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File 143519355790.jpg - (409.32KB , 2500x1769 , Ian CMSN JuneQuest Color3_hr.jpg )
92269 No. 92269 ID: 1f8505

Needed a fresh start since I didn't really want to stare at my old style much longer.

Image by Ian Samson.
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No. 92273 ID: 324890

*throws arms in air and screams running back and forth* IT'S BACK, YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!
No. 92276 ID: e114bc

How often do you plan to update?
No. 92291 ID: 1f8505


As often as I can.
No. 92293 ID: 153bce

next update confirmed 2016
No. 92305 ID: 1f8505


No, the next update will be much sooner.
No. 92315 ID: 153bce

Christmas update confirmed
No. 92330 ID: 1f8505


I'm working on the next update as we speak.
No. 94519 ID: 1f8505

I forgot to explain where Steven is in the latest update.

He's standing right behind Taylor.
No. 94546 ID: 265534

11/11/2020 confirmed.
No. 95357 ID: 1f8505

Sometimes I wish I could dump character background here in the interest of doing more world building, but then I remember June Quest is being narrated more or less by Sarah, and is not omniscient.
No. 95359 ID: 1f0a5d

Don't have to be omniscient to read personnel files, just some basic clearance.
No. 95381 ID: fbc59e

If anyone dies, you can post their bio as a consolation prize!
Hey, this IS a horror quest after all, right?
But for now...I dunno dude.
Then again, world building can as much be done after the fact as during right? Unless, yanno, it's something we should know by virtue of it being 'common knowledge'...
No. 95389 ID: 1f8505


No. 95405 ID: 066a87

If we were mildly sneaky about it, we could probably learn quite a bit with her mind reading ability.
No. 95406 ID: 1f8505


Also true.
No. 95928 ID: 1f8505
File 144685911494.png - (1.57MB , 3000x2000 , TWWLHP_Sprites.png )

So that was The Witch Who Lost Her Panties. This was an experiment with using sprites in order to push out updates way faster than drawing each individual panel.
No. 95929 ID: 1f8505
File 144685917690.png - (1.13MB , 2000x2000 , TWWLHP_Sprites2.png )

I want to know if this was a good thing to try. If it's popular enough, I would try implementing this in June Quest to get updates out faster also.

What do you think?
No. 95930 ID: fbc59e

Seems like a pretty nice idea-it was the art that was giving you issues when it came to updates right?
No. 95931 ID: 1f8505


Pretty much, yeah. I've gotten better at drawing human peoples, but it still takes a while to do.
No. 95932 ID: 12b273

I think the experiment was a success, here.

I think this style suits itself more to exploring or action sequences, the later we saw in this quest. For like, talky-stuff where the protagonists are sitting around discussing things, actually seeing expressions and body language might matter more.

The other consideration is this style has a lighter and slightly goofy tone. If June is supposed to suspense / horror, you might have to be somewhat conscious of how you use these and how they impact the feel. Maybe do June-sprites in a slightly different style?

Pretty sure the unanimous reaction would be if it gets you updating it's a net good thing.
No. 95933 ID: 1f8505


Good points all around here.

Yeah, if I were to make June Quest sprites, they would definitely have to fit the tone. Less bobble-heady and more well-proportioned to what they should be.
No. 96010 ID: 066a87

Classic lemon-head flavor?
No. 96012 ID: 1f8505
File 144727252581.png - (1.85MB , 6000x2000 , TWWLHP_Overworld_BG1.png )


lol no. Gonna make sprites more akin to maybe... Megaman Battle Network? Something involving the 3D isometric view, perhaps.
No. 96013 ID: 1f8505

Forgot to give myself a tripcode. New PC and all.
No. 96452 ID: 1f8505
File 144990392044.png - (122.10KB , 1284x804 , june_quest_sprites.png )


Welp, I've been chipping away at these 3D isometric sprites for a few weeks now. Then the logistics of the whole thing hit me.

A character simply standing would consist of 8 sprites facing each of the cardinal directions.

8 sprites per character x 7 characters = 56 sprites.

And for actions like walking, running, jumping, shooting, fleeing in terror...

That is a crazy amount of sprites to make. It's not worth it. I'm better off finding some way to kick my own ass back into gear and updating my stagnating quest via the standard drawn updates.
No. 96474 ID: 23df50

The secret is to only draw new sprites as they come up, then save them for if you need to reuse them later.
No. 96476 ID: 86cfc3

You actually only have to draw 5 of the 8 cardinal directions, since the remaining 3 are reflections of ones you've already drawn. (NE E SE are reflections of NW W SW). Assuming horizontal symmetry, at least.

And if you assume similar body-types, some characters can just be edits of other models.

But yes, this is important. You don't want to draw every possible character jumping on all possible angles if there's only going to be a few times you actually show someone jumping, for example.
No. 98227 ID: 1f8505

We're back in action!

So random thought: would it be cool if I posted some world-building fluff about the JQ universe in here?
No. 98228 ID: 3663d3

only stuff that is interesting but not strategy altering.
No. 98229 ID: f56624

>>98227 go 4 it
No. 98362 ID: 1f8505
File 145783476324.png - (52.28KB , 575x566 , UTR_Logo.png )

The United Terran Republic is the economic and military union of the three primary races of the planet Terra: Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. The Republic was first founded in 2030 by the political leaders of the three races: Secretary-General Fredrick Shaw, Master Elder Sage Frein Goldwood, and House Stoneward Chief Bernhard Edmund Stoneward. The world had gone through three major wars, and sought to finally end the conflicts of then and later through unification. The Republic brought together the entire world of Terra under one banner and began to expand the republic's new economic might and prosperity though its expansion into the stars.

By 2041, FTL travel had been discovered, and paved the way for expansion via the colonization of neighboring planets. Several habitable planets were identified, and were set to be colonized. In 2047 the colonies New Belegost, Neo Berlin, Taranath Qinzorwyn, New Washington, Bhaghdural, and Second Shanghai were established on separate planets. By 2053, New Belegost prospered due to its vast deposits of precious minerals and rare earth elements in addition to its proximity to the Gareth Asteroid Belt. Taranath Qinzorwyn and New Washington prospered by 2054 due to their enormous fertile lands ripe for farming. By the end of 2058, Bhaghdural became a factory world, churning out both consumer and industrial goods at a rate unlike anything seen before. Neo Berlin became an enormous commercial and manufacturing center by mid-2059. Unfortunately, Second Shanghai failed to achieve any significant economic, industrial, or cultural significance and simply dwindled to a third rate orbital shipyard system.

In 2066, social unrest, economic downturns, and a failure of leadership in enforcing colonial law led the colonies of Bhaghdural and Shanghai into declaring independence from the UTR. Realizing that being unable to enforce the Republic’s colonial union would put further colonies at risk, the Republic began to expand its naval forces. New shipyards and factories were built at the remaining colonies, greatly boosting their economic strength. Berlin and Washington colonies expanded their infrastructure worldwide and spread to the moons. Space stations were constructed at key Lagrange points. Armed with an expanded navy, the UTR began a campaign of retaking the rebellious colonies of Bhaghdural and Shanghai. Bhaghdural acquiesced to rejoining the UTR in 2068 after extended negations following the first conflict. Shanghai, however, stubbornly refused to rejoin. After several bloody bombardments and campaigns, Shanghai colony finally rejoined the UTR in 2071 but would forever remain a fractured world and a haven for organized crime, terrorism, piracy, and corruption.
Since then, the UTR has expanded its colonies, but New Belegost, Neo Berlin, Taranath Qinzorwyn, New Washington, and Bhaghdural are considered the Core Worlds of the Republic. Although they are no longer technically colonies and are fully populated worlds, they are often referred to as colonies affectionately.
No. 98662 ID: 1f8505

Why is making all these sprites a slog

No. 98867 ID: 1f8505

And that was SUPER JUMPING GUY! My silly April Fools quest that made fun of the NES era of games and text adventures and point-and-click adventures.
No. 99158 ID: 1f8505


Fuck it, gonna make 2D sprites instead.
No. 99198 ID: 1f8505


Alright, sprites were a bad idea. Just gonna go back to drawing panels regularly.
No. 105275 ID: 1f8505

TWWLTP will probably go well into November. Hope that's cool.
No. 105888 ID: 1f8505
File 147995972525.png - (251.87KB , 1528x1313 , Black_Witch_Profile.png )

Concept art.
No. 109744 ID: 1f8505

Apologies for the TWWLTP downtime. Still recovering from the 'flu.
No. 109845 ID: 1226ae

I'm sure I can guess what's under that blur, Anon44.
No. 109864 ID: 1f8505


You are welcome to guess.
No. 109867 ID: 398fe1

At this point we already know. "black lace".
No. 109889 ID: 1f8505


Got it in one!
No. 118411 ID: 3abd97

Quick review of capabilities an inventory, for reference.

-Wind Cutter
-Gust of Wind
-Cyclone Burst

-Unspecified fire spells

-Unspecified water spells

-Possession (non-sapient beings only).

-Black Witch (work with sigils and seals).
-Dragon Queen (alter liquid viscosity at touch or short range)

-A snack
-A vial of ectoplasm for Abigail, just in case
-The bat bra (minor spell of breast fortification)
-A small fire quartz (one-time use item for summoning a magical flame).
-A water talisman (multi-use item for summoning a bucket's worth of water).
-A small jar of earth with bone ash mixed in. (Multi-use item ((depending if you measure out the jar's contents)) that can manipulate the soil).
-A first aid kit
-1 jeweled bangle (spell of minor health regeneration)
-2 gold wrist bracelets (spells of water breathing)
-Scrying Lens
No. 118421 ID: b5fb67


Thank you for that! I really should have posted something sooner, but I didn't know if anyone really cared to use the discussion thread.
No. 123546 ID: b5fb67
File 152861787626.jpg - (111.49KB , 960x636 , warmind.jpg )

Apologies for the long delay, reason for such pictured. Will be resuming updates soon.
No. 127166 ID: b5fb67

And TWWLTP is done! Sorry about the rushed ending, but I really really wanted to put this quest to bed. It was supposed to be over a year ago.
No. 127168 ID: 094652

s'fine. s'fine.

More June Quest, then?

Also, I have a question about the UTR alternate universe: did the three races acknowledge each others' existence before the wars, or was there some kind of cataclysm that suddenly revealed their existences to each other, causing the wars to erupt over panic and paranoia?
No. 127180 ID: b5fb67


An excellent question! Humans, dwarves, and elves grew up together on the same planet. Much like us, they became aware of each other through eventual trade routes and exploration. Think of it like if Lord of the Rings progressed into the modern age; there were past conflicts to be sure but with the advancement of technology, the globalization of Terra culturally united the entire world for the first time.
No. 127349 ID: b5fb67

9 years ago today, I started June Quest.

Still gonna finish it!

Happy Anniversary!
No. 127355 ID: 891ec6

Good luck!
No. 127782 ID: b5fb67

We back!
No. 128664 ID: b5fb67

Question: would curated suggestions be preferable to the free-form suggestion system we currently have in June Quest? I'm curious to see as sometimes I tend to stop on updates where there's little suggesting.
No. 128665 ID: b1b4f3

No. 128666 ID: 080aaf

Multiple choice like in Enemy Quest most of the time? Yeah, knowing our options would kinda help.
No. 128667 ID: b5fb67

We can definitely give it a try for a few updates, and see how it goes.
No. 128679 ID: 5da03e

As long as we can still write in stuff. I don't want to miss out on Kome's best work.
No. 128680 ID: b5fb67


Absolutely. The last option should always be something like "Other" or "Suggest."
No. 130138 ID: b5fb67

Bad news, folks. Tablet isn't turning on. If it continues to fail to work, I'll have to buy a new one. :(
No. 130189 ID: b5fb67


Crisis averted! Tablet got unplugged because I'm a big clumsy doofus.
No. 132151 ID: b5fb67

Bumping this thread to remind people that it exists.
No. 132155 ID: 579e51

Hello Anon44, when will June unlock a new power? Thank you for listening to my question.
No. 132164 ID: b5fb67


Uh... as soon someone gets into the engine room? I guess??
No. 132175 ID: 465a14

No. 133253 ID: b5fb67

And Act IV is done! I'mma take a week off! :D
No. 133254 ID: b5fb67

(Make sure to read the spoiler under the End Card, that's a thing that is getting missed, it seems)
No. 133255 ID: dce46f

Hey Anon44, if you have Volto kill-squads hanging about, what other races might we expect to find?
No. 133256 ID: 6f7a5a

when we gonna see some panties?
No. 133257 ID: b5fb67

The List of Canon Races in the June Quest Universe
Based on authors who have given me permission.


And a few others I can't mention due to spoilers later on.
No. 133258 ID: b5fb67


Uh... soon-ish?
No. 133259 ID: d186fc

So are those races present in a way that is also canon to their respective universes?
No. 133261 ID: b5fb67


More or less. Nearly all of these races are now spacefaring, or have the capability of FTL travel.

No. 133264 ID: b5fb67

So a few of you have forgotten what a Volto is!

A long time ago, an author named Weaver spun an epic tale featuring a Volto...

No. 133699 ID: b5fb67

Things Anon44 Needs To Do Before Starting The Next June Quest act:

-Draw eyes more... better
-Redraw character sheets
-Research ways of better incorporating 3D backgrounds (SketchUp? Unreal Engine? Blender?)
-Make more/better 3D props
No. 134936 ID: c5d2fe

Bumping, I guess, because I like this quest and hope it returns someday.
No. 134937 ID: b5fb67


Thank you! I hope to finish Lacy Lane and then work on it again.

Brief status update: strained my wrist at work, letting it heal before I go full-bore draw happy again.
No. 136323 ID: 53d7e0

Man, where you been, it's been 5ever.

Also hit me up, I still check my DA account once in a blue moon.
No. 136326 ID: 262068

Heya Keel. I'm trying to recover from wrist tendonitis, so I'm out of the drawing game for a while.

I'll try to contact you on DA if I get a chance!
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