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File 134723230703.jpg - (105.09KB , 800x528 , acapulco.jpg )
453059 No. 453059 ID: a407a5

Link To All Things: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Breaking_Reality

And here you are. A month after discovering your ability to tell reality to fuck off and cry in a corner somewhere, and you're here, in what's perhaps the most beautiful city you've ever seen. Given, you haven't seen many, but hell, this place is practically sparkling. The beach that this city is known for off in the distance doesn't hurt much either. You're here at the airport after having just got off the plane with your three companions and temporary boss, having been sent here by the Boss for a few reasons. The first is that he needed someone to go build a base camp out here on the other side of the country, on top of getting some new recruits up and establishing yourselves a little better. The second was to get Elizabeth as far away from the fixers that are after her as possible. She seems to have decided that you're her guardian as of late, so you were the obvious choice to send. The last is to see if you can't hunt down an old acquaintance of the group, Doctor Richard Smith, a scientist turned breaker who apparently found methods of... changing... foci, making them do increasingly more amazing things. He hasn't been heard from in over a two years, but rumors place him somewhere in the this city.
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No. 453060 ID: a407a5

You glance over your shoulder at you companions.

The first is Daniels. Bastard creeps the hell out of you, but he's taking over for as leader of the new base. Your just supposed to follow his orders as best you can, and hopefully not piss him off and get killed. You can't see his number(the bastard), but you know he's a breaker. Even Elizabeth fears the guy.

Which brings you to the 17 year old girl. With a little paper-wrangling, and a bit of breaking, you managed to get it so that you've adopted her. She doesn't seem to care either way, but from what you've discovered over the past month, this girl is apparently a massively good oracle-type. She's able to "see" all sorts of things, including identifying the needle you have as a sort of trap type weapon foci, and the .45 bullet you have as a Colt. She's hasn't been much use since you've been laying low and staying away from missions, but she's also kept herself to herself. She waiting on a nearby bench next to Raphael.

The man is dressed appropriately for the environment, an open front shirt, shorts and a pair of sandals. A pair of sunglasses protect his sensitive eyes from the strong sunlight, his albinism perhaps being the only thing physically wrong with him. A form type breaker, he's the most recent addition to your group in terms of combat personel, and is known to cause nightmares in people sleeping around him. Perhaps do to his recently gained form, muscle has begun to develop visibly on his form, and he's attracting quite a bit of attention from a gaggle of girls waiting around outside the airport like you. He notices your gaze and flashes you a smile, although this just sets the girls giggling, as they seem to think he's smiling at them.

Cassandra is the last of your group, hanging around not to far away, looking through a magazine she'd picked up from somewhere. She's been your most trusted companion since the beginning of all this, and you doubt you'd go anywhere without her watching your back. Most of her form, like always, is hidden under her hoodie, which even now is worn, even though she looks like she's roasting under that thing. But you still remember the curves hidden away, and your sure she'd draw the gazes of men all over the place if you could somehow get her onto the beach and into a bikini...

You still have a few minutes before your transportation gets here. Maybe you should go talk to one of your companions?

>>>Input Command
No. 453071 ID: d6c330

Beachfront city, whoo! We need to tweak our comms to work with short sleeves. I hope Raph and Elizabeth have those now too?

How does our relocation factor into our personal life? We ditch the apartment? Do we still have our job, or did we resign, or put in for a long vacation? Did we leave a good excuse with our family so they don't one day notice we disappeared? ...did we bring the anime? It's well hidden in the bottom of our luggage?

...we got stuck under Daniels' command? Hmm. I doubt that will be fun. Especially if we have our Oracle's confirmation that he's a prick. We're probably going to butt heads at some point.

>Trap type foci
I have no idea what that means, but it sounds wonderfully tempting, and makes me glad we killed that guy at range. We'll have to tune that later.

>Who talk to?
Let's start with Cass. You can tease her about needing to dress less heavily here. She can tease you about actually adopting the little weirdo in return.
No. 453072 ID: 4a328b

We can started on the 'get Cass in a bikini' agenda right away!

Plop down next to her and ask "Aren't'cha hot in that?"
No. 453074 ID: f48ab2

I'm going with this but...
I really want this to happen. One day we will succeed at this goal but it doesn't have to be today. It can be done in baby steps.
No. 453078 ID: a407a5

Personal Information!

You let go of the apartment after you adopted Elizabeth, not having any further need for it. Almost all of the stuff in it was sold off or trashed, since the hotel room had everything you needed in it already. Your parents were only informed you were moving for awhile, which they accepted, mostly because you've been on your own for years now, and don't need them checking on you constantly. As long as there is the occasional call, they could care less. Your job you can do wherever you are, so you've got your laptop with you, although you did take a weeklong vacation just in case you wanted to hit the water while you were here. The anime, regretfully, is still kept hidden away in your room back home, although you did manage to finish off a few with Cass, who's taken to watching them in her spare time, which was most of the time for the past month.

Now that you're thinking about her anyway, you stride over and plop yourself down into a chair next to her, placing a smile on her face as you get a good look as the sweat drops sliding down her nose.

"Isn't it a little warm in all that?"


"I think you're lying."

"I'm not."

"I think you need to dress a little less conservatively."

"I think I don't."

"Bad mood?" Raphael has come over, smirking a little as he flaunts the fact that he isn't roasting alive in a hoodie, like somebody that could be mentioned.

"Fuck off and die, nightmare boy."

"Testy, testy."

"No one asked you."

"You're not going to dress like that when we go to the beach, are you?"

Cass looks practically horrified, her eyes wide as she stares at you, but you just flash her a smile that comes off feeling a bit evil before you're interrupted by Daniels, who gestures to a limo waiting nearby.

"It's here. Let's go."

Twenty minutes later, you're all checked into a hotel by the water, and you all meet in Daniels room, where he's set up a computer connected to Conner's office.

"I see you all made it safely. That's good. Things here are a bit... tense, especially with another breaker group having been wiped out, but I think we'll managed. Still, I'd like you to get a base there up and running as quickly as possible. Daniels will handle that mostly. In the meantime, I've gotten in contact with another breaker group out there for you, who were willing to give you a shot at convincing them to join. Unlike our larger gangs out here, the area your in now consists mostly of small, tight-knit groups, consisting of maybe 3-4 people. The one I managed to contact said they'd wait for you at hotel a few blocks from where you are staying. Hopefully you can deal with whatever happens, as I'm afraid I can't offer any real support out there. That's all from me."

So. It's up to you and yours to deal with this. You've got little in the way of equipment, your flashbangs, some flashlights, your radios, your pistol and a new holster(Yay!). Still, you can't imagine these guys are going to be too hard to deal with, you're only talking to them. Still, you were given quite a bit of cash to help you get situated(roughly 10,000) so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to try to find a store or something and buy anything else that might be useful.

>>>Input Command
No. 453083 ID: 886a4d

Since we've been complaining about wasting BP lets go buy an instrument case for our rifle. Or a duffle.

(For our time skips can we start learning more about guns. Its all well and good to know them intuitively but knowing how they work, inside and out would be something I'd personally do if I was relying on it with my life.)
No. 453085 ID: 54c7e5

I think someone mentioned earlier that a guitar case might work. Seems like a legit thing to be carrying around.

When we do get to the meet, we should scope out the site with our X-Ray scope to make sure that it is only three-four people, and we aren't walking into an ambush.
Linda isn't nearly drunk enough for something like that.

We could take Cass clothes shopping while we're at the mall, or wherever you get guitar cases.
No. 453089 ID: d6c330

>pistol and holster
Hmmm. I wonder if we should fake a concealed carry permit for that. Probably not worth the bother though, even if it is just a single BP.

>instrument case for the rifle
I dun like this idea. It's too inconvenient and conspicuous to lug around, especially in a beachfront city (honestly, even the satchel is gonna stick out sometimes). Eventually someone will ask to here us play, too. And it would take time to get it out. We're better off just paying the BP to manifest it.

>read up on guns in the timeskip
I'd complain that this takes away some of the fun of being a completely ignorant crack shot, but trying to get all the information is an established character trait by this point.

>What buy?
Our own transport? Be nice not to have to rely on other people's limos.

Sunglasses seem a must. C'mon, gunner girl on the beach. You need some shades.

>What do?
We also need a plan of attack. Obviously, we can't bring Elizabeth in to a potential combat situation. We also can't leave her alone with Daniels, since we don't trust him. So we go in with one friend to the meeting, while the other stays with the car with Elizabeth?

And duh, we should ask our little adopted oracle if she sees anything foreboding about this meeting before we head in.
No. 453090 ID: 886a4d

Sounds good.

As for the instrument case it would mostly sit empty in our car. But if we're expecting multiple engagements it'd be nice to be able to put it in the case and carry it without having to bug Cass about a Normality break. saving that 2 or 3 BP would be worth it.
No. 453093 ID: d6c330

So it's an option, but not our normal mode of operation? Okay, that seems reasonable.

>take Cass clothes shopping
Maybe the most diplomatic way to go about this would be to point out there are lighter ways to cover up, if that's what she wants to do. I mean, you can pick up hooded shirts in material other than sweatshirt.
No. 453103 ID: a407a5
File 134724053123.jpg - (23.94KB , 314x356 , T129043244564062e21410c39bd405fc4a592055856b3.jpg )

You've got money, that can mean only one thing...


But first, convincing Cass. Like hell she's just going to go clothes shopping by getting dragged off. Still... she really likes hoodies. But there's got to be hoodies made out of something other than sweatshirt.

"Hey Cass! Come on, we're getting you better clothing than that. And before you protest, we're getting you a hoodie not made out of something so heavy. There are ways to cover up without roasting yourself alive."

Cass starts to protest still, then frowns and glances down at herself. Not roasting would probably be the words running through her head. Finally, she lets out a sight and follows along, mumbling about never being able to turn down Linda regardless of what's going on. As you make your way towards the door, you feel someone tug on your shirt, and glance down to find a hand holding somewhat feebly to your shirt. You follow the hand up to find Elizabeth staring at you.

"Angel and Warrior are doing something fun. Elizabeth is going as well."

"Whoa! Wait, you guys are going somewhere?" Raphael sticks his head into the conversation, smile broadening. "I'm coming to! Hold on, let me get my camera!"

Minutes later, you find yourself at the entrance to the mall. There are people everywhere walking around in little more than swimsuits and loose coats, exactly the kind of coat you figure Cass needs to keep cool. Raphael is getting ogled again by various people who've never seen an albino before(probably doesn't help you're in one of the sunniest cities in the world, albinos would probably avoid this place like the plague) but he seems ignorant of them. You ignore them as well, mostly focused on the most important task. Cass. You NEED to get Cass some better clothes. You've been into her room a number of times the past month, and you swear her clothing is bland as shit. First stop decided. Target acquired, let's roll!

The next hour is spent roaming the mall with your fellows, hitting up random shops in search of everything you've decided you need. A guitar case is the hardest thing to find, but with a little luck you find an out of the way music shop and get your hands on a case that'll work, you think. Next place found is a sunglasses stand, where you spend the next hour trying on shades and messing around, eventually getting a matching set of four for everybody. Damn, you look good.

Another stop is a small shop of random trinkets, mostly because Elizabeth drags you inside, and leads you right up to a small display stand before pointing at a soft, plush looking teddy bear.

"Want" is the only word that comes out of her mouth, and you figure, as her guardian, you could do to spoil the child-like 17 year old. You quickly find out that wasn't what she wanted it for. As soon as your out of sight of the shop, the girl rips the thing's head off and dumps out all of it's fluff, producing what appears to be a small ring.

"Foci." Is all she says as she hands it over, then she goes silent, drifting off into her own little world again. You stare at the ring, then not really sure what to do with it, the find yourself shrugging and putting it away. Your in the biggest resort town in the nation. You're not about to let anything get to you.

Finally, you hit a clothing shop that you think suits Cass, and you proceed to play doll with her. She protests vehemently for the first 20 minutes, then just gives up and accepts her fate of walking out of the dressing room, showing off whatever clothes she'd been forced into, and then walking back in with a new set of clothes. Eventually, you're done, and you walk out with your friend in her new clothing, looking a bit more cool than she had before, even with the noon sun beating down on her.

You suppose you could do with transportation to. You haven't actually broken into any of your 10,000 yet, mostly because YOU make quite a bit of money doing what you do. With this extra money... you might be able to get a very nice car, depending on how you work it.

But... what kind of car did you want? It needs to be able to hold 4 people, obviously, but are you buying? Renting? What? And you'll have to go to the meeting eventually...

>>>Input Command
No. 453104 ID: 886a4d

Lets lease a car, we'll probably be staying here a while but its not permenant and it'd be a pain to ship it home. We can car shop when we get back.

That also lets us get something that would be out of our budget.
No. 453107 ID: f6cff9

WAIT DID SHE JUST FIND A FREE FOCI FOR US? Is that what happen because holy shit.

Sounds like a plan
No. 453108 ID: d6c330

We spent an hour on sunglasses? Really? Oh well, it's a worthy cause, I suppose.

Oh, cool. Thanks Liz! We'll have to ask her what it does the next time XP distribution comes around. Giving it to you kind of implies she thinks you should use it, but again, we like our info before decisions, and it seem prudent to try and assign foci to the people best suited for 'em.

This town is a temporary location, right? So renting seems a better option than buying. Also when you consider the odds of the car getting destroyed in some kind of enemy action.

...probably best not to rent under your own name. (Do we have a phoney identification? Seems a good thing to have when running questionably legal ops out of your own are).

Anyways, we can't pick something super expensive, or that will stand out. Should be roomy enough in case you have to pile in with equipment. Sporty and fast enough to be maneuverable if we ever get into some kind of chase or escape. I'm not enough of a car guy to suggest specific models, though. We got any proper petrolheads in the collective tonight?
No. 453114 ID: 54c7e5

IIRC, a breaker gets 1 XP every time they get a new foci.
I can see this little one becoming unimaginably powerful, completely by accident without us noticing, if this kind of thing has been going on for the last month.

Sunny. Convertible. They kinda go together.
Maybe in Green?
No. 453118 ID: 4a328b

I think the better question is "can a reality break convince a rental agency that we have already shown them a legit id?"

Sadly, I don't know cars. Some sort of suburban? Those seem pretty roomy.

Make sure Raph picks up some strong sunscreen in the routine purchases.

Do we have lodging/facilities for our new base? That seems like it should be a priority, if we're dealing with that.
No. 453123 ID: d6c330

>IIRC, a breaker gets 1 XP every time they get a new foci.
Yeah, but they show up for distribution at the end of a mission, not immediately. xD

Although I'm not sure who gets the XP from that one, actually.

>"can a reality break convince a rental agency that we have already shown them a legit id?"
Normalcy could, as we saw at the treatment plant. If we came prepared with a fake identity though, that would mean we wouldn't have to burn BP each time we wanted to fake someone out.
No. 453129 ID: a407a5
File 134724388009.jpg - (88.38KB , 450x363 , blonde_dj_girl.jpg )

You find a car lot easily enough, and lease a random car that looks good enough for your purpose, which is get from point A to point B. Car chase? You have an anti-material rifle. You pity any car that tries chasing you.

You pile everyone and everything inside, then head off to your destination. The hotel looks unremarkable from the front, but you park a block down anyway, the habit ingrained into you from past experiences. You pause in the car, then turn to Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth. You feel anything?"

The girl doesn't seem to respond at first, but you notice her left eye glowing slightly, the eye actually moving as it seems to be reading something, or looking at fast moving pictures. A minute goes by, then there's a simple shake of the head as the glow fades and the eye settles. Nothing she could see.

You get out, and tell Raphael to keep an eye on Elizabeth for you, and keep his radio handy in case they need to make a break for it. He nods his agreement, finally getting serious, as Cass exit the car as well, eyes staring at the building. You can almost see the unspoken question going through her head.

Am I going to lose it again this time?

Then she seems to go back to her usual bored self, and she starts trudging off towards the building, throwing a glance over her shoulder.

"You coming, Linda?"

"Uh, yeah." You dart off after her, slowing as you come up next to her, and you both enter the lobby and glance around. You don't get very far before being approached by someone who seems to be not paying attention to where she's going at all, given the closed eyes and headphones blasting music YOU can hear. Still, everyone else seems to ignore her. As she draws close to you, she removes her headphones and opens her eyes to take a look at you.

"Well, well. Aren't you two the pair of hotties? Come to party it up in good ol Sun City, or are you here on drab business?"

Is she talking in code? Not that the little comment about you being hot didn't go unnoticed. Hell, you find yourself checking the girl out without really thinking about it, mostly because you haven't bedded anyone in awhile, unless you count being half-naked with Cass that one night. Cass, on the other hand, seems a little taken aback.

"Wha- Huh?"

>>>Input Command
No. 453132 ID: 886a4d

I think poor Cass is just not used to women hitting on her.

Anyway despite the temptation this is business. Ignore her flirtations for now. Tell her we have a meeting here about recruitment possibilites.
No. 453134 ID: 4a328b

"A bit of both, actually. Unfortunately it's business right now--otherwise I'd be asking for your number instead of looking for your numbers~" Flirting back, trying to convey I think she's a breaker but probably higher spirit than us.
No. 453143 ID: f6cff9

We never flirt so just have fun with it I guess. Don't forget to check those BP numbers
No. 453161 ID: a407a5

"A bit of both, actually. Unfortunately it's business right now--otherwise I'd be asking for your number instead of looking for your numbers~"

The other woman's smile never fades, but she starts bouncing lightly on her feet, making her chest do this nice little bounce, almost like she isn't wearing anything under tha- Ow! Cass just elbowed you in the ribs, giving you a raised eyebrow suggesting you weren't being quite so tactful with your leering. The other woman chuckles a little, obviously amused.

"Oh. I'm sorry. Was I flirting with an established couple?"

"Wha- Hell no!" Cass' face goes bright red, as she starts stammering objections. You feel a little hurt, but not really. It's not like she ever actually gave any signs she was interested to begin with. Besides, you've got someone to flirt with right here...

"Oh, that's good then. Wouldn't want to hurt a relationship before it got started~" The other woman wraps an arm around your shoulder, drawing you in close till your faces are almost touching. She staring into your eyes, little gems of blue that seem to grab your attention, and she that smiles seems to get a little wider on her face. She's definitely not wearing anything under that shirt.

"Still, if you want to dance in this venue, you need to prove you can hang with the rest of us. There's a little troupe of individuals, like to hang down by the beach. They've been... dancing a little too much on our floor. Maybe you'd be kind enough to show them the way out? Maybe then we can talk about dancing a tango~"

The woman slides a card into your hand before releasing you and turning away, replacing the headphones to their proper position and blowing you a kiss before she heads off, disappearing into a crowd. Shit. Usually your the one to come on to other people. Although that's usually when you're drunk.

You take a look at the card in your hand and find it has a place written on it. The Starlight Club. It opens at 10 pm, so your guess is, this is where she wants you to meet up after you deal with these... dancers? Breakers, you'd guess. Cass is just starting to calm down, but you find your mind on other things.

Namely, how to handle these breakers if they hand around on a beach?

>>>Input Command
No. 453165 ID: 4a328b

Obviously we wear swim suits and confront them diplomatically. Our warfare will be with beach volley ball, like any rational gang.
No. 453170 ID: d6c330

Yeah Linda, get your flirt on!

...did we ever receive confirmation that flirty dancer there was even a breaker? You see a number, or feel anything?

Well, let's go investigate this other group, then. Hopefully they're just some easy jerks we can tell to step off. We don't have enough info to really merit beating anyone up for anyone, yet. ...and a battle on the beach in the daytime sounds like a bad idea.

Amusing, but no, I think. Hard to conceal a pistol in a bikini, or comms, and the satchel of gear would look out of place. I agree we should start with diplomacy, though.
No. 453174 ID: c28302

First things first, to Cass, "well, that wasn't what I expected of our contact." see if she can confirm that the girl was a breaker.
No. 453191 ID: 4a328b

Oh yeah. Good thinking. "So, think that was our contact or should we keep looking?"
No. 453198 ID: a407a5

Aw shit! The number! You run through your memories, but suddenly realize you didn't notice a number. In fact, you didn't notice a damn thing wrong with her at all... what the hell? You couldn't even remember having said anything that even sounded like she was a breaker, other than that thing about getting people to go away. You're left troubled by this until you make it back to the car, whereupon you find Elizabeth already wearing her swimsuit. She seems to look up at you from her position in the backseat, then nods at you once.

"Music was breaker."

You blink in surprise, then shrug. Well, doesn't really surprise you. This girl is supposed to be the scouter, right? You suddenly notice that Raphael is missing, only to have him run up, changed into his swimsuit and holding a beach ball. You stare at him in confusion.

"What? Elizabeth said we were going to the beach."

Urgh. This is... fine. You know what. FINE! They can go play on the beach, while you and Cass deal with these new people. Bastards, getting all the fun while you have to go work. Well... at least you know you'll be seeing the hot woman again... with her bouncy...

You shake yourself from that little fantasy and head off, getting searching the beach for your targets until you find them via a few numbers, hanging around under an umbrella. You park your car, letting Elizabeth and Raphael dart off onto the sands to go play(GAAAAAAAH!). You and Cass, on the other hand, move up to the group, although they notice you long before you reach them. Still, you manage to catch the numbers easily. 14, 17, 11, from left to right. You can't see anything that look like foci on them.

"Well, well? Two hot babes? Watcha say you two keep us company awhile?"

You feel Cass already tensing up, but you'd rather end this without the violence. Better think of something to say, quick.

>>>Input Command
No. 453201 ID: 54c7e5

"Funny, we were going to say about the same thing."
No. 453203 ID: 4a328b

"Hehe, here on business, sadly, or I'd be be in a swimsuit. Would you mind getting us up to speed on local politics, as you see 'em?"
No. 453204 ID: f6cff9

Just tell them to keep you company at whatever beach shack is near here. You can eat and do some diplomacy at the same time. While eating just tell them to back off of this territory. Hopefully eating something will let cooler heads prevail. If a fight breaks out at least you tried.
No. 453205 ID: f6cff9

Getting more info would be nice and we can still head out to some place to eat at the beach. When was the last time we ate anyways?
No. 453207 ID: d6c330

Hmm. Let's be careful about your response to flirty dancer. She kind of seemed the social type- it's possible her powers run along manipulation lines. (We don't have a Cha equivalent in this system, but she's definately got it in spades).

>you'd rather end this without the violence
We're on a public beach. In the middle of a resort town. On a beautiful day. Violence is an extraordinarily bad idea. High odds of collateral damage, secondary damage caused by panic, and local law enforcement response. I mean, normalcy can probably cover a lot of that up, but you could still do a lot of harm even so.

That, and they look of comparable power levels to your group. Wouldn't exactly be an easy or fast victory.

Reassuring hand on Cass' shoulder as you start talking, again. Don't let her work herself up. She can look intimidating all she wants though- that works to our favor.

>What say?
This diplomacy would be easier if we knew the names of any of the parties involved (we can't even say <foo> sent us). Or if we knew what the dispute was about.

Seems a good response. Add on something like:

Because as I hear it, you've been stepping on the toes of an acquaintance of mine. I'd kind of like that to stop.

Hopefully that's enough to clue them in to the fact we're here representing their rivals, and they'll fill in some of the blanks.
No. 453223 ID: a407a5

"Hehe, here on business, sadly, or I'd be be in a swimsuit. Would you mind getting us up to speed on local politics, as you see 'em? Because as I hear it, you've been stepping on the toes of an acquaintance of mine. I'd kind of like that to stop."

"Oh? Oh!" The group suddenly turns noticably more hostile, but doesn't make any moves to attack. No reason to. "So you're working for those assholes. You two don't seem that tough. Still... fighting in open daylight ain't the best idea. Fine then. Why don't we settle this some other way. First we'll flip this coin, if it's heads, you pick what we have our little friendly game in, tails, we do. You win whatever game it is, we leave here peacefully and not coming back. You lose, and you two got to... help us relieve some tension..." There are leers passed around, but you don't let it bother you. You've dealt with worse in bars back home. Cass, on the other hand, is about to blow her top.

"Calm down, Cass. It'll be fine. All we gotta do is win, right?"

Cass calms herself, but her tense glare doesn't subside. She really, really wants to kill them. Instead, you both watch as the man flips the coin into the air, catches it, and places it on his wrist. Then he reveals the coin for all to see.

"Tails. Looks like we get to decide. How about... we play the insult game? It's simple. You insult me, I insult back. We'll keep doing this till one of breaks under the pressure and gets angry, visibly angry. You can even go first...

>>>Input Command
No. 453225 ID: 4a328b

I like it!
No. 453226 ID: 54c7e5

"You fight like a dairy farmer!"
"You have the manners of a beggar."
"I once owned a dog that was smarter then you."
Pretty much any monkey island insults. Either they know it and respond correctly, (in which case, hey, we have common ground) or they lose. Win win here.

Cass should probably leave though.
No. 453227 ID: d6c330

...this game is just between Linda and her challenger, right? One on one? Because if we need Cass to keep her cool we're in deep shit.

>"You fight like a dairy farmer!"
Even better? If they don't get it and start just throwing dirty fucking words at us? We keep responding with more appropriately chosen monkey island retorts. As long as we treat this like a joke, we won't get angry. And they'll think we aren't taking them seriously- so they'll get visibly angry.

Unfortunately, we can't send Cass away. We need a judge on our side, willing to agree with us when our opponent gets visibly angry.
No. 453260 ID: a407a5

"You fight like a- Hey! Cass N-"

Cass, in her infinite wisdom, has decided to smash her fist into the first man's face, dropping him into lala land instantly. Her gaze immediately turns to the man to her right, eyes rigid, although you can tell she isn't about to go murder happy... you hope.

"This whole contest is bullshit. I don't need some fucking contest. I don't need to break reality. Hell, I don't even need my weapon. I'll kick your ass using my fists!"

Cass launches into motion, her leg arcing in a beautiful spin kick that the man barely manages to dodge before those two are trading blows, both keeping pace with each other. The last man turns to you, eyes losing that surprised look and straying more into the "I'm going to kill you" phase.

"Can't we talk things out? Maybe?"

The man's answer is to charge forward, right arm raised to strike. Well shit.

>>>Input Command
No. 453261 ID: 4a328b

Use his momentum against him--help him fall forward as he punches and then pin him on the ground.
No. 453263 ID: f6cff9

I agree because he might have higher strength then us so we might as well put that finesse to work. But Cass you are so wacky, deciding to stop a stupid insult contest with hot blooded punches. What's next? Will she scream "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!?"

Only time will tell.
No. 453266 ID: 886a4d

We win. Admittedly Cass went overboard but nothing in the rules says we can't punch one another. But look at how angry you all got over it.
No. 453289 ID: d6c330

Do this (assuming he's str to your fin)

I like this approach. Technically she even opened up with an insult! Once we've got him pinned:

So does this count as tension relief, or you getting visibly angry? *grin*
No. 453293 ID: a407a5

You sidestepped the incoming charge, sighing as you realize you've been dragged into another fight, then try tripping him and pinning him under your weight. The tripping part goes well, the pinning not so much, as you find yourself thrown a few feet, easily rolling back onto your feet. The man is already scrambling up, keeping himself facing you.

"So does this count as tension relief, or you getting visibly angry?" You flash him a grin, which just gets him even more angry. At least you know you've won according to their rules. He goes in for another punch, which you simply sidestep and repeat the tripping, although you still miss the pin, this time because the man kept rolling.

"God damn it! Sit still!"

"Eh... no."

To your right, you see Cass trading blows with her opponent. Neither seems able to get the upper hand, but then again, neither is even attempting to dodge. They're both literally slugging away at each other without a care in the world. A small crowd is beginning to gather, some cheering for the guys, others cheering for you.

At least you've got some supporters.

>>>Input Command
No. 453295 ID: d6c330

Uh, hopefully that keeps anyone from manifesting weapons, because that could get ugly fast. And why is anyone cheering for the guys who picked a fight with a bunch of girls? (Actually, I doubt the risk is high for real violence at this point, or Elizabeth would have sent Raph running).

Okay, you've evaded twice with the exact same maneuver. Even if you've got a decent fin advantage over him, he's probably going to be able to compensate if you try it a third time. You gotta mix up your dodges here.

Since he'll be expecting a trip, don't go for it. Dodge and use the arm he threw at you to throw him forward, or just slam an elbow into the back of his head.
No. 453296 ID: 886a4d

Well if you can't pin him wear him out. Keep on tripping him up, make him eat sand again and again. Try to make him crash into things. Not people though his strenght could make that dangerous.

... The best thing to do would be to get him to fall into his partner. Get him bullrushing you in the right direction then step aside.
No. 453316 ID: 9718f3

It sounds like he doesn't have much in the way of discipline or form, just rushes you trying to land a blow. Take advantage of this, intercept his arm, grab it, use his momentum to flip him. Or, if you're feeling a little more serious, turn that momentum back on him a bit more directly and break his elbow or dislocate his shoulder.
No. 453325 ID: a407a5

You see the man you're facing charge again, and sigh in annoyance. This is... you can easily sidestep these things. You slip by him again, grabbing his arm and twisting it in just the right fashion for everyone to hear the snap of bone. The man tumbles forward onto his back, then clutches at his arm, moaning in pain.

"Serves you right, you jerk."

Cass is stil trading blows with her opponent, only to have herself hurled onto her back by an unexpected attack. The man immediately leaps on top of her, raining blows down on her unprotected face. She just smiles, and grabs the man's arms, twisting them both so that she finds herself on top. Then it's her turn to rain blows down on him, and unlike her, he doesn't have the strength to resist for very long. A few well placed punches and the man is down for the count. Cass starts to pull back her fist for another go, but you step up and wrap your arms around her.

"Cass. Calm down. It's fine. It's over now. The fight is over now."

Cass stops, breathing heavily, then lowers her fist. She sighs a little, then stands up, glaring at her own bloodied hands.

"Shit. I cut up my knuckles. Anyone got any bandages on them?"

With that, the fight is over, and the crowds quickly disperse, although one couple comes forward to provide bandages to Cass. You're left to decide what to do with the three men. You suppose you could loot them of their foci and be done with the whole thing, but you do need recruits, and hotblooded as they are...

>>>Input Command
No. 453334 ID: 886a4d

Loot their focii then talk to them.

Basically lay down the law to them as to whats alright with your group, ask if they are willing to follow the rules and behave. If they respond favorly toss them their focii and tell them welcome aboard, you'll drive them to the new base and show them around. If they don't let them discover you taken them. If only one or two agrees well thems the breaks.
No. 453343 ID: f6cff9

Well if we do it this way then at least they won't be able to use foci against us so it sounds like a great idea.
No. 453344 ID: 886a4d

Ya its kinda common sense, you have potential enemies \ allies which could swing either way. You don't leave them with a loaded gun in their hands to shoot you with.
No. 453348 ID: 54c7e5

Potentially literally in this case.
Each of them has more than ten BP, so they probably have back-ups in case one of them gets looted (seeing as how that was priority number one for us), so we might want to have Elizabeth check them for us real quick.

That coin he flipped might be a foci.
No. 453352 ID: 92d144

...looting them does kind of seem a dick move. They were willing to be semi-reasonable about things, avoiding a real fight in favor of a stupid contest (even if the penalty sucked) when we threw it. They were also willing to hold back from manifesting around civilians, which is another point in their favor.

Of course, there's the question of whether talking reasonably will have any effect now. I'd kind of like to think it would, but who knows.

I wouldn't set the bar as high as "join us or go normal". Parting peaceably seems reasonable, if we can get it.
No. 453354 ID: f6cff9

Fine we can add that as an option. I'm still in favor of looting though because we just kick their asses and they are gonna be pissed at us.
No. 453355 ID: 886a4d

It was a dick move to have if we lost be 'relieving tension.`` So fair's fair. Plus there is another reason... we still are on a beach and if they chose to escalate things there are lots and lots of norms.... do you want to take that chance?
No. 453357 ID: 92d144

Eh, fine, we disarm them, and then talk. See if we can recruit them, or at least get them willing to part on peaceful terms. Then we either keep their shit or let 'em go.

Obvious questions to ask: so what's actually up with you and those other guys? We didn't get a whole lot of details. Appreciate you willing to play nice in front of the normals, and sorry about the beating, but you were kind of being jerks with your penalty. Any chance I can talk you into more playing nice, or should I just keep your shit and leave?
No. 453371 ID: 1987d1

Hmm. Okay, not entirely sure I like how I worded the pitch there. (Yah, still me. Musical IP day).

The point we need to get across is that we're the new game in town, and we want them playing by our rules. There's worse shit than us out there, and little disorganized groups breakers aren't gonna cut it.
No. 453377 ID: 4a328b

Yeah, loot'em, but be willing to return the foci if they're reasonable.
No. 453427 ID: a407a5

You decide to loot them for now, digging through clothing to retrieve the precious foci. Nothing too special, as far as you can see. Mostly just various weapons you've seen before, a baseball bat here, a sword there. You think. You be nice as well and bandage the man's broken arm, making it so at least he won't hurt himself further.

You pile all the men together with a little help from Cass, then wait for them to wake up. When they do, the first thing they spot is you sitting on a bench nearby.

"Hey! Awake are you?"

"You bitch! We didn't even do anything and she started attacking us!"

"Yeah, well. She's like that. It's a bit late to be complaining now, anyway, we won. So... what's actually up with you and those other guys? We didn't get a whole lot of details. Appreciate you being willing to play nice in front of the normals, and sorry about the beating, but you were kind of being jerks with your penalty. Any chance I can talk you into more playing nice, or should I just keep your shit and leave?"

"Keep our shi- Ah crap!" The men start searching themselves, only to discover their foci missing. They glare daggers at you, but you just smile back. You feel a little... cruel, doing this to them, but... you'd prefer to play it safe than have them start bringing out weapons in the middle of all this.

"Fine. There is no big problem. That's how it is out here. Trust me, I come from Capital City, and out here, breakers are a lot more chill. Sure, we got a group of fixers out here to, but they aren't nearly as active as they are back east. Around here, the most a breaker group will fight over is rights to host gigs on the beaches or on street corners. Cause nighttime is where everything's at. Trust me, when night hits, you'll see. Breakers don't hide their gifts around here, just... lie a little. Make it fun. Now give those foci back, we need them for our gig tonight. Don't worry, Jake and his crew have proven their point. They got allies back them up this time. We'll let it go for now."

You let that information sink into your mind a little, eyes examining them for any traces of lying. But you can't find anything, and he really doesn't have a reason to lie.

>>>Input Command
No. 453428 ID: 6e44d2

Should we just keep the foci? I mean, they are useful. Then again, we don't want to make enemies with the locals, and these guys seem to have friends.

Toss them back their foci. We're playing nice for now, but they'll be twice as cautious around us, now that they know we've got bite behind our bark. We're here on an intel-gathering mission. If our priorities change and we decide we're into conquest, we can always come back for these chumps later, or else make them subordinate to us. More options.
No. 453429 ID: 100061

taking there foci over this really does seem overly harsh. give them there foci back as long as they agree that this is the end of any hostilities between you.
No. 453430 ID: 4a328b

Wow, less murdering on a dime, even from the fixers? Sounds like a nice place. Toss them their foci back, thank'em for the info...then go get changed into some swimwear. Cass too. It's the beeeeeaccch~!
No. 453431 ID: f6cff9

No real point keeping the foci. It's just bats, swords, and other common weapons. Just toss them back I guess. If they start something it's nothing we can't handle anyways. We can play nice for now.
No. 453436 ID: 1987d1

Hmm. Interesting. The competition out here isn't for recruits, but for turf. Competing bands of performers rather than conscript based militias. That changes our approach to building up a power base somewhat then. We basically have to become a kind of combination land baron and producer / management group.

Has Elizabeth caught up? Give a glance her way. If these doofs are planning on attacking you as soon as you return their shit, she'd know. Still, they're probably safe.

>That's how things are out here
We'll see how long they stay that way. There's new players in town, boys, and we're going big. Look us up sometime if you want to be on the winning side. *grin, toss them their foci*.

>To Cass
Well, not what I was planning, but that worked.
No. 453461 ID: 54c7e5

I second this course of action whole-heartedly, if only because it also gets Cass to loosen up at the beach as well.
No. 453462 ID: a407a5
File 134733119141.jpg - (88.73KB , 450x360 , 946455-bigthumbnail.jpg )

"Thanks for the help, here, you can have these back."

You toss over their foci, which they happily snatch up and store away, looking a lot more relaxed now that they have their lifelines back. Good for them. Hopefully they won't try hitting on random women walking up to them next time. You somehow doubt it, but it never hurt to hope.

"We'll see how long things stay the way they are. There's new players in town, boys, and we're going big. Look us up sometime if you want to be on the winning side." You flash them a smile as you head off back the way you came, already feeling the sand between your feet and the fun you'll be having. The nightclub you're supposed to go to doesn't open for awhile yet, so why not enjoy yourself in the sun awhile. Besides, you've already bought Cass a bikini, now just to get her into it...

A few minutes and a lot of arguing, holding down and stripping later, you push Cassandra out onto the beach, and watch her blush heavily, trying desperately to cover herself up with what you've left her, which is basically her light hoodie. Not going to happen. You grab her arms and part them, giving everyone around a great view of her curves.

"L-Linda! What the hell are you doing!?"

Guys, much to your amusement, stop to gawk, while a few woman who've got men glare at you both. Hell yeah. That's the way it has to be. No point going to the beach if you don't flaunt it a little. You shove Cass more out into the open, while she promptly tries to cover up herself, while you just laugh happily.


>>>Input Command
>>>Skip Beach Event?
No. 453463 ID: f6cff9

Don't know why Cass is so embarrassed if she has the curves. Just tell her she is gorgeous and just dump complements on her to get her to relax. I know it ain't gonna work but the whole point of this is to see her (Cute) reaction or get her to relax and calm down.
No. 453465 ID: 886a4d

Cass your a gorgeous woman and you deserve to have fun. It will do us both good to just relax and enjoy the sun.

Part of allure of going to the beach is to flaunt what you have and torture those people who will never get to do anything but look. I always thought it a shame you covered your body so lets live a little. Or are you chicken?

Now lets go find Liz and Raph.
No. 453469 ID: 4a328b

Tell her being in the water is as close as she's gonna get to covering up on the beach, then race her to it.

Figure out where Raph and Liz are, and go thar.
No. 453472 ID: 1987d1

Hmmm. This is gonna be interesting. If it's mostly turf skirmishes with less focus on killing each other, our philosophy will be easier to work in this town. Foci might be harder to by though. Wonder if this situation will make thing harder or easier on Cass? (less pressure to kill, or standing out more when she does).

Uh... could we stop maybe bullying Cass into exposing herself? I know we want to get her to open up and all, and it's good for her long term development, but pushing people harder and faster than they're comfortable doesn't usually help.

C'mon Cass, what are you afraid of? It's just the beach.

But yeah, let's go find the others and have some fun.

>skip beach scene?
Yeah, like that's even an option.

Did we change too? That means we either had to dismiss the pistol or leave it stashed with our clothes. Kinda hard to hide a handgun in a bikini.

...we need to acquire a water pistol, asap. There's gotta be some fun we can have with that considering our affinity and fin.
No. 453475 ID: 4a328b

Outside of the beach, she can cover up all she likes. With the light hoodie we got, she doesn't have to suffer in the heat while she does so!

On the beach though?

Gotta flaunt that skin, Cass.

It's da rule.
No. 453476 ID: 6e44d2

Give her butt a nice spank, then prance off and do a cartwheel.
No. 453482 ID: a407a5

Hell yeah, you changed! Why wouldn't you? Of course, you selected something quite a bit more conservative than Cass, since you're not really all that comfortable flaunting it quite so openly to random crowds... but hey, at least your not acting like you used to. Back then, you wouldn't have been caught dead on a beach. Maybe this breaker thing is affecting you a lot more than you thought.

"Come on, Cass. It's just the beach, what's there to be embarrassed about? Besides, you're gorgeous, and half the fun of coming to the beach is taunting all the guys. THAT'S RIGHT BOYS! YOU CAN LOOK, BUT NO TOUCHING!~"

You shout this at a pair of boys who are being particularly open about their leering. Well fuck, they can stare all they want, you got nothing to hide.... You might have slipped in a few drinks during the changing session. You can't be sure. That whole event was a little fuzzy, particularly after you got to the bit where Cass was naked. A nose bleed might have been in there somewhere as well. It's kinda hard to tell. Well, whatever.

Cass doesn't seem to loosen up at all, but you're already dragging her onto the sand before she has time to protest, quickly finding Raphael and Elizabeth near the waterfront. Raphael practically faints at the sight of the pair of you, while Elizabeth doesn't seem to react at all. Raphael eventually recovers, getting a second look at you without almost falling over this time.

"Whew~ Hot damn. Linda, we need to hit the beach more often, you're definitely worth the money. I might have to get serious about asking you on a date... Oh yeah, you look alright to, Cass."

"Fuck off and die!"

Raphael ignores the comment, preferring to actually lower his sunglasses a little and risk the sun to get a look at you without them impairing his view. He lets out another whistle before he slides his shades back into place. You hear him mumble something, but you don't care. Your busy searching for something entertaining to do. Like that water-pistol stand over there. Although, the most expensive one looks mysteriously like a cannon, and less like a pistol...

"Come on, folks! Limited Competition! Anyone of 18 and up can join! Win prizes! Have FUN! All you need to do is pick a water-weapon of your choice and stand over at the starting gate! Winner decided by who gets the least wet in an hour!"

>>>Input Command
No. 453486 ID: 4a328b

Darn scar making us all hypocritical with swimwear~

Get a water gun as quickfiring as possible, and with as much storage as you can comfortably dodge while carrying. In it to win it!

Also, Raph is hawt, right? At least that was the impression from earlier. Maybe we should be paying him some more attention?
No. 453487 ID: 1987d1

>more conservative
>not really all that comfortable flaunting it
Hypocrite. I forgot about the swimsuit-inconvenient scaring, though.

>Drinks and stuff
Oh gods, did we transposition to drunk Linda again already? Girl, you can have fun in the sun without getting drunk. I mean, really, there's loads to do on the beach. And really, we have negotiations tonight, and no Rodriguez! Hopefully you're well below your tolerance, because you need to be (a) sober and (b) not hung over tonight.

Seriously though, this overbearing approach is not gonna help Cass. We're supposed to build on trust, not abuse what we've earned. -_- Lighten up a little, try offering reassurance and encouragement instead of just pushing her around.

...then announce you're off to see if your magic gun prowess works on water guns and destroy some losers. *Grin*.
No. 453493 ID: 1987d1

>Also, Raph is hawt, right? At least that was the impression from earlier. Maybe we should be paying him some more attention?
Meh, pretty much everyone we've met who could even be considered an option has at least hit on Linda. I'm not down to committing to anyone yet.
No. 453495 ID: f6cff9

We can still think some things are a bad idea so I think so we are safe in that department...for now. The fact we got Cass to the beach is good enough for me so we can cool it.

The last thing I need to say is this. Our time for glory has come. We must destroy these chumps in water gun dueling.
No. 453500 ID: f6cff9

Get some water pistols as well. You can't go water dueling without water guns.
No. 453514 ID: a407a5

Of course you're well below tolerance, you wouldn't get smashed right before work. Not after that time you kidnapped your hot co-worker, held him hostage in the meeting room and threatened him with violent defenestration till they gave you the day off. Which you spent sleeping off your hangover. Yeah, fun day, that.

Still, before you head off on some shenanigans you WILL remember, you pause in front of Cass and place your hand on the top of her head.

"But seriously, Cass. You need to lighten up a little. We're all here if something happens, and it's just a little skin. Not like you have my-"

Ah... that look. Cass is giving you THAT look. Raphael is to, although not quite so intensely. You know THAT look. They're wondering what you were going to say. Hell, the past month, you haven't really thought about it yourself. You can feel it suddenly, itching under your swimsuit. The scar. Your hand rubs against the spot gently. Funny, how you don't mind people seeing the scar so much, but can't stand people prying into it. You can almost feel yourself going into withdrawn mode, all your earlier self-confidence slipping...

Then you focus on something else. Anything else. Ooo! Water guns! You dash off, leaving your friends a little confused, but at this point, you just need to focus on something else. Like water guns! You pick yourself up some pistols(always wanted to try duel wielding) and line yourself up at a starting point. A few minutes later and the whistle is blown. Time for the fun to start. Seems like Raphael joined in as well, plus dozens of others.

Let's Play!

>>>Input Command
>>>Take the opportunity to experiment how far your finesse will take you, since I won't be telling you outright how good you are now. Just suggest various "maneuvers" for Linda to try out.
No. 453515 ID: f6cff9

The point of this is to be the least wet out of everyone to win so just use your finesse to dodge, go around people to make them human shield, and if needed just see if you can jump over someone as you are about to get shot so that person gets hit instead. If you can pull that off that would be great and would make people gawk at you so you can get some easy shots.
No. 453518 ID: 1987d1

Hmm. Okay, we can excuse the exuberance as overrating to naked Cass and compensating for her own issues, I guess.

>Maneuvers to try
Uh... shoot and dodge?

Hmm. If we're testing you limits, see how well you can land shots while moving or dodging at the same time. Or in the middle of a dive or jump. See how quickly you can alternate between multiple targets (so we can avoid fuckups like we had escaping the sewage treatment plant before). Figure out what your effective range on dodges is (well, water's slower than bullets, but...). See how accurate you are with a pistol at what range. How effectively can you dual wield? (This may become relevant if we ever tune the colt, or if it becomes possible to manifest the pistol twice at once). Can you target independently and accurately with each gun? Test how accurately you can peg specific body parts at what range (Torso, head, limbs, hands, trigger fingers, weapons).

Then most importantly? Remember to bring up these limitations as relevant in future combat analysis. Don't try to do anything you've tested and know is beyond your capacity.

Don't give Raph any special mercy. He's a target just like anyone else.
No. 453519 ID: 4a328b

Sommersaults to dodge and then shoot when you land is one trick to try
No. 453524 ID: 1987d1

>Can you target independently and accurately with each gun?
At the same time, if that wasn't clear.

Can you fire blind, at all? Track and acquire targets by just sound, or whip around and shoot someone behind you without looking? Can you replicate any of Maria's moves? Whatever else she was, bitch was damn effective at using a pistol in close quarters. Stealing some of her tricks isn't a bad idea.

...also, while you are in this to have fun, and gather a much intel on your limitations and capabilities as possible, remember to try and win too.
No. 453526 ID: f6cff9

Don't know how Linda gonna check the range/accuracy of a pistol with a water pistol but the rest of that is fine.
No. 453529 ID: 1987d1

Eh, I was hoping we'd be able to scale up from one to the other.
No. 453636 ID: f6cff9

I don't think it's possible to scale from water guns to real pistols. But we could try the other stuff that you want to do.
No. 453680 ID: 6e44d2

Man, this quest is weird for me. Linda reminds me of my ex, both in terms of personality and in terms of how she indulges in silly bullshit to avoid uncomfortable thoughts. Huh.

Anyway, try one-handed cartwheels, no handed cartwheels, Matrix dives while shooting, etc. Can you do the splits and brace yourself against both walls in a corridor, then shoot unsuspecting prey from your vantage point?
No. 453684 ID: a407a5

You happily dart into the crowd of people firing at each other, dodging shots of water from all over. All the while, you're firing off your own shots, tagging people here and there. You spend the better part of an hour tagging people without much difficulty, even Raphael doesn't stand a chance. For the most part, against opponents of this low level, you can fire pretty quickly without missing, but cartwheeling and firing at the same time seems a little beyond you. You also can't really duel fire too well, maybe because you have almost no practice with it at all, or maybe it's because you keep trying to fire your weapons like real guns, and the water jets keeping landing lower than expected. Either way, you can't see yourself getting much out of this in terms of combat practice. You're having a blast though. Then you come into contact with another man, wielding a larger rifle looking thing. You both pause, and you both know instantly.


Then you're both off, focusing completely on the other person, dodging left and right, using people as meat shields. You spin into a somersault, landing on Raphael's shoulders before you launch yourself into the air, using your higher position to fire off a couple of jets at the man. He grabs some poor guy and drags him in in front of your attack, blocking the water, while he throws himself to the side, firing a few shots at you.

You're land and roll behind another person, finding yourself out of water. Damn. You find a water gun dropped on the ground, and grab it, firing as you run before sliding into a table leg and flipping it with your foot, using it for cover.

You need a plan, this guy is tough.

>>>Input Command
No. 453686 ID: 4a328b

Throw a decoy and then tag him when he goes for it
No. 453691 ID: 6e44d2

Flash him, then tag him while he's distracted. Alternatively, throw your empty gun at him and shoot him while he deals with that.
No. 453693 ID: f6cff9

We can try to use the furniture(Table, Chairs, etc.) as a base of sorts so he has to come closer to you instead of the other way other. We could get some free shots in as well. Just remember water can curve in the air so I guess watch out for attacks coming from above. We could also try to do that as well. It's probably not gonna hit him but it might make him frustrated enough to charge at us.

You could also use a trash can lid(as a shield) to get closer to the guy while being protected. You can then shoot the guy when you have a easier shot when you are closer to him. It's cheap tactic though so I rather use that as a last resort.
No. 453694 ID: f6cff9

No flashing at the beach because one that is a real bad idea to do anywhere and two that just asking him to shoot us in the chest. I like the throwing the empty gun in the air idea though.
No. 453695 ID: 1987d1

Charge him, dodge his attacks, dive and blast him to pieces at point blank, move into a roll, and clear.

Even if you fuck it up, it'll be fantastic.

>flash him
No. We aren't nearly drunk enough for that yet.
No. 453702 ID: f2c20c

Go with a distraction, but keep in mind we're not supposed to hurt people, so throwing the gun might break the rules... You could throw like, a tablecloth or something?

Or you could change tactics, and start stalking the dude. First step there is to get out of sight and lose his pursuit.
(Also it's dual wielding)
No. 453712 ID: a407a5

First things first. You toss your empty weapons up into the air, glancing over the edge of the table to see your opponent follow them with his eyes, unprepared for your charge. Too bad. You pop over the table and charge, moving with cruel(?) intent, and his eyes snap back to you just as you open up on him. His front is drenched with water, but as you drop into a roll to dodge away, the man manages to hit you as well.

You come out of your roll drenched and laughing, but the competition continues for another 10 minutes. After the event is over and winners are declared(not you, unfortunately, but eh) you find the man again and congratulate him. You didn't think he'd be able to keep up, him being a normal. You laugh and joke with him for awhile, then head off, finding Cass, Raphael and Elizabeth enjoying the air. Cass seems to have calmed considerably, but she's still wearing her light hoodie. Raphael is playing with Elizabeth, building what looks to be an overly elaborate sandcastle.

You've still got a few hours till you need to be at this club, so what else could you possibly do while slightly buzzed and a little bored?

>>>Input Command
No. 453715 ID: 6e44d2

Sex with Chainsaw!
No. 453717 ID: 1987d1

Eh, just hang out? It's a beautiful day at the beach. You're out with your friends, and for pretty much the first time, not out on a dangerous mission, or stuck hiding in a hotel from people hunting you. Hang out in the sun! Kick back. Relax. Go for a swim. Whatever.

Enjoy the company, the buzz, the warmth, the view (human and otherwise). There's no pressure to be doing anything for once.
No. 453720 ID: f6cff9

Yes for once let's just relax without worrying about anything.
No. 453721 ID: 4a328b

Yeah, casual beachtime merriment

No. 453726 ID: c28302

For now relax, if you get bored in a while go for a swim (drag Cass along?) or play play some volleyball with the team
No. 453731 ID: a407a5
File 134741413996.jpg - (11.26KB , 243x258 , ribytg.jpg )

You sit down next to Cass and just hang, talking about this and that when someone comes up with something to say, and generally just having a good time. Your buzz wears off after awhile, thankfully too minor to really give you any problems afterwards, and the next few hours are just having a little relaxation time. A breather before your thrust back into the world of seriousness.

Still, as night begins to fall, work beckons, and you pack your stuff up and head back to the hotel. Thankfully, Daniels isn't around, probably off doing something illegal, given the vibes he gives off. You drop off everything you don't need, and pack a bag full of the normal equipment(flashlight, flashbangs, etc.), while also changing into something more appropriate for a nightclub. Still, you find yourself sliding on a bandage over your scar. Don't want to go flashing that around until your appropriately drunk, if you ever get to that point. You notice Elizabeth is looking a bit tired as you strap on your holster and ear-piece a few minutes later. She's going to have to stay behind this time, and you definitely don't want to leave her on her own, and it's not like you need both Raphael and Cass with you for this meeting thing.

Which one of the two are you bringing with you? And is there anything else you need to bring for this thing?

>>>Input Command
No. 453732 ID: f6cff9

rolled 2 = 2

Just flip a coin it's not like it matters to much.

If 1 then Cass and if two Raphael.
No. 453734 ID: 4a328b

You've pushed Cass around a lot today, and a club seems like another place she'd be uncomfortable at. So give her a break and bring Raph along tonight [plus he has got to have better social skills than Cass--and that will stat means he's probably going to be more resistant to any manipulative shenanigans going on]

Can't really think of anything to bring except that card she gave you, in case it's some sort of passcard.
No. 453738 ID: 1987d1

>Cass might think it's babysitting duty.
No, it was babysitting when you sent Raph of to play with her. This is different- she's not keeping the kid amused, she's keeping her safe. Cass has to know Elizabeth is important to you by this point.

Keep her safe, Cass.

(...also, Raphael isn't the best bodyguard for anyone asleep.)

...what, we couldn't just go with something that covered our midriff?

>Daniels off doing something illegal
...says the girl involved in at least one assault and battery today who totes unlicensed firearms. Seriously, legality isn't the issue. Not that I trust Daniels though- dude is shady as hell.
No. 453741 ID: f6cff9

Sorry for deleting that post about babysitting. I decided it wasn't needed before you posted that. I guess I can do a small recap.

Cass might not want to stay with Elizabeth if she considers it babysitting and if we don't bring Raphael for this meeting he might feel left out because we didn't bring him for anything mission related for this trip.
No. 453745 ID: 1987d1

Eh, whatevs. It's cool.

Well, actually, this does kind of bring up an interesting point. How does Cass actually feel about Elizabeth? They're the only two party members we haven't seen interact yet. Raphael seems cool with her (and more than happy to play with her), but I'm kind of wonder how Cass has reacted to your adopting the space cadet.
No. 453746 ID: a407a5
File 134741610408.jpg - (37.58KB , 590x350 , danceparty.jpg )

Raphael it is. Let's do this thing. You leave Cass with Elizabeth, fairly confident that Cass won't murder the girl tonight, and you head to the club, making sure to grab that card the one girl gave you on your way out. The minute you hit the streets, you're met with a dazzling light show. You blink in surprise, and stare at it a few minutes before looking for the source. Breakers? Not too strong either. Why make a light show? You don't see getting anything useful out of it. As you head to the club, you catch sight of other groups of breakers, performing various acts using their abilities. It seems a little... weird.

Still, you make it to the club without incident and enter after flashing that card to find a room filled with people, lights flashing and music blasting. To even try to talk to someone requires you to practically shout into their ear. Almost as if to demonstrate, Raphael leans down to talk to you.

"Hey! You now where we're supposed to be meeting these people!?"


"Might as well taker a look around then! Buzz me if you find em!"

Raphael taps his ear-piece before disappearing into the crowd around you. You find yourself glancing around, looking for a group that might be in charge or something. Eventually though, you catch numbers. Two of them. One is hanging around up in what looks like a VIP lounge area, a bored looking guy by the looks of it. The other is bobbing up and down on the dance floor, but you can't really see who it is because of the constantly moving mass that is the people.

>>>Input Command
No. 453754 ID: f6cff9

They may not let us into the VIP area so if they don't let us in and we can't convince them then just keep following the number in the dance floor like a dumb puppy. Hopefully we can talk to these people who only gave us some dumb card. To be clear I want to try the VIP lounge area first.
No. 453761 ID: 1987d1

>fairly confident that Cass won't murder the girl tonight
Oh come on, that's not fair to Cass. Even if it turns out the girl drives her absolutely crazy, she's not about to let you down. Girl's got an insane madwoman and several feet of screaming steel between her and any danger. She'll be fine.

>Wasting BP on lights show
...you'd really thin there'd be cheaper ways to do that. Use breaking to get power, influence, and control. Leave the lights up to your electricity bill.

>Who talk?
Try the VIP.
No. 453763 ID: 4a328b

Just walk into the VIP lounge like you own the place. That should work, right?
No. 453774 ID: a407a5
File 134741960074.gif - (48.73KB , 200x309 , T1289306698608a1be5d4ca481e754a1679e30eaaac3e.gif )

You make your way through the crowds toward the VIP lounge area, which takes you upwards of ten minutes, thanks to the sheer number of people you have to weave your way through, but you do eventually make it to the access door, only to get stopped by some guard.

"Hey. Only the VIP's in here. An you ain't a VIP."

"Why don't you kindly step aside."

"How about no. Who the hell do you think you are? Get lost before I-"

"Oh, just let her in, Bart. She's someone we've been expecting."

The voice drifts down from upstairs, and "Bart" kindly steps aside, although he doesn't look too happy about it. You ascend to the floor above, and find what looks like a butler standing there. A number clearly floats next to him, an 18, but you're quickly distracted as he bows to you. He soon straightens himself and regards you with disinterest.

"I apologize. It is necessary to use such people to keep the rabble away from my master's sanctuary. We were informed of your coming, however. Please, give my master a few minutes to arrive. In the meantime, may I get you something to drink? To eat? Please, have seat."

You walk over to the offered chair slowly, and equally slowly sit down. The butler disappears, a few minutes later appearing again to place a tray down on the table in front of you, carrying tea and small snack foods. You eat a little, and drink, mostly to not appear rude or spiteful, until the door behind you bursts open again and you hear what sounds like the most obnoxious person you've ever met enter the room.

"YO! How's it hangin Al? You would not believe the crowds we're bringin in! Can you believe it? Ever since that Winter chick showed up, bam! We're the place to be! Greatest DJ in Sun City, you can ask half the papers! And the cash, whoo! The CASH-"

The man comes around, and his choice in clothing could only be described as unnecessarily expensive. He takes the longest possible path, going on and on about this and that, mostly things concerning himself and eventually he makes it to his chair and slides into it. He grabs something off the tray and takes a bite out of it, then turns his attention to you finally.

"Ah! Who's this?"

"The visitor we were expecting, Master."

"Oh? Oh! Yeah, I heard about you! Heard you were dealin with our uninvited guests out on the beach. How'd that go? Give you any trouble?"

You really just want to slug him in the face.

>>>Input Command
No. 453779 ID: 4a328b

No trouble. It was novel really, resolving territory disputes without even having to draw a weapon. It seems people aren't as trigger-happy here as back east--it's nice.

Keep your cool, Linda. You can punch his face in AFTER you do the diplomacy. Also let Raph know you found 'em if you can do it discreetly.
No. 453785 ID: 1987d1

>any trouble?
None whatsoever.

>You really just want to slug him in the face.
Welp, good thing we didn't bring Cass.

Alright, first impressions, not so great. These guys clearly look down on their normal employees, and the 'master' here appears to be a shlub (is he even a breaker? We either failed or notice his number, or he's another prick who likes to hide it). Still, we're here for diplomacy. To expand our influences. Not to necessarily make friends. This is business, Linda.

Also, we don't know that this guy is necessarily in charge of everything yet. Just that the butler works for him. Let's get him talking, see what we can find out.
No. 453790 ID: f6cff9

I had to delete my post after I reread >>453774

I think my mind couldn't handle the fact this guy was the "Master". Anyways call Raphael
No. 453843 ID: 6cc859

Definitely shouldn't leave Raphael hanging, and negotiations will go better if you aren't alone. Call him over before you get into it.
No. 454014 ID: a407a5
File 134749559955.jpg - (402.97KB , 1024x768 , 22043-anime-paradise-white-hair-anime-girl.jpg )

You blink in surprise, and suddenly realize that you'd forgotten the number. You check for it, eyes narrowing to try to make something out, and eventually see it. A 5. A fucking 5. This guy is weak as shit. Why the hell are we allying with this bastard?

Still, you're here for diplomacy, not kicking his ass(normal or not) and you swear you're going to make damn sure you keep to diplomacy. At least until you decide this isn't worth it, or something along those lines.

"No. No problems. A bit of a novelty really, not having to draw a weapon to resolve a conflict. It seems people are so trigger-happy around here as they are back east."

"Haha! Yeah! I've heard some of the stories. Real gruesome stuff. Almost something you never want to talk about again. Hey! We're supposed to be allying with you guys, or something, right? Joining up with you, making a base, takin stuff over, all that jazz? Much as I'd love to, I really can't stand sitting around for hours on end talking about this and that and whatever. Why don't we just skip all the talking, and get straight to the part where you and I end up in bed together naked?"

That's it. You're going to kill him. You are going to shoot him so many god-damned times that he's going to wish you'd kill hi-


Everyone in the club turns their attention to the DJ's booth, and then there she is. That girl you met earlier. She's got headphones one, her hair is somehow glittering and almost white, and the minute she touches all that machinery, music pours out of the speakers like liquid joy, setting everyone off into bouncing music and shouts as the beat hits. Even you find yourself tapping your foot to the rhythm as the music fills you with this pleasant feeling, almost like that pleasant warm feeling you get when you drink alcohol. Still, as mesmerizing as the woman and her music is, you have work to do. You drag your attention away and back onto this "master" kid, but he's not paying any attention to you at all.

"And there she is! Our money maker, eh Al? Swear, wish we'd found her sooner. Still, I think she hates my guts. Won't stop me from trying every single night though. One of these days I'll bed her. Ah! Which reminds me. We were talking about letting YOU see my bedroom, yeah?"

And pleasant feeling gone.

>>>Input Command
No. 454016 ID: 886a4d

No we aren't. The way I see it is you are nothing more then a loud mouth with lots of money. And in our .... business? Money is easy. If I'm going to talk to anyone about allying with it'd be her.
No. 454017 ID: 4a328b

Just start laughing. "The only physical contact you'll be getting from me is a punch in the face if you suggest I sleep with you again. Go on, do it, I dare ya."
No. 454022 ID: 1987d1

>A fucking 5. This guy is weak as shit.
...well, that or he's not and has just blown most of his load for the day. Can't be sure.

>fucking kill him
You've been hanging out with Cass too long. You can blow off a prick coming on to you without resorting to murder.

Alright, I think it's time for a change of plans here. These guys are weak sauce. The bard girl is clearly their best asset for controlling the social scene here. As leadership, this guy is pathetic (or is doing a very good job of putting up a front to make you underestimate him). We either just supplant him and take over his organization, or we just recruit her and leave them in the lurch.

Time to get hard. No more nice-nice. (But keep it professional-cruel, don't give into rage. You want to be the strong one here).

>bedroom, yeah?
(Well, we could go his bedroom, murder him for his piece of shit foci...)
No. That won't be happening.

I'm here to discuss business. Although I'm rapidly becoming disinterested in what you have to offer. You obviously stand to gain from an arrangement from us, if you don't have the muscle to keep the chumps I faced today off your turf. What I don't see is what you have to offer us (aside from leering come ons, which I can acquire just fine anywhere, thank you). Do you have a single asset worth mentioning aside from her? Because so far, I'm not impressed.

If he doesn't drop the act and reveal some competence, walk off. Find Music, and talk to her. Why the hell does she work for this loser? Maybe we can scalp her.

(...no, scalp is for tickets. What's the word for when you're stealing players?)
No. 454026 ID: 4a328b

Maybe "seduce" is the word we're looking for, when it comes to stealing talent away
No. 454027 ID: 886a4d

Isn't it something like a headhunter?
No. 454028 ID: 917dcc

So glad we didn't bring Cass, he would have died two post back. Lol
No. 454030 ID: 1987d1

We're trying to get her to defect. There, that works. Although I still get the feeling there's a synonym I wanted to use I'm forgetting.
No. 454051 ID: a407a5
File 134750185467.jpg - (75.18KB , 750x517 , Hazama_full_1181982.jpg )

"No. That won't be happening.

I'm here to discuss business. Although I'm rapidly becoming disinterested in what you have to offer, since it seems to be little more than a loudmouth and a lot of money, and let's face it, money is easy to come by in our... business. You obviously stand to gain from an arrangement from us, if you don't have the muscle to keep the chumps I faced today off your turf. What I don't see is what you have to offer us (aside from leering come ons, which I can acquire just fine anywhere, thank you). Do you have a single asset worth mentioning aside from her? Because so far, I'm not impressed."

The man laughs a little to himself, then spins in his chair. "Hey, Jake, I think they figured it out. No point in continuing with this, right? So, you mind if I go an-"

The man's head suddenly explodes as the "butler" snaps his arm out, an object launching from his hand too fast for you to catch. Whatever it is, the butler catches it in his hand and slips it away again, before walking over to the chair and kicking the corpse out of the chair and onto the floor.

"Insignificant insects shouldn't pretend they have any power."

The man who you were speaking with before regains life and sits up, looking confused. Then his head explodes again, only this time you catch what it is after the other man catches it again. It looks like a rubber ball. A tiny, rubber ball.

"Insects deserve to be stamped out without mercy."

The man wakes up again, this time spinning around onto his back. "Jake. Jake, please. I... I didn't... I wouldn't... I..."

"Don't play with me, Carson. You ever use my name like that again, I WILL kill you. I will not make it quick. Do we have an understanding?"

"Yeah. Yeah!"

"Beat it."

Carson takes off, exiting the door faster than you've ever seen anyone exit a door. The butler, er, Jake, snaps his fingers as he returns to his seat, his clothing taking on a 1940's feel. Reminds you a bit of the man you met in your dreams. That man seemed bored though. This one just seems dangerous. He makes it to the now vacant seat and places himself in it, hands coming together to form a steeple as he regards you with more interest than he showed as a butler. He smiles gently, but unlike the friendly smile you get from Conner, this one just feels like he's getting ready to eat you. And like there's... someone else with him... behind him.

"I apologize for the... misdirection(I could give a fuck if you hate me right now). I can't afford to have certain... individuals... track me down(If you were an enemy, I'd have ripped out your spleen). Particularly those from back east(Especially cause you're from home). Thankfully, you seem to be legitimate(You aren't someone I dislike). Or at least, not here for my head(Try it, and I'll impale you through the ass). I doubt we have much to discuss, as you've clearly shown you're capable, and I've just shown I have no qualms matching you easterners blow for blow(Don't fuck with me, woman). Now then, shall we get to the details(You ready to get screwed over)? Or would you prefer to ask me some questions(Or are you gonna put off the inevitable)?"

... What?

>>>Input Command
No. 454057 ID: 886a4d

Hmmm, if I'd have to guess hes got an avatar type hidden away along with that ping-pong ball. Looks like he put most of his stats into finesse \ strength instead of spirit and BP as well.

Smile at this very dangerous man and lets get down to business. Put your accountant cap on Linda its another business meeting. Work, Work Work. What does he expect from us? Tell him what you expect from those going to work with you. And lets see if we can.... compromise where the two don't mesh.
No. 454059 ID: 4a328b

Accounting day-job will sure come in handy here, yup. Even if you're not working with MONETARY assets, it's the same deal. You gotta assess the value of what he's offering, see what he asks for, and get your patron the best deal you can--and if this guy won't budge on a price that's more trouble than it's worth, we walk away.

We don't even strictly NEED raph here for this part, but since this guy's ALSO from the east, a gathering of muscle might improve our position. So give Raph a choice. We can be like "Dancing's over up here, so you can join us or keep dancing down there, your choice." to him.
No. 454062 ID: 4a328b

Also we understand the caution, but to our knowledge the objective's a safe-haven, so he doesn't really NEED to demonstrate any combat skills to us--But we should get to know how he operates down here before committing to graciously allowing him to join our group.

And for the record, killing his own allies ain't gettin' him off to the best start, there.
No. 454072 ID: a407a5

"Um... well then... did you really need to kill that guy at all? It seemed a bit... excessive."

"Worthless people are worthless people. He'll be fine in a few hours anyway... unless he annoys me further. Then I might decide he outlived any usefulness he might have had. Next question."

"Well then... what do you have to off-"

"Do excuse my interruption(You're getting annoying). You're asking questions you already know the answers to(Shut up). Your boss, Marc Conner, contacted ME(Useless sack of shit). I may be weaker than him, but he respects me enough to deal with me as an equal(He treats me like I'll just do whatever you want). You've proven your worth to me, and while I don't relish the idea of easterners come into the city, I understand what's going on better than you do(This is MY town, you fucking bitch, and I refuse to just let you take it from me). Now then, I'll say this upfront(Stop wasting my time). You will temporarily be allowed to reside in a safe location while you conduct your business(Be grateful, insect). I will vouch for you among the rest of the breakers here, and keep the few fixers that are present out of your way(At least an excuse to kill some enemies). In exchange, you will do the occasional odd job, help me in some of my... endeavors... and keep someone of my choosing with you at all times as an observer(You'll be doing the dirty work, along with giving me the chance to get rid of someone I don't like). I believe you've already met Cally, and since she seems to have an interest in you, I'll leave her with you(Maybe the useless whore will finally get herself killed). Anything to debate(There is no room for negotiation)?"

His smile never falters the entire time, but you get the feeling that he doesn't think much of you at all. And you finally figured out something. It's like he's saying two things at once. He says one thing, then something else echoes back with words that are a lot more... harsh. You find yourself only really able to gape in astonishment as you process everything he just said.

>>>Input Command
No. 454077 ID: f6cff9

It just means the second part of what he saying is what he is really thinking. He may not act on it but it's how he feels. This dude may become a problem later but we already knew that when he attack his own comrade/minion. No matter how annoying the guy was, that was excessive. Just accept the deal because we won't get anything better unless we are willing to throwdown right now. Of course fighting right now is a bad idea since we don't have a really idea how strong he is.
No. 454078 ID: 4a328b

Hmmmm...How about 'Fuck no.' We're already putting up with Daniels, but there's no way in hell we're gonna work with someone like this guy. He seems to have a rather high opinion of himself, but we don't share it, and his terms are unacceptable.

Tell him it was nice meeting him, and we will certainly contemplate his terms (he can go screw himself)

No. 454080 ID: 100061

check his number, he's powerful but knowing just how strong he is would be useful.
No. 454081 ID: f6cff9

Fine go for that as long we don't fight right now.
No. 454082 ID: 886a4d

Hes at 18 or 17 if he summoned that rubber ball though I doubt it. Talk about an easy to conceal weapon.

I don't like him much and if possible I'd love to swipe Music out from under him. Which might be possible if he treats his employees like that.
No. 454090 ID: 4a328b

We should get back to those guys we scared off the beach and tell them that after actually meeting the guy we decided Jake could go fornicate with himself--Apologize and say they should consider the beach open for business :B
No. 454091 ID: f6cff9

So he either has 18 or 17 break points but we don't know his real limit here. Let's just hope it's not too high.
No. 454092 ID: 4a328b

Well, our boss acted like he would do whatever we said, so I'ma guess he thought we could take him on.
No. 454093 ID: 100061

ask him how dangerous the jobs he would be having us do are, we are only willing to risk our lives so much for a safe heaven.
No. 454095 ID: 4a328b

It's not even about how safe or dangerous jobs would be---I flat out REFUSE to acknowledge this guy as having any authority over us, including the ability to ask us to do jobs. He's scum.
No. 454096 ID: f6cff9

Might as well do that.
No. 454097 ID: 1987d1

Well, I was right about the fat man being a test, at least.

This guy fits the bill for what would be the logical power structure here. The ruthless land baron with actual power backing up the fru-fru performance system. Slightly more ruthless than what I was advocating we do, but still fits the bill just fine.

The deal he's offering is pretty straightforward. We get access to his connections and local intel in exchange for odd jobs (muscle). It's what we expected, it's what Conner wanted. The only issue is we're allying ourselves with the local jerk, when we'd prefer to build a nicer power base (his philosophy is rather different- he treats his people like shit and rules by fear and power. Rather different than our own of pragmatic cooperation, survival, and protection).

Of course, the alternative is to go to war with the local jerk, which we can't afford to do right now. The best thing to do is to take his deal. We can use our discretion to blunt his cruelty on our missions, and to subvert Cally for our own purposes. Ultimately, we want to build our own power structure under or parallel to his own, and eventually break away or supplant him. 'Cause he's a jerk.

Outright refusal just makes us an enemy, traps Cally under him, and gets us in trouble with Daniels. We're better to bide our hand for now.

Your terms are acceptable- for now. I don't see we have much more to discuss.
No. 454099 ID: 4a328b

Also he's proposing a TEMPORARY safe place in exchange for being his lackey--we aren't here on vacation, we're here to set up a base. We need to establish a PERMANENT safe zone with recruits UNDER our authority--this is simply not what we are looking for.
No. 454100 ID: 886a4d

Basically our job here is two fold, establish a permenant base and recruit enough people to become the new power in the area.

THen take down this scumbag at our leasure.
No. 454102 ID: 1987d1

We do that at the same time. We use the resources and location he gives us to buy us the time and space to set up our own power structures (base, allies, connections, etc) for when we break with him.

This is a temporary arrangement. We're using him (and he's using us). And then later we're gonna run him out of business. Make this our town.

...of course, he's planning to kick us out on our ass when he's done using us as well. It's gonna be a game of who gets who first, and who plays better.
No. 454104 ID: 4a328b

This scumbag is at our power level or a little less. Just because he ACTS like he's in charge doesn't mean he is or that we should treat him as though he is.

No. 454106 ID: 4a328b

I mean really, do we plan to roll over and take it from every little shit who thinks they are worthy of ruling the world?

That's asinine and weak. There are some fights it's ABSOLUTELY worth starting.
No. 454107 ID: f6cff9

Who CARES at all. We could just accept the deal right now then announce THE DEAL HAS CHANGE and start wrecking his shit. Let him get cocky.
No. 454109 ID: 4a328b

Taking the deal without any intention of honouring it whatsoever?

More than a little underhanded, but it lets us talk with Music gal without having to actually work with this jerk or fight our way out of here.

Just be sure our buddies know it's not for srs.

Also it could hurt our rep. with other groups in the area, but oh well.

I guess I can get behind this compromise--so long as we absolutely do no jobs for him ever. EVER.
No. 454111 ID: 1987d1

As a breaker, yes, he's only about as strong as us (maybe). But we're in his base right now, and alone with only 1 person for backup. A fight is not smart at this moment.

He currently has more allies and resources than we do in this area. But we work for him, we can make off with his connections, and recruit his allies from his 'care'. He's giving us the golden opportunity to steal his organization out from under his feet! Masterful diplomacy overthrowing a tyrant. Not everything has to come down to an automatic fight, guys.

Also, we make an enemy of him right now, and we're going to have trouble with Daniels, and the Boss. We'd be deviating from their plans. Those are battles I don't want to fight, yet.

>so long as we absolutely do no jobs for him ever. EVER.
The advantage of doing jobs for him is we don't have to do them the way he wants them done. He thinks he's getting a hit squad, but we don't have to work as one. We can subvert his missions, recruit his enemies into our own power structure when we're sent after them.
No. 454112 ID: 4a328b

Ok, if you have intentions of ACTUALLY doing his jobs I think the better plan is still to just tell him we'll think about it and leave for now

Not actually commiting, and not picking a fight either.

Because AGREEING and GOING ALONG with this I absolutely do not think is a good idea.
No. 454115 ID: 4a328b

And if Daniels and Boss ACTUALLY want this guy we're going to have to have words with them on it--and they can do the diplomacy themselves. :I

You can make the argument that you're trying to make for THIS guy for them, after all. We're trying to influence what ever it is they want to do in a good direction--such as NOT working with this absolute cretin.

And if we talk to them and they DO have a convincing reason to work with this specific guy instead of sniping him from a distance, THEN we can come back and think about accepting his absurd deals with the intention to steer things how we want.

This is just our first meeting with him, after all--it doesn't have to get done all at once.
No. 454116 ID: 886a4d

The thing is he DOES have delusions of granduer, and we can use that. Making him an enemy against our bosses wishes right off the bat isn't the best idea but if we come up with a plan to steal... everything from him and bring it up with Marc and even Daniels will probably agree. Patience and cunning is always a better path then rash violence and hasty words.
No. 454117 ID: 1987d1

Marc claims to be the more moral idealist (if he isn't secretly super-evil), but Daniels seems to be basically an assassin. He'll probably love this plan. Fastest route to power is always to just replace the existing guy.
No. 454118 ID: 4a328b

Patience, cunning, and wisdom.

Like WAITING to accept a deal, perhaps by CONVINCING him you have to discuss it with /your/ higher ups, instead agreeing to something that is, frankly, AGAINST our interests AND our bosses interests.
No. 454119 ID: 886a4d

We accept his jobs, do them our way, recruitment instead of killing them, convincing them to work for us instead of leaning on them to leave etc. etc.
No. 454120 ID: 1987d1

He's already been in contact with Conners, and we were explicitly sent to discuss terms with this group. We look weak, and idiotic, if we try to pretend we're just a messenger.
No. 454122 ID: 4a328b

Better to LOOK weak and idiotic than to actually BE weak and idiotic. Besides, I'm pretty sure he already thinks we are, quote, "insects"

There's no sense in worrying about lowering his opinion of us when a)it's already rock bottom b)we shouldn't really care what this guy thinks of us, because we don't think much of him.

But if you REALLY don't want to look weak, then put up a fight and make a damn counteroffer instead of accepting his horrible, horrible terms.

Safe zone is well and good, but we need to make it clear that we will NOT be doing jobs for him, or at least that we reserve the right to refuse them. [He's not our damn boss, you guys.] Him sending someone to observe us is fine. Things like that.

Come on, if you're going to accept some kind of deal, at least argue the terms of it.
No. 454123 ID: 1987d1

>No jobs
...so you expect him to house and harbor an outside military force on his turf for free? That's never how it works. Even if the people involved aren't pricks.

Muscle is all we have to offer. We don't have a counteroffer to make!

This isn't a "horrible horrible" offer. It's the standard "welcome to Rome, barbarians. I expect you to fight for me", deal. (Until the barbarians get too strong of course... then Rome burns).
No. 454124 ID: 4a328b

It's not "for free", we're setting up camp and letting him know what we're up to--we don't OWE him anything. We might take on some jobs, but, frankly, we ain't his damn mercenary force. We /are/ a rival breaker gang and we /do/ intend to take over--we're just being nice about it. He does not intend to be nice, fine. Let him make a counter-offer. Don't just give in to his first demand.
No. 454125 ID: 4a328b

Also I am kind of getting sick of debating this beyond saying that my first instinct is to just walk away, and I'm not going to budge from thinking accepting this offer as-is is terrible. At this point I'm sick of arguing and would rather just see what the author decides to do, but that's my opinion, and you can expect it to not change no matter how long we keep talking about the details.
No. 454128 ID: 8042f4

I'm for sneaking this guy's people out from under him, and to do this we would have to do some jobs for him.(completed our way, but still completed) Fighting and (if we're successful) killing a man less than 5 minutes after meeting him will not look good to outsiders. The people working under him may think that the ass deserved what he got, but they won't follow us unless we can prove to be a better leader than him, and to do that we have to meet with them on equal ground and work with them on a bit of a shared goal.(the mission)
No. 454130 ID: 82cb9a

I agree with this post. We want to establish a base here, here offers a fast and easy way to do that in exchange for work. Anything from stealing his employees to killing the whole bunch we can do later.

The only thing I think should be changed is the ambiguity of what exactly he wants us to do. There should at least be some rule like "No suicide missions" or "no mission that will royally fuck us over in the foreseeable future"
No. 454206 ID: a407a5

Your mind is a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings on the matter, but eventually you come down to something. The Boss and Daniels wanted to talk to this guy, wanted his help. You should at least put in some effort to doing it. But... that doesn't mean you just have to take all of it at face value. You'll do his damn jobs, maybe you won't like it, but then... he might not like the outcome either. You've never been one to kill without looking for the alternative. Well, except for spiders. Creepy little bastards.

"I'll agree, one one condition. These jobs of yours, I'm not dragging myself or my companions into a any suicide missions. Everything else is... fine."

Jake's smile widens ever so slightly, then he stand and walks over to you, hand extended. You take it with quite a bit of hesitation, and as you shake he leans forward to look you in the eye.

"Agreed(Hehe...).Welcome to the group(Meatbag). Now go hang out in the club while I get everything taken care of for your basecamp(Leave me alone, insect, I have things to do)."

Minutes later, you're back in the main area of the club, sitting with Raphael at a table and debating heavily whether or not you should get smashed. The idea quickly leaves your head, however, when you feel a pair of arms wrap around your neck and a familiar voice in your ear.

"Hey, beautiful, glad you could make it. I hear I'm dancing on your floor now, so it's a pleasure... Who's he?" Her voice, originally flirty and joyful, switches to one of dislike and vague hostility upon spotting Raphael with you. Her arms tighten around your neck a little as Raphael smiles at her and waves a little, but she just glares.

"Raphael. A friend."

"Hm. Sure... still, it would have been better if you'd brought that other hottie. But you're the one I like most. I don't think I ever caught your name... I'm Cally by the way. Cally Brooks. Winter, when I'm working, but eh... man, this guy's getting in the way. Let's say you and me go hit the dance floor, beautiful."

>>>Input Command
No. 454209 ID: 886a4d

Introduce yourself, and sure go dance. Have a few drinks though not enough to get drunk. Might get the taste of dealing with that scum outta your mouth. Chat with her, get a feel on why she is working for a man like that one.

Looks like this one is a hardcore lesbian.
No. 454211 ID: 1987d1

>Sitting with Raphael
I'm going to assume this means we filled him in?

>Get smashed
Generally a bad idea here. We don't really trust the guy we agreed to work with, it's a bad idea to allow ourselves that level of vulnerability in a place he controls.

Linda. And you're better off Cass didn't come, she would not have had the patience for your friends' bullshit.

Give Raph an apologetic glance (we can talk to him later), and go with her. Dancing will be fun, and we do want to pump her for information.
No. 454251 ID: 4a328b

Or your bosses' bullshit.
No. 454253 ID: 1987d1

Yeah, I'm fine with that wording if you prefer.

Besides her allies / employers, the other thing we want to find out about is her. Music based powers, huh? That's a new one. (Totally a bard).
No. 454285 ID: a407a5

"Linda. And you're better off Cass didn't come, she would not have had the patience for your boss' bullshit."

You let yourself get dragged off, although instead of the dance floor, you find yourself on a raised platform with a table, where a couple of guards keep people from getting up. Cally sits you down, then sits down next to you, getting a little closer than is strictly necessary for any sort of conversation. She orders you both a couple of drinks, nothing really all that strong, then rests her head in her hands in such a way as to stare at your face.

"The boss? He's alright, as long as you don't mind his constant come ons. He's mostly just annoying, but he lets me make my music, so I'm fine with him. Still, Jake really isn't my thing. I'm more into... people like you. But enough talk about work, and all that other stuffy ballroom dancing. Tell me about yourself, beautiful~"

Cally leans ever so slightly forward, giving you a good view of her rather large chest, and she lays one of her hands on your thigh suggestively. Her eyes are fixed on your face, and she smiles flirtatiously at you every time your eyes drift down just a little bit. This girl isn't shy at all, which is a little off putting, as you've become used to Cass and her stand-offish attitude, always getting embarrassed about the most random of things.

>>>Input Command
No. 454289 ID: 886a4d

Oh thats hilarious. He doesn't just hide from us he hides from his own people. My bet is he deliberately seeks out people without break sight or spirit sight.

Tell her a bit about yourself. Before you became a breaker you were fairly boring, an accountant who doesn't get out all that much. You had a pretty wild ride in college though. In turn ask how she got into music, who pointed her in Jakes direction etc.
No. 454292 ID: 1987d1

Wait, is she being consistent? She sounds like she's talking about Carson, but she said Jake. Either way, if two-face is using fatty as a front even among his own people, that's going to make toppling him harder. We've got no animosity or dislike to work with. Everyone tolerates the harmless shlub they think is in charge.

Although... I suppose we can still swing it? People might not have as much reason to defect if they don't know they're running from a tyrant, but they won't be afraid of abandoning the pathetic fat man they think they're working for. So I guess it's a wash? (The security people at least probably know who they really work for. Jake's got to have some of his own muscle, even if he needs more for errands). Although, I suppose using a front has the pleasant side effect that he's protected most of his own people from his own nastiness and cruelty. Kind of a point in his favor.

Well, it's nice to see someone interested in you who's actually willing to say how they feel, I suppose. (Cass dun remember, and we can't be sure about, and Raph's been dancing around asking you out without actually making a move). And who's actually worth considering (unlike Mike, Carson, the gang, etc). Might as well go along with it, have a little fun. Enjoy the flirtation.

Be aware that she may be playing you (she might know who her real boss is, or be more loyal than she lets on. Working you for information, etc.), and we plan on setting up or moving into our new HQ tonight. So actually getting into bed with her isn't such a great idea. (At least yet).

Go ahead, tell her about yourself. See what you can get her to say in return. We're interested in how this music magic thing works, if you can swing the topic that way.

Don't get drunk, of course. Feel free to lean on your high tolerance, if you want, though.
No. 454294 ID: b2d67c

Oh wow that's kinda funny. She gonna find out anyways when we tell the team what happened here because she is observing us. I agree with >>454289

(It's a pain to type on a phone.
No. 454306 ID: 4a328b

Yeah, all good points.

Avoid getting drunk, spilling company secrets/personal weaknesses, trusting too much, taking her back to base--all that jazz.

You could probably still sleep with her tonight if you're so inclined, but go to her place--she's more set up than you anyway :P
No. 454621 ID: a407a5

You spend a little time going over some basic things about yourself, trying to be careful to avoid any sensitive topics and only sipping at your drink. Getting drunk would not be a good idea right now. Still, talking with Cally helps you relax quite a bit, and you find yourself sharing a few stories you probably wouldn't have shared with others. Mostly just drunken exploits, but still. Eventually, however, you start to maneuver the story to where you want it to be. Namely, about Cally and her crew.

"Music? Oh, my music. I don't know, I've just always been really good at making music. Call it a natural gift if you want. I love music and dancing and stuff to, so it just turned out to be a good thing. I couldn't really make a lot of money off of it at first, because I didn't have any sponsorship, but then Jake came and found me, and he's funded me and let me play here at his club. I've been pretty popular since."

"Seems like it... your music... is that your weapon to?"

"Weap- Oh! No. Got nothing really to do with music. Tell you what, three guesses as to what my weapon is. If you get it right, I'll give you a reward. Three hints. Doesn't have anything to do with music, per say. Got nothing to do with ice either, in case you were thinking that. And... well, I guess it kinda makes me look like I'm dancing when I'm fighting with it. Come then, let's hear your guesses."

>>>Input Command
No. 454625 ID: 4a328b

Probably not something like a gun, then. A chain weapon might require some dancy moves--sword might also fit, if it's a showier sort, like a rapier.

Assuming it's a weapon weapon and not a form or avatar type, anyway. I'll guess a morning star.
No. 454626 ID: 886a4d

Probably a dual blade or chain weapon of some sort.
No. 454636 ID: 1987d1

Okay, so she is a weapon type then?

Damn. Went over all the reference pictures and descriptions of her, and I'm not seeing anything that helps, unless her headphones are her focus.

If she looks like she's dancing when she uses it, that probably means melee, not ranged. Also likely slants her towards finesse, rather than strength or will.

>not music per se
That means it's something sorta related to music, but she's not an outright bard.

>morning star
That's a smashy weapon, not a dexterous one!

>when I'm fighting with it
"It" is singular, so that rules out dual blades.

I'm kind of leaning towards some kind of cord/chain/wire weapon. Fighting with something like that would be a lot of dancing around. And if she's fighting with a cord or wire based thing, that could be something to do with music equipment, without it being her weapon per se.
No. 454640 ID: 4a328b

It's a ball on a chain, you gotta swing it.

If you can think of another example of a chain weapon off the top of your head go for it--the only other one I'm coming up with is nunchucks--which is even less dancy to use, in practice.
No. 454644 ID: 1e72ae

A fan made of blades?
No. 454646 ID: 1987d1

...forgot those come with a chain, actually.
godsdamn perpetual morningstar / mace / flail confusion.

>If you can think of another example of a chain weapon off the top of your head go for it--the only other one I'm coming up with is nunchucks--which is even less dancy to use, in practice.
Lots of things! You're just limiting yourself to relatively short chains.

There's an actual ninja chain weapon- a several foot length of chain with a stabbing or slashing piece at one end, and a weight at the other. Or some be some kind of whip, or monofiliment based weapon. Hell, she could be fighting with just wire, or extendable headphones cords.

Problem is even if we narrow down her style (melee, dexterous, dancing), or guess the type there's still a lot of conventional weapons that would fit. And more unconventional ones, since we have breaking to consider.
No. 454711 ID: 466404


"Haha! No. That's not it. I don't even need a morning star is. That some sort of medieval thing, right? Well, I don't think that was really the right sort of hints... try thinking rave or techno dancing. That might help. My weapon is taken from that. Of course, that's mostly cause I like that kind of thing, nice and bouncy kinda music. Energetic... hey, let's go dancing! You got two more tries, so just keep thinking while we're dancing!"

You find yourself get dragged onto the dance floor, and spend a good thirty minutes bouncing to the music and getting rubbed up against by Cally. She barely leaves you alone, and makes sure not to loose you in the crowd of people. On the few occasions you do get separated, Cally finds you within minutes, laughing while she makes sure you're still fine.
No. 454713 ID: 579bbb

Glow sticks? On a string maybe?
No. 454715 ID: 1987d1

I'm kind of thinking actual threads of light. How discrete do weapon forms have to be?
No. 454723 ID: 4a328b

Gonna second guessing glowsticks.
No. 454726 ID: c28302

Poi? Probably not, but it came to mind with the first set of hints and the combination of "energetic"/"got nothing to do with ice" just makes me think of fire...
No. 454729 ID: 1e72ae

It is a set of tonfas?
No. 454731 ID: 1987d1

Doubtful, that's what the schoolboy (Kent) back at the hotel had. Seems unlikely we'd get repeat weapons between people we know so soon. Also, nothing to do with raves or techno.
No. 454732 ID: f6cff9

Who knows man. It could also be fire devil sticks for all we know.
No. 454733 ID: 4a328b

My first thought was "ribbon dancing ribbon" but that seemed dubious to me
No. 454734 ID: 886a4d

Glow sticks don't really strike me as a weapon. Hell if I know what else though.
No. 454735 ID: 466404

>Glowsticks on Strings

"That's it! Sorta... well, the same idea anyway. It's... I don't know. They used to be little metal things instead of glow-sticks, kinda weak, but then I talked to some guy and he made them something else. I can't really explain it very well. He used a lot of words I don't know. Anyway, time for your reward."

Right there, in the middle of the dance floor, Cally wraps her arms around your neck and pulls you down slightly, planting her lips against yours. You go into a slight shocked state, eyes a little wide, while Cally deepens your kiss and starts shoving her tongue down your throat. You almost start to get into it yourself, right up until you suddenly feel yourself get grabbed by the arm and dragged away a little.

"Sorry to uh... to interrupt, but Chainsaw called. Said Elizabeth was going through some weird... thing. She doesn't know what to do, so we need to go. Like... now I guess."

Raphael doesn't actually look all that apologetic about interrupting you, but he does seem a little uncertain about being near Cally, who's glaring knives at him. You're pretty sure Cally would be strangling him if he wasn't a friend of yours. Still, you excuse yourself from Cally's presence and start to weave your way through the crowds, Raphael following behind, when you suddenly find Cally in your path again, grabbing hold of your arm to prevent you from leaving.

"I don't know who this Elizabeth is, but I'm sure Raphael can handle whatever is going on. Come on, stick with me for awhile longer."

>>>Input Command
No. 454736 ID: f6cff9

No he really can't handle her at all because I'm the only one who can.

We gotta go now. We can talk to her later.
No. 454737 ID: 886a4d

Sorry Cally, duty calls. Give her a smile and blow a kiss. Then lets go.
No. 454739 ID: 4a328b

Foster daughter--it's kinda my responsibility to see what's up! Been nice, see ya later
No. 454741 ID: 1987d1

>She had her weapon customized.
Heyo! Lead on the guy we're looking for. We'll have to follow up on that later.

>Stay with me!
Sorry. She's just a kid, and my responsibility. That comes before fun. We'll talk later.
No. 454749 ID: f6cff9

well 17 yeah old isn't a kid but she is a child-like teenager so close enough. All we really need to do is just mention we have a daughter if she tries to keep us here. Nothing kills the mood like knowing the chick you are making out with has a son/daughter.
No. 454750 ID: 1987d1

Aw c'mon! Kids are a total chick magnet! They dig responsibility, amirite?~

...yeah, I somehow doubt Cally gives a damn about personal responsibility. Still, I suppose she eventually had to learn we're more than just the cute new girl who either has a gun in her pocket or is happy to see her.

Thanks for grabbing me. Let's go. (...are we gonna have an awkward conversation on the ride back, I wonder? We'll have to see if he makes an issue our of her).
No. 454752 ID: 466404

"Sorry. She's my responsibility. I'll catch you later, Cally."

You blow her a kiss and disengage yourself from the other the woman, leading the way out. The car ride is mostly silent, you out of concern for Elizabeth, and Raphael because he seems to be brooding on something. The minute you get into the hotel room you find Elizabeth screaming unintelligible gibberish and Cass freaking out trying to figure out what to do. You quickly take some sort of command, going to Elizabeth yourself and hugging her while you get Raphael to calm Cass down. The minute you take hold of the girl, Elizabeth calms, her screaming subsiding into muttering, and Cass calms a few minutes later, looking worried.

"I... I don't know what happened. It only started a few minutes ago, then... I don't know!"

"Cass. Cass, you're fine. Nothing is wrong. She's fine. She was probably only having nightmares or visions or something. She'll be-"

"He's hurting the Angel... he's hurting the Angel..."

The words from Elizabeth catch everyone by surprise. Everyone stares at her in confusion, while you try to comfort her as best you can. You don't really have any idea as to what's going on, but if Elizabeth isn't liking whatever's going on, it can't be a good thing. You eventually get the girl to fall asleep, and once you've gotten her into bed, you convene with the others about everything that's happened.

"Well, I can't say I like the sound of this Jake guy. Seems like someone we don't want to be dealing with. But we do need help. I doubt even Daniels would be able to set up anything on his own out here. As for what's going on with Elizabeth... I don't know Linda. She seemed fine until a few minutes ago. Then she just started freaking out. Any idea's as to what she's talking about?"

"I have to agree with Chainsaw on this one. This Jake man doesn't seem like someone we want to hang around long. I don't like this Cally person either. She seems to eager to please... but I'll follow your judgment on her, Linda. You're the leader after all. I also need to talk to you... later... alone..."

>>>Input Command
No. 454758 ID: 1987d1

Yeah, I don't trust him as far as I could throw him (super-strength non-withstanding). We don't take what he throws at us at face value, and we find a way out from under his thumb as soon as we can.

...I don't know what's on with her. Maybe it's a warning, or maybe it's a sign I made the wrong choice tonight.

...you're sure you're not just jealous? But don't worry, I didn't lose my head. I know she might just be trying to play me, or that she might not be as ignorant about who she works for as she let on. She does have a lead on the doctor we're looking for, though.
No. 454760 ID: 886a4d

After we get Spirit four I vote we go full Finesse until 9 or so. We want to dodge that damn ball.
No. 454761 ID: f6cff9

Sounds great but should we add anything about the weird voices and ask Raphael what he thinks about it?
I'm up for that
No. 454763 ID: 1987d1

Ooh, yeah, day's over, missions accomplished. We should get XP soon, yeah?

My immediate priorities go:
-get spirit to 4
-tune the needle or ring (after we ask Elizabeth what it does).
-moar finesse
No. 454764 ID: 4a328b

If we /do/ show signs of losing our head around Cally you guys have full permission to smack us upside the head.

Also if Raph wants to confront us about lack of romance between him and us or something our answer is that he talks about it but never actually made a move!

I'd go for some extra finesse before spirit four, I think.

Try and get more details from Cass; what actually happened, did she say anything intelligible, no matter how nonsensical, that sort of thing.
No. 454766 ID: 4a328b

Note the echo voice weirdness, yeah.
Also note that you suspect he's going to put you up to less than savory tasks, but you don't intend to go about it in a way he'd likely desire--namely, recruiting his enemies and staying on good terms with other groups is gonna be the plan. We should start with those guys we ran off the beach--they seemed more savory to deal with than this bunch~
No. 454767 ID: f6cff9

So basically what we discussed in this thread and the discussion thread right? Okay sounds like a plan to me.
No. 454783 ID: 4a328b

Also point to note: Letting yourself be seduced is totally a valid information gathering strategy, as long as you stay control of yourself and the situation.
No. 454795 ID: 466404

Experience Gained: 2

"Cass. Did Elizabeth say anything during her little episode?"

"Um... I... think... she might have said something about a demon or something, but not much else."

"I see... well, I need to have a chat with Raphael outside. You mind keeping an eye on Elizabeth in case she freaks out again?"

"No. Leave it to me."

You head outside with Raphael, and after a few minutes of silence Raphael begins speaking.

"To start... I don't know what was going on out there during your meeting, but something in that club felt off. Not like the whole reality breaking off, like... dreamtime off. Not that you really know what that means, but... something felt wrong. It started a little bit after you disappeared off to that meeting.

"It happened again when Elizabeth was going nuts. Something was in the dreamtime. I don't know what, I didn't have time to change and go walking, but... whatever it was, it had me scared, Linda. I wouldn't want to fight that thing myself."

>>>Input Command
No. 454797 ID: 886a4d

My guess is an avatar type or a form type with similiar powers as yours.

We should save these points.
No. 454800 ID: 4a328b

Two points to finesse. Ok, we need to get some information on how dreamtime interacts with the real world. We know Raph can cause waking nightmares, but we don't know much about the place itself, or what other people might be expected to be able to do with it. 'cause someone there might have powers in a similar field of reality breaking--out bet's on the boss. Give him the details of Jake if you haven't already--how there seemed to be someone with him, how we kept hearing what sounded like some foul intentions echoing over his actual words--that kind of thing.
No. 454801 ID: f6cff9

Just tell Raphael what exactly happen in the club with the butler being the real Jake, the weird feeling something was behind him, the nasty echo, all of it.
No. 454806 ID: 1987d1

Have we described Jake's second self and voice to Raph? If we haven't, we should. If that wasn't an Avatar, it could be some kind of dreamtime shit (or it could be both, I suppose).

Agree with him. There's some bad shit going on here. And you're not sending him up against it alone.

Just 2 points? For a foci, fight, and mission complete? Dang. Maybe Elizabeth got the point for finding the ring.
>We should save these points.
Hmm. Yeah, I think so. Unless we when we ask Elizabeth about the ring in the morning it turns out to be absolutely fantastic. We can live without the trap focus for now, but I really want to get our unique spirit 4 power.

Even if the vote goes against saving up for spirit, we should save at least one point until we know what the ring does. On the off chance it's good enough to want immediately.
No. 454833 ID: cd9a40

Yeah demon sounds like what was behind Jake
No. 454892 ID: 523bd1

tune the focis
No. 454897 ID: 1987d1

I know we've been playing fast and lose with pluralization, but this one just makes me wince. "Focus" is singular. "Foci" is plural (although you can probably get away with "focuses" if you want to ignore teh latin). "Focis" is a double plural, the equivalent of "focuseses". :p

>Level ups
Two votes for save for spirit
One vote for +2 fin
And one vote for tuning (you'll have to be more specific- we currently have 3 untuned foci- the needle, the colt magnum, and the ring).

My logic: spirit 4 nets us our first unique, character specific spirit ability. We saw how useful Maria's was. Ours is likely to be very helpful as well, and we only need to hold out a day before we have enough points to buy it. We could really use that edge.

Furthermore, points can be spent at any time, with no apparent delay. We get into a mess where we really need more finesse now? We can dump the points in on the spot. Same with the foci. It doesn't hurt us to try and wait things out a little.
No. 454903 ID: 466404

>second self and voice
"...It sounds like the man can walk the dreamtime. Or at least talk through it. I've never done anything like that, my powers are... limited... but I know it's possible. A lot of people they call 'telepathic' are actually just talking through the dreamtime. I think. That's how it was described to me anyway."

"The dreamtime... it's difficult to describe if you can't see it... um... it's like peering into the dreams of someone else. Even right now, I can see a little into your subconscious. I can only see fears, spiders, if I'm not mistakes, since my powers are geared more towards fears and nightmares, but I've heard of others that can do more. It's appearance is different for different people, and almost constantly changing as well. But... uh... can't really tell you much more than that. The dreamtime isn't like reality, there are no set rules to it. I just know I can walk it... if you want, I could try showing you tonight. You know, I could just... walk into your dream. I should be able to suppress my nightmare causing for an hour or so. And I might be able to make you conscious of the dreamtime."

There's a few minutes of silence as you ponder all that, trying to organize it in your head. The dreamtime... sounds like a pretty powerful place, given the right conditions. You'll have to-

"You really like that Cally girl, huh?"

Wha- How do you jump from dreamtime to Cally?

>>>Input Command
No. 454904 ID: 1987d1

>"You really like that Cally girl, huh?"
I think the route to go here is teasing reassurance.

...jealous? *Grin* She's fun, but it's probably more accurate to say she really likes me, at this point.

But don't worry, I didn't lose my head. I know she might just be trying to play me, or that she might not be as ignorant about who she works for as she let on. She does have a lead on the doctor we're looking for, though.

Take him up on the offer. If we're potentially dealing with an opponent that works with it, understanding is worth risking a nightmare.
No. 454907 ID: 886a4d

I'm attracted too her. Like may come when I know her a bit better. She's uninhibited, and bubbly. We'll see if it goes further but it might be a one-off. Somehow it doesn't seem like shes a girl that gets attached.
No. 454909 ID: 9718f3

Her apparent hatred of men is pretty off putting, actually. She might be fun to party with but more than that? Nah. If she can't be friends with your friends, well, she can't be a very good friend.
No. 454912 ID: 1987d1

Well, she doesn't necessarily hate men. I mean, it doesn't take a genius to pick up on the fact that Raphael was competition.
No. 454913 ID: 466404


"A little."

The response catches you a by surprise, freezing the smile on your face, but you recover enough to respond.

"Don't worry about it. I won't lose my head, and I'm aware she could just be playing me. Besides, it's more like I'm attracted to her than anything else. I somehow doubt she really someone to settle down anyway. But she's got a lead on this doctor we're supposed to be looking for, I think. Anyway, I'll take you up on that dream thing. Tonight work?"

"Yeah... yeah, I'll stay awake then. You get to sleep, and I'll see you in your dreams. Just... be aware I won't be able to talk to you. I'll be a horse after all. And I'll only be able to do this for maybe a half-hour before nightmares start popping up, so... yeah. Get anything you need to get done before you head to sleep, and I'll talk to you later."

Raphael heads back inside, leaving you to your thoughts, and you hang around awhile thinking about some things before you head back inside yourself. You let Cass go to sleep, then climb into Elizabeth's bed, mostly because you feel like leaving her on her own wouldn't be the best idea. You fall asleep with the girl cradled in your arms, your final thoughts about how you're supposed to tell you're in a dream.

Then suddenly, your eyes open up and you stare at a somewhat nostalgic ceiling. That's... that's the ceiling from home. HOME home. Your families home. You sit up just as you're mother walks in, smiling. Almost at the same time, you suddenly register that everything has an almost... blurred effect to it. Like you're watching it through water.

"Hey sweetie. How are you feeling? You've been asleep awhile. Breakfast is almost ready, so make sure to wash up and come down."

Your mother leaves, and you stare after her a minute, then catch something out of the corner of your eye. Is that... a horse?

"Raphael... is that you?"

The horse snorts, then trots over, bumping you slightly with it's nose. Well, at least you know you have a friend watching out for you in this place.

>>>Input Command
No. 454916 ID: 54c7e5

Wear the scarf. Be the rider.
Then ride that pony downstairs and thank your mother for the wonderful gift.

I just thought of something; Night-Mare. Is Raphael a female horse in this form?
No. 454917 ID: 1987d1

>The response catches you a by surprise
...why? We've know he's been interested for a while now. Dropping hints about asking you out since a month ago. You've been avoiding it, and he's been dancing around it, but you should have noticed. :p

Well... seems mostly normal so far. Do we go looking for something weird?
No. 454930 ID: 1987d1

Actually, a thought. You're back home with your parents. Look down, or for a mirror. How old are you?
No. 454932 ID: c31f72

Ride the horsey!
No. 454940 ID: f6cff9

Sounds good and if your really young then you might as well check out your room and the rest of the house.
We gotta look for weird dream stuff and whatnot.
Maybe it's a perfect replica but how often does that happen in dreams?
No. 454969 ID: 466404

You blink, then gently rub the top of Raphael's head as you glance down at yourself. You seem... normal. Not a child. Funny, you're fairly certain you were a child last time you were in highschool last time you were in this house. After that you left and haven't really ever gone back, except for a few times at christmas. You absentmindedly check to see if Raphael is a girl or a boy in this form, and discover rather amusingly that he is, in fact, a girl. You think. You don't actually know what a girl horse looks like. Either way, as you perform your little inspection, Raphael snorts and bumps his head against yours.

You rise and get dressed(?), then head downstairs, Raphael somehow managing to follow you through out the entire thing, until you end up in the kitchen. Or what looks sort of like the kitchen. Everything is flipped upside down, including your mother, who's humming happily as she makes food. You stare up at her, only to here your father start talking to you from the next room over. At least, it sounds like your father. He seems to be speaking japanese. You head over to the next room to discover everything, including yourself, drawn in an almost anime style, like your in some cartoon. You find yourself staring again, and your father glances up from his newspaper to give you a look of concern. You simply stare at yourself, then glance back over your shoulder to stare Raphael, who hasn't changed at all. If anything, his realistic appearance seems even more defined and jarring, in comparison to your cartoon appearance.

Still... your not quite sure what to do. You guess in dreams, it never usually occurs to you that something is wrong or out of place. What are you supposed to do?

>>>Input Command
No. 454973 ID: 1987d1

...we sneak a peak at Raphael, and then change in front of him? Naughty.

I'm not really sure what to do at this point. You could reassure Japanese dream-dad. I mean, you must have picked up a few words from your anime-ing, right? Send him a konichiwa or something.

>What are you supposed to do?
We could always ask Raph. This is weird and interesting and all, but is there something we should be looking for?
No. 454974 ID: f6cff9

Too bad he can't talk as a horse. We could always ask him to lead us somewhere because we have no idea what to do.
No. 454994 ID: 1987d1

I figured he could nod or something if we asked as yes/no question. And yeah, he can lead us somewhere if there's something to show us.
No. 455001 ID: f6cff9

Oh yeah he can definitely do that so just ask if there is anything important to to show us. If there is something important then ask him to lead us there and if nothing to important to show us then obviously it's time for dream hijinks. Flying up in the air, piloting giant robots, punching that dumb fixer named Maria in the face, etc.
No. 455026 ID: f6cff9


Of course dream shenanigans may or may not work.

Maybe we can check out memories of the club. Some researchers believe we dream to organize our minds with all the info we get. It may be all b.s. but doesn't hurt to try to check it out. I mean what happen in the club was weird so it wouldn't be unusual to dream about it. Just be prepare for nightmare mode to pop in if we go though with this.
No. 455101 ID: 466404

You figure trying to ask Raphael about this stuff would probably be best, so you turn to the horse and try asking it something.

"So... is there anything in particular I need to see?"

Raphael snorts again, then turn away and starts walking. You follow, hoping he's leading you to something important. He leads you "outside" which ends up having you traverse your own apartment, your office, your first boyfriends room, your first girlfriends room, and a couple other places here and there. You eventually end up in front of a glowing... thing. Almost like a portal or a doorway. But you can't see anything beyond it. You get a feeling of fear though. A very deep fear. The horse snorts at you again. You don't really understand why he lead you here at first, until the world shifts and warps around you and you're back in that clubroom. You see the Jake guy staring at you, only...

That thing behind him is clearer now. A lot clearer. It appears like a version of the man, same clothes and everything, except the things mouth is filled with rows of teeth, it's whole body looks like it's been stretched out, long and thin, with claws ending each of its hands. It's constantly smiling with its rows of teeth, and it occasionally gives off a high-pitched giggling noise.

"(I apologize for the... misdirection)I could give a fuck if you hate me right now. (I can't afford to have certain... individuals... track me down)If you were an enemy, I'd have ripped out your spleen. (Particularly those from back east)Especially cause you're from home. (Thankfully, you seem to be legitimate)You aren't someone I dislike. (Or at least, not here for my head)Try it, and I'll impale you through the ass. (I doubt we have much to discuss, as you've clearly shown you're capable, and I've just shown I have no qualms matching you easterners blow for blow)Don't fuck with me, woman. (Now then, shall we get to the details)You ready to get screwed over? (Or would you prefer to ask me some questions)Or are you gonna put off the inevitable)?"

You seem to be at the beginning of the conversation. You can see yourself sitting in a chair as well, staring back at him, although looking a litte... disturbed. Right now, you have no idea what to do. Should you try something?

>>>Input Command
No. 455107 ID: 6e44d2

Go stand behind yourself and add subtext to your own words the way that this shadow is adding subtext to Jake's. Let him know that, if need be, you will fuck his shit up sideways. Also, be ready to defend the other you from any attacks that this shadow guy may have in store for you. It seems that Elizabeth believed you were being hurt. Let's not let that happen.
No. 455109 ID: 1987d1

Walk up behind your disturbed past-self, put your hands on her shoulders, and offer reassurance. Give yourself strength.

Face the mouth-monster. An important thing to pay attention to is if he's just a memory, or if since he does dreamtime shit too, that he's really here.

Watch to see if he does anything to you during the conversation. Elizabeth thought someone was hurting you. She's usually (understatement) right. Maybe he did something to you on this plane where you couldn't even see?
No. 455110 ID: f6cff9

So now we have idea what that thing behind is which is probably an avatar like the others have said. God damn avatars

I vote for this idea
No. 455112 ID: 54c7e5

Maybe you could try poking it? Might show whether or not it actually can feel you and react to you or if it's just going to go through the conversation we already had.

If he does try anything here in the dream, you have the power. It's your dream, so you could summon your rifle and have it shoot an entire Arc-Gurran at him, or something equally as ridiculous.
No. 455116 ID: b6edd6

Hmm... So he has a supernatural dream version of himself, but he also had what looked like a magic weapon. Did his number stay at 18 after he used the ball? If he didn't simply spend break points to emulate a weapon, that would mean that he has non-obvious avatar abilities or that he is something different from 'normal' breakers.
No. 455120 ID: 1987d1

Or he was just using superhuman str and fin to turn an ordinary bouncy ball into a deadly weapon. Anything can kill if it hits you hard enough, and/or in the right place.
No. 455123 ID: 4a328b

I like it. Maybe manifest a gun for emphasis.
No. 455124 ID: 886a4d

The ball would disintergrate too. I think anyway.
No. 455126 ID: 4a328b

Oh wait poke it with a gun
No. 455128 ID: f6cff9

He could use a break point to make the ball harder or more resilient if he went with that path.
No. 455130 ID: 1987d1

I'd rather like to avoid manifesting or firing weapons while asleep. Absolute worse case scenario is they show up in the real world too. That could be bad.

>Ball would disintegrate
...well, it really depends on what kind of rubber it's made from. You can kill people with a rubber bullet to the face though, so it's least possible.

When we wake up we should just ask Raph is the tooth-doppelganger is an avatar or a separate dreamtime thing. Save ourselves arguing about it.
No. 455131 ID: f6cff9

This is something I can agree with.
No. 455132 ID: 6e44d2

I'm certain it's an avatar, but we can ask our buddy later, in any case.
No. 455133 ID: f6cff9

It probably is an avatar but we might as well ask anyways. Of course he could say he can't tell from a dream(weird stuff happens in dreams) which would make me really sad.
No. 455138 ID: b6edd6

Even if the ball was made of some special hard rubber, remember it came straight back after piercing Carson's head. I guess it theoretically could have ricocheted at a perfect angle off the back of his skull after piercing the front and brains, but that kind of microscopically precise path through numerous irregular objects he can't even see seems a bit much even for superhuman aim.

Now that I think about it, can we rewind the dream a bit so we can see what was up with the ball?
No. 455153 ID: 466404

Time to try a few things. First things first, though...

"Hey Raphael? Could we... rewind this?"

Raphael doesn't do anything, instead pretending he's ignoring you in favor of what's going on. At least, you think he's ignoring you. His eyes seem to be glowing a little bit, which is a little eerie, in and of itself, but you choose to ignore that for now. You have other things to do. Like going up behind yourself and trying to comfort yourself somehow. It doesn't seem to work. At all. Instead, your hands seem to pass right through yourself. Odd. Everything else you've been able to touch. Well, at least in the dream thing part. Maybe this is different from a normal dream?

Next step. You walk up to the other thing and try poking it. You feel your finger bounce off of it, like it should when coming into contact with a-

The things head turns to face you and its smile widens as its eyes start glowing.


Oh... sh-

Something passes straight through you, and for a split second you catch sight of a horse with flaming eyes slamming into the thing, whatever it is, and even the thing looks surprised. Then there's a flash of lightning and you find yourself in another room. A very dark room. And you can hear them. Hear them all over the room, crawling under your feet. The walls are covered in them. And you suddenly get the urge to glance up and you see it.

The largest god-damned eight-eyed monstrosity you've ever seen. You start screaming even as the thing descends on your body and you-

Wake up, screaming you lungs out and waking Elizabeth, who starts screaming her lungs out which causes Cass to literally kick her way into your hotel room, chainsaw drawn and ready to start tearing.

"What!? What the hell is going on!?"

You manage to calm yourself after a minute, realizing that whatever had happened hadn't actually happened, and in another few minutes you manage to calm down Elizabeth. Cass dismisses her chainsaw before normals start showing up, and even Daniels shows his face, although his face is impassive as ever.

"Linda, what the hell just happened? You feeling all right?"

>>>Input Command
No. 455157 ID: 4a328b

Tried the dreamwalking bit, guess I ran out of time. I think Raph's still doing something, no idea how to tell right now, though.
No. 455160 ID: f6cff9

Oh fuck if I think what I think it means then Jake just found out what happened. Well this was awful night and I don't think Linda can go back to sleep. We gotta just tell them what happened just now and the problem with Jake.

Even if Jake doesn't know we still gotta tell them what's up with this whole thing. Jake is nothing but trouble. We should probably check on Raphael and see how he is doing.
No. 455162 ID: 1987d1

Okay, so instead of observing and trying to learn something (like if toothy did something to you in your meeting) you poked it and woke the evil psycho's dreamself. Which Raph then had to fight (which he was afraid of doing) and you got kicked out of protected memory-space into a more standard nightmare.

>what the hell just happened?

Really, one word is all you need. Everyone here is familiar with his powers- they'll know what you mean in a second or two.

You need to go check on Raphael though. Make sure he's alright, and if he can tell you what the hell that was all about.
No. 455165 ID: f6cff9

Fine as long as we check on Raphael.
No. 455168 ID: b6edd6

Definitely a nightmare, though we should take note of the time between the start of our test and now to help determine which kind of nightmare (Raph's powers, Jake's powers, or Raph powers unsuppressed from dealing with Jake's powers).
No. 455175 ID: 100061

"I was checking something in the dream time with Raph, he got into a fight with something and then I ended up in a nightmare."
No. 455186 ID: 6e44d2

No. 455188 ID: 466404


You leave them with that simple word, because that's all you have to say right now. Instead, you get yourself up out of bed and exit your room, heading over to Raphael's. You don't bother knocking, instead hurling your weight and strength against it to smash it down. The Boss can pay damages for all you care, you'd rather that than a friend be without help. What you discover inside is...

Nothing. Damnit, you'd forgotten. Raphael actually walks the dreamtime himself, not just with his mind. His very form is a nightmare. You angrily kick at something random, then sit yourself down on the bed trying to figure out what you could possibly do. You can't think of anything, as you can't find your way into the dreamtime on your own. You don't have that kind of power. Damnit! Your mistake probably caused all this...

"The Nightmare is hunted. Alone. Afraid."

You blink in surprise as Elizabeth's voice floats into the room. You glance up to find the girl watching you from the doorway, eyes serious and uncharacteristically focused. She cocks her head to the side, staring at you, then she moves to a spot next to you and sits down. She seems to think a moment, sorting through something, and then she turns to watch you again.

"The Nightmare needs an Angel filled with fear to lead him back to the realm of the waking."

>>>Input Command
No. 455189 ID: 886a4d

Right back to sleep we go. We trust Cass, lets ask her to watch over us.
No. 455193 ID: 4a328b

Ask if she has any clues on the how--if not, trying to sleep and get back into the dreamtime ourselves is probably our best bet.
No. 455197 ID: 4a328b

Wait, I think I've got it.

We need to BREAK our way into the dreamtime.

Use dem breaks, tell Cass what you're gonna try.

Try going to sleep if it doesn't work.
No. 455200 ID: 6e44d2

No. 455222 ID: 1987d1

Guys, guys, you're over-thinking this. We don't need to get back to dreamtime, we just need to scare Linda shitless, to act as a beacon.

>"The Nightmare needs an Angel filled with fear to lead him back to the realm of the waking."

...we're gonna need some spiders.
No. 455226 ID: f6cff9

Oh god why did it have to be spiders... well using break points to go to sleep could have ended awful anyways. You know staying asleep forever and what not. I guess I'll vote for spider idea. I don't think we could pull that off though(fear factor) so we gotta ask Cass or Daniels to get some spiders I guess.
No. 455231 ID: c28302


This sounds right. Linda should probably ask Cass to restrain her (without knocking her unconscious) so she won't just bolt away from the eight legged demons...or start shooting them. If she's worried about going overboard make sure to reassure Cass, Linda trusts her. Also, if Daniel's providing the spider expect him to go overboard.
No. 455284 ID: f2cef4

Gotta love those cryptic oracles, and ours is not all that cryptic either!
No. 455297 ID: 466404

... You are gonna hate your life for a few minutes.

"Alright... I understand. This... this is gonna suck."

"What's gonna suck?"

Cass shows up, looking tired and a little confused. You stare at her a moment, then sigh. Yeah. Definitely going to suck. Fucking spiders. Why's it have to be fear? Why couldn't be... cheer. Or joy. Or arousal! That would be a good one... Ah well.

"Cass... I need you to restrain me."


"I need... I need to get scared. Really scared. And I can't not be scared until Raphael gets back."

"... THAT'S the plan? Seriously?"

You stare at her in complete seriousness. She sighs and moves to stand behind you, grabbing hold of your arms to keep you from moving. You test it a little, finding that you can't move, then shout at Daniels.

"Hey Daniels! Can you... uh... bring a bunch of spider in h-"

Daniels already has you covered, dragging in a few spiders and dangling them in front of your face. You stare at it a moment, then start struggling. Shit, shit, shit!



GetthatfuckingshitawayfrommyfaceifittouchesmeIswear togodI'mgonnaripthisguysfuckingdickoff-

Suddenly, there's a crack of static and then there's a horse in the room, covered in blood and wounds. The horse shifts back into Raphael, who collapses onto the floor. Cass lets you go instantly, which is probably a bad idea because you you proceed to deck Daniels with a punch to the face. Then you turn your attention to Raphael. With a little help from Cass, you manage to get Raphael onto his bed, then you start the bandaging process. You're wide awake by now, and you doubt you're going to get any sleep. You're way to wired. So, you send Cass and Elizabeth back to bed, staying behind yourself to watch over Raphael in case anything happens. You sit there for a few hours, staring at the clock as it finally hits 1 in the morning. You rub your eyes to keep yourself awake, and then Raphael wakes up.

"Wha- Argh! Bad... bad idea... shouldn't move... bad moving..."

>>>Input Command
No. 455306 ID: 4a328b

"That was a REALLY poor decision on my part, are you ok?"

Turns out that thinking "it's just a dream, what's the worst that could happen" is not especially intelligent in that sort of situation! Apologize profusely.

Ask what happened after you got shunted out of the dream, and if Raph has a better idea what sort of nastiness we're dealing with, here.
No. 455312 ID: c28302


Confirm Linda and the rest of the crew are not in danger from this entity during normal sleep. Tell Raphael that when he's feeling better you need more information on "dreamtime" - dangers, things/people you can affect from dreamtime (and how to), what things/people can affect you in dreamtime, what kind of precautions the team has set up and whether they can be improved. But since he needs to recover that conversation can wait.
No. 455323 ID: 1987d1

...wait, how did Daniels get ahold of a bag of spiders that quick? Did he have them on hand just in case he needed to fuck with you? If so, how'd he know you were afraid of them?

I think the two most pertinant questions here are "Are you okay?" and "How bad did I just fuck up?".

Obviously, it would be nice if he could explain what the hell is going on too.
No. 455331 ID: 6e44d2

Probably created it, man. Breakers.
No. 455340 ID: 54c7e5

Quick! What's his number? CAN he die in a dream?
No. 455362 ID: 466404

"That was a REALLY poor decision on my part, are you ok?"

You move over to sit next to Raphael, hoping to provide him some level of comfort, and a sign that he is, in fact, in the real world. Raphael seems to look around a little, searching for something, then he nods, as if he'd found something.

"I... yeah, that was a bad idea. I didn't think it would still be lurking around though, so that's partly my fault. I should've... yeah, I should've been paying for careful attention... Sorry about the nightmare, by the way. I needed to get to him quickly though so..."

"Don't worry about it. You're alright though, right? Can you die in a dream?"

"Yeah, I'm alright, for the most part. All this blood is mostly just light wounds, I'll recover in a few days, I think. You owe me a date though, fighting that bastard hurt." Raphael flashes you a weak smile, probably to show he's joking for the most part. Although, a date would probably be the least you can do to make up for him getting the beating he got. "I can die in dreams, to answer your question. My physical body goes into the dreamtime. You can't though. Everyone else can't either. At least, not that I'm aware of. Not that it's usually like that. Most of the time, the dreamtime is is a fairly safe place, except for the occasional nightmare. Especially for the dreamer. The mind is a pretty resilient thing, after all. But... I don't really know anything, now that the creepy bastard is running around. He's controlling dreams a lot better than I am. I can only cause and affect nightmares, that bastard is... well, just take a look at me. And he was dragging me into the real world to, during our fight. I don't think that thing is limited to just dreams. But... I can't say much about the dreamtime. It's... very difficult to say anything definite about the dreamtime. I can guard the dreamtime around you all, I think, but it'll keep me tired. I won't be much help during the day... go on, Linda. Go get some rest. The faster you get us out from under this Jake guy's thumb, the sooner I'll be able to sleep soundly. I'll get to guarding you all."

Raphael starts to slide out of bed, his number decreasing by one as he starts to shift back into his nightmare form.

>>>Input Command
No. 455366 ID: f6cff9

Well before we go to sleep again(like that's gonna happen after this thing) We gotta tell Daniel(Man is he gonna be pissed) what just happened with Jake. We can do this after we sleep if you want but we have to tell him soon because he is our kinda our temp boss right now.
No. 455367 ID: 886a4d

You know, we have an x-ray scope and a rifle capable of shooting through walls. I say we assassinate this guy.
No. 455369 ID: 4a328b

Problem is we'd need to kill him 17+ times...and we still need to set up our own base, which, y'know, we decided to use this unsavory charcter's influence to help us do. Just keeping wary while we gather forces should be fine.
No. 455371 ID: 1987d1

Woah, woah, wait, you don't look in much shape to be guarding anyone, yet. And if we're safe in our own dreams, aren't you the only one he can really hurt?

(Also, nightmare costs 5BP, not 1, according to da wiki).

Getting off 18 shots in a row might be a problem. He'll have breaker guards who will respond (and we haven't seen enough of his employees to know how to prepare), we've seen him move crazy fast, we'll have to pause to reload, and his avatar might be able to close and attack us independently while we're trying to kill camp him. Hell, worse case, he could the same feat Maria had that lets you keep moving after fatal damage.

Wall assassination is not a good enough plan, by itself.

Also, we need Cally to bring us to the doctor she knows who modded her glow-sticks before we potentially burn that bridge by murdering her boss.

We do need to discuss the situation with Cass and Daniels though. He's the scary guy, maybe he's got ideas on how to handle this kind of situation.
No. 455373 ID: 886a4d

No pausing to reload, just 1 BP and we can do that immediately as we fire that last round.
No. 455376 ID: 1987d1

We've never actually reloaded. We don't actually know how long the delay is. It seems foolish to assume manifesting a new full clip would be instantaneous, though.

That's hardly the only problem though. We can't reliably murder him with impunity. We need a better plan, more information (guards, setup, clarification on his powers), and possibly more allies (getting Cally on the inside would be nice, or more than just Cass to deal with guards or keeping him in one spot while we shoot him).

Seems to me we should put Daniels on finding out as much as he can about this guy.
No. 455377 ID: b6edd6

There is also the fact that our job here is to make a good impression, and assassinating someone influential as soon as possible probably isn't the best way to do that.
No. 455379 ID: 886a4d

We should test that out some time, take our gun to a range and fire an entire round off.
No. 455384 ID: 4a328b

I vote for testing it in the next timeskip or in the heat of battle
No. 455411 ID: 466404

"Whoa! No! You're not in any shape to be guarding anyone. You just said we should be fine in our dreams, so you're really the only one he could hurt, right? We'll be fin-"

"Linda. I've been fairly useless all today. I've helped out maybe one, and that was just because the lady was using a handgun and couldn't hurt me. So just shut up and let me feel like I'm at least contributing somehow. And think about maybe going on a date with me, yeah? I think I want a reward for getting my ass handed to me."

Raphael finishes his transformation, snorts in his horse form, then seems to melt away into thin air. You're left standing there in his room, staring at nothing. Shit. Now you're all wired again. You catch Daniels before he can reenter his room and tell him everything that's been going on. He listens silently, then turns away and slams the door in your face. But you caught it on his face. A slight narrowing of the eyes. Daniels must not be happy at all with what's going on. Then you spend the next half-hour calming yourself down. When you finally do get to sleep, you dream of spiders, and a horse that hunts them.


The next morning, you wake up later than everyone else and head downstairs to find Cass and Elizabeth waiting for you. Cass informs you that Raphael reappeared just as she was waking up, and went into his room to sleep for the day. He didn't seem any worse, although he did look absolutely miserable. Elizabeth is looking just as loopy as usual, and Cass is looking a bit more jumpy and irritable than normal.

Then you feel arms wrap around your neck from behind and something soft press into your back. There's only one person you know who's gotten that familiar with you recently...

"How you doing, beautiful? Ready to dance the day away? What's the style for the day?"

>>>Input Command
No. 455424 ID: 1987d1

Aw, damn. I wanted to come across as concerned, and instead we offended and emasculated him. :/

Throw in Cass and Daniels, and we're down on our relationship meters with pretty much everyone except...

I have never been more annoyed to see a bubbly lesbian coming on to someone in my life. (What is wrong with me).

Let's not tell her about the trouble last night. She's either not in a position to do anything about it, or if she actually works for Jake, she could report back (he may not know how much we know, or what we're planning, yet).

Greet her, but now's not really the time to get your flirt on. You're tired, grumpy, in front of Elizabeth, and you don't know if she really works for this Jake jerk or not.

>What's the style for the day?
Any chance you could help us hook up with the man who did your glowstick mod?

Also, before you leave today, slide a note under Raphael's door. Say you're sorry, and thank you. Include a doodle of a horse tromping spiders.
No. 455442 ID: 4a328b

>Ready to dance the day away?

Not really, sorry. Rough night.
No. 455450 ID: f6cff9

He may or may not take the drawing as making fun of him. It really depends on his mood on how he takes it and based on what I read he is in a shitty mood so it's probably a bad idea. I second the rest of what you said though
No. 455513 ID: a407a5

"Not really. Had a rough night... anyway, think you can get us in contact with that guy who changed your glowsticks?"

"Him? Hm... Maybe. Make sure you bring some foci with you. He needs em to do whatever it is he does. Of course, I'll stick with you all the wa- Oh!" Cally suddenly notice Cass and Elizabeth, and she almost immediately detaches herself from you to go over and say hello to the other two. "I remember you! You're that other hottie from yesterday. I don't remember this girl though... seems a little young. Well, whatever. Hello, I'm Cally! What's your name~"

"The Music is... bubbly."

Elizabeth retreats behind Cass, who doesn't really seem to know how to react to either of the two, but dutifully places herself between the girl and the newest face to the team. Cally looks a little hurt from the sudden rejection, then recovers and bounces over to you.

"Well. Just let me know when you're ready. He lives about an hour north of here, and he doesn't really like visiters, so... well, just be prepared to deal with some things. Violent things."

>>>Input Command
No. 455543 ID: 9718f3

"Cally, this is my partner Cass, and my daughter Elizabeth. Guys, this is Cally."

Proper introductions are important. ...And there's potential for hilarity I'm unwilling to give up without a fight. Deliver it totally serious and matter-of-factly. After that we can head off after telling Daniels what we're off to do.
No. 455555 ID: 1987d1

Introduce Cally to Cass and Elizabeth, but leave out the titles "daughter" and definitely "partner". We're tired and grumpy and in no mood for that silliness.

>Bring foci
Hmm. I was just thinking of the mission- get in contract with him. Not sure what we'd actually want modded. The rifle and pistol are fine as is. We don't know exactly what the needle or ring do yet, as they're unturned. I suppose the could change the colt magnum into something more useful?

>well, just be prepared to deal with some things. Violent things
Well, we can handle that. Although I'm not sure how well it bodes for diplomacy if we have to kill his way into his workshop.
No. 455592 ID: 1987d1

We should probably ask Elizabeth what the ring does before we head out today. Just in case we want to tune or mod it.

What are we doing party-wise? Cally's coming, obviously. We probably need Cass for violence. But there's the problem of Elizabeth. Do we leave her here with a sleeping Raphael? Do we take her with us, and just keep her out of the fighting? Do we leave her with Cass?
No. 455606 ID: e3a74a

How about just asking what Cass wants to do? I mean you guys are a team. It's not like you are her boss or anything. She can make her own decisions.

(ID is gonna switch a little for today. Gonna post from different places.)
No. 455609 ID: 1987d1

>How about just asking what Cass wants to do?
Well that's a silly question, she'll want to fight. And she's not gonna want to hold tight while Linda goes into a scrap with only the annoying flirty girl she barely knows and doesn't trust for backup.
No. 455611 ID: e3a74a

Then leaving Elizabeth with Cass back at bass can't be the answer for our problems. We could just take her and see how it goes. If things get too dangerous then we could run away... probably.
No. 455612 ID: 4a328b

Can always ask if it matters if the foci's tuned or untuned 'fore we bring them in
No. 455615 ID: e3a74a

Back at base not bass. Ugh whatever, leaving Elizabeth at home camp should be fine but if someone/something attacks(I'm looking at you Eight-eyed monster) then she would be kinda boned with how tired Raphael is right now. Guarding someone all night will do that to you.

And we should ask that as well.
No. 455627 ID: a407a5

>tuned or untuned
"I don't know, honestly. The man never said. All he did was take it from me and do something to my focus. Never really thought about whether it mattered or not."

"Not normal. Changed. Unnatural. Twins. Makes Twins."

You decide, after a lot of thought, to bring Elizabeth along with you. It shouldn't be anything you can't handle, at least you hope not, and Raphael is in no condition to be watching after anybody. You all pile into the car and head off after you retrieve your two untuned foci and make good time heading up the coast. You stop at some point to grab breakfast, and eventually you arrive on a cliffside parking lot, Cally leading the way to the edge.

"It's down there. It's one of those military bunker things, made a decades back. Thing goes in pretty deep, but we won't need any light. I know a path to get down if we need i-"

"Yeah, we get it music girl. Shut up. I'm gonna check ahead, Linda. Keep you ear open for me." Cass literally just hops off the edge, grabbing hold of the cliff side after dropping a few feet and slowly making her way down through controlled falls. You lose sight of her eventually, and you end up following a hurt Cally on a much easier path, Elizabeth sticking close to you as the bubbly DJ skips nimbly down along the path. The walk is silent until about half-way down, when you hear the whine of a chainsaw and the screeching of metal on metal. A minute later, your ear-piece crackles to life.

"Some robot looking things guarding the door. Took care of em already though... They really did a number on my chainsaw though. I'll have to re-summon the thing after a few more of these things."

You say nothing in reply until you reach the bottom, where you find Cass sitting on what looks like a smoking barrel of wires and metal. Her chainsaw is at her side, and you can see some of its teeth ripped and torn up from cutting through the metal. Cass jumps up upon spotting you and makes her way over.

"The door doesn't look locked. I'd like to go first, but I'm not sure how much use I'm gonna be. I can't really get mad at these things for some reason. Not the same kind of mad as usual."

"Oo! Oo! I can go first! My weapon can't tear right though em! Let me, let me!" Cally is bouncing on her heels again, producing that nice bounce in her chest, but you're too tired, grumpy and worried to pay much attention. The sooner you get this over with, the faster you can get to other tasks, like figuring out how to let Raphael have a nice rest every night instead of standing guard. Elizabeth slides up next to you and stares at nothing a moment, then nods her head.

"Fire and Lightning guard the path the heroes must take. Keys made not of metal unlock the door further in. A metal guardian stand vigil over a Crafter of Things that Never Were."

"What's the problem with HER rhythm?"

"Looks who's talking, music girl."

>>>Input Command
No. 455633 ID: 1987d1

Huh. So... the ring was already modified at some point? Maybe the doctor can tell us what it does in more detail then. Twins might imply it allows you to make a doppelganger or something, but that kind of sounds more like a form than a weapon. Maybe it lets you duplicate a weapon for dual wield? Either way, could be very useful. I'm leaning towards tuning that over the needle when next we do something.

Robots huh? Sounds like a job for an anti-material rifle, all right. As a bonus, sniping will actually work. We should manifest it, and take a peek ahead with the scope.

If Cass has to burn points to maintain her weapon, she could opt to rely on active break offensively as a weapon instead.

>"What's the problem with HER rhythm?
She sees things. It's what she does.
No. 455634 ID: 886a4d

Looks like we'll be encountering a couple breakers once we go inside. Their nicknames could be from their focii or their personalities or their likes. or just how she sees them. Also it seeems we need a keycard. Makes sense with the high-tech security robots.

Right lets head in.
No. 455636 ID: 4a328b

My count might be off, but don't we have three untuned foci? The tommygun, the ring, and the needle?

Also the ring sounds insanely useful, is there a way to tell if it's form, weapon, avatar, w/e? If you try it and it's not the right type can you tell? Will it just not tune, or will we be wasting points?

Ok, sounds like flamethrowers and electric nastiness is up ahead. I wouldn't count on there NOT being breakers, but I get the feeling robotic types and traps might be a bigger issue here. Metal guardian makes me think more robots.

Not a metal key probably means electronic security, like a keypad or something?
No. 455637 ID: 4a328b

Cally can go first, she sure seems enthusiastic enough, but remind her to be careful
No. 455640 ID: 1987d1

>My count might be off, but don't we have three untuned foci? The tommygun, the ring, and the needle?
You're right, except it turned out the .45 manifests a colt magnum, not a tommygun (Mac guessed tommy or colt, but Elizabeth knows).

And I'm pretty sure people can't tune to the wrong type at all. I doubt it would cost points to try, though. Not that I want to... yet. (My plan is still to save up for spirit four unless we get a sufficiently good reason to divert points. Tuning the ring and needle are definitely on my list of things to try after that, though).

Oh. I assumed lightning and fire referred to the mechanical defenses, but yeah, they could be breakers, actually. The words are capitalized, like they're names.
No. 455642 ID: b6edd6

She acts like she has done this before (though defenses have probably been changed), and gotten him to help her after fighting her way through. Maybe we could ask her how she convinced him?
No. 455755 ID: a407a5

>3 foci
My apologies. You are correct, three.

You take a look around the entrance, eventually finding a metal door that looks like it should have been attached to a ship of some kind. Cally confirms it as the entrance, and you get the door open with a little help from Cass. The corridor inside is dark at first, but as you reach for your flashlight it suddenly lights up with fluorescent bulbs lining the ceiling. You step inside and follow the corridor down until you arrive at a room with a massive door and two other corridors leading away. A small computer panel is placed in front of the large door, and you walk up to find it has two card key slots and a simple message flashing on the screen.

-Door Lock 1: Engaged
-Door Lock 2: Engaged
-Door State: Closed
-Corridor 1 Door: Unlocked
-Corridor 2 Door: Unlocked

-Both Corridors will lock if one person enters one, and can only be unlocked from the inside once entered
-If you have any questions regarding this system, please contact the Admin Account Server

-Input Command

You stare at the screen a moment, then turn to Cally. "Did this thing do this before?"

"Hm? Oh! Nope. I just had to fight my way through a bunch of robots. It was pretty bad. Almost died that time. Seems like this one is a bit more on the minimalist side, although that's unusual for him. At least, I think so."

>Input Command
No. 455760 ID: 4a328b

Type 'Restricted to one person at a time?' and 'Do they both need to be entered at the same time to avoid being locked out?"
No. 455763 ID: 1987d1

So the challenge is to send one person down a corridor, defeat the challenge (presumably Fire and Lightning) and come back with the keycard. Repeat for the other corridor, and then go through the main door. It's a basic dungeon.

Although, why do we want to do a dungeon? What's the keycard locked door look like? Can we bust through it and sequence break? It would have to be a pretty tough door if we can't shoot through it, or just break it.

Try communicating via the computer. You'd think he'd want to let his friends in. Try "Marc Conner sent me."

Seems obvious you should break out the tank gun. X-ray time. What's waiting at the end of the corridors, and behind the sealed door? Look to Elizabeth, she got anything to say? (Maybe what danger lies down which corridor, or who's fated to go where). Don't press her if she doesn't offer anything though- we can't use psychic sight for everything.
No. 455764 ID: 4a328b

Hopefully it's not too close to see anything, but might as well get the big gun out, since I doubt a pistol will do much against machines, if that's what we're facing.
No. 455768 ID: 1987d1

Well, we're doing stationary scouting, not trying to peg a moving target in combat. Field of vision restrictions should matter less.
No. 455792 ID: a407a5

You sigh in fustration, then type away at the keyboard. Hopefully mentioning a friend will make things go a little eas-

-Marc Conner? Not friend. Initiating full lockdown in 10 seconds!

What? Wait, no! That's!

-Full lockdown initiated. Have a nice day.

Shit... well, scratch that idea. Maybe we could...

"Cass? Cally? Hey Elizabeth? Where are the other two?"

"The Warrior and the Music have gone to face Fire and Lightning."

"... When?"

"The Warrior went the way of Fire when the gateways were closing. The Music did the same for Lightning."

"Well....... Shit."

>>>Select Temporary Character: Cass/Cally
No. 455795 ID: 3ae6de

Ahaha yeah i didn't think that would go well anyway i'd like cass but we'd learn more from cally i think.
No. 455799 ID: f6cff9

Well that was fun I guess and at least we now know that Marc Connor isn't consider a friend. At least we didn't mention it to his face if he hates the guy. I guess I want to see how Cally fights so let's go with her.
No. 455800 ID: 54c7e5

Might as well spy on Cally, we might learn something about Jake.
No. 455807 ID: 4a328b

Oh boy, now we get to ask him what the falling out was about when we meet'm!

Follow Cally for a bit
No. 455812 ID: 1987d1

Oh hey, we get to control another character for a bit? Interesting. It probably doesn't matter who, since we we'll have to do both.
No. 455821 ID: a407a5

>Cally Brooks selected.

And BAM! You're sliding under the door in the nick of time, barely missing getting crushed by the metal "door". That's how we get stuff done! You stand yourself up and brush off, scanning the newest area you're in. Nothing special, looks like any other room you've ever been in. Well, besides looking all metallic and boring, but hey, you can't always choose your dance floor. At least you still have your headphones with you. It helps when you need to fight. You skip farther into the room, humming a little tune to yourself, until you reach about halfway in, when a speaker suddenly blares to life, filling the air with music and a voice.

"Well, well, well! Look who we have with us tonight! The great DJ Winter! A pleasure it is to have you grace my little party! Unfortunately, though, you are crashing in uninvited, and while you may be famous, you still got to follow the rules! So let's get ready to PARTY! As always, we have to start with a little appetizer before we get to the main course, and hell, why not throw out some of the Doc's little projects to get you started?"

The walls suddenly open up and giant tin can looking things pop out. You smile to yourself. You've dealt with these before. You snap your wrist towards one of them even as you manifest your weapon, watching the glowing rod shoot out to slam into its target and melt straight through the metal plating and the wires beneath. You snap the "glow-stick" back, twirling it in a mesmerizing circle of color and heat around your body even as you slide your headphones into place with your other hand. One down. Five to go.

Let's dance.

>>>Input Command
>Use this opportunity to test Cally's limits. Her stats will not be displayed.
No. 455825 ID: 1987d1

>stats won't be displayed
...so what do we have to work with? We don't know her abilities, or even what her weapon is. What's the reach on her "glowsticks on string"? Are we talking nun-chucks here? A jump-rope? One of those chain-staff things? Or just one stick on a string we can swing around? We got a one handed weapon? Two handed? Two separate dual wields?

We also don't know the setup of the room of distribution of the enemy.

...so we don't know ourselves, or the enemy. Hard to give useful tactical advice in that situation.

Oh well. Get dancing, girl. Take them on one by one, don't let yourself get backed into a corner, or get ganged up on. While you're at it, reflect on your thoughts about your new group of friends. How do you feel about the four of em? How do you feel about that Jake guy?
No. 455827 ID: f6cff9

It's true that it's kinda hard to plan for something like that. I think it's a "Glow Stick" on a retractable wire or string but that's just kinda just a guess on my part. Anyways we can always just practice some fun little tricks like spinning the string as it comes out of the robot to make weird circles and designs out of the robot, but only if they are easy to kill. Can we slide the "glow stick" from one side of the room to the other or is it just a forward and back sort of thing?
No. 455829 ID: f6cff9

I'm just basing on what she told us earlier with that hint. I still have no idea how far this thing can go or which ways we can move it.
No. 455830 ID: 4a328b

Throw it at the last one
No. 455831 ID: 1987d1

Well, I suppose the one thing we've learned is the mods aren't just cosmetic. The 'glow' makes the stick red hot, to the point where it melts robots.

Kind of brings up the old sword-chunks problem, though. You gotta wield it by the chain and not the ends.
No. 455840 ID: a407a5

>Last One
Farthest one? Seems like an idea! You hurl spin the rod some more as you almost literally glide across the ground, gauging the distance to your target. Just within reach at maybe 25 meters... gotcha. This'll be a piece of cake. You hurl the rod outward as one of the closer bots tries to fry your face with a little torch its got strapped to its "arm", which you promptly handstand on top of with one arm, using the other to keep hold of the chain keeping you attached to your weapon. The rod melts though the robot easily, then you give yourself a spin atop the robot you're on, letting the glow-stick pop out the side of its first target and slam into the side of another, neatly melting it in half. You hop off and to the side of your target, bringing the rod in an arc over your head to slam down onto the one next to you, melting through that one as well. Ha! These things can't even make you break a sweat! Someone should increase the tempo, or your going to get bored.

As you dispatch your last two robotic dance partners, you take the time to do some self-reflection... or more like, think about the new guys your trying to hang with. No reason not to, nothing else to keep you awake.

You want to bed her. Little else needs to be said. She seemed all for it yesterday, but today she's being a little stand-offish. Well, she did say she had a rough night. Better to just get this over quick so you can try to lift her spirits a little.

Another hottie you'd bed, given half the chance. Somehow, you doubt that's happening though. She seems a bit to high-strung and easily embarrassed. Ah well, you can at least have some fun at her expense.

He should go die and rot in a hole somewhere.

The kid freaks you the hell out. You're not even sure why. But still, while you don't think dragging her into an adult relationship is a good idea, you get the constant urge to cuddle her till she turns blue at the face.

Your thoughts are interrupted as the last metal foe bites the dust, and you halt in your movements to take a look around. You strip off your headphones just as a man drops from the ceiling, clapping his hands.

"Very nice. Very nice~ Well then, I suppose sending more of these puny things at you won't do much at all. Why don't we see how you handle someone with a bit more human judgement behind them?"

"Yeah? Well, sorry. You're not cute enough to be my dance partner. I just want the key, and then I'm out of here."

"Beat me, and you can have any key you want, Winter."

"Sounds good to m-"

You snap your head to the side as a bolt of electricity seems to whiz by your head. Your skin tingles at the close proximity, and you turn your attention to your opponent with a little more seriousness than the robots. He's holding what looks like a crossbow with a small generator strapped to the spot where the bolt would go, but then again, your a little amazed at yourself for even knowing what a crossbow was.

"Only warning shot you're getting, Winter. Let's see how you well you can dance to my beat."

>>>Input Command
No. 455844 ID: 1987d1

Okay, so... with what painfully sparse description we've given, I'm assuming the glow stick is just a red hot rod, probably between a foot or two feet in length, attached to a longish length of chain. Doesn't seem like there's another stick at the other end.

So I guess, fighting style wise, that means we basically have a chain-sickle. Only it melts instead of cuts.

Lightning here looks like he has another modded weapon. That probably started as a regular crossbow. So the doc makes conventional weapons into elemental or magical ones? I suppose that's something we could use- tune the colt and turn it into a lightning gun, fire gun, force gun, ice gun or something.

Anyways, he's a ranged fighter. Close.
No. 455845 ID: 54c7e5

Ooooh, it's a dance off!

Show him your moves!
No. 455847 ID: f6cff9

Man I always hate fighting range fighters when they out range you. They know you just gonna run up to them but what real choice do you have. It's either that or get shot like an idiot. Man now I know how the sword guy must have felt when he fought Linda.

Well get a running head start and use your "Rod of Melting". Maybe just throw it in one direction not directly in front of you but still towards the enemy as a distraction to get closer to him. People have a tendency to look the weapon instead of the person if they hurl it or throw it even when they can retract/retrieve it. Retract it as you get close or when the time is right.
No. 455848 ID: 4a328b

Voting plasma gun if we get the opportunity to mod---like lightning but more so.

Can you block shots with your sticks?
No. 455852 ID: 1987d1

>Plasma weapon!
Certainly fits our mecha-anime fetish. And a handgun blaster might be easier to bring to bear effectively against agile and/or close range armored targets than the tank-gun or pistol. Certainly useful for shooting through the next batch of robots or metal doors people think will stop us. I'm sold!

Colt Magnum Plasma Blaster.

>Can you block shots with your sticks?
...not if the material we're swinging it around on is conductive. So yes if it's string, cord, or rope, no if it's braided wire or chain.
No. 455855 ID: f6cff9

The plasma thing sounds good but the blocking the shot sounds bad
>chain keeping you attached to your weapon
No. 455880 ID: a407a5

You do the only sensible thing when you have a ranged fighter to waltz with. You close the gap. You hurl the rod up over in an arc, hoping to distract the man as you eat up some ground between you, and bring it down on his head if he's not paying attention, but he fires off another bolt of lightning at your face and starts backpedaling as he starts to do something with his weapon. You dodge the bolt by doing a baseball slide along the ground, and bring your weapon down on him earlier than you wanted to. He sidesteps and finishes his little thing, and fires at you again. You anticipate again, throwing your weight backwards into a handstand even as you spin your body again, bringing the glow-stick around in a wide arc around to whip at him again. You see it graze his weapon, and he hisses in annoyance as he's force to drop it from the sudden increase in temperature. Ha! You're on your feet by now, and you launch the weapon at his face this time, a nice direct attack, which he sidesteps again even as he manifests another weapon, this time what looks like a whip made of pure lightning, which he swings and around and cracks at you. You hurl yourself back, but it still connects, sending a painful jolt of electricity through your body even as hit the ground.

"Fucker! That hurt!"

"That's kinda the poi-"

Haha! Eat glow-stick, bastard! Still, that was a lucky shot, and now he's coming back to life and your whole body feels like it's on fire.

>>>Input Command
No. 455883 ID: 1987d1

Hmmm. He's based his build on an elemental theme rather than a fighting style? That actually puts him at a disadvantage.

He spawned as a weapon type with either a ranged or melee mundane weapon. He has a natural (unnatural, whatever) skill using that type of thing. Instead of building on that, he's collected lighting-modded stuff, only some of which he's naturally good with. You're probably more skilled with your weapon than he is with either of his.

>Getting back up.
Hmm. You weapon kind of requires a swing and build up of momentum between strikes- that makes it hard to chain kills.

...is his crossbow still on the floor, in easy reach? You could pick it up, blast him point blank, and just keep shooting each time he gets up again. Until he begs to surrender, or his number hits zero. If you can see those, that is.
No. 455889 ID: 4a328b

You could probably strangle him with the chain until he dies or yields if it's long enough
No. 455892 ID: 1987d1

...of course he could dismiss it at any time, and it's reload is slow. Probably better to retreat to medium range, since you chain and rod has more reach than his whip. You can press him, and if he tries to go back to the corssbow, close and pummel.

If possible, it occurs to me you can disable him by wrapping the chain around him, and letting the rod burn him to death over and over. ...Kind of hard to stop though, if you plan on leaving him alive.

I like this plan. As we saw with Daniels, choke holds aren't removed when a breaker respawns. You can strangle him down to zero (if you see numbers) or dead. Or you could just demand he surrender before you strangle him to death over and over once you're in position?
No. 455897 ID: f6cff9

Does Cally even know any holds or have the strength to keep him down? We can try to do that. Then again if we get atop of him then we could just drop the "Glow Stick of Doom" on his body each time he comes back to life. The problem with this is we gotta get even closer to him when he got the whip unless we can knock out his legs or something to close the distance fast enough.
No. 455898 ID: f6cff9

It's the same problem with the choke holds though but if Cally knows any holds then I'm all for it.
No. 455939 ID: a407a5

You drag yourself to your feet painfully, your whole body protesting the movement, but you manage. You start spinning your weapon some to get the thing some momentum, then notice the other man is already up and retrieving his crossbow, messing with it again. Probably reloading that lightning bolt thing. You stumble a little as you try to keep your legs from giving out under you, even as the man levels his weapon your way.

"Man. That whip works better than the Doc said it would. And all I had to do was keep some people out of his hair? I'm gonna be tearing up Sun City with that. Sorry about this, but it's just the way it's gotta be. I'll make sure to take good care of that focus or yours."

You watch his finger close on the trigger, then get a brilliant idea. Why not just... let yourself go? You let your legs give out, dropping you suddenly towards the ground as you hurl the rod his way again and a lighting bolt arcing over you. You feel your head smash against the ground, then you black out from the sudden impact.

You awaken what is hopefully only a few seconds later to the sound of screaming and a stench of burnt flesh. You struggle lamely to your feet, eyes finding it hard to focus, until you manage to get on your feet AGAIN and stumble your way over to a wall. You hear the rod dragging against the ground behind you, although that screaming is really start to mess with your music. Where is that shit coming from?

You make it to the wall and use it to steady yourself, then turn around to find that screaming. A few seconds of blurry vision, then your eyes focus on the source. The lightning bastard's arm is completely gone. Cut off at midway along his upper arm. Instead, there's just a charred stump of burnt flesh, and he's clutching at it, screaming his head off in pain.

Fuck.... that's just... fuck!

You double over and hurl your breakfast onto the floor, the smell of cooked meat and the sight before your eyes sending you over the edge of your control. You didn't mean to... you never meant to... fuck!

Minutes later you finally recover enough to glance up again. The man is on his knees now, whimpering in pain. God... you didn't mean to make him suffer through that. You've never actually caused something like this... whenever someone had to die, just once to send a message, it was a quick painless affair, and they were always right again a few seconds later... Oh god...

>>>Input Command
No. 455940 ID: 54c7e5

Well, maybe if you kill him real quick he'll get better. Or at least stop screaming.

You need that keycard though!
No. 455942 ID: 886a4d

Well then she definately isn't used to battle if its effecting her that much. Point in her favor. Alright Cally kill him quick. That will save his arm and help him with the pain. Once he comes to threaten to do it again unless he tosses you both focii.
No. 455945 ID: b6edd6

Make sure to ask if he has any break points left before killing him. It wouldn't do to kill him kill him.
No. 455946 ID: cb8d76


Alternatively I would recommend kicking this guy's foci away from him before killing him since he has been trying to kill you (maybe permanently?!). Actually, is there anyway to knock him unconscious as he resurrects? Seems like the quickest way to end this ugly song. You might want to talk with Linda about how common fighting crazy people like this (not just to send a message) is for them since the boss assigned you to work with them and all...
No. 455964 ID: 1987d1

Alright, toughen up. You can fix this. If you put him down nice and quick, then it's like you hit rewind.

Advance on him. Demand the card. Then his foci. Then ask if he's got any points left (assuming you don't have break sight). If he answers in the affirmative, kill him, and let him respawn.

You probably want to keep the whip for yourself. Less reach than your glowstick, but it's close enough in form that skill probably carries over, and it's useful for disabling.
No. 455985 ID: a407a5

Right! Killing him makes all the damage go away. you steady yourself, draw the glow-stick back and hurl it at the man, who goes down instantly as the heated rod melts its way through his skull. You draw it back again and stumble over to the man's body just as he revives, arm repaired and ready to go. You're still shaken from the memories of his injury, but you manage to get your voice to come to you as you dangle the glow-stick above his head.

"G-Give me the keycard! That's all I want!"

The man blinks in surprise, then laughs.

"Is that all? The Doc said you'd take my foci. Eh, you want the keycard, go ahead and have it." The man pulls the plastic card out and tosses it to you. "So... we're done here, right? I can go?"

"Uh... yeah. Yeah. Just... don't shoot me in the back... or I'll kill you again."

"Yeah sure. Have fun."

You blink in surprise, then nod in satisfaction. Good. Everything was resolved in the proper Sun City manner. No problems at all. Taking foci was taboo, the thought even crossing your mind was a little horrifying(albeit a little appealing, in its own way), but you'd got what you came for, and that's all that really mattered. You bend down to collect your prize, then backpedal towards the door, keeping an eye on the enemy just in case. You weren't THAT naive.

>>>Returning to Linda McCallahan
No. 455986 ID: a407a5

While your two companion were off doing whatever it was they were doing, you tried seeing what might be beyond the big door. You didn't see much but more metal, and a man working at a computer terminal in another room farther away. You also tried asking Elizabeth about what might be going on, or what might happen, but she just ignored you as she went around in her own little world. You eventually gave up on the whole thing and simply waited, annoyed at not getting to do anything.

After 10 minutes, however, the lightning door opens up and Cally comes out, looking a little busted up but otherwise fine. Hanging from her arm is a chain with a very hot rod looking thing, which she seems to spin lazily around in circles to keep from touching herself with it. She explains more or less what happened, then hands over the keycard and sits down to wait with you. Another 5 minutes pass before the other door opens up, and Cass comes out. Physically, she seems fine, but her clothing is missing patches here and there from getting burnt. Her number has dropped significantly as well, to a 12, and that leaves you a little concerned. In one hand she's carrying her normal chainsaw, however, in the other she's dragging along what looks like a small gasoline canister. She makes no comment as to what actually happened, instead putting the canister down once she's reached you and handing over the card.

"I got the fire one. He won't be bothering us anymore. I see you got the lightning one to, so can we go in there and deal with this guy? Because this place is really getting on my nerves."

>>>Input Command
No. 455991 ID: 1987d1

Hmm. Well, Cally is honestly interested in not killing, and upset by suffering. Seems unlikely she's working for Jake directly (why put on an act for the voices in your head you don't know are there?).

A foci looting taboo is interesting, although I wonder if that will cause problems for us in the long run.

Aw... we didn't get to control both players? I was hoping we could stabilize Cass into a avoiding a kill. Oh well, at least this means we loot.

Anyways, grab the keycards, open door, advance. He's going to throw a robot boss fight at you, so leave Elizabeth in the terminal room. The anti-material rifle is probably going to be more useful than the pistol. Cass may have a hard time using her chainsaw effectively, but Cally's ranged melt-stick should be useful.
No. 455999 ID: f6cff9

Sounds like a plan but I was kinda surprise about taking foci is a taboo here. I get the no killing part but how are threats gonna work in this town if taking foci isn't allowed either. I'm guessing it's more like a social taboo than anything else and other people won't start hunting you down for taking some in a fight... I hope. Well odds are shit is gonna hit the fan anyways so we can worry about that later.
No. 456007 ID: 1987d1

Well, it's probably because the focus here is entertainment. Breakers use their foci for their livelihood, and mostly rumble over turf. It's not a fight to the death, and the losers get to walk away with their gear and hides after respawning a few times.

At least, that's what Cally is used to. Lightning seemed more than willing to kill her and loot her focus when he thought he was winning. And he must have looted one of his from somewhere. And Jake- the real power behind the club- is more than willing to function as we're used to. Even if the sun city entertainers follow this code, the real power structures, and the underground independents don't.
No. 456030 ID: a407a5
File 134802640387.jpg - (202.71KB , 468x347 , mech_art_11.jpg )

You have Cass and Cally open the door as you hang back, manifesting your rifle and training it on the entryway as it opens before you. At first there's nothing to even see, then lights start to come to life, bathing the massive room in white light. At the center is a robot that looks at least four stories tall, uncurling from a sort of resting position. It's arms look to consist of mounted chainguns, it's shoulders have some sort of cannon looking things on them, and you doubt that the large thing attached to it's chest is a good thing. You're practically having an orgasm. The thing, piloted or not... it's a fucking MECH! FUCK YEAH! A speaker crackles to life as it opens up completely and turns towards you, the sound of a rather young man floating through the air.

"Those useless men! Can't even hold off a few unwanted guests! Fine! I'm still in the middle of something, and I wouldn't want to be bothered even if I wasn't! Have fun with Model 1378! Twin chainguns, two mounted artillery cannons and a gravity wave emitter~ Ah! My finest robotic creation ye- Oh! The system results are starting to come i-"

The speaker cuts off, and the mechanical monstrosity in front of you starts its attack off before any of you really get a chance to react. It aims the artillery cannons right at you and fires with amazing precision. You just barely scramble out of the way, dragging Elizabeth along with you, who seems completely unconcerned with her current predicament.

"Uh... Linda. I don't think my chainsaw can cut through that."

"Wha- Who the hell builds something like that?! The least they could have done was built a stereo system into it or something! Whoa... should not have done that. Still a little woozy..."

>>>Input Command
>Cally currently out of action until further notice.
No. 456031 ID: 1987d1

Oh, dang. I expected Cass to be ineffective, but we're down Cally too? I wanted her running interference while we blasted the thing.

Alright. Cass? Keep these two from getting killed. I got this.

Okay: advantage 1- anti material rifle. We've got a weapon made to hurt shit just like this. Of course, you gotta peg it where it hurts. Motors, energy generation, computer controls, or in the ammo (boom!). Hard to guess locations for all that from the outside though, although maybe your mecha-knowledge gives you some insight here?

Advantage 2: That thing uses guns. We specialize in breaking with guns. And we have active break. We can reach out and fuck with it's weapons. Chainguns can jam- artillery can misfire and explode in the barrel. Let's put those points in spirit to use- take this thing down hard and fast.

Advantage 3- we're finesse based. Dodge baby, dodge.

I think the first thing we should try is using active break to fuck with one or more of it's guns. Make the artillery shells misfire- it'll be fantastic.
No. 456034 ID: 886a4d

Sounds good to me.
No. 456036 ID: 4a328b

Ok, if Cally's not up for fighting this atm have her get Elizabeth out of the danger zone.

I agree with trying to mess with this thing via active break--maybe having it have a misfire and damaging itself would be doable.

If she tries to attack it head on Cass is going to have no luck--but there might be some weaker points. Like there may be weaker materials at the joints that she can hack through.
No. 456040 ID: b6edd6

Yep, artillary stockpile explosions are pretty great, and since they are in the shoulder area we might get the arm on that side disconnected in the blast.
No. 456055 ID: a407a5

Damnit. Well, looks like it's you versus the giant mecha(Squeeeeeeee~) and while you loath to rip the beautiful thing to pieces... it's in your way. You direct Cass to get Cally and Elizabeth out of the way, then level your weapon with the things chest and fire off a round into it. The chest is where all the vital stuff should be, if your mecha knowledge holds. You see your round pierce through the outer layer of metal and get stopped cold at the second. So... it's got multiple layers of armor over the torso at least... smart. You don't want the vital stuff to get taken out so easily. Then it's the mecha's turn, and this time it target you with its chainguns. You see the weapons start rotating and immediately do the only thing sensible. You fire again, this time aiming for the connection point for the gun to the rest of the arm, even as you hurl yourself to the side. Your round apparently hit just right, because you hear the sudden snapping of cables and the arm almost literally just falls off, the spinning barrels slowing to a stop as they collide with the ground. The other chaingun though... Your dodge movement got you partially out of the way as the thing opened up, riddling the area with hundreds of rounds, but you didn't get all the way out of the way, and you feel pain shoot up from what used to be your leg as it's torn to shreds. Your thought is only FUCK before you feel the welcoming embrace of shock and death...

Then you're awake again, hands still holding the rifle, but the robot seems to have decided to lower it's cannons again. This time, however, it's aiming for the somewhat defenseless trio who are trying their best to stay the hell out of the way. You suddenly find yourself somehow able to sense the thing is about to fire, and almost on instinct you exert your will.

You all hear the BOOM as the cannons fire, but the shells never leave the barrels. Instead, almost a second later, another BOOM echoes throughout the room as both cannon shells explode in the barrels, ripping holes in the back of the thing's armor plated torso and sendin it rocking forward. Speaker's on the robot suddenly blare to life as they start sounding odd mechanical messages.

"Warning. Warning. Damage levels critical. Retreating to safe distance and initiating self-repair mode."

Gah! That... that makes you feel terrible. You don't want to hurt the pretty machine anymore! Damn you Doctor! You swear to the Machine God you will find him and deck him one for making you do this! The mech suddenly start pulling away from you, moving to the opposite side of the room via treads that replace legs, and seems to hunch over as it begins to do something.

... Oh yeah. It said something about self-repair, didn't it?

>>>Input Command
No. 456060 ID: 886a4d

Use some of that speed of yours to get in front of it so you can target the innards its repairing. Bonus points if you hit the self-repair system. Watch out for that chain-gun though.
No. 456061 ID: 1987d1

Manifest, death number four, and an active break. Only cost 4BP to put down a Boss fight. Not too shabby! (You have to gush about how awesome that was when you reunite with your friends. Did you see that!).

...except the fight isn't over, is it? Robot is fixing itself, and the doctor isn't cursing you for destroying his creation, or grudgingly conceding you made it through his trials. It's still on.

Linda, I know it sucks, but you gotta keep shooting the mecha till it stops moving. Can't leave that big a threat in the game. Don't mourn- Doc can always repair or rebuild it later. The explosions should have ripped a lot of holes in the layers of armor- start pegging it somewhere vital.

Be warned it probably still has it's gravity wave emitter, as that was likely mounted in the main body, not on an external gun.
No. 456065 ID: 4a328b

Are there any limbs we can take off from this angle, or do you need to keep firing at the same spot until you break its armor?
No. 456117 ID: a407a5

You grit your teeth in frustration and start forward, trying to pick out a good spot to shoot. Unfortunately, the front of the thing is fine. The back of it was where most of the damage occurred. It doesn't seem to notice you circling around it, and once you find yourself a good position, you pick out what looks like something important and fire on it, punching a hole straight through the sensitive equipment. The mech almost immediately responds, seeming to go a little odd as it starts vibrating in place.

"Error. Error. Sensor systems inactive. Rerouting to secondary sensors. Error. Secondary sensors inactive. Initating defensive routine 27. Firing wide angle gravity pulse."

The top half of the mech seems to raise slightly, and you notice a gyro looking device spinning quickly at it's center. You barely register the thing before a pulse of something hurls you into a wall, breaking bones and shattering your spine from the force. You wake a second later to the sound of that mechanical voice rattling off some new information.

"-pair systems to sensor systems. Estimated time to complete repair, 7 seconds... 6... 5..."

You garb at where you hope your rifle is to find it's not there, and notice the weapon laying a few meters away, likely hurled away in the blast. You sprint over and do a baseball slide to grab the weapon, ending yourself in the prone position to hopefully get off a better shot.

"Repair complete. Sensor system operational. Switching to combat repair routine. Continuing repair of armor. Switching minimal power to left arm gun, neutralizing target. 30 seconds to gravity emitter recharge complete."

>>>Input Command
No. 456118 ID: 1987d1

Death #5. 9BP remain, 7/10 shots in the clip.

Priority right now is taking out that gravity gun. Let's peg the sensors again- it can't immediately retaliate while recharging. Then you'll be trained and ready when the gravy-gyro pops out again, and you can shoot it (if you can't just peg it inside it's alcove now- I'm assuming you can't).

If the left arm tries to shoot you, either shoot to disable like you did the right one, or just active break it- make the minigun jam, misfire, explode, etc.

Keep an eye out for the repair system, or the control system. We need to disable those to win.
No. 456128 ID: f6cff9

If only we knew where the self repairing system is or how it works then we would have an easier time right now. I guess that's why this is the "final boss" for this bunker.

This is really the only course of action we can take right now. The only other way is using an active break to keep the sensors or the gravity weapon destroyed permanently after we break them into tiny pieces, which I have no idea if it would even work with this mech. Stupid self repairing systems
No. 456141 ID: 4a328b

See if we can get the gravity pulse to misfire, too?
No. 456142 ID: 1987d1

I'd rather just shoot it. Anything gyro based is gonna be delicate. And as a energy based emitter weapon, I don't think our natural firearms bonus would necessarily apply. Bullets seem more reliable in this case.
No. 456300 ID: a407a5

You quickly come up with your plan of action. You pick yourself up just as the rotars on the chaingun start spinning, and when you feel like it's going to fire you hurl your will at it. The chaingun makes a rattling noise as the rotars grind to a halt, and you mentally sigh in relief as you start to move again, positioning yourself to get at that box that is the sensors again. Even as you do so, the mech is still reporting its condition.

"Error. Weapons malfunction detected. Repairing weapons malfunction."

The gun rotars roar to life again, but you're already where you need to be. You spot your target, aim the rifle and open fire. The weapon cuts through the box again, and the mech almost immediately responds.

"Error. Sensor systems inactive. Rerouting to secondary sensors. Error. Secondary sensors inactive. Initiating repair of sensor systems. Rerouting repair systems to sensor systems. Estimated time to complete repair, 7 seconds... 6... 5..."

You utilize the time to position yourself again, hopefully finding another target, and this time notice another box. You target it and open fire again, just as the mech finishes its repair of its sensors. The box explodes as the round tears through it, and the mech rocks forward again at the force of the explosion.

"Error. Gravity restraint system damaged. Error. Gravity generator restraint offline. Warning. Gravitational build-up detected. Attempting to repair restraint system... Error. Repair system incapable of normal operation under increased gravity. Warning. All personel clear area. Gravitational excess discharge in 10 seconds... 9... 8..."

Ah... shit...

>>>Input Command
No. 456302 ID: 4a328b

Get clear!
No. 456303 ID: 886a4d

Time to book it! Cass should be strong enough to kick down any door if she is up to it. We gotta get out of this room.
No. 456306 ID: 1987d1

8BP, 5 shots left.

Alright, it's going to blow! Yell for your friends to get clear. This place is build like a bunker, and that last door you cam through was an impressive one. Get behind that, into the terminal room, and you should be able to weather the explosion.

You're a lot closer to the robot, and farther from the door. If you can sprint that far in the time remaining, go for it. If not, run for the nearest cover you can reach and hope for the best.

Best case? You're all fine. Bad case? You lose a life. Worse case? Everyone loses a life. Worst case? The facility falls down and you all get crushed to death or suffocate over and over till you're out of BP.

Oh, and reiterating:
>You have to gush about how awesome that was when you reunite with your friends. Did you see that!
I killed a mech!

Cue exasperated or amused Cass, indifferent Elizabeth and vaguely aroused Cally.
No. 456308 ID: 4a328b

>>You have to gush about how awesome that was when you reunite with your friends. Did you see that!
>I killed a mech!
no no no wrong emotion.

ANGER AND REMORSE: "I had to kill a mech! That bastard doctor!"
No. 456311 ID: 1987d1

Oh come on. Half of mecha anime is mechs getting killed. Usually by other mechs, yes, but that makes our solo-ing one ourself even more impressive. We have to be able to exult in our victory.

I mean, Linda's free to feel a little conflicted about it, but she should enjoy the moment.
No. 456312 ID: 886a4d

I agree. What Linda should now want is to get her very own mech. She now knows its possible!
No. 456369 ID: a407a5
File 134819581694.jpg - (68.38KB , 640x498 , Cool_Scientist_105589_900x700theAnimeGallerycom.jpg )



"Cass! Get Everyone out of here!"


You turn and book it. You don't really have any hope of reaching the door in time, but you're hoping at least getting away from the thing will lessen the damage. Still, you suddenly notice that you're not actually moving forward anymore. More like... you're moving backward?


Here it comes...


You suddenly feel yourself get yanked off your feet and dragged backwards towards the mech, almost colliding with the thing, before a pulse of force drags you forwards. Everything goes black from the simple acceleration, then you find yourself waking up next to a wall. You get up and examine your surrounding, finding nothing more than twisted metal and torn wiring. You manage to find the remains of your rifle, twisted and warped into some barely identifiable mass of material. Cass and the other three come in from the other room, all of their numbers reduced by one(at least, that's what Cass and Elizabeth are showing). Suddenly, you feel yourself get filled with joy, and you practically kill Cass again as you tackle-hug her in your enthusiasm.


"Yeah, yeah! I see that! Now stop crushing my spine!"

You let go of Cass and hop over to Elizabeth, grabbing her hands and rocking them up and down as you do an odd sort of dance with the girl.

"I killed a MECH! ME! Hell, I never though I'd even see a mech in my life! HAHA!"

Elizabeth, as almost all the time, just stares at you blankly, although you get the feeling she is very confused. The next target is Cally, who grabs you before you can even say anything and kisses you, giving you a nice 10 second long service before releasing you.

"A reward~"

Then you hear a noise, and your attention is dragged back to reality somewhat. A door has opened up on the opposite side of the room and a somewhat young looking man dressed in very old fashioned clothes comes out, grumbling under his breath. He ignores you completely and heads instead over to the wrecked shell that was the mech's torso and begins rooting around inside it, still mumbling things that you can't really make out...

"Ah! That's the Doc!"

... What?

>>>Input Command
No. 456371 ID: 886a4d

Sorry for breaking it, it was trying to kill me at the time. Can you fix her doc? Could I get one of my own?
No. 456386 ID: 1987d1

Gravity pulse killed everybody. Not surprising, really. That's death number 6, and 7BP left. We're half empty. Well, at least till we get our victory XP and up our spirit. Although we might need it for tuning instead if we plan on getting that plasma blaster.

You should probably dismiss the broken rifle. Just so it doesn't prevent you from manifesting when you need it.

He got a number?

Go over to see him. Hey, cool robot. Sorry I had to kill it. You don't exactly make yourself easy to talk to, do you? Got a real magician's castle deal going on here- 3 challenges and everything.

*Stick out a hand, Grin* I'm Linda. Marc says hi.
No. 456397 ID: 4a328b

Back to business, Linda! Compose thyself!

But first make sure he can make another one.

After that, introductions, and you try to figure out the story between him and Bossman. And why he doesn't just get a doorbell installed or something.
No. 456403 ID: a407a5

You sigh in fustration. This is going to be annoying. Although, if he can make mecha... hehehe... As you get closer to him however, you can feel it before you see it, and when you do get close enough to see it, you're practically crushed under the weight he carries with him. Simply imagining this... this was nothing like Aria. You're practically getting forced to your knees.

100. Exactly. He's got a fucking 100 not simply floating around his head. Oh no. The number is floating directly above him, in bold print, while on fire. You're not sure if he's aware of it, but... god... damn...

"Hm? Who the hell are you? Oh. Wait... never mind. Conner's people. I have no interest in anything he's proposing. You can keep it to yourself. If you have any work for me you want done, you can direct that to me, as long as it's personal work."

"Hey, Doc! Remember me?"

"Ah. The girl who wanted a glow-stick for a weapon. How's the plasma rod doing for you? I can have it shift colors if you like."

"Really? I'll have to remember that sometime."

"Hm. See that you do. Making that was quite an interesting project... still, if you're all just going to stand there, you might helping me find the central core for this thing here? That and the gravity emitter. They should both be undamaged, for the most part. I thought it would do a better job of keeping uninteresting people away from me... still, I suppose it did a fairly good job. Annoying how it only took one to defeat it though... maybe I should try figuring out a method to counter breaking somehow... I think that would require at least a constant emitter of some kind... perhaps a particle disrupter? No, no... that would assume reality is created or affected by particles..."

The rest of the group gets to work, with only Elizabeth stopping next to you as you gape in utter shock and under the weight of the man's strength.

"The Angel must not be alarmed by the Crafter of Things that Never Were. He is strong, but does not fight." Then Elizabeth is off searching for the things he asked for as well. You manage to snap your attention back into the normal reality everyone shares, and walk up to the man, hoping to at least start a conversation.

"Hey, cool robot. Sorry I had to kill it. You don't exactly make yourself easy to talk to, do you? Got a real magician's castle deal going on here- Ever think about putting in a doorbell? My name's Li-"

"Jokes. Uneducated ones at that. The stupidity of the world around me... yes, whatever. Look, I've no interest in your name, you work for Conner. Just tell me what you want me to do and then get out."

>>>Input Command
No. 456404 ID: b6edd6

Say that we heard he can make unique modifications to foci, and that we are interested on how they compare to 'normal' manifestation upgrades. We also found a ring that we think he might have modified, and we were wondering what it does.
...And we are also interested in maybe learning how to make such a beautiful mech.
No. 456405 ID: 886a4d

Linda should be slightly insulted that she was called uneducated. To be working at 23 she most likely graduated from highschool early and considering her company puts up with her I bet her college education was no slouch either. Her degree was probably in mathematics, finance and \ or statistics though and not hard sciences. It also wouldn't surprise me if she had a 4.0 GPA.
No. 456406 ID: 100061

maybe giving him some feedback on his mech would help make a good impression?

"I was able to blind it fairly easily, adding a backup sensor package, or linking it to some cameras in the room would probably make the next one much more dangerous"
No. 456407 ID: 886a4d

It did have a backup sensor package, it probably blew with the rockets though.
No. 456437 ID: 1987d1

Huh. I wonder if that's the cap?

This is the way to go. Get details on how his work, well, works before we request anything modified. And see if he can give you details on the ring.

Then once we know how it works, we make a request.

Well, if we want to give him feedback to make it harder next time (I'm assuming we'll want to get back in here some day)... the thing had two real disadvantages. The first was who it was up against. With gun-elemental active breaking and an anti material gun, we were uniquely situated to counter it. Also, it kept calling out its actions. It would have been harder if it just shut up. (Although that was what made me assume it was a challenge. It's meant to be beatable by the worthy, not to kill everyone who shows up).

We shouldn't ask yet (for risk of alienating him before we get any work done), but on the way out, what's your problem with Conner? We were only sent out here to see if we could find you, not much detail past that.
No. 456439 ID: a407a5

"We heard you could modify foci, so I came down here to... well... get you to modify something I suppose. We heard it was different from a normal change to a foci. Also, we found this ring, and think you might have modif-"

The ring is snatched from your hand and the Doctor holds it up, staring at it intently for a moment before sighing and handing it back. "Nothing of interest. The thing is a project I worked on ages ago when I was attempting to clone someone. It simply duplicates the wearer perfectly, clothing, weapons carried, everything. However the duplicate is an idiot in comparison, and will only follow basic instructions.

"Now then, what do you mean by NORMAL? Do you mean the fact that you can only modify the rifle you killed my robot with? Because however hard you try, it will always be a gas-operated weapon, incapable of truly getting to planet destroying capabilities. I, on the other hand, could easily remodel it into a completely different weapon. Make it fire super-heated plasma. Or anti-matter. Or maybe have it emit a gravity beam that compresses matter into a hyper-dense state... haven't tried that last one, have been meaning to...

"Anyways, I generally require payment and materials upfront. Both are in foci, although if the modifications is something stupid, I wave the payment fee. There's no point to charging for something I could do in my sleep."

"FOUND IT! I THINK! That gravity thingy is this spinner looking thing, right?"

"Yes. Thank you! Now then, are we finished? I have work to get to?"

"We still have to find that core thing, don't we?"

"... Who are you? I haven't seen you do anything?"

"I killed your fire fucker. Which reminds me, you probably need to have that room cleaned up..."

"The Warrior is very messy."


>>>Input Command
No. 456450 ID: 1987d1

>It simply duplicates the wearer perfectly, clothing, weapons carried, everything. However the duplicate is an idiot in comparison, and will only follow basic instructions.
I can think of half a dozen combat applications for an idiot clone. Lots more if said clone retains the skills of the original, but not the intellect (ie, who cares how smart it is so long as it can shoot with superhuman skill). Hell, we could be our own sniper backup, especially if it dupes the comm as well.

...also, threesomes. XD

>payment in foci
...that's gonna be tricky. We don't really want to mod either of our existing guns- they're perfectly good as is. The colt I had mostly written off as being useless in breaker battles, but changing it into an energy weapon gives it a lot of utility. However: that only leaves us the needle and the ring as payment, both of which seem worth tuning later (traps and clones give a lot of utility).

I suppose we could offer to do something for him (or maybe not- guard duty will put us in a kill or be killed situation. A fetch quest would be nice, though). Or maybe Cass will volunteer the gas can? (Don't ask- it's her call if she wants to pay for your upgrades, you shouldn't even put her on the spot unless she thinks of it herself).

>Make it fire super-heated plasma
Yes please! I've got this colt here that I'd love to make into a blaster...

>Or anti-matter
Uh, no, we're not that stupid, I think. Even small amounts of anti-matter yield absurd explosions (we're converting the entire rest mass into energy) and we'd prefer to avoid massive collateral damage. There's also the small problem of containment how do you keep the rounds from annihilating the gun, or the air before the target?

>Or maybe have it emit a gravity beam that compresses matter into a hyper-dense state...
A gravy-crush gun? We could make our own neutronium! Interesting, but I kind of like the blaster better. Although, since he's interested in this one, we might be able to get it cheaper.

On the way out, ask him what his problem with Conner is. You were only told to see if you could find the doctor- you weren't given an offer to make, or message to give.
No. 456468 ID: b6edd6

I am not that fond of heat-based weapons in this case, because we fight in flammable buildings fairly often.
Actually, we might want to look into going the opposite direction and converting the pistol to a cold ray. Instant freezing would basically pulverize the hit body part because of water to ice expansion, but I think the freezing would significantly delay actual death by preventing bloodless. Super-freezing would also be useful against inorganic things, because extreme cold makes things very brittle.
(Alternately, we could make the pistol shoot tranquilizer tipped needles and then laugh and laugh at anyone who isn't a form or avatar type.)

The grav-beam sounds like a good upgrade for the sniper rifle, though we probably want to make the range adjustable, because we want to be able to hit things far away but we also want to be able to shoot someone without having to worry about who might be in any buildings behind him.
No. 456474 ID: 1987d1

I dislike the idea of modding the rifle at all. It's already very good at what it does. It some ways making it a gravy gun actually restricts the situations we can use it. Goes from a precision weapon that can snipe through walls, to a splashy one that knocks walls down.

Giving the pistol tranq ammo is something we can probably do without the doc's help. We have the power to make alternate mundane ammo ourself. Hell, it doesn't even increase BP cost- you just have to chose which ammo you want when manifesting or reloading. It's probably a good investment in the future, actually.

The question is more what exotic firepower we want for the colt (and how to pay for it).
>Plasma blaster vs freeze gun
Okay. I liked plasma because it has some degree of splatter (helping with dodge happy enemies) without getting absurd. It also would be good at getting through large amounts of metal (thick armor plating... or heavy bunker doors) which is one of the few things our rifle isn't good at. Plasma might also be able to burn / melt hurt avatars tank rounds would only scratch, or that move or close to fast to bring the rifle to bear on.

Cold does have utility in breaking through things, through you generally have to smash brittle things to make them break. So we're looting at two hits (melee or bullet after freeze) to shatter targets. Not a problem with obstacles, more of one with combatants. I doubt freezing strong enough to shatter steel wouldn't kill people from shock/damage just as quickly as the tank gun. Potentially we might be able to freeze / block incoming attacks though, or do useful things with water?

What do other people think?
No. 456480 ID: 886a4d

I kinda like the idea of the freeze-ray colt. Payment will have to be the needle though since we don't actually have anything else and a clone is far more useful then a trap we don't know how to use.
No. 456482 ID: 08161f

Does that mean it duplicates the weapons we manifest as well? And do the clones have the same powers and there own bp pool? Cause if so i am suddenly imagining having the clone dual wielding plasma pistols and running a distraction while we give cover fire or vice versa. That and cass somehow dual wielding plasma bladed chainsaws, mwhahahah......
No. 456483 ID: 1987d1

I'm going to assume the clone doesn't get BP, and duplicates whatever we have manifested at the time. (Although, obviously we'll have to test this). That way we have to spend our own BP to res it if it gets killed, which kind of makes sense. And getting access to a doubled BP pool would be pretty overpowered. ...although it would kind of make sense if our double could reload on her own?

The tricky one bit is really skill. How good with a gun *is* an idiot clone?

Quick- who can think of a punny name for a Linda-clone?

That reminds me. We had the pistol manifested in it's holster when we went in. Did it get wrecked by the gravy pulse too? Or was it covered by our respawn like our clothes and stuff? If it broke, we'll have to remanifest it later.

>pay with the needle
Eh... I suppose that makes sense, although it's disappointing we'll never test it. I kind of regret buying the frags, now. Although there's always the slight chance Cass will spontaneously offer some of Fire's junk. The thought of buying ice with fire amuses me.
No. 456497 ID: b6edd6

We could always ask if she wants to trade the needle for the gas can.
No. 456498 ID: 08161f

Truth be told the ring sounds like its best use would be to fake your death if the clone is to much of an idiot, except that if they can see the number of bp we have like we can and it has no pool of its own that makes it useless it also displays ours. And if it has our skills the only way i can think of it being able to use them effectively is if it responds to commands or something and just doesn't actively think for itself.
No. 456500 ID: 1987d1

Can we call it the Cold Magnum? :p

>Possible clone uses
Well, decoy is one use. There are others though. We could use it as a sacrificial rearguard during retreat. There's working side by side with staggered shots to counter dodgers (Maria dodges one Linda's bullet, and then gets pegged by the next before she has a chance to dodge again). Back to back formation. A sacrificial scout. Acting as a sniper cover when we go into dangerous situations (watch me- if/when fighting starts, shoot them). Possibly for simple guard or babysitting duty. ...and logistically easy to arrange threesomes.

I wonder how spending XP would upgrade it. Maybe the more expensive we make the clone, the smarter or better a copy it will be?

We're going to need an updated XP count soon. If the robot gave us 2, that brings us to 4. We could upgrade spirit, but we may have to put that off to tune the Cold Magnum and twin-ring.

I'm seriously drawing a blank on a nickame for our hypothetical Linda double.
No. 456514 ID: b6edd6

>I'm seriously drawing a blank on a nickame for our hypothetical Linda double.
No. 456515 ID: 4a328b

Remember to ask what's the deal with him and Conner--did they part on bad terms or something?

Get the story here, Linda!
No. 456532 ID: cb8d76

Of the options presented the ice gun sounds the most interesting and hanging on to the ring (at least for now) is my preference. That said, since people are worried about hitting dodge focused breakers, why has no one suggested a laser gun (is it the cliche?)?
No. 456533 ID: 886a4d

Cass now has a flamethrower. Once we get some more exp we can buy that off of her and mod it to shoot sticky gel instead of flames to slow down dodge experts.
No. 456537 ID: 1987d1

That works.

I approve of this plan.

Even if we got a laser, we're not getting anything accurate enough to drop finesse checks out of the equation completely.
No. 456579 ID: a407a5

"What about a freeze ray?"

"Freeze ray? You mean something that would cause all energy to spontaneously leave the target, rendering it incapable of movement and causing death in most living things due to heat loss? Yes, I could do something like that. It wouldn't be as interesting as some of the other things I've done, but... hm... yes. I think I can do that. Follow."

The Doctor leads you into the room he'd come from, which is filled with vials and beakers and papers scattered about and various other scientific equipment. You also notice some very old medieval alchemy tools, but you can't really understand why that would be important to a scientist. Still, eventually you reach a table that looks very high-tech looking, and the Doctor collects the untuned gun foci, and the needle from you. He pauses to stare at you a moment, then sighs.

"You seem to misunderstand. When I say payment, I mean payment to me. Then I need another focus to actually use as materials, plus the focus I am modifying. Three foci must be present total. But since you've provided battle data, and because this is your first visit... I'll wave payment this time. Make sure to come back with the proper amount next time."

He places the Colt round on the desk and starts tapping keys along the side of the table. The round is dragged into the air through some invisible force, and then images start to appear in thin air, depicting numbers and words and things you can't make any sense of. The Doctor seems completely capable though, as he starts manipulating the images and modifying numbers. A few minutes later, he take the needle and seems to literally rip it apart, making little bits of... something... that he starts applying to things. He starts mumbling what sound like numbers, percentages and equations as he works, tapping the images here and there and adding the weird stuff to it occasionally. After awhile, he finishes, and he retrieves the new focus from it's place in the air. As he hands it to you, you can almost feel the chill air coming from it. Closer examination reveals it to no longer be a bullet. At least, no bullet you've ever seen. Instead, this looks almost like a small vial of something that is extremely cold to the touch.

"Explanation. I modified the weapon to fire a sort of 'freeze ray' effect at things. The thing will need some time to freeze targets completely, maybe 10 seconds of continuous fire at first, although I'm sure that time could be made smaller. The weapon uses liquid nitrogen as fuel, although that matters little to you, as you'll just have to reload it like a normal manifested weapon. Also, the weapon should look very different now... how different, I don't know.

"Before I forget. There is a service I don't charge for, as it's... unpredictable. But I can fuse two foci together. Any foci together. Weapon and Form, Form and Avatar, Avatar and Weapon. It's a very delicate process however, and... it's outcome can't be predicted. If you'd like, that can be don-"

"Hey Doc... you think you could do that combining thingy with my chainsaw and this flamethrower thingy?"

"A perfect chance to show you. Alright, hand them over. We'll see what we get out of it."

Cass hands over her weapon and her newest prize, and the Doctor sets to work, the process much the same except both foci are held above the table and you get to watch as they seem to slowly slip into each other. You suddenly notice that this is the first time you've ever seen one of Cass' foci, and it appears to be a small chainsaw tooth. The process is eventually completed, and Cass retrieves her possession and examines it. The focus still looks like a chainsaw tooth, but there seems to be a slight warmth emanating from it, and you can see the metal is a little red because of the heat. Cass stares at it a moment, then manifests her preferred weapon, and stares at the chainsaw. Nothing changed at all... huh. Cass stares at it in disappointment, then seems to notice an extra button and presses it. The minute she does, a burst of fire jets forwards from the tip of the chainsaw, setting fire to a section of the lab. Automatic fire extinguishers pop out and deal with it, but Cass dropped her weapon in surprise and even you jumped back at the sudden burst.

"What the hell was that?"

"It seems your weapon was mostly unchanged, but I think you can not force the thing to produce jets of flames by pressing that button there."


>>>Input Command
No. 456581 ID: 1987d1

...high five Cass, that's awesome. Even if throwing her main weapon into the unknown random alchemizer that could do anything was crazy reckless. It paid off.

Should we tune and test our new freeze gun?
No. 456582 ID: 886a4d

It Slices. It Dices and It BBQ's.

Lets ask some questions on why he and Marc had a falling out as well as how he learned to manipulate focii like he did.

Also ask if theres anything we can do for him in the city since we're a more violent type then what he usually gets. Maybe we can find a replacement for Fire for him, though I bet he does get others willing to do the same thing. Or maybe he'd like us to test out any further mechs he builds. We'll always be willing to do that!
No. 456585 ID: 31e5f9

Maybe we could let him see the needle
No. 456586 ID: 886a4d

Needle is gone, it was consumed in the process of creating the freezeray.
No. 456591 ID: 1987d1

Alright, we really need an XP update now. We probably want to tune the Cold Magnum and give it a test. Might as well show the doc what he made, right? Be rude not to give a demo.

We almost certainly want to tune the twin-ring so we can experiment with it later tonight. We'd like to up spirit to four, but I doubt we have the 6 points needed to do all 3, and the other two seem more immediately interesting.

With 4 foci, we're going to need more BP soon-ish. Stacking some of that and finesse seems like our next logical choice after spirit 4.

Other future stuff: possibly we'll also want to spend xp getting tranq ammo, making our clone better (depending on results of our experimentation) or making the freeze gun faster.

These topics of conversation seem appropriate. Although, we should thank him before moving on to anything else.

>Three foci per upgrade (base, materials, payment).
Hmm. Where'd Cally get the other 2, then, I wonder.
No. 456594 ID: 2b7692

Guys, what the hell. We reallhave two priorities right now when it comes to major changes. Mecha and dreamspace. Clearly we need to change the colt into a Mecha capable of traversing dreamspace.
No. 456596 ID: 2b7692

Or needed to rather, but apparantly I forgot that I was catching up on the thread and an update was due.
No. 456597 ID: 1987d1

Hmm. Actually, a weapon specifically made to counter attacks from, or function within the dreamtime might have been a really smart idea. Oops.

Welp, that's it. We'll have to go foci farming, find another gun, and mod that one. As a bonus, we'll get enough XP to do some of the things we've been planning. :p

(I can see why so many breaker groups turn violent and aggressive. Such a tempting path to power!).
No. 456602 ID: 886a4d

I personally think we should only tune the focii after we get spirit 4, we're still fairly low on BP and having more options will make us spend it even faster since we will be summoning them during battle.
No. 456604 ID: 1987d1

Yeah, that had occurred to me as well. All right. Let's wait to see what out XP pool is after the mech fight before doing anything anyways. If we're really lucky, solo-ing the mech pretty efficiently netted us more than 2 points. Then we could afford to spirit up and tune!
No. 456605 ID: a407a5

Experience Total: 4

"Ha! Thanks for all the help!"

"I'm just doing my job. Now get out. I have no further business with Conner's people."

"Huh? Well... uh... is there anyth-"

"No. I have no interest in the feuds the rest of you seem so interested in participating in. There's a reason I try to keep the rest of you out."

"Well, then... what made you so aggressive towards Co-"

"He can be a bastard when he's done playing nice. Now shut up and go away."

You can't help but be taken a little by surprise. That's not really the normal reaction you'd expect from someone. Everyone you've met has wanted you to do something for them. Either this guy really doesn't care, or he really hates Marc. So then... how the hell are you going to get through to him?

Well, for now, the best idea is to retreat. You doubt pushing him anymore will get you very far, and you're going to need the rest. You'd also like to check on Raphael, you'd rather see for your own eyes that he's at least fine.

Your group heads out and arrives back at the hotel with little trouble, although the day is far from over. You still have the rest of the afternoon to kill doing... well, anything, really. You check on Raphael before you head to lunch, but his door is closed and locked, so you leave him to his rest. Lunch is spent trying talking and eating, but as the meal starts to wind down you're left with a decision as to what to do for the day. Cally provides that her boss doesn't usually hand out assignments, those who work with him are expected to go in and get their own. Still, those who don't work don't eat, so getting work from him at some point wouldn't be a bad idea.

>>>Input Command
No. 456607 ID: 2b7692

Actually on the dreamspace front, we should ask him what he knows about it, since that would be my first guess as to what to use to block breaking, If he's unfamiliar with it, perhaps Raph could come by and help him experiment with it some in return for helping him with the uncontrollable nature of his powers.
No. 456609 ID: 2b7692

GODDAMNIT! That's twice in a row while an update was coming.
No. 456613 ID: 1987d1

...all right, let's go for spirit 4. It would be annoying to save up again, it would be really nice to get a passive ability of some kind (I will rage so much if we get an active one with a BP cost), it nets us even better active breaks, we could use more BP, and we can tune some of the foci as soon as we get XP again. Then we can use whatever BP we have left tonight experimenting.

Actually, isn't he supposed to be doing something for us? We never heard back from him about the basecamp after we ran off to Elizabeth's rescue. Maybe Daniels is on it?

Well, we don't have any of our own interests to pursue, yet. What does work out here entail, anyways? More turf scuffles?
No. 456614 ID: 4a328b

Upping Spirit costs 3, I say we tune the ring as well. Trying to remember what skills we can take when we up Spirit
No. 456617 ID: 886a4d

Welp theres our 4 exp.

First... spirt 4.
1 to tune the new gun or the ring. Personally I like the gun better.

As for what to do, lets see if we can't chase down those guys we beat up and talk to them about recruiting them.
No. 456624 ID: 1987d1

>Trying to remember what skills we can take when we up Spirit
We don't get a choice this level. It'll be something we haven't seen before (unless we get the same as Maria, or one of the skills from Marc's spoiler stats). It's almost certainly something pertinent to Linda's core build though. Huh. Actually, there is a vague choice in diss.

>Upping Spirit costs 3
Ooh! I forgot that. We have a spare point. Yeah, I want to do twin experiments more than freeze gun ones. Let's tune it up.

> lets see if we can't chase down those guys we beat up and talk to them about recruiting them.
I think this is premature. We need a base of operations before getting recruits, and they need longer than a day to stew on it. We're still in groundbreaking mode- too early to build. Also, we should probably go after them on a day when we don't have Cally with us.
No. 456643 ID: 6e44d2

Three to Spirit 4, one to tune the freeze gun, 'cause I don't think we ever actually did that.

Guys, I know everyone's talking about recruitment and stuff, but I'm actually kind of tempted to accumulate power directly to Linda. I mean, don't we get extra xp for each focus we find? We should shoot for making Linda and her small party crazy powerful before we start building an empire. It's less visible and it's safer. I say we go find those three beach guys and rob their foci.
No. 456646 ID: 886a4d

We're in this city to get a base of operations running, and that means in part getting Breakers to staff it so we can go home.
No. 456649 ID: 1987d1

Yeah, we're not looking for recruits for our squad. We've already got 4 people, 5 if Cally sticks around. We're looking for lackeys for the organization. Grunts, and performers allied to us under our protection. We don't have to worry about dividing xp and loot with them.

Also, we don't hunt people down and beat them up unless they deserve it. If we were gonna take the quick and violent route to power, we would have started earlier. In this particular case, we let them keep their foci because they might be useful to us later.

Hmm. Actually, we may not want Cally to stay in the squad. It occurs to me once we deal with Jake and have a permanent base here, she'd be a good choice to be in charge. DJ Winter prolly wants to stay in entertainer town.
No. 456657 ID: cb8d76

According to the info we got as Cally, taking another breaker's foci is a pretty big taboo here. Since we don't even have a foothold yet I'd rather not paint a giant target on ourselves, at least not yet. Escalation out here seems pretty likely, but for now we need to establish ourselves. Also, while I'm more interested in the ring long term I get the feeling Linda's going to need to sink 2-3 exp into upgrading it before the clone will be that useful (accepts mental commands, can send info back to the tuner, stealth, etc.).
No. 456869 ID: a407a5

Experience Points Allocated
Freeze Gun Tuned
Spirit 4: Evasion

"What's your boss' work like? More turf wars?"

"Sometimes. That's mostly the work I do, but that's only because I have to work the nightclub, too. I've heard West gets other jobs, but West doesn't usually talk about those too much. I can take you to West if you want to talk to him."

Daniels suddenly drops in on the conversation, sitting down next to you without really commenting.

"How's the hunting for the Doc going? And we'll be moving to the new base tonight, so be back here by 8. I'll make sure Raphael makes the move, so don't worry about him. Also, the boss sent along some more news. We'll be getting a few other members from back home to help out, since Raphael is out of commission for the moment. He's searching for someone back east who can help with the... problem we're having. But in the meantime, we'll just have to deal."

...Wow. That's the most you've heard the creepy bastard talk.

>>>Input Command
No. 456871 ID: f6cff9

Well first thing we gotta do is talk about the doc. Something along the lines of him willing to do some personal work for us as long as we pay but working for Marc directly is out of the question. If he asks why he won't work for Marc just tell him it seems like something personal happened between them.
No. 456872 ID: 886a4d

We located the Doc, hes not in the mood to come back yet however he will mod focii for people for a cost of 3 focii, costs two for the process and one as payment, as well as passing his tests. Mostly combat vs robots and breakers. He also does a combination of two focii for no cost... I think he does it to observe the results for science. As for the move I'll be sure to be back before then.

Sounds like West deals in the nasty side of the business. Actual killing and taking focii. Lets get a job!
No. 456876 ID: 1987d1

We found him. He's flat out not interested in working for or with us. It seemed like there was bad blood between him and Conner.

We'll try and work on that next time we see him, but it would be nice to know what happened.

He *will* work on commission though. Costs 2 foci to mod 1 to order, or you can try random fusing 2 for free.

>freeze gun
I'm going to continue calling it the cold magnum. :p

We really should waste a BP to manifest and test out the freeze gun before going on another mission. It won't take long, and it's good to know how your equipment works before going into another potentially life and death situation.
No. 456885 ID: 886a4d

I agree, test out our new weapon, might even want to go buy a holster for it so we can use it like our other sidearm.
No. 456892 ID: 6e44d2

What does our new power do?
No. 456893 ID: 886a4d

Look in the discussion thread for explanation.
No. 456894 ID: 1987d1

You do kind of have to watch the dis thread for mechanics spoilers in this game. But to make life easier for anyone reading through this in the future...

No. 456906 ID: a407a5

"The Doc? Yeah, he wants nothing to do with us. He'll work on commission though, three foci for the one modified, or combining two for free. Still, I might be better able to talk to him if I knew why he has such bad blood between him and Conner."

"I don't know anything about that. Before my time I guess. Don't worry about the rest of of it. I'll handle him from now on. Just go to him if you need anything modded."

Daniels leaves after that, presumably to go handle things he needs to take care of, leaving you to yourself. You finish up your meal, then get up and head for somewhere quiet and out of the way before manifesting your weapon. The weapon feels cold to the touch, and you spend some time examining the weapon before you try anything with it. It looks very much like a small handgun, only the barrel is replaced by what looks like a large beaker or vial with a small stopper on the end that looks like a the head of a fire-hose. The rest of it looks mostly normal for a handgun, with the trigger and the rest working the same way. You try aiming it and firing, only to release the trigger almost instantly from seeing a beam shoot out the front and coat the wall with a thin layer of ice. You stare at it a moment, then decide freezing the wall is probably not the best idea, and try something better, like a towel. You don't release this time, and watch as the object gets coated in ice, then slowly seems to stiffen until you don't see anymore changes in the objects after about 7 seconds... 3 seconds later the thing literally shatters, startling you and causing you to drop the weapon.

...Shit... you hadn't expected that... so ten seconds and whatever it is the weapon is focused on shatters... you'll have to be careful then. Still... ten seconds is a long time for something to happen. So is 7 seconds, in the heat of combat...

>>>Input Command
No. 456913 ID: 1987d1

10s for shatter. Okay.

How long did it take to cover in ice? Being able to ice up the ground under someone like Maria would be very useful, messing up dodges and attacks.

Can you freeze something mid air? Like, to stop something thrown at you?

Seems to me we want to manifest the ice gun immediately to hand when needed (emergency ground icing, blocking, etc). That, and the tiny clip size make me think keeping it out isn't the best idea.

Did your pistol break back when the robot gravy-slagged everything? You may what to re-manifest and holster it.
No. 456914 ID: 886a4d

Since we're testing this now, lets see what happens when we reload something. Is it instaneous or does it take some time?
No. 456916 ID: f6cff9

Sounds good to me. Might as well check out reloading time. Although I think it's instant
based on what Mac said
>Ya have ta 'reload' em when the magazine is done. Takes a use of breaking reality, but it's instant.
No. 456917 ID: 886a4d

Lets see how long it takes to shatter something really tough, like concrete or steel. Hello unconventional exit maker!
No. 456925 ID: a407a5

6 BP Remaining
5 Seconds remaining

You reload the weapon to test that function out(you've never had to reload before) and find it to be instantaneous. You can visually see the tube-barrel fill with more liquid. You also check on the 9mm and find it to be broken, so you dismiss and manifest it again, replacing it where it goes.

Then you try experimenting with the freezing again. Besides the thin layer of ice, there doesn't seem to be anymore ice getting generated. You're not sure why, but maybe it was because it was made for something else? Eh, maybe it was the way you worded it. Anyway, it take 1 second to get that thin layer of ice in place. Moving objects continue moving regardless of the being frozen mid-flight or not. Unfortunately, when you try freezing some concrete, it gets the layer of ice and than seems to ignore any other effects. You stop when you notice that you have very little of the fluid left in your weapon.

>>>Input Command
No. 456929 ID: 886a4d

Most likely have to power up the freeze effect before it can do anything drastic like shattering concrete. Oh well.

We're getting a bit low on BP. Might not be the best idea to go out and get a job until we've recovered some. As to what to do instead, lets get prepped for our move to the new base. Maybe spend some time with Cass to see how shes doing.
No. 456930 ID: 1987d1

(The given BP is after the reload and pistol manifestation, or before?)

The concrete was probably too big. You're trying to cool down the whole wall, or barrier, or whatever you're testing on, and it doesn't get low enough to break. Might mean it doesn't work on metal doors (dang, one way the plasma blaster would have been superior) although we'll have to see. Ice placement, or freezing people or weapons in place could still have immense tactical benefits though.

Anyone got any good test for our last little bit of nitrogen, or should we just dismiss it and go looking for someone to talk to?

We're kind of low on BP, now. We don't want a high combat mission. Something lower risk.

Also, hey, how long did it take the iced wall to thaw out? That's worth knowing.
No. 456937 ID: 1987d1

Oh, uh, and maybe when it's empty, we should test how fragile this thing is? The nitrogen chamber doesn't easily break under a sharp impact, does it? That's a weakness we should be aware of.
No. 457010 ID: a407a5

You empty the rest of the nitrogen tank into the ground some more, mostly just to get rid of it, then throw the thing at the ground, testing its durability. After a few minutes of attempts, you give up, concluding that normal wear and tear won't have the casing break. Then you dismiss the weapon, preferring instead of get ready to move. You head off, leading your group to the hotel, then everybody splits up to their respective rooms, Cally opting to hang around with you. You manage to hide what needs to be hidden(thankfully, Cally is easily distracted) and you eventually get the few things you'd unpacked ready to go for when the time comes to move. Then you're left with little else to do. You thing about heading out to see if Cass is up to anything, only to be interrupted in your thought process by Cally sliding her arms around your neck, and kissing you again. After a good 10 seconds, she releases the kiss, but keeps her arms firmly in place, pulling you lightly towards the bed.

"Come on, beautiful, you've been a little cold today~ Why don't we snuggle up and get to know each other~"

>>>Input Command
No. 457025 ID: 1987d1

>You manage to hide what needs to be hidden(thankfully, Cally is easily distracted)
Wait. I thought we didn't take the anime with us to Sun City. What did we bring with us that needs to be hidden?

Wait! What time is it? We're moving at 8, you do not want to be interrupted.

...I'm really not sure how we're supposed to navigate this Cally / Raphael love triangle thing. We didn't do so well with him last night, and I doubt this will make him any happier. Although, we were frank with him, she put the moves on before he had the balls too, and she's likely going to be a short fling anyways. He can always get his date afterwards.

What the hell, go for it. Have some fun!~
(Remember to lock the door).
No. 457072 ID: f6cff9

That's before we find out that she hates being treated like a fling causing her to start hating our guts. Man that would be bad and we would only have ourselves to blame because we assumed she didn't mind being treated like that based on how she acts(Don't judge a book by it's cover and all that jazz. For all we know she just likes to rush into things. Maybe we should try finding out before anything happens but it's not like I really care either way. If a fallout happens then it happens and we just have to deal with it.

Odds are she doesn't really care because she knew Linda for like two days so it ain't a real big deal at all. I think it's just my paranoia acting up so you can ignore my little rant.
No. 457076 ID: 1987d1

Well, no, we shouldn't treat her like shit just because. I just don't expect this to last.
No. 457088 ID: f6cff9

Well if she finds out we are planning a date with Raphael later(which the date may or may not happen later because it's up in the air) which could cause her to take it the wrong way. Adding the fact she HATES Raphael for whatever reason and you could have a powder keg at your hands.

I also don't expect this to last at all and we definitely ain't gonna treat her like shit but like I said it's just my paranoia acting up so ignore the rant.
No. 457155 ID: 1987d1

Hey, hey, it's no conflict. We told Raph we were interested in her. We were frank, upfront, and honest about that. We haven't agreed to or planned a date with him either, he just asked us to think about it.

He's been interested for a month, and is upset now that he thinks he missed his opportunity, or because he thought he was entitled to one. (Also, we kind of flubbed talking to him last night).

Cally, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward. She's fun, interested, and let us know that from moment one. She's pretty much tagging along because she's interested. I don't think it would be wrong to indulge her now. We'll see where it goes, and roll with what happens. You're right that we don't know exactly what she's looking for here, but I think Linda has room to be a little flexible.

If we're free/unattached later, maybe we'll do something with Raph. I mean, long term, I think it's unlikely Cally will fall head over heels in love and leave Sun City and her life for us. Or be able to stick with one person. So it's a temporary thing.

But you're right that it's a powder keg. We're going to have to handle people carefully for a while.
No. 457171 ID: a407a5

>Needs to be hidden
The grenades you have stashed away in your bag, not to mention the weapon you carry around in a holster. You'd like to think you've managed to keep the weapon from being noticed by others.

Not that any of that is on your mind right now. You'd much prefer to keep your mind on Cally instead. At the same time, a part of you is battling itself, trying to figure out whether it should or shouldn't be giving in to the temptation. Something about Raphael pops up in your head, quickly overshadowed by "there's a hot woman coming on to you". After a brief mental debate, you decide you can deal with consequences later. Right now, it's time you had yourself some fun. You allow yourself to get manuevered to the bed, where you promptly find yourself getting kissed, groped and stripped, not necessarily in that order. You return the favor, marveling a little at the sheer size of certain assets Cally has, then just let yourself go with the flow. No reason not to.


You come back to your senses a few hours later, rousing yourself from sleep. You briefly debate getting up, and decide not to as you feel Cally press herself against your side. She seems to have just woken up as well, her eyes half-closed as she seems to purr at little upon finding you still next to her. She starts to go for a kiss, only to be interrupted by someone pound ing on the door.

"Hey! Linda! Get your ass up and moving! We have places to be!"

Daniels, you think. Bastard. Ah well, work calls and all that. You place a kiss on Cally's lips, then untangle yourself from the other woman and the bed to get dressed. A few minutes later, you're down stairs, Cally following close behind, to find the entire rest of the gang waiting for you. You try to check each of your companions reactions regarding your activities, unsubtle as you were about the whole thing(where else could you and Cally have been for a few hours?). Daniels doesn't notice or doesn't care that you just came down with Cally. Elizabeth remains passive about the entire thing, only mumbling something about the Angel discovering the joys of Music. Cass gives you a look you clearly discern as... worry? You don't really understand why Cass would be worried until she directs your attention to Raphael. And then you get the picture.

To put it lightly, he looks like shit. Despite sleeping all day, his eyes look like he hasn't slept at all, and he seems to be falling asleep in his chair. He's rubbing his eyes when you catch sight of him, trying to keep himself awake most likely, but at the same time his other hand hangs limp next to him, like he doesn't really have the strength care about it.

Daniels nods at your arrival, then starts to get everyone moving. Elizabeth heads off to the car, with Cally bouncing after her, the latter carrying some of your luggage with her. Raphael has to be prompted again before he seems to focus at all, slapping his own cheeks and heading off after the others, leaving you with Cass. The other woman waits a few seconds for the others to get out of earshot, then turns to you.

"He's been like that since he woke up. We knocked on his door almost an hour ago, but he didn't respond at all, so Daniels told me to kick it down. When we went inside, he wasn't there. We tried again a few minutes ago and he was inside, sleeping. He's been like that ever since we woke him up. Just thought I'd let you know."

Then Cass heads off as well, leaving you to stew in your thoughts. If he wasn't in his room, then what was he doing? You head off after the rest of the team as well, letting someone else drive so you can think on the drive over.

>>>Input Command
No. 457175 ID: 1987d1

>hiding the the holstered pistol
...she was grinding us on the dance floor, wasn't she? You'd think she'd have noticed it then. And we're keeping the manifested pistol hidden from everyone? I mean, it makes sense to hide a weapon from normals and enemies, but I'm not sure why we're concerned about allies knowing we carry a gun all of a sudden.

Unless you don't want to let her know you have multiple foci? Actually wait, Linda doesn't know about the local taboo yet.

>the Angel discovering the joys of Music

Gods. Didn't expect him to take it that badly. :/ (He totally dreamwalked in on the aftermath, didn't he). Well, we have to talk to him, now. Dude is killing himself on our behalf, and we may have just crushed him too.
No. 457179 ID: f6cff9

Um talking about it could be the worse thing we could do. He could also just be exhausted from protecting us at night.
No. 457186 ID: 1987d1

Well, maybe we don't necessarily want to discuss that with him, but the dude looks like walking death. We need to check on him. We can't let him kill himself guarding us. And if he is beating himself over what just happened, we need to get him to not be an idiot about it.

He's our friend. We can't do nothing, can we? Maybe we should ask Elizabeth if there's anything we can do to help him.
No. 457188 ID: f6cff9

Oh for a minute I thought you wanted to talk about the dirty business we just did. There is the problem of whether we should just let him sleep until we get to the base then talk or talk to him now. I vote for him to get a LITTLE sleep before we talk about anything.
No. 457195 ID: 4a328b

What's his number right now, btw
No. 457256 ID: a407a5
File 134841726723.jpg - (84.01KB , 800x496 , Apartment+Complex+Safety.jpg )

You eventually arrive at your new home, what appears to be a large apartment complex. You enter the building and are quickly greeted by what you think is the manager, who is beside himself trying to make himself seem useful. Eventually, from the discussion he's having with Daniels, you manage to work out that Jake had reserved an entire floors worth of apartments, just for you and yours. You'd complain that it seems kinda excessive, but you don't really care. The next hour is spent getting everyone situated and into their rooms.

After all that's done, you decide it's best to see about checking on Raphael. But first, you figure checking in with Elizabeth might be a good idea. She isn't hard to find, as she's currently getting snuggled to death by Cally, although it's the less... arousing... snuggling compared to what you went through. Cally notices you and give you a smile, before realeasing the girl in her clutches and standing up.

"There you are! Hey, I have to head back now, report to the boss and all that, but I'll be here tomorrow, bright and early, to hang with you guys some more. Don't miss me too much, beautiful~"

Cally blows you a kiss, then heads out the door, headphones sliding into place over her ears as she disappears from sight. You watch her go, finding yourself not really caring all that much, since you're treating it more like a one-night stand than anything else, then turn to Elizabeth and start to open your mouth.

"The Nightmare cannot escape itself."

Elizabeth responds to your unspoken question, then promptly closes her mouth, gets up, and heads over to the kitchen, where she rummages through some drawers and retrieves some cereal. You shake your head in confusion for a moment, then simply accept that you got your question answered and head out the door yourself. Unlike Cally, however, you only head over a few doors before knocking lightly, hoping Raphael is home. There's nothing for a few seconds, then the door opens up to reveal Raphael squinting suddenly as the sunlight that remains hits his sensitive eyes. He stays like that a moment, before recognizing you.

"Ah... Linda. Sorry if I seem a little... out of it. Come on in."

Raphael leads the way inside, and gestures to a chair as he enters his own kitchen, starting up a coffee-maker. The scent of fresh coffee fills the room, and after a good ten-minutes of you sitting and Raphael working in the kitchen, he eventually brings out small plates of breakfast foods and a coffee mug for himself.

"I uh, don't know if you drink coffee... sorry. I can go get another cup if you need me to. Go ahead and dig in. It's the only thing I could think of that would be quick... althought, now that I think about it, I don't know if you already ate or not... whatever. I'll eat it if you have. What's up?"

You watch as Raphael almost literally chugs the coffee, then starts digging into his quick meal. Your eyes wander up to the number above his head, and you start slightly at how low it is. Only a 2. He should have been sleeping all day, right? It shouldn't be that low. Definitely shouldn't be that low.

>>>Input Command
No. 457257 ID: 886a4d

No more Raphael. You're going to kill yourself and at the rate your breaking reality it'll be permanent.
No. 457259 ID: 1987d1

>You watch her go, finding yourself not really caring all that much, since you're treating it more like a one-night stand than anything else
Well, that's fine if that's what it is. Just don't make assumptions, we don't know how much she expects yet. If that's all it was, cool we had fun. If she expects to hang around a little longer, well, we can swing that too.

Aw shit. He can't even afford to go nightmare right now! And if he waits a few hours till he can, he's going in with none (or almost no) extra lives.

Hmm. He doesn't have break sight, though. He might not actually know how low he's at if his day/dreamtime has been confusing or disorienting enough that he couldn't keep count.

Raphael... I appreciate you protecting us, but I'm worried. You look more than half dead. What's happening to you?

I had hoped we'd have more time to prepare, but we'll go after the fucker tonight if we have to.
No. 457265 ID: 43abb3

Alright first off we need to know what hes been dealing with if we want to make accurate decisions. After we know why his bp managed to reach those levels we can see what we can do about it and if it is worth him continuing. I think we need to at least get hum some back up maybe talk to Connor about it to see if he has anyone else with dreamtime access or if we need to find a way to go if an help him ourselves cause this is not cool dudes not cool at all
No. 457266 ID: a407a5

"Raphael... I appreciate you protecting us, but I'm worried. You look more than half dead. What's happening to you?

I had hoped we'd have more time to prepare, but we'll go after the fucker tonight if we have to."

"NO! I mean... I'm fine. Just a little tired is all. Nightmares aren't helping any. I'll get some rest, then get to guarding for the night. It's nothing I can't handle. Just... need some rest." Raphael starts to eat again, but quickly puts down his fork, the meal barely half eaten. He sighs, then shakes his head as if to fight off the sleep, and stands up. "If... if that was all, I'm gonna go get some sleep..."

>>>Input Command
No. 457267 ID: 886a4d

Give me your nightmare focus.
No. 457268 ID: c8be92

Give that Nightmare a hug. Nightmares love hugs.
No. 457270 ID: 1987d1

Hug him. Then, gently, try and explain the hard truth.

...Raphael, you're not going to do anyone any good if you just go and get yourself killed. Your number is a two, you couldn't go guarding if you wanted to, and I can't let you just wait a few hours and go in without any lives and exhausted.

Let us take the hits tonight. Get some real sleep. Marc's sending help, we'll find a way to fix this.

This is probably the only way to keep him from killing himself tonight. And he's not in a position to stop us.

Let's make it a demonstration of trust though. Leave him our 12.7×99mm.

Marc's backup better show up tomorrow. That, or we're going on a turf war mission, collecting 3 foci, and using them to build a dreamtime gun.
No. 457271 ID: a407a5

You intercept him before he can go anywhere, hugging him from behind. Damnit, you're not going to let him kill himself.

"...Raphael, you're not going to do anyone any good if you just go and get yourself killed. Your number is a two, you couldn't go guarding if you wanted to, and I can't let you just wait a few hours and go in without any lives and exhausted.

Let us take the hits tonight. Get some real sleep. Marc's sending help, we'll find a way to fix this."

Raphael remins silent for a long time, then...

"I... I can't do that. I can't let you guys go through the shit I go through every night..." Raphael gently pushed your arms away from himself, taking a few steps forwards before turning to you. "This is the best I can do right now. Now go on and get some sleep. I'll keep an eye on things like I did last night. And tell Elizabeth to stop dreaming about really weird shit, ok? Much as I love walking through dreams, I don't like dreams where there are eyeballs staring at me constantly."

Raphael disappears into his bedroom, leaving you alone. You punch the table in frustration, silently debating with yourself whether you should leave it alone and try getting this shit over with tomorrow, or pressing him some more.

>>>Input Command
No. 457272 ID: 886a4d

Time to do the sneaky thing. Wait until he actually falls asleep then steal the damn thing from him. It will probably lessen his trust of us but at least he will be alive.

Or we can go above his head and call Marc. He'll have to listen to the boss.
No. 457284 ID: 43abb3

Man we should have asked the doc if he knew anything about dreamtime
No. 457288 ID: 1987d1

Damn you for having more will than us and being so horse-headily stubborn, Raphael!

Sneaking would be hard, especially as every breaker keeps their foci hidden on them somewhere, and we don't know where he keeps his. We'd wake him up, or maybe miss our chance before he slips off into dreamtime.

I say we press him again. I'm sorry Raphael, but I cannot let you kill yourself for us. Toss the 12.7×99mm down on the bed. That's my gun. Gimmie your horse. We're trading for the night.

Don't back down, and keep the steel in your eyes. He's exhausted, and nearly empty. We can tie him down to this bed if we have to.

Friggen hindsight man. Totally should have got a dreamtime gun. We should go back and ask him about it tomorrow. If he can make anything useful, we'll have to go on a mission and gather some foci.
No. 457295 ID: cb8d76

>>go on a mission and gather some foci.

If the team's not too tired I'm not sure if we should wait to confirm with the doc. Assuming he can't add dreamtime capabilities (even if he can make a dream gun we'd still need Raph to pull Linda into the dreamtime, no?) we could still boost the nightmare foci's capabilities. Also thought about giving Raph the ring so he could (at least in theory) back himself up with the clone, but 1) I'd rather Linda hang onto it and 2) it probably wouldn't be useful enough to warrant the extra bp expenditure given how depleted Raph is...maybe Linda could ask Liz if any of the other breakers can help Raphael from inside the dreamtime (doubt it though).
No. 457296 ID: a407a5

Like hell you're just going to give up now. You practically break Raphael's bedroom door as you kick it in, your hands busy with fumbling with the bag around your neck. Raphael stares at you in surprise, his shirt off as he seems to be in the process of changing(OOOO! Muscle!). Then you toss your rifle round at him, which he almost doesn't catch.


"I'm sorry Raphael, but I cannot let you kill yourself for us. That's my gun. Gimmie your horse. We're trading for the night."

Raphael keeps right on staring at you in shock, giving you ample time to look serious and get a very good picture of his half-naked body, which you'll have to keep in mind for later. Not nearly as nice a picture as Cally, but he's getting there. Maybe if he worked out a bit more...

"Linda, I can't take this. This is like... you can't hand me this. What if something happens tonight and I need to be in the dreamtime?"

"Then we'll deal. Hand over the horse, Raph. I'm not leaving till you do, and you're the one who's horribly low on breaking right now, not me."

Raphael seems conflicted, then sighs, and digs a hand into his pant's pocket. A second later he extracts a small black object, which he tosses to you. "Just... don't lose it, alright... that has more meaning than just as a focus."

"Likewise. Although without the sentimental thing, it's just a gun for me."

"Heh. Well... see you in the morning, I guess..."

You take that as a sort of dismissal, and you head outside, closing his apartment door behind you. You pause in the hallway to check out the focus, not really having had the chance to really examine someone else's before, and find it to be a rather crude carving of a horse out of some sort of black stone or gem. Huh. That's interesting.

Well, you've still got time on your hands. Anything else to do before the day is over with?

>>>Input Command
No. 457301 ID: 1987d1

Yay! We got Raphael not killed for the night. Well, probably.

>What do
Dunno... talk with other people? Been a while since we've hung with just Cass, maybe.

Modding the horse to be better long term is an interesting idea. The problem is it's such an abstract concept- we don't fully understand it's powers yet. It's more built around the concept of "nightmare" than "horse". What would normal modifications even do, before we consider Doc style ones? The line between 'mundane' and 'exotic' modifications seem pretty clear for weapons, it's a lot vaguer for forms.

>"Likewise. Although without the sentimental thing, it's just a gun for me."
I'd kind of be crushed if we lost the tank gun. It's kind of awesome.
No. 457306 ID: 6f3b04

It should have more sentimental value now that we've managed to KILL A FREAKING MECH WITH IT YEAH!
But yeah it is an awesome gun.
No. 457318 ID: cb8d76

Linda hasn't been separated from the rifle since becoming a breaker, so it makes sense that she hasn't realized how attached she is to her slayer foci. First things first she should let the rest of the team know she gave Raph the night off, maybe establish some kind of a watch if Liz thinks its a good idea? As for the evening, keep it low key if possible and hang out with Cass - maybe see how her battle with the fire themed breaker went down. Most importantly DO NOT LOSE RAPHAEL'S FOCI!
No. 457321 ID: 1987d1

I suppose not understanding how important it is yet makes the most sense.

Warning the others that they might not have such pleasant dreams might be prudent. But I'm not sure it really helps though, if there's no way to prepare. Although, Cass might be relieve to know we did something to help, as she was worried about him before.

>Most importantly DO NOT LOSE RAPHAEL'S FOCI!
We'll keep it in our necklace pouch, with our others. Someone is gonna have to damn near kill us to get it offa us.

...that thing is totally gonna be a magnet for nightmares though, isn't it. We helped the nightmare escape itself... but now we're stuck with it. It's gonna be a fun night, Linda. Remember not to scream, you'll just keep everyone else from sleeping.
No. 457331 ID: a407a5

You slip the focus into the pouch around your neck with the other two you've tuned, and head over to Cass' room. You knock lightly, and Cass almost immediately opens the door.

"Hm? What's up?"

"I dealt with Raphael. He should be feeling better tomorrow, if everything works out."

"I'm assuming then, that you figured out some way to keep Raphael from entering people's dreams?"

"Yeah, we traded foci for the night. He's got my rifle focus, I've got his nightmare one. Which reminds me. Be prepared not to sleep too well tonight. Whatever Raphael needed to guard us from he won't be, so..."

"Yeah, yeah. I got it. Be prepared for some night time shenanigans. I'll deal. You might want to keep an eye on Elizabeth though. She's a bit more receptive to that kind of thing."

You nod your head in agreement and give Cass a goodnight, then head back to your apartment. Elizabeth is waiting for you inside, already changed and ready for bed.

"The Nightmare will rest easy tonight. The Angel shall see unwanted dreams... Yet warmth will come. Rest well, Angel."

Elizabeth retreats to the bedroom, which you'd decided to give her since she was younger and you really didn't care. You shrug at her comments, too tired to care right now, and get yourself ready for sleep, grabbing a blanket and a pillow and crashing on the couch. The last thing you remember before falling asleep his hearing the thundering of hooves and a horse's neigh.
No. 457332 ID: a407a5

You find yourself plagued by nightmares through out the night, spiders eating you alive, your family and friends being killed in front of you and that dream thing hunting you down through endless corridors again and again. Still, at some point during your nightmares, you find yourself surrounded by warmth, as if someone has taken you gently into their arms and is cradling you against their body. You hear, faintly, in the back of your mind, a soft voice singing a soothing lullaby, and you feel your whole body relax and the nightmares disappear.

Then you wake fully to find yourself in the bedroom, sleeping next to Elizabeth. There's no sign of anyone else, and you feel yourself calm down a little, before you suddenly realize that the leather pouch isn't around your neck, you search frantically only to discover it on the dresser next to you, it's contents spilled out on to the table top, the carved horse sitting upright and faced towards you. You stare at it a moment, then shake your head. What the hell is going on...

You eventually give up trying to puzzle it out and go through the morning routine, breakfast, shower, clothes, and replacing all the foci in the pouch and placing it back where it belongs around your neck. By this time, Elizabeth has woken up as well, and once you're both ready to go, you head downstairs to find Daniels, Cass, Cally and Raphael waiting for you. Raphael is looking a lot better, although he's still yawning more often than normal, Cally spots you and starts waving almost instantly, Cass looks a little more tired than usual, but that's to be expected. Daniels seems perfectly fine, albeit a little impatient.

"Glad to see you could finally join us. I'll be heading out to pick up the people the Boss sent our way. You need to head out and help gather some recruits. We need more people if we want to start expanding. I'll leave how you want to do that up to you. Maybe you can split the group up somehow... well, whatever. I'll see you lot later."

Daniels takes off, heading outside and flagging a taxi, leaving you with your team. Everyone almost instantly looks to you, although Raphael comes up to you first and trades his focus back to you for his. He seems almost relieved to have the horse back in his possession, and he slips it away almost instantly. Cally seems to spot this, as she slides up next to you and slips an arm around your waist.

"So, Linda. What's the dance for today?"

>>>Input Command
No. 457340 ID: 1987d1

I'm going to assume the sudden warmth and termination of the nightmares, as well as our necklace being removed, means someone else took up your burden for you partway through. Elizabeth was looking out for you.

...just out of paranoia, check that none of the foci have been replaced with fakes, though.

Pity we didn't get the chance to talk to Raphael. Maybe now we'd have a better chance of convincing him to take it easier- we survived just fine. He doesn't need to push himself so hard in the future.

>What's the dance for today?
Well, Daniels wants us hunter for recruits. Seems to me that means scooping up unaffiliated breakers on the losing ends of the turf wars- they have the most to gain by joining a bigger group.
No. 457368 ID: cb8d76

Feel a little more secure with the familiar weight of your focus back in the bag. See if Cass or Raph know who's coming. If we're getting combat focused breakers we should try to pick up some support personnel (trappers for defense, builders to modify/improve the base, a trader to compliment doc maybe?), otherwise we should probably look for muscle.

>>scoping up unaffiliated breakers on the losing end of turf wars
If we go this route make sure the recruits aren't too weak. Maybe Cally (or Liz) has some insight?
No. 457369 ID: f6cff9

The recruiting idea sounds fine and if worse comes to worse we can always make educated guesses with break sight when possible.
No. 457372 ID: 1987d1

My logic was this place is mostly small groups of performers, who have a hard time defending turf themselves (with the notable exception of Jake's gang). Joining a collective for protection and patronage would prolly be appealing. A you work for us, we see you get taken care of kind of deal.

As the group gets bigger, that naturally attracts people who would be employed as muscle. Either people who want in on the act, or people we subdue and assimilate.

I'm not sure we should initially be looking for muscle- what we have to offer right now is the best new muscle in town. Us. Other muscle is gonna be punks we keep you safe from (and beat up for XP and foci).

Cally might know where to poke around, although as one of the big performers for one of the actually powerful groups, there are gonna be those in our potential pool of recruits who won't react well to her. Actually, it's not going to be long before Cally's allegiance to her boss, and to us come into question. Hopefully we'll have seduced her over to our side by then. We'll have to put on a good show building our side up.~
No. 457375 ID: a407a5

"I guess we'll go see about recruiting some people. There's got to be those that aren't affiliated with any group. Let's try hunting some of them down."

"Sound good to me, beautiful."

"Ah... I think I'll skip out of this one. I want to go visit this doctor guy and check on something." Raphael give everyone a wave before yawning and heading out. Elizabeth seems to pause a moment, then bows to you before dashing after him, why you can only guess at, although it's most likely to show him the way. That leaves you Cass and Cally.

"Well then, I can show you where those without any territory like to hang out. At least, one of the area anyway."

You get lead out by Cally, your other partner tagging along behind, and after weaving your way through some city streets and generally getting seemingly nowhere, you find yourself traveling down a back alley and arriving at an unlabeled door. Nothing special at all about it, at least from what you can see.

"They hang around here because none of the entertainer types care for it, and cause these lot can get any territory no matter how hard they try. I've only been in here a few times, since it's more like an arena or something, not really my kinda dance floor. But it's the place to gather followers, if that's what you're looking for."

You enter the place to discover what is essentially a caged arena looking thing inside a warehouse. There's quite a crowd of people, with numbers floating over most of their heads. They're all fairly weak, but that doesn't stop you from picking out a few strong ones here and there. You walk around a little bit, your companions following along behind, until you get stopped by one of the stronger ones, a man with a big smile on his face that reminds you a little of Mac from back home.

"Hello. Always a pleasure to meet new faces. We've heard of you lot coming in from out of town. Don't know what you want from around here but... eh, what can we do for you?"

"We're here looking to recruit people to join up with us."

"I see... well then, allow me to offer some advice. I doubt most here will want to join you simply on empty promises, however... if you prove your strength, I'm sure you could gain a quite a few interested. The arena would be best for this, I think, although... in order to enter, you have to wager foci. And decide who's goin into our little arena there."

You get the feeling he doesn't think you're all that strong...

"Sorry, beautiful, I can't participate in this one. Boss says I'm only allowed to help when you guys would be in danger of dying, and they usually set rules against that kinda thing here."

"That arena doesn't look too big Linda... maybe I should be the one to take this fight? Although... I'm not full up from yesterday, but close enough..."

Cass BP: 24
Current BP: 13

>>>Input Command
No. 457377 ID: 886a4d

Cass would be a baaaad idea since she would go beserk most likely. However an arena match would be the perfect test to see how well our new spirit ability works out without risking permanent death. We can put our finesse to the test and dual wield both pistols. We can also see how our cold magnum works in combat situations.

As for focii to wager. Lets put our ring forward. It'd be a bit of a pain to lose it but I think we have a good chance to actually win.
No. 457378 ID: 1987d1

Hmm. Hopefully Doc won't have the defenses built up yet after we broke 'em all yesterday. Or our group is cleared now. ...or I suppose Raphael could always ghost in through the walls with Elizabeth riding (hmm. Have we tested if he can carry other people through walls? I don't think so).

Cass is probably better suited to kicking ass here. She's also more impressive in a fight, if we're looking to draw recruits in. Of course, that means Linda misses out on XP, and we have the problem of containing her so she doesn't murder her opponent. I think we can handle that if we're controlling her, or if Linda talks her through it via earpiece.

Linda could probably win too, although we'd have to be creative with gun use. (Probably a combination of tactical ice use, with pistol executions. Evasion will help too). Probably burn through a third to half our BP, although it's early in the day, we'd regen it later.

>Sorry, beautiful
That's okay Cally. We're here to prove ourselves. Doesn't mean as much if you do it for us.

(hey, this arena thing maybe explains where Cally got the foci for the doc's mod of her glowstick without looting anyone).
No. 457379 ID: 886a4d

Good point, our voice does seem to help her call herself back. How about this. We take a match then Cass does. We prove the two of us are both strong enough to take most of them and are thus worth toadying up to. The focus wagered for both matches, providing we win the first of course, would be the ring.
No. 457390 ID: 1987d1

Well, in the second match could wager whatever shit we win the first time around (no one's going to be their best stuff, unless they only have 1 foci).
No. 457391 ID: cb8d76

Any chance we could est this up as a tag team match instead of a straight 1-on-1 cage fight? The rules seem negotiable and I'd like Cass sidelined unless we confirm a worthy challenge. If not then I say we go with >>457379
No. 457393 ID: 2b7692

I'm against Cass doing this alone, but if we can tag team that'd be great. Otherwise Linda gets to test stuff out.
No. 457395 ID: 1987d1

We should also get a clarification on the arena rules. If this is expected to be non-lethal combat, at what point is the winner decided? When you get your opponent down to 0? Do they have judges who call the match when it's apparent someone has lost? Aside from killing, what over conduct is not allowed? (Presumably permanent injury via breaking).
No. 457404 ID: a407a5
File 134845373161.jpg - (21.77KB , 450x319 , thug_sideways_pistol_aim.jpg )

"Alright... um... You go ahead Cass. But... try not to go berserk on me, yeah?"

"I thought that was what you were here for? Don't worry. I trust you enough to keep me from going overboard. Least you can do is put a bullet in my head or something."

Cass waves away the ring when you offer it to her, instead handing over what looks like a machete casing she pulled from a pocket. The man accepts it, examining it slightly, before gesturing to the arena area. Cass steps into it, and the cage is closed up behind her, as someone else steps into the arena area from the opposite side, stretching his limbs out. You catch sight of his number, noting it to be at 29, so you kinda hope it's not a to the death sort of thing.

"Alright! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome, once again to the ARENA!"

An announcer like voice pops out of some speakers, clearly enjoying themselves, and the crowd, previously lounging around at tables and drinking what is likely beer suddenly crowd the arena fence, all trying to get a good look at the spectacle.

"That's right folks. We got another match ready to go! A resident champion of ours, one Duke Chavez, facing off against a new face on the block. Let's see how she does, folks!

"But of course, for those of you who aren't aware, the RULES! The objetive is simple 'kill' your opponent 5 times, or force his number down to 0, whichever comes first. Killing is a no no in this ball park, so remember to restrain yourselves and always keep an eye on our two referees. Now then, manifest your weapons whenever your ready and prepare to rumble!"

>Control switched to Cassandra Geld

You crack your fingers as you eye guy, already feeling the frenzy coming on. Better work at finishing this up quick. You manifest the chainsaw, feeling its familiar weight pull down on your arms, swing it slowly, making sure your grip is good. You finger briefly brushes against the new button on the thing, and you pause to consider it, then turn your attention back to your opponent. Let's just be done with this. A gun user by the looks of it... maybe you should give that to Linda after this whole things over and done with.

"Ah! Chiquita. I can't imagine hurting your beautiful face. But still, a match is a match, no? Let's say you an I head back to my place after this, yeah?"

... He's going down.

>>>Input Command
No. 457407 ID: 886a4d

Huh the votes looked like Linda goes first or tag-teaming it. Oh well.

If its a gun user you want to get as close as possible as quickly as possible. Hold your chainsaw so it covers your face mostly though. No need to give him a clear shot at your head. Try to roast his gun if you get a chance. That way he'll have to spend a BP to get his weapon.
No. 457413 ID: f6cff9

As good as a plan as any. Let's do it and see how this goes.
No. 457418 ID: cb8d76


<Alright Geld, keep it together. Stop when Linda says he's had enough.>
No. 457438 ID: 1987d1

Hmm. Guns mean range, with is a disadvantage for Cass. Also, his BP his high enough that he likely has some tricks or spirit skills in addition to his gun.

As a gunner, he'll be a finesse type. Dodgey. But, you have a new counter for that. If you swing and miss? Hit the flamethrower, and catch him even as he dodges.

We're going to need a way to close. Don't be afraid to find a way to abuse an active break, either (though maybe not on him).

(Can I request a spoiler on how the new flamethrower button works? It's not in the wiki. Is it continuous, and we can use it as much as we want? Is there a cooldown between firing? Does it cost BP? Does it count as a ranged weapon and have a fuel cell / ammo we need to keeep track of?)
No. 457445 ID: a407a5

Guns. Range. Need to close the distance, before the fucking bastard starts opening fire. He seems more concerned with showboating at the moment, so fuck it. Let's hit him with some showboating of your own. You'd messed with your weapon's new trick for a little while after everyone had gone to sleep yesterday, and had discovered a few things. One, it seemed to reach out only a short distance, and acted like a short burst of flame. Maybe about as effective as a shotgun, from what you could tell. Two, it didn't need to reload, instead seeming to recharge as you reved the chainsaw and let the teeth spin. It took about 10 seconds worth of revving to get a decent sized burst ready to go, though.

But that's all you needed. You suddenly burst forward, skidding to a halt just short of the man, even as he starts to turn towards you in surprise. You aim at the man and feel the bloodlust hit you. Burn, mother-fucker, burn. You hit the button and watch as a burst of flame rips out of the chainsaw, enveloping your target and setting him screaming. He slaps wildly at himself, but with no success. He goes down after a few seconds, writhing in agony before going silent. You find yourself standing there, stance relaxed, as you listen to the symphony of his screams... so calming... so pleasant...

Then you hurl yourself to the side as you catch sight of the revived man. Shit. You'd let yourself go too far. You feel a round enter your chest, then another, then another. Your pretty sure that by the time you hit the floor, he's unloaded his entire magazine into you. Still, when you revive, you find him showboating again, his back to you and his arms in the air, making victory signs and jumping up and down. This time, there's no enjoyment of the kill. There's only pure rage and bloodlust.

Fucker shot me. FUCKER SHOT ME!

You're on your feet and swinging before anyone can really react, the chainsaw's teeth biting into the man's torso and tearing him in half as you let the chainsaw work it's magic. One half of the man goes one way, the other half in the opposite direction. You start to turn towards the direction his head went, only to throw yourself behind a couple of barrels as self-preservation kicks in. The fucker is shooting at you again... how original. If it was Linda, she'd probably have just shot through the fucking barrel by now. Or tried breaking the barrel out of the way, failed, and made it blow up or something.

You get a good look at the man's position as he hides behind a stack of crates, using them to hide behind as he fires at you. Two to one right now, fucker. And I haven't even gone berserker yet.

>>>Input Command
No. 457446 ID: 886a4d

Crates are wood. Burn them down.
No. 457448 ID: 1987d1

I'm enjoying the high regard Cass holds our/Linda's mode of attack in.

Alright. Next time we get the chance, we should go for the chain kill. Chainsaw in the chest and hold it there. Let him die a few times until we win.

Okay, more immediately though, we've only got a 1 point lead. He could win if things go south.

Hmm. I'm trying to think of a way to use an active break to our advantage (aside from the limb amputation- that kind of goes against the spirit of a friendly duel). Cass' thing is technically knives- so she gets a bonus doing any kind of knife related breaking. Maybe we can extend that to sharpness, or blades in general? Maybe break a rock or something he's about to step foot on at some point into a razor sharp blade.

Not a bad idea, but the flamethrower is short range. Maybe light a barrel on fire (or just make it red hot) and smash it towards his wooden fortifications? ...so long as the barrels are empty of course. Don't want to blow yourself up.
No. 457457 ID: f6cff9

Hey nice idea kicking a barrel to smash the crates. Let's see what 7 Strength can do. We might want to start running towards him afterwards. If we don't he might just keep shooting at Cass while she is taking cover behind another barrel.
No. 457579 ID: c8be92

This is an arena, I'd be surprised if these barrels didn't explode when you shoot them. Kicking the barrel at the crates and following up with fire seems like a good idea.
No. 457581 ID: 1987d1

We know the barrels don't blow up when shot, though. Because Cass successfully used them for cover without getting blown up.
No. 457668 ID: a407a5

You wait a few seconds, timing the shots as the man fires, then surge into the standing position and kick out with your leg, sending the barrel you'd been hiding behind hurtling towards the crates. The barrel flies magnificently, slamming into the crates with enough force to send the wood splintering. You follow through as well, staying just a few paces behind the barrel, but in a splint second a thought comes into your mind. Your natural talent is applied to knives above all things... maybe that simply means sharp objects in general...

You reach out with your will and enforce it on the splinters shards of wood hurtling through the air, commanding them to hurl themselves at the man. Surprisingly, even to you, they obey, disrupting Mr. Deadmeat from his task of dodging as his skin is suddenly stabbed with dozens of splinters.

"Gah! What the he-"

His little speech is cut short by the chainsaw shoved through his gut. He coughs up blood, then his eyes rise to meet yours. You give him a grin, your bloodlust returning full force, and getting stronger as you let the teeth go for a spin, sending blood flying everywhere. You hear him scream as his insides are torn to bits, and you begin giggling. His blood sprays across your face, and the warmth of it eggs you on further into the madness. Oh man. This is gonna be FUN!

He's brought back to life, his form stumbling back, as if he'd just dodged out of the way in time instead of dying. He trips on his own feet and lands on his ass, but by then you can feel it. The welcoming blackness and uncaring malice of the rage. You feel yourself lick your lips in anticipation, and you can feel a tingle of pleasure ride its way up your spine. You say you hate yourself for this. Oh, you'll say it as many times as everyone else wants you to. But you know, deep down, that's just a lie. You can feel it, every time your weapon bites into soft flesh and splash of warm blood touches you.

You love it.

Suddenly, you feel wake from your bloodlust to find your chainsaw held high, the entire area around you torn to bits, the Chavez guy curled into the fetal position in fear, and Linda's arms wrapped around your stomach.

"It's over Cass... it's over..."

Your breathing heavily, completely surprised at the turn of events, then you dismiss your weapon and slide to your knees. Shit... that was... shit...

"Yeah. I hear you, Linda. I'm alright. I'm back now."

After a minute of rest, you pull yourself to your feet and head out, Linda sticking close, just in case, and you collect your knife and your prize, a foci that looks to be another club of some kind. You have no interest, maybe you can trade it or something, but for now, you'll just have to hang on to it.

>>>Continue with Linda?
No. 457669 ID: 886a4d

Yes lets. Give Cass one final comforting hug then lets show these people what we are made of.
No. 457676 ID: 1987d1

Yes. Finding useful applications for active breaks are awesome. (Hmm. Now I just need to figure out what being a nightmare or oracle gives one a breaking bonus for. Not that either of them have active break... but still).

>Continue with Linda?
Let's hang out in Cass' head for another minute or two, while Linda's figuring out what we do next.

What kind of focus would you be interested in, if you got an opportunity? Daydream a moment. What kind of cool shit do you wish you could find?

With a newly acquired focus, that brings you up to at least four XP (not that you're actively aware of that, though). What you saving up for? Gonna go for spirit 4? You wanna be stronger, get a new special ability, right? Make your active breaks better? Shit works for Linda, and pretty well in that fight you just had. Why not cut people up with the environment when you can?

Hmm. Lookit that Cally girl, still hanging on Linda. How do you feel about that?

Yeah, addiction is like that.
No. 457683 ID: f6cff9

Well if she was saving up for spirit 4 she could have gone for it already when she had three xp(Not Like Cass knows what exp is) anyways we can just hang a bit and see if we bet with the ring or we bet with Cassandra's new focus. We might as well take a risk with our own stuff if Cass did it as well. No point being at an arena without taking a risk.

I'm wondering if people would even want to fight Linda after seeing what Cass did to the "Champion". People already made the connection between us the moment we came here.
No. 457688 ID: 1987d1

Maybe she was saving up for spirit four, but wanted to have free xp in case she found something to tune? Wait, that doesn't make sense, since foci come with free XP.

I'm hoping that since her XP allocation is subconscious, appealing to what she might want or would be cool might direct it where I want it. :p

I don't think we need to risk Linda doing a fight. Cass took down a local champ in a pretty decisive and impressive way (a bloody 5-1 victory that left him a quivering heap!). And as bad as Cass came off, Linda came off as Cass' keeper. That's all the notoriety we need for the moment, I think.
No. 457693 ID: f6cff9

Whatever I don't really care if we go on or not. It's not like we need more clubs or something.
No. 457695 ID: 886a4d

I want exp. We need finesse if we ever want to deal with the evil butler.
No. 457710 ID: 4a328b

Save it, Cass. One more foci and you can trick out your knife to shoot lightning bolts or whatever the heck you want.
No. 457712 ID: 1987d1

I dunno. XP is tempting, but I don't want to get greedy. It would really suck if we lost the ring, either a win or loss would sap a decent hunk of Linda BP, and Cass already set the bar pretty high. Putting on a less impressive show won't help recruitment, which is what we're here for.

Besides, it's not like we won't see combat later. Also, you can net XP just from mission completes, or talking to people. Linda going out and recruiting effectively, doing some sic diplomacy, could still net XP.

(Although, it might be a moot point. They might not have a champion on hand, or anyone willing to fuck with us immediately after seeing Cass reduce that guy to a whimpering wreck).
No. 457713 ID: 886a4d

The thing is arena fights will give us lots of practice without the risk of dying. We can essentially test out our new gun, our spirit 4, new ability and our finesse without having to worry too much. Its basically a way to test our combat skills as well as win a focus and impress the locals.
No. 457723 ID: 1987d1

Eh, fine. All right. Linda can kick ass if there's another ass to kick. Here's hoping Cass returns the favor and bets the club so we don't have to risk the ring. (Not a bad idea, right Cass? It's not like Linda is gonna lose, but that thing at least sounded useful, unlike a lame club).

I guess we do this Maria style? Go in with the pistol, rely on evasion, surprise manifest the freeze gun in our alt hand to mess them up (ice the ground, freeze them to something) and set up chain killing. As tempting as shooting through cover might be, the close range of the arena makes the rifle less attractive.
No. 457724 ID: 4a328b

We already impressed the locals and we're lower on BP than I'd like. Save it in case we get into an unexpected fight later.
No. 457726 ID: 886a4d

Our max is 17. We're only 4 away from it.
No. 457733 ID: a407a5
File 134854284241.jpg - (87.20KB , 500x549 , alone-anime-anime-girl-art-black-Favim_com-435847_.jpg )

>Control Switched to Linda McCallahan

BP Limit is 20, actually, just completely forgot to add the new amount to your total and current is all... so yeah.

Current BP: 16

Well... at least you managed to stop Cass from going overboard. That's a start. You manage to talk her into using her prize as the wager for your round, which doesn't take much convincing as she seems to think it's useless, and 10 minutes later your stepping into the arena, facing off against what appears to be young woman, who's crouching down and covering her face as best she can. She reminds you a little of Cass when you expose her skin, except... this girl is clearly uncaring about people watching her. Instead, you get the impression she's just not very confident. You don't know, maybe it's the fact that she keeps talking to herself? No wait... she's talking to something in her hands, but she's keeping it covered up, so you can't really see what it is.

"No no... I don't think this is a good idea... come on - No, I don't want t- Bu- Bu-"

... You feel kinda bad you have to shoot this lady in the face.

>>>Input Command
No. 457734 ID: 4a328b

You can apologize after the fight, assuming she doesn't trounce you and owe /you/ an apology.

Keep an eye out for any unexpected nonsense, and shoot her with your pistol.
No. 457735 ID: 4a328b

Also: Her BP?
No. 457736 ID: 886a4d

oooo I think we might be facing our first avatar type. Marc might pay us extra for this.

Don't be fooled Linda, remember the guy in the sewers?

Anyway battle plan: Start off simple, see how she reacts to a pistol shot.
No. 457737 ID: f6cff9

The moment ANYONE is talking to themselves with reality breaking powers is bad news for you so don't let your guard down for a minute. In a normal situation I would have no idea if we should shoot her because it might set her off but because it's arena match we might as well take the first shot.
No. 457743 ID: 1987d1

Aw... no Cass headthoughts. Drat.

>You feel kinda bad you have to shoot this lady in the face.
She's here in the arena willingly. Don't be fooled, or hold hold back. Pistol shot, start moving and be ready to dodge, expect a trick.

>oooo I think we might be facing our first avatar type. Marc might pay us extra for this.
If she is an avatar type, she's not going to bet any of her avatar foci. She'll bet shit weapon ones she's won off of other people.

>BP Limit is 20, actually, just completely forgot to add the new amount to your total and current is all... so yeah.
...actually, it should be 17. I remembered to add the 3 points for you in the wiki. We were at 14BP at spirit 3, we should be at 17 now (we spent 3 XP on the spirit upgrade, and 1XP on tuning).
No. 457755 ID: a407a5
File 134854679813.jpg - (40.34KB , 420x345 , 2135a667b798b7ee36e81bec81e672c7.jpg )

Curse you for your competence.

As expected there isn't a number visible. You've gotten to the point, where it's becoming more of a novelty to see the damn thing. You swear that everyon- Oh no... there it is. What the hell is it doing on that doll? Anyway, it seems to be a 23. No danger of accidentally killing her here. Might as well take that first shot then. You draw your pistol and fire as you move, heading to the side to make it a little harder to retaliate. The woman doesn't even try to dodge, instead having her head snap backwards and her body collapse, the doll of what looks like a sea serpent rolling out of her hand. Huh? Shouldn't it be at least a little harder than tha-


You roll to the side on instinct as a massive sea serpent looking thing seems to erupt from the ground next to the girl, it's jaws barely missing the chance to crush you between it's maw. You complete the roll and are on your feet in an instant, eyes wide in surprise and genuine fear as you get a good look at the size of this thing. It's eyeball is staring at you, it's mouth opening and shutting almost reflexively, and you can't help but notice that even one of its teeth is longer than you are tall... how the hell did she get something this damn big, and only have a 23? That's just playing unfairly!

"Please just give up! I don't want to hurt you!"

The girl's voice drifts from somewhere behind it's scaled body, and the serpent hisses a little before lifting itself, tearing the roof off of the warehouse and sending debris crashing down. The girl has one hand on the thing's side, and is looking at you with eyes that are close to tears.

"I really, really don't want to hurt you!"

Her number is down to 12. And you'd better come up with some ideas quick, before you end up as snake food. And you rather not develop another paranoia against an animal, even if spiders are more like demon-spawn from the pits of hell that all deserve to be horribly massacred.

>>>Input Command
No. 457756 ID: 886a4d

hmmm, lets try see how our magnum works on this guy. Aim for the head and hope it actually has a brain to effect. If it doesn't do anything we're going to have to move to our rifle.

God I love our rifle.

One thing to try would be to actually get on top of it to locate the girl, play Colossus killer. I bet our Finesse is good enough to maintain balance on something like that.
No. 457758 ID: 1987d1

See, this is exactly the kind of shit I was afraid of. We better get an XP for beating this thing, and not just 1 from the focus.

Okay, Avatars can have their own BP pools? I suspected as much when Amelia had an abilities list, but this is the first time we've seen one in action.

I'd say we want to try the cold magnum. Snakes are cold blooded. It's going to be even more effective if it's aquatic, as the image suggests. Manifest it in one hand, keep the pistol ready in the other to shoot the girl when we get a chance.

>Colossi fight
I'd kind of prefer trying to keep our range, at first. That could go very, very wrong.

>"Please just give up! I don't want to hurt you!"
If you don't want to hurt people, you shouldn't be choosing to fight in an arena!
No. 457759 ID: f6cff9

Well the pistol is officially worthless here. Might as well get the freeze weapon and the anti-material rifle out(Not at the same time).

>It's eyeball
As in this thing only has one eye?
If so then let's destroy one of it's senses like the mech and follow the advice that a cheater once said "GO FOR THE EYES".
No. 457768 ID: 4a328b

>"I really, really don't want to hurt you!"
You are entirely misunderstanding the premise of an arena fight, kid.

If you REALLY don't want to fight then you are welcome to forfeit, though we gonna wonder why you even came into the ring if you are going to give up your entry fee so easily.

Freeze ray on Snakey, look for another chance to headshot the gal.
No. 457770 ID: 1987d1

The pistol is still good for killing (and chain killing) the girl. And to use the rifle, we have to holster, drop, or dismiss the other two. We also move slightly slower with it, and can't track as quick at close range as we can with handguns. Which might matter when we're trying to dodge a giant snake.

The rifle might be called for if the cold magnum isn't effective. Though we have to remember- we're not out to battle the snake- we need to kill the girl 5 times. If we try to fight the snake down to nothing first, we're putting ourselves at a serious disadvantage.

If it's only got one eye, we should open up by freezing it.

She might be in a group, actually. The riffraff here is unaffiliated, the strong come here to recruit or prey upon them (Cally must have- she's in a group, but she's been here before, and she paid the Doc somehow. Also why we're here). From her dialog, she might be compelled to fight in the arena by whatever group she works for (and then tries to win by intimidation, because she doesn't actually want to fight).

Problem is, it has it's own BP pool. If it can respawn, we'll have to kill it a lot.
No. 457771 ID: 886a4d

Also how the hell is this girl not part of a gang yet?

Takes 11 to summon it. We kill this thing twice and shes down to 1 BP. Plus you can bet this thing will block any shots we fire at her. We'll need the rifle to penetrate it then anyway.

Actually you know what, theres no reason we can't shoot the girl AND the serpent at the same time. Both guns are one-handed and we have a pretty high finesse.
No. 457775 ID: 1987d1

(Gah, stupid delete/repost/edit mess).

>Actually you know what, theres no reason we can't shoot the girl AND the serpent at the same time. Both guns are one-handed and we have a pretty high finesse.
This could work, although we should stagger shots. We already tested Linda can't dual-wield too great. So we freeze shoot the snake, and then quickly pistol the girl while it's recovering, etc. Don't try to get both shots off at once, concentrate on one gun/hand at a time.

>We'll need the rifle to penetrate it then anyway.
I'm hoping, as an aquatic snake, cold will hurt it without the need to penetrate.
No. 457777 ID: 886a4d

sorry about that, when I saw I had 3 posts pretty much right after another I decided to condense em.

>penetrate the snake
I mean to hit the girl by shooting through the snake. Unless those scales are equivalent to steel plates we should be able to do it in a single shot.
No. 457781 ID: 1987d1

It wasn't just you, I was doing the same thing, so we were leapfrogging over each other. :p

>shoot girl through snake
Oh, yeah, that could work too. We should try that if we get cornered by the snake rushing us, or our 2handed nonsense doesn't prove too effective, or if we get killed and wake up separated from the other handguns.
No. 457790 ID: 4de522

That is the nice thing about having two or three foci, besides the increase in versatility we have over others, we can just summon a new weapon instead of taking the time to dismiss the missing one and remanifesting it again. Though we should be careful how we distribute upgrades if we spread to thin we wont be able to stand up to those who focus on single aspects, then again over focusing can be detrimental as this girls is probably going to find out soon. Just got to hope we can find a good middle ground, so far things have worked out well for us. We were lucky we hesitated at the docs we would not of done well against either of the two foes and still had the power to take on the mech. Whoops sorry for the rant got off topic for a bit there
No. 457802 ID: 886a4d

Well one of the reasons most people focus on improving their focii is they usually aren't all that impressive. Linda on the other hand? She has a anti-material rifle. One of the most powerful guns you can wield with two hands. Our problem was reversed, we needed a weapon that could do less damage.
No. 457804 ID: 62bab4

That's our advantage, but it's also our weakness. We've got more weapons than we have hands for, and pulling out multiple guns in one fight gets expensive, especially when we're getting killed and active breaking too. We really do need to invest in a bigger BP pool (and more finesse, as our core stat).

It was pretty suprising to initially discover we were incapable of non-fatal damage.

It's also worth noting that avatar types for the most part don't have much choice but to specialize heavily, as their foci are so rare. (Alice Margatroid style explosive suicide squad attack doll tactics just aren't a practical option for them). Form types have a similar problem of rarity, as well as the added problem they can only use one at a time. Weapon users have it easy- plentiful options, versatility, and the option of using multiple manifestations at once.

(Actually, you know, despite avatars supposedly being the rarest type, forms have been nearly as rare. Forms: wolf, naga, fire, nightmare, golem, ghost-girl. Avatars: Marc, sewer-guy, Aria, Jake(?), snake-girl).
No. 457817 ID: 100061

the serpent is big, cold blooded and possibly wet, it should be a perfect target for the cold gun, if not we still have the anti martial rifle.
No. 457864 ID: 6e44d2

How much space is there in the arena? If this is a close-quarters fight, it won't go well for us, but if we have a lot of room, go for it. Try freezing him, then sniping him.
No. 457878 ID: 886a4d

Thats what I'm worried about... we might not have any choice but to try and ride the beast if it corners us.
No. 457971 ID: a407a5

You manifest the freeze ray and fire it off, a little happy the snake is so large and thus an easy target. That layer of ice appears almost instantly, and just as quickly is shattered as the massive creature shrieks in pain and anger. You watch it's movement slow as the cold begins to set in, only to blink in surprise as something brushes past your vision and disrupts your aim. You glance to the side to see the girl getting ready to throw a piece of wood at you.


You blink in surprise, and completely forget about shooting the girl until her form is blocked by the snake's body again. It seems to be regaining it's old speed rather quickly, and snap at you again, this time it's aim heading directly at you. You throw yourself straight backwards, only to come into contact with the cage's edge, and instinctively throw yourself to the side in another attempt to dodge the inevitable death. Amazingly, you find yourself coming out of the attack with only a large gash across your back as one of it's teeth snags your flesh. Your dodge, however, took you into the path of the tail as it comes wipping around, and you feel the powerful appendage slam into you from the side. You throw your weight up and over it to avoid some of the damage, but you still end up landing heavily on the other side, the 9mm lost somewhere in the sudden explosion of dodges. Pain shoots up your side as you lift the freeze ray and fire away again, pumping a fair amount of the freezing effect into the giant snake and watching it thrash about. The girl comes into view again, preparing to hurl her piece of wood at you, while screaming something unintelligable. You doubt it was something nice.

>Freeze Ray Ammo: 18 Seconds
>>>Input Command
No. 457978 ID: 62bab4

...so what with dodging and damage mitigation, Evasion basically just saved our life half a dozen times. Way better than Maria's skill. Hell, I'd actually feel halfway sort of optimistic about facing her now.

Okay, we had 13 BP. Since we never died, we're only down to 12 from manifesting the cold magnum.

Girl is just throwing chunks of debis at us? Just shoot her. Should only take a second or few of cold to kill a person. We don't want to manifest the rifle just to plug her, it'll impair our dodge when the snake attacks again, or it'll just be knocked away. Besides, we want to shoot the snake with more cold before it's next strike anyways.

Save the rifle for if we get corned (shoot the girl right through it) or if we get the freeze ray knocked away.
No. 457979 ID: c8be92

Ya know, I'd suggest shooting her, but a piece of wood isn't going to do anything at all; she likely isn't even going to hit now that you know about her. Just keep focusing on the snake.
Kill it once, and you've almost won.
No. 457983 ID: 62bab4

I'm not worried about the wood, I'm just thinking we only need to peg her 5 times to win, and that'll be our second point.

We don't even know if we are killing the snake, or just hurting and inconveniencing it. We shouldn't rely exclusively on killing it, or pass up free shots on his pilot.

We'll probably have to reload after killing her and disabling and/or dodging the snake again. Try not to lose this gun.
No. 457984 ID: 4a328b

If you give her a chance to throw it she'll probably BREAK it to do something unexpected, so just shoot her in the face now
No. 457993 ID: a407a5

You turn the ice on the girl, her limbs freezing up and body coating in ice as soon as the ray hits her. Her whole body pauses in it's movement for a mere three seconds, then suddenly, her number drops by another 1 and she's suddenly unfrozen and blinking as a beam of ice flies over her head. You quickly start to redirect, only to feel a sudden movement to your left and you drop, the tail missing you by scant inches as it sails over your head. You immediately start moving, having learned not to stay in one place for too long, and feel rather than hear the roar of the snake thing as it comes after you, it's jaws open wide as it snaps at you yet again. This time, not even your massively good instincts for self-preservation save you, as you start your dodge late and feel massive fangs sink into your chest. Your alive just long enough to feel the thing thrash about, ripping your insides to pieces, and you scream in pain as the sudden wave of agony hits you.

Only to find yourself stumbling to the side, body healed and ready to go, while the snake finishes its thrashing about in the air before realizing you're not in its mouth anymore. It catches sight of you with one of its eyes, and you swear the thing starts grinning at you. At least you'd managed to keep hold of the freeze ray. Your one and only thought?

Time to go.

You find yourself dodging right into the side of the serpent as it strikes, and it snags you yet again with its fangs, only this time, the snag catches you and it hurles you into the air, slamming it powerful jaws down on you. This time, there is no pain in death, but when you wake up again, you find yourself staring into the serpents eyes as you realize that reality decided you'd "dodged" by ending up on its face...


>Freeze Ray Ammo: 13 Seconds
>>>Input Command
No. 457998 ID: 62bab4

Deaths 7 and 8. That ties us up, two apiece. 11BP.

Okay, enough of this shit. Shoot it in the face, jump back to dodge the ice, manifest the tank gun midair, and then blow / shatter its fucking head right off. When it dies, and the girl stares is shock, whip around with the ice gun and shoot her before she can manifest again, advance, and chain kill her the way you did the spear guy with your pistol.
No. 458002 ID: 62bab4

...or chain kill her with the rifle if that's what your holding, or if you emptied the ice gun into the snakes' face or dropped it when you manifested the rifle. Whatever works.
No. 458005 ID: cb8d76

Freeze serpent's face, active break it so it can't unfreeze, kill girl twice (or whatever we need to drop her to 9bp) the tank gun the snake. If at some point we determined that avatars' get an independent bp track from their...tuners?...then since when have we been able to see the girl's bp? I thought we only saw a number over the foci.
No. 458007 ID: 62bab4

>active break it so it can't unfreeze
We don't have a bonus for ice, or permanence, or anything, and a giant frozen snake head is kind of big. I think that's outside our capabilities.

>girl/snake BP
We don't have proof avatars have BP pools, I just posited they did.

If I'm reading what happened up there right, her BP was initially hidden, then she manifested, and revealed her BP to be 12 (we made a spirit check we failed the first time?) and the snake's BP to be 23.

We also need to kill her 3 more times to win, not 2.
No. 458008 ID: c8be92

I suggest freezing the snake's eyeballs, since we are conveniently on it's head. Keeping it slow/dead is the priority, seeing as how if we stop doing that at we get killed twice for every kill we get on the girl.
No. 458030 ID: a407a5

You react, pushing off with your legs to launch yourself into the air above the head and firing a stream of freeze ray into its face. You only get a few seconds of fire into it before you can feel yourself start to fall, so you toss the freeze gun to the side and manifest your rifle, the barrel you aim straight for the softer eye socket. For a moment, the two of you just seem to stare at each other, than you fire.

Your aim is dead on, and you watch as the creature's eye almost literally explodes. The snake lets out a shriek of pain, then starts thrashing around wildly. Thankfully, it keeps that thrashing far above you, and you land on the ground without any problems, although you almost drop your rifle due to the sudden impact. You steady yourself, then you spot the girl again, this time looking worried.

"Nonononononononono! Levi! Levi! Calm down! Calm down! Remember? The pain will go away! I can make the pain go away!"

The girl crouches down again, her face scrunching up in concentration, and you get the feeling she's doing something. That feeling is confirmed when her number drops down by 1 again. Suddenly, you remember you're supposed to be shooting her, not observing her, and you quickly get your aim and fire, pulping the poor girls head into nothing. You move forward as you readjust from the recoil, such as it is, and when she regens you fire again, this time taking out her chest. You're right on top of her when she regens again, and you practically have the rifle pressed against her chest as she stares up at you, her hat long since thrown to the side from the force of the gunshots.

"Sorry. Just trying to win."

"Um... Levi! Devour!"

Huh? Her number just dropped by 5. Why would it do tha-

You react again, dropping the rifle in favor of surviving and grabbing at something, as the giant snake thing does the impossible(?). It seems to open its mouth impossibly wide and beginning sucking things in, like a vacuum. You get a glance into what you think is its stomach, and see crates, barrels and even a few people from the crowds vanish into it. This... what the hell? That... what the hell? You manage to grab hold of a piece of the cage still firmly rooted to the ground, but you already feel it coming, and as your grip loosens too far for you to keep hold, you simply think 'This shit sucks' as you vanish into that gaping maw...

Then your back outside again the snake coiled around the girl protectively. The woman is crying gently, but out of all her sobbing you can hear a few words clearly.

"I'm... sniff... I'm done! I... I quit!"

You can only stare dumbly as she hugs the giant snake's nose to her face in an awkward hug thing. You're ushered out and a small black ball is handed to you, as well as your stake, and you're quickly glomped by Cally, who proceeds to start feeling every inch of your body she can reach, while babbling on about wanting to know what just happened. Cass wanders over as well, looking similarly confused. Soon enough, people are back at their tables, and various folk are hanging around. The woman has dismissed the snake, although the snake plushie she still has cradled in her arms. She's being watched over by another guy, who looks to be more of the rough type, although he's looking out for her.

Over the course of the next half-hour, you're approached by at three different people who ask to join up with you and yours. After you explain to them what it is your organization actually strives for, they seem even more eager to join up, even suggesting that they'll spread the word to other areas of the city in case others out there are searching for a safe haven. Through out all of the conversations you hold, you're running mostly on autopilot, as you are basically just repeating information to the everybody. Just as you finish up with your third request to join, a somewhat familiar face plops into a chair opposite you.

"Eh, chica. You did good out there, yeah? Never seen anyone stand up to Leviatán like that. Most get eaten. I hear you looking for people to join up with your crew. I think I had enough of this lucha, so you think I can stick with you guys?"

Duke Chavez. For some reason, unlike when he was in the arena, his accent is coming out a lot more. You note with amusement that he seems to be keeping a wary eye on Cass, who doesn't even seem to notice the guy is even there.

>>>Input Command
No. 458032 ID: 886a4d

Well as long as he accepts our organizations rules theres no reason not to accept.

Lets also get Elizabeth to examine what we won.

I'm far more interested in the owner of Leviathan. Lets ask around about her and if possible speak to her directly.
No. 458034 ID: f6cff9

I don't see why we shouldn't let him join. Sure he can be stupid like how he was acting towards Cass in the beginning at the match but we can just let him know that attitude would be a pretty bad idea to maintain if the only reason was because of Cass.
No. 458042 ID: cb8d76

Eh, let him in. Just warn him not to spar with Cass without supervision.

Snake girl and guardian seem interesting, but not necessarily recruitable at the moment. Still, if we end up in conversation I think asking if Levi is ok (we know next to nothing about avatars) would be appropriate and a good place to start.
No. 458043 ID: b6edd6

We could ask this guy about what is up with the snake girl, since they both seem to be arena regulars.
No. 458045 ID: f6cff9

I agree with this because we might as well get as much info we want about the leviathan girl.
No. 458049 ID: 62bab4

Death number 9. We're officially a cat (well, until we get killed again). Down to 8BP. If the pistol broke, or got sucked up or whatever and we need to remanifest it, that puts you at 7.

Also, that fight just proved pretty decisively spirit 4 ablatives are awesome. I hope Cass gets hers with all that XP she has sitting around.

>a small black ball
Gotta get it checked by Elizabeth. I'm guessing it's a form, or possibly another utility weapon type.

>you think I can stick with you guys?
I don't see any reason why you couldn't. So long as you don't hold a grudge. *grin*

>I'm far more interested in the owner of Leviathan. Lets ask around about her and if possible speak to her directly.
Yeah. Awkward apologies are in order. Sorry we beat up her friend there, but we weren't about to give up without a fight. If we'd run into her in the real world and not an arena match, we would have accepted her offer to back off.
No. 458062 ID: a407a5

"I don't see why not. Just try not to piss of Cass here. She's a pretty nice person normally, but..."

"Yeah, I think I got that chica. I'll just... stay out of her way, si?"

"You might live longer that way. Know anything about Miss Leviathan?"

"El Leviatán? El Devorador? Plenty. She shows up occasionally, with that guy there. Think they said her name was Lilith, or something like that. Least, that's what we call her around here. El Leviatán, he's a demonio, from christianity and demonology and all that. Supposed to be a gateway to Infierno in his stomach or something. I don't really talk to them much, because the brother isn't a breaker like us. He's a normal. Still fights pretty good though, over in the normal fighting ring next door. Can't believe it really. And the hermana is kinda weird, she talks to the doll a lot. You don't see a lot of her kind around here. Someone said she was some kinda rarity or something, but..."

"I see... thanks for that. Here, that's where we all are hanging around. Come check in around say... 6 tonight. We'll see about getting people a bit more set up and together then."

"I gotcha, chica. I'll see you around."

Chavez leaves, and you sit around awhile longer, watching the pair of woman and man talk and eat. Eventually, you decide you've had enough waiting around, and besides, you've never really interacted with Avatar types before, and you'd rather like the chance to talk to one. You get up and weave your way through the crowd, Cally following along behind, and as you arrive at the table the man moves "Lilith" behind himself, looking tense.

"What do you want?"

"I... I just came around to say hi, and that I'm sorry for shooting Leviathan. I didn't really want to, and if it had been out on the street, I would have backed down without a fight. I just... I needed to win, is all."

There's silence for a long time, then the man sighs and urges his companion out of hiding.

"Well... thanks for letting my friend surrender peacefully. Sometimes people don't do that... I'm Sid, this is Michelle."

"... um... hi..."

"Ah! I'm Linda, pleased to meet you. This is Cally."

"Wait... THE Cally? From that club down on second?"

"Uh... yeah... I guess..."

"DJ WINTER Cally?"

"Yeah... that's me..."

"Oh man... Can I get your autograph or something?"

"... Sure..."

Cally doesn't look thrilled at all to be getting near the guy, if anything she seems like she'd rather shove hot pokers in her own eyes, but she does it anyway, and actually responds to Sid's questions with answers, although most of them are one word and said with a bit of scorn. That leaves you to sit quietly on the sidelines, watching the conversation for a bit, and occasionally sneaking glances at Michelle. She's fidgeting quite a bit, flinching at the occasional loud noise, and looking a little unhappy to be where she is. Still, after awhile, you begin to notice her stealing glances at you, and eventually, she seems to work up the courage to say something.

"Um... Levi... Levi says you're strong... and... um... he'd like to fight you again... sometime... if that's alright..."

>>>Input Command
No. 458063 ID: 886a4d

As long as its not to either of our true deaths I think I can handle a rematch. Maybe a place a little... larger next to we both really can let loose. Would you mind telling me about Levi?
No. 458069 ID: 62bab4

Hmm. Think we've got confirmation Cass doesn't seem to like having to deal with guys at all. It isn't just Raphael.

...so, snakey decided he liked the taste of me, huh? *teasing*

Yeah, we can have a rematch sometime, if he wants. Although... is that why you're here? Because he's looking for a fight, even if you're not so much?

Totally chat her up, try to draw her out. Get her talking about Leviathan or something. If the opportunity at all arises to invite her to hang with our gang, do so.

When we reunite with Cally, thank her for keeping the brother busy long enough for us to chat with the girl.
No. 458074 ID: 4a328b

Both at full BP, in an area we can cut loose, a friendly match between us and the snake? Sounds like fun.

But you didn't seem like you liked fighting much, yourself?

Keep in mind how Marc didn't like people talking about his doll like it's a doll--maybe all avatar users are the same way. Unless you get clued in otherwise, assume Michelle's gonna take it poorly if you start talking about Leviathan like it's a stuffed animal.
No. 458076 ID: 4a328b

>When we reunite with Cally, thank her for keeping the brother busy long enough for us to chat with the girl.

Neh, we'll probably have to deal with him if we're trying to recruit the girl, anyway.

I'd lean more towards lightly chiding her for being so icy towards guys--probably where her stage name comes from, now that I think about it
No. 458086 ID: 62bab4

Eh, I don't think it's our place to chide her unless it actually causes us a problem, or crosses a line (Like if she starts pushing Raphael when she shouldn't we're totally gonna call her on it).

And I wasn't so much grateful for her keeping him busy (although it helps) but thinking it would turn her from being annoyed at having to put up with a male fan, into being happy she got to do something for Linda. A subtle tiny bit of diplomacy. We want to get her to defect from Jake's faction, after all. ...and it doesn't hurt to keep the person you're currently sleeping with happy. (We totally need to tune the twin ring before the next time. For experimentation).
No. 458091 ID: 4a328b

Contact info and see if she's interested in joining the group--let's see if we can slip it into casual conversation
No. 458092 ID: cb8d76

Agree to the rematch, but also let Michelle know that you thought Levi looked pretty cool and it'd be kind of cool to see him sometime when he's not trying to eat/murderize you. Might also want to give them your contact info (and let the brother know that while Cally's a friend she's not actually a part of our group, just showing us around).

Support to tuning the ring when we get back to base.
No. 458097 ID: c8be92


+1 to this.
No. 458186 ID: a407a5

"I wouldn't mind another fight, although I'd prefer to keep it as something like the arena. Without the final death, you know?"

"That's sounds nice..."

"If you don't mind me asking... you don't seem to like fighting much yourself. Yet you still do. Why?"

"Levi wants me to. He's... he needs to eat. All the time, he always hungry. Never not. Usually it's bearable, but sometimes... he get very loud. Very, very loud. Other people say he's a demon, and that I'm possessed, but brother doesn't believe them. He watches out for me and Levi. But sometimes, I hear other voices to. In my head. Other... demons, I guess..."

"Demons? Leviathan is a demon?"

"That's what it says in a book I read. On demonology... one of the seven major ones... He's supposed to have a gateway to hell in his stomach, and is the Prince of Gluttony... or Envy, depending on what book you read... or sometimes there's only three princes... Leviathan doesn't want me to talk about it anymore... I'm sorry..."

The timing turns out to be just right, as Cally is breaking off her conversation with the guy and pulling away from him. You never got the chance to talk to her about joining up, but... well, if she's that strong, she should be fine. You stand and thank Michelle for her time, and she gives you a weak smile as you head back towards your table, Cally quickly following you.

"Fucking men..."

"Don't like them, huh? Thanks for talking to him for me anyway, gave me a chance to talk to Michelle."

"Yeah... you owe me a good time, beautiful. Maybe a couple of good times... yeah~"

Cally goes into a sort of dreamy state, and you simply shake your head as you sit down again, glancing at Cass, who is looking rather bored. A second later your partner turns to you, stating her mind without hesitation.

"I'm fucking bored, Linda. We just gonna hang around here all day, or we actually going to go DO something? We still have that... problem... with nightmare boy, right?"

>>>Input Command
No. 458190 ID: 62bab4

Huh. I wonder if all that demon stuff has any actual bearing on this setting, or if it's just superstition. Also can't help but wonder if being sucked down a portal to hell is going to have consequences for us later, even if we did respawn. Oh well, gives us something to research later. Maybe ask Raphael if dream lore comes with any demon lore. Or see if Elizabeth knows anything about the Leviathan.

>We just gonna hang around here all day, or we actually going to go DO something? We still have that... problem... with nightmare boy, right?
No, I think we're done here for now. (Did we return the stake she lent us yet? We should, if we haven't).

Let's head back. Raphael and Elizabeth should be back from the Docs, we can see what he learned or had done. We can get Elizabeth to look at the loot, and see if she knows anything about demon princes or the Leviathan.

Daniels should also have had time to return with the backup from the airport. We can see what reinforcements Marc sent, specifically in regards to the Jake mess. Then we can plan our countermeasures.

Hmm. We're going to have to come clean to Cally about what's happening at some point. I'd hoped to have more time to win her over first, but we can't let this problem fester.
No. 458197 ID: 886a4d

Most likely she simply hears voices and her avatar gives the voice of Leviathan form. It is a form of mental illness after all and all Breakers are broken in some way.
No. 458205 ID: f6cff9

That's probably true but we might as well get a move on like >>458190 said. Any problem with Cally can be talk/thought about at the base.
No. 458208 ID: 62bab4

Well, yes. But the question is how legitimate are the voices? We are dealing with a broken reality, after all. She could suffer a fractured psyche, hear voices, and Leviathan gives form to one of them. She could have been broken to hear voices, but attracted a real, distinct and separate one when she got Levi. Or all the voices she hears could be outside of herself (demons, or whatever). We have no way to know.

More generally, whether avatars are just fractured pieces of their owner's minds given form or truly independent consciousnesses is an interesting question.

We lack sufficient information to draw a solid conclusion either way, right now.
No. 458237 ID: 4a328b

We need to look into ways to fight in the dreamtime---but I have no idea where to start. Let's see if Raph is rested, he might have a better idea.
No. 458244 ID: cb8d76

1) kinda sure this shouldn't be possible 2) it feels like a waste of the ring, but might as well throw out the idea. We could get the doc to respec the ring to make a dreamtime clone of the user that is consciously (basically inhabitted) controlled by the tuner while sleeping, instead of a real world body capable of independent action. For now, if the opportunity arises ask the Doc if it's possible, and if he'd need anything (ring aside) specific for the project. This plan assumes that any weapons manifested with the dream clone would be of use in the dreamtime (which I admit is questionable).
No. 458256 ID: 62bab4

If we want a focus that would allows us to operate in the dreamtime, I don't think we need to burn the ring. He can probably reprogram / rebuild anything to do that. After all, he designed the ring to do what it does now- I kind of doubt it did anything similar to begin with.

This may be a moot point, depending on what work Raphael got done today, or what the reinforcements bring. We may already have a new option to deal with Jake.
No. 458276 ID: a407a5

With everything you wanted to do here done with, you decide heading back to base would be best. You retrace your steps and eventually reach home again, after getting lost a couple of times do to your lack of knowledge about alleyways. Still, when you do finally make it home, you're greeted by two familiar faces and an unknown one.

"Hey! It's Linda! How you guys been doing out here? Only been a day and the Boss is already sending in the cavalry. You guys must have ticked someone off."

"Kent... this really isn't the time to be making a fool of yourself. I apologize for my boyfriend."

That's right. The two school kids. You can't imagine how Marc got them out of school to come help you out, and furthermore, you can't really tell how they'd be of any help. From what you remember, the girl didn't even fight at all. Still, it never hurts to have a few extra hands helping out around the place. You give them a friendly greeting, then raise your eyebrow at the new fellow. He seems to notice your stare and turns his attention to you, his eyes staring back at you before he offers a soft smile.

"Hello. I'm told you're quite new yourself, Miss Linda. I am known as George Warner. I'm told you're the second in command here, and that I'm to follow your orders unless tasked to do something by Daniels. I'm what you'd call a... Hacker, I suppose... although I prefer humans to computers nowadays."

You frown at that, but are quickly distracted from the new man as Elizabeth comes downstairs and makes her way over to you. She halts directly in front of you and holds her hand out, seemingly expecting something, and you just stare at her until it clicks in your head. She wants the foci. You dig your prize out and drop it into her waiting hand, which Cass quickly follows. Elizabeth quickly folds her hands around the two objects and wanders off. In your experience, the process can take no time at all or quite awhile, depending on the girl's mood, so you decide to leave her alone for now. Raphael quickly follows Elizabeth, glancing around for her before he spots you. He waves and offers a smile, which causes Cally to slide in next to you and wrap her arm around your waist, but Raphael seems to have been intercepted by Elizabeth, who seems to be talking to him in hushed tones.

Experience Gained: 3
>>>Input Command
No. 458282 ID: 62bab4

Hmmm. We want to talk to Elizabeth and Raphael, though they seem preoccupied. When they're done, ask Raphael how things went at the docs. (Was he after information? Did he fuse his foci? He couldn't pay for mods unless Elizabeth found him some foci somewhere to pay with). You probably want to separate yourself from Cally for a moment to talk to him (here, I need to talk to him).

So... people hacking, huh? What are we talking here? Perceptual stuff? Memories? Mind control?

Fuck yes.

-tune ring
-up finesse
-up BP

I've got a list of experiments in dis to try with the ring later, when we get a chance. Also, so long as the clone doesn't come off as creepy and empty headed we're having a 3way with Cally later. That's a couple of good times, I should say.
No. 458283 ID: 886a4d

I kinda want 2 finesse, but I won't argue too much.
No. 458288 ID: f6cff9

No complaints here
No. 458289 ID: 62bab4

For reference, here's the list of things I'd like to test when we get the chance.

Also, ghost-girl may not be useless even if she doesn't fight directly. That probably makes her a support type of some kind.
No. 458297 ID: 4a328b

Tune ring, two points to finesse

People hacking? Sounds interesting, tell me more~

Wondering if we should try to disengage Cally from our waist--it's kinda distracting when we're working.

Remember to tell Daniels about the potential recruits coming around 6
No. 458302 ID: a407a5

"So... People hacking, huh? What are we talking? Memories? Perception? Mind control?"

The man just smiles at you, really friendly like, although his eyes hold a sort of calculating coldness that strikes you as very common among the people you meet that have any kind of real power.

"All you need to know is that if you want to mess around inside people's psyche, I'm the one you should call. In the meantime, I have some business Daniels wanted me to take care of, I was only waiting around to say my hellos. I'll be around if you need me, Miss Linda."

The man leaves, not having given you anything information on what he actually does, but you leave it alone. You can always press him for information later. Right now, you have another concern. Namely, Raphael seems to have finished up his conversation with Elizabeth, and is looking very thoughtful as he starts to head back towards the stairway. You manage to extricate yourself from Cally and head off after him, intercepting his course just as he reaches the bottom step.


"Hm? Oh. Linda. How did your mission go? Alright, I'd guess?"

"Yeah, think I got a few recruits, they'll be showing up around 6. Met another Avatar type to, she's a little loopy, but then, I guess all of us are, on some level. How your thing with the Doc go?"

"Alright, I suppose. He tried to set me on fire, but... well, rock doesn't exactly melt quickly. Anyway, I talked to him a bit about... some things. Hopefully I'll have something definitive to present later, but for now... I think I'll keep it to myself. If you don't mind."

Raphael is quiet for a little bit, returning to looking thoughtful, then shakes his head and returns his attention to you, a playful grin growing on his face, although you get the feeling there's a little sadness in his voice as well. You also get the feeling he's rather deliberately changing the subject.

"So. I hear the Angel is learning a bit about music, yeah? How's that working out for you?"

>>>Input Command
No. 458309 ID: b6edd6

We should ask George at some point whether his mental powers include effecting people's interaction with the dreamtime. We will want some effective anti-dream strategies before we get to the nearly-inevitable point where we fight Jake.

We should also look into this demon thing. My first thought would normally be that it is just mislabeling of magic, but Jake's shadow acts exactly like an embodiment of pride.
(Huh, I just noticed that Cally doesn't know about Jake leading their group, but the random punks we beat up do. (see >>453427))
No. 458311 ID: cf506c

God damnit Elizabeth, well i think we had something already prepared for this kinda of situation, but i am not sure if cally is close enough to hear it or how comfortable we are with the subject seems like we just decided to ignore it and hope it worked out on its own. As for the sadness i'd guess that the doc probably had to change his foci in some way and considering the sentimental value he seemed to hold in it, it was probably a hard decision for him.
No. 458312 ID: 4a328b

Make sure Cally's out of earshot and doesn't sneak up on you while you're talking!

We think we know why her handle's D.J. Winter, at least. She's been cold and downright hostile to every guy she's been around or talked about.
No. 458313 ID: cf506c

That or he thinks he's lost his chance with Linda, not to sure where the sadness was implied.
No. 458318 ID: 62bab4

Hey, it's hard for a commander to put you to use if they don't know your capabilities! Oh well, hacker dude. We'll get you eventually.

>I think I'll keep it to myself. If you don't mind.
That's alright. We're sure you'll tell us when it's relevant, or we'll just steal the info when it shows up in the wiki.

>I hear the Angel is learning a bit about music, yeah? How's that working out for you?
Cute, Raphael. (Hmm. Talking to the guy pining for us about our current fling. Tricky. Let's go with honestly, but leave him some hope, I suppose).

Well... it's fun, for sure. Been a while, and the attention is nice. And everything is kind of refreshingly simple and straightforward with her.

Still, we'll see how long it lasts. We're not going to be here forever, she hardly strikes me as the type to hang around, and things are going to come to a head with her boss before too long...

At least I'm confident she doesn't know who she's really working for now.

...speaking of which, take it easy tonight, all right? I'm not gonna bully you into standing down again, but we were okay with no guard. We'll be okay with you leaving something for yourself.

>We should also look into this demon thing. My first thought would normally be that it is just mislabeling of magic, but Jake's shadow acts exactly like an embodiment of pride.
That's a very good catch. Elizabeth mentioned a demon that night she freaked out too.

>God damnit Elizabeth
He hardly needed a prophet's help to figure it out. He's just teasing us, using her names.

Speaking of Elizabeth, she's who we should talk to next. She what the foci do, and if she has anything to say about demons.
No. 458323 ID: 4a328b

>...speaking of which, take it easy tonight, all right? I'm not gonna bully you into standing down again, but we were okay with no guard. We'll be okay with you leaving something for yourself.

Actually, I think we should start brainstorming about going on the offensive. Assuming no unexpected battles between now and bedtime, anyway.
No. 458324 ID: 62bab4

Yeah, I suppose we can save that for tonight, if we don't end up doing something today. After we talk with Elizabeth, the next thing to do is probably to start planning for war.
No. 458384 ID: 6e44d2

I don't like how possessive Music is being. In fact, she's exhibiting a ton of the qualities that man-hating women tend not to like in men. Can we confront her about that? Just tell her to back off.
No. 458387 ID: 62bab4

I'm not really sure that's any of our business. On a personal level, we've know her what, 2 days, 3? Just because we hooked up with her once doesn't put us in a position to dictate her behavior, or expect her to change. We're her fling- not her mother, or her partner.

On a tactical level, as the leader of the team, it hasn't reached the level of a personnel issue we'd have to intervene in. She's given Raphael a few dirty looks, but she hasn't caused any problems with him, other allies, or the male npcs we've interacted with. Hell, Cass' attitude has caused more diplomatic problems and inftra-faction friction than Cally's (although we're working on that).

There's also the strategic angle- we'd like her to defect from Jake's faction if possible. A confrontation and fight about her personal bullshit doesn't seem conducive to that.

Maybe it can be handled delicately, a "why you gotta be like that" kind of thing. But it doesn't seem worth it to me- it's not a significant problem, and it could potentially blow up in our face. It's my experience that people usually don't react well to being confronted about their own personal hypocrisies.

(...if we ever do actually have this conversation though, we totally need to joking bring Raphael's nightmare status up).

...and personally, I kind of like the possessive thing. It's kind of refreshingly straightforward, and a nice alternative to wishy-washy relationship drama. She wants to latch on while she's got us? Go right ahead. If it becomes a problem, we'll deal with it. But again, it hasn't caused any trouble yet.
No. 458393 ID: 4a328b

Changing my vote to hold off on tuning the ring yet--but still put two points in finesse
No. 458394 ID: a407a5

"Well... it's fun, for sure. Been a while, and the attention is nice. And everything is kind of refreshingly simple and straightforward with her. Still, we'll see how long it lasts. We're not going to be here forever, she hardly strikes me as the type to hang around, and things are going to come to a head with her boss before too long..."

"Heh. Yeah, well. I hope you find the right girl for you, eventually. I'll see you around."

Raphael heads up the stairs, and you turn to glance back at Cally. She's busy introducing herself to the new-girl in the area, while trying her best to ignore the boy. You frown a little, then shrug it away. As long as she doesn't screw things up for the group, there's no reason to stop her. You head up the stairs yourself, in search of Elizabeth.

A few minutes later, you find her in your shared room, sitting at the table with the two foci she'd received for examining discarded on the table in front of her. She seems to be staring at the ceiling, and when you follow her example just out of curiosity, she drops her gaze immediately. You shrug, used to her odd behaviors and mannerisms by now, and sit down across from her.

"So... found out anything about these yet?"

"No. The foci are not within my sight at this time."

"Huh... you know anything about demons?"

"A dream, just like every other dream, made by a dreamer, just like every other dreamer. Demons are mere figments of unreality, until someone says otherwise. There is no true demons currently. There was in the dreams of the past. Will be in the dreams of the future. But the dreams of the present remain clear and unclouded. THE Demon comes though. He comes. And he will hurt the Angel... HE WILL HURT THE ANGEL!"

Elizabeth starts to freak out again, you can see it in her eyes, but you quickly move to her side and wrap your arms around her.

"Shhhhh... you're alright. You're alright... I'm fine. I'm fine."

Elizabeth calms, but clings to you, as if to assure herself you're still there.

>>>Input Command
No. 458397 ID: 62bab4

>I hope you find the right girl for you, eventually.
Ooh. Darn people and their binary assumptions about sexuality! (Apparently he didn't recognize the first boyfriend's room for what it was). ...and we missed our chance for a witty retort (darn narrative pace!). Oh well. Guess he may be pleasantly surprised later.

I guess we calm down Elizabeth? Hang with her a while, see if the results come in. Then, if we have time, I'd like to test the ring (assuming we stop dithering over that). Then we should meet with the others and plan. Daniels and Raphael seem to have plans in motion, I think (the hacker, and whatever Doc is doing).

I still support:

-tune ring
-up finesse
-up BP

Since there's apparently a bit of disagreement, let me explain my reasoning.

We want the ring because it gives us a ton of versatility and options. Escape, offensive, support, and tactical. We want those options available, even if we don't use them immediately. Options are power.

Hell, it's a literal force multiplier.

I don't care what the orb does. Nothing it's gonna do will give us as many versatile options as being in two places at once, or duplicating any of our weapons. We're going to want the ring. We have the chance to get it now. Take it.

>Why 1 fineness 1 BP better than 2 finesse
Yes, finesse is our core stat, and useful for shooting and dodge checks. But with Evasion we can squeak by with a little less, and our BP pool is still pretty low. We were pretty conservative with BP use in the Levi fight, and we still used up like half. I want a bigger margin, so we can do more multi-gun, and potentially multi-Linda stuff. And so we can active break without worry too.
No. 458412 ID: 4a328b

Two xp to finesse, next XP we earn will go to BP, probably.

What time is it? We should do something fun with Elizabeth after we check in with Daniels.
No. 458425 ID: cd9a40

I am gonna agree with >>458397
Simply because we need to figure out what that ring actually does and no matter what that is we will need more bp if we what to utilize it in any effective way
No. 458437 ID: a407a5

Experience Point Allocated:
Twin Ring Tuned
Finesse: 6
Max BP: 20

You continue to hold Elizabeth until she calms completely, then she lets go and returns to staring at the ceiling. You sigh a little, then pick yourself up and start towards the door.

"Hey Elizabeth, you think we should watch a movie or something tonight? Be a good chance to relax a little, after everything that's been going on."

"Only if the Nightmare comes as well. He will be... needed."

"Eh? Uh... sure? I guess. I'll invite him if you like."

There's no response, so you head out the door, this time headed for Daniels room. A knock gets the door open quickly enough, and you report your days tasks, as well as your desire to maybe come up with a plan for getting rid of Jake. You can't keep having him threaten your dreams. Daniels, however, waves you off, telling you that Raphael is already dealing with the dream problem. Just leave it to him. You feel a bit jerked around by all that, but you don't really have a say in the matter. Daniels IS technically you're boss right now... Shit. Now this is going to be nagging you all night. Still, it's better than nothing. At least you know someone has a plan. You'd prefer it if Raphael wasn't the one coming up with it, as he seems to like the martyr thing, but still... hopefully you'll be let in on whatever's going on at some point... maybe with someone at gunpoint if they hold off on it long enough.

You manage to get down to lunch after knocking on Raphael's door and informing him of the invitation for later. He seems to actually consider it carefully, instead of just agreeing like you'd expected, but in the end he agrees, mumbling something about needing to talk to Elizabeth again anyway. You frowned at that, but he'd closed the door too quickly to get in a question. A little too quickly than was really necessary either...

You spend most of lunch angrily attacking a steak in frustration. You know, KNOW, they're deliberately leaving you out of the loop. The bastards. Weren't you supposed to be the damned lead- Wait... since when did you feel comfortable being in charge of people? You remember in a previous job for the company, they'd tried to make you lead people, and it had ended terribly. You usually did much better working alone... ARGH! That just gave you something ELSE to think about! Damn it! You need to clear your head! All your plans for the evening just got shot down, and the only thing you really have on your plate right now is the movie thing later... maybe you should get Cass to come over too...

Gah! Too much thinking!

Still, you did tune the ring. Might as well experiment with it first. You try pushing your will through it, and frown in disappoinment until Cally pokes you in the side.

"Um... who is that? You got a twin you didn't tell me about? Cause I'm totally up for dancing together~"

Ah... wow. That really does look remarkably like you. Actually... it looks exactly like you. Even stands like you would, although it seems to just be staring blankly at you for now.

Current BP: 9
>>>Input Command
No. 458441 ID: 886a4d

Alright if we're going to use her for combat we should test that first. Maybe take her up to the roof and see how well she shoots first.
No. 458452 ID: d3fb91

finally a chance to test out all the theories we had about how this bloody thing worked!
No. 458455 ID: b6edd6

So, abilities to test for:
- Following commands
-- Following multi-step or complex commands
-- Not following other people's commands
-- Ability to react to events not specified by commands
- Speech
-- Conversation
- Reflexes
-- Aim
-- Evasion (preferably starting with non-lethal means like thrown objects)
- Memory transfer (from us to Lindouble and/or from Lindouble to us when the effect ends)
- Ability to break/manifest
- Duration until the effect ends or needs more BP
No. 458457 ID: 4a328b

Tuned a modded foci--Doc said it wasn't a very smart double though, so I'm going to test that now.

Try and save your BP, for goodness sake!! Elizabeth keeps dropping not so subtle hints that something is going down tonight, so don't use anything that needs BP to do these tests.
No. 458460 ID: 62bab4

>The PLAN!
...if they're hiding something from you, it's probably because you wouldn't like it. Talk to Raphael after the movie- make sure he isn't planning a suicide mission, or sacrificing his nightmare or something stupid.

>...since when did I care about leading people?
Since the people you ended up in charge of are friends you care about, with real stakes on the line. Friends you lead not because you wanted to, or were order to, but because one by one they came to depend on you.

Besides, your work ethic is too good to let yourself be sidelines, odd as your new line of work is.

>You got a twin you didn't tell me about?
I do now... apparently. New foci. Apparently I'm a weapon. *grin*.

That's a good list, in reasonably good order to test. Although, we should really try speech and communication first.

Uh, hello, me?

Only other possibility you left out might be to test if Twinda can respawn, but I'm a little leery of committing murder/proxy-suicide to test that.
No. 458462 ID: 62bab4

Ooh, and anyone not watching the wiki? Our allies all picked up new spirit abilaties this level up. Elizabeth got active break, and Cass and Raphael each got new ones we haven't seen before- both look pretty useful, actually. Take a looksee.
No. 458463 ID: a407a5

"I do now... apparently. New foci. Apparently I'm a weapon."

You flash Cally a smile even as you start examining the twin more closely. The first thing you notice... Twinda doesn't have a number. At all. No numbers floating around her head. You think that means she doesn't have any ability to break, but... you'll have to test that, you suppose. She could draw on your strength for that.

>Following commands
She stands up, sit's down, twirls, jumps, does push-ups. Seems she can follow simple commands alright.

>Following multi-step or complex commands
You give her a list of things to do, ranging from eating a potato chip to hugging Elizabeth. She goes off once you finished your instructions, and for the next few minutes you see her rushing about, performing the various actions. She even heads upstairs for a minute or two to go hunt down Elizabeth and hug her. Eventually, she returns to stand in front of you, staring at you again.

>Not following other people's commands
She successfully ignores Cally's order to go "dance" with her. You, on the other hand, find yourself sorely tempted.

>Ability to react to events not specified by commands
You give her the same list of instructions as before, only this time, you deliberately block her path up the stairs. Twinda seems to lock up, unsure of things, and almost immediately starts to rub the same spot your scar is at, a default reaction to uncertainty and nervousness. You quickly tell her to stop what she's doing, and she goes back to what you've begun to call her "ready" state.

"Can you talk?"


"Say your name."

"Linda McCallahan."

You mess around with a few scenarios, but eventually realize that Twinda can't really hold conversation well, UNLESS she's been coached on what to say to questions or comments. Example, if you tell her to simply say "I don't know" to questions she hasn't been coached on, she'll respond with "I don't know".

You chuck a peanut at her without warning. She proceeds to take the hit. You sigh, order her to snatch the peanut from the air, and when you throw the next one, her hand shoots out and grabs the peanut, or tries to. She misses and it hits her again, but she carefully extracts it from her clothing and, almost as an afterthought, you see her pop the peanut into her mouth and carefully chew. You frown in confusion, until you realize she's been watching other people do the same, and seems to have concluded that you eat peanuts when you have them.

You have her throw peanuts at random objects at varying distances, while you do the same, and you come out a lot better than she does. She seems more like she has your old, un-enhanced skill, which wasn't bad, but...

Another use of peanuts, only this time, you order her to dodge. She performs the desired action, although this is mostly by simply sidestepping the peanut. No reason to throw herself to the side, you guess.

>Memory transfer
You're not picking up any memories or anything from her. You'd guess no, although you proceed to ask her random questions about your past. She answers all of them correctly, suggesting she knows about herself/yourself. You decide to test whether she gains new memories based off of what you see, and you head off to another room and do something random. When you return, you ask her what you did in the other room, and she simply states "I don't know".

>Ability to break/manifest
You order her to try breaking, and she just looks at you in confusion. You be a bit more specific, but the confusion never leaves.

>Duration until the effect ends or needs more BP
You leaver her there for a couple of hours, ordering her not to move or do anything, and you take the time to head off and find a movie that might be good(Cally and Cass tagging along, Cass since she'll be watching it and refuses to watch some "sappy bullshit" and Cally because, upon finding out about the event, is pestering you to let her join in). You pick up some groceries as well, figuring it couldn't hurt to actually cook something for once, and then you head back. Upon arrival, the clone is still sitting in the exact same spot, staring at the exact same wall. You check you're own number and find it to be at 11 now, which is means you've been slowly regenerating and Twinda here hasn't eaten up anything so far.

>>>Input Command
No. 458467 ID: 62bab4

Hmm. So she's got your personality, habits, and memories, but no initiative. She's passive.

The not dodging if she's not ordered too, and confusion / shutdown by the unexpected could pose serious problems though. Might make her next to useless in active combat situations. :/ Still could be used as a backup sniper I suppose.

Maybe survival instincts kick in if she's in actual danger? Problem is, we'd have to actually attack her to see.

Well, we need to check her gun skills. She should have a duplicate pistol, if you can find somewhere to shoot.

The most interesting thing we picked up, actually, is she seems to learn. If her memories persist each time she;s manifested (we don't want to waste 3BP to test that right now). We could train her up, or program her with basic orders (like "dodge when people attack you"). Make her somewhat less helpless when the unexpected happens, since she'd have standing orders.

Can you talk to her via copy-comm? Or does having two comms with the same ID/number cause problems?
No. 458470 ID: 6e44d2

Alright. Take Twinda into your room and have sex with her. Not every day you get to do that.
No. 458472 ID: 62bab4

Hey, can she see your number?

Test this later, because we don't want to waste BP:

Can you pass a mental order while manifesting? Like: I'm summoning my twin to do X, so she appears with your memory and knows what to do? (...probably can test this when Cally inevitably asks you to 'test' something with her later tonight.~)

There's also, longer term, the question of how we could upgrade her by investing XP in the ring. Although, I suppose we need to know current limitations before we consider what upgrades are possible. (She's not an avatar- so I don't she'll ever be truly autonomous. But can we give her more initiative than she has now?).

...save that for later. Linda x Cally x Linda (you know she's already considering it, anyways).
No. 458478 ID: d3fb91

Haha twinda perfect name well done
No. 458485 ID: 4a328b

Seems like Twinda is a Normal, passive version of ourselves--So we probably shouldn't give her a gun and expect her to be able to back us up as a sniper or something, since we're only awesome with them because of our initial focus.

Have Twinda help you cook!
No. 458500 ID: c8be92

Well, now we can do that any day.

Seems like we could use her for work; just holding down our job without having to invest 8 hours a day, or week, or however much time in put into making money.

We could do things with this clone; taking simple orders? Yes, we can keep Cally "under observation" while we go on that date with Raph, we could use her as a body double for when we inevitably make an enemy out of Jake, or even just scout with an expendable body.
If she can maybe see BP at some point, we could use the x-ray scope through walls with no problems, since we'd be able to tell who is not just an innocent bystander.
No. 458504 ID: f6cff9

I wouldn't trust Twinda with our job at all considering Linda is an accounting consultant. Our clone is slow on the uptake and accounting isn't a simple task.
No. 458535 ID: 2b7692

Cally coming seems bad. She's definitely reporting back to Jake and she pretty clearly lays it on thicker around Raph to mess with him.
No. 458538 ID: 62bab4

What? We've received no indication that's true. When we were inside her head (while fighting Lightning) she was upset by having to cause unnecessary pain, or by the thought of looting! Someone that doesn't seem compatible with working directly for the kill-happy sadist. I think she honestly doesn't know about Jake.

Although, even if she is giving her Boss (the fake one) a cursory report on what we're up to, that's to be expected. Why do we care that they know we watched a movie?

Using her to do work might not be a bad idea, although we'd have to check what she did before we submit anything.

Downside of course, is then we can't manifest her if/when we need her. (Although we need to finish testing her combat capabilities before we know how big a problem that is).
No. 458540 ID: 2b7692

Eh, she's making reports that will get back to Jake, and it matters because we don't really get many opportunities to talk with Raph with how busy he is with the Jake problem and how he currently wants to avoid us. If we want to talk about that this is going to be our best chance, and I doubt Cally will want to let us talk alone with Raph. Otherreasons for not wanting her to come include the warning we got about Raph needing to come makes me think Jake will show up and having someone who works for him around seems a bad idea(even if she doesn't realize he's the boss I'm sure she knows they work for the same group) and the fact that having her there will make things unpleasant for the exhausted guy who's the only one who can do anything about Jake.
No. 458542 ID: 62bab4

Hey, whatever happened to the recruits showing up tonight? Is someone handling that? If we're doing movie night, we might miss that.

Well, if we've already let her come along, seems like it would be a lot of trouble to get rid of her. I kind of doubt she'll ruin movie night for him, she let us have the space to talk to him last time, and we're gonna want to get our words in after the movie anyways, not during, and with everyone else listening.

Concern about having her around if we get attacked by her faction is more legitimate (since yeah, who knows who she'll side with), but I'm not sure what to do about that. If we push her away or deliberately exclude her she's more likely to just be part of the attack. :/

If she hangs around, it could go either way, although I think we do have better odds of her defecting if we stay nice, and if she gets to see Jake being a major dick (show not tell is a good approach when you're trying to convince people their allies are assholes).
No. 458555 ID: f87596

get a form foci go back to the doctor and fuse it with the ring
No. 458575 ID: a407a5

Daniels will be dealing with the newcomer(as technically, he is the boss) but you could always drop in if you wanted to. But you're still a few hours away from six anyway. You drop off your groceries and start to think about what exactly you should make when you find Elizabeth tugging on your shirt from behind. She hands you the two foci she'd received and makes a humming noise, then points toe Cass' club-looking thing.

"Bashes things."

Then it's the small round ball.

"Makes holes."

Elizabeth trots away after that, leaving you with the two things. You should probably get the club back to Cass eventually, but what the hell does "makes holes" mean? You sigh, then turn on your comm and try ordering Twinda to come to you. A few minutes later, the copy is standing next to you, waiting patiently. You get her to help with the cooking, which is just a couple of simple foods, and while you get that ready, you try askng her if she can see numbers. She responds with "I don't know" and you sigh again, this time because the other you seems to be somewhat of an idiot. Still, once you've finished preparations for the food, you're left wondering what to do. You can't just go firing weapons in the area. That would cause problems. Damn... you've still got two hours before anything important was supposed to happen.

>>>Input Command
No. 458576 ID: 6e44d2

No. 458579 ID: 62bab4

Oh, cooking! Yeah, she's good for chores, if you don't mind wasting the BP. Although, you could probably active break chores to be done (like people did to clean up the drunken party) for less than she costs to summon. So only useful if she's already manifested.

>Daniels will be dealing with the newcomer(as technically, he is the boss)
He's not the most... diplomatic, person though. Certainly wasn't the person you wanted to sped time with when you first joined. Putting in appearance might help. The people showing up know your face, not his, anyways.

>ambiguous prophecies
I wish she'd at least confirm typing, although I guess we can assume the ball is a weapon and not form? She'd tell us if we needed to know.

Still, we got guns. Those make holes. Unless the black ball lets us toss micro black-holes around, I'm not terribly interested. Perhaps it bears some connection to the ball Jake was fighting with? Though I remain unsure if that was a weapon form if he's got what looks to be an evil dream avatar running around. Although, as Twinda demonstrates, drawing lines between types may be harder than we first thought.

>Can't test shooting, would draw attention
...warped reality? If we grabbed Raphael, he could cover for us while we brought her to the roof for testing I suppose.

That, or we have two hours. We could find someplace secluded or soundproofed for testing.

We kind of do need to conform if she has combat applications, though. If she can't shoot like you, we need to know that.

It's still only early afternoon! Besides, I think being the only 'person' involved would make it less fun. I'm still holding out for the threesome.
No. 458583 ID: 4a328b

>"Makes holes."

Let's hold onto it for now unless someone else in our party wants to try tuning it. And give Cass back the bashy thing.

Might as well get some actual work done. For your job. See if Twinda can help with that too or if it requires too much initiative
No. 458585 ID: cb8d76

Ask Twinda if she's hungry - unlikely that she needs to eat but who knows.

No. This would likely be creepy, boring and ungratifying. Download some massage instructional videos for Twinda and come back later to see how effectively she can learn complex tasks on her own (hopefully we can teach her some information gathering skills later).

At some point soon we should try banishing and remanifesting Twinda to see if she retains anything we taught her (I expect this to be an upgrade, but maybe not).

Agree with hanging onto the ball for now and returning Cass' focus.

2 hours to kill - fail to organize a game of beach volleyball? (the base is near the beach, right?)
No. 458586 ID: 62bab4

>makes holes
Other things I can think of besides black holes: pitfall traps, opening temporary holes through walls / obstacles, wormholes. Really too vague to know if it's worth tuning one day (although, we have enough toys for the moment, I think). I support holding on to it, although I wouldn't object to trading it to Cass or someone if they expressed an interest (wondering when we will find something new that appeals to Cass, actually).

>At some point soon we should try banishing and remanifesting Twinda to see if she retains anything we taught her
I'd rather put this off for now, she costs 3BP to manifest, we're kind of expecting trouble tonight, and we're down to about half as it is. We can test that anytime in the future.
No. 458590 ID: a407a5

You grab your laptop and pull up some pages and instructional videos on massage therapy, then have Twinda start learning. You'll see how well she learns by the end of it.

In the meantime, you're left to your own devices for another two hours. You decide getting some work done probably wouldn't hurt, even though you're supposed to be on vacation, and you you spend your time working on the numbers and accounts. About and hour and a half later, you finish up with the upteenth folder of papers, and decide to check in on Twinda.

You find yourself surprised as various other articles and such have been opened on her assigned subject, and she seems to be practicing on Elizabeth, who's calmly and quietly letting herself get used. You simply stare, not sure how to react, until Elizabeth glances at you and gestures for you to come over. You do so, and Twinda almost immediately latches on to you as a practice subject. Elizabeth is already out the door before you can say a word, and you start to shout at her until your copy suddenly starts massaging your hand. You feel muscles you hadn't realized were tense suddenly relax, and you find yourself sighing in contentment instead of shouting in anger. You let yourself get massaged for the reaming 30 minutes, but when times up, you extricate yourself and head downstairs to see a group of new faces. A quick count puts them at 9, a surprisingly high amount, and you quickly learn that all of them are those that couldn't find groups to join because they weren't the entertainer types. Daniels goes over any of their questions and concerns, and a few look doubtful, at least until he introduces you to them and explains that you're the primary agent and the second-in-command of the group within the area. You start to smile and wave, until your brain catches up with that.

Wait, what?


What the hell does that mean?

"You'll go to her some of your assignments if we need anything done in particular, as she's the one who usually stumbles across problems before I do, otherwise your allowed to roam around on your own, preferably in teams, to recruit others and scout out areas. We want our influence to grow, after all. If any mission that need doing come from the east, from the BOSS Boss, I'll tell Linda, and she'll decide who gets to handle it.

"You have anything you want to say, Linda?"

>>>Input Command
No. 458591 ID: 886a4d

No need to show your alarm Linda. Tell them it'll be a pleasure working with them and you'll do your best to see everyone stays alive and happy.

Welp if we're going to be deciding jobs we're going to need to know these people. Its interview time. Get their strengths, their weaknesses, what their focii are and what situations they aren't willing to go into. Try to feel out how they are broken as well. Its kinda important to know if we have another Cass on our hands.
No. 458594 ID: c8be92

Remember to stay safe; your last life is much more important to the group than the completion of any single mission.
Be sure to tune at least one extra foci, just so you don't end up unable to use any of your awesome reality breaking powers.
The group has great opportunity for advancement if you do well, with Linda rising to second in command after one month.
Remember to have fun, and don't be a dick.