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File 150682938667.png - (81.46KB , 500x500 , 1.png )
833755 No. 833755 ID: 8e802d

CHAPTER 1 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/692327.html
CHAPTER 2 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/696969.html
CHAPTER 3 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/715522.html
CHAPTER 4 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/727645.html
CHAPTER 5 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/736166.html
CHAPTER 6 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/743488.html
CHAPTER 7 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/754011.html
CHAPTER 8 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/759736.html
CHAPTER 9 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/768999.html
CHAPTER 10 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/784444.html
CHAPTER 11 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/812307.html

WIKI :: http://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Little_Town_Called_Coxwette
DISCUSSION :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/103517.html

It's morning again in a little house called Coxwette.
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No. 833756 ID: 8e802d
File 150682940240.png - (41.32KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

Everyone's safe. Susanna should be here soon.

You should be happy.
No. 833757 ID: 2120ee

Can man find joy with a dick unsucked?
No. 833758 ID: be0718

This shower isn't filled to capacity.
Is it?
You should be conserving water right now you know.
By showering together.
No. 833760 ID: 792ea9

cheer up Chuck. Theres gotta be alot if contention brtween everyone in the house. Go and get some breakfast, and check up on everyone.
No. 833761 ID: a7dc7f

Please. Go. Fuck. Those. Poor. Girls.
No. 833763 ID: 5ca8f3

That's just your flesh wounds talking, you won't be in a good mood covered in stab wounds.

Either that or the creeping impression that this is your fault. Anyway don't use all the water, be sure to walk around the house in only a towel.
No. 833764 ID: 600f38

Find Marcie.
Re-boyfriend her.
No. 833765 ID: ae9b99

Maybe shower for 5 more minutes... maybe 10... maybe until the hot water runs out... or maybe longer than that.
No. 833770 ID: 8e802d
File 150683344749.png - (28.95KB , 500x500 , 3.png )

You shower for a while longer before walking out into the hall. It's just after noon. There are a few places you could go and people you could see right now.

a) see Ramona again
b) see Sophie
c) find Susanna
d) see the new person brought in by the police
e) find some new clothes
f) just go hit on someone >_
No. 833771 ID: 2474dd

B - Sophie! She must be wiped right out.
No. 833772 ID: 6cd6d0

No. 833773 ID: 15a025

No. 833775 ID: 7fad5d

The D has never led us astray, unlike the long game.
No. 833782 ID: 600f38

No. 833784 ID: ae9b99

No. 833785 ID: 5ca8f3

B. Don't get tetanus.
No. 833789 ID: 3ce125

B. Maybe apologize for getting Rita to her all full of holes.
No. 833792 ID: be0718

B, which is also F. Paging doctor love!
No. 833796 ID: 969610

No. 833798 ID: d6c8a6

No. 833802 ID: f5a07e

No. 833814 ID: 45c893

B then D
No. 833819 ID: 32d29a

Id say D first. New character. Probably important.
No. 833821 ID: 99f45d

E then D
No. 833829 ID: 9876c4

Initial D...!
No. 833830 ID: 1e7aa8

B, get those terrifying scars looked at.
No. 833831 ID: 9b8c8d


It's someone you don't know, is it?
No. 833837 ID: 100607

A = Relationship
B = Safety
C = Old Plot
D = New Plot
E = No Lewds
F = Lewds

F > The first person you encounter.
No. 833838 ID: 3cc68c

F > Rachel. I want to see how she's doing, anyway, what with the whole roofying thing.
No. 833839 ID: 4854ef

b) see Sophie
F) And hit on her.
No. 833841 ID: 8d4593

C or D
No. 833864 ID: 1f9ab0

No. 833865 ID: 1f9ab0

And ask her about Ramona
No. 833869 ID: 78717d

Aftermath on last night. Make sure Marcie recovered, Rita has no reservations on our moral standing, Rachel's aware of what Julia did to her and where she stayed, and that Julia hasn't burned the house down.

Since this isn't actually an option, F on Marcie, Rita, Rachel in that order.
No. 833873 ID: ee43ea

F) Rita
Thank her for saving your sorry ass, then ask her if Rachel's okay. Then hit on her.
No. 833887 ID: 064dbf

No. 833903 ID: 3993a6

Welcome the newbie with some nudity
No. 833905 ID: 3740b1

F yes
No. 833908 ID: bd5f23

No. 833921 ID: 3542b5

F for Rita then D to meet Harold Pal again.
No. 833948 ID: f9c3f2


No. 833957 ID: 5ab5f9

B - Sophie is a cute and I want to see her more outside of surgery
No. 833963 ID: f30be2

B and then F that B
No. 833964 ID: 0427e8
File 150691680082.png - (35.18KB , 500x500 , 4.png )

You walk down the hall to the room you saw Sophie in the night before, and knock on the door.

Sophie: "Come in."

She is standing near the bed, apparently in the process of cleaning the place up. She sighs deeply, and you can hear the anxiety rattling her chest.

Sophie: "You are injured."
No. 833968 ID: be0718

Hey, I'm still walking. You on the other hand, look dead on your feet.
Help her clean up and then do something to relax . footrubs?
No. 833969 ID: 3ce125

Tell her not to worry, you don't need stitches. Ask her how she's doing, that was a lot more work than normal for her, wasn't it?
I bet everyone's glad they have a skilled medic in town.
No. 833973 ID: a633c6

That's cool, chicks dig scars. I'm more worried about tetanus.
No. 833975 ID: ae9b99

"The top set of your eyes look surprised by my injuries, but the bottem set of your eyes looks depressed. Something wrong?"
No. 833977 ID: 91ee5f

>"You are injured."
"And you are tired."
No. 833982 ID: 600f38

"It's been a rough night for everybody, but we all survived.
My wounds are stable enough for you to get some sleep, although if you could spare a tetanus vaccine and some antibiotic cream I'd appreciate it."
No. 833983 ID: d887c0

"You should see the other guy."
No. 833984 ID: 35b819

Not too injured. Probably just needs disinfectant and a few stitches.
No. 833985 ID: 0427e8
File 150692007582.png - (33.92KB , 500x500 , 5.png )

Sophie crooks over and inspects the cuts on your stomach, mumbling to herself in half-English. She reaches out to touch one of the cuts, and you flinch.

Sophie: "Shallow linear incisions..."

Sophie: "No signs of infection."

She reaches into her bag, taking out a thermometer.

Sophie: "Open."

You oblige, and she places it under your tongue. Sophie walks behind you, touching one of your back wounds.

Sophie: "Oh..."

You: "What?"

Sophie: "More back puncture. Like before. I don't see injury like this..."

Sophie: "Not like bullet wounds. No shrapnel, no objects."

Sophie: "How this happen?"

You: "You have to see it to believe it. The same monsters that hurt Layla did this."

Sophie: "Layla haves sword wound. Blade cuts? Familiar to me. But this."

Sophie: "This like cat bite. Needs fast treatment before infection comes."

She reaches into the bag you brought from the warehouse and withdraws a couple of vials, followed by some fresh syringes from her bag.

Sophie: "No stitches needed. I'm going to give you..."

Sophie: "Penicillin and streptomycin. Injection daily until healing is underway."

You: "Wait, injection?"
No. 833986 ID: 0427e8
File 150692008865.png - (39.80KB , 500x500 , 6.png )

You: "Nnnnnnggggggg"

Sophie: "You baby."

Sophie: "I don't understand"

Sophie: "Soldiers charge in to battle, get ambush, shot, mortar, landmines, and they laugh"

Sophie: "But then they come to hospital"

Sophie: "and they afraid of needle."

She shakes her head, then gives your arm a gentle pat and prompts you to stand up again.
No. 833987 ID: 3ce125

So ask her if she's feeling okay. Rough night? Need any help relaxing?

Consider telling her about Susanna being immortal but using that fact to tank the reverends all night so she's gonna show up covered in blood, maybe. Also that the wounds on your back are from some kind of organic needle the revs stick you with and probably pump holy water into you in some super-ignorant attempt at purifying you.
No. 833988 ID: 91ee5f

"Well, the monsters didn't swing a sword at me. They instead hit me with needles on tentacles and tried to inject something into me. Really, they did."

"Well, I'm not really a soldier because I wasn't laughing when I was running around out there."

"You've been up all night, why don't you lay down and get some rest? I'll tell everyone to let you get some sleep for a few hours."
No. 833990 ID: 6cd6d0

Request sexual healing.
No. 833991 ID: ae9b99

"What made you think I'm a soldier?"
No. 833993 ID: daa216

Why not offer to give our doc a massage. Shes earned something nice. If she has the strength it might lead to fun.
No. 833994 ID: a633c6

The revrend jabbed me twice, at least then I didn't have to sit here and take it. He works a lot faster too.

You need some rest? Sorry, that sounded like a question; You should get some sleep.
No. 833997 ID: 2474dd

I also suggest massage. She needs to loosen up that stress.
No. 833998 ID: 600f38

"The monsters use giant needles. Killing is secondary to causing terror and suffering.
Maybe they think people taste better when they're afraid or something.

You need sleep, and I think I'm the last injured person. Anything I can do to help? A massage, maybe?"
No. 834000 ID: 3ce125

Oh hey you should stand up and "accidentally" drop your towel.
No. 834008 ID: 100607

Make a joke about your own needle.
No. 834011 ID: 3542b5

"you'd be afraid too if I jabbed you with my needle" I think she will see your point if you know what I mean..
No. 834015 ID: 9876c4

I don't want lewds yet.
No. 834017 ID: be0718

Thirding masseuse.
No. 834019 ID: d4516a

Give her a massage. Just help her relax for now, no need to try and take it too far. Could ask her if she'd like a happy ending afterwards, though.
No. 834022 ID: 1d63c1

Ask if anyone else has needed treatment and how they are doing. Layla looked like she was having a rough time when you dropped the medicine off.
No. 834025 ID: 78717d

Fifthing massage. While helping her out, ask if she has any information, opinion, or insight on the person Layla brought in, on the person we brought in (i.e. Julia), and then how Rachel, Rita, and Layla are doing.
No. 834026 ID: b9b4da

There's a couple of models of monster, so they might not all have natural weapons, but the one that's taken a fancy to you has a bunch of needle-tipped tentacles coming out of his back - likely related to something he did in life.

Now it's Sophie's turn for a checkup. No jabbing involved - unless she asks nicely for it.
No. 834067 ID: f66698

A massage is a good move, but chat her up a bit first. Ask her how she's coping with all the injuries and the fucked up situation. Once she expresses that she's tired and stressed, then you can work that chuck magic to get a massage going.
No. 834068 ID: 3ce125

Can you even give a spider a massage? She's got an exoskeleton.
No. 834069 ID: d4516a

I'm sure she'll appreciate the effort.
No. 834071 ID: b8d5aa

sophie's exhausted. don't make her give you a massage.

give HER a massage instead.
No. 834077 ID: 2a13fa

no massages
No. 834078 ID: 15a025

I'm sure Sophie would like a massage.
No. 834079 ID: 553474

Don't waste time with sex now. We can get to that later. Focus on the new person the cops brought.
No. 834080 ID: 41c9bc

No. 834081 ID: c2051e

Not this shit again.

Give her a massage, Chuck.
No. 834084 ID: 3cc68c

Surely we've got some time to relax first. The new person isn't going to go anywhere: they're behind bars.

Massage, see where that goes. If it goes nowhere, that's also fine - we're just here to chill for now.
No. 834093 ID: be0718

The buck stops here.
No. 834097 ID: 8d4593

Wanting to investigate a clearly placed plot point don't count as someone's personal long game, you rube.

That said, a message before-hand couldn't hurt.
No. 834099 ID: dd3b3c

I feel like there's better things we could be doing than trying to fug the bug again. By my count there's still 8 or 9 women on the cast that Chuck hasn't fucked yet, we could try for one of those instead. Alternatively, we still haven't made it to the promised land of snanal (snake anal).
No. 834100 ID: d4516a

It's just a massage - we can be friendly to girls without expecting anything in return.

I'd imagine she would be far too tired for the happy ending anyway.
No. 834110 ID: 0427e8
File 150698012922.png - (34.40KB , 500x500 , 7.png )

You are all bandaged up again.

You: "Thanks."

You: "Doc."

Sophie: "Ok. You are ok now."

You reach over to rub Sophie's shoulder, but she gracefully backs up and sits down on the edge of the bed.

You: "Is everything alright?"
No. 834111 ID: 0427e8
File 150698014455.png - (42.78KB , 500x500 , 8.png )

No. 834112 ID: 0427e8
File 150698015048.png - (44.13KB , 500x500 , 9.png )

No. 834113 ID: 0427e8
File 150698015630.png - (43.20KB , 500x500 , 10.png )

No. 834114 ID: 91ee5f

Remember, she told you that she was a doctor in a war before she came here. This is probably bringing up some bad memories for her.
No. 834115 ID: 100607

"There there. Why the tears? Did someone die?"
No. 834116 ID: d887c0

You hug and hold that spider right now, Charlemagne.
No. 834117 ID: be0718

Just sit down and have a listen.
No. 834119 ID: b88e47

"Talk to me."
No. 834120 ID: 9ec218

No. 834121 ID: d4516a

Sit next to her and hug her - carefully, as she might not appreciate it.

Given there's a good chance she's having a flashback, and that we're pretty sure no one in town was hurt too badly, this might not be the most tactful way to put it.

I vote just being quiet for now, instead: let's just have a moment to calm down. If she wants to talk about it, or thinks there's something we should know, she'll bring it up.
No. 834122 ID: 1d63c1

When the medic is upset and you don't know what's happened for the last couple hours at least, that is potentially a very bad sign. First priority is figuring out if the problem is with her or if something happened to one of the others.
No. 834123 ID: 5b93d3

No. 834124 ID: ee43ea

Offer a quiet shoulder to cry on.
No. 834125 ID: 2120ee

>Purposefully avoided touch
>People voting to hug her without permission

A+ strategy, folks.

Let's try some Chuck-tier dialogue: "Shit. Should I go sneak some of that booze now that Ramona doesn't need it?"

She has a sense of duty, is almost certain to decline, but fuck it it's not like she's likely to get mad at the offer, and it's a Chuck-esque one without being scumbag.
No. 834126 ID: d4516a

I think a potentially non-consensual hug is also pretty Chuck-esque, to be honest.
No. 834127 ID: 600f38

Sit down next to her.
Offer a hug, but don't touch her without permission.

Ask her if she wants to talk about it.
No. 834128 ID: 78717d

Sit next to her. "You need a shoulder, I'm here. My shirt's had way worse than tears on it."
No. 834129 ID: a633c6

Sit down next to her, wait for the situation to elucidate.
No. 834131 ID: be0718

Chuck's moves are on cooldown! He must wait 53 seconds before using an ability again.
Saying something is better than nothing, I guess.
No. 834132 ID: a7dc7f

No. 834133 ID: 15a025

Sit down and ask if something's up?
No. 834134 ID: d0bba6

No. 834135 ID: bb78f2

Just sit next to the bug and ask if she wants to vent or needs space.

You're up for either.
Then let her vent or leave per her request.
No. 834137 ID: 0427e8
File 150698439643.png - (51.06KB , 500x500 , 11.png )

You sit down next to Sophie and slowly embrace her. Her shoulders are bouncing and she is shivering from head to toe.

You: "Come on. Talk to me about it."

Sophie: "I"

She sobs once or twice.

Sophie: "I cannot let them see"

Sophie: "Is the door close?"

You: "It's closed. You can't let them see what?"

Sophie: "Cry."

Sophie: "I cannot show worries."

Sophie: "I am doctor. Only doctor."

You: "Hey. Come on now."

You: "I mean... you're not made of stone."

You: "It's alright to... uh... get worried. Sometimes."

Sophie: "NO."

Sophie: "Panic kills."

Sophie: "This is the nightmare of medical."

Sophie: "Drugs limited. Injured everywhere. Closed space."

Sophie: "Enemies surrounding."

Sophie: "I cannot show worry. If I show worry"

Sophie: "If I am not strong"

Sophie: "then..."
No. 834138 ID: 38c5b4

Sit down next to her, hand's width between you, and keep your hands visible on your lap. Just wait for her to let it out.
No. 834139 ID: 336308

Are you ALL forgetting the stink eye(s) she gave us for mackin' on Sally? This is quite likely about that given the [evasive sidle]. Make sure it isn't before we make any attempt at lewding the leggy.
No. 834140 ID: d4516a

"It's fine. No one's dead or too too badly hurt, right? You made sure of that. We'll get through this without it going much worse."
No. 834141 ID: 3cc68c

"Sometimes crying is being strong. You gotta let it out."
No. 834143 ID: 2120ee

"Hey. Hey now. We're all trapped in a timeless hell space full of monsters together, it's fine to let down your guard once in a while. Chances are we're all dead no matter what we do anyway. Except for the mayor, she probably can't die so she stays in perpetual torment forever."

Is what we should NOT say.
No. 834144 ID: be0718

...then you fake it 'til you make it. If there's one thing you know, it's acting. (And robbing banks. Two, two things you know.)
I think that's enough talk. Just hold her gently until she's finished.
No. 834145 ID: 33b7e7

Hey, crying is like... biology, right? You've got too much, uh, something, in your brain, and you produce tears to get rid of it. And it makes you feel better because of... chemicals? Hormones or something. I was the last person to come in, so, you're done with anything urgent for now, right? You have time to cry, and then you'll feel better.
No. 834147 ID: 100607

"Good doctors are strong. Great doctors are human beings."
No. 834154 ID: 91ee5f

>human beings.
>quest is populated by animal people.
No. 834157 ID: 600f38

"Being strong doesn't mean not showing weakness, it means doing what you need to do.
It also means knowing your limits, and keeping your focus off the problems that other people are working on.

Triage is over, everybody is alive, everybody is stable.
Most injuries are minor, and we're all recovering. There's work, but the most stressful part is over.

We need more medicine? Ok, write up an emergency order for what we need, and we'll get that sent.
We're not cut-off from supplies, they just might take a few days to get here.
A run to the train station is quick and safe, not like running around the whole damn town looking for people. We can do that without anybody getting hurt.
So all you need to do there is write up the order, and the rest of us will get you what you need.

Closed space? Yes, but it's a big space. There's still empty rooms here, so we're not exactly in cramped quarters. There's also an underground tunnel system going to the basement that they enemy may not know about. I'm going to look into that, but that's on me, not you.

Enemies surrounding? Yes, but they can't get in. They're magic bullshit, and we have magic bullshit to keep them out. It's a siege, but we have the advantage.
That's also not your job; that's Susanna's job.

I've been in worse situations before. Not MUCH worse, mind you, but worse. We're going to get through this."
No. 834160 ID: d887c0

"Sophie, you held it together and did a damn good job. Then you held in the tears. Now you're letting a friend comfort you. It's all okay."
No. 834162 ID: 1d63c1

Coxwette has consistently used the word human to refer to multiple characters, regardless of species.
No. 834166 ID: daa216

I think shes more or less telling the truth about being afraid for our situation. Hold her for now. Be her rock and let her cry. If she makes a move go with it.
No. 834169 ID: 66f73d

Is it just me, or are people in this town kind of... whiney? I'm not saying to tell Sophie this, but her reaction seems a little disproportionate to the situation. Could this have something to do with the curse on the town?
No. 834170 ID: d4516a

I wouldn't say 'whiney', just that everyone here has a lot of baggage. Sophie, for instance, is a veteran and this whole thing probably reminds her of some bad times.

Hell, applies even to Chuck, what with his whole child star thing.
No. 834173 ID: a633c6

Don't worry, the mayor will be back soon, then people will look to her to keep order. You shouldn't have to worry about that, just make sure everybody is patched up, okay?
No. 834178 ID: bb78f2

That weight sounds very painful to hold. You have a chance to breath here. To cry. These walls are thick and old.
No. 834180 ID: deec6e


Hold steady. Doctors see a lot of shit, and they usually have to bottle it up. And this one's been to a bad war, so she's probably experiencing some old trauma on top of her current stress. Help her through it.

"Then nothing. You're fine, and everyone's hero. You're doing good. A little cry isn't ruining anything. Nobody's panicking - if most folks saw you now they'd just be awkward and a little sad, because you're a great person and the town loves you for what you've done for them and if they were here they'd want you to know that it's not on you to save us all, but thank you and bless you for trying. You're good people."

Give her a little time.

"I'm not the best person to say this - but you're not alone in this. If us layfolks can do anything to help, then tell us. If it's a moment of space - if it's a helping hand, a wannabe nurse to mentor, a shoulder to cry on, an asshole to rant at, anything - there's folks out there who'd jump at helping you, in whatever way they can. Heck, might be good for a few folks to get a little first-aid mentoring in our downtime - gives both them and you something else to think about. But, uh, don't feel like you gotta. Just do it if you feel you're up to it, and you think it might offload that magnificent sense o' responsibility of yours a little. Not suggesting you pile stress on stress here. Just... strong means a lot of things. Sometimes strong is knowing you're just one person and you can't possibly deal with all the shit that's going on alone."

Consider the wisdom of your friend becoming a helping hand/nurse to the doc.
No. 834193 ID: 2474dd

It's just you. Sophie wears a lot of hats, here and everyone in the town has heavy baggage.
No. 834194 ID: 3ce125

Well from the medical dramas I've seen this is basically normal. Tell her it's alright, the situation isn't that bad. There's only three reverends, while you've got two men with guns and an immortal snake dryad-witch who will probably get the town warded again within a couple days.
No. 834231 ID: f66698

Let her know it's ok to let it out. Things aren't as bad as they seem, everyone made it back and she kept things together here admirably. Everyone who needs treatment has been treated, and now she has a moment to just sit and process.

So let her, tell her she did good and she can rest for now.
No. 834237 ID: 8c51fa

"Just let it out. Holding it in never did me any good."
No. 834292 ID: 62f1df

Tell her she's allowed to cry. She's done a bang-up job so far, she can let off steam every now and then. There's nothing wrong about crying or feeling overwhelmed. She's not just a doctor, she's also one of the townspeople, just like Layla, Lisa, or Angela. They're all human beings and so is she.
No. 834371 ID: d36af7

>only doctor
Then make sure you're not pushing yourself too hard, heading for a burn-out. Drink plenty of water, catch up on sleep when the situation's relatively stable. Recruit some nurses, by which I mean figure out who else around here has enough first aid training or just plain common sense that you can delegate some of the medical work to them.

>Enemies surrounding
We know a lot about the enemy. There's only three of 'em, real easy to distract or lure into ambushes, they haven't got guns, wouldn't know how to use 'em if they did, and they fall down just fine when they get hit. Only tricky part is getting them to stay down. Most important is they haven't actually got us properly surrounded. You need more drugs, or other supplies? Write up a shopping list, I'll run over to the train station and it'll all come in with the next load of mail.
No. 834385 ID: 633a72

They may not have guns, but you don't need one when you can throw harpoons through glass panes with deadly accuracy.
No. 834386 ID: 0427e8
File 150710280969.png - (29.81KB , 500x500 , 12.png )

Sophie wipes the tears from all four of her eyes and scoots closer to you.

You: "You've been putting up with a lot lately, but everything's fine now."

You: "It's healthy to vent"


You: "Right?"

You: "I mean, you're the doctor, not me"

Sophie nods.

You: "Have you thought about maybe training an assistant? When there's time."

Sophie nods.

Sophie: "Geoff"

Sophie: "Geoff said he would do anything he can"

Sophie: "to"


The doctor has fallen asleep.
No. 834388 ID: 3ce125

Hrmph. It's like Marcie again. Except this time she has a better excuse, she's been up all night. Get her in bed and put some clothes on so you can go see who the prisoner is.
No. 834393 ID: a633c6

Tuck her in, snug as an arachnid in a rug. Let her sleep in her clothes, it's not like you'll get them off while she's sleeping- I mean she's got six arms.

And don't start getting mad because that poofter is playing the nice guy. He couldn't make a move if he was playing checkers- besides, this town doesn't need any more problems.
No. 834394 ID: ae9b99

First geoff is trying to get Lisa, now Sophie. silently get angered that Geoff is trying to get closer to Sophie now.
No. 834400 ID: 62f1df

Tuck that bug in a rug then go see Layla to inquire about her condition and about the prisoner.
No. 834401 ID: 100607

Tuck her in. Nothing more to do here.

I vote to go see Rita, to apologize about last night, or Julia, to check if she's fitting in. Whoever you come across first.
No. 834403 ID: f66698

Man Chuck, it must be exhausting to be the alpha for this crazy pack of people. Go find and hit on Rita. Or Lisa. Or both.

After you put Sophie in bed.
No. 834411 ID: 9b8c8d

Tuck her in, go out to see what's going on.
No. 834412 ID: be0718

Tuck her in and kiss her goodnight.

Quest added x2: Kill Geoff
See Layla.
No. 834413 ID: 3cc68c

As others have said, in tuck the spider.

Then go out and check on how Rita's doing. Ask her about Julia first, make sure she hasn't started a lynch mob, then check on Julia too.
No. 834414 ID: 21cc9a

Go see what Rachel's up to. She was a bit buzzed yesterday, no one much cared that her personal space was invaded in several different ways, best check on that now.
No. 834415 ID: 91ee5f

Tuck her into bed and make sure you tell everyone to not disturb her so that she can get some sleep!
No. 834416 ID: 3d2268

Speaking of all this tucking, who tucked YOU in last night? Or did they leave you in that god awful position all night?
No. 834422 ID: b9b4da

Tuck the spider in bed and finish her cleanup. if the room has one of those Do not Disturb hangers, hang it up. Otherwise use a sock.
Then, go find Rita and do lewd things together.
No. 834427 ID: f3c9e3

Time to get back and Geoff for trying to get close to Sophie and make himself loom better. Him volunteering is all optics to make himself look better than you.

Tuck Sophie in and then wash your hands of her. She's fucking nuts.
No. 834432 ID: 8d4593

Lol the Drool tho.
Yeah I guess we can't kill him now. We still need to fight him sometime though. FOR HONOR!
No. 834440 ID: 600f38

Tuck her in, and go see Marcie.

Or just seduce Geoff and tap dat ass.
Isn't Geoff going after Lisa anyway?
No. 834467 ID: 064dbf

Cute. Lay her down and get her a blanket. Now that we're all patched it's time we finally scored with Sally. Go find the cute dog girl and get her alone.
No. 834468 ID: b9b4da

You mean the puppess we potentially got pregnant?
No. 834480 ID: d0bba6

We fucked sally long ago, if that was your concern.
No. 834488 ID: 9b8c8d

Could always fuck her again. Or otherwise see how she's doing.

We've got others to check on first, though.
No. 834503 ID: 064dbf

Oh right. Ch 9, we had a broken condom. Alright, well onto the next conquest. We've still got a lot of girls to seduce for our harem. I suggest Rita or Ellen, unless we're feeling bold enough to go after Layla.
No. 834504 ID: 42f1df

Layla's arm is fucked.

It's time to bag a beavress.
No. 834505 ID: 0427e8
File 150714739320.png - (32.57KB , 500x500 , 13.png )

You carefully form Sophie into a burrito, then place her on the bed to sleep. You contemplate beating up Geoff, but you're not sure. Where in this house will you go next?
No. 834510 ID: 2474dd

No no. You don't beat up Geoff. You bang his sister, then you bang him so it's like his sister is indirectly fucking him up the ass. Then you tell him this.
No. 834511 ID: c2051e

Let's go see how fuckable the new prisoner is.
No. 834513 ID: 3ce125

Get some dang clothes on.
No. 834514 ID: be0718

Making more injuries is making more work for Sophie. Go see Lisa instead and get your flirt on properly. Oh, and maybe be there to greet Sus Anna when she returns.
No. 834515 ID: 0d45a9

Check in with Susanna, we haven't seen her since last we finished getting everyone to the plath house. Let's get the crisis situation resolved before banging people.

Also, you know Geoff is just trying to be helpful, right? Kinda like you helped people by running around last night. You can be proud of that, because of the sheer risk involved, you know?
No. 834521 ID: ae9b99

Wear some clothes already.
No. 834527 ID: 9b8c8d

Need to resolve the more urgent stuff before getting to bang people. Check how Susanna is going, then Rita and Rachel and Julia.

Strongly disagree. Strut around nude - surely no one can complain seeing more of The Legend in these trying times.
No. 834528 ID: 100607

Don't wear clothes. Go find Rita.
No. 834533 ID: b0c52e

Well there's supposedly someone new about.
So go find them and hit on them.
No. 834537 ID: 1d63c1

Track down the po-po. We need to find out more about this prisoner, plus checking in on Layla might help get us in her good books.
No. 834538 ID: da1652

might as well see about this 'prisoner'
maybe its that turtle..
No. 834542 ID: 7fdff4

Get some pants on, if nothing else. So people know not to punch you in your guts.

Check on the snayor.
No. 834543 ID: 9876c4

Strongly in favor of doing something useful, or meeting new peeps.

Strongly against doing status checks on randos. If there's a problem, yo we'll solve it.
No. 834563 ID: 35b819

I second this motion, but with the ammendment that we fuck them both at the same time. For efficiency's sake, clearly.
No. 834565 ID: f66698

The fact this entire scene took place with Chuck wearing a towel is hilarious.
No. 834616 ID: 47b4e4

Don't beat up Geoff, destroy him by banging Lisa and arranging to have him walk in on you, bonus points if you time it so he's just in time for the cumshot
No. 834617 ID: d7ffff

Enough with Geoff, we don't want a cycle of revenge that would last in our old ages like Ramona and Susanna.

Make-up sex is the solution to all problems. So is threesomes, now that I remember it.
No. 834619 ID: 0427e8
File 150718938082.png - (51.46KB , 500x500 , 16.png )

Before you go downstairs, you decide to get dressed. You go to the attic, unaccustomed to seeing it partially illuminated by rays of daylight through the windows. Curiously, you find a decent footlocker of nineteenth century clothing that fits you nearly perfectly.

PAPER DOLL. Please draw on a 19th century outfit for Chuck!
No. 834623 ID: b8d5aa
File 150719122387.png - (44.03KB , 500x500 , dapper cat edit.png )

No. 834625 ID: 100607
File 150719341781.png - (54.39KB , 500x500 , wig.png )

Unfortunately, a barrister wig was all Chuck could find. But it should be enough for him to not feel naked anymore!

(sorry, I couldn't draw the front)
No. 834630 ID: d4516a

I can't draw for shit, but cowboy hat and a duster.
No. 834635 ID: be0718

A heavy wool grey uniform. Down with the eagle and up with the cross!
No. 834637 ID: 8a204b
File 150720894959.png - (39.28KB , 500x500 , blsdhk.png )

Frock Coats for everyone!
No. 834643 ID: 9876c4

This isn't bad, although I think lighter pants would blend better.
No. 834644 ID: 8b4f18
File 150721687395.jpg - (61.00KB , 500x500 , 19thCenturyFASHION.jpg )

even comes with a corset
No. 834647 ID: 3542b5

I like this for how ridiculous it is, can we have this but with a tophat?
No. 834650 ID: 009240

backing this, would draw myself but i don't have any drawing programs to use...
No. 834651 ID: 33b7e7
File 150722400566.png - (32.44KB , 500x500 , cats_need_not_apply.png )

Please, everyone. Chuck is a man of class. Lower class.

Seriously though, Chuck, the upper class fancies aren't your style. Rogueish workman, that's the ticket. Besides, how many ladies are into formal gentlemen, versus how many can be moved by a charming rolled-sleeved scallywag? Breathes well, easy to move in. Takes a bit of wear and stain without losing the core appeal. Easy to take off and put on again swiftly. Gotta consider your needs, my friend. Gotta anticipate. I think this is what you want.
No. 834652 ID: d4516a

This is good.

Still needs a cowboy hat, though.
No. 834653 ID: a633c6

I like this, but I'm not sure if chuck would wear a bowtie.
No. 834655 ID: fdb134

i like this one just for how ridiculous it is
No. 834656 ID: af04a0

No. 834657 ID: ee43ea

This. Go prance about in front of Geoff. See if you manage to make him assert his sexuality one way or another.

Or this, I suppose, if we must be serious.
No. 834661 ID: eef56a


No. 834663 ID: fad553


OOH, this one!
No. 834664 ID: a43366

I vote this.
No. 834673 ID: 0427e8
File 150723123695.png - (47.75KB , 500x500 , 17.png )

You put on some geek's rail worker getup. It fits you perfectly, right down to the hat size over your ears! You feel your mid-Adlannic accent growin thicka as ya put it awn, hon.
No. 834674 ID: 0427e8
File 150723124907.png - (17.45KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

Hm. You hear the hum of voices downstairs growing louder. You decide to see what's going on.
No. 834675 ID: 0427e8
File 150723127992.png - (64.17KB , 500x500 , 15.png )

As you reach the bottom of the stairs, you feel a short-lived panic at the sensation of fresh, outside air drafting in through the den. Someone is opening the front door! With a few seconds delay, the whole town (sans Ramona and Sophie) starts to cheer. Susanna is standing in the doorway, leaning on her sword.
No. 834676 ID: 2fe26a

Move ta catch her, she looks like she's gawna fall ova hon.
No. 834677 ID: 1ac0b5


Well get her something to cover up with already, shes probably all cut up and naked.

She probably also needs to he invited in before ahe can actually enter, but check with her if she thinks that will also break the wards keeping the reverends out
No. 834678 ID: 3ce125

Get a towel or a robe, she's gonna be naked and covered in blood.
No. 834680 ID: 100607

Go hug her.
No. 834681 ID: 0d45a9

Agreed. Also seriously, she was out all night? I thought Lisa told her that the coast was clear hours ago.
No. 834682 ID: ae9b99

Where were tha applause for ya after ya rescued everyone?
No. 834683 ID: 33b7e7

oh dang was she out in the sun

Mentally prepare for her to look pretty damn fucked up

Get her a blanket or something
No. 834684 ID: d4516a

Grab a blanket, go and prepare to wrap her into a sad burrito as she falls.
No. 834685 ID: 2474dd

Genre-savviness says she's already dead. Be prepared for the worst.
No. 834690 ID: 600f38

Grab a blanket and wrap her up.
"Everybody's safe. Everybody's ok."
No. 834691 ID: 9876c4

No more burritoes, only feels now.
No. 834725 ID: be0718

Duh, she's the living dead.
Giver her a hug of emotional and physical support.
No. 834727 ID: 91ee5f

You mean someone punched her in all of her pressure points and she's about to explode?!
No. 834735 ID: daa216

One vote for getting her something to cover up with. Maybe also get her something to drink.
No. 834738 ID: a633c6

She's clearly unwell to some degree, might want to get in close and get her covered up before everybody sees her like that.
No. 834750 ID: 2474dd

Maybe? Or she's pumped full of water and about to explode.
No. 834755 ID: c825f4

Don't ask her if she's okay, ask if she can infact enter the manor and if she needs/wants anything.
No. 834756 ID: 064dbf

Ah yeah. Chuck looking good. Let's go hit on the naked Susanna while also showing off our new outfit.
No. 834758 ID: 2a13fa

make sure she is both okay and not dangerous and then do this.
No. 834761 ID: 9876c4

"Snake, try to remember the basics of CQC."
No. 834765 ID: bb78f2

I think you're gonna get the vote this year, Ma'am, it's a shoe in.
No. 834811 ID: ae9b99

Whatever words of dialog you say, Chuck, please say it in your mid-Adlannic accent.
No. 834817 ID: 48c234

If she needs to be invited in, remember to do so BY NAME, filtering out any impostors.
No. 834822 ID: 91ee5f

I don't see how that's possible, since the Reverends have been shown to be able to only mimic voices and not appearances.
No. 834828 ID: d0bba6

How about we don't take that risk now?
No. 835124 ID: 0427e8
File 150744988924.png - (50.69KB , 500x500 , 19.png )

Susanna is struggling to breathe, her body covered in cuts and lacerations, but she is very much alive. She is squinting tightly, the daylight evidently harming her eyes.

Penny: "Alright, someone bring her inside. Get a blanket and some water! Hurry!"

Susanna shakes her head. She tries to speak, but her voice is only a feeble wheeze.

I can't come in, she mouths.

I can't come in.
No. 835125 ID: 3ce125

Yeah like a couple people pointed out, the house is warded against her in addition to the reverends. Give her the blanket anyway, then go ask Ramona how to get her indoors.
No. 835126 ID: 1e5fc1

Give her a blanket immediately.

At the same time, look into her eyes and ask what she needs to come in. A magic invitation? Must it come specifically from Ramona?
No. 835127 ID: 100607

Tell someone to bring Ramona while you take care of Susanna.
No. 835128 ID: a633c6

Yes, carnal speech would be useful right now. Get her wrapped up and sat down.
No. 835129 ID: ae9b99

Carnal speech time again? alright, if we have ta.
No. 835134 ID: c31aac

"Get Ramona, this is weird magic stuff and she's important for that!"
No. 835138 ID: d4516a

Get her a blanket, try to get her to lie down to your hands, and yell at someone to tell Ramona and open the way.
No. 835139 ID: 3fb646

"Blanket, water, Ramona and some sunglasses, pronto!"
Sit with her outside until she can come in.
No. 835143 ID: 87364d

Seems like everyone has the right idea. Mercy for the snek lady. She just survived 12+ hours of hand to hand combat with immortal freaks to save everyone in town including Ramona.
No. 835150 ID: 56c772

Go wrap your arms around her and take the weight off her legs. Maybe help her to the ground so she can stop standing.
"Sally, can you try inviting Susanna in?
Lisa, get blankets. Rita, get water and a bit of salt and sugar - she's dehydrated and gotta have salt depletion.

This is magic bullshit. We need Ramona here - Naz, help Geoff bring her."
No. 835156 ID: fdb134

what a badass. I'm assuming it's daytime, so maybe it's safe to go outside now? Might want to start bandaging those cuts too (though they look pretty damn cool)
No. 835160 ID: 9876c4

Let's test a theory.

Sally, invite the mayor in.
No. 835161 ID: 2474dd

Give it a shot having Sally invite her in, but in the meantime -- blanks, water, cover Susanna the hell up. Whatever she is, the sunlight hurts.
No. 835189 ID: f70f10

oh right. vampire.
someone get a Plath and get them to tell her she may come in!
No. 835274 ID: 2474dd

Many fae can't abide the sun and only dance in the moonlight. Vampires, Dullahan, and others were all original in fae classification before terminology like 'undead' was added. That's why Drac was originally killed with a Bowie knife (and a Kuri - cold iron), not a wooden stake.

So who knows.
No. 835300 ID: be0718

Fetch Sally to try inviting her in. In the meantime, bring those things out for her! Grab a chair, at least.
No. 835311 ID: 0427e8
File 150753588728.png - (58.05KB , 500x500 , 20.png )

You urge Sally to invite Susanna in, and she nervously walks toward the door. Geoff heads upstairs to get supplies for Susanna and to summon Ramona. Sally just stands there and stares at the mayor for a bit.


Sally: "Come in. Susanna."

Susanna leans against the door frame, then extends her arm inside. Her hand immediately goes limp as it passes over the threshold, then falls back down to her side.
No. 835315 ID: 3ce125

I'm not interested in finding out what happens if we drag her inside.
Go on out there and watch for reverends. You can alert the others if one shows up... uh, where are the guys with the guns?
No. 835316 ID: 100607

Go hug Susanna to make her wait easier.
No. 835317 ID: 2474dd

OK, not gonna work. And we don't wanna screw with the warding.

Get something to cover Susanna with.
No. 835327 ID: 33b7e7

Put a blanket over her to get the sun off while you wait on all these attempts already.
No. 835329 ID: be0718

Carry a fainting couch outside for her.
No. 835331 ID: 600f38

This is going to be REALLY stupid magic bullshit, isn't it. Like we're going to have to choose between letting her in and keeping the reverends out.
Go out and help support her weight.
No. 835332 ID: 8ec9ea

Get her a blanket and ask if she wants food/a hat/anything.
No. 835345 ID: d36af7

She can come into the courtyard, right? Surrounded by Plath House on three sides? Haul a chair or something out there onto the porch, then start planning how to fortify and/or magically ward the courtyard's open side. Steal an appropriate length of razor-wire-topped fencing from the distillery, maybe.
No. 835346 ID: ae9b99

the burnt one to be precise.
No. 835461 ID: 388849

Is the invitation enough to let her in or do we have to go through some weird bullshit magic ordeal?
No. 835488 ID: e4abb2

Restating this.
No. 835489 ID: 3ce125

Geoff went to go get those things.
No. 835494 ID: a633c6

Carnal speech, methinks.
No. 835502 ID: b62a1b

maybe give her blue agate
No. 835511 ID: 8c51fa

Sally should go tell Ramona that Susanna's been fighting monsters all night and she needs to get into the mansion for shelter. If Ramona can't let her in while she's not in earshot then she could try writing a note.

Stay with her and comfort her while she waits. Someone should bring some water out for her, too.
No. 835535 ID: 8a204b

We've got almost a dozen people here. Start delegating.

One person go fetch Ramona and let her know that Susanna is at the door and needs to be let in.

One person go get a blanket.

Another go get water.

Yet another try to find some sunglasses.
No. 835605 ID: a363ac

hug brave snek
No. 835668 ID: d9cd96

Hug the precious snek. Shield her body from the sun.
No. 835670 ID: f66698

Seriously, hug her. Not cause she needs to feel better, not because it'd cover her, not because you are a horndog, because she's going to fall over.
No. 835684 ID: 8c51fa

Potential problem: Ramona might not be able to let her in unless it's in person. If that's the case, we don't want anyone to try and drag her out of bed. You could help Susanna up to her bedroom window and let her in that way. You might need to pull her up with a rope.

Another potential problem is that Ramona might not want to let her in because of distrust, but we really need to all work together now. If that's the case, Chuck could say that he'll stay outside to help her until Ramona lets her in the house, because I don't think he wants either of them getting hurt any more.
No. 835823 ID: 62f1df

Makes sense.
No. 836073 ID: 52fbb5

Pls...hug snek
And get her a blanket and some sunglasses. Maybe a robe or something while we're at it?
No. 836192 ID: 9876c4

I'm still salty over being almost evicted. Let her twitch.
No. 836232 ID: 2474dd

Some people are still salty that snanal was ruined by 20 questions. Chuck and Susie are currently heroes, don't try to ruin it please. We benefit nothing from it.
No. 836566 ID: 0db359
File 150796480799.png - (45.87KB , 500x500 , 21.png )

Geoff brings Susanna a blanket and a glass of water. Susanna takes a long drink, then wraps herself up in the cloth. Her voice sounds much clearer now.

Susanna: "The owner of the house"

She goes into a fit of coughing.
No. 836567 ID: 0db359
File 150796481713.png - (13.77KB , 500x500 , 22.png )

As much as you generally dislike Susanna, you do not like seeing her like this.

You: "What happens if we bring her-"

Before you can finish the thought, everyone turns around. The step at the top of the stairs creaks.
No. 836568 ID: 0db359
File 150796483093.png - (12.10KB , 500x500 , 23.png )


Ramona: "Come in, Susanna."
No. 836570 ID: 3ce125

Alright, boss ladies. What's next? Giant orgy out of spite? Or do we focus on boring things like getting the ward on the town back up?

Also susanna do you need medical attention or will those wounds just close up on their own? Sophie is totally wiped out and asleep at the moment.
No. 836571 ID: 0db359
File 150796555617.png - (12.19KB , 500x500 , 24.png )

Susanna hesitates at first, cautiously lifting her foot over the threshold. By the time she works up the courage to enter completely, Ramona is standing in the den.


Susanna: "I heard you had"

Susanna: "a bit of a probablem with drinking."

Ramona: "I did."


Susanna: "I'm glad"

Susanna: "I'm glad you're ok."

Ramona glares at her, taking a small sip from her brandy.

Ramona: "I'm glad you're ok, too."
No. 836573 ID: 100607

Looks like they'll need a bit of encouragement.

Step in and pull them close, "Looks like you two both played a big role in making sure everyone is safe, huh? It's nice to see you two working together like that!"
No. 836577 ID: daa216

Ask what the next plan of action is. The whole town cant just stay here forever, how do we make it so the reverends go back to being unable to enter buildings?
No. 836579 ID: a633c6

Don't say anything unless you need to play peacekeeper.

We're going back to the warehouse and down the hole- and we're not asking anybody for permission.
No. 836580 ID: ae9b99

right, lets not get involved with this. Lets see the prisoner.
No. 836587 ID: 9b8c8d

Let's give them the time to talk them out. If we're needed, they'll come find us.

Since everyone seems to be here, check on whether they're all in a good shape. Rita and Rachel especially.
No. 836590 ID: 3fb646

"Alright ladies, we need to get comfortable and think of a way to get our town back."
No. 836593 ID: 52fbb5

Rachel seemed pretty fucked up on whatever Julia gave her.
No. 836595 ID: 33b7e7

"The two of you saved our collective asses. We're ALL glad you're BOTH ok. Right everyone?"

Being the focus of positive attention from a large group of people generally makes people feel either awkward or happy or both, and either way being in that spot together should help break the ice between them a bit.

Let's not sit down to the big problem-solving group debate quite yet, Susanna needs time to rest. After a moment, take Ramona aside, ask her if she's sure she's feeling alright, then toss a few ideas back and forth with her. Susanna has issues and is generally hard to get through to, so make it easier on yourself by practicing what you're going to say.

Check if there's any of that Carnal Speech juice they made left over, too.
No. 836602 ID: 600f38

Let them talk it out in private.
No. 836603 ID: 62f1df

No. 836611 ID: be0718

Now kiss.
No. 836616 ID: 0db359
File 150800157692.png - (10.38KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

You decide to let these two old ladies settle things amongst themselves. In the meantime, you have a house full of much younger ladies you could spend time with.

That being said, you WILL come back to check on Susanna and Ramona in a little while. You could go to your bedroom, another specific place in the house, or to see someone in particular.
No. 836618 ID: be0718

Visit Julia. Bunt the bun.
No. 836623 ID: 100607

No. 836624 ID: eef56a


Find Rachel (and maybe also lisa, though she'll probably be there) and get her take on last night's events now that she's presumably lucid. She knows more about what's going on than any other available person, and also maybe you can rub your dick on her and/or lisa.
No. 836628 ID: 600f38

Sure, ok. Lets see how she's holding up in a house with cops that dgaf she's there.
No. 836634 ID: 2120ee

Geoff. Just thinking about him in that nurse outfit has you distracted.
No. 836638 ID: 2474dd

I'll back this one up just because it's different. Let's see where it goes.
No. 836639 ID: 9876c4

A vote against Geoff is vote for freedom.

Voting for freedom.
No. 836645 ID: 3ce125

Go talk to Rita. She needs to keep mum about Julia and she seems like the type that might be receptive to your charms too.
No. 836649 ID: a633c6

See how Rita's holding up.
No. 836651 ID: 3d86a0

No. 836653 ID: 5767a6

No. 836656 ID: 33b7e7

You have not seen nearly enough of Layla. Check in on her and it'll double as checking Julia's not in trouble.
No. 836658 ID: 9b8c8d

A vote for Rita. We need to make sure Julia's not getting to trouble, and Rita is the first one to look into for that, since she's the only one who actually got to talk with Julia while we were there.

We should also check on how Rachel is doing and get her up to date on things, but Rita first.
No. 836659 ID: 8d4593

No. 836665 ID: 7ca3a3

No, Geoff is a gay nerd. Go get Lisa or Rita to get revenge on him.
No. 836666 ID: 064dbf

Ellen or Rita.
No. 836669 ID: b93a7b

No. 836670 ID: daa216

Go see Rita. See how shes holding up from your adventure last night.
No. 836676 ID: 600f38

Yeah, he's a gay nerd. That's kinda, you know, the POINT.
Find Naz and have her watch you pound his ass.
No. 836680 ID: f0580b

Hell yea, let's fuck Geoff in his new nurse outfit!
No. 836682 ID: 91ee5f

No. 836683 ID: bcac0b

go to bed, and see who comes to you.
No. 836684 ID: d9cd96

Screw Geoff. Do it. Acknowledge that boys in nurse outfits turn you on and that you realized this when surrounded by girls.
No. 836687 ID: 36295c

Go see Layla, she's injured and probably in need of a pick me up.
No. 836693 ID: 90f3c0

Time to make up with Geoff. By fucking.
No. 836694 ID: ee43ea

Go see Rita first, as we'll want to make sure she's all right after previous night and we might want to talk about Julia and Rachel with her too.

But think of some uncomfortably realizing thoughts about Geoff on the way. Consider speaking of that subject with his sister as well, since we're going to see her anyhow.
No. 836702 ID: 6dbb34

I vote Geoff for more than obvious reasons
No. 836704 ID: be0718

Actually, visit Rita. If getting revenge on Geoff is our priority, so be it.
No. 836705 ID: 3cc68c

We can't take vengeance on Geoff by fucking him - he'd just enjoy it! It'd lead to the exact opposite of what we want!

Let's go see Rita instead. We know we love fucking ladies, and we're reasonably sure Geoff will be annoyed by us fucking his sister.

Also there's plot stuff to talk about with her, if anyone cares.
No. 836711 ID: bb78f2

Ok, guys, the thing about gay sex is that it requires lube and probably an enema. IT requires prep work.

Do we HAVE lube and enema? Otherwise with Geoff it's just going to be oral or 69'ing.
No. 836717 ID: 9dc26d

Chuck should sit on the roof again
No. 836720 ID: 0d45a9

I'd say check in with Rita, since she did run all by herself to get help for you last night.
No. 836723 ID: 15a025

Check up on Rachel.
No. 836725 ID: 600f38

Naw, we just stick into Lisa to get it all slicked up, then go to pound down on Geoff.
No. 836738 ID: f65b48

How about not doing anything remotely sinful that will attract the attentions of a bunch of revenant puritans.
No. 836743 ID: 2474dd

They can't get in. This is probably the part of the story where we get a breather in before things go to shit, don't wreck it.
No. 836755 ID: 52fbb5

T h i s.
I'm all for apologizing to Geoff, and getting some bi Chuck in, but keep it in our pants for once.
No. 836817 ID: 7673a4

You misunderstand. We aren't apologizing to Geoff, we're teaching him a valuable lesson.

My vote goes to letting Geoff know that if you act like a bitch, then you get made our bitch.
No. 836820 ID: 1a95ea


We still need to wrap up previous night, and Rita was not only the one lucid and intelligent person besides us present, but we need to thank her for getting us out of there at all. A lot to talk about.

Feel free to have uncomfortable feelings about Geoff in a nurse outfit while we go, though. Maybe even dare to consider whether our grudge with him was kind of petty and that whether it'd be the time to bury the hatchet now.
No. 836845 ID: 0db359
File 150809011928.png - (10.47KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

You will have to hold back your urge to beat up Geoff once again, but you will pay a visit to his sister.
No. 836846 ID: 0db359
File 150809013421.png - (10.11KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

Rita has taken a seat on one of the big ass-shaped sofas in front of the fireplace in the den. She is dressed in one of the many complimentary bath robes that Sally handed out from a large linen closet.

You: "How are you holding up?"

Rita looks tired, but better than she had the previous night. She holds out one of her bandaged feet.
No. 836847 ID: 0db359
File 150809014535.png - (6.13KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

Rita: "Sophie patched me up, but it still hurts."

Rita: "I didn't think I could feel more caged up than I did working at the post office. Knowing we can't leave the house is going to be a challenge."
No. 836848 ID: 100607

"Wanna do something to take your mind off of the pain?"
No. 836849 ID: eef56a


gently grab foote
No. 836852 ID: 9b8c8d

Sit next to her but don't make any moves yet.

"Goes for all of us. We just need to make do and find things to distract ourselves."
No. 836853 ID: 3ce125

So ask her what brought her to Coxwette.
No. 836854 ID: 1a95ea

"Yeah, I'm still feeling mine. I occupy myself by going around to see how the others are doing. At least it doesn't look that bad for any of us."

Sit next to her. "Want to talk about how you even ended up here? I mean I guess you might have questions yourself."
No. 836859 ID: 7d8168

Thank her for her help. Without it, you wouldn't have been able to get those last stragglers safely back to the Inn.

And we may be stuck here for now, but at least we're stuck here together. Plenty worse people to hang around.
No. 836860 ID: be0718

Rotate foot 360 degrees to set it back into place.
No. 836863 ID: 8d4593

I read your letter.
You're right. You are still very pretty.
No. 836866 ID: 91ee5f

"How does your ass feel? Doesn't it hurt to sit after getting a caltrop stuck in your ass?"
No. 836879 ID: 600f38

Slide up next to her and start rubbing her shoulders "But why would you want to leave? You wanted somebody from outside to come and lick your stamp, and stuff your mailbox; here I am~"
No. 836901 ID: daa216

Lets not admit to reading her letter just yet. She might not enjoy knowing we were looking into her mail. Lets start with thanking her for her help and that massage.
No. 836905 ID: a633c6

Handle her foot with the gentleness you'd show a butterfly wing. Apologize for sending her out alone, but you couldn't have trusted anybody else to do it.
No. 836906 ID: 9b8c8d

I think we should just forget about the letters altogether. We were still an asshole back then - put it behind us, forget anything we might've read in them, and focus on the future instead.
No. 836911 ID: bb78f2

Well, I have a plan sorta. Involves me and at least one Plath going back to the warehouse to get under the town well.

If you really don't want to feel caged in, you could come with me. Though, in frankness, I should probably take John with me too. Or Davey, since they have guns and are uninjured. Might need Julia or Rachel too, to show me where the secret entrance to under the well is.

Want me to rub you're feet?
No. 836921 ID: ee43ea

Whatever you reply to that, don't forget the accent.

My vote: "I know the feeling - I'm used to wandering around at night. But I guess a little while indoors will do us all good."
No. 836945 ID: 9876c4

We need to ask her out on that date.

Not because we like her, but because we need that Beaverleverage.
No. 836986 ID: 9dc26d

Maybe instead of harassing her Chuck should just give her a chance to ask questions. She's probably curious about what the fuck is up with Julia.
No. 837036 ID: 65f023

Search for morning after pill in medicine bag ASAP.
No. 837064 ID: 3542b5

This, tell her you wanna put your mail in her slot.
No. 837081 ID: 56e50f

Let's be real and say that last night took a lot of people. We kinda have to make our own entertainment while we're in here.
No. 837082 ID: 3ce125

Oh and request that she back up your story about Julia finding the medicine rather than stealing it.
No. 837104 ID: 2120ee

"It's also an opportunity for new experiences though, right? Like my dick, for instance."
No. 837106 ID: a633c6

Well, you should keep off your feet while they heal anyway.
No. 837115 ID: 62f1df

Easily the least inane suggestion.
No. 837119 ID: f0e552

No. 837333 ID: 0427e8
File 150822397639.png - (37.21KB , 500x500 , 29.png )

You: "Doesn't your ass hurt, too?"

Rita: "Yes."

Rita: "It hurts less to sit than it does to stand."

You sit down next to Rita.

You: "We just need to distract ourselves and forget about the situation."

Rita: "I've been distracting myself for..."

Rita: "A long time."

She looks down at the floor.

Rita: "I've been unhappy."

Rita: "My own brother never even talks to me. My job is nearly worthless. Even when I'm with anyone else in town"

Rita: "I still feel completely alone. I want to leave so bad but in the back of my mind"

Rita: "I know I'll die in this town."
No. 837336 ID: 101981

Insert penis in Rita.
No. 837338 ID: be0718

Aheh heh while I can't promise you'll leave I can't guarantee you'll die here either. That's a long, long, looooong ways off anyway. Don't worry about it.
Instead of distractions how about some refocusing then. When this crisis is over, how about you learn a new trade, like carpentry. Don't like living in a one horse town? Build a second horse.

Have you tried lying down on your stomach?
No. 837340 ID: 100607

Tell her that maybe you could take an edge off of that loneliness?
No. 837343 ID: 3ce125

Heavy stuff there, Rita. Live the best you can while you're still alive, I say. And hey, there's new people in town, maybe you'll be good friends with one of them? Eh? *SAUCY wink*
No. 837352 ID: 9876c4

So what did happen between her and her brother, anyway?
I mean, we don't like him much, but they're family... and families are supposed to be close, you... think?

If this somehow leads to Geoff getting pegged by his sister, I apologize for nothing
No. 837353 ID: daa216

Tell her she is still young and there is plenty of time for everyone to get out of the town once this is done. Add that her brother is a jerk. Once you've consoled her, suggest she see if your lap is more comfortable than the couch for her wounds.
No. 837357 ID: d4516a

"You're still young. Plenty of time for fun and stupid mistakes - no need to rush into things, and these rough patches will all go by too. I should know."
No. 837367 ID: 38c6db

This sounds good, she could use a little love.
No. 837370 ID: d4516a

No. Too direct.
No. 837378 ID: 2fe26a

Your resistance only makes me vote this >>837340 harder.
No. 837387 ID: d4516a

Fine, but don't blame me if we get another punch in the face.
No. 837388 ID: 88a7ed

Tell her that Geoff is an asshole and a fruit that deserves to be left outside, then make your move on her.
No. 837402 ID: c51997

Nope. Let's try to patch things up between Geoff and both. Preferably with a threesome.
No. 837403 ID: b9b4da

a threesome between us, rita and lisa you mean.
No. 837405 ID: ee43ea

Carefully inquire what's up with her and Geoff and why he won't talk to her.
No. 837411 ID: f66698

Ask her what's stopping her. Knowing full well that it's not possible, but still, ask.
No. 837504 ID: 62f1df

Ask her what she would like to do. She must not care about anyone else, not even her stupid brother. Right here, right now, with no holds barred, who- I mean what would she like to do? What would make her happier?
No. 837505 ID: a633c6

Maybe just hug her?
No. 837824 ID: b8d5aa

don't ask rita what's stopping her, personally.

ask her why "WE" can't leave.
No. 838186 ID: 0427e8
File 150847533244.png - (37.94KB , 500x500 , 30.png )

You: "Have you tried"

You: "lying on your stomach?"

Rita: "What?"

You: "Might be easier on your butt."

Rita: "...oh."

Rita: "Do you mind if I-"
No. 838187 ID: 0427e8
File 150847534654.png - (54.57KB , 500x500 , 31.png )

You: "No"

You: "No, I don't mind at all."

You can't see up her robe - you already checked. There is an uncomfortable silence.

You: "Why do you think you can't leave?"

Rita: "Because... I can't."

Rita: "The reason Geoff and I never talk is..."

Rita: "Well, he"

Rita: "He likes it here. He doesn't want to leave. He knows I do, but I don't want to leave without him."

Rita: "Even if I could get him to come along, how would we leave? I've never caught the train, and who knows how far off the next town over is? I know there are people out there, but they've just got these weird addresses that don't make sense. There's a hospital, and orphanage, all this life."

Rita: "But they're just out there in the void."

Rita: "It still feels like we're alone."


You: "I came from the outside."
No. 838188 ID: 0427e8
File 150847537265.png - (28.30KB , 500x500 , 32.png )

Rita looks up over her shoulder.

Rita: "I"

Rita: "guess..."

Rita: "you did."

Rita: "I don't know how I never thought of it. Whenever someone new comes, it's just business as usual."


Rita: "I want you to tell me what it's like out there."
No. 838192 ID: 3ce125

Tell her about some recent movies and sports events and global news.
No. 838194 ID: 2474dd

Try a back massage while you talk. It worked on Marcie. Oh wait... it kinda worked too well on Marcie. Eh, what the hell.
No. 838196 ID: daa216

Lean over to give her a bit of a massage while you tell her that it is basically the same as in here. People work, people love and live lives. Only main difference is there aren't monsters that come around when you're trying to do the loving part.
No. 838198 ID: 2120ee

Tell her it is custom among your people to speak while pantsless.
No. 838199 ID: a633c6

Where's the biggest city you've ever been, Chuck?
No. 838204 ID: 830fb7

Tell her about your experiences of being out there, and say that she probably has a lot better of a place here no matter how boring than you did out there (at least till these monsters started terrorizing the town).
No. 838205 ID: f840d9

does catman have foot fetish? Who am I kidding, he has an everything fetish. Begin footrub protocol.
No. 838216 ID: be0718

The future... is bleak. Pants have been outlawed. Feral youths roam the street, hunting the elderly with the use of 'boom boxes.' Life as we know it has been altered forever by the passing of Halley's Comet.
No. 838218 ID: 100607

Foot rubs. Just be careful not to touch sensitive areas.. too much.

Tell her that the world outside is dangerous, with people robbing banks, doing drugs etc. Tell her you got first-hand experience!
No. 838235 ID: 65f023

Tell her about memes
No. 838236 ID: d4516a

Tell her of both the best and the worst. Admit that Geoff's got a point - that this town's not the worst place in the world to settle down on - but that you could both use to at the very least travel around a bit. You can have it both ways.
No. 838237 ID: 16d760

People keep suggesting we fuck rita, but it sounds like that's a horrible idea right now.

I don't know about you guys, but if my ass was severely lacerated I don't think I'd be in the mood.
No. 838297 ID: 2474dd

I was thinking the same, hence back rub.
No. 838325 ID: 0427e8
File 150853346307.png - (41.47KB , 500x500 , 33.png )

You: "On the outside? Sure"

You: "It's a wild place full of excellent television and great music"

You: "You can get hamburgers from more than one restaurant-"

Rita: "More than one?!"

You nod.

You: "Also, there are a lot more men."

Rita: "A lot more?"

Rita: "How many more?"

You: "Hundreds."
No. 838326 ID: 0427e8
File 150853347305.png - (35.74KB , 500x500 , 34.png )

Rita: "Woooaah"
No. 838327 ID: 6cd6d0

Stick dick in Rita's mouth while it's open.
No. 838328 ID: 41c9bc

man are you kidding look at those fucking teeth
No. 838329 ID: d4516a

Now switch for the bad stuff. Tell her of the drugs and the crimes, and politicians and wars and whatnot. We gotta cover every angle.
No. 838331 ID: aa2556


Its not that impressive, the best one's already here with you anyway
No. 838334 ID: a363ac

tell her about e-mails.
No. 838335 ID: 2120ee

"And I- Rita, I have the largest penis of them all. I was banished from the outlands for my humongous member"
No. 838336 ID: 8d4593

-of millions.
..In this one country alone.
No. 838342 ID: daa216

Put your hands on her hips and tell her that you can give her a taste of the outside if she wanted to try it real fast.
No. 838348 ID: be0718

"And I left that all behind to meet you. Not a bad deal if I do say so."
No. 838349 ID: fd306a

How does ellen get stuff for her store? Because if it’s delivered from the outside then we should definitely find a way to get movies sent in.
No. 838351 ID: f0e552

tell her about the fact that you could keep walking/running/travelling whatever and you could keep seeing new things. You could go anywhere you want by hopping trains, unlike here.
No. 838352 ID: 3e4fbb

Lmao yes
No. 838356 ID: a633c6

The roads are actualy paved, and there are cars to drive on them. Mayors are elected!
No. 838358 ID: 3ce125

And the best thing, the VERY best thing, is that people can have sex without worrying about getting attacked by zombies.
No. 838362 ID: 3542b5

This sounds good, letting her know you are the best option ANYWHERE. She won't find better.
No. 838424 ID: 9dc26d

The postal workers get vans to deliver mail in. The whole network of post offices mean you can stick a letter into a first class envelope on one side of the country and be sure it'll cross 3,000 miles of rail, road, and air to get to the other side within a week.

Has Chuck ever been to the ocean? He should talk about the ocean if he has.

Cities have so many people that they build skyscrapers just so there's enough room for everyone to live. Dozens of families per floor, dozens of floors, everyone living on top of each other. Buildings that stretch into the sky, clad in metal and glass, man-made canyons that funnel the wind. Underground networks of tunnels for light rail trains, so that people can get where they need to go.

Between the cities there's vast stretches of rural areas, kind of like Coxwette. Some parts are even more lonely. There's places a person can go and be the only thinking thing for as far as the eye can see.
No. 838426 ID: 9876c4

I kind of enjoy Rita being the sort of plain jane we aren't overtly interested in.

To that effect, we should be generally honest and informative, and only call incidental attention to our amazing penis, which is local to this county.
No. 838427 ID: 100607

"I am a man."
No. 838456 ID: d0e733

"Not everyone is as nice as I am, though." Really exaggerate how bad crime is, get on her good side.
No. 838481 ID: ee43ea

She spoke to Julia, you know. She's not going to buy some saint con - it'll just teach her to distrust the hell of us and push her away from us.

No, let's be honest with her. Let's tell her that we know there's some bad stuff by experience, but that we're trying to do better now. There are better people out there, but hey, there are also worse people.
No. 838486 ID: 7673a4


Tell her that not everything out there is good, and you know because you used to be a bad person, but you're trying to do better.

You have to address that sometime, may as well do it now.
No. 838505 ID: 16d760

I support this approach, the feeling of the story has changed away from raunchy sex humor to a sometimes humorous character drama.

Keep it real, sooner or later you're going to end up explaining your less-than-heroic backstory to people as you get to know them.

This is a good opportunity to do it while their opinion of you is at its highest.
No. 838714 ID: d0e733

...Or keep it real. That's fine too.
No. 838828 ID: 005d0c

"Lotta good, lotta bad."
No. 838906 ID: b15da4

Wow, great distraction tactic fellas.
Tell her about e-mails instead. >>838334 Dancing baby emails.
No. 838926 ID: eef56a


"I'm the best" is not even close to saying "I'm a good person." Try not to let your need to moralize override your capacity for reading comprehension
No. 838929 ID: 3c6497

She has a hurting ass, how about we leave it alone for the time being?
Speaking of Julia, we might wanna make sure she doesn't try to shoot Layla or John with that empty gun of hers. That'd be a bit embarrassing.
No. 838930 ID: ee43ea

>"I'm the best" is not even close to saying "I'm a good person."
They're pretty close, actually, especially when the recipient of the boasts has just been given a hint of you not being that great of a person. Nothing Julia may have hinted would have anything to do with the concept of "the best".

This is not a good time for putting ourselves on a pedestal: best case scenario we'll put her off enough to not score, worst case scenario we'll open a real big can of worms on the subject of old sins and other bullshit.
No. 838983 ID: e93346


No, it isnt. It isnt even close. It is an utterly unrelated statement.

Flirt with that coyotess like your life depended on it.
No. 838985 ID: e93346


Oh btw i am also >>838926. I forgot to actually pust my suggesto earlier before i left home.
No. 838988 ID: ee43ea

Whether you say "I'm the best" or "I'm the good person", the reply will be the same: "No you're not. According to Julia you're a rubbish drug dealer and an all-around douche."

So yes - in this context, they ARE the same thing. You're just being pedantic.
No. 838996 ID: e93346


Rita stood up,for the man chuck was then and also chuck told julia (also in front of rita) that he wasnt like that any more. If rita was as convinced as your dumb ass seems to be that chuck was pathetic and a douche, she wouldnt be chilling with him and having this concersation in the first place.

Its also still not pedantic, a general boast is not, in fact, a claim of moral upstanding nature. Theyre not close. You are reaching as hard as you can to try to frame it incorrectly entirely out of your insistence that the quest is no longer allowed to have fun or lewd elements. You are not the tyrant who decides on your own what the tone or subject matter of the quest is allowed to be, no matter how much you want to be that exact thing.
No. 838998 ID: ee43ea

I'm all for lewdness and I'm not trying to arbitrate anyone. I just think that in this instance it'd be too risky a subject to broach, and wouldn't go anywhere anyway because everyone involved is too hurt to do anything.

If we do want to impress her, humility will be the better approach.
No. 839008 ID: 3ce125

I don't suppose we could compromise and have Chuck boast about the size of his dick instead of his moral character?

Even if he phrases it as a joke.
No. 839011 ID: dd24c2

This, please. I'm sick of lewd politics.
No. 839017 ID: 62f1df

Yeah, just have fun, be relaxed, chill. At worst, she'll give you the stinkeye and you can apologize for the tasteless joke. At best, she'll laugh and could even take the hint.
No. 839023 ID: ee43ea

See, here's what I had in mind.

Chuck actually shows some humility. Gains from Rita sympathy and respect rather than awe - which would last longer. From there conversation could naturally drift towards last night's events, and to what kind of a fuck-up Julia is: it'd bring us closure, catharsis, and possibly an actual friend rather than just a quick fling.

There are literally no drawbacks with this course of action. Well, unless you actually like Julia, but who in their right minds would?
No. 839117 ID: 1a95ea

Keeping it real and boasting do not shut each other out.

Tell Rita of the rougher parts now. Tell her of the poverty and the drugs and the crime - and paint yourself as a badass handsome rogue who's gone through all this shit and triumphed and learned to be a better person. Like Han Solo.

She knows Han Solo, right? If she says she doesn't, tell her that it's basically us. Wemight as well have inspired the guy.
No. 839120 ID: 9876c4

This is ridiculous and that's good enough for me.
No. 839126 ID: 41c9bc

No. 839129 ID: 2fe26a

I think we're forgetting something very big, important, and making itself known.
No. 839134 ID: d4516a

No, we're just both too hurt to do anything with it.
No. 839135 ID: d4516a

Oh and I guess I'm fourthing >>839117
No. 839137 ID: b9b4da

Please, rip off the bandaid (not the literal one) and get back to swaggering. You have to crawl before you can walk again.
No. 839143 ID: 2fe26a

We aren't doing anything with it just by reminding Rita of the elephant trunk in the room.
No. 840559 ID: 0427e8
File 150925232319.png - (62.92KB , 500x500 , 35.png )

You regale Rita on the marvels of the go-go 90s. You tell her about big cities, the ocean, public transportation, actual mail delivery, and of course the miracle of residential pizza delivery. She listens in rapt fascination. You then go on to tell her about all the different types of people you meet when you are out in the street. All the different kinds of men.

You: "There's tall ones"

You: "Short ones."

You: "Skinny ones, fat ones. Real bad ones, too. There's guys with so much power they can fuck up a whole country"

You: "But there's also good ones who save people and give to charity"

You: "and ones who leave a little time on the drier and the laundromat for the next person in line"
No. 840560 ID: 0427e8
File 150925233818.png - (37.00KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

You: "And I"

You: "am the best of the all."

No. 840561 ID: 0427e8
File 150925234718.png - (35.89KB , 500x500 , 37.png )


Rita: "Oh"


You: "What?"

Rita: "You're... really the best one?"

You: "Well, yeah."

Rita: "Oh..."

Rita sighs.

You: "What?!"

Rita: "Nothing."
No. 840564 ID: 3ce125

Girl don't knock it before you try it. Wanna see why I'm the best?
No. 840573 ID: 91ee5f

"Oh, come on! Can't you tell that I'm just joking?! You met Julia and you already know that I'm not the best!"

*dramatic pause*

"But what I am is the best.....in bed." *waggle eyebrows*
No. 840577 ID: be0718

Don't knock it before you knock it. So knock it, so you can knock it.
No. 840582 ID: bb78f2

I'm the best because I'm right here. And very real.
No. 840588 ID: 9876c4

Let's be honest, that's the most realistic reaction.

Chuck drives the ladies crazy because too much chuck would drive anyone crazy.
No. 840598 ID: a633c6

Damn, no levity to be had here, huh?

Look, I really have been places. Lots worse than coxwette. As far as places to die go, you could do much much worse than here.
No. 840600 ID: 66a4ca

Tell her that you may not be the best in all the areas, but there's at least one area that you're the best in, and that's why people call you The Legend. Offer to demonstrate.
No. 840612 ID: daa216

Undress right there to show her exactly why you are the best one.
No. 840615 ID: c1f05e

haha she's taking you at face value, she's so simple it's almost cute. she's like a worse version of marcie.
No. 840617 ID: 6cd6d0

Whip yo dick out.
No. 840621 ID: 0427e8
File 150926209579.png - (39.56KB , 500x500 , 38.png )

You almost forgot, but there are still a bunch of people in this room, so you won't be whipping anything out here. In fact, almost everyone in town is down here somewhere. Ramona hasn't even gone back to bed, though Geoff has taken Susanna upstairs.

You: "Well, I'm the best here."

Rita lays back down.
No. 840623 ID: ae9b99

Ah well, go to your room.
No. 840626 ID: 66a4ca

Offer to take her to a more private place (in one of the rooms) and demonstrate why you're The Legend.
No. 840630 ID: 3ce125

Tell her you'd like to talk to her in private about Julia.
No. 840631 ID: 2474dd

Orgy time.
No. 840638 ID: a633c6

I know, I know, I'm missing my cardigan.
No. 840645 ID: daa216

Offer to show her the attic?
No. 840658 ID: d4516a


Neither of us is much in shape for anything anyway. Might as well advance the plot.
No. 840660 ID: 9876c4

There is no plot to be gained by talking other characters with other characters. Let's find out who we haven't met yet.
No. 840661 ID: d4516a

There is a bit of plot to be gained by reassuring the one person of the other person, and it'll also serve as a way to tell Rita some more of the world outside and our place in it. It'd be worthwhile.
No. 840673 ID: 792ea9

No. 840685 ID: bb78f2

Tell Rita she should leave Coxwette, at least for a time if she's got the wander bug. But only as soon as the curse is lifted. Just be straight about her with the curse, that if she tries to leave right now, she'll end up like one of the reverends probably. Maybe not as horrible or people killing, but nontheless a zombie walking endless fields for eternity. That's probably what happened to Sally's Dad after all.

Just because her brother's here doesn't mean she's chained to this place. Families, you know, move to far away places and split apart by necessity all the time. You may love your brother but that's not going to change here or in Timbuktu. You barely talk to each other, so shit, girl, just ring him up on the telephone occasionally and it'll be no different than now.

If you're afraid of going away alone, then take someone else who has the wanderbug with you.
No. 840738 ID: 0427e8
File 150930844847.png - (54.78KB , 500x500 , 39.png )

You: "Maybe we should talk about Julia."

Rita: "That rabbit?"

You: "In private."

Rita: "I don't really want to get up. My feet hurt. My butt hurts. I just want to rest."

Your back kind of hurts too. You can continue to urge Rita to come with you, or you could head somewhere else in the house.
No. 840739 ID: be0718

Does it hurt too much to carry her up?
If you're too weak to claim your prize, go see Jules.
No. 840749 ID: 66a4ca

Oh well. If she says she wants to rest, then let her rest.

Try to find Julia then. See how she's fitting in.
No. 840750 ID: ae9b99

Go to your room.
No. 840757 ID: d4516a

Fair enough. Let her rest and go see Rachel, maybe also Lisa as an interpreter. See how the former's doing and how much she's learned of Julia.
No. 840758 ID: eef56a


Let's try to get back with Lisa and Rachel.

Let's also not talk to them about Julia because why the fuck would we, neither of them knows anything about her we don't already know. Instead lets find out what Rachel knows about what's going on.
No. 840759 ID: a363ac

Give her the good scratches her behind the ear then say "alright" and go see Someone else.
No. 840766 ID: d4516a

>why the fuck would we, neither of them knows anything about her we don't already know
Pretty sure Rachel would want to know about the roofies and the squatting, though.
No. 840774 ID: 92f6ea

Offer to make her butt hurt more. One-handed clap the air if she doesn't get it
No. 840785 ID: 1a95ea

Check on how Rachel's doing. See on what we missed, whether she knows something we don't, and bring her up to date on last night's events as well as Julia in general.
No. 840820 ID: daa216

Leave her be, go and see Penny. See how shes handling all this.
No. 840822 ID: 56e50f

Chuck, have you had breakfast yet? Aquire OJ and make your rounds checking in on people.
No. 840895 ID: 0427e8
File 150932925235.png - (54.04KB , 500x500 , 40.png )

You let Rita have a puppin rest on the couch and find Rachel and Lisa. After pulling Lisa away from the small congregation in the den, you find Rachel sitting on the floor against the wall. She looks up slowly and takes a sip of black coffee.

Rachel: "Hello."

Her voice makes you shiver. You haven't really heard her relaxed, indoor voice because you don't think you've ever seen her sit down for a break like this. At least not for a while.

You: "How are you feeling?"
No. 840897 ID: 0427e8
File 150932926619.png - (64.60KB , 500x500 , 41.png )

Lisa starts to translate your question, but Rachel cuts her off.

Lisa: "U-uh"

Lisa: "She's speaking creole"

Lisa: "Eh... Rachel? En français s'il vous plaît?"

Rachel replies in something that sounds more like French.

Lisa: "She says..."

Lisa: "She feels... good? Fine? She had a headache and strong thirst this morning, and-"

Lisa listens. Rachel gestures toward her forehead as she speaks.

Lisa: "Oh! She doesn't... remember last night."

Lisa: "She... needs to... check on... the warehouse."

Rachel nods.

You: "It's not safe to go out there now."

Rachel: "I know."

Rachel looks directly at you, her voice stern.

You: "Do you remember anything about a rabbit woman in the warehouse?"

Lisa translates.

Rachel: "No."

Maybe that's for the best. For the record, you haven't had breakfast.
No. 840899 ID: ae9b99

Ah yes, breakfast. better get to the kitchen before anyone else comes in and takes all the good food.
No. 840902 ID: 2474dd

Hey, see who's cooking breakfast. Hopefully Marcie.
No. 840903 ID: be0718

Make breakfast with Penny.
No. 840930 ID: 9876c4

Check Lisa for concealed implements of destruction or procreation
Eat a big beavery bowl o biscuits
Miss Lisa, tear down this dam in my heart

Fine, yes, breakfast. Join your feline brethren in the kitchen.
No. 840937 ID: da1652

Meow at someone in the kitchen until they feed you.
No. 840938 ID: daa216

Ask Lisa to come with you somewhere private. You need to talk to her about what happened last night. (also as a bonus you'll have her alone)
No. 840940 ID: 0013f8

Rachel has herseld wide open. You'd be doing a disservice to your own legend if you don't peek.
No. 840942 ID: 3ce125

Ask her why she wants to check on the warehouse, anyway. It's empty, isn't it?
No. 840949 ID: 3fb646


Welp, time to face the music Marcie.
No. 840955 ID: 0427e8
File 150934342887.png - (68.60KB , 500x500 , 42.png )

You listen to your growling stomach and move on to the kitchen. Something smells very good. Marcie is hard at work with something, rushing between the oven and a number of mixing bowls on the counter. Her hands are bandaged completely, so she kind of has to awkwardly paw everything she handles.
No. 840956 ID: 0427e8
File 150934343779.png - (37.89KB , 500x500 , 43.png )


The egg timer on top of stove goes off, and Marcie begins to bounce. She rushes out into the den holding a tray.

Marcie: "I made these for you, Mrs. Plath!! To celebrate you feeling better!"

Ramona: "O-oh"

Marcie: "They're Pup Cakes!!!!"

Ramona: "OH!"
No. 840958 ID: 24f307

Oh my God.
Oh my God, Marcie.
Marcie, oh my God.
They're perfect.
Thank you.
No. 840959 ID: 2120ee

Thas racist.

Idly consider that Marcie was too much of a good thing, more than you deserve. But now she's missing bits, so maybe you match a bit closer.
No. 840961 ID: be0718

Remember that Marcie no longer understands innuendo. Use this to your advantage while making salacious comments to Ramona.
No. 840963 ID: 3ce125

Ask if you can have one.
No. 840965 ID: 66a4ca

Wow. Eating breakfast before making out with anyone? What a fake legend you are!

Also, Marcie is making puns? The world really is upside down now. Or perhaps baking is the only way she can truly express herself. Is this the way into her heart? Make a personal note to bake with her later. Show her how to form genitals out of a dough. Maybe that would send her a hint.

Wait. All of these are for Mrs. Plath. We can't have any! Unless Ramona shares..

Ask Ramona if you can have a taste of Marcie.
No. 840969 ID: 2474dd

>Also, Marcie is making puns? The world really is upside down now.
>Remember that Marcie no longer understands innuendo.

She never did understand innuendo, and puns were never out of her grasp, just innuendo.

Dem cakes are adorable. Grab dem cakes.
No. 840971 ID: f0e552

are.. are her little ear tips cut off? ;_;
No. 840974 ID: be0718

We clued her in shortly before she died horribly in agony.
No. 840983 ID: a633c6

mm, looks good enough to eat; A remarkable likeness.

So, uh, how about you Marcie, are you feeling okay?
No. 840986 ID: b93a7b

oh-no, Marcie's poor ears
No. 840997 ID: 2f4e16

Get some actual food and THEN ask if you can have a pupcake first, chuck.
No. 841004 ID: c24296

.....we need to hug Marcie, if not right now than IMMEDIATELY after breakfast.
No. 841005 ID: d4516a

Eat up, give her a hug, see if anyone else still hasn't had breakfast and distribute some pupcakes to anyone else hungry.
No. 841014 ID: 600f38

Hug Marcy.
No. 841016 ID: 8d4593

Apparently, frostbite makes people cuter.

Ask if she needs any help in there. Those Mitten Hand's prolly can't do everything.
No. 841019 ID: 3cc68c

Resist having your heart burst from the cuteness and a fair bit of guilt. Then hug her and ask if you could help her out: your back's hurting but it shouldn't get in the way of things, at least not any more than those bandages around her hands.
No. 841029 ID: 91ee5f

Ask her if she needs any help?
No. 841042 ID: b9b4da

Brrr, is it chilly in here all of a sudden?
No. 841045 ID: 289740

Did it just get cold in here, or what?
No. 841092 ID: daa216

It looks like she has things under control. I vote we leave her be and see who needs consoling.
No. 841094 ID: d36af7

Eat a pupcake, offer to help with additional food prep, accidentally set something on fire.
No. 841122 ID: deec6e


...man, that gal. Less than a day ago, she was dying in a freezer in terror. Now she's making Pup Cakes with frostbitten hands. Goddamn.

Ramona's feeling better, Marcie's feeling better, somehow there's friggin' Pup Cakes and everyone is ALIVE, despite all the bullshit that's gone down. Just... realize it. Yesterday, you didn't fuck up. You literally saved lives, at least one of them incredibly important to you.

And today, Marcie did good. She did right. Seeing her silly cakes easing someone else's pain and worries would be the sweetest balm anyone could offer her right now. It's what she knows, and what she can do, so she's doing it. So man up, shove away the pain and give her a thumbs-up and a wink - nothing awkward, just... be nice. Approve of what she just did for Ramona's sake. Approve of her terrible gosh-darn pun. Because there's so much goddamn strength in both.
No. 841142 ID: 9876c4

Could we tell her we're sorry she hurt her ears?

Could we tell her she's still (a little) cute this way?
No. 841148 ID: f66698

Aww chuck, you get a chance to help the love of your life out around the kitchen. Help her cook for all the hungry refugees.
No. 841198 ID: bb78f2

Yeah, no Chuck, its done. We can't fuck Rita, we can't fuck anyone else. We can't even fuck her until the honeymoon.

No. 841200 ID: c2051e

No. 841207 ID: 9dc26d

Fuck yeah, this is it, this is the one, even if we got to save the entire town again and get to know her all over again, this is what we gotta do.
No. 841228 ID: 0427e8
File 150943091157.png - (39.15KB , 500x500 , 44.png )

Ramona takes a Pupcake.

Ramona: "Aawwww"

Ramona: "Ooooohhh!!"

Ramona: "It has little almonds for ears"

Ramona: "Marcie! It's wonderful sweetie! Thank you!"

Marcie is extremely elated.
No. 841229 ID: 0427e8
File 150943096005.png - (33.74KB , 500x500 , 45.png )

You grab yourself one of those sweet pupcakes, too. No surprises here - it rocks. The cake is tasteful bittersweet chocolate flavor with hints of almond, while the frosting is a creamy, Plath-shaped dollop of vanilla.

You thank Marcie as she is heading back into the kitchen.
No. 841230 ID: 0427e8
File 150943099934.png - (36.26KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

Marcie stops and looks right at you. She smiles.
No. 841231 ID: 0427e8
File 150943102271.png - (32.65KB , 500x500 , 47.png )

You smile back.

She disappears through the door.
No. 841234 ID: 2120ee

Take a mental note to show her The Legend style cream filling.
No. 841246 ID: 9dc26d

I think the students are completely safe. They're innocents. Or window dressing to make Coxwette feel less wrong. But either way they're not wrapped up in this. Not really.
No. 841248 ID: 66a4ca

Is she.. giving you a hint?


Follow her into the kitchen. Let's see what she's got to say.
No. 841249 ID: 91ee5f

Let's follow Marcie. Because if she's gonna be making more food, she's gonna need help.
No. 841251 ID: 485073

Nah too creepy. A smile gets a smile and we see where that gets us later on. For now let’s check on the other gals to see what’s happening, or maybe we can see the person in police custody?
No. 841252 ID: 770870

Glad to see she hasn't lost it. Follow her, mebbe. You both deserve to smile a little more.
No. 841253 ID: ae9b99

Tell Ramona you finally got her the guests she wanted. you can probably cross that off your quest log, right?
No. 841256 ID: 1e7aa8

We already made that joke. To her face, even!
No. 841263 ID: 62f1df

Did that look like a come-hither smile? That doesn't sound like Marcie, but you never know.

Anyway, I vote for checking on Layla and learning more about the prisoner. And heck, maybe someone will finally acknowledge your heroism... *Grumble grumble*

Good point too.
No. 841271 ID: d4516a

I don't know if that looked like the kind of a beckoning seductive face. You probably know better than me, Chuck: if she wants you to follow then follow, but if she was just being friendly and playful then let's go see Layla and meet this new prisoner.

We already told her at the end of the previous thread.
No. 841272 ID: daa216

I vote we see Angela. She might be thinking the attack was from her burning her bra.
No. 841283 ID: 600f38

Hug cat.
No. 841286 ID: be0718

Go visit the new person now. Bring some pupcakes with you.
No. 841288 ID: 2fe26a

She'd be right, though.
No. 841298 ID: 74901b

Go see Angela. We may have to venture to the schoolhouse to save the children and bring them here. Quit wasting time with Marcie.
No. 841302 ID: 5553d3

Don't. She doesn't know you anymore.
No. 841315 ID: b9b4da

The kids are fine because they were the reverends all along. Puberty brings out the worst in people, y'know?
Go bring copdog pupcakes. They're not donuts, but it's better than nothing.
No. 841318 ID: 2474dd

Y'all wanna take note that Chuck is BLUSHING. He is BLUSHING. Since 'true love' is so important to Nelson, purrrsuing Marcie might be plot important.
No. 841337 ID: d4516a

I certainly agree, but that still doesn't mean we should chase her now. Love mustn't be rushed.
No. 841414 ID: 485073

No. 841422 ID: c31aac

yeah, go chill with marcy

No. 841428 ID: e24b91

Chill with Marcie.
No. 841429 ID: 78a3e5

follow her.
No. 841591 ID: 064dbf

Marcie is cute Chuck, and we need to get her warmed up to your charms sooner than later but what you really need is some "stress relief," the wink wink nudge nudge kind. And I'm thinking you actually have a chance with your old flame. Plus it would be helpful to get her under your thumb so she can't share your secrets, or worse, get the other girls to dislike you.

No. 841595 ID: 91ee5f

You mean the rabbit that no one else likes? No thanks.
No. 841603 ID: d36af7

She knows that Chuck rescued her from the freezer, and she's probably heard that he was running around doing a lot of other heroic stuff that night.
No. 841676 ID: 4fc076

Let's turn this quest into a game of Clue. Who murdered the cunt rabbit with a candle stick in the hallway?
No. 841754 ID: b8d5aa

follow marcie. do it. she just gave you THE LOOK.

she at LEAST needs some personal thanking and reassuring. maybe even a smooch.
No. 841798 ID: f9c3f2

Yes, please.
No. 841801 ID: 3ce125

Jesus christ she's not going to bite you. Go say hello. Ask how she's doing.
No. 841802 ID: 3ab62f

Chuck built a meaningful relationship with Marcie in like 3 days, we really didn't lose that much progress by save scumming her.

Just follow her and have the bants like you did literally a week ago.
No. 841811 ID: 2474dd

Yes, that was THE LOOK.
And Chuck BLUSHED from THE LOOK.
No. 841819 ID: 0427e8
File 150960231097.png - (59.95KB , 500x500 , 48.png )

Perhaps against your better judgment, you follow Marcie. She is standing at the counter smiling, stirring a bowl of batter using both of her bandaged hands. You begin to wonder if she even realizes she is injured.

You: "Hi Marcie."

Marcie: "Oh, hey Chet!"

You: "Chuck."

Marcie: "It looks like somebody enjoyed their pup caaaaake~."

You: "Yeah. I did."

You: "Very much."

Marcie bounces on her toes a couple of times.
No. 841820 ID: 3ce125

Ask how she's doing. How long until the bandages come off?
No. 841821 ID: 2474dd

Start with that.

And then ask if anyone's talked to her about some things she might not remember.
No. 841825 ID: f0e552

do... do you want some help with baking?
No. 841826 ID: 66a4ca

Ask her how she's doing and give her head-pats.
No. 841827 ID: be0718

Marcie I know I might seem like a big deal, rescuing you from that freezer and all, but I think we should just be friends.
No. 841828 ID: 91ee5f

Ask her if she needs help.
No. 841830 ID: 2474dd

No, it's probably extremely plot-important that Chuck eat that pure cinnamon bun.
No. 841853 ID: 2d4691

offer to help with baking! but sleazily i guess. ask her if she needs help stirring her batter
No. 841856 ID: 2d4691

ask her if she wants you to put something in her oven
No. 841857 ID: 2d4691

tell her she's tried pupcakes but has she tasted your kitty batter
No. 841862 ID: 770870

Slow, yet steady. Just ask her how she's doing and if she wants any help.
No. 841872 ID: 3fb646

Take a seat, Chuck. Breathe in that bakery smell. Smile at her. Tell her that her food is great. Ease into asking if she could use a hand when this is all over.
No. 841873 ID: 600f38

Ask how she's feeling, and offer to help.
No. 841874 ID: 9b8c8d

This works, let's go with that.
No. 841920 ID: 8ad783

Seconding this.
No. 841975 ID: 924743


Touch her freshly-bobbed ears
No. 842044 ID: d6f268

No. 842079 ID: fbf7fe

I'd say either just sit down against the wall and just watch her work for a spell, or offer to help.
I don't know 'bout the rest of ya'll but, I know I want a little bit of Marcie back in Charlemagne's life.
No. 842098 ID: 924743

Oh btw does this qualify for the "That wonderful stuff" mission?
No. 842186 ID: 9dc26d

Touching recently debrided and stitched wounds is not a good idea. Instead say they look cute, if you must comment on it at all.
No. 842187 ID: e24b91

No. 842213 ID: 77784b

Keeping ourselves busy, are we?
No. 842222 ID: b8d5aa

embrace her from behind. tell her how worried you were about her, and how glad you are that she's safe.
No. 842224 ID: 8b2654

Yessss... Be creepy in a way she won't understand...
No. 842352 ID: fbf7fe

Oh, just remembered, last night when we found the cops, they mentioned they had someone in their holding cell they'd need to bring to the Plath house. We should probably find out who that was.
But let's do that later, first we gotta at least try to get a kiss from Marcie.
No. 842473 ID: 3ab62f


Dude she doesn't even remember our correct name, I'm pretty sure you're just suggesting sexual assault.
No. 842512 ID: 2474dd

Sexual assault's a bit harsh but definitely too familiar and too creepy for a girl who's missing a lot of key time. I suggest just talking a bit. Who knows what her aunt Penny might have mentioned.
No. 842524 ID: 7152b7

Talking's fine but maybe let's not jump in too hard on the lost time bit?

We aren't going to get that back, all Chuck can do is start fresh.
No. 842530 ID: 2474dd

It's more to know what people have been saying to her.
No. 842632 ID: 064dbf

So what? We going to ask if she wants to practice kissing or something? I don't know what you guys expect to happen here.
No. 842638 ID: fbf7fe

Well, I don't know what's about to happen, but such an aggressive approach as asking her for kissing practice or just walking up and embracing her, will most likely not work out in our favour.

Remember, we need to take it slow with her to get anywhere.
No. 842639 ID: 0427e8
File 150986256972.png - (36.93KB , 500x500 , 49.png )

You: "So"

You: "How are you feeling? Do you know when the bandages can come off?"

Marcie: "I feel... ok!!"

Marcie: "Dr. Sophie said it would be at least a week, and she'll be changing them every other day."

You: "I'm glad."

Marcie: "I really should get to baking. I'm making one hundred loaves of sourdough bread to freeze so we all have good food to eat!"

You: "Do you need some help? You're... you know, all mittened up."

Marcie giggles.

Marcie: "No, I think I can handle it. It is a lot of waiting on the starters. I could make bread in my sleep!!"
No. 842640 ID: 2474dd

Let's keep in mind the point we are in this story. We don't have a lot of time for a 'long con'.

Tell her the truth. Tell her the reason why we told her we loved her. Find out why it worked. Maybe it will jump-start something, maybe it won't, but she needs to know why we avoided her so long and then turned around and played hero. This isn't the time for holding things back and not saying things that should have been said: we are at end game.
No. 842642 ID: 3ce125

What about... other stuff? Will she need any help getting ready for bed? Dressing, undressing?
No. 842644 ID: fbf7fe

I mean, yeah, but being overtly sexual towards her is going to backfire, and then we're not getting to her at all, fast or slow.

I feel that our best bet here is to reaffirm that everything we said outside that freezer was true, and maybe get her to talk to Penny for details. I feel like we'd probably get better results if she heard the details from somebody else, and she trusts Penny, and Penny knows about the whole deal.
No. 842645 ID: e24b91

Ask Marcie if she wants help brushing her teeth later.
No. 842647 ID: 2474dd

I wonder if the mindscape sequence with Penny was accurate to her, or if Susanna doesn't want Chuck to give up on Marcie, or if CHUCK doesn't want to give up Marcie?
No. 842650 ID: f0e552

Say this:
"Ah, what I probably should have said is that I really, really want to help, not because you're mittened up, but because I just want to help you, specifically."

Or something along the lines, we're helping because you're Marcie! not specifically because you're injured.
No. 842651 ID: 5c2707

This, preferably in no way lewdly. Just strike her with a batshit, hygenic request
No. 842652 ID: fbf7fe

Penny's proven insightful in the past, so the Mindscape Penny was... rather believable. I'd say she might have been accurate.
I doubt Susanna would want us to pursue Marcie further. Or anybody else, including her.

As for Charlemagne... Well, we are Charlemagne, so you tell me, buddy, do we want to give up on Marcie? I sure as shit don't.
No. 842678 ID: 7673a4

We need to marry this catte. And make her a mommy.

Begin relationship rekindling.
No. 842679 ID: 9876c4

I'm done here.

Persuading a lady you need to help dress her or brush her teeth would be a difficult skil check on the best of days.
No. 842686 ID: be0718

You've got the perfect mouthwash in mind for her.
No. 842688 ID: bb78f2

Tell me girl we got butter for all that bread?
No. 842689 ID: daa216

She seems busy, and for a good reason. I'd say we give her a peck on the cheek and then head on to see who else is free.
No. 842696 ID: 0c324b

If we are trying to keep this going, the best thing to her saying that she doesn't *need* help is that you *want* to help. I also think saying that you like how positive she is as a person is ok.
No. 842697 ID: 2474dd

Excellent point, Salestax.
No. 842698 ID: 4324ce

"Heh, you seem pretty confident. Always kind of did like that about you.

Well, if you ever want any help, don't be afraid to look me up. I'd be glad to. You're a ray of sunshine."
No. 842699 ID: fbf7fe

Alright, perfect. That's exactly what we should say.
No. 842726 ID: 66a4ca

Ask her if she needs help with anything else then. Or if there's something she'd like to know.
No. 842874 ID: 0427e8
File 150995603807.png - (35.69KB , 500x500 , 50.png )

You: "I'd help you because, y'know, I want to. Not because you really need me."


Marcie: "Hm, now that you mention it"

Marcie: "Once the bread is all done, I could use someone to deliver it to everyone in the house"


Marcie: "though I wouldn't really be able to pay y-"
No. 842875 ID: 0427e8
File 150995605162.png - (39.45KB , 500x500 , 51.png )

You: "Miss Marcie."

You: "I'll do it for free."

Marcie covers her mouth.

Marcie: "Oh!!"

Marcie: "Well that's awful sweet. Thank you!"
No. 842876 ID: 0427e8
File 150995606534.png - (25.42KB , 500x500 , 52.png )

No. 842877 ID: 3ce125

Ok so how long until the bread's done? We'll come back then.

Chuck should go bother someone else in the meantime. Like Angela maybe. Or we could go see who the prisoner is.
No. 842878 ID: 66a4ca

Delivery boy THE DREAM

Then, I vote to check on Julia.
No. 842879 ID: 2f4e16

Let's try and find out who that prisoner is.
No. 842880 ID: fbf7fe

Yep. Find out when bread will be done. If we have time before then, find out who the cops' prisoner is. If not, stay and flirt.
No. 842884 ID: d4516a

Came in to say this. This works.
No. 842886 ID: daa216

Give her a kiss on the cheek before heading to find who the prisoner is.
No. 842889 ID: be0718

Conned into free labor by a pretty face. I thought you were better than this, Chuck.
Visit Julia.
No. 842900 ID: b15da4

Interrogate the other prisoner.
No. 842906 ID: 2df440

Wow. Chuck's pussywhipped. Go see Angela.
No. 842908 ID: ee43ea

Time to advance the plot. Go see the prisoner.

Well, unless the bread is nearly done. In that case, grab it first and start your delivery round with the prisoner.
No. 842910 ID: a43366

Don't do that, as that's kind of creepy in this situation.
No. 842911 ID: 5f2b81

Come on, now. You know there's nothing conniving about Marcie. She didn't "con" him into anything. This is how community works.

No. 842912 ID: d4516a

Anyone that says anyone here that isn't Julia is conning us, while Julia herself isn't, is a troll. Let it be.
No. 842941 ID: be0718

>anyone who disagrees with me is a TROLL
Keep that level of discourse to the disthread, if you could.
No. 842950 ID: 20dc9e

No one is saying Julia doesn't need to be booted from the house, but Chuck is letting his dick screw him over by being Marcie's personal servant. He has better things to do than run around for someone who isn't going to give anything back. We've seen before that she doesn't even put out, let alone now with her memory wiped.

Let's wash our hands of Julia and Marcie and get onto something that matters.
No. 842994 ID: 2474dd

Chuck still has feelings for her; I'm pretty sure it's important for unlocking the secrets of this plot since Nelson's so hung up on love.
No. 843003 ID: 3cc68c

Love is never unimportant - and going by how Chuck is acting, that's definitely what's going on in his head. Besides, it's not too much of a trouble on our part to take up a small task and to hand one over to everyone here: it'll help us learn how they're all doing and what's been going on lately anyway, so there's that as well.

Take the buns out of the oven, distribute them to the others. Start with the dude in the prison.
No. 843010 ID: 38c800

We've come full circle! Thread done! Good job everybody!
No. 843022 ID: 62f1df

Maybe go and talk with John, see if everything is going well and if there's anything that needs attention? Might as well make ourselves useful while satisfying our curiosity. I'd suggest Layla instead of John, but it doesn't seem like she's in a shape or mood to talk.

Alternately, maybe check on Davey and Donna and see how they're doing?
No. 843094 ID: 69e8ff
File 151003657341.png - (26.33KB , 500x500 , 54.png )

Marcie's bread apparently requires an overnight sourdough starter, so you have a little time before you're back in your OLD JOB.

BACK in the saddle

Which is, incidentally, the technical term for the seat of a ladies' fixed-gear pannier bicycle. You go to the second floor where you had heard the prisoner was being held. Hm. This isn't that far from your own bedroom. Looks like John is guarding the-
No. 843095 ID: 69e8ff
File 151003658718.png - (35.44KB , 500x500 , 55.png )

You: "Oh CHRIST"

You: "What"

You: "What happened to your-"
No. 843096 ID: 69e8ff
File 151003660450.png - (33.59KB , 500x500 , 53.png )


John: "What"

John: "Do you think it looks bad?"

You: "Uh"

John: "You do."

You: "It's just different. Caught me off guard. It looks great, bud. Uh. Officer."

You: "I'm kind of curious who's in there. We don't get new people often, from what I gather."

John: "I thought the same when you got here."

John: "Captain Hoode and I caught him trying to lift food and supplies from the Shoppe Stoppe, so we took him to the station."
No. 843097 ID: be0718

She's a stranger wearing a dead woman's face, Chuck. Never forget that.
Him? Nevermind, let's go bug Julia instead.
No. 843098 ID: 91ee5f

>Nevermind, let's go bug Julia instead.
No. We're already here, so we might as well go ahead and meet the new guy right now.
No. 843099 ID: 3ce125

Huh it's a dude? What's he look like?
...is he a turtle? Or was it the business pig?
No. 843100 ID: 66a4ca

Ask if you can talk to this guy.
No. 843103 ID: 35089a

its jimmy
No. 843125 ID: 9b8c8d

No point asking details when we could just ask him if we can see him ourself.
No. 843134 ID: 62f1df

No! Half his power was in his stache! Just like Chuck's was in his cardigan!

It might actually help to know more. Like have they been able to get anything out of him? What's his profile?
No. 843135 ID: daa216

Oddly looks both younger and older at the same time. Yes though lets see if we can see who this is.
No. 843140 ID: fbf7fe

"He got a name? Anybody know him?"

Then, segue into a request to see him, under the excuse of maybe being able to talk some info out of him.
No. 843142 ID: 9876c4

I mean, yeah.

If we could find out why he wants the food, we could save them a lot of work.
No. 843149 ID: db884e

There’s a Sean Connery shaving joke in there somewhere.
No. 843150 ID: 600f38

"He got a name?"
No. 843158 ID: 2fe26a

Did he look like he needed it? We don't need competition- I mean, uh, criminal elements disrupting order at a time like this.
No. 843384 ID: 69e8ff
File 151011909132.png - (30.30KB , 500x500 , 56.png )

You: "Well, has he got a name?"

John: "I imagine so."

John: "He won't spit it out."

You: "I take it visiting hours are over."

John: "I can let you in for a minute or two."

a) YES, go in to see the prisoner.
b) NO, go do something else.
No. 843385 ID: be0718

B) NO, Do someone else.
No. 843386 ID: 3ce125

No. 843387 ID: 90f3c0

A. Gotta see the new guy.
No. 843388 ID: 7ca3a3

No. 843390 ID: d887c0

A. Let's see this fella.
No. 843391 ID: f30be2

No. 843392 ID: bb78f2


You know John... you have a fine jaw. Shocking without the hair, but once the ladies get used to it, I'm going to have some real competition. Now you look less like ol' Grandpa and now more like grizzled vet...

John, wait, you're not... Sally's Dad in disguise are you? Cause I can see you and Romona having a thing in the past. Or maybe Penny too? Really hoping that doesn't bring back bad memories. Sorry for asking.

I know we got off on the wrong foot and I know I just seem like an asshole Tomcat on the prowl, so I hope maybe I can change my impression later, if I haven't already with my actions last night.

Well, see ya, off to interrogate your prisoner.
No. 843393 ID: 2120ee

s)uck John's dick.
No. 843399 ID: 2474dd

A. Let's see the new guy, might be important.
No. 843401 ID: 78a3e5

No. 843406 ID: 91ee5f

a) YES, go in to see the prisoner.
No. 843411 ID: 62f1df

A) And thank John for the leeway he's giving you.
No. 843415 ID: fbf7fe

A), obviously.
No. 843416 ID: 7ab4b9

A ftw
No. 843418 ID: 69e8ff
File 151012532976.png - (27.42KB , 500x500 , 57.png )

You: "Thanks. I appreciate it."

John starts to unlock the door.

You: "Say, you're not Sally's dad, are you?"

He stops.

John: "Ed?"

John: "No. That guy was about a foot taller than me."
No. 843419 ID: 69e8ff
File 151012534128.png - (7.54KB , 500x500 , 58.png )

He pushes the door open.

John: "and he was a piece of shit."

The room has been cleared of furniture, save for a single chair against the far wall.
No. 843420 ID: 69e8ff
File 151012535475.png - (43.75KB , 500x500 , 59.png )

The light from the hallway spills onto a man seated there. It's...

You: "Wha-"

You: "JimBO!"

Jimmy the Noose: "Charlie. God damn."
No. 843421 ID: 69e8ff
File 151012536545.png - (68.41KB , 500x500 , 60.png )

You: "My man, what the hell are you doin' here?"

Jimmy: "You're one to talk you salty fuckin Welshman"

Jimmy: "Why you dressed like my granddad, man?"

You: "Long story, long story. How you been?"

Jimmy: "Oh, you know. Keepin up with the world. Good to see you, my man. Good to see you."
No. 843422 ID: 3ce125

Haha *another* fellow criminal. It's like some jackass turtle wanted to fill up the town with sinners. Ask him if he saw a fucking asshole turtle called Harold Pal on his way into town.

Then give him the bad news. Julia's here too but you can't get up to any shady business because there's no way out of town. The road literally goes on forever. He's gonna have to go legit, at least until you figure out some way of finding a way out. Also ask him to maybe keep his past dealings with you on the down-low? Ask him what the cops saw him actually doing and when. We can come up with a cover story for him that doesn't involve him being a career criminal.
No. 843425 ID: be0718

Okay, Coxwette is quickly becoming a gangster's paradise. He and Julia need to be kept well away from another. How about you put Jimmy to work guarding against the reverends?
No. 843427 ID: 66a4ca

So HE's the one Julia stole from. But how did he find this place? This seems like way too much of a coincidence.

Ask him again why he's here and why he's already in a slammer.
No. 843431 ID: fbf7fe

Well, let's get to pumping him for info.
How'd he get here?
When'd he get here?
Why'd he come here?
Did he meet Harold Pal?
Any particular reason for the shoplifting, or was he just broke?
Uhh... Has he met the reverends?

Let's not immediately tell him about the curse on the town, since he's unlikely to believe us, and it may ruin our credibility with him. Let's also not mention Julia. He might cause trouble if he knows Julia is here.
No. 843432 ID: 0d45a9

How'd you get in trouble before I even find out you're here?
No. 843443 ID: 064dbf

Let's just tell him there's a lot of fucked up shit going down in this town and it doesn't need anymore trouble. And that the people are nice so if he behaves they'll just give him food and shelter. Then we can shoot the shit.
No. 843448 ID: 3cc68c

"Anyway it's a long story and I can't see you for long, but I'mma put it short:

Town has issues. We're stuck here. Gotta keep it straight and cooperate with people. Julia is around too - still as bad as she always was, I know.

Also your grandfather was a stylish gentleman."
No. 843451 ID: daa216

Seeing we just fist bumped with a criminal in front of the law and he's already suspicious of Julia. I say we tell our old friend to stay strong and then leave.
No. 843454 ID: fbf7fe

No, no, no. If we tell him about the current threat, and that he'll just have to cooperate and stay on the straight and narrow, chances are he'll take the first opportunity to nick some supplies and high-tail it outta here.

Best not to tell him anything yet. Just get info outta him. Then, tell him we'll "pull some strings and get you outta there. Might take a while, though."

That should hopefully convince him to sit tight and not try anything. And heck, maybe we'll even be able to make good on the promise, later.
But do compliment his grandfather's style, though.
No. 843481 ID: ca2772

This. We need to grill him for info and then let him rot.
No. 843482 ID: 2474dd

He'll try to high-tail it outta here, get killed, and we could then take the supplies back.

If he asks, be right-up front. Nobody can leave. He's probably figured out something is wrong already given the relocation.

But don't give out more information than he asks for.

Let him cool his heels for now. Last thing we need is for him to try to kill Julia in the middle of all this. Don't let him know Julia's here, he'll just make more trouble.

Not sure it's a great idea to let Julia know he's here either. She's likely to do something equally stupid and endanger the house. Just make sure they don't come in contact with each other. We should let Ramona and Susanna know, they should be able to help keep the peace and we can trust them not to panic.
No. 843486 ID: b9b4da

We should tell at least one of them that the other is here, pulling the wool over two heads is a lot harder than one. Bring up the loss of his car and gun without necessarily naming names. Perhaps with a "hey, did you drive all the way out here to find me?"
No. 843487 ID: ee43ea

Tell him Julia is here, how to find her, and where the car is.

He will take care of all our problems in one fell swoop and then hopefully disappear forever.
No. 843491 ID: 46561c

Kill him. And Julia, too. For good measure. You can't let them ruin what you got going for you. What was that whole bit about letting the past go? You're better than these petty criminal druggie losers.
No. 843492 ID: 5f2b81

You need help, man.

This is smart.
No. 843496 ID: ee43ea

>You need help, man.
This. We don't have any weapons, there's a cop in the way, and this dude's way bigger than us (and according to at least one person, Julia is some kind of an unbeatable martial arts goddess).

If we're not going to sic them at one another and fight it out, we'll need a mob.
No. 843503 ID: 3ce125

If the reverends were attracted to the increased lewd activity in town I don't want to see what happens when someone commits murder.
No. 843511 ID: ca2772

+1 for this. We don't need these psychopaths further fucking up this fragile town. The best way to kill them would be to trick them into going outside, then locking them out.

This way is hard to trace back to you, and you aren't even technically doing the killing.
No. 843516 ID: fb1002

Jesus. That escalated quickly. New character. Slightly unsavory in the surface. “KILL EM BOTH!” 8I
No. 843518 ID: ae2d37

dubs confirm my course of action is the best
Do it, Chuck. Lock them outside and be done with it. Coxwette is full of good people, and these bad apples will kill the whole batch. You're changing, and they're not. Every second, a million years. For all you know, Jessica has been drugging your friends for millennia, worrying about the fucking cops. She's the same as ever and doesn't want to change, and she is bloody dangerous.
No. 843519 ID: 4148dd

A mix of these sounds good.
No. 843520 ID: 3cc68c

Just tell him the bare minimum, ask him to sit tight, say we'll try to get him out eventually but once we do he probably should leave. Like, don't go into details but say there's some shit going on here, we got involved, he should keep out of it for his own safety.

Also, wonder silently why this place keeps calling in assholes you know.
No. 843524 ID: 9876c4

Jimmy, look. We can help you, but you gotta be cool.

These people aren't gonna send you upstate for a little B&E. Keep it together, and stay helpful, and we'll try to put in a good word.
Get too escapey, or violent, and they'll waste you. Stuff's serious right now.
No. 843554 ID: aebfae

I think whatever is affecting the town if using you as a magnet to attract all the other lowlives you knew between getting kicked out and coming into Coxwette in the first place somehow.
No. 843559 ID: 0cfce4

Has anyone actually died during our stay?
Are we absolutely sure we can die?
No. 843560 ID: bb78f2

We've been stuck in this town for a few weeks from our perspective. When was the last time you saw me, can you remember? Might be able to know how much time has passed outside the town that way.
No. 843565 ID: 7152b7

Just cuz he's a criminal doesn't mean he's a total shithead.
I mean, sure Julie's a shit head but look at chuck, he's only half a shit head!
give him a chance guys.
No. 843575 ID: ec39db

to john:"I don't know this person, i've never seen him before."
No. 843590 ID: be0718

He may have already forgotten the year. Ask about some recent pop culture, like a song, and see if Chuck recognizes it.
No. 843634 ID: 69e8ff
File 151019776314.png - (53.69KB , 500x500 , 61.png )

You: "How'd you end up here, anyway?"

Jimmy: "I was goin' after my Camaro. I'll get to that."

Jimmy: "Motorcycle ran out of gas. Couldn't find a damn gas station anywhere."

You: "Yyyyeeeah, they're hard to come by out here. Say, this guy out here says he saw you stealing from the grocery store out in town."

You: "Crazy, I know, but I'll vouch-"

Jimmy: "Yeah, I was stealin' stuff."

You: "Ok but-"

Jimmy: "I stole some food and batteries and shit."

You: "You're not making a very good case for yourself, my man."

Jimmy: "I was lost in the god damn woods, Charlie."

Jimmy: "I had no food. No water. Nobody was at the counter. Nobody was in the cafe."
No. 843637 ID: 69e8ff
File 151019777327.png - (25.98KB , 500x500 , 62.png )

Jimmy: "Also? Hello?"

Jimmy: "I don't know if you know this"

Jimmy: "But there's some demonic zombie preachers running around calling me a lecher and chasing me the fuck around!"
No. 843641 ID: bb78f2

Yeah, dawg, that's why we're in the magically protected house.

Welcome to Coxwette, you're here forever!
No. 843645 ID: 2474dd

OK, good, good. We're on the same page.

Let him know you're working on getting rid of the zombies. Also warn him that you can't escape town until you do. He's got more sense than Julia -- survival goods are practical. Given the situation it's likely that a desperate guy trying to get food and water is forgivable in a town plagued by undead preachers.

Don't tell him about Julia though. We can deal with that once the town is clear.
No. 843648 ID: 3ce125

Yeah, we know about that. Here's the deal: this is a town magically cut off from the outside world, designed to be a sort of pleasure town for lost souls (I mean let's be honest it's called Coxwette for a reason), but some fucking reverends got stuck in here too and keep coming back from the dead and trying to fuck everything up.

They almost did. The rest of the town was warded against them, but now only this house is. Wanna help take back what's ours?

Maybe John will forgive him for looting in what was obviously a survival situation.
No. 843654 ID: 600f38

"Yyeeeaaaahhh... About that...
We're in purgatory. Probably forever. Literally forever - we've got people here from the 1800s who are still in their 30s.

Look, I'm pretty sure I can smooth this over. I'll talk to the shop's owner, explain the situation, and bring her here. You apologize, everybody's all smiles.
Sound like a plan?"

Lets go talk to Ellen and explain.
Keep the story simple: Jimmy was lost in the woods, stumbled into town in the middle of the zombie crisis, couldn't find anybody, and stole food and water from her store because he needed it and there was nobody around to ask for help. He was in a really bad situation, he wants to apologize.

Hooking Depressed Deer up with Brick McSlabBeef would also solve a few other problems.
No. 843657 ID: 91ee5f

>"But there's some demonic zombie preachers running around calling me a lecher and chasing me the fuck around!"
"Oh, so you already met the Reverends? Well that makes it easier to explain things to you, without you thinking I'm bullshitting you."
No. 843658 ID: 3ce125

Good plan.
No. 843669 ID: be0718

Pout. "They never called me a lecher. I need to step up my game."
No. 843672 ID: 3ce125

They called him "Old Scratch" though. That's way worse! Heck, maybe Chuck should brag about that.
No. 843675 ID: 69e8ff
File 151020181633.png - (53.00KB , 500x500 , 63.png )

You: "Just explain that. This house is safe, but it's the only safe spot in town."

You and Jimmy the Noose walk for the door. John blocks the way with his hand on his club.

Jimmy: "Uh, look, Officer..."

John: "Parker."

Jimmy: "Officer Parker. I didn't want to steal anything. I just had to eat after trying to make my way through the woods."

Jimmy: "The town was empty and there were maniac killers running around."

Jimmy: "I'll pay for what I took. And the window I broke."
No. 843676 ID: 69e8ff
File 151020182630.png - (31.60KB , 500x500 , 64.png )

John grumbles.

John: "You need to stay out of trouble from now on. The same goes for you, Chuck."

Jimmy: "Chuck? Are you still trying to get people to call you Chuck?"

You: "Shut up"

John: "Pay attention."

John: "Everyone in town is in this building. You have no excuse for stealing anything."

John: "If you need something, find one of us."

Jimmy: "Yes sir. Thank ya sir."

John: "And if you raise Cain again, you're going in the basement."

Jimmy: "Yes sir."

He lets you and Jimmy out into the hall.
No. 843677 ID: 9876c4

So... this is interesting. If he finds Julia they'll be fireworks.
But maybe a few less if he gets his car back.

Maybe we should lead him to Ellen or Rita, to distract him?
No. 843679 ID: 600f38

Take him to Ellen. Have him apologize to her, since that's the polite thing to do and it'll build your 'good guy' cred for sorting this out.
No. 843680 ID: 91ee5f

Tell him, "Welcome to Coxwette! .....yes, I know, the name is hilarious. And the best part is that nobody figured it out until I pointed it out to them!"

And then see how he reacts when he hears about how most of the town is a bunch of women and very few men.
No. 843681 ID: be0718

Take this big stronk man to Ellen.
No. 843682 ID: 3ce125

Warn Jimmy that Julia is here too, but he'll be glad to know she's suffering from withdrawl.
No. 843684 ID: 33d4be

Go back to the doctor zone and see what's what, there.

Four reasons: 1) Layla is probably still there she needs to know that it's ok Jimmy's out, plus you and Jimmy do probably need just a little more encouragement to keep things lawful for the immediate future, and there's nothing in this town that'll make a couple of scofflaws considerate of their scoffing habits like another peek at that fine policebutt.
2) It'll help make sure Jimmy's aware how serious this is for everyone and what kind of attitude everyone's in.
3) Susanna is probably there, and you can show Jimmy what she looks like so that he's fully aware of who the authorities in town are and who to watch what he's saying around the most, that plus general information giving is a favour you can be doing him to further establish your position as his buddy around here.
4) Now that it's out to pretty much everyone that Susanna's some supernatural creature herself, she, and that means we if we want to encourage her thinking of Chuck as a friend, we need to think about her image with the people. Right now I'll bet people are gossiping up a storm and we don't want to leave the idea that she's a vampire or a demon or something to sit and get established in people's heads. So we need to ask her what she wants Chuck to tell people. Personally, I'm thinking we tell people she's a fairy. People like fairies. Fairies can be friends. Better than a lot of the other options people will find plausible.
No. 843690 ID: 2474dd

Fuck no, don't let either know the other is here if we can avoid it and make sure they never meet. Jimmy might keep a cool head, Julia will lose it.
No. 843691 ID: daa216

You tell him about Julia he's apt to kill her. I vote you let him go about what he wants to do and we go visit another lady. My vote is see how Penny is doing.
No. 843699 ID: 3ce125

Guys if the first time either of them finds out the other is here is when they meet face to face, it's going to be far worse than if they knew beforehand.
No. 843714 ID: fbf7fe

He's going to learn Julia's here, no matter what we do. Best he learn it from us.
I want to say we should probably tell him not to hurt Julia on account of the monsters being attracted to sin, and not mention that the house is protected... But that would make it very risky to have sex with anybody in here, because he might discover that sinning is... Relatively safe. And then he'll go commit a sin against Julia.
So, we need some way to convince him not to hurt Julia. For now.
No. 843723 ID: 3ce125

It's still dangerous to sin in this house. The last time Chuck boned Ramona, one of the reverends came to the door and just would not stop trying to get in. It eventually left, but apparently the reverends aren't leaving anymore. If one (or more) of them gets lured to the house it might become impossible to leave the house without being attacked.

I mean I'm not saying we should completely avoid sex but we should have some sort of long-term plan first.
No. 843728 ID: fbf7fe

Oh yeah, speaking of long-term plans: The Catacombs. We originally wanted to get down there to get Sally a book on the Plath lineage, but I assume we'll probably still wanna get down there and see if there's any answers to the whole... Zombie-Reverends curse, thing.
So, we'll probably need to make sure the supplies for the trip are still here: Flashlights, ropes... Some food?
We'll also need a gun. Which means either talking Davey (good luck with that) or John out of their shotguns. The alternative is to bring them along, but Davey's got a... Self-centered streak, so if he comes along, he might not be reliable. And John's a cop, therefor a natural source of authority, and therefor might not follow our orders. Best not to take either of them, and instead try and get one of their guns.
We'll probably also want to decide who to take. We'll need Sally to get us in. And I'm thinking Julia to guide us in via the warehouse. Anybody else we wanna bring?
No. 843730 ID: 69e8ff
File 151021089042.png - (29.89KB , 500x500 , 65.png )

You: "Well, welcome to Coxwette. Think you can stay out of trouble for a day or two?"

Jimmy: "Probably not."

You: "Yeah, me neither."

Jimmy: "Man what are you doing hiding in this place?"

You look over your shoulder to ensure that you and Jim have walked out of John's earshot. You catch Jimmy up on what is going on with the town, how no one can really leave, and how the Plath mansion is the only place left the monsters can't get into. You leave out the part about robbing a bank.

Jimmy: "So we're locked in a little hotel? But it smells like mildew? Alright, I can work with that."

Jimmy: "Yeah. Not bad. Any bitches here? Not just dogs but you know what I mean. I've been riding for about eight hours so I feel like checking if my dick's still attached."

You were pretty sure Jimmy was dating Julia, but you can't say you feel bad for her. You know at some point you are going to have to deal with that situation, even if it means getting the police or even the mayor involved.
No. 843732 ID: 2474dd

If Chuck's not gonna bang Rita maybe he can send Jimmy in. That girl is thirsty.
No. 843734 ID: be0718

I'm not sure if telling him he's stuck here with Julia forever would make his urge to kill rise or lower. It certainly has that effect on some people.
Introduce Sally to him. What's she gonna do at this point, have twins?
No. 843735 ID: 2120ee

Hmm. What about girls who are horses? And middle-aged men? And widowers?
No. 843736 ID: fbf7fe

I'm for introducing him to Rita or Ellen.
Neither really seems to be affected by our advances. Might as well let Jimmy have a go.

We'll probably want to also ask him to elaborate on the whole "chasing his Camaro" thing he said. Like, find out if he knows Julia stole it.
No. 843737 ID: 360d59

Everybody is too high strung for that right now Jimmy.
No. 843738 ID: 66a4ca

Send him to Naz and Selma. They'll know how to tie him up good!
No. 843739 ID: 91ee5f

Put a hand on his shoulder and say, "Listen, buddy, the number of men in this town can be counted on a single hand. That's including you, me, Officer John, and 2 other guys. The rest of the town are all women. Go flirt with them. Except for the horse girl, she's the farmer's daughter and he owns a shotgun and since we're all stuck here together, it'd be best you don't try to get with her, so that your face doesn't get shot off."
No. 843742 ID: 7673a4

If you touch Marcie, so help me I'll gouge your eyes out with a rusty spoon.
No. 843743 ID: 9876c4

This seems like the safest outcome.

The mouse and cats are off-limits.
No. 843747 ID: 91ee5f

>The mouse and cats are off-limits.
The farmer's daughter is off-limits.
No. 843750 ID: 9876c4

I mean, he can try, but it's not gonna end well.
No. 843752 ID: 91ee5f

I can imagine a shotgun barrel in Jimmy's mouth as Davey yells at him to get the fuck away from his daughter! And half the town is telling him to not blow the poor man's head off!
No. 843753 ID: 3ce125

Tell him if he's looking for a lecherous woman, Naz and Susanna fit the bill. Susanna's probably still recovering from getting all chopped up though. He could try his luck with Penny.
No. 843754 ID: 9dc26d

This is sound advice here. For a guy like Jimmy, if you tell him some girl's off limits you need to have a real reason. A daddy with a shotgun is a good reason.
No. 843760 ID: b8d5aa

he's not likely to get any privacy right now and besides, all those ladies are probably yours anyway. do you really want to share?

maybe you could have a threesome with him and that feisty mouse chick.
No. 843761 ID: daa216

Why not send him after Julia now. Take care of those loose ends.
No. 843762 ID: ee43ea

"Julia is here too. The rest probably won't be your type."

Seems like we could send him after Julia after all. Together they can form some kind of a tiny circle of petty drugs and sex and arguments, and hopefully leave the rest of us alone to deal with real problems.
No. 843764 ID: 1a95ea

"There's a few single ladies I guess. But think of Julia too, would you really want to hurt her feelings by cheating on her?"

Wait a few seconds to make him doubt, then burst to laughter. "But seriously, Julia is here too. Gave me some trouble last night. If you're looking to smash you know she'll be all for it."
No. 843779 ID: be0718

Oh, pff, duh, what about that bird teacher? Yeah, she's fair game.
No. 843782 ID: 3cc68c

Let's go with Julia. Best case scenario, they'll stick together plotting about something petty, and fucking each other's brains out. Worst case scenario, we'll get a body to dispose. And we'll probably have an easier time to track them both.

They can't possibly be more trouble that way than they would be otherwise, and nothing of real value will be lost.
No. 843788 ID: 0fa45f

Can't risk him interact with any locals. He might well spill out uncomfortable facts and half-truths about us and our past, and then we've got a whole mess of distrust and paranoia to untangle. We need to get that thing done at our own terms without these two morons getting in the way of things.

Just sic him to Julia instead. Let them solve whatever issues they might have, maybe it'll help them unwind - one way or the other - enough to safely interact with everyone else here.
No. 843795 ID: 33d4be

Ok, first, Chuck, first rule of talking about women with your bro: Stop. Look. Listen. Is there anyone in earshot who'll hear that you don't want to? Are you gonna talk about banging a mom and daughter and then find out one of them was right there behind a door or corner? Awareness, man. The whole town's packed in this house. Dense population, here. Arm around the shoulder, lower your voice.

Then give a little advice. "Jimmy, my man, this is the small town, here. Close community, people paying attention to each other, lotta gossip. Means the lonely ladies around here are cautious. Believe you me there are bunch of girls cravin' it hard but you know, just so you know, might not be any quick pickups like we do in the big stops."

"Now, that said, if you want bonafide bitches, I think of two girls right away: Naz, the librarian, cute little mouse chick, because she'd probably like being called a bitch, and second guess who you and my old friend who happens to be here? Julia."
No. 843796 ID: 33d4be

And before he goes make sure you pat him on the back and let him know you've been working your way in people's good sides for a while so do you a favour and not spill too much.

And you know what if you really trust him to keep his trap shut and you're sure there's no-one around then you can regale him with a few of your more impressive sexcapades because you're probably dying to brag about it to someone. The mom-daughter combo and getting in Susanna's bed were probably your biggest achievements. I mean, Susanna's some sort of for-reals actual legit mythical creature so you've got full rights to your title there, Mr. the Legend.
No. 843803 ID: fbf7fe

These are indeed smart suggestions. I'm all for them.
Might wanna be ready to restrain him in case he reacts poorly to hearing about Julia, though. And we'd probably still want to mention that mackin' on Donna carries a risk of a grisly death by shotgun.
No. 843804 ID: ee43ea

>Might wanna be ready to restrain him in case he reacts poorly to hearing about Julia, though.
No. 843808 ID: fbf7fe

Look, I understand some people want Julia dead. I wouldn't vote for it myself, but alright, sure.
If we want Julia dead, let's at least make sure to minimize collateral damage. Don't want the girls to get hurt, don't want the house destroyed, don't want what weapons and supplies we have to be lost, and we absolutely don't want the protective enchantment on the house to be broken.

You want Julia dead. Alright. But not in the House. That is just foolhardy.
No. 843810 ID: ee43ea

I don't really see how Jimmy could cause any more damage to the house than maybe a few bloodstains on the walls. He's not even armed.
No. 843820 ID: 3ab62f

Get the cop back in here before you tell him about Julia FOR SURE.
No. 843825 ID: 69e8ff
File 151025261719.png - (52.74KB , 500x500 , 66.png )

You: "Oh you know it, my man. All over the place."

You: "But, uh"

You: "I've got kind of a good thing going here."

You: "Flying straight for a while. You know what I'm sayin'?"

You: "Building rapport with the locals."

Jimmy: "Oh I hear you loud and clear bud. We've all been there."

You: "So if you could, you know, respect that"

Jimmy: "You got it, my man. Say no more."

Jimmy: "Boundaries. I gotcha. They call me Mr. Boundaries."

You: "I thought they called you The Noose."

Jimmy: "I have numerous sobriquets."

You: "Uh huh. Well. I appreciate it."

Jimmy: "No problem, man. No problem. You were always the top dog, you know?"

You: "One thing, though. You might want to stay away from the farmer's daughter. He's got a shotgun and doesn't like people macking on her."

Jimmy: "Nothin' I haven't dealt with before."

You: "And one more thing. Almost forgot."

You: "Ah, Julia is, uh, here."
No. 843826 ID: 69e8ff
File 151025262606.png - (26.87KB , 500x500 , 67.png )

Jimmy: "Julia."

You: "Yeah"

Jimmy: "Our Julia."

You: "Yep."

Jimmy: "J-Mac."

You: "The very same."

Jimmy: "Interesting."
No. 843829 ID: b9b4da

Hey you should probably have asked what he was planning to do the next time he saw Julia first.
No. 843830 ID: ae9b99

interesting indeed.
No. 843831 ID: 66a4ca

Do NOT tell him that it was Julia that stole it.

But do ask him when's the last time he saw her.
No. 843833 ID: e7d6e2

How much do you hate Julie that you rat her out to someone called "the noose"?
No. 843836 ID: ee43ea

"Yeah. And guess what she came in?"
No. 843837 ID: 3cc68c

Suggest that he might want to take care of things with her outside the manor.
No. 843838 ID: 802daa

Tell him to take her outside, lock the fucking door on both of them. Quest fixed. We can now get on with the interesting part of the story.
No. 843839 ID: fbf7fe

Seems Jimbo is being a bit guarded.
I guess we could try and probe him with a "what's wrong, thought you'd be excited to hear she's around".
But chances are he's being guarded because he knows Julie stole his car, his dope, and his gun. We could just come straight and mention she stole it, and try to convince him not to do anything rash, but if he doesn't already know, then it's... Gonna make things worse.
No. 843840 ID: ee43ea

>if he doesn't already know, then it's... Gonna make things worse
It's gonna make things a lot better actually.
No. 843841 ID: 1a95ea

Chuck. Real talk - you don't know these people anymore, and their own personal issues don't involve you and shouldn't involve this town either.

Feign innocence, point him towards Julia's way, and clean your hands of this entire mess. Go check on Susanna and Ramona instead.

You can't save everybody, and these two are criminals and outsiders - and if one of them is soon to be hurt, she's jut reaping what she sowed.
No. 843848 ID: 33d4be


Now now, I'm sure he's called The Noose for a perfectly harmless reason. Took a job that needed a tie, maybe, and it was a joke about that, or maybe he once had a girlfriend with choking fetish (hello, Naz) or maybe he once busted a collar with that neck of his, or something. He's not necessarily some sort of serial strangulation murderer. Even if he has the hands and arms for it.

Anyway, Chuck, fill the man in on your encounter with Julia, let him know where she is right now, emotiomentally. Forewarned forearmed you know?
No. 843849 ID: 4890ea

>criminals and outsiders
Oh, you mean like Chuck was until people gave him a chance?
No. 843851 ID: 1a95ea

It's been brought up numerous times in the discussion thread, and essentially confirmed, that Chuck was never as bad as Julia at least.

He tried to do better. Johnny by contrast freely admits he's not going to stay out of trouble - if he actually tries to instigate murder or violence or threats the moment he sees Julia, then I think it's safe to say he wouldn't much care for a second chance.
No. 843853 ID: fbf7fe

Yeah, but nobody's beyond saving. I say we try to give him a chance.
And discretely mention to John and Layla that they have beef, and need to be watched.
No. 843856 ID: 2474dd

Chuck didn't go around stealing and drugging, he had enough common sense to behave himself in a new town.

Jimmy seems to have enough sense too -- he was very respectful to John, and only stole out of desperation.

I don't think we have to worry about him flying off the handle. Hell, a he's big enough guy that if he wanted to escape he probably could have, so I'm guessing Jimmy's got a better tactical sense than Julia as well.

No doubt that he knows Julia stole his stuff and is playing it smart. He probably won't kill Julia until this mess is settled.

And if you let him know the Reverends are attracted to sin, my guess is he'll definitely not start anything until it's all settled.
No. 843859 ID: ee43ea

>Jimmy seems to have enough sense too -- he was very respectful to John, and only stole out of desperation.
I don't know. He seemed pretty insincere with that bit.
No. 843860 ID: 66a4ca

> >>843851 >never as bad as Julia
We just learned that Chuck was the top dog. You know? The leader of a criminal gang? So you can forget about arguing that Chuck's better than Julia or Jimmy.

It's nice that Chuck's changed but, if he really changed, then it's his duty to help his old friends change as well. Letting them hurt each other or even instigate such an event would only mean that the real monster, that should be locked outside, is none other than Chuck himself.
No. 843861 ID: bb1b87

Guys, guys.

Even if Jimmy's got enough calmness and common sense to not immediately try murder, Julia sure as hell does not. She's going to fly off the handle the instant she sees him come in through the door. There's no telling what she will do or what the collateral damage will be.

What I'm saying is, we must do this immediately. It will be hilarious.
No. 843863 ID: 1a95ea

This is a ridiculous stretch of logic even by your standards, Delian.
No. 843866 ID: fbf7fe

Yeah, the vibe I'm getting from Jimbo is that he's smart enough to act nice, not that he actually IS nice.
But as >>843860 says, we got a duty to ourselves and our old friends to help them ease into the community. Or at least, not to let them do anything dangerous before we can get them out of the community.
No. 843867 ID: ee43ea

See >>117685

See 117686
No. 843878 ID: 9dc26d

"Shit is fucked here until the zombies, the Reverends, are dealt with. We won't survive this if we don't have everyone, townies, mayor, cops, even the baker, cooperating. Once it's done, I'll understand if you do what you gotta do. But before that, we all got do the teamwork thing."
No. 843880 ID: 4148dd

This sounds good.
No. 843882 ID: 064dbf

He's going to steal our women! Good thing we pretty much called dibs there.
No. 843887 ID: 2474dd

No no, this is an opportunity to start double-teaming the women. If the lewd levels get high enough, surely it will make the reverend's heads burst.
No. 843888 ID: 62f1df

Seems sensible. Jimmy is probably an asshole, but at least, he's an asshole who seems smart and collected enough not to get in trouble.

Still, try to learn what he has in mind (both concerning Julia and his immediate future) and stay with him until you can be more or less certain he won't start shit. I know we'd all much rather hang out with the ladies, but we must make sure we're not letting go of a time bomb here.
No. 843927 ID: b8d5aa

well, he was bound to find out sooner or later.

might be good to keep them separate. encourage jimmy to put a hold on their feud until they get out of coxwette.
No. 843935 ID: 3ce125

So yeah try not to make a scene, right?
No. 843971 ID: a633c6

I know that look, and I know Jules has a big mouth on a tiny head, but seriously, don't do anything. These zombies mean business, they can smell ill intentions.
No. 843992 ID: 69e8ff
File 151029056468.png - (26.28KB , 500x500 , 68.png )

You: "I don't know where she is right now. Just don't make a scene."

You: "I know it's hard not to with her."

Jimmy: "Don't worry. I just wanna ask her if she knows what happened to my car."

Jimmy: "I have a feeling she might."

You: "Just don't do anything rash."

Jimmy: "Don't worry so much, my man."

Jimmy: "I'm gonna find a shower. I've been on the road a while. Catch you later, big dog."

Jimmy starts trying doors until he finds a restroom.
No. 843993 ID: 3ce125

Alright let's just take his word for it.

My vote's we go talk to either Angela or Penny.
No. 843997 ID: 91ee5f

We've done all we can do. If anything happens, it's out of our hands.

Unless it happens directly in front of Chuck.

I agree.
No. 843999 ID: be0718

You should find Julia now and see if your other comrade has settled in nicely to house arrest.
No. 844001 ID: ae9b99

Angela. We should ask if the students know they are not supposed to be in school today.
No. 844005 ID: 69e8ff
File 151029266799.png - (26.59KB , 500x500 , 69.png )

You stop in the hallway to take a breath. You never realized how stressful your old friends were. It was like a room with a bad smell in it that you just walked back into after a week away. Still, none of your lives were good back then, and those two were the only ones who really stuck with you. Now you've got a town full of people who care about you, and that doesn't really bother you as much as it did before. Maybe you'll go see Penny or Angela. Which one?
No. 844008 ID: be0718

Neither. Go see what Naz was gabbing about in the common room. You still need to recruit party members for your eventual counteroffensive, remember?
No. 844010 ID: 2474dd

Let's see Penny! You need to get your hero thanks from her.
No. 844012 ID: 9876c4

Seems reasonable.
No. 844015 ID: ae9b99

Angela to ask about if her students know about the reverend situation
No. 844017 ID: 15a025

No. 844018 ID: 91ee5f

No. 844019 ID: eef56a


You still have a threesome mission to accomplish
No. 844026 ID: 69e8ff
File 151029740016.png - (45.40KB , 500x500 , 70.png )

You find Penny on the third floor rumpus room, which you did not even know existed. It is a large, open room with a round rug and sofa in the middle. The walls are lined with shelves, and there is a dusty old piano against one of them. Penny hides the fact that she was yawning when you approach her.

Penny: "Hello there, hon."

You: "You look a little tired."

Penny: "Late night last night. I need my beauty sleep."

You: "Could've fooled me."

That gets a short-lived smile out of her.

Penny: "I never thanked you proper for bringing Marcie home. She'd have been dead without you."

You: "Anyone would have done the same."

She smiles again, but a silence follows.

Penny: "I know it..."


Penny: "must be hard for you. I could tell you really..."
No. 844027 ID: 69e8ff
File 151029740983.png - (38.04KB , 500x500 , 71.png )


You: "Yeah."


Penny: "You're a sweet boy, Chuck. Nobody'd know it if they passed you on the street."

Penny: "But I know you would have taken good care of my girl."
No. 844028 ID: fbf7fe

"'Would have?' No, Penny.' Will.'"
No. 844029 ID: be0718

Shoulda woulda coulda. No use dwelling on what-ifs, you'll just have to manage without her. At least Penny got her Marcie back, right?
No. 844030 ID: 66a4ca

Sit down on the sofa and tell her that it's frustrating, but it's enough to know that she's alive.
No. 844033 ID: 3ce125

No reason to give up yet, Penny. Unless Marcie did?

How much have they talked about what happened to her? Did Marcie say anything about you? Does she really remember nothing about you?