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File 146869164661.png - (58.46KB , 500x1000 , splash_5.png )
736166 No. 736166 ID: 163674

CHAPTER 1 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/692327.html
CHAPTER 2 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/696969.html
CHAPTER 3 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/715522.html
CHAPTER 4 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/727645.html

WIKI :: http://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Little_Town_Called_Coxwette
DISCUSSION :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/96965.html

Wake up, Chuck.
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No. 736168 ID: 163674
File 146869172290.png - (29.66KB , 500x500 , 1.png )

Monday morning, 7:45AM. You’re walking down the main drag toward the bakery, surrounded by the somber morning ritual in a little town called Coxwette.
No. 736169 ID: 163674
File 146869173864.png - (42.73KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

It’s time for work again. A whole day, a whole week of work. You go to the bakery and push open the door, ringing the little bell hanging above it.

Marcie gasps.
No. 736170 ID: 163674
File 146869176348.gif - (43.66KB , 500x500 , 3.gif )

Marcie: “CHUCK!!”

Marcie: “Good mooorniiiiing!!!”

a) “Morning.”
b) “Good mooorniiiing!”
c) “Shut up, Marcie.”
d) [kiss Marcie]
e) >__
No. 736171 ID: 1ce6a6

give her the D
No. 736172 ID: 8a13c1

Id say A but with a bit of smile on your face. (cause you know marcie will cheer you up) You have the right to be sad/grumpy about what happened, even though it may be your fault.

Hopefully she asks about it so you can vent a bit. (Using the word prank)
No. 736173 ID: b88e5a

Compromise. C and D.
No. 736174 ID: b1960b

No. 736175 ID: b1960b

No D dudes. We just flipped at Naz for a lack of consent. An uninvited kiss is mad hypocrisy.

Actually not b but A. Shouldnt try to force an enthusiasm that isnt there
No. 736176 ID: b7814b

Go with a.
No. 736178 ID: 358228

Be honest with yourself. C.
No. 736179 ID: 486e87

A, guessing you're not feeling too great, so just the standard response here.
No. 736182 ID: 3009b4

That depends on you, Chuck. How important is your relationship with Marcie to you? You don't have to be cheerful but consider the fact that right about now, you need all the friends you can get.

Because there is probably a good reason why Coxwette has so few men and why Davey, despite being an asshole, hates the place.

Be careful. You don't want to give anyone else a reason to go digging up your history.
No. 736184 ID: 3e7e04

How can you live with yourself
No. 736185 ID: 785862

A for now. If she sees your spirits are down maybe she'll kiss your give you a hug
No. 736187 ID: 59bd8b

A. Forcing happiness into your voice never works.
No. 736190 ID: b1960b

No. 736192 ID: 49f18e

No. 736206 ID: 786a43

E) a weird mumbling sound that sounds vaguely like "Morning".
No. 736228 ID: cc08c7

No. 736229 ID: a147e7

C and D, but with affection.

She might as well know we're dowbeat.
No. 736237 ID: da6621

You went to bed last night thinking of Marcie's smile and now you get the genuine thing, so give her a cheery Morning and maybe even a hug.
No. 736242 ID: 28c864

No. 736260 ID: 15a025

No. 736262 ID: 20295c

Voting for A.
No. 736277 ID: 398fe1

Chuck, do you at least have a condom in your pocket now?
No. 736281 ID: 163674
File 146871504259.png - (26.37KB , 500x500 , 5.png )

You: “Mornin’.”

You give Marcie a half-hearted, mostly sarcastic salute.
No. 736282 ID: 163674
File 146871505836.png - (45.61KB , 500x500 , 6.png )

Marcie: “I hope you’ve got your good PEDALIN’ LEGS on today! Monday’s the busiest day of the week for pastry orders, and you’ve got a mighty big load to pull out.”

You: “I’ve only got one set of legs, so…”

You had a joke for this, but it’s just not coming to you this morning.

You go out and grab the bicycle, and Marcie starts cheering you on out the front door.


Welcome to your first full week of work for Marcie. Your delivery order is:

1. Café
2. Library
3. Schoolhouse
4. Shoppe Stoppe
5. Post Office
6. City Hall
7. Police Station

Now that you have become so accustomed to your route, you can time-skip through your deliveries by way of vote. NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT BACKTRACK DURING THE WORK DAY. This means, for example, that if you skip the Schoolhouse, you won’t be able to go back to visit there until after you make your final delivery. Now get to it!

No. 736285 ID: 398fe1

Skip Shoppe Stoppe.

Penny will probably want to know if we screwed her sister.
Library HAHAHA should be great
Always talk to Angela every time you can
I think Ellen could stand to be left alone actually
Rita is cool
Gotta waggle eyebrows at Lisa
No. 736289 ID: d64687

Skip library. Everything else is still alright.
No. 736291 ID: a147e7

Skip 3, 4, 5

Not expecting great things from 2, but we still gotta.
No. 736296 ID: 28c864


The skipping isn't actual skipping, Chuck will still physically go there and deliver. We're just choosing who we want/don't want to have an interaction with. So we can probably stand to skip most things.
No. 736297 ID: 15a025

Skip Library and Schoolhouse.
I don't think good things will come from going to either.
No. 736301 ID: 398fe1

We're going to them regardless. The vote is just "do we get to suggest to talk about anything other than the delivery itself"
No. 736313 ID: 59bd8b

I say skip the Post office. All the others are good, interesting things everywhere but the post office.
No. 736316 ID: 163674
File 146872289919.png - (48.00KB , 500x500 , 7.png )

You decide that you’ll speed through your deliveries to the Shoppe Stoppe, the Schoolhouse, and the Library. You will avoid talking to anyone there, and simply drop off the pastries.

You pedal to the cafe. It’s a little harder to keep balanced with the huge basket of pastries. Penny waves to you with a small smile on her face.

Penny: “Oh, you can set that stuff down right there on the table. Could you take the sandwich rolls over to the counter, though?”

You: “No problem, Penny.”

Penny: “Thank ya kindly. You sure look starvin’”

Penny: “Here honey, have an orange!”

Penny tosses you an orange, and you thank her. Do you have anything to talk to her about this morning?
No. 736318 ID: d64687

Screw with her in an attempt to cheer yourself up and say how hard you railed her sister.
No. 736319 ID: 398fe1

Tell her you ate Marcie's cake last night, it was delicious.
No. 736322 ID: cd44ca

Tell her thanks, and ask if she knows why Naz has such a prank fixation. And if she knows anything about people being attacked in the town and surrounding area. Any unsolved crimes?
No. 736326 ID: 59bd8b

Talking about how good Marcie's cake was sounds funny. Add innuendos as you see fit.
No. 736332 ID: 163674
File 146872717343.png - (22.45KB , 500x500 , 8.png )

You stash away the orange.

You: “Marcie’s cake was pretty sweet.”

Penny rolls her eyes.

You: “Moist, too-”

Penny: “Woah. Easy. That’s still my niece you’re talkin’ about.”

Penny: “I’m glad you two had fun. Just as long as you were safe about it.”

Penny: “You’re an awful cute couple.”

You do smile a little bit, even if you don’t have much of a reason to.

You: “Before I go, can you tell me anything about Naz?”

Penny: “From the library?”

You: “Yeah”

Penny: “Not much I know, honestly. She keeps to herself most of the time, knows computers real well.”

You: “Do you know anything about her pranks?”

Penny: “Pranks…?”

a) Tell Penny about Naz’s pranking fixation
b) Change subject to the monsters in the woods
c) Leave for your next delivery
d) >__
No. 736333 ID: f94c67

Honestly she might not be the best to ask about it but it might be good to find out about Naz's pranks.
No. 736335 ID: 398fe1

B. She seems well informed, maybe we can get some info.
No. 736336 ID: cd44ca

Sorta a/d: "She's been pranking me a lot, recent one went over the line a bit. I was just wondering if she was known for that sort of thing or if it's something about me."

Seems like Naz' pranking nature is largely unknown, so if she just goes "no" then b.
No. 736337 ID: 15a025

I think we should probably head out.
No. 736338 ID: 358228

C) "Oh, nothing."
No. 736341 ID: 0a94cb

C) I don't mind mentioning she's a bit of a prankster, but going into it with any detail is blug.
No. 736352 ID: fe65ad

A, and mention how you were just teasing about the Marcie thing
No. 736354 ID: a147e7

No. 736356 ID: 59bd8b

C. Doesn't seem like she knows and there's no reason to push the subject.
No. 736359 ID: 558268

B sound more interesting then option A, so ask that. Also, D mentioning that you were talking about ACTUAL cake earlier, no innuendo.
No. 736363 ID: 163674
File 146873362824.png - (31.20KB , 500x500 , 9.png )

You: “I was talking about an actual cake by the way. Marcie made me a welcome cake on my first day of work.”

Penny: “That’s lovely, it truly is. Marcie’s about as sharp as a ball peen hammer, but she sure is sweet.”

You smile and pause for a bit, looking up at the clock.

You: “Have you heard anything about people being attacked out in the woods?”

Penny: “Huh? What, did something happen?”

You: “Yeah, I… uh, I was attacked. This is going to sound crazy, but there was this wrinkly guy in a sheet who attacked me after saying some kind of Bible verse.”

Penny: “You… might want to tell the police about that. People could really get hurt.”

You give her some more details about where it was and what the creature looked like.

You: “Honestly I’m just glad you believe me. Not everyone has.”

Penny: “If you’re lying, then you’re pretty darn good at it, and you wouldn’t have any reason to.”

Penny: “I just want Marcie safe. If the police aren’t gonna help, I’ll protect her myself.”

You nod, then back toward the door.

You: “I should go. More deliveries.”

Penny: “Stay safe.”

You head to the library next, resisting the urge to peer in past the front desk. After that, the schoolhouse and the shoppe. The load on the LFGPB is lighter now, making it easier to ride around. Your legs are probably getting pretty swole at this point. Your next stop will be the Post Office. Will you stop in to talk to Rita, or just drop off the goods?
No. 736364 ID: d64687

Talk to Rita! Ask her where Harold Pal lives.
No. 736365 ID: 398fe1

I wanna talk to Rita. Ask her if there's anyone we haven't met in town!
No. 736367 ID: 163674
File 146873484740.png - (45.58KB , 500x500 , 10.png )

You enter the post office, ringing the doorbell. Every shop in Coxwette seems to have one of those stupid things. Rita is there, leaning over the counter with her knees on the seat of her chair as she tends to do. She is looking at a stack of two envelopes that came in the mail.

Rita: “Who’s-”

Rita: “Oh, hey Chuck. Cookie?”

You: “Yup.”

She sighs and thanks you for the delivery. You stop and lean against the counter yourself.

You: “Do you know where Harold Pal lives?”

Rita looks at you.

Rita: “…who?”

You get a cold sweat.

a) “Nevermind.”
b) “You know, the old tortoise guy?”
c) “Something wrong? You look a little bummed.”
d) [go to your next delivery]
e) >_
No. 736368 ID: 398fe1


Also C if we can fit that in.
No. 736369 ID: 3e8a9a

B, C
Reeeeally hoping old tortoise guy wasn't a fuckin' ghost.
No. 736370 ID: 3009b4

Agreed, this seems rather important.
No. 736371 ID: 15a025

No. 736372 ID: d64687

B and C.
No. 736373 ID: 9756be

inb4 suicide ghost
No. 736384 ID: 65317a

Go with B and then follow up with C.
No. 736391 ID: 163674
File 146873699216.png - (42.71KB , 500x500 , 11.png )

You: “You know, Harold Pal, the old tortoise guy?”

Rita: “Tortoise? No, sorry. I don’t know who that is.”


You: “Anyway. Something wrong? You seem kind of bummed.”

Rita had gone back to looking at the envelopes already.

Rita: “Huh? Wha?”

Rita: “Oh, no, I’m fine. Just… really bored. Really bored. You have no idea how little mail we get.”
No. 736393 ID: 398fe1

I'm sure there's some fun we could get up to together.
No. 736395 ID: 65317a

I vote we make an innuendo about making the day more interesting with her.
No. 736397 ID: 9756be

Use them eyebrows.
"Well what kind of fun would you like to have at this job?"
No. 736398 ID: fe65ad

After all that's happened, it probably best we just move on to the next delivery
No. 736416 ID: 9f3729

"you could try sending out notices to spam mailers, if you really want more work."
No. 736441 ID: a147e7

Still too tired to turn on the charm.

Maybe mention Geoff said he got attacked at some point, see if she has an insight.
No. 736453 ID: 163674
File 146878186603.png - (42.92KB , 500x500 , 12.png )

You: “I’m sure we could find something fun to do together.”

Rita looks around the empty office.

Rita: “Hm…”

Rita: “I guess I should get back to work.”

You must not have given her the look hard enough. You’re just too tired right now. You look up at the clock on the post office wall, which is stuck at 6:31 and not moving. No wonder this mail dog is going nuts.

You: “Did Geoff ever tell you anything about being attacked?”

Rita: “What?!”

Rita: “As in he was attacked?”

You: “Yeah, by a monster. A guy in a sheet, actually.”

Rita doesn’t know how to respond. She covers her mouth.

Rita: “No, he…”

Rita: “Is he ok?”

You: “It happened a while ago. He’s fine, far as I can tell.”

Rita: “He didn’t tell me. WHY didn’t he tell me? I’m his big sister…”
No. 736454 ID: ea2bfa


Chuck, do us all a favor and stop being a fucking prick for five seconds of your life. Try to reassure her WITHOUT also attempting to get in her pants.

Just this once? Please?
No. 736456 ID: 785862

Eyebrow game weak today.

Recount our own adventure in the woods and explain what happened, Geoff had a similar experience but he claims what attacked him looked like a bird. You could offer to show her the wound but only if she asks.
No. 736459 ID: 398fe1

Probably thought you wouldn't believe him.
No. 736467 ID: a147e7

Keep it believable, no talk about biblical verse or she eets.
Just a crazy vagrant.

Maybe subtly see how close the sibs are in general.
Please don't try to fuck her. Too hard.
No. 736470 ID: 59bd8b

Yeah, stop hitting on her Chuck, if your heart isn't in it then don't do it. However tell her that the only reason Geoff told us about his attack was because he saw that we had similar wounds, and he didn't tell her because it would be hard to believe that someone attacked him in this little town.
No. 736473 ID: 163674
File 146878707536.png - (33.13KB , 500x500 , 13.png )

Rita: “He doesn’t trust me…”

You: “Eeeaaah… yyyy… I dunno if I’d jump to that conclusion, I mean…”

You: “It’s a hard story to believe just by nature. Maybe he thought you wouldn’t believe him or something”

Rita’s expression sours.

Rita: “Well, why’d he tell you then?”

You are a little taken aback, but you don’t think she was trying to sound offensive.

You: “He kind of wouldn’t have told me if he didn’t see that I have the same injuries. From a similar attack, see.”


Rita: “You mean there’s a crazy guy in a sheet attacking people, and no one’s doing anything about it?”

Rita: “I’m calling the police. The mayor needs to address this!”

You suck your teeth and shrug. Rita slumps.

Rita: “I’m sorry. He’s just not honest with me about anything. Sure I picked on him growing up, but he thinks I don’t love him or something”

Rita: “How does something like that happen?”

Rita: “Do you have any siblings, Chuck?”

You: “Only child.”

Rita: “Ah. Well, I wish he’d talk to me. He still thinks I don’t know he’s… you know. I keep waiting for the day he’ll come and tell me but”

Rita: “Well, anyway. I’m sure you’ve got more deliveries.”

She walks into the back room.
No. 736475 ID: 65317a

Welp time to move on then to our next stop.
No. 736476 ID: 9f3729

And here we have pictured A BIG GOOF
Carry on, try not to bring up the sheetmen again unless it's really relevant.
No. 736480 ID: 9ad102

Next stop is City Hall, right?
I'm sure nothing will go wrong if we talk there about the demons.
No. 736491 ID: aebd9f

Maybe she should call Geoff before contacting the cops? But then again we did see a possible sheet man last night... Soooo..... Yeah.

Okay, next stop.
No. 736492 ID: aebd9f

Speaking of the sheet men and arming ourselves, where is your baseball bat? Did you leave that at Naz's place?
No. 736501 ID: a147e7

Yes, probably. Also our shirt and rope.
No. 736502 ID: 163674
File 146879672786.png - (45.13KB , 500x500 , 14.png )

Off to City Hall next. Lisa is there on her way through the sprawling, marble-decked entry chamber. She is all made-up and dressed professionally.

Lisa: “Good morning, Chuck.”

You hand her a bag of muffins.

You: “I notice you’re not calling me ‘sir’ anymore.”

Lisa straightens up and gasps.

Lisa: “Oh… sorry, sir! I forget my manners sometimes.”

You: “No, I like it better. It makes you seem more comfortable.”

Lisa: “I suppose I am, given that… well”

Lisa: “You’ve seen me in my-”

She looks over her shoulder and stops.

Lisa: “Oh, and, uh… what was that yelling last night?”

You: “It was nothing. Really.”

Eager to change the subject, you…

a) ask for a meeting with the mayor
b) flirt
c) say goodbye and head to the police station
d) >__
No. 736503 ID: cd44ca

d) In a low voice, say she seems nervous. Does the mayor not approve of... the kind of activities you all were engaged in last night? You don't know her well yet, but about some things she seems a bit... old-fashioned, compared to other places you've been. You wouldn't want to accidentally offend the mayor's views, but that's hard given that you're not sure what they are yet.
No. 736504 ID: bb78f2

d)) Hey, so Rita knows that both me and Geoff were attacked by an eldritch KKK member, so like heads up, she'll probably want to meet with the mayor about it. Which she may not appreciate too much with that whole rumor regarding the Starks summoning demons to kill Nelson Plath.

Don't know what you intend to do about that.
Just know that if Susanna makes Rita, me and/or Geoff disappear, I've made insurances that someone knows who to blame. With all due respect to Susanna, of course. I don't believe she's a part of it, nor am I blaming her, I'd like to be friends with her, I even admire her a bit, but I know she likes to cover up old stuff. Like say, that door in the well. So I'm just covering my bases.

All I'm asking you to do is that when the time comes, you be the angel on Susanna's shoulder and reason with her if she looks agitated. Don't say I threatened her with those insurances, I didn't, and if you did tell her that you might spark the devil in her. Just let her know there probably have been insurances made by unknown persons due in part to the rumors in this town, that means she'll be more careful and less rash.
No. 736509 ID: 398fe1

A. It's about time we have an extended conversation with the snek.
No. 736515 ID: a147e7

B and C. Keep it cute and head out, don't push your luck.
We like her and want her to notice, but not to scare her.
No. 736517 ID: 65317a

A) we've really needed to see the mayor about quite a few things now.
No. 736519 ID: 163674
File 146880172157.png - (40.84KB , 500x500 , 15.png )

You put your hands in your pockets and lean against the wall.

You: “So, does the mayor… not like certain kinds of behavior?”

Lisa reaches into the bag you handed her and pulls out a muffin.

Lisa: “What do you mean?”

Lisa: “Sorry, I haven’t eaten anything today…”

You: “She seems to not like… how do I put this? Misbehavior?”

Lisa looks away, clutching the clipboard and the back close to her.

Lisa: “I don’t know what you mean.”

You squint, then get ready to leave.

You: “Can I make a meeting with her?”

Lisa: “Yes, certainly, sir-”

Lisa: “Chuck”

You: “Oh, am I getting knighted?”

She doesn’t laugh. Maybe she didn't get it. It's better than what you were tempted to say, which was some kind of comment on wanting to nibble her muffin top. On a better day you might have taken the plunge...

Lisa: “I can get you in this evening at 7PM, or tomorrow morning at…”

She looks at the first page of her clipboard.

Lisa: “6AM.”
No. 736520 ID: 41b742

Who the fuck wakes up at 6. Go for the meeting tonight.
No. 736531 ID: 08ed3a

7 at night works fine (but maybe pay a visit to Ramona before you go to get some spiritual protection)
No. 736541 ID: 90f3c0

Appointments at both 6AM and 7PM? The mayor must work some awfully long hours.

See her tonight. Chuck doesn't seem like the type to make 6AM meetings.
No. 736555 ID: 163674
File 146880697530.png - (45.29KB , 500x500 , 16.png )

You agree to the 7PM meeting, declining to comment on the mayor’s odd work hours. It is far from the strangest thing about that woman. You go to the police station, your finally delivery for the day. It really flies by when you don’t stop to chat as much.

Layla is there at the front desk, looking severe as usual.

Layla: “Hey tough guy. You got the goods?”

You: “Sure do.”

You hand over a bag of miniature blueberry scones, complete with some bags of tea that Marcie had been drying herself.

Layla: “Alright. Good stuff.”

a) Tell her about the attacks
b) Flirt
c) Report Naz for aggravated pranking
d) Leave
e) >__
No. 736556 ID: 9f3729

A. If she gives you guff, strip off your shirt and show off the big honkin' back holes.
No. 736557 ID: 38685c

a! Nothing wrong with a paper trail.
No. 736558 ID: 398fe1

A, because people keep bugging us to do it and Chuck called in a report of the one at the apartment, too. Also Rita probably already talked to them, so they'll have more reason to believe us.

I'd vote B but Chuck seems off his game today.
No. 736562 ID: cd44ca

a), show off the evidence, and say you talked to Geoff and he mentioned a similar experience, saying he thought no-one would believe him.
No. 736570 ID: 49f18e

A) also mention how you called in last night
No. 736581 ID: 163674
File 146880872708.png - (48.63KB , 500x500 , 17.png )

You explain what happened to you and Geoff, including what the attackers looked like. You show her your scars, and mention that Geoff showed you similar ones.

Layla: “Someone’s attacking my citizens.”

Layla: “In my town.”

Layla: “Lieutenant Parker and I’ll run a sweep of the woods and the tracks up north.”

Layla: “Whoever’s doin’ this”

Layla: “They’re gonna regret it.”

Well, that's in for your workday. You just have to swing the LFGPB back to the bakery and then get ready for your meeting with the mayor. It's about half past four.

Will you stay and talk to Marcie, or head back to the Plath House? Or somewhere else?
No. 736584 ID: 398fe1

I hope none of them die trying to fight things that don't die when you shoot them.

Go talk to Marcie. Give her a kiss.
No. 736592 ID: aebd9f

Go get a hug and maybe a kiss from Marcie, she seems to brighten your spirits a little, just tell her you aren't feeling very good today and I bet she will give you a hug.
No. 736596 ID: 59bd8b

Talking to Marcie seems like the best idea. She seems to bring out a better side of Chuck, and she can probably cheer you up at least a little before your meeting with the mayor.
No. 736600 ID: 3e182c

While I'm sure people are used to Chuck smelling like Sweat, sex, and baked goods on route, I feel like that would give the wrong impression to the mayor during Chucks meeting.

Go back to the Plath House, even if only to Check in and Shower. Oh, and to do something about our chest pussy.
No. 736601 ID: 65317a

Id say visit marcie then swing by the school to give a "topless" delivery to our favorite teacher.
No. 736613 ID: 15a025

Had back to the plathes' house and shower.
No. 736615 ID: c22069

Chatting up Marcie sounds good for now. Maybe consider tailing after the cops a little while later to make sure they don't get got by those zombie ghosts. It would be a shame if they got drained into husks because of us.
No. 736620 ID: 36295c

Give Layla more screentime and tell her all the details, don't unwrap the bandages though. With needles in your back and PUSSY written on your chest she'll think you're on drugs.

Tell her to please at least consider this could be some supernatural stuff going on, so don't get too close.

Don't let her show you any pictures of her family and cut her off if she says anything about retirement or looking forward to spending time with family in the near future or some shit.
No. 736622 ID: a147e7

Buy and wear cheap eyeglasses to the meeting with the mayor. Up to five bux would be fine.
No. 736625 ID: 163674
File 146881363078.png - (3.58KB , 500x500 , 18.png )


>helping cops
No. 736626 ID: 163674
File 146881364562.png - (47.20KB , 500x500 , 19.png )

You return to the bakery and lock up the bicycle.

Marcie is in the back washing up her equipment. She looks worn out, but no less happy. She smiles and waves at you.

Marcie: “Chuck! How’d it go?”

You: “It went alright. Mondays, you know… I just wanna get through the day.”

She laughs and goes back to washing. You just stand there for a little bit, watching her work. You feel like a creep. Why are you doing this? Say something!
No. 736628 ID: ddcffb

She looks like she's either splashed water on herself or is sweating. Possibly because of your stare, possibly because of her barely repressed lust for you.

"Do you need a hand drying? I have an appointment in a bit but I could help for a while."
No. 736632 ID: 398fe1

Tell her a kiss would make you feel better.
No. 736636 ID: fe65ad

Inquire about another date
No. 736637 ID: f15c78

Shes standing in front of a sink, so our best bet is probably that shes washing her face or something. Also this line is smooth.
No. 736641 ID: 38685c

Ask her if she's alright.
No. 736650 ID: b5f1ec

Open with >>736628 about drying, then get a better read of how she's doing. If she seems down, inquire further.
No. 736656 ID: a147e7

No. 736657 ID: 163674
File 146882099359.png - (32.97KB , 500x500 , 20.png )

You: “Need a hand with the drying?”

Marcie: “Oh, no, I was just washing my hands. I air-dry the kitchenware.”

She pats the towel over her face.

You: “Feeling alright?”

Marcie: “Yeah! I just get so sweaty standing in front of the ovens all day.”

Marcie: “I’m getting off in a few minutes, actually. Want to join me?”
No. 736658 ID: 163674
File 146882100204.png - (11.57KB , 500x500 , 21.png )

No. 736659 ID: 41b742

It's time to help her get off, Chuck
No. 736660 ID: aebd9f

Let's take this one slow... Our eyebrow game isn't strong today.
"Sure! What did you have in mind for the afternoon?"
No. 736669 ID: 350a50

Invite her to meet the Plaths.
No. 736672 ID: 79fdd3

>prefering vampire/ghoul cops over normal cops
No. 736673 ID: 398fe1

Yes, very much so.
No. 736675 ID: e60017

We should be able to squeeze in a quickie before our meeting
No. 736679 ID: 9f3729

cmon chuck that was barely lewd
Tell her you gotta be somewhere at seven but are free until
No. 736687 ID: 3e182c

Remember chuck, whatever you do the word pussy is on your chest.
No. 736702 ID: 15a025

Yeah, I'd avoid showing her our amazing chest shave for now.

I'm not too sure we should invite her to the plaths' house though. I feel that could make things a little awkward.
No. 736784 ID: b5f1ec

Tell her that you're meeting the mayor later, but you'd love to spend time with her until then.
No. 736823 ID: 163674
File 146889349732.gif - (31.30KB , 500x500 , 22.gif )

You: “I’ve got a meeting in a little bit. I’d love to spend some time until then, th-”


Marcie: “I hope you like scoooooooooooooones!!”

Marcie: “I’ve been growing and drying my own tea!!”

Marcie: “I’m planning to start selling it sooooooooooon”

You look at the clock, regretting your offer already. You could stick around with Marcie, though that would mean skipping a stop by the Plath House for a shower.
No. 736825 ID: ddcffb

Man you gotta shower before you meet the mayor!

Compromise: ask Marcie if she has a shower.
No. 736849 ID: 15a025

Let's make it clear the shower is for us though. I get the feeling she might get the wrong idea.
No. 736854 ID: c441c1

No she wont this is Marcie.
No. 736870 ID: 398fe1

If there IS a shower here you could both go in there.
No. 736880 ID: 08ed3a

"Hey that sounds great! Can't wait to try some. Hey before you get to excited I don't suppose you have a shower here that I might use real quick?"
No. 736895 ID: 163674
File 146890390447.png - (26.69KB , 500x500 , 23.png )

You: “Oh sure, scones. Yeah, who doesn’t love those”

Marcie beams.

You: “You wouldn’t happen to have a shower around here I could use, would you?”

Marcie: “Here? At the bakery?”

Marcie: “I mean… at my house, sure, but not here at the bakery.”

You: “Ah. Hm.”

It’s 5PM. You don’t think you have time to go all the way to her house just to shower, and Marcie probably wouldn’t be hopping in with you. At least not on an off-day like this. It doesn’t sound like she really wants to do anything interesting now, either. Tea and scones? That’s just granny stuff.

a) Have tea time with Marcie
b) Go elsewhere >_
c) other >_
No. 736898 ID: 15a025

The sweet smell of tea and goodies will act as a cologne to mask your stench.
No. 736900 ID: 38685c

You need a shower, stinky.
No. 736901 ID: c441c1

I know it could be dangerous but before we enter the Mayors office I think that Chuck should say something along the lines of 'hello mistress/mayor of the night' and then play it off as a joke about how we don't really see her much during the day but she will know whats up and that we are on to her, or she might not be a vampire(yeah right) and is just weird.
I will vote A and ask Marcie if you could take one of her nicer smelling ingredients like vanilla and use it as cologne.
No. 736902 ID: d9b2eb

You had a rough day yesterday. Unwind with tea time. (Its not all about sex)
No. 736911 ID: 398fe1

Why do we need two hours to take a shower?
No. 736929 ID: 3e182c

Think about it, on foot travel time. Spend one hour with Marcie and the only way to take a shower and not be late would be to literally not talk to anyone and that be pushin it. Sally and Ramona are going to want to follow up after last nights phone call and if you use Marcie's at her place you know she'll keep her gab on.

I posit It would be possible to do both if we spent no more than half an hour with Marcie but given her excitement that may be difficult.

We could also just use the bike to cut travel time, but we'd likely just end up sweaty again, somewhat defeating the purpose of the shower.
No. 736949 ID: 65317a

I say stay for tea. Can use the time to learn about other characters and relax. Besides if the mayor seems to be the type who appreciates the smell of hard work.
No. 736984 ID: 86a164

go shower, make sure to give Marcie a kiss before leaving though
No. 737004 ID: e4f856

Dude, shower, and ask the plaths for advice on handling the mayor
No. 737005 ID: dd4df2


Marcie strikes me as an excellent gossip, so you might pick up some good tidbits if you stick around.

Plus, tea's an excellent pick-me-up, so you might come out of it a little more refreshed than you currently are.

'sides, never hurts to be chummy with your boss.
No. 737006 ID: 3e182c

I vote for shower.
Though we don't have any plans for tonight. We could wind down with tea and Marcie after talking to the mayor.
I'm sure she wouldn't be too crestfallen if we put it off for a few hours.
No. 737008 ID: 08ed3a

not a bad idea actually, ask her if we could come by after our meeting and have tea but please get instructions to her place before you leave so we wont have to go hunting for it.
No. 737018 ID: 9266ce

Hey yeah that works
No. 737048 ID: b5f1ec

Yeah, voting now for teatime after the mayor visit.
No. 737081 ID: 350a50

Man up and have a sophisticated tea and scones.
No. 737104 ID: 163674
File 146898263208.png - (39.43KB , 500x500 , 24.png )

You: “I’ve got a meeting in a little bit. I should really go and get showered up.”

You: “Want to meet up after?”

Marcie: “The bakery’s not gonna be open that late…”

You: “I meant at your house.”

Marcie: “Oh! Yes, gosh, I’d like that. I go to bed awful early for work, though…”
No. 737113 ID: 272cf3

"That's okay I don't have to stay long, I'd really love to try your tea though. Can I get directions to your place though?"
No. 737128 ID: 9fdb37

"We could turn it into a fun sleepover."

And I mean actual sleepover, not some code for fucking her. Because I think Chuck has a soft spot for Marcie, for some yet unknown reason.
No. 737132 ID: 15a025

Sleep over at Marcie's house!!!
No. 737165 ID: 163674
File 146899029118.png - (24.39KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

Marcie vibrates with excitement, and scrawls her address down on the back of a receipt. You barely even think about burglarizing her home!
No. 737166 ID: 163674
File 146899030611.png - (24.83KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

The evening is just starting to creep in on your way back to the Plath House.
No. 737167 ID: 163674
File 146899031846.png - (16.71KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

It’s so balmy.
No. 737168 ID: 163674
File 146899034052.png - (1.65KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

You really do smell.
No. 737169 ID: 163674
File 146899036559.png - (2.71KB , 500x500 , 29.png )



bweep bweep

WHY IS THIS LEVEL SO HARD. It’s just like all the other ones! AAAH! It’s always those last two stupid guys, and your shields are almost gone every time. You have one powerup left, but you won’t get another one for another five levels.

a) Use final powerup
b) Start over
c) Play a different game
No. 737171 ID: d7ff00

>d) focus! use the force, Luke!
No. 737173 ID: 358228

C) Play that Coxwette VN you picked up the other day.
No. 737174 ID: 15a025

It's not over yet! Use your final power up and give them hell! Make them pay for their bull shit cheating.
No. 737179 ID: 272cf3

No. 737180 ID: 398fe1

With these sorts of games you just gotta get as far as you can every time you play so you can experience something new each time, and every time you can get a bit farther, until you've mastered every level.

No. 737182 ID: 5df8fa

No. 737183 ID: f562b1

If you just start over every time you're getting close, you won't improve as much as if you actually give it a chance. If you gotta use your powerup to get rid of these last two before they slam into you, then do so, and just try your hardest to get them all sooner the next level. If the speed up is too much, you can start over then.
No. 737184 ID: f562b1

That is to say, A.
No. 737186 ID: 3e182c

No. 737190 ID: 163674
File 146899413369.png - (3.20KB , 500x500 , 30.png )

>use powerup


[level cleared]
No. 737192 ID: 163674
File 146899419053.png - (60.90KB , 500x500 , 31.png )



We got ‘em. It took everything we had, but we’re gonna make it.





“THAT’S IT, Karen! I’m fucking done!”

“Oooooh, never heard that one before! Go ahead, leave. You’ll be back in three days!”
No. 737193 ID: 163674
File 146899420661.png - (59.82KB , 500x500 , 32.png )

Dad: “You think I fucking will? Wait, then.”

Mom: “Oh, HERE we go…”

Dad: “I can’t believe I have to come home from a long day of work and LISTEN TO THIS!”

Dad: “Why can’t you get a god damn job?!”

Mom: “You think watching the stupid kid’s not a full time job on its own? Why don’t you try it for a day!”

Dad: “Oh yeah, because sipping vodka and orange juice all day is SO HARD. We NEED money, Karen.”

[stomp stomp stomp stomp]

Dad: “If you had the fucking abortion like I said, we wouldn’t be LIVING IN A FUCKING SINGLE-WIDE TRAILER”

The front door slams. Mom gets something out of the fridge and sits down on the couch. She’s crying.
No. 737197 ID: 15a025

Just ignore it for now Captain! You're kicking butt at this game and can't afford to be distracted!
No. 737198 ID: db0da2

Quickly! Blame yourself for this and fall into a life of crime due to the deep-seated emotional issues this formative experience will plant in you!
No. 737199 ID: f0e552


Go and ask if your mom is ok?
No. 737200 ID: 350a50

Sneak out after mom passes out drunk.
No. 737201 ID: e8a926

Wake up, Chuck.
No. 737202 ID: 38685c

No. 737207 ID: b8810a

Take comfort in the fact that you at least have people to blame for how fucked up you are.
Maybe take a moment to pray that the two of them have suffered a messy, painful end.
No. 737213 ID: 272cf3

It's okay Charlie. It's okay... None of it is your fault. None of it. Be strong kiddo. You have to try and be strong, not just for them, but for yourself. You are a great kid, and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.
No. 737221 ID: d1227c

Don't listen to them buddy. You're a good kid.
No. 737225 ID: 3e182c

No. 737255 ID: 8a13c1

Your parents are the ones who are messed up chuck, not you. You are doing exactly what a kid should be doing. And if they can't handle it, it is their fault, not yours.

Never forget to be the fighter pilot Chuck. Dont give up just cause it looks bleak, you can pull through even if you have to throw everything you've got into it.

Next level time. (And try not to die instantly, it would kinda ruin the speech)
No. 737260 ID: 9fdb37

There's no point in dwelling on the past.

If it bothers you that much, maybe you could try being better? Like, more responsible and aware how your actions affect others? Yeah, crazy. But it's obvious that you wish for less shit in your life. And that starts by being excellent to others.
No. 737266 ID: 3af16b

realize your parents are kinda shit, but have this realization do little to mitigate the damage done by their fighting and insults. grow up a broken man.
No. 737270 ID: 0fe0c8

No. 737276 ID: 5a893f

Try and be affectionate. Tell her you love her, even if you don't because she's actually much worse than I think she is.
We might BE ABLE to change the past!
Your parents are awful, but they're human in some ways. Mom seems somewhat okay, just stressed. Small attempts at showing affection might work, She carried you 9 months for some reason.

I don't think dad's salvagable though.
No. 737292 ID: e4f856

Youre a good kid. Its not your fault. Ignore them, you have five levels to focus on! Go Captain go! >>737221
No. 737377 ID: bd08f5

Obviously you use the boost to get through.
No. 737379 ID: 163674
File 146907627846.png - (5.10KB , 500x500 , 33.png )

>next level

You can’t give up. You go to the next level.


Jimmy said he beat the whole game, how is that even possible, he’s probably cheating!!
No. 737380 ID: 163674
File 146907629465.png - (3.52KB , 500x500 , 34.png )

boomp bimp

You hit the saucer
No. 737381 ID: 163674
File 146907630925.png - (35.56KB , 500x500 , 35.png )




This… this is the best day of your life.
No. 737382 ID: 163674
File 146907633499.png - (35.64KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

You can’t resist. You have to use it now.
No. 737384 ID: 163674
File 146907636166.png - (142.36KB , 500x500 , 37.png )


wait… what
No. 737385 ID: 163674
File 146907637664.png - (37.25KB , 500x500 , 38.png )

You: “Mom!”

You: “I just hit the saucer!”

Mom: “You spend too much time playing this. Come sit on the couch.”

You get the ‘fun time is over’ feeling, and remember how much the real world sucks.

You: “Are you mad at me?”

Mom: “No.”

a) sit on the couch
b) run to your room
No. 737389 ID: c441c1

No. 737391 ID: d1227c

No. 737392 ID: fe65ad

No. 737394 ID: 15a025

No. 737397 ID: d21b57

No. 737399 ID: 350a50

No. 737400 ID: 2639f3

No. 737401 ID: f15c78

A. If we run its only gonna piss her off.
No. 737402 ID: 398fe1

She's not mad, so sit with her.
No. 737404 ID: 272cf3

A. I have a feeling we might have a serious talk
No. 737414 ID: cc08c7

No. 737417 ID: cd221b

Oh shit divorce or something incoming
No. 737486 ID: db0da2

Maaan, this is stupid, it's probably just something dumb like the divorce we've seen coming for a year now. Let's just get this over with so we can go back to playing Atari or whatever the hell that is.
No. 737491 ID: e4f856

B would only make her mad, so A it is.
No. 737499 ID: 0a94cb

A) but don't like it
No. 737503 ID: bd08f5

Sit on couch
Whippet out
No. 737504 ID: 2a7417

B. You'll be in your trailer until the next take.
No. 737506 ID: 1ce6a6

A get it over with
No. 737512 ID: 3d7d66

Jesus christ, Chuck's parents were pieces of shit. Wanna argue? Fine. Call him a failed abortion? That hurts, but ok. But pulling the cable? When he hits the saucer?! For crying out loud woman!
No. 737580 ID: 65317a

Going to say A. Probably going to be some important talk.
No. 737658 ID: 163674
File 146915490322.png - (53.97KB , 500x500 , 39.png )

You and Mom sit down on the couch. She doesn’t say anything. She just lights a cigarette. You feel the need to break the silence.

You: “Where did Dad go?”

Mom: “I don’t know.”

You: “When is he coming back?”

Mom: “I don’t know.”

You: “Just call him and make him come back like you did before. When you cried on the phone and he came back”

Mom: “No. Absolutely not. That didn’t happen and you’re never going to talk about that again.”

You: “Yes it DID!”

Mom: “Shut. Up.”

You: “…sorry Mom”

Mom sighs out a bunch of smoke, and you cough.

Mom: “I didn’t mean to call you stupid. I’m very sorry.”

Mom: “Sometimes I get mad at Dad. We get mad at each other, and we both say things we don’t mean.”

Mom pauses and looks away.

Mom: “I… uh… I like you, Charlie.”


No. 737659 ID: 163674
File 146915492953.png - (34.76KB , 500x500 , 40.png )

No. 737660 ID: 163674
File 146915494702.png - (39.78KB , 500x500 , 41.png )

Mom: “Shhh, shh. Oh, baby, no…”

Mom: “Everything’s going to be ok.”

Mom: “Shhhh. It’s ok.”

Mom rocks back and forth, humming a song she used to sing to you when you were a baby. She smells like smoke, but she is warm and soft and always knows what to say to make you feel better.
No. 737666 ID: 2f5847

Try to achieve her fondest dreams for you,
and don't become a goddam common criminal.

And when that fails, become bitter.
No. 737668 ID: 15a025

Sounds like a good time to break out a board game and have some quality time with your mom.
No. 737670 ID: 2e2d71

And then the moment is ruined because your principal calls about some trouble you got in at school.
No. 737676 ID: b8d5aa

apologize for nothing in particular
No. 737679 ID: 163674
File 146915924853.png - (49.77KB , 500x500 , 42.png )

You get your favorite board game and play it with Mom.

Mom: “Oh, what the hell”

Mom: “Snake eyes again?”

Mom: “Are you hustlin’ me Charlie”

You: “Mom-”

Mom: “I can’t get busted again. I can’t take that hit”

You: “No, Mom, that’s good. Snake eyes gets you to the next ring, and you win when you get to the middle ring”

You hold up the box.

You: “The game is actually called Snake Eyes”

Mom: “Oh”
No. 737680 ID: 163674
File 146915926995.png - (32.11KB , 500x500 , 43.png )

When the game is over, Mom makes you some hot chocolate in the microwave with some package from the back of the pantry. It tastes the best.

Mom: “Things are going to be ok. Dad is going to come back”

Mom: “When he gets back, I’m going to buy a BIG tub of ice cream and we’ll all have root beer floats, ok?”

You nod with great enthusiasm.

Mom: “We’ll all have root beer floats and macaroni and cheese like none of this ever happened. Ok?”

Mom: “I just need you to remember one thing for me.”

You: “What?”
No. 737681 ID: 163674
File 146915928634.png - (32.13KB , 500x500 , 44.png )

Mom: “Just please remember, promise me that as long as you live you’ll never forget this”

You: “Ok! Mom! What?!”

Mom: “Charlie, please… please remember. If you forget me and everyone else just remember this one thing”

Mom leans in very close.
No. 737682 ID: 163674
File 146915931312.png - (44.24KB , 500x500 , 45.png )

Mom: “There are no catacombs beneath the library.”

No. 737683 ID: 163674
File 146915932063.png - (36.21KB , 500x500 , 46.png )

No. 737688 ID: 38685c

"Are you a vampire"
No. 737689 ID: d1227c

Prepare yourself for any attack, quick!
No. 737691 ID: 2e2d71

Stick your dick in it.
No. 737692 ID: 9f3729

punch her in the snoot.
"Don't fuck with my memories you paranatural shitsucker."
No. 737693 ID: fe65ad

Are you husslin' me, mayor?
No. 737694 ID: 38685c

"You're not my real mom!"
No. 737695 ID: 398fe1

"I'd like to plunder YOUR catacombs if you know what I'm saying."
No. 737697 ID: 65317a

Violence is probably a bad idea what with our criminal history. Try to break eye contract. Shes leaning close see if you can get a view of her other orbs.
No. 737699 ID: 15a025

Careful Chuck! She's coming in to drink your blood!
No. 737701 ID: 9f3729

actually, you're right!

Pull her into an inescapable bear hug
No. 737702 ID: 595d54

Whip out your dick. It's the only proper thing to do when a lady comes to your bed expecting something from you.
No. 737703 ID: 2f5847

This. Our best bet for defense is to be strong-willed.

Our best offense is breaking her concentration.
No. 737705 ID: c441c1

grab a boob.
No. 737706 ID: 216ffa

Puff yourself out to look bigger!

This intimidates the snek.
No. 737707 ID: 398fe1

We're in her office. Look at the background.
No. 737708 ID: 521061

She is using a good memory from our childhood to hypnotize us! Quick! relive our worst childhood drama! The stress might be enough to break her hold on our mind before it gets to strong!
No. 737710 ID: c22069

"Madam Mayor, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?"
No. 737712 ID: 272cf3

"Yes there is. YOU. VAMPIRIC. BITCH."

Then smack a bitch for fucking with your mind!
No. 737719 ID: 3e182c

Look. Woman. Straight up. I DON'T CARE.
I don't care about the stupid catacombs.
I don't care about your stupid feud.

All I want to know, is how to kill the fucking demons.
Clearly they have outlived their usefulness.
Clearly you have failed to banish them.

No. 737720 ID: 8631e7

Ok so it's a cellar, labyrinth or dungeon that's beneath the library. Got it.
No. 737721 ID: 8d7722

Scream like a child.
No. 737722 ID: 79a07e

I gotta admit, I kinda feel the same way.
Don't know what your issue is with the catacombs, don't really fucking care enough to risk anything about it if it's dangerous.


THAT'S my issue. THAT'S the big hangup. Now IF you're signing their paychecks, then yeah, we got a problem. But if they're just remnants of whatever the fuck happened whenever the fuck ago?

Just help us out with getting rid of these assholes, and frankly that's the extent of our concern with you.
No. 737732 ID: 350a50

Evade her vampiric powers by using the power of your horndog.
No. 737733 ID: db0da2

Quickly, stake her with your wood!
No. 737735 ID: f562b1

"Okay, okay, fine, I just wanted to get that music disc.
How long was I asleep, anyways?"
No. 737736 ID: 8631e7

Look, Chuck, if you can shake this off, if you slip this more metaphorical collar, if you escape, don't give it away. Don't scream and shout. Act like you're under her control. You're probably supposed to be waking up now, or something, so say something look "Sorry your mayorness, did I fall asleep? It's such a warm evening". Let her think she's in control.

Then... I dunno what you came in here presenting yourself with. Ask about the creatures assaulting you and Geoff? To ask about the town's history? To say "I heard your family is at odds with my hosts, you all seem like good women so I was wondering how I could help repair that rift?" Something to content her with. Don't let her be suspicious. You're a criminal, Chuck. You know how to keep your head, talk friendly to the cops, walk don't run. And you don't bow to authority figures, do you?

Keep it cool, Charlie. Stay in control. You'll deal with this lady later.
No. 737777 ID: b5f1ec

... I think she might be possessed. Her assistant had the same crazy eyes. If you can keep from panicking, Chuck, play along and let her think it's working. Otherwise, boop her snoot playfully. With your fist. Hard.
No. 737784 ID: 0a94cb

I'm mad.

Where the fuck is my root beer float and macaroni and cheese.

This whole town is fucking bullshit.
No. 737788 ID: 1ac545

Oh Christ, get the hell out of Chuck's head you psychotic bitch
No. 737791 ID: 358228

"Speaking of libraries, mind if I check you out?"
No. 737795 ID: e4f856

No. 737797 ID: 358228

Hold on, it gets better.
"It seems I just can't take you off my mind."
No. 737798 ID: b88e5a

What library?
No. 737806 ID: cc08c7

Wake up.
No. 737815 ID: 8ea83f

rolled 6, 3 = 9

Then remember your most lewd escapade in your life history. Then replace whoever it was you're lewding with her. If she's still reading minds she'll recoil.

Also, watch me not get a Snake Eyes!
No. 737816 ID: 38685c

Or the crazy eyes are a sign of being under the mayors control.
No. 737819 ID: 0201fb

"There ARE catacombs beneath the library, got it."
No. 737826 ID: 16b927

The catacombs? Not Chuck's business.
The fucking monster wandering around and trying to murder people? EVERYBODY'S business.
No. 737831 ID: 15a025

What if the ghosts and the catacombs are connected somehow?
No. 737866 ID: 5a893f

Beutiful eyes there, miss. I most certainly have lost something in them.
No. 737868 ID: 3bbfa1

"I am tired of these motherfucking demons on this motherfucking town!"

No, but seriously, if we are going to have a chit chat with the mayor, she needs to get properly schooled in the Word of the Lord.
If we are going to go the way of Innsmouth we better go by Priest Samuel's route.
No. 737871 ID: b8d5aa

break eye contact by staring at her delicious snake tits.
No. 737899 ID: 15fae4


yes there are you liar i saw them
No. 737924 ID: 350a50

You mean the monster the mayor's family (possibly the mayor) summoned?

Don't show your hand and don't resort to violence, she probably has vampiric strength too. Either feign ignorance or horndog your way out of this, Chuckie.
No. 737925 ID: ea2bfa

Do not horndog your way out of this, she will probably tear your nuts off.
No. 737930 ID: c441c1

The reason we came we talking to the Mayor in the first place is that the demons are running amok in town and have attacked two people recently and this sexyy slither of a lady snake is the closest thing to information we got.
No. 737968 ID: 36295c

"Miss Mayor, Pardon my french, but what the FUCK. Telling me that over and over again is only going to make me more curious, and that shit kills cats like me. Just tell me what's going on, I've already gotten stabbed once over this, I really don't want to be stabbed twice."
No. 738051 ID: 5dbe68


"I need to draw up a map, because I keep getting lost in your eyes."
No. 738057 ID: 163674
File 146928632360.png - (39.44KB , 500x500 , 47.png )

In this rare instance, you are too angry to be horny. Besides, her blouse isn’t even low-cut, you can’t cop a look! That makes you even angrier!

You: “Mayor, what the hell!”

You: “What the hell was that?!”

Susanna looks concerned.

Susanna: “What have you come to see me about today, Chuck?”

You: “The monsters! The catacombs that you ordered sealed. All of it!”

She stares blankly for a moment…
No. 738058 ID: 163674
File 146928634704.gif - (36.88KB , 500x500 , 48.gif )

then screams internally. She makes a screaming face and shakes, but no actual sound comes out.

Susanna: “Why doesn’t that work on you”

Susanna: “That should work!”

You: “What are you talking about?”

Susanna: “What did you see?”


You: “I… nothing. I don’t know. Did you drug me?”

Susanna stutters for ten seconds.

Susanna: “Nnnnno?”
No. 738059 ID: 163674
File 146928637083.png - (47.96KB , 500x500 , 49.png )

She sighs and walks to her desk, stroking the bottle of her model ship in a creepy way.

Susanna: “I understand. You want answers. I am a reasonable woman, and you are a reasonable man.”

Susanna: “But I simply cannot let that thread come loose.”

She looks toward the towering bookshelves to her right.

Susanna: “Have you… ever read a good book? A really good book?”

You: “Uh, yeah. Sure. What does that have to do with anything?”

Susanna: “The kind of book that draws you in and will not let go? The kind of book that ensnares you with its characters, making you fall in love with them or see them as family?”

Susanna: “You would follow them into infinity, through hell and fire and flame, you would die for them, for these words on these pages.”

You scratch your head and try to interject.

Susanna: “But then you turn the last page, and there is nothing but a cover there. Just a back cover with no more words. That’s it… they’re gone. These people you have grown to love are gone forever.”

Susanna: “Chuck. What do you do then?”
No. 738060 ID: f924d5

"Pick up the Sequel"
No. 738061 ID: 5dbe68

Write fanfic. LEWD fanfic.
No. 738063 ID: dd4df2

Keep it cool, man. Never helps to blow a gasket. Dad blew his gasket all the time. Let's not be dad. Let's be the hustler, all cool, all suave. Whatever's going on. Keep it cool.

Grab her hands gently, smile. Relocate focus to her snakey snoot; it'll still look like you're staring into her eyes.

"Oh, mayor. Anyone ever tell you you have the most hypnotizing eyes?"
No. 738064 ID: dd4df2


No. 738067 ID: b7814b

Write a better book.
No. 738068 ID: 38685c

They're real people, not a book. You megalomaniacal douchbag.
No. 738069 ID: b8d5aa

well, every book's got to come to an end one way or another, i guess.
No. 738070 ID: dd4df2


Invoke a darkly skeptical mien, but humour her.

"Arright, see if I thought if I could make a damn good book real... then yeah. Sure, I'd have done things to follow up. Don't know if I'd do whatever it is you've done, though. Can't really answer proper when I don't know what you're up to, Mayor. Or even how you'd turn folks on paper into real people."

Then hit her with some outrage. See what shakes loose.

"Aw heck. You somehow brainwashing people here? Turning them into your ideal of someone outta some book? Is that your angle? So help me, mayor, I'll grab a shovel and dig my way into your crazy tomb if you don't start fessin' up some sense. I get that Coxwette's a special place, but now you're making me worry it's all built on a lie."
No. 738074 ID: 8a13c1

Personal opinion here; I'd be happy that I got to know them. It's like a good friend passing or moving in a way. You can maybe hope to see them again, but it's better to cherish what you've gained from it, than to mourn the loss of them.
(I honestly get ridiculously sad from stuff like that, almost crying sometimes, and possibly crying sometimes; this is how I deal with it. Movies more than books, but still. As an example; I'd love to watch a TV series of Cats Don't Dance and I'm really really sad, but I'm happy that I got the movie at least.)
No. 738083 ID: f562b1

That's actually a pretty good question. Is that what this is, Mayor? Did you find a way to bring a book into life?
No. 738084 ID: e4f856

Read fic. Duh.
No. 738087 ID: ba7c6d

"If I cared that much, I guess I'd go try find the author and get some answers. Or, if they're not around, maybe find a literature professor or book reviewer or whoever else might have figured out some hidden meaning or hints to the what the conclusion would be. Or... go find other people who loved the stuff in that book, and get some consolation talking about it with them? People make big fan club things on the internet, I hear. Write their own new stories, based on stuff they liked."
No. 738089 ID: dce580

"I'd find a new copy and see if it's pages were missing too, or if it had a sequel I didn't know about."
No. 738090 ID: 36295c

"Well, that depends. A good story has proper closure, if the story is good enough it doesn't need a sequel. If you feel like that book didn't have the proper closure, maybe that book needs you to write a new ending, a better ending."
No. 738092 ID: 3e182c

That's not a book, Suzanna. That's life.
We can never get back those we've lost. Try and you'll just go crazy...

But what would I do? I'd run away and find a new story. Even if I did love the old one. I'd just, run... Keep opening new books with new characters, seeking new people, places, and thrills until I die or find somewhere to belong.

I thought that much would be obvious. How else would I have found myself in Coxwette?
No. 738093 ID: 65317a

Start reading a new book.
No. 738096 ID: 163674
File 146929679574.png - (37.65KB , 500x500 , 50.png )

You: “…what?”

You: “I don’t know. Read the sequel, I guess?”

Susanna: “Not all books have sequels.”

You: “I guess just write a fanfic or something. I don’t fucking know.”

Susanna: “…fanfic?”

You: “Yeah.”

Susanna: “What’s that?”

You: “It’s like… fanatical fiction. You know, some people are so obsessed with something that they write their own sequel.”

You: “Sometimes it’s even lewd.”
No. 738097 ID: 163674
File 146929680985.png - (50.77KB , 500x500 , 51.png )

Susanna: “A fanfic…”

Susanna: “A lewd fanfic…”

Susanna starts to laugh. It starts slow, then builds and builds until she is doubled over with tears squirting from her eyes.

She ushers you out of her office and closes the door behind you, laughing all the while. Well… apparently Selma has been operating under the radar.
No. 738098 ID: 15a025

Shout to Susanna that you want to read whatever lewd fanfic she ends up writing sometime.
No. 738099 ID: 2f5847

I'm not sure how to feel about this.
No. 738100 ID: ba7c6d

If I read that exchange right... the town is in the grip of a mayoral vampire fanfic writer who skipped words and just brought her fantasies straight to life.

My god.

... So, was that a "meeting's over" usher you out the door, or just a "don't look at me while I'm embarrassing myself laughing" usher you out the door? Because you haven't gotten a lick of answers really.
No. 738104 ID: b8d5aa

wait, this means...

...if the mayor is trying to 'continue the story' as she sees it being cut short...

...the mayor may have contrived to get you into town to fill the role of cletus, the dead soldier from ages past?
No. 738105 ID: 3e182c

Welp. We missed that train.
I feel like those were combined tears of hilarity and sorrow.

Oh yeah, if your friends and loved ones die just pretend that your fucking them. That always works.
I don't know who's more of a dick, Chuck or the mayor.

Anyway, we'll have to deal with this later. Marcie awaits.
No. 738106 ID: dce580

Way to dodge questions mayor. We'll be back...

For now though it's tea time!
No. 738111 ID: 398fe1

If she literally means a book, that means the book Ramona is after might... well... BE the town. Susanna might be sealing off access to the catacombs to prevent anyone from discovering the truth and/or messing with the book.
No. 738127 ID: 398fe1

Oops, now for an actual suggestion:

Get to Marcie's house. Time for some of the simpler things in life.
Do you remember what your mother really said?
No. 738133 ID: 9d5ded

We broke the snake.
Let's get out of here before somebody notices.
No. 738159 ID: 8963ff

"So does this mean the meeting's over?"
No. 738165 ID: 65317a

Maybe we should see if Lisa is still around before we head out. Talk to her a bit.
No. 738175 ID: c441c1

hell no we came here to learn about demons get back in there and sit on hat couch/chair/whatever until you get answers.
No. 738213 ID: 3e182c

If were going to do that we might as well just walk back in and tell her we know the historical details already and ask how to kill them.

No point in waiting all night.
No. 738239 ID: 2f5847

I support this. Really, we're better off not attracting attention anyway.
No. 738244 ID: 5dbe68

>apparently Selma has been operating under the radar.
But who has she been 'operating' on?

Good luck, Chuck. You've certainly made an impression, whatever it may have been.

Go clear the waters with Naz, apologize for your extreme rejection of the collar. You may have... overreacted, to the prank. But it still wasn't a cool thing for her to do.
No. 738247 ID: 350a50

Yeah, let's go talk shit out.

Explain about being on edge with the figure in the window, and somebody suddenly coming up behind you to put something around your neck is just not cool. You thought you were about to be garroted.
No. 738249 ID: c441c1

If we aren't going to confront the Mayor then say hi to Lisa and go talk with Naz.
No. 738275 ID: 59bd8b

I say we see if Lisa's around and talk to her, afterwords we should head to Marcie's. We made previous plans and we should stick to them.
No. 738285 ID: 2f5847

Correct. Tomorrow we'll talk to Naz at work.

If she needs to talk earlier, she'll call.
No. 738300 ID: 163674
File 146933537428.png - (34.99KB , 500x500 , 52.png )

What a fantastically unproductive meeting with the mayor. You are frustrated and even more confused than before.

a) knock on the mayor’s door again
b) find Lisa
c) leave and go to Marcie’s place
d) go to bed
e) other >_
No. 738301 ID: 15a025


Don't just knock though, pound that door down.
No. 738305 ID: 9756be

B. Then C. Just let her know we are not pleased with our esteemed mayor and pissed off that we were unable to even get an answer from her. After that, lets go find Marcie, we need a little comfort.
No. 738306 ID: 398fe1

C. Do you really think the Mayor is going to open that door, or Lisa is going to spill any beans? I doubt Lisa knows anything in the first place.

Go see Marcie. She can cheer you up, she's a regular bottle of sunshine.
No. 738308 ID: a451b9

a), but just knock once and call "Wait, how do we not get stabbed by monsters?"

Don't push it any further than that. If she doesn't answer then b) find Lisa and talk to her. Don't get too stroppy but express dissatisfaction and ask for another appointment.
No. 738309 ID: 3e182c

Chucks head is too hot to salvage this situation right now. I fear it is more complex than she lets on.

That said, I think we should B) Find Lisa and make another appointment. One where we wont be so pissed we start blurting retarded bullshit.

Then Immediately C). Beyond her official function Lisa is useless, and chuck could so use some Marcie and Tea.
No. 738313 ID: 9f3729

No. 738314 ID: 9f3729

pelvic thrust that door down
No. 738316 ID: 2f5847

Making appointments with the mayor won't do any good unless we have something to confront her with.

But I can think of a great many uses for Lisa.
No. 738332 ID: cc08c7

B to book appointment then C, we don't need a repeat of last night with the snake that can control people with her eyes.
No. 738337 ID: 65317a

Id say B. I dont think the mayor is going to let us back in. Might as well see how well Lisa is, or if shes in that trance again.
No. 738374 ID: 36295c

A. See if we can get some resolution with the mayor or something.
No. 738376 ID: 08cc13

We are not fucking done here
No. 738382 ID: c441c1

No. 738393 ID: 59bd8b

C. As much as I would like info, I doubt the mayor is going to feel like spilling the beans to us right now. Better to wait and see if we can find some dirt on her first.
No. 738394 ID: dd4df2


C. Chuck needs some serious chill-time. Let's deal with Mayors, Monsters and Catacombs, oh my, later.
No. 738398 ID: 01134a

No. 738410 ID: 1ce6a6

B for beaver
No. 738412 ID: 82ede9

this is too dumb to let stand. shout through the door that she's not even being cryptic, only really weird, and that she's really not fooling us with the charade, we just really don't care about what's under it.
No. 738413 ID: 1c8358

d) go to bed.

No. 738417 ID: 163674
File 146938669578.png - (37.57KB , 500x500 , 53.png )

You turn around and bang on the massive oaken door with your fist.

You: “I was not done talking to you. OPEN THE DOOR!”

You: “I don’t CARE what’s in the catacombs. AT ALL.”

Susanna speaks from the other side of the door.

Susanna: “So you won’t try to get down there anymore?”

You: “No. I’m telling you, I don’t give a shit what kind of nonsense you’re hiding down there.”

Susanna: “Good!”

She sounds jovial.

Susanna: “So just live your life here. Behave yourself and be good. Everything will be fine and you will finally be happy.”

You: “Ok. What is that supposed to mean?”

Susanna: “No more truth or dare. No more debauching my townsfolk. That’s it. You can live a happy, peaceful life here.”

You: "Why not just ask me to leave?"


Susanna: "Oh... Chuck..."

You: “What?!”

You: “Susanna!”

She stops replying. The door is locked.
No. 738419 ID: 211d83

Yell at her that you are going to debauch all the harder and snoop in the catacombs for horrible secrets just for the fun of it now.

Then wander off and cool down a bit.
No. 738420 ID: 595d54

No. 738422 ID: 398fe1

I don't suppose it's possible to ask her about the businessman? We've got a quest to do that.
No. 738424 ID: a4ec41

Oh Chuck, you've always lived in Coxwette.
No. 738425 ID: 59bd8b

Her townsfolk? Tell her that she doesn't own them, they can make their own decisions.
No. 738426 ID: 82ede9

make it clear that you have never once forced anyone into any debauchery, and telling people what they may or may not do in the privacy of their bedrooms is not her prerogative. she is being controlling and possessive.

also wtf is up with harold pal? is he one of your tricks? because let me tell you, that guy is an asshole.
No. 738427 ID: 3e182c

I feel like that was a threat. Like it hints that shes still using those things, but wont if we're "good".
I also feel like continuing to be a jackass at this door will end negatively.
Even if she can't control us her power can still cause us to pass out, and last I checked we had a date with Marcie.
Suzanne's position here is clear, we'll have to deal with her later. Maybe Ramona knows something.
No. 738429 ID: 1f2597

"Free will is free, And people will live their lives as they see fit! And you will never control them 'Anna!' Yeah I know that's what Vernon Plath used to call you, and I know you killed him for power and control! But there are things going on in this town even YOU can't understand! So enjoy your Stephen King bullshit while it lasts because sooner or later shit will hit the fan, and you will have NOTHING!"

Piss off, and maybe give Lisa a piece of your mind on your way out for being a fucking snitch.
No. 738431 ID: 595d54

>fucking snitch
Not like she's mindcontrolled at all.
No. 738432 ID: 1f2597

You know what... If we are going to take on a vampire... We need some help, some otherworldly help. After Tea with Marcie, I think we owe a ghost a favor.
No. 738433 ID: 3e182c

No. 738434 ID: 5a893f

Dude, with all the weird shit that's happened... Do you think maybe this town is like her ship in a bottle? Like, literally it's a ship in a bottle, and that's why so few people come and go into it...

Mention the turtle, then mention the thing you care most about is monsters. Okay, fine, it hurt me and you might now care about that, but they also hurt Geoff.

But seriously, the fuck is up with the turtle?

Also the key to beating Sussanna is in the catacombs. Chuck, once you've had enough with the bullshit of this town, it's time to plan a heist.

Your team, at minimum requires a Plath to get in that door. It needs a digger. And a vampire expert.
No. 738435 ID: c441c1

"You can't stop me from having sex with every man and woman in this town!!!"
No. 738436 ID: a451b9

Ok, go back to the Plath house and rat this stuff out to Ramona.
No. 738442 ID: 59bd8b

We should get to talking with Ramona, but we have a tea date with Marcie to think about. Marcie's first and we can talk to Ramona either later tonight or tomorrow morning.
No. 738445 ID: 65317a

I vote we talk to lisa. See how much she knows about being used by the snake vampire.
No. 738484 ID: a0f6d8

ask her about yesterday, see how much she remembers
No. 738491 ID: dd4df2


That's a pretty neat analogy, if so.

If this town is -like- a story... likely the reason the Mayor doesn't want us to go to the Catacombs is because that's where the ending is... and I'm getting the sense it won't be a happy ending.

I'm also getting the sense that disrupting the, ah, flow of the story by changing it into something more, ahem, exciting, might be hastening about the end, regardless of whether the catacombs are visited.

That said, I also get the feeling that this has been coming for a while now. There's monsters in the woods that predate Chuck's arrival. Ancient ghosts hanging about in attics. Something is seriously off.
No. 738492 ID: 350a50

A digger? Looks like Rachel is the next on our list.
No. 738534 ID: 163674
File 146941975936.png - (50.55KB , 500x500 , 54.png )

God… damn it. The mayor answers no more of your shouts. You storm out of City Hall and decide to follow the address that Marcie gave you earlier. It leads to a rather large but quaint house on the south side of town. It’s no mansion like the Plath House, but it’s far larger than anything you’ve ever lived in permanently. You knock on the door and wait.

After a short while, you hear footsteps pattering toward the door.
No. 738535 ID: 163674
File 146941978966.png - (50.25KB , 500x500 , 55.png )

Marcie: “Eeeeeeeeeeeee hee hee hee!”

Marcie: “You actually came!

Marcie: “I’m sorry I don’t look decent, I didn’t think you’d actually come!!”
No. 738536 ID: 79a07e

Y'know what? Considering all this stupid bullshit?

It's really nice to just...see someone who's just happy because they're happy.
No. 738537 ID: d1227c

Greet her with a hug :)
No. 738538 ID: 59bd8b

Like I'd ever break a promise I made to you Marcie.
No. 738540 ID: 01f5ac

"Marcie, you don't look decent, you look great. I'm kinda tired of people putting on a front at me today, anyway."
No. 738543 ID: 9f3729

No. 738544 ID: 3e182c

Oh Dear god Is that a Muffin Top?!?!?
I just lost my shit XD
No. 738545 ID: 163674
File 146942229508.png - (33.87KB , 500x500 , 56.png )

You hug Marcie, which catches her off guard.

Marcie: “Oh!”

She gives you a tight squeeze also.

You: “You look perfectly decent.”

You: “Beautiful, actually. You’re beautiful even at the end of the work day.”

Marcie gasps.

Marcie: “That’s… so SWEET!”

You regret what you said.
No. 738546 ID: 163674
File 146942231019.png - (36.10KB , 500x500 , 57.png )

Marcie: “Do you like my new muffin shirt?”

Marcie: “Ellen and Sophie made it for me.”

Marcie: “Isn’t it just so cute? It’s my favorite shirt!!”

Marcie has invited you to stare at her chest, an invitation which you accept enthusiastically.

You: “That’s one fine chestmuffin.”

Marcie: “Thank you!!”

Marcie: “I was just about to get ready for work tomorrow. Would you like to come in? I don’t know what we’d do so late in the evenin’…”
No. 738547 ID: 398fe1

Alright remember, be direct.

Tell her there might be time to fool around a little. GOD DAMN IT YOU BETTER HAVE YOUR CONDOMS THIS TIME
No. 738548 ID: 01f5ac

Well, first, you can help her get ready for work tomorrow. Then that will give you more time for anything else you can think of.
No. 738549 ID: 15a025

Give her a happy hug.
No. 738551 ID: ec10cf

"oh we could do *insert 50 different euphemisms for sex* so which of those activities sound appealing
hell here is a site with 400 of them

we must debauch her now swiftly and quickly.
fuck the mayor
No. 738553 ID: 398fe1

Literally fuck the mayor.
No. 738554 ID: 79a07e

I think you need some wind down time before trying anything. You don't need to force the banging thing. If you just want to destress and hang out with Marcie, I think that'd be nice.
No. 738555 ID: 15a025

Eat her muffins Chuck!
No. 738558 ID: c22069

Help Marcie get ready for tomorrow and see if you can mooch some free food off her. You haven't had dinner yet and this is your last chance before going back to the Path House and the "meal" that awaits you there.
No. 738560 ID: 2f5847

No. 738563 ID: f562b1

>we must debauch her now swiftly and quickly.
Does it really count if she's the one Chuck's officially dating, though?
No. 738565 ID: 8a13c1

I say just heavy petting for the day. That or just clothed today. I feel like Marcie deserves to be romanced on that special day of hers,(first time) and I don't think we're in the best mood for that. We gotta set up all the special shit girls like that day. Music, flowers, maybe some candles? I don't know what they actually go for.

Whatever you do chuck, treat her special.
No. 738567 ID: 2f5847

Receive muffins, play with chestmuffins.
Investigate her muffin like a…muffin.

No. 738568 ID: 5a893f

We can just drink tea and talk, like Saturday. Except maybe more about the town then me since you know my whole story, gossip about people some more, or I can learn more about you.

Unless you want to get creative and do something else.
No. 738574 ID: db0da2


Don't actually fuck the mayor though she's a bitch.
No. 738586 ID: 9fdb37

Am I the only one who is against meaningless sex with Marcie? She is a precious cinnamon roll and doing that to her could really, REALLY hurt her.

Chuck, please, if you have any decency, don't use Marcie as just another cock-sleeve. The rest of them are fair game.

Just...just explore some other venue with Marcie for now, okay? I know you feel something for her other than lust. I know she isn't just another hole to fill to you.

Bitches deserve to get fucked meaninglessly.
No. 738589 ID: e4f856

Do not have sex with Marcie (yet). Why not help her get ready for work tomorrow?
You could actually have a tea party. You could cuddle (imagine, Actual Genuine Affection, can u believe it chuck) You could do virtually anything else.
No. 738590 ID: 3e182c

Tea. Gossip. Hundreds of missed innuendos. Maybe some direct ones. If sex happens it happens if it doesn't it doesn't. I feel the point here should be to unwind and just enjoy Marcie's company while we can. Have absolutely nothing in mind for a little while and just breath in the moment.
No. 738594 ID: 59bd8b

I'm on board with not sexing up Marcie. Let's help her get ready for tomorrow and see if we can talk with her about herself or the town. If we do go for her let's stop at cuddling, at least for now.
No. 738599 ID: a445b2

Yes, no sex with Marcie for now.

Mutual masturbation, tops.
No. 738606 ID: b5f1ec

I am also in the no sex (yet) party. I'm all for helping her get ready for the next day, talking to her and maybe snuggling up with her while drinking tea. Then, if something happens... we'll see where it goes. :3
No. 738608 ID: 350a50

This with the force of a thousand suns.
No. 738610 ID: fc10b4

Tea, talking, and snuggles for now. I think we should save sexin' her up for another day.
No. 738616 ID: 3e51f4

Don't avoid the banging, just don't pursue it too heavily. Just enjoy her company.
No. 738629 ID: 2f5847

Only one I can (grudgingly) support.
No. 738660 ID: 163674
File 146950098313.png - (58.94KB , 500x500 , 58.png )

Marcie takes you into her adorable house, pours you an adorable cup of tea from an adorable copper kettle, and smiles. Adorably.

It all makes you a little bit sick. The tastefully contrasting mod and rustic decor, the professionally equipped kitchen, the understated watercolor paintings hanging on the walls. Her freshly home-dried tea leaves still have the stems attached and sticking out of their brown woven bags.

Marcie: “One for me”

Marcie: “and one for my favorite delivery cat.”

She bounces on her toes a little bit after she finishes pouring.

Marcie: “Tell me what you think! This is my first batch!!”

You blow off the steam and take a sip. Even at near boiling, the flavor of the tiny suckle you took fills your mouth. It rises through your nose and leaves a pleasant wheaty taste on your tongue.

You: “It’s great, Marcie. Probably the best tea I’ve ever had, actually.”

Marcie: “Oh, you’re such a faker! You say that about everything I make.”

You pause and recall all the things you have tried from her. You… really did say that almost every time, and you meant it. It brings a blush to your cheeks, so you turn your head away coolly to hide it.

You: “Nice place you got here, Marce. Must’ve run you somethin’ fierce.”

Marcie scratches her arm.

Marcie: “Uh, well, I don’t really like to talk about this, but…”

Marcie: “Well, the bakery… kind of…”

Marcie: “Has made me… fairly wealthy”
No. 738661 ID: 398fe1

Haha dang, now you look... like a gold-digger... Chuck, what ARE your thoughts on marriage? Alternatively, you really COULD burgle her house but Susanna made it sound like you can't actually leave Coxwette, so you can't run away if the cops catch onto you. Hmm. Never found that key to the Plath house safe, either... It's worth noting that Ramona found the photo you thought you hid perfectly, so if you stole anything from the safe you wouldn't be able to hide it. I think you're gonna have to go legit, Chuck!

Anyway, tell her that's surprising for a small business owned by someone so young- does she sell to people outside of town? Wait, how long has she been running the bakery?
No. 738664 ID: 5dbe68

Seductively pour scalding tea over your bare chest.
No. 738665 ID: 350a50

Struggle internally to suppress your envy and larcenous tendencies.

No. 738666 ID: 59bd8b

Yeah, lets find out a bit about her business, like if she delivers to outside the village.Also tell her that she doesn't strike you as someone who's rich, being that most things that you hear bout rich people is that they are rather selfish and not the most friendly, while Marcie is probably the friendliest person you've ever meet.
No. 738667 ID: 9f3729

As much as I want to back this course of action it would reveal to marcy the lascivious words carved into our chest fuzz
No. 738670 ID: be29dc


On a similar train of thought, you should ask her how she manages to live alone. Does work eat up all her personal time, does she have any hobbies? If what the Mayor said is true, and the ship is deep in the bottle, it may also be worth asking if she ever has any trouble with the ghosts, or if she did, if she had any /make things more dead/ tools. Could be handy later.
No. 738671 ID: 163674
File 146950355980.png - (22.66KB , 500x500 , 59.png )

You never even entertained the thought of marriage. Nothing good has ever come from monogamy or marriage. You just don’t love them hoes, and Marcie’s no different.

Besides, does The Legend look like he needs to be some broad’s gigolo? No way.

You: “So, do you deliver outside of town, or what?”

Marcie: “I’ve tried, but it’s hard to find buyers. We get mail sometimes, but I don’t know what it is. You’d have to talk to Rita, really. She knows the most about outside of town stuff.”

Marcie: “Gosh, sometimes it feels like there’s just no one out there.”

She blows on her tea and takes a sip, closing her eyes.

Marcie: “I’m really glad you came by.”

You: “I mean, I see you every day at work.”

Marcie: “Well… yeah, but that’s work. It’s different.”

Marcie: “This is like our date. I think about it all the time.”

Marcie looks away like she regrets saying that, coughing and taking another drink of tea.

a) “Oh yeah, the date. Kinda forgot about that.”
b) “It was a one-time thing.”
c) “So, is this a date?”
d) “I think about it, too.”
e) “Do you think about a certain part of it?”
f) “How can you stand living alone?”
g) “Ever had any trouble with monsters?”
h) >_
No. 738672 ID: 398fe1

No. 738673 ID: a445b2

d for definite.
No. 738674 ID: f0e552

dang chuck, who needs crime when you could just run a successful business aye?
No. 738676 ID: fe65ad

d, f
No. 738677 ID: be29dc

No. 738679 ID: 38685c

(give her the) D
No. 738680 ID: 2f5847

D, work way to E.
No. 738681 ID: 59bd8b

D) I would say e as well but I think that it would end well, so just D.
No. 738682 ID: 1f2597

d. And be smooth Chuck.
No. 738693 ID: 350a50

d, c
No. 738706 ID: 163674
File 146951073757.png - (29.82KB , 500x500 , 60.png )

You: “Me too.”


You: “Not all the time. But… you know”

You: “It was pretty good.”
No. 738707 ID: 163674
File 146951076035.gif - (22.90KB , 500x500 , 61.gif )

No. 738712 ID: 398fe1

You've got her hooked, Chuck. Reel her in. Tell her you'd like to revisit the end of the date. Up for another kiss? Or maybe more?
No. 738717 ID: a445b2

Tell her "Your next one will be better. I'll hope it's with me.", and grin.

Test the waters for her attitude on non-exclusive relationships.
No. 738741 ID: 38685c

I want to rub her ears
No. 738746 ID: 9f3729

the exact correct option
No. 738754 ID: 15a025

Why not rub her on that spot by the tail where cats love it the most?
No. 738757 ID: af5093

You might not be in love chuck but she definitely is.
No. 738762 ID: ee1ff4

No. 738768 ID: 3e182c

It's only been a few days.
It's called a crush.
No. 738774 ID: 1f2597

I agree that Chuck may not be in love with her (yet) but he does have a crush on her, that much is clear.

After you guys finish your tea, go over and snuggle on the couch, pet each other the way cats like to be petted.
No. 738806 ID: 38685c

No. 738835 ID: 350a50


All great things begin somewhere.
No. 738900 ID: d0ce0a

I think the Legend is afraid of commitment due to some deep seeded distrust in monogamous relationships due to that whole "parents being just really incredibly shitty" thing.
No. 738906 ID: a4ec41

When cats twitch their tails it's not from happiness but because they're getting ready to pounce. Watch out, Chuck, she's about to leap across the table at the spot of light behind you
No. 738911 ID: 9fdb37

I'm not sure if Marcie knows the difference.

Plus, Chuck kissed her. Crushes don't normally do that.
No. 738913 ID: 91cfcf

>Chuck kissed her. Crushes don't normally do that.

...Have you somehow never had a crush on someone?
No. 738922 ID: 3e182c

A crush is just the first stage of love. It's that anxious, floaty attraction to someone. And no, kissing is definitely something crushes do. That's like the biological reason for a crush, to get closer to a potential mate.

The later clingy stages of love that we actually call "love" usually take a longer time to manifest. Chuck just hasn't spent enough time with Marcie yet for that to happen. Though it should be noted that the process can be sped up through repeated sexual contact.
No. 738953 ID: 9fdb37

Okay, we definitely come from different cultures.
In mine, crush is that what you feel before you start dating, that attraction, need to be near the person, butterflies in your stomach...All before any contact more intimate than hugging and holding hands.

After that passes, you're 'in love'. And after that, you 'love' that somebody.

Frankly, your views are foreign and almost alien to me.

And I never implied that Chuck loves Marcie, only that Marcie is too innocent to differentiate between various forms of attraction.
No. 738975 ID: 1ce6a6

No. 738979 ID: 350a50

Yeah, I'm with >>738953

I don't think that's how love works at all.
No. 738981 ID: fe65ad

"Do you think of certain part of it?"
No. 738984 ID: 163674
File 146967253488.png - (37.52KB , 500x500 , 62.png )

You: “Do you think about a certain part of it?”

Marcie starts to titter.

Marcie: “I’m kind of embarrassed”

Marcie: “I shouldn’t say this”

Marcie: “Sometimes as I am about to fall asleep at night”

Marcie: “I kind of think of kissing you”

Marcie: “Sometimes I pretend the pillow is you and kiss the pillow. It’s so silly”
No. 738986 ID: 9f3729

Marcy, you're a fuckin' dork
>offer her some mackin'
No. 738987 ID: 7324a4

Tell her that doesn't seem silly, that seems like vital practice. And give her the suave eyebrow, and a smile.
No. 738989 ID: 9fdb37

Chuck, after this, go to a doctor's office and test yourself for diabetes.

But before that, tell Marcie that you're jealous of her pillow then.

No. 738999 ID: fb1c7d

Tell Marcie that her pillow is quite lucky, subtlety imply that you would be down for more kissing.
No. 739001 ID: 65317a

Offer to her a kiss that might just beat the pillow chuck's lip work.
No. 739005 ID: 15a025

Tell her you wish you were that pillow case.
No. 739015 ID: 24100f

Shit eating grin:

"Wanna make your dreams come true?"
No. 739016 ID: 163674
File 146967489501.png - (45.53KB , 500x500 , 63.png )

You: “Honestly makes me wish I was that pillow.”

Marcie: “Huh?”

Marcie: “Why would anyone want to be a pillow?”

You: “No, I mean… your pillow.”

You: “Because he gets kissed by you all night.”

No. 739053 ID: 15a025

Go in for the smooch Chuck. She totally wants it now!
No. 739058 ID: 9f3729

quick, go for an awkward kiss while her mouth's open and vulnerable!
Just like that ufo, chuck! Get that ufo!
No. 739059 ID: 170fbc

We...we better not break her heart
No. 739062 ID: 1f2597

Kiss her now you fool!
No. 739066 ID: 79208f

We are going to, and then we'll feel awful
No. 739082 ID: 2ec50f

ask to smooch

i dont know if a sudden smooch will be her plate of butter
No. 739083 ID: 2f5847

I want to believe
No. 739101 ID: 36295c

Aw shit. If you have no desire to put a ring on it you better not break her heart.

You gotta steer her towards the idea of being friends with benefits somehow, but I think the rejection would kill her.

Maybe we can delay things by "needing time to think about it" but we haven't nearly fucked all the ladies in town yet. We need to start crossing folks off the list.
No. 739115 ID: 9fdb37

How do you guys feel about admitting to Marcie that Chuck is not a good person?

If Chuck does it and Marcie pursues him further, the blame won't be solely on Chuck. Yeah, it's still shitty, but no one could say that she wasn't warned.
No. 739146 ID: 35befe

I'm okay with this, but probably not now of all times. And besides, it would probably be good for Chuck to get some of his past off his chest.
No. 739151 ID: 2f5847

Would probably be more dramatic and and cathartic late in our travels. Marcie would be a good one to hear it though.

I feel like we'll only get one scene like that, so let's not use it too soon.
No. 739152 ID: 1b50c2

ask her if she wants another smooch
No. 739214 ID: 350a50

Ask if she wants an encore.
No. 739220 ID: 163674
File 146976434152.png - (40.22KB , 500x500 , 64.png )

>ask her if she wants to kiss

Who does that? Do people actually do that?


You: “So”

You: “Ya look beautiful tonight. Wanna go sit on the couch?”

You: “Talk about stuff?”
No. 739221 ID: 163674
File 146976438136.png - (41.38KB , 500x500 , 66.png )

No. 739222 ID: 163674
File 146976439224.png - (30.79KB , 500x500 , 67.png )

No. 739223 ID: 163674
File 146976440187.png - (48.50KB , 500x500 , 65.png )

No. 739224 ID: 398fe1

Feel her up some. Escalate things. Slowly.
No. 739232 ID: 25c66e

The Legend.
No. 739233 ID: 39d0f1

I see that hand, you sneaky cat. Do the scratchy thing. You know the thing! The one that makes the tail stand up.
No. 739237 ID: 9f3729

scratch that tail
don't you fuck it up
No. 739250 ID: 15a025

Scratch that spot you cats love getting scratched. The one by the tail.
No. 739263 ID: 163674
File 146977280644.png - (32.94KB , 500x500 , 68.png )

>rub cat

Tail scratches are nothing to joke about.

You: “Could you lie down on your stomach for me?”

Marcie: “Why?”

You: “You look like you need a back rub.”

Marcie: “That’s awful sweet. You’d do that for me?”

Marcie: “I wanna kiss some more”

You: “We will”

Marcie looks like she might hold you to that, which makes you worry for some reason. You back away enough for her to lie down on her belly on the sofa.
No. 739264 ID: 163674
File 146977282942.png - (41.57KB , 500x500 , 69.png )

Marcie: “Sorry, I know you probably don’t want to look at, you know… my butt

Marcie gives a nervous laugh, hanging her arms off of the side of the white Davenport.
No. 739266 ID: 163674
File 146977283866.gif - (19.55KB , 500x500 , 70.gif )

No. 739267 ID: 398fe1

Don't be a sleaze.

Tell her that her butt looks very nice. (DAMN THAT ASS LOOKS FIIIIINE, GIRL)
No. 739268 ID: b8f93b


No. 739269 ID: 9f3729

if you rub that tail spot she might rub yours back
conversely if you grope her prematurely you won't get dickings probably
resist sleazing now so you can sleaze harder later, q.e.d.
No. 739270 ID: fe65ad

mention how you don't mind and do the back rub
No. 739271 ID: 02f7ee

Compliment her on her assets, and commence with sensual rubbing.

Not lewd rubbing, sensual.Back massage and tail scratches.
No. 739273 ID: 1b50c2

Dont forget the thighs!
No. 739274 ID: 145e54

slow down charlie, only go for the bum mid-backrub, not starting with it
No. 739280 ID: 15a025

Don't be a sleaze.
No. 739284 ID: c441c1

why not both?
No. 739289 ID: 5a893f

But nonetheless you can compliment her butt.
You would very much like to look at it, but your not sure how okay she'd be with it. Wait, were already looking at it, too late.
No. 739290 ID: 2f5847

Sounds good.
No. 739291 ID: b5f1ec

Don't be a sleaze to start. Work your way down. Test the waters.
No. 739297 ID: 9fdb37

Don't be a sleaze.

But do compliment her butt. Imply that you could sleep on those pillows.
No. 739299 ID: 65317a

Yknow what? Im going to say be a sleaze. It feels like the proper time.
No. 739321 ID: bf2691

Fuck it.

Be a sleaze!
No. 739322 ID: edb827

Best of both worlds really
No. 739325 ID: cbe026

Don't be a sleaze YET.

And say "why? It looks nice" as you rub her back.
No. 739326 ID: ee1ff4

No sleazing yet
No. 739327 ID: 3e182c

Don't be a Sleaze.
No. 739335 ID: b2b139

Don't be a sleaze, but do compliment her on her butt.
No. 739336 ID: 24100f

Sleaze it up!
No. 739337 ID: 350a50

Don't be a sleaze.
No. 739354 ID: 5372f6

I vote against general sleaze-ery for now. I want to fuck this cat jut as much as anyone else, but it MUST be if she consents while knowledgeable of the fact that we are sleeping around.
I'm not raping the only person who trusts us this much.
No. 739373 ID: 1ce6a6

I vote for this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiVyueMFyqU
No. 739374 ID: 15a025

I seconded this idea!
No. 739375 ID: c4a57b

be a little sleazy, but not super sleazy.

cop a feel of some delicious baker booty but keep the chuck steak in the chuck wagon
No. 739379 ID: 725ef6

No. 739383 ID: 163674
File 146984464137.png - (40.66KB , 500x500 , 71.png )

Somehow, the mood strikes you to not sleaze it up. You sit beside Marcie and start to rub her back. You start with long strokes from her neck down to her tail, then work your way back up with little kneads and pinches.

Marcie groans and falls limp over the arm of the couch.

Marcie: “Oooh… where has this been all my life.”

Marcie: “Wait, go back”

Marcie: “Right there…”

Marcie: “OH! Oh gosh… YES…”

You tactfully shift aside to keep your massive erection from touching any part of Marcie’s body. As much as you want it to, something about the moment compels you to keep it tasteful. For now. It becomes difficult when she starts moaning. She doesn’t even realize how lewd she sounds, but this comes as no surprise to you.
No. 739384 ID: 163674
File 146984469271.png - (26.24KB , 500x500 , 72.png )

After a couple of minutes, Marcie’s tail falls down against her legs.

She has stopped moving. You whisper.

You: “Marcie?”

Marcie is quietly snoring.

You: "Marce?"


a) wake her up
b) lie down next to her
c) carry her to bed
d) leave and let her sleep
No. 739385 ID: 1ce6a6

B or C if there is room on her bed for you
No. 739386 ID: 9f3729

You carry her to that bed chuck, nevermind that you probably don't have the physique for it do it anyways
No. 739387 ID: 1f0577

Carry her to bed, check her alarm clock is set, see that she has her stuff for work tomorrow ready. Tuck her in and give her a kiss, then go.
No. 739388 ID: b2b139

Carry her to bed Chuck, Be a gentleman.
No. 739389 ID: ca80b6

Well, now we know what your father thought of your mother and most likely how you happened upon this world.

D. Carry her back. Get out.
No. 739390 ID: fc10b4

I vote for gentle-manly actions.
No. 739391 ID: f30f36

C if your noodly arms can carry her, B if they can't
No. 739392 ID: 9fdb37

Carry her to bed. Occupy her couch for the night. You can go to work together tomorrow.
No. 739393 ID: 65317a

B. Dont want to accidentally wake her.
No. 739394 ID: fb1c7d

C) And then I guess bum on her couch. If she asks about it in the morning say that you don't have a key to her house and wanted to make sure everything stayed locked up. Make sure to lock up Chuck, the monsters might be out there.
No. 739397 ID: 3e182c

C then D if you can do so gently enough. Otherwise D.

Bet you've never Gentleman'd before, Chuck. Consider for a moment how you'd look in a monocle, with a fine mustache.
No. 739400 ID: 8963ff

C and then D
No. 739403 ID: 350a50

No. 739405 ID: db0da2

You're a class act Chuck, you've gotta carry her to bed. Are you above copping a feel while she's asleep?
No. 739406 ID: c8d2b2

B, definitely the cutest option
No. 739408 ID: 15a025

No. 739409 ID: e8eff0

C then b
No. 739411 ID: bbbcc9

C followed by D.
No. 739445 ID: 180f83

C & B
No. 739451 ID: 163674
File 146986009138.png - (40.84KB , 500x500 , 73.png )

Your physique is plenty masculine, and you scoop Marcie up with east. Maybe not Rachel or Ramona, but you could probably hoist Lisa if you put your legs into it.

Marcie hangs in your arms like a ragdoll, still mostly asleep. You walk her up the small, quaint staircase and down the white wainscoted hallway to her bedroom. It’s the one with the loaf of bread on the door.
No. 739452 ID: 163674
File 146986013710.png - (32.04KB , 500x500 , 74.png )

When you set her down on her bed, she yawns and opens her eyes.

Marcie: “Oh, I’m sorry”

Marcie: “I must’ve… dozed off a little bit”

Marcie: “How did I get in my bed?”

You: “I carried you here.”

She smiles and barely giggles. She’s too tired for a full-on laugh, and her voice is barely a mumble.

Marcie: “I get tired working in the kitchen all day”

You: “It’s alright. I had a good time.”

You stand there with your hands in your pockets, and neither you nor Marcie says anything for a while. It’s dark and silent, and the old-timey flip clock on the bedside table reads 9:29.

She’s just lying there, smiling at you. This is weird!
No. 739458 ID: 3e182c

She looks like a kid staring into a dream.

If this were a cheesy 90's after school special, this is when one of the protagonists would say "You're pretty cool, [Name]."
No. 739459 ID: 1f0577

Ask her if there's anything she needs done before she goes to sleep. If not, then tell her you'll see her tomorrow morning and give her another kiss before going back to the Plath house to use the bed you pay for.
No. 739463 ID: f0e552

kiss the cat

now is perhaps not the time to ask for errands, but eh
No. 739466 ID: 350a50

Give her a kiss on the forehead and say good night, then head back to the Plath House.
No. 739468 ID: 18c9f5

Kiss the cat, and follow her lead on it. If she tries to pull you in, go for it. If not, well, then it's a goodnight kiss.
No. 739469 ID: f0e552

No. 739473 ID: 2f5847

Get in bed, Chuck.

Worst thing that could happen is getting thrown out.
No. 739479 ID: 180f83

It's probably too dangerous to go out this late, what with those weirdos in wandering around at night. Ask if she minds if you get in bed with her.
No. 739481 ID: 350a50

If you sleep here, take the couch like a gentleman.
No. 739489 ID: f0e552

I don't think we should sleep here but...

she probably wouldnt mind if we slept with her
No. 739490 ID: 9fdb37

Kiss her on the forehead and occupy her couch. It probably isn't smart to go outside this late with you-know-whats lurking about.
No. 739493 ID: ee1ff4

! >>739490
No. 739495 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 739502 ID: b1960b

commence to spoon el gato
No. 739505 ID: b5f1ec

go for the goodnight kiss and cuddle for the night. If she's up for more, we'll make love with sweetness.
No. 739522 ID: 4754ce

Yeah, stay inside, Chuck. Stay at her place, and ready to talk with the mayor about what attacked you tomorrow after work.

Cuddle with Cat if possible.
No. 739529 ID: 398fe1

Get in that bed, Chuck.
No. 739534 ID: 15a025

Give her a kiss Chuck.
As for sleeping here, go for it if you've got all your stuff work tomorrow. If not, better go back to the Plaths' house and crash there.
No. 739577 ID: 1ce6a6

honk her muffins if you know what I mean
No. 739588 ID: 25c66e

Stick it in her pooper.
No. 739601 ID: 3e182c

Eh. We already were not sleazy. Let's continue to be not sleazy for now.
No. 739648 ID: 163674
File 146993778433.png - (17.67KB , 500x500 , 77.png )

Marcie has closed her eyes. You take off your shoes and socks, walking around the other side of the bed and pulling up the covers. It’s too dark to see much of her, but you can hear her breathing and rustling around in the stiff duvet. You slide into the bed yourself, and it’s as warm as a fresh load of laundry.
No. 739649 ID: 163674
File 146993780021.png - (25.58KB , 500x500 , 75.png )

Marcie rolls onto her back and exhales slowly. She’s smiling.

Marcie: “Hm…”

After a little while, your eyes get heavy and you nod off. No sign of any monsters yet.
No. 739650 ID: 163674
File 146993781805.png - (16.05KB , 500x500 , 78.png )

Some time passes. Marcie’s hair smells a little like cinnamon, and her body as hot and radiant as a pastry oven.
No. 739651 ID: 163674
File 146993783377.png - (23.07KB , 500x500 , 76.png )

You’re neither fully awake nor asleep.
You’re whispering something into Marcie’s ear, but you don’t exactly know what you’re saying.
She says your voice is nice.
Her ear is in your mouth now for some reason.
Your hand is somewhere on her body.
You can really feel your heart beating hard.
What time is it?
Are you asleep now?

You hear a noise in the room.
No. 739652 ID: 38685c

Check if you're about to get murdered by mystery melting bible men
No. 739653 ID: 398fe1

Pinch self, look in direction of noise.
No. 739654 ID: 25c66e

It was a fart. Go back to cuddle snuggling.
No. 739656 ID: 1ce6a6

nibble the SHIT out of her ears to establish dominance
No. 739658 ID: 3e182c

Don't freak out. Just. Take a gentle looksie about the room.
No. 739666 ID: 180f83

I swear, if it's that bitch Naz about to pull another prank at you this late at night...

Gently get out of bed, and quietly investigate.
No. 739668 ID: 65317a

Look around but move slowly so that if someone is watching you, they might think you're asleep.
No. 739673 ID: 15a025

I think bed sheets man is coming again... look around the room and grab something to defend yourself with. Hopefully it was just nothing and we won't need it, but better safe than sorry.
No. 739675 ID: 2f5847

No. 739682 ID: b5f1ec

No. 739687 ID: 960f86

No. 739710 ID: 064dbf

It could be the house settling or it could be something bad. You'll need to wake up a little more.

Wiggle your crotch into Marcie's butt a little bit 'cause it will feel great and wake you up, then start listening.

It might also wake her up a little bit and if shits gonna go down it might be best if she's able to get out of the way. If it's not going to go down she can check her alarm and... well I'm not saying you could sleaze her up but you could totally sleaze her up.
No. 739758 ID: b8d5aa

perk up your dang head and look around and make sure it ain't nothing malicious because there sure have been some malicious happenings around here and you can't be sleeping on none of that
No. 739763 ID: 163674
File 146998684859.png - (24.58KB , 500x500 , 79.png )

You: “M-marcie!”

You feel for her by your side, and she’s gone.

The sun in shining through the window into your eyes, and you hear the noise again...
No. 739764 ID: 163674
File 146998686644.png - (58.85KB , 500x500 , 80.png )

Marcie shuts one of her armoire drawers, shuffling her feet on the floor.

Marcie: “Chuck!!!!”

You: “Jesus Marcie, it’s…”

You look over to the clock. 4:45AM.

Marcie: “I know! Time for my morning jog!!”

You look down. How did your shirt come off?

Marcie: “‘Pussy’?”

Marcie: “Oh! Because you’re a cat! Right?”

You: “That’s…”

You: “Yyyyeah, that’s it.”

No. 739766 ID: 866ee4

Marcie, who the heck goes jogging this early? And how did my shirt come off?

Anything different about the room by the way? (And thank god she is too naïve to realize what that means).
No. 739767 ID: 064dbf

You're too tired to really do anything right now, but say something like "Morning jog? That must be why your butt looks so good. I didn't know you were so athletic."

Now you did go to bed pretty early and basically the same time as her. You could probably get up and jog with her. Maybe she's going to shower afterward and you could join her.
No. 739769 ID: 24100f

Bakers always get up crazy early. They have to, in order to get all the stuff made fresh before anyone shows up for breakfast orders. Explains why she was falling over at 9, too.

Dang that's a hell of an outfit to wake up to.
No. 739775 ID: 3e182c

"Uh. Where's my shirt."

Also. Jogs are a great way to wake up. Strangely energizing.
Would also provide a stunning view of dat ass. In Motion.
No. 739778 ID: b5f1ec

I wasn't for jogging until >>739775 suggested the view potential. Lets bond and go for a jog.
No. 739789 ID: 65317a

Should see if we're also missing our pants...
No. 739792 ID: 163674
File 146999399779.png - (33.24KB , 500x500 , 81.png )

You decide to go out and jog with Marcie. You’re able to catch up to her easily. Instead of slowing down to watch her hams shuffling, you decide to pass her.



You’re used to running with things like televisions and espresso machines in your arms, so this is a breeze.

It helps to imagine that the cops are chasing you, too. For some reason, thinking so helps A LOT right now. Wait…
No. 739793 ID: 163674
File 146999400922.png - (49.34KB , 500x500 , 82.png )


No. 739796 ID: e37a06

Not in uniform, and has headphones in, act cool mayn.
No. 739797 ID: fe9b88

Good morning! Just out for a friendly jog with our friend, yes ma'am!
No. 739799 ID: c30db9

You've done nothing wrong! Just slow down to allow her to pass, then steal a quick look at her butt.
No. 739800 ID: 3e8a9a

No. 739801 ID: 24100f

Eye of the tiger, motherfucker. Put your head down and work it.
No. 739802 ID: 3e182c

Lol who steals an espresso machine? I thought you were cool, Chuck.

Anyway. Back to the matter at hand. Jaws Theme, Anyone?
No. 739807 ID: b5f1ec

Are you really gonna let a cop out run you? For shame, Chuck. Put on the heat and keep that lead all the way back to Marcie's place.
No. 739809 ID: 180f83

RUN! (also pass Marcie without knowing, and impress her with you speed)
No. 739817 ID: 9e0bcf

No. 739818 ID: 59bd8b

Chuck, you gonna let this cop beat you? It's officially a challenge now, make this cop eat your dust.
No. 739819 ID: 2f5847

Let's not advertise to the cops that we can outrun them.

Maintain pace, observe asses.
No. 739820 ID: 350a50

This. The Legend isn't about to be shown up by some rural copper, is he?
No. 739821 ID: c441c1

Run like a traumatized bitch.
No. 739823 ID: 9fdb37

Let your instincts take over and run into a back-alley while pushing trash cans over.
No. 739826 ID: 163674
File 147000173296.png - (33.64KB , 500x500 , 83.png )

Layla passes you with little effort, and soon you see why.

Geoff was not kidding. This woman is an AMAZON
No. 739827 ID: 163674
File 147000174461.png - (13.00KB , 500x500 , 84.png )


Even if you were in-shape enough to outrun her, there’s no way you would pass that.

…can’t run
…getting lightheaded
…must rest

You remind yourself never to get caught committing a crime in this town.

cat man can't even jog through his own neighborhood
No. 739836 ID: 94afa9

Keep going just behind her! Get a good workout and a good eyeful at once.
No. 739851 ID: 1ce6a6

get a second wind and slap that ass
No. 739855 ID: 3e182c

Uh. Marcie is totally behind us.
Also Sexually harassing a cop...
Just. No.
No. 739865 ID: 350a50


... What's that voice in your head?
No. 739867 ID: 18c9f5

Slow down, catch your breath, and then keep pace with Marcie when she catches up. Good work out and a good time to talk.
No. 739870 ID: 358228

Since when is it "your" neighborhood?
Allow yourself to slow down and score a 2x booty combo.
No. 739883 ID: 24100f

Since he claimed it. It's not like there are any other criminals we've encountered to contest turf, yet!
No. 739890 ID: 398fe1

Don't completely wear yourself out! Remember you gotta ride a bike for a few hours today.
No. 739898 ID: b5f1ec

I like the button tail clasp on those shorts. That's a nice touch.
However, back to business. Seconding >>739890 because we should have enough energy to talk to Naz and come to an understanding over what happened that night.
No. 739902 ID: 15a025

Yeah better slow it down Chuck. You've still got a lot of biking to do today.
No. 739917 ID: 36295c

Forget Naz! Assault this cop with the thing that always works on her, stereotypical cop humor!

"Working off the donuts eh, officer?"
No. 739923 ID: 064dbf

The police dog has headphones on. She likely won't be able to hear you if you call out to her. Just enjoy things a little bit longer and then turn around and run back to Marcie. Do some circles around her to show off you're manly athletic physique and then get beside her so you can chat a little more. With lots of innuendos and puns.
No. 739926 ID: 064dbf

I meant to say enjoy the view a little more a little bit longer, just until she's reasonable far away.
No. 739930 ID: 65317a

Slow down. Don't stop but keep the pace at something more manageable.
No. 739960 ID: 180f83

Slow it down. We need to conserve energy/
No. 739962 ID: db0da2

Just focus on the ass Chuck, you've gotta keep pace. Eye of the cat man. If you don't push yourself you'll never get to the point of being able to outrun the cops.
No. 740004 ID: e321f3

Yeah but, do we really wanna get caught ogling the amazonian police officer who is apparently half the local police force?
No. 740104 ID: 163674
File 147010457667.png - (30.86KB , 500x500 , 85.png )

What you possess in speed, you lack in endurance, while Layla appears to have both in spades. You stop to catch your breath and mentally undress the two ladies as they pass you. Why… why must everyone in this town have such a swell ass? It has been distracting your every attempt at… everything.

Marcie whirls around and backpedals just long enough to wave at you.

Marcie: “See you at work, Chuck!”

There are dark spots soaking the underarms of your thermal shirt now, and you probably smell pretty rank from running. It’s 5:30AM.
No. 740106 ID: 398fe1

Make your way back to the Plath house and get ready for work. If we have time maybe we can tell Ramona about our encounter with the mayor and ask her wtf.
No. 740107 ID: 59bd8b

Sounds like a plan. Shower and get ready for work and after talk to Ramona about the mayor's attempt to mindrape you.
No. 740108 ID: 15a025

Go to the plath's and shower up chuck. Maybe talk to Ramona about the spooky shit that happened at the mayor's place as well.
No. 740110 ID: 064dbf

I hope we didn't leave any of our stuff behind at Marcie's. Might be a good excuse to come back though.

We really should get back to the Plath house to shower ('cause we didn't do it last night) and we should totally loop a belt around the doorknob encase Sally might see it.
No. 740111 ID: cc08c7

Return to Plath house, shower, if possible ask Ramona about how the hell the Mayor knows magic.
No. 740112 ID: b5f1ec

No. 740113 ID: fe65ad

Shower at plaths, and while you're at it, find a razor or something to shave off that word on your chest.
No. 740114 ID: 3e182c

This. If Ramona is awake.
Mention how the control doesn't work on you, but ask if there is a way to counter the falling asleep part.
No. 740117 ID: 05cb51

Have a story ready in case the Plaths were worried about you staying out. I'm sure you can come up with some yarn about how after the Mayor was through with you you could barely stagger to the nearest friendly person's house or something.
No. 740153 ID: 315280

Go take a shower smelly
No. 740382 ID: 163674
File 147027714063.png - (35.64KB , 500x500 , 86.png )

You return to the Plath House. Sally isn’t anywhere to be seen, but you aren’t sure if she has left for work yet. Ramona is asleep on the couch, an empty glass on the side table near her hand. The novel that she had been reading is somewhere amid her limbs.
No. 740383 ID: 2f5847

Let sleeping dogs lie, make yourself clean and presentable.

Do the Plaths own a coffee maker?
No. 740384 ID: 15a025

Go shower, then attempt to make breakfast for the two of you.
No. 740385 ID: 398fe1

See if she's awake when you get out of the shower.
No. 740387 ID: 064dbf

Leave her be. It's still pretty early in the morning. You can shower and see if she's not up by the time you are done. Then maybe think about getting her coffee or breakfast.

Also I'm still suggesting we put our belt around the doorknob.
No. 740390 ID: 163674
File 147027852580.png - (36.74KB , 500x500 , 87.png )

You are actually feeling strangely energetic after your run, and don’t really even need coffee. You expected much the opposite!

You are in your room at the Plath House, and there are still two hours until work starts.
No. 740395 ID: 2f5847

If we were a sofa, where would we be?

I dunno, poke around some disused corners, try to find something noteworthy.
No. 740396 ID: 064dbf

The coffee is for your host. Stare at the butt a little more and move on. Your relationship with Ramona is still pretty rocky. Sorry little Charlemagne. Plus Sally could show up at any moment.
No. 740404 ID: 398fe1

Clothes on, talk to Ramona if she's awake now. If not, go check Sally's room. Talking to her would be nice too.
No. 740410 ID: 01134a

Look for Sally
No. 740412 ID: 2f5847

Just saying, but this is a prime time to check around for secrets, if we're not under direct observation.

No lockpicks yet but we could find some keys, etc.
No. 740422 ID: 163674
File 147028580614.png - (27.29KB , 500x500 , 88.png )

You try to remember the great many strange things that you have seen and heard about this house. What part of it would you like to go to?

a) Sally’s Room
b) Ramona’s Room
c) The Attic
d) The Boudoir
e) other >_
No. 740425 ID: 15a025

No. 740426 ID: 2f5847

We need to find that couch.

Was there anything tarped in the back of the attic?
Alternately, I'm not sure if we've ever seen into Ramona's room.

B. Just to make sure.
No. 740432 ID: 064dbf

I can't decide between A or D. Do we want to expand the plot? Will we find Sally in either one? Should we be embarrassed by the "pussy" on our chest?

I vote A.
No. 740439 ID: 398fe1

Oh, that's right. We haven't snooped around in Ramona's room... and this is a good chance.

No. 740442 ID: 5f31bd

We need to find the letter for our ghostly lady!
No. 740444 ID: 3e182c

I find it strange that Ramona is passed out on the couch. Was she waiting for you? If we end up checking her room, first make sure she's really asleep. Call me paranoid but Ramona's weird.
The boudoir might be a good place to look for old keys or papers. So I vote D.
No. 740445 ID: 01134a

No. 740449 ID: 91762f

No. 740464 ID: 39f657

No. 740474 ID: b5f1ec

E> Check on Ramona. That's the position of someone who passed out waiting for you to come back.
Alternately, D.
No. 740502 ID: 8fd146

we should check on ramona when we're done looking.
No. 740507 ID: e407bb

e) Go down and carefully put a blanket over Ramona so that you look like you actually care, they'll eat that stuff up.
No. 740529 ID: 15a025

Yush! Cover up the little pup.
No. 740538 ID: fc10b4

No. 740545 ID: e321f3

agree. This and D
No. 740683 ID: 163674
File 147050205903.png - (21.20KB , 500x500 , 89.png )

You put your cardigan back on, feeling your power increase as a result. You head down to the huge, locked door on the ground floor, which you assume is probably to the boudoir. The floor plan of the Plath House is haphazard and confusing.

The big oak doors won’t budge, but the lock is fairly old fashioned. You can’t see through the keyhole, but there is a bluish light coming from it.
No. 740684 ID: 15a025

Alright Chuck, a master thief like you should be able to pick a simple lock like this. Go to town and find what loot is in there!
No. 740685 ID: 163674
File 147050318004.png - (6.06KB , 500x500 , 90.png )

The lock is heavy duty, but you could probably pick it with the right tools. You could try to find a key, but you’re not sure where to begin looking for that.
No. 740687 ID: c441c1

what tools do we need.
No. 740688 ID: e107e1

I'm sure there's a few hairpins lying around in a bedside drawer somewhere. Go rustle one of those, see if you can find something... lockpick-worthy.
No. 740691 ID: f683d5


The Plaths wouldn't have any reason to have hairpins!

... Chuck, please say your burglar instincts kicked in at some point and you lifted some hairpins from Marcie's room. Goddamn we should've thought of that.
No. 740692 ID: 163674
File 147050508642.png - (9.92KB , 500x500 , 91.png )

This is an old fashioned ward lock, but it’s a big one set into oak. Unless Ramons replaced all the other locks, you could probably open any door in this old-ass house with a skeleton key. You don't have one of those on hand. A bump key won’t work on this lock - particularly one this big - but you could still open it with a rake, hook, and torsion wrench. With how heavy this lock is, bobby pins and paperclips will probably just bend, so you’ll need something stronger if you want to go with the picking tools. If you had a workshop with a grinder, you could make some very nice tools out of butter knives. Finding the key is also an option, but either way you would probably want a bit more time to look since you have work in a little while.
No. 740695 ID: f683d5

Not getting anywhere in the snooping department right now, then, probably.

Go put a blanket on Ramona to help make yourself seem like a half decent guy and then go to work. Gotta keep up the illusions if you want people to not look to close at you!
No. 740697 ID: 163674
File 147050659326.png - (24.95KB , 500x500 , 92.png )

You go back and drape a blanket over Ramona. She doesn’t wake up, but her tail starts to wag.

It’s about 6:15AM now.
No. 740698 ID: 13459b

pick up your damn condoms Chuck.
No. 740700 ID: 18c9f5

Pick up your condoms. Go check out what Ramona's got going on in the kitchen. Maybe you could cook her a nice little breakfast. If she likes it enough, maybe she'll ask you how you made it and you can help her improve her cooking.

You don't even need to be a master chef, just make some toast and bacon.
No. 740701 ID: 65317a

Give Roman's ears a light petting. We must pet everyone in town.
No. 740702 ID: 15a025

Shower, grab condoms, make breakfast.
No. 740703 ID: c25c57

You probably reek, shower.
Look at what's foodable - you probably know how to make bacon and eggs right?
No. 740705 ID: 3e182c

Hustle and do everything everyone has suggested up to this point.
No. 740710 ID: b8d5aa

after making breakfast, see about possibly patching things up with Naz.
No. 740711 ID: 398fe1

Make sure you're actually carrying your condoms, then snoop in Ramona's room. Maybe she has the keys there.
No. 740723 ID: 3e182c

We can do that at work when we drop by the library.
No. 740752 ID: fc10b4

I thought we already took a shower. Isn't Chuck wearing a towel here?^

No. 740793 ID: f0e552

No. 740930 ID: 163674
File 147060304706.png - (31.07KB , 500x500 , 93.png )

You already took a quick shower after you arrived. It didn’t take long to get yourself all clean and refreshed again. You go into the kitchen and cook up eggs and toast, avoiding any of the strange looking substances that Ramona keeps in unlabeled Mason jars all over the place.
No. 740931 ID: 163674
File 147060306456.png - (36.38KB , 500x500 , 94.png )

You make Ramona a plate of toast with a fried egg on top, two glasses of water, and a cup of coffee. She doesn’t wake up easily.

Ramona: [loud snort]

Ramona: “Nnn…”

Ramona: “Chuck… am I in the parlor…?”

Ramona wipes the drool from her mouth and looks down at the plate that you brought her. She smiles and stretches.

Ramona: “Thank you, dear. You didn’t have to do this for me. I must look a mess…”
No. 740932 ID: 358228

Eh, we all do before our morning coffee.
No. 740941 ID: b88e5a

"A hot one." Wink!

Don't actually say that. Just think it.
No. 740942 ID: fa8f9d

Fucking say it you baby, she might find it funny or it'll fly over head.
No. 740944 ID: 18c9f5

She'll probably get it. Dogmom has been around the block a few times.

Open with the flirty line and then segway into normal conversation. Probably ask about the Mayor's Voodoo bullshit: Ramona has been pretty forthcoming with some of the occult happenings in the town, maybe she can shed some light on this.
No. 740946 ID: 398fe1

Keep the flirting to yourself. She's made her stance clear.
No. 740948 ID: 65317a

Go with the hot one line. It doesn't hurt to be playfully flirty now and then.
No. 740949 ID: ee1ff4

yeah, we'd just be giving her false hope

ask why she slept in the parlor, and say you hope she likes the food, and ask whats in the mason jars
No. 740953 ID: 505f10

No. 740955 ID: 15a025

Now who wakes up in the morning looking like a million bucks? No one.
No. 740959 ID: b8d5aa

ask her why she slept in the parlor.
No. 740960 ID: 3e182c

Lol. "A hot one." Don't pass that up.
Also don't continue being flirtatious after that.

Do point out the drool.
And sure you don't have to but why shouldn't you? What's wrong with eatin breakfast with your fiends?

Also Chuck, was everything ok in there when you were making breakfast? You seemed a really... Uncomfortable.
No. 740963 ID: 59bd8b

I agree with keeping the flirting to ourselves. Do tell her that no one looks perfect once they wake up. The breakfest is no problem at all, we were making our own and felt like making some for her as well.
No. 740965 ID: 163674
File 147060912914.png - (36.72KB , 500x500 , 95.png )

You: “Yeah… a hot one.”

Ramona: [crunching sounds]

She really does look terrible. This is beyond “waking up early” terrible.

You: “Anyway… it’s no trouble. Any time.”

You: “What’s in all those jars in the kitchen?”

Ramona: “Just various”

Ramona: “things. Projects, canning, sauces…”

Ramona: “Don’t try to eat any of them.”

You: “Uh, sure thing. I won’t. What made you want to sleep in the parlor?”

Ramona blushes and wipes more drool from her face.

Ramona: “Oh, just sometimes I fall asleep wherever.”

You: “Well, I spoke with the mayor-”
No. 740966 ID: 163674
File 147060915894.png - (39.94KB , 500x500 , 96.png )

Ramona sits up and rubs her eyes.

Ramona: “Why would you go anywhere near that woman?”

Ramona: “She is dangerous and manipulative, and I'm sure she hasn't taken kindly to you living here!”
No. 740973 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, you were going to ask her about the monsters in the forest and also why she's hung up about the catacombs but then she went straight to trying to mind-control you so THAT conversation got sidetracked.

Turns out it doesn't work. At all. You're immune! So now you're going to ask HER. What is with the monsters and the catacombs and THIS ENTIRE TOWN?!
No. 740977 ID: bb78f2

I had to know myself. It's not like on the outset she seems dangerous and manipulative. Also, pretty sure she likes that I'm here for some reason. I made her laugh at least.

She can totally hypnotize people though. And I'm serious, is probably the same woman from like a hundred or so years ago. Tried to get me to forget all about the catacombs, which makes me want to get in there all the more.

Say Ramona, you and Sally want to go on an adventure? A tomb raid? A heist? You said I'd need a Plath, so I'm going to need more people for that. This town probably is hungry for a little excitement, so it shouldn't be hard to get a team. Oh, and hey that turtle guy is missing with no one remembering him. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Susanna cursed the town into being in some glass bubble too. It's her ship in a bottle. And I'm convinced the catacombs are the only way to free the town of her influence, which is why she's so protective of it.

So, wanna impeach the mayor, Ms. Plath? Supernatural style?
No. 740978 ID: e37a06

We didn't go to her, she went to us. We just stuck around little to try and pry what the fuck why are you eyes reversed from her.
No. 740981 ID: 36295c

"Well that's kinda the thing, she's been taken really kindly to me living here so long as I don't find out whatever she doesn't want me to know about the catacombs, and she's been trying to mess with my head using this weird trick she has but apparently it doesn't work on me."
No. 740982 ID: 163674
File 147061067068.png - (30.87KB , 500x500 , 97.png )

You: “I talked to her, and she did this weird thing with her eyes. I don’t really… know exactly what happened. I think I was here, and then… I was in her office-”

Ramona gasps and stands up quickly, her hip making a gruesome popping noise.

Ramona: “Ow… ow…”

Ramona: “Don’t get up! I’m going to make you some breakfast.”

Ramona: “Ow… Ah… sss… damn hip…

She returns only a couple of minutes later with a bowl of purplish sludge, typical of her cooking. It smells like rubber bands and cloves.

Ramona: “Plum pudding… please. It’s the least I could do after you made me breakfast.”

You: “This… isn’t plum pudding.”

Ramona looks taken aback, but doesn’t get angry. You smell the sludge again.

You: “What do you know about the catacombs?”

Ramona: “Eat, please. You’re getting skinnier every day you’re here, and you work at a bakery!”

You: “Ramona.”

Ramona sighs and sits back down carefully.

Ramona: “I have never been in the catacombs, but I have heard that generations of Plaths are buried there, along with a lot of documentation of the town’s history.”

Ramona: “Some, allegedly, written by Nelson Plath himself with regards to the town’s founding.”

Ramona: “Please eat.”
No. 740983 ID: 398fe1

>only a couple of minutes later
Yeah she wasn't trying to make normal food. This is some sort of medicine. Tell her thanks for the concern but you're immune to the mayor's mind control. She was trying to make you forget about the catacombs. Ask what exactly she's made for you before you take a bite.
No. 740986 ID: 9f3729

"Ramona, do you mind if I watch you cook some time? I kind of want to see the process you go through."
"Also, I'm assuming right off the bat that the mayor's got an illegal grasp on the town, and with all the spooky shit she's up to I've pretty much made up my mind to go meddling against her."

(but you know, said like chuck would)
No. 740988 ID: d1fde2

>you're immune to the mayor's mind control.
if we're following the paranoia consensus, we are immune to the mind control BECAUSE of the food
No. 740989 ID: bb78f2

Chuck... say thanks for the food. Say something like how you thought it was Mint pudding, or something similar.
Do NOT get on the bad side of Sally. Plus, that food is saving you from becoming a ghost person, probably.

You could maybe ask to take a look at her recipes. The mint got you a bit curious.

But continue to eat... hey, maybe that's what's making you immune to Susanna. You know what would be funny and an interesting test, getting Lisa to eat her food. Lisa was into truth and dare last night, maybe she likes BDSM as much as Naz and Selma. If you can get that beaver to get into a kinky little sub routine with you, maybe you can dom her into eating a bit of Ramona's food every day.
No. 740992 ID: cea69d

seconding this
No. 740999 ID: 211d83

Is this food something to protect me from the nasty things?
No. 741002 ID: 3e182c

>I think I was here, and then… I was in her office-
Holy shit, that wasn't just a literary Segue?

There is an almost Two Hour Gap in Chucks memory yesterday.

Ask if you ever returned here. If so what did you do / discuss.
Supposedly Chuck returned here and showered yesterday.
So why didn't he put his cardigan back on then?
No. 741010 ID: dc7724

Eat the anti-demon food, then ask if it is anti-demon food. Follow it up by asking if the mayor is a vampire.
No. 741011 ID: f683d5

Eat up.

Just ask straight-out if the mayor is some sort of vampire or something.
No. 741012 ID: 163674
File 147061661608.png - (42.99KB , 500x500 , 98.png )

You: “Ramona, is there something… special about this food?”

Ramona rests back onto her side, pulling a pillow beneath her head.

Ramona: “It’s called…”

Ramona: “reveyee. That’s how Pap always said it.”

Ramona: “It will keep you from falling prey to the mayor’s… magnetism.”

Ramona: “It’s what I tried to get you to eat when you stopped by yesterday.”

Ramona: “After you showered?”

Ramona cranes her neck to force eye contact with you, seemingly to try to lead your eyes away from her breasts. You were listening to her, but you just happened to be looking at her breasts.

You: “I don’t remember stopping here yesterday.”

Ramona: “Well, dear… you would have.”

You smell the food again. Whatever it is, it still smells vile.

You: “What is she?”

Ramona: “Stark?”

You nod.

Ramona: “Something of the woods. I’m not sure.”

Ramona: “If I had to put a name to her, I would say… a starry-eyed harlot in a three-piece suit.”

You burst out laughing, and Ramona eventually smiles. You look at grandfather clock beside the fireplace. It's 7:30AM.
No. 741016 ID: 398fe1

Alright, eat your medicine. We're due at work at 9, right?

Ask her what's in the bodoir. Also, if she knows where the letter is. She's starting to tell us real information so maybe we can let her in on our personal goals that she can help with!

Also comment that for a harlot, the mayor sure is against promiscuity. She wants you to stop "debauching" her townsfolk.
No. 741020 ID: c441c1

love that side comment. But letting her know that their is a ghost in her attic can't have any negative repercussions unless she is a ghost-buster.
No. 741022 ID: f683d5

Tell her what you remember the Mayor telling you, when you tried to get answers out of her. The stuff about a book with no ending.
No. 741028 ID: 3e182c

Ok yeah eat your Reveyee. Your fucked up memories might help you resist control but with this maybe you wont lose memory or pass out. That sounds like a win to me. Ramona's turning out to be a regular Marie Laveau.

>“Well, dear… you would have.”
Aaand now she's doing this evasive shit again.
But combine that with the couch sleeping...

Did you two fight? Fuck? Did she somehow put on that old pair of shorts? What happened?

Also we need to be there at 8.
We should get going soon.
No. 741029 ID: 398fe1

Damn did it take an hour to make eggs and toast?!
No. 741031 ID: 9f3729

"Thanks for telling me, I'll be sure to eat some every chance I get."
No. 741032 ID: bb78f2

Yeah, a harlot who hates sex. Had the nerve to try and send Lisa to spy on Geoff's party and stop lewd things from happening.
Hey, so... Geoff, he was attacked too. That medicine you've been feeding me to help with that, think I could get some for Geoff?
No. 741038 ID: 350a50


Also, mention that you seem to have some resistance to her power of suggestion. She hasn't been able to make you forget about the catacombs.
Ask if this is from repeatedly eating her magical voodoo cooking, or if you have a natural resistance somehow.
No. 741059 ID: dc7724

Speaking of Geoff, can we finally finish that quest to get more guests at the Plath house if we convince our buddy that its safe here and that the food will protect him? I feel like it would be in our best interests to get another able-bodied man who's against all this evil shit protected.
No. 741065 ID: 350a50

Also agreed.
No. 741067 ID: 15a025

I'm all for bringing Geoff to the plath's house to keep him and the girls safe.
No. 741069 ID: 398fe1

Can Geoff afford to stay here for an extended period?
No. 741070 ID: 5a893f

Careful guys, Geoff is the only other stud in town (mostly cause old cop has no development at all). I only suggested some takeout, bringing Geoff here might mean less lewds.
No. 741094 ID: 398fe1

(to settle some stuff in questdis)
Chuck, do you actually eat or are you basically starving yourself?
No. 741131 ID: 350a50

He could always sleep in Chuck's bed.
No. 741135 ID: f562b1

>Ramona: “Well, dear… you would have.”
So, she was able to make you forget some stuff, but you already had a slight immunity? Maybe that "soup" she made after the Monster attack had some effect to.
May as well eat up, there's no need to risk losing more memory.
No. 741185 ID: 064dbf

Chuck. Take your medicine already. Then ask what a boudoir because a street cat like you don't know the meaning of such a fancy word. And lastly you need to check the TIME because you have WORK to get to.

And fuck to inviting Geoff over to your turf. This is your territory and these are your woman. If anything you should be inviting the other girls over for a wild night.
No. 741186 ID: a788b7


Why not ask Ramona if she knows anything about Harold Pal? If other people don't know about him and it's because of snayor shenanigans, Ramona may know something.
No. 741216 ID: dd4df2

Reflect on how this town is getting weirder and weirder, then eat your foods/anti-mind-fuckling meds, Chuck. All of it.

Have a revelation.

Realize that with all the Mayor's talk of this place being like a book, you really need to have a look at Lisa's clipboard at some point. Y'know, since she kept referring to it like it was a goddamn script.
No. 741220 ID: 5771eb

Wait, is Ramona's awful food awful on purpose because it's like a magic potion?
No. 741222 ID: 163674
File 147076190221.png - (40.24KB , 500x500 , 99.png )

You begin eating the godawful pudding. It tastes like someone burnt butter and then scraped the char off of the pan, then shook it up in hot vinegar with some old crusty rubber bands. The entire dish has an unpleasant, gelatinous texture with some more grainy bits toward the bottom of the bowl.

When you finally finish, you have to sit down and try not to throw up.

Ramona: “That bowl took eighteen hours to make.”

She says it as though she is expecting you to vomit, but is warning you not to. You guzzle down a glass of water and chase the entire thing with a piece of toast. That seems to keep it down and settle your stomach somewhat.

You probably have time for one more question to Ramona before you have to run out the door for work.

a) ask about the boudoir
b) ask about Harold Pal
c) ask about inviting Geoff to stay
d) other >_
No. 741223 ID: 595d54

B seems the most useful.
No. 741224 ID: 7af9cc

I'm most curious about b, but I also really want to know for certain why Suzanna's hypnotism doesn't work on us. I personally think it's the awful "food" we're being fed, but if you could ask her about the mayor's powers that'd be great.
No. 741225 ID: 7af9cc

as an addendum, we can ask about Geoff staying here once work is done. Harold Pal/Hypnotism logistics might be important information right now.
No. 741226 ID: 18c9f5

Well the good news is that your theory that the food is protecting us from the Mayor's Magiks is correct.

The bad news is that we know this already. You must have missed the update before this one.

Ask about our Pal.
No. 741229 ID: 59bd8b

B) Harold Pal, is obviously the linchpin in all of the mayor's plan. We must expose him to ever hope to be victorious.
No. 741233 ID: 350a50

B. We can see about C once we know Geoff's stance on the idea.
No. 741242 ID: 3e182c

Pal. Harold pal.
No. 741250 ID: 9876c4

Geoff is boring and we certainly aren't going to TELL Ramona we're breaching her wards.

So yes, let's hear about Pal.
No. 741270 ID: 064dbf

No. 741294 ID: 8e8614

No. 741298 ID: 163674
File 147085345396.png - (34.91KB , 500x500 , 100.png )

You finish a pint of water before the reveyee aftertaste subsides to a tolerable level.

You: “Do you know Harold Pal?”

Ramona thinks for a moment.

Ramona: “Is that an actor?”

You: “No, the tortoise guy who lives in Coxwette?”

Ramona: “You must’ve been dreaming or something. I’ve never met a tortoise here.”
No. 741299 ID: 2a7417

He must be a ghost that haunts the train tracks.

New quest: A Bone to Pick: Find Harold Pal's shell.
No. 741300 ID: 315280

B. I wanna learn more about the spooky turtle-dude
No. 741344 ID: 18c9f5

"I ran into him when I first got to Coxwette, up by the train tracks. He seemed like he knew a lot about the town. It was by his recommendation that I came to stay here, actually."

After giving a little explanation, you should hustle off to work. Don't let mystery and subterfuge degrade your work ethic.
No. 741347 ID: 163674
File 147085800674.png - (27.99KB , 500x500 , 101.png )

You: “Really? He seemed to know that you’re running a B and B-”

You thought for sure that Ramona would know something about this. As much as you want to know more, it is about time for you to head to work.

You: “Actually… I gotta go. Bye bye mama dog.”

You rush out into town to the bakery.
No. 741348 ID: 163674
File 147085807099.png - (44.20KB , 500x500 , 102.png )

You walk through the door, ringing the bell.

Marcie: “CHUCK!!

You: “Ah! What?!”

Marcie: “Are YOU”

Marcie: “ready for an AMAZING day of DELIVERIES??”

(select your delivery schedule. same as last time)

1. Café
2. Library
3. Schoolhouse
4. Shoppe Stoppe
5. Post Office
6. City Hall
7. Police Station

No. 741349 ID: 595d54

Don't care about the order, but this time we definitely need to talk properly to Naz instead of panicking and thinking that people work like dating sims.
No. 741350 ID: 2a7417

Make the full rounds today, we have lots of followup to do. Mostly I just want to see the look (if any) on Penny's face, then apologize to Naz for absolutely flipping our lid when we got mad.
I'll put it this way for you, Chuck: Apologizing improves your reputation, and a positive reputation gets you in ladies' (that are not necessarily Naz) pants.
No. 741351 ID: 398fe1

I think we should ask literally everyone in town about Harold Pal. No more messing around.
No. 741352 ID: c441c1

maybe we should see how Birdperson is doing at the schoolhouse before it turns out her penpal is the intergalactic feds.
No. 741355 ID: 3e182c

We need to stop at the Library. We should really talk to Naz. We also need to see if Sally knows what happened during our missing 2 hours yesterday, and present her with the cookbook idea, if we're still entertaining it.

We haven't asked the Ostrich about Harold Pal yet, so we should go to the Schoolhouse.

We're supposed to paint with Ellen this afternoon, so we should stop at the Shoppe Stoppe briefly to coordinate the meet-up.

We've been immunized to the Mayors magnetism today, so we should use the chance to poke around at City Hall. If Harold Pal ever lived here, I bet a record would be there.
No. 741360 ID: d439ff

I think this sounds good. Especially going to see Angela at the schoolhouse.
No. 741377 ID: 65317a

Id argue skip the cafe and the stoppe shop. We've nothing to learn from either location today.
No. 741382 ID: bb78f2

Make up with Naz and/or Selma
No. 741402 ID: 9f3729

Whatever happens I vote naz first. We really do need to talk to her about that whole incident.
No. 741404 ID: 398fe1

Guys we aren't voting on the route. We're voting on which ones we stick around in long enough to get extended dialogue.
No. 741407 ID: 9876c4

I'm against the schoolhouse and mayor's office, until we have something concrete to do there.

The rest, eh, sure.
No. 741420 ID: 163674
File 147087616138.png - (52.26KB , 500x500 , 103.png )


You’ll just take this route: Library, School House, Shoppe, and City Hall.

You start with the library. As usual, it’s pretty quiet. Sally is at her desk writing some shit or something. You approach to drop off her greasy bag of croissants, and she looks up.

Sally: “Oh!”

Sally: “Hi Chuck. How are you?”

You: “Can’t complain.”

Sally coughs into her hand and gives you a brief smile.
No. 741422 ID: 3e182c

Some weird shit happened yesterday and despite knowing that I went back to the house, I can't remember any of it. Could you fill me in?
No. 741424 ID: 398fe1

Ask if she saw you come back to the house yesterday. You're missing two hours of memory. No please don't joke about it Sally this is serious!
No. 741428 ID: 064dbf

We gotta go to the Police Station after seeing those buns! I vote to skip/fast forward though the Post Office and Cafe.

As for right now at the library do some flirting with Sally, say something about not getting to be home with her the last couple of nights, and then go see Naz.
No. 741429 ID: 18c9f5

Where'd she get a shirt with her family crest on it?

We should see if we can get one and gift it to the mayor, by way of an apology for our earlier meeting.
No. 741433 ID: 163674
File 147088131931.png - (33.69KB , 500x500 , 104.png )

You: “You?”

Sally: “Oh… fine. Fine.”

You: “Something wrong?”

Sally: “No! No, of course not. I mean, if nothing’s wrong for you, nothing’s wrong for… me.”

You: “Uh…?”

Sally: “You know. Yesterday, I mean.”

You: “Oh, were you there when I stopped by your house?”

Sally: “Yes?”

Sally: “You don’t remember?”

You: “No, something happened with my memory-”

Sally sighs dramatically and relaxes.

Sally: “You don’t remember! Ok!”

You: “…Sally, what happened?

Sally: “Nothing. Nothing, you just stopped by, talked to Mama about dinner, that’s about it.”

Sally: “I need to get back to work! Lots to do today!”
No. 741435 ID: 38685c

Ask her what's up sweater puppy. just to call her a sweater puppy.
No. 741436 ID: 398fe1


Sally please tell me we didn't have sex. ...if we did would you be up for refreshing my memory?
No. 741437 ID: 9f3729

"Ok if this nothing is mission critical you'd tell me, right? If not whatever but be straight with me here."
No. 741439 ID: 65317a

Should be blunt and just ask her if you had sex with her.
No. 741440 ID: 18c9f5

C'mon Sally, there's a two hour gap in our memory from the other day. If you know anything about what we're missing it'd be great to know.

If you can't talk about it now, can you let us know later? Maybe after we both get off work?
No. 741441 ID: 3e182c

Tell Sally she's a terrible liar. If that doesn't open her up though we'll have to pursue this another time. We need to get going and still need to talk to Naz.
No. 741445 ID: 3e182c

Oh wait I think I just got it.
The couch sleeping, the 18 hours to make comment, the fact that we considered the cookbook/ cook with idea before we went home yesterday, and now this talked about dinner comment. That was a gaffe wasn't it? We approached the food quality issue with Ramona and she flipped the fuck out, didn't she?
No. 741450 ID: 163674
File 147088393634.png - (33.54KB , 500x500 , 105.png )

You: “Sally, tell me.”

You lean in and whisper.

You: “Did we have sex?”

Sally shakes her head.

You: “Tell me. I can’t have people keeping me in the dark more than they already do.”

Sally: “Well…”

Sally: “You brought up cooking to Mama, which I warned you about…”

You: “I talked to her this morning, she didn’t seem-”

Sally: “You talked to her already? Did you get up early or something?”

You: “I slept at-”

You: “Yeah, I got up early.”

Sally: “Ok, well”

Sally: “I…”

Sally: “waited in your room and”

Sally: “When you got back from your shower I kissed you”

Sally: “And Mama walked in”

Your blood runs cold again. Seems to be happening a lot lately.

Sally: “but”

Sally: “Well, I accidentally sneezed in your mouth”

Sally: “Mama didn’t see the kiss part but she walked in with me and you and your face covered in snot”
No. 741452 ID: 18c9f5

Laugh and kiss her again.
No. 741454 ID: 398fe1

Oh my god that's hilarious.

Tell her if she wants another kiss you'll try to make yourself available later... maybe when Ramona has gone to bed?

Now it's time to talk to Naz. Ask Sally if Naz seemed super angry or anything.
Do knock before entering the computer room.
No. 741455 ID: 960f86

BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahhhahahahahhaaaaaaohgod this actully happened to me before, beautiful.
No. 741457 ID: 3e182c

I... Wow. I have no words.
Let's just go talk Naz.
We should prolly apologize for telling her to kill herself.
Or maybe tell her the Collar story, and then apologize for telling her to kill herself.
No. 741459 ID: 595d54

No. 741460 ID: 350a50

+1 to go see Naz.
-1 to kiss Sally.
No. 741464 ID: 064dbf

Tell her she can make it up to you tonight. In a light, happy, flirty tone. Or maybe insist that she does.
No. 741467 ID: 163674
File 147088662651.png - (41.41KB , 500x500 , 106.png )

As much as you want to eat Sally’s nerd face right now, you don’t kiss her. You just have a quiet laugh about the ordeal and swagger around to her side of the desk.

You: “Heh heh… I’m kinda sorry I missed that.”

You: “Things happen.”

You: “But if you ever do feel like misbehaving again, come get me.”

You give her a pinch on the hip.

Sally: “Hhhh”

Sally: “ok”

You: “I’ll let you get back to work before you start getting dehydrated.”

Sally is leagues ahead of Marcie, but you still don’t think she’ll get that joke. You head for the lab.

Sally: “Wait, Chuck…”

Sally tugs down at her sweater and takes a deep breath.

Sally: “About that book… did you manage to find out anything about the catacombs?”
No. 741468 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, there's an entrance to it at the bottom of the well, which the mayor just put a concrete cap on. Still possible to get in there but we'd need some muscle and a rope, with preferably a safe method of rappelling down and climbing up.

Also the door down there only opens to a Plath.
No. 741469 ID: 7b7ab3

"Roadblocks and dead ends at every turn. It is astounding the lengths people will go to to keep a secret around here."
No. 741470 ID: 18c9f5

Well, I tried to figure that out and now I'm missing two hours of my day. I'll let you know if anything else comes up.
No. 741476 ID: 3e182c

Still lookin' into it.
I have a feeling a certain turtle might be of use.
No. 741487 ID: 398fe1

Oh right we need to ask if she's ever heard of Harold Pal before.
No. 741488 ID: 163674
File 147088996990.png - (26.23KB , 500x500 , 107.png )

You: “Stiiiiil workin’ on that.”

You: “The mayor put a concrete seal over the well.”

Sally: “The well…?”

You: “Outside the library. That’s where the other entrance is to the catacombs.”

Sally: “…you’re kidding!”

You: “Nope, that was it. It had a big stone door with… well…”

You point to her sweater.

You: “…that.”

Sally: “Were you able to get it open?”

You: “No, but your mom said it takes ‘Plath blood’ to open it. Whatever that means.”

You: “We can get back down there - we just need some muscle and rope.”

Sally scratches her chin.

Sally: “Ok. Noted.”

You: “Oh, and have you ever heard of Harold Pal?”

Sally: “Who?”

Huh. You go to the lab.
No. 741490 ID: 163674
File 147089000280.png - (31.58KB , 500x500 , 108.png )

As expected, Naz is there. She turns around at the sound of the door, then returns to working.

Naz: “Hey.”
No. 741492 ID: 180f83

Tell her that we should cancel the porno. It's for the best at this point, especially after you lashed out at her, and for the high probability that if we do the porno, it will just be a huge prank anyway.
No. 741496 ID: 9876c4

Oh HELL no.

Let's start with neutral ground. Did she get an email back?

Demonic pentecostali trump personal issues after all.
From there, we can work our way things said and done by us mere mortals.
No. 741497 ID: 398fe1

Tell her you won't take back everything you said, but you're sorry about yelling at her and being rude. You are not into submission, for personal reasons, and it made you very angry.
No. 741503 ID: c441c1

sit down before talking.
No. 741504 ID: 595d54

These work.
No. 741509 ID: 350a50


Then tell her that you have some personal issues regarding being collared, and with the guy at the window the other night, tension was already high.

Apologize for saying things in the heat of the moment that you didn't mean.
No. 741510 ID: 3e182c

Tell her the Collar Story.
Then apologize for telling her to kill herself.

Telling people to kill themselves aint cool, but chuck was justified in freaking out. The least he could do is let her know why.
No. 741511 ID: 5399f0

No. 741512 ID: 5a893f

Hey, so just to get it out of the way... I have a history with abuse so like... That's what was up a few days ago. Sorry I didn't explain right away and stormed out mad, but... Yeah I got triggers alright?

to be clear not molestation abuse, it's control abuse, so...yeah.

Here's your bakery good naz.
No. 741540 ID: c94cbb

Keep it simple and vague, Chuck.

Cough, then go "I wanted to say sorry for how hard I blew up at you. I'm not saying sorry for reacting badly at all, but I am for how far I went. I have... personal reasons why I did, and you know for future reference sneaking up on people who've been recently stabbed in the back and spooked by prowlers isn't generally going to go well, but, yeah. For the shit I said, sorry. That's all, I'll go. Tell Selma she's included in all that too, please."
No. 741543 ID: 233260

Yeah tell her that the collar thing touched some very personal issues you have and you are sorry you blew up so badly.

But after the ghost stabbing and creepy guy the other night well you know.

So just ask beforehand next time?
No. 741616 ID: 68cd8f

How familiar are you with the kinky/fetish concepts of boundaries of consent, with concepts of 'Safe, Sane, and Consensual' and things like 'Risk Aware Consensual Kink' (the acronym is intentional)? And how much these social groups stress consent and not crossing boundaries, and WHY they do that?
No. 741635 ID: 163674
File 147096598735.png - (34.55KB , 500x500 , 109.png )

>simple and vague
>apologize for getting mad
>don’t apologize for what you said

You prepare yourself for a tactful apology.

You: “Naz, I just-”

Naz: “I shouldn’t have-”

You: “I’m-”

Naz: “Sorry”

Naz: “I did that”

Naz: “I really didn’t mean for it to be like that”

Naz: “It was just meant to be a joke and I just…”

Naz: “got carried away”

She turns back to her computer screen and resumes working.

Naz: “I get really excited around you, like I can really”

She takes a deep breath and opens a book in front of her face.

Naz: “be myself for once.”
No. 741638 ID: 9f3729

You can, just maybe ask first next time

Also here's your breakfast.
No. 741641 ID: 398fe1

Tell her you accept her apology. You can still be friends. Now that that's out of the way, has she gotten any word back from her contact? Oh tell her about the weird shit with the mayor too.
No. 741642 ID: 350a50

Forgive her and give her the delivery.

Say you should both put this behind you, and ask about that demonologist. Did they ever get back to her?
No. 741644 ID: 98ed9c