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File 125461043920.gif - (6.98KB , 800x600 , 532.gif )
56223 No. 56223 ID: af9412

I've heard it said that a hero is a great man, whose very actions and relations will, in all times, unite him to the rest of the world. The suggesiton, then, being that a hero is someone so grand and influential that his mere existence and the power of his deeds affects the entire populace.

Well, there are heroes in evil as well as in good.
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No. 56228 ID: fc854e

Indeed there are, my friend, if we consider that to be the true definition of a hero. Proceed.
No. 56230 ID: af9412
File 125461099646.gif - (6.83KB , 800x600 , 533.gif )

It's good to have you back, my dear fragments of self. A lot has changed since in the brief time you've been away.
No. 56231 ID: 6756f8

Been reading Kara Quest, Muschio?
No. 56233 ID: af9412
File 125461112857.gif - (4.79KB , 800x600 , 534.gif )

Finesse has created, in my absence, a device which breaks free a fragment of the Orb of Infinite Psyche and implants it just beneath the skin of a subject. This allows my consciousness to, in a way, communicate with them. It does not allow me, myself, to communicate with them directly. But a part of my consciousness (namely, you) can commune with them as you do with me, and then relate information back again. In this interlinked network of shared fractions of consciousness, I will be better able to keep tabs on my minions, and keep my mind's eye on the Vault even in the time I am away.
Further, it appears that the orb is capable of regenerating the lost fragment, meaning there is no shortage of material for this experiment.

I've had some... very strange echoes in my mind recently.
I don't feel entirely myself, as you might say. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.
No. 56234 ID: acaa40

Another cutscene?

What kind of backstory will be revealed now?
No. 56239 ID: fc854e

>the orb is capable of regenerating the lost fragment
Now THAT's useful.

Elaborate on these strange echoes, if you will.
No. 56243 ID: af9412
File 125461173911.gif - (7.24KB , 800x600 , 535.gif )

Perhaps most importantly, Ashedel has simplified a lot of my workload by streamlining everything in the dungeon.
Mana is no longer a concern. Instead, Mannikins are simply converted to monsters on a one-for-one basis.
My massive, bulky inventory has been condensed and managed to the basic resources and supplies I have available, reducing my need for micromanagement.
Everything is being managed without my necessary intervention, leaving me the time and freedom to focus on grander schemes.

And speaking of which, the three Odds I've recently summoned are more than capable workers. They can reshape raw stone effortlessly, pawing through it like soft dough.

With that in mind, I finally have the ability to restructure the layout of my dungeon into something a bit more appropriate. Whether or not that should be my immediate concern, I can't decide.

But the fact of the matter is things have settled for the time being, and I finally have the basic resources and manpower I've needed since day one.
I believe things are finally on the up and up.
No. 56251 ID: fc854e

>But the fact of the matter is things have settled for the time being, and I finally have the basic resources and manpower I've needed since day one.
Bet you that means something horrible is about to happen.

In the meanwhile, altering the layout of our fortress is the most useful endeavor we can pursue at this particular juncture. Looking for the map now.
No. 56262 ID: d99784

Well, okay. Now what?
No. 56264 ID: af3e6d


We *renovate*
No. 56267 ID: af9412
File 125461248352.gif - (4.35KB , 800x600 , 536.gif )

What do you mean, "What now"?!

That's what I've been waiting on YOU for!
You're supposed to be the ones helping me make decisions like that!

I don't have anywhere I immediately need to go, and we're not under attack, so it's an open decision at this point. What's important to me right now?
No. 56268 ID: fb5d8e

You're looking gorgeous, boss.
No. 56269 ID: 276781

Well, you got nothing you desperately need and you got nowhere to go, so why not just check in with everyone and build minion relations?

Oh, and, whatever became of that Nino creep who tried to steal crap from us, boss?
No. 56270 ID: fc854e

Building our little cave into a mighty fortress. That's what's important.
Also getting that goddamn bed, it should have been ready ages ago.
No. 56272 ID: 6faa8c

Give us a map of your lair as of now. We'll see about redesigning it for you.

Meanwhile, I think it's time to get ourselves a defensive force. A more combat oriented Monster.
No. 56274 ID: d99784

Okay, okay, I got this. Umm.. you know how every EEEVIL overlord has some luscious ladies up in his crib lusting all over him? How about you get yourself a room full-a those, hmm? Doesn't that sound exciting?
No. 56275 ID: 4553b2

We renovate. Rebuild and remanage the situation. The odds make excellent miners, and get Babrakus to make you that damn bed already.

Get us a map, boss. We have new rooms to hollow out, traps to assemble, and a dungeon to run!
No. 56276 ID: 978b45

Right now, we've got a defensible, productive place.

What comes next is building our strength of attack.

We must build, find, hire, or conquer an army of our own.

Or at least a small group attacking force.
No. 56278 ID: f44349

Give us a map of the dungeon!
We will plan a grand and imposing citadel!
And once we set the Odds to working on that...
Well, we need more mannikins! ALL OF THE MANNIKINS!

PS Tislomer wants you so bad. It's adorable, she has herself convinced that you've been stealing glances at her.
No. 56281 ID: 197650

Alright then, lets make a plan.
We need a right and propper throne to impose, and make sure we display that we are above your workers.

A more imposing appearance might be a good idea too, unless you prefer to be able to move relatively undetected through cities and whatnot.

After that we need to know what kind of opposition we might face here, and what the best approach at taking over nearby factions would be.

We could use a forgery for weapons and armour if we dont already have one.

On a side note, what do you think would be our next target? We have our base of operations established, and we need to expand. Who do we conquer?
No. 56283 ID: 6a6a5e

Somebody whip up a Dwarf Fortress style trapped/killzone entryway. Long hallway with balistas is mandatory. So is a series of drawbridges and a lava waterfall.

[evil laughter]

Oh, make one of those drawbridge atom smashers to get rid of excess rock. Or dig a hole to the bottom layer.
No. 56285 ID: 99ff38

The most important thing is to make a proper harem for all of those hot babes our evil presence is going to attract.
No. 56287 ID: fc854e
File 125461304487.gif - (9.65KB , 800x600 , MuschioDungeon.gif )

Here's the old map
No. 56294 ID: fc854e
File 125461330139.png - (81.79KB , 1000x1000 , MuschioDungeonCPL.png )

>We could use a forgery for weapons and armour if we dont already have one.
It's called a forge, but yes. I agree wholeheartedly with this. It is important.

Pic related is the most sophisticated of the designs we came up with earlier, incidentally.
No. 56295 ID: 52b404

Whatever happened to that mimic mannikin we'd already attuned the portal to? Did the portal spit out a mimic when we changed it to work without mana, or is it just lost forever?
No. 56303 ID: 4553b2

I approve of this layout. Draw it up and get the Odds on it. While they do that, we can gather whatever goods Babrakus made and sell them in Sepia Town for cash monies.
No. 56310 ID: 6a6a5e

There are no balistas, drawbridges, or lava. I am disappointed.
No. 56322 ID: 9d07d9


All that will come in due time. As of now, we have only a few residents, (of whom only two are battle-ready). Eventually we'll gain more and more slaves, servants, and minions and can turn this rinky-dink little cave into a massive citadel, perhaps even a metropolis. Until then, we play Evil Genius.
No. 56324 ID: af9412
File 125461501360.gif - (8.69KB , 800x600 , 537.gif )

Yes, unfortunately, I do know about Tislomer's... misconceptions about how I view her. I'm going to try very hard not to think about that.

I haven't seen anything of that smoothskinned drunkard, Nino, since I left the High Roller's Lounge, but Finesse tells me the coward was sneaking about the dungeon the other night. I'll have to keep an eye out for him. I wonder what his intentions are.

I believe a large dungeon should be our eventual goal, but right now, with our resources and staff as they are, we don't need something quite so grandiose and oversized just yet. Besides, it would just be time wasted by the Odds. We need to start off a bit more modest, something that fits what we need at the moment.

Oh, and as for that bed...
No. 56326 ID: af9412
File 125461506822.gif - (9.77KB , 800x600 , 538.gif )

...it seems Finesse gave Babrakus a little help installing it.
No. 56330 ID: 6faa8c


Is there a switch under your desk for it? Because if you increase the force of it, it'd be handy as a trap.
No. 56333 ID: fc854e

Okay, if you don't want to make something big yet, at least change the door situation.
I don't see why odds are better employed sitting on their asses, though. They can mold stone like clay, the work will go fast.
No. 56335 ID: d99784

Something modest, hmm? How about a room with nothing in it that would be used as a warehouse, instead of cluttering a poor Kobold's workshop?
Additionally, it is getting quite crowded in here. I suggest an array of rooms, one for each member of your group.
No. 56338 ID: fc854e

Dropping a bed on someone would be handy as a trap without an increase in weight.
No. 56343 ID: 197650

What are your minnions currently doing, and what idle hands can we put to work?
No. 56344 ID: f21281

Y'know, if you want to try to alleviate that misconception, you could always help her out by trying to get Babrakus to notice her.

Guy seems to be completely oblivious that she's got the hots for him.
No. 56348 ID: 632862

Did you summon the Mimic and put him somewhere clever?
No. 56360 ID: af9412
File 125461673973.gif - (9.46KB , 800x600 , 539.gif )

Well, let's see.
I suppose a warehouse and some sleeping quarters might be good. Keep in mind we don't need to keep the old rooms, we can just change everything.
And I agree, we may need a bit more muscle. A dedicated guard, perhaps.

Let's see, what are my minions doing today? Ashedel keeps pretty good tabs on them.
Ash herself is organizing our reserves and working with the minions.
Tislomer is out hunting again, I believe.
Babrakus is tending the fields out front.
And Finesse is in her workshop, working on something that must be pretty secret. She said she's not to be disturbed.
No. 56367 ID: 6faa8c

Any orcs in the area?
No. 56368 ID: 9d07d9

Can the portal be moved? If so, I think we should expand the main hallway into that room and move the portal into a new room off to the side. Perhaps at a later date we could move it deeper inside the lair.
No. 56369 ID: 632862

How is your financial situation?
No. 56374 ID: e3f578

Can we also make the alcove architecture more orderly? More rectangle like and involves less crawling through a skinny passage to get to?

It's not a trap room anymore, no need to have it so unorganized.
No. 56378 ID: 34e41d

Well, proper bedroom connected to a separate throne room should eventually be made (if possible at the best defended spot of course, in the long run a meeting room closer to the entrance in case you have welcome visits would be good too), a proper workshop for Finesse, a blacksmith (gonna need somebody to work there though, so not a big priority, but combined with Finesse i bet we could fill the place with traps of all kinds), sleeping rooms for everyone (private rooms for the most important minions i'd say), somewhere to eat...

If the odds are as good as you say it might not matter if we make temporary rooms, though if possible i'd keep in mind what will eventually get built.

Overall i'd say the old layout is rather silly and should mostly be scrapped.
No. 56418 ID: af9412
File 125461938389.gif - (8.57KB , 800x600 , 540.gif )

All right. First, I'll map out a new floorplan for the dungeon. Something pretty simple to start, I think, but we can change it later. For now, I think as you've said, we need some storage, sleeping quarters, workshops, and maybe a throne room for me, and a meeting hall or a mess hall or some sort of common congregating area, since we currently lack one.

Afterwards, I'll talk to Ashedel about recruiting a dedicated guard and a smith. We could use both.

[gonna take a pause here actually, because in retrospect this was a bad time to start this chapter, but at least during the break you all will have plenty of time to suggest and/or draw out new floorplans for the Vault]
No. 56421 ID: 5ba271

Make the entrance to the dungeon hidden, make a nearby entrance identical to the old one, and fill it with traps. Exact same starting room in both entrances, except one of them is filled with death.

Better yet, make them both hidden, and the trapped one easier to find.
No. 56426 ID: fc854e
File 12546201482.jpg - (37.57KB , 483x601 , Muschiofort1.jpg )

>we don't need to keep the old rooms, we can just change everything.
I suppose that makes sense.

Okay, here's the first floor.
No. 56429 ID: 099247


Mood music, anyone?
No. 56579 ID: 6756f8
File 125462250296.png - (47.49KB , 1000x1000 , 125461330139.png )

First off, one of the kobolds has been dating Nino.

Secondly, this is a good floorplan. We've been suggesting it to you for a while now.

A forge would probably be in the lower level.
No. 56581 ID: 6756f8

First priority is, find out where the hell that grate goes.
No. 56587 ID: fc854e
File 125462281651.jpg - (71.15KB , 1219x765 , MucschioDungeonB.jpg )

Note that F1 has the throne room. The throne room has three sets of stairs. The side two stairwells are the main ones, the middle set goes straight to Muschio's private quarters. Note that in this design, the throne can slide back to cover these stairs. We do not want it to be possible for an intruder to slide it forward again from the throne room.
The only other thing on the first floor is the entry hall. Note that it is flanked by two rooms. These are for shooting at intruders from. The holes depicted should be very small. The stairs there lead to the barracks.

the second floor down (B1) has more of interest. Note that the stairs leading to Muschio's room go through this floor, but are surrounded by walls, and thus only accessible from above or below.
The spiral staircases from the throne room end up here. A hallway leads from each, and this hallway provides access to the storage room and the barracks. The barracks provides sleeping quarters for our minions of lesser importance, and will also provide space for any recreational pursuits they will want to engage in. Note the stairs, which connect to the defensive areas on F1.
On the opposite side of the barracks is the stairwell going further down, as well as craft areas. Note that there is room to expand the fortress here at a later date.

On the bottom floor (B2) we have the culinary area (kitchen and Dining hall) and the private rooms for the more important individuals. I included Ash in this, as she apparently has been in charge of logistics lately.
Behind the rooms is the well. I assumed, for these purposes, that the source of the water was fairly deep for these purposes.
In its own room is the portal. I assumed it can be moved without loss of attuned mannikins. (It will still periodically spit out manikins of types previously used, right?).
No. 56597 ID: 5d39a6

Muschio, what this dungeon needs is a disguise. Have you considered opening up a "legitimate" Bed and Breakfast outside of the dungeon with a secret entrance in the wine cellar?

You see, we learn from our conquered enemies and take their feindish designs, assimilating it for our own use. The previous owner of the Mannakin had a good thing going for her. If we can disguise the dungeon as a perfectly innocuous operation, then we can work interrupted on universal domination.
No. 56609 ID: 6c80cf

Forge, forge... use the smoke. At high pressures the escaping air can be used to power simple machines.

I also suggest a viewing tower coming out of the top of the hill built with the blocks you have pulled out; no shortage of rocks, after all. And build a bath house! With heated water! I think we could grab some fairly sophisticated plans for you... what else.

I don't know if the Odds can stamp out stone gears.
No. 56618 ID: 467390
File 125462672393.png - (119.17KB , 1400x1000 , improved.png )

My take, based on >>56294

Bathrooms, dining room, and prison cells all optional.
No. 56619 ID: 197650

Should we have a bathehouse?
It would be handy to have extra water, aswell as keeping ourselves clean without having to leave the laire.
We'd be more vulnerable to attacks by a lake or whatnot.

Though even if it'd be useful, it shouldn't have a very high priority.
We haven't made a lot of enemies that still live yet.
No. 56620 ID: 7eda8b

>You're supposed to be the ones helping me make decisions like that!
Hey, boss. You try regenerating parts of your brain without having a few "off" days in the process...
No. 56625 ID: e8d8be

>What do you mean, "What now"?!
>That's what I've been waiting on YOU for!

IMO, our goal to become the devil isn't lofty enough. We should become the devil, god, and every other deity in between. What we need is followers. A small cult to start but one that will rise to power and like a flame sweep across the land and burn all history before us. And our lordship will be all that remains.

TLDR: Start a cult, something that can run w/o our management.
No. 56632 ID: f21281
File 125462792242.png - (5.11KB , 800x600 , MapLayout.png )

My contribution.
No. 56636 ID: fc854e
File 125462824010.jpg - (12.08KB , 370x375 , door.jpg )

It's an air vent.

Though I posted that earlier, I actually disagree.

Also, it occurs to me that some people, upon looking at my map, may be confused by the doors. Pic related. My dad's an architect, so I don't know how much about this stuff folks are liable to know.
No. 56645 ID: fc854e

You're thinking of steam, not smoke. Smoke wouldn't do that, if you try to put it in an airtight situation, the fire goes out.

You guys aren't thinking in three dimensions. Also, Muschio says we don't need to worry about the locations of old rooms, so we should probably get rid of that inefficient clusterfuck early, rather than building around it.

Too difficult from a logistical standpoint. We'd need to set up pumps, and pumps need power. And we'd need drainage, which would take more pumps and more power.
No. 56672 ID: 6c80cf


That's not quite true. The influx of air via different pressures and locations can be maintained while the outflux of smoke can create pressure. There's still problems with it, though, and it's a silly idea for anything other than a slow-moving winch or hot air balloon.
No. 56687 ID: 76e04d

I say we should keep the old rooms and figure out the 3d topography here, can we build stair up and down... if so, then do so... also do not simply assume that a thin exterior walls nect to a single door will provide sufficient choke point (what if a Titan or some shit tries to Cool-Aid Man his way in through that.)

I say we must did down, up, and back but not to the sides till our lair has gone significantly deeper.

Let us also mount the portal horizontally (like a pool) in a fitted multilevel shaft as opposed the vertical orientation we exploited to destroy it ourselves. Put some levers and chains on it and you can raise and lower it through levels to provide quick reinforcements where needed or remove it from harms way.

I also think it is rather traditional and aesthetically fun to take nothing away from a dungeon (don't go knocking down rooms unless necessary)but simply adding more sections onto it?

Also where are threads 9 and 10 I can't find them in the archive... I'm new to the site so maybe I missed it... also this is my first post here. I was looking to add more quest into my diet that /tg/ itself desired.

Also... try to hire a troll. They make surprisingly good trap designers (being some of the few folk who can test them for fun on family and even themselves, well, test multiple times anyhow. See I know this Grimtooth fellah and...
No. 56694 ID: 4ee19c


Also can we have our awewsome mimic now.
No. 56707 ID: 76e04d

Oh, those threads were retconned, but, I never even read them.

Oh well, what you don't know.
No. 56710 ID: 632862

9: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/51810.html
10: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/55632.html
No. 56712 ID: fc854e

9: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/51810.html
10: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/55632.html
Neither of them start with the chapter start screen, so that's why they were harder to find.

If a Titan comes, we're screwed anyway. That said, I do agree that we shouldn't build to the sides overly much.

Having seen the shape of the mountain, we should have pretty much free reign to dig down, and diggin up only needs to keep in mind the side of the hill.
No. 56715 ID: 632862

Uhh what? No, 9 is backstory. 10 is exposition from a different viewpoint. There's no retcon here, though I guess getting rid of the complicated mana system via Ash was a bit of a cop-out.

I have to wonder though... if we're putting the Mannikins directly into the portal now, are they gone forever? Nobody knows where they originally came from so if everyone did it this way it could lead to the end of all summoning. Unless the Mannikins just mysteriously start appearing again.
No. 56717 ID: 76e04d


Much thanks... I guess I should start learning the individual artstyles around here. Probably would make it easier.

Digging deep is always smart... just not 'too deep' if you catch my meaning.

Also lets invest in a few cage traps. Never know when those can come in handy. Maybe a pitfall or two.
No. 56718 ID: fc854e
File 125463713038.jpg - (108.14KB , 1581x785 , MucschioDungeonAll.jpg )

Added some vents in places where they could be bored all the way to the top. Note that we'll want something to keep the rain out.
No. 56749 ID: c0f3bf


Would going up and then diagonally down and out work? The slope would drip the rain down the mountain, right?
No. 56753 ID: fc854e

Yeah, that would work. We'd have to go up there periodically to kill anything that could fit through the upper grate and though living in our ventilation shaft was a good idea, though.

Bigger problem: If it snows here, the opening will get clogged with snow. Then somebody would have to climb up the mountain to shovel snow after each snowfall. If it doesn't snow, that's probably our best option, though.
No. 56760 ID: 632862

Make vents go diagonal, not straight up. Put in a drain halfway down. Rain never gets to the bottom.

As far as creatures living in the vent, just put bars at the top and the most that could get in is a lizard or something.
No. 56762 ID: c0f3bf

Yes, but wire mesh instead of bars, some things can still slip through bars.

And about the snow thing, would it be possible to either send extremely hot gas up to melt the snow or put some kind of perpetual heat device nearby?
No. 56766 ID: 632862

Ah, but mesh would easily clog up with leaves or grass. Why worry about it? It's not like anything dangerous to the dungeon would be able to get through bars.

As for snow... Well, the dungeon's going to have some form of internal heating. I would bet that the snow would melt, even if it is pretty far away.
No. 56767 ID: fc854e

We could do that, yes. But it would still be more effort. I think the drains idea is probably best, actually. Of course, then each vent has two orifices to put bars in front of. And we do want bars, mesh is good for little things, but attackers could easily rip through it. Both would be optimal, but that takes more resources.
No. 56994 ID: aefbb0

This dungeon needs more block puzzles. Also a hidden sword called MuschioBane enchanted to be extremely ineffective. Once we start attracting enemy adventurers, both could end up buying valuable time.
No. 57748 ID: 48dfe5

Water level. Every dungeon needs a complicated water level.
No. 57871 ID: fd6933

Is there any way we can rig the dungeon to collapse in the event of our untimely death?
No. 57934 ID: cd08c0

That would kill all our minions! We like our minions. No, no collapsing.
Besides, we should be placing more emphasis on not dying.

>>56994 >>57748
I totally support the idea of block puzzles, though. Block puzzles are awesome. And complicated water puzzles, if we can swing it!
We NEED puzzles. It's part of what'll separate us from Red Fang. We're intellectuals!
No. 57960 ID: 2abfb1
File 125475473287.jpg - (48.30KB , 450x530 , labyrinth.jpg )

Guys, guys. All of you are thinking WAY too small. We need to build something... grander.

Listen. We have a magic orb. We have a colorful and entertaining cast of nonhuman minions. We have MAGNIFICENT hair.

All we need... is the babe.
No. 57962 ID: 0f304d

This plan has my full support.
No. 57965 ID: 4cc6f2

No. 57966 ID: 310213


>Muschio, Played by David Bowie.

I wholeheartedly support this endeavor. You have double, nay, triple Kudos if you can pull this off.
No. 57991 ID: cd08c0
File 125475864839.png - (44.13KB , 800x600 , 281.png )

Initiate Plan:
-Dive! the Musical (musical/romance)

Inform Finesse that we'll be needing leather pants.
No. 57992 ID: 8e18cd


Sorry but David Bowie is already busy playing Sul in AlienQuest.

Just compare the bulges.
No. 58518 ID: 7c08d6
File 125480905264.jpg - (416.76KB , 1200x1600 , YorkMinsterWest.jpg )

If they can be put to any artistic use, we could do with some embellishments to the cliffside entrance. Maybe something in decorated Gothic, maybe with a few gargoyles thrown in for effect.

More practically, though, we ought to have a drawbridge and some sort of moat or spike pit around the doors for added security.

What happened to the costume Finesse was designing, anyway?

Bowie can be everywhere at once.
No. 59392 ID: ec3191

What happened to Chapters 9 and 10?
No. 59395 ID: ee6acb

9: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/51810.html
10: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/55632.html
No. 59402 ID: 8812a9

Awww, I liked the mana system :(

Anyways, Sire:
1. The female gobbo has been dating Nino. He was pretty wary of you seeing him. It's very suspicious. Why is he trying to get her trust? He's probably plotting something against you, Sire.
2. Is Nino capable of making such an elaborate plot himself? A loser drunkard? Don't make me laugh, Sire. He's obviously working for some... benefactor. Now, who was Nino's benefactor? Who let him get his fish ass drunk every night? Who would want your Control Gem back?.. Think about it, Sire.
3. Reinforce the fucking doors. At least make a good lock. Why can any ne'er-do-well enter and exit your fortress any time they want? That's just reckless, Sire.
4. Need a strong defendant who could pose a threat for thieves and/or intruders? Did you forget the Mimic mannikin we had? Now that you don't have to worry about the mana system, it's just the time to summon that Mimic, Sire!

Also, for kobolds:
Male kobold! Female kobold loves you.
Female kobold! Male kobold loves you.
Now go make out.
No. 59403 ID: 8812a9

>1. The female gobbo
Oops, sorry, I meant "female kobold".
No. 60109 ID: 894087

Regarding #2: Nino should indeed be treated with caution, but now that he's been convinced that Muschio's dungeon is protected by a murderous ghost he poses even less of a threat. And if he really has quit his job, he could likely be tricked into inadvertently revealing information about his former position and employer.

The 'bolds aren't unionized, are they? Don't want to be hit with a class action suit for pressuring employees to get "friendly" with the opposition.
No. 60121 ID: 3ccb64

>Female kobold! Male kobold loves you.
What the hell gave you that impression?
No. 60257 ID: ee6acb

I believe (could be wrong) it was written on the blackboard at somepoint that the other one loves Tislomer.
No. 60272 ID: 632862

All those doodles were presumably drawn by the female kobold.
No. 67451 ID: b8d3e4
File 12560855818.gif - (12.09KB , 800x600 , 541.gif )

Here I am.
No. 67452 ID: 4553b2

Well? You gonna show us around?
No. 67453 ID: b832ba

cool blank tabbards bro

I like the trophies though
No. 67454 ID: 632862

Boss! What's the dungeon look like?
No. 67455 ID: f4963f

Lookin' sharp there, Boss.
No. 67457 ID: b8d3e4
File 125608587082.gif - (10.04KB , 800x600 , 542.gif )

I compromised a few designs I'd brainstormed, and this was the result. It's simple, orderly, and straightforward, and it provides for everything I have so far.
The Odds are still working on some of the rooms, and the relocation of the monster portal is a careful procedure, so we're not completely finished just yet. And we don't really have anyone capable of building the cells just yet.
Ash's room isn't finished either, so she's just using the barracks for now, as are the Kobolds.

All in all I think things came out rather well.
No. 67460 ID: e3f578

Can we all celebrate to a toast in the meeting hall?
No. 67463 ID: b8d3e4
File 125608654230.gif - (12.87KB , 800x600 , 543.gif )

Well my staff is all hard at work at the moment, and celebration can wait until everything's complete, but I'm sure you'll find the meeting hall most impressive.
It also serves as a mess hall for meals. I built it large so that when my army inevitably grows, all we'll need to do is add more benches.
No. 67465 ID: c1b520

These are some pretty nice digs boss. On the note of digs, have you found anything while carving into the mountain by chance? I know the chances are slim, but if there IS anything we should probably try and find out.
No. 67467 ID: 632862

Like, precious ore and gems! GOOOOOOLD!

Hey, put down any nasty traps? I just had the idea of an "obvious secret door" raised block that just activated a spike trap underneath it.
No. 67468 ID: b8d3e4
File 125608695514.gif - (11.50KB , 800x600 , 544.gif )

So far all I've found is a few small ore veins of unidentified minerals, which we haven't been able to properly deal with, given our lack of a metallurgist.
Meanwhile we're just keeping the yields here in the Storage room.
No. 67471 ID: c1b520

Seems pretty awesome. By the way, whats Finesse been up to during all this?
No. 67473 ID: 8ce2bf

Raise moral by having a pajama party. You can invite all your buddies!
No. 67475 ID: b8d3e4
File 125608727383.gif - (10.70KB , 800x600 , 545.gif )

Finesse has been working on helping the Kobolds set up their workshops here, adjacent to the storage room. Babrakus, likewise, has been kept busy. With all the furniture this redesign has needed, his workshop was one of the first things we established.
No. 67481 ID: e3f578

Give him a hive five... or pat on the back. I'd say hug but that's kinda lame for two awesome dudes who do awesome things. Or Just give him a tip.

Now let's go see Ash and give her a hug that totally isn't lame. Then give her a tip.
No. 67482 ID: 632862

Sounds like you may need to hire a blacksmith of some sort.

Any news on the Nino front? Speaking of which... his boss did send him to steal back the Portal Gem. Ever thought of paying said boss a little visit for trying to break the deal? Those ghosting potions sound so useful for committing dark deeds.
No. 67483 ID: c1b520

What about Ashe, is she helping with that too or is she off recruiting?
No. 67492 ID: 4f736e

Fistbump Babrakus.
No. 67494 ID: b8d3e4
File 125608799445.gif - (10.25KB , 800x600 , 546.gif )

Ah yes, Nino. The skulking salamander I saw in the High Roller's lounge. Thanks to the shard in Tislomer I've learned of his presence. I've also learned she believes I harbor a carnal desire for her. I could have lived the rest of my life without knowing that. I think I would have preferred it.

But what makes this more awkward is that she seems to be fostering some kind of relationship with the scoundrel.
Until I'm sure of how to proceed, I'll allow it to continue. Perhaps a false sense of security will lull him into lowering his defenses.

Oh, and as for Ashedel, she's out trying to find new recruits.
It's just as well. Her room isn't ready yet.
No. 67500 ID: c1b520

Kinda what I'm thinking master, actually, maybe we can use this relationship to get Nino to join us. He's kind of a coward, but he shows potential as a recruit. We just need to let this relationship build, and then turn it in our favor.
No. 67511 ID: b8d3e4
File 125608863021.gif - (10.81KB , 800x600 , 547.gif )

As long as I'm showing you around, this is my room.
The hidden folding bed is located on the left wall, while on the right, beside the desk, there is a secret emergency door connected to the Throne Room.

The room's rather small, but then, I don't need much space. I can use the Throne Room for audiences, the Meeting Hall for meetings. This is really just for me to work in secret on matters of planning.
No. 67515 ID: 4553b2


Well. Lets get planning. I propose our next move be to forge some alliances with the nearby locals.
No. 67518 ID: b8d3e4
File 125608905894.gif - (10.98KB , 800x600 , 548.gif )

Well as long as I'm giving you the tour, you might as well see the antechamber. This is the only room left you haven't seen, I believe.

You'll notice two guard posts here, for... you know, when we eventually get some guards.
In emergencies, there is a trapdoor at the center of the room. Right now it just leads to a small holding room. Non-lethal, in case we need an interrogation.

Well, I think that wraps up the tour.
No. 67519 ID: bf1e7e


What's with the new tapestry?
No. 67520 ID: 9d07d9

We've been everywhere in the immediate area except Iniziare Citta. Perhaps there lies an opportunity there. I doubt they'd consider an "alliance" with us, but maybe we could find some magic artifacts, or even Mannikins. Odds are well and good, but we need some minions that can project power.
No. 67521 ID: 632862

Oh, nice M logo.
No. 67522 ID: 276781

Should we go check on Finesse, see if she's got anything new in the works, boss?
No. 67527 ID: b8d3e4
File 125608950385.gif - (8.63KB , 800x600 , 549.gif )

Oh yes, Finesse's room. I'll check in on her.

"Finesse, working on anything?"
>"Mechanisms, master. Like you asked.
>Why? Did you need me?"
No. 67528 ID: 3475b2

Indeed. She should have a more compelling outfit for us.
No. 67532 ID: 8b7db1

"Nah, just micromanaging you. It's what bosses do. Make sure whatever you are working on can work in purple, and make it three inches longer."
No. 67533 ID: 276781

"I was just checking to see how you're doing. You like the new layout of The Vault?"

What's she wearing, boss? Looks like she's got a skirt on from this perspective, but I can't tell.
No. 67534 ID: 632862

>Do you need me?

Heheheh. Double meanings.
No. 67535 ID: 3475b2

You don't think it's a bit overly ostentatious?
No. 67536 ID: e3f578

"No, just checking in on the state of things for the orb, possibly probing for information to determine the next step."
No. 67537 ID: 1d375b

Well things are looking good on the home front. We should work on expanding our territory now.

Oh did we ever make use of the Mimic or was that not compatible with the new portal system?
No. 67539 ID: b8d3e4
File 125608992681.gif - (8.68KB , 800x600 , 550.gif )

Oh yes, that's right! Kingly robes, of course! Purple is a royal color, and I want it to drape to the floor as is custom.
"Make sure whatever you are working on can work in purple, and make it three inches longer."
No. 67540 ID: c1b520

Boss, wth? I know your supposed to be the boss and all but treat your workers with a little respect, I mean they are working for you. I mean you could at least say please or something.
No. 67541 ID: de913c


...why is she looking guilty?
No. 67542 ID: 4f736e

Glad to see you're still a total lovable idiot, Muschio.
No. 67543 ID: e3f578

Say "PLEASE!" as loudly as possible for emphasis.
No. 67544 ID: f21281

Uh, might want to clarify that, boss. Innuendo senses tingling.

Also, seriously, why not try talking to Babrakus to get him to notice Tislomer? It would be a win win situation for you. Salamander Person + Kobold != Babies. Kobold + Kobold = Babies. Babies = free labor when they come of the appropriate age.

It's a bonus if 'bolds have litters. Which I think they do. It's a worthwhile investment.
No. 67546 ID: 5d5878

She's working on mechanisms. I don't think it matters if they're purple, and there may be problems if they're three inches longer.
No. 67548 ID: 8595ab

How do we switch to Finesse? Her thought can be rather amusing right now xD
No. 67550 ID: 4f736e

I think you'd better follow that up with an "Oh, MECHANISMS. I thought you said something else."
Then, of course, refuse to clarify what you thought she said, with a sheepish expression on your face.
No. 67552 ID: b8d3e4
File 125609050853.gif - (7.82KB , 800x600 , 551.gif )

...wait a minute, Finesse isn't a tailor. Why would she be making me any kind of clothing? She must think I'm out of my mind.

>"...Y-...yes, Master."

Hm. Well, nevermind. She seems to know what I'm talking about after all.
Well, glad that's settled.
No. 67555 ID: 3475b2

We'd have to take care of baby bolds for a long time first though.
No. 67556 ID: bd2eec

oh jesus now she's gonna get mad at us for spoiling it.
No. 67559 ID: 632862

How do you know that, exactly? Weird combinations of species sometimes work.

On the other hand... they're both kindof dragonkin, right?
No. 67561 ID: b8d3e4
File 125609120336.gif - (10.59KB , 800x600 , 552.gif )

WELL! I suppose that wraps that up.

To be honest, I finally feel like there's nothing that requires my immediate attention. I'm free to make plans. Perhaps business at Iniziare Citta would prove profitable. We need a blacksmith and some muscle, as well, since right now th-

...is that...?
... is someone knocking at the front door?
No. 67562 ID: c1b520

Well get it.
No. 67565 ID: 8b7db1

Answer it in your bathrobe.
No. 67567 ID: 8fbd06

That would ......... Why are they knocking..............

This could go either way. Answer door with sword drawn.
No. 67570 ID: 5a9e00

Have one of the minions answer. It would set a bad precident to answer ourselves.
No. 67571 ID: f21281

Knocking, rapping, pounding at your chamber door?
No. 67574 ID: de913c

Well? Go get it.
No. 67576 ID: e3f578

Answer with a "MMmmmmmmyyyeeeeeessss? Please do come in."
No. 67582 ID: b8d3e4
File 125609200881.gif - (11.47KB , 800x600 , 553.gif )

It's one of the guards from my new ally's tower.
>"Lord Muschio."
I don't think I'll ever tire of hearing that.
>"Commander Coriander sends this message for you, sir."

A note? For me? From the Commander?
No. 67583 ID: 276781

Thank her and invite her in for tea/to sit down?
Or does she have to be right on her way?

After all, she's an ally! We can be hospitable to allies, right?
No. 67584 ID: 43d730

Remember to thank him, then head inside for the message.
Offer him refreshments, or get a... You need a bitchboy, Muschio. Personal assistant, batman, something.
No. 67585 ID: 8fbd06

in b4 exploding runes
No. 67586 ID: 6faa8c

Thank her and ask how the Commander is doing.
No. 67587 ID: a3b36a

Awesome. Read it right there. It's from Commander Coriander, so you know it's legit.
No. 67588 ID: f21281

Thank her, offer a spot of tea. Then take the opportunity to find out what Coriander has been up to since your "Diplomatic Mission."
No. 67591 ID: 5d5878

Well don't just stand there! It'd be slander not to take a gander at the note from Commander Coriander Salamander.
No. 67592 ID: 632862

Why does she look so angry? I hope nothing bad happened.
No. 67593 ID: 5a9e00

Shoot Note
Read Messenger
No. 67596 ID: 9d07d9
File 125609245061.jpg - (31.20KB , 221x248 , ur a faget.jpg )

No. 67597 ID: f21281

She's an Orc. They're always disgruntled.

...or is she a Moblin?
No. 67602 ID: b8d3e4
File 125609299424.gif - (15.79KB , 800x600 , 554.gif )

The letter reads:

>Dear Lord Malto
>Know that it is only because you have proved yourself such a gentleman that I make this request of you so early in our alliance.
>My most trusted assistant, a delicate young woman named Arabella, has contracted Nymph’s Jinx, a dangerous and potentially life-threatening ailment as a result of a hermit’s curse. The only known cure is something that, with a staff comprised entirely of the female gender, I cannot supply. Though it sounds crass, only the physical act of lovemaking can save her life.
>This is a matter of utmost importance and I know that I can rely on you to act discreetly and with respect.
>I will be sending Arabella along soon. When she arrives, know that her recovery is in your hands.
>Your Ally in need,
>Commander Coriander Salamander
No. 67604 ID: 43d730

Goddamnit, second expulsion of tea from nostrils.
No. 67605 ID: 632862

No. 67606 ID: c1b520

No. 67607 ID: de913c


A nymphoid running around your place.

Could be fun. Talk to uh...


No. 67608 ID: 3ccb64


Run off, tell the minions to turn the throne room into a lover's suite. Immediately. We want candles burning and rose petals scattered by the time she arrives.
No. 67609 ID: e3f578

Nervously snicker. We're getting Babrakus laid tonight by two magnificent ladies. Unless you most certainly don't mind and don't think it will raise complications. But it really is never that easy, is it?
No. 67610 ID: 9d07d9

Hot damn.

... Ask if Finesse knows anything about this "Nymph's Jinx." You wouldn't want to catch something, now.
No. 67611 ID: 6faa8c

Saving women with PURE MANLY SEX. Right up your alley!
No. 67612 ID: 5a9e00

Ah. What a bother. Have one of the minions do it. Probably a trap.
No. 67613 ID: 3475b2

Well, it is a request from your ally, which you can indulge with minimal inconvenience. Looks like your course of action is pretty clear-cut.
No. 67614 ID: b8d3e4
File 125609341623.gif - (10.80KB , 800x600 , 555.gif )

Well, Nymph's Jinx IS a dangerous ailment. I've heard of it only in passing, but I've never witnessed a case in person.
I suppose it's my duty as a gentleman and a scholar to supply the cure to this poor young woman.

I wonder when she'll arrive!
No. 67615 ID: fb5d8e

Say that you understand and invite her to your room. Tell Finesse to hold all your appointments.
No. 67618 ID: b8d3e4
File 125609346014.gif - (11.23KB , 800x600 , 556.gif )

No. 67619 ID: 5d5878

Unless of course that's her before you right now. Then hot dickings may be a slight challenge.
No. 67621 ID: 632862

Um... ask if the messenger is Arabella.
No. 67622 ID: 9d07d9

No. 67623 ID: de913c



Invite her in then restrain her.

...She might like that enough not to kill you when you start yelling for help.
No. 67624 ID: f21281

...hey, you said you like women with generous curves.
No. 67625 ID: 20fc9f

You like curves, don't cha?
No. 67627 ID: 476456

Go ask finesse for advice
No. 67629 ID: 5a9e00

Oh no, she's already come down with a fit of coughing. Quickly, get her to a bed at once.
No. 67631 ID: 3475b2

You are obligated.
No. 67632 ID: 632862

So Boss, what exactly does Nymph's Jinx do?

Also I wonder if it would be disrespectful to mention that there's more than one male available here, and that she can choose.
No. 67635 ID: 4f736e

I believe this about as far as I can throw it. But invite her in after confirming her identity anyways.
No. 67636 ID: 4bb122


Well, for now let's just invite her in.
No. 67639 ID: 1afd58

Pork the Orc. She's curvy and soft and delicious!
No. 67640 ID: b8d3e4
File 125609394117.gif - (6.42KB , 800x600 , 557.gif )

No. 67641 ID: de913c


...Invite her in.

No. 67643 ID: 9d07d9

C'mon Muschio, Coriander's our most valuable ally and we can't lose her over something like this.
No. 67644 ID: 476456

No. 67645 ID: 632862

Keep it together, man!

Perhaps you should consult Babrakus.
No. 67646 ID: 276781

Boss, you said you like 'em big and round.
Also, her life's in danger. You can't turn her away, can you?

At least invite her in, it's not polite to keep her waiting outside.
No. 67647 ID: bd2eec

Just be on top if you are worried about her crushing you, ya big baby.
No. 67648 ID: a3b36a

Just remember, Muschio...

Fat bottomed girls make the rockin' world go 'round.
No. 67649 ID: f21281

No. 67650 ID: aba0a3

Do it.
No. 67660 ID: 3475b2

That would be crass. Especially considering the other male is a kobold. But more importantly, we should deal with it personally as a show of goodwill. It is a favor too our ally, of course.
No. 67661 ID: 4bb122


Be a gentleman!
No. 67662 ID: 4f736e

Heh heh. After this, you'll be BEGGING for a flat chested girl. ANYTHING to escape from the memories of round, folded flesh.
No. 67666 ID: 7ef24d

Sacrifices must be made from time to time in the course of establishing one's power. It must be done.
No. 67668 ID: 12fc66

She's actually quite attractive, you know.
Well, there's no need to be rude about it. Invite her in! Make her comfortable, light a few candles...
No. 67673 ID: 276781

But where ever will we find a flat-chested girl?

Maybe Finesse knows...
No. 67676 ID: c0f3bf

Lighten the awkwardness with a semantics question, ask her why she wrote that she'd send Arabella soon if she was going to send her to deliver the message.
No. 67679 ID: b8d3e4
File 125609466313.gif - (6.73KB , 800x600 , 558.gif )

"...won't you... please... come in."
No. 67686 ID: 1afd58

With all due respect, Lord Muschio, I think you'll be the one coming in.
No. 67692 ID: 3475b2

you know, we're not actually aware that this is the case. We should make sure.
No. 67748 ID: 43d730

I can't unsee the penis-note now.
No. 67868 ID: 8ce2bf

This looks like a tough job, boss. Maybe we should go get Babrakus to help us out.
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