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File 134307448437.png - (45.84KB , 933x600 , db_001.png )
435471 No. 435471 ID: 4183c9

One could decide it was a landing of shit.

Especially when a pilot is best of Séblagsniesemroné, and decorated.

[Insert Suggestion]
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No. 458223 ID: 26a7c1

I'm not sure whether to be pleased or horrified at this roll.
No. 458225 ID: 62bab4

>What are you rolling for? Pregnancy?
Well that, and disease. We don't know where he's been.

Actually, we do know where he's been. The rape cave. Doesn't exactly help.
No. 458348 ID: e0f5a9


No. 458395 ID: 061a93

Whoa, who says that means he's done?
No. 458439 ID: 6cc859

Who says we're done?
No. 460469 ID: 692e3d
File 134944003234.jpg - (10.28KB , 156x460 , award.jpg )

No. 460577 ID: aef453

This quest hasn't earned that award. As well, that's not even hard to get, because Pink Dragon was pretty great.
No. 460738 ID: 26a7c1
File 134955180845.jpg - (25.31KB , 311x311 , you-must-be-new-here-willy-wonka.jpg )

>read an SDF quest
>don't expect some sex
No. 477300 ID: 4183c9
File 135500663405.png - (59.20KB , 933x600 , db_065.png )

>Who says we're done?
No. 477301 ID: 4183c9
File 135500670820.png - (121.28KB , 933x600 , db_666.png )

And because one doesn't disagree with Gary Oldman, it is morning and a sandstorm is over.

"Hey, listen, what if, what if you don't leave, but you stay here and marry me? No, wait, don't go, listen, it'll be great, you put out, and I provide you with more Belgian sea shells than you ever thought possible. Sounds great, right? Please don't go."

[Insert Suggestion]

What's the matter, this quest got too real for you?
No. 477310 ID: 997ce7

Offer him a position as your bitch.
No. 477363 ID: d9b9dc

Hard to tell if he is helping or hindering the act of getting dressed.

Check on prince. If you can lead him home, maybe his extra-grateful and wealthy parents will help You get home. Or a new plane. Or your old plane, after those crazy desert-dwellers traded and modified it a dozen times, each turning it into something less useful than before.
No. 477447 ID: f84375

That. Also, Rashid seems pretty handy with an AK47. Use your feminine wiles to get him to come with.
No. 477449 ID: ec6d4c

You didn't spend years training to be the best pilot of wherever just to give it up to be a brat's wife.
No. 477451 ID: f74554

Clearly, he must join you on your adventure.
No. 477482 ID: a5d914

Thank him for the offer, but say you're quite determined to return to your service as a pilot. I mean you're decorated and pretty famous. Why doesn't HE come with you back to your motherland. Then you could either keep him as a minion or hook him up with some other girl that would appreciate a mysterious dark-skinned boy who is good with guns, outdoor survival and animals. Explain that you're a mean bitch anyway and you'd utterly destroy him out of frustration within a month if you had to stay here.

Also ask him where the damn belgian seashells were last night?! He's got the order completely wrong here.
No. 477489 ID: 4183c9
File 135508578485.png - (44.54KB , 933x600 , db_067.png )

>Offer him a position as your bitch.
>he must join you
"D-do I get to have sex with you? All day every day?"

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 477490 ID: beeca1

Sex will be had and it will involve him.
No. 477492 ID: f74554

Now kissth
No. 477497 ID: fa1344

Maybe, if you feel like it. The pants in this relationship will be worn by you now.
No. 477500 ID: 5d98c3

And only you. We only have the one pair, after all.
No. 477513 ID: beeca1

Ask for a leash and collar for him afterwards. If he protests, show off your assets and ask him if he wants to have sex with you or not.

Once it's on, tell him to get you a strap-on/feeldoe(s). If he protests, jerk him around a bit.
No. 477542 ID: 6cc859

Best plan.
No. 477543 ID: 9b6364

implement a reward system.
No. 477740 ID: 4183c9
File 135519264928.png - (113.59KB , 933x600 , db_068.png )

So now one has an AK-47 with a dick, on a reward system. One could do worse, as far as crashlandings in the middle of a desert go. Hopefully he will calm down after a while - he has been a little overexcited all the way to a Foreign Legion fort and it is getting a bit old.

A last thing to do before being in a homestretch is to do something about this girl. A Foreign Legion fort conveniently has a supposedly important job for her, if one would choose to leave her here.
All a prince had to say about it was "rohkesti rind" whatever that means, Rashid is currently unusable, and a girl herself is not saying anything, so one has to make a call.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 477754 ID: beeca1

He seems to want to see boobs. Kiss a girl and expose both of yourselves. Molest her while you're at it.

Or just tweak his nipple and proceed to the fort.
No. 477766 ID: 97e27e

She doesn't seem very useful. And she never speaks.

Therefor, she is probably the most important or useless character in the story and you definitely should bring her along.
No. 477781 ID: a5d914

No reward yet? Guess it's kind of hard to cash it in here. Either way make sure you give the prince a card with your name and address on it and see if you can get him to write one for you. Ruffle his hair, shake his hand and give him a hug before you split up.

Inspect the girl closer before you make a decision. She's strangely passive. Is she deaf, blind, mute, bored or a tiny camel dressed up as a woman?
No. 477788 ID: 3fcc04

If she's Muslim then she's out of her social element here: She's not supposed to reveal her body (or possibly even her face) to anybody but close family and other women. Perhaps she would talk to you if there were no men around.
If she doesn't speak any languages that you speak you'll just have to come up with more creative ways of communicating with a rather attractive and well-endowed woman.
No. 477792 ID: ad2ed0

Kill her.
No. 477825 ID: 696d2b

>So now one has an AK-47 with a dick, on a reward system.
This is how religions start.
No. 478253 ID: 4183c9
File 135536027417.png - (56.77KB , 933x600 , db_069.png )

>Molest her to communicate.
Nope, no reaction whatsoever.

Sergent-chef of Legion offered lots valuables for a negro girl. He seems very eager to keep her at a fort.
One is very eager to leave for home already, so one should decide quickly what to do with an unresponsive negro girl.

[Insert Suggestion]
No. 478255 ID: beeca1

...Huh. Is she a robot? I think she's a robot.

Go further and see if she responds at all. Seriously, at all.

If she does, sell her. If not, keep her, sexbots are convenient. She will be the reward system.
No. 478421 ID: 6a8f04

sell her
No. 478422 ID: 8dd714

It might be one of those advanced sex-dolls. Sell it in exchange for a new aeroplane.
No. 478432 ID: 886a4d

I say keep her.
No. 478452 ID: a5d914

What? Valuables you say? Go for it then. They seem legit. You already have to manage Rashid and she is a mystery you just don't really need to delve further into.
No. 478473 ID: a68605

lets... not begin slave trading, especially with young possibly catatonic women rescued from rape caves...
No. 478877 ID: 112f0a

I don't like her. I say sell her.
No. 478881 ID: beeca1

If you do sell her, make sure to do so only after bedding her. Gotta make sure you don't sell defective merchandise. You probably don't want these guys pissed at you.
No. 478929 ID: e0f5a9


She's a robot.
No. 479084 ID: 50bc4d

Seriously, make sure she's not a robot. Robots are kind of a big deal.
No. 485237 ID: 4183c9
File 135820282472.png - (88.71KB , 933x600 , db_070.png )

Robot or not, a negro girl fetches a nice price. One is sure she'll be happy doing whatever it is she'll be doing at a fort.
It is an easy trip to an airport for a plane to Suurrindland.
No. 485238 ID: 4183c9
File 135820288043.png - (101.04KB , 933x600 , db_071.png )

And then one is even more decorated.
No. 485239 ID: 1f8505


Who gave that baby a rifle?!
No. 485240 ID: 4183c9
File 135820308165.png - (101.07KB , 933x600 , db_072.png )

But one is a pilot and cannot stay grounded for long.

And that is a different adventure.

[Buy the DLC]
No. 485241 ID: 4183c9

The royal armorer obviously, duh.
No. 485242 ID: de4cb1

Congratulations on your victory.
No. 485243 ID: 680c02

man, I like that royal family.
No. 485665 ID: 139363

Well done!
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