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File 132962693127.png - (46.69KB , 865x850 , hurr im a durrgon.png )
387602 No. 387602 ID: 9c7c3b

I am a mighty dragon.

I need a mighty name fit for such a mighty dragon.
Expand all images
No. 387604 ID: ed57e8

Lord Grentonis
No. 387605 ID: 4bdd79

No. 387606 ID: 299ed3

derpmouth the destructive
No. 387607 ID: eb91e1

No. 387609 ID: 6e1234


No. 387613 ID: fa9f7e

Rodgort the Freezinator
No. 387615 ID: 3fb0b6

Pickles the Terrible
No. 387619 ID: 6a5a08

No. 387620 ID: 459534

Iridescon, Bane of Livestock (or Gnomes, or whatever)
No. 387621 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132962918868.png - (7.52KB , 865x850 , a challenger appears.png )

Yes, I am the mighty Lord Grentonis, a title given to me by the local populace out of fear. I have terrorized the surrounding area for many years.

It seems that someone has entered my lair.
No. 387622 ID: fa9f7e

Freezinate it.
No. 387626 ID: b6edd6

No. 387629 ID: 6e1234

check to see if he's worth your time, if not eat him
No. 387631 ID: e3f578

"Yo bitch, what's up?"
Shapeshift into an attractive human
No. 387633 ID: ed57e8

and if you are hungry visit also means become food.
No. 387636 ID: 3fb0b6

Remember passed encounter with those who are not dragons, then eat him anyway.
No. 387639 ID: bccf7b


The only proper response.
No. 387641 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132963347965.png - (24.44KB , 865x850 , they dead.png )

There have been others, yes. Their bones litter the floor.
No. 387642 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132963351077.png - (19.23KB , 865x850 , he knows about timed hits.png )

I call out to it, demanding its purpose.

It answers by drawing its blade.
No. 387643 ID: 6e1234

No. 387644 ID: b6edd6

Sounds like MEAL it is then. Apply DEADLY BREATH to CANNED FOOD.
No. 387651 ID: 1854db

Don't hold back. Also this guy might have fire resistance, so don't expect him to die immediately.
No. 387666 ID: 365adf

Careful guys, he knows about timed hits.

Insult his mother and then burn him.
No. 387681 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132964406297.png - (15.40KB , 865x850 , rollin wit da wizzads yo.png )

I let forth a gout of flame, but it protects itself with a strange blue shield.
No. 387682 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132964407862.png - (17.60KB , 865x850 , zap mothafucka.png )

It then dissapears with a pop before re-forming a short distance away from me. I may actually have to stand up to deal with this.
No. 387688 ID: 1b0f2f

Oh god a teleporting knight. Run out of your cave in a panic and head for town where it's safe.
No. 387695 ID: 1854db

Don't be lazy. Get into a proper fighting stance and smack him with your giant claws.
No. 387698 ID: ed57e8

spin around and tail slam him.
No. 387699 ID: 6e1234


Yeah go ahead and tail smack him, if nothing else that puts your neck out of his reach for the moment
No. 387717 ID: 307b84

Haha! Now you should teleport behind HIM! That'll teach him!
No. 387728 ID: b82a1d

Hmm. Judging from how well-prepared this guy seems to be, you're probably doomed. I'd try to do things he doesn't expect a dragon to do. Do you know magic? If not, if you've got any big pieces of treasure nearby, I'd try to hit him with one of those.
No. 387735 ID: b6edd6

This. Throw a statue or boulder at him, than breathe fire again. If he disappears, immediately jump forward and tail swipe behind you.
No. 387742 ID: cf49fc

Okay, this worked last time. HIP CHECK.
No. 387761 ID: 8947c3

I was gonna say slam him with a wing, but you don't appear to have any.
No. 387812 ID: 063c28

Can you fly? If so, take the fight outside and attack him from the air, staying out of reach of his puny melee weapons.

Hell, even if you can't fly, just kite him with firebreath.
No. 387819 ID: a2853b

Immobilize him by speaking a really bad pun.
He can use magic, that means he must be intelligent.
Intelligent minds react to terrible puns like gears to a misplaced wrench.
No. 387820 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132971266154.png - (17.88KB , 865x850 , throwing knives are improbable.png )

What? I-I am not "doomed"! This will be easy, I'm sure!

I attempt to whip it with my tail, and deal a solid blow. It throws a kni-- AGHHH! That really hurts!
No. 387821 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132971268040.png - (14.17KB , 865x850 , oh fuck.png )

I... I don't feel so well.
No. 387823 ID: ed57e8

shit, poison, use you magic to cast cure poison.
No. 387825 ID: b82a1d

Now if you're lucky, this is a prelude and you'll wake up just in time for plot to happen to you. If you're unlucky, nice knowing you.
No. 387826 ID: 450b8d


If you have the magic to do this then do so

if not, well...good luck
No. 387829 ID: a2fa74

Call him a jerk.
Then flee.
No. 387845 ID: 1b0f2f


No. 387846 ID: 9718f3

Call him a jerk and start crying cause it really hurts.
No. 387856 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132972279322.png - (17.27KB , 865x850 , yeah i\'m like that on the weekends too.png )

I turn to flee, but it's s-so hard to move. I can't m-make it. I collapse just a few feet away a-and can't get up.

I can barely keep my head up. I-I think this is it...

...oh tiamat what's it doing?
No. 387857 ID: ed57e8

oh god no, is it not a dragon slayer but a dragon LAYER? it's going to kill your young and force you to carry it's horrible spawn, use the ultimate self sacrifice move to kill him so your children will live.
No. 387858 ID: a2fa74

"Oh no! Now there's nothing I can do to keep myself from being ravaged by this mighty knight! Woe is me~"
No. 387860 ID: 450b8d

Omg yeah it does look like he's doing something with his pants

I know it's hard to move now, but if you're capable of shapeshifting then change into something small and try to hide

I don't really know what else you can do except maybe trying to bite him in half or something when his guard is down with the remainder of you're strength
No. 387861 ID: 450b8d

No. 387862 ID: 1854db

Pull the dagger out and throw it at him- wait you don't have any thumbs.

You're boned. Collapse and whip your tail at him some more while breathing fire, I guess.

Stupid reptile.
No. 387864 ID: ed57e8

pull it out with TEETH
No. 387865 ID: 1b0f2f

Lift your tail and sway it gently back and forth. This will threaten him into submission.
No. 387877 ID: 508026


No. 387878 ID: a2853b
File 132973048670.png - (202.26KB , 492x605 , Capture.png )

>oh god no, is it not a dragon slayer but a dragon LAYER?
He doesn't look like a bard....
No. 387879 ID: ed57e8

which is why he had to use poison to make us weak instead of charm.
No. 387882 ID: 27d756

this make my day!
No. 387883 ID: e7a3b6

Before was a Jester toiling with the collection of the dragons eggs!!
No. 387893 ID: 5c8475

I... I... oh god. oh god oh god oh god
No. 387920 ID: 0d7a83
File 132976249529.jpg - (49.91KB , 702x429 , 09-11-09_Cross-classing.jpg )

>doesn't look like a bard

Cross-classing bastard.
No. 387922 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132976336335.png - (10.70KB , 865x850 , jesus what am i about to draw.png )

I tr-try to hit him again but I'm so weak and I can't do the fire right now but I keep trying and he just grabs my tail when I swing it and... and...
No. 387923 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132976339075.png - (18.25KB , 865x850 , i feel like a horrible person.png )

oh no no tiamat help me nonononoooooooo please no stop no

No. 387924 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132976344539.png - (2.17KB , 865x850 , how original.png )

No. 387925 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132976346451.png - (5.97KB , 865x850 , afterward.png )

No. 387926 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132976348150.png - (7.13KB , 865x850 , silhouette.png )

"...Grentonis? Are you okay? I thought I saw someone and I heard fighting--"


"Grennie, please, is everything alright?"

It's a f-friend of mine... I can't even remember his name, or a-anything about him, really...
No. 387934 ID: a2fa74

Is the knight still there? Warn your friend about him.

Don't push your friends away, that's not going to help anything.

Since this follows literary tropes, what will you do with your coming bastard spawn?
No. 387936 ID: 74e474

Warn friend, accept halp.
No. 387943 ID: 0d7a83

Disregard pride, acquire shoulder to cry on.
No. 387945 ID: 7082e3

No. 387946 ID: 459534

Ask his name and tell him what happened. :(
No. 387947 ID: 450b8d

Yeah this
No. 387948 ID: 459534

I don't think we'll have to worry about a bastard spawn. Unless s/he had jerkass parents, Lord Grentonis is probably male.
No. 387949 ID: b6edd6

That name was given by the villagers. I doubt they can tell, or particularly care.
No. 387950 ID: 5c8475

start binge eating to attempt to cope with trauma. start with this guy. proceed to eat all of your other friends too. and finally, when you're all alone in the world and have nobody left who cares about you at all, realize that no matter how hard you try, you can't ever fill that emptiness inside of you with food or meaningless slaughter. proceed to kill yourself becaue it's the only thing to do that might free you from this cruel, cruel world.
No. 387954 ID: 118cf5

weep openly.
No. 387961 ID: ed57e8

there is a clutch of eggs next to the treasure pile.
No. 387963 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132977533964.png - (7.99KB , 865x850 , yeah i know nothing bout perspective.png )

The... knight... left a-about an hour ago.

No, I'm not okay... Please, don't leave.

"Where are you? I don't see you anywhere."

Over here, on the far wall.

"What happened to you, Grennie? Are you hurt?"

No-- well, yes, but...

"Is there anything I can do?"

I don't know.
No. 387964 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132977536641.png - (5.58KB , 865x850 , like dis if u cry evrytime.png )

"Why are you hiding over here, Grennie? It's not like you to hide. You don't hide, ever."

I was attacked... Someone came in here, and tried to kill me.

"Well I know that isn't the first time that's happened, Gren. It's practically a monthly occourance for you."

No, no-- This one was different. It had some poison, and it hit me with it, and I couldn't move, and...


It raped me.

"...oh. I-- um-- should I-- Do- do you want to be alone, or..."

I still can't remember his name. Maybe I should just try a few and see what sounds right.
No. 387966 ID: e3f578

His name is Broseph The Unknown
No. 387968 ID: 5c8475

it could be Boaga.
No. 387969 ID: ed57e8

he is a lesser dragon so he is simply jacob.
No. 387971 ID: d234a2

No. 387972 ID: 0d7a83

Quib-Quib is his name.
Because his parents were jerkasses.
No. 387973 ID: 4bdd79

No. 387979 ID: e2430b

His name shall be Brosephbobjacobquib-quibboagabrosef.
No. 388008 ID: 450b8d

I like this one
No. 388009 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132978216792.png - (10.51KB , 865x850 , talkan gaems.png )

That's right, his name is Boaga.

"A-are you hurt or anything? He didn't hurt you, right?"

No, no, just a scratch, no.

"Do you know if he- uh- if you got-- are you going to have--"

I really don't know.

"Hey, I'm... I'm so sorry. I can't begin to understand how horrible that must have been for you. If there's anything I can do for you, anything, just tell me, okay?"
No. 388010 ID: 40cb26

Simple company would be nice, you are still vulnerable from the poison after all. And needing to feel safe besides. Not that it is really important right now, but did that lout take your treasure as well?
No. 388012 ID: ed57e8

yeah check your gold and eggs. if you have a hard time moving still have him bring your eggs over to you.
No. 388015 ID: 742815

Well in your post-traumatic depression and self-loathing, then become a prostitute.

You would make a great

DRAG queen
No. 388016 ID: a2fa74

Have HER bring them over since dragons are a single-gender species so we don't have to add another character to explain where those eggs came from.
No. 388018 ID: ed57e8

gren just said HIM.
No. 388019 ID: a2fa74

If they only have one gender then why would either pronoun be wrong?
No. 388020 ID: 459534

Get him to hunt down and skin the bastard that did this. Ask politely.
No. 388030 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132979144538.png - (9.76KB , 865x850 , quick check.png )

I'd like it if you could stay with me a bit, Bo. You make me feel safe.
"I can do that."
Thank you. Could you check if... everything over there is where it should be? It's still a little hard to walk.
"They're still there, Gren. Don't worry."
Oh, oh good, thank Tiamat, good. Thanks.
"Anything for you, Gren."
No. 388031 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132979147681.png - (12.38KB , 865x850 , talkan gaems 2 electric boogaloo.png )

I'd ask him to kill the one that did this to me, but I think that that'd be too much to ask. He's been so nice to me and I don't want to abuse that. And besides, I'd rather do that myself. Maybe I'll ask him to help me... later.
No. 388032 ID: ed57e8

only thing left i can think of to ask is to get something to eat, so you can recover your strength.
No. 388037 ID: 74e474

Aye, get some foods, then start gathering info so we might bring justice to this lowly villain.
No. 388038 ID: d234a2

Do you even know if you can cross-breed with dirty humans?
No. 388047 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132979940305.png - (7.80KB , 865x850 , out the door.png )

It'd be nice if you could get some food.
"You know how bad the hunting's been lately, Grennie."
I know, I-- It'd help me get better...
"Okay, okay, I'll see what I can do."

Thank you... hurry back. Please.
No. 388048 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132979942127.png - (11.47KB , 865x850 , this story is outside of a cave.png )

I know of a few places I might be able to get something for Gren. I could try hunting something in the forest below, like I said, the hunting's not that good these days. I could also see if one of the other two dragons in the range can help, we're on good enough terms. There's also a village nearby, but that's usually Grennie's forte.
No. 388049 ID: ed57e8

well it is food for her so i don't think she would mind you going to the village. snatch up a cow or something.
No. 388050 ID: ed57e8

if they don't have cows then forget it. the last thing she needs is another person intent on battle coming here. instead ask the others for help.
No. 388058 ID: 1854db

Ask for help. Hunting in a group can be easier.
No. 388075 ID: 5c8475

get her favorite.
No. 388077 ID: 1b0f2f

Woah he... he did her so hard she can barely walk. Ponder on that for a minute there.
No. 388079 ID: ed57e8

no that's the poison.
No. 388126 ID: f74559

I think right now it might be a good idea to stay away from the village, we don't want to draw any more attention to ourselves right now while Gren's in such a weak state
So I suggest going to the forest for now, and if hunting is really that bad right now it might be a good idea to bring along a friend
And maybe one of your friends would have heard something about this knight that is apparently going around and raping dragons or maybe they might know what kind of poison was used so we can counteract it later in the future
No. 388160 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132987192962.png - (14.52KB , 865x850 , oh gosh.png )

What-- He did-- I-- that's n-not something I want to think about!

I don't think she really has a favorite food, but she always did like a kind of mead the villagers made.

I'll go to Acolon for help in hunting. He'd probably be more receptive than my other option.
No. 388161 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132987195449.png - (13.67KB , 865x850 , panorama.png )

There he is. What should I say?

I'm doubting that explaining Grennie's condition to him would be a good idea. She's always tried to be tough and noble, and having word of something as degrading as... that... getting out would probably upset her.
No. 388162 ID: ed57e8

just explain the poison and fighting bit. she was wounded in the scuffle but is alive, the foe used a poison so she can't hunt at this time but she needs the food to get better.
No. 388163 ID: 1854db

Sure, okay.
No. 388165 ID: 13d5ea


Yeah this should be good
And I think that identifying that poison should be one of our top priorities after helping Gren get better
No. 388167 ID: ed90b5

No. 388260 ID: 5c8475

don't even tell him anything about Gren. just ask for help on getting some crap from the village like mead and cows and shit.

man, why don't any of you guys have WINGS
No. 388293 ID: edd4b2

Wings are for people that need wings. They obviously don't need wings.
No. 388294 ID: cf49fc

Obviously, to take that guy out, we'll need a jetpack. Go to the most powerful artificers, whether they be dwarf, elf, human, or dragon, and offer to lend your magical dragonfire in exchange for a jetpack.
No. 388300 ID: 9c7c3b
File 132995257210.png - (12.92KB , 865x850 , talkan gaems 3 revenge of the talkan.png )

Dilupune-- the, uh, other one living in the area-- has wings, but I really would like to avoid having to talk to her.

Um-- Excuse me, Acolon--
Yes, hello, uh. I'm sorry to interrupt, sir, but I-- er, Grennie--
Ah-- yeah, sorry-- Grentonis was attacked and poisoned, and it's hard for her to move, so she asked me to get her some food, but the hunting's been--
"You and I both know how prideful Grentonis is. She is not one to ask for help."
"Even with missing limbs and broken bones, she would still attempt to raid the village to feed herself."
"And if that were the case, doubtless you would be much more panicked."
"So why would she ask for your help, of all possible courses of action? You are either lying to me with the goal of having me obtain a meal for you, or there is something about Grentonis that you are not telling me."

I-- Grennie would be very upset with me if I told him, but he's not going to make this easy for me otherwise.
No. 388304 ID: 1854db

Tell him you can't tell him why. If he won't help you, you'll just go do it yourself.
No. 388305 ID: e3f578

"Something horrible happened to Gretonis that has shattered her pride and character, as well as crushing her spirit, its her private matter I'm not allowed to share. She's hungry but her willpower's been drained. If I find something good, maybe she can get it back."
No. 388318 ID: 13d5ea


Ah yes, this sounds good
And if he still won't help, then I guess you'll just have to do it yourself
No. 388351 ID: 40cb26

We shouldn't say so much about her condition, even if we don't say why. That isn't fair to her.

"She asked for my help because she needed it and I was there to ask. Beyond that I am obliged not to say. If that is not enough for you then I will go without your assistance."
No. 388380 ID: ed57e8

No. 388470 ID: dd1171

tthis and hope he? don't get angry
No. 388475 ID: 5c8475

that secret really isn't yours to reveal- it's Gren's. so don't tell him.
No. 388565 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133004384343.png - (11.12KB , 865x850 , he\'s the size of a house.png )

Okay, he's standing up now. He's kind of scary.

Look, I was just there when she needed me, and I really don't think she'd want me telling you what happened! I was going to ask for your help, but I don't need it, so--
"Then go. Best of luck on your hunt, whether Grentonis is involved or not. If you lie to me again I will kill you."
No. 388567 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133004389915.png - (14.76KB , 865x850 , talkan free or gaems harder.png )

...Well that could have gone better.

"Hey, smallhorn!"
Aaah-- uh-- hey Dil--
"So I heard you mention Gren! What happened to her? Did she finally realize Beodox wasn't coming back?"
No, she, uh... no.
"Aw damn. It's about time she should realize that the bastard just wanted to fuck her. Hey, are you still crushing on her?"
"So where are you going? Why're you just walking around my mountain?"
No. 388569 ID: 84184d

well, she sounds friendlier than Acolon... not wanting to kill you and all...
So Dil asks whether Grennie has still a crush on Beo and you still on Grennie? Don't you like to talk to her as she may be interested in you?

Let's try the same attempt again!
No. 388572 ID: ed57e8

just "i'm getting her some food, she is sick"
No. 388577 ID: 3542ea

Aye, ask for info about this crush, and help getting food for Gren
No. 388585 ID: 450b8d


I would just say this for now

And don't ask for help at the moment, maybe this new dragon will offer to help first if you're lucky
No. 388607 ID: 5c8475

uh. when he says 'smallhorn', is he referring to the one in your, uh, y'know?
No. 388692 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133013023619.png - (11.31KB , 865x850 , talkan gaems tokyo drift.png )

Aco's usually not that harsh and Dilupune's being okay right now. She's usually a lot more mean toward me. Calls me a lot of... mean things. She's really nosy, too! And n-no! She doesn't mean... my... that! though I wouldn't put it past her.

I don't have to ask her about Grennie and Beodox, though. I was there. About four months ago, some guy calling himself Beodox found his way to our little mountain, saying that he was some extraordinary traveller that flew in from the east. Dil, Aco and I saw right through him, but Grennie... I'm not sure what she saw in him. She spent a lot of time with him and stopped talking to the three of us. And uh-- after about three weeks, G-grennie, uh, had eggs. Beodox up and left the next day. Grennie kept telling herself that he'd come back, but it was pretty obvious to the three of us that he never would. We knew he was only in it for, um, Grennie's... uh, features. So now she's alone with a clutch of eggs, waiting for someone who won't return and that... that really makes me sad.

And, um, I- I do like talking with Grennie, a-and I do like her... a lot... but she's been through a lot and after all that stuff with Beodox, I'm not sure if she'd, uh feel the same way about me.

Well, Dil, Grennie is pretty sick so I'm going to get some food for her.
"Oh! Well maybe I should go pay her a visit!"
N-no! She's, uh, very contagious!
"Fine. You're pretty stupid, you know that? You're gonna get just as sick as her."
Aheh... yeah...
"Oh, the things people will do for the ones they care about. I think I saw some deer out there today, so good luck on your hunt, loverboy. Hehehe."
No. 388693 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133013025125.png - (17.43KB , 865x850 , deciduous forest.png )

Okay, I'm at the forest. The leaves fall off around this time of year, so there's barely any life here. Any ideas?
No. 388695 ID: d81abe

Be a ninja. Be a silent assassin of those pesky deer. Or go ask the villagers to replace the "d" with a "b" and get her a drink.
No. 388697 ID: 1b0f2f


Hold perfectly still. Your white body will blend with the snow and nobody will be able to see you.
No. 388699 ID: c6ec33

What the rock thing at top left?

Also, is that smoke off in the distance?
No. 388703 ID: 450b8d


Is that an entrance to a burrow in the top left? Go investigate to see if there's anything to eat in there

If there's nothing there investigate the smoke off to the right
No. 388805 ID: 5c8475

how's your sense of smell?
No. 388844 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133020675048.png - (18.51KB , 875x850 , buncha rocks cool.png )

I think my sense of smell is better than Grennie's or Dil's. I'm not sure about Acolon's. The smoke is from the village, I think. It's about half a kilometer that way, so it could be from a fireplace or something like that.
This looks like a burrow. And I'm pretty sure there's something inside. I think I can hear it breathing.
No. 388848 ID: 047f9d

Inspect. Be polite about it.
No. 388853 ID: 1b0f2f

Unless it's tasty. In which case be extremely impolite.
No. 388859 ID: 5c8475

bring it to Gren alive and squirming.
No. 388894 ID: 1854db

Catch it.
No. 388920 ID: 95cda2

Dig out the burrow and catch whatever's inside
No. 388939 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133022700708.png - (19.49KB , 875x850 , oh good idea.png )

Here we go. I can't really smell it or see anything, though. Hopefully it's edible and Grennie will like it. Though I'm pretty sure deer don't stay in burrows--
No. 388940 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133022702170.png - (20.95KB , 875x850 , fucking ow.png )

AGH aaugh ow ow ow! Aaaaaugh. Ow. Okay. Okay. It's not a deer. It's got claws, sharp claws and it's not going to-- Aaaaagh this hurts! They don't usually fight back!
No. 388941 ID: c4a1fc

For future reference, you should've used your claws, not your head. Not even your paws, just the hard, keratin-formed claws. You just got attacked by something poisonous and/or explosive, didn't you?
No. 388942 ID: c4a1fc

It's probably a mother wolverine with cubs. You're fucked. Run. Run far, far away. Flames will not save you.
No. 388946 ID: 1854db

Use dragon power. Of some sort. Maybe collapse the damn warren onto it.
No. 388948 ID: 6a5a08

What kind of sissy dragon are you? No wonder everybody pushes you around. Man Dragon up and use your own claws!
No. 388953 ID: 450b8d

If you can breathe fire then shoot some flames in there and roast it alive.
If not then use your own claws. Really, sticking your head in there when you didn't know what it was wasn't really a good idea.
No. 388982 ID: 95cda2

Burn it to death.
No. 388992 ID: 7987b6

OK, well, seems like we're going to have to read off some simple facts of how to not die.

1: Don't stick your head into things that you don't know where it goes. Use your hand, weapons, or, better, a 10-foot pole.
2: Get fresh food and water often.
3: Do not drink that water that is perfectly clear you will die.
4: Don't get killed.

Other than that, I recommend flames to the burrow.
No. 389009 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133024811534.png - (20.45KB , 875x850 , need a light.png )

I know I know that was stupid I'm sorry! I wasn't thinking! Okay I'll j-just set it on fire!
No. 389010 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133024812955.png - (18.68KB , 875x850 , burnt bear.png )

Okay, so m-maybe that wasn't the best idea. It was a black bear, but now it's a, um... blackened bear. I'm not so sure if Grennie would like it at all, but it's almost nighttime so it'd be almost impossible to catch something else for her. I-I don't want to dissapoint her, though...
No. 389011 ID: ed57e8

bring it and skin it. the insides should be good.
No. 389033 ID: c3ec0a


Eat it civilized.
No. 389038 ID: 1854db

You probably just burnt its fur. Removing it would make it tastier.

Bring it to her.
No. 389055 ID: cddb8f

Yeah, I don't see why the meat underneath wouldn't still be good. So just go ahead and skin it, all that hair would nasty anyway.
No. 389065 ID: 5c8475

you're bigger than I thought, but your skin is a lousy excuse for a dragon hide. what's with that?
No. 389123 ID: 725464

It's a lot of tiny scales.

Anyways. Yeah, just take fur off.
No. 389137 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133030429850.png - (9.82KB , 875x850 , jaws are hard yo.png )

Alright, I hope it'll still be good on the inside.
I thought my skin was normal? I mean, I only really have Grennie to compare to, though.
And, uh, to be fair, this is kind of a small bear.
No. 389138 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133030434864.png - (15.41KB , 875x850 , worried.png )

"Hey, Grennie."
I'm so glad you're back... Were you able to find anything?
"Yeah, I got a bear, but it's kind of burnt, and I'm not sure if you're going to like it, and--"
It's fine, Bo. Thank you. Wait, what happened to you?
"I-it's nothing--"
No it isn't, Bo! Let me look at it!
"Grennie, it's getting dark and I need to leave..."

Oh, that looks like it hurts. I feel like I should do something, but he wants to leave, and... and... I really don't want to be alone.
No. 389139 ID: 3e85e3

Kiss him!
No. 389140 ID: c4a1fc

Lick his wounds clean and make an omelette with the bear and your eggs.
No. 389145 ID: a2fa74

"Why would you want to leave? I want you to stay here tonight."
No. 389158 ID: ed57e8

"if you leave i wouldn't feel safe"
No. 389168 ID: 6e1234


Yes, both of these
No. 389179 ID: f5c3c6


No. 389193 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133031587415.png - (17.25KB , 875x850 , totes better than actual treatment.png )

K-kiss him? No, I... no!

But... why? Why do you want to leave me, Bo?
"Well, uh it's starting to get dark and um I haven't been back home for a while and, uh..."
Bo, please. Just stay here tonight. If you were gone, I'd... I wouldn't feel safe, Bo.
"..I, uh I guess I can stay, but, uh... just for tonight."
Oh, thank you, Bo... Thank you... Here, let me clean the blood off of you.
No. 389214 ID: 290153

Commence wound licking and cuddling.
No. 389215 ID: ed57e8

eat some bear and then sleep.
No. 389226 ID: c6ec33

Boaga: Do not think sexy thoughts about Grennie. Do not pop awkward boner.

Grennie: Keep licking until he's clean, then share the bear. :V

And then there were totally PG-friendly platonic cuddles.
No. 389249 ID: e1fb71

hug Bo, eat bear.
No. 389263 ID: 715cc0

boaga: fail to hide raging erection
No. 389269 ID: 8f05c1

Commence huggles, and maybe later some sexual healing.
No. 389280 ID: 01ddba

Okay, NOW kiss him :3
No. 389293 ID: 27d278

Hey, there's enough tension right now, especially if he's staying the night. If we want any of that again, we're going to have to wait a bit.

I vote >>389226
No. 389316 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133039021351.png - (11.35KB , 875x850 , sunset.png )

I-I'm not going to kiss him!

I clean his wounds as best as I can. He helps me outside, where we share the bear.
"Yes, Grennie?"
"Thank you, Bo. For everything.
"I... You shouldn't thank me. You would have done the same for me."
"I know, but still. Thank you."
"...You're welcome, Grennie."
No. 389317 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133039022458.png - (10.88KB , 875x850 , dragons don\'t have sleep aids.png )

It's past sundown now. Bo fell asleep quickly, and pretty close to me, too. But I can't sleep. I can't stop thinking about what happened to me, and weither or not tracking down the one that did this is a good idea. Something could go wrong, and Bo or I could get hurt, or worse... We should have some sort of plan.
No. 389318 ID: ed57e8

first, do you still have any of the poison? just a blob on the ground even. get that to someone that can figure out what it is and make a counter potion. with you immune to the poison the two of you would beat him easy.
No. 389320 ID: 27bca0

The issue being it wasn't just the poison that let him beat her, it was just what kept her beat.

Developing a counter-poison would be handy, but we might want to gather support from the other dragons, and maybe info from the villagers.
No. 389324 ID: 1854db

You could hire bounty hunters, too. Humans love gold. Enough to do bad things to eachother for it.
No. 389326 ID: 95cda2

How about moving somewhere with better hunting and fewer humans/other problematic critters?
No. 389327 ID: 6a5a08

Is there any of the poison left on the dagger? If you can identify it and get more, you may be able to build up immunity or resistance by taking lesser doses over time.

Depending on your level of pride, and your neighbors' level of compassion, they may be willing to help. And Dil is a potential target if this guy isn't just going for a one-time thing.

What's the status of your hoard? Mercenaries and bounty hunters may be an option if its substantial and you're willing to part with some.
No. 389339 ID: 6e1234

Identifying the poison is definitely the first step we want to take in order to develop a defense against it.
The next thing we want to do is to try and dig up as much info on this guy as we can, maybe trying to learn things from the local humans or possibly other dragons who have been his victims as well.
We want to be well prepared so we aren't taken advantage of this time and show this bastard exactly what he's gotten himself into when he decides to mess with dragons.
No. 389396 ID: e1fb71

you should keep guarding your eggs while someone else tracks him down for you.
No. 389468 ID: 9f7e8e

Totally hire bounty hunter.

Not plural. They'll just kill eachother if more than one.
No. 389473 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133047607795.png - (12.81KB , 875x850 , oh yeah i have children.png )

I still have the knife and I think there's still some of the poison on it, but I'm not really sure what to do with it. Where would I take it?

I'd rather kill the man myself, but I don't know how well Boaga and I would fare against him. I'm loathe to part with some of my hoard but I guess I could hire bounty hunters to help. I can't do it at the village, because, well... I've raided them several times... so it'd be a delay and I don't want to lose the trail. I could ask Dilupune or Acolon for help, but I don't really want t-to tell them about what happened to me.

...And I can't just leave my eggs all by themselves...
No. 389475 ID: e1fb71


unless you tell them that the more of them make it back, the more each of them will be paid.

stay with the eggs, Gren. do you have any loyal humanoid allies? you could send 'em to a city to do all the investigating crap.
No. 389478 ID: 62e83b

Is it better to keep your hoard or keep your pride. When enlisting help, be it from other dragons or hummens, keep the specifics to you and Bo. He attacked you, you're pissed is as much as they need to know.
No. 389479 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Perhaps we can lure him back somehow by having a message sent to him, that we enjoyed it and wish for him to be our consort.

Then we just lay a trap for him. You can just say that the fucker paralyzed you then stole something very precious from you. That may be a good enough explanation to get some assistance from another dragon. DID he steal some of your hoard?
No. 389487 ID: 3e85e3

Don't worry. You'll have plenty more eggs soon enough. ;)
No. 389491 ID: 303bb5

Don't listen to him, he's clearly a homicidal maniac who ra- I mean a crazy guy who is not capable of being trusted.
No. 389516 ID: 88579a

One option is to leave Bo to guard the eggs and hoard. Especially if you're so keen on dishing out vengeance yourself: some things, after all, require that personal touch.
No. 389590 ID: 95cda2

Maybe you should go raze the whole village~
No. 389600 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133055812918.png - (13.00KB , 875x850 , i never meant for them to be cute.png )

I don't really have anyone I can trust other than Bo, and maybe Acolon and Dilupune.

A trap is a good idea, though. But even if I had a way of doing so, I would never... invite him back. I can tell Acolon and Dilupune that he stole something from me, though he didn't actually steal anything... tangible... so we can't let Acolon find out. He can't stand liars.

I'd rather have Boaga with me if we're hunting him. He took me down completely alone the first time and there'd be nothing stopping him f-from... ah...

I... I'm actually really tired... and Boaga looks so comfortable...
No. 389601 ID: 5eea01

Snuggle together already you damn proud lizard.
No. 389602 ID: 1854db

Get over there you dumb dragon.
No. 389603 ID: 64670d

Just go to sleep next to him, might be better to think about this while sleeping.
No. 389608 ID: 95cda2

Do dragon eggs need warmth like bird eggs? Do you need to sleep on the eggs or just set them on fire every so often?

Don't sleep on Boaga it'll be awkward later.
No. 389610 ID: e1fb71

do what everybody in here knows you're about to do.

and you don't have to lie, or tell the entire truth to anybody. just tell 'em he crossed you unforgivably.
No. 389618 ID: 62e83b

Go sleep with him in a totally platonic way. I bet he is super comfy and now at all awkward in any way.
No. 389761 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133064855817.png - (14.78KB , 875x850 , cuddles.png )

No... my eggs are fine... don't need heat...

I'll... talk to Bo about it later...
No. 389762 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133064857937.png - (15.97KB , 875x850 , close.png )

No. 389763 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133064859493.png - (16.66KB , 875x850 , awkwardly close.png )

mfh... oh-- G-grennie? w-what are you doing?
No. 389764 ID: 54bc0d

Boaga: Get closer
Gren: Zzzzzz
No. 389765 ID: ed57e8

boner, try to ignore it.
No. 389767 ID: 1854db

Go back to sleep. Or roll over so if you get a boner it doesn't matter.
No. 389770 ID: a2fa74

Express your affection for him. Use your mouth if you have to, but your arms should do the job just fine.

Once you're done HUGGING him, ask him to move in so you won't get caught alone again.
No. 389771 ID: 9718f3

Sleeping, duh! Go back to sleep before you wake her.
No. 389794 ID: e1fb71

you better not be the kinda guy who does things to girls while they're asleep.
No. 389801 ID: 95cda2

Boaga go to sleep!
No. 389866 ID: 4f9a2a

Lick her!
No. 389881 ID: 0fd59b

go to sleep, you monkey
No. 389899 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133073899708.png - (16.43KB , 875x850 , awkwardly sad.png )

"...lo... love you..."
Grennie? A-are you...
"...Love you Beo..."
No. 389900 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133073902658.png - (16.33KB , 875x850 , respecting other peoples boundaries.png )

I love you anyway, Grennie.
No. 389901 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133073903864.png - (12.28KB , 875x850 , wake up already.png )

Morning is here. I untangle myself from the... awkward... position with Bo. He's still asleep, and hopefully he didn't notice me last night.

Now that I've thought about it, I think it'd be best to not trust anyone beside Boaga and the rest of us. It was one of the humans that did this to me, anyway. I need to get the poison examined as well. I'll talk to the others for help, but the most important thing is to find some way to protect my eggs. I want to take Boaga with me and I wouldn't trust anyone else with them.
No. 389902 ID: 6a5a08

Clearly, this is a job for ILLUSION MAGIC.
No. 389903 ID: 1854db

You could block the entrance with something.
No. 389904 ID: 00e1ef

Would you trust any of the other dragons to watch your eggs? Or do you know any fancy majicks?
No. 389905 ID: 6a5a08

What if they hatch while we're gone and eat each other and then the last one eats its limbs but then dies of starvation and we come back and it's all baby dragon bones and eggshells and Grennie gets depressed and offs herself so then Bo gets depressed and offs himself and then we get bad end
No. 389907 ID: e1fb71

you could cause a cave-in to block the entrance and breathe on the rocks until they melt and fuse together. I think I read somewhere that it happened and the eggs were never discovered again afterwards.

of course there's the issue of getting them outta there eventually, but one thing at a time.
No. 389914 ID: 95cda2

What about Acolon? He seems pretty trustworthy; bet you could convince him to watch your eggs for a bit.
No. 389947 ID: 369d34

How about taking your eggs with you? It'd take a dragon sized pack for you and Bo, though. Something like saddlebags the humans use on their horses, but bigger. That'd be a little hard to find, wouldn't it? Maybe you could take a horse and small cart from the village instead...?

Well, whatever you do, at least a small pack or bag you could wear around your neck would be something to look out for. Since you aren't going to be carrying that poisoned knife in your jaws the whole way, are you?
No. 389956 ID: a2fa74

The male involved in their creation used you. He lied to you so you would bear and raise young for him, then abandoned you the moment he got what he wanted.
Smash them. Destroy the reason he can smugly laugh at you. If you can't bring yourself to do that, then give them to another dragon or a human village.
You must clear the way so you can bear the young of a worthy mate. The one who you took to bed after he aided you at the worst time of your life.
No. 389958 ID: a2fa74

He abandoned you as soon as you were gravid, so he must have wanted to spend as little time with you as possible. You haven't heard anything about him, which is really strange since dragons make a lot of news wherever they go. It's time to face facts. His face was an illusion he put up to hide his DRACOLICHNESS, and you haven't heard about him since you haven't paid any attention to dracoliches. Destroy those half-undead eggs, before they release unspeakable horrors on the world!
No. 389982 ID: 3a73e9


Wait. Did you half-upvote your own post, or was that just a continuation?
No. 389997 ID: a2fa74

Trout said the first one was interesting, but G would need an actual reason to smash them.
I obliged.

No. 389998 ID: ed57e8

that is a very very shitty line of reasoning. i downvote smashing.
No. 390000 ID: 894b63

I down-vote unnecessary killing in Stories I like to read in general.
The possibility of being all a lie and bringing possible danger to everyone I have never heard of without any evidence is kind of invalidate as a reason to kill...
No. 390020 ID: a2fa74

Don't be silly! Since half-dracolich eggs are clearly not alive you can't kill them. You can only destroy or disable them, which you have to do since you don't want to have half-dracoliches running around.
No. 390042 ID: bc39ce

True, they aren't alive. However, I personally would be a fan of half-dracoliches. Even though it is impossible due to the fact of undead can't have their own children.
No. 390043 ID: a2fa74

What? Dracoliches are [b]made of magic[/i]. I can think of a few confirmed ways they could father children.
No. 390044 ID: e1fb71


oh man. please name those ways.
No. 390047 ID: a2fa74

Cockring of Graceful repose.
Animate Flesh.
Penis golem.
Potion of Induce Pregnancy.
Then there's an entire list methods for achieving magical hybridization - which is why there are bugbears.
That's not even counting novel solutions created by that particular Dracolich.
No. 390058 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133081888902.png - (9.57KB , 865x850 , delusional.png )

I don't know any magic and it'd be stupid to take them with me. Acolon is more trustworthy than Dilupune, and would be more than capable of defending them, assuming he agrees. I could block or collapse the entrance, but I'm not sure if I'm capable of doing that on my own. I have a bag for the knife, so that won't be a problem.

So-- w-what? No! Beo... he loved me! He just had to leave for a while and he'll come back to me and w-we'll raise our children together! I'm... I'm not just going to throw that away! Even if, for some reason, he IS a dracolich! I still love him and I will love our children.

Bo... he's just a friend, I don't...
No. 390059 ID: 1854db

Let's ask Acolon then.
No. 390060 ID: ed57e8

will there be any problems with asking? if not then do so.
No. 390062 ID: a2fa74

Bo said he loves you. You love Bo. Bo hasn't abandoned you.

You think he's coming back? Then find out where he went and why.
No. 390079 ID: e1fb71

hoo boy, he's gonna be crushed when we tell him you friendzone'd his ass.
No. 390103 ID: 62e83b

Well considering Beo still hasn't returned, he's probably going to be another while, so you should probably get a bit closer with Bo. No harm in being more friendly.

Also, ask Aco to watch your eggs while you are gone. Ask for information while you're at it, he seems the observant sort.
No. 390113 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133082919632.png - (10.98KB , 865x850 , should i stay or should i go now.png )

...No, I don't love Bo. He's my friend. Don't tell me how to feel about him!

There shouldn't be any problems with Acolon. Should I take Boaga or let him sleep?
No. 390114 ID: ed57e8

you should wake him. he wakes up and you are gone he could freak out.
No. 390115 ID: c4a1fc

This might be a bit late, but she said she loves bEo, aka the guy you think is a dracolich.
No. 390126 ID: 0e585d

Wake him up. You're probably going to need backup on the trip, and you probably want to get going as soon as you (hopefully) get Acolon to keep an eye on your eggs.
No. 390140 ID: 62e83b

Wake him by climbing on top of him and licking the top of his head :V
No. 390163 ID: 369d34

Ah, let him sleep in. He's going to need the rest for the trip, and it's the least you could do after his help yesterday. Besides, somebody should be here to guard, even for the little time it'll take to talk to Acolon. Would his presence make the conversation you're about to have any easier?
No. 390185 ID: a2fa74

Can you leave a note?
No, so wake him up. He doesn't need to go with you, but you DO need to tell him where you're going.
No. 390201 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133084778689.png - (14.51KB , 865x850 , poke.png )

Boaga... Hey, come on. Wake up, Bo.
"snkt-- g-grennie...?"
Come on, you've slept long enough. We're going to go talk to Acolon.
"but I'm tired..."
Get up!
"aaagh... Okay, okay, fine. What are you gonna to talk to him about?"
I'm going to ask him to guard my cave while we're gone.
"Wait, what? Where are we going?"
We're going to hunt down the man from yesterday.
"Grennie, are you sure? Wouldn't it be better to just... stay here? What if he..."
Look. That man did more than just rape me. He took my very pride away from me. Dedraconized me. That hurt more than anything else he could have done to me. So I am going to find him and make him pay, and you are going to help me.
"O-okay, okay, if t-that's what you want me to do then I'll help you--"
Thank you.
y-you're welcome.
No. 390202 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133084779834.png - (15.21KB , 865x850 , yup still huge.png )

AH-- he's almost right outside my cave!
"Hello, Grentonis. I heard that you were very sick, so I came by to visit. Are you feeling well?"
No. 390204 ID: ed57e8

bo: "yes, i explained how you weren't feeling good and asked to help hunt"
No. 390205 ID: a2fa74

You should probably feel guilty about using Bo to sate your desires like that man used you to sate his desires, but whatever.
"It's true. I wouldn't even be able to stand right now of it weren't for determination and a chance at vengeance."
No. 390206 ID: 1854db

Gren: Say that technically yes, you could be considered sick, but that's bending the truth a little. Tell him thank you for the sentiment, and you'll feel better about what happened once you track down the human responsible. Ask him if he'd be willing to guard your eggs while you're gone.
No. 390207 ID: 067a04
File 133084888173.jpg - (14.25KB , 478x424 , 516-poker-face.jpg )

"I was poisoned by a knight, who we are now off to kill. Feel like joining us?"
No. 390208 ID: 6e44d2

She's not into him, bro. End of story. If the guy wants to be a good friend, he'll help her.
No. 390210 ID: c6ec33

Magically assume that Boaga told him that you were sick to cover up the fact that you were curled up in a ball of shame.

Tell him that you were poisoned by a knight. A knight who defeated you, but instead of killing you in honorable combat, used foul tricks and magic to humiliate you.

If you don't want to tell him the full truth, just tell him that much and don't go any farther - tell him that you *really* would rather not talk about all the specific details of how the knight humiliated you. Hopefully he'll understand. And you're not really lying, so it hopefully wouldn't piss him off.

Ask him for some advice on how to get the knife's poison identified while you're at it, and ask him if he knows a way to get past magical defense against fire, teleporting, etc.
No. 390221 ID: 369d34

Put on your most rigidly grim and serious face, and tell him that you were not sick; You were poisoned. Say that a slimebag of a mage-knight came to your cave, blocked and dodged your flames like they were nothing, and hit you with a poisoned throwing knife that knocked your strength out in no time flat. ...And that he, not content with mere victory, took something precious and very, very personal, that you'll never get back... Something the memory of will haunt and weigh on you forever.

Flatly tell Acolon that if he asks you to spell out what that was, you will, but it will be unpleasant for you, and you'd rather not.

Then ask Acolon to watch over your eggs and horde while you and Boaga hunt down that rat bastard of a mage-knight, and you're going to personally send him screaming down to Hades, wreathed in dragonfire, for what he did.
No. 390223 ID: 3e85e3

Try to put up a brave face, but break into tears at the memory of what has happened to you.
No. 390232 ID: 4bdd79

No. 390233 ID: c4a1fc

Quit trying to emotionally manipulate the girl who was recently raped, jackass. She's not into him, and now is not the best time for fucking.

Yeah, this.
No. 390235 ID: 6a5a08

Alternatively, instead of 'do you feel like joining us', "Only problem is I'm not sure what to do with the eggs while I'm gone."
No. 390238 ID: e1fb71

you're not feeling well. you need to go on a journey to get better. and you need his help to guard the eggs.
No. 390245 ID: eb7d2d

Explain you were poisoned by a human, but you've recovered and now you're hunting him down. Request information about any non-dragons in the immediate area, info on the knife, then request egg-watching.
No. 390562 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133099444508.png - (15.25KB , 865x850 , oops.png )

No, I didn't use Bo! I'm sure that he would have helped me anyway!

Yes, I was poisoned by an interloper, who--
"I was told that it was contagious. As a disease would be. Not a poison."
No. 390564 ID: 6a5a08

Goddamn it Dilupune you gossip.
No. 390565 ID: 43680d

Explain that Bo thought it was contagious, but it really isn't. It is, however, highly potent, so it needs to be handled with care, which is why we need it inspected before any other dragons are endangered!
No. 390566 ID: fa9f7e

Ask him who told him that and show him the poisoned dagger.
No. 390567 ID: 6a5a08

No. 390576 ID: 1854db

Say that perhaps it was a mistranslated rumor? But yeah, we have the dagger.
No. 390581 ID: c6ec33

Realize that Boaga is either dumb or tried to cover for you. At least he didn't mention the rape part.

Comment that you were pretty out of it, and certainly not feeling well, and that it was probably an honest mistake. You were so out of it that were just stuck there, laying alone, unable to hunt, feeling terrible. Show him the dagger as proof that YOU are not lying.

Apologize profusely for your error. Ass-kiss as much as possible.

Follow-up again with the observation that it was probably an honest mistake, and praise Boaga for going out and hunting for you.
No. 390583 ID: fa9f7e

What error? Boaga told him it was poison. It was the other dragon that he lied to. Just tell him tha ttoher dragon probably misunderstood or tried to make it more exciting like a typical gossip.
No. 390584 ID: e3f578

What? No, get your facts straight Acolon.
>Yes, hello, uh. I'm sorry to interrupt, sir, but I-- er, Grennie--
>Ah-- yeah, sorry-- Grentonis was attacked and poisoned, and it's hard for her to move, so she asked me to get her some food, but the hunting's been--

Bo clearly told Acolon she was poisoned.
No. 390587 ID: ed57e8

No. 390610 ID: 369d34

Seconding asking where he heard that, and showing him the poisoned knife.
No. 390660 ID: e1fb71

yeah, well, everyone misspeaks or mishears once in a while. it's cool, we forgive you.
No. 390813 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133108183443.png - (14.54KB , 865x850 , knife.png )

Where did you hear that?
"Dilupune's been talkative. She told me that you'd gotten sick, while Boaga had told me that you'd been poisoned."
Well, it was definately poison. I'm not sure where she heard that. Boaga, could you get the knife please?
"Uh-- okay."
"Thank you. I'll... talk to Dilupune about this."
Actually, before you go, uh, talk to her, could you help us out with the poison? It'd help us find my agressor.
"This is odd. Most poisons aren't as viscous as this one. It smells potent. I am sorry, but I can't help you. I was never one for poisons."
Oh, uh, okay... One more thing, too.
No. 390814 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133108184780.png - (12.32KB , 865x850 , oddly convenient cave eh.png )

Boaga and I are leaving and we're not sure when we'll get back. Would it be possible for you to, uh, guard my eggs while we're gone?
"I would be honored, Grentonis."
Oh! Thank you, thank you thank you! I... thanks.
"You're very welcome."
Just, uh... take good care of my eggs, okay?
Of course.

Okay, well, that's that. Now, do we need anything else? How are we going to find the man?
No. 390823 ID: ed57e8

first, if the poison has any rare ingredients that grow only in a certain location then that location would be a good place to start. since he would need more of that to make more.
No. 390827 ID: e1fb71

any group of people famous for their poisonmaking skills?
No. 390830 ID: 1854db

Do we know anyone that can identify poisons? This is our only lead. Either that or someone that can identify the dagger itself to see where it may have been made.
No. 390898 ID: 369d34

First, go talk to Dilupune and ask if she saw any knights or other humans around yesterday, and where they went. She had to have seen something, since she seems to be up in the air most of the day.

OK, now how strong smelling is this poison? 'Cause if that knight got any on himself or his armor, you may be able to track him by its scent. Otherwise, have a look around for footprints. A guy in heavy armor like that probably left at least a few behind. Failing that, go to the village and intimidate the locals into telling you if the knight passed through, and to point which way he was going.

As for the poison... Do you know of any old, old dragons? 'Cause they tend to stay alive that long by knowing every dirty trick the dragon slayers have, and how to counter them. If anybody would know what and where this poison came from, it would be one of them.
No. 391007 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133116710482.png - (18.17KB , 865x850 , map.png )

Acolon, do you know anyone who might be able to help us indentify or counteract the poison?
"I might, but he is a long distance away."
How far is 'long'?
We don't have days, Acolon.
"It'd be worth the time, I assure you."

Dilupune will be hard to find; She's either in the air or in her roost, which is impossible for us to reach. She has to find us.

The poison does have a strong and unique smell, but I'm not much of a tracker and my sense of smell is lacking. He probably did go through the village, though. The main path leads right through it.

Acolon can't identify it. I've heard about plenty of assassinations by hired killers that use poison, though. Not any particular group. I know of a larger settlement in the area, but I'm not sure where, exactly. Maybe Acolon would know.
Is there any larger settlements nearby, Acolon?
"There is one about a day from here. Let me draw you a map."

He etches a crude map into the dirt.

Okay, that isn't that far, I suppose. Where's your poison expert?
"Further down the mountain range, to the west. He is almost on the coast."
Thanks again, Acolon.
No. 391008 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133116711794.png - (14.77KB , 865x850 , talkan gaems and the temple of doom.png )

The village sounds promising, though. They're terrified of me.
Okay, Bo. We're heading to the village. Maybe we can convince them to tell us where the man went.
"W-wait! Then they'd know that you're gone! They'd come up here and find where we live!"
Calm down, Bo! Acolon's here.
"He's here for your cave! Acolon can't guard for all of us, Grennie! What about me?!"
No. 391009 ID: ed57e8

simple, if acolin reports they saw them looking around you will roast them all. them ALL.
No. 391015 ID: 6a5a08

Move Bo's stuff to a separate pile in your cave. You can move it back after.
No. 391016 ID: e3f578

Build a scarehuman, likea scarecrow, but for humans and looters.

Just draw Boago in the rocks or something to make it look like he's there or only have him with you for back-up, to watch from a distance.
No. 391018 ID: 1854db

That's a pretty good idea.

As for tracking the poison smell, we could maybe find someone that's better at tracking?
No. 391037 ID: e1fb71

I did not think about that. maybe move his hoard into your cave?
No. 391045 ID: 369d34

Well, Bo doesn't have to come down to the village. The villagers are scared of you, Gren; Having Bo there wouldn't help much more. He can go and move his hoard to your cave, possibly with Acolon's help, then take a route to south of the village to meet up with you. It'll be a route that stays out of sight of the village, to hide that he's leaving.
No. 391710 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133142476520.png - (10.29KB , 865x850 , what is anatomy.png )

You could move all of your stuff into my cave. It'd be safe there.
"Well-- but-- I... I guess that's okay."


...That's it?
"Y-yeah it's not much but this is really important to me okay?"
Fine, fine. Come on, we need to leave. Now.
"O-okay-- I'm sorry--"
No. 391711 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133142478131.png - (16.50KB , 865x850 , egrets.png )

"...so I'll go into the village and make them tell me..."
I really don't think this is a good idea.
"...You are going to be waiting just outside so that..."
Grennie's really determined to do this, but I don't think she's thinking.
"...not sure where we'll go from there but..."
She doesn't really even have a plan besides 'get revenge'.
"...maybe find someone to identify the poison..."
We're going to get killed, or worse. This is scaring me. Grennie is scaring me.
"...going to find the..."
I-I just want us to be safe together.
No. 391718 ID: ed57e8

she will never FEEL safe as long as that guy is running around. constantly worried he will come back.
No. 391721 ID: 88e5ad

grow a pair and help a friend face her demons, you asswipe. this matter is as important as it gets.
No. 391732 ID: 369d34

Run the thought by Gren that the knight may have left some arrows or crossbow bolts tipped with that dragon knockout poison with the villagers. She should be on watch if they're not as subservient as before.

As for "safe": There may be no place safe for dragons if the knowledge of this poison is spreading out there. You might end up having to dissuade Gren from her quest for revenge if the world is looking a hell of a lot more dangerous for dragons these days.
No. 391734 ID: 12c19f
File 133143152692.jpg - (3.91KB , 120x120 , 120px-Awesome_huh.jpg )

Pretty sure his pair is internal.
No. 391735 ID: f5574d

Do your best to be the voice of reason. Gren can be the strength here, you just need to make sure she doesn't make any silly mistakes!
No. 391810 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133145357742.png - (14.08KB , 865x850 , talkan games running out of movie titles.png )

I-- okay, but it's just that... okay...
I just don't think she has anything to be afraid of anymore, but-- I guess she needs this.

Uh, Grennie? What if the villagers have the poison? What if it's all over the place?
"Well... shit."
No. 391818 ID: e3f578

That's straight up paranoia. The poison was potent according to Acolon, which means it requires the skill of a great alchemist, which are rare enough. Even if it's become a recently popular formula in the scholar community, talent will be rare enough to reproduce the effect.
No. 391819 ID: ed57e8

ah but some could of been left here because of the known dragon problem. still. two part strike. if they do have it then bo pops out and roasts the guy who has it.
No. 391821 ID: 369d34

Yeah, this is most likely. Poisoned weapons would show up more nearer to cities, large towns, and seats of alchemy research. Still, that knight could have left some behind, or sold it, to the villagers. Better take the safe route and try to nab a villager for interrogation from the fields or otherwise far from the village. That fails, head to the village itself.
No. 391867 ID: 88e5ad

you got any other ideas than the village, let's hear it.
No. 391948 ID: f5574d

Yes, be subtle at first. If the knight did take a visit to the town, they might be prepared. Target someone by themselves, press for info. Literally if need be.
No. 391949 ID: 7ffce7

Okay, we've been pussy-footing around enough here. Maybe the village has the poison, maybe not, but we won't find out if we don't look. We need to act less like a cowardly gecko and more like the terrifying firebreathing lizard we are. There's a village that needs terrorizing: let's get to terrorizing!
No. 392015 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133152841344.png - (22.77KB , 865x850 , dragons are totes stealthy.png )

I know-- We can find someone out by themselves and, uh, ask them.
"Hey, yeah! That's a lot less stupid than walking out in the center of the town."
Do you know where to find one?
"Well, it's warm enough, so there'd probably be one near their crops, even if it's the wrong time of year for planting."


"There. By the tree. He's got a shovel. Reading something."
Oh, okay, I see him.
"It doesn't look like there's anyone else around so this is our chance."
Do, uh... do you even have a plan, Grennie?
No. 392018 ID: 067a04
File 133152852197.gif - (397.56KB , 464x260 , erpHg.gif )

"Rush blindly in, of course."
No. 392021 ID: 118cf5

No. 392032 ID: 1854db

Surround him. One man pinned between two dragons will not try anything. Then we find out what we came here to find out.
No. 392050 ID: 3e85e3


>> one man pinned between two dragons

Oh... oh my. blushes
No. 392054 ID: 88e5ad


wow. your ability to make things sleazy is truly inspiring.

Boaga can sneak up to him and lift him up from behind while Grentykins interrogates.
No. 392058 ID: 369d34

Bo sneaks as close as he can. When the guy notices and starts running, sprint, pin him down, then haul him away as quick as you can before he shouts. Then you two can interrogate him away from the village.
No. 392288 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133160157469.png - (13.61KB , 865x850 , it\'s a goddamn dragon.png )

"Just get him!"
"Holy f--"
No. 392289 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133160160102.png - (11.43KB , 865x850 , wait I remeber this nightmare.png )

Shut up.
No. 392293 ID: fa9f7e

Shit in his face. This will act as a gag.
No. 392294 ID: ed57e8

smile with those big teeth.
No. 392305 ID: 3c5f8f

-1 (disagree)
+1 (agree)

Maybe you should... say what you want, too...
No. 392306 ID: 3e85e3

Accuse him of conspiring with your enemy!
No. 392307 ID: 1854db

Say that you are going to ask him some questions now, and if he answers them you will let him live.

Then ask him if he's seen any knights in the area these past two days. Regardless of his answer, show him the dagger and ask him if he's seen that type of dagger before, or recognizes the poison on it.
No. 392330 ID: 369d34

This, pretty much. Also threaten to start incinerating bits off if he doesn't quiet down.

Have Bo glance over what this dirt farmer was reading.
No. 392331 ID: 675c65

Begin interrogation. Start with a "warm-up". And by that I mean use fire breath non-lethally.
No. 392333 ID: 332134

Smile wide!
No. 392402 ID: 88e5ad

accuse him of being a communist.
No. 392405 ID: 7ce373

Smile wide, ask him what you want, use fire-breath non-lethally if he doesn't answer, and accuse him of being a communist if he screams from that. THEN show him the dagger if you haven't yet.
No. 392488 ID: 7fb786

Accuse him of being a faggy communist, then SHOOT HIM WITH YOUR KILLING GUN.

Wait, wrong quest...
No. 392525 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133168301794.png - (17.75KB , 865x850 , suddenly you\'re in grade school again.png )

Boaga, read what he had.
"o-oh my god t-there's two of them!"
"Uh-- okay. I... I don't understand any of this, Grennie. I can't read their language."
Damn it!
No. 392526 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133168303613.png - (10.62KB , 865x850 , 10 mins of work.png )

You. I am going to ask you a few questions. If you don't answer me, I will start taking pieces off.
"u-uh-uh-- I-- I--"
No. 392527 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133168306613.png - (15.30KB , 865x850 , it\'d be like pressing your face to a grill.png )

First: Have you seen a man in heavy armor in the past two days?
"Y-yeah someone came through yesterday but he didn't talk to anyone that I saw!"
No. 392528 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133168310335.png - (12.38KB , 865x850 , and a knife.png )

Second: Do you recognize this dagger or what is on it?
"I-is that blood?"
If you don't tell me right now...
"Um-- that looks a lot like Erik's work! H-he's the blacksmith! But I'm sorry I don't know anything about that green stuff!"
No. 392529 ID: ed57e8

"tell us where to find this erik." he tells you give him a LOOK, stare at him for a bit to make him sweat, then let him go and say "for your honesty you get to live"

then off to where he says is erik.
No. 392531 ID: 88e5ad

this man is a mere simpleton. send him to fetch someone who commands more authority to meet you here. tell him to make sure that person learns everything he can about the armored man before he comes to you. any foul tricks, and the entire village is made into shishkabob. especially him and everyone he holds dear.

make him repeat everything he's supposed to do to make sure it stays in his fish-sized brain until he gets there.
No. 392537 ID: 1854db

He tells you where Erik is, and he gets to live.
No. 392581 ID: 369d34

Haul this simpleton to his feet, point him towards the village, and say that he will go and bring Erik back here. He will not bring anyone else, nor alert anyone. He will not run off. Failure will result in everyone and everything he's ever known burning up in dragonfire. Success, and him and them will live. He has one hour. He better start running.
No. 392585 ID: 1854db

That's a good idea.
No. 392605 ID: fa9f7e

Ha ha ha no. The village could be 45 minutes away even if you run. He could decide to recruit another guy like the rapist or more than one guy.
Ask how far away he is before you set a time limit.
No. 392826 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133177018346.png - (11.35KB , 865x850 , the hat is ruined.png )

Here is what you are going to do: You are going to go find this Erik, and bring him here. You will NOT tell anyone else. You will NOT bring anyone else. You will NOT run off. If you are not back here with Erik in one hour, you and everything you know will burn in dragonfire. Are we clear?
"Y-yes sir!"
Repeat it to me.
"Go a-and find Erik a-and bring him here in an hour!"
Good. Go. Before you start to look tasty.
No. 392827 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133177019520.png - (18.90KB , 865x850 , gotta go fast.png )

oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap--
No. 392828 ID: 9c7c3b
File 133177020935.png - (9.96KB , 865x850 , town CRYer.png )

"Dvoe? What brings you here? Why are you so out of breath?"
No. 392834 ID: 6e44d2

"I need you to come with me, Erik! It's very urgent! There are dragons that need to speak with you!"
No. 392836 ID: ed57e8

"they said they would turn the town to ash unless they talked with you!"
No. 392845 ID: 1854db

"Dragons ambushed me and they told me to bring you to them or else they'd burn everything oh god please"
No. 392881 ID: 369d34

Grab Erik by the shirt and start pulling him to the doorway.
"Ambushed by a dragon! It wants to speak to you! Had an hour! Fail and we all die in dragonfire!" Shake Erik for emphasis while saying that last bit.
No. 392890 ID: 2417e8

Do not inform him of the dragon, he might try to fight! Or warn someone! And then dragonfire! DRAGONFIRE!

Simply inform him there is a very urgent matter near the outskirts of town!
No. 393433 ID: a43a6c
File 133195157431.png - (13.34KB , 865x850 , blacksmithery.png )

T-they want to talk to you, Erik!
The dragons!
"...Is this some sort of joke?"
NO! No! Please! They ambushed me and held me down and said that they'd burn the village down in an hour if you didn't come talk to them so please talk to them! I don't want to burn in dragonfire!
"Okay, but if you're just making this up..."
No. 393434 ID: a43a6c
File 133195159288.png - (12.41KB , 865x850 , note to self save backgrounds.png )

"Sweet mother-- you weren't making this up!"
The villagers are back. The small one's cowering behind the new one.

Is this Erik?
"Y-yes sir!"
No. 393439 ID: 95cda2

Ask about the armored man from yesterday, did he buy the dagger from Erik, and where is he now
No. 393442 ID: 88e5ad

let's get this questioning over with.

and afterwards you two can have them for breakfast :3
No. 393445 ID: ed57e8

dagger, show it. "this yours?"
No. 393456 ID: 369d34

Say that if they answer truthfully, and without hesitation, they will live. Lie, or try to run, and you will hold them both to the ground and slow roast their limbs until they tell the truth.

Tell Erik that he is going to tell you everything he can remember about the armored man that passed through the village these last few days. Where'd he come from? Where'd he go? Who did he speak to? What did he buy? Did he leave anything behind? Did he identify himself as part of any organization? You want to know everything he knows about this armored man.
No. 393501 ID: 063c28

Be civil unless they refuse to tell you what you want to know.
No. 393636 ID: a43a6c
File 133202811602.png - (17.66KB , 865x850 , idiotic resistance.png )

You are going to answer a few questions for me. If you answer truthfully, I will let you leave unharmed.
"I don't trust you... m-my wife..."
There was a man who passed through your village yesterday. Did he--
"I'm not telling you anything!"
"Erik, p-please! Just t-tell him what he wants!"
No. 393638 ID: ed57e8

"what's that? 'please burn down my village.' well okay if you insist" and start walking towards town.
No. 393641 ID: 4882bb

He? HE?! You are a very beautiful female dragon and you will not be insulted so! Tail whip the wimpy one, then threaten the "brave" one with hellfire and limb loss.
No. 393643 ID: e3f578

Why not?
Is it because of the threats and you're full of foolish anger and pride, so you won't respond to them?
Do you owe this man in armor? Is this customer confidentiality? Not very valuable. Does not matter, he is not a good man. He merely took some of my things and left, he is a greedy coward and not a savior of the surrounding villages. He left you all to deal with my wrath. Is this what you want, my wrath? Lives of your fellow villagers are worth more than your petty dignity, you selfish fool.
No. 393646 ID: 12c19f



No. 393649 ID: 6a5a08

"I'm going to guess wildly here. Did the man in question threaten to harm your wife if you revealed info about him? Because only once I mentioned him did you manage to grow a spine."
No. 393653 ID: c6ec33

Bla bla bla writing some dialogue because it's fun to do and you don't have to use this word for word etc. etc.

"Listen, pal, I'm normally a pretty nice dragon. So's Boaga over there. And so are the other couple dragons that live in this area. We may eat a few beasts from your flocks from time to time, but that's because you've driven off all the wildlife and your flocks are all that's left to eat around here. Most humans would go to war over that kind of insult, but we just eat an animal from time to time. That's a pretty sweet deal for you guys. When was the last time you heard about one of us coming down here and hurting people? It's not something we like to do.

However, the person who used this knife was a total dick. He sought me out, attacked me for no reason, and then escaped. I don't tolerate that kind of insult. I'm willing to make an exception to my rule of hurting humans to make this guy answer for his crimes, and if you're hiding information from me, that means that I'm going to have to nibble on parts of you until you start talking. Parts that you'll miss, such as that pointy finger of yours. So, can we do this the easy way, or do I have to start biting?"
No. 393662 ID: 88e5ad

No. 393675 ID: 1854db

"Do you want to become a one-armed blacksmith?"
No. 393694 ID: 369d34

OK, no need to bite or burn parts off of this idiot, yet.

Drop the dagger and grab this moron by his upturned arm. Raise said arm until said moron's feet are barely touching the ground. Ask the moron what in this world could possibly be worth making rude gestures at, and not complying with, an irate dragon.
No. 393706 ID: 95cda2

Break his arm. You do not feel like playing nice.
No. 393730 ID: a43a6c
File 133204581426.png - (14.16KB , 865x850 , what a little bitch.png )

I am not a "he". Do not refer to me as "him".
"I-I'm s-sorry ma'am!"

The man I am looking for is not worth your life or the lives of your friends back at your village. Did this man threaten your wife in some way? Is that why you are being so stubborn--
"No. He did not threaten my wife. You killed her."
No. 393737 ID: 6a5a08

"Then you know I'm not to be crossed. Unless you want the rest of the village to suffer as your wife did, tell me who this man is."
No. 393740 ID: 1854db

I thought you terrorized the village, not murdered the citizens. For shame.

Anyway. "Tell me or I'll kill you too."
No. 393741 ID: 673411

I think he's resisting because he doesn't care if he dies. Tell him his assistance will ensure that you will not attack him nor his village for the rest of his life.
No. 393742 ID: 53a742

Hang on. Did you kill his wife? Got to make sure of that part. Guy may be a racist prick and mistake you for someone else.

Also, the guy is an idiot. If he did it for revenge, then he must realize that a LIVING dragon can easily get back. Hell, the dragon raper probably told him the poison was lethal. Not a rape drug.
No. 393746 ID: ed57e8

think back. did you kill a woman? and if so where? if it was someone who wandered into your cave, then it's her damn fault.
No. 393764 ID: a2fa74

"Most likely, but irrelevant.
I should put this in perspective for you. The man you are protecting does not kill dragons, he humiliates them. While this may give you smug satisfaction, the key problem is that the dragons he attacks are very much alive enough to seek revenge. Naturally, this starts with the nearest village. This is bad for dragons, but terrible for humans.
Tell me, would you rather protect the person who sends angry dragons to destroy villages, or have the angry dragon go after them instead?
No. 393775 ID: 369d34

He thinks he has nothing left to live for. He's going to spite you until you kill him. Well, he's not going to get the satisfaction of suicide by dragon.

Ask this man if spitting in the face of his wife's killer worth all the lives in his village. All the lives, save his own. Because he will live to see, to hear, to smell the results of his actions. You will make sure of that. And when it is done, you will leave him in the ashes, and walk away. His death will not be by your hand.

Ask if that's the price he wishes to pay.
No. 393839 ID: 95cda2

You raid this village pretty often, right? You probably did kill her. Doesn't matter to you, though, that's not what you're here about, and if he doesn't hurry up and answer you'll just have to start burning up everything else he loves.
No. 393843 ID: e3f578

And I could kill everybody. All because you wouldn't tell me a thing. Imagine if somehow, there manages to be survivors, they will be looking for someone to blame, anyone at all that isn't me because they CAN'T kill me? Then it will all be on you, who I will leave alive. If there's anything I love about humans, it's that there are far more unmerciful, brutal, and creative than when it comes to us dragons. I mean, we're sooooo big! If i tried anything beyond burning, stomping, or eating you, these big clumsy claws would just ruin whatever I was trying!

And before you think you can handle it, remember there are children in your village. You want their blood on your hands? Because they won't be on mine. Because I don't care. But you do, and that's where the blood will travel.
No. 393938 ID: 067a04
File 133211482191.png - (329.12KB , 865x850 , maybe this will get him talking.png )

I... I've burned down a few buildings, but... I couldn't have known what was inside...  Many more than just your wife will die if you don't tell me what you know. 

"Go to hell."

You would let your village be burned to ash? The lives of the children fall on your hands? Just to spite your wife's killer?


The death of your wife is nothing compared to what you would have me do.


Is that what you want? For everything you know to burn in dragonfire?

"...I'll talk."

Thank you. Who did you sell this dagger to? Where did he come from?

"A man, who came up the main road. He didn't talk to anyone else that I know of. He stopped by my smithy, asked for a single dagger, and paid in normal coinage. Then he left."

That's... not a lot of information.

(Our friendly neighborhood fish had a prior engagement, so I took over for this one in the art department. Don't worry, Trout will eventually return. Probably.)
No. 393940 ID: 1854db

Dammit. Ask if either of them recognized anything about him. An insignia? Style of armor? Speech? If not... do they know where we can ask someone about powerful poisons?

At this point we're just asking for extra information. Don't threaten them any further, since we don't even know if they know any of this stuff.

They go free and unburnt etc.
No. 393946 ID: ed57e8

did he come back after leaving and go back down the road?
No. 393949 ID: e3f578

Where does this main road likely lead? Or at least where there'd likely be good alchemists if there's multiple areas.

Did he seriously only talk to you? How could he have known where I'd live? Do you regularly complain about my raids to your government or post the information anywhere, maybe through rumors?
No. 393975 ID: 369d34

So there was no other distinguishing marks? Nothing in what he looked like or how he acted? Well, dammit.

Ask if the armored man passed back through the village and down the main road. If he did, ask how long ago. You may still be able to catch up if he's on foot.
No. 393999 ID: 88e5ad

not useful enough! I guess you'll have to burn down his village after all.
No. 394003 ID: fa9f7e

Don't be a dumbshit. He's told us all he knows. Burning his village down will only piss off people and will serve no purpose. People are already scared enough of us, what with us being two angry dragons.
No. 394019 ID: 88e5ad


I'm pretty sure he could come up with more helpful info than that if encouraged properly.
No. 394097 ID: 3947e9

Greenie is a red dragon? wait, her eyes are green... is that why?
No. 394105 ID: 7c31d2

Grennie is a nickname, her full name is Lord Grentonis
No. 394128 ID: 3947e9

Shouldn't it be Lady?
No. 394131 ID: 7c31d2

The name was given to her by the locals she terrorizes, its likely that they didn't know her gender when they named her
No. 394208 ID: a43a6c
File 133220768779.png - (11.98KB , 865x850 , leavan gaems.png )

That's it? He didn't have any distinctive markings or anything else notable on him?
Damn it! What about his speech? How did he talk?
"Well, he sounded like he was from one of the cities down south. I think."
You think?
"He said maybe ten words to me. Maybe I'm wrong."
You aren't being very helpful. Did you see him again after he left your shop?
"No, I didn't--"
"I-I did! H-he went down the same road that he came on!"
Where does that road go?
"It heads southwest, then forks off toward the coast, and south toward some city."
I think that's all we can get out of you. Thank you.
"You had better keep your word, dragon."
No. 394209 ID: a43a6c
File 133220770581.png - (20.77KB , 865x850 , oh hey he\'s still here.png )

The two villagers walk back to their homes. I need to figure out what I can do with the insubstantial information we have garnered.

"Grennie... you wouldn't have actually... burned everything down, right?"
No. 394212 ID: 4882bb

"Yes, I would have."

Begin journey down road.
No. 394214 ID: ed57e8

if he was actually that stubborn they would of deserved it.
No. 394220 ID: e3f578

I would have nothing to be guilty about. It's good to set a prideful man straight and to know his place. IF he truly was that selfish, then he would have been as monstrous and guilty as me.

I would leave survivors. Don't worry. They would string the prideful oaf up to die or force him to face witness to the destruction he helped create. So no, not everything. Boaga. Sometimes you have to be hardcore to get your goals completed. We are dragons, we are only loyal to dragonkind if not just ourselves and friends. This man presents a threat to us everywhere, and not only that but to all the villages close to dragons even more ferocious than me should they fall to his poison.
No. 394225 ID: 95cda2

"I would have burned down /enough/ of it"
No. 394227 ID: f70e5e

no killing that many people would not something you would want to live with. lets not let a quest for revenge turn us into a monster.
No. 394263 ID: 369d34

"...No. I was bluffing." Even though you mostly weren't.

It's for the best it didn't come to that. Rampages tend to attract the kind of attention you don't want. Like bounties put on the heads of every dragon nearby.

Nothing to do now but pick up the pace and try to catch up with the armored man.
No. 394266 ID: d09277

Of course you meant it. And of course you shouldn't tell Boaga that.
No. 394268 ID: 6a5a08

"Burnt villagers tell no tales. Besides, I need somebody's livestalk to eat when food is low."
No. 394278 ID: 1854db

Say that you would've made sure everyone got out of their houses, this time. But yeah, town burnt down. They can rebuild it, but it's enough of a threat.
No. 394280 ID: 88e5ad

you'd probably do anything for a chance to get back at that vile monster.
No. 394387 ID: a43a6c
File 133226183992.png - (18.74KB , 865x850 , mystery science talkan gaems 3000.png )

Yes, I would have.
"But-- why?!"
If he was actually stubborn enough to let his own people burn, then it would be his own fault. Not mine.
"You'd still be the one killing them, though!"
Look, Boaga. Some times you have to get vicious to complete your goals. And I would do anything to catch the man in the armor. Even burning down entire villages.
"I... I don't know what to think of you anymore."
No. 394388 ID: 0fdd76

Woah hey now take it down a notch or two. Burning down entire villages to get what you want makes you no better than him. You likely have a long walk ahead of you and you want Boaga willing to come with.

Get to walkin' and talkin'. Maybe hunt a bit to vent some anger.
No. 394395 ID: ed57e8

grenne, stop and think for a moment, it's obvious he has never seen you like this, since normally he just hangs out and hunts with you or something.

"look bo, this feeling just can't be understood unless it happens to you. anyone in my position would feel the same way."
No. 394402 ID: 3947e9

Maybe you should think about what he said.
What that knight did made you feel dedragonized, but if you stoop low in chasing him you might end up debasing yourself even worse.
You are a proud dragon, hunt him down and make him pay... but the way you hunt him down is also important.
No. 394403 ID: e3f578

The same
I've always been like this Boaga, I've just never been pushed far enough to require to be like this.
No. 394420 ID: 88e5ad

he doesn't have to help you if he doesn't want to go along with your vicious ways.
No. 394423 ID: 1854db

Ask him what he would have you do if they hadn't cooperated. If we had gone back on our word, how could they take us seriously ever again?
No. 394496 ID: 6e44d2

Jesus, what kind of dragon is Bo?
No. 394497 ID: f70e5e

a good person being wronged and then becoming wicked in purist of vengeance is probably one of the oldest cautionary tales out there. we do not want to go down that rode. we will find this monster and kill him, but we will not let this turn us into another monster.
No. 394502 ID: 3947e9

the kind that isn't a total monster?
I really like bo thus far.
No. 394503 ID: 369d34

Gren, ask yourself how important your friendship with Boaga is. Is it worth alienating him to hunt down and kill the armored man? Bo's been there for you for so long. To lose him in a dash for revenge would be a tragedy upon that which you've already had. Please, don't go that way.
No. 394527 ID: a43a6c
File 133229308085.png - (11.66KB , 865x850 , talkan gaems a lot.png )

Boaga, you don't seem to understand what I've gone through. I don't think any other dragon has ever been this humiliated. Can't you see I'd do anything to find whoever did this? It's not because I want to, it's because I have to. I can't go on if I have to live in fear, worried he might be return someday and... Do what he did again.
"But Grennie.. You don't have to be so mean to all the humans."
No, and I won't be, not unless they're mean to me first. But I won't let any human overpower me. Never again. I'm a dragon, and I want everyone to remember and respect that. Especially you, Boaga. If you can't do that much, you can just walk right back up the mountain, because I won't take your pity.
Well what?
"..I'll stay, Gren."
No. 394528 ID: a43a6c
File 133229309754.png - (17.63KB , 865x850 , more forest.png )

We walked around the village to the main road. It's more of a dirt path than an actual road, to be honest. It's somewhat forested right here, but the vegetation tapers out into grasslands a ways ahead.

Now that I think about it, the road will probably have other people on it. Are we going to try to avoid them at all? And how?
No. 394531 ID: 3947e9

Walking is too slow, fly above the road following its path. If you see an animal swoop down to eat it. If you see people swoop down to ask them if they saw where the knight went to...
We probably should find someone who is a good artist to draw us a picture of said knight to show people.

Also when hunting, try focusing on hunting predators. Wolves and bears are not as tasty as deer, but with fewer predators you will have a population explosion of prey animals for you to hunt. Even this year you will benefit because a predator needs to hunt every few days to survive and each kill is a loss of prey for you.
No. 394533 ID: ed57e8

No. 394536 ID: 0fdd76

They can't fly. They can, however, follow the road from a bit of a distance to avoid humans they can't ambush for information.
No. 394539 ID: ed57e8

flank the road. one on each side.
No. 394540 ID: 369d34

The road likely meanders a bit, to follow a route that keeps the grade flat enough for wagons. Especially since it's dirt. But you two can head overland and follow a more direct route. However, stay close enough that you can see who's on the road.
No. 394612 ID: 1854db

Walk some distance from the road. There's no reason to attract attention.
No. 394648 ID: 3947e9

>They can't fly
What? why not? I saw them flying earlier.
No. 394652 ID: 369d34

Dilupune is the only one of the four dragons around that has wings. The rest can't fly.
No. 394673 ID: 88e5ad


I think you were the one who was flying, man. and it makes me jealous.

follow the road from between the vegetation on the side. go further away when humans approach so you can see them before they see you.
No. 394675 ID: 95cda2

Eh, keep the road in sight but walk on the plains.
No. 394727 ID: a43a6c
File 133235635142.png - (13.25KB , 865x850 , are we there yet.png )

We'll stay a distance out from the roads to avoid being seen. I'm not sure how effective this will be when there's less trees. We can't go out too far or we'll lose sight of the road, but too close and we'd be really obvious. I feel that it'd probably be safer than just walking straight down it, though.
No. 394728 ID: a43a6c
File 133235636423.png - (10.91KB , 865x850 , who are these faggots.png )

...This road's deader than I thought, but We found some people, after maybe half an hour. They look like they're having a good time. Maybe they could have some information that we need.
No. 394733 ID: 12c19f

Looks like a pair of wayfarers. What's the species the gal on the right? Looks dragonblooded.

...Well great that isn't comforting if human/dragon relations actually RESULT in something.

Approach casually. They look like the types to have seen enough weird shit.
No. 394739 ID: ed0f6b

Stealth ambush! Be super sneaky dragons. "Request" that they relinquish their booze and information.
No. 394742 ID: 88e5ad

I don't think you should approach every random group of strangers you see on the road. if they don't look like they have something to offer to you, keep moving.
No. 394743 ID: ed57e8

if you act casual they may tell you something without thinking too much. ask if they seen an armored man going down this road.
No. 394748 ID: 067a04
File 133236111337.jpg - (184.07KB , 533x594 , LOL_WUT_PEAR.jpg )

>act casual
>is a dragon
No. 394777 ID: 369d34

Hang back and have Bo greet and ask them if they've seen or passed an armored man on the road. The reason Bo should talk to them is that you're rather "intense" Gren. Bo's awkwardness is less likely to scare them into running for the hills.

Huh. What's the species of the one on the right? Some kind of lizardman?
No. 394788 ID: a43a6c
File 133237571860.png - (13.21KB , 865x850 , distracted.png )

"Uh... C-Clay?"
"Hehehe...Er, yeah, Diri?"
"W-we've got visitors."
No. 394789 ID: a43a6c
File 133237573606.png - (13.87KB , 865x850 , awkward staring.png )

No. 394790 ID: ed57e8

"did a man in armor pass you on this road?"
No. 394791 ID: fa9f7e

What's so funny about an abandoned bottle?
No. 394795 ID: c44286

"Please don't scream or run away. I mean you no harm-
Pffff whoamikiddin', tell me all you know or I'll eat you piece by piece like giant gummybears."
No. 394798 ID: 6a5a08

The answer is alcohol.
No. 394807 ID: 369d34

"Did you two see or pass a man in armor, or any man, while on this road?"

Don't directly threaten them unless they're exceptionally thick or booze-addled. Your threat is implicit from just being a dragon within 50 feet of them.
No. 394875 ID: 1854db

Indeed, we have no need to threaten them, we're intimidating enough.
No. 394879 ID: a43a6c
File 133239731257.png - (17.08KB , 865x850 , talkan gaems whatever.png )

What's so funny?
"I-- uh-- n-nothing..."
Anyway, have either of you seen a man wearing armor walking this road?
"...y-yeah, it's, uh... it's pretty common to see people wearing armor."
Well, okay, that's not very helpful.
"Oh, uh-- sorry--"
It's fine. Anyone with a helmet that hid their face? And two horn-things on each side?
"Uh... two. I think. Both of them yesterday. Do... do you mind if I ask why?"
"D-Dirine? Why are they talking to us?"
No. 394880 ID: ed57e8

we're looking for him. that's all you need to know. continue along the way.
No. 394881 ID: e3f578

His main armor is just plain chain-mail. He has black boots.
Tell her you have personal business with one of the men in armor. It's nothing she should be too concerned about.
No. 394885 ID: ed57e8

and also, again, what is diri?
No. 394886 ID: 369d34

"It does not concern you. Pray that it stays that way."

Elaborate that the armored man was wearing plain chain-mail, black boots, gloves, shoulder guards, and belt, and that his helmet horns were black as well. Ask if either of the men they saw was wearing any or all of those things. Then thank them for their time and continue on.
No. 394888 ID: 88e5ad

you got business with that man. where'd they go?
No. 394912 ID: 6a5a08

"It was a bucket-type helmet with a slit open for his eyes. He wore chainmail, had black pauldrons, gloves, and boots, and a black belt. His sword had a curvy guard, going down on one side and up on the other."
No. 394942 ID: a43a6c
File 133243823873.png - (13.99KB , 865x850 , lizardchat.png )

I have business with him, so I need to find him. You should hope that it doesn't become your business.
"Um-- I'm s-sorry I asked..."
It's fine. Do you mind if I ask you a question?
"Well o-of course you can--"
What ARE you?
"O-oh, uh-- haha-- I'm, uh, I'm a Draconian. I know, rare sight around here, but... well, here I am."
Thank you. I was curious. Now how much do you remember about the men?
"A good amount, I think. I have a pretty good memory."
Was one of them wearing plain chainmail with black boots, gloves, shoulder guards and a belt?
"Oh! Oh... y-yeah, I remember him. When we passed him, he was staring at me. Like, really intently. He didn't say a word to either of us, he just... stared."
No. 394943 ID: 12c19f

That bears some implication but I guess that's getting ahead of ourselves.

Inquire when and where they passed him.
No. 394946 ID: bbed4c

It appears that you're not the only type he goes after, which is not a good thing.

Ask if he was traveling with anyone, and if so, who? We need to find him before he attacks anyone else of draconic heritage. Inform her she may be at risk.
No. 394947 ID: 1854db

Tell her that he's a very dangerous and evil man, and she should stay away from him.
No. 394949 ID: ed57e8

so, anything with scales does it for him. that bastard.
No. 394960 ID: a2fa74

"He's a vile beast with a hatred of anything even slightly draconic. Stay with your mate,"
gesture towards the man with your snout "and if you see him again run for help as fast as you can. You're not safe as long as his ilk lives; hopefully, not long."
No. 394967 ID: 88e5ad

where did he goooo
No. 395005 ID: c4a1fc

Welp, looks like you COULD be preggers. Wonder if draconians are born live or in eggs.
No. 395006 ID: affb00

Inquire as to the human's relationship with this draconian. There better not be any funny business going on!
No. 395021 ID: 369d34

Ask how long ago and how far away they passed that man.

Warn Dirine that that man is a great danger to dragons and those who are dragon-like. Female dragons and dragon-like. Emphasize the "female" as best you can so she'll understand.

Perhaps ask how Draconians are related to dragons, if they are at all. They might be unrelated lizard-folk who got labeled and lumped in with dragons.
No. 395046 ID: 95cda2

Nnn being so obvious would lead these two to speculate on why we are looking for him, and they may come to the correct conclusion more quickly if we say something like this. Unacceptable.
No. 395171 ID: c6ec33

Don't leak embarrassing info. Just note that he seems to have a large amount of hatred for dragons, and would likely rape or possibly kill her if she were alone and defenseless.

Also, inquire how draconians are made. :V
No. 395227 ID: a43a6c
File 133252984130.png - (39.40KB , 865x850 , sick of talkan yet.png )

Was he traveling with anyone? When and where did you see him? Which way was he going?
"Uh... no, he was alone. We passed him maybe... I don't know... a few kilometers down the road, at around dusk. He was going westward."
Thank you. Stay away from that man. He has an extreme hatred for anything even remotely draconic, and as long as he lives you will not be safe. So stay with your mate and run away if you see him.
"M-my mate?"
You are... together, correct?
"N-no! Dirine and I are just friends!"
"Uh-- ha, yeah, j-just friends..."
No. 395229 ID: a2fa74

"Oh, sorry. I simply sensed your feelings and assumed- Well, I suppose I've said too much, then.
Take care, you two."
With that, it's time to leave. We have a monster to kill.
No. 395231 ID: 6e44d2

Let's be subtler.

"Ah, my apologies. Thank you for your help."
No. 395232 ID: ed57e8

diri obviously wants something more. but, it is not our place to bother with the affairs of mortals. onward!
No. 395233 ID: 63e60b

Nonesense! Meddle! Say that the female seemed quite close, and it was a simple mistake.
No. 395237 ID: a2fa74

He's approximately as perceptive as a brick. If he wasn't then her hesitation would have been an obvious tell. This is very subtle.
No. 395252 ID: 95cda2

Bo> An inquiring head tilt, go go go.

No. 395256 ID: 88e5ad

uh huh I'm sure you are.

westways it is!
No. 395274 ID: b85f8c

State that you're not so sure about that, with a smirk. But that's all we have to say, so let's move.
No. 395283 ID: a2fa74

Or scoff and say "Your denial would be more convincing if I was the one you were trying to convince.
Some advice? There are no regrets more bitter than for things you never did, and seldom are the consequences of your choices worse than your worries over them. Isn't that right, Bo?"
No. 395292 ID: 369d34

Well, he could just be as thick as two planks glued together, or they're reflexively covering their actual relationship, and doing a rather bad job of it. Well, none of your business. You're not here to give relationship advice. Just say, "...Only friends. Riiight...", and leave it at that.

Time to get a move on. To the western road!
No. 395307 ID: d09277

No, hang on. You, the giant intimidating dragon, absolutely must stop what you're doing and sort through these guys' relationship issues. Have a seat right there in front of them and be all "Oh my, that's unfortunate. Clay, how does it make you feel when Diri says she's only friends with you?" and don't get up until they've sorted through their issues.
No. 395308 ID: ed57e8

uhhh, clay said just friends first.
No. 395309 ID: d09277

You are right! My mistake. Flip the names around. And I'll take that as agreement that it's absolutely imperative that we sit here and talk to these people until they profess their love for each other.
No. 395330 ID: 5cfe22

Cue trout's fapfic.
No. 395380 ID: a43a6c
File 133257283460.png - (17.13KB , 865x850 , errors can just fuck off.png )

Oh! My apologies. It's just that you seemed close, and I thought your feelings were obvious. Simple mistake, right?
Anyway, thanks again. Take care of yourselves.

"...So, uh, what was THAT about?"
"I-I'm... I'm having another drink."
"Hehe, so was that your dad or something?"
"Shut up. And it was a girl, ya dumbass."
No. 395381 ID: a43a6c
File 133257284993.png - (12.25KB , 865x850 , dark.png )

We continue down the road while avoiding everyone else. Our cautiousness slows us down, and after many hours of walking and hiding, dusk is upon us.
"Gren... I'm really tired of walking..."
I know, Bo.
"Can... can we find a place to stop? Please?"
No. 395382 ID: ed57e8

the treeline.
No. 395384 ID: 95cda2

What's the location/possible resty spot on the left side of the horizon line?
No. 395389 ID: 12c19f

Tell Bo to quit being such a newt.

Approach yonder indistinct forest/mountain as sleeping in the plains might leave you a bit exposed.
No. 395392 ID: f70e5e

no point in wearing yourself out. find somewhere hard to see from the rode to bed down for the night.
No. 395413 ID: 369d34

Are those nearby rocks or trees to the right, or distant mountains? If they're rocks or trees, head there to sleep. Otherwise find a lower spot in the terrain that can't be seen from the road and sleep there. Snuggle up with Bo, it's going to be a cold night.
No. 395421 ID: b85f8c

Find a nice secluded spot in the forest.
No. 395572 ID: 067a04
File 133262674356.png - (495.58KB , 865x850 , cold, dark, and sandy.png )

Quit being such a newt, Bo.


The thing on the horizon appears to be a hill. The road curves around it, leaving almost every side of the hill exposed. It would not be a good place to stop. There aren't any trees and the mountain range is distant, so we find a shallow area at the bottom of a slope a good distance away from the road.

As the sky darkens, the air grows colder and colder. Soon we are both shivering and miserable. Sleep is nearly impossible.

"G-Grennie-- I-I'm really cold--"

S-so am I--

"We r-really need t-t-to get w-warm--"
No. 395576 ID: ed57e8

shoot a fireball at the ground making it hot. then snuggle together on top of it.
No. 395586 ID: 6a5a08

Execute Dragon Technique #1: Fire Breath
No. 395588 ID: 12c19f

Dig a shallow pit to huddle in in a 96 position.
No. 395592 ID: 95cda2

What about digging into the side of the hill a bit?
No. 395595 ID: d09277

The obvious answer is to warm him up inside you
No. 395599 ID: b85f8c

You must snuggle for warmth. It is the only way.
No. 395614 ID: 4bdd79

Friction generates heat...
oh god I'm such a terrible person
No. 395617 ID: fa9f7e

As a rape victim, you should be fucking as much as possible to remind yourself that sex isn't bad. Rape Bo. We all know he wants it.

No, I'm not entirely serious.
No. 395630 ID: affb00


>> as a rape victim you should be making rape victims
>> everybody becomes a rape victim
>> everyone is a rapist

Hey uh uh uh how about we dig a burrow instead?
No. 395631 ID: fa9f7e

Ah, yes, someone might try to stop us from raping him. Excellent idea! Dig a burrow to hide the crime.
No. 395633 ID: e555bb

Snuggle at minimum, fuck for best results.
No. 395653 ID: 369d34

The both of you dig out a shallow pit big enough for the both of you, then apply fire-breath to it until it's well warmed up. You both lie down in it and snuggle together to conserve body heat.

This does raise the question of what do dragons do in this situation when they have to move across country. It's not like there's outfitters who make tents and sleeping bags in dragon size, now is there?
No. 395657 ID: 12c19f

Maybe we'll come across some nutty multi-racial mecca and we'll find dragon ponchos.
No. 395734 ID: a43a6c
File 133266394778.png - (16.21KB , 865x850 , dig.png )

I am not going to fuck Boaga! He's my friend, not some fucktoy! Damn it!

H-hey, help m-m-me dig.
"What-t are you d-doing?"
I'm g-going to dig a pit a-and s-set it on f-f-fire so it's w-warm.
"B-but wouldn't people s-see it?"
I don't c-care anymore!
No. 395735 ID: a43a6c
File 133266396754.png - (15.43KB , 865x850 , restless.png )

I light our shallow hole on fire and wait for it to burn out. We huddle down, side by side, in the heated dirt. We're still cold, but at least we're not freezing. Boaga can't seem to stay asleep, and I'm not doing so well either. It looks like it's going to be a long, miserable night.
No. 395736 ID: ed57e8

ask boaga why he is sticking with you.
No. 395739 ID: 88e5ad

count sheep.
No. 395785 ID: 35bd1d

Ask why he's still travelling with you, he seemed quite scare back at the village.

Also, ask him to tell you a story. He seems like the type for tales.
No. 395830 ID: a43a6c
File 133270438104.png - (32.62KB , 865x850 , it\'s just an edit so sue me.png )

Hey, Bo.
"Hey, Gren."
Do you mind if I ask you something?
You seemed really scared of me back at the village. So... why are you still with up with me?
"W-well, uh... You're my friend, Gren. And... I think that'd it'd be wrong to just walk out on you. I mean, I said I would help you, so just to back out like that..."
No. 395831 ID: fa9f7e

D'aaaaw, he's blushing. He luuuuuuuuuuuurrrves you. Rape him.
No. 395834 ID: e440a4

Um, this, but replace "rape" with "say thank you and kiss him on the cheek"

They're practically the same thing, really.
No. 395835 ID: 9aad51

This is a great i- oh wait nevermind.

Cuddle up to him and let him know that you appreciate him being with you.
No. 395836 ID: ed57e8

he's a sweetie!
No. 395843 ID: 88e5ad

uh-huh. just friends. surely. got it. of course. no doubt. etc. etc.
No. 395848 ID: b85f8c

"Friend, huh? You're acting just like that girl."
No. 395885 ID: 369d34

He stuck by you in your time of need, and didn't run when you went all scary. He's a better friend than most anyone would have. Hug and nuzzle him a little and thank him for being a good friend and staying at your side through all this.
No. 395886 ID: 95cda2

Yeah, he likes you.

Re-establish the friend-zone perimeter while you thank him for sticking with you. 'Cause honestly, this means a lot to you. He's the best friend.
No. 395910 ID: a43a6c
File 133271893943.png - (32.51KB , 865x850 , oh hey the awkward is back.png )

Aww, Bo, that's... that really means a lot to me. Thanks for staying with me.
"You're welcome-- oh-- uh--"
You're the best friend I could have. Goodnight, Bo.
"G-good night, Grennie.
No. 395911 ID: a43a6c
File 133271895455.png - (12.57KB , 865x850 , like rain on your wedding day.png )

Hard-won sleep finally comes. In the morning, I am rudely awoken. It is raining.

I hate the rain.
No. 395912 ID: ed57e8

makes sense, you are fire creatures. anyway, keep going. not much you can do.
No. 395919 ID: b85f8c

"Bo. It's raining. Make it stop."
No. 395937 ID: 369d34

Sadly, there's nothing that can be done about the rain.
Continue onward, shadowing the road. Head up the nearest higher hill on the way and survey the route ahead for any travelers or obstacles.
No. 395942 ID: 35bd1d

How heavy is Bo? Could you use him as some sort of poncho?

On a more serious topic, get back to walkin'! Maybe we can find better shelter somewhere along the road.
No. 395945 ID: a2fa74

Yes! Have Bo climb on top of you so his body will be between you and the rain! There are no possible downsides!
No. 395948 ID: 5eea01

WAKE UP (wake up)

...cuz yours totally got washed away by the rain.
No. 395951 ID: 063c28

Set the clouds on fire. Yours is the flame that will pierce the heavens!
No. 396074 ID: a43a6c
File 133273715984.png - (46.83KB , 865x850 , rain.png )

Bo. It's raining. Make it stop.
"Aw, but I love when it rains!"
No. 396075 ID: a43a6c
File 133273717726.png - (14.34KB , 865x850 , the eyelash was never missing got it.png )

We walk up to a taller hill and survey the area. The road seems to split off to the west and to the south, where it curves off into the distance around a cluster of mountains.
No. 396078 ID: fa9f7e

Bo is aderpable. Hug him, then use him as a poncho. Anyways, the left path is always wrong. Go away from the mountains.
No. 396079 ID: ed57e8

read sign.
No. 396081 ID: 6a5a08

Read sign, hug Bo.
No. 396084 ID: 12c19f

"You like it so much you can keep your head hoisted over mine, newt boy."

Do they even know how to read?
No. 396085 ID: 6a5a08

We do.
No. 396086 ID: 12c19f


I'm contemplating what -we- even are.

Seriously we had no closure. Are we the perverted spiritual consuls of dragon spirits.

...The rambling schizophrenic outcomes of a raped dragoness and her bumbling newt?
No. 396090 ID: 95cda2

If I had to guess, I'd guess TOWARDS the mountains (high chances of dragons)

First though, read the sign.
No. 396104 ID: 6a5a08

This, mountains have dragons and dragons mean rape targets for Rapadin.
No. 396105 ID: affb00


You can't contemplate what we are because we don't exist, silly! We're merely an abstraction of Grennie's thoughts, to make them easier for readers to understand.
No. 396111 ID: 12c19f

Silly me.

Just makes Grennie all the crazier though.
No. 396112 ID: 6a5a08

But we were in Bo's head too. Unless Grennie is psychically projecting her head-voices onto others nearby.
No. 396129 ID: 369d34

Gods, Bo's such an adorkable little dragon.

Well, may as well walk down and look at the signpost. Bo can't read the human language, but maybe Gren can. Though, unless what's written on it is a big clue to where the armored man went, they're kind of out of good directions. Clay and Dirine's just said they passed the guy to the west, nothing about a fork in the road. That could mean they passed him east of this fork, or the west route from this fork. The directions weren't totally clear. It could end up being a coin toss to choose.
No. 396156 ID: 88e5ad

ehm it's probably west. burn the sign down and proceed.
No. 396221 ID: a43a6c
File 133280597027.png - (12.35KB , 865x850 , thats no sign.png )

That... isn't a sign.
"...Oh FUCK! Fucking dragons! Aaaaaughhh, this is the worst fucking day!"
I am so sick of these people.
No. 396222 ID: 35bd1d

Jeez, isn't this guy a pessimist.

"What could I possibly do to you to make your situation any worse? Regardless, I need information, as you don't seem to be going anywhere."
No. 396224 ID: ed57e8

how about a trade. i get you down and set you up so you live and you tell what you have seen. sound like a deal?
No. 396225 ID: affb00

Lick his wounds. Maybe that'll give you super powers.
No. 396226 ID: e440a4

Be nice and offer him a quick death if he wants it. I don't think dragon claws are dexterous enough to pull out nails.
No. 396228 ID: 6a5a08

Offer to break him off of there if he tells you where the knight went.
No. 396229 ID: 4bdd79

Let him down, then ask him about the knight.
No. 396233 ID: b85f8c

He might deserve this. First, ask him why he's nailed to that thing. Second, tell him we'll ease his suffering if he tells us which way the armored man went.
No. 396235 ID: 12c19f

Ask him why he's crucified, offer to tweeze out those nails/put him out of his misery if him being let go would only mean horrible things for him if he cooperates.
No. 396239 ID: 8f5961

Take him down and ask him why he was up there.
No. 396245 ID: 063c28

Offer to take him down if he'll let you use him as a poncho.

And if he'll tell you which way the guy went, I suppose.
No. 396255 ID: 369d34

...Well, this is different.
Ask him if the armored man you're pursuing did this to him. Give him the description you gave Clay and Dirine. Then ask which way the armored man went. If he's reluctant, you could offer to pull his crucifix out of the ground, or break it off, and lay him flat. You really couldn't take his spikes out without him bleeding to death right there.
No. 396256 ID: 95cda2


"It /is/ the worst day, isn't it? First there's RAIN and then instead of a useful signpost there's /you/"
No. 396303 ID: 88e5ad

yeah, ok. let's help him help us.
No. 396463 ID: 067a04
File 133290196097.png - (140.03KB , 865x850 , okay fine help him or whatever.png )

Stop being such a pessimist. What could I possibly do to make your day any worse?

"H-holy shit you guys can talk... Well, I'unno, you could set me on fire."

I won't do that. Yet. Besides, you might have some information I can use, and I might be persuaded to help you down from there if you tell me.


Yes. But first, why are you up there?

"Oh, uh... Well, I did some things I shouldn't have. Took some things that weren't mine. You know... like lives."

Ah. That explains your predicament. Have you seen a man wearing chainmail with black boots, gloves, pauldrons, and a bucket helmet with horns on ether side?

"Uh-- Yeah! Sure! Get me down from here and I'll tell you!"
No. 396464 ID: 067a04
File 133290201285.png - (140.62KB , 865x850 , the worst jesus.png )

I pull him off of the wood.

"FFFFFFFFFFFFffffffuck! Y-you could--agh!-- you could have been more careful!"

Apologies. Now tell me what you've seen.

"Agh... Ah, well... That's the thing. I've-- ow-- spent the last few days in, uh, custody. So I haven't really seen anything."


"U-uh, but I have heard things! Someone-- aaaaugh... I heard someone mention that there was a guy who looked like that in the city a few days ago! Yeah!"
No. 396466 ID: ed57e8

stare at him HARD. then take a big sniff. say you now have his scent and can track him down anywhere and if he has anything else he would like to tell you, now is the time.
No. 396514 ID: 369d34

Let out an exasperated sigh. "Do I look like I was hatched yesterday? Fortunate for you, I'm out of even half-good directions. Unfortunate for you, you're staying with us while we check on this. You better hope who I'm looking for actually went through that city." Gently pick the self-confessed murderer up in your jaws and lay him on your back, and start walking towards the city. Those holes in his feet'll keep him from running anytime soon.
No. 396515 ID: b85f8c

Hmm. How the hell are we gonna follow THAT lead? We can't just walk up to the city gates. They'll shoot at us. Ask if he knows if the armored man's still in the city, or if the guy left already.

Then I guess uh, we'll have to wait outside the gates to see if we can catch someone on the road, and politely ask them to go into the city and ask someone to come out to speak with us. Because that totally would work now that we can't threaten the city with burninantion. Crap. I don't know what to do now. Maybe we could take this guy with us to the city, as a sort of offering?
No. 396560 ID: a760e9

he takes you for a fool.
No. 396612 ID: 6e44d2

He's acting out of desperation. Will you kill him for it? He was dead already.
No. 396964 ID: a43a6c
File 133306574465.png - (17.61KB , 865x850 , calling BS.png )

I could find you.
Anywhere you go. I could find you and I could kill you. Effortlessly.
Now, is there anything else you would like to tell me?
"Fuck... W-well, I'm not sure if what I said is, uh, actually true. I HAVE heard of someone like that, though, I swear! Some big and important guy that everyone was scared of! And he's been around here lately, I know it!"

"Grennie, y-you don't really believe him, right? We should get off the road before someone sees us..."
No. 396993 ID: b85f8c

He lied. He knows nothing. Put him back on the cross.
No. 397006 ID: ed57e8

him being around here recently is all we really expected. leave him. his chances of living are slim.
No. 397009 ID: 369d34

This man's word is right next to worthless. Unfortunately, you're out of any better directions. You're going to have to head towards the city to find anyone who knows more.

As "reward" for this information, the man gets to lie here and quietly bleed to death in the rain. It's better than he deserves.
No. 397028 ID: 95cda2

Yeeeeeeeeah leave. And pin that guy under the cross before you leave. He was not helpful. :I
No. 397031 ID: 5319a6

His reward for telling us something is that he gets to live. The punishment for lying at that he doesn't live very long. Leave him, onwards to the city
No. 397033 ID: fa9f7e

Let him die. Make sure he dies embarrassingly. If it looks like he died a hero or a martyr, you WILL start up a cult. Trust us on this. Either broil him into nothing or drown him in crap or some such.
No. 397034 ID: a2fa74

Bo is a peaceful soul. Don't harm anybody if you don't have to. Uselessness notwithstanding.

Ask this guy if there are any people who owe him favors, and if he knows anybody who would know about this knight.
No. 397065 ID: 77b5a0

he is scum, unworthy of the flesh he occupies. take it from him.
No. 397275 ID: a43a6c
File 133316607477.png - (22.00KB , 865x850 , the worst breakfast.png )

I don't believe you.

There is a loud crunching noise.
No. 397276 ID: a43a6c
File 133316608563.png - (16.78KB , 865x850 , rain and blood.png )

We walk along the mountains to the south, in silence.
No. 397279 ID: 95cda2

Angry silence.
No. 397283 ID: 063c28

Remember that you need Bo's support here. Even from a purely utilitarian viewpoint, you don't want to alienate him, or you'll likely end up on your own. Do you want to be by yourself when you ultimately find rapeknight? Remember how well that worked for you the first time around?

Yet more significant, though, is that Bo is important to you. You've shocked and hurt him. Letting that fester will be bad for both of you, so you need to do something about it soon.

Thus you must apologise, and explain yourself. Tell him that you couldn't just let a serial killer go loose, and that it would have been too cruel to let him just bleed out, let alone return him to the cross; a quick death was the only reasonable option left, and an act of mercy besides.

rationalization whee
No. 397291 ID: 369d34

Let up on the angry eyes; It's scaring Bo. Wipe the blood of your face too.

Stop, turn to Bo, and ask him how he would have handled that situation. Was there another way he could see? Because you couldn't see a better one.
No. 397292 ID: 5319a6

Dammit, we need Bo, and scaring him off won't do us any good. When we finally find the knight, we can't fight him alone! That's why we lost the first time! (Though the poison didn't help either.) Anyways, be angry and silent all you like, but it's only detrimental to your ultimate goal.
No. 397294 ID: b7169d

It won't help considering we keep killing or threatening to kill everyone and than try to get bo's help, at this point we've pretty much alienated him regardless.
No. 397300 ID: a2fa74

"Bo, he was a murderer. I couldn't leave him free, and his lies meant we couldn't have trusted him. I granted him a quick death; that was the best I could offer him."
No. 397390 ID: b85f8c

Uh, before we say anything, ask him what's wrong.

I personally think we were entirely justified in killing him. He was a murderer and sentenced to a painful death. It would've been wrong to let him go free, actually.
No. 397429 ID: a43a6c
File 133322763574.png - (17.80KB , 865x850 , talk it out.png )

Hey, Bo...
What's wrong?
"I... I don't know. It's just that... maybe you could have done something other than killing him."
Well, you heard him, Bo. He'd killed people.
"So have you."
That's-- It's different. It wouldn't have been right to just let him go free, and he was going to die painfully if I hadn't done anything. It was an act of mercy.
"You bit his head off. That's not mercy, that's... something else. Something horrible."
No. 397431 ID: 158bb9

He was a serial killer, they kill people because thet like it
No. 397433 ID: 95cda2

"Well, how would you have killed him?"
No. 397442 ID: b85f8c

Biting someone's head of is a pretty quick death, actually. What would be more merciful? Claw to the heart maybe?
No. 397453 ID: fc13ad

"I admit my methods could have been better, but it was a quick death. I was considering leaving him behind to bleed out. If you have a better plan next time, speak up. I'm always up for suggestions."

Include a reassuring gesture to show you really do want his opinion.
No. 397454 ID: e3f578

Bo, we're dragons, all right?
Humans and dragons naturally hate each other.
It's okay to kill them. It's fine. In fact, if that guy with the horns only tried to kill me, I probably would have been "Welp, that's that. Fair's fair I guess, I would have killed him if he didn't kill me."
But he didn't do that, he did something worthy of hate.
And he set me on this fucking kingdom.
If you want to blame anyone for all these threats, blame him. I'm not at fault here. I'm what the humans may call, temporarily insane, at least until I get my vengeance, and I don't think they held the temporarily insane truly accountable for their actions.

Just, let me have this Bo. Please. I'm angry, and it's only going to get worse. I'm not thinking rationally, and I won't until this is done. They are only humans, we are at war with them anyways. That human they found even less than human. He was going to starve tacked to that cross. I just made the inevitable quicker for him.

I mean, Bo, you say I kill people? And you haven't? You've never had to defend yourself from humans, or get in an argument, or establish your superiority? That's a cute pipe dream. Remember the bear you got for me? It was killed, it scratched you, and on top of that it died for sustinence. Each death has a purpose.
No. 397456 ID: 953355

Defense or accidents.

And biting his head off is messy but it's fast and almost painless. That man was sentenced to death and for good reason.
No. 397461 ID: 369d34

I could have left him there to bleed out in the rain, but what if someone had come along and helped him? What if he survived to kill again? He was an admitted murderer, already sentenced to a slow, painful death. So I gave him his death, as quick and painless as I could. I took no pleasure in the deed, and I feel I did the right thing.
No. 397465 ID: a2fa74

"Bo, I have been through a lot and am not thinking clearly. If I'm doing something that upsets you you need to actually do something about it."
No. 397469 ID: 4bdd79

No. 397474 ID: b7169d

Not much difference between her and the serial killer at this point, threatening innocents and an entire town just for her quest.

Justifications all you want, but she's gone off the deep end and still trying to rationalize it to herself.
No. 397481 ID: a375cf

PTSD can do that to people. Err, Dragons.

This. It's a redirection and attempt at justification, but its also really easy to be critical of others when you're entirely passive. Bo isn't firm enough in his beliefs to take action. Offering commentary after the fact is pretty useless.
No. 397506 ID: a43a6c
File 133325958137.png - (14.05KB , 865x850 , he mad.png )

It was quick and painless, compared to bleeding out in the rain or starving on that thing.
"Yeah, but... I know that's not why you killed him. It looked like you killed him just because you didn't like his answer, not because you cared about his suffering."
Bo, look. I have been through a lot, and I realize that I'm not thinking clearly. If I'm doing something that upsets you, then you need to do something about it.
"'Do something about it'? Like what? What am I supposed to do? You're way bigger than me! Am I supposed to tackle you? Pin you on the ground until you say sorry? What the hell could I possibly do?!"
No. 397509 ID: f21b0e

"Talk. Be the voice of reason and support I need. Be the companion I need."

Accompany with intense stare. Make out with him if you think he'd go for it. Don't fight back, but don't back down.
No. 397513 ID: 95cda2

Actually, that's not a bad idea--I mean you wouldn't hurt Bo, and it'd get your attention, at least. SURE, GO FOR IT
No. 397514 ID: ed57e8

"yes actually, if you think that would work, i would be mad at first but i trust you to only do something like that if you thought it was important"
No. 397516 ID: e3f578

"Well, what do you expect me to do in my emotional state, Bo? Huh? It's either you stop me or watch me kill or threaten people. Who cares about these fucking humans anyway, they're all parasites that are only good for making crafts."
No. 397521 ID: b85f8c


Okay, grennie definitely killed the guy because he pissed her off. Now she's making excuses, because... why? Being dishonest isn't the way to go. Have some damn pride.

The facts are, it wasn't a terrible death, he deserved to die, and she was angry at him. Bringing her trauma into this and implying Bo could've done something to stop her is not constructive.

Grennie, apologize and say you're frustrated and you shouldn't have said that. Admit that you killed him because you were angry because he lied to you. He was scum anyway, is it really a big deal?
No. 397527 ID: 369d34

"I will never hurt you Bo, so divert my anger. Call me on my bullshit. Get in my face. Get in my way. Yell! Rant! Do what you have to do, to keep me from going too far."
No. 397804 ID: a43a6c
File 133331634436.png - (21.43KB , 865x850 , madder and madder.png )

Well, why not tackle me? It'd get my attention, right?
"I-- is this a joke to you? I'm trying to tell you how I feel about this and you joke about it? What the hell is wrong with you?!"
Why do you even care, Bo? It was a human. They're scum.

He throws himself against me. He bounces off of me as if I were a wall.

Bo, stop.
"You're upsetting me! I'm doing something about it!"

He tries to tackle me again.

No. 397805 ID: ed57e8

No. 397806 ID: e3f578

Bo why does this upset you so much?
Seriously Bo, they're just humans.
And when I said tackle me, I mean when I'm about to do something you don't like, not after, come on Bo.
No. 397813 ID: b7169d

Of course to the humans, your just being a mean, nasty dragon that just needs to be slayed at this point. It's generally like pissing off till an actual slayer comes by and figured out "Hey, killer dragon!" And actually cuts her head off instead of getting it on.
No. 397815 ID: f21b0e

Gren stop being a bitch! If you keep acting like this, Bo is going to leave you just like Beodox did!
No. 397832 ID: a83682

Stop contradicting yourself like a dummy. Also, ask him to please explain his objections.
No. 397836 ID: b7169d


We already know his objectives as he's basically shown and told them before, he doesn't like us acting like psycho-dragon. He doesn't like needless killing, and he doesn't like it when people are forced to suffer.
No. 397842 ID: a2fa74

"I get it, Bo! I meant when I'm doing something wrong!"
Pause, take a breath
"I'm sorry, Bo. I still don't see what was wrong with it, but if it upsets you then I won't eat people from now on."
Pat him on the head
"Standing up to people takes guts. I'm proud of you, Bo. Keep it up; women love confidence."
No. 397892 ID: 369d34

Bo's scared that the Gren he knew and cared for was taken by the armored man and replaced with a cruel monster. He's afraid he'll never get that Gren he loved back. Right now, he's angry at the "monster" and that there isn't anything he can do about it, so let him beat himself against your hide until he tires out. Then you two can sit down and talk.

Bo feels he doesn't have any control, so give him some. You trust him, so let him take the lead for now. It'll be hard to do, but he won't be likely to blow up and do something rash.
No. 397895 ID: 265f93

Have rape flashbacks, that is totally how he is acting to you.
No. 397977 ID: c460ad

>Bo's scared that the Gren he knew and cared for was taken by the armored man and replaced with a cruel monster. He's afraid he'll never get that Gren he loved back. Right now, he's angry at the "monster" and that there isn't anything he can do about it, so let him beat himself against your hide until he tires out. Then you two can sit down and talk.

>Bo feels he doesn't have any control, so give him some. You trust him, so let him take the lead for now. It'll be hard to do, but he won't be likely to blow up and do something rash.


Stop and think about whether or not Bo may be right about this. If you're not careful, your hunt for the knight could make you just as much of a monster as him. Is that what you want?

Also, casual murder of the defenseless is NOT okay, not on humans and not on convicts. And no, that clearly wasn't about mercy or justice. Bo is right. You killed him because you were angry. That's petty, and frankly, evil. Before it's too late, I want you to ask yourself this question:

Is this the kind of dragon you want to be?
No. 397998 ID: a43a6c
File 133333355624.png - (16.15KB , 865x850 , critical levels of mad.png )

...L-like Beo...? I d-don't want Bo to leave me. I need his help.

Okay, okay! I get it, Bo! I meant when I'm doing something wrong!

He takes a step back.
"Have you listened to anything I've said at all? TO ANYTHING YOU'VE SAID TO ME?!"

With a yell, he runs into me again.

I-- I'm about to lose my temper...
No. 398001 ID: d66d75

Let him vent, and do your best to keep calm. He'll wear himself out before he can actually hurt you.
No. 398004 ID: 369d34

...Oh, crap. Run! Run into the mountains! Run before you do something you'll regret for the rest of your life! Run before you hurt Bo!
No. 398007 ID: 369d34

It's looking like Gren'll blow up before Bo finishes venting, and Bo will get hurt if that happens.
No. 398011 ID: fa9f7e

Kill Bo already. Eat him.
No. 398012 ID: 6868bc

Just have him leave. You clearly don't actually respect him or anything he says, just as clearly as you take him for granted. He's tagging along with you out of concern and the goodness of his heart, and yet you behave this way when he has a problem he takes seriously without trying to understand, or even really seeming to care about changing things beyond getting him to shut up and quit complaining. I'm sorry, but he's better off without you, because I've got serious doubts you can change.
No. 398013 ID: b85f8c

Pin him, to make him stop so you can both calm down.
No. 398019 ID: 6a5a08

No. 398026 ID: d1f1b7

Just say that this is like you have always been and do not know how else to act. Like right now where you have to force down your instincts to keep him from getting hurt.

Then follow it up by saying that you will listen to Bo's suggestions on how to handle things from now on and actually try to do so. Well, try to do so more.
No. 398027 ID: 95cda2

Ok, to keep yourself from biting Bo, try biting your own tail. D:<
No. 398033 ID: a2fa74

Lower your head and say "I'm sorry, Bo."
Fastest way to calm him down.
No. 398035 ID: f21b0e

Do you know why Bo is being like this? It's because he cares about you. He doesn't want you to destroy yourself over revenge, especially when it's unnecessary!

He could never beat you in combat, but he's trying, not because he hates you, but because he loves you, and if that sentiment means nothing to you, you're no better than that damned knight!

Now you could easily tear him apart, but what good would that do you? You would end up alone, with no one to help you, in a fight against the knight who bested you without breaking a sweat. And you will lose.

Swallow your pride and surrender, or destroy your only ally. It's a simple choice.
No. 398039 ID: c6ec33

Bo really, really cares about you, and he's not liking what he's seeing right now. Your desire for revenge is turning you into someone cold, calculating, and... well, someone Bo doesn't want to be around.

The fact that he's willing to stand up to you *despite* the fact that you're bigger, and stronger, and could probably kill him means that he is VERY upset and needs to calm down.

Arguing will make things worse. Just this once, can you back down?

Apologize, act submissive, and tell him that you really appreciate his friendship. But explain that you've been hurt, and you want to find this guy one way or another. If the way that you're doing it is upsetting him so much, how does he think you should find this guy? Give him a chance to speak.
No. 398051 ID: a43a6c
File 133334211846.png - (16.43KB , 865x850 , somewhat less mad.png )

Bo, please! Stop! I'm sorry!

He pauses.

I'm sorry I made you upset. I really appreciate everything you've done for me, and I don't want to lose you just because of this.
"You... you didn't seem very sorry a minute ago."
I know, but... this is just how I am. I don't know how else to act.
"No, this isn't how you are. You didn't kill people just because they didn't give you what you wanted. You'd never do anything like that. You're not yourself."
That's because I've been hurt, Bo. I'm just trying to find the man that did it. But... please, if you have any ideas how I should do that, just tell me, okay?"
"W-well, I think we shouldn't find him. We should just turn around and leave, but you're not going to do that. I don't know what else to do."
No. 398055 ID: ed57e8

"i have to find him. if i don't then i will be afraid, that one day he will come back and do it again. i couldn't live like that. if he's dead then i KNOW he wont come back"
No. 398056 ID: f21b0e

Comprimise: We still go after the knight, but do things as non-violently as we can. Consulting with Bo before any major decisions should get him to trust us more, and hopefully keep us from making bad choices.

Also, apologise again.
No. 398058 ID: b85f8c

Not only do we need to find him so that we don't have to worry about him coming back, we need to find him so he doesn't do it again. We have to stop him. It's the right thing to do, even if it IS fueled by selfish revenge.
No. 398059 ID: c6ec33


Make sure to promise to try to be less violent in the future. :V
No. 398066 ID: 369d34

Apologize again. Admit that your temper has been dangerously short. That you've never been this mad before; Never been this scared before. Your mood and thoughts are flying all over the place. You're making rash, angry decisions, and you need Bo's help to counter that. So ask Bo to be your voice of reason and balance, and thank him for being a good friend.
No. 398090 ID: 673411

Tell Bo why this is important to you. That you want to find and kill this knight for vengeance, but that even without that motivation, how the knight is a hazard to dragons everywhere.

Tell him that he has a choice. You can go back now, and try to go on with your life. Just say if he wants to stop this and we will. But if anything like this happens again, you will leave; You will go out in full fury without Bo.

Or, he can decide to continue forth, and help you. He can keep you in line, and make sure that you don't go over the edge. He can be your voice of reason.
No. 398124 ID: affb00

throw up because you are pregnant woman now
No. 398147 ID: b84f3f

boo fucking hoo. you've got rapists to kill. get on it.
No. 398258 ID: b0d466

"I know I'm going to keep looking--If that's not what you want to do, I really can't decide that for you, Bo."
No. 398275 ID: 4bdd79

No. 398517 ID: a43a6c
File 133349691602.png - (12.36KB , 865x850 , not really mad anymore.png )

I'm sorry, Bo, but... have to find him. I just can't live with the fact that he's still out there and could come back for me.
"I understand..."
We're still going after him, but I won't do things like that again. I'll ask you what you think, and I'll try not to be such a bitch anymore.
"Do you Promise?"
I promise. I really am sorry about being mean to you.
"It's okay, Grennie."
No. 398518 ID: b85f8c

Now kiss him- wait no.

Let's start moving again. Every minute we spend standing around, he gets further away.
No. 398519 ID: b0d466

keep moving, take the path away from the mountains
No. 398520 ID: 46287a

Alright, everyone's calmed down, teamwork reinstated. Onwards!
No. 398529 ID: 369d34

Now stick to your promise; It'll be for the best. Rampaging dragons do tend to attract the attention of posses of wannabe dragon-slayers. Or, at worst, the man in the black armor. You wouldn't be able to sleep with them roving around.

Now, onward to the city or town that Acolon pointed out. Since the trail has gone cold, you're going to have to ask around, as hard as that is to do as a dragon. Just be non-confrontational and polite, and you'll be fine. Or at least you won't be attacked.
No. 398531 ID: 3ce5b2

"Oh and bo? Thanks for keeping me sane."
Cheek kisses and proceed.
No. 398875 ID: ec3ad5

Onwards, we move.
No. 398890 ID: a43a6c
File 133367072474.png - (18.01KB , 865x850 , no blush for a reason.png )

Thanks for keeping me sane, Bo.
"You're welcome."
No. 398891 ID: a43a6c
File 133367073872.png - (16.92KB , 865x850 , city.png )

We travel along the mountains, stopping only to find something to eat. We avoid several other travellers and a few horse-drawn carts. After an hour or so, the rain stops but the clouds persist. I really hope it doesn't start raining again.

Eventually, we see the city. It's-- impressive. And intimidating. That... that is a lot of people. How are we going to do anything here?
No. 398896 ID: b85f8c

Hang on, what is that up there in the mountains, another cave? If that's a dragon's lair, we don't need to talk to anyone.

We already know where he's going.
No. 398897 ID: b0d466

First you find something to eat in the mountains. Then you lurk around the mountain passes for any stray hunters or mountain men or whatever to ambush and interrogate!
No. 398898 ID: 0cbc7e

I think an ambush would be best. If there's an area where any guards posted at the walls or the gates won't see you, that's where you wait until some poor informed-looking sap happens by. Do your best not to be seen, though. I don't think you would fare well against whatever military that town has set up.
No. 398899 ID: 6a5a08

Don't suppose you two are those dragons with fancy shapeshifting magic?
No. 398900 ID: b85f8c

Oh, and we could ask Bo for ideas.
No. 398901 ID: b0d466

Right right. What's he think, eh.
No. 398903 ID: 369d34

Ambushing hunters and mountain men wouldn't get you more than rumors. The problem here is that the people who would know more about the man in the black armor are inside the city walls, where they definitely will not let you go. You need a way to get them out here to talk to, or someone to go in and ask.

Here's what you do: Go to the road and surprise travelers heading to the city. Ask them your questions, then let them head on their way. Do not harm any of them; If attacked, run away. It'll be such a strange experience that they'll be telling everyone once they get inside the gates.

Once you've done that to four or five travelers, go plunk yourself down in a completely open and obvious spot next to the road. Somewhere where the city guard can plainly see you, but you're out of their range. Then sit there until they send someone out. If it's a bunch of archers and guard, take off, and try again later. If it's only a small group, they're willing to talk.

Make sure to run this plan by Bo and get his thoughts. Ask if he has any other ideas on how to go about this.
No. 398945 ID: ed57e8

ask bo about it. you need someone leaving the city.
No. 398948 ID: b85f8c

Nobody else is going to comment on that cave? If there's a female dragon there, the knight is on his way there to rape her.
No. 398984 ID: 16da88


we don't know whether it really has to be a female, but yeah, we should go there.
No. 399170 ID: a43a6c
File 133378267752.png - (19.89KB , 865x850 , talking.png )

What do you think, Boaga?
"Think of what?"
How are we going to get anything out of this?
"I don't know... Maybe we could find someone on the road to talk to?"
That's what I was thinking.
"But... what if someone attacks us? They'd tell other people that we attacked them and then everyone would attack us."
That's true... Hey, wait, do you see that?
Up there, in the mountains.
"...is that a cave?"
I think so. If he's going anywhere near here, he'd go there, right?
So let's go up there and meet him. Does that sound good?
"Uh... sure..."
No. 399171 ID: a43a6c
File 133378269239.png - (10.36KB , 865x850 , huge opening.png )

It takes hours for us to pathfind our way to the cave. We had to take a longer route to avoid going over the road and being spotted by anyone at the gate. By the time we get there, we're exhausted and the sun is almost down. The cave itself is huge. It doesn't look like anyone in the city sees us, but we should hurry up before that changes.

How are we going to approach this?
No. 399176 ID: 12c19f

This cave looks eerily well kept. Use your fat dragon snouts and and sharp dragon eyes and look around.
No. 399195 ID: b16e36

No. 399202 ID: 800ce6

goddammit Bo keep your eyes trained away from Gren's cloaca

you approach this cautiously and sneakily
No. 399342 ID: a43a6c
File 133385645903.png - (5.34KB , 865x850 , simple interior.png )

Okay, Bo. Try to be quiet.
"I will."

We enter. The cave itself remarkably shallow. There seems to be a rift in the very back. I don't think I could fit through it. Other than that and a few rocks, the cave is empty. Eerily so. It's hard to see any fine details in this light, though.

"G-Gren... did you hear that?"
Hear what?
"I don't know, I just heard... something..."

No. 399350 ID: c10f09

Move closer, slowly. Ask Bo to relay whatever he hears.
No. 399354 ID: b0d466

No. 399370 ID: 6a5a08

Look up
Greet Giant Spider?
No. 399404 ID: 844262

I don't see the spider. But I guess these guys probably know what they're talking about, so yeah up is the way to be looking right now.

BTW this thread is starting to take a really long time to load for me. You might want to consider starting a new one soon.
No. 399424 ID: 6a5a08

Well, if it's up the options are probably spider or bat. Maybe a dragon that can crawl on walls/ceilings, I'm pretty sure those are a thing somewhere.
Also possible there's a human hermit living in the crevice or something.
Or rapeknight is sneaking up behind us.
Really, the spider was just a guess.
No. 399454 ID: a43a6c
File 133391614588.png - (15.52KB , 865x850 , nope_avi.png )

Oh, uh-- I, uh, I thought I saw something up there, but, uh, i-it was nothing...
"Uh-- Okay... You kind of scared me."
No. 399455 ID: b0d466

>Begin next thread with view through the rift

Gren: Peek through rift
No. 399479 ID: 800ce6

pretend there's a disco ball hanging from the ceiling and dance because you're not human you're dancer goddammit.
No. 399519 ID: b0d466

>Send Boaga to investigate
No. 399622 ID: a43a6c
File 133394462241.png - (17.69KB , 865x850 , deep.png )

I'm going to look in the crack over there, Boaga.
"Just be careful, okay? That's how I got slashed by that bear..."
I will. Nothing in any cave can hurt me.
"But... okay."

The rift runs deeper inside. It's near impossible to see anything in here, but I can tell that it's too small for either of us to even dream about fitting through. So this entire cave is useless to us.
No. 399623 ID: a43a6c
File 133394463230.png - (17.78KB , 865x850 , critical rage.png )

Coming up here was completely fucking pointless.
No. 399625 ID: b0d466

No. 399626 ID: fa9f7e

Thermal-stress the crack open. Heat it with fire, then hurl water at it, like the worst session of sex ever.
No. 399627 ID: ed57e8

unless that's the point. it's a cavern only a human could access. the ultimate anti-dragon deterrent. if you still want something tell boaga to break it open more. it's his idea to come up here.
No. 399657 ID: 7d19c4

Breathe fire into it! All the fire!
No. 399670 ID: a2853b

Where would they get the water from?
No. 399688 ID: 9718f3

What a stupid crack! You should show it who is boss by putting a giant rock in front of it, sealing it.
No. 399695 ID: 800ce6


pee has water in it.
No. 399823 ID: a43a6c
File 133401270952.png - (13.89KB , 865x850 , cracks are frustrating.png )

Do you really expect me to widen a tunnel into the earth into something we can walk through by breathing fire at it? Boaga can't do anything that I couldn't, and I couldn't widen this.

No. 399825 ID: b0d466

"Yes, Bo?"

You're irritated but try not to snap, we JUST PROMISED to try to be nice, like, this morning.

Bo> WAT.
No. 399832 ID: 7d19c4

"Yes, Bo?"
No. 399863 ID: 3ce5b2

Deep breaths, stay calm and all that.
No. 399865 ID: ed57e8

the fire is mostly to try and burn anything in it. also thermal cracking. make it super hot then cool it off super fast and it makes most anything shatter
No. 399871 ID: e3f578

Boaga, go "THIS HOLE WAS MADE FOR MEEEEEEEE" and come out the other side as spaghetti ala dragon
No. 399895 ID: 369d34

Don't vent your rage at Bo; Remember, you promised not to. Vent rage by blasting flame into the crack, then rolling a boulder in front of it. That'll show that crack what-for!

Even if there isn't anything up here, you still found an excellent vantage point over the city, and a place to sleep that's out of the way.
No. 400159 ID: a43a6c
File 133410201525.png - (13.87KB , 865x850 , what a flamer.png )

There's nothing to plug the hole with. I still breathe fire into it, though, which makes me feel a bit less mad. I'm very far away from snapping, though.

Yes, Bo?
"I was wondering what's in there. You look kind of upset."
It's empty, and it's too small for either of us to fit through.
So coming up here was completely pointless.
"Oh. I... I guess it was. I think I'd be more upset if I wasn't so tired."
"W-well now what do we do?"
No. 400160 ID: c4a1fc

You fuck, of course.
No. 400161 ID: b0d466

No. 400162 ID: 27d278

Look for Aromatic Grass.
No. 400164 ID: ed57e8

sleep. it's a nice shelter.
No. 400165 ID: 369d34

Heat up a sleeping spot at the back of the cave with dragon-fire, and lay down with Bo. Talk with him and make a plan for tomorrow before going to sleep.
No. 400166 ID: 6a5a08

Make a warm spot to sleep. Take turns on watch in case something nasty emerges from the hole.
No. 400334 ID: 70591e

I still say you should dance.
No. 400637 ID: a43a6c
File 133427511444.png - (17.65KB , 865x850 , sleeptalk.png )

Shall we dance?
"But I don't know how to dance..."
...Yeah, neither do I.

It has gotten a bit cold. I hadn't even noticed. I light up a corner of the cave and we lie down. As soon as both of us are settled in, I turn to him.

Hey, Bo.
"Hey, Grennie."
Any ideas for tomorrow?
"Well, I think we might have to actually get into the city. Anything we get from anyone outside is just going to be rumors."
But how are we going to get inside?
"I'm really not sure. Maybe we can just go up to the front gate?"
No. 400638 ID: 97bd86

Well, it is an option.
No. 400640 ID: e3f578

Attach a nice white flag to your heads as you approach the human settlement. Act like a customer or politician, I'm sure many in the city would like to have connections or make business with a mighty dragon. The front door should be a better option this way.

If you need a white flag to attach to your horns, just ask a caravan or human who isn't afraid of you politely to give you a sheet or something, and that you'll give it back after you've made ti clear to the town military you're not hostile as of yet.
No. 400643 ID: 369d34

You could accost travelers heading up the road to the city, holding them long enough to tell them to relay to the city guard that you're coming and you're only seeking answers, not a fight. Do that to two or three, then head towards the city along the most open and obvious path. You want to be seen, but also to see anyone coming. If it looks like guardsmen or soldiers are coming, run for the hills. You don't want to wreck this by fighting.

Once you're at the city, stand out of range of the archers in an open area and shout your questions, and say that you'll park your scaly hide in the road every day, scaring travelers and caravans off, until you get answers. This city looks like a mining city; They live and die by trade. They'll want you outta here quick. Oh, and add a stipulation that if they give you false information, you'll come back and do more than just scare caravans off.
No. 400652 ID: a2affd


Well so long as you don't appear intent on wrecking their stuff, it should work. Wear hats or something.

Also sleep. Keep close for body warmth.
No. 400654 ID: 4bdd79
File 133427970659.png - (171.00KB , 2000x1589 , 2000px-Trollface_svg.png )

Walk up to the front gate, being careful not to spook the guards, and request a parley.
No. 400656 ID: 70591e


yes. for body warmth.
No. 400718 ID: a43a6c
File 133429462375.png - (49.75KB , 865x850 , sleepytimes.png )

"Well, why wouldn't it work?"
I don't think they'd just let two fearsome dragons just walk up to the gate and knock on it until someone lets them in.
"What if we had some way of announcing it? Telling them that we aren't a threat?"
Uh... White means peace for them, right?
"I think so."
So let's find something white and wear it somewhere prominent.
"Like on our horns?"
Yeah! And as long as we act kind enough, I think they might want us in there. Who wouldn't want to be aquainted with a mighty dragon?
"But... I don't know, there's still a chance that they'd shoot us before we could say anything."
I guess.
"Maybe we can find some people on the road and tell them to tell the people inside that we're coming and not to shoot us. We could get something white from them, too!"
Good idea. I think we'd need to be a bit more persuasive.
"...L-like how?"
We should tell them that if they don't let us in, we'll scare off travellers and caravans. They look like they depend on trade, so they'd be killing themselves. And if they give us wrong information, we'll do worse than scare them off.

I try to get close to him. He kind of tenses up and tries to scoot away.

"Gren, we shouldn't do that. We don't have to starve a bunch of people for some info, right?"
Well-- I really don't want it to come to that...
But I'll do what I can, okay?
"Okay, just-- just remember what you promised..."
Of course, Bo.

I get closer to him again, almost touching the side of my snout to his. He doesn't move away this time.

Goodnight, Bo.
"'Night, Gren."
We settle down for some well-deserved rest.
No. 400719 ID: a43a6c
File 133429463682.png - (15.04KB , 865x850 , thread end.png )

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