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File 134086474122.png - (75.73KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO200.png )
426929 No. 426929 ID: 55c4cf

[ For Quest Discussion please come to #lilac on irc.rizon.net ] 
Previous thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/286233.html
Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/27823.html
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No. 426930 ID: 55c4cf
File 134086480428.png - (20.79KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO201.png )

Lawyer Dog is the Captain of a team competing in the SILLY ANIMAL OLYMPICS 2012!

Before we can start picking teams, Lawyer is going to need a Team Name and to Design a Team Logo!

Two Hassle is the returning champion team, and Hug Box and Whine Tasters are fierce competition. It's time to be more than right, let's win The Trophy!
No. 426931 ID: 927efa

The Snooty Pissers
No. 426932 ID: 97a70c

No. 426933 ID: d1e9bf
File 134086523732.png - (5.09KB , 500x500 , LOGO.png )

Rainbow Catface with a Construction Helmet (RCwaCH)
No. 426934 ID: f7ae22

The team name should be Snuggle Thugs.
No. 426935 ID: 34cbef
File 134086596726.png - (9.12KB , 662x293 , suggestion.png )

No. 426936 ID: 6a5a08
File 134086605612.jpg - (33.14KB , 466x305 , logo.jpg )

Lawyer Dog's Law Firm.
We must be precise, wise, and businesslike, as suiting one of our profession and stature. Therefore, we must mark our territory in sectors before any other animals get the same idea. With the home field advantage, we won't be able to lose.
No. 426938 ID: 132b99

the purple parrots!
No. 426940 ID: 1a33cf
File 134086794066.png - (14.33KB , 600x600 , LDIRFOO.png )

Might I suggest...
No. 426941 ID: 1a33cf

or I guess more appropriately the "Always Righters"
No. 426942 ID: c6ec33
File 134086845537.jpg - (38.25KB , 535x490 , THE_GOOD_TEAM.jpg )

I like this one!
No. 426944 ID: 067a04


No. 426945 ID: 6a5a08

No. 426946 ID: 16677f

The never losers
No. 426952 ID: 31015f


This one looks mighty fine
No. 426960 ID: 3b9af0

An Arrow pointing left for the logo, but our name is the "always right".
No. 426967 ID: 766c0b


No. 426969 ID: 5eea01

The Wesley Crushers
No. 426970 ID: f46ee3

No. 426973 ID: b1ddd8
File 134088199425.png - (30.17KB , 285x214 , RoofRiders.png )

Those chiwawas aren't stealing Texas from us!
No. 426995 ID: 58a693
File 134089617327.png - (178.43KB , 750x750 , LLDLogo.png )

No. 427000 ID: 55c4cf
File 134089918175.png - (83.59KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO202.png )

Lawyer Dog is the captain of the Always Winners, making it imperative that we win more than ever!

The captain of Two Hassle is Lawyer's lifetime nemesis, Prosecutor Cat. Being the returning champion, he is last in line for choosing his team.
The captain of Hug Box is Smoke Bird. Wielding an overly positive attitude and possibly lung cancer, his strategy is not one to be ignored. Having placed second last year, they choose third.
No. 427001 ID: 55c4cf
File 134089931578.png - (83.19KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO203.png )

The captain of Whine Tasters is Porn Mouse. They have only been a part of the Olympics since 2011, but the captain is very confident records will be broken this year.

Arby's Sandwich is not a captain or a contestant. He is simply a perfect athlete, and is one of the judges this year.

Lawyer Dog gets to choose a contestant for his team first, then the other captains get to select an athlete before another chances is given. It is very important to build your team. There are five events, and each has to compete in one event.

Which athlete will Lawyer Dog bring onto his team in the first round?

Turn Order: Lawyer Dog, Porn Mouse, Smoke Bird, Prosecutor Cat.
No. 427004 ID: 58a693

Jerkbot 343.
No. 427006 ID: a370aa

Yiff Yaff
No. 427011 ID: 067a04

Yiff Yaff.

We'll be back for you eventually, ClockworkSeal!
No. 427013 ID: 766c0b

Vidya goat
No. 427014 ID: c6ec33

Yiff Yaff looks pretty awesome, but I'm not sure if he'll be a real Team Player. I worry that instead of competing, he'll just wander off and bite a thing and pee on another thing. :(
No. 427024 ID: 16677f

Vidya goat
No. 427025 ID: b3b1fd

Changing my (deleted) post to Vidya Goat
No. 427036 ID: 9e3c3d

Jerkbot 343's got spunk, kid!
No. 427043 ID: 1b6c0e

Vidya goat vote.
No. 427060 ID: 223190

it's obviously a trap, but Yiff Yaff. at least it'll be interesting.
No. 427066 ID: 57ba2a

My vote is for Vidya Goat
No. 427067 ID: 31015f

Vidya goat will show us where are the video games.
No. 427073 ID: 6a5a08

No. 427193 ID: 97a70c

Video Ghot is the first choice obviously.
No. 427232 ID: f7ae22

Yiff Yaff all the way
No. 427237 ID: 8f5660

b-buccal bunny
No. 427292 ID: 3b9af0

I think it'd be better if we focused on filling job positions.
LIVER: Tipsy Giraffe

GUTS: Boner Dragon or Clockwork Seal
SPUNK: Buccal Bunny or Fancy Fox
HYPE: Animated Otter or Wizard Lizard

We have to be careful, because we're going to lose the better options after the first or second round entirely!
No. 427397 ID: 6a5a08

Jerkbot has the highest spunk. Hell, his spunk is higher than the Arby's Sandwich.
I'm guessing the 0 guts and liver are mostly due to being a robot.
No. 427436 ID: 3b9af0

I don't trust Jerkbot 343, I bet he's a jerk.
No. 427522 ID: 2974f7

Haven't you seen all those movies? A rag-tag team of misfits overcome all odds and at the end snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! If anything we should choose only the loseriest.
No. 427530 ID: 6a5a08

I'll go ahead and vote for Jerkbot 343, Vidya Goat, Punchy Panda, and Lazy Crab.
Jerkbot 343 is the edgy asshole who needs to learn to work as a team instead of trying to do everything himself.
Lazy Crab is the unmotivated guy who everybody always picks last, picking him voluntarily may give him a boost of confidence and inspire him to try for once.
Punchy Panda is the former star athlete who lost everything and fell to drinking, but wants to go out with one last blaze of glory before retirement.
Vidya Goat is the balanced one who helps the leader pull the team of misfits together and acts as his sidekick.

They also give us a decent stat spread.
No. 427786 ID: 55c4cf
File 134113453868.png - (86.15KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO204.png )

”And we're live on TTV for the 2012 Silly Animal Olympics! We are Twice Moose.”
”And I'm Hopkin Frog!”
”The four teams have made their first selections for their teams already, here. It seems the Always Winners have chosen Vidya Goat as their first choice. A rather surprising choice, but we don't know what this team has planned, but YES it appears Vidya Goat has already found Battletoads. That could give them an edge in the upcoming events.”
”I can't say Vidya Goat would have been my first choice, and the other teams have made some fierce choices so far. All three of the other teams chose some of the strongest athletes, this is going to be one tough battle of athletes.”
”Yes, we totally agree but we have no idea what the Always Winners have up their sleeve. I guess we'll have to wait and see how the second round goes here. With Yiff Yaff going to the Whine Tasters, Boner Dragon easing into the Hug Box, and Jerkbox 343 rudely gesturing at Two Hassle, the last three rounds could be qualify who has an extreme advantage folks. We'll be back with you for round 2 soon! We're Twice Moose...
”And I'm Hopkin Frog, next round we will have a guest on the air with us, Arby's Sandwich. You won't want to miss it. See you soon!
No. 427788 ID: 3581fd

Guts is our weakest spot so far and Clockwork Seal has the highest Guts remaining, gotta nab that.

yiff-yaff ; n;
No. 427789 ID: 31015f

Sure, grab Clockwork Seal
No. 427790 ID: 16677f

Dick duck
No. 427792 ID: 3b9af0

Clockwork Seal is a good choice, but Tipsy Giraffe is a really good secondary option still!
No. 427824 ID: 58a693

Our worst stat is liver. We should grab Tipsy Giraffe
No. 427831 ID: f7ae22

This is our last chance to get something above 3 in Guts. Get that Clockwork Seal.
No. 427843 ID: 6a5a08

Liver isn't our weakest stat, Vidya has decent Liver.

Sure, go with Clockwork.
No. 428930 ID: 82dd9a

I'm tempted for Animated otter because HYPE AS FUCK

But my vote is for Clockwork seal he's our only chance for guts right now
No. 428931 ID: 24922d

Stream Shark
No. 488594 ID: 3d4a0a

Clockwork for sure!
No. 488766 ID: 55c4cf
File 135954613288.png - (58.97KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO205.png )

"After some delayed deliberation, TTV is back with the second draft choices! Twice Moose here, and we have some mixed feelings."
"And I'm Hopkin Frog! The decisions made are definitely alarming. We're not entirely sure what the Captains have planned here, but I guess we'll see what they round off with the Third and Final rounds coming up!"

"Vidya Goat is practicing for the events, and Clockwork Seal was found in his natural habitat of a pile of old Pizza Boxes. Phew!"

Opposing Teams' Choices
Two Hassle: Share Lion
Hug Box: Fancy Fox
Whine Tasters: Tipsy Giraffe

Remaining Athletes:
Lazy Crab, Punchy Panda, Stream Shark, Wizard Lizard, Animated Otter, Buccal Bunny, Dick Duck, Implication Penguin.
(to review stats)

"Good luck teams!"
No. 488784 ID: d666ac

No. 488800 ID: 0006f5

No. 488801 ID: 370c40

We gotta get that otter. Look how Hype that otter is.
No. 488804 ID: a7d3c0

Take Animated Otter to counterpick Whine Taster's Yiff Yaff and build the hype.
No. 490034 ID: c6ec33

Everyone knows that Yiff Yaff cannot withstand the otter. Go for the otterbutt.
No. 574766 ID: 55c4cf
File 140029015686.png - (51.26KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO206.png )

"UHm! Th-the next round of picks are in. There's only one more round of choices for teams, so the games will begin soon. The Always Winners have taken a bold move and went for the Animated Otter. The last picks shouldn't take too long, there are not many athletes remaining, please stay tuned."

Opposing Teams' Choices
Two Hassle: Lazy Crab
Hug Box: Buccal Bunny
Whine Tasters: Wizard Lizard

Remaining Athletes:
Punchy Panda, Stream Shark, Dick Duck, Implication Penguin.
(to review stats)
No. 574767 ID: f2c8fe

stream shark ! do it for the sharks
No. 574769 ID: 0bd34b

Go big or go home. Punchy Panda.
No. 574770 ID: 6e85c8

Stream Shark and Punchy Panda are clearly the best options.

But go big or go home. Punchy Panda has the biggest stat the biggest liver the biggest punches.
No. 574771 ID: 052639

Punchy Panda for sure.
No. 574786 ID: f31369

stream shark
No. 574791 ID: 0444c2

Gotta go with the Panda !
No. 574805 ID: bac913

Punchy Panda!
No. 574874 ID: 55c4cf
File 140039748386.png - (86.63KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO207.png )

"Twice Moose here, and Punchy Panda has joined the Always Winners now. Two Hassle took Dick Duck, Hug box snagged Implication Penguin, and Whine Tasters were forced to settle with Stream Shark. After a short deliberation we will start out with our EVENTS. These competitions include: Chasing Cars, a Drinking Game, a RUMPUS, a Pissing Contest, and a Pit Fight. Each team mate can only compete in a single event."
No. 574875 ID: 55c4cf
File 140039750938.png - (37.99KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO208.png )

"Let's take a look at the up and coming team, the Always Winners. Will they be able to take any golds from fierce competitors Two Hassle, or last year's winner Whine Tasters. If they do poorly, it's sure that the Hug Box will be there to give them some comfort!"

Please select who will compete for the Car Chase.
No. 574876 ID: 1f8505


Lawyerdog. Dogs love to chase cars.
No. 574880 ID: f2c8fe

we can count on lawyerdog to get rid of car taste !
No. 574883 ID: bac913

Car chases are pretty hype, so I think Lawyerdog would be the best choice.
No. 574911 ID: 6e85c8

We should probably have a solid plan going into the whole event, that's what being right for once is really all about.

Lawyerdog for the car chase is basically a no-brainer.

Animated Otter brings all the hype and is also a fantastic dancer, so would be a good choice for a RUMPUS.

Clockwork Seal is gutsy enough to freely urinate in public and also has the slovenly habits to support it, so he's probably the best pick for a pissing contest.

The big question I see is what to use for the Pit Fight or the Drinking Contest.

Punchy Panda has the highest liver stat, but ALSO has a history of violence and could do very well in the pit fight in a drunken frenzy.

Vidya Goat has slightly lower Liver than Punchy Panda, but ALSO has higher (and decent) stats across the board which may help out depending on the nature of the drinking gcontest. On the other hand, Vidya Goat also has battletoads for pit fighting expertise.

So, For the current choice I think that lawyerdog is the best option for car chase.

For future events, I think that we should go with:

Drinking Game: Vidya Goat
Pissing Contest: Clockwork Seal
RUMPUS: Animated Otter
Pit Fight: Punchy Panda

With the note that punchy panda and vidya goat may be swapped.
No. 574945 ID: 0b90a3

get that Dog in a car!
No. 575035 ID: 0444c2

dogs and cars go together like lawyers and tropes
No. 575175 ID: 55c4cf
File 140065192334.png - (93.52KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO209.png )

"Here we are at TTV's annual Animal Olympics, and the Car Chase is about to begin. It appears two captains are already competing. Always Winners & Whine Tasters have put in Lawyer Dog & Porn Mouse respectively. Two Hassle has unsurprisingly thrown out the very spunky Jerkbot. Jerkbot is slated to win this easily, which might explain Boner Dragon being tossed out by Hug Box so early. The car is sent out first before the racer's are sent off."

"This event will probably be over very fast. Lawyer Dog isn't awful at this event, but Porn Mouse has gold medals in this event from past events, and Jerkbot is way way faster than the other competitors. I guess we'll just have to watch!"

How shall Lawyer Dog Compete? Clean & Fair, Dirty & violent, Tricksy, what kind of strategy can he employ? The odds are not in Lawyer Dog's favor. Chances of winning are slim and trying to get an edge is going to be tough!
No. 575176 ID: aa2e6a

tricksy - confuse and bewilder your opponents!
No. 575177 ID: 0444c2

if you dont think lawyerdog is one tricksy dog you dont know lawyerdog
No. 575178 ID: a8af63

Tricksy - Lawyerdog earned his degree from Oxfour'd and has experience from working in the Cunning Intellegensia Association.
No. 575207 ID: 9a281a

Use cunning legal powers to get the other contestants put under a speed restraining order (so they can't be within a certain distance of LD, forcing them to back away from the starting line), disqualified, and/or arrested on trumped up charges (jerkbot for being a jerk and an unlicensed robot, porn mouse for porn, and boner dragon for public indecency and/or being an illegal exotic pet).
No. 575216 ID: f2c8fe

what use is a legit degree in law if you dont use it to be shady and unscrupulous ! tricksy a path out this mess
No. 575304 ID: 55c4cf
File 140074972833.png - (63.46KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO210.png )

"Soon after the pace car gets its start and the starting sound erupts, Jerkbot 343 flies ahead, flips off the other runners and goes so fast he flies off into space out of spite!"

"Porn Mouse is just too fast for Lawyer Dog to effectively lawyer him down. Boner Dragon falls behind, his boner is super duper in the way.

Lawyer Dog and Porn Mouse begin to argue about "Touch with Foot," very vehemently. It's going to be hard for Lawyer Dog to close the gap, Porn Mouse just has too much spunk!"

No. 575307 ID: 4447b0

If only lawyer dog had a way to distract Porn Mouse. Perhaps with some form of reading materials he might be interested in.
No. 575360 ID: 68bbc5

Like a court summons in the wrong direction!
No. 575361 ID: 2bfcdf

Commission Porn Mouse to draw you some porn during the race.
No. 575436 ID: 0444c2

Tell Lawyer Dog to throw his lawyermonies at Porn Mouse to draw watermelons!
No. 575464 ID: 55c4cf
File 140085009599.png - (321.23KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO211.png )

"Boner Dragon is falling too far behind to compete. Before Porn Mouse gets too far ahead, Lawyer Dog starts offering Porn Mouse money to draw him a commission!"

"GAME CHANGER! Porn Mouse accepts the commission and Lawyer Dog's money. Porn Mouse stops to draw the porn. Lawyer Dog takes the lead, what an upset!"
No. 575465 ID: 0444c2

aw yiss
now don't get distracted by looking at your sweet-ass commission, lawyer dog, run right to the end !
No. 575467 ID: bac913

Victory is yours! Keep running!
No. 575471 ID: 9a281a

Wait, is Jerkbot 343 still in the lead, or can we argue that he's been disqualified for leaving the track?
No. 575478 ID: e607cd

Don't get comfortable, this is porn mouse we are talking about. This distraction has only bought us a small amount of time to get ahead.
No. 575482 ID: ebc77d

Sweet sweet bribery. It worked for the IOC and FIFA and it will work here.
No. 575483 ID: 937723

Better run fast. Knowing Porn mouse that commission will be done in seconds.
No. 575589 ID: 55c4cf
File 140093158829.png - (75.24KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO212.png )

"WHAT'S THIS. It seems that Boner Dragon had a trick up up his... sleeve. He seems to trip but the boner launches him up through the air, closing some of the gap between him and the other racers."

"Just when I thought Lawyer Dog had the race in the bag, Porn Mouse has already finished the commission. This isn't good for the slower racers. Lawyer Dog receives his mysterious porn drawing, and Porn Mouse leaves the other two in the dust, catching the car and winning the race, that was closer than we thought, but less than we hoped. What do you have to say Arby's Sandwich?"


"Truer words have never been spoken. Looks like the Drinking Game is up next, Captains need to choose who from their team to send out for the next event."

(Hot Tip: Athletes who have already competed cannot do another event!)
No. 575590 ID: bac913

Nobody expects the boner dragon.

Don't feel bad Lawyer Dog, at least you got a nice commission out of it.

Drinking Game? It sounds like a task for Punchy Panda!
No. 575591 ID: 6e85c8

We don't know the exact rules of the game, and Punchy Panda's only high attribute is liver. Punchy Panda ALSO has a history of violence and if PP becomes violently drunk during the drinking game it will probably go all the way bad in a hurry for the always winners in a DQ situation.

I am going to suggest VIDYA GOAT for the drinking game, saving Punchy Panda's violent turn for the pit fight
No. 575594 ID: 052639

I vote Punchy Panda for the Drinking game because they have no other stats. I'd expect you'd want more than one stat for the pit fight.
No. 575601 ID: dc4b80

Man now we have to change the name of the team to "The Always Winners and Lawyerdog"

Well check to see how awesome your commission is and send out Panda next.
No. 575680 ID: 0444c2

No. 575682 ID: 2bfcdf

Punchy Panda is the only choice.
No. 575705 ID: f2c8fe

punchy panda likes the punch
No. 575745 ID: 55c4cf
File 140103045546.png - (249.30KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO213.png )

"TTV is back! The second event is about to start now that the teams have all picked their Drinking Game champion. We have a pretty firm competition between Tipsy Giraffe from the Champion Whine Tasters, and the strong Challenger of the Always Winners, Punchy Panda. Two Hassle has sent in Lazy Crab and Hug Box has selected Fancy Fox. Our Guest judge for this event is veteran Lobster Dog who has not been seen in years!"

"It's possible that Two Hassle and Hug Box have an ace up their sleeve that we are not aware of but the panda and giraffe is who we are recommending you keep your eyes on. If Whine Tasters can take home a second gold this early on, then things are going to start looking down for the other teams. One team would have to win the next three events to really have a chance of winning. Let's see how this goes. Every 20 seconds, the glasses will be refilled. If the contestant cannot stand and finish their glass for the next one they are eliminated. This event can get really ugly really fast."

Does Lawyer Dog have any hot coaching tips for the hopeful Punchy Panda?
No. 575746 ID: 6e85c8


trip tipsy giraffe to prevent standing, since standing is required for the event.
No. 575747 ID: bac913

No. 575750 ID: 9a281a

>Does Lawyer Dog have any hot coaching tips for the hopeful Punchy Panda?
Don't eat the lobster, no matter how tasty he starts to look. Judges tend to look down on things like that.
No. 575754 ID: 052639

Patiently wait for Lobster Dog to be distracted, and smack Tipsy Giraffe when he is a Drunken Giraffe.
No. 575775 ID: 37aa84

If you punch him in the face hard enough he won't be able to stand, let the giraffe get a few drinks into the event first though.
No. 575962 ID: 55c4cf
File 140110347998.png - (269.37KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO214.png )

"Lazy Crab unsurprisingly doesn't do anything at all! Fancy Fox declines to drink any of "This swill," and snubs his own liquor immediately. Punchy Panda and Tipsy Giraffe down the first few without any effort at all."

What Song should Punchy listen to while trying to out drink the Whine Taster's competitor?
No. 575963 ID: 4ef19e

The Final Countdown.
No. 575965 ID: 37aa84

Let's Fighting Love
No. 575977 ID: 0bd34b

No. 575986 ID: 6e85c8

Time to get tricksy. Psychological warfare vs Tipsy Giraffe! Standing is important, so play Tommy Roe's 'Dizzy' since tipsy giraffe is already tipsy.

No. 575991 ID: 0bc7dc

Space Jam
No. 576159 ID: d470e9

Toto: Africa
No. 576230 ID: 4ef19e

New suggestion inspired by Starit's:
Bloody Slam (Space Jam x Bloody Stream)

Warning: If you're not wearing headphones, it may increase the Hype level of anyone who hears it.
No. 576258 ID: 55c4cf
File 140121533531.png - (316.55KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO215.png )

"After a few rounds of drinks, the remixed Slam Jams inspire Punchy Panda. Instead of knocking Tipsy Giraffe, she chugs her SECRET STASH she always carries. Tipsy Giraffe tries to match, but ends up collapsing onto the table. Punchy Panda's drunken mastery is too much for Whine Taster's champion. Always Winner take their first Gold!"

"That went by fast, but drinking that much seems like it'd send MOST people to the hospital, maybe even two hospitals for good measure. TTV will bring you yet another nail-biting event shortly after these messages..."

Available: Vidya Goat, Clockwork Seal, Animated Otter.
(Hot Tip: In order to win, try not losing!)
No. 576260 ID: f2c8fe

it's animated otter's time to shine
No. 576263 ID: 68bbc5

Let's get that otter ANIMATED.
No. 576270 ID: 0bc7dc

It's otter time
No. 576278 ID: 0444c2

No. 576310 ID: 363ecd

Now celebrate your victory by punching the living daylights out of everyone in reach.

>character select!
I assume the rumpus is hype and/or spunk dependent, so yeah, animate us an otter in there.
No. 576731 ID: 55c4cf
File 140162850531.gif - (626.90KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO216.gif )

~And now, a word from our sponsors~
No. 576732 ID: 55c4cf
File 140163577595.png - (216.63KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO217.png )

"Wow, whatever that is, I am interested. I am sure everyone is. The contestants are all in the Rumpus Room and are ready to Rumpus. Hopkin, who is competing?"
"This is going to be a rather rough competition. Three of the contestants are well known for their expertise in HYPE.
The Always Winners have frame trapped Animated Otter.
Two Hassle has jury rigged Prosecutor Cat.
Hug Box have kneeled down for Buccal Bunny.
Whine Tasters have spelled out Wizard Lizard.
It's basically anyone's game this event."

"Except for Buccal Bunny, he sucks at this."
"He sucks at quite a lot of things, Twice Moose."
"Very true!"
No. 576738 ID: 363ecd

So time to rumpus rumble, then.
No. 576771 ID: f2c8fe

activate .gif
No. 576824 ID: 95170a

No. 576834 ID: ca0da5

Thumbs up, man. All the thumbs up. And a cookie jar to you too.
No. 576846 ID: 55c4cf
File 140172933663.png - (220.58KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO218.png )

"Prosecutor Cat and Animated Otter immediately start making quite a rumpus. Wizard Lizard starts on his own, preparing to take some advantage with one of his magic spells!

BUT WHAT AN UPSET, Buccal Bunny having no interest in making a rumpus, presses Wizard Lizard against the wall. HOW LEWD. This sets Wizard Lizard behind on making any rumpus--"

It's looking like the resident wizard wasted his spell on Buccal Bunny. It may be just between Two Hassle and the Always Winners this event! Who will take the Gold, we'll find out soon."
No. 576851 ID: 363ecd

Break out the rave glowsticks. Dook dook!
No. 576867 ID: 937723

Steal the censor bar and wave it around in the air.
No. 576869 ID: 37aa84

Now remove several frames from your dance and increase the frame rate to show some real hype.
No. 576878 ID: 0444c2

Give them a wiggle they won't forget !
No. 576920 ID: f2c8fe

dont remove too many frames. you need at least two !!
No. 576979 ID: 55c4cf
File 140182621578.png - (230.59KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO219.png )

"It appears Wizard Lizard has spent all his magic to make Buccal Bunny mysteriously handsome! Neither of them have made any Rumpus, so it seems they are being Eliminated."
"Animated Otter and Prosecutor Cat are now head to head and the Bass just dropped! The Bass has in fact dropped. This is where it ends."
No. 576982 ID: 0b90a3

Grab DAT BASS and wiggle like your life depends on it!
No. 576984 ID: d6e000

Are not cats distracted by fish?
No. 577032 ID: 6e85c8

Do your dance right there right on top of the bass. That cat can't touch your bass mastery just twerk it.
No. 577035 ID: f461c5

No. 577036 ID: 4ef19e

No. 577091 ID: c7a241

Get dat bass. Cats may like fish, but you're a goddamn otter. You catch your own, and you're not being shown up.
No. 577505 ID: 55c4cf
File 140213127306.gif - (269.80KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO220_gif.gif )

[ Animated! ]

"This is too much. Even Prosecutor Cat has willingly submitted to the wiles of the Animated Otter.. I guess the Pissing Contest is up next."
Available: Vidya Goat, Clockwork Seal.
(Hot Tip: Use money to buy power up items at the store between events.)

This is the last vote. Whoever isn't selected competes in the Pit Fight.
No. 577507 ID: 04fea9

Best wiggles.

Bring out the vidya goat
No. 577532 ID: c7a241

Okay... I'm going to assume you want a good liver for the pissing contest. And that the pit fight probably needs guts.

So we should probably use Vidya Goat for this event, and Clockwork Seal for the next.

>Hot Tip: Use money to buy power up items at the store between events.
To the shop! ...or are we broke?
No. 577533 ID: 6e85c8

ClockworkSeal is probably the best pisser, and has the guts and gross lifestyle to piss in public without shame.

Vidya Goat also has better all-around stats, and the pit fight will probably require multiple stats (and all of clockworkseal's non-guts stats are super bad). Furthermore, Vidya Goat already found battletoads.

So I'm going to say ClockworkSeal for pissing contest, leaving vidya goat for the pit fight.
No. 577611 ID: 37aa84

Vidya Goat, he's probably poop socked a few times before and knows how to hold it in.
No. 577615 ID: 68bbc5

Clockwork Seal for pissing contest.
We need Vidya Goat and his Battletoads for the pit fight.
No. 577618 ID: 53548a

Can we buy mods to hold the cock of whoever we choose for the pissing contest? That's probably important.
No. 577637 ID: a36601

No. 577692 ID: 052639

Clockwork Seal can probably piss on as much as he pisses off.
No. 577841 ID: f31369


I agree with this rationale
No. 577967 ID: 55c4cf
File 140237768276.png - (242.05KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO221.png )

"What a host of competitors we have for this event, and also Share Lion is there."
"Always Winners have rolled in Clockwork Seal, let's hope he's not too rusty. Two Hassle has settled for Share Lion. Hug Box's captain is ruining his lungs for us. Lastly the Whine Tasters are subduing the audience to Yiff Yaff's horrendous wiles. We don't expect this event will take long. Yiff Yaff is expected to walk off with the Gold easily."
No. 577969 ID: 0bd34b

Grab Yiff Yaff's dick before the mods can, it's your only chance.
No. 577979 ID: c7a241

Stuff opponents' dicks in mouth, convert their piss into your own.
No. 577994 ID: f2c8fe

robots can digest almost anything. their piss wont count if you eat it
No. 577996 ID: 7f9410

How about we focus less on watersports and more on getting the perfect angle on the pee stream.
No. 578063 ID: 6e85c8

Distract yiffyaff with horses and intriguing smells so that he is distracted and pisses in the wrong direction
No. 578064 ID: cad90a

perfect combo plan:
stuff share lion's dick into mouth, tickle kidneys to make share lion piss, water-fountain spit piss onto smoke bird's cig, hair and yiff yaff's nose.

share lion will be distracted by the boner showing and will want to share it with the crowd because that is their feetish.
smoke bird will be distracted by lighting a new cigarette and yiff yaff assaulting his hair to lick it.
yiff yaff will be distracted by the pee smell from smoke bird's hair and his nose and will get hornzone for it.

flop to the gold.
No. 578065 ID: f31369

thrust hips to get more distance
No. 578071 ID: 7f9410


Clockwork Seal should show some amazing porn to the other contestants so that they can't aim their piss properly because they have boners. Or maybe be unable to piss at all.
No. 578079 ID: 76e97b

Show Yiff Yaff a picture of crab Miss Frizzle.
The only orifices he's going to be leaking from are his tear ducts.
No. 578104 ID: 55c4cf
File 140245102182.png - (213.26KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO222.png )

"OH NO! Yiff Yaff is pissing all over the board! There goes his chance for winning this year..."
"Clockwork Seal tries to throw off Share Lion and Smoke Bird by talking about shit no one cares about, standard Clockwork Seal technique."
No. 578106 ID: ac14c0

This is our chance! It's just Clockwork Seal vs Smoke Bird pretty much.

Get in position. Rev up your bladder.
No. 578110 ID: 6e85c8

Stare directly at them so they can't pee.
No. 578119 ID: 68bbc5

Take advantage of your superior Guts by getting right up in their face and just staring them dead in the eyes while you piss all over the place.
They won't be able to handle the pressure!
No. 578123 ID: 410c24

Yes, Clockwork doesn't have to blink.

And you can crank your piss-gears perfectly into clockwork precision, too.
No. 578301 ID: 55c4cf
File 140255082991.png - (202.80KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO223.png )

"The Power of Friendship has given Smoke Bird an unstoppable amount more distance. Despite Clockwork Seal's intense grossness, he has been defeated. Share Lion, I don't think you tried at all..."
"Well that was pretty impressive. It doesn't come close to Porn Mouse's record, but he ran the car chase instead. It's about time for the Pit Fight. The teams are already locked, so I guess the final event is about to begin."
"Absolutely right, Arby's Sandwich."
Hopkin laughs.

Who will Vidya Goat fight for the first round?
Dick Duck, Implication Penguin, or Stream Shark.
First fight determines whether Vidya Goat will fight for Gold & Silver, or Bronze & Participation. Choose Wisely.
(Hot Tip: Remember to pick contestants based on fitting events!)
PIT FIGHT: Balanced

© Techigui 1992 Lawyer Dog Is Right 4 Once: Olympic Challenge Nintendo Game Manual
No. 578302 ID: ac14c0

Stream Shark and Dick Duck have superior totals.

We should fight Implication Penguin so that we have the best chance of getting silver, because I doubt we're getting gold in this one.
No. 578303 ID: f2c8fe

targets of dick duck for great justice
No. 578304 ID: 6e85c8

We need to use Vidya Goat's battletoads knowledge to go after stream shark.

Currently, the Always Winners have 2 golds, and the Whine Tasters and Hug Box each have 1 golds.

Implication Penguin from Hug Box does not have a good chance to win, and if Dick Duck ends up winning Gold (against implication penguin) that goes to Two Hassle, giving them one gold to the 2 golds of the always winners. So if either Implication Penguin OR Dick Duck would be the competitor for gold, The Always Winners are in great shape.

Stream Shark is a potent competitor, but if left to her own devices and claiming victory over dick duck OR implication penguin in a gold match the Whine Tasters will match the Always Winners with two golds each. Vidya Goat has a slightly lower stat total, but is still a capable athlete and has the battletoads(tm) advantage.

Stream Shark is our mark!
No. 578306 ID: f31369

Punch Dick Duck in his Duck Dick
No. 578307 ID: ac14c0

Changing my vote to this.
No. 578308 ID: 6e85c8



If Dick Duck wins, Always Winners still have the strongest medal count. Either defeating stream shark or weakening her to the point that she can no longer defeat dick duck (by far the more likely winner of the other match, going by stats) puts the Always Winners in the strongest position strategically speaking.
No. 578317 ID: 052639

Destroy Stream Shark, Create a Seamergency.
No. 578336 ID: e0a74e

Mash the buttons to win!
No. 578429 ID: cad90a

Vidya Goat needs to take on Implication Penguin in a hype battle in the pit.
Pure stats-wise, Dick Duck matches Gote for Spunk, but wins out in Hype and Guts and is beaten by Liver whereas Stream Shark matches Gote for Guts but wins in Spunk and Hype and loses as far as Liver. Implication Penguin loses for Hype and Liver, matches for Guts and wins for Spunk.
Gote needs to Liver UP and out-hype the tiny gay baby penguin in a battle for the ages.
No. 578434 ID: 55c4cf
File 140266166535.png - (233.65KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO224.png )

"The Always Winners have chosen to face Stream Shark in the first round. We tried to get Dick Duck and Implication Penguin to prepare for their first round fight, but Implication Penguin refused to cooperate..."

>Implying I will fight for my team.
>Implying I care about these Olympics..

"Well, I guess that settles fourth place. Whoever wins this fight faces Dick Duck. The loser gets third automatically since Hug Box's entrant will not be implicated in this display of combative expertise!"

What is Vidya Goat's strategy to defeat Whine Tasters' fighter?
No. 578436 ID: 6e85c8

Challenge stream shark to the ultimate fight:

Drunken battletoads
No. 578437 ID: 410c24

Just beat them with the game. Literally, beat them to death with the cartridge.
No. 578466 ID: f2c8fe

use your busted physics !
No. 578470 ID: ac14c0

Avoid the teeth, jump around, and get some good kicks in.
No. 578474 ID: e1609c

clip into his stomach, let physics jank you around inside him destroying his internal organs/skeletal structure
No. 578662 ID: f31369

challenge them to the ultimate mouth based video game

No. 578911 ID: 55c4cf
File 140297781675.gif - (53.61KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO225.gif )

[ Animated! ]

"The first Pit Fight has begun, and the combat is more intense than I could have imagined. The two strike unbelievable blows to one another!"
"What a debacle!"

"Both took some pretty powerful hits, and Vidya Goat has a slight disadvantage, can they pull out of this the victor?!"
Hopkin gasps at Arby's Sandwich intense observation.
No. 578912 ID: ac14c0

Use the terrain! Hop up onto the high ground and unleash your jump kick!
No. 578914 ID: 189a54

There's nothing to it except believing in yourself! Break the seal and show Stream Shark the improved Derpy Roll to win it!
No. 578915 ID: f2c8fe

ragdoll mode activate !
No. 578922 ID: 6e85c8

use sick vidya skills to combine dodging and attacking with the jump kick from >>578912
No. 578924 ID: 410c24

Yeah, goats are good climbers. Force the fight into higher ground to win. Use that ramp.

Stay the hell away from the pool though, unless you want to lose.
No. 579041 ID: f31369

climb and use your powerful aerial rag doll technique
No. 580358 ID: 55c4cf
File 140354868137.png - (178.32KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO226.png )

"It looks like the two are backing up and going in for a powerful blow. Stream Shark goes for a powerful bite! Vidya Goat uses the spirit of Battle Toads and bucks as hard as she can. The two's strikes collide. Vidya Goat's attack is so strong it negates Stream Shark's out--OH MY STARS."
[ Excited Announcer Yelling ]
"Vidya Goat has knocked Stream Shark out, what an upset! Stream Shark gets Third Place. This removes Whine Tasters from being able to win the Silly Animal Olympics. Vidya Goat faces Dick Duck in round two."
"No one here saw this coming, Stream Shark was heavily favored to win... We'll have a moment to recover during a word from our sponsors..."

What strategies should Vidya Goat explore for the Final Fight?
No. 580362 ID: 9043e8

Metro City is a rough place. Make sure you channel your inner Haggar on this one, Vidya Goat.
No. 580368 ID: 189a54

You just beat a freaking shark, this guy will be nothing! Taunt him into striking first, then counter the crap out of his beak-ass face with your hooves!
No. 580369 ID: 6e85c8

kick dick duck in his duck dick
No. 580386 ID: 37aa84

Yes, kick him in his incredibly long dick.
No. 580541 ID: 50338d

Kick out Stream Shark's teeth, and claim them for yourself (Don't worry, shark teeth grow back). Then equip the shark teeth as an improvised weapon (shark tooth studded collar? Closed in the battle toads box so it now has sharp edges?).
No. 580546 ID: dc9b7e

its time to dick duck in his duck dick.

not dick penetration unless youre into that then go ahead
No. 580692 ID: 052639

Go to the not-River City Ransom shops and eat all the food for the final battle.
No. 580789 ID: 55c4cf
File 140364896242.png - (1.69MB , 1200x1200 , LDIRFO227.png )

~And now, the Good Word from our sponsors~
No. 581344 ID: 55c4cf
File 140382514030.png - (183.33KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO228.png )

"Round 2 has started. One of them will get the Gold, and the Other is taking home the Silver. It seems that Vidya Goat has went straight in to kick Dick Duck in his Duck Dick."
Vidya Goat's reward for the aggressive slide kick is being bitten in the face. The Goat has somehow refused to let go of the video game. Their commitment is certainly admirable! The next move will very likely decide this immediately!"
No. 581345 ID: 2fd516

Taking advantage of being bitten, jump up and do a SPINNING PILEDRIVER.
No. 581358 ID: dc9b7e

it's time for Dick Duck Discus. spin 2 win !
No. 581359 ID: a6dc3e

Grapple him with your strong goat legs and SUPLEX HIM
No. 581360 ID: e1609c

distract dick duck with a goat-knee to his grapes followed by >>581359
No. 581481 ID: 50338d

Arm the battletoad's self-destruct, and then shove it down the duck's face.

He wants it so bad? Take it. Take it all the way. You can't handle it.
No. 582156 ID: 55c4cf
File 140417374627.png - (306.86KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO229.png )

The Announcers gasp and then go,

Vidya Goat has been K.O.'d.
Two Hassle takes first for the final event.
No. 582159 ID: a6dc3e


Time to be salty
No. 582169 ID: 052639

Well, we prevented Whine Tasters from getting the Gold. That's the only victory that Two Hassle acquired. Always Winners have Won.
No. 582172 ID: dc9b7e

rip dont get ducked too hard or not hard enough
No. 582196 ID: 50338d

Objection! Inappropriate touching! Dick duck has his bill in our butt! That duck is inappropriate touching a kid.

Lawyerdog, get in there and get the duck disqualified or penalized or thrown in pedo-jail for this stunt.
No. 582198 ID: 41dddb

No. 582363 ID: 55c4cf
File 140426566486.png - (251.17KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO230.png )

The Award Ceremony for the Silly Animal Olympics has begun. The results have come in from the Head of the Olympic Committee. All Medals have been tallied up and Two Hassle has been awarded Grand Champion! Thanks for tuning in.
No. 582364 ID: 6e85c8

>two hassle has 1 gold, 1 silver, and 3 that were either disqualified or participation
>Always Winners have 2 gold and 3 silver


No. 582365 ID: dc4b80

Prosecutor cat must have bribed the judges! Quick file a grievance with the Olympic committee. Also bite the crap out of him.
No. 582367 ID: f31369

The indignity! The collusion! Get mad, get furious. Throw out accusations, start litigation against the comittee. Don't stand for it, go nuts. Go punch Dick Duck in his Duck Dick.
No. 582369 ID: 2fd516

No. 582414 ID: 1d2a43

Call shenanigans!
No. 582416 ID: 052639

Petition the Head of the Olympic Committee.
No. 596656 ID: 55c4cf
File 141217223010.png - (90.14KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO231.png )

"Objection," Lawyer Dog starts to exclaim--

The Silly Animal Olympics are brought to you by our sponsors, like refreshing Ketza Cola™.

Do you need to get back on the pile?
Well don't just bow out, crack open a Ketza Cola™ and get right back in there.

Next up on TTV: 2 straight weeks of Unnatural Selection Reruns
Buckle Up!
No. 596679 ID: 2fd516

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
No. 596728 ID: 61771b

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Trophy ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
No. 596731 ID: d90668

Aww man two weeks of reruns?
No. 596749 ID: 8b533b

No no, glass half full thoughts here. It's not two weeks of reruns, it's a two week marathon.
No. 596774 ID: 808d25

Man fuck this where's the porn channel!
No. 597228 ID: 55c4cf
File 141240982601.png - (49.03KB , 800x800 , UnnaturalSelectionSE12E32.png )

Last time on Unnatural Selection...

Alison's long awaited marriage with Recluse was about to be finalized, but wait who is this objecting? It's...

Lawyer Dog!!!!

It appears the team captain will not let this episode continue. He earned his victory. It's time to get to the bottom of this!
No. 597230 ID: 8b533b

Of course there's an objection. She can't have any ending but a harem ending at this point. Too much hugging around with all of the everybody.
No. 597232 ID: 436cdc

==> Lawyerdog:

No. 597237 ID: 052639

Interrogate Prosecutor Cat!
He is probably in on the debacle.
No. 597240 ID: 915fb7

Object that not only Prosecutor Cat cheated, only you can marry Alison! It's in your fanfiction!
No. 597263 ID: 4f004c

Radmin's grin there. Must be nice to see Iso standing up for a change.
Then there's Duelist, looks like he was about to object, himself.
No. 597372 ID: 55c4cf
File 141253590632.png - (243.98KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO233.png )

Lawyer Dog has used his expert detective skills to determine that the head of the Olympic Committee is also the head of TTV.

He has arrived at the headquarters.
It's time.
No. 597374 ID: dc9b7e

find the porn channel
No. 597375 ID: 915fb7

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RIOT! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
No. 597376 ID: d90668

While you are headed up to the executive offices make sure to stop by all your favorite shows and get there autographs.

Or just find out what the secret season premiers are going to be so you have blackmail material for later.
No. 597377 ID: 8b533b

Bust in right through the front door.

Level 1, Fight!
No. 597380 ID: 2fd516

Calmly walk in and present them with legal papers announcing your pending lawsuit.
No. 597480 ID: f31369

Law riot
No. 597481 ID: 37aa84

Cameos, cameos everywhere
No. 611662 ID: 55c4cf
File 141858788682.png - (242.69KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO234.png )

Lawyer Dog breaks inside the front Entrance of TGChan TV Tower!

The lobby is filled with Orion and Lagotrope characters, however! How will he ever make it through?!
No. 611663 ID: 687279

Use your barks!
No. 611668 ID: c9f2af

Distract the Orion characters by suggesting they have lewd secks with each other, as they will do so at the drop of a hat.

Depress the Lago characters to the point they can't fight by reminding them of how how much their update schedule has slowed.
No. 611669 ID: 534cc4

So much this.
No. 611721 ID: dc9b7e

oh good. that means we found the porn channel ?
No. 611733 ID: e4e292

Get a second player in here to help out, these situations are always so much easier with a partner, that way you don't get sent back to the last checkpoint if you lose too much health. I'd recommend Vidya Goat.
No. 611737 ID: 76e97b

Pants them.
No. 611747 ID: 7df277

Whip out your saxophone and seduce all of them at once with your smooth dulcet tones
No. 611772 ID: 052639

That is too many characters to deal with, lame it out and get them off screen and progress.
No. 611796 ID: b6981d

Be right
No. 611962 ID: efa783

Insert the konami code to cheat!
No. 611966 ID: 534cc4

*Player two joins*
No. 612087 ID: 55c4cf
File 141868139412.png - (224.76KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO235.png )

Something about a Player 2? Selecting? Lawyer Dog does not know about that nonsense, he is a dog.

Lawyer Dog lets out a BARK!

With the mysterious PRESS START changing into SELECTING the field of enemies are all knocked down into a puff of convenient smoke so none of them need to be drawn. Panties flutter into the air.

Lawyer Dog doesn't know what that's about, he goes into the Elevator.
No. 612088 ID: 687279

Press the highest button. Then sniff all the things in the elevator while you wait.
No. 612089 ID: efa783

Equip panties as headgear for maximum defense. Then proceed to elevator, top floor! To face the final boss!
No. 612090 ID: dc9b7e

go to floor -1. its like world -1, not like that silly world (castle)-1
No. 612093 ID: 052639

Press the BOSS button on the elevator.
Try not to think about cute boys.
Maybe put on a pair of panties on the way.
No. 612120 ID: db83ac

Summon the "Quantum Stegosaurus"!
No. 612465 ID: 55c4cf
File 141877076579.png - (194.80KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO236.png )


Lawyer Dog makes it to the top floor where the CEO of TTV awaits him.

"I have been expecting you Lawyer Dog. Surprised to see me? Well you shouldn't be. After you humiliated me in our fated court battle so long ago, my career was finished. So I found a place where I could be Wrong and Terrible all the time and still succeed: TGchan. You are here to correct the 'mistake', I assume. You will not leave here with the trophy. I have won THIS time, Lawyer Dog!"

"HOLD IT!" cries a familiar voice, could it finally be PLAYER 2?!
No. 612466 ID: 687279

Wait a goddamn minute is Player 2 Prosecutor Cat
No. 612468 ID: 7df277

Clearly it's Fancy Fox, fashionably late as ever!
No. 612478 ID: db2d60

Obviously it's Arby's Sandwich! Such a consummate athlete would never stand for such a desecration of the games!
No. 612481 ID: ea0ad9

Player 2 must be Apples. I mean, who else can match Lawyerdog's enthusiasm?
No. 612482 ID: 9b9ee7

bark at player 2
bark at vGhost
bark at arby's
No. 612483 ID: 052639

Bury him with his money.
No. 612485 ID: efa783

Arby's Sandwich to the rescue!
No. 612498 ID: 60a70e

If it's not Arby's Sandwich I'm rioting.
No. 612844 ID: 55c4cf
File 141888941630.png - (224.04KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO237.png )

Player 2 Joins The Game.

Oh no! vGhost has taken Lawyer Dog's chauffeur, Lobster Dog, hostage..

..and he has GUN!
No. 612850 ID: efa783

Bark as loud as you can, defeat the evil!
No. 612895 ID: 534cc4

Let him shoot the hostage, take him out.
No. 612907 ID: dc9b7e

quick, draw your own gun on the smart board !
No. 612924 ID: 185cb8

Silly, everyone knows guns don't work on ghosts!

Lobsterdog: Bite 'em.
No. 612942 ID: 687279

Tell him to take it easy, nobody needs to get shot here. What does he want? Just let the lobster go, man.
No. 612979 ID: 76abe4

Lawyerdog should yell objection so hard to dazzle him and get the hostage back
No. 612997 ID: 052639

Flip the desk.
No. 613363 ID: 55c4cf
File 141905706041.png - (227.48KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO238.png )

fGhost rushes forward and starts to wrestle the GUN in vGhost's hand!

Lawyer Dog BARKS a few times and tackles Lobster Dog away from vGhost to safety.
No. 613367 ID: 687279

Alright lawyerdog get in there and bite his arm while fghost is keeping him busy!
No. 613389 ID: dc9b7e

run circles around them !
No. 613402 ID: a19cd5

No. 613418 ID: 7df277

Convince everyone that all this violence is tearing us apart, and won't solve anything, then bite vGhost.
No. 613432 ID: efa783

Keep tackling everyone in the room until they stop fighting.
No. 613495 ID: 052639

No. 613507 ID: 55c4cf
File 141910350320.png - (211.37KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO239.png )

fGhost and vGhost's intense struggle results with both the crooked CEO and his GUN crashing out the window.

"Fuck you..." cries vGhost as he hurtles down never to be seen again.

Lawyer Dog consoles Lobster Dog.

I guess there's not much more of Lawyer Dog's Olympic Based Challenge to be told.
Thank you Lawyer Dog, you saved the once again with the help of the Always Winners and everyone's pal, fGhost.
No. 613511 ID: efa783

Good job, Lawyer Dog. You were right for once.
No. 613518 ID: 185cb8

Don't forget to push whatever button in the evil boss's office that gets the network to fix their mistake, and take the trophy away from the cat and give it to you.
No. 613526 ID: 501b50

Take over the network: Become the new CEO.
No. 613575 ID: 60a70e

Change all quests to a feed of Arby's sandwich giving a rousing anti-tgchan speech.
No. 613699 ID: 55c4cf
File 141915113592.png - (117.12KB , 444x444 , LDIRFO240.png )

Everyone is back in their rightful place.
Good End Achieved!

Thank you for playing.
No. 613784 ID: efa783

Good end. 10/10 would bark again
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