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File 133433921797.png - (28.55KB , 865x850 , claw meet noggin.png )
400842 No. 400842 ID: a43a6c

Agh... It's too early. It's still kind of dark outside. W-why am I awake?
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No. 400843 ID: a43a6c
File 133433923137.png - (17.75KB , 865x850 , sleepcuddling.png )


This isn't very comfortable at all.
No. 400845 ID: 6e44d2

lol. Roll out from underneath.
No. 400848 ID: f2c010

Shuffle her off. Failing that, roll over and let her slump to one side.
No. 400854 ID: 27d278

Get rid of your man-ticulitis and get her off you.
No. 400856 ID: 1e92df

See if you can slip out from under her. Try not to wake her. If you can't, internal monologue until she wakes up, if you can't get back to sleep.
No. 400857 ID: 70591e

maybe you should wake her up.
No. 400861 ID: b85f8c

This is probably the closest you've ever been to her, Bo. See if you can just shift into a more comfortable position.
No. 400885 ID: a43a6c
File 133435004930.png - (11.13KB , 865x850 , wake up in the morning.png )

Yeah, she is pretty close to me, but...

I gently move myself to the right, shuffling out from under her. She doesn't wake up, but she looks a little sad.

Well, I don't think I'm going to get back to sleep.
No. 400887 ID: 7c31d2

Cuddle with her until she wakes up
No. 400888 ID: 27d278

Since you're up Bo, you should go find some Aromatic Grass to give to Gren.
No. 400894 ID: f730a1

Hover over her and breathe really heavily.
No. 400903 ID: 34aa35

Look outside. Hope it's raining so you can convince Gren to stay here and make sweet love relax for a bit longer before starting out. If you are going to head into town, you've got a busy day ahead of you.
No. 400909 ID: 70591e

go jack off in the corner, it'll be hard to run around all day with a boner.
No. 400918 ID: 369d34

Go out and look at the city below for a little bit. Important buildings are usually lit up all day and night, so you can spot them. Then head down the path and hunt up some food for the two of you.
No. 400930 ID: e440a4

I agree. masturbation relieves stress, and is good for your mental and physical health! You would have to be some kind of fool to never do it.
No. 400961 ID: a43a6c
File 133437027804.png - (36.41KB , 865x850 , this was difficult to plan.png )

I-I'm not going to masturbate! G-Gren is right there!

It's drizzling outside. It looks like the clouds get way darker to the west, and the wind is moving east, so that'll be on top of us in a few hours.

There's not very many people outside in the city below. A few buildings still have lights.

I can still go out and find food, but I'm not hungry so I don't think she will be, either. Maybe later in the day. And, uh, I didn't see any kind of grass on the way up here, but I can keep an eye out!
No. 400964 ID: 97bd86

You willing to try waking Gren up, or...?
No. 400969 ID: ed57e8

if you get hungry later you will be forced to hunt in the rain. go now. maybe scrawl you are out hunting.
No. 400977 ID: 369d34

It'd be for the best for you two to get a move on before the rain really comes down. If you wait, the rain'll be falling the entire trip down, instead of only some of the trip. Hopefully Gren won't be a giant grump 'cause you woke her up early.
No. 400988 ID: 063c28

So go around the corner outside first! You wouldn't want your decision-making impaired by distraction in the upcoming high-tension situations with city dwellers, after all.
No. 401036 ID: 70591e

go hunting. if you guys hate rain as much as you have so far, you won't be doing anything later today.
No. 401383 ID: b0d466
File 133446851603.png - (176.75KB , 865x850 , Derp1.png )

Well, uh, Gren is probably going to be mad if I wake her up. But you're right, we should probably start moving as soon as we can.

Gren? Hey, Gren, wake up...
"Mmmf... Boaga?"
Yeah, Gren. Come on, we should get moving. It's going to start raining really hard soon, so we should get going...
"Damn it. Why did you wake me up? I was having a nice dream!"
I'm sorry! What, uh, what were you dreaming about?
"None of your business."
Okay, sorry, sorry. But we should really start going. Are you hungry?
Well, uh, maybe we should go hunting do that we don't get hungry later.
"I would rather just get into the city and worry about eating later."
Well, uh, okay...
No. 401384 ID: b0d466
File 133446854714.png - (177.76KB , 865x850 , ambush.png )

We hike down to the road again, down the curve far enough not to be seen by the city. Grennie doesn't stop being grumpy. Who should we, uh, ambush? What are we looking for, exactly?
No. 401388 ID: 369d34

The trick here is getting them to stick around long enough to say your piece without hurting them.

Wait around for a lone wagon or carriage heading towards the city. Gren'll step out a safe distance behind and shout that she'd like to ask some questions. Bo'll step out into the road at the same time, out of view around the curve. When they inevitably tear off for the city they'll stop when they see Bo. Bo reiterates that they just want to ask some questions and have them deliver a message to the city guard.

There's a good chance this won't work; They might abandon the wagon or cart, or try to go off-road. If it fails, head back down the road to another spot and try again. The important thing is not to harm or threaten anyone.
No. 401393 ID: a2fa74

The person in the robe. Don't ambush, just saunter up, say hello, and ask them if they could tell the city guards you intend to have a peaceful visit to the city.

Stay away from horses; they'll panic and something will get killed.
No. 401644 ID: a43a6c
File 133455006637.png - (19.72KB , 865x850 , still raining.png )

I think I have an idea.
Yeah, maybe we can wait for the people to thin out, so that you can talk to someone on a carriage or a wagon without scaring everyone else off?
"They'd run from me, Bo."
Okay, uh... I can wait up ahead in case they run from you.
"That might work. You're a lot less threatening than I am, anyway. With your little stutter and everything."
Hey, I-- y-yeah, okay.
No. 401645 ID: a43a6c
File 133455007555.png - (26.00KB , 865x850 , mutually startled.png )

Once the road clears out I sneak up as best as I can. I'm not really built for this! But anyway no one sees me, and now I can't see Grennie. And, uh... I guess now I wait.

Apparently I don't have to wait long, though. I hear what sounds like Gren saying something kind of forcefully and loudly, and then someone on a cart being pulled by some animal comes very quickly around the corner. I jump out onto the road and the rider sees me for sure, but the cart isn't stopping!
No. 401646 ID: b0d466

Don't get into a head on collision, but try and snag the cart or cart-beast by the side, Bo!
No. 401647 ID: b4474c

Get out of the way you silly dragon you're going to get run over. Back up or run forward but getting smacked by a wagon going at speed it going to hurt!
No. 401648 ID: 6e44d2

Breathe fire into the air. Be very loud and impressive. They'll stop.
No. 401650 ID: e3f578

No. 401654 ID: 70591e

stop right there, criminal scum!
No. 401655 ID: b85f8c

Uh, just kindof stand there and request that they wait, we just want to talk.
No. 401661 ID: b9e291

Stammer excuse me uncertainly as it rides by leaving you in the dust.
No. 401715 ID: 9718f3

Oh god it's going to hit you! Better cower defensively.
No. 401754 ID: a43a6c
File 133460075801.png - (36.04KB , 865x850 , collision.png )

Stop! Please, stop! We just want to talk! HEY!

It looks like the animal is out of control! It tries to run by me but the cart swings wide-- OOF!
No. 401755 ID: a43a6c
File 133460076709.png - (20.15KB , 865x850 , fording the Bo River.png )

Uhhh... okay, I-I'm on the ground. Owww... I think the c-cart flipped and the animal got loose. And... oh no, I think the rider's underneath it!
No. 401756 ID: b9e291

No. 401757 ID: 97bd86


Really should have stayed away from anything pulled by an animal.

Go flip the cart over and see if the guy's dead or not.
No. 401759 ID: ed57e8

save dem!!
No. 401762 ID: b4474c

Save him! Before lightning explodes the wagon!
No. 401790 ID: b85f8c

Help him!
No. 401818 ID: a43a6c
File 133461376378.png - (27.23KB , 865x850 , here\'s company.png )

Okay ow okay I'm moving the cart on off of him. He looks hurt, but, uh, nothing's bending the wrong way, which is a good thing! Just--owww!-- just a couple of scratches and bruises? I'm no expert! He's kind of dazed-looking, though...



Oh, t-that's a lot of people.
No. 401819 ID: ed57e8

put the man on the road and run.
No. 401821 ID: b0d466

Well take the injured target with you, then go SAVE GRENNIE rooooooooar
No. 401822 ID: 3ce5b2

did you seriously get injured by a cart collision, what kind of dragon are you? ugh.
No. 401825 ID: b4474c

Focus on rescuing the dude, get Gren off the middle of the road. You two are attracting more attention than you should!
No. 401836 ID: b85f8c

You guys need to back off and say that you're sorry for breaking the guy's wagon and you'll make up for it if you can. Also have Grennie check your wound.
No. 401837 ID: a2fa74

Clearly, we need to clear this up.
Call out "Excuse me! I think this man is hurt! Is one of you a doctor?"
No. 401839 ID: 369d34

Leave the injured man there. Moving him now could very well hurt him more.

Whatever you do, don't be aggressive or run towards the people. Tell Gren to walk off the road over to where you are. Call out that the cart driver is hurt and needs a healer. Then head away from the road, but stay in view. Gren can help you deal with that chunk of cart in your side once you're clear.
No. 401878 ID: a43a6c
File 133463165553.png - (23.06KB , 865x850 , well now what.png )

M-my wound? Oh... I hadn't noticed t-that... But, uh, I drag the man away from the cart and start to back away.

Gren, come here please!
Just-- come on!

She walks towards me, avoiding the wagon. The people on the road back off as she passes them. Once we're both a good distance away, I start to yell out to them.

I'm, uh, I'm very sorry about the wagon! I'll make up for it if I can!
"Bo, there's... there's something sticking out of you..."
But I think the man is hurt! Is anyone able to take care of him?
"Boaga, you're hurt. Let me see it!"

A few people hesitantly step toward the wagon. One person runs down the road toward the city. I'm, uh... I'm starting to hurt a lot more now.
No. 401879 ID: b4474c

Tell Gren to wait until you're away from the main road. You're tougher than whoever wrecked the wagon, and it's important to leave at least a not-bad impression.
No. 401880 ID: b0d466

No. 401886 ID: 369d34

Bo, this is serious. You've got chunks of wood stuck in your neck. That's something Gren can't fix. You're going to need a healer just as much as that cart driver soon. Lie down and move as little as you can, so the wood doesn't shift around. Hope that whoever comes will listen to you two and be merciful, but Gren should be ready to carry you away on her back.
No. 401887 ID: 70591e

Grennie, pull that thing out of him without warning.
No. 401894 ID: b85f8c

Look at your wound.
No. 401902 ID: b9e291

GIVE HIM A BIG HUG no no no no just... stay perfectly still
No. 401910 ID: 12c19f

Don't just rip them out! You'll leave splinters and risk infection, or the coarser wood will rip up more than you wish to.

Man this is a fucked situation. You better dragontail it out there. I think the guy running toward the city is going to call it out on you guys and you'll have the guards on you.
No. 401921 ID: c6ec33

Let Grennie look already, you dumb thing. :V

She might need to breathe fire on it to cauterize it~
No. 402017 ID: a43a6c
File 133469667570.png - (22.23KB , 865x850 , she\'s not a doctor.png )

N-no, it's not in my neck, it's, uh, just right above my shoulder. But... it hurts, and the wound looks dirty. I'm starting to feel a lot more than just that, though-- ow! My whole side is aching. I'm just going to... agh... kind of lower myself to the ground. J-just for a bit.

W-what's it look like, Gren?
"It's deep, Bo. I can pull them out if you want me to--"
Aaaaugh! D-don't touch it!
"I'm sorry! But Bo, we need to decide what we're going to do. You don't look so well, but I don't know how the humans will react to us. They might think we intentionally flipped the cart, or something."
No. 402018 ID: ed57e8

just lay their and look helpless. gren hides behind a thing in case they get bad.
No. 402019 ID: b0d466

Probably better to leave it in, for now. If you try to pull it out Bo might faint or something and then you'll probably have to leave him.

You'll probably still have to leave him if he doesn't get moving, and the city's response is hostile.
No. 402027 ID: 189d59

Leave it in for now so you won't bleed out. Ask Gren if she can find you some cloth and alcohol for the wound. Don't take anything without asking!
No. 402028 ID: 6e44d2

Pull it out and cauterize the wounds with fire.
No. 402030 ID: a83682

See if you can help the people at the wagon and also see if anyone can help Bo. Don't do anything aggressive, though.
No. 402032 ID: a2fa74

Gren: Call out asking if there are any healers. Tell them you can pay.
Realize in the midst of panic and trauma that Bo has always been there for you, is clearly in love with you, and that you might actually love him too.
No. 402036 ID: 369d34

Keep the cauterization option as a last resort. You want cloth to press on the wound when the wood is removed, and strong alcohol to sanitize the gash.

Gren should head to the wagon wreckage, telling the people there this was an accident, the result of a stupid plan. Search the wagon, crates, and barrels for cloth or a tarp and alcohol. As a last resort Gren could demand the bystanders shirts and coats.
No. 402046 ID: b85f8c

Intentionally flipped the cart, when you have giant pieces of wood in your side? No way.

The pieces of wood are dirty, and Bo is developing an infection. They need to be removed. While heat can cauterize a wound, flame breath would cause serious damage to the surrounding area. What we need is to heat up something that's metal via fire breath, then press it to the wound so that ONLY IT is burnt.
No. 402084 ID: a43a6c
File 133471304393.png - (15.63KB , 865x850 , stop being stupid damn it.png )

"Okay, Bo. I'm going to take the wood out, and burn the wound closed."
Ow-- W-with what?
"...My fire?"
Are you joking--?!
"Okay, okay, maybe that isn't such a good idea."
Just-- please, could you go and see if-- nngh-- if there's any strong alcohol and cloth over in the wagon? The wood is dirty and I d-don't think I-- agh-- I could afford an infection right now!
"Cloth and alcohol. I'll be back. Please don't die or anything while I'm gone, okay?"
I-I'll try not to.
No. 402085 ID: a43a6c
File 133471305281.png - (21.41KB , 865x850 , no stuff.png )

The people crowding around the injured man give me uneasy glances as I pass by to look around the wreckage. I sift through the boxes for a while while Boaga glances between me and the road to the city.

Damn it! I found what smells like strong alcohol, but none of the boxes had any cloth. Just mostly trinkets and preserved food.
No. 402086 ID: ed57e8

gonna need to do this the hard way then. take the alcohol and poor it right on the wound. then pull them out and push on it.
No. 402087 ID: b0d466

Take food, booze, and one expensive trinket; ABSCOND
No. 402088 ID: 12c19f

Screw it. We're burning the wound shut. He can thank you later. Can you moderate your fire breath's intensity? I think risking some blistered skin over sealing a gaping wound is a fair trade here.
No. 402089 ID: f85df8

Request those helping the wagon rider if they have a cloak or a sword. Apologise to rider for taking his alcohol, if he's conscious.
No. 402090 ID: b85f8c

Ask if anyone's got cloth you can use, and explain what you're trying to do.
No. 402094 ID: 369d34

Directly applying fire to the wound is not cauterizing it, it's burning it, which would invite even more infection.

Take the alcohol. Sift the wreckage for a length of metal you could use in cauterizing, if it comes to that. A metal wheel rim or long pin used in the front axle truck could work.

If just applying pressure after cleaning the wounds with the alcohol doesn't staunch the bleeding, then cauterizing will be necessary. Heat the metal, hold the wound shut, and press the metal against it. There's still the threat of infection, but Bo won't bleed out.
No. 402188 ID: a43a6c
File 133477826210.png - (20.26KB , 865x850 , stop you have violated the law.png )

I would rather avoid having to do anything with the people on the road. It looks like the driver is fully conscious now and is talking to them, though.

I pick up the alcohol and some rations, no matter how unappetizing they seem. I... I also take a particularly expensive-looking necklace. If anyone saw, then they're not saying anything. I pick up a discarded piece of metal that came off of the wagon on my way back to Bo.
No. 402189 ID: a43a6c
File 133477827527.png - (16.18KB , 865x850 , pay the court a fine.png )

Boaga looks worse than when I left him. It... it looks like he's really hurting. The collsion must have done more to him more than I thought.

I'm back. How are you feeling?
"I'm-- Ghh!-- I'm in a l-lot of pain... What-- Mmh!-- what are you c-carrying?"
The alcohol you asked me for, and some food.
"...What's that metal for?"
I'm going to burn your wounds shut with it.
"W-WHAT? Grennie, no, please! T-that's going to hurt! A lot!"
No. 402190 ID: fa9f7e

"Okay, best friend! I will do nothing, let you continue to suffer, watch as your wounds fester, and stand by as you die! Because that's what best friends do!

Now shush and let me cauterize your wounds."
No. 402191 ID: f85df8

How much does it take to make Bo drunk? If we can do that, then the pain will be less of an issue. A drunk dragon is better than one in excruciating pain.
No. 402192 ID: b0d466

Put some booze in the wound and some in his mouth. Maybe it'll dull the pain enough that he won't pass out and die on the spot
No. 402195 ID: ed57e8

apply alcohol. make sure it washes off before applying metal.
No. 402196 ID: a83682

Drinking alcohol thins one's blood, and makes it less able to clot. That would make him bleed more. That is BAD. Don't give him alcohol to drink, just use it to sterilise the wound.
No. 402205 ID: 369d34

"I'm sorry Bo, but it's going to hurt whether I do anything or not. Please, let me try."

Don't give Bo any booze, it interferes with blood clotting, and you're going to need all you have to sterilize your hands and the wounds. You'd have to get him drunk to the point of passing out for that to work, anyway.

Try to stop the bleeding from the wounds with just hand pressure first, before resorting to cauterization. When you pull the wood out, clean and sterilize your hands in the booze, then reach into the wound to pull splinters and any other foreign bodies out, then wash it down with the alcohol. You don't want to leave anything like that behind if you have to cauterize.
No. 402208 ID: b85f8c

I agree we should at least try to stop the bleeding conventionally before using hot iron.
No. 402240 ID: b0d466

A vote for Drunk Bo is a vote for drunken cuddling
No. 402244 ID: a43a6c
File 133479785628.png - (13.04KB , 865x850 , oh god.png )

Okay, best friend! I will do nothing, let you continue to suffer, watch as your wounds fester, and stand by as you die! Because that's what best friends do!
I'm sorry Bo, but it's going to hurt whether I do anything or not. Please, let me try.
"Agh... Okay, just... Please, do what you can. C-could I have some of that alcohol, though?"
That'll just make you bleed more, Bo.
No. 402245 ID: a43a6c
File 133479786672.png - (13.01KB , 865x850 , blood.png )

I pour some of the alcohol over my claws. I... I just realized how difficult this is going to be.

Boaga yelps as I start pull out the pieces of wood. I go slowly, and even though they're only a few inches deep it seems like forever. But once they're out, his wounds start bleeding a lot more! I panic and try holding them shut, but due to the fact that there's two of them and claws don't make good graspers, I don't accomplish much. I pour a good amount of alcohol over the wound and go for the iron and start to heat it up with my fire.
No. 402246 ID: a43a6c
File 133479788692.png - (13.76KB , 865x850 , ;_;.png )

It takes a minute for it to get glowing, while Boaga watches me with an expression of terror. By the end I'm light headed, but it's ready. I balance the cooler end between my claws and move in. Boaga screams in pain and involuntarily thrashes when the iron touches the larger wound, causing more burns than is necessary.

Hey, hey. You're doing good. You're okay.

The wound is sealed! Just one more to go.
No. 402247 ID: a43a6c
File 133479789655.png - (15.37KB , 865x850 , attention grabbing.png )

...Hey, Bo. It's over. I'm done. I'm proud of you.

I step back from Bo. The wound is sealed and he's not losing any more blood, but the cauterization didn't help his pain at all. He's grinding his teeth and tears are streaming from his eyes. I... I feel really sorry for him.
No. 402248 ID: ed57e8

give him a hug.
No. 402249 ID: c269bd

Okay, now would be the time to give him the alcohol. His wounds are sealed. Also tell the crowd to keep some distance, he could go into a panic. Which would be bad.

Also continue to comfort him!
No. 402250 ID: a2fa74

Ask those people if one of them is a healer.
No. 402265 ID: b0d466

For not fainting, he gets the trinket. It's like the lollipop you got as a kid after the doctor gave you a shot!
No. 402270 ID: 369d34

Lay down next to Bo and place your hand over his. Tell him you're deeply sorry for getting him caught up in your ill-prepared quest for vengeance; You didn't even think he would get hurt, and that just shows he deserves a far better friend than yourself.

Bo's not going anywhere for a while, and almost certainly there are guards coming from the city. Abandoning him is out of the question, and fighting all the guards could very well be beyond your capability. Unfortunately, unless you can carry Bo away on your back, you're going to have to show that you're not hostile and cooperative, and hope the guards aren't the shoot-first-ask-questions-later type.

Ask the crowd to relay your apologies to the wagon driver for causing this mess, that it was all because of a dumb plan gone awry, and you'll make it up to him somehow, just as Bo said.
No. 402348 ID: a43a6c
File 133486269650.png - (14.92KB , 865x850 , amulet was never missing okay.png )

You're not bleeding anymore. Do you still want the alcohol?

I help him to drink what's left in the barrel. It was about half full, which is probably a bit too much for him. But if there's a time he's ever needed it, now is that time. I notice the crowd forming behind us.

Give us some room.

They back off, almost stumbling over themselves.

And... and tell the driver we're sorry. We'll make it up to him, somehow.

I turn back to Bo. He looks like he's not in as much pain as before. Even a little tipsy, maybe. He never did handle his liquor well.

Hey, I'm really sorry about that.
"It's okay, Gren..."
No, it's not! I never wanted you to get hurt. I'm sorry about making you come with me. Y-you deserve better than me.
"Grennie, no... I wanted to help you. This is my own fault."
Oh, Bo...

"H-hey, Gren?"
Yes, Bo?
No. 402349 ID: b0d466

Bo > diessss
No. 402352 ID: b85f8c

Tell her you love her, you stupid lizard.
No. 402353 ID: 369d34

Bo, say you love Gren; That you've loved her from the day you met. Please say it, before it's too late.
No. 402354 ID: d97aff

lyk dis if u cry evry time
No. 402355 ID: ed57e8

No. 402356 ID: dc51e7

Bo: Kiss her! You have no excuse! She just saved your life! Love her!
No. 402357 ID: 4bdd79

Both: Kiss.
No. 402520 ID: 3ce5b2

She still doesn't love him. C'mon people. He's already drunk and injured, he doesn't need a broken heart too.

"I love lamp"
No. 402528 ID: 499093

Pretty much this. Gren is still waiting for Beodox and as far as she knows he actually IS coming back. We still have quite the journey ahead of us and it wouldn't be good to have that between them.
No. 402537 ID: b9e291

We can deal with Beodox when the time comes. For now, only love!
No. 402623 ID: a43a6c
File 133496559332.png - (12.77KB , 865x850 , now you\'re a man.png )

"I... I love you, Grennie."
No. 402624 ID: a43a6c
File 133496560390.png - (14.78KB , 865x850 , a man man man.png )

I--I push him away from me. He actually... W-why did he-- We're not... I'm-- but... Beodox...

I think I need to leave.
No. 402627 ID: ed57e8

go think somewhere. think HARD about what love means.
No. 402628 ID: 0d2bec

Oh, no. :c

Grennie, lay it on lightly.

Bo, try to realize that you are drunk.
No. 402634 ID: b0d466

Ok Gren, now just leave. Don't take Bo with you, just go.
No. 402650 ID: 3ce5b2

Do you not like Bo because of Beo or do you not like Bo because you're not attracted to him? If the former, then this >>402627 and if the latter, just let him down gently but definitively and remember that he's drunk.
No. 402658 ID: a2fa74

Beo left without saying when or if he would return, and hasn't even bothered to find out if you're ok or let you know what's been going on. He is very clearly not in love with you.

Bo has been there for you for ages, and has put everything else in his life on hold to help you. Even though Bo is seriously wounded because you screwed up, he doesn't blame you for it. He is very clearly in love with you.
No. 402660 ID: 063c28

Bo: Pass out from combination of pain, stress, and far too much alcohol. Wake up remembering nothing after the impromptu surgery.
No. 402661 ID: b0d466

Still doesn't mean Gren's obligated to be in love with Boaga.

Emotions don't really function that way.
No. 402663 ID: 369d34

Oh, Gren. As much as you wish you could leave, you can't leave Bo alone in his condition. Even in his inebriated state, talking with Bo right now would be for the best. Start with asking how long he's loved you, and work from there.

Perhaps when this personal quest is over with, you could start a new quest to find Beodox and nail down if he loves you like you do him. 'Cause after what you've been through, waiting for a love that doesn't love you would be tragic.
No. 402671 ID: c6ec33

Don't you *dare*. :V

Just hug him, and don't talk about love/friendship right now. You'd just muck up what to say.

Eventually excuse yourself to talk to the crowd.
No. 402767 ID: 49ff09

humpty dumpty go
No. 402795 ID: 83d3a3

Grennie. you got him drunk. people say things they don't mean when they're drunk and woozy from blood loss. Tell him that if he really loves you, then he'll wait until this adventure is over to have you decide, he'll be a friend without expecting more, and he is NOT allowed to die on you.Then we better see if there is any way we can help him with the not-dying part.
No. 402815 ID: bda5eb

Damnit, woman, just let him down soft, okay? Something like, "I know. But I can't return the favour. I'm sorry." We don't need to make this a bigger deal than it already is.
No. 402831 ID: fff779

You should probably take Bo back to the cave. There's too much commotion right now to do anything productive in town, and he needs rest.

In respect to what he said, don't respond. He's kinda drunk! Let him say what he likes, just prevent him from getting into trouble.
No. 403067 ID: a43a6c
File 133505632723.png - (13.27KB , 865x850 , ignore the crowd of people.png )

B-Bo, you're not thinking right. You're hurt and stressed a-and probably a bit drunk...
"No, Grennie. This is how I really feel. I love you."
But... I can't say the same, Bo.
I'm sorry...

Oh, he looks so dejected. I-it just breaks my heart to make him so sad.

If... if you really do feel that way about me, then you'll wait for a better time to talk about this, okay?

We're going to have company in a minute if we don't leave.
No. 403069 ID: a2fa74

You say you love Beo, but you haven't even tried to find him. You say Beo loves you, but he hasn't even tried to contact you.

Find Beo. Maybe you'll understand how terrible he is when you find him nesting with another dragon.

For now, get Bo to safety.
No. 403075 ID: b85f8c

That was the whole point of this, to find someone you can talk to about the knight. You want to leave now that someone is coming?

Talk to the humans. Tell them what you came for.
No. 403076 ID: 369d34

The guard is going to know they're facing dragons, so there's going to be loads of archers and crossbowmen, and maybe mages. Both of you are going to be big fat targets standing out in the open. Get Bo up and move into cover in the rocky area you came from. Either have him lean against you for support, hold his weak side up with one arm, or carry him on your back.

On the way to the rocks, pass by the injured wagon driver, and give him back that necklace you took. Get his name and tell him that you'll find a way to make it up to him for all of this. That'll make a impression.

Once you get Bo and yourself in cover, watch and see who's been sent from the city. You might still be able to talk to them from the safety of the rocks, but don't be surprised if their reply is arrows.
No. 403204 ID: a43a6c
File 133510273160.png - (14.76KB , 865x850 , talkan to person.png )

Hey, come on, get up. We're going to need cover if the people from the city don't feel like talking.

Bo tries and fails to stand on his own. I help him up and support him. He keeps his head turned away from me. I stop by the wagon driver, who is sitting up and looking around.

This is yours.
"...Thank you."
What's your name?
I'm very sorry about all of this, Vasile. I'll find a way to make up for what we've done.
"Oh, there is no need. That one saved my life! What is his name?"
This is Boaga.
"I had heard he was hurt. Will he be okay?"
I believe so, yes. Now, if you'll excuse me, we must be going.
"Oh, my apologies. My family is in your debt. Safe travels."
No. 403205 ID: a43a6c
File 133510274154.png - (63.56KB , 865x850 , vantage point.png )

I help Boaga climb into the rocks above the road. We lie there for a minute or two. Boaga is barely keeping awake. He... he hasn't said a single word to me.

I see a group of armored men come around the bend. There's about... ten of them. Most of them are holding crossbows. One of them is at the head of the rest. They see the wreckage, but they haven't spotted us yet. We can probably slip away unnoticed if we needed to.
No. 403208 ID: 49ff09


approach them slowly, calmly, in a non-hostile way.
No. 403219 ID: 21205f

Slip away unnoticed for now. If they turned hostile, you wouldn't be able to escape with an injured and inebriated Boaga.
No. 403227 ID: b0d466

Wait for them to hear about the incident from the wagon people, they may be less trigger happy after they hear about it. Also, get Bo under cover, but keep an eye on the group. You still want to ask after your target, and this seems like your best chance.
No. 403233 ID: ed57e8

in the rocks you can move better then them since rises that they have to climb you can just step over. so wait here.
No. 403244 ID: 369d34

Stay behind cover, watch, and wait for them to talk to the wagon driver. Then move down to cover close enough that you can yell to them. Shout that you wish to speak to them, from a safe distance. If they start firing, you can still duck down and get away.
No. 403253 ID: c6ec33

They could be troops from the city OR they could be bandits. :V

Stick around and see if the wagon people need your help~
No. 403282 ID: a43a6c
File 133511664191.png - (39.23KB , 865x850 , too many people to draw.png )

I push Bo out of sight. The leader of the group walks up to the wagon driver and they share a brief conversation at the end of which the driver points up toward my hillside. I guess that's my cue. Stepping out from cover, I bellow my request.

I wish to speak to you!

Most of them are startled by my yell. One of them shoulders his crossbow and aims, but is stopped by the leader, whom then takes several steps forward.

"Speak, then, dragon!"
No. 403285 ID: b85f8c

Wait and see.
No. 403287 ID: 49ff09

not with these douchebags, with someone who knows what's what around the city. maybe the dude in charge. mayor or baron or something.
No. 403289 ID: e3f578

I seek vengeance against a lone man, one who's guilty of the rape of a friend, and leave the surrounding villages to the dragon community's unending wrath. He wears chainmail with a black horned helmet. He was seen heading this way, and he has a creepy desire for lizard women from other reports on the road. This rapist must be brought to justice!

You don't have to elude that he raped you, but merely a fellow dragon friend. That should make him heinous enough for them to out him.
No. 403290 ID: ed57e8

"i have heard that a man is in your town, i have been tracking him since he attacked me in my home, and did something so horrible i dare not speak of it out here. i simply request information if this man is here or has gone again."
No. 403300 ID: 369d34

"I seek a man who has committed a heinous act against myself. This man used both magic and poison in the performance of his despicable actions." Follow this with the basic description of his armor and what you know of the armored man.

"I'm also sorry for causing this mess. It was the result of a dumb plan to get a message to the guard we were coming that went awry."

If they're still receptive after all that, ask if there is a healer or someone skilled in the medicinal arts you could take Bo to.
No. 403327 ID: a43a6c
File 133512218897.png - (20.41KB , 865x850 , dragon on the roof.png )

I seek a man who has committed a heinous act against myself. This man used both magic and poison in the performance of his despicable actions. He is wearing chainmail with black gloves and a black horned helmet. I have reason to believe that he is residing inside the walls of your city.

The leader says a few words to one of his company.

"And you would wish to gain entrance to the city?"
No. 403329 ID: ed57e8

"if that is the only way to find him. if you find him instead that would be acceptable as well"
No. 403331 ID: c891d3

Not if you don't have to.
No. 403333 ID: b85f8c

State that your only desire is to have him at your mercy. It does not need to be inside the city.
No. 403334 ID: 369d34

"I wish that I did not have need to enter your city, but unfortunately my trail has led me here. I would perform my inquiries on the road, but you've seen what happens if I try that. If you are offering safe entrance and passage, I will accept."
No. 403340 ID: b85f8c

Actually considering you are so conspicuous, he might spot you if you enter the city, and run away.
No. 403393 ID: a43a6c
File 133512987777.png - (13.18KB , 865x850 , hard talk.png )

Yes, if that is the only way to find him. If you find him instead that would be acceptable as well. We would like to speak with your leader. My partner-- Ah, my friend is wounded, however. Would you happen to have a healer?

Again, the leader discusses my answer with his party.
"We have not seen any man that fits your description. There may be someone else who has, however; We do not handle things such as that. We cannot help your friend, but there are healers within the walls."
I see. Would you provide safe entrance and passage to your ruler if I were to agree?
"Only if you were to remain peaceable.
I accept these terms. Hey, Boaga. Come on, we're going into the city.
No. 403394 ID: a43a6c
File 133512990002.png - (85.19KB , 865x850 , walk of shame.png )

He slowly and painfully rises. I help him down as best as I can and soon we're travelling down the road, surrounded by very wary humans who are watching our every move. Even though he isn't saying anything, I can tell that he is very frightened. I'm-- I'm not feeling too safe either. But we keep our peace.
No. 403395 ID: a43a6c
File 133512991157.png - (25.78KB , 865x850 , three people and some statues.png )

Soon the city is in sight. The guards on the walls are visibly alarmed, and remain so despite seeing our escort. It takes a few words from our, ah, guide to calm them down. Apparently he hold some position of power. The gates are lifted for us.

We find ourselves in the center of a massive crowd. Boaga is close to panicking and I am admittedly a bit afraid. Neither of us have seen this many people before!

The crowd is silent for a moment as waves of awe ripple through them. A few start yelling, trying to grab our attention, and soon most of the crowd is roaring. Boaga lowers his head seemingly in an attempt to hide. I inform our guide that he is stressed, wounded, and afraid, and that he needs to get away from the crowds and find a place to rest. The man tells us that he will try, and motions us to follow him in a different direction before explaining, through the roar of the crowd, that their ruler is busy at the moment anyway.

A few people in the crowd catch my attention.

"Dragon! Dragon, bless my child!"

"Beware, Dragon! I bring you a warning!"

There is also a child directly to my left, completely silent. He's staring at me, completely in awe.

Who do these people think I am?
No. 403397 ID: fa9f7e

They' think you're Saphira. Go ahead and bless the kid, it can't hurt and could make them like you more. Don't guarantee anything, though. Say you could try, but you've never tried this. Also listen to the warning, it could be about rapeknight.
No. 403398 ID: ed57e8

myths and rumors. magical dragon powers and such. the guy with the warning ma be something.
No. 403399 ID: b85f8c

Listen to the warning. Maybe say that you don't know how to give blessings, to the guy with the kid.
No. 403401 ID: 12c19f

Be honest and gentle. Tell them you don't know of blessings. See what the coot about the warning has to say. Everyone's going to assume you have a plethora of magical powers, better -not- ham it up. You really don't have the incentive to fake influence, especially with Bo wounded.

Everything to risk and nothing to gain with lies and fairy tales. Maybe you can bullshit that in some other town but not this city.
No. 403429 ID: b0d466

Seconding this.
No. 403455 ID: 369d34

Yes, you should tread carefully here. Keep interaction to a minimum. The less the said, the better.

You're moving along, so motion for the man with the warning to approach and walk with you. He can tell you en route what he has to say easier than over the din of the crowd.
No. 403470 ID: c6ec33

Say hello to the crowd! But tell them that you've had a long journey, and would prefer some peace and quiet...
No. 403515 ID: 99c568

stare at the kid at point-blank range until he shits himself.
No. 403522 ID: 9718f3

You should, like, totally give that kid a ride on your head or something! It'd be wicked awesome.
No. 403540 ID: 6a5a08

Listen to the apparent prophet. Don't give blessings, unless you can actually give them.
No. 403558 ID: f13414

Give the child a lick and move on. Making a show of yourself by giving blessings and receiving warnings can only slow us down and Bo is in a bad way.
No. 403667 ID: 4bdd79

No. 403726 ID: a43a6c
File 133519872581.png - (21.27KB , 865x850 , crazy motherfucker.png )

I stop for a second and motion for the hooded man to come to me. He pushes his way through the mass of people to come to my side.

What's this warning?
"I have seen it, Dragon. All paths you may take will lead you to nothing but sadness."
"No matter the choices you make, you doom those around you!"
"That's enough out of you!"

Our guide shoves the man back into the crowd, where he is quickly enveloped.

"I apologize. I have seen that man before. He is not of sound mind. Shall we continue?"
No. 403727 ID: a43a6c
File 133519873973.png - (17.73KB , 865x850 , home sweet hotel room.png )

We are lead out of the bulk of the crowd to a large building with double doors. It is a single, empty room, big enough for us to stand up and stretch out in. Boaga slumps down in the corner.

"Our lord will be with you in a while. He is out conducting business at the moment but assuredly is very excited to meet with you. If you require anything, there is a servant posted outside of your door. Good day."

He leaves, and a woman comes through.

"H-hello! Um... I'm here to help you if you need anything! I, uh, I heard your friend over there was hurt, but there's a healer on the way. He should be here in a few minutes, in fact! Um, is there anything I can get you? And, uh, would it be asking too much to have your names? U-um, if you have one, that is-- I don't want to be rude..."
No. 403731 ID: b4474c

Offer names, request drinks
No. 403734 ID: 97bd86

Sounds reasonable!
No. 403763 ID: b85f8c

Introduce yourself as Lord Grentonis, become offended when she calls you sir, then insist you are a woman.
No. 403794 ID: 369d34

Why keep the "Lord" title? It was given by those ignorant villagers who couldn't tell you're female. Tell her you're "Lady Grentonis" and your friend's name is "Boaga."

Ask for water enough for yourself and Bo, and if she could stay and talk a little after she gets that. You do have some questions about this city, if she doesn't mind.

Is Bo getting worse, or is he just exhausted from the injuries and travel?
No. 403868 ID: b0d466

Don't be silly, it's LORD Grentonis.
No. 403869 ID: f70e5e

lets not claim any titles at the moment. we don't know how that will go over with them. just tell her your name.
No. 403879 ID: b0d466

Right, and your name is Lord Grentonis.
No. 403931 ID: 99c568


sounds good.
No. 404161 ID: 58a693
File 133528108519.jpg - (75.99KB , 800x700 , Trouts update.jpg )

It's hard to tell, but Boaga seems to be feeling the extent of his wounds. I'd imagine that being hit by a wagon and having your wounds burned shut would take a lot out of you. Though... I don't think my rejection of his, um, feelings helped any... B-but that's not something I want to think about right now.

I am Lord Grentonis and this is Boaga. I would like enough water for both of us and for you to answer a few questions after you bring that.

"Oh, um, I'll get that then, Sir. I'll be r--"


"I-I'm sorry?"

I am a Ma'am, not a "Sir".

"U-um-- but--"

Is there a problem?

"No m-miss. I'm sorry. Let me go get you the water."

Thank you.

The woman leaves and in a few minutes returns with a man wheeling a cart with three large barrels of water. The man is clearly frightened and leaves as soon as he can. The woman begins tacking a fine cloth over the window, blocking the view of a few onlookers, making apologies the whole while.

"I'm sorry for the delay, there's several people outside who would rather not host a n-noble dragon in our city and they made it difficult to get through. Now, um, you had some questions for me?"
No. 404176 ID: b85f8c

Describe the knight again and ask if she can find out if such a person was seen here or by anyone anywhere else.
No. 404276 ID: 369d34

Be polite and ask the lady her name before continuing.

Ask her if they have an alchemist in the city who could identify a poison sample for you. Likewise, ask if there's a mage here who could tell you how skilled a person would have to be to magically deflect dragon-fire and instantly teleport short distances. Finally, ask where the caravans and travelers stop and stay in the city; You need to ask them if they've seen the man you're searching for on the roads in the last fortnight. If he's in the city, then he'll have been seen on the roads nearby.
No. 404290 ID: b0d466

Ask after all of these things, but don't give so much detail unless prompted.
No. 404356 ID: a2fa74

Tell her to calm down, and she has no need to fear you.
No. 404558 ID: a43a6c
File 133536241959.png - (32.05KB , 865x850 , in a room.png )

Please, there is no need to be afraid of me.
"Sorry, it's... it's hard not to be..."
I understand. But yes, I do have some questions. What is your name?
"Oh, um, I'm Aleise Bentrant."
It's good to meet you, Aleise. Now, is there anyone in the city who can identify poisons? Or give me information on the amount of magical skill required to create a shield or instantly move a short distance?"
"A-actually, yes! Our lord Gailegh is very adept in the magical arts! I heard that he is eager to meet you and I am sure he would be perfectly willing and able to answer any of your questions. He probably also knows someone who can identify a poison.
That is good. Where do travelers in this city stay?
"Well, uh, we don't get many travelers at all, but they usually stay at one of the inns."
Thank you. Now...

I give her the description of the man and ask her if she's see anyone like him around.

"Ummm... No, sorry. I haven't. If you want, I can put an inquiry out for information for the gate guards and see if they've seen him. H-he's the reason you came to the city, right? Would it be asking too much to ask you what he did?
No. 404560 ID: 2fe09b

Something terrible that you would wish upon no being that ever lived.
No. 404562 ID: b0d466

>Would it be asking too much to ask you what he did?
No. 404564 ID: b85f8c

Ask about Gailegh. Did he happen to... leave the city for a few days, recently?
No. 404574 ID: ed57e8

"have you ever been in a situation where you were powerless? if she hesitently says yes then tell her. if not then don't. talking to someone who has been in the same situation would be good for you.
No. 404575 ID: 99c568

some things are too personal to share.

ask how one might meet with this Gailegh.
No. 404648 ID: 369d34

"...Yes, it would be too much. I'm sorry, but it's deeply personal, and I wish to keep it private. I hope you understand."

Ask if Aleise if there's someone who could go around to the inns and ask the travelers if they've seen the described man on the road in the past week, and when and where. He's undoubtedly ditched the armor by now, so you can only hope he was spotted heading to this city. Also ask if she could get the armor description out to the local armorers.
No. 404661 ID: 7e3704

Hey it is another woman to talk to. I don't think you know her well enough yet to drop that bomb on her, though. just kind of flash her an awkward look (awkwardness would probably get her enough cognitive dissonance to humanize you in her eyes a little) and tell her you probably don't know her well enough to talk about it yet, but hey maybe she can bring you some wine if she'd like to have a glass too.
No. 404946 ID: a43a6c
File 133547821306.png - (14.08KB , 865x850 , i\'m a doctor not a marksman.png )

"Oh... I'm so very sorry. I shouldn't pry."
It is simply something that I wish to keep private. I hope you understand.
"I do. We all have our secrets, I suppose."
This 'Gailegh' intrigues me. He wants to see me?
How would I meet with him?
"Well, he's conducting business with a friend of his. But he's asked to see you as soon as that's concluded, if you're willing! So in an hour and a half, if you want, I can get some of the guard to guide you to his hall."
Has Gailegh been... out of the city in the last few days?
"Well, he got back from a mission of diplomacy a week ago, but he's been in the city since then, conducting meetings."

There is a knock on the door, and after a second a man walks through. He is dressed in a plain robe and is carrying a satchel.

"Hello? I-- oh, hello, uh, dragon. I-I heard there was someone hurt that I was to attend to?"
Yes, in the corner over here.
"...the other dragon?"

He hesitantly makes his way over to Boaga, who is either fast asleep or trying to shut out the world around him. I give him a poke in the side.

Boaga, hey. Turn over so the healer can see your wound.

Bo slowly and painfully rolls over. He avoids looking at me. When the healer sees his wound, he gives a small gasp.

"What happened to you?"
He was impaled by a few errant pieces of wood after a collision with a wagon. I removed the wood to the best of my ability, and had to burn his wound shut with a hot iron to prevent the bleeding.
"...Well, that may not have been the best thing to do, to be honest. I'm not all that familiar with, uh, dragon anatomy, I think the muscle is torn through. The cauterization didn't help anything, but you probably kept him from bleeding to death."

He removes a flask from his satchel and pours a bit into the wound. Boaga winces.

Stop! He's gone through enough pain.
"I'm sorry, but I have to. The wound is dirty and he will get very sick if I don't."

After washing out the wound, the man holds his hands over it and mutters something under his breath. The wound is enveloped by a blue mist and is closed.

"I've sealed it, but I can't do much for the underlying damage. He needs to rest for a while, while keeping well fed. Try to keep movement to a minimum. Walking might be fine, as long as he doesn't overdo it."
No. 404955 ID: a04e35

>The cauterization didn't help anything, but you probably kept him from bleeding to death.

So it didn't help anything, it just SAVED HIS LIFE.
No. 404956 ID: c4a1fc

It didn't so much help the healing as much as it just made him stable and stopped him getting worse. In a medical sense, it's accurate.
No. 404982 ID: 99c568

forget about semantics and thank the healer.

too bad you lack anything to reward him with. perhaps a promise will do, however. ask for his name, I'm sure a little amount of money for you is a big amount of money for him, and he deserves it for possibly having saved Bo's life. plus it'd help people be less hostile towards dragons.
No. 404986 ID: 369d34

Say that you didn't expect you'd have access to a healer any time soon, and Bo was bleeding around the wood. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do, but you admit you're no healer. Thank the healer for his time, and check on how Bo's doing.
No. 405013 ID: b85f8c

Thank him and ask how much his services cost.
No. 405020 ID: b0d466

Nope nope nope

Assume it is free until told otherwise

Thank him, though.
No. 405088 ID: a2fa74

Thank him.
No. 405239 ID: a43a6c
File 133556923392.png - (11.38KB , 865x850 , the geometry of this room is a mystery.png )

I admit, I am no healer. Burning it closed seemed to be the best course of action at the time. Thank you for helping my friend.
"It's my pleasure. Now, if you'll excuse me, there are other patients I must attend to."

The man leaves. I turn my attention to Bo. His eyes are half-closed. It's pretty clear that he's not really paying attention to anything at all. What should I say to him?

"Um, excuse me, miss Grentonis. If you'll let me, I have other things I need to do. There'll be guards out front. I'll be back in an hour or so to take you to our Lord if you want, but before I leave is there anything else you need, or...?"
No. 405240 ID: 6f4add



gonna be awkward as shit with just you and Bo in the room though.
No. 405253 ID: 3ce5b2

Dismiss her, then dispense apology blowjobs.
No. 405258 ID: c4a1fc

Dispense apologies? Sounds good.
No. 405274 ID: e3f578

Why is the geometry of this room so screwed up, for example that one lady is half your size in here
No. 405309 ID: 369d34

Ask for some bedding for the both of you, unless you two prefer to sleep on the floor. Thank Aleise for all her help.

Sit down next to Bo and say you're sorry. You're sorry for everything. You're sorry for ignorantly taking advantage of his love. You're sorry he was injured because he came on your quest. You're sorry for cruelly pushing him away when he professed his love. But what you're most sorry for, is hurting him. That is inexcusable, and you will understand if he doesn't ever forgive you. All you can say is you're sorry, and that will never be enough.

Tell Bo he should go back home when he's well enough to travel. This isn't his quest, and being part of it will just hurt him more.
No. 405457 ID: a2fa74


Say you're sorry for constantly screwing things up, and thank him for helping you. Tell him you can only imagine how this would have turned out so far without him, and you don't want to be that dragon in that world.
No. 405458 ID: a83682

Don't just straight-up tell him to leave. Tell him that unless he's committed, he should leave if he wants to. Let him know that he may be hurt more in the future, but if he's ok with that, then don't push him away.
No. 405498 ID: a43a6c
File 133564188063.png - (14.18KB , 865x850 , srs talks.png )

I would appreciate something to lay on.
"I can get you some soft linens, if that will do."
It will.

She leaves and after a few minutes comes back with the same frightened-looking man wheeling yet another cart, piled with cloth. The man leaves in a hurry for a second time, leaving the cart by the door.

Thank you for all your help, Aleise.
"It was my pleasure! And, uh, don't forget. If you want to go anywhere, there's guards just outside. They'll take you wherever you want. I'll be back in a little while!"

She leaves. I sit next to Bo.

...Hey, Bo.
How are you feeling?
That's good. Hey...
I'm... I'm really sorry about everything. I'm sorry that I took advantage of your feelings. I'm sorry that I pushed you away when you told me about how you felt about me. I-I'm sorry that I hurt you that way. I just keep on screwing everything up, a-and I understand if you don't ever forgive me for what I've done to you. But... thank you. Thank you so much. I can't imagine how this would have gone without you.
But if you stay with me, you might get hurt more and I don't want that to happen to you. It's okay if you want to go back home. I... I won't try to stop you f-from leaving me.
"...I'll think about it."

I don't want him to leave...
No. 405506 ID: ed57e8

by giving him a choice he will stay. but sit down and think for now. why is beodox better then bogoa? what makes you love one but not the other. it would be much better for the hatchlings to have a dad who is around rather then one that vanishes for who knows how long.
No. 405523 ID: b0d466

Are you suggesting that Gren pretend to love Bo just so her hatchlings will have a daddy?

Man, that is f'd up.

You can't take Bo with you in this condition, Gren. If you want revenge, you're probably going to have to go on without him. Dragging him around is going to get him killed, at best.

Put on a brave face, kid. You're gonna have to go on alone.
No. 405525 ID: ed57e8

no i'm saying hoping beodox comes back to be the dad is pointless.
No. 405529 ID: 369d34

"I don't want him to leave..."
Then say you don't want him to leave, but you won't stop him if he does. But if he does, you don't know if you should go on. You could very well end up doing horrible things.

Maybe ask Bo when he first knew he was in love with you. Ask yourself if he'd admitted his love before Beodox came along, could you have loved him?
No. 405576 ID: c590bc

enslave Bo
No. 405603 ID: a43a6c
File 133567306328.png - (11.02KB , 865x850 , yet more talkan.png )

Beodox... I could just tell that he loves me, and that he cares for me. He tells me that I'm beautiful and special to him, and he's so strong a-and sexy. But Boaga... he's my friend, and I just don't think of him that way. I guess that, maybe, without Beo, I m-might have been... interested in him. He is kind of cute.

I hope you don't mind me asking this, b-but how long have you been, uh, in love with me?
"Do you remember when we first met?"
Yeah. Years ago.
"You could have killed me for being in your territory. But you didn't."
And that's why...?
But that's not that much of a reason...
"It is when you're alone and scared like I was. And you've been really nice to me since then."
No. 405606 ID: a2fa74

Gren: Nuzzle Bo!
No. 405608 ID: ed57e8

take a nap until the guy comes over.
No. 405620 ID: 2aa255

If he loved you so much, why did he leave without a word or goodbye? Why was he not their to protect you and your children? Where was his strength when you were weak and defenseless as a villian raped you?
No. 405623 ID: ed57e8

harsh... but true. he's so strong and powerful. but he's not here. power is worthless if it lies unused.
No. 405632 ID: c590bc

Brutally rape Boaga.
No. 405636 ID: 369d34

Gren: Unsure of what to say, instead get linens for Bo and fuss about with getting him more comfortable. Wonder if you should try to find Bo someone he'd love who'd love him back. Realize you have no idea where to even start with that. Sigh, and peek out the window to kill time.

Bo: Lay back down and imagine what your life would be like without Gren, and what Gren's would be like without you. Be a little saddened at the thought of you both being alone again. Drift off to sleep as the toll on your body catches up with you.
No. 405657 ID: c4a1fc

Of course! This will cause the rapeknight to come out of hiding and highfive Gren, since with all his lack of peripheral vision he didn't get a good look at her. Then she can eat her.

This is clearly best plan.
No. 405693 ID: f70e5e

dude, not funny.

if you don't feel attraction to Boaga you don't feel attraction to him. its unfortunate that you don't return his feelings but there is not much you can do about that. for now at least you might want to stick together, but after you deal with the knight you might want to consider spending some time apart so he can work though his feelings and move on.
No. 405708 ID: b0d466

'tis good advice

Bo> Get some o' that water
No. 405747 ID: a43a6c
File 133574270601.png - (64.30KB , 865x850 , worry.png )

But-- no! Beodox is just-- He would have protected me. H-he just had things to do, and he was in a hurry, s-so he didn't have time to tell me. He's coming back. He's coming back!

Y-you don't look very comfortable, Bo. Are you alright? Do you want some of the linens?
"No, that's o--"

I don't give him time to respond. I take some cloth out of the cloth. It's thick and soft. I unfurl it and lay it out.

"Gren, really, you don't need to--"
Bo, roll over so I can put this under you.
Come on!

He rolls over onto his back, and I lay a few layers on the ground before ushering him back to his position. He looks a lot more comfortable. I take the top off of a barrel of water and push it his way. He takes a few drinks and lays his head down.
No. 405748 ID: a43a6c
File 133574271917.png - (55.59KB , 865x850 , window.png )

I lay a few sheets for myself next to the window. There's a few people out there, kind of milling around and talking with each other.

I'm no matchmaker. I really just want Bo to be happy, but the only other dragoness he knows is Dilupune, and, well, she's mean to him.

...Waiting here is going to get boring.
No. 405751 ID: ed57e8

think of a game that you can play without having to leave. play some tic-tac-toe.
No. 405769 ID: 6f4add


maybe you need to play matchmaker between Bo and Beo as well as between yourself and Dilupune. now that'd be a plan that cannot fail.
No. 405770 ID: fa9f7e

Second best plan
No. 405772 ID: b0d466

Daydream about BEODOX~
No. 405786 ID: 369d34

Sit in the aura of awkward silence for a minute or two, while looking out the window.
Tell Bo that you're fussing over him 'cause you do really like and care about him, but you don't know what to say. There was hardly any call for this kind of thing in your life, before now. You still want to be friends, and you think Bo maybe would too, but you worry you'll ignorantly boss him into it, or screw up and ruin everything forever. Sigh, and ask Bo what he thinks.
No. 405810 ID: e37972

Maybe you should leave him alone for a little while to rest. Can you just go out and talk to the leader without Bo?
No. 405830 ID: e3f578

Woman, can't you feel the doubts in your own mind? You can't acknowledge that the people you've believed closest to you could be far more concerned with themselves than love? And you, girl, who has only thought explicitly of revenge for the past few days as your own friend, in a similar situation, has thought only of you and doing things for you?

You yourself have been close-minded to kindness and love in your trauma, who says Beodox is immune? Is he thinking of you now? Your eggs? Or maybe it could be his horde or even his simple stomach? Where are these doubts coming from? They're coming from deep inside your mind. You're conflicted, and this weighs you down worse than the crime done to you mere days ago. You may not only seek revenge against your attacker, but your loneliness.

Are you lonely, Gretonis?
No. 405858 ID: 97bd86

All I'm gonna say is that the dragon you profess to love deserted you - with apparently no explanation or indeed acknowledgement! - but this other dragon came to you and has devoted his time to helping you in your hour of need.

Anyway, you should probably find some kind simple distraction, like a game or something.
No. 406000 ID: a43a6c
File 133580678957.png - (18.69KB , 865x850 , comfysad.png )

I gaze out the window for a while.

Bo, I think that-- oh.

He's asleep. I... I think he's earned some rest.

But-- Beo said that he was always thinking of me. He said a lot of stuff like that. He may have left for a while, but he'll come back. I k-know he didn't tell me he was leaving, but I just know he's coming back. I guess, though... I'm lonely.

I'm really, really lonely.
No. 406097 ID: 6f4add


hey Grennie, do you have a mommy?
No. 406103 ID: 369d34

Yes, Gren, where are your parents? And Bo's parents, for that matter? They're not receptive to either of you visiting for a chat?

Well, how about finding Beodox? You're already out in the world, looking for this man, so asking about Beo wouldn't be much more trouble. If you find him and tell him what happened to you, he'll jump to your aid. ...And if he doesn't, you're going put him out of your mind and not look back.
No. 406121 ID: b0d466

Ooo yes tell us about your childhood(?) Gren
No. 406674 ID: a43a6c
File 133591510425.png - (14.50KB , 865x850 , poses are difficult.png )

...My parents? Well, uh... it's been years since I last saw them. I left them when I was old enough, and, uh, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to go back. I think I'd just be another dragon invading their territory. Boaga's might be different, but he's never talked about his parents. I've... never really asked him.

My childhood was... *yawn*... normal. I had a mom and a dad and we lived in a place with a lot more trees than where I live. The rocks were a lot smoother too. It was somewhere up the coast. I had two brothers and a sister-- but, uh, one of my brothers died when we were really young, and I'm not sure where my other siblings are...

...This fabric is a definite step up from a cave floor...
No. 406686 ID: 6e44d2

Sleepy time.
No. 406708 ID: 369d34

It's been a long day. Better take a nap before seeing the ruler of the city.

Oh, wait! Do dragons breathe a little fire in their sleep? It'd be bad to accidentally set the bedding on fire, so move around so your mouth is facing away from the fabric.
No. 406843 ID: 6f4add


the fabric makes it look like you're lying in your own bodily fluids though.
No. 407046 ID: 6a5a08

It looks more like cobblestone if anything.
No. 407175 ID: a43a6c
File 133600123072.png - (11.02KB , 865x850 , she doesn\'t wake well.png )

I-I'm not sure if sleeping is a good idea, but... but...

After an amount of time, I'm awoken by a voice.

"...Ma'am? M-miss Grentonis? Are you awake?"
"U-um... Okay, s-sorry for waking you, but our Lord is awaiting your arrival, i-if you want to see him."
I do.
"Okay! Will, um, w-will your friend be coming?"
No. 407187 ID: 5029d1

no need, this is your mission, and he came with you.
No. 407196 ID: b0d466

Let him rest.
No. 407265 ID: 369d34

"No, he needs his rest. Let's go."
No. 407845 ID: a43a6c
File 133610078939.png - (22.59KB , 865x850 , more faceless crowds.png )

No, he needs his rest. Let's go.

We exit and are flanked by guards that were standing outside. Surrounding us is a smaller group of people, who back away while glaring at me. I don't pay them any attention. The rain has let up, though the soaking wet ground tells me that this is a recent development.
No. 407846 ID: a43a6c
File 133610079911.png - (15.13KB , 865x850 , o-oh my.png )

We walk down one of the many alleys of the city, around a corner, depositing us at a fancifully adorned building up against one of the mountainsides. A well-dressed man stands at the steps. He steps toward us and begins talking.

"Ah, welcome, our city's most honored guest! Berick Gailegh, at your service. May I ask your name?"
I am Lord Grentonis.
"Oh, a title, and well-earned, no doubt. Miss Grentonis, I formally welcome you to the city of Rockhearth."
Miss? How did you--
"I have a knack for that sort of thing, my lady."
Uh huh. You don't as wary of my presence as others have.
"That is only because I realize that you must have enough tact to seek out this city in a non-destructive manner in the first place. Of course, it also helps that I find all creatures of this world to be beautiful, including yourself."
I-- uh--
"Now, to business. I have heard of the unfortunate incident with the wagon and your aquaintance. May I ask your reason for coming to our humble city, my lady?"

H-he extends his hand.
No. 407852 ID: 5029d1

put a claw in his hand.
"i come today because of something that could ignite some really bad times between dragons and people. a man in (describe knight here) came to my cave and using some powerful poison paralyzed me and.. had his way with me. if i didn't have such a good friend keeping me calm i probably would of just run around burning things until i got answers."
No. 407857 ID: b6edd6

Maybe it would be better to be more vague about what specifically he did. Say he tried to harm your unhatched offspring.
No. 407860 ID: 5029d1

no, this is the leader dude, he needs to be all the way in the loop.
No. 407861 ID: c4a1fc

He likes dragons and looks vaguely like a golliwog doll

This is clearly rapeknight

Kill him
No. 407864 ID: b0d466

Yeah, don't go into huge detail.

Maybe just sorta stare at his hand. You're a dragon! You don't shake hands.
No. 407883 ID: 369d34

He would be able to help the most if he knows most of the story. Just leave out and gloss over the less tasteful of Gren's actions.

Place a single claw in his hand and accept the handshake.
"I'm flattered, and greatful for this audience, Lord Gailegh. I'm not used to such hospitality, and I thank you and your city for it. If only it was under better circumstances. Unfortunately, the reason I have come to your fair city is both deeply personal and painful. I wish I did not have to share it, but if you promise to exercise discretion, I will tell you. In a more private setting, please."

If Berick accepts, once you've changed venue say that you have only told your good friend Beoga what you are about to say, and you will only share the horrible details if you would whisper them to him. Use the opportunity to get a good sniff off him, and see if he flinches being so close to a dragon's maw. Once you start talking, gloss over the bit where you threatened to burn down a village, and leave out biting the head off that crucified murderer.
No. 407888 ID: f70e5e

unlikely, if for no other reason that he willingly came within claws reach.
No. 407902 ID: 9718f3

There is no need to go into detail. Just say that you're pursuing a man who has wronged you. You're a dragon, you don't got to explain shit. Then give a description of him and his capabilities, including the poison and magic.

Talking about the rape does not help Grentonis at all.
No. 407904 ID: 3ce5b2

Seconded. If we tell them that dragons can get raped then everyone is gonna want to rape a dragon. It's just common sense.
No. 407905 ID: 369d34

Too bad we didn't think of saying that he stole Gren's eggs. That would have been a great cover for Gren to be pursuing him. Too bad she can't use it now that she's been all secretive about what he did, since if he'd done that, Gren would be telling pretty much everyone.
No. 407942 ID: 6a5a08

No. 407962 ID: 4bdd79

Describe the knight. Say that he has committed a heinous crime against yourself, which you would rather not discuss in public. Once you've gotten him away from the crowd, tell him the whole story.

Don't worry, unless this guy is an amazingly good liar he is not the rapist.
No. 407977 ID: b0d466

That still doesn't mean we should be spreading the knowledge that Gren's been raped--to anyone! Ever!
No. 407991 ID: 369d34

Try to keep that you were raped secret, Gren, but if he wishes to know what happened to you, tell him in private. If that's too painful, then come up with a cover story that the man took one, or all, of your eggs. That'll require some mental and verbal dexterity to pull off without it backfiring, so only leave it for if he doesn't stop prying.
No. 408078 ID: a43a6c
File 133618580142.png - (13.79KB , 865x850 , god damn it stop hitting on me.png )

I place a single claw in his palm.

I am fl-- uh.

He k-kisses the top of my paw.

Ah-- I-I'm looking for a man who has w-wronged my unhatched children and I. You will forgive me if I seem vague, as it is a deeply private manner. I have reason to believe that he is in your city.
"I see. And you would kill him?"
"My lady, without the entire tale I'm afraid it would be simply unlawful to aid in sending this man to his death at your claws. I realize that this is a personal affair, but an exact story would help."
I... I would prefer to discuss this in a more private setting. Away from the crowds.
"I understand. Would you care to join me for a meal, then, my lady? Your acquaintance may come, if he or she is willing. I would like to meet them as well!"
No. 408080 ID: c891d3

Sure. Dude's being super courteous, so why not?
No. 408081 ID: fa9f7e

Because he's totally rapeknight.
No. 408083 ID: b0bf34

would a lord really have the time to go out and completely ignore his duties for days or weeks at a time?
No. 408084 ID: fa9f7e

Yes. They do that all the time in wars. That's why they have bailiffs and seneschals.
No. 408085 ID: 5029d1

get boaga, enjoy food.
No. 408086 ID: b0d466

Accept the dinner invite, but pull your paw away if he's still holding onto it. This guy's gettin a bit too handsy
No. 408087 ID: fa9f7e

Also, knights are exclusively nobles due to the cost of the armor, a squire, and horses. Plus, I don't think magic training is cheap, either.
No. 408088 ID: 67e689

Do it anyways.
No. 408125 ID: 6a5a08

Skilled magician, out for a week on a 'diplomatic mission', rich enough to afford crazy exotic poisons and armor. Plus the knight just happened to come to the same city he's in. To top it all off, he has an apparent dragon fetish and knows you're a female.
The worst part is, you're in his city with your wounded best friend. I don't think you can do anything at this point. Even accusing him, since everyone would flip shit.
No. 408126 ID: fa9f7e

All you can do is lie back and think of England at this point.
No. 408166 ID: 369d34

Wait for Berick to release your paw, and ask if he's such a flirt with all the ladies, or just those who breathe fire. Accept his invitation, but say you won't accept on behalf of your acquaintance. It wouldn't be right to if he doesn't feel up to it. You'll head back to your quarters and ask, and have Miss Bentrant relay his choice.

Oh, for the love of... Where to begin...
He is a skilled mage, but of unknown ability. We don't know if he can teleport or block dragon-fire. He was out on a diplomatic mission, but we don't know exactly when, how long, or to where. As a lord, he's presumably rich, but how he spends his money, and what he owns, is unknown. We don't know if the rapeknight came to this city; The clear trail dried up at the fork in the road, and we guessed at a direction. The kiss on the paw is odd, but the guy could just be an inveterate flirter, and really does like all creatures. And that servant lady, Aleise, could have told him you were female after you told her.
He's not off the suspect list, but Gren's going to need much more evidence before accusing, or outright attacking, the lord and mayor of a city.
No. 408264 ID: b85f8c

No, this guy isn't the rapeknight.
>"Well, he got back from a mission of diplomacy a week ago, but he's been in the city since then, conducting meetings."

He's been in town all week. However, his 'friend' he was meeting today is VERY likely to be the rapeknight, as it would not be unusual for a knight to be friends with a noble. Plus, as we've seen he LIKES dragons, and friends share interests, and he would have told this guy by now what he did. Like a "I tapped that" sort of thing. Before we agree to anything, ask if his business friend shares his perspective on the beauty of dragons.

If the answer is yes, we need to take boaga and leave. A knight under the protection of a noble is far beyond our reach. On our way out, take aside that lady servant that was dealing with us, and confide in her. In fact, see if she's willing to take payment to poison the "business friend" if this turns out to be the case.
No. 408273 ID: e3f578

easiest way to diffuse this is simple
"I'm sorry, but unless you think I can shape-shift into a beautiful human woman from dragon stereotypes, this is kinda weird and awkward."
No. 408583 ID: 067a04
File 133626944258.png - (605.09KB , 865x850 , what is this guy\'s game.png )

I can't help but notice your.. Eccentricities, human.

"Mm. Many would not use so polite a word, but my philosophy has never produced any major problems. I act in the best interests of my people, above all else."

Your philosophy, that's your idea that everything is beautiful?

"It is."

Hm. Well, for all your courtesy, I'm sorry, but unless you think I can shape-shift into a beautiful human woman from dragon stereotypes, this is kinda weird and awkward. Are you such a flirt with all the ladies, or just those who breathe fire?

"Ha! Only the ones that give me the time of day! "

You amuse me, human. I shall attend your dinner, but I cannot speak for Boaga. His opinion is his own, and I will not force his claw.

"Nor should you. In five hours - that is acceptable? - I shall be waiting. Do attend, if you wish to do so. Aleise, please take care of our honored guests, and to you, Miss Grentonis.. Good evening."
No. 408585 ID: 067a04
File 133626947359.png - (500.04KB , 865x850 , oh boaga.png )






"Mhuwha? Grennie? What are you doing on candy-buffalo island?"

"Candy-buffalo.. What? No. Boaga, do you wanna go to dinner with me and.. And some nobleman?"

"Dinner? Sure! I'll try t' lay off th' buffalo. You want some?"

I think I'm good.

"Suit y'self. Zzzzz.."

Aleise, do you know where Berick's house is?

"Y-yes, ma'am. W-would you like to go there?"

Hm? Is it close by?

"N-no, but you can go anywhere in the city. Th-that is i-if you want to! And, um, you have to have guards. F-for your protection!"
No. 408594 ID: b0d466

The dinner's not for five hours, just go walking around the city, searching for your victim/attacker.
No. 408595 ID: 369d34

"If you don't mind me asking, has Lord Galiegh always so... accepting? I get the feeling the citizenry are rather mixed on his views."
Ask if Aleise could arrange for a wagon to take Bo to Lord Galiegh's home come dinnertime, since he shouldn't be walking. You, however, would like to visit an alchemist and get a sample of that poison tested. It's been days already, and you don't want to risk it decaying so far it can't be identified. Though, at the very least you want to take a walk; It's feeling rather confining in here, and it's not every day you get to see a city from the inside.
No. 408742 ID: 6d6017

No. 408813 ID: 12c19f

Boaga's so adorable when he's sleep and blood deprived.

Lets not make this a recurring thing.

The poison's probably all but lost any active potency now after the last few days. They had to weather the rain among other things.

Aaaanyway. If you really wanna bring Boaga along see if they can indeed offer a wagon, possibly covered.
No. 409137 ID: a43a6c
File 133636388748.png - (11.69KB , 865x850 , sleepy bastard.png )

The poison? Well-- Oh, no. No! Damn it! I left it in the ground when I interrogated that one human! How could I forget-- Agh, maybe a description could do, if I find someone.

If you don't mind me asking, has Lord Galiegh always so... accepting? I get the feeling the citizenry are rather mixed on his views.
"Well, um, everybody knows that he's very, uh, nice to women. Most people are fine with it by now, and the ones who aren't usually keep quiet about it. But, um, it be weird to some people that he's being like that to a dragon."
Hm. I'll still accept his invitation. Would it be possible to get my companion-- ah, friend, a wagon in which to ride? He shouldn't do much walking.
"Um... Yeah, I think I can do that"
Thank you. I think I would like to take a walk.
"Okay! Where would you like to go?"
I don't know. Around.
"Well, uh, okay. We can do that."
No. 409138 ID: a43a6c
File 133636389769.png - (18.80KB , 865x850 , all around me are familliar faces.png )

Aleise and I leave, meet with the contingent of guards, and walk the streets once again. I lead, and the men follow. It is a refreshing change. The return of the rain, however, isn't so refreshing.

I walk wherever I feel like. Nothing of note transpires, other than a few people staring at me with hate in their eyes. All keep their distance. It seems that currently I'm in some market square.

There's a familiar face here.
No. 409180 ID: 6a5a08

Is that Clay? Say hello.
No. 409188 ID: 369d34

Is that... that guy traveling with Dirine? What's his name? Clay? Or... Is it that villager you scared into doing your bidding a few days ago? What's he doing here? Damn it, you're horrible with human faces. You need a closer look.

...So Lord Galiegh likes the ladies. All the ladies... That's... Yeah, that pushed him up a smidge on the suspect list. Still, he looks and acts way more like the type to woo a lady into bed than to resort to rape.

Previous quest thread: >>/questarch/387602
No. 409194 ID: 6a5a08

I believe the villager had spikier hair fringes. Clay had kind of fluffy looking hair like this guy.
No. 409195 ID: b85f8c

You could ask if someone wouldn't mind go getting the dagger.
No. 409276 ID: 3eab24

trout said on irc that it's the kid from the crowd
No. 409319 ID: 369d34

Approach the kid and take a seat on the ground.
"I noticed you before, in the crowd. You seemed quite awestruck. I'm curious; Is there something you wished to say to me? Or ask? I've got the time for it now, so go right ahead."

If the Lord's buying, later you can see about getting something to wear for storage. A padded collar with a removable dragon-sized satchel on the front would be ideal. You could reach inside that without taking it off. See if you can get Bo one too.
No. 409332 ID: 6d6017

say hello to your little friend.
No. 409481 ID: a43a6c
File 133643541279.png - (13.13KB , 865x850 , maps are not my strong point.png )

Aleise gives me a layout of the surrounding buildings, pointing out a few of note. She mentions that meals with Gailegh are often "formal and classy" affairs, and that it would be good if I looked the part, though no one would probably say anything if I didn't feel like it.
No. 409482 ID: a43a6c
File 133643542284.png - (15.14KB , 865x850 , nah to hell with backgrounds.png )

It's the child from the crowd. I admit, I am terrible with human faces. Why can't they have distinctive head and snout shapes? Then it'd be much easier to tell them apart.

A satchel is a good idea but I do not like the fact that it would go around my neck, although it would be difficult to reach anywhere else. Perhaps we could find someone here who I can consult.

I plant myself in front of the child. A few people walking along give me a wide berth. Aleise looks concerned when I bring myself close to him.

I noticed you before, in the crowd. You seemed quite awestruck. I'm curious; Is there something you wished to say to me? Or ask? I've got the time for it now, so go right ahead.
Well, then what are you staring at me for?
"...you're really cool."
No. 409484 ID: 09e5bf

Thank him for the compliment.
No. 409486 ID: 28a8b4

also compliment he's hat
No. 409487 ID: fa9f7e

That would seem to be hair. Compliment it all the same.
No. 409503 ID: 622e4f

"Thanks little buddy! I like your hair."
Check out that magical supply store. I wonder if there's anything you can use.
No. 409514 ID: b0d466

"Yes, I know."
No. 409516 ID: 369d34

Lean back and smile a bit. "That's the first time I've been called "cool." Thank you. I bet I'm the first dragon you've ever seen, right?"

If you go by the smithy, you can give them a description of the attacker's armor and get an estimate of how common it is and how much it would cost. Then ask how expensive that is, because you've got no idea. Could give you a bit more information to work from.
No. 409519 ID: 369d34

If they're also the alchemist, you can give them a description on the poison, its smell, and its effects. Also ask about the use of dragon parts, and eggs, in magical devices or concoctions.
No. 409811 ID: a43a6c
File 133652511977.png - (13.15KB , 865x850 , deja-vu.png )

That's the first time I've been called "cool." Thank you. I bet I'm the first dragon you've ever seen, right?
I like your hair.
"...Thank you."

I'm closest to the smithy, so I leave the child and head over. It is not a large building, so I can't just simply walk in. I guess I can stick my head through the door.

Someone's just inside--
No. 409812 ID: c4a1fc

This was possibly an accident. Nevertheless, roast and eat him.
No. 409815 ID: 09e5bf

It was probably on purpose, but do not roast and eat him, you are in a town full of guards. This man has unfairly attacked you, they are there to deal with such incidents. Eating the man will make things more difficult for you in the future.
No. 409818 ID: 5029d1

stare at him, really really hard.
No. 409823 ID: f70e5e

he probably just saw a dragon sticking its head into his shop and reacted without thinking. there is no way reacting with violence will end well for anyone so don't roast him. simply yelling at him will probably get him to stop and might make him feel embarrassed enough to be helpful. someting with a tone like

"ow! WHAT THE HELL!? Do you greet everyone who enters your door with a sword to the face?!"
No. 409824 ID: 369d34

Jerk your head up and back, banging it against the top of the door frame, and getting your horns stuck in the wood. Give him an icy glare while dislodging them. "OW! What the hell was that for?!"

That probably was an accident, or a reflex response to a dragon. If it was intentional, the guy's an idiot. Either way, it's not worth attacking him. Though, in the future, remember to knock and announce yourself before sticking your head into any other shops.
No. 409826 ID: 608944

Don't let anyone think you're some pansy that a little scratch hurts you in any way other that being a great offense. See if he apologizes or continues attacking.
No. 409965 ID: 6c61ee

Call the guards, have them arrest this peasant for assaulting you.
No. 410012 ID: c460ad

Ask him what the hell that was for. If he keeps attacking, call the guards. If you kill him, your life will become a lot harder.
No. 410018 ID: d5f488

roar at him until he shits his pants.
No. 410019 ID: a2fa74

"That is unwise."
Does this guy smell like the rape knight?
No. 410614 ID: 118cf5

Pout at him in an adorable fashion. He will feel like an ass.
No. 410816 ID: a43a6c
File 133685823340.png - (13.38KB , 865x850 , ouch.png )

What the hell was that for?!

The man turns away and runs deeper into the building. It's then I notice another man behind the counter. He sends a string of curses toward the coward. Once he's out of sight, the man behind the counter turns back toward me.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I guess he didn't hear that we're hosting a dragon. Are you okay?"
Yes. It is a scratch. Has that man attacked your customers before?
"No, he's... he's always been a bit skittish. Plus, that was a new blade. I doubt he would have attacked you if he hadn't been holding it. I'm sorry, but you dragons are scary to most people."
I know.
"There's no back entrance, so he's still in the building. Do you want to get the guards?"
I'll think about it.
"Then is there anything I can do for you, dragon?"
No. 410817 ID: 3ce5b2

Describe the armor, ask if it's anything unusual. Have him tell the guy that you forgive him.
No. 410818 ID: b0d466

Psh forgiveness? MAYBE if he comes out to apologize himself
No. 410823 ID: 5029d1

yes ask him if he recognizes the make of the armor. and if the guy comes out and says sorry, MAYBE you will forgive him. but as it stands you will let the guards just sort him out.
No. 410843 ID: 369d34

Give him the description of the rapist's armor, and ask how common is it, how expensive, and if he's seen it before.

You'll let startled man's actions slide, since it was mostly an involuntary reaction, if he comes out and apologizes. You should then apologize for not knocking and announcing yourself before sticking your head in.
No. 410897 ID: 6a5a08

No. 411355 ID: 067a04
File 133694748617.png - (324.61KB , 900x600 , is a dragon detective.png )

I describe the man's armor to him, and ask several questions.

"Well, chain is a common kind of armor. It's all over the place. It's fairly expensive, however. It's hard to nail down who made it without having it in front of me, too. The horned helmet, however, isn't common at all. It's impractical, even. More for intimidation than anything else."
Thank you. Tell the man back there that I will forgive him if he apologizes to me.
"I-I'm sorry!"
To my face.

There's no response.

"Good luck with that. He's always been a coward. I'd appreciate it if you didn't have him arrested just yet. He still needs to pay me."

What do I do now?
No. 411375 ID: 369d34

Let the coward go, without charges. You've got better things to do, and it was no more than a scratch. Head over to the tailor to get something for the dinner.

Since it's short notice, and you're definitely not their regular kind of customer, choose something simple. A wide silk or satin scarf, wrapped around the base of you neck, would be easy to make, and workable with your large paws. Have them choose a color that goes well against your scales.
As for any bags or satchels, that's more suited for a leather-crafter. Whoever makes saddlebags and such gear for horses would be a place to start, but that's for another day.

After that, head to the jewelers. Once again, nothing fancy or custom made. A pair of large, wide simple gold bracelets, or matched wide necklaces, that would fit over your horns. Those would be easy for you put on and take off, since it would not involve clasps.
No. 411418 ID: cd6e04

snort in derision.
No. 411446 ID: 12c19f

We don't have any money for adornments. And they'd be very big and expensive ones if they were made of genuine gold.
No. 411458 ID: 369d34

Gold plated, then. Or just shiny costume jewelry.
I think Lord Galiegh is footing the bill for all this. Still, keep the cost down. No point in going overboard.
No. 411559 ID: b85f8c

No jewelry. If we get anything to wear to the dinner it should be simple, and perhaps even only temporarily. We are a guest here and they are giving us free stuff, but not everyone here likes us. It would be quite unwise to look like we are taking advantage of the situation unfairly... that could quickly worsen the situation.
No. 411573 ID: 5029d1

no jewels
No. 411624 ID: 0ef96e

Hm, dyers are required to prepare all sorts of plant and other substances for use as dye components. Wouldn't someone like that know a bit about other substances, namely dangerous or sickening substances?
No. 411638 ID: 5029d1

the guy we are having dinner with is apparently well known in the ways of herblore and stuff.
No. 411648 ID: 369d34

I thought he was skilled in the magical, not alchemical, arts. Anyway, the magical supply shop would know more about alchemical and magic stuff than the dyers.
No. 412169 ID: a43a6c
File 133710586113.png - (27.30KB , 865x850 , ahahah more rain.png )

I tell the blacksmith that I'm not going to do anything about the coward, and leave. Aleise also wants to know if she can do anything for the scratch. I walk to the tailor's. I think that the very idea of wearing clothes is ridiculous but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to look presentable for the meal.

The rain is back, stronger than ever. The lady at the shop looks surprised and a little terrified when I inform her that I want to purchase something, and will need it in less than 5 hours. I am getting sick of that look.

"I'm not sure if we can do that!"
Make it happen.
No. 412170 ID: a43a6c
File 133710587639.png - (16.58KB , 1300x850 , papperdawl.png )

Aleise makes tells me that Gailegh is paying. I shouldn't get anything too extravagant, then. I still think this is stupid.
No. 412172 ID: b0d466
File 133710628898.png - (73.94KB , 1400x800 , DressupDohHoHo.png )

No. 412173 ID: d6ae01
File 133710711581.png - (21.54KB , 635x474 , prettygren.png )

the prettiest outfit MSPAINT in windows 3.11 can make. I had to use printscreen cause there's no support for png files outside the browser so I couldn't get the entire thing but I got what mattered.
No. 412178 ID: 80d422
File 133710776568.png - (63.23KB , 1300x850 , halfassednowingflarey.png )

40 years in MS paint with two refs
No. 412197 ID: b0d466
File 133711648888.png - (22.23KB , 1400x800 , Dressup.png )

Something simple
No. 412198 ID: 09e5bf

No. 412199 ID: b85f8c

Go with that.
No. 412219 ID: 7c31d2

Simple is best
No. 412241 ID: fdad59

Something scarf- or shawl-like would be simple enough to get in less than five hours, and Gren can put it on and take it off with her own paws.

This is a good start, but lower it down so it's around the base of her neck. Ask the tailor to loop one end back around and triple stitch it, so Gren can feed the other end through without messing with knots. Get the other end weighted so it won't slip out of the loop easily. Then it only needs to be looped around Gren's neck once, or even not at all, if she wants the end to stick down more.

As for color and material, request a color that will go well against your scale color, or black, if she doesn't have something that matches. Silk or satin would look good, but not be sturdy. Ask for a material that's sturdier, but won't look too bad.
No. 412526 ID: 76ca24

Just a scarf is kind of weird. Maybe she could get some wrappings or something for the rest of her body?
No. 412556 ID: fdad59

There is the option to just pass on the tailor if we can't get anything that'd look decent that could be made in time. Just sayin'.
No. 412740 ID: a43a6c
File 133720889515.png - (14.13KB , 865x850 , reading rainbow.png )

I tell the woman what I want. A length of sturdy yet appealing cloth, dyed to go well with my red scales, to be wrapped around my the base of my neck. She thinks a bit, and tells me that it is possible, and to come pick it up after at least three hours. Her and Aleise exchange words, then coin, and we continue on our way. We cross over to the magical supply store. It is a larger building, with double doors, so I am able to fit through. I remember to send Aleise in first, however.

There is a bespectacled man sittng at a table, a book in his hands. He stares at me.
No. 412744 ID: 5029d1

odd, they appear to be cleared out.
No. 412746 ID: fdad59

His shelves are rather bare. Comment that he's rather low on merchandise right now; Was there a run on the store, or is it supply problems? Well, no matter, you're here to ask some questions, if he'll answer them.

First off, describe the magical abilities of the rapist; The teleport and flame shield. Ask how much skill and ability a person would need to do that. Also ask if those magical effects could have been enchanted into an item he was wearing or using, and how expensive that would be.

Next, describe the poison as best you can, after confirming he knows about alchemy.

Finally, ask about the use of dragon parts in magical devices and concoctions. If he gets nervous, say you're not accusing him of anything, you're just looking for information. Ask what're the most valuable parts, and if dragon eggs are valuable.
No. 412751 ID: fa9f7e

Fertilized eggs, specifically.
No. 412758 ID: fdad59

Make it both; Fertilized and unfertilized, if dragons do lay unfertilized eggs, like chickens.
No. 412765 ID: b85f8c

We could also ask if anyone with a horned helmet visited here recently.
No. 412771 ID: b0d466

I think it's a bit morbid to be asking after the monetary worth of your own parts--not to mention asking how much your unborn babies are worth. That's just...WRONG.
No. 412777 ID: fdad59

Gren's not going to be selling anything based on that, of course. It's to get an idea of how much reward a egg-snatcher or dragon-slayer would get, and a better idea of a possible danger out in the world for her and her future children.
No. 412779 ID: b0d466

I understand the logic behind asking, but I still think it's a)extremely creepy b)not actually that valuable in terms of information.
We already KNOW that there are people who want to kill us and/or our children for various reasons--it doesn't matter if one of them happens to be medical/magical reasons
No. 412806 ID: fdad59

OK, so don't ask any specifics. Ask generally how much you or Bo would have to worry about dragon part hunters and egg-snatchers. Though, it'd be helpful to know if fresh dragon's blood is worth anything, just in case you need money to pay someone later on.
No. 413266 ID: a43a6c
File 133729961381.png - (13.04KB , 865x850 , sweaty bald guy with glasses.png )

You seem to be sold out.
Are there problems with supplies or have you gotten a lot of purchases?

He remains silent until he sees the humans accompanying me, at which point he breathes a sigh of relief.

"Oh... I'm sorry, I thought... Well, I don't see a dragon every day... Uh, most of the stock is in the back room. It wouldn't make sense to keep everything up front."
I suppose.

He tucks a pipe into his robe.

I need information.
"About what?"
The difficulty of certain magic. Namely, a short-range self-teleportation spell and a shield capable of blocking dragonfire.
"Well... The difficulty of a teleportation is proportional to how far one was teleported."
How about four meters?
"So a 'blink', then? It's of moderate difficulty. You'd have to be somewhat trained already to be able to effectively utilize it. Theoretically anyone could do it, but they'd stand a fair chance of appearing halfway through a wall."
And the shield?
"It sounds like a simple ward, but to hold against dragonfire... Again, the wielder would have to be moderately skilled to do so. Might I ask why you need this information?"
"... I didn't just doom some poor person with that, did I?"
We will see. Do you know anything about alchemy?
"Not much, I'm afraid. I only specialize in magic. Our alchemy expert is out in the field gathering ingredients."
I see. Then I'd assume that you wouldn't know much about the use of dragon parts in anything magical.
"Only rumors. We haven't had the chance to do much research ourselves, you see."
Of course. But people would still pay for, say, dragon eggs?
How much?
"Probably a few hundred coins for one. I really can't say..."

Is that all, or should I leave? Where should I go from here?
No. 413268 ID: b0d466

When will the alchemy expert return, does he think. We may require his knowledge as well.
No. 413271 ID: b85f8c

Yeah, ask when the alchemy guy returns. We should also go retrieve the dagger somehow, as analyzing the poison directly would give good results.
No. 413277 ID: e3f578

A few hundred isn't worth the risk of challenging a dragon, thank god. So there isn't that good of a market for your eggs.
We should ask some people to try and retrieve that dagger out by the caravan crash if we haven't already. Chances of retrieval are nil, but it's worth a shot.
No. 413285 ID: b85f8c

Oh, ask him if he buys dragon blood. You could make a small donation to cover some of the city's expenses for housing you.
No. 413288 ID: fdad59

Wait, was it the wagon crash, or the crucified man where Gren left the bag with the poisoned dagger? If it was the crash, then do ask if someone can be sent out to look for it. Maybe contact the wagon driver, Vasile, and ask him if he saw or found it.

Do ask when the alchemy guy will return, and thank the man for his time.

Well, it looks like you or your children won't have to worry about posses of dragon-hunters and egg-snatchers. One less thing to worry about in the world.

Can't think of anything to do, other than perhaps poking your head in the jewelry store and freaking out the proprietor. There is something to ask Aleise about: How well does Lord Gailegh take a lady rejecting his advances? You want to know if it's a "berserk button" for him before you get in trouble.
No. 413581 ID: fdad59

Wait, wait, wait... There is something else. Ask about magical means of tracking or finding someone. What would be needed and known to do that?
No. 413664 ID: a43a6c
File 133739330204.png - (14.04KB , 865x850 , the cut was always there okay.png )

The dagger isn't at the caravan crash. It's in some field at the base of my mountain where I interrogated that villager!

Would you buy fresh dragon blood then? I've got a surplus.
"...I wasn't going to say anything about that cut, but... I guess I can. I'll give you 50 for what you have."
No, keep it. Consider it payment for the information you've given me.

He retrieves a bottle and sheepishly wipes as much blood from my snout into it as he can manage.

When will your alchemy expert return?
"Soon, maybe in two or three days."
I see. One more question before I leave: Would it be possible to track someone through magical means?
"Yes! You would have to 'tag' them with an invisible sigil, though."
Okay. Thank you for your time.
"You are very welcome!"
No. 413665 ID: a43a6c
File 133739331315.png - (32.28KB , 865x850 , am i forgetting anything else.png )

I walk outside with Aleise. The rain is as strong as ever. It's starting to really get on my nerves.

Aleise, does Gailegh get upset when a lady rejects his advances?
"If he has, I've never seen it."
How does he react, then?
"Well, you can tell he's disappointed, but he won't force it too hard. Ladies don't reject him often, though!"

I guess there isn't much else for me to do, then. Boaga is probably awake. He didn't seem very lucid when I told him about the meal, so it might be a good idea to fill him in on that and what little I've learned so far. He could wait, though, if I need to do something else.
No. 413676 ID: b0d466

Nothing pressing--go ahead and see Bo
No. 413729 ID: fdad59

A poncho would be nice, but that would take a visit to a tent-maker rather than a tailor. Head on back to Bo and get him up to speed on things.
No. 413825 ID: a43a6c
File 133741371939.png - (13.77KB , 865x850 , tough question.png )

We walk back to the room. Bo is awake.

Hey, Bo.
"...Hey, Gren."
I did some walking around.
"I can tell."
Do you remember me telling you about our meal invitation?
We're dining with Gailegh-- Uh, the lord of this city-- in about four hours. Do you think you can make it there?
"Y-yeah, I think..."
Okay... I can get you a wagon to ride in, if you're not feeling up to it.
"I think 'll be okay."
I got some information on the-- the man we're trying to find. He has to be somewhat wealthy and well-skilled in magic. So that'll make it easier for us to find him. Maybe we could ask around the more wealthy people in this city. They must have some sort of lead. But--
"Why don't you love me?"

No. 413828 ID: b9e291

No. 413830 ID: a2fa74

"You're very dear to me, but Beo has that spot in my heart."
No. 413831 ID: b85f8c

There's nothing wrong with Bo. In fact, you've been somewhat impressed with him recently. You just haven't given up on Beo.
No. 413836 ID: b9e291


"I have to... but Beo... " and then you kiss Boaga. On the lips.
No. 413866 ID: c891d3

Well we certainly can't help you answer that question.
No. 413888 ID: b0d466

That's a much harder question to answer than "Why do you love [Name Here]?"

There's nothing WRONG with Bo--you really enjoy his company and friendship. You do like him--as your friend. But for whatever reason, the romantic attraction isn't there. You simply don't like him amorously, and you really can't provide a concrete reason why--that's just the way love is.
No. 413915 ID: c6ec33

Awkwardly explain that he's pretty much your best friend, but that you still haven't given up on Beo yet. If Beo turns out to be a dick, things might change, but until then, he shouldn't get the idea that just by being awesome to you, sticking with you, helping you in your time of need, keeping your secrets... dammit. Blush and hug Boaga, and tell him that he's one of the best dragons you know, but that you're still trying to figure things out with Beo and you would feel terrible if you gave up on him without finding out why he left, what he's been doing, and whether or not he'll come back.
No. 413918 ID: 5029d1

he's a great dragon, the only thing holding you back is you still like beo, because... why?
No. 413928 ID: 9718f3

Everything would be so easy if you loved Bo. You wouldn't be lonely anymore, he would be happy, your children would have two adult dragons in their life since Beo probably isn't ever coming back.

But do you feel that way? Can you feel that way? Forget Beo when making your decision. Even if he really did have to go off and do whatever he's doing, you likewise have to take care of yourself; for your sake, for the sake of your children, and for the sake of Beo himself, as surely he would want what is best for you in all things. The question remaining is: is loving Bo what is best for you? Is it what you want? Is it what you feel? As much as you may not want to betray Beo, or hurt Bo's feelings, that's all that really matters in the end.
No. 414028 ID: fdad59

You just don't know why you don't love Bo. He's been a great friend, stood by you in your time of need, and you'd do anything to help and protect him, but when it comes to love... The "spark," that mysterious amorous element, is missing. It's something you can't even begin to explain why.

Though, you might know the reason Bo fell for you. Before you met him, he led a lonely, fearful existence. When you found him in your territory, he fully expected he'd die at your hands, but that didn't happen. Something he didn't think would ever happen happened: You were kind to him. You showed compassion. You let him stay. To someone who'd been beaten down their whole life, it's beyond words. That it was done by a beautiful lady dragon, it's no wonder Bo immediately fell in love.
No. 414123 ID: 6e44d2

Because you really suck at making yourself seem an appealing mate. Also, seduction. Seriously, man. Get your shit together. You can't make a woman love you through guilt and pity. What kind of a relationship is that?
No. 414129 ID: a43a6c
File 133748050462.png - (12.28KB , 865x850 , incoming drama.png )

Do w-we have to talk about this right now--
"You said to wait until a better time. We've got four hours. This is the best time we'll ever get."
"Please, Gren. I... I just want to know why."
It's-- It isn't anything wrong with you, Bo. You're my best friend, and I really do like having you around. You've been great to me, helping me and staying with me w-when I was being a bitch-- Y-you're one of the best dragons I know, and I'd do anything to help and protect you too, a-and sometimes the little voice in the back of my head tells me t-that I should love you and that it's what would be best for both of us, but... but Bo, I can't give up on Beodox. I'd feel terrible. I can't betray his love.
No. 414130 ID: a43a6c
File 133748051651.png - (11.97KB , 865x850 , commence drama.png )

"He didn't love you."
"H-he only wanted to have s-sex with you, Gren."
No he didn't--
"And he LEFT you. He i-isn't coming back."
"He isn't coming back, Gren! W-why can't you understand that?!"
No. 414131 ID: fa9f7e

He's right, you know.
No. 414134 ID: 5029d1

because... because... uhhh. i dunno, you gotta field this one yourself.
No. 414136 ID: b0d466


No. 414138 ID: a83682

"Because I don't want to feel like I was taken advantage of, despite there being no evidence to the contrary. Wow, it makes me sound kind of dumb when I actually say it!"
No. 414140 ID: e3f578

Can I ask why you believe Beodox is coming back? What did he say, what did he do to earn such loyalty from you? I hardly believe monogamy among dragons is common. You're big powerful beasties, why should you lower yourselves into following the human concept of monogamy? And even if I'm wrong about dragons being above monogamy, why Beodox? What did he do that is worth your devotion besides sleep with you and make you a mother? Did he whisper sweet nothings into your ear? Call you beautiful? Call you his sun and stars? Any man can say these things and not mean it.
What makes this charming male dragon so much of an ideal mate, so trustworthy and NOT just one of those dumb men that love sleeping around and leaving when the going gets tough? Or do you not want to accept the fact that the father of your children is some sleazy pile of scales going around banging every whore he sees and that you're dumb enough to sleep with such a sleazebag? No, of course not, there's no way you'd sleep with a pathetic pussyhound. Just no way.
No. 414141 ID: e3f578

IF you want Bo off your back, just say you don't have the strength to love anybody anymore. Because, face it, you might end up a single dragon mother who was raped by some lowly human in her own home. How could you form a new relationship with someone else after that? That you're loyal to Beodox because you wouldn't have to put any effort into loving him because you already do. You just can't fall in love with just anybody, you can't control your heart, especially when you've been victimized and any chance of getting justice is getting slimmer by the minute.
No. 414143 ID: a2fa74

"BECAUSE THAT MEANS I WAS USED!" before you have a chance to think about it.
No. 414146 ID: b9e291

Kiss him, you fool!
No. 414153 ID: 19a758

Monogamy isn't a human concept.
>dragons being above monogamy
Thats like saying T-Rexs are above scavenging.
What makes a reproductive or survival strategy valid is if it works, not if it's cool.
No. 414155 ID: 067a04

I'm behind this. Then break down into tears and whisper "Twice.."
No. 414156 ID: fdad59

Gren, you put your trust in Bo to intervene when you're acting in a way that is or will be detrimental to you. This is one of those times. Your temper will flare, so sit your tail down, clamp your mouth shut, and let Bo say his piece. If this gets into a shouting match, things are going to go downhill, fast, and you do not want to end up hurting Bo or burning the place down.
No. 414157 ID: b0d466

Ok, as long as there's still fire.
No. 414158 ID: e3f578

I was digging at anything I could find. I mean, dragons don't really seem the monogamous type, and they find a lot of what humans do pathetic. Any common ground could be an offensive concept enough. Dragons are hubris filled douchebags that HAVE to be unique.
No. 414190 ID: b85f8c

Because you loved him.
No. 414236 ID: 118cf5

I wonder if the alchemist would buy dragon tears? Be sure to save a bottle.
No. 414272 ID: c6ec33

"Bo, I understand that you're frustrated, but trying to convince me that my boyfriend is a creep without any sort of real proof is NOT making me think better of you. You're better than this, and if you really want to be with me, you'll understand that I need to know for *certain* what I mean to Beo before I dump him.

Would you *really* want to be with me if I gave up on my last boyfriend so easily because my friends didn't like them?"
No. 414341 ID: 9c3f80


"Bo, I can see that you are frustrated, but what proof do you have? Trying to convince me that my boyfriend was using me without any sort of real proof wont make me think better of you. You're better than this, Bo. If you really love me, you'll understand that I need to be certain of Beo's feelings towards me before I can dump him. After all, would you *really* want to be with me if I gave up on my last boyfriend so easily? That I threw it away because of baseless accusations and pressure from my friends?"

I just edited what the quoted said. either/or. Maybe add something about if he hasn't the proof that Beo has done the same as the knight we seek, he shouldn't be accusing him of it. That its hard enough already dealing with it happening once, and being so insensitive to suggest Beo did it too, that it happened twice, with no real proof, is not what a friend does, let alone someone who claims to love you.
No. 414370 ID: d1e9bf
File 133754087901.png - (14.29KB , 865x850 , shouting match.png )

No. 414371 ID: d1e9bf
File 133754089252.png - (12.24KB , 865x850 , sadness match.png )

No. 414372 ID: d1e9bf
File 133754092080.png - (7.90KB , 865x850 , walk away.png )

No. 414373 ID: d1e9bf
File 133754093284.png - (12.48KB , 865x850 , shh only tears.png )

No. 414374 ID: b0d466

No. 414375 ID: 132b99

just sit there next to her. after a little bit put a hand on her and just hold it there. don't move after that until she does.
No. 414384 ID: fdad59

Bo, a harsh truth has hit Gren. She needs to cry her way through it. There's nothing you can say or do, other than being there at her side. They don't have tissues in dragon-size, so pick up a clean linen for Gren to cry into, and sit next to her for as long as it takes.
No. 414425 ID: 09e5bf

Bo: Stay beside Gren. Be there for her, and let her initiate any further interaction.
No. 414431 ID: 52a564

Gren: Kill the city in sadrage
No. 414445 ID: b0d466

This times five
No. 414447 ID: fa9f7e

Good thing we're not Gren, then.

No. 414547 ID: d1e9bf
File 133756538419.png - (16.04KB , 865x850 , i can\'t wait to tap that.png )

No. 414548 ID: d1e9bf
File 133756539930.png - (16.16KB , 865x850 , also just an edit.png )

"Leave me alone. P-please."
No. 414550 ID: 132b99

don't say anything, just lay down.
No. 414557 ID: b0d466

Back off, man. Leave her be.
No. 414578 ID: fa9f7e

Reveal that you are the rapeknight and then go on to life a blissful life with a stable, happy relationship with Gren and Beo and the coolkid.
No. 414586 ID: a2fa74

Wrap your arms around her and say "Never again."
No. 414617 ID: 12c19f

Curl up in the opposite corner and wait a bit.
No. 414619 ID: fdad59

Bo, lay down behind Gren, and softly say "I won't leave you, Gren." ...Though if Gren gets upset at you, move a little further back.
No. 414626 ID: b85f8c

Back off.
No. 414627 ID: a9298b

seconding this
No. 414666 ID: c6ec33

Bo: Apologize and promise to be there for her when she's feeling better. Also, go ask the human woman to help you dragons get some privacy. Also, if you know what Grennie's favorite food is, ask if they'd be willing to provide a little bit...

Then, give her some space. :/
No. 414675 ID: c460ad

This. Back off. Also make it clear that you have no plans on leaving. You're here for her.
No. 414873 ID: d1e9bf
File 133764463453.png - (13.94KB , 865x850 , perspective is a bitch.png )

I-I'm not going to leave you, Gren.

She doesn't say anything.

I scoot next to her and we lay there for a long while. She's quiet the whole time, j-just sobbing.

I... I feel horrible. T-this is all my fault...
No. 414875 ID: fa9f7e

What, you were the one who got Beo to seduce Gren, break her heart, and leave?

Then you hired rapeknight to rape her?!?

No. 414876 ID: 132b99

you only forced her to face the issue sooner, rather then later. she would of broke down eventually anyway.
No. 414879 ID: b85f8c

Tell her you're sorry.
No. 414882 ID: 132b99

"we could find beodox and take all his gold"
No. 414952 ID: a2fa74

Wrap your arms around her
"Never again."
No. 414953 ID: fdad59

Bo, your fault is all that's happened to Gren is less than minuscule. You said what needed to be said for Gren to face the truth. Now she can eventually work her way through what happened. You can still tell Gren you're sorry, if that'll make you feel better, but this is definitely not your fault.
No. 414954 ID: fa9f7e


Wrap your arms around her

Then your legs

Then enter her

Ever so slowly at first

Then build up your speed and intensity

This is the best idea, Seven
No. 414958 ID: b0d466

Yes Bo, this is all your fault. You are a terrible friend!

No. 415091 ID: 067a04


No. 415098 ID: 12c19f
File 133768469318.gif - (16.05KB , 250x200 , why bon-nope.gif )

No. 415104 ID: 9718f3

You can say you're sorry and then go lay down near an adjacent wall if she indicates that she wants you to back off. Not too close, but not really far away either. Watch her. Highly emotional people can make bad decisions, so she needs to be supervised.
No. 415108 ID: 5347b8

Give her a hug, she needs the support.
No. 415150 ID: 9263d6

I don't think it's a good idea to touch her. Just keep an eye on her.
No. 415167 ID: a83682

look, don't touch
No. 415169 ID: 5720b4

Hold her. She could probably use the physical comfort.
No. 415170 ID: b0d466

Boaga's hugs send Gren into a rage, and she burns down ze city~
No. 415178 ID: 9263d6

Yes, touching her could turn her self-pity at the possibility of being used by Beodox into rage.
Just... sleep next to her.
No. 415179 ID: d1e9bf
File 133772971583.png - (15.95KB , 865x850 , emotional rollercoaster.png )

I'm s-sorry, Gren...

I hug her and--

"What the fuck do you want from me, Bo? WHAT? J-just because B-Beodox isn't...! You're t-trying to...! Y-you love me! W-what do you want f-from me?!
No. 415181 ID: 29ed72

"I want you to love me back."
No. 415182 ID: 132b99

"i want you to be happy. this is just a hug, from a friend"
No. 415185 ID: a83682

Yeah, that.
No. 415186 ID: 9263d6

I agree with, "I want you to be happy"
No. 415187 ID: 27d278

You want her to quit hurting herself...
No. 415188 ID: b0d466

Just cheer up, Gren...
No. 415191 ID: fdad59

Let Gren go. "I want you to feel better... somehow. I... don't know how." Lay down and look sad and pitiful.
No. 415195 ID: b9e291

No. 415225 ID: d75172

I think "I want you to be happy. Please stop crying, I want to help you if you tell me how..." something like that, but worded better.
No. 415236 ID: 699da6

a selfish fuck who thinks Gren will love him if he doesn't love Beodox whereas her lack of attraction to him might not really have anything to do with said third party.
No. 415259 ID: b85f8c

Tell her you want her to be happy.
No. 415261 ID: a2fa74

"I want you to be happy, Gren. Love isn't selfish."
No. 415295 ID: 885ee8

No. 415297 ID: c460ad

Tell her that you just want her to be happy, and you want her to stop hurting herself. Her devotion to Beodox was something utterly self-destructive.

Also tell her that you don't want anything from her. Make it clear that her happiness doesn't have to include you.

If you love her as much as you think you do, you should be able to live with that.
No. 415317 ID: 118cf5

No. 415368 ID: 131de9


Something like this, but don't make a whole big speech out of it.
No. 415411 ID: c6ec33

"Gren, I've been your best friend for a long time, haven't I? I just want you to tell me the truth. I'm willing to always be here for you. I *do* love you, and I want to make you happy.

But right now, you don't want me, and I want a better reason why than "I'm waiting for Beodox". Is there something else that you don't like about me, maybe, that makes you not want a deeper relationship?

If you can't come up with something, and Beo is your only answer, then I promise you that I *will* help you find out what happened to Beo. Because you need to stop putting your life on hold because of him. And even if I turn out to be wrong and Beo had a legitimate reason for leaving, at least we'll know, both of our consciences will be clear, and we can both move on.

So, what do want me to do? Shall we look for Beo?"
No. 415504 ID: d1e9bf
File 133781614604.png - (15.20KB , 865x850 , hugs.png )

I-I just want you to be happy, Gren! I want you to f-feel better a-and not hurt yourself anymore. I don't want anything from you, just w-what's best for you. And this... t-this is just a hug from a friend.
No. 415505 ID: d1e9bf
File 133781616170.png - (16.93KB , 865x850 , saddest hugs.png )

No. 415506 ID: d1e9bf
File 133781617549.png - (17.52KB , 865x850 , more sad.png )


"I-I know what you really w-want. But I can't do t-that, Bo. B-Beodox isn't... h-he isn't coming back but I still have his children and it'd just be wrong if their father wasn't... their father. A-and-- I just don't love you back. You're my friend, not... I'm sorry, Bo."
No. 415507 ID: 132b99

"were dragons, we can wait for them to grow up and move out and then try again."
No. 415508 ID: 699da6

so you guys are gonna do it or what?
No. 415509 ID: e3f578

Do dragon fathers help raise their children? I'm asking either Bo or Gren if they grew up with a father.
No. 415510 ID: 132b99

for now yo are friend-zoned. hard. this is because you didn't say it earlier before beodox showed up.
No. 415521 ID: fdad59

"Shhhh, Gren... I know. I know, and I'll still be there for you. For you, and for your children."
No. 415529 ID: b85f8c

Er... Gren thinks it'd be better for her children to not have a father figure, rather than for the father figure to not be their biological father?

That's kinda dumb!
No. 415541 ID: b0d466

Tell her "It's ok" even if it's not.
No. 415543 ID: f8b208

Yeah. Well unless she thinks Boga would eat them or something...

But as someone with a awesome stepmother,
step Parents can be great parents. I mean you are basically saying that boga would be such a bad parent, that a dead father would be better.
No. 415572 ID: a2fa74

"More than anything, I want you to be happy. Everything else I want is nothing compared to that."

Gren: Think about all the things about Beo that made you love him.
Then tell Bo you don't love him, but you want to. Say if he's really serious about this, then you'll help him change how he acts until you love him.
Then kiss Bo.
No. 415576 ID: 742815

Start treating her like dirt. She will eventually start to crave your attention and approval!
No. 415677 ID: 6fe4ee

This, but maybe mention it when she's not so upset.
No. 415767 ID: d1e9bf
File 133790156422.png - (15.10KB , 865x850 , longest dragonhug.png )

Shhh... I-- I know. I know. It's okay.

Ten minutes go by. She's still crying, but she doesn't let go of me. The silence makes me a bit uncomforatble and I'm really relieved when she finally says something.

"I don't know if I can meet with Gailegh l-like this, Bo. B-but he's our only lead... a-and I don't know what else to do..."
No. 415769 ID: 29ed72

Offer to go in her stead. Remind her that if she's feeling well enough by the time of the dinner, some food may do you both some good, but she doesn't have to.
No. 415771 ID: 132b99

can do anything until it's time to go,get your mind off this whole thing.
No. 415785 ID: e3f578

Tell her to focus on the hate, the power of domination. She's Gretonis! MOST MIGHTY DRAGON! When you get pushed, you push back. If she can get up, get revved up, sweet justice will be delivered.

Ask her to imagine the taste of that justice. Like a bear marinated in hot butter, roasted slowly over a nice fire. So sweet. So juicy. Taste it Gren. Taste that justice. Let it salivate your tongue. Let's go get that lead Gren, and feast on a delicious butter-bear OF JUSTICE!
No. 415789 ID: 742815

Tell Grentonis that if she is just going to be a big dumb baby, then of course people are going to keep using her, and she deserves to be used. Then leave!
No. 415791 ID: b85f8c

She's got a little less than four hours. I'm pretty sure that's long enough to get ahold of herself.
No. 415796 ID: 9263d6

I vote for this response. Just reassure her that she doesn't have to go if she doesn't feel comfortable with it.
No. 415801 ID: fdad59

Bo, say that she doesn't have to go if she's not feeling up to it when the time comes; You'll stay with her as well. Lord Gailegh can postpone the dinner until tomorrow, at least.

Extricate yourself from Gren long enough to find Aleise and warn her that Gren may not be in an emotional state to attend dinner tonight, and you won't leave her side if she doesn't. Ask if the dinner could be postponed to tomorrow in that case.

Perhaps ask Gren if she'd prefer if Lord Gailegh came here to hear want happened to her. It could be easier to handle than attending a dinner.
No. 415848 ID: c460ad

Do this.

Don't do this.

DEFINITELY DO NOT do this. Seriously, victim-blaming is not cool.
No. 415850 ID: 09e5bf

Do this.
No. 415861 ID: a83682

Don't talk smack to Gren. Be a not-jerk!
No. 415945 ID: 6a9fdc


HELL no.
No. 415954 ID: c6ec33

Don't be a dick.

Remind her that despite how she feels right now, she's still one of the strongest dragons you know. You'll be there to support her.

But, if she still doesn't feel like going when the time comes around, you'll try to go in her place.
No. 416023 ID: d1e9bf
File 133799538584.png - (14.09KB , 865x850 , get me out of this dragonhug.png )

I can go instead of you, if you want me to--
"N-no, no. He's expecting me."
Okay... maybe we could do it tomorrow instead?
"But-- I want to speed this up, Bo. I don't like being here a-and every second that we spend not looking for the-- the m-man, it gets more and more likely that w-we won't find him at all..."

She sighs.

"I-- I guess I'll t-try to get a hold of myself... I just don't know, Bo..."

After a little while longer I try to get up, but she holds me tight to her. I have to ask her politely to let me go.
No. 416025 ID: d1e9bf
File 133799539739.png - (11.51KB , 865x850 , let\'s talk.png )

I find the human woman outside of the room. She looks a bit stressed.

"Oh--! U-um, hi!"
Gren's-- she's, uh, she's not feeling well, and so she might not want to come to the meal, and I'm not leaving her side if she doesn't.
"Aw, that's sweet of you... w-wait, you were yelling at each other not too long ago--"
I know, she just... she... s-she needs me right now.

I guess we've got a lot of time to spend.
No. 416026 ID: 132b99

ask if she knows anyone that would know where some other dragons are, are looking for one in particular, just to set something straight,
No. 416029 ID: fdad59

Apologize a little for all the stress and trouble that you two just being here has caused.

There's probably people in the city who keep track of dragon locations and sightings, as a service for travelers and caravans. Ask if there are, and if so, give a physical description of Beodox so they can check where he has shown up.

Once you're back with Gren, carefully ask if you have her permission to recount what happened to her to Lord Gailegh, if she can't bring herself to do so.
No. 416032 ID: a2fa74

Sounds like a plan.
Then go back and resume cuddling with Gren. Physical contact is important when people are distraught.
No. 416107 ID: 9718f3

If she's feeling up to talking, you can talk about the good old days. You've got to have some funny stories, right? Maybe something silly or embarrassing that you did. Keep it lighthearted and don't mention Beodox.

Also, make sure you are comfortable. We really don't want you staying in an awkward position for an extended period of time and having your wound heal wrong.
No. 416248 ID: d1e9bf
File 133809020099.png - (88.55KB , 865x850 , hug-1.png )

Hey, um, your city wouldn't happen to keep track of dragon sightings, would it?
"I can't say for certain, but the guards might have something like that."
Okay. Uh, by the way, I'm sorry about all the stress and trouble we've caused you.
"It's fine, it's okay. It's my job."

I limp back inside and lay down with Gren, making sure that I'm comfortable. She- hrk!- w-wraps herself around me, pressing me a-against her. I-I can tell she's started crying again.

"H-hey, Bo..."
I could t-tell the guy we're meeting your story i-if you don't want t-to do it yourself.
"N-n-no, I... I should be the one to do it..."

S-she sq-squeezes me t-tighter-- I'm, um, I-I'm...

Hey-- d-did I ever t-tell you that I p-paint things sometimes?
Y-yeah! In m-my cave!
"...where do you get paint?"
Oh, um, t-there's plants that m-make colors w-when you crush them and s-sometimes I use the blood from animals t-that I hunt, a-and... yeah..."
"That's... that's adorable, Bo."

Now she's s-stroking m-my back-- u-uh--
No. 416250 ID: c315be

... The smut train isn't going to be making stops in the canon now is it?
No. 416252 ID: 132b99

just roll with it bo, focus on NOT getting an erection.
No. 416253 ID: 131de9

Engage supportive back patting! Continue engaging in platonic conversation! At least half-heartedly resist sexualizing the situation.
No. 416257 ID: a83682

A sexual event in this situation could have negative results in the future, as her emotions are probably doing some considerable fluctuations! Think about things that do not involve getting a Boaganer. Just keep having a nice conversation.
No. 416260 ID: a2fa74

Stroke her back as well.
If you get an erection then try to hide it. You'll fail, obviously, but the attempt means something.
If she wants to have sex then refuse. Say she's not thinking clearly, and you would never take advantage of her. If she tries to force you then resist as much as you can without hurting her.
If she succeeds, then shower her with affection and make it clear she and it means a lot more to you than just sex. If she becomes upset over raping or attempting to rape you then tell her you really, really wanted to have sex with her, but you were too worried she couldn't give meaningful consent like this.

Regardless, you want her to feel safe in your arms.
No. 416279 ID: fdad59

Tense up and awkwardly stammer that her holding you so close and stroking your back is kinda, sorta, and completely without your control, turning you on... Uh, maybe she could let go a little, please?
No. 416297 ID: b85f8c

Relax, Bo. Cuddling is just fine.
No. 416311 ID: c6ec33

Purr a little, and invite her to visit your cave and see your paintings after this is all over~

Continue to act cute. She might be warming up to the cute side of you~ :B
No. 416341 ID: 0d7a83

Put it in.
No. 416342 ID: 6c61ee

Try not to get a boner. Fail at trying not to get a boner. Question boner "For what purpose do you do this?"
No. 416361 ID: 9718f3

Keep up the casual conversation! If it gets too awkward maybe use your wound as an excuse to get her to back off a bit. If she IS coming onto you, this is basically the worst time for it ever. She's been on an emotional roller coaster the last few days, and the last hour or so especially.

She may have also simply taken your assurance that her not loving you is okay as meaning that embracing like this wont bother you. She could simply be looking for comfort. Not enough info to act, really.
No. 416413 ID: d1e9bf
File 133814775023.png - (15.38KB , 865x850 , boaganer.png )

U-u-um okay I-I'll try not to... uh... p-purring? I don't know if I c-can...

W-would you l-like to see them? W-when we get back?
"...That'd be nice. What do you paint?"
Oh, u-um... I-I don't know, s-stuff t-that I see...
"Could... could you could paint me sometime?"
I-- uh-- I g-guess I c-could...
"Thanks, Bo..."

She r-rests her head o-on my shoulder.

O-ow, careful, t-that still kind of h-hurts..
"Oh! S-sorry."
It's f-fine...

She m-moves.

"You give good hugs, Bo."
B-but I'm not h-hugging you, you're hugging--
"It still counts."
Co-- could you let me go a b-bit, please, Gren?
"But... but you're nice to hug..."

She readjusts herself a-and runs h-her c-claws down my chest--

O-ooohhhh gosh-- I-- she needs to stop right now--
No. 416414 ID: b0d466

Go ahead and untangle yourself before you get raped, Bo.
No. 416417 ID: e3f578

After feeling weak she wants to feel strong now
Bo, dude, you are in a very bad, awkward place and her being a chick is going to feel like your taking advantage of her in the mornign if this continues.

RESIST! Just go and get some Pentcave Monthly after this! If this teasing goes on for much longer you're gonna go nuts and lose any ability to resist! Stop this before it gets worse Bo!

"Hey, Gren, I love hugs and everything but uhhh I'm getting uncomfortable. Like, this hurts in ways you can't even imagine."
Then when she argues against it go
"This is bad for dudes! Totally bad for dudes. Not cool! Not cool! The brain is an awful place and is hurting me I'm getting a headache now. Ow, ow ow ow ow"
No. 416420 ID: b22c7f

Well, unless you're hoping for something more romantic, you could let her keep going and see what happens, Gren seems to have something in mind. Otherwise you could mention something to make her back off. Maybe something like "That armoured guy".

Or you could totally let her do her thing. She's not drunk or anything, it's cool.
No. 416431 ID: 6e44d2

Heh. This is unexpected.
No. 416432 ID: 131de9


Might also want to try and get an idea where her head's at by throwing some of her recent statements back. Particularly "Didn't you just say you could never think of me that way?"
No. 416435 ID: f2cd76

take advantage of her now and she'll probably hate you for it later. I'm talking about long-term hate here.
No. 416447 ID: fdad59

Ask her, point blank, why she's actively working to turn you on. You thought she wasn't in to you. You know the both of you will feel horrible later if you go through with what you think is coming, so say "no," and break away.
No. 416450 ID: b9e291

Don't say "no". Don't talk about how this is "wrong". Just hold her claw away from you and extricate yourself. The idea is not to escape her, but to entice her. As your physical superior she could pin you down and have her way with you, but if that happens she'll be OK. She is acting on her fears that you will do so to her, just like the last two, so if you can be strong and hold back, without lying to her that you don't want it, then you'll be able to alleviate her fears, and that will bond you and her far more than a quick romp in the heat of the moment. Just think how much better it will be when it happens again, and again. Third time's the charm. If she gets upset, tell her you're holding back because you care about her and love her.
No. 416468 ID: c460ad

This. You can't really afford tact at this point.

Also this.
No. 416473 ID: b85f8c

Why, Bo? Don't you like her? Why is it making you uncomfortable, exactly? Is it the suddenness? Or are you just afraid of scaring her with your MASSIVE DRAGON DONG? Warning her that if she keeps touching you like this that you'll get an erection seems appropriate if it's the latter. Simply asking her why she's so affectionate would work for the former.

Don't panic. Calm down. She is your friend and you can talk to her. She's not going to rape you.
No. 416522 ID: a5c529

And then you get SPRUNG... maybe he likes big butts.
No. 416524 ID: a5c529

Just lay there... she will do what she needs, just lay there... that's probably the best thing to do, and contain that orgasm you're about to have.
No. 416568 ID: d1e9bf
File 133817316704.png - (15.25KB , 865x850 , problems have been solved.png )

D-didn't you just say that you c-could never think of me that way?
Why are you d-doing this to m-me?
"What am I doing?"
Y-you're stroking me a-and holding on to me and r-rubbing me a-a-and it's making me very uncomfortable!
"O-oh, I-- I'm sorry, I didn't--"
Just s-stop, please? I'm r-really confused right now!
"I'm sorry! I... I d-didn't realize what I w-was doing. I didn't mean to... oh Tiamat... I don't know why I was-- I... maybe I just wanted to be close to someone... I didn't mean it like that, Bo."
...C-could you l-let go of me now p-please?
"...D-do I have to?"
No. 416569 ID: a83682

"Hugging is fine, but anything more than that is an iffy prospect right now..."
No. 416570 ID: 132b99

"well, no, but can you let me move to a more comfortable position?" then flip over to your belly. so that you are laying next to eachother.
No. 416578 ID: bdb3f8

"You don't have to, but please don't start something you don't mean."
No. 416579 ID: fdad59

Say you'll be fine if she keeps it to a close hug, and doesn't rub or stroke you. You just need a minute to calm down and focus. Then lay down so your back is facing Gren, and she can hug around your lower neck. Just no more wrapping around you.
No. 416585 ID: e3f578

"No, I have to go relieve myself now. Okay?"
Just be straight up honest, because you've already said you're turned on and you gotta take care of this stuff like a take-no-shit professional. Just, go to the dragon bathrooms that they probably just made for you guys.

I get that this might be embarrassing to even talk about or consider, but the alternative is thinking about this ALL NIGHT LONG and resisting every urge. Can you do that Bo? Do you have that willpower Bo? Few men do, so be careful taking that risk. I'm serious.
No. 416590 ID: dcd48d

Pretty much this, say that it's not that you don't like it or anything, just that it kinda builds up a false hope.
No. 416610 ID: a83682

Psh, there will be things to take his mind off of it. Like food! Even if you don't go to the dinner, you should eat some stuff.
No. 416623 ID: b9e291


No. 416626 ID: 09e5bf

I vote for a combination of these two
No. 416627 ID: b85f8c

No, I guess she doesn't.
No. 416660 ID: c6ec33

Bo: Give in, and say that's it's okay, but only as long as it's just hugs. Explain that both of you are emotionally compromised right now, and you don't want things to get even more confusing by sending the wrong signals.
No. 416676 ID: a2fa74

Tell her it's ok, but she should stop.
Then ask her to let you move your legs so you don't accidentally poke her.
No. 416687 ID: 6c61ee

How do you deal with inappropriate boners as a dragon in general anyway?
I mean, it's gotta be pretty damn hard to hide.
No. 416767 ID: b2112e

Strange as it may seem, this is a very good idea. This doesn't have to be some huge massively awkward test of willpower; you can go have a fap and let the refractory period make the problem moot. Gren can snuggle you all she likes afterwards; everyone's happy!
No. 416768 ID: c1f108

Well, for my sake I can only say...

Boaga needs to lose the dick.
Life is much easier without the sex drive.
No. 416770 ID: 6e44d2

Maybe easier, but who says that the easiest life is the best life?
No. 416772 ID: c1f108


Who says he'd have the easiest life after that.

Just easier.
No. 416773 ID: b85f8c

Hoo boy no.
No. 416777 ID: 35037c

"now you can keep hugging me, but just don't do anything funny"
No. 416790 ID: fed066

Be polite.

"Excuse me a moment, I've got to go fist my cock like a madman."
No. 416794 ID: 35037c

fap fap fap
No. 416802 ID: d1e9bf
File 133825138795.png - (14.99KB , 865x850 , the sad is still happening.png )

Wh-- No! I-I'm not going t-to do that! T-there's no place to-- N-n-no!

No, it's o-okay, just... p-please, don't start that if you d-don't mean it.
"Bo-- I didn't start anything. I didn't even realize what I was doing."
I-- okay. Let me roll over.

She lets go long enough for me to roll onto my belly. Once I settle in she latches right back on.

"Hey... thank you. I know I'm making this awkward for you, b-but... you're helping me, Bo, e-even if you don't know it."
Y-you're welcome.

We lay there, her head tucked into my side. After a while, I-- I feel tears against my scales and I can hear her sobbing. S-she's crying again, a-and harder than before. S-should I say something, or...?
No. 416803 ID: b85f8c

No, just let her let it out.
No. 416807 ID: c601c8

Don't say anything yet. Just cuddle her back in some way, with arms or tail or whatever. Wait a bit longer to see if she will say anything more on her own before interjecting.
No. 416810 ID: f2cd76

crying is cathartic. let her be.
No. 416813 ID: 35037c

Sometimes you just need to release it (teehee) just let her cry it all out.
No. 416869 ID: c315be

Offer to cheer her up by painting her like one of those French girls.
No. 416870 ID: a2fa74

Wrap your arms around her.
No. 416874 ID: fa9f7e

My response to
this is the same as before.
No. 416881 ID: b2112e

Just let her be. You're already doing what you need to.
No. 416883 ID: e3f578

Dude, you're just her big fat metaphorical pillow right now.
Pillows aren't supposed to talk back, dummy.
That'll freak her out.
No. 416937 ID: a5c529

I love you...
No. 416966 ID: 7050a4

No words, only comfort.

If it'll help, maybe hug her with your tail since you're not facing her, but no words. Let her cry the emotional pain out.
No. 416988 ID: 742815

Time to tell Gren to get her dirty hands off of you! But seriously, leave. She will come crawling back as putty in your hands.
No. 417015 ID: b85f8c

Maybe you could hold her hand or something.
No. 417099 ID: d1e9bf
File 133834736388.jpg - (66.15KB , 800x600 , aNJpc.jpg )

I stay quiet and try to cuddle her as best as I can. It's hard for me to, though, without hurting my shoulder more so I end up curling my tail over her back. It's kind of an awkward position!

A long time goes by. Gren goes back and forth between crying and just holding me. She's quiet when I realize it's almost time for the meal.

Grennie, hey.
"...y-yeah, Bo?"
I think it's time to go. Are you gonna be okay?
"I t-think so."

She slowly gets up. We both walk outside and meet Aleise.

"Oh, I was just about to see if you two still wanted to come! Are you ready to go?"
"Yes. We need to visit your tailor as well."
What? Why?
"Humans place a large amount of emphasis on clothing. I had something made as to not show disrespect."
I don't understand...
"Nor do I. Humans are odd."
No. 417101 ID: d1e9bf
File 133834739060.jpg - (83.98KB , 800x600 , WoDZd.jpg )

We're escorted into some kind of marketplace. Not many people are out, probably because of the rain, but most of them leave pretty fast once we get there. Gren goes up to a window and is handed some kind of long dark blue cloth which she then wraps around her neck with a little bit of trouble. I still don't understand. I guess I should complement her, though, right?

That, um, that looks good with your scales, Gren.
"Thank you! You should try wearing it."
Um, n-no, no thanks.
"Come on, just once."
It’s okay, I--
“It’d look good on you!”
“Come on, stand still!”

She unwraps it and then loops it around my neck. I kind of stand there while she laughs and tells me that I should wear it instead. I g-guess I can’t say no.
No. 417102 ID: d1e9bf
File 133834740511.jpg - (175.33KB , 800x600 , jZ2sw.jpg )

We get to the front door of the palace and are lead through a lot of tall hallways until we come into a huge room lit up with a bunch of candles. There's a big table in the center and a bunch of people are running around putting things on it. A bearded man wearing nice clothes and a cape comes out of another door. He notices us and throws his arms out. I guess this is the lord?

"My lady! I am glad you could make it. I see you have brought your friend as well. Please, both of you, have a seat! Dinner should arrive shortly."

He motions to two large comfy-looking cushions on one side of the table. On the other side is a normal chair. We all sit down, while the servants do the stuff that they're doing. One really stands out to me. It's a large thing with bent legs, sharp-looking head, and light brown fur all over its body. It's carrying a tray of silverware and, uh, it seems to have collars connected by chains around its arms and neck. I-- I've never seen anything like it before.

I'm at a loss here. I think I should just leave the talking to Grennie.
No. 417106 ID: 132b99

yes, but if she struggles to say something start talking.
No. 417107 ID: a5c529

stand in as body guard as usual
No. 417110 ID: 0c4729

Yes, let her talk. Just try and mind your manners. Don't break anything!
No. 417114 ID: b2112e

Try not to fidget with your scarf.
No. 417129 ID: fdad59

I think the conversation perspective has shifted to Gren from Bo.

Introduce Boaga to Lord Gailegh. Comment that you are thankful the palace interior is so unusually roomy; You were wondering if you might have had to take dinner in the courtyard. Ask what will be served for this meal.
No. 417142 ID: b9e291

That thing is called a sergal. They're common for no explicable reason. The chains are to keep it from hurting humans.
No. 417389 ID: 67e689

Introduce Boaga, and, politely, ask what the creature is.
No. 417393 ID: e3f578

No way this is R. Knight
This guy just has way too much class
Look at his hat! No horns at all. And his beard... so classy
No. 417470 ID: a2fa74

That's a SOUTHERN sergal. They're mostly peaceful; farmers, not fighters.

Make a note to ask about that later. Specifically, ask if Humans consider enslaving lesser creatures to be acceptable.
It will be fun to watch him get flustered when he tries to explain why it's ok for humans to do that but not more powerful beings. Like dragons.
No. 417473 ID: d1e9bf
File 133842078228.png - (14.93KB , 865x850 , human talkan gaems.png )

Thank you for inviting us. This is my friend, Boaga.
I have to say, I am thankful your palace is large enough to accommodate us. I was afraid we would have had to have this meal in the courtyard.
"Oh, but that would make me a poor host! I would never dream to demean you in that manner, my lady."
Of course. Might I ask what will be served?

He motions a servant over to the table.

"What is the selection today?"
"Beef seasoned with black pepper in peppercorn gravy, slow roast pork, quartered red potatoes in butter and rosemary, roasted spinach-stuffed tomatoes, a salad of romaine hearts, spinach, and diced cucumber with vinegar dressing, and a selection of fine liquors, sir."
"That sounds excellent. Thank you."
Yes, thank you.

I am not sure at all what most of that meant. I assume it's good, though, because this man eats it. I notice the thing that is holding Boaga's attention. He looks like he's thinking about trying to talk to it.

If you do not mind me asking, what is that strange creature?
"A gift, from the leader of a nation in dusty plains far to the south. I do not know much about it, other it doesn't seem to speak any language of man and does not seem to be intelligent. It seems to be somewhat adept at serving, if nothing else."
I see.
"My lady, I admit that I am intrigued by you, and I wish to know more about you. I hope you would not mind if I ask you a few questions?"
...That is fine.
"Where do you live, Grentonis? And do you live alone?"

I'm not sure how I should answer these, if at all. Another servant comes by and asks me if I would like any alcohol. Mead sounds... very good, but might not be a good idea right now.
No. 417474 ID: a2fa74

Strike up a conversation with the slave.
No. 417475 ID: 132b99

just describe the general mountains and that while dragons stick to their own caves they all live relatively close together.
No. 417477 ID: b85f8c

Yeah, that.
No. 417478 ID: fa9f7e

Politely pretend he said nothing and inquire about various details of the food preparation.
No. 417490 ID: e3f578

"No, I have children. And I'm very protective of them. I do live in a mountain valley near a forest about a day from here. I must apologize I don't know the actual name in your human tongue, but we dragons don't use maps or travel far so we've never needed them. This journey is an exception."
No. 417502 ID: b85f8c

...they're just eggs.
No. 417504 ID: fa9f7e

And? She's still protective of them, and children are seen as more of a threat than eggs, less likely they'll try to track them down.
No. 417590 ID: b85f8c

And saying we have children would be lying.
No. 417679 ID: f2cd76

no alcohol.
No. 417689 ID: 6a5a08

No, it'd just be a partial truth. Nobody mentioned their age.
No. 417690 ID: d79664

Talk now, mead later; we don't want loose lips now do we?
No. 417729 ID: b0d466

You live: In a cave. You have a few neighbors.
Don't go into more detail--the location of your eggs/treasure hoard is top secret!
No. 418087 ID: d1e9bf
File 133859572082.png - (14.89KB , 865x850 , dragdate.png )

I decline the drinks.

I live in a range of mountains with my children. There are a few other dragons nearby but they keep to themselves.
"Interesting! Is your childrens' father watching over them, or--"
They do not have a father.
"...I see. I am sorry."
It-- it's fine.
"Then, if you don't mind me asking, are they being supervised at all? I do not wish to doubt your skills as a mother."
Yes, by a trustworthy aquaintance of mine.
"You seem to think they are capable so I will not press the issue any further."
I am curious about the food that will be served. I am not used to such... delicacy. Forgive my ignorance, but I have never heard of "seasoned" or "gravy".
"Ah, yes. 'Seasoned' means it has been given flavor through the use of spices or certain plants. 'Gravy' is a, well, a sauce usually made from the otherwise unusable parts of meat."
Hah, given flavor? Isn't the meat flavor enough?
"Haha, not for humans, no."

Several servants deliver plates of smaller food items. The smell of cooked meat wafts in the air. The servants leave and the room is empty save for us three. Gailegh gives a deep sigh.

"I was afraid we would never be given privacy. My lady, I am still very curious of your reason for coming here. You seemed rather reluctant to explain. I understand if it is too much of a sensitive subject, but it would still be a great help if you were to tell me the entire story."
No. 418090 ID: fa9f7e

I was raped by a knight. Given the cost of the armor and the considerable magical training he had, I know he is wealthy, if not noble. And given the interest you have shown, Gaileagh, I suspect it could be you. Why should I simply not turn you into the cooked meat you love so well here and now?"
No. 418098 ID: 132b99

that's a pretty heavy implication out of nowhere. and heavy handed too.

"while resting in my cave a knight appeared. i thought i knew why he came, revenge for some slight i may have done. we battled he blocked my fire and teleported to dodge another. then when i scored a hit he threw a knife at me, poisoned. i was paralyzed and he came forth i thought he was going to kill me. but no, he.. he..... he raped me!" start crying and tell boaga to finish.
No. 418121 ID: fdad59

Ask Lord Gailegh to move closer so that only he can hear, warn him that you're going to have a hard time recounting what happened, and that you've only told your good friend Boaga everything.

Tell him the beginning: That a man in chainmail and a horned helmet, armed with a sword, came into your home. You attacked him with dragon-fire, as you always do with trespassers, but he blocked it with magic, then teleported next to you. As you moved to hit the man, he threw a dagger at you that was coated in a poison. When it hit, your muscles lost all their strength, leaving you helpless. You could do nothing as the man approached and... raped you...
No. 418131 ID: e3f578

A knight burst into my lair. I figured he was after a dragon's horde or glory like many other knights. He defeated me using a paralytic poisons and defensive magic.

Rather than killing me, he took advantage of the poison and pursued to violate me.
No. 418348 ID: d1e9bf
File 133870970756.png - (16.83KB , 865x850 , still more tears.png )

...Please, come closer. I-- this is very hard for me. I've only ever told Boaga this, so I m-might have trouble retelling it.

I-it was three days ago. I was resting in my home when a man-- a-a man in chainmail and a horned helmet entered. I responded with fire, a-as I always do with tresspassers, but he... he used magic to block it. I went to strike him instead and he threw a poisoned dagger at me, a-a-and-- I w-was paralyzed-- I couldn't move and I j-just laid there...
"My lady...?"
H-he came up to me, a-and-- he raped m-me...

I break down, and Boaga is there for me.

"We've been looking for him ever since that, and the trail we've been following lead us here."
"That's... that is despicable. We cannot allow such a monster to exist. I give you my word, my lady, that we will bring this man-- no, this... this less-than-man, to justice."
T-thank you...
No. 418362 ID: b85f8c

Try and pull yourself together. Tell him what you've learned from the guy at the magic shop, at least. The one you're looking for has some skill in magic and a decent amount of funds, and has just gotten back into town after being gone for a few days.
No. 418394 ID: 067a04

Bo, do a silly little dance to cheer Gren up and lighten the mood.
No. 418402 ID: 35037c

No. 418403 ID: 132b99

describe the poison.
No. 418652 ID: 503921

Also that him for his anticipated discretion in the matter.
No. 418654 ID: 503921

No. 418690 ID: dcd48d

These, also thank him for offering to help in general, he is a good man to have done all that he has for you and Bo already and now he seems to be offering to do even more.
No. 418967 ID: d1e9bf
File 133893628933.png - (12.65KB , 865x850 , slab of meat.png )

I trust t-that you won't r-retell this to anyone else.
"I wouldn't dream of it. Can you divulge any other details? They would be helpful in creating a, ah, a cover story for the guards, to explain why they're hunting this man."
All we know a-about him is that he's somewhat skilled in m-magic and moderately wealthy.
"That will do. Thank you for telling me this. This man is obviously a danger to all, not just dragonkind."
N-no, thank you. You've done so much for us.
"Anything for you, my lady."

I'm able to pull myself together before the food arrives.

That... that smells delicious.
No. 418973 ID: 132b99

boaga takes a bite first. let him chew and swallow. then after it's sure it isn't poisoned eat it.
No. 418977 ID: e3f578

There is one additional detail. Not only does he like dragons, he likes anything lizard-like. We got that info from a lizard lady on the road, granted, all he did to her was leer creepily or act funny, but he's a lizard fucker that one.

Why aren't you ripping that fucking thing apart.
No. 418980 ID: fdad59

I bet it tastes delicious too. Eat it slow and savor every bit.

Yes, do add that a draconian lady you talked to who the man passed said he was intently staring at her the whole time.
No. 419059 ID: 0b7fa2

Yeah we need to mention the draconic lady and his intense staring session.
No. 419120 ID: c6ec33

Eat the meat, pass out from drugging, and wake up in bondage gear in a dungeon.
No. 419122 ID: b85f8c

That's insulting.

Just eat it. You're so big that it would require a huge dose of whatever to affect you, and you'd be able to smell that.
No. 419340 ID: d1e9bf
File 133902617570.png - (43.76KB , 865x850 , MEAT.png )

This is good-- Oh. Yes, that one woman. I wait until the servants leave again, and then tell him about their encounter with the man. Gailegh thanks me again.

The night progresses Boaga and I eat our fill of this delicious food. I drink, but he doesn't. I've had better mead, but this will do. Gailegh, Boaga, and I talk, mainly about ourselves and my past. I don't learn much, I guess, but I don't mind. Not tonight. For once in a long time, I am truly enjoying myself. Even though Gailegh keeps hitting on me.
No. 419341 ID: d1e9bf
File 133902620629.png - (30.21KB , 865x850 , night sky and dark.png )

Several hours go by until we leave. Boaga and I walk back through the now-empty streets, guided by Aleise. I might be, ah, a little drunk. Just a little.

Okay, I drank enough to kill a human, but I still feel great.
No. 419342 ID: d1e9bf
File 133902622072.png - (13.58KB , 865x850 , now what.png )

Mmmh. That was nice...

I don't feel tired at all. I want to do something. I just wanna do something that'll make me forget about everything bad for a bit.
No. 419345 ID: b0d466

Raze the town.
Burn it to ashes.
No. 419346 ID: 6a5a08

Ask Bo to expand his background tell you a story.
No. 419347 ID: e3f578

Ask that lady if they have anything that could get a dragon high.
No. 419348 ID: 132b99

there isn't much anything that will do that and not make you feel bad in the morning. do dragons even DO casual sex?
No. 419352 ID: bfb5b6

No. 419355 ID: b85f8c

Ask Bo to draw you(like one of his french girls).
No. 419356 ID: fdad59

Hey, you could ask Bo what was in that sack he brought to your cave for safe keeping.
No. 419375 ID: a2fa74

Cuddle with Bo. Ask him what's wrong. Notice how incredibly attractive you find his scale pattern.
No. 419388 ID: b2112e

storytime go!
No. 419421 ID: a83682

Story time!
No. 419423 ID: b0d466

No. 419527 ID: 9718f3

The obvious answer is to drunkenly seduce Bo. But he'd be all, "No Gren, you're drunk." and, "You said you didn't feel that way about me." and if you did convince him, you'd freak out in the morning and that would suck for everyone involved.

So instead, you should play the oldest game.
No. 419665 ID: d1e9bf
File 133911407640.png - (16.34KB , 865x850 , scales.png )

Cuddling? I've done a lot of cuddling today. Because of the bad stuff. I don't really want to do more of that.

...Damn it, there's something up with Bo. Fine.

You look down, Bo. What's wrong, huh?
"I'm tired. It's--"
Wow, I never noticed how nice your scales look-- Oh, sorry, go on.
"...It's just been a long day, you know? I'm tired and hurt and just drained. We got a lot of stuff done. though, I guess."
Yeah we did. Hey, what's in that bag you left in my cave?
"Um... I don't..."
Come on, you can tell me!
"It's a rock."
Haha, what?
"Yeah... it's the only thing I have from my parents. We lived next to a river, and there were these flat round stones everywhere. I took one with me when I left."
Oh... Hey, Bo.
Can you tell me a story?
"Oh-- You know I'm not good at that stuff..."
Oh, come on. You can do it. Please?
No. 419666 ID: d1e9bf
File 133911410193.png - (9.11KB , 865x850 , storytiem.png )

There was this, uh, this dragon, and, uh...
No. 419672 ID: c4a1fc

He ate coal and shat diamonds. He liked flying over coal mines to terrorize the miners, eating coal and leaving to make them think they were safe, then shitting out diamonds to kill them.
No. 419686 ID: e3d099

He was big and strong but girls didn't like him because he was kind of a jerk.
No. 419691 ID: 132b99

let's not take from life.

he was a.. ICE DRAGON! and lived in the north! he was the leader. but the gold ment men didn't live there so finding shinnies was impssible.
No. 419697 ID: e3f578

he had golden scales and was a pimp! Of humans, goblins, elves, kobolds you name it. He had as many hos as he did scales. Oh, have I referred to him as a male? Oh I meant this pimp was a chick! She took no shit from her bitches or thier clients. You didn't pay gold you found your entire village's heads right under your bed sheets.
No. 419705 ID: 35037c

This pimp was a humanizer who loved biting off the genitalia of those who were disobedient
No. 419710 ID: e3f578

The pimp was also a vampire dragon
No. 419746 ID: d1e9bf
File 133913659084.png - (16.73KB , 865x850 , storytiem2.png )

...He was an ice dragon. W-who, uh, who lived far in the north.
No. 419747 ID: d1e9bf
File 133913660103.png - (17.13KB , 865x850 , storytiem3.png )

But, uh, because there wasn't much of anything in the north, the dragon didn't have a hoard. This made him really sad, so, um, he...
No. 419748 ID: 09e5bf

He made castles of ice, and sold them to nobles.
No. 419749 ID: e3f578

There is a solution to this problem that is ALSO pimping out bitches. Obviously he should pimp out bitches to get lots of gold and get a good horde.
No. 419750 ID: fcd67b

Played in the river near his cave!
No. 419753 ID: c6ec33

He moved south, and opened a snow-cone stand using his ice breath. C:
No. 419798 ID: fa9f7e

ate coal and shat diamonds
No. 419802 ID: 6a5a08

No. 419817 ID: d1e9bf
File 133917498774.png - (26.84KB , 865x850 , storytiem4.png )

He moved far, far to the south! And, um, he sold snow-cones!
Yeah, um, just bear with me. He sold snow cones made from his ice breath and everyone enjoyed them.
"This is stupid, Bo."
I-it's gonna get good!
No. 419818 ID: d1e9bf
File 133917500523.png - (16.86KB , 865x850 , storytiem5.png )

So the dragon sold a lot of snowcones and had a nice hoard, because, um, sometimes people paid in gold and jewelry? Uh... Oh! But the members of the local snowcone guild were upset because he took their profits and they wanted him to leave!
No. 419819 ID: 09e5bf

The ice dragon should try to placate the guild with a story.
No. 419832 ID: 132b99

they fought him, but he's a dragon and won. but no one got sno-cones anymore out of fear. so he had to move again. he was getting tired of it.
No. 419834 ID: a5c529

You know this could have been avoided if you would've been pimpin' dem bitches
No. 419836 ID: b85f8c

Then he turned them all into ice statues.
No. 419854 ID: e3f578

He said "fuck you, fuck your shitty businesses, and fuck your shitty weather. You got shitty service and that's why everyone flocks to my snowcones. You think I'm going to listen to a bunch of assholes who can't match MY product? Give me one damn reason why I should leave, because I guarantee you, there may be a strike on your hands from your market of customers when they learn my superior top-tier shit got flushed down the drain by you faggots. 'It's a corperate state!' They'll say."
No. 419857 ID: 9718f3

They had a snowcone competition to see who had the best snowcones and the one with the best got to stay. And the judge was the prince of the land and the ice dragon thought he was totally cute.
No. 419885 ID: d1e9bf
File 133918944417.png - (22.66KB , 865x850 , storytiem6.png )

The dragon got really mad. He had the best snowcones, not these humans!
So he fought the humans, and turned them all into ice statues!
No. 419886 ID: d1e9bf
File 133918945913.png - (15.97KB , 865x850 , storytiem 7.png )

But then, no one wanted to buy any more snowcones because the dragon had just frozen a bunch of people.
No. 419888 ID: e3f578

Big pimpin' time?
Big pimpin time.
No. 419900 ID: 131de9

The End?
No. 419909 ID: a5c529

Big Pimpin' Time
No. 419918 ID: b85f8c

Let's compromise and say he went looking for other dragons because he was bored and lonely.
No. 419919 ID: 252e1b


What happened when the ice statues melted?
No. 420032 ID: d1e9bf
File 133921578495.png - (19.32KB , 865x850 , uh oh.png )

"The end."
"It's the end."
Well, what happened after that?
"I-I don't know."
What happened when the ice statues melted?
"I don't know!"
Bo, you're the worst damn storyteller ever.
"I told you I wasn't any good!"
Well you should get better then!
No, nevermind. You suck at these kinds of things anyway!

Bo rolls himself over.

Great, now I have to find something else to do.
No. 420033 ID: 132b99

let's look out the window.
No. 420035 ID: 6a5a08

Who's peeking through the curtain?
No. 420036 ID: e3f578

Tell HIM a story.
A story about that pimp dragon, maybe that one you talked about in that weird white background place where people pound you with nonsensical questions, mostly about sex.

Seriously, come ON, someone tell me a story about a pimp! There ain't enough pimps! Badass pimps that you can respect, son. And make it a lady pimp, they're the best.
No. 420053 ID: e894c0


in slam poetry form.

No. 420060 ID: 9718f3

Actually, yeah. Better show him how it is done. Gotta tell Bo a story now. No excuses, it is only fair.
No. 420068 ID: a5c529

Gather 'rpund children it's story time, and gren will be telling the story
>> When people told their pasts with stories, described the future with stories, and foretold the future with stories, the best place by the fire was kept for... the storyteller.
No. 420069 ID: a5c529

No. 420089 ID: e1359e

Try to convince Bo to kill himself. That way, that twerp will be out of your life forever, and you will not have to live with the guilt of killing him!
No. 420090 ID: 131de9

Ooh! I've got it! Do an incredibly suggestive dance to continue driving Bo slowly insane with mixed signals!
No. 420128 ID: c6ec33


And it should totally be an allegory for how you and Beodox got into a relationship and then he went off.

Then you can cry on Boaga some more. C:
No. 420141 ID: d1e9bf
File 133926917653.png - (10.26KB , 865x850 , storyagain.png )

Haha, teasing Bo like that might be fun. I think I'll just show him how to do stories right now, though.

Okay, I'm going to tell YOU a story.
"Please don't--"
There was this dragon, and she wanted something to do.
No. 420142 ID: 09e5bf

She wanted to rescue the prince, who had been captured by an evil wizard.
No. 420149 ID: e3aff6

She wanted to rescue him because the king was offering a ROYAL RANSOM for the prince's safe return.
No. 420150 ID: 132b99

but gold was not what she had in mind for reward.
No. 420159 ID: c4a1fc

She wanted the power to eat coals and shit diamonds.
No. 420167 ID: e894c0


knight. make it an evil knight. also the princess is a prince.
No. 420182 ID: 6e44d2

It already said prince, and we don't want to be too on-the-nose here.
No. 420196 ID: d1e9bf
File 133928182080.png - (12.49KB , 865x850 , storyagain2.png )

The prince had been kidnapped by an evil wizard and the king was offering a royal ransom to whomever could bring the prince back! Of course, the dragon expected more. So she went to the evil wizard's tower, where the prince was being kept...
No. 420200 ID: d3ccca

and was promptly killed because Gren's a bitch and doesn't deserve to tell stories.
No. 420201 ID: e894c0

she killed the wizard and rescued the prince except the prince was the wizard who had changed clothes. haha, stupid dragon.
No. 420203 ID: 132b99

broke open the door and started fighting. the first floor was easy enough simple beasts that died from her flames.
No. 420205 ID: 09e5bf

No. 420206 ID: b85f8c

And then Gren interrupted herself because Bo wasn't saying anything, asking him if she was being a bitch again.
No. 420256 ID: d1e9bf
File 133929506148.png - (28.20KB , 865x850 , storyagain3.png )

And she broke open the front door and killed everything inside, which was easy because she was a dragon. Then she did it again and again on each floor because she was a dragon.
No. 420257 ID: d1e9bf
File 133929508106.png - (25.75KB , 865x850 , storyagain4.png )

So she made it to the very top floor, where the evil wizard was keeping the prince. The wizard looked really powerful, so she had to actually think about she was going to kill the bastard!
No. 420259 ID: 132b99

she got out her omega sphere, a golden ball studded with one of every gemstone capable of deflecting anything. and charged in. she let the wizard hit her with a few minor spells and knocked him around a bit. then when he used his best spell she deflected it with the sphere and while the wizard was weak from the spell, slew him.
No. 420262 ID: c4a1fc

She was secretly Rogdort the Freezinator, and could also breathe liquid nitrogen. So first she breathed fire the wizard would have to make an ice shield, then flew behind him and breathed nitrogen, freezing the stupid wizard to the ice shield forever.
No. 420264 ID: e894c0

first she farted, then she breathed fire. the entire tower was explodinated. which, uh, I guess means the prince just died?
No. 420304 ID: 7acb8e

However, human wizards are arrogant (and slow) and while he was summoning up his magic for a mighty spell the dragon devoured him in a few bites!
No. 420312 ID: fed066

Before she could act, the wizard cast an immobilization spell...
No. 420330 ID: d1e9bf
File 133931390480.png - (17.60KB , 865x850 , storyagain5.png )

She charged toward the wizard, shrugging off a few little spells and shocks. But when the wizard began to use his final and strongest spell, the dragon used the, uh, the omega sphere! Which could deflect anything! The wizard's spell got reflected by sphere and flew back, frying him!
No. 420331 ID: d1e9bf
File 133931391850.png - (10.79KB , 865x850 , storyagain6.png )

So she untied the prince, and...
No. 420332 ID: 7acb8e

Easy, took him back to the castle, got paid mad coinage, and took on a contract to harass the enemy villages and farms for a hundred years.
No. 420333 ID: 09e5bf

She took him back to the castle, got a big reward and lived happily ever after.
No. 420335 ID: 0a2c8b

A paladin in heavy plate armor comes out of nowhere and throws a dagger coated with paralysis poison at the dragon.
No. 420337 ID: e3d099

raped him to the bone
No. 420338 ID: 132b99

you are all nuts.

the prince was so grateful he offered the dragon to marry him, becoming the queen.
No. 420375 ID: 9718f3

Nonono, the prince offered to help her find a super cute male dragon to live happily ever after with. Luckily there was a northern ice dragon who was already in the kingdom and he had, like, so many shinies it was ridiculous so when they got married they had a super huge hoard together because of his shinies and her reward. And they lots of kids and lived happily ever after.
No. 420376 ID: b85f8c

Haha, that's great.
No. 420378 ID: 4bdd79

No. 420383 ID: e894c0

the wizard stole the omega sphere.
No. 420393 ID: 67e689

Both of these.
No. 420620 ID: d1e9bf
File 133937803598.png - (10.98KB , 865x850 , storyagain7.png )

The price was really grateful, so he proposed to the dragon. She declined because she was a dragon and he was a gross stupid human. So instead the prince offered to introduce her to another cute dragon from the north!
No. 420621 ID: d1e9bf
File 133937804897.png - (29.42KB , 865x850 , storyagain8.png )

The dragon had a bunch of shiny expensive things and they liked each other! So they shared his stuff and her reward and they had a huge hoard, and they had a bunch of kids and everyone lived happily ever after. The end!

"...What was the point of all that?"
"The story. Why did you tell this? What's the point?"
No. 420622 ID: b0d466

"'cause your story didn't have an ENDING, stupid"
No. 420626 ID: 132b99

"because it's fun! doofus."
No. 420629 ID: 927efa


What happened when the northern sergal?
No. 420702 ID: b85f8c

We wanted to give your story a happier ending, while also telling one of our own.

Also we're restless and need something to do.
No. 420754 ID: c6ec33

"Because I'm not in the mood for a story that doesn't have a happy ending right now."
No. 420779 ID: dcd48d

This! the male dragon was obviously the one from your story Bo!
No. 420860 ID: d1e9bf
File 133944771704.png - (11.24KB , 865x850 , complaining.png )

Well, your story didn't have an ending, stupid!
And I'm just not in the mood for a story that doesn't have a happy ending right now.
"Okay-- I-I'm sorry. I know you're not, uh, sober, b-but you're just acting very strangely."
Look, I'm restless and wound up and I want something to do. I don't want to think about anything bad. Just good things. Do good things with me, Bo.
"But it's so late..."
No. 420862 ID: 132b99

boaga, you show the lady a good time, you hear?
No. 420880 ID: 927efa

No. 420885 ID: b85f8c

It sounds like you are implying sex, Gren. If that's the case you should strengthen your implication by doing that stuff that turned him on.
No. 420913 ID: 6e44d2
File 133945868025.jpg - (17.57KB , 307x409 , worstinventions_clippy.jpg )

I imagined that coming from this guy.
No. 421002 ID: e894c0

ditch the party pooper and go to a tavern.
No. 421003 ID: e1359e

Yeah, lose this wimp and find a strong dragon

Bo has done nothing but let you down time and again.
No. 421014 ID: dc383e

Why did you let him come along in the first place anyways?
No. 421038 ID: c460ad

Do this.
No. 421041 ID: 67e689

Do this.
These are obviously trying to make you leave Boaga, which won't be good for anyone. Don't listen to them.
No. 421072 ID: dcd48d

Pretty much this but maybe more dance or something and less sex.
No. 421107 ID: 9718f3

Sexy dance it is. Bo can't dance because he's injured, so you have to make it fun for him to watch, or else it's just you having fun and that's not good at all.

Pass out half way through. Then wake up with comedic hangover and lack of recollection of previous night's events post-dinner.
No. 421280 ID: d1e9bf
File 133954085048.png - (15.04KB , 865x850 , time to gtfo.png )

What-- NO! I'm not-- I'm not implying that! I mean, I still think it'd be fun to tease him a bit, but... I don't want that.

...That came out wrong.
"I-I was gonna say..."
Would you like to dance?
"My shoulder..."
Oh Tiamat-- Bo, you keep on letting me down.
"I'm sorry--"
I mean, at this point I'm wondering why I even brought you along.
You can just lay there and do whatever it is you do when you're alone. I'm going to go out and do something fun.
No. 421281 ID: e3f578

Switch to Bo
And you like her, why again?
Circumstance that she was the only woman near your home who wasn't annoying?
No. 421282 ID: 4c4ae4

You can play games! 20 questions? Tic-tac-toe, drawing with your claws? Or perhaps you could practice platonic massages. I bet you have a lot of built up tension.
No. 421301 ID: 9718f3

He's letting you down? Grentonis... you're the one who scared the cart that collided with him, it is at least half your fault he's injured in the first place. And you are the one who left the poisoned dagger behind. You've made mistakes too.

On the other hand, Bo, after being injured and having his love rejected by you spent hours with you when you were at your lowest. Doing nothing but being there for you when you needed it, asking nothing in return, because he is a good friend.

And now you are saying rather cruel things to him and planning on abandoning him when he is injured and in unfamiliar environs? What, because he got injured? An injury you are partially responsible for?

Stop being a bitch Grentonis. Be there for your friend. Start by apologizing, then let him get his rest. But stay with him! He's hurt, it is an unfamiliar place, and while Gailegh has been very kind, not all of his subjects will be. Bo could be at risk if left unattended, especially in his weakened state. Make this small sacrifice for your friend.
No. 421303 ID: b85f8c

Grennie: Go "Oh wait, nevermind lol" because you're drunk. Then tell Bo if he can't think of anything to do you're gonna just amuse yourself by teasing him with your body.

Bo: Desperately think of something to do. Word games, maybe? You could make art for her.
No. 421306 ID: f453e3

Wow, you're seriously holding Bo's injury against him?

How does anyone like you, again?
No. 421308 ID: b0d466

Ohhhh she's drunk. Give her a break!

Gren>Paint the town red--with fire!
No. 421315 ID: c891d3

Why would that ever be a good idea.
No. 421467 ID: e894c0


it wouldn't.
No. 421514 ID: dcd48d

At this point, pretty much this. I can't think of one real positive quality about her. She's prideful and full of herself while being crap in a fight against a human with a poisoned pig sticker and horribly unstable emotionaly. Bo, go home and find a better mate, you deserve it.
No. 421958 ID: 067a04
File 133965947842.png - (245.16KB , 865x850 , big moment.png )

"G-Gren, do you want to play tic-tac-toe? W-we could draw, with our claws!"

"Goodbye, Bo. I'll be outside."

"Word games! 20 questions! I'll start!"

She's not listening to me. S-she.. She never listens to me.

Gren! Y-you.. You. You. It's always about you!

No. 421960 ID: 067a04
File 133965956694.png - (332.10KB , 865x850 , the fire inside.png )

I put up with it before. I loved you. I still do. But it's so hard to love you, Gren. When you tore me away on this, this hunt, I followed you, because I wanted to be near you, to help you, to do anything for you!


I've watched you, and the way you do things, and I don't like it! You've hurt people, Gren! Even I got hurt, just for you! No, not for you. For love. I don't know you, 'Lord Grentonis'! I don't even think you know yourself! But that's all you care about: yourself!

"You.. Boaga, shut up. S-shut up!"

You think you're the only one with fire inside you, Grennie? The only one that can kill? I thought I needed you before, but I never have, Gren. You're the one that's needed me!

"Boaga.. B-Bo.. Stop it. Stop it!"

As if you even could! You're weak, Gren! You've always been the weak one. I've just never understood before. But now the only thing I can't understand is why I ever cared about you! Maybe it was because you were the only girl nearby! Maybe I was just crazy and I wanted a CRAZY GIRLFRIEND!

No. 421963 ID: 132b99

"maybe when you stop trying to kill all your problems!"
No. 421973 ID: e894c0

I'm not sure that's how you're supposed to treat rape victims, but meh.
No. 421974 ID: b85f8c

Ugh. I don't know what you guys are even doing anymore.

You realize that we're the ones making Grentonis a jerk, and then having Bo react badly to it, right? You're MAKING them fight. This isn't their fault. This is your fault. And now their relationship is fundamentally broken.
No. 422012 ID: 299ed3

I'm legitimatly confused here, what are you trying to say? You just quoted a saying without any context.
No. 422016 ID: e3f578

Bo, no
Don't attack a rape victim's self esteem, especially when she's your friend (even if she's being a bit of a bitch), shit son, I just wanted you to realize for yourself to help you get over her.
Low blow man, now you the selfish one. I mean hell, think of all the shit you just said, you were in it acting the nice guy for pussy man. The fuck do you come off, asshole?

(I know the irony, I've attacked Gren's self-esteem as her mind voice too but trying to wake her up and make her more self-aware when it seems like her own voice seems like less of a douchebag move)

Gren, the right thing for you to do if your bored is go take a walk and look at the stars and shit. Maybe roll around in the dirt and get hype if that ain't enough for you.
Bo, you just chill out and enjoy the fucking stars, you done enough today.
No. 422023 ID: dcd48d

I support this. Go home or somthing Bo. If she is going to treat you like this after you've done so much for her she's not worth your time.
No. 422024 ID: dcd48d

Hey I supported the dance option and etc, I never told Gren to be a huge bitch to a guy who has followed her through this whole trip for the sole purpose of helping her.
No. 422040 ID: a2fa74

Both of you stop it.
Gren: You were being a jerk to Bo. Don't be a jerk to Bo. He shouldn't be getting and lashing out at you, but his words cut deep because he's mostly right and you know it.
Bo: This is wholly inappropriate. You've gone well past calling her out for being mean and on to attacking her.
Both of you: Settle down, apologize, and make-up.
Bo: Hug Gren.
Gren: Kiss Bo.
No. 422045 ID: f70e5e

this. lets not let this get out of hand.
No. 422050 ID: 9718f3

Bo: Okay, you let your emotions run away from you a bit and you've gone too far with your words. You need to calm down and apologize, but your concerns are real and can still be made to be heard.

"I-I'm sorry, Gren. That wasn't fair of me. I j-just got so fed up with being treated like a... like a toy. Like if I don't do everything you want you'll just walk off and abandon me. It h-hurts to think a friend doesn't really care about you."

Really? Fine, I'll support it, but on the condition that it can be a totally platonic kiss if Grentonis feels like it.
No. 422233 ID: 69ce9e

Slap fight time.
No. 422523 ID: af3431

Keep at it, Bo. Gren's been nothing but a bitch to you this whole time, taking advantage of you, then abandoning you when it was convenient. You always end up getting hurt because of her while she sits pretty and laughs. It's time you gave up on her lost, whorish cause and took your life back.

Besides, you haven't said anything that isn't true.
No. 422561 ID: d1e9bf
File 133978758085.png - (31.81KB , 865x850 , rage approaching critical mass.png )

NO! I'm sick of your bullshit! You've just been taking advantage of me, my help, and then you just don't give a fuck about me! You abandon me whenever it's convienent for you! And all this, after I've done so much for you! Like how I spent hours comforting you while you held onto me and cried into my shoulder!
No. 422563 ID: d1e9bf
File 133978759408.png - (14.68KB , 865x850 , talkan again.png )


And... you did that because you trust me. I-- I'm sorry, Gren. I just don't want to be treated like that anymore.
I'm not taking back the things I said. It's all true. But Gren, I do care about you. It just hurts to think that, as a friend, you don't care about me.
"...Damn it, Bo. It's-- it isn't like that. I care about you, too, and I'm thankful for everythting you've done for me."
Well then why have you been treating me so badly?
"I-I don't know. M-maybe I've just been taking you for granted. I've been ignoring your feelings."
Then, please, realize that I have feelings too. I was ready to walk out that door and go back home, injured shoulder and all.
"Wh-- n-no! Please d-don't do that! Please. I-- I need you. I need your help. I don't think I can do this without you, Bo."
No. 422565 ID: e3f578

"Then please, calm down. If you want to go do something, go do something, but please don't blame me for your boredom. I've been through enough today, okay? I'm not responsible for that. If you need emotional support, I'm there for you, but right now I can't do anything much else, let alone something active like dancing or shopping. I really need rest; there's probably a decent friend around here somewhere if you honestly do need someone else to go have fun. The servant lady might have some decent ideas for a human."
No. 422623 ID: af3431

Bo, what the fuck do you think you're doing?

You're letting her win again.

Just man up and tell her the truth.

"You're right, Gren. You can't do this without me. But this isn't about you anymore, this is about me, and I can sure as hell do whatever I want without you."
No. 422626 ID: 132b99

who cares about winning? he just wants to take a nap.
No. 422644 ID: b85f8c

Gren, it's probably because you feel like you have to be as dominant as possible to compensate for the shame of what that man did to you, and the shame of having to cry on Bo's shoulder about it. You're a proud dragon. Proud of your strength, and he made you weak.

On the other hand you used to bully the villagers near you a lot. Perhaps bullying is in your nature.

That would be incredibly selfish. We're not past the point of no return, here.
No. 422725 ID: 6e44d2

Jeeeeeezus! So much drama.

Bo, just do what you gotta do to keep the peace and not get walked all over, and forget about Gren as soon as all this is over. She just isn't worth your time or attention in any sense. Find some other cute dragoness who isn't a frigid bitch.
No. 422804 ID: 1f8397

Hey, there is no sign she is frigid.

Kind of a bitch..yeah.
No. 422865 ID: 5db3c3

Of course you'll stay and help her. You just might need her to help you help her occasionally. And part of that is accepting your limitations and not being a jerk about them. For now, that means letting you finally go to sleep. So tired....
No. 423024 ID: dcd48d

Tell her as long as she is willing to treat you like a person with real feelings you are willing to stay with her, you meant everything you said before this fight too.
No. 423107 ID: b0d466

Bo> Leave.
No. 423230 ID: 2532ff

Kill each other...
No. 423262 ID: d1e9bf
File 133989934387.png - (16.28KB , 865x850 , a need for closeness.png )

I won't go, Gren.

She-- oof! She hugs me.

"Okay okay thank you! T-thank you. I really need do need you."
Okay-- Just, please. I meant everything I said. Don't be like that anymore. Don't blame me for you being bored. I just want to stay here.
"No, it's-- it's fine. I want to stay with you. I always wanted to stay with you. That's why I wanted you to come have fun with me."
W-well, I'm sorry. I'm tired and hurt. I just want to sleep.
"That's okay. I should, too."
Yeah, you're... you're kind of drunk.
"Y-yeah... Hey, Bo?"
"Do you mind if I, uh... If we... stayed this close? While we sleep?"
No. 423265 ID: a2fa74

Bo: "Ok"
Gren: You just said "I always wanted to stay with you.". Kiss Bo!
No. 423266 ID: c891d3

Man, Gren is just made of mood swings today, huh.

And also made of mixed signals. Uh. I guess?
No. 423270 ID: c460ad

Downvoting the kissing. Trying to get them together right now, after all the emotionally confusing shit that's gone down today, would be a really bad idea.
No. 423281 ID: a504b7

Bo: Rape Gren, as a joke.
No. 423287 ID: 88edf8

Gren: Rape Bo
Bo: Rape Gren
No. 423290 ID: fa9f7e

Still the best plan(s).
No. 423311 ID: 6a5a08

[Be Galiegh]
No. 423313 ID: 132b99

just sleep
No. 423317 ID: 067a04

I like this idea!

No rape, please. Such a thing is below Bo.
No. 423325 ID: b0d466

hoppin' on the anti-rape train here
No. 423332 ID: fa9f7e

Galiegh IS Rapeknight I tell you!
No. 423335 ID: eba9b6

hurry up and rape each other already