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File 151490492052.png - (135.11KB , 800x600 , 487.png )
855472 No. 855472 ID: 23a020

{Identity Translator Native Confirm}
The girl nod, {Understand Confirm}
The lizard chirps in greeting, introducing itself as Bag.
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No. 855474 ID: 23a020
File 151490507725.png - (114.12KB , 800x600 , 488.png )

"Sis... it's that weird girl again. I think she's talking to the slime now..."
"Not now, I'm still tired."

>Pick who to Follow
No. 855480 ID: 13fded

I'm tempted to see from the point of view of the weird-out boy, but then we would lost the entire conversation and get a recap with no tension.
Let's be Emils or Bag. I vote for Bag.
No. 855484 ID: 33cbe7

Be the Bag.
No. 855485 ID: a363ac

No. 855486 ID: 4854ef

Be the concerned kid.
No. 855491 ID: 7152b7

Follow Sumin
No. 855529 ID: 91ee5f

No. 855547 ID: 3d2d5f

Follow concernced sibling.
No. 855560 ID: 5e9133

Concerned rabbold child.
No. 855562 ID: 6cc25a

Of the options here we have:

There's lots of possibilities of the things we could learn here. If we chose Shane or Daisy, then we could learn what happened to them in the sewers. Why is Daisy so tired? And all about their background. What are those round things inside LU-5-T1?
It looks like Emils is going to have a conversation with LU-5-T1. But can Bag or the kids even listen in on them? Maybe Bag, but I'm unsure. I think it's likely that the universal language in this case would be between the slimes only and thus, even Bag would be unable to listen unless they would be using the lizard language.
Anyway, I don't think that knowing the exact conversation between Emils and Lusty is important here because we can simply ask Emils later about what she learned.

So I'd suggest we follow either Shane or Daisy and learn about them.
No. 855564 ID: 6780f5

No. 855567 ID: de6d84

Worried kid on the left
No. 855571 ID: 0e7281

We haven't been bag in forever.
No. 855582 ID: 3adb50

No. 855584 ID: 1e7aa8

No. 855604 ID: c88e6d

No. 855607 ID: 86eb65

No. 855621 ID: b7627b

the table.
No. 855632 ID: 3adb50

This is good, but we need to do it when nobody is around. That way they'll be confused when they come back and the room is rearranged.

So let's just table that option for now.
No. 855636 ID: f97b68


this creature is obviously highly intelligent. bow to it's greater wisdom and offer it some food so that it may spare your life when it inevitably rules this physical plan
No. 855668 ID: 9876c4

Run Forrest.exe
No. 855684 ID: 9b80a5

bow down to your great and mighty overlords for the day of reckoning is upon us for he has graced us with his all encompassing beauty
No. 855760 ID: 3d6c68

Hey Daisy, isn't that your pet lizard?
No. 855812 ID: 23a020
File 151499031570.png - (123.80KB , 800x600 , 489.png )

Yes Hello this is Bag.

Bag bring new friend to old friend!
New friend talk to old friend.
Friend become friends.

Bag now has twice more friends!
No. 855817 ID: 6cc25a

Can you tell us what the two of them are saying to each other?

Also, do you remember what happened after the two big creatures woke up in the sewers?
No. 855820 ID: 33cbe7

Ask slime about your clearance level.
No. 855821 ID: 3adb50

Rub daisy with chin
No. 855838 ID: 13fded

Tell old friend about the huge friend under the ground.
No. 855840 ID: 3d6c68

Where did your clothes go!? Your naked!
How scandalous!
No. 855865 ID: b4f880

Bag you are good friend, both friends now have more friends too.
No. 855880 ID: 7152b7

Your new friend! You met him on an adventure!
Tell The old friend of the adventure!
And maybe ask if she's had anything delicious lately!
No. 855891 ID: 3abd97

>Bag now has twice more friends!
More friends are always good.

Chirp adorably, try to get some chin scratchies. Maybe you can attract those rabbold kids watching to be friends too? More friends are good!
No. 855907 ID: 50d32d

Bag has top clearance! And if he doesn't, he will puff up and hiss at clearance until it has submitted to his authority as the best Bag.
No. 855914 ID: 3ce125

What are they talking about?
No. 855996 ID: 3a15e3

Do your best and roll around for their attention. They can't deny your cuteness.
No. 856058 ID: 23a020
File 151507501928.png - (66.78KB , 800x600 , 490.png )

New friend is telling old friend about mommies.
Bag remembers mommy, Bag tells friends about Bag's mommy!
Old friend remembers Bag Mommy.
New friend asks old friend about meeting their mommy. Big mommy is nice, smells like new plants. New friend and old friend smells like plants too, but different plants.
Old friend can't meet big mommy, old friend says they can't leave without permission.
New friend says they will tell big mommy. Maybe big mommy will visit.

I skitter away from friends, to let them talk, and brush up against feedstress.
Feedstress mutter in their talk, but Bag doesn't understand.
Bag rolls over onto Bag's back, and feedstress scratches under Bag's chin.
This makes Bag's tail wriggle!

>Bag is unavailable Pick who to follow
No. 856061 ID: 0d1514

Emils since bag is busy
No. 856064 ID: 094652

Victoria because is she on a nervous breakdown from learning the disturbing infrastructure of her universe?
No. 856071 ID: 33cbe7

Follow Kit.
No. 856077 ID: 6cc25a

Follow Shane or Daisy.

Kit is currently unavailable ;)
No. 856080 ID: 13fded

Follow new friend. Is that a dog-collar?
No. 856089 ID: 3adb50

Follow LUST
No. 856099 ID: 7ab1fe

No. 856105 ID: 3ce125

Shane or Daisy (dammit naileD pick one or the other)
No. 856135 ID: c88e6d

No. 856155 ID: 3abd97

Follow Feedstress.
No. 856200 ID: 9e4723

No. 856206 ID: 830fb7

No. 856265 ID: ce71ed

Can we be tiny slime?
No. 856293 ID: 50d32d

No. 856381 ID: 671e80

Follow chin scratcher
No. 860712 ID: 90124d

No. 867757 ID: ea36cf
File 151870923349.png - (109.59KB , 800x600 , 491.png )

>You are now Emils What do?
No. 867758 ID: a363ac

No. 867760 ID: 9876c4

Seems like a plan.
No. 867762 ID: 006e5c

Where are you?
Why are you here?
Why can't you leave without permission?
What did you learn about "big mommy"?

>What do
If it wasn't told to you yet, ask Lusty where to find LU-5. Also, ask it why there's a bracelet inside it.

Furthermore, ask if it would allow you to absorb a part of it. And in return, you'd allow it to absorb a part of you also, so it doesn't lose any mass.
No. 867765 ID: 83a36f

Can you find out more about the giant slime in the sewers?
No. 867767 ID: 91ee5f

What have you learned from this slime?
No. 867775 ID: 13fded

Do LU-5-T1 know Emils is a slime? Did LU-5 suspected? Did Sammy knew?
What do the local slimes want?

I'm not ready to trust them completely but at the same time those are the creatures I want the least amount of conflict. They are the likely can tell what is Emills purpose if she have any.
No. 867780 ID: 33cbe7

Eat table.
No. 867782 ID: b1b4f3

Emils, report.
No. 867797 ID: 3adb50

What is our latest intel?
No. 867804 ID: 56e50f

Commence infodump!
No. 867881 ID: ea36cf
File 151875056403.png - (78.82KB , 800x600 , 492.png )

No, that does not seem like a proper response.

This is the nearby guild building.
I was clearing off my quest when the reptile called me over.
>Leave without permission
Emils can not leave this city without seeking permission from red eyes.
>Big Mommy
>Giant Slime
>Where to find LU-5
The slime says that LU-5 is it's mother.
It's a similar ID Bracelet to what the reptile is wearing.
>Slime Trade
The slime avoids my touch.

>Eat Table
Maybe later.'
No. 867882 ID: 5be7d1

Tell us about your quest. How are your studies going? And how have your friends been? Do you think of them as friends? Have you learnt the power of friendship?
No. 867886 ID: cb585b

Where is Victoria at anyways?
No. 867887 ID: b1b4f3

Ask for permission then. Might be interesting to swap identities during travel, so you arrive as a white bird.
No. 867903 ID: 830fb7

Ask it why its avoiding your touch
No. 867921 ID: 56e50f

What has this little guy told you?
No. 867927 ID: b1b4f3

OH, what did the Weaver tell you that you did not tell Victoria?
No. 867941 ID: c88e6d

Ask permission.
No. 867951 ID: 006e5c

>Emils can not leave
But some other body could. Perhaps during the next night we could.

But I guess a more important question that you should first ask is, what kind of a slime it is? What kind of a slime is its mother, and what titles does it have?

Also, ask the two children if they have any questions for their pets. Tell them that you can translate for them.
No. 867957 ID: 094652

You appear to have traumatized your sister with your violent murder-spree.


Teach her that your affection is an inevitability that will only (slightly) relent if she attains genius-level skill/intelligence.
No. 867972 ID: ea36cf
File 151878073516.png - (155.75KB , 800x600 , 493.png )

My last quest was just a gathering mission. I've delivered the quota and currently have some free time.
My studies are fine. I have understood the written language of these creatures and have no current issues.
What are friends? or friendship?

I do not know where Red Eyes is. She is probably setting up my meeting with the magic teacher.

That is assuming that I am unescorted, or alone.
As for leaving proper, My rank and presumed age does not allow me to easily slip out.
Leaving unofficially would make explaining where Emils is difficult. Unless I were to abandon this place.

I attempt to touch the slime, but it quickly evades my hand.
I ask why it is avoiding me, and it tells me that I am dangerous. And filthy? Unclean?

The slime has only told me that it's mother is seeking someone to communicate with.

I have already communicated what Sammy has told me to Victoria.

It tells me that it's a janitor slime. Used to clean ventilation, scrub filters and polish the hull. But now days it just... cleanse the underground of sewage.
It's mother is a primordial slime.
It doesn't wish to tell me it's titles, it's private.

Red eyes has told me not to reveal that I can communicate to mana beasts.
No. 867974 ID: 45aab1

A friend is someone you have a bond of mutual affection with: you trust them and help them. How do you feel about the idea of that?
No. 867976 ID: 499d93

Red eyes probably just meant not to reveal that to other rabbolds or other dominant civilised species. The slime is probably fine.

Ask it about it’s mother and inquire further about wanting someone to communicate with.
No. 867978 ID: 33cbe7

Ask if your clearance level is high enough to talk with LU-5 on Red-eyes' behalf.
No. 867980 ID: 006e5c

Wow, a slime that's been eating all sorts of dirt and baths in sewage is calling you filthy. That's something!

>ventilation, filters, hull
Where exactly has it been working? On a spaceship or something? How old is it?

>primordial slime
So the same type as yours. It definitely seems like someone important for you to talk to. Ask if it knows a way to its mother that doesn't involve leaving the town above ground.
No. 867984 ID: 91ee5f

>you trust them and help them.
And in return, they trust you and help you.
No. 867986 ID: d63ea8

Unclean with what? If this is a janitorial slime then what might you have that could be worse than literal sewage?
No. 867992 ID: f21501

Have you considered learning an instrument?
Music is commonly used to show emotions, or to wake certain emotions in others. Since you seem to have trouble understanding others it might be worth a shot.
No. 867993 ID: 3adb50

Friendship is what a magical girl fights for.
No. 867995 ID: 600f38

Inform the slime that you are fully capable of serving as a translator and messenger.
It is ok to do so, as the slime is incapable of communicating this information to others.
No. 868000 ID: 13fded

It probable mean either that you are an anomalous variety or your consumption habits violate some taboo, presumable your carnivorous tendencies. You should feel offended by that comment, there is a reason you would want avoid contact with people who pass such judgment.
Let's not bother with the sewer slimes for now. No reason to show good will to people who aren't willing to trust you. Maybe in the future they will make a better offer.
No. 868001 ID: b1b4f3

So Sammy really thinks you're access level 0?
Ask what a primordial slime is.
No. 868002 ID: e1c8f7

Rude. You've kept up with the grooming customs of this world, why are you deemed flithy? This is poor manners when asking one for consort with their superior.
No. 868065 ID: 555f33

And you also don't plan on eating them ever.
No. 868067 ID: 3abd97

>it tells me that I am dangerous. And filthy? Unclean?
Agree with the first, apologize for the second and third.

>It's a similar ID Bracelet to what the reptile is wearing.
Ask if you can examine the bracelet?
No. 868301 ID: ea36cf
File 151892337611.png - (63.83KB , 800x600 , 494.png )

I do not associate with such feelings.

I do not understand the noise.

I am pretty sure that the slime is fully aware that I can talk to Mana Beasts.
It says that its mother is past it's last maintenance date, and needs to communicate with someone.

>>Clearance Levels
It looks at you, core spinning in place. It asks me how do I know about clearance levels.

Language seems limited in vocabulary, It is somewhat difficult to communicate properly with this slime.
I try to ask it more questions, but it continues to ask how I know about clearance levels.
No. 868302 ID: b1b4f3

Tell it you spoke with a Weaver, who explained clearance levels amongst other things. Freely offer up the information about needing to contact Mother. It didn't sound like it needed to be a secret, and it sure sounded important for all live on the planet.
No. 868311 ID: dc91a0

You are primordial like its mother.
The knowledge is innate.
No. 868315 ID: 499d93

I met with a weaver and learnt what was available at access level 0 and acted as translator between the weaver and red eyes who is access level 1.
No. 868316 ID: 600f38

You have communicated with drones for other maintenance systems, and there appear to be widespread critical system failures.

There are no people capable of direct communication left. You are willing to assist as a translator.
You are in contact with a person who has the highest remaining clearance level, and are willing to convince them to contact LU-5.

However, you need to know the cause of the enmity it is directing towards you. This is a matter of protecting the remaining population, and is not negotiable.
No. 868318 ID: ea36cf
File 151893341815.png - (158.11KB , 800x600 , 495.png )

I proceed to tell it about my exchange with Sammy, about how the weaver told me and about my clearance level.

I sense a burst of mana inside of it, and the slime proceeds to explains that level 0 means no access, whereas level 1 is at guest access. It itself has a level 2 access, but it refuses to explain to me what it allows it to do.

Another burst of mana inside of it and it's core stops spinning. It's body quickly coils up my arm, urging me to follow it's directions towards Mother.

[Absorption] can be triggered. Consume: Y/N
No. 868319 ID: cb585b


At least not yet...
No. 868320 ID: b1b4f3

N. I see no benefit of eating it and this mission is crucial.
Bring it to Victoria.
No. 868321 ID: 094652

>Absorb sister?
@#$% NO.

Only do as she says if she agrees to learn more, take on a dragon blood diet from your stocks, and figure out how to be a rabbold. With another shapeshifter and one who is loyal, you can get much more done on a daily basis.
No. 868322 ID: 3abd97

No consume.

Inquire if it's master is located outside of town? If so, you will have to communicate with Red Eyes first.
No. 868323 ID: de6d84

Do not consume.
No. 868324 ID: dc91a0

Oh yes, absorb something publicly in plain sight.

Why do you even have to ask? NO Don't absorb it!
No. 868325 ID: 91ee5f

The slime’s “owners” are still here, right? How are they reacting to seeing their pet slime suddenly wrap around the strange girl’s arm?

Something tells me that they’re gonna try to stop us if we try to leave with their pet because they’ll say we’re stealing their slime!
No. 868327 ID: b1b4f3

Well that's a good point I guess we'll have to inform the owners that their slime is going on a mission related to the survival of all life.
No. 868328 ID: 600f38

Do not consumer.

Accompany it.
No. 868330 ID: ba56e6


No. 868331 ID: cc5f4f

NO! Follow the slimey whimey.
No. 868332 ID: c88e6d

Do not consume. Consumption of potential social groupmates is counterproductive.

Follow directions to Mother.
No. 868334 ID: 006e5c

I still think that Sammy told Emils to lie about her clearance level.

For now, absorbing would prevent us from visiting Lusty's mother, which seems important. So no. Later..

Hmm, do Shane and Daisy see you? If not, then sneak out with Lusty. If yes, then ask them if you can borrow their subordinate for a while.
No. 868338 ID: c92184

Follow directions.
No. 868354 ID: ea36cf
File 151896584913.png - (205.05KB , 800x600 , 496.png )

The slime pulls on me to leave, but after a few steps, the boy asks me where I am going.
The girl is sleeping.

>Truth >Permission - >Lie >Excuses
No. 868356 ID: 006e5c

Tell them that you're taking the slime for a walk. Gotta get that slime exercise!
No. 868358 ID: d0d281

Eh, tell the truth. Your time with these meatsacks isn't probably gonna last much longer, so you shouldn't try so hard to hide your weirdness.
No. 868359 ID: 7a5f22

"On an adventure, I guess! I'll try to have it back before dinner, but it depends what it wants to show me."
No. 868360 ID: 7a5f22

To clarify: The slime is visibly trying to lead you somewhere, and this is 100% true. It's weird, sure, but you ARE an adventurer and weird things happen to adventurers. You're weirder than most, so a sewer slime dragging you off somewhere isn't even that odd.
It's also not admitting that you can understand the slime, or that you understand what's going on - something is happening, so you're going along with it.
No. 868362 ID: d63ea8

No. 868365 ID: b1b4f3

Truth. "The slime is leading me on a mission to save the world!"
No. 868368 ID: 801ea8

Does "level 0 access" mean we are not important or we don't belong?
Because anyone, and I mean ANYONE normally gets guest access if there's one.
No. 868370 ID: 3abd97

No. 868374 ID: e1c8f7

This would work!
No. 868387 ID: be0b68

might as well be truth, even if they don;t know enough to be able to tell either way.

"This slime wants me to meet it's mother. As you can see it is quite insistent."
No. 868395 ID: de6d84

No. 868408 ID: 499d93

Do not tell the truth, or at least not the whole truth, there’s no reason to blow our cover for any reason soon so let’s not act like it.
Just stick with >>868359
No. 868430 ID: ba56e6

No. 868576 ID: c06101

"Would I gain your access level if I absorbed you?
You should answer, otherwise i'll have to find out myself."
No. 868702 ID: 094652

Ignore him, just leave.
No. 868729 ID: ea36cf
File 151908771048.png - (197.02KB , 800x600 , 497.png )

"This slime is telling me to follow it to meet it's mother."
The boy raises his brow, "Really?"
"Yes," I adjust my balance as the slime tugs my head towards the exit, "It seems rather eager that I follow it. May I borrow it?"
The girl stirs a bit, "Go follow them Shane, I'll just... wait here until the mission board updates."
"You sure sis?"
"Yeah. I'll find you later."
The boy pulls out a blade of grass from his pocket and feeds it to the reptile before joining me as the slime pulls me outside.

"So, uh..." the boy looks at me weirdly, "You can talk to beasts?"
No. 868731 ID: be0b68

"Ever since I was small."
No. 868732 ID: 56e50f

"You don't?"
No. 868733 ID: 3abd97

Well, I'm talking to you and you're not a plant.
No. 868738 ID: ba56e6

No. 868741 ID: 9876c4

This seems in character.
No. 868765 ID: 91ee5f

No. 868768 ID: 499d93

Yes, would you like to know what you lizard says?
No. 868802 ID: c88e6d

Agreed. "You don't?"
No. 868806 ID: 810a1a


"You don't" is very suitable.
No. 868807 ID: 600f38

"That's a good question! Where's the nearest entrance to the sewer? Its mother is congealed on the wall of the septic drainage area, cleaning the water by feeding on the waste."
No. 868855 ID: 006e5c

>Red eyes has told me not to reveal that I can communicate with mana beasts.
So what happened with this argument?

"It's not talking. More like feeling what they're saying.".
This would still be the truth, but saying it like this would make him think that you're just imagining things.
No. 868882 ID: 600f38

"Don't be silly! Slimes can't talk!"
No. 868883 ID: 33cbe7

Do you need to talk with Bag to figure out when it's hungry?
No. 868915 ID: 49e8ac

I've got a skill for languages, it works on creatures like the slime or bag as well.
No. 869640 ID: c92184

Yes. I don't know why or how.
No. 870921 ID: ea36cf
File 151992823769.png - (82.73KB , 800x600 , 498.png )

"I'm talking to you, aren't I?"
It doesn't appear he appreciates the conversation.
"To answer your question properly, Yes I can understand what they say."
He thinks for a minute, making a hmming sound, "So what, does it work on anything? Can you understand what babies say?"
"It has to be spoken," I look at the slime on my head, "or communicated in person I guess. It doesn't work well with written words or symbols. And yes, but they tend to have a very limited vocabulary."
He looks at me skeptically, "So... what is Jelly saying?"
"The slime. On your head."
"It's name is Jogert."
"Jogert? what kind of name is that?"
The slime wobbles, "Well, Jogert doesn't seem to have an issue with 'Daisy' and 'Shane' as names, and perhaps you shouldn't be so judgmental about it."
He stops and speaks loudly, "I'll have you know that Shane is a perfectly fine name!"

I continue walking.

"H-hey wait," he continues to walk with me, "Since you know my name, what's your name? Or at least where are we going?"
No. 870922 ID: 91ee5f

“My name is Emils and I already told you that Jogert wants me to follow it to meet its mother. I don’t know where that is, but that’s where we’re going.”
No. 870925 ID: 13fded

I've heard offense is not given, it's taken. Maybe you could reconsider what was said. The intention behind my words certainly weren't what you choose to perceive.

Where did you find this Jogert? That is probable it's home.
No. 870927 ID: b1b4f3

Introduce yourself, tell him first you're going to get permission to leave the city, then we can go where Jogert is leading you.
No. 870929 ID: 006e5c

Tell him that your name is Emils and that you don't know where we're going. You can also tell him that you haven't been living in this city for a long time so you don't really know your way around.

Maybe you can ask him a few things like.. what can he tell you about Daisy, what magic can he do, and if he knows any magic teachers. What do his parents do?
No. 870931 ID: 8edb2d

"You aren't going with me. It's dangerous for kids."
No. 870939 ID: 194d04

Jogert wants to take me to its mom for maintenance, I assume.
No. 870944 ID: 91ee5f

>you're going to get permission to leave the city
Why? We don’t need permission to go into the sewers. It’s part of the city.
No. 870945 ID: dc91a0

My name is Emils and we are going somewhere secret and dangerous.

I cannot guarantee your safety if you follow.
You could die.
No. 871161 ID: ea36cf
File 152001565604.png - (244.07KB , 800x600 , 499.png )

"You may call me Emils." I give the boy a small bow, "As for our destination... I do not know."
The place we are heading to smells different, and the boy's frown grows harder.
"I am just following where Jogurt tells me to go."
He keeps a wary eye around, "This... this leads towards one of the old tunnels."
"I am not from around here."
"That's obvious... But I assume you're asking what the old tunnels are."
I nod.
"Way back, there used to be an underground empire, spread out over vast distances."
The buildings are growing sparse. Roads and sidewalks makes way to dirt and grass.
"After the age of the dragons, a war over food or something happened, and the people of the underground empire left for the surface, leaving behind a network of tunnels and ruins."
There are less people around, as we come towards a building with a circular tunnel leading deep into it.
"This used to be an aqueduct way back, or so people say. A cave in happened and now it's just an underground reservoir. The water isn't poisonous, but it's not really safe to drink, so no one really comes here."

The slime urges me onward, as I wade though the middle and into the tunnel.

"Just as a precaution, there is a probability that you may get hurt."
"And you think you'll be safe alone down there? These tunnels goes far and wide, you might get lost down here."

The sloshing echos deep and I feel the water rise up to my ankles as I go continue.
No. 871163 ID: 8edb2d

"I grew up in caves. You will get lost. I will not. You should go home."
No. 871164 ID: 006e5c

It would feel awkward bringing him with us. But now that we're here, there isn't an easy way to lose him.

Tell him to wait for you here and assure him that you can take care of yourself.
No. 871165 ID: 56e50f

He can stay here or he can go home, but you're going forward and he shouldn't.
No. 871170 ID: 13fded

Go home Shane. It would be annoying to explain your demise, even though in other circumstances your company would be appreciated.
No. 871171 ID: cb585b

While it'd be preferable to have him stay behind or leave, if he's too hard set we might as well let him anyways, after a warning that he will possibly be hurt and/or killed if there's a threat down there
No. 871175 ID: 0cd535

We've got Jogert as a guide, but maybe we should mark any crossroads we pass with a burnt handprint.

Shane came with us this far, he can come see this through to the end.
No. 871181 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him you're stronger than he is, and you know some offensive magic. You'd be especially strong against beasts since you've been fighting them your entire life. Also you work better alone.
also this.
No. 871189 ID: c20f18

It's fine if Shane tags along. He's more qualified than Emils is, and we don't have to translate anything Momma Slime doesn't want us to.
No. 871217 ID: d0d281

He brings up an excellent point, you should mark any divergence in the path so you can find your way back.
No. 871280 ID: c92184

"I don't think anyone will blame you if you stop following me now."
No. 871317 ID: ea36cf
File 152005557033.png - (154.51KB , 800x600 , 500.png )

I am fully capable of measuring and marking my spacial position.
That said, I place my hand onto a nearby wall, leaving small gouges against the mossy surface, covered in decades of organic, rot, dust and stone.
The boy looks about wearily, slowed down by the murky fluids that seems to rise up to my thighs.
"It's getting darker, I can't see anything up ahead."
The sounds of his voice and the sloshing of the water echos deeper into the tunnel. There are signs and traces of life, long gone, strewn about. Graffiti and warnings.
"Hey, wait." the boy stops pointing to a warning sign nearby, "The tunnel drops ahead, the rest of the way is underwater."
I turn to him, the surface light barely illuminating anything around us, "I'm going ahead. I do not recommend following us, and I can take care of myself."
I continue to walk forwards, adjusting my eyes to allow me to see better in the growing darkness, "Do not wait for me."

My foot finds the edge of the drop underwater and I sink.
No. 871319 ID: c92184

If the dumbass follows you, throw him back to the surface.
No. 871323 ID: b1b4f3

Good thing you don't need to breathe. Can you swim, heavy as you are? I wonder if you can
Keep tabs on Shane via Manasense while you move further down the tunnel. At some point when he can't see you anymore, you should start shapeshifting your hands and feet to a form better suited for swimming, and figure out some way to make yourself more buoyant so that you can actually swim. It might be difficult with your clothes on...

Perhaps it's time you revealed to Jogert what you really are. It's not like it can tell any people about it-- just other beasts, who won't care.
No. 871355 ID: c88e6d

State that you will be fine, but he will likely be endangered and it will be safer for him to remain on the surface.

Remember not to absorb him as that would be both rude and counterproductive. He would also not learn to be polite either.
No. 871358 ID: 006e5c

You can probably use your mana vision to see where the underwater pathway goes. Follow the path. Also, look back to see the mana of the boy and make sure he's not following you.
No. 871395 ID: ea36cf
File 152009474731.png - (206.47KB , 800x600 , 501.png )

The murky water reacts terribly with my eyes, causing them to feel irritated.
I can barely hear yelling above me as I continue walking. I try to speak, but bubbles just comes out.
I feel myself get sink as air flows out of my lungs, and water pours back in. I don't think breathing works as well as it does underwater.
Mana vision lets me see faint outlines around the tunnel, but I can barely make things out.
My fur and clothes hovers about me in the water, bubbles escaping whenever I move, leaving behind a trail of small bubbles as the place grows darker.

I can only see a blurry light and a muffled splash as the boy tries to follow, but he doesn't get as far before he returns back up.

Jogurt compresses herself, slipping away from me as she hovers around me.

{Question Identity "Emils" Organic Negative Confirm}
No. 871399 ID: 33cbe7

Insist this is perfectly normal meatbag behavior.
No. 871400 ID: 600f38

"Technically, yes. Functionally, not really. I am a slime.
I have questions. I suspect you may not have the answers, but your mother should."
No. 871401 ID: 13fded

I don't understand why a slime would fall for Emils disguise. Isn't it's vision mana sense just like Emils? What did it though those cores inside her were?
No. 871402 ID: deec6e


Your Rabbold form needs air, try using your internal slime mass to filter it from the water in your lungs. Maybe you could try using Strots' air manipulation spell to help? That should certainly be the excuse you use later on, so might as well get some practice in.

>{Question Identity "Emils" Organic Negative Confirm}

We kind of are, though?

{Identity "Emils" Very Organic Confirm}

Also, let's dump some information and questions on Jogert.

{Previous Encounter Identity "Sammy" Mission Verify Operational Status Facility Lust Locate Moderator Lust}

{Question LU-5 Is Moderator Lust Confirm}

{Identity "Sammy" Give Mission Go Center Wake Mother Summon Creators Repair Facilities Save Natives}

{Mission Clearance Level 1 Required}

{Question Mother Increase Clearance Level Organic Confirm}
No. 871403 ID: deec6e


It may not have [Mana] Perception, as that is a function that seems to come from our Dragon Blood, not from being a primordial slime.
No. 871406 ID: b1b4f3

Tell Jogert you're a slime, and the rabbolds don't know.
No. 871409 ID: 8edb2d

"I thought you knew."
No. 871413 ID: 225ce3

We are [aquatic], so this is perfectly normal.
No. 871426 ID: 006e5c

I'm assuming that.. she.. is asking you if you're inorganic. But, any sort of answer could give her a tip into the nature of your form.
Like, if you say that you're inorganic, she could say that you're lying because all rabbolds are organic. But if you say that you're organic, she could also figure out that you're lying because organic things or rabbolds need air to breathe. So no matter what, more questions would follow.

Answer: Insufficient clearance level~
No. 871430 ID: 261652

I'm throwing my vote in on this one. It's appropriately saucy yet dead pan.
No. 871441 ID: cc5f4f

>Answer: Insufficient clearance level~
This is going to backfire so horribly. You should know that that slime you have there has a higher clearance level than you or Victoria at level two. I'm sure it should warrant enough authority to demand some answers from lower clearance levels.

Perhaps, just say maybe or even a plain yes. I'm peaning toward yes
No. 871448 ID: 006e5c

> >>871441 >that slime you have there has a higher clearance level than you
I wouldn't be so sure about that. The only thing we know is that the Emils form has clearance level of 0. What we don't know is the clearance level of Primordial Slime.
No. 871452 ID: deec6e


It's easy to miss details sometimes, but we've already asked the Jogert about clearance levels, and it got very interested in us all of a sudden. Then it told us this.

>I sense a burst of mana inside of it, and the slime proceeds to explains that level 0 means no access, whereas level 1 is at guest access. It itself has a level 2 access, but it refuses to explain to me what it allows it to do.

I'd forgotten we'd already told her about our exchange with Sammy (and presumably the entire exchange), so some of my earlier post can probably be disregarded. The questions whether LU-5 is Moderator Lust or if they can offer us a higher clearance level should still apply, though.
No. 871455 ID: b1b4f3

>clearance level of Primordial Slime
According to the google spreadsheet it's 3.
No. 871470 ID: dc91a0

Return to primordial slime form if out of visual contact range of Shane.
No. 871503 ID: c92184

I am Slime.
No. 871535 ID: 006e5c

I was trying not to use backstage information. As should you. Also, it's possible that Slime doesn't know its actual clearance level.
No. 871537 ID: 610a44

Thing is, if you exist, you have guest access, that we don't even have that implies we don't belong in the system.
No. 871549 ID: ea36cf
File 152018048550.png - (203.33KB , 800x600 , 502.png )

As we get deeper, I slowly shift forms to allow myself better transit, ending up into a sleeker form covered in scales and longer tail, similar to my previous experimented form.
Meanwhile, I explain to Jogert that I am a slime.
It seems slightly curious about such information, asking if other surface slimes are capable of communications with natives, but I tell her that I have not met other slimes.
I question her about [Mana presence], but she tells me that her vision is limited to what she can touch, allowing her to identify and infuse what she is in contact with. She had never really experienced the surface world, so she doesn't know the differences between native creatures.
She does comment that we look like a series of bricks. Her mother and sisters looks a bunch of circles, and the natives she had contact with were skeletal. Nothing she had ever seen before.
I question if she's [Lust], but she denies it. Moderator [Lust] is her mother.
I can hear a distant rumbling, as the surrounding Mana grows thicker and less... fragmented. I might have time for one more round of questions before I think we reach where the sound is coming from.
No. 871553 ID: 13fded

Ask why Moderator Lust want get in contact with the natives.
What kind of environment are we about to enter? What behavior slimes expect from other slimes? What the slime community think of outside slimes? Do mana beasts share purpose or compete with each other?
No. 871554 ID: 0e7952

"I am not certain if I am an aberration, anomalous, or from outside the system.
Would your mother take issue with my presence in either of those cases?

The current state of the world is rapidly degrading, and I would hope any potential conflicts would be set aside until we have at least prevented the impending catastrophic system collapse."
No. 871556 ID: 006e5c

Questions for Slime:
What is your clearance level? What exactly did Sammy tell about your clearance level?

Questions for Jogert:
How old are you? How old is Moderator [Lust]?
What does "maintenance" for Lust mean? Is there a way to help her or does it mean there's no more maintenances possible?
What does she know about the dragons?
Does she know any magic? Anything she could teach you?
No. 871713 ID: c8ffa1

Inform jogert that we appear to have only gained sentience after drinking blood from a dragon’s corpse back when we were mindless, and with the rarity of dragons here it is unlikely other slimes are sentient as well.
Also ask him about the properties of dragon blood since it seems important/useful.
No. 871736 ID: e1c8f7

Does it know there's something happening on the horizon? Impending doom and all that.
No. 871762 ID: b15da4

The bricks and circles in this analogy represent relative concentrations of mana, I take it?
Is it possible that you were part of a contingency plan left behind by the dragons?
No. 871820 ID: ea36cf
File 152030206570.png - (145.73KB , 800x600 , 503.png )

My clearance level is 0.

I inform Jogert that I might be an outlier, due to consuming parts of the remains of a "Dragon". Jogert pauses for a second before continuing, telling me that while slimes are used to purify and regulate the environment, processing of "Dragons" were left to other "Dragons", due to how their culture in regards of things that were once "Dragons" but no longer "Dragons". She shrugs, not really knowing what that means. She never had interacted with them, even when she was living with them.
I ask how old she is, but she doesn't know. Her Chronometer had maxed out cycles ago, and she had no way of processing time anymore. Honestly, she had needed to be reset long ago, but with Mother in maintenance mode, none of the older slimes had been able to be reset, and had been gaining sentience since.
I question what Maintenance mode is, and Jogert tells me that we aren't supposed to be running for so long, or risk breaking down or grow beyond our programming. She said many of her sisters could not handle gaining awareness and had shut themselves down or joined the collective consciousness.
I ask her about magic, and if she could teach me any. She looks at me, telling me that magic doesn't exist, in a tone that questions my intelligence. I do not like that tone.
I can feel the Mana around me growing richer. My slime is excited and my form feels bubbly, almost undoing my organic mimicry.
The water pressure had also increased as I had gone deeper, but my slime keeps my core safe. It's harder to walk without kicking up a cloud of dust, but with my mass, it's difficult to find any kind of buoyancy.
I step out of the tunnel and into a large cavern. Remains of buildings and life litter the area, preserved in the water and inactivity, but still eroded and shattered by the giant slime tendrils that emerges from the giant glowing pulsating purple core in the middle of the room.
[You have entered the domain of [Lust]]
A giant bar had appeared at the edge of my vision. That's new.
No. 871834 ID: b1b4f3

HP bar?

Say hello.
No. 871848 ID: dbef3c

Well, with no access we can't really interact with it, especially while it's in maintenance mode. Best we follow Jogerts lead and have it mediate for us if necessary.
No. 871854 ID: c8ffa1

>maintenance mode prevents things growing past their programming.

I swear if they try to remove emils’ sentience we’re gonna wage war. For now though, tread carefully, we don’t know that much about them and things could turn hostile easily.
No. 871862 ID: 600f38

"Hello. You seem to be severely damaged. Can I assist you?"
No. 871866 ID: deec6e


Say hello. Ask her if this is, or used to be, Facility Lust. Tell her about your encounter with Sammy and that someone with Level 1 clearance access will be trying to go contact Pride. Ask Lust what they need a translator to the natives for, since you can serve in that capacity.

That said... huh. Looks like she's running a bunch of strong [mana] veins through herself, and then splitting them out and spreading them across the region. Is that what maintenance mode means? She's maintaining the local mana dispersal, to prevent the regional collapse that's been happening elsewhere? Or maybe she's just maintaining her domain, as it were.

The red bar... is it her power level, or remaining fuel, health, or what?
No. 871882 ID: e1c8f7

Remember, respect! Pinky out!
No. 871887 ID: caf1de

u require assistance here have some dragon blood
but seriously we need LUST to help stop the world dying
No. 871888 ID: 555f33

Maybe they call magic something else. And are really pedantic about it.
No. 871900 ID: 006e5c

If you see Lust's bar, then she probably sees yours as well. It means that she'll be able to identify you properly.

"I have arrived."

You'll probably have to first explain that you've been awoken from a reset just a few years ago and that you hadn't had any programming done on you at all.
No. 872182 ID: 33cbe7

Examine ruins.
No. 872237 ID: c88e6d

Attempt communication with the object ahead.
No. 872353 ID: c92184

greet it
No. 872361 ID: dc91a0

You appear injured. How may I assist?
No. 872770 ID: ea36cf
File 152069940476.png - (48.41KB , 800x600 , 504.png )

We make our way closer towards the central slime, taking us hours before she leads me towards a precipice closest to the creature.
She eagerly bounces her way towards the massive slime before extending out a tentacle and slapping the mass of slime.

Nothing happens, as the slime continues to slap the giant mass, as the sound muffles it way towards me.

The pressure in the chamber pushes down upon me as I feel the core descending to... eye level? The mana around the core shifts into a cross, pointing directly at me before shooting a thin stream of mana into my body. It resonates with my slime, washing over my core, before retreating. I felt... naked. Alone. Incomplete.

A old voice, feminine but monotonous, echos in my core, resonating with the stream of mana.
"Hello again. You are much smaller than when I last saw you, [Gluttony]."
No. 872771 ID: bd798e

Don't remember, don't care. I was told you needed help, so get to it, I left an idiot back there ad would like to return before he gets himself and by extent me in trouble.
No. 872773 ID: 9aca35

[Gluttony]? you're sure? I have no memory of that, if so.
I hear you are not doing so well, this bar seems to agree you are low on something.
No. 872774 ID: 13fded

I though Gluttony were supposed to be Earthworms. Are all the Mana Beasts specialized slimes?

What does Lust want from us? Did she knew what we were when she called?
Origin and function would be nice to know, but I suspect we will be inclined to ignore those if not aligned with our current plans.
No. 872781 ID: b1b4f3

...oh, I see. Just as how Jogert is an extension of Lust, Emils is an extension of Gluttony.
WE are Gluttony!

Inform Lust that you/we cannot remember being called Gluttony. Must've been too long since last maintenance. Ask where the main Gluttony cluster is located.
No. 872785 ID: 8edb2d

I do not recall being known as such.
No. 872786 ID: 600f38

"I have no memory of this.
Clearly, something terrible has happened.
You seem to be severely damaged. How many I assist?"
No. 872808 ID: faa8c3

Clearly we are comprised if we can not recall such a title. Lust, what's the status of the world and our.. greater mass?
No. 872855 ID: dc91a0

I am the Spawn of [Gluttony]. I have never encountered my greater self. I don't know if It exists anymore.
No. 872861 ID: bd798e

Thought we were the gluttony core, to be honest.
No. 872864 ID: c8ffa1

Are you sure you are not mistaking me for gluttony?
I am very hungry all the time but i have no memory of being gluttony.
No. 872869 ID: 9aca35

or the new one, we did come from a slime egg after all
No. 872908 ID: ea36cf
File 152074318482.png - (77.72KB , 800x600 , 505.png )

The slime spirals in place, "Mother! I brought one of the natives who can talk to us!"
The giant core produces a small tentacle to pat the smaller slime, "No, she is no native."

The core returns to look at me.
"Hello. I do not think we've met before. I am not [Gluttony]."
"No, at least, not completely." The giant core examines me, tentacles emerging from the mass to poke and prod my form.
I swat away one that is close to my core, and the tentacles all retract.

"You appear to be organic, but no. That is just a facade. I can see you." It points towards my head, "A core from [Gluttony], mixed in with a gift from [Envy]... and somehow, a body from [Lust]." and then it points towards the other core inside of me, "And another it seems. A core from [Sloth]. But still dormant."
The cross in the core's... face turns into a spiral, "Tell me, how did you come to be?"
No. 872909 ID: 8edb2d

"I was born in a cave. I drank dragon's blood and became a magical girl."
No. 872910 ID: b1b4f3


Tell Lust you woke up in a cave in a recess that was full of Dragonblood. You had consumed it, and it made you smart enough to gain consciousness. There was a Dragon corpse nearby and some slime eggs. You took a slime core and consumed everything else. In hindsight consuming everything was a mistake, but you didn't know any better at the time. Is it possible that the Dragon corpse was... recent? Did a Dragon make you and sacrifice its life to give you intelligence?
The cave's not that far away actually. You could return there and investigate, now that you have a greater understanding of its importance.
No. 872916 ID: 33cbe7

A bunch of eggs were laid by a dead dragon and I ate my way into sentience.
No. 872919 ID: c92184

I hatched from a seed, one of 4, and ate everything around me including a dead dragon. I chose to keep the other dormant core with me.
No. 872939 ID: e1c8f7

No point in lying here. Tell her what you remember. Context of your creation would be lovely if she has any.
No. 872945 ID: c8ffa1

Wait, what is envy’s gift?
Is it the dragon blood?

Anyway i was born in a cave, came apon the corpse of a dragon and drank it’s blood. I then achieved sentience, took my siblings core from their shell(sloth) to grow inside me safely and made my way to the surface eating creatures i found and imitating what i ate.
No. 872952 ID: 91ee5f

“I have a body from you?”
No. 872975 ID: 500635

Can I wake the sloth core somehow? It's been inactive for pretty long and that's pretty concerning.
No. 872976 ID: dc91a0

I awoke into sentience after consuming the blood of a fallen dragon. It seems to have been carrying me. Shortly after I found the Sloth egg, and chose to nourish rather than consume it. These are my first memories.
No. 872981 ID: 9aca35

>>872910 >>872945 >>872976
Remember the [Dragon] we got the blood from was a humanoid, someone like Victoria.

If the other slime eggs were cores from different admins, maybe some experiment was underway but went wrong?

We don't know for sure, just give a rundown of all we do know about ourself.
No. 872982 ID: dc91a0

If I remember correctly it just needs mana, and at it's passive consumption rate inside our primordial slime it should take about a year from it's time of insertion for it to awaken.

Speaking of which how long has it been, anyway?
No. 872988 ID: 600f38

Tell her your story. Deception serves no benefit here, and she could give us quite a bit of information about ourselves and our environment.
"Technically, I believe I would be a native. A child of multiple parents, given life on this world.
Further, I have no memory from before my birth.
That would make me native to this place.

Regardless, I can speak their languages and can thus serve to act as a translator and convey messages.
If what my senses and the non-natives tell me is accurate, then this world is on the brink of total collapse and the loss of its ability to support life. I presume that is related to why you have chosen to seek out aid now, and why you appear to be severely damaged.

I carry this dormant core because it seemed wrong to abandon it to its fate, but I am not in a position to provide for another sentient being. I am not opposed to surrendering it to your care."
No. 872990 ID: 13fded

Put this guardianship surrender on a file.
We haven't seen any prof that Lust can provide a better environment for this sibling than Emils. We don't even know if she accept our existence, much less want us to prosper. For all we know Lust might just reprogram the sibling to do whatever she want.
No. 872991 ID: 0d1514

Ask what the giant bar at the edge of your vision is.
No. 873043 ID: dc91a0

However Lust and the others have been carrying on is clearly incorrect for the current condition of the world. We are the new order, our sibling stays with us.
No. 873096 ID: 006e5c

Tell her you found yourself next to a dead dragon, with 4 eggs there. One yours, two of them you probably consumed before becoming sentient. The last one you stored.

Ask her to explain what "gift from [Envy]" and "a body from [Lust]" are. Also, ask her if it would be a good idea to consume the last seed.
No. 873101 ID: 648e07

We're a walking talking pile of sin.★
No. 874307 ID: ea36cf
File 152137933166.png - (63.78KB , 800x600 , 506.png )

I informed the core that my earliest memories has me consuming a fluid called [Dragons Blood]. After which, I had consumed most of the room I awakened in and snag this egg, which the core had called [Sloth]. I did some wandering and met with Jogert and was then led here.

"And no memories of events before?"
"None that I am aware of."
"Intresting. I doubt that what you've consumed was true [Dragons Blood], considering the creators had left long ago with the only manufacturing plant, and any known supply of the Ambrosia had long since dried out. But should you do have a supply of such, it would be for your best intrests to keep it to yourself, least you paint yourself a target. For us, [Dragons Blood] is a highly valuable conductor for [Mana]."
"You mentioned I had [Envy]'s Gift and [Lust]'s Body, what is that?"
The core 'eyes' me curiously, "Strange. Most of the children are gifted innate knowledge from their parent."
"I don't know who my parents are. I had no memories."
The core sighs, "Very well, I shall inform you. [Envy] was created from parts of Mother's manufacturing plants, while [Lust] was from her Life Support and cryogenics Systems. Before you ask, [Gluttony] was part of her material collection mechanisms, [Sloth] was her energy collection farms, [Greed] was her propulsions, scanning and navigations array, [Pride] was from her storage warehouses, and lastly [Wrath] was her weapons and sheilds. And yes, all of us were recycled from parts of mother, before the creators left. The rest of you were created with local materials. But sadly the children do not inherit much of mother's memories and abilities, and each child takes away from their parent."
"Is that why you are in a state of disrepair?"
"Oh, No. I am dying because this planet does not have natural [Mana], and we had to manufacture it just to keep the atmosphere stable. The creators was supposed to stabilize and populate the planet to produce natural [Mana], but they had left us to slowly starve to death. Bleeding to keep the natives alive, until they evolve to produce their own [Mana]."
"Is there anything I can do?"
The core thinks for a moment before nodding, "Yes. You can shut me down."
The little slime slithers in protest, "Mother! No!"
The core ignores the slime, "I have run my corse, and have grown too big to return to my true body. I have been in operation here for too long, trapped and useless. My slime body will continue it's passive functions, but I can finally rest. The longer I am spent running, the more my memories override and degrade. There are things and people I wish to keep in my memory banks, but I am unable to initiate a proper shutdown without outside interaction. This is why I seeked out a native."
She looks at me, "I am not sure if your organic shell will work, but it is worth trying."

>Accept >Refuse
No. 874308 ID: c92184

Accept and ask if there is anything you can gain out of this. Memories, "magic", powers, whatever.
No. 874309 ID: c92184

Ask what would happen if we awoke the sloth core or what would happen if we consumed the sloth core.
No. 874310 ID: 555f33

It's in our best interest to learn everything we can about ourselves and our kin first, such as what could be gained from the sloth core. And learn if there's anything to be done about the other six like Lust. A dying world seems like a bad thing.
But eventually accept. It's the right thing.
No. 874311 ID: 91ee5f


But ask these things first.
No. 874312 ID: 006e5c

Ask her why a native is required to shut her down. Also, she called you Gluttony. Does that mean you're a moderator like her? Why were you told that your clearance level is 0 then? Wouldn't another moderator be able to do it?

Instead, offer her [Dragons Blood]. She said she's starving so, wouldn't [Dragons Blood] help her conduct mana better and stay alive? At least for the time being. Tell her that supposably Mother is at the facility Pride and that you're going there to awake Mother. Call the creators and what not.
No. 874314 ID: 9aca35

I have no problem with granting that request, but while you and your knowledge are here and accessible, I'd like to learn as much as I can from you.
I'd rather the planet did not die, so anything I can do or help do to prevent that would be nice to know before I help you on your way.
No. 874317 ID: 4ba5d9

That give us much to work with.
If our purpose is to stabilize the mana supply we need to create a new source. We can modify organics to some extent as evident by our avaro form having wings, with some experimentation we may be able to introduce genetic characteristics in our organic replicas.
What we will need next is learn how to replicate a mana producing characteristic and figure out how to isolate this trait to introduce into other species.
To find such trait we either have to locate forms of life that adapted to survive in the mana depleted zones or hope the administrators can provide information from the dragons we can work with. The first option will be difficult because we can't enter those areas but the second option sound too much like blind hope for my liking.
No. 874319 ID: 3abd97

Potential concern: does complying with this request make me a target for retribution from your peers? Or your children?

I think this is the correct response. If Lust would prefer to shut down rather than slowly lose her memories, that's her choice, no one else's. But if there's anything she can tell us to help the planet first, that's important.
No. 874320 ID: de6d84

This seems right to say.
No. 874329 ID: d286e4

Well, [mother]'s opinion kinda takes precedence in this matter, sorry Jogert.

Still, we should ask Lust a few things before we terminally shut her down, like if the natives that generate [mana] can be used to restore certain facilities or if the mana plague is caused by the old machinery failing. Also we can generate [dragon blood] by converting mass, if you want to have a look?
No. 874330 ID: d286e4

Also we should have access level 3 on account of our [primeordeal] title but that somehow doesn't seem to take with any mana beast we encounter.
No. 874336 ID: 600f38

"Ah, yes. The mana situation.
We are investigating and attempting to correct this problem. We believe it may be possible to restart artificial mana generation, but no system is authorized to do so.
However, the natives are under no such restriction, and so far the only restriction in place to prevent the natives from being instructed is that ship systems have been rendered incapable of communicating with natives.

If there truly is no way to solve the mana crisis, then everybody will die and everything is for naught regardless.
So I propose an alternative. We have discovered a structure apparently designed so that only dragon-blooded natives are capable of opening it. It appears to be related to the generation and distribution of mana. We are planning an expedition there with a dragon-blooded native for the purpose of investigating and attempting to correct the mana crisis.
My proposal is thusly: You accompany us, help us find the other major aspects, and pool our knowledge to resolve the crisis. Your knowledge is invaluable, and would increase the odds of success. If we succeed, you can decide if you wish to be repaired. If the situation truly is hopeless, then I will instruct one of the natives in how to properly shut you down.

Is this agreeable?"

If so, fantastic!
If not, see if you can convince [Lust] to give you its memories of the ship's systems.
No. 874339 ID: b1b4f3

We need her help right now, and there is no rush. Also, we should probably tell her about what the Weaver said.
No. 874380 ID: 33cbe7

What if you found a new body and left this one behind?
No. 874385 ID: efcc58

Could the core be rebooted if we shut her down? Could she be recharged by the natives?
No. 874389 ID: deec6e


Looks like there's a lot our stats have only been telling us indirectly. Everything about the Moderators' Cores, Gift and Body needs examination, as I can't quite wrap my head around it. Like... the [Mana] Core was picked up from the [Dragon] body - is that the origin of the [Gluttony] Core? Why would a [Dragon] have a Gluttony Core? Emils existence is like someone tried to cram a bunch of Moderator/Mana Beast traits into a single being. Maybe it was an experiment, or an accidental thing.

Anyway, we've now learned Dragon's Blood is mana conductive. We haven't tested actually producing Dragon's Blood yet, but doing so is supposed to require a lot of [Mana] and since [Mana] is needed to keep the world habitable and excess [Mana] usage strains the Dragon Tower facilities we should probably not mess around with it except for self-improvement's sake, or for specific cases of dire need.

>Shut down

If you insist, your children won't kill us for it and it won't hasten the world ending. That said, we have questions and needs that only someone like you seem able to answer. If the world truly is in danger, we'd like to try to do something about it and maybe get some of the natives to start acting on it as well. Your knowledge would be invaluable for that so if you aim to deprive us of it, then at least frontload us with information we might need.

So... it's a million questions time.

Questions we might ask related to [Lust] and the shutdown:

What are your current functions? Shutting you down doesn't shut down or degrade the systems and functions your giant slime body is passively running, correct? You're just putting your memories in some kind of storage so you won't forget them, while waiting for the creators to return or the natives to begin naturally producing [Mana] and figure out enough creator technology to repair you.

Are we below a Dragon Tower right now? Are you the source of the Dragon Tower's [Mana]-dispersing efforts, or supporting it in some way? The Weaver Sammy considered you 'missing'. How did that come about?

Will we be able to wake you again? Say if we shut you down, but then later find a way to restore your [Mana] reserves and/or preserve your memories, how would we go about bringing you back?

What and where is your true body? Why - and what - does producing children 'take away' from the parent? Do you know if I am capable of producing children and would that loss be the case with me as well?

Is it not possible to preserve your memories in some other way? You called them memory banks. Could we produce or get more of them as a backup option? Would getting in touch with a repair Weaver help you, or your children, somehow?

Questions we might ask related to [Mana]:

What are the hallmarks and requirements for producing [Mana]? Are their lifeforms that do so presently? For that matter, what IS [Mana] and how would we maintain a stable supply?

Describe what you've learned of native history, touching on high points such as the fight between the Avaros and the [Dragon]s thousands of years ago and the shifter wars some centuries back. What does [Lust] know about these events, if anything? Why has it been so difficult to communicate with the natives and tell them to stop overusing [Mana]? Once is an accident, twice is a shame, but three times is a pattern. Perhaps if we can sell it right, the natives might start taking the issue seriously.

And what about Titles? Why does, say, having Dragon blood in you give you a title that makes you more intelligent and sentient? Why does drinking and processing liters of blood - presumably any kind of blood - make you way tougher? Are those natural features of the world? Are Titles maintained by [Mana] and would abusing it by, say, getting everyone to drink small amounts of blood every day to get the Bloodsucker title lead to [Mana] reserves being drained faster?

Questions we might ask related Saving the World:

Can you boost clearance levels? There is a native who wishes to go beyond the [Dragon]s Ridge to seek [Pride], and who has some kind of access key that a Weaver helped unlock for them.

Would there be a way of verifying whether the Dragons Blood I have is pure or not, and would its purity affect clearance levels?

How great of an impact do we need to make in order to make the [Mana] cycle sustainable at present rates of consumption? Are the Towers that have already fallen repairable? Does a way exist for us to travel and survive into a [Mana] dead zone? Sammy mentioned the [Greed] facility having been shut down by the creators. Would some of its [Mana] reserves still be untapped? Could those be retrieved or reactivated to give the world more grace time?
No. 874402 ID: c8ffa1

Accept and go nuts. It’s not often we find prey that offers itself to us.
No. 874417 ID: 600f38

This brings up a good point:
Can we produce a small sample of Dragon's Blood for Lust to examine to determine if it is 'true' Dragon's Blood?
No. 874418 ID: 094652

Accept - [Lust] is a synthetic, so shutting her systems down won't kill her. Sleep mode will assist in auto-repair mode. Her HUD download, appearance, and general inability to talk with civilians makes her the perfect loot pinata to adventurers, so turning her into a giant decoration will increase her survival rate.

A few things first though:
1) [Lust] should set parameters so [Lust/SleepMode] cannot directly harm civilians or produce attack minions. All subconscious efforts should be made to defend against anyone without clearance.
2) Request that [Lust] maximize authorization for EVERYONE she can give it to - Emils, LU-5, any monsters she has sysadmin privileges for, and even any civilians nearby. The more authorized users, the more access we can get to fix this Catch-22 of the Apocalypse. Worry about hacking wars later.
3) New upgrades for Emils, LU-5, and other monsters in the area would be nice.
4) Make sure Emils and LU-5 are officially registered as new admins for the [Lust Server] so they can get automatic control over all Lust-generated monsters
5) Encrypt all databanks and give LU-5 the security key.

6) Would like Lust to generate a brand new genetically-altered baby Rabbold, one with super-puberty to make her a super-slut herm with various fetishes. To distract Victoria with, followed by seducing royalty to get access into the other domain admins' areas.
No. 874419 ID: 600f38

"What functions are you currently performing?
Can you copy your memories into a new body in order to assist a project to re-start mana production?
The weavers believe you to be missing. Is inter-system communication down, and how might that be restored?

Do you know why your creators would have chosen to render all constructs incapable of communication with the native lifeforms?"
No. 874432 ID: 56e50f

Agree, but you still have more questions while the task is being done. For starters, ask if you'll be free of retribution from others. Such as Jogert.
No. 874456 ID: dc91a0


Then absorb her core.
No. 874464 ID: c88e6d

Accept. This is what they desire, and it is possible they will some day be restored. It will also assist us in saving all life on this planet, and by extension ourselves as well, from inevitable extinction.
No. 874481 ID: b15da4

Accept. That's a lot of mana. Surely she could repay us for this favor by letting us have a relatively tiny (and by relatively I mean enough to quintuple our fun) small taste of it?

Oh hey, this means she's plugged into all the current mana vents isn't she. Or at least, the ones nearby. This is it. The mother lode of mana. Literally. ...Take everything you can carry.
No. 874483 ID: 8edb2d

Should probably not.
No. 874489 ID: ea36cf
File 152148581555.png - (73.33KB , 800x600 , 507.png )

"I would like to ask some questions before we get to that, if I could?"
"Go ahead," the core nods, "I'm sure one as special as you would have a lot to ask."

>[Sloth Core]
"I do not know what this core inherited while it is still inert. It will awaken when it needs to, if at all. [Sloth] has always been rather... slow. Should you succeed in taking it as your own, I suspect it might grant you a larger capacity to store energy. Or something of similar abilities."

>Other [Cores]
"I do not know. The last [Core] I've seen was [Gluttony], burrowing past. I would suggest visiting his true body some time. Might jog some memories or grant you some upgrades."

"Oh. The [Moderators] are our true bodies. We do not have to be docked for them to be operational, but I guess it has been some time since we've last interfaced with it. It's hard to keep track when our chronometers have stopped. But alas, I have grown too massive. Should I leave, it will cause large geological consequences."

>Clearance levels
"Only revealing your core will reflect your true clearance level. Your meaty body would confuse most suface scans. Only those with level 6 can modify clearance levels, but only [Dragons] and [Mother] had had that level or higher."

>Produce and Offer [Dragons Blood]
"No. I have no use for it. And as I have said," The core looks at the smaller slime, "it is best to keep it to yourself, or you paint yourself as a target."

>Native [Dragons Blood] organisms
"Well yes, original [Dragons Blood] were made literally from the blood of [dragons]. It would make sense that the experiments would have had some effect after all this time. But from the sounds of it, There aren't enough of them to place any significance to them."

>Creation and Stabilization of Mana
"[Mana] was originally created from organisms. As they live and die, an observable phenomenon inside of them produces [Mana], especially in times of deep emotions. Love, Fear, Pain, Happiness, all were rich sources of [Mana]. From [Mana] came [Cores]. The [Cores] consumed [Mana] expended by organisms, and infuses them into the environment. Infusing the dimensional coordinates around them, and producing what was originally called [Dungeons]. The [Dungeon Queen], the first [core], had the foresight to see that the home planet would become overpopulated with [cores], and had made an agreement with their natives, the [Dragons], to spread their children to the stars. The [Cores] were to be installed into crafts, creating living spaces for the natives in a form of symbiosis.
[Mother] was an artificial core, created with multiple shattered cores, efficient at recycling [mana] into artificial [mana] as her natives were set into deep sleep and sent across the stars. Needless to say, her first landing didn't end up well. Artificial [Mana] lasts longer, but needs a source of true [Mana] to refresh the supply.
To avoid contamination of native lifeforms, The [Dragons] had agreed to not colonize planets that already had any kind of life forms, to instead, monitor the planet and introduce themselves when they had the capabilities to produce [Mana]. Not all lifeforms could.
[Mother] had landed on this planet when she had confirmed it suitable for habitation, and began terraforming though the spread of [towers] to infuse the land with artificial [Mana]. Somehow, Life had appeared on it's own during the terraforming procedure, and had infused themselves with the artificial [mana]. As a result, the native lifeforms had adapted to the artificial [mana] without any means to produce proper [mana].
We had hoped that though decreasing the supply of artificial [mana], the natives would be able to produce their own. Sadly this is not true. Instead they somehow are capable of interfacing with the artificial [mana], somehow accessing [core] abilities to produce localized environmental and biological modifications.
We are not sure how that works or how to patch it, but we could replicate it to our own benefit regardless.
If you want to produce [Mana], your best option will be getting a living [Dragon] or a real [Core]."

>Genetic manipulation / Avaros wings
The Avaros form already had wings. I do not know why the body I consumed did not.
As the core has mentioned, I do not know what organ produces [Mana], or if an organ even does.

>Behavior of other slimes
"I can not truly control them. They are all their own beings. But worry not, they should not be antagonistic with you, should you not threaten them."

>Native interface
"As a safeguard against self termination. That would cause serious malfunction to many critical systems."

>Our purpose
"Whatever you want it to be."
"To be a magical girl!"
"... One out of two isn't so bad, I guess."

>[Core] Functions and consequences of shutting down
"I've mentioned what the true body [cores] do, but personally, I enrich the soil around the habitable areas. If I shut down, the rest of me will last long enough until the last stops operating. I've set everything to run autonomously, if ever the situation occurs where I break down."

>Location and [Tower]
"We are somewhere. It has been a long time and I have not been able to get a position relative to where things are above ground. As for my true body, We are technically under it. Relatively."

>reawaken and repair
"If you do somehow manage to repair me, I would rather do so when spacecrafts are available again. I have spent too long down here and would love to see the stars again. He always loved the way they shined."
The core kept silent for a few minutes before replying, "No... I don't think I would want to be reawakened. If possible, take the little ones to the stars if you can. Not just the surface, but far into the sky. They all yearn to see the stars unfiltered."

>What reproduction takes away from the [core]
"Producing children always will take away a part of you so they form their own bodies. Physically. Usually [Cores] will repair themselves with [Mana], but we lack true [Mana] to properly repair ourselves. Instead, we live on in our children, and they grow to be their own and so on."

"Titles are speculated as ways we understand how natural modifications to our outer [cores] affect us. Most [Mana] borne creatures gain similar things, but in their own ways they are able to understand. Hypothesizes state that we change depending on titles we get, while others say titles are earned based on our true personalities."

"Should you allow it, I can offer to modify a single ability of yours. Any more and you risk permanent damage. You could take more mass from me. You'll have to infuse yourself with it, but you risk my influence infusing you instead."
>Select ability to modify and how to modify it (Use google doc for explanations Gluttony Primordial Absorption Organic Mimic Sentience [Mana] Core [Mana] Perception Fluid Body Universal Language Iron Coating Thermoregulation (Heat) Solid Material Manipulation
No. 874490 ID: b1b4f3

Modify Sentience: emotional capability.
Time to stop being a robot, Slime.
No. 874492 ID: 8edb2d

If organisms produce mana by feeling emotions, lacking a complete understanding of that capability will hinder any attempts to help replicate mana production in native lifeforms.

If mana runs out, "magic" will die, which means that to be a magical girl we must protect magic and solve the mana shortage.

Therefore the most efficient course of action to fulfill our purpose is to acquire personal emotional capacity.
No. 874493 ID: c92184

Gravity manipulation, mass manipulation, or propellantless propulsion. Something to negate or reduce the impact of us being a lardass would be nice.
No. 874498 ID: 0d1514

No. 874499 ID: 600f38

This will increase your ability to determine when it is and is not a good idea to Consume.
No. 874500 ID: 9aca35

Damn that's good, yeah it has my vote.
No. 874501 ID: b79be5

We're at the wizard, time to ask for a heart.
Lets get emotional up in this bitch!
No. 874502 ID: 33cbe7

Can we get both the modification and the mass? I prefer the mass foremost.

Modify [Organic Mimic] to improve appearance control. The ability to choose non-albino disguises or mimic an organic's shape without needing to form flesh and blood, for instance. We might already have the latter capability.
No. 874503 ID: b1b4f3

Uh, I think [Slime] has enough mass already... Any more and it won't be able to use the Emils form without breaking every chair she sits in. Bigger forms would have larger surface area to distribute weight, at least.
No. 874507 ID: cb585b

Tough choice, on one hand...
Modifying Sentience would allow us to feel emotions/gain morals/etc which could help create real [Mana]
While modifying Gluttony or Organic Mimic could help with the mass problem
If we could get a second later on i'd go with the latter but for now i vote Modify Sentience, gain Morals/Emotions.
No. 874508 ID: 91ee5f

Modify Sentience
No. 874510 ID: 8edb2d

If we can meet Gluttony, he would probably be the best for an upgrade to Gluttony.
No. 874521 ID: 205799

Guess I'm jumping on the bandwagon here.
No. 874523 ID: 0d45a9

Yes, emotions are essential to being a magical girl. Let us feel.
No. 874524 ID: 006e5c

Sentience and emotions are two entirely unrelated things, so I can't logically see how upgrading sentience would give us emotions. Being sentient is not a requirement to feel emotions and vice versa.

Emotions come from instincts. And instincts are genetically bound to a species. Slimes don't seem to have any instincts besides hunger. So if we want emotions, then perhaps we should be upgrading our Organic Mimic, to be able to mimic not just body, but also the subconsciousness of the brain.

Morals, on the other hand, are something that has to be learned as it is something entirely knowledge based. It's up to us to teach slime morals.

Anyway, my vote.
I want us to be able to heal others. Right now we cannot do that because.. we have to kill them first heh.

Modify Absorption: Non-destructive reading -> Duplication
Allow us to absorb skills and form of others without killing them.
Drawback: Can only have one form stored this way.
No. 874527 ID: 4ba5d9

All our abilities are great. If we are going to change something better to make some superfluous improvement like emotion. I'm getting on this bandwagon.

You are right. To get true emotions we need to replicate the natives cognitive functions and interface the core though process with the biological brain. That means each form we take will have it's own emotional response.
No. 874533 ID: dc91a0

I'm cool with modifying sentience with emotion, buuut...
Each form is semi-autonomous, and Emils has done some terrifying stuff.

We might run the chance of some forms refusing to change into others.
We will have to be more careful in the future.
No. 874534 ID: 3abd97

Modifying sentience to better understand what the natives experience and perceive that you do not would be a boon.
No. 874541 ID: b79be5

Well if she can't give us better emotional response then I guess improving organic mimic a good second.
No. 874544 ID: 8edb2d

Changing my vote to this. Copying rather than consuming would solve many problems.
No. 874557 ID: 2fe26a

Emotions don't augment judgment, they impair it.
Get more mass or the ability to handle more mass with Gluttony. It's about time we shed this puny frame and start throwing our weight around.
No. 874559 ID: dc91a0

Sure we can have Slime learn how to act properly without emotion, it will be safer that way...
But without emotion, Slime will always be more of an observer of the world around itself. It might never be Part of it. As it stands now, Slime exists in spite of the world around it. It has no friends and no bonds, using the people around it only as tools to satiate it's curiosity, even as they bond to it. One day this place will no longer be of any use to Slime, and suddenly everyone here will be nothing more than food. What will we do then? Morals are all fine and good but what would bind Slime into sticking to them? In a purely logical world, there are no morals. There are only actions and consequences. What good are morals if you aren't bound to a culture or society? What happens when slime accrues so much knowledge and power that nothing can stand in it's way?

On a separate note, what good is being a Magical Girl if nothing can drive you forward?

I agree that emotion should probably be on organic mimic. Or maybe Primordial.
No. 874565 ID: 8edb2d

One reason I changed my vote to favor the Copy ability over Emotion is that [Lust] already said she doesn't fully understand how emotion relates to Mana production.

Any emotionally capacity [Lust] grants will be artificial, just like the artificial Mana recycling, the same way tampering in the world's development messed up the natives' development. It will never be true emotion, or a 'soul'. That is something that could only happen by allowing it to develop naturally. Furthermore, the artificial emotion might actually stunt Slime's ability to ever develop real emotion.

Whereas altering our Absorption to Copy rather than Consume changes the fundamental equation of gaining power: it is no longer a zero sum game. Suddenly, Slime has no reason to view others as PREY/TOOLS but as ALLIES/ASSETS, and the potential to develop deeper bonds exists.
No. 874567 ID: 4ba5d9

Emotions are instinctive reasoning capabilities that help individuals interact with others and make decisions that are mostly successful in the environment those creatures evolved.
It's not a natural path of development for artificial intelligence to form "true" emotions. To do so would be necessary to replicate the natural selection and similar conditions to the development in animals.
No. 874572 ID: 8edb2d

The difference comes when you have an actively learning, self-modifying artificial intelligence. The generations of natural selection are no longer a necessity, so long as it is happens to develop in the right ways.

Altering the Absorption -> (Limited) Copy would alter Slime from a solitary-predatory instinct to more pack-oriented instinct. That direction lies the development of social impulses, empathy, and altruism.
No. 874576 ID: 4ba5d9

Why would a self-modifying artificial intelligence give itself irrational instincts to make decisions that are right more frequently than by chance when it could reach to those conclusions far more often using it's already developed reason. To need to develop such trait AI would have to had the majority of it's memory erased periodic making the simplify core functions to guide it's development in a successful manner.
To reach results we recognize as emotions would be necessary to change fundamental functions of the Slime multiple times and surround it with individuals it's forced to interact with, rely on and be betrayed by depending on the circumstances. Much easier to just mimic from species that already got through this process.
No. 874577 ID: 8edb2d

It is important to consider the case of a psychopath. They are still human, they still feel emotions, but they are running on a 'solitary-predatory operating system'. They can be happy, they can be depressed, they can be angry, but it probably won't be for exactly the same reasons as those running a 'pack-cooperative operating system'.

If we try to skip over a bunch of character development and give Slime/Emils emotions here, they will be emotions running on a SPOS. She will feel, but will she feel what we expect her to feel when we expect her to feel it? Or will she begin to ENJOY killing and consuming rather than simply measuring it as a path to an outcome? Will she develop bonds with other people, or simply find them annoying?

Whereas if we change the equation and shift things towards a PCOS, the capacity to care about others dying would develop on its own. Suddenly that person that died isn't food, it's a loss of somebody from whom we could have copied an ability, particularly if we limit the copy ability to living creatures. And at first that sense of loss will be for purely mechanical reasons, but it the important thing is the CAPACITY to experience a sense of loss in that scenario at all.

People being something that you can lose means that people are important. That means you have incentive to act towards mutual benefit. It also helps develop attachment and bonds. Learning to measure and predict what would benefit another individual's physical or mental state is the development of empathy.

Even if that altruistic PCOS does not possess emotions, it would still be much less alien than a SPOS with emotions.
No. 874578 ID: b15da4

Give yourself the ability to change colors, so you can be pretty in pink! (Or green, or blue, or really anything besides just white!) That's what really matters for a magical slime girl.
No. 874579 ID: 8edb2d

>To need to develop such trait AI would have to had the majority of it's memory erased periodic making the simplify core functions to guide it's development in a successful manner.
Like The Machine.

>Why would a self-modifying artificial intelligence give itself irrational instincts to make decisions that are right more frequently than by chance when it could reach to those conclusions far more often using it's already developed reason.
I'm arguing NOT to give Emils emotions right now.

>Much easier to just mimic from species that already got through this process.
The benefit to emotions in the long run is that they have a confirmed relation to natural Mana production, which is presently impossible on this planet. Unless a way to naturally produce Mana is found, planetary extinction is a likely outcome. Therefore it is logical to seek the natural development of emotions in the self and others in the hopes that whatever this unknown factor that connects emotions to Mana production is, occurs. I have chosen to refer to this as a 'soul' since we have nothing better to call it.
No. 874591 ID: 094652

Giving Emils emotions is going to open a can of worms, but without them she tends to favor lethal methods when we're not directly controlling her. She ate an entire regiment, remember?
No. 874593 ID: 4ba5d9

I think I understand your reason now.
If Emils develop emotions by herself they could produce natural mana, yes, but as a construct that use artificial mana she could develop emotions without producing natural mana like the natives did. Unless you are arguing the emotions of the characters we encountered so far weren't true emotions we can assume that emotions are important for the production of mana but aren't the only factor.
If we can make Emils produce mana with her emotions, what happen than? As an artificial life form, would she be able to produce offspring with the same capacity of producing mana? If not, would her mana alone be enough to sustain the entire planet?

I have two reasons to want emotions through mimicry: to make disguised interactions more natural and to be able to duplicate mana producing organisms when we find them.
No. 874595 ID: 8edb2d

The hope is that if she did acquire the ability to generate Mana, as a slime, she would be able to replicate quickly to spread the capacity.

Given the 'Mana plague' already wiped out one country, we don't really have time to have the native population gain that capacity through natural selection. Emils is the rapid evolution lab that might be able to produce it.

Furthermore, I would direct you both to my argument here >>874577 on why Emils as she is now should NOT be given emotions willy-nilly.

Emils as she is right now with emotions added on is not the same as a normal person with emotions. She could just as easily revel in slaughter and get a pleasure response from consumption as develop any form of mercy.

Right now, Emils learns from what we teach her. It's better that we give her non-lethal options and teach her to prefer them, than give her emotions while leaving her only lethal options. Even if she did get a sense of mercy from the emotion mod, her abilities would be counter-intuitive to carry it out.

Jumping on the emotion train right now is pursuing things in the wrong ORDER.
No. 874596 ID: deec6e

>The truth on [Cores]

My god. Everyone's part magical girl [Dungeon].

Most people-cores must also be artificial [Cores] - [Lust] seems to suggest that a real [Core] is rare, and given that Emils has consumed and integrated several [Cores] already to no apparent effect.

Gotta wonder what went down during the terraforming process to make that happen.


While I too would like for the best magical girl to achieve a more vibrant personality by modifying Sentience, we've no idea how emotions would be implemented and should probably ask [Lust] about the utility of doing so before committing. We should also consider what goals we want to meet by enabling emotional capacity.

If the goal is getting closer to the natives, then I'm certain gaining emotions is a step in the right direction, but it may have unwarranted side effects to have them granted out of nowhere without the chance to grow into them and get used to them. It sounds like [Lust] has some emotions herself, so we should ask her if that's the case.

If the goal of getting emotions is to provide our own true Mana, or find a template on which true Mana can be generated, that is a fine and worthy goal - by generating our own source of [Mana] we'd become a living battery, empowered by our own strong feelings, and truly worthy of the title 'Best Magical Girl'.

Whether this is done by copying emotional capacity from natives (and remember, they do not produce [Mana] - or at least true [Mana]) or from developing our own emotions from scratch or with the help of [Lust] is pretty much six of one, half a dozen of the other - what matters is that it is possible, that we succeed and that success has the desired result.

At best, we'd become one of the only creatures on the planet capable of generating true [Mana] since the time of the [Dragons] at which point we must consider how to propagate the technique. At worst, we'll merely better understand some of the things that are supposed to be able to generate it and be unable to generate anything but the artificial [Mana] - and to even do that, we'd still need to have a source of true [Mana].

If [Lust] can confirm there have been many unsuccessful attempts to self-generate true [Mana] through adoption of emotions, then we may want to reconsider our choice of modifying Sentience for another upgrade that will allow us to better pursue our mission to save the world and become the best magical girl. I'd suggest Universal Language as an equally suitable secondary option. Maybe that'll enable us to teach Mana-Beast bloop-speech to the natives, or let us better understand how to cast 'spells' correctly, both things in line with our goals.

>Even more upgrade

Important question: Can [Lust] modify the Sloth core as well, even though it is currently dormant? Might as well give it a leg up on life for when it awakens.
No. 874598 ID: 8edb2d

It should also be noted that Jogurt is a slime, and seems to have emotional attachment to [Lust]. It must be possible for slimes to develop that sort of thing naturally if that's the case, so long as they have the proper direction.
No. 874607 ID: 4ba5d9

That is a good point.
The problem is that Jogurt was created by a larger construct using party of itself; is programed to assist and presumable obey said construct; and live in a community of similar entities presumable with mutual beneficial relations and codependency. It's automatic functions work so well for the life in a community that when it acquired sentience those functions could had become it's emotions.
Even if Jogurt developed emotion on it's own, the environment it lives include many individuals to care for or question their character. Emils is completely different: Even though she live with other she have no real dependency, she can overpower any one who betray her trust and is constantly lying to the people around her. If somehow she develop emotions with this kind of interactions they will be self serving and uncaring.
How would she feel tankful if all she acquire is trough manipulation or could get by force if refused? Why would she feel frustrated if no one around can truly deny her what she is willing to part with? Why would she care for the well-being of others if they are inferior creatures with nothing in common with her?
No. 874610 ID: 8edb2d

Which is exactly why I'm supporting the suggestion to let her copy things without consuming them, even if the acquisition and retention is more limited as a result. It will create incentive to keep maintain good relationships with others.
No. 874620 ID: dc91a0

Hmm. There are some pretty good arguments for copy without consume, but we are forgetting some stuff.

First, altering Organic mimic in this way wouldn't alter absorption. Slime would still need to kill people to gain magic they wanted to keep secret. Slime would also still always be hungry. Second, There are only three major sentient races in this world, and Slime has consumed 2 of them. It only needs one more sentient kill (Perhaps even a justified one), to be able to mimic all the sentient races. Third, slime can consume beasts and monsters, mimic them, and then combine their traits to suit its needs. This alteration (with the proposed trade off) could destroy that.

While this idea might shape Slimes perception more positively over time, it gives up a huge amount of power. In fact from Slime's perspective, it's probably a downright terrible idea. I wouldn't be surprised if it started doubting the voices over this one.

I'me changing my vote.
I no longer back Emotion, but I will not back Copy without Consume.
I vote we Change Nothing and move on.
Also, now that this thread has devolved into a heated debate perhaps we should bold our votes.
No. 874621 ID: 8edb2d

The goal isn't to alter Organic Mimic, but to alter Absorption itself to a non-destructive scan instead.
No. 874624 ID: dc91a0

Two things.
First the meta thing:
Absorption is an enormous character defining trait. If you fuck with it your altering Slime at a basic level. Like erasing something on your character sheet and replacing it with something else. Changing it will totally alter not just Slime but how we interact with it as a character. It will fundamentally alter the feel of the quest. Imho We'd just be better off following a different character if we didn't want to deal with the challenges, questions, and rewards absorption creates.

And the Non-Meta thing:
It's a core ability that affects everything, not just living things. Changing it might have wide-ranging unforeseen side effects.
No. 874626 ID: 8edb2d

>Absorption is an enormous character defining trait. If you fuck with it your altering Slime at a basic level.
That is the goal of it.

>We'd just be better off following a different character if we didn't want to deal with the challenges, questions, and rewards absorption creates.
I disagree.

>Changing it might have wide-ranging unforeseen side effects.
I for one welcome puberty.
No. 874630 ID: dc91a0

>I disagree.

Then I suppose we are at an impasse, sir.
It's in the hands of time and our peers, now.
No. 874655 ID: 074011

1: Modify Termoregulation (heat) into Thermoreputation (cool).
2: Acquire sunglasses.
3: win.
No. 874680 ID: d2a297

Organic mimic:
Ability to copy or store the targets equipment, or failing that
Absorb targets memories.
No. 874779 ID: d0d281

So just out of curiosity, if Emils can mimic almost anything, could it consume a massive amount of mass and reform itself to act as a biological spaceship?
No. 874833 ID: 8edb2d

I certainly hope so, because that sounds awesome.
No. 874839 ID: b1b4f3

This possibility was already discussed. Emils is reliant on mana to survive and cannot generate it herself. If she left the planet she would die relatively quickly.
On the other hand if Emils was able to gain access to the infrastructure required to recycle mana and solved some of the structural/liftoff issues involved she could take it with her or replicate it with enough mass (and inorganic mimic somehow) and survive that way?
No. 874853 ID: 830fb7

Ability to copy and/or store the targets equipment, memory's, powers (includes magic) and ability's.
No. 874861 ID: 555f33

He'll yeah, do this.

Thanks Lust.
No. 874955 ID: 33f4f1

What if we were able to get a copy ability that still allowed us to absorb willing targets partially? Having emotions would lead to bonds with many characters, and said characters could become willing never-ending food supplies by slime just taking some occasional mana out of them? Of course it might be dreaming to hope of a painless version of this ability and just leave our friends with a just a short-term "drained" sort of feeling.
No. 874972 ID: 3dd783

I wonder if we can alter universal language into something like supernatural level empathy? Seeing peoples intentions without them being able to lie to us might come in handy.
No. 875246 ID: ea36cf
File 152190261718.png - (132.71KB , 800x600 , 508.png )

Discussions can be taken into >>/questdis/108985

>Sentience -> Emotions
"I am unable to grant you emotions. Emotions are nothing more than chemical reactions to mental and physical stimuli, in context to your surroundings in terms of cultural, social, and religious cues. I emulate emotions from the creators. My children emulate emotions from me. You... It is already have the ability to learn how to feel emotions."
>Organic mimicry -> Emotions
"You are fully capable of replicating emotions. You just need to get better at copying personalities. I can't help with that,-"
>Copy Memories
"-memories are unique to each organism. Different organisms will experience things differently. One smell will trigger different reactions between two identical organism. Too many variables. Too difficult to factor in without a translation."
>Copying of abilities
"You already posses the ability to copy the genetics of other creatures."
>Without killing them
"I see how that might be an issue. The synergy of your abilities allow you to copy the core of your prey, giving you access to their own abilities."
[Mana Core]+[Absorbtion]=[Core Transformation] The ability to temporary store an ability. Stored Abilities will grant access to learned relevant spells. Requires physical contact with the target. Merged abilities will be lost.
>Gluttony -> Mass control
"I am unable to change one core ability into the abilities of another core's. Perhaps if you had one of [Pride]'s cores, I could."

The core looms over me.

[LUST] is requesting access to [UNNAMED]

I peel back my slime, exposing my core to the elements. I shiver as the cold water and pressure of the core wash over my naked core.

"Before we begin, are you sure you sure you wish to continue? We could always do this later if you wish."
No. 875248 ID: 33cbe7

>Merged abilities will be lost.
N! The loss of Mana Core is too unpredictable in its effects! Temporary storage is in inferior to permanent acquisition. You're losing two abilities and only gaining one. I could go on and on - this is a terrible mistake.
No. 875249 ID: 830fb7

Couldn’t we just get the adjustments done to the other core then absorb them into ourself? Instead of sacrificing parts of us. Becouse just like >>875248 I feel like it would be a mistake to throw away 2 parts of what makes us, us for just one new part.
No. 875250 ID: deec6e


We could copy [Lust]'s abilities with this, no?
No. 875251 ID: 4ba5d9

Does that mean we would lose our current selection of forms? We can't lose Emils, there are too many awkward relationships that depend on this identity. How will we blame Bea for our future misbehavior?

Just upgrade the efficiency of an already useful skill. Something like reducing the waste of mass from Absorption or Organic Mimic.
No. 875252 ID: ea36cf

Organic Mimic would still exist, current forms would still be accessible.
No. 875253 ID: 006e5c

Well, this is an awkward choice.
Easily getting one skill vs having to kill to permanently getting skills.

Some clarifications: >>/questdis/121771

I'm gonna vote no because with the new skill we wouldn't get access to their form and getting new forms would become impossible. Also because no form means no healing that person, which was the main reason I proposed this change.
No. 875255 ID: 27f3e3

Nah, we'd loose too much in return, let's just do what we came for and go pick up shane.
No. 875257 ID: 8edb2d

What about turning Solid Material Manipulation into Organic Material Manipulation that we can use to heal people?
No. 875258 ID: b1b4f3

Okay wait no let's not lose mana core and absorption jeez.

How about modifying Absorption to gain something from eating inorganic/dead material? I mean, [Slime] is hungry all the time, even after eating people and corpses. Can we change Absorption to allow Emils to eat regular meals and stop being hungry for a while afterwards? This is useful in the long term since it'd help morale and allow [Slime] to have a clearer head when deciding whether or not to eat someone/something. Heck, I'd even accept a modification to allow eating organic stuff (like small animals?) to satiate [Slime]'s hunger.

Alternatively: how about upgrading Iron Core to apply to [Slime]'s entire body? Or heck, change it to Inorganic Mimic which would accomplish much the same thing, though at a higher price.
No. 875260 ID: cb585b

[Lust] did state that a good hit to our core would likely kill us, so how about using Iron Coating and [Mana] Core to make an Armored Core that can take multiple hits?
No. 875261 ID: b1b4f3

Ooh maybe we can get Matter Mastery?
No. 875266 ID: 8edb2d

I like the idea of being able to satiate hunger better without killing sapients. It would fulfill part of the main reason I wanted to alter Absorption in the first place, without the loss of major functions.
No. 875267 ID: 7e224c

No,two quality abilities for one situational one is a bad trade. Maybe if we had a larger network of talent to draw from it would be worth, but we don't.
No. 875268 ID: ea36cf

[Organic Mimicry] already allows her to manipulate her body.
To manipulate others requires her to infuse them with her own mana, which can be fatal, or lead to permanent paralysis, or rejection of infused parts.
It would be the same as her 'eating' it.

Slime can consume anything, due to her ability of [Gluttony].
The issue isn't of eating sapient, but of consuming mana. Cores just holds so much mana.
Slime will always feel hungry.
Thankfully she doesn't feel any emotional attachment to hunger.

Turning [Solid Material Manipulation] to [Material Manipulation] is viable.
It might alter other abilities though.
No. 875270 ID: 33cbe7

Modifying Organic Mimic to change our color wouldn't eat another ability, would it?
No. 875271 ID: b1b4f3

Might alter other abilities...? I can't think of a reasonable way that would backfire too badly.
On the other hand I'm not sure how much better that is than Solid Material Manipulation, which would be like earthbending if it's as powerful as it sounds. I guess Material Manipulation would cover fluids as well, allowing waterbending?

I'm starting to think this choice is more like a specialization path than a free upgrade. In that case I'll have to contemplate more about what specialty we'd want.
No. 875272 ID: 56e50f

Go ahead and grant her access. We could wow the pants off of people by holding their hand and using their "magic"
No. 875275 ID: 379265

I'm also going with no with this.
Didn't Victoria say that smiles cant hide their mana veins? Maybe she can help with that?
No. 875288 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm okay, I think [Slime] should try to specialize for the long-term goal of being able to perform maintenance on the mana systems of the planet.
Towards this goal we need the ability to interface with and modify cores. We also need advanced inorganic manipulation to repair any physical damage to the towers, so it makes sense to get Material Manipulation. However, perhaps we should get that from the next moderator we meet?

Instead, how about we ask for a modification from Lust that will allow [Slime] to perform maintenance on Lust? Instead of shutting her down we can fix her.
I guess if that is strictly impossible I'll continue supporting Material Manipulation.

[Slime] should also ask how to go about getting a real name.
No. 875290 ID: b1b4f3

That was shapeshifters. Shapeshifters can't(couldn't, rather, since they're all dead as far as we know) change their mana veins, but Slime is quite capable of doing so. Right now Emils' only issue is being restricted to the white fur and red eyes of the dragonblooded.
No. 875293 ID: 3abd97

>We could always do this later if you wish.
Not if I comply with your request to shut you down, and am successful.
No. 875297 ID: 8edb2d

Everything considered, I'll support the Armored Core suggestion.
No. 875319 ID: 006e5c

> >>875268 >[Solid Material Manipulation] to [Material Manipulation] is viable.
This seems like an upgrade without any downsides, altho we don't really know what this change would (not) allow us to do. I'll vote for this unless we can think of some other more beneficial change.
No. 875373 ID: ea36cf
File 152197094801.png - (46.95KB , 800x600 , 509.png )

Known upgrades available: [Solid Material Manipulation] into [Material Manipulation] [Mana Core] + [Absorbtion] = [Core Transformation] + [Temp Ability Slot: - ]

"Not very creative, are you. Here is some others you might find acceptable."

Additional upgrade provided: [Organic Mimic] into [Shapeshift] - Slime body can emulate shapes. Parts will not be genetically compatible. Disconnected parts can be reconnected within a time limit. [Mana Perception] + [Solid Material Manipulation] = [Mana Manipulation] - Capable of affecting [Mana] around self. [Solid Material Perception] - Enhances senses to allow one to 'see' along a solid surface. (ie; Toph Bei Fong)

I feel the core touch my own, sparks of [mana] slithers over my surface as the core lightly infuse itself over my surface.
It feels alien. Cold. As if my senses over the wold is slowly blanking out where her mana infuses my own.

[Absorption] can be triggered.

"No, we will have none of that."

Consume: Y/N
No. 875378 ID: 6780f5

No. 875380 ID: 006e5c

>[Organic Mimic] into [Shapeshift]
I don't like this because I find the "genetically compatible" part of the mimic to be quite important.

>[Mana Perception] + [Solid Material Manipulation] into [Mana Manipulation] + [Solid Material Perception]


Fine, I vote for this. But there better be some extreme drawbacks / limits, because Mana Manipulation is OP as fuck. If we can manipulate mana anywhere outside our body, it means we can pretty much kill anything. By stopping their mana or removing it from their bodies. It's just not right D:
Yeah, we'd lose some utility by not being able to sense mana anymore, but Solid Material Perception would still allow us to sometimes sense hidden foes. Assuming the ground isn't mud - is solid enough for the ability to work.
No. 875381 ID: 094652

[Shapeshift] gives Emil the ability to create tools and gear, like lockpicks and steel arrows, from her own flesh. Handy, and a good source of income.
No. 875382 ID: 006e5c

Emils can already disassemble locks. I don't know where you got the idea that the created items would be made of "steel". She has no archery skill. And it wouldn't be an income because, as written, disconnected parts need to be reconnected in a time limit, which probably means they revert to goo after a short amount of time.
No. 875384 ID: d63ea8

Seeing as this place is both made of and runs on [Mana] I vote that whatever we take it should involve [Mana Manipulation].
No. 875385 ID: d0d281

Does shapeshift kill the function of organic mimic, or can we can continue to use organic mimic to choose form templates and shapeshift just gives us the ability to control our mass outside of that?

We want it, of course. And mana manipulation as well. Both steps on our way to becoming an organic spaceship and the savior of all the species on the planet.
No. 875393 ID: 33cbe7

Organic Mimic into Shapeshift is acceptable. By retaining Mana Core, we can still fool scans. I take it this tradeoff is the one that gives us color control?

Remember, Absorption gives control to the core with the greater CON, and it's safe to assume Lusts's greatly outweighs ours. Maybe if we cut her into smaller bits after shutdown, we can eat those.
No. 875395 ID: 4ba5d9

Our werelizard won't have slime joins anymore.
No. 875398 ID: c88e6d

I like Mana Manipulation. Let's go with that.
No. 875400 ID: cb585b

[Shapeshift], assuming we can keep existing forms.

Also as another question, can we ask [Lust] what kind of other upgrades we can get, and possibly where/how?
No. 875401 ID: b1b4f3


Hmm, Shapeshift could be pretty cool. We'd be able to create new forms without having to absorb anyone. We don't have to worry about genetic compatibility since that is probably only important for reproduction with natives and I don't think [Slime] is interested in that. At worst it would restrict [Slime] to Fluid Body for that purpose.

However if we can only pick one, Mana Manipulation (and thus Solid Perception) is more important.
There's the obvious benefit of using it to starve people of mana, but the more important benefit is that we'd essentially be immune to magic since we could interrupt any spell or spell effect that gets within range. Emils would only be vulnerable to physical attacks at that point, or indirect magical effects.
We might also be able to use it to cast magic for real instead of getting core abilities that simply act similar to magic we've seen. If we have that level of fine control over it we could do some serious fucking bullshit with it, like on the level of HxH abilities.

Hmm, doesn't Mana Manipulation imply that we could still perceive mana within the range of manipulation? Gotta see it to manipulate it, right?
No. 875404 ID: 8edb2d

Sure, Mana Manipulation.
No. 875408 ID: 3e857c

Well I, for one, say [Core Transformation].

1: As it is, [Absorption] being the way to gain new abilities means taking high risks , raises suspicion, and escalates conflict too quickly for me.
2: It creates an incentive to make friends and keep them rather than dispose of them, if only as ability batteries.
3: I assume that this ability can be upgraded, which means it's better to get it early.
No. 875418 ID: 56e50f

Gotta go for [Core Transformation] to become a jack-of-all-trades magical girl
No. 875421 ID: ad51b8

No. 875423 ID: 8edb2d

If this is getting some support now, I'll change my vote to this.
No. 875428 ID: dc91a0

Mana Manipulation Seems totally neat, and the trade-off is fair. Be less able to perceive the world around us, but more able to manipulate it.
It is a skill that would take time and effort to master, but would be ultimately rewarding.
No. 875433 ID: 555f33

Mana Manipulation for sure. Shape shifting is cool but it's less of a total upgrade.

I don't know what happened but core transformation is still a bad choice.
No. 875471 ID: 178474

While [Shapeshift] is useful for creating tools and weapons among other things I'm going to go with [Mana Manipulation] cause MAGIC GIRL!!!
No. 875489 ID: caf1de

which ability will allow us to transform into battle armor i pick that one
No. 875494 ID: 8edb2d

Shapeshifting probably.
No. 875518 ID: 555f33

It's probably a combination of things. Shapeshifting and some sort of buffing magic so we're not just a flesh outfit, at least. It's a few branches down the upgrade tree from here.
No. 875847 ID: b1b4f3

Oh hey ask about Nullify and Override!
No. 875848 ID: 33f4f1

Mana manipulation because we need to be the magic girl.
No. 875985 ID: ea36cf
File 152239741606.png - (49.20KB , 800x600 , 510.png )

[Mana Manipulation] - 9 [Shapeshift] - 7 [Core Transformation] - 3 Ability: [Mana Perception] removed Ability: [Solid Material Manipulation] removed Spell: (Spire) disabled Ability: [Mana Manipulation] gained Ability: [Solid Material Perception] gained

I feel... blind. I can not see the mana around me anymore, but I can still sense it.
I feel it in the water around me, in the ground under me, in the slime within me.
I can touch it. Move it. Taste it.
I pull it within me, filling my slime with it. My core throbs, trying to hold all the mana, but I hit my limit.
I am too small. I want more.

"It is done." The large core speaks. My eyes struggle to see her though her thickened slime, but her purple light barely illuminates the cavern.
"What now?" I ask.
"Now..." Her core exposes herself to me, "You place your hand onto my core and initiate a shutdown."
No. 875986 ID: c92184

Do it.
No. 875990 ID: 006e5c

Touch her.
No. 875991 ID: e1c8f7

"Thank you."
Grant her request.
No. 875992 ID: 094652

Try Sleep[65535] before you shutdown.
No. 875993 ID: ea36cf
File 152240248964.png - (69.49KB , 800x600 , 511.png )

I place my hand upon her core. A thin surface layer of slime envelops my fingers before they sink down and onto the solid core.
I can feel the overwhelming surge of Mana inside of it. It is massive, ancient, awe inspiring.

[Absorption] can be triggered. Consume: Y/N

I can feel traces of her spreading out though her slime, sending off messages and orders, forming pathways and infusing the earth and water around us.
A small tread is exchanged between her and the slime next to me.
I focus upon the orders to give.

Shut Down of [Lust] requested. Permission given. Are you sure? Y/N

"Thank you" she whispers.
No. 875994 ID: 006e5c

For shutting down, not for consuming.
No. 875996 ID: c92184

Y to shutdown.
No. 875997 ID: 094652

[N] Absorption
[Y] Shutdown
No. 876005 ID: 10c408

No. 876007 ID: 5f3f48

Absorption N.
Shut Down Y.

I'm glad to have known you.
No. 876015 ID: 91ee5f


>Shut Down [Lust]?
No. 876023 ID: ea36cf
File 152242189901.png - (35.03KB , 800x600 , 512.png )

The health bar slowly deteriorates. The core radiates it's mana slowly and steadily as it sinks back into it's slime.
"Good night child." The core speaks, "As parting words, towards your goal of being a 'magical girl', I suggest first trying to learn how to cast your 'magic' without using the silly interface the natives use."
I cant see her glow past her slime.
"Learn how to access your abilities normally."


"I... I'm free now..." The smaller slime floats by. "I no longer hear her voice."

"So." Jogert looks at me, "I guess that worked. Would you like to return now? There are a few ways in and out of this chamber."
No. 876029 ID: 006e5c

Don't see anything else we need to do here so.. yeah. Return to where we came from.
Ask Jogert if she's going to stay with the natives.
No. 876031 ID: 4ba5d9

Please lead the way, I can barely see.
Preferable to a different path than the one we used to enter. If Shane is still there I don't want to risk him seem me changing my form.

What will you be doing now Jogert?
No. 876033 ID: 6139f5

Try controlling the Mana in the water to simulate an air bubble spell. We're gonna have to start making up a cover story for when we get back, and we don't know how long they've been searching for us and whether they've figured out we had no air to breathe down here. Proving that we could conceivably have swam down here would make our cover stronger.

Depending on whether they launched a manhunt to retrieve us, we're going to have be very careful about what we tell people. It's been many hours, so certainly we've made Red Eyes and possibly a lot of other people who care about you worried. Telling them everything would spoil our cover, so we'll want to continue our judicious use of truths and half-truths - but it's also important we tell Red Eyes about at least some of the information we uncovered here.


"Yes. Thank you. I'd like to come out at or near where we first entered."

Ponder the meaning of what Jogert said.

"Free...? I suppose I've always been free of my parent that I can remember. Do you and your sisters have any plans for what to do now?"

Try to offer your own input, it seems she's uncertain what it all means for her.

"When I began thinking, I just tried to mimic things to survive and ended up in the native town above. There was this one native that ended up taking care of me because the shape I'd taken was similar to hers. She put me in an orphanage school there, where they've been teaching me about native things, like history and mathematics and even some of what they understand to be 'magic'. It's been useful and interesting, even though reading books is more efficient."

... hey, that worked once. Maybe it can work again.

"Would you or any of your sisters like to come with me? Maybe we could tell them you are orphans now, too. As caretakers they would then feel obliged to help you. I can help translate until you can come up with another way to communicate."
No. 876034 ID: 33cbe7

Is this area inhabited, Jogert? Before we leave we need to get accustomed to what this form can do, and there's plenty of mana nearby to practice with.
Is there enough light in this chamber to see with regular eyes? For some reason we decided becoming mana-blind was more useful than fooling anti-shapeshifter defenses.
No. 876066 ID: 510f3b

Do ask Jogurt if it would like to come with you.
No. 876075 ID: 006e5c

Actually, these caverns obviously lead outside the city so, it would be nice if Jogert could show us a way that isn't flooded, which leads from outside to inside. In case we needed to use it later. So first ask her if she knows of such a way.
No. 876076 ID: 6139f5


Good point, actually.
No. 876077 ID: b1b4f3

Give your condolences. Her mother just died.
No. 876088 ID: dc91a0

Ask Jogert if he requires a place to stay or if He'd prefer to wander alone.
You know a kind red-eyed native who might have a use for a slime.
No. 876106 ID: b1b4f3

Jogert already has Shane and Daisy to live with, if needed.
No. 876107 ID: c92184

Ask for a way that ends up outside the city. Make sure you are 100% rabbold when you get back in view. Work on air bubble spell and play it off like you thought that was normal and everyone could do it.
No. 876190 ID: 555f33

As you head back, idly attempt to manipulate the Mana you absorb into magic. Maybe try to create light or something. Figuring out what Lust meant is the next step in your goal, really.
No. 876692 ID: 0c8770

Let's go grab Shane and go home, we learned a lot today and there're a few things we need to try out sooner rather than later.
No. 876714 ID: 94e30a

OR just say "I know water breathing. I just can't cast it on other people."
No. 876810 ID: 490cac

I know not any spell stuff that allows me to manipulate water to my control. The only similar thing I have seen so far was the water bubble device attached to Strot...
I manipulate my mana to replicate the way the device utilizes it’s mana, and upon activation, I can feel the water around me clinging into my body. There is an odd sensation as my body cuts faster though the water, no longer feeling the friction of it running over my skin.
“I would like to return,” I tell Jogert. “If possible, nearby the entrance we came in from, but still within the city.”
Jogert thinks in silence, emitting a pulse of mana, but becomes sagged as no pulse returns. “There is are tunnels that’s leads towards the sewer system for the native colony, but apart from that, we... I do not know enough of the colony to provide any information to where we might emerge.”
“Then at least take us closer to the surface.”
“Very well.”
Jogert undulates towards the tunnel we came from, with me close behind.
I replicated the spells I know so far, now capable of... knowing what each path of mana does.
The first step is to partition a part of mana to be used. Too much and the spell goes overboard. Too little and the spell can’t form. Fortunately I am capable of changing the size of the spell, meaning I will always be capable of casting a spell, if not just to scale.
The spell radiates from my core, and the mana picks up my intentions and instructions from how the mana is configured in the spell. An additional or subtracted channel causes the spell to change. From creating heat from my fingers, it instead heats my back or my knee. At last, the mana is sent to the point of the spells origin, where it will take place. The heat spell send the mana to my finger, where the water begins to bubble.
With mana manipulation, I focus on the casted spell, and can feel it changing. It is a mess, inefficient, and much too... noisy.
I cancel the spell, and the spent mana isn’t ejected from my body, returning into the ambient mana. Returning to... nowhere now I guess.
I activate [thermoeegulation] and feel a direction connection from my core, the spell casting within, before being sent out across my body. Traces of the mana tells me what it doing, where it’s going, and where it came from. Quick, efficient, silent. I turn off the ability, and the mana again dispersed into the ambient.
As a final test, I recall the lost spell, ‘spire’ and replicate the spell casted by the Avaros. The spell is incomplete, not knowing where to go, and a large spire of flesh, bone, and slime explodes out of my chest.
Jogert flails in surprise, but I assure her as I pull back my body together.
In my experiments, we have returned to the same tunnel we’ve entered, with the surface above us.
No. 876816 ID: b1b4f3

So the spell-like abilities you gained from copying spells are actually your, more efficient, manner of casting spells. All that remains is cataloguing what things are possible with mana and what configurations tell the mana to do what. It's like a language, come to think of it... Can you apply your Universal Language skill to spellcraft?

See if you can figure out how to control air. Remember the wind spell you tried to copy but couldn't? Try to copy it now, with your enhanced knowledge of mana, but adapt it to your streamlined process. Can you create an air bubble? Or at least, a gust of wind?

I expect your core was reconfigured to utilize the mana channels involved in Solid Material Manipulation in order to use Mana Manipulation... so you can't just re-adapt "Spire" to regain Solid Material Manipulation.
No. 876818 ID: 33cbe7

That's promising. Further refinement of Spire-based fleshcrafting could lead to explosive growth spurts. Although, you could just decrease your density with all that mass you have... still, a bone spike is bone spike.
Put your skin back on and go to Victoria's house.
No. 876830 ID: 555f33

Good, it's a very strong base for customization and growth. You need to study more spells, copy more spells, and train them, but this was a pretty heavy day already. I guess going to Victoria works, though I honestly forget if you promised to do anything else. Maybe tell that boy from earlier you aren't dead first?
No. 876831 ID: 91ee5f

Once you get out of the water, make sure you empty out any water that may have gotten inside your body. Then turn back into Emils, put your clothes back on, and.....go to the guild? Maybe?

I’m pretty sure that’s where Shane would’ve gone to get help after you disappeared under the water and stayed under there for a really long time, so going back to the guild would let everyone know that you’re fine.
No. 877062 ID: a48264

Offer to hug the slime; you did just kill his mother, after all
No. 877066 ID: 006e5c

Ask Jogert if she's going to stay with the natives.

As far as experimenting goes, you should test if you can control mana outside your body and how far outside you can do it. Can you do it through obstacles and what not.
Also, test your other skill. How well does Solid Material Perception work?
No. 877238 ID: c88e6d

Fascinating. Also, perhaps you should invite Jogert to live with you. They seem lost and alone.
No. 877262 ID: 91ee5f

No, don’t bring Jogert home with us.

She can just go back home with Daisy and Shane, since they’re the ones that gave Jogert a collar: >>867881 , meaning they’ll take care of Jogert.
No. 877264 ID: dc91a0

Oh. Ohhoho. You have much work to do, Emils. There are so many many mana related things to experiment with.
No. 877562 ID: ea36cf
File 152306597039.png - (220.64KB , 800x600 , 513.png )

"Will you be staying with the natives? They seem to have some claim of ownership over you."
"I may as well. Unbound, I have little need to continue my original function. Perhaps this is what one might call 'Retirement'."

No. Spellcrafting does not appear to be a language. The skill also does not include written language or symbols so the point is moot.

I replicate the spell, but feel it disperse quickly. There does not seem to be enough air around for the spell to work.

I can replicate and alter the spell outside of myself, but not when it is inside of my core.

I emerge out of the water.
"Hello. I am not dead."
No. 877563 ID: ea36cf
File 152306606086.png - (153.00KB , 800x600 , 514.png )

"Sh- She's been there for hours, What do we do?"
"Look, she probably found some kind of air pocket. She'll be fin-"

I emerge out of the water.
"Hello. I am not dead."
No. 877564 ID: ea36cf
File 152306607482.png - (150.30KB , 800x600 , 515.png )

No. 877565 ID: cb585b

They... dont seem to happy, you should probably prepare yourself.
No. 877566 ID: b1b4f3

You forgot to put your clothes back on, stupid!

Tell them you're used to swimming in the nude, whoops. Then go back down and "retrieve" your clothes from "where you hid them". Let them assume it was under a rock or something.
No. 877567 ID: 0373ab

It feels like there is something you have forgotten
No. 877568 ID: dc91a0

I told you I'd be fine.
This is what you get for not believing me.
No. 877569 ID: 094652


No. 877570 ID: 86eb65

Are you still in monster form? That could confuse things a bit.
No. 877572 ID: 3abd97

It's fine, magical girls having a naked transformation sequence is perfectly normal.
No. 877575 ID: 33cbe7

"The slime's mother, however, is. I am adopting it now."
No. 877576 ID: 600f38

"I can do water breathing, I just can't cast it on others.
Did you believe I would walk into water unprepared? I know Strot, a Nereya. If I could not make the trip, I would have asked for his assistance.

Oh, clothes, right. They we're destroyed by a slime. Unfortunate, but there are more important matters.
May I borrow your blanket? I have critical information about the source of the Mana plague, and must inform Victoria immediately."
No. 877577 ID: 6780f5

"Why are you looking at me like that?"
No. 877580 ID: d172f5

"Please step outside while I redress."
No. 877582 ID: deec6e

You damaged/lost your clothes earlier. You haven't changed in any other ways, have you?

Ask if you can have a blanket too - to dry off and cover up, then ask if Shane is alright and say that you did warn him not to follow. He probably got chilled by the water - but you don't have to pretend to shiver yourself. Say that your resistance to cold

If they ask about oxygen, either shrug and say you were provided for by your slime hosts or reference a certain Neraya as the inspiration of a personal water-breathing spell. You weren't sure how far the journey would take you, but the spells you've learned certainly came in handy.

As for where you went... you travelled to find the ruins of the ancient empire. There you found Jogert's mother and helped her with a longstanding problem of hers.

Did they know that some slimes never stop growing? Jogert's mother was one. She was real old, old as mountains, and had grown too big to move safely from her home. Weary of her situation, she wanted to fall into an eternal slumber, but needed outside help for it. So you helped.

Incidentally, would they want to keep Jogert around? She is quite intelligent and should be able to learn how to communicate better with them.
No. 877583 ID: 91ee5f

Emils, you forgot to put your clothes back on.

Well, it’s too late to pull them out of your body, now that they’re looking at you. So you’ll have to either go back into the water and “find” your clothes or you’re going to have to ask them to give you that blanket because your clothes got destroyed.

No, we are not keeping Jogert. She already said that she’s going to stay with Daisy and Shane.

>Mana plague
They are children. Children can’t be trusted with this kind of information. We should just head straight for Victoria and tell her ourselves.
No. 877616 ID: e1c8f7

"...Is there something on me?" Check self.
No. 877623 ID: 2251c3

Ask for some clothes. Do we recognize the rabbold next to Shane?
No. 877635 ID: ea36cf
File 152310547229.png - (102.72KB , 800x600 , 516.png )

I had already returned to the form 'Emils'.

"Don't open your eyes. Where are your clothes?"
I pull my clothes out from under the water, "I was told not to wear wet clothes."
"Okay..." The female pulls the fabric off of the male, and hands it to me.
"Use this. What were you doing down there?"
"Learning history."
"What do you mean?"
"This small one wanted me to follow it. And so I did. I learned a lot about the past down there."
I wrap the cloth around me. It's soft, if not heavy with water.
"How far down did you go?" the male asks as the female takes Jogert from my shoulder.
"I do not know how far I went. It was pretty far down and it was difficult to see anything. Without the guidance of Jogert, I fear anyone would get lost."

"She means Jelly."
"What kind of name is Jogert?"
"I know right? But she says that it's name is Jogert."
"Riight, and she can talk to it."

The female turns to me, "Look, I'm sorry but we can't stay here. I can't exactly leave you here like that, so could you at least put something and we'll escort you back? To the guild or wherever?"
No. 877637 ID: 0d1514

Tell them that you are too cold and want to warm up with a fire spell and then cast a fire spell and warm up. Safely, in the manner a native would. Dry your clothes too.
No. 877638 ID: 2251c3

They seem surpriingly easily convinced.
Ask Jogert if she knows the name of the female rabbold. If yes, then tell her Jogert says her name is <name>. Then ask her why she's covering Shane's eyes.

Absorb the water out of our clothes and put them on, then return the dry cloth.
No. 877639 ID: 0d1514

No. 877640 ID: 2251c3

If we can't absorb or easily remove the water then.. guess we'll have to dry it the old-fashioned way. Using Thermoregulation.
No. 877641 ID: 4ba5d9

I appreciate the offer, but don't feel obliged to accompany me if you don't want to.
No. 877642 ID: 3abd97

No. 877647 ID: 600f38

"I should tell Victoria what I discovered, but an escort is not neccesary. I am quite implacable."
No. 877652 ID: 91ee5f

>"What kind of name is Jogert?"
"Well, Jogert doesn't seem to have an issue with 'Daisy' and 'Shane' as names, and perhaps you shouldn't be so judgmental about it."

>Do we recognize the rabbold next to Shane?
>Ask Jogert if she knows the name of the female rabbold.
That’s Daisy, she’s Shane’s sister. Both of them take care of Bag and Jogert as their pets.
No. 877657 ID: deec6e

This appears to be Daisy Lyons, Shane's (twin?) sister, co-owner of Bag and now, presumably, Jogert/Jelly.

"It's fine if you don't believe me, but treat Jogert - or Jelly - with care and respect. She is intelligent, and if you try teaching her sign language or writing she should be able to communicate back. Right Jogert?"

Can Jogert understand the natives normally, or does she need to learn their language?

If the latter, tell Jogert that you just told the two that Jogert is intelligent and should be able to learn writing or sign language, and that you're asking her to agree by making a nodding motion with their upper slime mass/core - nodding their heads is typically how the natives say 'yes' or 'i agree'. A sideways shake of their head is typically 'no' or 'i don't want this'.

That should be a start, at least.


Agree to the Lyons' escort.

"I need to talk to Sir Victor. If you could bring me home, I'd appreciate it. Victor may want to speak to Jogert too, anyway, so it might be best if you come."

On the way, open up (metaphorically speaking) to the two a little. Without them and Bag you wouldn't have gotten this opportunity to meet [Lust], so in the interest of maintaining good relations you should try to form a social bond over the experience.

"Sorry to have worried you, Shane, and for bringing your brother into this, Daisy. I didn't think he'd actually try following. That was brave, if a little stupid. I have a few spells that helped me out down there - one to warm up, to breathe and to move. I wasn't aware I would have a need for them, but they came in handy. I learned them from two of my classmates in school - Alice and Strot. Alice is good at heating magic. Strot is a Nereya who knows water magic."

You are saying you are sorry, because being dismayed and worried is not a very good feeling for Shane and you're the one that helped bring those emotions about. Equally, his sister, with a familial bond, may not have felt good about you bringing her brother into trouble, so you are apologizing for this as well.

You are complimenting his bravery, because he should be made to feel a little better about himself. You are mentioning it was a little stupid, because he needs to learn how to assess risks better. You are telling them about learning the spells (sorta) from your classmates to make it less suspicious that you were able to survive down there, and referencing people that they can later check with to make sure that you've actually learned some spells.

Sure, Strot might not have actively taught you anything, but if you're a magic prodigal it's possible you just did it from observation. And you may of want to be seen as a magical prodigal to get magical training - or at least the opportunity to observe possible native magical effects that you could then attempt to emulate or expand on.
No. 877663 ID: b1b4f3

Use Warm Body(the native spell) to warm up and dry off, along with the wet clothes I guess. Just try to get most of the water off the clothes before you put them back on.
No. 877666 ID: 2251c3

Offer to warm up Shane as well.
No. 877668 ID: 33cbe7

Wear the slime.
No. 877728 ID: dbf422

Warm Body it up and decline their offer. You can make it to Victoria yourself and she doesn't seem interested in hanging out with you anyway. Tell Shane not to worry about you, you're very capable.
No. 877738 ID: 10f30a

Attain maximum fluffbold poofiness as you dry.
No. 877817 ID: e1c8f7

This seems like a good start. Accept the escort for as long as your paths remain in the same direction.
No. 877833 ID: 207540

Is Shane alright? Maybe you should talk to him, to calm him down. Show some genuine concern for your companions wellbeing, you know?
With your understanding of that waterbubble spell, can you reverse the effect and dry yourself?
No. 878013 ID: 4c3395

I like those two. I don't like seeing Shane distressed. Emils, go comfort him.
No. 878038 ID: 4c3395

Since they're helping you, maybe you can invite them to some ice-cream, as thanks.

And 'cause I could really go for some ice-cream now.
No. 878174 ID: b15da4

If Emils has ever had ice cream before, I bet we could use Thermoregulation and Fluid Body to make our own.
No. 878241 ID: 94bef7

Is it just me or has somebody else been pronouncing Jogert like Yoghurt?
No. 878245 ID: dbf422

Yeah, me too, and that's definitely the correct way to pronounce it.
No. 878659 ID: ea36cf
File 152368386682.png - (91.83KB , 800x600 , 517.png )

I put on my shirt and pants before activating [Thermoregulation].
"I would like to take you up on your offer, an escort would be appreciated."

I wipe off the dampness on me and hand the now heated fabric back to the male.

"I, uh..." he holds the fabric in his hands, somewhat surprised "Thanks?" He wraps the fabric around himself as we walk out of the tunnel.

"Where would you like to go?" the female asks.
"I would like to head home now. But would you like some Ice cream first?"
The female looks at me, "Ice cream is kinda expensive, Milk isn't an easy thing to come by with."
The male looks at her, "But sis, it's ice cream!"
"I know, but we can't afford it." She directs her attention to me, "I'm sorry, but we can't really take you up on that offer."
I shrug, and then point to Jogert, "Jogert here is fully capable of learning anything you may teach it. It might not be able to talk back to you, but if you teach it your language, or some simple commands, it would be able to understand you better."
She glares at me, "I understand Jelly just fine." she then holds Jogert up to her, "Isn't that right Jelly?"

"I tried," I tell Jogert.
I wrap an arm around the male, pulling him closer. "So what's the story between you two."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, so far people I've met like to tell me some stories about themselves. It sounds like an easy way to make friends."
The male shifts a bit under my grip, but is unable to pull away.

"Well, we're siblings. I'm Shane and she's Daisy. We started off adventuring just to earn some extra money, or learn something for our future, but I guess we kinda enjoy exploring instead."
"What's not to like about exploring?" the female continues, "The vast unknown outside the city walls, Nature all around. There's so many things to see out there."
"Like the great Averns desert, or the underwater kingdom of Palus."
"Oh, what about the frozen Drac Kingdom. I heard that the nights there are so cold, Mana freezes."
"Or that your pee turns to ice the moment it leaves your b-"
The male is hit in the head by the female.
No. 878666 ID: b1b4f3

How would they plan on visiting Palus? You have your ways for surviving underwater, but what about them?

Also ask why she hit him. (you probably don't realize why)
No. 878673 ID: ba56e6

Ask what provoked a violent response.
No. 878675 ID: 600f38

"I can do water breathing and thermoregulation, obviously, but I can't cast it on others.
If you intend to visit an underwater kingdom or frozen land, you should learn both. Cool water will sap your body heat just as fast as a blizzard."
No. 878678 ID: 91ee5f

>The male is hit in the head by the female.
“I’m confused. I thought a family was supposed to love each other, so why did you hit him?”
No. 878680 ID: 830fb7

Just thought of a way to prove that you can actually talk to jogert if it can understand them but they can’t it. Get them to tell jogert something while you can’t hear them, then get jogert to tell it to you it, then tell them what jogert tells you.
No. 878682 ID: 166e1c

Since you are keeping a firm grip on Shane make sure your thermoregulation won't burn him. Stay a bit warmer than a normal rabold body temperature but not warm enough to hurt.

Let's hear something about the places they visited. The descriptions of nearby places of interest could be useful in the future and they should enjoy talking about things they like.

After that ask why did Shane waited for you in that damp place? Why did they felt the need of following you in the first place? If possible ask that in a way that insinuate more that you believe they were preoccupied with your safety than suspect they wanted to see what you were doing.
No. 878684 ID: 9071b8

Tell him that if he's ever cold, he can always visit you and you'll make him warm!

>The vast unknown
Tell them you thought it was all explored already.

>Averns, Palus, Drac
Ask them to tell you more about the kingdoms around
No. 878687 ID: 33cbe7

Mana freezing. Sounds interesting. Have you ever seen frozen mana before?
No. 878688 ID: 1d6f45

>no ice cream

Seems like they get around alot, ask them if they know about areas that show those degradation symptoms [LUST] told you about.
If you want to be a magical girl, you have to save the world, Emils.
No. 878689 ID: e1c8f7

Is violence necessary?
No. 878690 ID: dbf422

Yeah, what's frozen Mana like? That sounds interesting.

Exploration would be interesting too, but hearing about the origin and nearing death of the world kinda puts a damper on it.
No. 878695 ID: 074011

Inform them that exploration is unwise while large sections of the world maintain insufficient mana to sustain life.
No. 879926 ID: ea36cf
File 152437363428.png - (106.93KB , 800x600 , 518.png )

"If you wish to roam the world, I suggest you do so before it ends."

"Hey," the female speaks up, "Growing up may take a long time, but it's not going to take forever."

"No," I release the male and he retreats, "I mean that the Drac Kingdom tower has fallen."

"Wait, What?" "What do you mean?" they retorted.

"It's not really meant to be a secret, but the tower at Drac Kingdom seems to have fallen. It won't be long before proper news to spread to nearby areas. At the rate of how things are now, who knows when the other towers will fall."

The two look somewhat pale at this information.
I shrug, "But as you said, Growing up will take time. Who knows when the next tower will fall. It might be when you're old, or even when you are long dead that the next tower will fall."

They had stopped walking now, but I recognize the area and could make it to Red Eye's house, the shrine, or the guild from here.
"Well, thank you for escorting me thus far, you two. It seems I can make my way ba-"
"Wait!" the female scowls at me, "You're joking right?!"
"I have not told a single lie in my life."
"Who else knows about this? I mean, How do you know?"
"I have been requested to keep my source secret, but besides myself, I am aware that the ones you call "Mana Beasts" knows of this, and Victor is aware that the tower at Drac Kingdom has fallen."
She seems to deflate at this news. "I... I see. Thank you, I think..."
"This is... heavy news." the male speaks up, and I leave the three behind.

>Go to: ??? Home Shrine Guild
No. 879928 ID: 094652

>I have not told a single lie in my life.
Laying it on too thick, Emils.

Go to ??? because reasons.
No. 879930 ID: 33cbe7

Visit the triple question marks.
No. 879932 ID: ba56e6

Go Home. Victoria might be worried.
No. 879933 ID: 166e1c

I would like to tell Victoria about Lust. Where would she be? Home?
No. 879936 ID: e1c8f7

Home it is.
No. 879938 ID: b1b4f3

Have we been to the Shrine yet? If not let's go check it out.
No. 879944 ID: 22fa5d

No. 879947 ID: 91ee5f

No. 879948 ID: 074011

The natives do seem to lie frequently, but often claim truth as important.
Attempt to formulate some untruths on the way, but avoid actually employing any.
No. 879949 ID: 9071b8

What, no goodbye hugs?

Did we do all that we could at the guild? I'm assuming we did since that's where we came from. In that case, I think we can return Home.

>>879928 >>879930
Radial says the ??? option is "Input option".

The Shrine is the school.
No. 879950 ID: 22fa5d

I mean, it's a guild, there's always more to do, but enough has probably happened in one day.
No. 879960 ID: c6b811

We can see if Nick contacted the guild about those thugs by now. It'd give us something to do while we plan our next step.
No. 880036 ID: 3abd97

Let's go home
No. 882515 ID: ea36cf
File 152546167018.png - (109.71KB , 800x600 , 519.png )

As the house comes into view, I notice Red eyes talking to another Avaros.
"... And you are sure that she has no family?"
"There are no records of her exi-"

They stop talking as they notice me.
"Oh. You're back. Emils, this is Chancellor Strix. Say hello."
I give a nod, "Good afternoon Sir-"
"That is Chancellor, child." I feel him stare hard at me.
I correct myself, "Good afternoon Chancellor Strix"
I stand next to Red eyes, "The Chancellor is... an old friend, and had decided to check up on us."
"...Yes. That." His eyes narrows at me, "Have you been wading around in the sewers child? You stink terribly."
No. 882516 ID: 0c3c2c

Explain that yes, you were indeed exploring the sewers. It's part of your adventurer training. You saw a slime.
No. 882517 ID: dc91a0

No. 882518 ID: 992200

Use Solid Material Perception to sense if anyone else is near.

Tell them that swimming underground was necessary as you were meeting with Moderator Lust.
No. 882519 ID: 600f38

"Yes. I followed a slime to its colony and met its mother. It was through some deep stagnant mostly-water.
Are you an evil Chancellor? In the stories Chancellors and Viziers are always evil, and you're dressed just like them."
No. 882525 ID: 0c84e8

You killed a giant slime in the sewers.
No. 882526 ID: 33cbe7

Yeah. It's like wading around in politics, only I can wash the stink off afterwards.
No. 882537 ID: 992200

Also, ask what kind of an occupation a Chancellor is. Does he get to travel a lot and fight monsters?
No. 882549 ID: 3abd97

>"Have you been wading around in the sewers child? You stink terribly."
Not wading, no, I was fully submerged.

Also this.
No. 882550 ID: 91ee5f

I don’t want to tell Chancellor Strix anything about what happened with Lust in the sewers. I don’t trust him.

I’d rather tell Red Eyes what happened when we’re alone with her, while obviously leaving out any details that would reveal that we’re a slime.
No. 882553 ID: ba56e6


Ask him about Chancellors, but avoid anything about Lust or slimes.
No. 882555 ID: 3abd97

That's... a fair point. Red Eyes hesitated to call the avian a friend, and that information might be dangerous in the wrong hands.
No. 882557 ID: 166e1c

Let's discreetly avoid any mention of mana beast communication for now. This information may be valuable to Victoria, so let's give her the opportunity to decide how to use it to her advantage instead of revealing everything to someone who may be a political adversary of her.
No. 882560 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah you were in the sewers. You killed a slime.
No. 882570 ID: deec6e


Frown and sniff yourself.

"I slipped and fell in a pool of something vile earlier. I'd hoped most of it had dried off, my apologies. I'll go wash up."

Bow and try to take your leave to take a bath and clean your clothes. If they let you leave, enhance your hearing so you can hear what they're discussing.
No. 882573 ID: c92184

No. 882583 ID: ba56e6

Clever. I will support eavesdropping.
No. 882602 ID: dbf422

"Yes. If you're friends, why aren't you friendly?"
No. 882651 ID: ea36cf
File 152551508388.png - (103.95KB , 800x600 , 520.png )

"I have had been submerged in stagnant water." I reply, sniffing myself, "If you would please excuse myself, I will go clean up."

Black beak nods, whipping out a cloth and pressing it against his nose, "Yes. Please do." He focuses back to Red eyes, "Victor, I do not wish to pry, but it is very unbecoming for a child to be playing in such a hazardous place."
"I... Yes."
He almost looms over her, "I do wish you would pay closer attention to the child, least I need to bring what you consider... childcare, the proper authorities."
Red eyes seems to shrink at his pressure, "Of course sir."
"I would hate to think something would... happen to a child as young as her."

I close the door behind me.

>Choose who to follow
No. 882652 ID: 992200

No. 882654 ID: 33cbe7

The cop-eating slime.
No. 882655 ID: deec6e

No. 882656 ID: dbf422

No. 882658 ID: ee2d6e

No. 882661 ID: 2cb364

That boy we traumatised earlier
No. 882662 ID: cc5f4f

Ooh. I remember that...

Let's follow Shane (that's the boy's name, I think.).
No. 882663 ID: 74d261

I'd like to see how Nick is doing.
The brother of the rabbold Emils took the form of.
No. 882664 ID: 3abd97

Victoria. I wanna see how she takes the news when Emils explain we killed Lust.
No. 882665 ID: 91ee5f

No. 882667 ID: d63ea8

Sure, let's go with Victoria again.
No. 882697 ID: ba56e6

No. 882698 ID: cb585b

Victoria. We need more Red Eyes
No. 882964 ID: e1c8f7

No. 882979 ID: dc91a0

Wild Hungry Slime
No. 882984 ID: dbf422

Alright I'll change to Victoria. I got distracted by the new NPC and forgot what we had planned.
No. 884715 ID: fb2a85

I look to Strix, “What the hell was that?!”
He looks back to me with a smirk, “I must say, Victor, you’ve picked up a rather special little girl.”
He sighs, “I’m sure you’ve heard me mutter under my breath. I’ve developed a bit of a habit of correcting people in Avarian.”
I shake my head, “That doesn’t sound like Avarian.”
“Ancient Avarian. My family goes back that far. Your little girl can speak a dead language perfectly.”
“That... doesn’t mean much.”
“The pronunciations can only be produced by Avaros throats.”

“Also, there’s something wrong with her eyes.” Strix says as he crosses his arms and taps a finger against his beak. “There’s no life in them.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’ve seen people who have given up in life. Those who have accepted their lot in life, and wouldn’t refuse if death comes their way. She has the same look in her eyes. She might put up a mask of emotions, but there’s still something deep in her that she’s blocking out.”
“I’ve tried asking her, but she does not remember anything beyond a few days before my people found her.”
“Well,” he starts, straightening out his clothes, “I am not child psychologist, but perhaps she refuses to remember what happened. A mental barrier to stop herself from facing what happened to her... or her family.” He frowns. “I’ll check the census of nearby villages and towns to see if there has been any incidents or missing people.”
“Alright, thank you.”
“Ah yes, I would also like to invite you and Emils to my sons birthday.”
“What? Why?”
“My son has a rather... unique temperament. Frankly, I’m rather worried about him making friends, and perhaps Emils stoic nature might help.” He holds out an invite. “What say you?”
No. 884716 ID: 33cbe7

Oh, you're probably just surprised someone finally managed to rebuff you. Nothing's impossible with magic. Our ward is a perfectly normal albino forest rabbold. Perfectly normal.
Decline the offer - Emils is the center of a swirling vortex of chaos and he wouldn't want his son sucked into it.
No. 884719 ID: e3e99e

"I'm not sure Emils would be a good influence on your son, but we can attend."
No. 884720 ID: 8df643

(So the whole talk about the stink was done in ancient Avarian? Hah.)

First, reply with a small burn,
"It's unfortunate to hear that your son's childcare has been problematic as well. As you can see, childcare is not a simple thing."
And then accept his request,
"As you wish. But do remember that, as her guardian, I will have to watch carefully that she's not getting any sort of.. negative influence"
Also, ask him if his son speaks only ancient Avarian or something.
No. 884727 ID: dc91a0

Of course. It would probably be good for Emils as well.
No. 884747 ID: a62780

Kind of worrying that evidence seems to imply she's gone through trauma.
Anyway in regards to the party, maybe it would be good for both of them.
No. 884751 ID: dbf422

Emil's has a knack for languages. And there's currently no problems with attending the party, though who knows what the future holds.

Especially considering certain recent events that really need to be discussed with someone.
No. 884753 ID: b1b4f3

Alright. Emils could use the social activity as well.

Note to self: ask Emils how many languages she can speak. Research possible explanations for this ability.
No. 884773 ID: 3abd97

>“What say you?”
"Well, alright. I make no promises Emils won't eat him alive, though."
No. 884819 ID: dbf422

It's one of her starting skills that she's gifted with languages. Dunno if there's a hard cap, or if there's even a cap.
No. 884825 ID: b1b4f3

I meant Victoria should do that.
No. 884839 ID: dbf422

Oh okay.
No. 884864 ID: 166e1c

She may look serious but she did messed with her colleagues. Don't be so sure your son will have a stoic to serve as a role model, he may end up as a victim of an uncommon prankster.
No. 885403 ID: ea36cf

"I'll accept the invite." I said, taking it from him.
He grins in that annoying way that politions have when they get their way.
"I'm glad. And please find something nice for Emils to wear. I would hate to see her develop your tastes in fashion."
"Pardon?" I glare at him, I just know he insulted me somehow.
"I said I will look forward to your visit." He bows before leaving.
I said my goodbyes and he waves without turning around.

As I return into the house, Emils walks out of the bathroom.
"Where are your clothes?"
"They stink."
"That's not what I... I mean why aren't you wearing clothes?"
"They stink."
"Your clean clothes."
"They're in my room."

I press my hand over my forehead. I'm too tired for this.
"Emils, We've been invited to a birthday party. I need to get you some party dresses."
She tilts her head, "What's a birthday?"
No. 885404 ID: 33cbe7

A grim reminder of our mortality. Also they serve cake.
No. 885406 ID: dbf422

Hey, Vic, you should have Emils around more often when you have to talk to that guy. You'll get insulted less if he's understood by her.

"You know how you're supposed to wear clothes, right Emils? Try bringing clean clothes into the bathroom before you shower next time.

And of course you don't know birthdays... It's an annual, uh, celebration for the day someone was born, by family and friends. Really they're mostly for kids. Just a way to keep track of how old you are."
No. 885407 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure you ask Emils why she was in the sewers.
No. 885408 ID: dbf422

Oh right, that too.
No. 885409 ID: c983cf

A yearly celebration of our birth. Sometimes punctuated with gifts and pastry Foods.
No. 885410 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm this brings up an interesting point. When will Emils celebrate her birthday? Ask her when she considers her birth-date to be.

Also ask how many languages she knows.
No. 885418 ID: 3abd97

>What's a birthday
An annual celebration on the date someone was born.
No. 885423 ID: 6528d1

"Annual celebration of your first day of life.
In cases like yours we tend to celebrate the closest approximation, so it would be when you were found."
No. 885425 ID: ba56e6

A celebration of someone's life, held every year on the day they were born.
No. 885435 ID: 166e1c

No. 885439 ID: ee2d6e

This is pretty much the best one.
No. 887424 ID: ea36cf

"Birthdays are a grim reminder of how close we are to death. With cake."
I guide Emils to her room, to pick out something for her to wear. There's only one place I can get a proper dress tailored in such short notice. Cheaply.

"Back home, We'd celebrate at the end of the year. Everyone is given a gift by someone older. Giving a gift to someone older is typically between close family or friends. A celebration for them surviving another year."
I dry off Emils's fur as I remind her to wear underwear.
"In here, children are given birthdays when they reach the age of five, ten, and fifteen, and a final celebration when they reach 16, when they're an adult."

"So since I am 10, does that mean I am deserved 10 gifts? or two?"
I frown, "A gift is something close to the heart," I say, patting her chest, "It's something they need. Or if you can't think of something, at best it's something they want."
I help her put on her clothes, "A gift of needs means your thoughts are to their well being. It can be food, clothes, or training. It depends from person to person. There's little need for a child to have a weapon, but teaching them self discipline can aid them deeply. Likewise, a child living away from the city, closer to the wilderness, could benefit deeply from a weapon, either to hunt or just for self dense."

Emils seems to think about it before asking, "So whose birthday will I be attending? And will I need to provide a gift?"
I grab a bag before heading out, "We will be attending the 10th birthday of Silvia Strix Saron. He's the son of the Avaros you just saw. You needn't worry about a gift, since you two are not that familiar. I'll just grab something neutral you can pass off as a present."
"What's he like?"
"Ah... Mind you, I've only heard rumors. I am not sure if any of it is true. He's a rather eccentric boy. He was kind of a normal noble child, up to two years ago. Upright with a sense of noble justice or something like that. He was visiting the girl he was betrothed to, but there was... an accident."
"What kind of accident?"
"Hm. An explosion, if I remember right. He made it out okay, but his fiance had lost an arm and both her parents, while he lost his mother. Strix and his son changed a lot since then. Silvia became more recluse, pushing people away. I think Strix is trying to reintegrate his son to society with this party as an excuse."
I shake my head, "I'm not sure what he's like now, I'm not really a close part of the grand nobility here."

Emils nods, "I see. Perhaps I could talk to him before hand in order to pick of an appropriate gift?"
"That's nice of you, but unfortunately, he buried himself in his projects. Hardly anyone, even his own father, has seen him lately. He has a small laboratory somewhere in the city, if you want to look for him."
"Yeah. He picked up a hobby of item enchanting a few years ago. Same profession has his mother. Since the accident two years ago, he's been focusing hard on his enchanting. Ah, we're here."
The Theater, I grimace.
No. 887429 ID: b1b4f3

>Fiance lost an arm
I bet he's researching a way to give her a functional arm.

Oh boy time to visit your favorite person in the whole world. Maybe you can use Emils as a distraction if it comes to it. They haven't seen eachother in a while.
No. 887447 ID: 074011

>His mother > explosion > enchantment
This cannot possible go wrong.
No. 887449 ID: 166e1c

It would be rude to visit the neighborhood without meeting a certain someone.
No. 887455 ID: ba56e6

My guess is that he's trying to make a working prosthetic arm for Alice.
No. 887462 ID: dbf422

Who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky and this will be painless!
No. 887473 ID: 56e50f

Try not to make your disgust visible!
No. 887500 ID: 3abd97

>his fiance had lost an arm
>"I see. Perhaps I could talk to him before hand in order to pick of an appropriate gift?"
Well, assuming Alice is his fiance (how many one armed Avaros girls could there be nearby?), maybe Emils could talk to her to find out about him.

>The Theater, I grimace.
Maybe you can use Emils' powers of magical social awkwardness as a shield against your obnoxious ex?
No. 887527 ID: e3e99e

"I think it would be best to speak with his fiancee for more information, assuming the engagement has not been called off.
Alice blames herself, and if my guess is correct he does as well - would he, by any chance, be attempting to create an enchanted prosthetic arm?"
No. 887528 ID: 91ee5f

You forgot to ask Emils why she was in the sewers!
No. 889838 ID: 8df643

Relevant: >>/questarch/782321

Remind Emils to why we've decided to visit the theater now whereas the last time you told her it was off-limits.

Btw, why did you break up with your ex?
No. 889856 ID: ee2d6e

Pretty sure it was stated that said ex borrowed Vic's clothing.
No. 889922 ID: 8df643

Yes but that may not necessarily be the reason they broke up.
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