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File 136736210613.png - (24.91KB , 700x700 , 1.png )
508227 No. 508227 ID: c4e5c2

Three Stripes wakes up but he doesn't move at all because everyone else is still asleep and that would be rude.

It has been about several sun cycles since Silent got Three Stripes out of his new old home and a lot more suns since Three Stripes got out of his old old home. The more Three Stripes moves the less he feels like he understands anything. But he is here now and he has had a lot of time to spend with his neumono friends that he still tries not to eat or control.

Which is weird because a few times a few strange neumono entered this area from somewhere and told Three Stripes he might have to control neumono. Three Stripes thinks? He doesn't understand that either, except that his friends did not like the strange neumono very much.
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No. 524897 ID: d38f67
File 137399750304.png - (18.58KB , 700x700 , 127.png )

Luka starts teaching them about new things and about things like something and adding and neumono history and things and Giant is not very interested but she is interested in having metal things and bubble things so she pays good attention and Luka is fine with that and that is good except that Three Stripes can't really keep up and he doesn't know what to do and Luka says that Three Stripes is allowed to do anything that isn't against the rules and Three Stripes is happy because Luka said that without being afraid or awkward at Three Stripes and Giant notices that and does not want Luka to get too comfortable around them and Luka notices that and is awkward again so that is

not really good Three Stripes thinks.
No. 524900 ID: c95833

Be nice, Giant! Fear isn't the same thing as respect.

She was afraid of us before because Three Stripes is a predator and you're big and scary. She stopping being afraid because she realized we're okay. But you don't need to keep her scared for her to still respect you. If you're not gonna hurt her, why should she be afraid?

I mean, she's never going to be a member of the gianthive, but she's a nice person, and she hasn't done anything bad, and she's showing you all this nice outside stuff. Doesn't that mean she's okay? Neumono can have friends or people they're nice to who aren't necessarily hivemates.
No. 524901 ID: bf54a8

draw a cicle, and another circle around it, you giant crown and the others of the hive are in the one circle, polo luka and other neumono are in the outer circle. they are friends, but giant is your hive.
No. 524902 ID: 57a559

Tell Luka that Giant just likes the idea of dominating her. It's nothing personal, Giant's just having fun with Luka's meek empathy. No offense meant.
No. 524904 ID: f5680f

Now Three Stripes, you must follow the wishes of your Queen, as a member of her hive. If she wants visitors to be intimidated and submissive then you need to accept that.

However, you should at least make sure you understand your Queen. Does she want to make sure visitors know they must be careful not to offend the hive? Does she want them to respect the hive?
No. 524906 ID: beeca1

No, we don't. We really don't.

This, without the meek bit.
No. 524927 ID: 735f4f

Tell Giant that its ok that she is protective of you and the rest of the hive because that's her job and its ok.

But its your job to make friends and help people so that our tribe can have more stuff and learn new things.

So let her know that you might make friends with all sorts of strange new people but Giant hive is your family now and you are doing this because you want your family to have nice things and be safe.
No. 525453 ID: d38f67
File 137420795673.png - (17.29KB , 700x700 , 128.png )

Three Stripes lets Modern know that Giant just wants to make sure that she is a guest here or something and then tells Giant that she is being fine but it is Three Stripes job he guesses to make a lot of friends it seems like and so she should be nice and Giant frowns at that but Three Stripes tries to make a circle in the floorground and draws Gianthive the closest to Three Stripes and people like Silent and Modern on an outer circle and Giant guesses it is okay but only slightly and she does not agree with Three Stripes but she will still tolerate Modern.

Modern starts teaching Gianthive about words and things and Three Stripes' brain is full and so he does not feel like he can be a part of this but he gets bored and lets others know and Luka says that if Three Stripes wants he can go explore where he is allowed to if he understands where he is allowed to.

Three Stripes thinks he understands something.
No. 525454 ID: a23afd

Sweet, exploring! Let's go poke around.
No. 525455 ID: c95833

We can probably learn more words as time goes on. I mean, you don't have to learn all the outsider words, but we could pick up enough to get by. I don't think your friends will care as much which words you use with them eventually, as they get used to outsider stuff.

I guess you could explore! You made it through those scary ruins by yourself almost without getting hurt, and this place seems a lot safer.

I wonder who you'll meet? If this is part of a big neumono town, you might meet other neumono, or the hives of some of your other friends, maybe!
No. 525456 ID: 735f4f

Exploring sounds fun. Just ask where to avoid and go take a look at things.
No. 525464 ID: a23afd

Well, we were already told what doors not to go through.
No. 525494 ID: 1cf691

Adventure time with Three stripes and Jral!

Grab Jral with you and find some neumono with worries or problems and try your best to help them out so Jral learns the value of hard work and joy of helping others and it will be great!
No. 525496 ID: 005d3f

We're going on an ADVENTUUURE!
No. 525515 ID: c2e50d

Er, well, Horn said what doors to not go into but I don't know which ones those are exactly, do you remember, Three Stripes?

I think... ok, I think doors that don't open you don't go through, and doors with big yellow and black shapes on them, and doors that have people in metal clothes standing by them, and doors where there are little spaces in the walls where people wait and talk to you when you go through the door. All the other doors should be fine. Right?

Maybe some of the other neumono that you've been helping are nearby. We could go visit.
No. 525519 ID: 4ac965

This might help him get back to normal.
No. 525597 ID: c95833

...wouldn't Jral be better off getting to normal if he's learning things with the other neumono rather than playing hooky with Three Stripes?
No. 525598 ID: 01531c

The Awkward Neumono needs to use one of those drawing tablet things to draw what door numbers or shapes we are supposed to avoid.
No. 525630 ID: c2e50d

Bring something to write with and something to write on and put them around your neck on some string so you'll have them to hand.
No. 525765 ID: d38f67
File 137434275251.png - (19.71KB , 700x700 , 129.png )

Three Stripes doesn't know where any flat drawing things are and doesn't want to disturb Gianthive so he goes anyways.

Three Stripes remembers yellow and black shapes and metal neumono a lot of the time when told where not to go so he will assume that that is where he is not supposed to go and he wanders around and the tunnels are always very straight or balanced or something and there are yellowblack rope things and that only makes Three Stripes curious where it goes to and then he keeps walking and then Three Stripes pokes a door and it opens and then Three Stripes sees Horn doing something with something.
No. 525767 ID: a23afd

Go and look at what he is doing! And look at his stuff.
No. 525769 ID: c95833

Hmm. You don't look like you'll fit though this door! And no giant or water around if you get stuck, so be careful.

Stick your head in and say hi, and see what horn's doing.

Are we picking up any interesting empathy out here, by the way? Anyone you know, or that you'd be interested in checking out?
No. 525806 ID: 735f4f

Hey its Horn. If you can fit in the door without getting stuck go give him a lick and see what he is doing.
No. 525910 ID: c23ab0

Make yourself comfortable on his keyboard.
No. 525912 ID: 2fc3e9

Don't forget to meow.
No. 525934 ID: d38f67
File 137437581713.png - (14.17KB , 700x700 , 130.png )

>Is there any empathy?
There is but they are all from metal neumono and they are not sure if they are comfortable with Three Stripes but they are not afraid of him either and they seem nice but do not seem to want to talk to Three Stripes much either so he doesn't.

The door is okay so Three Stripes goes and puts his head in front and tries to ask him what he is doing except Three Stripes can't speak horn and the thing Three Stripes is on feels all bumpy and stuff but it moves and it is weird and
No. 525935 ID: d38f67
File 137437584360.png - (14.17KB , 700x700 , 131.png )

and stuff on his metal picture box has a leak and stuff is appearing on the picture except the picture makes no sense and Three Stripes is very curious what Horn is doing to make it do that.
No. 525936 ID: 57a559

I want to honk horn's nose
No. 525939 ID: 5869f6

Nothing like a cat/predator/etc. To fuck up your work by lying on your keyboard eh?
No. 525941 ID: c95833

Aw, it's too bad you can't talk to horn! Maybe you should learn some words from Luca later. A few, at least.

>weird metal picture box
Lift your head up to get a better look at it, and then notice as the leak stops!

This picture box makes squiggles when you touch the bumpy things! That's why horn was touching them before! Poke the things to be sure.
No. 525942 ID: 735f4f

If you are having problems with your brain being full you should see if Horn can get you a metal picture thing you can hang around your neck to draw on.

Then when you don't have a translator you will be able to talk to people
No. 525944 ID: b92bfb

It's like my cat trying to get my attention so cute. Beckon your plea of something to do!
No. 525950 ID: 2fc3e9

Ask him what there is to do around here and if he has a map. Not as adorable, but more likely to get results.
No. 526020 ID: d38f67
File 137443011486.png - (18.46KB , 700x700 , 132.png )

Three Stripes lifts his head and notices the squiggles stop and then he pokes it and then another squiggle is made and


Three Stripes is learning a lot of things.
No. 526021 ID: d38f67
File 137443012113.png - (17.05KB , 700x700 , 133.png )

Three Stripes wants one of the picture things to draw on because before he could draw on the red grass but now he cannot and so he cannot show people what he wants and so right now he puts the picture box on his neck because he wants to wear it and tries to show himself drawing on it and horn maybe understands and gets up and Three Stripes follows and gets a picture box of his very own and he also finds his neck things and his special success hat and Three Stripes is dressed up very nicely and modernly and is in a good mood.

Three Stripes asks Horn to show him around and then Horn presses a button on his draw thing and then lines show up and horn tries to explain and Three Stripes doesn't understand and horn tries and Three Stripes still doesn't but then Three Stripes realizes that these lines are where Three Stripes is and these lines are where giant hive is and Three Stripes knows where he is and then Three Stripes asks horn what he can do around here and Horn asks what Three Stripes would like to do.
No. 526028 ID: c95833

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Careful Three Stripes! Don't break Horn's squiggle making thing!

Three ties for Three Stripes! It makes perfect sense.
No. 526083 ID: f595d3

Do the dance of joy!
In all seriousness, doing silly thinds like a happy dance now and then will make the Other neumono view you as less of a threat, allowing you and giant hive more freedom as they let their guard down.
It also means that, if things go bad and you have to fight, they'll underestimate you.
No. 526100 ID: 735f4f

You want to see new stuff and meet new people of course. He knows more about this place than we do.

Is there a main meeting place where there are lots of people around? We could go show off our stuff and make new friends.
No. 526101 ID: a23afd

What about a place to exercise?
No. 526152 ID: d38f67
File 137444561111.png - (12.82KB , 700x700 , 134.png )

Three Stripes starts to do a dance but then his clothes and things start shaking like they will fall off so he stops and asks horn is there are lots of people around and Horn says that there is but a lot of them don't know Three Stripes exists and Three Stripes says that is fine and horn thinks and says that is actually probably not fine and Three Stripes doesn't agree but Horn doesn't know what to say and Three Stripes won't try to push him so Three Stripes asks if there is a place to exercise and Horn says that he can always go to the red grass area and that is true.

Horn asks if Three Stripes would like to see those other neumono that will become one hive because Horn says that they thought about it and decided they will do it after all if Three Stripes will do it.
No. 526153 ID: a23afd

Alright, we'll do it if they're sure.
No. 526156 ID: c95833

>lots of neumono
>probably not fine
Yeah... you know how neumono are usually afraid the first time they see you? Even if they knew they were coming to see you?

A whole lot of neumono who didn't even know you were here being surprised and afraid at once might be a bad thing. There could be a panic! Someone could get hurt! ...like you, especially if any of them have metal things.

You should probably do a slower introduction. Meet people in smaller numbers, so they know you're okay, and then their hives know you're okay. That way you won't scare a bunch of people all at once when you go out in public.

>the four neumono into one hive
...if they're sure that's what they want, yes, Three Stripes will help them.

Hmm. Did we ever hear how the rogue we fixed was doing? I think he's the only person we helped we never heard back from. Maybe we offended their hive by offering to do it backwards?
No. 526167 ID: d38f67
File 137444746415.png - (12.21KB , 700x700 , 135.png )

Three Stripes asks what happened to the rogue that he supposedly fixed that he hasn't heard from since and Horn says that he is doing fine and that he is on a vacation with his entire hive in a celebration or something and that is good and Horn says that he knows that Three Stripes would like to see him so the not-rogue will see Three Stripes when he comes back and that is also good. Three Stripes then says that he will do the next task if the neumono are sure this time and isn't really sure how to convey that but he says yes and will find out if the neumono are sure this time and the neumono come and they are sure this time after all.

So Three Stripes gets to work and he spends hours on them because this is very difficult but Three Stripes has gotten very good at this so he is able to make progress and sure that it will be okay and Three Stripes is given a special room to do this in and it is comfy and it goes well.
No. 526168 ID: d38f67
File 137444747705.png - (17.91KB , 700x700 , 136.png )

Horn tells Three Stripes that there will be more tasks but for now Three Stripes has done very well so Horn will keep an eye on all the neumono Three Stripes has worked on and see how they do and so for now Three Stripes can just keep working on Jral to keep earning his place. Three Stripes uses a neumono for better communication and asks Horn if he did well and horn says yes and that is good.

Modern comes by and says that she will be back tomorrow and keep teaching the hive and Three Stripes asks why she is all fluffy still and Modern says that Gianthive said they were going to teach Modern and they taught her the games that Gianthive plays and they are kind of rough but Modern is in a good mood and that is good and Modern says gianthive was wondering where Three Stripes was and that they want to see him again because he was gone all evening.
No. 526172 ID: c95833

Gianthive played games with Luca? That's good! That means they're more accepting of her, even if they were being rough. You're happy about that.

Do back to see your friends. Tell them you went exploring, and you found Horn's room, and you helped some other neumono who wanted you to do things to their empathy.
No. 526173 ID: 735f4f

Looks like its time to head back home. You can tell them all about your adventure today and how you helped those other green neumono form there own hive.
No. 526177 ID: d38f67
File 137444938425.png - (16.04KB , 700x700 , 137.png )

Three Stripes thinks that he will be slowly introduced to other neumono since he doesn't want to scare too many at once which he never understands why he scares anyone but that is okay since they get used to him anyways. Three Stripes heads back to his home and he is pretty sure that it will be his new home and Giant says that they will make redgrass here and that is good because redgrass comforts Three Stripes in ways that he never comprehended or even realized until he met gianthive and so he tells them about his day and that he learned things and Giant says that everyone learned a lot of things and a lot was boring but a lot was interesting and that they will now have this room and its pillow.

Which everyone and Three Stripes piles on to go to bed and it is worth it because Three Stripes has no idea how something can feel so nice to neumono and Gianthive is in a great mood and Three Stripes is in the best mood and everything is good and everything will keep on being good.
No. 526180 ID: 735f4f

Take care of yourself Three stripes. Hopefully we will see you again someday.
No. 526187 ID: c95833

Yay! And then everything was the best forever.
No. 526196 ID: 5869f6

Take care Three Stripes, be good!
And be safe.
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