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File 141507925030.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , rollback1.png )
600337 No. 600337 ID: defceb

Your name is Marie, and your spaceship just crashed.
Though the fall was sudden you managed to make it to the escape pod mostly unharmed.
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No. 600338 ID: defceb
File 141507927932.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom.png )

You come to in someone's bedroom.
What do you do?
No. 600339 ID: bee636

Get out of the fucking escape pod
No. 600340 ID: dd8e0b

Apologize for the inadvertent property damage.

...then wonder who chains and padlocks cabinets shut in their bedroom. Or who has a heavy duty mechanical door controlled by a keypad for entry.
No. 600341 ID: defceb
File 141508002666.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom02.png )

Your attempt to leave the escape pod is hindered by the glass cover.

You apologize, though you don't see anyone to apologize to. The chain and padlock are quite odd, though in wondering over the door you notice that the wreckage seems to have damaged it's control panel.
No. 600342 ID: 2ec61a

see if you crushed someone.
No. 600343 ID: 2fd516

Give it a good shove.
No. 600345 ID: defceb
File 141508193293.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom03.png )

You attempt to give it a good shove.
No. 600346 ID: defceb
File 141508194804.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom04.png )

...and succeed!
No. 600347 ID: defceb
File 141508196522.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom05.png )

Perhaps a little too well.
No. 600348 ID: defceb
File 141508198924.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom06.png )


You have now made two graceful landings in this room.
No. 600350 ID: 9ddf68

uh, before you do much else I think you should find something to smother the fire with before it spreads to much. I mean being stuck in a small room while it's burning to the ground around you is generally a fatal experience, even if the flames don't get you the smoke will... although with the hole in the celling that may not be to big of an issue.
No. 600352 ID: 2fd516

Alright great. See if you can stamp out some of that fire, first off. Lacking any progress in that endeavor, first priority is getting out of the room. Go investigate the control panel for the door, see if you can get it working so you can escape.
No. 600353 ID: defceb
File 141508444796.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom07.png )

A quick glance around the room reveals a small fire extinguisher left in your escape pod. You could use it on this fire, but you can only use it once. No other immediately apparent tools to end the fire can be seen.

Do you use it, or attempt other means to extinguish the fire?
No. 600355 ID: 01745f

Can you lift the escape pod door easily? You might be able to stamp out the fire using that.
What else is in the escape pod?
No. 600356 ID: 2ec61a

grab a shard of roof you broke off and beat the fire out.
No. 600357 ID: 9ddf68

grab everything from the pod, also what's that on the counter in the corner? is that a pen on a chain/

Anyways, see if you can't get out first before we try and put out the flames... if they start getting to big though use the fire extinguisher before they become to large to put out.
No. 600358 ID: 2fd516

Personally I think if there's another way to put out the fire, you could just use that to put out the next fire. There's no reason to save the fire extinguisher, so use it.
No. 600359 ID: defceb
File 141509004926.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom08.png )

You proceed to bludgeon the fire into submission.
No. 600360 ID: defceb
File 141509023012.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom09.png )

You search the various nooks and crannies of the pod to find:

A small fire extinguisher (1 use)
A swiss army knife, perfect for small repairs
A radio that has been broken down for parts, with a note from an old friend saying "Sorry, had borrow a few things. Hope it's not important. Will pay you back."
A small package of cookies, with a sticker saying 'for emergencies only'
No. 600361 ID: defceb
File 141509076618.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom10.png )

The stuff in the corner appears to just be rubble tossed around from impact.

Upon close inspect you see that the panel appears to function purely by completing an electrical circuit. You could attempt to jury rig it if you had some sort of conductor that you could fit into place. A wire, perhaps?
No. 600362 ID: f99558

Take "Hang in there" kitty poster you will need it...

Attempt to pry open locked cabinet with a " swiss army knife".

Inspect panel next to the door. (Is it broken?)
No. 600363 ID: 2ec61a

uh oh, you totally did mangle someone, under some rubble, closest to your current position.
No. 600364 ID: 01745f

Any wire left in the radio?
No. 600372 ID: dd8e0b

There's some red left that wasn't fire. Check the rubble for blood and/or bodies.

The door circuit can probably be competed with a part of the radio. Or possibly you can tear wire out of the escape pod. Or worst case, you can complete the circuit with the knife.
No. 600373 ID: 893df4

Use wire from your radio to complete the circuit after you grab the poster from the wall and put it in your inventory. Also, have your swiss army knife ready to defend yourself when the door opens.
No. 600375 ID: fef726

Now that the fire is gone there is still a bit of red left... my guess is that is someones bloody hand and you crushed the occupant of this room.

Think you can shift the rubble to check if she\he is still alive? Though I doubt it.
No. 600382 ID: defceb
File 141512436613.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom11.png )

Ha, that's silly. There's no way somebody would under the- oh.

Oh my.
No. 600383 ID: defceb
File 141512441157.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , handcloseup.png )

You take a closer look at the hand.

It appears to be a prosthetic, though of a vastly inferior model to your own. The blood seems real though.
No. 600384 ID: 2fd516

Move the rubble away so you can get a look at the body (and maybe loot it)
No. 600386 ID: dd8e0b

Dig them out- it's the least you can do after landing on them.

Either they're hurt and need help, or they're dead and you need to do what you can to make up for it.
No. 600388 ID: 9ddf68

well it does look like you landed in a hospital, might as well dig the guy out if nothing else
No. 600394 ID: 1c677c

You're not a looter.
No. 600395 ID: 53f127

Get the door open and call for help!
>A vastly inferior model to your own
What is the extent of your prostheses? May we see you in a detail shot?
No. 600399 ID: 537c6a

>You're not a looter.
We aren't? Kleptomania is second only to paranoia in the attributes of spooky-place survival.
No. 600433 ID: defceb
File 141518166989.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom12.png )

You dig away the rubble, revealing the person stuck underneath it. Miraculously, they're still alive. But they will die soon of blood loss if you do not save them.

You pocket the kitty poster, but choose not to loot the person.

You are wholly mechanical, and have been since your initial 'uplift' operation in 2263. Sometimes you wonder about your organic body, but only in the same way that you wonder about your childhood home. You can take a closer look at yourself once you have access to a mirror or similar tool.
No. 600434 ID: f99558

provide first aid to injured person... it seems to be your fault anyhow.
No. 600437 ID: 01745f

Lets try and keep them alive; this is kind of our mess, and nearly all landings on strange worlds are improved by not accidentally killing natives.

>You are wholly mechanical
Do we even have the systems to eat the emergency cookies then?
No. 600450 ID: fef726

Yup, provide first aid. If you need bandages check the bed for sheeting to rip into bandages.
No. 600455 ID: 9ddf68

crap, see if you can't find a way to stop the bleeding and then see if you can't find more supplies in the cabinet. maybe see if you can't open it with you swiss army knife. I mean this place looks like a hospital, maybe some medical supplies are in the cabinet.
No. 600456 ID: dd8e0b

>But they will die soon of blood loss if you do not save them.
Well, then, save them!

If your artificial body includes medical protocols or first aid equipment, put them to use. Failing that, it would make sense if there were a first aid kit included in your escape pod (since it's only meant to be used in an emergency anyways). Failing that, you have to improvise ways to stop the bleeding. Tear up sheets for bandages if there's a bed someone in what you identified as a bedroom. Or if nothing else, I guess there's the poster.
No. 600494 ID: defceb
File 141522933386.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom13.png )

You attempt to activate any medical programs you have. Sparks fly out of your wrist instead. Perhaps you weren't as unharmed as you thought.

You proceed to search the room, finding no medical kit. Tinkering with the lock on the dresser seems fruitless, you can't even find any pins to move inside. Something tells you this isn't a normal lock.

You resolve to tear apart the sheet with your trusty Swiss Army Knife, and acquire makeshift bandages as a result.
No. 600495 ID: defceb
File 141522936107.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , bandaging01.png )

You begin treating their wounds to the best of your ability.
No. 600496 ID: defceb
File 141522937985.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , bandaging02.png )

No. 600497 ID: defceb
File 141522939862.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , bandaging03.png )

No. 600501 ID: 2fd516

Tell him/her to stay still. They're badly injured. Also, apologize for landing on them.
No. 600503 ID: f99558

-inspect the bracelet
does it have something written on it?
No. 600507 ID: 9ddf68

...well they're moving so that's good but how do they look. Cause I mean it looks like they're messing both legs (or at least one and the other is just hidden behinds some rubble)
No. 600508 ID: 2ec61a

tell them to calm down. and you are treating their leg.
if they ask way explain you feel guilty since it was your escape pod that did it. also explain it is unguided.
No. 600525 ID: 53f127

Calm your patient with some soothing exposition. Tell him things like what planet you're both on and the circumstances surrounding your crash.
No. 600559 ID: defceb
File 141526368341.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , pull.png )

You think of a dozen different things to say. Apologizing, trying to explain, telling him to stay calm, or even attempting to exposition him back to sleep. But he weakly cuts you off before you can say any of that.

"d-Doctor Anselm, fifth floor. Elevat.." They slip back into unconsciousness.
No. 600560 ID: defceb
File 141526373837.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MorganPlate.png )

You finish treating him and then inspect the bracelet on his arm. There is a card attached to his belt that has the same information plus a mugshot and a magnetic strip on the back.
No. 600561 ID: defceb
File 141526391726.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , StartRoom14.png )

You rise back to your feet and check your inventory.

You have:
One small fire extinguisher.
One swiss army knife.
A package of emergency cookies.
A 'hang in there' kitty poster.
A wire, gained from pillaging the radio.
No. 600562 ID: 2ec61a

open door, look around hall, follow his directions.
No. 600563 ID: fef726

Check his belt, I think that might be an id-card for more high-tech locks. You might need it to get to the fifth floor.
No. 600570 ID: dd8e0b

If he's stable, going to get this doctor he told you about isn't a bad idea.

...although, normally, when something as large as your escape pod crashes into a facility, there's some response. People come to see what that noise was. First responders or security or Samaritans show up. The fact that it's been minutes since you landed and no one's come isn't a good sign.
No. 600574 ID: 001618

well at least we have somewhere to go now, lets see if we can't open that door
No. 600631 ID: defceb
File 141534964057.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , Security2Elevator01.png )

You pocket his ID card, open the door, and proceed to poke your head out into the next room.

It's quiet. Oddly quiet, given your dramatic entrance. Now that you think about it, you haven't heard the sound of other people at all since you landed.

There is an elevator in the middle of the room.
No. 600634 ID: bee636

Well, there doesn't seem to be anyone else around. But given that there's a bleeding guy in the other room, it might not be a bad idea to call out for help? Maybe wave at that security camera-looking thing on the ceiling?
No. 600635 ID: 2ec61a

the floor is covered n blood and the other door had something massive slam into it.
No. 600639 ID: ccc4dd

Do this, but close the knife first. And mention that you have an injured person.
No. 600640 ID: fef726

Some suggestions on what to do.

Check the safety poster for clues on to what the facility is about.

Look at the camera bubble to see if there is any indication that someone is watching.

Bust open the vending machine for snacks and leave a couple for the injured guy. Emergency situation and all that.

Check if the elevator will respond. Warning, bleeding guy moved or dragged into it. Stay on your toes.

If if doesn't see if you can climb on top of the vending machine to get at that venting.
No. 600646 ID: dd8e0b

Not good. I see blood, what looks like bullet holes, a seriously damaged security door from an impact. Your crash landing apparently is not the first disaster to befall this place.

The the sign, first of all.
No. 600653 ID: 8f01e8

Elevator up to the fifth floor, and don't waste time messing around with anything else until you've told Dr. Anselm about Morgan's location and condition.
No. 600656 ID: defceb
File 141538516896.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , Security2Elevator02.png )

You jump and wave and shout but receive no response. The camera quietly follows your movements. It's a little discomforting.
No. 600657 ID: defceb
File 141538527340.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , KeepUsSafe.png )

You inspect the notice on the wall.
Dr. Haley Anselm.
That name sounds familiar.
No. 600658 ID: defceb
File 141538532862.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , Security2Elevator03.png )

You call the elevator. -DING- How convenient! It was already on your floor.
No. 600659 ID: 4f004c

Looking through the full of the area, I think the guy was injured before he came into the room. Likely, there's something large and hostile, judging from the other door, and they probably assumed that the "Dramatic entrance" was such a thing, and intend to avoid it.
No. 600660 ID: 9ddf68

well the guy told us to head to the fifth floor so might as well start there. Also how good are you in a fight cause I really think you might run into some crazies. Last thing is what should we do with the guy we maybe crushed? I ask because if this place is dangerous I don't want to leave a bleeding cripple along to be easy pickings.
No. 600663 ID: 2fd516

Make sure to close the door to the room.
No. 600665 ID: dd8e0b

Well, great. This is some kind of secure medical experimentation facility. That's not good. And it's worse when you consider security didn't respond to your entry. Something bad happened here.

I suppose we should try for the fifth floor. Be alert.
No. 600668 ID: 53f127

It's less of a mystery where everybody in the hospital is when you consider a spaceship just crashed.
I bet everybody's in the air raid shelter.
Is there something you want to tell us, Marie? Maybe something about being an alien invader?
No. 600687 ID: fef726

Looks clear, but check the ceiling and the sides of the elevator before you enter.

And yeah, definitely close the door to that room. Don't want to make it obvious that someone is defenseless there.

Not gonna bother with the vending machine?
No. 600697 ID: 8f01e8

Snacks are a lower priority than recon and triage. If hunger becomes a factor we can always double back later on.
No. 600752 ID: defceb
File 141542973881.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , Security2Elevator04.png )

>Is there something you want to tell us, Marie? Maybe something about being an alien invader?

T-that was only one time! It was an accident, too!

>Not gonna bother with the vending machine?

Urgency dictates saving looting for the return trip.

You move to close the door before realizing that there doesn't seem to be a visible means to re-open the door on this side. Furthermore, the massive hole you left in the room means closing the door would not secure the space anyway. Do you still wish to close the door and leave Morgan behind while you search ahead?
No. 600753 ID: 9ddf68

can we at least hide him under the bed or something, so at least if someone comes in looking to do harm they won't see him on a casual glance.
No. 600755 ID: defceb
File 141543477645.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , Security2Bedroom01.png )

You go back and stash Morgan underneath the bed to keep them safe.
No. 600756 ID: 2fd516

Onward to the 5th floor!
No. 600757 ID: defceb
File 141543736646.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , Security2Elevator05.png )

You leap back to the elevator and activate it's control panel with Morgan's ID card. You select fifth floor as fast as you can.
No. 600758 ID: defceb
File 141543738020.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , Security2Elevator06.png )

No. 600759 ID: defceb
File 141543740586.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , Security2Elevator07.png )

You don't feel very good.
No. 600760 ID: defceb
File 141543742484.png - (2.68KB , 600x480 , rollback2.png )

No. 600761 ID: fef726

Well, that wasn't ominous at all.

The static at the edges of the room makes me think interference from something. Maybe a jammer targeting her synthetic body?
No. 600764 ID: 01745f

Onwards, or backwards as the case may be since the time stamp moved back about 15 years.
No. 600778 ID: 53f127

This is the year you got your "uplift" operation.
If it hasn't happened yet, make sure you ask for bigger knockers this time.
No. 600782 ID: 9ddf68

da fuck happened?
No. 600783 ID: defceb
File 141546935965.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , first01.png )

"Wake up sleeping beauty, it's almost noon."

Your name is Marie and you have a horrendous headache.
No. 600784 ID: 9ddf68

You doctor Anselm?
No. 600787 ID: dd8e0b

Geeze, you're over 150 years old? Robot bodies are handy.

>and you have a horrendous headache
Do you know why?
No. 600813 ID: 53f127

Perform a self-diagnostic with your new robot body.
No. 600869 ID: defceb
File 141552112583.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , first02.png )

"Oh good, you're awake. I was starting to worry that something went wrong with the operation."

>the headache
"You're probably still adjusting. Try drinking some water. You don't actually need it but your mind hasn't caught up to that yet."

>You Dr. Anselm?
"One step at a time, dear. Do you remember your own name? Where we are?"

>Ask for bigger knockers.
She giggles. "I don't see why not. I think one of our tinkerers on the tech floor was trying to make a way to let you control features like that on the fly. I'll ask them how that's going for you."

>Perform a self-diagnostic with your new robot body.
Your vision floods with windows showing various charts and graphs. It's all jargon to you at this point. You try asking the doctor what it all means.

"Trying to run before you walk still? I like that about you. Would you please usher those away and sit up for me?"
No. 600871 ID: 2ec61a

sure thing doc.
No. 600873 ID: fef726

No reason not to.
No. 600874 ID: defceb
File 141552610703.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , situp01.png )

The doctor is distracted by the sudden sound of a rock hitting the window. "Protesters must be back," She mutters as she walks over and peeks through the curtain. "Must have a slingshot or something to shoot this high."

You sit up and rub your temple as it throbs. Or you think it throbs. Someone said you'd feel like this while talking about 'phantom limbs' and 'adjusting period' and other nonsense.

"The crowd gets bigger every day. They must really hate you too. Looks like they dredged up an old photo and now they're waving around some unflattering signs." She says. She almost sounds amused by the protest.

>I didn't exactly have a choice.
No. 600876 ID: defceb
File 141552692556.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , situp02.png )

"Oh but you did! You could have chosen to lie down and die quietly. You COULD have chosen to let yourself rot away. But you didn't. You took a leap of faith in me and I won't soon forget it."
No. 600880 ID: defceb
File 141552821677.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , situp03.png )

She moves in uncomfortably close.
No. 600882 ID: fef726

Now kiss.

Or not. Maybe mention personal space? Since you are uncomfortable.
No. 600894 ID: 53f127

Smile shyly and turn away.
Say "I remember my name is... Marie."
Reach out and take her hand.
"And y-your name is..."
No. 600899 ID: a19cd5

GEEZ, lady! Scared the poo outta me!
No. 600908 ID: 9ddf68

uh... wake up?
No. 600911 ID: defceb
File 141555887412.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , situp04.png )

>Look away shyly

"We wouldn't have been able to make this kind of leap without someone in your... condition." She continues. "I really must thank you. You saved us years of research. If you ever need anything-" She lets the word hang in the air.

>"I remember my name is... Marie."
>Take her hand.

Her grin widens and she moves closer
No. 600912 ID: defceb
File 141555901544.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , static1.png )

>"And y-your name is?"

Static fills your ears. A distant roar coming closer each second. "Most people just call me doctor, but you can call me-"

You can hardly hear your own thoughts over the growing din. Her lips move but nothing reaches you.

>Now kiss. Or not.

No. 600913 ID: defceb
File 141555907529.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle01.png )


The elevator rings again as your body prevents it from closing.


You've arrived at the medical wing!

No. 600915 ID: dd8e0b

Ugh. So are you normally prone to corrupted memory files and flashbacks? Is this a sign you've been damaged, or is this place fucking with you somehow?

Read sign, check corpse under the blanket, check the piece of paper on the desk.
No. 600919 ID: 07a835

See if you can figure out where the colored lines lead.
No. 600921 ID: bee636

There seems to be some kind of key hanging on top of the shelf on the right there. I suggest we try getting it (hopefully without falling and ending up like our friend under the sheet over there.)
No. 600942 ID: 53f127

Did the boffins on the tech floor ever get that upgrade installed? They've had 150 years to get around to it.
Enlarge knockers, then get the key.
No. 600946 ID: 9ddf68

have you been here before? anyways there's a dead body by you so you might want to see how it died, That and a poster behind you that may be helpful and someone left some paper on the desk that might have some useful information on it.
No. 600986 ID: fef726

Might want to quickly browse through the various drawers and shelves. Maybe look for a weapon? A corpse in the middle of things makes me suspect foul play.
No. 600992 ID: 53f127

The corpse is covered by a sheet, which suggests he died in the presence of allies, rather than enemies. Whoever covered him did so in haste, possibly fleeing an imminent danger (otherwise they would have taken the body with them).
This hospital obviously deals with uplift technology, it's possible that its situation parallels yours from 150 years ago, and the facility is under attack by forces which oppose these experiments. If that is the case, the staff and any ambulatory patients are probably in a place of safety.
No. 601151 ID: 01745f

Check the key, then note, then corpse.

By the way, do you have fighting skills and/or any physical abilities an unmodded person does not? With all the blood stains and corpses around this will probably become relevant sooner or later.
No. 601197 ID: defceb
File 141561170348.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle02.png )

>Fighting capabilities?
You suppose you'd me more resistant to some organic failures, such as exhaustion or oxygen deprivation. Your body seems like it'd be notably tougher to harm as well. You aren't a trained fighter though, not even much of one for a bar brawl.

>Enhance knockers
You suppose it HAS been some time since you updated your settings.

All done!
No. 601198 ID: defceb
File 141561185958.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle03.png )

>Inspect note and shelves
You approach the desk and take a look at the thing. After removing some of the dust it appears to be a small, flat mirror that somebody left behind. You add it to your inventory. The shelves seem to be stocked full of medical books and files. It's all a chaotic mess, though it may have always been a mess.

You opt to go for the key last given it's position.
No. 601199 ID: defceb
File 141561205320.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle04.png )

>Inspect the corpse.

Based on their blue-ish tone, you conclude that they died of suffocation. The person has extensive limb replacements, including his neck and lower jaw. It's all quite gross at this point.
No. 601202 ID: 01745f

Is the body the same species that you originally were? Now that I think about it, are more than one biological sapient species even a thing? In general what sort of spacefaring civilization do you come from?
The body has more blood stains on it now; was that due to your investigation messing with existing wounds or blood on it? If so, what kind of wounds did it have, and if not get the hell away from the body because all the other potential sources of new bloodstains are things you don't want to be around.
No. 601204 ID: defceb
File 141561406566.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle05.png )

Now THAT's a round of 21 questions. You rack your brain to come up with all the answers. They certainly LOOKED human. You couldn't be 100% sure, you guess, without some thorough DNA testing. You've encountered a few other forms of intelligent life, but not many. Most of the time you arrived either a little too early for any meaningful conversation or a little too late. Only two fully realized species stood out in your mind, and you accidentally invaded one of them. So effectively one that you have a friendly relation with. But they look more like octopi than people.

As far as you know your group of robot buddies pretty much are the be all, end all of space faring civilizations so far. The people who stayed behind were still struggling with keeping their organic bodies alive in space when you left.

Since then they have made a few planetary colonies, but nothing that marks a unified civilization.

>The body has more blood-stains on it now.
The body has more what- oh shit
No. 601207 ID: 2ec61a

oh no it's a zombie! leap over the counter and look for WEPON.
No. 601213 ID: 256d52

Don't be silly. Follow standard procedure and ask if he's OK first.
No. 601223 ID: 7c58ae

>resistant to oxygen deprivation
Resistant, but not immune? So your artificial body still has a respiratory system?

>you conclude that they died of suffocation
...there's air on this floor, right? If there's not, that might be a problem, depending on how long you can hold your breathe.

>The body has more what- oh shit
A different line of tech advancement, maybe? Regeneration or restoration systems that took a long time to kick in instead of upgrades to fully artificial bodies?

Get behind the counter, just in case, wait to see what happens. Try talking to him. If he acts like an aggressive zombie, or a violent crazy person, uh, start grabbing stuff from the shelf to throw a him.
No. 601228 ID: 53f127

Get behind the desk!
No. 601238 ID: defceb
File 141564236523.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle06.png )

[I was unclear. You do not need oxygen to survive.]

You move to leap behind the desk. With a sudden purr of electric motors the thing bursts to it's feet. The prosthetics tears at the skin they're held against as it moves.
No. 601241 ID: 07a835

I feel as though you should've brought the fire extinguisher with you as a weapon. Oh well! Time to run. Follow the red line.
No. 601242 ID: 9ddf68

uh, undead cyber-zombie aside, the elevator just went up a floor if that means anything to you.

As for what to do right now, what do you know of prosthetic limbs moving after the host has died? I mean is it just a malfunction, does someone have to directly change the limbs to move without their host's input, or could someone control them wirelessly? Because depending on how they do it is going to tell us what the fuck happened here and might give us some way of beating this thing without fighting it. Also try to put the desk between you and blue over there should he charge or something.
No. 601246 ID: 7c58ae

Keep your distance, and try communicating with it. If it doesn't respond, or it tries to attack, flee and keep your eye out for an improvised weapon.

>elevator moved it six
Well, that would suggest there's someone alive on a floor above us. Well, mobile, at least. Hopefully alive.

>The prosthetics tears at the skin they're held against as it moves.
Well, that suggests they're not working as intended. Is this because the meat part of the body is dead?
No. 601249 ID: defceb
File 141564428811.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle07.png )

You suppose it's possible for digital limbs to move with a dead host, but you're not given time to ponder this as Blue catches up to you.
No. 601250 ID: 53f127

Take it out!
Rocket fist! Optic Blast! Tiger uppercut! Scissors kick nightmare!
No. 601251 ID: defceb
File 141564433131.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle08.png )


If you were organic, that would hurt a lot. As is, it just kind of really hurts.
No. 601253 ID: 53f127

Make a mental note to ask for these features on your next jaunt back in time so you can use them right now.
No. 601254 ID: 7c58ae

Elevator still going up.

Strength assessment. You know your own strength, you know your mass, and you know how hard he threw you. Is he stronger than you?

If you think you can fight, I would try to hit him where the prosthetic are attached. If you damage the connection, they can't move the body around, and they lose leverage to act effectively.

Otherwise, just run.
No. 601255 ID: 9ddf68

I like how his crappy older prosthetic limbs seem to be outclassing yours. Anywho you might want to start running... try the going left... failing that go right, this guy doesn't look to fast so he should be easy to get around.
No. 601260 ID: 07a835

It's faster than you? Alright, new plan. Grapple. If it struggles enough, it will tear itself apart.
No. 601261 ID: defceb
File 141564585115.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle09.png )

You wouldn't say they're stronger than you, but they had the element of surprise and apparent single-minded-ness.

>Rocket fist!
A little window pops up saying "system offline"

>Optic blast!
"Update required."

>Tiger uppercut!
No. 601270 ID: defceb
File 141564687041.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle10.png )

You move as if possessed, striking Blue right in the chin as they charge.
No. 601272 ID: 53f127

Follow it up with hurricane kick!
No. 601273 ID: 2ec61a

grab the leg and spin slam into the wall!
No. 601275 ID: f86d3b

Do you know how to dismantle or dislodge someone's prosthetics? If so, go for a dismembering strike: The less limbs it has, the less of a threat it is.
No. 601276 ID: 53f127

Oh shit the time travel thing is happening again!
No. 601282 ID: 07a835

Hurricane Kick!
No. 601284 ID: f4b729

Perform an armlock and charge him straight for the reception desk, maybe even trying to throw him at the large shelf. The force might jostle the stuff on the shelf and fall on him, dealing BONUS DMG.
No. 601288 ID: 2f4b71

Someone one floor up just called the lift.
No. 601305 ID: 806aa4

Let them come. You'll kick their ass too.
No. 601314 ID: 07a835

You mean 3 floors up. It just stopped on floor 8.
No. 601443 ID: 7c58ae

Disabling strikes, now. You want to hit it where the limbs connect, or use the limbs as leverage to slam the body. If you can remove limbs from the body, or damage their physical connection, the mechanical parts lose their leverage and can't bring any power to bear on you.
No. 601525 ID: defceb
File 141572863522.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle11.png )

>Hurricane Kick!
"TATSUMAKI!" You shout. You're not sure why you shouted it, but it felt like the right thing to do.

>Disabling Strikes!
>Dismembering Strikes!
>This is all terribly violent, isn't it?
That last one sounded... wrong.
No. 601527 ID: 7c58ae

More static.

If that doesn't mean you're blacking out this time, is it associated with your combat moves? They're not something you know, they're hidden subroutines or preprogrammed techniques you activated? That would be consistent with your sudden prowess and word shouting.

Unless it's all bullshitting and you're just flailing around and succeeding because you're faster and stronger than this guy.

Oh, also, the elevator is coming back down, now. Possible company, coming.
No. 601528 ID: 9ddf68

here's hoping that you kicked blue hard enough to hit the wall with enough force to knock the key loose

Also the elevator is now moving back down, not to sure what's coming but I'm getting the feeling that you may want to leave before it get's here.
No. 601532 ID: 53f127

Don't give him time to regain his balance. Wave dash over there and pulverize him by spamming Lightning Kick.
Once he's toast, dive behind the desk and wait to see if the person coming out of the elevator is friend or foe.
No. 601534 ID: 07a835

Maybe you should try a bit of diplomacy? Tell him to stop attacking you. Ask him why he started doing it in the first place.
No. 601535 ID: defceb
File 141573007124.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle12.png )

You don't know! It doesn't FEEL like bullshit! More like.. riding a bicycle?
No. 601538 ID: 53f127

Is it possible you received training in Panzer Kunst some time in your past? Maybe in the hazy period before being reconstructed by a kindly scientist (who happened to outfit you with a reconfigurable body)?
Regardless, Blue has executed his Last Order. FINISH HIM!
No. 601539 ID: 7c58ae

Id it's not bullshit, that it's due to missing memories (were you damaged in the crash? How long would a self-diagnostic take, and would preforming one take you offline or leave you vulnerable?) or preprogrammed stuff you didn't know was in the body. (Maybe what's her name thought it prudent you be able to defend yourself?).

Make sure the zombie is disabled, double check if the organic portion is dead, and be alert. Elevator still coming down.
No. 601554 ID: 9ddf68

so uh, any of those doors unlocked? may want to try and find a way to get the hell out of here before the elevator comes down, you know, just encase they have guns or some BS like that.
No. 601555 ID: 2ec61a

get a screwdriver and remove robot limbs from body.
No. 601557 ID: 07a835

Duck! He's about to throw shit at you.
No. 601699 ID: 8f01e8

Circle around to the right side of the desk and crouch behind it. That puts you out of sight of both the elevator (which someone or something is riding down from floor 8) and the cyberzombie. Use the mirror to peek around corners.
No. 601712 ID: defceb
File 141577282910.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle13.png )

Blue pops back up. With a sickening crunch metal protrusions erupt from his hands.

>Crouch behind the desk.
It's already back up there's no time!

You execute a leaping knee strike, hoping to strike him and tear at his prosthesis. He makes a clumsy jab which you effortlessly knock-
No. 601719 ID: 07a835

No. 601721 ID: 9ddf68

>you effortlessly knock-
does this have anything to do with the static forming around your body?
No. 601722 ID: defceb
File 141577393121.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle14.png )

Apparently not
No. 601723 ID: 07a835

Ouch. That's not good. Alright, let's hope whoever's in the elevator can help you out.

Fight's not over though. End the threat. Pull out the spike and judo flip him behind you into the wall.
No. 601724 ID: 2ec61a

grab head, twist till it comes off.
No. 601726 ID: 01745f

How important is that blue stuff?

Try and remove the head, and if you can do so before the elevator opens hide behind the table.
No. 601736 ID: defceb
File 141577613626.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle15.png )

Momentum takes over, and the two of you collide into the bookshelf.

You're in a lot of pain.
No. 601739 ID: defceb
File 141577675035.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle16.png )

You have now made three graceful landings!

No. 601742 ID: 07a835

You're also now in tight quarters. Better make your next moves as effective as possible. Take that fucker apart. Rip and tear.
No. 601749 ID: 9ddf68

is blue dead yet or is he still kicking?

also if you care the elevator stopped on the fourth floor.
No. 601756 ID: 53f127

Pull his head off!
No. 601867 ID: 8f01e8

Grab the limb you've been impaled on with one hand and break it, probably at the shoulder. Elbow/knee joints are weaker than shoulder/hip joints on organic humans, but for a mechanical limb, joints with fewer degrees of freedom are easier to reinforce and thus likely to be sturdier... but that's working from first principles, with no background knowledge of this guy's specs.
Use your other hand to fend off the free arm, until you've got the stuck arm disabled, then use what you learn from that destructive testing to similarly disable the robozombie's other arm.

Do you have a blood-analogue? Be careful about how you remove the spike from your torso, it might cause more damage on the way out, or an open wound might simply leak more than a plugged one.
No. 602009 ID: 0cbcb3

I think she has impaled him...
No. 602034 ID: 6debc2

No he got her :(
No. 602256 ID: defceb
File 141595123011.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , BlueFight01.png )

>Is Blue dead yet?
Unfortunately no. You hear the motors kick back into action as soon as he lands.

>How important is that blue stuff/Do you have a blood-analogue?
You're leaking coolant all over the place. You still have a functional amount of it left, for now.

His shoulders appear to have been harmed from the impact, weakening them.
No. 602257 ID: defceb
File 141595134123.png - (18.54KB , 600x480 , BlueFight02.png )

>Tear that fucker apart.
A swift kick tears off his arm. You grab hold of the spike sticking through your gut.

>Use your other hand to fend off his attacks.
You do your best, but still take a nasty scratch.
No. 602265 ID: bee636

Use the spike to poke out his eyes, if he still has them
No. 602279 ID: 2ec61a

spin hand to grab the wrist. then pull that arm off too.
No. 602285 ID: a7efea

>coolant leak from being impaled
Assuming there aren't any moving parts caught on that spike, you probably don't want to pull it out, yet. That'll just allow you to leak, faster. You might want to break the spike off his arm so you aren't attached to that.

If your coolant reserves are significantly lowered after this fight, would we be able to top it off with something we can find? (I don't know if any machines around here use anything similar). Or is it something your body has to synthesize on it's own?
No. 602292 ID: 8f01e8

Grab the wrist of his still-attached arm with both hands, use that as leverage to pivot on your butt and force him over against the counter, while sitting up enough that the spike protruding from your back doesn't drag along the ground.

Then repeat that kick, but mirrored. Left foot to left shoulder. Assuming similar circumstances produce the same result, proceed to stand up and wield severed left arm as a short spear.
No. 602404 ID: defceb
File 141604196134.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , BlueFight03.png )

You could synthesize a replacement if you had access to various chemicals. Maybe there's a collection somewhere around here?

>Disarm Blue
You grab his remaining arm and give it a similar treatment to the first. You wield the metal spike like a shiv and move to pounce on Blue.

NOW you can remove his head.
No. 602406 ID: defceb
File 141604197571.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle17.png )

No. 602408 ID: defceb
File 141604205655.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle18.png )

After the damage done to itself, Blue's organic parts pop off with surprising ease. The prosthetic neck gleefully pumps all his remaining blood against the walls in short order.
No. 602409 ID: bee636

The elevator seems to have stopped. Lay low for a bit and if you hear anyone come out, play dead.
No. 602413 ID: 9ddf68

think you could throw that spike to free the key up there? or at least parts of blue, he's not using them any more? Also how badly are you beaten up? You don't sound to bad but still then again that could just be adrenaline or whatever you have now.
No. 602415 ID: 07a835

It's on a different floor. We're on the 5th floor.

As a matter of fact, it went down to where Morgan was. Priority one is finding Dr. Anselm though. He can help both Morgan and Marie.

Marie, get that key and then follow whichever colored line goes to the doctor's office.
No. 602434 ID: fef726

If you still don't see a legend or labels for the lines on the floor my guess is that the Red and Black lines aren't what you are looking for, security\danger or similar. Colour coding and all that.

So head down the green\blue path.
No. 602446 ID: defceb
File 141607411695.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle19.png )

>Current injuries
Besides the spike in your gut, your wounds don't seem to be too bad. You wouldn't suggest anything that strenuous until you can repaired.

>Throw the spike at the key
You hurl the spike, but it clatters against the bookshelf and comes to rest on the top shelf.
No. 602451 ID: defceb
File 141607429719.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , SignRight.png )

>Search for a legend or label.
You look around and spot a sign just around the corner.
No. 602453 ID: 9ddf68

think surgery would have the right tools to fix you up? I mean seeing all the prosthetic people we've seen it seems like a good bet but you said it yourself you are a bit more advanced then these guys. Also grab the other spike off of blue and move one, we're not going into the unknown defenseless.
No. 602455 ID: a7efea

How are you holding up, mentally? A zombie just attacked you, you're impaled, and you ripped a man to pieces and decapitated him. That could be a lot to deal with for someone who's never been in combat.

>You wouldn't suggest anything that strenuous until you can repaired.
What would you need for that? I mean, for the moment, I suppose we can leave the spike in to try and reduce bleeding, and we look for something to patch the hole? Is there internal damage to components we need to repair or replace, or is it through and through your coolant tank?

>where go
Stay the hell away from the morgue. There are probably more of those things.

Try Dr Anselm's office. Maybe he'll help, and an office isn't much to search. Surgery might be a good place to check for repairs, too, although there's the risk we'll run into more hostiles, too.
No. 602467 ID: 07a835

Search the body for an ID or something. Then head towards surgery. There's no indication which way the offices are unfortunately... We'll just have to look for room numbers.
No. 602474 ID: 53f127

Dr. Anslem first. If he's alive he can probably patch you up.
Reroute power from your knockers to boost your damaged systems.
No. 602810 ID: 8f01e8

Check to see if the shelves are securely attached to the wall, and if they are, just climb up to retrieve the key.

Follow the blue line to shipping, since that seems least likely to have a whole swarm of corpses and the most likely to have a cargo pallet loaded with coolant-synthesis reagents and spare parts for your model of body. On the way, check the numbers of any offices you pass.

As a side note, how much could someone potentially hostile deduce by examining your escape pod?
No. 603084 ID: defceb
File 141619680465.png - (7.76KB , 600x480 , RightHallway01.png )

>Move towards Surgery/Dr. Anselm's office.
You move into the hallway. The morgue appears unlit. There are large metal doors next to them that appear to be a freight elevator of some sort. Across is the incubation room. There is no color strip leading to it, and the door is shuttered. You don't see any offices in this hallway.

You suppose it's possible, though performing repairs on yourself would be awkward. If you had some time and a mirror/light you could remove immediate risks with simple tools. If you're lucky and find the right machinery, you could fashion up a few parts, but restoring yourself to back to 100% doesn't seem possible with available tech.

>How much could someone deduce from your escape pod?
They would probably realize you're from a more advanced civilization rather quickly. If they're especially patient, savvy, and know the right programming language they might even be able to hack into the black box stashed somewhere inside of it and gain some degree of knowledge on your flight here.
No. 603086 ID: defceb
File 141619689468.png - (21.83KB , 600x480 , RightHallway02.png )

You stumble partway through the hallway.

>Mental health?
You're... fine. You can do this.
No. 603087 ID: defceb
File 141619691463.png - (36.56KB , 600x480 , RightHallway03.png )

You need to be able to do this. They're depending on you.
No. 603090 ID: 9ddf68

welp I see no reason to head to the morge and if other bodies are like blue back there I think we should just try to avoid all dead bodies from here on out. Also peek into incubation just because I want to see what they are trying to incubate, and baring anything of interests in that room, keep moving towards surgery. Even if we can't find anything we might be able to find something to help that guy we landed on.
No. 603092 ID: 9ddf68

snap out of it, also I think I see a red light coming from the morgue, you may want to keep moving
No. 603097 ID: a7efea

>They're depending on you.
Who? Who's depending on you?

Is that the doctor there, under you? What happened to her? You're getting coolant all over her. I see damage on your back... did you take bullets meant for her?
No. 603098 ID: 07a835

Would removing the spike help? It might increase the loss of fluid but it would likely reduce the pain you're in.

...are you having a flashback? What have you done?
No. 603128 ID: defceb
File 141620182239.png - (10.46KB , 600x480 , RightHallway04.png )

It all happened so fast. The alarms, the gunfire. She collapsed soon after. You need to-

>Snap out of it.
You slap yourself back to reality. Morgan's depending on you now, even if he's too unconscious to know it. Can't let yourself slip away like that again.

>Red lights in the morgue.
You spare a glance to the morgue. It's time to leave this hallway.
No. 603129 ID: 07a835

Why do you have memories of this place if you're from a more advanced civilization? Are you from the future?
No. 603130 ID: a7efea

>Morgan's depending on you now, even if he's too unconscious to know it.
Where is she? Unconscious on your ship? In another escape pod?

Why did you need to resort to using an escape pod, anyways?

>It's time to leave this hallway.
Agreed. Keep moving.
No. 603145 ID: 9ddf68

anything you can do to stop the dripping you have going on there? would like it if people after you couldn't easily track you down by following your blood trail.
No. 603177 ID: defceb
File 141621758514.png - (7.73KB , 600x480 , Office1.png )

You've never been to this place before. You recall your time at the old uplift facility, but it was markedly different. For one, it didn't have prosthetically powered zombies trying to kill you.

As far as you know, he's still stuffed under the bed where you hid him on the third floor.

>Dripping coolant everywhere
If you had something to use for bandages maybe. Looking back, the trail does strike you as unnerving.

You enter the next hallway. You're not alone.
No. 603180 ID: 07a835

507. That's the door you need.

Duck into that waiting room and watch the figure in the hallway to see if it will just pass by.
No. 603181 ID: 256d52

Any idea what an OFF GRID is? I have a bad feeling about it and what it might do to prostheses.
No. 603189 ID: fef726

Actually it would make sense if these prosthetics need an external power source. They are obviously still developing the things unlike you. So Off Grid is probably safe for you, not so much the zombies.
No. 603202 ID: a7efea

>Looking back, the trail does strike you as unnerving
And followable, if there's anything left around here smart enough to follow a trail.

>what do
Duck into the waiting room (after looking inside and making sure there's not a zombie waiting for you) and watch the one down the hall. See what he does, or if he does anything.
No. 603207 ID: 9ddf68

any reason why that person looks more like a shadow then a person? might be wise to duck into the waiting room real quick and see if shadow over there moves away or something.
No. 603225 ID: defceb
File 141625422383.png - (10.37KB , 600x480 , Office2.png )

You duck into the waiting room and peek at the person.

>Off Grid
You don't know, but the static seems to have creeped up to it and stopped there.

The person doesn't do anything. You try to squint but can't seem to focus on them.
No. 603227 ID: 07a835

Wait, that static is real? Step across the threshold. See if you can get into the door without being noticed.
No. 603231 ID: 9ddf68

hey maybe the reason your having this flashbacks and the reason cyber zombies are after you is because there's something In the grid that fucking with cybernetics. Maybe that one guy out there was a cyber zombie that walked out of the effected zone and just shut down because the user was dead and the grid wasn't making him crazy any more. Maybe come out of hiding and see if he reacts, if not that's a point towards the corrupted grid theory and if he does, you can probably outrun him if he's as slow as the last guy.
No. 603233 ID: 01745f

First stick some object over the border to make sure it isn't some directly harmful field, then try a foot to see if it gets disabled before walking through.

That door appears to have a keypad rather than a handle; I don't think you can expect to get through that without key noises or beeps that would alert the figure if it is hostile. Once we are across the threshold we need to determine if it is a cyber-zombie (or a corpse that might become one at some inopportune time) and disable it (perhaps by destroying the legs) if it is.
No. 603256 ID: 53f127

The shadow is probably an hallucination. Go over and touch it on the shoulder so it can turn around and startle you by being someone familiar/alarming (might even be your own face!).
Also, what were you doing over this planet in the first place, again?
No. 603309 ID: fef726

Why does the door look like static if the static doesn't go past the grid?
No. 603398 ID: defceb
File 141629463651.png - (31.36KB , 600x480 , Office3.png )

You poke your head out of the corner, which draws no reaction. Sticking your foot over the line doesn't seem to cause any problems either. You step over.

The smell hits you first. Whoever that corpse used to be is long gone. The occasional twitch from their prosthetics is the only thing keeping them standing. Eugh, you wish you had a gas mask or something.

>Why is the door static?
The door, or rather, where the door used to be, appears to have been paved over. There is a slight indent around it’s old shape but unless you can bust the walls down this won’t do for an entrance.

[And you spot the red line now, which was totally always there. I certainly did not forget to draw it in before.]
No. 603400 ID: fef726

Ominous figure in the static is ominous.

Try to disable the prosthetic zombie before any thing else... then I guess look over the keypad?
No. 603401 ID: 9ddf68

whelp you made it this far, might as well press forward. Also I'm noticing something behind the static grid with a red eye looking thing. Be careful hun.
No. 603403 ID: 8f01e8

Check that control panel next to the former door. Looks like it might have a command line.
No. 603406 ID: 01745f

First, shoot a glare back at the sinister shadowy silhouette in the corridor behind you. It will more likely than not disappear when you do so, but better that than it hang around for a while.
Second, incapacitate that standing corpse, starting by sneaking up and breaking its legs and then proceeding to break its arms. (Once one zombie shows up every corpse is an enemy waiting to happen.)
Third, examine the keypad at the door.
No. 603407 ID: 07a835

I say just push the corpse over, it's probably not structurally sound enough to do anything. Examine the keypad, maybe you can use it to communicate with the doctor?
No. 603429 ID: defceb
File 141630168543.png - (32.22KB , 600x480 , Office4.png )

>Ominous figure in the static.
You look over, but can't discern anything through the static. The haze is very thick now.

>Deal with the corpse.
It offers no resistance as you dismantle it. For you efforts you've acquired a spine! You... don't add it to your inventory. It's really gross.
No. 603430 ID: defceb
File 141630171220.png - (2.66KB , 600x480 , Screen01.png )

>Inspect the keypad.
No. 603432 ID: 9ddf68

"no shit, so mind telling me what happened here"
No. 603445 ID: 95b7a3

I.. guess there's no real way to answer that other than the affirmative, is there?
No. 603448 ID: bfdaf0

Let's be explicit in the answer: "Am not."

Follow with "Morgan needs help" before whoever is on the other end has time to ask another question.
No. 603481 ID: a7efea

>Eugh, you wish you had a gas mask or something.
Can't you just turn off your nose? It's not like you need to actually breathe, and your senses are all cybernetic at this point.

No, I am not.

Are you Doctor Anselm? What happened here?
No. 603502 ID: defceb
File 141633225894.png - (2.97KB , 600x480 , Screen02.png )

>Turn off nose.
Huh, the thought hadn't occurred to you before. You turn off your nose and are spared from the horrible stench.

>No shit, so mind telling me what happened here?
You begin typing that in frustration, but take a deep breath and reconsider.
No. 603503 ID: defceb
File 141633227539.png - (4.45KB , 600x480 , Screen03.png )

No. 603505 ID: a7efea

>what did he do this time?
He happened to be occupying the room my escape pod crashed into.
No. 603507 ID: 07a835

Tell them your escape pod kindof landed on him and he lost a leg and a lot of blood.

Also ask what's with all the zombies. One of them stuck a spike in your gut so you're in need of some repairs.
No. 603514 ID: defceb
File 141633579224.png - (5.61KB , 600x480 , Screen04.png )

No. 603515 ID: defceb
File 141633580632.png - (6.20KB , 600x480 , Screen05.png )

No. 603519 ID: a7efea

Ask if there's a safe way to disengage the prosthetics, besides resorting to brute force.

Why would a mechanical eye be a threat? Limbs could puppet him, but hijacking his sight wouldn't do much. (And don't say eye beams! The energy costs are ridiculous! And it would have to dump heat into his brain!).
No. 603522 ID: defceb
File 141633836862.png - (6.16KB , 600x480 , Screen06.png )

No. 603526 ID: 07a835

Last question. What's the static, and the grid?
No. 603532 ID: 9ddf68

do you know who went down to the 3rd floor from the 8th? noticed that will fighting one of the zombies. And yes I know you don't like calling them that but the name fits will enough and it's easier then calling them malfunctioning prosthetic ridden corpses.
No. 603535 ID: 88960e

Asking about the static might be prudent. You're getting weird interference, here.

Instead of zombies: drones? It's a more mechanical term, and connects to the idea of remote control (even if it's the machines controlling the person rather than the alternative).

There stretchers or anything like that nearby, or will you just have to improvise getting him up here?
No. 603538 ID: 9ddf68

oh and on the stretcher note, is there any anesthesia in the surgery room for when we try to remove Morgan so we don't cause undo pain.
No. 603584 ID: 8f01e8

Ask about the possibility of spare coolant, reagents from which to synthesize it, and/or some sticky patches to help retain however much is still inside your system.
No. 603611 ID: defceb
File 141636938867.png - (5.75KB , 600x480 , Screen07.png )

You hear the sound of wheels off to your right, followed by a door being hastily slammed shut.
No. 603612 ID: defceb
File 141636939531.png - (6.29KB , 600x480 , Screen08.png )

No. 603613 ID: defceb
File 141636941215.png - (5.79KB , 600x480 , Screen09.png )

The screen goes blank.
No. 603615 ID: 9ddf68

well check out the room to make sure nothing is going to kill you in there and lets go back and get Morgan.
No. 603620 ID: 2fdec1

Okay, that explanation of what the grid is probably explains why the rotting "zombie" you relieved of its spine didn't put up a fight at all; Its cybernetics were disconnected from the grid and thus lost the link to whatever is controlling them.

Considering whatever is controlling the "zombies" is almost certainly using the grid you better take a minute to pick through your internal settings and disable any and all wireless networking and radio systems and modules you have installed; Just go through and turn off everything that can pick up radio signals to be safe. Doing that might clear up the "static" you're seeing in the "grid zone." And here's hoping if you did have a wireless network interface open you weren't hacked while in there.

If the static doesn't clear up check if you can see if anyone or anything is hiding in it by looking that way in the reflection of the terminal screen. Maybe the visual glitch won't transfer to there.

Collect the gurney Dr. Anselm provided and wheel it over to the "off grid" marker, make a check for anything in the way, then press on. Oh, but first mentally compare the size of the gurney to your memory of the elevator; You don't want to wheel this thing all the way there only to find out it won't fit.

Also, once you're out of olfactory range of the putrid corpse make sure to remember to turn your nose back on.
No. 603630 ID: 07a835

Hmm, only you can see the static. This means whatever's taken over the Grid is somehow making its presence known, intentionally or not.

Check to see if the static is gone. I think you're going to have to go to the sixth floor to get some repairs done so that you can move Morgan and fight any more drones you face.
No. 603632 ID: 01745f

The wifi disabling idea is good. I don't suppose we are fortunate enough to have the physical antenna or such reachable without specialized equipment?
Also, are we able to get diagnostics on our senses? I am curious about whether we have been literally seeing (as in, with our eyes) the flashbacks or just forcefully remembering them.
No. 603647 ID: a7efea

Huh. So the static is probably this network then interfering with your own systems. It's not like your parts were made to talk to it.

Collect the gurney he deployed. Getting Morgan to the doc takes priority over finding replacement coolant.
No. 603680 ID: defceb
File 141638054392.png - (32.82KB , 600x480 , Office5.png )

>Check internal settings, disable wireless et. al.
You attempt to check those settings, but instead a window pops up in the corner of your view. A glance over confirms that the static is still in plain view. You check the reflection off the screen and don’t see any of the static through it.

Unfortunately, all of your comms are internal.

>Seeing flashbacks vs. forcefully remembering them.
When you were having the flashbacks, it felt like you were back in those moments. Like when you first lived them.

You move on to the next room to get the stretcher.
No. 603682 ID: a19cd5

There's something big with red on it behind the static now. Probably time to run on by.
No. 603687 ID: defceb
File 141638286942.png - (11.63KB , 600x480 , SurgeryHallway01.png )

You spot the stretcher and a haphazardly packed medkit immediately. The medkit contains some bandages, a filled syringe, a questionable amount of cotton balls, and an unmarked bottle of pills.
No. 603688 ID: 9ddf68

>unmarked bottle of pills
anyone else not trusting these things?

alright we got a stretcher, we have a goal, now all we need to do is cross the valley of static death find the guy we re-crippled, bring him back, doing all that while avoiding the drones, stick around long enough to make sure we aren't sending the guy to be ripped apart by a mad doctor, then go up to floor 6th floor to see if we can't stop you form leaking. Also if you have spare bandages use that to stop the leaking. Sounds simple enough right, so lets get started.
No. 603689 ID: 07a835

Consider using some bandages and cotton balls to stop up your wound.
No. 603693 ID: 01745f

That shadowy figure on the other side of the boundary is still hanging around. Pile some rubble onto the stretcher for throwing purposes and lets be off.

>anyone else not trusting these things?
Considering Ansalem's helpfulness so far, I find them to be a pretty suspicious character in general.
No. 603704 ID: a7efea

That might work. Just remember not to use too many, as we have a flash and blood patient waiting.

>an unmarked bottle of pills
Well that's going to make dosing difficult to dangerous.

I don't suppose you have the means to analyze the chemical content? Can you 'taste' one? I mean, taking unknown pills is a dumb idea, but if you don't actually eat anymore, or have a body that would be affected, that's sort of different.
No. 603739 ID: e084e5

Screen's right there so ask the good doctor about the pills?
No. 603882 ID: defceb
File 141646955635.png - (14.37KB , 600x480 , SurgeryHallway02.png )

>Use bandages and cotton balls on your injury.
You treat your injury, being sure not to use too many as Morgan might need them. This should stem the bleeding for now.

>Try testing the pills.
You grind up one of the pills and try taste testing it. A moment later two windows pop up. You stash the medkit into your inventory.

You're now carrying:
One small fire extinguisher.
One swiss army knife.
A package of emergency cookies.
A 'hang in there' kitty poster.
One haphazardly packed medkit.

>Grab some rubble for throwing and head off.
You grab the most menacing chunks of rubble you can manage and head back towards the elevator.
No. 603884 ID: 07a835

Well I'm no chemist but I can recognize an opiate. I did some googling on that basis and figured out the first one. That's Hydrocodone and... the second one doesn't look familiar to me and some attempts at googling various medicines doesn't reveal anything.

Don't forget the stretcher.
No. 603885 ID: defceb
File 141647105361.png - (9.23KB , 600x480 , Office6.png )

You charge headlong into the static, ready to bludgeon, bruise, and otherwise harm anything that stands between you and the elevator.

Huh, that wasn't there before.

[Also, there's a small mirror in your inventory. SOMEONE (it was me) forgot to write that down.]
No. 603886 ID: 95b7a3

Oh hey, a giant bloody eye appeared.
That's not concerning at all.
No. 603888 ID: 01745f

Well the more blood they spend making menacing graffiti the less we need to beat out of them later I suppose. Still, a bit odd considering how neither zombies nor killer robots are known for being artistically inclined.
Next time we talk with the doc we really should insist on some answers about what exactly those mechanical eyes do.

Anyway, keep going.
No. 603891 ID: defceb
File 141647709258.png - (11.31KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle20.png )

The rest of the path to the elevator is uneventful.

You call the elevator. It'll take a moment to arrive.
No. 603892 ID: 95b7a3

Probably best if you turn around and keep your back to the wall.
There's weird shit around, so you need to be aware what's going on.
No. 603921 ID: eda819

Yeah. The first one is Hydrocodone, the second one is Cocaine.

Cocaine is kind of a weird choice in a modern (or post modern) medical setting, but it can used as an anesthetic.

Not really sure we have enough information here to determine the proper or safe dosage, but it's better than nothing I suppose.
No. 603922 ID: 001618

alright watch your back and also be careful incase something comes up the elevator as well. You've been jumped once and I'd like to keep it on that number.
No. 603948 ID: 07a835

Whoever went down to that floor is still there. This could be a problem. You'll have to prepare for combat. Anything interesting on those shelves or in the cabinets?
No. 603951 ID: defceb
File 141650827509.png - (11.59KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle21.png )

-ding- The elevator reaches the fourth floor.

>Anything on the shelves?
The only things still up after your fight with Blue is paperwork. The key at the top row is still there, but it's very high up.

You hear something like metal being dragged across the floor in the distance.
No. 603952 ID: defceb
File 141650839168.png - (11.28KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle22.png )

-ding- Elevator is here, time to go. You do a quick sweep inside and don't find anything dangerous.

Using Morgan's ID card, you select the third floor and are on your way.
No. 603953 ID: 2ec61a

have blue give you a 'hand' with that. aka use an arm as an extendo grabber.
No. 603955 ID: fef726

Incoming, prepare to repel boarders in case they try to rush the elevator.
No. 603961 ID: 07a835

Something is coming and is nearly within view. See if you can get a visual on it before the elevator closes.
No. 603989 ID: 9ddf68

something coming form the hall you just came from so stay alert.
No. 604017 ID: 53f127

Rapidly press the "close doors" button on the elevator.
No. 604107 ID: defceb
File 141656065877.png - (4.75KB , 600x480 , Peek01.png )

You take a look down the hall as the doors close.

That doesn't look too bad.
No. 604108 ID: defceb
File 141656068912.png - (5.33KB , 600x480 , Peek02.png )

It suddenly rises up when you make eye contact.

It looks bad.
No. 604110 ID: defceb
File 141656353407.png - (5.52KB , 600x480 , Elevator01.png )

>Rapidly press the "close doors" button on the elevator.
You rapidly, repeatedly, press said button. Consciously you know pushing it over and over won't close the door faster, but here you are.


You're now on your merry way to the third floor.
No. 604112 ID: 53f127

Enhance knockers if you have the strength.
No. 604113 ID: 256d52

Um, so any plan on getting past that thing when you have to go back up?
No. 604126 ID: dccc95

Avoid that floor for now, prioritize fixing Morgan
No. 604127 ID: eda819

Hopefully that thing is going to go away, or you need a different route back up.

Nah. You're... really not in the mood, right now.
No. 604142 ID: 07a835

That thing looked like a ball of shitty prosthetics. I expect it to be a very tough opponent.
No. 604144 ID: 9ddf68

alright be careful when you get down there, when you were fighting blue the elevator went up to the 8th floor and then came down to the third so unless they went back up while you went down to surgery you're going to have company. let's hope they're friendly.
No. 604148 ID: defceb
File 141659272964.png - (9.42KB , 600x480 , Security2Elevator08.png )

>Enhance knockers if you have the strength.
You consider doing so, but you might slip into the wrong genre if you keep updating them so you choose to wait.


You've arrived on the third floor!

It's very quiet.
No. 604159 ID: eda819

Turn your nose back on, so something smelly and terrible can't sneak up on you. You can turn it back off later, if you need to.

Okay, something ripped that door open, flipped the picture over on the soda machine, and... replaced the security camera with a smaller one. Weird.

>It's very quiet.
Can you tell what noise is missing? You didn't think that before. Is there a hum or fan or background noise that stopped or...?

>what do
Peek around the door that pried open. See if we're going to have any problems from that direction.

Then we should go check on the patient.
No. 604160 ID: 9ddf68

make sure nothing is about to jump out and kill you, then move quietly as you can towards Morgan.
No. 604163 ID: defceb

[For the sake of clarity, the camera being different is the result of an error on my part in saving the background files. The rest is accurate.]
No. 604164 ID: 07a835

Go in immediately and close the door. Treat the patient and get him on the stretcher. The pills would act as a painkiller and stimulant, which would allow him to do things. There's a small risk of addiction but this is an emergency.
No. 604168 ID: 74b1ed

Focus on the patient for now, but be on alert. Turn your nose back on as all your senses are going to be important, probably.
No. 604297 ID: defceb
File 141664637069.png - (10.73KB , 600x480 , Screen01.png )

>The silence
It's tough to place at first. It was a noise like the air condition. But it seemed warmer. Gas heater, perhaps? Whatever it was, it's gone now.

>Turn on nose
You can smell again!

>Peek beyond the door.
You sneak a peek into the right room, but it's far too dark to make sense of anything.

>Close the door.
The door is solid metal and bent into it's current shape. Whatever forced it open must have had great strength.

You move quickly to aid Morgan.
No. 604298 ID: 07a835

No, not that door. The door to Morgan's room. Close it so that you don't get ambushed while tending to him.
No. 604299 ID: fef726

Oh hey, that looks like a gun. A weapon that doesn't take much effort to use, unlike cyber-kung fu.

Though you would probably have to deal with both figure in the room, the one by the gun and the one hiding behind the door.
No. 604300 ID: defceb
File 141664817513.png - (13.43KB , 600x480 , Bedroom01.png )

You enter the bedroom. Some things look different.

You wheel in the stretcher behind you and shut the door.
No. 604301 ID: eda819

Something tried unsuccessfully to remove the padlock? And someone removed a panel from your escape pod. Is that significant? Do you know what was under that part?

Regardless, first priority is to check on Morgan.
No. 604302 ID: fef726

Huh, apparently there was an upper compartment to your escape pod.

So, in summery something tried to slash its way into the cupboard, took the door of the escape pod and opened up the upper compartment.

First of all though take care of your patient, disable his prosthetics as advised.

Might as well see what that crumpled thing up there is. And maybe check what they put into your capsule as well.
No. 604347 ID: 07a835

Treat the patient first. Then investigate the pod.
No. 604351 ID: 01745f

Start by disabling his remaining cybernetic arm(s?) (in an repairable way if possible), in case trying to disable his mecha-eye-of-doom causes him or his cybernetics to freak out.
No. 604838 ID: defceb
File 141680322207.png - (14.62KB , 600x480 , Bedroom02.png )

>The hatch
It... shouldn't be there. At least as far as you recall. It was meant to hold a rather complicated communication device that could call your friends in case of a crash. You distinctly remember being told that it was quite large, heavy, and meant to be inaccessible from the outside so SOME PEOPLE couldn't tinker with it. Now that spot seems to be full of clothes.

>Treat Morgan
You move Morgan onto the stretcher. He has a death-grip on a gold-plated lighter and a pack of cigarettes. There's only one left in the box, the rest appear to have been destroyed in the impact.

>Disable prosthetic arm.
You start to dismantle the arm, and quickly realize it's already trash. You toss it aside.
No. 604851 ID: 07a835

Don't forget to remove the eye. Carefully. Well, after you stop the bleeding anyway. Is he still bleeding?
No. 604852 ID: eda819

Is he awake?

Before we start removing parts that are better attached, you might want to medicate him with one of those pills.
No. 604868 ID: fef726

My guess is if someone can bend open a steel door, they can carry off a rather heavy piece of equipment. Though there should be connection bits remaining from the rest of the capsule and it'd take some know-how to actually remove it without damaging the machine.

That or the capsule and your memories are fakes and you aren't actually from off world.
No. 604900 ID: defceb
File 141681107505.png - (15.60KB , 600x480 , Bedroom03.png )

>Is he bleeding?
The bandages you applied earlier still seem to be working. All the blood already there is now gross and crusty. Ew.

>Is he awake?
Sleeping like a log.

You administer one of the pills.
No. 604902 ID: defceb
File 141681111466.png - (26.68KB , 600x480 , Bedroom04.png )

>That or the capsule and your memories are fakes and you aren't actually from off world.
You feel lightheaded thinking about that.
You shouldn't be able to feel lightheaded, but you do.
No. 604905 ID: eda819

>That or the capsule and your memories are fakes and you aren't actually from off world.
That wouldn't explain why the tech you're built of is so advanced from the other cyborgs here, though. Unless we're going to start questioning your actual perceptions, which is a rabbit hole without end.

>You shouldn't be able to feel lightheaded, but you do.
You're interpreting something as lightheartedness that's not? Your brain is limited in how it can process input. And you're getting static-ed, again.

Try and clear your head, and focus. You have surgery to do, here.
No. 604910 ID: defceb
File 141681300499.png - (15.09KB , 600x480 , Bedroom05.png )

>Try and clear your head, and focus. You have surgery to do, here.

You take a deep breath, gather your thoughts, and focus on the task at hand.
No. 604914 ID: 01745f

You have different components from the local cyborgs, you bleed coolant instead of blood, and most importantly you act differently. I mean, there isn't much grounds for a "you are the real monster all along" thing when you have only fought in immediate defense and are now actively helping this guy.

About external life, what was your job on the spaceship before the crash?

By the way, who was expected to possibly tinker with the comms device? The same jerk crewmember who took apart your radio? Check if the clothes in the compartment are from the ship (which would presumably have a fairly limited supply of available clothes); if they are not from the ship or your home planet than the zomborgs probably have the device and you will need to recapture or destroy it before they try to use it to expand their zombie-grid.
No. 604928 ID: defceb
File 141681634027.png - (10.30KB , 600x480 , Eye01.png )

>what was your job on the spaceship before the crash?
It was your personal craft. You traveled a lot. Alone.

>who was expected to possibly tinker with the comms device? The same jerk crewmember who took apart your radio?
Oh yes. They tinkered with everything in arms reach. They even made the very same device to begin with. Not that it would stop him from wanting to take them apart to 'maybe improve something'.

You take a closer look at the eye.
No. 604929 ID: defceb
File 141681635867.png - (14.80KB , 600x480 , Eye02.png )

The eye takes a closer look at you.
No. 604931 ID: 8bd2b1

No. 604934 ID: 07a835

Yeah, looks like the Grid can control it to a degree. Unless he's waking up? Regardless, do the thing. Push and twist.
No. 604950 ID: fef726

Red static on the eye, so do it quickly as it is safe to do so.
No. 604963 ID: 2f4b71

>It was your personal craft. You traveled a lot. Alone.

>>who was expected to possibly tinker with the comms device? The same jerk crewmember who took apart your radio?
>Oh yes. They tinkered with everything in arms reach. They even made the very same device to begin with. Not that it would stop him from wanting to take them apart to 'maybe improve something'.
Wait, if you travelled alone, how did you have a crewmember?
No. 604986 ID: eda819

>You traveled a lot. Alone.

Is that red static, or is that a blood smear from the eye twisting itself against the eyelid?

Either way, you need to remove it to get him treated. Try not to junk the undamaged components you remove, maybe he could have them reattached later (in an off network zone, or after things have calmed down).
No. 605303 ID: defceb
File 141689053914.png - (25.51KB , 600x480 , Bedroom06.png )

>Wait, if you travelled alone, how did you have a crewmember?
You traveled alone, but the ship was designed and built while you still kept a home.

>Why alone?
After enough years it just seemed like the right thing to do. It's not like any of your friends were about to die of old age. No time to linger on the past now though!

>Do the thing.
You do the thing!

:RollbackMorganShout: "hhooOOLY FUCK OUCH. MY EYE!"
No. 605304 ID: defceb
File 141689056893.png - (15.33KB , 600x480 , Bedroom07.png )

:RollbackMorganShout: "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!"
No. 605305 ID: 2ec61a

jump onto the bed. he wont get far.
No. 605307 ID: 9ddf68

well that answers the question of whether or not the pain killers were working.

Well make sure he's alright and see what he remembers... while taking him back to surgery. There's something down here and I don't like being where the grid is active. Also make sure he's calm as I'm sure scream, and that yell for instance (your que to hurry to the elevator), might attract unwanted attention.
No. 605309 ID: 01745f

Well at least it looks like that got the eye out.
Retreat onto the bed, and tell him you are sorry about the eye but Dr. Ansalem said doing that would help.
No. 605311 ID: d3be40

This is perverted, but you need a way to calm him down and distract him from his now very open eye socket.

My apologies if this is too inappropriate, if there are enough complaints I am willing to delete this message.

Please increase knockers in front of your patient.
No. 605313 ID: 07a835

Tell him to stop dammit you're trying to save him!
No. 605342 ID: defceb
File 141689756223.png - (15.18KB , 600x480 , Bedroom08.png )

>Enhance knockers.
It's worth a shot. You make yourself more curvaceous in the hopes that it'll calm him down.

:RollbackMorganWink: "...even if you are kind of cute~"

You guess it's working.

:RollbackMorganShout: "But an Ace Detective like myself is above such temptation! I'll never go down without a fight! In fact, I'm feeling better than ever!"

That answers the question of which drug hit him first.

:RollbackMarieExasperated: "I'm trying to help you. Dr. Anselm said to remove the eye before I could wheel you back up. And quiet down already."

:RollbackMorganTalk: "You- what?"
No. 605345 ID: 2ec61a

"all prosthetics had to come off, something weird is going on. this included your eye."

and reset knockers.
No. 605346 ID: eda819

Keep the eye so it can be reattached later, maybe. Assuming you didn't crush it pulling it out.

>You- what?
Sorry, maybe I should have asked for consent or something first. But apparently the grid around here is messing with the prosthetics something bad, and we're in a hurry.

...and uh, sorry for dropping an escape pod on you. That wasn't intentional.
No. 605347 ID: 07a835

Yeah, doesn't he remember what he mumbled to you right before he passed out? You went to the 5th floor like he said and spoke to the doctor. Some corpse's prosthetics attacked you though, thus the spike sticking out of your gut.

Now that he's patched up and such, look at the new items in the room. You said it was clothing? What kind?
No. 605374 ID: 1730ba

Reset Knockers.
Explain Situation.
No. 605375 ID: 01745f

Things to tell him:
First, the grid has gone bad, bringing the networked implants with it, so the other patients we have seen so far have been dead or cyber-zombies.
Second, we are not a zombie because we are from space (we come in peace, unfortunate circumstances aside).
Third, we need to get him to Dr. Ansalem so we can get him some working limbs and come up with a plan of action.

Things to ask:
What planet are we on, and if you don't recognize the name is it a colony of Earth?
Who was he expecting to try and take him (alive or otherwise)?
What does he know about this facility and the tests here?

After we examine the clothes we can talk on the move; we should try and get into the off-grid zone sooner rather than later.
No. 605481 ID: 53f127

Actually don't reset your knockers but instead leave them as they are or increase them some more.

Also what is his inventory? We need to pool our resources.
No. 605482 ID: 53f127

Enhance butt
No. 605620 ID: defceb
File 141697914892.png - (14.79KB , 600x480 , Bedroom09.png )

>Check Morgan’s inventory.
He only seems to be carrying the pack of cigarettes and the lighter. He isn’t interested in handing either over to you.

>Reset knockers.
>Don’t reset knockers.
You’ve already got his attention! It might shock him to see you change now.

>Inspect clothing
You pick up the cloak and inspect it. It appears to be made of a fine cloth, and is specked with a red dust. It smells like home, but you don’t recall ever owning it.

:RollbackMorganTalk2: “You from the desert or something? That thing looks pretty worn down by sand.”

:RollbackMarieSad: “Yeah… something like that”.

You get up and start inspecting the rest of the clothing. It appears to be quite a variety of outfits in roughly your size. They fold neatly and you add them to your inventory

>Enhance butt.
Something tells you it’s already sufficient for now.

:RollbackMorganTalk: "I don’t suppose you have anything that would fit me? The thought of having to wear this blood-stained outfit is… less than appealing."

:RollbackMarieTalk: "Maybe after we clean you up. Now lay down, we need to hurry back."

The two of you leave to the elevator.
No. 605627 ID: defceb
File 141698085248.png - (14.07KB , 600x480 , Elevator02.png )

>Lots of conversation suggestions.

:RollbackMorganWink: “I could get used to being carried around.”

:RollbackMarieSad: “...I’m sorry, by the way.”

:RollbackMorganTalk: “For what?”

:RollbackMarieSad: “Removing your eye. And I kind of landed on you.”

:RollbackMorganTalk2: “Oh that was you? don’t worry about it, I’m not dead at least! And I still have the same number of limbs!”

:RollbackMarieAwkward: “Uh… about that.”

:RollbackMorganTalk: “What do you mean?”

Morgan does a double-check over himself.

:RollbackMorganShout: “MY LEG!”

:RollbackMarieExasperated: “Shh! We need to stay quiet around here.

:RollbackMorganTalk: “Right, right, cyberzombies, drones, whatevers.”

:RollbackMarieTalk: “Is that what you thought I was earlier?”

:RollbackMorganTalk2: “Oh, no, I thought you were that weirdo running around.”

:RollbackMarieTalk: “The big thing with the red eyes?”

:RollbackMorganTalk: “That’s news to me. I was talking about the dude with that weird helmet. Haven’t you seen them yet? Well, consider yourself lucky then. I saw them wreck some friends with a crowbar. It was brutal.”

He goes quiet. That probably isn't the best topic to pursue right now.

:RollbackMarieTalk: “What is this place anyway?”

:RollbackMorganWink: “Well that depends on who you ask!”

:RollbackMorganTalk2: “If you ask the government, we’re in an old geothermal plant that’s been rebuilt for ‘extended research’. If you ask the right doctors then it’s a place for long-term RnD over prosthesis and related tech. If you ask the average person it doesn't even exist.

:RollbackMorganWink: “Not that I’d know more about it, I’m just a patient here.”

:RollbackMarieTalk: “And where is here?”

:RollbackMorganWink: “Middle of nowhere, Idaho!”

:RollbackMarieExasperated: “I mean what planet.”

:RollbackMorganTalk2: “Oh, Earth ya silly! Where else would we be?”

He pauses, and then adopts a contemplative expression.

:RollbackMorganThink: “Wait… red dust, escape pod, asking where we are… hmmmm…”

You’re about to say something when he interrupts.

:RollbackMorganThink: “No, don’t tell me!”

:RollbackMorganShout: “You’re… a martian!”

:RollbackMorganWink: “Do be gentle, I’ve never been probed by aliens before~”

Awkward. Do you tell him the truth about yourself?

[Author’s note, see discussion page.]
No. 605628 ID: defceb

[Oh good, I got it to format properly this time.]
No. 605630 ID: 2ec61a

time travel. you are from THE FUTURE.
No. 605637 ID: 07a835

...Tell him what planet you're from. Describe it.
No. 605641 ID: eda819

>Awkward. Do you tell him the truth about yourself?
That depends. What is the truth about yourself? You're a century old space-faring cyborg, but what planet did you come from?

I don't really see a reason to lie, though. If you're an alien and he just guessed the wrong planet, he's not so far off.
No. 605661 ID: 59d1b1

Any conversation is going to help keep his mind off is injuries, and I don't see any reason NOT to tell him about where you're from.
No. 605717 ID: 01745f

It appears you are not only from space but also the future and/or another dimension. Start comparing dates and known major historical events.
No. 606418 ID: defceb
File 141724144918.png - (15.91KB , 600x480 , Elevator03.png )

>Tell him the truth
>Compare dates

:RollbackMarieAwkward: “Uh.. sort of. I had a home there, for some time. But I’m not actually from Mars. I was a human, from Earth.”

:RollbackMorganTalk: “Oh, I thought you were wearing a costume, with the ears and all”

:RollbackMarieTalk: “...no, those are real. Made them myself. I’m a cyborg, uplifted some 150 years ago. Left earth not many years after that.”

:RollbackMorganTalk2: “I think I’d hear about it if someone was actually turned into a full cyborg. Or left Earth.”

:RollbackMarieTalk: “Do you believe in time travel? Or alternate dimensions?”

:RollbackMorganSmile: “Nope!”

:RollbackMarieAway: “I don’t know what else to say. Truth be told I’m a little jumbled up in the head these days.”

:RollbackMorganTalk2: “Well let’s test it by comparing dates. I’ll go first, 2249 was the start of the South American war.”

:RollbackMarieThink: “Highest injuries and lowest fatalities, not because of safety but because the injured soldiers kept getting sent back out. Ends 2256.”

:RollbackMorganSmile: “True, 2252 is when the media gets wind of ‘terminator soldiers’ poor guys who got a limb blown or took a bullet and wound up back in the field with new arms and legs, some drugs, and a gun.”

:RollbackMarieThink: “...which gets spun out into a frenzy, sparking a New Organics Party-”

:RollbackMorganThink: “Fueled by rich and politically minded seeing an easy ride up. The rioting masses helped too.”

:RollbackMarieExasperated: “This seems oddly topical. Against heavy political attack, a facility was built to further study a new wave of prosthesis, led by some people who thought we had stagnated in that field for years. The buildings opens its doors for the first time in California.”

:RollbackMorganThink: “...or so it was originally planned, before suddenly being moved to Idaho for unknown reasons. It then falls off the public eye and for all intents vanishes.”

:RollbackMarieSad: “I wish mine was so lucky.”

You hear the distant sound of white noise. You can also barely hear something else, like… footsteps? Morgan shifts in the stretcher, and extends his hand to you.

:RollbackMorganWink: “Well, I appreciate your honesty and there’s nothing I enjoy quite like a good mystery. I’m sure we can figure out what's going on if we work together. What do you say?”
No. 606434 ID: 4c5cf2

>California / Idaho
So that's where your memories don't sync up with his? As you remember it, the facility was public, and then bad things happened. As he remembers it, they went underground, literally.

Although, it's kind of weird that in your timeline, you'd go full cyborg early, while these guys would somehow stagnate for years. Why's your tech better?

Wait, idiot check. Do the two of you agree on what year it's supposed to be right now? Make sure it's not time travel.

>full cyborg
What does that mean, for you, anyways? Are you a brain in an android body? A brain and a few key organs? Or did you upload your consciousness and trade wetware for hardware completely?

Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about that, stuck as we are in an elevator.

>I’m sure we can figure out what's going on if we work together. What do you say?
Sounds good to me. Although we've gotta work on getting patched up, first.
No. 606475 ID: defceb
File 141725140652.png - (7.95KB , 600x480 , Elevator04.png )

>Full cyborg?
You traded in all the wetware, right down to your brain.

:RollbackMarieSmile: "Sounds good to me. Although we've gotta work on getting patched up, first."

:RollbackMorganWink: "Maybe you do, I feel better than ever!"

:RollbackMarieAwkward: "That might be the cocaine talking."

:RollbackMorganTalk2: "The what?"

A sudden screech fills the air as the elevator loses power and locks into place.
No. 606479 ID: 2ec61a

switch on head-light
No. 606483 ID: fef726

Looks like we are one the fifth floor, so try prying the doors open and getting you two out of there. I have a feeling the cable was cut.
No. 606525 ID: defceb
File 141726427217.png - (1.43KB , 600x480 , ElevatorBlackout01.png )

The white noise jumps up in volume. You can hardly hear Morgan over it now.

You fiddle with the settings, but they refuse to turn on. What hasn't been damaged at this point?

>Pry open the door.
You wave your hands around searching for the door. It should be right here.

:RollbackMorganEye: "Whoa, slow down Marie, let me get my light on."
No. 606527 ID: defceb
File 141726435042.png - (16.47KB , 600x480 , ElevatorBlackout02.png )

You're bathed in a deep red light. A brief green light sweeps down over you as well.
No. 606528 ID: 99fa45

Wait, didn't we remove this eye?
No. 606541 ID: 9b57d3

...where is that light coming from? Are you sure you're not dreaming?
No. 606550 ID: ec2e47

>Although, it's kind of weird that in your timeline, you'd go full cyborg early, while these guys would somehow stagnate for years.
Was the body you got back then much more advanced, or have you just upgraded components since then?
No. 606552 ID: 4c5cf2

Wait, I though we removed his artificial eye. He has light emitters in the eye socket? Strange design. I suppose it's useful here, but that's almost like whoever but his hardware in was planning on his losing the eye.

>heads up display
Huh, he appears to be getting some kind of scan on us, with personal information. Which would suggest that either his hardware can recognize us and get something off a database, or that your information security protocols aren't as good as you would like and the information is coming from you.

>C, Marie
Name, obviously.

>5.10.2243 A.7.2263
Dates? Not sure why it's mixing characters and numbers, but if we assume A is for august I'd guess that's birthdate and uplift-date.

>Volunteer Sor
Yes, she volunteered. Not sure what the second word means, or if I read it right.

>O+, Disease
Blood type, reason for uplift? Assuming I'm reading the second word right. Although I'm not sure why blood type would matter for someone who doesn't need blood, anymore. Maybe it represents something else.

>Sox A
Yeah, no clue.

...that better not mean you think we're a 1.8 on a 10 point scale, buster! More seriously- a reading of our current power levels? Or of the level of light?
No. 606583 ID: 9b57d3

Volunteer Self

Sex A
No. 606591 ID: defceb
File 141729606344.png - (15.08KB , 600x480 , ElevatorBlackout03.png )

>Was the body you got back then much more advanced, or have you just upgraded components since then?
Your initial body was relatively basic compared to this one. You've upgraded a few times since then.

>Wait, didn't we remove this eye?
Yes, yes you did.

>...where is that light coming from?
Morgan only had a cigarette and a lighter in his inventory. He couldn't be making this light.

You reach over and find the edge of the door. You can now pry open the elevator when you wish.

:RollbackMorganEye: "Don't do that, Marie. I really think we're safer in here."

:RollbackNOTMorgan: "Just the three of us."
No. 606592 ID: ef33e5

"Are you actively trying to be creepy right now, dude? Chill out on the spook factor a bit."
No. 606593 ID: 4c5cf2

>I really think we're safer in here.
>Just the three of us
Aaaaaah nope nope nope!

Rip the door opened, one handed, while whipping around to see what's behind you. We're potentially dealing with an unknown hostile in close quarters, which is bad.

Ah, thank you. Danged tiny pixel font.
No. 606595 ID: 53f127

Rip open the door right now hurry!
No. 606600 ID: 256d52

"Why don't you tell me about your friend?"
No. 606610 ID: ec2e47

Try to pull the door open, but you can talk while doing so. (It isn't as if you need lungs to do either, after all.)

"Hello, is there someone other than Morgan here who would like to communicate? Preferably with words rather than inexplicable spikes?"
No. 606677 ID: defceb
File 141731243639.png - (49.48KB , 600x480 , elevatorstop.png )

:RollbackMarieAwkward: "Are you actively trying to be creepy right now, dude? Chill out on the spook factor a bit."

You tear open the elevator door as you speak, whipping around to look behind you.

The static hits you all at once and the white noises becomes a violent uproar. The edges of our vision black out. Morgan shouts something, but you it's indecipherable over the din. Their voice, however, cuts through clearly.

:RollbackStatic: "You've been holding it back for so long."

??? equips a bloody crowbar!
No. 606679 ID: 9b57d3

Equip fire extinguisher. Use it as a club and blinding spray. But first, get out of the elevator. You can't fight near Morgan, you could accidentally hurt him.
No. 606680 ID: 256d52

You're almost at the off grid. Too much static to tell what's going on. Just grab the trolley and haul ass!
No. 606686 ID: ec2e47

Grab the trolley and make a run for the off grid. Ram through them if you need to.
No. 606765 ID: defceb
File 141732155845.png - (48.08KB , 600x480 , elevatorstop02.png )

You blast them with the fire extinguisher, which staggers them. Morgan drops down from out of the shadows, coughing and holding his neck.

Your fire extinguisher is now empty!

You grab Morgan and jump out of the elevator.
No. 606768 ID: defceb
File 141732165281.png - (32.20KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle23.png )

You've now returned to the medical floor!

The static grows heavier around the edges of your vision. Morgan keeps shouting, but even this close you still can't make sense of it. You probably don't have long before the static or the person overtake you.
No. 606774 ID: 9b57d3

Focus. Focus. You must resist the Grid. Try to run a self-diagnostic, or reset your ears.
No. 606775 ID: 53f127

Maybe try like, sending a bunch of emails at once so it slows down your router and the signal stops getting through?
No. 606776 ID: fef726

Yup, sprint off grid.

Note of some changes in this room: Looks like the drone you fought was dragged off, but not before the glass was smashed a bit more. Doesn't look completely broken though.

Be prepared to dodge things coming out from the morgue.
No. 606778 ID: fef726

Also the key and the spike is gone. Pity, that key could have been useful.
No. 606784 ID: 86d5f3

run to the limit of the Grid cause fuck this noise
No. 606855 ID: defceb
File 141733631725.png - (45.21KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle24.png )

You begin self-diagnostics, resetting systems, e-mail spamming yourself, anything to keep the static at bay.

You begin running towards Dr. Anselm's office. The thing leaps out from the elevator and reaches out to you. Though it can't reach you, it does grab the spike still impaled into you.
No. 606856 ID: defceb
File 141733643706.png - (63.77KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle25.png )

With a sharp twist the thing tears the spike out from your gut. You spill coolant from the fresh wound. Momentarily shocked, the static collapses in around you.

Your body feels incredibly heavy and everything moves in and out of focus. If you were organic this might be enough make you flop over and vomit on it's own.

Unfortunately, you have no choice but to keep running.
No. 606859 ID: defceb
File 141733656161.png - (26.25KB , 600x480 , Cutscene1.png )

So you do. You keep running until your vision blacks out and you drown in the static, moving by the memory that safety still lays ahead of you.
No. 606860 ID: defceb
File 141733656983.png - (7.88KB , 600x480 , Cutscene2.png )

No. 606861 ID: defceb
File 141733658136.png - (6.84KB , 600x480 , Cutscene4.png )

No. 606862 ID: defceb
File 141733659245.png - (5.98KB , 600x480 , Cutscene5.png )

No. 606863 ID: defceb
File 141733661752.png - (4.81KB , 600x480 , Cutscene6.png )

You're almost- what's that noise?
No. 606865 ID: 4c5cf2

You're hearing a thrown spike whistling though the air, en-route to your head. Which I'm going to assume is still important even to robo-you.

If you've got any kind of perception filter or acceleration that would let you react faster, now's the time to use it.

Option 1: knock it aside. We still have an empty fire extinguisher in inventory, right? We could swing it at the spike and knock it out the air, or block the hit with it.

Option 2: if we don't have the time for that? Dodge. Trip, throw yourself down on the floor, dropping lower than the arc of the projectile. Let your momentum carry you across the barrier to safety. It'll hurt, and you'll ding yourself and Morgan up, but it's better than the alternative.
No. 606866 ID: 2ec61a

dive roll!
No. 606895 ID: 256d52

Duck for cover!
No. 606968 ID: 9ddf68

roll forward
No. 607032 ID: defceb
File 141737659199.png - (1.28KB , 600x480 , Thread1End.png )

Unfortunately, you are not faster than the spike.
No. 607033 ID: 9ddf68

GG guys
No. 607034 ID: defceb
File 141737669891.png - (1.56KB , 600x480 , Thread1End2.png )

:RollbackMorganShout: "Marie! Marie don't you die on me too!"

End of Thread 1
No. 607045 ID: 8f01e8

You're close enough for kinematics to finish the job of getting you into the off-grid area, but that's not much consolation if you get impaled on that spike again, somewhere critical this time. You have to dodge fast, and gravity too slow.

Do the reverse of that pole-vaulting trick: push your center of mass as far above it's normal position in your torso as possible. Chin to your chest. Arms out to your sides, up, and behind. (Hopefully, Morgan can survive being dropped to the floor at his current height and velocity. He's had worse, and right outside a surgical theater that was waiting for that specific patient anyway is one of the better places to be suddenly injured.) Legs... maybe also behind you, but curling up means you can use them to absorb the impact instead of faceplanting.
No. 607055 ID: 01745f

Well, hopefully that was in a relatively replaceable component. Pity about all that coolant lost.
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