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File 136047669481.jpg - (100.68KB , 800x680 , 001.jpg )
491750 No. 491750 ID: 8b7b91

You sit in the transport cell, squeezed in with the other banished convicts. The guards will be coming to escort you to your new home shortly.

Your name is Emily, and your life is over.
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No. 491751 ID: ad616d

Didn't your mother tell you what would happen if you stole too many cupcakes?
No. 491752 ID: 76b151

Guy on your right can bite off your head. Watch out for him. Girl(???) on your right has knives for fingers... watch out for her (????) too.

Also chin up. All you have to do is kill them all.
No. 491755 ID: 3f0613

Do a sweet political rap to rally up the other inmates so you can escape during the chaos!
Or ask the big guy or the knife fingered lady if they can bite/cut through those handcuffs...

Also, what're you in for?
No. 491764 ID: f2c20c

Where are you being shipped to?
No. 491765 ID: 9ddf68

1) what did you do (and if you go for the whole I'm innocent speech what you you being accused of)

2)Do you have any idea what the place you're going too is like.

3) do you know anyone around you or even what they did to get here

and 4) how good of a fighter are you it looks like that might come in handy
No. 491770 ID: 6dc5a6

Talk to these folks. You want dangerous sociopaths on YOUR side. If you get asked what you did to get thrown in here use a smartass answer like "loitering".

Get or make shiv when you get the chance.
No. 491781 ID: 735f4f

Wait are you the toothy one the sad one or the claw girl. Just making sure.
No. 491783 ID: 112f0a

Try to cheer up the sweet girl to your right. Use the power of friendship to wipe away those tears.
No. 491816 ID: 908c2d

So... whatcha in for, doll?

Well, that's a slight plus. That means you're being dumped in space Australia, or its equivalent (...this takes place in space, right?) rather than being shipped off to a prison. Conditions and your prospects are somewhat better in the outside world, even if it's not the same outside world you grew up in, or want.

(And it's not like no one has ever made it back from banishment before! It's rare, but it is possible).
No. 491844 ID: 772c81

No way your life is over, you're not dead yet.

Unless you've already been executed, and this is some post-mortem prison.
No. 491863 ID: 8b7b91
File 136054214079.jpg - (50.46KB , 800x599 , 002.jpg )

You are being shipped to the planet Wellspring. You don't know much about it other than it's where they send all of the death row inmates who appealed for banishment rather than execution.

As for why you are here, you have been accused and convicted of high treason and attempted assassination of several government officials. Not exactly something the courts go easily on.
No. 491868 ID: 8b7b91
File 136054233460.jpg - (84.18KB , 800x696 , 003.jpg )

The big guy doesn't seem to speak Common, and honestly, he kind of smells. So you decide to try and strike up a conversation with the clawed lady.
You open with "So... uh... what are you... in for?"


She replies "Black magic. And a little word of advice, Duma, asking someone why they're being dropped on this hellhole isn't the best way to make friends."

You may want to change the subject. She seems... touchy.
No. 491869 ID: 76b151

Thank her for telling you anyway. Give her your name and crime and ask hers.
No. 491874 ID: 116e43

Maybe making friends isn't the best idea right now. Just concentrate on not getting yourself killed by these loons.
No. 491883 ID: 908c2d

>you have been accused and convicted of high treason and attempted assassination
So... did you actually do those things, though? Knowing if you have assassin skills or not might be useful.

What's that word she called you? Is it an insult, your species, nationality...?

Apologize awkwardly, and introduce yourself.
No. 491884 ID: 6dc5a6

"Any idea what's waiting for us on the surface? I mean why would the state spend resources exiling us in the first place if we're already on death row?"
No. 491908 ID: 4a328b

Apologize, introduce yourself--not your crime, unless she asks, just your name.
No. 491912 ID: 9ddf68

ask if she knows anything about what to expect down there and also do you know anything about black magic or was that just kind of a joke as a nice way of saying 'mind your own damn business'
No. 491934 ID: b46734

So.... did ya do it are are ya 'innocent?'
No. 491987 ID: 245614

You're getting sent down to Space Attica with an unfriendly lady who has shivs for fingers, this is not the appropriate time to bust out the classic list of Questions You Do Not Ask People In Prison.
No. 491989 ID: b46734

I was asking our lovely protagonist that, ya doofus
No. 491990 ID: f2c20c

So are you actually an assassin or were you framed?

Ask her about black magic. That sounds neat.
No. 492008 ID: 8fca75

And open with saying it;s neat as to not offend her.
No. 492014 ID: 0602d5

Complement her hair style, girls make friends that way right?
No. 492095 ID: 8b7b91
File 136063800056.jpg - (87.34KB , 800x697 , 004.jpg )

What she says is true, you are a Duma, a race evolved from humans that hail from New Earth.

And no, you are not innocent. You are not innocent at all. You were very capable of killing those men, however, you hesitated, and were apprehended because of it. Make no mistake, you can and will defend yourself if the need arises.

You decide to try and keep the conversation rolling. Sorry... I'm not really sure how this sort of thing works. You crack an awkward smile.

My name is Emily. I didn't mean to prod... but could you at least tell me if you know anything about where we're going?
No. 492096 ID: 8b7b91
File 136063806676.jpg - (113.61KB , 800x841 , 005.jpg )

Don't sweat it kid. And wipe that look off your face, I'm not going to set you on fire. I only use my magic when people... really deserve it.

She breaks eye contact for a moment. It may be best not to discuss magic with her right now.

But to answer your question, no, I don't know anything really. I know it started as some sort of social experiment to see if society's worst could live in their own community, but other than that, I got nothing. I'm Marilyn, by the way.

The intercom crackles to life
All prisoners! Prepare to disembark! We will be arriving at Wellspring in five minutes!

Looks like we're about to find out for ourselves, aren't we, little Duma?

She sure has gotten chatty all of a sudden.
No. 492105 ID: 908c2d

>no, you are not innocent. You are not innocent at all.
Well, good. That means you're not completely helpless here.

What's your assassin skillset look like? You use knives, poison, traps, guns...?

>She sure has gotten chatty all of a sudden.
Well, good. You could use a friend.

>Looks like we're about to find out for ourselves, aren't we, little Duma?
Yeah, looks like.
No. 492107 ID: 9ddf68

ok unless they just push you out of the ship or something I think when you first land you'll be more or less safe for the moment. In that time try to learn as much as you can about the place before the shit hits the fan. If they do just push you out, well ... shit
No. 492110 ID: f2c20c

I think she's figured out you aren't so bad, and neither is she.

Let's not make an alliance or anything just yet though. We don't know anything about what the situation is down there. A fragile alliance formed at this point could be more of a liability depending on what things are like.
No. 492163 ID: 116e43

Hide behind the big guy if anyone starts shooting
No. 492399 ID: 8b7b91
File 136073560190.jpg - (76.57KB , 800x589 , 006.jpg )

The few minutes pass quickly, and the hatch of the shuttle opens as a guard begins ushering the convicts off and undoing their shackles. You see before you a rather run-down but sturdy looking town with plain concrete buildings.
No. 492400 ID: 8b7b91
File 136073565546.jpg - (76.61KB , 800x503 , 007.jpg )

Suddenly you hear something zipping past your head, and then you do again, only this time, it bounces off the metal behind you with a loud PING. Yep, looks like you're being shot at.

The guard chuckles to himself.

Better run, ladies.
No. 492404 ID: 908c2d

...the idiots down their are wasting ammo to try and pick off unarmed, shacked newcomers? What a waste. You'd make valuable recruits for their workforce, or useful slaves, or sources of harvestible organs, etc. The entertainment value of killing the lot of you is the least of your worth. And even then, burning ammo is the least efficient way to go about it.

I guess this means there's no local crime syndicate taking control of the valuable offloaded fresh meat? That or they're stupid. That has it's goods and bads- there's no power structure after you, but there's more chaos.

Alright, hopefully you're agile, girl. Start looking for some cover to run towards. Help Marilyn, if she ends up needing it.
No. 492405 ID: 116e43

where's that big guy at? Regardless, definitely get your ass out of there.

This place is going to suck, isn't it?
No. 492406 ID: 9ddf68

kay, well first make sure you get your danm shackles then run to the nearest cover, and try to stay by Marilyn if you can.
Also do you think you might be able to get the gaurds weapon, because if you can pull it off then you'll start our with a gun and be much better off for it but if you don't think you can get it don't try because then you'll probabily start off with a bullet wound.
Oh and if you do try for the gun do it after your shackles are removed
No. 492407 ID: f2c20c

The guard's got a gun. What's preventing us from borrowing his to use against the people shooting us?

Regardless, I think it's time to show off your cool assassin skillset.
No. 492408 ID: 76b151

We're gonna need a weapon. He has one. Think you can disable him (not kill as that will get th other gaurds to shoot at you)

Then lets exit this deathtrap.
No. 492409 ID: 908c2d

...if quickly and easily lifting the guard's gun on your way past is the kind of thing you can do, go ahead and do it. Starting with a weapon looks like it'll give you an edge, here.
No. 492419 ID: 6dc5a6


Do this and start looking for shelter, preferably something that can block small arms fire. I hope that guard's gun doesn't have an ID lock. Later on we need to find criminals who used to operate in syndicates, keep an eye for the big guy he looks like a dangerous loner.
No. 492448 ID: 772c81

I think this -may- be the general level of gunfire going on at all times, in all directions in this style of town.

I suggest we get a bulletproof everything and learn to live with it.
No. 492501 ID: fe3bb6

If the gaurd doesnt let you take his gun, go ahead and give him big sad puppyeyes
No. 492630 ID: 8b7b91
File 136081567913.png - (216.12KB , 800x636 , 008.png )

You decide that the best course of action is to arm yourself and get the fuck out of there. The guard doesn't seem like he's just going to let you have his gun, so you say pretty please punch him in the stomach and take it. You are sure he'll understand.

TR-488 Hellfire equipped

You beckon Marilyn to follow you and begin running for cover. But where do you run to?
No. 492631 ID: 5d98c3

Why are you running AWAY from the shuttle?

IT'S THE ONLY WAY OFF THIS PLANET! Get to the pilot's hatch, force your way in, and take them hostage. Make sure not to go through the passenger compartment.
No. 492633 ID: f2c20c

If we tried to hijack the shuttle it'd get shot down or we'd be hunted forever etc etc. Let's stay down here.

Um, from what I saw, the only places we can go are some square buildings. So, return fire and run towards them for cover. If you can maybe identify what some of them are that'd be neat.
No. 492634 ID: 9ee360

>But where do you run to?
...some kind of cover would be nice. Any to work with? Longer term, getting the hell away from the launch site and the people shooting at you might be nice.

We're no pilot, and the navy would just kill us. Besides, if the people who designed that transport are smart, there's no access between the prisoner transport and the cockpit. We aren't blowing an airlock open with a machine gun.
No. 492645 ID: 66fb79

In the meanwhile, some suppressive fire is not a bad idea. these asshats have no reason in particular to be shooting at you. give them a reason to stop.
No. 492647 ID: 6dc5a6

Do not do suppressing fire, you only have one clip and no idea if there are compatible clips to be found planetside. Check if the rifle can be set to semi-automatic since that clip likely needs to last for quite some time.
No. 492701 ID: 116e43

If you can get away from the gunfire, then do it. If you can't, find cover and shoot dudes til you can.
No. 492705 ID: fe3bb6


Just run for the nearest cover you can, and then work on getting away form the landing site. If anything, they're likely targeting the ship itself (in hopes of stealing it) or looking to cut down newbies before they can eat up resources. Gotta run and blend in.

Also, what is that you're wearing? Prison jumpsuits? We gotta find something better and less obvious for you at some point
No. 492833 ID: 6a5a08

Marilyn wouldn't happen to have any defensive magic, would she? Lay down some bullets of your own. If you're a good shot (one would think an assassin would be) aim to kill the ones with the most dangerous weapons, otherwise aim to suppress.
No. 493004 ID: 9ddf68

you only have one clip of ammo and at this time no way to replenish it should you run out. only shoot what you know you can hit and try runing away from the gun fire, go cover to cover if you can and don't stop moving until there is nobody shooting at you
No. 493029 ID: c0ea18

Check to see if that Big guy you were sitting next is okay, and find out if he was friendly. He was cute, and you shouldn't abandon him just because he doesn't speak your language.
No. 493045 ID: 8b7b91
File 136090715563.png - (165.93KB , 800x500 , 009.png )

You decide its time to run n' gun. As you take off down the ramp you see that the shots are coming from some rough and tumble looking guys that have walked into the street. you take cover behind the big guy and fire some well placed shots using your natural talent with firearms and manage to waste three of them. The remaining two take off down the street, visibly panicked.

Go you!
No. 493046 ID: 112f0a

Thank the big guy :3
No. 493055 ID: f2c20c

Look back to make sure the other guards on the ship won't start shooting you or something. Then make way into town, also after making sure the big guy isn't about to punch you or something for trying to use him as cover.
No. 493058 ID: 6dc5a6

Loot those corpses and get clothes to cover up your stylish jumpsuit that shouts FRESH MEAT at first sight.
No. 493060 ID: 32e092

Get lootin'! Guns are valuable and who knows what else they have on them. Have Ms. Knifehands cover you.
No. 493063 ID: 9ddf68

go loot yourself some guns girl you are going to need all the firepower you can get your hands on
No. 493075 ID: 76b151

Thank the big guy. Introduce yourself as you walk over to loot your kills.

the two headshotts have nice, undamaged (if slightly bloodied) clothes. You and knifehands can take those. Looks like the bigguy will have to wait for his own though. But I bet hes used to having to get custom fit in a universe with such puny aliens.

Distrubute guns. See if they have anything resembling cash. Take everything.
No. 493078 ID: cfedd2

Big guy doesnt speak common, remember?
Pat his arm gently as thanks, then loot and pillage. Get you and your lady friend new outfits.
Also check on lady friend and big guy's conditions
No. 493089 ID: 8ebb5c

Loot & arm yourself, seems like the best course of action, check on all your party members first though
No. 493091 ID: 9ee360

Dang. We just pissed off the locals. Hopefully they don't have friends. Who will be coming after us.

Quickly loot the corpses (in addition to weapons and gear, be on the lookout for whatever they're using as currency on this rock. It may not look like what you're used to). Arm your companions- offer weapons to Marylin and the big guy (even if he's all muscle and she's a mage, visible, easy to use, ranged weapons have their advantages). Then we need to get off the street / out of this area- before any more members of the welcome wagon try and kill us.
No. 493112 ID: 6a5a08

This. Ask Marilyn if she can use firearms, or if they won't be necessary with her magic.
No. 493114 ID: 60fee2

Give the big guy a thumbs up. Loot the corpses.
No. 493148 ID: 32e092

They were already trying to kill us, so I don't really see the big deal.
No. 493197 ID: 9ee360

Oh, there's no big deal from a moral perspective. I mean from a strategic one. We may have made enemies. Having people coming after you for revenge or in order to maintain their gang's cred is a little worse than being subject to random acts of violence.

Hopefully they were just opportunistic punks and not part of a larger group and no one will care or miss them.
No. 493211 ID: 6a5a08

We're an assassin. An assassin that got caught, granted, but still an assassin. If we've angered someone, we'll gather intel on who doesn't like them and go offer our services to their enemy, already having points with them simply by virtue of the other guy hating us cause we killed their dudes. If it's pure anarchy, then we've already got street cred for our kickass aim and people will know not to mess with us.
No. 493216 ID: f305b9

Maybe there's some kind of society of people who are pretty nice folks like you and lady friend there (and maybe big guy?) living somewhere on this planet

It'd be nice if we could find that and live there. Otherwise, we should loot up some better clothes, supplies, something to carry supplies in, and go fund us a cave or other equally concealing hideout to make a base in
No. 493239 ID: 23c003

Long term goal should be to form your own army and take over the planet, and rule it! Or if you prefer just escape it.
No. 493324 ID: 8b7b91
File 136098831563.png - (215.58KB , 800x622 , 010.png )

You pat the big guy on the arm and say thank you, even though you doubt he can understand you. He seems as though he hardly noticed the firefight and continues to walk into town and out of sight.. Odd fellow.

You check on Marilyn to see if she still has her shit together. She's a bit shaken, and her cute hairdo is a little disheveled, but otherwise she's doing fine.

After briefly pondering whether or not your actions will have consequences you decide taking the dead guys' stuff is more important at the moment. After all, free stuff! With a quick search of the corpses, you manage to find:

2 handguns (32 rounds)
1 submachine gun (20 rounds)
4 pieces of chewing gum (wintergreen mint)
1 thug jumper outfit
1 thug huntsman outfit

Question now is, who gets what?

Current gear:
Emily: Prison jumper, Hellfire rifle
Marilyn: Prison jumper

No. 493326 ID: 6a5a08

Assuming Marilyn can use the guns with her claws:
1 Handgun each, divide rounds and gum equally, Marilyn gets smg. Keep the rifle, you're good with it, how much ammo left?

Clothes go to whoever they fit better. If both are the same, let Marilyn pick whichever she prefers.
No. 493328 ID: f1c7cd

Chew all 4 pieces of gum right now. Your breath stinks.
No. 493331 ID: 76b151

She should take the machinegun (spray and pray is a tried and true method after all) as well as a pistol. You should take the other pistol. If needbe we can sell the extra weapons later but they do make a good backup weapon.

I suggest you take the huntsman's outfit as and marilyn take te jumper one.

Offer her half the gum.

You'll hang on to the cash for now. Also how much ammo does the Hellfire have?
No. 493340 ID: 9ee360

This sounds good to me.

We're going to need to get off the street, and away from the scene next. Anyone watching us?
No. 493360 ID: 67bfa9

find a safer corner to change into new clothes and take stock of the situation
No. 493362 ID: 9ddf68

I agree with this but after that is done we should try and find some place to hold up for now something that can be easily defended or has lots of escape routes incase something should go wrong
also ask Marilyn if she is alright
No. 493385 ID: f2c20c

Prison jumpers likely label you as fresh meat and easy targets. Wearing their clothes could keep you from encountering quite so many people that want to kill you. On the other hand they might be part of a gang and wearing their clothes could attract the attention of rival guards.

Not sure what to do with the clothes. Is there anything different about them aside from style? Do they have more pockets or armor or something?

Give Marilyn a choice of weapons though. Take whatever she doesn't, that you can easily carry. Pocket the cash yourself, as they were your kills and you have no standing agreement with Marilyn. We can talk about that with her now. Does she want to work with you from here on? We can split future loot if she wants.
No. 493395 ID: 6dc5a6


Wear the clothes for now, the guys that ran away will identify you as fresh meat. The jumpsuits are a bigger target on your back than clothing worn by locals.
No. 493400 ID: f305b9

Im still up for finding us a pack to carry shit in. Also, good. Dont chew the gum yet, it's going to be our emergency source of sugars if we get desperate.

Are there forests or caves on this planet? I really do think a more natural looking hidey hole would be best for us, since the criminals here (probably) wouldnt care to look there and there'd be a source of food (game!) in forests
No. 493402 ID: 8b7b91
File 136099624329.png - (237.73KB , 800x537 , 011.png )

The clothes are loose enough that you simply slip them over your form fitting jumper. Clearly they are much too big and you just look silly, but you suppose this is better than just wearing your prisoner's garb, though it would probably be best to find more stylish duds soon.

As for weapons, you each take a handgun and give Marilyn the smg, which she apathetically takes. You split the ammo and gum as equal as you can.

Current gear
Emily: $47, Prison Jumper, Thug Huntsman Outfit, Handgun(16 rounds), Hellfire Rifle(12 rounds) Mint Gum(2 pieces)
Marilyn: Prison Jumper, Thug Jumper Outfit, Handgun(16 rounds), Submachine Gun(20 rounds), Mint Gum(2 pieces)

You decide it's best to get off the street, so you wander into one of the buildings, only to be greeted by curious eyes. You have stepped into what appears to be a bar. Suddenly a loud voice breaks the awkward silence.

There she is! Little Miss Hero of the Fuckin' Day!

A man begins to approach you from across the bar, arms held wide.
No. 493403 ID: f1c7cd

Who's this arms guy? Ask him who he is.
No. 493406 ID: 9ee360

Sounds like he's referring to your stunt with the shooting just now.

I'd be cautious. I doubt he's entirely friendly.

>hero of the fucking day
Yeah? So what's it to ya?
No. 493408 ID: f2c20c

Those arms could be dangerous. Stay wary. Just ask who he is, for now, and if he seems like he's gonna get too close for comfort, tell him to keep his distance.
No. 493409 ID: 6a5a08

Careful, looks like a cyborg. His vitals might not actually be vitals.

Try to remain amicable for now.
No. 493412 ID: 23c003

Ask Marilyn how good of shot she is later when you're alone.
No. 493414 ID: 9ddf68

try and see if you can get some info about this place (planet, countinent, country?, and city if you can) but keep your finger on the triger because who knows when things can turn to shit around here
No. 493429 ID: 6dc5a6

Ask if your attackers outside are affiliated with any major groups planetside.
No. 493437 ID: f305b9

Tell him you acted in self defense and that you're not any kind of hero.
If you were a hero, you wouldn't be on this planet.
No. 493443 ID: c9655b

Loud, noisy people who get people's attention often befriend quiet, sneaky people who don't. if he has friends, it would be wise to operate on the assumption that at least one of them is behind you, if not actively stealing your shit.
No. 493468 ID: 8ebb5c

Have a gun ready but not aimed at him, and have your friend watch your back, someone might try to pull something. Ask if he had any part in organizing your welcoming comity, and retort that if you were a hero, you wouldn't be on this planet now would you
No. 493483 ID: 32e092

"No heroes on this planet. What's it to you?"
No. 493537 ID: 78c6ea

At least he's spreading his arms. Harder to conceal weapons that way. Quickly look around to see if you can spot his friends closing in.
No. 493622 ID: 8b7b91
File 136106140484.png - (160.81KB , 800x593 , 012.png )

He doesn't seem hostile, and his only visible weapon is a large pistol on his hip. You keep your guard up though, not knowing what to expect.

You do your best to put on a strong yet friendly tone.
I'm no hero, I just wasn't too fond of the idea of getting shot to death.

He cracks an even wider, toothy grin and responds:
No hero my ass! It's not often someone has the balls to shoot back at the Diamond Boys, let alone jack a guard's gun first! You're the closest thing to a hero we got around here!

You ask him his name, and if this sort of thing happens often.

Name's Rechin. And yeah, every time a fresh crop of newbies are dropped, the Diamond Boys show up to take a few potshots, they like to scare the shit outta the newcomers. But they ain't used to return fire! Ha, the looks on their faces! Priceless! And judgin' by the look on yours, I'd say you're just full of questions. Let me buy you a drink, girly, then we'll talk.
No. 493632 ID: 1b8360

Yeah, go ahead and let him buy you a drink. Keep a good eye on it to make sure you arent getting a roofie.

Ask him what people do for cash out here, where to get new clothes (since you're apparently wearing Diamond Gang ones now) and generally what the attitude out here is. Also see about where folks like you can get some decent accommodations
No. 493639 ID: 9ee360

...all right. There's no real way to know if this guy is trying to play you, or if he's honestly being helpful, but I think we need to risk it. You need information if you're gonna survive here.

Accept his invitation, but remain cautious, of course.

First thing to ask about is these diamond boys. They gonna be a problem for you now that you hurt them, or are they only good for picking on the weak and helpless?

>At least he's spreading his arms. Harder to conceal weapons that way.
His arms are weapons!
No. 493650 ID: f2c20c

Seems legit enough.
No. 493654 ID: 6dc5a6

Intimidate the newcomers instead of exploiting them right off the bat? Tell Rechin here you're more concerned about the groups that didn't show up for the meet and greet with fresh meat.
No. 493679 ID: b53faa

gonna try to make a favicon for this, I am really liking how this is going so far yo. need some ideas tho, otherwise I am just gonna use the big dude's face for simplicity's sake.
The chicka's eyelash dealies are gonna be super hard to lowrezzify yo.

Let's go for it, yeah. Def. keep an eye out for suspicious activity, but considering our only actual motive so far is to escape this rock, we might as well focus on finding work and amass a following of sorts.

I think it is time we thought deep on what we are actually going for here. This guy seems like he'd be quite a good ally, if his flambuoyancy is any indication.
No. 493706 ID: b6edd6

Where all these guns come from, anyway?
No. 493716 ID: f1c7cd

Go ahead and listen to what he has to say
No. 493717 ID: 5d98c3

Obviously I sold them to them.

What's more important is how we jack enough tech to build a functional civilization here.
No. 493731 ID: 9ddf68

for your first question ask how the world works around here and what one has to do to move up or at least not get shot in the back
No. 493742 ID: 8b7b91
File 136108206608.png - (192.90KB , 800x527 , 013.png )

You walk over to the bar and grab a seat. He orders up three beers and slides one your way. He even had the courtesy to get one for Marilyn. Regardless, you still keep a cautious attitude.

You ask about the Diamond Boys, and what kind of group they are.

Ha, those lowlifes are just a group of assholes who thought gettin' together harassing this little place sounded like a fun idea. They steal our shit, scare us to death, and generally make our lives even more difficult. And killin' their men probably bumped you up to the top of their wanted list. But luckily for you, the whole town hates them, and your little stunt may just inspire these people to help you out.

You follow with a question about where you are.

big picture, Wellspring, a pretty shit place to live, but I'm sure you've noticed. Little picture, Ironport, our own little slice of Hell. We have the luck of being a drop point, so the guards keep the Diamond Boys from burning the place to the ground, but that's about it.

Finally, you ask him about getting some better equipment and possibly a place to stay.

Heh heh. I didn't want to say anything, but those clothes you got ain't too flattering. And those prison suits you have basically scream "I want to get fucked with!" I think I can get you some new duds, hell, I can probably fix you up with a place to live. Me and some friends got a building to ourselves. I bet we could even get you some gear on the cheap. You gotta do something for us though...

He continues to grin as waits for a response. You can't decide if he is suave or creepy...
No. 493744 ID: f1c7cd

Ask what he wants. Be prepared to deliver a nut punch if it's something gross.
No. 493745 ID: 6dc5a6

Deadpan response time. "I don't do parties, barmitzvahs, or weddings. However, I can do 'interpersonal facilitation' with a variety of weapons."
No. 493746 ID: 9ee360

Ahhh, here we go. He's trying to recruit the new, apparently somewhat competent person for something. That makes sense.

Find out what he wants before agreeing to anything.
No. 493749 ID: 9ddf68

Yes and Yes
we are going to need to make some allies at some point if we want to survive her so if it isn't anything to suicuidal or just plain creepy go for it
No. 493751 ID: 1b7910

"All right, you have my ear. Tell me what you have in mind and I'll tell you if I'm interested."
No. 493782 ID: 2f4b71

Well damn. If we pissed off the local gang then the best time to sort that out would be right now, while their men are still running back and reporting, before they can get themselves together to hunt you down.
No. 493788 ID: 8ebb5c

Welp, doesn't seem like you have too many options other than to listen to him, he seems like your best shot at makin it around here. You could reject him and walk off, but that probably wouldn't leave you in very high standing
No. 493836 ID: 8b7b91
File 136113381259.png - (232.70KB , 800x643 , 014.png )

You put on a skeptical tone and ask:

Well let's hear it. And just so you know, I don't do parties, barmitzvahs, or weddings.

His expression never falters. That grin is getting really unsettling.

Oh no, it's nothin' like that. All you gotta do is help us slaughter the rest of the Diamond Boys.

He seems to take pleasure from the idea.

You in?
No. 493837 ID: b53faa

Yes. A thousand, billion, MILLION times yes
We must MAIM SLAUGHTER and KILL all who oppose us.
No. 493840 ID: 9ee360

>Slaughter Quest

You know, going out and slaughtering a bunch of people just because seems a little out of character for someone who hesitated at an assassination. And self defense is a little different from chasing down a group and killing them.

But on the other hand... if this group is continually harassing this town... it might be a good thing to drive 'em out. Make for a little stability, win some gratitude, make a safe place to stay.

But part of me really doesn't want to trust a guys who's basically talking about killing for fun.
No. 493843 ID: 9ddf68

Well the Diamond Boys are probably going to come after you anyways so sure why not just make sure to look over your shoulder from time to time, I'm not really sure people here can be trusted
BUT BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ask Marilyn how she feels about this since she seems intent on following you around
No. 493847 ID: eaf2f5

Ask him what has happened to the people who have accepted this offer before us, since i doubt that we are the first one on the planet full of convicts that has the needed 'skills' for the job.

Also will we be getting any help?
No. 493848 ID: f1c7cd

Why not? Go ahead and ask Marilyn what she thinks.
No. 493850 ID: 6dc5a6

The Diamond Boys will likely be responding to our actions with a disproportionate response so if we want to keep this settlement intact we'll have to take the fight to them. Rechin is going to be dangerous in the long term if we help him, this is obviously a ploy to secure Ironport for his own purposes. If we take this job we'll likely have to choose between joining this faction Rechin is putting together or skipping town once we're done with the Diamond Boys. If we do stick around to run Ironport however we will at least get a steady stream of recruits at the drop point.
No. 493852 ID: 877a57

Yeah, sure.
If getting rid of those doofuses that shot at us helps everyone else out too, then that's pretty cool.
No. 493853 ID: f2c20c

That seems right up our alley.
No. 493860 ID: 6a5a08

Get rid of the guys who will now be gunning for you, with support? Sounds great, and right up your line of work. Ask Marilyn if she's in too.
No. 493865 ID: b6edd6

Hm... I get the feeling that this guy plans on taking over after the Diamond Boys are done with. Working with him definitely looks like it is in our immediate interests, but it seems likely we will end up fighting him at some later point. We should work with him for now, but keep some of our capabilities (like possibly Marilyn's magic) hidden from him.
No. 493882 ID: 4a328b

We are an ASSASSIN so we should ask...If we just take out the heads of the Diamond Boys, would the organization crumble?
There might not be a need for an all out SLAUGHTER... yet.
No. 493884 ID: 772c81

you think that grin is UNSETTLING? It's great! Friendly! I trust him immediately.

And, important question, how -many- diamond boys are there. And do they have any bigguns, supermutants, giant robots, flamethrowers, mini nukes, etc.
No. 493964 ID: 8b7b91
File 136115873397.png - (241.60KB , 800x595 , 015.png )

After having a little meeting with Marilyn, the two of you accept Rechin's offer, though you certainly don't completely trust him.

Right on! Alright then, I'll take you to meet the crew!
He stands up begins to leave, beckoning you to follow.

As you walk you ask about this job and it's details.

Simple, we just roll in and take these fools out. Our main target is Walker, the man in charge, once we get him we just clean up anyone that still wants to fight. As for numbers, I'd say there's probably about nine or ten left after you took a few out. They're smalltime. You can pretty much expect more of what you've already faced. I'll introduce you to David. He'll be able to tell you more.
No. 493965 ID: 8b7b91
File 136115879678.png - (208.96KB , 800x771 , 016.png )

Soon you arrive at one of the unassuming concrete buildings and you step inside.

Mari! Where the fuck are you at? I've got some people I'd like you to meet!

A tall, slender woman, who you can only assume to be Mari, skulks into the room and casts a dark glare at you.
So this is the one that caused all that commotion earlier today? I thought she'd be taller... and a man. Ah well, I suppose she'll do.

Rechin glances around the room and asks
David's not back yet? I wanted him to meet these fine young ladies! We need to talk some fuckin' details here!

Mari responds
He wont be back for a little bit. I guess he's getting some more supplies on the way back. But you can be patient! He'll be here soon. Now watch your language! There are ladies present!
She looks back at you
Goodness dear, what are you wearing? Let's get you something more fitting of a lady of your figure.
No. 493968 ID: 8b7b91
File 136115896915.png - (139.19KB , 800x517 , 017.png )

Mari hurries you into the next room and opens a wardrobe. She picks out a few outfits and lays them out before you.

Here you are, darling. You may find these to be a bit more flattering on you than that atrocious ensemble.

Before you is:
Mercenary Outfit
Sniper Outfit
Infiltrator Suit

or for the artistically inclined:
Make Your Own
No. 493970 ID: f1c7cd

The one with gloves. Gloves are cool. You like gloves, right?
No. 493971 ID: 9ee360

Infiltrator Suit!

(Or failing that, Sniper Outfit).
No. 493972 ID: b53faa

We need pockets. LOTS of pockets.
Just the most absurd number of the deepest pockets we can get ahold of imaginable.
No. 493973 ID: 6a5a08

Sniper Outfit, assuming it's the one in the middle.
No. 493974 ID: 9ee360

>assuming it's the one in the middle.
Yeah, I assumed they were named left to right.
No. 493975 ID: 6dc5a6

Sniper Suit, just look at that glorious collar!
No. 493976 ID: 9ddf68

the sniper one
No. 493977 ID: f2c20c

That infiltrator suit is adorable but maybe TOO adorable. Let's go with the sniper suit.
No. 493978 ID: 35edd4

Sniper. If you can hit 3/4 shots while on the move, you definitely fit the title.
No. 493981 ID: 6a5a08

Shit man, didn't even look like she needed a scope.
No. 493994 ID: 55c48e

Take the sniper outfit and then the leg pouch from the Merc one

Will Mari be getting any clothes? She does need to ditch that prison garb, after all.
No. 493995 ID: b53faa

I don't think you understand
picture all the zippers in an outfit from a final fantasy game, right?
Now change all the zippers into pockets
the POCKETS need to have pockets
There need to be hidden pockets in our armpits for storing documents
There needs to be so many pockets that if we are ever captured and searched for information they will die of exhaustion before ever even getting close to finding the document incriminating us as allies to the Black Flag

No. 493996 ID: 4a328b

No. 494167 ID: 802e50

sniper + mercenary leg pouch / EXTRA POCKETS
No. 494168 ID: f1c7cd

and the gloves can have pockets, too, right?
No. 494212 ID: b53faa

Not just the gloves, my friend.
We need pockets on the socks, the shoes, even the god damn INSTEP. I'm thinking a little sliding compartment for microfilm or something built into the heel, perhaps?
I'm also thinking perhaps some sort of zippable puch inside the hat.

We need a lot of pouches, the more storage space the better yo.
Also, see if you can get a quiver or something likee that sewn into the back of the pocketvest
No. 494222 ID: 5d98c3

Fool, we need more than that! We need INTERNAL pockets, skin pockets, and HIDDEN ABDOMINAL STORAGE CELLS. Also, pockets inside the pockets.
No. 494240 ID: 8b7b91
File 136123996569.png - (126.92KB , 800x657 , 018.png )

You decide to go with the outfit most well suited to blowing people's heads off from a distance. It seems to have a few more pockets than you remember there being when Mari laid it out... Even so, your thirst for personal storage remains unquenched, more pockets will come later, this will have to do for now.

Still, check out how cute you look now!
No. 494241 ID: 8b7b91
File 136124018164.png - (147.41KB , 800x560 , 019.png )

You step back out into the first room and allow Marilyn in to change. You stand alone with Rechin who is leaning against the far wall. He stares at you with unblinking eyes.

Now what?
No. 494248 ID: 5d98c3

Rape him. It's the LAST thing he'll be expecting!
No. 494253 ID: f2c20c

Ask him what's up with all his cybernetics. Did he get those done here?
No. 494258 ID: 9ee360

>unblinking eyes
Oh, doy, they're cybernetic too.

...you seem inordinately pleased with yourself for some reason.
No. 494267 ID: f1c7cd

"So are we going to go blow some people up or what?"
No. 494275 ID: 4a328b

No. 494276 ID: 0132ea

Ask if he has any personal history with the Diamond Boys. Also ask if there were any "heroes" before you that attempted this and, if so, why they didn't succeed.
No. 494279 ID: 5d98c3

I suggest a compromise: We ask him, and if he's evasive, we rape him.

Come on, look at those eyes! What else could he be planning but our downfall? He's even got Angry Eyebrows for heaven's sake!
No. 494281 ID: 0132ea

That's fine. Either way, we'll get our answer.
No. 494328 ID: 6dc5a6

You're supposed to be a cold blooded killer right? Give him the most chilling staring contest ever.
No. 494340 ID: 5e54d3

Staring contest, go go go!
And then when one of you loses, ask those questions. Let's not rape our kind helper.
No. 494357 ID: 48459c

Tear deep into his soul with your gaze. Force him to cower at the might of your will.
No. 494359 ID: 5d98c3

That's dumb. He has bionic eyes. We'd lose unless we shot out his eyes. I still support my compromise.
No. 494363 ID: f2c20c

What the fuck? No.
No. 494378 ID: 9ddf68

ask him what we can expect the dimond boys to throw at us when we come kicking down their door
No. 494411 ID: 35edd4

Let's not rape him so long as he answers our questions you mean.

Answers them precisely to our liking, even.
No. 494462 ID: b53faa

It shall have to do, for the time being.
Our pockets will grow in number as our skills and equipment proceeds to grow, I suppose.
For now, let us get moving to the first of many fruitful slaughterings.
Be sure to keep an eye out for potential allies, however. The more of those we find during our quest, the better yo.
No. 494509 ID: 8b7b91
File 136131315664.png - (214.68KB , 600x933 , 020.png )

You've made eye contact for more than five seconds. It's officially on.

While your eyes try to kill each other, you decide to try and get to know him. After all, you don't really know much about these people except that they don't want to kill you.

You awkwardly ask about his cybernetics.

Ha, got these from the same shit that landed me here. I used to be a member of a freedom fighting group back home. Oppressive government, no rights, all that shit. Well, we were gonna bomb this building. Send a message, you know? Well, cops knew we were coming, bomb went off early, shit was fucked from the start. My friends ended up dead and I ended up with no limbs and a terrorism charge, not to mention they piled all of my friends deaths as murder charges on me too. They fixed me up nice before throwing me to the dogs. Fun story, right?

For the first time, his grin seems to falter a bit.

You decide to change the subject to the Diamond Boys.

They've been around since before I got here three years back. Most I've dealt with them is gettin' my ear clipped by a bullet and some fights at the bar. They're just thugs, so you can expect sloppy aim and shitty guns. Still, so far as I know nobody has had the stones to stand up to those fuckers. But that's gonna change now that we got our merry band here. We're gonna hit 'em where it hurts.
No. 494510 ID: 9ddf68

So what is he going to do after we deal with the dimond boys
No. 494518 ID: 6a5a08

Share your story, only fair since he shared his.
Plus, we don't have those details either yet.
No. 494524 ID: 4a328b

>asking someone why they're being dropped on this hellhole isn't the best way to make friends."

Haha whoops, we did it again!
No. 494529 ID: a7824f

"What are the odds that the Diamond Douchebags are keeping something worse out of town by making the city seem such a hellhole? Have they ever targetted any outsiders that weren't fresh off a dropship?"
No. 494535 ID: b53faa

"And do you know where I can get more pockets? I am a collector, you see."
No. 494542 ID: f922dd

...Uh, "something worse" would be the ones pushing the Diamond Boys out of town, not the ones being pushed out. In short, don't bother asking this.
No. 494544 ID: 6a5a08

No. 494545 ID: 8ebb5c

Just watch out in case any big fish see you small fry makin waves a decide they're hungry
No. 494840 ID: 8b7b91
File 136148309986.png - (230.60KB , 800x735 , 021.png )

Rechin's story reminds you of your own reasons for being here.


You were a government assassin, and one of the best. Your skills with a gun were unmatched, and you used that to full effect. You worked for years, killing targets of all kinds in a variety of (creative) ways. There was one job, however, that shook you, that you couldn't complete. You were ordered to kill the leader of your own nation. They told you his death was necessary, but you knew his demise would bring about the suffering of many of your people in the future. You couldn't do it. You couldn't pull the trigger because you let your conscience get in the way, and you payed the price. You are unsure if you want to share this story with people you just met. You still don't know what to think about them.
No. 494841 ID: 8b7b91
File 136148315458.png - (225.62KB , 800x566 , 022.png )

You are snapped out of your trip down memory lane by a firm voice from behind you.

Rechin, who is this?
No. 494845 ID: 9ee360

...that is an adorably small sniper rifle. :V

But yeah, I wouldn't share that whole story. "Government assassin" isn't the best backstory when you're on a planet full of people who likely hate said government.
No. 494858 ID: 4a328b

Wave hello or something, but let Rechin handle this. Who won the staring contest, by the way?
No. 494860 ID: 9ddf68

don't say anything about your pass unless he pushes you for background information. if he does just say you had a job that you botched up and it landed you hear. if he pushes you for more just say "what good would it do, we're hear now and that's all that matters" or something to that effect
No. 494863 ID: 4a328b

good general idea but it comes off as a bit defensive.

Listing your official charges should do fine, if pushed.
No. 494887 ID: 116e43

Let Rechin introduce the two of you. Then ask if we can go blow people the fuck up already.
No. 494888 ID: 0132ea

Firm voice, eh? Keep your lady-boner down and maintain posture. Also, yeah express your anxiousness to get on with the op.
No. 494900 ID: 9ee360

You're Emily, and you're here to help with the "jerks shooting at you" problem.
No. 494912 ID: b53faa


Spread your legs, bend down, and fart in his general direction.
And do it seductively.
No. 494943 ID: f2c20c


dude what
No. 494946 ID: b53faa

You heard me.
Fart seductively at the hot new guy.
Make it long, wet, and as amazingly EROTIC as a fart can be.
That is to say, very much so.
No. 494954 ID: 4a328b

how about no
No. 494982 ID: 8b7b91
File 136151056895.png - (218.09KB , 800x655 , 023.png )

Rechin slaps a metallic hand in your back.

Hey David! I'd like you to meet Emily! She and her ladyfriend are gonna help us mop up those Diamond douchebags! And don't worry, she can handle herself in a gunfight.

David looks you over. You wave. What a charmer you are.

You stifle your apparent attraction to him and tell him that you're ready to fight, and that you're eager to put a few bullets in those jackass's...asses.

Settle down. We're attacking tomorrow morning, so you'll want to rest up. I assume Rechin hasn't told you the plan, so here's the long and short of it. Rechin and I lead the assault, the rest of you follow behind and shoot whoever is left, got it? I have preparations to make. I'll be upstairs.
No. 494984 ID: 8b7b91
File 136151065149.png - (301.70KB , 800x844 , 024.png )

David leaves the room without a second glance.

A real casa nova, huh? Ha, don't worry, he's always like that. David's been here longer than all of us, so he's a bit... distant. You'll get used to him.

Strange. He didn't look to be much older than yourself. Certainly younger than Mari or Rechin. He seemed... troubled.

At any rate, it looks like you have the rest of the day to yourself. It looks to be a few hours before sunset. What do you do?

Also, you blinked first. Way to go, loser.
No. 494987 ID: 76b151

Good enough. Lets go back and ask Marilyn if shes willing to work some mojo on these Diamond boys or does she want to try out that gun.
No. 494988 ID: 9ddf68

go check on Marilyn I guess, see how she is doing. You could also check and clean your guns. you don't know what kind of care their pervous owners put into them so it's better to make sure they won't jam on us now then in the middle of a gun fight. Maybe do this for Marilyn too if she wants you to.
No. 494989 ID: 9ee360

We have time to kill? Get settled, check your equipment, and get to know your npcs. Down time is talking time.
No. 494990 ID: f2c20c

Sounds like he was born here. Or was just sent here as a kid.

Let's take a tour of the town, and maybe get a feel of what's nearby.
No. 494991 ID: 4a328b

Get to know what's in the rest of town! Bring Marilyn too if she wants to come.
No. 495013 ID: 0132ea

Basically, all of the above, but also try and take some time to reflect on the day's action and the people you've met. Don't put too much faith in them until they've demonstrated their merit. Keep in mind that you're on a planet of exiled, death-row-worthy criminals. No word should be taken at face value and don't let anyone but yourself watch your back.
No. 495015 ID: 116e43

Ask what people do for fun around here.
No. 495017 ID: 5da860

Well, what they do for fun aside from shooting eachother.
No. 495018 ID: 0a17c9

I personally think Mr. Roboarms is a lot hotter than Mr. Tall Dark and Sulky, but I guess whatever floats your boat.
No. 495028 ID: 4a328b

he's friendlier, at least
No. 495070 ID: 35edd4

We should ask around town and get confirmation that nobody's lying to us. Would suck to shoot the wrong people.
No. 495140 ID: 6dc5a6

Resist the urge to jump David's bones despite the amazing flaps on his hat. And I guess try to get a better look at the big picture on this planet.
No. 495154 ID: 8b7b91
File 136157239253.png - (271.05KB , 800x694 , 025.png )

It's probably a good idea to get to know this place and your new "team mates" a little better, as well as ask around a bit to get some more info, but first you go in the back and check on your so called "ladyfriend."

You walk in to find Marilyn and Mari having light conversation. You didn't even knock because that's how you roll.

Oh, hey, Emily. What's up?
No. 495156 ID: 9ddf68

"not much just checking in" then ask about the surrounding area to Mari and see if Marilyn wants you to check her guns for her
No. 495157 ID: 9ee360

Nice sweater.

Just checking in. We didn't get a chance to say much before the shooting started.
No. 495283 ID: 0132ea

"Hey, sweet outfit. We aren't leaving until the morning and it seems we'll be staying here a while so let's look around town and meet some of the locals here."
No. 495417 ID: 116e43

We should go do something fun! Fun tonight, then killing dudes tomorrow.
No. 495869 ID: 8b7b91
File 136177163688.png - (231.61KB , 800x603 , 026.png )

You say that you were just seeing how she was doing, and if she wanted to come look around Ironport with you.

sure thing. Figured we'd better get to know this place anyway. Lets just try not to get murdered, okay?

You tell her no promises

As you walk the street outside, you do a quick check of the guns you have on you. The handguns seem to be fairly decent and fairly well maintained. The Hellfire is pristine, and very well cared for. The smg is pretty shitty, with rust beginning to form on parts.

At that, you ask Marilyn if she plans to use her magic at all, or if she's going to be shooting with the rest of you.

Well... I hadn't really thought about it. I mean, I GUESS I could cast a few spells. I can't guarantee it'll be pretty though. And I won't be able to do it for very long.

You suppose that's better than nothing. After all, it's always good to have someone who can explode people without a gun.

A quick look around town reveals that these people do not have much, but seem surprisingly docile for people who were once on death row. There are a few warehouses and some shops that sell odds and ends, but most of the town seems to be temporary housing. You flex your social muscle and ask around town about the Diamond Boys.

Most told you the same story, they are pretty much douchebags that seem to terrorize the town for sport, and you confirm that they were the same ones who shot at you earlier.

After asking about your new "friends", You find out that the three of them have been trying to put together a group to fight back the Diamond Boys for about a year now. However, they haven't been able to get anyone "stupid' enough to help them. Guess that means you.

There's about an hour left until sundown.
No. 495873 ID: a31717

All right, so you really are gunning for some jerks, and the people you've fallen in with do seem to mean well. You could have done a hell of a lot worse.
No. 495876 ID: 9ddf68

things seem to be legit for now but I still say sleep with one eye open and always have an ear to the ground, this place isn't meant for nice people after all.
No. 495877 ID: f2c20c

Oh good, I was worried we might be getting hoodwinked.

Ask more about her magic. What does it look like, if not pretty? It wouldn't do to get shocked by it manifesting during combat, and get our aim screwed up.
No. 495881 ID: 4a328b

What do they do for food?
No. 495891 ID: 0132ea

Now may be a good time to assess how tired you are. A lot has happened since you arrived, so it may do you well to turn in early. You'll want to be in top form for sure tomorrow.
No. 495899 ID: beed22

Wuestion. Is it just black magic that's frowned on in your society or all magic in general?
Also, is it literally magic or some kind of weird psychic junk going on?
No. 495901 ID: 116e43

This is a good idea. If there's nothing FUN to do, you can at least kick back, have a drink, and head to bed early so you can be ready for when it hits the fan tomorrow.
No. 495957 ID: 35edd4

See if you can find somewhere to buy ammo for the Hellfire, or even just ask your "'friends'" if they can get you some. If so, try to pick up a cleaning kit too; I doubt it'll be easy to come by another weapon of that quality, so we should be prepared to maintain it indefinitely, especially if we're going to be doing fighting like this.
No. 496101 ID: 8b7b91
File 136184594929.png - (230.32KB , 800x711 , 027.png )

Come to think of it, the day's events have worn you out significantly, not to mention the sun is going down. At that, You and Marilyn decide to chill back at the building. It seems you're going to have to enjoy the little things here, so the two of you climb to the roof to catch the sunset.

You figure this is as good a time as any to ask Marilyn about her magic.

I figured you were curious. Well, when I get going, you're probably just gonna see some flashes. I guess THAT is sorta pretty, but the people blowing up and catching on fire... not so much. But don't rely on me to do it too much. It really takes a physical toll on me.

A few moments of silence pass as the two of you make smalltalk. It's sorta awkward, but the two of you see the sun off and turn in. Tomorrow is going to be one hell of a day.
No. 496102 ID: 8b7b91
File 136184597910.png - (215.39KB , 800x787 , 028.png )

Today is the day, and you are feeling anxious as hell. You have a few minutes to prepare before you head out to the Diamond Boys' hangout.
No. 496103 ID: 116e43

Suit u... oh, wait. Never mind.

Cup of coffee maybe?
No. 496104 ID: a31717

Hey, no pressure. It's her call if, when, and how much to use it.

...bathroom break?
No. 496117 ID: 0132ea

Stretch, do some sit-ups/push-ups, and be sure to get a good breakfast in. Energy and relaxed muscles will be your biggest allies today. That and your associates, of course.
No. 496124 ID: 9ddf68

make sure you have all your guns, ammo, and whatever else you think you might need. Like something for close combat if it should come to that (like a knife or something)
No. 496132 ID: 35edd4

You still need to find a source of ammo for the hellfire, and a cleaning kit will be even more important after the fight.
No. 496171 ID: 8b9215

No coffee. Bad for the aim.
No. 496191 ID: 7eca2a

Stretch, ammo check, potty break, maybe shove some food down your throat if you havent eaten. Dont want your blood sugar levels getting low and leaving you all exhausted.
No. 496197 ID: 8b7b91
File 136185980917.png - (216.25KB , 800x814 , 029.png )

You stop at the little girl's room before heading down to meet the group. You grab some juice, since you have sworn off coffee for all eternity.

Mari tosses you your bag, which she has kindly stuffed full of bullets. Ammo will not be an issue for any of your guns in this fight.

Rechin tosses you something.

Here, missy. I bet you can make good use of this. Who knows? It may just save your ass one day.

You now have a Badass Combat Knife! Cool!

The group heads out, and you grab a donut and follow.
No. 496201 ID: 8b7b91
File 136185997867.png - (257.55KB , 800x554 , 030.png )

After a good 40 minutes, you reach the hangout on the other side of town. It looks... homey.

David takes a quick look at the place.

Well, there should be about ten of them in there, including Walker. We can't expect a warm welcome no matter what we do, so how should we approach this?
No. 496203 ID: 116e43

Grenades would be nice.

Either way, I think we should scope the place out better before proceeding, get a better look at what we're working with. Also, for some reason, that vent on the roof catches my eye.
No. 496205 ID: 76b151

Think you can get to the roof from the outside? You're a sniper and going high is the first thing you should do. No one looks up!
No. 496210 ID: 9ddf68

Have someone (most likely you) act as a sniper to blow the head off of any poor bastard the gets to close to the windows or tries and make a run for it. everyone else just find a door or window or something, knock/blow it down, and then just kill as many as you can in the confusion. using the element of surprise basically to drop as many of them as you can.
No. 496214 ID: f2c20c

Possible entry points are the windows, roof vent, and maybe a back door. What's that thing on the front door? A set of massive bars?

Are there any buildings next to it or is it all on its lonesome?
No. 496217 ID: 35edd4

Hide. Wait for someone to come out. Shoot them. Relocate. Repeat.
No. 496220 ID: 47a120

Set the house on fire and shoot whomever runs out
No. 496221 ID: b53faa

let's save this for a last resort, odds are they have an escape route.
Let's focus on just stealthsassinatizing everyone in there, metal gear style.
No. 496278 ID: 4a328b

Break in through the window on the roof and slaughter'em all. Leave one person behind to pick off anyone who flees.
No. 496377 ID: ef7773

Well, one of the ways we shouldn't have approached it is from one of the SIDES WITH WINDOWS.

Get to cover there's a chance they've already seen you.
No. 496412 ID: 8b7b91
File 136192470539.png - (201.55KB , 800x561 , 031.png )

Deciding that the element of surprise is best, you climb up a pipe on the side of the building. and enter through the roof access door. You are going to have to find a way to let your teammates in to assist you.

It looks like there are five in this room, it appears that they do not notice you. In fact, it looks like they're not even expecting an assault.
No. 496417 ID: 9ddf68

think you could get over to that switch by the door with out being seen. If so open the door then immediately blast everyone in the room. if not find a good safe route to the switch, get as close as you can unseen, then take down as many of them as you can while moving towards the switch to open the door.
No. 496420 ID: 47a120

>5 in room
This is the PERFECT situation to use a frag grenade!

However, it might be better to have a team mate thrown one through the window here later and for now continue to scout
No. 496424 ID: 6dc5a6

Think you can open up by crushing one of the guys with that crate?
No. 496428 ID: f922dd

Alright, you've done recon. Might want to find a way to signal your teammates to throw grenades through the window, and you can then mow down whoever survives that and then let your team in.

Not exactly subtle in terms of noise created, but there aren't really any good sneaking opportunities there.
No. 496429 ID: f922dd

Actually, might want to save that plan for later, if you can't find a side entrance. See any other way to sneak around?
No. 496431 ID: 454447

You should cook the grenade then drop it down right now. You don't know if you'll have another opportunity to frag them all in one place like this again. Cook it long enough so that they don't have any time to dodge.
No. 496437 ID: 0132ea

How far to the right does this room go? Watch their POVs and look for a good blind spot. Signal for your associates to join you when you're ready to hop down and begin the slaughtering.
No. 496465 ID: b53faa

That man...
The one sitting on the crate is that...
is that a HOODIE?
As in, "The Largest pocket to ever be designed into a jacket" hoodie?
NEW OBJECTIVE: Steal the hoodie.
No. 496475 ID: 112f0a

That hoodie might look good on Marilyn, but look at the guy smoking to the right. You and your outfit would look FABULOUS with that guy's cap.
No. 496480 ID: 116e43

Why would we want any of their clothes? We're about to cover them in holes and blood.
No. 496498 ID: 35edd4

The alarm's going to be raised sooner or later, and if we can kill half of them in one fell swoop then I think that's a fair trade. Go for the grenade, pick off survivors, then move quickly to let your backup in.
No. 496528 ID: f2c20c

Guys, I don't think we HAVE a grenade.

Taking the element of surprise and clearing this room via rifle fire from our current perch is a good start. First, kill the ones that are closest to being able to take cover from your shots. Then move on to the rest. That switch next to the gate looks like a great way to let the others in, after these fools are dead.
No. 496535 ID: 4bdb50

All I see is a hood and a backpack. Shoot the hood man and steal it, then do the same for the backpack man. That pack could have nice shit in it.

Oh and uh, maybe focus on guys with guns visible?
No. 496554 ID: d6ef5d

Hmm. Well, conceivably your friends could ambush that group while you snipe and/or provide cover fire.

Any sign of the boss though? He's really your target. Those guys are just grunts.
No. 496591 ID: 17a59e

Then we'll have to choke the ones with the nicest clothes.

Can Emily see what kind of equipment they have? I see a couple of guns.

How many rooms are there? If there's more we're going to presume there's more people inside.
No. 496703 ID: b53faa

Yes, we must take the backpack, the one article of clothing designed purely as a storage space.
This will be VITAL in our quest to escape from this gods-forsaken husk of a planet.
Shoot everyone in the head as fast as you can, if you are quick it is possible you can take these untrained dorks out before they even know what hit them.
No. 496730 ID: 8b7b91
File 136203097576.png - (170.08KB , 800x725 , 032.png )

You reach in your bag and try to throw a grenade into the group. You then realize you don't have any grenades and hope nobody saw you do that.
No. 496731 ID: 8b7b91
File 136203101817.png - (205.99KB , 800x561 , 033.png )

You figure there is no subtle way to approach this, so you take aim and drop three of the mooks in this room. One of the remaining two panics and opens the door. How convenient!

What's your next move?
No. 496732 ID: 76b151

Setup overwatch and wait for the other enemies to come investigate.
No. 496733 ID: 9ddf68

finish off the last two and wait for your team to come in. While you wait if any more diamond boys pop in feel free to blow there heads off as well
No. 496734 ID: 6dc5a6

Shoot the doorman then try to find a way to kill gas mask without getting blood on that hoody. He's dropped his gun so see if you can get him to take off the hoody before you kill him down.
No. 496735 ID: 116e43

shoot the rest?
No. 496736 ID: 47a120

Shoot the guy at the elevator, he is active and aware.
When he goes down only then shoot the guy sitting on the crate, he is surprised and not reacting properly.
No. 496738 ID: 5da860

Did you check if there are stairs or some other entrance leading up to the platform you are on? Wouldn't want to get backstabbed.
No. 497114 ID: 8b9215

Take cover then change position. You don't want them figuring out where you are.
No. 497172 ID: 35edd4

Finish the job then relocate immediately.
No. 497212 ID: 53edd1

Take out the one making an escape and then the remaining one, unless you wanna hold him fro questions as to how many people are there and junk.

Also steal that backpack.
No. 497672 ID: 8b7b91
File 136238202962.png - (182.35KB , 800x507 , 034.png )

You easily take out the other two before the doors even finish opening. Unfortunately, the hoodie that one guy was wearing got all bloody and ruined. Then you remember that it was tattered and ugly to begin with. Why would you wear something so unladylike?
No. 497673 ID: 8b7b91
File 136238207109.png - (241.07KB , 800x596 , 035.png )

You teammates step through the door, ready to fight.

Holy shit, this place is a fucking mess.

No doubt the rest of the people in this building know that you are gunning for them. They are all upstairs and are certainly going to wait for you to come to them so that they have an advantage. You wonder how you and your little army should go about cleaning out the rest of the building.
No. 497678 ID: 0132ea

Did any of the dudes you killed have grenades or the like? If the rest are holed up somewhere, some crowd-control devices seem almost necessary.
No. 497684 ID: f2c20c

It depends on what the entrance is to upstairs. Stairwell? Hatch? Any cover near the door?
No. 497701 ID: 9ddf68

well all the windows seem to be only on the second floor, think you could get a few of them from the windows?
No. 497757 ID: b53faa

search the fallen adversary's backpack for anything usable, IE grenades and the like.
Then see if you can scale the side of the building and catch them by surprise by gung-hoing through the windows.
No. 497772 ID: b53faa

also, do we have a discussion thread for this yet? I did some fanart for shading practice but don't want to clog up the main thread with it, so it's gonna be in my /draw/ thread.
No. 497781 ID: bf0685

fire? smoke them out into a kill-zone?
No. 497800 ID: 387f16

Better yet, make them think we're burning the place down with a smokey smell. They run out into an ambush, we don't lose any loot that'd get lost in the fire.
No. 497811 ID: 25fa27

You could make one for it if the author doesn't and link to it here. Ive seen that kind of thing happen before
No. 497948 ID: 5d98c3

Best plan. Burn the hoodie on metal or concrete, then shoot them all.
No. 497989 ID: 8b9215

Fuck it, burn down the whole place. Not like we need it.
No. 498203 ID: 8b7b91
File 136255259671.png - (152.98KB , 800x532 , 036.png )

You figure setting the building on fire may work to kill the guys upstairs. You set the ugly hoodie alight using Mari's lighter. You then realize that the entire building is made of concrete, and the tiny fire is hardly enough to smoke out some men with guns. It is rather pretty though, isn't it?
No. 498206 ID: 8b7b91
File 136255280433.png - (168.00KB , 800x688 , 037.png )

You search the fallen dude's backpack, not much in there other than some bullets, a few rags, a water bottle, and a porn magazine. What a well equipped fellow.

There is, however, a shotgun on the floor, and the only visible way up from this room is a wide stairwell on the far wall.

There's a discussion thread up and a'runnin now, for those interested.
No. 498211 ID: 735f4f

Browse porn for um "Clues".
No. 498217 ID: f2c20c

Alright. One plan is a standard assault. Surround the stairwell, get firing angles and support eachother as you go up it.

Another plan is to try a pincer attack. One man goes back out and up onto the roof to fire in through the windows, or AT LEAST take a peek to see what the enemy position is.

Actually come to think of it we should have someone take a peek through the windows on the roof regardless. Maybe lay down some covering fire for a pincer attack if we go that route.
No. 498219 ID: c92d04

Yes. Clues.
No. 498220 ID: 35edd4

Wait a little bit before attacking, whatever approach you take. Let them get confused and take stupid risks. Be sure to guard the exit actively.
No. 498242 ID: b53faa

Toss magazine into the room, wait for massive orgy to start as result, shoot everyone while they embrace their most base desires.
No. 498312 ID: 4a328b

Toss the magazine. Onto the fire.

Sneak in through the windows again and kill everyone.
No. 498493 ID: 8b9215

Look for "Clues" and keep the magazine. Never know when we may need it.
No. 498670 ID: b53faa

stop that impusive wad of idiocy this instant, holy shit he is GOING TO GET HIMSELF SHOT
No. 498671 ID: 8b7b91
File 136272482743.png - (134.70KB , 800x536 , 038.png )

You flip through the magazine in search of "clues." You then wonder why you are doing this. You don't need clues, you aren't even solving a mystery. You would need a talking dog for that sort of thing. At that, you throw the magazine into the flames. It wasn't your kind of porn anyway.

There's no telling what things are like up there, and the windows on the roof are too high up to see through.

Suddenly you hear a gruff voice from the stairwell.

If you fuckers want to kill me, your going to have to come up here and get me!

At that, Rechin cries Alright, motherfucker, you asked for it! and begins sprinting for the stairwell.
No. 498672 ID: 76b151

I wonder why he has the Gemini symbol on his gun. Also do you think your gun can pierce walls or the doors upstairs? It might be smarter to shoot the likely places they'll hide before entering.

I almost wrote Sollux's symbol instead of Gemini. I am such a homestuck.
No. 498673 ID: 9ddf68

Well if that shotgun isn't crap and you have some ammo for it I say follow the idea to make sure he doesn't get his head blown off. If the shotgun is crap or doesn't have any ammo for it (if not than I wonder why that guy you killed was carrying it?) just stick to your rifle.
No. 498677 ID: 0132ea

There's no point in considering other options now. Better follow him up. We don't want our second-top gunman to get taken out, even if it would his fault for being reckless.
No. 498678 ID: 0132ea

There's no point in considering other options now. Better follow him up. We don't want our second-top gunman to get taken out, even if it would his fault for being reckless.
No. 498713 ID: d6ef5d

Well, after him I guess. He's going to need some cover fire, charging in recklessly to what is probably a trap.
No. 498806 ID: fb528f

Pocket the porn and cover Rechin.
No. 498811 ID: 2f4b71

Grab the top of his jacket for the obligatory humorous legs-keep-running-so-he-falls-over-backwards gag. And then admonish him for charging into the Obvious Trap.
No. 498848 ID: 387f16

Cover him, and if your gun can pierce cover fire a few rounds through the door before he enters to panic them, if they're calling you out they're ready. He'll need the distraction.
No. 498853 ID: b59bfb

I'm going to laugh if either one of them dies, but you should probably go with him for backup, it's the womanly thing to do, don't you think?
No. 499219 ID: 8b7b91
File 136288720685.png - (155.44KB , 800x615 , 039.png )

You chase after Rechin up the stairs, and you can barely keep up. As he reaches the top of the stairs, he leaps through the air and fires at the nearest goon, taking him out at the knees. You notice he only fired one shot, yet both of the poor sap's knees were blown out. Show-off.
No. 499220 ID: 8b7b91
File 136288724909.png - (221.96KB , 800x665 , 040.png )

Rechin ends up covered behind a metal crate, and you remain unseen behind the stairwell's wall. There are three guys in here ready to fight, and one bleeding out on the floor, screaming in pain. What a baby.
No. 499223 ID: f1c7cd

shoot the board holding up the stuff above the back dude and crush his ass!
No. 499224 ID: 0f0a65

Is the rest of your group following you up? If they are, have them hold up behind you. Motion to Rechin to take out the dude in near the door. He looks more important than the two in the back, but we're here for blood, not information. As he does that, set your sights on the two in the back and take them out with your SUPERIOR, ASSASSIN-GRADE AIM.
No. 499230 ID: 8c4b01

If we're going with using the environment as a weapon plan then shoot the glass above the goon by the window as well to shower him in glass and feel free to blast the prick standing out in the open like a moron
No. 499234 ID: f2c20c

Provide some covering fire so that the others can get into the room.

By which I mean shoot the support out from under those barrels. Your metal-armed bro can kill that idiot standing out in the open.
No. 499324 ID: 8b9215

Shoot out a few of the glass windows on upper left then go for the guy on the left as crap falls on him. Don't expose yourself to middle guy or right guy.
No. 499548 ID: 34db91

Say, you're a fancy-dancy sniper right? Is the exterior wall solid enough to support a ricochet shot against dude in the open? Pulling that off would scare the crap out of the other two dudes and maybe that will make them do something stupid too.
No. 502240 ID: 8b7b91
File 136418058096.png - (190.26KB , 800x528 , 041.png )

You shoot out the support from the shelf and drop a bunch of heavy stuff on the guy in the back, making a fun crunching noise. His buddy next to him freaks out a bit.
No. 502241 ID: 8b7b91
File 136418063186.png - (147.45KB , 800x508 , 042.png )

Rechin barely aims and gets the tall dude square in the face. The rest of your buds file up the stairs and enter the room, promptly disposing of the panicking guy.

So now you're all upstairs with three dead dudes, a bleeding guy. Fun!
No. 502243 ID: 8b8fb1

Go to the bleeding guy, kick him a little bit. Ask if any of his friends are around.
No. 502244 ID: 9ddf68

ask the bleeding guy if anyone left is in the building and how many of them were out during this attack. because if they're a few of them who were out for whatever reason it could be fun to give them a surprise party, with guns and bullets.
No. 502250 ID: f2c20c

Interrogation! Ask where the rest of them are, and where they keep their loot.
No. 502257 ID: 387f16

Remember to disarm him prior to interrogation.
No. 502267 ID: 0132ea

Loot them corpses and check the door that the tall dude was standing in front of.
No. 502282 ID: b5f389

Interrogate bleeding guy. if he's that big of a baby, you probably don't need to kill him. Whenever you leave, maybe drag him with you.

I bet he'd make a great butler.
No. 502292 ID: 9747ef

Yeah, definitely. Butler Buttz.
No. 503773 ID: 8b7b91
File 136504988284.png - (178.49KB , 800x660 , 043.png )

You grab Bleedy McNoknees by the collar and squeeze him for intel.

Y-yeah, everyone was here, then you psychos came in and killed us all! I mean what the fuck? Why would you even-

You give his legs a slight kick to remind him what's what.

AAGGH! Holy shit! No! Nobody's left except for Walker and some bitch he dragged in from town! They're in that room right over there, though he's probably locked up in there good. Now do whatever it is you're gonna do, you crazy fuckin' bitch!

Such a rude boy.
No. 503775 ID: 9ddf68

well for being a jackass he wins the jackass prize, a swift kick to the groan.

as for the guy in the room, how heavily fortified does it look? I mean does it look just like a simple door where all you have to do is shoot the doorknob out or is it more like a panic-room metal fuck all kind of door that would need heavy explosives to get through? if it is the latter then see if anyone in your group has any ideas on how to get through it, if it's the first one then just blow the lock off and see who wants to go in first.
No. 503776 ID: d9fbf3

Cut off his pinky, then drop him on the ground. Head over to the other guy, talk to him through the wall.

No. 503783 ID: 5ef061

Give his legs another kick and inform him of his new position of your gang's personal butler.

His name is now Buttz and he shall be paid with the minutes of his continued life.
No. 503786 ID: 116e43

I agree that we hurt this guy. The best way to show our new team what's what is to beat the ever-living-bloody-fuck out of a random bad guy.
No. 503789 ID: 0132ea

In a similar vein as this, if the door needs a password or something then beat the answer out of this guy.
No. 506422 ID: 399612
File 136625988047.png - (156.83KB , 800x599 , 044.png )

This guy is in enough pain already. Besides, he's unarmed, unable to walk, and bleeding to death.

You and your comrades check out the door. It's metal, and looks to be pretty sturdy. There is a pretty hefty looking lock here too. You doubt shooting this thing will do any good. Though it might make a fun pinging noise.
No. 506424 ID: eaa372

Knock on the door with the butt of your gun and introduce yourself as the new neighborhood watch.
No. 506426 ID: d6ef5d

>bleeding to death
...someone could offer him a tourniquet. I mean, c'mon, you shot him in the leg. That don't got to be fatal.

I was gonna suggest all these clever ways to figure out what he'd pressed on the keypad then I realized the lock has a keycard swipe.

...I don't suppose black magic is good for ripping metal doors off their hinges?
No. 506427 ID: 76b151

where is the big silent guy when you need him to rip a door down?
No. 506433 ID: c15bbc

>black magic the door to bits
Or maybe can it be used to open (electronic) locks non-destructively? Either way, really.
No. 506434 ID: f2c20c

Surely one of the thugs has a keycard? Search 'em, and tell the others what you're looking for so they can help.
No. 506447 ID: 9ddf68

knock and say your pizzas here

for real though see if any of the dead guys got a key or anything that can go boom really. Because I believe if you can use a door, make one.
No. 506459 ID: 25d73e

i bet the wall besides it is not as strong as the door. shoot through that one, but e careful of debris and ricochets
No. 506460 ID: a72957

Aww, and I was getting all excited over our new butler. Suppose there's other fish in the sea.
No. 506847 ID: 18c6d7

Have your ladyfriend Black magic the FUCK outa that door. There's no kill like overkill, after all.
No. 506860 ID: 944865

Let's check the bodies (including mister soon-to-be-a-corpse) for a keycard first, then resort to black magic if we don't find one.
No. 506861 ID: 944865

This building kinda looks like it's a concrete slab, by the way. So shooting the wall might not have the intended effect.
No. 508901 ID: 399612
File 136780246101.png - (417.78KB , 800x526 , 045.png )

You toss about the idea of finding the swipe card, but the idea of Marilyn blowing the door open sounds way more awesome. so you motion her over and ask her to make the door dead. She raises an eyebrow and cracks her pointy knuckles.

You may want to stand back.

With a few muttered words and practiced hand movements, the air around you heats up tremendously and a blinding flash emanates from Marilyn's sharp fingers. When the afterglow subsides, the door is nothing more than a smoldering hole. Badass.
No. 508903 ID: 399612
File 136780251257.png - (390.83KB , 800x492 , 046.png )

Looking through the smoldering hole reveals a man whom you assume to be Walker along with a pretty but obviously frightened young woman.

Don't make another move or I blow the bitch's head off!

Hoo boy. the good old hostage standoff.
No. 508904 ID: 735f4f

Ask him how hostage standoffs work when you neither know or care about the hostage.
No. 508907 ID: 76b151

Make like your putting down the gun then shoot him.
No. 508909 ID: cb8496

Look over to Rechin and ask him if he thinks he can blow this guy's head off before he can blow the chick's off? If you think you could do it yourself say you'll race him
No. 508912 ID: af8414

Do you, in fact, care?
No. 508914 ID: a09bc2

Remind him that you have no idea who the broad is, so you don't see what he's accomplishing.
No. 508915 ID: 0132ea

Thank Marilyn then take aim at Walker's monkey face. No need for talk here. He can't shoot the girl if he's dead so a quick one to the forehead will solve everything.
No. 508919 ID: f2c20c

Ask him what he wants in exchange for letting the girl go.

Keep in mind we can always just snipe him after he thinks he's a safe distance away.
No. 508921 ID: eaa372

Ask the man why you shouldn't just shoot through the hostage.
No. 508922 ID: 57a559

Who is she even? What if she's the boss around here?
Obviously this ape man is totally bluffing. I mean, like it would even be a big deal to get a headshot off for a marksman like you. Just do the whole shebang, ramp up the drama and panic and at the last possible minute get a headshot when he's least expecting it. Good old standoff. Fun time.
No. 508923 ID: f2c20c

The other guy said:
"Nobody's left except for Walker and some bitch he dragged in from town! They're in that room right over there, though he's probably locked up in there good."
No. 508924 ID: d6ef5d

Compliment Marilyn later, when you get a chance. That was awesome!

...this isn't one of those situations where the hostage is actually the real bad guy and this is all one big fakeout, right?

Assuming the situation is strait though, this guy loses all his leverage and his life if he's stupid enough to shoot her.

Anyways, standard hostage protocol. Let someone else talkier talk to the crazy person, and you take a shot as soon as you have a good one and think you can save the hostage. That's what snipers do!
No. 508934 ID: f1c7cd

Yeah, surly Emily can shoot that guy before he can kill the hostage, just like in Taken.
No. 508935 ID: bf54a8

if you wanna make good shoot him n the hand so he can't shoot it.
No. 508941 ID: 34c028

how good of a sniper are you?
No. 509004 ID: d300d2

Look at the size of his head. Look at it. It's like a target it's so big.

You are a marksman, and it's not like you know this person he's holding hostage or anything about them. If this was a rescue mission your new friends here should've probably said as much. So yeah, just shoot him. What could go wrong? I mean, TRY not to hit her, just don't be cowed by this bullshit move.
No. 509152 ID: 1b7910


"...yea, no."

No. 509158 ID: 399612
File 136797996681.png - (259.38KB , 800x672 , 047.png )

You take aim right between his monkey eyes. You tell him that you don't know this girl, and you don't see a reason why saving her life would be better than taking his.

Wait... What? You don't care that I'll kill her? No! That's not how this works! I had a whole bad guy monologue thought out and everything!

You tell him to spare you the details. You steady your hand, focus your gaze, and squeeze the trigger.
No. 509159 ID: 399612
File 136798001113.png - (336.53KB , 800x589 , 048.png )


Walker and the Diamond Boys have been mercilessly Slaughtered! You go, girl!

You also managed to save the hostage so that's cool too.

You hear Rechin whisper behind you.

No. 509160 ID: 2baea8

"Just as planned... Oh, sorry Rechin, did you want him?"

Keep an eye on the girl. If she's here she may be a member of their gang playing the part, and even if she isn't she's still in exile for something. One lesson to take from yourself is that looks can be deceiving.

Be ready to make a move if she grabs the guy's gun.
No. 509162 ID: d6ef5d

Well that was easy. Someone want to make sure the girl's all right?

Compliment Marylin on a job well awesomely done with the magics when you get a chance.

Then we can set about looting this place. Grab the dead guys' weapons and valuables. What we don't need for ourselves, we can sell, and if we leave the stuff laying around someone else will just do the same.
No. 509163 ID: f1c7cd

The hostage is still alive? Great! Now we have a maid to go along with that butler, right? And this one actually has knees too! I mean... doesn't she?
No. 509164 ID: 0132ea

Wink at Rechin. If he doesn't know already, he needs to know that it's nothing but pure badassery under that cute face of yours. Now. Lootin' time! If there is any. Once you're done, head back to town and celebrate with your buds over a few rounds of alcoholic beverages.
No. 509165 ID: bf54a8

agree watch out for a double trick.
No. 509166 ID: f2c20c

Ask the girl her name.
No. 509167 ID: 9ddf68

sweat that's done... now what?
No. 509168 ID: af8414

Who's that guy on the right?
No. 509169 ID: 399612

Ha, that's actually his gun. Excuse my lapse in artistic ability.
No. 509187 ID: 199a60

Make sure the chick isn't Walker.
No. 509189 ID: 76b151

Pretty sure the chick is innocent of all this... well as innocent as a planet full of Criminal Scum can be.
No. 512764 ID: 9bf753
File 136962143564.png - (168.07KB , 800x595 , 049.png )

You take this time to compliment Marilyn on her bitchin' witchcraft. She looks at the floor, but you think you can see the beginnings of a smile.

In other news, your whole crew now knows that you are 100% grade A badass.

Now that she doesn't have a gun pointed at her head, you decide to talk to the girl, but it seems she has a few things to say to you first.

Just what the hell was that!? I was this close to finding out who Walker got his orders from! Your little stunt just set me back an entire month!
Eugh... its in my hair...

Well she certainly is a strange one.
No. 512765 ID: 735f4f

She has some sort of undercover thing going on I guess. Ask her if she is working for someone or after him for personal reasons.
No. 512767 ID: 19b3c3

Oh, you were doing some kind of undercover thing? Sorry, didn't know. (Kind of the problem, with spy stuff, really). Kinda new in town, and opted for the brute force method of removing jerks.

We can, uh, probably offer you a shower or something at least, though.

Also- we still need to loot this place (weapons, valuables, etc). Anything we leave will just be taken by other looters anyways.
No. 512768 ID: 57a559

Well, she should have informed us before we decided to surprise this gang and destroy them.

And who cares, it's just another criminal giving him his orders. Sit back and relax girl. Probably from far away. Assuming he cares about this little town, he'll send another group, we take those guys out and there we go, get the info from those guys. And if no one is sent, then who gives a shit.
No. 512779 ID: bf54a8

yes we wait for a new gang to be sent and whatever direction they come from is the way we go. just follow the bodies.
No. 512785 ID: 9ddf68

just tell here "so what you got friends right? Just have them pose as or get them to find some people to pose as some thugs that want to move up in the world and since whoever was giving these guys there orders is going to be looking for new hired help you can then get direct access to whoever it is instead of just taking what you can get from some brain dead gorilla." or something along those lines.
No. 512803 ID: af8414

Soooorryyyy~ But not very sorry~ because this mission was fun~ So, she working independently or what?
No. 512943 ID: 5869f6

Just follow the bloody brick road, Hehehehe.
No. 513029 ID: eaa372

Find out who this woman works for if she doesn't answer block the doorway and point your rifle towards her menacingly. If she plays hard to get shoot around her feet.
No. 513299 ID: d300d2

Ask her her name and why she was spying on big head here.
No. 518818 ID: 9bf753
File 137194485785.png - (179.32KB , 800x529 , 050.png )

You ask the girl her name and just what it was she was doing here.

I don't think either of those things is your business, but if you MUST know, my name is Hazel, and I WAS here to get some info on this gang and who was really calling the shots. Walker here was small time, no way he operated alone, someone was holding the leash.

You tell her to relax. Another gang is sure to come around.

I'm afraid its not that simple. This gang was a tool, and whoever was using them isn't going to be happy that you killed all their lackeys. Chances are you just made yourself a heap of enemies. Now you enjoy being hunted down, I've got to find a way out to Baker City to try and find another lead.

Hazel turns to leave. You get the impression that she isn't your biggest fan.
No. 518819 ID: 19b3c3

...you want us to save any of those heaps of enemies for you? Maybe they'll be a lead if we only main some of them instead of killing them all.
No. 518821 ID: bf54a8

baker city huh? be easier to sneak in f the gang suddenly had a few vacancies.
No. 518822 ID: f2c20c

Isn't the guy with busted kneecaps still out there? She could question him. Or... wait.

If she needs a lead, and the people she wants a lead on are going to come after you, the logical conclusion is that she and you should stick together so she can get some clues from the assassins you don't immediately kill.
No. 518824 ID: 2baea8

Both excellent ideas. Propose them both.
No. 518828 ID: b9d767

Yeah, we could probavly go back and check if bleedy mcnoknees is still alive to interrogate.

Then gleefuly skip through the corpses as you and your friends round up the goodies.
No. 518836 ID: eaa372

Don't let her walk out on you! Grab her by the collar and get some answers. Who does she work for what is their interest in a bunch of pawns?
No. 518841 ID: 0132ea

Persuasion time. Tell her that if it's leads she wants she might as well stick around here. If we're soon to be hunted down by more gangs affiliated with this one and the group she's after, what could possibly be a better lead than that?
No. 518903 ID: 9ddf68

so what does that mean she's going to stalk us for a while to see who comes to kill us to see who is calling the shots or what?
No. 518996 ID: 338610

I don't see how any of this concerns us. Our job was to fuck these guys up. We did that, so just let Hazel go her way and we'll go ours. The only “enemies” that even know who Emily is or what she looks like are either dead or dying, so we should have nothing to worry about. Our new friends probably have plenty of other adventures for us to go on, anyway
No. 520087 ID: 9bf753
File 137246020286.png - (190.11KB , 800x504 , 051.png )

You tell her to settle down. If she's looking for the people who are now out for you, then its probably best that she stick around.

Stick around and wait for assassins? No thanks. I don't want to be anywhere near you when you shoot their brains out.

Her eyes go wide. it looks like she just had a sudden realization.

Buuuuut... If you come with me to Baker City, that may not have to happen. They won't be looking for you there. Plus, I'd have me some spiffy new bodyguards to help me out should things get rough while I'm there. Not to mention you have a bona fide witch with you. They always come in handy. What do you say, honey? Wanna see the big city?
No. 520092 ID: bf54a8

sure, but you can't speak for your friend, she wants to come too then groovy.
No. 520093 ID: 338610

Is Hazel southern?
Anyway, I'd talk it over with everyone else first, not just Marilyn. I mean, what if the "big city" is a shit hole worse than this place? Would we really want to go there?
No. 520094 ID: 19b3c3

Hmm. You guess going on the offensive is kind of more appealing that waiting for people to come to you.

What's everyone else think?
No. 520095 ID: 57a559

But it sounds like it would have originally been in her best interest to let us stay and shoot the people she wants to find and/or kill.

Ask her what dinged in her brain first. It's not like we can handle whoever comes, so, why go exactly? To save on ammo and medkits? She wants us to do something in the city, right?
No. 520102 ID: 9ddf68

shouldn't we ask the other people in our group first if they're ok with this, since it is more then just trigger happy girl here.
No. 520105 ID: eaa372

Confer with Marilyn at the very least, this lady's motives are automatically questionable since we're on a prison colony covered in bandit gangs. Going to the big city could give us more resources to work with when someone decides to do something about the newcomers who fight bandits right off the boat. We might even get idea about the big picture of what's going with this planet.
No. 520132 ID: 7e8516

Is the south even a thing?
No. 520142 ID: f2c20c

Sure! Just be sure that smiley knows to watch out for the assassins.
No. 520156 ID: 0132ea

There best be something good in it for us. We're not going to be her bodyguards just willy nilly.
No. 520174 ID: 6d5e30

She's gonna be trouble in the future. Shoot her too.
No. 521223 ID: 112f0a

Can we take Rechin with?
No. 521240 ID: 60fee2

Let's see what everyone else has to say.
No. 522196 ID: 9bf753
File 137315028999.png - (263.58KB , 800x552 , 052.png )

You see no reason why you shouldn't accompany Hazel to Baker City, but decide its best to ask your group first. Marilyn seems to be quite keen on the idea already.

David hears you conversing on the situation.

You know, I think it's a good idea. You three should go to the city. This town won't be seeing more bandits for a good long while, and I have no doubt that the townspeople will be able to stand up to any newcomers now that it belongs to them again. Not to mention, after that display, this town is looking a little too small for the three of you.

It seems like you're city bound! YEE-HAW!
Hazel tells you that she'll be all set to go by tomorrow. If there's anything else you need to do before you hit the ol' dusty trail, now is the time.
No. 522206 ID: 338610

I recommend celebratory booze.
No. 522219 ID: 0132ea

Might be good to look for some more money before heading to Baker City. If we can't find any, though, I'm sure we could just hold someone up when we got there. Also, look for a Thunderlord to replace your Hellfire Rifle. I've heard it's one of the best weapons.
No. 522223 ID: 19b3c3

Well, there's always light celebration. Live up the gratitude of the town while you can. And potentially cashing in some of whatever loot we can gather up and selling it for supplies. There are probably more options in a city, but we might have cheaper prices out here in the sticks.
No. 522238 ID: cf49fc

FUCK YEAH! Let's go out and murder some more gangmembers to celebrate, and torch the entire landing site on the way out.

Or we can go get drunk with Rechin.
No. 522289 ID: 9ddf68

meh search the bodies to see if they have anything good on them (guns, ammo, cash) then head off to the bar where all this started in the first place and get yourselves some drinks.
No. 522308 ID: c13e4a


For the...three of us?
No. 522310 ID: 2baea8

Smiles to our left is coming along.
No. 522566 ID: 9bf753
File 137324833531.png - (378.71KB , 750x875 , BEER!.png )

You check the bodies in the building and manage to find $155. Then you decide its time to celebrate the best way you know how.

Getting wicked drunk.

Hazel says she'll meet you at your group's building tomorrow and leaves to the other side of town. You, Rechin, and Marilyn head back the the bar where you met.

The people inside greet you with cheers and adoration. It's not often that heroes come along. Though you DID just murder several people... not sure if that actually makes you a good person. But whatever. The people are grateful and the drinks are on the house. You stop wondering if any of your actions will actually have consequences and enjoy the night with your new friends. Tomorrow you head to the city, where you totally won't have to keep killing people.

No. 522570 ID: 19b3c3

All right, drunkie. Time to cross your cute little fingers and hope you don't wake up in bed with anybody. Or too much of a headache.
No. 522572 ID: 76b151

... if its Marilyn our ladybits might be a tad cut up from those claws of hers.
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