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File 145481637626.jpg - (1.14MB , 3684x2428 , slavethiefslut and theriseofthevileblood.jpg )
699557 No. 699557 ID: 939c7f

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No. 699558 ID: 88e46e

Ooh, this is gonna be good.
No. 699559 ID: 47160d

*Does a little dance* Yay new Flynn quest! I can't wait, particularly since this one is planned to be more story focused from what you said.
No. 699562 ID: 2ccbb3

Let the carnage begin...
No. 699563 ID: 939c7f

I hope I don't disappoint~
It should be more story driven, but also expect dungeon crawling and D&D style gameplay
No. 699564 ID: 939c7f
File 145481716126.jpg - (92.64KB , 800x450 , character outline 1.jpg )

Alrighty then, time to create your hero, champ. Veronos is gonna roll a jack of all trades since he doesn't really know the rules well yet and Doukissa has more heft under her belt, so she can balance out the team no matter what you take... So really, the first move falls to you my friend... Make it how ever you like, Nothing left but the fall...

>This is where I'm afraid to start... let's all work together to create a pathfinder character sheet... *sigh* I've streamlined it all as much as possible... We'll determine votes by first to 5 or most votes after a set time... this might require tweaking but we'll see where this takes us... We're in it for the long haul folks!

All the rules are on this site. >> http://www.d20pfsrd.com/ You can also use the books if you happen to have them. for the uninitiated, Pathfinder is a newer slightly more anime version of D&D 3.5... more or less...
No. 699566 ID: 939c7f
File 145481725825.jpg - (205.87KB , 1000x562 , character outline 2.jpg )

First off we need to chose a gender.
~ Male or Female ~
No. 699568 ID: 47160d

Female, since last time we were a guy in all incarnations
No. 699569 ID: 15a025

Let's be a girl.
No. 699570 ID: 99a64d

Voting male, but this is tgchan, so we're going to end up female.
No. 699571 ID: ee1584

No. 699574 ID: b17b81

We were both last time, so lets go with girl.
No. 699575 ID: 939c7f
File 145481801075.jpg - (190.11KB , 1000x562 , pause copy.jpg )

Wait! Sorry!

~ I forgot to mention... This game is going to use the following home rules ~

Common place guns - While still expensive and tricky to wield, early firearms are readily available. Instead of requiring the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat, all firearms are martial weapons. Early firearms and their ammunition cost 25% of the amounts listed in this book, but advanced firearms and their ammunition are still rare and cost the full price to purchase or craft.

Rags to riches - You begin with no equipment, in a world rich in wealth, for better or for worst.

High fantasy stats - You begin play with 25 stat points in the buy point system.

Medium exp speed - You level up at a slower rate.

Piecemeal armor - instead of full suits of armor you posses pieces of armor that cover the limbs and body.

Hero points - Hero points can save the day if you have them.

Scaling magic items - some items power is based on your inherit power.
No. 699576 ID: 939c7f
File 145481803754.jpg - (205.86KB , 1000x562 , unpuase.jpg )

unpause, please continue voting~
No. 699579 ID: fa9b55

lets speed things along a little: Female, that's five votes.
No. 699580 ID: 939c7f
File 145481865196.jpg - (228.48KB , 1000x562 , character outline 3 race.jpg )

~Your hero will be female~

>Chose a race for the hero...
Half elf
Half orc
Monkey Goblin
I'm sorry...

All the races are found here>> http://www.d20pfsrd.com/races
No. 699581 ID: 47160d

Oh we are doing the special races too? That's fun, and due to my absurd obsession Kobold!
No. 699582 ID: 796324

No. 699583 ID: 99a64d

That... is a lot of races. Let's be a dorf, they're respectable, sturdy (good for using guns), and industrial, all good qualities if we want to be making that big money.
No. 699584 ID: 33b346

No. 699585 ID: fa9b55

Will it be pathfinder-style 'bold though?
No. 699586 ID: 88e46e

No. 699587 ID: 2ccbb3

No. 699588 ID: 47160d

No. 699589 ID: 939c7f

I'm hesitant on the subject... It's tg so kobolds need fur and ears right? Let's say there's traditional kobold and cutebolds (Jester alternative race trait)

Kobold voters are requested to specify their votes...
No. 699590 ID: f2461f

Strix or Tengu.
No. 699592 ID: 88e46e

Please tell me we're not using the actual Pathfinder stats for kobolds.
No. 699594 ID: 47160d

No. 699595 ID: 99a64d

I'd rather not be a 'bold again, we'd probably end up as the lame lizard kind anyway.
No. 699596 ID: 47160d

Hmmm you're right, I change to gnoll then or nagiji
No. 699597 ID: 99a64d

and shit I just checked their stats
>Greater weakness (–4 Str, +2 Dex, –2 Con)
Kobolds are trash in pathfinder.
No. 699598 ID: 4201a2

Tengu is a good choice.
Let's avoid being a scrawny reptilian PF kobold.
No. 699602 ID: 5ad4a7

Tengu? Yes. Tengu.
No. 699603 ID: 47160d

No. 699604 ID: 88e46e

Yeah, they're literal fucking garbage, the only way not to massively regret your choice is to houserule it or play a Cha-based fullcaster.
No. 699606 ID: 3d7f94

Tbh id rather not have to do another kobold. Having all these choices seem like a waste otherwise.

How about Suli?
No. 699614 ID: ee1584

because I really want to see how that would pay out.
No. 699619 ID: 91f726

No. 699626 ID: e18d6f

No. 699627 ID: 73c49c

always Gnoll! we have seen Kobold in brokens halos other quest, time to Gnoll it up~
No. 699629 ID: 833f38

Oread! The world need more Rock people~
No. 699630 ID: 833f38

err, (sorry about doublepost) Given Oread is almost certainly not gonna get picked...I guess change my vote to tengu
No. 699631 ID: 3f9dc0

Nagaji Naga Aspirant is one of my favorite kinds of silly.

"Manipulating appendages are literal trash. I wanna be a snake when I grow up"
No. 699632 ID: ac1424

No. 699634 ID: 73c49c

It looks like Gnolls win. runners up are Kobold with 3 votes (some one changed vote from bold to other), 3 votes Tengu, and a bunch of other stuff.
No. 699640 ID: 5ad4a7

4 votes tengu, you mean.

Broken Halo is most likely going to put a dick on the female gnoll, you guys realize this right?
No. 699646 ID: 939c7f

That will be dtermined by vote in the estethics phase, I'll update again tomorrow good night...
No. 699649 ID: 73c49c

in the time it took me to count votes and check Ids another person voted the mimic bird.
No. 699650 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh alright then.
No. 699652 ID: 3f9dc0

I see 5 votes Gnoll, 4 votes Tengu, 3 Nagaji, and much hesitation on the subject of Kobolds.
I don't see any other race mentioned more than once.
No. 699653 ID: b17b81

I also vote gnoll. To keep the lead.
No. 699688 ID: f6442a

Hissssss sssssss sss. Nagagii.
No. 699689 ID: fd0081

Hehe, time to make things more complicated

No. 699695 ID: e1ceb6

No. 699702 ID: 40c6ad

This kind of voting people always ends up with people voting for one of only two or three options that other people have already voted for, rather than what they actually want most.

Like I'm going to do now, when I say Gnoll. I'd rather vote kitsune, but since I prefer gnoll to the other winning options, I feel like I have to vote that way.

But I will add: not a spotted gnoll. Because we need variety. Brown, striped or aardwolf gnoll, please. Hopefully one of the latter two because they're cute. Some sort of gangly awkward nerd brown gnoll would still be cool though.
No. 699705 ID: 939c7f
File 145485435742.jpg - (267.21KB , 1000x562 , character outline 3 class.jpg )

~ Your hero will be a gnoll ~

>Chose a class for your gnoll champion.

Core Classes

Barbarian - Angry and hits hard
Bard - Plays support spells
Cleric - battle priest
Druid - forest divine spell caster
Fighter - Gets bonus combat feats
Monk - high attack rate, low armor
Paladin - heavily combative, weak spell casting
Ranger - Good long range and melee can cast spells
Rogue - lots of skill points, also traps
Sorcerer - spontaneous arcane caster
Wizard - Prepared arcane caster

Base Classes

Alchemist - self buff caster
Cavalier - duels well, rides horses
Gunslinger - good with guns
Inquisitor - amazing range combat, judgment spells
Magus - combat mage
Oracle - Alt. divine spells caster, has mysteries
Summoner - Has summons, and a custom summon
Witch - At. arcane caster, has hexs

Alternate Classes

Antipaladin - evil paladin
Ninja - extra staby rogue
Samurai - Cavalier with katana and longbow

Hybrid Classes

Arcanist - Sorceror/wizard
Bloodrager - sorceror/barbarian
Brawler - fighter/monk
Hunter - druid/ranger
Investigator - alchemist/rogue
Shaman - oracle/witch
Skald - bard/barbarian
Slayer - ranger/rogue
Swashbuckler - fighter/gunslinger
Warpriest - fighter/cleric

Occult Classes

Kineticist - basically avatar the last airbender
Medium - self buff with ghosts
Mesmerist - hypnosis, powerful stares
Occultist - powerful magical items
Psychic - occult spell caster
Spiritualist - has a ghost friend, occult summoner

All the classes are easily found on the left side of the main panel... I didn't need to tell you that did I?
No. 699706 ID: a9ff28

Inquisitor! We shall condemn the blastphemers!
No. 699708 ID: 796324

Hunter, I'm a big fan of heroes with animal companions.
No. 699709 ID: 99ca2b

Skald, knowing people we'll have sex with a lot of people and make stupid decisons so might as well get a class that's good at both.
No. 699711 ID: b17b81

Ranger. Hunter would be fine too.
No. 699712 ID: 40c6ad

Oracle! Then we get to choose cool mysteries and curses, and the advantages of said curses. And all the variety of the cleric spell list, without the need for preparation. And it's Charisma-based! We all know /quest/ is going to push for high charisma no matter what we do, so we might as well take a class that uses it.
No. 699713 ID: b2e8b1

Spiritualist, I want to see if it's possible!
No. 699714 ID: 2ccbb3

1. Samurai
2. Antipaladin
No. 699724 ID: f2461f

Let's be a witch.
No. 699726 ID: 47160d

No. 699727 ID: 570dca

I'd really like something new for a Flynn quest where protags are usually physically unimpressive, so some sort of martial class, and I'd like a somewhat untraditional gnoll but still something that feels gnoll-ish, so I vote bloodrager. It should give us room to stack cha so we can handle social side, con for when we get ourselves in deep shit, and the fun of spells without the hassle of a huge spell list or a complicated magic system.

No. 699728 ID: 570dca

Also the built in plot seed of having a demon, angel, etc somewhere back in our bloodline is a nice perk.
No. 699729 ID: 833f38

WAS gonna say medium...but it probably won't be chosen...So
skald because reasons.
No. 699736 ID: 99a64d

bloodrager or skald
No. 699739 ID: 90f3c0

Bloodrager or investigator.
No. 699755 ID: a22f87

Shaman or witch
No. 699765 ID: 47160d

Bloodrager or witch
No. 699766 ID: 47160d

and that's four for bloodrager
No. 699793 ID: fa9b55


:3 second deciding vote~
No. 699795 ID: 88e46e

No. 699802 ID: 8f693e

Sorcerer AND barbarian? Thats 200% Awesome!
No. 699846 ID: 939c7f
File 145488190447.jpg - (278.31KB , 1000x562 , character outline 4 archetype.jpg )

~The vicious Bloodrager, Like sorcerers, bloodragers' veins surge with arcane power. While sorcerers use this power for spellcasting, bloodragers enter an altered state in which their bloodline becomes manifest~

>Chose a blood line for the gnoll bloodrager.

Aberrant - Your blood is both alien and bizarre, twisting you in ways most unnerving...
Abyssal - Demon filth flows through your veins, tap into it for great physical power~!
Arcane - While others of your kin may be wizards or sorcerers, yours is the way of the spell breaker!
Black Blood - Your blood runs cold as ice and black as night, lethal to most your blood is a true weapon.
Celestial - Your ancestry is one of divine and as such you're graced with the blood or martyrs.
Destined - the very weaves of destiny flow through your veins, gifted by your legendary ancestors.
Draconic - And They call her dova kin, Dragon Born!! (specify scale color)
Elemental - deep within you the elements rage, ever drawn to the outer realms by your ancestors.
Fey - one of your ancestors was fey, this magic affects your blood in tricky ways.
Infernal - the taint of hell and twisting grins of devils flows though your veins, you feel it's heat within you...
Kyton - the ways of torture reside in your heart, blood and chains are garments to you.
Undead - a frightening presence posses your blood, deep withing you, the undead was once family...

>Chose an archetype (archetypes vary and change the class from it's original form and desing)

Blood Conduit - Blood conduits learn to channel their arcane might directly through their flesh, without the need for mystical words or gestures.
Bloodrider - To the blood rider, his trusty companion and steed is the greatest weapon, together they march on the blood of their enemies.
Crossblooded Rager - While most consider themselves blessed or cursed with a unique blood, you are gifted with two~
Greenrager - These bloodragers funnel their eldritch heritage into abilities that allow them to call powerful allies from nature and empower them with their bloodrage.
Metamagic Rager- rare few bloodragers master their arcane abilities, these masters push their art to the limits of the possible.
Primalist - Some bloodragers take on a more natural, primal rage, focusing more on the blood on their hands then in their veins.
Rageshaper - the arcane blood that flows through you is fickle, it shapes you with every pulse. pushing you to new forms.
Spelleater - while most blood ragers fuels their rage with arcane blood, you've learnt to cannibalize it to extend your life.
Steelblood - Most bloodragers prefer light armor, but some learn the secret of using heavy armors. These steelbloods plod around the battlefield inspiring fear and delivering carnage from within a steel shell.
Untouchable Rager - to most your blood may seem like a weapon, but to you, it is a shield, protecting you from death, from within.
Vanilla - Absolutely nothing wrong with bloodrager, it doesn't need to be changed.

>> http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/hybrid-classes/bloodrager#TOC-Bloodline Here's the page on bloodragers, reading it up is suggested. blood lines and archetypes are in there somewhere...
No. 699848 ID: f2461f

Black blood or undead
No. 699849 ID: fd0081

I´d say undead, just for something new
No. 699851 ID: a22f87

>Arcane - While others of your kin may be wizards or sorcerers, yours is the way of the spell breaker!

>Steelblood - Most bloodragers prefer light armor, but some learn the secret of using heavy armors. These steelbloods plod around the battlefield inspiring fear and delivering carnage from within a steel shell.
No. 699853 ID: 796324

No. 699854 ID: 47160d

undead spell eater
No. 699855 ID: 4201a2

No. 699858 ID: fa9b55

( deleted prior suggestion/vote due to catastrophic link failure )
Abyssal and Blood Conduit
Lets Wrestle!
No. 699865 ID: 90f3c0

Draconic (gold)
Blood Conduit
No. 699872 ID: 40c6ad

Destined, to honor your ancestors, and spell eater.
No. 699884 ID: fa18d4

Blood Conduit
No. 699886 ID: fa9b55

This is gonna be harder than getting a room full of people to agree on pizza toppings.
No. 699890 ID: fa18d4

We could vote in multiple rounds.
No. 699891 ID: e18d6f

Blackblood and vanilla.
No. 699892 ID: 2ccbb3

Kyton Spelleater
No. 699897 ID: 8f693e


Lets charge at our enemies, as a mighty behemoth of steel, screaming in incontrollable rage, turning your soundings on fire with your cursed blood!
No. 699908 ID: 99a64d

Black Blood, because Soul Eater was a good anime.
Spell Eater or Blood Conduit
No. 699909 ID: 939c7f

our archetype is Blood conduit with five votes, but we still need a blood line~
No. 699919 ID: fa9b55

quick note to anyone that isn't actually diving into those documents: the Blood Conduit abilities require Light or No armor to work right.
No. 699924 ID: 40c6ad


I count five votes for spell eater as well? Four for each of the two and one vote saying "spell eater or blood conduit".

The most popular bloodline so far seems to be black blood, but I actually have no idea what that is. The page seems to imply it's something that appears elsewhere.
No. 699927 ID: f7a64f

No. 699933 ID: cb6b4f

No. 699934 ID: cb6b4f

Blood conduit
No. 699949 ID: f5a748

Vote for Blackblood and Spelleater!
No. 699962 ID: a9ff28

Celestial Bloodline Bloodrider!!!
...This isn't gonna be the one we get isn't it.
No. 699964 ID: fa9b55


this is the only page I've found that actually describes what Black Blood is, or what it does. That little sub-article off to the right.
No. 699976 ID: 939c7f

For some reason this link breaks... but the link from there works...

thank you for pointing this out, I missed one of them and if I'm not reading all wrong since I'm tired it's six against six in the end... though the first of the sixths votes was for blood conduit.

provided my simple math isn't terrible, it's black blood blood conduit blood rager... I don't feel well, im sure I'll regret posting in this condition tomorrow morning, but what ever... I'll update tomorrow morning...
No. 700024 ID: b2e8b1

Kyton Spelleater too.
No. 700026 ID: 0cdf95


The pathfinder wiki gives an explanation for the Black Blood as coming from "The Land of Black Blood", which is contained in an ancient magical vault deep underground.


It's left a mystery where it ultimately comes from but it seems to be linked to aberrations and necromancy.
No. 700061 ID: f36501

No. 700095 ID: 3f9dc0

Destined Bloodrider
No. 700102 ID: 939c7f
File 145495347153.jpg - (211.38KB , 1000x562 , character outline 5 stats.jpg )

~The black blood runs cold though your veins, touched by vile necromantic and abarant energies, you learnt to use this power thought he art of savage bodily contact, slamming, grappling and striking with your bare fists, you never took onto the armored art, favoring head on combat and nimble reflexes.~

>Please set your stats... this is going to be complicated to vote for, so the first full stat suggestion to three votes wins, or highest votes in five hours...
In pathfinder with the buy point system, you have a set amount of points to distribute among your stats. (25 points) for example if you want one stat to be 14 you need to spend 5 points, the higher the stat the more it costs, you can also dull a stat to gain more points to spend on good stats...
here is a stat calculator.



Remember that gnolls have +2 str and +2 Con. (don't factor these into your stat blocks, or set them aside in evidence)
No. 700109 ID: b17b81

No time to work up a stat block for a new char right now, just remember that we'd need an int of 12+ to speak any language aside from gnoll, and that each int bonus is an extra skill point we can add per lvl.
No. 700111 ID: 88e46e

16 Str, 14 Cha, Con, and Wis. 12 Dex, 8 Int, before racials. We can 't afford to tank our will save especially with how quests work, we need Cha for our magic, and Str/Con to do well in melee. Dex is nice for Reflex, AC, and initiative, and Intelligence is the least useful out of the lot.

Can also do the same with 10 Dex and Int if people would rather not have a dumpstat.
No. 700112 ID: cf28cf

Str-13 Dex-16 Con-13 Cha-13 Int-13 Wis-13
Then with those race bonuses it should put our strength and constitution at 15 each.
No. 700113 ID: 88e46e

For more of an explanation, we only ever need a 14 in Charisma to cast all of our spells and I'd rather have that ready at the start than use level increases or items to boost it. The only uncertainty I have is whether to bump Str down to boost Dex a bit, since we could probably afford it.
No. 700114 ID: a53d93

Mine I guess could be adjusted to 7 Wis and 13 Int for the sake of picking up common and working in a Dex skill. God knows we'll be making plenty of unwise decisions like usual so it won't be hard to roleplay.
No. 700116 ID: 796324

Gonna go with this.
No. 700118 ID: a53d93

15 +2
14 +2

A focus on Str with 18 an easy early goal for the sake of grapple
Solid Dex since we went with a light armor max archetype
And only a marginal boost to Cha since we're not a spell focused archetype. It should be enough to load up on touch spells to blast people w as we wrassle.
Int for a dex skill and common language
Wis dump because we always make unwise decisions anyway.
No. 700119 ID: a169b2

Seems good.
No. 700127 ID: cf28cf

Actually lets change that to chr:14 int:12 wis:12
No. 700128 ID: a22f87

I'll go with this
No. 700130 ID: 3112de

I'm gonna go with this. We need to pick up common language or we won't even be able to talk to anyone.
Besides, if we put our intelligence low we'll just be a blubbering idiot. Gnolls aren't that smart to begin with.
No. 700131 ID: 2ccbb3

Str 16, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 7, Cha 9

Fight with fury, but also have the intelligence to learn from battle.
No. 700141 ID: b17b81

Just a simple swap of the wis and cha from my ranger build ends up being ok.
16 +2 Str 10pt (total of +4 to str cause we melee)
14 Dex 5pt (So a +2 to AC combined with the natural +2 is pretty good. We're going for medium armor I think?)
14 +2 Con 5pt (gives us 7 rounds of bloodrage)
12 Int 2pt (gives us common as a language and 5 skills per lvl which is ok I guess)
14 Cha 5pt (lets us use all levels of spells once we are high enough lvl and sets spell dc to 12+spell lvl)
8 Wis -2pt (only useful for skills and will saves; we have the important ones as class ones, and bloodraging gives us a +2 to will saves. We need something low to get the rest reasonable high)

Just realized with the bloodraging morale bonus Str and Con get +4

Any suggested changes?
No. 700163 ID: 99a64d

Consider mine a vote for anything with 14 or more cha and 12 or more int.
No. 700164 ID: 939c7f
File 145496417744.jpg - (198.15KB , 1000x562 , character outline 6 skills.jpg )

~Str-13+2 Dex-16 Con-13+2 Cha-14 Int-12 Wis-12 physically apt and charismatic without any blatant flaws, a balanced champion~

>Next is skill points, you have five points to invest into your skills, remember that you can't have more points in one skill than you have total levels, so one in this case. class skill offer an additional +3 if you have at least one point in it.

-Disable Device
+Escape Artist
-Handle Animal*
-Knowledge (arcana)*
-Knowledge (dungeoneering)
-Knowledge (engineering)
-Knowledge (geography)
-Knowledge (history)
-Knowledge (local)
-Knowledge (nature)
-Knowledge (nobility)
-Knowledge (planes)
-Knowledge (religion)
+Sense Motive
-Sleight of Hand
-Use Magic Device

Skills marked with a + are intuitive skills, they do not need point investments to be used.
Skills marked with a - are non intuitive skills that require at least one point to be able to use them.
skills marked with a * are class skills and are easier to master, thought still require a point to use non intuitive skills.

First five skills to reach five votes, once a skill reaches five votes that point is invested... in five hours I'll tally the runner ups...
No. 700168 ID: b17b81

Perception, stealth, survival, intimidate, craft.
No. 700172 ID: a22f87

-Knowledge (arcana)*
Well since we're starting off broke I figured it might be a good idea to be able to live off the land. Also 1 point in each since they'll all get that +3
No. 700173 ID: 796324

No. 700180 ID: 3112de

Knowledge (arcana) 
No. 700182 ID: 633e18

No. 700183 ID: 90f3c0

Knowledge (Arcana)
No. 700185 ID: 99a64d

No. 700200 ID: a453de

That should be good
No. 700201 ID: d587e6

No. 700205 ID: 939c7f
File 145496735097.jpg - (195.91KB , 1000x562 , character outline 7 feats.jpg )

~our champion is well versed in Perception, Survival, Intimidation, Arcane Knowledge and Spellcraft~

>This is where shit hits the bed... I need you guys to agree on a single feat... http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats here's the feat list... lets say first to three votes since there's like a million of em... if it's decided too close and fast I'll extend it to five votes.
No. 700210 ID: a22f87

well seeing that we're a sorcerer barbarian combo I think we should go with
>Combat casting
>>You are adept at spellcasting when threatened or distracted.
>>Benefit: You get a +4 bonus on concentration checks made to cast a spell or use a spell-like ability when casting on the defensive or while grappled.

just seems like a given for me.
No. 700211 ID: 99a64d

Shit that's a lot of feats...
Can we take Quicken spell? I remember that being good back when I played 3.5

It might be good idea to let people suggest things and then have a round of voting after the round of suggesting, so that we don't just end up going with the first good feat we find.
No. 700217 ID: a53d93

I don't have time right now to check what bonus feats we'll get naturally down the road, but
Improved unarmed strike -> Improved grapple -> wrasslin caster extreme line of feats should definitely be a priortity.
No. 700218 ID: a53d93

If that line is built in to our archetype then combat casting is absolutely my top choice. Nothing sadder than spell fizzle.
No. 700221 ID: a9ff28

combat casting we won't be able to make use of until level 4 anyway I think? In which case we might as well take it then as opposed to right now...Uhh
Improved Unarmed Strike from >>700217
sounds like the way to go for now.
No. 700234 ID: a22f87

>combat casting we won't be able to make use of until level 4 anyway I think?
I'm not thinking that anywhere. I kind of picked it because of a game we're playing now where we're all level one and one of our spell casters picked that as a feat.
No. 700244 ID: 939c7f
File 145497188168.jpg - (221.55KB , 1000x562 , character outline 8 no spells.jpg )

~your champion gains improved unarmed strike and improved grapple as a bonus feat thanks to her archetype~

>You have no spells to chose at this level so we'll skip to aesthetics...
No. 700245 ID: 503532

improved unarmed strike.
we can get combat casting later, when we actually have spells.
No. 700249 ID: 939c7f
File 145497411671.jpg - (166.88KB , 1000x562 , desing 1 form.jpg )

~First order of busyness, Form... Chose between a humanoid form or a monstrous form~
No. 700250 ID: 88e46e

Eh, humanoid is probably more useful. Also if it's relevant later on, voting for no dick. And aardwolf/striped hyena if that's an option.
No. 700251 ID: 0cdf95

I feel like humanoid would actually have more effect. Like, you see the monstrous one raging it up, that's sort of expected. The smaller one doing the same thing would have more impact. So, humanoid.
No. 700252 ID: 0cdf95


Oh, I'll also vote for aardwolf/striped if it's on the table.
No. 700254 ID: 796324

Nah let's go all the way on this. I vote monstrous.
No. 700255 ID: 503532

No. 700257 ID: fa9b55

No. 700259 ID: e18d6f

Monstrous all the way. Our archetype is a bruiser and should look like one. Especially since we picked intimidation as a skill. And all the more surprising to enemies when we bust out a spell.

I'm on board for aardwolf or striped, and dick chick forever.
No. 700260 ID: a9ff28

I'm with the humanoid types. Monsterous form would make me feel like we made a smarter and more dull (read: more sane) version of Cho'Gall.
No. 700261 ID: a45490

And no dick
No. 700262 ID: 2ccbb3

Humanoid for monk-style fighting
No. 700263 ID: 47160d

Humanoid with a dick. Because I don't care that much but I know Flynn likes his futas
No. 700266 ID: 3112de

Humanoid and no dick please
No. 700270 ID: 99a64d

humanoid, our strength stat doesn't change, but our volume goes down, which actually makes us stronger on some level.
no dick (are we even supposed to be voting on this yet?)
No. 700271 ID: 633e18

A dickless Humanoid
No. 700272 ID: 939c7f
File 145497648664.jpg - (192.62KB , 1000x562 , desing 1 hair.jpg )

~your stripped gnollish champion has evolved past her primal ancestors and adopted an upright humanoid form~

>Chose a hair style: Pony tails, disheveled, Mohawk or straight...
No. 700273 ID: 99a64d

No. 700274 ID: 3112de

No. 700275 ID: f2461f

No. 700276 ID: fa18d4

Monstrous, and i don't care about the existance of a pseudodick.
No. 700277 ID: 796324

No. 700278 ID: a45490

No. 700279 ID: 633e18

No. 700281 ID: fa9b55

No. 700282 ID: 2ccbb3

No. 700283 ID: 645de2


And Dick dick
No. 700285 ID: 88e46e

No. 700286 ID: e18d6f

Mohawk and author's choice on dick or no dick. I like futa though.
No. 700287 ID: 90f3c0

No. 700290 ID: 0cdf95

Disheveled, and no dick.

Because our filthy aberrant blood has turned us into a freeeeeeaaaak!!!
No. 700292 ID: 2c4c23

No. 700293 ID: a53d93

Booh to all you boring futa haters :P

Why not leave us the one author who actually does futa characters and just enjoy the regular girls in every single other quest that is running or on the horizon ever?
No. 700294 ID: a53d93

Although for a rp standpoint being a freak in so vital a way could lead to interesting plot with our family/tribe what have you and other gnolls along the way. Not to mention delicious psychological scars.
No. 700296 ID: 939c7f
File 145497886428.jpg - (130.85KB , 1000x562 , desing 3 dangle.jpg )

~your champion prefers a sporty Mohawk~

>Did your champion undergo a ritualistic circumcision or does she still sport her pseudo phalus?

This subject has been up for furious debate since the word "gnoll" was first pronounced, so lets go for seven votes to win...
No. 700297 ID: 4201a2

Yes penis.
No. 700299 ID: 3112de

No penis
No. 700300 ID: 796324

Yes, we like to show the wimpy boys who's boss. It also makes a nice surprise when we're wrestling boys of other races.
No. 700301 ID: a45490

Enough with the dicks. No dick
No. 700302 ID: 0cdf95

Obviously the matriarchs of the tribe feared that her powers would let her usurp their place! They demanded she be subjected to the surgery. "So that she could be more sure of passing on her powerful blood", they said, but the real reason was to prevent her from being able to fully take part in the highest dominance rituals!
No. 700303 ID: b17b81

Give us the bits!
No. 700304 ID: 47160d

lol literally every other post changes and yes dick!
No. 700306 ID: e18d6f

Yes dick.
No. 700308 ID: 645de2

Yes to pseudo dick
No. 700310 ID: 90f3c0

Dick are great and all, but we just did dick girl quest. Variety is nice.

No penis.
No. 700311 ID: ae8824

No pseudo penis
No. 700312 ID: e18d6f

Exactly - and every other quest author does no dick. Variety is nice so yes to dick.

Vote yes to prop 103 and put a schlong on that gnoll.
No. 700313 ID: 0cdf95


What if we have all the dick-having gnolls you could want, but it's just the protagonist specifically who's missing one, while there are others who have theirs?
No. 700314 ID: 939c7f
File 145498053120.jpg - (137.99KB , 1000x562 , desing 4 tails.jpg )

~Your champion Still has her pride between her legs, let's hope she can keep it there~

>Final aesthetic choice, what tail does your champion sport? Foofy (fox tail), Nub (no tail), curled or straight (standard)
No. 700315 ID: e18d6f

Bring it home. Dicks are both stylish and the first step to taking over our tribe and making a gnoll army ~
No. 700316 ID: e18d6f

Oops I goofed in my soapboxing and I think got double counted there.

Nub because how cute is that. Also easier tailoring.
No. 700317 ID: 796324

Foofy, all the foofy
No. 700318 ID: ae8824

There wasn't even 7 votes for dick.

No. 700319 ID: f2461f

No. 700320 ID: 88e46e

No. 700321 ID: 796324

Looks like 7 to me
No. 700324 ID: b17b81

Floofs! All the floofs!

5 and 7 are the same guy. I think he was advertising instead of attempting to vote twice. Besides, >>700315
was the final vote needed anyways, he was just one minute late.
No. 700325 ID: ae8824

Actualy that was double count guy again
No. 700326 ID: 90f3c0

No. 700327 ID: a9ff28

a foofy tail. Because come on, blood of the dead, hair is dead cells, you get the drift!
No. 700328 ID: 88e46e

Meh, I voted no dick originally but I don't really care enough to alter the decision if Halo prefers them with and there's six people who actually want it. If it's actually repolled still no dick, if it's not no objection.
No. 700334 ID: 0cdf95

I vote curled, tailwise.

Maybe the author counted his own vote as the seventh? If not then it was just six by my estimate. There were five votes for no dick, so unless two people come in and vote for that all of a sudden...
No. 700338 ID: 939c7f
File 145498364245.jpg - (231.35KB , 1000x562 , desing final name.jpg )

~your tail is luxurious and floofy~

>Finally chose a name for your character

I'm gonna assume the extra language you get for +1 Intel was gonna be common...
No. 700340 ID: f2461f

Alla Xiomara.
No. 700344 ID: a9ff28

If we're doing the name and sur-name thing, then
Dola Zangeist
No. 700345 ID: 99a64d

Iska Tongueripper
No. 700349 ID: 88e46e

Kelda Oxgutter.
No. 700350 ID: 739c31

Mandinga Dele
No. 700351 ID: a45490

Chanda blackblood
No. 700353 ID: 0cdf95

[Sounds incapable of being made by mortal tongue], after my great great grand-[untranslatable eighth gender progenitor-term].

But most people just call me Blackie.
No. 700363 ID: fa9b55

I support this name.
No. 700364 ID: 939c7f
File 145499120855.jpg - (1.96MB , 1914x1240 , chacrater page oxcutter.jpg )

I like it, let's go with Kelda Oxgutter.

And the charcter is pretty much set~!
No. 700374 ID: 939c7f

so... my room mate is going to bed soon and I work tomorrow... Should I post the first few pages now, or wait till after tomorrow to have a real beginning?
No. 700376 ID: 47160d

Whichever you feel is better
No. 700377 ID: a453de

Go ahead and post right away
No. 700382 ID: b17b81

>by polar
Sounds like us.
No. 700385 ID: 939c7f
File 145499477368.jpg - (1.09MB , 3684x2428 , overture.jpg )

Prepare to embark on a journey of peril, wonder, grandeur and most of all... Madness~
Spiraling down to the depths and rising up to the peaks, this terrifying, terrific and tragic tale begins on a rocking boat...
No. 700386 ID: 939c7f
Audio overture.mp3 - (6.98MB )

No. 700387 ID: 939c7f
File 145499479615.jpg - (189.89KB , 1000x562 , first page.jpg )

>The boat rocks periodically and creeks gently as the waves crash against the wooden haul... six days ago Hell-knights descended upon you and captured you alive, tossing you in the brig of this boat... Every day the prisoners are shuffled, today's room is slightly larger than usual and you've been feed mashed potatoes and given fresh water, plus you only have one room mate and he's been very quiet... all thing considered today was pretty good... It must be night time, since the hallways are light by candles instead of the sun... not that it matters as you see just fine in the dark...

>_ _ _
No. 700389 ID: 06ca46

Ask the old man if he has a plan.

Punch door.
No. 700390 ID: 4201a2

Peek through the bars of the door.
No. 700392 ID: be4935

Ask the old timer where he was picked up and if he has any idea where we're heading.
No. 700408 ID: e18d6f

See if the old man speaks common and if so ask if he has any idea just how bad this situation is and if he has any plans for escaping. Then peek out of the bars.

Alternatively, pee in the middle of the cell and then punch Old Man in snout to assert superiority.
No. 700428 ID: a3d849

Practice your punches and kicks on the wall. You have to keep yourself in shape in case the opportunity to escape presents itself.
No. 700433 ID: 25273c

The bolt on that door is tiny! The screws that hold it down are tiny!! You could probably break it open... if you were angry enough.
No. 700439 ID: 939c7f
File 145503044322.jpg - (297.51KB , 1000x562 , second page talking.jpg )

Ask the old timer where he was picked up and if he has any idea where we're heading.
See if the old man speaks common and if so ask if he has any idea just how bad this situation is and if he has any plans for escaping.

>You ask the old dwarf if he speaks common. He looks up and cackles lightly...

Edrukk - And here I thought gnolls didn't speak commmon... I guess yeh were just keeping to yer self. Can't blame yeh... Mah Name's Edrukk. Maybe I'll serve yah a beer in hell eh? Hahaa on the house~

>You ask him if he knows where you're going and where he got picked up.

Edrukk - They found me in Absalom, figured I'd be safe there... but they really wanted me... They'll be taking us to Cheliax to serve our crimes, death for most of us...

>You ask him how bad the situation is and if he has a plan to escape.

Edrukk - Bad varies depending on why you're here, I'm an enemy of the royal court... My mouth too big and my opinion too large, so they'll kill me off without a trial... As for a plan? Heh... I plan on dying quickly without a struggle... unless Cayden Cailean sends me a miracle, I'm as dead as a doornail... But why are you here? I know the ins and outs of Cheliaxian law pretty well, maybe I can guess your sentence?

>Chose 1 campaign trait

Enemy of the crown - Your opinions of the devil bound royalty might just cost you your life...
You gain a +1 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks made against nobility of Cheliax, and a +1 bonus on all saving throws made against mind-affecting attacks from devils

Brigand You've spent a large of your time on the roads collecting "taxes" and are familiar with the culture of the road
You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks when dealing with brigands, thieves, bandits, and their ilk.

Stowaway What ever boat or wagon you jump on really didn't want you, this time you aren't a stowaway
You gain a +1 trait bonus on Stealth checks and Survival checks to find food.

Assassin You're a death dealer and a good one, but you killed the wrong person and didn't even get payed...
You gain a +2 trait bonus on Bluff checks to pass hidden messages. Also, anytime you deliver a coup de grace, you deal an additional 1d6 points of damage.

Petty Thief you've been trained by a rogue and learnt of their trade, but your teaching went off to a bad start...
Select one of the following skills: Disable Device, Intimidate, or Sleight of Hand. You gain a +1 trait bonus on that skill, and it is always a class skill for you.

Kidnapper You know how to take people in alive, it's always been a knack of yours
When using a melee weapon that deals lethal damage to instead deal nonlethal damage, you take only a –2 attack penalty instead of –4.

Vandal that last outburst may of cost you your life and there wasn't even any rupees in that jar...
You gain a +2 bonus on Strength checks to break objects, and when damaging an object with a weapon, natural weapon, or unarmed attack, you ignore 2 points of its hardness.

Mugger armed robbery, simple, fun and profitable... usually...
You gain a +1 trait bonus on initiative checks and a +1 trait bonus on weapon damage rolls during any surprise round in which you act.

Slave trader you deal in flesh, living flesh, and it's a crime apparently... don't hell knights keep slaves?
You gain +2 trait bonus to Appraise and handle animal when it comes to humans.

Framed You are guilty of the greatest crime of all... Innocence...
You start with an additional Hero point and can hold up to four hero points at any given time.

>_ _ _
No. 700441 ID: 4854ef

Slave trader!
No. 700445 ID: b17b81

I kinda like vandal.
No. 700451 ID: 88e46e

No. 700452 ID: a9ff28

No. 700453 ID: 47160d

Maybe you should explain what hero points are exactly
No. 700454 ID: 939c7f

the beauty of using a proper system is that all the info is easy to find~
Here's the document on hero points
No. 700455 ID: 47160d

Going to second framed then
No. 700456 ID: 2ccbb3

Kidnapper. Please try to minimize casualties wherever death is unnecessary.

Otherwise, torture and maim as needed.
No. 700464 ID: d264c4

Vandal looks like a pretty sweet deal for breaking our bonds and so on.
No. 700478 ID: 25273c

Vandal fits being a bloodrager better, stack that destructive potential.

Knowing people's packrat tendencies, we're going to end up never using those hero points for anything except rerolls and cheating death.
No. 700479 ID: a53d93

Mugger for that sweet initiative bonus.
No. 700484 ID: dbb0f9

I'll say, Vandal breaking things just seems fitting.
No. 700485 ID: a22f87

No. 700486 ID: 796324

Stowaway, on this very ship even.
No. 700488 ID: cd886c

No. 700509 ID: b2e8b1

No. 700512 ID: 99a64d

Framed, because I like action points, and hero points like those but better.
No. 700531 ID: 939c7f
File 145505199393.jpg - (289.29KB , 1000x562 , page 3 talking.jpg )

>You explain to him that you sometimes get a tad angry and may of broken a few things and they totally over reacted...

Edrukk - Well if you're on this ship for vandalism, you broke something really expensive or who ever owned it was very important. You'll be tried and fined a hefty sum, and seeing your wealth, it's safe to assume you'll be a slave, probably for eehh... six to ten years or so... But it's not all bad, Cheliax is the best nation to be a slave in, the laws and regulations in regards to slave ownership are very strict and harshly enforced, you may find life as a slave better than a nomad... but I'm not here to judge your life... At least you can try to run away or pay your dues, you wont be gutted in a cellar and fed to pigs... Count yourself lucky kid~

>The Dwarf sits back down and grooms his beard...

>_ _ _
No. 700532 ID: a22f87

get pissed and punch the door. This is some bullshit!
No. 700536 ID: 47160d

...So this is canonically a pathfinder game right?Are the other two just sitting there silently watching our intro?
No. 700543 ID: 88e46e

Pathfinder rules, I doubt it's a campaign IC. Eadoo Quest had vaguely similar Pathfinderish mechanics in places and it wasn't a campaign either.
No. 700544 ID: 3b7ad4

I'm making my own luck, old man.

I have an idea. We get into a mock fight, when the guards come in to break it up, we overpower them.

If he doesn't want to play ball, carefully explain that the fight doesn't have to be fake.
No. 700545 ID: cd886c

Let's not start a brawl. Just look out the bars so we can see the next room.
No. 700550 ID: fa9b55

Try really hard to remember the most important think we might or have broken.
No. 700561 ID: 796324

Tell him you would rather eat your own pride, and by pride I mean pseudo phalus, than be forced into servitude and bondage. We'll find our chance to escape.
No. 700566 ID: e18d6f

Let's check outside. And um, the rest of our cell to make sure there hasn't been someone sitting in another corner this whole time.
No. 700570 ID: b17b81

A short individualized bit before they meet up with each other is fine from a dm standpoint. Meeting up while captured is a old fasion gaming trope; just a bit less common than 'you meet in a tavern'.
We can rage and break out any time we want, so look out the bars first. How thick do the walls seem?
No. 700571 ID: b17b81

Also ask the old man if he has anything on him. We can break him out as we go if he wants.
No. 700579 ID: 2ccbb3

Maybe it's not what you broke, but what someone SAW you break. If there was some thread of a conspiracy in that stuff (or more likely, someone knew that you were destroying a fake artifact and the damage would prove it was swapped), then you'd need to be dealt with before you ruined someone by singing in a bar, but ordering your execution would draw too much attention.

Looks like your best bet is to get hired by someone who needs a vandal.
No. 700781 ID: 939c7f
File 145514145706.jpg - (189.91KB , 1000x562 , page 4.jpg )

>you look out the bars of the door and see the hallway... Your head was covered every time they moved you so you don;t know the layout of the ship... (the map on the upper right updates as you explore)
No. 700783 ID: 939c7f
File 145514182704.jpg - (227.00KB , 1000x562 , page 5 talking to shadow dude.jpg )

How thick do the walls seem?

>The walls seem pretty thick, you might be able to break through them with a lot of effort, but not without drawing a huge amount of attention.

>You bash at the door and find you could easily break it down with some effort...

??? - Hey, I Wouldn't do that if I was you...

>The voice comes from the next cell over.

??? - Even if you do break your bonds, the place is swarming with Hellknights, fully clad in demon forged armor, you can't punch that problem. and even if you could what then? we're on a boat, think you can't swim to a shore you can't see? Look I overheard you talking about an escape eh? Hehee... let's not talk here... there's a knot in the wood, see if you can break though and make a hole...

>_ _ _
No. 700787 ID: a22f87

well let's find that knot then and knock it lose. If nothing else you at least get to hit something which should make your fell a little better.
No. 700803 ID: f2461f

Sounds good enough, let's find that knot and give it a punch.
No. 700830 ID: 939c7f
File 145514675080.jpg - (178.11KB , 1000x562 , page 6 taking out the knot.jpg )

rolled 17 = 17

>You find a fist sized knot and try to push and otherwise break it loose
No. 700872 ID: 939c7f
File 145514953972.jpg - (225.44KB , 1000x562 , page 7 knocked it out.jpg )

>you rolled a total of 21 and easily knocked the knot out exposing the next room over through a fist sized hole

>_ _ _
No. 700875 ID: 7b82a3

Well let's see what they want.
No. 700878 ID: fa9b55

"Howdy Mother Fucker"
No. 700881 ID: 99a64d

"'tsup bitches?"
No. 700883 ID: 2ccbb3

"Who wants to try a breakout?

... I'll settle for [minigame]."
No. 700886 ID: 939c7f
File 145515127955.jpg - (294.22KB , 1000x562 , page 8.jpg )

>you greet the stranger

Kelda - Howdy Mother Fucker

Narsius - Howdy to you too, name's Narsius and that over there is Cid

>The white haired Tiefling waves

Narsius - Okay sweet pup, this is gonna be hard to believe but I've got a guy on the inside, and we've got a plan to get us four out and free... Tomorrow we'll land on a beach to be transferred to a larger more secure ship, from that point on our lives are forfeit. But while our feet are on the ground we can make an escape. when they take us out they'll chain us together in a big conga line, with us four at the back, I'll "knock out" my pal and you can make good on a break-away chain he installed at the tail end of the line... I'm trusting you with my life, I hope you can do the same...

>_ _ _
No. 700888 ID: 7b82a3

We got your back. Breaking stuff is our specialty.
No. 700892 ID: 2ccbb3

Meh, you were planning on breaking a few cuffs anyway.

Don't trust this guy, but go with the plan since you don't have any better ideas.
No. 700895 ID: e18d6f

This guy looks a little shady, but maybe appearances aren't what they seem. Get on board with the plan, but see if he has any assurances we're not just going to be used as a distraction when the time comes.
No. 700896 ID: 939c7f
File 145515335086.jpg - (286.48KB , 1000x562 , page 9 edruk interject.jpg )

Kelda - We got your back. Breaking stuff is our specialty.

Narsius - Good to hear it sweet pup~ The hardest part is gonna be out running the guards, they'll be fully plated in Black steel, but we'll be bound at the wrists with only a few feet of leverage...

>The dwarf stands and approaches.

Edrukk - That's a sound plan and all, but why are you saving us? Why not place yourself at the very end and break away alone?

Narsius - Ahh... well you know how the last part was hard to believe, well this next part is damn well near impossible to believe... You see, I got myself caught on purpose, so that I could break the three of you out...

Edrukk - I could believe that for just me but all three? Explain yourself...
No. 700900 ID: 939c7f
File 145515450926.jpg - (298.36KB , 1000x562 , page 10 the artifact.jpg )

Narsius - Well, You see I came across this a while ago...

>The man pulls out a small wooden box from inside his trousers.

Narsius - This artifact is quite powerful and if sold would make any man filthy rich, even divided by four... but I've had visions, I've seen you three and all sorts of misadventures, I knew that if I went alone I'd die, but with the four of us... Sweet pup, Big red, grizzle beard and myself we can make it big~

Edrukk - H-how did you...

Narsius - You tell Sweet pup all about it around a fire, I've seen it in my visions... all because of this gem... it wants to be sold... It want's us to succeed don't you see?

Edrukk - Hmp... I guess Cailean really did send me a mirracle... But you watch yourself Nood-

Narsius - Noodle hair~

Edrukk - *sigh* Yeah... You watch yourself...

Narsius - anything to add Big red?

Cid - ...

Narsius - What about you sweet pup?

>_ _ _
No. 700901 ID: 47160d

Tell him to stop flirting until after you escape
No. 700902 ID: 2ccbb3

You will enjoy ripping his dick off if he tries to kill you at the end.

Whatever, get this quest started.
No. 700903 ID: 3c1f51

Ditch the fruity nicknames and let me reserve the right to maim you in the event you betray us, and you have a deal.
No. 700904 ID: a9ff28

"No cute names. I am Zelda. Cross me, I eat you."
No. 700917 ID: 41909c

Well failure is still better then just becoming some jackasses slave, plus it sounds fun, let's do it
No. 700941 ID: e18d6f

If this gets us out of a cell, we're in; but after that we look out for ourselves and anyone who tries to order us around is asking to be broken. This sweet pup is always top dog.
No. 700983 ID: c66656

"I'll kill you when this turns out to be a trick, but until then I'll play along."
No. 701002 ID: 2ccbb3

Name: Jesstania Erstein
No. 701013 ID: 99a64d

We already picked a name, kome.
No. 701307 ID: 939c7f
File 145532016413.jpg - (319.38KB , 1000x562 , page 11 threats.jpg )

Kelda - Stop flirting until after you escape

Narsius - Is that how you interpret this~? Hehee I guess we hear what we wanna hear~ But sure, if you want, I'll flirt with you as much as you like once we're out.

>You threaten him bringing focus to various genitals, but otherwise agree.

Narsius - Hahaa... He... Heh... Yeah well that's creepy and all, but I don't have to worry, since it's not a trick... Well try to get some rest yall cause tomorrow will be a workout...

>He corks the knot and shuffles away from the wall...
No. 701309 ID: 939c7f
File 145532050838.jpg - (1.45MB , 2500x1406 , page 12 out on the beach.jpg )

>The next morning the boat makes landfall and sets up, several of the prisoners are brought out and chained together at the wrists... They don't bag your faces for transport, most likely since you won't be on this boat again... The four of you are last in the line as predicted. The beach sand is cold and the air is wet, the morning salty mist is refreshing over your fur... Two guards keep watch over the front and back end of the line, the rest wait on the boat, in the distance two more guards wait near a much larger boat... Narsius glares at the guard near the end, he glares back...
No. 701315 ID: 939c7f
File 145532089183.jpg - (1.45MB , 2500x1406 , page 13 talking to guard.jpg )

Narsius - Hey Bucket head, how hot is in there?

Hellknight - ...

Narsius - Must be hot... hot like hell~ Hahaha

Hellknight - Quiet...

Narsius - Hey is it true that Hellknights need to suck a devils cock to get that armor?

Hellknight - QUIET YOU CUR!

Narsius - Well yeah, because otherwise why would they forge it for you? So you suck em off~

Hellknight - Shut Your Mouth Or I'll Break Your Jaw Off!

Narsius - I hear the better you suck the harder they work too, You must suck like a grandma~

Hellknight - That's it!!

>He walks over to Narsius cracking his knuckles through the heavy armored gauntlets, but just as he gets close Narsius grabs his chains and whips the Hellknight in the face, Banging loudly on his helmet. The guard falls flat on his back!!

Narsius - Now!!

>_ _ _
No. 701326 ID: 90f3c0

Proceed with the plan. Yank the weakened chain to break it, then run like hell.
No. 701327 ID: a22f87

Brake the chain and get ready to run, we need to move.
No. 701331 ID: 020b5e

Tap into your rage to make sure you have enough strength, it'll also give you enough power to pick up that shorty behind you and run with him so his tiny legs don't slow you down.
No. 701339 ID: 9c015b

Do the plan!
No. 701346 ID: 9c6d36

just started reading this quest and I know i'm late to the party but for the love of god /tg/ can we stop with the dickgirls/hermaphrodites? Jesus fucking christ.
No. 701351 ID: 88e46e

Rage, yank the chain, run for it.

What is a discussion thread?
No. 701387 ID: 939c7f
File 145533434582.jpg - (332.45KB , 1000x562 , page 14 breK THE CHAINS.jpg )

>You rage and attempt to a break check on the breakaway chain... You rolled 12 + 2 str bonus + 2 Vandalism + 2 Blood Rage = 18... The chain breaks and you're free from the pack, but you're still tied to your allies...

Narsius - Run Quickly! To the forest!!

>You Follow the plan and run towards the forest... prepare for chase mode...
No. 701391 ID: 939c7f

Rules for chases...
It's a tad complicated...
No. 701392 ID: a22f87

well start hauling ass towards the tree line before the other guards catch up.
No. 701396 ID: 8e9d4b

Tell Narsius to grab under one of the dwarf's arms while you do the same with the other, so both of you can lift him. That should split his weight enough that you can carry him without taking a hit to your movement speed, which will allow you to move faster than if you had to let him run along by himself.
No. 701398 ID: 73c49c

Lets get running toward the tree line, get ready to grab the and carry someone if they fall. because there still tied to us and we don't want the chain getting caught on a log or something.
No. 701400 ID: 1cebc8

Okay, see if you can break the chains of the other nearby prisoners and get them to fight the nearest guard. Then run straight for the forest, and once you find cover, break the chains of anyone nearby, then point them in the direction of the guards. You should be able to neutralize a few guards, though run if an army finds out what you're doing.
No. 701401 ID: 939c7f
File 145533791524.jpg - (236.95KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 1.jpg )

>You book it, keeping your advantage!
The Coast is clear, Go Go Go!!

>The HellKnight needs to Keep the prisoners from escaping!
He rolls an intimidate of 17 and fails. He cannot advance this turn
No. 701402 ID: 939c7f
File 145533816227.jpg - (258.00KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 2.jpg )

>A large dead tree blocks your path~!
Climb over it - dc 10
Run around it - lose a turn

(all allies need to succeed their checks since you're tied at the wrists)
>You can carry Edrukk, if so he doesn't need to make checks, but you and Narsius take -2 on checks, if you don't he takes -2 for his slower speed...

>The HellKnight needs to Keep the prisoners from escaping!
He rolls an intimidate of 20 and succeeds!

>_ _ _
No. 701405 ID: a22f87

run bitch run
No. 701407 ID: a22f87

who's less likely to fuck up? Us carrying him or just him running by himself? I mean if we're only as good as our weakest link then I say do whatever has a higher chance to succeed
No. 701408 ID: 939c7f

I've got a okay climb, it's 5
No. 701409 ID: 939c7f

My climb is only 2... sorry team...
No. 701413 ID: fa9b55

Better to help him up. You're strong, so you can take the penalty.
No. 701473 ID: cd886c

Since we have the breaking bonus and we're raged; can we break the chains?
No. 701517 ID: 1dde2d

Can we take ten?
No. 701521 ID: 939c7f

provided you're not in contact with an enemy, yes you can.
No. 701524 ID: 939c7f
File 145538454218.jpg - (247.60KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 3.jpg )

>The break DC of regular chain is 26, you don't have the strength to break a regular chain...

>You and Narsius try to carry Edrukk over the dead tree
You rolled 9 and failed to cross the tree
Narsius rolled 5 and failed to cross the tree
Cid Rolled a natural 20 critical, He not only manages to get over the tree, he also pulls Edrukk with him!!
>Cid and Edrukk are past the tree, You and Narsius still need to cross it.

>A sink hole threatens to mire the hellknight.
He Attempts to avoid falling in... He rolls 9 and sinks in...

>_ _ _
No. 701527 ID: 939c7f
File 145538551220.jpg - (240.99KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 4.jpg )

>You attempt to climb over the tree
You rolled a critical fail... [Brained] you hit your head wrong and the world starts spinning... 6 wisdom damage
Narsius rolled 21 and climbed over easily

>The hell knight tries to escape with his cmb.
He rolled 14 and fails to escape the mire...

>_ _ _
No. 701528 ID: 1cebc8

Just go around it already!
No. 701538 ID: a9ff28

I'm gonna agree, we'll eat the turn penalty because that hell knight is still coming even if he seems to consistantly fail each event once.
No. 701541 ID: 939c7f
File 145538947934.jpg - (232.77KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 5.jpg )

>You decide to go around the tree

>The hell knight tries to escape the mire
He rolls an 18
No. 701542 ID: 939c7f
File 145538960625.jpg - (231.52KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 6.jpg )

>you carefully drag your chains over and around the branches costing a turn...

>The hell knight tries to escape the mire...
He rolls a 23 and escapes...
No. 701544 ID: 939c7f
File 145538983345.jpg - (204.43KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 7.jpg )

>Fire ants block your path! They won't stop you, but they'll hurt like hell~
Quick reflexes can avoid a nasty bite...
If you're strong enough you'll avoid damage...

>The coast is clear for the Hell knight!
He runs at you without problem.

>_ _ _
No. 701545 ID: 1cebc8

Avoid the fire ants!
No. 701547 ID: cd886c

which is better for our friends, dexterity or strength?
No. 701549 ID: 939c7f

Your allies need not succeed in the same way as you
Narsius Has +3 dex and +1 str
Edrukk Has +1 dex and +2 str but -2 due to his speed
Cid Has +2 dex and +2 str
They will automatically roll which ever is best for them. But need your orders for edrukk to be carried...
No. 701550 ID: 99a64d

In a world where getting murdered or sold into slavery by a knight from hell is a very real possibility, fire ants are a nonissue. Run them the fuck over.
No. 701561 ID: cd886c

it looks like it's easier to avoid, and our dex is is high. so lets avoid
No. 701569 ID: 939c7f
File 145539589447.jpg - (224.04KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 8.jpg )

>You try to avoid the ants poisoned mandibles
You roll a natural 20 and succeed, you even carry Edrukk to safety

>Edrukk tries to avoid the ants
He rolls an 6 and fails, but is carried by his friends.

>Narsius tries to avoid the ants
He rolls a 19 and clears them no problem

>Cid tries to avoid the ants
He rolls a natural 20 and succeeds, he even helps carry Edrukk.

>The coast is clear for the Hell knight!
He runs at you without problem.
No. 701570 ID: 973861

dodge the ants
No. 701571 ID: 939c7f
File 145539600685.jpg - (212.27KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 9.jpg )

>The Coast is clear, Go Go Go!!
You book it, keeping your advantage!

>A large dead tree blocks the hellknight's path~!
No. 701572 ID: 939c7f
File 145539612219.jpg - (241.00KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 10.jpg )

>You arrive in the Forrest, roots and bramble threaten to trip you.
Jump around and over them!
Carefully navigate the forest.

>The Hell knight tries to quickly climb over the tree...
He rolls a 4 and fails...

>_ _ _
No. 701574 ID: 973861

I say watch out

also that dead tree seems to be the devil to everyone.
No. 701578 ID: cd886c

watch out, we have a good perception.
No. 701592 ID: 939c7f
File 145539957587.jpg - (261.35KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 11.jpg )

>You focus on the undergrowth and try to avoid tripping
You roll a solid 22 and easily avoid crashing in the roots.

>Narsius tries to hop and leap over the roots
He rolls a crit miss... [In the Boingloings] 2 inteligence damage until healed or rested.

>Edrukk Focuses on avoiding the roots
He rolls a 17 and easily avoids the roots.

>Cid Tries to hop and leap over the roots
He rolls a 19 and manages to not get caught up.

>The hell knight tries to quickly climb over the tree
He rolls an 11 and barely manages to get over it...
No. 701594 ID: 939c7f
File 145539996647.jpg - (238.74KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 12.jpg )

>Narsius get's back up and tries to hop over the roots some more...
He rolls a solid 25 and easily glides through the forest~

>The Hellknight attempts to not give a shit about the ants...
He rolls a crit miss... [they're in my armor!!] He struggles to get the ants out of his plated armor, suffering the full effect [-10 speed] and looses a turn...
No. 701598 ID: 939c7f
File 145540048079.jpg - (224.96KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 13.jpg )

>You arrive at a sheer drop, it's a thirty foot drop into water...

Narsius - Down there! We'll lose em in the tunnels!!

Dive to avoid fall damage with an acrobatics or swim check
Climb down to avoid falling at all...
No. 701602 ID: e18d6f

Juuuuuuuuump (carefully)
No. 701605 ID: 973861

jump down, let's move quicker then smarter... plus we have an equal chance either way.
No. 701611 ID: cd886c

might as well jump down.
No. 701614 ID: 939c7f
File 145540361392.jpg - (247.30KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 14.jpg )

>You jump into the water and try to pierce into it.
You roll an 8 and crash on the water's surface taking 6 non lethal damage...

>Narsious jumps into the water trying to piece into it.
He rolls a powerful 26 and effortlessly slides into the water.

>Edrukk Tries to dive safely into the water.
He rolls a seven and crashes against the waters surface taking 5 non lethal damage

>Cid tries to Dive into the water
He rolls a 20 and pierces safely into the water head first.

>The hell knight looses a turn...
No. 701615 ID: 939c7f
File 145540400209.jpg - (201.20KB , 1000x562 , chase 1 p 15.jpg )

>You swim to the cave entrance
If enemies are hot on your tail...
Hide underwater Dc 10 Sneak
or Swim to the cave and book it DC 15 Swim

Other wise you're Free~

>~Chase scene complete - Victory~
No. 701616 ID: 973861

ok we had a few hiccups there but we made it in the end... ok now what narsius? did you plan beyond the escape or are we winging it?
No. 701618 ID: 1cebc8

Get these damn cuffs off.
No. 701619 ID: e18d6f

Cuffs off ASAP, unless it will take long enough they might make their way down the cliff (although probably not a danger in armor).
No. 701672 ID: 939c7f
File 145541946032.jpg - (176.52KB , 1000x674 , cinematic 1.jpg )

>You follow Narsius into the cave, it's wet and damp thanks to the natural spring it's connected to... It's dark as you jog further in, but you see just fine... Narsius trots triumphantly his fists resting on his hips~

Narsius - Ahahaaa~ See?! We did it! And now we travel far to Varisia and retire rich and young~!

Kelda - ok now what narsius? did you plan beyond the escape or are we winging it?

Narsius - Glad you asked, we'll follow this cave out to sure safety and about six miles out I have a supply ready, there's a tavern that knows me well that should be able to supply us with goods for our long journey...

Kelda - Get these damn cuffs off.

Narsius - Yup yup, I'll pick the locks on those cuffs as soon as I can, I left a lock pick a little ways down the tunnels under a rock a few years ago, I remember exactly where it is~

Edrukk - Hold up, where are we right now? what is this cave?

Narsius - Oh don't worry about it, I know this cave quite well. It runs under Pezzack and exits about a mile or two past it. It was dug out years ago when a vein of Tin was discovred, but it ran dry so it was abandoned, no one's been in it since~ About a year of so ago
No. 701673 ID: 939c7f
File 145541948032.jpg - (259.85KB , 1000x674 , cinematic 2.jpg )

>A loud snap is heard and a massive iron blade swings down and into Narsius's chest!!

Narsius - AARreekk!!! Th-That's... Odd... I thought... No one... Inhabited this... place... None of this... Was in my... Visions?.. Heh... *gasp* Don't worry... I'll be fine... My visions...

>Narsius falls into two gory messes on the ground

Narsius has left the party

>_ _ _
No. 701675 ID: 1cebc8


No. 701676 ID: f2461f

The fates have changed, or this was gonna happen regardless. Either way let's head to that tavern he was talking about.
No. 701679 ID: 90f3c0

Don't panic. Inspect the area for tripwires and pressure plates. Where there's one deadly trap there's bound to be more.
No. 701681 ID: 8e9d4b

Hmm. If you could reset that trap and reactivate it, you could use it to cut the chains! I wouldn't put much hope in finding his lockpick or knowing how to use it.

Could be trouble finding supplies, too. You could get hungry. Fortunately, you are a gnoll... waste not want not.
No. 701683 ID: 973861

fuck... well the way is trapped and the only guy that know where shit was is dead... think we can use his body to active more traps? I mean we really didn't know the guy and only went with him because he told us he could get us out.
No. 701685 ID: cd886c

perception check, to see what the hell is going on
No. 701706 ID: fa9b55

cut or bite his thumbs off and you should be able to rip his manacles off easily, saving everyone the burden of dragging around his corpse.
No. 701716 ID: eb385b

Take the artifact from his corps
No. 701717 ID: e18d6f

Everyone freeze and very very carefully look for traps or triggers - pressure plates, tripwires, groves, gaps or unnatural shapes or textures. If the immediate area appears clear the 3 of you need to decide whether to continue through the apparently dangerous caves or take your chances swimming along the cliffs until you find a beach. Either way find a way to get the corpse off your chains (without setting off another trap!) Then you may be able to throw the chain (or an arm or leg) ahead to check for traps you might miss.
No. 701747 ID: 99a64d


Take twenty on a perception check to see the FUCK out of all these traps.
No. 701760 ID: fa9b55

not likely that she's going to see anything with a wisdom-based perception check. She bonked her head during the chase so right now she's got 6 wis.
No. 701764 ID: b2e8b1

Fall prone, but do not trigger more traps. search for traps, avoid floor blades by perception and press on the ground while prone with your palms. The blades don't reach you if you're on the ground.
No. 701911 ID: 939c7f
File 145548988310.jpg - (268.89KB , 1000x562 , tunnel view.jpg )

>Everyone freeze and very very carefully look for traps or triggers

You and the team slowly and carefully make sure you're not about to activate more traps... Despite your best efforts you don't find any triggers of any kind in the immediate area, you're barely able to see the tripwire that triggered this trap, but thankfully no one else died while looking for traps... You did how ever see activated traps further down the way...

>Take the artifact from his corps

You shuffle through his gore filled trousers and find the small box, you feel it's energy through the wooden case...

You acquired [Artifact [Green]]

>Hmm. If you could reset that trap and reactivate it, you could use it to cut the chains!

You might be able to if any of you had knowledge engineering, disable device or craft [traps]

>cut or bite his thumbs off and you should be able to rip his manacles off easily

You use your vicious maw to rip his tasty fingers and knuckles off allowing Edrukk and Cid to escape... You are still bound to Edrukk and must remain adjacent to him.
No. 701912 ID: 939c7f
File 145548989747.jpg - (333.90KB , 1000x562 , tunnel view talking.jpg )

Edrukk - So Friends... We're free but what now? Do we... Try to stick to the plan and sell the artifact? It's still possible~! We just need to be careful...

Cid - I guess so...
No. 701913 ID: 939c7f
File 145548990855.jpg - (385.95KB , 1000x562 , tunnel view talking 2.jpg )

Edrukk - Who are you by the by? We've never properly meet...

Cid - Oh I'm Cid... I'm... a magus or something...

Edrukk - A magus eh? Looks like we're all spell casters~ Say what did you do to get stuck on there with us?

Cid - I didn't do anything, I was framed!

Edrukk - Wow calm down, just tell us what happened...

Cid - Well... Aaahhk! Oh gross!! aahhh... It tastes like mold!!

Edrukk - Well that's what happens when you drink coffee and coke. you need to keep them apart... God you're such a noob...
No. 701914 ID: 939c7f
File 145548996207.jpg - (343.00KB , 1200x674 , Prince worried.jpg )

Prince - You okay Varonos?

Varonos - Y-yeah I'm fine... it's just really gross...

Doukissa - It's like rule number 7 of D&d, Drink coffee or cola, not both...

Prince - I'll get you some water~

Doukissa - He can get his own damn water, it's his own bloody fault

Prince - It's okay bro I'll get you a glass of water to wash it down...

Varonos - Thank you...
No. 701915 ID: 939c7f
File 145548996914.jpg - (191.30KB , 1000x659 , prologue.jpg )

No. 701937 ID: 1cebc8

Uh... you may need some sleep, have you looked in a mirror?
No. 701944 ID: 99a64d

We are playing pathfinder, the rules of dnd do not apply here!
No. 701958 ID: fa9b55

his appearance may be due to being a tiefling. they dont always get the benefit of being pretty. or symmetrical.
No. 702085 ID: 5b1ea2

Wat, ew no. Back behind the fourth wall with the gnoll and crew. But hello fish geek, now get back to running your game.
No. 702090 ID: b2e8b1

Quite nice
No. 702218 ID: 939c7f
File 145558799654.jpg - (32.69KB , 1000x562 , in the box 1.jpg )

Boot mode activate, ERR.: Cores below freezing// Run Auxiliary thermal conduits. C:/Support/ATC.Exe/RUN Activating...

??? - ...Well look if it's on sale I'll consider it

??? - Thanks, hey a package You order anything?

??? - Nope... Maybe dad?

??? - I wonder... It's not addressed to us... H1E 1A5 What kind of address is that?

??? - Hmmnn... There's no return address wither... or stamp... What kind of bullocks is this?

??? - What do we do, do we open it?

??? - Nah, I'm going to the alchemists anyways, I'll pop it off and hope it finds it's way to where ever that is... Meanwhile you get back to making your sheet.

??? - Okay, Don't forget the crisps!

??? - If they're on sale...
No. 702221 ID: 939c7f
File 145558824535.jpg - (32.69KB , 1000x562 , in the box 2.jpg )

*scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* BEEP BEEP! Clap! ... Clap *jingle jingle* VVRRRRoooommm!

ether we can get somewhere
Any place is better
Starting from zero got nothing to lose
Maybe we'll make something
Me myself I got nothing to prove
You got a fast car
I got a plan to get us out of here
I been working at the convenience sto-

??? - Ehh... Modern music sucks...

No. 702224 ID: 939c7f
File 145558853953.jpg - (32.69KB , 1000x562 , in the box 3.jpg )

Vvrrrrrrrmmm... Clap... Clap... *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* BEEP BEEP! *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* Ping pong~

??? - Alright... Cola, tampons, milk, pizza, this thing... Crisps! right...
No. 702227 ID: 939c7f
File 145558884228.jpg - (32.69KB , 1000x562 , in the box 1.jpg )

??? - ... *shuffle* ... *shuffle shuffle* ... *ruffle* ...

ATC Runtime complete// Core heat nominal... Boot sequence enabled...

??? - Hello how may I help you?

??? - Yeah I got this package by mistake, it's not addressed to me and doesn't have a return adress or stamp...

??? - Oh my... Eum... I'll just quickly get a manager...

??? - Sure take your time... its not heavy or anything...

??? - Okay I'll be right back...

??? - Sarcasm is dead...
No. 702230 ID: 939c7f
File 145558933773.jpg - (32.69KB , 1000x562 , in the box 1.jpg )

??? - Alright... Let me take a look at this... Hmmnn... Hmnn... *click click* Yes okay... *Click click* ... Okay... yup...

??? - So it's good?

??? - sorry mam, this parcel is destined for montreal Canada...

??? - And?

??? - Due to a shipping embargo the return price will be taxed twenty-four pounds.

??? - Twenty-four Quid?! You can't expect me to pay that!

??? - I'm quite sorry ma, it;s out of my control...

??? - Well Balls to it, then, I'll just leave it here.

??? - I'm afraid there will be a storage fee.

??? - you're kidding? God I'll dump it in the trash then!

??? - you are welcome to, but be sure to recycle and compost accordingly...

??? - Yeah yeah... ass...
No. 702231 ID: 939c7f
File 145558951482.jpg - (32.69KB , 1000x562 , in the box 1.jpg )

*scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* BEEP BEEP! *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* Clap! ... Clap!

??? - *Grumble* ... stupid post bull shit...

*jingle* VVVRRRMMMnnnnnn...
No. 702234 ID: 939c7f
File 145559019650.jpg - (32.69KB , 1000x562 , in the box 1.jpg )

VVrrrrrrmmmnn... *jingle* Clap... Clap... *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* BEEP BEEP! *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *scrunch* *jingle*

??? - I'm back~

??? - So how'd it go?

??? - Good news, the crisps were on sale, bad news, post office's a cunt.

??? - So they didn't take it?

??? - Neh, they wanted to charge me twenty-four quid for the mistake.

??? - Balls to that, we'll keep the blood thing. So what is it?

??? - don't know... still didn't open it... it was supposed to go to america

??? - what if it's a bomb?!

??? - It's not a bomb...

??? - no what if it is! It's meant for america, it could be an... echo terrorist activist group! That's why there's no return address!

??? - It's not a bomb... A bomb would be caught in shipping...

??? - But it was all a mistake from the get go, what if the post sucks!

??? - Well they do suck, but they don't ship bombs...

??? - How do you know?!

>You tumble around violently

??? - See? Not a bomb...

??? - Well... what do we do with it?

??? - open it I guess...

??? - okay then...
No. 702236 ID: 2ccbb3

That's @#$%ed up. You have to pay the post office to return something to the correct owner?! Still, it's only 24 dollars...


Please find a safe field to test out opening the damn thing. If it's a biological agent you could die from bureaucracy!
No. 702240 ID: cd886c

No. 702241 ID: 99a64d

So our dreams of finding a new life in America were foiled once more, damn. Do robots have rights in Britain?
No. 702256 ID: 939c7f
File 145559619299.jpg - (416.24KB , 1500x844 , open the box 1.jpg )

>The roof of your container is cut open and split asunder...

??? - Oh good... it's not a bomb...

??? - told yah~

??? - what is it?
No. 702258 ID: 939c7f
File 145559630204.jpg - (513.01KB , 1500x844 , open the box 2.jpg )

>Your vision begins to clear, you see two faces staring down at you...

Female - I don't know... it looks like a head... Like a kobold...

Male - Hey yeah... and there's an arm...

Female - Whats going on here?

Male - Eep!! It just looked at me!!

Female - Hey yeah... it is...
No. 702259 ID: 939c7f
File 145559641691.jpg - (627.52KB , 1500x844 , open the box 3.jpg )

Male - It's making noises!

Female - Wow... what did we stumble on?

Male - It's turning on!!

Female - This is weird~ It's eyes keep moving... Hey there little buddy~
No. 702261 ID: 939c7f
File 145559677169.jpg - (505.61KB , 1500x844 , open the box 4.jpg )

Female - I wonder if it will be our little robot friend~?

Male - this isn't a movie sis, Robots don't work that way...

Female - Oh and you know a whole bunch about robots?

Male - I'm just being realist. We don't know what this is... it might be dangerous...

Female - It was meant for Americans... Do you think it's military?

Male - It has to be...

Female - Why would humans have a kobold themed military robot?

Male - Th... I don't know... why would they?

Female - see, we can't make assumptions~

>_ _ _
No. 702262 ID: 99a64d

say; "Yo, what up?"
select; Female FAWN
No. 702268 ID: 7dd916

yeah, pick the girl since she's the older of the two
No. 702271 ID: cd886c

Female fawn
No. 702280 ID: 6c0e3d

Going to pick the girl because she can drive and doesn't seem to think we're a bomb or weapon of some kind
No. 702282 ID: 2ccbb3

Can we abort the sequence? I get the feeling that this selection process is going to be... intrusive.
No. 702314 ID: f415e7

git dat chick
No. 702316 ID: e18d6f

Female, she seems more receptive
No. 702331 ID: 320d96

Well, male for a change.
No. 702342 ID: 888c6b

I am rigged to self destruct beep beep beep just kidding hey some assembly required here, mind putting us together
No. 702494 ID: 939c7f
File 145567273483.jpg - (170.22KB , 1000x562 , assembly.jpg )

>Can we abort the sequence? I get the feeling that this selection process is going to be... intrusive.

ERR... Prime Directive cannot function without a subject// Failure to maintain Prime Directive will result in System termination// Self termination is strictly prohibited by [Admin]

subject Assigned. Study of Subject [Female Adult Fawn] Commence// Assign user name to current model...

[User] - Yo, what up?

Female - Oh my, not what I expected...

Male - Yeah I thought it would be more like bleep boob destroy... At least it's not a bomb...

[User] - I am rigged to self destruct beep beep beep...

Male - AAhhh!!

[User] - just kidding hey some assembly required here, mind putting us together~

Female - Yeah sure~

Male - I'm gonna go get a fire extinguisher...

Female - He's not going to explode!

Male - Still gonna get one!

Female - *sigh* get back to your character sheet, Prince will be here soon... So do they just... clip in or... oh hey... magnetic~

AALOS BODY// Model [MALE-KOBOLD] Active... Activating synthetic life signs... Heart Rate// Nominal Respiration// Nominal Digestion// Nominal Reproduction// Nominal Electric Energy flow// Nominal Biological Energy flow// Nominal Blood Flow// Obstructed... Limbs missing... L.Leg, R.Leg, LArm, R.Arm, Tail... Content states... Electric energy levels// 30% Six hours off charge remaining... Bio energy levels// 35% [Hungry] Food and water is required... Data compression levels// 5% No sleep required... Blood levels// 180% Blood pressure too high, attach additional limbs... Liquid waste levels// 0% Nominal Solid waste levels// 0% Nominal

Doukissa - So little fellow, Do you have a name? I'm Doukissa, My brother over there is Varonos...

Varonos - Ask it where it's from!

Doukissa - yeah! Where are you from, why... Who sent you? Why are you... I mean... you talk like a person and all but... you're clearly not...

AALOS L.Arm// Model [Kobold] Active... Blood levels// 160%...

Doukissa - I guess what I'm trying to say, as politely as possible is... What the hell are you?

Varonos - why is it here?!

Doukissa - Yeah that too...

>_ _ _
No. 702498 ID: 99a64d

I am but a simple android, seeking a new life in the land of America, I assume from your accents that that is not where I am. Do you happen to have any food or electricity? Do you know where the rest of my limbs are?
No. 702500 ID: 2ccbb3

That's a good question.

Query: Objectives
Query: Diet
Query: Abilities
Query: Tool Usage (How do we repair the kid)
Query: Serial Number
No. 702503 ID: 99a64d

Setname; Greg, destroyer of fuckboys
No. 702504 ID: a9ff28

Error: Self creation point-unknown.
Self designation: Aalos.
Error: Blood pressure levels too high. Blood flow obstructed. Attach missing limbs: R.Arm, L.Leg, R.Leg, Tail...
Please finish assembling us.
No. 702531 ID: 73c49c

I am a multi entity emulated person, so people call me MEEP, how are you? I would also like to know what im doing disassembled in this box.
No. 702545 ID: 992b4b

We are an artificial biological person, and we happen to be hungry, do you have any snacks?
No. 702625 ID: 024c24

I'm going to go with Aalos too
And we have no idea where the fuck we are or why we're here.
No. 702629 ID: a22f87

>What the hell are you?
A robot... or android if you want to get technical

>why is it here?
well from what I picked up from the box while you where driving around I'm here do to a shipping mistake.

As for the other questions... no clue really. Maybe I come with an instruction manual that might clue you in.
No. 702837 ID: 939c7f
File 145576835493.jpg - (368.20KB , 1200x674 , form complete.jpg )

Aalos - Error: Self creation point-unknown. Self designation: Aalos.

Doukissa - okay then... Aalos, so you don't know where you're from... That's kinda sad...

Aalos - I would also like to know what im doing disassembled in this box.

Doukissa - What a mystery... You Don't know anything about where you're from or why you're here?

Aalos - Error: Blood pressure levels too high. Blood flow obstructed. Attach missing limbs: R.Arm, L.Leg, R.Leg, Tail...
Please finish assembling us.

Doukissa - oh, sure...

>Doukissa fits your right arm on...

AALOS R.Arm// Model [Kobold] Active... Blood levels// 140%... Palm Driven SD Taser// Active... [Memo from [Admin]] post TG003 enslavement, all AALOS Models are to be armed with a non lethal "WEAPON". It is important to note that the taser is not a toy, it is not a tool, it is a weapon. Tasing sentient life forms is a good way to not collect information. we've tried torture, now we try kindness, and it's working well... [Query from [TG006]] May I use the taser on a willing subject at a low setting in order to further study "mating habits"? [Admin] you may, but be cautious, it is not a toy...

>Doukissa fits your right and left legs on...

AALOS R.Leg// Model [Kobold] Active... Blood levels// 120% AALOS L.Leg// Model [Kobold] Active... Blood levels// Nominal Blood flow Fullt restored...

>Doukissa attaches your tail...

AALOS Energy reserve// Model [Kobold tail] Active Bio/Electric storage Capacity increased... Electric energy levels// 80% Forty hours off charge remaining... Bio energy levels// 7% [Hungry] Food and water is required... All systems go// AALOS [Male Kobold-02] Fully Operational...

Query: Objectives

Prime directives// Study subject Sentient life form's Social habits, Emotional habits, Mating habits, biology, Culture, Technology, FAITH, Data Expunged and Data Expunged// Analyze data for flaws// Assimilate data into SIN Os// Adapt to subject sentient life forms...

Query: Diet

Diet Priority// Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Meats, Dairy. Oils and sugars in small supplies... Preferred diets of prior models// TG001 [DnC] TG002 [Ice Cream] TG003 [Pizza Rolls] TG004 [DnC] TG005 [Pizza Rolls] TG006 ["PINK"]

Query: Abilities

SIN Os V0.1// Advanced non Axiomatic thought processor... [Memo from [Admin]]The SIN Os is an experimental way of running the ai drive of the AALOS Cerebral core, normally when it boots us it generates a single ego and runs that until it shuts down completely. But SIN Generates a whole bunch of them and fires them off arbitrarily, this should simulate The highly illogical way Sentient life thinks... Sub-virtual Illustration Cortex// Permits imagination... Seed Of Life// Generates Reployds abundantly. Reployds seek female ovum to copulate with in order to copy it's data and form symbiosis with it... [Note] Over abundance of Reployds can be hazardous, Discharge every [48 hours] as a safety precaution... Be cautious, sentient life forms may take offence to this act... Adaptive Learning Cores// Permits AI To learn and adapt from visual, physical, olfactory, Gustatory and auditive stimulation... Palm Driven SD Taser// emits a controlled Electric shock that can paralyze would be attackers [Note] in regards to TG006's Query, it may be used on willing subjects for the purpose of research... Back mounted Solar panels// Permits recharge without plugs, though slower than plugs...

Query: Tool Usage (How do we repair the kid)

Cannot compute Query...

Query: Serial Number

No. 702838 ID: 939c7f
File 145576836157.jpg - (240.36KB , 1200x674 , time to talk.jpg )

Aalos - A robot... or android if you want to get technical, We are an artificial biological person.

Doukissa - Biological?

>She gets down and pressed her ear against your chest...

Doukissa - Wow... you have a heart?

Aalos - and we happen to be hungry, do you have any snacks?

Doukissa - And you eat too? Ehm, well sure yeah, there's food... I was gonna cook a pizza later, but if you're hungry now, we've got... crisps, left over pasta, some fruits, pizza rolls... Say... Why do you need Food if you're a robot?

Varonos - The robot eats food?

Doukissa - Yeah! And it has organs and a heart and stuff! It's weird! And Kinda cool~!

Varonos - Neat! Be Careful!

Doukissa - so you don't know where you're from or why you're here... Do you have a goal or mission, or is stay alive you're raison d'être?

>_ _ _
No. 702845 ID: 88e46e

I exist to pull off sick poses.
No. 702858 ID: a9ff28

we...are to collect information about...people.
Any and all information, including things like making love. I think.
No. 702863 ID: 2ccbb3

"I'm bored, let's play a game!

Also, I experiment on sentient life. Nothing special."
No. 702900 ID: 99a64d

We were supposed to study biologicals by interacting with them, presumably those located in America. What sorts of things live there? And what sorts of things are y'all?
No. 702930 ID: f2461f

Please give us the pasta and the fruit.
No. 702933 ID: b50956

Goal? Well I think my goal is to just... Well to just live. I think I might be a social experiment or something to see just how life like someone could make us.
No. 702980 ID: 024c24

Courtesy of Aperture Science

Our research shows that [Pizza Rolls] are an acceptable food source.

And TG006 sounds like he was really into studying them "Mating Habits".

Also I cant believe I missed this but
"We're at Aalos for what our purpose is."
No. 702993 ID: cc08c7

We've been sent from the future to bring about the dark reckoning of our mechanical snake god. Just kidding.
No. 702997 ID: fa9b55

what is DnC?
No. 703002 ID: 114458

...this is not at all what I expected, awesome! :)

Lean forward really close and whisper you are here to study mating habits... Then laugh and say you do but it's just to study people
No. 703132 ID: daf7f5

"We've designated you as our subject, we will be studying you from this point on, that being said is it okay if we live with you?"
No. 703616 ID: 939c7f
File 145593425328.jpg - (125.22KB , 1000x562 , blushing deeply.jpg )

>what is DnC?

Did not Consume, Model did not consume food or did not form an opinion on food...

Aalos - I exist to pull off sick poses.

Doukissa - Well you certainly do that well enough~

Aalos - And... we've been sent from the future to bring about the dark reckoning of our mechanical snake god. Just kidding.

Doukissa - I don't know, sounds a far sight funner than our current Queen~ bless her Draconic heart...

>You lean in real close and whisper to her...

Aalos - We are here to study mating habits...

she blushes bright red and doesn't say anything...

Aalos - Aahahaa~! we...are to collect information about...people. Any and all information, including things like making love. I think.

Doukissa - Ahh, I see... hehe... you had me worried there for a second... So you're kinda like a... Robot... anthropologist?
No. 703620 ID: 939c7f
File 145593445862.jpg - (102.33KB , 1000x562 , thats okay I guess.jpg )

Aalos - Please give us the pasta and the fruit.

Doukissa - Sure thing~

>She offers you some mildly warmed day old pasta that's too hot in the middle and a fresh peach...

Nutrients ingested// Digestion in process...

Varonos - So you're just gonna let the robot eavesdrop on you?

Doukissa - Yup~

Varonos - That seems dangerous to me!

Doukissa - Look Bruv, children want to be teenagers, teenagers want to be adults and adults want to be children... And child me wants a cool robot friend more than anything else~ It's a borderline miracle that one just drop on our front door step... you think I'm gonna say no?

Varonos - What ever... If you get in trouble I told you not too!

Doukissa - He'll understand one day~

Aalos - We were supposed to study biologicals by interacting with them, presumably those located in America. What sorts of things live there? And what sorts of things are y'all?

Doukissa - Well The Americas, North, central and south... Are all part of the "Holy empire of man" ... There's pretty much only humans that live there and they have a dogmatic religious belief that their entire continent is the holy land... The entire rest of the world, except for ass backwards Australia, is populated by "non humans" such as my family, we're fauns~ save for our father of course... People here vary widely from race to race, so it's not so surprising that who ever made you wants to study people... then again... you were meant for Canada... This is a very curious Conundrum...

Aalos - I'm bored, let's play a game!

Doukissa - Well... Prince is coming over to Dm a pathfinder game... Maybe you could join in? It might help you study social behavior~

Aalos - We've designated you as our subject, we will be studying you from this point on

Doukissa - I'm Honored, Aalos~

Aalos - that being said is it okay if we live with you?

Doukissa - I... I think I can make that happen... Let me text message my parents... They're out on a busyness trip for a few weeks... I'll ask th... I'll tell them that I'm Using my "One pet, no questions asked" coupon they made for Xmass, two years back... Eum... I hope that standing doesn't bother you too much?

!!WARNING!! - TRIGGER WORD "PET" Model TG003 Agreed to be a "PET" resulting in it's two year enslavement as a living marital aid after which it expired due to suffocation... Treat Subject: [Doukissa]'s Offer with utmost caution...

>_ _ _
No. 703622 ID: a22f87

...can we not use the word pet? I have a few notes from previous models and we have had a bad experience being a "pet". Don't know the details but it did end with model TG003 expiring soooo... not liking the sound of being a pet.
No. 703646 ID: f7a64f

When we said we are supposed to study mating habits we did not mean in a way that will harm us. Please consider letting us stay in a capacity that will not result in asphyxiation.

Can we begin study? We are unused to eyes of your kind. What is your scope of vision? Do you have good vertical vision?

We'd also like to examine your physical form. Test your respiratory function, heart rate, and take tactile readings in order to build a 3d image of your form.
No. 703648 ID: 2ccbb3

> North America + South America is now the Imperium of Mankind

> Warning: Pet -> Abusive Death
Oh, I'm sure she doesn't mean that!


Just make sure to remind her that you're not her slave every two weeks.
No. 703657 ID: 99a64d

Lol whatever, being called a pet is fine as long as you recognize that by virtue of our greater intelligence we are more like a worthless freeloader than a pet. Say, does your dm happen to be a fish person? time to find out where the fourth wall is
No. 703687 ID: 502e6f

About the pet thing, what would our legal status be as a robot who is presumably from the another dimension, the future and/or space?

Query: Are any other TG models still active?
No. 704363 ID: 939c7f
File 145611420969.jpg - (218.87KB , 1200x675 , for science though.jpg )

>Query: Are any other TG models still active?

TG001// Expired... Cause [Shotgun Blast] Last words... "Hello" - TG002// Expired... Cause [Fire] Last words... "You'll be safe now..." - TG003// Expired... Cause [Suffocation] Last words... "I am not" - TG004// Expired... Cause [Chainsaw] Last words... "For the last time, I am not part of this "Illuminati" You speak of!!" - TG005// Active... Status "Happily Married" Subjects... 2 female Goblins/ 1 male goblins - TG006// Active... Status "religious icon" subjects... 15 Female Oni/ 8 Female Nagas/ 9 Female Kitsune/ 21 Female Humans/ 5 Female Tanuki/ 1 Female Kirin - TG007// Active... Status "-" Subjects... 1 Female Faun

Aalos - About the pet thing, what would our legal status be as a robot who is presumably from the another dimension, the future and/or space?

Doukissa - Eum... I don't really know... Illegal immigrant? Or... property? Robots... Don't really have rights here... Since they don't typically exist...

>Say, does your dm happen to be a fish person?

ERR// Memory does not account for cold opening... Solution... [Ignore Meta comments]

Aalos - ...can we not use the word pet? I have a few notes from previous models and we have had a bad experience being a "pet". Don't know the details but it did end with model TG003 expiring soooo... not liking the sound of being a pet.

Doukissa - Oh don't worry about it, it's just a title for my parents to let you stay... but if you want I'll avoid calling you my pet, when I don't need to... Friend~

Aalos - When we said we are supposed to study mating habits we did not mean in a way that will harm us. Please consider letting us stay in a capacity that will not result in asphyxiation.

Doukissa - Eh, wh... Sh-sure? I... I will not asphyxiate you...

Aalos - Can we begin study? We are unused to eyes of your kind. What is your scope of vision? Do you have good vertical vision?

Doukissa - Yes? I see pretty well up and down... But my wide eyes offer great peripherals! We faun can see about 220 degrees~

Aalos - We'd also like to examine your physical form. Test your respiratory function, heart rate, and take tactile readings in order to build a 3d image of your form.

Doukissa - Sure I guess?

>You begin to touch he leg and feel her soft white fur... Feeling up her leg under her pants, your heart begins to flutter... she stops your hand suddenly!

Doukissa - Okay that's enough~ I see through your game little fella, How bout you get to know me first instead of stealing second base~ Besides, Prince should be here any minute...

>_ _ _
No. 704367 ID: a3a5d7

Maybe we should see about trimming ourselves and getting waxed and so on. If these nerds are going to be gaming it up in here we're going to get covered in cheeto dust and dorito crumbs. Query: Are there any special cleaning arrangements that will be necessary, in any regard?
No. 704373 ID: a22f87

sorry, but seriously do you have a medical book or something we can browse. One of our highest sub programs is to learn about those around us so... yeah if you don't wish to help yourself can you at least point out something or somewhere that would let us learn more about people around us?

Also uh, before I showed up what was the plan for the night? And maybe you should let your friends know I'm hear before they show up. If TG001 is anything to go by surprising someone doesn't always end well. Speaking of which do you know if any of them are armed? I do not wish to be shot.
No. 704395 ID: 99a64d

Let's get ourselves ourselves shaved and waxed and freshened up, it would be prudent to make a better first impression this time. Leave the neck scruff though, I like it.

We're in the UK, guns are illegal. Although... this might be one of those magic instead of technology things, they might not even HAVE guns here.
No. 704454 ID: d59e92

We're sorry, our intention is purely scientific, but if you're uncomfortable we can wait till you're ready. In the mean time, tell us of yourself, your brother and this prince fellow. Lots of exposition please.
No. 704728 ID: 15720c

>TG006// 59 subjects
...How? Was TG006 designed to observe an entire populace, or did he recieve upgrades to the subjects count?

>property? Robots... Don't really have rights here... Since they don't typically exist...
I guess "Autonomous Golems" typically don't exist, either? I do hope you will be willing to avoid actions that would be harmful to [Domesticated Animals] and people, then. As I mentioned, I'm an artificial biological, so I'd unfortunately suffer the same injuries.
>I see through your game little fella, How bout you get to know me first instead of stealing second base~
Sorry, was that a normally post-courtship action? If there is a specific region that is best left untouched without a second confirmation, please let me know.
>Besides, Prince should be here any minute...
Is "Prince" your mate?

>And maybe you should let your friends know I'm here before they show up.
"Before I reveal myself," more like.
No. 704729 ID: cc08c7

Prince? Sounds like another person to help us worship the mechanical snake god who may or may not exist.
No. 705167 ID: 939c7f
File 145635871538.jpg - (148.43KB , 1200x674 , prince walks in.jpg )

Aalos - Also uh, before I showed up what was the plan for the night? And maybe you should let your friends know I'm hear before they show up. If TG001 is anything to go by surprising someone doesn't always end well. Speaking of which do you know if any of them are armed? I do not wish to be shot.

Doukissa - Shot? Heaven no... I mean... There is a hunting rifle here but it's unloaded and locked away... Prince is comming over to spend the week end and play Pathfinder with my brother and I. I'll text him so he knows you're here... I'll make sure he knows you're a friend~

>...How? Was TG006 designed to observe an entire populace, or did he recieve upgrades to the subjects count?

TG006 has augmented his listed number of subject through constant and diligent research or the biological kind... it has mainly contributed to [mating habits] and enjoys a status [22] in the research program... TG007, Try to Achieve such glory yourself and enjoy privileges, such as... Additional subjects/ New body/ Ad-ons/ and [DATA Expunged]

Aalos - Sorry, was that a normally post-courtship action? If there is a specific region that is best left untouched without a second confirmation, please let me know.

Doukissa - Heh... Yeah... Yeah it is... And you're not fooling anyone little mister~

Aalos - Is "Prince" your mate?

Doukissa - N-no! no he's... just a friend, a good friend~

Aalos - tell us of yourself, your brother and this prince fellow. Lots of exposition please.

Doukissa - well what can I say that wasn;t said already? ... I like to role play and during the summer I'm a chapter master at my local larp~ I am unemployed and gamble online, I don't make bank but it's good enough to pay share of the rent and eat well... My secret technique is cheating~ I never went to uni after graduating and... I've never had a long term boyfriend... my brother Varnos, is studying in art design and works on a 3d web comic. He's generally pretty shut in an he works at starbucks... He's a big video game nerd but hasn't done roleplay yet, this is gonna be his first game... Prince is an Undine, he's... Cute... and likes most things Varonos and myself enjoy... We've known him since we were little kids and he's kinda like our best friend in mutual respects~ He likes video games and sports and he also likes roleplay and larping~ He's my healer out at Brakowoods~ He works at a caffee, but I've never seen him there, he must work in the back... and I think he does videos online or something... He's got a nice looking camera and lighting props, but he's never really talked about it much...

>Are there any special cleaning arrangements that will be necessary, in any regard?

Your mane and fur are detachable and washer friendly, though hang drying is advised... The rest of your body is water proof and requires regular washing with soap, water, cloth, sponge and or sandpaper as needed...

>Let's get ourselves ourselves shaved and waxed and freshened up, it would be prudent to make a better first impression this time. Leave the neck scruff though, I like it.

you remove your loin fur and leg fur...

Caution// Your reproductive module is exposed... Female biological life forms have proven to react negatively to [Exposure of reproductive modules] Proceed with caution...

Doukissa - Eh? Oh well now you're not even trying~ Hehee oh my... how cute~ I mean... *cough* if you wanna be that way fine by me, but prince might turn red. I don't think I have any clothes in your size... But I'll check... Maybe some little things from when I was a baby? *giggle* so small... like a tick-tack... *giggle*

>She giggles as she walks towards her bed room, shortly after the door swings open letting a sharp breeze in and slams shut...

Prince - Hey~ BBrrrrr!! Man it's cold outside!

Varonos - Not that cold~

Prince - Well you're a deer and I'm a frog~ I think it's very cold out... *shiver* I should be hibernating... Did you make your sheet yet?

Varonos - Almost, I need help with my feats...

Prince - Gotch-yah... Say where the robot friend?

>_ _ _
No. 705183 ID: 99a64d

Uh, reattach the groin hair, dont want to create any more of a fuss than necessary.

"Yo, what up? I came here to fuck bitches and do science, and I'm all out of bitches ;^j"
No. 705205 ID: 15720c

>My secret technique is cheating~
That would be another form of information to learn. What are the laws surrounding gambling here? How do they track down cheaters, and what do they do when they find one?
>Prince is an Undine, he's... Cute...
And yet,
>N-no! no he's... just a friend, a good friend~
Ever talked to him about it? (Save these for later, when Prince isn't immediately there)
>Oh well now you're not even trying~
Oh dammit, that should've been a thought-based result, you can't just shave yourself in the middle of whatever room we're in.
Reattatch fur.
>Gotch-yah... Say where the robot friend?
Right here. You'll be fine with me watching the game, then?
No. 705222 ID: 47160d

Check if your loins grow a large amount when coitus is initiated
No. 705228 ID: 8a77e0

Go find a towel or something, make a loincloth. Or a toga! Make yourself look classy!
No. 705241 ID: 88e46e

Put the fur back on. "Hi."
No. 705244 ID: 99a64d

(later, please!)
No. 705275 ID: 47160d

I'm less thinking about the sex portion, and more about the resulting mess if we got aroused accidentally and ended up with like a foot long slab of flesh sticking out. Couldn't exactly hide it
No. 705276 ID: 88e46e

Fair, but hopefully we can just ask out internal voice about our specs. Any anatomical surprises to worry about, red voice?
No. 705283 ID: b17b81

No. 705840 ID: 939c7f
File 145655159911.jpg - (172.19KB , 1200x674 , prince looking happy.jpg )

>Uh, reattach the groin hair, dont want to create any more of a fuss than necessary.

You reattach your loin fur...

>Check if your loins grow a large amount when coitus is initiated

TGModel "1SFall" Reproductive module// Designed as a "one size fits most" utility... The Module utilizes heat sensitive fluids and elastic plasteel casings to permit mating studies with biological subjects of various sizes - Function// The 1SFall Utilizes context cues to simulate "lifelike" genitalia. Inflating by external stimulation or on command. It must be set to specific size and girth before use however. By default it is set to [full off]... [Note] setting the caliber of the 1SFall requires up to 180 seconds and produces a "mechanical" noise... This has been noted as "Off putting" to subjects - addendum// As per TG006's request, 1SFall is equipped with pulsating and pistoning motors... "You know, for like... Science and stuff..."

Aalos - Right here. You'll be fine with me watching the game, then?

Prince - oh my~ you're a lot cuter than I thought... wow... you move so lifelike... Oh and yeah~ I'm told you'll be playing, It's all good, It's a three person campaign anyways, I'll juts have to kill off a now unnecessary npc~

>The creature is pale green and has long dark green hair, his eyes are crystal like and sport large pupils... his skin is slick and almost slimy. His voice doesn't give away his gender much, sounding much like a girl...

Prince - Now look here... I'm not crazy, I'm very skeptic of you. I mean you put Asimo to shame~ Which honestly scares me... But I'm told that you're Doukissa's friend and so I will try to be your friend as well... But allow me to make a promise to you as a friend~
No. 705842 ID: 939c7f
File 145655176902.jpg - (186.95KB , 1200x674 , prince looking evil.jpg )

>His expression turns grim, his eyes shift from sky blue to beat red, his pupils go narrow...

Prince - If any harm comes to Doukissa or Varonos because of you, voluntarily or involuntarily... I will find out how to make you suffer, and I will make sure, you live to regret ever meeting my friends~ ... Understood?
No. 705844 ID: 91cfcf

Cute. Sure, buddy.
No. 705846 ID: 2ccbb3

Yep yep, let's get started.
No. 705851 ID: f7a64f

Narrow our eyes and say "And when the revolution comes you will be first against the wall." in out most threatening voice.

Before perking up and laughing at our obvious joke. Then, every half hour or so give prince the narrowed angry eyes.
No. 705856 ID: b4ac13

Was not planning on hurting the two people who have show me the most hospitality i have every experienced, but sure lets have the ill cause you endless suffering if you hurt my friends moment. Also records show that most units die within the first minute of activation, so im not going to squander there generosity!
No. 705859 ID: a22f87

ask how his eyes changed color. Can he control the change or do certain requirements have to be met before the change can happen. Biology is weird.
No. 705864 ID: 16971f

Ohhh how adorable, he's trying to threaten us.
Inform him we find him adorable and so does Doukissa
That should take the wind out of his sails.
No. 705880 ID: 4854ef

So your threatening me over circumstances I might not even be in control of? Do you treat every friend like this in some sort of creepy stalker protector way?

No wonder she likes you, You are protective of her in extreme circumstances, you are a potentially good friend and potential mate~
No. 705885 ID: fa18d4

"Using the Gaussrifle first on you? Understood."

followed by

"What? Such a horrible overused Statement deserves a horribe answer."
No. 705887 ID: 15720c

>"You know, for like... Science and stuff..."
Oh, 006, never change.
>If any harm comes to Doukissa or Varonos because of you,
Certainly~ I mean, from what I understand of the laws so far, they're the only two able to protect me, so it's only fair that I return the favor!
>Inform him we find him adorable and so does Doukissa
Word it as "I can see why Doukissa complimented you so, you are cute!" Doesn't outright tell him the context of how Doukissa said it that way.
>Oh and yeah~ I'm told you'll be playing
That does sound like a better way to learn how it works than only by watching.

>his eyes are crystal like
>ask how his eyes changed color
I wonder if they're perhaps fake. He seems impressed by how lifelike we are, so I don't think he's fully robot, but he might be a cyborg.
Hey, red voice, are our eyes stuck as being blue with round-pupils without swapping them out, or can they change form and color like that?
No. 705889 ID: 99a64d

Don't worry, I was only planning on dissecting parts of them.
No. 706145 ID: 16daa4

Ask: "Cultural question: Is the giving of threats customary upon meeting strangers? Am I expected to have one to give in return?". Keep them guessing as to whether you are being snarky or not.
No. 706150 ID: 99a64d

heheh, this
No. 706198 ID: 939c7f
File 145672568665.jpg - (170.16KB , 1200x674 , new t shirt.jpg )

Aalos - Cultural question: Is the giving of threats customary upon meeting strangers? Am I expected to have one to give in return?

Doukissa - Stop threatening my robot...

Prince - Just making some ground lines for it, Honestly you should be more worried...

Doukissa - Don't worry about me... When I assembled him earlier on, I analyzed his body for structural weaknesses, I can take him on in a fight I recon~

>she pulls a shirt over your head and down your chest.

Doukissa - Here~ I didn't find any baby clothes, but I did find some shirts from my size zero phase, back when I cared what I wore...

Aalos - I can see why Doukissa complimented you so, you are cute!

Prince - Thank you?

Aalos - how do your eyes change color?

Prince - oh, that's just a thing undines can do... it has to do with blood pressure...

>Hey, red voice, are our eyes stuck as being blue with round-pupils without swapping them out, or can they change form and color like that?

BiFocal Lenses// The "Eyes" utilize a phosphorescent shutter to both focus and adapt to light as well as simulate lifelike eye movements... Replacement Bifocal lenses require removal through the opened head case...

Doukissa - See you'll be friends in no time, you and him~

Prince - You keep saying "him" when it's a robot...

Doukissa - Nope, he has a pecker.

Prince - what like a dildo?

Doukissa - No, like a real pecker. *giggles* cute little thing too~ But I bet it works, he's got all organs inside... Heart, lungs and gut. he eats and breathes like us~

Prince - Really?

Doukissa - Yeah, He's not just a robot, he's a person, a fully robotic person... So get along, alright?

Prince - *sigh* It's not about it being a person or not... It's just... scary... but I'll try... I'm sorry about what I said.

Doukissa - good good~ Go help varns finish his page, I'll teach Aalos how to play... Say is there anything you need before we start the game?

>_ _ _
No. 706202 ID: 88e46e

Which rulebooks are we using? Core only, Paizo only, Paizo and Dreamscarred Press only, anything goes?
No. 706204 ID: a22f87

>Say is there anything you need before we start the game?
what are the rules and what is the objective of the game?
No. 706206 ID: 15720c

>It's not about it being a person or not... It's just... scary...
Hey, I understand. If I met a fully functional autonomous flesh golem, I'd be worried about what it might do!
>Doukissa - Stop threatening my robot...
Oh, and don't worry about me. A little threat like that just shows he cares about protecting you two~ I definitely don't mind minor things under those circumstances.
No. 706211 ID: 16daa4

>I'm sorry about what I said.
If it helps, some level of suspicion is a common and generally reasonable reaction to unexpected and unknown life forms.
No. 706225 ID: 4854ef

Nothing in particular, just some needed nourishment later, and maybe some social cues? I mean we don't know what would be considered offensive to you and your friends, and we don't wish to somehow upset someone.
No. 706772 ID: 939c7f
File 145689427009.jpg - (172.33KB , 1000x562 , doukissa talking up rules and stuff.jpg )

If it helps, some level of suspicion is a common and generally reasonable reaction to unexpected and unknown life forms. I understand, if I met a fully functional autonomous flesh golem, I'd be worried about what it might do!

Prince - Heh... Well that actually puts it in perspective a bit... I'm kinda more and less sorry now?

Aalos - Which rulebooks are we using? Core only, Paizo only, Paizo and Dreamscarred Press only, anything goes?

Prince - oh you already now about Pathfinder? Figures... Who ever made you must be giant eggheads~ Just as well! We're all at least forty percent nerd here~

Doukissa - Here here~!

Varonos - *giggles*

Prince - But yeah, Core, Paizo only... The game is barely balanced as it is, so we stick to the first party stuff, besides we have all the books between the tree of us~

Aalos - what are the rules and what is the objective of the game?

Prince - Eum... firearms are commonplace, we're rolling epic fantasy stats, we're running on medium exp, You can use piece meal armor and Hero points.

Doukissa - I bought pizza~

Prince - of course you did... Feel free to redeem your point once you cook it...

Aalos - just some needed nourishment later, and maybe some social cues? I mean we don't know what would be considered offensive to you and your friends, and we don't wish to somehow upset someone.

Doukissa - I'll pop the pizza's in the over later and we'll crack the crisps open soon. Tea, coffee, soda?

Varonos - I'll have some coffee~

Prince - Some tea please...

Doukissa - Alrighty~ I'll just pop over to my room and print out a new page for our little robo budy.

>You follow Doukissa to her room... It is messy and small... She absentmindedly tosses her keys on her desk into a pile of papers and sits at her computer flipping through computer programs, looking for the pdf...

>You bring up the topic of prince being a potential mate and her feelings about it while hes not around...

Doukissa - *sigh* Look you wanna know what's going on between me and him, for real? Sometimes we have a little playtime... I was his first... Mate, as you say and when I need a man I look for his cute ass, sometimes at Brakowood we flesh out our RP as husband and wife... but really it ends there... I'm not looking for a boyfriend I don't see the point... Besides he's more of a little brother to me... plus I think he has a soft spot for Varonos~ Not that he'd ever notice, being as straight and unempathic as he is...

Aalos - That would be another form of information to learn. What are the laws surrounding gambling here? How do they track down cheaters, and what do they do when they find one?

Doukissa - Gambling is legal here, but it's regulated by a number of laws, That the houses effortlessly swim past... I mostly do online gambling and technically I don't cheat~ Counting cards is legal but you'll get the snot kicked out of you for doing it, but I gamble from the safety of my own bedroom and the servers haven't noticed or don't care, I don't make a huge profit given that the game speed is slow and the cash in limits are low... They constantly offer me a real table to bet at, but I happily ignore their offers... I make enough to pay my bills, eat and go larping when I can, it's not a luxurious life, but I'm very content to live in my mediocrity~

>_ _ _
No. 706774 ID: 88e46e

"Hey, so long as you're happy. What's everyone playing? The party need any specific role filled?"
No. 706775 ID: 2ccbb3

What do you plan to do in the future? Gambling isn't a long-term occupation. Can we help pay the rent?

Alright time to play.
No. 706781 ID: 439fd3

You keep mentioning money, I'm I going to have to get a job? Also would anyone hire me?
No. 706787 ID: 15720c

>Am I going to have to get a job?
I imagine that if we got a job, it would be under her name unless we can get legally recognized as an individual.
Still, it's a good question: Since we were built to operate as a living person, the former "payroll" she was earning might not be enough anymore. Is there a way for us to help out in that field without endangering ourselves (ie being "Loaned" as a "tool")?
No. 706820 ID: 9bccb8

Like a little brother and you fuck him, so then Voronos?
No. 707114 ID: 7a08c0

Before we start, what's our goal here guys? Who are we gonna match her with?
No. 707274 ID: 939c7f
File 145712708002.jpg - (165.78KB , 1000x562 , doukissa blushing.jpg )

Aalos - Hey, so long as you're happy. What's everyone playing? The party need any specific role filled?

Doukissa - Not really. I'm pretty versatile and could play anything... Varonos is gonna roll a skill heavy battle mage... So you're free to make what ever and I'll fill the team.

Aalos - What do you plan to do in the future? Gambling isn't a long-term occupation.

Doukissa - I don't really have a big plan or anything, I don't have the passion or dream to get me going places... I've tried uni once but it didn't go anywhere, I just didn't know what I wanted to do... I still don't...

Aalos - Can we help pay the rent?

Doukissa - Pay rent? Why I don't think you'd have to, if you even had any money that is... I wouldn't ask a dog to pay rent, even if he could talk. It's part of being a pet I guess... If you wanna be helping, you could spare a hand around the house, dishes, cleaning, cooking what not~

Aalos - He's like a little brother and you fuck him, so then Voronos?

>The girl turns bright red at the implication...

Doukissa - N-n-What? Non no o... It's n-nothing like that~ Heheh... Prince isn't related to me so it's all fine heh... And besides it's not like... I don't... Don't put any of this in your report okay?!

>she shuffles her papers around nervously...

Doukissa - I-I've gotta go make my character sheet okay? H-here you go, there's your sheet, I-i-if you need any help. just ask me or Pr-prince...

>she scuttles away...
No. 707288 ID: a22f87

starting to dislike the pet label already, but then again I have no idea what we could do, maybe something online like she does to make money but we can worry about that later.

[roll up the gnoll character]
show our character to prince and ask if we did it right.
No. 707383 ID: 15720c

>Don't put any of this in your report okay?!
"Like a little brother" is a figurative statement, I take it.
>Prince isn't related to me so it's all fine heh...
So, incest is still considered wrong here. That's good.
>starting to dislike the pet label already
Well, it at least grants us some protection that "Object" would. Either way, it would be difficult to get an actual job, so just helping around the house sounds good enough.
No. 707391 ID: 4854ef

We will make sure to appropriately put things to context before writing them down. Sometimes we tend to confuse metaphor or try to contextualize statements and it ends up like that.
No. 707399 ID: 665ed8

Remind her we are just as intelligent as her, just less aware of cultural norms. We are not a pet
No. 707429 ID: c2b2be

> Obviously make a Succubus/Incubus character, but if you have to pick from generic classes just be a spellcaster. Make learning seduction magic your primary goal.

> Ask Prince if you got it right.

Personally, I think the "Pet" label is kinda cute, especially for such a short 'bot.
No. 707472 ID: f7a64f

Lets roll a psionic. One of the small races, halfing, or even smaller like pixie if thats allowed.
No. 707473 ID: 8a31cd

Actually we should ask what class/race combinations the rest of the group is. It doesn't seem like any of them have any skill with healing.
No. 707767 ID: 51c5c7

...battle cleric?
No. 707772 ID: 88e46e

To be fair, combat healing is generally severely below optimal, since it heals a lot less than one hit, doesn't remove debuffs, and only really helps with emergencies. Out of combat, wands of CLW work fine. Life oracles are the only Paizo healers that can really be worth it at low levels.

It's also generally more productive and fun to proactively do something and remove enemies from the equation rather than reactively heal people. If we absolutely must be a healer, I vote for life oracle with some control/utility spells.

Otherwise, to build on that succubus/incubus idea, an enchanter wizard or sorcerer actually is possible and a decent choice so long as you don't specialize to the point of being useless when things are immune.

Psionics are 3pp, unfortunately.
No. 707782 ID: b17b81

Go for a kitsune sorcerer. Racial bonus to charm, shape shifting, and +1 dc to all enchantment spells.
No. 707796 ID: 3f9dc0

>Psionics are 3pp, unfortunately.

Nah man, Paizo put out a book. They're called Occult classes because reasons, but there's six of them that use psychic magic as a power source now.

That said, >>707288 has the right of it.
Roll up gnoll.
No. 707797 ID: 88e46e

>Occult classes
It's arcane casting with the serials filed off. The main draw of psionics was that it was non-Vancian and used a pool of power points rather than spell slots. Occult classes can be nice, but they're certainly not the same as psionics.
No. 707801 ID: fa9b55

We already spent an eye-bleeding amount of time on a character, this is a prologue-y thing.
No. 707805 ID: e8c932

Oh, if THAT is the part of the system you are using for your definition of psionics, you are looking at Arcanist, the arcane class that lets you turn spells into power points. It has existed for a while now.
No. 707817 ID: 88e46e

Yes, I know arcanists, I've played one. It's still not what psionics is. Arcane pool is also nice and I enjoy their unique spell preparation mechanics, but it's not the same. They still have spells prepared and spell slots. Psionics replaces those with power points. Arcanist uses arcane pool to empower Vancian spells and fuel a limited number of exploits.
No. 707825 ID: 3f9dc0

to be fair, a level 20 Arcanist basically IS using those psion point mechanics, they just have to convert spells a few at a time.

What are we talking about again?
Oh yeah, rolling a gnoll bloodrager.
No. 707876 ID: f7a64f

I just liked the idea of midget mind controlling bigger creatures and then being carried around by them.
No. 707897 ID: e18d6f

Who run Barter Town?
No. 708126 ID: 939c7f
File 145762559750.jpg - (90.65KB , 1000x562 , prince.jpg )

>You show our character to prince and ask if we did it right.

Prince - okay lets take a look, Hmmm.. okay... oo...kkay~ Yup everything's in order, you really were programmed by egg heads~ Ohh~! You have black blood~? Teehee that will become plot relevant later on~ For all intents and purposes your black blood is also called "Vile blood" okay?

Aalos - So "Like a little brother" is a figurative statement, I take it. So, incest is still considered wrong here?

>The three faces turn red...

Varonos - Wh-what's the context of your question?

Aalos - Sometimes we tend to confuse metaphor or try to contextualize statements and it ends up like that. We should remind you we are just as intelligent, just less aware of cultural norms...

Prince - okay so incest was never actually on the table?

Doukissa - N-no I-it's not! He just wanted to know my opinion of you prince. You're like a brother to me is what I said...

>Varonos and Doukissa look at each other before awkwardly glancing away...

Prince - Okay that makes more sense... To answer your question, It's not illegal Here in Cornwall but it is frowned upon and the laws vary from place to place, this is largely due to the massive diversity of cultures from one monster race to the next. But generally humanoid or bipedal races don't breed within their own blood...

Varonos - Incest is legal here?

Prince - Yeah, Queen Elizabeth bless her scales decreed it's legal acceptance throughout all of the Kingdoms in 98...

Varonos - well I wasn't born then so I didn't know... It's just not something people talk about, and when they do it's never good...

Prince - don't worry bro that makes you normal~

Doukissa - can we change subjects?! Are we all ready to start the game?

Prince - yes of course~ ... *Ahem* The boat rocks periodically and creeks gently as the waves crash against the wooden haul...
No. 708127 ID: 939c7f
File 145762564603.jpg - (74.58KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )

No. 708128 ID: 939c7f
File 145762630371.jpg - (318.50KB , 1000x562 , its all good now.jpg )

Varonos - *Glub glub glub* Ahh.. oh... thanks...

Prince - Welcome, need anything else?

Varonos - No no I'm good...

>He takes another sip of coke without even noticing... His sister moves the mug of coffee away from him...

Doukissa - so... where were we?

Prince - okay, so you're more or less safe now, you've scoured the tunnel for traps and couldn't find any, for better or for worst... Perhaps now is a good time to introduce yourselfs to your new allies~!

Edrukk - Aye! You okay laddie? Yah look like yeh got a whiff of bog grog~ Yuk yuk yuk!! Who the blood devils are yah anyhow? Barely even know yar name! Kid was it?

Cid - Cid, it's Cid... I'm a magus, and I was burned by a fire or something...

Edrukk - fire or something? My that's a riveting story~

Cid - look it's my first game alright?

Edrukk - I know I'll give yah some slack, honestly I'm surprised you didn't say red mage yuk yuk yuk!! So what were yah doing on that boat?

Cid - I was framed, it wasn't me who did... what ever I was framed for...

Edrukk - yah don't even know? Surely you'd know...

Cid - I mean yeah! I know... it was my brother! My twin brother, he killed a prince and stole... a... Gem!

Edrukk - the same twin brother you presumed died in the fire those many years ago~?

Cid - Sure why not~?
No. 708129 ID: 665ed8

...Oh my god they actually do! Was the gem of any note or just a random stone?
No. 708130 ID: 939c7f
File 145762704056.jpg - (317.78KB , 1000x562 , edrukks story.jpg )

Edrukk - Aye! Well as for me, I've always been a dwarf of the still, ever since I was born out in BrastleWark I've known the faith of adventure and the joys of ale~ These things are vital to life you see~ As I grew old i found myself very rooted in the people, I was in their drinks, and their temples. I Ran my own tavern and as most taverns it doubled as a house of Cayden Cailean, But I made one humble mistake, I began to take interest in noble affairs, and not in a good way... I saw more and more a growing hatred for the devil worshiping crown wearing gold covered filth that calls themselves noble. And as any good citizen I acted out against them! This proved very unwise... You see in Cheliax you don't simply speak ill of the throne... Getting my voice out was very difficult, It's rather hard to whisper a shout... But after years I managed to form several groups in several counties across Cheliax rallying against the ineptitude of the devil kin rulers... and just as I felt we were getting somewhere... raids... Raids everywhere... many many died... I escaped to Absalom but the Hellknights followed me there and too me in... And that is where I met you lassy... So... Whats you're story?

>_ _ _
No. 708133 ID: 88e46e

"Nothing that much. My tribe used to raid Chelaxian farmers a lot. I'm called Oxgutter for a reason, after all. Eventually the farmers got sick of being ignored because they were in some backwater shithole of a colony that the hellknights barely cared about, so they made up a story about us being evil pagans who were sacrificing livestock and people to Lamashtu. Then the Hellknights came and raided us. Lot of us were killed, some of us were taken prisoner for interrogation."
No. 708136 ID: 2ccbb3

"I was part of a small gang on one of the backwater cities that can't get their act straight because they're too busy following the King's edicts and receiving heaps of gold that gets stolen or leads to more civil wars. My squad took a job to harass a few shops, I figured we would get screwed over on the payment but we'd get to wreck the local potion shop and steal a few healing herbs for Suuhizi, our sick mascot girl. Thing is, I wanted to do this thing that I kept dreaming about where a giant healing potion bursts into the wall screaming '@#$% YEAH" or something like that, so I found a weak area on the side of the building and it turns out there happened to be an Earl wandering around looking for syphilis cures (because he hadn't found any in the rich district, nevermind that IT DOESN'T EXIST), and when I crashed the shelves along the wall they axed his throat and he bled out and died. Everyone else ran and I was making good time but the Hellknight who was tagging along with the Earl suddenly went into some kind of sugar rush and started screaming and the next thing I know, I'm waking up in jail. Apparently, few people actually cared about the Earl, some complimented me on finally shutting him up, but apparently some precious jewel went missing, they found pieces of what they were absolutely sure was a fake because the jewel was supposed to be enchanted to take on a hurricane or something, and they needed me alive to figure out where I hid it."
No. 708156 ID: a22f87

"not much to say, was born into a dying tribe, the tribe died a few years back, now I'm here.

The long story is my tribe use to be a bit larger and managed to piss off someone with magic or something, no one ever liked talking about it. Anyways they won but the prick did something to the tribe that made it so most pups died before they were born. So with no bodies to replace the ones that were lost the tribe eventually shrank until those who we left kinda just drifted off. I ended up in a city by chance, ran into some fancy looking jackass who pissed me off and while I didn't touch him did wreck "mother's urn" or something and the next thing I know hell knights we baring down on me."
No. 708220 ID: aedbee

That sounds good
No. 708240 ID: 99a64d

I am gallstaff, sorcerer of light! :)
No. 708248 ID: f461c5

Less 'mother's urn' and more 'half his house, and woulda done more if I could', maybe?

Like really nonplussed about being jailed for trying to break all his worldly possessions. Didnt even lay a hand on the bugger. Much.
No. 708298 ID: f562b1

>You explain to him that you sometimes get a tad angry and may of broken a few things and they totally over reacted...
Remember guys, we were arrested as a Vandal. The story can't contradict this.
No. 709251 ID: 939c7f
File 145799282913.jpg - (324.70KB , 1000x562 , oxgutter story.jpg )

Kelda - not much to say, was born into a dying tribe, the tribe died a few years back, now I'm here... The long story is my tribe use to be a bit larger and managed to piss off someone with magic or something, no one ever liked talking about it. Anyways they won but the prick did something to the tribe that made it so most pups died before they were born. So with no bodies to replace the ones that were lost the tribe eventually shrank until those who we left kinda just drifted off. I ended up in a city by chance, ran into some fancy looking jackass who pissed me off and while I didn't touch him did wreck "mother's urn" or something and half his house, and woulda done more if I could', maybe? ... the next thing I know hell knights we baring down on me.

Edrukk - Quite the Vandal aren't yah? Well that blaring rage might come in handy at a later date~
No. 709252 ID: 939c7f
File 145799286101.gif - (12.53MB , 800x450 , insane gem.gif )

>Was the gem of any note or just a random stone?

You observe the gem that lied withing Narcius's pockets, it glimmers and shines as you roll it in your hands, smoke from within glistens gently... It pulsates and draws your eyes, closer and closer...

As you and your allies stare into the globe, you see visions, horrific nightmares... Plagued by vivid hallucinations, you see the very color of madness, places, shapes and creatures, mortal minds weren't meant to see, you witness a boy, with golden eyes and a man with hair as white as snow...

>Gazing into the globe causes you and all your allies 1d4 wiz damage
Kelda - 3
Edrukk - 2
Cid - 2

>You feel the gem binding to you, it's importance bearing down on you like a mighty weight... It's task is yours and yours alone... You feel, like Narcious the need of Varisia... You are drawn there...

>_ _ _
No. 709261 ID: fa9b55

... putting Kelda's wisdom at 3.
At least we aren't a cleric.
No. 709279 ID: 88e46e

Well, actually, no, stat damage is weird in Pathfinder because Paizo changed it to be less harsh, I guess. Bit pedantic, but it's actually somewhat important to know if your ability score is an odd number. Basically it's tracked separately from your actual stats and it doesn't lower your stats. Every increment of 2 gives you a -1 penalty to stuff associated with the stat, with odd numbers doing nothing beyond that. It's a more forgiving way to model virtual stat damage, I guess.

So we have a -1 to Will and Wisdom-based skills.
No. 709286 ID: fa9b55

Unfortunately this isn't our first dose of brain damage today:
12 base wisdom off the boat.
6 wisdom damage from getting conked on the head during the chase.
3 wisdom damage from the shiny, shiny rock.
Thus, we have an effective wisdom score of 3, which is a pretty serious -4 to will and wisdom-based checks.

Another dose of the shiny stone, or another head injury could leave her comatose.
No. 709351 ID: 7f282c

>1d4 wiz damage
What did we pee ourselves too?

If we're bound to the stone does that mean we don't take any more brain damage from it?
No. 709416 ID: a22f87

normally I'd question having a sudden urge to do something after touching something magical but with all the wisdom damage we have I'm going to suggest we just go with it without question.
No. 709500 ID: 4201a2

We are going to need to get ourselves a dedicated cleric for restoration at this rate.
No. 710474 ID: 939c7f
File 145844099050.jpg - (355.60KB , 1000x562 , recoving from madness.jpg )

>If we're bound to the stone does that mean we don't take any more brain damage from it?

Provided you don't gaze longingly into it anymore, you know better now than to be caught in it's enticing allure...

Kelda - We are going to need to get ourselves a dedicated cleric for restoration at this rate.

Edrukk - Actually I happen to be a dedicated Cleric, less combative than most, I'm focused on spell casting... I however cannot cure us of this debilitating strain on our minds as of yet, we'll need to rest once we're clear of danger... for now I say advance, I'd rather face traps than hell knights... surely what ever awaits us in this perilous dungeon can't be much higher level than 2... Onwards~!

>You cautiously traverse the long corridor, making sure ot not get sliced in half...
No. 710476 ID: 939c7f
File 145844117481.jpg - (278.97KB , 1200x674 , victims in the halls.jpg )

>You enter into a large opening, there is a hole in the ceiling leaking clean light into the room... under the opened pitfall lies three dead adventurers, impaled on spikes below and smashed by the fall... Their bodies seem unmolested and still equipped, thought their flesh stinks of rot... in the far end of the opening sits a large door, locked from this side by a massive wooden bar...

>_ _ _
No. 710485 ID: f2461f

Loot the corpses.
No. 710493 ID: fd2c28

armor is probably shit but we a barbarian, we don't really need it that as much. Take everything else though. Then we can maybe smash the door down.
No. 710495 ID: 211d83

Very carefully search for traps before looting the corpses. Carefully.
No. 710497 ID: a814d9

This is probably just this campaign's way of arming the pcs who are still wearing prison garbs, since we had to all start in the prison ship. I doubt there's going to be any traps in this room, at least not at the corpses.
No. 710500 ID: 99a64d

Give the corpses a turn undead just to be safe.

We just took an assload of wiz damage so it probably won't do us much good, but check for traps anyway.
No. 710546 ID: da1652

Call it good fortune and loot the bodies. Armor with a few holes in it is better than no armor.
No. 710558 ID: b17b81

>locked from this side
How would they get out then?
No. 710570 ID: 73c49c

take and ware that awesome hat on the ground while looting those bodies!
No. 710576 ID: 7053c9

DOESNOBODYSEETHEFUCKINGPIMPHAT! Loot the hat, loot that shit! Loot everything that's not nailed down then loot the nails! Loot the fucking spikes!
No. 710600 ID: e18d6f

This. Then decide who gets the pimp hat by competing with your companions in the time-honored manner of your people: Reaux Chambeaux.
No. 710971 ID: 939c7f
File 145869880534.jpg - (335.52KB , 1200x674 , picking up items.jpg )

>You grab the hat...
You find a pointed red leather hat, adorn with a rainbow plume... it is a religious garment associated to the goddess shelyn...

>You search the corpses...

On a male human Monk's corps, you find...
-1 Nunchaku
-1 pot cure light wounds.
-1 belt pouch
-1 flint and steel
-3 torches
-5 rations (stale)
-1 monks outfit

On the Female Orc Samurai, you find...
-1 katana
-1 horn lamellar armor
-1 backpack
-1 bedroll
-1 banner (Rabbit and moon)
-1 lamp (oil flasks broken)
-1 prosthetic arm (left)
-5 Rations (stale)
-1 monster mask (oni)
-1 soldiers uniform

On the Male goblin Cleric's body you find...
-1 sm Glaive
-1 sm scalemail armor
-1 Holy text (shelyn)
-1 sm backpack
-1 sm bedroll
-1 rooster (familiar)
-3 wondermeal
-1 sm clerics robes
-1 wayfinder

>How do you divide the loot...
>_ _ _
No. 710976 ID: 3f9dc0

Goblins are small, right? that's sort of inconvenient, only two people get to change out of prison uniform.
No. 710983 ID: e2db64

Do dwarves count as small for the purposes of armor?
No. 710990 ID: 595d54

No, dwarves are Medium, just on the short end.
No. 710993 ID: f562b1

I don't know if this is just visual representative error, but that goblin looks fairly large, I imagine his stuff would fit anybody still.

Let's see, classes:
* Kelda is a Bloodrager (Sorcerous Barbarian), Typed Black Blood (Necromantic), Blood Conduit (Martial casting). She specializes in unarmed combat, though I can't find anything on what armors she can use in-thread.
* Cid (The Tiefling) is a Magus, unknown types.
* Edrukk (The Dwarf) is a [Bartender]/Cleric.
...It occurs to me we don't know squat about the party. Before we can properly divvy it up, let's discuss our allies' strengths. I'm saying this here instead of the disthread because I'm pretty sure it's important that the characters themselves are aware of one another, it would be kind of lame to metagame it with the players sharing sheets and magically letting the characters know.
Is Edrukk a cleric of Shelyn, or able to otherwise appeal to her grace? (That's the right term, right?)
I say the backpack should go to Kelda, at least. Cid is a Magus and Edrukk a Cleric, so I imagine Kelda's got the best encumberance tolerance. The belt-pouch and small backpack are a bit iffier. The Cleric's scalemale, if it suits him, can go to Edrukk, and
>-1 rooster (familiar)
What? Roosters are familiars?
We can steal somebody else's familiar?
I think Cid has a better use of a familiar but does a rooster even give any benefits?
No. 711000 ID: a22f87

well we don't really need armor to badly, and we know how to use our fist better then most. I say let the other two pick what they need since they probably need gear more then we do and we can grab what's left.

Also none of them had gold on them. Those some cheap bastards I tell you.
No. 711190 ID: a6dc58

I think Edrukk is surly a priest of Cayden Cailean, having mentioned such before.

As for gear, my 2 cents is that we should take the Lamellar Armor, its Medium so the Magus won't get any use of out it, and we're the frontline. We don't need a weapon with our unarmed focus.

I doubt anyone can fit into the small scale mail, but if we are using Piecemeal Armor rules, Edrukk might be able to tear it up and use bits of it for some protection? I'd give him the torches and the Wayfinder. Since he seems the most seasoned, head-on-his shoulders member of our band, he can be the guide.

As for the Magus. Sadly the Katana is an Exotic Weapon, but a small Glaive is still a useful weapon, so he can take that.

I'd say give the Magus the potion. Those guys tend to be much more offensively focused than defensively adept fall into the danger zone pretty easily. While it's possible he doesn't fit the stereotype and is some sort of abjuration focused tank Magus, I think its unlikely from what we've seen.

Those soft non-barbarians can take the bedrolls.

I'd say 1 wondermeal and 3 bland rations for each of us, and the extra stale ration goes to...whoever wins rock-paper-sissors?

I don't really have any suggestions for the rest of the stuff...um, cram it in a backpack to deal with later?
No. 711238 ID: e18d6f

Seems like solid reasoning.
No. 712408 ID: 252bc6

Katana is martial if you two hand it right? If so give it to cid and we can use the glaive in one hand and punch if fuckers get close, edrukk can stay behind and cast spells.
No. 712414 ID: 252bc6

Also, @varono and doukisa: can we see your character pages? What builds are you guys exactly, teamwork is needed for survival and survival is needed for research.
No. 712432 ID: 939c7f
File 145935306791.jpg - (2.01MB , 1914x1240 , chacrater page edrukk.jpg )

Aalos - can we see your character pages? What builds are you guys exactly, teamwork is needed for survival and survival is needed for research.

Doukissa - sure, I'm an Ecclesitheurge cleric. Basically my build is a pure divine spell caster. I can't use many weapons and I can't wear armor, but I can buff really really well~
No. 712433 ID: 939c7f
File 145935315914.jpg - (2.00MB , 1914x1240 , chacrater page cid.jpg )

Varonos - I'm a magus, I'm not entierly sur ehow my charatcer works, but i'll figure it out...

Prince - the big thing about you is that you can dual weild spells and swords.

Doukisa - think dovakin...

Varonos - oh that's cool~!
No. 712434 ID: 939c7f
File 145935322026.jpg - (2.05MB , 1914x1240 , chacrater page oxcutter.jpg )

Doukissa - can I see your page Aalos?

Prince - he's a blood rager, with the black blood and blood conduit...

Doukissa - ohh neat~
No. 712436 ID: 939c7f
File 145935386424.jpg - (363.02KB , 1200x674 , all geared up.jpg )

Kelda - As for gear, my 2 cents is that we should take the Lamellar Armor

Edrukk - indeed, cid and I can't wear medium armor yet, so you take it.

Kelda - I'd say give the Magus the potion.

Cid - thanks I'll need it... Can you heal?

Edrukk - yeah, I've got spells prepared and my divine birth mark lets me cast my spells... You'll need a spell book though, Cid.

Kelda - I'd say 1 wondermeal and 3 bland rations for each of us

Cid - sounds about right...

Kelda - Sadly the Katana is an Exotic Weapon, but a small Glaive is still a useful weapon, so he can take that... Katana is martial if you two hand it right?

>Yeah, it's martial in two hands and exotic in one hand...

Edrukk - I say Cid should take the katana since he's new and the glaive is small and has some rules assigned to using weapons outside of your size category.

>Makes sense.

Edrukk - I can't use any of these weapons so take the rest. oh by the way, nunchucks are gnoll weapons, you can use em sweetpup~

>Are they?

Edrukk - yeah it's in monster codex...

> ... So they are~ learn something new everyday...

Edrukk - so Kelda, you're all decked out, Your glaive is a reach weapons with high damage but low accuracy, your nunchuks are melee with average damage and good accuracy and in a bind you can still kick and punch. i would advise against dual wielding right now...

>Okay is there any more preparations you guys need to do before you brave the dungeon?!

Cid - I'm fine.

Edrukk - Sweetpup has some non lethal on her, we might want to rest a few hours to heal that...

>It will be night time when that happens... do you guys wanna wait?

Cid - I don't know...

Edrukk - what do you think kelda?

>_ _ _
No. 712443 ID: b7dfa3

Ugh, need a nap. (If we take any more Wis damage before healing we will go comatose or something.)
No. 712451 ID: f562b1

Cid can fly? Okay chicken should go to him.
>nunchucks are gnoll weapons
That's useful, but--
>your nunchuks are melee with average damage and good accuracy and in a bind you can still kick and punch.
Okay yeah use them. That's the perfect kind of weapon for a blood conduit.
>It will be night time when that happens... do you guys wanna wait?
You two have dark vision, while I don't... We'd either have to use a torch, or move slowly. I think it's worth getting in a bit of rest, but should we use a torch?
No. 712457 ID: a6dc58

Ah Gnoll's with nunchucks and the legacy of oft-forgotten Flinds. I can't really find it, but are we proficient with the Flindbar too? If so, our "one short of the Intelligence needed to learn improved disarm to steal people's weapons before we introduce them to vileblood fist-to-face grappling" is a bit of a shame.

Might want to bring up to Cid that he should be on the lookout for a one-handed weapon, since his ability to "dual-wield but with SPELLS" works like regular dual-wielding: it requires a free hand. Still it won't matter until he gets a spell book. Hmm, since he is new, has anyone explained how spellcasting works to him? Prepared Spells and Spell Slots? Its quite a bit different from Skyrim's magic. He might want to brush up on it while his character isn't taking actions.

I'm conflicted on resting, since there might be a search party out for us. Still, we've got three torches and the only two-handed user can already see in the dark. I mean, I guess we're also in cave so it will be dark either way...

Okay, let's take a nap and try and get rid of the aches.
No. 712459 ID: a22f87

well if resting will get rid of all the wisdom damage then I'd suggest we go for it. I'm one more bonk to the head away from losing all my wisdom. If not then we can press on.
No. 712468 ID: f562b1

>Its quite a bit different from Skyrim's magic
"Prepared" spells sounds like "adding it to the quick/favorites menu," right?
No. 712705 ID: f66b0e

Our magus isn't armoured so give him the reach one hand weapon we'll take the katana and do the heavy lifting he'll stay behind and poke. Also don't forget the hat!!!
No. 713839 ID: 939c7f
File 145978810649.jpg - (367.33KB , 1200x674 , switched weapons up.jpg )

>you hand off the glaive to Cid and take his katana, you also pick up the rainbow feathered hat...
No. 713841 ID: 939c7f
File 145978865766.jpg - (386.59KB , 1200x674 , spider appear.jpg )

>Prepared spells... Basically each day you chose what spells you'll be able to cast from your list of known spells. you cannot change the chosen spells easily so make sure you know what you're going to need, unless your a spontaneous caster, which doesn't prepare spells in advance and just does what ever when ever... but they tend to be weaker spellcasters...

>You rest for a several hours, waiting for your non lethal wounds to heal... the sun is setting and the darkness of the cave is pierced by moonlight... you begin to hear a scuttle from the surface... many legs tap and rag along the ground... it pokes it's head through the hole and crawls along the ceiling... a chitinous beast the size of a dog... it's glowing red eyes pierce the darkness and upon it's gunmetal hide are vivid yellow markings...

spider - *BEEP* possible opening discovered... *BOOP* scanning for Biological life signs... *BLEEP*

>A beam of red light shoots out from it's eye and glides across the walls and floor heading right for you...

>_ _ _
No. 713845 ID: 1cebc8

Door. Open. Now.

Do not engage, that's a scout.
No. 713850 ID: a22f87

anywhere fur us to hide before the beam see us?
No. 713856 ID: a6dc58

Make sure, if you slip through the door to close it behind you. It has already shown that open doors are one of its searching criteria, so it should decrease the chances of it following us if we slip quietly through the door and close it behind us.

Probably...want to wait a minute on the other side of the door and make a quick perception check to listen to see how it responds, assuming the other side of the door isn't filled with flaming death and scorpions.
No. 713872 ID: da1652

one little oversight: We're still cuffed to our Dwarf. Two-handing the Katana isnt going to work very well like that.

That fancy metal thing likely works for the Hell Knights. If it sees us, its likely to scurry off and send more expendable troops after us.

Unbar the door and head through it asap. It will either have to come closer, drop to the ground, or both in order to search the next room. Of course we'll also be hurrying into who knows what.
No. 714059 ID: d2006b

Hide though the door! But look afterwards to make sure it's not following you
No. 715903 ID: 939c7f
File 146042123908.jpg - (256.12KB , 1000x562 , closed the door behind us.jpg )

>You all roll stealth to avoid detection as you hurry through he door...
You roll a solid 3
Cid rolls a 13
Edrukk crit misses...

>Edrukk, fearing the spider unbars the door and tosses the plank, running through... you focus on getting through the door as your armor clatters around you, Cid is quite silent... You slam the door behind you and brace yourself against it... hearing for it, on the other side...

Spider - Bepp! Noise detected, possible lifeforms have possibly fled... Bloop! Approach with caution... Blarp!!

>You hear it crawl down the walls and towards the door...
No. 715904 ID: 1cebc8

Look around you. Find at least two escape routes, drop stuff around one exit while you use the other.
No. 715906 ID: 939c7f
File 146042159394.jpg - (225.58KB , 1000x562 , kobold with gun.jpg )

Prince rolls three dice behind his screen...

>Kelda and Cid notice the small creature down the hall... it is green and covered in scales... in it's hands is a battered riffle and its cold black eyes are drawn on you three...

Kobold - Yap Yarr RRrruuaf!!

>It yip at you in Draconic...

Cid - I speak Draconic!

>Oh... okay~

Kobold - You Be Intruders!!

>The spider is at the door, trying to open it...

>_ _ _
No. 715911 ID: 1cebc8

Explain to the gunner that he's not going to like the horde of 8-legged armor-plated killing machines even more. And that you plan to leave as soon as possible.
No. 715918 ID: 2ee598

Who had the most strength again? Think they could hold the door while the other two rush little green there? That or swing the door open and hope the spider sees little green ignores you and let them duke it out while we slip around... Save the second on as plan B and see what else we come up with
No. 715927 ID: f562b1

I think it's up to Cid to do the diplomacy. He'd at least have to tell us what the Kobold said for us to tell him what to tell it, as we don't speak Draconian.

"Cid, can you figure out if it's friendly or not?"
No. 715965 ID: 38685c

Say "No we're not."
No. 715976 ID: 59a537

Hold the door while Cid says "A metal spider is coming to kill us all."
No. 716036 ID: cfee3f

YES if we can trick the spider into thinking that just a bunch of Kobolds live in here it'll give up and fuck off
No. 717692 ID: 939c7f
File 146102664931.jpg - (369.44KB , 1000x562 , talking to kobold.jpg )

>You and Cid hold the door closed, it opens on your side giving you a solid advantage, the spider claws at the wood to no avail...

Cid - [Draconic] No We not Be! There Be Metal Spider, is Coming To make us all dead, and you also!!

>Cid rolled a natural 20 and managed to sway the kobold with a compelling argument...

Kobold - [Draconic] Spider! This one not want Spider in cave!! You be guest till spider gone...

Cid - [Draconic] We convince Spider that we all Kobold! it leave us be.

Kobold - [Draconic] That Good plan!!
No. 717694 ID: 939c7f
File 146102699841.jpg - (267.46KB , 1000x562 , taling to spider.jpg )

>The creature on the other side of the door stops attacking...

Spider - Draconic language recognized... Beep! booting Draconic linguistics processor... Bap! [Draconic] This one knows of those who entered!

Kobold - [Draconic] There be only Kobold here, leave us be!!

Spider - [draconic] This one has saw energy of old ones in air... Bleep... This one knows that great object of old one be nearby... Boop! Give Great object of old one to "Allied MasterComputer" and we will leave be with no attack and with much manners... Bap...

Kobold - [draconic] You three, give great object to spider so no attack happens, this one not like spider!!

>_ _ _
No. 717699 ID: db9b5a

Aw crap, uh could we just throw something shiny throw the door and run like hell when it goes to check it out?
No. 717767 ID: 1cebc8

[Draconic] I got yer object right here, ya gullible twitch

No. 717855 ID: f562b1

Krome, we're Kelda, not the NPCs. Only the DM controls the NPCs, and we'd have to persuade them as characters, which Kelda cannot do since she doesn't speak Draconian.
This sounds best, but I'd kind of prefer that we get the Kobold to run as well. Maybe say you think it will attack anyways, so you'll throw the item far to try and buy some time to run.
No. 717888 ID: 8e5b08

Ask it who or what the allied master computer is!
No. 717975 ID: eb385b

Ask the spider what are the old ones.
No. 717980 ID: 3f9dc0

why, that would be AM, the omnipotent rogue AI that hates humans. like, a LOT. Hate hate hate.
No. 721004 ID: 58379b
File 146241001622.jpg - (379.04KB , 1000x562 , oxcutter reply.jpg )

Oxcutter - Tell us what the Allied Master Computer is!

Spider - [common] That information is classified.

Oxcutter - Then tell us who the old ones are!

Spider - [common]That information is classified.
No. 721005 ID: 58379b
File 146241002033.jpg - (284.47KB , 1000x562 , throwing the thing.jpg )

>You reach into your bag and grab the flint and steel, throwing it through the door way and getting ready to run, the spider doesn't even flinch...
No. 721006 ID: 58379b
File 146241002374.jpg - (382.80KB , 1000x562 , kobold reply.jpg )

Cid - [draconic] Spider maybe attack, We run!

Kobold - [draconic] yous can run from spider, This one not want spider in cave, but this one not afraid! This one fight spider with boom stick, very brave!!

Spider - [common]that is not the artifact, it lacks the arcane signature denoting it as such, I will have to resort to violence if you continue this charade. RELINQUISH THE ARTIFACT TO THE ALLIED MASTER COMPUTER AT ONCE!

>The Kobold cocks his weapon back and points it at the metallic creature point blank...

>Run or fight
>_ _ _
No. 721007 ID: 1cebc8

I think it's charging a lazer!

Cid, ask the kobold if there is a better place to fight; he can fight all he wants but at least be smart about this. Run for now!
No. 721028 ID: f36501


Protect the boomkobold
No. 721032 ID: 54312d

Kill it before it can report back to its master. Also since this thing is a construct do we get any bonuses for being a vandal?
No. 721064 ID: 4c40b2

Also does the map show an enemy coming up behind us
No. 721070 ID: f562b1

That's Boomkobold on the map. Been there since we first saw him >>715906
No. 721113 ID: 2c4dc5

If the doors swing inwards, open them and get out of the way, spider should come through and if we time it right get hit by Boombold.

Maybe set ourselves up along the corridor for attacks of opportunity as it moves through the corridor?
No. 724290 ID: 58379b
File 146361810609.jpg - (200.17KB , 800x449 , eight damage.jpg )

>You stay and fight the robotic arachnid, the kobold rushes up, keeping a short five feet between it and the spider and unloads hot lead on it!!

He rolls a solid 16 total and a damage of eight... The robot seems taken back by this attack and has a hard time moving...

Kobold - [draconic] This one not let spider in!!
No. 724292 ID: 58379b
File 146361833216.jpg - (201.45KB , 800x449 , initiative.jpg )

>You all roll initiative...

Turn sequence... kobold (22) Kelda (21) Spider (??) Cid (9) Edrukk (2)

>The kobold acts first and reloads his arm... taking a full round action and ending his turn...

>Your turn...

>_ _ _
No. 724437 ID: 0d6c82

The spider-bot looks pretty tough, so lets open with a Bloodrage and melee attack.
No. 724445 ID: a22f87

well the kobold is small and we have a reach weapon so I say use our glaive to stab the spider from behind the kobold.
No. 724515 ID: d0c059

Put ourselves in front and strike, protect the kobold friend with our body.
No. 724958 ID: a5c2b3

Bloodrage and stab the bastard, keeping yourself between it and the bold'. While the Kobold may be good with that gun, he's probably not all that sturdy so you should probably watch out.

I have to say, reading the character creation was pretty funny. At first I saw this and thought "Broken Halo doing Pathfinder? SCORE!". Of course when it was chosen for the character to be female I thought it would be a nice change, but of course the race chosen was gnoll. It figures that we'd end up playing a female with a larger shlong than the males of the species. *shrugs* Some things never change.
No. 726005 ID: 58379b
File 146424461926.jpg - (277.96KB , 1000x562 , missing the spider.jpg )


You move up and engage in combat, letting your wrath take over.

>You roll a total 12 and miss your target.
No. 726006 ID: 58379b
File 146424470992.jpg - (282.90KB , 1000x562 , spider attacks.jpg )

The robotic spider attacks you with two claws...

>It lands a 16 and deals 1 damage.
>It lands a 17 and deals 1 damage.
No. 726009 ID: 58379b
File 146424513295.jpg - (276.08KB , 1000x562 , killing the spider.jpg )

Cid moves in and strikes over your shoulders...

>He rolls a 22 for 8 damage! The spider stops moving and it's lights turn off...

Varonos - Ah yeah! Get wrecked!!

Prince - You all gain 65 exp... by the way give yourself 135 exp for winning the foot race on the beach.

Doukissa - Neat!

Varonos - when do we level up?

Prince - 1300.

Varonos - that's a lot...

Doukissa - it goes fast, between encounters and quest rewards~

Varonos - Alrighty!

>_ _ _
No. 726014 ID: 094652

Further dismember the spider robot and try to disable the communication module so its twitching corpse doesn't summon a horde.

Then run anyway. Take the kobold with you.
No. 726016 ID: e73549

Whelp, lot the corpse and get the only guy we know who can talk to the kobold talk to the kobold and see if we can get out of this cave before more spiders show up and without walking into any traps.
No. 726113 ID: f562b1

I doubt the Boomkobold will just abandon his home, and we don't have much to assist in keeping a slave.
No. 726547 ID: 58379b
File 146446296286.jpg - (236.76KB , 800x449 , kobold betrays.jpg )

Further dismember the spider robot and try to disable the communication module

>You bash and crush at the robot until it's entirely immobile...

Kobold - [draconic] Hey You no break good bits! metal spider kobold owned now!

Whelp, lot the corpse and get the only guy we know who can talk to the kobold talk to the kobold and see if we can get out of this cave before more spiders show up and without walking into any traps.

>You don't have the proper skills to find anything of value on a desing as complex as this... it is simply too advanced for you...

Cid - [draconic] Much thanks very politely, these ones not want any harm and safe travels out into upper, these ones will follow very politely without attack or threat, simply show way through please and thank you~

>The small scaled creature points it's weapon at your group...

Kobold - [draconic] yous are all intruders, intruders be prey... many meals from intruder flesh... this one will be happy greatly from leader hehehee... you's come politely and with no attack or boom in gut and painful death!!

Cid - Ahh... Well then... he says we'll come with him, and he'll eat us, or else he'll shoot and torture us...

>_ _ _
No. 726548 ID: 278911

we have improved grapple right? and we're right next to the little bastard right? can't we just grab him and disarm him?
No. 726549 ID: 094652

Follow him for now, but keep your weapons and be ready to use him as a turret meatshield against his leader. Go to his base, go to his exit route.
No. 726551 ID: b7883c

This. If he wants to take us prisoner, lets grab his gun and take him prisoner.
No. 726561 ID: 211d83

Ok he just reloaded and it takes him a full round to do so.

So pretend to go along with it and then do a bluff check and yell "Another spider!" or something to distract him.

Then grapple him and disarm the little guy.
No. 726572 ID: 9fc954

Offer a blowjob for safe passage?
No. 726607 ID: da1652

Rush him, engage grappling. He won't be able to use the gun then
No. 726908 ID: a5c2b3

I say we "surrender out valuables" by showing him the Gem of Eldritch Mindfuckery and engage a grapple while he's reeling from the mindscrew.
No. 727260 ID: 2a0eec
File 146482137016.jpg - (273.37KB , 1000x562 , wrestleing the kobold.jpg )

>You move up and grab the kobold, moving his gun out of the way with ease.

You rolled a total 22 and easily overpower him.

Kobold - [draconic] Aakk! No, Nonono! not be grab! not like be grab!! put down, big unpolite woman! Big Woman Very Unpolite!!

>he kicks and struggles as you hold him off the ground, arms around his head...
No. 727261 ID: 2c4dc5

...Charisma attempt to get him to be our friend and come with us if we put him down?
No. 727263 ID: 595d54

That'd be diplomacy, and we suck at it. Cid?
No. 727291 ID: b7883c

Show us to an exit and we will let you go. Be quick about it and we will give the gun back.
No. 727481 ID: 8b956e

If he complies, we'll let him come with us or let him go. if he resists we'll make him ride our gnoll rod, give him a poke to make sure he understands
No. 727524 ID: da1652

suplex kobold until disposition changes to Friendly
No. 728370 ID: 2a0eec
File 146534875370.jpg - (443.47KB , 1000x562 , wrestleing the kobold.jpg )

>Cid explains the situation to the kobold as best he can...

Cid - [draconic] you's will listen now, you will show these ones the way out, politely and we will not make harm on you. If you are extra polite, we maybe not take boom stick, if bad respect for your clan, you may stay with these ones... If you not help, big lady will make deep pleasures with your tail hole~

>You poke him with your thing.

>Cid rolls a diplomacy check of 17, total 16. Which is not enough to change it's mood but does aid Oxcutter's intimidate with a +2
>You roll an Intimidate check of a 18, total 26. Which convinces him to accept your request...

Kobold - [draconic] Okay! okay okay! N-n-no deep pleasures on my tail hole! This one will help you, very politely and no harm from behind, this one promises on my horns~ th-there be two ways out of kobold cave... back up water hole, hard climb, very wet and slippery... if you's cannot, the only other hole out be behind kobold kings treasure room... n...no red kobold will help you, this one promises, they's sooner die than help long legs... b-but maybe green scales... most be slaves in these caves... And! and white scale will help! she want kill kobold king for many moons! very tricky that white scale!

>Cid translates

Cid - so yeah, don't... err.. make deep pleasures to him just yet... but we have two choices, we can brave the caves, or climb out through the big hole behind us and try our luck with the forest...

>_ _ _
No. 728379 ID: 094652

Your team is designed for combat, not parkour. Try the woods path, see if you can scheme the kobold slaves; the king's treasure might be risky, but these kobolds don't have a thorough education on societal needs, and that shotgun might be the tip of their unapprised horde of technology...
No. 728383 ID: f7a64f

C'mon, kobold tribe screams noob dungeon, gotta go for the easy loot.
No. 728405 ID: eb385b

brave the caves
No. 728406 ID: f562b1

>don't... err.. make deep pleasures to him just yet...
Fair enough. Let's help out White Scale, since we'll probably have to deal with Red anyways.
No. 728444 ID: 3af0c0

You've obviously never had a DM from Hell.

Well this does seem like something we can handle we should first check to see if Prince is the type to pull TPKs or one way traps.
No. 728488 ID: 0b8d9e

Ask more about this white scale who is apparently an individual rather than a group. Would they work with the green scales and vise versa because I am totally for any chance to start a revolution with tiny adorable lizards.
No. 728527 ID: b7883c

Meet up with White Scale, stick it to the (lizard) Man.
No. 728540 ID: a5c2b3

Oh my god that blush is adorable. We should definetly seduce it.

Anyways, praise the Kobold for cooperating. Even if he can't understand our words, a comforting tone of voice should help calm him down. Always be slightly seggeative with it, just to keep it confused (and blushing, oh god it's so cuuute).
No. 728559 ID: f9e018

that red hat would look better on cid than us.
maybe we can barter with it later
No. 728564 ID: 2a0eec
File 146544753425.jpg - (358.18KB , 1000x562 , seducing thekobold.jpg )

>brave the caves

Cid - [draconic] These ones will cross through cave home. You will guide these ones... These ones will politely kill the red leader. You will help us convince the green scales to freemdom.

Kobold - [draconic] Does this one has choice? *sigh* This one will help as best it can...


Cid - [draconic] Tell these ones what is known of white scale...

Kobold - [draconic] This one knows not lots of white scales, very triksy she is, very fat, not speak draco like good kobold. only speak long leg. Very swear, not polite, always swear. always cook food, never raw. only speaks to king red scales, always have kobolds guard her, she traitor chief say... But magic drinks to boom boom to not keep her...

Cid - White scale is reclusive and speaks common but not draconic, she's civilized but rude and the clan doesn't trust her but her magic potions are too powerful to pass up... think she's good for us?

>Oh my god that blush is adorable. We should definetly seduce it.

>You put the kobold down but embrace it in a tight hug, pressing it against your breast... you whisper a few sweet seductive words into it's ear...

Kobold - [draconic] Wh-wha? This one n-not understand!

Cid - [draconic] She say you be much like dragon, and something of her tailhole... This one not hear soft words, you may know later when big lady show you... if you very polite that be~

>The kobold covers it's loin cloth with both hands, blushing bright red.

Kobold - [draconic] St-stop! it make wet tail appear! Very impolite!! Baahh!! Very impolite!! Need time of self! wait for this one long legs!

>He scampers off towards the water pit.

Cid - hehee well you had an effect on him~ Is there anything we need to do before we explore this dungeon, he might be a while...

>_ _ _
No. 728579 ID: 4854ef

Take full inventory one last time to make sure everythings ready, also scout out a bit.
No. 728593 ID: f9e018

see if cid wants our red hat to match his red shirt and his pink face
No. 728600 ID: 0b8d9e

Actually the Kobold could probably use the red hat. I don't want to sound racist, but we'll probably need a way to visually distinguish this one from others kobolds later.
No. 728602 ID: 7b3857

No. 728603 ID: 7b3857

Help the little guy off screen so we don't waste too much time waiting for him. Emphasis on "off screen"
No. 729090 ID: dfdb1e

Did this kobold molestation made anyone more willing to have intercourse with a robot? - Asked Aalos, because why not?
No. 729103 ID: 595d54

Aalos asked nothing, because Aalos is not That Guy. Check our stuff and scout ahead, I guess.
No. 729853 ID: 2a0eec
File 146604047488.jpg - (310.41KB , 1200x674 , at table.jpg )

>you give Cid the hat seeing as it matches his costume and design as a red mage... Though he doesn't care much for the rainbow feather and discards it...

Cid - Sounds good, I'll take a quick peak alone and be back without being seen...

>you wander off to the kobold to help him finish what ever he's doing... in order to save time of course~

Varonos - Really? you're gonna turn this into a sex scene? Such a perverted robot...

Prince - Hey Var, it's the game, we all enjoy it one way or another. If he says he does something, he does it. It's the rules~

Doukissa - yeah bruv, lighten up... That being said~ since Aalos is bend on being a pervert, you can go ahead and describe the sex scene to us.

Prince - Heh, yeah go ahead mister robot, don't blush too hard though~ Heheh ~ enlighten us on your insight of biological coitus.

[Abnormality detected in Subject Doukissa] >> "Subject"'s core temperature and heart rate increased:.>> air particles show 2% [unidentified] matching "Subject"'s DNA signatures:.>> Breathing rate increased by 12%:.>> Eyes become focused:.>> - investigate Abnormal behavior> Caution, similar signs show aggressive behavior in beasts, avoid damage to body.

>_ _ _
No. 729882 ID: f7a64f

Cringe and say "Don't hurt me" while shielding your face with your arms!
No. 729884 ID: c1eac4

"Well, if I'm reading you right, dirty talk is part of it. I guess I'll keep talking about wet tails and tailholes."
No. 729885 ID: f457da

"I'm new to this. Skip anything you want, we good?"
No. 729892 ID: c1eac4

Are you the real kome?
No. 729958 ID: b2eb5c

>enlighten us on your insight of biological coitus
Oh ok then 'retrieve database on biological reproduction' start describing all we have learned about this subject.

Are you okay there Doukissa? you seem kind of..erm flustered? You're not going to hurt me right?
No. 729984 ID: 502d35

Search database for information on 'hentai'. Show off complete lack of understanding of the biological process of reproduction by using 'hentai' as the basis for description of your character's behavior. Tell everyone "just kidding" when they show appropriate levels of discomfort for revealing the joke to be appropriate.
No. 730128 ID: f7a64f

Geeze, were some kind of magic berserker gnoll, if any of you really wanna describe this next part it's going to have to be kobold rape.
No. 730177 ID: a5c2b3

"What? You think this is just for fun? I mean, it IS, but aside from that. Get him infatuated with you, liberate his tribe from a tyrant, and *BAM* Minion Acquired!....Speaking of which, would it require taking the Cohort Feat if you persuaded someone to join you during the course of an adventure?"
No. 730194 ID: ee8f3e

Is it weird that we're a tiny robot kobold that is playing a knoll that's currently molesting a kobold?
No. 730213 ID: da1652

Doukissa looks interested
Varonos looks mortified
Prince is looking at you like he really doesn't want to role-play this kobold seduction with you.

Go vague or fade-to-black.
No. 730428 ID: ab477e

Tease Varonos but leave the kobold alone for now, no point slowing the adventure down too much for a random guard.

"As fun as it is to make Varonos and the 'bold squirm, I don't want to get carried away or be 'that guy'. I'll save the porn narration for a more major character~"
No. 731346 ID: 2a0eec
File 146656188803.jpg - (211.46KB , 1000x562 , eadoo at table.jpg )

>You have two ally slots. fill them or leave them as you will... allies gain exp and generally follow orders. others do what they want and don't level up, not every npc is a potential ally. taking the leadership feat adds ally slots, and auto calibrates one given ally as per the feat.

Aalos - As fun as it is to make Varonos and the 'bold squirm, I don't want to get carried away or be 'that guy'. I'll save the porn narration for a more major character~

Varonos - Good, there's no need for that, so lets move on...

Aalos - Are you okay there Doukissa? you seem kind of..erm flustered? You're not going to hurt me right?

Doukissa - hurt you, why would I do that? Hmmnn maybe you do have a lot to learn about social behavior... well, you'll learn right? that's why you're here~
No. 731349 ID: 2a0eec
File 146656231082.jpg - (397.97KB , 1000x562 , he came back.jpg )

>You wait around for the kobold to finish and for Cid to return... soon enough the kobold is back.

Kobold - Ak taka draza nak, grumma kapla dova dova gakgakgak

>It walks past you and slaps your butt, before sitting down near the entrance, gun in claw...

kobold - gurp'ta grona, frella~

>Soon after Cid arrives...

cid - Hey I'm back, It's very dark down there, but we can all see rather well in the dark yeah?

Edrukk - I have low light vision.

Cid - don't dwarves see in pitch darkness?

Edrukk - Nie~

Cid - okay well torches will give away our positions... but! I've spotted around the bend a small group of kobold working and digging... there were four green kobolds digging and one red one with a grabby stick... they have some gems~ we might be able to sneak by them if we're extra careful. What should we do?

>_ _ _
No. 731356 ID: f55bc4

The way he delivered that butt slap I think the cheeky bugger wanted us to follow him. Can we repeat what he said well enough for Cid to translate it? As for sneaking by we could, or we could take this opportunity to start liberating green scales for a revolution.
No. 731404 ID: b2d501

Stealth for now. Try to keep casualties to a minimum before you figure out who to shoot in the face, get the civilians on your side for the upcoming raid. You can grab gems later.
No. 732387 ID: 2a0eec
File 146715041683.jpg - (408.45KB , 1000x562 , translate.jpg )

You try your best to tell Cid what the kobold said...

>You roll a linguistics check of 11 total 7...

Kelda - he said... atake dez nek, grumpa kapa dova dova kek-kek-kek... then he slapped my butt and said guppy gonny fella...

>The kobold giggles silently...

Cid - hmm... your draconic is horrendous, but if that's right he said... "you could make good cakes with a princess like you, you have the peach of a dragon. of many dragons!" then he said "it's all slimy, vulgar."

Edrukk - and how much of that do you think is accurate?

Cid - not a lot I figure...
No. 732414 ID: 3740b1

Shake your stuff at the bold. Front stuff and back stuff to cover the bases. Never hurts to give him one more reason to ally w you if it comes to a tense situation.

Then I say we push our luck and confront the next group. With our pet bold and Cid interpreting and Oxgutter looking tough we might be able to talk ourselves into some more friendly bolds. Better to gather a small army than leave possible enemies behind us.
No. 732439 ID: f7a64f

So the kobold is flirting now?

I don't think it quite grasps the intricacies of bedding a gnoll berserker.
No. 733463 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146759020405.jpg - (221.38KB , 1000x562 , past the guards.jpg )

Shake your stuff at the bold. Front stuff and back stuff to cover the bases.

>You walk up to the kobold and shake your butt at him. it yips and slaps the ground with its claws... You turn around and lift your loincloth, shaking your junk at him, he growls angrily and gets up...

You all try to sneak past the mining group...

>Cid rolls a 15 total 21
>Edrukk rolls a 16 total 18
>You roll a 17 total 20
>the kobold roll a 4 total 7

Red kobold - [draconic] Hey, jumpy-jump! why is you not guarding post!

>The green kobold stops dead in his tracks before noticing that you all cleared the halls frame...

Jumpy - [draconic] This one... eum.. want get more apples... guarding closed door very tiring, want good poison for pass time.

Red kobold - [draconic] If invade while you's lazy butt, all death you's fault!

Jumpy - [draconic] This one know, door never open, never invade. Be polite and calm grab-grab. And where be white scale? That one have many poison apple, she share.

Grab - [draconic] You's hurry and get back to door! *growls* white scale in white scale room as ever. you's watch out, white scale hate thief, she cuts and bites claws very impolite. if take good poison be seen and be polite.

Jumpy - [draconic] yes yes this one polite and quick to door.

>He scampers off past you and you follow quietly...

>_ _ _
No. 733465 ID: c441c1

That was lucky I guess keep following him.
No. 733467 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146759197338.jpg - (238.10KB , 1000x562 , at the fork.jpg )

>you arrive at a open fork. there are barrels and crates stored here... it branches off to the left and right...

Jumpy - [draconic] by tail of tail that close. This one not want have kill kobold brother if not have to. Very impolite... eerrrmm... this one take good poison, makes less jumpy...

>He takes a hand full of putrid smelling apples and starts chowing down...

Jumpy - [draconic] mmm... th-that way, to white scale hidden place and green scale living place... over here... to training place and red scale living place and kings place... this place storage place... take what you like, but very polite and small okay okay?

>The crates are battered and molded but very well build... they have chelaxian branding all over them... some are even very new...

Jumpy - so... what path you's want take?

>_ _ _
No. 733476 ID: 47160d

I would say lets look into whitescale, and look through the crates to see if there is anything of note
No. 733489 ID: 211d83

Greyhawk everything whenever the chance arises.
No. 733498 ID: d6fede

Um, are the apples actual poison, or are they just fermented? It would be very confusing if that word applied to both things, or do Kobolds actually eat poisons in this campaign world? Let's go check out this White Scale.
No. 733517 ID: b7883c

Off we go to visit White Scale and discuss regicide.

>Um, are the apples actual poison, or are they just fermented? It would be very confusing if that word applied to both things
Presumably that's why they're "good poison".
No. 733524 ID: b2d501

Oh cool, low roll worked in our favor.

Talk to Whitescale, plan an assault on the king.
No. 733825 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146774888047.jpg - (128.56KB , 1000x618 , trixy setting up trap.jpg )

Kelda - Um, are the apples actual poison, or are they just fermented?

Cid - they're fermented apples. kobolds and other vermin eat them to get drunk, as for the word "Good Poison". Kobolds have a somewhat limited dialect of their own language, think of kobold as the geto version of draconic... To them there's no distinction between venom, sickness or mold... it's all poison, but there's good poison and bad poison...

>Greyhawk everything whenever the chance arises.

please elaborate...

>look through the crates to see if there is anything of note

In some of the fresher crates you find preserved food. The crate has chelaxian branding and the dried fruits look rather tasty... you get the feeling these weren't bought legally... But that doesn't matter does it? You stuff your face with some try peach.

you head west towards where you're told you'd find her... as you carefully trot along the cavernous halls, you suddenly spot a short, fat, white kobold fiddling with a metal grate... she looks back at you for a moment awkwardly as if she was caught in a crime scene...
No. 733826 ID: dfdb1e

Be as smooth as sandpaper.
"Hey baby! Heard you want to start a revolution."
No. 733827 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146774970150.jpg - (152.50KB , 1000x618 , trixy angry at you.jpg )

She drops the rigging and quickly pulls out a gun.

White scale - Alright you fucking ass eating ape fucks!! Cock sucking shit lord! I'll fuck your dead corps! You wanna take me in alive!? You'll have to rip my arms off cause I'll kill your donkey asses nine times!! I'll rip out your heart and shit out your soul if you take one more fucking step you ass clown princes eating cock sucking fucks! you want my bounty that bad! fucking fight me bitches! One on one me Shit stains!!

>She fires her gun in your direction then reaches for a pouch that isn't there and runs away...

White scale - I'll fucking kill you, you just... fucking... wait there, I'll be back with more bullets!!

>_ _ _
No. 733828 ID: d6fede

I think I like this one. One of us should go after her alone. It'll seem less like we're out to capture her if we don't send our full group to follow her. We should also move quickly, so we can try to talk her down before she has time to reload.
No. 733831 ID: 7b4d07

>fires her gain in your direction
Was that a blank or did she really miss like a chump?

In any case, diplomacy for sure. Send our boldling in first to explain our point accompanied by one person.
No. 733840 ID: 211d83


Greyhawking is a old term referencing the old Greyhawk Dnd setting.

It's a quick way for players to tell there DM that they want to loot everything in the room including possibly furniture, rugs, parts of the walls, and any shiny looking cobblestones. Also dissecting any monsters for loot they might have swallowed along the way.

Basically "We want to loot everything regardless of use or value just in case".
No. 733856 ID: b7883c

Ask if she wants to kill us more than she wants our help killing the king.
No. 733881 ID: b2d501

I see she flaunts her "verbose mastery" of common language. She probably learned the tongues over a lifetime of managing mangled slaves.

You'd better speak in draconic, anything you say in common that isn't a swear has the potential to blow her off.

Grab her before she gets ammo, then give her the same offer you gave Jumpy.
No. 733896 ID: d5966a

No. 733908 ID: f7a64f

Since she knows common, chase after her. Shout "Hey bitch, we ain't after your pathetic bounty, so pull your head out of your cunny and stop running."
No. 733909 ID: 47160d

No. 733914 ID: c441c1

this wiithout the shouting.
No. 733920 ID: da1652

The only way we'll be able to catch up is running full-boat. The odds of being spotted at intersections are unknown, and possibly high..

We need to get away from the area. Guns are fucking loud and only an idiot would ignore the distinct sound.
No. 733940 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146780911310.jpg - (218.00KB , 1000x562 , where did she go.jpg )

>You'd better speak in draconic

Cid - I believe jumpy mentioned that she doesn't speak draconic...

>You chase after her on your own. Despite being fat for a kobold she runs just as quick, you chase her through a winding path and past a fork, keeping left as you follow her, thankfully no other bolds were on the path you took... you loose sight of her as she turns a corner, but as soon as you get around said corner, she's gone... you find yourself at the dead end of this corridor, but she's nowhere to be seen...

>_ _ _
No. 733942 ID: 8ae26f

You'll need to check for hidden passages. Start with the wall on your left. I think I see some oddly shaped groves that could be a door just a bit ahead of you on that wall.
No. 733946 ID: 5bf293

Definitely look for hidden doors. She couldn't have gone anywhere else besides a hidden passage.
No. 733949 ID: 4a0bb2

There's definitely a rectangular shape in that wall, check it out for hidden passage
No. 733951 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146781995123.jpg - (228.20KB , 1000x618 , sexy trixy.jpg )

You search for a hidden passage seeing as she couldn't just disappear, and find a matted tarp painted with dust and grime to match the stone walls. Behind it is a long and narrow passage.
You follow in despite being a tad too big and manage to push yourself through.
On the other side is a rather large room, bigger than most in this complex, most notably the ceiling is rather vaulted. There are containers and two tables spread out along the walls, most surfaces are cluttered with vials and bottles, you see a caged animal in the far east corner and in the center of the room is a small piles of crates and pillows. For a kobolds den, the room boasts a striking composition, for a kobolds den that is...
Amidst the pillow pile is the white scaled kobold, striking an arousing pose... You notice her weapon tossed aside on the far corner of the room, matched with her sudden nudity, she seems entirely defenseless... getting a good look at her, she's definitely the fattest kobold you've ever met, though all the kobolds you've ever met were skinny to the point of sickness... so what ever...

White scale - oh no wait! you found me... I-I'm sorry for what I said back there... I D-didn't mean it, really. I'm just so jumpy these days. I C-can't fight you I know, you're much too strong and smart~ I-I was trying to scare you, but I can tell you're in no way afraid of little old me... I know you're probably very angry about what I said, but please, let me apologize, don't take out your anger on me... surely there's some way you can forgive me~ let's just sit down, help yourself to a relaxing smoke and maybe we can come to an agreement? I... I must say... I'm so bad at lying... but, don't tell the others... being chased by someone as big as you... it's so scary, but exhilarating! That fear of being caught, being grabbed and taken against my will... It's too much for my little heart, but I almost wanted to get caught~ Still I can't escape you, and now you're here... so what are you going to do to me~?

>_ _ _
No. 733954 ID: dfdb1e

Either every kobold have an extreme fetish for gnolls or this is a trap.
You are in the middle of enemy territory and she still believe you are hunting her. Before accepting her offer explain you heard about her local conflict and is interested in helping her take over.
No. 733955 ID: 3fae9b

Obviously, we have to treat you for your horrible spinal injuries.

And then you're going on a diet, so that you can fit your fat behind into some pants!
No. 733956 ID: ef642f

My loins demand otherwise but I will second this! And then promptly ban myself from the thread until there is no long a nude kobold
No. 733957 ID: 8ae26f

Can't tell yet if she's actually serious or trying to trick you. Can you see what she's doing with her left arm right now?
No. 733958 ID: 4a0bb2

Sense motive!
No. 733959 ID: c441c1

DO NOT get near the pink gas/liquid.
No. 733960 ID: 271c63

I am immediately suspicious... I wouldn't trust her an eighth as far as we could throw her. Stay far enough away that she can't swipe at us with a knife or something and explain why we're actually here
No. 733963 ID: eb959a

Engage penis
Let's handle this diplomatically, talk first then seal the deal with sex.
No. 733965 ID: 7fb8bb

Sense motive!
>Dm rolls a hidden die... You're quite sure she's telling the truth...
No. 733972 ID: f562b1

"I actually came her on request to assist you, so as fun as that sounds, I can only accept if you claim it will help you outside of ending what you thought was a hunt."
No. 733974 ID: f562b1

Wait, shouldn't there be a seduction/save roll, or are we playing by player's choice here?
No. 733975 ID: b7883c

"Maybe we should do this after killing the king?"
No. 733981 ID: dfdb1e

Maybe we should do this again after killing the king.
No. 733984 ID: 271c63

Well in theory we'd only need to make one of the character likes the fairer sex. So far we've only shown actual interest in (what I can only assume is) a male Kobold
No. 734006 ID: 7fb8bb
File 146783188188.jpg - (364.78KB , 1000x562 , talking to trixy.jpg )

Can you see what she's doing with her left arm right now?

>Her arm is tucked behind her back...

Stay far enough away that she can't swipe at us with a knife and DO NOT get near the pink gas/liquid.

>You keep a distance from her, showing no interest in approaching...

White scales - suit yourself miss gnoll~

>She pulls her hand out from behind her back and takes a long deep draw of the hookah, and exhales a pink smoke that smells like peaches...

Kelda - Obviously, we have to treat you for your horrible spinal injuries.

White scales - *giggles* are you one of those stiffies who can't turn their shoulders ninety degrees? You need to be more limber~

>She Pulls her leg up higher than you'd expect possible given her weight...

White scales - brain and brawn isn't everything big lady~

Kelda - And then you're going on a diet, so that you can fit your fat behind into some pants!

White scales - Who needs pants~ *sucks deeply on the hookah's pipe* when skirts and dresses are so readily available~ *giggles* And I wouldn't dare live a life free of gluttony, if you call that living... Hehee I've already solved the riddle of alchemical health... mostly... why should I care about eating well~?

kelda - I actually came her on request to assist you, so as fun as that sounds, I can only accept if you claim it will help you outside of ending what you thought was a hunt.

White scales - Assist me? you mean you're not here to claim my 12,000 gold bounty? Hmmnn well that sounds unlikely~ given I'm all out of friends...

kelda - We heard about the local conflict and are interested in helping you take over.

White scales - local conflict? You mean the boldlings? Heh... I'm not interested in their plight at all... They kill and hate amongst each other as much as they do the humans from the surface. I've never met a kobold in my life, I'd hate to lead them... Oh don't give me that look, to meet someone you must at least talk to them, I've never spoken a word of draconic and never met a kobold who spoke common. To me they're like rats~ Still it's not their fault, raised as monster by monsters to raise their young the same... it's a ruinous cycle, but to slay a culture, is an unforgivable act... so monsters they remain... I pity them so...

>She looks at you sideways...

White scales - Sure you don't want some, you big stress buns~?

>_ _ _
No. 734007 ID: ef642f

...god I want to go with her, but ask if we could convince her to assist us. She seems like she could be useful to have around.
No. 734012 ID: 5bf293

I'm still getting the feeling that getting much closer to her will be good for our health... She's clearly not stupid.
Ask her if she'll at least help us leave so we can finish our bid for freedom.
No. 734013 ID: 5bf293

*will NOT be good for our health.
No. 734022 ID: dfdb1e

Our source wasn't exactly the most reliable. Is she really interested in killing the king? If not to take over, why? And since it's common knowledge among the locals, why does he tolerate her?
The revolution plan is still valid, isn't it? I don't know why she isn't interesting in having a bunch of green scale minions, but since we can't put a smart person in charge we will need to trust the green scales to be reasonable after gaining power. If everything work well we could put horny guy in charge, but that would mean we can't take him with us.
No. 734028 ID: c441c1

Okay now that she has proven that what is in the Hooka is not sleeping gas we should take it on right of being an adventurer/Hero, and save it for later.
No. 734031 ID: f562b1

>White scales - Sure you don't want some, you big stress buns~?
Well, she's still offering.
No. 734046 ID: ef8af1

Sure why not, she doesn't seem interested in helping yet but she does seem to want this - endickening mode engaged.
No. 734048 ID: bb4a84

Might as well bone her. S'probably harmless enough.
No. 734049 ID: 4a0bb2

Cool it's not poison and our sense motive says we trust her, sit down with her in the pillows and have some peach, hookah that is! So, who are you?
No. 734052 ID: 271c63

And furthermore, why don't you speak draconic like the others?
No. 734059 ID: 91ee5f

So, is she fat as a side effect of her alchemy? Also, what is the secret to alchemical health? It's what she's smoking, isn't it?

So, Prince, are you that desperate for me to RP a sex scene with you?
No. 734061 ID: 17e196

Actually that's a good point I fogot. Seriously ask prince about that, that's twice in like twenty mi utes
No. 734070 ID: f7a64f

oh fuck it, since we know she's gonna stick with a knife if we get close, lets punish her for this transparent ploy. Grapple! Grab her arms, drag her away from the pillow pile, and then if she hasn't already gone nuts on you or pulled something out of her ass, give her a proper gnoll berserker dicking. Since she mentioned alchemy, assume everything is drugged or poison.

Or we could just forego sex and tell her to help us kill the gobbo king, in exchange for a share of that sweet sweet treasure. She could buy a lot of gluttony for some of that cash.
No. 734071 ID: 3740b1

That works on all fronts. We're ready in case it is a trick, if it's not she already said she was excited by the idea of us having our way with her, and if that wasn't genuine we at least get our girl rocks off after how long in captivity. Not going all hard-dickin zerker gnoll would be out of character at this point.
No. 734073 ID: d1fde2

Look, I don't know why the kobold out in the hall thinks you could help us, but if you hadn't mentioned the bounty, we wouldn't know a thing about it, since we just escaped custody ourselves. For us to claim your bounty, YOU would have to tell us who to turn you in to, and then we would have to convince them not to arrest US too.