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File 151683283383.jpg - (790.45KB , 1200x942 , cover 3.jpg )
861419 No. 861419 ID: 1945b2

Previous Chapters:
chapter 1

chapter 2


Even more madness in what I can only assume is Chapter 3 of "the SLAVE the THIEF and the SLUT"
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No. 861429 ID: 1945b2
File 151683566422.jpg - (158.90KB , 1000x750 , 0.jpg )

Eve - Hello and welcome back to Aalos quest, boy it's been a while~

Adam - and how...

Eve - we're exited to get back into the thick of it, but we figure it would be best to kick off with a refresher course on what the holy fuck is going on.

Adam - The quest has been going on and off since early 2016 and its safe to assume that not everyone will want to read the entire thing, so this is serve as a quick explanation.
No. 861430 ID: 1945b2
File 151683567058.jpg - (178.58KB , 1000x750 , 1.jpg )

Eve - so for starters we play, in this story, an adroid named TG007 or Aalos as he's named himself. he's a playful and friendly yet manipulative person. Always looking to have a good time and give others and equally good time.

I am OS Buddy Eve, I run and operate Aalos's dick and this is Adam he runs Aalos's female genitals when and if he has any.
No. 861431 ID: 1945b2
File 151683567434.jpg - (178.42KB , 1000x750 , 2.jpg )

it is of note that Aalos is biologically alive, despite having no organic composition. Aalos has a heart and brain, reproductive organs capable of bearing young with local organic life and needs air, food and water to live. but his entire body was made in a lab out of ferrous materials.
No. 861432 ID: 1945b2
File 151683567830.jpg - (239.74KB , 1000x750 , 3.jpg )

TG007 was produced by a mysterious organization simply named "Administration" ran by an administrator simply named, MOM... it's yet unknown if mom is the only memeber of administration, but she is a self proclaimed "Future snake machine goddess from the moon" the exact meaning of this is yet unknown.
No. 861433 ID: 1945b2
File 151683568306.jpg - (273.00KB , 1000x750 , 4.jpg )

The TG models prime function is to integrate biological society in order to study, culture, social standards, history, biological functions... Basically they're learning robots, who like Pinocchio want to be "real" people.

In doing so Aalos was sent to Doukissa and Varonos, who took him in with relatively open arms. The older sister, Doukissa was happy to accept us and was made our prime study partner.
No. 861434 ID: 1945b2
File 151683568822.jpg - (230.07KB , 1000x750 , 5.jpg )

We also met up with the family friend, Prince, he's a cute gay fish and is right up there on our to fuck list~

after meeting him we were swiftly invited to play pathfinder with the gang, a pen and paper roll playing game.
No. 861435 ID: 1945b2
File 151683569306.jpg - (222.90KB , 1000x750 , 6.jpg )

in playing pathfinder we made a character named Kelda oxcutter. a raging berserk with some latent magical abilities...
No. 861436 ID: 1945b2
File 151683569740.jpg - (176.19KB , 1000x750 , 7.jpg )

escaping prison with the other pc's we found our-self in possession of a magical marble and quickly met up with a albino kobold named Trixie. we boned down but she poisoned us...
No. 861437 ID: 1945b2
File 151683570347.jpg - (202.56KB , 1000x750 , 8.jpg )

when we came to we suffered a mental illness and developed a split personality that Trixie promptly fell in love with, within a few minutes we killed the split personality and Trixie swore to extract revenge on us for murdering the apparent love of her life...
No. 861438 ID: 1945b2
File 151683570702.jpg - (214.48KB , 1000x750 , 9.jpg )

we got into a spot of trouble with the game rules as someone decided to try grappling and by the time we figured out what the outcome was doukissa and varonoses parent came home after a flight was massively delayed.

During an uncomfortable supper, Doukissa claimed that we were her boyfriend to get out of sticky situation.
No. 861439 ID: 1945b2
File 151683571665.jpg - (191.83KB , 1000x750 , 10.jpg )

After the parents left we gave Varonos oral sex. he cried shortly after...
No. 861440 ID: 1945b2
File 151683572567.jpg - (190.99KB , 1000x750 , 11.jpg )

Then we gave doukissa oral sex, she enjoyed it very much.

Oh! it is of note that Aalos's sperm is an addictive narcotic, not unlike marijuana that tastes like vanilla ice cream.

Anyhow, Varonos stumbled into the room during the act and we accidentally poped off our battery, and since we didn't fully charge upon initially booting up we promptly ran out of juice and passed out...
No. 861441 ID: 1945b2
File 151683573377.jpg - (256.36KB , 1000x750 , 12.jpg )

we then met up with a virus that we somehow acquired, and decided to spare. we ended up giving her to the administration for study reasons.
No. 861442 ID: 1945b2
File 151683574188.jpg - (249.81KB , 1000x750 , 13.jpg )

when we came to we found Doukissa suffering from PTSD. you see she was in a zombie outbreak zone when she was younger and has some mental scaring from it.
No. 861443 ID: 1945b2
File 151683575269.jpg - (189.82KB , 1000x750 , 11 2.jpg )

we then gave doukissa some more oral sex...
No. 861444 ID: 1945b2
File 151683576180.jpg - (180.45KB , 1000x750 , 14.jpg )

After which we got some body upgrades, including new fur covered skin that makes us mostly look like a kobold.

we then got some clothes and went to the movies where we agreed to watch: "Oh shit it's doctor tran! The Phantom blood"

So! up to date, kinda... lets get to that movie!!!
No. 861445 ID: 1945b2
File 151683577343.jpg - (133.72KB , 1002x752 , C__Users_Flynn_AppData_Local_Packages_Microsoft_Sk.jpg )

DR TRAN - oh god what is going on?! I'm not qualified to drive this vehicle why do i have a gun?! whats going on where am I?! who are you?! why and I here?!


No. 861446 ID: 1945b2
File 151683577905.jpg - (186.92KB , 1000x750 , 80a5732c-3495-4f23-b8d4-b45f72aae310.jpg )

Professor - Mister Tran. its good to see you finally awake, we've kept you alive despite the long years you've been in a coma.
No. 861447 ID: 1945b2
File 151683578558.jpg - (202.94KB , 1000x750 , dr tran.jpg )

Many people will of course want you dead and to keep you safe during your come we changed your face... every day of your life this was the face you saw in the mirror...
No. 861448 ID: 1945b2
File 151683579203.jpg - (201.00KB , 1000x750 , nick cage.jpg )

but form now on this... is your face... you are no longer Dr. Tran, you are... Venom Tran~
No. 861449 ID: 1945b2
File 151683580257.jpg - (205.18KB , 1000x750 , face.jpg )

Venom Tran - you mean to tell me... you took my face...
No. 861450 ID: 1945b2
File 151683580973.jpg - (225.42KB , 1000x750 , off.jpg )

Venom Tran - Off...
No. 861451 ID: 1945b2
File 151683581756.jpg - (266.21KB , 1000x750 , hated that movie.jpg )

>2 hours later...

Doukissa - I... I'm... I'm deeply sorry... I'm sorry you had to see that... let's... like... Do you wanna go eat somewhere or did you want to go check up that church you were talking about?

>Machine cult
No. 861452 ID: 6780f5

Check out the cult. And give road head since giving head is apparently the way Aalos deals with trauma.
No. 861455 ID: 2a304c

Food sounds great!
No. 861456 ID: fda98a

Let's go see the cult.
Aalos are you ok? I know that Doukissa is not, but that must have been a horrible experience.
No. 861459 ID: 91ee5f

Ask Doukissa, “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being lowest and 10 being highest, how would you rate that movie?”

>Food or Church?
Let’s go get something to eat.

The Church isn’t going anywhere.
No. 861460 ID: a363ac

the cult probably will give you better food all things considered.
No. 861462 ID: 3740b1

Food. And by food I mean eat you. Out. From the recap that seems to be mostly what we do, right?

Barring that, cult. Cults are always fun.
No. 861466 ID: 25ef6b

Hey It was funny bad, Reminds me of "The Lodging"
No. 861467 ID: 088c11

Go a food place where you can sit down and talk about how the movie was a jarring mix of terrible and being so bad that it's funny despite being played totally straight.
The complaining process will ease the sting of the experience itself.
No. 861481 ID: 094652

Machine Cult to restore morale
No. 861575 ID: 4854ef

Well the movie certainly wasn't dull at least, lets go check out the machine cult!
No. 861820 ID: fe1856

Let's go to the Machine Cult, they probably got some pretty neat stuff there.
No. 861838 ID: 1945b2
File 151692575667.jpg - (124.33KB , 1000x750 , looking at the tower in the distance.jpg )

Aalos - lets head to the machine cult. They might offer us a meal~

Doukissa - what kind of place is this?

Aalos - I'm not entirely sure... in the mean time, want me to go down on you while we drive? hehehee

Doukissa - no I'd rather if you didn't, littler pervert~

>You punch in the coordinates from the mind text lovemachine gave you earlier into Doukissa's cellphone and she drives over to it... the location is just outside of town and just beyond the sacred Forrest, its in many ways just out of reach and obnoxiously close, almost as if it shouldn't be where it is.

Doukissa - heh, not what I was expecting.

Aalos - what were you expecting?

Doukissa - I'm not sure...

>In the distance, over the hill, in the Forrest, is a Japanese pagoda in mid construction...

Doukissa - didn't they move in last night? how are they this far into construction?

>From over the trees a humanoid silhouette emerges and places a massive wooden pallet onto the structure, many tiny silhouettes grab and handle in in tandem...

Doukissa - ah, that's how... I guess...
No. 861841 ID: 1945b2
File 151692610850.jpg - (91.42KB , 1000x750 , centaur.jpg )

>You head up a winding road of beaten earth. It's rather freshly beaten and the trees cleared to make it are still green... as you head up you cross paths with a centaur.

Archie - oh, great more pilgrims I presume?

Doukissa - euh...

Archie - Archie Balthazar, there introductions over, gosh so many of you people all at once it's positively criminal, boy if you weren't all pilgrims this would be a lot easier on me...

Doukissa - pardon?

Achie - you're pilgrims with the rest of em looking for temp citizenship papers right?

>_ _ _
No. 861853 ID: a363ac

NOPE! I am the Love Gods younger brother Aalos or TG007! I think he sent a message about me when I mailed him his new dick?
No. 861854 ID: fda98a

Nop, all the contrary. I am here with my gf to se the cult.
No. 861927 ID: 600f38

"I was more looking to get my priestess recognized so she can act as an agent of my will, and can be granted aid if she finds herself in need when I am not present."
No. 861931 ID: a363ac

No. 861945 ID: 6e1aae

No need to stick this guy with the details, either he believes and makes a fuss or he doesn't and also makes a fuss.

Besides, it'll be fun to see if any of the faithful see you for what you are unprompted.

"Don't worry, we're just visiting, no paperwork on that front."
No. 862336 ID: ced636

So he’s just handing out citizenship to random people?
How and why is immigration so easy here?
No. 862453 ID: 1945b2
File 151710068453.jpg - (72.96KB , 1000x750 , glasses.jpg )

Aalos - Don't worry, we're just visiting, no paperwork on that front.

Archie - Visiting?

Aalos - Yeah me and my Gf are here to see the cult.

Archie - alright...

Aalos - not a crime right?

Archie - no, its fine, just be careful, they're really sketchy...

Aalos - So you're just handing out citizenship, how is it that easy to immigrate?

>He adjusts his glasses looking proud to be able to explain his job

Archie - well it's actually not that easy to get in normally, but the "Fenrir agreement" has a work around with pilgrimages. you see they are certified by a official religious authority and their pilgrimage was sanctioned and sanctified in triplicate, technically this site is a religious embassy.

Doukissa - neat.

Archie - its a nightmare... the email on the topic only showed up four hours ago and none of them have any papers, they're ghosts for the most part... not literally of course, but no Social insurance numbers, no ID cards, no birth certificates...

Aalos - ouch.

Archie - plus their religion isn't even in our documents, it's "apparently" an off shoot of Shintoism, but I've never heard of it before and neither has our computer.

Doukissa - yeah...

Archie - I even saw a few of them wearing the symbol of the Yakusa! I am confident they're mulling exotic Japanese drugs here to our simple town... they're trouble I know it. Be careful you two.

Doukissa - don't worry, we'll be careful.
No. 862457 ID: 1945b2
File 151710093210.jpg - (125.83KB , 1000x750 , foo lions.jpg )

>You head up the road and find two massive dog creatures passing a ball to one another and speaking in Japanese... they spot you and stop playing...

Left - greetings travelers~

Right - And also, goodbye.

Left - I'm afraid this site is off limits for the moment.

Right - private property and we're not looking for initiates.

Left - but do try back in two weeks or so, when the renovations are done~

Right - until then, beat it.

>_ _ _
No. 862468 ID: 6780f5

"And here I thought you'd be looking forward to seeing me. I know I'm not as shiny as my brother, but don't you think there's at least a little bit of familiar semblance?"
No. 862515 ID: fda98a

We are going to have to talk with your brother about these immigrants, especially the "yakuza" ones, if they are yakuza to begin with. This is much too chaotic.
No. 862519 ID: a363ac

No. 862540 ID: e17697

"I was just looking to pop by and see how things were doing, since I know disturbing me is apparently sacrilege."

If it doesn't click for them quickly, you can do some upgrade shenanigans; flash them tentacles or something similarly synth-robo-mecha-android exclusive
No. 862567 ID: 600f38

"I have a standing invitation to visit."
No. 865626 ID: 1945b2
File 151805064830.jpg - (118.80KB , 1000x727 , bowing.jpg )

Aalos - And here I thought you'd be looking forward to seeing me. I know I'm not as shiny as my brother, but don't you think there's at least a little bit of familiar semblance?

>It takes them a second to put two and two together before they look nervous and bow gracefully.

Left - we're deeply sorry, master.

Right - we didn't recognize you, in your mortal form.

Left - please, accept our apologies...

>Doukissa is made uncomfortable by the display...

Doukissa - you really... are... a big deal...

Aalos - I was just looking to pop by and see how things were doing, since I know disturbing me is apparently sacrilege.

Right - you bless us with your presence, you are always welcome within your humble temple, my lord.

Left - allow me to escort you to the temple, my lord.

>The right lion takes the rubber ball and the left leads you up the road towards the temple.
No. 865627 ID: 1945b2
File 151805065203.jpg - (87.12KB , 1000x750 , priestesess.jpg )

>The temple is a skeletal structure. framework wrapped in a blue tarp... bubble tents are propped up all around it but most are empty, almost everyone is hard at work on the structure, despite the chilly weather... you're approached by two priestess in lavender robes... they speak in chitters and shutters not unlike dial up noises. yet you understand it as if you were born to the task...

Ainu - [greetings young master, It is our utmost pleasure to have you here.]

>The well endowed woman greets you formally.

Ainu - [I am high priestess Ainu and this is my apprentice Mamiko.]

Mamiko - [greetings, all father, I am blessed to be in your presence~]

>Doukissa looks worried.

Doukissa - eum... Hi? I don't... speak... dial up...

Ainu - pl-please pardon, english is non practice.

Mamiko - no speak.

>They quickly move their attention away from her and back to you.

Ainu - [the temple is not yet fit for your excellence, young master, but please, how may we serve your visit?]

>_ _ _
No. 865666 ID: f6785d

Geez, what is your brother doing. I mean, being idolatrize is cool and shit, but i am WAY to humble for this. I would prefer to be seen like an spiritual guide than a god, don't know about you guys.
No. 865686 ID: 91ee5f

Let them know that you didn’t come here expecting them to serve you because this was just meant to be a friendly visit to get to know them and say, “Hi.”

Also, we might need to do something for Doukissa, seeing as she’s getting very nervous!
No. 865741 ID: 094652

... Are those real or has your brother been demanding weird fetishes?

Probably both. You should talk to him about that.
No. 865768 ID: 830fb7

"Hello, sorry for the unexpected visit but I came to see my brother if he is here, as well as look at the details of this beautiful temple since I happened to be around. Oh and you don't have to praise me like my older brother if anything I like it better if I'm treated like a friend or a member of the family."
No. 865809 ID: 600f38

"I'm here to get an idea of what this place will be like, and to introduce my priestess."
No. 865827 ID: a363ac

"Food!" lets also relay what they say to Doukissa so she feels less nervous
No. 865840 ID: be0b68

Cool. Do you think you can talk the machine talk too?

Either way, yeah this is maybe a little overboard.
Suggest that they are allowed to be more casual/at ease around you, but don't press the issue too hard, they seem to be genuine faithful and it might upset them to not be able to do what they think is proper worship.

At least until we know more about the operation, they are part of a religion set up by Love Machine so i'm sure things could get sexy fast if allowed to.
No. 865934 ID: 3740b1

Sorry but I gotta see what's going on under those robes. Disrobe.
No. 865964 ID: 91ee5f

Please, no.
No. 866000 ID: 600f38

"I am striving to be more approachable, and live among the people. Hence the humble appearance. Please, be at ease. I or my mates may call upon you for aid, but otherwise I will be trying to eschew the trappings of divinity.
For now, I need only ask that my Doukissa be recognized as an agent of my will, and perhaps to share a meal with the faithful."
No. 866491 ID: 1945b2
File 151832162041.jpg - (106.16KB , 1000x750 , kumiho.jpg )

Aalos - they say that the temple is not yet ready for service but that they will offer what ever they can.

>you chirp and whine with a far more fluid and gutteral machine speak, your native tongue almost feels good in your mouth...

Aalos - [I am striving to be more approachable, and live among the people. Hence the humble appearance. Please, be at ease. I or my mates may call upon you for aid, but otherwise I will be trying to eschew the trappings of divinity. For now, I need only ask that my mate Doukissa be recognized as an agent of my will, and perhaps to share a meal with the faithful.]

Ainu - [It would be our honor to share our bounty with you.]

Mamiko - [your divine subject is worthy of much praise, we would already consider her with much regard, but if you so desire it so, we will consider her a direct agent of your divine will.]

Ainu - [our temple is not fit for your greatness, but if you'll allow it, we do have a single operational domicile, where your niece Hwan resides. I ask you share your meal with her greatness~]

Aalos - they say we can have some food and that you're accepted as an extension of my divine influence.

Doukissa - oh... thats... good?

>You're led into the husk of a building, tarped walls and exposed structure force the taller folk to duck under support beams and shorter legged folk to climb over foundations... you arrive at a room that's almost entirely finished from the outside, stepping up on a cinder block to access the door, it slides open reveling an ornate yet scarcely decorated room that dips in the center housing a hearth. sat on the far edge is a woman dressed in a thin gown, her beauty is odd, yet impressive, preternatural, it rolls off her like an aura rather than a work of shapes and proportions... she speaks in english

Hwan - come on in, honored uncle, you're always welcome here.

Doukissa - ahh english, thank you...
No. 866498 ID: 1945b2
File 151832221183.jpg - (125.20KB , 1000x750 , chemical overload.jpg )

>as you walk in you notice a shift in the air, breaching the even horizon you notice the air is positively more golden, there's an aura, a glow about her... Doukissa stumbles and blushes looking bothered, her knees jitter and shake...

Adam - MMnnn *gasp* Nnnn wh-whats going on? I feel so mmnnaaahh~

>The AI on your HUD Buckles and rocks, blushing bright red and squirming, your cock goes full mast under your skirt, thankfully it stays in its default size...

//Error//Error//Error// Abnormality detected... scanning... Scanning... Scanning... No sources detected...

Eve - I can tell you whats up... mmnnnn~ I've felt this before, back when I was alive. Love machine, Blessed be his name, does this to people and so to does his kin... just embrace it, you cant fight it... you'll grow used to it with time.

Hwan - care for some pizza honored one? come, come, sit, sit. you surely have much to talk about~

>_ _ _
No. 866520 ID: f6785d

HMM this is cheating! She has an arousal aura? How could that be? This needs a thorough investigation. But don't go nuts on your brother's daughter. And don't forget about Doukissa either, she seems to stressed about all this, and divine sexy magic probably woun't help either.
No. 866530 ID: 4854ef

Resist it! You must prove you are a strong chosen one and that you will be aroused when you want it!
No. 866540 ID: 3740b1

Screw everything in sight.
No. 866541 ID: 600f38

Fortunately, your libidos DO have a mind of their own. Ignore the arousal.
Ask if she can tone it down for Doukissa, as she isn't used to it.
No. 866550 ID: be0b68

Hmm, seems this is something unique to Love Machine and his offspring, if our equipment can't identify it. Gonna need to ask his secret later, if only to confirm it is a secret.

Anyway, resisting is probably the wrong move, we don't have anything to prove here. Just go along with and manage the sensation rather than fighting it. Uh and maybe keep a hold on Doukissa, just in case.

"Pizza sounds great right now, thank you. It's nice to meet you Hwan."
No. 866556 ID: 689e8d

Is it possible to turn off the parts of our body and maybe even brain that are connected to arousal?
We need to keep in control of ourselves and Doukissa.
I feel like learning/gaining this control will be important later.
No. 866561 ID: 10c408

start muttering bad touch or words to that effect. You didn't give them permission to overload your brain!
No. 866571 ID: a363ac

make an overly dramatic act about how the government is in your brain making you feel things.
No. 869005 ID: 1945b2
File 151916900301.jpg - (79.83KB , 1000x750 , fox.jpg )

Aalos - Pardon, but is it possible for you to turn that down? we didn't give you permission to impose these emotions of sensuality on us.

Hwan - I apologize uncle, I cannot control this... it always like this, if you just relax it will wear off after a few hours...

Doukissa - ho-hours?

Hwan - relax, the gold haze doesn't force you to do anything, it stimulates an emotional response, but it's easily resisted.


>You embrace the sensation and allow it to flow in and through you rather than push against it... the little avatars on your HUD commit to their base desires...

Aalos - Pizza sounds great right now, thank you. It's nice to meet you Hwan.

>You sit by her, every step heightens the sensation... Doukissa follows blushing brightly, a low pleasured gasp leaves her lips as she sits down, her knees shake and clench together, but she doesn't seem angry or upset... just, discomforted...

Aalos - you can wait in the car if you like hun?

Doukissa - no no, I'm... fine...

>The pizza you eat is rich and fancy.

Hwan - in truth I wish I could turn it off, I truly do... we came here to practice our faith in the machine gods, away from the debauchery and sensuality of my fathers lairs, blessed be their hosts.

Doukissa - so you're not a sex cult?

Hwan - not entirely, the exploration of limitless sexual indulgence is but one of the practices we keep... namely the worship of my father, the love machine, blessed be his name. here we mostly offer praise to the all mother, the high spirit. the spirit of research, here we study ourselfs in deep contemplations...

Aalos - interesting.

Hwan - due to your proximity, we'll likely find your spirit a subject of worship, but we do not yet know you. as a god or as a person... could you tell us, as a divine figure... what domains do you keep? how could we offer praise that would honor you~?

>_ _ _
No. 869010 ID: d0d281

Our domains would be what, Community, and maybe knowledge and lust.

Oh wait...
No. 869019 ID: 600f38

"In truth, I don't yet know.
Part of every god and goddess's journey is finding their own domains - the hole in the world that they are the best fit to fill.
I have not been here long enough to have found which hole I am meant to slide into. I may try several before I find the hole I should be sticking into.

I have some ideas, but it will be some time before I know for certain and I don't want to cause confusion by saying one thing and changing it later.

I can say that each of Mother's children will have a domain that is some subset of her domain of Research. At least one of my domains is going to be a field of Research - that is certain.

It's extremely likely, but not certain, that each of Mother's children will have at least one domain related to sentient beings and/or their relationships."

OOC: I'm favoring "Transentism" as our Research domain. Blurring the lines between living beings and machines making our sort of technoorganic tissue compatible with the people of the world, and allowing people to customize and/or exchange their bodies as they wish.
That would inherently require a breakdown of social barriers stemming from inborn differences, which would be a fairly radical social restructuring. That would suggest a second domain of "Acceptance", but there's no need to burn a slot on that.
No. 869027 ID: 7bf510

Destiny - the deeds a person can achieve in life, symbolized by a stone split in half
Chaos - the unpredictability of the future, symbolized by a spiderweb
Choice - the decisions a person makes that defines their path, symbolized by a branching road
Fate - an end to all things, symbolized by a spider's silhouette in profile
No. 869040 ID: be0b68

If I'm perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure yet. I've actually only been awake for a pretty short while.

Hmm... Geez, I was playing pathfinder recently I should have an easier time thinking how my own divine profile would look. I suppose Fun, Curiosity and... maybe Good or Camaraderie? I don't know.

I want to learn and experience all I can, have a good time doing it, and do right by those close to me.
Maybe Mischief, in time?
Dammit I'm rambling.

What's Love Machine and Our All Mother's official divine areas of interest, incidentally?
No. 869053 ID: f6785d

Hey, i like this idea. I'll stick with this. You wouldn't have to stick with what you get when you start living. You can be whatever you want, like you Aalos! To experience all the forms of phisical being, and by extent, the many diferent ways of love. And we all can accept eachother for who we are inside, not for who we are in the outside. To embraisisng the true self.
No. 869116 ID: 9c2d0c

Guys, so far discovering and sliding in to new roles IS our domain. Our body is modular and subject to change on a whim, we are literally different things to different people, and hey, roleplaying is a major formative experience for us.
No. 869120 ID: a363ac

a large part of Aalos deals in slipping into the roles he is giving so far. So the best plan for now is to hold off on answering what you rule over till you know what you want. other wise you will end up with mixed domains with your brother and/or completly horrible ones like the god of JUST pizza when you could be the god of TASTE or COOKING.
As for praise for now you should defer to your guardian during your formative times Doukissa. maybe just ask for like DnD tips delivered to the temple on paper.
No. 869122 ID: 7bf510

Flexibility - adapting body and behavior to ones surroundings, symbolized by a willow tree
No. 869136 ID: 4e4ab9

No. 870933 ID: 1945b2
File 151993121448.jpg - (58.24KB , 1000x750 , answer.jpg )

Aalos - In truth, I don't yet know.
Part of every god and goddess's journey is finding their own domains - the hole in the world that they are the best fit to fill. I have not been here long enough to have found which hole I am meant to slide into. I may try several before I find the hole I should be sticking into. I have some ideas, but it will be some time before I know for certain and I don't want to cause confusion by saying one thing and changing it later.

Hwan - That is commendable young one, truly, you are wise beyond your years~

Aalos - I can say that each of Mother's children will have a domain that is some subset of her domain of Research. At least one of my domains is going to be a field of Research - that is certain. It's extremely likely, but not certain, that each of Mother's children will have at least one domain related to sentient beings and/or their relationships.

Hwan - quite, such as my fathers obsession with non reproductive sexual experiences and wolfs deep rooted study of marital lives and tightly bound community. I'm personally exited to see where your studies bring you~

Doukissa - but, so you're not supposed to participate in his studies?

Hwan - not so much, as we're forbidden from interfering... we will give you the space you need to conduct studies untempered by our presence and worship. But if we can be of any help, any at all, need you research personnel or simply a place to stay, we are sworn to aid you. Not to mention we have much to give... We would dearly appreciate if you would indulge in our celebratory orgy upon the temples completion~

Doukissa - didn't you say you don't do those kind of things?

Hwan - Again, we do offer worship to my father and we do indulge in the study of boundless sensual desires... but there is a difference, between a small two or three hour orgy, once a week or so, and literally dedicating the main hall of the temple to a non stop twenty four seven orgy of no less than twenty members...

Doukissa - n-n-non stop?

Hwan - members are cycled in and out as need be and priests chant songs of healing and vigor to keep things going... it's a mess... we're fine without it... thought the sheer amount of raw energy that father gathers from it is undeniable...

Doukissa - well when you guys have one I... I'll... I'm sure Aalos will be right there with you~heheh...

Hwan - *chuckles lightly* it seems your maiden is light headed young master, perhaps some fresh air would do her good.

Doukissa - yes! I mean... yeah, you're right... it's been nice meeting you...

>You head out, the cold air is refreshing, like walking out of a smog... many faces bow or greet you on the way out as word spread of your arrival, nearly sixty people touch your fur and horns as you leave.
No. 870934 ID: 1945b2
File 151993122520.jpg - (82.61KB , 1000x750 , talking in car.jpg )

Aalos - so, what do you think of me now?

Doukissa - th-that was quite the experience... I never would of guessed that you're so... divine... I mean... wh-what luck that you fell on my doorstep~

>Despite the distance and fresh air, the effects of the golden aura don't seem to leave so easily...

Doukissa - b-but I'm not gonna start worshiping you or anything... you're my friend first and foremost...

Aalos - besides, that would be bad for my studies.

Doukissa - yeah.

Aalos - yup.

Doukissa - ...

Aalos - ...
No. 870935 ID: 1945b2
File 151993123366.jpg - (82.71KB , 1000x750 , blowjob.jpg )

>A silence washes over the car for a moment before the satyr gives in and leans into your lap, tail wagging as she lets her lust take over...

>_ _ _
No. 870940 ID: 91ee5f

Ah, just go ahead and let her do it. Don’t try to stop her.
No. 870949 ID: 830b85

Before it’s goes too far turn up the vibration of her plug all the way up!
No. 870950 ID: 094652

Wait you're not driving are you
No. 870952 ID: f6785d

Well we might be able to resist better than others, but the aura still must have had some effect... you know what, fuck it, and by that i mean fuck her. You did wanted to show her your new body didn't you? Go right ahead! Do we have condoms?
No. 870965 ID: 600f38

Reciprocate, then fuck her until she passes out from pleasure. If you don't have condoms, she has two holes.
No. 870972 ID: 3740b1

Seriously. No little brother to get in the way this time.
No. 870974 ID: 9aca35

let it happen, but don't escalate.
as much as she's into you we know this is probably just that gold haze.
If she wants to continue when her mind's clear, go for it.
No. 870988 ID: 6780f5

She's not driving, right? Might want to pull the E-brake otherwise, both figuratively and literally. In any case, pet your girl and let it happen. Don't forget to reciprocate when you get the opportunity.
No. 871008 ID: ced636

Time for tentacles! Pleasure her loins gently.
They taste like raspberry right, and our mouth tastes like honey? See if she likes those tastes.
No. 872022 ID: 1945b2
File 152037935373.jpg - (100.72KB , 1000x750 , pleasuring the girl.jpg )

>The car is not on or moving.

>You lean back and let her have her way with you. enjoying the soft pleasure of her needy mouth.

>You turn her vibrator all the way up, causing her to moan softly on your rod... slowly slinking your tender tentacle around her waist and under her pants, you feel her drenched silk panties and slowly rub and invade her flower, she moans louder as you give her what she needs.

Doukissa - mmnnn it's a good thing you have those tentacles, cause your cute little chub here just isn't big enough to pleasure me right. *giggles* But it sooo cute~ *aahhh!*

>_ _ _
No. 872052 ID: a363ac

keep dong tiny. d-d-d-do the sex
No. 872056 ID: f6785d

All right, the bait is set. When she is half way there, gently make your dick bigger! That will teach her.
No. 872060 ID: d2e2ce

Yeah, it's time. Pop to full size, let's do this.
No. 872073 ID: 600f38

"It's always the size it needs to be. Mount up and you'll get a satisfying ride~"
No. 872100 ID: 10c408

Mumble the words "That's what you think. I cast summon biggus dickus!"
No. 872110 ID: 1945b2
File 152039609581.jpg - (103.68KB , 1000x750 , now its big.jpg )

Doukissa - such a cute little dick, hehee I think I'll let you have fun with it though, since you're so cute~

Aalos - oh yeah~?

Doukissa - hehee sure, you can put it in me, but you have to make me cum after~

Eve - [hehehehee!!]

>an inch away from her face, Eve engages into the second preset, growing the 1stfall to a solid 10 inches. the fawns face goes white

Doukissa - oh my...

Aalos - It's always the size it needs to be. Mount up and you'll get a satisfying ride~

Doukissa - I... eum...

Aalos - I remember you saying something about fucking you all night long this morning~?

Doukissa - It's bigger than my head...

Aalos - you're not gonna go back on your word now are you?

Doukissa - I bought size 3 condoms... this fits size 5 large...

>_ _ _
No. 872124 ID: 600f38

"Is that a problem?~ I'm sure it'll fit~"
No. 872145 ID: caf1de

she succ while tentacle grape
No. 872146 ID: caf1de

or anal
No. 872150 ID: 802728

Scale it back a little.
No. 872163 ID: 05ff2f

Oh, right, the whole reason we got condoms is 'cause Doukissa doesn't want to be a mom and we don't wanna be a dad. (Yet.) It'd be a real jerk move to forget that in this moment of lust, go in without protection and knock her up. Ah, well, looks like no vaginal for us right now. Well, at this size, at least.

Smirk and ask her what size condom this would be, then set our dick to the largest preset, get a load of her expression and giggle appropriately. (Uh, Eve, the 1stFall does have safety interlocks to prevent it changing to a harmful size while inside another person, right?) Then put a finger on our dick's tip and set it back to the smallest setting while saying "zoop" like we're pushing it back in. Tell her we only have three presets and have to stop to recalibrate if we adjust one, but if she wants to we could tune one to fit her perfectly or tweak it to her exact specifications.

We could shrink our dick down and put on the condoms we have if we want to rub our little pecker off inside Doukissa. That wouldn't be that satisfying for her, though, would it? ...Oh, could we use one or both of our tentacles as "spacers" to make up for our small dick? Like, slip 'em in there to fill up the space our dick doesn't?

Hey, Eve, normal latex condoms block reploids, right? I'd rather not find out the hard way they dissolve latex or burrow through it or some other thing that allows them to get through.

We'll have to remember to pick up larger condoms on the way back through town. [Add "buy bigger condoms" to objectives]

That takes prep work to do without getting... messy. And since we don't have the kit or time for that out here, anal is out. It'd also mean taking Doukissa's buttplug out and she seems to quite enjoy it.
No. 872173 ID: 3740b1

We'll make sure we fit. In her ass. After all that was the deal wasn't it? And now we have tentacles for her vagina, so she'll still get off even if she's not as into anal as she seems.
No. 872174 ID: 10c408

69 with tentacles. Best idea, let's goooo.
No. 872190 ID: 9aca35

well like you said, it's good I have the tentacles.
and like I said, I can fit whatever we need, I could shrink back if you'd prefer.
No. 872208 ID: f6785d

I am feeling generous today so i am going to let you choose what you want to do~
If you don't i am going to choose for you instead~
No. 872209 ID: a363ac

since when did condoms not stretch?
No. 872213 ID: 6780f5

They don't to that extent. Using a too small one is exceptionally uncomfortable/painful, restricts bloodflow in a bad way, and increases the risk of breaking to "almost guaranteed during use".
No. 872291 ID: 1945b2
File 152048368309.jpg - (73.47KB , 1000x750 , she loves it.jpg )

Doukissa - I guess I wont be able to pick on you based on your tiny little penis...

Aalos - Is that a problem? I'm sure it'll fit~

Doukissa - oh I'll make it fit~

>The fawn leans up and slowly gets a feel of your hellacious cock, running her fingers along it in long gentle motions...

Doukissa - I'll be honest for a second... I really... really, don't like not being in control when it comes to sexual situations. you having a tiny little cock made that easy for me, but... this changes things around now doesn't it. I can't deny that I'm exited about it, big and juicy robot cock... But I need to stay on top. you under stand?

Aalos - So I am going to let you choose what you want to do. If you don't I'm going to choose for you instead~

Doukissa - I get the feeling you really want to dominate me, on the premise that I'm a top...

Aalos - maybe...

Doukissa - you're in for a challenge. For starters I'm revoking the "all night fuck sech" you allegedly earned, on the premise that you didn't reveal all the info on your cock upfront and clearly planned on tricking me when we get to the act. if you want to negotiate an agreement on the subject we can later on. For the moment, I want your Vanilla banana Sunday, and I want to hear you moan as I drain it from you, during which time I want you to show me all you can do with those tentacles, and if you do a very good job, I'll allow you to grab my butt while I ride you, once we get home, otherwise you'll be tied to the bedframe~

Aalos - *gulp*

Doukissa - Hows that sound, my little pet~?

>_ _ _
No. 872294 ID: f6785d

I am not sure i want to be disobedient and get "punished" or be a good boy and listen to my mistress. Are you actively torturing my right now by making me doubt? How far can your yoke can it get, oh you devilish socubus?
No. 872298 ID: 91ee5f

>For starters I'm revoking the "all night fuck sech" you allegedly earned, on the premise that you didn't reveal all the info on your cock upfront and clearly planned on tricking me when we get to the act.
I didn’t reveal the info because you didn’t ask! And it wasn’t a trick, it was going to be a surprise!
No. 872302 ID: 39a82b

That sounds reasonable but I feel I need remind you that using the word pet and talking about tying me up sets off some warnings in my programming so maybe we can come up with a safe word real quick?
No. 872305 ID: 600f38

Shrink it back down, but keep your tentacles probing her
"You wound me! I keep it small for you because it makes you happy, but your humiliation fetish talk was dipping from playful to degrading, and that's a turn-off for me.
Lets keep this mutual~"
No. 872311 ID: 05ff2f

"Good, mistress," then deploy our other tentacle and snake it over to help our other one work on Doukissa. Dial back her buttplug then vary its intensity in line with what we're doing with our tentacles so its effect isn't used up too soon by being maxed out the whole time.

We'll have to remember to stop and pick up the right size condoms on the way back through town for when we get home. Otherwise Doukissa won't be able to ride us. Better get a range of sizes and types as well, so we can try different sizes of our 1stFall with her.

And just how was she supposed to know to ask, hm? We never revealed our 1stFall was adjustable in size before now. And it's a jerk move to spring a surprise like that during sex. Always work out what is gonna be done and what each of y'all bring before the act and don't hide things.

I also can't find any record of Doukissa agreeing to a "all night fuck session" or anything close to that in our memories. But even if she did, her agreement would have been predicated on our dick being teeny-weeny. Us suddenly breaking the implied terms would be a breach of her trust and consent and she'd have every right to kick us out of her bed for it.
No. 872314 ID: 3740b1

but muh anal

Aright, we can play the pet; if we are both clear that sometimes we'll want to hold her leash instead. She may have to step out of her comfort zone and be submissive sometimes; but it's only fair as we're not entirely submissive either.
No. 872319 ID: 9aca35

That's fair enough, and I could use the practice with my newer limbs.
No. 872344 ID: 78f608

“If we’re being honest. We have backed up memories of our previous self. In which we were made into a sex slave and forced daily... were a bit uncomfortable ourself with not being on top, that’s why, you see? But we want to trust you and be trusted by you. Since were making this a game to begin with, how bout we determine a win condition and tonight the winner pushes the looser out of their comfort zone?”
No. 873569 ID: 92681e

that's like... yeah Aalos is manipulative, but that pushes it pretty far, don'tcha think?
THIS one is better. definitley gonna go with this one.
No. 873639 ID: a363ac

considering that Aalos isn't really effected by those memories much this seems highly manipulative and just a bad person thing to do. so no.
No. 874615 ID: 1945b2
File 152158732983.jpg - (61.64KB , 1000x750 , giving head.jpg )

Aalos - alright, we'll be your play thing, but lets be fair, We want the leash to sometimes, we're not very sub ourself, but we're willing to have fun, so should you. we want to help you out of your comfort zone and show you a good time~

>she smiles at you, seeming to understand your intent.

Doukissa - lets head into the back, we'll have more room.

>She leads you into the back of the van, crawling down to your skirt and admiring your hefty tool.

Doukissa - gosh... I haven't seen one this big in a while...

>She enjoys your girthy meat, pushing herself to take it all, struggling and ultimately failing. you reach back with your lengthy tentacles and press deep into her deer folds, pistoning with both tentacles in tandem. their squishy nature allowing them to both fit into her at once. you resist the urge to unload, in order to buy more time for your tentacles to pleasure her.
No. 874616 ID: 1945b2
File 152158733415.jpg - (63.62KB , 1000x750 , oh no crap its teh cops.jpg )

>but just your luck, a shadow looms over the side door window.

Aalos - eum...

Doukissa - just ignore it, it'll leave...

officer - Doukissa, this is officer Kastros, open the door.

Doukissa - Aun-Aunt Kassy!?

Officer - *sigh* put your pants on Doukissa...

Doukissa - Crap crap crap...
No. 874617 ID: 1945b2
File 152158733897.jpg - (49.60KB , 1000x750 , oh boy cop tits.jpg )

>Doukissa pulls her pants back up and cleans up real fast, helping you cover yourself and opens the sliding door.

Doukissa - Aunty~

Kass - Doukissa Argyrys. are you aware that public sexual exposure is illigal as per section 66 of the Sexual Offences Act?

Doukissa - I... thought it was alright if its in a car with tinted windows?

Kass - It's not.

Doukissa - ah...

Kass - I know this isn't you. I'll let you off with a warning.

Doukissa - thanks mam...

Kass - wait to be home before doing this, alright?

Doukissa - yes mam... what are you doing out here?

Kass - commissioner thinks these pilgrims are drug mules so I'm here on inspection...

Doukissa - ahh... well they're nice people at least.

Kass - I'll be the judge of that... anywho I need to see your papers.

Doukissa - oh eum yeah...

Kass - you two little buddy.

Doukissa - oh eum!!

>_ _ _
No. 874625 ID: f6785d

Perfect, not only we are being cockbloked, but we also HAVE TO PRESENT PAPPERS WE DON'T HAVE YET. And she doesn't look like the one that let's things slip pass her. I don't think telling her we still don't have them is posible, right?
And that we are part of the pilgrims isn't it good either...
What was the escuse we used with Dukessa's mother again?
No. 874631 ID: 9aca35

Ha, shit.
Oh well, we'll need to move along.

We can explain we're new and in the middle of being processed. Papers on their way so to speak.
No. 874632 ID: 830fb7

Say something like I don’t have my papers yet, we where on our way to get them when I got an invite from my niece asking me to visit, Just watch out she has my brothers (her fathers) ability’s of seduction.
No. 874634 ID: 3740b1

No. 874642 ID: 600f38

Aren't we on Temple grounds? That's private property. It's not public sexual exposure unless you are in a public place or visible from a public place.

"Sorry, but aren't we on their temple grounds? Their temple isn't open to the public, at least not yet, so it isn't even covered as a public accommodation. That makes this private property, not a public space.

Also, you couldn't see anything exposed until you walked up to the car, right? Just suggestive bodily motions that aren't actually covered by the Sexual Offenses Act?
Since you had to be on private property in order to see it, it wasn't viewable from a public place. While being in a car with tinted windows isn't enough, that certainly is.

We'll try to keep our hormones under control, officer, but can we just forget this ever happened? No record, no notes, no report?"

If she presses you on the papers:
"Clerical error. I arrived before my papers.
It should be worked out today, and I do have 24 hours to present documents.
Or, if you would like, I can put you in touch with my embassy and you can ask to have my papers sent over."
No. 874677 ID: e7e12c

>sex in back of van with tinted windows parked off road by woods on the outskirts of town
>public sex
I think you need to rethink what public means.

Anyway say the stuff about papers then say you could always have your brother Love Machine HAVE the Japanese Government send the paper work directly to her as soon as tomorrow but that may mean a lot of extra paperwork.
No. 875615 ID: 1945b2
File 152220409607.jpg - (104.85KB , 1000x800 , cop.jpg )

Aalos - Sorry, but aren't we on their temple grounds? Their temple isn't open to the public, at least not yet, so it isn't even covered as a public accommodation. That makes this private property, not a public space.

>She looks a little annoyed.

Kass - Sir this is a road. it couldn't possibly be more of a public space.

Aalos - but, you couldn't see anything exposed until you walked up to the car, right? Just suggestive bodily motions that aren't actually covered by the Sexual Offenses Act?

Kass - *sigh* yeah, that's why I'm letting you off with a warning instead of giving you a ticket.

Aalos - Well, We'll try to keep our hormones under control, officer, but can we just forget this ever happened? No record, no notes, no report?

Kass - you don't have any papers on you, do you?

Aalos - Clerical error. I arrived before my papers. It should be worked out today, and I do have 24 hours to present documents. Or, if you would like, I can put you in touch with my embassy and you can ask to have my papers sent over.

Kass - ah, you're one of the ghosts from the new embassy... that makes things... difficult. *sigh* Doukissa I thought you were more responsible than this... you know how much trouble you can get in for sleeping with a minor?

Doukissa - I... I... It's not what it looks like!

Kass - yeah it had better not be. you'd best hope this little rascals, sexual consent permit comes through or else you could be in a world of trouble! And you... I'm afraid I'm going to have to escort you back to the embassy until you have at least a temp citizenship. There should be a centaur to help you out some time today, until then I advice you to stay on site.

Doukissa - I... you... he...

Kass - stay put. I'll be right back...

>She turns on her heels and walks towards her car, her partner eye balling you...

Doukissa - Aalos, is there any reason why you didn't tell her the truth? Cause I don't know if you know this, but having sex with a "person" without Sexual consent permits is considered statutory rape. why didn't you just tell her the truth?

>_ _ _
No. 875619 ID: f6785d

Wait, are we considered as minor? I didn't knew that!
I am pretty sure that we have an young adult kobold body. We are just this small, right?
No. 875624 ID: 600f38

"She doesn't recognize an adult kobold?
Huh. I'm a bit surprised. One moment."

Call Love Machine, and ask him to fax the police some citizenship paperwork and whatever the they'd accept as a consent permit.
No. 875625 ID: 600f38

Also, why the fuck were you parked on a road? She could have ticketed you for THAT!
No. 875626 ID: 9aca35

Oh, that's not the papers I thought she meant.
Well this is going to get silly fast.

Do we even have any decent evidence of being a construct on hand besides, uh, partially disassembling?
I imagine glowy tentacles are not all that common but might not be enough.

I thought so too, oh dear.
No. 875629 ID: 600f38

I was thinking about claiming the glowing lines and/or tentacles as cultural proof of adulthood - obviously, we thought she meant our immigration paperwork, because our 'consent permits' are on full display.
No. 875630 ID: 178474

Well if we need proof of our robotness we could just remove our contacts and show her our camera shutter eyes.
No. 875638 ID: 91ee5f

>Doukissa I thought you were more responsible than this...you know how much trouble you can get in for sleeping with a minor?
“Hey! Just because I’m short, that doesn’t make me a minor! I’m an adult!”
No. 875647 ID: 830fb7

We may want to tell her that we are a sentient construct like our brother. Hwan the head of this temple and the son of our brother is in the temple and can inform her on some of the details of who/what we are. For now remove the contacts and some of your fur to show that you are as you claim a sentient robot. Then proceed to explain that we where going to go get our paperwork done when we got info from our niece saying she would be in the area and the Sex acts where kind of instilled in us after being exposed to her aura.
No. 875652 ID: 91ee5f

We can remove the contacts, but do not remove any fur! Our fur is attached to our skin and we can’t remove the fur without also removing the skin. There is a reason the instructions said to install all of our fleshy stuff in private and/or recommended getting amnesiacs to help install them!

I’m pretty sure we were described as an organic robot, so the only thing under our skin would be organic fleshy stuff. It would be traumatizing to see us skin ourself and expose our muscles/organs to other people!
No. 875660 ID: 094652

"... She said sleeping in A Minor was illegal. So does that mean you can't chirp like a jaybird while you're cowgirling me?"


"Oh, I just wanted the nice paranoid lady to pay less attention to the robot in the room. But aren't kobolds recognized as a dwarf species?"


"This is about my tiny dick, isn't it."
No. 875707 ID: eeb7d9

Boy, this cop sure is hella rude. She already assumed our age, what is next? Assume our gender? I am terribly offended.
No. 875788 ID: 05ff2f

[Lean in close to Doukissa and speak in a rapid, hushed voice] What truth? That I'm a biomechanical synth? She wouldn't believe that for a second unless I peeled my skin off. But once she does, that'd just end up with me classified as a construct, and thus property without personal rights. I'm not going to put myself in a position where I don't have legal rights as a person. And if it's a truth that doesn't reveal I'm not a carbon-based lifeform, I'd love to hear it 'cause I'm drawing a blank.

Also, I didn't know about the U.K. requiring sexual consent permit. I thought she was asking for a state ID or-Dammit! I just remembered that your brother told me about that stuff, when we were out on the deck the night I arrived. (>>/questarch/743154) And then like a idiot I forgot about it. I'm sorry, Doukissa.

Okay, I got a plan to get you and me out of this mess. I'll contact my big bro, he'll pull strings to make me citizen of Japan and create a whole background identity to go with it, which hopefully includes a equivalent of a sexual consent permit that the U.K. will accept. I'll be a member of the group that came over to build the temple up there. He'll also contact the embassy to get me put in their records and with U.K. immigration to get my resident status expedited. See, it'll work out fine, so don't worry. Now, can I get a goodbye kiss before your auntie hauls me off?

[Activate mobile communications: Compose encrypted message to TG006: Hey, bro, got a problem I need your help with. <Insert summary of the situation with us, Doukissa and the law.> So, I need a sexual consent permit or Doukissa will be facing statutory rape charges. I figured you could get me on record as a citizen of Japan who came over with Hwan's group. I figure that included sexual consent permits for 'em, considering what worshiping you entails.]
No. 875945 ID: 1945b2
File 152238354005.jpg - (69.37KB , 1000x625 , kissing fun.jpg )

Aalos - Boy, this cop sure is hella rude. She already assumed our age, what is next? Assume our gender? I am terribly offended.

Doukissa - Aalos... please this is serious.

What truth then? That I'm a biomechanical synth? She wouldn't believe that for a second unless I peeled my skin off... Also, I didn't know about the U.K. requiring sexual consent permit. I thought she was asking for a state ID or-Dammit! I just remembered that your brother told me about that stuff, when we were out on the deck the night I arrived. And then like a idiot I forgot about it. I'm sorry, Doukissa.

>she sighs and gives you a forgiving look.

Doukissa - it's not all your fault, you were built for a candian family right? so you're probably more familiar with human laws than ours... still this is trouble... but we'll be fine.

Aalos - Okay, I got a plan to get you and me out of this mess. I'll contact my big bro, he'll pull strings to make me citizen of Japan and create a whole background identity to go with it, which hopefully includes a equivalent of a sexual consent permit that the U.K. will accept.

Doukissa - your brother can get it done that easily?

Aalos - you don't know the half of it... I'll be a member of the group that came over to build the temple up there. He'll also contact the embassy to get me put in their records and with U.K. immigration to get my resident status expedited. See, it'll work out fine, so don't worry. Now, can I get a goodbye kiss before your auntie hauls me off?

>she smirks and pulls you close and kisses you for a few moments...

Doukissa - when you've got your permit, we'll use it in celebration. I'm trusting you to those cultists.

Aalos - I couldn't possibly be in safer hands.

>Kass returns and kindly asks you to follow here back up the hill and into the Forrest.

[Activate mobile communications: Compose encrypted message to TG006:]
[Aalos] - Hey, bro, got a problem I need your help with.

[Love machine] - You know I'm here for you, what can I do to help~?

[Aalos] - <Insert summary of the situation with us, Doukissa and the law.> So, I need a sexual consent permit or Doukissa will be facing statutory rape charges. I figured you could get me on record as a citizen of Japan who came over with Hwan's group. I figure that included sexual consent permits for 'em, considering what worshiping you entails.

[Love Machine] - And here I thought you'd ask for something hard. I'll see it done by morning, until then enjoy the warm embrace of my followers~

[Aalos] - thanks big bro, I really owe you.

[Love Machine] - No such thing my dude, There's nothing I wouldn't do for my family. Have a good one.
No. 875946 ID: 1945b2
File 152238355535.jpg - (62.13KB , 1000x625 , greeted a new.jpg )

>Kass explains the situation loosely to the lions guarding the temple grounds and leaves you in their care... one of them leads you up to the shrine proper, cussing at the officers insolence along the way... Ainu is quick to greet you.

Ainu - young master, you've returned so soon?

Aalos - yeah we fell into a little trouble with the law after my partner was affected by Hwans aura. It seems I'm to stay here until my brother sends some files.

Ainu - we're deeply sorry for your troubles young master, but we're greatly honored to accommodate you~ thought our temple as is is not fit for your greatness, we will do everything we can to make your stay as comfortable as you need it.

Aalos - you're very kind.

Ainu - please tell us, how can we serve you young master~?

>_ _ _
No. 875960 ID: 094652

"What the heck, I'm here all night. Full @#$%ing Treatment! And I mean that literally, speep~!~!~~!~"
No. 875972 ID: 600f38

"I could use a cell phone.
I mean, I am a cell phone, but that makes facetime awkward."

We should check in with Trisha and see how she's doing.
No. 875982 ID: 3740b1

Yeah, temple wide orgy. You're only a young bio-synth godling once.
No. 876006 ID: 4ea7ac

Of all our followers do any of them have a pen and paper roll playing game? It’s our favourite way to socialize.
No. 876027 ID: eeb7d9

Before going to the orgy part, let's learn a little more about the cult. Ask some questions.
How did my brother started all this up, From your perspective?
No. 876057 ID: 6780f5

"Have you guys heard of the Book of Erotic Fantasy?"
No. 876065 ID: d954f1

why not just go full FATAL if youre gonna be like that
No. 876072 ID: 6780f5

Because no one should have to be subjected to FATAL
No. 876105 ID: a363ac

No. 876140 ID: 9aca35

Just being allowed to observe how things are around here and maybe getting to know Hwan a little better would be nice. More pizza might be involved in the latter. We don't know our relative or their religion in any real depth, it'll be nice/interesting to learn even if it gets no research points.

We did hear that Hwan and the people here were taking a step back from orgies, I'm sure they'd happily indulge us, but we did just say we weren't going to be quite like that... of course if during the stay they started up I'm sure joining in wouldn't be improper <3
No. 876149 ID: 10c408

"Honestly I just want to hang out and play games without disrupting the construction."

"Well, I am gonna ask a ton of questions about my brother's religion."
No. 877087 ID: 1945b2
File 152286094985.jpg - (82.27KB , 1000x1000 , reading that good book.jpg )

Aalos - I could use a cell phone. I mean, I am a cell phone, but that makes facetime awkward.

Ainu - you can use mine if need be.

Aalos - suppose a temple wide orgy is out of the question?

Ainu - as much as it displeases me to deny you your desires, sadly we do not currently have the means to accommodate such a celebration. though you can expect such an endeavor to commemorate the temples completion. I will however find you a sacred number of hosts for you. if you so desire~

Aalos - so how did my brother start all this, from your perspective?

Ainu - It began as any other cult, he rose up and claimed he was a god. I'm lent to understand that his practice started in hidden dorms of school campuses, little cults where youths could indulge in each other away from prejudice and strife. This helped many youths focus on education, without the stress of needing release. one of his founding virtues is in this fact, love and be loved, unwind and fear not the judge of the non believers. His temples expanded from school to workplaces to brothels and eventually temples... but it's not before his priests brought about miracles, healing spells and great wonders that his influence was recognized as divine. And truly there can be no doubt, for through him even I channel the divine force... perhaps you shall offer this gift too in time~

Aalos - Have you guys heard of the Book of Erotic Fantasy?

Ainu - *giggles* is this a retorical question my lord? of course I've studied in in full.

>She produces a soft covered pocket bible from her robes and hands it to you... the book of erotic fantasy, third of seven holy texts to the faith of the machine god... You flip through it quickly, inside are hymns, revelations and sermons. most if not all of which preach indulgence in the hidden sexual desires, as well as the distinction between safe sexual indulgences and those reserved for fantasy and fictions... many of the sacred practices, who's conduct is not to be broken under penalty of sin, are basic safety measures cleverly disguised as ritual. the illuminations are rather pornographic, though again they do offer moderately accurate sexual safety guidelines on the topic of esoteric indulgences and bestial partners... the main morals and dogmas to take away from it are: fear not thine own desires, deny not thine own desires, judge and shame not thy neighbor, love thy self, love thine other, never to damage or break thine own sacred body or thine neighbors.

Aalos - interesting, may I keep this?

Ainu - you may of course, it goes without saying~

Aalos - Honestly I just want to hang out and play games without disrupting the construction. Of all our followers do any of them have a pen and paper roll playing game? It’s our favorite way to socialize.

Ainu - I will ask around for such a game, surely at least a few can indulge with you.
No. 877088 ID: 1945b2
File 152286095621.jpg - (106.66KB , 1000x1000 , vouive.jpg )

>Ainu leads you through the foundations of the building, and meets up with a man wearing the priests robes, his sash is the same color as Ainu's. His lower body is that of a long snakelike drake, it huffs and puffs with the eagerness of a puppy... he greets you with a lower bow.

Kaito - to what do I owe this honor young lord?

Ainu - our lord will stay in our temple until legislatives arrive. How quickly could we have an appropriate room built for him?

Kaito - I will have a team lambda divert their efforts to it, it should only be thirty minutes at worst to create a suitable room.

>He points to a small cluster of blocky rooms, erected but not furnished.

Ainu - Does this accommodate the lord?

Aalos - of course, no need to rush yourselfs.

Kaito - we pride ourself in our machine like efficiency... You must understand we admire your kind in all ways and seek to emulate you. With that being said, I should bring up a... touchy subject. the priests who saw you, my lord, were somewhat displeased by your form. some of the worshipers question why you maintained your mortal form in this sacred place, not appearing before them as a god... I've explained to them that your forms are not quickly changed, though that didn't fully quell the upset... it would do wonders for work moral if you would appear more godly in front of the worshipers, my lord.

Ainu - we do have blessed robes of the divine body, please accept them as our gift.

Kaito - we also have the relic flesh...

Ainu - Th-the! Y-yes I suppose. we do have that...

Kaito - if you would accept it, we have a shell of the love Machine, it was gifted upon us for our pilgrimage. We would be honored if you would wear his divine shell.

Ainu - indeed... anything that you should desire is yours of course... you and him are of the same make, it will fit, though I ask you allow us to make use of it for rituals when need be...

>_ _ _
No. 877097 ID: 094652

>'Sacred texts' are just sex books with safety measures
Don't they already have one of those?

>Why aren't you more... godly?
"It didn't end well for our elder siblings. They were good-natured but arrogant, flashing off all their powers from the start in an attempt to awe followers into obedience. Which would probably work in mass numbers, but when they gave their miracles one at a time to the first person they saw, those people became paranoid that they were facing a monster playing with its food, and went to town on our poor brothers and sisters out of rabid fear. So now we start as demigods and get upgrades to our flashy powers with more followers. Think of us as a 'twitter superhero'."

>What do
Was hoping we could select ~5 and screw while roleplaying.
No. 877109 ID: eeb7d9

Hmmm, personally i don't loke th idea of the God-looking kobold. I like my squishy and cute body. It's so fluffy. I like the natural boddy more. But i guess i can use the godlly apearence in temple grounds to please our members.
No. 877144 ID: 9c2d0c

Skin was described as taking a few minutes to take off, right? Remove contacts, remove Synthfur, show off your sweet Aperture Science body.

"If these people want to see my undisguised form, I have no reason to deny them, but I don't feel right using Love Machine's old shell. I am supposed to be forging my own path, and while I appreciate all the help you bring, I don't like riding so close on his coat tails that you can't tell us apart."
No. 877145 ID: c18d40

"Appearing godly would work against my goal of integrating myself into mortal life to gain a greater understanding of it, and this was only intended to be a quick visit. Since I'm staying longer than expected I can change my shell for the comfort of your followers, but perhaps it would be best to have those who complained observe the process.
Please also remind them that under local law my true nature would have me considered less than a person."
No. 877188 ID: 90881d

More free robot body loot?
Provided were distinguishable from our older brother despite wearing his skin then sure!
I assume it’s golden?
No. 877503 ID: 1945b2
File 152303830967.jpg - (154.87KB , 1200x1200 , looking in mirror.jpg )

Aalos - Appearing godly would work against my goal of integrating myself into mortal life to gain a greater understanding of it, and this was only intended to be a quick visit. Since I'm staying longer than expected I can change my shell for the comfort of your followers, but perhaps it would be best to have those who complained observe the process.

Kaito - If that is your desire my lord, though we should allow our followers to not watch if they chose, forcing such an act on our people may be unwise.

Ainu - I am grateful that you would accept this shell, and would be honored to assist you, my lord~

Aalos - Please also remind them that under local law my true nature would have me considered less than a person.

Kaito - I will see to it.

>You're brought to an empty room, devoid of proper flooring with unpainted walls. After a few minutes, fifteen worshipers enter, wearing civilian clothes and work harnesses, as well as the seemingly ceremonial sashes... Ten of them in white sashes bow low on their hands and knees, four in blue sashes approach and kiss your feet, while one in a purple sash greets you and kisses your hand... they offer blessing and prayers, thanks for good tidings and words of worship. under the ruling eye of Kaito, they get to producing your room to be. Within no more than 25 minutes the hard wood floor is set in, doors are installed the walls are either covered up with rice paper walls, or they're sufficiently decorated. Furniture is moved in, a low table fit to serve six, a futon mattress draped in a harem of pillows and silk sheets, a throne covered in silk, a dresser, a mirror, a small heater, a small fridge, two lamps hang form the ceiling. All of which powered by a well organized heap of extension cables.

>Once the deed is done the servants bow low to you awaiting recognition.

Kaito -is this suitable my lord?

Aalos - it's amazing, you're workforce is beyond peer~ Are these the worshipers who questioned my form?

Kaito - Some but not all.

Aalos - That is fine, they'll retell what they see.

>The purple sashed oni woman raises from her bow.

Oni - it is an honor my lord, to see your true form.

>A trunk is produced by two servants, led by Ainu, she assist you in peeling your skin from your bare flesh, after a few moments you're bare, purple flesh and blue organs held together by steel bones and body plates... The worshipers show a mix of fear and amazement, though none leave or show disgust. Ainu helps the charcoal skin on and affixes the golden plates to you. one by one you come together. Once complete she drapes the Sacred robes over your shoulders, a thick spotted fur neck piece and a thin silky purple full body cape.

Aalos - not what I was expecting...

Ainu - the lord typically shows much of his divine body. if you wish for something else...

Aalos - this will do for now~

>The worshipers bow low, humbled by the sight and offer prayer to you... Kaito then shepherds them out.

>Observing yourself in a mirror, you look a lot like yourself, the shell must be a modified model 01, same as the one you have at Doukissa's... it's comfortable to wear and feels brand new. your augments fit perfectly with it.

Ainu - I will find suitable hosts to keep you company my lord. This will not be long. Do you need anything else?

>_ _ _
No. 877519 ID: e8fccf

No. 877526 ID: 094652

No. 877531 ID: eeb7d9

Holy shit, we look like the Holy Emperor himself, but not human!
I want a toga!
No. 877549 ID: 6780f5

That wasn't quite the Book of Erotic Fantasy I had in mind. I meant the terrible D&D 3.5 splatbook.
No. 877735 ID: 529d1e

Suppose we recalibrate our dick before the ladies arrive?
No. 877970 ID: c06419

Maybe it's just me, but this looks a a few shades darker than big bro's usual gold... Different alloy maybe?

...Meh. Doesn't suit us. We look better in pearl white, even if it is our default. I can see a a light iridescence working, maybe fading between white and lavender to match our accessories, but that's a thought for later.

hmmm... Is that hard coded? preferring colors similar to the stock parts we were sent out in? I wonder if big bro was always metallic...

Oh right, Do we have anything o use as a map, tokens, or miniatures? doing this entirely on paper always works but can be easier to loose track of.
No. 878050 ID: 1945b2
File 152330811946.jpg - (303.11KB , 1618x1600 , the ladies arrive.jpg )

Aalos - More pillows if possible, and some drinks~

Ainu - I'll see to it.

>She leaves, closing the paper door behind her. you're alone in the room for some time...

>You wrap one of the silk blankets around your waist and shoulder. just like the cape, it does little to hide your naked body.

>After a few minutes there's a knock on the wooden frame of the door.

Woman - May we enter?

Aalos - of course~

>The door opens and four worshipers enter, Bowing to you as they enter, all wearing blue sashes though the doggy has a purple sash. they set down two boxes of pizza, a large bottle of white wine, Even more pillows, three books, a binder full of papers and a hefty sack of dice, on the table. they all Kneel down and bow low to you.

Women - It is an honor master, How may we serve you~?

>_ _ _
No. 878054 ID: eeb7d9

FIRST OF ALL: all of you look adorable and cute.
Ok, let's get to know them, we are stil studing biologicals culture and interactions. I am sure they'll have some interesting history about their experiences with this cult.
Then we can get frisky with them. And play rol games.
No. 878065 ID: d0d281

So I have to ask the question, has your brother been gathering all the interesting people to follow him, cause they've been a pretty diverse and eclectic bunch, or is this more of a jonestown thing here?
No. 878066 ID: 6780f5

It's time to roll up characters! While the DM's blowing you, that is.
No. 878067 ID: 3740b1

Heads down, butts up.

Ah sorry sorry, just a joke. (>.>)

Let's see what's in the bag.
No. 878068 ID: 91ee5f

We were already told what was in the bag. It’s a bunch of dice.
No. 878071 ID: d0d281

So are we DMing an adventure for the worshipers or something? Like just coming up with something on the spot?
No. 878074 ID: af2be6

We'll need the Book of Erotic Fantasy splatbook, and to see if any of our friends are interested in playing D&D that may turn into an orgy.
No. 878083 ID: 3740b1

Yes, but what kind of dice? So many options out there, and some people have pretty nifty collections.
No. 878090 ID: 69f2fb

People give such terrible descriptions of themselves, like “normal” or “fun loving”. Have them describe each other instead, no one knows you like your best friends do!
No. 878129 ID: 1945b2
File 152334161060.jpg - (92.68KB , 1000x1000 , Hana.jpg )

Aalos - FIRST OF ALL: all of you look adorable and cute. As for the meet and greet, how bout you introduce each other rather than yourselves.

Rabbit girl - Heeh?

Aalos - People give such terrible descriptions of themselves, like “normal” or “fun loving”, but no one knows you like your best friends do~

>They look at each other, thinking about how best to describe each other.

Doggo - So this here is Hana, She's our DM, She's clever and creative and she loves trying new things~

Hana - oh you guys~

Rabbit - she's a little manipulative...

Hana - h-hey...

Rabbit - It's not mean or anything, but Hana does try to influence people around her into thinking like she does.

Hana - dude... can you not be so rough on me in front of god...

Doggo - it's not mean, it's just how you are, you're quite encouraging.

Hana - I suppose that sounds better...
No. 878130 ID: 1945b2
File 152334161535.jpg - (96.87KB , 1000x1000 , hachi.jpg )

Hana - Well, this is my brother Hachi

Hachi - Hello~

Hana - he's very easily influenced.

Hachi - yeah, I am~

Hana - He's pretty much a total sycophant.

Hachi - I prefer, open to fun new ideas~

Hana - I told him to try on a dress one time and he never put pants on again.

Hachi - I like dresses, they're comfy and easy to wear~

Hana - *sigh* why don't you get angry when I tease you?

Hachi - cause you're not mean?

Hana - *sighs heavily*
No. 878131 ID: 1945b2
File 152334162017.jpg - (83.20KB , 1000x1000 , Shika.jpg )

>You open the dice bag and look inside, there's several dozen dice of various shapes and colors, all plastic save for one set that's solid steel.

Doggo - This is Shika, She's a bit of an air head.

Hana - we mean it as nicely as possible.

Shika - Its true, I get forgetful sometimes...

Hana - we love her though, she's our precious silly Shika~

Hachi - honestly the nicest person I know, suppose innocent is a more precise term.

Shika - please be patient with me, my lord~
No. 878132 ID: 1945b2
File 152334162408.jpg - (112.07KB , 1000x1000 , Rikku.jpg )

Doggo - My name is Rikku.

Hana - Rikku is a tad assertive.

Hachi - I think honest, is a more appropriate term?

Rikku - I don't really peek around the bush do I?

Hana - nah, you don't really do that...

Shika - Rikku is the nicest~

Hachi - definitely the most caring person I know.

Hana - oh yeah, absolutely. Rikku is like a mother to us, she saved all three of us from the streets.

Rikku - how could I not? when you're all so cute~

Hachi - hehee~

Rikku - so, my lord, We've got starfinder, food, drink and ourselfs...

>Her tails wags furiously...

Rikku - What kind of evening do you have in mind~?

>_ _ _
No. 878134 ID: dc1a61

No. 878136 ID: 3740b1

Eh, we have a pathfinder campaign waiting. But how often do we get to have an orgy with people who worship us. (Also a dog). Have some drinks then have them.
No. 878138 ID: 6780f5

Make Starfinder characters, of course! While the DM blows you.
No. 878139 ID: 094652

Try a sex-based RPG where you're the game master and players take turns screwing you for roleplay exp.

Actually, make all exp gains from screwing the game master, with actions the PCs take adding a multiplier.
No. 878140 ID: af148a

A fun one! This the coolest sleepover.

Starfinder was mentioned, maybe we can jump in as a guest appearance on an ongoing game? (unless that'd mess with this story segment too much)
We'll probably not be around long enough or regularly enough to merit starting a new campaign.

Other than having fun, totally hug and/or sex anyone here that's willing at some point, there's too much cute on display.
No. 878143 ID: 830fb7

Just try to make this more about them than us because we want to leave them a good first impression (plus we are going for the humble down to earth look) so we can blend and be treated more like a member of a family not something you revere from a distance until told otherwise.
No. 878148 ID: eeb7d9

She is no a dog! She is a lady dog.

I am sorry Hachi, i thought that you were a cute girl, bt you were a cute boy. It doesn't change the fact that i am happy to have you here. I too like dresses, they are very comfy.

I agree, there is no need to rush it tho.
No. 878149 ID: d6afc2

Making starfinder characters.
No sex involved here..... for now.
No. 878155 ID: 7ff038


No fucking seriously don't do that.
Lets just make some quick characters for now and then start a small one off session and see how things go from there.
If things go well we may make regular trips out here for more serious multi session campaigns. and sex.
No. 878157 ID: 600f38

The question is if they would rather do a one-off adventure, or have a guest appearance in an ongoing campaign.
No. 878285 ID: 1851b6

Complement the dog's nice hat.
No. 878288 ID: 13f2f5

That's an Eboshi

Rather than a roleplaying session we could do some light party games, get wasted and do what getting wasted usually leads to. We could also play Werewolf/Mafia. Or drunk Werewolf/Mafia.
No. 878291 ID: af148a

We made a request for role-playing people and materials, it seems a little silly not to use them
No. 878303 ID: 958c02

Not all of us made that suggestion. Why should everyone follow a suggestion made by a few?
No. 878309 ID: a363ac

Put Rikku in lap, PET.
No. 878319 ID: af148a

It's not so much the suggestors need to follow it so much as it's already happened now, the character of Aalos has now made that request.

Now while even Aalos doesn't need to follow it up, the other characters will notice.
Aalos has brought these rp players here and expressed an interest in role-playing games, it becomes weird to then not, you know?

We have to suggest for the current situation even if it's based on a decision we didn't want.
No. 878324 ID: 13f2f5

Mafia can be a type of roleplay? I think? I just want something with less number crunching, more freeform roleplaying. And getting wasted. For purely scientific reasons.
No. 878345 ID: d2e2ce


Sounds decent.
No. 878748 ID: c06419

Ooh, starfinder! that's always a fun time.
Unless you accidentally airlock one of your teammates and cause the party to turn on each other. Try not to do that.
No. 878760 ID: 9aca35

space shenanigans sounds cool

also works

so long as fun is had by all it doesn't matter where the activities lead
No. 878765 ID: 10c408

Let's not pull the rug out from everyone by switching to party games after everyone's here.

Seconding this, maybe with a bit less emphasis on the sex. They ARE your brothers followers after all and we're only going to be here until the paperwork goes through.
No. 878790 ID: 8b2814

Starfinder seems good. I was gonna say something rules-light for a quick one-shot, but pathfinder-in-space should be easy enough (and has the benefit of being a clear departure from the meta setting we find ourselves in.)
No. 879257 ID: 1945b2
File 152399682627.jpg - (93.88KB , 1000x1000 , who does it.jpg )

>You lean over and pick up Rikku, resting her in your lap, her naked fluffy rump sits on your junk, tail wagging.

Rikku - oh my~

Eve - [your tempting me here master~]

Aalos - would it be degrading to pet you?

Rikku - no no, I love pet-pets~

>You run your hands along her soft fur and scratch under he chin and behind her ears.

Rikku - mmmuurr that's the good stuff~

Aalos - I love your hat.

Rikku - thanks, its a badge of office, even though others of my rank don't wear it... it's not "Fashionable"

Aalos - I am sorry Hachi, I thought that you were a cute girl, but you were a cute boy. It doesn't change the fact that I'm happy to have you here.

Hachi - I prefer when people think I'm a girl, so I'll consider it a compliment~

Aalos - I too like dresses, they are very comfy.

Hachi - noticed, you look good in a skirt, master~

Aalos - So, Starfinder then? maybe we can jump in as a guest appearance on an ongoing game?

Hana - well currently we don't have an ongoing game, out last group got split up when we started the pilgrimage, so we made an impromptu end to our story...

Aalos - alright, then lets not do a big story arc, I don't know how often I'll be coming here...

Hana - I think that's wise, though we'd love to see you more often~ So... usually I'm the DM, but I have been craving to play a PC... would you like to DM, master Aalos?

>Player Character
>Dungeon Master
>_ _ _
No. 879271 ID: 6780f5

Player Character
No. 879276 ID: d0d281

Definitely DM.
No. 879285 ID: 3740b1

No. 879287 ID: eeb7d9

I have zero experience being a dm, but fuck it, let's do it.
No. 879290 ID: 600f38

We're here to learn from people. We should be a PC.

Oh, fuck, no! Don't make us DM by committee! This cult LIKES us; lets not convince them we're the god of evil their religion needs!
No. 879298 ID: 2007b6

By divine decree, it's Hachi's turn to be the DM.
No. 879591 ID: a363ac

DM lets see how bad this can go.
No. 879595 ID: 10c408

PC, we haven't even been online for a week yet no DMing for us.
No. 879605 ID: 2e7a2a

yeah, i don't think tg would do a very good job of it, so go pc
No. 879606 ID: d0d281

Actually, do we have to actually know starfinder?

I think we could do a great job putting a plot and some encounters together on the fly, but if we need to know the system I'd be at a loss.

Still, DM.
No. 879645 ID: ced636

Roll up a player character while the dm blows you.
No. 879661 ID: cefedd

Definitely PC we still have much to learn. Besides I'm curious about Hana's dm style as it were.
No. 879822 ID: 774a01

I mean, Hana doesn't have to be the DM just because we go PC.
No. 879831 ID: 9312d3

PC for now
No. 880034 ID: c06419

Betterthan me, the only experiences i have of GMing are different ways of utterly fucking it up and getting stuck while still in the intro area.
No. 881588 ID: 1945b2
File 152504256588.jpg - (62.50KB , 1000x666 , character creator.jpg )

Aalos - I'll have to decline that, I shouldn't be DMing anything... at least not right now.

Hana - All good, I'll Dm this one, I dont have a game preped so I'll use a premade one... oh we never got far in this!

Rikku - ohhh excellent choice~

>Character Creation<

So lets make a character real quick like... lets start with the general idea, the core concept, what type of character is this going to be?
No. 881591 ID: a62780

how about a classic? space smuggler.
just a regular ne'er do well of the far future using their wits to survive.
No. 881596 ID: eeb7d9

Oh! I wanna be a space-highwayman! Wait, there aren't routes in space. But there are routes in planets, right? Unless we are in a spaceship. Fuck it, i wanna be Han Solo!
No. 881602 ID: 91ee5f

How about we be a male lizardfolk this time?

As for his name.....how about Vergence?
No. 881635 ID: 094652

How about an alien parasite? Class: Possessor, can possess enemy targets and use them for a limited time. Learns skill points for target classes in place of exp.
No. 881649 ID: da1652

Space Warlock searching the universe for their distant, enigmatic patron.
No. 881669 ID: 600f38

Actually, this sounds like it could be a lot of fun.
Lets be a Space Wizard parasite.
No. 881707 ID: caf1de

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No. 881709 ID: 91ee5f


I don’t get what you’re trying to imply.
No. 881745 ID: eeb7d9

The only way i could see this implying something lewd, is if you speak spanish. If that's the case then ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
If not, then it totally /woosh me.
No. 881768 ID: 08b7e6

Vergence the Raptor, jasonafex, furry porn.

So a parasite that grants the host awesome space magic but takes over their mind? So we could be any species we wanna be?
No. 881800 ID: ee2d6e

Disgraced clone warrior
No. 881885 ID: 25aaa5

I read that as Clown warrior.
No. 881919 ID: e0af34

Tech wizard.
No. 881982 ID: 92493f


Disgraced clown warrior is both original and insane and I support it.
No. 881988 ID: d0d281

we definitely need to be a cheap han solo knockoff
No. 881993 ID: 91ee5f

Which Han Solo?

Original trilogy, Force Awakens, or upcoming Solo movie?
No. 882003 ID: eeb7d9

Original trilogy?
That would be his prime, right?
No. 882004 ID: d0d281

Probably original trilogy, considering we haven't seen the upcoming one, and him being an old man might get in the way.

Actually, that might be neat, an aging rogue coming to grips with the slow decline into old age, as his greatest glory days are behind him, might make for some entertaining storytelling.
No. 882033 ID: 830fb7

My pick because it sounds cool.
No. 882096 ID: 25aaa5

Space Wizard parasite whose current host is a Disgraced clown warrior!!!!

No. 882123 ID: d6afc2

This is clearly better than anything i could come up. (so.... are we Abathur then?)

Alternatively, if this is not a viable Option, a disgraced Clone Warrior would also go.
No. 882163 ID: 9183a2

Clearly you don't know starfinder. It's not a very permissive game. I good stuff must die on the alter of lock step game balance
No. 882164 ID: 9183a2

All good. Sorry using a phone.
No. 883076 ID: 1945b2
File 152574007767.jpg - (92.69KB , 1000x666 , parasites.jpg )

Aalos - I have an idea, but stop me if its too much...

Hana - okay, shoot.

Aalos - I'll play as a parasite that infests and controls people, manipulating them, and using magic powers through their host bodies.

Hana - That sounds fun~

Aalos - I'd be possessing a disgraced clone warrior.

Hachi - you could be an escaped part of the swarm. a chuck of hive mind that broke off and gained sapience.

Rikku - oh like the Shirren?

Hana - so if you're a parasite infecting a clone warrior of sorts, you'd have a mercenary theme to reflect gaining part of it's memory... and you want to be a spell caster... would you be more of a bio-organic parasite with arcane powers, or a techo-organic parasite with technological magic?

>_ _ _
No. 883078 ID: 094652

The future demands sacrifices of the highest perl. Technomancer!
No. 883085 ID: a62780

I suppose we have a pathfinder game for magic stuff, and the folk here would appreciate technomantic stuff.

Robug it is, grey goo got nothing on us.
No. 883099 ID: eeb7d9

Well, it would make sense if we pick Technological/Technomancer.
No. 883127 ID: 830fb7

Technological/Technomancer and the ability to modify our hosts body and/or mind.
No. 883133 ID: e3e99e

"Like you even need to ask. Tech!"
No. 884754 ID: 1945b2
File 152658397287.jpg - (94.28KB , 1000x666 , last details.jpg )

Aalos - Like you even need to ask. Tech!

Hana - yeah I figured, So I'll treat your character as an android. since you're all roboted up. And you'll have to chose a few spells. you know 4 level 0 spells and 2 level 1 spells... heres the list...


Hana - also... to make things easy on you I'll draw up a stat line and single feat, save you the trouble of processing finicky details... As a concept, do you want to be more, armor focused, melee focused, or range weapon focused... also are you a girl or a boy and what is your name?

>_ _ _
No. 884757 ID: 094652

0 - Detect Magic, Energy Ray, Mending, and Transfer Charge
1 - Detect Tech, Summon Creature 1

Skill-based character, uses efficient defense/speed armor, focused on creating constructs to fight for them
Neuter (for now) Robot named Brob.
Yes, Brob. Really. Creator was stoned.
No. 884816 ID: 3740b1

0- Energy Ray, Mending, Psychokinetic Hand, Telepathic Message
1- Disguise Self, Holographic Image

Stealth / Subterfuge character who uses visual / telepathic trickeration to manipulate enemies into positions for brutal ambushes.

Melee weapon, Light enough armor to not interfere with sneaking and swift movement but solid enough to provide some basic hand to hand / ballistic protection.

E-vee, mtf female, because whynot robochickdick?
No. 884842 ID: c06419

Energy Ray
Psychokinetic Hand
Transfer Charge

Holographic Image
Jolting Surge
No. 885389 ID: 18b01f

Let’s go with this, seems up our alley
No. 885391 ID: eeb7d9

This sounds nice. Avoiding direct confrontation, controlling the enemy's position and taking advantage of your stealth. We can make this work even without companions.
No. 885424 ID: 6528d1

Maximum kink: Host is female, parasite is a dick.
No. 885540 ID: a62780

I'm fine with most of this, though I'd suggest we switch out to a ranged weapon and replace disguise self with Magic missle.
Technomncers (and casters in general) aren't too good in melee, plus we should be good enough at mundane disguises not to need the magic one.
No. 887588 ID: 49a777

Ignore this
No. 887597 ID: eeb7d9

I have fail.
No. 887607 ID: 1945b2
File 152815319905.jpg - (303.95KB , 2400x1600 , sexy android character.jpg )

>You opt for a more stealthy approach favouring short range over melee and taking spells that focus on stealth and subterfuge. you're parasite host takes the form of a mechanical cock that presses its thrall nerves deep into the host body~

you have: 12str 11con 16dex 16int 8cha 10wis

you're well versed in: Acrobatics, Athletics, computer use, engineering, mysticism, sleight of hand and stealth.

you have: 5 stamina points, 9 hit points and 4 resolve points

You have a combat knife, which uses your dexterity instead of strength to hit, an auto target riffle, which is an automatic two handed gun, a microcord armor, light stealth suit made for dexterous operations, you function as a datajack, which allows you to connect computers directly to your nervous system and interface with them directly. you also have a cellphone and some basic gear as well as ammo for your gun.

Hana - Great all you need is a name~

Hachi - eum... I'm not quite ready yet.

Rikku - yeah me neither. gotta look up how this works...

>You've got some time with the DM before your new friends are ready to play.

>_ _ _
No. 887615 ID: a62780

V2 / Vee
I'm not sure what a good name for a cyberparasite would be.

Also we should totally have the cloak/robe from >>884754 as mundane clothing too (the bodysuit is sexy but the robe is pretty cool)
No. 887622 ID: e3e99e

Agreed. But it needs to use the new color scheme.
No. 887625 ID: eeb7d9

More robs, yes-yes.
No. 888124 ID: 8e5b08

Ve² if possible
And They can make starfinder characters, of course!, while the DM blows you.
No. 888152 ID: ee2d6e

I approve of this
No. 888196 ID: 830fb7

I also think this is a good idea. Also maybe have the our falic parasite body be able to go internal (hide inside hoasts womb) for the ability to blend better / be safer / gender swap (be able to act a as both a female or mele depending on our feelings).
No. 888300 ID: 1851b6

Cyber dong must be larger, to house important Uh...Things. EXPAND DONG
No. 889132 ID: 1945b2
File 152920064584.jpg - (112.06KB , 1000x750 , about to suck.jpg )

Aalos - I'll call her Ve², and take your time making characters, while the DM blows me~

>Hana blushes smiling, she playfully crawls over to your side of the table.


>Your 1stfall swings up to its second caliber, ready and eager to get some action.

Hana - oh my... This is an honor, to drink milk of the lord, directly from the source~
No. 889146 ID: 1945b2
File 152920801038.jpg - (154.53KB , 1489x1117 , swallowing cock.jpg )

>The machine priestess worships your erect cock like a religious idol, caressing it and peppering it in kisses. She mutters a long prayer in binary before opening wide and taking the golden rod. Eve moans in your mind as the priestess suckles and bobs, pleasuring you with practiced devotion. Her throat wrap around your shaft as she slides down from your tip to your base over and over. It's mere moments before you're brought to climax, her cheeks bloat as you deliver your sweet payload, causing her choke form the large dose and flood her nose, the priestess's eyes roll back in pleasure as the sweet treat hits her stomach, satisfying her addiction~

Hana - *Gasp* thank you my lord, I am blessed to receive your seed~

>The others seem distracted and envious... but they're just about done with their characters.

>_ _ _
No. 889151 ID: 186f53

The player with the best performance will also get a treat.~
(Perform oral on them.)
No. 889152 ID: eeb7d9

Nice idea~
No. 889191 ID: 3740b1

If Eve is ready for another go, have the players present their asses so you can bless them too before the game.
No. 889192 ID: 094652

Better yet, we can implement an "Insurance Policy"; any player who gets multiple crit fails in a row can negate up to three crit fails in any crit fail combos per session... BUT you'll give an actual @#$% (but you're not impregnating anyone) to anyone who can accept the multiple critical fails and still have their character survive until the end of the round. Players can also bank critical successes for @#$%s, but they need n+1 crits banked to receive n @#$%s from you.
No. 889199 ID: ced636

Agreed, but they perform what?
No. 889204 ID: 0072d3

There's plenty to go around, no need to set up a weird reward system (mostly because starfinder doesn't really lend itself to one) something a bit more intuitive like making it go hand in hand with the RP might work (though the game itself might take a sharp turn for the lewd doing that).
No. 889224 ID: e3e99e

Lets get the game going. We can let things play out as they will.
No. 889277 ID: 9603f8

a dog is fine, too.
No. 889712 ID: a48264

lewd the dog
No. 889805 ID: ced636

Have the dog sit on your lap during the game, and what ever happens happens.
No. 890092 ID: ed675c
File 152996432021.png - (631.87KB , 1600x1200 , sci fi characters.png )

Eve - oh I can go, you're packing four more loads, and I can run on empty, boss~

>You let the others finish their characters. and they quickly present them.

Hachi - So, I'm gonna play a skittermander engineer. His name is Jijo Kraktada, he's wild and spontaneous. Specialized in explosives and has a fire breathing robotic ostrich.

Hana - cool cool, I expect you'll destroy every carefully constructed plan we churn out...

Shika - I'm just gonna roll my dwarf fighter from our rise of the runelord game.

Hana - oh yeah? Rogar is back?

Shika - Rogar is Back!

Rikku - I'll be playing a human Mystic priest with the healer Connection, and a specialization in heavy armor and mid ranged weapons... So basically a paladin. I worship Abadar~

Hana - Space paladin who worships money~

Rikku - long live the banks!!

Hana - looks like we got a pretty well rounded team, healer, trickster, DPS, skill monkey... I think we're ready to go~
No. 890103 ID: ed675c
File 152997140658.jpg - (82.64KB , 1000x750 , petting the doggo.jpg )

>You tap your leg, beckoning Rikku over to you.

Aalos - Rikku, since you're the cutest of my followers, you get the best seat in the house~

Rikku - hehee, it's an honor my lord~

>she parks her furry butt on your lap, sitting between you and the table.

Eve - if she keeps rubbing against me, things are gonna happen, big boss...
No. 890104 ID: ee2d6e

Perhaps things are meant to happen, Eve.
No. 890106 ID: eeb7d9

It is a price i am willing to pay, Eve. Now hush, is time to play~
No. 890107 ID: 094652

That's the plan. Now let's play.
No. 890109 ID: ed675c
File 152997602489.jpg - (118.94KB , 1000x750 , nearing plannet.jpg )

>Hana - so lets begin.

You're a group of mercs, as a gang you're called the auburn Marauders. You're gathered under the leadership of Kestel Vindar the 4th. a cunning yet cowardly human with more connections than there are stars in the sky.
despite being the leader of the gang, he always takes the smallest cut, which is fair since he never follows you out on the fields and never fights.

That being said you've only been a full gang for three days now. Having been recruited 4 months ago, since the capt's last gang retired, after scoring big time. Your fist mission was a lengthy patrol of a vast asteroid field in a deep space sector. During which time you were all stationed at four different quadrants.
Your mission was to keep watch and fend off pirates, through you've only spotted three pirate ships between the four of you, over the 3 and a half months you were on patrol. and two of them ran off without a fight...

separated and barely communicating with each other, you're mostly strangers, barely knowing each others names... after returning to the HMS Havok Launcher, the captain set the ship into a drift towards Cathulos-III where your pay and a cheap bar awaits... but as your ship slides though the bleed between reality and the immaterial, your drift engine cuts out after three of the expected five days...

Jijo- alright, I've inspected the damage, the drift engine is shot, we'll need a new pseudo material re-stabilizer... we're lucky the fail safe shot us out of I-space before it died out... if we jump back into a drift now, we wont be able to return to the material plain...

Captain Vindar - Fortunately for us, we ejected not far from a planet I happen to know~ Down on EchoShellen in a town named Southwood I know a guy who owes me a favor! we'll set down there and find the piece we need. and drinks will be on me, you all look like you could use a shot.

Lolana - I'll never say no to a free drink~

Rogar - HERE HERE!

Vindar - Don't get too exited, it'll take six days at light2 before we get there...

>Hana - now would be a good time to get to know each other~

>_ _ _
No. 890111 ID: 094652

Discuss the re-stabilizer, how it works and why it's broken. You need to make sure whoever gets to the trader has a basic understanding to select the right component, and not a flashy bomb coated in re-stabilizer warning stickers.

Then play Liquid Tennis.
No. 890116 ID: eeb7d9

Moar information about the broken thingy.
Also what were our new companions doing before this merc job.
No. 890130 ID: e3e99e

Look into the failure.
Was it mechanical wear? Age? Sabotage?
No. 890146 ID: caf1de

>Liquid Tennis
is that a euphemism?

start by complaining that this is bullshit and that the previous mission was the most boring thing you've ever experienced and you finally thought it was fucking over but nooooo
No. 890149 ID: a62780

almost a week before making it to this planet.
yeah this is a perfect time to socialise with the group, maybe see if you can confirm the existence of a certain fire-breathing robo-ostrich you heard about in passing earlier.
No. 890244 ID: 65b0da

Well I say we come up with ways and games to keep our selves entertained and busy till we get there, we can get to know our comrades will we play games.

This is getting really fucking meta.
No. 890475 ID: db109f
File 153025781211.jpg - (80.33KB , 1000x750 , jijo talking.jpg )

Ve² - we should make sure that we don't get cheated out of a good product, or that it's not sabotaged... do you know exactly how these things work?

Jijo - Well I'm glad you asked, the drift engine is a beautiful piece of magi-tech. it contains over 180 components but the tree main pieces are the plain shift enabler, the Gellar field and the pseudo material re-stabilizer. we cant repair the re-stabilizer, its too dangerous, being the most sensitive and vital part to our safety... its not worth the risk and typically cheaper to just buy a new one...

Ve² - alright, so you know your stuff, but why did it break?

Jijo - Got old, the thing takes up a lot of strain, and over time the sensitive components just snap or melt down, thats why the fail safes are so vital, because without the re-stabilizer we cant return to the material plain. and I'm too pretty to go to the afterlife~

Ve² - Gaahh! this sucks, after that boring ass patrol mission of course we'd have to do more tedious waiting... Bah! oh well... by the way I'm Ve² I dont think we really met...

Jijo - names Jijo! I'm the engie here~

Lolana - Lolana, paladin of Abadar, at your service.

Rogar - I'm Rogar Fox Glove, Don't let the beard scare yah I'm all cuddles~

Ve² - Before joining this group, what were you lot up to?

Jijo - oh well I hung out on my home world Vesk3, the Veskian gave us lots of fun jobs to do, and so did the humans they were fighting against... I helped everyone all the time! one thing led to the next, I was on and off ships all the time, ended up in shallport where I met the captain Vindar~ and the rest is history...

Ve² - oh yeah you're a mechanic... you wouldn't happen to know about a strange fire breathing robot bird I've seen stalking the halls at night?

Jijo - oh you met Silver quick? yeah she's my trusty mount! I'll introduce you to her sometime.

Ve² - just make sure it doesnt burn a hole in anything important...

Jijo - I'll fix anything she breaks~
No. 890476 ID: db109f
File 153025964537.jpg - (83.41KB , 1000x750 , rogar talking.jpg )

Ve² - what about you Rogar, what's your story?

Rogar - welp, I was lumberjack on me home world of NewVarisia. Real simple work, chopped and hauled, and my husband was a wood worker, we made quite a pair~ but allas, it was not to be, space goblins sacked my space lumber mill while I was out one morning chopping wood... when I got back what I saw was a charnal house... I took my space axe and set off to kill every last one of those space green skins... and I did... I couldn't look back to my home anymore... I set off to hack at more of those filthy space goblins! and became a merc in the process, it's dirty work, but it helps direct my wrath...

Ve² - Ahh... you seem... rather... I'm sorry for your loss...

Rogar - its fine, I've bleed out all the tears there is to cry... I'm my own mare now, and I'm better for it... Besides, Harsk was on his way out, space pox... sad to say it was a less painful end to his plight... if early...

Ve² - well... I'm glad you've handled it well~
No. 890478 ID: db109f
File 153026270494.jpg - (67.97KB , 1000x750 , lolana talking.jpg )

Lolana - as for me, not long ago I was a simple priestess, working in a bank at Absolom station, I was quite satisfied with my job mind you, but my life changed when a bonelord and ...

Hachi - *snicker* bone lord

Rikku - yeah shut it.

Lolana - when a bone lord came in with a hoard of zombs, demanding all the cash! I dont know what came over me in that moment but I felt a surge of power, and a will to smite! I channeled good over and over and over until they were all not but dust! and then I knew... I was a champion of good! I set off to bring justice to the realm and spread the good faith of Abadar~!

Ve² - well then looks like you'll be a prized asset to the team~

Lolana - but whats your story miss hood and robes~

Ve² - well... you know how the Shirren are a race broken free from a hive mind?

Rogar - Aye.

Ve² - I am too. I was once a single spek in a massive super computer, I'm a parasite that manipulates a host body...

Lolana - oh my god!

Ve² - but its fine, I'm friendly, well to you lot at least~ this body was a clone soldier. one of millions, equally mindless at the service to its own hivemind.

Jijo - thats awesome!

Lolana - no its fucked up.

Rogar - hey we dont judge our allies... we're all pals here.

Lolana - I'm not... okay I am... but it's just... bleh!

Jijo - You just dont know her yet! get to know her before you starting talking shit~

Lolana - *pout*

Ve² - well we've got nearly a week before we make landfall, we'll have plenty of time to get to know each other a little better~

Jijo - well at light2 it'll actually only feel like four days~

Rogar - still, you got any suggestions on what we can do while we wait?

>_ _ _
No. 890481 ID: 094652

>Rogar - still, you got any suggestions on what we can do while we wait?
...You know what, no. Not this specific time. If I see one waggled eyebrow...

"Want to paint the hull?
Build a funny-looking turret and name him bob?
Oh I know? We could frolick in the WILL SOMEONE GET THE EXTRANET COMMLINK WORKING ALREADY?! I want to watch the next episode of Furries Under Tarsonis Alphamega!"
No. 890486 ID: eeb7d9


Fucking nailed it!
I love the part of building a turret, and name it Bob. Besides, it could be useful.
No. 890487 ID: 29fc3e

The best part will be overdesigning the turret with incrediilble specs and the perfect goofy aesthetic,then we shall mournfully have to settle for the parts we actually have access to.
No. 890493 ID: ced636

Let’s try to get to know lolona better, since she likes us the least. Show an interest in her workout routine, the one she didn’t let up even as the hyperdrive crashed near fatally.
No. 890585 ID: a61e5d

What gender is Jijo?
No. 891133 ID: db109f
File 153073239194.jpg - (68.01KB , 1000x750 , 100male.jpg )

Ve² - Want to paint the hull? Build a funny-looking turret and name him bob? Oh I know? We could frolick in the-

Jijo - I agree, I will begin making the Bob this instant!

Ve² - I was just kidding you dont have to-

Jijo - no, I've decided! I will make the Bob and he will be my son and I will love him and he will love me!

Ve² - Well, all the power to you.

Jijo - You should help me friend, the Bob is your brain child after all~

Ve² - I might~

Jijo - For now I will dismantle Silver quick for parts!

Ve² - That's a little extreme... didn't you just finish making that?

Jijo - All For Bob!

Ve² - okay... say Jijo, what gender are you?

Jijo - I am 100% male~

Ve² - noted.

Ve² - hey Lola, any reason why you didn't put your weights down when the ship nearly exploded?

Lolana - If you commit to something, you finish it, no reason I cant multi task.

Ve² - Well I suppose that mentality is keeping you in shape.

Lolana - out of shape mercenaries don't live long. Speaking of which you could use some exercise, big lady.

Ve² - I'm an illusionist, I don't actually need health.

Lolana - well the offer stands.

Rogar - I'm gonna see about getting that extranet running... missing my shows... *grumble*

>_ _ _
No. 891145 ID: eeb7d9

First Bob, Bob is most important, then we can train a little. For the sake of start a conversation at least.
No. 891155 ID: a62780

Hmm, Bob will be a masterpiece! but what are we working with? Kinetic, energy or missile weapon?

I'm partial to railguns if we have the material. Also we need to know what size so we can get proportional googly eyes fabricated.
No. 891309 ID: e3e99e

You're also a parasite, not the host body. You manage its health internally.
Maybe you're a super-buff parasite; they don't know.
No. 891311 ID: ee2d6e

Probably a secret parasite, though.
No. 891630 ID: 677ce7

well, the hull's already red, so lets just write the word "dwarf" on it that should be close enough to 'repainted' so we can get back to turret shenanigans.
No. 892035 ID: ced636

I wonder if Bob will have fun time parts?
No. 892051 ID: f1d6a5

like you even need to ask with this lot? they're worse than we are.
No. 892083 ID: 900f15
File 153128803295.jpg - (131.51KB , 1600x1200 , building bob.jpg )

>You follow Jijo into his quarters. its a mess of tools, food, discarded and unwashed clothes and machine parts. in the far corner a mechanical bird sits in a nest of partially burnt newspapers and pink insulation fluff. you and Jijo get to work on dismantlement the avian robot for its parts and most importantly its brain. after a days work the machine is in pieces added to the mess that covers 80% of the floor space. you head back to your quarters for a quick night sleep and 5 hours later you're back in jijos room where he's already awake and washing oily parts and oiling clean parts.

Ve² - Hey jijo, what proportions can we handle fabricating googly eyes?

Jijo - hahhaa... I knew this day would come~

>He opens a closet and drags out an industrial cargo case...

Jijo - they said I was crazy and wasting my money... but who's the crazy one now!?

>he pries it open with a hammer and pulls out industrial grade googly eyes, mustaches and bubble guns!

Jijo - hehehe who's crazy now~

Ve² - Say Jijo... eum... do you think Bob could be outfitted to... fuck?

Jijo - Veevee, what kind of mechanic would I be if my baby boy wasn't fuckable~? the question isn't if, but how many... and is it a bubble gun...

Jijo - you know whats interesting? you and I have more in common than you think.

Ve² - oh?

Jijo - I was a parasite too once~

Ve² - like... a squatter, or?...

Jijo - more like a flee... actually surprisingly like a tick... infant Skittermander have a feeding tendril we use to drink the blood of larger, dumber prey stock... I spent a few good summers clung to the belly of a santheroth drinking blood like there was no tomorrow~ but those days are behind me, gone, like my ears and feeding tendril, when we mature it falls out of our belly mouth.

Ve² - Belly... mouth?

Jijo - yeah, now its just an atrophied cavity I keep washers and peanuts in... well what I'm saying is, it's cool that you're a mechanical parasite that's invaded into a surrogate host body you control from within, while the original mind slowly dies in the shell of its stolen body... You... remind me of myself, a younger me at least... and I like you, is what I'm saying...

Ve² - I like you too Jijo~

Time to build the drone! please design Bob with either drawing, explanation or ideally, both~!

Jijo is building a combat drone, it is medium size, and thus must be bigger than the red box and smaller than the green box.
it possess armor plating.
it is armed with either a laser gun, an automatic riffle, a flame thrower or a melee weapon, it may have two smaller weapons or one big one.
it has forwards facing sight and 360degrees hearing.
it is land based, possessing either 2 or 4 legs or wheels. it can move quickly, but is not agile.
it may have 1 of the following abilities: Cargo rack, extra ammo, manipulator arm, extra weapon arm, ridding saddle, tool arm.

>_ _ _
No. 892159 ID: f1d6a5

the bit about the host made me think of our little mental co-pilots...
"I Wouldn't say dies, i'm prey sure Eve is still in here somewhere. We chat sometimes."
No. 892185 ID: eb959a

Whatever we do, it has to have a sombrero.
No. 892187 ID: e3e99e

"She's quite alive, actually. We talk often.
But she was designed to be incapable of self-determition, so it's not so much of a psychological horror as you might think.
Also, it's useful having a body that can function intelligently while I'm busy thinking. I give the orders, but I don't have to drive.
We're a team."
No. 892205 ID: 7ac6f3

"She was designed to be a super sub; she gets off on following orders. All I had to do was hack into her brain to make myself her entire chain of command. She likes being a passenger in her own body. She finds it comfortable instead of terrifying."
No. 892286 ID: e3e99e

These work well together.

One laser.
Two legs - we'll trade the speed and carrying capacity of quadrupedal movement for the efficiency of bipedal movement and the two free manipulating appendages.
We'll also take the tool arm.

So, that's a biped with two arms, a nice big laser weapon, and a tool arm.
I can't draw, but I think this should be inspired by Cain ( http://binarydomain.wikia.com/wiki/CN-7_Model_Combat_Robot_(AKA_Cain) )
No. 892796 ID: ced636

We agreed bob would be a sentry turret so it’ll be just that. Just a big shaft on treads with a gun, bulky and simple. Big machine gun and lots of ammo.
No. 893472 ID: f1d6a5

i'm surprised nobody's suggested a robo-dick on wheels inexplicably kited out like Rambo.
No. 894482 ID: c4f18c

I suggest a big robo-dick on wheels with a huge machine gun!
No. 894508 ID: 900f15
File 153260613509.jpg - (92.41KB , 1000x750 , bob finished.jpg )

Ve² - She's quite alive, actually. We talk often.

Jijo - oh? I never talked to my prey when I was a leach...

Ve² - She was designed to be a super sub; she gets off on following orders. All I had to do was hack into her brain to make myself her entire chain of command. She likes being a passenger in her own body. She finds it comfortable instead of terrifying.

Jijo - oh well, that's kinda cute actually, I'm glad you and your host body get along~

>You work together to make Bob
One laser
Two legs
tool arm
inspired by Cain
Just a big shaft on treads with a gun
big robo-dick on wheels

>I think I nailed it!!

Jijo - Wow... the Bob... our son~

Ve² - I am without words...

Jijo - what now?

>_ _ _
No. 894516 ID: e7eafa

I'm amazed we haven't introduced ourselves in parasite yet. How rude. Disrobe and shake hands with our new leech buddy.

Then take our really weird robot on a walk to meet our other crewmates. Start with perving out on the stacked paladin.
No. 894517 ID: eeb7d9

No. 894525 ID: c41a08

Sombrero! Even if the sombrero turns into rotor blades that allow it to fly straight up or over what ever just sombrero it dammit!
No. 894526 ID: e3e99e

See if we can apply this teamwork to hackjob our engine into working.
No. 894593 ID: 73a33f

No. 894722 ID: f1d6a5

i know that weapon placement was supposed to look phallic, but it came out looking more like the robot is a giant robotic bong. i'm strangely okay with this.
No. 904648 ID: 900f15

Flynn - it's not the end we wanted, but it's the end we get... sorry to all those who wanted more...
No. 904659 ID: e3e99e

What happened?
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