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File 134373923301.png - (8.45KB , 427x389 , title.png )
437768 No. 437768 ID: 34cbef

The Crusaders are adamant that the royalty is an evil monster, and are waging a war against your king. It is up to you whether you wish to heed the call of the king!

Players in this game are fighting for their king, they are to engage in melee combat and fight the opposing force. The object of this game is for the king's men to clear the tile grid of the opposing force. Turns are comprised of a move action and an attack or passive action. Each unit takes up one tile on the grid and can interact with objects or other characters on the grid.
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No. 437769 ID: 34cbef
File 134373932627.png - (14.24KB , 656x553 , baseunit.png )

Reading the Unit sheet:
Move indicates the number of tiles a unit can move in any direction. HP stands for the health points a unit has, if this number drops to 0 the character is considered “incapacitated” for this character cannot take anymore actions until the end of engagement. If the characters HP drops below 0 he is considered “Dead” where the player must generate a new character and his old character's body is now an object that other players may interact with. Atk is the amount of attack damage based on weapon currently equipped, this is the main score used to determine how much damage other characters take when an attack action is used against them. Df stands for defense, this number determines how much damage is subtracted from attacks directed towards this character, if an attack is greater then twice the defense of a character's armor then the armor or object is destroyed. Feats are either abilities or moves that improve character effectiveness. Capacity is the number of objects a character can have on his person. A character gains an extra feat or can raise an attribute by 1 once every 10 kills. If a player is shown to be competent in the eyes of the king (be the most valuable asset in an engagement), he may be given a chance to raise any stat by 1 point or gain 1 extra feat as well.

Feats list
dual wield light- lets you dual wield light weapons
dual wield mod- lets you dual wield moderate weapons
dual wield heavy- lets you dual wield heavy weapons
item toss- lets you toss an item or weapon to another character (passive action)
dig- you can dig underground once a turn to avoid engagement (full round action)
medic- lets you heal up to your HP to another characters HP (passive action)
thief- lets you steal one item on another character (passive)
build barrier- lets you construct a barrier of the terrain that takes up a tile to defend against attacks (full round action)
build general- lets you build bridges, weapons, and other things based on objects in characters possession (item specific)(full round action)
meaty- adds 2 extra HP to total HP
spindly- adds 1 extra Move to total Move
animal handling- lets your character persuade an animal to become his ally and it will fight with the kings men for rest of engagement (passive action)
persuasion- lets your character persuade enemy characters to fight for the king on the kings men side during rest of engagement (passive action)
monster taming- lets your character tame hostile monsters to fight with the kings men for rest of engagement (passive action)
pact- enlists a tamed or persuaded character to fight with the kings men permanently until death (full round action)
summoner- lets a character place another character on a tile that is within 2 tiles of the caster (passive action)
built- your character is strong, so strong that he gains 3 more Capacity slots

knife- 1 Atk / 0 Df/ 0 Move/ 1 Capacity
short sword- 2 Atk/ 0 Df/ 0 Move/ 2 Capacity
long sword- 3 Atk/ 0 Df/ 0 Move/ 2 Capacity
claymore- 4 Atk/ -1 Df/ -1 Move/ 3 Capacity
glaive- 4 Atk/ -2 Df/ -1 Move/ 4 Capacity/ this weapon hits targets 2 tiles from character
hatchet- 2 Atk/ -1 Df/ 0 Move/ 1 Capacity
tall cleaver- 3 Atk/ -2 Df/ Move/ 1 Capacity
battle axe- 4 Atk/ -2 Df/ 0 Move/ 2 Capacity
halberd- 5 Atk/ -2 Df/ -1 Move/ 4 Capacity/ this weapon hits targets 2 tiles from character
club- 2 Atk/ -1 Df/ 0 Move/ 1 Capacity
large club- 4 Atk/ -1 Df/ -1 Move/ 2 Capacity
war pillar- 6 Atk/ -2 Df/ -2 Move/ 4 Capacity/ this weapon can destroy solid terrain/ this weapon hits targets 2 tiles form character
spear- 3 Atk/ -1 Df/ -1 Move/ 3 Capacity/ this weapon hits targets 2 tiles from character
crossbow- 1 Atk/ 0 Df/ 0 Move/ 3 Capacity/ this weapon can hit a target 5 tiles away
shortbow- 2 Atk/ -1 Df/ 0 Move/ 3 Capacity/ this weapon can hit a target 8 tiles away
longbow- 2 Atk/ -1 Df/ 0 Move/ 3 Capacity/ this weapon can hit a target 10 tiles away

padded leather- 1 Df/ 0 Move/ 1 Capacity
hardened leather- 2 Df/ -1 Move/ 1 Capacity
wood plate- 2 Df/ 0 Move/ 2 Capacity
stone plate- 3 Df/ -2 Move/ 2 Capacity
iron full- 4 Df/ -2 Move/ 3 Capacity
boulder- 6 Df/ -3 Move/ 4 Capacity
No. 437774 ID: 886a4d

I'll play, what do you get to choose for a starting character?
No. 437780 ID: 4dd606

Do players get a starting feat?
I take it the -Df on weapons means that the players defense is lowered by wielding that weapon. Are there any penalties from having a negative Df score?
No. 437810 ID: 8042f4

I'd be willing to play, but the armor being destroyed from twice attack would render padded leather armor essentially useless (only 2 weapons have 1 attack point), and thief would be at a big disadvantage until the character also got built unless they went without armor which would have them die in like 3 attacks(2 cap armor and 2 cap weapon would leave only 1 left to steal with).

Concept is cool.
No. 437817 ID: ea678d

I'm in for this, once we know how character creation will work.

Totally going for the persuasion/pact skills.
No. 437819 ID: 886a4d

Ya armor seems a bit useless unless its free to purchase or something like that.
No. 437874 ID: 34cbef
File 134377296551.png - (10.83KB , 465x374 , miscinfo.png )

Answering the questions at hand:
>what do you get to choose for a starting character?

You can choose anything that comes to mind, play as a robot or dinosaur- the kingsmen enlists anybody.

>Do players get a starting feat?
Players get 1 starting feat and gain 1 every 10 kills or are granted 1 for impressing the king.

>Are there any penalties from having a negative Df score?
If a character has a negative DF score- any attack used against them does 1 point more damage

You are correct, the concept is that thieves are squishy and need to utilize other player characters to become the most effective with his thief skill.

>I'm in for this, once we know how character creation will work.
Character creation is simple, All characters start with the stats as the base unit in >>437769 and have one starting feat. You will be able to choose 1 armor and 1 weapon as you see fit. Tailor your character in a way that suits your taste of play- noted earlier that some armor and weapons will detract from defense and movement so try to make your build wisely. Also noted in the rules are objects you can interract with, some terrain can be used as defense or cover- such as walls or trees. Knowing how to utilize this will help in your conquest under the kings reign.
No. 437881 ID: cdd923

In that case, consider PART-TIME DIPLOMAT SilverFayte recruited.

I'll take the PERSUASION Perk; and SPEAR and WOOD PLATE for my items.
No. 437883 ID: 886a4d

I shall be... A TOZOL! Who is female and totally not Penji. Call her Kali.

I pick built for my starting feat.

For starting equipment I'd like a longbow, claymore and wood plate.

Can one of the dual wields apply to crossbows?
No. 437887 ID: 34cbef

dual wield moderate will apply to crossbows
No. 437889 ID: 147853

I want to be a... Faery! I'll take BUILT and I'll take a HALBERD and IRON FULL.


I can hardly move, but that's okay, someone just be a summoner.
No. 437896 ID: cdd923

Oh, right. Species. Uh... fuggit, Robot. Because fuck yeah Robot Diplomat or something.
No. 437908 ID: 8042f4

Gonna go with thief (even with a bit of a slow start). Longsword as weapon and if damage is traded at attack phase,(like in fire emblem)I'll get padded armor for the one hit reduce; otherwise I'll keep the last 3 spots free.

Fox named Cool hand Luke, or just Luke.(I suck at names)
No. 437927 ID: d696db

Ooh, I want to play! I'll be a monster taming owlbear with a longbow and wood plate. My name will be, uhh, Rosco.

[spoiler]can i get natural weapon (claw 1/0/0/0)[/spolier]
No. 437934 ID: 147853

Oh. And my name will be... uh... Trixie. Yeah.
No. 437940 ID: 34cbef
File 134378964310.png - (9.27KB , 465x374 , captaint.png )

And so the king looks over his new recruits, he is unsettled at realising the turn out is smaller then he expected- But he welcomes you all into his kingdom.

Current Roster:

Silver Fayte: 3 Move/ 3 Atk/ 1 Df/ Persuasion
5/5 Capacity (spear, wood plate) 3 Hp

Kali: Claymore- 3 Move/ 4 Atk/ 1 Df
Longbow- 4 Move/ 2 Atk/ 1 Df
8/8 Capacity (longbow, claymore, woodplate) 3 Hp

Trixie: 1 Move/ 5 Atk/ 2 Df/ Built
7/8 Capacity (halberd, iron full) 3 Hp

Luke: 4 Move/ 3 Atk/ 1 Df/ Thief
3/5 Capacity (padded leather, longsword) 3 Hp

Rosco: Claw- 4 Move/ 1 Atk/ 2 Df
Longbow- 4 Move/ 2 Atk/ 1 Df
Monster Taming
5/5 Capacity (longbow, woodplate) 3 Hp

Recruitment is still up, as there is a need for more Kingsmen to fight for the kingdom.
No. 437946 ID: 886a4d

Nothing to do but move forward...
No. 437949 ID: 34cbef
File 134379057353.png - (32.91KB , 991x505 , round1us.png )

Hearken, there are some vagrants at the gate! The king summons You, his newly recuited soldiers to take on this menace.

Combat 101:
You start combat with a choice of either to move or to stand. You may move to a tile that is around you and you may move up to your Move attribute worth of tiles in all directions (even diagonally). After your movement you can preform an attack, use a passive move, interact with objects or the environment, or stand.
After this is done, the character's turn ends. Remember to designate the tile you wish to move to when preforming a move action.
No. 437957 ID: c1a7db

...you highness, I hate to say it, put it looks like your groundskeepers have been growing pot on the front lawn. And it's attracted ruffians.
No. 437958 ID: 886a4d

Move to g7.
No. 437960 ID: d696db

im gonna not move. can i shoot through tiles with allies in them or do i need a clear shot?
No. 437961 ID: 34cbef

gotta make sure to indicate which one you are
and if you are using a bow you can shoot over characters
No. 437962 ID: 5c9525

Clarence the Yeti Samurai

No. 437969 ID: 6e44d2

Built, war pillar, wood plate. I'm a Viking named Erik. Let's make it happen.
No. 437971 ID: d696db

oops, name didn't show up for whatever reason. Rosco will be staying put for round 1.
No. 438005 ID: afbc40

Welp, count me in.

Juroko the Heavy Knight.

Built, Boulder Armor and long sword.
No. 438014 ID: 147853

I can move forward an entire square! C9!
No. 438016 ID: 299ed3

Imma robot dinosaur diplomancer.

Longbow, wood plate, Monster tamer.
No. 438032 ID: 34cbef
File 134380806583.png - (19.49KB , 439x395 , newrecruits.png )

Suddenly, from inside the castle more recruits come- but of a more fierce demeanor!

Clarence: 3 Move/ 4 Atk/ 1 Df/ Meaty
5/5 Capacity (claymore, woodplate) 5 Hp

Juroko: 1 Move/ 3 Atk/ 6 Df/ Built
6/8 Capacity (longsword, boulder) 3 Hp

Erik: 2 Move/ 6 Atk/ 0 Df/ Built
6/8 (war pillar, woodplate) 3 Hp

Dinobot: 4 Move/ 2 Atk/ 1 Df/ Monster Tamer
5/5 Capacity (longbow, woodplate) 3 Hp
No. 438033 ID: 34cbef
File 134380823305.png - (35.45KB , 1083x505 , round1us.png )

Redaeth, Lumen and Twelvth have completed their turns. Those who have not are Erik, Clarence, Juroko, SilverFayte, and Salestax1

Wind blows on the kingsmen, please submit your actions to complete your side of the round.
No. 438035 ID: afbc40

Well, can't really move forward. There is a heavily armed fairy in my way. Guess I'll have to Stand for now.
No. 438044 ID: 5c9525

Clarence growls, raises his blade to brandish it an inch before his forehead, its length running parallel with the stone path and off to the Yeti's side. He lopes forward, shouting "My Lord! Duty-mountain heavy! Death-light as fairy!" [Move to E8]
No. 438045 ID: 5c9525

Clarence growls, raises his blade to brandish it an inch before his forehead, its length running parallel with the stone path and off to the Yeti's side. He lopes forward, shouting "My Lord! Duty-mountain heavy! Death-light as fairy!" [Move to E8]
No. 438046 ID: 5c9525

Clarence growls, raises his blade to brandish it an inch before his forehead, its length running parallel with the stone path and off to the Yeti's side. He lopes forward, shouting "My Lord! Duty-mountain heavy! Death-light as fairy!" [Move to E8]
No. 438047 ID: 5c9525

Er. Sorry bout that
No. 438048 ID: 8042f4

Luke moves 4 to the right.(sorry for being late, I have to wake up at like 6 every morning for school now)
No. 438050 ID: 7472ad

I shall be... Homeless Man!

Homeless Man: 4 Move/ 2 Atk/ 1 Df/ Build Barrier
5/5 Capacity (Longbow, Woodplate) 3 Hp
No. 438055 ID: 34cbef

is that your characters right, or to e10?
No. 438056 ID: f5ff99

I move Three Spaces to D7, and attempt to use Persuasion on the Frontmost Warrior.
No. 438058 ID: d696db

Actually I'll have Rosco move to e10 to give the people behind me some room. You're welcome
No. 438061 ID: 8042f4

Sorry, make that E9 now. Btw, how does thief work?(what can I steal?) I'm gonna thin their numbers a bit first, but I will try to steal something this battle.
No. 438062 ID: 34cbef

it's a contact ability, you need to be in striking range which is one tile out from yours, if you have the capacity for it you will take the biggest item first. If you don't, it will scale down to anything that fits your capacity. One item is stolen per ability use.
No. 438063 ID: 8042f4

Does that include armor/weapons currently in use? Can I steal their sword before they have a chance to use it against me?
No. 438065 ID: 34cbef

Correct, as long as you have the capacity for it.

Also discussion thread here http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/57930.html

Will post placement update after erik preforms his actions.
No. 438066 ID: 886a4d

We now outnumber the enemy.
No. 438067 ID: 214bf9

Is there still room for more? You men seems like you could use a wiza- I mean medic.

Name:Sir Robes
Armor:Padded Leather

If accepted I'll move full speed ahead from wherever I'm placed.
No. 438069 ID: c1a7db

Hmm. Yeah, you guys could use some support units! I think I'll roll an engineer, so we have one around when we get more interesting terrain to work with.

Name: Dakdo
Feat: build general
(Planned second feat: build barrier)
Armor:Padded Leather

Maximum move, minimum offense and defense. Saving capacity for building materials, as we find them.

For my purely cosmetic race, I'll go neumono. Because unintuitive race / role combinations are fun.

Since I have no build supplies yet, and the terrain isn't particularly interesting here, I'm kind of useless right now. If deployed, I'll hang back a turn, and let the fighters advance.
No. 438080 ID: 299ed3

Move dinobot to E8.
No. 438090 ID: 9202a9

If recruitment is still open it looks like you guys need a medic.

So I present Finn O'Lynn the Herbalist:
Feats- Medic
Items- Padded armor and Longbow, (and some spare herbs)
No. 438091 ID: 9202a9

Oh it looks like we both chose to be medics. I don't mind switching to some thing else if you really want to be the medic, but perhaps you could switch to a summoner?
No. 438093 ID: 514f54

I'm going to stop brandishing a bit so I can move.
No. 438109 ID: 6e44d2

Erik moves to d10.
No. 438111 ID: 6e44d2

More medics is better. Don't switch. My viking is something of a glass cannon, you see.
No. 438115 ID: 214bf9

I could switch to summoner, but it's better too have too many medics than too few.
No. 438149 ID: 35e7f8

We have plenty of tamers, but no one to make the teamed or persuaded foes stay. Perhaps someone is needed to permanently enslave enemies... I will be an armoured undead lich.

Lord Evil: 2 Move/ 3 Atk/ 4 Df/ PACT
5/5 Capacity (Longsword, Iron Full) 3hp

"Ah, blessed battlefield. I sense weak minds approaching. Catch them for me and I will bind them to serve our will..."
No. 438158 ID: 147853

Sorry, that was me.
No. 438159 ID: 9202a9

Good point.
No. 438249 ID: 34cbef
File 134387152388.png - (8.30KB , 435x357 , newrecruits.png )

The king wonders where all these people are coming from- but only for a brief moment as recruits pile out of the courtyard entrance.

Hobo: 4 Move/ 2 Atk/ 1 Df/ Build Barrier
5/5 Capacity (Longbow, Woodplate) 3 Hp

Sir Robes: 3 Move/ 4 Atk/ -1 Df/ Medic
5/5 Capacity (glaive, paddedleather) 3 Hp

Dakdo: 4 Move/ 1 Atk/ 1 Df/ Build General
2/5 Capacity (knife, paddedleather) 3 Hp

O'Lynn: 4 Move/ 2 Atk/ 0 Df/ Medic
4/5 Capacity (longbow, paddedleather) 3 Hp

Lord Evil: 2 Move/ 3 Atk/ 4 Df/ PACT
5/5 Capacity (Longsword, Iron Full) 3hp
No. 438256 ID: 34cbef
File 134387213809.png - (39.28KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

All the able bodied Kingsmen run to the front lines as the newer recruits sidle up behind.

Diplomat Fate throws out a rousing speech about how his recruits outnumber the vagrants, also about how they have a robot dinosaur. This convinces one of the warriors to attempt to flee.

The enemy vagrants move foward. The bandits surround the lone warrior attempting to flee, flanking around him. Then the bandits relinquish the warrior of his cowardly life.

Round 1 Complete. Beginning of Round 2- your turn.

No. 438258 ID: 34cbef

lol, fixed
No. 438262 ID: 886a4d

Fire at the warrior at q8. Move to h8
No. 438266 ID: c1a7db

Dakdo moves to f7. (Headed for the shurb at k3, so I can harvest it for materials. Figure I can get some wood, or cord. Hope the royal gardeners don't mind).

He keeps an eye out for any dropped paper clips or rubberbands on the castle floor to use for mcguyvering.
No. 438267 ID: 9a34be

Lord Evil, he's all yours.

Again, I move three spaces toward the enemy and attempt to use Persuasion on the Frontmost Warrior.
No. 438268 ID: 5c9525

Clarence witnesses the retreating bandit's fate with the righteous howl of the blizzard. "Faithless dogs! Thiefing his right to crack his own skull upon the jagged rocks! For shame!" Despite the cold fury and the light froth upon his hairy lips, Clarence's bulky form remains poised in perfect ready stance as he paces forward. (Move to I8)
No. 438269 ID: 299ed3

Dinobot moves to G8
No. 438286 ID: 9202a9

I Move to D9 (I'm planning to stay back and snipe folks till some one needs healing)
No. 438294 ID: 7472ad

Homeless Man moves to E7!
No. 438297 ID: 147853

am I allowed to temporarily put my weapon away to move faster?

I move forward one space. d9.
No. 438299 ID: 34cbef

it does not take an action to put away a weapon but to brandish it you must sacrifice a move action. but yes you can do this
No. 438301 ID: 8ed125

If possible spawn and move East to join the frontline at the bottleneck.

Target the remaining warrior with the Pact ability - "Join our ranks in safety, warrior. See how those bandits slaughtered your friend without remorse. Hurry before their daggers meet your back!"
No. 438302 ID: 886a4d

This might take a while to get to level 2, especially with everyone trying to recruit the damn enemy.
No. 438307 ID: 8042f4

Luke to I9
No. 438316 ID: d696db

Rosco sprints on over to I11, keeping his eyes peeled for vicious monsters he could recruit to the king's cause.
No. 438335 ID: 214bf9

I'm needed at the front, full sprint ahead to the east.
No. 438415 ID: 34cbef
File 134394298649.png - (39.32KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

Everyone takes their move actions. The warrior has engaged in a pact- but the warrior shrugs off the suggestion of joining the enemy team because he has not been persuaded. He stays on the enemy team. Trixie is pushed out of the way due to tile conflict. Diplomat is caught behind Dinobot and cannot occupy that tile.

The enemy warrior takes an error in the padded armor and takes one damage.

Juroko and Erik have not made an action this turn.
No. 438416 ID: c1a7db

Dakdo to j4.

He attempts to harvest resources from the shrub directly in front of him with his knife, stripping bark for cord, and harvesting branches for wood.

(I don't actually have to stand in the shrub right? Because that's sort of silly, and would make me wait a whole nother turn. :p)
No. 438419 ID: 1e72ae

Luke to K9 and waiting til next turn to kill the warrior. Or stealing from him if someone else wants the kill.
No. 438422 ID: 5c9525

Clarence to L8
No. 438423 ID: 214bf9

Onwards, I will sprint full east once more!
No. 438424 ID: 299ed3

Dinobot fires his longbow at the warrior in Q8
No. 438428 ID: 147853

Alright, Trixie puts it's halberd away for now and moves forward to G9.
No. 438429 ID: 886a4d

Kali hits the Q8 Warrior again, and moves to I7.
No. 438470 ID: 9202a9

I run up to h8 and shoot at the warrior (if I can do that with out hitting any of the folks in front of me other wise I just move).
No. 438478 ID: d696db

Rosco fires at Q8 as well.
No. 438494 ID: 7472ad

Homeless Man moves to I6!
No. 438718 ID: afbc40

Well, missed that. Better move forward as much as I can... which is one square. C-9 it is... I am going to need a summoner so bad to be an efficient meat shield.
No. 438722 ID: 6e44d2

Erik continues forward two spaces, to f10.
No. 438735 ID: 7b40fa

"Avoid the warrior if you can men and robot lizards of the king. My pact was effective! Diplomat, use your... silver tongue... on him once more. Our argument is sound and I am believe he will see reason."

Move Lord Evil to F7.
No. 438755 ID: 886a4d

A bit late for that, we have 3 archers attacking him. He's as good as dead.
No. 438756 ID: 9a34be

I attempt to move three spaces forward, moving diagonally up or down if needed to do so.

I'll again attempt to Persuade the frontmost warrior to join our side, on the off chance that he survives our archers.
No. 438773 ID: f07a33

Additionally use Pact on bandit on the U10 square. See if we can bring that one into the fold.
No. 439248 ID: 34cbef
File 134410542166.png - (39.44KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

The Warrior falls in front of clarence in a slump on the ground as a volley of arrows lays him low. Persuasion of the warrior is nullified. Lord Evil Attempts to make a pact with a Bandit. Bandit refuses saying he is under the payment of the Crusade. Bandits move forward along with our troops. One Bandit runs to X9 and Calls for Reinforcements.

It is now Our Turn once again.
No. 439249 ID: 886a4d

Move to J7, fire on Q7.
No. 439250 ID: d6c330

What's the status on my attempted resource gathering? Did Dakdo fail, or is it just a multi-turn action?
No. 439254 ID: 34cbef

sorry, forgot to put that up. You succesfully gain a small amount of branches and rope-like substances. The branches take 1 Capacity, same with the rope. 4/5 Capacity
No. 439257 ID: 299ed3

Dinobot moves to H7 and fires on the bandit in Q7.
No. 439267 ID: 147853

T to i9! Onwards!
No. 439271 ID: d6c330

Yus. I can now tie branches together to make basic wooden structures. Or I could tie things together, for Macgyvering. Well, as soon as I get stuff to tie together.

Dakdo to j8. I'll move to check the warrior copse for loot next turn, after some of you meatshields are standing in front of the bandits. I'll pass on anything I find you warrior types can use (though I don't really expect stage 1 enemies to drop equipment upgrades), otherwise I'll try some crafting.
No. 439275 ID: 9202a9

I move forward and left (to K7) and shoot the nearest bandit (Q7).

Folks who want to to try diplomacy I suggest try on the bandit to the right (R10) I'll try to avoid killing that one.
No. 439287 ID: 8042f4

I'll wait til next turn to steal/attack; if I move now, they can hit me, but I can't hit them. Luke stays still and waits.
No. 439289 ID: 214bf9

Damn, these guys are further away than I thought, onwards east to K10
No. 439307 ID: d696db

Rosco shoot q7.
No. 439314 ID: 6e44d2

Can Erik just, like, continue moving forward at his speed of two steps per turn until he's in weapons range? That'd make sense to me.

E to H10.
No. 439389 ID: 7472ad

Homeless Man builds a Barrier in J6.

Expecting Archer reinforcements of somekind
No. 439488 ID: 351855

Moving to 9D. I will get there! ...eventually!
No. 439498 ID: 5c9525

Clarence to O7. Will attack the bandit before him should he come into range.
No. 439536 ID: 67ad2c

Move to H7. I will attempt to engage the bandit at R8 in a pact since the R10 bandit was tried and failed. Waiting for Diplomat SilverFayte to collaborate.
No. 439760 ID: 34cbef
File 134428088431.png - (15.83KB , 793x430 , enemyreinforcements.png )

The Bandit calls out to his comrades. Hearken his words call not to other bandits but to the very enemy itself, The Crusade has come to the gate! What vile beings are these that would claim the king as evil yet still consort with Vagrants!?
No. 439762 ID: 34cbef
File 134428133527.png - (42.04KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

A volley of arrows takes down the closest bandit, much to the dismay of Clarence the Bandit ends up Dead before he can give a swing of his mighty blade. In response the bandits Raise Walls to defend against oncoming attacks. From over the grasslands 10 New Enemies enter engagement.

Be cautious Kingsmen, for the difficulty of this engagement has been raised. Round 4- It is our turn yet again and the clouds grow dark.
No. 439766 ID: 7472ad

Homeless Man moves to J5!
No. 439777 ID: d6c330

Welp, not running out to loot corpses now.

Hmm. We only outnumber them by one. But we've got a lot of support units. If we try for a direct fight, that makes us weaker. We have to fight smart, and exploit our non-combat types in proper ways.

Charging, I think, is a bad idea. Fighters will spend a turn or two in range of their archers, before running into their fighters. That's a lot of damage. I'd rather we make them come to us, while we fortify, prepare, and harry them with *our* archers.

...Dakdo takes cover at i6. Hmm. I don't have the supplies to build sturdy shields against falling arrows, or anything that would get our slow bruisers to the enemy faster.

For lack of any better ideas, I being constructing on a miniature trebuchete, for the purpose of launching cobblestones over the barrier.
No. 439785 ID: 8042f4

Well this just got a lot harder.
I just realized the archers can only do 2 damage max. Anyone with anything above padded leather will be fine. I will decide what to do in a few min, after I've had time to think.
No. 439787 ID: 886a4d

Move to M8. Claim the corpse there. Then move to L8.
No. 439855 ID: 214bf9

Hmm... maybe I should wait for the rest of you guys to catch up, moving to L10
No. 439961 ID: 8042f4

I stay in place. (checking ranges first; whether they have longbows/shortbows, and movement amount)
No. 439978 ID: d696db

Rosco backs up to G7 so he can hide by the hobo. Rosco remarks on the hobo's impressive skills with makeshift constructions.
No. 440030 ID: 9202a9
File 134431570892.jpg - (148.84KB , 300x418 , wide brimmed pilgrim hat.jpg )

I will move left (to K4) to try and get a good shot at the right bandit (R10), then take a step back (to J4).

The bandits seem to lightly armoured.
Historically archers also tend to be lightly armoured.
The Crusaders seem to be heavily armored (Stone or Iron at the least) if the picture is accurate.

-So I suggest that those of us who have bow focus on the bandits and archers first, as those are the ones who will go down the fastest.

J and back will be safe from longbows if they can move at their maximum.
L and back will be safe from shortbows if they can move at their maximum.

-This is a bit off topic but dose any one want to start a loot and kill pool? So we can share our progress and stuff can get to those that can use it best?

Lastly I realized that I never gave a description of my self. I am a old (late middle aged) human with close cropped hair with more grey than brown. I'm wearing a long coat who's pockets are so full of herbs and bandages that things fall out when ever I move fast, Also I have a wide brimmed pilgrim hat like in pic (I really like hats).
No. 440048 ID: 536f50

Moving Forward to E9. I do hope we get a teleporter, or some means to catapult me to the enemy.
No. 440097 ID: 299ed3

Dinobot moves to L7
No. 440130 ID: be1ec1

Move to K7.
Try to use PACT on the X11 Archer - "Should you decide to join us then we offer excellent medical benefits and a warm place to stay. Our salary is highly competitive."

Try not to persuade/turn that archer until he is clear and has a chance to do some damage or survive for a while.
Also we need to make a decent formation with the heavily armoured up front to soak up arrow fire. Focus fire on the archers. Us heavies can hold off the crusaders with our powerful medic backup.
No. 440131 ID: 886a4d

Pact does not work like you think it does. First someone has to persuade the person or tame the animal. Then using pact allows you to carry them from one battle to the next.
No. 440183 ID: 5c9525

Clarence's pink eyes narrow as they sweep across the host of crusaders pushing past the tall grass into view. The yeti blasts air from his nostrils in frustration as he reallizes his comrades have hung back further than he'd expected. He takes one step back and watches the enemy archers impatiently, his sword still raised and ready. (Move to N7)
No. 440214 ID: 147853

We can move diagonals, right? K9.
No. 440253 ID: 34cbef
File 134438535006.png - (10.09KB , 532x450 , ruleswizard.png )

And so there is a dispute amongst the kingsmen. The king sends out his best negotiator, which is the Rules Wizard. With the wave of his hand the engagement is paused and the wind calms. Time as itself has stood still, and the topic to press upon is: Pacts and Persuasion

A pact is the agreement to fight with the kingsmen permanently. Mostly visualized as a handshake or a verbal agreement to become a loyal soldier in the kingsmen army. The use of a pact ensures that persuaded characters stay with the kingsmen until death.

A persuasion is the ability to convince a character or creature to fight with the kingsmen in the first place. It is the building block that should lead up to a pact.

Though a pact can be used before a persuasion, it will not be effective unless the character is persuaded first. The effectiveness of either will be gauged on how many times it is used against a character. Example is if you attempt a pact before a persuasion, It will not work but the character will keep this "potential agreement" in mind. This character will have less resistance against persuasion because of this. If a character is persuaded and decides he should join the kingsmen he will stand one turn to wait for another pact attempt.

Though Pact will not have it's intended use without persuasion does not mean it is useless.
No. 440282 ID: 34cbef
File 134439065387.png - (41.97KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

Kali stakes a claim on the dead. Kali now has one Death under it's belt.

Everyone takes their actions. A bandit gets an arrow in the arm and is wounded. 2 Archers have loosed arrows at Clarence, Two arrows strike clarence and He takes 2 damage. Bandits Build Walls again.

Round 4 end, Round 5 Begin- our turn
No. 440296 ID: 886a4d

Did the bandits just build barriers for us?

Move to N8, Attack O9 with my Claymore, If I can still move after that, move to O8.
No. 440301 ID: 8042f4

So they have short bows and 4 move. [ignore comment that was previously here]
Luke moves to o10 and hits the bandit at o11.
No. 440344 ID: d696db

Rosco to K5, use the fella in O9 for target practice
No. 440349 ID: d6c330

Status update on my high school physics class Macgyvering project?

Also, poo. It appears the corpse Kali ate didn't leave behind any weapons, armor, or materials of any kind behind. Stupid metal eating tozol.
No. 440350 ID: 9202a9

I shoot the right bandit again (O11) and then take cover behind the tree from the archers.
No. 440362 ID: 886a4d

All the corpses seem to have disapeared.
No. 440367 ID: d6c330

Hmm. Well, the missing corpses lie along the possible movement paths of the enemy. They're collecting their dead? Either out of respect, or familiarity with the game mechanics, to deny us kills.
No. 440370 ID: 34cbef

this is correct.
No. 440377 ID: 5c9525

Move to n8. Attack bandit.
No. 440378 ID: 299ed3

Dinobot moves to M9 and fires on the bandit in O11
No. 440379 ID: 886a4d

Will killing them yeild the missing corpses or are they gone forever?
No. 440390 ID: 34cbef

two bodies will fall if the bandit that collected it falls
No. 440423 ID: 214bf9

I'll move down to M13 and finally begin my attack, taste my Glaive Bandit!(O11)
No. 440484 ID: 3023f7

Move to M7. Attempting to strike a Pact with the T9 archer.

Form an advancing line guys! We need Trixie and Erik on the flanks to break the crusaders with their powerful weapons. Don't bunch up so we get surrounded. Protect the medics Sir Robes and O'Lynn at all costs.
No. 440513 ID: d6c330

Not to be a nag or anything but...

How's my build general project coming along?

I'd like to know whether I'm supposed to keep working on it, or if it's done. (If it's not done, Dakdo mutters a complaint about how hobos and bandits are somehow able to construct entire walls in the same time, without materials to boot).
No. 440516 ID: 38cd76

Trixie spies the bandits barriers and tries to fly over to M12. Then she remembers her armor, and walks over there instead.
No. 440518 ID: 8042f4

The enemy archers normally do 2 damage. You have a -1 to def overall from your equipment. You have 3 health. If 1 arrow hits you, you will be out of the fight; please don't run to the front lines. With me (3-1) and either of the 2 archers aiming at him (2-1 each) we can kill him. I won't hog the body, I'll get stuff to give to Mcguyver then move on to stealing crusader armor.
No. 440542 ID: 214bf9

Fine, changing my destination to M9, Clarence, if you want healing then step in range and I'll fix you up.
No. 440671 ID: 8042f4

Thanks man, I'll do my best to save a crusader (sans armor) for you.
No. 440697 ID: 421c1e

Heading to 9F.
No. 440727 ID: 5c9525

Well, we should be within a square of each other if on a diagonal, so a heal would be much appreciated, sir.
No. 440767 ID: 7472ad

Homeless Man builds a barrier at K4, since someone is moving to K5!
No. 440805 ID: 34cbef

sorry for the delay dakdo, it depends on what you are constructing. Walls are instant, anything you craft with materials you have is instant. You need to specify what exactly you are building, build general is the ability to build most anything with what is around you.
No. 440808 ID: d6c330

Yeah, no biggie. I'm not seriously complaining here, I just figured some battlefield grumpiness might be called for in character.

>You need to specify what exactly you are building
I guess my last build order got buried when I hid it under a wall of text speculating about tactics last turn.

>I being constructing on a miniature trebuchete, for the purpose of launching cobblestones over the barrier.
Which of course means using a wooden axel, securing all the joins with rope, and all kinds of other mechanical flaws, but what the hell, Macgyver powers.

...can't wait till I get some metal to work with.
No. 440810 ID: 34cbef

You have made rope last turn, you can build the frame this turn if you are taking apart a shrub. Then it will be one turn to rig the setup before using it.
No. 440816 ID: d6c330

Sounds good. I've got enough move to get to the shrub and back if it needs taking apart.

Royal gardeners are gonna be annoyed with me though.

Thanks for thinking of me. When we get the metal for it, I'm going to try and see what we can come up with for custom weapons / armor.
No. 440822 ID: 34cbef

You can build your makeshift catapult in the shrub space if you are using the shrub, it removes the shrub and replaces it with the new invention when done.
No. 440836 ID: d6c330

Can I build it at my current location for a time penalty or something? Moving to the shrub location puts me and my construction out of cover and in range of archers. And fragile but useful non-coms strike me as a tempting target. Plus, the finished project won't be next to road for easy prying up of cobblestones for ammo.
No. 440838 ID: 34cbef

You can do this, it will take a passive action to remove the shrub, but it is a large object that takes up 2 Capacity.
No. 440839 ID: d6c330

I'll do that then. I can leave the rope behind to get to 3/5 capacity so I have room to fetch the shrub.

Until future notice, Dakdo is now committed to spending his future turns building this thing (queue: fetch shrub, build base, rig).

Hopefully it's done in time to drop a rock on the heads of one of the attacking jerks.

Thanks for the patience with micromanaging.
No. 440841 ID: 34cbef

now the key question is where on the grid are you placing this and yourself
No. 440844 ID: d6c330

Current position seems good (i6). Deteriorating edge of a cobblestone road for ammo, and a barrier for cover.

If I'm not allowed to stand on the same square as the thing I'm building, or when it's being operated, you can move me back a square west behind it.
No. 441055 ID: 6e44d2

Erik keeps on a movin'.
No. 442434 ID: 34cbef
File 134483962169.png - (42.41KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

Arrows go flying ass two more bandits end up in an early grave. Also in the commotion one of the bandits that dies found a pointy surprise amongst the hail of arrows as he is cleaved in two. But after the kingsmen have made their moves the Crusaders archers send a volley of arrows at kingsmen Luke giving him 2 damage and sending 2 damage at Clarence. One of the archers takes note of an attempted Pact, but still fights for the enemy. His resolve is well misplaced though. End of Round 5- Start round 6, our turn.

It seems there is a workspace for a catapult set down. Resources needed are Framework and additional 1 turn of building.
No. 442441 ID: 38cd76

Trixie the pixie takes note of the 3 crusaders ahead and charges forward to o12.
No. 442443 ID: d6c330

Dakdo continues construction then.
No. 442491 ID: 48d0d6

Move to O7. Use Pact on the next archer (U10 or V10?). Continue cursing SilverFaytes absence.

Someone needs to destroy or dismantle the wall in front of the catapult soon I think.
No. 442492 ID: d6c330

>Someone needs to destroy or dismantle the wall in front of the catapult soon I think.

I was assuming it would be able to fire over the wall. And if it can't, it looks like it's got wheels in the picture. We can roll it out from behind the wall if need be.
No. 442495 ID: 8042f4

If possible, I'd like to loot the body at o11(just the items) then move to M11 to hide from more arrow volleys.(I really need a heal)
No. 442502 ID: 421c1e

>Fellow kingsman is building a catapult
>Catapults fire boulders
>I am wearing boulder armor
>Catapult can fire me at the enemy
Moving Diagonally to G8.
No. 442504 ID: 7472ad

Guys, I'm trying to build walls so the Crusaders up top are funneled down so they can't flank us up top and gank/steal the catapult.

If Rosco moves, building a wall at K5. Otherwise, building a wall at I3.

Catapults are sort of designed to fire over fortifications.
No. 442505 ID: 9202a9

Who are you? And Where are you?

I move to L5 and shoot the archer at U8.

Also Clarence get back I'll heal you as soon as I can.
No. 442506 ID: 8042f4

Luke and o10 for now. going to move to M11.
I can steal the crusaders' armor if I can get close enough. If I understood the dis thread well enough, I can equip it right after I steal it to take no damage from their own weapons then they will be easy pickings.
No. 442507 ID: 886a4d

Yay for reading the map wrong 3 times

Move O8 Claim Body, Move O9 Claim Body. Fire arrow at U8. Move to P8
No. 442509 ID: d6c330

Dakdo has absolutely no problems whatsoever with this plan, and will gladly comply. It should be complete by the time you reach it anyways.

Disclaimer: Nuemono MacGyver Inc is in no ways responsible or liable for the consequences of inappropriate or improvised use of siege equipment, including, but not limited to: accidental loss of life, dismemberment, permanent disability, broken bones, brain damage, mental trauma, internal hemorrhaging, disfigurement, loss of property, or a new found fear of flying.
No. 442607 ID: 9202a9

OK next turn I'll run to L9 or M9 which should be close enough for you to reach my for healing. I really suggest you get healing before you run off to steal armor.
No. 442769 ID: 34cbef

No. 442842 ID: 214bf9

Well then, if you are at o10 I'll go to m10 and heal you up, if you are at m11, I'll be at l11. Either way I'll be in range to fix you up.
No. 442869 ID: 5c9525

Moves back to k6 in the hopes of healing.
No. 442978 ID: 1c0dc0

Rosco shoots the guy in t5... hopefully the arrow won't just clink off his armor
No. 443193 ID: 9202a9

Lets do this double healing time.
No. 443528 ID: 34cbef
File 134506976886.png - (42.68KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

Everyone takes their move. An Arrow Sticks Helplessly into a Crusaders Iron Armor. Luke succesfully loots a body for 1 Dagger and 1 Padded Armor. Kali sweeps up 2 more claims, Kali now has 3 claims under it's belt. Hobo builds another wall, which in turn protects Kali and Luke from archers as they loose volleys of arrows towards the kingsmen. No damage. Clarence and Luke are healed to Full HP. Kali in response shoots an archer on U8 Dealing 1 Damage.

At the end of this round the Catapult is finished.

End Round 6- Start Round 7, Our turn.
No. 443529 ID: d6c330

Dakdo works to put the finishing touches on his trebuchet catapult.
No. 443532 ID: 886a4d

Sheath the claymore, move to O9, Shoot U8 (same archer as before). Move to L9. Time to support the catapult. We need more barriers near it if possible.

Also Trixie, Erik and Lord Evil are all in combat range of the the Crusaders next turn.
No. 443537 ID: 8042f4

Luke drops the dagger and armor. If I can equip the armor I am about to steal before the enemies' turn, I will move to Q7 and steal the armor (then equip it) of the crusader at R6. If I can't equip armor as a free action, I will stay in place.
No. 443542 ID: 5c9525

Clarence to N6
No. 443544 ID: 886a4d

I don't recommend that. I'm pretty sure Armor can be overwhelmed by multiple hits. (correct me if I am wrong.) Lets thin out the herd first.
No. 443546 ID: 8042f4

Only 2 people(minus the catapult) can do any damage to the crusaders. We need to do something to take down a few of them, because at this rate they will reach the end before we kill half of them. Also, the volley of arrows hit me doing 2 damage. 2 bows hit me for 2(-1 for armor) damage each, so I doubt they count for overwhelming.
No. 443560 ID: 34cbef

i'll try to delve deeper into the armor shredding rule. Yes you can flank and swarm damage, this will build higher then the single units Defense. No it will not instantly destroy it. In order to make armor useless a Single unit must deal damage Twice the Armor's Defense.
I'll use this as an example, if someone were wearing armor that gives 4 Df, and the catapult (counting as a single unit) lobbed a boulder big enough to deal 8 Damage, 4 would be soaked but the armor would shatter or crumble leaving the single armored unit armor-less and most likely dead.
No. 443589 ID: 7472ad

Homeless man will build a wall running east to west in J4.
No. 443591 ID: 886a4d

If all 3 archers aim at the same crusader we can take him down in two turns. We just have to coordinate. All four archers of theirs will be able to kill anyone except for boulder wearers. Thats not mentioning the angry crusader you'll be in range of.

How much capacity does it take for an 8 damage boulder to be picked up?
No. 443592 ID: 34cbef

there are no boulders on the field. But it would be 10 Capacity for an 8 Damage boulder
No. 443625 ID: 6e44d2

Erik to 9R. Fucker's charging.
No. 443699 ID: 9202a9

Ok I'll shoot the archer on U8 and them move right onto the path.
No. 443714 ID: 421c1e

Moving to 7H for the BEST PLAN.
No. 443832 ID: 38cd76

Trixie will brandish her halberd! They're pretty close now.
No. 443847 ID: 1a25a7

And trixie will also otherwise prepare to attack enemies who enter her threatened squares.
No. 443849 ID: 214bf9

Who still needs HEALING? Hands up, or if you have lost both hands raise a leg.
No. 443857 ID: 54fb5c

If Luke actually can steal and wear the armour from the R6 Crusader then move to Q6 and attack the armourless R6 crusader.

Otherwise move to P8 and hold there.
Either way use PACT on the R4 Crusader - "Approach if you dare!"

I'll try to stop/delay the north flank crusaders with Clarence. If Homeless Man finishes his fortification then we might manage if Finn can heal us. Also it was nice knowing you Erik...
No. 443861 ID: 299ed3

Dinobot fires on the crusader in R14
No. 443866 ID: 886a4d

Dino, soloing crusaders with a longbow isn't going to work. Aim for the archers or the lone bandit.
No. 443869 ID: d6c330

If it affects strategy at all:

The catapult is going to have a range of 8, and a 5x5 blast zone. Since they're probably going to be the only thing in range, I expect to fire Sir Erik the boulder at the northern clump of three crusaders.

Not sure what the damage will be, but it'll probably hurt the guy he hands on more than the ones in the blast zone.
No. 444061 ID: 34cbef

No. 444067 ID: 8042f4

Thanks Erik, I will have a bit of a guard from the archers; the only thing I can hope to do is draw the top crusaders away. Good luck.
No. 444072 ID: 1c0dc0

I don't know what to doo
Rosco to L10 I suppose... and archers, we should decide which of THEIR archers to target first so we can get the maximum kill to injury ratio.
No. 444373 ID: 34cbef
File 134525820778.png - (43.08KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

All units have taken their move, Trixie strikes one crusader dealing only 1 damage. She is flanked by another crusader. Both crusaders swing at trixie, one's sword reflects of the fairy's iron armor but the other dives deep into her dealing 2 damage. Erik makes a bellowing yell as he charges forth only to be laid to rest by a wall of arrows. If a kingsmen collects the body of Erik the priests of our king will be able to ressurrect our fallen comrade so that he may fight again. But sorrow to Erik if his body is claimed by the enemy.

Hobo Builds a section of wall as Juroko readies himself to be used as a weapon himself.
Round 7 End- Round 8 Kingsmen.
No. 444377 ID: 1e72ae

Luke drops dagger and spare armor, moves to P10 and steal from the crusader at Q11. I'll try to equip it this turn if I can.
No. 444380 ID: 299ed3

Dinobot fires on the crusader in P12
No. 444385 ID: 886a4d

I suggest we coordinate our arrow fire on the Crusader in P12.

Kali fires at P12, moves to J7, removes all her gear, dumps it on the ground and then uses her prodigious strength to rip up as much cobblestone as possible. She then dumps the cobblestone into the catapult to maximize damage.

I suggest we aim at Q5 with the catapult.

No. 444421 ID: 9c071b

*Goes to I6 and Jumps into the Catapult.*

Do not worry comrade, Heavy Knight shall make sure Crusader Babies get their gravel for their tummy aches. Heavy Knight shall sore through air like bird and use their squishy bodies and gravel to cushion his fall.

For the King, Heavy Knight shall be the first Kingsman to fly! *holds the biggest gravel chunk and gives a thumbs up.* This plan is BEST PLAN!
No. 444444 ID: d6c330
File 134526906946.png - (46.14KB , 1187x505 , blast radius warning.png )

My catapult is finally finished!

Dakdo salutes sir Juroko the Boulder Knight, and without further ado, fires the catapult at Q5, doing his best to aim directly for the crusader's head.

All Kingsmen, please be warned the catapult is an area attack, and friendly fire is possible! Please steer clear of the blast zone.
No. 444447 ID: 7472ad

Man, that surprised me. Thought I had just missed getting my post in before an update.

Homeless man expands the wall to block I3.

(This is no longer relevant, but leaving it here.)
I think aiming the Catapult at Q4 will be better, since that will tell us if the Catapult does less damage to things farther from the center of it's burst, and if the center target takes extra damage.

Also, if the catapult can move and fire in the same turn, I think it should probably move to J5.
No. 444448 ID: 4a3eb3

I nod to Kali, Shoot the Crusader on P12 and then move back.
No. 444476 ID: 1c0dc0

Rosco moves to M12 and fires at the M12 crusader.

wow it's gonna take 130-140 dead bodies for all of us to level... wish i'd picked a more versatile feat
No. 444482 ID: d6c330

>Q5 Q4
Correction, I'm aiming for the crusader on Q4, as I indicated in the image. I misspoke in the text.

I'm assuming dropping the boulder knight on his head will hurt more than the shock wave will hurt the others, and we can only hit 3 of them either way.

(Shouldn't the k3 shrub be gone now? I thought it was going to get consumed in the construction).

>Man, that surprised me. Thought I had just missed getting my post in before an update.
Yeah, sorry about that. If I have to post a targeting diagram again, I'll crop it up or something so it looks different. I just really wanted to avoid accidental friendly fire with the new mechanic.
No. 444483 ID: 38cd76

What? Being flanked completely negates the armor for one attacker!? Oh noz! Trixie is in trouble!

Trixie backs up a square and attacks the crusader she attacked before again!
No. 444522 ID: 214bf9

Don't worry Trixie, I'm moving to L11 to patch you up with my healing magic.
No. 444524 ID: 54fb5c

Move to P7, attack crusader at P6. Let's eliminate this guy for sure, Clarence!
Use Pact on one of the remaining enemy archers.

(>>444444 - The number of death!)
No. 444640 ID: 6e44d2

Hey guys, be sure to claim Erik's body. Everyone needs meat shields.
No. 445691 ID: 34cbef
File 134549994359.png - (43.25KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

Everyone takes their move. The battle rages fiercely as trixie dodges a strike to move back. Crusaders move back to defence behind the bush. Lord Evil Swoops in to strike, but at that very same time a thundering crash pounds the earth. The crusaders bodies are tossed wildly. Arrows fly yet none strike home. Luke steals armor and a crusade swings at luke only to come up naked.
No. 445693 ID: d6c330

Dude! We one hit KO-ed three crusaders! Awesome.

Right, Dakdo moves to H7, and begins loading another volley of cobblestones into the catapult.

Catapult is now aiming at Q13, for the next batch of crusaders. (Luke, Trixie, you're just out of range).

If anyone else wants to ride the catapult shortcut to the front lines this round, it's only a 2 damage penalty, and your armor can soak it. Feel like using yourself as a bullet, Kali? Apparently that's a thing tozols do.
No. 445694 ID: 886a4d

Kali moves to I7, picks up all the cobblestone she can and dumps it into the catapult. I suggest we aim at Q13 with it. That should deal with the final crusader group.
No. 445697 ID: 886a4d

Nope, that would leave me right in the path of fire of all those archers.
No. 445700 ID: d6c330

Yeah, fair enough. Lets see how well mere cobbles do without a boulder knight.
No. 445701 ID: 9c071b

YES! BEST PLAN WAS BEST PLAN! Boulder Knight Juroko first man to fly! We must follow through with best plan though. Baby Archers are hiding behind leetle barricades. COME MEN! While catapult is readying for second volley, we move in and CRUSH them!

(moving to r5 and claiming that kill. Man, I hope we get a pic of that glorious scene.)
No. 445702 ID: 886a4d

We should still kill them, you and I have a total of 13 capacity so we should be doing about 11 damage I believe. Even if they have the meaty feat they should die.
No. 445706 ID: 9202a9

Capital, I move forward and claim the kill at Q6 then I get behind Juroko and Shoot the nearest archer.
No. 445752 ID: 299ed3

Dinobot moves to P8
No. 445765 ID: 8042f4

Luke slices the armorless crusader at p11 with his longsword. I'll collect the resulting body this turn if I can.
No. 445772 ID: d6c330

If you move to P11 to collect the body, move right back off. If you end the turn on that space you're in the blast zone.
No. 445805 ID: 8042f4

Sorry, thought collecting bodies was a 1 square away thing. yeah, move back after.
No. 445825 ID: d6c330

Hmm. I'm not sure if you can collect the body from 1 square away! I don't think anyone's tried it yet. Either way though, you now end turn in the same spot, safe from falling cobbles, which is the important bit.
No. 445836 ID: 54fb5c

Move to Q9.
No. 445858 ID: 1c0dc0

Not sure how the positioning of that barrier will affect things, but if Rosco can shoot at the archer in u10 he does that. If not, shoot p11, because a little overkill is never a bad thing.
No. 445906 ID: 7472ad

Err, I had meant for that wall to run horizontal, but whatever. Clearly Homeless Man needs to lay off the cheap wine.

Homeless Man finishes connecting his flimsy wall to the castle's wall.
No. 445996 ID: 214bf9

L11, damnit I should have moved to M11, my bad for not double checking my destination. Either way now I move to M11 and heal Trixie... unless Trixie moves because then I will follow.
No. 446059 ID: 886a4d

We might want to move the catapult after it fires, say to K8.
No. 446536 ID: 34cbef

Blades swing and bodies drop. A caucophonous thunder cleaves the land. Many enemies are ended, and many claims were made. The king is surprisingly not in attendance but he would be very proud of his men. The catapult is well manned by both dakdo and kali. Juroko, Luke, and O'Lynn have 1 claim each. But amongst the battle, one kingsmen become confused and walks into the fire of the enemy archers. Lord Evil is slain by the volley of arrows.

Round 9 End- Round 10 Us
No. 446548 ID: 9c071b

Alright men, final stretch! I will be advancing to S6. Before I reach them however, we NEED to thin one or two of the archers. I can take 3 arrows with my armor and a 4th will drop me to 0. If two or more of you can focus fire, on T10 and U10, I should be able to move close enough next turn to smack the one at U8!
No. 446561 ID: 1e72ae

I can take out one this turn, but I'd prefer to not die from the attack. If I don't write anything else before the next update, Luke switches to his old armor, picks up his allies bodies at Q9 and R9, then moves back.
No. 446562 ID: 34cbef
File 134572332594.png - (42.26KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

Oh my, sir robes seems to have fallen into what the king likes to call a "Faulty Authoring Timeskip." But have no fear, it turns out he is perfectly fine... in his requested area.
No. 446570 ID: 886a4d

Move to J7, pick up all my stuff. Move to M9.
No. 446571 ID: d6c330

Guess we have to move the catapult forward, now. (Sorry I missed your suggestion to do it earlier, Kali).

Pushes the catapult to K8, Dakdo to J8.

...should I fire here? I could hit S9 and target the front row of the enemy, but I think that would knock down the barriers Luke and Dinobot are covering behind.
No. 446575 ID: 9202a9

Ok I'm moving behind Juroko and heal him (if needed) otherwise I shoot the nearest archer.
No. 446826 ID: beae82

Rosco to P12. hopefully those archers will be focusing somebody else. shoot U10
No. 446828 ID: d6c330

Fug it, firing another load of cobblestones at S9. Knocking down cover is worth cutting down two archers.
No. 446840 ID: 886a4d

Even if I don't get a single kill more I'm very satisfied with my performance this battle... including helping the catapult kill all those crusaders I've helped kill 9 of the enemy.
No. 446856 ID: 1e72ae

Shoot the catapult now, I can take the bow of the last archer (so he can't attack) to give us time so that we can get the bodies and not let them go to waste. (bodies disappear [essentially] after the battle ends)
No. 447164 ID: 34cbef

No. 447289 ID: 214bf9

Healing Trixie, in case that wasn't covered by my action last turn. Who else needs healing?
No. 448158 ID: 34cbef
File 134604280983.png - (42.15KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

All characters make their move. As juroko finishes his move all the archers, heavily afraid of a rock man such as his fearsomeness portrays, unleash a hail of deadly rain upon him. Juroko takes no damage. Erik and Evil have been returned to the castle... by magic that is not yet known they are able to be relaunched into combat if they so wish. Trixie is back to full health.

Round 10 end, Round 11 Begin.
No. 448162 ID: 886a4d

Huh, thought the catapult was firing >>446828

Anyway, move to O5, collect the corpse and fire on U8.
No. 448180 ID: 34cbef

did anyone load it with anything bigger then loose cobblestone?
No. 448185 ID: 886a4d

Think it was just more cobblestone, whatever Dakdo could lift I guess.
No. 448187 ID: d6c330

I intended to fire cobblestones, though I may not have been clear. It was just me loading this time though, I didn't get help from Kali. So presumably there were less cobblestones than the last volley.

(I wouldn't be opposed to just attributing it to the firing mechanism locking up, or not having time to move and fire the artillery in the same turn or something).
No. 448198 ID: 34cbef

you could only put up to 3 capacity of cobblestone into the catapult. If you fire the 3 Capacity worth of cobblestone it will only do... 1 damage to most anything, which in turn does not effect much. I should have mentioned that what you can load into the capacity of the catapult is based on what you can normally pick up and put into it...
No. 448203 ID: d6c330

Yeah, we'll just say it didn't fire then. 1 damage before armor is worthless.
No. 448213 ID: 886a4d

I suggest moving the catapult to where I was, then loading another 2 cap cobblestone (total in catapult 5), then launching it behind the bandit... that will leave all the archers with 1 hp left, perfect for killing at leasure.
No. 448214 ID: e3814c

I will behind (even if he moves) juroko and shout to negotiate their surrender.
No. 448219 ID: d6c330

Yeah, sounds reasonable.

Catapult to M9, Dakdo to L9.
Dakdo loads cobblestones, Catapult fires on U9 (at the bandit).
No. 448238 ID: e3814c

Oh and I'm Finn
No. 448239 ID: 9c071b


Moving to T7 and attacking U8's archer!
No. 448279 ID: 8042f4

Reequipping the heavy armor and move to T10. Luke attacks the archer at U10.
It looks like only a few bodies would go to waste at this point, but lets try to leave one alive so we can collect the last ones next turn.(every little bit helps)
No. 448302 ID: 214bf9

Alright unless someone needs healing I'll move to P10, so if anyone needs healing say so now.
No. 448622 ID: 886a4d

Changing my target to V8 instead of U8, so Juruko can have his kill.
No. 448638 ID: 05ee9e

It looks like you forgot to take Rosco's move. So, I'll just do that this turn instead.
No. 448981 ID: 34cbef
File 134621088915.png - (10.94KB , 475x354 , mischiefwizard.png )

The kingsmen are beginning to notice an odd amount of questionable things happening with time lately. As juroko looms closer to the enemy archers he catches a brief glance of what looks to be a wizard and a few dogs hiding behind the bushes.
No. 448983 ID: 34cbef
File 134621109602.png - (43.04KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

Everyone preforms their moves. Two archers are struck down with cooperation of the catapult and the handful of kingsmen who still are active. The archers are caught in confusion as their bodies slow due to crazy magic. The hiding wizard laughs at his machinations and readies another spell for next turn.

End round 11- Begin round 12
No. 448986 ID: 886a4d

Fire at V8, Move to S8

Lets leave the bandit alive so we can collect all the corpses possible.
No. 448989 ID: 9c071b

Hmmmmm... that man. Very interest- CORPSE! *move to u8, claim body. Stab the archer at V8.*
No. 448990 ID: e3814c

Hail Wizard Friend or Foe?

I pick up one of the downed archer near me to ferry back to the built the catapult, as I don't think he has hand a chance to claim a kill yet.
No. 448991 ID: d6c330

Where's our diplomat at? We've got a third faction entering the fray who could use some talking at.

I'm going to cease catapult fire for now- the remaining enemies are weak, and in range of our front line fighters.

I am prepared to rain hell down on the wizard though if he turns out to be hostile.

Catapult to O8, Dakdo to N8.
Dakdo loads 3C worth of cobblestones, but does not fire.

Are we doing any kind of kill pooling or distribution? I'd be grateful if anyone was willing to collect a catapult casualty for me. I'll gladly repay favors in crazy manufactured equipment requests once we have some looted metal and stuff to work with.
No. 448992 ID: e3814c

Oh in that case never mind about what I was doing.
No. 448993 ID: e3814c

I was going to do that but Juroko nabbed it, but don't worry I'll get the next one.
No. 448997 ID: 8042f4

I've got one already, so if I can, I claim this corpse in your name; after all, I wouldn't have been able to reach this far if not for your catapult.

Luke moves to U10 to claim the archer corpse for/(to give to) Dakdo. He then slices the archer at V10. The bandit shall be left alive until he yields or deals damage to us as he has yet to attack us directly.
No. 449047 ID: 214bf9

A fellow wizard? No matter, I must focus on what really matters.

Moving to S9 and standing ready to strike any enemies who move around the corner.
No. 449052 ID: 947979

Rosco: get body at S12. shoot archer at v10 because WE TAKE NO PRISONERS.
No. 449332 ID: 34cbef
File 134628949626.png - (42.57KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

Everyone makes their moves, except dakdo and the catapult. The wizard chuckles to himself as he readies another spell for next turn. Juroko claims another body (2), Rosco claims a body, and Luke claims another body(2). Dakdo scores an assist (which for this purpose will count as a claim) and has 1 claim to his name. The bandit attempts to flee.

End round 12 begin 13
No. 449336 ID: 886a4d

That damn wizard cancelled my move? Alright I move to N8, dump all my gear on the ground and load all 8 cap of cobblestone into the catapult.

"Kill the bastard."
No. 449344 ID: d6c330

>Dakdo scores an assist

>Everyone makes their moves, except dakdo and the catapult

>The wizard chuckles
Oh, you bastard. Guess what, according the Kingsman Geneva convention, time magic dickery totally counts as a hostile action. That was an act of war, and you are now considered an enemy combatant. Prepare to die.

>"Kill the bastard."
Firing catapult, U3.

Someone else fire arrows or something if possible, so we still get him even if he negates me again. You might as well nail the bandit before he escapes too.
No. 449367 ID: e3814c

I run to the body on 8V and claim it, after that I shoot the wizard.
No. 449381 ID: 8042f4

Luke moves to W10, Picking up the corpse along the way. The bandit is allowed to flee(if the wizard doesn't stop him, and if you can't convince me otherwise).
No. 449398 ID: 9c071b

Moving to v8 to claim that one last body.

Honestly, why are you lot going after the wizard? It's the damn bandit we should rip to shreds! After all, the wizard stopped the archers so we may stab at them and the bandit was the one who called all the crusaders here!
No. 449465 ID: 668682

I disagree.
No. 449471 ID: 1e72ae

I can deal 2 damage to him this turn; why do you want to kill him; what do you disagree with? The only thing he did was get reinforcements; he never once laid a hand on us. If he should be struck down solely for the crime of being a thief, then so should I.
No. 449472 ID: 34cbef


Jesus, friendly fire is still a thing- I repeat it is a bad idea to remind them that
No. 449474 ID: d6c330

Okay, wait wait, let's calm down, we're all at odds now. This is silly.

The bandit was part of the initial band of raiders attacking out castle. Our King never gave clear orders on whether we were expected to kill or merely repel attackers. That means the decision to let him escape now is our own. Does a retreating opponent deserve our mercy?

>The wizard
Has been annoying, but that's it. We have no confirmation he's actually hostile, or that things won't get worse if we actually engaged him. We also don't know if letting him get another spell off would be bad.

I'd be willing to hold my attack if people think we shouldn't hit him.

>Jesus, friendly fire is still a thing- I repeat it is a bad idea to remind them that
I can't figure out who you think is at risk of friendly fire.
No. 449475 ID: 9c071b

Except the guy had every intention to. He came here to ATTACK THE KING. The man we are sworn to PROTECT. Then he called for several of his buddies who SHOT DOWN two of our men! He is very much an accomplice and was against the king himself.

In fact, being shot down by the weapon of his comrades he is now abandoning suits a coward like him! *grabs bow from archer corpse and fires it at the bandit at x9*

(Yes, I will be encumbered, but I am not moving and I will discard the bow next turn if need be.)
No. 449478 ID: 1e72ae

Thank you for mentioning that mercy is at least an option.[honestly, not sarcastic] At this point, I won't(and never would)stop others from shooting at him, but I will not attack him.

It's the crusaders who want the king dead and the bandit used it to his teams advantage. Whether he wanted him dead is unknown, but he almost certainly wanted his stuff.

>>449472 Sorry, I'll stop antagonizing my teammates. The first message was asking if anyone had a good enough argument to get me to help kill him, the second was asking why he disagreed with a bit of grandstanding.
No. 449479 ID: e3814c

I will also hold my attack if people agree we should not attack, but I think we should.
No. 449493 ID: 668682

it's cool, and i'd just say that my reasoning is he might bring more reinforcements.

also that Rosco is a monster-taming Owlbear with a longbow, so it's entirely in character.
No. 449530 ID: 214bf9

All right I need to have a chat with this wizard, moving to V6.

Hello fellow wizard, what brings you to this place?
No. 449535 ID: d6c330

Alright, holding fire while Sir Robes attempts diplomacy.

(Catapult launch canceled).
No. 449789 ID: 34cbef
File 134637419114.png - (11.68KB , 593x316 , mischiefwizard.png )

The wizard can sense the hostility towards him and in a blast of chrono magic he "get's the hell outta there."
No. 449792 ID: 34cbef
File 134637441894.png - (43.65KB , 1187x505 , round1us.png )

Everyone takes their move. There is a discussion wether to let the bandit live or die, but a lone arrow flies through the air and strikes the bandit dead.

Engagement is Over, Body Claims will be tallied Discussion thread, along with Local Kingsmen News. There are two bodies left on the field, The first to collect these will be able to stake claims on thier heads which will go toward the total of their body count. Those who do must suggest in this thread. Thank you for serving the kingsmen, we will call upon your aid when the next crisis arises.
No. 449793 ID: 886a4d

Head to P12... then next turn P15. Claim the body.
No. 449798 ID: 44f50a

Dropping the bow and then heading to W9, followed by X9 to claim that body. Seriously, why did we try to go at the wizard?
No. 449805 ID: 1e72ae

Moving to 9X and switching my longsword for the corpses; juroko can have the kill claim.
(I know it will not make any functional difference, I want to use his sword anyway)
No. 449810 ID: 34cbef

Body Claims Update Here http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/57930.html
No. 449825 ID: e3814c

Could you let me clam that kill? I want it so I can get summoning which would be very useful to you to.
No. 449828 ID: e3814c

It's me Finn
No. 449840 ID: 44f50a

Hmmm.. teleporting is important, but I was planning on getting enough to get a mount so that I can ride into battle and soak up the damage so that everyone else doesn't have to soak up the damage.
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