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File 136283798084.png - (43.34KB , 900x600 , 1.png )
499039 No. 499039 ID: b3ca75

>Create a new quest.
Creating a new quest thread…

Welcome Back.

Wiki and previous threads: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Pixel_Adventure_2
Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/56976.html
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No. 499040 ID: b3ca75
File 136283802040.png - (32.78KB , 900x600 , 2.png )

And thus, the legendary knight ascends the dark tower to finally end the threat of the evil witch Thanra and save the dam- um… Save the three damsels in distress!

:ThanraPIX: You’ll never stop me from becoming a god, knight! As soon as I sacrifice these three virgins I will be unstoppable!
:WaranPIX: Um… I like to point out that I’m not a virgin…
:DylonPIX: It’s quite obvious that I’m not.
:RenaultPIX: Err… well…
:ThanraPIX: Shut up, you!
:ClairePIX: Die Lizard. You don’t belong in this game!
:ThanraPIX: It was not by my hand I was once again given scales. I was brought here by lizards who wished to see my sweet tush!
:ClairePIX: Tribute!? You steal men’s souls, and make them your slaves!
:ThanraPIX: Perhaps the sa- wait, I didn’t even say tribute…
:ClairePIX: Your words are as empty as your soul! Mantiskind ill needs a savior such as you!
:ThanraPIX: What is a mantis? A miserable little insect… that’s… um… filled with secrets? But enough talk… Have at you!

Insert the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny!_
No. 499045 ID: 37aa84

Pull out the Holy water and spam item crash.
No. 499046 ID: d6ef5d

Well, at least this dream is a little less crazy than the others.

Super Mantis Magic Hadoken Blast!
No. 499051 ID: b3ca75
File 136284416212.png - (33.24KB , 900x600 , 3.png )

>Pull out the Holy water and spam item crash.
:ClairePIX: Hydro storm!
:ThanraPIX: Um… you do know you’re the only one who’s undead here, right?
:ClairePIX: Oh, right…

>Super Mantis Magic Hadoken Blast!
:ClairePIX: Can you step a few steps to my right? I don’t want to hurt the damsels.
:ThanraPIX: Of course, we don’t want to spoil the virgins, now do we?
:WaranPIX: Still not a virgin.
:ClairePIX: Charging the Massive Mega Mantis Magic Multiple Missile Massacre Hadoken!
:ThanraPIX: Don’t you mean the Kamehameha?
:ClairePIX: …Fuck you beam!
:ThanraPIX: Blarg! Now I am the dead!

And so our brave knight saved the local burger king once again! But what will she do with the three virgins?

Insert Does anyone wants some pound cake!?_
No. 499053 ID: 37aa84

You must make sure they are never used for virgin sacrifices ever! You don't need me to tell you how to save them from that fate.
No. 499057 ID: 53688c

Absolutely. If you leave them as they are now, they will surely just be sacrificed by the next villain who comes along.
You must save them not just from one, but from all future sacrifices.
No. 499058 ID: d6ef5d

Oh come on, I'm sure there's something you haven't done yet.

>anyone wants some pound cake!?
Yes. Yes they do. Pounding them will insure future safety from virgin sacrifices.
No. 499061 ID: c6319f

Nobody needs three virgins. Have them fight to the death so only the most powerful virgin is left.
No. 499065 ID: b3ca75
File 136284932921.png - (30.76KB , 900x600 , 4.png )

>Nobody needs three virgins. Have them fight to the death so only the most powerful virgin is left.
That’s a waste of good virgins. Besides, I’m going for at least ten virgin when this whole hero gig is up so I better start collecting them now.

>You must make sure they are never used for virgin sacrifices ever! You don't need me to tell you how to save them from that fate.
Yes of course! There’s only one way to be sure that they are never sacrificed again!
:WaranPIX: Um… Claire? What ar- AAH!

Claire consumes Warans soul!
Waran has been slain!
Claire gains 50xp!

No. 499066 ID: b3ca75
File 136284934192.png - (10.98KB , 900x600 , 5.png )

:ClairePIX: Pfgrrgt?
:RenaultPIX: ZzZz… What? For me… mmm… ZzZzZz…

Bluh, human hair in my mouth…

>So to make a turn undead ward we would probably want Life, Opposite, and either Protect or Strengthen.
Life, Opposite, strengthen for bolster undead. Life, Opposite, Protect for protection against necromantic magic. Now I just need to get the tools at school…

Insert Dawn of a new day_
No. 499068 ID: d6ef5d

No, bad Claire. You don't protect someone from virgin sacrifice by virgin sacrifice. I never thought I'd have to tell one of our charges this, but you're really not thinking perverted enough.

Bolster undead to oppose turn undead seems necessary. Do we need protection from necromancy though? Undead are usually immune to negative energy spells, and control undead usually only works on mindless undead. As a lich I would think you'd be immune?

I suppose something like that might be useful to ward our allies with one day, so we can throw around necromancy will less fear of their being hit in the crossfire.
No. 499069 ID: 76b151

Well that dream was fun until the end. Then it was just the tiresome same old thing. Anyway spit Renault out and lets get the day started!
No. 499070 ID: 37aa84

Huh I guess you did need me to tell you what I really meant. So about what time should we be expecting an inspection of the camp and to get our grade for this field test?
No. 499071 ID: b3ca75
File 136285114989.png - (40.74KB , 900x600 , 6.png )

>control undead usually only works on mindless undead. As a lich I would think you'd be immune?
I’m not immune, just very resistant. Though anything that can take control over me will have no problem ignoring anything I can enchant.
>So about what time should we be expecting an inspection of the camp and to get our grade for this field test?
Yes, teach should be coming any minute now.

>Anyway spit Renault out and lets get the day started!
:WaranPIX: Good morning, Claire. Sleep well?
:ClairePIX: Good enough. Anything happen will I slept?
:WaranPIX: Well, Thanra killed a Shambler on her shift, but that’s about it. It was dead quite under both mine and Thanros shift, though I thought I saw some lanterns in the woods just before sunrise.
:ClairePIX: How about Ren’s shift? …wait, wasn’t Renault supposed to have the last shift?
:WaranPIX: Oh, r-right… um… I forgot the time and… well… forgot to wake him up, t-that’s all…

Insert PIX_
No. 499073 ID: 76b151

He probably saw you mauling Renault and thought you were mauling him in a different manner.

Anyway. Since Renault didn't take a shift that means hes obligated to do the smelliest, dirtiest part of cleanup while you pack up camp. Lets get everyone up, have breakfast and start prepping to leave.
No. 499074 ID: 37aa84

Go rouse Ren out of his bed and do some last minute checks of camp before the inspector shows up and finds some minute thing to rag on you guys about.
No. 499085 ID: b3ca75
File 136285416192.png - (46.68KB , 900x600 , 7.png )

>He probably saw you mauling Renault and thought you were mauling him in a different manner.
I-I wasn’t mauling him, okay? Not it those two manners anyway. I-I just turned over on him w-while I slept.
>Go rouse Ren out of his bed and do some last minute checks of camp before the inspector shows up and finds some minute thing to rag on you guys about.
:ClairePIX: Is everything ready? Anything that we’ve forgotten?
:ThanraPIX: It’s already too late, I think teach is coming right now.
:WaranPIX: Um… last time I checked teach wasn’t three people or clad in imperial blue…
:ImperialPIX: This forest now belongs to the empire! We know you have the Vessel! Hand it over now and die!
:RenaultPIX: *Yawn* mmm, good morning… wait, why is my hair wet?

No. 499090 ID: d6ef5d

Use the imperial safe word, explain you've already met with what's his face, and they determined you didn't have no vessel, sorry.

You can even search us if you want. All we have on us is camping and basic adventuring gear.
No. 499091 ID: 9ddf68

Don't think that will do jack at this point. anyways tell them your with the school and your just here collecting some flowers for some contract you were given. Also tell Renault that the empire is here. Basically just try and stall them a bit so you can get your weapons so if this does turn into a fight your ready. (good thing you know unarmed combat encase you can't get to your weapons)
No. 499092 ID: 76b151

You know what would be funny? The talking book actually being the vessal.
No. 499094 ID: 37aa84

Look we already took the blood test and found out we aren't the vessel go check with Dylon if you don't believe us.
No. 499099 ID: b3ca75
File 136285612104.png - (47.01KB , 900x600 , 8.png )

>Use the imperial safe word.
:ClairePIX: Learn, adapt, evolve! I’ve already meet with lord Dylon an-
:ImperialPIX: Dylon!? That traitor will be flayed like he deserve! We serve High Overlord Folken and you insects will hand over the vessel now!
:WaranPIX: What vessel? We are just here for a contract about flowers. We didn’t take anything from the mage study, I promise.
:ThanraPIX: Yeah, and you can’t just attack us. We’re adventuring guild!
:ImperialPIX: But we didn’t kill you, the zombies did. How sad really, some inexperienced adventures with such dreams, just for them to die to some shamblers. Now, enough talk, prepare to-

Claire decapitates Corporal for 44 (Critical!)(Surprise!) damage!
Corporal has been slain!

:ThanrosPIX: …shit.

Insert And so she invented golf_
No. 499102 ID: 76b151

Well, good job Claire. A tad ruthless but they were going to kill you.

You're the closest and the Archer is the most likely to succeed if they attempt to run. Bumrush him. Let Renault and Thanros deal with the polearm. If they can't reak through his gaurd after dealing with the Archer attack him from behind.
No. 499103 ID: d6ef5d

Shove the corpse into the axelizard, while diving SE to cleave the bowman's bow in twain, leaving him unarmed and helpless. They you're free to kill or disable him as necessary, or assist Renny in taking out the one with the axe as he or she disentangles themself.

Fight will probably be over before Thanra can close to range, or Thanros can take an attack of opportunity with his bow.
No. 499106 ID: 37aa84

Capture one of them alive you'll need his confession to prove they broke neutrality first by threatening to kill you.
No. 499108 ID: 9ddf68

give the ax-lizard a glancing blow to trip him up a bet and then take down the archer then focus again on the ax-lizard
No. 499113 ID: b3ca75
File 136286043260.png - (48.76KB , 900x600 , 9.png )

>cleave the bowman's bow in twain
>give the ax-lizard a glancing blow to trip him up a bet and then take down the archer then focus again on the ax-lizard

Claire successfully trips ax-lizard!
Claire destroy archer 1 bow!
Renault axes the ax-lizard a question for 12 damage (Torso)!
Ax-lizard flinches!
Thanros attacks archer 1 for 22(crit) damage(Head)!
Archer 1 is slain!
Wizard decloaks!
Archer 2 attacks Claire for 12 damage(Torso)!
Archer 3 attacks Thanros (Thanra intervenes)!

:ClairePIX: OW! Son of an Eaggran!
No. 499114 ID: 76b151

Oh fuck! A mage!

Thanros has a bow, get him to shoot the mage. Advance towards the mage. Use your claws to parry arrows.
No. 499115 ID: d6ef5d

So... we're passively absorbing the life force of these scrubs getting killed around us, right?

Hey, mages aren't supposed to exist anymore! Cheaters!

Throw the disabled archer at the other archer in front of you. Jump at the mage, and stab him or her right through the glowing ball, and cast energy and/or life drain (disrupting the enemy's casting, and healing yourself).
No. 499122 ID: 76b151

You know... that ball he has kinda looks like the magic well we just ate. I wonder if we could eat that one too.
No. 499123 ID: 9ddf68

well crap
if that wizard cast some kind of spell at you try and throw one of his allies into the path so it hits him instead, than take him out before he can cast again. and if you can try and hit one of the archers as you go by them to get the wizard, maybe slash at their throats
No. 499128 ID: c6319f

I would say grab the dead archer next to you and use it as a meat shield while charging the enemy formation. Try to disrupt the wizard's casting if it tries anything fancy, and disarm the archer like you did the last one.
No. 499133 ID: b3ca75
File 136286575972.png - (47.38KB , 900x600 , 10.png )

>Hey, mages aren't supposed to exist anymore! Cheaters!
They exist, they are just very rare. It’s probably because a majority of them gets eaten by pizza elementals within a year. Besides, I’m technically a mage. Necromancy is magic, after all.

>Thanros has a bow, get him to shoot the mage.
>Throw the dead archer at the other archer in front of you.

Claire throws archer 1 at archer 2!
Archer 2 bow is destroyed! Archer 2 is knocked prone!
Renault cast axe to the head on archer 3 for 18 damage(Head)!
Archer 3 is panicking!
Renault cast lay on hands on Claire for 10 healing! Renault takes 3 damage backlash!
Thanra attacks Ax-lizard for 15 damage(Throat)!
Ax-lizard has been slain!
Thanros attacks Wizard(Shield)!
Wizard Charges!

Insert charging mah lazer_
No. 499135 ID: 76b151

I think we're the best bet against the mage. Go for an overhand blow with your scythes then kick his legs out when she shields. (pretty sure its a she, shes pretty big.

Wonder where Warren is.
No. 499138 ID: d6ef5d

Go for the mage. Scythes and/or energy drain. It'll fuck his or her spell, and feed you. Also, if his or her magic appears to backfire because you attacked him or her, the others likely won't notice you used a spell of your own.

>I'm technically a mage
Yes, but you're special. You're a lich, infested with the voices of magic, chosen of a physical god, and almost certainly connected to the vessel. This one's just a cheating poser.
No. 499140 ID: 99d5e3

know what wizards hate? wrestling.
get in there and tie her in a knot.
No. 499141 ID: f2c20c

Get in there and back Thanra up. Two against one should work even if the one is a mage.

Don't use necromantic power unless nobody will be able to tell what you did.
No. 499143 ID: 782175

Do whatever you can to stop that Mage from casting whatever it is he's casting as I'm sure it will ruin everyone's day if you let him cast it. If you can't stop him from casting it then see if you can get one of the two surveying archers to be you meat shield by grabbing one
No. 499144 ID: 782175

Do whatever you can to stop that Mage from casting whatever it is he's casting as I'm sure it will ruin everyone's day if you let him cast it. If you can't stop him from casting it then see if you can get one of the two surveying archers to be you meat shield by grabbing one
No. 499148 ID: b3ca75
File 136286900293.png - (48.70KB , 900x600 , 11.png )

>Wonder where Warren is.
If his smart, then somewhere safe.
>Get in there and back Thanra up. Two against one should work even if the one is a mage.
:ThanraPIX: Charge!
:ClairePIX: Charge!
:RenaultPIX: No, wait! Get out of the way!

Wizard cast thunder!
Claire takes 14 damage and is knocked prone!
Thanra takes 14 damage and is dizzy!

:ImperialPIX: HAHAHA! Bow before ZOD!
No. 499149 ID: b3ca75
File 136286902545.png - (45.06KB , 900x600 , 12.png )

Arya cast big fucking boulder on wizard for 93 damage(Everything)!
Wizard is a wet speck on the ground!

:AryaPIX: What in the name of all the gods is going on here?
:ThanraPIX: Ooooh… did someone catch the number of that donkey cart?

Insert like a bug_
No. 499157 ID: f2c20c

Explain that the empire thinks you're the Vessel and attacked to try and capture you.

Then ask why she's out here.
No. 499161 ID: 37aa84

The empire declared that they now owned the woods, told us to hand over some vessel, and said they were going to kill us and blame it on shamblers. They also mentioned working for High Overlord Folken.

She's here to inspect our camp site and make sure we completed the contract in the alloted time.
No. 499163 ID: d6ef5d

...hey, Arya, you're a mage?

>What in the name of all the gods is going on here?
Empire goons tried to kill us. They were gonna blame it on zombies.
No. 499166 ID: b3ca75
File 136287379543.png - (42.57KB , 900x600 , 13.png )

:ClairePIX: Um… A group of imperial soldiers came and declared that they now owned the woods, told us to hand over some kind of vessel and said that they would make it look like the shamblers killed us on the order from someone called High Overlord Folken.
:AryaPIX: …hmm, If they are this bold then this vessel must be really important to them…
:ClairePIX: By the way, are you a mage? I mean, that rock…
:AryaPIX: Hmm? What? Of course I’m not a mage. I’m a high level warrior; I know how to use my life essence to make myself stronger. Now quickly, let’s get back to school. They wouldn’t dare attack us there.
:ThanraPIX: Why not?
:AryaPIX: You are some of the most inexperienced of us and yet you slaughtered a group of them. We are protagonist, they are mooks. What do you think happens when an army of protagonists go to war against an army of mooks? Now, get a move on! Burn the bodies, then pack up the camp!
:RenaultPIX: Claire? Um… it was you they were after weren’t they? Want to explain what’s going on? I can’t help if I’m in the dark, you know.
:WaranPIX: You do kind of own us all an explanation…

Insert White warrior need food badly_
No. 499169 ID: 76b151

Alright might as well come clean about the vessal. Its the source of all magic. Imagine what you could do with such power. Enough magic to reshape the world in your own image if you wanted. Doesn't actually work like that but you know how the power hungry are

Now you see why the Empire wants it I bet.

Its presence is indicated by the Voices of the Many.

Thats us! HI!

Claire was handed us by Lizbeth; who you know as the ageless one. So the empire is now after Claire. Dylon has already determined that Claire is in fact not the vessal but Unfortuantely Folken apparently doesn't believe him. An old rivalry I bet.
No. 499171 ID: 2c8bbe

Do this but simplify it a bit
No. 499174 ID: d6ef5d

>What do you think happens when an army of protagonists go to war against an army of mooks?
There's lots of ways the mooks can win though. Sheer numbers, for one. Or pulling a Kefka and poisoning the water or something. The superior troops are not guaranteed safety, or victory.


Hello! They're after Claire because she can hear US. We're special, and the empire wants us.

What's really weird is they're trying to get us by force now when we tried playing nice with them before when Claire went and met with them.
No. 499178 ID: f2c20c

Tell them that they think you're the Vessel because the voices attached to the Vessel are focused on you for the most part. Renault can back you up on this. Yet, you are NOT the Vessel. That blood test the Empire did on you proved it. Someone else is the Vessel and the voices are ignoring them.

Probably to keep the true Vessel secret, and away from the Empire.

Oh by the way the school's already on fire. We should probably not go there.
No. 499187 ID: b3ca75
File 136287855049.png - (42.51KB , 900x600 , 14.png )


:ClairePIX: Well… um… you see... The thing they were looking for, the vessel, is the source of all magic. Its presence is indicated by the voices of the one of many, which is in my head. Ren can back me up on that.
:RenaultPIX: It’s true, she got voices in her head.
:ClairePIX: Parts of the Empire thinks I’m the vessel because of this, and thus want to catch me. Problem is, I’m not the vessel.
:WaranPIX: Okay…
:ThanraPIX: I’m not sure what to think about that…
:RenaultPIX: Don’t worry, I won’t let them take you!

:AryaPIX: What are you doing? You’re supposed to pack up the camp!
:ClairePIX: Are you sure going back to the school is such a good idea? Isn’t it already on fire?
:AryaPIX: How did you…? Never mind, the school isn’t on fire, the local church is. And I’ve gotten reports that they have shot down one of their own flying castles for some reason…
:ThanraPIX: um… are you sure it’s safe to ride the carriage back home? We have to pass the town on the way and…
:AryaPIX: You’re right! I wasn’t going to give you these yet, but here…

[You gained a teleport stone!]

:AryaPIX: They are made to teleport you to your dorm from anywhere. Let me show you!
:ClairePIX: No, Wa-
No. 499188 ID: b3ca75
File 136287856108.png - (31.33KB , 900x600 , 15.png )

:ClairePIX: -it a second!
:DylonPIX: AAAH!
:ThanraPIX: AAH!

Dylon is at critical health!

Insert –port_
No. 499189 ID: d6ef5d

...godsdangit, we got an injured imperial crawling to us for mercy. Where's our medic? Waran!
No. 499190 ID: 76b151

Dylon why would you think the suspected Vessel's room would be a safe place to hide from your crazy brother?

Thanra could you go get Warren? Crazy as it sounds this guy is probably on our side.

Claire apply pressure to the various wounds with the sheets. That should help him not bleed out.
No. 499193 ID: f2c20c

Help him out of the armor around his wound so that Waran will have room to work. Or Renault? I don't know.

Thanra should definitely try to sneak out and find a medic.
No. 499200 ID: 42f90a

Holly shit what happened to you? If its clear that he isn't trying to kill/trick us have thana go get waran ( if the halls aren't full of empierals ) if dayon or whatever his name is try's and calls you a lich quickly grab his mouth and tell thana that he seems to have lost a lot of blood and she should hurry in getting waran. After she leaves tell dalyon you will help him as long as you keep that little secret between the two of you
No. 499206 ID: 37aa84

Ok, everyone stop screaming for a minute. Thanra this is Dylon, Dylon, Thanra. Now that that's out of the way Dylon if you would kindly explain exactly what's going down and how screwed we are while Thanra fetches Waran we can figure out what to do next.
No. 499261 ID: d6ef5d

Oh hey, we're back at school, right? That means we can do some enchantment later!

>Life, Opposite, strengthen
Bolster undead. We need this for ourself. Make an amulet or something.

>Life, Opposite, Protect
rN. Possibly useful for our allies later, so we can throw around negative energy spells without risking them.

>Steel, Infusion, fire/ice/earth/life
Probably could be used to enchant our claws with an element for extra damage. (Life would probably make a holy weapon and not a healing shiv, I think. Not that I'm sure that's a good choice for a lich).

>Steel, Strengthen, Protect
Supper strong unbreakable scythe claws?
No. 499274 ID: e3aff6

Remember to have someone clear up that blood trail once the rest of the group gets here.
No. 499297 ID: b3ca75
File 136292096239.png - (29.05KB , 900x600 , 16.png )

:ClairePIX: Thanra, go get Waran!
:ThanraPIX: But-
:ClairePIX: Now!
:ThanraPIX: I’m on it.

:ClairePIX: What are you doing here!?
:DylonPIX: Oh, you know… got in a little bit of a disagreement with my brother, got mortally wounded, fled, ran out of energy on my cloaking enchantment and this was the nearest place I know where I should bleed to death without getting killed on sight…
:ClairePIX: Disagreement?
:DylonPIX: Pardon my language, lady, but he’s been kind of an asshole ever since his arranged marriage went bust. I think it was something about zombies and the bride running away or something. Either way, he’s even crazier now and attacked me when I dared to suggest that we don’t dissect you or burn down the town with all the “infidels”. He also marked me as a traitor, though I have to say I’ve always liked the title of rogue. It’s… quite charming, don’t you think?
:ClairePIX: …by the way, if you dare spill the little secret about me to the others…
:DylonPIX: …The one where you have voices in your head or the one where you’re not the vessel? Or maybe you mean the one where you’re undressing me, though to confess I would rather have had that happen under better circumstances. Oh, and sorry for the sheets…
:ClairePIX: I’m removing your armor so our medic can work on you.
:DylonPIX: Oh… of course. Well, there went the hopes of one last romp before I move on…

>Steel, Infusion, fire/ice/earth/life
Actually, it would be <Element>, infusion to enchant a weapon. Or <Element>, opposite, infusion if you want something like necromantic.
>Steel, Strengthen, Protect
Steel, Strengthen would make the claws harder but a lot more brittle, something that would be very bad. Steel, Protect would make them as resistant against physical attacks as steel is, but as they already are steel it’s kind of redundant.

Insert Redundant redundancy_
No. 499298 ID: 37aa84

Would Steel Protect affect the flexibility if we enchanted it on leather armor for Waren and Thanros? As for Dylon give him a slap and tell him he is not dying until he helps us get this thing with his brother cleaned up.
No. 499300 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, we don't have to use a full three with each enchantment? Interesting.

Now come on, you're not dying today, idiot.
No. 499303 ID: b3ca75
File 136293746516.png - (31.55KB , 900x600 , 17.png )

>Would Steel Protect affect the flexibility if we enchanted it on leather armor for Waren and Thanros?
As far as I know it won’t. I should be able to enchant a piece of cloth with it and it would still behave like a piece of cloth, except it would take the same force to pierce it as it would to pierce steel. The only downside is that people can only have so many enchantments on them before it start to drain their life essence like a fat guy with a milkshake.

:DylonPIX: The wheel goes around and around…
:ClairePIX: Snap out of it! You’re not going to die today, idiot!
:DylonPIX: I’m sssorry missstress but I can alreaaaaady seeeee an angel… hehehe…
:WaranPIX: I’d appreciate it if you didn’t slap the patient, Claire.
:RenaultPIX: Someone have really stirred the hornet nest. There are guild guards everywhere out there! It’s really giving Thanra and Thanros a hard time cleaning up the blood discreetly.
:WaranPIX: Hmm… this is going to be tough one… Ren, I’m going to need some lay on hands on the worst parts… Claire, keep him talking. If he goes unconscious now… well… keep him awake without slapping him, okay?

Insert Keep him talking, we’ve almost traced the call_
No. 499306 ID: 9ddf68

hey Claire I know I'm a little late with this one but were you ever put into an arranged marriage before you ran away.
Anyways see if you can just get him talking about anything and everything, what his favoret books are, what were his dreams as a child and what are his dreams now and if they changed at all why did they change. Uh how did he rise throw the ranks of the army just how big of an asshole his brother is how big is his army how many siblings does he have and what is the likely hood that they will be coming for our head as well. Anything you can think of really just keep him talking.
No. 499314 ID: 37aa84

If you do that 'Oi Folken' thing at him again in his delirious state he may mistake you for the empress, passing out in front of the Empress is probably frowned upon so it may keep him awake for a short while longer.
No. 499320 ID: b3ca75
File 136294392594.png - (35.39KB , 900x600 , 18.png )

>hey Claire I know I'm a little late with this one but were you ever put into an arranged marriage before you ran away?

>do that 'Oi Folken' thing at him again.
:ClairePIX: ‘Oi Folken! Found the vessel yet?
:DylonPIX: Empress!? N-no, mother, not y-yet… please don’t bitch slap me!
:ClairePIX: ...how would that be a punishment, Folken? I know you like it. Find the vessel and I might consider bitch slapping you as a reward.
:DylonPIX: T-thank you, empress!
:ClairePIX: Now, I have some really important information, Folken, and I need to make sure it’s really you I’m talking to. How did you achieve your rank?
:DylonPIX: I minimized the civilian casualties when we invaded Al’quarc…
:ClairePIX: What is your dream?
:DylonPIX: To a-aid the weak… to end all wars… to marry…
:ClairePIX: What is your favorite book?
:DylonPIX: C-confessions of a paladin…
:WaranPIX: Hey, that’s my favorite too!
:ClairePIX: Um… how many siblings do you have, how big an asshole is Dy- Folken, how big is his army and will he come after me here?
:DylonPIX: 42… 34 brothers… 8 sisters. I once saw folken h-head butt a pregnant human into a coma f-for fun… his army is ten thousand strong… He don’t dare attack you in the school… ugh…
:WaranPIX: He’s stable. Now, would you care to explain why we just saved a high ranking imperial?

Insert What is the airspeed velocity of an unleaded swallow?_
No. 499322 ID: 76b151

Folken is an asshole? Dylon can also help us not get shanked and dissected. You heard him, he's a generally nice guy.

What we really need to know is how to get Dylon back into power.
No. 499323 ID: d6ef5d

Because he just got overthrown by his asshole brother. And I kind of prefer the "minimal causalities", "end war" and "talk to your enemies" high ranking imperial to the kill 'em all bloodthirsty asshole.

And heck, he came to us when he was dying. That makes him a patient, prisoner, and/or defector, not an enemy.
No. 499325 ID: 9ddf68

do you really think I would let a high ranking imperial bleed to death in my room, or anyone for that matter. That and he can give us an idea on what we're up against, kinda like he just did. Plus it would be a real bitch move to let someone die or flat out kill them when they're helpless like this.

And on a side not I'm going to take your silence about the marriage thing as a yes, and with that being the case just how high is Folken on your avoid list.
No. 499328 ID: 9f5b78

Well, would you rather a high-ranking imperial bleed out in our room and thus make it look like we're responsible for his death?
No. 499331 ID: 37aa84

It may be easier to upset Folken's power base here and allow Dylon to retake power so he can begin negotiations for a cease fire rather than just try to force the Imperials to retreat. For now we should turn Dylon over to the school so they can figure out the best way to handle the situation.
No. 499333 ID: f2c20c

He's been branded as a traitor by Folken, who wants to kill us. He's the enemy of our enemy.

Plus, he's an okay guy. Seriously.
No. 499334 ID: b3ca75
File 136294784597.png - (31.31KB , 900x600 , 19.png )

>just how high is Folken on your avoid list.
Well, as he wants to dissect me he’s somewhere up there with the pizza elementals. You know, the “Avoid at all cost” category.

:ClairePIX: What? You mean that we should have just have let him die?
:WaranPIX: I mean why is he here and why is he dying.
:ClairePIX: Because he was overthrow by his crazy brother and I’m apparently the only one he trusts right now. Besides he’s kind of a nice guy and wants to help me not getting dissected. Hell, I probably want to try getting this guy back into power. Rather have a diplomat than a psycho as a commander of imperial army.
:WaranPIX: Hmm, then we need to hide him. Both from the empire and the guild… If we can just change his armor I think he’ll pass for an adventurer. But where is he supposed to stay?
:RenaultPIX: He can take my bed. I’ll just get a sleeping bag and sleep on the floor, no problem.
:ClairePIX: Wait, why are we hiding him from the guild?
:WaranPIX: They’ll just kill him for trespassing and hide the body. They seem a little bit on edge right now, you know.
:ThanraPIX: Guys, We just meet Arya in the corridor. She said the school is on lockdown and we aren’t allowed to go outside the school, to the front gate, the main staircase or the fourth floor. They are trying to separate us from the imperials as best they can it seems. Oh, and we got school as usual tomorrow.
:ThanrosPIX: And we’re supposed to turn in any imperial spies for immediate execution.
:RenaultPIX: What!? I swear we’ll have classes even when Armageddon hits!
:WaranPIX: Well, at least we are free for the evening, eh?
No. 499335 ID: b3ca75
File 136294788172.png - (32.97KB , 900x600 , 20.png )

Current Status:
Melee - Cl’k scythes
Magic – Energy Drain (Touch), Raise dead (Touch), Drain life (Touch)
Passive – Detection Protection

Skill: Enchanting (Novice)
Runes: Fire, Ice, Earth, Life, Steel, Strengthen, Protect, Infusion, Opposite.
Maximum rune count: 3 Minimum: 1

Level 2
HP: 45/45
Magic item slots: 2
Necromantic Power: Extremely Good
Humanity: Average
Cheeses: Nonexistent

Current relationships:
Thanra: Friend.
Thanros: Friend.
Waran: Interested.
Renault: Crush.
Dylon: Interested.
Folken: Hate with the intensity of a thousand suns!
Arya: Pupil
Dean: Pupil
Blackadder: Hostile
King Arthur: The Holy Grail.

:ClairePIX: Wait, wasn’t this thing supposed to be posted in the last thread?

Insert bite me_
No. 499343 ID: d6ef5d

Alright, if we have time, I think we want to sneak off and use the school's shop to make ourselves a bolster undead accessory so we don't become collateral paladin damage again.

What's the distinction between energy drain and drain life anyways?
No. 499345 ID: 76b151

I believe Energy Drain allows us to eat magic, while Life Drain allows us to eat lifeforce.
No. 499348 ID: fcd183

Think you might find you phylactory while you're here since we all think it is in the school
No. 499350 ID: f2c20c

Looks like we get to choose who you spend the evening with.

...ohhh, I get why you're always beating up Thanra in your dreams. She's the only female around that might be competing with you in the romance department. It's an instinctual thing.

We could hang out with her for a bit? Or Dylon? Somebody's gotta watch over Dylon. Unless Waran is just THAT GOOD? Ask him if he is THAT GOOD. Then again you should probably have someone at least keep him company. Maybe we can get him to tell us a plot summary of That Book.
No. 499359 ID: f2c20c

Oh wait, yeah, going to make some enchantments is a good idea. We should do that now.

We're set on Bolster Undead worn by you, and... Protection vs Necromancy would probably be good too in the long run since we're going to fight a necromancer. I want to talk about other stuff though.

What would Infusion Life do, when worn by you? Or its Opposite? I'd kinda like for something like, infusing your blades with fire but that that wouldn't be very low-profile. How would we explain where you got magic weapons? Oh, what about Strengthen Infusion? +Strength? Or Steel, Protect as a bodily enchantment for protection vs steel? It would be like extra armor against most weapons. Or you could just put it on your actual armor.
No. 499445 ID: b3ca75
File 136298453587.png - (30.96KB , 900x600 , 21.png )

>What's the distinction between energy drain and drain life anyways?
Energy drains life essence and gives me necromantic power. Life drains blood to heal my wounds.
>Think you might find you phylactery while you're here since we all think it is in the school?
If you guys know where to look, then sure, I guess…

>Somebody's gotta watch over Dylon. Unless Waran is just THAT GOOD? Ask him if he is THAT GOOD.
:ClairePIX: Hey, Waran, Doesn’t anyone need to watch over Dylon or are you just that good?
:WaranPIX: If you want to watch him sleep be my guest. And no, I’m not that good; it’s the alchemical compounds that are that good. He’ll only need some rest and liquid and he’ll be fine.

> make some enchantments
:ClairePIX: Do we have any enchantment workshop?
:WaranPIX: Sure, on the third floor. I can take you there if you want. I’m going to the alchemy lab to brew some new healing salves anyway. They should have all the tools you need and they usually have a lot of iron rings up there for training purpose that you can use if you want.

[Claire creates Bolster Undead antenna decoration! Claire creates Resist Necro iron ring!]

>Infusion Life.
>Or its Opposite?
Necromantic damage.
>Infusing fire.
Fire damage, though it only starts burning when you hit something.
>Strengthen Infusion?
>Steel, Protect?
Makes something just as resistant against physical attacks as steel.

>How would we explain where you got magic weapons?
Um… say that I’m an enchanter? I’m not the only one who can enchant stuff, you know.
Now, should I enchant some more or go hang out with someone else?

Insert enchanting enduring enchantment for enchanting endurance_
No. 499457 ID: d6ef5d

So... if we equip that anti-necromancy ring, are there things that actually protects us from being undead doesn't already? (Maybe control undead, or dispel undead?).

>more enchantment?
I dunno, infuse your claws with +str for more rip and tear? I'm reluctant to infuse the claws with negative energy (too many ways that could go wrong, and it wouldn't hurt any undead we would face) or positive energy (great versus zombies, but as wonder woman taught us time and time again, it's stupid to carry a weapon that's your own weakness). And elemental rock paper scissors isn't a game to play with your main melee weapon.

Although, does an enchanted weapon fill a magic item slot? Or are those just for accessories?
No. 499468 ID: f2c20c

I like either enchanting your weapons with bonus strength, or your clothing to make them strong as steel. More layers of protection = better. Plus, there's something to be said for effectively wearing armor even when in casual wear.
No. 499485 ID: 37aa84

Fire + peot? What is the peot rune or is someone just messing around on the board?
No. 499488 ID: 001618

think you could make a enchantment that will help you to find our phylactery or not at your current level. Other wise Maybe go back to your room and see if Thanra is there and if not learn a little more from the necromancy book.
No. 499501 ID: b3ca75
File 136301571084.png - (29.10KB , 900x600 , 22.png )

>If we equip that anti-necromancy ring, are there things that actually protects us from being undead doesn't already?
As my body is still technically living I’m still affected by anything necromantic that would rend flesh. The positive side of this is that I don’t have the same weakness to positive energy as the undead, as long as it doesn’t affect my mind. That’s why Renault can heal me or smite me without any negative consequences but I was still weak against his turning.
>Fire + peot? What is the peot rune or is someone just messing around on the board?
I… don’t actually know. It could be an abridged word, like how opposite becomes opit, or maybe someone misspelled prot for protection, but who would do that?

>Although, does an enchanted weapon fill a magic item slot? Or are those just for accessories?
Item slot is basically how many items I can have active before they start draining me my necromantic power, which me being a lich would mean death. So, yes, weapons still takes up slots.
>think you could make an enchantment that will help you to find our phylactery?
…I have no idea how such an enchantment would look like, at all… maybe I should ask the dean about that…
>I like either enchanting your weapons with bonus strength, or your clothing to make them strong as steel.
[Claire creates +Str scythes! Claire creates +Steel clothings]
Well, I can’t have all three items on at the same time, but I can activate / de activate the runes on them in just a few minutes. I’ll use the steel clothes and bolster undead for the time being.

>go back to your room and see if Thanra is there.
No Thanra here…
:DylonPIX: Well, I’m used to wake up in a lady’s bed but I have to confess, it’s the first time that I wake up alone…

Insert wake me up when we’re there_
No. 499505 ID: d6ef5d

Haha, jerk. Feeling a little more lucid, I see?
No. 499506 ID: 37aa84

If he's well enough to make wise cracks then he's well enough to be off Waran's no slapping the patient policy so he should watch those mandibles. Now that he's awake does he know any way to fix this Folken situation, we'd prefer not to be trapped in the school for the next few weeks if possible.
No. 499519 ID: b3ca75
File 136302287827.png - (28.49KB , 900x600 , 23.png )

:ClairePIX: This is for the that wise crack.
:DylonPIX: Ow! I-I guess I deserved that…
:ClairePIX: And this is for scaring me, idiot!
:DylonPIX: Ow! Fine, fine, I’ll ask for permission the next time I’m planning to die.
:ClairePIX: Now, what do we do about Folken?
:DylonPIX: We simple have to dispose off him and anyone still loyal to him afterwards. It’s more a question of how, which isn’t something I can really answer. I don’t really think he would accept an honorable duel nor am I in any shape to do battle with him, so I’m out of ideas for the moment.
:ClairePIX: But is the men going to be loyal to you?
:DylonPIX: I am the highest ranking officer after Folken, so yes. I believe some of the men that were under my command are still loyal to me even now, so maybe they can help if you find them? Otherwise you’ll have to find help somewhere else. Who knows, maybe we’ll find help right here in this bed if we look together?
:DylonPIX: Oh, so worth it… you know, your mandibles shake it this really cute way when you get grumpy.
:ClairePIX: I- w-what?
:DylonPIX: Just saying.

Insert just saiyan_
No. 499520 ID: 001618

why is he in your room I thought they guys said they would bring him into there room. Renault even said he would give this guy his bed and sleep on the floor in a bed roll.
No. 499523 ID: d6ef5d

Well, if he has people who may still be loyal to him, the best way to go about this (once he's recovered) is to organize some kind of coup. Some Dylon loyalists can arrange for a small strike force (of, well, our guys) to sneak in and take out Folken so Dylon can seize control.

Trouble is apparently the academy is too stupid to want to consider this kind of plan, confident they'd win a strait up fight anyways. So we're operating on our own, and under the nose of both factions.

First step would be figuring out who Dylon thinks he can trust and making contact with them.
No. 499531 ID: 14bafe

As long as he doesn't offer to pay us, it isn't a contract, so we can fight the Empire all we want.
We can even get some tips from the teachers, probably, and go "fighting the Empire? Hobby".
No. 499541 ID: b3ca75
File 136303121879.png - (30.72KB , 900x600 , 24.png )

>apparently the academy is too stupid to want to consider this kind of plan, confident they'd win a strait up fight anyways.
I think it’s more like they don’t want to fight them. This is a school after all. Most of us here are student which a majority is underage. The thing the empire is scared of is not us, but the retaliation the guild will do if they attack us.

>Well, if he has people who may still be loyal to him, the best way to go about this is to organize some kind of coup.
:ClairePIX: Well then, let’s do a coup and get you back into control.
:DylonPIX: I thought you were forbidden to take contracts from us.
:ClairePIX: You’re not paying so it isn’t a contract.
:DylonPIX: I should pay you in kisses if you want…
:ClairePIX: How about no. Now, who do you trust is still loyal and how do I contact them.
:DylonPIX: Hmm, the major, captain and Lt Blackadder is probably your safest bet. I have no idea how to contact them, though.
:ClairePIX: ...by the way, why are you in my bed again? Shouldn’t you be in the boy’s room?
:DylonPIX: What? You don’t like having a naked prince in your bed?
:RenaultPIX: He’s still in the bed because I was getting him some new clothes and armor.
:DylonPIX: Ah, thank you. Now, you are welcome to stay in here and watch me change if you want, but I would suggest some privacy, no?
:ClairePIX: We’ll wait outside…
:RenaultPIX: Um… now that we h-have some privacy I wanted to… um… a-ask you something. Y-you’re free this e-evening right? I-I-I… um… I… err… maybe… y-you s-see… um… dinner?

Insert and a movie_
No. 499544 ID: 001618

sure why not, i mean if the school is still going to be open with the threat of invasion looming overhead then why can't two friends hang out under the same threat.

just bring your weapons, just in case
No. 499561 ID: f2c20c

We're not free this evening. We're gonna kill Folken. Sorry.
No. 499570 ID: ab6499

I think you should accept, we got some time to spare, and it's a good opportunity to strengthen your humanity.
No. 499581 ID: d6ef5d

That's gonna happen later. We have planning to do, contacts to make, and leveling, first. Our group is nowhere near strong enough, yet. And ideally, we'd want Dylon healed up to come along.
No. 499583 ID: f2c20c

Well if we are gonna have dinner, make sure there's some raw food in there. Sushi? Weird alien food? Raw oysters?
No. 499587 ID: 68bbc5

Accept. You can never be too close to your future underlings.
No. 499594 ID: f2c20c

Uh, guys. Doing this because we want to exploit his relationship to gain humanity, or because we want him to become a future underling, is exactly the kind of thing we should AVOID. At that point she wouldn't be doing it because she likes him, but because he furthers our goals.

The Dean explicitly said not to start looking at our friends as tools.
No. 499691 ID: b3ca75
File 136309448670.png - (32.11KB , 900x600 , 25.png )

>We're not free this evening. We're gonna kill Folken. Sorry.
I’m not going to kill him today. I do need some time to plan it and stuff but that’s not really that time critical. I’ll need to wait for Dylon to get better after all.
>it's a good opportunity to strengthen your humanity.
>Accept. You can never be too close to your future underlings.
Yes, if I manipulate his emotions I can make a loyal minion in no time. Then by using him I can keep my humanity strong so I can hide from these wretched meat bags, and when he’s no more use I’ll just consume him like the disease he-

>The Dean explicitly said not to start looking at our friends as tools.
-is… he is… he’s a person, dammit! Not some tool! I… gods… I should feel myself slipping deeper…
:RenaultPIX: Claire? Are you alright? M-maybe we should do this another t-time?
:ClairePIX: No, I’m fine… it’s just… never mind. So, about this dinner, can I choose what we eat? I should really go for some sushi right now.
:WaranPIX: Sure, we can cook up anything you want if you give us some time.
:ClairePIX: Wait, we?
:WaranPIX: Ren, didn’t you say this was going to be a triple date?
:RenaultPIX: I was nervous, okay? Besides, you where late!
:WaranPIX: Sorry about that, I was hold up by some of the guild guards. They are casting detect undead on everyone for some reason.
:RenaultPIX: Well, this didn’t start out like planned… but don’t worry, Claire, we’ll make this the most romantic evening you have ever had.
:ClairePIX: Wait, triple date? A date with both of you at the same time?
:WaranPIX: Yes, if you want to come, of course.

Insert spitroast_
No. 499696 ID: 9ddf68

sure you can go, with how serious everything has been today a think a little R&R is in order. Just make sure you have your stop detect undead charm on your person as I really don't think we need to add more problems to our plate then we currently have. and is the dean's picture behind you looking at you
No. 499702 ID: d6ef5d

>I… gods… I should feel myself slipping deeper
Don't think about it too much. In a sense, all friendship is a weird mix of altruism and selfishness. On the one hand, yes, you just want to be nice to people and hang out, and on the other hand having friends is often a benefit and advantage.

The best way to deal with this is just to roll with it, treat your friends as people, and enjoy the benefits when they come into play.

>triple date
...hey, they set it up. Who are you to complain if the harem is lining up and volunteering?
No. 499717 ID: b3ca75
File 136310555383.png - (30.99KB , 900x600 , 26.png )

>is the dean's picture behind you looking at you.
It’s one of those painting where it seems the eyes are always following you. Creepy.
>The best way to deal with this is just to roll with it, treat your friends as people, and enjoy the benefits when they come into play.
So, friends with benefits?

>...hey, they set it up. Who are you to complain if the harem is lining up and volunteering?
:ClairePIX: I’d love to.
:RenaultPIX: Great! Just give us an hour and the night of your dreams will be rea-
*Crash*Gronk*Pain*I have no idea what a mantis falling down in a plate armor sounds like*
:WaranPIX: …you didn’t leave that Dylon guy to dress himself alone, did you?
:RenaultPIX: Um…
:WaranPIX: *Sigh* you know he isn’t in any condition to walk around without help. Well, come on; let’s help him to our dorm. And Claire, meet you here in an hour, okay?
:ClairePIX: Um… sure.
No. 499718 ID: b3ca75
File 136310557651.png - (31.68KB , 900x600 , 27.png )

--Meanwhile, far away from the giant insect threesome…--

What’s this? Confessions of a paladin? The perfect book to keep a lonely lizard warm tonight~

[You are now controlling Thanra]

Insert Lonely lizard wizard casting blizzard_
No. 499721 ID: d6ef5d

Hey, Thanra. Why you lonely?

What's Robotnik doing there? I thought the academy wasn't allowing and imperials in, at the moment? (Whatever you do, don't tell him about Dylon).

Don't mind us by the way. Just some bored magic voices stopping in to say hi.
No. 499723 ID: 9ddf68

you know you wouldn't be so lonely if you actually tried and socialize a bit.

Also how popular is that book we now know that it is Waran's Favorite and Dylon's Favorite as well.
No. 499734 ID: b3ca75
File 136311128848.png - (32.12KB , 900x600 , 28.png )

>Don't mind us by the way. Just some bored magic voices stopping in to say hi.
AAAH! What in the- wait… you’re Claire’s head voices, right? By all the gods, you scared me…
>you know you wouldn't be so lonely if you actually tried and socialize a bit.
Hey, I’m socializing! I haven’t met the right guy yet, that’s all.
>Also how popular is that book we now know that it is Waran's Favorite and Dylon's Favorite as well.
Well, it is a really good written story about a paladin that falls in love with a lich and… okay, fine, it got a really good sex scene in it, happy now? It’s hard to get any good quality porn mags out here so you take what you can get, right?

>What's Robotnik doing there?
Wait a second… I would recognize that sweet tush anywhere!
:ThanraPIX: Hey, aren’t you that imperial that took Claire to see your leader? Backladder or what it was?
:LtBlackadderPIX: Shhh, keep your voice down. We’ll make it worth your while if you stay quiet.
:ThanraPIX: What are you even doing here?
:SamuelPIX: Trying to survive. We’re haunted both from the school and the empire now… at least the “Empire” the so called “Lord” Folken is leading.
:LtBlackadderPIX: Be quiet, do you want her to snitch!?

Insert Snitch on the lich_
No. 499735 ID: 76b151

Backladder *heh*

Well Dylon was looking to get in contact with him. The fact that they are on the run too isn't promising though. Ask them why they are on the run.
No. 499738 ID: 2a8a2a

Dylon is also on the run for what sounds so far like the same reason. It sounds like these guys might still be loyal to Dylon, though being on the run will make it harder for them to help us in going after Folken. Ask to be sure they are not on the run for some unrelated reason, and tell them that you can get them in contact with Dylon if their stories match up with his.
No. 499742 ID: 9ddf68

how do you know their's a sex scene in there? how many times have you read that book? also if since that is the library's book make sure none of the pages are stuck together if it's as popular as you say it is.

Now about these two, see what they are on the run from and also if they know anyone else that is running right now, also see what their goals are, I mean if you wanted to run away from the empire for whatever reason I don't think my first choice of a hiding spot would have been a school that equally wanted to see my head on a pike, i would have ran for the country side.
No. 499748 ID: b3ca75
File 136311477334.png - (31.50KB , 900x600 , 29.png )

>how do you know their's a sex scene in there? how many times have you read that book?
Um… a few? That’s kind of private, you know…

:ThanraPIX: Is hiding here really the best idea?
:LtBlackadderPIX: We’re only hiding here until nightfall. Folken has the whole village and the surrounding roads patrolled by soldiers. The countryside on the other hand is too open so we’ll be spotted by one of the flying castles for sure. If it’s night then we might have a chance.
:ThanraPIX: So you are the only ones that’s running away?
:LtBlackadderPIX: No, we’ve seen some of our brethren make a run for it. That’s how we know that we would be spotted. I do not know how many of us is still even alive, most of us was killed when Folken shot down our castle.
:ThanraPIX: But why would he do that?
:SamuelPIX: Because that… thing is not Folken. And the troops he has with him have been corrupted too. We ran because we didn’t want to be turned into one of those things like the rest.

Insert crazy talk_
No. 499749 ID: 76b151

Undead things? Because there is a lich around also hunting for the Vessal.
No. 499751 ID: d6ef5d

Foklen got replaced by an evil lich hellbent on ultimate power and dominating the world?

That's... not great.
No. 499753 ID: 9ddf68

Ask them what they know about Folken both the old one and the new 'not' Folken and if they know anything about Dylon.

Also ask them what kind of things those guys have turned into, cause we might have an idea about what it is and what to do if you can get them to tell us.
No. 499762 ID: b3ca75
File 136311695339.png - (31.98KB , 900x600 , 30.png )

:ThanraPIX: Things? Undead things?
:SamuelPIX: They didn’t look dead to me. They were more like… puppets. They look normal but the way they move… it’s like they are controlled by someone else. Someone who only understands the basic principles how we actually act.
:ThanraPIX: So we got puppet people… great… how did this Folken act anyway compared to the normal Folken.
:LtBlackadderPIX: We’ve never meet the real Folken, but this one is completely insane. I saw him head butt a pregnant human into a coma just for fun! He even executed lord Dylon like some common criminal!
:ThanraPIX: Um… Dylon is alive. We got him recovering from his wounds in one of the dorms.
:LtBlackadderPIX: Lord Dylon is alive?! God must have blessed us! This changes everything!
:SamuelPIX: We can’t run now. We have to fight by Lord Dylons side!

Is it just me or do these two have a man crush on Dylon?

Insert Oh god, not muppets!_
No. 499763 ID: 76b151

Sad to say that sounds like Folken. His men acting like puppets on the other hand... that is worrisome.
No. 499766 ID: ab6499

Eh... did the face on his clothing just smile?

Anyway we should help those guys, Dylon is much nicer than Folken.
No. 499767 ID: f2c20c

Hey, if you want to hit that sweet lizard ass, you can ask for a date with him in exchange for telling him which dorm it is.
No. 499770 ID: b3ca75
File 136312075225.png - (41.64KB , 900x600 , 31.png )

>Hey, if you want to hit that sweet lizard ass, you can ask for a date with him in exchange for telling him which dorm it is.
W-what!? I barley know the guy! Having a sweet ass is not something you base a relationship on. I mean, Renny got a nice ass and you don’t see me trying to date him, do you? Though he does have a sweet ass…

>Anyway we should help those guys, Dylon is much nicer than Folken.
Yeah, sure, I’ll take them to Dylon…

:DylonPIX: …puppets you say?
:LtBlackadderPIX: Yes, milord.
:DylonPIX: …and the guild is scanning for the undead? Hmm, we really need more information.
:SamuelPIX: Maybe we can go through the library? It’s bound to be something about this there.
:LtBlackadderPIX: Or find someone that knows what should be happening. This is an adventuring school after all; someone is bound to know monsters and spells here.
:DylonPIX: But why detect undead? Is there an undead that’s can control people like that? Or maybe there’s one that can make itself look alive?
:ThanraPIX: Are we going to sit here and guess or are we going to take action? I mean, I got a book that I need to read so if we’re not going to do anything worthwhile…

Insert hitting that like the fist of Lizbeth_
No. 499771 ID: 37aa84

Is it weird that Blackadder has his helmet off but the little talky sprite by the text still shows it on? Lame sprite limitations, next thing you know we'll meet someone wearing an eye patch that switches sides.

We need to warn Claire that the Lich after the vessel is here controlling the Imperials like meat puppets, who knows how long it will be before he starts getting control of school faculty at which point she's completely screwed.
No. 499772 ID: f2c20c

Liches can pass themselves off as the living, and raise the dead to control them. Were the puppets always wearing concealing armor? I know for a fact that an evil lich is planning on attacking the school eventually, to try to catch the Vessel and steal the magic of... well, us, in order to become a God. Keep in mind, though, that not all Liches are evil. They can keep their sanity if they make an effort to.

I'm sure there are books about liches in the library. Though, someone may have borrowed one or two.

On the other hand I guess it could just be a very powerful Golemancer. Golemancy allows for mind control at the highest levels.
No. 499773 ID: d6ef5d

>Is there an undead that’s can control people like that?
Well, vampires have mesmerism, right? And any kind of intelligent undead of sufficient caster level could learn charm, mind control, or domination spells.
No. 499774 ID: b3ca75
File 136312385378.png - (41.74KB , 900x600 , 32.png )

>We need to warn Claire that the Lich after the vessel is here controlling the Imperials like meat puppets.
…except I have no idea where she is at the moment, do you?

:ThanraPIX: Did they wear concealing armor? Maybe they are undead underneath?
:SamuelPIX: I saw several of them without armor and they were fine. Well, except for one thing now that I think about it. All of them had these weird scars in the back of their heads.
:ThanraPIX: It should just be someone who can cast mesmerize, charm, mind control, or domination spells.
:DylonPIX: No one is powerful enough to be able to charm ten thousand men. Be rational.
:ThanraPIX: Man, this isn’t even enough to know who to talk to or what book to look for…

Insert Claire probably getting her feet licked by now_
No. 499776 ID: 9ddf68

Truth be told Dylon, on one of our earlier missions with other people before we joined with Claire there was this one crazy bitch who somehow manage to control all the paladins at the time to try and get the vessel form back then, so we have seen it happen before. Then again that chick had a magical gem that give her almost deity level power but still, where theirs a will theirs a way.
and he said something about cuts in the back of the head, maybe some sort of magic lobotomy to make the mind control thing easier?
No. 499778 ID: 2a8a2a

>weird scars in the back of their heads.
That could be any number of things, from head spiders to zombrains to implanted clown amulets. We should try to hold onto the next puppet soldier corpse we find so we can examine their brain.
No. 499781 ID: d6ef5d

>All of them had these weird scars in the back of their heads.
...we're up against the goa'uld?

Last we saw, she went to dinner with the boys.
No. 499782 ID: 37aa84

She went on a date with Renault and Waran but we don't know specifically where they were going to be but they were going to be preparing sushi for dinner and they wouldn't have been stupid enough to leave the school with the Empire hunting her down.
No. 499785 ID: f2c20c

Talk to the Dean. He knows a lot.
No. 499786 ID: ab6499

Yeah, it might sound crazy but it's true, the Dean is probably our best bet.
No. 499815 ID: b3ca75
File 136316476037.png - (30.95KB , 900x600 , 33.png )

>She went on a date with Renault and Waran.
Wait, with both of them? At the same time? …that’s not really fair. I have been struggling for months to get a guy interested and she get three of them in only a few days…
>We should try to hold onto the next puppet soldier corpse we find so we can examine their brain.
:ThanraPIX: If we can catch one of the soldiers maybe we can get some more information.
:LtBlackadderPIX: Permission to borrow your ring of invisibility, sir. I think I know how to get one of them from outside. The Captain and I only need to wait for nightfall first and then we’ll get one without problem.
:DylonPIX: Very well, permission granted. I want you to stay in here while we wait for nightfall, though. You are already risking enough not to taking any stupid chances.
:ThanraPIX: Well, while you hang out here I think I know someone who might know something…


>Talk to the Dean. He knows a lot.
Sure, I’ll talk to that crazy grizzled old man…

:ThanraPIX: Dean?
:DeanPIX: ZzZ- Was that? Huh? But I need to stay close to it… goldfish? …Oh, it’s you. The young… Thanra, was it?
:ThanraPIX: You actually remember who I am?
:DeanPIX: Of course I remember a pretty lass like you. Why, in my day I would already have bedded you by now!
:ThanraPIX: …I’m… going to take that as a compliment. Changing the subject, do you know what’s going on with the imperials here?
:DeanPIX: Hmmm… they are crowded bunch, aren’t they? Not even a worm would fit between them; it probably would have to crawl in their skin just to get by! But then it would notice their bad hygiene! Do those guys ever shower?! I tell you, they reek! They are infested with the vermin of bad smell!
:ThanraPIX: …what?
:DeanPIX: I say, in my day, we never smelled that bad! And the one time we did smell this archmage came… um… I think he was called Antonidas the wise… he came and made us clean, he did! Why, he even got dirty himself in an attempt to purge the one of us that was the most foul smelling. Hmmm… what was that boys name… Carl I think? Then something with z in the last name… huh? Wa? Oh, it’s you. That pretty lass… Thanra was it? …You know, you do this old man a favor just by existing, you do…

…did you get any of that?

Insert Dean with a shotgun_
No. 499816 ID: f2c20c

I think he basically just said that they're all a hivemind or something.

Try asking specifically about the scars on their heads.
No. 499818 ID: 2a8a2a

He seems to be saying its brain-worms, and this Antonidas is infected. Ask what can be made using Athelas, Hydresan Spice, and Death Coil, because it sounds like it might be the same Antonidas that hired you to gather that stuff.
No. 499819 ID: 6a14ae



No. 499821 ID: f2c20c

Well, I guess you could say that.
I mean, we know Antonidas is the Dean, because Antonidas wrote the book, which the Dean acknowledged being the author of. He's a lich now, so according to this story, in order to kill a lich, he became one.
No. 499822 ID: 2a8a2a

Hm, that's right about the book... The imperials being undead like him doesn't seem to fit so far though, unless lifelike undead are easier to mass produce than we have been lead to believe. Also, the fact that he would order ingredients under a name other than the Dean suggests he is up to some sort of plan of his own.
Ok, we should probably ask someone else about the herbs.
No. 499823 ID: b3ca75
File 136316762166.png - (30.80KB , 900x600 , 34.png )

:ThanraPIX: But what about the scars on their heads.
:DeanPIX: That what’s happen when you don’t clean yourself enough! So, remember to clean behind your ears everyday… or frills for you lizards.
:ThanraPIX: Another thing, do you know what you can you do with Athelas, Hydresan Spice, and Death Coil?
:DeanPIX: Death coil? You even know what that is? Why, it’s only used by necromancers to bolster their undead minions! How do you know of Death coil!?
:ThanraPIX: Um… we got a contract from someone called Antonidas that wa-
:DeanPIX: Antonidas? That’s impossible! He’s been dead for a thousand years. I should know I was there myself. You can even check the book about famous archmages if you don’t believe me.
:ThanraPIX: You’re over a thousand years old?
:DeanPIX: What!? I’m 57! How dare you call me old! Whippersnapper!

…Whippersnapper? Someone who used that word is clearly older than 57…

Insert old man yelling at clouds_
No. 499824 ID: f2c20c

Please don't anger the near-immortal mage.

Go check the book on famous mages anyway. Why not!
No. 499828 ID: 2f4b71

OK, so:
Imperials are infested with brain-worms. Happened before, Archmage Antonidas (probably the Dean) infected himself in order to cure/take out the controller infected (Carl-with-a-Z). Check the book of Famous Archmages for more clues.
No. 499829 ID: d6ef5d

Alright, don't piss him off anymore. I think we got the information we needed, even if it was hidden behind senility and craziness.
No. 499832 ID: 001618

well you've got a lead now at least so might as well see where it goes
No. 499836 ID: b3ca75
File 136319065614.png - (31.06KB , 900x600 , 35.png )

:ThanraPIX: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.
:DeanPIX: That’s okay, as long as you keep prancing around with that dandy rump of yours you’re forgiven.
:ThanraPIX: …I’ll… do that…


>Go check the book on famous mages anyway. Why not!
Hmm… Antonidas… won a best beard contest… creator of the amniomorphic spell school… Ah, here we go: “After Eriador(a) had fallen to the cult of the damned, the great Archmage Antonidas gather a party of adventurers(b) to try to stop the onslaught of the boreworm(c) cult by destroying their leader, Car’zun the damned(e). Antonidas was able to destroy the Lich but not before Car’zun ripped out his mind(f) and incased it within a book(h). In his heroic sacrifice Antonidas was able to finally halt in Cults invasion and save the lands of Rhun(i).”

(a): See “The rise and fall of Eriador”.
(b): See “Legends of adventure” page 42.
(c): See “Unique undead undesirables” page 243.
(d): See footnote (g).
(e): See “Infamous Necromancer and liches of old” page 63.
(f): See “The tome of mind ripping spells” page 34.
(g): See footnote (d).
(h): See “Legendary battles” page 152
(i): See “History of Rhun and the rise of the Republic (This book is sponsored by Altair’s slave Corp. Buy your slaves from us and you’ll never have to wipe your ass yourself again!)”.

…no way I’m reading all those books…

Insert Footnote fever_
No. 499841 ID: 9747ef

Go to page 243, and then page 63.
No. 499843 ID: d6ef5d

(c) sounds most important. We gotta figure out these mind controlling goa'uld boreworms being used on the empire if we're gonna do anything about it.
No. 499845 ID: 001618

page 243 sounds like our best bet. also are there any pictures in that book or discriptions of any of the people or things mentioned in it? might help somewhere down the road.
No. 499847 ID: 5b596e

Legendary Battles, page 152. Try to find a description of the book. Didn't Claire find a strange book that talked to her? We should try bringing it to the Dean.
No. 499848 ID: 37aa84

Let's remember next time we're in control of Claire to ask her talking book if its name is Antonidas, there can't be that many books with personalities in the world.
No. 499849 ID: b3ca75
File 136319740754.png - (31.20KB , 900x600 , 36.png )

>“Infamous Necromancer and liches of old” page 63.
…Short version…
Car’zul the damned (Archlich): Also known as Carrie to friends. Real name, sex and race is unknown, but presumed to be a human male. Most often seen in the form of an elderly human male but it has been known to take other forms as well. It is most famous for being the leader of the cult of the damned that destroyed Eriador and for its creation the Boreworm. Car’zul and his apprentices were slain by the Mantis mage Antonidas in the age of 1632 of the fifth era.

>“Unique undead undesirables” page 243.
A undead creature created from Graveworms by the archlich Car’zul. It’s a small worm like creature that is adapted to bury into the bodies of any creature without it noticing. The Boreworm was also created with a unique infusion that allows it to place suggestions directly into the victim’s brain, which can be used by a necromancer to control the victim. The original Boreworm left a distinct mark on the back off the head on anyone who it infested, though this error was removed when Car’zul perfected its creations. The victim themselves does not know that they have been infected or that they are being controlled, which was used brilliantly by Car’zul as it placed several sleeper agent within the cities of Eriador. It has no know weaknesses besides those that usually applies to the undead. This species of undead went instinct with the death of Car’zul 1632, fifth era.

>Legendary Battles, page 152, Try to find a description of the book
…what is this, some kind of fanfic? Seriously, I think my eyes are bleeding or something…
Wait, here something… “Apparently Car’zul had a sense of humor and encased Antonidas in a book called So now you’re a lich”…

:DeanPIX: ZzZzZz… shake that thing, sweetie… ZzZzZz

Insert info dump, please flush when you are done_
No. 499850 ID: 37aa84

That's odd the book says the scarring left on the victims was removed when the creature was perfected. Unless the Lich we're dealing with now isn't Car’zul himself. Anyway get 'Unique Undead Undesirables' back to the boys room for now.
No. 499851 ID: 76b151

Maybe instead of Car'Zul its an apprentice who only had his master's notes to work with.
No. 499852 ID: d6ef5d

Or maybe the perfected, undetectable worms are more costly to produce. Why waste stealth on brainclamping your own army? Save it for the sleeper agents among the enemy.
No. 499853 ID: 9747ef

I think we're working with a copycat here, rather than the OG.
No. 499857 ID: b3ca75
File 136320179590.png - (41.49KB , 900x600 , 37.png )

>get 'Unique Undead Undesirables' back to the boys room for now.
On my way!

:DeanPIX: Oh, say hi to Claire for me and ask her why her friends… that paladin and doctor, wanted that book on sacrifice, all those candles, alchemical ingredients to raise the dead and a chicken. It almost like they were planning some kind of sacrifice down in the basement if you ask me…
:ThanraPIX: Um… sure?


:DylonPIX: Boreworms?
:SamuelPIX: Oh god, they can have infected us all without us knowing it!
:LtBlackadderPIX: Except they got the same weaknesses as the undead. Let me spell it out for you, Detect Undead.
:DylonPIX: Indeed, at least we know why the guild is casting detect undead on everyone. But how did they know of them?
:SamuelPIX: Um… sir, if I might be so bold, you should really take a rest for now. Your wound need a restful sleep to heal, milord.
:DylonPIX: Ah, of course. Well then, you are dismissed until tomorrow.
:LtBlackadderPIX: Um… where are we supposed to sleep?

Insert sleep or not to sleep, that is the question_
No. 499858 ID: d6ef5d

...well, yes, detect undead and turn undead would work nicely for dealing with boreworms. But any sufficiently powerful and prepared puppetmaster could have warded them to resist detection, or protected them with bolster undead charms. (So it becomes a game of who's the stronger caster, and who has more countermeasures and counter-countermeasures prepared?).

Granted, they probably won't all be protected that way, but a few key sleeper agents? Sure.
No. 499859 ID: 76b151

The floor? Maybe if they are lucky they'll find some blankets somewhere.

Anyway I think we need to head to the basement.
No. 499862 ID: b3ca75
File 136320604664.png - (31.30KB , 900x600 , 38.png )

:ThanraPIX: Just get some sleeping bags from the storage and sleep on the floor.
:LtBlackadderPIX: That’ll work. Thanks cutie!
:ThanraPIX: Yeah, no problem.


>Anyway I think we need to head to the basement.
Yes, let’s check on Claire and warn her about the Boreworms.

:ThanraPIX: Clai-
:WaranPIX: …Ren, did you lock the door?
:RenaultPIX: I t-though you did it…
:ClairePIX: …This is not what it looks like!

Insert Bow chicka bow wow_
No. 499863 ID: 37aa84

Claire! How could you. You were supposed to let us help with getting the harem started. I feel so betrayed.
No. 499864 ID: d6ef5d

>This is not what it looks like!
Right. We'll give the benefit of the doubt, for one moment. Tell us what it really is, or start coming up with convincing lies fast, before the window of credibility closes.
No. 499869 ID: b3ca75
File 136320812913.png - (33.07KB , 900x600 , 39.png )

[You now control Clarie!]

>Right. We'll give the benefit of the doubt, for one moment. Tell us what it really is, or start coming up with convincing lies fast, before the window of credibility closes.
:RenaultPIX: Well… um… she made a misstep and hurt her foot so… I healed it…
:WaranPIX: She’s been really stressed out lately, so I thought she needed a massage.
:RenaultPIX: And while I was down here anyway… well… I started to massage her feet.
:ThanraPIX: …I saw you lick it.
:RenaultPIX: …intensive massage?
:ClairePIX: What are you even doing here!?

>Claire! How could you. You were supposed to let us help with getting the harem started. I feel so betrayed.
W-what? I never promised that… and besides, you did. You did help me get these guys to like me, after all…

Insert Finger licking good_
No. 499871 ID: 001618

We were with Lizbeth and Kevros when they go freaky with it so I highly doubt anything you're doing now, even if it is what it looks like, would really faze us to much.
Anyways we found out about something called boreworms which are these worms that let a lich control a living person but leave behind a small scare in the back of the head when they enter the victim so you might want to check the back of everyone's head since your here, and yourself just incase after all it did say these things can get into anyone without them even knowing and it might be why you sometimes want to eat your friends. You did say that liches well not immune to control undead spells are very resistant to them.
No. 499872 ID: d6ef5d

Actually, the one thing Liz wasn't into was interspecies stuff. So in at least one respect, Claire's kinkier.

Oh, and we should probably fill you in on some stuff. Your book is actually the soul of an ancient mage trapped in a book, and an evil undead dude is taking over the empire with undead head-snakes.
No. 499873 ID: 76b151

I doubt that. Pretty sure wanting to eat living things comes with being undead. She literally needs toeat living things to survive so her ignoring prey makes sense it would rise in her subconscious.

However having Renault do a detect undead on the various people you are aorund would be a good thing. remember to gaurd against it though. Who knows maybe it would detect the worm anyway.
No. 499874 ID: 37aa84

We only helped you get to know them but now you're starting the fun part without us. Anyway get out the book, his name is apparently Antonidas by the way. We need as much information as he has on dealing with victims of Boreworm infection.
No. 499875 ID: f2c20c

The Imperials are infected with Boreworms, an ancient thought-to-be extinct undead creature. It's a very good thing that you have that protection from Detect Undead because the guild is casting it on everyone.

Oh, and what's the year? 2500 or so?
No. 499877 ID: b3ca75
File 136321083131.png - (33.33KB , 900x600 , 40.png )

>Oh, and what's the year? 2500 or so?
It’s the year 632 of the sixth era, why do you ask?

:RenaultPIX: I’ll start with the detect undead immediately.
:WaranPIX: Can’t find any scars on anyone…
:RenaultPIX: By the gods! Waran is infected!
:WaranPIX: WHAT!?
:RenaultPIX: Just kidding. No scars either so you’re clean. But man, you should have seen your face.
:WaranPIX: …jerk.

>Anyway get out the book, his name is apparently Antonidas by the way. We need as much information as he has on dealing with victims of Boreworm infection.
:ClairePIX: Antonidas? I need to know about Boreworms
:AntonidasPIX: …what!? But… why?
:ClairePIX: Because they aren’t extinct apparently.
:AntonidasPIX: That’s impossible. Car’zul and I have worked for years to destroy everything about those creatures! How can they be back!?
:ClairePIX: How do we fight them?
:AntonidasPIX: They must have someone controlling them nearby. Either a powerful Necromancer or a so called queen worm. It’s a gigantic worm creature that not only directs the other worms but also give birth to new ones. Of course, it is possible for the worms to be out of range of anyone who can control them, but then the infected person would just act as normal.

Insert bore you to death_
No. 499878 ID: 76b151

Maybe a queen worm? It'd explain the puppets. Ask if there is anyway to locate them.
No. 499880 ID: d6ef5d

>the year 632 of the sixth era, why do you ask?
Because we kind of hop around in time in space and we're trying to figure out how long ago we were last 'here'.

...I don't suppose you know what year the surface was an uninhabitable wasteland and everyone lived underground?

Or come to think of it, what happened to the dwarves? We haven't seen any. And when did mantises enter the picture?

>How can they be back!?
Obviously, someone else worked very hard to protect a few from you, or found a way to recreate what was once lost. Knowledge is a tricky thing to stamp out completely.
No. 499883 ID: 001618

the book just said he worked with Car’zul but we read a book that said that he was imprisoned in a book by Car’zul before Antonidas could slay him, whats up with that. Anyway boreworms can be found the same way normal undead can so detect undead should work fine we just have to know were to look and ask Antonidas how much range either the necromancer or the queen have before they lose there connection to there puppets. Just trying to get an idea of were we should start looking
No. 499884 ID: 2f4b71

>a so called queen worm. It’s a gigantic worm creature that not only directs the other worms but also give birth to new ones.
>Empress Bloated, Pulsating, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed Slug-For-A-Butt
No. 499885 ID: 76b151

Mantis's are actually mutated bore-worms.
No. 499887 ID: f2c20c

I hope nobody asks why you're carrying around a book entitled "So now you're a Lich".

Oh yeah also ask Antonidas why he's also walking around in a human body. I mean, the Dean said he wrote this book, and the author is listed as Antonidas. Except... Antonidas is supposed to be a Mantis! What's going on?

Also uh, the history books say Car'zul was an evil lich that Antonidas died in order to defeat. Don't tell me the Dean is Car'zul?

Oh and how long ago was 1632 of the fifth era? I mean, do eras last 2000 years?
No. 499890 ID: f2c20c

One other thing.

Waran and Renault requested candles, some alchemical ingredients involved in raising the dead, and a chicken. I can see the candles, where are the ingredients and the chicken?
No. 499902 ID: dc4a44

On the plus side you beat Detect Undead. maybe.
No. 499906 ID: dc4a44

Also the Chumps Three all snuck in here. perhaps you should detect on them too.
No. 499908 ID: f2c20c

You mean Chumps Two.

P.S. the girls should also check Renault and/or Waran for the scar. If Waran and Renault were both infected you and Thanra would be left unawares, since they're the only ones that checked.

In this situation you can't trust what anyone says until you know they're clean. It's not that you don't trust them, it's that you can't know that they are themselves.
No. 499938 ID: b3ca75
File 136325029808.png - (32.78KB , 900x600 , 41.png )

>the girls should also check Renault and/or Waran for the scar.
They are all clean. No scars.
>Waran and Renault requested candles, some alchemical ingredients involved in raising the dead, a book about sacrifice and a chicken.
:RenaultPIX: um… well, we originally was going to make chicken for dinner.
:WaranPIX: And the only thing we used that should be considered ingredients was roses…
:RenaultPIX: As for the book… well… I did borrow one called “Interspecies mantis relationships: gains and sacrifices”…

>Empress is a worm!
:AntonidasPIX: When I said gigantic I meant for a worm. The queen is as big as you abdomen. The smaller boreworms on the other hand is the size of a piece of rice.
:RenaultPIX: Then how can they make scars?
:AntonidasPIX: It’s the hormones they release to control the brain. It got a nasty side effect on skin, scales and carcass and will leave a quite a big visible mark.
:WaranPIX: So… how close can this queen be?
:AntonidasPIX: A few kilometers.
:ThanraPIX: Well, that’s about the size of the town…
:RenaultPIX: They probably got it stored in one of those flying castles. It’s probably the safest place they got.
:ClairePIX: Wait, you worked with Car’zun? Didn’t you kill him?
:AntonidasPIX: Oh no, I did something far worse. I gave back his humanity.
:ClairePIX: …okay, you know what, this can wait for tomorrow. I’ve had a really stressful day already and need some R&R… and I want to finish this date.
:ThanraPIX: I’ll leave you guys alone then… goodnight.
:RenaultPIX: So… massage?
:ClairePIX: It’s a start.
No. 499939 ID: b3ca75
File 136325032516.png - (30.73KB , 900x600 , 42.png )

>Oh and how long ago was 1632 of the fifth era?
About a thousand years. Every era is two thousand years.
>what year was the surface was an uninhabitable wasteland and everyone lived underground?
Um… isn’t that just some myth. That the humans and lizards ascended from the underground to form civilization with the mantis tribes at the start of the first era?
>what happened to the dwarves? We haven't seen any.
There still are some out there, though they generally live in the mountains or underground. Something about not liking the sun.

-------------- A few hours later----------------

:ClairePIX: I have to say, you guys surprised me. This was the best date I ever had.
:WaranPIX: We are going to take that as a compliment.
:RenaultPIX: So… here we are… at your dorm…

Insert endings_
No. 499941 ID: f2c20c

So, Car'zun or Car'zul or whatever his name is is the Dean, given back his humanity, so he's good now. Okay then, everything is in order. Oh, and no, that wasn't a myth. Liz saved the world and so everyone was able to move to the surface. We never saw any Mantids back then, though.

Kisses at the door are traditional on the first date.
No. 499942 ID: f2c20c

Oh hey I just realized, that's a painting of Graven on the right.

Was he famous?
No. 499952 ID: 37aa84

Well it would be rude to invite only one of them in and they don't think you're the kind of girl to do a three way on the first date do they? A kiss goodnight should be fine. Also you know how you said the Dean paintings eyes were the kind to seem to follow you well now it seems to be raising one of its eyebrows which is not something they usually do and it's really creeping me out.
No. 499956 ID: 76b151

*tsks* at the dean. Horny old man.
No. 499958 ID: d6ef5d

>isn’t that just some myth
Nope! We witnessed it firsthand. Well, the events leading up to it. We had a big hand in making that whole ascension thing possible.

Weird that people from that time (Lizbeth, Kevros) would be remembered by the historical record, while the events themselves faded into myth. Usually it's the people who are forgotten.

Hey dude, you started haunting paintings now? Never knew you were into voyeurism.
No. 499964 ID: b3ca75
File 136326603392.png - (30.55KB , 900x600 , 43.png )

>Liz saved the world and so everyone was able to move to the surface. We never saw any Mantis back then, though.
That because according to the myth the mantises was already on the surface when they came.
>So, Car'zun or Car'zul or whatever his name is the Dean, given back his humanity, so he's good now.
No wonder he doesn’t want me to lose my humanity. Also, his portrait is a horn dog.
>Well it would be rude to invite only one of them in and they don't think you're the kind of girl to do a three way on the first date do they?
I’m not the kind of girl who would do a two way on the first date either.
>Oh hey I just realized, that's a painting of Graven on the right.
“Archmage Graven “The powerhungry” Voiddrake. One of the biggest causes for the great magic rendering of the first era, killing millions. May his soul rot it whatever hell he’s in.”

>Kisses at the door are traditional on the first date.
:RenaultPIX: Well, I hope yo- mmff!
Claire kisses Renault for 0 damage(mouth)! Oh god, the mandibles!
Claire kisses Waran for 0 damage(mandibles)! Don’t you dare eat his head, young lady!

:RenaultPIX: She kissed me first.
:WaranPIX: She kissed me longer.
:RenaultPIX: As if…
:ClairePIX: Boys… I had a wonderful time and… I have something to confess, though. I’m not who I’ve said I am. I’m not even a mantis technically… at least not a living one. I’m… I’m a…
No. 499965 ID: b3ca75
File 136326604885.png - (32.88KB , 900x600 , 44.png )

:ClairePIX: I’m actually a cow.
:WaranPIX: …didn’t we already do this joke?
:RenaultPIX: How appropriate, because I’m a dairy farmer!
:WaranPIX: You’re a dairy farmer with holy powers?
:RenaultPIX: Of course! I’m a cheese maker after all! Blessed is the cheese maker!
:waranPIX: …what the hell did I smoke and where can I get more?

Insert All hail the cheese maker! Oh, let their cheese be blessed by all the gods of old and new. Let their work be the corner stone of our civilization. Blessed be the cheese maker, the saviors of our world!_
No. 499966 ID: d6ef5d

>May his soul rot it whatever hell he’s in.
Haha. Hell. Right. Because that's exactly how I'd describe eternal kinky escapades.

He's probably not as guilty as that biased caption makes him out to be. History loves simple explanations- making one person or thing out to be the villain or cause of much bigger or more complex things.

Cheese, Grommet, cheese! We'll go someplace there's cheese!
No. 499993 ID: 9ddf68

Let's see if Claire can end this dream without anyone being eaten this time.
No. 500001 ID: b3ca75
File 136328172962.png - (28.62KB , 900x600 , 45.png )

>Let's see if Claire can end this dream without anyone being eaten this time.
Challenge accepted!
>Cheese, Grommet, cheese! We'll go someplace there's cheese!
:ThanraPIX: Wake up!
:ClairePIX: To the moooooo- hgnt, waa?
:ThanraPIX: To the moon? What did you dream about?
:ClairePIX: …that I was a flying magical cow that flew with Ren and Waran to the moon to eat cheese but then we met this pony with really nice mane made of stars and for some reason the word chair face was written on the moon in these really big letter but the-
:ThanraPIX: Okay, I get it, you had a crazy dream. Anyway, time to get up.
:ClairePIX: Oh right, school…
:ThanraPIX: Actually, They canceled it for today. I think it the first time they done so in years.
:ClairePIX: What!?
:ThanraPIX: I was shocked at first too, but then I thought “A whole day free? Sweet!”.
:ClairePIX: …having a whole day free because there’s an army of the undead that want to dissect me isn’t really sweet… more like “Fuck”…

Insert sweet times_
No. 500002 ID: d6ef5d

Well, the undead army would still want to dissect you if you had school. They'd just have the advantage of knowing exactly where you are! At least now you have some measure of self-determination.

...wait. Did they say why it's canceled?
No. 500008 ID: 37aa84

Probably because they need all available hands spamming Detect Undead now that there is concern of mind controlling parasites getting into the school.

So if class was cancelled can we sleep in or is there something else Thanra needed us awake for?
No. 500010 ID: 9ddf68

Well the detect undead thing is still in affect I'm guessing so make sure you got your charm on. both just to be safe
No. 500012 ID: b3ca75
File 136329157418.png - (27.79KB , 900x600 , 46.png )

>Well the detect undead thing is still in affect I'm guessing so make sure you got your charm on. both just to be safe
I got my bolster undead trinket on me at all times. Can’t you see it? It’s that little yellow thing on the end of my antenna.

:ClairePIX: Why can’t I sleep in?
:ThanraPIX: You’ve already slept in. It almost lunch time. You can’t sleep all day you know.
:ClairePIX: My pillow says I can.
:ThanraPIX: Well, That prince guy… Dylon says that you can’t.
:ClairePIX: …did they say why they canceled?
:ThanraPIX: Oh, they said some lie. The real reason is because they need everyone with combat expertise to man the barricades.
:ClairePIX: Wait, barricades?
:ThanraPIX: Apparently, they’ve set up a bunch of barricades to block both the main entrance and the main staircase up to the fourth floor. Of course, the undead have done the same thing for some reason. So now they got a staring contest with the undead until they get bored and decides to just zerg rush us to death.
:ClairePIX: And what does Dylon want?
:ThanraPIX: Well, we have been trying to figure out how to get to the fourth floor without going through two barricades. Apparently Dylon know some way to get to the flying castles if he can get up there or something.
:ClairePIX: Can’t we just take another pair of stairs?
:ThanraPIX: there aren’t any other stairs we know of. They have either been bricked up ages ago or never built to defend the higher levels from attacks. You know, when this place actually was a military base.
:ClairePIX: Ugh, there should be a law against thinking this early…
:ThanraPIX: It’s lunch time!

Insert time to start planning_
No. 500014 ID: d6ef5d

Our charm casts bolster undead. Which is the negative energy opposite of turn undead- it passively strengthens us and helps us resist things meant to hurt us.

Blocking detect undead is a completely different ward- we don't have a piece of equipment for it either. It's a passive ability we picked up after eating the blue orb.

>[You have become more powerful! You learned how to block detection magic! You learned how to life drain!]
No. 500016 ID: 9ddf68

think the library has anything on this building's architecture in it, that could help with finding the bricked up passage ways. Or you if you get desperate you could always just use Dylon's cloaking spell to try and sneak by both barricades. I recommend that one as a last resort.
No. 500026 ID: a19d72

what's a zerg rush?
No. 500028 ID: 37aa84

Got it locate brick walled staircase, get behind enemy lines. Where do they keep the old building plans?
No. 500037 ID: b3ca75
File 136330018915.png - (28.27KB , 900x600 , 47.png )

:ClairePIX: What the hell is a zerg rush anyway?
:ThanraPIX: Attacking with weaker, cheaper but superior numbers without caring for losses. You know, like the Zergainian Mantis Empire did in the third era?
:ClairePIX: …It was called the Zugarainan Mantis Empire, so it should be Zugar rush, not zerg rush.
:ThanraPIX: Whatever, just get up al- off
Claire cast pillow on Thanra for 0 damage(FACE)!

:ClairePIX: Yeah, yeah. Now, can you get the plans for this place from the archives or something.
:ThanraPIX: Dylon already got the blueprint of this place and is going through them in the boys dorm with rest of us.
:ClairePIX: Right, Then let’s go there… after I get a cup of coffee…
No. 500038 ID: b3ca75
File 136330020928.png - (47.99KB , 900x600 , 48.png )

:DylonPIX: No bricked away stairways, no secret rooms, no hideaway chaffs, nothing!
:LtBlackadderPIX: All the other floors have extra staircases, why doesn’t the third/fourth floor have any?
:RenaultPIX: Defense probably. A lot easier to barricade just one pair of stairs instead of several.
:ThanrosPIX: Huh, that’s kind of neat. I’ve never thought about it before, but all the floors are identical, aren’t they?
:WaranPIX: Can you please focus on finding a way up there instead?

Insert What, no secret rooms? What a rip-off!_
No. 500043 ID: 37aa84

Are we sure the blueprints weren't altered to hide the extra staircases after they were boarded up? If all the floors are identical in every other way it seems weird that only the fourth floor contains this one difference.
No. 500049 ID: f2c20c

Is it possible that we could just ask nicely? Or maybe become invisible and sneak past?

Also, I'm rather curious as to why the history books paint Graven as a horrible person. I mean, he was a huge sourpuss, but he did help save the world, even after dying once.
No. 500061 ID: b33427

There's one way to check if the plans are accurate: Break out the tape measures and start measuring walls. Or, rather, whatever magical device you guys have that can measure a distance just by pointing at it. Maybe the archers have some to measure range to their targets for long shots.

Though, considering the way the first three floors are identical, and how I assume their secondary stairwells stack, you might be out of luck if the last flight of stairs was torn down instead of closed off and bricked up. If there's a big open space above the top flight of stairs, that's probably what happened.

Could you guys "borrow" an item that allows someone to levitate for at least a short while? That combined with the invisibility ring would allow one of you to go from a third floor to fourth floor balcony or window without being detected. Kinda depends on whether the fourth floor windows have been boarded up or shuttered by now.
No. 500114 ID: 2f4b71

>All the other floors have extra staircases
Head to the 5th floor, and either start looking for loose flagstones or rope out a window down to 4th.
No. 500116 ID: b3ca75
File 136335264541.png - (48.08KB , 900x600 , 49.png )

>Head to the 5th floor, and either start looking for loose flagstones or rope out a window down to 4th.
The problem is that the extra staircases only goes up one level each, which means we have to get to the 4th floor before we can get to the 5th floor.

>Check where the other stairs are but on the 3th floor.
>One of you should go from a third floor to fourth floor balcony or window.
>Is it possible that we could just ask nicely? Or maybe become invisible and sneak past?

:LtBlackadderPIX: Sir, we have checked the location where the staircase would originate if there was one and we have some good news and bad news. The good is that there is indeed a staircase there behind a bricked up wall, it’s in a mostly empty wing with very few guards and students passing and there is a big painting on the wall perfect to hide any hole we do. The bad news is… well, something have been in there recently… something coming from the 4th floor.
:WaranPIX: I’ve checked the outside walls and found something. There this place on 5th floor we call the view which is a giant hole in the wall. There’s even a balcony on the 3th floor right under it were we can either levitate or just use some rope to get up to the hole.
:RenaultPIX: Well, I’ve been talking with the teachers and they are getting pretty desperate for someone to do something about this whole situation, so… um… maybe they will cooperate?

:DylonPIX: …Well then, we got three different plans of entry, good job. Now, before we decide let me tell you of my plan. As you know the end goal of our plan require us to get onboard one of the air ships to kill Folken and whatever is controlling my people. To get up there we’ll need to use a gate which we so happen to have here in the school, but before we can use it we need one thing, a gate, key for Folken’s ship. I know that they have gates for all the ships on the 5th floor, which means they should have gate keys to all the ships also. We can’t just fight our way up there, though, as it would be a slaughter, so we will have to rely on infiltration.
:ThanrosPIX: …how do you infiltrate a bunch of undead?
:DylonPIX: Good question. Waran and I will start constructing a charm that will make you look like just another undead to the other non-sentient undead. This would be enough to get in, get the key and get out. Now, as I’m still too hurt to complete this mission I’ll need a volunteer to go up there. Oh, and we need to decide which way this volunteer will enter to top floors. Either by going through the secret stairwell that the enemy knows of, go up the outer walls or sneak/negotiate yourself trough the barricades. So, who’s volunteering and which way should he/she take?

Insert I got a splinter in the cell that held the thief_
No. 500120 ID: d6ef5d

...wait, if we send one infiltrator, how the hell is that person supposed to kill faux-Folken or the evil undead super-monster controlling everything? I mean, that thing has to be tough, and no offense, none of you are exactly impossible solo suicide mission Polo types.

>Who send
...oh dangit, we don't have a rogue at all, do we.

My first impulse is Claire, since she'd be safer from ordinary undead than anyone else. Then I remember this guy wants to dissect her and I wonder how smart sending her in alone in.

Regardless of who goes, Claire should lend them her resist necromancy ring, just in case.
No. 500142 ID: 9ddf68

I think we should enter through the hole in the wall on the 5th story. mostly because Dylon said all the keys were there and if we can just go straight to the objective I think that would be best. And is the volunteer, after getting the keys, meant to just go straight up to the floating castles and solo this mission by themselves or come back down and get everyone else as well?

And I believe Claire should be the one to volunteer, as she is a lich which means most of the things the undead can throw at her won't be as effective and unlike anyone else if she screws up big time she still has her phylactery to bring her back to life and if that happens we can finally find the damnable thing.
No. 500145 ID: 2a8a2a

>...wait, if we send one infiltrator, how the hell is that person supposed to kill faux-Folken or the evil undead super-monster controlling everything?
I think the goal is just to steal the key before they get worried and run off with it.

Chair would probably be immune to head-worming, but aside from that her powers don't seem extra effective against undead (though we might be able to do tricky things involving killing wormed soldiers to raise as our undead).
We should also consider Renault. He has anti-undead abilities including an AOE crowd control for when the shambling horde near-inevitably gets commanded to attack. We should ask for an overview of his powers if we do.

It sounds like we should deal with the enemy in hidden staircase regardless. I think we should have the rest of the group get some teachers to help investigate and preferably fight whatever is in the staircase, then have the infiltrator sneak up the wall when the fight starts (which would presumably help distract their worm-commander).
No. 500153 ID: b3ca75
File 136336971310.png - (49.23KB , 900x600 , 50.png )

>..wait, if we send one infiltrator, how the hell is that person supposed to kill faux-Folken?
We aren’t supposed to meet Folken yet, just get a way to get to him directly. If anything if we succeed we’ll probably be able to convince the guild to spare whatever they can when we attack his personal ship.

>Claire, outside wall, the rest defend the staircase.
:ClairePIX: I’m volunteering.
:RenaultPIX: What!? No! I-I’m volunteering! I’m a paladin! I know how to deal with the undead!
:WaranPIX: You aren’t a paladin yet, you know. And for a fact I know that you can barely cast turn undead twice before toppling over in fatigue. If anything, Claire is probably better bluffer that you are if she actually should meet anyone intelligent up there.
:ClairePIX: I’ll go through the hole in the outer wall, that sounds like the best chance we have.
:ThanraPIX: I think we should warn the guild about the second staircase if we’re not going to use it. It would be pretty bad if the undead army used it to flank our barricade.
:DylonPIX: Well, then it’s decided. Claire, as it will take a few hours to complete the fake undead charm I suggest you prepare yourself and… if I may be so bold, say your goodbyes. This is a very dangerous mission after all. Just remember that you do not have my permission to die up there.

Insert preparations_
No. 500154 ID: 001618

Well make sure all your powers are as charged as you can get them and maybe look around a bit to see if you can find your phylactery, I mean you got the time
No. 500163 ID: 37aa84

You know the 'I haven't given you permission to die' type lines really only work if the person you're speaking to is actually your subordinate. So really all he can do is ask us nicely, I mean we were going to try not to but he doesn't have to treat us like one of his soldiers. Anyway we should probably see if we can get changed into blue, since all the currently infected are imperial soldiers they may be on the lookout for anyone not in Imperial Blue just in case someone sneaks in with a charm making them seem undead.
No. 500176 ID: b3ca75
File 136337816295.png - (29.46KB , 900x600 , 51.png )

>Well make sure all your powers are as charged as you can get them.
[Necromantic power: Very good. Humanity: Average.]
Huh, I’m still going strong since I consumed that magic well. As for the rest, my gear is in good condition and all the enchantments still works. Hmm, maybe I should learn some more enchantment while I wait?
>You know the 'I haven't given you permission to die' type lines really only work if the person you're speaking to is actually your subordinate.
I think he mirrored the line that he should ask me permission to die next time when he woke up from that wound yesterday.
>we should probably see if we can get changed into blue.
Well, the imperial wizard we met was clad in red, but sure, let’s be on the safe side. I think the guild have some of those recolor elixir lying around…

>look around a bit to see if you can find your phylactery.
Well, I never had the time to check my… that thing I’ve always had and no self-respecting lich would use to store its soul in.
:ThanraPIX: Is that a stuffed toy mantis? It’s kind of cute…
:ClairePIX: Yeah… it’s the only thing I have left from my old life. I wanted to see it before I go.

[Phylactery found! Claire learned Resurrection!]

:ThanraPIX: Did that thing just light up!?
:ClairePIX: It’s a stuffed toy, not a lamp.
:ThanraPIX: Yeah… you’re right. I’m must have imagined it… Anyway, do you want to spend some time with anyone of us? One last time?
:ClairePIX: …Thanra, I’m not going to die. Please relax a bit.
:ThanraPIX: Sorry…

Insert teddy mantis_
No. 500184 ID: 37aa84

Guess we'll be spending time with her to settle her nerves.
No. 500188 ID: 76b151

Huh, well that does make sense then. I wonder why the voices became louder when we came here though....
No. 500192 ID: 37aa84

It would likely means the phylactery is not the vessel so we still need to locate that.
No. 500193 ID: 9ddf68

a stuffed toy mantis? THAT'S ADORABLE! does it have a name.

anyways since we seem to have everything already lets talk to thanra for a bit, she seems worried and could us a little cheering up. and it might help get both of your minds off the upcoming mission.
No. 500204 ID: b3ca75
File 136338354076.png - (32.40KB , 900x600 , 52.png )

>THAT'S ADORABLE! does it have a name?
I used to call him Manny, after one of my three fathers named Manuel.
>It would likely means the phylactery is not the vessel so we still need to locate that.
Indeed that seems to be the case. Now we just need to find the vessel… Why do I get the feeling it’s hidden right under our mandibles?

>let’s talk to thanra for a bit, she seems worried and could us a little cheering up.
Why stop at Thanra? Let’s get everyone who’s free in here.

:ThanraPIX: Are you sure you’re okay?
:ClairePIX: Of course.
:ThanraPIX: Then why are you hugging Renault like some stuffed doll?
:ClairePIX: …um…because it’s… nice?
:RenaultPIX: Claire… can you promise that you don’t come back as some kind of undead monstrosity?
:ThanrosPIX: Why don’t you take a seat, Balros? There’s still some chairs that's empty.
:BalrosPIX: I… I rather stand after yesterday…

Insert Manny Mantis the Maneater_
No. 500207 ID: 53688c

Tell Renault that this is a serious war, and you can't promise nothing bad will happen to you.

Instead assure him that even should the unspeakable happen, undeath could not kill your feelings for him or Waran.
No. 500208 ID: 4ea529

Well, this is getting more and more awkward. Maybe try bringing it up, sorta like "You know that book about the lich and the paladin? Well, this is sorta like that." Though maybe in private, I dunno.

I can see plenty of reasons not to tell them and I won't be bugged if those arguments win out. But if our undead state gets revealed at a bad time, that could create misunderstandings.
No. 500209 ID: 53688c

Actually, we could turn this to our advantage. When we eventually get found out, we might be able to blame it on the villain.

I definitely advocate making a light-hearted joke about lich and paladin relationships though.
No. 500213 ID: f2c20c

I'm still pretty sure that the Vessel is the Dean. I mean, who else has been around for over 500 years? Plus, our usual influence would explain his perviness.

Don't call attention to Balros's sore bum. Ask Thanra if she has any plans on getting to know Blackadder better. Speaking of him, were him and Samuel rude to you today? I wonder if they've come to accept your undeadness or not.
No. 500221 ID: b3ca75
File 136338777416.png - (32.48KB , 900x600 , 53.png )

>I'm still pretty sure that the Vessel is the Dean.
Does the vessel really need to be a person and not just some object? I mean, it’s kind of easier to hide an object for thousands of years then a person.
>were Blackadder and Samuel rude to you today?
Well, no, but they weren’t friendly either. They probably respect that Dylon trust me and doesn’t want to offend him.
>Well, this is getting more and more awkward. Maybe try bringing it up.
Hey, guess what. I’m a soul eating monstrosity that will go mad in a few years and consume everyone around me, blah! I should at least do it in private and probably only to people that actually trust me.

:ClairePIX: I can’t promise that nothing bad will happen to me but I will promise that even undeath will no kill my feelings for you and Waran. You know, it might even end up like that book… a paladin and lich in love~
:RenaultPIX: Heh, you should probably roleplay that with Waran, he really loves that stuff. But if the unspeakable would happen, I… I promise if you aren’t yourself anymore I will end your torment by penetrating my sword into you… gently…
:ThanraPIX: That just sounded wrong, Ren. I can’t say if you are a pervert or just an idiot.
:BalrosPIX: Well, as he don’t actually have a sword…
:ClairePIX: Speaking of penetrating swords, Thanra, do you have any plans of getting to know Blackadder better?
:ThanraPIX: W-what? Why are you suddenly trying to pair me with him?
:RenaultPIX: Well, to be fair, you are always complaining about never being able to get a guy.
:ThanrosPIX: You need to get laid, girlfriend~
:ThanraPIX: …Fuck you guys. …And yes, I thought about it… and yes, he have already tried to hit on me twice… both times he botched it and ended up as a total dork. Happy now?

Well… should I take Ren somewhere private and confes my lichdom… or should I just keep talking about something else? I… I’m kind of scared how he will react…

Insert Butthurt_
No. 500222 ID: d6ef5d

>should I take Ren somewhere private and confes my lichdom?
No. 500227 ID: 9ddf68

Tell Thanra to try and hit on Blackadder then if he keeps batching it up, hell tell her we'll go with her if she thinks she should need help.

Also I do believe at some point and time we should tell someone in our little group of friends that yes we are a lich, that way if it ever gets spilled that you are a lich you'll have at least one person to back you up. I just don't think you should tell anyone all at once. By that i mean don't just go up to one of them and say "Hey guess what, I'm a lich" the shock might kill them... or you if they react violently enough. Try dropping little hints hear and their or just ask questions like "what would you do if someone you know for a long time was undead or a monster" and see were people stand, then go for the ones that react the lest violently towards it.
No. 500228 ID: f2c20c

There is one good reason to tell him before you go up there. Knowing you're a lich BEFORE you get sent against the ravening undead means that if it gets discovered afterwards, he'll know they didn't turn you into one. It will prevent a lot of paranoia if Renault can just go "wait guys she was one already, it's fine!" Blackadder and Samuel wouldn't be trusted as readily as Renault.

Besides, Dylon's two underlings already know. Do you think that's fair? That two mooks found out before you told your friends?
No. 500230 ID: 76b151

I actually agree with this. But it shouldn't be just Renault. It should include all the red-shirts. How to phrase it I don't know. Maybe something like This. I had red-fever(or whatever it was) when I was young. I died then got better. No I haven't eaten any sentients and no I am not planning to take over the world or anything like that. I just want to 'live' my life as I would have if I hadn't died.

With all thats going on this was bound to come out sooner or later and you guys deserve to hear it from me.
No. 500235 ID: 53688c

I disagree. I think it'd be better if they didn't know beforehand, so afterwards you could say they tried to turn you into a mindless lich, but you managed to retain your mental processes, or some such thing.

If we MUST tell someone, tell Waran. He seems to be the most accepting of something like that.
Renault, on the other hand, basically just outright declared he will kill us if we become undead. So let's not tell him.
No. 500246 ID: 2a8a2a

>Renault, on the other hand, basically just outright declared he will kill us if we become undead. So let's not tell him.
He said he would kill us "if you aren’t yourself anymore". This statement would not apply when the Claire he knows already is a lich, and really it might do us some good to have someone who knows about our lichdom and can watch for developing homicidal tendencies.
No. 500262 ID: ab6499

Whatever we decide to do, I think we should put Renault in charge of protecting your Phylactery. If we don't tell him about the lich thing now, at least tell him to defend that stuffed toy like your life depended on it.
No. 500328 ID: b3ca75
File 136342215211.png - (33.63KB , 900x600 , 54.png )

>Renault, on the other hand, basically just outright declared he will kill us if we become undead.
He said he would kill me if I wasn’t me anymore. I think he meant if I was a mindless undead, not a sentient one.
>If we MUST tell someone, tell Waran. He seems to be the most accepting of something like that.
I’ll do that as soon as he’s done with the fake undead charm.
>Whatever we decide to do, I think we should put Renault in charge of protecting your Phylactery.
I’ll bring it up as soon as I can.

>Tell him/them or not to tell him/them, that’s the question.
:ClairePIX: …Maybe you should try hitting on him instead? I’ll even come with you if you want the moral support.
:ThanraPIX: I don’t know… I’m not that interested…
:BalrosPIX: No wonder you don’t have a boyfriend. You can’t just sit on your tail all day expecting a guy to fall from the sky.
:ThanraPIX: …fine, I hit on him later… geez…
:ClairePIX: Well, leaving Thanra’s nonexistent sex life… I was wondering what you would do if you met a non-hostile sentient undead… like a lich?
:RenaultPIX: Well, that depends of how… um… human it is. If it still human enough to feel emotions and have morals then I’ll try helping it the best I can keeping it that way. That’s what paladins are supposed to do right? Help people even if they are as different as liches. If it can’t feel than I’ll simply have to try to put it out of its misery.
:ThanraPIX: Ren, you are kind of naive, you know? The only way to deal with a lich is to kill it with extreme prejudice.
:BalrosPIX: I’ll probably just lob it head of or run away for backup.
:ThanrosPIX: Scream like a little girl and run away. Or if we were many, turn it into a pincushion while hoping that it kill someone else but me.
:ClairePIX: …Guys, can I have some alone time with Ren? ...Thanra, stop snickering, we aren’t going to do that. I just want to talk in private about something.
:ThanraPIX: Well, of course we’ll give you some room. Come on Thanros, Balros, let’s check how Waran and Dylon is doing with the charm.
No. 500329 ID: b3ca75
File 136342217069.png - (29.56KB , 900x600 , 55.png )

:ClairePIX: …Ren… I… I have something I must tell you. Um… how do I put this… When I was young me and my siblings got Rust Rot…
:RenaultPIX: You actually survived that? It’s like only one in a million of the mantises affected that lives through getting Rust Rot…
:ClairePIX: …I didn’t. I wasn’t that one in a million.
:RenaultPIX: Wait…………………………..You’re kidding… you’re kidding right?
:ClairePIX: Cast detect undead on me.
:RenaultPIX: Oh gods, I didn’t… I… but… that’s…

Renault cast hug! Claire is shocked!

:RenaultPIX: I promise you I do whatever I can to help you fight it. I… I will save you, you understand!?

Renault’s “sword” prods Claire. It’s not very effective.


Insert A paladin and a lich, sitting in a tree_
No. 500333 ID: 76b151

Tell him you want to tell the others as well, it isn't right to keep it from them. Not with all that is going on.
No. 500341 ID: f2c20c

Tell him he needs to make sure your doll is kept safe. Also, not to worry too much about you. You have two capable mentors helping you stay sane. Don't tell him about emotion being the key to your mantis-ness since that could either A) make him think you're using him to stay sane or B) make him start drama because he thinks it'll help, or C) make him nervous that he's not being interesting enough. You could probably tell him that just having friends like him to support you is a lot of help!

Also that we're not actually inside Confessions of a Paladin, so he can keep his sword to himself for now, alright?

Would enchanting the doll with that Steel toughness thing use up one of your slots?
No. 500362 ID: d6ef5d

Thanks, Renny. A little late for saving, but I appreciate the help.

>Would enchanting the doll with that Steel toughness thing use up one of your slots?
Uh, only if we carried the doll around with us and kept the enchantment active, I think.

Those slots are for equipment, though. And we have to choose which to keep active. I'm not sure we know how to make persistent passive enchantments on other kinds of objects.
No. 500367 ID: 37aa84

We should probably go for the full confession. We were the one who ate the corpses the night after we arrived in the academy because we let the magic power we need just to maintain our form get too low, how it damaged our humanity and caused us to dream about turning them into undead minions or eating them for several nights which is why we've been very specific on our diet of mostly sushi, oh and that one live chicken.
No. 500368 ID: b3ca75
File 136344364599.png - (30.69KB , 900x600 , 56.png )

>Would enchanting the doll with that Steel toughness thing use up one of your slots?
Well… no, but it won’t actually do anything unless I find some kind of power source. Like if I construct a soul gem and traps someone soul in it to power the enchantment …But that would be wrong.

:ClairePIX: …Ren, this isn’t Confession of a paladin. Please sheathe your sword…
:RenaultPIX: Oh gods! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!
:ClairePIX: And it’s a bit too late to save me, though I appreciate the thought.
:RenaultPIX: But there must be some way I can help…
:ClairePIX: I already got two mentors who helps me come to terms of who I am and helps me… keep being who I am. What I need from you is your support and our… friendship.
:RenaultPIX: …right, I’ll keep doing what I have been doing then.
:ClairePIX: Actually, there is one thing you can do for me. You see that doll over there? I want you to protect it.
:RenaultPIX: The doll? Wait, that’s your… what’s it called? Pylactory? Is that your pylactory?
:ClairePIX: It’s called a Phylactery. And yes, yes it is.
:RenaultPIX: Then I’ll protect it as I would protect you! Though, one thing I been wondering about… how do you find live things to eat? You need to eat living things, right?
:ClairePIX: I’ve mostly eaten sushi and the like, though I did eat that chicken you had in your room the other day and… I accidently ate some of the corpses when I lost a bit of control once… How did you know about me needing to eat living things?
:RenaultPIX: Oh… you know, read a lot of books about the undead. But what about the others, are you going to tell them to? I mean, Waran probably accept it if in a perverted kind of way but I’m not so sure about the Lizards. Thanros is kind of a coward about this kind of stuff and Thanra has a phobia for the undead.
:ClairePIX: She have good reason to. I’ve had drea- nightmares of what would happen if I ever lost control over myself. It’s not pretty…

Insert InsertPhobia_
No. 500375 ID: 14bafe

Well, if Renault's going to be holding onto your stuffy anyway, might as well just have it run off of him, eh?
Assuming he doesn't have a problem with giving up one of his spell slots to help protect your soul from complete annihilation.
No. 500376 ID: d6ef5d

Yeah, we should probably tell Waran too.

>Wait, that’s your… what’s it called?
It's her soul hidey place.
No. 500378 ID: b3ca75
File 136345516342.png - (39.90KB , 900x600 , 57.png )

:ClairePIX: I’ll tell Waran as soon as he got time. As for the others… I don’t know. I’ll hold it off for now at least.
:RenaultPIX: Speaking of Waran, he gave me just the stuff that will help protect your… um… soul hidey place the other day. You’re an enchanter right? That’s perfect! Come; let us go to our dorm.


:RenaultPIX: -and with the help of these stationary batteries the enchantments will power themselves.
:ClairePIX: First off, we’re did he get those and second, are you sure this anti undead enchantment won’t affect me to?
:RenaultPIX: I think he made them himself with the help of his alchemy skills. As for the runes, according to the paladin codex if a paladin blesses an anti-undead rune any undead he bless after should be unaffected by it… and I think I blessed both of you correctly... maybe… why don’t you try it? Touch the doll.
:ClairePIX: If this thing blows up my arm I swear to the gods that I will eat your head, Ren.
:RenaultPIX: See, it works! Your pyl- soul hidey thing should be safe now.

[Phylactery enchanted with +Steel, invisibility, anti-undead! Used stationary batteries x 3]
[New runes learned: Invisibility, anti!]

:RenaultPIX: Well, I think Dylon and Waran should be done by now, wanna go check?

Insert Hate it when people read over the shoulder_
No. 500380 ID: 14bafe

I notice he didn't answer the first question. These are probably soul gems.
No. 500382 ID: 9ddf68

Before you do that see what the dean wants from you. if your wondering where he is, just look over your shoulder
No. 500386 ID: d6ef5d

> people read over the shoulder
Aaaah! Boo!

>+Steel, invisibility, anti-undead
So wait, [Steel Protect], [Infuse Invisibility], and [Anti Life Opposite]? We can throw three enchantments on a single thing?
No. 500387 ID: b3ca75
File 136346013711.png - (42.18KB , 900x600 , 58.png )

> We can throw three enchantments on a single thing?
We can throw how many enchantment we want on anything. Each enchantment just takes up a magic item slot, or in this case a battery, and can maximum be three runes long.

>I notice he didn't answer the first question. These are probably soul gems.
:ClairePIX: Ren, what did Waran say these things was?
:RenaultPIX: Um… stationary batteries. He also said something about not needing them any longer and that I shouldn’t flaunt them in front of anyone because they were expensive?
:ClairePIX: …That wasn’t ominous at all… and hello Dean.
:RenaultPIX: Dea- AHH! Where did you come from!?
:DeanPIX: So this is the one you choose to reveal your true nature to? The paladin? Honestly, I thought you would fall for the prince guy, not this buffoon.
:ClairePIX: I’d appreciate if you didn’t insult him, old man.
:DeanPIX: Hmm? Oh, of course. Heh, to be young and in love, I miss that feeling. Anyhow, I’m not here to judge who you chose as a mate. No, as it’s dangerous to go alone, take this. It will help you on your quest.
:ClairePIX: A bottle filled with green gunk?
:DeanPIX: Athelas, Hydresan Spice and Death coil to be precise. Now drink up.
:RenaultPIX: Wait, we did that contract for you!? And who… what are you!? Are you also a lich? What’s goi-
:DeanPIX: Shush boy, the grownups are talking. Now drink it!
:ClairePIX: What does it do?
:DeanPIX: Oh… you know… CoughPhngluimglwnafhDopefishwgahnaglfhtagnCough…

Insert Make 7up yours!_
No. 500389 ID: 9ddf68

1) what was that about dope fish

2) what the fuck is on top of the dresser in the upper left of the room, the on closest to the entrance of the room

3) ask if you have to drink it now... and maybe ask the book what it is.
No. 500392 ID: d6ef5d

Screamer! Coming down from the ceiling behind you Claire! (Above the bookshelf in the corner).

>So this is the one you choose to reveal your true nature to? The paladin?
Hey, he's nicer than the prince. And he was the biggest risk for things blowing up horribly in our face if he found out for himself in the wrong circumstances.
No. 500393 ID: 37aa84

2) Oh god it's another one of those screamer things hanging upside down off the ceiling.
No. 500395 ID: 76b151

Bottoms up!
No. 500396 ID: b3ca75
File 136346168361.png - (41.68KB , 900x600 , 59.png )

>Screamer! Coming down from the ceiling behind you Claire! (Above the bookshelf in the corner).
What? Where!?
:ClairePIX: Ren, did you see something over where your bed is?
:RenaultPIX: Um… no? I’ll keep a lookout if you want.
:DeanPIX: Stop trying to delay it and drink it. It might taste awful but it will help you in the end.
:ClairePIX: Er… can it wait?
:DeanPIX: No.
:ClairePIX: Wait just a second, I’ll ask the book fi- HEY!

Dean steals Antonidas from Claire!

:DeanPIX: This book is long overdue. You should be glad I don’t charge you for failing to return it to the library in time. Now, drink it up! It will help you.

Insert Shh, be quit in the library_
No. 500398 ID: d6ef5d

>Screamer Search
It's above the middle bookshelf, now. C'mon guys, look up. It moves fast.

>Drink eet!
...you know, I was a lot more willing to trust you before you snatched away our only other reliable reference here. Books don't go overdone that fast!
No. 500400 ID: 76b151

Ya now IM suspicious as well. Gimme the book back so I can double check what this does.
No. 500403 ID: 9ddf68

Renault might want to move as it seems the screamer is directly over his head right now, and ask what is wrong with the dean. he wasn't this pushy when he tried to get you to eat that criminal... is he on or off of his medication right now?
No. 500405 ID: 78c6ea

He's not going to charge late fees? That's great! You want to check it out again.
No. 500408 ID: ab6499

I might be mistaken... but I think that thing is going after the Dean, or possibly the potion.
No. 500410 ID: 76b151

The potion is a good guess. Snatch it from the dean even if you decide not to drink it. If it does enhance undead creatures no matter what the side effects are then it might smell good to them.
No. 500420 ID: b3ca75
File 136346510308.png - (42.86KB , 900x600 , 60.png )

>It's above the middle bookshelf, now. C'mon guys, look up. It moves fast.
It’s not there…

:ClairePIX: If you give me back the book so I can double-check what’s in that potion I’ll drink it.
:DeanPIX: Um… no, got to bring it back to the library.
:ClairePIX: Then I’ll just check it out again.
:DeanPIX: Someone else has already checked it out, I’m sorry. Now drink the potion!
:ClairePIX: …are you off your medication or something?
:DeanPIX: Medi- I mean, yes, yes I am.
:ClairePIX: …fine, give me the potion.
:DeanPIX: Here you go… well?
:ClairePIX: I’m not going to drink it right now.
:DeanPIX: What? Why can’t you just drink it, bit- I mean, if you don’t drink it right now you’ll regret it! It… um… it will go cold!

Insert but I like my cacao lukewarm!_
No. 500423 ID: d6ef5d

It's cloaked! Invisible monster right between you and the bed, Claire! Slashey slashey, already! C'mon, it's right between the three of you now!

...uh, he's acting really funny. And that's now how he acts when he's off his meds. In fact, it's more like he didn't even know about the meds until you mentioned them.

Are we sure this isn't an impostor?
No. 500424 ID: 37aa84

I don't think that's the Dean, or perhaps it is and he's got a Boreworm
No. 500425 ID: 76b151

You somehow became evil again. Thats why boreworms have suddenly reappeared isn't it Carrie?
No. 500427 ID: 9ddf68

throw the potion at his face because I really don't think that is the dean. and tell Renault to grab his ax and watch out that screamer just cloaked itself so you might want to get drain energy ready, just in case shit goes down hill, which it most likely is really really quickly.
No. 500429 ID: 76b151

nah don't waste the potion. If it does do something useful we can maybe use it for something else.
No. 500434 ID: b3ca75
File 136346716170.png - (42.26KB , 900x600 , 61.png )

>throw the potion at his face because I really don't think that is the dean.
>tell Renault to grab his ax and watch out that screamer just cloaked itself so you might want to get drain energy ready.

:ClairePIX: Ren, Screamer right behind me!
:DeanPIX: Wha-

Claire throw acid potion on Mimic for 40 damage(FACE!)!
Renault axes screamer for 13 damage(Torso)!
Claire energy drain Screamer for 22 damage!
Screamer is slain!

:ScreamerPIX: EEEEEH!
:MimicPIX: AAAH!

Insert boom, headshot_
No. 500435 ID: 76b151

Huh so it WAS useful... also ouch if you had drunk that.

Alright. We need to pin this mimic down now. Go for the legs so it can't run.
No. 500436 ID: d6ef5d

...there are intelligent humanoid shapeshifters in this setting?

Great, as if our paranoia wasn't bad enough. I hope there's a way to detect those things. We're going to need to set up separate trust passwords with everyone we know, now.

Which, uh, wouldn't exactly be foolproof, because our friends could be mimic-ed or boreworm hijacked. Fantastic.

>What do?
Kill the mimic, recover book.
No. 500437 ID: 30a140

Claire you need to get your book back from that bastard now
No. 500444 ID: f2c20c

Energy Drain seems effective against undead. Do it again!
No. 500445 ID: b3ca75
File 136347039758.png - (40.29KB , 900x600 , 62.png )

>Claire you need to get your book back from that bastard now.
Got it. It dropped it when I threw that acid in its… um… “face”. Luckily, none of the acid got on the book.
>I hope there's a way to detect those things.
I don’t know, I didn’t even know these guys existed!

Claire tackles Mimic!
Mimic loses control of its liquid body!
Liquid body has dissolved!
Mimic is paralyzed!

:ClairePIX: Ew… it’s everywhere!
:RenaultPIX: Did… did that thing just burst into liquid?
:MimicPIX: Master will have your head, insect!

Insert don’t lose your head_
No. 500447 ID: 4b5e9d

If the thing is made of liquid do you think you could put it inside of a glass jar or bottle of some kind? Maybe show the rest of your group and maybe a teacher if you think you can trust them
No. 500448 ID: 76b151

Put him in the acid potion jar.... that or Life drain it.
No. 500452 ID: cd95c0

Use your shamwow
No. 500454 ID: d6ef5d

Yeah, our drain spells are touch based. You're in full body contact with that puddle-o-mimic. Drain away.
No. 500464 ID: f2c20c

Squish its eyes.

Also, against undead I think energy drain is more appropriate than life drain... but is this thing even undead? I don't know! Experiment?
No. 500465 ID: b3ca75
File 136347376420.png - (39.97KB , 900x600 , 63.png )

>Use your shamwow.
Wow, those things really suck up the liquid, don’t they? I’m probably going to say wow every time I use one.
>is this thing even undead?
I think it’s some kind of construct, maybe?

>If the thing is made of liquid do you think you could put it inside of a glass jar or bottle of some kind?
Only it outer shell seemed to be made of liquid. Its real body is a small beetle like creature that quite solid. Though, the jar idea is still a good one.

:ClairePIX: Ren, give me a the acid jar… or maybe not. Give me a jar that’s whole.
:RenaultPIX: Here you go.

[Claire gained jar of dirt mimic]

:MimicPIX: When the transcended one comes your world will burn, bug!
:RenaultPIX: Well… what do we do with this guy, then?

Insert mimic in a jar_
No. 500466 ID: 76b151

... lets ask the book first about this, then go find the dean? Also warn people about this. Starting with the rest of your friends. Undead are wandering around and there are strange bugs that can use a liquid to appear like people.
No. 500469 ID: f2c20c

Ask Antonidas what it's capable of. Then we can interrogate it! Who's their leader? Where's the queen worm? Are there other mimics attacking others in the school?

Actually maybe we should warn everyone else that there are Mimics about.
No. 500478 ID: bf0685

some interrogation will help, but how can we be sure of getting answers? unless... we shake the jar?

also with the possibility of minics around would it be possible to have some kind of detect spell that would work on them?
No. 500480 ID: d6ef5d

Find out everything the book knows about mimics! Can they be detected, weaknesses, do they count as undead, etc.

Then try to get info out of it. It seems to like bragging about its master. Maybe egg it into revealing something that way?
No. 500482 ID: b3ca75
File 136347767453.png - (42.97KB , 900x600 , 64.png )

:ClairePIX: Antonidas? We just met some kind if mimic bug with a liquid shell or something. You know what it is?
:Antonidas: Mimics? Why are they using Car’zug’s failed experiments?
:ClairePIX: Car’zug? Wasn’t his name Car’zun? And failed?
:Antonidas: I meant Car’zul. As for the mimics… can you please touch your friends face.
:ClairePIX: Okay…
:Antonidas: If that was a mimic then his face would be disfigured by now. Their bodies are like jelly and any pressure put on them will deform whatever form they are trying to keep. As for another weaknesses, well… anything that affect magical creatures like turn or smite and the like, really.
:ClairePIX: Well, that was surprisingly easy. As for the mimic himself… Tell me who your leader is or I’ll shake the jar!
:MimicPIX: Ha! Do you think you can scare me, tick?
:RenaultPIX: Tell us or I’ll cast turn on you. You are after all a magical creature so you’ll be affected.
:MimicPIX: You wouldn’t dare… f-fine, I’ll talk… Our leader is the great transcended one!
:ClairePIX: Who is the Transcended one? Where is the queen worm? Are there other mimics attacking the school right now?
:MimicPIX: The Transcended one is our lord and savior, to deliver us from this wretched word into an utopia! The queen is in the control room of Folken’s flagship. I’m the only mimic send to kill and absorb the memories of the lich so we can find the vessel! Death to you! A Skull on your arm!
:ClairePIX: A skull on what?

:ThanraPIX: -isn’t my fault the tray was right there…
:WaranPIX: He’s still going to walk funny for a while.

Insert No items, Claire only, final destination_
No. 500502 ID: 14bafe

Poke them in the face, for science!
No. 500503 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, so our counter mimic strategy is just to go around poking everyone? Fun! We can handle that. Claire, go poke your friends.

>absorb memories
Aw man, they're the late model face dancer style of shapeshifter? Annoying. As if we didn't have enough existential problems in this quest.

>Insert No items, Claire only, final destination_
Screw you, your boring stage, and your tiers, man. Items are fun, and I'm going to use yoshi just to annoy you with egg-spam.
No. 500518 ID: f2c20c

Ask Thanra who got their balls busted. Oh right, also we caught a shapeshifter. Everyone must submit to having their faces poked from now on!
No. 500520 ID: 17675d

Well bring them up to speed but for now leave out the lich part. Then go meet Dlyon and see if he has any last minute advice befor we go SAVE THE WORLD
No. 500521 ID: 2a8a2a

>Why are they using Car’zug’s failed experiments?
Ask what made them failures. Were they not supposed to be jelly-like?
Considering the pattern, does Car'zux have any other notable abandoned experiments that he knows about?
No. 500525 ID: 76b151

Did Carrie have any apprentices maybe?
No. 500532 ID: 78c6ea

zug zug
No. 500564 ID: f2c20c

Oh, tell Waran you've got a secret to share with him as soon as you have some time alone.
No. 500583 ID: b3ca75
File 136351343311.png - (41.45KB , 900x600 , 65.png )

>I'm going to use yoshi just to annoy you with egg-spam.
Stop having fun, guys!
>Ask what made them failures.
:AntonidasPIX: They are supposed to be super spies / assassin. You can foil them by touching them.
>Does Car'zux have any other notable abandoned experiments that he knows about?
:AntonidasPIX: Well, several actually. He tried a lot of things before he made the boreworms. Like the mind render that most often just rend its own mind, or the subduer that was way too big, got stuck everywhere and didn’t really subdue any one. More like tried to “couple” with all the females it found instead… oh, and the suicide spiders, those were fun. They were too fragile to transport and most often just blow up the necromancer who tried to activate them. I don’t think I even lost a man to those things.
>Did Carrie have any apprentices maybe?
:AntonidasPIX: Yes, he did. But they should all be dead. Car’zuzu and I saw to that.
>Poke them in the face, for science!

:ClairePIX: Poke poke :)
:WaranPIX: …Why are you poking us?
:ClairePIX: Oh, we were attacked by a shape shifter and apparently the only way to detect them is to touch people and see if they deform.
:ThanraPIX: They have shape shifters now? I better warn the teachers!
:ClairePIX: Sure, take it with you as proof.
:ThanraPIX: I’ll be back before you go on your mission, okay?
:WaranPIX: Um… maybe I should go and he-
:ClairePIX: No, wait, I got… um… something I need to tell you.
:WaranPIX: Oh?
:ClairePIX: …well… um… one thing first, I’m kind of curious, who got his balls busted?
:WaranPIX: Let’s just say Thanra is just as a big failure as Blackadder when it comes to flirting. Now, what did you want to tell me?
:ClairePIX: Well… how do I put this…

Insert coming out of the closet… I mean tomb_
No. 500584 ID: 76b151

Same way you did Renault. Honestly its the best delivery you have right now.
No. 500588 ID: cd95c0

"I've been a Lich since before I joined the school"
No. 500589 ID: f2c20c

Tell him if he really really likes Confessions of a Paladin, he's in luck! Because that is what is going on here. Well, maybe not the falling in love part... yet~
No. 500592 ID: b3ca75
File 136352084825.png - (42.68KB , 900x600 , 66.png )

:ClariePIX: Waran… You really like Confessions of a paladin, right?
:WaranPIX: Y-yes…?
:ClairePIX: well… um… you see… when I was younger I got Rust Rot and-
:WaranPIX: I see were you are going with this… yes, haha, laugh at me because I got weird interests.
:RenaultPIX: But she’s telling the truth!
:WaranPIX: Can you please just stop. I already know the joke and it wasn’t f-funny the first time.
:ClairePIX: But-
:WaranPIX: I expected something l-like this from Ren, but n-not from you, C-Claire... I e-expect better f-from you! I-I… I’m l-leaving… you… y-you… you j-jerks!
:ClairePIX: No, wait! Um…

Insert Hitting a nerve_
No. 500594 ID: 76b151

I wouldn't joke about this. You and Renault are the first I've told.

Warren please, this isn't a joke. Think about it. The same night I got here suddenly corpses are being nommed on in the crypt. You can even ask Blackadder and Robutnik. They both know as they tested me for being the vessal and that revealed me as a lich.

If all else fails ask Warren to give you a chance to prove yourself.
No. 500595 ID: f2c20c

Yell at him that it's not a joke and if he leaves now you're going to make him regret it.

Tell him you ate the corpses in the crypt. It's why you request sushi all the time. You got found out by Dylon's troops when they tested your blood. If he wants proof, well your eyes turn black when you use necromancy. That's the only way anyone could tell without testing your blood or using detect undead when you're not protecting yourself.
No. 500596 ID: f2c20c

Oh right and you're carrying around a book entitled "So now you're a lich".
No. 500601 ID: d6ef5d

Damnit Warran, I wouldn't joke about being a monster and having to spend the rest of my life worrying about if I'm going to lose control and hurt someone. I'm not trying to make fun of you- I'm telling you because I trust you.
No. 500605 ID: b3ca75
File 136353012242.png - (41.68KB , 900x600 , 67.png )

:ClairePIX: I’m not joking, dammit! I wouldn’t joke about something like this! If you leave now I will make you regret it! At least let me prove myself.
:ClairePIX: I’m a lich. That’s why I’m always eating sushi. That’s why I went to the crypt on the first day I got here in a moment of weakness. I… see the talking book I have; it’s called “So now you’re a lich”!
:WaranPIX: …I don’t…
:ClairePIX: Here, let me show you some of my necromantic powers…
:WaranPIX: Being a necromancer isn’t the same as being a lich…
:ClairePIX: You have to trust me, Waran. I wouldn’t joke about being a monster! I'm not trying to make fun of you- I'm telling you because I trust you. Don’t you trust me?
:WaranPIX: …Fine, I believe you… You’re a lich. It’s just… everyone usually make fun of me and start rejecting me as soon as they get to know about my… interests… and… wait, you really are a lich?
:ClairePIX: …yes… a little slow on the uptake there, huh?
:WaranPIX: It’s just… oh gods, it’s just like in my books! I… I’m actually got a shot with a lich!? I can’t believe it!
:ClairePIX: Down boy…
:RenaultPIX: It’s no use. He won’t stop talking when he get worked up like this.
:WaranPIX: -but the implications… She needs to stay sane but… If maybe… and she’s… oh-

Insert Blah blah blah_
No. 500609 ID: d6ef5d

So... um. How long does this last? Do we snap him out of it or just wait?

...and do I need to explain he really can't go around talking about this?
No. 500625 ID: 9ddf68

think if you give Waran a kiss he might stop rambling long enough for you to explain a few things, and maybe let you ask how he and Dylon's little project want earlier and if he has any advice on the upcoming mission.
No. 500632 ID: b3ca75
File 136354346107.png - (40.99KB , 900x600 , 68.png )

:WaranPIX: …wait, can’t we get chickens from the ki-
:ClairePIX: *Smooch*
:WaranPIX: glag blah dah… Maybe I should stop talking…
:ClairePIX: …You know you can’t say this to anyone right?
:WaranPIX: Of course. I won’t tell anyone!
:ClairePIX: Good. Now, how are the preparations coming?
:WaranPIX: Almost done. Dylon said he had something special he wanted to do, but that would only take ten minutes. But it’s up to you when we start, isn’t it?
:ClairePIX: Any advice?
:RenaultPIX: Look out for any sentient undead, they will probably not be fooled by the charm.
:WaranPIX: well, you might be able to bluff that you’re one of them. You are a undead too, you know.
:RenaultPIX: The mindless one probably won’t care if you’re undead or not, they only care about if you are on their “do not eat” list or not. So keep that charm on you.
:ClairePIX: Well… I think I’m ready then.
:WaranPIX: Are you prepared mentally? You know, we got time, maybe we should do something extra for you.
:RenaultPIX: um…
:WaranPIX: You know, massage, a drink, something to eat maybe? …Or maybe something… more~
:RenaultPIX: Even more um…

Insert get going already_
No. 500635 ID: d6ef5d

>even more um~
Tempting, but the enemy has already tried to infiltrate us once. I'm thinking we don't want to give them more time to do stuff. I should go as soon as we're ready.
No. 500636 ID: 9ddf68

Save that kind of stuff for the celebration party. for now say your goodbyes then head on off to ADVENTURE
No. 500654 ID: b3ca75
File 136354650664.png - (34.23KB , 900x600 , 69.png )

:ClairePIX: Shouldn’t we save that kind of stuff for the celebration party when we get back? I promise we’ll have some fun then, okay?
:WaranPIX: O-of course!


:DylonPIX: Are you sure you are ready?
:ClairePIX: I’m ready.
:DylonPIX: Then here, I have some stuff for you. First off, the charm. Try to wear it at all time, okay? Second, some old guy that called himself the dean wanted you to have this potion. He also mumbled something about trusting him and asking the book about it or something. Third, I made some anti-undead grenades in case of an emergency.

[Gained Fake undead charm, Green potion with “Drink me” post-it-note, 3 x Anti-undead grenades]

:LtBlackadderPIX: Um… sir? Aren’t those things going to affect all the undead where they go off? You know, ALL of them?
:DylonPIX: That’s kind of the point, isn’t it?
:LtBlackadderPIX: Never mind sir.
:RenaultPIX: Well, Claire, good luck.
:WaranPIX: I know you can do it!
:ThanraPIX: I will be praying for you, you hear?
:ThanrosPIX: Kick their asses!
:BalrosPIX: …good luck.
:DylonPIX: …well, madam, I hate to send someone as… interesting as you on a mission like this, but you have my gratitude. Even if we don’t have a contract I will repay you, you have my word on that. …by the way, did you get the flower I sent you?

No. 500655 ID: 9ddf68

What flower?
anyways ask the book if this potion is legit and if so what does it do. Then lets get this mission over with and be careful with those grenades and try and save them for the more difficult enemies, like the boreworm queen.
Also are you bringing your scythes or are you just going to go full on lich powers for this mission?
No. 500656 ID: d6ef5d

>Fake undead charm
Does that consume a magic item slot? If so, I suggest we keep our bolster undead charm on, and turn off the +steel clothes.

>did you get the flower I sent you?
No, sorry. Mail must be held up with all the chaos.
No. 500658 ID: c6319f

Give Blackadder a handshake. He's a good man.
No. 500662 ID: b3ca75
File 136355154143.png - (32.92KB , 900x600 , 70.png )

>Does that consume a magic item slot?
No, but it will only last for about a day before it breaks. So I can still have both bolster and +steel active. Though maybe I should change them to +str or my resist Necro?
> are you bringing your scythes?
Of course, I got them right here in my “Hammer space Bag(Tm)”. Every adventurer has one.
>ask the book if this potion is legit and if so what does it do.
:AntonidasPIX: Drip it on me… hmm… Athelas, Hydresan Spice and Death coil, huh? You should definitely drink this. It will empower your lich powers.

>Give Blackadder a handshake. He's a good man.
:ClairePIX: I think we got off on the wrong foot, Bleakleather. What do you say, start over?
:LtBlackadderPIX: Hmm, very well… I still don’t like what you are, but I will respect Dylons judgment.
:ThanraPIX: What did you say?
:ClairePIX: Private, Thanra. Now, as for the flower, no I didn’t get them.
:ThanraPIX: Err… actually, you did. You were still asleep when you got them and I kind of forgot to mention them… sorry. They are still on the table in our room, though.
:DylonPIX: That’s… a shame. But good luck then.


Well, here I am. On the fifth floor… at the view… and those undead doesn’t seem to even notice I’m here.

Insert They see me liching, they hating_
No. 500666 ID: d6ef5d

Chug that power up potion! Unless is has a limited duration, and we need to save it.

I'd swap +steel for RN. Necromancy is more a threat than physical damage in this area, and we want the bolster undead item to hopefully protect us from our own grenades.

Anyways, sneak on past them grunts and head through the door.
No. 500668 ID: f2c20c

Man, Dylon is really falling behind in romancing you. We gotta take him out on a date soon. Or something.

Just walk on by like you belong here. Drink the potion when you get a moment to yourself.
No. 500669 ID: 765802

Well of they're not doing anything just keep on with the plan. The sooner we're done here the sooner we don't have to worry about getting another sword through us
No. 500670 ID: e3b5c6

Be sure to watch out in case one of them decides to do something.
No. 500673 ID: b3ca75
File 136355680558.png - (32.05KB , 900x600 , 71.png )

>Chug that power up potion!
[Claire’s lich powers grow stronger! Claire Learned Analyze Magical Creature(Line of sight)!]
>I'd swap +steel for RN.
Done and done.
>Man, Dylon is really falling behind in romancing you. We gotta take him out on a date soon. Or something.
I guess… it would be nice to enlarge the harem, though I don’t know if he’ll really fit or not.

>Just walk on by like you belong here.
…Yeah, they don’t even react. None of them does. Even those that are actually moving around ignore me completely. This would be a cake walk if it wasn’t for the fact that I have no idea where they have those gate keys I’m supposed to steal are.

:DeathKnightPIX: You there! HALT!

…I knew I shouldn’t have tempted fate…

Insert Phoenix Claire: Harems for all_
No. 500674 ID: 76b151

Stop and analyze them.
No. 500681 ID: 78c6ea

th'fuck are those all black bug things?
No. 500683 ID: d6ef5d

>th'fuck are those all black bug things?
Death knights, obviously. Apparently of mantis origin.

Do what they say, for the moment. There's a chance your cover hasn't been blow, and they're just bossing you around because you're a lesser undead wandering around.

If they turn out to be actually suspicious, we can try and bluff our way out of this.
No. 500684 ID: 251f10

Turn and see what they want but don't say anything unless they ask you a question and if they do use as few words as possible
No. 500685 ID: d6ef5d

Yeah, the key to playing unintelligent undead is to play as dumb as possible and follow orders unimaginably and literally.
No. 500699 ID: beeca1

Don't turn, just stop.
No. 500706 ID: c6319f

Better halt. Don't turn around unless they tell you to.
No. 500763 ID: b3ca75
File 136358689545.png - (30.85KB , 900x600 , 72.png )

>analyze them.
Death Knight – Sentient Undead.
Immune – Negative Energy.
Strong – Ice.
Weak – Fire.
Uses – Ice, Negative Energy.

>Don't turn, just stop.
:DeathKnightPIX: What are you doing up here, lich? Why do you have that fake undead charm, are you trying to slink away from work? Why aren’t you down in the village at the summoning circle with the rest of the casters, lich!? Just because you are powerful doesn’t mean you can ignore the master’s orders!
:ClairePIX: Um…

Insert bluff, bluff, bluff the stupid ogre_
No. 500766 ID: cd95c0

The Undead Charm was clearly so you could infiltrate the lower levels with an excuse regarding why detect undead pinged off you. You were tasked with attempting to retrieve a caught mimic if it was at all feasible, but it failed and so now you're returning and caring out contingency orders, and he's stalling you. It isn't his place to interfere in the master's orders, is it?
No. 500767 ID: cd95c0

Oh, and if he brings up that you shouldn't ping undead because magic, redundant measures decrease the chance for the unexpected to foul things up.
No. 500773 ID: 9ddf68

If he ask way you had a charm that pings you as undead instead of one that pings you as living just say that they have stepped up the detect undead spells so it's getting harder to sneak in using that method and you we're told to just pose as a student that found a new enchantment and was just testing it out because the master told you that the school would never expect an undead to infiltrate it by posing as an undead. and if he ask how that makes any sense just say you thought the same thing but orders were orders.
No. 500775 ID: 14bafe

Speaking of the Master's orders, I need a gate key to put in my report. Mind getting one for me, Death Knight?
No. 500777 ID: f2c20c

Hmm, elemental affinities, eh? Consider carrying multiple blades with various elemental enchantments.

You could tell him that while going to the village you came across someone trying to infiltrate using the fake undead charm, killed them, and were going to report it before heading back down to the village.
No. 500811 ID: b3ca75
File 136361100326.png - (27.07KB , 900x600 , 73.png )

>Hmm, elemental affinities, eh? Consider carrying multiple blades with various elemental enchantments.
Or I can do most of them on the same blade. As long as they don’t contradict each other, like fire and ice, I can have them on it… as long as they aren’t activated at the same time that is.

:ClairePIX: Masters order. I have been hunting infiltrators in our midst wearing these kind of charms and I need to report it to lord Folken. I need to go to the gates immediately! Or are trying to question the masters orders!?
:DeathKnightPIX: Of course not, lich, it’s just… well… the gates have been deactivated because of the summoning. The Major have all the gate keys, though you should probably just report to him instead and he’ll report it to Folken himself. His office is just down the hallway. For the Legion!
:ClairePIX: …For the Legion!

Well then, let’s go to this major.


:MajorPIX: I’m going to have a conservation with Lord Folken and I do not want to be disturbed under any circumstances. Do you two deadbeats understand? Do not let anyone into my office beside those on the list!
:DeathKnightPIX: Of course, sir.
No. 500812 ID: b3ca75
File 136361102449.png - (26.54KB , 900x600 , 74.png )

:DeathKnightPIX: …Why don’t we just slaughter the living instead on sitting on our asses like this!?
:DeathKnightPIX: Master said that they are needed for the summoning ritual sacrifice. The Master want’s as much as his army to get here as possible when we summon him. For the legion!
:DeathKnightPIX: For the legion!

Insert The legion is on fire!_
No. 500813 ID: 14bafe

Yell out to him before he closes the door! He's not in the meeting yet, so you can 'give your report about the undead charms' before he starts the teleconference.
No. 500814 ID: 14bafe

Dang, I missed it.
In that case, tell them they are needed for the ritual's sacrifice now. Hurry, or the time will pass any everyone will have to start over.
No. 500816 ID: 76b151

Hmm, kill these two death knights, enter room. Hide until conversation is over. Ambush Major and then get keys. I imagine the conversation is going to be over some sorta communication device so sadly we'll still need them.

Battle plan. Walk towards the knights looking like you are going to pass by them then use your Scythes like someone from Assassin Creed and fillet their necks simultaneously. Then apply Energy Drain to finish them off.
No. 500821 ID: 14bafe

First off, Death Knights are immune to Negative energy damage, and I'm pretty sure that's what energy drain is.
Second, Claire is a second (or third, I may have missed a level up) level fighter. She's not gonna be able to do anything cool during a fight. Wasn't even able to beat what's his face, one on one.
No. 500823 ID: 76b151

They aren't going to abandon their posts either. No matter what excuse we use. Also Rule of Cool has served us well before!
No. 500829 ID: b3ca75
File 136361609632.png - (26.36KB , 900x600 , 75.png )

>Death Knights are immune to Negative energy damage, and I'm pretty sure that's what energy drain is.
Minor undead are weak against drain but as that analyze I did didn’t say anything, I’m going to guess that these guys are strong enough to be immune.

>Battle plan. Walk towards the knights looking like you are going to pass by them then use your Scythes.
:DeathKnightPIX: …miss.
:ClairePIX: …Gentleme- Hiya!

Claire attack Death Knight for 0 damage(Neck)! Claire is too weak to pierce the armor!

:DeathKnightPIX: Err… what are you doing?
:ClairePIX: I’m… I’m just getting you attention. Quick, you are needed for the ritual's sacrifice now! Hurry or the time will pass any everyone will have to start over!
:DeathKnightPIX: …the summoning haven’t started yet. The major hasn’t placed the final Summoning glyphs and need to consult with Lord Folken before it can be placed. Did a paladin shuffle up your brain or something? You… aren’t acting right. Anyway, if you are here to see the Major then you’ll have to wait to after the summoning and the death of all the living in this area… unless you are on his list, that is.

Insert plan B_
No. 500830 ID: 14bafe

Huh, really? Thought that it had been longer than that, or... Oh that was it! The other litches were ready for the runes to be placed, and wanted you ready post haste. Also, I do have a report.

Well you did get turned earlier today. You're good enough to make your report though!
...As soon as you remember who you are? Who's on the list, I should be one of them.
No. 500849 ID: 9ddf68

Just say your a bit out of it because some jackass got a lucky hit on you with turn undead. Maybe start some small talk like ask if he ever was hit by turn undead, how busy is the Major right now, anything interesting happening well he was guarding today, when is the ritual meant to go off today anyways, maybe see if you can get a look at the list, is he doing anything latter today, Where is Folken now?
you know just mix in actual questions with small talk to see what you can learn and if he ask why you are bothering him so much just say your still trying to get your mind of that damnable turn undead spell.
No. 500850 ID: 37aa84

If only we knew who was on the list we could claim to be them. Unless Dilandou is on the list we don't really know any other Imperials by name who aren't currently considered traitors.
No. 500873 ID: f2c20c

Say we're on the list, and use an easy-to-misunderstand name. Demand the list when they say you're not on it, and point out someone close enough to fit, or at least be a nickname.

Or wait, we could just rely on luck, and use a very common Mantis name.
No. 500877 ID: 2a8a2a

If he asks about our report, we can 'remember' that we needed to report that the school found the hidden stairwell and sent a force with paladins to block it off.
No. 500889 ID: b3ca75
File 136364441188.png - (24.33KB , 900x600 , 76.png )

:ClairePIX: I was ambushed by a paladin that got a lucky turn on my, yes… Though, I did drain him to dust for that. Hey, have you ever been turned?
:DeathKnightPIX: Me? No, I’ve never had the pleasure to disembowel a paladin yet.
:ClairePIX: Let me tell you, those turn undead does one hell of a job on ones sanity… How busy is the major, anyway?
:DeathKnightPIX: …We are just about the bring an army large enough to cleanse the world, what do you think?
:ClairePIX: Oh, right, the summoning… when is that again?
:DeathKnightPIX: As soon as the last glyphs is in place. Man, that turning must really have done your brain in. Do you even remember who you are?
:ClairePIX: Um… I’m… I’m… Folken should know who I am, where is he?
:DeathKnightPIX: …You are not allowed to know that. Though, we aren’t either. But who are you? I can’t let some derange lich walk around in here!
:ClairePIX: Um… I’m on the list, check it.
:DeathKnightPIX: You are on the list? Who put you there?
:ClairePIX: …I did?
:DeathKnightPIX: You put yourself on the list!?
:DeathKnightPIX: Well, if her mind is scrambled like that maybe she wants to end it?
:DeathKnightPIX: But aren’t suicides supposed to be painless? But she is insane after all… very well, in you go.
:ClairePIX: Wait… what?
:DeathKnightPIX: *Shove*
No. 500891 ID: b3ca75
File 136364443273.png - (27.25KB , 900x600 , 77.png )

:Dude: -And don’t lose the glyph! It will take days to make a new one.
:MajorPIX: Don’t worry, we have time.
:Dude: No, we do not. The guild has been able to warn the paladin order and they are on their way here as we speak. The summoning most be completed before they come here!
:MajorPIX: Of course, sire!
:Dude: Is everything else ready? Are the flying ships ready to destroy themselves? Are you ready to make your move on the guild?
:MajorPIX: The ships are ready and the troops are ready to do your bidding, sire. As for the guild, we have found a way to flank their defenses. They will never see us coming.
:Dude: Good, good. And the vessel?
:MajorPIX: We haven’t found it yet, nor have we been able to catch the one bearing the voices, sire.
:Dude: Hrmm… very well, complete the summoning ritual then.
:MajorPIX: At once, sire!

Insert darkness binds you_
No. 500892 ID: 76b151

Do an analyze on him. Approach him from the back and try to shank him.
No. 500894 ID: d6ef5d

>And don’t lose the glyph! It will take days to make a new one.
Ganking or destroying that is now a priority.

Try and get the jump on Mr. Major, there. Surprise attack him from behind to death.
No. 500897 ID: 9ddf68

well scan him first and see what it says, if he's just some guy with nothing to special about him gut him here and try and hide the body, or just turn him into dust if you can actually do that. If he notices you and ask what are you doing in hear say you've come to report that you've heard that a mimic has been captured by the guild and that they are preparing an attack within the hour, then just BS it from there and try and get him to lower his guard, then drain him into dust if you can. If he looks to strong then just see if you can't take the ruin well he isn't looking and maybe the gate keys well your at it, then just ignore him and head on up to one of the flying castles to get this damn mission over with.
No. 500898 ID: 37aa84

What does your analyze say about this guy, he's probably some kind of undead and it would be good to know what kind to form our plan. We better plan out quickly how we're going to get that glyph so we can consume it.
No. 500900 ID: b3ca75
File 136364570705.png - (26.21KB , 900x600 , 78.png )

>Do an analyze on him.
Unknown – Sentient Undead.
Immune – Negative Energy (non-drain)
Strong – None
Weak – Drain
Uses – Negative Energy.

>Approach him from the back and try to shank him.
:Dude: That was all, Folken out.
:MajorPIX: Well, well, seems like they sent in a new toy fo-

Claire Cleaves Major Carrot in half for 44(Crit, surprise) Damage(Tonro)!
Major Carrot has been slain!

:ClairePIX: Well… that was easy…

Insert Just like in prison_
No. 500901 ID: 9ddf68

Clair I know it is dark but for the love of god see if you can find somewhere to hide as I'm sure there is something else in that room with you right now, maybe get one of those undead grenades ready as you just said some words that are almost as cursed as 'what's the worst that could happen'
No. 500902 ID: 37aa84

Quick eat the Glyph before whoever that is can finish laughing.
No. 500904 ID: 37aa84

Oh shoot I see a large mouth above you that black stuff on the ceiling may be the Bore Queen.
No. 500906 ID: d6ef5d

Oh. Um. Dang. I wonder if he was just an innocent imperial with a bore worm in his head? Maybe we shouldn't have done that?

I hope that's the horrible monster above your head and not you.

Grab that glyph and the the key off the corpse and get the heck out of there!

If nothing else, break the glyph before you're killed. Even if you're forced to reform, and lose your equipment, at least we'll have stalled the ritual by a few days.
No. 500909 ID: 5fd94e

Oh, that thing was controlling him.....EVASIVE MANEUVERS!!!
No. 500910 ID: b3ca75
File 136364780408.png - (35.59KB , 900x600 , 79.png )

>Oh shoot I see a large mouth above you that black stuff on the ceiling may be the Bore Queen.
Huh? Wait, I got a light source… AH!

Bore Worm Queen Successfully grapple Claire!

:BoreQueenPIX: You are mine…
:ClairePIX: Let- huh…?
:BoreQueenPIX: You are one of us…
:ClairePIX: one of…
:BoreQueenPIX: You will obey…
:ClairePIX: Obey…
:BoreQueenPIX: hehehahahaHAHA! Oh…we will have so much fun, meat… Wriggle for me as I have my fun, dearest…
:ClairePIX: yeessss… my queeeeennnn…

Insert Boss fight?_
No. 500912 ID: 9ddf68

Uuuuummmmmmmmm Claire? ... let's try something her
you know maybe you should see if you can use drain energy or something on the queen, she... she might like that or something? do it as a surprise and when she lets you go she looks a little hungry maybe if you throw one of those undead grenades down her throat that will fill her up. again it's all a surprise so just do it, she well, uh she well be very pleased with this surprise. yeah very ... pleased
No. 500913 ID: d6ef5d

...Claire, I hope you're acting and not dominated. I am so sick of mind control after the last quest.

Not sure what else we could do to resist. We're already bolsters, and rNecro. We got nothing else to strengthen ourself. If you're still in control of your own mind, we could swap to +str and try to break the grapple.

Analyze Magical Creature? And maybe try one of our touch drain spells, if it's not immune.
No. 500915 ID: f2c20c


Also life drain the bore queen!
No. 500919 ID: 37aa84

Noooo Clair, you can't let her control you she's going to sacrifice all your friends to summon an evil army. Get angry at what it wants to do to your friends, so mad that you spontaneously create an Emotion stone(Rage) if you have to.
No. 500920 ID: b3ca75
File 136364921229.png - (8.85KB , 900x600 , 80.png )

>Analyze Magical Creature?
Creature has already been analyzed.

>you know maybe you should see if you can use drain energy or something on the queen.
:BoreQueenPIX: What!? No! Do not use drain!
:ClairePIX: Do not use drain…

>you're still in control of your own mind.
:ClairePIX: I’m still in control…
:ClairePIX: Huh!?
:DeanPIX: Hey, wake up! This isn’t the time to sleep. Someone is literally eating your mind. Fight back dammit.
:ClairePIX: Mngt…?
:DeanPIX: …see that you over there, the one that looks dead? Kick its ass before it can feed on your mind.

Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist necro 3/4 of damage) damage!

Insert More mind control, how shocking_
No. 500922 ID: 9ddf68

well she doesn't like drain all that much so I say drain the crap out of her.
No. 500924 ID: f2c20c

Expect it to fight back. Use all your military might on it! Grapple, bash, bite!
No. 500927 ID: 37aa84

No, go to attack it but hold back the first few blows just in case it doesn't try to fight back. The Dean could be the Borequeen's presence in your mind trying to convince you to destroy some important part of your psyche to make you more easily controlled.
No. 500928 ID: b3ca75
File 136365099877.png - (9.09KB , 900x600 , 81.png )

Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
:ClairePIX: RAAH!

Claire attacks Lich for 3 damage(Arm)!
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
It doesn’t fight back?

:ClairePIX: I’m not you enemy…
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
:ClairePIX: Huh?
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
:ClairePIX: I am thou, thou are me… use me to do right…
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
:DeanPIX: What are you doing!? Kill it! It’s trying to trick you!
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!

Insert Trickery_
No. 500931 ID: 37aa84

Darn it we have to again guess whether or not the Dean is an imposter. Ask who she is, I think it may be the Emotion stone but see how it responds first.
No. 500934 ID: d6ef5d

>use me to do right

...pick up the lich-you and throw it at the dean?
No. 500936 ID: b3ca75
File 136365221535.png - (9.16KB , 900x600 , 82.png )

:ClairePIX: Who are you two?
:ClairePIX: I am you… your lich side.
:DeanPIX: Dammit Claire, don’t listen to it. It’s trying to turn you against me!
:ClairePIX: But you aren’t really acting like the dean…
:DeanPIX: Of course I’m not acting like the Dean. I’m not the Dean. I’m you mental image of the Dean. You don’t have a lich side! You are the lich side! There is no living you!
:ClairePIX: Don’t listen to him. Don’t you see, she’s stalling you while she drains you dry. She’s weakening you so she can have her fun with you!
:DeanPIX: Wait, how do you know that?

Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!

Insert Who’s Driving Talking_
No. 500937 ID: 37aa84

He seems quite surprised at the Lich's knowledge of the Bore Queens plan which seems proof enough for me to say he's the one you should destroy.
No. 500938 ID: 76b151

Drain The Queen. DRAIN HER!
No. 500939 ID: d6ef5d

...this is pointless. Mental image, parts of self, and/or illusionary distractions by your foe.

Just attack them both, and the interface will tell you which one damages the bore queen, since it can't cast true illusions.
No. 500940 ID: ab6499

No. 500941 ID: f2c20c

Shitsticks. Our mental image of the Dean would act like the Dean, of course. If it's acting strange, then it's independent.

It's not the Dean. Kill it. Team up with undead-you. Also, the Queen's wrong. You do have a lich side, because you are sane. Only a Lich who has lost their humanity or other similar term has only a Lich side.

We've taken 13 damage so far. Try to minimize further damage, hmm?
No. 500943 ID: b3ca75
File 136365369958.png - (9.57KB , 900x600 , 83.png )

Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!

:ClairePIX: Lich me, help me attack the dean!
:ClairePIX: As you wish.
:DeanPIX: No! What are you doing!?
:ClairePIX: Sorry to whoever of you that’s not the queen.
:ClairePIX: Huh?

Claire Energy Drains Lich and Dean for 30 damage!
Dean mental image have been destroyed! Claire Takes 20 damage!
Claire is at critical health!
Lich illusion destroyed!

No. 500944 ID: b3ca75
File 136365371973.png - (34.38KB , 900x600 , 84.png )

:BoreQueenPIX: Oh yes… such a beautiful body… we will have so much fun… hehe… mmm, such a body to defile…
:ClairePIX: urg…?
:BoreQueenPIX: You will be one for a long time, little one…

Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!
Queen life drain Claire for 1(Resist) damage!

Insert Fuck no_
No. 500946 ID: d6ef5d

Cut that thing to pieces, already. It's a tentacle monster. You got scythe arms. If that ain't super effective, I don't know what is.
No. 500948 ID: 37aa84

Quick stab it in the face and Life Drain like your unlife depended on it, it does.
No. 500949 ID: f2c20c

You really really need to drain that worm now. I hope Life Drain heals you, because you just hurt yourself quite a lot.
No. 500950 ID: f2c20c

Oh, and uh... yeah, we screwed up. The lich knew the Queen's plan because it was the Queen.

But hey at least now we know for sure that there is no lich side dichotomy inside your head! Also your imagination could use some work? Make a better Dean next time.
No. 500951 ID: b3ca75
File 136365500291.png - (34.27KB , 900x600 , 85.png )

>Make a better Dean next time.
I-I imagined him as an enemy because I was paranoid of him… he acted as I thought he would act…

>Drain that BITCH!
Claire life drains Bitch for 42(Weak) damage!
Claire gains 21 hp!
Claire health is no longer critical!

:ClairePIX: Urg…

Claire pukes up blood for 2 damage!

:BoreQueenPIX: ...The legion will consume you… There is no hope…

Insert Down the drain_
No. 500953 ID: 9ddf68

life drain the hell out of that thing
No. 500954 ID: d6ef5d

Cut that bitch!

...and then get the key from the dead guy, and the glyph from the table.
No. 500959 ID: f2c20c

Why are you paranoid of the Dean? He has been nothing but good to you. Relax. He's just a perverted old ex-evil-lich, trying to make sure you don't make the same mistakes he did.

Right now the Queen seems to be trying to assault you with poison-tipped tentacles, so parry! By which I mean cut the tips off those tentacles. Then grab onto the busted ends and hit her with another Life Drain to recover your remaining health.
No. 500964 ID: b3ca75
File 136365617909.png - (37.00KB , 900x600 , 86.png )

>Why are you paranoid of the Dean?
I’ve already met a fake one before… and you guys started to doubt him too.
>parry! By which I mean cut the tips off those tentacles. Then grab onto the busted ends and hit her with another Life Drain.

Claire cuts of Queens Tentacles for 14 damage!
Claire Life Drains Queen for 42(Weak) damage!
Claire gains 17 hp, Claire is at full health!

:BoreQueenPIX: ERRH! …die…

Queen is charging Decay!

Insert Ashes to ashes, dust to dust_
No. 500965 ID: d6ef5d

>Queen is charging Decay!
...chuck the fragile magic glyph into the charging spell in the Queen's mouth.
No. 500966 ID: f2c20c

Block with the Major's corpse!
No. 500967 ID: 76b151

Im gonna second this... we kinda need those glyphs.
No. 500969 ID: d6ef5d

We need the teleport gate key. The glyph is part of their evil ritual. They need it, we don't.
No. 500971 ID: 9ddf68

you could just shove a undead grenade down the things throat. Dylon did make it clear that it would kill any undead who get hit by that thing, just make sure you duck behind something before it goes off, like the table if you knock it over or the Major's corpse since that seems to be the hot thing right now. Or both even
No. 500972 ID: 76b151

Honestly I want to study the glyphs, we could learn teleportation!
No. 500973 ID: b3ca75
File 136365823362.png - (33.71KB , 900x600 , 87.png )

>you could just shove a undead grenade down the things throat.
Claire use undead grenade on Queen for 75 damage!
Queen has been slain!

:BoreQueenPIX: SCREEEEEE!!!!!

Queen use Sonic boom on Claire for 25 damage!

ARG! Oh, gods, I think my eardrums just went…

:DeathKnightPIX: ----! --------fs--- f---gh----h--!
:DeathKnightPIX: The queen is in danger! All death knights regroup and charge!
:DeathKnightPIX: Death to those who oppose the legion!

Oh, crap!

Insert remember, remember, the fifth of how you got home from camping_
No. 500974 ID: 9ddf68

think you could convince them that a wizard got in attack you, the major, and the queen killing the last two and badly hurting you in the process then cloaked himself when he heard the death knights coming and ran leaving you for dead? if not just get a second grenade ready and grab the ruin and everything really on that table and get out of there, even if they do buy the bluff make sure you get everything on that table. and maybe check the Major's pockets just in case.
No. 500975 ID: 76b151

I think our only chance is the grenades, unless we level up a couple times do to killing this thing.
No. 500976 ID: d6ef5d

>How you got home from camping
The teleport stone! If that wasn't consumed the first time we used it, that's a great out.

Grab the glyph and the key first. Or the glyph and the copse if we don't have time to search it.
No. 500977 ID: 76b151

Oh Good idea. Grab everything you can. then activate that stone!
No. 500978 ID: f2c20c

Quick, loot everything then teleport away!
No. 500979 ID: c98119

Grab everything you can, grab the corpse, and teleport. No point fighting death knights when we can just flee.
No. 500980 ID: b3ca75
File 136365949407.png - (31.52KB , 900x600 , 88.png )

>The teleport stone! Grab everything you can. then activate that stone!
I… I don’t feel so good…
[Claire gained Gate key 1-4, Summoning Glyph, Communication device!]

Claire is tele-


:WaranPIX: Are we really going to sit here all night waiting for her to teleport in? Thanra is going to be pissed if we stay here tonight…
:RenaultPIX: What if she is hurt? We got to be here for her when sh-

-porting to dorm!
Claire pukes up blood for 14 damage!
Claire goes unconscious!

:ClairePIX: Blurhg….
:RenaultPIX: …teleport in…

[You know have control over Waran and Renault!]

Insert last minute save_
No. 500981 ID: f2c20c

We killed the Queen Worm, but she must've injected something into Claire! Consult the book! The Queen grappled her and mind controlled her. Claire fought back inside her mind and injured herself in the process, but broke free of the control.

The uh, Queen was... talking about defiling her body. I think we killed the Queen before anything like that happened but if you can't figure out what's wrong, that could be something to bring up with the book too.
No. 500984 ID: beeca1

Waran, stop the internal bleeding.

Renault, prepare the corpse for Claire to eat.
No. 500985 ID: d6ef5d

Renault, lay on hands, please!

Waran, please consult the book Claire has, look up the Queen Worm! We need to know what it does to its victims so you can treat it.
No. 500987 ID: 76b151

No, we need chickens. Lots of chickens.
No. 500995 ID: f2c20c

Well that is true, we're supposed to avoid eating sentient creatures...

OH. I just realized what happened. There should be wounds in Claire's back, that's why she's bleeding internally- the Queen Worm shoved tentacles into her back to control her.
No. 500996 ID: d6ef5d

OH! If it's not the worm queen, it's possible she's suffering the backlash from setting off an anti-undead grenade in the same room as herself, even if she wasn't at the point of immediate detonation.

(Also, the dead guy was undead for who knows how long. Are zombie corpses even any good to us?)
No. 500997 ID: beeca1

...Every meat-based creature is sentient. Should that be "sapient" or are we hopelessly screwed over?

Also corpses aren't sentient or sapient anymore.
No. 501000 ID: f2c20c

Can we not argue about sapient vs sentient and just use sentient like most people use it?
No. 501001 ID: beeca1

I wasn't trying to argue, I genuinely wanted to know if the rules were screwing us over. It sounds like the morbid kind of joke this universe might play.
No. 501007 ID: f2c20c

Well there's also the Sonic Boom that the Queen unleashed as a final attack. Maybe that caused some internal damage too.
No. 501012 ID: 9ddf68

someone in this room please just heal Clair, if you don't know what's wrong with her just dig in her pockets for her book and ask it what's wrong with her it will then tell you.
No. 501051 ID: b3ca75
File 136369384301.png - (32.15KB , 900x600 , 89.png )

>we need chickens. Lots of chickens.
:WaranPIX: I don’t think shoving chickens down her throat when she’s unconscious is really that good of an idea.
Renault cast Lay on hands on Claire for 12 hp!
Renault take 4 damage in backlash!

>Consult the book!
:AntonidasPIX: That… thing was not a queen worm! The queen is supposed to be as big as you abdomen, not the size of a room. That thing was more the size of a subduer.
Claire squirms!
:AntonidasPIX: But it did have a lot of aspects of the queen… oh, gods. They are creating some kind of hybrids with Car’lulu’s creations!
Claire writhes around!
:RenaultPIX: Um… Waran?
:WaranPIX: Just skip to the part about what happen, book!
:AntonidasPIX: Um… well… the subduer had a really bad tendency to impregnate every female it came across an-
Claire is tossing around!
:RenaultPIX: Dammit, Waran! A litt-
No. 501052 ID: b3ca75
File 136369386797.png - (32.31KB , 900x600 , 90.png )

Queen worm hatches!
Claire have been slain!

:BoreQueenPIX: SCREEEE!!!

Queen impales Renault with extreme prejudice!
Renault have been slain!

:WaranPIX: What in the na- MFFFF!

Queen successfully grapples Waran!
Queen snaps Waran’s neck!
Waran have been slain!

Insert That’s why you take the deworming pills_
No. 501058 ID: d6ef5d

...wake up Claire?

From the dream, by the way. Not after Phylactery reforming with your friends still dead.
No. 501059 ID: beeca1

Yeah, our harem can't just die like that, this must be a dream. Or an illusion perpetuated by something the Queen left in Claire.
No. 501068 ID: 68bbc5

Politely inform the Queen worm that when it comes to these two, penetration and tightly gripping parts of their bodies strictly falls under your jurisdiction, not hers.
No. 501071 ID: 14bafe

Claire: Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends. Your feelings for them are strong. Use your fear of losing them, and turn it into Lich Power!
No. 501075 ID: b3ca75
File 136370756895.png - (30.21KB , 900x600 , 91.png )

>...wake up Claire?
:RenaultPIX: ZzZ-nght! Huh?
:ClairePIX: …Blurhg.
:RenaultPIX: Ah! Do it in the bucket. In the bucket!
:ClairePIX: *Barf*

Claire pukes up whatever it was she last ate… for some reason there’s carrots in it… Claire is pretty sure she hasn’t eaten carrots in a while…

:ClairePIX: …W-what happen?
:WaranPIX: The queen did a number on your inside when she tried to take you over. You had a lot of internal bleeding and have been asleep for a whole day while you healed. How do you feel?
:ClairePIX: I feel… like shit.
:WaranPIX: Understandable. Don’t worry, you are healing great… though, that’s probably for the L-word thing you have.
:RenaultPIX: Wait, she’s from Lesbia?
:WaranPIX: …not even you can be that dumb…

>when it comes to these two, penetration and tightly gripping parts of their bodies strictly falls under your jurisdiction.
You do not yet have the jurisdiction to penetrate Renault with such vigor. Please sign forms 5b, 64d, 42145null and wait 4-6 weeks for your permit to arrive. Any tools used for penetration must be bought separately.
>Claire: Give yourself to the Dark Side.
Unable to find the Sweet smell of new baked cookies that indicates the dark side.

Insert the light side on the other hand have bingo_
No. 501076 ID: ab6499

Fear can be a pretty strong emotion, feel your fears Claire... AND WAKE THE FUCK UP!
No. 501077 ID: d6ef5d

So... what's happened since I got back? We got the key and that glyph they needed for the ritual, right?
No. 501078 ID: c3646b

Oh hey Dylon sent you another bouquet.

Can you eat it?
No. 501080 ID: b3ca75
File 136371040574.png - (29.79KB , 900x600 , 92.png )

>Oh hey Dylon sent you another bouquet. Can you eat it?
That would just be rude. You don’t eat others peoples gifts… unless it’s chocolate… especially if it is chocolate covering someone else… maybe I should buy some chocolate for Ren and Waran~

:ClairePIX: What happen while I slept? We got the keys and the glyph, right?
:WaranPIX: Well, a lot of things happen while you slept. The undead above made one last desperate attack to get the Glyph back, but as we already blocked off their flanking maneuver and you killed the queen we were able to hold them off long enough for the paladins to come and wipe them out without any major losses. And as you got the keys back we were able to prevent the air ships from crashing and saved all the villagers / soldiers on them that would have been sacrificed. The only bad news is that Folken got away. Oh, and everyone important now knows of the vessel and your connection to it.
:RenaultPIX: Though they don’t know of the lich part… speaking off which, we got a live chicken if you need to eat.
:WaranPIX: Oh, and let’s not forget this whole celebration party we should have for you. Let’s just say today is your day, so if there is anything you want then just say it.
:RenaultPIX: I have to say to the kitchen that you have woken up. They wanted to prepare a feast in your honor.
:WaranPIX: Oh, and both the teacher, the dean and Dylon wanted to talk to you later. Though maybe you want to wait with that? You are still a bit weak, yes?

Insert Celebrating a non-religious specific celebration of a person, lizard and/or mantis_
No. 501081 ID: ab6499

You are never to weak to hear good advice, and the dean might very well have something important to say.

Though on the other hand, some alone time with these two might be nice, what do you think Claire?
No. 501082 ID: 9ddf68

whats your power level right now, because if it's low I say head to the feast first to get some energy back then talk to people and then party once we got all that out of the way. If it's fine the just do whatever you want first.
No. 501098 ID: b3ca75
File 136371645462.png - (30.08KB , 900x600 , 93.png )

>some alone time with these two might be nice.
Well, I still feel a little weak at the moment, but maybe later…
:ClairePIX: Hey, remember that I promised that we would have some fun when I got back?
:RenaultPIX: Um… sure? Wait, you mean right now?
:ClairePIX: Well, no, but maybe later today. And as it’s my day why don’t you prepare for it so it becomes something special? Oh, and bring some liquid chocolate.
:WaranPIX: O-of course, well make it the best night you ever had. Trust us.

>whats your power level right now, because if it's low I say head to the feast first to get some energy back.
[Power: Low. Please recharge your batteries!]
Well, as they haven’t even started with the feast it will be a few hours before it’s done… but I do have that chicken the boys got me.

:ClairePIX: Can I get some privacy? So I can dress myself… and eat that chicken in peace.
:RenaultPIX: Oh, of course.
:CockPIX: Caw?

[Necromantic power: Average. Humanity: Good.]
No. 501099 ID: b3ca75
File 136371647343.png - (31.86KB , 900x600 , 94.png )

>go see the dean.
:ClairePIX: How did I know I should find you here?
:DeanPIX: What? Can’t an old man spend some quality time in the library?
:ClairePIX: Funny that, I’ve never seen you read a book.
:DeanPIX: Why read a book when you can play one of those darned newfangled board games they got everywhere nowadays… But you didn’t come here to discuss that, did you? …hmmm… you had a dream about the bore worm, didn’t you?
:ClairePIX: Yes?
:DeanPIX: As I suspected. It’s still a part of it still active inside your mind.
:ClairePIX: …can’t you remove it or something?
:DeanPIX: Me? No, it’s beyond my abilities to do so. But I know someone who can. First, have you found the vessel yet?


:DeanPIX: And aren’t you suppose to level up after that fight?

Level 3!
Hp: 50 (increased with 5)
Magic Slots: 3 (+1)

You have become a little better with everything!

Insert stop interrupting me!_
No. 501100 ID: 9ddf68

My guess is it's Renault but I don't really have any prof so no, no we have not, and truth be told we we're more worried about finding our phylactery more then anything. kinda because we thought that would have been the vessel but really other then that we haven't looked at all.
No. 501107 ID: d6ef5d

>But I know someone who can.

>Found Vessel
Nope, not yet. Or alternatively, it's entirely possible we have found the vessel, but not ID-ed it as such. I mean, it should be something or someone close to Claire, right?

>What else
Still need to check in with the teacher, and Dylon, and enjoy that sushi feast. Our power is only at average, after all.
No. 501117 ID: b3ca75
File 136372089447.png - (25.03KB , 900x600 , 95.png )

:ClairePIX: Well, I have a few ideas, but I have way to ID it though.
:DeanPIX: That would be simple. It is absorbing an absurd amount of power, so just follow the power, eh?
:ClairePIX: Okay… who is the one that can help me anyway?
:DeanPIX: I think you know her as the ageless one. Now, try to find the vessel as soon as possible, you hear?


> go see the teacher.
:AryaPIX: …Claire…
:ClairePIX: …teach?
:AryaPIX: …You put the whole school in danger, you know that? Why didn’t you tell us of your plan? Or Dylon? Or about the vessel? The assassination attempt? Abut Car’zum? About anything? What do you have to say for yourself, young lady?

Insert No gold star?_
No. 501120 ID: d6ef5d

Huh. Deworming never made it onto Liz's spell list. Although I suppose she can do damn near anything with her illusions.

>Why didn't you tell us?
...beefcake demanded that I take action instead of just calling it in?

Um. Seriously, I wasn't sure how much I would be believed, and there was this kind of kill all the imperials infiltrators order in the way...
No. 501122 ID: 9ddf68

just say it was personal, the bastards tried to take your life not once but twice, didn't seem to show any signs of stopping, and didn't seem to care who they hurt to get at you. So you figured since these your problem you would be the one to deal with it. The reason you didn't tell the school was because you thought they wanted to stay neutral or something and thought doing this with the school's knowledge even if it was for personal reasons would bring the school into direct conflict with the war so you left them out of the loop so if something bad would have happened the school would have total deniability and could stay out of the war.
No. 501128 ID: b3ca75
File 136372310678.png - (24.98KB , 900x600 , 96.png )

:ClairePIX: Because BEEFCAKE demanded that I did!
:AryaPIX: because of beefcake?
:ClairePIX: um… yes…
:AryaPIX: Welp, you have convinced me. You have done well, Claire!
:ClairePIX: …huh?
:AryaPIX: You showed great combat expertise, planning, preparation and execution. If anything you actually saved us all with your daring stunt and you should have our gratitude for it. Well, except for the justification… Beefcake, while funny, isn’t really cutting it.
:ClairePIX: Um… it was personal? He did try to kill me twice, even if he did get away in the end. And how would I get you to believe me? What about that order about killing all the imperial spies? That would kind of screw up everything. And… um… and you wanted to be neutral?
:AryaPIX: You can’t really stay neutral with a horde of undead… but otherwise those explanations was top notch. Congratulations, after showing of your abilities we, the guild, have decided to reward you with what you deserve. Please choose one of these rewards!

Choose one stat to permanently increase:

:ClairePIX: How can you increase something like that permanently?
:AryaPIX: With the power of BEEFCAKE! …also, they wanted you to have this gold star too.
:ClairePIX: Yay, gold star!

Insert yay_
No. 501129 ID: 76b151

We had trouble piercing that armor and I didn't like it.
No. 501130 ID: 9ddf68

Strength would be nice, it's always nice to hit harder

Endurance while useful I don't think is as importen to a lich. I mean you can come back from the dead if you really screw up. I know it would suck but it's still a fact

Speed would be nice, didn't teach say that most mantises were a little bit slow so it was easier to get around them and attack them from the sides or rear, so with speed we can make that null or at least harder to pull off

Magi would be nice but we really don't want people to know we're a lich and lich powers are the only magic powers you have, sooooo we should avoid that one.

So I say pick either strength or speed.
No. 501131 ID: d6ef5d

We're a melee lich, right? Str stacking time.
No. 501136 ID: d6ef5d

Oh! Also, use your new magic item slot to activate the +steel clothes in addition to the bolster and rN we have on now. That way we have full passive defenses ready in case anything jumps us or attempts assassination again.
No. 501142 ID: b3ca75
File 136372711865.png - (32.72KB , 900x600 , 97.png )

>use your new magic item slot to activate the +steel clothes.
Yay, I got protection!
Str increased! Kick some ass!
>Ignore the teacher, go mess with Dylon.

:DylonPIX: Ah, Claire, good to see you up and going again. Now, I do believe I owe you some kisses.
:ClairePIX: Kisses?
:DylonPIX: Didn’t we agree that I should pay you with a few if you completed the mission?
:ClairePIX: First off, I did say no, second, you can kiss my abdomen.
:DylonPIX: Well, if you wish. Just turn around and I’ll get started.
:ClairePIX: …I didn’t mean literally.
:DylonPIX: Of course you didn’t~ Now… I heard some rumors that you are a lich and I’ve never had the honor to fight with one. So, what do you say, up for a training spar or are you still weak from the wounds? Maybe I should kiss you better?
:ClairePIX: …wait what?

Insert well, he took it well…
No. 501143 ID: 76b151

I think we can agree to a training spar. Warn him though we are just a level 3 fighter and a fairly new lich so don't expect too much from us.
No. 501145 ID: 4ea529

Whoa dilly, where'd he hear those rumors? Those could be dangerous for us.
No. 501146 ID: 37aa84

We should Post-pone this for now. We should probably focus on finding the vessel so we can clear out our system of borequeen before we engage in any pointless fight sequences.
No. 501147 ID: d6ef5d

So long as no one ends up impaled, we can afford to spar. We do still have a sushi feast to get to, later.
No. 501155 ID: b3ca75
File 136372960158.png - (32.79KB , 900x600 , 98.png )

:ClairePIX: Where did you hear that!?
:DylonPIX: I’ll tell you for a kiss~
:ClairePIX: …I’ll force you to kiss my fist if you don’t te- HEY!
:DylonPIX: *Smooch!*

Dylon kisses Claires hand!

:DylonPIX: I didn’t really hear it, I just picked up all the hints Blackadder have been dropping about it. I got the feeling that he doesn’t really trust you.
:ClairePIX: Gee, I wonder why.
:DylonPIX: Sarcasm? How original.
:ClairePIX: Hypocritical humor? How original.
:DylonPIX: Original humor? How original.
:ClairePIX: Enough of that. You tracked the vessel, right? How did you do it?
:DylonPIX: I’ll tell you if you win over me in a sparring fight.
:ClairePIX: And if I lose?
:DylonPIX: Then I’ll get to kiss you wherever I want to.
:ClairePIX: Fine… Let’s get th- AAH!

Dylon successfully trips Claire! Claire is prone!

Insert Ready… FIGHT!_
No. 501156 ID: 76b151

Perfect. You can now use all your limbs to attack him in turn!. Disarm him if possible.
No. 501159 ID: d6ef5d

Oh, lookie. He got the estoc.

Trip him up, roll, and get back up and get your scythes in play, already!

And don't expect your enchanted clothes to stop that blade- it's designed to penetrate armor. No cutting edge, all about the stabs.
No. 501166 ID: 4b5e9d

Grab his legs and try and knock him down then try to pin him and if he makes some quip about how you like to be on top or any other romantic bs like that headbutt him
No. 501167 ID: b3ca75
File 136373402846.png - (30.92KB , 900x600 , 99.png )

>don't expect your enchanted clothes to stop that blade.
It’s supposed to be a sparring match, not a fight to the death. He’s not penetrating anything… at least not today.

>Trip him up, roll, and get back up and get your scythes in play, already!
>Disarm him if possible.
Claire successfully trips Dylon! Dylon successfully redirect his fall! Dylon is Prone!
Claire successfully disarms Dylon!
Dylon successfully grapple Claire!
Dylon is unable to overpower Claire(To low strength)!

:DylonPIX: Hngg… You’re s-stronger than you l-look…

Well… that didn’t go as planned…

Insert spam hadoken!_
No. 501168 ID: 76b151

Alright. To complete this picture someone needs to walk in. Its a law somewhere.

For the fight roll so he is on bottom then pin him instead. I think that will do it for this wrestling match.
No. 501171 ID: 7bc192

Roll and pin him and then ask if he gives up. Make sure he can't get you with a surprise punch or kick and that he can't headbutt you either
No. 501172 ID: f2c20c

Counter-grapple! Twist his arm around! Make him tap out. That'll teach him who's wearing the... pants?
No. 501176 ID: b3ca75
File 136373569080.png - (30.86KB , 900x600 , 100.png )

>Roll and pin him and then ask if he gives up.
:ClairePIX: Give up?
:DylonPIX: Why? I got a beautiful woman on top on me, that isn’t really something that contributes for surrender. Besides, I still got my mouth and one leg free~ *Smooch*
Dylon kisses Claire cheek!
:ClairePIX: That’s not really going to make me let go, and as for the leg you can’t really kick with it at that a- AAH!
Dylon Pinches Claires Abdomen!
:DylonPIX: Who said anything about kicking?

Insert Finish the pervert!_
No. 501179 ID: 76b151

Right, Time to put him in a sleeper hold. He can concede his defeat after he wakes up.
No. 501181 ID: f2c20c

Start punching him, while saying if he's not going to take the duel seriously then he's just going to lose.

Possibly also twist one of his arms around painfully.
No. 501187 ID: b3ca75
File 136373742292.png - (31.46KB , 900x600 , 101.png )

>Right, Time to put him in a sleeper hold.
I… I don’t know how to do that yet.

Claire punches Dylon for 1 damage(FACE)!
:ClairePIX: If you aren’t going to take the duel seriously then you’ll just lose.
Claire punches Dylon for 1 damage(FACE)!
:DylonPIX: -Off… nice one…
:ClairePIX: I’m going to continue hitting you until you give up.
Claire punches Dylon for 1 damage(FACE)!
:DylonPIX: -Off… why are you holding back? Hit harder!
Claire punches Dylon for 2 damage(FACE)!
:DylonPIX: T-that’s more l-like it…
Claire punches Dylon for 2 damage(FACE)!
:DylonPIX: T-that’s right… I’ve b-been a bad b-boy…
:ClairePIX: …you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?
:DylonPIX: …maybe~

Insert Domination_
No. 501189 ID: 76b151

pity we don't know any instant knockouts. Oh well continue punching.
No. 501196 ID: f2c20c

Okay, I think he might actually fit in with the other two pervs you've got in your harem. You should organize a hangout with all your boys to see if Dylon can get along with them.

Can you reach his sword with your foot? Grab it and hold it against his neck (don't draw blood or anything), then ask if he'd enjoy it if you slit his throat then ate his corpse for sustenance... because that is a risk he's going to have to take while dating a lich. There's always that chance that something will go wrong, and you'd lose control. Does he want to make that commitment?
No. 501197 ID: d6ef5d

...you know the best way to torture a masochist?


Also, I'm pretty sure we've won by this point.
No. 501199 ID: b3ca75
File 136373976056.png - (32.46KB , 900x600 , 102.png )

>ask if he'd enjoy it if you slit his throat then ate his corpse for sustenance...
That’s a bit too much for a sparring fight. I mean, I don’t really want to play into the stereotype that liches are just monster out to eat people.
>Okay, I think he might actually fit in with the other two pervs you've got in your harem.
Well, I don’t think Ren or Waran is masochists, but I do kind of like hurting him… hmm…

> ...you know the best way to torture a masochist? Stop.
:DylonPIX: Aren’t you going to do something?
:ClairePIX: Nope.
:DylonPIX: …Will you hit me if I insult you?
:ClairePIX: Nope.
:DylonPIX: …you are a whore and a harlot?
:ClairePIX: Not going to do anything.
:DylonPIX: …I let you win if you hit me again?
Claire punches Dylon for 2 damage(FACE)!
:ClairePIX: Well, I guess I win, then.
:DylonPIX: Fine, fine, I tell you how we found the vessels location. We got this tool that can analyze how much power is being absorbed in an area.
:ClairePIX: Can I borrow it?
:DylonPIX: Well, what are you offering in return?

Insert Finish him! …Friendship!_
No. 501200 ID: 37aa84

Tell him we'll count it as that repayment he promised us.
No. 501202 ID: f2c20c

OHHH you're right we can totally cash that in here.

We should probably still see how he gets along with the other two though.
No. 501205 ID: d6ef5d

Hmm. He only told us he'd tell us for winning.

Well, people are kind of planning to dissect us to find that thing. If he prefers us un-dissected...
No. 501213 ID: f2c20c

Why is "shid + phys" on that chalkboard?
No. 501226 ID: 9ddf68

What he gets out of it is starting to pay us back for all the things we have done for him so far

We saved his life after his bother tried to kill him, then didn't sell him out to the school when were told to report all imperials to the school, then nearly died to bring his bother down, saved his army, AND restore his position in the imperial army. If anything he owes us a freaking LOT and helping us find the vessel is a good place to start.
No. 501239 ID: 77b987

Lean in and whisper in his ear that you will slap him silly if he just lets you borrow this one little thing...
No. 501247 ID: b3ca75
File 136376824585.png - (32.70KB , 900x600 , 103.png )

>Why is "shid + phys" on that chalkboard?
I don’t know, they are probably rune words I don’t know yet. Maybe I should try enchanting them?

:ClairePIX: Well, I did save your life… and I didn’t sell you out to the school as a spy. I also almost died when I was trying to bring your brother down and got your position back. If anything, you owe me.
:DylonPIX: …you’re right, I do. Please accept my apologies, I… I forgot my place. As for the tool, don’t bother, it’s not precise enough to find it. The only thing we know is that it’s somewhere near the center of this building.
:ClairePIX: So what, the food court? The library is also almost in the center… wait, My dorm is awfully close to the center!
:DylonPIX: Now, for repaying you for everything else you’ve done… *Chough* I am but you humble servant and I will do anything you ask of me, my queen.
:ClairePIX: …wait, anything?
:DylonPIX: Anything and everything.
:ClairePIX: …why does everyone go all servant on me all the time?

Insert Shidphys is a good name for a rockband_
No. 501250 ID: 9ddf68

Well I can't really think of anything we need him for right now so maybe just invite him to the dinner thing that's being thrown in your honor for now and go from there. I mean the only things on our to do list is find the ageless one (Lizbeth), find Folkon and kick his sorry ass, Find that one lich bastard that's after you and kick his sorry ass as well. Oh and find the vessel. All of which don't really have a time limit so we can do anyone of those things later.
No. 501253 ID: f2c20c

What, you didn't know? Liches get a big charisma bonus. It's a class feature. Did you think the Dean was JOKING about getting a load of tail when he was younger? Also you have a rather dominant personality, according to Waran.

Ask him about those rune words on the chalkboard, and if he has any experts on enchanting better than you'd get from the academy. Or any resources better than the academy, really. It'd be nice to know what we have available to us with his help.

I still think the Vessel is the Dean, as he hangs out in the library a heck of a lot. On the other hand it could be just something in the library, since the Dean would want to keep guard over the Vessel and likely has a method of sensing it. Keep in mind we've only been with you for the past two years. We've been somewhere else for the 498 years prior to that! Unless we were just completely inactive? That would explain why we can't remember anything in that period better than just 'transition amnesia'.

If it's not the Dean I still think the library is the best place to look, because there's no way it'd be in such an insecure location as your dorm.
No. 501254 ID: f2c20c

I bet Folken is the evil lich.
No. 501259 ID: b3ca75
File 136377221761.png - (30.11KB , 900x600 , 104.png )

>I bet Folken is the evil lich.
Well, he does seem to be their leader, so maybe.
>Ask him about those rune words on the chalkboard, and if he has any experts on enchanting better than you'd get from the academy.
:DylonPIX: Hmmm, It seem whoever was here last wrote an impossible rune word. Those words are shield and physical but they can’t be combined.
:ClairePIX: Shield?
:DylonPIX: It nullify x amount of damage of an element depending on how strong the enchanter is. For example, Shield + fire made by someone of your skill will nullify one fire attack completely every ten seconds.
:ClairePIX: …Do you have any expert enchanter that can teach me about this kind of stuff?
:DylonPIX: Well, we have enchanters, but no one to teach you. I do know quite a lot myself about it so maybe I can teach you a bit? We can start by learning how to inscribe those two runes later, if you want. What do you say about that?
:ClairePIX: That would probably work… thanks.

>any resources better than the academy, really.
:DylonPIX: I’m sorry, but I can’t just give you resources owned by the empire just like that. I’ll see what I can get, though.

>invite him to the dinner thing that's being thrown in your honor.
:DylonPIX: Dinner tonight? As a date?
:ClairePIX: Not really, no. It’s a feast held in my honor, so it’s less of a date and more off a friendly gathering.
:DylonPIX: Well, even if you don’t honor me with your hand I would love to come.

>I think the library is the best place to look.
Well, here I am… no Dean this time. Hmm, I feel a lot of magic in here, but that’s just the fallout from all the magic books lying around. Otherwise there’s nothing out of the ordinary what I can tell.

Insert Snipe hunt_
No. 501261 ID: 76b151

You know that gem, second row down to the right (Your left) reminds me of something. Im not sure what though... though why keep a gem in the library?
No. 501264 ID: 2f4b71

Well, if I wanted to hide an object in a library, I'd disguise it as a bookcase. Because who even looks at bookcases in a Library? They're practically invisible.
No. 501266 ID: d6ef5d

>Maybe I should try enchanting them?
Experimenting blindly with magic? Not such a great idea. Maybe on items we don't care about, but even then, you risk explosions or something.
No. 501271 ID: 9747ef

I bet it's in your room, Claire. That'd be right under your nose.
No. 501272 ID: b3ca75
File 136379281161.png - (29.16KB , 900x600 , 105.png )

>Experimenting blindly with magic? Not such a great idea.
Well, unless you want a big boom, that is.
>Well, if I wanted to hide an object in a library, I'd disguise it as a bookcase.
As all the bookcases look the same and there are hundreds of bookcases in here I would probably never find the right one if they hid it like that.

>You know that gem, second row down to the right reminds me of something.
…What is a gem doing in a library anyway? Hmm, that’s odd, it don’t feel like it got any magic in it, yet everything else in here is bathed in the stuff. Wait, there is a sign here… “Please, do not remove the gem from the pedestal under any circumstances”.

Insert Feel the anger_
No. 501273 ID: d6ef5d

>I would probably never find the right one if they hid it like that.

>“Please, do not remove the gem from the pedestal under any circumstances”
Right, don't move it then.
No. 501274 ID: 14bafe

Moving it is probably a bad idea, since it would likely make the plot start rolling. At least now you know where the vessel is.
No. 501275 ID: 9747ef

That may not necessarily be it. There're other things around here, too. Anyway, don't mess with it. Check the crystal ball on the other shelf, as well as the other unusual items around.
No. 501286 ID: b3ca75
File 136380022732.png - (31.28KB , 900x600 , 106.png )

>don't move it then. At least now you know where the vessel is.
Hopefully this is it. Though, I probably should ask the dean for confirmation.
>Check the crystal ball on the other shelf, as well as the other unusual items around.
Those nice round balls are memory crystals. Basically books that stream directly into your mind. And for the rest… let’s see… a box of bookmarks, book cleaning supplies, a magic absorber that is empty for some reason… nothing really weird here.

Hmm… Well, I got about an hour before the feast… I think I’ll let Dylon teach me some enchanting while I wait.


:DylonPIX: Nononono, don’t let them intervene like that. They can go critical if do it like that. Here, let me show you how it’s done.

Learned Enchanting (Adapt)
New words (Tier 2): Shield, Physical, Combat, magic, ranged, Learn.
Maximum word size: 4

[Shield = Nullify an attack of the same ELEMENT every (x) seconds Ex. Fire shield nulls fire damage.]
[Learn = You become more skilled in the given word. Ex. Fire magic or Physical combat(Close combat).]
No. 501287 ID: b3ca75
File 136380026039.png - (45.95KB , 900x600 , 107.png )

:RenaultPIX: Wow, I’ve never seen this much Sushi in my life…
:ThanraPIX: You really must love sushi, huh?
:ThanrosPIX: Oh, they even got a dance floor set up back there. Hey, Balros… want to dance~
:BalrosPIX: Huh? W-what, r-right here? I-I rather n-not…
:ThanrosPIX: …why not? …man, I really wanted to dance…
:ThanraPIX: Well, at least you have someone to turn you down.
:WaranPIX: Claire? Do you wa-
:RenaultPIX: Wanna dance, Claire?
:WaranPIX: Hey, I was asking first!
:DylonPIX: So… this is your harem, eh?
:RenaultPIX: Wait, what? Harem!?

Insert Harm them_
No. 501290 ID: d6ef5d

*cough* Calling them that might be a little premature. There's something of a formal initiation process that has yet to occur.
No. 501297 ID: 37aa84

Well we've only had one date with each of them. Heck, we haven't even been together enough to consider whether or not we'd be willing to give up having a harem for the human, you know how uncomfortable they get about the idea of polygamy.
No. 501298 ID: f2c20c

I think right now we're just technically dating multiple people. A harem would imply sex already happened.

But gently inform Renault that yes, female mantids do tend to have harems. I thought he knew that. Waran has at least mentioned it in front of him, after all.
No. 501303 ID: b3ca75
File 136380576264.png - (49.25KB , 900x600 , 108.png )

:ClairePIX: It’s more like dating multiple people then a harem, really.
:DylonPIX: Ah, so it’s new then.
:ClairePIX: And Ren, I thought you knew that we mantises have polygamy relationships.
:RenaultPIX: Pony what now?
:WaranPIX: Polygamy, a relationship with more than one partner.
:RenaultPIX: Oh, I knew that. It’s just… um… harem kind of sounds that it will be a lot of people and I thought… um… that maybe… it would be just me and Waran?
:BalrosPIX: I’ve never seen the point in polygamy. Why get another one when one perfect partner is enough? I mean, I don’t think I have it in my to love more than one person so much as I love Thany…
:ThanrosPIX: Aw, how sweet… I love you to, Rossy…
:ThanraPIX: *Grumble*Grumble*

Insert what happen to the dance_
No. 501305 ID: f2c20c

Reassure Renault that you're not gonna have a huge harem with dozens of people. If you were to add more people to it, like perhaps Dylon here, you'd want to make sure everyone got along first. A harem's no good if there's bad feelings going around.

Also tell Blackadder that if he wants some cake he should probably just go get it.
No. 501306 ID: 9ddf68

Ask Thanra if she is ok and if she doesn't really want to talk about it then send us head voices over to her and well try to help. I mean this is a party kinda everyone here should have fun not be steamed because they feel left out.
No. 501307 ID: f2c20c

Hang on, what was that green stuff on the bookcase above the gem? It appeared right as we got near the gem...
No. 501315 ID: b3ca75
File 136380938514.png - (46.86KB , 900x600 , 109.png )

>tell Blackadder that if he wants some cake he should probably just go get it.
I think it’s more about Samuel’s table manners and apatite then not getting cake. Have you seen how that guy eats?

:ClairePIX: Don’t worry, Ren, I’m not going to get some huge harem and forget about you. Besides, if I decide to bring more people into it, like for example Dylon, I’ll make sure both you and Waran get along with the newcomer. After all, a good harem is a happy harem.
:DylonPIX: Oh? So I’ll get that date then?
:RenaultPIX: I… I guess that’s fine… I’m just not used to this Ponygame relationships thingy… but for you I’ll give it a try.
:ClairePIX: Speaking of relationships… Thanra? Are you okay? You look a little bit grumpy.
:ThanraPIX: I’m… fine, really…
:ClairePIX: Are you sure?
:ThanrosPIX: My love muffin!
:BalrosPIX: Honey pumpkin!
:ThanraPIX: …yes.

>send us head voices over to her and well try to help.
[You now have control over Thanra!]
Gah, how hard can it be, just stand up and ask, dammit! On 3… 1…2… dammit Bro, stop gushing over him already, Humfp! If you want to bang that sweet ass you stand up right now, missy… and ruin everything again! Why most I be so bad at th- …wait, I know this feeling… oh, gods, it’s the voices again, isn’t it? How long have you been in here!?

Insert quarter to start_
No. 501316 ID: d6ef5d

>How long have you been in here!?
Since "Gah".

So... need some help hooking up? We have some experience in this matchmaker business.
No. 501317 ID: 14bafe

The most recent 'Gah', not that one five minutes ago when you were thinking about... Well, you know.

Anyway, his tail is right there. Just kind of reach out with yours, and lay it on there. Plausible deniability, and subtle gauging of reactions.
No. 501318 ID: 78c6ea

Sharply lean back in your chair so your skull impacts against his.
No. 501325 ID: b3ca75
File 136381246081.png - (47.14KB , 900x600 , 110.png )

>So... need some help hooking up? We have some experience in this matchmaker business.
…Well, going by Claire you’re either good or extremely lucky… either one is something I need.
:ClairePIX: Well, I do believe I own these gentlemen a dance each. Waran, you asked first, so come with me.

>Anyway, his tail is right there. Just kind of reach out with yours, and lay it on there.
…He reacts on the initial impact, but then he’s just lying there.
>Sharply lean back in your chair so your skull impacts against his.
Careful now… take it ea- Wops!

Thanra “head-butts” Blackadder for 0 damage!

:ThanraPIX: Ow!
:LtBlackadderPIX: -Off… are you okay?
:ThanraPIX: I’m sorry…

Insert Charisma is her dump stat_
No. 501327 ID: 9ddf68

Well that's one way to brake the ice I guess. Just start talking to the guy and start with simple questions like how is he enjoying himself so far. Just build up a conversation and see where it leads you, and if something starts to take a turn for the worst we'll jump in and help you through it.
No. 501335 ID: 76b151

Well if they do get together we have to get Claire to talk to Thanra about her lichdom. Once Blackadder realizes she doesn't know he'll start dropping hints again.
No. 501338 ID: d6ef5d

Wow, you really are desperate. You couldn't tell that voice was teasing you?

Hmm. Maybe strike up a conversation about fashion? He was fairly into that before.
No. 501347 ID: b3ca75
File 136381763168.png - (45.96KB , 900x600 , 111.png )

:ThanraPIX: I-I’m fine, r-really? How are y-you!? I mean, h-how’s i-it…um… a-are you enjoying yours- I mean the e-evening. Are you enjoying t-the evening?
:LtBlackadderPIX: …um, yes? I guess s-so? …no wait, I mean, I’m enjoying it a l-lot more now that you are h-here…?
:ThanraPIX: Um… t-thanks?
:ThanraPIX: … h-hey, you know fashion right? Can I get some tips for a nice dress?
:LtBlackadderPIX: W-what!? H-how did- Why w-would I know a-anything about d-dresses!?
:ThanraPIX: I-I’m sorry. I d-didn’t mean to offend y-you… but you d-did talk with q-quite a passion about dre- wops.

Thanra fails doing the “Hand on table” maneuver! Thanra fumbles horribly! Thanra is knocked prone.
Flower pot and several plates attacks Thanra for 2 damage!


:ThanraPIX: …son of a…
:LtBlackadderPIX: um…

:DylonPIX: -you have to remember that you can’t compare the need of the few with the needs of the many.
:RenaultPIX: True, true. No man is worth the grain to feed ten, right?

Insert the fourth stooge_
No. 501349 ID: d6ef5d

Jeeze! Okay, you're either cursed, or you're so nervous you're tripping over yourself.

Since a curse is unlikely (you weren't rude to any witches or relationship advice columnists, right?) I'd say what you need to do is clam down. Get a grip. Relax. You can't let fear, anxiety, nerves, or whatever this is control you. You know how to control yourself, or else you'd get killed in battle. So shape up and do it.
No. 501352 ID: f2c20c

Okay. Uh. I think you might be cursed. I mean, how did you even do that? Aren't you supposed to need good coordination and balance as a fighter? Try to salvage your dignity by calmly picking the assorted fallen stuff off you and setting them back on the table.

Then just grab an actual chair and sit normally and talk normally with Blackadder and don't try anything fancy while you're as nervous as you are. Things will improve, unless you are really cursed.

Like, you can ask how he enjoyed his food.
No. 501357 ID: 9ddf68

Calm down, take a deep breath and try again, just don't think of this as getting a boyfriend, date, or anything that would make you nervous, just pretend that he is just another student at the school that you are trying to get to know. If you need a reason why just pretend your going to go on a mission together soon and you want to find out just what kind of person he is, hell that could be another topic to talk about as well. He's a solder and has to have some combat experience, ask him what his weapon of choice is then maybe talk about yours and go form there.
No. 501359 ID: b3ca75
File 136382253407.png - (50.24KB , 900x600 , 112.png )

>how did you even do that?
I’m nervous and there were a plate where I put my hand, okay? Those things are slippery!
>You know how to control yourself, or else you'd get killed in battle.
I’d rather meet an army of the undead than this…
…Okay, I can do this… deep breath…

:ThanraPIX: haha… sorry for… the plates…um…
:LtBlackadderPIX: No problem…
:ThanraPIX: um… did you like the food?
:LtBlackadderPIX: Yeah, sure. It was good, I guess…
:LtBlackadderPIX: …so…
:ThanraPIX: You are a soldier, right? What weapon do you use? Have you seen a lot of combat?
:LtBlackadderPIX: Well… I use a sword but… I’m technically not a soldier. The Empire doesn’t let… um… p-people like me become s-soldiers. I’m actually Dylon’s aide…
:ThanraPIX: People like you?
:LtBlackadderPIX: Oh, y-you know… *Cough*mumble*Cough*

Insert buy some cough medicine_
No. 501360 ID: 37aa84

Wow you two are so adorably awkward. You're going to have to ask him to repeat that.
No. 501361 ID: dc4a44

Girls, eunuchs, gays, lizards, Blackadders, robots?
No. 501362 ID: f2c20c

Lizards? Are they racist?
No. 501376 ID: 9ddf68

don't presser him if he doesn't want to talk about it. Just tell him a bit about yourself and ask maybe what he does then it must be important if he gets to work with Dylon directly right? (Dylon is a general or something right?)
No. 501381 ID: b3ca75
File 136382479321.png - (45.00KB , 900x600 , 113.png )

:ThanraPIX: What did you say? They don’t let “what” become soldiers?
:LtBlackadderPIX: …well…
:ThanraPIX: Lizards? Are they racists?
:LtBlackadderPIX: no…
:ThanraPIX: Is it because you are an eunuch?
:LtBlackadderPIX: What? No!
:ThanraPIX: Because you like boys?
:LtBlackadderPIX: No!
:ThanraPIX: Because you are a robot?
:LtBlackadderPIX: Heh, no, that’s not it…
:ThanraPIX: Well, is it because you are a Blackadder?
:LtBlackadderPIX: No… um… I… I’m a… a c-cross dresser…
:ThanraPIX: So… you like to wear dresses?
:LtBlackadderPIX: It’s the opposite! I don’t like to wear dresses! They don’t let people like us two become a low ranking soldier.
:ThanraPIX: Um… what?

:DylonPIX: -but won’t the Nitros Brio destroy it in the end?
:WaranPIX: That’s the best part. By combining the fnord with the illuminated-

Insert Sweet Polly Oliver_
No. 501384 ID: 76b151

Blackadder is female? Whoa.
No. 501386 ID: f2c20c

Oh god. Blackadder is a girl?! I thought red markings meant they were male lizards!

Well, now you have no reason to be nervous. Unless you like girls.
No. 501396 ID: 9ddf68

Have Blackladder clarify what she means by that, If she is a girl just say something like that is stupid the empire shouldn't be sexist pigs if they are all about equal rights and freedoms, DO NOT show any embarrassment. Blackladder has no idea that you are flirting right now, just thinks your making friendly conversion, this well only become awkward as fuck if you let it.
No. 501404 ID: b3ca75
File 136382634259.png - (47.19KB , 900x600 , 114.png )

>Unless you like girls.
I d-don’t? At least I think I don’t. For some reason I find her attractive, okay? Maybe because I still see her as a guy or something…

:ThanraPIX: You’re a woman?
:LtBlackadderPIX: …yes. Yes I am. My name is Loretta…
:ThanraPIX: But you have those red markings…
:LtBlackadderPIX: It’s paint…
:ThanraPIX: And the smell…
:LtBlackadderPIX: Perfume…
:ThanraPIX: But… why won’t the empire let you become a soldier? I thought they were mantis based and was all for woman rights.
:LtBlackadderPIX: That’s kind of the thing. The value females higher and thus they can only become officers and the like in the army. I haven’t gone to officer school so…
:ThanraPIX: Oh…
:LtBlackadderPIX: At least I got to work with one of the Empress sons… I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have led you on like that…
:ThanraPIX: …it’s okay…
:LtBlackadderPIX: …I guess this the last time we’ll talk then…
:ThanraPIX: What? No! I can still be your friend and… um…

Stupid sexy blackadder… I don’t like girls like that, dammit!

Insert It’s like she’s wearing a big bulky armor_
No. 501408 ID: 9ddf68

So what blackladder is a chick. Doesn't mean anything really and no I'm not saying that you should keep flirting with her if you don't want to, just keep talking. this doesn't mean we still can't get a friend out of this and ask her why didn't she go to officer school unless she doesn't want to talk about it.
No. 501418 ID: dc4a44

Now the part of the show where we continue to press upon your initial attraction to Blackadder despite your sexual preferences ultimately causing you sexual confusion and grief because, like lizard wizards, our goal is getting you laid with or without morals.
No. 501422 ID: 14bafe

Hey, you can now non-awkwardly suggest things to do later! Like, say, cause Claire to go insane from how many dresses you put on her, or showing her around the academy.

Also, apparently Dylon thinks Blackadder is a guy.
No. 501428 ID: f2c20c

Ask her if you can maybe hang out again later. Maybe see her in regular clothing so you can get a better idea if you're attracted to her body or just the way she presents herself?
No. 501441 ID: d6ef5d

Okay, look, I have no idea where this is going anymore, but I would at least like to get to know you better, alright?
No. 501507 ID: b3ca75
File 136385586693.png - (48.22KB , 900x600 , 115.png )

:ThanraPIX: Let’s focus on something else, okay? You do seem like nice guy… err… girl so maybe we can hang out later? You know, drive Claire insane from how many dresses we put on her or showing you around the school?
:LtBlackadderPIX: That would be nice…
:ThanraPIX: By the way, didn’t Dylon call you a he? Does he think you are a guy?
:LtBlackadderPIX: ...I don’t know. He knows I’m a woman so either it’s out of respect or he thinks I’ve already gone over the threshold to becoming a man... with m-me… um… h-having the right e-equipment…
:ThanraPIX: …wait, equipment?
:LtBlackadderPIX: I’m p-post op.
:ThanraPIX: You’re beyond what?
:LtBlackadderPIX: I’m t-transsexual… I-I’ve had a-an operation… d-down there…

Insert Blackadder is gender confused! Blackadder hurts herself in the confusion!_
No. 501511 ID: f2c20c

Whoa I was not expecting that! Also whoa I didn't know you guys had the tech for that! Though... wouldn't a belt of gender change have been easier? Do you guys not have powerful enchanted items like that anymore?

Anyway, I don't get why Blackadder is referring to themselves as a woman. Reassure uh... him/her. Ask what pronoun they prefer, anyway.

At least you can be more secure in your sexual orientation, since... well, blackadder IS basically a guy.
No. 501543 ID: d6ef5d

Well, congrats. After that string of revelations one after another, I think you're too busy being confused about your own feels to worry about being nervous.

...any other bombshells to drop?
No. 501544 ID: 9ddf68

Wow everyone in this damn school has secrets it seems. If you don't thinks it to awkward ask what made her want ...uh to join the other team?
No. 501553 ID: a19d72

have blackadder follow you to somewhere private so you can see how well the surgery went
No. 501554 ID: b3ca75
File 136389281606.png - (44.56KB , 900x600 , 116.png )

>wouldn't a belt of gender change have been easier?
Belt of gender change? Who would make an extremely powerful artifact do something like that? Actually, I don’t want to know.
>At least you can be more secure in your sexual orientation, since... well, blackadder IS basically a guy.
Sexual confusion… rising… urge to get laid… the same…
>have blackadder follow you to somewhere private so you can see how well the surgery went.
…I’m not going to check out his… hers… um… junk, okay? That should at least wait for after a date or something.
>...any other bombshells to drop?
…soylent green is lizards!

:ThanraPIX: So… Loretta, was it? Can I call you Lola? Wait, should I use male or female pronouns?
:LtBlackAdderPIX: Y-you can call me Loren… and I r-rather you use he and him…
:ThanraPIX: Well then, Loren, I have to ask… um… w-why did y-you…?
:LtBlackAdderPIX: J-join the o-other team? I… well… I a-always been a g-guy, really…
:ThanraPIX: Wait, didn’t you say yo-
:LtBlackAdderPIX: I mean on the inside! I was a guy in a girl’s body, okay?
:ThanraPIX: Oh, sorry… wait… if you are mentally a guy and have a… thing down there and yet you referred to yourself as a woman?
:LtBlackAdderPIX: I-I’ve still got operations to do… like the facial markings and crest and… and… all my hormones are kind of confused and… … …I needed to tell you that I actually am… was… was a woman once…
:ThanraPIX: …You know what. Let’s leave all this for now. It’s a party, after all, so relax… eat some food… mmm… like these yellow balls things, they are really delicious. Where were they at the buffet table? I didn’t see them there.
:LtBlackAdderPIX: Wait, y-you’re actually eating those? Um… Sam brought them as a joke and… you shouldn’t really…
:ThanraPIX: Mmm, what’s in them? Honey?
:LtBlackAdderPIX: W-well… it’s honey surrounding a… you know… um… when male mantises get really excited… and there isn’t a woman and… um… they eat those in the southern part of the empire and...*mumble*
:ThanraPIX: The center is really salty and good, mmm.

Insert you should buy Lola a Cola_
No. 501555 ID: a19d72

haha you just ate bug jizz
No. 501557 ID: 9ddf68

I would drop that right now and wash your mouth out with some punch or cake or something. As for why, well hey at least you don't have to worry about having mantis babies right?
No. 501558 ID: 37aa84

Let's go back to the buffet table to get something to drink.
No. 501561 ID: b3ca75
File 136389729469.png - (45.94KB , 900x600 , 117.png )

>haha you just ate bug jizz
:ThanraPIX: Is this…
:LtBlackAdderPIX: yeah…
:ThanraPIX: …are you sure…
:LtBlackAdderPIX: yes…
:LtBlackAdderPIX: …um… maybe you should drink some punch?
:ThanraPIX: …I’m… I’m going to be in the bathroom for a while…

[You now have control over Claire!]

:ClairePIX: I have to say, you can really dance Dylon.
:DylonPIX: Well, I’ve had lessons…
:RenaultPIX: What did you think of my dance?
:ClairePIX: You did step on my claw…
:RenaultPIX: To be fair, you stepped on my too… um, feet that is, not claws.
:WaranPIX: You stepped on my claws to. Face it, Claire, you aren’t the best of dancers.
:ClairePIX: Shush you… Hey, were was Thanra going in such a hurry… and why is Blacknagger under the table?
:RenaultPIX: She probably just needed to go to the bathroom… hey, Claire… um… are you ready for that surprise Waran and I was supposed to prepare?
:DylonPIX: Oh? A surprise? I’m intrigued~
:WaranPIX: Oh right, got some last minute stuff to do first, see you there.
:LtBlackAdderPIX: I am a man… I am a man…

Insert Floor, meet shame. Shame, meet floor_
No. 501562 ID: 9ddf68

yeah sure head on over to that surprise if you want but maybe see if blackladder is alright I know the guy has been a bit of an ass in the past but I really don't think anyone wants to see someone else having a mental breakdown right now, I mean this is a party kinda.
No. 501564 ID: 37aa84

Excuse yourself to the bathroom to check on Thanra quick. We got suddenly cut off from her due to an embarrassing incident and it may be good to make sure she isn't taking it too hard.
No. 501575 ID: f2c20c

Things seem to be going really well for you and your harem, Claire. Everyone's getting along. I wouldn't worry about Thanra, she ate one of those yellow mantis-jizz balls without knowing what it was and is probably washing her mouth out right now and/or puking.

Thanra and Blackadder are... getting closer, I think. Things will go a bit smoother between them, now. Ask Dylon if he wouldn't go try to help Blackadder off the floor there, though. Things got a bit extra-awkward and he could probably use some reassurance from a friend.

So. What do we do now? Ask how well they got along with Dylon. I don't expect them to invite him along for tonight's stuff, of course, as that's moving way too fast. That can wait for after a formal date with Dylon and the rest.

If we have time to stop by the library for a couple minutes I'm a little concerned about that goo I saw over the bookcase holding the focus crystal/Vessel candidate. It might've been a security system to keep people from taking the gem, or it might've been an interloper about to steal it. Either way, aren't we supposed to use the Vessel somehow to contact Liz?
No. 501585 ID: b3ca75
File 136390545192.png - (29.63KB , 900x600 , 118.png )

>see if blackladder is alright.
:ClairePIX: Um… should blackadder really be under the table mumbling to himself?
:DylonPIX: Oh, he’s been talking about his… um… problem again. Don’t worry; I know how to handle it. Go have fun you three. …and take pictures, okay?
:RenaultPIX: In your dreams, tin can.
:ClairePIX: I’ll meet you in a second, Ren. I’m just going to the ladies room real quick.

>check on Thanra in the bathroom.
:ClairePIX: Thanra? You okay in there?
:ThanraPIX: must brush harder… must be clean… must brush harder… must be clean…
:ClairePIX: Oh, you’re just brushing your teeth, eh? Never mind then, sorry I disturbed you.

>Ask how well they got along with Dylon.
:ClairePIX: Actually, before we get to my room, what do you think of Dylon?
:RenaultPIX: Well, he’s nice, I guess? We’re supposed to meet up later to discuss some ethical dilemmas and stuff… wait, are you asking because you’re going to put him in the… um… harem?
:ClairePIX: Well, maybe~ If everyone likes him, sure. Though I’m probably going to have a date with him first…

:RenaultPIX: W-well… um… t-this is i-it…
:ClairePIX: You remembered the liquid chocolate, right?
:RenaultPIX: O-of course… um… e-except it w-was k-kind of h-hard to get a l-lot of it… so… um… let’s j-just go i-inside, alright?
:ClairePIX: Is that Barry white I’m hearing?
No. 501586 ID: b3ca75
File 136390547165.png - (35.42KB , 900x600 , 119.png )

My darling I, can't get enough of your love babe…

:WaranPIX: Why, h-hello there~
:ClairePIX: Oh my~
:RenaultPIX: Well, now I wish I had some bleach…
:WaranPIX: Dude! You’re ruining it! So… um… so… h-how do we do this? I’ve n-never been with more than one at the time…
:RenaultPIX: D-don’t ask me! You got more experience than me!
:WaranPIX: How can I have more- I’ve only done it once. Wait… you’re a virgin!?
:RenaultPIX: …um… m-maybe?
:ClairePIX: Nice start, but you crashed and burned before you even left the airfield…

Insert Belly flop 3000_
No. 501590 ID: 37aa84

Wait so Renault is actually a virgin? So that dream where Thanra was going to sacrifice the three of them and Ren was the only one not to actually say they weren't...How did your subconscious know he was a virgin?
No. 501595 ID: f2c20c

First, lock the door.

Second, foreplay is important so you guys should get comfortable (which means Ren needs to take off his armor) and get on the bed, then break the ice with some casual physical affection. A massage, maybe. Kissing, feeling up, that sorta thing. Explore eachothers bodies- Ren will learn some things about Mantids, I expect, and you will learn things about humans. Things will just naturally develop from there, I expect, but don't rush. Everyone should get in the mood.

There are a bunch of ways you can approach a threeway. Since both the dudes in this context are straight, and without much sexual experience amongst those present there isn't a good chance that anal will work out for you, you can either have them take turns with you, or have one working you down below while you service the other orally. You can figure that out for yourself. I don't even know how Mantis anatomy works.

Anyway we're probably going to lose time again, and possibly see this turn into another one of your weird dreams. You can try to turn us off manually to get privacy, too, or pass us off to Thanra, maybe?
No. 501601 ID: 4b5e9d

So this basically means you get to take charge not bad
No. 501603 ID: f2c20c

Oh uh, and... just in case... ask the book if there's anything you need to worry about as a Lich regarding sex.
No. 501623 ID: 68bbc5

Whatever you end up doing, you had better be doing it with that door locked and bolted beyond any hope of entry.
No. 501694 ID: b3ca75
File 136394480514.png - (35.46KB , 900x600 , 120.png )

>you had better be doing it with that door locked and bolted beyond any hope of entry.
Door locked, bolted and blocked. No one is coming in here tonight.
>How did your subconscious know he was a virgin?
…I don’t know… Maybe I just assumed? He was kind of a jerk first time I met him…
>ask the book if there's anything you need to worry about as a Lich regarding sex.
:Antonidas: As you haven’t a disease filled rotting body like most liches the only thing you need to worry about is the implied necrophilia you are about to do. Also, please don’t ask me for any tips about that subject…

:ClairePIX: Let’s start with Waran helping me out of my dress while Ren discards his armor. Then we can just explore each other’s bodies for a while… I’m sure we got a lot to learn~
No. 501695 ID: b3ca75
File 136394483181.png - (416.22KB , 840x461 , Freaky bug sex.png )

[Warning! Freaky bug sex ahead! Abandon hope all ye who enter here!]

[Claire learned some human anatomy! Renault learned some Mantis anatomy! Critical chance increased against targets!]

>have one working you down below while you service the other orally.
Renault and Waran uses Spit Roast on Claire! It’s super pleasurable!

:ClairePIX: Klrrick’clarkclak!
:WaranPIX: ClreenCLAck!
:RenaultPIX: YAAAY!
No. 501696 ID: b3ca75
File 136394485788.png - (38.62KB , 900x600 , 121.png )

Meanwhile, at the plot…

:ThanrosPIX: I don’t know… Maybe I should check up on sis…
:BalrosPIX: She will be fine, she only need some time to clean he- wait, what happen here?
:ThanrosPIX: Oh no! Someone spilled a bunch of paint in the corridor!
:BalrosPIX: …I’m pretty sure that’s blood…
:ThanrosPIX: Even worse!

[You now have control over Thanros!]

Insert Goddammit, Nappa!_
No. 501697 ID: 76b151

Ah fuck. TO the library!
No. 501699 ID: f2c20c

God. Dammit.

Oh hey Thanros. I suggest entering the library armed and fully alert, because shit has gone down and there is something very important in there probably.

Actually no get some fucking guards!
No. 501705 ID: 37aa84

This is terrible. Dead bodies go in the crypt, books go in the library. We must correct this filing error.
No. 501706 ID: 9747ef


One of you should get help from Dylon and his crew.
No. 501707 ID: 9747ef

Also, I think I recognize the dean's arm there.
No. 501713 ID: b3ca75
File 136396561966.png - (47.16KB , 900x600 , 122.png )

>This is terrible. Dead bodies go in the crypt, books go in the library. We must correct this filing error.
It would be forgivable if it wasn’t for the terrible feng shui they got in here. I mean, that severed arm should be laying in the north eastern directions and the blood… gods, the blood is all the wrong color! I should really have a stern talking to whoever designed this bloodbath!

>get some fucking guards!
>Ah fuck. TO the library!
[The two redshirted guards named Soon and Will die have joined the party.]

:BalrosPIX: Two meat shields? Was that the best you should do?
:ThanrosPIX: The third is on her way getting more redshirts.
:WillDiePIX: …We’re right here, you know…

Insert Predator_
No. 501720 ID: d6ef5d

Contact! Multiple cloaked undead!

One directly in front of Balros, one on top of the bookshelf 1 meter south and 2 east of Thanros (or two shelves forward, and on the right, from the direction he's facing), and one coming around the corner of the next row of shelves, where the blood trail goes around a corner.

...also the gem is missing, dangit.
No. 501723 ID: 2a8a2a

You should probably follow the red blood trail first after killing the cloakers. The dean might still be in a state where we can help him, and whatever bled the green stuff seems to injured to get away very quickly.
No. 501726 ID: 9ddf68

Ok you've got three screamers in this room with you and all of them right where >>501720 said they would be. So have fun and kill some more undead, I mean you've done it before.
No. 501730 ID: b3ca75
File 136397559015.png - (48.51KB , 900x600 , 123.png )

>Contact! Multiple cloaked undead!
:ThanrosPIX: Invisible undeads! Honey, in front of you! Redshirts, take the one coming down the corridor!
:WillDiePIX: Honey?

Thanros use triple shot on Screamer 1 for 45(weak point) damage(Magic nexus)!
Balros Cleaves Screamer 2 for 36(WP) damage(Magic nexus)!
Soon attacks Screamer 3 for 14 damage(Head)!
Will attacks Screamer 3 for 28(WP) damage(Magic nexus)!
Screamer 1-3 have been slain!

:BalrosPIX: How did you know they were there?
:ThanrosPIX: I got Claire’s voices in my head for some reason.
:BalrosPIX: Oh, okay… I guess…

>the gem is missing, dangit.
Um… what gem? Actually, why are you even in my head? Is Claire busy?
No. 501731 ID: b3ca75
File 136397561629.png - (35.85KB , 900x600 , 124.png )

>You should probably follow the red blood trail first after killing the cloakers.
:BalrosPIX: Redshirts, follow the green trail. Love muffin and I will follow the red one.
:WillDiePIX: We got names you know…

:DylonPIX: You are weak, old man. I can’t understand why the master fears you.
:DeanPIX: …h-heh, y-you really think t-this is the end of m-me?

Insert I’m sure this is just some misunderstanding_
No. 501732 ID: 37aa84

Darn is Dylon Bore wormed, is it another mimic, or has Dylon just been playing us this whole time? Better get in there and make sure the Dean doesn't bite it.
No. 501733 ID: d6ef5d

>Um… what gem?
It was on a bookshelf. With a "do not remove or terriblebad things will happen" label. And now it's gone. We kind of suspect that's important.

>Claire busy?
That's one way of putting it. And we tend to go where the action is. And this is seems to be the happening place!

>fight scene
Welp, he's either been playing us as some kind of Xanatos gambit, or he's borewormed, or both.

Aim to maim, please, not kill. We'd like Dylon alive, if possible.

...wait, how did he slice of the dean's arm with a stabbing weapon? That sword shouldn't even have an edge!
No. 501734 ID: 9ddf68

I thought that was Folkon but eh whatever see if you two can't sneak attack this guy before he knows you where there.
No. 501735 ID: a19d72

don't worry, the dean will get better soon
No. 501736 ID: b3ca75
File 136397819837.png - (36.39KB , 900x600 , 125.png )

>don't worry, the dean will get better soon.
Are you sure? He looks kind of half dead already…
>...wait, how did he slice of the dean's arm with a stabbing weapon?
It looks like it was torn off, not sliced. Besides, his blade is only bloody on the tip… probably from when he stabbed the dean through the back.

>Aim to maim, please, not kill. We'd like Dylon alive, if possible.

Thanros attacks Dylon for 16 damage(arm)!

:DylonPIX: What!? Who the fuck are you!? Never mind, enough of this!

Dylon uses Escape! Dylon is teleported away!

:DeanPIX: …H-h-heh… escaping as s-soon as it get r-rough, ‘ey?
:BalrosPIX: Are you okay, Dean!?
:DeanPIX: D-do I look okay?
:WillDiePIX: Um… we followed the green junk but we were too late. The death knights that left that trail was able to teleport away with some kind of gem.
:DeanPIX: …f-fools…

No. 501737 ID: 9ddf68

Ask the dean wtf just happened here and if that really was Dylon, also help the dean up and see if he turns into a mimic or not. don't think he well but hey it never hurt us in the past to be paranoid
No. 501738 ID: 78c6ea

What we need is a buckler shield that blocks teleport.
No. 501739 ID: dc4a44

No. 501742 ID: f2c20c

I don't want to believe that's Dylon. He did say that he had a bunch of brothers, and Folken might look/sound just like him. Also, he didn't recognize you.

We'll have Renault use Detect Undead on him tomorrow to see if that wounded arm is visible.

Also ask the Dean if that gem was the Vessel. It's not, right? Right?
No. 501745 ID: d6ef5d

>He looks kind of half dead already…
That's half more than he needs. He'll be fine.

So... how bad is it, Dean? Bad guys gnabbed what is probably the vessel, and half killed you. Now what?
No. 501746 ID: b3ca75
File 136397985583.png - (34.44KB , 900x600 , 126.png )

>see if he turns into a mimic.
He’s as solid as anyone else.

:ThanrosPIX: Dean, what happen? Why did they attack you? Was that really Dylon!?
:DeanPIX: …B-beware… he lives… he… hungers…
:ThanrosPIX: What?
:DeanPIX: …fake… ves…s… book… d-desk… Clai…ir…e…

Dean has been slain!

:BalrosPIX: …he’s gone?

Insert I HUNGER_
No. 501748 ID: 37aa84

Something about a fake vessel I hope that's what the Death Knights ran off with. Check the book on that table I think he wanted Claire to have it.
No. 501749 ID: d6ef5d

Well, grab that book on the desk there (is it open to anything important?) and then we need to get to Claire.

>…he’s gone?
No. 501750 ID: 9ddf68

don't worry he'll bonce back, now lets look at that desk up there and look at the book on it, in fact take everything off the desk and bring it all to claire and maybe see if you can't get into the dean's room/office and see if there are any books on his personal desk that might be the vessel. Oh and if you're wondering what the vessel is, it's basically something or in some cases someone who has the ability to house unimaginable amounts of magic inside of itself/themselves and in some cases actually re-wright reality as we know it. not that big a deal really.
No. 501753 ID: f2c20c

No. The Dean can resurrect. Unless he decided today was a good day to die. Considering how little he fought back apparently (or maybe that "Dylon" was stronger than he looked?) that might've been the case. We'll see.

Grab the book on the desk. And that other thing on the desk, maybe, unless it's completely uninteresting. It kindof looks like a plate.
No. 501755 ID: b3ca75
File 136398183908.png - (29.91KB , 900x600 , 127.png )

>don't worry he'll bounce back.
What!? How!? He got an arm torn off, a hole through his body the size of a fist and his hearth have stopped. He’s dead!
>The Dean can resurrect.
…He can? How?

>Well, grab that book on the desk there.
“How to read Necronica, the language of the Dead. For dummies.”
There is a note here with Claire written on it and… a bunch of gibberish I don’t understand.
>And that other thing on the desk, maybe, unless it's completely uninteresting. It kind of looks like a plate.
…It’s a pillow…

:ThanrosPIX: I’m going over to Claire for a moment…
:BalrosPIX: I’ll stay here until help arrive.
:WillDiePIX: Don’t worry, they will bring the best healers they got when they get here.


>then we need to get to Claire.
Let’s get this to Claire, th-


…maybe this can wait to tomorrow?
:DylonPIX: You there… Thanros, right!? Are you okay? I heard of the attack.
:LtBlackadderPIX: I told you, sir, the library is on the second floor… not the first… you wanted to sneak by Claire’s room, didn’t you?
:DylonPIX: Shush, you…

Insert Now he’s here to fuck us_
No. 501757 ID: 37aa84

The picture of the Dean is now blank. Good thing too I never liked it, so creepy the way it seemed to look at you. Make some distracting small talk with Dylon to give Claire some time to finish up they probably won't be much longer.
No. 501758 ID: d6ef5d

...hey Dylon, how many of your siblings wear the exact same style armor as you, wield the same style sword, enjoy torturing old mean and praising the master, run like cowards and have access to teleportation?

Also, do a mimic check and examine his arm for arrow damage.

>He’s dead!
He was already dead.

The big question is if the kindly ancient lich you have a dean is going to reform sane or not.
No. 501765 ID: f2c20c

Uh, yeah, let's wait until tomorrow to hand that over. She's gonna be busy for a while. I thought we timeskipped until after she was done but I guess not!

Go over and ask to see Dylon's arm. The one the other Dylon got shot in. If it's uninjured then I guess there are two folks that look like Dylon, and we'll have to set up a passcode.
No. 501767 ID: f2c20c

Can we not reveal the Dean's true nature to him, please? He doesn't need to know.
No. 501774 ID: 9ddf68

Yeah after we make sure it isn't Dylon that attacked the dean just tell him that someone who wore the same armor as him was just found killing the dean of the school in the library who you then shot in the arm and now we are at the moment right before the shit hits the fan, also I'm glad to see that Blackladder has come back to the land of the sane.
No. 501775 ID: b3ca75
File 136398527997.png - (31.21KB , 900x600 , 128.png )

>give Claire some time to finish up they probably won't be much longer.
:ClairePIX: mmm… you really made me feel alive again… wanna go a second round? …heh, thought so… mmm… let Waran be below this time…

…Well, she needs a lot more time… let’s postpone this to tomorrow…
:DylonPIX: Why are you listening at the door? Is something happening in there?
:ClairePIX: Oh, Waran! Give me your eggs!
:ThanrosPIX: …let’s go somewhere a bit more… private, shall we?
:DylonPIX: …agreed.


>do a mimic check and examine his arm for arrow damage.
Nope, nothing.

:DylonPIX: What are you doing?
:ThanrosPIX: Checking you out.
:DylonPIX: Well, aren’t you a bit forward, heh? But you’ll have to talk to Claire to see if it’s okay for us to… mmm… we are kind of dating, after all~
:ThanrosPIX: W-what!? No! I was checking for damage! We were attacked by someone who looked like you, used the same weapon and ran away like a coward.
:DylonPIX: Ah, Folken, eh? We better start using a pass phrase then, right? Learn, adapt, evolve should still work.
:ThanrosPIX: …um… sure? …how do you know it was Folken just like that?
:DylonPIX: He always was a coward, that one.

Insert Angst angst angst_
No. 501786 ID: 9ddf68

going to tell him that his bother also just killed the Dean or you just going to let him figure that one out for himself?

Anyways ask him about his bother, it would be nice to know what to expect when we have to fight this guy.
No. 501788 ID: f2c20c

Well, they're going to find out that they have a fake vessel pretty quick. I think we should post a lot more guards at the library.
No. 501795 ID: b3ca75
File 136399006893.png - (30.87KB , 900x600 , 129.png )

:ThanrosPIX: Oh yeah… your brother kind of offed the dean…
:DylonPIX: I wouldn’t call him brother anymore. My real brother is probably already dead and they are using his dead husk as a puppet to do their bidding.
:ThanrosPIX: Well, tell me about him. We need to know more if we are going to fighting him again soon.
:DylonPIX: He’s… pragmatic, brutal and merciless. He was trained to crush our enemies while I was trained to be more… diplomatic. I do not know how much of him have changed, but I’ll trust he’s still a coward. If he doesn’t have any minions to throw at his enemies he will run.
:ThanrosPIX: …right… hey, maybe we should set up some guards in the liberty… maybe he’ll come back?
:DylonPIX: Good idea, I’ll talk to the guild and put my own best men on the job, do not worry. Now, it’s the middle of the night, I’d suggest that you’ll get a good night sleep.
:ThanrosPIX: …yeah, you’re right… Goodnight, Dylon.
:DylonPIX: Goodnight…
No. 501799 ID: b3ca75
File 136399019895.png - (200.92KB , 304x537 , Curly mustache.png )

Meanwhile in the hall of… um… marvel, baby?

:JewPIX: I, Magneto, Master of magnetism have finally completed the construction of the ultimate weapon.
No. 501800 ID: b3ca75
File 136399021574.png - (132.81KB , 411x557 , Pringels.png )

:JewPIX: The Curly mustache! Now, what will I, Mag-fucking-neto, Master of magnetism use this amazing weapon of mass destruction for?

Insert Welcome to die!_
No. 501805 ID: 7dbd6b

Rub it in Xavior's un-facial-hair-protected Face!

Not literally.
No. 501807 ID: 37aa84

You must close the mortgage on Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and tie Jean Grey to a train track to finally do away with the X-Men.
No. 501808 ID: dc4a44

use it for Scoops. Scoops Haagen-daz
No. 501811 ID: d6ef5d

Just use your powers to rip the iron out of the blood of all your opponents. Or hell, to rip all the charged ions in them out. No more of this throwing metal around crap. By all rights, you should be able to slat any opponent you want as soon as you become aware of them.
No. 501814 ID: 9ddf68

show the younger generation what true style is all about and forever erase all girly men like those in twilight from the the face of this world.
No. 501816 ID: 5fd94e

No. 501821 ID: b3ca75
File 136399512527.png - (88.43KB , 500x212 , Youmadepicardcry!.png )

>use it for Scoops. Scoops Haagen-daz.
Hmm… the ice cream keep getting stuck in my curly mustache… there must have been a design error somewhere…
>No more of this throwing metal around crap.
B-but I like throwing things… It’s my favorite hobby besides chess.
>show the younger generation what true style is all about and forever erase all girly men like those in twilight from the face of this world.
Not even a mustache of this magnitude has a chance against the hordes of Yaoi Fangirls out there. They are legion. They are the swarm!

>Rub it in Xavior's un-facial-hair-protected Face!
:JewPIX: Hey, Xavier~ look what I got…
:BaldPIX: A mustache? What diabolical plan have you plotted now? And why do you never call?
:JewPIX: Um… well… the mustache… you see…
:BaldPIX: You forgot about me because of a mustache!?
:JewPIX: I was going to come over to fight you… and buy flowers…
:BaldPIX: You don’t love me like you used to do! I even dressed up as Picard for you!

Insert Foe Yay_
No. 501832 ID: 37aa84

Why would dressing up as Picard impress you? He knows you prefer Kirk. It isn't your guys' anniversary or something is it?
No. 501835 ID: 9ddf68

I don't call because you have your damn number set up through the school's number so I have to go through 4 hours of 'if you would like to talk to your student press 1' and 'please keep holding, your call is important to us' well it plays crappy elevator music. I know you're a telepath but for gods sake get a cell phone.
No. 501842 ID: d6ef5d

>I even dressed up as Picard for you!
Okay, seriously? That's true love right there. You apologize to that beautiful bald man and make everything better.
No. 501849 ID: b3ca75
File 136399973373.png - (186.63KB , 460x276 , Noooooo!.png )

:JewPIX: I’m… I’m sorry, I’ve tried to call but I always get stuck in the schools answering machine. I know you are a telepath but please, get a cellphone so people can reach you.
:BaldPIX: …You’re right… I’m sorry… I overreacted. I should really got one of those new iPhones the kids are talking about…
:JewPIX: I should help you pick one out…
:BaldPIX: …thank you… Max. I love you…
:JewPIX: I love you to Charles… but you know I prefer Kirk over Picard.
:JewPIX: Um… I like Kirk more?
:BaldPIX: How… how dare you? …This relationship is over. I never want to see you again, Magneto. Goodbye.
:JewPIX: But- I-
:BaldPIX: Leave!
:JewPIX: …I’m not going to just let you end it like this… I’ll win you back, you’ll see. YOU’LL SEE!

Dammit… how do I win him back? How do I use my curly mustache to win back my true love?

Insert Go team Spock_
No. 501855 ID: d6ef5d

Okay, I'm not exactly sure how this became Doki Doki Patrick Stewart-san~ Quest, but I am seriously loving every minute of this.
>How do I use my curly mustache to win back my true love?
Use it to get a role in one of his theater productions. It was his first love, and through it you shall win him back. There's totally an awesome Shakespearean role that's suited to your awesome mustache, right? They'll have to cast you!
No. 501860 ID: f2c20c

Mold a giant metal statue of him and use it to destroy New York.
No. 501861 ID: beeca1

Shit like this happens at the end of every thread. It normally ends in failing to summon the biggest fish.

Only the biggest fish can win Xavier back. And only curly mustaches can act as the proper fishing line to summon the biggest fish. Do so.
No. 501862 ID: dc4a44

The Biggest Fish wouldn't be enough.
You must summon a bigger fish.
No. 501863 ID: 9ddf68

with your mustache of awesome start the best barbershop quartet the world has ever known.
No. 501866 ID: d6ef5d

It's not the traditional thread-end zaniness that caught me off guard, it's the fact we somehow ended up going visual novel (on Patrick Stewart!) this time rather than going on a crazed murder spree.
No. 501872 ID: ab6499

You have a mustache, unlock it's full powers and win him back with its magnificence!
No. 501901 ID: b3ca75
File 136403739857.png - (534.99KB , 483x440 , Talktotheskull.png )

>Use it to get a role in one of his theater productions.
:JewPIX: To be or not to be… that is the question.
:Dude: Yo, mon, follow the script!
:JewPIX: err… do I ha-
:DudePIX: ya, mon.
:JewPIX: *Cough* Hey, yo, dawg! I was think’n about whether I should off myself.
:BaldPIX: Who dares bring bad hamlet into my lair!? You must die!

Xavier mind flays racist stereotype for 1 million damage(Mehehe)!
Producer has been slain!

:BaldPIX: Max! I thought you we’re better than this!
:JewPIX: Um… well… This was only to get you attention! Now that I have it, watch me destroy New York with this giant metal statue of Picard!
:BaldPIX: …you did the same thing last year…
:JewPIX: I did? I mean, I’m going to start the best barbershop quartet in the world for you!
:BaldPIX: You can’t sing, Max…
:JewPIX: Dammit!

>You have a mustache, unlock it's full powers and win him back with its magnificence!
There’s only one thing left to do…

>Summon the biggest mustache!
No. 501902 ID: b3ca75
File 136403742404.png - (402.81KB , 547x522 , Magnets! How do they work.png )

Warning, mustache mass exceeds that of normal values! ERROR! The Universe has committed an illegal action and will shut down! All your unsaved date will be lost! Have a nice day.

:JewPIX: I love you, Xavier! I love you like I love my dreidel! …because I’m Jewi-

No. 501903 ID: b3ca75
File 136403744098.png - (176.09KB , 500x346 , DasBox.png )

Game over

:BaldPIX: A x-men parody and not even a mention of wolverine? What is this shit!?
No. 501906 ID: d6ef5d

>not even a mention of wolverine?
These's some slashes in the game over screen. That's close enough.

Not put on your Risa shorts, and kiss and make up already!
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