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File 143519256968.png - (73.38KB , 800x600 , June_Quest_Act_IV.png )
650533 No. 650533 ID: 1f8505

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No. 650535 ID: 1f8505
File 143519268614.png - (57.09KB , 800x600 , Previously_on_June_Quest Copy.png )

No. 650536 ID: 1f8505
File 143519274046.png - (378.62KB , 1000x900 , A_Whole_Bunch_Of_Shit_Happened.png )

Sarah Hanchett, a fledgling mineralogist, wakes up in a medical bay with mysterious psychic abilities. She discovers she is trapped aboard the UTR June, an exploration vessel in orbit around an unknown planet. After assembling a maintenance robot to help her, Sarah finds out she is not alone. A cryptic presence plagues her, along with a large number of hostile zombified crew members out for blood. Escaping the horde with the help of security officer Lt. Taylor, she makes her way to one of the June's bridges to meet up with the remaining survivors. Narrowly surviving an attack by a zombified crew mate, Sarah and the other survivors agree: they must escape the June as soon as possible. They locate a shuttle still docked, and ready themselves to make their way to their one avenue of freedom.
No. 650537 ID: 1f8505
File 143519326405.png - (191.45KB , 1862x1459 , June_219.png )


Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Take only what you can fit in your pockets. We are traveling light, and we are traveling fast."

Jacobe readies his stun gun and taps a few keys on the main door's keypad, getting ready to open the door.

Lt. Taylor: "Stay behind us, folks. We're armed only with stun guns, so if we have to use 'em, we gotta move fast immediately after."


Everyone turns and looks at Elena, who is shaking and pointing. I look to where she's pointing.

Lt. Taylor: "You have to be fucking KIDDING me."

Remember those zombies that Jacobe and Taylor bludgeoned to death before?
No. 650538 ID: 1f8505
File 143519327522.png - (238.50KB , 1000x783 , June_220.png )

No. 650539 ID: e114bc

Alright from here on out just break their legs instead of trying to kill them. A crippled zombie is no longer a threat. Cover your friends while they go through the door. Psychic-shove the zombies away if they get close, using as little effort as possible so as not to tire yourself out.
No. 650540 ID: d3be40


Grab ANYTHING that looks like a scavenger's weapon - janitor's chemicals, sharp nails, folding chairs, but keep running! Once you get somewhere safe, START CRAFTING!
No. 650545 ID: bd8b82

they ignore wounds.

we need their heads basically pulped to stop them completely. throw something stupidly heavy at them. WITH YOUR MIND.
No. 650552 ID: e114bc

Ignoring wounds doesn't help when the wounds make you physically unable to move around.
No. 650587 ID: b8ceae

Your psychic power is powerful enough to throw people around. Apply it to their knee caps, and push back HARD.
If you can get their knees to buckle backwards then you'll be able to outrun them with a casual walk.
It'll take about as much force as if you gave them a solid hit in the knee with a baseball bat, so it'd be basically nothing compared to throwing around bodies around.
No. 650611 ID: 57d76a

What the hell is that coming out of his back.
If it's not part of his normal physiology maybe it's a weak point.
No. 650757 ID: d4a543

If stunners do anything at all, grab something heavy and finish the job by shattering as many major structural bones and severing as many ligaments as can be clearly identified. If they get back up from that, scrounge for some caustic alkali or figure out how many bodies you can set on fire without completely overloading life support.
No. 653621 ID: 1f8505
File 143624756185.png - (313.47KB , 1536x1185 , June_221.png )

I thought the idea was to keep my powers secret from everyone else. I don't want to spook them, or make them think I'm part of the problem!

Everyone immediately runs out of the bridge door, save for Jacobe and Taylor who hold up the rear, stun guns drawn.


Jacobe fires on a zombie, stun dart embedding itself square in the chest. The zombie violently shivers in place, momentarily paralyzed.
No. 653629 ID: bd8b82

then be secret about it. make it look like the zamble triped by knock it's let out from under it.
No. 653631 ID: e114bc

Making all the zombies suddenly a lot clumsier seems both funny and useful.
No. 653665 ID: fab78f

that guy does have a bloody leg, so make it look like it just gave in.
No. 653672 ID: 1cebc8

Good News: Paralysis-type attacks work, implies pain-based attacks also work.

Bad News: Working nervous system implies IMPROVED Fast-Regeneration.

Telekinesis on the keypad, close the door!
No. 653707 ID: 5f7625

You are gonna let these two die? Those stun darts are gonna do nothing and those two are gonna get killed and become more zombies, so I think hiding your new powers is a little lower priority than stopping that from happening.
No. 653715 ID: b8ceae

Close the door and lock it.
No. 653720 ID: 066a87

How would mashing the keypad help?

Just remind them to lock the door. They'll have the keycode for it. You probably don't, do you?
No. 653723 ID: bd8b82

we can super lock it with our powers. close and lock the door and then destroy the control system with a burst of telekinesis. to the mechanisms.
No. 664055 ID: 36a5d8

Make sure everyone is inside before you seal the doors. No man left behind.
No. 665562 ID: 1f8505
File 144087274985.png - (371.91KB , 1748x1640 , June_222.png )

Lt. Taylor stuns the second zombie as it rounds the corner and runs for the elevator. As the first one starts to stand back up, Elena trips and falls to the floor. Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe runs back to help her up.


I stealthy trip the first zombified crew mate as he beings to lumber towards Jacobe and Elena. He falls flat on his face, buying the two precious time.

Right as Jacobe helps Elena hobble into the elevator, Devin hits the Door Close button. The door closes shut right as a zombie reaches the elevator.

The sounds of a zombie scratching at the door echo throughout the elevator cab, disrupting the tense silence.
No. 665563 ID: e114bc

Push butan. Which floor are we going to?
No. 665572 ID: 1cebc8

Quick body count, then check for possible zombie entrances.

After you're sure that you have at least five minutes to make a decision, discuss what needs to be done and the various floors you can go to.
No. 665597 ID: 9ddf68

so what floor are we going to and why has nobody pushed the button to it yet?
No. 665598 ID: 3663d3

push button
No. 670767 ID: 1f8505
File 144272885646.png - (22.07KB , 1315x879 , June_223.png )

"We're heading to the Armory first, located at the Security Office. Deck 4."

I push the button for Deck 4. The elevator slowly descends, and the frantic scratching noise fades away.

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Elena, Cherie, Steven and I slide to the floor.

I guess now is a good time to see if I want to ask anyone about anything.
No. 670773 ID: 2ccbb3

What's our long term plan now? Does anyone know where to find a maintenance terminal?

We need a better strategy for taking down zombies after what we just saw. Shoot the limbs?
No. 670908 ID: 23495a

I want to know about Jacobe and Taylor. Lets ask about them.
No. 670964 ID: 066a87

Taylor likes Sarah's boobs. Also he knows about her powers.
No. 671558 ID: e4abe1

before the door open use telekinesis to blast away anything in front of the elevator!
No. 671906 ID: 066a87

That's the opposite of keeping it secret!
No. 672262 ID: e4abe1

before they open, so they don't see it happening...
No. 673185 ID: 066a87

There's viewing windows in the doors though.
No. 674555 ID: 1f8505
File 144385347933.png - (103.77KB , 1070x1086 , June_224.png )

"So, Taylor... been a professional security guard long? You seem very skilled."

Lt. Taylor: "Haven't always been a rent-a-cop."

Rent-a-cop? Seems he has a low opinion of his profession.

"I don't understand. You and Jacobe seem like professionals. Why would you say that about your job?"
No. 674556 ID: 1f8505
File 144385348324.png - (138.09KB , 1000x869 , June_225.png )

Lt. Taylor: "We used to be in the Republic Marine Corps, Sarah. Both of us serving in the same unit."


Lt. Taylor: "And now we're employed by Santanna Security. The lowest bidder of every single damn PMC out there. Out here to do nothing but babysit a bunch of test-tube polishing nerds."

Taylor looks at me, and then turns back to the elevator window.

Lt. Taylor: "...present company excluded, of course."

"Well, what made you leave the Marines and join Santanna Security?""

Lt. Taylor: "..."

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Er, I hope you'll forgive him, Sarah. It's kind of a sore subject. For both of us."

An awkward silence hangs in the air.
No. 674573 ID: 2ccbb3

"We're in the middle of a zombie outbreak and you've kept us alive despite the hordes of regenerating infected. You're not losers, you're former professionals.

Which means that we're either in good hands or just assets for your long-term plan.

If you want us to trust in your experience and follow your strategy, you should tell us what happened and why. We're no strangers to the worst of humanity, compared to what we've seen here."
No. 674574 ID: e4abe1

Taylor know you can do some weird shit, sa to him you are going to do that and make sure he distract the other with some kind of motivational speak.
No. 674576 ID: 0ed6e9

time to change the subject

ask what kind of things we can expect to find in the armory to help us not die... and also the likely hood of running into people who might of held up in the armory thinking the best place to wait for help would be in the same place with the most guns and ammo.
No. 674580 ID: 066a87

I didn't realize Taylor was wounded. Looks like a superficial scratch, but it should be taken care of as soon as possible.

It's a small enclosed space and Sarah can only read minds, not project thoughts into them. At least, as far as we know. Maybe she can, or maybe she can make people's ears bleed if she tries. Experimenting seems risky at this point.

Interesting approach, but not appropriate right now. Whatever they did wasn't bad enough for them to end up in prison. The skills they have will serve everyone, and it is in everyone's interest to work together to survive. I would drop the subject for now, instead of further stressing and shaming them by forcing them to relive and relate whatever got them drummed out.
No. 686692 ID: 57f694

Move over to Taylor and read his mind. See if you can find out what his damage is.
No. 707653 ID: 1f8505
File 145733207957.png - (87.41KB , 1400x969 , June_227.png )

I'd rather not mind dive at this time. If he wants to tell us something, he'll do so when he's ready.

I do offer up some encouragement.

"We're in the middle of a zombie outbreak and you've kept us alive despite the hordes of regenerating infected. You're not losers, you're former professionals."

All Taylor does is chuckle softly to himself.

"Anyways... what kinds of weapons can we hope to find?"

Lt. Taylor: "Well, there are three security tiers in obtaining firearms. Alpha tier lets us access tasers, Beta tier lets us access handguns, and uh..."

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Gamma tier has either SMG's or shotguns, depending on if the contractor really wanted to spring for some. No guarantees though."

As the elevator comes to a halt and the doors open, Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe mutters "cheap bastards" under his breath.
No. 707654 ID: e4abe1

what's in there?
No. 707655 ID: 3663d3

someone roll those canisters into a place where detonating them would kill the most shit without blowing a hole into space.
No. 707656 ID: 5ad4a7

Bullet holes in the wall? Who could have been here to cause that damage? Peek around the corner carefully.
No. 707661 ID: 2ccbb3

Try to use your powers to detect threats. Nothing serious, just see if you can figure something out.
No. 707762 ID: 52ed12

Have a mirror? Look around the corner to see if anybody is manning that killbox they have set up there. If you see living people, have Lt. Taylor call out to them.
No mirror? Call-out.
No. 707962 ID: 1f8505
File 145756550512.png - (289.53KB , 2000x890 , June_228.png )

I can't really 'detect' anything, though I am not sure if that's because no one is there, or if I simply lack that ability.

Lt. Taylor calls out.

Lt. Taylor: "Hello? Anyone there? This is Security!"


I venture out of the elevator.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Whoa, Sarah, wait!"

The entire room is the remnants of a war zone. Ominous claw marks and bullet holes on the walls, blood spattered everywhere, equipment tipped over, bullet casings littering the improvised cover...

...but no bodies.
No. 707968 ID: 5ad4a7

The bodies got dragged into waste management. It looks like whoever was fighting here was taking cover behind the uh... boxes there, and lost the fight.

First thing's first. Barricade Waste Management. Get those boxes or whatever against the door. Then go into security and arm up.
No. 707975 ID: 2ccbb3

Something's wrong.

First and foremost, the blood. It's all the same fresh color of paint. That means, whatever happened to the corpses either happened recently or happened simultaneously. Weapons free, everyone.

Those two bloodstains near the vending machines look like some people were incapacitated while in cover. That is definitely a handprint, so there was probably at least one humanoid here.

Notice that there is no excessive explosion of blood near the entry points of each position; a few splattering flecks in the main warzone, probably gunshots or strong force attacks as there are no signs of excessive injury while in motion. For the two behind cover, there is no splatter at all, so they probably had a bleeding wound on the side they were dragged on because of the even distribution of blood.

What disturbs me is that the blood trails for the further corpses just STOP, which would mean that something prevented the blood from hitting the ground. Notice that the blood trail for the two cover guys stops around the same time that line-of-sight is available for anyone in the doorway.

A hull breach would seem likely, except there are shards of glass and shreds of the wall still on the floor, so even if all the solid objects contained pure iridium this scene wouldn't make sense.

My theory is that someone with psychic powers used "Pull" telekinesis to grab the bodies - but why? Maybe they were carrying loot?
No. 708092 ID: b8ceae

It looks like the survivors lost and were dragged into Waste Management, but it might have been a fighting retreat into Security. There could be people alive in there.
Can Wheelbot rig the Waste Management door controls so it can't be opened from the other side? You don't want to permanently seal anything since that would cut your options, but disabling the controls on their side would work.
No. 723901 ID: 1f8505
File 146346053206.png - (174.32KB , 1200x806 , June_229.png )

"Wheelbot, seal that door!"

"Dokie okie!"

Wheelbot proceeds to mess with the door panel. The rest of the survivors enter the room.

Elena nearly turns white upon seeing all the blood.

Cherie: "What a mess..."

Taylor and Jacobe wince at seeing the mess.

Lt. Taylor: "Man, Security really shot up the place. Blood, bullet casing, bullet holes..."

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Whatever they were shooting at, they obviously didn't kill it. More disturbingly, it didn't leave any bodies."

Devin: "Beardbeard's beard! This place is slaughterhouse!"
No. 723902 ID: 5ad4a7

Damn. Those canisters are explosive and ignite below 100 F, but only unstable if heated, so you probably can't just shoot them to blow them up. Find out what's in them, exactly. Health hazard is 3, so it'd be dangerous even if they leaked...
No. 723903 ID: 094652

You need to find supplies and intel quickly. Map of the floor plz.
No. 723940 ID: 952003

Proceed into the armory.
No. 724129 ID: 1f8505
File 146354341086.png - (14.86KB , 984x617 , June_230.png )


>This is a map of the Security/Maintenance deck so far. There are supposedly two adjacent rooms to your left, which house the arms you're here to collect. To the right is where the water supply of the ship is distributed and wastewater is collected and recycled. Wheelbot has currently disabled the door.
No. 724132 ID: f6442a

Vent those rooms to space, then enter.
No. 724133 ID: 5ad4a7

What's in the gas ganisters?
No. 724146 ID: 5ad4a7

Venting the rooms will also vent objects into space. We want the objects, so we shouldn't do that.
No. 724208 ID: 2a7417

Enter, then vent those rooms to space.
No. 726285 ID: 1f8505
File 146433966428.png - (188.85KB , 1916x1056 , June_231.png )

"Anyone know what's in those canisters?"

Cherie: "Label says cyanuric quadrazide, probably used to clean out stuff in the waste management area. Tends to be kind of explosive, so watch it."

Oh good. Now I have potentially explosive containers to worry about.

I ask Lt. Taylor if there's a way to vent the next rooms into space.

Lt. Taylor: "'fraid not. There aren't any external doors or windows in the Security office. Also that sounds kind of dangerous."

Lt. Taylor goes ahead and attempts to open the door to the Security office. His repeated button pushing is met with a rejection noise.

Lt. Taylor: "Huh, that's strange. This door is locked from the inside. Only ones who could do that are other security personnel."
No. 726286 ID: 398fe1

Try knocking. See if they can hear you on the other side.
No. 726287 ID: 38685c

Explosives are an excellent way to vent things into space as long as you don't need that room after.
No. 726350 ID: cd7ad1

Get wheelbot to jack the door open.
No. 726354 ID: 726a91

Let's not blow up the ship.
Try the ol' shave-and-a-hair-cut, and see if you get the response
No. 732019 ID: 1f8505
File 146697680686.png - (184.77KB , 1563x974 , June_232.png )

"Try knocking."

Lt. Taylor: "Worth a shot..."

Taylor gives the door the shave-and-a-haircut knock. To everyone's surprise, the door slides open.

"Huh, how about tha-"
No. 732020 ID: 1f8505
File 146697681032.png - (192.81KB , 1563x974 , June_233.png )


Gunshots echo from the room as three bullets strike the door frame. Taylor dives for cover, but out of complete surprise I just fall backwards on my butt.

An angry voice immediately follows the gunshots.

No. 732021 ID: a075ba

We're not zombies! And they don't want to take you alive anyways!
No. 732055 ID: 398fe1

Get to cover! Announce your name, and that you've sealed the other door. If he wants you can send wheelbot in as a diplomat.
No. 732056 ID: b2d501


You don't want to trust us, that's fine, but save your ammo for the advanced infected! We're getting off this horror film set, and we'll go through you if we have to!"
No. 920997 ID: b5fb67
File 155010293458.png - (66.92KB , 1223x1137 , June_234.png )

Holy SHIT! I almost ate a bullet! Man, a foot and a half to the right and I would not be a living-
No. 920998 ID: b5fb67
File 155010293713.png - (65.66KB , 1194x1168 , June_235.png )

Wait a minute, how long have I been on this floor? It feels like... years.
No. 920999 ID: b5fb67
File 155010294113.png - (58.48KB , 1427x965 , June_236.png )

A yelling voice snaps me back to reality.


Oh right, the crazy guy in the next room. I yell back to him.

"Hey! Listen! We're not zombies! We don't want to hurt you!"

???: "What?!"

I scoot over to the very edge of the doorframe and slowly peek in, being careful to keep my profile to an absolute minimum. Lt. Taylor is fiercely gesturing for me to get back, but I can't help myself.

In the back of the Security Office is a bearded man in a similar uniform to that of Taylor and Jacobe. He is behind several large overturned objects, presumably being used as cover. On top of that, he has a handgun, probably taken from the armory.

???: "How... how do I know I can trust you?! How do I know you're not some hallucination designed to trick me?!"

The man is clearly paranoid and probably terrified out of his mind. Can't say I blame him.
No. 921000 ID: f41910

Has he been experiencing hallucinations?
No. 921001 ID: afdebc

...because if I was a hallucination, I'd either be a scary monster, or I wouldn't be wearing clothes.
No. 921003 ID: 094652

Use pssshioNIC powers to take gun.

"Because either way, you're screwed. Now, are you going to shut up and get in line for the good screw, or are you going to act out and get the drill-to-the-brain screw?"
No. 921004 ID: b1b4f3

Eh, well, how about you toss him your hairtie. Or your shoe. That's physical evidence you're real.
No. 921007 ID: 080aaf

Even if we were hallucinations, you'd be wasting bullets shooting at empty air!
No. 921013 ID: 2202fb

Seems like thread resuscitation is in right now...
No. 921280 ID: 8eaf98

on the one hand, I was hoping for a finished story, on the other hand, the thread rez means I may still get that yet, just not NOW

potential good news YOU have the cool mind powers rather than the zombies, given it seems to want you to get those powers BACK what with that whole one flesh nonsense

For one our voices don't sound like artifacting.
No. 922116 ID: b5fb67
File 155052695143.png - (127.12KB , 1485x1055 , June_237.png )

I deftly slip a shoe off.

"I'm gonna throw my shoe at him" I whisper to Taylor.

Lt. Taylor (whispering back): "What? No! That's a stupid idea!"

"I'm gonna do it!" I whisper back.

Lt. Taylor hisses to me in a harsh whisper "Sarah no!"

"Sarah YES!" I underhand chuck my shoe towards the goatee'd man. It sails beautifully through the air before it smacks the man in the face.

???: "OW!"

I shout back to the man "Could a hallucination do that?"

???: "OKAY! Okay! Okay. You're not in my imagination. I'm coming out!"

Taylor peeks around the corner as the man holsters his sidearm and approaches us.

Lt. Taylor: "...Keel? Is that you?"
No. 922117 ID: afdebc

Well it's a good thing that worked, or else you wouldn't get that back, and you'd end up running through zombie goo without a shoe later.
No. 922119 ID: e3e99e

"If you're sufficiently convinced, we have a lot of distance to cover, a lot of work to do, and we need everybody who can aim and shoot ready to do so.

But before that, can you tell us about your hallucinations? We need more information about the threat, and that would be a useful datapoint.

Also, I need my shoe back."
No. 922125 ID: 2202fb

meh, just mind power it over
No. 922147 ID: 06ac08

We're trying not to spooked everyone with our telekinesis though.

Interrogate man about what he knows!
No. 922533 ID: 5b93d3

>I'm coming out!
Ask him to bring your shoe with him.
No. 922737 ID: 8eaf98

Seconding this.
No. 923146 ID: b5fb67
File 155105829287.png - (485.35KB , 1885x972 , June_238.png )

Keel: "Lieutenant Taylor? Gads, I can't believe you're still alive!"

Lt. Taylor: "I could say the same thing about you, Keel."

Keel hands me my shoe and smirks.

Keel: "Good shot, miss."

I give him a goofy smile as I slip my shoe back on. "Thanks."

Jacobe and the rest of the survivors enter the Security room. Keel is taken aback by the number of people in front of him.

Keel: "Damn, didn't know there were this many people left! Maybe there is hope..."

Jacobe files through the survivors and stands in front of Keel.

Keel: "Lieutenant Commander! Sir!"

Keel salutes, but Jacobe puts his hand up.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "At ease, Keel. I'm not concerned about pulling rank at this point. I just need to know what happened here."

Keel relaxes his stance as we gather around Keel, curious as to why the security deck is a mess.

Keel: "Yessir. So as you're probably aware, a great deal of the ships's crew started... mutating."

A heavy air seems to settle around us as we suddenly remember the situation we are trapped in.

Keel: "Many of the second shift security members gathered here to arm themselves and discuss what to do next. It was pretty fucked, a ton demanded to hightail it out of here and call for help, but a few wanted to stay and look for survivors. Alisa, Tristan, Marco, Helen, and Chakir voted to stay and look for survivors while the rest of us evac'd and called for help. They armed themselves and departed, so the remaining personnel, myself included, prepared to head to the shuttlecraft. But before that happened, we... heard whispers. It's hard to describe, kind of like..."

Keel starts to turn pale.

Keel: "...like someone poking the inside of your brain. I dunno. We all became scared as hell, some guys claimed they saw monsters out of the corner of their eye. But then that THING just..."

Keel trails off as his gaze wanders towards the Waste Management door. Visible beads of sweat form on his forehead.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Keel?"

Keel looks back towards us.

Keel: "We need to get the hell out of here. Some kind of... thing might still be in the Waste Management area!"
No. 923168 ID: 4fa176

Yeah we gotta get out of here. But first, get some guns! All of the guns.
No. 923191 ID: 2202fb

and armor and ordinance. Form a bucket brigade to get it out faster.
No. 923447 ID: e3e99e

"If you see or hear anything strange, say something. Even if you're sure your eyes and ears are playing tricks, and that goes double if you think it's a hallucination. It's less effort to check than fight off an ambush, and it's harder to fool two or three people than one.
The good news is that their shenanigans seem useless on machines. Ship systems have been sabotaged, but not suborned."
No. 924284 ID: b5fb67
File 155167048855.png - (68.32KB , 1790x974 , June_239.png )

Sarah turns to Keel.

"If you see or hear anything strange, say something. Even if you're sure your eyes and ears are playing tricks, and that goes double if you think it's a hallucination. It's less effort to check than fight off an ambush, and it's harder to fool two or three people than one. The good news is that their shenanigans seem useless on machines. Ship systems have been sabotaged, but not suborned."

Keel nods.

Keel: "Yeah, that sounds good."

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "But first, let's get armed. These tasers don't do shit against these undead mutants."

Lt. Taylor nods and heads to the Armory door. He punches in a code and the door slides open. Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe walks in and heads straight to a large heavy-looking gun safe in the back. I follow behind him.
No. 924285 ID: b5fb67
File 155167049101.png - (126.88KB , 1910x972 , June_240.png )

At the safe Jacobe slides his ID card through the slot and punches in another code. The right-side door of the safe emits a heavy 'click' and the door opens. Inside are two long rows of panels, each denoted by a colored LED, some storage cases, and several boxes of 9mm ammunition.

Surprisingly spartan for a gun safe, I would think.

Jacobe looks down the rows of LED's and frowns. Then he puts a hand on his head. He seems visibly stressed.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Folks, we got a problem: there are only three handguns left in here. Plenty of ammunition and magazines, but just three guns."

Taylor enters behind me as several survivors poke their heads into the Armory.

Lt. Taylor: "So what? That just means me and you are now armed. That's all that matters, right? Besides, there's bound to be more arms in the other side of the safe."

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "That's the other problem: the other side of the safe won't open. Apparently I don't have high enough clearance for whatever's in there!"

Taylor gives a frustrated sigh.

Lt. Taylor: "Can't we force it open?"

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "You know we can't do that without causing a lockdown!"

Taylor looks at the survivors.

Lt. Taylor: "Do we even know if they can handle firearms?"

Jacobe turns to the survivors.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Hey guys! Who among you has ever handled a handgun? Gimmie a shout if you have!"

Devin: "I have! Spent 30 years in the Dwarven service, I know my way 'round a handgun."

Cherie: "My uncle took me hunting several times when I was a teenager, I can reasonably handle small arms."

I speak up next.

"My dad was in the Navy, and he taught me how to shoot. I had a .22 earlier before it got sucked into space."

Taylor turns back to Jacobe.

"Well, we got at least 3 other people who can handle a gun. How do we distribute these?"
No. 924293 ID: 79b545

Try this: Taylor and Jacobe get a gun, and give Devin the third. Yhen ask about what the lockdown meand if we force the safe open.
No. 924302 ID: e3e99e

"Is there a safety pull to open the vault from the inside?"
Option 1: Psychic powers pull the safety and pop it open.
Option 2: Wheelbot! Do everything!
No. 924311 ID: 5da03e

Before we risk triggering a lockdown, we should be ready to deal with escaping from one. What's the process for clearing a lockdown of the rooms? Gotta be something like an executive officer inputting an override to return the rooms to normal, but there might be a secondary way too in the event of the ship having met catastrophic damage and a lockdown being triggered by the damage. Might be as simple as some helpers on the outside of the lockdown having some tools and a little time.

Besides that, while Wheelbot's not secret at all (obviously) Sarah's powers aren't known to anyone but Taylor and Wheelbot. And luckily Wheelbot don't care, and Taylor thinks her powers are cool and she's hot. Others might not be so pragmatic, understanding, or unflinching.
No. 924452 ID: 8eaf98

get details on lockdown, have wheelbot do all the things.
No. 925009 ID: b5fb67
File 155200292347.png - (142.50KB , 847x1044 , June_241.png )

"Well, I'd say give yourself, Taylor, and Devin the sidearms."

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe nods and starts handing sidearms and magazines to the officers.

"So tell me about this lockdown. How does it work?"

Lt. Taylor turns to me.

Lt. Taylor: "So here's my understanding of it: the safe and lockers in the armory here are connected to a computer designed to detect intrusions or forced entry."


Lt. Taylor: "If forced entry is detected, the entryways to the elevator, armory, security room, and waste management are sealed by a blast door that comes down from the ceiling, like this."

Lt. Taylor makes a sliding door motion with his hands.


Lt. Taylor: "A signal is then sent to the captain about the break in and then they decide what to do next. Since the captain is... unavailable, I doubt any response can be sent to cancel the lockdown. Can't really cancel the lockdown from here as far as I know."

Thud thud thud

"Could Wheelbot bypass the security?"

Lt. Taylor: "Not likely. Maintenance robots aren't really allowed to tamper with secure areas of the ship."


Lt. Taylor: "For fuck's sake! What is that noise?!"

Suddenly we get a panicked yell from Keel.

No. 925021 ID: a819dc

Oh shit oh shit oh shit. Uh ok here is what we do; we need those arms so we gotta jam the blast doors open with the stuff lying around. Move stuff to door entrances and then raid that safe.
No. 925031 ID: cbdfa8

I suggest aiming for the head.
it will get rid of its nerves system making it paralyzed. plus any brain matter lost will make its thing processes screw up and will eye sight will go away if the frontal lobe is shoot to hell.
No. 925058 ID: 2202fb

crush it with your brain
No. 925097 ID: 5da03e

We shouldn't fight it here. We're cornered here. We should run.
No. 928626 ID: 8eaf98

Go check what it even is. It's on the way out anyway right?
No. 930764 ID: b5fb67
File 155597103653.png - (81.20KB , 1630x971 , June_242.png )


The sound of metal being slammed grows louder as Jacobe barks orders.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Grab that equipment and move it to the doors! We need to jam them so we can get the better weapons! Go go go!"

Taylor and I start moving a large piece of equipment to the Armory doorway while the others grab what they can in kind.


The sound of metal being slammed turns into the sound of metal being bent. As soon as the equipment is in place, I dart into the entrance room and look at the door.

Keel: "We need to leave NOW! We don't have a chance against that thing!"

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "The others didn't have access to additional firearms! We get them, we may have a better chance at survival!"
No. 930765 ID: b5fb67
File 155597104129.png - (231.78KB , 1630x906 , June_243.png )


The door to Waste Management is being hammered. Something behind the door is punching large dents into the door, and has damaged the locking mechanism.


My mind races. Whatever is behind that door is powerful, and a minute away from breaking through.

Possible courses of action:
-Trigger the lockdown now to potentially block off the threat
-Rush for the elevator (will not have time to get additional weapons)
-Barricade the Waste Management door with whatever's handy
-Fortify the Armory and wait for the threat in order to surprise attack it
No. 930767 ID: 0fae41

Barricade the Waste Management door with whatever's handy. Preferably something that will explode when the monster breaks through. Sticking around to witness that thing will not be good for your fellow survivors' sanity.
No. 930772 ID: 8eaf98

According to https://www.chemicalspill.org/diamond.html that canister contains something that has (from top to bottom) "3 Extreme Danger", "3 Flash Point below 73 F (Boiling point at/above 100 f) and/or at/above 73 F - not exceeding 100 F", and "1 Unstable if heated" it is stated earlier (in >>726285) that it is cyanuric quadrazide and that it "Tends to be kind of explosive"
So I suggest we get those to embrace their explosive tendencies once 'thing' breaks through the door. A subtle use of telekinesis should enable us to open them and a taser should be able to ignite it. Sadly we DO need to open it cause it isn't labeled an oxidizer too.
>>724129 Shows three separate canisters, it is too bad we need to hide our telekinesis cause it would be nice to save two of those three for potential later use. Actually, stupid idea: can we use the telekinesis to hold two of them together so they do not explode with the other one?
this is technically a specific execution of \/, I think
>Fortify the Armory and wait for the threat in order to surprise attack it
No. 930815 ID: ae8ec4

-Fortify the Armory and wait for the threat in order to surprise attack it
Prepare to blow that thing up with that cannister and a taser.
No. 930828 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, if the lockdown causes blast doors to come down from the ceiling, we can slide shit under where they'd come down to keep them from blocking access to our egress. Which I believe are just the armory and elevator doors? We could keep the security room open as well if needed.

That would block off the monster AND give us access to the big guns. So let's do that.
No. 930830 ID: b5fb67

Just a quick clarification for the situation that came up:

-There are extra guns (supposedly of shotgun or SMG types) in the left half of the gun safe
-The left half of the safe is locked and inaccessible through traditional means
-Forcing the left half of the safe open would trigger a Lockdown
-Triggering the Lockdown would close the armory, security, elevator, and waste management entrances with blast doors
-The blast doors can be wedged open with the furniture being moved into place
No. 930908 ID: 8eaf98

Dang, that would have been good to know earlier. Don't think there is time anymore though, plus the door dent will likely have a similar effect to furniture on the waste management door, probably best to consider triggering lockdown after the beast is dealt with at this point. I expected more murdery lockdown doors that don't stop for nothing!alternitively they are that strong but the furniture is stronger?
Also, ima potential dumb-dumb, shoot canister with a normal bullet (telekinetics to make sure it doesn't glance off?) to make a hole and shoot taser to ignite if necessary.
No. 931714 ID: 8da6b4

I sure hope it has some strong guns hidden away!

I'd agree with most. Wedge what we need open, throw that lockdown, and prep for war. If the way to the elevator isn't blocked by then, dash for it.
No. 934084 ID: b5fb67
File 155890290094.png - (115.69KB , 1221x969 , June_244.png )

"We need to fortify the armory! Now! Whatever's banging on that door will be coming through any second!"


Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "OK. Let's move as much stuff as we can in front of the Armory! GO GO GO!"

Everyone leaps into action, shoving anything they can in front of the entrances of the Armory and Security room. The hits to the Waste Management door become more and more intense...

...until it stops.

Keel, Taylor, Jacobe, and Devin run up to the hastily assembled battlements made for the Security door and draw their handguns. Everyone else ducks into the Armory room, except for me.

Keel: "We shouldn't be here, man! We had 10 guys attacking this thing before and we couldn't beat it! What hope do we have?!"

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Keel, not to disparage on the group, but most of them were just untrained mall cops with a superiority complex."

Keel: "That doesn't make me feel any better!"

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Shut up and focus!"

Suddenly, the loud sound of bending, scraping metal and glass breaking fills the air.

No. 934085 ID: b5fb67
File 155890290524.png - (388.24KB , 1602x831 , June_245.png )

I peek out to see what the armed group are looking at, and HOLY SHIT.

Bending and pushing the Waste Management doors apart is an enormous, bulky, muscled humanoid with three heads. The flesh around it is warped and pulled, almost like it was fused into place.


It does not look very happy.

Possible courses of action:
-Open fire on it immediately
-Wait for it to move in closer, then fire
-Wait to see if it ignores the survivors
-Wait for it to move next to the containers, then shoot the containers

Some appropriate theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhiGnj7QX2A[/spoiler]
No. 934086 ID: 0fae41

Red barrels red barrels RED BARRELS
No. 934087 ID: 8eaf98

Why not open fire immediately then shift to shooting at the explosives once it nears them?
I see no reason not to, so do that.
No. 934090 ID: b1b4f3

In real life, explosions are bad in a confined space. However let's side with video game logic this time and blow up the monster.
No. 934138 ID: e8f59c

Canister label says stable but flammable at room temperature and dangerous. Shoot it, why not?
No. 934141 ID: 8eaf98

hope we got our telekinesis ready to open that tank if bullets don't work and a taser to spark it
No. 934143 ID: b17d74

Use telekinesis to wave the canister in its face! If it grabs the canister, ALPHA STRIKE! Otherwise it might not automatically attack and you should save your ammo.
No. 934146 ID: e3e99e

-Wait for it to move next to the containers, then shoot the containers
No. 934810 ID: b5fb67
File 155961907008.png - (147.34KB , 1604x967 , June_246.png )

"Hit the tanks! Blow that thing up!" I hiss over to Jacobe.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Sounds good to me."

The giant zombie hesitates, standing in the destroyed doorway. Jacobe, Taylor, Devin, and Keel click off their safeties. Jacobe whispers to the others.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Aim for that canister and blow that fucker up!"

Lt. Taylor: "Roger that."

Devin: "Aye."

Keel: "Oh man..."

Jacobe gives the order.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "LIGHT IT UP!"

No. 934811 ID: b5fb67
File 155961907294.png - (32.26KB , 1033x754 , June_247.png )

The canister takes several hits...

...but it doesn't explode. The rounds dent the cylindrical container but do not puncture or ignite it.

Keel: "Oh fuck! It didn't work! It didn't work!"

Lt. Taylor: "SHIT!"
No. 934812 ID: b5fb67
File 155961907860.png - (442.11KB , 1439x1443 , June_248.png )

The giant zombie immediately takes notice.


The giant zombie starts charging towards us in an angry sprint.

Possible courses of action:
-Have them attempt to shoot out its knees
-Fire at will
-Jump out and attempt to use telekinesis to slow it down
-Bail out and head into the Armory
No. 934814 ID: 094652

Telekinesis the canister to trip the monster, then RUN LIKE HELL!!!
No. 934815 ID: d4d69a

Just discreetly telekinesis one of their top vertebra out of the back of their neck. Even if they dont die, that should paralyze them. Plus, you can just say one of the guns did it or it was a fluke.
No. 934836 ID: 8eaf98

Which neck?

There is a reason I said to have the telekinesis taser combo ready... =/

I doubt this thing feels pain, and seems to be made of muscle and I do not expect our bullets to break bones, not that this thing necessarily has bones, minor flesh damage seems like it will not do much to this fella. That said it still seems to be a flesh beast so I still think fire will be effective. so yea going to go with save lives now explain telekinesis later open canister with telekinesis, ignite with electric darts or tazer or whatever, fly new flamethrower with telekinesis, burn fleshbeast.
No. 935555 ID: 29a731

If memory serves, this thing proper does have a weakness, but it's a well hidden one. The best bet is to set it on fire, but will the telekinesis be able to actually open the canister? And more importantly, will they be fast enough to shoot it when it opens, and not kill everyone...?
No. 939421 ID: b5fb67
File 156333578167.png - (116.40KB , 1258x1014 , June_249.png )

Jacobe, Taylor, and Keel are firing frantically at the charging giant, the bullets sinking into the gargantuan fleshy frame. Not a whole lot of damage is being done.

Okay Sarah, I say to myself as I walk up behind Jacobe, it's time to step up and take some action. You've been keeping your abilities under wraps, but now you've got to do whatever you can to save these people.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Sarah, get back!"

I reach my hand out and fixate on the canister that got shot.
No. 939422 ID: b5fb67
File 156333578693.png - (100.94KB , 1283x941 , June_250.png )

I slide the canister directly underneath the foot of the giant as he takes another huge step.

The giant crushes the canister, not enough to puncture it but enough to warp it. The charging behemoth stumbles, still in full speed run, loses its balance...
No. 939423 ID: b5fb67
File 156333579031.png - (112.61KB , 1122x937 , June_251.png )

...and crashes face-first into our ramshackle barricade. Everyone at the battlements is sent flying, including me. A large piece of machinery is sent straight into the bullet-resistant glass, near shattering it. I hear the shrieks of Elena, Cherie, and Steven from the other room. I then hear a dull thud as Jacobe, Taylor, Keel, Devin, and I smack into the bulkheads.

Possible courses of action:
-Attempt to stand back up
-Stay down and assess situation
-Call out if everyone is OK
-Try to roll away from the giant zombie
No. 939425 ID: 0fae41

Stay down and keep shooting! The heads are an easy target now.
No. 939429 ID: 1774cd

Can you use your powers to open the valve on the canister? THEN get someone to shoot it.
No. 939430 ID: b1b4f3

Well this is bad. Either you wind up trying to unload all your bullets into its heads to kill it, or... you could activate the security door now, either pinning it there or outright crushing it to death.
No. 939439 ID: 094652

Use your psychic powers to pull the security door down, safeguards be damned.
No. 939460 ID: b5fb67

Friendly reminder that if there's no general consensus on what action to take, I usually just pick the one that's most in character/makes the most sense/sounds the coolest, in that order.
No. 939484 ID: ae8ec4

Supporting. Pull the security doors down
No. 940522 ID: b5fb67
File 156418257461.png - (75.05KB , 1200x801 , June_252.png )

Ignoring the aching in my body, I prop myself up, I reach out and attempt to pull the security door down on the giant zombie.
No. 940523 ID: b5fb67
File 156418257925.png - (243.92KB , 1200x976 , June_253.png )

It's not budging! The door must be locked in place unless it's triggered! I'm just not powerful enough...

Meanwhile, the giant zombie attempts to get up. Everyone else seems to be too scattershot from getting knocked away to do anything at the moment.


...except for Keel?

A bullet skims the arm of the zombie, ripping a small gash. I hear Keel shouting in fear.


More shots ring out, but they miss.
No. 940530 ID: b5fb67

And in my excitement, I forgot to post the curated suggestions.

Possible courses of action:
-Attempt to TK push giant zombie back out entry
-TK pull a gun towards you
-Call out to someone to trigger the emergency door
-Try to locate that damaged canister for another try at detonating it
No. 940531 ID: 8eaf98

-TK pull a gun towards you
-Call out to someone to trigger the emergency door
both of these they sound non-exclusive and most productive
No. 940533 ID: b1b4f3

No. 940534 ID: 0fae41

Think smaller. Get someone to call out the emergency door trigger and TK that.
No. 940989 ID: b5fb67
File 156451958734.png - (54.92KB , 1050x972 , June_254.png )

My eyes dart around, looking for a loose firearm. Devin seemed to have dropped his, so I reach out and attempt to telekinetically pull it towards me.

In the meantime, I shout out "SOMEONE ENGAGE THE LOCKDOWN!"

Cherie shouts back. "How?!"

The gun slides across the floor towards my hand. The giant zombie continues to get up, glaring at Keel as he attempts to reload. Hands shaking, Keel accidentally drops his magazine.

I scream back to Cherie: "I DON'T KNOW, JUST DO SOMETHING!"

Cherie: "But how... aw, fuck it."

I hear Cherie shout and then a sharp cracking and sparking noise emits from the safe room. Did... did she punch the keypad?
No. 940990 ID: b5fb67
File 156451959394.png - (166.97KB , 1305x964 , June_255.png )

As the handgun slides right into my hand, a message blares throughout the rooms.


Large blast doors emerge from the top and bottom of the doorway where the giant zombie lays. Unfortunately, the giant zombie becomes aware and jams the blast doors with its enormous veiny arms. It seems to be struggling though.

Possible courses of action:
-Use newly acquired gun to shoot giant zombie in the arms
-Attempt to TK force the blast doors shut on the zombie
-Attempt to TK push the zombie outside the doors
-Attempt to TK throw an object at the zombie to shove it outside the doors
-Attempt to help fellow crewmates while zombie struggles with blast doors
No. 940991 ID: 0fae41

Shoot the hands.
No. 940992 ID: 2df440

Try to push it out the door
No. 940995 ID: b1b4f3

Pretty sure both the doors and the zombie are too heavy to TK.
I also don't think it will be able to get through, but shoot its arms/hands anyway.
No. 940997 ID: e3e99e

Shoot one of its arms, then TK the arm TOWARDS you.
If you remove the support from one of the arms then it's not going to be able to hold up the door. It can use its fingers to keep you from pushing the arm out, but it has nothing to keep you from pulling it forward.
No. 941008 ID: 8eaf98

pull forward to keep it in the door no more, kill it in the door to keep it wedged open so we can get out afterward.
No. 943176 ID: bc7b7c

Use whatever means necessary to bust out his elbows. Gun or TK. Once his elbows go, he won't have any support to hold the doors open and it should slowly start to crush him.
No. 943191 ID: 094652

The beast is preoccupied keeping the doors from french kissing its face! Everyone get in close and aim for the heads! TK on the breach doors.
No. 951298 ID: ae948a

Is this ded?
No. 951362 ID: b5fb67


Nope, just sleeping. Currently working on updates. Stay tuned!
No. 957198 ID: b5fb67
File 158250561336.png - (84.21KB , 1627x974 , June_256.png )

In one almost fluid motion, I bring my gun and hand up and start firing into the left arm while psychically yanking as hard as I can on the right. The giant zombie yells in anger and pain as I fill it's left arm and joint with 9mm rounds.


I see several shots pass through the flesh without any reaction, but 3 or four score direct hits against the elbow bone joint, just enough to cause the big meaty arm to give out against the door pressure. The right arm is yanked out, and the giant zombie is pinned between the door halves until...
No. 957199 ID: b5fb67
File 158250561974.png - (275.79KB , 1630x1145 , June_257.png )


...the giant zombie is severed into two pieces. The torso half falls to the floor with a wet thud, twitching violently for a few seconds before it becomes still.

The giant zombie has been slain.
No. 957200 ID: b5fb67
File 158250562355.png - (203.97KB , 1909x1137 , June_258.png )

The entire room is silent for a moment. Sounds of the other survivors scuffling to get back to their feet fill the air. Keel's nervous reloading has paused.

I lean back and close my eyes, head resting on the wall. I can feel my trembling hands as the adrenaline starts to wear off. I just breathe.
No. 957201 ID: b5fb67
File 158250562712.png - (158.93KB , 1569x900 , June_259.png )

Suddenly, a familiar pain shoots through my head and body. The awful head-splitting pain, and the pins and needles in my extremities. I know I can control this pain though... channel it into something useful! Make myself... more powerful...

I shove any thoughts aside about how and why this happens consistently and focus on bringing this pain into focus.
No. 957202 ID: b5fb67
File 158250563099.png - (95.56KB , 1803x897 , June_260.png )

>Once again, SARAH has the ability to augment her strange abilities through the THREE CORES OF BEING: The MIND, the BODY, and the SOUL.

>You are now able to channel this strange pain into a CORE OF BEING to either UPGRADE ONE EXISTING ABILITY, or to UNLOCK ONE BRAND-NEW ABILITY.

>SARAH currently has three abilities: From the MIND, she has TACTILE TELEPATHY. From the BODY, she has TELEKINESIS. From the SOUL, she has PSY-HEAL.

>Choose wisely! These abilities will be with SARAH for the remainder of the quest!
No. 957206 ID: e7c7d3

Let's unlock an ability in the soul
No. 957215 ID: b1b4f3

You gotta have SOUL
No. 957219 ID: 3ce8ff

assuming similar abilities in each group more healing type abilities sounds good so another soul ability
No. 957224 ID: ef7dec

Body. Telekinesis wasn't quite cutting it against zombie super mutants.
No. 957230 ID: 0fae41

Enhance Body! Let's discover a new ability.
No. 957263 ID: 91d98e

Body! get swole or go home.
No. 957378 ID: acfea1

Brevity is the soul of wit.
No. 957407 ID: ea5b2a

Body body body body!
No. 957412 ID: b5fb67
File 158277883122.png - (125.85KB , 1804x895 , June_261.png )

>Tie between body and soul

Aarggghh! I can feel a pull between two sides! One side is making my fingertips tingle... the other is... nnggghhh! The other is a... thing... that looks real but isn't... ow ow OW! Eeerrggghhh!

>The abilities are close to manifesting, but only one can be chosen! Now that you can see the potential possibilities, vote to break the impasse!
No. 957413 ID: 3ce8ff

soul. illusions or better sight both sound better than zapy powers right now, we have yet to get our cool powers to be ok with the group
No. 957414 ID: 0fae41

Get you a body build!
No. 957416 ID: 49e4d4

Body that.
No. 957418 ID: 965b25

No. 957466 ID: f133dc

Telekenetic powers, lightning projection...

Use the force! The copyright violation is entirely unintentional...

I know it's too late for that but I'd prefer TK upgrade to either of those anyway.
No. 957468 ID: 015bf2

Soul up.
No. 957630 ID: 6cf892

Soul! I vote soul
No. 957635 ID: 7ebbf9

Gonna body this vote.
No. 957637 ID: 1a89d4

Body, body, upper!
No. 957638 ID: 0efe8e

Body Bois
No. 957642 ID: 094652

... Enhance knockers?
>Body Skill refers to electrical bolt for some reasoon
Right do the soul thing.
No. 957643 ID: 6e6f32

To know thine enemy is to dominate them.
Soul Tho
No. 957644 ID: b5fb67

Okay, since this kept coming into a tie vote, I ended up flipping a coin.

Body wins! Update coming soon.
No. 958965 ID: b5fb67
File 158416553310.png - (111.92KB , 1000x851 , June_262.png )

I slide my gun behind me as I feel my fingers tingling, almost like they're asleep, but I can clearly feel an increase in electricity in my hands. Maybe not enough to kill a person, but enough to cause damage to electrical equipment and sensitive materials.

How does this keep happening??
No. 958966 ID: b5fb67
File 158416553765.png - (164.29KB , 1200x1000 , June_263.png )

Suddenly, I hear the distinct sound of a shell being racked into a shotgun, directly over my right ear.


I freeze. I can barely see some blue shoes out of the corner of my eye. Adrenaline surges through my system again.

Cherie: "How the HELL did you do that?!"

Possible courses of action:
-Play dumb
-Call for help
-Attempt to TK push Cherie away
-Attempt to TK disarm Cherie
-Reach for gun
No. 958967 ID: b1b4f3

"Who gives a shit? I just saved all your asses."
No. 958968 ID: ae8ec4

- Play dumb
"I'm a good shot. Sorry for saving your stupid ass.
No. 958969 ID: 7ebbf9

Confess! "Turns out I'm psychic or something. Now point that thing away from me."
No. 958972 ID: 094652

"A bunch of different things turned most of the crew into zombies. One of those things turned me psychic and ganked my memory. Now can you please point that shotgun away from my face so I can deduce which thing gives us superpowers?!"
No. 958982 ID: c84ff4

I believe we can exert a lot of force on the trigger (or trigger finger) to prevent gun operation. as such we should probably do that while confessing (to prevent stupidity)
"Ah yes, always the best course of action: Shooting the person who made your continued life possible *sigh*. Somewhere along the line of all this zombie shit happening I lost my memory and gained psychic powers, primarily of telekinesis and most recently of basic electrical power."
No. 959028 ID: 015bf2

Give her a very, very brittle smile.

"I'm a psy-chick."

Slowly raise your hands.

"And reactions like that is why I didn't want to tell anyone, considering the circumstances."

Look her over (and study her gun, find the safety).

"I'm on your team. Zombies been stumbling a lot around us. That's been me."

(Surreptitiously TK her safety on, then ask for help if she continues her freak fit.)
No. 959048 ID: bfd7ed

"We've had zombies, monsters, and good knows what else. And that surprises you?"

Ngl tho, odds are, if I just saw someone save my ass, I'd probably hug them.

But yeah don't directly confess, just keep that trigger finger under control. Nothing is more dangerous than an armed and nervous civilian.
No. 959083 ID: 6c227a

Oh. Hey. So we got the other door open then. Cool. Please don't shoot me. I'm a little bit telekinetic, but definitely not enough to stop bullets.
No. 959997 ID: b5fb67
File 158546991258.png - (121.40KB , 1200x882 , June_264.png )

"Wait, why am I having a gun pointed at me? I just saved us! All of us!"

Cherie: "Answer the question."

"Oh come on!"

Cherie raises her voice, her aim with the shotgun unmoving.

No. 959998 ID: b5fb67
File 158546991654.png - (89.38KB , 1200x651 , June_265.png )

I have no idea where the safety is on this shotgun, so I am at a disadvantage. In this instance decide that honesty is the best policy, especially when one is at gunpoint.

"Okay okay okay! The truth is that I woke up in Sick Bay with these... abilities. I was suddenly able to move and throw objects with my mind."

Cherie: "How."

"Well, it's hard to explain. I can kind of 'feel' things in my line of sight if I focus on them a-"

Cherie: "No. How did you get these abilities?"

"I don't know. I came to consciousness like this."

Cherie: "No chemicals? No radiation? No exposure to foreign elements?"

"What? I don't know! I don't remember! I woke up with amnesia, I can't remember what I did on this ship! How am I supposed to recall what happened to me?!"

Cherie: "Pretty convenient to suddenly get amnesia."

"...the hell is that supposed to mean?!"

Cherie: "How come you never told us before?!"

"Because I feared that THIS would happen!"
No. 959999 ID: b5fb67
File 158546992018.png - (121.41KB , 1200x817 , June_266.png )

The tense conversation is cut short when Keel pulls his pistol on Cherie.

Keel: "That's enough, Cherie! Lower your weapon! She's right, she did save us all from a horrible fucking death at the hands of a giant mutant. That's good enough for me."

Cherie: "You're not even the slightest bit concerned that she's exhibiting these superhuman powers? She's obviously new to this whole thing. What if she loses control? Worse, what if she turns on us?!"

Keel: "We'll cross that bridge when we get there. Look, I lost a lot of friends to these... mutants, zombies, whatever. I refuse to see more people die, especially to each other! We need to be allies, not enemies! Now lower your weapon! NOW!"

Cherie reluctantly lowers her shotgun.

Possible courses of action:
-Question Cherie
-Threaten Cherie
-Reassure Cherie
-Take Cherie's gun away
-Ignore Cherie and focus on something else
-Check on the other survivors
No. 960001 ID: b1b4f3

Your co-workers have bad trigger discipline.

Check on the other survivors.
No. 960002 ID: cdabe3

No. 960003 ID: 49e4d4

Request assistance from Jacobe and Taylor, considering they know already.
No. 960004 ID: 49e4d4

After checking up on them, I mean.
No. 960006 ID: 094652

"In any horror movie, lack of paranoia gets the party killed. Except this isn't a horror movie, it's a war flick. Our priority is to stop this infection from causing the end of the @#$%ing galaxy, even if that means trusting our neighbors, so SUCK IT UP."
No. 960008 ID: c84ff4

-Check on the other survivors
and tell Cherie we can have a nice discussion after we make sure everyone is ok.
No. 960101 ID: 6f7a5a

Take Cheries gun away, people who point guns at you don't get to have guns
No. 960353 ID: b5fb67
File 158576006706.png - (272.00KB , 1200x800 , June_267.png )

Keel stands down, the situation seemingly defused for now. I opt to check on the others.

"Everyone OK?"
No. 960354 ID: b5fb67
File 158576007203.png - (233.23KB , 1200x800 , June_268.png )

Taylor is hauling Devin to his feet, still reeling from the impact. Jacobe is still sitting, rubbing his head.

Lt. Taylor: "Oof... anyone get the license number of that truck?"
No. 960355 ID: b5fb67
File 158576007784.png - (219.12KB , 1200x800 , June_269.png )

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "I think we'll recover. Bumps and bruises are damage we can live with. How are the others?"

"I was just about to check on them."

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Okay. Do that."

I turn and head towards the Safe Room.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Sarah?"

I turn back towards Jacobe.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "I probably shouldn't encourage actions like that, but... nice work."

I give him a soft smile and turn back towards the safe room.
No. 960356 ID: b5fb67
File 158576008112.png - (131.52KB , 1200x800 , June_270.png )

Ducking into the Safe Room, I check on Elena and Steven.

"Everyone OK in here?"
No. 960357 ID: b5fb67
File 158576008652.png - (222.09KB , 1200x800 , June_271.png )

Apparently not.

Elena: "Steven got hit by some broken glass!"

Steven appears to have a long cut on his forehead.

Steven: "I'm fine! I still have most of my blood."

Elena: "Sarah, what happened?! Did that giant thing go away?! Can we leave now??"

Steven: "Besides, the cut isn't that lo-ow! Okay, it's kind of long."

Possible courses of action:
-Attempt to help aid Steven
-Ask for help with patching up Steven
-Reassure Elena
-Report status of others to Taylor and Jacobe
-Acquire a shotgun from the safe
-Try to get blast door open
No. 960361 ID: b5fb67

Art by CannonParty
No. 960364 ID: c84ff4

probably move to get everyone back together in the same room
No. 960375 ID: 6c227a

"We're safe for the moment, but the blast door is shut." Shout back "Hey, Steven took some glass to the face. We have a med kit in here?"

Wait a minute to grab a gun. Cherie needs to calm down a little more, and you walking straight to the shotguns is liable to make her nervous.
No. 960388 ID: b1b4f3

Since the cat's out of the bag, use your psychic powers to heal him.
No. 960410 ID: 49e4d4

Honestly, yeah. Let's just get this out in the open right the hell now. Drag him into the room with everyone else, explain that yes, we're psychic, no, we don't know why, yes, we're mentally sound, thank you, Cherie, and I still feel like we haven't even tapped into the surface of all of it. After that?

"I'm no medi-bot, nor do I have any desire to be, but supplies are valuable. Wanna see a neat party trick?"

Then heal him. We need to practice it anyway, better now than when we're under sustained attack.
No. 960411 ID: 49e4d4

Wait, I just checked, we can't. So far it's self-healing only. We need to upgrade that next chance, IMO.


Well, we should still tell people what the score is with us. After we ask for a medkit.
No. 960790 ID: bfd7ed

Ensure everyone is safe and sound, and then regroup. Let the guys with actual ranks, instead of just regular ol' civilians, maybe do some thinking.

ALso find medkits for now and for later.
No. 961530 ID: b5fb67
File 158663598892.png - (214.03KB , 1100x1113 , June_272.png )

"Steven's been hurt! Who here knows first aid??"

Lt. Taylor looks at Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe.

Lt. Taylor: "You're up, Jacobe."

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "On it."

He rushes over to Steven and starts tending to his cut. Meanwhile, I meander over to the center of the room so everyone can see me lay bare my abilities.

"Alright folks, since you got a glimpse of what I can do, here's the truth: I woke up in Sick Bay with this ability to lift, push, pu- basically, I have telekinesis. I don't know how or why I got it. I can't remember anything that has happened since I stepped foot on this ship. All I know right now..."

I scoop up a handful of random items from a box.

"... is that I can do this."

And I proceed to levitate the objects in my hand. There's a lot of hushed murmuring from the group. Keel cocks his head, brow furrowed as he mentally tries to make sense of what he's seeing. Steven watches with wide-eyed surprise. Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe takes a moment to turn away from the bandaged cut to look and shares Steven's surprise. Cherie's face remains unchanged. Devin scratches his head, bewildered. Elena seems shocked. Lt. Taylor smirks, probably because he's the first one I told.

I give them a few minutes to process this, then return the objects to my hand as I deposit them back in the box.

"I hope that clears the air. Now... we need to figure out how to get out of here."

Art by Josh Otero

Possible courses of action:
-Try to hotwire door open
-Ask around about possible bypasses
-Look for materials to help open door
-Try to force blast door open
No. 961535 ID: 49e4d4

We wouldn't be lucky enough to have secret exits around here, would we?

-Try to hotwire door open
Don't we have helperbot?
No. 961539 ID: e7c7d3

Look for bypasses
No. 961546 ID: c84ff4

ask the little robot how these doors figure out if they should open (to figure out if hotwiring them is even viable) our new electrical ability may help us get around lack of direct wire access
No. 961549 ID: bfd7ed

What he said
No. 962012 ID: b5fb67
File 158692792129.png - (91.81KB , 1100x707 , June_273.png )

I turn to Wheelbot, who has been waiting patiently through this entire mess for something to do.

"Wheelbot, can we bypass these blast doors?"

Wheelbot: "Nop! Overtide only by senor staff!"

"Can you hack them?"

Wheelbot: "Noep! Wheelbot preform illegal operation and will be shut down!"

Okay then.

"Wheelbot, is there any kind of vent or shaft we can use to get out of here?"

Wheelbot: "Service conduit entrance in room!"

Steven then points up towards a moderately visible square on the ceiling.

Steven: "Right there, that should be a hatch that leads to the Jeffries Tube!"

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Service conduit."

Steven: "Yeah that. What did I say?"

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Will you hold still?! I'm trying to patch this cut."

Steven: "It's a narrow tunnel, though. One person after the other."

Looks like we're going to need to determine an order then.

What will be the marching order? Current group is: Sarah, Taylor, Jacobe, Devin, Cherie, Elena, Keel. Wheelbot is small enough to not require a specific spot.
No. 962013 ID: 094652

No. 962029 ID: 9c48ac

Taylor first, Sarah second so she can back him up with TK. Jacobe third. Cherie next, then Elena, followed by Devin and Keel to guard the rear.
No. 962054 ID: c84ff4

Sarah, Taylor, Jacobe, Devin, Cherie, Elena, Keel

June Sarah second to be able to use spooky power if needed
jacob front, Keel back, everyone else middle (with someone between us and cherie)
No. 964498 ID: b5fb67
File 158830495193.png - (42.63KB , 1200x628 , June_274.png )

"I think we should try taking the Je-service conduit around, would probably be the easiest route."

Lt. Taylor: "Agreed. Before we head out though, we should take this opportunity to gear up."

Lt. Taylor starts passing out shotguns and ammunition to the remaining unarmed survivors. I managed to score three more full magazines for my recently acquired handgun. Devin gets a shotgun now instead, so it works out fine.

With the survivors armed with at least one firearm and ammo, we pile up the bulky damaged equipment to reach the service conduit panel. I opt to go first, pulling the door loose.

Peeking inside, the conduit is darker but still well-lit. Many pipes line the long corridor.
No. 964499 ID: b5fb67
File 158830495511.png - (61.34KB , 1200x628 , June_275.png )

After I crawl in, I am followed by Taylor, Jacobe, Devin, Cherie, Elena, and Keel. It is near silent as we crawl on all fours down the conduit, save for the soft shuffling of our hand and knees on the metallic surface. The conduit stops at an L-junction, but as soon as I turn the corner, I hear groaning and shuffling sounds.
No. 964500 ID: b5fb67
File 158830495816.png - (66.27KB , 1100x758 , June_276.png )

"Stop stop stop!" I whisper hiss to everyone behind me. The survivors stop in their tracks. Lt. Taylor gives me the "what is it" expression. I hold up my hand as I get closer to the upcoming grate.

Peeking through, my body tenses as I see two mutated zombified beings: one a lanky Elven lady and one a bloated humanoid, almost crab-walking while heaving around it's swollen belly.

Possible courses of action:
-Back up and ask for help
-Attempt to shoot a zombie
-Try to TK push a zombie into the ladder niche
-Attempt to TK knock over a zombie
-Try to open the elevator hatch with the zombie on it
No. 964510 ID: e7c7d3

Push a zombie down the ladder
No. 964523 ID: 9c48ac

Pretty sure we do not want to be anywhere near that belly one. It seems explodey. Let someone else line up a shot if possible, then dump it down the hatch.
No. 964531 ID: 094652

Hey, are zombies dumb enough to realize they should release their sudden grasp on another zombie to prevent them from dragging a teammate down with them into a quarantine zone?
You know what I think the answer may be yes.
Use a telekinesis combo:
Open the door to make the zombie trip over. Then move the zombie's arm to the crab zombie's leg.
Then use Jolt-1 to force the zombie to clench hard.
Finally, push zombie further into the hole. Let them both fall in.
No. 964534 ID: c84ff4

as far as we know our telekenics do not broadcast our presence, as such: -Try to TK push a zombie into the ladder niche
I think my lineup order may have been misinterpreted. It is my fault, I forgot to remove the copy pasted list of people and it works out anyway.
No. 964540 ID: be9b9d

Its unfortunate that there were no smgs or pdws in the armory. That could have given us some more range and the option for effective suppressive fire. Also a shame there was no riot gear (armor, helmets, shields, etc.).


Lets all back up and then crush the bloated one to see what it does. Ofc, that would probably cause the entire area to be contaminated with fuck knows what, so this route may just be a bust.

Pushing the bloater into the niche may be the only option to not splatter the area with mystery fluids.
No. 964546 ID: dce46f


No. 964922 ID: b5fb67
File 158860975499.png - (103.87KB , 1218x951 , June_277.png )

Focusing on the shambling standing zombie, I manage to shove it into the nearby ladder niche, and it falls over itself, tumbling down the long elevator shaft. It's about 3 seconds before I hear a wet crunch echoing from the bottom of the shaft. I wince from the sound.

This act doesn't go unnoticed, it seems. The bloated zombie's eyes light up with that same disturbing magenta glow as its head darts around furiously.

Possible courses of action:
-Back up and ask for help
-Attempt to shoot the remaining zombie
-Try to TK push the zombie into the elevator hatch
-Attempt to TK trip the zombie
No. 964925 ID: adb916

back up quietly/silently to hide better, intelligence has not been the zombies strong suit, if it doesn't see you it may just give up (if it starts going for the vent probably shoot it)
No. 964957 ID: dce46f


I agree with this course of action
No. 965083 ID: d63ea8

Does it seem like the zombie can sense you?
No. 966208 ID: b5fb67
File 158921555968.png - (111.40KB , 1100x780 , June_278.png )

I start to back up slowly, but I bump into Taylor. I gesture quietly to have him back up, and he nods and starts to gesture in kind to Jacobe. It's only a few second of this game of Silent Telephone before I hear:


Steven's shouting echoes through the elevator shaft as my stomach sinks to my feet. The zombie's head snaps in my direction, and the eyes flash. It shambles violently towards the grate.

"Back up! BACK UP! BACK UP!" I smash myself against Taylor, but it's like afternoon traffic on I-5. Everyone is pressed against each other in a startled mass. I only get about a meter of room between me and the grating.

The zombie presses its head against the metallic lattice, snarling. But as I wonder if it's strong enough to keep the gross mass at bay, I see that the bulbous growths on its body are swelling up. They start to glow with the same eerie magenta color that dot its eyes.


Possible courses of panicked action:
-TK push zombie!
-TK push everyone behind you!
-Shoot it!
-Brace yourself!
No. 966209 ID: ca2950

Shoot it in the head. It can't explode if you kill it
No. 966213 ID: d63ea8

I think it's too late to stop the explosion, the best we can do is try to minimize the effect.

Try to TK push the zombie to the side so that the wall will take the majority of the blast rather than the vent itself.
No. 966224 ID: dce46f

Take the shot! Quickly!
No. 966228 ID: 015bf2

TK to the side, as hard as you can.

Aim the push/pull spot away from the magenta doom zits so you don’t trigger them early. If you yank the right appendages you could even make it fall in the right direction, easing the task. If you get it most of the way but it seems to be coming back, THEN poke a zit.

Oh, and...

“Exploder! Cover ears, get down!”

You should probably hit the deck yourself, regardless.
No. 966229 ID: 094652

Shoot the zombie in the head, then Push the zombie upwards.
No. 966258 ID: e25d3f

Oof, i liked bloater...

Anyway, the boom probably wont be as bad as the splatter. Who knows what those liquids may do if they get on you. We should probably TK shove the thing to the side so it doesn't spray into the vent. Doubt we can prevent it from splattering all over the elevator shaft though, so if we keep going this way, we will need to watch our step.
No. 966287 ID: adb916

TK to side
No. 966539 ID: bfd7ed

Agreed on TK to side. Keep pressure on it until it pops, and whatever you do, DO NOT OPEN THAT VENT. Also, get everyone to keep backing up, and warn them about the explosion.
No. 968298 ID: b5fb67
File 159071309878.png - (68.49KB , 1200x739 , June_279.png )


I scream the orders as loud as I can while I reach out and push the bloating zombie as hard as I can. It slips off its hands and feet and bounces off its expanding mass as it gets shoved to the side. The zombie continues to swell and glow, bigger and brighter, until...
No. 968299 ID: b5fb67
File 159071310823.png - (304.59KB , 1192x936 , June_280.png )


The entire corridor shudders violently. I feel like someone has stabbed my inner ear as my right eardrum blows out. The pain is extreme. Hopefully everyone else managed to keep themselves from going deaf.
No. 968300 ID: b5fb67
File 159071311728.png - (923.88KB , 1190x944 , June_281.png )

A moment passes. The wailing, ringing noise in my right ear subsides. Looking back, I see everyone covering their ears and curled up, like it's an earthquake drill at an elementary school. Soon, the pungent stench of blood enters my nose. TK'ing the grate out, I enter the elevator shaft to find it completely covered in blood, gore, and viscera. My shoes make a sickly squishing sound as I walk across the mess.

Lt. Taylor exits the corridor and surveys the damage.

Lt. Taylor: "Damn, that thing did a number on the elevator and the shaft. The metal is warped and jammed in place. I don't think we're going anywhere in it."

"So what do we do now?"

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe emerges from the shaft, making sure not to touch the gory floor.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Looks like we're climbing down." He gestures to a ladder inset into a niche.
No. 968301 ID: b5fb67
File 159071312347.png - (80.65KB , 1914x1002 , June_282.png )

"Same order as before?"

Lt. Taylor: "Well, I think Elena needs to go first this time."

"Wait, why?"

Lt. Taylor clears his throat and pantomimes a skirt.


After everyone emerges from the maintenance corridor while trying to keep them from throwing up, we descend down the maintenance ladder. The order of folks is the same, except Elena is the first to descend. I follow shortly.

The shaft is deep. I try not to look down as we climb down. The climb is relatively short lived though, as we reach the deck that leads to the shuttle bay. Problem is... how do we reach the door?

Possible courses of action:
-Try to TK force the door open and levitate someone into the entrance
-Try to TK force the door open and levitate yourself into the entrance
-Try to TK rip the maintenance corridor grating off and levitate someone into the entrance
-Try to TK rip the maintenance corridor grating off and levitate yourself into the entrance
-Try to bring Wheelbot down to yourself for suggestions
-Look for any kind of equipment around to help
No. 968302 ID: e7c7d3

Look for equipment to help. You can't float everyone across
No. 968303 ID: b1b4f3

More poor spaceship design choices I see. Someone put a maintenance ladder in the shaft without any way of actually using it for anything! You're supposed to just be able to reach over to get to the manual door control, and then there should be some way to climb over to the door easily. Telekinesis should not be required for this.

You haven't practiced fine control of Telekinesis. Don't risk flight, bring Wheelbot down to see if he can access something.

Pulling the door open with Telekinesis should work though.
No. 968305 ID: d63ea8

I'd say look for equipment, we need to conserve our energy to defend the group.
No. 968309 ID: a34b8a

look for equipment, floating someone else or ripping stuff open seems to dangerous.
No. 968311 ID: b1b4f3

Also use your SOUL POWERS to heal your busted eardrum.
No. 968435 ID: bfd7ed

Let's hold off on using our powers too much, and relying on them. COnserving energy, I agree on this. It's a must.

Look for equipment, and ask Wheelbot for assistance.
No. 969268 ID: b5fb67
File 159167984470.png - (59.71KB , 1330x995 , June_283.png )

"You know, this is a very poorly designed ship!" I shout up to anyone who cares.

Steven: "It's a Gregorian-class! It was supposed to be retired years ago! And the gravity is supposed to be 'off' in this shaft during maintenance anyways!"

Fantastic. It's not bad enough there are zombies out for our flesh; now the ship is trying to get us killed too.

I look around for any equipment... but I don't see any tools. What I do see is a panel near the door. It looks small enough for a certain maintenance robot to access.

"Who's got Wheelbot?"

Steven: "I do!"

"Drop him down to me! I see a panel he can access!"

Steven: "Will you be able to catch him?"

"Don't worry, I can maneuver him directly into my hand!"

Steven: "Okay..."

I see Steven stick his hand out with Wheelbot in it, and he lets go.

Steven: "Bombs away!"

Wheelbot: "JC, I'm a bomb!"

I guide Wheelbot right into my waiting hand without issue. I then proceed to pull the access panel off and TK float Wheelbot over to it.
No. 969269 ID: b5fb67
File 159167984792.png - (50.78KB , 749x664 , June_284.png )

"Wheelbot, can you find some way for us to access the door?"

Wheelbot: "Yas! Will extent service platfork!"

Wheelbot pokes around inside the panel with his tools. I do my best to keep him steady.

Suddenly, there's a metallic sliding sound as a long platform extends from the base of the door. A smaller platform deploys from the middle to meet the ladder.

Elena: "Finally!"

Elena hops off the ladder and stands in front of the door. I continue climbing down as I keep Wheelbot aloft in front of the panel.
No. 969270 ID: b5fb67
File 159167985277.png - (217.16KB , 1100x802 , June_285.png )

The small victory is quickly overshadowed by several angry zombies filling the opening in the door. They thrust their arms through the door gap, angry and snarling. Elena nearly falls over backwards.

The door is still opening as Wheelbot operates the panel. It will be only seconds before the zombies have enough room to get in.

Possible courses of action:
-TK push the zombies back
-Yell at Wheelbot to close the door
-Yell at Wheelbot to try something else
-Yank Wheelbot away from the console
-Pull out gun and shoot at the zombies
-TK lift Elena away
-Yell at Elena to climb back down
-Jump down and pull Elena away

WARNING! Sarah has to maintain concentration to keep Wheelbot aloft! Be careful what you suggest or you might drop him!

(Special thanks to LonelyWorld for the update panel)
No. 969271 ID: b1b4f3

Close the door again!

Then get everyone down here onto the platform, you can breach as a group.
No. 969276 ID: 094652

Retrieve wheelbot, TK Elena back onto the ladder, then let the zombies crawl through one at a time and shoot with handguns. If they start swarming or climbing, TK their ankles to make them trip and fall down the shaft.
No. 969286 ID: adb916

Wheel Bot Abort!
No. 969341 ID: 4e280e

Tell Elena to get back on the ladder, then have Wheelbot retract the platform. With any luck, most of the zombies will just fall down the shaft and we'll only need to deal with a few stragglers.
No. 969379 ID: adb916

This is a much better plan. Just retract the bridge and they all fall down.
No. 969653 ID: a34b8a

push the zombies back!
No. 970449 ID: 60c6c5

close the door!
No. 970823 ID: b5fb67
File 159328730927.png - (213.15KB , 1100x601 , June_286.png )


Wheelbot: "Okie dokie!"


Elena hesitates for a second then runs to the ladder right as the service platform begins to retract. Clinging to the ladder, the door opens enough for the zombies to push through, but it is too late. The platform retracts enough that the zombies charge into thin air and fall down the steep shaft, flailing and screaming.

A second passes before a series of wet crunches echoes off the shaft walls. The tense moment passes.

"Whew... okay Wheelbot, extend the service platform again."

Wheelbot: "Okie dokie!"
No. 970824 ID: b5fb67
File 159328731798.png - (164.67KB , 1100x745 , June_287.png )

The platform extends, and everyone climbs down into the deck proper. In the hall, there are two bodies that show no signs of zombification. Jacobe and Taylor investigate the corpses. I walk up to the Shuttle Bay door, stepping over a bloody mess on the floor. I seem to have gotten desensitized to seeing all this gore.

"Hey, do we even have a pilot for the shuttle? Can it fly itself well enough to get us back home?"

Devin: "Lass, I'm a Helmsman! I've been flying ships for comin' on 50 years now! If it has an engine, I'm pretty sure I can make it go."

Good to know! The warm feelings are interrupted though as Taylor and Jacobe announce their findings.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Folks, we have a big problem. See these bodies and the splatter pattern on the wall?"

We turn to look at the slumped figures.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "Zombies didn't do this kind of damage. These folks are part of the security team."

Lt. Taylor: "They were shot. By guns."
No. 970825 ID: b5fb67
File 159328732187.png - (122.84KB , 1200x785 , June_288.png )

A cold feeling washes over me.

Keel: "Oh lord... did they shoot each other? Get into some kind of bad argument?"

Cherie eyes the damage and the holes in the wall.

Cherie: "No... these exit wounds and bullet holes are too irregular... too small for 9mm rounds."

".22 LR, maybe?" I suggest.

Cherie stares at the damage a little more, and looks back to Jacobe and Taylor.

Lt. Cmdr. Jacobe: "These are flechette rounds. And no weapon aboard this ship can fire those."

Suddenly, the Shuttle Bay airlock hisses. Metallic clanking from the door opening fills the room. I spin around and draw on the door. Jacobe and Taylor join me, shotguns leveled at the slowly opening airlock.
No. 970826 ID: b5fb67
File 159328733430.png - (308.56KB , 1400x819 , June_289.png )

The door opens, and several heavily armed figures in strange armor stand there, rifles raised. Upon seeing us, they point their weapons directly at us.

???: "Yri illyf! Umry aot al aradyc yucsyl!"

Their speech is tinny and electronic, like they're speaking through vocoders. I can feel the cold sweat running down my back as we are stranded in a stand-off with these intruder.

Lt. Taylor: "Oh fuck me running..."
No. 970827 ID: b5fb67
File 159328733890.png - (133.83KB , 1197x813 , EOA4.png )

Lt. Taylor: "...it's the Volto."
No. 970846 ID: d186fc

Wait, whaaaaat?! This is that canon? Good lord, that just sort of blindsided me.
No. 970849 ID: 6c227a

Oh hey, its the unified setting! I forgot how OLD this quest is.
No. 970874 ID: 3992ff


Okay, I'm gonna need a refresher.

No. 970881 ID: b5fb67


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