 ID: 12b116
File 151674204392.jpg - (123.98KB , 1000x800 , vending2.jpg )

:tronklis: "I can't figure it out!"
:oubliss: "Just give it to me, it'll be faster."

Oubliss has 50¤ and somehow knows how to operate the machine

The blue machine has bottles of BEPIS in it, and each one costs 5¤
No. 861013 ID: 12b116
File 151674208753.jpg - (179.26KB , 1000x800 , vending1 .jpg )


The other machine has four different things in it:
??? in a can 15¤
??? in a can that looks like a butt kind of 10¤
??? in a bag (yellow) 5¤
??? in a bag (red) 8¤
No. 861021 ID: 2bfa23

One 🅱️epsi, one red bag and one canned butt.

Also Oubliss should ditch that necklace.
No. 861023 ID: 6cc25a

Get 1 green can. I really wanna know what it tastes like.

And 5 red bags. All that sugar will probably make someone's butt grow. But I'm ok with that!
No. 861025 ID: 3ce125

This looks like the snack machine. Get one of each, and share 'em. See which ones taste best.

Obviously keep the necklace, it's helping us a lot-- Oubliss knows how to use the machine because of it!
No. 861029 ID: 094652

Since your necklace can give you intel on how this area works, buy one of each and check the nutrition facts to figure out which foodstuff has more fat and calories to live off. Then buy that one from now on.

And if you're leaving, smash it open and take it all.
No. 861043 ID: 33cbe7

Get three cans of Golden Butt.
No. 861061 ID: 12b116
File 151675220059.jpg - (277.41KB , 1000x800 , good breakfast.jpg )

:oubliss: "ok, so the stuff we agree on is canned butt, which is some kind of slimy fruit that isn't too bad. The blue can, which is some sort of meatlike things and what looks like beans, and the red bag which is cookies, they definitely taste the best. All together this is about 3 kobolds worth of food that we can eat right now."
We still have ¤17 left, do we want to try other stuff or go with more of the stuff we know now?
No. 861064 ID: 3ce125

Go with what you know, it didn't turn out bad and there's no reason to push your luck. (come to think of it we should probably avoid the salty chips, they're not very filling)
No. 861071 ID: 12b116
File 151675454604.jpg - (285.80KB , 1000x800 , good breakfast.jpg )

:oubliss: "OK, that's another canned butts and a drink, if we find some more coins we might be able to take some along."
:tronklis:"We would have to throw away some stuff though, I am pretty sure some of the stuff we are carrying around is useless."

Everyone has been fed for the day!
No. 861107 ID: 12b116
File 151675700790.jpg - (324.47KB , 1000x800 , campus12.jpg )

:tronklis: "Let's check the locked door first, that's probably got the best stuff."

:tronklis:Oubliss opens the door easily, looks like there's some bottles, a bunch of small stuff like we found in the drawer earlier, a bunch of rolls, a big box full of paper, a yellow bucket with wheels and a stick with some hair at the end? There's the machine that's been making the low humming noise as well. There's a big metal ladder here, and a spot on the wall with a bunch of little glass bottles stuck in it.
No. 861109 ID: 3ce125

It occurs to me that while we do have a tinderbox and some cookware, campfire materials might be hard to come by.

...all this stuff looks pointless to carry around. Ladder is good but too bulky. The bottles are full of unpleasant things, the glass bottles are probably fuses you shouldn't touch. I guess you could chop up the broom into firewood though. If you need kindling, the paper would work great.
Are both boxes full of paper?

What items do you have that seem useless? Aside from the music box and mortar+pestle obviously.
No. 861147 ID: ed67d9

Mystery bottles mean mystery tasting! See if you can read the labels! See if there are any scary pictures! If no scary pictures or symbols, then taste!

No. 861185 ID: 13fded

The ladder. If it's aluminum it's much lighter than it looks, but the side make it awkward to carry.
It could be worth it though, with this we can reach the second floating building.
No. 861189 ID: 12b116
File 151677052904.jpg - (336.06KB , 1000x800 , oublissdont.jpg )

:tronklis: OK let's keep in mind what's in here and check the-


:tronklis:"What's gotten into you!? You need to stop putting things in your mouth! Also you need to stop throwing things across the room!"
No. 861190 ID: 12b116
File 151677059884.jpg - (251.30KB , 1000x800 , campus13.jpg )

:TRONKLIS: Oubliss is literally jumping around and bouncing off the walls in the room we slept in.

No. 861191 ID: 12b116
File 151677076613.jpg - (248.25KB , 1000x800 , campus room 1.jpg )

:tronklis: I'll just go down this right wall and up the left wall...
Not much here, a table and some chairs and stuff.
No. 861192 ID: 12b116
File 151677094997.jpg - (239.93KB , 1000x800 , campus room2.jpg )

There's a fancy table, some chairs, a board with stuff written all over it, and some books that nobody can read in this one.
No. 861193 ID: 12b116
File 151677099260.jpg - (244.93KB , 1000x800 , campus room3.jpg )

:tronklis: The light's not even on here, and there's boxes and stuff with cloth over them.
No. 861194 ID: 12b116
File 151677106051.jpg - (271.15KB , 1000x800 , campus room 5.jpg )

:tronklis: OK, right across the hall is a room with a scribble board and a huge pile of papers all over the place.
No. 861195 ID: 12b116
File 151677110289.jpg - (162.49KB , 1000x800 , campus BR1.jpg )

:tronklis: Next the room with all the water basins in it where we got our water from.
No. 861196 ID: 12b116
File 151677113497.jpg - (160.06KB , 1000x800 , campus BR2.jpg )

:tronklis: And another room with no wall decorations and more water basins instead.
No. 861197 ID: 12b116
File 151677117975.jpg - (220.60KB , 1000x800 , campus room4.jpg )

:tronklis: And the last room has another table and books and stuff in it.

What should we investigate?
No. 861198 ID: 3ce125

Oubliss is probably already rolling around in the pile of papers.

Go check out the ceiling panel in here!
No. 861199 ID: ed67d9

There is a hatch in the ceiling in this room! That might be promising!
No. 861202 ID: 094652

Those calculations - do you think there were survivors who were warped to this place, and they tried to figure out how to reverse it?

Oubliss, check the board and the papers. Copy what you can to paper.
No. 861204 ID: c2051e

See if those papers tell you what they say like the writing outside does.
No. 861205 ID: 91ee5f

>Talking loudly, talking really fast, visibly shaking
So that’s what happens when these guys drink coffee. I wonder how hard they’re gonna crash when the caffeine gets outta their systems?
No. 861207 ID: c88e6d

Books first!
No. 861222 ID: e1c8f7

Looks like you'll have plenty of tinder for fires!
Maybe we should dump some junk in the couch room before looting this place?
No. 861259 ID: 8cce23

Remember the possible curse!
Clean up before the stain sets in. Use one of the rolls as necessary.

Also remember to rinse the food dishes and throw out the remains of food.
No. 861267 ID: fe7355

Yeah, haul the ladder over here to get up there. Kloldril can help you move it.
No. 861285 ID: 6cc25a

First have Slorsnis look at those boards. Ask her if she can make out the meaning of anything scribbled on there.

Then bring the ladder to this room and use it to open the ceiling.
No. 861287 ID: d36af7

Ceiling hatch, as previously noted. Can the dust covers on the furniture be bundled up into additional sacks for carrying stuff? Try pulling the pin out of that red cylinder and then squeezing the lever, and point the black tube at Oublis while you do. Might help her calm down.

Also, after checking out what's up inside the ceiling, see if the ladder's tall enough to reach that other floating building.
No. 861346 ID: 12b116
File 151682322068.jpg - (318.12KB , 1000x800 , campus14.jpg )

:tronklis: "OK can anybody read any of this"


:tronklis: I don't think anybody will be able to read anything other than that brief glimpse we got at the beginning. Is there anything else in this room I should look at? There's nothing under the pile of papers, Oubliss and Slorsnis won't calm down and have scattered them all over the place. There's some nasty smelling burnt things all over the ground next to a bowl full of ashes, and little chalks all over the floor.

If there's a curse involved with making a mess here there's no hope of avoiding it now. They're just running around throwing rolls of paper at each other now.

I'll go get Kloldril and the ladder, and we'll see what's in the dark room next.
No. 861349 ID: c2051e

Feed the burnt things to Oubliss and see if they taste better than they smell.
No. 861362 ID: 3ce125

Well you could look out the window, to see if the outside inside here is the same outside that's outside.
No. 861368 ID: 6cc25a

Take the bronze wheel trinket from Oubliss and you wear it instead.
No. 861394 ID: c88e6d

Have the sensible teammates sit on the silly ones until they calm down.
No. 861422 ID: 56e50f

Maybe when everyone comes down, we can look into possibly cleaning up after ourselves?
No. 861475 ID: 12b116
File 151684171491.jpg - (312.63KB , 1000x800 , campus15.jpg )

:tronklis:Oubliss can you come check something out f-
:oubliss:"NO! GROSS!"

:tronklis:"I didn't say try to eat it!"

I really hope this wears off soon.
No. 861478 ID: c88e6d

Bap her on the nose till she calms down.
No. 861479 ID: 12b116
File 151684197769.jpg - (217.59KB , 1000x800 , campuswindow.jpg )

:tronklis: Come to think of it, nobody's looked outside since we got in this place. This is unexpected... I can see other buildings, creatures I've never seen before walking around with strange clothes on, carrying bags and papers and books. Everything looks blurry and I can't make out any sort of details, but I can also see the endless plains at the same time! Sort of like they're laid on top of each other... it makes my eyes hurt and I can't stare at it for long

I think we'll go check out that ceiling door now.
No. 861480 ID: c2051e

Let them mess around here and investigate whatever room's next to here.
No. 861482 ID: a363ac

Its belphegor! say hi to the pretty Demon!
No. 861483 ID: 3ce125

Interesting. This place must be... uh... stolen from another world? IDK.

Door, yes.
No. 861487 ID: 6cc25a

I guess by passing the front door we passed to quite a different place. I predict that our goal will be exiting the building not through the door we came through, not even the other door in this building, but the other door of the other building.

Anyway, tell Oubliss to go rub her nose on the round box in >>861197 this room or something.

Let's check out the dark room then.
No. 861493 ID: 12b116
File 151684456420.jpg - (257.79KB , 1000x800 , campus roof.jpg )

:tronklis: Kloldril and I get the ladder moved, it's very light even though it's made out of iron! That's the least weird thing so far.
No. 861494 ID: 12b116
File 151684459969.jpg - (188.07KB , 1000x800 , campus16.jpg )

:tronklis: Looking out on the roof, it's pretty bare here. Up on the roof of the other building there's a big bunch of metal stuff kind of sticking out and swaying. We just have a metal box on ours here that is humming. It's almost... pulsing? There's another roof hatch on it kind of in the opposite location as the one here.
No. 861502 ID: c2051e

Tell Oubliss to look at it.
No. 861503 ID: 3ce125

Hmm... weird. Try investigating the humming machine in your building. Can you open the cover on it?
No. 861544 ID: 12b116
File 151684929347.jpg - (298.30KB , 1000x800 , campus12.jpg )

:tronklis: I'm NOT going to get Oubliss on the roof right now. There is no telling what will happen. I can still hear bumps and the sounds of running/things being thrown around downstairs!

The one in this building is still the same as it was before. It looks to be in the same position as the one coming out of the second building, and it looks like they may be the same inside room-wise. There's no sort of cover to open on it that I can find!
No. 861546 ID: 12b116
File 151684932197.jpg - (254.23KB , 1000x800 , campus17.jpg )

:tronklis: I've got Oubliss to mess with the thing, which she does very excitedly. It starts making a horrible hissing noise, but I think I can make out some words in it!
:md:...throw....into....e anomal...

:tronklis: I may be just hearing things in the noise, Slorsnis throws a roll of paper at Oubliss again and they both run off. What's weird is that as soon as Oubliss leaves, the machine just stops. It doesn't come back despite them running up and down the hall. What has she gotten into?

What should I look at next?
No. 861547 ID: 3ce125

Is there a back door? You saw a back door when you walked around the side of the building.

Look in the box that's covered in cloth.
What's that on the table?
No. 861548 ID: d36af7

Can you haul the ladder up through the hatch and use it as a bridge over to the other roof?
No. 861568 ID: 12b116
File 151685311465.jpg - (264.39KB , 1000x800 , campus18.jpg )

:tronklis: Going back to the covered box, I've found more coins under it! We can definitely bring the ladder up and use it as a bridge! The thing on the table is either the light, or the thing with buttons that doesn't do anything. There's another thing with buttons in the drawer, and some more of the same stuff we've found in the other drawers as well. The thing with buttons in the drawer just writes symbols on the little paper which is pretty useless. There's some small tubes with bright colors on them as well. I better take these before somebody puts them in their mouth.

The back door is in the same place we slept the night in, but it doesn't line up with the front door of the other place.

To move the ladder, we will probably want people not running around crazy!

I may as well look at other stuff while we wait for the potion to wear off.
No. 861571 ID: 3ce125

No not that table! The round table here: >>861191
It kindof looks like an envelope?
No. 861585 ID: 56e50f

"thrown into the anomaly"? Hm.. have you tried climbing out from those windows?
No. 861595 ID: 3ce125

It's probably meant to be "Throw it into the anomaly" but we don't know what "it" or "the anomaly" are just yet. After Oubliss calms down we should have her revisit the noisemaker.
No. 861639 ID: 6cc25a

Before trying to get to the other building with a bridge, I would first try opening the back door of our building and seeing what the outside is like. Maybe the cliff would be gone, replaced with a normal ground on which we could walk to the other building.
No. 861679 ID: 12b116
File 151689918153.jpg - (133.45KB , 1000x800 , campus19.jpg )

:tronklis:There's not much going on in the shiny table room. There's no window, just a bunch of chairs on wheels, another thing with buttons that doesn't do anything, and another ash container, and a little metal box. It looks like the only way to get out of any of these windows is to break one, there's no way to open them that anybody can find.
No. 861681 ID: 12b116
File 151689921283.jpg - (123.92KB , 1000x800 , campus20.jpg )

:tronklis: I'm not sure what this anomaly business is about, but everything looks like it did before. A roll of paper flies past, but when it falls below where the 'ground' should be it just kind of vanishes. It doesn't go down to where the other ground is. It looks like we definitely want to go across via the roof...
No. 861706 ID: c88e6d

Can you find more nails? You can hammer them into the walls and use them as steps.
No. 861718 ID: e1c8f7

Take that little metal box. Oubliss will know what to do with it when she calms down.
No. 861727 ID: 3ce125

Check the drawers in the table in this room. >>861192
No. 861744 ID: 6cc25a

One way to get rid of the caffeine would be to drink a lot of water. It might also be a good idea to do that considering how much the two of them have been exercising.

So tell Oubliss and Slorsnis to go drink water.
No. 861771 ID: 12b116
File 151691413194.jpg - (249.95KB , 1000x800 , campus21.jpg )

Water isn't really a problem, it's pretty freely available. We could possibly use one of the covers in the ladder room to make sort of a sack to carry more stuff, though it would be kind of awkward.

:kloldril:"I'll make Slorsnis and Oubliss do that and gather all of the stuff we've found so far into a pile to go through it since they seem to not be doing anything useful. "

:tronklis: "Good thinking. I think we've investigated everything in this building that there is to see. We should pack up and get moving again before somebody starts a fire or something."

:tronklis: OK on to the last thing we really haven't investigated. There's only one drawer here. There's a ... thing.. in it that seems really out of place! Not sure what to do with it.
No. 861773 ID: c2051e

Put one of those sticks in the hole.
No. 861774 ID: 3ce125

Kindof looks like a fleshy gauntlet. Look inside it, is there room to stick your hand in? ...don't stick your hand in.
Maybe that's the thing we're supposed to throw into the anomaly? Let's not assume the space between the buildings is the anomaly. Wouldn't want to destroy something important by making the wrong assumptions. I guess we'll have to wait for Oubliss to calm down and get a better message from the weird machine person.
No. 861777 ID: 13fded

That is creepy.
I wouldn't want to touch this thing, but I'm sure it's magical. Take it, this must do something.
No. 861779 ID: 6780f5

I see fleshlight design has taken a bit of a left turn.
No. 861783 ID: 6cc25a

>a sack
Another sack would definitely be useful, altho one made from a square sheet probably wouldn't be very convenient to carry.

>a ... thing
I dunno what that thingy is, but it looks like a.. sock puppet.. with a beak?
Investigate it. What does it look like inside? Press on the yellow-ish part to see if it can move in any way.
No. 861799 ID: 6cc25a

Btw, are Bepsi bottles more convenient to carry than a waterskin?
Altho.. hmm..
> >>861681 >when [a roll of paper] falls below where the 'ground' should be it just kind of vanishes
Maybe anything we take from this place would vanish the same way that roll of paper did.

Maybe this thingy is some sort of a bag that would protect items from disappearing when being carried out?
No. 861807 ID: c88e6d

Looks kinda icky. Sniff it.
No. 861836 ID: 12b116
File 151692548292.jpg - (279.05KB , 1000x800 , campus22.jpg )

:tronklis: "I can't make this out, there's a thing that looks like a little foot inside. It doesn't smell of, well, anything really. Maybe it's a light? :kloldril:"Your guess is as good as- "
:tronklis: "It looks like a body part or something, but it doesn't feel dead. It doesn't really feel alive either? If that makes any sense."

:tronklis:" OK get your stuff together and CALM DOWN! We can mess with the thing some more later on! "

I don't think the bottles are better than a water skin, they don't have a loop to put them on your belt with. Once you pull the lid off it doesn't go back on either.
No. 861840 ID: 33cbe7

Pull on the foot.
No. 861845 ID: 3ce125

Point it away from you first.
No. 861848 ID: 91ee5f

But which end should be pointed away?
No. 861856 ID: 3ce125

The side opposite the foot obviously.
No. 861863 ID: 12b116
File 151693165490.jpg - (216.51KB , 1000x800 , paphand.jpg )

:tronklis: “Ill try grabbing the little foot inside”
the thing kind of closes onto my hand! I point it at the chair and squeeze on it, and something shoots out with a 'pap' sound, like an invisible bullet! It makes a tiny hole in the chair and the wall behind it before the beak thing clacks shut again. I feel as if it’s drawing on my own energy to do this, and if I use it a whole lot it will tire me out fast.
No. 861865 ID: 12b116
File 151693168330.jpg - (358.15KB , 1000x800 , floor junk.jpg )

:tronklis: There's a lot of random junk here...

¤72 Total

Pencil, Red/blue marker, chalk, eraser Lots - 0 carry limit Up to 5/slot.
Paper Lots available - carry limit -1 20 sheets
Book Lots available - carry limit -1 None of us can read!
ash tray Lots available - carry limit -1 It's made of stone
lighter 1 available - carry limit -0 A tiny box for starting fires.
Can of grinds 1 available - carry limit -2 Slorsnis wants this
Red Canister with hose 1 available - carry limit -3 This might be some kind of weapon.
Packets Lots available - carry limit -1 Slorsnis thinks we should take this too
Chemical 1 available - carry limit -2 It smells bad and burns your nose.
tape 2 available - carry limit -1 It sticks to hair pretty badly
Ringer thing 1 available - carry limit -2 I don't know what this is for but it's kind of heavy and makes noise
Noise making box 1 available - carry limit -2 This thing hasn't worked at all even when Oubliss touches it again.
stink stick 10 available - carry limit -0 You burn these in the ash tray for some reason. They stink.

mop 1 available - carry limit -2 It's like a staff with hair

Improvised sack Can carry 5 pts worth of items, uses one hand, -3 carry limit. Items must be at least 1pt in size or larger.
No. 861869 ID: 3ce125

Bring some chalk, some of that tough grey tape (fucking DUCT TAPE yeaaaaaah), swap the lighter for the tinder box to save on weight. Put some stuff in the- wait nobody's really got hands free to carry the crappy sack. I don't think we can use it.

Hmm, would a couple of the books burn long enough to accomplish anything, campfire-wise?
No. 861874 ID: c4809e

Can we stuff papers inside books to save a carry point? we can use them both for kindling and keeping a fire.
No. 861883 ID: e1c8f7

Keep the chemical and the lighter, you never know.
No. 861885 ID: 3ce125

Oh also take some packets (sugar is good for morale). Leave the grinds though, you don't want your party to be bouncing off the walls in a dangerous situation.

More closely examine the red tube thing.
No. 861926 ID: 130855

The most important things to take are the red canister with hose, the duct tape, the lighter, and the chemical. This way, you can light things on fire and fix your mistakes!
No. 862049 ID: 0d1514

Go onto the roof and use the weird beak bullet thing to shoot at the swaying pile of metal.
No. 862051 ID: 3ce125

Probably shouldn't shoot things unless we know they need to be shot, imo.
No. 862130 ID: 12b116
File 151702052485.jpg - (1.21MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory.jpg )

:tronklis: We can all take some chalk, well, whoever has free space can take some anyway. A book might be useful for starting fires, but putting paper inside of it doesn't make sense. We would just take two instead and it would be less of a hassle. I've told Slorsnis that under no circumstances are we taking the grinds but the packets can come, maybe. We will have to rearrange or drop some stuff to carry the chemical or the Fire extinguisher. It does have a little picture on the side and looks pretty easy to use. Oubliss and Slorsnis both have free hands, but can't carry much else otherwise. Either of them could carry the makeshift bag.

There's also 72 coins that we can use to buy some food or drinks to take along.
The two cans are the same amount of food, which is equivalent to about one and a half bags of cookies.
No. 862154 ID: 91ee5f

So who’s going to hold onto that shooty thingy?
No. 862167 ID: 3ce125

Okay, the goal is to carry around 2 days of food and water for the whole party. If we already have that much, save the money. If we need more food, buy some cookies, they seem dense enough.

Have Oubliss carry the makeshift bag, put the grappling hook and fire extinguisher in it. She can hand the lockpicks to someone else.

...if you had a funnel, you could put the chemical in one of our unique fluid-carrying items (so not to lose track of where it is or accidentally drink it). I honestly can't think of a good reason to carry around that shit though.
Toss the mortar and pestle, put Tronklis's lantern in its spot so he can hold the fleshy shooter.
No. 862178 ID: 9d4af9

Someone can hold the fire extinguisher, I guess. On second thought, the chemical is probably more trouble than it's worth.
No. 862184 ID: 12b116
File 151702679365.jpg - (204.72KB , 1000x800 , clopclop.jpg )

:tronklis: Well, it looks like I'm going to be the one using this because I can't figure out how to make it let go of my hand! I can still use it to hold things with, I figured out how to make the mouth thing open and close without making it shoot.

Should I go up on the roof and shoot it at the thing while everyone else is sorting through stuff to take?
No. 862186 ID: 3ce125

I vote we don't shoot at it until it actually does something other than look gross.
No. 862205 ID: e1c8f7

I'd see about ditching those cooking pots and maybe a sleeping roll with the fire wood. Replace it with snacks and the chemical. You should see just how flammable it is though.
No. 862207 ID: 12b116
File 151703283198.jpg - (1.14MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory.jpg )

Everyone's on the roof, Oubliss and Slorsnis seem to finally be settling down from earlier. This looks like a good way of arranging everything. Kloldril set the ladder across the gap, it reaches across easily.

:tronklis: That's not a sleeping roll and firewood, it's a tent!

And the chemical isn't flammable at all, it just smells bad!
No. 862208 ID: 12b116
File 151703285296.jpg - (170.90KB , 1000x800 , campus23.jpg )

:tronklis: We make it across the ladder, staying clear of the metal pile. It looks like it's actually coming up through the roof itself. It makes ominous creaking sounds. I open up the hatch on the roof, and it's dark inside, but we can still make out a long seat like before, which is right under the hatch. We could probably just jump down and land on that if we wanted to. This building seems to kind of be the opposite of the other one, like a mirror image. There's food machines in there but they look broken.
No. 862211 ID: 3ce125

Turn on your lantern and look around with the room lit before you drop down.
No. 862214 ID: c88e6d

Lower a rope and climb down, or throw down the tent and land on it.
No. 862260 ID: ed67d9

Touch one of Oubliss's toe beans.
No. 862272 ID: d36af7

Descend safely using the ladder.
No. 862273 ID: e1c8f7

You do not want to loose your ladder and your means of escape to the other building. Use it to get down. Ditch the chemical since it's non-flammable.
No. 862306 ID: 12b116
File 151706987566.jpg - (223.25KB , 1000x800 , campus24.jpg )

:tronklis: We set up the ladder, that seems to be the safest way to do things. There's the same sort of noise as the other building, but it is rising and falling, almost like breath. The air is much colder inside.
No. 862308 ID: 0d1514

Get Klodril down there with weapon and shield ready- sounds like there's something alive there. Better safe than sorry and you can't just leave, so the only way left is forward.
No. 862319 ID: 12b116
File 151707196597.jpg - (217.40KB , 1000x800 , campus25.jpg )

:tronklis: Everything's safe so far, if a bit dark. "Kloldril, move up with me. Everybody else hang back."

The hallway only has one tight in it, but there's something lit up down the right hall where the water rooms are. Or, where they were in the other building. What should we check out first? The noise is definitely coming from the left where the machine was in the other building.
No. 862320 ID: 0d1514

Check out the machine room sneaky and careful. Get ready to run away.
No. 862341 ID: a363ac

touch your nose for good luck and to start the journey of knowing who has best nose.
Yell a war cry to inseminate the nose out of hiding.
No. 862342 ID: 3ce125

Check the doors nearest to this end of the hallway first, so you can't get ambushed from behind.
No. 862344 ID: 7c55ee

>inseminate the nose
I am 95% positive you meant "intimidate".
No. 862416 ID: 9d4af9

This place is creepy. Make absolutely sure that you clear every room. Who knows what's hiding out in here.
No. 862450 ID: 12b116
File 151709981421.jpg - (191.33KB , 1000x800 , campus26.jpg )

:tronklis: We're being really careful. The first door on the right is a room full of what looks like trash in one corner and some knocked over shelves. There's a dull blue light coming from the window, it's not like the others we've seen.
No. 862456 ID: c4809e

We should look out the window, maybe entering the building through the roof did some time travel shenanigans, This is some magic place after all.
No. 862458 ID: 3ce125

The holes in the ceiling look... unusually black. What's up with that?

If there's nothing dangerous in here, let's move on to the next room.
No. 862471 ID: 0d1514

Keep going- we can investigate once we know there's nothing dangerous here.
No. 862477 ID: 12b116
File 151710220095.jpg - (303.93KB , 1000x800 , window2.jpg )

:tronklis: There doesn't seem to be anything dangerous here, but I call the others in after taking a glance at the window, there's a creature swimming? through the air? "Does this look like a fish to anybody else?"
:oubliss:"Uh-huh, yeah"
:slorsnis:"I'm just not going to think about this."

We go check the room on the other side of the hall...
No. 862481 ID: 9d4af9

don't break the windows
No. 862482 ID: 0d1514

Are you sure it's swimming through the air and the window isn't a portal to an underwater place?
No. 862483 ID: 12b116
File 151710242984.jpg - (206.95KB , 1000x800 , campus27.jpg )

:tronklis: There's more garbage on the floor here, and a broke chair. There's metal things coming out of the wall and cieling too. With all of the cieling fallen out, we can kind of see into the blackness above, it looks like there's all kinds of machinery up there. There's nothing to do here unless we want to mess with the wall machine. There's frigid air coming out of it.
No. 862485 ID: 0d1514

Shove trash in to block airhole
No. 862487 ID: 91ee5f

Keep going.
No. 862492 ID: 3ce125

Don't mess with the wall machine.

...that pile of wood looks purposefully placed. Poke it.
No. 862571 ID: 12b116
File 151711682134.jpg - (132.15KB , 1000x800 , campus BR2.jpg )

:tronklis:The next thing on the other side is the hallway with the water rooms in it. The first one has no light and there's water and what looks like broken glass all over the floor. So pretty much as I expected. The second one at least looks like it has the lights on...
No. 862572 ID: 12b116
File 151711701805.jpg - (283.89KB , 1000x800 , BR01.jpg )

:tronklis:This one does NOT look like I expected. I get another little wave of dizziness when I step in the door. There's fountains all along one wall, and basins on the other side behind doors kind of like the other one, but then there's higher up basins on the wall as well.
:kloldril: "Do you think this goes on forever?"
:slorsnis:"It looks like it, but what something looks like isn't really worth much here is it?"

We'll check the door across the hall next.
No. 862576 ID: 3ce125

Take a look in one of the lit stalls.
No. 862582 ID: 0d1514

If anyone has to pee now is a real good time
No. 862591 ID: 12b116
File 151711982573.jpg - (265.21KB , 1000x800 , ACroom.jpg )

:tronklis: OK this is the room. A blast of cold air comes out of the door whe I open it. Kloldril peeks inside

:kloldril: "It's completely full of metal vines and boxes and all kinds of stuff. I think I see something a little farther back though! It might be some treasure."

:tronklis: The whole thing is surging and I swear some of it moved when we looked in. What should we do about this? It's definitely the source of the noise.
No. 862594 ID: 3ce125

Hmm, what if the two buildings are mirror images of one another in a more existential sense?
Go back to the machine room you first found with the more-normal-looking machine. Then smash it. Do your best to get it to shut down. Come back here afterwards and see if this one changed.
No. 862606 ID: c88e6d

Try poking it?
No. 862630 ID: 13fded

Oublisss, this have something to do with your machine god. You poke it.
No. 862645 ID: 9d4af9

See what happens if you poke it, but don't get too close. Disabling the furnace in the other building also sounds like a good thing to try to me.
No. 862661 ID: f820ee

Take the curved pipe section next to the door, and use it to join the wall and ceiling pipes in the other room.
No. 862703 ID: e1c8f7

This is a big room of nope. What other rooms are there?
No. 862814 ID: 12b116
File 151718623575.jpg - (316.50KB , 1000x800 , campus12.jpg )

:tronklis: I send Kloldril to go smash up the other one! We wait here for him to come back

:kloldril: "Does't look like that did any goo-"
No. 862816 ID: 12b116
File 151718626963.jpg - (286.29KB , 1000x800 , ACroom.jpg )

:oubliss:"I'M GONNA POKE IT!" It lashes back at me but I'm too fast for it and jump just out of reach! Poking it made a hole in the bit on the side. The whole thing is like, through the floor and stuck to each other and the walls like a mass of tree roots. I don't think we can just pull any of it off. It can definitely be damaged though.
No. 862818 ID: 0d1514

No. 862819 ID: c88e6d

Woah! It's like.... metal vine roots. That eat people. That's really cool but really dangerous. Shut the door, we're going to go the other way.
No. 862821 ID: 3ce125

Hmmm... well we don't have anything especially effective against metal. I suppose you could just keep hitting it and dodging retaliation, but it would be nice to find a vulnerable spot.
You could try covering up that pipe sticking out of the wall. Or you could go up top and start hitting the thing sticking out of the roof, that seems more easily attacked.
No. 862846 ID: 130855

See what happens if you shoot it with the hand gun thing. I'm starting to think this treasure may not be worth it.
No. 862853 ID: 12b116
File 151719288869.jpg - (209.98KB , 1000x800 , campus28.jpg )

:tronklis: "Let's check out everything else before trying to deal with this thing. There might be something helpful in one of these other rooms. We don't know how many people it can attack at once either."

The door just falls over with a thump, and there's a figure seated in a chair facing the window

:kloldril: "hopefully this isn't another dead guy."
No. 862854 ID: 56e50f

Our best weapon against this thing seemingly drains the life of the user, so let's close the door on this thing before it starts rampaging and taking the ceiling down.
No. 862856 ID: 3ce125

Okay, everyone get into a battle formation but keep your distance, then go "Hey you alive?" If there's still no response, move to surround and get a closer look.
No. 862857 ID: 130855

Don't assume that this guy is bad, just be a bit careful. See if he's responsive first of all.
No. 862874 ID: 91ee5f

Quick, someone go back to this room: >>862483 , and grab a piece of the broken chair!

Then slowly move closer to the figure in the chair and then poke him with the broken piece of chair!
No. 862877 ID: 3ce125

If we want to poke him with something that isn't sharp we can use the butt of the spear.
No. 862878 ID: 91ee5f

But if he suddenly turns around and takes it from our hand, we’ll be down a spear!

Using a broken chair piece is better in case he suddenly turns around and yanks something out of our hand, we’ll still have the spear!
No. 862888 ID: e1c8f7

Ninja update

Throw something at him. You have slings, don't you?
No. 862889 ID: 3ce125

That might kill him. We are trying to verify if it's a corpse or not. If we kill him in the process that could taint the results!
No. 862907 ID: 12b116
File 151720545195.jpg - (262.97KB , 1000x800 , campus29.jpg )

:tronklis: All right, I'll use this peice of trash to spin it around"One, two, three!"
:kloldril: "ALL RIGHT, WHAT'S GOIN- oh."
:tronklis: "Where are all these weird guys coming from? Did they die in here before us? This is getting worrying."
:slorsnis: "Looks like this one got a peice of that metal junk stuck through him. Still all shriveled up like a frog though. Do things just not rot in here, or is it because it's so cold?"
:oubliss:"Well he's got no use for this stuff, let's check it out Why's everything made of this weird smelling black cloth?"
No. 862909 ID: c88e6d

Poke him with a stick.
No. 862918 ID: 12b116
File 151720603087.jpg - (211.08KB , 1000x800 , good stuff.jpg )

Well, nobody knows what any of this stuff is, but there's another backpack and a belt somebody could swap theirs for! Ok well I know what the knife is.

cool knife Carry limit -1 This is a pretty cool knife.
black metal thing Carry limit -1 Some kind of machine, it's got two things with little copper bits in them.
orange metal thing Carry limit -1 Don't know what this is either. It's got four paper cylinders with it too.
cylinder thing Carry limit -1 Maybe this is something to hit people with? It's metal
foldy box Carry limit -1 A little metal box, it's got 10 little jelly cube things with it.
Rope Carry limit -5 Oh, wait, we know what this is too. Not what it's made of though
backpack Carry 8pts worth of item for half cost! It smells weird
belt Has 6 inventory slots, smells weird.
BEPIS Carry limit -1 3 bottles of the stuff from earlier
stretchy clothes Carry limit -1 2 available More stretchy stuff, also smells weird.
cool fire starter Carry limit -1 This makes fire, too.
square thing Carry limit -1 A thing with buttons on it.
tube Carry limit -1 It has some stuff in it that might be food? It smells like it?
cool cookware Carry limit -1 Some different cookware, not that we really need any more!
No. 862926 ID: 3ce125

Another backpack, NICE. Replace the improvised sack with it.
How long is this new rope?
Taste the jelly and the tubefood.

Does Oubliss recognize any of the weirder objects?
No. 862933 ID: c4809e

If Oubliss wouldn't mind, we could keep putting belts on her.
No. 862936 ID: c88e6d

This stuff is all weird but neat. Maybe we can figure out how it works some day. Until then, we should stuff all of it in the carrying-bag and on the belt and load Tronklis up with both.
No. 862942 ID: 3ce125

We can't carry all of it!
No. 862947 ID: 3ce125

To swap the improv-sack out for the backpack, a little inventory shuffle is required. Hand Oubliss the normal-sack, but take the pickle and lockpicks out to make room for the fire extinguisher. (it looks like there was 1 unused space in there?) Then put the hook and rope in the new backpack along with one of Tronklis' waterskins. Then Tronklis can wear the backpack.
No. 862961 ID: 91ee5f

I’m afraid to give these guys guns, especially with how often they put things in their mouths! Imagine how terrible it’ll be if they accidentally pull the trigger while it’s in their mouths!
No. 862985 ID: e1c8f7

Give your knife to someone, take the cool knife for yourself.
No. 862990 ID: 3ce125

Hmm I wonder if you could make a loop in the rope and throw it into the machine-tree room to grab the treasure without getting attacked by vines?
No. 863025 ID: 12b116
File 151725039120.jpg - (168.03KB , 1000x800 , negotiation failure.jpg )

:Slorsnis: The cylinder thing makes a light that you can point at stuff, and the stuff in the tube is food, but it's very dry. The rope is the same as our current rope, but it's green!
:kloldril: The orange gel cubes are definitely NOT food, they must have something to do with the folding metal box.

:tronklis:"Why do you have to be so difficult!?" Oubliss is not convinced to wear another belt, but she will agree to swap her current one out. She's not sure what any of this stuff is either.

Tronklis and Oubliss are now tired
No. 863026 ID: 12b116
File 151725043056.jpg - (1.69MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

:tronklis: we can carry some more stuff now that we've gotten another proper backpack.
No. 863027 ID: 91ee5f

Is that thing stuck to your hand or not?

Here: >>862907 , it’s moved to your opposite hand and here: >>863025 , it’s not on either of your hands!
No. 863044 ID: 3ce125

Well I don't think there's any benefit to carrying two bundles of rope.
Swap out a lantern for the light-stick, because it works differently and isn't strictly inferior or superior.
(well we know the red gun is a flaregun, and the other looks like a regular pistol, but I don't think either of them are a good idea to carry around since nobody is trained in their use or has any idea what gun safety is)
Leave the rest of the weird stuff here. I guess Oubliss could take the cool knife if she wants.

(I can't tell what the foldy box and jellies are, does anyone recognize it?)
No. 863050 ID: 12b116
File 151725656992.jpg - (159.33KB , 1000x800 , nubbin.jpg )

:tronklis: At least we figured out how to make the thing let go. Oubliss pushed the nubbin on top and it let go while I was trying to get her to put on another belt!
No. 863061 ID: 12b116
File 151726186060.jpg - (293.20KB , 1000x800 , ACroom.jpg )

:Oubliss: "I'm going to go get the treasure while you are all digging through this junk! All we need to do is throw a rope around it and pull it right in! I got this! " ...

:oubliss: "That could have gone better."

:tronklis: "What are you doing over there?"
No. 863063 ID: c88e6d

Oubliss please just.... stop playing in the vines. There's probably something else in this place that won't kill us all. We just need to find it!
No. 863066 ID: 12b116
File 151726450758.jpg - (1.68MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

:tronklis: OK, this is what we've got so far, do we want to take anything else? Who should carry it?

No. 863071 ID: e47815

Tronklis can take the black metal thing and it’s clip on his belt. Oubilss has a built in holder for it on her belt, but it’s dangerous and you shouldn’t give it to her. Take the holder off of her belt and put it on yours. Slorsnis can take the orange thing and it’s shells, as well as the fire device. Swap out your cookware for the superior new stuff. Someone can probably take the green rope too right?
No. 863073 ID: 91ee5f

Someone go help Oubliss before she gets hurt.
No. 863074 ID: 33cbe7

Just beat back the naughty ventilation shafts with the fire extinguisher, it's a robust bludgeon and you can spritz the foam as a freezing cold deterrent.
No. 863082 ID: 56e50f

Can we see about putting a shield between Oubliss and those vines?
No. 863097 ID: 3ce125

I think you could use the hatchet to cut at the vines as they thrash towards whoever's getting their attention. Maybe Tronklis can use his shield to block the vines while hacking at them?
Or just go to the roof and shoot the thing up there a few times with the arm-shooter.

I disagree with taking the gun. The kobolds know no gun safety, it's very likely to wind up hurting one of them. The arm-shooter is at least simpler to use and unlikely to go off by accident.
No. 863103 ID: 12b116
File 151727424699.jpg - (320.67KB , 1000x800 , smashit.jpg )

Well, Oubliss seems to have already taken the green rope and got it around the treasure, which is stuck in the machine thing room. We'll take what we can and go attempt to make Oubliss behave for five minutes.

I could hit it with the tank thing, or Kloldril can hit it with his weapon made for hitting things!

:kloldril: "Move it!"
:oubliss:"It came loose! let's get out of here!"
No. 863104 ID: 12b116
File 151727427419.jpg - (165.19KB , 1000x800 , treasure1.jpg )

:tronklis: "We made it out of that without any injury, good job. So what do we do with this? It looks like some kind of crown?

:oubliss:"It's kind of simple looking for a crown though? It's very heavy, I think it's solid gold! "
:kloldril: "It better be for what we went through to get it!"

Crown Carry limit -2 It looks like a crown and it's made of solid gold!
No. 863105 ID: 3ce125

SWEET. I think we still have room to carry it?

What's that white thing in the vine room? Or the light blue thing?
No. 863106 ID: 772fe4

have slorsniss wear it, she isn't carrying much anyway
No. 863109 ID: 56e50f

Oubliss went through the trouble of getting it, she can wear it!
No. 863110 ID: c88e6d

Wear it yourself, Tronklis, you deserve it for your excellent leadership and large nose.
No. 863122 ID: 12b116
File 151727902783.jpg - (134.66KB , 1000x800 , king7.jpg )

:tronklis: "Ok what are we going to do to carry this?"
:slorsnis: "that's heavy, I already have as much as I can carry!"

:oubliss:"I'LL PUT IT ON!"
:7kings: OUBLISS, You have donned the Crown of Seven Kings. If you choose to summon us all you must wear the crown, and wish. You may make seven wishes and we will try to fulfill them to the extent of our power. This place prevents any sort of travel, however, so we will not be able to change your place in the universe!

:oubliss:"IT GRANTS WISHES!"
:tronklis:"Don't use them then! We might need them later!" The white thing in the room is a skeleton head and the blue thing is his arm! He was reaching toward the crown but apparently didn't catch it in time.
No. 863123 ID: c2051e

No. 863124 ID: 3ce125

You better frickin save this. Can you ask how powerful they are? Like can they bring people back to life?

Otherwise let's check more rooms.
No. 863125 ID: 33cbe7

Wish for pants.
No. 863130 ID: 56e50f

Wish for a bag of infinite holding.
No. 863131 ID: 772fe4

wish for bigger breasts
No. 863134 ID: c0641d

A magical bag of holding would certainly solve a major problem we’ve been facing so far, and the other major problem has been explicitly stated to be something that can’t be solved with the crown.
No. 863135 ID: 2120ee

Wish for any clothes you ever wear to be made invisible and intangible.
No. 863136 ID: 130855

If you can be responsible for once in you life, save the wishes. Also save the wishes if you can't be responsible, for that matter.
No. 863137 ID: ed67d9

I WISH... that the other kobolds here didn't like wearing clothes either! Maybe then they'd understand and stop making me try to wear things!
No. 863139 ID: 3abd97

Wish for the best wish.

This is a foolproof plan that can't fail.
No. 863140 ID: 8cb228

For the love of all that is good SAVE THE WISHES!
No. 863141 ID: 5e0872

Go for the best wish, it's the best one and it's yours.
No. 863144 ID: 3ce125

Meta-wishes are dumb and probably won't be granted.
No. 863163 ID: 12b116
File 151728495392.jpg - (162.07KB , 1000x800 , firstwish.jpg )

:oubliss: I could wish for no pants, that would be really great, but it doesn't seem that important though... I could wish for everybody else to get all itchy whenever they wear clothes, so they can understand me better! I have a feeling that will make Tronklis really mad even though I really want to... hmm, maybe I'll save that one for later... boobs, hmm, maybe if I have kids ...brown drink isn't too important right now either... I know!
"I wish for the best wish!"
:7kings: "your wish needs to make more sense than that."
:oubliss: " I want a magic bag that can hold everything. "
:7kings: "Such an item does not exist inside the Labyrinth, and we cannot travel elsewhere to get one. We cannot create magical items."
:oubliss:"Whell what can you do then!?"
:7kings: "We can change your or your comrades' bodies, even bringing them back from death. We can create mundane items of any sort, we can grant knowledge, or we can manifest to do battle or provide aid"

:tronklis: "oublisswhatareyouthinking?"
:oubliss: "I'm asking questions. They can't just do anything..." I explain the stupid rules to the rest of the group... "They're stuck in some lab-o-rith and can't get anything that's not in it. Well, nothing magic."

:kloldril:"Can they get us a better regular bag then? Wait, no! We might find one later, we're doing good for bags so far."

:tronklis:"We really really really should save them for now! What if somebody gets hurt later on? We can throw stuff out to make room for it, this seems way too important to waste on something right away! We haven't even seen what's behind that last door yet!"
:oubliss: "OK fine, I can't think of anything super good right now."
:tronklis: "there's still one more door we haven't been through, we need to sort out this equipment situation unless you want to wear that all the time. "
:oubliss:"Oh, it's way too heavy for that."
I take it off and try to figure out how we are going to carry it.
No. 863164 ID: 2120ee

Wish for a hat rack on your back.
No. 863166 ID: e62c6c

Wish to become the largest, strongest and thus most important bold. Then you can easily carry it.
No. 863167 ID: a633c6

Can you wish for omniscience? They can grant knowledge, after all.
No. 863168 ID: 33cbe7

That's smart, if you won't wear clothes just increase what you can carry in your hands.
No. 863172 ID: 3ce125

Slorsnis could stand to be a lot stronger! We should use a wish to make her strong. Then we could carry a lot more!
No. 863175 ID: ed67d9

Wish for a much longer and prettier scarf! Maybe make it purple! Have it be really soft and hard to damage!
No. 863179 ID: 130855

Wish for one that flows behind you dramatically whenever you move ;3
No. 863184 ID: 3abd97

Wish for the hat to be light enough to wear all the time.
No. 863185 ID: de6d84

Make it lightweight via wish
No. 863186 ID: 3ce125

Wearing it all the time is just asking for it to fall off and get lost! It needs to be stashed away securely.
No. 863187 ID: 12b116
File 151728769755.jpg - (213.31KB , 1000x800 , koswold.jpg )


:7kings:Then it is done!

:oubliss: "Ok now we can carry EVERYTHING!" ... and nobody can get me to put on any more belts~ hee hee..I didn't get a better scarf out of it though. I guess you can't stack them on each other.

:tronklis: "oubliss what did you do?!"
:oubliss: "I solved the problem!" .. and I look cool!

Oubliss can now carry 25 points of gear!
No. 863189 ID: 3ce125

Okay now everyone give Oubliss the heaviest stuff she can carry. Like, the rope and hook again since she could carry that on her shoulder or whatever.

Man I hope we find some heavy weapon for her later. And a shield.
No. 863192 ID: 130855

Put a bunch of random heavy stuff from the collective inventory in the sack and have Oubliss carry it.
No. 863193 ID: c88e6d


No. 863194 ID: 91ee5f


Don’t waste wishes bringing random people back to life!
No. 863195 ID: ed67d9


I wish to be the absolute best at nose-rubbing other kobolds. Better at nose-rubbing than anyone else.
No. 863196 ID: 3ce125

Interesting idea, but we don't know his language and don't know that they would be friendly at all.
No. 863197 ID: c88e6d

Why not? He can tell us literally everything about this place.
No. 863198 ID: 6cd244

Can't you just wish to know that stuff yourself?
No. 863202 ID: bc5d01


What makes you so certain that this random dead guy even knew everything about this place?
No. 863203 ID: 3ce125

If we want information it'd probably be better to ask for something that would let us talk to that machine guy whenever we wanted. There was a thing before that almost did it, and it doesn't appear to be a magic item. That must mean something mundane could do it.
No. 863204 ID: 33cbe7

The fact that he died here?
No. 863206 ID: 91ee5f

What makes you think this random dead guy isn’t a crazy psychopath that’ll try to kill us?

That doesn’t prove that he knows everything about this place.
No. 863209 ID: 6cd244

One of our bolds could easily die here, and they know next to nothing about the place.

If we want information, and not in a boring and probably dangerous "tell us EVERYTHING" way, I recommend that Oubliss wish to be able to read and understand any language. The fact that none of these bolds know what anything says, and might not be able to understand anyone they meet, keeps coming up. She can lord it over everyone how much smarter she is than them if she needs motivation for it.
No. 863211 ID: 3ce125

If we're wishing for knowledge it should be "I wish to know a whole lot about lots of stuff in this place!"

Better to have a large breadth of information than a specific source of information, I say.

But honestly, Tronklis should probably try to take the crown away from Oubliss at this point.
No. 863213 ID: 12b116
File 151729226176.jpg - (1.56MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

:tronklis:"OK I think we should put that thing away now!"
:oubliss: "But what if -"

:tronklis:"At least let's finish checking this place out! You solved one problem, but we still haven't figured out what to actually do here."
No. 863214 ID: 12b116
File 151729237015.jpg - (274.82KB , 1000x800 , campus30.jpg )

:tronklis:"We need to stop messing around, let's go" I'm gonna just open the door and go in so we can stop getting distracted!
There's a bizarre thing full of lights and buzzing sounds in this room, and there's a round green window thing on it.
No. 863215 ID: 3ce125

Well check out that passageway to the left before you investigate the weird machine.
No. 863217 ID: c88e6d

Look at the scroll!
No. 863219 ID: 130855

Don't break this machine. Look in the green window and look at the scroll. Maybe if Oubliss wished for everyone to be able to read you could tell what it says...
No. 863223 ID: 9c2d0c

what if.. what if you wished for your team to have the knowledge to understand the objects you find in this place?
No. 863237 ID: fe7355

That machine looks important. shame you can't read anything on it or what's printed on the paper. Cautiously approach it anyway to get a better look at it and peek behind it, but don't touch it or the paper. Oh, but Oubliss should creep up next to the side hallway first and check it. Take something reflective out of the gear of the least value and use it peek around the corner, checking the hallway ceiling too. A spoon from the mess kit might work for this take. If the hall is clear, then proceed across, leaving someone to watch the entrance and another to watch the side hall for potential incoming trouble.

Before performing any more wishes, Oubliss should confer with the group about wording and what wishes they think would be good. She should also confer with the Crown, running any wishes by it in a "if I wished for this what would the effect be" way first. Hopefully that'll catch any compound wishes or wishes that don't do what you'd like them to.

Next time Oubliss dons the Crown, she should ask the Crown if it could grant seven wishes in total, per person or per group. 'Cause if it can grant seven wishes per person, then jackpot! She should also ask if a single wish could effect or alter everyone in this group of four to the same degree as if it was targeted on one person. Like, if she had wished for everyone in the group to become the strongest kobolds instead of just herself would they have all turned into swolebolds like her? If so, then she'll be kicking herself for not thinking of that first.

A tentative idea for a wish would be for the whole group to be granted universal linguistic understanding; The ability to fluently and accurately read, write, speak and understand any language written, spoken, or conveyed by other means. Another tentative wish idea would be for the group to be granted the ability to know what any object they can detect by any of their senses (sight, touch, etc.) is, what it is commonly used for and its basic operation and any magic effects it may hold, if they focus on it for a moment. Basically a universal identification ability. But don't use a wish for either of these ideas yet and confer with the group on them first.

How many weight points are each of the kobolds just by themselves with their base clothing or naked? That'd be good to know if one of them has to be carried later on.

Also, cutting a short length of the thinner green rope, looping it through the Crown and tying the ends together so it can be secured down would be prudent. That will prevent it from being lost if a the pack it's in pops opens while upside down or thrashed about. Just make sure to check if the Crown will still work if worn while the rope is looped through it.
No. 863329 ID: 12b116
File 151734241753.jpg - (179.95KB , 1000x800 , campus31.jpg )

:tronklis:"Somebody check out that hallway, I'm going to have a look at this crown thing."


--in the interest of brevity, here's how the crown works.--
Each king can only be summoned once per 100 years, there are seven wishes total, no matter who uses them. Anyone can use the item.
They can retrieve magical items that they can physically go get
They cannot impart universal knowledge, and to read/write a single language uses a wish every time.
Changing stats or appearance can only be done to one subject at a time
Nothing can go outside of what the maximum possible for the race would normally be.
There's no intentional malice in regards to wish-granting, so things will be taken as the best outcome possible instead of taking everything literally.
Oubliss is already the best at nose-rubbing

:oubliss:"The hallway looks like it goes in a circle or something, it takes a sharp turn, should I go down it more?"
:tronklis:"Let's have a look at this machine first. It kind of sounds like we can wish for one person to have the ability to kind of 'read' objects by holding them, but it will use another wish"
No. 863331 ID: c88e6d

Tronklis, wish for the ability to roughly understand the purpose and function of a device by holding them and concentrating!
No. 863334 ID: 12b116
File 151734374825.jpg - (232.52KB , 1000x800 , bubbleface.jpg )

:tronklis:"As I look into the bubble, there's definitely a face in it!
The machine itself is making all kinds of beeping, buzzing, clicking, and whirring noises, what's weird is that it almost sounds like it's saying something over and over again


:tronklis: I'm going to use a wish, I want to be able to read objects!
:7kings: It is done.

:tronklis: gains psychometry, the ability to see into an object's past and determine its use
No. 863335 ID: c88e6d

Touch the bubble, Tronklis
No. 863338 ID: 3ce125

So there's some problematic item. The weird fleshy arm-gun seems like a likely suspect since it's so out of place. Let's fully explore the area first though.

Also Tronklis you should analyze the purpose of basically anything we're carrying that you don't know what it is. Like the stuff you got from the latest dead guy.
No. 863339 ID: 8bc63f

Oubliss, I hope you never stop posing. Check the far corner real quick.

Tronklis, you could use with wishing for understanding opjects you touch.
No. 863342 ID: 8bc63f

Disregard that last line.
No. 863385 ID: 12b116
File 151735786653.jpg - (158.56KB , 1000x800 , campus32.jpg )

:tronklis:The bubble is made of glass, nothing happens when I touch it.
:oubliss:"There's another hallway, it looks like it goes in circles! That doesn't make sense!"
:slorsnis:"Just don't think about it!"
:tronklis:"Do you have to keep doing that?"
No. 863389 ID: 8cb228

Go around touching EVERYTHING everywhere in this entire place and saying what it is and what it is for and it's history! GO! You must!
No. 863392 ID: 91ee5f

Nothing left in this room.

Everyone catch up with Oubliss before she gets separated from everyone else. Stick together everyone!
No. 863394 ID: 56e50f

Flex on em, Oubliss.
Tronklis, what about the paper coming out?
No. 863404 ID: fe7355

Oh, hell naw! Y'all seen how much crazy, reality warping shit is here? You do NOT want to mentally delve into whatever mad history that stuff has. So keep the psychometry to shit that looks at least reasonably mundane and not bizarre and insane.
No. 863435 ID: 12b116
File 151736773476.jpg - (411.29KB , 1000x800 , banic mode .jpg )

:tronklis: "Hmm, so I should use my power on this machine first, or maybe just the paper. I can't read the paper, I can't, I can read the -!








Tronklis has panicked
No. 863436 ID: 12b116
File 151736775072.jpg - (267.15KB , 1000x800 , nose hold.jpg )

:tronklis:" OW! OW! Stop it! I'm fine! I'm fine!"
:slorsnis:"You're NOT fine! You almost ran out of the door before we caught you! You were ranting and raving about a word, world, word... I can't remember it now."
:tronklis:"It's, I saw, I can't describe it, I saw things. We shouldn't be in here, we need to get out."
:kloldril:"Well we can't go back!"
:tronklis:"something went wrong here. We need to leave as soon as we can."
:oubliss: "can I let him go now?"
:slorsnis:"No, wait for him to calm down."
:tronklis: "You didn't have to pour water all over me either!"

Tronklis is now exhausted
No. 863451 ID: c88e6d

....This power sucks and is useless. All it does is give us EMOTIONAL knowledge about an object. We wanted FACTUAL knowledge. What a gyp!

All we know now is that this place is terrible, and we already knew that.
No. 863456 ID: c0641d

You would even abandon your beloved dream-babe?

Stop. Assess the situation. Create and prioritize objectives based on the situation. Make a plan that achieves the highest objective, and start fitting the rest in. Put that plan into action.

Based on what the situation is, I’d say some pretty good objectives include:
Escape the Labyrinth.
Ensure the other cobalds escape safely.

There’s no reason to assume that achieving objective 1 would necessitate excluding objective 2 as of yet, so we don’t need to take that into consideration yet. We can’t just go back the way we came, so trudging on seems reasonable. This can’t be all there is to this place, after all. Wouldn’t be much of a Labyrinth if it was.
No. 863462 ID: fe7355

Head back to the room with the big beeping machine and rest for a few minutes so Tronklis can wring out his clothes, pop a BEPIS to share and recover a bit. While resting he can ID the items in your group's inventory that y'all don't know the function of or may have additional functionality you don't know. Oubliss and Slorsnis can also run back to the impaled corpse's room to bring the square thing with the buttons back for ID too.

So, this may mean that your group's illiteracy is actually a plus if you ever run across this "equation" in full or part. Well, unless it does that funky thing the big entrance sign did where y'all could read it without actually knowing how to read.
No. 863465 ID: 3ce125

Well we know there's a way out, we have to throw something into the anomaly. Does Tronklis know what the "anomaly" is at this point?

Is it the circular hallway that isn't supposed to be there in the first place? Hmm... try throwing the gun-arm into the hallway. If that doesn't work, retrieve it, and throw Outissa's gear necklace in.
No. 863469 ID: 12b116
File 151737779499.jpg - (262.20KB , 1000x800 , anomaly.jpg )

:tronklis: I'm not using that on anything that's part of this place. That was a terrible idea! We settle down for a bit and I use it on some of the stuff.
Tossing a few things into the hallway doesn't do anything.
The thing with the buttons is some sort of game it turns out, though I'm not sure how it works exactly. Two of the things we have are weapons, looks like you just have to point them at something

"Ok, ok, let's finish checking out that passage to the left of the m-machine room.

We stay together, and make about five or six right turns before coming to a door. I have a very bad feeling about it.

:tronklis:"Th- That's it! That's the Anomaly! We need to leave it alone! Let's get out of here." I have a terrible feeling looking at it, and briefly catch a glimpse of someone sitting in the chair, reading each paper, and placing it on the stack to the side.
No. 863471 ID: 772fe4

have obliss throw a rock or clay ball or whatever it is you use into the anomaly
No. 863472 ID: 3ce125

The stack of papers must be the equation. Don't go into that room, ever.
Is this the last room in the place?

Before you do anything like throwing a slingstone at it (the voice just said "item" which means it may not matter what we throw into it), check out any unexplored rooms.
No. 863473 ID: 3ce125

In this room there's some gray thing on the floor that looks like a box maybe? What is it?
No. 863476 ID: 130855

That looks like a whirligig anomaly! you'd better find some bolts to throw in it.
No. 863566 ID: 56e50f

Maybe it's time for rest. Examine Oubliss's necklace while resting.
No. 863572 ID: 12b116
File 151743329270.jpg - (242.41KB , 1000x800 , box1.jpg )

:tronklis: The Anomaly room is the only one we hadn't been in, and I'm not inclined to go in it again. I think we should leave it alone.

Oh hey, there's a box we overlooked earlier in the fish room. It's got some more of those cylinder things that I found in the other building! And there's a little paper inside that says how to use it! It looks like you pull the ends off, and then stab a needle into your thigh or shoulder!? I don't think anybody is going to want to try that! There's a lot of tiny words all over it too that even if I could read would probably take hours!

:kloldril:"The top picture looks like a fying pan and a brain, kind of. Do these have something to do with food?"
:slorsnis:"I do like fried brains in milk gravy! Maybe they make things taste like it if you have some nasty food you don't like?"
:tronklis:"I'll take your word for it, I did not like eating that when I was little. I've only seen brains in a gross blob that somebody tricked me into thinking was scrambled eggs!"

:oubliss:"I still think we should throw something into the anomaly and see what happens"
No. 863574 ID: 772fe4

I think the needles are full of a fluid that keeps you sane when seeing things that should not exist
No. 863575 ID: c2051e

Test it out on Oubliss, as usual.
No. 863580 ID: 56e50f

So like Sedatives from Bloodborne. Fuck frenzy btw

Maybe.. we should keep them. Seems like it's meant to protect your brain/mind.
No. 863612 ID: 12b116
File 151743934844.jpg - (230.04KB , 1000x800 , oublisstalk2.jpg )

:tronklis:"Maybe we should test one of these out on somebody"
:oubliss:"Why are you even looking at me? I'm not going to let you poke me with that. If you poke anybody with that it's going to be yourself!"
:slorsnis:"We probably shouldn't waste them now. The picture isn't a frying pan, it's a shield! It looks like it might stop things from harming your brains. If we had this earlier we could have poked YOU with it to stop that freak-out you had!"

:tronklis:"OK fine! Nobody is geting poked with it! I'll give one to anybody that can hold one, and put the rest in a pack."

:oubliss:That guy stuck in the machine is the Lord of Marvelous Devices, and I think he wants us to do something to the Animaly! It's the same guy from my dream!"
No. 863616 ID: c88e6d

Ask why he's in the machine first.
No. 863622 ID: 12b116
File 151744162729.jpg - (1.65MB , 2500x1924 , all bolds inventory copy.jpg )

:tronklis:"Well why is he stuck in that machine anyway? That's what made me lose my mind when I tried to see its past!"
:oubliss: "I don't know! I didn't ask that last time! Maybe he's not stuck inside, it. Maybe he just talks through it?"
No. 863624 ID: c88e6d

Throw a chair at the anomaly.
No. 863639 ID: 12b116
File 151744677565.jpg - (219.66KB , 1000x800 , campus33.jpg )

:tronklis: We take a bit of a rest, I close my eyes to concentrate because Oubliss won't quit posing. Using the power on the necklace isn't as helpful as using it on the black and orange shooters. The only thing I can get from it is the guy falling off the pier and breaking his neck, though. He got dizzy when he tried looking under it and lost his grip, turns out.
Now, the question is, do we fool with the anomaly or do we try to leave?

:oubliss:"If you don't make up your mind soon I'm going to throw a chair into the thing."

:oubliss: Is no longer fatigued
:tronklis: has gone from exhausted to fatigued, but is still shaken
No. 863642 ID: c2051e

Sure, she can hurl a chair in.
No. 863646 ID: 56e50f

Let's explore before messing with reality.
No. 863647 ID: 91ee5f

There’s nothing to explore, we’ve already been everywhere here.

Messing with reality kinda seems to be the only thing left to do.
No. 863658 ID: 130855

The only proper thing to throw in anomalies is bolts. If all you've got's a chair, I'm sure you can make something work, though.
No. 863668 ID: 12b116
File 151745351899.jpg - (157.64KB , 1000x800 , campus34_001.jpg )

:oubliss:"So it's settled then!"
:tronklis:"I really don't think we should be messing with-"

Oubliss tosses the chair at it! There's a horrible scream of metal being compresed and stretched in unnatural ways as it's sucked into the Anomaly...
No. 863670 ID: 12b116
File 151745354108.jpg - (193.91KB , 1000x800 , anomaly2.jpg )

:tronklis:To my horror, one of the legs catches the giant stack of paper, which starts falling in as well. The anomaly begins pulsating, pulling the table in as well.


I think we should run! But to where!?
No. 863671 ID: 130855

Run into the infinite bathroom! It's probably like the matrix, where eventually there will be a door at the other end.
No. 863673 ID: c88e6d

Of course, the infinite bathroom! If we're lucky, the infinities will cancel out, BUT WE HAD BETTER RUN!
No. 863686 ID: 56e50f

Bail to the other building!
No. 863704 ID: 12b116
File 151745964226.jpg - (239.18KB , 1000x800 , campus31.jpg )

:tronklis:"GO GO GO! GET TO THE BLUE ROOM!" Everyone starts running! The place is getting pulled in behind us, but I think we can outrun it! The building is being ripped to pieces! I can see daylight through the holes!
No. 863705 ID: 12b116
File 151745968419.jpg - (309.67KB , 1000x800 , campus25.jpg )

:tronklis: A horrifying scream starts coming from the pipe room! Or is it a laugh? There's so much noise and screeching metal I can't tell which! We're almost to the blue room!
No. 863706 ID: 12b116
File 151745972156.jpg - (304.41KB , 1000x800 , br02.jpg )

:tronklis: "We made it. Is, -huff- ,everybody OK?!"
:slorsnis:"blegh-, -mmmph- -llgf-, not, -murph-, dead,-huff-"

:tronklis: "Now looks like a good time to set up camp..."

No. 863707 ID: c88e6d

....Clearly we should find more of those chairs.
No. 863709 ID: 12b116

Any further questions need to go in the Questdis thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/119222.html
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