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File 141507925030.png - (844.48KB , 600x480 , rollback1.png )
600337 No. 600337 ID: defceb

Your name is Marie, and your spaceship just crashed.
Though the fall was sudden you managed to make it to the escape pod mostly unharmed.
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No. 605630 ID: 2ec61a

time travel. you are from THE FUTURE.
No. 605637 ID: 07a835

...Tell him what planet you're from. Describe it.
No. 605641 ID: eda819

>Awkward. Do you tell him the truth about yourself?
That depends. What is the truth about yourself? You're a century old space-faring cyborg, but what planet did you come from?

I don't really see a reason to lie, though. If you're an alien and he just guessed the wrong planet, he's not so far off.
No. 605661 ID: 59d1b1

Any conversation is going to help keep his mind off is injuries, and I don't see any reason NOT to tell him about where you're from.
No. 605717 ID: 01745f

It appears you are not only from space but also the future and/or another dimension. Start comparing dates and known major historical events.
No. 606418 ID: defceb
File 141724144918.png - (15.91KB , 600x480 , Elevator03.png )

>Tell him the truth
>Compare dates

:RollbackMarieAwkward: “Uh.. sort of. I had a home there, for some time. But I’m not actually from Mars. I was a human, from Earth.”

:RollbackMorganTalk: “Oh, I thought you were wearing a costume, with the ears and all”

:RollbackMarieTalk: “...no, those are real. Made them myself. I’m a cyborg, uplifted some 150 years ago. Left earth not many years after that.”

:RollbackMorganTalk2: “I think I’d hear about it if someone was actually turned into a full cyborg. Or left Earth.”

:RollbackMarieTalk: “Do you believe in time travel? Or alternate dimensions?”

:RollbackMorganSmile: “Nope!”

:RollbackMarieAway: “I don’t know what else to say. Truth be told I’m a little jumbled up in the head these days.”

:RollbackMorganTalk2: “Well let’s test it by comparing dates. I’ll go first, 2249 was the start of the South American war.”

:RollbackMarieThink: “Highest injuries and lowest fatalities, not because of safety but because the injured soldiers kept getting sent back out. Ends 2256.”

:RollbackMorganSmile: “True, 2252 is when the media gets wind of ‘terminator soldiers’ poor guys who got a limb blown or took a bullet and wound up back in the field with new arms and legs, some drugs, and a gun.”

:RollbackMarieThink: “...which gets spun out into a frenzy, sparking a New Organics Party-”

:RollbackMorganThink: “Fueled by rich and politically minded seeing an easy ride up. The rioting masses helped too.”

:RollbackMarieExasperated: “This seems oddly topical. Against heavy political attack, a facility was built to further study a new wave of prosthesis, led by some people who thought we had stagnated in that field for years. The buildings opens its doors for the first time in California.”

:RollbackMorganThink: “...or so it was originally planned, before suddenly being moved to Idaho for unknown reasons. It then falls off the public eye and for all intents vanishes.”

:RollbackMarieSad: “I wish mine was so lucky.”

You hear the distant sound of white noise. You can also barely hear something else, like… footsteps? Morgan shifts in the stretcher, and extends his hand to you.

:RollbackMorganWink: “Well, I appreciate your honesty and there’s nothing I enjoy quite like a good mystery. I’m sure we can figure out what's going on if we work together. What do you say?”
No. 606434 ID: 4c5cf2

>California / Idaho
So that's where your memories don't sync up with his? As you remember it, the facility was public, and then bad things happened. As he remembers it, they went underground, literally.

Although, it's kind of weird that in your timeline, you'd go full cyborg early, while these guys would somehow stagnate for years. Why's your tech better?

Wait, idiot check. Do the two of you agree on what year it's supposed to be right now? Make sure it's not time travel.

>full cyborg
What does that mean, for you, anyways? Are you a brain in an android body? A brain and a few key organs? Or did you upload your consciousness and trade wetware for hardware completely?

Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about that, stuck as we are in an elevator.

>I’m sure we can figure out what's going on if we work together. What do you say?
Sounds good to me. Although we've gotta work on getting patched up, first.
No. 606475 ID: defceb
File 141725140652.png - (7.95KB , 600x480 , Elevator04.png )

>Full cyborg?
You traded in all the wetware, right down to your brain.

:RollbackMarieSmile: "Sounds good to me. Although we've gotta work on getting patched up, first."

:RollbackMorganWink: "Maybe you do, I feel better than ever!"

:RollbackMarieAwkward: "That might be the cocaine talking."

:RollbackMorganTalk2: "The what?"

A sudden screech fills the air as the elevator loses power and locks into place.
No. 606479 ID: 2ec61a

switch on head-light
No. 606483 ID: fef726

Looks like we are one the fifth floor, so try prying the doors open and getting you two out of there. I have a feeling the cable was cut.
No. 606525 ID: defceb
File 141726427217.png - (1.43KB , 600x480 , ElevatorBlackout01.png )

The white noise jumps up in volume. You can hardly hear Morgan over it now.

You fiddle with the settings, but they refuse to turn on. What hasn't been damaged at this point?

>Pry open the door.
You wave your hands around searching for the door. It should be right here.

:RollbackMorganEye: "Whoa, slow down Marie, let me get my light on."
No. 606527 ID: defceb
File 141726435042.png - (16.47KB , 600x480 , ElevatorBlackout02.png )

You're bathed in a deep red light. A brief green light sweeps down over you as well.
No. 606528 ID: 99fa45

Wait, didn't we remove this eye?
No. 606541 ID: 9b57d3

...where is that light coming from? Are you sure you're not dreaming?
No. 606550 ID: ec2e47

>Although, it's kind of weird that in your timeline, you'd go full cyborg early, while these guys would somehow stagnate for years.
Was the body you got back then much more advanced, or have you just upgraded components since then?
No. 606552 ID: 4c5cf2

Wait, I though we removed his artificial eye. He has light emitters in the eye socket? Strange design. I suppose it's useful here, but that's almost like whoever but his hardware in was planning on his losing the eye.

>heads up display
Huh, he appears to be getting some kind of scan on us, with personal information. Which would suggest that either his hardware can recognize us and get something off a database, or that your information security protocols aren't as good as you would like and the information is coming from you.

>C, Marie
Name, obviously.

>5.10.2243 A.7.2263
Dates? Not sure why it's mixing characters and numbers, but if we assume A is for august I'd guess that's birthdate and uplift-date.

>Volunteer Sor
Yes, she volunteered. Not sure what the second word means, or if I read it right.

>O+, Disease
Blood type, reason for uplift? Assuming I'm reading the second word right. Although I'm not sure why blood type would matter for someone who doesn't need blood, anymore. Maybe it represents something else.

>Sox A
Yeah, no clue.

...that better not mean you think we're a 1.8 on a 10 point scale, buster! More seriously- a reading of our current power levels? Or of the level of light?
No. 606583 ID: 9b57d3

Volunteer Self

Sex A
No. 606591 ID: defceb
File 141729606344.png - (15.08KB , 600x480 , ElevatorBlackout03.png )

>Was the body you got back then much more advanced, or have you just upgraded components since then?
Your initial body was relatively basic compared to this one. You've upgraded a few times since then.

>Wait, didn't we remove this eye?
Yes, yes you did.

>...where is that light coming from?
Morgan only had a cigarette and a lighter in his inventory. He couldn't be making this light.

You reach over and find the edge of the door. You can now pry open the elevator when you wish.

:RollbackMorganEye: "Don't do that, Marie. I really think we're safer in here."

:RollbackNOTMorgan: "Just the three of us."
No. 606592 ID: ef33e5

"Are you actively trying to be creepy right now, dude? Chill out on the spook factor a bit."
No. 606593 ID: 4c5cf2

>I really think we're safer in here.
>Just the three of us
Aaaaaah nope nope nope!

Rip the door opened, one handed, while whipping around to see what's behind you. We're potentially dealing with an unknown hostile in close quarters, which is bad.

Ah, thank you. Danged tiny pixel font.
No. 606595 ID: 53f127

Rip open the door right now hurry!
No. 606600 ID: 256d52

"Why don't you tell me about your friend?"
No. 606610 ID: ec2e47

Try to pull the door open, but you can talk while doing so. (It isn't as if you need lungs to do either, after all.)

"Hello, is there someone other than Morgan here who would like to communicate? Preferably with words rather than inexplicable spikes?"
No. 606677 ID: defceb
File 141731243639.png - (49.48KB , 600x480 , elevatorstop.png )

:RollbackMarieAwkward: "Are you actively trying to be creepy right now, dude? Chill out on the spook factor a bit."

You tear open the elevator door as you speak, whipping around to look behind you.

The static hits you all at once and the white noises becomes a violent uproar. The edges of our vision black out. Morgan shouts something, but you it's indecipherable over the din. Their voice, however, cuts through clearly.

:RollbackStatic: "You've been holding it back for so long."

??? equips a bloody crowbar!
No. 606679 ID: 9b57d3

Equip fire extinguisher. Use it as a club and blinding spray. But first, get out of the elevator. You can't fight near Morgan, you could accidentally hurt him.
No. 606680 ID: 256d52

You're almost at the off grid. Too much static to tell what's going on. Just grab the trolley and haul ass!
No. 606686 ID: ec2e47

Grab the trolley and make a run for the off grid. Ram through them if you need to.
No. 606765 ID: defceb
File 141732155845.png - (48.08KB , 600x480 , elevatorstop02.png )

You blast them with the fire extinguisher, which staggers them. Morgan drops down from out of the shadows, coughing and holding his neck.

Your fire extinguisher is now empty!

You grab Morgan and jump out of the elevator.
No. 606768 ID: defceb
File 141732165281.png - (32.20KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle23.png )

You've now returned to the medical floor!

The static grows heavier around the edges of your vision. Morgan keeps shouting, but even this close you still can't make sense of it. You probably don't have long before the static or the person overtake you.
No. 606774 ID: 9b57d3

Focus. Focus. You must resist the Grid. Try to run a self-diagnostic, or reset your ears.
No. 606775 ID: 53f127

Maybe try like, sending a bunch of emails at once so it slows down your router and the signal stops getting through?
No. 606776 ID: fef726

Yup, sprint off grid.

Note of some changes in this room: Looks like the drone you fought was dragged off, but not before the glass was smashed a bit more. Doesn't look completely broken though.

Be prepared to dodge things coming out from the morgue.
No. 606778 ID: fef726

Also the key and the spike is gone. Pity, that key could have been useful.
No. 606784 ID: 86d5f3

run to the limit of the Grid cause fuck this noise
No. 606855 ID: defceb
File 141733631725.png - (45.21KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle24.png )

You begin self-diagnostics, resetting systems, e-mail spamming yourself, anything to keep the static at bay.

You begin running towards Dr. Anselm's office. The thing leaps out from the elevator and reaches out to you. Though it can't reach you, it does grab the spike still impaled into you.
No. 606856 ID: defceb
File 141733643706.png - (63.77KB , 600x480 , MedicalEle25.png )

With a sharp twist the thing tears the spike out from your gut. You spill coolant from the fresh wound. Momentarily shocked, the static collapses in around you.

Your body feels incredibly heavy and everything moves in and out of focus. If you were organic this might be enough make you flop over and vomit on it's own.

Unfortunately, you have no choice but to keep running.
No. 606859 ID: defceb
File 141733656161.png - (26.25KB , 600x480 , Cutscene1.png )

So you do. You keep running until your vision blacks out and you drown in the static, moving by the memory that safety still lays ahead of you.
No. 606860 ID: defceb
File 141733656983.png - (7.88KB , 600x480 , Cutscene2.png )

No. 606861 ID: defceb
File 141733658136.png - (6.84KB , 600x480 , Cutscene4.png )

No. 606862 ID: defceb
File 141733659245.png - (5.98KB , 600x480 , Cutscene5.png )

No. 606863 ID: defceb
File 141733661752.png - (4.81KB , 600x480 , Cutscene6.png )

You're almost- what's that noise?
No. 606865 ID: 4c5cf2

You're hearing a thrown spike whistling though the air, en-route to your head. Which I'm going to assume is still important even to robo-you.

If you've got any kind of perception filter or acceleration that would let you react faster, now's the time to use it.

Option 1: knock it aside. We still have an empty fire extinguisher in inventory, right? We could swing it at the spike and knock it out the air, or block the hit with it.

Option 2: if we don't have the time for that? Dodge. Trip, throw yourself down on the floor, dropping lower than the arc of the projectile. Let your momentum carry you across the barrier to safety. It'll hurt, and you'll ding yourself and Morgan up, but it's better than the alternative.
No. 606866 ID: 2ec61a

dive roll!
No. 606895 ID: 256d52

Duck for cover!
No. 606968 ID: 9ddf68

roll forward
No. 607032 ID: defceb
File 141737659199.png - (1.28KB , 600x480 , Thread1End.png )

Unfortunately, you are not faster than the spike.
No. 607033 ID: 9ddf68

GG guys
No. 607034 ID: defceb
File 141737669891.png - (1.56KB , 600x480 , Thread1End2.png )

:RollbackMorganShout: "Marie! Marie don't you die on me too!"

End of Thread 1
No. 607045 ID: 8f01e8

You're close enough for kinematics to finish the job of getting you into the off-grid area, but that's not much consolation if you get impaled on that spike again, somewhere critical this time. You have to dodge fast, and gravity too slow.

Do the reverse of that pole-vaulting trick: push your center of mass as far above it's normal position in your torso as possible. Chin to your chest. Arms out to your sides, up, and behind. (Hopefully, Morgan can survive being dropped to the floor at his current height and velocity. He's had worse, and right outside a surgical theater that was waiting for that specific patient anyway is one of the better places to be suddenly injured.) Legs... maybe also behind you, but curling up means you can use them to absorb the impact instead of faceplanting.
No. 607055 ID: 01745f

Well, hopefully that was in a relatively replaceable component. Pity about all that coolant lost.
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