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File 134307448437.png - (45.84KB , 933x600 , db_001.png )
435471 No. 435471 ID: 4183c9

One could decide it was a landing of shit.

Especially when a pilot is best of Séblagsniesemroné, and decorated.

[Insert Suggestion]
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No. 435473 ID: e7e90d

Hey, you. Bad pilot person who confused the sky with the ground. You're currently confusing standing up with burying yourself headfirst in the sand. Cut that out. Get up.
No. 435474 ID: 99090a

That's not how you fly a plane! Get up!
No. 435476 ID: 2972f8

women can't even drive! what made you think they could fly planes?
No. 435480 ID: 4183c9
File 134307638513.png - (54.91KB , 933x600 , db_002.png )

One can appreciate lacking serious injury.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 435482 ID: fa9f7e

And now we know why you crashed and why you survived. Your tits weighed down the plane and made it tip forward. They also cushioned you.
No. 435483 ID: 99090a

Get your survival kit out of the canopy.
No. 435484 ID: e7e90d

Apparently you have magic tits that repel sand from sticking to them even when they're buried in the stuff.

Take stock of your situation. What supplies / equipment do you have on you? What do you know of the local geography? (ie, how big is the desert, which way to civilization, or a more survivable not-desert environment, at least). Hopefully you saw something useful in your doomed flyover, and/or you have a map, compass in the plane.
No. 435485 ID: e554fe

examine crashed plane
No. 435486 ID: 84185f

Also, why where you flying about anyways?
No. 435488 ID: fa9f7e

I think those dots on her right boob when you enlarge the image are sand grains, but that's still amazingly clean.
No. 435489 ID: 5a8a13

Hope this isn't one of those desert lands where they treat women poorly.
No. 435490 ID: 4183c9
File 134307928269.png - (86.26KB , 933x600 , db_003.png )

>Get your survival kit
>What supplies / equipment
One sees no damage on the emergency box or its seal.

>examine crashed plane
It has ceased to function properly, permanently so for one without tools - and professionals and a workshop.

>why where you flying about anyways?
When a pilot is best of Séblagsniesemroné, and decorated, it is not in one's nature to stay grounded.

>What do you know of the local geography?
>how big is the desert

>Hopefully you saw something useful in your doomed flyover, and/or you have a map, compass in the plane.
Not even newest and most expensive aircraft of Séblagsniesemroné can see through clouds and sandstorms. Nor nap tens of thousands of sand dunes during a spin.
>have a map, compass
The compass shares the fate of a plane. The map... The map may have been blown away during the unplanned descent.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 435491 ID: a370aa

open the box and see what you have
No. 435492 ID: bf54a8

use the sun instead of a compass. which way is it moving?
No. 435493 ID: e554fe

You could light the whole thing on fire and hope for friendly nomads to see it.
No. 435494 ID: 2972f8

can you speak normally?
No. 435497 ID: 4183c9
File 134308170375.png - (68.12KB , 933x600 , db_004.png )

Flask, cigarettes, two rolls of gold coins, lighter.

Perhaps one should design one's own emergency box, if there will ever be a chance to do so.

>use the sun instead of a compass. which way is it moving?
A sun moves slowly without cinematographic trickery, and is currently directly above.

>You could light the whole thing on fire and hope for friendly nomads to see it.
One could do that, but a burning plane does not provide shade. One must assess, plan, and decide.

>can you speak normally?
One is not actually speaking, but disregarding semantics, does one not speak normally?

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 435499 ID: fa9f7e

Hm. One is alone. One has no supplies. One has never heard of the pronoun "I".

One's only option is to tap the magic clearly latent in one's tits.
No. 435500 ID: 67e8b2

One ought to rest until the plane casts a shadow, such that one might orient oneself towards the four directions.
No. 435501 ID: bf54a8

okay then. try tilting the plane so it's a better shade.
No. 435502 ID: 67e8b2

Sit in the cockpit and pretend to fly.
No. 435509 ID: 4183c9
File 134308456203.png - (73.02KB , 933x600 , db_005.png )

>try tilting the plane
Applying a little elbow grease and arranging sand, one can improvise a sufficient shade.

>tap the magic
This is both ridiculous and ineffective.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 435510 ID: fa9f7e

And one did it anyway. Can one think of any practical application of one's time and energy? If not, one might as well enjoy oneself.
No. 435511 ID: a370aa

look out to the horizon and see if there's anything but sand out there
No. 435513 ID: a7a256

You're strangely familiar... It's almost uncanny. Have I seen you before?

Anyway, what are your points of origin and destination? How much of this route you traveled? Someone is waiting for you?
No. 435514 ID: bf54a8

scan the horizon for any landmarks.
No. 435515 ID: f5832c

In a desert travelling during the day without protection and plenty of water is a death scentance, rest until night before travelling
No. 435532 ID: 4183c9
File 134308769260.png - (41.93KB , 933x600 , db_006.png )

>>Can one think of any practical application of one's time and energy?
Sand is abundant, everything else is not. Can one think of applications for sand and limited shade?

>the horizon
One cannot see all that far due to interference from haze.

>You're strangely familiar... It's almost uncanny. Have I seen you before?
One might resemble decorated pilot of Séblagsniesemroné, going by the name of Clarisse de la Yxessértsnies, who has featured in various publications for reasons related to aviation.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 435535 ID: bf54a8

then nothing to do but sleep until later. when the haze will disipate.
No. 435538 ID: e7e90d

Were you on a scheduled mission before the crash? Was your flight plan known? When you do not arrive back at base or at your destination, will your absence be noted? In short, can you expect a rescue to come looking for you?

Failing rescue, does the plane's radio / communication equipment still function?

Does the flask contain water? Judging from the questionable usefulness of the rest of the emergency box, I'd expect it to be filled with booze.
No. 435539 ID: 1f8505


Fashion a crude shovel out of plane parts.

Tunnel to China.
No. 435540 ID: a370aa

this, but for water rather than foreign lands
No. 435543 ID: a7a256

> Booze, cigarettes, alone and totally lost.
Enjoy yourself.
No. 435553 ID: 4183c9
File 134309256868.png - (76.10KB , 933x600 , db_007.png )

>Were you on a scheduled mission before the crash? Was your flight plan known? When you do not arrive back at base or at your destination, will your absence be noted?
Flight plans are generally known by air control stations. However, a desert takes long to cross even by plane, so a delay will inevitably occur. Eventually an aerial search may be conducted over the hundreds of kilometers between Madaskimugat and Juhanaukodanik.

A radio is not crashproof, nor is a battery.

>flask contain water?
>shovel out
An elevator, loosened by a crash, works as a shovel. A little digging does not result in water or discovery of China, and sand trickles down at all times, bit by bit or in larger collapses, slowing down progress. A break is a good excuse to test a flask, which does contain whisky.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 435561 ID: cf49fc

No. 435567 ID: a370aa

drink the whiskey
No. 435568 ID: 1f8505


Remove shirt and violently shake chest.

To remove any sand, you see.
No. 435569 ID: fa9f7e

Make sure to wash with whiskey, the whiskey will further clean chest and kill bacteria. It will also cool you via evaporation.
No. 435571 ID: e7e90d

The whiskey is not to be used for drinking.

Rest until nightfall, then we'll head out looking for better shelter and a supply of water.
No. 435574 ID: bf54a8

you will die slowly and horribly if you drink that.
No. 435577 ID: 252e1b

Do you have a jacket, or blanket, or a parachute? A utility knife of some sort?

What are your clothes made of? Silk and cotton? Leather for that aviator's helmet?
No. 435609 ID: b33427

As much as you'd like to keep your clothes on, it'll make you sweat more, due to them impeding the evaporation of the sweat, keeping your body temperature higher. Strip down to your underwear, and sit on your clothes instead. As long as you stay in the shade you won't have to worry about sunburn.

If you have a parachute, using it as a makeshift canopy to keep the sun off would be a great idea right about now. Cut a piece off big enough to lay down on as well; It'll keep the sand out.

...Wait a second. What's that buried in the side of the hole you dug? Looks like it has a squared off edge. Is it a part from your plane?
No. 435616 ID: bf54a8

hey yeah, there is an OBJECT in the sand.
No. 435625 ID: c8d45f

What are those dark shapes off in the distance? Are those trees, buildings, or something else?
No. 435634 ID: b26bd8
File 134311047939.jpg - (27.61KB , 340x343 , solar_still.jpg )

do take your clothes of, this man knows fact. however, any parachute silk or other thin, film like material should be used to collect water. normally you would need moister soil, but desert usually have surprisingly high water tables. if you can dig a pit at least 8 feet deep, preferably not in the shade, so you can make it as big as necessary, you should have a small supply of water available.

and don't you dare drink that whiskey.
No. 435673 ID: 9718f3

At least take off those boots.
No. 435739 ID: 67e8b2

Ignore naysayers. Drink all whiskey. Have vision quest.
No. 435751 ID: 4183c9
File 134315385438.png - (74.40KB , 933x600 , db_008.png )

>no whisky
One had just a little sip, no more. A little taste.

>Do you have a jacket, or blanket, or a parachute?
>A utility knife of some sort?
Not unless an emergency box has a secret compartment.

>What are your clothes made of?
A shirt is cotton, breeches are wool, scarf is silk. Boots and cap are genuine leather.

>Strip down to your underwear

>OBJECT in sand
An odd object with a handle, antenna and button. A desert is a strange place for this.

>dark shapes off in the distance
Such is an effect of heat haze.

>Ignore naysayers. Drink all whiskey. Have vision quest.
Dehydration is more likely to lead one into afterlife quest.

One must think carefully now.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 435754 ID: 2972f8

wait a goddamn second... SDF!?
No. 435755 ID: a7a256

> One must think carefully now.
Push button.
No. 435757 ID: e7e90d

I don't suppose you could improvise a knife? A shard of metal broken off from your wrecked plane, perhaps? A knife would be useful to have.

Yeah, push the button. As long as the object doesn't appear to be explosives or something.
No. 435763 ID: 14a1d0

Press the button a good many times.
No. 435767 ID: 1f8505


Press all the buttons on your mystery device.
No. 435768 ID: eebedc

push it
No. 435777 ID: 4183c9
File 134315818835.png - (53.45KB , 933x600 , db_009.png )

>wait a goddamn second... SDF!?
>As long as the object doesn't appear to be explosives or something.
It... It is dangerous?!

>push the bu
>push the bu
>push the button
It is not so certain one wants to push an unidentified button!

>I don't suppose you could improvise a knife?
One is more likely to cut oneself trying, and still not end with a usable tool.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 435781 ID: 886a4d

Fine, examine the box carefully, look for any markings that will point to its purpose. Then dig around where you found it. Perhaps there is more.
No. 435786 ID: e7e90d

Okay, pull out the box carefully, and try to discern its purpose. Look for any writing, labels, warnings, symbols, etc. We can probably figure out what it is before pushing the button.

And even if it is dangerous? You're caught in the desert with no useful supplies, no water, and rescue a long way off. Even if it is a bomb, it doesn't make your odds of survival much worse than they already are.
No. 435793 ID: eebedc

Well, if you are scared of a button.
Rig something up to remotely push the button, Like string attached to the lid of the emergency box and when you pull the string the lid will fall on the button and thus press it down.
Or something
No. 435799 ID: 67e8b2

Construct crude sand clock to press button from afar.
No. 435806 ID: 4183c9
File 134316280251.png - (38.96KB , 933x600 , db_010.png )


[Insert Suggestion]
No. 435808 ID: 997ce7

Wait and see what happens. Seriously though, you do look sweaty. Take off your pants, shoes and gloves, at the very least, black is *horrible* in a desert. Probably socks, too, they'll be more useful for filtering any water we might be lucky enough to find.
No. 435825 ID: eebedc

Hold onto your tits in anticipation of the explosion.
No. 435828 ID: 4183c9
File 134316504610.png - (39.34KB , 933x600 , db_011.png )

Well, something is happening. Could be anything.

How should one prepare?

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 435830 ID: eebedc

try to kinda hide behind your plane and observe.
No. 435832 ID: a7a256

Get inside the plane.
No. 435834 ID: e7e90d

>Behind the only unique landmark for miles
Gee, I wonder if they'll find you.

If you want to hide and observer whatever's coming instead of just letting them find you, you should be hiding some distance away from the plane.
No. 435838 ID: a7a256

Wait. No impact because of the explosion? Go check what's there.
No. 435870 ID: 4183c9
File 134316913569.png - (49.21KB , 933x600 , db_012.png )

>No impact because of the explosion? Go check
There was not an explosion. A device has only extended an antenna.

But while there is still time, should one hide in a plane, behind a plane, away from a plane or not hide at all?

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 435872 ID: a370aa

not hide at all, there is nowhere TO hide
No. 435889 ID: a7a256

Make a hole.
No. 435890 ID: 735f4f

Trying to dig a hole in this heat would just wear you out. Might as well relax and wait to see what happens.
No. 435893 ID: a7a256

Make a trap.
No. 435896 ID: bf54a8

behind plane
No. 435898 ID: 4183c9
File 134317161498.png - (66.02KB , 933x600 , db_013luckynumber.png )

>not hide
>relax and wait
One's chances of hiding are quite slim, truly, so one might just as weHUUÉ!

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 435900 ID: fed066

Who is that behind you with the handsome angular face?
No. 435903 ID: bf54a8

turn around dramatically.
No. 435917 ID: 4183c9
File 134317557446.png - (83.80KB , 933x600 , db_014.png )

>turn around dramatically.


[Insert Suggestion]
No. 435919 ID: bf54a8

go for the camel.
No. 435922 ID: a370aa

ask if the automobile comes with free gas
No. 435923 ID: d4f55f

It's fucking Crazy Hassan

You better believe we are going for the camel, even if it only mildly retarded.
No. 435939 ID: 735f4f

Haggle him up to a camel, a sack of dates, and some water. Or anything else you might need.
No. 435941 ID: cf49fc

Yes. Or a Water Finding Camel. That would be awesome. Make sure you get the Fresh Water Finder expansion pack, it's a real life saver.
No. 435943 ID: e7e90d

Use your massive charisma assets to get a better deal.

Camel better than car.

Offer the useless stuff in your emergency kit for trade. You want real supplies- food, water, tools, etc.
No. 435949 ID: a89769

Ask if he'll give you water and more dates if you flash him your tits. Might give you extra if you offer a little more. A touch or something.
He'll go for it, trust me.
No. 435962 ID: a7a256

Maintain your self-respect, slap the fuck out of him, get the camel with sack of dates, trade whisky for water.
No. 435968 ID: 4183c9
File 134318131028.png - (67.27KB , 933x600 , db_015.png )

>go for the camel
>Haggle Water Finding Camel

>ask if the automobile comes with free gas

>food, water, tools, etc.

>Offer the useless stuff in your emergency kit for trade.
How does one decide which items are useless?

[Insert Suggestion]
>Use your massive charisma assets to get a better deal.
[Roll 1d20-3 For Barter Check]

No. 435973 ID: 886a4d

rolled 13 - 3 = 10

Get the Camel, and whatever extras. Trade the whiskey, the gold and the cigerettes for supplies. The lighter is useful and the rest are only useful for barter which is what you are doing.
No. 435976 ID: 997ce7

The gold might be a bit much. Let's keep it in reserve if/when we need it.
No. 435978 ID: 997ce7

rolled 4 - 3 = 1

Also, why does having huge tits give us a penalty? Is he gay, do we have an impossibly low base Charisma, or was that supposed to be +?
No. 435981 ID: 2c68c5

Go for the camel,rifle, and sack of dates which just so happens to be the amount of dates that your heart desires.
No. 435982 ID: 735f4f

We are not crazy enough for him so we get a penalty to our deals.
No. 435983 ID: 4bdd79

This, but limit your gold expenditure to a handful of coins. Aim to get some food, some water and maybe the rifle if he seems willing to part with it.
No. 435988 ID: 5a8a13

Maybe a low roll is what we want.
I say, go with the camel/gun combo.Cars and sand don't mix for long.
No. 435994 ID: 5a8a13

also ask if the camel is spooked by gunfire. Major selling point.
No. 435995 ID: a7a256

> How does one decide which items are useless?
Try whisky and cigarettes. See if you can buy anything with the gold coins.

> Also, why does having huge tits give us a penalty?
Because modest breasts are better.
No. 436117 ID: a370aa

rolled 15 - 3 = 12

get the gun and camel and see what else you can get with the gold coins
No. 436159 ID: 4183c9
File 134324111360.png - (72.49KB , 933x600 , db_016.png )

Shopping list so far:
>2 full canteens, box of jaffa cakes
>Camel, sack of dates, rifle, 2 box .303
>OR Automobile, gas, supplies, spare tyre

>flask, cigarettes


>ask if the camel is spooked by gunfire

[Insert Suggestion]
>why penalty
Crazy Hassan is immune to Boob Shock due to massive experience and has +5 to Barter, negating one's +2 bonus.

No. 436161 ID: 49eb02

>Crazy Hassan is immune to Boob Shock
Dang, our only assets, negated.

Trade the wrecked airplane for the camel and accessories. Trade the cigs and booze for the extra water and food.

I'm not sure what good buying an extra camel and armaments would be. What's the sociopolitical situation in these parts? Are you likely going to encounter hostiles?
No. 436162 ID: 31917f

rolled 9 - 3 = 6

>2 CM KWK 30 L/55
Sold, get that fuckn car and shitloads of extra ammo.
No. 436163 ID: 886a4d

Get the camel. Better slow and sure then soemthing that can break down in at a moments notice.
No. 436180 ID: a7a256

Trade plane for car, buy camel. Put camel in car.
No. 436181 ID: fa9f7e

I'm tempted to buy only the rifle and ammo and kill him when he reveals where he keeps at least some of his stuff.

Probably wouldn't work due to numerous reasons including my failing to think this through for more than a second, but I'd like to try and play it straight.
No. 436186 ID: 4bdd79

Crazy Hassan is Level Way-Too-Fucking-High. He'd wreck our shit.

If the "car" has a 2cm gun, chances are it's an old German armored car or halftrack. Ask what model it is. If it's a 222 don't get it, if it's an 8-wheeled 231 do get it. If it's a 250, get that shit and put a camel in the backseat.
No. 436204 ID: 4183c9
File 134325208228.png - (95.38KB , 933x600 , db_017.png )

>What's the sociopolitical situation in these parts?
Officially a territory belongs to three different nations, but in practice there are numerous small tribes, five forts of various nations' foreign legions, and several persons of significant wealth, all with their own interests.
>Are you likely going to encounter hostiles?
This a very contextual matter - and ever changing.

Camel or automobile, one must decide!

[Insert Suggestion]
Only definite votes count. No decision before a minimum of 5 votes.
No. 436205 ID: 49eb02

Voting Camel.

Sounds like this region is ripe for potential conflict and unrest- buy the extra gun and ammo he offered for gold.
No. 436211 ID: a7a256

Two camel combo. Keep flask and cigarettes, buy canteens and jaffa cakes.
No. 436213 ID: 31917f

obvious automobile, camels lack proper armor plating.
Also they smell
No. 436216 ID: 252e1b

I vote for the two-camel combo.
No. 436217 ID: c7b4c4

Camel driving automobile
No. 436225 ID: 1f8505


No. 436241 ID: a370aa

Camel and guns and water
No. 436244 ID: 4bdd79

...That'd be a 222. Fucking avoid it, those things just don't work offroad.
No. 436245 ID: 4183c9
File 134326311858.png - (70.07KB , 933x600 , db_018.png )


[Insert Suggestion]
No. 436246 ID: 49eb02

Right. Travel in a strait line, whatever direction you think may lead out of the desert.

Camp during the day, travel at night. Wake us up when something interesting happens, we'll leave you on autopilot till then.
No. 436248 ID: 735f4f

Is he flying the airplane away with camels pulling it? God bless you crazy hassan.
No. 436256 ID: a7a256

Forgot clothes.
No. 436268 ID: 4183c9
File 134326744294.png - (73.13KB , 933x600 , db_019.png )

>Wake us up when something interesting happens

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 436269 ID: a7a256

Not again.
No. 436271 ID: 1f8505


Welp, back on your camel. Keep gong until we find a NOT Rape Dungeon.
No. 436273 ID: 24f833

>Candy Cave
>Secret Rape Dungeon

Yeaaaaah, you've got plenty of supplies right? No need to stick your head in there. Keep moving.
No. 436278 ID: 5a8a13

Clearly the secret rape dungeon was abolished and replaced by the candy cave.

but check the signpost before going for candy.
No. 436279 ID: fa9f7e

How good are you in a fight? If you're confident you can win, fight and rape everyone inside.
No. 436284 ID: 67e8b2

Looks legit
No. 436291 ID: 4183c9
File 134327162252.png - (47.48KB , 933x600 , db_020.png )

>check the signpost

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 436292 ID: 886a4d

Which of those would be most likely to get you home?
No. 436293 ID: 735f4f

I say we bust down the door to the rape cave and start firing wildly inside.
No. 436297 ID: bf54a8

the fact the candy cave sign fell off says it hasn't been used in a while.
No. 436304 ID: 24f833

Do any of those names sound familiar to you? Are any of them close to, or allied with, your home country?

If not- Fort means soldiers, which could be bad, since you're a female pilot from another country. The port means water, and possible ocean transit home. That seems the best choice.
No. 436434 ID: 9718f3

If none of those places sound familiar/safe to you, we ought to check in the cave for a map. We've got guns and plenty of ammo so I'm not worried.

I mean, what's the worst that could happen?
No. 436435 ID: f793db

If Fort is known to be friendly, go there

Else if Port is not known to be hostile, go there.

Else go to Tawruk
No. 436453 ID: 61e7f9

Let's go to the Candy Cave.
No. 436461 ID: 89cd53

Candy Cave seems like a good place to get supplies.
No. 436473 ID: caebb5

I see nothing wrong with rape.
Sure olive oil would be preferable, but it's the desert. Not an place to be overly picky.

In conclusion, check out that cave.
No. 436502 ID: 4183c9
File 134332832747.png - (118.55KB , 933x600 , db_021.png )

>Which of those would be most likely to get you home?
>Do any of those names sound familiar to you?
A port is an obvious choice, but if a fort is close and a port far away, a fort would be more useful if it is not hostile.
Tawruk is the only familiar name, being a large port city and having been mentioned in history books. Being large it probably has an airfield.
But how far anything is, one has no clue.

>Are any of them close to, or allied with, your home country?
One does not know, and Séblagsniesemroné does not have any high-profile dealings in the region so this is not information many would even care about to begin with. Any businesses or individuals of Séblagsniesemroné are most likely operating independently either way.

>How good are you in a fight?
Possibly not at all. Is this really a good idea?

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 436503 ID: 0b766f

>Is this really a good idea?

Leave. I vote Port.
No. 436504 ID: 886a4d

I vote NO to the rape cave. Lets head to the port.
No. 436505 ID: 67e8b2

The cave is probably full of people you can shoot without feeling that guilty.

Either that or it's full of candy and the sign is double reverse psychology.
No. 436509 ID: 735f4f

Honestly the place looks like its been abandoned for a long time. And in a adventure like this if you don't clear out every loot cave you will miss all the good stuff.
No. 436511 ID: caebb5

You should at least open the door and look in before you decide if you really dislike rape and/or candy.
No. 436519 ID: 4183c9
File 134333339294.png - (89.62KB , 933x600 , db_022.png )

>at least open the door and look in
Can one leave now?

>if you really dislike rape

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 436520 ID: 886a4d

I think we should leave... but if your going to stay theres a book to look through beside that skeleton. Also jam the door open with the bones so it doesn't lock behind you.
No. 436521 ID: a370aa

get book first
No. 436522 ID: a3a351

Leave now, book is unimportant compared to not getting raped
No. 436523 ID: 997ce7

Firstly, the dungeon seems to be abandoned. Second, the dungeon proper is likely behind that other door in the background.

It seems safe.
No. 436525 ID: 0b766f

No information in a book is going to increase your odds of survival right now.

And for the record? A lone woman, untrained and unskilled in combat, exploring a rape dungeon? Bad idea.
No. 436526 ID: f793db

>No information in a book is going to increase your odds of survival right now.

Unless said information has info like, "The fort/port/town is closest to here." Or journal entries like saying the guy stopped by an oasis, then headed in x direction to get here.
No. 436527 ID: caebb5

That clearly looks like a vault door and not like a rape door. I'm pretty sure the name is just to scare of less brave adventurers than you.

Make sure the front door can't accidentally close and carefully explore.
Like the book.
No. 436531 ID: 9718f3

The presence of such an old corpse is a good thing. Human occupants would almost certainly have removed it. That means only wildlife or non-permanent residents to worry about. And the sign obviously wouldn't apply to those sorts.

That book looks interesting.
No. 436557 ID: 4183c9
File 134333856413.png - (62.68KB , 933x600 , db_023.png )


Aug 1

11 AM
I'm close to finding my daughter. Those kidnappers will never see me coming!
P.S.: I'm a bit disappointed. The jungles of El Humidor had more trees in the pictures. The sand and lack of water aren't what I expected.

Aug 4

2 PM
Found an honest to Bóg Candy Cave! I thought such things only existed in stories!

3 PM
Got the door open. The cave leads downwards. Going to close the door so that a sandstorm can't sneak up on me again. They always come from behind!

4 PM
Found another door inside the cave. It is made of steel.

9 PM
No matter how much I push, the steel door will not budge! This door must be permanently sealed, as no amount of pushing has any effect. What secrets it guards! With great sadness I must leave this mystery unsolved, for I have a mission.

10 PM
Skurwysyn! I push and push but the cave door does not open! I am now trapped!

Aug 5

6 PM
No progress on the door. Saving my last pickle for tomorrow in hopes that someone will find the Candy Cave and somehow manage to open the door from outside.

Aug 6

1 PM
Bzdura! I forgot I ate my last pickle three days ago! I am doomed!

Aug 7

1 PM
Tried eating sand. I don't think it has enough nutrients to sustain me.

Aug 8

5 PM
cant think of any last words kurwa

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 436563 ID: 99090a

He never tried pulling the door. The poor, stupid SOB.
No. 436575 ID: caebb5

ok, seems like the is no immediate candy danger.

Make double sure the front door can't slam shut and try to open the metal door. With pulling and such.
No. 436576 ID: 6025e3

Well at least he was not raped to death. You could try the vault door, but make sure your camels are securely tied down and that there is no one outside first.

Store book on camels. Maybe you can give it to that daughter if you figure out who she is,
No. 436578 ID: bd5edb

Destroy this devilish door.
No. 436607 ID: 4183c9
File 134334419265.png - (101.22KB , 933x600 , db_024.png )

No. 436608 ID: 4183c9
File 134334421275.png - (66.14KB , 933x600 , db_025.png )

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 436609 ID: 886a4d

why are you going deeper into the rape cave?
No. 436611 ID: a370aa

ok door works now get out of there as it's too dark to see anyway
No. 436612 ID: caebb5

Do the light fixtures work?
Make a makeshift torch out of bones and rags anyways, just in case.

also proceed
No. 436614 ID: 735f4f

Yes onward to adventure!
No. 436626 ID: 1f8505


Prop the door open with a heavy thing and proceed.
No. 436627 ID: bd5edb

Destroy the doors! They are the enemy!

Okay. Going alone is a terrible idea. You want to fly again, not to go straight to heaven.
No. 436635 ID: 58d4d3

...what advantage is there in exploring this place? If anything happens to you in there, you're alone and helpless. Unless there's a magic teleporter down there, that route doesn't take you home. And anyone who came along could steal your camels and gear and leave you to starve to death, like the last guy.

You already got incredibly lucky to survive the crash uninjured, and get the gear necessary to survive and escape from Crazy Hassan. Don't push your good luck any further. Take what you have, be thankful, and move on.
No. 436651 ID: 4183c9
File 134335015185.png - (67.18KB , 933x600 , db_026.png )

>why are you going deeper into the rape cave?
Perhaps one may find something useful - or quite valuable.

...But one is also behind a door labeled "rape dungeon".

Now is a good time to make a decision, while one still sees an exit.

[Insert Vote: Continue/Escape]

[Protip: Clever solutions are always rewarded.]
No. 436652 ID: 886a4d

No. 436658 ID: b85f8c

Hey. Cable in the ceiling. Where's it go?
No. 436659 ID: caebb5

An apparently empty cave isn't more dangerous than a desert.
I'd say explore some more.

Follow the cables to the generator, maybe you can start it.
No. 436670 ID: a06b41

BURN IT ALL FROM THE ENTRANCE. Loot the ashes. Rape will have been destroyed in the burning.
No. 436684 ID: 1f8505

No. 436701 ID: 67e8b2

Try turning on the lights. Open random crates.
No. 436716 ID: a370aa

No. 436722 ID: 735f4f

Yeah follow the power cord and see if you can find a generator. Also take a peek in those crates. Depending on the contents we will find out what was going on here. Also loot.
No. 436743 ID: b2112e

This is too well equipped to be a rape cave. Probably someone's bunker. They might not be too happy to find you here, though.

I wonder if the thing with the antenna and the button is related.
No. 436761 ID: 9718f3


To get back home we need to travel to a location that can provide transportation and that is at least not hostile to us. We also need to be able to pay for that transportation. This cave has good looting potential.
No. 437126 ID: 4183c9
File 134350506654.png - (55.85KB , 933x600 , db_027.png )

Into a candy cave rape dungeon one ventures. Hopefully a rape dungeon is not only apparently empty.

>Try turning on the lights.
One sees no switch.

A crate is empty and an amount of dust indicates it has been so for a time. A crate itself feels quite sturdy and heavy. It will be an effort to get to ones on bottom.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 437129 ID: ea7aeb

Well, open whatever is easily accessible.
If there's nothing interesting explore the ra- I mean candy dungeon some more. There has to be more if they bothered to install lights.
No. 437130 ID: 842d23

Before you get too deep in, make absolutely sure you've got the inner doors wedged open too (use the heavy box, maybe). And that your camels are tied up and not going to wander off. Maybe even lead them inside the first room, so they aren't visible from a distance.
No. 437170 ID: 4183c9
File 134351637562.png - (72.60KB , 933x600 , db_028.png )

>open whatever is easily accessible
A crate contains a bundle of cloth. Seems to have simply been tossed in, rather than packaged for storage. There is barely any dust.

>make absolutely sure you've got the inner doors wedged open too (use the heavy box, maybe)
One might drag some of these crates, but is an effort worth it? Bringing camels in might be a good idea, especially if a book's description of sandstorms is accurate.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 437172 ID: 409543

aaaand there's something behind you.
No. 437173 ID: ea7aeb

There's something looming behind you.
I guess you should flip out and point your gun towards it.
No. 437180 ID: bf54a8

hit the deck!
No. 437184 ID: 1d084b

Bluff. "I know that you're here."
No. 437185 ID: 842d23

Turn around, gun at the ready.

If they're hostile, you need to disable them, fast. They're between you and the only exit, and your supplies. They could easily step back, shut the door, and lock you in here to starve.
No. 437202 ID: 4183c9
File 134352599428.png - (114.54KB , 933x600 , db_029.png )

>flip out and point your gun towards it
>Turn around, gun at the ready.

>If they're hostile, you need to disable them

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 437204 ID: 34cbef

slap his pistol hand with the torch then kick him in the junk and finally shoot him in the junk afterwards
No. 437205 ID: 842d23

Dodge and shoot! Throw the torch at his face!
No. 437206 ID: 886a4d

The torch is nicely lined up to go in his eyes... shoot him afterwords though.
No. 437207 ID: bf54a8

throw fire!
No. 437211 ID: 1d084b

Nice knowing you, Clarisse.
No. 437212 ID: b2112e

Jab his gun hand with the torch, then hold him at gunpoint.
No. 437221 ID: 5a5118

Liberty or Death Clarisse.
Only one of you should leave that room alive.
No. 437223 ID: 735f4f

Man are we going to feel bad when this is just the candy cave guy trying to defend his home.
No. 437224 ID: 1650a1

Nah, that's a rapin' grin.
No. 437241 ID: 735f4f

Try all of those at once and manage to trip over your own feet.
No. 437315 ID: 9718f3

Pivot to your left on your left foot. Swipe at his gun with the torch held in your left hand during the turn, knocking its line-of-fire off of yourself. He is trying to grab for your gun. Shifting your grip on your gun to be suitable for delivering a melee strike while also lifting your arm above your head to both prepare for your attack and to bring it out of his grasp. Step forward with your right foot and perform a simple downwards strike with the stock of your rifle, on the bridge of his nose. Back up a couple feet and shoot him in the chest several times.

Hopefully you aren't dead. Rejoice.
No. 437345 ID: 147853


Then, dodge.
No. 437349 ID: f432e1

Scream like a little girl and drop or throw the torch at him. Hopefully it'll blind him so you can move back and away from his reaching arm so you can bring your rifle to bear.

Hopefully he wants to rape you alive rather than dead so he might hesitate.
No. 437351 ID: c7b4c4

Good thing this is a rape dungeon and not a murder dungeon or your life might be at risk.
No. 437356 ID: 4183c9
File 134358956405.png - (65.72KB , 933x600 , db_030.png )


No. 437357 ID: 4183c9
File 134358963585.png - (80.12KB , 933x600 , db_031.png )

>discharge firearms in a confined space

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 437358 ID: 14a1d0

On the upside, you totally shot him in the upper torso/neck area, so he's probably good as dead.
No. 437360 ID: 107daa

Ringing ears is better than rape though. Well, from your viewpoint at least.

Take his gun and see if he's actually already dead
No. 437361 ID: 842d23

>Drops gun to hold both hands to head and complain.
Yeah, one sees no fault in that plan either.

Reacquire your weapon, and make sure your assailant is dead, disabled, and/or disarmed. You can worry about your hearing and headache later.
No. 437364 ID: bf54a8

it was options. there were problems with the plan, but had nothing better to pick.
No. 437370 ID: 735f4f

Once the ringing in your ears dies down make sure he is no longer a threat and check him for loot and possibly some identification. Then we can get back to searching the place.
No. 437392 ID: 4183c9
File 134359899740.png - (76.50KB , 933x600 , db_032.png )

>see if he's actually already dead
One is not a doctor, but a man is not moving and his head is on fire, so one dares to take a chance.

A dead man has nothing in pockets.

>some identification
Nothing but a flag with a yellow cross on a blue background on sleeve.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 437394 ID: 842d23

That's hardly confirmation of death. Check for a pulse.

Which direction did he come from? Deeper in the rape cave, or from the entrance?
No. 437399 ID: 107daa

>yellow cross on a blue background
So he didn't want to rape you after all, he was just driven crazy by the heat.

Quickly check out if he came from the entrance, look for footprints in the sand. If not, explore further and keep the pistol at the ready. Pretty sure pistols are better in enclosed environments.
No. 437404 ID: 14a1d0

My god. Swedes. Be on guard for the vicious and pig-like monstrosities.
No. 437434 ID: bf54a8

stab him a little.
No. 437438 ID: 5c0329

okay, did you check the barrels? if not, do so. then move further into the cave.
No. 437502 ID: 32e092

Try to work out how that pistol fired with no magazine.
No. 437508 ID: b33427

The guy had only one round left for that pistol, so he manually loaded it in the chamber and didn't bother with the magazine?
No. 437511 ID: 5a5118

Get the cloth, wrap it thickly around the mouth of your gun. It should muffle the sound to.. slightly less disorienting levels. It may only be good for one shot though, as it will be set on fire.
No. 437540 ID: 4183c9
File 134367243560.png - (79.84KB , 933x600 , db_033.png )

>Try to work out how that pistol fired with no magazine.
One is an aviator, not a weapon expert. Movies are one's only education on this matter.

>check the barrels
All are empty, but a topmost barrel is wet on bottom.

>Check for a pulse.
He has none.

Seem to lead into dungeon.

>Be on guard for the vicious and pig-like monstrosities.
"Ahmed! De dödade Åke! Ta prinsen till den bakre ingången, måste detta vara ett räddningsteam!"

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 437541 ID: bf54a8

shoot him!
No. 437542 ID: 842d23

Gods damned, I knew the rape cave was a bad idea.

Okay... that's Swedish.

>Ahmed! They killed Ake! Take the Prince to the rear entrance, this must be a rescue team!

There are more of them, and they have prisoner(s) they think are worth rescuing. They also think you're part of a team. Overestimating you might be good, as it gives you chance to play them, or bad, since they may deploy more people after you.

You have the choice now to stage a fighting retreat (shoot anyone who comes after you, get to your camels and run the fuck away) or to try and kill all these fucks and rescue the prisoner(s).

First thing you should probably do either way is shoot this guy, and get behind cover (boxes).
No. 437543 ID: 7f5a57

Kill him.
you'll also have to kill everyone else I guess.
If you run away now they'll hunt you down and rape you later.

Where's the light coming from now, thought the torch is gone?
No. 437544 ID: bf54a8

it's not gone it's on the floor.
No. 437557 ID: 4183c9
File 134368022711.png - (102.72KB , 933x600 , db_034.png )


[Insert Suggestion]
No. 437560 ID: 7f5a57

Awesome, seems like you're an quick learner.

Make sure he's dead and proceed with your killing spree.
No. 437577 ID: c1a7db

>Swedish Swedish Swedish
Huh. Machine translation fails. I suppose his words could be distorted by being shot in the face.

Take up defensive position behind crates, asses situation. Are more of them coming your way, or are they retreating to the rear entrance?

Then we must decide to flee, hold ground, or pursue.
No. 437586 ID: f393fe

What a clusterfuck. Well it's what you get in the desert during dangerous times when people point guns at other people.

Secure your camels and get ready to flee. That's what matters at the moment. You are stranded and alone.
No. 437589 ID: 4183c9
File 134368914866.png - (44.14KB , 933x600 , db_035.png )

>Make sure he's dead
>Take up defensive position behind crates, asses situation.
>Secure your camels and get ready to flee.
One is experiencing some technical difficulties.


[Insert Suggestion]
No. 437590 ID: fa9f7e

Okay, extremely bright light. Fire at will.
No. 437591 ID: bf54a8

flash bang! jump back!
No. 437592 ID: 7f5a57

Pretty sure they turned on those lights at the ceiling.
Slowly back away and fire towards noises and movements to scare em off.
No. 437594 ID: c1a7db

Take cover, quick. Duck behind the wall, out of sight of the door. They'll try to shoot you while you're blind and off guard.
No. 437604 ID: 4183c9
File 134369573604.png - (51.26KB , 933x600 , db_036.png )


"AHBED, DIB DUBBA SABDBEGER! Ta eb kubsprudepiddod og bågra grabader! Häbda bid bagebgebär også!"

One needs a better plan than just shooting and moving aimlessly!

Fortunately one's eyes have adapted to light now.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 437608 ID: 5c0329

become one with the box. and the gun.
No. 437629 ID: bf54a8

hide ehind the box and watch the door.
No. 437754 ID: 1417a1

"AHBED, DIB DUBBA SABDBEGER! Ta eb kubsprudepiddod og bågra grabader! Häbda bid bagebgebär også!"
"AHBED, YOU STUPID SANDNEGRO! Grab an SMG and some grenades! Fetch my shotgun as well!

Hiding in boxes might be a bad idea.
No. 437824 ID: 4183c9
File 134376046166.png - (73.96KB , 933x600 , db_037.png )

>don't hide
One has to do something fast to avoid rape - or worse!

"Ahbed, för hebvede, SKYDDA DIG!"

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 437826 ID: c1a7db

>"Ahbed, for woe to the Hebrews, PROTECT YOURSELF!"
...huh. Weird explicative. I wonder if my translator got that right.

In any event, you're not trained for a firefight, and closed spaces are bad to face grenades in. Fall back. Get through the big metal door with the wheel, then shut it and lock them in. Then get the fuck out of here.
No. 437835 ID: 5c0329

oh. well, an SMG and a grenade might be a bit too much for you to handle. leave.
No. 437842 ID: c71597

What, no. That's "Ahmed, for hells sake, hurry up!"

Anyway, time to GTFO before they get heavier ordinance there. You won't be able to keep them away once there's two of them and they get proper weapons.
No. 437845 ID: ec68f4

Hide, with the rifle ready to shoot him.
No. 437849 ID: a370aa

get out of rapecave
No. 437851 ID: 147853

They have a Prince in there somewhere.

Go rescue him!
No. 437858 ID: 4183c9
File 134376904925.png - (77.09KB , 933x600 , db_038.png )

>bravely run away

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 437859 ID: a370aa

get on camel and flee from here as fast as the smelly beast can run
No. 437861 ID: a370aa

if camel is too slow, prepare to ambush achmed and fatass
No. 437866 ID: 217a7a

If you have still some fight in you you could make the camels run away to fake your escape and camp on top of the entry.
That way you could shoot them in their backs when they come running out.

You'd get an free prince out of it, totally worth it.
No. 437871 ID: 886a4d

I say we run away, go to the fort, report what we found and let the local army deal with this. Besides they have a back entrance and could ambush US instead.
No. 437873 ID: c1a7db

Close the blast door behind you! Spin the wheel so the door is locked. Jam it if possible.

Before you run outside, peek out, make sure no one is out there, and that your camels are still there. If the coast is clear, then flee.
No. 437885 ID: 4183c9
File 134377467433.png - (47.38KB , 933x600 , db_039.png )

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 437890 ID: 886a4d

Oh crap thats a sandstorm. If you can't out run it have the camels both lay down and try to keep them between nd the direction the storm is blowing from, use a mask of heavy cloth to keep the sand out of your eyes and mouth. Stay away from the leeward side of sand dunes as well.
No. 437897 ID: 735f4f

I think that is a sandstorm from her bravely running away.
No. 437899 ID: c1a7db

Wait! What direction are you heading it? One of the landmarks from the sign, I hope? Not randomly off into the desert to be lost?
No. 437918 ID: 4183c9
File 134378234187.png - (132.30KB , 933x600 , db_040.png )

>Not randomly off into the desert to be lost?
Of course not, one knows what one is doiHUÉBLEHGLUB---

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 437919 ID: c1a7db

Drink, refill canteens, water camels.
No. 437921 ID: bf54a8

well seems that guy was right, these camels good at finding water.
No. 437926 ID: 1d084b

Take a bath.
No. 437933 ID: b6178d

Alright, that's a fine faceplant, but you need to raise your butt more, and keep your legs tucked in. Legs in the air are all well and nice, but a firmly raised butt will always be the better option, showing off the effort and dedication that went into the landing on your part. Still, you managed to hit the oasis quite neatly, so I'll still give you a 4.5/5.

The landing after the airplane crash is the one I'd give that a solid 5/5 for good form, poise and comedic value.

The one in front of the Secret R Cave I'd give a 3.5/5. The elevation of the butt wasn't as much personal effort as it was a byproduct of the sandy derpsert slope, and the evidence of you stumbling in the camel's reins somewhat ruined the overall graceful image. Another decent faceplant, though you didn't really have anything but sand to plant into.

One also has to ask. What -is- Clarisse de la Yxessértsnies decorated for?
No. 437936 ID: c7b4c4

Bath in drinking water are you retarded.
No. 437938 ID: 147853

Lots of people drink their bath water.
No. 437953 ID: 6e44d2

I'm sure lots of guys would drink her bathwater.
No. 437959 ID: b33427

Actually, check the oasis for other travelers first, and taste the water to make sure it doesn't taste funny.

That done, drink, top off your canteens and water barrels, get the camels to drink, then bathe and wash your clothes.
No. 437967 ID: 1d084b

You guys are ridiculously hilarious.
No. 438038 ID: 5c0329

I wonder why she always falls face first.
No. 438039 ID: f793db

because she always falls while going forward? When she went backwards and fell, she didn't land on her face.
No. 438126 ID: 5c0329

lemme rephrase that: why does she always fall?
No. 438134 ID: a370aa

center of gravity
No. 438137 ID: 4c11e3

How can you NOT tell how top-heavy she is?
No. 438153 ID: c1a7db


That, and the impractical high-heel boots and unstable stand probably don't help either.
No. 439442 ID: 4183c9
File 134416016150.png - (106.83KB , 933x600 , db_041.png )

>Actually, check the oasis for other travelers first

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 439443 ID: 1f8505


Shake his hand with your boobs.
No. 439444 ID: dd287a

Well he seems like a nice young fellow with no ulterior motives, get the lay of the land from him, where the hell we at and where the hell are the local landmarks/towns/whatever we need to know about.
No. 439446 ID: 465a3a

Put on your angriest face possible and glare at him until he makes eye contact. THEN shake his hand.
No. 439447 ID: 886a4d

The last guy who looked at me like I set his face on fire. Then I shot him for good measure.
No. 439450 ID: 997ce7

That only works if he's looking at our face in the first place.
He's not rapy-looking, just "holy shit those are awesome" looking.

So I'd go with saying, "Yes, I know they're impressive and glistening. My eyes are still up here, and my firearm is still down here. Now why don't you pull your gaze up and I put the gun down."

Wait, after looking at the last few pictures... did you lose the gun? God damn it.

If you did, replace firearm and gun with fists as appropriate.
No. 439453 ID: 6e44d2

Cup your boobs and push them forward until they envelop his outstretched hand, then give him a hand/boob shake.
No. 439473 ID: 4183c9
File 134416517090.png - (96.86KB , 933x600 , db_042.png )

[Insert Suggestion]

[Roll 1d20 To Resist Debilitating Dignity Loss]
No. 439475 ID: 886a4d

rolled 6 = 6

Welp. That certainly happened. Loot his body.
No. 439482 ID: d6c330

rolled 12 = 12

Might as well.
No. 439483 ID: 997ce7

rolled 17 = 17

Loot him and shove any small convenient objects into his anus. When he awakens, ask him how he likes being sexually harassed.
No. 439484 ID: 8c4f25

rolled 8 = 8

What the hell are you doing, Clarisse...
No. 439495 ID: bf54a8

you don't need to lose dignity cause you just gained his loot.
No. 439501 ID: 735f4f

Wait did we just rape him?
No. 439516 ID: 1f8505

rolled 9 = 9

Oh dear.
No. 439519 ID: 4183c9
File 134417119910.png - (83.09KB , 933x600 , db_043.png )

That was a stupid trick but at least one "won", if one can call it that.

He has two less-than-decent magazines and some and in a pocket a cylindrical, hard object which seems to be stuck to something.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 439527 ID: 886a4d

Thats part of his body... you'd need something sharp to detach it... I forget did you get a knife?
No. 439529 ID: 32e092

It's probably a roll of coins! Tug on it until it comes free.
No. 439533 ID: 4a20fa

If brute force won't do, you may have to work it loose.
No. 439545 ID: 67ad2c

Well he didn't seem terribly unkind so put those magazines back where you found them. Take a break in the shade, eat some food, drink some water, fix your appearance and wait for him to recover with your gun at hand. Check how you're doing for pistol ammunition.
No. 439572 ID: ec68f4

That would be a penis.
No. 439580 ID: 4183c9
File 134418100745.png - (68.75KB , 933x600 , db_044.png )

>put those magazines back
One certainly does not feel a need to keep them.

>Tug on it
>work it
One does not know what one is doing, does one.
>That would be a penis.

"Oh, hello!"

[Insert Suggestion]

[Roll 1d20 To Resist Debilitating Dignity Loss]
No. 439582 ID: 997ce7

rolled 18 = 18

Yeah, uh, just kill him.
No. 439583 ID: 997ce7

Actually, now that I think about it, whore yourself out in exchange for whatever he can provide, then kill him if he fails to satisfy you or you think he'll blab, or if you just feel like it.

Don't tell him your name or origins.
No. 439584 ID: bf54a8

tell him to give you all his worldly possesions.
No. 439585 ID: 8c4f25

You still have dignity to lose?
No. 439589 ID: 997ce7

I did manage to roll fairly well both times, so I suppose so.
No. 439598 ID: d6c330

One day we're going to roll a 1 on one of these.

And then she'll die of shame.
No. 439600 ID: 997ce7

Nah, my guess is her clothes will burst into flames from the heat of her blushing.
No. 439601 ID: 4183c9
File 134418442783.png - (63.48KB , 933x600 , db_045.png )

>You still have dignity to lose?
That... That is a very good question.

>kill him
>tell him to give you all his worldly possesions.
This is a bit extreme.

>whore yourself out in exchange for whatever he can provide
Even this is a bit... But if it was a way out of a shitty desert, one would be low enough to consider it.
It would possibly not be any worse than what one has already gone through or would have to go through to get back to civilization. In theory. If one were desperate enough.
>then kill him if
This is not good train of thought. Not to mention one is not an expert in this field. A person doesn't even seem hostile to begin with.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 439603 ID: bf54a8

okay... tell him you can't do much out here but if he brought you back to his place then maybe you would do something for him~ course you are just gonna run when you get there but he doesn't need to know.
No. 439606 ID: f793db

Explain that you are stranded, and ask him which major population center is closest apart from those which would be hostile to you, and how to get there.

Maybe he might even be helpful.
No. 439609 ID: 4a20fa


No. 439611 ID: 997ce7

Okay, you only have to kill him if it seems like it is at all possible that people will learn that the best pilot of Séblagsniesemroné, the decorated pilot, is a common whore/slut.

I mean, by now you're already seen as a slut according to word-of-mouth, public opinion, etc. Might as well be a whore.
No. 439612 ID: 735f4f

Apologize for your actions and say the sun was getting to you a bit. Ask him his name and what he is doing here and such.
No. 439616 ID: 8c4f25

Here, I'll give you a tip. He's here with nothing but bad pornography.
No. 439633 ID: 735f4f

Man this is the middle of the desert what else is there to do cept fap at the local oasis.
No. 439640 ID: 4183c9
File 134418961552.png - (178.98KB , 933x600 , db_046.png )

>by now you're already seen as a slut according to word-of-mouth, public opinion, etc.
Bu... Wha? This doesn't make any sense. How would this even have come to be?

>Apologize for your actions and say the sun was getting to you a bit.
>Ask him his name and what he is doing here and such
"I am Rashid. I'm out camping - and trading whenever I have the opportunity! I bought some good camels just the other day! I'm staying at the oasis for a few days."

>ask him which major population center is closest
"The Légion étrangère fort, Boule-something-or-other. Just behind the horizon, roughly thataways. They're good guys, I trade with them from time to time."
No. 439641 ID: 4183c9
File 134418963755.png - (47.77KB , 933x600 , db_047.png )

>how to get there
>Maybe he might even be helpful.
"I could help you, but my father told me I'll go blind if I do things for free."

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 439646 ID: d6c330

We just gave you two different kinds of hand jobs. That's not payment enough for basic directions and assistance?
No. 439650 ID: 8c4f25

> "I could help you, but my father told me I'll go blind if I do things for free."
Blind him. If he's already blind he will help you for free.
No. 439651 ID: f793db

He also just told us which way we could go to find a fort. We have the information we need.
No. 439703 ID: 886a4d

This. Don't worry to much about dignity or your reputation. Both can be recovered eventually.
No. 439706 ID: 147853

Well, you don't have a lot to trade exactly.

And you don't want to whore yourself out on purpose.

What does he have in mind?
No. 439712 ID: 62a477

That'll also make your palms get hairy.
No. 439718 ID: 252e1b

Doesn't she have some money still? Doesn't she have information on missing people? Doesn't she have the stuff she bought earlier, including her camels?

I'd say she has quite a bit to trade.

But in this case, like for like seems wisest. Offer the location of the kidnappers you stumbled on, and suggest that the right person could probably turn the information into a tidy profit one way or another.
No. 439726 ID: 63d721

Tell him that if he can get you back to your country safely then he can have your camels and your everlasting friendship + gratitude. That's a pretty good deal, right?
No. 439739 ID: 4183c9
File 134426950070.png - (56.45KB , 933x600 , db_048.png )

>Doesn't she have some money still?
>Doesn't she have information on missing people?
>Doesn't she have the stuff she bought earlier, including her camels?

>Offer the location of the kidnappers
"Wait, I think there was a poster at the fort, a huge reward for anyone who rescues a prince or somesuch. Is it related?"

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 439740 ID: 14a1d0

Go back to the Rape Dungeon Candy Cave and rescue the prince for incredible cash prizes.
No. 439742 ID: d6c330

They said they were taking the Prince out the back door. They may already be gone. That, and we couldn't handle them the first time.

We could pass on / sell the location of the kidnapper's base, but the soldiers or whoever would have to track them from there. And that's assuming we know how to get back to the cave from here- she kind of took off in a panic not paying attention to directions.
No. 439744 ID: 48f315

Silly, the prince is only our cover story.

We're really taking him there to rape him.
No. 439757 ID: 4183c9
File 134428061320.png - (38.74KB , 933x600 , db_049.png )

"I can get the prince for you if you s-s-s-sleep with me."

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 439758 ID: 99090a

Okay, your gun is doing the talking from now on.
No. 439761 ID: 14a1d0

Seems like a good deal. Go for it.
No. 439767 ID: d6c330

Honestly, considering the way you greeted him, and woke him up, we really shouldn't be surprised.

Put him off, and move on. You've got supplies, transportation, and water for your journey home. Screw the dangerous and or degrading sidequests.
No. 439768 ID: f72f26

take offer literally

use his butt as a pillow
No. 439770 ID: 48f315

Suggest a more isolated location away from sand, because sandy sex sucks.

Take him to the rapecave and smile really widely, then ask him to bend over.

When he freaks out, laugh, strip and ask what position he wants.

No. 439780 ID: bf3f27

Wait. The prince is some rare brand of androgynous beauty?
No. 439788 ID: 465a3a

Remember that this could be saving someone's life.
Agree, but only AFTER the prince is rescued. Down payment is.. a Hug.
Who knows, maybe he'll impress you.
No. 439802 ID: 4183c9
File 134428926819.png - (87.40KB , 933x600 , db_050.png )

>take offer
"I'll be right back!"

One still has time to escape, shoot self or drown in an oasis.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 439806 ID: d6c330

rolled 5 = 5

...you just sent a young boy to die or worse in a rape cave, and simultaneously whored yourself out. Wow. I think I have to roll to see if you die of shame.

1 = give up, wait for him to return.
2-12 = die of shame
13-19 = leave
20 = miraculously regain you sense of self worth, and leave.
No. 439809 ID: 48f315

Nah, who cares about him?

Seriously though, can anyone think of anything better to do than sex?

Escape? the only escape in sight is the rapecave. Suicide would end the quest, so no.

So... fulfill your end of the bargain.
No. 439824 ID: bf3f27

Go help him.

> Seriously though, can anyone think of anything better to do than sex?
World domination and pistachio ice cream.
No. 439829 ID: 48f315

I'd prefer mint, but that's nice, yes. Allow me to clarify: anything better that is currently accessible?

I'm serious. right now, our best option seems to be sex, unless Clarisse would rather die than lose even more of her dignity. Which raises the question of why she hasn't already tried to end it all already, if that's the case. So sex seems the only reasonable solution here.

I never thought that would actually be true on tgchan. Ho-lee shit.

Operative words there are "reasonable" and "only", by the way, if anyone cares to cite examples of how sex solved things before.
No. 439856 ID: bf3f27

We're not letting that boy die and we'll save the prince. That's all.
No. 439860 ID: 4183c9
File 134429509718.png - (47.00KB , 933x600 , db_051.png )

Rashid's camel is already well ahead, one couldn't possibly catch up. One could easily cause unintended problems in the Candy Ca... Rape Dungeon as well, not knowing what plan Rashid may have.

>fulfill your end of the bargain
How should one kill time while waiting? And should one just wait until Rashid returns or do something to prepare - and risk being caught with one's pants down (literally or otherwise) by someone other than him?

[Insert Suggestion]

Shame on you! Only a Bolshevik would deny the ultimate power of either lemon-licorice or tar!

No. 439862 ID: aef1cd

Might I ask if one is a virgin?
No. 439864 ID: bf3f27

You're actually looking forward to it?
No. 439873 ID: d6c330

...okay. Two trains of logic here.

(1) Pragmatism. You stirred up a horests' nest back at the rape cave. By now, they either lived up to their words and left (in which case boy toy will find nothing) or they're still, there, angry and armed (in which case boy toy is getting killed or worse).

So he's either coming back dead, or empty handed. There's no point in waiting, because you're never going to have to pay out.

(2) The universe is apparently out to humiliate you. That little boy is going to somehow going to come back in a miraculous victory, no matter the odds. If you don't wait for him, he'll come after you. You're screwed, literally.

If you accept (1), your best option is to leave. If you accept (2), you might as well stay, because it won't make any difference.
No. 439877 ID: 4183c9
File 134429878627.png - (47.57KB , 933x600 , db_052.png )

>Might I ask if one is a virgin?
...One had a suave flight instructor.

>You're actually looking forward to it?

>Two trains
One could possibly wait overnight in either case. Rashid's tent is up, and an oasis isn't a bad place to wait.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 439883 ID: 886a4d

If you don't want to have sex with him. (Which I agree wholeheartedly with) Take what he asked for literally. Sleep with him, no nudity, no sex, it doesn't even have to involve touching. Loopholes are your friend!
No. 439884 ID: d6c330

This is probably your best out.

If he complains, ask him what his father told him about making sure the terms of an agreement are clear from the get go. It's not your fault he used ambiguous wording. He'll get a lesson in negotiation, and contract wording, at least.
No. 439901 ID: 4a328b

No. 439906 ID: cf49fc

Best plan. Also, you have a gun. Feel free to use it.
No. 441667 ID: c7b4c4

You know you just agreed to sleep with him. I don't know where you are from, but you never said you would have sex with him.
No. 441714 ID: ce47da

he's probably gonna jack himself off in the bed anyway.
No. 441848 ID: 4183c9
File 134471591787.png - (47.81KB , 933x600 , db_053.png )

>If you don't want to have sex with him
One doesn't feel strongly about it either way. One could possibly get in a mood if one tried. This is not a rape dungeon.

>Also, you have a gun. Feel free to use it.
One would rather avoid using a gun, since one isn't an expert and there is no threat.

>You know you just agreed to sleep with him. I don't know where you are from, but you never said you would have sex with him.
"Sleeping with someone" is an expression synonymous to having sex in more than one language.

But if one isn't going to escape, one will have to wait. And if one must wait, then one could take a bath now and hope Rashid doesn't return unexpectedly, or take a bath later and hope no one is in a mood for peeping.
And if one will not take a bath, one still has indefinite time to kill.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 441884 ID: ce47da

I saw you sweat half the urea out of your body like ten minutes ago. go clean yourself you filthy hippie.
No. 441891 ID: bf54a8

first chug some water.
then take a bath.
No. 441892 ID: fa9f7e

This, after you filter it through your sock and boil it.

Actually, boiling might not be possible, and your sock is probably pretty dirty by now.

Just chug it.
No. 441919 ID: d6c330

Does the equipment you bought come with water purification tablets? That would be easier than boiling and filtration. Just fill a canteen, drop in, and wait a bit.
No. 441920 ID: 4183c9
File 134473099533.png - (129.25KB , 933x600 , db_054.png )

>Does the equipment you bought come with water purification tablets?
No, but one does have an entire barrel of clean water from before.

This water is warm, though. One could easily stay in water for some time.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 441922 ID: 886a4d

I'd make it a thorough scrubbing but no dawdling. You'd be tempting fate otherwise.
No. 441923 ID: fa9f7e

Okay then. Have a bath, and think about it. See if you decide to do or not do anything.
No. 441924 ID: bf54a8

well yeah, but you don't want the other guy to come back while you are in the buff, would really give him some funny ideas.
No. 441930 ID: b33427

As long as you're in the water anyway, wash out your clothes as well. Drape them over the palm bushes to dry.
No. 441936 ID: 4a328b

Get dressed, lady.
No. 441941 ID: ce47da

only wait in the water if you're actually gonna have sex with that dude.
No. 441943 ID: 6e44d2


Well, if you do want to have sex with him, might as well stay naked, right?
No. 441972 ID: 5f295c

Are you absolutely sure there was nobody else at this Oasis?
No. 441973 ID: fa9f7e

If you do decide do, you might want to get in a mood like you suggested.
No. 442236 ID: 4183c9
File 134480264810.png - (60.52KB , 933x600 , db_055.png )

>don't have sex
>do have sex
Which one is it?

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 442238 ID: 886a4d

Nah, don't do it. Save it for someone a little mature then him.
No. 442240 ID: fa9f7e

Save what? Her virginity? Her flight instructor already got that.

Might as well, we don't want him turning out to be the same level as Crazy Hassan and wrecking our shit for breach of verbal contract.
No. 442241 ID: d6c330

I still say you're best off obeying the letter of the agreement but not the spirit. Who cares what the expression is accepted to mean in however many languages.
No. 442242 ID: 886a4d

It would be his virginity I'm saving.

Still, by save it I simply meant she can do better then him. Preferable not some young puppy. If she was genuinely attracted to him it'd be different. Hopefully we find someone female a bit better.
No. 442243 ID: fa9f7e

That gives me an idea.

Clarisse, hump your reflection.
No. 442245 ID: e3f578

I dunno
I mean, there's jack shit to do out here and that's kind of entertaining
Any power fantasies with you in charge you can take out on the boy to make it more enjoyable?
That guy doesn't seem too ugly, almost a little adorable. Though a bit creepy.

And, well, okay the boob handshake probably made his mind meld to mush, he might actually be less creepy if well, his mind wasn't melted right now. The minute the boobshake happened his dick took over. He might actually be hella less forward with this kind of thing if he totally just did not make it to 2nd base with you in five seconds within introduction and then touched his dick while passed out, which probably shot up his confidence a lot.
You could disappoint the boy a lot by declining and he may chalk it up and take you there anyway, simply because it's probably the moral thing to do. He might actually have some gentlemen in him. Depends on how his heart could handle the disappointment.

It just might actually be simpler and safer just to sleep with him, to be sure. Just try any power fantasies you can think of and you can hold onto your dignity. Don't let HIM take charge and your mental health should be unharmed.
You are an attractive lady, this should be one of your many weapons. Dominate.
No. 442248 ID: 14a1d0

A deal's a deal. You're going to have to put out. No other way.
No. 442273 ID: 4183c9
File 134481141386.png - (127.69KB , 933x600 , db_056.png )

>You're going to have to put out.
It is not so bad compared to a rape dungeon. One might even be pleasantly surprised.

Speaking of being surprised, Rashid seems to be back.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 442275 ID: 886a4d

With guests... get dressed you harlot.
No. 442279 ID: fa9f7e

No. 442283 ID: bf54a8

seems he found another woman as well. would be good to have girl talk.
No. 442299 ID: 735f4f

Hey if he can brave the rape dungeon and save the day he is worth it.
No. 442334 ID: 4183c9
File 134482052063.png - (103.71KB , 933x600 , db_057.png )

"Put ou- your camels around that tree se- next to the ti- tent and get na- in the tent. There's a sandstorm coming."

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 442348 ID: bf54a8

oh, yeah that looks stormy.
No. 442360 ID: b33427

Yep, that's a sandstorm, alright.

Get your clothes on and secure the camels right away, then get into the tent.

Any sex will have to be put on hold until the sandstorm passes. Even under the tent, there's going to be sand blowing in, and the prospect of it getting into certain sensitive during that act is something you do not want to experience. Also, you have company, and it would be embarrassing and rude to do so in her presence.

Speaking of company, that prince is awfully busty. Perhaps it was a princess, or perhaps Rashid just found this woman. Better ask who she is once you're under the tent.
No. 442384 ID: fa9f7e

Also, either the desert is suddenly cold, that is an impossibly tight shirt, or she's aroused. Having sex in front of her would still be rude, but we could always make it a threesome.

Yeah, right.
No. 442428 ID: 48d0d6

There were three people approaching, with Rashid riding behind this dark skinned beauty. Looks like the mission was successful. The new girl seems to have marks on her wrists so my guess is she was also a captive.

Do as he suggested and make sure those feisty camels are tied up securely. It should be rather loud during the sandstorm. Use that opportunity to speak a bit with Rashid without the others overhearing. Ask him about these people he found, what he has told them about you and perhaps suggest that sexytimes may have to wait until you have some privacy, but you won't go back on your promise. Maybe give him a smile and a kiss on the cheek for now.
No. 442511 ID: ce47da

aren't you gonna introduce us?
No. 442517 ID: 5f295c

Possibly a rescue from the rape cave. Could be drugged. She doesn't quite look 'all there'.

It's nice that the guy pulled through on the rescue, apparently.. but damn him for picking sex as a bartering chip. He didn't even ask what else you were good at.

You're a decorated pilot!
No. 442634 ID: 67e8b2

She looks as exasperated with this as you do!
No. 453438 ID: 4183c9
File 134732630856.png - (86.82KB , 933x600 , db_058.png )

>"いいえ、私は私がレイプされる方法を学びたい、と思いません! "
No. 453439 ID: 4183c9
File 134732634259.png - (89.37KB , 933x600 , db_059.png )

"The positive-pressure generator, retractable outer layer and antenna are built into the tent pole."


"I dug the power generator outside, in a mini-tent with filters on the air vents."


"I got the the DVDs practically for free, best camel deal I've ever made."


"Next time I catch Hassan, he promised to have all Eddie Izzard DVDs in stock."

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 453442 ID: e3f578

Say something snarky or a bit mean-spirited, does he show his fetish porn to women and his friends all the time or is this a special occasion?
No. 453457 ID: 5abcdc

Yes, say something slightly mean. Tell him that you think it's boring, or that he has bad tastes or whatever.
No. 453528 ID: 0bd99e

Is there any reason to be mean? (no)

Perform introductions, who are the new people?
No. 453656 ID: 54fb5c

What a bizarre situation. Try to ignore the strange foreign DVD-based entertainment. Maybe Rashid can lend you the gun maintenance kit for his rifle so you can not-at-all-suggestively clean sand out of the barrels of your rifle and pistol instead while you strike up some small talk. Alternatively grab Rashid and lie him down with the back of his head trapped between your breasts. That'll keep him still and give you command of the situation. Treat him like a spoiled pet.

Ask the two newcomers who they are and introduce yourself. Where are they from? What are their feelings on having escaped captivity? Are they up for a foursome?
No. 453678 ID: 5506a3

This kid.. he rescues not one but two people from a rape cave and he celebrates with rape porn?
Admonish! Nothing about the deal said you couldn't.
No. 453965 ID: 4183c9
File 134748711369.png - (104.91KB , 933x600 , db_060.png )

"Well, one doesn't speak any language I know and the other doesn't speak at all. I'm guessing one of them is the prince and I have no idea who the other one is."

>Say something snarky or a bit mean-spirited
>say something slightly mean
"First of all, I didn't put the movie on, and secondly, it's not fetish porn, it's perfectly normal animated porn. And you still have to put out."

"Ohoho, tohutu melonid!"

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 453988 ID: fa9f7e

Talky one is Estonian.

Any reasons not to put out?
No. 453989 ID: 886a4d

I for one hate his attitude.
No. 453991 ID: 405e32

Insult his religion.
No. 453994 ID: 1f8505


Initiate self-destruct.
No. 453996 ID: 16b9bd

I'm of the opinion that everything should be divided among everyone.

> not fetish porn
> perfectly normal porn
Hey! What's wrong with having some fetishes? I resent that!
No. 454010 ID: 735f4f

You take charge right now young lady! Think of the pride of your squadron. Sex him up so hard he cant walk straight for a week.
No. 454015 ID: bf54a8

"you mean YOU haven't put out.also it's pretty cramped in here"
No. 454058 ID: 061a93

No. 454278 ID: f5832c

the guy looks quite young, which makes the fact he ran alone into a alerted, heavily armed Rape cave, emerging unharmed having rescued two hostages even more impressive.
having someone like that onside would be very useful, however even if you want to sleep with him he is in dire need of foreplay lessons...
Showing of porn and random gropege dose not set the mood..
No. 454299 ID: 4183c9
File 134756910286.png - (62.06KB , 933x600 , db_061.png )

"Mh hf pf!"

>You take charge right now young lady!
>Sex him up so hard
Actually, how exactly should one do this?

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 454310 ID: 5506a3

Be On Top.
Ride him until all that's left is a crater.
No. 454311 ID: c66f7b

You broke his arm! Or it was broken. Either way, give him a hand job and call it a day.
No. 454313 ID: bf54a8

he dies of crush pelvis.
No. 454316 ID: 6a1ec2

He's already erect so the process is fairly simple. Remove clothing articles, insert. Grinding with clothing articles intact is also acceptable however as it certainly will not remove his erection, and may activate the other guy in the room for double your pleasure, double your fun.

Just think of him like that airplane you ...smashed into pieces no never mind.
No. 454421 ID: 2e3746

Snoo Snoo
No. 454456 ID: b1a9b2

just suffocate him with your breasts, oxygen starvation will convince him he's having a good time.
No. 454484 ID: 696d2b

make sure not to suffocate him
No. 454489 ID: 26a7c1

ride him like a mechanical bull
No. 454513 ID: 54fb5c

Is this still in the same tent? Can you hang up a divider for privacy or something unless the other two want to join in?

Teach Rashid how to please a beautiful woman as you make him submit to your whims. Whisper in his ear telling him he is your toy and unleash your inner seductress. Make sure you let him know what to do and praise when appropriate. Bang his brains out.
No. 454693 ID: b33427

Before doing anything, make him put a condom on, 'cause you are damn well not going to risk getting pregnant by this horny twit. And if there are no condoms, well, there's more than one way to satisfy the guy.
No. 455008 ID: 4183c9
File 134775262288.png - (63.30KB , 933x600 , db_062.png )



>Before doing anything, make him put a condom on



[Insert Suggestion]
No. 455012 ID: 6a1ec2

Reveal to us your secret for vanishing clothing. Alternatively give us a look at his face, that we can gauge his imminent demise of head asplodey.
No. 455171 ID: e0f5a9


Guess you could always hope for coitus interruptus.

These guys seem like nerds. With the promise of potentially more sex in the future you could have them do all manner of tasks for you. Like get you out of this hellhole for instance.

In either case, enjoy yourself. You might be dead tomorrow.
No. 455178 ID: e0f5a9


Change it up. Let him ride you.
No. 455240 ID: 54fb5c

When done cuddle up for some sleep with your gun close by. Ask if Rashid liked it.
No. 455678 ID: 5506a3

Might as well try and enjoy it. Bonus points if you leave an ass-shaped bruise on his pelvis.
No. 455789 ID: 3734f6

You had a stressful couple of days. Blow off some steam and have fun. Make him work at pleasing you.
No. 455791 ID: 061a93

No. 456085 ID: 31ef6a

Do go the full mile with the boy.

It would be un-ladylike and unbecoming of one's place to not service entirely this man/boy who one has struck a fair deal with.
No. 456826 ID: 4183c9
File 134834160403.png - (101.20KB , 933x600 , db_063.png )

>Let him ride you.



>It would be un-ladylike and unbecoming of one's place to not FUCK TILL YOU DROP


>more sex

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 456862 ID: 696d2b

weren't there other people in the tent
No. 456874 ID: 6e44d2

No. 457139 ID: b6a10b


Quite an energetic young man.
No. 457245 ID: d18b9c

rolled 7 = 7

Roll to resist debilitating dignity loss.
No. 457322 ID: 26a7c1

rolled 6 = 6

Rolling to see if your anus survived this furious pounding.

No. 457334 ID: 629257

No. 457370 ID: ecfcdc

rolled 9 = 9

Roll to see if we stop rolling.
No. 457516 ID: 6b9616

Biiiiiiig Finish.
No. 457773 ID: 2e3746

This might be a good time to actually ask how old he is.
No. 457991 ID: e0f5a9


Shhh, no time for tears, only dreams now.
No. 458116 ID: 4a20fa

rolled 9 = 9

Rolling for tears.
No. 458121 ID: 6cc859

rolled 9 = 9

Rolling for dreams.
No. 458124 ID: 8042f4

>>457370 >>458116 >>458121
This is getting ridiculous.
No. 458137 ID: 26a7c1

rolled 16 = 16

Rolling for anal circumference
No. 458139 ID: 14a1d0

rolled 7 = 7

Rolling for orgasm intensity
No. 458144 ID: 32f0e3
File 134866751589.jpg - (164.51KB , 540x540 , cut that out now.jpg )

Stop that, this is becoming far too silly, far too silly indeed.
No. 458174 ID: 4183c9
File 134868223511.png - (83.81KB , 933x600 , db_064.png )

He came inside.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 458184 ID: 0c2247

rolled 16, 16 = 32

If you say so.
What are you rolling for? Pregnancy?
No. 458209 ID: 629257

Shoulda taken it in the ass
No. 458216 ID: e3f578

Nothing an after-morning pill can't fix.
No. 458223 ID: 26a7c1

I'm not sure whether to be pleased or horrified at this roll.
No. 458225 ID: 62bab4

>What are you rolling for? Pregnancy?
Well that, and disease. We don't know where he's been.

Actually, we do know where he's been. The rape cave. Doesn't exactly help.
No. 458348 ID: e0f5a9


No. 458395 ID: 061a93

Whoa, who says that means he's done?
No. 458439 ID: 6cc859

Who says we're done?
No. 460469 ID: 692e3d
File 134944003234.jpg - (10.28KB , 156x460 , award.jpg )

No. 460577 ID: aef453

This quest hasn't earned that award. As well, that's not even hard to get, because Pink Dragon was pretty great.
No. 460738 ID: 26a7c1
File 134955180845.jpg - (25.31KB , 311x311 , you-must-be-new-here-willy-wonka.jpg )

>read an SDF quest
>don't expect some sex
No. 477300 ID: 4183c9
File 135500663405.png - (59.20KB , 933x600 , db_065.png )

>Who says we're done?
No. 477301 ID: 4183c9
File 135500670820.png - (121.28KB , 933x600 , db_666.png )

And because one doesn't disagree with Gary Oldman, it is morning and a sandstorm is over.

"Hey, listen, what if, what if you don't leave, but you stay here and marry me? No, wait, don't go, listen, it'll be great, you put out, and I provide you with more Belgian sea shells than you ever thought possible. Sounds great, right? Please don't go."

[Insert Suggestion]

What's the matter, this quest got too real for you?
No. 477310 ID: 997ce7

Offer him a position as your bitch.
No. 477363 ID: d9b9dc

Hard to tell if he is helping or hindering the act of getting dressed.

Check on prince. If you can lead him home, maybe his extra-grateful and wealthy parents will help You get home. Or a new plane. Or your old plane, after those crazy desert-dwellers traded and modified it a dozen times, each turning it into something less useful than before.
No. 477447 ID: f84375

That. Also, Rashid seems pretty handy with an AK47. Use your feminine wiles to get him to come with.
No. 477449 ID: ec6d4c

You didn't spend years training to be the best pilot of wherever just to give it up to be a brat's wife.
No. 477451 ID: f74554

Clearly, he must join you on your adventure.
No. 477482 ID: a5d914

Thank him for the offer, but say you're quite determined to return to your service as a pilot. I mean you're decorated and pretty famous. Why doesn't HE come with you back to your motherland. Then you could either keep him as a minion or hook him up with some other girl that would appreciate a mysterious dark-skinned boy who is good with guns, outdoor survival and animals. Explain that you're a mean bitch anyway and you'd utterly destroy him out of frustration within a month if you had to stay here.

Also ask him where the damn belgian seashells were last night?! He's got the order completely wrong here.
No. 477489 ID: 4183c9
File 135508578485.png - (44.54KB , 933x600 , db_067.png )

>Offer him a position as your bitch.
>he must join you
"D-do I get to have sex with you? All day every day?"

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 477490 ID: beeca1

Sex will be had and it will involve him.
No. 477492 ID: f74554

Now kissth
No. 477497 ID: fa1344

Maybe, if you feel like it. The pants in this relationship will be worn by you now.
No. 477500 ID: 5d98c3

And only you. We only have the one pair, after all.
No. 477513 ID: beeca1

Ask for a leash and collar for him afterwards. If he protests, show off your assets and ask him if he wants to have sex with you or not.

Once it's on, tell him to get you a strap-on/feeldoe(s). If he protests, jerk him around a bit.
No. 477542 ID: 6cc859

Best plan.
No. 477543 ID: 9b6364

implement a reward system.
No. 477740 ID: 4183c9
File 135519264928.png - (113.59KB , 933x600 , db_068.png )

So now one has an AK-47 with a dick, on a reward system. One could do worse, as far as crashlandings in the middle of a desert go. Hopefully he will calm down after a while - he has been a little overexcited all the way to a Foreign Legion fort and it is getting a bit old.

A last thing to do before being in a homestretch is to do something about this girl. A Foreign Legion fort conveniently has a supposedly important job for her, if one would choose to leave her here.
All a prince had to say about it was "rohkesti rind" whatever that means, Rashid is currently unusable, and a girl herself is not saying anything, so one has to make a call.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 477754 ID: beeca1

He seems to want to see boobs. Kiss a girl and expose both of yourselves. Molest her while you're at it.

Or just tweak his nipple and proceed to the fort.
No. 477766 ID: 97e27e

She doesn't seem very useful. And she never speaks.

Therefor, she is probably the most important or useless character in the story and you definitely should bring her along.
No. 477781 ID: a5d914

No reward yet? Guess it's kind of hard to cash it in here. Either way make sure you give the prince a card with your name and address on it and see if you can get him to write one for you. Ruffle his hair, shake his hand and give him a hug before you split up.

Inspect the girl closer before you make a decision. She's strangely passive. Is she deaf, blind, mute, bored or a tiny camel dressed up as a woman?
No. 477788 ID: 3fcc04

If she's Muslim then she's out of her social element here: She's not supposed to reveal her body (or possibly even her face) to anybody but close family and other women. Perhaps she would talk to you if there were no men around.
If she doesn't speak any languages that you speak you'll just have to come up with more creative ways of communicating with a rather attractive and well-endowed woman.
No. 477792 ID: ad2ed0

Kill her.
No. 477825 ID: 696d2b

>So now one has an AK-47 with a dick, on a reward system.
This is how religions start.
No. 478253 ID: 4183c9
File 135536027417.png - (56.77KB , 933x600 , db_069.png )

>Molest her to communicate.
Nope, no reaction whatsoever.

Sergent-chef of Legion offered lots valuables for a negro girl. He seems very eager to keep her at a fort.
One is very eager to leave for home already, so one should decide quickly what to do with an unresponsive negro girl.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 478255 ID: beeca1

...Huh. Is she a robot? I think she's a robot.

Go further and see if she responds at all. Seriously, at all.

If she does, sell her. If not, keep her, sexbots are convenient. She will be the reward system.
No. 478421 ID: 6a8f04

sell her
No. 478422 ID: 8dd714

It might be one of those advanced sex-dolls. Sell it in exchange for a new aeroplane.
No. 478432 ID: 886a4d

I say keep her.
No. 478452 ID: a5d914

What? Valuables you say? Go for it then. They seem legit. You already have to manage Rashid and she is a mystery you just don't really need to delve further into.
No. 478473 ID: a68605

lets... not begin slave trading, especially with young possibly catatonic women rescued from rape caves...
No. 478877 ID: 112f0a

I don't like her. I say sell her.
No. 478881 ID: beeca1

If you do sell her, make sure to do so only after bedding her. Gotta make sure you don't sell defective merchandise. You probably don't want these guys pissed at you.
No. 478929 ID: e0f5a9


She's a robot.
No. 479084 ID: 50bc4d

Seriously, make sure she's not a robot. Robots are kind of a big deal.
No. 485237 ID: 4183c9
File 135820282472.png - (88.71KB , 933x600 , db_070.png )

Robot or not, a negro girl fetches a nice price. One is sure she'll be happy doing whatever it is she'll be doing at a fort.
It is an easy trip to an airport for a plane to Suurrindland.
No. 485238 ID: 4183c9
File 135820288043.png - (101.04KB , 933x600 , db_071.png )

And then one is even more decorated.
No. 485239 ID: 1f8505


Who gave that baby a rifle?!
No. 485240 ID: 4183c9
File 135820308165.png - (101.07KB , 933x600 , db_072.png )

But one is a pilot and cannot stay grounded for long.

And that is a different adventure.

[Buy the DLC]
No. 485241 ID: 4183c9

The royal armorer obviously, duh.
No. 485242 ID: de4cb1

Congratulations on your victory.
No. 485243 ID: 680c02

man, I like that royal family.
No. 485665 ID: 139363

Well done!
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