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File 147788195745.png - (170.60KB , 1920x1080 , TWWLTP_01.png )
756195 No. 756195 ID: 1f8505

It is dusk at the Village on the Hill. The harvest sunset illuminates the countryside in a brilliance of oranges and yellows as it sinks beyond the horizon. A constable of ravens fly into the distance, their caws echoing off the rolling hills.

Inside a house within the tiny village, a familiar red-haired witch settles in for the evening.
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No. 756197 ID: 1f8505
File 147788407848.png - (367.84KB , 1691x1137 , TWWLTP_02.png )

With the parents gone and the house to herself, Anita relaxes with a bath in her cauldron. Finally, a chance to enjoy some quiet. The chaos of the Wind Magic Academy school year is on pause, and Halloween is nigh.

Anita exhales a sigh of relief as she slides further into the hot soapy water.
No. 756198 ID: 1f8505
File 147788408941.png - (368.46KB , 1683x1128 , TWWLTP_03.png )

The peace of the moment is broken when Anita hears the sound of drawers opening and closing in the adjacent room.

Strange, mom and dad aren't supposed to be back from their meeting until after dark. And since when do they rummage around in my room?
No. 756199 ID: 3663d3

cast SUMMON CLOTHES while leaping from the tub.
No. 756200 ID: 398fe1

It's a PANTY THIEF! No time for clothing, leap out and get to your bedroom to fend off the intruder!

You can still cast spells naked right
No. 756201 ID: 3abd97

Ask your ghostly roommate if that's her.
No. 756202 ID: 71d443

Good thing you booby trapped that drawer, right? You'd never need to open it yourself when you can just apparate clothes in and out!
No. 756209 ID: 78b9a1

Did Abigail find your father's porn stash again?
No. 756300 ID: a41ad7

kick down the door and cast a smoke scrren spell
No. 756367 ID: 1f8505
File 147796058863.png - (367.39KB , 1073x1000 , TWWLTP_04.png )

Anita doesn't know how to Summon Clothes since she slept through most of Summoning 101 at the Academy.

It was a really early class and an elective.

Anita cannot cast much magic naked, as she usually enchants her clothes to boost her casting.

"Abigail had better not be borrowing my stuff again. Last time she got Mandrake juice on my favorite top."

Anita throws on a towel as she exits her bath cauldron. Walking gingerly into the next room, she sees the source of the commotion:

A kunoichi!


No. 756368 ID: fb01b1

Quickly and without regards for your towel, you must tackle that thief!
No. 756369 ID: 3abd97

Whip off your towel, whip it around her head, and begin strangling / smothering her.

Note to self: enchant your god damn clothing drawers where you keep your magic clothing to zap intruders.
No. 756370 ID: 398fe1

Physically assault panty thief.
No. 756371 ID: c441c1

ask why.
No. 756373 ID: 642808

You have the advantage! Use whatever spells you can to interrupt her before she steals ALL the panties!
No. 756376 ID: 71d443

"Hey! Those are MY stolen panties, asshat!"

Use Rat Tail attack!
No. 756587 ID: 1f8505
File 147806287889.png - (511.01KB , 1169x1000 , TWWLTP_05.png )

Anita is not about to remove her towel and expose herself to the ninja. She is not a hussy!

She does, however, cast a small short-range spell: Wind Cutter!

The slicing wind flies into the kunoichi, but the ninja explodes into smoke, leaving behind a similarly dressed wood stump.

Damn it! I HATE ninja magic! It's so obnoxious!
No. 756588 ID: e1a0d1

Wear the stump.
No. 756591 ID: 180f83

And stay out.

Now go get dressed.
No. 756592 ID: 9f3729

>insert phallic stump protrusion into rectum
No. 756593 ID: cdfba6

She's getting away! Quick, give chase!
No. 756595 ID: 71d443

Steal the stump's clothing.
No. 756596 ID: 094652

Grab a quick set of clothing (and some spares for magic diversity) and get started on this magical perverted adventure known as


Also, tell Abigail to hold the fort in case the ninja had a panty partner. With ninjas, you can expect an assassination attempt just as you come home right after a campaign. Stop that in advance.
No. 756635 ID: ba506f

now us a wind spell to launch the stump at the fleeing ninja. Aim it right for her fat ass so that way you can't miss.
No. 756721 ID: 3abd97

Give chase, and yell for your roomate to cut her off. Everyone knows ninjas can't fight ghosts without singing the ghostbusters theme, which you can interrupt.
No. 756779 ID: 1f8505
File 147814467119.png - (593.04KB , 1763x1000 , TWWLTP_06.png )

Anita gives chase, attempting to close the gap between her and the ninja. Abigail floats in from another room, curious about the commotion, and spies the kunoichi.

"ABBY! Stop that NINJA!"

Abigail floats towards the kunoichi, but the agile ninja jumps into the air and flings a small piece of paper at the ghost.
No. 756780 ID: 1f8505
File 147814467602.png - (503.96KB , 1194x1000 , TWWLTP_07.png )

The paper sticks to Abigail, causing her to lose her form and turn into a gaseous blob.

The kunoichi effortlessly crashes through the window, escaping the house.

"Abby! No!"
No. 756781 ID: 1f8505
File 147814468297.png - (177.91KB , 1425x947 , TWWLTP_Title.png )

No. 756782 ID: 3663d3

remove seal before abby is dissipated.
No. 756783 ID: 398fe1

Alright, take stock of your remaining clothing.
No. 756784 ID: 451d95

Ninja are too tricky. You might as well give up now and catch up on the second season of Doki Doki Dungeon Panic tonight instead.
No. 756785 ID: 3abd97

You're going to have to ward your ghost against those pieces of paper.

And reinforce / heal her however ghosts are reinforced. Let her scare you? Claim some forgotten memory for herself? Whatever it is they do.

>what do
Wear anti-ghost paper as standin panties. At least you'll get to use whatever that spell was, then.
No. 756786 ID: 094652


> WitchES
Oh, plural? I guess the ninja stole from everyone in town.

Rally your fellow hawt witches and FOLLOW THAT NINJA!!!

Use your combined knowledge in clairvoyance spells to track her down!
No. 756795 ID: 71d443

Whatever you do, don't fart.
No. 756900 ID: 1f8505
File 147823241874.png - (341.64KB , 985x1000 , TWWLTP_08.png )

Anita removes the paper talisman from Abigail. The ghost reforms, but appears rather... off-balance. At least for now.

Anita changes into clothing that currently carries her most powerful enchantments. It's still not as strong as she can be without her enchanted panties, but its certainly a lot better than being in just a bath towel.

Anita elects not to use the talisman to cover her lady place because it's just a small paper talisman.

"Man, this feels just like last year. I hope another evil scientist who wants to summon an elder god isn't behind this mess."
No. 756901 ID: 398fe1

Alright what spells ya got?

Start following the ninja.
No. 756902 ID: 3abd97

Turn off your tv to save electricity and prevent burn in, before you leave.

Maybe try to help Abigail before you leave? Give her some... ghost chow? A buff? Maybe let her possess you and borrow your feet until she gets her own back under herself?
No. 756903 ID: 094652

Keep the TV on so Abigail doesn't throw a hammer trying to turn it back on.

THIS time, pack a quick lunch, some medical supplies, crafting ingredients, a small shield, and borrow your parents' tank.
No. 756905 ID: 32a1e1

Use that magic mirror on the wall there to locate the ninja, then pursue!

Also try on that bat bra behind you there.
No. 756916 ID: 79a07e

This, but don't take the tank.

They'll just yell at you again, and you don't need that.
No. 757018 ID: 1f8505
File 147832124191.png - (377.75KB , 1004x1000 , TWWLTP_09.png )

Anita currently has the following spells enabled:
-Wind Cutter
-Gust of Wind
-Cyclone Burst

With her panties, her spell list would include:
-Vacuum Pull
-Gale Bomb
-Summon Tornado
-And the most powerful wind magic she knows: Wrath of Aeolus

Anita does not need to wear the bat bra, she already has a bra on.

Anita attempts to use the Magic Mirror to find the kunoichi. "Ugh, you gotta rhyme to get this thing to work. Well, here goes..."

Anita clears her throat.

"Magic Mirror framed in wood, find the ninja... if you could?"

The mirror swirls and ripples before an image of the thieving kunoichi appears, running through a dark forest.

"Hey, I know that place! That's the Valley Forest! It's like a few miles from here!"
No. 757020 ID: 37f049

Keep watching until she gets where she's going? Ninja are fast.
No. 757025 ID: 094652

After her! Your clairvoyance mirror won't last long once the security enchantments kick in. Don't waste time, rally the townsfolk and follow that ninja!
No. 757026 ID: 3663d3

get help from the other witches.
No. 757111 ID: 71d443

She's not sprinting towards a spooky castle is she? You're not going to catch her on foot, so try to figure out where she's headed and beat her there using your broomstick.
No. 757118 ID: 3abd97

For the record, this is not just a quest to recover your missing panties. That ninja is gonna pay for the broken window, too.

Double check that Abigail is okay, then I guess it's time to grab your broomstick and head off in pursuit. Although if you have any other supplies that might help, you might want to stop and collect them first.
No. 757119 ID: 5acd0f

This time grab a broomstick and race after her! Don't let her get away!

Also leave a note for your parents so they don't worry.

And take Abigail with you.
No. 757147 ID: 1f8505
File 147840799371.png - (306.05KB , 928x1000 , TWWLTP_10.png )

There's no time to rally the villagers. Most of them are old folks anyways, and wouldn't be a lot of help.

Abigail has recovered and is healthy. For a ghost, that is.

Anita turns off the TV and leaves her parents a note so they don't worry. The second season of Doki Doki Dungeon Panic is going to have to wait.

Anita grabs a broom and takes the available supplies:
-A snack
-A vial of ectoplasm for Abigail, just in case
-The bat bra because... why not
-A small fire quartz
-A water talisman
-A small jar of earth with bone ash mixed in
-And a first aid kit

Sticking all the supplies in her pocket dimension, Anita carefully mounts her broom.

"Come on, Abigail..."
No. 757148 ID: 1f8505
File 147840799721.png - (80.05KB , 1061x727 , TWWLTP_11.png )

"...let's go get my panties back. Again."

Anita and Abigail take off into the evening sky in hot pursuit of the errant ninja.

STAGE CLE- oh wait, this is the starting area.

[b]RANK:[b/] n/a
No. 757153 ID: 094652

And THIS time make sure your panties have PADLOCKS
No. 757201 ID: 3abd97

Oh wait, you didn't leave a note or anything. When your parents get home they're just gonna find you missing and a broken window.

>-A small fire quartz
>-A water talisman
>-A small jar of earth with bone ash mixed in
What do these do? The rest seems kind of obvious.

>Sticking all the supplies in her pocket dimension

>STAGE CLE- oh wait, this is the starting area.

Rank: Sorry, you didn't derail the premise of the quest and stop the panty theft.
No. 757205 ID: 04fa50

She explicitly left a note for her parents
No. 757343 ID: 1f8505
File 147857472942.png - (330.62KB , 1032x1000 , TWWLTP_12.png )

After flying over the forest for some time, the broom starts to lose altitude. Anita sets down in the nearest clearing towards the center of the forest as the broom sputters to a low hover.

"Huh, I guess we're out of gas, Abby. Usually, Dad is pretty good about keeping all the brooms in the family magically fueled. I wonder what got him distracted enough to forget to fi-"
No. 757344 ID: 1f8505
File 147857473445.png - (345.22KB , 1080x1000 , TWWLTP_13.png )

No. 757345 ID: 1f8505
File 147857474412.png - (331.99KB , 1042x1000 , TWWLTP_14.png )

"...Dad enchanted the broom to play a chime when entering a new area. I knew getting him a Playstation 4 was a terrible idea."

Anita stores the depleted broom in her pocket dimension.

An explanation of Anita's supplies:
>-A small fire quartz
A one-time use item for summoning a magical flame.
>-A water talisman
A multi-use item for summoning a bucket's worth of water
>-A small jar of earth with bone ash mixed in
A multi-use item (depending if you measure out the jar's contents) that can manipulate the soil.
No. 757358 ID: 71d443

Consider upgrading to these items' multi-use equivalents next time you are at the store.

Shopping list:
1 disposable lighter,
1 bucket,
and 1 trowel.
No. 757361 ID: 2120ee

Man, so how uncomfortable was that broom ride without any panties on?
No. 757363 ID: 141621

I am sure she keeps it well polished
No. 757436 ID: 3663d3

remember you can use leaves as distractions.
No. 757440 ID: 79a07e

Alright, onward. Step lightly, but carefully. That ninja HAS to have figured you'd give chase.
No. 757441 ID: 80b883

Grab some twigs. Hurl them at your first enemy encounter with your wind magic.
No. 757443 ID: 3abd97

Resist urge to start a forest fire.
No. 757666 ID: 1f8505
File 147875572216.png - (612.86KB , 1845x1000 , TWWLTP_15.png )

"It was kind of chilly riding a broom at high altitudes, bottom-less."

Wary of traps, Anita advances. She doesn't get very far before encountering two Pumpkin monsters and a Dryad.

"Wow, these guys really get around."
No. 757667 ID: 398fe1

Gust of Wind!
No. 757668 ID: 094652

Throw your flame opal as a distraction (don't activate it yet), then close the distance and use Cyclone Burst.
No. 757693 ID: a107fd

Anita: smash pumpkins.
Abby: possess dryad.
No. 757701 ID: ba506f

use guest of wind to throw one of the pumpkins into the other and have your ghost friend possess the tree girl.
No. 757708 ID: 2a7417

Hello Dryad, sorry for bashing you or your friend over the head last time. And this time, unfortunately. What is it with your masters and panties?
Brandish that broom again, but go for an uppercut.
No. 757833 ID: 1f8505
File 147885018408.png - (933.72KB , 1711x1000 , TWWLTP_16.png )

Anita casts Gust of Wind and blows the pumpkin monsters away. The dryad, planting its feet roots firmly into the soil, is unmoved. It raises its hand and begins charging a magical attack.

Abigail attempts to posses the dryad, but a magical seal appears and blocks her entry.

Damn, Anita thinks. Rigging a magical entity with a potent possession ward is advanced stuff. Who could pull this off?
No. 757834 ID: 71d443

Fire the broom out of your pocket dimension like a cannon at the dryad.
No. 757835 ID: 398fe1

You're in the territory of another witch, maybe? Ask to see their leader. It's not like we really came here to fight.
No. 757910 ID: 3abd97

>Rigging a magical entity with a potent possession ward is advanced stuff.
Just remember: anyone spending the time and juice to ward their disposable minions against possession means they have less time and magic to spend on other resources. Just having Abigail with you has forced your opponent to pre-invest a lot.

Of course, this isn't all good news. That means you're facing someone who can afford defensive buffs on disposable minions, and who prepared specifically for you.

>what do
Use downburst to force the dryad's arm down, so her attack is redirected at her own torso or feet.

>what Abby do
If she can't posses targets due to warding, we need a new strategy. Possibly counters:
1) Anita has to crack a ward with magic so Abby can do her thing
2) If Abby can move objects (rocks, sticks, stone, etc) she simply needs to change her mode of attack.
3) We may need to give her one of our multiple-use evocable magic items to use.
4) If nothing else works, switch to distraction. She can still fly in front of people's faces, or cover eyes from behind, or tickle people, or shout BOO in their ear at the worst time. Keeping foes off balance and unable to focus fire on Anita is still useful.

I'd like to suggest just possessing Anita, but I don't see how that gives us any tactical utility at the moment. Unless that gives our ghost-witch team-up increased reflexes or access to ghostly spells she wouldn't usually have.
No. 758037 ID: 1f8505
File 147899085188.png - (960.62KB , 1783x1000 , TWWLTP_17.png )

Waiting until the last moment, Anita casts Downburst, jerking the dryad's casting arm towards the ground.


The dryad fires off her arcane orb right into the ground below it. The explosion destroys the dryad, sending pieces of it every which way.
No. 758038 ID: 3663d3

take dryad's panty leaf.
No. 758039 ID: 3abd97

Hmm. Green orbs make orange explosions. Sneaky tree, fighting with fire.

Continue following the ninja's trail?
No. 758043 ID: 973861

make sure your friend is ok then move on.
No. 758065 ID: 1f8505
File 147899711867.png - (592.91KB , 1746x1000 , TWWLTP_18.png )

Anita takes the dryad's... crotch leaf and puts it in her pocket dimension. She then turns to Abigail.

"Abby? You OK?"

The ghost nods, and the two proceed forth.

A few minutes of walking briskly through the woods, Anita spies a crude hut in the distance. Before she can take a step further though, three giant spiders and a Demon Tree Stump emerge from the woods, blocking her path.
No. 758066 ID: 398fe1

Abby can probably possess one of those spiders. They aren't constructs so they won't be warded, right?

Use Wind Cutter on one of the others.
No. 758069 ID: 3abd97

Test if these guys are possession warded. Maybe the person controlling them only protected higher value minions. (Dryads are capable of spell casting and speech, makes them more valuable than things that aren't).

>what do
Wait for the spiders to jump / charge / spit web and then unleash a wind just knocking them on their asses / knocking their attacks back on them.
No. 758073 ID: 094652

Try flying over them. The spiders should start slinging webshots, then you downburst to tangle them with the stump while the shots harden.
No. 758437 ID: 1f8505
File 147910381518.png - (554.64KB , 1373x1000 , TWWLTP_19.png )

Anita can't fly over the enemies, her broom is out of magic fuel!

Abigail attempts to possess the nearest spider.

Anita casts Wind Cutter, but the Demon Tree Stump shoves his spindly branch arms into the ground, causing roots to emerge and block the attack.

Anita lets out an exasperated sigh.
No. 758439 ID: 3abd97

Cast a downgust above them, or a cyclone on top of them. The tree can't block all the angles at once.

Make sure to aim so you're not killing the one Abby takes!
No. 758575 ID: 6e3330

Ignite the fire crystal and Chuck it at the stump. Gotta take out that support.
No. 758579 ID: a41e1d

How about the jar? Use it to harden the soil, making the stump's job harder.
No. 758869 ID: 1f8505
File 147925846840.png - (517.23KB , 1423x1000 , TWWLTP_20.png )

Anita pulls her jar of earth with bone ash out from her pocket dimension and pours a handful out onto the ground, reciting an incantation:

"Soil of ash
Heed my tone!
Make this earth
As hard as stone!

The ground rumbles slightly, and the soft soil around Anita and the creatures becomes hard, holding the Demon Tree Stump's arms firmly in place. The stump fruitlessly attempts to jerk its arms free.

Abigail successfully possesses a giant spider.
No. 758871 ID: 398fe1

The spiders appear to be uninterested in attacking. Shoo them away with your broom.
No. 758872 ID: 3663d3

now blast a spider into the tree
No. 759013 ID: 71d443

Shoo the spiders, they haven't attacked us yet! Maybe if Abby attacks the stump, the other spiders will follow suit.
No. 759019 ID: 6d3d3d

Bomb the stump at point blank range while you stand on its head, let the splinters perforate the spiders.
No. 759595 ID: 1f8505
File 147944778575.png - (870.12KB , 1475x1000 , TWWLTP_21.png )

Anita can't use Gale Bomb! She is not at full magical strength yet!

Instead, Anita casts Gust of Wind and blows the spiders into the woods. The Demon Tree Stump does nothing, because it is still stuck fast.

Interesting, Anita wonders. The Spiders and Tree Stump hardly attacked at all. They seemed content to simply block my path, as if...

...as if they were stalling for time!
No. 759596 ID: 398fe1

Get a move on! No need to attack the stump since it's helpless. If Abigail can't keep up then carry her.
No. 759667 ID: 66014d

No. 759704 ID: 3d2d5f

Use Abby as a riding spider to attempt to make up for lost time.
No. 760001 ID: 1f8505
File 147952921544.png - (929.87KB , 2474x1000 , TWWLTP_22.png )

Giant spiders run pretty much as fast as Anita can run, so Anita opts not to ride Abigail.

Anita runs through the winding forest path, until she sees a green glow in the distance. Anita gets closer and sees the thieving ninja standing in a teleporter sigil! She is joined by another witch that Anita doesn't recognize.

Kunoichi: "How much longer?! My master will not tolerate delays!"

Unknown witch: "Not much longer. I told you, chakra or ninjutsu or whatever it is you use doesn't play nice with traditional magic."
No. 760002 ID: 398fe1

Downburst on their position!
No. 760003 ID: 3343bd

Blow out them candles.
No. 760004 ID: 3abd97

Wind cutter to break the circle! No teleportation for thieves!

Abby, get in there and bite one of them. If they kill the spider, possess them in the face.
No. 760016 ID: 66014d

Use this turn to focus for your next cast. Give them a few more seconds of chatter, see if that other witch is teleporting her or chaining her.
No. 760089 ID: 7b412a

Rugby-tackle that ninja!
No. 760136 ID: a107fd

Abby should shoot web at the ninja, who probably can't dodge out of that circle right now without disrupting their plan. Being covered in webs should neutralize ninja agility.

Blow the candles into that pile of sticks behind the other witch. Looks like it's some kind of hut, possibly where she lives or at least stores stuff. If it's at risk of catching fire, she'll be forced to focus on damage control instead of completing the teleport.
No. 760326 ID: 1f8505
File 147962435768.png - (952.30KB , 1941x1000 , TWWLTP_23.png )

Anita begins to cast Gust of Wind in an attempt to stop the kunoichi from teleporting away, but the unknown witch notices her.

Unknown Witch: "Can't let you do that, Red!"

Faster than she can react, the witch fires an arc of magic lightning from her finger directly into Anita's chest. Anita is stunned.

The ninja teleports away.
No. 760327 ID: d79f26

abby do something spidery
No. 760329 ID: ba506f

>the witch fires an arc of magic lightning from her finger directly into Anita's chest.
oh god right in the tit.

anyways ask why the hell they're stealing underwear. Seriously, we had to deal with this same exact shit last year and throwing ninjas into the mix does not make it any more enjoyable.
No. 760330 ID: 3abd97

Bullshit. What caster can still speed cast attack spells when they're in the middle of tending a ritual?

Abby: scuttle off into the trees. Attack the boss from above in a spider ambush an update or two from now.

Anita: Bitch out the bitch.
No. 760346 ID: 66014d

Uh... did you feel anything sensitive from that?

Use her shoddy hut against her! Vacuum Pull!
No. 760466 ID: 1f8505
File 147970357477.png - (511.55KB , 1532x1000 , TWWLTP_24.png )

Anita is still numb from the magical lightning. But she regains enough composure to rise and address the opposing witch.

Abigail scurries away into the woods, attempting to flank the witch.

Anita: "Who... who the hell are you and why are you stealing my underwear?!"

Unknown Witch: "Oh I'm stealing nothing, my dear. But if someone promises me many magical artifacts in exchange for guaranteeing the escape of a lackey, well then..."

Unknown Witch: "As for my name, I am Zecia. I own these woods. And you would be most wise to just turn around now and go home."
No. 760471 ID: d79f26

we just want our underwear, how much for you to tell us where the teleport goes?
No. 760472 ID: 398fe1

Does "many magical artifacts" include your panties?
No. 760557 ID: 3abd97

...I don't suppose you've completed what you were paid to do by teleporting her away and I can now hire you to send me after her? (Stalling, of course the job isn't done yet).

>Oh I'm stealing nothing, my dear.
Aiding and abetting. By helping her escape with my stuff you're an accomplice and an accessory to the crime. That makes you nothing but a common thief, cowering in the woods.

The last bitch who wronged me had a castle to hide behind. Your sticks aren't even gonna slow me down, midboss.

That's all to bait her into attacking you while you're monologue / stalling. The trap is to hit her with the water talisman so she zaps herself when she tries to throw the next lighting bolt through water being dumped on her.
No. 760606 ID: 094652

Proceed to sex witch. With yer sexophone. Call her pussy and tell it to purr.

Abigail, sneak up while she's distracted and get in her face!
No. 760633 ID: 1f8505
File 147979567479.png - (804.29KB , 2044x1000 , TWWLTP_25.png )

Anita: "Do those 'artifacts' include my underwear?"

Zecia: "Oh goodness no. The artifacts I seek are much more valuable to me."

Anita: "So now that I suppose that you've completed your job, could I hire you to help me find the thief?"

The black witch laughs aloud while Anita stealthily summons the water talisman into her hand.

Zecia: "Oh child. I can't be finished guaranteeing an escape if you're just going to pursue the ninja after I turn my back!"

Zecia then conjures a rather impressive ball of magical lightning.

Zecia: "...which is why I have to put you down."

Abigail is in the black witch's blind spot, awaiting Anita's signal!
No. 760642 ID: 398fe1

Spider attack combined with water splash!
No. 760655 ID: 595d54

"Wow, straight from denying theft to attempted murder."

Wind Cutter her throat, not like she can zap you with lightning again with her hands full. And if she does it means she has to stop doing the lightning ball. Plus have Abigail jump her.
No. 760661 ID: e136ae

Just toss the water at her lightning ball and short her out.
No. 760694 ID: 2dee8e

throw water then wait until she just starts to recover when suddenly spider attack.
No. 761001 ID: 1f8505
File 147995341110.png - (768.74KB , 1733x1000 , TWWLTP_26.png )

Anita: "Abigail! NOW!"

The possessed spider fires a continuous line of webbing at Zecia, momentarily distracting her.

Zecia: "BETRAYAL! My own minions dare- wait a second..."

Anita seizes the opportunity to use the Water Talisman to generate water, which she flings at the black witch.
No. 761002 ID: 1f8505
File 147995341725.png - (890.49KB , 1717x1000 , TWWLTP_27.png )

The water splashes on Zecia. The magic electricity arcs onto the black witch, inflicting a terrible shock.


Zecia is stunned and defenseless.
No. 761003 ID: c441c1

holy shit are you okay!
No. 761004 ID: ff453c

This is it! Charge a wind attack and shred her clothing! We must claim her underpants to clothe our naked butts.
No. 761005 ID: e136ae

Take all her clothing.
No. 761007 ID: 3abd97

Flawless victory. Now FINISH HER.

...by which I mean hit her hard enough that she's not getting back up, not kill her. She's stunned, so you can hit her with your best shot. For an added bonus, blast her right through the stick hut.

Then steal her panties.

...then see if Abby can posses her.

Then into the portal an on to the next area!
No. 761008 ID: 595d54

Wow, no clothing damage? I'm amazed. Strip her nude, check the clothes for magic, and put on the hat, panties, and any magic clothing. Yes, on top of your hat.
No. 761017 ID: 1f8505
File 147995686209.png - (495.55KB , 1613x1739 , Black_Witch_Defeated.png )

Anita, seeing the vulnerable black witch, charges up a Gust of Wind attack and releases it upon her.

Zecia recovers from her stunned stature, but it is much too late. The sheer force of wind blasts the black witch, destroying her outfit.

The violent wind drains the strength of Zecia, and she collapses onto her back.
No. 761018 ID: 3abd97

Steal and equip her panties. See if she's any good as an Abby-host. (Spell casting puppet? Heck yes).
No. 761020 ID: ce37f2

Choke her unconscious for good measure.

Bad news, Abby can only possess animals and other rudimentary sentience entities.
No. 761021 ID: 9dc26d

Let's lombotomize her then!
No. 761050 ID: e136ae

This is an Anon44 quest; once stripped of clothing a character is helpless in order to avoid porns.
No. 761054 ID: ae962c

Beat her with your broom.
No. 761135 ID: 71d443

>in order to avoid
And being unconscious helps this how??

Gonna assume the hat's intact so take it with you. Check the lean-to behind her for clues and additional magic items.
No. 761439 ID: 1f8505
File 148012559511.png - (517.44KB , 1505x1000 , TWWLTP_28.png )

Sensing that familiar magical energy emanating from Zecia's nethers, Anita removes her panties from her unconscious body.

Anita hesitates before putting them on. These are different, because they are uh...

...lacy. Nearly see-through. And a large amount of the rear end material is absent. Anita blushes at the thought of putting these on. She wonders if it would be more embarrassing to wear nothing than to wear these.

Abigail cannot posses Zecia because it is too OPshe possesses a soul, and Abigail cannot occupy a vessel that already has a soul in it.
No. 761442 ID: 094652

You should wash those. Thoroughly. She might have STDs.

Other than that PANTY GET!
No. 761443 ID: d79f26

scenario, you fall on your butt and a boy sees you, do you want to give them a free show or be wearing SOMETHING?

wear them :V
No. 761446 ID: 3abd97

>Anita blushes at the thought of putting these on. She wonders if it would be more embarrassing to wear nothing than to wear these.
Look, either you have to wear those, or you have to figure out how to put them on a spider so Abby can.

>Abigail cannot posses Zecia because she possesses a soul
So... if you killed her, Abby could possess the corpse? I mean, she's a hag who steals youth, she deserves it.

Although then we risk generating a hostile spell-casting ghost, so that's no-go.

I don't suppose if you poke around her hut, there's supplies for sealing a soul?

Whatever. Before you leave, blow up her stick shack out of spite.
No. 761539 ID: e66267

Look, if you continue to practice in a field where racy underwear are a focus of power, some sexy hijinks are to be expected. Put on the panties.
No. 761568 ID: a107fd

>So... if you killed her, Abby could possess the corpse?

I'm guessing a body too damaged to hold onto a soul isn't really a "vessel" anymore. Turning a corpse back into a valid possession target probably involves animating it as a zombie, and if Anita knew how to do that she would've said.
No. 761704 ID: 1f8505
File 148021154550.png - (864.25KB , 1500x1407 , Panty_Get_V2_BlackWitchPanties.png )

With a resigned sigh, Anita casts a Cleaning spell on the panties and slips them on.


The barely transparent underpants surge with energy. Anita senses she has received a new ability!

Anita can now use sigils and seals!

Anita wonders how Zecia could wear such slinky things. She must have sold her shame for power or something.
No. 761708 ID: 91cfcf

They look good on you. And I'm sure you get used to it. What kind of sigils/seals?
No. 761709 ID: d79f26

make a seal to bring abby and the spider with your through the teleporter.
No. 761713 ID: 141621

well I assume you can now use the teleporter to continue the chase. just be ready for a nasty ambush as who knows what lies on the other side!
No. 761714 ID: 71d443

Using your newfound powers, summon a leopard seal.
No. 761715 ID: ff10db

Methinks she's had too much sex to care about dignity. But who knows.

Now double-check the portal and GO PFFT!
No. 761732 ID: 3abd97

>Anita can now use sigils and seals!
Can you place seals or sigils on any of your existing equipment to make them better?

Can you place any seals or sigils on Abby's spider to make it better?

...can you leave a seal or sigil as petty revenge against Zecia?
No. 761741 ID: b1b4f3

What the fuck are sigils and seals?
No. 761996 ID: 1f8505
File 148030711566.png - (535.91KB , 1223x1031 , TWWLTP_29.png )

Magical Education Time!

Anita: "Sigils, seals, or symbols are a form of magic. They are used as a pictorial (and sometimes material) representation of a desired outcome for channeling magical energy. Their advantage is that they are not bound by the mana of the user to utilize. Their disadvantage is that they require precise reproduction to work. Any incorrect runes or lines used could cause the sigil to fail, or in the worst case, catastrophically backfire."

"We have seen them before: one in Dr. Unklad... Underladder... whatever her name's castle, one when Abigail tried to possess the dryad, and the teleporter sigil right in front of us."

"I never really needed to use sigils since I am a student of the Wind Magic Academy, and sigils take a lot of memorization to get right. These panties, though, give me the ability to recall and/or utilize any sigil or seal I encounter, as long as I wear them. I won't be able to use any sigil I haven't seen before."
No. 761997 ID: 398fe1

Use teleporter.
No. 762001 ID: 3abd97

So these panties are basically useless in combat, since they're for ritual magic, or setting traps / preparations in advance.

Maybe we should have put them on spider-Abby. At least she can make sigils out of web.

But okay we know "block possession" (useless to us) "evil panty summoning ritual" (also useless to us) and "teleport" which I guess will be handy when you want to go home.

Blow down the witch's hut with wind magic and then skedaddle out of here in the teleport sigil.
No. 762539 ID: 1f8505
File 148048637273.png - (522.30KB , 1313x1000 , TWWLTP_30.png )

Anita does a quick check inside the hut for any valuables, but finds only a vial of ground dryad bark. She places it in her pocket dimension.

Anita doesn't bother knocking over the hut. She and Spider Abigail step onto the transportation sigil. Anita concentrates...
No. 762540 ID: 1f8505
File 148048637706.png - (556.98KB , 1338x1000 , TWWLTP_31.png )

...and teleports away.
No. 762541 ID: 1f8505
File 148048638134.png - (477.71KB , 1044x1000 , TWWLTP_32.png )

Anita arrives at the transportation sigil's destination: a cave. A rather uncomfortably warm cave, at that.

Unfortunately, Anita doesn't have much time to process her surroundings before 3 fizzling spheres drop from the ceiling.
No. 762542 ID: 398fe1

Blow them away with wind!
No. 762545 ID: d79f26

No. 762546 ID: 3abd97

Immediately teleport back out, then teleport back in after a sec, dodging the explosion.

I don't think the bombs can damage the teleport sigil. If the ninja you're following could have broken the sigil to prevent you from following, she would have already done that instead of setting a bomb trap.
No. 762557 ID: e136ae

Agreed, updraft.
No. 762592 ID: 094652

Abigail, shield Anita with the spider!
No. 762736 ID: 70dc3e

Use an updraft but then have Abby web the bombs back to the ceiling.
No. 762754 ID: fef726

Wouldn't updraft just replace falling bombs with falling rock?
No. 763081 ID: 1f8505
File 148065355759.png - (731.50KB , 1231x1000 , TWWLTP_33.png )

Anita doesn't have a spell named Updraft, but she does have Cyclone Burst. Anita immediately casts it and sends the bombs (and her skirt) flying upwards.

As the bombs are blown against the cave ceiling, Spider Abigail fires webbing to stick them in place.
No. 763082 ID: 1f8505
File 148065356207.png - (764.30KB , 1267x1000 , TWWLTP_34.png )

The bombs reach the end of their fuses and explode. The entire cave rumbles, and rocks start to fall from the ceiling.

Anita is temporarily drained of magic from casting Cyclone Burst!

It doesn't feel like this cave is geologically stable anymore.
No. 763083 ID: c441c1

No. 763086 ID: 3abd97

...which way is out? Well I guess the sidescrolling rpg mode helps us there. Run left.

I don't suppose can use the bone ash one the cave to keep it from collapsing? (Not sure if stone counts, or if we can use it with no mp).
No. 763087 ID: 398fe1

No. 763093 ID: 094652

More web! Stabilize the structural weaknesses!

Take a second to feel the wind, if there is any. Head towards the windblow.
No. 763261 ID: 1f8505
File 148073787488.png - (572.48KB , 1180x1000 , TWWLTP_35.png )

Anita spies a light at the end of the cave tunnel and breaks into a sprint. Anita runs while Spider Abigail skitters alongside, spewing a constant stream of webbing to keep the cave rocks from falling on them.
No. 763262 ID: 1f8505
File 148073789445.png - (597.79KB , 1297x1000 , TWWLTP_36.png )

Unfortunately, Abigail misses a rather large rock, which falls on her spider body, crushing it with a loud and disgusting *CRUNCH*.

Anita: "ABIGAIL! Oh n- wait, you're a ghost. You're fine. But the spider! Dang it!"
No. 763264 ID: 3abd97

Get out of there before another rock slips loose. You can mourn mister webby's noble (if unwilling) sacrifice later. Abby will catch up quick, she can go through rocks.

So come on, unless you want Abby to be giving you intro-to-ghost lessons when she finds you instead of helping you recover your panties.
No. 763267 ID: 5a62f7

Grab ghost pal and get out of here before a rock falls on you. Once safe make sure Abigail is alright and thank her for the help.
No. 763438 ID: 1f8505
File 148083851909.png - (708.34KB , 1714x1000 , TWWLTP_37.png )

Abigail effortlessly emerges from the crushed corpse of the spider and floats with Anita as they both run towards the cave entrance.

They come to a halt though, as the intense heat from a volcanic vent in the wall makes further walking unbearable. Anita's passive magical cooling is already being taxed to the limit!
No. 763439 ID: 398fe1

Actively cool yourself with wind spells.
No. 763440 ID: 595d54

Clearly you're wearing too many layers of clothing. Strip down to cool off.
No. 763442 ID: 3abd97

Ghosts are cold, right?

Time to hug your friend close. Maybe even let her inside. That soul blocking thing only counts when the soul is unwilling, right? You don't have to keep her out.
No. 763443 ID: 094652

Have Abigail hug your body. She can't take control, but the spirit cooling should help you focus.
No. 763446 ID: 180f83

cuddle the ghost
No. 763626 ID: 1f8505
File 148091856402.png - (822.11KB , 1626x1000 , TWWLTP_38.png )

Ghosts do tend to be rather cool, so Anita calls Abigail for help.

"Abigail! I need you to shroud me in your coolness so I can get by this volcanic vent!"

Abigail nods and shrouds Anita in a cool fog. Anita sprints by the vent, barely avoiding a good broiling.

Anita feels a slight wispy feeling across her chest and butt, but dismisses it as a product of the heat.
No. 763627 ID: 1f8505
File 148091857240.png - (832.57KB , 1527x1000 , TWWLTP_39.png )

Anita and Abigail separate as they continue running through the crumbling cave when suddenly...


Anita's eyes bug out in extreme shock as a lava flow erupts from the cave ceiling!
No. 763628 ID: 595d54

>Anita feels a slight wispy feeling across her chest and butt, but dismisses it as a product of the heat.
Go for it, Abigail.

Uh... keep leaving? It's apparently not close enough to fry you and you're already moving away from it. Make sure you keep doing that and there isn't anything inconveniently in your way to trip you up if you don't pay attention.
No. 763629 ID: d79f26

use wind to run faster?
No. 763630 ID: 3abd97

If bone ash works on molten earth, you could use that to control the lava flow and keep it from killing you.

Otherwise, you could use the water talisman to try and cool some of that stuff back to rock.
No. 763634 ID: 71d443

This cave is falling apart! What was the ninja thinking, teleporting to a place like this? Run, witch, run!
No. 764146 ID: 1f8505
File 148108924102.png - (812.74KB , 1602x1000 , TWWLTP_40.png )

Anita runs down the cave and makes it to the entrance! The cool wind of the outside on her sweat-drenched skin fills her with relief.

Feeling much better, Anita turns around and combines the Water Talisman with her wind magic to cool the lava flow behind her. The lava cools into a solid mass of igneous rock, sealing the cave.
No. 764148 ID: 595d54

Hey, another volcano. And a village. Well, it's probably a ninja village or something plus it's the only place to go to now. Get over there and keep wary.
No. 764153 ID: d79f26

wow, that's a lot of volcanic activity around here... how much you want to bet they stole the panties to power a weather control spell to stop the volcanoes and they just didn't ask for help because reasons.
No. 764157 ID: 398fe1

A town! Go check it out.
No. 764923 ID: 1f8505
File 148135973557.png - (540.68KB , 1754x1000 , TWWLTP_41.png )

After following a long and winding cliff road, Antia and Abigail arrive at the Stone Cliff Village. The houses are made of simple adobe, with rough hewn thatched rooves.

It is very quiet in this village. If this is where the only path out of the cave leads, the ninja either left already...

...or is still here.
No. 764925 ID: 9145ba

So you'll huff, and you'll puff, and you'll BLOW their houses down!
No. 764927 ID: e136ae

You can bet your scanty-panties the ninja is still here.
No. 764929 ID: 398fe1

Knock politely and ask if they've seen a ninja around here.
No. 764956 ID: 3abd97

She's probably here to help someone do some evil magic panty ceremony over one of the volcanoes. Summon some evil panty volcano god or some such thing.

Search the village. There must be some sign as to which way she went, and there are at least two volcanoes here.
No. 764958 ID: d79f26

i'm sure you could get someone to talk after you blow someone... away. with wind.

but try the nice route for now, ask someone.
No. 765291 ID: 1f8505
File 148151889206.png - (460.53KB , 1359x1000 , TWWLTP_42.png )

Anita knocks on the nearest house.

"Hello? Have you guys seen any ninjas recently?"

There's no response, save for a snoring noise. Heavy sleepers, these folk are.

The quiet of the night is soon shattered by a female screaming in the distance.

No. 765293 ID: 398fe1

Another victim! Dash dash onto the scene! Team up with whoever they are.
No. 765295 ID: d79f26

sounds like this wasn't the last stop, just a layover on that ninja's spree!
No. 765298 ID: 3abd97

Well we're headed the right way at least. And looks like they're likely collecting panties for a ritual, again.

...hey if they got their panties stolen, they're probably a mage. Maybe you can recruit a new ally?

"Panty police, ma'am. Which way did that pervert ninja thief go?"
No. 765514 ID: 1f8505
File 148160498855.png - (752.87KB , 1893x1000 , TWWLTP_43.png )

Anita advances towards the commotion. Suddenly, right near the origin of the screeching, a hooded girl bursts out of a hut and slams the door, an angry chain of obscenities erupting from her mouth.

???: "If I catch the sweaty piss-guzzling ugly sewer-dwelling horse-fucking neanderthal PERVERT SHITGOBLIN who stole my panties, I will INCINERATE them ALIVE! And then I will INCINERATE THE ASHES!"
No. 765515 ID: 595d54

"Nice rack. Did the ninja get you, too?"
No. 765516 ID: 398fe1

Tell her it was a ninja and you're chasing her right now, wanna team up?
No. 765518 ID: 3abd97

"There's a ninja stealing panties, she hit my home earlier. Did you see which way she went?"
No. 765557 ID: 2120ee

Wait a minute, how do we know this isn't a trick? Demand to see proof her panties were stolen.
No. 765727 ID: 094652

Abigail teases little red so-not-Ruby-Rose while Anita takes cover. Let her blow off some steam before you try to talk to her.
No. 765760 ID: 1f8505
File 148169476581.png - (566.50KB , 1407x1000 , TWWLTP_44.png )

"Looks like the ninja got you too."

The hooded girl spins around, skirt nearly flying around her waist. Anita catches the briefest glimpse of a naked hip. Guess that answers that question.

???: "Who the flying fuck are you?!"

Anita: "Listen, there's a ninja stealing panties, she hit my home earlier. Did you see which way she went?"

The girl glares at Anita.

Anita: "What did you say your name was?"

???: "I didn't! My name is-"

Give a name to this girl!
No. 765761 ID: 0b4dd7

she looks tough, her name must be Frank.
you know, like that song about the guy named Sue, this is a girl named Frank.
No. 765762 ID: c441c1

Jesus H. Red hood
No. 765763 ID: 595d54

Well, you're Anita, so she must be... Bath.
No. 765771 ID: d79f26

she feels like a rebecca.
No. 765773 ID: a24b43

luna glaubitz sounds nice
No. 765776 ID: 8111b6

Sounds like a fire type. Play to the stereotype and name them Ember, or go contrarian and go with Frost?
No. 765777 ID: 3abd97

No. 765780 ID: 094652

Farrah Heights
No. 765785 ID: 79a07e

I'll second Rebecca.
No. 766145 ID: 770217

She's wearing lots of red, so I wanna go with Ruby... but I do like Rebecca. How about Rebecca Ruby?
No. 766147 ID: 9145ba

Jyzyvbyl Rhodes, or Jess for short.
No. 766764 ID: 1f8505
File 148211739117.png - (910.11KB , 1281x1481 , TWWLTP_45.png )

"My name is Rebecca Rhodes, and I am a witch from the Fire Magic Academy!"

Anita remembers hearing about the Fire Magic Academy. It is one of the stricter magic schools, teaching pyromancy and the manipulation of heat. It is also one of the very few schools to teach almost nothing but offensive magics.
No. 766765 ID: 595d54

Ask her if "offensive" includes "lewd" and ask for demonstrations.

For real though let's get going after that ninja.
No. 766767 ID: 094652

Warn her that Abigail is a lesbian pervert, then negotiate a squad formation.
No. 766772 ID: 3abd97

Introduce yourself and introduce Abby, recruit Becky's help in blowing up panty thieves.

Pretty good combination, really. Wind magic and your items are good at running interference with enemy attacks, fire magic is good for relentless attacks, and the ghost is good for sabotage action. Plus wind can be used to feed / fan flames in Chrono Trigger style combo attacks. This party has synergy.
No. 766805 ID: d79f26

nice, now you have access to the super deadly combo move flame-nado.
No. 766817 ID: c441c1

do this. Then CHASE THAT NINJA.
No. 766932 ID: 3abd97


If there's no sign of the ninja having left, and the ninja is a ninja, then the answer is obvious. She's still here! Hiding in plain sight!

So obviously Becky will have to burn down the village to flush the cowardly ninja out of hiding.
No. 767117 ID: 1f8505
File 148221935367.png - (493.86KB , 1206x1000 , TWWLTP_46.png )

Anita: "Hello Rebecca. I'm Anita, student at the Wind Magic Academy. The ghost here is Abigail. She's friendly, but a little... easily excited."

Rebecca: "Charmed. Now what the hell are you doing here?"

Anita: "Like I said, there's a ninja on the loose stealing panties."

Rebecca: "...seriously?"

Anita: "I can't make this stuff up. She even wears a pair as an eyepatch!"

Rebecca: "..."

Anita: "Okay, let me ask this: I didn't see anyone on the way into this village. Is there another exit to this place?"

Rebecca: "The only other way out of this town is the transportation sigil at the far end. And the only one who can use it is the town sage!"

Anita: "Wait, WHAT??"

Anita looks beyond Rebecca and sees a faint green glow in the distance.
No. 767119 ID: 094652

Ask about where IN Earth you are. Then follow the green.
No. 767143 ID: 3d2d5f

Assuming it's green, someone just used your teleport.

Come on! I can use sigils, and if the ninja used it, whatever protections your town sage had on it must be down.
No. 767169 ID: 180f83

Quickly thank her, and run towards the light
No. 767258 ID: 1f8505
File 148230933788.png - (1.11MB , 2472x1000 , TWWLTP_47.png )

Anita: "Thanks for that tidbit. The ninja must be using the teleporter sigil!"

Anita takes off running towards the green glow.

Rebecca: "Hey wait!"

Rebecca and Anita run together. Upon getting to the source of the glow, they indeed find the kunoichi standing in the sigil, it's magics well underway.

Anita: "There she is! Don't let her get away!"
No. 767260 ID: c441c1

"Give me back my panties you WHORE!"
No. 767281 ID: 3d2d5f

Option one: use runic panties to lock down the teleport sigil and block her escape while Becky blows her up.

Option two: use wind magic to shove her off the sigil while Becky blows her up.
No. 767318 ID: 094652

Shoot the circle! SHOOT THE CIRCLE!!!
No. 767319 ID: 595d54

Add a new sigil to change it from a teleportation circle into a clothing-destruction-except-for-panties circle.
No. 767728 ID: e41ad8

Flash your Panties as to tempt her into stealing them before she leaves.
No. 767730 ID: 1f8505
File 148248324353.png - (1.07MB , 2501x1000 , TWWLTP_48.png )

Rebecca: "Give me back my panties, you WHORE!"

Kunoichi: "Come and get them, bitch!"

You are about to start charging a Gust of Wind when Rebecca charges in front of you and starts summoning a fireball.

Rebecca: "How about I ROAST you first, asshole!"

The kunoichi puts her hands together, index fingers touching. She then shouts a command.

No. 767731 ID: 1f8505
File 148248324907.png - (1.23MB , 2538x1000 , TWWLTP_49.png )


Five identical copies of the ninja appear out of puffs of smoke. Rebecca clenches her teeth, clearly not expecting this.

I HATE ninja magic! Anita thinks to herself. Also, this is very bad.
No. 767732 ID: d79f26

combo spell, flame tornado! aka you cast a whirling vortex of air that rebecca sets on fire.
No. 767734 ID: c441c1

bum rush the one on the magic sigil and keep the rest off once you have claimed it. Its king of the hill time.
No. 767743 ID: a107fd

Ninjas love dodging, right? Throw some easy-to-dodge attacks, clearing a path to the teleport sigil, then disable the sigil before that thief slips away again.
No. 767776 ID: 3abd97

Hey look at that, Abby's getting to possess at least one shadow clone. No way ninja nin there had time to ward all of those against ghosts.

A chrono trigger style combo attack would be p awesome right now.
No. 767782 ID: 180f83

A mix of these 2 ideas sound great.
No. 768443 ID: 1f8505
File 148283047640.png - (1.33MB , 2494x1000 , TWWLTP_50.png )

Anita: "Rebecca, quick, we need to combine our magics to form a-"

Rebecca: "FUCK THAT!"

Rebecca launches her fireball into a shadow clone, exploding it into smoke. The other clones spring into action; some jumping into the air, some remaining on the ground. All of them, unfortunately, throw deadly kunai towards Anita and Rebecca.

The kunoichi teleports away, a smirk frozen on her face as she disappears to another location.
No. 768449 ID: d79f26

blow them away, then yell at her. "I was going to say giant flaming death tornado!"
No. 768470 ID: e85fea

damnit rebecca.

use wind spells to knock some of those knives flying your way away and let rebecca be rebecca and just burn down the clones while we play defense.
No. 768472 ID: 3abd97

I think we want to use a cyclone burst as defense against the kunai.

Anita focus on defense- use wind to block attacks, and knock ninjas off balance, and try to keep them corralled in a relatively small area- don't let them spread out and surround you.

Becky should focus on offense ("Just blast them then!").

Abby should go possess one of them and turn that shadow clone on her siblings.

Try to stop Becky from blowing up Abby's possessed clone at the end.
No. 768504 ID: 7802a8

She's using Kunai as her doppelganger focus. If you can warp the metal in the knives it should kill the clones; if the magic disruption doesn't break them, the internal metal blade will. Tell Rebecca to focus on heating the clone cores, does she have any skills that can melt or warp non-living metal? Also, tell Abigail to try and possess one of the kunai, see if that works.
No. 769640 ID: 1f8505
File 148331616717.png - (1.42MB , 2113x1000 , TWWLTP_51.png )

In a fit of panic, Anita casts Cyclone Burst. The AoE magic deflects the kunai and sends the shadow clones flailing helplessly through the extreme winds.

It also, once again, sends the witches' skirts flying upwards. Abigail is highly amused.


Anita: "Saving our butts! You obviously don't feel like working together!"

Rebecca: "I don't NEED your help!"

Anita: "We can be stronger working together though! Your fire magic and my wind magic have synergy! Besides, we both want the same thing here!"

Rebecca: "Ugh, FINE! We'll go after the ninja together! Now can you PLEASE turn off the wind?! My asscheeks are getting cold!"

Rebecca has joined your party!
No. 769648 ID: 4aacfd

First have Rebecca ignite the wind in order to destroy the shadow clones
No. 769658 ID: 3abd97

Abby: try and possess a clone before we kill em all.

Anita: try and dump all the clones in a pile when you cut the wind.

Becky: ignite pile o' ninjas.
No. 769688 ID: 9145ba

Maybe do this *after* we step out of said tornado.
No. 769706 ID: 1f8505
File 148333214148.png - (1.72MB , 2231x1000 , TWWLTP_52.png )

Anita: "First ignite the wind so we can take out these shadow clones!"

Rebecca: "Fine!"

As Anita adds more oxygen to the wind, Rebecca casts Combustion and dumps fire into the howling gale. The cyclone turns into a terrifying spinning inferno, incinerating the shadow clones.

Anita and Rebecca are safe from their own combined magic since their magics are tuned to their own combined magical fields magic casting self-immunity is a mandatory course at the magic academies because its magic. Whatever.

Alas, Abigail cannot possess a shadow clone because she is not compatible with ninja magic.
No. 769707 ID: 595d54

Put panties on her head so she becomes compatible with ninja magic.
No. 769733 ID: 3abd97

...but are their clothes immune to their magic?

The fact that their skirts were affected by the wind magic implies they aren't.

Which means they might have just burnt their clothes off.
No. 769743 ID: d79f26

well, into the teleporter!
No. 769745 ID: 9145ba

Use the teleport sigil while the ninja clones are distracted by burning to death.
No. 772603 ID: e99f08

After that ninja!
No. 772608 ID: c806d1

nah its cool.
Wind magic is a matter of infusing existing air with magical force, whereas fire magic is literally generating fire made of pure magic.
Thus, the air can still push the skirts, but the fire would just slide around the combined casters frictionlessly.

But, if she cast a catalyst spell to create actual flame instead, all bets are off.
No. 773342 ID: e99f08

But if that's true how would the fire magic be used offensively? If it won't affect you, how would it affect someone else?
No. 775234 ID: 250571

No. 778327 ID: e4abe1

quest of the year! 10/10
No. 783225 ID: 1f8505
File 148816131341.png - (598.60KB , 1593x1000 , TWWLTP_53.png )

With the shadow clones destroyed, Anita, Rebecca, and Abigail head to the teleporter sigil.

Anita: "Okay, I'm locked us in to the ninja's destination. Ready to go?"

Rebecca: "Whatever! Let's just go already."

Anita sighs.
No. 783226 ID: 1f8505
File 148816131864.png - (714.96KB , 1545x1000 , TWWLTP_54.png )

Anita casts the teleporting spell, and the sigil whisks them away...
No. 783227 ID: 1f8505
File 148816132345.png - (652.53KB , 1414x1000 , TWWLTP_55.png )

...to a tropical bay surrounded by towering limestone islands. The sigil is on a rock in the middle of the bay, with a series of stepping stones ahead of them.

Anita whistles. This is the first time she's seen such a place.

Rebecca wears an expression of concern.
No. 783229 ID: d79f26

fire mage dislikes water, who could have guessed? :V
anyway, hop to it. ninja will ether attack some other girl or get to her base. both are bad, so leg it.
No. 783231 ID: 3abd97

At least there's only one path the ninja could have followed. Unless she can do that water-walking trick.

You also traveled pretty far, since there's daylight here.
No. 783232 ID: 398fe1

Ask her what she's concerned about.
No. 783234 ID: 094652

Actually, if this is Ninjaland, expect traps on the ONLY apparent passageway that doesn't involve hovering over water when the teleporter's endpoint is fixed at a city dedicated to the studies of fire.

So send Abigail to look for traps.
No. 783235 ID: cdddb5

Hrm, Gotta ask, how well do Fire and Water witches get along again? And just because I'm betting it'll come up, how well do Wind and Earth Witches get along?
No. 784079 ID: 1f8505
File 148843373521.png - (737.05KB , 1627x1000 , TWWLTP_56.png )

Anita and Rebecca begin hopping along the stones in the water.

Anita: "Are you OK?"

Rebecca: "I'm fine! I just... don't like water very much."

Anita senses that this doesn't seem like any kind of Ninjaland... there seems to be familiar magic energy in the area. Ninja don't use that kind of magic energy.

Because they're ninja, you see.

Historically, Fire and Water magic witches have been like oil and... well, water. They don't get along too well, and they tend to keep their distances from each other.
No. 784080 ID: 094652

Speaking of water witches

No. 784167 ID: 398fe1

Say hello to the people who are hopefully not hostile.
No. 784176 ID: b15da4

Sirens! Pre-empt hostility (and peeping) by boiling their eyes out of their sockets!
No. 784182 ID: d79f26

mermaids in the water.
No. 784183 ID: 45db82

Be careful! Watery tarts are known for throwing swords at powerful people.
No. 784208 ID: cdddb5

we've got locals, hopefully friendly-ish pissed off water witches who are angry over the loss of their panties as opposed to tricky mermaids who don't wear panties and probably will be hostile. Hrrm.
No. 786428 ID: 1f8505
File 148912720657.png - (737.68KB , 1542x1000 , TWWLTP_57.png )

Anita and Rebecca come to a sudden stop as two mermaids appear out of the water. One effortlessly jumps out of the surf and sits atop a stone.

Anita: "Uh..."

Orange-fin Mermaid: "Well now, hasn't this path been the busiest its been in ages?"

The blonde mermaid giggles softly.

Orange-fin Mermaid: "First a green robed female emerges from the dormant sigil, and now two witches! What comes next, I wonder?"
No. 786429 ID: 595d54

You two do, with any luck.
No. 786430 ID: 143250

Oh no, they're not wearing any panties. The ninja must have stole their panties as well. Ask if they want to help us reclaim our panties together.
No. 786431 ID: 70983e

These bottomless bottom-feeders could never understand the travails you've been through. Remove yourselves from our path, troglodytes, or face our naked fury!
No. 786438 ID: d79f26

they should at least understand "theft" say the green one took your things and you must catch them. if they refuse to move then make a tornado and send them flying.
No. 786440 ID: 094652

No. 786445 ID: 2120ee

Ignore these wenches, for they clearly know naught of panties!
No. 793280 ID: 1f8505
File 149128375574.png - (745.29KB , 1568x1000 , TWWLTP_58.png )

Rebecca: "You two do, with any luck."

Anita: "Ssshhhhh."

Anita turns to address the mermaids.

Anita: "Look, we're just passing through. Trying to reclaim some stolen property from that green-robed female."

Orange-fin Mermaid: "Hah! Good luck!"

The orange-fin mermaid jumps off the rock and disappears beneath the surface of the water.

Blue-fin Mermaid: "Hope you can get past the Water Dragon Queen! She doesn't like interlopers."
No. 793285 ID: 595d54

I recommend seducing her, she seems more willing to help and you could use an ally. Or you could just ask for any more details she's willing to share re: who this queen is and any ways past her via stealth or bribery she might know of.
No. 793312 ID: cdddb5

water dragon queen? Either of you two know anything about that?
No. 793318 ID: 70983e

Well if she doesn't like interlopers, then maybe she'll stop this ninja too and we can be allies!
No. 793472 ID: 3abd97

You realize the mermaids are perfectly positioned to see up your skirts as you walk by, right?

...I'm sure it won't matter. Mermaids don't even have skirts! Or legs!

>She doesn't like interlopers
Well, good! Maybe she detained the little thief for us already, then.
No. 793560 ID: 1f8505
File 149138363109.png - (774.23KB , 1429x1000 , TWWLTP_59.png )

Anita isn't sure how to seduce a mermaid.

Anita: "Wait, who is the Water Dragon Queen?"

Before she can receive an answer, the mermaid giggles and disappears beneath the surface.

Anita and Rebecca look at each other, and press on.

After a minute of hopping across the stones, Rebecca shouts to Anita.

Rebecca: "So are you aware of any Water Dragon Queen here?"

Anita: "Areas of high magic concentration tend to have powerful magical guardians. Few of them are actively malicious, though. We tend to live in harmony with those we find. The chances of encountering a hostile guardian are usually pretty low."
No. 793561 ID: 1f8505
File 149138364097.png - (1.77MB , 2596x1000 , TWWLTP_60.png )

Suddenly a large column of water arcs across the stones in front of the witches. A booming voice emerges from the sky.


Anita: "Then again..."

A spinning mass of water forms on the large flat stone apart from Anita and Rebecca.
No. 793562 ID: 1f8505
File 149138364836.png - (1.19MB , 2340x1000 , TWWLTP_61.png )

The water falls away back into the ocean, revealing a dragon-like woman. She appears to be very angry.

???: "I have HAD it with you surface dwellers trespassing in MY DOMAIN! I am the Water Dragon Queen, and I will CRUSH you with the very ocean that surrounds you!"

Anita detects a large magical energy source coming from the Queen's... panties? At this point, Anita should not be surprised.

Water Dragon Queen: "Surrender now, females, or perish at the bottom of the sea!"

Rebecca becomes even more jittery than before.
No. 793564 ID: 79a07e

"Actually, just a second! I'm guessing you ran across some stupid thief? We're chasing them because they took something from us- we'd be happy to drag her sorry ass back here for punishment if you let us through!"

If that doesn't work...well, prep for battle.
No. 793568 ID: a363ac

well she didn't say she would kill you if you surrendered so hands up.
No. 793573 ID: ba506f

before you do that can I ask if you've seen a green ninja bitch running through here? If so we'd like to put a boot up her thieving ass.
No. 793624 ID: 398fe1

Okay, we surrender.
No. 793626 ID: 3d2d5f

Surrender, and apologize for your intrusion.

Claim to be law enforcement in pursuit of the the earlier intruder, and apologize for failing to apprehend her before she had the chance to trespass.
No. 793627 ID: 3d2d5f

You might need to cover Becky's mouth so she doesn't yell "no we don't!" or something similar when you try surrendering.

Fighting a water guardian, surrounded by the sea is a bad idea. Especially for a fire mage.
No. 793635 ID: e99f08

Well, is there anyway we can get by her without any confrontation. If not, then please stop holding us up.
No. 793661 ID: d36af7

Offer to track down and retrieve the previous intruder as an apology.
No. 793687 ID: 8111b6

Surrender, explain reasons for being here, ask about other intruder.
No. 793868 ID: 1f8505
File 149145668244.png - (1.19MB , 2351x1000 , TWWLTP_62.png )

Anita: "OK, OK! We surrender!"

Rebecca: "...excuse me?!"

Anita ignores Rebecca.

Anita: "Look, Your Highness, we're not here to fight. We're sorry for intruding. We are just pursuing a thief who stole our property and we want it back. I take it you are familiar with a woman in a green robe who got through-"

The Queen stares daggers at Anita.

Anita: "...er, I mean was trespassing in your domain. We are all upset at the same person here, and I think we can work together to bring her here."
No. 793869 ID: 1f8505
File 149145669084.png - (1.20MB , 2348x1000 , TWWLTP_63.png )

Rebecca hisses a whisper at Anita.

Rebecca: "We are NOT surrendering."

Anita whispers back.

Anita: "Shut it, Rebecca! We might be able to cooperate with this queen to find the ninja!"

Rebecca: "No! No way! We are wasting time here trying to strike up a deal with this dragon whatever! We need to find that ninja bitch NOW, and this is NOT helping!"

Anita: "So... what, you think just throwing a fireball at a WATER dragon will cause her to step aside?! Think she'll laugh herself to death?!"

Rebecca: "I do NOT like water, I do NOT like scaly lunatics who fling water around, and I do NOT have to listen to this bullshit."
No. 793870 ID: 595d54

"Ok bye, have fun dying"
No. 793871 ID: 2120ee

Silence Rebecca by shoving your tongue down her throat.
No. 793872 ID: 595d54

Actually, see if you can get her panties first or ask the Queen to let you snag the undies before she dies a horrible death.
No. 793873 ID: d1d42a

watch Rebecca get owned
No. 793874 ID: d8f4d2

Disbelieve the illusion, nobody who survived to adulthood would say something as suicidally stupid as what Rebecca just did, therefore it's a lie. If she was genuinely worried that cooperating with this dragon lady was intolerably dangerous she'd just run away, and since she isn't doing that this is clearly an illusion or there's some other kind of mind control spell at work.
No. 793875 ID: 3abd97

So... she's a lunatic because she'd turn the water on someone who barged into her home uninvited. You saying you wouldn't light someone on fire in similar circumstances?
No. 793929 ID: 0555b9

Splash her to dampen thoughts of dissent, then have Abigail possess you for a boost in power.
No. 794001 ID: 12c14d

Abigail, sexy distraction!
No. 794006 ID: 3abd97

It's really too bad you can't have Abby possess the uncooperative Becky.
No. 794180 ID: 1f8505
File 149160567458.png - (1.19MB , 2341x1000 , TWWLTP_64.png )

Anita: "No, what's bullshit is thinking you can just stroll by this dragon queen. She has some serious magical power in her corner."

Rebecca: "And how could you possibly know that?!"

Anita: "I sense it in her panties."

Rebecca: "..."

Anita: "Just trust me here! You're gonna get owned doing it yourself. If we surrender to her we might be abl-"

Water Dragon Queen: "ENOUGH!"
No. 794181 ID: 1f8505
File 149160569224.png - (1.22MB , 2311x1000 , TWWLTP_65.png )

Water Dragon Queen: "I've had ENOUGH of dealing with surface dwellers!"

The Queen raises her arms in the air, and a huge water pillar emerges from the sea and forms itself into the shape of a hammer.

Water Dragon Queen: "DIE! BOTH OF YOU!"
No. 794182 ID: 398fe1

Can you Wind Cutter the shaft of that hammer?
No. 794183 ID: d79f26

abby, pants her!
No. 794186 ID: a363ac

No. 794188 ID: 2120ee

Can Abby possess the dragon queen's panties?
No. 794265 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, it looks like her water constructs need to be continuous. So cut if off.

You're on wind defense, Beck is on trying to burn the dragon's clothes off offense.
No. 794327 ID: 1f8505
File 149163795318.png - (1.34MB , 2359x1000 , TWWLTP_66.png )

Anita slices through the shaft of the water hammer with a Wind Cutter. It promptly dissolves back into the sea.

Anita: "Rebecca! We're in the shit now! I need you to take out the Water Dragon Queen!"

Rebecca doesn't answer.

Anita: "Rebecca!"

Rebecca is too busy being terrified. Meanwhile, Abigail attempts to posses the Water Dragon Queen.

Water Dragon Queen: "Be gone, spirit!"

The queen promptly summons a Possession Ward that stuns Abigail.
No. 794328 ID: 398fe1

Fine. Let's just try Wind against Water. Just cast a variety of spells at her soggy bottom.
No. 794343 ID: 094652

Abigail, get into Rebecca's panties and snap her out of it! Anita, counter the sigil so Abigail can stealth and possess whatever the enemy is planning to summon!
No. 794368 ID: 3abd97

Smack Becky upside the head.

"Get in the game, girl! You picked this fight, now help, before she drowns us!"

If she stays paralyzed by fear just have the ghost take over her unresisting body and start attacking for her.
No. 794383 ID: 70983e

Abigail's in the way now. Use a sidewinder attack on the dragoness while Abby recovers.
No. 794604 ID: 1f8505
File 149172177665.png - (2.01MB , 2318x1000 , TWWLTP_67.png )

Abigail cannot get into Rebecca's panties because she isn't wearing any!

The Water Dragon Queen summons a huge watery tentacle that gets sent flying towards the two witches. Thinking quickly, Anita uses Gust of Wind to push back the tentacle.

The spell struggle is not in Anita's favor though. The tentacle slowly advances towards her and Rebecca, despite being pushed backwards by high winds.


Rebecca snaps out of her fear trance.

Rebecca: "A-alright! What do you want me to do?!"
No. 794605 ID: 70983e

Combine our powers for a FIRE CYCLONE! Duh!
Abigail: Go find a fish, possess it and come back.
No. 794606 ID: 595d54

Burn her clothes off to expose the panties for stealing, of course.

More realistically, use fire magic to put pressure on the queen so she's forced to use her water to defend herself and give Anita and Abigail room to act.
No. 794613 ID: 398fe1

Lob a fireball over the cyclone so that it hits the water dragon. She'll have to cast another spell to guard against it which means the tentacle drops.
No. 794736 ID: 3abd97

Anita is first line defense, using wind attacks to interrupt water attacks.

Becky is first line offense, targeting the dragon with fire attacks.

Either she focuses on offense and gets pummeled with fire, or she diverts her attacks to defend against fire, freeing Anita up to attack her with wind.

Blasting the ward so Abby remains a threat would be nice, too. Although failing that she can still be a distraction. ...or she can dive and go possess an octopus or something and surprises tentacle attack the dragon while we're blasting her.
No. 794785 ID: 0d1514

Find a big rock and throw it at her head
No. 794978 ID: e99f08

Curve some blasts of air around Abigail to strike the queen.
No. 794979 ID: e99f08

Scratch this.

Have Rebecca heat up the water to a boil and then force the heated steam into a condesed ball around the water queen.
No. 795225 ID: 1f8505
File 149197574713.png - (1.28MB , 2000x1509 , TWWLTP_68a.png )

Anita: "I need FIREPOWER! Literally and figuratively!"

Rebecca: "OK! Here goes!"

Rebecca summons a rather large fireball in her hand and heaves it into the air. It arcs over the magical fracas...
No. 795226 ID: 1f8505
File 149197575873.png - (2.63MB , 2769x1000 , TWWLTP_68b.png )

...and explodes as it hits the Water Dragon Queen.

Water Dragon Queen: "GAH!"

Anita: "Good shot!"

Rebecca: "Heh..."

The Queen reels from the explosion. Her watery tentacle starts to waver and dissolve.
No. 795228 ID: 143250

What is Abigail looking at. A surprise attack perhaps?
No. 795229 ID: d79f26

now hold hands and do a combo attack.
No. 795231 ID: 398fe1

Probably going off to see if there's something she can possess. Which is a good idea, really.

Keep up the wind and Rebecca can start pumping more fireballs into it.

Or you could smack the water dragon with your big finishing move thing.
No. 795282 ID: 214b69

Bum rush and tackle! Attack her at close range!
No. 795301 ID: 3abd97

Do not let up! There's no way you took a boss out in one shot, especially since as a water dragon she's got fire resistance.

More dakka!
No. 797401 ID: 0d1514

It's not over until her clothes explode!
No. 797404 ID: edee29

I can tell you what she's not looking at: that upskirt shot. She must still be stunned from the Possession Ward.

Get in close while she's still reeling! Knock her off her feet and swipe her panties if you can!
No. 797859 ID: 1f8505
File 149309632618.png - (1.45MB , 1954x1542 , TWWLTP_69.png )


Opting not to hold hands, Anita fires a charged Gust of Wind, while Rebecca summons a magic flame to add to the column of wind. The superheated air combines into a destructive beam called...

Erupting Jetstream!
No. 797860 ID: 1f8505
File 149309633392.png - (376.46KB , 1141x1025 , TWWLTP_70.png )

The superheated air explosively strikes the stunned Water Dragon Queen, sapping the moisture from her scales, and shredding her clothes.


The Queen collapses in a heap onto the stone.

Anita senses the Queen's magical power fade from her body. Her panties, however, still hold a magical charge.

Update courtesy LonelyWorld
No. 797861 ID: 398fe1

Alright, tell her to stay down. Take her panties, telling her that this is punishment for attacking you unprovoked and she can have them back after you catch the ninja.

I presume they will grant water magic. I guess Anita can have them since it's not like you can combo water and fire.
No. 797862 ID: 0d1514

Mock her little girl panties even as you steal them and show off the mature panties you stole from Zecia
No. 797863 ID: 398fe1

....wait a minute, is she vulnerable to possession now? That would be the optimal result. Abigail could make very good use of that body!
No. 797889 ID: 143250

unless you want to attack with scalding hot water, or produce steam to hide in.
No. 797920 ID: 0555b9

Steal her one remaining shred of dignity, then bash her head in with a rock. Don't want her waking up again any time soon. Or ever.
No. 797989 ID: 3abd97

Realize the prospect of stealing her panties gets even more awkward with an audience. Especially when you're currently teamed up hunting a panty thief.

...and the prospect of offering her a pair of panties is pretty awkward too.

Yes, best result. Also it's not panty theft if Abby takes the off herself and throws them at you.
No. 798013 ID: a363ac

Posses them panties!
No. 798033 ID: 1f8505
File 149318474212.png - (881.48KB , 1641x1000 , TWWLTP_71.png )

Anita and Rebecca approach the Water Dragon Queen's comatose body. She is sill alive, but unconscious. Abigail cannot possess the Dragon Queen, as she is a creature with a soul. Points for effort, though.

Feeling awkward around the prospect of slipping the panties off of the Queen in front of Rebecca, Anita gestures to Abigail to remove them for her. With a slightly perverted grin, Abigail slips off the white lace panties with red ribbons from the comatose body of the Queen and hands them to Anita.

Rebecca: "Did... your ghost friend just steal the underwear off the Dragon Queen?"

Anita: "It has magical power! We can use it! Besides, one of us is butt-naked under their skirt."

Rebecca: "..."

Anita has detected that the undies contain the ability to manipulate liquid viscosity! Very useful for turning watery constructs into hard-hitting weapons, for sure.

Question is... who gets the panties?
No. 798034 ID: 595d54

Strangle the Queen so Abigail can possess her? And clearly Anita needs to experiment with her panty magic, see if wearing them on her head works.
No. 798035 ID: 3abd97

If she has a soul, and can't be possessed, why did she block Abby with a ward? Clearly she was trying to prevent something.

How hard is it to rip out someone's soul and leave it trapped in a bottle (or something) so their body is free?
No. 798036 ID: 70983e

Abigail. She can use it to solidify her ectoplasm.
No. 798038 ID: 398fe1

That power is useless without a way of creating watery constructs. Just give it to Anita so you don't have to take yours off.
No. 798043 ID: 2120ee

Give them to Anita so she can walk on water and maybe stop being a huge baby about it.
No. 798157 ID: 3abd97

Honestly, the question is what has better synergy.

Water + fire equals steam, or maybe napalm or flaming oils.

Water plus wind equals... rain and hail? Maybe we can bullshit that into lightning by creating and manipulating clouds.

Water + ghost probably equals ectoplasm. Which might be the best bet, here.
No. 798269 ID: 1f8505
File 149326741818.png - (584.47KB , 996x1000 , TWWLTP_72.png )


I'm not going to kill the Water Dragon Queen if I can help it! Soulless monsters like spiders and dryads are fair game, but I refuse to outright murder folks. Also, I'm not going to wear panties on my head. It's silly, plus enchanted clothing works only if equipped properly. You can't put enchanted gloves on your feet and expect them to work!


I never learned how to remove souls at school, that's one of those Forbidden Arts. Plus I don't have anything that can really store a soul even if I could.


You mean Rebecca? I'm already wearing this black lace number.


While ectoplasm is a supernatural viscous liquid, Abigail unfortunately doesn't have a proper torso for equipping underwear.


Good conjecture, but these panties only manipulate the viscosity level of liquids, and not the overall construction of objects and constructs with liquids.
No. 798270 ID: 3ce125

Yeah give Rebecca the water panties.
No. 798271 ID: e882a6

Solidify her ectoplasm with the panties, then quickly get her to put them on!
No. 798273 ID: 595d54

Yeah just give them to Rebecca. See if plasma counts as a liquid.

I don't think that'll solve the "can't be properly equipped" issue, she's only got the one ghost wispy thing instead of legs and a crotch. We need to fix that first. But hey, now Rebecca can make her solid enough for her to engage in all those shenanigans she probably wants to do.
No. 798278 ID: 3abd97

If nothing else, panties of water bending give the fire mage a surprise defense against the most obvious counter people will try versus her. Whups, too bad, she turned your water spell around, and the sprinklers overhead literally can't reach the fire to put it out.

Plus she can walk across the water without ever having to fall in.
No. 798331 ID: 094652

Offer Rebecca the panties. She needs to get used to water if she wants a raise. Steam is a useful health commodity.

Of course, if she tries to chuck them into the lake, admonish her for wasting magic because of irrational fear.
No. 799062 ID: 1f8505
File 149361044526.png - (538.17KB , 1146x1706 , Panty_Get_Rebecca.png )

Anita casts a cleaning spell and offers Rebecca the panties. Rebecca stares at them for a few seconds, sighs, and slips them on.


The white lacy underpants surge with energy. Rebecca has received a new ability!

Rebecca can now alter liquid viscosity at touch or short range!

Rebecca: "Can't say I'm complaining. My cheeks were getting cold."

Anita: "See?"

Rebecca: "Still not sure I like looting from a Dragon Queen though."
No. 799064 ID: 3ce125

We'll return them after the ninja is caught. Now let's get a move on.
No. 799076 ID: 3abd97

Well then, you shouldn't have picked a fight with her.

Unless you want to wait around until she wakes up to apologize, I suggest we get a move on.
No. 799079 ID: 70983e

Now petrify all liquids in the dragon's body so she never wakes up.
No. 799081 ID: 0d1514

steal the rest of her stuff too and kick her into the water
No. 799203 ID: 094652

Dare her to set water on fire.

While she's confused, slap her and tell her to focus on what she can do instead of what she's told to do that she thinks is impossible. Time to move.
No. 799608 ID: 1f8505
File 149386538045.png - (621.05KB , 1165x1000 , TWWLTP_73.png )

Anita: "Let's see what kind of stuff she has."

Rebecca: "What, now you're a kleptomaniac?"

Anita: "Don't you play video games? Bosses always have good loot!"

Rebecca wears a look of total dumbfoundment, but resigns to rooting through what's left of the Water Dragon Queen's belongings.

You get:

-1 jeweled bangle with unknown magical properties
-3 gold foot bracelets
-2 gold wrist bracelets
-1 water dragon scale

Rebecca: "OK, now let's toss her back before she wakes up."

Anita and Rebecca push the Water Dragon Queen back into the water. She disappears beneath the surface.

The two witches (and ghost) then turn and continue on. Anita spies a path leading to the enormous limestone rock nearby.

Anita: "Hey, we can go up that ladder and up to the top of that huge rock!"

Rebecca: "What do you think is up there?"
No. 799609 ID: 1f8505
File 149386539099.png - (1.07MB , 2018x1000 , TWWLTP_74.png )

Anita: "I don't know, but it's undoubtedly where the ninja went. We gotta go pick up her trail."

Suddenly Anita and Rebecca hear a bubbling behind them. They turn to see a mass of bubbles coming from the spot where they pushed the Water Dragon Queen into the water...
No. 799610 ID: 3ce125

Quick Rebecca, make the water surface hard as rock so the queen knocks herself out again trying to jump out and after us! (viscosity isn't rigidity but that seemed to be what the description implied)

Then run for it. Head for that ladder in the background.
No. 799611 ID: 70983e

Quick, plug your nose.
No. 799616 ID: 3abd97

Gee, I wonder if pushing the water dragon in the water helped her recover?

Crank water viscosity to max to try and trap her down there and run for it before we get a two part boss battle where she's powered up and is now riding a squid.

Last one up the ladder gets to look up the other's skirt! Wait that's not incentive to hurry.
No. 799621 ID: d79f26

No. 799931 ID: 1f8505
File 149405258779.png - (0.99MB , 1926x1000 , TWWLTP_75.png )

Rebecca attempts to figure out how to alter water's viscosity, but not before a rather large water dragon emerges from the surf.

A rather large, pissed off water dragon.
No. 799932 ID: 595d54

Increase the viscosity around her if you can, but more importantly BOOK IT.
No. 799933 ID: 3ce125

>Rebecca attempts to figure out how to alter water's viscosity
No. 799949 ID: d79f26

use a wind boosted pocket sand!
No. 799960 ID: 3abd97

Do... dragons have souls? They're not people right?

Oh shit we just insulted her. Run away!

She's a witch using a brand new magic item tuned to her opposing school. There must be a learning curve.
No. 800068 ID: c31aac

"So are we going to go again or are you cooled down enough to talk now?"

Bluff yourself up, we did win after all that has to mean something
No. 800109 ID: 0d1514

Say "Hi"
No. 800113 ID: 679e25

Rebecca, use your aqua viscosity spell at the water dragon, make the surrounding pool as viscous as ballistic gel! Then heat it up for good measure.
No. 800399 ID: 1f8505
File 149421652176.png - (1.07MB , 1901x1000 , TWWLTP_76.png )

The transformed Water Dragon Queen lunges at Rebecca, large flesh-rending teeth bared.


Magical energy shoots out of Rebecca's hands and swirls around the dragon...
No. 800400 ID: 1f8505
File 149421653227.png - (0.98MB , 1820x1000 , TWWLTP_77.png )

...which greatly raises the viscosity of the fluid surrounding its muscles, halting the Water Dragon Queen firmly in place.

Anita: "You did it, Rebecca! Nice work!"

Rebecca: "That was close."

Anita: "Now let's get out of here before she unfreezes!"
No. 800402 ID: 1f8505
File 149421654180.png - (927.77KB , 1813x1000 , TWWLTP_78.png )

The witches and ghost in tow sprint away towards the rope ladder in the distance.

The Water Dragon Queen silently ponders where her life went so wrong.

Forgot to do one after the last boss encounter, so I'm making up for it.

Enemies destroyed: A lot

Panties retrieved: 2/2

Enemy Combat Alerts: 1?

Headshots: I forget

Items used: 1

Loot: Much

RANK: Ace Witch
No. 800403 ID: 3abd97

Last one up the ladder gets to look up the other's skirt!
No. 805208 ID: 4e9a6d
File 149620652797.png - (522.41KB , 1308x1000 , TWWLTP_79.png )

The busy sounds of an outdoor market fill the air, along with a variety of smells and sights. The sea air flows gently through the city.

And a pair of voices echo through a nearby manhole.
No. 805209 ID: 4e9a6d
File 149620653499.png - (551.78KB , 1341x1000 , TWWLTP_80.png )

Anita: "Hnnggghhh... this manhole cover is heavy!"

Rebecca: "Whoa..."

Anita: "What? What is it?"

Rebecca: "I didn't know you were into slinky black lace."

Anita: "What the... are you looking up my skirt?!"

Rebecca: "Hey, YOU insisted you go first!"

Anita: "Don't make me kick you off. Besides, I got them from Zecia, the witch in the woods! Jeez... you're almost as bad as Abigail."

Rebecca: "Abigail has been eyeing my ass ever since we started up!"
No. 805210 ID: 4e9a6d
File 149620653924.png - (598.47KB , 1335x1000 , TWWLTP_81.png )

Anita emerges from the manhole.

Anita: "Hey! We're in Whitestone Village! I vacationed here with my parents a couple years ago! Never went in through the back entrance though..."

Rebecca: "Hmmm."
No. 805215 ID: 3abd97

>Rebecca: "Hey, YOU insisted you go first!"
You're the one using fire magic as a light source to look up Anita's skirt, because otherwise you wouldn't be able to see up her it with the only natural source of light up above Anita at the top of the shaft.

>we're here
Ah! Naked person! Someone shove some panties on that shameless sergal!
No. 805222 ID: 3ce125

Ask if anyone's seen any ninjas come through here.

If not, I guess we should seek out the nearest Witch and warn them of the panty thief.
No. 805223 ID: 094652

Why has nobody reacted to two hawt witches climbing out of the sewers? And why is that sergal naked?

Ask around, see if anything important is going on.
No. 805242 ID: 638191

No. 805244 ID: ce19bd

Doesn't that sergal know that genital sheathes don't count as appropriate casual attire?
No. 805262 ID: ba506f

ask people if they seen some green ninja looking broad wearing underwear on her head like some kind of eyepatch.
No. 805297 ID: a363ac

it has to be done
No. 805367 ID: 4e9a6d
File 149628780953.png - (705.80KB , 1505x1000 , TWWLTP_82.png )

I don't know what you're talking about, that sergal has had pants this entire time.

As tempting as it may be, Anita opts to respect the personal space of the sergal and not touch the fluffy tail.

Rebecca and Anita approach the NPC's villagers.

Anita: "Excuse me miss, did you happen to see some kind of uh... ninja with a uh... purple eyepatch run by here?"

Girl: "Sorry, I just got here. I haven't seen much of anything."

Peasant guy: "I haven't seen anything either, though I did hear a couple of guys complaining about having to constantly replace that sewer grate. Did you ladies come from there?"

Anita: "Yeah, it's a long story... um, do you know if there are any witches hanging around this town?"

Girl: "I heard there are a couple of them hanging around town. Not sure where though."

Anita: "Alright. Thanks for your help!"

Hm. That kunoichi might still be in this town.
No. 805370 ID: 3ce125

Well replace the sewer grate and head into town.
No. 805377 ID: 094652

lesbian Makeout your way into town
No. 805406 ID: be0718

I bet she's hiding in that suspiciously open sewer grate! Quick! Follow her down!
No. 805407 ID: 638191

ask the fluffy creature if he or she has seen any ninjas or witches
No. 805482 ID: a363ac

before you go touch that fluffy butt behind.
No. 805970 ID: 4e9a6d
File 149663756789.png - (711.67KB , 1549x1000 , TWWLTP_83.png )

Stop that, we're not going to touch his tail!

Anita meanders towards the market area, but Rebecca turns to the sergal to ask him some questions.

Rebecca: "Excuse me, do you happen to know where I can find witches in this town? It's very important."

Sergal: "Yaff yaff yiff yaff yiff yiff yiff yaff."

So much for that.
No. 805974 ID: 3ce125

Just go right.
No. 806000 ID: 9dc26d

If you're not going to touch that tail, why don't you touch each others' tails?

Wait, no, that came out wrong.

I mean if you're not going to grab a stranger, why not grab a friend?

Err. No, that's not quite right either.

Just don't split up! There.
No. 806215 ID: 4e9a6d
File 149672490257.png - (739.78KB , 1576x1000 , TWWLTP_84.png )

After replacing the grate, Anita, Abigail, and Rebecca walk down the street. Many villagers and visitors alike fill the village.

Rebecca: "Man, look at this crowd. That ninja could be anywhere! She could even be gone by now!"

Anita: "I don't think so. If I remember correctly, there was one other way out of this village, and that was the dock on the far side. It's always monitored."

Rebecca: "So you think she's still in here somewhere?"

Anita: "Most likely. The teleportation sigils we've been taking have all been one-way to specific areas, so there's no going back the way we came."
No. 806216 ID: be0718

Ninjas are very sneaky. I bet she's hiding in that redhead's cleavage!
No. 806217 ID: 3ce125

Let's look inside the general store.

Got any spending money?
No. 806222 ID: 094652

Why does this place look like a movie stage made from driftwood?

Open doors, poke people. See if this place is a ninja illusion.
No. 806223 ID: 7b95d9

Decent idea. She might've stopped in for resupply.
No. 806225 ID: 143250

What is Louis from Left 4 Dead doing here? I think he stumbled upon the wrong video game.
No. 806308 ID: c45b7e

lets find out whats up with that magical bangle. and maybe get some pants.
No. 806353 ID: fa2cb0

ask Tristan for help. He looks trustworthy.
No. 807284 ID: 4e9a6d
File 149716738020.png - (757.46KB , 1593x1000 , TWWLTP_85.png )

This place is very real, don't worry about that.

Anita and Rebecca approach the ponytailed individual with the scars.

Anita: "Excuse me, do you happen to know where I can find witches in this town?"

Tristan: "Yes, I believe there is one in either the General Store or the Curios Shop. I can't remember which."

Anita: "Thanks!"

Finally, a lead. Anita and Rebecca opt to enter the General Store first.
No. 807285 ID: 4e9a6d
File 149716739059.png - (892.46KB , 1468x1047 , TWWLTP_86.png )

Anita and Rebecca enter the General Store. Goods line the shelves inside the small shop.

Shopkeeper: "Welcome to Whitestone General Store. How can I help you?"
No. 807286 ID: 3ce125

Got any money? Mana potions seem useful.

Ask if she knows where the witches are.
No. 807287 ID: 17c2ee

Just have Abigail possess her and strip down to check the pantsu.
No. 807288 ID: 17c2ee

And then take whatever seems handy, no need to pay when you control the shop owner.
No. 807289 ID: d2a32f

Buy all the clothing solvent she's got. And a spray bottle. Trust me on this.
No. 807293 ID: 3ce125

Abigail cannot possess people. She can only possess things that lack souls.
No. 807295 ID: b27cac

OK let's offer to buy her panties.
No. 807311 ID: 3abd97

>How can I help you?
I don't suppose there has been a rush on panties recently?

Hey, depending on how much of Shopkeep has been replaced with nanogoo, she might count as a soulless abomination by now.
No. 807382 ID: 7b95d9

These, basically.
No. 807396 ID: be0718

The ninja must be hiding in one of these strangely labeled boxes! Blast 'em, fire witch!
No. 811866 ID: 01764f

No. 811867 ID: 638191

get some of that dank kush between the mana potions and the dr. bob and some sharah jerky
No. 812600 ID: 1c0bf9
File 149914963882.png - (911.93KB , 1528x1028 , TWWLTP_87.png )

Anita checks her wallet... but it seems she has forgotten it.

Anita: "Um, I don't have any money with me. Do you guys barter or trade?"

Shopkeeper: "'fraid not. We only take cash, cheque, gold, silver, and all major credit cards. The one place that does bartering is the curios shop down the way, if you have some goods they may want."

Anita: "Thanks. So uh, this may seem weird but... has there been a rush on panties recently?"

Shopkeeper: "We don't sell panties here. We do sell disposable panty liners though."

Anita: "Maybe later. Hey, is that some kush on the top shelf there?"

The shopkeeper looks quizzically at the top shelf, and then back to you.

Shopkeeper: "Nah, that's pipe-weed. Phruxleaf. Popular with wizards."
No. 812601 ID: 7fad5d

Have Abigail possess some of the stuff and steal it while whatserface, the fire mage, distracts the shopkeeper with flirting or something. Meanwhile, Anita goes to the curio shop to check it out.
No. 812645 ID: be0718

Rebecca, cause a box of Clothing Solvent to spontaneously combust! Use this distraction to escape the monotony of grocery shopping!
No. 812738 ID: a363ac

might as well
No. 812785 ID: b38793

Let's not blow anything up and head to the curios shop.
No. 812812 ID: 3abd97

I don't suppose there's anything in town that would be of interest to a thieving ninja?

Then go. Don't steal, don't blow anything up.
No. 819581 ID: b5fb67
File 150145876091.png - (1.03MB , 2494x1000 , TWWLTP_88.png )

Anita, Rebecca, and Abigail depart the General Store.

Shopkeeper: "Thank you, come again!"

The girls head for the Curios shop that was mentioned. Hopefully it will have a lead on where to find the kunoichi.
No. 819582 ID: b5fb67
File 150145876847.png - (1.06MB , 2000x1113 , TWWLTP_89.png )

Anita, Rebecca, and Abigail enter the Curios shop, passing by an elven woman departing the store. A wide array of bizarre items and artifacts line the shelves.

The girl manning the counter speaks in a tired monotone voice, indicating she might not totally care for her current employment.

Curios shopkeeper: "Welcome to Whitestone Curios, where 'the strange is normal and normal is strange.' How can I help you."

No. 819583 ID: d79f26

ask if she's got anything that has a bonus against panty stealing ninjas.
No. 819584 ID: 638191

No. 819585 ID: be0718

Ask to examine Wabbajack for authenticity, then fire it everywhere and at everyone.
No. 819586 ID: 7fad5d

Do this, unless they provide free stuff. It's not stealing! Especially since you should do it anyway whether or not they give you freebies.
No. 819605 ID: 3ce125

How much money we got?
No. 820198 ID: b5fb67
File 150173911037.png - (1.04MB , 2000x1145 , TWWLTP_90.png )

Anita: "Could I uh... take a look at that Wabbajack?"

The silver haired witch sighs and a repeats a speech which she has clearly said a hundred times before.

Curios shopkeeper: "Ma'am, all magical artifacts in this store are de-powered to prevent any abuse of their abilities before purchase. Store policy."

Again, Anita has no money. However, since the store buys magical artifacts and whatnot, we could sell some to make a quick buck.

Currently held items:

-The bat bra
-A small fire quartz
-A water talisman
-A small jar of earth with bone ash mixed in, half gone
-Dryad crotch leaf
-1 jeweled bangle with unknown magical properties
-3 gold foot bracelets, magic unknown
-2 gold wrist bracelets, magic unknown
-1 water dragon scale, magic unknown
-And a first aid kit

Anita: "What is your strongest potion?"

Curios shopkeeper: "We have Captain Slowpoke's Elixir. It refills your mana and heals grievous injury. 35 gold a piece."

That's pretty expensive. Regular health potions are usually 6-7 gold.

Anita: "So, do you have anything that protects against panty-stealing ninjas?"

The shopkeeper stares at you blankly.

Curios shopkeeper: "Excuse me?"
No. 820199 ID: 7fad5d

>Captain Slowpoke's Diarrhea Surprise
no thanks

"A ninja who runs around stealing people's panties. Any safeguards against theft and/or ninja?"
No. 820200 ID: be0718

How much for the sergal?
No. 820205 ID: 52b338

Get an appraisal for our items, then ask about the Ninja.
No. 820245 ID: 638191

No. 820781 ID: ce19bd

And does the sergal's penis come as a separate purchase.
No. 821272 ID: b5fb67
File 150230814522.png - (1.00MB , 2000x1088 , TWWLTP_91.png )

You get the items you have appraised:

-The bat bra: 3 gold, has minor spell of breast fortification
-A small fire quartz: 15 gold
-A water talisman: 30 gold
-A small jar of earth with bone ash mixed in, half gone: 20 gold
-Dryad crotch leaf: 5 gold
-1 jeweled bangle: 30 gold, has spell of minor health regeneration
-3 gold foot bracelets: 10 gold each, have spells of minor conjuration fortification
-2 gold wrist bracelets: 25 gold each, have spells of water breathing
-1 water dragon scale: 60 gold, has spell of water purification
-First aid kit: 0 gold, will not buy.

Anita: "So uh... how much for the sergal?"

Curios shopkeeper: "100 gold."

Anita: "Is it a real sergal?"

Curios shopkeeper: "It's against store policy to sell slaves. It's a giant doll for people with... particular fetishes."

Anita decides to pass on the sergal purchase.

Anita: "So yeah, a ninja who runs around stealing people's panties. Any safeguards against theft and/or ninja? We've been chasing one who has stolen some of our... *ahem* delicates."

Curios shopkeeper: "I hope it wasn't that weird girl with the underwear over one eye who came in here earlier."

Anita: "Wh... that's her! Did she say anything?? Where did she go?!"

Curios shopkeeper: "Ugh, she started grilling me about the location of the nearest water witch in the area and if the witch had any magical underwear. Can you imagine? Like, for real? Oh sure yeah, I know exactly where this water witch is and she totes has magic panties you can steal you weirdo. Gads. Then she started asking about any nearby teleportation sigils. I told her to get out after that. What a creep."

Anita: "We gotta go warn the water witch though! Where can we find her?"

Curios shopkeeper: "Right in front of you."
No. 821296 ID: a363ac

No. 821368 ID: 3ce125

Well did her panties get stolen? If so, I think she should probably join the party. If not, can she join the party anyway? Would some gold convince her?

Sell her the dragon scale and the foot bracelets since we have no conjuration. Also, the leaf and bra. Give the bangle to whoever's hurt at the moment, and both of the current party members should wear the water breathing bracelets. Never know when we might need to take a dip.
No. 821443 ID: be0718

It should have been obvious, in hindsight. Real sergals have breasts.
Get to a changing room and swap bras immediately for enhanced knockers.
Pawn the foot bracelets and dragon scale and buy that Scrying Lens on the top shelf, so you don't have to wear strangers' undergarments to figure out what they do. Then leave store to trigger a plot cutscene.
No. 824718 ID: b5fb67
File 150355682120.png - (0.99MB , 2000x1093 , TWWLTP_92.png )

Anita sells the foot bracelets, dragon scale, Dryad leaf and bra and receives 98 gold!

Nobody is currently injured, so Anita holds onto the bangle and hands Rebecca a bracelet.

Anita: "Really quick: How much for that Scrying Lens?"

Water witch: "90 gold."

Anita ponders finalizing the purchase, but then snaps back to the situation at hand.

Anita: "So wait, you are the town water witch?"

Water witch: "That's what everyone around here calls me. Technically I am still a student of the College of Water Magic. But working here helps pay off my student loans."

Anita: "So your panties haven't been stolen?"

Water witch: "No."

Anita: "Are you sure?"

Water witch: "Yes."

Anita: "How can you be sure?"

Water witch: "If you must know, all my regular underwear is unenchanted. If that ninja you claim steals magic underwear, she would have to remove them from my person."

Anita: "Well, that's good to know... uh, I didn't catch your name."

Water witch: "Like I said, around here I'm just known as The Water Witch. But my real name is-"

Give a name to this girl!
No. 824719 ID: 094652

Fluffine Squiggletails
No. 824723 ID: 0d1514

No. 824727 ID: 3ce125

No. 824728 ID: 0d1514

No. 824744 ID: be0718

Un-sell that bra, you didn't need that to afford the scanner and you're on a mission where backup underwear is strangely necessary.

Her name is JOHN CEEEENA Constance, or Connie.
No. 824745 ID: 2120ee

So wait, she always wears the same pair of panties?

No. 824748 ID: c2051e

She's a water witch, I'm sure she can keep it clean.

Her name is... Melusine.
No. 841498 ID: b5fb67
File 150951398929.png - (3.02MB , 980x1400 , TWWLTP_93.png )

"My real name is Gloria Melusine and I am a witch from the College of Water Magic."

Anita remembers hearing about the College of Water Magic. It is a beautiful school, teaching hydromancy and aquakinesis, along with related hydrodynamic magics. It is a school known more for teaching defensive magical techniques instead of the offensive kind. Kind of the opposite of the Fire Academy, which is fitting.

Anita: "Hey, could I un-sell that bra?"

Gloria: "Sorry, all sales final. Store policy."
No. 841505 ID: 3ce125

Well okay then. Let's go look for the ninja.
No. 841506 ID: be0718

That is not what that policy means at all. You are the one selling it and you are saying this sale is not final. You just want a buyback, the store gets its money back, sheesh.
No. 841524 ID: 4324ce

Bah. So be it, then. Let's get moving.
No. 841612 ID: a363ac

call her a pervert who wants to see girls walk around without underware then run out of the store and hope you get a pity bra.
No. 844553 ID: b5fb67
File 151052328466.png - (1.03MB , 2000x1120 , TWWLTP_94.png )

Anita: "That is not what that policy means at all! I am the one selling it and I am saying this sale is not final. I just want a buyback, and the store gets its money back!"

Gloria: "Fine, fine! Whatever! Just don't tell my boss. Yeesh."

Anita re-receives the bat bra and loses 3 gold.
No. 844554 ID: b5fb67
File 151052331867.png - (1.03MB , 2000x1139 , TWWLTP_95.png )

Anita: "Thank you. Now let's go find that ninja!"

Gloria: "Have a good time."

Anita: "You don't want to come with? We might need your help!"

Glora: "Look lady-"

Anita: "Anita."

Gloria: "Look Anita, two things: One, I have to watch over this store. The boss lady gets really cranky when I take unscheduled breaks, much less abandon my job to go chase some weirdo. Two, I have my undies. Your chase doesn't concern me."

Anita: "Aw, come on! So far this ninja has stolen wind and fire themed magical panties! Water is the next logical step since we were led here! You might be in danger!"

Gloria: "You need not worry about me. Even if this ninja shows up, I think I can-"
No. 844555 ID: b5fb67
File 151052335435.png - (1.08MB , 2000x1120 , TWWLTP_96.png )

Suddenly, a large piece of paper colored exactly like the wall falls away, revealing the kunoichi.

Gloria: "-handle myself?"

Anita: "It's her!"

The ninja, as fast as she appeared, flings an object into the center of the room.
No. 844557 ID: b5fb67
File 151052338086.png - (827.79KB , 2000x1095 , TWWLTP_97.png )


The object explodes, sending thick smoke everywhere. Anita, Gloria, and Rebecca cough, the choking smoke stinging their eyes and lungs. Between coughs, Anita hears Gloria cry out in distress.

Gloria: "AAGGHH!"

There is a loud thump, and the sound of a counter being jostled.

Gloria: "Hey! HEY! NO! OWWW!"

Another loud thump, and then the sound of a pane of glass shattering.
No. 844559 ID: 3ce125

Cast a wind spell to blow away the smoke! Preferably without breaking any merchandise.
No. 844581 ID: d79f26

do the windy thing!
No. 845621 ID: b5fb67
File 151089696572.png - (1.46MB , 2000x1109 , TWWLTP_98.png )

Anita casts Gust of Wind and clears the smoke from the room.

Rebecca: *cough* *cough* "What happened?"
No. 845622 ID: b5fb67
File 151089697484.png - (1.00MB , 2000x1084 , TWWLTP_99.png )

Anita: "Gloria!"

Anita runs up to the counter to see Gloria hoist herself up.

Anita: "Are you OK?"

Gloria: "..."

Gloria: "Bitch sucker-punched me and stole my undies. Right off of me."
No. 845623 ID: 3ce125

Ok NOW will you help us?
No. 845624 ID: 33cbe7

Grab that gun off the shelf and give chase. No, not the potato gun. The one next to it.
No. 845638 ID: c2051e

Laugh at her and steal the rest of her clothing.
No. 845655 ID: 9b80a5

quickly ask how much the titanite shard is and use it to reinforce your panties
No. 846625 ID: b5fb67
File 151124428946.png - (1.00MB , 2000x1080 , TWWLTP_100.png )

Anita: "Now will you help us?"

Gloria: "Yes. I now have a stake in your chase."

Gloria has joined your party!

Anita: "Before we go though, how much for that pink gun?"

Gloria: "150 gold."

Anita: "Ouch. I'll take the Scrying Lens instead."

Anita purchases the Scrying Lens and loses 90 gold!
Anita has 5 gold left!
No. 846627 ID: 3ce125

Abigail can't possess the sergal doll can she
No. 846628 ID: 3ce125

Actually nevermind, Abigail should only possess disposable bodies. The doll's too expensive.

Let's just go.
No. 847256 ID: 01c84e

Ask Gloria where the Ninja would go. She can't go back the way she came, right?
No. 848064 ID: b5fb67
File 151166727077.png - (1.21MB , 2610x1000 , TWWLTP_101.png )

The three witches run out the door of the Curios shop.

Anita: "Gloria, do you know where the ninja might go to teleport herself away? Because it's not like she can go back and re-use the sigil we took getting here, right?"

Gloria: "Using the same sigil within 24 hours by non-arcane magic can cause the sigil to catastrophically fail. I imagine the ninja knows this, she'll try something else. There's an abandoned store owned by an old herbalist who was rumored to have gotten illicit goods via a teleporter sigil. No one could confirm it though. It might be our only lead. Follow me!"
No. 848065 ID: b5fb67
File 151166727412.png - (746.92KB , 2498x1000 , TWWLTP_102.png )

The girls arrive at an empty, unkept house on the edge of town.

Rebecca: "It's locked."

Gloria: "Don't worry, I have a key."

There's a sound of a heavy chunk of metal violently tearing open and falling to the cobblestone road.
No. 848066 ID: b5fb67
File 151166727847.png - (853.12KB , 2540x1000 , TWWLTP_103.png )

Gloria: "We're in."

Anita: "Did you have to break it?"

Gloria: "Yes. Now fan out, we need to find where that sigil is located. There's a good chance it's hidden behind a wall or under a floor somewhere. Look for clues."
No. 848068 ID: 33cbe7

Scuff marks! Push the shelves to the left. If they're too heavy, turn the candlestick right. Kinda suspicious those would be the only things still here, no?
No. 848078 ID: 2474dd

Peek in hole.
No. 848139 ID: 7ec3c6

check the floorboard with the obviously different texture file.
No. 848144 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, there's one floorboard that looks scratched a lot. Maybe it's removable?

If the candles aren't concealing switches, this might be the kind of puzzle where you have to light all the candles to do something. Good thing we have a fire mage.
No. 848163 ID: b5fb67
File 151173718166.png - (875.67KB , 2521x1000 , TWWLTP_104.png )

Anita turns the farthest wall mounted candle holder. A soft click echoes through the room. Anita lets go and the candle holder rotates back into its original position.

Rebecca pushes the shelves to the left until they stop. Another soft click echoes through the room. Rebecca releases the shelves and they gently slide back.

Rebecca looks into the hole in the wall. There is nothing.

Gloria inspects the scuffed floorboard. It can't be pried up, but it definitely stands out.
No. 848164 ID: b53bd0

do all three actions at the same time, don't ask how the ninja did that by herself, ninja.
No. 848167 ID: 2f0c40

Anita: turn the candle.
Rebecca: push the shelving.
Gloria: stand on the floor board.
The Ninja can make shadow clones, remember?
No. 849334 ID: b5fb67
File 151224686714.png - (775.43KB , 2226x1000 , TWWLTP_105.png )

Anita: "I got an idea! I'll turn the candle. Rebecca, you push the shelving. And Gloria, you stand on that one scuffed floor board."

Anita turns candle holder. The same soft click emerges from before.

Rebecca pushes the shelves. Another soft click.

Gloria stands on the scuffed floorboard. A third soft click reverberates through the room.

The sound of small mechanisms sliding into place can be heard, and with a final click, a door on the wall opens.

Gloria: "I knew that crazy herbalist was smuggling stuff in."
No. 849335 ID: b5fb67
File 151224687164.png - (963.07KB , 2325x1000 , TWWLTP_106.png )

The witches charge through the secret door...

...only to witness the ninja teleport away.

Anita: "No! We were too late!"

Rebecca: "Dammit!"

Gloria: "It's not over yet. We can still catch her if we take the teleportation sigil now. If you need to do anything before we leave, now is the time."
No. 849336 ID: 2efb36

Go back to the General Store and buy as much Clothing Solvent as 5G will get you.

Let's call it Plan C(lothing damage).
No. 849338 ID: d8d298

Idea! Rebecca, give your underwear to Gloria. That way she can synergize the ability with here water magic.
No. 849351 ID: 3abd97

I made a quick list of what people, panties and items we have and what they can do to refresh my own memory. >>/questdis/118411

>what do
Scrying lens on everything. All members of the party get scanned!

>If you need to do anything before we leave, now is the time.

Not a bad idea. If Anita needs to, she can surrender the Black Witch panties to get Rebecca to go along with it (doesn't matter who opens the teleport sigils). In the same vein:

-Equip the water breathing charms on Anita and Rebecca. Gloria probably has her own ways to keep her from drowning. This allows Gloria using water defensively to block attacks to her allies (especially if combined with the viscosity manipulation) without having to worry about pesky things like "keeping their airways open".

-Give Gloria the water talisman for synergy with her powers.

-Give Rebecca the fire quartz for synergy with her powers.

-Someone equip the hp regen bangle. Probably Anita since she's our MC, and tends to take point. If it's not compatible with the water breathing charm (only one accessory slot) give it to Gloria.
No. 855116 ID: b5fb67
File 151477158101.png - (357.28KB , 812x1600 , TWWLTP_107.png )

Anita: "Before we go, I have an idea!"

Rebecca: "Do tell."

Anita: "Rebecca, give your panties to Gloria."

Rebecca: "What?! Why!?!"

Anita: "The ability to alter liquid viscosity at touch or short range would syngergize better with Gloria's water magic."

Rebecca: "..."

Gloria: "Whoa, where did you get such powerful magic undies?"

Anita: "I'll explain later. Hand them over, Rebecca!"

With great reluctance, Rebecca pulls the panties from her person and thrusts them at Gloria.

Rebecca: "Take 'em before I change my mind!"
No. 855117 ID: b5fb67
File 151477158558.png - (658.90KB , 1145x1600 , TWWLTP_108.png )

Gloria uses a quick cleaning spell to sanitize the undies before putting them on.


The white lacy underpants surge with energy. Gloria has received a new ability!

Gloria can now alter liquid viscosity at touch or short range!

Gloria: "Wow, wish I had these a few years ago."

Anita cannot purchase any Clothing Solvent as it is too expensive.

Anita uses the Scrying Lens on all party members.

Anita's current magic abilities:
-Wind Cutter
-Gust of Wind
-Cyclone Burst

Rebecca's magic abilities:
-Flash Sweat

Gloria's magic abilities:
-Aqua Heal
-Hydro Wall
-Dome of Water
-Minor Ice Formation
-Water Breathing

Anita and Rebecca equip the water breathing charms. Anita them gives Rebecca the fire quartz, and Gloria the water talisman. Anita attempts to equip the HP regeneration bangle, but it falls off due to excess magical energy provided by the water breathing charm. Anita decides to give it to Rebecca, partly due to Gloria having a healing ability already, and mostly due to feeling a little bad about making Rebecca go panty-less once again.
No. 855123 ID: 3abd97

>mostly due to feeling a little bad about making Rebecca go panty-less once again.
I mean if you're really feeling guilty you can give her your panties. It wouldn't change much if she got to trigger the teleport sigils instead of you.
No. 855182 ID: e4202e

Cool. Now enter the teleporter everyone, and continue the chase!
No. 855355 ID: b5fb67
File 151486433377.png - (543.70KB , 1468x1000 , TWWLTP_109.png )

Kitted out, Anita, Rebecca, Gloria, and Abigail stand on (or hover in Abigail's case) the teleporter sigil.

Anita: "Let's go find that ninja!"
No. 855356 ID: b5fb67
File 151486433891.png - (629.67KB , 1439x1000 , TWWLTP_110.png )

The teleporter sigil glows and magical energies whisk the witches (and ghost) away...
No. 855357 ID: b5fb67
File 151486434299.png - (568.67KB , 1311x1000 , TWWLTP_111.png )

...and deposits them in a mountainous region.

Anita: "What the... she went to the mountains?"

Gloria: "This place seems pretty remote. Knowing that ninja, though, there has to be a village nearby with some girl who's about to get her panties stolen."
No. 855366 ID: 3abd97

That's been the pattern so far, yes.

Abigail, would you mind flying up to see if you can see where the ninja might have gone so we know which direction to go?
No. 855376 ID: dab122

Yeah complete the elemental set: Air, Fire, Water and Bugs.
No. 857738 ID: b5fb67
File 151564483981.png - (609.16KB , 1395x1000 , TWWLTP_112.png )

Anita: "Abigail, go see what lies further down the path, please!"

Abigail: "Okay."

Abigail floats up into the sky, and heads down the path...
No. 857739 ID: b5fb67
File 151564484265.png - (929.18KB , 2109x1000 , TWWLTP_113.png )

...but returns hounded by several mean-looking birds with large bladed talons.

Anita: "Razorhawks! This must be their nesting grounds!"
No. 857740 ID: 3ce125

Well, she can possess one! Blow the others away with wind and/or fire.
No. 857741 ID: f26bae

Birds can't fly if they're wet! Unless they're ducks!
No. 857745 ID: 17c2ee

Look, they're overcompensating! Mock their genital size until they run away.
No. 857746 ID: 3abd97

Let Abby possess one and take out the rest with fire + wind combo like you hit those shadow clones with.
No. 858475 ID: b5fb67
File 151599096144.png - (1.35MB , 2512x1000 , TWWLTP_114.png )

Anita: "Abigail, quick! Possess a Razorhawk!"

Abigail nods and slips her form into a Razorhawk. The possessed hawk flies out of formation, and Anita casts Gust of Wind to knock away the cast of hawks.

Rebecca: "Anita, we have a problem!"

More Razorhawks appear behind the group, and to compound the issue, giant beetles start appearing.

Rebecca: "Do you think it might be mating season for these things?"
No. 858476 ID: 3ce125

Welp, guess we'd better just keep moving while throwing basic spells around willy-nilly.
No. 858484 ID: 56416f

Start running! Anita, you plow the road with your wind. Rebecca, you're AA with fireballs. Gloria, keep Anita and Rebecca alive!
No. 858485 ID: 094652

Are the razorhawks supposed to do something to the giant beetles? Abigail has a razorhawk so maybe she should experiment with that.
No. 860006 ID: 3abd97

Becky, fireball the birds coming from above and behind.

Gloria, use minor ice formation to stab the bug in the belly with an stalagmite of ice.
No. 862598 ID: b5fb67
File 151712206779.png - (1.65MB , 2707x1000 , TWWLTP_115.png )

Anita: "Everyone, behind me! Rebecca, fry those Razorhawks with fireballs! I'm gonna bust through these Mountain Beetles!"

Anita starts running, casting Gust of Wind continuously to blow the Mountain Beetles off the path. Rebecca runs behind Anita, casting Fireball into the air. The Razorhawks in pursuit explode into feathers and flame. Gloria runs behind Rebecca, but she starts to lag behind.

The mountain path starts to smell like fried chicken.
No. 862600 ID: b5fb67
File 151712207433.png - (1.56MB , 2853x1000 , TWWLTP_116.png )

Rebecca: "This is fun! Didn't know these birds exploded this good!"

Soon though, Anita stops running. A very mean looking wendigo girl blocks their path. It lets out a snarl upon seeing the witch girls.

Gloria, sweaty and out of breath, approaches shortly. It is safe to assume she is out of shape.
No. 862601 ID: c2051e

Ask the new girl if her panties got stolen too.
No. 862604 ID: b53bd0

"gurl, look at your dress, you gotta take care of yourself, let us pass and i'll hook you up with my tailor"
No. 862691 ID: 3abd97

Attempt to talk your way past her. If that fails, Wind Cutter her clothes off.

Don't let Gloria fall too far behind, that's dangerous. Might have to wait up for her, unfortunately.
No. 866389 ID: b5fb67
File 151829579611.png - (942.43KB , 2092x1000 , TWWLTP_117.png )

Gloria catches up, but is out of breath.

Anita: "So uh... did your undies get stolen too?"


Anita: "Hey look, we're also trying to find that green girl. If you let us by, we c-"


Anita: "Um..."
No. 866390 ID: b5fb67
File 151829580161.png - (1.22MB , 2143x1000 , TWWLTP_118.png )


Wendy lets out a ear piercing screech. Shortly thereafter, the sound of flapping and skittering starts to fill the air.
No. 866391 ID: b5fb67
File 151829580726.png - (1.75MB , 3670x1000 , TWWLTP_119.png )


Wendy charges towards the three witches, while a veritable army of Razorhawks and Mountain Beetles closes in.

Anita: "Not good! We're surrounded!"
No. 866401 ID: b1b4f3

Use water on the birds, "freeze" them with the water control panties.
Fireball Wendy in the face. Abigail can assist with Wendy as well.
Use wind blast on the beetles since that seems to be effective.
No. 866403 ID: b403b3

You need to get past Wendy and get moving.
Even something that simply knocks her aside would be a move in the right direction.
No. 866432 ID: 33cbe7

Abigail, dive bomb her! All other attacks should be used to clear a path through the beetles. Don't stop for anything!
No. 866480 ID: b53bd0

super move. huddle up and create a massive swirling torando around you. then set it on fire. then set it to "expand" and cause a swirling blast.
No. 869869 ID: b5fb67
File 151950698855.png - (778.14KB , 1500x1202 , TWWLTP_120.png )


Looking at each other and nodding, the three witches combine their magics! Anita summons a swirling tornado, Rebecca ignites it with powerful flame, and Gloria summons water bubbles to protect the three and Abigail.
Lacking a name from before, they decide to call it...

Inferno Cyclone!
No. 869870 ID: b5fb67
File 151950699435.png - (1.40MB , 2180x1000 , TWWLTP_121.png )

The Inferno Cyclone pulls in all the Razorhawks and Mountain Beetles into its deadly spinning flame. The Razorhawks are incinerated, and the Mountain Beetles are carbonized into ash. Wendy Wendigo attempts to escape, but is pulled into the burning hot winds.
No. 869871 ID: b5fb67
File 151950700045.png - (1.43MB , 1100x1207 , TWWLTP_122.png )

At first, the fire doesn't seem to harm Wendy. But after a few seconds of being exposed to full body conflagration, whatever magical force protecting her expires. Wendy's body is singed, and her clothes are reduced to cinders and rags.

Wendy is then thrown from the blaze as the magic dies down. She is singed, but unconscious.
No. 869872 ID: 0d1514

Steal her panties and leave her there, ass in the air, as you do.
No. 869874 ID: 3abd97

Pretty much. Let's figure out what these panties do so we know who would be best with them.
No. 870566 ID: 5fe028

Steal those panties to continue your righteousness mission to prevent panty theft.
No. 870672 ID: b53bd0

hey, we'll totally give them back later.
No. 870677 ID: b15da4

Steal her wonder woman bracelets.
No. 871310 ID: b5fb67
File 152005473778.png - (771.44KB , 1663x1000 , TWWLTP_123.png )

Anita removes the bracers from the wendigo girl. She smells like burnt hair, which is quite unpleasant. Anita also gingerly removes the panties.

Gloria: "Uh, what are you doing? Are you looting the wendigo?"

Rebecca: "It's a thing we do now, I guess."

Gloria: "Whatev's."

Anita uses the Scrying Lens on the bracers. They don't seem to have any particular usefulness to them, other than being made of some kind of gold alloy.

Anita uses the Scrying Lens on the panties. These seem to have the first-level enchantment Summon Nature's Ally on them! These could be useful!
No. 871330 ID: a19a1b

Give them to Rebecca, she is the bottom-less one.
No. 871371 ID: b53bd0

let's keep moving. anyone think they would look good in bracers?
No. 871391 ID: 3abd97

Summon Nature's Ally prooobably synergizes with wind better than fire, since you're less likely to blow up summoned allied.

Anti gets these panties, Rebecca gets the teleport rune activating ones.
No. 871526 ID: b5fb67
File 152015124946.png - (600.36KB , 1200x1118 , TWWLTP_124.png )

Anita: "Hey Rebecca, you take my undies and I'll equip these."

Rebecca: "Why? I'm good with animals!"

Anita: "You were just blowing up hawks not 10 minutes ago."

Rebecca: "..."

Anita slips off her panties and puts on the ones recovered from the wendigo.


The smaller thong panties surge with energy and instantly wedge themselves in Anita's butt.

Anita can now cast a first-level Summon Nature's Ally once per day!

Summon Nature's Ally summons to your side a natural creature (typically an animal, fey, magical beast, outsider with the elemental subtype, or a giant) from the local surrounding area. The summoned ally appears where you designate and acts immediately. It attacks your opponents to the best of its ability.

This spell more or less follows the same description as listed in Dungeons and Dragons, fifth edition, © Wizards of the Coast, blah blah blah.
No. 871527 ID: b5fb67
File 152015125485.png - (554.84KB , 1200x1191 , TWWLTP_125.png )

Rebecca begrudgingly takes Anita's black lacy panties, casts a cleaning spell on them, and slips them on.


The barely transparent underpants surge with energy.

Rebecca can now use sigils and seals!

Rebecca cannot use the sigils that Anita has seen. She will need to observe sigils on her own to use them.
No. 871538 ID: 31b497

Can it summon underpants gnomes?
No. 871563 ID: 3abd97

>once per day
Well that's disappointing, we can't test it now.

Although we might be able to milk up to 3 uses per day if we swapped panties around each time we used it.

>Rebecca cannot use the sigils that Anita has seen. She will need to observe sigils on her own to use them.
Considering Anita was limited to activating teleport runes we stumbled across that doesn't seem like we're losing much.
No. 873074 ID: b5fb67
File 152082914414.png - (633.42KB , 1787x1000 , TWWLTP_126.png )

Underpants gnomes do not count as a natural creature.

The witches advance down the path now that the Mountain Beetles and wendigo girl are no longer blocking it. Anita, leading the group, comes upon a sign pointing toward the opening of a cave.

Anita: "Stonecleat? Never heard of it."

Rebecca: "I think it's an underground village that trades with folks from the Underdark."

Anita: "The Underdark? So like... Drow and Illithids and stuff?"

Rebecca: "More or less. The Drow are really the only Underdark folk who trade around here."

Anita: "Aren't the Drow evil?"

Rebecca: "They used to be, a long time ago. Then they decided making constant war with the surface world wasn't a great idea. Now they're chill."
No. 873076 ID: b1b4f3

So... an earth witch is the next party member then.
No. 873162 ID: 3abd97

>Anita: "Aren't the Drow evil?"
>Rebecca: "They used to be, a long time ago. Then they decided making constant war with the surface world wasn't a great idea. Now they're chill."
Sorta hard for an entire functional civilization and/or culture to be completely and uniformly evil and not fall apart from the inside or be constantly at odds with their neighbors. Certain pragmatic compromises can look like good.

Let's head on in, try not to say anything disparaging about spider gods or racist about the locals.
No. 873175 ID: 9876c4


Spidersilk Elf Panties.
I am so stoked.
No. 873232 ID: 094652

>Formerly chaotic evil
Or maybe they were just idiots, having a stable culture but unaware of the fact that it could function WITHOUT raiding, slavery, and other "goddess-granted traditions", due to distinct cultural laws and technological path abnormalities preventing them from becoming self-sustaining. For instance, what do they export these days?
No. 874841 ID: b5fb67
File 152169380637.png - (1.09MB , 1670x1000 , TWWLTP_127.png )

The witches enter the cave. Upon entering, they are greeted by a small pile of bones and skulls.

Gloria: "Lovely. Must have been the previous guests of the wendigo."

Rebecca: "Almost forgot that wendigo... wendigos? Wendigi? Whatever. I forgot they're maneaters."
No. 874842 ID: b1b4f3

Perhaps Abigail can go claw her throat out then, then come catch up.
No. 874844 ID: 3abd97

Lucky for us we aren't men, then.
No. 874894 ID: b53bd0

any bones look useful? a femur can be a good club.
No. 875473 ID: b5fb67
File 152204058167.png - (897.32KB , 2145x1000 , TWWLTP_128.png )

Rebecca: "Perhaps Abigail can go claw her throat out then."

Anita: "I'm not going to kill anyone! My kill rate has been 0% so far."

Gloria: "What about all those bugs and birds?"

Anita: "Okay, let me rephrase that: I'm not going to kill any sentient being if I don't have to."

There are no useful bones among the pile, unfortunately. Anita considers taking a femur to grind into bonemeal, but figures bonemeal is easy enough to procure elsewhere without desecrating someone else's remains.

The girls make their way down the cave tunnel and stop at the end, where what appears to be an old, rickety rusted elevator sits.

Rebecca: "This does not look safe. It's probably been decades since this thing last worked."

Anita: "Did the kunoichi take this elevator?"

Gloria: "Probably not. They must have all kinds of tricks for scaling vertical areas."

Anita: "Well, we need to follow this hole down somehow, and I don't see any climbable surfaces down that hole."
No. 875475 ID: b1b4f3

I don't suppose you could use wind or water magic to slow your descent or cushion the landing?
If not then you just gotta use the elevator.
No. 875484 ID: 630b63

Have Gloria use Hydro Wall and alter it’s viscosity so you can climb down it.
Failing that, a gelatinous dome of water at the bottom to break your fall combined with and upwards-facing gust of wind to slow you down should work.
No. 876843 ID: b5fb67
File 152274018818.png - (583.61KB , 1469x1000 , TWWLTP_129.png )

Reluctantly, the three witches step onto the rickety elevator. The elevator sways and creaks slightly with each step.

Anita: "Let's get this over with."

Rebecca presses a small button on the side of the elevator. The chain shudders and jingles...
No. 876844 ID: b5fb67
File 152274019285.png - (468.30KB , 1396x1000 , TWWLTP_130.png )

...and begins its slow descent into the cave shaft.
No. 876845 ID: b5fb67
File 152274019520.png - (391.50KB , 1000x1109 , TWWLTP_131.png )

Several long minutes pass during the slow descent. The witches are tense, with the knowledge that only some rusty metal, an ancient mechanism, and some old chains are all that prevent a fatal fall.

Suddenly, the elevator jerks to a halt. A distant echo of machinery jamming permeates the shaft. The small elevator sways.

Aside from the jingling chains and creaking metal, the shaft is deathly silent.
No. 876847 ID: b53bd0

okay anita, as a witch that flies a lot you are the best with heights, so look down and see how much further you have left to go.
No. 876969 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe Abigail can check the mechanism and un-stuck it?
No. 876970 ID: b15da4

Start jumping up and down.
No. 876994 ID: 3abd97

Ask Rebecca to to send a light down, so you can see how much further it is.
No. 876995 ID: f356b0

Jump down the shaft casting air spells ahead of you to soften the impact with an air cushion.
No. 878100 ID: b5fb67
File 152333341957.png - (427.26KB , 1000x1109 , TWWLTP_132.png )

Anita: "Rebecca, throw a flare down. I need to see how high up we are."

Rebecca: "Y-you sure?"

Anita: "Just do it!"

Rebecca casts the Flare cantrip and tosses it over the railing. Anita reluctantly peers over the bars to see how high up they are.

Judging from the distance the flare falls, Anita estimates they are about roughly 8-9 stories up.

Gloria starts flipping the switch multiple times in a desperate effort to get the elevator working again.
No. 878101 ID: b5fb67
File 152333342430.png - (413.50KB , 1000x1105 , TWWLTP_133.png )

All of the sudden, the elevator shudders. A distant bending of metal and shuffling of chains is heard.
No. 878102 ID: b5fb67
File 152333342920.png - (559.38KB , 1000x1240 , TWWLTP_134.png )


Much to the horror of the elevator occupants, a distant breaking of metal parts is heard followed by the elevator plunging into free-fall.

No. 878103 ID: 094652

Pad the elevator with magic stuff!
No. 878104 ID: b1b4f3

Cast whirlwind!
No. 878105 ID: 33cbe7

Apply the emergency handbrake!
No. 878106 ID: b1b4f3

Water... parachute?
No. 878107 ID: 742904

Uh uh uh... Gloria! Make a water bubble below the elevator to break your fall! Or make something to catch the chain!
No. 878110 ID: 2474dd

Yeah, I'm for whirlwind.
No. 878215 ID: 3abd97

Cool now we get a whole party of ghosts! Class upgrades, woo!
No. 879627 ID: b5fb67
File 152420132816.png - (830.01KB , 1000x1222 , TWWLTP_135.png )

Thinking quickly, Anita casts Whirlwind in order to slow and stabilize the elevator. Gloria casts Dome of Water on the underside of the elevator, and uses her panty ability to alter the viscosity of water. She makes it as viscous as it will go in hopes of cushioning the impact. Rebecca does... nothing, since there's not a whole lot of fire magic that can help here.
No. 879628 ID: b5fb67
File 152420133125.png - (618.52KB , 1000x1639 , TWWLTP_136.png )


Success! The elevator lands on a small cliff overlooking a glowing pit of green. The impact is blunted by the dome of water, sending H2O splashing everywhere. The elevator is reduced to a twisted heap of rusted metal, and the chain falls to the side.

Anita: "W-w-well, w-we're still alive..."

There is an awkward silence.
No. 879630 ID: b1b4f3

Time to get the fuck off this cliff and onto more solid land.
No. 879631 ID: 33cbe7

Get off the elevator before that chain catches up with you.
No. 879638 ID: 8742e3

You almost died, time to confess your feelings to your closest companion Anita.
No. 879684 ID: 3abd97

>Anita: "W-w-well, w-we're still alive..."
Hey, show some undead sensitivity. You're mostly still alive. Abby's been dead for a while now.

Probably a good idea, that could hit someone, or it could fall past and yank what's left of the platform out from under your feet.
No. 888621 ID: b5fb67
File 152877876127.png - (449.22KB , 1000x1459 , TWWLTP_137.png )

Anita glances up and notices the chain rapidly falling towards the small cliff.

"Off the cliff! Off the cliff! OFF THE CLIFF!"

The witches sprint away from the ruined elevator as the falling chain shears the cliff and ruined elevator clean off the rock face.
No. 888622 ID: b5fb67
File 152877876497.png - (393.19KB , 1378x1000 , TWWLTP_138.png )

Shaking off the adrenaline by continuing their pursuit, the trio runs by what appears to be a damaged winch. There are two kunai stuck in the mechanism, one jammed in the chain feed and the second in an opening filled by a broken gear.

"Oooh that horrible kunoichi! She knew we'd take that elevator!"
No. 888654 ID: 888ef0

At least it confirms she went through here.
No. 888709 ID: 4f1cbc

Well there's no going back now.
No. 888752 ID: 69d4b9

No, she waited for you to be on it and too far down the shaft to easily get somewhere safe. If she'd just sabotaged it, it wouldn't have even worked in the first place. She's not too far away.
No. 889228 ID: b5fb67
File 152926745239.png - (590.99KB , 1600x1000 , TWWLTP_139.png )

Drow woman: "Shouldn't this door be locked? We never got a notification that it shouldn't be..."

Drow man: "Hmmm."

Sergal: "Yaff."
No. 889229 ID: b5fb67
File 152926745829.png - (627.63KB , 1605x1000 , TWWLTP_140.png )

Suddenly, the door swings open violently.


"Finally! I thought that tunnel was never going to end."

The witches arrive in the underground city of Stonecleat, populated primarily by the Drow. The cavern walls echo with the sounds of commerce, the air pungent with the smell of iron, incense, food, and mildew.
No. 889234 ID: 33cbe7

Have sergal track the ninja down by the scent off her kunai.
No. 889235 ID: 4f1cbc

Ask the witnesses if they saw a ninja pass this way.
No. 889243 ID: 4c908d

Where did that sergal leave his genitals and/or pants.
No. 890127 ID: b5fb67
File 152998822131.png - (633.42KB , 1502x1000 , TWWLTP_141.png )

Anita: "Excuse me, did you see a uh... ninja go by here?"

Drow woman: "We just got here. We were wondering why this door was broken into."

Drow man: "Hmyes, or broken outto, as it were."

Sergal: "Yiff yaff yaff."

Anita: "Why is your sergal friend not wearing pants?"

Drow woman: "Sergals don't usually wear clothing in the Underdark."

Sergal: "Yiff."
No. 890132 ID: b1b4f3

Ok fine ask them to direct you to the nearest witch. Either the ninja is gonna steal their panties, or that's her boss.
No. 890138 ID: 33cbe7

Accept the sergal's invitation to yiff.
No. 890141 ID: caf1de

jesus christ sergal calm the fuck down we'll get to that late geez
No. 890187 ID: 4f1cbc

Inform the locals you're pursuing a thief who's been swiping magic items. Can they think of anything or anyone in the city that would be attractive to someone like that?
No. 890242 ID: a363ac

yiff with the sergal
No. 890303 ID: b5fb67
File 153014451962.png - (707.80KB , 1765x1000 , TWWLTP_142.png )

Anita: "We're pursuing a thief who is stealing magical goods. Do you know of any particular place that might be attractive to someone like that?"

Drow woman: "Well... there's the Wizard's Warehouse up on the main drag, there's Crazy Driblis's House o' Magical Stuff right outside the Mining district, and then there's an alchemy store somewhere down here, I think."

Anita: "Any run or staffed by witches?"

Drow woman: "I'm not sure... maybe the alchemy store?"

Anita: "Then that's where we're headed. Thanks for the information!"

Anita and the two other witches take off in search of the alchemy store.

Drow man: "How odd."
No. 890304 ID: b5fb67
File 153014452408.png - (751.26KB , 1898x1000 , TWWLTP_143.png )

Stonecleat hums with activity as various Drow and non-Drow citizens mill about, browsing goods and services.

Gloria: "Boy, it's busy here. See any sign of an alchemy store?"

Anita looks around, trying to see past all the hustle and bustle.
No. 890305 ID: 4f1cbc

Accost Sarah. Psions count as a kind of witch, right?
No. 890306 ID: 33cbe7

yeah, she's a prime target for the ninja. Or maybe she's the mastermind behind it all!
No. 890351 ID: 9afe73

No. 890428 ID: b5fb67
File 153022665390.png - (628.73KB , 1546x1000 , TWWLTP_144.png )

Anita, Rebecca, and Gloria approach the Mysterious Blonde Haired Woman.

Anita: "Excuse me ma'am, are you an active user of the arcane arts?"

MBHW: "What?"

Anita: "Are you a witch?"

MBHW: "No!"

Anita: "Then... what are you doing here?"

MBHW: "I'm waiting for my quest to update."

Anita: "I have no idea what that means."

MBHW: "Then go away! You're bothering me."
No. 890432 ID: 4f1cbc

>are you a witch?
Stop lying.

...maybe we should steal her panties. Either they're magic, and will help, or if they're not magic and we can throw them into whatever magic panty ritual the bad guys are doing and mess it up.
No. 890435 ID: 2474dd

Totally steal her panties.
No. 890439 ID: b1b4f3

Break into the pornography store.
No. 890449 ID: 2474dd

>Break into the pornography store
... and steal all their naughty panties.
No. 890480 ID: 33cbe7

Take some advice from a fellow protagonist, your quest isn't going to update if you just stand there doing nothing! Come with us and get those heroic juices flowing.
No. 890673 ID: b5fb67
File 153042785074.png - (795.59KB , 2395x1000 , TWWLTP_145.png )

Anita briefly considers stealing the panties of this Mysterious Blonde Haired Woman, but then remembers that she has only traditionally taken the undies from those that try to kill her. It would be impolite to attack this woman unprovoked.

The MBHW walks away, leaving the witch trio to continue their pursuit.

Anita is not a burglar, and would not break into a pornography store! Besides... it would be embarrassing.

The trio continue through the market and spy an alchemy shop.

Anita: "Look! There it is! That must be where that witch is!"

Gloria: "Allegedly, anyways. Do we just want to burst in? I think we need to keep the outside of the shop monitored in case that ninja crashes our party."
No. 890675 ID: b1b4f3

Keep one person outside while the others go in and check the store.
No. 890712 ID: 4f1cbc

I'm not really sure any one of you would be able to stop the ninja from sneaking in. She specializes in sneaking, and if there's jut one person keeping watch, she could just sneak in the opposite side of the building.

Maybe if you put dome of wind, water or fire over the building so you'd know when something crossed it? Might grab a lot of attention doing that in the middle of town, though.
No. 890723 ID: bedfc8

Gloria, you stand guard outside. You can freeze the Ninja with your panty power if you see her.
No. 890726 ID: 33cbe7

Leave Rebecca outside to launch a signal flare! At the ninja. If she shows up.
No. 890764 ID: b1b4f3


Both Gloria and Rebecca outside. One witch goes in instead.
No. 890826 ID: 2474dd

>Both Gloria and Rebecca outside. One witch goes in instead.

Geez Anita, you're gonna miss out on secret make-outs now. But take Abby with you. Unless Abby has not been forgotten to be included but has been in fact been waylaid by the ninja.
No. 890917 ID: b5fb67
File 153058787222.png - (730.77KB , 2007x1000 , TWWLTP_146.png )

Abigail catches up in her Razorhawk body.

Anita: "Okay, here's what we're going to do: Rebecca and Gloria, you stay outside in case the ninja makes a break for it. Abigail and I will go inside and asses the situation. Just be ready to freeze her in place and light 'er up."

Rebecca: "Can do."

Gloria: "Solid."
No. 890918 ID: b5fb67
File 153058787902.png - (778.07KB , 2275x1000 , TWWLTP_147.png )


Suddenly, a large hole is blown in the front of the alchemy shop, throwing masonry and debris every which way. Smoke pours into the street.

Anita: "Holy shit!"

Gloria: "What the hell?!"
No. 890928 ID: 4f1cbc

Same plan! Strike team heads in, defense team stays back to keep the Ninja from getting in, or escaping if she's already inside!

This is not a drill, ladies! Go go go!
No. 891078 ID: b5fb67
File 153068485977.png - (736.66KB , 2118x1000 , TWWLTP_148.png )

Before the trio can act, a familiar figure bursts from the smoke and rubble, heading for a staircase.

Anita: "IT'S HER!"

Rebecca: "That THIEF!"
No. 891079 ID: a363ac

use a water whip to grab her leg
No. 891088 ID: 3b108e

Hurl the sergal at her.
No. 891546 ID: b5fb67
File 153095065128.png - (717.81KB , 2081x1000 , TWWLTP_149.png )

Anita would rather not cause further injury by throwing sergals.

Thinking quickly, Gloria conjures a water tentacle which lashes out and seizes the ninja by the foot.

Kunoichi: "Gah!"

Anita: "Nice grab!"

Gloria: "HA! Gotcha, bitch!"
No. 891547 ID: b5fb67
File 153095065568.png - (690.72KB , 2029x1000 , TWWLTP_150.png )


The victory is short-lived as the ninja once again explodes into smoke and leaves behind a similarly dressed wood stump.

Gloria: "Oh COME ON!"

Anita: "Good effort, Gloria. Come on, we can't let her get away this time!"
No. 891551 ID: 33cbe7

RIP that poor drow's face.
Use a strong cross breeze to knock her off the stairs.
No. 891552 ID: 5de987

Throw wood at her!
No. 891623 ID: 4f1cbc

Slam a downdraft of wind on her as she's trying to run up the stairs, and light a wall of fire ahead of her, and keep chasing. Do not let up the pressure!
No. 892288 ID: b5fb67
File 153137422622.png - (1.49MB , 3219x1000 , TWWLTP_151.png )

Gloria throws the wood stump at the ninja. It misses.

Anita casts Downburst on the ninja. The spell casts too slowly and narrowly misses.

Rebecca throws several fireballs in front of the ninja. The ninja dodges each explosion effortlessly.

The witches give chase up the stairs to a long stone bridge. There the witches spy a figure opening some kind of portal directly in front of the ninja.

???: "Do you have the items?"
Kunoichi: "I do! My mission is complete!"
???: "The master will be pleased. Honor and glory to clan Jade Moon!"
Kunoichi: "Honor and glory to clan Jade Moon!"

The witches catch up too late, and see the ninja leap through the portal, but not before passing orders to the woman who opened the portal.

Kunoichi: "Destroy them, Jorōgumo!"

Anita: "She's getting away!"
No. 892290 ID: 2474dd

Spider-demon from Japanese lore. Can call up fire-breathing spiders. Wind and water magic will screw her over.
No. 892414 ID: b5fb67
File 153143923624.png - (735.60KB , 2041x1000 , TWWLTP_152.png )

The portal closes as Jorōgumo turns to face the witch trio.

Anita: "Only warning you're gonna get, lady: open that portal!"

Jorōgumo: "Or what? You've lost, ladies. The Jade Moon ninja clan has collected everything they need. It's only a matter of time before they re-write the rules of this world to suit their desires."

Anita: "Open the portal! NOW!"

Jorōgumo: "Why don't you come over here and make me?"
No. 892464 ID: 07da1b

What's in it for her if they rewrite the world? Does she get a harem of amazing spidermen or something?
No. 892490 ID: 7c90bc

Fuck magic, kick her in the cooch.
No. 892562 ID: 75f0bc

give her one hell of a titty twister
No. 892564 ID: 3b108e

Gangbang tech: Combination noogie, crotch kick, and titty twister.
No. 892740 ID: b5fb67
File 153155221504.png - (919.28KB , 2293x1000 , TWWLTP_153.png )

Anita: "What's in it for you if they rewrite the world?"

Jorōgumo: "I get the Underdark all to myself."

The witches prepare to rush Jorōgumo in order to inflict grade-school levels of pain, but are stopped when the spider lady grows four extra spider legs and summons several spiders to her side.

Jorōgumo: "Now then... let's play!"

No. 892743 ID: 75f0bc

anita, counter-stance. when a spider jumps at you counter-wind-blast it into her dumb face.
No. 892781 ID: 4f1cbc

What he said. Wind and water combo attack on the group. Dump a localized hurricane on these jerks.

Fire be ready to counter fire if they try to attack, and bird can swoop in and claw at her face or yank her hair at the worst minute.

Once she's down then the kicking or schoolyard abuse can begin.
No. 892790 ID: 2474dd

Have Abby Kancho her while she's dealing with the magic. Using her beak.
No. 894359 ID: b5fb67
File 153250019669.png - (1.66MB , 3040x1000 , TWWLTP_154.png )

Anita casts Gust of Wind and Gloria joins in with a Shape Water cantrip. The moist air blows the first two spiders towards Jorōgumo. Unfortunately, she fires a silken thread upward and scurries up the webbing with her spider legs, defly evading the spiders and disappears into the darkness of the cavern ceiling.

Jorōgumo: "Ha ha ha ha! How long can you last against my pets, I wonder?"

More spiders appear and start firing fireballs from their... pedipalps? Chellicera? Let's just go with mouths. They're shooting fireballs from their mouths.
No. 894439 ID: 859328

Rebecca, fling fireballs at the ceiling. Anita, use your panty power to summon whatever local critters to help kill spiders. Gloria, use a water shield to bottlneck the spiders. Abigail, search and destroy!
No. 895938 ID: b5fb67
File 153334697286.png - (602.53KB , 1200x1200 , TWWLTP_155.png )

Anita: "Rebecca, see if you can peg the spider lady with fireballs. Abigail, flush out the spider lady for Rebecca. Gloria, give us a water shield to keep the spiders at bay. I'm gonna see if I can summon a creature to help!"

As Abigail flies up to the ceiling in her Razorhawk attempting to get Jorōgumo to emerge from the shadows, Rebecca starts shooting fireballs at the ceiling. Gloria summons a water shield on both sides of the girls.

More spiders keep appearing, firing more and more fireballs at the water shield.

Rebecca: "Anita, hurry up! I'm running out of magic!"

Gloria: "My water shield can't hold for long! GAH! Spiders are gross."

Anita: "Hang on, I'm summoning a creature!"

Anita casts Summon Nature's Ally and summons...
No. 895939 ID: b5fb67
File 153334697834.png - (1.14MB , 2571x1000 , TWWLTP_156.png )

...a large confused mole.

Anita's heart sinks. Her magic nearly depleted, she can only watch as the water shield decays from the constant fireball barrage.

Rebecca: "Anita! I'm almost out of magic!"

The corpse of a Razorhawk drops like a rock from the ceiling.

Gloria strains to keep her water shield up, but it is only seconds from being broken. Soon the spiders will overtake the witches.
No. 895940 ID: b5fb67
File 153334698422.png - (1.02MB , 2641x1000 , TWWLTP_157.png )

Suddenly rocks fall, spiders die.

Rather, many large boulders dislodge from the ceiling and crush all the fireball-spewing spiders.

Abigail emerges from the dead Razorhawk.

Anita: "Holy shit! That was close."

Rebecca: "How did that happen? I wasn't able to hit the ceiling hard enough to bring it down. Did you...?"

Anita: "Wasn't me."
No. 895941 ID: b5fb67
File 153334698957.png - (1.02MB , 2677x1000 , TWWLTP_158.png )

???: "Hello! I noticed you needed some help!"

Gloria: "Thanks for that. We were almost eaten by spiders. Who are you?"

???: "My name is-"

Give a name to this girl!
No. 895942 ID: 33cbe7

Rochelle, with a hard 'ch' sound.
No. 895943 ID: b1b4f3

No. 895950 ID: 094652

No. 895961 ID: b1b4f3

Also Abby possess mole
No. 896022 ID: b45d61

Lily or Zoe
No. 896023 ID: 2474dd

I'm down for this name
No. 896035 ID: 4f1cbc

Either of these is good.

She's got awful round ears for a drow!
No. 896428 ID: b5fb67
File 153375693324.png - (4.27MB , 2000x2000 , TWWLTP_159.png )

"My name is Lily Desmachia, and I am a witch from the University of Geomancy!"

Anita has heard about the University of Geomancy. It is a highly intellectual school, and it's graduates are constantly in high demand since geomancy is extremely useful for construction and engineering.
No. 896432 ID: 094652

And that's your fourth party member in a nutshell. Onward, friends! Or we'll miss the end of Halloween!

Oh, and ask if she has a familiar.
No. 896481 ID: 4f1cbc

This may be an awkward question but... are you wearing panties?
No. 896499 ID: ccb13d

Holy moly those are some enormous tatas.

Ahem. Ask if she wants to join your group.
No. 897689 ID: b5fb67
File 153457548315.png - (1.18MB , 3028x1000 , TWWLTP_160.png )

Gloria: "This is going to sound weird, but do you have panties on?"

Lily: "Yes."

Gloria and Rebecca: "What!?"

Lily: "But my magical underwear got stolen by some kind of ninja girl."

Rebecca: "Oh. We're trying to track her down, wanna join us?"

Lily: "Sure!"

Gloria: "Cool. We're trying to take out this spider woman first though."

Lily: "Must have been why you girls were surrounded by giant spiders."

Rebecca: "More or less. Do you happen to have a familiar?"

Lily: "Nah, not really."
No. 897771 ID: 5245b2

Make one! Golems are nice to have around!
No. 897883 ID: b5fb67
File 153465288442.png - (911.50KB , 2358x1000 , TWWLTP_161.png )

Gloria: "Maybe you could make one? Golems can be very useful, as far as I've heard."

Lily: "Unfortunately, golemetry was never taught at my school. It's a forbidden art, bringing life to lifeless earth."

Gloria: "Shame. Anyways, this spider lady Jorōgumo is hiding on the ceiling somewhere, we need help bringing her down."

Rebecca: "Anita, are you OK? Anita? Anita!"
No. 897884 ID: b5fb67
File 153465288906.png - (960.43KB , 2391x1000 , TWWLTP_162.png )

Suddenly, Jorōgumo descends from the cave ceiling on a strand of silk and starts charging a spell on her fingertip.

Jorōgumo: "Fine, if my spiders won't kill you, I will!"

Gloria: "Anita, we're dangerously low on mana. If you have any bright ideas, now is the time."
No. 897890 ID: 2474dd

Anita, gesture rudely at the Jorōgumo -- but it's actually a signal for Lily to stalagmite her where the sun don't shine.
No. 897912 ID: 094652

>Golemetry is banned
ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Do you know how much BACTERIA is in DIRT?! Same concept of taking a colony of cellular life forms and using it on raw materials to create a colony or multi-cellular being! I mean it's about as necromantic as digestion; WHAT'S THE POINT OF BANNING A NATURAL PROCESS!

We need to talk about moss golems.

>What do
Abigail in the mole yet? She can help soften the ground for easier earth magic.
No. 897915 ID: e2ea73

Cut her strings and then dogpile her. No magical being is ever really prepared for physical violence!
No. 897921 ID: 33cbe7

Grab one of her sandals and start slapping her with it. Socks with sandals is unforgivable!
No. 897954 ID: 4f1cbc

>Rebecca: "Anita, are you OK? Anita? Anita!"
Why you blushing, Anita, crushing on your palette swap?

Use earth magic to detach the part of the ceiling her web is attached to. She'll stumble and fall, then a rock will land on her.
No. 897992 ID: 2474dd

Pull her finger.
No. 900039 ID: b5fb67
File 153586753319.png - (950.82KB , 2318x1000 , TWWLTP_163.png )

Lily casts Stone Bolt at the spider silk holding up Jorōgumo. It snaps, interrupting her casting as she falls to the cave floor.

Jorōgumo: "What the-"

Anita: "Good shot, Lily!"
No. 900040 ID: b5fb67
File 153586753747.png - (774.83KB , 1813x1000 , TWWLTP_164.png )

Hitting the floor, the witches all pull out their flying implements and start smacking Jorōgumo with them.

Lily: "Oooo, yikes."

Jorōgumo: "OW! OW! SHIT! OW OW OW! AGH!"

Most of their implements don't do a lot of damage, save Rebecca who flies on a Fireplace Poker.
No. 900044 ID: 33cbe7

Do you surrender yet, foul arachnid?
No. 900045 ID: 094652

... Rebecca attacks, you two hold her down with your cleaning instruments.

No. 900134 ID: 4f1cbc

Since new girl is the one who isn't how on mp: smack an earth magic attack across the backside of the baddie's head while everyone else has her distracted.
No. 900135 ID: 704031

Get the bugger the way the guy before me suggested. It could be just easy
No. 906966 ID: b5fb67
File 153957817935.png - (455.87KB , 1126x1200 , TWWLTP_165.png )

Lily: "Everybody OUT OF THE WAY!"

The other witch girls turn to look at Lily for a brief second, then frantically dive out of the way.

Lily braces herself, holding her wand with two hands and pointing it at Jorōgumo. The Earth Witch then casts a variation of Stone Bolt: a chunk of hardened stone forms in front of her, then breaks apart into many pieces and flies at high speed towards Jorōgumo, like a shotgun blast of gravel and sharpened rock.
No. 906967 ID: b5fb67
File 153957818219.png - (388.53KB , 1500x902 , TWWLTP_166.png )

Stunned from the brutal pummeling, Jorōgumo is unable to get out of the way of the cloud of rock and stone flying at her at incredible speeds. The shotgun blast of stone shreds Jorōgumo's mini kimono, and knocks her completely unconscious.

The fight is over.
No. 906975 ID: afdebc

You know the routine. Steal her panties, see how the new girl reacts, it's an initiation and rite of passage for the group.

Lily might as well try them on, although once we know what they do we might decide to shuffle around panties to best pair effects with witches.

So... we're kind of in a bind here. Several people low on mana, but still a ninja (and whatever defense she has left) to go. Resting up lets her get away, but charging forward under-powered is a bad idea. We need a way to restore power in a hurry.
No. 907063 ID: 2a7417

Let's replenish mana by absorbing it from the enchantments in our clothing! Any slight damage they suffer is a small price to pay.
No. 908585 ID: b5fb67
File 154075623961.png - (705.88KB , 1637x1000 , TWWLTP_167.png )

Once again, Anita detects magical energy in the panties of Jorōgumo, and slides them off her comatose body.

Lily: "Uh... did you just-"

Anita: "Yes. Here, put these on."

Lily: "Um..."

Anita: "Listen, these undies contain magical abilities. We need all the help we can get to track down and stop whatever these ninja are doing."

Lily: "But you-"

Gloria: "Yeah, I know it's weird. Trust me."

Rebecca: "This is... what, the third time we've taken underwear off of someone?"

Anita: "Fourth. For me at least."
No. 908586 ID: b5fb67
File 154075624333.png - (360.51KB , 807x1200 , TWWLTP_168.png )

Lily looks at Anita, then at the panties, then back at Anita. The green-clad witch shrugs, takes the spider undies, then slips off her old underwear.

A small trickle of blood drips down from Anita's nose as she watches intently.

Lily casts a cleaning spell on the underwear and slides them on.


The sleek underwear tingle with energy. Lily senses she has received a new ability!

Lily can now cast Web!

Lily: "Whoa! Does this make me Spider-Man?"

Gloria: "Or Spider-Woman."

Rebecca: "Wait, which one?"

Gloria: "The uh... Gwen Stacy one."

Rebecca: "No, that's Ghost Spider."

Gloria: "Ghost Spider??"

Anita: "Neeerrrrddddsssss."
No. 908602 ID: afdebc

So... wanna test what it does? By tying up Anita?
No. 908673 ID: 080aaf

Agreed, you need to figure out where the web shoots from.
No. 909012 ID: b5fb67
File 154096091491.png - (751.68KB , 1762x1000 , TWWLTP_169.png )

Lily casts Web on Anita as a test. Several strands of webbing shoot out of her wand and ensnare the purple-clad witch.

Anita: "I hope you can un-web me, 'cause this stuff is sticky and strong."

Gloria: "Glad that works, but we have a couple problems to deal with."

Rebecca: "Yeah, we are low on magic and we have no idea how to reach the ninja girl."
No. 909013 ID: b5fb67
File 154096092045.png - (816.93KB , 1916x1000 , TWWLTP_170.png )

Lily casts the Prestidigitation cantrip to clean the webbing off of Anita. Just then, two more girls run up to Lily.

???: "Hey Lily! We saw you take on the spider lady! You kicked some serious ass there."

Lily: "Right? I've been wanting to try that spell for a while now. Gonna add it to my repertoire."

Anita: "Who are these girls, Lily?"

Lily: "These are my sisters, Zoe and Rochelle. They own and run the alchemy shop with me."

Rebecca mutters: "The alchemy shop that now has a big hole in it?"

Zoe: "Nice to meet you!"
No. 909116 ID: afdebc

Poor Anna. Her crush has tripled.

>They own and run the alchemy shop with me.
I don't suppose you guys brought mana potions with you?

...since there's an actual city nearby, you think we should hand this baddie over to what pass for drow law enforcement?
No. 909118 ID: 2a7417

There's no time to turn back! We must continue running right until we uncover the ninja's dastardly plans!
No. 909642 ID: b5fb67
File 154139041511.png - (821.67KB , 1927x1000 , TWWLTP_171.png )

Gloria: "You girls wouldn't happen to have any Mana potions handy, would you? We kind of exhausted our magic in that fight."

Rochelle: "Got some right here. Take what you need!"

Gloria: "Rad, thank you."

Anita: "We also need a way to open the portal that ninja went through. Do you girls have any equipment that can do that?"

Lily: "We have a megascope. I think that can re-open the portal using that!"

Zoe: "We have to do it ASAP though. The magical signature can decay pretty quickly, so is there anything you might need to do before you leave?"
No. 909644 ID: 094652

Nothing reasonable that should be said in polite company. Alright, let's do this!
No. 909648 ID: afdebc


Your panties?

...I mean we're fine let's go.

Wonder what Rebecca's problem is.
No. 909672 ID: 2474dd

I thought she's usually cranky.
No. 910038 ID: b5fb67
File 154174051266.png - (1.16MB , 1999x1000 , TWWLTP_172.png )

Anita: "I think we're good to go."

Zoe: "Alrighty. Let's set up the megascope."

As the witches take long drinks from the mana potions, Zoe and Rochelle retrieve several pole-like objects from their damaged shop. They set them up in a triangle formation and plug crystals into a hatch in the bases. The megascope hums to life, and magical energy fires from the poles to coalesce into a single point. At that moment, the portal the kunoichi used re-opens.

Zoe: "You got a couple options here: you can go to the destination the original portal was set to, or we can adjust the megascope to put you in a random location somewhere close to the original destination. It won't be in a solid object of any kind, so you don't have to worry about being telefragged."
No. 910039 ID: afdebc

...the ninja probably left a trap in the entrance. At least if we randomize it, we might avoid that.

And maybe we'll catch someone in an embarrassing situation!
No. 910064 ID: 094652

Throw a grenade into the original target location, then select a random local drop point.

Actually, throw all the grenades.
No. 910069 ID: 2755f5

random location for more possible hijinks
No. 910093 ID: 2474dd

Vote for a random too. Tactically it might be an advantage.
No. 914163 ID: b5fb67
File 154494621517.png - (0.98MB , 1802x1000 , TWWLTP_173.png )

Anita: "Let's do a random location. It could give us the tactical edge we need."

Zoe: "Random it is!"

Zoe adjusts some sliders at the base of the megascope. The portal shimmers and ripples as the changes take effect.

Zoe: "Alright, it's ready."

Rebecca leads the charge as the witch quartet run into the portal.

Rochelle: "Don't die!"
No. 914164 ID: b5fb67
File 154494622314.png - (1.28MB , 2538x1000 , TWWLTP_174.png )

As the portal closes behind them, the witches take stock of where they are. A long hallway lays ahead of them, adorned with Japanese-themed paintings. But directly ahead of the 4 witches are two kunoichi. They do not seem to have noticed the witches.

Kunoichi 1: "So how long is this ritual supposed to last?"

Kunoichi 2: "Master said it might be a few hours, given how ninjutsu and traditional magics are not compatible."

Kunoichi 1: "Hours? I don't wanna guard hallways for that long!"

Kunoichi 2: "Shut up, you're going to get us in trouble."
No. 914169 ID: 094652

ALPHA STRIKE!!! Use an area-of-effect attack across the entire hallway so they can't dodge!
No. 914398 ID: 85f8b4

try to sneak behind the 2 Kunoichis and pickpocket them, to remove any kind of weapons or objects that they could use againts the witches in case they engage them in combat!
if they find money or valuables, keep it too! thats just colateral loot :P
also, sneaking behind them while still unnoticed could be a good opportunity to see what kind of magic panties they have to be ready and expect any attack!
No. 914503 ID: fa97eb

Try doing a silent takedown on the ninjas. Abigail, pick their pockets for useful stuff.

Not in that order.
No. 914511 ID: 0cfbce

remember the inverse law of ninja, the more ninjas there are the weaker each ninja is, so two ninjas are only half as strong as one ninja.
No. 914906 ID: b5fb67
File 154561656787.png - (1.24MB , 2297x1000 , TWWLTP_175.png )

Abigail silently moves up to the two kunoichi.

Kunoichi 1: "Seriously, why are we here?

Kunoichi 2: "You mean in an existential sense?"

Kunoichi 1: "No! Like why are we guarding this hall? Why can't we be downstairs and watch the ritual?"

Kunoichi 2: "Master Katsuko's orders, duh."

Kunoichi 1: "We should have asked to swap places with someone else."

Abigail successfully steals two smoke bombs from the kunoichi.
No. 914907 ID: b5fb67
File 154561657641.png - (1.14MB , 2059x1000 , TWWLTP_176.png )

Taking the initiative, Gloria uses her water magic to quietly reach out and immerse the ninja's heads in water.

Kunoichi 1: "Blub!"

Kunoichi 1: "Glub!"
No. 914908 ID: b5fb67
File 154561658756.png - (1.19MB , 2234x1000 , TWWLTP_177.png )

It doesn't take long before the two ninjas fall unconscious. Gloria releases the kunoichi and gently lays them on the floor.

Anita: "They're not dead, right?"

Gloria: "Nah, they're fine. Gonna wake up with a hell of a headache, though."

Anita: "Cool takedown! Very quiet."

Gloria: "Well it's not like firey explosions can be any more stealthy."

Rebecca: "It counts as stealth if there's no one left to see you!"

Gloria: "Right..."
No. 914912 ID: 3ce3be

Take the panties. Standard operating procedure!
No. 914915 ID: 094652

Go further. Take everything. If it's a dark hole, a ninja can hide stuff in it. Pulp their stomachs for good measure.
No. 914960 ID: afdebc

They have any ninja ropes or grappling hooks or anything you can use to die them up with? (Worst case you could undo their clothes and use those).

Too bad the wall hanging isn't bigger, you can't really roll someone up in that, and it would be shame to tear up a work of art for restraints.
No. 915160 ID: b5fb67
File 154589225116.png - (0.99MB , 2047x1000 , TWWLTP_178.png )

Jeez, Kome. That's pretty extreme, even for you!


Anita checks the ninjas. Their undies are simple fundoshi and devoid of any magical energies. On one last once-over, she finds a length of rope. Anita and Gloria tie up the unconscious ninjas and proceed down the hallway. Abigail hands the smoke bombs off to Rebecca. She stares at the fireworks for a brief moment before pocketing them.

Further down, Anita stops at a hole in the floorboards. Various sounds and flashes emanate from this hole.

Anita: "Do you girls hear that? I think we're standing above a large chamber. Maybe the main chamber of this place?"

Lily: "I sense something very wrong going on down there, Anita. There's some kind of magical perversion... like someone's trying to mix oil and water. There's also something else..."

Anita: "What is it?"

Lily: "I sense..."

"...an earth pulse!"
No. 915162 ID: 080aaf

Oh no, an earth pulse! This is clearly the earth witch's problem. Push her down the hole and take a smoke break.
No. 915164 ID: 40df11

Panty bandits doing perverted things? We should have known! You gotta get in there and stop it like some sort of pervert police.

Use the tapestry and your windy thing to parachute in there.
No. 915213 ID: 1a3f7d

maybe before we go ham on these ninjas we should look down the hole and see what were dealing with
No. 915248 ID: b5fb67
File 154595683501.png - (1.99MB , 2661x1555 , TWWLTP_179.png )

Rebecca: "Let's jump down there and crash the party!"

Anita: "Whoa whoa whoa, slide out of the saddle, missy. Let's find out what's going on down there first."

The witches peek into the hole. Before them is an enormous, ornate chamber. Kunoichi fill the room as far as the eye can see. In the center, however, are two ninja wizards of a sort, performing a ritual around a giant lump of what appears to be earth and clay. Floating above the earthen mass are four pairs of panties, each crackling with magical energy. The energy seems to be funneling into the lump of earth. A heated discussion seems to be taking place between the wizards and an imposing woman.

???: "Golemeters, how much longer?"

Golemeter ninja: "Master, I beg your forgiveness, but this is a very involved process. We are forcing chakra to work with traditional magic, and they do not blend easily."

Master: "Can you not simply dump more energies into the process?"

Golemeter ninja: "I am afraid not. With the resources we have, we can only slowly work the energy into the material until it syncs with the earth pulse. Any deviation might cause a catastrophic magic distortion, or worse."

Master: "Hmph. Again I must wait for my golem army to come to life."

Golemeter ninja: "Do not worry, Master. Within an hour, your army will come to life!"
No. 915250 ID: 094652

You heard the lady.

Overload this experiment with some traditional magic until it explodes!
No. 915252 ID: 40df11

That's just one boulder, how are they going to make an army out of so little material?

Also yes, throw magic at their delicate magical ritual until something goes horribly wrong.
No. 915283 ID: 080aaf

"What if you made one giant golem instead of waiting to make a bunch of little ones?" Boss! fight! Boss! fight!
No. 915286 ID: 40df11

Oh wait you need you pants back. Can't you use wind magic to create a vacuum and just yank the underpants out of position and up to your spy hole?
No. 915693 ID: b5fb67
File 154623948280.png - (2.18MB , 2650x1834 , TWWLTP_180.png )

Anita: "Sounds like we can disrupt this ritual by adding a little magic of our own."

Lily: "Let's do it!"

Rebecca: "Light 'em UP!"

Rebecca's hand glows with magical energy as she starts flinging fireballs straight down into the ritual area.

Master: "What the hell?!"

Golemeter Ninja: "Oh no..."
No. 915695 ID: b5fb67
File 154623949546.png - (2.45MB , 2534x1393 , TWWLTP_181.png )

The fireballs explode on the ritual rock, their magics absorbed into the ritual process. Violent bolts of energy snake out of the rock, growing more and more wild as the seconds tick by.

Master: "What happened?!"

Golemeter Ninja: "The ritual has been pushed off balance! Traditional magic is overpowering the chakra! The earth pulse is consuming more and more latent magical energies!"

Master: "Stop the ritual! STOP THE RITUAL!"

Golemeter Ninja: "I... I can't! It's completely out of control!"
No. 915696 ID: b5fb67
File 154623950790.png - (2.58MB , 2734x1828 , TWWLTP_182.png )

The entire area starts to shake. A low rumbling sound echoes throughout the room. Suddenly, an enormous arm shoots out of the rocky mass.

Golemeter Ninja: "Oh shit."

The panties have ceased glowing and simply hover in place above the earthen pile.
No. 915697 ID: 080aaf

High five!
Land on the hand, grab the pilfered panties, and RUN.
No. 915698 ID: b1b4f3

Use Wind Magic to recover the panties. Let the dungeon handle the ninjas.
No. 915703 ID: fe4f01

can you wind magic your stuff back up to you and then book it? Cause once you get all your panties back you really have no reason to stay here anymore.
No. 915742 ID: 10c408

Use wind magic to collect the stolen undergarments and then GTFO, you really don't want to be in the initial blast radius when the rest of the figure emerges from the ritual.

Deem's going to be sooo pissed at the ninja's. 10/10 job Anon44
No. 915914 ID: b5fb67
File 154640779036.png - (3.86MB , 4071x2051 , TWWLTP_183.png )

The main chamber descends into chaos as a second arm and head of a malformed golem emerge from the mass of rock. The left arm knocks a Golemeter Ninja through a wall. The right arm smashes the remaining Golemeter into the floor. The head immediately begins emitting an inhuman screeching.


Magical energy continues to wildly jump from the golem, and seemingly grows more wild and violent.

Master: "Contain the golem! Do not use ninpo! I do not want to feed this abomination!"

The remaining ninja start flinging shuriken, which bounce off the golem's hard clay flesh. The Master starts whacking the fingers of the golem with her hammerai hammer.

In the midst of the chaos, Anita casts a wind spell that vacuums up the panties from the main chamber.
No. 915915 ID: b5fb67
File 154640780460.png - (1.01MB , 2000x1853 , TWWLTP_184.png )


Having recovered her stolen panties, Anita feels her full magical abilities finally return!

In addition to enhanced spells, Anita can now use her broom to fly once again!

The remaining witches also don their original panties, and the entire party returns to full magical power.

The brief moment of joy and relief is interrupted as the whole room starts to quake.
No. 915916 ID: 080aaf

Should probably run for it before the golem stands up!
No. 915917 ID: 094652

Okay, pour a liiittle more magic into that abomigolem. Some power from the remaining wind water and earth. Then fly like hell.
No. 915933 ID: fe4f01

whelp, that's a universal sign that it's time to leave.
No. 916014 ID: afdebc

Time to fly out of the exploding castle!

...and if its not exploding, have the fire witch light place up on your way out.

Full power, huh? No diminishment from being used in the golem ritual?
No. 916024 ID: 40df11

Maybe you should stick around and fight whoever wins.
No. 916174 ID: b5fb67
File 154657638662.png - (1.23MB , 2904x1000 , TWWLTP_185.png )

Anita: "Time to go!"

The witches all summon their flying implements, mount them, and take off at all speed down the long hallway. During the escape, a massive go