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File 134581559002.jpg - (384.27KB , 1920x1080 , Girl-Butterfly-Cannon-Anime.jpg )
59148 No. 59148 ID: a407a5

So we know what's going on... sort of.

First off... LINDA STATS!

Name: Linda McCallahan
Stat: Strength-2, Finesse-3,Will-1
Spirit: 1
Break Points: 5
Focus: Bullet
Manifestations: Weapon Type
1- Anti-Tank Rifle

And now, an explanation of what all that up there means.

The basic stats affect basic things. How easily you can flip that car(Strength), how likely you'll hit that guy at the end of the street(Finesse), or how easily you impose you desires on others(Will). Normally, an average human would be considered a 1, and exceptional person a 2. Your not normal. For you, even a two let's you do some crazy shit. Exactly what will be up to your imaginations and how much insanity you start inflicting on poor reality.

Spirit is how large you effect on reality is. The larger the number, the more likely it is reality will be told to shut up and go cry in a corner somewhere. It directly affect Break Point(the point you can spend to tell reality to shut up) and the strengths of your manifestations.

Manifestations, in this case, being the weapons you can tell reality to kindly hand you, so you can make something else die. Linda is a weapon type, meaning she pulls weapons out of thin air, and she currently has a bullet as her focus, generally meaning that she pulls out guns. Other foci can be obtained later, opening up more weapons to use for the killing of things.
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No. 59176 ID: a407a5

Damn. Remind me never to write a post after just waking up ever again in my life... I mean... just damn...

Breaking Reality:
The use of Break Points is fairly straight forward. You spend a point, shit happens. However, there are certain restrictions. Namely, reality can only be influenced based on either your strength of spirit or your foci. Linda isn't strong enough to force the existence of a waterfall, and said waterfall has nothing to do with the bullet.

There are certain things Linda will always be able to perform, although for now they are limited to only two things. As she gains more Spirit, the things she'll be able to do will increase. They are as follows:
-Avoiding Death: Anytime you would normally be killed(like getting shot in the head) will be negated as Reality warps to defend you. This only activates if you have the point to spend, however, so don't go getting yourself killed on a regular basis.

-Manifesting: This manifests in a different way for each foci one can obtain. For Linda, this translates into a weapon as yet unknown.
No. 59245 ID: a407a5
File 134594234660.jpg - (31.48KB , 500x334 , woflie1.jpg )

Another Character Breakdown, and an Introduction to the second Manifestation type.

Name: Trevor Ferguson
Stats: Strength-4, Finesse-1,Will-2
Spirit: 2
Break Points: 11
Focus: Pet Wolf
Manifestations: Form Type
1-Giant Wolf

Trevor's manifestation type, unlike Linda's, is centered around changing his own body into the weapon. Form types can generally manifest more quickly then the other two varieties, but are also easier to take down unless they are more skilled at breaking reality than their opponent. They are the second most common, following weapon types.
No. 59273 ID: a407a5
File 134596231106.jpg - (12.97KB , 425x313 , life-experience-points.jpg )

Because how else would you improve yourself?

There are numerous ways to gain the precious points of growth, but there are two major ones. The first is laying claim to foci. Killing the wielder is optional, since as long as he doesn't have the foci, he can't do anything to you. The second is the completion of major goals, such as surviving your first fight, performing some major task given to you by someone else. Both methods will award only a single point each, but they are the most reliable of all the methods.

Spending points is a little more complicated. Depending on the category it's spent in, the rules change a little.

Stats: Strength, Finess or Will increase by one for each experience point spent.
Spirit: One pays the CURRENT spirit in experience points to increase it by one. Therefore, 1 to 2 in costs 1, 2 to 3 costs 2, and so on. This also increases the total Break Points by 3.
Break Points: Paying an experience point specifically in this field increases the total by 3.

Manifestations: A single experience point used on manifestation can do a number of things. They are as follows:

Released Manifestation: A point spent on an existing manifestation allows you to modify the weapon being used. For example, Linda's rifle could be modified by changing the bullet type(from normal to explosive, or armor piercing, or incendiary or whatever else), or you could increase the magazine size(yes, that matters). You could also add various reality warping funtions to the weapon as you see fit, such as the ability to fire "Healing Bullets" as was suggested by Magus.

NOTE: Each modification to an existing weapon will increase the cost to manifest it by one.

Non-Released Manifestation: When you find a foci, or rather, when you loot a foci, you don't just get to start using whatever weapon or ability is attached to it however you like. You have to tune it first. Spend a point of experience, and whatever weapon rests within a foci is yours to do with as you choose.

Any questions should be posted here, and similarly, any debates or ideas about how experience should be used is done here.

We thank you kindly,

No. 59276 ID: d6c330

Part of me wants to put a point in will, just so we don't continue to be unable to talk people into doing things.

A bigger part of me wants to unlock our stolen focus though. It looked to be some kind of a handgun, which with our finesse gives us non-lethal options when we want them. It's tough to make trick shooting matter when you're using anti tank artillery.

In the future, I think we want to disable and loot target' foci so they don't matter and can be let go. If they actually need putting down though, well, that's what the tank gun is for.
No. 59279 ID: a407a5

Whoops, forgot this bit...

As Spirit increases, so does one's ability to warp to your desires. Every time Spirit is increased, you "learn" a little more about the fabric that is reality, and about how to tell it to go cry in a corner somewhere. For reference, the next ability gained would be either:

Normality- By expending a Break Point, the world around you is convinced of normalcy. People wil forget the massive gun duel that just took place above their heads, the random people who died will be erased from existence itself. Everything will be made... normal.

Warped Minds- "Normal" people will generally notice if you toting around a massive gun. With this, they'll just ignore you. After all, if it isn't normal, obviously it's not real, right?

Break Sight- One will be able to "see" other peoples remaining Break Points, although this doesn't tell you the max number they can have, or how they can use it.
No. 59280 ID: 54c7e5

Couple of options;
A. Unlock handgun (1),
a. let it shoot healing bullets (1).
B. Point of Spirit (1)
b. Next point of Spirit (2)
C. Point of [Stat] (1)
D. Moar BP (1)

I vote B, save xp for b.
Or, since it's more likely to get a consensus, A+a.
No. 59281 ID: d6c330

Hey, so we can disable weapon type breakers by looting their foci if we disable them. That's easy- we just have to grab the bullet or whatever.

But what about form type breaker? I don't see how you could just lay claim to a wolf.

Dumb question, but do we get to chose, or is that rolled for?
No. 59282 ID: 60fee2

Guys, I just had the best idea for a specialty bullet to be made later. Foci Seekers.
No. 59288 ID: a407a5

It's a choice. For now at least. Higher levels there won't be a choice, you'll get what I give you.
No. 59290 ID: f6cff9

How exactly do you "recharge" break points? Is it like a day by day system, gotta level up, or killing people?
No. 59292 ID: a407a5

Break Points will slowly return over time, generally at the rate of one per hour. For Linda, this translates to about 8 hours till she's ready to go again after using up all her Break Points. Right now, she's down by 3 points, so she'll be completely ready again in 3 hours.
No. 59307 ID: a407a5
File 134601098297.jpg - (89.69KB , 650x520 , magus-killer-650x520.jpg )

And now, for the last Manifestation type, the Avatars, as well as a character breakdown to help explain.

Marc “The Boss” Conner
Stats: Strength-1, Finesse-2, Will-8
Spirit: 7
Active Break
Warped Minds
Break Sight
Fear Itself
Death Avoidance
Break Points: 54
“Amelia” Kill Doll- Cost 10
Stats: Strength-5, Finesse-3
Break Channel(2)
Sudden Appearance(2)

The last and least common of the three manifestation types are the Avatars. In this case, the Focus is the manifestation, instead of becoming something else, it "wakes up" and begins to act as though it were living. Generally looking like humanoids of some kind, they take various forms, but all, once manifested, can act independently of their master. This makes it very difficult to kill them, as generally they are made of materials that are difficult to damage or destroy, and even more so, an Avatar will have its own set of stats, as well as having a much higher ability to adapt, as they can gain abilities that both weapon and form types can't.
No. 59310 ID: d6c330

So a breaker starts out either with a weapon, form, or avatar foci (assuming there's not some even rarer as of yet unknown types).

Are they bound to this? Ie, can they only use foci of their type? Actually, are form or avatar foci transferable at all? They seem more integrated with the user than a simple bullet.
No. 59311 ID: d6c330

Thinking long term build here, I think we're going to need a minimum of two guns.

Our main gun we upgrade and make better, and more expensive to manifest, once we start getting a big enough BP pool to merit that. Then we have a cheap fallback for when we want to conserve energy, or not turn things/people into smoking scorched ruins with bloody smears on the walls.
No. 59312 ID: 60fee2

Potential Rifle Upgrade Ideas:
Recoilless- This should be self explanatory.

Multi-Function Scope- Magnification, night vision, thermal vision, x-ray vision, etc.

Bullet Types- High explosive, Incendiary, Foci Seekers, and for when something just absolutely has to die, Mini-Nukes.
No. 59313 ID: a407a5

Each type can only use their type. Linda can't use Form or Avatar types at all, BUT, she could gain allies and followers that can. That'll be explained when you start getting allies you'll actually have any influence over, but for now, we'll just worry about yourself.

Regarding the Form and Avatar Foci. Not all Form type foci are living creatures. Technically the wolf that follows Trevor isn't a alive at all, just faking it really well. As long as one "claims" the foci, then one gains possession of it. This requires a successful use of Will multiple times, so generally most prefer to just kill a person and simply pick the damn thing up, or force the other person to hand their foci over willingly.

This is another reason Avatar foci are considered very precious, because they can defend themselves from being "claimed".
No. 59321 ID: d6c330

Recoilless and scope seem the logical first choices.

That said, I don't think we can afford to up our gun to cost 2 or 3 points to summon yet, our BP pool is too low, especially if we need to spend BP to reload.

I think on our next level up we need to attune our second focus so we have a backup and don't end up like Marc. The other points we should probably use on our base stats- spirit seems the best immediate pay off: more reality warping, more BP, and a new ability.
No. 59324 ID: 54c7e5

Ooooh, so that's when warped mind gets useful. When our main gun costs 23 BP to manifest, we just stop de-summoning it and use warped mind to make no-one care that we're saving our reality warping power.
No. 59327 ID: a407a5
File 134602733021.jpg - (41.64KB , 500x367 , puppy-dog-eyes.jpg )

Sooo... for those of you who pay attention to this, a new character seems to be coming up. Because because they are new to the world, and because I love seeing what you guys come up with, and because I'll end up using them all anyway...


Accident/Incident that Caused Injury, Mental or Physical:
No. 59329 ID: d6c330

Jack Kadel
Inexplicably violently attacked by the otherwise loving family dog when he was a young child. He was forced to kill it.
No. 59331 ID: f6cff9

Name: Mathew Kemmett
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Injury: Was a substitute teacher subbing for a teacher with maternity leave at a high school until a fellow teacher started claiming that everyone was a psychic and/or the puppets of said psychic and started to set people aflame with a homemade flamethrower. His pants caught on fire when flaming student ran up to him and grab him. Able to move fine but has scars over his legs and has a extreme fear of schools since the incident.

(Just threw one together sorry)
No. 59337 ID: a407a5
File 134603598290.jpg - (18.85KB , 300x300 , allies-shoulder-to-shoulder.jpg )

Allies and Followers are the two types of people who will generally be working with you. While most things are similar between the two(they'll fight alongside you and generally won't be the ones trying to kill you), there are some major differences.

Allies are people who are aiding you because someone else wants them to, or because it's simply the best course of action. They will generally act on their own in a fight, and will keep foci and equipment they find for themselves. Usually they'll be with you only as long as it's convenient for them, or until the person they follow tells them otherwise.

Followers are those that consider you there leader. They will be much more open to following your advice and commands, and will also let you decide what happens with any foci and equipment they loot. Similarly, you'll also have some say in how they spend any experience they gain, although it will be treated more as a strong suggestion then an absolute.

Both allies and followers can become one or the other. If you interact with an ally, and gain their trust and/or friendship, they will change from allies into followers. Conversely, if you mistreat followers, or perform actions they don't agree with, they'll likely change into allies(if they were originally following under someone else's orders) or simply leave outright. Extreme cases could have a follower or ally turn on you completely, and start actively fighting you.
No. 59378 ID: a407a5
File 134611401564.jpg - (60.03KB , 500x375 , 3219384385_0cbd27a3bb.jpg )

It occurs to me that Linda doesn't actually have much of a history, at least not that's well know, as we seem to have pieced some things together(she doesn't smoke, for one)... so hey, let's think some shit up. I'll give a basic outline of some stuff I find useful, then I'll leave it to you lot to figure it all out.

Job: What does she do normally?
Clothing Preferences
Family: Any living relatives?
Habits she might have

That's just to get you started. I want to see what you all come up with. Feel free to debate it as much as you like. The stuff above is just for me to utilize in the random day to day of Linda's life. Skip too much work, after all, and you'll start getting calls from this at some awkward moments.
No. 59383 ID: f6cff9

Clothing Preferences: As far as pants go it has to be jeans due to the fact it matches well with everything and it's hard to go wrong with them whether you are shopping or hanging out with friends. As far as shirts are concern white or other bright colors and if it has to be a dark color it has to be black. I guess she likes to "play it safe" as far as clothes go.

(Add details as needed this is kinda bare bones)
No. 59386 ID: d6c330

Was work ever going to be a problem? I wasn't even sure if it was gonna be safe to go out alone in the normal world now that we've been sucked into the situation we're in. Knowing there are super powered crazies who would gladly kill you for your power makes me think we'd be better off sleeping back at base rather than alone at home. And regularly showing up at one building and staying there for hours among civilians is also a risk. Home life and work seem a.... liability. We put ourselves and others at risk.

I would think if works' a problem, there's got to be a way we can arrange alternative monies (...without bank robbing), or just cheat at doing our job with a small investment of BP.

Anyways... background suggestions.

>clothing style
Semi-professional, medium length skirts, blouses, maybe a jacket. No unnecessary jewelry. No heels. No fixed color pallet.

Let's say yes, but not local. She's an only child, but moved away from home. Would take a short plane ride or inconveniently long road trip to get back to her parents.

No love interest at the moment.

Okay, we want something that reflects her skill set. She's good at finesse, but not so good at people. Ideally something that doesn't mess with our new lifestyle would be nice too (retroactive back-stories have advantages!)

How about some kind of consultant? She works mostly from home, finessing numbers and contracts for clients. We could have a primary employer, but actually showing up to work is only an occasional thing (...which means that calling out we did will be a bigger deal than if it were an everyday job. But not having to work 9-5 is worth a one time awkwardness, I think). I'm thinking business transactions kind of financial things though, not laywer stuff.

Eh, I got no ideas for quirks right now (I may revise this). They're still fun when we introduce them spontaneously, anyways (coffee cake anyone?).

Comments? Revisions? Counter proposals?
No. 59391 ID: f6cff9

None at all I guess I could just make a none major habit if we need a habit

Habits: When she is waiting for something she has to tap whether it be fingers, her feet, or whatever is on hand. Just a small nervous tick when waiting on something major and she just gotta do that tapping business to make her feel like she is doing something
No. 59393 ID: 60fee2

Clothing style: Semi-professional when working, casual\comfortable clothing when not working.

Family: only child, parents live out of town.

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Job: Work at home business consultant(as described above.

Habits\Quirks: Facepalms when annoyed by other people being stupid. Adores steak. Has a surprisingly high alcohol tolerance(shenanigans of epic proportions happen when she gets absolutely hammered). Unconsciously rubs her scar sometimes. Has an irrational fear of spiders(First response is to kill them via overkill). Likes the smell of gun powder. Her guilty pleasure is mecha anime. Has an unconscious distrust of dogs.
No. 59395 ID: d6c330

>compulsive tapping, has to be doing something
Ooh! I like that, a lot. If fits- she's used to putting her hands to work, tapping away on a keyboard, or (now) manning a gun. Her high finesse seeks an outlet when she doesn't have something constructive for it to do.

...already putting the moves on Cass, are we? Well, I've go no objection to keeping out options open, makes things more interesting.

>gun powder, mecha anime
I'm cool with this so long as it doesn't translate into any useful or applicable modern military or firearms knowledge. I like the idea of her coming into this gun summon thing blind, but still kicking ass at it.
No. 59399 ID: f6cff9

Sounds good so do we need to add anything else?

Btw I want this Clothing style: Semi-professional when working, casual\comfortable clothing when not working.
No. 59400 ID: 60fee2

The gun powder thing is something that she should realize over time. And when has mecha anime ever been realistic?
No. 59402 ID: 54c7e5

I'm thinking she likes to imagine herself as Yoko from Gurren Lagann. She manifested her Anti-Tank Rifle because subconsciously she wanted to be an action girl. Not to the point she starts writing self-insert fanfictions, just casual 'I wanna be the Guy'.
No. 59403 ID: d6c330

I can live with the style being flexible. She shouldn't have to dress the same way all the time anyways.

No, it isn't realistic. But sometimes that's the kind of interest that can lead one to looking at the real thing. It's... an adjacent or accessible interest, I guess I'm trying to say. I think it's more interesting if she doesn't discover that till after being broken.
No. 59404 ID: a407a5

Don't worry, you can all keep going. But I'm just doing this to help finalize some things at least.

Job: She works mostly as an accounting consultant, dealing heavily with other people's money. However, most of her work is done at home, leaving her with very little interaction with other people. This also translates to some very odd working hours, and she rarely, maybe twice a month, goes into her actual office, usually when she's required to attend some meeting or other.

Clothing: She prefers to keep it casual, jeans are the norm for pants, and shirts vary from t-shirts to button ups. When she is required to be professional, she has a semi-casual suit/skirt combo she tends to wear, although this almost never leaves her closet unless attending a meeting or getting it cleaned.

Family: She moved away from her family almost as soon as she could, spending her college years(assuming she went to college) and most of the rest of her adult life as far away as possible. While she calls semi-regularly, actual visits are few and far between. She's also an only child.

Habits/Quirks/Random Info: She tends to always be doing something with her hands or fingers, a habit picked up from almost constantly working at a computer for her job. This mostly shows up when she's waiting on someone or something. When she's nervous, scared or otherwise uncertain about something, her hands almost always gravitate to the scar on her stomach, although she actively tries to prevent herself from doing so when she notices. Facepalms when annoyed by other people being stupid. Adores steak. Has a surprisingly high alcohol tolerance(shenanigans of epic proportions happen when she gets absolutely hammered). Has an irrational fear of spiders(First response is to kill them via overkill). Her guilty pleasure is mecha anime. Has an unconscious distrust of dogs. While she currently doesn't have a significant other, she is clearly bisexual, and can appreciate both genders equally.

That seems to be what I'm getting so far. Objections and/or modification?
No. 59405 ID: 60fee2

I approve.
No. 59406 ID: f6cff9

I'm all for this
No. 59407 ID: d6c330

She's 23? That makes timing for college tight if she's already got an established career. She either started early, didn't take a 4 year program, or is self made.

I think I'd lean towards one of the latter two, rather than her being some kind of wonderkund.

>Objections and/or modification
I'd bump the semi-casual up a notch from "never leaves the closet unless it has to". Sometimes she wants to feel professional. Fits with her work ethic. It's just not all the time or always convenient.

Other than that sounds good.

We're totally going to get in some trouble for missing the work meeting though (...I expect our Will will help with pushing around the normals though). And we're totally going to pull a gun and blow a spider away at a poorly timed moment, aren't we.
No. 59409 ID: f6cff9

Of course we are but that part of the fun
No. 59410 ID: 60fee2

The spider in question will probably be some poor fucker's foci.
No. 59412 ID: d6c330

...calling it. Mathew's going to be a form type breaker, and be a giant spider-person when we open the door. Instant diplomacy check fail when we tank gun blast the guy we're supposed to be helping.
No. 59413 ID: a407a5

I'll leave it to you lot to decide if she actually has a higher education or not, as well as any other details you'd like to flesh out. For now though...

I set up a wiki! YAY! It's pretty bland right now though, just a brief and fairly crappy overview and the some basic info and stats for Linda and Cass. I'll be using the wiki page now to save any stat information for characters you encounter that actually mean anything... so... Yeah.

Here's the link, in case anyone needs it...
No. 59415 ID: a407a5
File 134612962753.jpg - (10.68KB , 290x267 , Thank-you.jpg )

Oh damn... I didn't think of that...

No. 59416 ID: f6cff9
File 134612997781.gif - (1.20MB , 250x167 , 2qlsxnb.gif )

You bastard but I just gotta know why did you do it? Why?
No. 59418 ID: d6c330

Eh, I'll say mostly self taught, with maybe a year or two at college so she gets to have enjoyed the social aspects. I mean, she deserves to have had some fun with the high booze tolerance and bisexuality at some point, right?


Well, so long as Mathew hasn't burnt off all his break points faffing around already, it won't be permanently fatal. Hopefully the shock of not dying followed by Linda's frenzied apologies and panic will diffuse the situation instead of descending into an outright fight to the death.

Cass will definitely rib us about being crazy after all though.

...the danger of giving voice to your crazy ideas where the DM can hear them. XD
No. 59419 ID: a407a5

Unfortunately, I can't use the spider idea right now. Mathew already has his focus set up, and I don't really feel like changing it for something like this. I will keep that in mind though...
No. 59420 ID: d6c330

That's fine. It's not like I actually wanted that to happen. Crazy predictions are slightly different than suggestions. But feel free to use our own ideas against us, it's your right, and our own fault.
No. 59421 ID: f6cff9

Thank you kind sir for sparing him but I do have a question. Do you want us to make more characters or is that on hold for now?
No. 59423 ID: a407a5

I won't object if you give me your ideas. I can even supply you with some names I need the normal amount of information for. Namely Rodriguez or Daniels, as they're both members of your little gang, although if you have your own ideas I won't object. After all, I need reoccurring characters and villain. Other than Trevor, since he's planned to be Cass' main archenemy/foil for the fixer side.

But just as a reminder. For any characters you make, I need the following.

Accident/Incident that Caused Injury, Physical or Mental:

Of course, that's not to say you can't give me more than that. If you put more thought into the character, give them a bit more personality then "They have some trauma" and thereby give me more to work with, I'm more likely to give them Plot Armor. Just saying.
No. 59424 ID: 60fee2

Name: Rodriguez Hernandez


Former Occupation: Priest

Accident/Incident that Caused Injury: Crucifixion performed by some crazy cultists.

Personality: Laid-back, Kind, Charismatic. Fiercely Protective of Friends and Newbies.

Foci: Sliver Crucifix
No. 59425 ID: 6a1ec2

Name: Bob Smith
Age: 25
Gender: male
Accident: they have some trauma
No. 59426 ID: 60fee2

No. 59427 ID: d6c330

>Werewolf going to be a recurring villain
I am so tempted to tune his brother's gun to us and waste points to modify the thing to shoot silver bullets. Just for spite.

(Despite that we could easily just blow him away with the tank gun, and we want the pistol for a cheap un-upgraded spare or fallback anyways).

The what-if part of my mind keeps running through battle scenario for what would have happened if we sided against Cass. She had the biggest BP pool of anyone in the room, and was destroying Trevor (who basically just threw himself into her blade over and over). And the brother was done to 1BP already, I think. If we ran with the brother there's a good chance she would have killed Trev while he held her off. If we stuck around and the two of us laid down suppressive fire, I could see us driving her off, but not successfully killing her without a lucky break.

The way she was questioning our decision makes me wonder if you expected us to chose the other way.

Oh, and after seeing Cass' stats in the wiki, we should add Lightened to our wishlist of eventual gun improvements. Make the giant thing impossibly easy to carry and swing around. ...obviously after Recoilless, unless we want to blast it out of our own hands.
No. 59428 ID: 60fee2

Name: Logan Dunham
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Occupation: Fixer Hit Squad(Newbie)
Former Occupation: Soldier
Accident/Incident that Caused Injury, Physical or Mental: Physical and Mental Torture (Terrorists)
Notes- Extremely Scarred, Bald, and very not right in the head.
No. 59429 ID: 60fee2

Anybody else want to expand on Rodriguez? Its 2:10AM over here and I can't think of a good way to expand his history.
No. 59438 ID: f6cff9

Some questions first like did he have any friends in the priesthood?

At what age did he wanted to become a priest?

Where did the cultist crucify him? A good spot might be in the church he work at. They could also have desecrate it so they could do a ritual within the church itself.

Did he have a lost of faith after the incident?

Just throwing questions around

Hell the guy leading the cult could have been a fellow priest/deacon that he trusted which cause the cult leader to betray that trust for the ritual. Those crazy cultists and the need to kill/hurt others in rituals.

It could end up with the cult being caught by the police but the priest/cult leader getting away and probably doing the same shit he did before with a new cult. Rodriguez can forgive a lot of horrible things people do but not this guy. He just can't forgive this motherfucker and he has to go down.

Now we have a subplot for Rodriguez in the future.

Fix this as needed. I know it ain't perfect due to the fact I wrote this at 6 am but it's a good start I think.
No. 59449 ID: d6c330

If we're going to have a priest around, the most interesting things to consider is how he views this reality breaking thing, theologically.

Are we blessed? Possessed? The work of God, or his creation falling apart? Is this the apocalypse? Are the breakers the chosen of god, innocent victims, or do we need to be saved? There are a lot of ways one could take this.

Of course, if we're going to have a discussion with him in the future, we might have to pin down Linda's belief system. Personally, I'd prefer her to be pretty secular. Heck, maybe an outright (philosophical) humanist- fits with her rejecting the absolute moral code of the fixers and siding with the pragmatists.

We obviously need to do something about this. We could tune the gun to have less, but I'm leery of upping the manifestation cost until our BP pool grows a little bigger. Maybe we could accomplish the same thing by putting a point in STR?

Although the easiest solution is to tune the pistol to us. We get a low recoil weapon we can quickly maneuver and fire rapidly at close range. The tank gun is devastating powerful, but unwieldy and slightly inconvenient at close range.

...part of me wants to actually get a legal concealed carry permit for the pistol, just for cheek. Make it actually useable in public, and so we can show off at the firing range. Of course, it's not practical to have any of our weapons on public record, the idea just amuses me.
No. 59458 ID: f6cff9

Isn't him being a priest a former occupation as in he isn't a priest right now based on what Magus wrote? I don't know what could be his current one though and I don't know why he stop being a priest.
No. 59461 ID: 849766

His current occupation is basically being in our group. He got kicked out of the church because of the reality breaking. He still carries himself like priest except he more lax about killing dangerous individuals.
No. 59503 ID: 60fee2

New Character Idea

Name: Denny Foeman

Affiliation: Part of Breaker group that is friendly with Linda's.



Accident/Incident that Caused Injury, Physical or Mental: An extreme case of abuse as a child. Has either schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder(not sure which would be more accurate)

Personality: Shy, Fearful, Nervous, Submissive(low will)

Foci- Ventriloquist Dummy with hidden weapons (Avatar Type)

Foci Name: Woodsy Foeman

Foci Personality: Rude, Sarcastic, Kinda Mean, Dominate(high will that really only applies to Denny)

Note- When the dummy isn't active Woodsy is in Denny's head. In other words, two people in one body. This results in Denny and Woodsy sometimes exchanging control of Denny's body. This usually only happens when Denny is feeling stressed and just can't handle it.

Denny should have Warped Minds as an Ability because he carries the dummy everywhere.
No. 59505 ID: 60fee2

More Notes on Rodriguez's personality: He views our group as his new flock, regardless of any religious differences. He sees it as his God given mission to protect and comfort the group. He is willing to Kill and Die for the group, although he prefers to settle matters diplomatically if at all possible. But God help you if you hurt any that he see under his protection(the group, newbies, and to a lesser extent mundanes.

As for his view on Reality Breaking in general, He sees it as neither good nor evil. God works in mysterious ways after all.
No. 59594 ID: d6c330

Just in case my unnecessarily long posts haven't made it clear, I'd just like to say I'm loving this quest, and having a great time building characters from the ground up the way we are.

Anyways, idea: after the texting limitations it occurs me to if we're going to be running coordinated military ops like this often, we might be well served to invest in a proper low profile comm system. We don't even need to waste points on something like that- we can just buy the hardware. Assuming of course that it isn't trivial for rival breakers to generate enough EM to render the equipment useless (although, if we've got our opponents wasting BP to negate mundane equipment, that still sort of works out as a plus for us).
No. 59601 ID: a407a5

I'm glad to hear people like it. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I even got myself and actual writer name and everything, just to celebrate!

And since we're all up for pointing out things, I'd like to point out that I'm working on the next post, and it is... well, I'm going for as bloody as I possibly can, because I'm trying to get a point across. Tell me after you read it how I did.
No. 59603 ID: 60fee2

Linda got hit didn't she.
No. 59619 ID: d6c330

Well, it's kind of inevitable. We're pinned down, fighting at least two assailants, and we don't know where either of them are, or where exactly our allies are. We have to lose our first life eventually.

Hopefully we're ahead though, with the picking away we're done at sword guy, and with Cass coming to back us up.

>get a point across
It's not necessarily Linda who's going to get hit though. Sword guy could meet a gruesome death (the point being we don't get to avoid killing people gruesomely). We could witness Cass in full on berserker mode (making the point that our ally is crazy and violent and we've been trying to ignore or justify it). Or Matt could get it (this is what happens when you don't protect your escort mission npc!).

If it is Linda though, the point's probably "this is what happens when you fuck up" (although I'm not sure what we really fucked up, aside from sending the ranged unit in on point and the melee unit as a spotter. But Cass sucks at diplomacy, so we didn't have much choice. And we did a pretty good job of getting Matt to at least passively side with us, considering the narrow time constraints).

Whatever, enough second guessing. I'll give you your analysis after the update goes up, DOT.
No. 59622 ID: a407a5

Although I don't plan on being that descriptive of anything like that for a long while. I'm not one for writing death scenes, particularly one's meant to be gory. I prefer light hearted to dark and gruesome, at least when I write.
No. 59628 ID: f6cff9

You did a great job as far as making Cass looking like the craziest breaker in ANY group cause Jesus if Mathew wasn't freaking out before he is probably pissing his pants in fear.

Seriously though her "problem" doesn't even begin to describe her but there is one thing we can take to heart and that is she is our group's little monster at least so far.

One thing I have to say though and officially Cass is THE craziest breaker around and we made the right choice joining her if only because we didn't have to die the same way that guy just did. That was pretty gruesome way to bite the dust but congratulations because my number one fear is getting stab to death over and over again.
No. 59630 ID: 60fee2

Good Job highlighting her insanity. I still like her. Plus, I highly doubt she is the craziest breaker out there. I mean you got Breakers that go out of their way to kill, rape, and steal from people. Cass just loses self-control in battle.
No. 59634 ID: f6cff9

Okay fine I take it back but she is the craziest one we saw so far for sure although that poor schmuck never did get a chance to show off how crazy he was and he never will. Farewell poor gunner if only you never came here and saw Cass then you could have been killing other people elsewhere and fucking up other people houses.
No. 59635 ID: d6c330

Hah. One of my string of possible guesses as to the point you would make was right.

But yes, you did a good job of portraying Cass as completely a batshit crazy, sadistic, bloodthirsty lunatic.

That said, on some level I'm not that shocked. Spawn / kill camping is the most effective way to deal with enemy breakers. Which is why I've been clamoring to attune our pistol or fix the tank guns recoil- so we could do the same thing. Except with less pleasure, and stopping once they hit empty. We're going to be professional, practical and merciful (when possible) about it.

(Tank gun! Walk up. Draw pistol. Spawn camp chain execution: Headshot, Headshot, Heashot! Your foci or your life now, please).

The question I'm interested in now is whether her mindset is just normal crazy, or a side effect of her abilities she can't control, and perhaps regrets. I'm wondering if a longer term goal couldn't be to help her in some way. Teach her self control, or master to master her "issue". Or at the very least, earn enough personal loyalty that we can bring her to heel.

Yeah... if your purpose was to make her irredeemable in our minds, you failed. I'm already making justifications and planning rehabilitation or control.
No. 59655 ID: a407a5

An Update for the list of Spirit Powers you can gain, if you take the third point in it(eventually).

Normality- By expending a Break Point, the world around you is convinced of normalcy. People wil forget the massive gun duel that just took place above their heads, the random people who died will be erased from existence itself. Everything will be made... normal.

Warped Minds- "Normal" people will generally notice if you toting around a massive gun. With this, they'll just ignore you. After all, if it isn't normal, obviously it's not real, right?

Active Break- Normally, breaking reality during say, combat, is relatively more difficult to do than if you have the time to concentrate on things. With Active Break, you don't suffer the normal penalties to ripping reality apart with you will while in combat or other stressful situations.

Spirit Sight(req. Break Sight)- You can now spot the Spirit of a target as well as the Break Points, allowing you a better estimate of your opponents abilities.

Normality Cloak(req. Normalcy)- You passively cloak yourself from the Sights of others, letting you appear as normal to even other Reality Breakers. They still have a chance to see you based on their Spirit vs Yours.
No. 59658 ID: a407a5

A quick question, Mr. Magus Black.

How is this meant to be said?

>"Didn't think you did. Hell, that shit makes my inability to have kids seem like a walk in the park."

Jokingly? Seriously? Some other way I didn't catch? Just thought I'd ask, since it might change the way she reacts if I do end up using it.

And because of the somewhat conflicting approaches.... is there a reasonable consensus as to how far you want to go in this sitting? Some seem to want to rush into it, others are more the slow bond types. I just want a general idea...

Now that I put it that way.... How would Linda do this normally, so I don't always have to ask for clarification. Is she the joking type? The serious type? Is she blunt about thins, or is she more passive?
No. 59664 ID: d6c330

If I had to guess, I'd say the intent there is to get her to open up by opening up ourselves.

Might be moving a little fast, but hard to say.

>How would Linda do this normally?
I'd sat mostly serious with a sense of humor. She's been very rational a lot of the time (asking for a clear explanation of sides from her home invaders, the way she talked to Cass after the first murder, the interactions with Marc, the way she handled Matt). But we have seen some humor (with Mike, and a little in the diner explanation to Cass).

So she'll crack a joke, just not all the time. And trying to make light of something stressful or hard to talk about is doable.

I don't think she's quite passive, she's certainly been interrogative enough. She has been passive in the sense she's wiling to defer to those around her, but a lot of that is the situation, and trying to figure out how to work with these people. That's kind of developing.

The degree of bluntness I would think varies on the situation. Finesse is her thing after all, but we've seen her be blunt as the situation called for it.

Actually, I have to say this quest seems kind of unusual in how much consensus we have achieved. It's been downright amicable, with rational discussion and very little disagreement.

I can't tell you exactly how to resolve things when we give you conflicting suggestions though. (We try to resolve them by talking each other into things, sometimes). Go with majority, or the case best argued, or that best fits the established character, or some kind of amalgamation (where you find the character among the competing uses). We'll roll with it.
No. 59684 ID: 60fee2

I noticed the weird amount of consensus, hell we have had outright cooperation. It is a nice change of pace.
No. 59743 ID: d6c330

>Active Break
This is for "free form" breaking, right? Things besides manifesting weapons, refilling ammo, respawing, activating spirit abilities with BP costs?

This might be more useful if we had some idea what we can do besides our core abilities. All we've managed to do so far was destroy a book, and make the damage we did to arm arm permanent. Our meager BP pool and slow regeneration hasn't made experimentation a good idea.
No. 59763 ID: f6cff9

Would putting any points into strength help with the recoil of our gun or are we just assuming it does when it really doesn't?
No. 59774 ID: a407a5

So, to explain how I do this a little better. All those number translate into dice. I roll a number of dice equal to the number and then compare the number that succeed(5's n 6's) to whatever the target number is. The reason you guys haven't been able to break anything is because A) When you tried all that other stuff you had one die to work with and failed every time, and B) When you tried to heal that guys arm, you were doing so under stress, which auto-failed cause you only had one die. Penalty took it into the negative.

To answer the thing about not knowing what you can do, you can ATTEMPT anything, it's just going to get penalized depending on the situation and what your trying to do, and you still have to meet the target number. As stated, Linda is going to be better when it comes to things dealing with guns and the like than most other things.

Strength would aid in recoil, although it would not eliminate it completely. No matter how strong you are, there is always going to be some kick.
No. 59785 ID: d6c330

Well, we'll have to see how big a difference the str makes then. At least the gun will be easier to lug around, if nothing else that aids ease and speed of movement. (If we can compensate and realign faster than targeted breakers can get back on their feet after we peg them, that's all we need).

Long term stat growth, obviously we keep upping spirit, fin is our core stat, str gets capped as soon as it's good enough, wil as a secondary so we can talk people into things (we want to be in a position of influence on the team, and as a group we like to talk, anyways).

Still be nice to have a sense of scale, or a rough idea. Like, someone at 1 spirit might be able to make a pen levitate, but someone with 10 could mind-throw a car a block.

>More questions
Is it possible to have more than one manifestation active at a time? Obviously we can't dual wield anything with the tank gun, but I can imagine situations where suddenly pulling the pistol could be useful, and it'd be nice to not have to swap the tank gun in and out.
No. 59789 ID: f6cff9

I'm guessing at 10 you could probably do a lot more then mind throw a car considering how much exp you have to waste (45 exp all together if you start from spirit: 1 to get to spirit: 10). You have to consider Marc also just being at spirit 7 and he is the boss but this is all assumptions.

Another we have to consider is later down the road it might be better just to put exp points into the Break Points field directly because the spirit cost will get prohibitively costly as far as break points are concerned.
No. 59795 ID: d6c330

>Another we have to consider is later down the road it might be better just to put exp points into the Break Points field directly because the spirit cost will get prohibitively costly as far as break points are concerned.

Yeah. Spirit is only a cheap and cost effective use of points in the short term. Cass already made that tradeoff- she's only got one more spirit but more than twice the BP. And Marc's way past it.
No. 59811 ID: a407a5

>Sense of scale
I can do that. Maybe... a rough scale, cause we're working with a relatively abstract concept, and trying to apply a number to it.

1-Minor Changes to Reality(Hey look! My shirt is PINK!)
5-Major Changes to Reality(Look at the pretty pupp- OH MY GOD IT'S EATING MY ARM!)
10- Deny Reality(Gravity? What Gravity?)

>more than one manifestation
Of course! Why wouldn't you be able to? There's no need to sustain them once you've got them out. But they aren't weightless, so you could have both the rifle and pistol out, and still have to deal with the weight of the rifle your lugging around.
No. 59817 ID: d6c330

Thanks, I've got a ballpark to work with now.

Okay, so low levels of spirit aren't useful in tactical situations. But I can think of strategic applications. After all, how far a stretch is it from changing the color of a shirt to... ink on a page? It's just a matter of control. Or finesse. There's gotta be a way someone with a financial or business background could abuse altered documents- especially if you stack it with something like normalcy, so no one notices. Or when our spirit gets high enough, and the reality the documents represent change to match our edits.

Boom. Money not a problem- and we never had to rob a single bank, or even hurt anyone. Wouldn't be surprised if the hotel was funded by something like this, actually.

>why wouldn't you be able to?
Arbitrary in game physics? Although I suppose the whole point here is to make physics shit down and shut up...
No. 60123 ID: b6edd6

So, some questions about Weapon Manifestations:
- Reloading an upgraded ammo-using weapon still only costs one point, right?
- With relatively inconspicuous weapons like pistols, is it possible to keep them summoned indefinitely if you have somewhere to store them?
- About how much can we break from realistic in a low-cost weapon? (For example, could we mod a gun to become an ice ray or something?)
- (Is Daniels's healing cross already an example of a non-physically-based Weapon Manifestation?)
- Since using a scope generally involves having time to prepare, would it be plausible to save some points by carrying around a real scope and attaching it to our summoned gun when we want to snipe?
No. 60129 ID: d6c330


Yes, magic senses and equipment would make our lives easier.

However, you're really reaching with the things you want to try.

In order to get equipment or enhancements, we either need to spent XP on upgrades, or trade in foci. Both of which are rare commodities- we have to work for them.

I mean, come on, we had to trade in a magic gun to get comms. We're not summoning a helmet for free in a game system that follows those rules.

You're also really overestimating what we can do for free form reality breaking. We aren't Chee. We aren't Liz. We're a girl with the power to do guns and gun related things well, and almost nothing else, yet.
No. 60132 ID: 886a4d

The thing is its our third fight, we're allowed to make mistakes, we're allowed to experiment. I sincerely doubt we'll be killed off this early unless the Op is a complete hardass. And its not like BP doesn't regenerate fairly quickly If we do get overwhelmed we have superhuman finesse and strength to run... but we need to see where we are going for that too. Unless you WANT to try generating a flashlight while running for your life after the first gets smashed in the fight.
No. 60133 ID: d6c330

I'm pretty sure creating objects, especially fully functioning mechanical ones, is outside of what we can do.

Pulling shit out of thin air is what the foci do, and if we could do it without them, we wouldn't need them.

Look, I have nothing against experimentation. So long as we can come up with something that's (a) worth trying, and (b) seems like it might be plausibly successful. I don't believe what you've advocated so far meets either criteria.
No. 60134 ID: 886a4d

Then lets go back to enhancing our senses itself. Or do you not agree with me its a bad thing to be deaf and blind against an unknown enemy in unfamiliar territory?

And besides it wouldn't be creating the damn helmet, it'd be pulling it from an army depot or military surplus store and putting it beside us.
No. 60139 ID: d6c330

We're taking a stationary gunning position as the enemy comes to us. In a noise amplifying tunnel. We'll hear the fight, and we'll have a flashlight in position. Hardy deaf and blind.

If we're desperate for light? We could probably conjure a floaty mage-light thing. A simple trick of the light is probably within our current power.

Enhancing our own senses is risky because we're breaking ourselves, and we have no idea of the chance of success. We've seen two examples of failed breaking done directly on people permanent damaging them- Mike got trapped in snakeform, and we made the arm loss permanent. Logically, we could expect messing with our eyes and ears to make us blind or deaf if it fails. Or to make our head explode. That's not something we want to experiment with until we know more.

Teleporting an object might be possible. But something we've never seen, an arbitrary distance away, at an unknown location? I'm sorry, I don't see how that has any chance of success at our current power level. That's not a test, that's throwing away points.

(Besides, if we could do that, there's nothing stopping us from tele-fragging bullets into anyone we want dead from anywhere).

There's a difference between being allowed to make mistakes, and making them for no purpose.
No. 60140 ID: 886a4d

There is no reason we CAN'T telefrag. Sounds like a good gun mod in fact. Probably need special clairvoyance optics on the gun to be really useful though.

However right now we don't know the effectiveness of a 2 spirit Reality Break... and we'll never know unless we TRY. Its only 1 BP... jeesh. Enhanced Senses, teleporting a combat helmet, both sound reasonable to me as baby's first steps.
No. 60141 ID: f6cff9

I just gonna give my two cents.
I can never agree to something that could make us blind/deaf forever(Enhance senses). Honestly the teleporting helmet to us is a way more reasonable thing to do if our only other option is "Enhance senses". We could try the mage-light thing as a different option.
No. 60142 ID: d6c330

Did you look at the scale were were provided?

No, we don't know exactly what our limits are. But I don't understand why you think acquirement and massive self buffs are the logical step up from color manipulation.

Basically, you're suggesting things that are really powerful. Whatever we are, we aren't that, yet. We should be thinking up clever ways to use limited power (for instance- color manipulation by itself could be used to forge or alter any document we ever wanted), not ways to use overwhelming power we lack.
No. 60143 ID: 886a4d

Yes I looked at that... at I don't see why a 2 RB wouldn't be able to enhance senses. Or convince reality that something is actually in one place instead of another. Its not a giant change to reality. We're merely changing the location of an item... something that happens every second of the day.
No. 60148 ID: f6cff9

You not making it move. You are making it disappear and reappear somewhere else. Does Linda even know where to get one and where it is? Why would she? I mean she is an accounting consultant so how would she know where to get one exactly. How are you gonna teleport something if you don't know the precise location? Why would Cass(Her Spirit is 3) even trade in the foci for radios if she could "teleport" radios whenever she wanted? That just seems like a waste to me.
No. 60149 ID: d6c330

...if teleportation was cheap and easy, you wouldn't have meaner breaker gangs storming banks either, like Marc mentioned. They'd just remotely empty the vault.
No. 60155 ID: 9718f3

Breaking ourself is a bad idea, period.

Experimenting with breaking in the middle of combat is also a bad idea, because we have a severe lack of points to Break with, relative to our enemies.

We can experiment outside of combat, easy. That is when it would be a reasonable thing to do. At least, until we've done a little bit of preliminary experimentation so that we have a rough estimation of what we're capable of. Then we could make calculated risks based on actual data, instead of random, baseless speculation.
No. 60158 ID: 886a4d

We aren't IN combat yet... and won't be for however long it takes the guy to drag this mysterious enemy to us... or ambush us.
No. 60159 ID: 9718f3

Look at:

It takes us about an hour to get a BP back.

For the purposes of BP use we are in combat because we can expect to be fighting in less than an hour. We need to have all the BP we can when the fighting starts. It just doesn't refill fast enough to let us experiment right now.

The only reason we exited our first encounter with as much BP as we started with was because we spent xp to increase it. We used three, and we gained three from leveling our Spirit.
No. 60160 ID: 886a4d

Combat is where your shooting at an enemy while he shoots or stabs back. Its pressed for time, you literally have nano-seconds to preform a useful Break, it makes sense to have that penalized... we have several minutes at the very least. Thats not combat. This is where you prepare, make sure your weapons are in working order and psych yourself out. We HAVE that time to mentally prep ourselves to Break reality. I doubt we`ll have a combat penalty in this situation.

As for seeing what happens when you modify yourself... actually no we haven`t ever encountered it. We`ve seen what happens when an enemy does it, in battle with those penalties. Probably two strikes to them since I bet Reality Breakers have an in-built resistence.
No. 60162 ID: d6c330

>Combat is where your shooting at an enemy while he shoots or stabs back
I think that's a too narrow interpretation of the concentration penalty. After all, no one was shooting at us when we messed up the arm. We were alone in a room with a dying person.

Rather, it sounds more like anytime we aren't calm, collected, and free to take the time we need, our breaking suffers. It's not purely a combat penalty, it's for high tension. And I'd say things qualify as tense, right now. We're underground, teamed up with someone we don't know if we can trust, worried about Mike, while waiting for a monster to attack. I could see that stress having a negative impact on concentration.
No. 60163 ID: 466404

- Reloading an upgraded ammo-using weapon still only costs one point, right?
This is correct.

- With relatively inconspicuous weapons like pistols, is it possible to keep them summoned indefinitely if you have somewhere to store them?
This is also correct. The only reason carrying around a tank gun is difficult is because it's a tank gun. Once manifested, reality "thinks", in a way, that you have it. There's no need to continue spending BP to convince it more.

- About how much can we break from realistic in a low-cost weapon? (For example, could we mod a gun to become an ice ray or something?)
Yes, but there are certain requirements involved, which will be discovered later. For now, stick with the semi-realistic.

- (Is Daniels's healing cross already an example of a non-physically-based Weapon Manifestation?)
Define "non-physically-based".

- Since using a scope generally involves having time to prepare, would it be plausible to save some points by carrying around a real scope and attaching it to our summoned gun when we want to snipe?
Yes. Technically, all your doing with the scope when you use it as an upgrade is convincing reality the scope was always on the gun.
No. 60183 ID: b6edd6

>Define "non-physically-based".
What I meant by that was whether it counts as a weapon manifestation that has its core function be supernatural, as opposed to being a summoned version of a normal weapon with supernatural modifications.
No. 60184 ID: 466404

You could put it that way, yes. Rodriguez's manifestation would be considered "supernatural". The issue with calling it that, though, is that by definition the moment it comes into being, reality says it's natural, so it's no longer supernatural.
No. 60187 ID: d6c330

The encounter with Aria raised the question of how much we actually trust our current allies. So here's my take so far:

Despite being the omnicidal short fused unstoppable merciless killer, Cass is probably the most dependable and trustworthy of the bunch. She's straightforward, and seems to put stock in personal loyalty. If we continue to build up trust with her, we'll be able to count on her, probably even if a break were to occur with the rest of the faction.

Snakebro's a cool dude, but we don't really know him very well enough yet. He could be hiding something, but I'd like to give him the benefit or the doubt.

This guy is either going to stay a pathetic wet blanket, or is going to turn mean. Just you watch.

I don't trust him at all. He's been cold with us (the one or two times we talked at all), and he murdered sword guy when he could have easily disarmed him of foci instead. Yes, Cass did the same thing, but he did it in cold blood not in an insane berserker rage. He's choosing to kill when he doesn't have to.

Philosophical healer? Always good to have, and seems trustworty. Still, he's higher up in the organization chart, so if there is something shady going on, he may well be in on it.

>Da Boss
If he was honest, his goals are almost completely in line with the kind of place we'd set up in this kind of setting. Pragmatic survival, protecting the newbies and non-coms, trying to diplomatically persuade people to work with you, etc. But for all we know he's playing us. And he does have a killdoll that goes on a warpath when he gets annoyed.

So... trust pending. Waiting to see if evil boss or good boss.

Also, I'm not sure how to read all the one-on-one debriefs. It either shows he doesn't trust us, or he really likes to lay on the personal touch.

Actually seems easier to trust than Marc, since she wants so little from us. Still, we know almost nothing about her, and potentially betraying our own faction is not to be taken lightly.
No. 60189 ID: 886a4d

I've been thinking about our plans for growth... and I think except for occasionally increasing our finesse we should dump most of our point gains into spirit. That is where all the power is.

High Finesse and Reality Break... Linda is the One.

And with power being tied to how many Focii you can grab.... There can only be One!

Highlander + The Matrix!
No. 60190 ID: f6cff9

Later on we gotta drop some exp directly to the Break Points field so we have the break points to match. It would be kinda sad to be at spirit 10 and have people at spirit 5 and 6 with more BP then us...
No. 60192 ID: 886a4d

Possible Gun Upgrades

For the Rifle (no more then 5-6 points max until we get up there with BP):

Collapsable: Right now we are still worried about how noticable our main weapon is, as well as conserving BP so the ability to make it smaller and less recognizable as a gun would be a good thing.

X-Ray Scope: Might take several points, but the ability to target longer ranges as well as look through walls, and clothes (for focii you perverts) would be invaluable.

Delayed explosive rounds: For staggering deaths

For the pistol (2, so we have a fall back weapon): Sticky bomb rounds. Hit someone and incase whatever it hit in your generic sticky gel. For capture and frisk targets for focii.
No. 60198 ID: f6cff9

That would be hard to pull off with just BPs gain from spirit level up(Each one cost more than the last in exp). Even if it's just one or two experiences points into BP field per spirit level up will go a FAR WAY. Getting to spirit 10(44 MORE exp to get to spirit 10 ugh...) WITHOUT putting any exp into Break Point Field would just leave us with 32 BP(Kinda sad isn't it).

Nice ideas for when we get the BP though.
No. 60200 ID: f6cff9

I'm sorry that I keep stressing this point. I'm just kinda nervous when people are gonna want to do something cool with our weapons and we don't have the BP to make that feasible it will be a horrible day for us all.
No. 60201 ID: 886a4d

The higher you get in spirit the more you can do with each point. A low spirit \ high BP is obviously limited to manifestation, simple changes and not dying. While at spirit 7 say with no additional BP buying you can change reality in ways that others will not be able to counter 23 times. Imagine changing the floor to lava or acid. No way to save themselves from being immolated \ melted again and again till they die permanently. Another problem with high BP is the regen rate. If you drain yourself completely it can take days to get back to full.

As for the weapon upgrades I suggested we wouldn't want to do them all at once. For example the rifle wouldn't be complete till spirit 5 anyway and by then we'd have enough BP to summon it 3x over.
No. 60204 ID: f6cff9

You will run into trouble if you fight someone with the same spirit level but more BP. Just saying
No. 60205 ID: 886a4d

I'm not saying we shouldn't be putting points directly into BP but putting them into spirit should have priority.
No. 60206 ID: f6cff9

Of course that's no problem at all. I just want to put 1 exp(3 BP) or 2 exp(6 BP) in the Break Point Field every once in a while to have less problems in the future.
No. 60208 ID: 886a4d

Heres a thought for the next point applications. Again long term.

1 - 2) Spirit 3, Active Break, useful since we're going spirit heavy, 11 BP total
3) 1 into Collapsable for our rifle
4 - 5) 2 into finesse, 5 Finesse, total I imagine is going full Matrix on them, not quite Neo yet, but wall running, huge jumps, shooting things by sight several miles away
6) 1 into BP (14 BP total)
7-9) Spirit 4, Spirit Sight, to better choose our battles (17 BP total)
No. 60212 ID: f6cff9

At what spirit level do we not have a choice for spirit abilities? I'm kinda worried about that or is it a mystery?
No. 60213 ID: 886a4d

Thats a big reason why I picked Active Break first... don't want to lose the chance to get rid of that penalty.
No. 60215 ID: f6cff9

I'm all for that because I want it as well. It's useful when we want to use reality breaks in fights/tense situations.
No. 60220 ID: d6c330

Considering that our free form breaking is kinda crappy right now, I wouldn't prioritize Active Break yet. Who cares if we're able to turn lamps into potted plants in combat next level? Doesn't help us much. Mind moving things might, but only if we're dump enough to get separated from our weapons.

Personally, I'd think Normalcy or Spirit Sight would be more immediately useful. SS because it gives a much more accurate assessment of threats, or normalcy because it can be used to "correct" reality to match our updates. Faked documents wouldn't be fake anymore- they'd be authentic.

Next level up, I'd like to up either spirit or the BP pool directly (depending on available XP). Also dump a point into wil- we need to suck less at that considering how much negotiation we end up doing. Level after that we go back to fin, get our first gun upgrade, and more BP, points allowing.

And as for our scope, we want to pile as much as the system will allow us to into it.

>Multi-Function Scope- Magnification, night vision, thermal vision, x-ray vision, etc.
No. 60228 ID: 886a4d

The reason we picked it first is because its been stated as we go up in spirit we'll be cut off from being able to choose the ability. So its best to get the most useful ones first.

While it IS probably safe to choose Spirit Sight for Spirit 3, I'd rather not risk it.

As for the scope... those all might cost one exp pt for each feature... but we can try for all at once.
No. 60229 ID: d6c330

>Want to get the good skills before getting choice locked.
I suppose that's good logic. Although I had assumed there would just be certain levels were we would be forced to take certain key skills on, not that choices would disappear entirely.

If we have to build a multi-modal scope up in stages, x-ray vision is probably the one to start with. We can shoot through walls with relative ease- let's exploit that. Probably could be used as crude night vision too. (Although, can we get the cartoon style "wall goes transparent" x-ray vision, or just the more realistic "oh look, blurry skeletons over there")?
No. 60262 ID: d6c330

Right. Officially announcing I'm done emotionally hounding Linda for not trying to avoid murder for the night. Piled on enough guilt, what she should work on now is coming to terms with it, and reaching a new, workable pragmatic philosophy on all this.

Hopefully there's a positive outcome from the hostage rescue, so she'll be able to tell herself it was worth it.

When this battle is over? We need to talk to Cass. She's the only one here we can really talk to yet, and who will understand. We killed today, and didn't like it. And we had a choice in the matter, goddamnit.

(Should be less of a guilt fest next time. Death is gonna keep happening, but so long as it's to people we can justify as deserving it, and the circumstances aren't unreasonable, Linda should grow to accept it. As Re points out, she was pretty quick to accept her teammates' kills, after all).
No. 60283 ID: 466404

Great news! I finished making Linda's opposite! Whoo! You won't meet him for awhile though, which is kinda a shame, but... eh, life goes.

>certain levels were we would be forced to take certain key skills
This is the more accurate interpretation. I was going to let you choose up to a certain level, but the skill progression was to hard to figure out. It was easier to select certain Spirit levels where you'd get assigned a skill, instead of have it be up to a certain point. For now, those levels are 4,5,8, and 10. All other levels you'll get to select what power you want. Certain powers will disappear at later levels though.

A quick note. Spirit Sight doesn't work exactly like Break Sight. You have to focus on a person to "see" their Spirit level, and it'll be an abstract representation, instead of a definite number.

Regarding the scope. The x-ray vision can function however you like it to, although what your suggesting would technically make it see through EVERYTHING, as you didn't specify materials it can't see though, and so on. Also, every addition to the scope IS going to raise the cost of summoning. It'll be a slow process making it fully functional.
No. 60284 ID: 886a4d

Instead of making everything completely see-through could the xray make them mostly transparent? The closer it is the more transparent it gets. So you can tell what your looking through as well as distance. With the exception of focii. Those should always be completely solid.

If 4 and 5 are restricted I am definately going to support Active Break for 3 then.
No. 60286 ID: d6c330

Yeah, I support that logic. By spirit 4 or 5 we'll probably be able to do tactically useful breaks (best we could do now is apportation, or physic paper shenanigans).

Toggleable x-ray scope seems practical for our first upgrade (ie- normal scope, but you can turn on the x-ray sight, functions as redaeth describes).
No. 60318 ID: f6cff9

Could break sight harder to use if the enemy was far away/hard to see? You know by not seeing the numbers, the numbers being blurry, and etc.
No. 60320 ID: d6c330

Well, we were too far away to make out Mike's number in the sewer, so yes. Range is a factor.
No. 60334 ID: d6c330

Okay, we've done a lot of fighting, and already looted 2 foci. By the time this is done, I figure we'll have at least 3 XP to spend, prolly more. In case I'm not around to vote on distribution, here's what I recommend, in order of decreasing importance:

2- level up spirit to 3, get active break
1- upgrade tank gun, get x-ray scope
1- get wil to 3
1- increase BP pool
1- increase fin to 4.
No. 60335 ID: 9718f3

I actually think a more useful upgrade to the rifle would be to make it silent, than to get it the scope. We're using bullshit reality-breaking physics here, so it should actually become very near to silent. This would make urban ops far easier to carry out because we wouldn't always be fighting against the clock trying to get our stuff done before the police show up.
No. 60380 ID: d6c330

Okay, now we're gonna have 4 looted foci for four xp, plus whatever we get from all the combat. At least 5 XP total, I think.

I'd like to append my earlier recommendation- before we allocate any , me should have Marc evaluate the loot (what do the needle or stone do? Are they weapon type, or form?) and see what we can get through trading (either with Mac's shop, or swapping loot with Cass) before we apply any points. We might find something we want to spend a point on to use as our cached holdout.

Eh, I still think being able to shoot through walls would be better. Would certainly help us avoid nearly getting killed in melee like what happened today.
No. 60381 ID: a407a5

Yeah, he's right. Ignore the main post. I forgot about the one you looted off that other guy...

Yeah, there's five XP gained this "mission"
No. 60386 ID: d6c330

Looking over that mission, we didn't do too bad, morally. We killed two guys (the second of which we had no choice in), but we spared two others (the guy with the rock, and the normal), saved the hostages, and even got Cass to be merciful!

On the whole, that's pretty good, considering the position we've been put in. Aside from the somewhat inevitable guilt of having become a killer, Linda shouldn't be feeling too shabby, I think.
No. 60400 ID: a407a5

It has occured to me that I never described Cass at all(nor have I really described any of my characters, but I'm pretty bad at remembering to do that) so I think I'll be going back one by one and actually describing how they look physically, as well as putting up an appropriate picture if I find one on the inter-web somewhere.

So, to start my new goal off: Cassandra Geld. Because why the fuck not.

Cassandra Geld. 21. She's actually a fairly tall person, measuring in at roughly 6'3'', but while she's taller than the average, she tends to avoid making a scene, or really getting noticed at meetings at all, unless of course something drives her into berserk killer mode. Regardless, in order to cover up her height as best she can, she tends to wear baggy clothing, like loose fitting jeans and oversized hoodies. When on her own, however, her clothing becomes much more appropriate to her build, as although she doesn't like to draw attention, she does prefer comfort when she can. The only times she's usually alone, however, are in her room, and as such she has only a few pairs of jeans, a few t-shirts and some sleeping clothes(a pair of sweat pants and a white t-shirt) that fit her well. Her black hair comes down to just about her shoulders, although most of the time this is covered up by whatever jacket or hoodie she's is wearing at the time, and while she wouldn't exactly be referred to as... busty... she does have a bit of curve to her form, although again, this is hidden from casual observation by her preference of baggy clothing.
No. 60404 ID: d6c330

Well, pretty much what I expected. Except for the her being a giant bit! I was assuming Linda was taller. Readjusting mental image...

Looking at the wiki, I have to say we look kind of behind the power curve when it comes to BP. I'm thinking next level up, we want to dump a point or two of XP into increasing our BP pool, just so we have a comfortable margin.

There's more to weapon use than stats, right? Linda seems to have a supernatural affinity for guns, despite no training, or practice. Despite Cass currently having the same finesse, I don't see her pulling off the same shots if we passed her a gun. What I'm wondering if this trait is character based (Linda's a gunner girl, Cass is hack and slash, etc) or if it's done by attuning foci (you automatically become good at things you tune to you).
No. 60420 ID: a407a5

You are correct. There is a certain amount of supernatural affinity someone gains upon becoming a breaker. While Linda can't compare to a highly trained professional sniper in the military, she's competent enough to get the bullet where it needs to go. Her skill at doing so increases as her finesse does, but her actual knowledge regarding the weapon won't. In essense, she has enough knowledge to operate a gun, but she can't disassemble one, nor could she put it back together again. Similarly, she has no idea what most terms for a gun are, such as the bolt, the difference between a round and a cartridge, so on so forth. All those terms are meaningless.

You don't, however, gain similar affinity for stolen foci. Your first foci is what determines your weapon "type", anything else you have to pick up the hard way. Cass can use most weapons she comes across, but that's only because her method of fighting is "bash it till it dies, rinse, repeat". There is no calculated strategy in the way she uses her weapons. Her first weapon, for example, wasn't actually her chainsaw(although that has become the symbol for her). Her first is the machete she used in her murder-happy moment back when you picked up Mathew. Her affinity for knives would let her use it far more skillfully, as well as any other knife she picked up, if she actually gave a damn about skill and didn't always just go in for the kill.
No. 60457 ID: 60fee2

You know what? This whole Extended Cooperative Character Creation (ECCC for short) has to be one of the best ideas on tgchan.

Name: Elizabeth Baker
Age: 17 (orphan)
Affiliation: possible recruit
Foci: Glass Eyeball (Oracle-Type foci?)
Gender: Female
Accident/Incident that Caused Injury, Mental or Physical: Bullet right though the left eyeball out the back of the head. Should have killed her but she some how made an almost complete recovery besides her eye being completely destroyed and an pronounced effect on her on her behavior.
Personality: Extremely Spacey/Complete Cuckoolander. Low-attention span Friendly/Loyal. If she ever becomes serious and focused you should probably listen.
No. 60458 ID: a407a5
File 134699237265.jpg - (90.22KB , 450x338 , 857194-bigthumbnail.jpg )

And because why the hell not, and because you all seem to love imagining all sorts of crazy shit...


The rules are simple. Come up with the craziest scenario you can possibly think up that Linda will have done(drunk, obviously) and I'll eventually get around to coming up with a reward for it. Maybe. No, I will. Maybe I'll get a friend I know to draw it. Eh, I'll do something to rewards whoever wins. It might take awhile though.

Anyway, you can submit as many entries as you like. Who wins is based purely on my own amusement. How else would I decide the winner?
No. 60459 ID: d6c330

Hmm. That means picking up an emergency melee focus might not work so well.

Seriously going to be hard to top literally crashing a wedding to sleep with groom and ending up with the bride.
No. 60461 ID: 60fee2

You know the drunken shenanigans Linda gets up to might actually go a long way to explaining why she is so unfazed the whole reality breaking situation. She already had experience with the bizarre and seemingly insane.
No. 60465 ID: 54c7e5

1: Went to an Applebees, got to the drunk level shortly before closing time, ended up refusing to leave. The police got called, and she ended up taking one of the waiters hostage. Three hours later, the cops bust in and find them both naked in a broom closet.
2: In a Chucky-Cheeses, she managed to make 300 tickets off of the skee-ball, spent the tickets on Nerf guns and just ran around the park for two hours shooting children and hiding in the ball pit.
3: Broke into a school and scribbling sarcastic remarks/grading all the papers in the classroom she remembers as being her old english class. Ends up stealing her permanent record and setting the school on fire.
4: Draws a brilliant mural out of chalk on a building next to her work. An art show nearby takes an interest in the new graffiti artist and makes an effort at finding her to offer her a place in the gallery for her work. Unfortunately, Linda never makes the connection between her drunken escapades and the critically acclaimed mural of the universe expressed through spirals.
No. 60466 ID: 60fee2

Drunken Shenanigans:

-Skydiving nude. Results in hypothermia. Totally worth it.

-Picking a fight with a Gang. Somehow win. Have no memory of why you are so sore the next day or why you have a collection of human teeth.

-Help a random couple with their relationship problems in an intense 3 hour consulting session while completely hammered. Couple gets married a week later. Indecently, the Wedding Crasher incident happens a week later.

-Wake up with 23 cats, 15 dogs, 39 parrots, 12 goldfish, and 1 spider in your bedroom.

Weirdest thing is that Linda has never gone to jail for any of her Drunken shenanigans. If anybody wants to expand on these shenanigans go right ahead.
No. 60468 ID: 4a328b

-Coaxed a cow onto the third floor of an elevatorless office-building [They don't go down stairs very well :3c]
-Apparently discovered the recipe for 'the perffect[sic] raspberry muffins'...and wrote it all over the walls in magic marker.
-Beach volley ball during a hurricane
-Accidentally kidnapped a much younger cousin--broke into a zoo to feed the giraffes
No. 60470 ID: d6c330

These are fantastic.

I'm impressed by the number of creative responses that didn't just default to just slutting it up. Crazy unpredictable dunk so much more interesting than simply an easy drunk.

But I really like the dichotomy we build up- mostly-rational work ethic finesse girl has a zany side.
No. 60481 ID: 54c7e5

-2: Shortly after fighting the entire gang, ends up drunk-walking though a completely different shootout those guys are having with the cops, just because she recognized one of them and wanted to punch him in the face. They surrendered after they recognized her.

-4: After waking up, she set the entire place on fire. Screw collateral damage/innocent casualties, there's a spider in my bedroom. Not even the fish survived the blaze.
No. 60482 ID: 60fee2

New Character time

Name: Kevin Lowrance
Foci: Knuckle Dusters (Weapon-type foci)
Affiliation: Enemy breaker
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Accident/Incident that Caused Injury, Mental or Physical: Serious PTSD
Note: Former Member of gang that Linda beat up.
No. 60492 ID: d6c330

Hmm. Could we do without the pyromania, actually? The sarcastically graded papers go over funnier if they survive to actually be handed back to students, and if there's no explanation for how it happened or other evidence of a break-in. And why light the room on fire to get rid of a spider when you have 23 cats to throw at it? (If it's a irrational fear, she's going to react with what's at hand).
No. 60494 ID: 886a4d

I agree, no pyromania. Plus chucking cats at a spider is pretty damn funny.
No. 60495 ID: 4a328b

Lets move the fire to its own incident. Something like
-Went to the ice hotel in Quebec one year. Managed to set the oversized igloo on fire.
No. 60496 ID: 54c7e5


3: Broke into a school and scribbling sarcastic remarks/grading all the papers in the classroom she remembers as being her old english class. Ends up stealing her permanent record. As it turned out, the average grade for the class was a solid D-. The sole A of the class was a dissertation on the similarities and tropes inherent in Fighting Robot anime which was clearly cribbed from TV Tropes.

-4: After waking up, she threw 6 puppies, 12 kittens, and 4 goldfish at the spider before one of the many parrots ate the spider. It took her a full week to find a shelter that would take all of the parrots and goldfish. The 'shelter' was actually a carnival booth that had run out of prizes.

(Sorry, I just liked the idea of a fire killing the fish)
No. 60497 ID: 54c7e5


Oh god, I can just see Linda going "YOOOOOOU!" and charging across a parking lot to punch him in the face while drunk, dodging bullets.
I hope he becomes a recurring character in all of our drunk stories.
No. 60498 ID: d6c330

Now that's a funny use of fire I can approve of.

Okay, dumping the pets in a carnival booth has me giggling.

Wait. Does that mean Linda was the cause of his PTSD?
No. 60499 ID: 60fee2

No. 60500 ID: a407a5
File 134707340985.jpg - (34.22KB , 300x300 , Who_the_hell_do_you_think_I_am_by_k.jpg )

Many a gangsters has fallen before and fallen for the legendary DRUNKEN MASTER of the streets. As mysterious as she is beautiful and deadly, none no her true identity. The only thing anyone is truly aware of is her signature catch phrase...

No. 60501 ID: 886a4d

.... I approve.
No. 60502 ID: 60fee2

Brilliant. And this is why our HQ will be safe when ever we all get drunk. Enemy breaker shows up and then gets trashed by Linda.
No. 60503 ID: 60fee2

Drunk Linda Stats


Foci- Alcohol

No. 60505 ID: a407a5

Oh yeah, and Raphael has been added to the wiki-page.
No. 60506 ID: d6c330

Huh. Str/Wil build. I guessed right!

Good thing we jumped the guy we got the rock focus from. Not sure how effective bullets would have been against a stone golem. (Obviously, forms and avatars are what we're going to need fancy ammo to deal with, someday). Now that it's on our side though, that means we've got a second tank to fight next to Cass.
No. 60507 ID: 60fee2

Dude, we have an ANTI-TANK RIFLE. A stone golem would just be a huge fucking target for Linda.
No. 60520 ID: d6c330

Depends on what kind of stone, how much of it there is, and whether or not golem-form feels pain or has any kind of vital organs.

Easiest fight- the stone is just armor and we could have just punched through to the squishy person underneath.

Worst fight- giant dense man of stone with no vitals, and no pain. We'd have to spend a bunch of shots disabling it- blind it, shoot out the joints, etc, while not allowing it to close with us. More than once, if and when death avoidance kicks in.

...and the hostages would have been executed while we were doing this, of course.
No. 60532 ID: a407a5

I've been examining things in my head, and as a result, I'm making a small change to the x-ray scope you've been given. Namely, no, foci won't be completely solid and slightly glowing.

What made everyone assume(including me at the time) that an x-ray type thing would be able to detect a foci? What makes a foci a foci is it's inherent "unrealism", it's affect on reality if you will. You'd need something that could specifically detect the "off" feeling that foci radiate. Which brings me to the x-ray's actual capabilities.

The thing will allow you to see through walls and people as you described to me, but foci will be treated like everything else, just another object to look through. The reason I'm placing that restriction is simple. After having thought about it awhile, an x-ray, regardless of how you measure it, provides information through materials, not reality. Foci are blurs and holes in reality. To the x-ray, the physical representation is still something to look through. Everything else is fine, though, and will be left alone. People will be see through but still identifiable as people, walls and other such things will be ignored and the distance affects how transparent something is.

I figured I'd get that out there before we end up relying on the thing so much.

Ah! And before I forget, Break Sight(and it's derivative, Spirit Sight) has an effective range of normal vision. Namely, if you could normally make out a number or letter at that range, then the number will appear. Scopes and such won't factor into that range. That way everyone(including me) has a definite distance to work with.
No. 60534 ID: d6c330

>What made everyone assume that an x-ray type thing would be able to detect a foci?
No assumption. We explicitly designed it to work that way on purpose for an advantage, not because it had any mechanical logic behind it. I mean, we're using modified Superman style cartoony x-ray vision, not a detector for actual x-rays.

(Well, rather, we tried to design it that way. Didn't fly. :p)

>Scopes and such won't factor into that range.
...so while we could use the scope to read actual words and numbers outside our normal line of sight, that doesn't apply to break sight? Dang. We can still see the numbers via x-ray through walls if we get close enough, right?
No. 60535 ID: 886a4d

Ya we're a calling it an x-ray scope since thats the best way to describe it, but in reality (heh) its superman vision. Good analogy by the way. It's basically magic so as far as seeing focii as solid I figured since you said 'Make up your own rules concerning the capabilities.' I'd give Linda a bit of an edge for finding the Breakers and their focii amidst all the normal clutter. But your running the show, if its too much for a newbie to be able to do we'll throw that into one of her next upgrades.
No. 60538 ID: a407a5

It's not so much difficult to handle as something I imagine as not being simulated easily. With the creation of Rodriguez's power(healing) it seems more practical, or maybe more likely, that people with manifestations specifically made to hunt foci were to start popping up. Besides that, once your spirit gets high enough, "feeling" changes in reality becomes possible. In a way, I'm trying to make it so that one person can't do literally anything and everything. Otherwise we'd get into situations like redaeth described, and the Spirit 7's and above just start making the floor acid or lava or something.

Don't worry too much. Magus gave me a very good way to get you lot an effective scouter, so you can focus your own experience elsewhere.
No. 60540 ID: d6c330

Okay, so then one potential upgrade for the scope in the future is reality-sight. It makes abnormalities in reality stand out (outlines them in red, or something). This includes breakers, foci, avatars, sufficiently broken reality (like Aria's sewer-room). Ideally, we should be able to combine scope modes (so more than one can be on at once). Obviously, sufficiently high spirit Normality Cloak users would probably still be able to avoid detection (pricks).

Although, for our next level up, I'm thinking what we want to do is dump a point or two in BP (we've got half the pool of our peers, with barely any room to experiment with breaking), and tune something new.

Oh, the oracle eye is gonna show up? Useful, but to some extent we're going to want our own senses if we want to continue trying to be merciful where we can.
No. 60541 ID: 4a328b

Two points into BP. At least.
No. 60542 ID: d6c330

Yeah, assuming we get 3 or more XP, I want 2 in BP, 1 to tune.

Actually, if eyeball girl is gonna be divinations and foci hunting focused, I'm really hoping she comes with the ability to ID manifestations on untuned foci. That would be hella useful.
No. 60543 ID: 886a4d

You guys gotta remember we are new at this... REALLY new. Cass has gotten at least 17 exp and Raphael has gotten 26 exp compared to our 9. The only reason why we've been doing so well is because of our effective as fuck weapon. We don't NEED to up its damage or effectiveness to take on much stronger breakers. BP will come in time. I say its more worth it to concentrate on spirit 4 and upgrading our finesse now that we have supernatural everything. Its time to specialize.
No. 60544 ID: 4a328b

Lest we count our chickens before they hatch, let's talk mid-term upgrades instead of short-term for a bit.

I don't think we need any more scopes or similar add-ons for our anti-tank gun--it'd just be an extra BP cost every time we summon it for not a lot of extra functionality. However, there is one tweak I think would be worth the cost: Silencer. That'd bring it up to three BP per summon, and I wouldn't want to raise it beyond that for a good while for a few reasons.
1) Need a larger BP pool before we pull out expensive guns left and right
2) I can think of improvements that seem cool, like explosive rounds, but may quickly become obsolete/inferior/redundant if we get guns better suited for specific tasks--like a bazooka or a sniper rifle etc.
3) The other thing I can think to improve would be recoil, which is probably just as easily fixed by upping our strength
No. 60546 ID: d6c330

I agree with this logic, further gun improvements aren't cost-effective or necessary in the sort term. Won't stop me from brainstorming for longterm, though.

>Why BP?
Just manifesting our main gun twice burns through over a 3rd of our points. More BP gives us the flexibility to pull and dismiss guns without worry, to handle longer fights where we actually have to reload, and to use active breaks when we get opportunities (after all, what's the point of spirit if we can't afford to do any breaks?). I mean, costs are tight enough now we were all noticeably perturbed when Linda dismissed unordered. I'd like to get up into the teens so we have a comfortable margin to work with.

>More crazy possible longterm upgrades.
-explosive rounds
-delayed explosive rounds. Timed for respawn, two kills with one shot (may not be worth it depending on how the respwans work- ie, if the bullet ceases to exist, it can't explode).
-Depleted uranium rounds. Or frigging neutronium, if we can get it. Basically, as much much stopping power as we can put in a bullet. For when we inevitably have to fight something horribly nasty, like the Boss' kill doll.
-supernatural silencer sounds reasonable.
No. 60547 ID: a407a5

No. At least, not until you've gained Spirit Sight, which at this point won't happen till you reach Spirit 6.

>Delayed Explosive Rounds
I'll save you the trouble and say no, this won't work. 1) Death avoidance would get rid of the bullet, as if it lodged itself inside someone they obviously took damage from it and died. It can't still be there if they never got hit. 2)Your rifle's shots go straight through targets. It will never lodge itself inside someone unless it manages to somehow severely reduce the amount of force its carrying.

Everything else I've seen so far looks alright to use, unless I accidentally missed something.
No. 60549 ID: 886a4d

Would a sticky bomb sort of deal work for our pistol? Or should we save that sorta thing for when we get a gernade launcher.
No. 60550 ID: d6c330

Fair enough. I didn't expect delayed explosions to work, and spirit sight as a prerequisite for the other makes sense.

>sticky bomb
Ooh! Nonlethal disable, and bypasses death avoidance. Me like.

Not sure we should put it on the pistol though. I like keeping that for our cheap as dirt execution and close range weapon.
No. 60551 ID: 4a328b

Squirt gun!

With sticky bomb tweaking
No. 60554 ID: a407a5

Because I'm not handing over a potentially priceless recruit without a fight. And there will be no deus ex machina's this time. So there.

But yes, the sticky bomb/spray thingy would work. Woman everywhere will fear you, but it would work.
No. 60555 ID: 886a4d

Do focii carry over enhancements when being attuned to a different person?
No. 60558 ID: d6c330

37BP Boss fight is going to be... problematic, to say the least. We need to burn 4 rifle clips or 3 handgun just to take that many shots, ignoring misses and dodges. Although presumably Raph will do some damage too, and she'll burn points doing something (...not that that's a good thing).

The quickest way to end this might be to blow off her arms and break them, if we get the chance. Might be hard to do though- presumably she's got high finesses, so anything other than torso shots may fail dodge checks.

Golem pinning her so we can chain execute might work, but I can't help but think she'd be able to break a way out of that (unless she doesn't have active break. But I'm kind of thinking, what high level breaker doesn't?).
No. 60562 ID: 4a328b

We have flashbangs, right?
No. 60563 ID: d6c330

Yup. Although we have no eye protection, and no comm on Raph to warn him. It's a possible play to buy us a shot at the bitch off guard, but with her reaction time it might just give her a few free shots at our allies.
No. 60607 ID: 886a4d

Looks like we weren't ready at all. Maybe if the scope had an adjustable zoom, or the other breakers had been any help. Probably didn't help that we delegated rescue to our meatshield isntead helping in the battle.

She was the worst matchup right now for solo play. A close \ midrange fighter while we're strictly long range right now. And we started fighting right in her ballpark.
No. 60608 ID: a407a5

>what stat allows you to power through fatal damage and keep moving so you don't drop dead where the enemy can camp you

That's her Spirit 4 ability. As long as she makes at least one success on a finesse roll to dodge, the dodge turns itself into a roll into cover while she still takes the hit. She doesn't have active break, by the way. Otherwise that flashbang would have done absolutely nothing.
No. 60609 ID: 54c7e5

Oooh, that looks interesting. Spirit and Finesse seem like the best choice for spending XP on now, since we don't have any stats at 1, and we already have a kickass weapon that can shoot through walls from a huge distance.

New drunk story:
On labor day weekend, she accidentlied a Yoko costume and made third runner-up in her category at the cosplay contest at Kumoricon.
No. 60612 ID: d6c330

Oh, it's unusual enough to be from an ability, not stat endurance (I was guessing it might be from high str or wil). Kudos for me on noticing it, then.

I hope to frig the scope is adjustable, and Linda just didn't notice in the panic of battle. It's gonna suck to have to blow XP and increase BP costs over something that basic.

And yeah, with no active break, and hopefully no other guns, the I think we could have won that is if golem-Raph pinned her instead of going for the girl. But she'd probably have dodged.

>Spirit and Finesse seem like the best choice for spending XP on now
It costs 3 XP to get another point of spirit now. Everything else costs 1. We're also almost of BP in our first fight where the enemy actually fought back. We don't even have a sufficient safety margin to reload or use active break.

If we get 3XP, I say we spend it:
1- finesse to 5
2- BP to 17
No. 60613 ID: 886a4d

Now we know what the Spirit 4 ability is I'm going to say we concentrate on it. Being able to dodge during death is something we NEED. We probably wouldn't have died twice in a row if we had that. If we get 3 XP from this fiasco that would be perfect.
No. 60614 ID: d6c330

You're assuming we'd get the same ability as our opposite. She's clearly a close combat specialist- our original weapon implies we're meant to function at range. I think it's more likely we'd get something for that.

I really think we need more BP though. We're making a classic mistake here- we're piling on the core stats and abilities while leaving our HP/MP crippled because it's less interesting. We need points to function!
No. 60615 ID: a407a5

>Spirit 4 Ability
Just because HER Spirit 4 ability is what it is, doesn't mean YOUR Spirit 4 ability will be the same. There are a number of things which influence which ability you get. Until you actually get Spirit 4, you won't know what you have.

The scope is adjustable, but it doesn't adjust down to normal vision. At that close distance, no matter what magnification you're using, it still going to be very focused, making it very difficult to fire at anything resembling accuracy, especially given the speed at which everyone was moving. The scope can't be used to just conveniently change what your normal vision sees, it'll magnify no matter what.
No. 60617 ID: d6c330

Worst case? Our spirit 4 ability isn't passive, it's active- some new BP expense we can't afford to make good use of.

Well, what's the minimum useful range on the scope then? If we want to plug people through walls, how far away do we have to be?
No. 60618 ID: 886a4d

Spirit DOES increase BP as well you know. I still think its worth it to get it over getting 6 points instead of 3.

In between 4 and 5 we can increase our BP to the 20s. But right now I think Spirit 4 is needed more.
No. 60620 ID: d6c330

I think we need the fin and reserves to function more than we need a hypothetical new ability we may not be able to afford to use. We just botched another shot, and a dodge check too, against the goddamn scrubs guarding the door.

It's a moot point, anyways. We're not getting 3XP since we failed to take out the two at the door. Between the violence and the rescue, I'm guessing we'll get 1 or 2. Which means our choices will be tuning, fin, or BP. And we need fin and BP more than we need another weapon right now.
No. 60621 ID: a407a5
File 134721159974.jpg - (84.07KB , 640x480 , rifle-scope-sight-crosshair.jpg )

>Minimum effective range
I'll start by putting it another way. The maximum effective range on this thing is supposed to be somewhere along the lines of 2000 yards(20 football fields). The minimum range(thanks to the scope you put on it not being standard and because I don't like being a dick) is set at 800 yards(or 8 football fields). That is, of course, if you want a reasonable field of vision with the thing.

Something like resembling the sight through the picture, although the magnification is wrong and the distance is very wrong. But that's what you'd reasonably see.
No. 60623 ID: 886a4d

Alright I think we need some xray glasses for close up work hah.
No. 60625 ID: d6c330

>8 football fields
...so completely useless if we're in the same building as the person we want to shoot (unless they're holding still). And there's not going to be overlap with break sight. Damn it.

Scope is then only good for long distance murdering (which kind of goes against our philosophy in many circumstances, and makes looting foci inconvenient at best), or spying through close walls before combat starts. Maybe getting the opening shot off.

So much for taking full advantage of wall shooting. Oh well. Still more useful than a conventional scope- just less so than we expected.

(Maybe Linda knew this intrinsically? Her unordered dismissal of the gun makes more sense in that context).
No. 60626 ID: 60fee2

You know something has been bugging me. Why do groups like Linda's allow themselves to be associated with the more violent groups? As far as I can see there are 3 distinct overall groups of reality breakers. The Breakers who are just violent maniacs. The Fixers who are just violent hypocrites. And then Groups like Linda's who kinda just want to be left alone without hurting anybody. I mean its not that big of a deal, but it seems like the reasonable groups would want to start referring to themselves as something else, like Free Spirits or some thing like that.
No. 60627 ID: 4a328b

Well, to be fair, we DO look like violent maniacs from time to time [esp. Cass]. Since we solve our problems with weapons and violence, like every other gang, Breaker or Fixer.

We could probably help our image more, going forward, if we went to disable and disarm opponents without permakilling.
No. 60628 ID: a407a5

Damn people. Just... damn. You filled up that first thread quick. I mean... shit... over 600 posts in, what, two weeks? A little over that? I seriously didn't expect that to happen.

Which is good though, because I think it's time to move it into another chapter. And a new thread. But another chapter to go with the new thread. Yeah. And I will say that I was trying to see how powerful I should make the bosses. That was a little more overpowered than I anticipated... oh well. It turned out alright in the end, and it gave me something to work off of for the next one.

Also, since I like criticism(YAY!) what do you all think so far? Any comments, concerns, changes, likes, dislikes, insanities, depravities, or otherwise related things to say?
No. 60630 ID: 886a4d

I've been thinking on how to deal with high finesse opponants.

1) Homing bullets. They move, the bullet adjusts.
2) Remember that flame thrower? You can't dodge a huge plume of flame. All you can do is get under cover.
2a) A flame thrower is basically a giant squirt gun. Replace the fuel with sitcky gel and tada non-lethal weapon. Lets ask Cass if she knows what happened to it. Toggle between flame and gel of course.

Not directly related but might be neat. A mental connection to our rifle. The scope could act like a third eye so we don't have to look through the thing as well as shooting it without touching the trigger. Plus having the gun as an extension of ourself will give us all sorts of little bonuses..
No. 60632 ID: 54c7e5

Or we could just keep on building up our own finesse, since that's our aiming stat.

Since we got 2, I think what seems reasonable is 1 point Finesse, 1 point for 3 BP

I'm really enjoying the character building and background stuff over here in the discussion thread.
Also, a link to this thing in the new OP would be nice, maybe a recap of our stats.
No. 60633 ID: 886a4d

We were aiming right at her... she was literally dodging bullets.
No. 60635 ID: d6c330

...threads, fill up? (Honestly, I have no idea how that works). Part of that was probably due to fact we weren't just suggesting things- we were actually going back and forth, discussing options, and reaching consensus (mostly). Burt a lot of posts that way, I suppose.

>Overpowered Boss
Well, in a workable way, though. She was a specialist- pistol only, walk into the middle of battle, dodge and shoot everything, use BP defensively but not offensively. She ran into problems when she couldn't bring that to bear. If we were facing anyone of a comparable power level to hers with more flexibility or options (alternate guns, active breaks, active spirit abilities) I think we'd be dead (barring deus ex machina, of course).

-We're always gonna ask about BP from break sight when we run into someone new. Might as well give it to us. :p
-Next time we can an upgrade, can we discuss what exactly it entails here before we commit points? I'm not sure we would have chosen differently (scope is still useful, especially since it can see through cover), but I think we would have reacted differently in that fight if we knew the actual limitations of our scope.


Homing bullets, if possible, make me a little leery. At least, if they bypass finesse checks, that could pose a serious problem for us, long term. I'd kind of rather they didn't exist. If they are possible though, they're probably something we should get someday.

A flamethrower / stick bomb gun sounds pretty fantastic if we can get it.

>I'm really enjoying the character building and background stuff over here in the discussion thread.
Yeah, this is hella fun. Only thing that miffs me is it sorta gives us an OOC edge when we run into characters we've helped create. Haven't been quite sure how to handle that.
No. 60639 ID: 4a328b

I think I have an idea on the character creation. Break it up into two parts.

Part one, NORMAL stuff. Name, age, gender. Bam.

Part two, ABnormal stuff. Possible foci, battle preferences, morality---mostly personality stuff.

Part three, UNKNOWABLE stuff. Supernatural accidents, hidden powers, backstory and/or plainclothes occupations for characters. Over here, completely separate.

Now, all three parts are to be considered completely separate from each other--to be mixed and matched into new characters by the author, so we can't really metagame it

How's that sound?
No. 60640 ID: 4a328b

whoops three parts not two
No. 60641 ID: a407a5

>link, stats
Both can be found here http://tgchan.org/wiki/Breaking_Reality, which will have a link to it in the next thread.

I try to remember to put this up every time an enemy comes along, but I usually find myself caring more about the post than the numbers. Or maybe somewhere in my head I just assume you're all mind readers. Either way, I'll try to be better about this, but if I don't feel free to threaten me with pitchforks and steak. I love steak.

Sure, I don't mind going over specifics. The last thing was a bit of a failure on my part mostly, but it would be a far better idea to go over details than leave things open to misinterpretation.
No. 60643 ID: 4a328b


Links and punctuation don't play well together
No. 60644 ID: d6c330

Thanks. They're both fairly minor quibbles. Overall this is going great.

I've been thinking we need to add our inventory (untuned foci, useful items and possessions, fluff possessions), and maybe what other people's stats we know (the boss, Trevor, and what incomplete information we have on other breakers who've survived encounters with us).
No. 60645 ID: a407a5

I'll see about getting on that. It might take me awhile though, at least for the information bit. The inventory I should be able to do tonight...

Oh yeah, and new chapter-

No. 60651 ID: d6c330

Actually, I was kind of thinking making a list of incomplete but known info about other breakers should be the kind of things readers should do. ...if we weren't too lazy to update the wiki ourselves.

>moar wiki infos
Ah, Elizabeth is a weapon type? I was half expecting the eye to be an avatar.

>Trap type focus
Okay, the needle sounds more tempting than ever. We tune this to Linda next level, right? I'm half tempted to give it to Liz since she's our support unit (and traps are for support!), but I'm afraid she'd never use it.

Obviously we run everything through Elizabeth from now on (does Cass still have any spare foci, I wonder? Still curious as to what the ipod does...).

We're going to have to be in charge of our own intra-party foci swapping, since we don't have access to Mac anymore.
No. 60653 ID: f48ab2

It's not that surprising giving that there was no humanoid independent creature/puppet. It's hard for a eye to be independent but it's not like we knew what her focus was at the time. (f6cff9 over here just using a different computer)
No. 60654 ID: 60fee2

Are other breakers aware of stats or is just a game mechanic. cause if they are we should get Cass to put some points into Will. It might help with the berserker thing.
No. 60656 ID: a407a5

Other breakers are not aware of stats. Technically, Linda isn't aware of stats either. That's why I just refer to BP that she sees as "numbers". That's all they are to her, is the number of times one can break reality. It's a person's number. Spirit sight won't even give you a number, just a vague optical illusion that shows a persons power level. What they're actually at will have to be guessed at.

Cass, for example, will never gain Will, at least not until you deal with her mental trauma. Because in case you hadn't noticed, everyone has either a physical or mental trauma. Most of them have mental ones.
No. 60657 ID: d6c330

...as if it weren't obvious that Cass' trauma is mental. (Raphael's too. Why else would his default powerset be based on nightmares?).

Confirmation that we can help with her issues is encouraging, though.

Huh. Did resolving Linda's issues trigger anything, I wonder? Sterility got trumped by adoption pretty quickly there.
No. 60658 ID: f6cff9

Who knows? Maybe she already dealt with the mental issues awhile back and all there is left now is the damage done to her body.

But now I'm wondering because at the rate Linda is going, she is gonna become the Team Mom. Solving team issues and what not.
No. 60660 ID: 4a328b

I don't know if she's even thought of the adoption in the context of "this is the closest you will get to having children," though? It was more of a practical decision to get paperwork in normal land for keeping her in our group anyway. And the fact that Elizabeth's 17, even if she acts like a child, might not have had Linda making that sort of mental connection to her trauma...yet, if at all.
No. 60680 ID: 886a4d

We know stats 3 and over are considered superhuman, but by how much? I'd love to get a sense of scale. When is Linda going to start dodging bullets. How strong is Raphael \ Cass. What can the Boss convince people to do.
No. 60687 ID: d6c330

It's been a month. Even if it was done on a technicality, the thought would have at least occurred to her.

>Team Mom
I was idly wondering if that was how her injury was manifesting itself earlier (I mean, guns from guns is kind of obvious, but nearly everyone else got something downright symbolic in their response to being broken). I was kind of surprised when the literal adopting cropped up.

If dodge and aim checks are based purely off fin, I'd think Linda might already be able to dodge bullets. At least ones coming from scrubs and normals at decent range (we already snatched a throwing knife out of the air. That's pretty damn fast and handy!).

As for str, I've kind of been assuming Cass can knock through any door short of an airlock or blast door at this point.
No. 60701 ID: a407a5

These are for Raphael, Elizabeth Baker and Marc Conner.


Raphael. Age 27. Due to his rather unique condition, Raphael has always had difficultly dealing with others. Being an albino from birth, Raphael has almost stark white hair and bright red eyes, although his condition has only slightly lightened his skin tone beyond normal. Raphael is otherwise physically fine. He stands at just around the same height as Cass, perhaps an inch taller. Unfortunately, he has has a rather slim build, making him unsuitable for close combat in his normal form, although with the introduction of a new form to his repertoire, he seems to be gaining weight and muscle in equal measure. His normal choice of clothing always contains a pair of sunglasses, which rarely leave his face, but the rest of his clothing his generally very fluid, changing to suit his environment or needs.

Elizabeth. Age 17. She is somewhat detached from the world, mainly staring off into space and generally not displaying a lot of emotion except under extreme circumstances. This might be because she got shot in the face as a child. Who knows? Either way, she tends to stare blankly at everything. Her hair is a normal brown, as is her natural right eye. Oddly enough, her left glass eye has an iris painted green, and this eye glows slightly when its power is in use, trailing the green light behind her movements. She's shorter than Linda, coming in at around 5'5'', and looks unusually frail compared to people around her. Most of her clothing was chosen by Linda, which means button-up shirt/t-shirts allied with a pair of jeans and some comfortable sneakers, but somehow dresses seem to sneak their way in here and there.

Marc Conner. Age 36. While an older man, he's turned out to be one of those men who's charm grows with age, instead of dwindling. He's seen mostly in business suits, as he spends most of his time on his work, both breaker and normal, and can almost inevitably be found smoking as well. His hair is kept is kept clean and well trimmed, and his taste in clothing is expensive yet not overbearing. He stands tallest out of the current cast, at 6'6'', but seems genuinely helpful and friendly. Except for the creepy doll that always seems to be in his presence. That's just creepy.
No. 60727 ID: f6cff9

Congratulations on making the guy we just met obnoxious enough that when the Butler refereed to him as the master, my brain refused to acknowledge he was the master that the butler was talking about. I guess I was hoping it was someone else.
No. 60728 ID: 1987d1

We've been doing pretty well since we hit sun city, huh? We're already up one foci, beat up a gang and intimidated them away, we're currently kicking ass in a water gun contest, and if the negotiations go well tonight, we'll have secured new allies and/or minions, expanding our influence in this area and completing the mission. Gotta be worth several XP, at least. So once again, the perennial discussion on how to spend it!

>Next XP allocation.

First thing I think we want to do is get our spirit to 4. More BP, better breaking, and we get our first unique spirit ability. Hopefully it's something good.

Next up, I think we want to tune something. The trap-needle seems more interesting than the colt. It's possible we might want the ring though once Elizabeth tells us what it does (I'm guessing it's some kind of defensive or buffing item?).

If we have any points left after that, our last priority should be to pump fin and BP. Probably keep doing that for a while longer too before we go for spirit 5, or consider upping wil again.

>Long term objectives, planning
(because I'm bored).
- Fix Cass.
- Get Maria's gun. Bitch.
- 12.7x99mm Neutronium rounds. (To kill modern tanks with, and fighting high end, otherwise hard to damage avatars and forms).
No. 60729 ID: 4a328b

I also reread the section a few times, to make sure this was actually the guy!
No. 60730 ID: 1987d1

Oh hey, while I'm on it, how does the cost structure for upgraded ammo work? Adding a new kind of ammo ups the manifestation cost by 1, and you have to pay BP once it's out to swap ammo types? Seems like we might be paying twice.

Yeah, going from flirty girl, to fatty obnoxious moneybags was a bit of a disappointment. Also the fact that these guys seemed fairly dismissive of their normal employees. These may not end up being people we want to be allied with. We'll have to see.
No. 60731 ID: f6cff9

At least you didn't write we should wait for the "Master" and then delete your post. If the guy being obnoxious was what he was aiming for(and it was) then he got it.
No. 60733 ID: f6cff9

By the way I'm not saying it's a bad thing. It's suppose to be a character we don't like.
No. 60734 ID: 1987d1

...I'm actually wondering if it might be a test? Normality Cloak isn't exactly the most common ability, and flirty dancer seemed a social type, an illusion or deception ability could fit her power-set.
No. 60750 ID: f6cff9

One, I hope not because I'm awful at tests like that. Two, I think that's hoping for too much. Three, We would have an awful time seeing though that with our skill set.
No. 60764 ID: a407a5

Ammo will not up the cost of the weapon as long as the ammo type chosen is something "realistic". Instead, every time you manifest the weapon, you will have to specify which kind of round you want to have loaded into the clip(type of round being Incendiary, AP, Sniper, Sabot, etc.). At the moment, you're are using a standard Ball round, mainly intended for use against personnel. Anytime after the first manifestation, if you want to load a different type of round, you spend 1 BP to reload, and just specify you're changing the round type.

Now then, let's assume you want something "unrealitstic", like your Neutronium rounds. THAT will cost you more. Your convincing reality they exist, and that you have them. If you choose to use those rounds as your manifesting the weapon, it costs an extra 1BP, and if you choose to reload into them, it costs two the first time you switch to them. My suggestion, if you do end up using Neutronium rounds, is to make it worth your while and assign another ability to them, like exploding or something. Neutronium, after all, is what they are made of, and while strong on it's own, I'm willing to give you a little leeway.
No. 60765 ID: 1987d1

Alright, that's a reasonable price structure. We can get alternate ammo without making the gun too expensive to summon. Although, honestly, I'm not enough of a gun nut to know what the hell the difference is between the mundane rounds (AP, Sniper, Sabot vs ball), or what we'd want them for.

The whole idea behind neutronium would be upping stopping power / kinetic energy in order to punch through things made of exotic materials, or to at least send them flying (or to punch through a whole bunch of walls like they weren't even there). Because we're going to fight a nearly indestructible avatar eventually. Assuming we can magically maintain the same muzzle velocity, we'd be getting orders of magnitude more kinetic energy out.

I'd have to do the math, but I'm pretty sure trading mass for a hollow filled with pretty much any conventional explosives in the head would actually output less energy on the target. ...and the whole reason my head went to super-dense ammo in the first was to avoid the complications of using higher energy explosives (like the mini-nukes suggested a while back). Although, the ammo might explode on impact at those energy levels anyways.

Then there's the problem of weight. Have to check that a clip of 10 masses out to something that can actually be carried (even by a superhuman).

(Yeah, don't worry about any of this for now. I'm off to go be a physics nerd and see if I can get any reasonable numbers out of any of this. And this is long range theoretical planning, I'm not gonna be suggesting we add this at level up anytime soon).
No. 60773 ID: 4a328b

I don't see that we need to make a deal with this guy EVER.

I would prefer we shoot him in the face right here rather than try and work within a system to maybe make him nicer over time.

The reason boss sent us here was to deal with the local people and get them on our side/establish a base--not to let ourselves get pushed around and do the dirty work for some local bully with delusions of grandeur.
No. 60775 ID: 1987d1

Thing is, he's already the local bully who runs this town (or at least a chunk of it). Right now, he's willing to give us the room to set up under his watch. The alternative is to set up competing with him.

It's a lot easier to take the breathing room and steal as much as we can from his organization (win over as many people as possible) and eventually hold a coup rather than compete directly.

Then there's Daniels to consider. Dude will cause us hella problems if we break from plans and try to compete with this jerk. The betrayal plan? He'll probably be more than glad to help us kill him.

Also, we'd have to shoot him in the face 18 times. Our clip isn't even that large, he's already proved to be very fast, and possibly has an avatar backing him up, so he outnumbers us (assuming the ping pong ball isn't a weapon form). Plus he has more backup then we do right now. Tactical analysis says we aren't killing him in his office, I'm afraid. Not right now, at least.
No. 60776 ID: 4a328b

That doesn't mean we need to accept his horrible, horrible deals. We just extricate ourselves from this position and plan how to deal with him on our own terms--NOT rolling over and accepting his.
No. 60777 ID: 1987d1

Well, if you don't like his terms, what's your counter offer?

We need connections, intel and a temporary safe base of operations. He offers that. He needs muscle. What else do we have to offer? I don't see another deal.
No. 60778 ID: 4a328b

But he doesn't WANT to negotiate with us, so we will get nowhere, or even wind up starting a fight with him by trying to counter offer.

The better option is a tactical retreat. WITHDRAW, don't ACCEPT.
No. 60779 ID: 1987d1

...I'm sorry. Could you please explain what you want to negotiate for? What you think a better option is? What arrangement you would like to have?

I don't care if he's willing to accept it, or if negotiations won't work, please just explain to me what deal you think we should be getting.

Because it seems to me that tolerating an outside military force on your turf in exchange for basically mercenary work is a pretty standard agreement. I'm not sure what you're hoping for. No strings attached free room and board?

Withdrawing is the same as refusal. It nets us nothing, insults him, and makes us an enemy. We don't get to leave on neutral terms, and there isn't going to be a better option if we come back later. It's choosing to go to war.
No. 60780 ID: 4a328b

What do /you/ want? Because if you don't go for at the very least right of refusal you are, as he put it himself, getting screwed over.

We have the power to take him on, we are being downright GENEROUS if we agree to let him have an observer on us like he wants--we don't need to do his dirty work for him, and should not agree to that.

It's not so much what I want, so much as what we DON'T want. And we don't have to accept the first proposal he makes.
No. 60781 ID: 1987d1

>we don't have to accept the first proposal he makes
We do if we literally don't have another proposal. :p

Seriously, we already have the right of refusal. It's called, if her gives us a job we don't like? We don't do it. Or we subvert it- pretend or appear to do it, but secretly do something that goes against his interests.

Arguing for the right or discretion to refuse missions up front just tips our hand unnecessarily- shows we're bucking his power.
No. 60782 ID: 4a328b

Our other proposal is "Try again" :B

But as I said I'm really sick of debating this with you, I'd rather debate with the quest characters. -_-
No. 60784 ID: 1987d1

*laughs*. Sorry, I'm not trying to be a prick. I was honestly trying to either persuade you, or get you to say something that would make your position make sense to me.

I don't know why, but this quest really seems to draw out the impulse to try and debate towards consensus, instead of just throwing out suggestions and leaving them.
No. 60785 ID: 4a328b

Haha, no worries, I know the feeling. Maybe it's investment in the story--we'd like to all be on the same page. And it is good to have some debate--I think we're just spinning our wheels at this point, though xD
No. 60791 ID: 1987d1

Linda McCallahan, irresistible sex symbol to chainsaw wielding maniacs, albinos, snakes, weak ass tubs of lard, brides, and musically inclined lesbians.

Honestly, we're getting to the point where it would be easier to track the people who haven't shown some kind of interest. XD
No. 60805 ID: f6cff9

Hey I got to thinking that Jake is setting us up for a fall. For example what if a bunch of people coming the east from a rival gang and started killing people in your town, what would you do? I'm afraid he just gonna use us and let us just take the fall. This works especially here because killing ain't the norm nor is violent actions based on what happened on the beach. I know he was planning on using us to begin with but setting us up could be part of his plans and then he could just play dumb while saying he had no part in it. His endgame plan could be letting us die while taking out some of his enemies while he is in the clear.

Something to think about I guess although we are not planning to kill people to begin with. We could use this line of reasoning to convince Daniels to listen to what we are saying though.
No. 60807 ID: f6cff9

I'm mean it's pretty obvious that what he planning on doing anyways. I guess it's a good thing we aren't going to do exactly what he says.

Of course I'm working under the assumption he wants us to kill people to begin with. For all I know he could just want us as muscle to keep others from his territory or other tasks like that.
No. 60808 ID: 4a328b

It really was VERY obvious. I wonder if that's a result of his foci, someone else's meddling, or, unlikely, something WE did, like make a will save.
No. 60809 ID: f6cff9

If it's the result of his foci that would be great. If that was true I bet he thinks he is a master manipulator even though all of his true intentions come out. Odds are it's someone who would benefit from him getting taken out in a gruesome fashion. If Linda herself did that then it's all kinds of awesome.
No. 60810 ID: 1987d1

I'm assuming his injury is psychological in nature. He's got his Id or something as an avatar. (Actually, if you think about, almost all avatar users are gonna have psychological injuries. Form and weapon could more easily go either way). Probably why he uses a front- he can't hide his contempt or motives from people, he's forced to play with his cards face up (well, he can hide it when he's pretending to be the butler, at least).

...which makes me wonder what kind of trauma translates into bubbly vivacious music powers.
No. 60811 ID: 4a328b

Could be ICE powers of some sort, and she just does music as a non-breaker hobby.
No. 60813 ID: f6cff9

Could be that as well although I'm wondering where his avatar is at though. I mean once manifested it can act independently from it's master. It's kinda the whole gimmick of avatars besides being powerful.

I mean just because something is weird, strong, or unusual doesn't make it an avatar.
No. 60816 ID: 1987d1

Music has to be central to her personality or powerset though, or else Elizabeth wouldn't have named her that.

I'm also wondering, in retrospect, if the irrational hatred for, and desire to hurt Carson wasn't coming from Jake. Trying to see how easily we could be controlled.

I thought the whole second self mind-whispering to us screamed avatar. I kind of wish we had had Raphael in the room through for a second opinion.
No. 60820 ID: f6cff9

I think it would have to have the ability to act on it's own. Besides I thought his rubber ball was his weapon so wouldn't that make him a weapon type unless the ball was talking and can move by itself which makes it all sorts weird.

I mean I could be completely be off base here. I'm not gonna say that I know what's going on at all.
No. 60821 ID: 886a4d

Anyone can use any focus type however you have to learn to use the ones that are different then your initial focus. For your first focus you have an affinity for that type.
No. 60823 ID: f6cff9

Wait are you saying? Are you saying a weapon type can get a form type or a avatar type can use a weapon type if they tried? I'm just confused is all so can you clarify?

>Each type can only use their type. Linda can't use Form or Avatar types at all, BUT, she could gain allies and followers that can. That'll be explained when you start getting allies you'll actually have any influence over, but for now, we'll just worry about yourself.
No. 60825 ID: f6cff9

Or I could have given you the question and the answer post instead of green texting it like an idiot.

Here is the question
And the answer

Unless that's not what you're talking about at all if so I'm sorry and would still like that clarification if I'm wrong.
No. 60826 ID: 886a4d

I was thinking about this actually. So anyone can pick up a weapon type focus and learn to use it. But it'd be like learning to use it normally which depending on the weapon can take years.
No. 60827 ID: 4a328b

I mean, if a weapon foci was MANIFESTED I guess another person could use it, but I'm still under the impression that people can't manifest foci other than their one type; weapon, form, or avatar.
No. 60829 ID: f6cff9

That's what I assumed as well. That's why avatar types are kinda unlucky because how rare avatar foci are. I mean why reference that in the quest if they could use other types to begin with.
No. 60831 ID: f6cff9

That was more for weapon users only type of deal. Like if I started out with an axe then I would be really good with all axes but I would need to train to use a sword.

If I started out with a form type I COULDN'T use any weapon foci to begin with AT ALL.

>Each type can only use their type
That implies only weapon types users can use weapon type foci.
Form type users can only use form type foci.
Avatar users can only use avatar type foci.
No. 60833 ID: 1987d1

I was assuming his doppelganger was his avatar, and the ball he slammed into the guys face was just a normal ball, not a weapon form.

With sufficient finesse and str, we can kill with ordinary objects. There's no rule that says breakers need to use manifestations to kill.

It could go the other way (ie, ball was the weapon form, doppelganger a unique spirit ability). But then he's got a very mundane weapon form, and a pretty unique ability. Avatar just seemed more likely to me.
No. 60835 ID: f6cff9

He has a doppelganger? Damn I must suck at reading. Anyways we don't know enough yet. All we do know is he kinda of a dick to everyone based on what we saw.
No. 60837 ID: f6cff9

Where did it say he has a doppelganger? Now I'm just kinda lost here and I would like a map so I can go home.
No. 60838 ID: 4a328b

The picture implied it and the echo text made us speculate that way but there's no real textual evidence yet that it is a doppelganger. But it might be.
No. 60839 ID: f6cff9

Oh that just thought that was meant to represent him as a person and the echo coming from him. You know how he really is in the inside. Outside all polite with smiles but inside a complete douche bag.
No. 60841 ID: 1987d1

>no real textual evidence

>And like there's... someone else with him... behind him.

Maybe it was just an ethereal or mental effect, but the second self wasn't just a nasty echo. Linda saw something. I'm assuming it's a avatar, but really, it doesn't have to be. Really wish we had brought Raphael into the room, freaky perceptual and mental shit is probably right up ghosthorse alley on dreamwalk boulevard.
No. 60842 ID: f6cff9

Ah I didn't catch that part. Thanks for pointing that out. If it's a avatar then that small ball could have been something regular which spells bad news for us if he can do that for anything. I can't believe I'm hoping a small ball isn't normal instead of it just being some toy.
No. 60950 ID: 1987d1

It occurs to me that if we're successful in meeting up with this doctor dude, we're going to have an opportunity to mod foci.

The important question is, what do we want to mod, and how? We aren't sure yet exactly how his changes differ from the upgrades we're used to (I'm assuming his changes are cosmetic? Or they change what things do, replacing instead of adding so as not to increase BP cost), but maybe we should brainstorm some ideas.

We have our rifle, and pistol, which are fine as is, and we probably don't want to alter. We've got the colt, which we haven't tuned. Frankly, it seems inferior to me to our existing handgun. Yes, a magnum hits harder, but that doesn't matter much and you can't chain kill with it as easily. Maybe we could make it a different kind of gun? We've got the needle, which acts as a trap (somehow), which sounds hella useful, but we can't really guess how it might need alteration until after we tune it. Then there's the ring, which we have no data on.

We've also got other people's to work with, two, I suppose. Dunno what would be useful to change with the chainsaw, knife, eye, horse or golem though.
No. 60963 ID: c28302

Sorry if this has already been answered, but are manifestation type foci weapons only or are there also equipment types? I'm only asking because it might be pretty useful to have body armor or a getaway car stored in Linda's pockets.
No. 60966 ID: 1987d1

As far as I can figure, the types split up like this:

The defining feature of avatars is that they're autonomous. They can act independently of the breaker, and the foci / manifestation are the same object.

Forms always have a separate foci. If it altars the user, it's a form.

Weapons so far are the broadest group. The defining characteristic seems to be anything that can be used as a tool. Whether or not there's a separate manifestation from the foci can vary. On the one end, there's the obvious weapons, like our guns, the chainsaw, etc. you call from foci. There are also the less than obvious weapons/tools, things that do things but don't necessarily manifest anything. For example, Elizabeth's eye, and (I suspect) the crucifix and ring.

Theoretically, something that manifested a non-weapon or tool might be possible and count as a weapon type. We haven't seen any examples yet though.
No. 60970 ID: b6edd6

The fact that this scientist has robotic minions is very notable. It means that (unless he is super-skilled at non-magical science or the bots are constantly dependent on a normal manifestation), we have evidence of someone creating what are essentially self-contained 'magic items'.
When casters run on a finite pool of energy/time, being able to stockpile magical effects into items is a game-changer.

Also, all the weapon types we have seen so far have been hand-held or otherwise carried, though a magic car would be pretty great.
No. 60971 ID: f6cff9

That or he just used break points to make them. When you can turn puppies into beings of hate at spirit 5 you can do a lot of crazy stuff at later levels.
No. 60972 ID: 1987d1

Even if he does, Zig is right. It's a game changer. He can spend BP in advance to power himself up. He can accumulate more BP in useable minions / magic items than he would normally have at his disposal in a day. It's a means to circumvent your own power limits- save up past the cap.

I'm still stumped on what mod to ask for when we get to this guy. I get the impression he'll be annoyed if we break in to talk to him and we don't even have anything for him to do. But I can't really think of any cosmetic changes we'd need or want for our gear. (...an custom engraving on one of our guns? I could see maybe putting an Angel on the handgun grip. Hardly necessary though).
No. 60973 ID: 4a328b

We don't need to have anything to do now, specifically--just that Boss wanted us to find this guy. He's a former acquaintance of our group, so if he left on bad terms we might have to do some persuading and/or find out the story behind that. Otherwise, breaking in to say "hello we're in town, how are you :D" sounds legit to me.
No. 60974 ID: 886a4d

Maybe given two focii he can merge them. Gun + trap needle = Trap Gun (?), Needle + Ring = Explosive Clone. Ring + Gun = Two Colts? Double bullet?
No. 60976 ID: 1987d1

Combinations sound very interesting. Especially the trap-gun! Although I would be reluctant to "use up" the ring or needle until we know first hand what they do. It's possible they're already awesome (for instance, why permanently make one gun a twin manifestation, if it happens that the ring power is to dual summon whatever we want?).

Yeah, I suppose we go with just talking to him then. It is the mission. Maybe when he actually explains his abilities to us we'll be able to think of an appropriate use for them.
No. 60979 ID: 4a328b

I'd much rather see what the ring does on its own, first.

It might already double a weapon of our choice--or it might double the weapon user--it's an already modified foci, after all.
No. 61075 ID: 1987d1

List of experiments to try with Lindouble later after we tune the twin-ring: (most of this could be done at the hotel, but we'll need a place where we can test shooting).

-can she talk?
-how much a lower intellect are we talking here? Does she have the same personality?
-can she manifest, or is she limited to what we have out at the time?
-can she reload?
-does she have BP?
-is her skill as good as Linda's?
-can we talk to her via the duplicated comm?
-can she break?
-...does she respawn (not sure if we want to actually murder ourself to test that).
-how long does she persist? Is there a time limit, or can she be maintained indefinitely?
-do her memories persist after dismal, and re-manifestation? Or is it a clean slate each time? (Being unsure of this is one reason to hesitate at test-killing her).
No. 61090 ID: 1987d1

Since we went and killed it, can I request a spoiler on what the needle would have done? Unless foci repeat, or there are similar trap types out there, we missed our opportunity to figure it out in game.
No. 61092 ID: a407a5

It essentially placed needle over and area, triggered by a wire and would launch out and inject a mild sedative into target, slowing reaction time. Both the type of poison used and a the trap-trigger could be changed through level modification, such as changing the poison to something deadly or the trap-trigger to sensors. It was meant as something to use to cover your own ass a little if you decided to go the long-range sniper support role, although you seem to be leaning more towards a more all-ranges gunner instead.
No. 61094 ID: 4a328b

Keeping an eye out for more snipe weapons, though. ;D

Can we have a reminder of what we can get when we boost our spirit, too?
No. 61096 ID: a407a5

In this case, a rather simple choice.

Offensive, Defensive, or Support?
No. 61097 ID: 886a4d

My first instinct is offence. Its what Linda is good at. And specialization is generally a good idea when working with a team. Unfortunately we seem to be going solo distressingly often. The mech, spear guy, etc.

So I vote defensive.
No. 61098 ID: 1987d1

>you seem to be leaning more towards a more all-ranges gunner over a long-range sniper support role
Huh! Actually, it had kind of been my feeling the plot had been pushing us that way. There have been very few combat situations where we've had the opportunity to work at long range, or fight in a support role (we supported Cass, what, once?). And the break sight mechanics / range limitations made playing sniper a lot more morally dicey. Not to mention the loot/xp system disincentives killing at range.

Alright, that doesn't sound like such a bad loss. Getting enough types of triggers or toxins for it to be versatile would have been a real xp sink.

>Offensive, Defensive, or Support?
...we get a choice?

If the choice is that vague, I want a passive defense skill. We're almost never actually fighting with anyone to support, and the last thing we need is another offensive option to spend points on. We already have active break and soon to be 4 weapons for that.
No. 61100 ID: 4a328b

Passive defensive preferred, yes
No. 61120 ID: a407a5

Your new Spirit 4 ability. It passively makes all evasive actions better, reducing the number of successful dice needed to dodge. If an attack lands anyway, another roll is made to see if the attack is reduced in severity, from death to critical damage, critical damage to moderate damage, and so on. The reduction in severity doesn't work for all weapons, such your rifle, as it doesn't matter where the weapon hits for it to cause fatal damage.
No. 61121 ID: 886a4d

That sounds perfect. We'll still have to worry about area of effect attacks but for most breakers that we've seen thats not an issue.
No. 61122 ID: 1987d1

Even more superhuman evasion? Definitely useful- we've failed a lot of dodge checks. Really helps at this point in the game too- it makes us dodgier before we've actually got a chance to stack finesse, and it's more useful than Maria's endurance in death skill at a low BP count (and more versatile overall, I'd say).

Also extends the usefulness of our twin, after we tune the ring. Assuming she doesn't get her own BP pool and respawns, making her dodgier increases her survivability and usefulness.

I wonder if the damage mitigation factor might backfire at some point though? As we've seen, there are definitely instances where you're better off dead and respawning then left alive and injured- it actually disables you longer. Although with more outright dodges and otherwise disabling injuries mitigated, I suppose it works out to a net gain.

>Future XP priorities
-tune twin-ring / cold magnum (whichever one we don't tune now).
-stack some finesse and BP (at least 7-8 fin, 20+ BP).
-weapon customization and improvement, such as:
(ammo choices not ranked by priority)
--alternate ammo choices. Say, tranqs for the pistol, explosives or armor piercing or something for the the tank gun (the anti-personal rounds were limited in how bad they could hurt the mech- it would be nice to hit the next one harder).
--improve time on the freeze ray (10s is kind of a long for a combat situation)
--improve twin (depending on results of experimentation)
-Spirit 5
-don't tune anything else for a while unless it's *fantastic*.
No. 61123 ID: 1987d1

>Freeze Gun-BP Cost: 1 (30 seconds)
Does that mean it can do 30 seconds of continuous fire before we reload? And I assume how long it takes to freeze something will depend on what we're shooting?
No. 61127 ID: 886a4d

For a future ammo mod for our rifle I was thinking of momentum-lossless bullets. This would be paired with homing so you as you shoot someone they'd be swarmed by bullets like angry bees. Hit a switch and they would stop.

No. 61132 ID: 1987d1

I was thinking we'd want to get some mundane bullets first, since they don't actually up the BP cost of manifestation or reloading. You just have to chose what you want when you do so. You can use them for free, assuming you're willing and able to spend the initial XP investment.

Exotic bullets like momentum-loss-less, or homing, or neutronium or whatever would cost an extra point of BP at manifestation or loading to convince reality they existed.

...although I suppose by the time we get around to weapon upgrades, we could have enough BP to just eat the costs.

>Cold magnum
Hmm. Using time as ammo means it'll be harder for us to count that as we go. First thing I'm interested in testing is how long it would take to spray a slick of ice or something below someone to mess up an attack or dodge.

>Cass's new flamethrowerbutton
Does that cost BP for her to use? Or does it add a new fuel-ammunition count to her chainsaw she has to reload? How's that work, basically.
No. 61161 ID: 4a328b

If the damage gets too severe we can always off ourselves, though.
No. 61168 ID: 1987d1

Pointless maths: I just noticed that Maria and the Doc's break points aren't divisible by three after subtracting 5. Assuming they started with the same initial BP as everyone else, that means they weren't at full BP when we ran into them. Or possibly 100BP is the most you can have.
No. 61169 ID: 4a328b

Thinking on it, it may be a good tactical move to give Raph the twin ring. He's already a form type, so this might allow him to use two different forms at once. If he can increase its intelligence a bit, it might even be able to stand guard in dreamland while he gets some actual sleep, so we can bring him on missions during the day.

Plus I am really itching to improve our finesse with our next EXP instead of tuning something new
No. 61171 ID: 1987d1

2x forms is an interesting idea, but if the twin-ring is a weapon type as it seems to be (one of the odd, utility/tool ones), he can't use it.

Also, we generally get 2 XP per mission (plus more if we get foci). Next level we should be able to tune and boost finesse, or BP. Both of which we need to start stacking.
No. 61172 ID: 4a328b

We can always just toss it at him and say "Hey, see if you can tune this" and if not we'll tune it ourselves
No. 61173 ID: 1987d1

It seems a wasted effort. The doc or Elizabeth would have said something if it were useless to us. And testing it might not be a good idea- he's on the ropes right now, emotionally and physically. He might take it as another insult if it fails, especially if he's upset over Cally.

Besides, he doesn't have an XP to spend right now (Yes, that's right, party member XP is now tracked in the wiki! Cass and Elizabeth have some unspent points from today's mission. I'm guessing Elizabeth is saving for spirit. Not sure about Cass. She could get a spirit upgrade, but maybe she's hoping she'll find something worth tuning?).
No. 61175 ID: 886a4d

.... what if we helped Raphael to mod his golem form into a mech form.
No. 61177 ID: 1987d1

I have to say, I'm kind of pleased at how that went. Sure, we failed the initial diplomacy roll, but he was so flabbergasted by Linda handing over her core focus that he barely objected to being strongarmed out of his. I imagine it would have gone a lot worse if we'd just taken it.

...of course, we've just set the stage for Raphael getting horribly murdered, it being our fault, and losing our best gun all at once if the gods are feeling particularly cruel.

Well, obviously, then we would have to make sweet love to him forever.

Although maybe that's an option for rebuilding a crap form into, if we ever find one. Then he gets nightmare (utility, mobility), golem (cheap melee bruiser) and mech (expensive bruiser with range and explosions).
No. 61178 ID: cb8d76

Hmm, random thoughts. Possible results of combining the ring of self cloning with a gun: 1) gun of bullet cloning = infinite ammo or multiple (probably parallel) bullets fired per trigger pull. 2) bullets fired at a targeted enemy become clones of Linda focused on eliminating said enemy. 3) (least likely) shooting someone spontaneously creates a clone of that target that will either attempt to eliminate them or is controllable by Linda...

Anyway, pardon my musings
No. 61187 ID: 1987d1

I have to say, I think Daniels is growing on me. Yeah, he's a weaselly snake, and he comes across as something as a prick, but he's our prick, damn it. He's been increasingly reliable as of late. He Gets Shit Done, and that's a good guy to have on your side. (That said, he's totally going to try and kill us if we ever cross Marc, though).

You've limited your possible outcomes where the result is a gun of some kind that does twin things! It could come out as a ring that does gun things, or a gun ring that does twin things, or hell, a twin that does gun things. Random fuzing alchemy could have lots of weird results. Cass is pretty lucky she got a usefully modified chainsaw back, and not say, a bic lighter with a tiny, novelty chainsaw shaped flame.

I still think the current function of the twin-ring has huge tactical implications, especially if we keep ending up solo-ing things. (We're never gonna get a nice easy fight where we're shooting at something as Cass cuts it up, are we).

Oh hey, I got a crazy idea.

You think the Doc could duplicate a focus? As in, read the code in one, and then rebuild / overwrite another focus into an exact copy? Not sure what we'd need two of yet (maybe the ring, if it proves useful enough. Then we could have Cass-clones), but it's an idea.
No. 61193 ID: a407a5

Because it may be similar to Earth, but is becoming decidedly less Earth like... and because I got to thinking about it this weekend and couldn't stop, and eventually decided that something resembling Earth was the way to go, but not exactly like Earth... best to think about it as an alternate reality of Earth.

For the most part, the world is Earth. Namely, it has all the same government types, all the same problems, and pretty much all the same non-solutions. What has changed, however, is the general make up of the world at large(in terms of who controls what, and how the world is divided), as well as the general naming scheme(although the latter is more for my convenience than anything else).

The area that makes up North America, for example, is composed mainly of two nations, instead of the three. The first is made up of what is Canada and the US, known to the world as United North America. It's government is highly militaristic and similarly very controlling, although this remains mostly unseen by the general populace, instead being felt mostly by companies and other nations. The government leader is elected, much like the US President, however, unlike the president, the elected leader must be selected from someone of active military service, and there is no Congressional or Judicial branches to limit power. For the most part, in this particular version of reality, the UNA is kept in check by other nations, instead of internal forces. The quest is currently taking place within the UNA, although that could change as things happen.

The other nation to share North America with the UNA is the Latin Republic. The LR government is actually the most united of the various world powers, having little issues within it's governmental structure. While it has quite a few political parties warring within itself, its overall goals as a nation have always remained easily outlined. Avoid any involvement in foreign affairs, and keep to itself. If one must deal with other nations, it does so only on a economic/trade level. During quite a few of the recent conflicts, it was the LR that has provided weapons and armaments to both sides, as it has become the single most powerful and expedient manufacture of pretty much anything a nation could desire.
No. 61194 ID: 1987d1

So... Linda's still American. We just chant UNA instead of USA, and the government is more competent secret evil instead of bumbling incompetent damaging.

Where my mind goes it sounds like police or military response might be harsher and faster than we might expect. We might want to be more careful about attracting unwanted attention the next time we have an outdoors shootout.
No. 61232 ID: 1987d1

Apologizing for the BP confusion, since it was partially my fault. Dreamer, after the robot fight XP allocation you updated everything in the wiki but Linda's spirit and BP (so Linda was at spirit 3 and 14BP, but had the freeze gun and evasion). I got edit happy and thought I'd fix it for you. ...but then you remembered you forgot and gave us three more BP to fix it. Sorry for the confusion, I'll avoid fiddling with character stats in the future, and just tell you instead. :p

Just to double check:

5 initially
+3 (spirit 2)
+3 (spirit 3)
+3 (BP increase, after Maria fight)
+3 (spirit 4)
17 Total.
No. 61233 ID: a407a5

Nah, no worries. I just completely missed it. Me being stupid, really. If you hadn't said anything, you'd have gotten 3 bonus BP, as I would have continued on my jolly way being utterly oblivious.
No. 61235 ID: 1987d1

Apparently I'm just too big a dork to cheat, or I care about accuracy more than an actual gameplay advantage. :B
No. 61236 ID: 886a4d

Nah its fine. I was actually wondering where the 20 came from but I didn't bother totalling everything.
No. 61240 ID: 4a328b

Can a focus have multiple manifestations? How are they unlocked?
No. 61243 ID: 62bab4

Hmm. Random ID shifting again. You confess to one little thing and then your wireless tries to put you in witness protection!

So, I just noticed a thing.
> Don't worry, Jake and his crew have proven their point.
Those guys we beat up knew who was actually in charge of Cally's group. Maybe he doesn't do as good a job of hiding from his enemies as he does his employees?

Possibly? If you look at the spoiler for Trevor's stats, he seems to have more than one form available from his wolf-focus. Might be a form-type only thing though? We've never seen any other evidence of it.
No. 61269 ID: 62bab4

Okay, so evasion is unbelievably fantastic. Just think how good it'll be once we stack a little more finesse on top! Linda's immediate XP priorities are still to tune the ring, and then stack a few points each in fin and BP I believe. Followed longer term by weapon improvements and more spirit.

Now, I know we don't have direct control over anyone else's XP yet (no one's made the transition from 'ally' to 'follower'), but I can't help but start thinking about the builds of our other characters.

I really want Cass to get her spirit 4 ability. Defensive or offensive would be an awesome boon, although character wise offense makes more sense. It's not like she has anything else to spend it on- I don't see any immediate logical upgrades for her weapons, she has nothing to tune, and she has sufficient str and BP at the moment.

Elizabeth should almost certainly be saving for spirit upgrades. As a support character, we want her to pick up as many useful support abilities as possible. Maybe throw a few points in will along the way, if that improves her vision stuff.

I don't have a good idea where Raphael should be investing right now. Maybe after he gets more XP, or we see what he gets done at the Docs.
No. 61275 ID: 4a328b

I still think we'd get more use out of the ring by giving it to a form user, if it's tunable by them.

I'd also rather invest in some more finesse and bp first
No. 61276 ID: 62bab4

If it's a form type, it's not a weapon type. And if that's the case, we'll discover that immediately when try to tune it and nothing happens.

I really don't think that's the case though- Elizabeth would have mentioned it.

Also, as cool as double golems or whatever would be, no allied npc is going to exploit that kind of advantage as well as we'll find ways to do so. Spot cloning cries out to be used in a creative manner, and our collective is where creative brainstorming is at.

Although, maybe we could get the Doc to build a form version of the twin ring if we really wanted one.

I agree we need finesse and BP, but the ability to clone ourself gives us a ton of options to work with. I think that versatility is worth diverting 1 point of XP away from stat upgrades. We're going to have more than 1 XP before the day is over, anyways. Actually, if we're lucky, we already have 2 or 3. (+1 for a foci acquisition. Possible +1s for the successful recruiting mission, or the victory over Leviathan).
No. 61339 ID: fcf7cf

Of course it could be that what ever doc did to it removed its type restrictions. I mean its not like we actually got a decent explanation of what it was or even any idea what the ring did before he modded it. A clone in theory could qualify under any of the 3 known types if you think about it. In fact it seems more like an avatar in execution then a weapon or form type. It could be the doc just got rid of the requirement that the foci and manifestation be the same object. Heck it could be an entirely new type he just made up. I mean the doc comes of as someone less restricted by the rules with what we've seen so far.
No. 61343 ID: 62bab4

Huh. Didn't consider that it might be typeless.

Still, even if we could tune the ring to anyone in our group, I'd still want to put in on Linda. A second set of guns in a fight is hella versatile (I love the idea of being our own sniper backup), and we're dodgy enough a clone has a fighting chance of sticking around a while. A second golem would have more endurance (it's even harder to kill than Linda is to hit) but there's a lot less we can do with that. Similar problem with Cass- yes, it makes her deadlier, but not in a terribly interesting way.
No. 61346 ID: 4a328b

The advantage of having a doubled form user isn't that we'd get TWO stone golems, though--it's that we'd be able to have two DIFFERENT forms active at the same time. So we could have him simultaneously guarding someone as the stone golem AND giving our opponents waking nightmares as the night-mare
No. 61349 ID: 62bab4

Nightmare + golem is slightly more interesting than 2x golem. But still, it's limited pretty much to concentrated melee. Assuming the ring is one BP, that's 9 BP to set it up (nearly half of what he's got!), and Raphael is vulnerable first while shifting into golem, and then again shifting to 'mare. (The transformation is a little slow, and he can't really dodge and move while manifesting, unlike weapon types). That's kind of inconvenient and expensive to set up in a combat situation. Especially an unexpected one.

Linda on the other hand, could spend 4BP to double every gun she has (assuming pistol holstered, 1BP manifest freeze, 2BP manifest rifle, 1BP double), and then do all kinds of things.

We could have the double take the rifle and act as long range sniper support while we go in with the handguns. We could work together against dodgers like Maria- Linda one shoots, Maria dodges, Linda two pegs her as she dodges before she can change direction again. We could use any two guns in concert (ice to disable or set up, another to kill). We could have the clone keeping something busy while we ran away, or used the ice-shatter to open an exit. Tag team sniping (from two different hiding spots!). Engaging multiple targets at range. Active break while the clone provides supressive fire (Raphael don't have that skill).

Frankly, Linda's selection of weapons make her way more versatile than Raphael's forms.

Besides, Raphael isn't a dedicated front line fighter. He does fill the role when needed, but he's more a utility character. Linda, on the other hand, is our mainstay.
No. 61351 ID: 4a328b

Ok, that's a pretty convincing argument. I'm sold, let's tune the ring.
No. 61353 ID: d3fb91

Wow cass's new weapon:environment skill is kickass and totally fits her
No. 61354 ID: 62bab4

Yeah. Can't wait to see that in action. Rapael's is also fantastic. Awesome for an infiltration mission or something, and it does all kinds of things we would have had to spend BP on before passively. We'll have to take him with us more often.

Makes me seriously consider picking an offensive skill for Linda at spirit 5.


Are warped minds and Raphael's new warped reality personal effects, or can they also blanket companions? Like, could he stop people from noticing our weirdness if we're with him? Because that would be way useful.
No. 61362 ID: 62bab4

Oh, hey, wait. I just a nifty idea.

If it turns out we need to 'program' Twinda with a bunch of standing orders so she's actually functional in combat? Sounds like we might have a use for that person-hacker we met earlier. (Well, once we know we can trust him, and we aren't afraid of someone poking around in a copy of our own head).
No. 61363 ID: 886a4d

I have a feeling if we want for Twinda to be useful we're going to have to sink experiance into her. Right now it seems like all she is good for is a decoy.
No. 61365 ID: 62bab4

I'm afraid you might be right (although we still have testing to do), and three BP is an expensive decoy. Provided her gun skills are intact though, we might still be able to use her as ranged fire support, or for holding down a position. (Stay here- watch. Shoot hostiles when the fighting starts). That's limited, but still useful, as we have very few ranged fighters on the team (just us, really, till Duke joined). And she'll be relatively safe if we have her wall-sniping. Or possibly she can handle guard duty? ("Protect Elizabeth" is a simple command, but it requires some independent action to carry out).

She certainly doesn't look like she can handle fighting side by side with us yet (there goes my Maria counter!), but we'll have to see.

Speaking of XP, the next several points should go into finesse and BP (pulling numbers out of my butt, we want 8 or 9 finesse, and maybe 26BP I think). Then I want to get some ammo options (tranq, explosive) or upgrades for our guns (although I don't think we need the silencer anymore if we can lean on Raphael's new ability to hide from normal authorities), and consider going spirit 5 for a new ability (leaning offensive this time, if we get a choice). Or then maybe finally another point or two in wil (leader's gotta be able to lead).

When we finally finish this Jake mess, we should spend some more time with Cass. Been a while since we tried working on her problems.
No. 61375 ID: b6edd6

From what we have seen so far, to get Twinda to be an effective attacker we will need to get her a weapon to make up for her non-breaker aiming skills, like homing bullets or something.
Something else we need to check about Twinda is whether she remembers commands from previous summonings. If we can accumulate a long list of standing orders for responses to a situation we have a much better chance of getting some combat use out of her.

A random thought: Does the reset-wounds-on-death thing mean that breakers never (permanently) age?
No. 61377 ID: 886a4d

Some possibilities for Twinda upgrades. I think these two are needed to make her useful:

Shared Growth: Twinda matches Linda's stats and abilities. This does not include BP or abilities that require BP.

Hive Mind: Linda can issue commands mentally and watch through her eyes and even control her directly if she needs too.

These things would be fun but relatively unnecessary until we get to spirit 6-7 (and thus can afford a 8 cost summon):

Shared Reality: Twinda can, with permission, use Linda's BP to Break Reality.

Suicide: For a BP cost Twinda explodes.

Uncanny Valley: The mere presence of Twinda causes unease and fear.
No. 61378 ID: 62bab4

>we will need to get her a weapon to make up for her non-breaker aiming skills
>Shared Growth: Twinda matches Linda's stats and abilities. This does not include BP or abilities that require BP.
We haven't confirmed she lacks Linda's supernatural aim or dodging yet! That's still untested. Until proven otherwise, I'd like to hope she has the same stats and passive abilaties.

>Hive Mind
Seems pretty critical, unless we can get her some of her own initiate. Dividing our attention in combat could be problematic though (needs wil, maybe?).

Would be cheaper just to buy a grenade, and keep it in our bag. Twinda could suicide with her duplicate as many times as needed.

>Uncanny Valley: The mere presence of Twinda causes unease and fear.
I suspect that might be what Fear Itself does.

>Does the reset-wounds-on-death thing mean that breakers never (permanently) age?
We'd have to find someone who's been at this longer to see. Although, death by natural causes or old age could just result in a painful loop until you exhaust BP (your heart failed! Revive, minus 1BP. Oh look, it failed again!).
No. 61379 ID: 886a4d

Actually we have confirmed she doesn't match Linda's current growth. The peanut test shows she can't throw as well. I think she might have picked up evasion though.
No. 61380 ID: a407a5

>Old age
Or, you know, you could convince reality you're younger than you are. Just saying.

>Warped Reality
It extends to others ONLY when Raphael is engaged in combat with them. So unless he's fighting you, then no, you won't be affected by it. The next rank of the Warped series of abilities though, will extend it to whoever he wants.

Also, I updated the wiki with info on the ring. Enjoy.
No. 61381 ID: 62bab4

>Or, you know, you could convince reality you're younger than you are. Just saying.
Like Aria, perhaps? We never confirmed if the little girl was her or her avatar.

>Has the skill levels of Linda from before she became breaker.
Dangit. She's nearly useless in combat then, even in a support role (not like Linda ever fired a gun before). Guess for now she's mostly good for novelty. ...or as a way to get two of the same gun (we dupe, and then take it from her). She'll need to be upgraded.

Although if we absorb her memories when we de-manifest her, and she's capable of learning, that's kind of useful. (We just learned some massage therapy without any work, say!). Has research applications.

>Also, I updated the wiki with info on the ring. Enjoy.
I'm going to assume the remaining ??? means there's something we haven't figured out yet. Hmmm.
No. 61383 ID: 886a4d

Yup looks like Shared Growth is something we really do need to make her useful.
No. 61423 ID: 86c3a7

...for the love of gods, the next time we initiate conversation with Raphael, I am manifesting a nail gun and pinning him to the wall before he can run off. His avoiding us is getting frustrating as all get go.

Anyways, I was bored. So I made a list. Here's all the remotely possibly useful equipment upgrades I could think of to consider:

>tank gun
Mundane rounds:
*Armor piercing rounds- so we can shoot through the next mecha as easily as we do walls and people.
*Explosive rounds- because if Polo taught us anything, it's that bullets that blow up are awesome.
*Depleted Uranium rounds- as much stopping power as we can put in a mundane material. (Not really sure these are necessary, or worth the XP).

Exotic Rounds:
*Neutronium rounds- as much stopping power as possible. (Mass problematic though- clip may be too heavy, and shots may explode massively).
*Homing- dodge this, bitch. (Rolls to adjust course mid-flight to counter otherwise successful dodge checks).
*Disruptor rounds- specifically made to fuck up breaking. Reverses or dispels breaking done to the target. Damages, breaks, or dispels targeted manifestations (depending on power). Saps additional BP damage from targeted breakers. (figure we're going to need something like this to kill high end avatars, or to deal with high BP opponents).

Other Stuff:
*Silencer- so we aren't heard when sniping (although, really, what's the fun of a BFG with no boom?).
*Recoilless- if that's still a problem (although staking str seemed a better solution).
*Lightened- so we can swing it around like nothing, decrease movement penalty with it, better tracking, especially at close range. (or we could just use one of the handguns)
*Strengthened- make it harder to break. (Although that probably wouldn't stop a gravy-gun, which is the only thing that's hurt it to date).
*More scope improvements(?)- don't really think we need this, as we're not sniping very often

*Tranquilizer rounds- non-lethal option. For normals. Also, possibly more dangerous than lethal rounds, in a breaker fight, since you can disable faster.
*Silver bullets- to kill Trevor with, for lulz. (Although, seriously, a bullet specifically for countering ethereal opponents might be nice. Not sure if silver is what you want, though).
*Healing bullets- if we're ever desperate... and we need to cure a normal or friend who's down to 0... (could probably do the same thing with an active break? But failing to heal someone has permanent consequences, this might be safer).

>cold magnum
*Colder- fires a colder ice beam, freezes things in less time. (Half the time for a 1XP investment sound fair?).
*Arial Ice- can freeze projectiles mid air.
*Adjustable Nozzle- adjust the beam wideness. Allows a narrows, concentrated beam, or a much wider spread at diminished power (just like a laser, or a real hose nozzle).

Alternate Ammo:
What happens if we swap the liquid nitrogen for another fluid? Possibly it could pull double duty as a flame thrower, sticky flame launcher, goober gun, plasma gun, etc.

*Shared growth / stats- Give Twinda access to Linda's stats and passive abilities.
*Independence- make her more able to think on her own, interpret orders, adapt, etc. Greater autonomy.
*Hive mind- allows mental communication, sensory access, or direct control by Linda. (Presumably, if we're puppet-ing the twin, Linda's vulnerable).
*Shared points- Twinda gains access to Linda's BP, and active abilaties (requires shared growth as a pre-req, obviously).
No. 61428 ID: 886a4d

You aren't thinking big enough.

>Tank Gun
We can actually lump alot of the bullet enhancements into a single enhancement. We really only need 4.

Law Breaker bullets: Ignores wind, gravity and friction in regards to slowing or altering the course of the bullet. This means it will punch through the goddamn center of the earth if need be. Adjusttable slider for distance on the gun. 1m, 10m, 100m, 1km, 10 km, 100 km, etc. For when we DON'T want to shoot through the goddamn earth.

Of course friction will still effect it in other regards so it will eventually be a blob of molten metal. That remains cohesive just because fuck you reality.

Acceleration: These bullets will constantly increase in speed equivelint to the initial burst that launched the bullet. The faster a bullet is, the harder it hits. This will be like shooting a rail gun at things.

Homing: Linda or Twinda fires at a target, the bullets will automatically adjust course. We want this to be as tight as possible so they should make complete u-turns at under a meter.

Hive Mind: Yes I want to be able to mentally control the gun and 'see' through its scope as well. This should be shared with everything else tagged with hivemind.

>Cold Magnum:

Absolute Zero: Don't touch this is COLD.

Cartoon Ice: Shoot something and its immobolizes them but doesn't actually hurt them. The longer you shoot the thicker the ice. You can also aim at mid-air to make a sort of Bobby Drake ice ramp.

Healing ray: Makes more sense to put the healing effect on the gun which shoots a ray type.

Hivemind: Can you see where I'm going with this?

Leave this one alone, its our fallback weapon. Maybe Hivemind.

Hivemind: Yup, complete mental connection between us, our guns and our twin and her guns. Everything from telepathy, to sharing senses to full on control. Furthermore Twinda and the guns can 'borrow' our intelligence and initiative and make their own decisions based on waht we would do at the time.

Shared Growth: Twinda shares Linda's stats... definately needed. In fact this is what our next exp should go towards.

Shared Reality: Twinda gains access to Breaking, including Mortality so if she dies it takes only a single BP to revive her.
No. 61431 ID: 86c3a7

>You aren't thinking big enough.
I suppose the question is how much we can change things without it being drastic enough to necessitating the Doc (and how much we can get away with for 1XP!). Also, at least with the ammo, I wanted some 'normal' options, because they increase the utility of the weapon without actually increasing the BP cost. Exotic ammo is cooler, but it costs extra BP to convince reality it exists when we manifest it. See >>60764

There's also the slight problem that no matter how hard we kill a breaker, we only kill 'em once. Super powerful rounds only have so much utility (except perhaps against mechs and avatars).

>Us-upgrades vs da doc
Critically, we can craft add ons, improvements, and ammunition by ourself, but we can't change basic functionality.

This makes me think, at the very least the accelerator / rail gun bullets would be outside of our reach. Maybe putting hive mind on guns too, but that's a lot vaguer, and more interesting (kind of seems like it would be a spirit ability, actually). Getting the cold ray down to absolute zero in one go probably won't work- I expect we'd have to make it colder incrementally, increasing the freeze efficiency each time.

Cartoon ice sounds hella useful, and I'm confident we could do that for a single XP. Homing too, although we'll have to see how good we can make it in a single go. And a healing ray sounds better than a healing bullet (makes me wonder what the fluid ammo would be though...). I think you law-breakers might be feasible, since you're just making a bullet that's immune to drag. Although, I suspect to do all that you wanted it would take a few XP (at least 2- 1 for the bullet, one for the range slider).

>Leave this one alone, its our fallback weapon.
Even if we give it extra mundane ammo options, the BP cost is the same. Why not add on tranqs or something? Being able to knock out a breaker (and bypass their BP) would be a fantastic edge. We know it's a valid tactic- that's what Lightning did to Cally (except with electroshock, not chemicals, but whatever).
No. 61432 ID: 886a4d

The accelerator bullets is actully a feature of the gun, all it is doing is convincing reality that the initial burst that shoots the bullet never actually stops working on that bullet. I figure pistol users (smart ones) will use this sorta thing to upgrade their weapons into something that hits much, much harder then it should.
No. 61439 ID: 86c3a7

Putting aside what may or may not be possible, or affordable (Dreamer can shatter our dreams, or slap multi-XP price tags on them when he's good and ready), how do we prioritize these upgrades? There's a lot of possibilities, after stacking fin/BP, we're only gonna want a few equipment upgrades before we go for spirit 5. So which ones do we pick up?

Here's the few I think is most important, upgrade wise.

*Shared Growth- seems critical, since the twin-ring is tactically useless until Twinda has our stats (she has strategic applications at present, though). We can pick up other upgrades for her later- but the immediate concern is making it so she can fight at all.
*Some kind of alternate ammo for the rifle- I want options when we run into something we can barely hurt again. (1 to 2 kinds I think, something that packs on the hurt, and homing).
*Increase freeze efficiency- freeze faster/more in less time. Makes the ice gun more tactically useful, stretches ammo further.
*nonlethal/disabling option- tranqs or the cartoon ice would allow us to restrain or disable people in useful ways.

All told, that's 4-5 XP on upgrades, which I think is reasonable, for the moment. So... revised list:

-finesse to 8 or 9
-BP to mid 20s
-weapon upgrades
-spirit 5
-wil to 4 or 5

All told that accounts for our next... 13 to 16 XP. At which point we see if we have any cool new foci to tune, or if we have the resources for Doc to build us something new.

(Also, I just realized why we had a hard time with Raph's door, and why no one seems to have heard the guns shots. Warped Reality was kicking in- first it tried to keep us out, and then it covered us because we were fighting with him)!

Edit: or actually, we might want to do Shared Growth at the same time as the stat boosts, instead of waiting. Again, since Twinda is useless in combat without it.
No. 61440 ID: 886a4d

Most of this I can agree on. There are a few quibbles. I'm still a bit iffy on getting more will. I'm a big fan of specialization for one. For another people who do focus on it will always be better then us. The other thing is perhaps we should save enhancing the coldness of our freeze-ray until after spirit 5.
No. 61442 ID: 86c3a7

>Iffy on more will
Well, as far as the core stats go, fin is our mainstay, so obviously it keeps going up. We've got enough str to kick down doors and absorb recoil, so that's pretty much set for now (although, conceivably, we might need an additional point or two in the future).

The reason I'd like another point or two in will is we've taken on a leadership roll, and we do keep failing diplomacy / persuasion rolls. Other people may always be better at it than us, but we need our words to have weight- both when dealing with / controlling our own faction, and when trying to defuse things with others. (Although, I wonder, do persuasion rolls get a bonus for people who perceive us as their boss? That might help). Specialization is nice, but we need to diversify a little if we want solutions that don't involve bullets to be available.

Also, it seems kind of hard to rely on the other high will players to do stuff for us. Elizabeth is very good at persuading people when she has something important to say (thankfully), but we're never gonna be able to use her to defuse a diplomatic mess, or issue our orders. Our other option in Raphael and he really... doesn't have great people skills. He mostly uses his will score to resist listening to other people, not talking them into things. Plus, he's not the most cooperative at the moment.

>delay cold ray upgrade
I wouldn't object much to that. The main reason I like cutting down the time it takes to freeze stuff is that right now it seems our best weapon if Maria or someone like her finds us. An iced floor will fuck up dodging, and you can sweep a beam weapon from side to side to hit someone, unlike a bullet. Very useful.
No. 61451 ID: a407a5

>Absolute Zero
This doesn't work. At least, not using XP it won't. Absolute Zero would freeze the gun's mechanics before you even pulled the trigger. You could get it very, very cold though.

Won't work the way I think you want it to work. At least, if you want it to suddenly change directions. It will guide itself however, like a missile.

No. Linda does not need to start developing mental issues. A mental connection to Twinda would be feasible, but not to your weapons. There's no mind to connect to.

redeath's argument that it's a gun specific thing is incorrect. It would need to be on the bullet, as a frictionless round, or very close to it. The initial burst from the gun has nothing to do with it, other than getting the bullet going.

>Shared Growth
Also no, at least not to the scale I think you want. The Twin was created to stand in for a person, not assume combat conditions. You could make it combat worthy, but it would take more than a single XP. I'll allow "updating" her, in the sense that one of her stats increases to the current amount Linda has, but other than that, no. I also won't allow the twin to utilize breaking or BP in any way. The twin doesn't have the ability to do that, you do.

>Law Breaker
The words "HELL NO" come to mind. You're essentially telling multiple laws of reality to fuck off, and you're not that strong yet. Wait a few more upgrades in Spirit before you even bring it up again.

>Healing Ray
Would require Doc to mess with the weapon again. He could make it shoot multiple rays, but he needs to change the fundamentals of the weapon again, which would remove any upgrades you'd added. He essentially made a new gun again. You never specified before you wanted it to fire different kinds of rays, just freezing ones.

All the other upgrade suggestions I've seen that aren't mentioned above(however few that is) are fine as suggested. I'd also like to mention, for... that one guy who doesn't have a tag that wants different kinds of "normal" bullets, the gun's magazine wells are still the same. If you can... acquire... some rounds of various types, you can reload the weapon like a normal gun. Just thought I'd throw that out there for everyone to consider.
No. 61458 ID: 886a4d

Lets give our guns minds of their own!

Hmm frictionless bullets aren't exactly the same as bullets acting under accelleration. One means the don't slow down, the other means they constantly speed up. Hence the bullet acting like its constantly being thrust forwrd as if being fired outta the gun.

Pity about not being able to get Twinda to share our growth, however one stat will let us use her as an overwatch sniper. Finesse.

Anyway, sounds like frictionless and homing is what we want for our rifle, cartoon ice and 'very, very cold' upgrade for our cold magnum and Hivemind and shared finesse for Twinda.

What i really want to do is give Linda a pair of sunglasses that act like her xray scope does, without the magnification. Lets try to create some soon.
No. 61461 ID: 4a328b

Oh oh, so we can use BP to manifest abnormal rounds/magazines ahead of time, without spending XP to make it a permanent feature of a particular gun?
No. 61465 ID: 886a4d

I think we need to get sample rounds first but yes it sounds like it.
No. 61471 ID: a407a5

Um... no? Where did that come from? I think either I said something and it was misinterpreted, or someone just broke reality and I didn't notice. Either way, I'll reexplain.

NORMAL round types can be added onto a gun's list of available rounds for a single XP. They can then be loaded into a gun by reloading the weapon with that round type, using 1 BP.

ABNORMAL rounds are rounds that normally do not exist in reality, neutronium rounds being an example of this, and they are added to a weapon's available list through 1 XP, and loaded into a weapon for 2BP when they are being switched to, and 1 BP for normal reloads after that.

What I meant by mentioning that normal rounds can be used above, I meant you can actually physically load an already existing round into a weapon. In example, if you ever got your hands on a case of normal .50 caliber rounds, you could preload those into magazines and then just reload the rifle normally, instead of spending the 1 BP to do it through breaking. If a weapon doesn't have a bullet type on it's list of available rounds, you can't break the rounds into it, but if you happen to have the physical rounds you'd purchased or acquired from somewhere, you can load those without any problems.

Also, HELL NO! That would essentially mean you need to make your weapons organic(which is possible, with the Doc's help), but Hivemind would still start causing problems for Linda. Mental problems. Which she currently does not have.
No. 61482 ID: 886a4d

>no Linda of Borg. No Linda mindlinked to her Mech.
No. 61484 ID: 86c3a7

I apologize in advance for the wall 'o text.

>twin upgrading
Okay, so we can raise one of Twinda's stats to Linda's current levels. Obviously we pick finesse, since we don't give a damn about her str or will.

I'm assuming though, even if we dump our finesse on her, she doesn't get our supernatural gun affinity. So we'd have to burn another XP to make her raw ability applicable via skill. Otherwise, it's like handing a fencer a gun.

Also, if we up Linda's finesse in the future, does Twinda's go up to match as well? Or do we have to burn more XP to update her stats again? (Hopefully subsequent finesse matches don't increase the manifestation cost).

I'm also still not clear if she has currently has access to our passive skills. Is Evasion breaking or not? We may need to spend another XP getting access to that.

Throw in the mental connection to actually make her battle worthy. (+1XP).

...so we gotta burn minimum 3XP, and up her cost to 6 to make her useable in close combat. 4 or 5 if we just want a remote sniper. Unfortunately, I think either option has to wait till we've got a bigger pool.

>All the other upgrade suggestions I've seen that aren't mentioned above(however few that is) are fine as suggested
Really? Did you skim past my suggestion for Disruptor rounds? I expected those to be throw out out of hand. BP damage!

>If you can... acquire... some rounds of various types, you can reload the weapon like a normal gun
Can we refill those clips? So using BP to reload just refills whatever clip is attached to the gun?

>that one guy who doesn't have a tag
and whose posts are too long.
No. 61485 ID: a407a5

No post is too long, my friend. Gives me something to read when I'm bored every night.

Disruptor rounds... disruptor rounds... nope, got nothing. Plot alert, by the way.

Now, for Twinda questions. She does not have Evasion, she just stepped out of the way of a peanut. No, the ability in and of itself is not considered Breaking Reality. It's based purely off of your Finesse. It's just that your version tends to have reality do a little... tweaking... to help you survive attacks. Twinda's wouldn't. Giving Twinda the same Finesse as you would be a one time deal(in the sense that she gains your current Finesse, and doesn't grow with you), but doing the same thing again would not increase her BP cost for manifesting.

>Can we refill those clips? So using BP to reload just refills whatever clip is attached to the gun?
If you mean refill with whatever type of round they had in them, then no. They would reload with what the WEAPON is set to(Ball rounds, at this point). You could reload them later though, so if you start amassing normal bullets for use in reloading, I'd suggest investing in a Load Carrier. It helps when you need to drag around loaded magazines.
No. 61486 ID: 86c3a7

>*Disruptor rounds- specifically made to fuck up breaking. Reverses or dispels breaking done to the target. Damages, breaks, or dispels targeted manifestations (depending on power). Saps additional BP damage from targeted breakers. (figure we're going to need something like this to kill high end avatars, or to deal with high BP opponents).

>nope, got nothing. Plot alert, by the way.

Oh, goodie. Guess what the anti-breaker scientist is gonna have prepared?

While this will be useful if we make this for ourself, battles are gonna get boring once word gets around and every breaker has a disruptor weapon of some kind in order to compete.

>More twin nonsense
So final revision, available updates are:

*update to match current finesse (1XP each time, only increase manifestation cost the first time).
*gun affinity (1XP)
*mental link (1XP)
No. 61489 ID: 4a328b

I think we can probably get utility out of Twinda without a single upgrade, but they would be nice for future consideration. We don't really need a mind link, we just get her her own comm-link and she can keep in touch with us. We can instruct her to contact us when she has a problem she doesn't know how to deal with--like someone blocking her way up the stairs :P

Linking her finesse to ours is a good idea, but we can just send her to a shooting range and get her to get actual experience with shooting. If memories don't carry over between manifestations we can spend an experience point to make it so.

So, the only upgrade I'd make to her at the moment is
*1 point to link finesse
No. 61490 ID: 4a328b

After we boost finesse to 8 or 9, that is.
No. 61491 ID: 4a328b

>>People don't listen to us
>This is why I want to pick up more will at some point. We've got a team of headstrong superhumans who don't think they need to follow directions.

Actually, I was thinking about that. You know how Cass can use STR now to determine if she hits? At the next Spirit upgrade, maybe we can get something to make FINESSE count towards conversation/command, like a support skill or something.
No. 61492 ID: 86c3a7

That would be very convenient, yes. Alone, though, I'm not sure it's powerful enough to spend a spirit slot on. That's a hefty opportunity cost. Spirit skills can do all kinds of crazy, aggressive, unique things, the cost goes up with each one, we only get so many of them, and stronger ones become available each level. Buying a few points of will is comparatively cheap.

To be worth it, the hypothetical skill would have to do more (the same way Weapon:Environment does). I'm not sure what to would both be useful and flavorful to pair with using finesse for will checks through.
No. 61498 ID: 886a4d

Finesse can also apply to mental Finesse, instead of using force of personality we could talk circles around them.
No. 61500 ID: 86c3a7

Yes, the logic is sound. But what else are we getting?

Cass gets to use anything as a weapon, and use str for (most) to-hit fin checks.

If Linda gets a diplomatic finesse skill, it should have effects beyond just the stat substitution. Especially since we'd be giving up the level 5 slot, which should have even better stuff available than level 4 (really, I don't want to give up some crazy attack skill or impossible defense just to save spending a few XP in will. XP is a renewable resource- spirit skill slots are not). So let's get creative. What kind of diplomatic skill would be cool to have?
No. 61502 ID: 886a4d

Thats kinda a moot point isn't it? We don't choose the ability beyond what type it is.
No. 61503 ID: 86c3a7

Possibly. Although despite a lack of direct control on our part, things we brainstorm here have a way of making their way into the main game if they're interesting enough. A interpersonal-finesse skill of some kind would fit nicely with Linda's character growth, if we could flesh it out enough.
No. 61507 ID: 86c3a7

...man, all we wanted to do tonight was chill with our friend, maybe hook up with our girl. And now we're fighting demons, secret agencies, and crazy mindwashed sword-bitches in a burning building instead. :/

Plus, we just crossed the threshold where we could actually keep track of people we've killed.
No. 61508 ID: a407a5

I admit now, that was a little railroaded... don't like it, go cry in a corner with Reality.

Moving on, however, the Third chapter should be up fairly soon, but before I put it up, the one thing I always ask!



No. 61509 ID: 886a4d

... All 3 points into finesse. We have no idea how long we'll be without focii so thats the best bet. Wall running here we come!

Personally I've never been a fan of no-win situations.
No. 61510 ID: 9718f3

I find it odd and a little annoying that Linda fished around in the bag, pulled one focus out, and threw it to Raphael instead of doing what the enemy did and just tossing the whole thing. Would have been at least as quick, with potential for being faster, and preserved all of our foci. Now we're down a minimum of 3 exp.

And without a focus, can we even spend our exp we just got?

Lastly, the data. It's still on our person. That means we failed the mission. That means no mech. This whole thing basically turned out as shitty as possible for us.
No. 61511 ID: 86c3a7

>that was a little railroaded
Really? Such a shocking confession!

>All 3 XP into finesse
Let's hoard em for now, in case we have to retune the 3 foci that got stolen from us.

Honestly, my biggest complaint isn't just that we had an annoying no win situation (Cass disabled out of the blue, Raphael useless, yet another opponent who gets to completely ignore bullets). It's that it couldn't wait till morning and we missed the chance to hang out with Cass or hook up with Cally again. :p
No. 61512 ID: a407a5

Normally, I don't like doing unwinnable situations either, but I needed a way to push the story along a little more, and I couldn't think of a good way to introduce the "Demon" as a serious threat without having your ass get handed to you harder than anyone else ever did. Even Maria didn't really down you at all, she just fired a lot of guns and cursed a lot in her fanatical zeal.

But you'll be out of confinement, hopefully with everything you went into it with, pretty soon here. After all, you've got a precog, they don't. And some very easily pissed friends.

As a gift to cool any anger though, have free XP. Just because I want to have fun with more inventive uses of power as well.


No. 61513 ID: c8be92

Ho jeeze, that is great. We now can either upgrade Spirit (with the +3 BP that comes with that), or we can almost double our finesse.

Short term might favor boosting stats, since we can't use Spirit without the focus, but we did manage to give one to Raph, so if we do get broken out we would have access to a new superpower.

I vote Spirit.
No. 61514 ID: 886a4d

.... I want to say spirit 5 and 1 finesse. But that won't help us greatly verse melee fighters which is our biggest weakness. What a surprise there eh?

So my vote is 3 finesse, 1 to homing for our rifle, take that miss dodgy, and 1 to cartoon ice. Just so we finally have a non-lethal option.
No. 61515 ID: 86c3a7

>Whining nets free XP

No seriously, I'm not angry we got railroaded. I'm just slightly annoyed we didn't get to do what we wanted to do, when we wanted to do it. :p

...and on the tails of discovering Twinda being about worst case in terms of usefulness.

I'd only be angry if we permanently lose foci or get friends killed or something. (It's one thing if those happen because we make stupid decisions. If we had no say... that would really suck).

But yeah. With Elizabeth, a foci tuned to us, and Twinda left manifested in our room, I'm sure the party will find a way to find us. It'll be good for 'em. Teach them to work together, and stop trying to do their own secret shit.
No. 61516 ID: 9718f3

I'm just sad we didn't throw the whole bag, since it could have meant throwing the USB drive as well, since that would be an obvious place to have stored it. That way we would have got the mech. Which would have meant that our allies could have rescued us using the mech. Which would have been sweet as fuck. Oh well.
No. 61518 ID: 86c3a7

I say we hold off on spending XP till we see the situation when the next thread starts. Worse case, we're going to need 3 points to retune what got stolen from us.

It's also likely we can't upgrade anything without a focus. Interesting question: how normal are we right now? Obviously, we can't break, but have our stats reverted to normal, too? We'll have to see.
No. 61519 ID: 886a4d


Look here >>61512 we won't be punished for being railroaded into a loss. I'm fairly certain we can count on those 5 xp not being wasted.
No. 61520 ID: 86c3a7

I'm pretty confident that's true, but we lack sufficient information to make good decisions right now. I'd rather not allocate till we're free.
No. 61521 ID: 86c3a7

It just occurred to me we're technically now a victim of McCarthyism. Apparently, in this universe, breakers are the commies.
No. 61523 ID: f6cff9

Jesus Christ I woke up just now and look at what happened. Man so much stuff went down so fast and we got another person to add to Linda's fast growing shit list.
No. 61525 ID: f6cff9

You know odds are we can't go back to work because of these guys. Even if we did odds are they constantly tracking the place now and they could capture us again if we try to go to a meeting.
No. 61527 ID: 86c3a7

Oh yeah. Evil feds know our name. Our old life is done.

We can't ever contact work again. That job is now over. We have to abandon our old bank accounts. Ditch our personal cell phone. Never contact our family for fear they could be used against us. Discard and replace our old laptop. Get a fake ID, pay for everything in cash.

Additionally, they know about the hotel back east. We need to warn them, and make sure they change locations, without being followed (We have to make sure they grab our anime DVDs! ...oh no, that means we have to tell someone they're there! Shit, who can we trust...). They know Cally too. We said she wasn't involved, but it's probably safest she bail on her old life too.

...it occurs to me the demon might be the kind of 'odd' Aria was interested in. Where did we leave her gem anyways? Did we take it to sun city, or is it still hidden with the anime back east?
No. 61528 ID: 4a328b

Contacting Aria sounds like a good plan, yes.

I think she's far from USELESS, but she's not a combat twin [yet]
No. 61530 ID: 86c3a7

Not useless no, it was just disappointing to discover that on the sliding scale of useful things we might expect her to do, she came out pretty near to the bottom (at least she could talk, and retained our personality/memories/mannerisms).

...we'll have to invest in the finesse match soon. And hive mind, if we want to use her for an awesome threesome.

Oh, hey, just noticed something in the wiki.
>while she's distrustful of Cass and Raphael, she understands that Linda considers them friends, and treats them mostly with indifference.
A noun-article agreement error jumped out at me (Cass ≠ them), and I discovered Elizabeth no longer distrusts Raphael. They're a-plotting, for sure. The revision happened at the same time Raphael lost his golem, so this has been true since they went to Docs together.
No. 61532 ID: a407a5

>Grammar Errors
Cut me some slack. There are a lot of words on that page.

Aria's gem is with you(back at base) by the way. You didn't see the point of it being back in Central if you ever needed it.

And no, Elizabeth does not distrust Raphael anymore. See's him as something of an older-brother figure.
No. 61533 ID: 86c3a7

Oh, don't apologize for grammar errors. It's easy to make them, especially when editing. (My last suggestion has several 'you's that should be 'your's, in fact. Never can get everything right...). I only mentioned it because I probably wouldn't have noticed the edit otherwise.
No. 61537 ID: 4a328b

So, re-reading this section, it all feels vaguely off.

We're out for several days, the enemy has our bag o' foci, and they don't open it up and take their data card with all the top secret Breaker research on it back?

Liz hates combat, and suddenly she's happily puppeteering people around? How did she get the foci from our bag when Raph and Cass brought it to us, anyway?

A strange van instead of the car we bought for our group's use?

Raphael, who causes horrible nightmares in sleepers, and everyone in the car is napping, including him?


This may be lack of sleep paranoia talking--or it may be justified mind-control paranoia. What do y'all think?
No. 61538 ID: f6cff9

It makes perfect sense to me but I'm constantly paranoid so you might want a second opinion. It might be a good idea to post what you said here in the thread though.
No. 61545 ID: 86c3a7

I addressed some of the concerns here.
Although perhaps the problem here is it can be hard to distinguish between a convenient narrative device (quickly getting the player out of a boring prison where we can't do anything, putting everyone else to sleep so we can talk to Cass, etc) and a too convenient fakeout.

Of course, the other paranoid explanation (besides drug or dreamtime induced holodeck interrogation) is that escape was easy because the demon wanted Linda to escape.

We're pretty confident he wants something from Linda in particular- that she's special somehow (both Elizabeth's behavior and his own support this). But to date, we don't know why she sees us as the Angel. It could just be a metaphor for our tendency to try and help and save other people, but I kind of suspect it indicates some power or potential we've yet to tap into. Maybe this is the demon throwing us back, until we've grown into what he needs.

In that case, this was his first attempt at gauging us, and perhaps seeing if he could do this the easy way (just get Linda to cooperate). He got all those people killed fighting us just to talk and check up on us. The data wasn't removed because it didn't actually matter to his long term goals.
No. 61552 ID: 4a328b

>We're pretty confident he wants something from Linda in particular- that she's special somehow (both Elizabeth's behavior and his own support this).

I disagree with that interpretation! I think it presumes far too much about some hidden importance beyond the already established "You can Break Reality", and if you think there is evidence for this hidden importance I would appreciate it if you could point it out, 'cause I'm not picking up on anything like that.

He may think we are leading some group of Breakers and that's why we were singled out; or it may be that he had that data on us before we were captured, but not on the others, and thought he could use that to get answers; Maybe he took offense to us shooting him in the face!

As for Elizabeth, I assumed she kept freaking out about Linda being hurt by the Demon because she kept seeing this capture happening in the future, and was upset because we are important to /her/--the worst may be yet to come, even, so I'm staying paranoid.

As for why we're called the angel, here's what she said about that the first time:
>"An angel... so very kind to those it holds dear, but so very cruel to anyone who threatens them..."
If there's some deeper thing to it than her impression of us, I've yet to pick up on any evidence for it.
No. 61555 ID: 86c3a7

Even if it's not for hypothetical angel powers, he did single out Linda. Just because she had been observed in the past and was a known breaker, possibly even a leader among them (though it didn't seem as if they had evidence of that), is insufficient reason to single her out specifically and make sure she's taken alive. Hell, he recognized her from nothing more than the bullet we shot through his head. If the feds knew who we were the day we broke, they must have records on dozens, hundreds of breakers. But he was familiar enough with one in particular, from the wrong coast from where he was stationed, to recognize her by the 12.7x99mm in his face. There's something else at play here. He knows us, and he wants something.

And we suspect there's more than just breaking out there. His dialog heavily implies he's not one of us. His regeneration is completely different from how breakers respawn. Although I suppose he could be lying (an extension of the fixer mentality), and the regeneration could be just an unusual spirit ability (Possibly a higher tier version of Maria's? Death don't slow you down).

Consider also Elizabeth's warnings. Linda's been hurt a lot worse in previous fights (we didn't die once, and got knocked out pretty neatly), and our captivity was downright humane. But Elizabeth goes into hysterics just thinking about the hurt he's going to bring. Obviously there's worse to come.

I don't think Linda having some capacity beyond standard breaking is terribly improbable, either. We've seen variations that go beyond the simple "wield a weapon, take a warform, or control a battle doll". Cass goes berserk. Raphael has dream (and even short term memory!) manipulation. Elizabeth gets all kinds of oracular shit. It's not impossible there's something about ourself we've yet to discover. Maybe there's a reason Linda seems to be becoming a natural leader- why people are drawn to her. It's certainly been noted she wasn't as good with people before (although, that could just be going from a fin-str build to a fin-wil instead. Or it's just our influence- as a group we like to push npc interactions).

So yeah, I can't make a definitive case for it, but these are the things that make me suspect there's something more.
No. 61560 ID: 2b7692

If "The Demon" is a breaker faking something else, I think a foci with crazy regen makes a lot more sense then a spirit ability.

Also, I've yet to see anything that would make me think Linda has special powers. Liz is an Oracle basically though, so I think anything special is probably not ability related(unless max spirit always comes with a unique ability for the breaker or something), and more to do with us being an important unpredictable force within the fate of the world. Which as a protagonist played by a collective we are.
No. 61568 ID: a407a5

I swear to god, if this turns into an alternate version of Gurren Lagaan... I will not be disappointed. It will have been totally worth it.
No. 61569 ID: 886a4d

Get Spirit 10. Start chucking galaxies around.
No. 61574 ID: 86c3a7

Hey, we're reality breakers. The rule of cool is or guiding principal. If it's awesome, why not try it?

Speaking of which... I just went and noticed our allies' new spirit abilaties (Raphael and Nicole). Weight Null should let us ride nightmare-Raphael into battle while inside our gooddamn mech. Eat that, dream-asshole Jake.
No. 61583 ID: b6edd6

So, a weapon idea for working against about those tricky dodging people:

Glue-bomb gun: Launches grenade-like projectiles that explode into enough supernaturally-strong glue to coat every unobstructed surface in a medium-sized room.

Additional features to consider: (possibly not worth getting if they cost extra)
- Remote-detonation (so we have a better chance to get glue on enemies as well as the surfaces they might walk on)
- Colorless translucence (making the glue harder to see is not that useful, but if we can get it for free we might as well)

Theoretical advantages:
- Coats everything (leaving super-dodgers with nowhere left to dodge to)
- Long-term area denial (a glue-coated room will stay coated with glue, unlike a room filled with an explosion)
- Safe to use (won't bring down buildings on us, kill people in the area we don't want killed, or otherwise cause unintended havoc)
- Reversible (glue stops being adhesive when it gets cold enough, and we conveniently have a cold weapon already in case we need to move through an area we have previously glue-coated)

Theoretical disadvantages:
- Coats everything (we would need some kind of cover to use it in short to mid range without gluing ourself)
- Fliers/Leapers (An speedster could likely leap over a glue patch if it they have a straight path between their location and their destination. Leaping would make them more vulnerable to being shot though, as it is hard to change your trajectory mid-leap.)
- Finite strength (super-strong glue still probably won't be enough to hold super-strong opponents, but most super-fast enemies are not extremely super-strong)
- No actual offense (This would be particularly a problem against larger enemies, but we seem to have those covered fairly well with our other weapons)
- Probably low clip size (because each projectile is so fancy)
No. 61585 ID: 86c3a7

Hey. I just had a crazy idea. Remember this guy we brainstormed a while back?


His worst fear would pretty much defacto be Linda. Throw in Raphael's new power and... hilarity ensues.
No. 61586 ID: 886a4d

Cartoon Ice is basically all that. Except its cold instead of sticky. Plus it doesn't require a new weapon.
No. 61591 ID: 86c3a7

So... I'm thinking next time we get XP, we want to get our finesse to 9, and then do hive mind and finesse match on twinda to make her useable.

Then we stop worrying about finesse for a while. No matter how high we raise it, the game can always just throw someone at us who has more. The secret to victory isn't an arms race for the highest stats, it's to get the most creative, awesome options, weapons, and abilaties we can abuse to circumvent raw power.

After that, we focus on stacking BP (we're gonna need it with Twinda at 5, and the mech at gods knows what), applying upgrades to other equipment (definitely cartoon ice. Either as a toggle switch, or an alternate ammo), and getting spirit to 5. Upgrade the mech to allow scaled up weapon manifestations too.
No. 61592 ID: 886a4d

sounds good.

We should only spend 5-6 xp on weapon upgrades and 2 on BP before we head to spirit 5. Then immediately head to spirit 6.

For upping our focii I'm thinking
Cold Magnum: Cartoon Ice
Rifle: Acceleration and Homing
Twinda: Hive Mind and Finesse
a maybe
Moddability: Plug in an focus (probably only tuned would work but if we can swing it untuned would be boss) and the focus scales up and integrates into the mechs systems.
No. 61593 ID: b6edd6

Hmm, magic ice could work almost as well in general but our current ice gun has not been working out so well at area denial. That may have just been us using it inefficiently though. I suppose before going for a new weapon we should try again, perhaps asking some allied speedster to practice with us.
No. 61603 ID: 86c3a7

>our current ice gun has not been working out so well at area denial.
I think that's a problem of the beam width. The ice gun has a tight focus to suck as such heat as possible out of a concentrated area to freeze / shatter it.

For area denial, and non-lethally covering people in cartoon ice, or building barriers, ramps, whatever, you'd think you'd want a wider beam, so you could sketch out what you're doing faster (it's easier to color something in with a fat paintbrush rather than a pencil tip). Cartoon ice wouldn't be draining heat from the target anyways- you'd just be conjuring magic-ice over things. No need for a tight focus.

Dunno if we can pick that up at the same time (so the two different firing modes have different focal lengths), or if we need to spend another XP making the beam adjustable on the fly (make the nozzle work like one of those things you put on a garden hose- twist from tight to wide drizzle).
No. 61628 ID: 86c3a7

So the lesson we've learned is that we suck at talking to anyone who isn't Cass. (Although I suppose it's not so bad that the one person we're good with the craziest, least stable member of the party. Her blowing up would suck).

Seriously though, there's a part of me crying for the Cally-Twinda threesome that will now never be. Well, except in the unlikely case that we win her back from Jake, stabilize things with Raphael, and then he decides he's cool with that.

...although then Nicole still loses. She really came through for us, she really didn't deserve that.

Godsdammed love triangles!
No. 61636 ID: 4a328b

On the flip side, though, why should we break up with Cally just because someone confessed to us?

We knew it was coming, certainly, and we probably would have been willing to go on a date with him if he'd actually asked rather than /saying/ he should ask [though we do owe him a date eventually for that one time].

But right now not only are we involved with another person, we know that someone is on our team specifically wanting to get close to Raphael. Should we drop a current relationship and cock-block a team-mate just because of a confession in a frustrated outburst?

First, if we're gonna end it with Cally, it should be for valid reasons regarding the relationship between us, not because someone else is interested in us. Secondly, we should let her know it's over before we make a move on someone else or allow ourselves to be receptive to other people's advances. Ideally we could tell her about the secret agency that doesn't yet know she's involved and say we were considering breaking up with her over that--but even then let her have some input in this.
No. 61637 ID: 886a4d

No. 61646 ID: 86c3a7

I was more thinking it was already over between us, and the increased awkwardness and knowledge of Raphael's feelings would prevent us from hooking up with her again.

But you're absolutely right about all of that.

This is also the point where I have to wonder if Linda's ever actually had someone come out and drop the L-bomb on her like this before (and y'know, meant it). I kind of get the feeling she hasn't- doesn't really know how to handle this. Probably why she was ignoring / denying the obvious hints Raphael was dropping earlier.
No. 61647 ID: a407a5

Is she someone who never had THE word said to her?

It's up to you guys.
No. 61648 ID: 886a4d

I figure she has, I mean if her parents were tolerable, she didn't even stay to get help through college. I bet she had a romance going on then and the other person fell hard... and she didn't. To Linda it was all about fun. So when the other started getting serious (wedding proposal? moving in together?) Linda panicked and ran.
No. 61649 ID: 86c3a7

I kind of saw her moving away as more of an independence thing than a running away thing.

It does feel kind of right though that she never got really serious about anyone.

>It's up to you guys!
We've kind of hit the murky point where tacking things on to her backstory have to be equal parts character interpretation (what makes sense for who we now know she is?) and making shit up.
No. 61655 ID: 9718f3

I think she obviously has had THE word said to her before. She dated when she was in school. Kids say stuff like that to eachother all the time, usually without understanding the implications. But it's still a thing she's heard. That isn't to say that hearing it now will have no efect on her at all.

Also, I never liked Cally, really. She's way too possessive and clingy.
No. 61657 ID: 86c3a7

>Also, I never liked Cally, really. She's way too possessive and clingy.
...and I never liked Raphael's moping over us and bullshit "maybe I should ask you out, huh?" lines. Possessive and clingy is downright fun in comparison.

But it's not like we have a choice to make about it right now, anyways.
No. 61669 ID: 4a328b

I imagine she's heard it a lot, but that still doesn't mean she knows how to deal with it when it comes up.

I quite like the idea that she's never been what you might call 'serious' about anyone [she never went to college, though--that's in the quest]--don't know if she's opposed to it or just the fact that she is, honestly, pretty young means she hasn't had much experience with serious relationships. It's kind of a daunting prospect either way--and she has a bit of baggage that might be a deterrent in a normal relationship--first it was just the "no kids" thing and now it's "I'm a reality breaking gun-toting maniac on the run from the government" thing
No. 61676 ID: 9718f3

Oh definitely. He's no great catch either. It isn't as though Linda has to be in a relationship with anyone though.
No. 61677 ID: 86c3a7

Yeah, breaking itself becomes a relationship issue. Dating normals has the old superhero problem- you're going to bring them into a world they aren't safe in. It's reckless, irresponsible, and likely to get them killed. And dating breakers has the problem that they all, by definition, have serious issues. Even the people lucky enough to get off with physical injuries still suffer some mental trauma from it (see- Linda. Probably the most well adjusted breaker we've seen, but she still had that moment on the beach where it shut her down). To say nothing of the combat-centric lifestyle most breaker lead, pursuing a relationship comes with all the problems of fraternization (see- "Squad unity is terrible.").

You know, come to think of it, Linda must have had at least one relationship torpedo-ed by someone who pushed too hard after seeing the scar.
No. 61703 ID: 86c3a7

Okay. So the recent current mission is making our biggest weakness quite glaring (we want to be able to use the tank gun and it's x-ray to it's fullest potential at long range, but we want to be in control of the action too. We want non-lethal options). Assuming we loot 2 foci, we can come out of this with 4XP (I'm assuming, with the loot split 5 ways, we won't get much more than that). So my immediate priorities go:

Finesse to 9
Twinda: hive mind, finesse match (then we can deploy her as a sniper and overwatch in the future).
Cold Magnum: cartoon ice (alternate firing mode and/or ammo).
No. 61704 ID: 886a4d

Personaly I want at least homing for our main rifle. Miss DodgeAlot's are annoying. Accelleration would improve that even more.
No. 61705 ID: 86c3a7

We already had GM confirmation homing bullets and acceleration wouldn't be as good as you want them (although something would still be something). And my plan was to use will attacks for dodging disruption on the next Miss Dodge-a-lot we ran into. Or cartoon ice. Or just drop the friggen mech on them once we have that.

Personally, I'd put rifle upgrades right below what I just said on the priorities list. Because for the rifle to really shine, we want to be using it at range- and if we get Twinda up to snuff, we can, easily. And cartoon ice just seems so much more versatile than rifle rounds. And we just keep running into situations where we wish we had these upgrades available!

Dunno. Would you arrange the priorities differently?
No. 61706 ID: 886a4d

1. Cartoon Ice
2. Hivemind
3. Finesse
4. Homing
5. Acceleration

Though I just had a thought. Teleporting bullets. You can't dodge something that appears a millimeter from your head. All the upgrades we've thought of are mostly passive addons. An active one might work much better!
No. 61707 ID: a407a5

No. 61708 ID: 886a4d

But 23 could teleport!
No. 61709 ID: 86c3a7

She could blink, and not all the way to melee range. It was a 'close to engage' skill, not a 'get a free hit and bypass dodge checks' skill.

So you don't think we should get to finesse 9 before we sync Twinda? Or you don't think we should sync her finesse? I'm not sure which you mean there.
No. 61710 ID: 886a4d

Finesse for ourselves first then synching with Twinda.
No. 61711 ID: 4a328b

I stand by my earlier point that I don't think we really need hive mind yet--a comm's link with her will do just as well
No. 61713 ID: 86c3a7

Well, then our priorities are functionally the same, if we get 4 or more XP (which is the minimum I expect for clearing out a base of breakers). We both wanna do the same things first (Cartoon ice, hive mind, fin+1, finesse match). And I agree rifle upgrades come next if we have more points.
No. 61714 ID: 86c3a7

I disagree, a lot. Right now she's an idiot with no ability to react, or even interpret situations. Makes her kind of a shit lookout- you'd have to order her to keep a running narrative of what she sees. And then order her when and where to fire. That's slow. Seeing through her eyes and controlling her actions is well worth the XP. Functionally being in two places at once is immensely powerful.

Hell, if we're ever knocked out again, maybe we could keep functioning as Twinda! Granted, we'd have no BP or breaking to work with, but we could still possibly save our own ass.
No. 61715 ID: 886a4d

The problem with her is that she does not react well unless actually told to do something. Hivemind would allow us to act at that moment instead of relying on her to do stuff. Though we probably WILL have to practice a bit.
No. 61716 ID: 2b7692

You guys realize we might need xp to tune and maybe modify the mech, right?
No. 61717 ID: 886a4d

That comes later, right now we don't really have any situations where the mech will be useful! Its kinda large for urban conflict. Maybe if we face more Leviathan tier avatars.
No. 61718 ID: 2b7692

Oh, and the mech might need a bunch of bp to manifest, so we might need an upgrade there.
No. 61719 ID: 4a328b

Or we can tell her to contact us whenever she needs input.
No. 61720 ID: 86c3a7

I assume we'll get one XP when the Doc gives us the Mech-focus. Beacuse, yanno, it's a focus.

Yeah. After we get the rifle upgrades, I'm thinking we go for more spirit, and more raw BP. We're going to need it with our newly more expensive guns and ammo, Twinda at 5BP, and the mech at probably 10(or more) BP.

...she doesn't have the initiate to decide that accurately! Or to convey the right information fast enough for us to advise. It would be like running a sniper through dial-up. It's just not practical.
No. 61722 ID: 4a328b

We might have to spend more than one xp to be able to control them at the same time--or at least be able to actually be useful to the point where we can be busting down doors AND keeping watch over the situation and ready to give a warning if she sees something
No. 61724 ID: 86c3a7

I'm assuming it'll be a matter of split concentration, sort of a sliding scale. A hive mind means we have one mind- two bodies; it's all in how we chose to divide our attention.

For example, on the one end, we put almost no effort into Twinda and she reverts to dummy-mode until she notices something interesting and we focus on her. In the middle, we're operating her, but Linda's actions suffer a concentration / distraction penalty on her rolls. At the far end, Linda's fully operating Twinda, to the point where the Linda-body is just sitting there doing nothing. (And I'm assuming this split is dynamic- our concentration flows back and forth at will. We pay attention to what we want to pay attention to).

You might be right that further upgrades could improve this- so we split our attention with less of a penalty on either side.

But if Twinda's prone and in sniper mode, I think we can spare the concentration to pay attention through her. It's kind of the same idea as playing a game while watching a mini-map; two perspectives on the same situation. Side by side fighting might be manageable, although probably with a bigger penalty. But trying to run both bodies independently in dynamic situations (say, two different places in a big melee fight) would be where I think we'd really run into problems.
No. 61781 ID: 886a4d

Since we apparently will be getting enough XP to get Cartoon Ice lets see what we can eke out of it as far as functionality

- It forms a shell of ice over whatever it hits. The longer the beam is aimed at a target the thicker and tougher the ice.
-Fully covering a target will put it in a sort of suspended animation if living.
- It is non-lethal, the worst you suffer is being cold
-if you wish you can set the gun to form ice midair. This forms ice and should it connect to something solid it does not fall and can support far more weight then it should.

Any other common traits cartoon\comic ice have that I've forgotten?
No. 61782 ID: 86c3a7

Yeah, at least 2 mission complete XP (only crap missions have given 1XP) and 2XP from the foci in this room. Possibly more from the boss on the 3rd level.

-ice growth is non-uniform: you can shape the formations by moving the beam around (so things like ramps, arches, stairs, bridges, etc. are possible).
-explicitly non lethal. No expansion or compression damage to targets encased in ice, no suffocation either.

Importantly: how are we applying cartoon ice? I see two options:

-alternate fire mode. Mods the gun, ups BP cost to 2. Toggles between normal ice and cartoon ice with a switch (like single fire and automatic on a more conventional gun).
-alternate ammo. Gun cost stays at 1BP, but we have to pay 1BP to swap out ammo (possibly 2? I mean, its exotic, but I'm not sure it's significantly more so than liquid-nitrogen ray gun ammo already is).

The first option is more versatile, for a higher manifestation cost. The second allows for cheaper ice use, but more expensive cartoon ice use, and restricts versatility with reloading costs. Personally, I think the toggle sounds better, if we can get away with it.

Since we're going to be getting hive-mind too, could we clarify that? I've been assuming my assumptions here >>61724 are mostly correct, since they haven't been shot down in flames. But it'd be nice not going in thinking we're getting more than we are, like with the scope.

(Once we get to spirit 5, we are totally trying to make ourselves super-sunglasses that do non-magnified x-ray, night vision, the works. Then we can shoot through walls indoors.~)
No. 61783 ID: 886a4d

Alright here is how I envision Hive-Mind

-It is two way. Both Linda and Twinda can do all these things, hence Hive-Mind instead of Assuming Control. Since Twinda is largely passive this doesn't matter so much.
-Shared Senses: Most of the time this is in the background, just like you get used to certain sounds and scents so too does the others input fade into the background. Should you choose to focus on it though your eseentially looking through four eyes, listening through four ears etc. Can get disorienting until practiced with it.
-Two Bodies: Linda can not only share senses with Twinda but act through her as if it were her own body. This comes with some risk as Linda is not used to having two bodies at the same time. Doing two complex tasks at the same time is probably beyond her currently but given enough practice who knows.
-Two Minds: Communication is instantaneous and doesn't require anything more then thought. They also share memories but the other's memories are again largely in the background. Things learned by one are shared by the other however.
-One Soul: Though Twinda and Linda remain seperate beings they are joined forever. Through Mind, and Spirit. Twinda can never 'go rogue.' Good for if we ever get her a personality \ will upgrade.
No. 61785 ID: 86c3a7

I think the most critical aspect is how the shared bodies aspect functions. That's where I assume the split attention/concentration comes into play.

The way I see it, Twinda right now is an imperfect copy of Linda. We got the mind and body, but not the breaking or the will/soul/consciousness (whatever you want to call it). Although, importantly, she still responds to that will (why only Linda can give her orders). Hive mind is upgrading her from an inferior instance to a terminal, allowing the Linda's will/soul/whatever access to a second identical body and mind.

So yeah, Twinda would never go rogue, because she's missing the crucial independent part of a person that could.
No. 61787 ID: 886a4d

Mmm the problem with that interpretation Twinda will never be more then a terminal. I want to not only act through her but have her act on her own under orders. And if we do upgrade Twinda to be more independant then she currentily is she will still do what Linda would do in her place.
No. 61794 ID: 86c3a7

Well, actually, she can already follow orders. It's just that her own will is outsider her body so orders have to be relayed verbally, instead of internally.

I'm kind of assuming if we give her none of our attention, she would devolve from a Linda-terminal to her current autonomous state. So we could leave her with orders to follow- they'd just have to be simple ones.

And again, there's the idea that we could upgrade the connection, so Linda's able to split her attention better across two bodies. Dump enough XP in, and you could have both bodies running seamlessly even doing completely independent things (probably). Although I don't see us going that far.
No. 61799 ID: 2b7692

... If we manage to net an avatar focus, I want to merge it with the twin ring.
No. 61803 ID: 86c3a7

Just a quick loot count on untuned foci:
(since we've lost track of that before)

Linda: small black ball, knife, 3 nonspecified
Mike: musket, 1 nonspecified
Cass: firehose/axe, club
Nicole & Duke: unknown

...why? So it either completely changes what the twin ring does (we get a weapon somehow similar to the avy we used as fuel, or the ring duplicates the avy instead of Linda) or the result is an avatar type (with twin ring properties) that Linda is unable to use.

All we need is hive mind. Then we get two fully functional Lindas (sans breaking, and probably with a concentration or distraction penalty). And besides, an avy-focus is more useful as currency. Given their rarity, they're probably worth quite a lot to the people able to tune them.

One other thing I'd like to test with hive mind: how tethered Linda is to one body. If we knock the Linda-body out, does Linda maintain control (and consciousness) in Twinda or not? Maybe she does, but there's a flowers for Algernon style deterioration back into dummy-Twinda? Or... what happens if we only get one body drunk? And we have to test a threesome at some point! (You shoulda stuck around longer Cally. You're missing out.~)
No. 61804 ID: 2b7692

> (sans breaking, and probably with a concentration or distraction penalty)
is not two fully functional Lindas. Merging would be risky, but a potentially indepedent manifestation with a seperate powerset could be incredible. Best case scenario might be something like Twinda getting the avatar's powers while still being a Linda copy.(Basically what Cass got from merge) Maybe independence too, depending on if you see that as better then hivemind(I do). The potential gain makes me think the risk is worth it, especially since we haven't invested much in the ring yet, it's currently not that useful, and we know the guy who made it so we could get another even if we had to work for it.

I especially want to do this because I expect the boss would lay claim otherwise, and while he'd probably pay us, not sure I'd want him to have another.
No. 61805 ID: 86c3a7

A best case merge would be Twinda picking up an extra powerset, yes. But merge is random. There are tons of potential worse case results. It's one thing if we have narrative causality rigging the result to something good (see- Cass), but if it's decided by roll? No way does the risk/benefit ratio work out.

Right now, we have a guaranteed means to be in two places at once, duplicating our weapons, and fighting with a nearly as good copy (it just costs 2XP to set up). It's not worth risking losing that entirely for a slightly different or improved copy.

Besides, we could also pick up whatever mental issues the avatar had / represents if we merge it with ourself that way. So far, every avy user we've seen has been messed up in the head some way. We don't want that.

>independence too, depending on if you see that as better then hivemind
Either effectively upgrades Twinda from a zombie to a person. I just prefer a collective to a clone. Clones can have lots of downsides- and the instantaneous communication, shared senses, etc. of a collective is a huge advantage.
No. 61807 ID: 466404

If Linda's mind can handle acting as a hivemind, instead of a single mind, like it's supposed to...
No. 61808 ID: 86c3a7

...oh you bastard. We get up to one battle away from buying it and you drop the specter of it not working, or worse, being damaging to Linda.

Could we just go over what this kind of mental link would entail? Frankly, as redeath envisioned it, >>61783 it seems pretty reasonable to me. Especially if there's some modest penalty for trying to do to many things at once.

I mean, I don't see mental issues really being a problem (unlike linking to organic guns as mentioned earlier- Linda's linking to herself). Unless you want to play this off as the fracturing of a mind instead of just dividing Linda's attention.
No. 61809 ID: 4a328b

Can we please see how getting twinda a commlink works before we jump to hivemind :V
No. 61810 ID: 86c3a7

See already has a comm (a copy of ours). It works exactly like talking to her. Which really isn't good enough for battlefield conditions.
No. 61811 ID: 4a328b

She's learning on her own, though. If she keeps memories between summonings maybe all she needs is time and practice to be competent
No. 61812 ID: 86c3a7

I'm pretty sure she's just learning information though. To get the ability to react, adapt, or function in real world situations, I think we need to spend XP. Give her a will, somehow.

A mental link sounded like a great way to accomplish that. But now that DoT's dropping annoying warnings...

Well, I'm basically off to sulk until I get an explanation. :p I'm not buying potentially useless or damaging upgrades till I know what they do.
No. 61813 ID: 886a4d

Ya, the way I see it is they'll still be both seperate people, but linked in such a way they can share bodies and memories if they want.
No. 61816 ID: 2b7692

We're talking about a whole seperate body to control, why does that seem simple? Try and use two outside toes to write a paragraph, because Linda will have had more practice using those parts of her body then an entirely seperate one she has to keep straight from her own.

Just because a concept is easy to grasp doesn't mean the execution is once you give it some thought.
No. 61819 ID: 86c3a7

I would say it would be more like playing a game of Excellent Bifurcation than toe-typing. Advanced multi-tasking is challenging, but not impossible (and who knows how much superhuman levels of finesse, will power, and spirit would help).

And that's only really the situation if Linda's actively 'driving' both bodies at the same time. It would be considerably easier just to pay attention to what Twinda is doing and issue mental orders to carry out. There's no need to puppet her continually.

But seriously, done with speculative arguments.

>information request
Dreamer, could we get some kind of spoiler here? What kind of mental link is available, what are the limits, and what are the consequences? Because we can kind of say an upgrade is anything, but it really doesn't mean too much until you rule on what it actually is. I think we've done a pretty good job of fleshing out proposed powers and limits- could you shoot them down or okay them, please?

Obviously you don't have to tell us everything... but c'mon. We need something to work with here. More than the infuriating hint you dropped (seriously. Not handle it in the sense of a 'concentration penalty'? A 'complete waste of XP because she'll never be able to juggle being in two places at once'? Or 'permanent mental damage'?).
No. 61820 ID: 9718f3

The hivemind seems like multiple upgrades anyway. To have a "hivemind" you need both Linda and Twinda to have separate minds that then sort of pool together. But even just giving Twinda a mind of her own is pushing the limits of plausibility for what we can do with a single upgrade.

A simple mental communication relay, or using Twinda as a sort of "sensor suit" (basically experiencing her body's senses), or being able to possess her while losing control of our own body but with being able to bring our stats (though likely not our Breaking ability, or respawns, since the platform we'd be running off of wouldn't be our true Breaker body). Those all seem like abilities less absurdly broken. They all treat Twinda as essentially a tool, so should avoid sanity issues.

If you guys want super awesome unfair abilities, try to provide better logic for it than "Oh, but I want it.".
No. 61821 ID: 886a4d

The Hive-Mind is just putting a label on giving Linda and Twinda a deep mental connection which includes the aspects laid out. It doesn't give her a mind of her own or initiative or any shared abilities. We still need to give her our finesse to make her even a little bit useful!

However without that mental connection she remains a dumb robot. Even with Finesse. With it however the possibilities are endless.
No. 61822 ID: 86c3a7

>If you guys want super awesome unfair abilities, try to provide better logic for it than "Oh, but I want it.".
The logic is pretty simple.

We establish a mental link between Linda and Twinda (which word of god said is possible. But he never went into any further specifics). Then we ask, what are the likely consequences of such a link?

Unlike normal telepathy, it's not back and forth between two people. Since... Twinda isn't really a full person. She's just kind of a soulless copy of Linda. So it's back and forth between Linda... and herself. Which, arguably, is pretty close to the connection your soul already has with it's existing body! (If we use the old body, mind, soul model of a person, at least. Twinda copied body and mind, but naught else. Heck, under this model, her inability to break even makes sense- since that's intrinsically tied to spirit). So it makes sense Linda would get to reach out through the connection and use the second body if she wanted.

Communication is pretty much a given for a mental link. Sharing senses is just a higher bandwidth form of communication- you're sharing continuous data streams instead of discrete packets of information. Active control or puppetting of the twin is just a step further- committing the resources to communicate with the body directly, instead of sending orders to the mind to process (bypassing the idiot-Twinda autopilot and going to manual).

All of these are potentially difficult to do, but should be made considerably easier by the fact that there's no one home in the body we're connecting to (no one to resist, get in the way, cause confusion, etc) and by the fact the body is identical to the one Linda's used to (no having to learn to control a new set of neural pathways, etc).

And seriously, don't get hung up on 'hive mind' terminology. That was just redeath giving the mental link a pithy name.
No. 61823 ID: 9718f3

Sure, mechanically that's all you're doing. But you've shoved a ton of functions into that label. 2-4 upgrades worth, depending on the exact imagining of the hivemind you use, which by the way are all over the place. I can't for the life of me determine precisely what functions you are proposing.

I'm still not totally clear on just what you are proposing, or rather, how you think that what you are proposing is feasible. Either Twinda's processing and decision-making capabilities need to be bumped up, or Linda is simply not going to be able to pilot two bodies at once feasibly. Maybe as a BP intensive active break skill, like when Leviathan pulled a kirby or 23 teleported?

Another thing to keep in mind is the weapon/form/avatar divide. Twinda is already kind of straddling it because the doctor breaks rules all over the place. My point is that certain types of mods are simply not going to be available to us as a weapon type.
No. 61824 ID: 886a4d

Your seeing it as several distinct stages of upgrades while we're seeing it as one. And really it is only one. We want a deep mental connection between Linda and her Clone(s) that allows us to share senses, communicate with and control the clone(s). There is no need to split it up since it really boils down to a simple telepathic link. Sure its deeper then most would consider wise. But its a telepathic link to someone who is essentialy Linda. So no conflict is there.

I just realized you don't need to dismiss a Twinda to summon another. Perhaps thats the hidden ability. We could have multiple Twindas! Of course then hivemind becomes a bit more literal. We are Linda! We are Legion!
No. 61825 ID: 886a4d

I just thought of a useful upgrade if my musing on what the hidden ability is correct.

Switch: Linda and Twinda switch places. This is an extension of Hivemind since the switch is not physical, but mental and spiritual. The switch comes with all her breaker stats and abilities. Useful if we're about to die or get captured again. Though we would lose any focii on our body.

BP Cost: 1
No. 61826 ID: 86c3a7

>What abilaties are you precisely proposing
Not this. >>61377 That was early brainstorming, and some of it is ruled out or nerfed by Dreamer a few posts down. Also, some of those are clearly extra abilaties that go beyond well the scope of a mental link.

>>61783 is pretty much right. Assuming Twinda is just a soulless copy of Linda, those are the
consequences one might expect from establishing a mental link between the two of them. Which is only one upgrade.

The other upgrade we are considering is the finesse match- so Twinda goes from having Linda's pre-breaker stats to her current superhuman finesse. So, yanno, she can shoot and stuff.

>Linda is simply not going to be able to pilot two bodies at once feasibly
How do we know this? We've got superhuman finesse, willpower, and spiritual strength. The question isn't if we'll be able to control two bodies simultaneously- it's how well. Obviously, the difficulty increases the more complex the dual tasks are- but there must be some useful middle ground (or else why would dreamer even let us consider it, Geeze).

There's also the degree to which we try to control both both bodies. The greater/finer control Linda tries to exert over both, the harder it gets. But with practice, we should be able to find a useful middle ground (say, Twinda prone, watching and sniping for us with x-ray, while Linda fights closer range with a concentration penalty to her rolls). I would expect full on simultaneous battlefield run and gun tactics to be unfeasible though (unless we dumped in more XP, or it scales with spirit or something).

>the weapon/form/avatar divide
Currently, what I consider the defining features of the types:

weapon: really would be better more broadly defined as a 'tool' for the breaker. The simplest tools, are of course weapons, but we've seen a lot of other things (the glass eye, the crucifix, etc) that function differently.
form: physically alters in the breaker.
avatar: the avatar has to be the focus, even if it transforms when manifested (like Leviathan). Secondly, the avatar is autonomous and independent from the breaker, even if it follows orders.

So in that light, I interpret the exceptions this way:

The mech isn't a form because it doesn't transform Linda- it just summons a lot of shit around her (not that the casual observer might be able to tell the difference from the outside on manifestation).

Twinda isn't an avatar because she's not the ring- and because she'll never be independent or autonomous. But that doesn't mean we can't extend the degree our control over her. Putting her under remote control isn't the same thing as making her an entity in her own right.

>Why do you think you can get all this in one upgrade
Well, to be fair, I don't know how it will work. I'm trying to outline the idea here so we can get a ruling from the GM on what will fly before we get to XP allocation. You know, besides the cryptic "if you can, boo hoo hoo!" nonsense. -_-
No. 61827 ID: 86c3a7

Okay, this >>61824 is a much clearer response than my rambling here. >>61826
No. 61828 ID: 886a4d

To make it easier on you heres how I see this sorta link in severity.

Stage 1: Simply mental link, think internal radio and your not far off.
Stage 2: Complex link, Emotional overtones and images.
Stage 3: Joined, Communication no longer requires formed thought. Subconscious desires can be easily shared.
Stage 4: Twin Link, Senses become sharable, there is now a collective subconscious and actions can be synched together to a scary degree.
Stage 5: Hive-Mind, Bodies can now be shared. You are still two people but the divide on who is who is definately blurred.
Stage 6: We Are Legion, No divide at all. We are all one being in multiple bodies with multiple streams of thought.

Obviously we are aiming for stage 5. Stage 6 is ... interesting if we want to take over the world or something silly like that. But I think Hivemind is the best bet for what we want.
No. 61834 ID: 466404

>why would dreamer even let us consider it
Because it would be funny to break your own mind?

>More than one Twinda
No. There's a reason the ring is defined as making twins, not triplets or whatever else. Only one copy, unless you want to spend XP on making it increase in functions.

The division between the three in this is correct, for the most part. Minor things, here and there, that are exceptions, but irrelevant for the moment.

>Official Yes/No
Before I do that... can someone, I don't know... summarize all the versions of this hive-mind thing? I've lost track at some point.
No. 61836 ID: 86c3a7

>summarize all the versions

Okay. What we want to do is establish a mental link between Linda and Twinda. The natural consequences I would expect from this are as follows: (in roughly increasing order of ridiculousness)

*shared memories (if Linda doesn't already get access to Twinda's memory when dismissed, we've yet to test).
*mental communication- the ability to give orders and receive information without delay or having to use speech.
*sensory access- it's a lot easier to tell Twinda when and where to shoot if we can see through her eyes.
*control- Linda splits her concentration, and exerts her will, directly taking control of Twinda. Imagine two glasses, and a fluid. Linda can 'pour' herself between one and the other. At one extreme, we have the current situation- Linda and dummy Twinda. In the middle, you've got Linda struggling to manage two bodies at the same time (with penalties scaling for the difficulty of action(s)). At the other extreme, Linda's in full control of Twinda, and Linda's body has gone kinda vacant.

The logic basis for allowing this is that Twinda seems to be, for all intents and purposes, a copy of Linda's own body and mind. We're just creating a connection to allow her will or spirit to flow back and forth, and exert influence in the second body.
No. 61838 ID: 86c3a7

...also I just really want to someday have Linda in a threesome where she's simultaneously two of the participants. I mean come on. How can we pass that up?
No. 61839 ID: 886a4d

That point brought up by our enemy brings up a good point. Things to do for any timeskips as well as things we need to do when we're not fighting for our life:

1) Learn our guns inside and out. The names of parts, how to assemble them. Etc. Skill we pretty well have covered with Finesse. But we should know our weapons inside and out.

2) Twinda Hivemind! Learn to work with her, practice with overwatch and mech usage. We're gonna need places that are abandoned or out in the country for this and timeskips are probably the best way to learn about it. We probably need the practice to use Hivemind effectively and a timeskip sounds perfect.

3) Cass. In between Guns and Mechs! the Montage! we need to research ways to help her. Simply holding her hand and stopping her when its convenient is not enough. Psych papers on bezerking, bloodlust, dissociative episodes, etc and any treatments.

4) Marc. There have been some signs everything he said to us at the start might not exactly be true. Mind-Control, Sanity-reducing nightmares, hiring Miss Blades. We need to start talking to people around the base both back home and here. We've been building a pretty powerful faction on our own right now and I want to know if its time to begin considering a split.
No. 61840 ID: 86c3a7

1) Sounds like a good research project for Twinda, actually. Who needs a timeskip? We take her off of particle physics and more her to firearms research.

2) Hells yes. (Assuming it works, and we get it, off course).

3) It occurs to me it might help Cass to learn an actual fighting style. Self control would be a little easier then.

4) Yup.
No. 61841 ID: 886a4d

You know if we do abandon Marc in the future I want to see if Doc would hire us. Mad Scientist or not, understanding breaking is something we do need. And I bet we could get all sorts of interesting jobs from him. He also seesm the type to let us generally do what we want.

Plus eventually the governement will want him. And since he doesn't fight that might be a problem.
No. 61842 ID: 2b7692

Unless I'm really offbase here, ideas for upgrades really should keep in mind we're upgrading the manifestation, not Linda or her mental ability to handle something.
No. 61843 ID: 886a4d

Its already been said its possible.
No. 61844 ID: 3dd855

I think your listed events/acquired information don't seem to contradict anything Conner said to Linda in the first thread.

>Mind Control
I couldn't find anything on this. Unless you mean George? Even then, there's nothing, really, contradicting what was said in the first thread. After all, the philosophy expressed by Cass in the beginning was that breaking was meant to be used as one desires. Of course George should use his gift (which does not necessarily mean mind-control).

>Sanity-reducing nightmares
Second verse, same as the first? I mean, Raphael hates doing it, which Linda would take as reason to part with Conner (if Raphael would leave with her), but I don't see the contradiction with the faction's mission statement?

>hiring Miss Blades
Do we know that Conner was the one who hired her? Do we know exactly that there could be no other person or group/organization (that the man she met was representing) that desired to destroy some problematic breaker group?

...Actually, more like harass for a while, serving as a distraction, more like. The only person that presented more than a trivial challenge is the boss, after all...

...Well! That was a lengthy post that sums up to an opposition to splitting.
No. 61845 ID: 86c3a7

>On splitting from team Conner
It's all a matter how how much unpleasantness we're willing to accept from our own employer- and what we're willing to let him make us do.

We have some confirmed nastiness. We have Aria's warning. Whatever went down with the Doc (He can be a bastard when he's done playing nice). We've been told if he gets angry enough, his avatar goes on a killing spree. We have the decidedly nasty sounding things he has Rafael do (to say nothing of the leash he has Raphael on- the agreement he has to hand over all the foci he finds). We know he ordered us to massacre this opposition group, including normals, instead of just breaking them up. We know he gave Mike douche-y orders to snatch any avatar he comes across, regardless of the circumstances.

Those are all dark spots, but not sufficient reason to break with him, yet.

We suspect he may be miss Blade's employer. That kind of setup and double dealing would be a serious black mark.

We're just building the bridge, or opening a door. Making the manifestation accessible to Linda's mind and/or spirit. How much she can do/handle with that is kind of up to Linda (and her spirit level, I suspect).
No. 61846 ID: 886a4d

His mission statement is this. Freedom to do what we want. Without causing the whole world to sit up and notice breakers. That includes leaving normals mostly out of it!

I'm not saying we should break with him yet. But something is rotten in Denmark. We should see if its someone elses garbage or if Marc has been hiding a few too many corpses in the basement.

Some points that raise my hackles:

1) He has Ralph causing nightmares to his business rivals. Normals. Thats one strike.

2) I concede on that we haven't really seen anything from George tahts suspicious however any sort of mind-control leaves me weary. Thats one powerful tool.

3) Then there is Miss Blades. If what she is hinting at is true then she was deliberately hired by Marc to seperate the wheat from the chaff. And kill breakers in his own group. For no other reason then they ARE weak. Thats strike two.

Personally though I think its McButler trying to drive a wedge in between us and Marc. It would make sense. We are Marcs most combat ready team. And Cally would definately report we like to talk things out. That trash comment has McBulter's fingerprints all over it. But if it Marc.... welp

4) Finally there is Doc. Doc seems fairly easy to tolerate. Let him do his research without interference, use his services when he offers them. And yet Marc did something that not only chased Doc away but cut all ties with him. strike three.
No. 61847 ID: 86c3a7

There's the added problem that even when we beat her down and demand she give up her employer, her word alone isn't good enough. And any 'proof' she offers could be the result of tampering with breaking! I'm not sure how we can reliably distinguish between Marc playing us for fools or someone setting us up.
No. 61850 ID: 466404

>up to Linda (and her spirit level, I suspect)
Spirit doesn't directly translate to mental ability. It's just the overall effect someone can force on reality. Their footprint on reality, so to speak.
No. 61851 ID: 886a4d

My guess Will is also a factor.
No. 61854 ID: 466404

Also incorrect. Will is how well you can force your desires and thoughts on other people. There is no stat that translates to mental strength or mental agility.
No. 61855 ID: 86c3a7

I was more thinking along the lines that greater reserves of spirit would make dealing with complicated or difficult manifestations easier. After all, how well Linda handles the mental link is a matter of mental ability. How good the link itself is seems like it would rest more on the strength or skill of the breaker establishing it.
No. 61856 ID: 886a4d

*ding* Secret Found!
You have discovered a hidden stat! Intelligence or mental aquity is not something that Breakers can directly influence so is often overlooked. However should you use your given intelligence wisely you can go much further then if you ignore it.

Ignore me
No. 61859 ID: 86c3a7

Hmm. You know, that reminds me. If we're an economics genius, why aren't we finding a way to exploit that? Linda learned how to make finances her bitch long before reality, and should only be better at it now that she can cheat.

Additionally, the skill thing missus blades brings up is kinda true. We have superhuman reflexes and strength, and a baseline (super)natural skill with guns, but that's it. In addition to setting Twinda to learning gun shit, maybe we should consider getting some actual combat training. Even basics in some form of martial art would probably increase our capacity for evasion and dodging around on the battlefield (although if we're going in for normal instruction, I suppose we'd have to use Twinda, or remove our foci so we don't main the people teaching us with our superhuman stats).
No. 61889 ID: 86c3a7

It also occurs to me we now have a good idea what Mike was doing getting himself almost killed in that sewer. There were at least two different avatars down there that night.
No. 61919 ID: 86c3a7

Okay... so now with 4 looted foci, we're looking at probably six XP for this mission (2 mission complete + 4 foci). Unless we redistribute some of the foci before we get the points. Possbily more as well if the boss is ruled tough enough, or if we end up looting her cruciform swords thing.

Current upgrade list:

1XP finesse to 9 Probably the last point there for a while.
1XP match Twinda's finesse to Linda's Makes her good for shooting and dodging. Adds +1 to manifestation cost.
1XP establish voluntary mental link with Twinda The final summary of what that entails here, >>61836, pending GM approval. Adds +1 to manifestation cost.
1XP add cartoon ice to cold magnum Final summary here >>61781. Needs GM ruling on whether it's an alternate firing mode we can toggle between (upping the manifestation cost to 2) or if it's an alternate ammo we have to load (ice gun keeps same BP cost, but there's a 1-2 point cost to reloading instead). Might also want to add the stipulation we can dismiss the cartoon ice we spray on things, for convenience.

Okay, those 4 I think are pretty solid choices, unless the mind-link gets broken (nerfed to uselessness, or decreed to come with a crippling mental downside, etc). In which case getting it may not be such a good idea.

Other possible upgrades to consider:

1XP alternate homing ammo for the tank-gun. Sounds useful, although I'd like a GM ruling on what 'bullets like a rocket' actually means. Are they slower? Or they just have a reasonable ability to make small course corrections? (Ie, no shooting around corners, but there's a roll to negate a dodge or miss?).
1XP Acceleration ammo Readeath keeps bringing this one up, but I'm not sure exactly what frictionless ammo would entail, aside from getting us more range (which only helps so much- you can't aim further than your scope can see). I'd like a GM ruling on what the heck this actually does for us before I'd vote for it (really, our problem right now isn't that the tank gun doesn't hit hard enough).
1XP Increased freeze efficiency Maybe not our most pressing concern, but our fight with Miss Blades has shown the ice gun takes too long to break things. Would be nice to shatter manifested weapons. Adds +1 to manifestation cost.
1XP armor penetrating ammo for the handgun because it's hard to bring the rifle to bear in close combat, and we're starting to run into body armor with annoying frequency now.

Next priority when we're done upgrading shit is to go for spirit 5 and 6, and stack some BP to deal with more expensive guns and the mech we're expecting.

Thoughts? (Save any commentary on hive mind, please. We can argue about whether we actually want it after we get the final GM ruling on how it works / what it does).
No. 61920 ID: 886a4d

Well one of the limitations of homing is that it can't do sharp turns, and obviously one of the reasons why it can't is that it loses momentum by doing so. Acceleration would mitigate that by constantly increasing the speed of the bullet so sharp turns will be actually possible.

Shooting around corners yes, but not uturns quite yet. My vision of someone being attacked by a swarm of bullets probably will never come true.

.... speaking of which accelleration is NOT frictionless. Two completely different things.
No. 61922 ID: 86c3a7

>acceleration is NOT frictionless
I was just going off of what dreamer said when it last came up (in this post >>61451). That's why I asked for a clarification- I'm really not sure if he's allowing bullets that keep accelerating, or that just don't lose energy.

>My vision of someone being attacked by a swarm of bullets probably will never come true.
Hey, I'm sure the mech will have several guns we can fire off at once! And there's always Twinda & dual-wielding if we want to unload a lot of ammo at once.
No. 61927 ID: 886a4d

I was thinking more like a swarm of bees, boomerang bullets constantly swinging back around. These battles are taking a while now that everyone is getting over twenty BP.

Speaking of which we're starting to have a real problem with how long these battles are taking. So here are some mods we should be thinking of.

Soul-Deep: The cold magnum's beam and the cartoon ice don't only sap the cold \ restrict movement. They also limit the Breaker's ability to break reality by steadily draining BP.

Soul-Seekers: These bullets are pockets of unreality that instead of hitting a person's body hits the thing that makes them a breaker. The more lethal the hit the more BP is destroyed.
No. 61928 ID: 86c3a7


I'd like to add on the obvious continuation that such ammo is damaging to manifestations (weakening or dismissing them outright as appropriate).

And I like it more on bullets than the ice- there may be cases where we want to disable a breaker without taking away their limited BP and putting them at risk of a permanent death (I'm think of the scenario where we incapacitate someone, only to have someone else kill them, just to be a dick. Either nasty allies, or enemies not wanting to let us take prisoners).

The only real problem with introducing such a tactic is the arms race it begins- what do we do when we start facing opponents with weapons enhanced in the same manner?

>battle taking too long
The other way to fix the end this high BP fights is to find ways to disable people long enough for us to knock them out, or steal their foci. Cartoon ice at least is a step in that direction.
No. 61947 ID: a407a5

Disruption, or something similar, will be showing up fairly soon. It'll be a bit more deadly than what you suggested though.

Moving on, to this... mind-link/hivemind thing. Each bit is a bit... different. So I'll state my ruling on each.

>*shared memories
Approved, although this doesn't mean that Linda has the skill to use any knowledge she gains from this. Her mind might be wiling, but her body itself never went through the motions. She never gained the muscle memory to perform the actions with ease. It'll be like she's constantly reading a book as she tries to do each action.

>*mental communication
Give orders is easy. Receive information... if it's information that's being communicated through thought, then yes.

>*sensory access
No. At least, not without significant psych damage. Linda's mind isn't adapted to multiple inputs of that much caliber. Hell, minds can get overloaded with a bunch of flashing lights, try having to manage which information came from which source all while receiving even more information, all of it having to be performed instantly. So yeah, no.

Partial control is too closely linked to the above. So no go on the splitting the mind bit. However... Complete control of one or the other is allowable, the mind is completely focusing on one task at a time, and whichever body is left alone assumes a sort of auto mode, performing a default set of reactions, mostly dodging incoming blows and avoiding death if it's the main body(Linda's) or performing given actions if it's the twin(Twinda's).

The Ice thing... it's an alternative fire mode. The same substance is used in it's creation, just... differently. And with some slight nudging from reality to get it to do what you want.
No. 61949 ID: 86c3a7

Ooh! Info. Thank you.~

Okay... that seems reasonable. So can we establish a single mental link that allows for communication, shared memories, and control flipping? If we have to buy them separately, the manifestation cost goes from 5 to 7, which is really pushing whether the copy is worth using.

We'll have to experiment with how quickly we can flip back and forth, and how long the adjustment delay is.

>mental communication
Can I assume this improves on Twinda's ability to adapt and process? If she runs into a roadblock, she can request guidance from Linda and receive a correction on how to act. Subconsciously or consciously is the critical bit- obviously it's slower if we have to actively talk her through every little problem, and not just communicate the sense of what do do.

>Shared memory like book learning
So we can use Twinda to study and research for us, but not to train up in martial arts.

> Disruption, or something similar, will be showing up fairly soon. It'll be a bit more deadly than what you suggested though.
Oh fuck, outright breaker killer bullets. Not good- none of our allies have dodge based builds. I assume that means we can't make them for ourself, right now? They require evil polt-tonium to build?

>The Ice thing... it's an alternative fire mode
Excellent. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Means we can toggle from one to the other as necessary without burning BP.

Any ruling on how the exotic homing or accelator ammo would function?
No. 61955 ID: 86c3a7

Oh, yeah, if we're having Linda hop completely from body to body when she flips, does that mean the ability to break carries with her?

If nothing else, it would be convenient to be able to flip over and reload Twinda's guns, as needed (even if Linda can't active break or manifest when driving Twinda).

...although I guess not. We're leaving the foci behind on our body when we flip, so there's nothing to focus our will through.

Hm. One thing I want to test is if Linda flips to Twinda, what would happen if the Linda-prime body is knocked out? Does Linda go out with it? (broadcasting tower is down). Or does she remain functional in the Twinda-body? (complete transfer over).

...there's also the remaining secret property we haven't figured out.
No. 61959 ID: b6edd6

If we could only control one or the others, what if we instead got an ability to actually physically swap places with Twinda? (We would want to include equipment and held items so we wouldn't lose our foci by doing so).
No. 61963 ID: 86c3a7

That would be useful, as an escape option at least (you wouldn't want to only be able to physically swap places. Linda swaps guns around alot mid battle, and Twinda would likely be prone in sniper position. It would be awkward to find yourself in the sniper perch with handguns, or lying on the floor with the rifle in the middle of a firefight).

The downside is you can't justify it as a consequence of establishing the mental link- it would pretty much have to be a separate upgrade. It would also likely be an ability we would have to pay BP to use.

There's a slim chance that's what the secret ability already is, though! We should test that later.
No. 61965 ID: b6edd6

It would take a second to prepare, but we might by able to resolve that by having Twinda stand up, both letting go of their weapons weapons immediately before then swap, then both catching them again immediately afterwards. That would take a bit of practice to get right, but it should be within Twinda's learning ability.
No. 61966 ID: 86c3a7

I suppose it might be workable in combat, but the mental link has other advantages. Shared memory means we can use Twinda as a research tool, and mental communication will go a long way towards making her functionally less stupid.

The other disadvantage of a full swap is it puts Twinda on autopilot in the middle of a full combat situation. Dreamer's explanation up there indicated there would be a difference between an empty-Linda on autopilot and Twinda; Twinda stupidly tires to follow orders (and can't adapt), an empty Linda would actively try to dodge to stay alive (and would have Evasion going for her, which Twinda does not), indicating a higher degree of adaptability.

Not that I'm arguing a swap positions power isn't a good thing to have, I just don't think it offers everything for us the mental link could.
No. 61986 ID: 3a3169

You know, it's too bad we can't hire Blades as a combat instructor for our raw recruits.
No. 61989 ID: 86c3a7

I rejoice for the update, but grouse about how easily our opponent handled the latest exchange.

Well, she is a merc. Provided we don't kill her, or piss her off too bad, she is hire-able. Although there's the slight problem with trusting someone who's only loyal as money, and I doubt Cass or Mike would be very happy to have her on our side at this point (Her Cass-kills at 4, now. Granted, we've killed Blades more, but...). Also, if my crazy idea that Marc was paying her to attack his own faction is true, he'll want her dead, not employed.

But some kind of training program would be good in general (beats the current strategy of testing people by fire! Linda went in to her first few missions green and completely unprepared). Newbies need a primer on breaker relevant tactics (like the fact that disabling, injuring, or knocking out your opponent is a better path to victory than killing past a certain point) and squad tactics (something that breakers in general seem bad at- actual teamwork and cooperation against opponents has been limited) and high level people could use actual hand to hand and combat training to better apply their (super)natural breaker abilities (For instance, with weapon:environment, Cass has the potential to basically be Jackie Chan, if she just had the skill or control to back it up. As is, she actually tends to get clobbered when she gets too close). We're basically a private army- Marc can afford to hire someone for that role, if no one in the group already fits it.
No. 62047 ID: 86c3a7

Yay for more than one update in a day, and finally being done with that annoying Boss!

Hmm. Blades may have made Cass' shit list, but I'm only annoyed with her. We gave better than we got- she just had the tactical advantage of wanting to escape rather than win, along with Mike tripping us up. No reason to hunt her down, or even kill her if we run into her again. Now Maria, there's a bitch I can't wait to kill. With our Mech. Literal curbstomp battle.
No. 62057 ID: 86c3a7

While reviewing the new wiki stuff, I noticed the upgraded ice gun still only costs 1BP to manifest. Is this an oversight, or generosity?
No. 62058 ID: f6cff9

Do we still have that gem Aria Galliana gave us? I forgot if we took it or not.
No. 62060 ID: a407a5

An Oversight. It needs 2 bp, but I was updating a lot of stuff. I'll get it fixed.

The gem is in your possession. Well, in your things you brought with you. You can't very well use it if it's off somewhere else.
No. 62063 ID: 86c3a7

>An Oversight, lots of things to change
No problem. Just thought I'd be sure.

>You can't very well use the gem if it's off somewhere else
Actually, I had a plan ready if we needed it and had left it in central! I was gonna call Mike up and cash in the favor he owes us to either retrieve it, or break it for us. ...of course then Mike and the whole base pretty much abandoned hotel and came to us.
No. 62118 ID: 86c3a7

It occurs to me Cass now has a spare knife, and I think two spare foci (club, and axe). That means the next time we visit the doc (when the mech's ready) we have an opportunity for her to make an awesome custom weapon of some kind, and one that actually fits her natural affinity!

So who's got ideas for some cool knives?

First place my head goes is an energy blade of some kind. A little unoriginal, but it would work on things her chainsaw doesn't (metal, concrete, etc) and wouldn't be as easy to break or snatch away. Could also double as a light source, and a quieter way to cut through doors, locks, etc. without having to break.
No. 62170 ID: 44f93b

Hey, nice touch adding theme songs for the characters in the wiki. I really like Elizabeth's (a lot more upbeat than I would have initially expected for her, actually. Improves my opinion on her outlook on things).

Anyways, it's time for the perennial upgrade discussion.

Twinda seems to be preforming exactly as intended. We've got a remote sniper, and a way to keep tabs on everything even when the plot unexpectedly splits us up. The only problem is getting a full weapon + Twinda setup costs a whopping 9BP (would be 10 if we didn't keep the pistol out all the time), which brings us up to half power as soon as we deploy her. With that, and the mech looming on the horizon, I'm sorely tempted to dump the next batch of XP we get all right into BP (Dump 3XP in, jump up to 29BP).

We aren't doing as well against Cally as might have been hoped, for several reasons. We underestimated her; we were expecting a mid-range mobile fighter (what we saw before) but instead we got a long range dual wielding stationary dodger. Cartoon ice has proved less effective at shutting down her weapons than we expected. We got separated from all our allies (no one to back us up after they finished with the normals and bat-guy). And we still have problems with coping when a fellow finesse build shows up.

We have a few tactics for finesse types. We can gang up on them, tacking away chances to dodge (like we did against Blades and 23). But this only works when the plot leaves us allies to work with. We can try to trip them up with iced surfaces, or restrict movement with cartoon ice obstacles, but this only works if the enemy is relying on movement (goddamn Cally swaying in one spot). Then we have our (untested) sniper backup, which should work, as it's hard to dodge what you don't see coming.

Still, that means against a finesse type who we can't ice, without backup or preparation, we're kind of fucked. I think we might need an alternate ammo for the pistol to deal with this- say explosive ammo (explosions are harder to dodge) or homing bullets, or something. These have been suggested for the tank gun before, but I'm kind of of the opinion it doesn't need them- it pegs targets at long range just fine as it. It's at close range, with our other guns, where people dodge and we get killed.

The other way to deal with this is to grab more spirit. A good, offensive spirit ability of some kind could theoretically fix (or at least help with) these kinds of problems. Something that makes us a deadlier close range gunner than we already are. Also helps with our BP problems, of course.
No. 62171 ID: 886a4d

Homing on the main gun is still needed. 23 proved you can dodge what you can't see. since we fired at her through a wall in that first confrontation.
No. 62177 ID: f6cff9
File 135042332586.jpg - (206.40KB , 1087x1066 , Street_Sharks.jpg )

It's been awhile since someone made a character and this needs more sharks so I'll throw one together for kicks.

Name: Jack Tiller
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Accident/Incident that Caused Injury, Mental or Physical: Was lost at sea with five other people on a life boat and ran out of food forcing them to try to eat each other and when rescue came there was only 2 left(Jack being one of the two).
Foci: Shark Tooth
Possible ally: Next to zero. This guy has been eating people and is just a general problem among breakers.
Group: None at all because even among the Breaker groups gone mad with power would be hesitant to about letting someone known for eating people to join them.

By the way I can't get enough of Breaking Reality so keep up the good work.
No. 62178 ID: 44f93b

>23 proved you can dodge what you can't see.
...possibly. That might have been the railroading though. That, and she'd just seen us shoot the Demon twice. That meant she knew we were out there, was paying attention, and that she should change positions as soon as she heard the shot... except nevermind, our muzzle velocity is somewhere between 2 and 3 times the speed of sound.

Still, homing ammo would have to be exotic, costing an extra BP to manifest the rifle with it. So getting fully kitted up with a homing-Twinda would cost ten BP. I'm thinking the current priorities look like this:

*Stack BP (3XP)
*Maybe some kind of ammo for the pistol
*spirit 5
*spirit 6

It has been too long since we were making up characters.
No. 62181 ID: a407a5

And with that, Cally's spotlight is finished. Goodbye, cruel adventure game.

>Theme Songs
Yeah... I did that cause I got bored. I haven't found anything I've liked for anyone else yet, though. Working on it in my spare time.


Wait... Yeah, that was proper response. More fun things to work with. I even know where he'll go... hehe.

Just keep it's limitations in mind, yeah?
No. 62182 ID: 44f93b

Hey, no fair! You're confirming her death before we burn a BP trying to make the impossible roll to heal or resurrect her. Well fuck that. We're making the roll anyways. Reality is our bitch, and there's always the impossible chance we'll score a critical success. (And don't you dare comment on that being a wasted effort until after Linda tries it).

Did we even have a chance of getting her to stand down? Were we botching will rolls left and right, or was her refusal scripted?

>Just keep it's limitations in mind, yeah?
Still not clear on what those are. I believe so far we've clarified they can't go around corners, or do u-turns, and that they would be "like rockets". Mechanically, I'm still kind of unsure on what they would actually do. Up the number a target would need to roll to dodge? A chance to roll to counter a dodge?
No. 62183 ID: a407a5

Well... you might have succeeded... if, you know, her headphones weren't strapped to her ears and she could hear you at all...
No. 62184 ID: a407a5

The former. The counter dodge roll thing would mean essentially a second attack. All the bullet would do in game is curve it's flight path some. Like that one movie sorta, even though I can't remember the name of it... Eh, you get the idea.
No. 62186 ID: 4a328b

I am laughing so hard Dreamer xD
No. 62188 ID: 44f93b

Hey, she had one off! And I did suggest shooting them off of her. :p

If it just ups the difficulty of dodging... couldn't we accomplish the exact same thing by upping our finesse? And that would apply to all our guns, not just the one with homing ammo, and wouldn't require BP to load.
No. 62189 ID: a407a5

She had it off at the beginning, she replaced it after the fight started.

Yes, yes it would. But finesse makes it more difficult by one. Homing would not.

>Cally Again
Uh... yeah... sorry about the heal thing... you guys didn't get any successes at all... Three 4's and a 3... but no successes.
No. 62191 ID: 44f93b

Yeah, presumably. Was never explicitly stated in the text though, giving me room to be contrary. :p

Gah, if I'd thought of them blocking speech though, I would have been more proactive about getting rid of them. Burnt an active break to disable 'em.

*Shrug* Yeah, it sucks, but bad rolls happen. Rest in peace, Cally. The dice didn't want you to live. Could we see her character sheet now?

More than anyone else (besides Cally) this actually fucks over Raphael. He had a chance of getting together with Linda when things between her and Cally ended. But after Linda killed her? (Or perhaps more accurately- after Cally committed suicide by Linda- she knew damn well what she was doing going into that with only one life, and her dialog showed it. She wasn't explaining herself- she was saying goodbye). I don't think he has a hope in hell. Gonna be a while before we're interested in being with anyone.
No. 62208 ID: 9718f3

The bigger issue with Raphael, at least for me, is that he's being something of a hypocrite. He says that he wants to be the hero, but when given the opportunity he tortures his enemies unto insanity. And not just because he has to, but to get revenge, for some sick measure of catharsis.

When he so flatly refused to stop doing Marc's extracurricular jobs I thought that it was Raphael being hopeless and desperate to hang onto a group that at least tolerates him. Now I'm thinking it is because he enjoys driving people mad.

So yeah. Not quite sure what his deal is, but it's nasty and he's not letting us engage him to pull him out of it. And I for one am not willing to start fucking him on the off chance that he starts actually listening to the things we say.
No. 62209 ID: 44f93b

I think part of him enjoys it- we certainly saw that at the end of the dream battle sequence. But hell, there's a part of Linda that enjoys shooting people to death, now. This stuff changes you (perhaps even more powerfully if everything is taking place on a mental/spiritual field), and power is addictive.

I would read his continuing Marc's jobs as more motivated by his desire to be useful, and yes, a pragmatic and self deprecating acknowledgement that he's good at it. That, and knowing better than Linda what Marc is capable of, and what it would mean to cross him.

His unwillingness to cleanly finish faux-Morpheus was disappointing, yes. But to be fair, we don't know exactly what he put him through, and we never saw firsthand what a sadist he was either. Linda also framed it badly, putting the focus on the wrong things. She made it about loot and preserving information, not about torture being unnecessary/immoral.

He wants to be a hero, but he's rather more stuck as an antihero, for the moment. He's got some growing to do if he wants to be one over the other.

>I am not willing to start fucking him on the off chance that he starts actually listening to the things we say.
Oh, gods yes. Sex as a control mechanism is an awful idea. It'll end in failure, more screaming at each other, and probably us shooting him in the face again.
No. 62239 ID: 44f93b

Jebus, Dreamer. You're going to follow up on killing Cally with killing us at this rate. Gods help us if bat-boy shows up- we're barely holding on 2 v 2. Here's hoping we roll something right in the next update.
No. 62240 ID: a407a5

It wasn't me! I swear! You guys just really suck at the rolls tonight!

But because of that, I wouldn't suggest cutting the ball... it's not... really... a ball... persay...
No. 62242 ID: 44f93b

Right. Thanks for the hint! Strategies adjusted to more likely to be possible, providing the dice don't fail us horribly. We've also got a slight cheat (assigning 1XP from Cally's focus to BP) to keep Linda alive a little longer if things go south.

Really hope we don't need a deus ex machina here. Or that we don't kill Linda. It just wouldn't be the same to pick up as Cass or something...
No. 62244 ID: 44f93b

Oh my gods, we're so close to dying. ;A;

Hold on Linda. We'll get you through this. (I hope).

Goddammit. Stupid shotgun took three updates to take out- we tried to take him out of the fight fast several times and failed at each. We should have fired at Jake first- if we'd used our surprise shot to blow off his arm and broke it gone, we'd have had a much easier time. I wanted to give shotgun debilitating frostbite of the hands, taking him out of the fight, not a block of ice he could just break out of...

What the heck was up with his arms coming back, anyways? A spirit ability to protect his body from bad breaks? The two failures canceled out, doing nothing, and leaving him intact for death avoidance to repair? Or his arms were ruined, but he active broke for healing again and overrode the 'permanent' damage?
No. 62245 ID: a407a5

The third option, but Jake did that, not him.
No. 62248 ID: 44f93b

Interesting. So it is possible to fix 'permanent' damage to a limb with further breaking. Means we could actually risk healing an ally or ourself some day, if the situation requires it. (Assuming of course we live long enough for this information to matter).

The bad news though is that implies Jake is higher spirit than us. It also suggests he has active break (or not, and he was just real lucky on the roll)- which we did not plan for in our current strategy, and could seriously fuck up our last attack on him if he responds creatively. Could prevent us from establishing a kill chain, or give him the room to kill Linda again.

Although I suppose it kind of makes sense if he has active break. It seemed ridiculous that his balls were doing all they did on their own- makes much more sense if he was breaking at points to make them more unfair. Actually- if that's the case, it works slightly to our advantage- he might have significantly less BP left than we expected.

...still terrified we're getting Linda killed though.
No. 62251 ID: 886a4d

We survived! By gods! WE LIVE!

Now to just hope this guy won't be trying to get us to drop our gaurd.
No. 62253 ID: 44f93b

WE'RE AAAAAALLLIIIIIVE! Oh my goodness, blessed rifle, we love you. I kiss you. Mwa!

>Now to just hope this guy won't be trying to get us to drop our guard.
I hope the fuck not. Unless Cass and Nicole are right behind him, we can't risk another breaker fight. This guy is fast, has some kind of special sensory skill, and can active break. He should also be close to full power- all he did was engage Cass just long enough to draw her away from everyone else, and then hunt down Twinda.

We might be able to take him, but it's a crapshoot whether Linda and 23 would make it out alive.
No. 62254 ID: 886a4d

Pity we are in no shape whatsoever to take on Batman. He either has a spirit ability or a tool focus that allows him to move unseen like Mike. AND sense the locations of other breakers.
No. 62258 ID: 44f93b

...we could always ask him how he was able to do that (We lost track of you pretty quick. My double couldn't find you until you gave her the drop). If he's showing off for a potential employer, it kind of makes sense to let them know your skills.

Except I kind of think it would be out of character for Linda to give a shit at this point. She's exhausted, emotionally and physically, and wants nothing more than to wrap this up, finish Jake, and go home.

...we're going to end up crying ourself to sleep over that keychain, tonight. Or on Cass's shoulder (out poor best friend isn't really gonna know how to cope when it's Linda who needs support).
No. 62259 ID: 886a4d

Make it Cass. We need the support and she is our closest friend here.
No. 62265 ID: 44f93b

...and as I leave Linda to cry herself to sleep, so do I depart, at 3 in the morning. What a roller coaster this game has been these last few days. The curbstomp dream battle, killing our lover, going for revenge, and then barely fucking making it out alive.

Gonna be crazy when this picks up again. We've conquered this town, which leaves us limited options for new antagonism. Marc's going to show up, and it's possible things will come to a head with him. Or the fixers are finally going to reappear (gods do I want to kill Maria). Or it's gonna be D7.
No. 62269 ID: 886a4d

Post-Jake thoughts.

>Spirit 5
I wonder if we'll get a general choice again.

Alright since we just got Spirit 5. Unless the voting is incredible skewed. Its time to experiment!

Create a chain for Cally's focus. Try to make it as tough to break as possible.

X-Ray glasses. For when we want to use the Rifle indoors.

Body armor. Lets make our everyday clothes tougher. Try it on thicker material first. We saw how effective it was on Miss Blades. lets get some.

Getting all of Jake's holdings. Lets see how well we can break a paper trail now. Maybe track down Jake's front and use him as a patsy.

That's it that I can think of. Gotta keep it relatively tame for now. Gonna take 24 hours just to get our BP back so this is going to be all after the boss gets to town.

Should we tune it? It's a great close range weapon. And Linda is going for versatility. Personally I think not. The Rifle is our baby even at close ranges. Maybe use it as that backup we never actually got around to setting.

>Future XP
1 into BP.
1 into tuning the shotgun. (maybe)
1 into homing for the rifle
1 into homing for the pistol
Spirit 6
Spirit 7

>tentative longer range goals

Finesse 10
Finesse 11
Rule Breaker Bullets for our rifle. Fuck you random man in China.
Spirit 8
No. 62274 ID: 44f93b

I agree with the experiments. We're halfway up the breaker scale now. Surely if 5 spirit lets you make your own custom monsters, you can make custom equipment, too?

Making super-shades is worth trying. As is picking up some low profile body armor. Yes, being injured rather than dead slows us down- but we aren't Blades or Maria- we can't afford to burn BP to stay fighting constantly. Be nice to avoid some of the damage.

I don't think it really covers anything we can't do with our other weapons. The rifle hits harder, and if we want a blast of damage, we could adjust the spay on the ice gun, or pick up explosive ammo for one of the other guns. A shotgun also has the disadvantage of being another 2hander, and slow on the reload.

I think our best option is to keep it for later, and pay the Doc' to rebuild it into a more useful custom gun of some kind. (So Cass is getting a custom knife, we're getting a custom gun, and a mech!~). Feel free to start brainstorming now. Do we go for a healing gun before we find ourselves watching another friend bleed to death?

Looks okay... although I might prefer Polo-style explosive ammo to homing for the pistol. Explosions are hard to dodge, will do something about body armor, and allow us to fire around or through cover with a low caliber weapon.
No. 62275 ID: 886a4d

Proximity based explosive rounds? ... I like it.
No. 62277 ID: 44f93b

Oh, and forgot one.

>Jake's holdings
Hell yes. Time we put that financial wizardry to use. With our skills, it shouldn't be too hard to track down the pieces of a dead man's empire. And with a little know how and break-editing documents (or convincing normals stuff belongs to us or they worked for us all along) it should be all too easy. If the fat man front man is still alive to cow, all the easier. (Kind of hope this happens off screen, or in a time lapse though. Good project for Linda, but not much for us to contribute).

Gives Linda something to do now that she's unemployed, and it's about time this group saw we're good at something besides killing. ...and maybe it'll make up for Marc having to shell out all that cash for the avatar(assuming he did, of course).

...I hope when the angel-avy shows up, he's savvy enough to let Elizabeth check it out before tuning. Of the 4 avatar types we've met, two of them have been kind of messed up- seemly by their avys. We want to know if it's a psych hazard before we attach it to our employer's brain (if it's harmful, we could always take it to the Doc and have it rebuilt into a different, safer to use, avy).
No. 62278 ID: 886a4d

Another thing, I have a feeling we might be doing a time skip soon. Some things to do during it.

1) Spar with 23. Finesse Breakers are still our weakness. We need to learn how to deal with them.

2) Learn how to be skilled with a gun. Study them, learn their parts etc. We can have Twinda do the research while we do the physical part. Find a gun range and maybe a military-grade obstacle course.

3) Twinda should also be learning basic medical stuff. How to treat cuts, burns and gunshot wounds are the main focus. Cally really made it obvious we need something like that beyond pure breaking and the Jake battle just underscored it.

4) Income. We no longer have it. However we're also a Spirit 5 Accountant. Time to cook some books so we never have to worry about money again. Maybe we could use Jake's club. Make his defeat total. He was worried about us taking over his city? Well now we even own his damn base of operations.

5)Blades. And Marc. Though the fact that Jake hired mercs to fight us really makes this unlikely we still need to check in on it. Begin to investigate Marc. Again we're an accountant so follow the money. This will take time though.

6) Cass. Have Twinda research what exactly Cass has and how to treat it.

Yes Twinda is getting a lot of use, but hell we dumped a ton into her. Time to make it useful as hell.

Another note, we should manifest her with every single weapon we have on her. Then when its time to take her to battle we actually take her to battle in the car. If we had remembered to do that we wouldn't have been so close to death.
No. 62279 ID: 44f93b

All good ideas.

Problem with this one. Blades implied she hadn't been paid (or at least in full) so there might not be a money trail to follow. Also, remember that we're planning on using breaking to manipulate financial shit. Someone else could do the same just as easy. So if we do find a money trail connecting Marc and Blades, it still doesn't prove he was involved- it could still be a setup by someone trying to get us to turn on him.

Really, with breaking in play, I'm not sure what would actually make satisfactory hard evidence, one way or the other!

I'd extend this to include some kind of actual martial arts instruction or training. We're just relying on our superhuman finesse to dodge and jump around- but as Blades showed us, having actual skill or training behind your stats makes a difference.

Get Cass in on this, if possible. And have her spar with us. An actual fighting style or martial art might give her a measure of self control, and she might learn to control herself a little better if she's fighting someone she doesn't want to kill to a bloody pulp.

>we should manifest Twinda with every single weapon we have on her. Then when its time to take her to battle we actually take her to battle in the car. If we had remembered to do that we wouldn't have been so close to death.
Hells yes.
No. 62280 ID: 44f93b

Oh, forgot to mention that something like training or sparing might require setting aside foci as you do it- to prevent from killing the instructor, and leaning how to do things on our own without Evasion kicking in automatically. (Obviously you need a trusted 3rd party holding them nearby- you can't risk just putting them down).

And add seeing if we can now switch control to Twinda to the list of experiments to try (we knew it required more spirit, but not how much more).
No. 62291 ID: a407a5

Passive or Active for Spirit 5?
No. 62292 ID: 44f93b

I was bored, so I did some math.

Remember last night we were talking about XP allocation? I decided to go check how much XP all our people had spent. I found:

Linda: 27
Cass: 26
Raphael: 26
Elizabeth: 10
Nicole: 17
23: 27
Marc: 45.333

This was using the current wiki stats, so the XP from the Jake and Morpheus fights aren't in there. (We know Linda got 5XP, I'd guess Cass, Raphael, 23 and Nic got 3 or 4 each).

I assumed everyone started with the same basic stats (shuffled 1 2 3 for str fin wil, 1 spirit, 5 BP) which seems pretty safe. I also assumed everyone's initial manifestation cost was 1BP, and that anything higher indicated unspecified upgrades (ie, the nightmare, eye, muramasa, Amelia). This assumption is less safe (as it's possible some foci just cost more from the get go), and may mean I've attributed extra XP to a few people.

Interesting to note is that Linda now actually has the most XP in the party (we passed Cass and Raphael) and this disparity only grows with the next update, or if I was wrong about my initial assumptions (if anyone started with higher stats or manifestation costs, that means they had less upgrades then I assumed).

Marc's number is wrong because his BP minus 5 isn't divisible by 3. Meaning he probably wasn't at full power when we scanned him.
No. 62293 ID: 44f93b

Oooh! Do we get any kind of hint? Like maybe... how expensive the active skill would be?

We already have a very good passive skill (Evasion). And I'd like something active- but I'm not sure we can afford something pricey like 23's blink skill with our current build- we're set up to burn a lot of XP on manifestation costs and being versatile with weapon choice and swapping.

Actually, of the currently known skills, the one I'd like most to pick up might be forceful break, which would probably be passive? Although I assume we're getting a new skill here.
No. 62294 ID: c31f72

I'm gonna vote passive!
No. 62295 ID: 4a328b

No. 62297 ID: 44f93b

...I'm fine with passive so long as we don't get Maria's "die and duck to cover" or Blade's "respawn faster" skills. Those would kind of suck for us- our build doesn't support aggressive dying the same way theirs do.
No. 62299 ID: 44f93b

> My bad. Thought you were at 4 for a moment there. Just ignore that... yeah...
I think you posted that in the wrong thread.

And I take that to mean our spirit 5 skill is predetermined?
No. 62300 ID: a407a5

Something like that. I'm working on it. Don't worry. Should help even you guys out with the killing people faster thing to.
No. 62303 ID: 44f93b

>new ability
...god damn. Increasing the clip size on our weapons just became a priority (along with stacking BP). Probably the pistol, since we keep it manifested at all times, and it has the biggest clip to start with.
No. 62306 ID: 886a4d

... Just for clarification, the 'each hit counts as a death' mean if we face a breaker we can expend 5 BP without pistol to drop someone else by 15 BP? Or is it just for 15 targets?
No. 62307 ID: a407a5

Without pistol?

If you have the pistol drawn and in your hands, then you expend 5BP, immediately fire 15 rounds in one go, and for each one that hits, the target loses 1BP.

No. 62308 ID: 886a4d

Thanks! That sounds incredible useful. How would it work with the freeze gun? On normal, not cartoon ice.
No. 62311 ID: 44f93b

The way it's worded ("weapon(s)") implies we should be able to empty the entire cold magnum and pistol at the same time (or two pistols, if we discover we can dual manifest, or borrow Twinda's or something).

It also spreads across multiple targets- does it do that randomly, or do we get to choose the distribution?

...the biggest downside for this is how devastating powerful it is. There's no real way to counter it. We're kind of fucked if and when we unexpectedly run into an enemy that can do something similar.

Since it's now highly relevant, may I ask specifically how spending an XP to increase the clip size of the handgun would work? How much more ammo do we get? (I assume it doubles, to 30?) Does that up the manifestation cost? (not that it matters much, since we keep it handy all the time).

I think our next batch of XP goes into more BP (since we now have another reason to burn it) and increasing our pistol clip.
No. 62312 ID: a407a5

How do you empty 30 seconds at once? You're not strong enough to affect time. Yet. For now, the ability is limited to weapons utilizing common munitions as a base.

You choose the targets as you desire.

As for clip increases, depends on the weapon. For the 9mm, I'd say 5 a point of xp, increasing the cost to manifest by 1. The reload cost stays the same regardless. For the rifle, an increase of 2 rounds per point spent. For the Cold Magnum, the amount of liquid increases by 10 seconds per point.
No. 62317 ID: 44f93b

>How do you empty 30 seconds at once?
Well, to be fair, 30s is just the time it takes to empty the chamber at a fixed rate of fire. We chose to measure the ammunition in terms of "time till empty" (because it's convenient) but we could just as easily measure it in terms of fluid volume- the actual ammunition. We could measure the pistol in terms of 'time' too (15 shots * minimum delay between shots = time of sustained fire).

Practically, I'd think you'd time how many seconds of cold it takes to do fatal injury (somewhere between 1 and 7), and then divide 30s by that number to see how many fatal 'shots' are available to be dispensed by the burst skill. Then we magically fire that many beams simultaneously, just like the pistol is somehow forcing 15 rounds though the barrel in parallel.

It's just unit oddities. For instance, did you ever notice we measure fuel consumption in terms of area? (Volume per distance = area).

>You're not strong enough to affect time.
...then how are we firing 15 times instantly? I guess we're bending space to shove the whole clip through the barrel at once instead?

>clip increase increments
Man. Sounds like the tank gun almost isn't worth upgrading in that manner at all. Cold magnum we'd be better off increasing the freeze efficiency (getting more out of less time). Pistol might still be worth it, considering we keep it out all the time, considering how often we reload it, and with the burst to abuse...

Hmm. Actually, it occurs to me this new bullet bust technique is a hidden danger. We have to be smart about when we try to use it, or we're going to get ourselves killed burning through BP when we shouldn't.
No. 62318 ID: 886a4d

What about a MIRV type round. Where each bullet splits into smaller ones. Thatd be an interesting way to increase our kill count w\o going by small clip size increments.
No. 62324 ID: 44f93b

Hmm. We really need to test if we can manifest the pistol twice. If we can't, unlocking a second manifestation is an upgrade we probably want to buy. (Dual pistols equals a 30kill chain).

>As long as Linda has a gun in her hand
>instantly unload the entire clip into any number of visible targets
>without any recoil or delay.

Does that mean we could actually fire off the entire magazine of the tank gun from a one-handed hold? Pistol in the other hand, and we've got a 25kill volley going.

I'd like to point out we're now actually capable of killing Marc. At full power, we have the BP to bust and reload 4 times in a row- that's 60 handgun kills. We'd have to chain it as fast as possible, only have a 2BP margin for anything else, and we'd somehow have to finish before Amelia woke up and got to us... but theoretically possible. That wasn't the case before (all my ideas for a fight with Marc before revolved around hurting Amelia enough to open a chance for escape).
No. 62325 ID: 886a4d

I just had an evil, nasty thought. Combine Soul Seeker rounds, MIRV-type bullets and our new ability. Talk about a force multiplier.
No. 62333 ID: 44f93b

Let's start with the stuff we know we can do. I expect we lack the spirit right now to make soul seekers or distributors, or that we require plot to happen before they're accessible (...I'm just praying they aren't introduced by D7 showing up and using them to kill Cass or something). I also suspect we won't be allowed to use MIRV ammo to increase our kill burst damage by a multiplicative factor.

I think we can assume we can't dual manifest anything right now (in part of the Jake battle, we tried to manifest the rifle when we'd left it with Twinda, before dismissing. It didn't work, so Linda stepped out from cover to use the pistol instead and got killed. Actually, in retrospect, leaving the rifle with Twinda as a spare was a bad idea. She barely got 2 shots off with hers. We really should have ordered her to fire on those targets more than once. Could have helped if Jake or Shotgun was down a few more points, or if arm went down quicker). Therefore, it's probably an upgrade we have to buy.

So with that in mind, I think our logical immediate upgrades are:

*1XP to unlock a second manifestation of the pistol (Manifestation cost stays the same, but we can opt to pay it twice for a second one). This lets us do up to a 30 shot chain with our new ability.
*If we can't do that, 1XP to increase pistol clip size.
*2-4 more XP into BP.
*Homing rounds (for the handgun, and rifle). Or possibly explosive rounds for the handgun instead. For when we need to make every shot in a kill-volley count (to murder finesse types with).

Why is more BP important? Several reasons:

Our build is unusual. Most of our allies (and enemies!) focus on a core weapon, upgrading it a few times, while focusing on stacking their main stat, and picking up enough BP and spirit to remain competitive.

We, however, spread our stat points around to try and be a useful negotiator and leader (as well as to resist mind control). We also went for weapon versatility over specialization. Not only does that mean we have to spread more XP to upgrade things, but we're also forced to spend more BP in battle swapping weapons around. Plus, as a gunner, there's reloading costs too. And now that we have good spirit, we can expect to spend points active breaking offensively, to say nothing of our expensive new attack skill! (Which has a higher cost than stated- mid battle you pay 7BP- 1 to reload for full effect, 5 to fire, 1 to reload again. And the reloads will be more expensive if we opt to use homing rounds). Not to mention the costs of setting up Twinda when we want her, and the mech when we finally get that. Gunner girl needs BP, badly.

Our build has the advantage that versatility is dangerous- it allows us to react creatively, with responses tailored to the situation, and in ways the enemy may not expect. (Whereas specialists are mostly stuck doing the same thing, even when it doesn't work).

Our build has the disadvantage that we pay out the nose in BP costs, and that we require more XP to keep up with our peers. Also- our core stat will always lag behind specialists. Although we can compensate for this- Evasion makes our every point of finesse count more, and homing will help us peg opponents even when they have better fin that us.

Raphael actually comes closest to our build- except his versatility doesn't come with the same cost as ours, since he gets all his forms from a single focus! (And apparently, costs no BP to swap between, or even manifest anymore). So he still gets to stack his stats like a specialist (although, this shows less, as he goes for an almost even str/wil split).

>Non build and stats discussion
Just want to say, as much as getting Cally killed sucks, you've been handling the writing for it and Linda's response really well. That lobby scene, and the morning... beautiful. (Sad beautiful, but still).
No. 62336 ID: 886a4d

It doesn't hurt to ask if things like soul seekers and MIRV type rounds are doable. Of course having all those plus homing in a single bullet is going to drive up our reload costs to 4 and our gun to 6! so its not unbalanced. But if the rifle is to remain our finisher like it has I think it'll be worth the cost.

As far as BP goes I prefer to aim for spirit 6 sooner then later rather then put more exp into BP. We can save a lot by being smart with our expenses. Such as keeping Twinda summoned, with guns on her. And maybe an 'unobtrusive' or 'collapsible' (think mass effect but smaller) upgrade on our rifle so we can keep it summoned even in front of norms.

Heres my modified list.

1 xp homing on rifle
1 xp proximity explosive rounds enabled for pistol. For Cally style dodgers.
1 xp MIRV capable to our bullets on the rifle. These bullets split into smaller rounds once near the target.
1 xp to adding Soul Seeker to our bullets. These bullets destroy BP directly in addition to killing the target.
1 xp to make the rifle unnoticable and easier to cart around. I prefer a collapsable type of idea where it ends up it fairly small and easy to explain away.
5 xp into Spirit 6
2-3 xp into BP. You are right on the fact that we'll be needing this after all those upgrades.
6 xp into Spirit 7
No. 62344 ID: 44f93b

>doesn't hurt to try for good things
No, of course not. I'm just pragmatic in my expectations. Basically- if it's game breaking, I don't expect us to be allowed to get it. (...and MIRV would let us do 15*n BP damage from a single pistol burst).

I don't think we'd be allowed to make the rifle collapsible to dodge BP costs. That's basically what manifestation already is (we're collapsing a rifle in and out of a bullet!). If we want to carry it around all the time, we'll have to invest in warped minds (or wait till Raphael gets the next tier of warped and hang with him all the time).

>the list
I'm confused as to why trying to upgrade the pistol to a dual manifestation isn't on there at all. If it's allowable (and it seems possible, especially after what we saw wit Cally) it's a cheap way to double the efficacy of our new ability. (If it's not possible, we could just pay Doc to clone our pistol focus, which is what it looks like Jake did with his dual balls/vials. Or course, we should wait till we upgrade the pistol first).

I also think we need more BP earlier- we've run into more and worse fuckups from low BP than people dodging the rifle. And coping methods like keeping Twinda ready only work so long as we're prepared (we go on an op- rather than we get attacked), and if we don't run into multiple engagements a day. Also, every point and a half we put into BP gives us enough points to use our new skill again. We want to be able to exploit that rapid chain killing.

Ignoring stuff I don't think is possible, I'd say the list should look like:

*dual pistols
*2-3 xp into BP
*explosive pistol ammo
*homing rifle ammo

MIRV, if allowed, I'd put right after the dual pistols, since it would be another way to drastically increase efficacy of our burst skill. 30*n BP damage.
No. 62346 ID: 886a4d

I meant MIRV for the Rifle as splitting the bullets of the 9mm will be reducing them to birdshot! You gotta remember the rounds have to hit. Which means they still have to pierce whatever armor there is. Far more useful on the rifle which has a great deal more firepower.
No. 62347 ID: 44f93b

>MIRV rounds on rifle
Yes... that's somewhat more reasonable. It sounds actually potentially possible and the damage is slightly less absurd (only 10*n shots). Would serve to finally make sniping an option for assassinating non-scrub enemy breakers (although there's still the problem of missing out on their foci).

I'd still put that after BP, but before spirit, though. We want to be able to afford to use these bursts and exotic ammo.

>pistol rounds have to actually get though armor
Yeah, if we wanted to empty a burst of ammo into an armored target (like Blades) I think you'd either want to load explosive rounds first, or active break to ruin the armor first ("Hey! My clothes! What are you-" BLAM*15).
No. 62368 ID: 44f93b

Shifting topics for a moment (I'm sure we'll get back to XP and upgrades as soon as Dreamer tells us which of our ideas are crazy, or we start to get close to having XP to spend again).

You know, for all the hints we've received that Marc may not be trustworthy, or have a dark side, he really does present a front that wants to be trusted. He's got all kinds of qualities that you want in a good leader.

He makes a point of speaking individually with his employees. He doesn't rely on reports, or information passed up the chain of command. He conducts personal interviews, makes sure he gets information and concerns right from the source. He gives us a chance to question him, and he explains himself. His stated goals are ones we can agree with, and he doesn't hide the fact that these goals sometimes necessitate violence or death (he's just understandably reluctant to go into specifics). He's also quick to trust his employees with responsibility as they prove themselves, and mostly allows the discretion and autonomy to get things done in their own way (letting people play to their own strengths and initiative).

Basically, he's set up a lot of the way we usually play our own characters. The good guy who's out for a good cause, tries to take care of his people (and put them to good use!), but doesn't shirk from what needs to be done. And he can be cruel or angry when crossed. That sounds like us a lot of the time. Hell, that describes Linda to a good extent- except she's making these decisions on a squad or tactical level and Marc is doing it on the organization or strategic level.

...of course, final call depends on how much benefit of the doubt we're willing to give him. We know he has skeletons in his closet: his past with Doctor, Raphael's missions, and the barrel he has him over, the kill order, Mike's orders, past connections with Jake and Jake's opinion of him, possibly the connection to Blades, etc. The big question is: were these necessary things that needed to be done, that he understandably keeps on a need to know basis? (And our perspective is clouded by the fact that we don't have all the facts around each situation). Or are these deep dark secrets that reveal the true man and philosophy behind the friendly facade?
No. 62405 ID: 466404

>Does that mean we could actually fire off the entire magazine of the tank gun from a one-handed hold?
Can you reliably aim a rifle with one hand?

>killing Marc
Assuming you hit Marc.

>explosive rounds for the handgun
Consider them non-natural. You don't usually explosive 9mm rounds running around. No proximity though, as they would explode upon coming close to ANYTHING, like say the barrel of a gun. Or wind. Or a pillar. Or a normal. Or anything else for that matter.

>Soul Seeker/Disrupter Rounds
Patience. They'll come soon enough. So no, for right now, in case that wasn't clear.

What's causing the split? Technically, rounds like this already exist(if a bit illegal due to the amount of damage they can do), but the split for the Hollow-Point rounds of reality is cause by contact with someone body. MIRV rounds would split out because...?

Unless you want to argue more physics breaking somewhere in there. But that'll cost you dearly, I assure you. Besides, before you get your hopes up any, I'm going to have to say that a MIRV round would still count as a single round, regardless if it split into pieces or not. What you effectively just described to me, after all, was a shotgun flechette shell chambered for a .50 sniper rifle.

Think that covers everything I could spot reading... I think. Should have an actual post for the story up sometime tomorrow, hopefully. If not... eh, sucks, but you'll have to wait till Monday.
No. 62409 ID: 886a4d

Alright, since we have the word of god lets finilize our next list.

1 xp homing on rifle
1 xp for explosive pistol rounds. Alternate Ammo.
1 xp for BP
1 xp clip size increase on pistol
1 xp multiple manifestations of pistol (probably 2 max.)
1 xp for BP
5 xp for spirit 6
1 xp RESERVED: SOUL SEEKERS. Rifle rounds (I figure we'll see these in another 2-3 missions)
1 xp for lightened rifle with shoulder strap (one handed rifle!)
1 xp for unobtrusive rifle ( people just glance over and dismiss it. By now we're starting to get to the point where it might be wise to keep this manifested always.)
1 xp for BP
6 xp for spirit 7

The reason I spread out the BP xp expenses is because we typically see 3-5 xp per mission. That means in order to 'make up' for increased costs we need it right then instead of in a lump sum at the end.
No. 62414 ID: 44f93b

>Assuming you hit Marc.
Well, he only has finesse two, which is barely better than a normal, and none of his unknown spirit abilities sound like something that would allow him to avoid damage. I'm also assuming we surprise him- Linda initiates combat unexpectedly. The biggest issue would be catching him somewhere where reinforcements wouldn't reach us quickly at the sound of gunfire (we'd have to be using allies to secure the location) and, of course, Amelia. I'm assuming she can take bullets fairly harmlessly (well, 9mm rounds at least). I'm unsure if sudden appearance means a lack of manifestation delay (so we have less time to off him) or if it lets her do short range teleports (appearing instantly between the gun and Marc). Either way is bad, though.

Purely a theoretical exorcise though. Jake came within a hair of killing us, and Marc is a lot stronger (especially if he's got any XP since a month ago). The tactical situation isn't great. I'm also unsure he's actually bad, as of yet (see >>62368). Theoretically being capable of killing him, in ideal circumstances, is just a mark of how much we've grown in power. It's on (the edge of) the table now- it wasn't even in the room before.

>Can you reliably aim a rifle with one hand?
Honestly, from the skill description, I wasn't entirely sure aiming was something we had to do. And to answer the question- without recoil? Maybe.

>everything I could spot reading... I think
I think the only upgrade you didn't comment on was whether we'd be able to upgrade the pistol to allow a second manifestation (which is what we suspect Cally did with her chain) or if we'd have to get the Doc to duplicate the focus (which is what it looks like Jake did with his two balls and two vials).

You also skipped over my arguing that time wasn't really the ammo the cold gun uses. But you can pretty easily make the argument our new skill only works on bullets, and not pools of liquid nitrogen, so whatever.

You might also have missed my praise for dem sads. Seriously, I reread (the pre Marc and Daniels bits of) that last update over and over yesterday, and man did it get to me.

>Should have an actual post for the story up sometime tomorrow, hopefully.
Cool. My f5-ing will continue unabated. Sorry for the wall of text questions and report. (...Marc did want a report on everything, and not just last night... right? :p)

I almost agree with this. Quibbles:

I would put multi-manifesting the pistol before increasing the clip size. I'd rather increase our kill-burst damage by 15 than 5.
(If we get 5XP at once, this doesn't matter. But I expect less, and doubling down on the pistol / burst damage should be in our first batch of upgrades when next we get XP).

I might also want to change some of those 1XP BP boosts into 2XP investments, depending on what we have to work with at time time. (Spreading out BP to pay for new costs as we go makes sense, but I'm still of the opinion we don't have enough to pay the costs we already have).

>1 xp for lightened rifle with shoulder strap (one handed rifle!)
A shoulder strap is a good idea for the rifle, and one that's occurred to me before (so we can sling it over our shoulder and swap to something else without having to drop or dismiss it mid battle). Lightened is something that occurred to me as soon as we first got Cass' stats, but I can think of one very big problem. What happens when you make something with high recoil light? We could risk blowing it backwards out of our hands! Or just making the gun jump a lot more between shots- increasing the delay between shots as we have to correct and line up shots again.

>1 xp for unobtrusive rifle ( people just glance over and dismiss it. By now we're starting to get to the point where it might be wise to keep this manifested always.)
I don't think costs are high enough for that yet. We upgrading the rifle once brings costs to 3BP, choosing to manifesting it with homing ammo (which we should only opt to do when we need to) only brings the cost to 4BP.

I kind of dislike toting it around all day anyways- it messes with normal life, it would impede dodges and movement, there's always the chance we could lose our hold on it or have it fall off our back it mid fight (happens enough with our handguns), it makes us obvious to enemy breakers at a distance, plus I kind of like the element of surprise when people discover we've got more than handguns (It's what killed Jake, and it certainly blew Blades away. Pun intended).

There's also the off chance this upgrade wouldn't be allowed- normally we'd have to waste a spirit slot and several xp on warped minds for this effect. Not sure we could get away paying 1XP for the same thing. (Plus I'm sort of expecting Raphael to continue up the warped skill tree- the next level allows him to cover allies too).

I'd also like to hope we'll end up being able to tune the mech before we hit spirit 6. C'mon doc! Hurry it up.
No. 62451 ID: 9718f3

As far as I can see, proximity explosive rounds make exactly as much sense as homing rounds do. If homing rounds can identify what they are supposed to be hitting and shift their path towards them, explosive rounds should logically have the capacity for similar target detecting capabilities. They would simply be exploding instead of changing direction. If anything, they require less reality breaking.
No. 62486 ID: 44f93b

Marc just gained like half a dozen good leader trust points in my book. Whatever he may or may not be up to, and whatever skeletons he may have in his closet, dude knows how to be a good boss. Props.
No. 62490 ID: 44f93b

Godsdamnit. I've been afraid ever since their existence was spoiled that an enemy was going to just walk up and blow one of our friends away with evil breaker killing bullets. I've been afraid for Cass, but after that last batch of visions... it's Elizabeth, isn't it? ;_;
No. 62491 ID: a407a5

It would actually have to count as an alternate ammo-type, regardless of how you want to argue how it would work. There are no such things as proximity explosive rounds. Either way, you're actually doing more breaking, as explosives would have to be loaded into the round(metal doesn't just explode randomly) and the proximity effect, and convincing reality that the bullet shouldn't just explode before reaching it's intended target. Homing rounds, in my opinion, are a lot easier to convince reality of because it really only has two things to convince for. The first is the homing, the second the tracking of the intended target. The second is fairly easy, "make the bullet kill that guy" is the general thought process. The homing is just you telling reality to curve itself to guide the bullet in a "straight" path towards the target.

At least that's how I saw it. But really, proximity rounds are a little unnecessary. You generally hit whatever you're aiming at anyway, regardless, and the proximity rounds seem to me like more likely to cause collateral damage to the environment and to normals than a homing round. Either way, you get a kill. It's up to you guys in the end though, what you really want to go for.
No. 62494 ID: 44f93b

I don't really think we need proxmity explosives. Explosives by themselves are good enough. If we want near misses to explode and hit the target anyways, we just need to shoot low (so we hit the ground under our target) or at nearby cover, walls, the ceiling, etc.

So is upgrading the pistol to unlock a second manifestation (ie, we can pay the manifestation cost again and pull a second copy of the pistol out of the air) something we're allowed to do? Because I suspect that's what Cally did with her dual plasma-rod chains (from a single focus), and perhaps Blades too (I'm guessing she started out with a cross that turned into a single blade).
No. 62496 ID: a407a5

The 2-gun thing is fine. I won't even raise the cost, since you're paying the same higher price twice already. Go to town. You'll have to buy it though.
No. 62498 ID: 44f93b

Cool. Exactly what I wanted to hear.

How big would the boom be from explosive 9mm rounds? Too small, and it doesn't serve my initial purpose of defeating body armor and then some, too big and the loss of LOS in between shots will provide cover for the enemy to respawn, preventing us from chaining them.
No. 62560 ID: 44f93b

So... nice simple distract the normals job. Provided this goes smoothly, and we aren't jumped by fixers or something else before we go home, we're probably going to head back to base in an hour or so with 1-2 XP each (since this is relatively simple, and there's no loot). Maybe 3XP, tops.

Recommended XP distributions:

*1XP unlock second manifestation of the pistol (cost unchanged- 1BP per pistol).
*1XP increase clip size (increases BP cost to 2).

This is stacking our build for maximum ammo-burst damage potential when we get jumped by Trevor, Maria, Aria, Division 7, and/or gods knows what else. We can do the rifle ammo upgrades next time- I highly doubt the incoming baddies will give us a chance to work at range. It's gonna be an ambush, not us attacking an enemy location and planing ahead.

Kinda want to dump it all in will. Her control needles are potentially game changing against enemy breakers if she can reliably make the will checks (oh look, she made the boss attack his allies. And then he sauntered over and handed in his foci. That was easy). Maybe go right for spirit 4 if we actually get 3XP (nothing wrong with more support abilities). Definitely looking for more spirit and BP once we've stacked will to around 8.

I'd like to see her save up for her next level of spirit. She's got enough str and BP for the moment, and I can't think of any logical upgrades for her weapons.

Although, I would like to see her burn some of her loot foci (unless she's been spending them off screen, she should be up to 3 or 4 now) on getting the Doctor to customize her spare knife into something cool.

More will? I'm not so worried about him fighting with us anymore, and I'm pretty sure that's the stat he uses for fear and dream based stuff. Saving up for spirit might be good too- in addition to unlocking a new ability, I suspect more spirit means he's allowed to hold on to more fear forms- notice he's at spirit 4, and only has 4 now (he lost the burning man for death).
No. 62583 ID: 44f93b

I would just like to take a moment to congratulate everyone involved on how awesome this is right now.

I dare Trevor and the rest of the preordained nasties to show up now. We'll step on them!

...and to think, I almost didn't write that suggestion! It occurred to me and I ran off in the middle of dinner prep to put it up. If I'd waited till after, I would have missed the update.
No. 62586 ID: f33ace

>expend 5BP to instantly unload the entire clip of whatever weapon(s) she has into any number of visible targets without any recoil or delay
>every hit does count as a death
that is epic. and i know the perfect weapon to use for this, though we'll have to talk to the doc to get it.(maybe hit mac up first if the doc needs a pistol foci to change to a pistol weapon)

borrowed shamelessly from "The Venus Belt" by L. Neil Smith((c)1980), it's called a Webley & Scott(or just Webley, for short(though who am i kidding? you're just going to end up calling it a Needler. XP)).
it looks roughly like a normal pistol(enough to not draw too many odd glances, until it fires ;D), but instead of using explosive propellants to launch finger-sized projectiles, it instead used electromagnetic coils to rapidly accelerate it's .17 caliber steel needles/darts up to around Mach 10(11-12k feet-second). and since they're electromagnetically suspended/accelerated, they never touch the barrel. "a bias in the windings puts spin on the projectiles." it says.(because i know someone will ask about that) plus it's a lot quieter, only a d-d-dit, rather than a loud BANG.
but the best part? the magazine holds a full 100 rounds. >:D and only takes 4 seconds to empty, on full auto. and yes, it has single-fire, burst(adjustable 2-12), and full auto.
they've also got a version with a 200 round clip, but smaller ammo, doesn't pack as much of a punch. didn't even manage to get through a shovel-head, in-story.(the smaller one, the .17 wouldn't have had any problem)

now, realistically, i doubt we'd manage to get that gun in all it's glory, and even if we did, it'd probably be like 5bp to summon.
the biggest hangups, i think, would be the speed and the rof. 11k feet per second would, i think, be really difficult to achieve in only a few inches, even with EM systems. but even firing around or just under mach 1 would probably be doable(and even quieter), considering there are real guns that land around there, and we're not playing completely by normal rules. and it would still provide decent power. if we can though, something closer to mach 2 might be better, but feel free to disagree.
-a 100 round clip in 4 seconds comes out to about 25 rounds per second, on FA which, again, might be a bit much. i'm thinking somewhere around 5-10 rps would be reasonable? fairly fast, but not overly.
-if we can keep the burst function(fire x rounds pre trigger, not fire a round which bursts :P), i think we could skip the adjustable part and just leave it at 3 or 5 rounds, depending on the rof we get(higher for faster).
-the one thing i think we'd definitely want to keep, though, would be the 100-round magazine. even if it were a bit larger than the 9mm(the in-story one was sized for a gorilla), the magazine is what we'd be getting this gun for. if we absolutely can't get that much without making the rounds too small & light to be useful anymore, i think the minimum we'd want would be 50.
one thing to note, though, these are needles. they're not going to leave the same big holes normal guns do. at the speeds we're likely to get, it'd probably take 2 or possibly 3 good hits to take someone out, barring poison or a lucky hit to the heart or spine or something.
on the other hand, since they are needles, they should have better penetration. they're not going to go through walls or thick pieces of metal, but they should be able to go through light or possibly even medium body armor, depending on type.
whatever we can get, i'm thinking we'd want a 2, maybe 3bp BASE summon cost, since this is, at least theoretically, within the realm of real, possible, physics, even if we don't have any tech that can actually manage it yet.(and if you want to argue that, just think of all the things we can do today that were once considered impossible)

tl;dr: what we're hoping to get:
-pistol, possibly a bit over-sized
-electromagnetically launched steel needles
-.17 caliber(roughly the diameter of a bb, i think.)(the barrel is a little bigger, though)
-projectile speed ~mach 1-2
-rof ~5-10 rps
-single, 3-5 burst, full auto options
-100-round clip(min 50)
-light-medium(?) body armor piercing
-2-3 base summon cost
with anything better, including any special effects(poison, ect), requiring separate upgrades.

in any event, please note that everything here is either taken from the book, for the original idea, or is my opinion, and feel free to argue/debate with the latter about what we want or think we can get away with. as always, dreamer gets last say, and i look forward to whatever results.
No. 62589 ID: 44f93b

Jebus, unexpected wall of text (yeah, I'm one to talk). Let me try to break that down...

>projectile speed ~mach 1-2
I don't see why that's special to note. Our handgun already has a muzzle velocity in that range, and our rifle surpasses that. (No idea how quickly the beam from our cold magnum propagates at. Maybe it has the same muzzle velocity as the colt we made it from?).

>electromagnetically launched steel needles
In what way are these superior to conventional explosion launched bullets? They're different, and more sci-fi, sure, but I don't see it as markedly better. If we're paying to get the Doc to make us a weapon, why not go for something truly exotic, like the ice gun? We could have plasma blasts, a healing ray, a gravy gun! Something a lot more versatile or powerful.

>body armor piercing
The rifle already has this covered, and we're already planning to spend 1XP to get the handgun armor piercing or explosive rounds to solve that problem at close range. No need to get a whole new gun for it.

>really fast rate of fire
First thing that's really potentially useful in normal combat, although if we're using battlefield instinct to magically empty the clip instantly, then rate of fire doesn't matter at all!

>huge 100 round clip
Devastating, when combined with our new ability. Although, really, if that's all we need, wouldn't it be easier to get our hands on a machine gun, or some other conventional weapon with a large clip?

>in summation
It's mostly not interesting or different enough to merit the trouble (or the 3 foci cost) of custom making it. It's main advantages are a preposterous rate of fire and clip size for a handgun which we probably wouldn't get away with.


Personally, if we're having a custom weapon discussion, I think we should be considering what we want to covert our shotgun and Cass' extra knife into. The doctor is right there after all. After the mech fight we can get some work down.

Shotgun: healing ray? Gravity gun?
Knife: plasma blade?
No. 62607 ID: f33ace

well, like i said, that was just what i thought i could get away with for only a couple bp manifest cost. the original idea fires it's rounds at mach 10, which would be fairly devastating to just about anything short of thick metal plates, or solid walls. and the em part was mostly useful for being quieter than most guns, though that is usually moot, i suppose.
i will admit that there are probably easier options if we just want a giant clip to unload, but this is just the first thing that came to my mind. :P

if you want more exotic ideas, i can think of a few.
-i think a healing item might be a good idea to have, especially if we can get one that restores bp(probably can't, though).
-for gravity gun, i can think of a couple different options. the first being basically the same as the one in Half-Life or Rochard, that lets you lift and throw around heavy/hazardous objects(potentially even people :P).
but the other is one that launches gravity bubbles that can be oriented in different directions(though i'm not sure how that would work). so you could put a bubble with gravity going up, for a boosted jump, or walking on the ceiling, or have one pointed down to double gravity within, or, possibly just have one that pulls everything in an area towards where you shoot(probably easiest).
-we could also, possibly, get a portal gun(from the Portal games) type device, that lets us place paired 2-way portals on flat surfaces of sufficient size. if we get that, though, i we should try to get something a tad smaller than Portal's big 2-handed model, something that might actually be useful in combat.
-or, for more variety, we could try for something like the arm cannon from the Metroid games, with options for plasma, ice, sniping, missles, and room for more as we come up with them(and no cost for changing ammo type, just reloading XP).

so yeah, i get ideas out the wazoo, sometimes, but i give no guarantees that any of them are any good. :P but that is why i put them in the disc thread and not the story thread.
No. 62612 ID: 44f93b

>EM launches are silent
Potentially useful, but it's already been confirmed we could upgrade our existing guns to be magically super-silent if we wanted. And the ice gun can be used for quiet kills.

Although a silencer isn't as much as advantage as you'd think, given the inherent drawbacks of sniping in this setting.
*Targets are outside the range of break sight- making it hard to distinguish normals, or stop before permanently killing breakers.
*It's easier to escape chain kills at long range.
*1 Shot assassination, ending the battle before it starts, is generally not possible.
*You can't loot foci if you kill by sniping (opportunity cost of XP, and new weapons).
*Meta problem: sniping with impunity makes for boring, non-challenging battles. We're practically guaranteed to have something go wrong or get jumped, eventually.

There's also the fact that I expect Raphael to pic up the next level of the warped skill tree at some point, which should allow him to cover up the existence of a battle we're involved in completely and passively. Who cares if your gun is silent if no one not involved in the direct fight can hear it anyways?

Anyways, to exotic weapons!

>Healing gun
The main drawback of this is we will mostly have little use for it, with occasional situations where we really need it. The other drawback is it may initially be limited in the extent it can heal- meaning it'll require us dumping XP into upgrades before it's good enough to actually reverse fatal injury at the last minute (and worse- it's not like it's easy to experiment with how effective it is at saving lives).

Potentially- we don't need this at all- as we get stronger, our free-form breaking is less likely to fail, and our newly discovered collaborative breaking gives us a possible way to power through the next heal check (assuming, of course, we're not alone with the person bleeding out next time).

Then again, we know damn well how important it is to have reliable healing.

Really not sure. I could go either way on this.

>restores bp
Yeah... that would never fly. A weapon or support skill that allowed transference or sharing BP between consenting breakers might work, assuming it operated at a loss. (No way would we be allowed to make a BP generator).

>gravity gun
When I think of gravy, I tend to use the Schlock Mercenary model. Provided you've got the power generation and computer power, you can do what you want with your graviton beam. Tractor, bubble, float, invert, crush, etc. I have no idea how much we could get away with on a single gun though, without lots of upgrades, and without computer assistance.

>Portal Gun
Big drawback is that this is a text quest. Without established visuals, and only a vague understanding of the actual space we're fighting in at most points, it would be hard to exploit portals effectively.

There's also some nice limitations in the portal games that make certain tactics more effective- your enemies are immobile and you suffer no ill effects from rapid acceleration, or sudden impact.

Then of course, I assume it would be prohibitively expensive to operate. 23's short range blinks cost 5BP. That's a small, 1 time, 1 way spacial distortion. To tear open stable wormholes, that violates conservation of momentum (they conserve velocity speed- that's different), conservation of angular momentum, conservation of (potential) energy, etc. as long as it's open? I don't want to consider the costs!

>arm cannon
Samus basically just has a fancy way of changing guns without changing guns. I don't see us getting one weapon that does all that unless we make it absurdly expensive, or that it's superior to just having a versatile selection of guns to manifest.

And if the ammo is something that doesn't exist normally in reality, you're going to have to pay an extra BP when loading it. No real way around that.

Something like a missile launcher or plasma blast could be pretty destructive, though. Although maybe not as much as a gravity beam?

(Please don't take offense of be disheartened at my tearing through ideas. I just enjoy over-analyzing and strategizing things for this quest. Actually, this quest has everything I love- lots of npc interaction, heavily tactical combat, and obsessive fussing over character builds).

>that is why i put them in the disc thread and not the story thread
Yeah, brainstorming new weapons, upgrades, and XP distrabution in advance definately goes here. There are so many options, it's really best if we have some idea as to what's feasible and/or a good idea before it's actually time to allocate XP.
No. 62650 ID: 44f93b

You know, the recent string of events makes it occur to me how awesome Elizabeth is.

>The Angel is sad
>I will cheer her up!

And then she arranges a giant monster vs mech fight, just for us.

Really, I have a hard time imagining anything she or anyone else could have done that would have worked better.
No. 62854 ID: 3338b5
File 135163101006.png - (1.03MB , 604x704 , breakers.png )

Have some poorly drawn text-quest fanart. This is what I amused myself doing when the lights went out yesterday.

Foci hopelessly not to scale, and poor Raphael is a mess. He didn't have a prescribed style of dress or accessories to hide behind like the others, and I have no idea how to properly convey the messy white hair and the haggard, sleep deprived face in my mind's eye.
No. 62857 ID: a407a5


Ahem.... excuse me...
No. 62981 ID: 3338b5

You're welcome.

>fight finished
So I'm assuming / hoping the rest of our party got 1-2 xp for that? I mean, they weren't in on the giant mecha battle, but they were fighting tanks and stuff...

If our meta discussion has an impact on their allocation, I'd like to see Raphael and Cass saving for spirit 5, and Elizabeth stacking will (she's going to need more than 5 for her control wire to be reliable if and when she's ever involved in a fight with other breakers).
No. 63041 ID: 3338b5

Yay! Update.

We'll have to tune the nerve suit the next time we have a decent hunk of xp to spend, so we have it ready before the next mech fight. (All it needs to be finished now is a paint job, and a matter transference switch built into the watch). Other than that, I don't think anything has changed in our XP distribution priorities. We still want a bigger pistol clip, to pick up some rifle ammo, some more BP, and spirit 6. We may be forced to pick up some more finesse to stay competitive too, looking at our allies stat growth.

>anti breaker weapons
Could I request a more detailed physical description? The dimensions, at least? I'm tying to figure out how much of a problem carrying them on our person or bringing them to bear in battle will be.

>vial of unknown
Now that we've destroyed the last vestige of Jake, and we can't exploit the spoilers, could I ask what the balls were made of? And what would have happened if we'd actually sliced or shot one of them?
No. 63042 ID: f6cff9

Jesus I just look at the stats and damn that some impressive growth from our friends. I should check the wiki more often.
No. 63047 ID: 886a4d

Jeesh. 13 Strength on Cass and 13 Finesse on 23. Talk about power creep. Those two probably would overwhelm anyone at this point. If thats the quality we can look towards to for our enemies I hope our new ability helps us out.
No. 63049 ID: 466404

>Anti-Breaker Weapon
They're cylinders about half-your height, the empty one weighing in at about 10 pounds, the other at about 15.

A random solid/liquid that, upon slamming into something, has a perfectly elastic collision, as well as gaining energy once it rebounds. It's paired with a glove that removes all the force upon impact with the glove, although obviously you'll never get to see that. It actually required a fair bit of finess to catch that thing.
No. 63051 ID: 3338b5

It's worth watching- we do a pretty good job of keeping it up to date with the latest update, actually. I've tried to drop mentions in the main thread when interesting new things worth seeing crop up (like new allies, or spirit abilities).

Of course we can expect the same from our enemies. Worse, because bosses typically have had even more more total XP than us.

It's the drawback of going for a versatile build I discussed a while back. Specialists require less XP to build themselves up, and Linda will lag behind them in terms of core stats.

Although, running into someone who diversified, like Linda, is probably a more dangerous than someone who specialized. Versatility allows for unpredictability, adaptability, and creativity. That's not what you want to see in a boss. Although the bonus of fighting someone with a Linda-build is they'll have to have several foci on them to loot if we win.

>half-your height
Huh. So we got a meter stick. So much for tucking them into Linda's waistband. Gonna be hard to carry those around casually, or to use those in actual combat, unless we're willing to sacrifice a hand that could be toting a gun. I guess for now we hide them in that guitar case we have in the trunk.
No. 63156 ID: 70c0f2

>I am so tempted to tune his brother's gun to us and waste points to modify the thing to shoot silver bullets. Just for spite.

>feel free to use our own ideas against us, it's your right, and our own fault.

>>"Haven't you heard? You need silver to kill a Were-wolf."

...obviously I fucked up here.

Oh, and new rule: no using our spirit 5 ammo burst against anything until we've confirmed the handguns actually work on them. That, or we need to get some armor piecing or magical ammo for them so it doesn't matter.
No. 63159 ID: 70c0f2

Stat speculation- (not cluttering the wiki).

Str build, some wil, fin dump.
BP: at least 17.
Giant Wolf- upgraded at least once (either making it tough enough to shug off low caliber rounds, or explicitly taking a silver weakness on the assumption no one would be prepared to counter it).
Spirit abilities:
Transform faster? (Maria could draw on Raphael quicker than he could get rock skin up, but we couldn't do the same to wolf pelt).
I'm assuming something else (maybe weapon environment?. Or active break?)
Spirit guess: 4

I'm guessing his primary stat is fin, although he's obviously got some investment in str (or that fin -> str ability), and will.
BP: hidden
Manifestation: Cane
Injury: mental (duh)
Spirit abilities:
Normality Cloak
Instant Movement (he blinked to Linda)
Finesse Focus (maybe? It would explain how he hit so hard, and still had enough XP to have pumped wil enough to fight Elizabeth).
Spirit: 4 or 5
No. 63203 ID: 70c0f2

Further speculation:

We knew Trevor was the wolf. His confirmation of Maria's presence in sun city, along with the reaffirmation of her desire to obtain Elizabeth, seems to confirm her as the woman holding the child her the vision (either Mary imagery, or a metaphor for her taking Elizabeth).

Do we want to guess that Casey might be the hole? That is the mark his weapon-cane would make- the evidence he would leave behind, even if he himself is cloaked from sight. And he has at least normality cloak (or possibly better?), and probably higher than spirit 3. If she couldn't make the spirit check, that might be enough to block someone from her passive sight? (I think she has to switch to active and burn BP to penetrate normalcy cloak, if I'm reading the description right).

The appealing thing about this interpretation is that all three threats are connected- they're all different facets of the same enemy.
No. 63206 ID: 70c0f2

So... are we being railroaded again, or is our whole party just having awful luck with the dice now? (Coupled partially with our stupidity, I suppose).

Seriously, getting the call for help off was the only thing that's gone right so far. And that seems suspiciously like a good way to get the cavalry here in time to save Cass and Linda from getting killed, but not before Elizabeth s grabbed.
No. 63207 ID: a407a5

Just bad rolls. At least on your part. Cass is doing pretty well, although you can't really see that.
No. 63208 ID: 886a4d

Honestly the dice have had it in for us for... this entire thread hah.
No. 63210 ID: 70c0f2

Not the entire thread. Our rematch with 23 went absurdly smoothly. Raphael made the don't cut check, Linda made the will check and the shot, and Nic made a successful disable (how often do we pull that off?). Then we cruised through Blade's minions, and our disadvantage against Blades was more tactical (conflicting priorities, and surprised by her fast-res ability) than screw-up able (...unless we want to blame Mike never getting away cleanly with the avy on bad rolls). From then on though...

Well, that's good news at least, but pray tell, what do we (miss)roll to recover from breathless too slowly to be useful? :p

...next time we're in that situation, we make the will check from the floor. We don't need to be standing, or capable of speech, to throw our will at someone vulnerable. We almost pushed whats her number off Cass, we should be able to shove Elizabeth down harder on her targets.

Slightly bummed that we never get to do anything useful with our will investment. We totally should have left our will at one. That dice was lucky.
No. 63239 ID: 70c0f2

Welp, we just willing gave up any control or influence over this situation. I hope Elizabeth knows what she's doing.

Crazy guestimates:

Once we're linked to Elizabeth, she'll be able to use her BP pool through us. Instead of an Angel with too little BP to fight this battle, we'll have an Angel puppet with the reserves to juggle guns and finish this guy off with our bullet time thing.

Or maybe if we submit, we add our will to hers. Then when she sticks the enemy again, they have to deal with 12 will.

Or maybe it lets her active break through us, with a combined spirit score for some devastation?
No. 63240 ID: 70c0f2

...or she's going to go Paul Atreides, with full precog on and make us unstoppable. Dodging attacks before they start, putting bullets where the enemy will be.
No. 63258 ID: 70c0f2

Okay, I have to say, that was a fantastically satisfying update. Too bad we're going to have to bail before killing Trevor, but worth it.
No. 63268 ID: 70c0f2

Okay. So another battle, and another focus. That means it's time for... XP allocation discussion!

I'm guessing Elizabeth and Linda got 2-3XP each, and that Cass will have 2XP by the time we leave. 23 and Nic probably won't get anything for just bailing us out and running, unless it gets significantly worse.

Cass should go for spirit 5. Elizabeth should go for spirit 4. Linda... we have a few things to consider.

We need a new kind of ammo for the pistols. Something to make our kill bursts work on hardened targets, like Trevor. As I see it- we have three options:
-armor penetrating ammo
-explosive ammo
-silver bullets (yes, I know that's almost laughably specific. Might be useful if they worked more broadly, say, as a specialized ammo more damaging to or effective against ethereal targets or something. Good for werewolves, ghosts, people made of fire... etc. Things bullets normally don't work on. What I want is... anti-weird-form bullets).

Next, we're starting to have trouble dodging things and hitting them again. We may need to put another point or two in finesse to keep up.

More BP might help, especially with our expensive new skill. But really, currently our total BP isn't the problem. It's that we continually go in at less than full strength. Linda needs room to recharge.

We should definitely spend a point tuning the watch. It won't be immediately useful, but we'll want the mech later. And I suspect once attuned, we'll get a life meter or something useful on the display as a fringe benefit.

>on tactics
Elizabeth showed us the right way to use our spirit 5 bullet burst. As a finisher, against opponents with too much BP to kill quickly, but not in a position to dodge or stop us. Using it against people in the middle of an active fight is probably going to be too expensive a risk most the time- people can dodge, block, break, something- and then we're down a lot of BP for nothing, just like with Trevor.
No. 63338 ID: 70c0f2

I'm going to retract this theory. I kind of doubt is Casey was the hole that Elizabeth couldn't see. If he was, she wouldn't have been able to precog-pwn him as devastatingly as she did.

My best guess is that the hole is another precog. It makes sense- a rival seer would have good motivation to want to steal her sight, and if we use Dune logic, are one of the few things you can't see with prescience.

>Destroyed arena
It occurs to me that Michelle just lost her outlet to control Leviathan with. If she doesn't find another way to sate his hunger, she may lose control of him in the future. May be a situation we're sent to deal with. (And could end in recruitment, and a new crazy for Linda to try and control, or us killing them).
No. 63365 ID: 9b155d

If Marc still has a take all avatars attitude, recruitment will require defection on our part.
No. 63374 ID: 70c0f2

Not necessarily. Bossman might be willing to make an exception, and see the advantage of not tying the "I hunger and must feed" avy into his head. A compulsion to fight is a dangerous thing, especially in a leader.

His avy-greed might also decrease once his mail order angel shows up.
No. 63377 ID: 9b155d

Do we have confirmation that all avatar users' avatar is a piece of their psyche? And if we do, do we have confirmation that when they tune another avatar they're incorporating that piece into themselves rather then just making use of the manifestation of someone else's?
No. 63382 ID: 70c0f2

No. We have no hard data at all, either way. All we have is speculation.

The avatar could be a splinter or piece of the breaker's mind, or it could be a truly independent consciousness. We don't know what happens when a new breaker tunes someone else's avatar- is the personality the same, or does it shift to match the new master? Does the new breaker pick up a splinter of the original's mind, or do they further splinter their own? Or they merely bind a new 'demon' to themselves?

A breaker's original weapon tends to be in some way symbolic or representative or their originating injury. With an avatar user it is perhaps literal- giving form or outlet to an injury of the mind. Whether taking on a new avatar means taking on that injury is a serious concern.

What we do know for sure is that some foci can give you mental problems if tuned- we've had that confirmed in discussions about potential upgrades (putting Linda's mind in multiple places at once, or organic guns were ones we stumbled across). New foci can alter the user in other ways too (tuning the golem made Raphael more buff over time, for instance).

We also have Shax's description of Leviathan, prince of Gluttony, from a Song of Demons. A description which matches the lore Michelle gave us almost exactly. If there's any connection at all between the settings, this seems to hint that at least some of the avatars are independent consciousnesses in their own right.
No. 63554 ID: 8b4dd1

I'm going to apologize in advance and after the fact. Posting will be sporadic at best for awhile, I have some new training class thing I got to do, and it might take me awhile to get back into the spirit of writing when my soul is slowly being sucked from my body.

I'll see about getting something up tomorrow, but... well, we'll see. I'm going to try my hardest, when staying up till two every night is going to become the norm.
No. 63555 ID: 70c0f2

No worries. We understand- life happens sometimes. At least the quest isn't stuck at an awful cliffhanger, or anything. The fight is pretty much done. We just got reinforced, and baring absolutely miserable rolls by our three teammates still in the fight, the extraction and evac should be pretty easy. And after that we'd get to do nice relaxing things like drive back, talk to people, assign XP, see what the watch does when tuned, and sit on our butt regening BP. Probably while surfing the net and researching our newfound celebrity with a combination of fascination and horror.

Although I am wondering who, as we drive away, is going to be observant enough to first notice the control needle that's probably still in Linda's neck, pluck it out (ow!), and ask wtf. (Oh, Elizabeth turned the precog up to eleven, and I let her drive. Fucker didn't stand a chance against bullets that knew where he was gonna be before he did).

But yeah, don't despair. Soul sucking classes don't last forever.
No. 63556 ID: f6cff9

Good luck with your classes. I hope they don't drain you too much.
No. 63670 ID: 70c0f2

Yay, update~

Looks like we may be doing a dream walkabout instead of driving out of here. That's an interesting idea- it's something we can do where Linda's current dearth of BP shouldn't matter. We might learn something too, if the minds of our companions influence the landscape...
No. 63859 ID: 70c0f2

Alright, we've done our first test run with the cylinders. For convenience, I'm going to call the first one the disruptor, and the second one the collector.

>What we know so far
Firing the disruptor at a manifested form causes the breaker to lose control of their form- dissolving into a shifting chaos-creature.

Firing the collector ends this effect, and sucks up a portion of the target's BP.

>What we should test / investigate going forward (For science!)
What happens when you disrupt a manifested weapon? Hypothesis: dissolves into a shifting mass of chaos, same as a form.

What happens if you disrupt an avatar? This may prove difficult to test, given their rarity. We can't exactly test an experimental weapon on Marc, and Michelle, while not allied, is a friendly, not a hostile. Unless Leviathan goes on a rampage it would be hard to justify.

How much BP damage does the weapon do? This may be hard to determine- Trevor went from 16 to 6, but we don't know what he spent on manifestation, or may have lost fighting Cass. Also, it's not unreasonable to presume the amount is dependent on a roll, or may be a function of other stat (current BP, max BP, and/or spirit?).

Do the results change if you target manifestations vs breakers? Obviously, they're one and the same for form types, but otherwise...

Can you disrupt a target more than once before using the collector?

What happens if you use the collector before disrupting? I'm assuming nothing, but it should be confirmed.

What happens if you do not use the collector on a disrupted target? Does the effect wear off over time?

Does the disruptor have an ammunition constraint? Does the collector have a limit to what it can collect?

Is there permanent or long term damage? We'll have to see how Trevor looks the next time we fight...

Can we incorporate these weapons into the next iteration of our mecha? Be nice to have onboard anti-breaker weapons, since breaking is about the only thing that could hope to fight back.

Is there a use for the material collected? Possibly useful in restoring BP to breakers, or as a magitek supplement for the mech or something.

What happens if you use the weapons on a breaker with very low BP?

What happens if you use the weapons on a breaker with no BP?

What happens if used on a normal? Hopefully nothing, but could be fatal.
No. 64544 ID: f6cff9

What happen to Mathew Kemmett anyways? I'm waiting for the day where Mathew screams "I'm gonna help" then burst into flames just so Nicole Reed would have a freak out and try to attack him/put him out.
No. 64546 ID: 70c0f2

We left him in the hotel with the others when our forward team came to sun city.

However, since then our faction pretty much evacuated our original city. He probably showed up with Marc and Mac and the rest of the group, and we just haven't seen him yet. Or he got stationed somewhere else (I'm assuming we got smaller bases in other places).

Amusing as your suggestion is, I somehow I kind of doubt he's become combat capable without some significant off-screen character development. I'm guessing he's probably involved with team Conner's non-com support structure, somewhere. There's all kinds of skills an educator has that could be useful in the more mundane operations of what we do- and Marc doesn't seem the type not to find a way to put people to good use.

I'm assuming the reason he hasn't put Linda's real-world skills to similar use was her unexpected leadership skills and effectiveness in the field. That, and/or he doesn't trust anyone he doesn't have to with his financial dealings.
No. 64587 ID: 70c0f2

>You suppose it doesn't really help that you keep calling her after her number... maybe you should come up with a better name or something.
Brainstorm! Anyone got any good ideas as to what we should call 23? We may not know who she was, but a number isn't a name. It's just a designation- and one for her place in the ranks of a force she's currently not a part of (Although I dunno if they'd count her as MIA, defected, prisoner of war, or stolen (ie, she's seen equipment, not personnel)).

If we ever want her to see us as more than the master her programing says we are, and to see herself as more than a weapon, we're going to have to start treating her differently than they did. A name's a good first step.
No. 64590 ID: f6cff9

We could name her Angela, Stephanie, or Lynne. I'm fine with any of those or really any name that's not too silly.
No. 64592 ID: 70c0f2

Angela and Lynne are each only a syllable off from Angel and Linda. I'd rather not have more close names (they're also good for rather transparent aliases if Linda even finds herself in a situation where she needs to make up a false name on the spot. :V).

Stephanie nicely rhymes with, and has the same number of syllables as twenty three, I suppose.
No. 64597 ID: f6cff9

I guess we could go with Stephanie unless anyone else have more ideas for names. We should also ask if she wants the name to begin with because it's technically her choice although I don't think she's gonna care at all.
No. 64600 ID: 70c0f2

>I guess
Yeah, my reaction too. We could do better.

>We should also ask if she wants the name to begin with
I'm pretty sure she's not going to want any name, initially. We're going to have to half force, half talk her into it.
No. 64602 ID: f6cff9

Well it could also be Rosemary, Sophia, Isabella, Amelia, or Alyssa. I'm just throwing names around right now.

>I'm pretty sure she's not going to want any name, initially. We're going to have to half force, half talk her into it.
She might just treat it as a codename or something. I think she might just be indifferent towards having a name.
No. 64609 ID: ec6d4c

You've got kind of a religious theme going there, though, don't you?

Dunno. Still not feeling any yet. I suppose we have time, though. I might try and see if I can dig up something with a fitting meaning (gosh, naming is so hard when the character isn't a blank slate face presented to you at the beggining of the quest!).

Changing the subject, I'd like to comment on the amusing problem Elizabeth presents in the latest update. Due to the way the quest is setup, it's impossible to distinguish between an honest continuity error on the part of an author who's been dragged forcibly away from the quest for a while, the narrator seeing things, dreamland mind-fuckery, or reality breaking down (again). Bravo!

Edit: hey... ID update again. Odd. Usually that only happens when my router crashes. No idea how some of you peeps remain stable for months.
No. 64614 ID: 886a4d

Laura Kinney

Pity Linda is a mecha fan and not a comic fan
No. 64617 ID: ec6d4c

...oh, that's cute. :V

>Pity Linda is a mecha fan and not a comic fan
This is actually the most logical solution. 23 has a katana. Linda watches mecha anime. So who would she name 23 after? (And having watched some of our collection, Cass is the only one who would realize what we did, groan, and go "really, Linda?").
No. 64844 ID: ec6d4c

All right! Yay for the middle of the night update! Glad I stayed up.

>Linda watches mecha anime. So who would she name 23 after?
This was a serious question, by the way. I like the idea of Linda falling back on anime for a name, but the closest thing I know to mecha anime is Xenogears.

Dreamer, would you mind commenting on the feasibly of my silver bullets idea from back here? >>63268
Basically, bullets specifically for hurting things bullets don't normally work on. Werewolves, people made of fire, or water, or air. Ghosts, ethereal beings, people slightly out of phase with reality, or standing half in another plane of reality. A mystical/spiritual way to translate hurt onto things a slug of kinetic energy won't touch.

It occurs to me we might actually have a chance to spend our XP from the last fight on stuff, soonish. =D
Linda will want to tune the watch, and either get a new ammo or finesse. Cass and Elizabeth should go for their next spirit level.
No. 64849 ID: 8b4dd1

>Mecha Anime
Gurren Lagaan, Robotech, Full Metal Panic, Gundam. Type in Mecha Anime and you'll get more than you could ever want.

>Silver Bullets
The idea is sound, but the execution might be more difficult. Having it affect anything a bullet normally wouldn't would actually cause it to not include the Werewolf. At least in the way you described it. But having a round capable of hitting the incorporeal is a perfectly allowable idea.

I will say that you're thinking too much on the werewolf issue. You can load existing rounds into a weapon, you don't have to necessarily break them into existence.
No. 64852 ID: ec6d4c

Honestly, I wasn't sure if he was being serious or just talking tough with the silver bullets crack, anyways. I'm pretty sure no matter how tough his hide is, the anti-material rifle will hurt him. We just lacked the BP to manifest.

He just gave me idea we need a way to counter weird forms, which is more broadly useful (even if they don't work on werewolves per se). Getting anti-incorporeal / anti-ethereal / anti-elemental bullets is enough. Just not sure what to call them now...

>You can load existing rounds into a weapon, you don't have to necessarily break them into existence.
...I suppose it wouldn't hurt to carry a clip or two of actual silver bullets to load in when Trevor appears, but I have no idea where Linda would get them without breaking them into reality. In the movies they always have to talk the local gunsmith or jeweler into making the silver bullets special order. Unless in the modern world there are enough fantasy nuts out there that some gun shops stock novelty silver ammo? Or the hero casts them themself. And if we're going that route, breaking is a lot easier than learning how to make your own ammo from scratch with no background.

Although, it wouldn't hurt to visit a gun shop at some point anyways, and buy a few clips of alternative mundane ammunition.

>you can mecha anime!~
Well yes, but I'm... reluctant to familiarize myself with half a dozen new franchises or more in the hunt for a namesake. I was hoping someone in the collective would already have the information and provide if I poked them. :p I'll consider it, if the search for a name drags on long enough.
No. 64858 ID: f6cff9
File 135499557485.jpg - (59.01KB , 459x336 , allenby_beardsley.jpg )

Well if we are going with Mecha anime names then I want Allenby Beardsley from G Gundam.
No. 64859 ID: ec6d4c

I love the silly outfit and robot, but I'm not sure Allenby suits 23? Seems too light and silly for someone as serious as she is (...although if I wanted serious, maybe I'm going about this completely the wrong way, looking at anime :/ ).

I'm not sure we need to bother with a last name at all, though since this is just something to call until (if?) she remembers who she was.

>is now officially the guy who criticizes everyone else's ideas without coming up with any.
Maybe I need to go stare at a random name generator for a while.
No. 64871 ID: ec6d4c

Aaah I am so happy multiple updates in one day, plot is happening again, we've got XP to spend, and we'll get to see our allies cool new abilities soon. =D (Well, assuming they go for spirit, like I hope).
No. 64872 ID: f6cff9

Meh at least Allenby Beardsley was in cruel military experiments to create the perfect Gundam fighter. The problem is a lot of anime have male leads so everyone else take a back seat when it comes to the story. It also doesn't help that I don't watch a lot of Mecha anime to begin with.
No. 64878 ID: ec6d4c

Thankfully, it looks like the plot seems to have taken notice, and removed the need for us to bumble around coming up with a name. :V

Seriously, it's the messiest part of character creation. Should just be done as fast as possible, before you have a chance to overthink it.
No. 64908 ID: 2f4b71

Miharu - Gasaraki
Hitomi Kanzaki - Escaflowne
R. Dorothy Wayneright - The Big O
Shinobu Nagumo (or Kanuka Clancy) - Patlabor

Annoyingly, Evangelion's Rei is the closest fit to 23, but it's so cliché it pains me to even mention.
No. 64959 ID: ec6d4c

Hmm. Interesting new spirit abilities. Cass doubles down on her 'zerking to become more unstoppable. In one sense that's a good thing, since she was kind of plateau-ing in melee, stalling out against tough opponents. The ability to flip out further and push through will be useful, and spending BP to keep from dying instead of respawning is a far trade. Although the unconsciousness and possible mandatory triggering could be problematic.

I wonder if the ability will change if and when we help Cass in her future?

Does Fear Itself cost BP to use? Or is just basically passive supernatural support for freak-out checks?

>The watch has a few inoperative functions
Well, one of those has to be for teleporting the mech in, once the doc gets that working. =D
No. 65021 ID: ec6d4c
File 135538111713.png - (22.95KB , 662x455 , ride.png )

So... anyone else think teaming up with Michelle has the potential to be totally awesome? :V

Or hell, just wait till the next giant-whatever battle. We can have a 3 on 1 Godkiller, Leviathin, Elizabethcraftian horror form smack down. =D
No. 65031 ID: f6cff9

I'm hoping it's a gigantic success because riding a giant sea serpent should be an achievement that every breaker should strive for.

By the way should we try looking for a name for Subject 23 again or pick one from the many names in this thread? I'm asking because it looks like it's gonna be awhile before she can get her memories back.
No. 65032 ID: ec6d4c

Yeah, I was planning on having Linda talk to 23 about wanting to remember, and cooperating with George before we left on Marc's next mission. Need to try and make her understand what division 7 did to her, and why we're trying to free her from it (even though we hijacked her loyalty programing for ourself).

We could give her a name, then. Be very much in place with trying to reinforce the "you're a person, not a weapon" idea.
No. 65042 ID: f6cff9

I just hope the reason she was resisting is due to the division seven's mind reprogramming and not some mental trauma she might have. We already have our hands full with Cass and with the new power up that Cass just got might be a sign that things are getting worse for her. It's a good thing we are starting to research Cass' problem.
No. 65046 ID: ec6d4c

The impression I got was he might have an easier time untangling the programming if she let him, which she isn't. She's fighting his efforts.

The tricky bit is we now know she's been training with a sword since she was four. I'm going to assume she hadn't broken yet at that point- meaning she was already subject to some kind of insane upbringing and conditioning before the government's brainwashers got ahold of her. This makes it harder to get through to her- we were kind of assuming she had a normal past and a personality we could break through to. If she never had the chance we're starting a lot close to square one- trying to build up a person where one never had the chance to stand.

Actually, if she had some sort of warrior training childhood from hell, that's probably her initiating trauma. Or there's the scary possibility D7 had her the whole time- they raised her, trained her, broke her, and then built her into their machine. (The possibility they could predict years in advance, or somehow manufacture someone's break is terrifying).

And I wouldn't say Cass' new power is entirely a sign of her worsening. Yes, in some ways, it marks a decrease in control. But I think the fact that it can be triggered as a reaction to defends allies shows we're making some progress. If not for our influence on her, I don't think she'd have cared anymore by this point.
No. 65047 ID: f6cff9

I was saying it might be a problem because Cass just hates losing control like that. It might help that she reacting like that to protect allies, but it really doesn't change the fact that she loses control when she gets into those berserker rages. I guess it doesn't matter as long as we try to make it better.
No. 65049 ID: 2f4b71