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File 147788195745.png - (170.60KB , 1920x1080 , TWWLTP_01.png )
756195 No. 756195 ID: 1f8505

It is dusk at the Village on the Hill. The harvest sunset illuminates the countryside in a brilliance of oranges and yellows as it sinks beyond the horizon. A constable of ravens fly into the distance, their caws echoing off the rolling hills.

Inside a house within the tiny village, a familiar red-haired witch settles in for the evening.
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No. 892740 ID: b5fb67
File 153155221504.png - (919.28KB , 2293x1000 , TWWLTP_153.png )

Anita: "What's in it for you if they rewrite the world?"

Jorōgumo: "I get the Underdark all to myself."

The witches prepare to rush Jorōgumo in order to inflict grade-school levels of pain, but are stopped when the spider lady grows four extra spider legs and summons several spiders to her side.

Jorōgumo: "Now then... let's play!"

No. 892743 ID: 75f0bc

anita, counter-stance. when a spider jumps at you counter-wind-blast it into her dumb face.
No. 892781 ID: 4f1cbc

What he said. Wind and water combo attack on the group. Dump a localized hurricane on these jerks.

Fire be ready to counter fire if they try to attack, and bird can swoop in and claw at her face or yank her hair at the worst minute.

Once she's down then the kicking or schoolyard abuse can begin.
No. 892790 ID: 2474dd

Have Abby Kancho her while she's dealing with the magic. Using her beak.
No. 894359 ID: b5fb67
File 153250019669.png - (1.66MB , 3040x1000 , TWWLTP_154.png )

Anita casts Gust of Wind and Gloria joins in with a Shape Water cantrip. The moist air blows the first two spiders towards Jorōgumo. Unfortunately, she fires a silken thread upward and scurries up the webbing with her spider legs, defly evading the spiders and disappears into the darkness of the cavern ceiling.

Jorōgumo: "Ha ha ha ha! How long can you last against my pets, I wonder?"

More spiders appear and start firing fireballs from their... pedipalps? Chellicera? Let's just go with mouths. They're shooting fireballs from their mouths.
No. 894439 ID: 859328

Rebecca, fling fireballs at the ceiling. Anita, use your panty power to summon whatever local critters to help kill spiders. Gloria, use a water shield to bottlneck the spiders. Abigail, search and destroy!
No. 895938 ID: b5fb67
File 153334697286.png - (602.53KB , 1200x1200 , TWWLTP_155.png )

Anita: "Rebecca, see if you can peg the spider lady with fireballs. Abigail, flush out the spider lady for Rebecca. Gloria, give us a water shield to keep the spiders at bay. I'm gonna see if I can summon a creature to help!"

As Abigail flies up to the ceiling in her Razorhawk attempting to get Jorōgumo to emerge from the shadows, Rebecca starts shooting fireballs at the ceiling. Gloria summons a water shield on both sides of the girls.

More spiders keep appearing, firing more and more fireballs at the water shield.

Rebecca: "Anita, hurry up! I'm running out of magic!"

Gloria: "My water shield can't hold for long! GAH! Spiders are gross."

Anita: "Hang on, I'm summoning a creature!"

Anita casts Summon Nature's Ally and summons...
No. 895939 ID: b5fb67
File 153334697834.png - (1.14MB , 2571x1000 , TWWLTP_156.png )

...a large confused mole.

Anita's heart sinks. Her magic nearly depleted, she can only watch as the water shield decays from the constant fireball barrage.

Rebecca: "Anita! I'm almost out of magic!"

The corpse of a Razorhawk drops like a rock from the ceiling.

Gloria strains to keep her water shield up, but it is only seconds from being broken. Soon the spiders will overtake the witches.
No. 895940 ID: b5fb67
File 153334698422.png - (1.02MB , 2641x1000 , TWWLTP_157.png )

Suddenly rocks fall, spiders die.

Rather, many large boulders dislodge from the ceiling and crush all the fireball-spewing spiders.

Abigail emerges from the dead Razorhawk.

Anita: "Holy shit! That was close."

Rebecca: "How did that happen? I wasn't able to hit the ceiling hard enough to bring it down. Did you...?"

Anita: "Wasn't me."
No. 895941 ID: b5fb67
File 153334698957.png - (1.02MB , 2677x1000 , TWWLTP_158.png )

???: "Hello! I noticed you needed some help!"

Gloria: "Thanks for that. We were almost eaten by spiders. Who are you?"

???: "My name is-"

Give a name to this girl!
No. 895942 ID: 33cbe7

Rochelle, with a hard 'ch' sound.
No. 895943 ID: b1b4f3

No. 895950 ID: 094652

No. 895961 ID: b1b4f3

Also Abby possess mole
No. 896022 ID: b45d61

Lily or Zoe
No. 896023 ID: 2474dd

I'm down for this name
No. 896035 ID: 4f1cbc

Either of these is good.

She's got awful round ears for a drow!
No. 896428 ID: b5fb67
File 153375693324.png - (4.27MB , 2000x2000 , TWWLTP_159.png )

"My name is Lily Desmachia, and I am a witch from the University of Geomancy!"

Anita has heard about the University of Geomancy. It is a highly intellectual school, and it's graduates are constantly in high demand since geomancy is extremely useful for construction and engineering.
No. 896432 ID: 094652

And that's your fourth party member in a nutshell. Onward, friends! Or we'll miss the end of Halloween!

Oh, and ask if she has a familiar.
No. 896481 ID: 4f1cbc

This may be an awkward question but... are you wearing panties?
No. 896499 ID: ccb13d

Holy moly those are some enormous tatas.

Ahem. Ask if she wants to join your group.
No. 897689 ID: b5fb67
File 153457548315.png - (1.18MB , 3028x1000 , TWWLTP_160.png )

Gloria: "This is going to sound weird, but do you have panties on?"

Lily: "Yes."

Gloria and Rebecca: "What!?"

Lily: "But my magical underwear got stolen by some kind of ninja girl."

Rebecca: "Oh. We're trying to track her down, wanna join us?"

Lily: "Sure!"

Gloria: "Cool. We're trying to take out this spider woman first though."

Lily: "Must have been why you girls were surrounded by giant spiders."

Rebecca: "More or less. Do you happen to have a familiar?"

Lily: "Nah, not really."
No. 897771 ID: 5245b2

Make one! Golems are nice to have around!
No. 897883 ID: b5fb67
File 153465288442.png - (911.50KB , 2358x1000 , TWWLTP_161.png )

Gloria: "Maybe you could make one? Golems can be very useful, as far as I've heard."

Lily: "Unfortunately, golemetry was never taught at my school. It's a forbidden art, bringing life to lifeless earth."

Gloria: "Shame. Anyways, this spider lady Jorōgumo is hiding on the ceiling somewhere, we need help bringing her down."

Rebecca: "Anita, are you OK? Anita? Anita!"
No. 897884 ID: b5fb67
File 153465288906.png - (960.43KB , 2391x1000 , TWWLTP_162.png )

Suddenly, Jorōgumo descends from the cave ceiling on a strand of silk and starts charging a spell on her fingertip.

Jorōgumo: "Fine, if my spiders won't kill you, I will!"

Gloria: "Anita, we're dangerously low on mana. If you have any bright ideas, now is the time."
No. 897890 ID: 2474dd

Anita, gesture rudely at the Jorōgumo -- but it's actually a signal for Lily to stalagmite her where the sun don't shine.
No. 897912 ID: 094652

>Golemetry is banned
ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Do you know how much BACTERIA is in DIRT?! Same concept of taking a colony of cellular life forms and using it on raw materials to create a colony or multi-cellular being! I mean it's about as necromantic as digestion; WHAT'S THE POINT OF BANNING A NATURAL PROCESS!

We need to talk about moss golems.

>What do
Abigail in the mole yet? She can help soften the ground for easier earth magic.
No. 897915 ID: e2ea73

Cut her strings and then dogpile her. No magical being is ever really prepared for physical violence!
No. 897921 ID: 33cbe7

Grab one of her sandals and start slapping her with it. Socks with sandals is unforgivable!
No. 897954 ID: 4f1cbc

>Rebecca: "Anita, are you OK? Anita? Anita!"
Why you blushing, Anita, crushing on your palette swap?

Use earth magic to detach the part of the ceiling her web is attached to. She'll stumble and fall, then a rock will land on her.
No. 897992 ID: 2474dd

Pull her finger.
No. 900039 ID: b5fb67
File 153586753319.png - (950.82KB , 2318x1000 , TWWLTP_163.png )

Lily casts Stone Bolt at the spider silk holding up Jorōgumo. It snaps, interrupting her casting as she falls to the cave floor.

Jorōgumo: "What the-"

Anita: "Good shot, Lily!"
No. 900040 ID: b5fb67
File 153586753747.png - (774.83KB , 1813x1000 , TWWLTP_164.png )

Hitting the floor, the witches all pull out their flying implements and start smacking Jorōgumo with them.

Lily: "Oooo, yikes."

Jorōgumo: "OW! OW! SHIT! OW OW OW! AGH!"

Most of their implements don't do a lot of damage, save Rebecca who flies on a Fireplace Poker.
No. 900044 ID: 33cbe7

Do you surrender yet, foul arachnid?
No. 900045 ID: 094652

... Rebecca attacks, you two hold her down with your cleaning instruments.

No. 900134 ID: 4f1cbc

Since new girl is the one who isn't how on mp: smack an earth magic attack across the backside of the baddie's head while everyone else has her distracted.
No. 900135 ID: 704031

Get the bugger the way the guy before me suggested. It could be just easy
No. 906966 ID: b5fb67
File 153957817935.png - (455.87KB , 1126x1200 , TWWLTP_165.png )

Lily: "Everybody OUT OF THE WAY!"

The other witch girls turn to look at Lily for a brief second, then frantically dive out of the way.

Lily braces herself, holding her wand with two hands and pointing it at Jorōgumo. The Earth Witch then casts a variation of Stone Bolt: a chunk of hardened stone forms in front of her, then breaks apart into many pieces and flies at high speed towards Jorōgumo, like a shotgun blast of gravel and sharpened rock.
No. 906967 ID: b5fb67
File 153957818219.png - (388.53KB , 1500x902 , TWWLTP_166.png )

Stunned from the brutal pummeling, Jorōgumo is unable to get out of the way of the cloud of rock and stone flying at her at incredible speeds. The shotgun blast of stone shreds Jorōgumo's mini kimono, and knocks her completely unconscious.

The fight is over.
No. 906975 ID: afdebc

You know the routine. Steal her panties, see how the new girl reacts, it's an initiation and rite of passage for the group.

Lily might as well try them on, although once we know what they do we might decide to shuffle around panties to best pair effects with witches.

So... we're kind of in a bind here. Several people low on mana, but still a ninja (and whatever defense she has left) to go. Resting up lets her get away, but charging forward under-powered is a bad idea. We need a way to restore power in a hurry.
No. 907063 ID: 2a7417

Let's replenish mana by absorbing it from the enchantments in our clothing! Any slight damage they suffer is a small price to pay.
No. 908585 ID: b5fb67
File 154075623961.png - (705.88KB , 1637x1000 , TWWLTP_167.png )

Once again, Anita detects magical energy in the panties of Jorōgumo, and slides them off her comatose body.

Lily: "Uh... did you just-"

Anita: "Yes. Here, put these on."

Lily: "Um..."

Anita: "Listen, these undies contain magical abilities. We need all the help we can get to track down and stop whatever these ninja are doing."

Lily: "But you-"

Gloria: "Yeah, I know it's weird. Trust me."

Rebecca: "This is... what, the third time we've taken underwear off of someone?"

Anita: "Fourth. For me at least."
No. 908586 ID: b5fb67
File 154075624333.png - (360.51KB , 807x1200 , TWWLTP_168.png )

Lily looks at Anita, then at the panties, then back at Anita. The green-clad witch shrugs, takes the spider undies, then slips off her old underwear.

A small trickle of blood drips down from Anita's nose as she watches intently.

Lily casts a cleaning spell on the underwear and slides them on.


The sleek underwear tingle with energy. Lily senses she has received a new ability!

Lily can now cast Web!

Lily: "Whoa! Does this make me Spider-Man?"

Gloria: "Or Spider-Woman."

Rebecca: "Wait, which one?"

Gloria: "The uh... Gwen Stacy one."

Rebecca: "No, that's Ghost Spider."

Gloria: "Ghost Spider??"

Anita: "Neeerrrrddddsssss."
No. 908602 ID: afdebc

So... wanna test what it does? By tying up Anita?
No. 908673 ID: 080aaf

Agreed, you need to figure out where the web shoots from.
No. 909012 ID: b5fb67
File 154096091491.png - (751.68KB , 1762x1000 , TWWLTP_169.png )

Lily casts Web on Anita as a test. Several strands of webbing shoot out of her wand and ensnare the purple-clad witch.

Anita: "I hope you can un-web me, 'cause this stuff is sticky and strong."

Gloria: "Glad that works, but we have a couple problems to deal with."

Rebecca: "Yeah, we are low on magic and we have no idea how to reach the ninja girl."
No. 909013 ID: b5fb67
File 154096092045.png - (816.93KB , 1916x1000 , TWWLTP_170.png )

Lily casts the Prestidigitation cantrip to clean the webbing off of Anita. Just then, two more girls run up to Lily.

???: "Hey Lily! We saw you take on the spider lady! You kicked some serious ass there."

Lily: "Right? I've been wanting to try that spell for a while now. Gonna add it to my repertoire."

Anita: "Who are these girls, Lily?"

Lily: "These are my sisters, Zoe and Rochelle. They own and run the alchemy shop with me."

Rebecca mutters: "The alchemy shop that now has a big hole in it?"

Zoe: "Nice to meet you!"
No. 909116 ID: afdebc

Poor Anna. Her crush has tripled.

>They own and run the alchemy shop with me.
I don't suppose you guys brought mana potions with you?

...since there's an actual city nearby, you think we should hand this baddie over to what pass for drow law enforcement?
No. 909118 ID: 2a7417

There's no time to turn back! We must continue running right until we uncover the ninja's dastardly plans!
No. 909642 ID: b5fb67
File 154139041511.png - (821.67KB , 1927x1000 , TWWLTP_171.png )

Gloria: "You girls wouldn't happen to have any Mana potions handy, would you? We kind of exhausted our magic in that fight."

Rochelle: "Got some right here. Take what you need!"

Gloria: "Rad, thank you."

Anita: "We also need a way to open the portal that ninja went through. Do you girls have any equipment that can do that?"

Lily: "We have a megascope. I think that can re-open the portal using that!"

Zoe: "We have to do it ASAP though. The magical signature can decay pretty quickly, so is there anything you might need to do before you leave?"
No. 909644 ID: 094652

Nothing reasonable that should be said in polite company. Alright, let's do this!
No. 909648 ID: afdebc


Your panties?

...I mean we're fine let's go.

Wonder what Rebecca's problem is.
No. 909672 ID: 2474dd

I thought she's usually cranky.
No. 910038 ID: b5fb67
File 154174051266.png - (1.16MB , 1999x1000 , TWWLTP_172.png )

Anita: "I think we're good to go."

Zoe: "Alrighty. Let's set up the megascope."

As the witches take long drinks from the mana potions, Zoe and Rochelle retrieve several pole-like objects from their damaged shop. They set them up in a triangle formation and plug crystals into a hatch in the bases. The megascope hums to life, and magical energy fires from the poles to coalesce into a single point. At that moment, the portal the kunoichi used re-opens.

Zoe: "You got a couple options here: you can go to the destination the original portal was set to, or we can adjust the megascope to put you in a random location somewhere close to the original destination. It won't be in a solid object of any kind, so you don't have to worry about being telefragged."
No. 910039 ID: afdebc

...the ninja probably left a trap in the entrance. At least if we randomize it, we might avoid that.

And maybe we'll catch someone in an embarrassing situation!
No. 910064 ID: 094652

Throw a grenade into the original target location, then select a random local drop point.

Actually, throw all the grenades.
No. 910069 ID: 2755f5

random location for more possible hijinks
No. 910093 ID: 2474dd

Vote for a random too. Tactically it might be an advantage.
No. 914163 ID: b5fb67
File 154494621517.png - (0.98MB , 1802x1000 , TWWLTP_173.png )

Anita: "Let's do a random location. It could give us the tactical edge we need."

Zoe: "Random it is!"

Zoe adjusts some sliders at the base of the megascope. The portal shimmers and ripples as the changes take effect.

Zoe: "Alright, it's ready."

Rebecca leads the charge as the witch quartet run into the portal.

Rochelle: "Don't die!"
No. 914164 ID: b5fb67
File 154494622314.png - (1.28MB , 2538x1000 , TWWLTP_174.png )

As the portal closes behind them, the witches take stock of where they are. A long hallway lays ahead of them, adorned with Japanese-themed paintings. But directly ahead of the 4 witches are two kunoichi. They do not seem to have noticed the witches.

Kunoichi 1: "So how long is this ritual supposed to last?"

Kunoichi 2: "Master said it might be a few hours, given how ninjutsu and traditional magics are not compatible."

Kunoichi 1: "Hours? I don't wanna guard hallways for that long!"

Kunoichi 2: "Shut up, you're going to get us in trouble."
No. 914169 ID: 094652

ALPHA STRIKE!!! Use an area-of-effect attack across the entire hallway so they can't dodge!
No. 914398 ID: 85f8b4

try to sneak behind the 2 Kunoichis and pickpocket them, to remove any kind of weapons or objects that they could use againts the witches in case they engage them in combat!
if they find money or valuables, keep it too! thats just colateral loot :P
also, sneaking behind them while still unnoticed could be a good opportunity to see what kind of magic panties they have to be ready and expect any attack!
No. 914503 ID: fa97eb

Try doing a silent takedown on the ninjas. Abigail, pick their pockets for useful stuff.

Not in that order.
No. 914511 ID: 0cfbce

remember the inverse law of ninja, the more ninjas there are the weaker each ninja is, so two ninjas are only half as strong as one ninja.
No. 914906 ID: b5fb67
File 154561656787.png - (1.24MB , 2297x1000 , TWWLTP_175.png )

Abigail silently moves up to the two kunoichi.

Kunoichi 1: "Seriously, why are we here?

Kunoichi 2: "You mean in an existential sense?"

Kunoichi 1: "No! Like why are we guarding this hall? Why can't we be downstairs and watch the ritual?"

Kunoichi 2: "Master Katsuko's orders, duh."

Kunoichi 1: "We should have asked to swap places with someone else."

Abigail successfully steals two smoke bombs from the kunoichi.
No. 914907 ID: b5fb67
File 154561657641.png - (1.14MB , 2059x1000 , TWWLTP_176.png )

Taking the initiative, Gloria uses her water magic to quietly reach out and immerse the ninja's heads in water.

Kunoichi 1: "Blub!"

Kunoichi 1: "Glub!"
No. 914908 ID: b5fb67
File 154561658756.png - (1.19MB , 2234x1000 , TWWLTP_177.png )

It doesn't take long before the two ninjas fall unconscious. Gloria releases the kunoichi and gently lays them on the floor.

Anita: "They're not dead, right?"

Gloria: "Nah, they're fine. Gonna wake up with a hell of a headache, though."

Anita: "Cool takedown! Very quiet."

Gloria: "Well it's not like firey explosions can be any more stealthy."

Rebecca: "It counts as stealth if there's no one left to see you!"

Gloria: "Right..."
No. 914912 ID: 3ce3be

Take the panties. Standard operating procedure!
No. 914915 ID: 094652

Go further. Take everything. If it's a dark hole, a ninja can hide stuff in it. Pulp their stomachs for good measure.
No. 914960 ID: afdebc

They have any ninja ropes or grappling hooks or anything you can use to die them up with? (Worst case you could undo their clothes and use those).

Too bad the wall hanging isn't bigger, you can't really roll someone up in that, and it would be shame to tear up a work of art for restraints.
No. 915160 ID: b5fb67
File 154589225116.png - (0.99MB , 2047x1000 , TWWLTP_178.png )

Jeez, Kome. That's pretty extreme, even for you!


Anita checks the ninjas. Their undies are simple fundoshi and devoid of any magical energies. On one last once-over, she finds a length of rope. Anita and Gloria tie up the unconscious ninjas and proceed down the hallway. Abigail hands the smoke bombs off to Rebecca. She stares at the fireworks for a brief moment before pocketing them.

Further down, Anita stops at a hole in the floorboards. Various sounds and flashes emanate from this hole.

Anita: "Do you girls hear that? I think we're standing above a large chamber. Maybe the main chamber of this place?"

Lily: "I sense something very wrong going on down there, Anita. There's some kind of magical perversion... like someone's trying to mix oil and water. There's also something else..."

Anita: "What is it?"

Lily: "I sense..."

"...an earth pulse!"
No. 915162 ID: 080aaf

Oh no, an earth pulse! This is clearly the earth witch's problem. Push her down the hole and take a smoke break.
No. 915164 ID: 40df11

Panty bandits doing perverted things? We should have known! You gotta get in there and stop it like some sort of pervert police.

Use the tapestry and your windy thing to parachute in there.
No. 915213 ID: 1a3f7d

maybe before we go ham on these ninjas we should look down the hole and see what were dealing with
No. 915248 ID: b5fb67
File 154595683501.png - (1.99MB , 2661x1555 , TWWLTP_179.png )

Rebecca: "Let's jump down there and crash the party!"

Anita: "Whoa whoa whoa, slide out of the saddle, missy. Let's find out what's going on down there first."

The witches peek into the hole. Before them is an enormous, ornate chamber. Kunoichi fill the room as far as the eye can see. In the center, however, are two ninja wizards of a sort, performing a ritual around a giant lump of what appears to be earth and clay. Floating above the earthen mass are four pairs of panties, each crackling with magical energy. The energy seems to be funneling into the lump of earth. A heated discussion seems to be taking place between the wizards and an imposing woman.

???: "Golemeters, how much longer?"

Golemeter ninja: "Master, I beg your forgiveness, but this is a very involved process. We are forcing chakra to work with traditional magic, and they do not blend easily."

Master: "Can you not simply dump more energies into the process?"

Golemeter ninja: "I am afraid not. With the resources we have, we can only slowly work the energy into the material until it syncs with the earth pulse. Any deviation might cause a catastrophic magic distortion, or worse."

Master: "Hmph. Again I must wait for my golem army to come to life."

Golemeter ninja: "Do not worry, Master. Within an hour, your army will come to life!"
No. 915250 ID: 094652

You heard the lady.

Overload this experiment with some traditional magic until it explodes!
No. 915252 ID: 40df11

That's just one boulder, how are they going to make an army out of so little material?

Also yes, throw magic at their delicate magical ritual until something goes horribly wrong.
No. 915283 ID: 080aaf

"What if you made one giant golem instead of waiting to make a bunch of little ones?" Boss! fight! Boss! fight!
No. 915286 ID: 40df11

Oh wait you need you pants back. Can't you use wind magic to create a vacuum and just yank the underpants out of position and up to your spy hole?
No. 915693 ID: b5fb67
File 154623948280.png - (2.18MB , 2650x1834 , TWWLTP_180.png )

Anita: "Sounds like we can disrupt this ritual by adding a little magic of our own."

Lily: "Let's do it!"

Rebecca: "Light 'em UP!"

Rebecca's hand glows with magical energy as she starts flinging fireballs straight down into the ritual area.

Master: "What the hell?!"

Golemeter Ninja: "Oh no..."
No. 915695 ID: b5fb67
File 154623949546.png - (2.45MB , 2534x1393 , TWWLTP_181.png )

The fireballs explode on the ritual rock, their magics absorbed into the ritual process. Violent bolts of energy snake out of the rock, growing more and more wild as the seconds tick by.

Master: "What happened?!"

Golemeter Ninja: "The ritual has been pushed off balance! Traditional magic is overpowering the chakra! The earth pulse is consuming more and more latent magical energies!"

Master: "Stop the ritual! STOP THE RITUAL!"

Golemeter Ninja: "I... I can't! It's completely out of control!"
No. 915696 ID: b5fb67
File 154623950790.png - (2.58MB , 2734x1828 , TWWLTP_182.png )

The entire area starts to shake. A low rumbling sound echoes throughout the room. Suddenly, an enormous arm shoots out of the rocky mass.

Golemeter Ninja: "Oh shit."

The panties have ceased glowing and simply hover in place above the earthen pile.
No. 915697 ID: 080aaf

High five!
Land on the hand, grab the pilfered panties, and RUN.
No. 915698 ID: b1b4f3

Use Wind Magic to recover the panties. Let the dungeon handle the ninjas.
No. 915703 ID: fe4f01

can you wind magic your stuff back up to you and then book it? Cause once you get all your panties back you really have no reason to stay here anymore.
No. 915742 ID: 10c408

Use wind magic to collect the stolen undergarments and then GTFO, you really don't want to be in the initial blast radius when the rest of the figure emerges from the ritual.

Deem's going to be sooo pissed at the ninja's. 10/10 job Anon44
No. 915914 ID: b5fb67
File 154640779036.png - (3.86MB , 4071x2051 , TWWLTP_183.png )

The main chamber descends into chaos as a second arm and head of a malformed golem emerge from the mass of rock. The left arm knocks a Golemeter Ninja through a wall. The right arm smashes the remaining Golemeter into the floor. The head immediately begins emitting an inhuman screeching.


Magical energy continues to wildly jump from the golem, and seemingly grows more wild and violent.

Master: "Contain the golem! Do not use ninpo! I do not want to feed this abomination!"

The remaining ninja start flinging shuriken, which bounce off the golem's hard clay flesh. The Master starts whacking the fingers of the golem with her hammerai hammer.

In the midst of the chaos, Anita casts a wind spell that vacuums up the panties from the main chamber.
No. 915915 ID: b5fb67
File 154640780460.png - (1.01MB , 2000x1853 , TWWLTP_184.png )


Having recovered her stolen panties, Anita feels her full magical abilities finally return!

In addition to enhanced spells, Anita can now use her broom to fly once again!

The remaining witches also don their original panties, and the entire party returns to full magical power.

The brief moment of joy and relief is interrupted as the whole room starts to quake.
No. 915916 ID: 080aaf

Should probably run for it before the golem stands up!
No. 915917 ID: 094652

Okay, pour a liiittle more magic into that abomigolem. Some power from the remaining wind water and earth. Then fly like hell.
No. 915933 ID: fe4f01

whelp, that's a universal sign that it's time to leave.
No. 916014 ID: afdebc

Time to fly out of the exploding castle!

...and if its not exploding, have the fire witch light place up on your way out.

Full power, huh? No diminishment from being used in the golem ritual?
No. 916024 ID: 40df11

Maybe you should stick around and fight whoever wins.
No. 916174 ID: b5fb67
File 154657638662.png - (1.23MB , 2904x1000 , TWWLTP_185.png )

Anita: "Time to go!"

The witches all summon their flying implements, mount them, and take off at all speed down the long hallway. During the escape, a massive golem fist punches through the floor, sending splinters and some unfortunate ninjas flying through the air.

Anita: "Go go go! Don't stop until we clear the castle!"

As the witches approach a window, the entire castle reverberates with the sound of splintering wood and crumbling masonry.
No. 916175 ID: b5fb67
File 154657639358.png - (541.13KB , 1442x1158 , TWWLTP_186.png )

The witch quartet race out of the castle, which turns out to be a floating castle over an ocean.

Anita: "Keep going! Put as much distance between us and that castle as you can!"

The witches speed away from the castle, which begins to shudder.
No. 916176 ID: b5fb67
File 154657639992.png - (378.79KB , 1318x827 , TWWLTP_187.png )


An enormous mass of clay and earth bursts out of the castle, destroying much of it. What was left of the golem spills out of the destruction, flowing out the sides. The entire castle begins to capsize as it starts to drop into the ocean.

Anita: "Man, I am 0 for 2 with castles."

Lily: "What?"

Anita: "Um... I'll tell you later."
No. 916177 ID: b5fb67
File 154657640780.png - (756.51KB , 1657x907 , TWWLTP_188.png )

As the castle plunges into the ocean, the witches slow down and celebrate their victory.

Anita: "Well girls, we did it! We recovered our panties and somehow inadvertently stopped a ninja cult from taking over the world with an army of golems!"

Gloria: "Heh, this is the most exciting thing I've done in a long time."

Lily: "See, this is why golemetry is banned! Not the main reason, but this is definitely up there."

Rebecca: "What a pain in the ass. I could have been at home playing video games."

Lily: "Oh come on, Becky! Where's your sense of adventure? Admit it, you liked throwing all those fireballs."

Rebecca: "Well... okay sure, I'll admit that much."

The witches laugh as they fly towards the mainland. They had recovered their magical underwear from malicious ninjas successfully, sure, but perhaps the real panties they reclaimed were the friendships they made along the way.

No. 916178 ID: 094652

>but perhaps the real panties they reclaimed were the friendships they made along the way
No they weren't.

... Oh you wanted witty banter.

Well, I Deem that a successful mission!
*laugh track*
No. 916182 ID: 40df11

So, uh, what are you going to do if a castle sized golem heaves itself out of the ocean a few months from now?

Do you think all those ninjas died? We never saw a body.
No. 916184 ID: e51896

good job. Now next time, keep your panties under a padlock on your dresser so this doesn't happen a third time (...unless you lose you key that is)
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