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File 151683283383.jpg - (790.45KB , 1200x942 , cover 3.jpg )
861419 No. 861419 ID: 1945b2

Previous Chapters:
chapter 1

chapter 2


Even more madness in what I can only assume is Chapter 3 of "the SLAVE the THIEF and the SLUT"
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No. 889224 ID: e3e99e

Lets get the game going. We can let things play out as they will.
No. 889277 ID: 9603f8

a dog is fine, too.
No. 889712 ID: a48264

lewd the dog
No. 889805 ID: ced636

Have the dog sit on your lap during the game, and what ever happens happens.
No. 890092 ID: ed675c
File 152996432021.png - (631.87KB , 1600x1200 , sci fi characters.png )

Eve - oh I can go, you're packing four more loads, and I can run on empty, boss~

>You let the others finish their characters. and they quickly present them.

Hachi - So, I'm gonna play a skittermander engineer. His name is Jijo Kraktada, he's wild and spontaneous. Specialized in explosives and has a fire breathing robotic ostrich.

Hana - cool cool, I expect you'll destroy every carefully constructed plan we churn out...

Shika - I'm just gonna roll my dwarf fighter from our rise of the runelord game.

Hana - oh yeah? Rogar is back?

Shika - Rogar is Back!

Rikku - I'll be playing a human Mystic priest with the healer Connection, and a specialization in heavy armor and mid ranged weapons... So basically a paladin. I worship Abadar~

Hana - Space paladin who worships money~

Rikku - long live the banks!!

Hana - looks like we got a pretty well rounded team, healer, trickster, DPS, skill monkey... I think we're ready to go~
No. 890103 ID: ed675c
File 152997140658.jpg - (82.64KB , 1000x750 , petting the doggo.jpg )

>You tap your leg, beckoning Rikku over to you.

Aalos - Rikku, since you're the cutest of my followers, you get the best seat in the house~

Rikku - hehee, it's an honor my lord~

>she parks her furry butt on your lap, sitting between you and the table.

Eve - if she keeps rubbing against me, things are gonna happen, big boss...
No. 890104 ID: ee2d6e

Perhaps things are meant to happen, Eve.
No. 890106 ID: eeb7d9

It is a price i am willing to pay, Eve. Now hush, is time to play~
No. 890107 ID: 094652

That's the plan. Now let's play.
No. 890109 ID: ed675c
File 152997602489.jpg - (118.94KB , 1000x750 , nearing plannet.jpg )

>Hana - so lets begin.

You're a group of mercs, as a gang you're called the auburn Marauders. You're gathered under the leadership of Kestel Vindar the 4th. a cunning yet cowardly human with more connections than there are stars in the sky.
despite being the leader of the gang, he always takes the smallest cut, which is fair since he never follows you out on the fields and never fights.

That being said you've only been a full gang for three days now. Having been recruited 4 months ago, since the capt's last gang retired, after scoring big time. Your fist mission was a lengthy patrol of a vast asteroid field in a deep space sector. During which time you were all stationed at four different quadrants.
Your mission was to keep watch and fend off pirates, through you've only spotted three pirate ships between the four of you, over the 3 and a half months you were on patrol. and two of them ran off without a fight...

separated and barely communicating with each other, you're mostly strangers, barely knowing each others names... after returning to the HMS Havok Launcher, the captain set the ship into a drift towards Cathulos-III where your pay and a cheap bar awaits... but as your ship slides though the bleed between reality and the immaterial, your drift engine cuts out after three of the expected five days...

Jijo- alright, I've inspected the damage, the drift engine is shot, we'll need a new pseudo material re-stabilizer... we're lucky the fail safe shot us out of I-space before it died out... if we jump back into a drift now, we wont be able to return to the material plain...

Captain Vindar - Fortunately for us, we ejected not far from a planet I happen to know~ Down on EchoShellen in a town named Southwood I know a guy who owes me a favor! we'll set down there and find the piece we need. and drinks will be on me, you all look like you could use a shot.

Lolana - I'll never say no to a free drink~

Rogar - HERE HERE!

Vindar - Don't get too exited, it'll take six days at light2 before we get there...

>Hana - now would be a good time to get to know each other~

>_ _ _
No. 890111 ID: 094652

Discuss the re-stabilizer, how it works and why it's broken. You need to make sure whoever gets to the trader has a basic understanding to select the right component, and not a flashy bomb coated in re-stabilizer warning stickers.

Then play Liquid Tennis.
No. 890116 ID: eeb7d9

Moar information about the broken thingy.
Also what were our new companions doing before this merc job.
No. 890130 ID: e3e99e

Look into the failure.
Was it mechanical wear? Age? Sabotage?
No. 890146 ID: caf1de

>Liquid Tennis
is that a euphemism?

start by complaining that this is bullshit and that the previous mission was the most boring thing you've ever experienced and you finally thought it was fucking over but nooooo
No. 890149 ID: a62780

almost a week before making it to this planet.
yeah this is a perfect time to socialise with the group, maybe see if you can confirm the existence of a certain fire-breathing robo-ostrich you heard about in passing earlier.
No. 890244 ID: 65b0da

Well I say we come up with ways and games to keep our selves entertained and busy till we get there, we can get to know our comrades will we play games.

This is getting really fucking meta.
No. 890475 ID: db109f
File 153025781211.jpg - (80.33KB , 1000x750 , jijo talking.jpg )

Ve² - we should make sure that we don't get cheated out of a good product, or that it's not sabotaged... do you know exactly how these things work?

Jijo - Well I'm glad you asked, the drift engine is a beautiful piece of magi-tech. it contains over 180 components but the tree main pieces are the plain shift enabler, the Gellar field and the pseudo material re-stabilizer. we cant repair the re-stabilizer, its too dangerous, being the most sensitive and vital part to our safety... its not worth the risk and typically cheaper to just buy a new one...

Ve² - alright, so you know your stuff, but why did it break?

Jijo - Got old, the thing takes up a lot of strain, and over time the sensitive components just snap or melt down, thats why the fail safes are so vital, because without the re-stabilizer we cant return to the material plain. and I'm too pretty to go to the afterlife~

Ve² - Gaahh! this sucks, after that boring ass patrol mission of course we'd have to do more tedious waiting... Bah! oh well... by the way I'm Ve² I dont think we really met...

Jijo - names Jijo! I'm the engie here~

Lolana - Lolana, paladin of Abadar, at your service.

Rogar - I'm Rogar Fox Glove, Don't let the beard scare yah I'm all cuddles~

Ve² - Before joining this group, what were you lot up to?

Jijo - oh well I hung out on my home world Vesk3, the Veskian gave us lots of fun jobs to do, and so did the humans they were fighting against... I helped everyone all the time! one thing led to the next, I was on and off ships all the time, ended up in shallport where I met the captain Vindar~ and the rest is history...

Ve² - oh yeah you're a mechanic... you wouldn't happen to know about a strange fire breathing robot bird I've seen stalking the halls at night?

Jijo - oh you met Silver quick? yeah she's my trusty mount! I'll introduce you to her sometime.

Ve² - just make sure it doesnt burn a hole in anything important...

Jijo - I'll fix anything she breaks~
No. 890476 ID: db109f
File 153025964537.jpg - (83.41KB , 1000x750 , rogar talking.jpg )

Ve² - what about you Rogar, what's your story?

Rogar - welp, I was lumberjack on me home world of NewVarisia. Real simple work, chopped and hauled, and my husband was a wood worker, we made quite a pair~ but allas, it was not to be, space goblins sacked my space lumber mill while I was out one morning chopping wood... when I got back what I saw was a charnal house... I took my space axe and set off to kill every last one of those space green skins... and I did... I couldn't look back to my home anymore... I set off to hack at more of those filthy space goblins! and became a merc in the process, it's dirty work, but it helps direct my wrath...

Ve² - Ahh... you seem... rather... I'm sorry for your loss...

Rogar - its fine, I've bleed out all the tears there is to cry... I'm my own mare now, and I'm better for it... Besides, Harsk was on his way out, space pox... sad to say it was a less painful end to his plight... if early...

Ve² - well... I'm glad you've handled it well~
No. 890478 ID: db109f
File 153026270494.jpg - (67.97KB , 1000x750 , lolana talking.jpg )

Lolana - as for me, not long ago I was a simple priestess, working in a bank at Absolom station, I was quite satisfied with my job mind you, but my life changed when a bonelord and ...

Hachi - *snicker* bone lord

Rikku - yeah shut it.

Lolana - when a bone lord came in with a hoard of zombs, demanding all the cash! I dont know what came over me in that moment but I felt a surge of power, and a will to smite! I channeled good over and over and over until they were all not but dust! and then I knew... I was a champion of good! I set off to bring justice to the realm and spread the good faith of Abadar~!

Ve² - well then looks like you'll be a prized asset to the team~

Lolana - but whats your story miss hood and robes~

Ve² - well... you know how the Shirren are a race broken free from a hive mind?

Rogar - Aye.

Ve² - I am too. I was once a single spek in a massive super computer, I'm a parasite that manipulates a host body...

Lolana - oh my god!

Ve² - but its fine, I'm friendly, well to you lot at least~ this body was a clone soldier. one of millions, equally mindless at the service to its own hivemind.

Jijo - thats awesome!

Lolana - no its fucked up.

Rogar - hey we dont judge our allies... we're all pals here.

Lolana - I'm not... okay I am... but it's just... bleh!

Jijo - You just dont know her yet! get to know her before you starting talking shit~

Lolana - *pout*

Ve² - well we've got nearly a week before we make landfall, we'll have plenty of time to get to know each other a little better~

Jijo - well at light2 it'll actually only feel like four days~

Rogar - still, you got any suggestions on what we can do while we wait?

>_ _ _
No. 890481 ID: 094652

>Rogar - still, you got any suggestions on what we can do while we wait?
...You know what, no. Not this specific time. If I see one waggled eyebrow...

"Want to paint the hull?
Build a funny-looking turret and name him bob?
Oh I know? We could frolick in the WILL SOMEONE GET THE EXTRANET COMMLINK WORKING ALREADY?! I want to watch the next episode of Furries Under Tarsonis Alphamega!"
No. 890486 ID: eeb7d9


Fucking nailed it!
I love the part of building a turret, and name it Bob. Besides, it could be useful.
No. 890487 ID: 29fc3e

The best part will be overdesigning the turret with incrediilble specs and the perfect goofy aesthetic,then we shall mournfully have to settle for the parts we actually have access to.
No. 890493 ID: ced636

Let’s try to get to know lolona better, since she likes us the least. Show an interest in her workout routine, the one she didn’t let up even as the hyperdrive crashed near fatally.
No. 890585 ID: a61e5d

What gender is Jijo?
No. 891133 ID: db109f
File 153073239194.jpg - (68.01KB , 1000x750 , 100male.jpg )

Ve² - Want to paint the hull? Build a funny-looking turret and name him bob? Oh I know? We could frolick in the-

Jijo - I agree, I will begin making the Bob this instant!

Ve² - I was just kidding you dont have to-

Jijo - no, I've decided! I will make the Bob and he will be my son and I will love him and he will love me!

Ve² - Well, all the power to you.

Jijo - You should help me friend, the Bob is your brain child after all~

Ve² - I might~

Jijo - For now I will dismantle Silver quick for parts!

Ve² - That's a little extreme... didn't you just finish making that?

Jijo - All For Bob!

Ve² - okay... say Jijo, what gender are you?

Jijo - I am 100% male~

Ve² - noted.

Ve² - hey Lola, any reason why you didn't put your weights down when the ship nearly exploded?

Lolana - If you commit to something, you finish it, no reason I cant multi task.

Ve² - Well I suppose that mentality is keeping you in shape.

Lolana - out of shape mercenaries don't live long. Speaking of which you could use some exercise, big lady.

Ve² - I'm an illusionist, I don't actually need health.

Lolana - well the offer stands.

Rogar - I'm gonna see about getting that extranet running... missing my shows... *grumble*

>_ _ _
No. 891145 ID: eeb7d9

First Bob, Bob is most important, then we can train a little. For the sake of start a conversation at least.
No. 891155 ID: a62780

Hmm, Bob will be a masterpiece! but what are we working with? Kinetic, energy or missile weapon?

I'm partial to railguns if we have the material. Also we need to know what size so we can get proportional googly eyes fabricated.
No. 891309 ID: e3e99e

You're also a parasite, not the host body. You manage its health internally.
Maybe you're a super-buff parasite; they don't know.
No. 891311 ID: ee2d6e

Probably a secret parasite, though.
No. 891630 ID: 677ce7

well, the hull's already red, so lets just write the word "dwarf" on it that should be close enough to 'repainted' so we can get back to turret shenanigans.
No. 892035 ID: ced636

I wonder if Bob will have fun time parts?
No. 892051 ID: f1d6a5

like you even need to ask with this lot? they're worse than we are.
No. 892083 ID: 900f15
File 153128803295.jpg - (131.51KB , 1600x1200 , building bob.jpg )

>You follow Jijo into his quarters. its a mess of tools, food, discarded and unwashed clothes and machine parts. in the far corner a mechanical bird sits in a nest of partially burnt newspapers and pink insulation fluff. you and Jijo get to work on dismantlement the avian robot for its parts and most importantly its brain. after a days work the machine is in pieces added to the mess that covers 80% of the floor space. you head back to your quarters for a quick night sleep and 5 hours later you're back in jijos room where he's already awake and washing oily parts and oiling clean parts.

Ve² - Hey jijo, what proportions can we handle fabricating googly eyes?

Jijo - hahhaa... I knew this day would come~

>He opens a closet and drags out an industrial cargo case...

Jijo - they said I was crazy and wasting my money... but who's the crazy one now!?

>he pries it open with a hammer and pulls out industrial grade googly eyes, mustaches and bubble guns!

Jijo - hehehe who's crazy now~

Ve² - Say Jijo... eum... do you think Bob could be outfitted to... fuck?

Jijo - Veevee, what kind of mechanic would I be if my baby boy wasn't fuckable~? the question isn't if, but how many... and is it a bubble gun...

Jijo - you know whats interesting? you and I have more in common than you think.

Ve² - oh?

Jijo - I was a parasite too once~

Ve² - like... a squatter, or?...

Jijo - more like a flee... actually surprisingly like a tick... infant Skittermander have a feeding tendril we use to drink the blood of larger, dumber prey stock... I spent a few good summers clung to the belly of a santheroth drinking blood like there was no tomorrow~ but those days are behind me, gone, like my ears and feeding tendril, when we mature it falls out of our belly mouth.

Ve² - Belly... mouth?

Jijo - yeah, now its just an atrophied cavity I keep washers and peanuts in... well what I'm saying is, it's cool that you're a mechanical parasite that's invaded into a surrogate host body you control from within, while the original mind slowly dies in the shell of its stolen body... You... remind me of myself, a younger me at least... and I like you, is what I'm saying...

Ve² - I like you too Jijo~

Time to build the drone! please design Bob with either drawing, explanation or ideally, both~!

Jijo is building a combat drone, it is medium size, and thus must be bigger than the red box and smaller than the green box.
it possess armor plating.
it is armed with either a laser gun, an automatic riffle, a flame thrower or a melee weapon, it may have two smaller weapons or one big one.
it has forwards facing sight and 360degrees hearing.
it is land based, possessing either 2 or 4 legs or wheels. it can move quickly, but is not agile.
it may have 1 of the following abilities: Cargo rack, extra ammo, manipulator arm, extra weapon arm, ridding saddle, tool arm.

>_ _ _
No. 892159 ID: f1d6a5

the bit about the host made me think of our little mental co-pilots...
"I Wouldn't say dies, i'm prey sure Eve is still in here somewhere. We chat sometimes."
No. 892185 ID: eb959a

Whatever we do, it has to have a sombrero.
No. 892187 ID: e3e99e

"She's quite alive, actually. We talk often.
But she was designed to be incapable of self-determition, so it's not so much of a psychological horror as you might think.
Also, it's useful having a body that can function intelligently while I'm busy thinking. I give the orders, but I don't have to drive.
We're a team."
No. 892205 ID: 7ac6f3

"She was designed to be a super sub; she gets off on following orders. All I had to do was hack into her brain to make myself her entire chain of command. She likes being a passenger in her own body. She finds it comfortable instead of terrifying."
No. 892286 ID: e3e99e

These work well together.

One laser.
Two legs - we'll trade the speed and carrying capacity of quadrupedal movement for the efficiency of bipedal movement and the two free manipulating appendages.
We'll also take the tool arm.

So, that's a biped with two arms, a nice big laser weapon, and a tool arm.
I can't draw, but I think this should be inspired by Cain ( http://binarydomain.wikia.com/wiki/CN-7_Model_Combat_Robot_(AKA_Cain) )
No. 892796 ID: ced636

We agreed bob would be a sentry turret so it’ll be just that. Just a big shaft on treads with a gun, bulky and simple. Big machine gun and lots of ammo.
No. 893472 ID: f1d6a5

i'm surprised nobody's suggested a robo-dick on wheels inexplicably kited out like Rambo.
No. 894482 ID: c4f18c

I suggest a big robo-dick on wheels with a huge machine gun!
No. 894508 ID: 900f15
File 153260613509.jpg - (92.41KB , 1000x750 , bob finished.jpg )

Ve² - She's quite alive, actually. We talk often.

Jijo - oh? I never talked to my prey when I was a leach...

Ve² - She was designed to be a super sub; she gets off on following orders. All I had to do was hack into her brain to make myself her entire chain of command. She likes being a passenger in her own body. She finds it comfortable instead of terrifying.

Jijo - oh well, that's kinda cute actually, I'm glad you and your host body get along~

>You work together to make Bob
One laser
Two legs
tool arm
inspired by Cain
Just a big shaft on treads with a gun
big robo-dick on wheels

>I think I nailed it!!

Jijo - Wow... the Bob... our son~

Ve² - I am without words...

Jijo - what now?

>_ _ _
No. 894516 ID: e7eafa

I'm amazed we haven't introduced ourselves in parasite yet. How rude. Disrobe and shake hands with our new leech buddy.

Then take our really weird robot on a walk to meet our other crewmates. Start with perving out on the stacked paladin.
No. 894517 ID: eeb7d9

No. 894525 ID: c41a08

Sombrero! Even if the sombrero turns into rotor blades that allow it to fly straight up or over what ever just sombrero it dammit!
No. 894526 ID: e3e99e

See if we can apply this teamwork to hackjob our engine into working.
No. 894593 ID: 73a33f

No. 894722 ID: f1d6a5

i know that weapon placement was supposed to look phallic, but it came out looking more like the robot is a giant robotic bong. i'm strangely okay with this.
No. 904648 ID: 900f15

Flynn - it's not the end we wanted, but it's the end we get... sorry to all those who wanted more...
No. 904659 ID: e3e99e

What happened?
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