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File 132911364302.png - (85.94KB , 550x550 , 601.png )
386179 No. 386179 ID: 97486c

You enter the Land of Abel, passing a small magical field as you make your way in.
Past the gate a woman greets you.

>"Welcome to the Land of Abel, the most successful and well protected land on the planet. It seems you're new to the land, would you like a tour?"

She speaks like someone who either really loves their job or will die if they fail at it.
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No. 386180 ID: a9f1dc

"I need to see the Plague Doctor immediatly. Several of my friends have been recently infected. I am technically a construct, so I am not a carrier. Please, time is of the essence."

No. 386181 ID: 431fa8

Scan her.
No. 386182 ID: b6edd6

Say something like "No thank you, I am here on business. Do you know where we could find [description of the plague doctor]?"
No. 386183 ID: b5c649

might as well go straight to the point an ask about notable healers and medical locations
No. 386184 ID: ed57e8

these two
No. 386185 ID: fcf88e

Woah, slow down there Shot. It may be urgent but we do NOT blurt out our objective so fast. There is likely a reason he is kept here. Agree to the tour. At the very least it will show us to the churches where we can get in touch with Kass' order. They can likely contact him a lot faster.
No. 386186 ID: 6a5a08

No. 386187 ID: 1854db

We should get to business.
No. 386189 ID: fcf88e

Yeah, getting down to business would make sense but there is a slight flaw; We are now officially in enemy territory. We have no data of the place, no info, no true knowledge and our forces are either sick or watching the sick.

We can NOT mess this up by going straight for it because chances are this will be our only chance. The tour can at least get us to know the condition of the place, general things to be cautious about and also what we are up against.

Take the tour. This is a once in a life time chance.
No. 386190 ID: 97486c
File 132911517326.png - (73.58KB , 550x550 , 602.png )

Terri Lv1 Tour Guide


Guide: Guides tourists through locations.
Find Hidden Location MP 50
Conjure Drink MP 10

"Sure. I don't know much about that place so a general layout would be nice."

>"Well there are plenty of great locations here in the Lands of Abel! Which would you like to tour first? Fun Fact: The giant Wall of Tears was formed using Demon slaves taken from the defeated Overlord soon after his fall."

No. 386191 ID: a9f1dc

Let's go through the locations counter-clockwise.
No. 386193 ID: fcf88e

...and this is why I said we shouldn't take this place lightly.

The churches should be our last stop since we will be there. The 'garden' sounds like 'fun', followed by the marketplace.
No. 386194 ID: ed57e8

yeah cut through the garden to the church.
No. 386195 ID: b5c649

ask why it was called the wall of tears, afterward, ask to tour the churches first
No. 386196 ID: 1854db

Trade booths.

Also uh, remember we instigated that battle. Them taking prisoners and using them for work makes sense.
No. 386197 ID: 97486c
File 132911648816.png - (86.00KB , 550x550 , 603.png )

You decide to start with The Garden.

"Why exactly is it called the Wall of Tears?"

>"Well from all the tears the demons shed as they were being forced to build it. And here we are, The Garden. Now back during the War the Garden was filled but it seems there's only one demon here today. And this one has been the only one here for a month so that shows just how few demons we actually get here. Now before you think, 'Oh this one slipped by security' I would like to remind you that we also capture demons that try to get into the Lands from outside. More likely then not this one was found in the area. Now this is the part that I think is really cool. See those flowers below it? Well they spring up whenever fresh blood is dropped on the soil. Back in the day the gardens were in full bloom. Oh it was a great area to take the family for a nice picnic. Not many flowers nowadays though. While the Garden was beautiful in it's prime we really do hope that it's not full again."
No. 386198 ID: 431fa8

No. 386201 ID: 1854db

Okay now THIS is sick. These people are Demons.

Ask why they aren't simply executed. What's the point of torturing them?

Trade District next, I say.
No. 386202 ID: 00a6b2

You should also move closer as if to inspect the flowers, while asking if demon blood has this reaction in other places, it is quite curious.
No. 386203 ID: ed57e8

hmm.. can you kill a helpless enemy without entering battle mode and still enslave? plan is, walk up, kill it, enslave, and teleport it away in one motion. then say "... do they all do that?"
No. 386204 ID: fcf88e

More I see the place, the more cautious I am. We really can't mess this place up. I don't like the idea of leaving her... but this is a darker reminder that we can't mess this up.

...let's head to the market, this place just makes me want to plant Abel in it.
No. 386205 ID: a2fa74

Scan the demon.
"Ugh. Would it be alright if I came back here later to finish it off?"
No. 386222 ID: c0e69a

"It sounds like this 'Overlord' person had quite a large demon army, what happened to them after they completed the wall?"
No. 386223 ID: f70e5e

"may I ask what the point of that is? if it was visible from outside the walls it would be an effective deterrent, but since other demons can't see this I don't see the point. surly simply executing them would be simpler?"

we cannot show how we feel about this, I don't think they take kindly to those who sympathize with demons. we also can't risk trying to save him right now. we have to save our forces so we can one day return here and burn this abomination of a city to the ground.
No. 386232 ID: 3947e9

please do not argue morality with the tour-guide who is either a fanatic or scared for her life from the thought police. Seriously have a fucking filter between your brain and your mouth and don't say such things.

Do scan it though.

I would like to make sure the magic field we passed does not disrupt our teleporting. Test it out, if you can't, run out of the field and then port back home.
If it is not impeded continue tour and plan. Keep the questions down until she finishes volunteering info. See if you can buy the cure for plague, if you can buy it first and come back to deal with them later.

Also we might be able to cure them without abel with the following methods
1. Use moon-child blood gem (we have one, we might convince our resident moon child to willingly donate some to save styx or we can just steal the OTHER orbs)
2. Release of service, kill, enslave. (test on fluffy first; for her we can skip that step).

Actually we should steal all the moon child orbs anyways ASAP... but that comes after saving our minions...
Also did you remember to order our golem troops to imprison the cancer mage without food?
No. 386235 ID: 1854db

I wasn't arguing morality. I was asking what the point is.
No. 386241 ID: fcf88e

We best not leave just yet. We don't know if the crystallized gem can cure enough people and making a return trip may make the others too late to cure. It's untested after all and I don't want to tempt fate.

Besides, getting in touch with the church and plague doctor may help us a lot more in the whole 'curing the plague spreader curse' thing.
No. 386242 ID: 3947e9

"excuse me mister SS officer, what is the point of putting people in gas chamber?"
"excuse me mister klansman, what is the point of torturing someone to death simply due to have a different skin color"
"excuse me mister stalin's tourguide and secretary, what is the purpose of sending political dissidents to siberia?"

We don't need to leave to test teleportation. teleport a potion (or a human minion. NOT A DEMON) to you and then back home.
No. 386248 ID: 80b862

>we really do hope that it's not full again.
Hmm. Well, at least she thinks it's bad. That means she's likely good, but can't show it.

Ask this. If she asks why you want to know, say you simply dislike seeing others suffer.

I assumed the magic field we passed through was likely a Demon detector or would sound an alarm if something evil enough passed through. About your "cures" though...

1) Using the blood gem is an interesting idea, but if it works then let's only ask once and not bring it back up if he refuses. I'd rather not pressure him.
2) I don't think you grasp the situation. Anyone that dies while infected by the plague turns into a Plaguespreader. Sure, we can turn them into Poison Spitters afterward, but it'd be best if we can cure them entirely while a cure is still feasible.
No. 386253 ID: 1854db

That's still not arguing morality. There is a point to those actions, even though those actions are evil.
No. 386256 ID: e2d21e

No. 386257 ID: 1854db

...maybe we should just cut her throat under the pretense of "wanting to see more flowers".
No. 386258 ID: ed57e8

and whisper "Requiescat In Pache" if we can't enslave and teleport in one motion
No. 386263 ID: 8b538b

how about stop fucking around and find out where the doctors are
No. 386286 ID: e3f578

I have to ask how many heroes would find this a bit cruel. State you have no opinion of it, but you imagine scholars probably debate for days about whether this seems like needless overkill or if they really deserve this. That is, IF scholars are allowed to debate in the Lands. SO ask that first.
No. 386309 ID: fcf88e

Or we can not ask and continue the 'tour'. I hate to say it, but trying anything too suspicious is not going to help us at all. Besides, I am not sure we can enslave outside of combat. We tried attacking outside of combat and the rules didn't work that way.

Doesn't help that while this is the only demon we see, we still haven't taken a look at the prison, arena or markets. We won't be able to save these people without endangering ourselves, so let's continue being under cover.
No. 386310 ID: 46c430

What he said. Sorry to say it, but just keep a lid on things, aye.
No. 386319 ID: 3947e9

Yes for fucking gods sake yes...
IF YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO, bring up the issue and ask those questions AFTER you acquired (or were refused) the cure for plague...
And personally I would rather just come here with an army, conquer the place... and THEN argue morality with abel while he is clasped in irons.
No. 386330 ID: ed57e8

we are a tourist asking "why don't they just kill them?" is a perfectly normal tourist question.
No. 386332 ID: 3947e9

not in Nazi-land.
Imagine you are a tourist in Nazi germany getting a tour of a deathcamp by an SS officer... and then you go asking such stupid questions. What do you think the result would be?
No. 386338 ID: e5dfab

Yes, I agree. We simply don't have the means to save this demon and guarantee our minions safety.

Right now, we're here to find a way to save our people, as callous as this sounds, it must remain our primary objective everything and everyone else must take a backseat.
No. 386341 ID: bd2a40

To be fair, a lot of it depends on how you phrase such questions and the tone you use.

Saying "Why do you not just kill them?" in a disdainful or cold manner would imply that you are criticizing their "work". On the other hand, if you use a light tone to ask if it would not be easier to just kill them outright, then that would imply curiosity about the situation. Well, that and complete amorality, but that is beside the point. Information on volatile topics can be extracted by phrasing all questions in a manner which indicates either indifference or support of already existing methods.
No. 386351 ID: ff4eae


Say you heard about a plaugedoctorguy and you would like to speak with him, we can right wrongs after we've saved out people.
No. 386524 ID: 97486c
File 132919790518.png - (36.17KB , 550x550 , 604.png )

You decide it's best to just ignore the demon for now.. But you do scan in.

Scan Failed: Can not scan units that are not alive in some form.


"She's dead?"

The side of the tour guide's mouth twitches slightly.

>"It's been dead for quite some time. See the barrier that you passed through scans any being for traces of evil or demonic origin. It also has the added effect of making those who pass through it unable to spawn once killed. That body will kept whole for as long as it is within the city walls. Dead but never rotting. Anyway let's continue the tour!"

She continues walking around telling you various trivia about the land.

"You know I had heard this place had a man who could cure the Plague."

>"Hmm? Well not quite the full blown version but he can stop it while it's in the developing stages. Would you like to meet him?"

"I'd love to."

She takes you to some tents outside the church and knocks on the largest one. A tall man wearing an odd mask steps out.

>???: "Yes?"
No. 386527 ID: a9f1dc

"I am in dire need of your help. You will be compensated, I swear. My friends are dying."
No. 386529 ID: 1854db

Ask to talk in private.
No. 386532 ID: 886a4d

Scan him. We should always scan.
No. 386533 ID: a2fa74

Dead demons don't decay here?
That's interesting. If you brought the body back home you would have a very good chance of being able to resurrect them.
Remember to ask if they would mind you disposing of the body for them, since they seem hesitant to do it themselves.
"Some of my friends had a run-in with a cancer mage, and have contracted the plague. Will you help them?"
No. 386534 ID: ed57e8

"i am in need of your assistance. my companions are sick and you are the only one that can help them."
No. 386556 ID: fcf88e

Alright, we need to be calm about this and no we are not bringing the dead demon back. Stop trying, you'll get us caught.

As for what to say?
"Good doctor, I require your services. I come from a group of people who have started to suffer the first signs of the plague. I am willing to pay for those services, but if you wish to know more I would like to talk privately please."
No. 386668 ID: 6e44d2

This. Come on, guys.
No. 386677 ID: 09bbc5

No. 386683 ID: b66aee

No. 386686 ID: a9f1dc

Changing vote to this
No. 386704 ID: 1444d5

Before any requests, strike up a conversation. See if he's the scholarly sort (study of the plague and possibly other magical ailments), or an Abel fanatic (purge the unclean, etc). If the former, then a mention that we've cured a plaguespreader should be sufficient to get him to come along and provide assistance, possibly without Abel even being aware of our existence.
If he's a fanatic, however, things are a lot trickier.
No. 386722 ID: c4a1fc

Sounds good, but FUCKING SCAN HIM FIRST, and see if he's a scholar or a fanatic.
No. 386771 ID: 3947e9

"Is it true that a blood gem can cure the plague early enough in the infection?" (we don't know but asking it in such a way might make him more willing to answer.
No. 386797 ID: 1444d5

Do not make any mention of the Blood Gem inside Abel lands. He made the spheres, and likely intended to have a monopoly on them, so possessing a Blood Gem is likely to draw official interest.
No. 386799 ID: 97486c
File 132928627722.png - (49.62KB , 550x550 , 605.png )

"Good doctor, I require your services. I come from a group of people who have started to suffer the first signs of the plague. I am willing to pay for those services, but if you wish to know more I would like to talk privately please."

The Guide looks a bit confused but steps aside as the Doctor takes you into the tent.
You sit down on an empty seat and scan
The Doctor


>"The Plague you say..? I have not had to heal that in many years."

"One of the Signed infected my men and I really need someone to heal th-"

The Doctor is talking over you, muttering something to himself very quickly. It's disturbing.
After a few minutes of constant muttering he looks up at you.

>"Let me see them."
No. 386800 ID: ed57e8

grab him and teleport if you can, if not then say they are outside of town.
No. 386803 ID: 1854db

Very well.
No. 386809 ID: f70e5e

I don't think we should mention that we have the cancer mage still in our castle. judging by his reaction and that he lives in SS land i'm willing to bet he's not that tolerant about the Signed.
No. 386812 ID: a2fa74

You put the Signed into isolation, and the infected into separate isolation, right? If not then do that now.

"I'll have some immune staff ready to greet you."
Teleport him back to the castle. Have Nix and the new Golem dress in nurse garb and greet him with medical supplies ready.

Then go the garden and take the demon there. Hopefully Solaris will be able to resurrect them since they've been kept in the 'freshly dead' status and Abel is the type to keep demons from moving on to their eternal rest. (No they won't instantly decay when they leave; that would be silly and far more complicated than simple preservation.)
No. 386816 ID: 299ed3

Lets not get ourselves killed over one demon.

Chances are they wont let us walk out with him and we are not in any shape or form to take on Abel if we draw his ire.
No. 386818 ID: 97486c
File 132928848687.png - (85.35KB , 550x550 , 607.png )

Saving one demon isn't worth the problems it would cause.
Anyway it seems you can not teleport while in this land. You nod and lead the Doctor out of his tent. You notice the Tour Guide is gone.

You hear a thud behind you. Before you can turn to check it out you feel something pinching your neck.

No. 386820 ID: 40cb26

"What are you doing?"
No. 386821 ID: 1854db

Grab the arm. Then we find out what's going on.

We might have to grab the doctor and run while carrying him out. We're strong enough for that, right?
No. 386822 ID: b6edd6

Ask "What did you do to the doctor?"
No. 386823 ID: 1854db

Err, guys. Someone knocked the doctor out and is trying to do something to us. So, it's not that the doctor thinks we're infected- someone's trying to stop us from taking him out of the city.
No. 386824 ID: ed57e8

he got vulcaned! grab the arm pinching you and hold it.
No. 386826 ID: a9f1dc

Uh, catch the doctor.
No. 386827 ID: e3f578

"I have no nerves. And your technique is cliche. Give me my doctor. I need to save some lives and stop potential infection. Please, this method will be much less messy then adding three new plaguespreader's to the world to respawn infinitely. Don't be foolish here, whatever your goals, they're not worth the long-term damage and chaos to the world and the infected individuals. And I can and will maintain order. Make this easier on yourself."
No. 386831 ID: 97486c
File 132928947338.png - (36.84KB , 378x309 , 608.png )

"What the hell are you doing..?"

>"Oh shit.."

You quickly turn around and grab the person's arm.
Or at least you think you do. The person seems to be invisible.

"I'm trying to take this doctor to heal those who are infected with the Plague. Now stop being foolish and leave me be."

>"G-get off me you demon lover! You're under arrest!"
No. 386835 ID: 1854db

"Demon lover? What makes you think I have a fondness for those who do evil? You're not referring to the races of demons are you? That would be racism... which is evil."
No. 386837 ID: ed57e8

"one of those infected is a white mage from a order here, is capturing me more important then curing them?"
if they say you are more important then hold the arm and pick up the doctor and hoof it.
if they say fine, then grab the doc and tell her to undo it or clear a path to the exit.
No. 386838 ID: a9f1dc

"Leave me be. I desire no harm to anyone here. This I swear. I will be gone in moments - your Doctor returned to you free of harm. Let. Me. Go."
No. 386842 ID: 46c430

Think we can try scanning?
No. 386843 ID: e3f578

"Don't insult me with a title like 'Demon Lover'. Love is a impractical emotion. I love neither hero nor demon. I have broken not a single law. Unless pointing out a corpse and commissioning a doctor are crimes in the land of Abel. Is it this symbol? Ignore it, it is a dead, ancient, meaningless symbol. Don't give it life. You'll ruin Abel's reputation. You hear the rumor that every time someone thinks the Overlord is alive, his chaotic heart is given a single beat in his tomb of a castle?"
No. 386844 ID: eb83a6

This. Also, what are we being arrested for?
No. 386845 ID: 40cb26

"Demons and humans alike, friend." Fuck it, hold onto that person and the plague doctor and get the hell out of here.
No. 386847 ID: f70e5e

my friends are dying of the plague as we speak, inlcuding a white mage from an order here. I do not have much time before they turn into plague spreaders. tell me what exactly what crime you think I've committed so we can clear this up as fast as we can.
No. 386848 ID: 431fa8

"I am under no such thing; someone who launches a sneak attack from behind while invisible is clearly no legitimate authority and is in fact more likely some variety of mugger or other ruffian. Striking down a peaceable doctor proves it. Now be off and cease your slander and falsehoods."
No. 386850 ID: 97486c
File 132929104487.png - (83.47KB , 550x550 , 610.png )

"Don't insult me with a title like 'Demon Lover'. Love is a impractical emotion. I love neither hero nor demon. I have broken not a single law. Unless pointing out a corpse and commissioning a doctor are crimes in the land of Abel. Is it this symbol? Ignore it, it is a dead, ancient, meaningless symbol. Don't give it life. You'll ruin Abel's reputation. You hear the rumor that every time someone thinks the Overlord is alive, his chaotic heart is given a single beat in his tomb of a castle?"

>"The law is the law.. Anyone with that symbol must be taken in for questioning!"

You sigh and grab the doctor. With the person still in your grip you make a dash for the exit. Once outside you teleport back to your castle.

>Emily: "My Lord! It's bad in there! My friends are coughing up this green stuff and Nix said they don't have much time left!"
No. 386852 ID: 40cb26

Have our new friend do his thing.
No. 386853 ID: 1854db

Our plant healer can wake up the doctor, and Shanah can interrogate our prisoner. After we figure out how to dispel that invisibility.
No. 386854 ID: a9f1dc

No. 386856 ID: e3f578

Plant person or smelling salts for the doctor to get up, whatever's quicker
Punch this douchebag in the face
No. 386858 ID: ed57e8

have emily hold the person and don't let go no matter what. get doctor awake and in the room quickly.
No. 386860 ID: 97486c
File 132929187985.png - (136.30KB , 550x550 , 611.png )

You slap the Doctor until he wakes up and toss the captive to Emily.

"Don't let go of that one."

With that taken care of you go inside. Kassandra and Styx are lying against the wall.
You see Fluffy thrashing about on her knees and swinging her blade.

>"S-stay away from me demons! You won't take me down that e-easily!"

>Doctor: "That one is almost gone. It's amazing that it is able to still even stand. Also you did not tell me they were demons."
No. 386861 ID: 40cb26

"It's complicated and time is short. Can you help them or not?"
No. 386862 ID: ed57e8

"she claims she isn't one, besides, rather have no one become a plague spreader"
No. 386864 ID: e3f578

"She's insane. It thinks it can be a hero. Recruited the Cancer Mage and a golem to storm this castle, thinking ending my own research into plague spreaders and diplomatic missions would make her a hero. I offered them dinner to discuss her foolishness and that's is how the situation spiraled out of control. I can't take chances though, I do not want more plague spreaders around in this land. Even if I can convert them to poison spitters with a surgical procedure."

Yell to her. "Girl... Fluffy, if you want to keep your mind yours and not become a zombie for the rest of your idiotic existence let this doctor do his work. If you want to die and infect all your childhood friends and family, be my guest. You want to be a real hero, accept the treatment and quit shoving what is YOUR fault onto others, you ignorant fool. YOU brought a Cancer Mage into this caste. YOU didn't tell me letting it eat would get everyone sick."
No. 386865 ID: ed57e8

don't mention the surgery yet, don't want him going "wait what?" instead of working
No. 386868 ID: f70e5e

"does it matter? if it helps she is trying to become a hero. do you have some way of sedating her? that sword of hers is a rather powerful magical weapon."
No. 386870 ID: 1854db

Tell him that this one here is trying to become a Hero. The other two are your servants, and not evil as far as you can tell. He won't be helping anyone bad.

Hmm. Don't we have someone who can restrain people? Oh yes, Shanah. Get her in here.
No. 386871 ID: 431fa8

"They're not all demons- Kassandra is a sweet girl without a drop of demon blood in her. Regardless, no one deserves this. Can you help them, please?"
No. 386875 ID: a2fa74

"Does it matter?"
Have Nix come and restrain her while you take her sword.
"This is a plague doctor. He's here to help."
No. 386879 ID: fcf88e

Bluh, let's not be antagonistic with anyone. Stern yes, but not antagonistic.

"Fluffy, this man is a plague doctor from Abel. I have went through much trouble to get him here and when this is done, he can go home if he wishes to. If you feel you must fight me, do so AFTER you are cured."

As for the bit about the demons.

"Like I said, I care nothing about whether they are demons or humans. They have aided me well and have earned my respect. Besides, to judge someone just because they are different or villainize them due to curses or the like makes you worse than the 'monsters' they would want to purge. That is why I came to find you and that is why even when this is over, I will find a way to help the cancer mage once this is done. No one deserves such a curse or the possible problems caused by it."
No. 386887 ID: 146bca

I'd like a full list of who's been infected.
No. 386902 ID: 6a5a08

"Only this one is a demon. She brought the Signed into my castle without either of us knowing."

Try commanding the sword to stop Fluffy from swinging. It is a part of you, isn't it?
No. 386907 ID: 1854db

Hey wait, wasn't Emily watching the Signed? Where is she now?
No. 386914 ID: 8947c3

scan invisidude, and lock him up because xou can't afford to let him get away woth the knowledge to the location of your temple.

as for why we didn't tell him there were demons among the afflicted, it's because he didn't ask.

get beaky helmet to hurry.
No. 386930 ID: 307b84

See if Fluffys new golem companion can help get Fluffy calmed down for the potential treatment.

"Fluffy is actually rather delusional even on a good day. This isn't particularly out of character for her."
No. 387023 ID: 97486c
File 132937190644.png - (65.56KB , 550x550 , 612.png )

"Fluffy, this man is a plague doctor from Abel. I have went through much trouble to get him here and when this is done, he can go home if he wishes to. If you feel you must fight me, do so AFTER you are cured."

She looks at you for a moment and calms down. The Doctor gets to work on healing them starting with Fluffy. His hands move so fast they are practically a blur. After only a few minutes the infected units are lined against the wall. They all look healed.

>"It is done. There was three so.. That will be G3,000."
No. 387025 ID: a9f1dc

Call forth Nix.

"I have an infinitely better payment. Examine Nix here. What you find wiull be the end result of a plague victim I cured after the disease went mortal. I can tell you how - if you decide to let this be a pro-bono case."
No. 387027 ID: ed57e8

call in nix "how about i give you something more valuable to you, the first step in a treatment."
No. 387028 ID: 97486c
File 132937248375.png - (34.89KB , 375x490 , 613.png )

You summon Nix.

"I have an infinitely better payment. Examine Nix here. What you find wiull be the end result of a plague victim I cured after the disease went mortal. I can tell you how - if you decide to let this be a pro-bono case."

As Nix walks in the Doctor dashes in front of her.
He stares for a moment before addressing you.

>"I may examine her you say?"

>Nix: "W-w-what is he tttalking about?"
No. 387029 ID: a9f1dc

"Assuming you do no lasting damage to her body or psyche, yes. Nix, this man is a medical professional. Don't worry about him, ah, seeing you. This is for the good of many, many people."
No. 387030 ID: ed57e8

"as long as she is alive afterwards, yes. Nix, this is the plague doctor, he wishes to examine you"
No. 387031 ID: e3f578

"If you treat her with patient-doctor respect and professionalism and adhere to your Hippocratic oaths and such, then yes you can examine her. With her permission first, though. She may be in my debt, but still I think we should be gentlemen here."
No. 387032 ID: 1854db

Uh, with our supervision.

No. 387033 ID: 40cb26

Styx here was the one who really performed the procedure. She'll instruct you on the process if you discount your fee today... and any additional time we need your services. Actually if you could provide us with the means to do so ourselves that would be even better.
No. 387035 ID: 431fa8

"Carefully! It was not easy to heal her even this far- and she does not deserve to be hurt unnecessarily. I still hope to restore her to full health one day."

Talk to Nix. "Nix, please. There are precious few people in the world who might have any chance at improving your condition further, and this is one of them. If you insist I will simply pay his demanded fee, but..."
No. 387037 ID: 299ed3

Our supervision wont mean much as he works faster than we can see.

Just get an assurance that he wont kill her.
No. 387039 ID: 97486c
File 132937331020.png - (32.20KB , 375x490 , 614.png )

"Nix, please. There are precious few people in the world who might have any chance at improving your condition further, and this is one of them. If you insist I will simply pay his demanded fee, but..."

Nix looks a bit worried still.

>"Nnnn-no. It's fine. I'm willing."

>"Good, that's all I needed to hear. Of course this will be strictly professional. If possible I may even be able to develop a full cure.. You will be credited of course. Tell me, how did you figure out how to do this?"

"It was with the help of my Tinkerer Styx. In fact she's the one who performed the actual surgery."

>"May I see her?"

"She's the one in the mask you just healed."

>"Ah. Then she will be out for some time. Would you mind if I stayed here and worked out a cure? It would be inconvenient to keep traveling back and forth. If you grant me room and board while I examine Nix here I will consider it fair trade for the treatment."
No. 387040 ID: ed57e8

"that sounds perfectly reasonable"
No. 387042 ID: 1854db

That seems reasonable.
No. 387043 ID: a9f1dc

"Certainly! I would ask I am present for the examinations, but this is an excellent compromise."


No. 387047 ID: 40cb26

As long as you submit to any refusal or order she makes.

Get order our other troops to get the healed people to bed, and go check on our prisoner.
No. 387048 ID: e3f578

I don't think you'll be allowed back in the land of Abel for some time now anyway.
What IS Abel's policy for people that get abducted or similar out of his city? Rescue or banish?
No. 387049 ID: 97486c
File 132937416527.png - (154.47KB , 550x550 , 615.png )

"So long as you listen to her wishes as well and don't force her to do anything."

>"I wouldn't dream of it. I only do what the patient allows."

"Also I would like to be there when she's examined."

>"Very well then."

The two of you shake hands.

>Fluffy: "Overlord!"

You turn and see Fluffy standing.

>Fluffy: "I won't.... You have to die..!"

>Doctor: "Such tenacity. If she pushes herself too hard though she'll die."
No. 387051 ID: 431fa8

"You brought a cancer mage into my home, tried to kill me, and when I brought a healer who saved you- and charged me for it, no less- your reaction is to try and murder me once again. I do believe I've had enough of your antics for today, Fluffy. Rest and recover; if you persist in this foolishness I will have you thrown from my castle."
No. 387052 ID: f70e5e

"why? what have I done that makes you hate me so much that you would throw away your life to end mine? even after I just saved your life?"
No. 387053 ID: 0bacfb

this, with the exception of trhown away replaced with teleport on a different place
No. 387054 ID: e3f578

"I saved your life. Do you persist in the foolish notion that I infected my own units to take YOU out, in what would be the most inefficient way to kill someone? Or is it because you can't face that this was your fault? You want to take that path, you're a demon through and through. You want to be a hero? Follow me and not that remnant of the old Overlord in 'your' sword. You've caused nothing but trouble because you don't even know HOW to be a hero and neither does that damn sword. At least with me, you might have a chance of making something of yourself."
No. 387057 ID: ed57e8

take off mask and say "please, rest"
No. 387058 ID: 1854db

Take off your mask, and ask why she wants to kill you.
No. 387059 ID: a9f1dc


I'm starting to think swordbro has her whipped into a zealous frenzy
No. 387062 ID: 40cb26

She can't go anywhere, just leave the room and have the others taken out. Send in her golem friend to try to pacify her.
No. 387064 ID: a9f1dc

Might want to add you might have just saved the world from the plague entirely and forever.

Just a thought.
No. 387066 ID: 8947c3

anesthetize her like Styx did Nix.
No. 387067 ID: 97486c
File 132937640109.png - (94.21KB , 550x550 , 616.png )

You decide to remove your mask.

"Please, rest."

Her tail starts wagging and she blushes.

>"I huh whaaaaaa."

Emily approaches you.

>"My Lord I still got this invisible person and the signed girl is locked away and now what?"
No. 387068 ID: a9f1dc

"One moment, Emily."

Turn to the stunned girl, keep the mask off.
"Please. I ask only that you consider me carefully. My actions, not my title. I would desire an ally as strong and motivated as you. together we can make you a true hero."

Once she's really swooned, turn to Emily.
"Very good! Now then. Invisible... person. May you please dispel your invisibility so we can speak?"
No. 387070 ID: 1854db

Put the mask back on before talking to Emily, lest we break her again.

Interrogate the prisoner. First, ask them why they're invisible, and remove the source if possible. Second, ask if it's the norm that people are such terrible racists against the demon race. Wall of Tears? Garden of blood? These aren't things heroes do. The people responsible for such treatment are Demons.
No. 387072 ID: 8947c3

tickle him until he dispels that spell. then scan him.
No. 387073 ID: 431fa8

Scan the invisible person if possible. Dispel the invisibility if we can, also. Surely someone in our employ has the necessary talents.
No. 387074 ID: ed57e8

without looking at her say "emily close your eyes" then do other things, will prevent problems.
No. 387078 ID: bd2a40

Hmm, while the plague doctor is here, you could ask him if he knows any possibly way to stop a cancer mage from spreading the plague by eating.

Seems really cruel to just leave her to starve for all eternity just because of that. Also, I wonder if he would benefit in his research by having access to a Signed.
No. 387083 ID: 97486c
File 132938214202.png - (91.40KB , 550x550 , 617.png )

"One moment Emily."

You go to the still blushing Fluffy.

"Please. I ask only that you consider me carefully. My actions, not my title. I would desire an ally as strong and motivated as you. together we can make you a true hero."

>"I.... It's uh.... Hiiiiii...."

She fidgets a bit with her clothes.

She seems calm enough now. You put on your mask and go to the invisible person.

"Dispel your invisibility."


You reach for where you assume the person's sides are and tickle them. They react almost instantly and start laughing. Their invisibility falters then completely fails.

>"Dammit! You monster! When I get out I'm reporting you to Lord Abel!"
No. 387084 ID: 886a4d

Scan now that she(?) is visible. Then have her locked up.

"Then I have no choice. You shall be our guest for the forseeable future. We aren't ready to face Abel's tender mercies. After all a man who bleeds a child for mere profit will care not one iota about the good we can do."
No. 387085 ID: ed57e8

lift up her hair to see what symbol is on the headband.
"tell me my crimes"
No. 387087 ID: 1854db

It's probably the same symbol that was on the guide's lapel. I don't think we've seen it anywhere before that, but I guess it won't hurt to check.

Ask her for a description of Lord Abel, and what sort of policies he has.
No. 387088 ID: a2fa74

Scan her.
"You attempted to deny lifesaving medical care to innocent people.
One a demon who rejects her heritage and wishes to become a force of good, the second a tinkerer who managed to do the impossible and create a partial cure for plagespreaders, the third a good cleric who is here with her order's blessing.
In the process of doing what was necessary I caused no harm to even a single person. If Abel is the sort to take issue with that then he could not possibly be a good person.

Now that the emergency is over, I believe you mentioned I am supposed to answer questions about my father's mark?"
No. 387089 ID: e2d21e

this without the father part...
No. 387100 ID: 40cb26

Take her to a cell, scan her, unequip her of all her gear, demand subjugation or threaten enslavement.
No. 387108 ID: fcf88e

Ok, right now we are not going to enslave or subjugate the ninja yet. Right now we have the 'moral' High Ground. Unless she is lawful stupid, we can likely disarm her attempts.

A little add on; "Besides, if I did not hurry as I did, the plague would have taken those three and created plague spreaders which could cause further damage to not only my home, but could harm more people. I passed your checker and was confirmed to allowed entry and my only crime was wearing a symbol I WAS NOT INFORMED was against your laws of your domain and would have removed if allowed to until you tried to arrest me.

Are you HONESTLY going to say to your boss that your mistake almost caused an incident because you delayed me in healing a sister of one of your country's orders? Because I am sure that if I informed dear Kassandra's order this, they will NOT be pleased."
No. 387112 ID: e2d21e

also this
No. 387120 ID: 8947c3

I guess you're never getting out of here, then, dead or alive.
No. 387138 ID: a9f1dc

Lock her in cell. We can't access her equip menu (I think - if we can, then sure, take all her stuff) then leave her there. Feed her and talk to her every day. She will be a captive, but only for our protection.
No. 387142 ID: 15c5f2

Man, this incarnation of the overlord is handling shit like a pro. We're gonna own the entire human realm by the end of it.
No. 387148 ID: 3947e9

Are you sure we should implicate cassandra's order?
I think that is a BAD IDEA! Recall abel tortures to death anyone who seems related to demons. If we make such an implication of working with casanndras order then her sisters will likely suffer at his non tender hands.
No. 387171 ID: fcf88e

Except right now the ninja doesn't know much. We quite literally yanked her here and deposited her in a cell. She does not know where she is or if she is even in the demon realm, only that we have demon servants.

IF she is a fanatic, trying to subjugate her may just have her off herself and thus cause more trouble than it's worth. After all, it's one thing for her to poof and return saying the doctor is away for a bit, but another for her and the doctor to be gone and then the doctor only appears.

Also, by the looks of it, they treat EVERYONE with punishment if they fail to do their duty. Telling her she almost killed a representative may as well have her boss throw her into the arena or prison. Don't know about you, but going peacefully beats THAT option.
No. 387174 ID: 3947e9

well... we could talk to the doctor about what to do with her since her reporting that he went with us might get him in trouble.
the ideal scenario is that the doctor stays with us (an employee) and she stays with us too (in prison). but we can also have the doctor go back alone...

what we shouldn't do is give her information
No. 387182 ID: fcf88e

Yeah, except you forget one key thing: He's a plague doctor. He's likely a VERY important person to Abel if not the fact he's a rare resource. They WILL be looking for him and if they find out we are using the old overlord's castle, they will put two and two together. Do you think we can handle Abel's army right now? Because I don't.

We send the ninja back basically having her go 'It was just a misunderstanding, the Doctor is fine, just doing some work.' or something of that degree and once things are done, he goes back if he wishes.

Also, if the ninja spends too much time here, she may figure out where we are and send the info back to Abel anyways. Remember how Alice and Ruby disobeyed us or down right hinder us? Imagine that only MUCH bigger.
No. 387187 ID: 3947e9

and how does that in any way shape or form justify TELLING HER OUR SECRETS! Currently neither her not the doctor knows where we are geographically, although they might guess from our symbol.

This is a reason to either kill the ninja or keep her imprisoned. Or we just toss her back without any further words. You are not going to convince a fanatic, all you are doing is giving her the names of our allies and ways to hurt us.

Also if we keep both the ninja AND the doctor then abel's only knowledge on who took them is eye witness accounts saying that it was a man with our symbol. Which wouldn't be an immediate issue if we relocate the castle.
No. 387188 ID: c4a1fc

Make her a plaguespreader. I'm sure the Doctor will appreciate another subject.
No. 387191 ID: fcf88e

Killing her will likely be best if diplomacy does not work, that I agree with. Imprisonment/enslavement will still allow her to contact abel. Ninja tend to be scouts after all and she likely has a means to contact him. Besides, if she is too fanatical to speak to, she is too fanatical to work for us.

Basically, the options in my head is A: Convince her to leave and consider this a misunderstanding on her part and if that does not work, B: Kill her quick and fast. No pain, no torture, just a single 'My apologies then.' and a slit her throat.
No. 387193 ID: a9f1dc

Changing vote to this.
No. 387194 ID: 40cb26

But lets be civil to her first. Let her go take a bath. Offer her a nice bath robe to change into. Then make our demand.

...This way when we enslave her, we still have the gear she takes off. But let's scan her ability before taking actions that might go sour.
No. 387197 ID: fcf88e

No, you seem to misunderstand what I mean by 'kill'. See she is a hero. We are in the demon realm. We kill her, she STAYS dead. Can't contact her boss, can't spy on us, nothing. She will simply be gone.

Giving her a bath or taking her to the bath area will just give her time to gather data. We do not want her to see more of the castle because that gives her the chance to figure out where she is and where Abel can find us.
No. 387199 ID: 97486c
File 132944492961.png - (105.54KB , 550x550 , 618.png )

You have Emily lift up her hair a bit to see the symbol.

"Then I'm afraid I have no choice. I can not allow you to leave and risk the lives of my men."

>"If you think you can keep me here.."

"Oh I can. Our dungeons are very secure."

>"It doesn't matter to me demon! I'll just stay and wait."

??? ???
HP: 40
Atk: 15-20
Spd: 4
MP: 9

Invisible: 1MP, Makes the user completely invisible for up to 5 rounds.
Silent Kill: Using any bladed object the user can strike the opponent's most vulnerable point. Insta Kill, must be done from behind. Does not work on elemental golems.
Swap: 5MP, completely trades places with an enemy unit that is within 5 spaces. Transforms into enemy unit and vice versa. Enemy unit can not speak.
No. 387201 ID: a9f1dc

>That Swap
She dies. Now. I'm not letting her cause issues - we kill and enslave, so she cannot respawn or something else. Then we put her behind bars.
No. 387202 ID: fcf88e

...yeah, she is way too dangerous. She can just escape and kill our servants several whom are heroes who can die here for good.

..just make it quick and painless.
No. 387203 ID: ed57e8

engage battle mode, you and her alone. her best attacks fail in a one on one fight with a golem.
No. 387205 ID: 3947e9

I think we have to kill her in the human realm for that. But I support your plan.
But we need to make sure she hasn't swapped already.
No. 387206 ID: ed57e8

talking, she is way to mouthy to stay silent from a taunt, if she does then chances are high it's a fake.
No. 387210 ID: 40cb26

Guys. GUYS. If we're going to take her out, let's not do it right in front of the would be Hero we barely calmed down. Let's head to the cell FIRST before ANYTHING else.

One more thing: before striking her down what we say is "Any last words?" If there aren't any, don't.
No. 387212 ID: ed57e8

she can't swap with someone outside of the battle.
No. 387214 ID: 6dac3c

She can invisible out of battle, though, so she might be able to swap as well.

This is troublesome. Killing her is a bad idea, it's bound to come with repercussions, and we're trying to get away from that whole "Kill people first, ask questions later" Thing. Detaining her, or indeed even keeping her around the castle, is likewise a bad plan, she could kill most of our units in a moments notice if she so wished.

Grab both Emily and the Assassin, and immediately teleport near the lands of Able. From there, we'll try to talk to her, or just let her go (after verifying we've got the actual Emily, and not a swapped assassin). An enemy who thinks that maybe we're not as bad as she's been told is infinity more useful than a dead one.
No. 387217 ID: ed57e8

yes she can swap WHILE outside of battle, but once it starts she can't trade places with someone outside of the battle zone.
No. 387218 ID: 146bca


This guy has the best point.

Let's just try and see just how badly she hates us before we do ANYTHING. We may be able to convince her we're not all that bad.

But I don't think we should let her go. She knows our location, works for Abel, and is pretty hateful towards us.

That said, I don't think we should kill her, either. Ask her if she really thinks she's doing the right thing. Let's make her question herself, her motivations for going against us, her motivations for working for Abel, and her motivations for revealing us to him. If we can do that, we may have an ally in the future, or at least, someone who would refuse to participate in combat with us.
No. 387219 ID: fcf88e

Normally I agree with your plan Silver, but this is way too risky. Remember when we felt someone tap our shoulders? Remember that sneak attack move in her move set? Yeah... she was trying to kill us, no questions asked. We were lucky because we are a golem.

Fanatics should be treated a bit differently than possible allies to be honest. Kass' order came here to save us and when they realized they were wrong, they asked for forgiveness. This little monster is more likely to kill our allies if we are unlucky. Hell, do a 'loyalty check'. Chances are she is either highly loyal to Abel which will not help us or will be negatively loyal to us.

We cannot befriend everyone and she would likely be willing to kill several of our own if given half a chance. Let's give her none and give her a swift, permanent death because if we don't she may give one of our own the same.
No. 387220 ID: 6a5a08

Lean in and lift up our mask.
"Would a Demon walk alone and defenseless into the land of Abel, bearing the Overlord's mark on his armor, in order to save a cleric, an enemy, and a friend from the plague? That sounds a lot more like a Hero to me."
No. 387222 ID: b82a1d


We don't actually know she was trying to kill us. She was probably the one who knocked out the plague doctor, so she also has a non-lethal sneak attack. And she said she was taking us in for questioning, not killing us.

When the move says "enemy unit cannot speak", that might mean that as long as she's still talking she hasn't switched with anyone. It's when she goes silent that we have to worry. For this alone we want to keep her talking.
No. 387229 ID: fcf88e

Good eye, but you seem to forget that in this sort of situation she could use that ability for another purpose. What purpose? Well, since it can swap places with anyone, she can simply swap places with Emily. She would be holding emily and would be BEHIND her.

Emily is not a elemental golem, she's a flesh golem so the backstab move could work on her. So she can either have a hostage or a dead Emily if she wishes. I'd rather not risk it.
No. 387238 ID: 97486c
File 132945703447.png - (104.74KB , 550x550 , 619.png )

You 'could' just kill her in this land. That would be the easy way out.

"As you can see here I'm really not an evil person."

She turns away from you without saying a word.

You decide to take off your mask. She glances back at you and her eyes go wide.

"Would a Demon walk alone and defenseless into the land of Abel, bearing the Overlord's mark on his armor, in order to save a cleric, an enemy, and a friend from the plague? That sounds a lot more like a Hero to me."

No. 387239 ID: a9f1dc

We have her on the ropes!

"You don't even have to betray Abel! Just tell him you're working... deep... undercover. I promise I won't use you for any means but good ones." Lean closer. "You can still appear to work for Abel - there will be no fear of death or betrayal - and yet work to effect true good with a hero, here. I'm making steps to halt the plague and even cure it. Can you tell me that's not incredible? Besides... I have need of someone... With your skills."

Caress her cheek with one hand gently, then pull away.

"All you must do is serve me, and leave my friends alone. That's all I ask."
No. 387240 ID: fcf88e

...she's not talking. She is NOT talking! Before we do ANYTHING, say something along the lines of 'everyone not a ninja say Aye.'.
No. 387241 ID: f70e5e

trying to out right recruit her would be a bad idea, shes very loyal to able right now. trying to convince her to not report this incident would probably be what we should aim for. "I don't want any trouble, and i'm sorry that things got out of hand. is there any way this whole thing can stay between us?"
No. 387242 ID: ed57e8

do we have anyone smaller then her? if not then lower your hand towards her head, if it stops early then she swapped. she only has one swap before needing to recharge.

also yeah have everyone in the room say something. and turn your portal off
No. 387243 ID: 40cb26

Quick, look at Emily.
No. 387245 ID: ed57e8

yes, if emily isn't smiling it's a fake.
No. 387250 ID: 8947c3


and by smiling, he means 'grinning shit-eatingly'.

can you use subjugate out of combat? 'cause you should.
No. 387276 ID: 97486c
File 132947327591.png - (67.66KB , 550x550 , 620.png )

You look at Emily.
She's not smiling...
No. 387277 ID: 97486c
File 132947330204.png - (54.78KB , 550x550 , 621.png )

She vanishes
No. 387278 ID: 1854db

Oh she's not getting away so easily. Grab her.
No. 387281 ID: a2fa74


"Emily! Grab her!"
No. 387282 ID: 97486c
File 132947405450.png - (159.28KB , 550x550 , 622.png )

Emily is still stunned due to Charm. You grab at the girl but accidentally slam into the illusioned Emily sending her flying back.
You hear the invisible girl run off.

>Emily: "!?!?!?! Whyyyyyy!?"
No. 387283 ID: fcf88e


See this? THIS is why we kill the god damn fanatical soldier! Bloody hell bloody hell bloody hell! We now someone who can insta kill INSIDE our BASE full of hero units!

Ok, I think I have an idea, but in the mean time we need to seal the gate and have Rose and all our units on full alert. Back to back so they can't be insta'd. We need to coat the floor in a light layer of dust or liquid or something to track her movements.

Another method is to have Fluffy use her shock wave attack, but it will likely hurt everyone else in the area, doctor included. Speaking of, keep the doc close to you, protect his back.
No. 387285 ID: 40cb26


No. 387286 ID: ed57e8

have the portal shut down.
everyone needs their back to a wall or another person. shana guard the portal room with those dark feelers and grab anything that moves.
No. 387287 ID: fcf88e

Also, apologize to emily and tell her our friends are in danger. Same with Fluffy. The ninja will try to damage and that included her friends so stay on your guard.
No. 387288 ID: ed57e8

don't need to yell, everyone can get like, mental commands.
No. 387289 ID: a2fa74

Initiate battle. RIGHT NOW.
She can't leave the combat space.

If that doesn't work, then run in the direction she fled. She can only keep it up for a few rounds.
Order everybody to start singing Henry the eighth constantly, and for all the units that would really die to lock themselves in a small room with each other. Backs to the wall.

Then look for anybody who isn't singing or who doesn't sound like themselves.
No. 387290 ID: 97486c
File 132947626421.png - (86.10KB , 484x550 , 623.png )


You order everyone to be on high alert and to keep their backs to the walls.

Everyone follows your orders and waits....

>Butler: "Sir."

You turn to see him holding up the ninja.

>"I found this girl trying to infiltrate the miss's room. Is she yours?"
No. 387291 ID: a2fa74

"No, but she will be shortly."
Strip her of any gear that could be valuable, then enslave her.
No. 387292 ID: fcf88e

...I love that butler. I really do.

Right then, let's cut the entire subjugate thing. We don't want her to recharge and try that again.

"I was going to go easy on you and try to show respect, but by the looks of it, you only wanted to kill. Any last words ninja of Abel? How about you two? Any objections? She was trying to assassinate you most likely."

After they all said their thing, stab her in the bloody chest and kill her.
No. 387293 ID: 1854db

Best butler ever. Why on earth was she trying to get into our guest's room though? Uh, our mask is back on right?

Considering her ability, there's no way to keep her imprisoned, and she refused to listen to us. Give her a choice- either we bring her back to the human world and kill her then Enslave her so she cannot escape us and eventually would become loyal to us, or we kill her here, where she would not respawn.
No. 387294 ID: ed57e8

finish her and enslave, so long as fluffy isn't here. if fluffy is then take her into another room to do it. then see her loyalty, use a dose of wine if you need to.
No. 387295 ID: 3947e9

Just be careful, she could have gotten the butler.
No. 387297 ID: ed57e8

swap takes 5 MP, she has 9 max. she then turned invisible bringing her down to 3, she would need to recharge some to use it again.
No. 387298 ID: 1854db

...wait! Before we do anything, have Ruby come over and see if she recognizes this person.
No. 387299 ID: ed57e8

she isn't a mage, it's a black mask.
No. 387301 ID: 40cb26

"Well, that was the idea. She's a bit slippery, though. Would you mind giving me a hand with her? I'd rather not lose all her gear to enslavement, so..."

Subjugation is a tricky when they don't like us. Enslavement is more complete control.
No. 387303 ID: 6f9630

Why are we even bothering to enslave her. The first chance she gets, she's gonna be out of here before you can say "OMFGNinja". Either kill her or lock her up in the cell we put the cancer mage and put in some food.
No. 387304 ID: ed57e8

silva's wine never stopped being a thing. it makes loyalty go up.
No. 387315 ID: 22936a

"Actually, she's yours. You caught her after she escaped, and Lilith's... Army is a little lacking at the moment. Seems fair, no? Ah, and it never occurred to me, but can Lilith enslave units? Because she's not one you'd want able to stab you in the back. Literally."
No. 387319 ID: 15c5f2

Are you kidding me?

Charm and subjugate. Only reasonable course of action.
No. 387327 ID: 886a4d

Hmmm, yes give it to the succubus. We can use her as an object lesson on how to use a creature who is not going to be loyal from the very start. And make her loyal dispite her initial feelings. Wait does the Lilith have loyalty vision? This... could be interesting.
No. 387330 ID: 8947c3

she is about to be ours.

kill her, Butler. kill her dead.
No. 387332 ID: 93cc08

Goddamnit, grab them, teleport out of the castle. This will solve damn near every problem she's currently creating, and put you in and environment where you can talk to her without the pressure of wondering if she's switched with someone and is abut to backstab one of your units. Stabbing sentient beings never ends well, I'm telling you.
No. 387368 ID: a9f1dc

We enslave, then give her lots of Wine. Simple, effective, useful.
No. 387375 ID: fa9f7e

This. Seriously, people. And we can give her to Lilith later if we want. She'll be loyal to us, not her, so she can still learn how to manage uncooperative units. Protip: make them walk around topless to break their pride.
No. 387381 ID: 04b775

After we deal with the ninja, be sure to apologize to Emily for slamming into her. Also, expressionless Emily is very, very creepy.
No. 387412 ID: 3947e9

its not a mask, its their skin color...
And asking ruby if she recognizes this person because they are both black is horrible.
Also, it doesn't matter, she can recognize ruby after we enslave her.
No. 387413 ID: ed57e8

ruby doesn't have a mask but the ninja does. her arms are white.
No. 387421 ID: eb91e1
File 132954649966.png - (31.79KB , 550x550 , 624.png )

"Actually, she's yours. You caught her after she escaped, and Lilith's... Army is a little lacking at the moment. Seems fair, no? Ah, and it never occurred to me, but can Lilith enslave units? Because she's not one you'd want able to stab you in the back. Literally."

>Lilith: "I can't Enslave anyone. I Seduce units. This one however would be rather difficult to get. I have a sense for things like that. But if I do get her then she would be a part of my squad. Any unit you have can have their own units and while they still answer to you they must also take orders from the one above them. Again though, can't enslave and I don't think she'll be easy to seduce."

You 'can' use Silva's wine but that only increases loyalty a bit. And a bit + -infinity doesn't really amount to much.
No. 387422 ID: a9f1dc


Wait, can't we sell the wine? I mean, isn't it a high-value item!? With that money, we could get a loyalty potion, right!?
No. 387423 ID: ed57e8

the most expensive ingredient of that is the wine.
we need to enslave her first and see what her loyalty is before deciding how much we need. letting her go will just be bad no matter what.
so kill, enslave, check loyalty.
No. 387425 ID: 40cb26

Her method seems restrictive... on the other hand I don't think she needs to worry about losing new recruits gear. Also it means men for her, more girls for us. Works out wel enough, no?

Now then, I think just to be polite we should try to subjugate the prisoner. When she refuses have the butler prepare her for enslavement. By stripping her of gear and killing her in front of us, of course. This is assuming we don't need to be in battle to do so.
No. 387427 ID: 6a5a08

Engage the ninja in a one-on-one battle. we're immune to her backstab since we're a golem, and there's nobody to swap with.
No. 387428 ID: 1854db

How about we use regular Enslave for now, then use the Corruption potion if she is incapable of seeing things our way?
No. 387430 ID: 3947e9

I am not sure I trust her with a ninja assassin...
Beyond that, she said herself that she can sense that this one will be difficult to seduce.
I say we enslave her ourselves.

Before using a corruption potion, we could use normal psychology, face charm, and raw wine.
Remember we are trying to keep from silva that we used a corruption potion on her.
No. 387432 ID: e3f578

No, she knows now. She took the explanation that she was being nuts and harmful pretty well.
Just enslave this person already for gods sake. We'll plan on what to do with her in the long term after the short term concern is dealt with, that she escapes and gives our location to her superiors.
Enslavement should keep her here I think. System rules that she can't really betray you, I mean, Alice really did not want to be here and if she could have ran when we enslaved her, she would have.
Let's get rid of this fucking threat willy nilly.
No. 387433 ID: 6868bc

...Oh, wow, does that mean Lilith seduced the butler? My, my.

Yeah, you can't simply let her be. Whatever you might have been, for all practical purposes, you're now more or less a good guy. She'll eventually see that, like all your other troops have.
No. 387434 ID: ed57e8

no, the butler probably helped take care of her growing up. his love is that of a parent. he doesn't want her hurt, but he does want her to learn hard lessons.
No. 387435 ID: 886a4d

Yup looks like its time to make her ours. Strip her, fillet and enslave.
No. 387436 ID: d9b046

enslave!do it on the roof where there's noone around
No. 387469 ID: 70147e
File 132959495826.png - (206.39KB , 799x573 , 625.png )

"Take her items from her."

>"I'm afraid I can not do that sir. I'm not allowed to interact with her inventory."

"Hmph, very well then."

Battle Start.
Limit 1
Placement Phase.
No. 387470 ID: 1854db

Overlord is the only thing immune to her backstab. So we go in solo.
No. 387471 ID: ed57e8

i'm tempted to just use us, but any unit that keep's their back to the wall would be safe.
No. 387472 ID: ed57e8

think maybe rose. she's a demon so she can't actually die here.
No. 387473 ID: a2fa74

Overlord. A ninja is FAR more valuable than her items.
No. 387474 ID: 6a5a08

We are the only ones who can inslave. Overlord.
No. 387475 ID: e3f578

Overlord, lined up with her.QuickDraw like a cowboy and gun her down.
No. 387476 ID: 8947c3

Overlord should be able to take her.
No. 387477 ID: 70147e
File 132959662168.png - (213.60KB , 799x573 , 626.png )

Placement phase over.
Your move.
No. 387478 ID: 1854db

Step forward and shoot.
No. 387480 ID: 70147e
File 132959711139.png - (216.86KB , 799x573 , 627.png )

You move up one space and fire dealing 15dmg.
No. 387481 ID: 70147e
File 132959713930.png - (212.54KB , 799x573 , 628.png )

The Ninja turns invisible!
No. 387482 ID: 1854db

Shoot again straight forwards. Move phase is before action phase, so she SHOULD still be standing there.
No. 387483 ID: ed57e8

No. 387484 ID: 70147e
File 132959857827.png - (212.55KB , 799x573 , 629.png )

You fire again

>"OW! Dammit!"

Ninja has used a Potion.

The Ninja moves.

Your turn.
No. 387485 ID: 8947c3

stay. fire double.
No. 387486 ID: 1854db

Eh, fire again. She may have moved directly towards us.
(no, we can't shoot twice)
No. 387487 ID: a2fa74

Move so your back is to the wall.
Shoot forward again for lack of better ideas.
No. 387488 ID: ed57e8

she can't insta kill us and if she tries it would give away her position so we can melee her.
No. 387489 ID: 70147e
File 132959950671.png - (211.94KB , 799x573 , 630.png )

You fire again right in front of you and hit again dealing 15 dmg

>"OW OW OW! Stop that dammit!"
No. 387491 ID: 70147e
File 132959962550.png - (210.79KB , 799x573 , 631.png )

The Ninja moves and slashes at you but misses somehow.
No. 387492 ID: a2fa74

40hp base.
-30 from shooting
+20 from potion
-15 from shooting
=15hp left

Fire again. Enslave.
No. 387493 ID: ed57e8

No. 387494 ID: 1854db

"It's a fight, we're supposed to be hurting eachother. You refused to listen to me before, why talk now?"

Shoot again. Using our sword would be far more difficult.
No. 387495 ID: 07eaf7

No. 387496 ID: 70147e
File 132960051265.png - (214.61KB , 799x573 , 632.png )

You fire straight ahead again but miss
No. 387497 ID: 70147e
File 132960055808.png - (213.08KB , 799x573 , 633.png )

The Ninja drinks a potion, moves, then stabs you in the back scoring a critical hit for 40dmg
No. 387498 ID: a2fa74

Actually, no. Move to the bottom-right corner and Subjugate.
That gives us a 50% chance of hitting her next time she attacks, and we can't fire on her this round anyway.
When it fails, we can fire on her next round.

"You've probably figured out you're going to die here. This is because you were wholly unreasonable. I will give you one chance to be reasonable and avoid death by surrendering."
No. 387499 ID: ed57e8

right, down, right, fire to the left, use potion.
No. 387500 ID: a2fa74

Move to the bottom right and down the best potion you have.
You're wasting a round healing because you ignored me telling you to not expose your back to somebody who does massive damage to exposed backs. Idiot.
No. 387501 ID: 8947c3

but... but... we're a golem! did she jam our gears or something?
No. 387502 ID: ed57e8

if we weren't a golem she would of killed us instantly
No. 387505 ID: 1854db

Yeah, bottom-right corner, fire up-left, and... I think we should just use a regular ol' potion. We've got 105 max hp.
No. 387506 ID: 70147e
File 132960321313.png - (213.12KB , 799x573 , 634.png )

You drink a potion and move into the back corner and fire at where she was dealing 15dmg.
No. 387507 ID: 70147e
File 132960328720.png - (214.46KB , 799x573 , 635.png )

>"Screw this I'm outta here! I'm gonna report this to Abel."

The Ninja kills herself.


You realize she was trying to abuse the Respawn system.
No. 387508 ID: 70147e
File 132960331162.png - (70.70KB , 550x492 , 636.png )

Doesn't work as well with you.
No. 387509 ID: ed57e8

potions and a kunai...
not worth a NINJA, enslave, check loyalty, see how bad it is.
No. 387510 ID: 1854db


Enslave. Her equipment doesn't look that great, anyway.
No. 387511 ID: 8947c3

man, enslaving her is worth it just to be able to laugh in her face.

oh, and it's also necessary so you don't get raped by Abel. but that's still a secondary reason.
No. 387512 ID: 40cb26

Cue our best evil laughter. And then enslave, duh.
No. 387513 ID: fa9f7e

Dumb bitch. Enslave.
No. 387514 ID: aa557a

we can't let her escape! Enslave all the way
No. 387515 ID: ed57e8

ugg, if we don't enslave she dies for good, she is a human in the demon realm.
No. 387516 ID: fa9f7e

Ooh, make her wear a choke collar! Give the leash to Lilith and tell her to have fun.
No. 387517 ID: 80b862

She apparently also didn't realize we're in the Chaos Spiral and she therefore can't respawn. Enslave her.
No. 387519 ID: 70147e
File 132960393592.png - (80.42KB , 550x550 , 637.png )

You decide to enslave her. She appears in front of you.

>"Lord Abel I-Where the hell...? You!? Why am I still here!?"

You start laughing at her stupidity.
No. 387520 ID: fa9f7e

Collar time.
No. 387522 ID: ed57e8

"have you not realized it? not only are you within the demon world where you would die for good, but you face, The Overlord."
No. 387523 ID: 1854db

Inform her that she is now part of your army, whether she likes it or not. Tell her that perhaps some time spent observing your work may change her mind about our operation.

Ooh ooh, we could even introduce her to Lun, and tell her about the Moon Children's plight.
No. 387524 ID: aa557a

No. 387526 ID: 07eaf7

Not worth our time - we can indoctrinate her better after making her guzzle our potion.

UNEQUIP ALL, btw. As a show of power~
No. 387527 ID: 1854db

1) let's not waste 1000g before confirming that she'll never change her mind about us.
2) oh come on she hasn't even disobeyed us yet, why take off her clothes?
No. 387529 ID: 40cb26

I enslaved you. I was talking about talk about enslaving you, right in front of you.
You ninny.


Agreed, it's a punishment so let's wait until she earns it. And she will, of course. Actually for a ninja stripping the mask might be a good punishment too if not better.
No. 387530 ID: a2fa74

"Oh, that's easy. It's because you returned to your new master's base.
Probably a good thing I intervened, since I doubt your respawn system would reach you from the demon world anyway.

So, you said you had questions for me? Miss... ?"
No. 387531 ID: 299ed3

Check her loyalty and her fear.
No. 387532 ID: 70147e
File 132960650374.png - (56.50KB , 400x549 , 638.png )

"Have you not realized it? not only are you within the demon world where you would die for good, but you face, The Overlord."

You laugh again just to show how evil you are.

>"The Overlord!? I knew it! Die demon!"

She runs at you and tries to punch you but is stopped.

>"W-what...? Why can't I...?"

"I have Enslaved you. You can no longer attack me or anyone who works for me."

She keeps trying to strike you but her fist seems to be blocked by an invisible force.
No. 387533 ID: 8947c3
File 132960669835.jpg - (19.32KB , 348x475 , grinse270.jpg )

No. 387534 ID: 6868bc

Yeah, yeah, all right, you've had your fun. Time for the mask to come off. The overlord must be an infuriatingly sexy buddy to all!
No. 387535 ID: 431fa8

Let's work on those fear and loyalty scores a bit.

"Your efforts are amusing, but rest assured that they are quite impotent. And should it prove necessary, you will find that I, or those I designate, have no difficulty whatsoever laying our hands upon you to inflict whatever sort of harm we choose.

"Of course, that sort of thing is generally reserved for those who are disobedient. I would advise you strongly to be both obedient and courteous; you will be serving me for a long, long time and things will be much more comfortable that way. If you ever bother to give the matter some thought, you may even discover that you are doing more good for the world in my service than you ever did in another's."
No. 387536 ID: a2fa74

"You're thinking of... Well, it would be best to call him my father. I've inherited his title and remaining assets, but I am not him.

Come along. I want to introduce you to the others. What is your name, miss?"
No. 387538 ID: 07eaf7

Remove mask.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't want to simply kill you. It'd be such a waste of such wonderful talents as yours.
No. 387539 ID: 1854db

Remove her facemask.

"Stop this foolishness or I shall confiscate more of your clothing. I effectively saved your life by doing this, you know. You should be more grateful."

If she continues attacking, remove her top.
No. 387540 ID: 70147e
File 132960759966.png - (57.13KB , 550x550 , 639.png )

You take off your mask.

"Your efforts are amu-"

She's turned her back to you and sat down on the floor.

>"I'm not going to talk to you anymore. You're my enemy."
No. 387541 ID: 6a5a08

No. 387542 ID: 07eaf7

I hate to say I told you so, guys, but...

One last chance.

"I cannot have you sabotage my operations here. It's either work for me... or I will punish you."
No. 387544 ID: 431fa8

Laugh. "As you wish. I daresay I have no need to push you; my enslavement will never expire. You will find that for the most part my other servants are quite amicable, should you decide that they are less worthy of your enmity."

Talk over her if she tries to interrupt again. We are the Overlord and fuck people being able to interrupt us.

With all that said, I think we're done here. Go check on Styx and Kassandra, see if they're awake yet.
No. 387545 ID: 70147e
File 132960805670.png - (53.69KB , 550x550 , 640.png )


She flips you off.
No. 387546 ID: 07eaf7

No. 387547 ID: 04b775

"On another note, calling me a demon is inaccurate. I am golem made of the element of Chaos. Which is why your little back stab trick doesn't work on me."
No. 387548 ID: aa557a

No. 387549 ID: a2fa74

Grab her and spin her around so she can see your charming face. Then do this -> >>387536
No. 387550 ID: 6a5a08

De-equip her top.
No. 387551 ID: f37f49

No. 387554 ID: 40cb26

Tell me about Abel. Make it good and I'll share all I have been up to... wouldn't you want to know that, if you find your way back to him some day?
No. 387555 ID: ed57e8

no, take her MASK
No. 387556 ID: 6a5a08

Changing vote to this.
No. 387558 ID: 1854db

"I could just kill you, you know."
No. 387559 ID: e80517

No. 387561 ID: 40cb26

And since everyone seems intent on stripping her, let's do that the more she refuses to talk.
No. 387564 ID: 8947c3

well, she's totally asking for it now. off with her top!
No. 387566 ID: 97486c
File 132961324136.png - (37.17KB , 550x550 , 641.png )

You decide to de-equip her top. And her mask to.

In response she turns invisible.
No. 387567 ID: ed57e8

"hahaha, fine fine, let's see how long you can keep it up"
No. 387568 ID: a2fa74

Ok, now lets try something that isn't completely stupid. -> >>387549
No. 387570 ID: 8947c3




pour some mud or something over her. that'll make her visible.
No. 387571 ID: 6a5a08

This. Bluff her into thinking it didn't work.
No. 387573 ID: 07eaf7

It didn't! We can still see a faint outline. :V
No. 387574 ID: ed57e8

no threatening her existence like that is bad.
No. 387575 ID: a2fa74

Why are you jumping to threats THIS early?
That hasn't worked at all, and basically forces us into pouring a very valuable potion down her throat.

Going from nice to nasty is easy. Going from nasty to nice requires time travel.
No. 387577 ID: 3947e9

Don't threaten to erase her existence, that is retarded.
Either do it without giving her a chance to put up a fight or don't (I go with don't).
No. 387579 ID: 07eaf7

"I could have killed you, and let you pass on. You would have died. Forever. I saved your life - a life you ended, I remind you - because I saw someone who is... Let us say, uninformed." If you're not going anywhere, I can talk. Listen, or not, it's the only freedom you have right now."

"You will recieve clothing and equipment when you relent and serve me. That is only natural. But when you serve me, you will not be sent to harm innocent people. Nor will you torture those we capture. Nor shall you enslave them for petty work that could be contracted work. let me be clear - your current enslavement was only a means to save your life. Currently, I do not oppose Abel. I merely wish to survive, with the friends that I have made. If I make the world a better place in the process, so be it. But never - ever - shall I tread the path I did in the past! I keep this symbol as a reminder of my failure - the failure I don't even remember."
No. 387580 ID: e3f578

"You should be so lucky I saved you from your foolishness. You would have died permanently and your life for your previous Lord, a waste. You have been brainwashed living in those lands. Your Abel is just the old me in a different color, a different light. A demon lover, he calls me. The demons in this world would call him a monster... and an angel lover. But that's all just petty name-calling. Your lord imprisoned children in horrific devices to bleed them of their potent blood gems. Would you like to meet this boy? Please, woman, humor me and my thoughts. The word demon and hero are meaningless titles, only important to how death works. I would personally love to have a philosophical debate over this topic, my old incarnation would do nothing of the sort. Over a nice dinner?"

This one seems stubborn, but I want to be a gentlemen. You can do this while charming. Just equip her top back on, this isn't a way to treat a lady anymore. We should be above that behavior now.
No. 387581 ID: 40cb26

De-equip her bottom, and then get up. "When you're ready to have a conversation and get your clothes back, let me know." Then just leave our invisible naked ninja to run around.
No. 387582 ID: 6a5a08

Fine, no threats.

"You're loyal to Abel, and I respect that kind of loyalty in the face of death. I'd like to know why, however. I've lost my memories, so I can't say I know whether Abel is good or evil, but so far all I've seen in his land is racism. All I've seen from the 'Heroes' is nothing better than what I've seen from the demons. What is the point of this war?"
No. 387583 ID: fa9f7e

And when she inevitably refuses: >>387581
If she somehow does agree, give her the top back, but not the mask.
No. 387590 ID: 252e1b


De-equip bottom, say, "Rude hand gestures are only effective if the person can see you. As I can."
No. 387595 ID: a6604b

I don't think it's a great idea to antagonize her any more for the moment. Let Lilith have her and let her do whatever she wishes, although brainwashing/seduction would be preferable.
No. 387596 ID: eb91e1
File 132962606238.png - (59.92KB , 532x499 , 642.png )

"I'm impressed by your dedication to Abel but this is simply childish. You can't stay like that forever."

>"Watch me."

You decide to de-equip her bottom to.

>"Not gonna work. The sooner you just let me go the better. I will never work for you. Ever."

"Then you shall stay as you are. I don't think you understand that you are now bound to me forever."

>"Then you'll just have to deal with me or kill me because I will never serve you."

Someone comes up behind you and places glasses on you.


>"Don't forget Overlord... Years ago you caused one of the greatest fights either realm has seen. Your men killed so many people.. So many.. You can't fool me by being trying to be nice."

"That me is dead. He died when my castle was attacked. I am a new man, created by a mere fragment of the old Overlord. I am nice. I only punish those who would cause problems in the castle."

>"Ha! How convenient. You have 'amnesia' now. I'm not dumb, you're just trying to get me to lower my guard. It won't work you idiot."
No. 387599 ID: 07eaf7

"Hmm. I see, yes, it does sound like a good lie, doesn't it... Then perhaps I should let my actions speak for me. I am working to cure the Plague. Free of charge. I saved your life, as well. Tell me an act of goodness that does not require my own destruction - something like a town that is in danger. I will lend my personal sword to the cause, and the blades and magic of my people. I swear this."
No. 387600 ID: 07eaf7

Downvoting in advance any suggestions that mention aloud or react to her nudity. We can reveal later that we saw delicious ninja booty.
No. 387601 ID: ed57e8

"if words will not convince you then perhaps i have something that will, follow me"
then show her to the remains of the orb lun was in "do you recognize this, abel has three of them in his land. do you know what they do?"
No. 387610 ID: 431fa8

"You flatter yourself unduly if you think I would truly bother with deception on your account. Whether you lower your guard is of little consequence to me; I have no need for lies, nor need for haste. I speak certain truths as a matter of policy; I would hate to have one of my minions commit errors from ignorance. This way, any stupidities you commit are on your head alone."
No. 387611 ID: fa9f7e

No. 387612 ID: 6a5a08

"Feel free to speak with my army. If you'll excuse me, another issue needs my attention in the meantime."
Go to check on Tracey.
No. 387617 ID: fa9f7e

Lun's cute and not trying to kill her, though.
No. 387618 ID: 7f3135

if the Tour Guide is an good example of the people under Abel, she won't care
No. 387623 ID: e3f578

Compliment her ass
Say your more The Overlord's son than the Overlord, but whatever. You're not going to let her go, she was a problem that just got solved. And her punishment is that she will remain here, forever as a servant. She will grow bored, eventually insane. She may serve you to deal with that boredom and help with her mental health. But she'll never work for her old lord again. Maybe one day you'll give her a simple job in one of your territories, just so she's doing something. But she'll never work as a Ninja under him forever and it will be a blacksmiths assistant or barmaid. Abel is as much as a tyrant as you were. Then leave her with her thoughts.
Maybe thank her for at least acknowledging that she thinks the amnesia is convenient. That's showing her she thinks instead of a normal presumption.
No. 387624 ID: 1854db

She was vulnerable to tickling before. We could do that again.
No. 387632 ID: 299ed3

Does the teleporter have a lock on it, or can anyone just walk up to it and use it?
No. 387635 ID: b82a1d

Don't be childish or petty. Remember, we're the good guys here, and we don't want to make our minions think otherwise.

Now that we've subjugated her, can we make her stay in a cell and not escape? Since that's all we wanted to do in the first place. I say do that now to start and we can always try talking to her over time.
No. 387659 ID: a2fa74

Turn her around and look her in the eyes.
"It would be more correct to say I am his child. I am no more he than you are your father.
But I don't expect my words alone to convince you, so I'll introduce you to the others and let them share their experiences."

Equip her with a bedsheet. She needs to talk to Alice, Kass, and Rose. Alice because she was there when the old overlord died and hates him with a passion, Kass because she's a good-aligned cleric who is here with the blessing of her order, and Rose because she was responsible for the death of the old overlord.
No. 387704 ID: 80b862

"Tell me something. If I am as evil as you say I am, then why was the only response to my presence your attempt to arrest me for questioning? As I did nothing to circumvent the barrier when I entered Abel's lands, were I truly that evil I should have had a small army arrive to attempt to kill me, and the response should have been much faster."
No. 387706 ID: d54033

No. 387712 ID: 9718f3

and then

Really, she's not going to listen to what we have to say, best let our followers do the convincing.
No. 387758 ID: eb91e1
File 132968649124.png - (105.23KB , 550x550 , 643.png )

More likely then not she is aware of what the orb contains. She seems to just have something against demons. And not because of what Abel says but this is something she's come up with on her own. It may be best to let your human units speak to her.

"If you do not believe me then feel free to talk to some of my people. They'll tell you I really am not all that bad."

You decide to call up Ruby and Kassandra. She seem to be feeling better.
No. 387760 ID: eb91e1
File 132968663087.png - (11.75KB , 550x550 , 644.png )

You decide to leave her to talk with them and check on Tracey.

"Emily, where did you put that Signed girl?"

>Emily: "Uhm.... I dunno."

You sigh and go look for Fluffy, surely she would know.


It seems she's gone. And the golem is gone as well. They must have escaped while you were distracted
No. 387763 ID: 8947c3

not much to do about that.

...thank her for the glasses. what a boon!
No. 387765 ID: 07eaf7

Eh, just as well. Go check on Doc. Tell him we have some spare time, now, if he wants to begin examinations.
No. 387766 ID: 431fa8

Let's see if Styx is feeling all right.

Then let's see if she can integrate this see-invisibility effect into us so that we have it all the time. These glasses are handy as hell and we should thank Meagan for them, but they don't really mesh that well with our look.
No. 387767 ID: 252e1b

Not much to do? The girl bearing the Cancer Sign can't be allowed to wander around, she's a massive threat to the world at large. Each time she eats, people will die.

Time to send out warnings about that pair, and seek them out. In your care they at least won't be killed.
No. 387768 ID: e3f578

Do you suspect Fluffy got the Mage out too? I mean Emily did say she locked her up. I figure she just forgot exactly where. And Fluffy slightly acknowledged this situation was not your fault, so if she broke out the Cancer Mage willingly, out of whatever place Emily locked her up, she is more of an idiot than we predicted. She's going to get herself sick again, and even more people.

Well, this at least prevents her from becoming a hero and destroying the universe from dying and respawning in a demon village if she goes and gets more people infected. You should ask Styx what the ramifications of reuniting with her sword would be, and exactly what its plans are with Fluffy and her group. If it is acting like your old self, would the Old Overlord willingly use the plague to his advantage?

Still, ask Nix to look around for Tracey in the castle. She can't get double infected.
No. 387769 ID: 1854db


We need to change our symbol so people don't look at it and go HEY DATS DA OVERLORD!
No. 387772 ID: a2fa74

Send Nix to search for the Signed.
Lets watch Ninja talk to our human minions - maybe we'll hear her name.
No. 387773 ID: 40cb26

Eh good riddance. I wonder why our consciousness doesn't extend to the other eye anymore, that would prove useful to directing her energy elsewhere. Maybe we should talk to Styx about that when she wakes up.
No. 387778 ID: 6a5a08

Check the Watch.
No. 387780 ID: 49d4d7

Nice sunglasses. Yep, we dealt with it alright. Well, time to deal with a new problem.

Get Emily to look for Fluffy, the cancer mage and the other gal are still in the castle. They probably have gone, but lets check nonetheless.

When Styx awakens, have her, Megan and Silva make some corruption potion. If we put the ninja in a cell and feed her daily, without adulterating the food in any way, we can dose her food when the corruption potion is done and she'll eat it without ever knowing our intentions.

Finally, we have that slime guy who we wanted to turn into our butler right? Let's ask Jeeves if he minds helping us train him.
No. 387784 ID: 70668d

I think we should apologize to Emliy a bit more then a quick "Sorry" since we kinda punched her in the face...
No. 387786 ID: 6a5a08

Also this.
Hug Emily.
No. 387788 ID: 1854db

Overlord has made it quite clear that he really does not want to hug anyone. He doesn't show physical affection. I think there may even be some sort of hangup about it.
No. 387793 ID: ed57e8

apologizing when you make a mistake earns respect.
No. 387796 ID: 7f8f94

yes, but then realize how much more it would mean to Emily then. she's our most loyal unit, she deserves it.
No. 387847 ID: eb91e1
File 132972004561.png - (152.23KB , 550x550 , 645.png )

You don't hug things.

Anyway you have Nix go and search for the Signed girl.
You then assign Leon to the Butler to learn some basic cleaning duties. Leon doesn't look very pleased but that's not important.

You call together Styx, who's feeling a lot better, Silva, and Meagan.

"Styx, glad to see you're better. I'm really sorry about what happened."

>"Accidents happen my Lord."

You nod.

"I was wondering if it were possible to create another Corruption Potion from Silva's Wine."

>Styx: "With the right ingredients I suppose.. But I do not know what they are."

>Meagan: "Never found out myself."

>Silva: "Corruption Potion?"
No. 387849 ID: 40cb26

Uh don't worry about it. Ask if she has any more to spare and let's get a bottle to hold it if she does.
No. 387850 ID: ed57e8

"it is a more potent upgrade for it. this ninja needs some work."
No. 387851 ID: 431fa8

Hrm. "A refinement of your Wine, Silva. It can induce loss of memory regarding a specific individual and thereby reset relations with them, allowing for more beneficial interactions in the future.

"Do any of you know someone who would be likely to know the formula? Or perhaps a location where the lore might be written down?"
No. 387852 ID: a2fa74

Lets watch our people talk to the ninja. I want to see how that goes.
No. 387854 ID: 6a5a08

Don't tell her this, she'll catch on.
No. 387855 ID: 431fa8

Catch on to what? The fact that she was trying to kill us, and we removed her memory? Yeah, no shit. We haven't been hiding it because that would have been idiotic; there's no way to keep that sort of thing secret in the long term anyway. We expected our other troops to comment on it within hours of her first getting loose anyway. Better to answer her question honestly and spin it in a way that won't seem offensive.
No. 387859 ID: 1854db

Oh right, one of you forgetful bastards said that we told Silva about the potion already. No, we did not. We admitted that we left things out about her past. Mainly, the fact that she hated our guts. Telling her that we used such a potion on her would be unwise.
No. 387866 ID: 431fa8

The relevant interactions are at (hopefully this linking works):
>>/questarch/350073 when we first awoke her
>>/questarch/359164, >>/questarch/359176, >>/questarch/359371, and >>/questarch/359510 when we fought the tinker.

We didn't explicitly say that we used the potion on her- but we cannot reasonably expect that she won't put it together, with or without our assistance. The best policy here is to face questions head-on as they come up and ensure that information in spun in our favor. Silva's personality is such that if she thinks something ill she'll confront us about it; if she asks, then yes, we used a corruption potion on her because as we told her shortly after she awoke, she seemed crazy and trying to kill us when we met her.

We had been told that we were very close friends once. Our own experiences with memory loss have taught us that it's not such a bad thing to have a blank slate, to be able to make a fresh start and take people for what they are instead of being weighed down by years of accumulated bitterness. We made a choice- the choice to wash the wounds on her mind away, and hope that in our efforts to avoid whatever mistakes our first incarnation made we will do better by Silva as well. Knowledge and power were traded for what we hope is a chance for happiness. It's not a perfect choice, but it's the best we could do.

There. Spin it that way if we have problems, and we should be fine.
No. 387867 ID: ed57e8

better. you can't just go "well just spin it so my suggestion is better" you need to spin it yourself.
No. 387868 ID: eb91e1
File 132972555524.png - (98.90KB , 550x550 , 646.png )

"It's basically a stronger form of your Wine. I was hoping to use it to help with the Ninja we just got. In case she gets to rowdy."

>Silve: "Oh, okay then.."

>Styx: "I'll look and see if I can find anything about it."

>Meagan: "I'll do the same myself."

"Good. Report back to me if you find anything."

You decide to check on the Ninja and her conversations.

You see Kassandra talking to thin air so you assume that's where the Ninja is. When you approach her she looks at you nervously.

>"M-My lord!"

>Ninja: "No no go on Kassandra. You can say the same thing in front of him."

She looks like she's ready to run.
No. 387869 ID: 07eaf7

"She's right! Honest feedback is an important part of a healthy army."
No. 387870 ID: ed57e8

"indeed, you can talk to me about any problems"
No. 387871 ID: 40cb26

Take off the mask and ask whats wrong.
No. 387872 ID: 431fa8

"I would hate to press, if it would make you uncomfortable. Are you getting on well enough?"

Does the ninja's invisibility conceal her loyalty and fear markers from us, too?
No. 387873 ID: ed57e8

no, mask on.
No. 387875 ID: 886a4d

Ya the mask should only be when we wish to help along a person's loyalty when otherwise it'd worsen. At the moment thats not the case. All we have to do is answer truthfully to some doubt she has in our cause.
No. 387895 ID: 5c8475

she should be free to speak freely. in a free manner.
No. 387903 ID: a2fa74

"Kassandra, you've always been allowed to speak freely. I'm curious, but you don't have to tell me."
No. 387913 ID: f70e5e

No. 387915 ID: 146bca


No. 387916 ID: f813ff

No. 387917 ID: eb91e1
File 132976138518.png - (91.52KB , 550x550 , 647.png )

"She's right Kassandra. You're free to say anything you want to me, I won't be upset."

>Kassandra: "N-no... It's fine... I'd really rather not..."

>Ninja: "How can you expect someone to talk freely while you're hovering around them? If you'll excuse us, we were having a nice conversation."
No. 387918 ID: 07eaf7

Poker face and walk away.
No. 387919 ID: a2fa74

I know you have hang-ups about touching people, but humans place an incredible amount of emotional emphasis on physical contact.
Give her a damn hug.
"I just came here to ask what you thought so far. If you still have nothing to say then I shall take my leave."

Then walk out.
No. 387921 ID: fcf88e

Ok, we need to take this in a more natural and approachable tone. Give her a bit of room to speak and trying saying this; "Kassandra, you have been a great help to me. Both on and off the field in making sure everyone is OK. If you have something to say, either good or bad, please do not hesitate to ask and I will answer as honestly as possible."
No. 387935 ID: f813ff

No. 387937 ID: bdb3f8

"R-really? oh.. okay, I see. I just thought.. Sorry to bother you." pout and walk away.

shatter those preconceptions.
No. 387940 ID: ac6c03

with mask off
No. 387944 ID: 07eaf7

Yes, this. Without your mask. It's perfect.
No. 387951 ID: 5c8475


what the fuck, no. don't abuse the mask.
No. 387953 ID: 145a7d

Yeah, this, but without taking off the mask.
No. 387955 ID: eb91e1
File 132977332186.png - (80.43KB , 550x550 , 648.png )

"Really? Well, fine. Sorry to bother you then."

You don't hug people.

You start walking away from them. You can hear Kassandra talking again. Honestly you are rather curious now as to what she was saying.
No. 387956 ID: 07eaf7

Accept that some things can't be brought up to you, keep fucking walking.
No. 387957 ID: 40cb26

Equip Kass with the invisibility seeing glasses.

I stand by this terrible idea.
No. 387958 ID: cf49fc

This seems fine. The flipside of loyalty is trusting others. And even if she betrays us, we can just fucking murderate her with a deathray. So hey, win-notlose situation.

Just keep walking like a swish mofo.
No. 387959 ID: 80250c

Quick Overlord, activate your super-hearing!
No. 387960 ID: 07eaf7

+this, too.

Because fuck you, ninjawhore.
No. 387962 ID: ed57e8

if you have it. if not then see if that can be made. or some other spy thing.
No. 387965 ID: 5c8475


this if she refuses to say anything.
No. 387967 ID: a39bf6

No. 387970 ID: 40cb26

I am a bit worried, though. Kass is too easily manipulated. Let's be sure and talk to her when the ninja isn't around, and let's not wait on it.
No. 387991 ID: eb91e1
File 132977930963.png - (55.64KB , 327x426 , 649.png )

Forget it.
You're not going to play a prank simply because she doesn't wish to speak with you.
You walk away from the two of them and let them continue their conversation.
Nix approaches you.

>"My Lord I.... Did not see the g-girl anywhere. She... She must have left when we were distracted."
No. 387993 ID: 07eaf7

"It's alright. I expected as much." pause, "Nix, are you afraid of the Doctor?"
No. 387994 ID: ed57e8

it's fine, most likely Fluffy ran off with her.
No. 387995 ID: ed57e8

oh and ask styx about super hearing ability. toggle-able
No. 388005 ID: 40cb26

This. And when we're done speaking with her have Nix talk to the ninja and Kass. Also to make sure Kass doesn't do anything foolish due to her.
No. 388105 ID: 5c8475

geez, what's wrong with her?
No. 388173 ID: d09277

Something occurred to me earlier today, but forgive me if it's already been addressed:
Why are we still using the same symbol? That's at least twice now that people have been immediately hostile because of the symbol. There is really no reason to keep using it, the being who designed it in the first place is dead. I think maybe we should do some rebranding.
No. 388174 ID: 6a5a08

Interactive symbol dressup?
Interactive symbol dressup.
No. 388176 ID: ed57e8

because it's the symbol printed on OUR EYE. but yeah, some new symbol may help.
No. 388177 ID: d09277

That's true, but our eye isn't visible to anyone else with this body. That and the fact that we're using the same fortress are the only things tying us to the Overlord of the past, and the fortress can be chalked up to convenience. People become so hostile towards us that they won't hear us out because of the Overlord connection, anything we can do to lessen that connection would be great.

I say we change symbols, do a little aesthetic touching up on our castle to differentiate it from the old Overlord's, and stop referring to ourselves as Overlord.

Another name that has a leader-y connotation would be cool, just for thematic purposes. The Governor? The Director? Maybe just King.
No. 388180 ID: 97486c
File 132987948532.png - (2.10KB , 550x550 , 650.png )

"That's okay, I expected as much... Nix, you aren't afraid of that doctor are you?"

>"N-n-no not really. I mean you... Trust him so I g-guess he's okay. Why?"

"No reason, just curious."

You think for a moment. You really could use a new symbol. Let's see if you can sketch up something.
No. 388182 ID: cf49fc
File 132987981431.png - (82.56KB , 550x550 , Overlord Symbol.png )

I love doing these. Here's one if you want to keep the Eye motif.
No. 388183 ID: cf49fc
File 132987991407.png - (83.53KB , 550x550 , POWER THROUGH PEACE.png )

And another. I like drawing symbols.
No. 388184 ID: 431fa8

What? Why are we blowing this topic off? That's terrible.

"No, not 'no reason', I'm sorry. You just seem uncomfortable, and I don't like it- you're a great point of pride for me, you know. Restoring you even this far was one of the best things I've done since my awakening, and I would very much hope that you could be happy. If something is at all wrong, please tell me- surely you feel that you can trust me with your thoughts?"
No. 388186 ID: 21a619
File 132988006957.png - (12.40KB , 550x550 , Maximum Class.png )

Stay Classy Overlord
No. 388187 ID: 6a5a08
File 132988017323.jpg - (43.66KB , 550x550 , directoryarrow.jpg )

I like The Director.
No. 388188 ID: 7f8f94

I like this one.
No. 388189 ID: 146bca
File 132988085649.png - (211.43KB , 1280x2563 , rainbow_dash_cutie_mark_by_blackgryph0n-d3e1glv.png )

Guys, let's face it. Unless we have something that practically shouts "FRIENDSHIP", we're gonna be hated.

At the very least, this will make us 20% cooler.
No. 388190 ID: e3f578
File 132988092738.png - (17.31KB , 550x550 , TruthOverlord Mix.png )

The Time is 19:22
No. 388191 ID: d09277
File 132988110745.png - (9.89KB , 200x200 , georgiaokeefe.png )

I see your dick and counter you a...
What? It's a flower. Get your mind out of the gutter.
No. 388192 ID: 6a5a08

Given the G-Watch, that line is strangely suiting.
No. 388193 ID: 146bca


Also upvoting this.
No. 388194 ID: bdb3f8
File 132988143537.png - (2.54KB , 550x550 , steve.png )

So close, but still doing it wrong
No. 388195 ID: d09277
File 132988173781.png - (10.82KB , 200x200 , eye.png )

The georgia o'keefe one was a joke. Here's my real suggestion. Subtle nod to the eye motif, reference to our nature as two beings split from one, and indicative of the chaos from which we were forged, but without being in-your-face about it.
No. 388196 ID: 7f8f94

acctually, I change my vote to this.
No. 388197 ID: 146bca


I like this one.
No. 388198 ID: e3f578

What what in the house voting for this bitches
I also suggest changing your name. Overlord should be your title or occupation, not what everyone refers you by.
No. 388200 ID: 96e0ea

I gotta say this one right here, pure class. Hell, I could see it being used in a business. Going for this.
No. 388202 ID: d09277

Wait wait. I also suggest holding off on the symbol change until we have improved the ninja's loyalty somehow. I would hate to have her defect somehow, run back to abel, and let him know who/what she thinks we are despite what she would see as our vain attempts to hide it. We don't need to rebrand right this second, we have other shit on our plate.

Also, dealing with more pressing concerns:
sounds pretty solid to me.
No. 388205 ID: bdb3f8
File 132988306518.png - (4.52KB , 550x550 , neoeye.png )

I already suggested this for Dio's mask, but what the hell.
No. 388206 ID: 6a5a08

Just going for a bit of subtlety.
No. 388207 ID: 570037

Best Symbol
No. 388208 ID: fcf88e

This one is rather nice. I like the hidden meaning too.
No. 388209 ID: b82a1d

Another vote for this one.
No. 388210 ID: ac6c03

This is the best symbol.
No. 388211 ID: 6a5a08

Tossing in my vote for the chaos spiral.
No. 388212 ID: fa9f7e

Jumping on the bandwagon. And I like the idea of having an actual name. "Overlord" will hardly curry favor. I suggest Calmasis.

If you get the reference I will love you forever.
No. 388213 ID: 6a5a08

Or how about Rock.
No. 388214 ID: 886a4d

Hmm, nah the Overlord is too masculine to be Calmasis.

>>388195 has my vote too.
No. 388215 ID: fcf88e

I agree that we do need a name and I do enjoy the icon but we got to make the reveal important and timed well. You only get one chance to name yourself and change your image.

Incidentally, I suggest we name him Razgriz. Half because I enjoy the name, but also because the song that goes with it is rather quite awesome and includes actual latin chanting!

(link to the song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXDAVdyi8AI&feature=related)
No. 388217 ID: e3f578

Apparently a badass king
No. 388227 ID: 07eaf7
File 132989504261.jpg - (27.23KB , 550x550 , Symbol.jpg )

The old eye struck out.
No. 388228 ID: d09277

How about Cain

This is a terrible idea
No. 388232 ID: 07eaf7

Solomon will always be the coolest king.
No. 388233 ID: a7e646

No. 388235 ID: a39bf6

This symbol is pretty good.
Also, how about Kane. You know, since we live in death.
No. 388236 ID: fcf88e

You know, we could always give ourselves a first and last name. Cain Solomon would be very fitting to be honest... though if we go with Cain or any name that sounds like it, we should probably go for a spear instead of a sword. Big bad overlord used swords, why not be a bit different? Maybe a halberd? Poleblade perhaps if we want the best of both worlds.
No. 388237 ID: 6868bc

We are moving forward out of times of slavery as a great unifier, a fairhanded and trustworthy man who believes in his people and is an inspiring statesman. Obviously, the name for us is Abraham Lincoln.

...More seriously, maybe something like "Aldwin". Which means "old friend", so it's like an irony thing. We can swap the cape out for a locally-traded scarf and be the hipster overlord.
No. 388238 ID: ed57e8

you can't just swap weapons and be good with them. could be that swords are what we are best with.
No. 388239 ID: 570037

I think that the best possible name is Elizigerth.
No. 388242 ID: a2fa74

Lets name the castle Elbereth. That should solve some problems.
No. 388243 ID: 7c31d2

I like the name Cain, so I'm gonna vote for that
No. 388246 ID: 6a5a08

Voting for Razgriz.
No. 388252 ID: 4bdd79


This sounds about right.
No. 388253 ID: e3f578

Kane or maybe Bane
Bane has always been a cool name for tough dudes
No. 388254 ID: 96823d

bane it's a good name
No. 388255 ID: 97486c

Cum historia mutat valde (When history changes badly)

Razgriz revelat ipsum; (Razgriz reveals itself)

Primum daemon scelestus est. (First, as a dark demon)

Cum potentia sua (With its power)

Daemon fondet mortem in´╗┐ terram, (The demon rains death upon the land)

Deinde moritur. (Then it dies)

Cum somnus finit, (When dreams end)

Razgriz surget iterum, (Razgriz rises again)

Magnus´╗┐ heros est. (As great heroes)

These are the lyrics to that song by the way.
Just in case you didn't hit the link.
No. 388257 ID: 5c8475



but not Cain, not Kane, and not Bane please.
No. 388263 ID: 07eaf7

>The first murderer, known for acting out of sheer jealousy, forced to wander the earth a marked man forever


>The wisest king who ever lived, building his kingdom on the backs of demons, who had some of the most insightful things to say about love and loyalty

No. 388273 ID: e3f578

Quit changing my damn mind
Lord Solomon has a ring to it
No. 388274 ID: 5a1be5

change my vote to razgriz
No. 388278 ID: d09277

Jeez, people are voting for Cain? I suggested that and I think it's a bad idea. I am going to explain that the joke is our big bad's name is Abel but I am hoping such an explanation is unnecessary. If we're going for a biblical reference anyway, Solomon is a pretty cool dude, I guess. If not, my vote is for Razgriz, provided we can shorten it to Raz in casual conversation.
No. 388281 ID: cf49fc

Naming ourselves Solomon sounds awfully hubristic to me... JUST LIKE THE REAL SOLOMON!

Votin' for Solomon.
No. 388283 ID: f2c74c

No. 388284 ID: 3947e9

why would we honor abel by naming ourselfs to thematically fit him? (and casting ourselves as the villain)
why would we go by an evil sounding name like bane?

We already agreed that we are a going to pursue good PR. The name should be something righteous sounding like "The Guardian" (maintaining our previous "The Overlord" theme name). Or something to that extent
No. 388285 ID: b82a1d

I don't get the reference, but I like the sound of Calmasis.
No. 388298 ID: fb0f8c

You can't not go with Solomon.
No. 388302 ID: 29b619

Solomon is a solid choice.
No. 388309 ID: 80b862

I say we name the Overlord Fluf- damn it, we already gave someone else that name, didn't we? Solomon works, too, then.
No. 388316 ID: 431fa8

While I don't disagree with renaming ourselves, or with rebranding ourselves, can we please save our decision to do so for an appropriate moment? Preferably a dramatic one, or at least when we can make a speech about it first to our loyal minions explaining our resolve and the reasons for our decision. Right now is kind of random.
No. 388355 ID: a2fa74

I vote for not Solomon. Overlord isn't the sort of megalomaniacal creep that would name himself after religious figures, and trading one set of expectations for another doesn't really help anything.
No. 388366 ID: 1854db

I don't think we should rename ourselves.
No. 388369 ID: cc5f53

Up voting this one. Also I'm going to upvote the name Razgriz because it fits what the overlord has done so far.
No. 388371 ID: 6a5a08

No. 388374 ID: 299ed3

How about Maximillion Robespierre? or Napoleon?
No. 388377 ID: 25d645
File 132996167216.png - (61.09KB , 416x504 , 651.png )

Those knows do sound good. You seem to prefer Razgriz, or Raz, and Solomon the most.
You decide to hand Styx a copy of how you want your new symbol to look. No point in changing it right at this moment however.
Is there anything else you wanted to do?
No. 388382 ID: 6a5a08

Let's go the the Land of Trials, make some cash, then visit Fabio.
No. 388383 ID: 1854db

Yes, let's get some alchemy going with Alice's bow! Get her in on it. She can make a request or we can just throw some stuff together to see what comes out.
No. 388385 ID: ed57e8

we have 3000 bucks, we have cash to burn. where ever you go make sure you don't have a ninja hitch hiker.
No. 388387 ID: fcf88e

Well, nice to see Razgriz is getting some votes. Might as well change it back since people seem interested in it. Maybe Razgriz Solomon for our full name?

Anyways, we should go out and train a bit. Maybe search for some places that we could help out a bit to build up our rep.
No. 388389 ID: a2fa74

Razgriz is a fitting name, but I think Raz would work better since that's also short for Rasputin - another person who was incredibly hard to kill.
No. 388390 ID: 431fa8

Yeah, we wanted to finish that aborted conversation with Nix, which utterly failed to accomplish our objectives. See >>388184. Nix is visibly unhappy or nervous or something, and we need to find out why and either deal with whatever worries her or just comfort her. Leaving things as in >>387991 was failure as both a leader and a friend.
No. 388391 ID: ed57e8

oh yeah, totes need to finish that.
No. 388407 ID: e3f578

Because Psychonaughts
No. 388414 ID: 146bca


No. 388440 ID: 97486c
File 132997392305.png - (53.26KB , 443x421 , 652.png )

You decide to question Nix again.

"Nix are you sure you're okay with this?"

>"Y-yes. Should I... N-nnnot be? Are you trying... To tell me something?"
No. 388441 ID: ed57e8

"no, i'm saying you appear distressed, getting a negative emotion out is needed to maintain good mental health."
No. 388442 ID: 07eaf7

"You just worried me, is all. You're very nervous-looking, and I fear I'm putting you through something scary for my own selfish benefit."
No. 388443 ID: 431fa8

What the hell was that line? Of all the social incompetence...

"No, Nix, I'm- let me start over. You seem distressed. My first thought was that the doctor was worrying you, but whatever the issue is, please tell me. I do not wish to see you unhappy."
No. 388444 ID: 1854db


No. 388448 ID: b8fbf4

Oh, for the love of...
Check her fear as you talk to her about it.
No. 388450 ID: 97486c
File 132997654582.png - (66.37KB , 443x421 , 653.png )

"No, Nix, I'm- let me start over. You seem distressed. My first thought was that the doctor was worrying you, but whatever the issue is, please tell me. I do not wish to see you unhappy."

>"N-no really I'm... F-fine. What's wrong..? Is something g-going on..?"

Now she's really worried.
No. 388451 ID: ed57e8

we pressed too hard. now she thinks there is something wrong even if there is.

"nothing's wrong, you just had a worried look on your face." if she wont calm down give her a taste of face and say "please calm down"
No. 388453 ID: 431fa8

Sigh. "...I suppose not, if you don't think so. I may not very good at reading people; this whole golem with amnesia bit has its downsides. I am trying to be a leader who understands his followers, someone worth giving personal loyalty to. It seems I have far to go, yet. I am sorry for disturbing you."

Hopefully we'll be able to turn this around and make her feel sympathetic/like we need her help. It would be nice to have a subordinate who cares about us that way.
No. 388454 ID: d09277

thumbs up
No. 388455 ID: 6a5a08

Da, plus to this.
No. 388457 ID: 97486c
File 132997926397.png - (102.92KB , 550x550 , 654.png )

".. Not, it's nothing. I had just assumed you were worried. I'm still recovering from my amnesia and being a golem doesn't exactly help me with this. It's seems I still have a ways to go."

Nix smiles.

>"I understand. I'm trying to b-build my life back to.... Together as well. If you ever n-n-need any help though just... Ask me, okay?"

"I will."
No. 388458 ID: ed57e8

turn to the left, "yes shana, can i help you?"
No. 388460 ID: 40cb26

Oh look it's our powerful, longest serving and very unhinged minion. Let's go inform her that we're going to have an image change, and order her to hand over any clothing or other items she is wearing with our old symbol on it.
No. 388462 ID: 07eaf7

This sounds like a great plan and I fully support it.
No. 388463 ID: 6a5a08

Also inform her that we will order her a new outfit from Fabio, if she has no other available.
No. 388464 ID: 431fa8

This could be a problem. But how to ensure that Shana doesn't hurt Nix? Perhaps... positive reinforcement rarely hurts.

"Ah! Shana, just who I wanted to see. I need some advice. There is a ninja who-" Stop, scan the area for invisible people, and continue "-recently tried to assassinate me and ended up enslaved- I have some concerns that in spite of her status she will somehow manage to harm my other servants, or the castle itself. Are you aware of any strategies rebellious minions have used successfully in the past that we might ward against?"

I like to set up a game of good cop/bad cop with the ninja using Shana as the bad cop and thereby driving the ninja toward us. It could be highly effective for shifting that Loyalty in a more positive direction- we're the one who can protect her from big bad Shana, after all.

Let's not.
No. 388465 ID: 07eaf7

>Good cop/Bad cop with Shana

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Overlord! I went overboard and killed her..."
No. 388466 ID: 6a5a08

If we do good cop/bad cop, make sure Shana's aware the ninja isn't to be killed, as she may have valuable information against Abel, and could be used to infiltrate Abel's Land once her loyalty is raised.
No. 388469 ID: fcf88e

Or we can not bring up the ninja and other things she can yandere on and ask her advice on a few things.

"Ah, Shana. Perfect timing. I wanted to talk to you about strategy. You've been in the human world for a while, perhaps you can give me some insight about a few places? Such as Psicrest or any info you have about Abel? Considering he may cause trouble later, any info you have could help us."
No. 388482 ID: 192f55

"any info you have could help us."

What you mean to say is... "any info you have could help ME"

Shana doesn't care about the others. Make sure she knows that what she is doing is for your benefit.
No. 388687 ID: 25d645
File 133012324087.png - (88.60KB , 550x550 , 655.png )

Good cop/bad cop sounds like something that could get someone killed..

"Shana, just the one I was looking for."

She looks at you a bit startled.

>"M-my lord! I was uhm.. Just walking around. Is there anything I can do for you? Anything?"

"I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about Psicrest and the Land of Abel? Especially Abel, I have the feeling he may cause me trouble later."

>"Honestly my Lord I can not say I know too much about Abel. No one's really seen him in quite some time to be honest. And even while I was in the Human Realm I never really left Psicrest much. Nothing to say about that place either. They are simply a bunch of psionics who believe their brains can overcome one of the most basic of human emotions, fear."

"Well if you ever do hear anything more about Abel please tell me. Oh also I'm thinking of making a new image for myself so please get rid of any clothing with my old symbol on it."

She nods and takes off her tie. As she reaches under her skirt Emily flies in front of you.

>"My Lord the little ninja girl is making a mess in the front gate and she's really upset also I think she's naked!"
No. 388688 ID: 07eaf7


Yeah let's check this out. Vandalism is bad.
No. 388690 ID: a2fa74

Sigh, then head out to intercept the ninja
No. 388691 ID: 1854db


Okay, let's go keep her from making any more trouble.
No. 388705 ID: ed57e8

No. 388717 ID: 570037

Be as dashing and manly as possible!
No. 388734 ID: 5eb891

>Good cop/bad cop sounds like something that could get someone killed..
If handled incompetently, yes- but then, many forms of incompetence can get people killed, if it's their leader doing it. The facts are, the ninja hates us and Shana is both extremely powerful and psychotically devoted. If we don't take charge of Shana and ensure that her interactions with the ninja follow a script we provide, then it's not unlikely that Shana will murder the ninja for disloyalty anyway. Better to set ourselves in control of the situation and give Shana specific orders about how much violence and intimidation is appropriate and gain her cooperation with the lure of our praise if she can properly help us achieve the ultimate objective, that being a properly loyal and fearful ninja minion.
No. 388740 ID: 97486c
File 133015728765.png - (23.58KB , 550x550 , 656.png )

You decide to check on the Ninja.
When you reach the front gate you can hear her pacing back and forth.


>"You know what my problem is dammit. I want to leave! As soon as I can get past your stupid force field I'm going straight to see Abel."

There's no force field on the front gate.. At least none that you know of.
No. 388742 ID: 40cb26

"You're here forever."
>Put on the shades.
"Deal with it."
No. 388743 ID: 6a5a08

"The only way I can think of for there to be a force field there is if somebody on the other side is in combat. Otherwise there's only a massive drop which will kill you."
No. 388747 ID: 97486c
File 133015784752.png - (40.38KB , 550x550 , 657.png )

"Well Ninja you're here forever."

You put on the Invisi Glasses

"Deal with it."

Emily flies in front of you.

>"Don't worry Ninja girl this is a very nice place! You'll love it here!"

>"Shut it you dead eyed freak."

>"..... :( ...."
No. 388749 ID: ed57e8

pat emily on the head. "you really think you could get to abel from here? the middle of nowhere in another dimension? you do see the sheer drop over there right? unless you have the ninja ability to fly you will plummet to your death. and die for good."
No. 388750 ID: e3f578

"A woman with negative infinity loyalty gave me less trouble. You got negative four, just so you know. Ease up woman, act like a professional in this situation instead of a child. If you truly want out, think first. How can you manipulate a system like the one that controls you now? Abel would expect more from his troops in captivity, so would I in a similar situation, if Abel wouldn't prop them up and torture them pointlessly like he would and did what I have done instead."

At this point and with this person, maybe a weird rival/mentor mentality would work here. Don't be kind or negotiative, or particularly cruel, give her advice and patronize her. Mock the fact that she can't get out. Even if it doesn't work, could be a good ego boost and a lot of fun. I would also think of reequipping her with rags. Now that I actually think about it, having someone streak around in your Castle seems untasteful, even if they are invisible.
No. 388754 ID: ed57e8

i downvote saying we can see the stars. that would just make her try harder. the rest looks ok.
No. 388759 ID: 6a5a08

"Don't listen to her Emily, she's just jealous because everyone else is happy but her." Step around to face the ninja, and re-equip her clothes, "You aren't leaving, so get comfortable. You have free roam now, but continue to cause trouble and that privilege will be revoked."
No. 388760 ID: c0f185

just ignore her for now
No. 388772 ID: a2fa74

Check her loyalty and pat Emily on the head
"What did you learn that prompted this outburst?"
No. 388777 ID: 385f21

Am I the only one suspecting that the barrier preventing her from leaving might be a result of hostile forces' actions?
No. 388783 ID: c0f185

there is no barrier, we did not permit her to leave so she can't
No. 388789 ID: e3f578

I want to add another possibility for action.
We pimp slap this Ninja for what she said to Emily. This person's much more worse and cold than Alice, though she respects Kassandra even in our custody at least. Alice never insulted anybody like that, she just stayed quiet, refused to help Kass, had negative criticism but that was it.

But I want to pimp slap her and call her out for acting like a child, being racist, and trying to bully someone being nice to her. Even if it is understandable in her situation. BUT Pimp slap her anyway, because no one talks to Emily like that when she doesn't deserve it.
No. 388792 ID: 5eb891

You know what, I'll go with this.

And do not re-equip her clothes. She's done nothing to deserve them. Because we keep using that system of discipline, the moment we give her her clothes back the other minions will assume that it means she knuckled under when she didn't- which will only cause unnecessary confusion in the ranks. Stick to reliable patterns of action on this matter.
No. 388795 ID: c0f185

Mostly agreed... with the exception of actually beating her (I disagree with the slap). We can say that without the slap.
No. 388811 ID: 5c8475

bitch better get punished for insulting our most loyal servant. show her the Boss Screecher and threaten to lock her up in the same room with it. maybe she'll at least show us some respect if we get her fear up a bit. otherwise she won't even listen.
No. 388901 ID: b82a1d

Can we please just stick the ninja in a cell somewhere and deal with her later? Letting her run around doesn't seem like a good idea.
No. 388902 ID: 578e4a

Activate the pimpin hand.
No. 388909 ID: 60fee2

Pimp Slap.
"I have been very accommodating thus far, but NO ONE insults the one that is like a daughter to me! Now you little fool, what binds you here is your enslavement to me. Although I do wonder what you planed to do about the enormous drop, and the fact YOU ARE NOT EVEN IN THE SAME DIMENSION!"
No. 388918 ID: 6a5a08

No slap.
No. 388921 ID: c4a1fc

This, except for the fucking slap. Why, yes , slapping the bitch who hates us and thinks we're evil incarnate will help and not alienate everyone. We may be a chaos golem, but that doesn't mean we have to be stupid or refuse to follow patterns. Just let her be naked and order her not to use invisibility again.
No. 388949 ID: 40cb26

Yes for admonishing, downvoting slapping. She's already naked, let's instead punish her by giving her armor. We'll find the heavies armor possible so she can't move at all.
No. 388950 ID: 570037

No. 388951 ID: c4a1fc

Make the joints rusted shut. And, if possible, have it be invisible/transparent/not cover her privates.
No. 388958 ID: e3f578

Armor with assless chaps
No. 388959 ID: 4bdd79

This is the best punishment.
No. 388962 ID: c4a1fc

Styx's a lesbian, right? Let's get her reaction to this.
No. 388963 ID: a2fa74

>assless chaps
>assless pants that have no ass
>covered ass?

Equip her in full-plate. Ignore class restrictions; those are just mean she can't do a damn thing with it on.
No. 388985 ID: 07eaf7

>Order against invisibility.

No. 388994 ID: f70e5e

we should try and stop being such a dick to the ninja, yes shes horribly racist and worked as police for abel, but if we just act like a dick she will never come around, and if our other followers see us being an asshole to her it would make it easier for her to cause problems.
No. 388998 ID: ed57e8

yeah, we must maintain moral high ground at all times. will wear away at her reasons for hating us. and as long as we interact regularly the enslaving will wear away at her as well.
No. 389017 ID: fcf88e

This is why zealots are not a good choice for recruiting. They don't do well with anyone not of their group and even diplomacy is hard if it doesn't follow their beliefs.

We should slap her, but we should make it a slap with meaning. One such as:
"I am fine with your defiance against me. That is rational. Same with questioning my intentions and beliefs. I would not expect anything else. I am even fine with you talking with others because I trust them. HOWEVER, I draw a line at insulting my Loyal companions. Now listen very carefully.

I am not Abel. I don't build a wall around my domain using slaves. I don't use people of a different race as my own as fertilizer for my garden. I treat people with respect WHEN they deserve it and punish them appropriately when they deserve that as well.

Of course, if you do not like the way I handle things, perhaps you can tell me how Abel handles insubordination or when soldiers talk back at their superior officers? Go ahead, tell me all you can so I can treat you exactly how Abel would treat you. I'm curious."

Remember; She is a zealot. Any method we use that involves our name or us trying to win her over normally will not work. However, perhaps having her realize what would happen if she pulled this stuff off with Abel may have her change her mood.
No. 389018 ID: ef3e63

this sounds like a plan, lets do that
No. 389020 ID: ed57e8

that is an interesting plan.
No. 389021 ID: f70e5e

that's not a bad plan, but lets not slap her. actually striking our followers is a line we should avoid crossing. if she pulls the what are you going to do about it card we lock her in a dingy room, until she apologizes to emily. (note ask Styx about a getting a proper prison in the castle)
No. 389022 ID: fcf88e

Actually, pulling the slap off may be our most potent means of letting her listen to us. Remember what we have tried before; talking doesn't work, imprisonment doesn't help either because I am pretty sure the position swap is non hostile. Removing her equipment just made her invisible and any friendly responses that are non Abel are met with pure venom. We don't need to use force as a end all means to punish people, but sometimes you need a little force to make your message stick. We can't win all our fights diplomatically and we would likely lose loyalty for going soft on someone who deserves a good smack. Besides, if it were Abel, he would likely just chop off her tongue then use fire on the stub so it can't be properly healed.

Afterwards, we can tell her to go to the baths and wash up since she is likely filthy and cold water can reduce the swelling.
No. 389053 ID: c4a1fc

Hm. Y'know what, I'm sick of this shit. Let's build a hundred-foot deep shaft with spikes at the bottom, set her respawn point at halfway down the shaft, drop her in, and then weld a big iron plate over the opening.
No. 389057 ID: c4a1fc

After we forbid her to use Swap, of course. As a slave, she'll have to obey, right? Alice wasn't able to directly disobey us until that Demon Mirror thing tried to hypnotize her, so i doubt she can countermand a direct command- one that isn't just "Stay in your room until you're sorry" or such.
No. 389074 ID: f70e5e

lets never do that, or anything like that ever.
No. 389078 ID: ed57e8

we are STILL in the demon world. we would need to specifically target her with a enslave every time or she dies. so it is not only cruel, but dumb.
No. 389194 ID: 97486c
File 133031669866.png - (167.73KB , 550x550 , 658.png )

Yes of course. You could slap her.

Or you could grab her by the neck and snap it for insulting her. That's a thing you can do.

In fact it's a thing you 'should' do.

No one has a right to insult her. Only you can treat her like that and that's only if you desire to.

Anyone else should be killed.

>Ninja: "Gh... S-stop..."
No. 389195 ID: 07eaf7

No. 389196 ID: a2fa74

No. 389197 ID: ed57e8

stop and think for a second. you are getting emotional, losing control. what would everyone else think if they realized you could snap like this?
throw her to the floor.
No. 389198 ID: bdb3f8

Oh, well hey there boss, long time no see. Was wondering if you would ever show up again.
No. 389200 ID: 431fa8

Throw her to the floor. Hard. Nothing for it at this point but to go all-our for raising that Fear rating.

"The next time you insult Emily, I will begin removing limbs and installing more reliable replacements. If you insist upon continually disrespecting my minions, you will eventually be trapped in a body which follows my every order and deploys your abilities to my benefit regardless of your own will, unable to speak or communicate in any fashion- able only to watch. I would strongly counsel you not to test me.

"Is that understood?"
No. 389201 ID: 1854db

Tell her that we will kill her if she says anything like that again to Emily. And she won't respawn.

I wonder if we should hand her over to either Shanah or Meagan? Shanah, as a wrestling partner, and Meagan as a guinea pig. This will be her punishment. A few days under either of them should straighten her out.
No. 389202 ID: fcf88e

Oh boy, this is going to go down hill fast. First off, yes. It is very easy to kill her right now. Considering how 'loyal' she is, her willingness to undermine everything and general bitchiness was not worth her potential use.

However, killing her this way is not worth it. All it does is cause history to repeat itself. If she values her life however, this may work.

"Alright, you won't listen to orders? Then listen to warnings. 1; I try to rule my subjects out of loyalty and respect out of CHOICE. I can just as easily use fear if I feel like. 2: It is very easy, very VERY easy to snap your neck for all you have done and your general attitude when I tried to be nice. Remember that when you decide to be disrespectful to me or others.

3: If I hear you insult, mock, or generally just make Emily sad when she just tried to be your friend, I'll make your racist face ninja vanish up your ass faster than you can say 'Abel save me.'. Got it?"

After that bit of fear inducing rage, drop her and cool down.
No. 389203 ID: 9a34be


Calm down, cease assault; It's you're/our fault anyway she hates us and everyone associated with us, what with the stripping naked, humiliating, and enslaving her. Which were pretty huge dick moves, by the way. Get that evil side in check.
No. 389204 ID: fcf88e


No, this is not renegade/paragon. This is someone he truly cares about being insulted in his face after being constantly insulted by this ninja.

Paragon would have been to simply kill her when we had the chance to do so cleanly, but nooooo we had to get the ninja zealot waifu. NOTHING can go wrong.

Next time we run into a Abel Zealot, just kill her. It will save us time.
No. 389205 ID: 97486c
File 133031889916.png - (77.36KB , 550x550 , 659.png )

You throw her onto the ground.

"Never insult her again. She and I have been kind to you since you tried to have me arrested or even killed. I could have simply let you die forever in this land. I could have wiped out your memories and turned you into a puppet who listens to my every order but I didn't. If you continue to disrespect me and my minions... Well, let's hope that doesn't happen."

She coughs. You can see her faintly.

>"Abel is... He is a way better leader then you. He would never strike one of his own. Even if they had spoken back to him. You're not a real leader and I'll never listen to you."
No. 389206 ID: ed57e8

"so you think" and walk away.
No. 389208 ID: 1854db

"You're not one of my own."
No. 389210 ID: ed57e8

let's see kass and press her slightly for what they talked about.
No. 389217 ID: 431fa8

"Effectiveness as a leader does not excuse sins committed upon the innocent. Charisma and propaganda do not erase evil. And few indeed are the leaders who lack stained hands- for black deeds, large or small, are on the path to power."

Leave. Find Shana. Tell her that the ninja is proving an annoyance, and that we require her behavior to be corrected while keeping her alive and intact as a useful tool.
No. 389218 ID: 07eaf7

Command her to be taken to the throne room, summon all allies available.

"This woman has slandered me, Emily, and all of you indirectly. I want to make her a productive member of this army of ours. Vote on her punishment."
No. 389219 ID: fcf88e

Shot has the right idea there. Fear mixed with diplomacy may be our best bet with her.

As to talking to Kass, just say that she tried to escape again, insulted Emily when she tried to be nice and almost made you do something you would rather not do at the moment. Knowing what you were talking to her about may be a bit important.
No. 389220 ID: 07eaf7

>The post Juro referred to.
"I do not crucify. I do not torture. I kill only those who stand before me who truly believe in their ideals, for glorious death is an apt reward. You are not one of my own. You are a foul mouthed, rascist, horrible little monster that I should not have taken in. But I will not kill you, for you are NOT my foe anymore. You stand between paths. I can break you in half as easily as you can become invisible."

Kneel down.

"I want you to be my friend. I want you to work for the good of this land. Remember that."

No. 389221 ID: e3f578

"You didn't speak back to me. You belitted my daughter. I am a father first, leader second. Tell me, does Abel have one? Could HE restrain himself when some person insults her in front of his face?"
No. 389222 ID: ed57e8

good point.
No. 389225 ID: ac6c03

This is an excellent point.
No. 389244 ID: 3a42d2

seems this girls brings out the worst in us, literally
No. 389246 ID: f70e5e

ok, that thing were we flew of the handle right there? that was not normal. the eye actually started glowing red. it could have just been doing that because we were angry, and this is just us overacting to an insult to Emily, or this could be the first hints of what caused our previous incarnation to become the monster he did. we should ask the mimic how much gold she would need to produce our blueprints, or at least our operating manual.
No. 389247 ID: fcf88e

Woah there. We are NOT shelling out money to the mimic because we blew our cool. Honestly, the cause is pretty obvious especially if you look at our past. Emily is pretty much our key link to so many things it's not even funny. Simply put, messing with Emily is a sure fire way for anyone to get their ass handed to them via protective Overlord.

Hell, that is probably why Shana was nice to Emily. Even Shana knows how much she means to us and doesn't try stuff on her.

So yeah, we are not wasting money and time on something that can summon forth a blue print of our weakness when the ninja is still a dick because of something the ninja deserved(albeit in a smaller proportion).
No. 389248 ID: e1fb71

...so she considers herself one of ours now? because I don't.
No. 389251 ID: 886a4d

She's not one of us yet as far as I know. But she will likely do what we say out of fear. Somehow we must convince her that we are more worthy to serve as Abel. Thats the only way I think that will convince to her to be genuinely loyal. Until then I recommend letting her mope around the base and have our more loyal units try to befriend her. Those she can't convince to do something treacherous.

If we find out more atrocities that Abel has commited show her them. Shove her face in them and eventually that hero worship will erode away.
No. 389252 ID: 60fee2

Adding to what others have say.

"You think I consider you one of my own? That is something you EARN. Until then you will only be entitled to the same amount of civility that you show to me and mine. Let me give you a little hint as to how far I would go for those that I consider mine. That insult you just gave to my daughter, filled me with the most rage I have experienced since I awoke. I came within a hair's breath of snapping your neck just now. Which would have ended your existence, seeing as we are not in the human realm."
No. 389257 ID: 7dc8f5


Too Anvilicious. We've already made our point, we don't need to beat her over the head with it.

I do like the emphasis on her not being one of ours, on having to earn that distinction, and on how far we'll go for our own, though. Just... not quite so blatant.
No. 389259 ID: c4a1fc

Pretty much this. Laugh mockingly, ask her if she really considers herself to be one of ours, then spit on her and walk away.
No. 389260 ID: e1fb71


come on, man. no need to be a jerkass about it.
No. 389261 ID: c4a1fc

Eh, fair enough. Skip the spit, but everything else applies.
No. 389262 ID: 6a5a08

"You have made it clear that you are not mine; you are Abel's. I am loyal to those who are loyal to me. If you knew who and what Emily was, and what I was, you would realize how much restraint it took for me not to simply end you here."

Go to see Fabio.
No. 389267 ID: 40cb26

"I never had before now. But Emily... she is family to me. She doesn't deserve to be treated like that. Not because of me, not for any reason.
No. 389268 ID: e3f578

Ask Styx and Fabio if there's a way to sell people you've enslaved through your enslaved spell. To make it easier to communicate in case either party needs the others expertise in science/tinker/magic or trading, bring Styx with you to Fabios.

Ask them for a way or spell to mindwipe the original enslavement ownership period too, unlike a corruption potion which would wipe out EVERYTHING. So as to not have the Ninja capable to revealing your status or base design.
No. 389283 ID: 4dbb46

sounds like a plan.
No. 389284 ID: 6a5a08

>nearly choke someone to death and throw them to the ground
>"I want to be your friend"
She's just going to, very rightly, think we're an unstable psychopath. Showing legitimate remorse is a better course of action.
Changing vote to this.
No. 389295 ID: cf49fc

Good plan. Let's roll with this.
No. 389300 ID: 1854db

Well, we ARE an unstable psychopath, barely restrained by the cacophonous voices of chaos that decided on a whim that we weren't going to be evil... but I agree. We shouldn't say that we want her to be our friend. We just want her to BEHAVE.
No. 389301 ID: fa9f7e

We ARE evil, iirc. Just not obvious Stupid Evil. Well... to be more accurate, you could say we plan to be Evil as soon as it stops being a stupid thing to do.
No. 389309 ID: 6a5a08
File 133038521254.jpg - (47.31KB , 400x300 , darthvader.jpg )

This isn't Stupid Evil: >>389220
But I'm pretty sure it is some variety of Stupid.
No. 389338 ID: 3947e9

Smart and manipulative trumps righteous and stupid.
So downvoting the speeches thus far.

Keep it short and to the point; while not appearing weak, psychotic, flip flopping, or otherwise incompetent to both her AND your watching troops.

"You are a captive enemy not one of my troops; not yet and if you don't shed your bigotry maybe not ever.
You know how Abel treats captured demons... Lucky for you I am much more merciful in my punishment of evildoers; I was even merciful enough to save your life"

Since we appear to be collecting unruly enemies we should perhaps build a prison wing that is not a dump (remember, PR) but restricts access to important areas.

I was against the beat-down in the first place but since we already did this is the best way out. Not just for her but everyone else that is looking.

If she doesn't come around, and I think we did blow it, we might convince lilith to seduce her. Lilith complained it was hard but she has no troops and missing out opportunities because its hard is a shame.
No. 389362 ID: 6e44d2

The man's right.
No. 389379 ID: f70e5e

No. 389397 ID: 965533

This one sounds the best.
No. 389408 ID: e1fb71


yeah, okay.
No. 389425 ID: 7d7f79

First non-idiotic response to the ninja girl who wants to kill us and tell all our secrets to our mortal enemy. Unless someone really thinks they can do better, sold!
No. 389426 ID: d09277

I agree with all this.
>I was against the beat-down in the first place but since we already did this is the best way out.
Looking back at the suggestions, I don't think ANYONE was for the beat-down in the first place. The most violent suggestion was to slap her.

He actually doesn't seem to be following the suggestions as strictly now, either. Looking back, he seems to be messing up or failing at social obstacles that we, the suggesters, are otherwise giving good advice on. I'm betting that there is another voice in there besides us that he's listening to. Maybe it's the old Overlord. Maybe it's some vestige of his true personality, if he can be said to have one. Whatever that voice is, it doesn't seem to be as apt as us at peaceful solutions, and I think it's getting louder.
No. 389429 ID: 6e44d2

Get ahold of yourself, Overlord. We may be evil, but we gotta put on a pretty face, so that we can be most effective at seizing power. Are we going to have to start finding ways of letting you do evil things while no one else is looking?
No. 389469 ID: bf8b74

You there OP. Are you the same one who did How to be a Mimic?
The peoples of /tg/ request a return of this post-haste!
No. 389471 ID: 6a5a08

Alalia is, in fact, a unit of ours'.
No. 389472 ID: c4a1fc

The peoples of /quest/ tell you that OP is busy, go fuck yourself, and besides, said mimic is in this.


If it's some other voice he's listening to: Cut the crap, Calmasis. That voice got you killed last time. Under no circumstances should you listen to it. Yes, slavishly obeying us isn't a good idea. But our advice, when it's actually advice, is nearly always valid. Don't ignore it.

If it's your original personality or a result of us-the eye- being out into a different body and the body getting a personality or whatever: Looks like idiocy is built in. Too bad, so sad. Time to cut our losses and had over to Fluffy and abandon this lifeless shell. It'll be interesting to see how a golem reacts when its motive force abandons it.

I know Overlord's name probably won't be Calmasis because people seem to be favoring rough-sounding names like Razgriz. And Solomon doesn't seem too good, given the disposition of the other guy with a biblical name. And I doubt we should actually abandon Overlord, but let's see if an overt threat does anything. Gentle advice and commands don't seem to work, and there's not really much else we can physically do.
No. 389476 ID: d872ed

Yeah that'd be me. I don't run /tg/ quests as often anymore but she is a character of this quest as well so be sure to give this one a read. You won't be disappointed
No. 389482 ID: 146bca




Say these things in this sequence.
No. 389483 ID: e3f578

This, but still ask my question if Abel has a daughter or family member of his own. Don't phrase it like your prodding for ways to piss off or threaten Abel, try and use it as a point like I did. Then she'll likely reveal that information in refute.

We need to learn more about Abel.
No. 389485 ID: c4a1fc

That, except take out the last bit of the second post. The whole "rawr I r pissed off" is a bit too Anvilicious, and Overlord doesn't really like emotions. State that you consider her to be a daughter, that she's innocent and vulnerable, has done nothing to ninja, and leave her the fuck alone or die.
No. 389577 ID: d09277

disagree. we're giving her too much info to use against us. I say we just stick with the last one.
No. 389664 ID: 97486c
File 133057816095.png - (121.19KB , 550x550 , 660.png )

"You are NOT a member of my troops nor shall you ever be."

You move to the girl, ready to crush her when someone grabs you.
As you turn to strike them down you see Emily has your arm.

>"My Lord.. It's okay."

You look at her and at once your head clears. You realize the foolishness of your actions and manage to collect yourself.

"Nor shall you ever be.. Not with that attitude. As it stands now you shall simply be my captive. However, unlike Abel, I am far more merciful to those I capture."

You order Shana to take the girl and lock her away somewhere that isn't terrible and order her to not harm her in any way as she is vital to getting information. She looks a bit uncertain until you mention that it would mean a lot to you. That puts her in a better mood and she happily complies. Just in case you have Lilith and Butler follow as well. You ask Lilith to see if she can persuade the girl to be more compliant.
She says she'll do what she can.

Emily is still holding your arm.

"Emily, I'm fine."

She looks up at you.

>"Are you sure..? You were acting bad.."

You were rather ruthless. That is a bit uncharacteristic and very troubling.
No. 389665 ID: 07eaf7

"She mistreated my people. That is not okay. Insulting me? That's fine. But you do not deserve her scorn."
No. 389666 ID: 40cb26

"Is that... how I used to be?"

I'm worried about what she had told Kassandra, let's see to her. We can also talk about our concerns over our own behavior.
No. 389668 ID: a2fa74

"You're right. Something is wrong...
I will talk to Styx about this. Please, do not tell anybody I lost control. It would scare them."
No. 389669 ID: b6edd6

We should admit that we are feeling strange. Perhaps it was due to that hero's sword that used to be part of us?
No. 389672 ID: 1854db

Styx would be the one to ask about this.

I still think we should get Alice a new bow through alchemy though.
No. 389678 ID: ed57e8

No. 389679 ID: fcf88e

No, I believe it has nothing to do with the sword at all(considering the sword was what was trying to STOP Fluffy from doing stuff even though she didn't listen.) but rather anyone greatly harming or causing trouble to Emily.

Anyways, we are not going to Styx about this. Emily may be a better person to talk to right now. "I am sorry Emily.. she had done nothing but try and harm us and turned down our offers. For her to insult you like that.. it made me very mad. Thank you helping me calm down."

We need to vent a bit. A little bit of fighting and some fun can likely help us. Maybe the cave of memories or land of Trials before we do diplomatic stuff with the slimes?
No. 389681 ID: f70e5e

our eye is glowing red, and we are acting uncharacteristically violent. we know our previous incarnation started out with noble intent but went off the deep end and became a tyrant, this suggests that what we are dealing with right now is some sort of design flaw in how our mind works. probably the same flaw that caused our previous incarnation to go crazy. we need to find styx right now and see if she can figure out whats going on.
No. 389686 ID: fcf88e

Except the 'design flaw' is pretty much right there. Hell, said 'flaw' just helped us calm down. That 'flaw' you guys seem to be keen in fixing? Emily herself.

Look back at previous threads and watch a very simple trend. Emily's body, Emilia was our creator/mother. That in itself is a strong bond. Consider when Overlord gets badly hurt, Emily goes berserk(one of her abilities in the Wiki). The first thing we woke up to was Emily and our first use of the overlord beam was when Emily was crushed. See a trend?

Styx said she wasn't close to us when we started to go truly bad, but Emily was there since day one. Why? Because that was the day she was created. Badass Overlord tried to bring Emilia back, didn't work, and only created the Flesh Golem Emily whom has no memories of her past life. Due to that, he went berserk and became the Tyrant we know and love. When we saw that snippet of his past, Emily was the only one he was truly nice to as well. Even doing silly things to make her happy.

But if you want recent; we were close to the sword, but we never acted berserk even though we saw those other things there that pissed us off. We were even calm when the ninja tried to catch/kill us. He only REALLY got berserk when the stupid ninja insulted Emily in our face and made her sad.

Those two are entwined something fierce. Emily is important to keep Overlord calm and Overlord is important to keep Emily calm. We want to make sure Overlord doesn't relapse? Make Emily stronger. How do we do that? By training. Go to the Cave of Memories.
No. 389687 ID: f70e5e

its also possible that the trigger is getting angry enough, and we just have a stronger reaction to seeing Emily hurt than we do other people getting hurt. this is almost certainly tied to our nature as a chaos golem, and if we don't figure out exactly what causes it we could relapse into a monster. whatever long term solution we come up with we need as much info about this as possible, and that means getting to styx before it wears off so she can get a look under the hood while we are still in our altered state.
No. 389711 ID: e1fb71

yeah Overlord, what the fuck was up with that? ask your old servants if that's something you used to do.
No. 389747 ID: 146bca


I agree with this theory. We should ask Styx about making Emily stronger.

And we should go to the Cave of Memories.
No. 389817 ID: 6e44d2

Bam. This.
No. 389895 ID: 2b4c03
File 133073624471.jpg - (30.83KB , 800x441 , kingarthur.jpg )

You make me sad. So be it.
No. 389908 ID: c4a1fc

Don't worry, there's plenty of his quests:

The mimic shows up... er... I forget, actually.
No. 390215 ID: d500c7
File 133085315646.png - (27.59KB , 550x550 , 661.png )

Emily... She is most likely the thing that triggered that... Feeling.
She's a liability then. It might be easier to just lock her away and...

No no no. That's not right. It would be needlessly cruel. Making her stronger would work. You will not however share this secret with anyone else. You have identified the problem so there is no need for a second opinion.


"Is that how I used to act..?"

She nods.

"... Thank you Emily. Go.. Go check on Rose or something. I need to talk with Alice."

>"Okay my Lord."

She leaves. You go to Alice who simply eyes you suspiciously.


"Alice. I remember before your talk about bows and.. Well, I was wondering if you would like to make yours stronger."

>"Stronger? How?"

She seems interested.

"Follow me."

For once she listens and joins you as you go to Styx's chamber. The Alchemy station is already set up.

"By combining your Bow with another item I can increase it's power without getting rid of the bow."

>"Really? Let me see."

Now, what will you combine it with?
No. 390217 ID: e3f546

No. 390219 ID: 431fa8

It would probably offend Alice to make the choice for her. Explain a little more about how the Alchemy system works to her.

"A wide variety of items can be used, and they will impart some of their properties or essence to the bow. For example, in creating the Slime Wand, I used a Vintage Healing Staff+, Royal Jelly, and a Mana Gem. The process is not always predictable and is not reversible, but the results are rarely entirely unacceptable.

"Do you have any questions, or thoughts on what items you might wish to combine? If you have something specific in mind, of course, you can hold off for now and I will attempt to acquire it on your behalf."
No. 390220 ID: 40cb26

...Blood Gem
No. 390225 ID: 49d4d7

This guy has the right idea. Alice would rather choose her reagent rather than let us do it for her.
No. 390227 ID: 0a166b

No. 390229 ID: ed57e8

No. 390231 ID: c4a1fc

Yep, this.
No. 390234 ID: cf49fc

Good suggestion. If she asks our opinion, SLIME.
No. 390236 ID: 6a5a08


I am curious what will happen if we use the Blood Gem though.
No. 390237 ID: e1fb71

or maybe a charm scroll.
No. 390246 ID: f70e5e

No. 390247 ID: ed57e8

not slime, slime bow sounds way too bendy to have a good draw.
No. 390271 ID: 2391c9

No. 390278 ID: cf49fc

No. 390280 ID: 431fa8

Bow + Silva's Wine + Charm Scroll = something awesome, probably, but while we can recommend that if Alice wants our advice on what to use, we shouldn't be pressing anything on her. The key with Alice in the past has been a light, respectful touch.
No. 390281 ID: ed57e8

would need to have a strong material with the wine, otherwise it would be weak but have an effect.
No. 390285 ID: 431fa8

That's true. It might be better to hunt up a material that would make the bow purely stronger in terms of damage first, then combine that upgraded bow with things to provide the desired effects so that more damage is retained. Getting a really good item will likely require quite a few alchemizations.

Still, Alice cares a lot about her bow; she'd probably want to put in the extra effort.
No. 390299 ID: c8a6d1

Yeah, because stripping her was light and respectful. But seriously, now that she's not being a huge bitch, we really shouldn't be too domineering. Don't roll over, though.

And after a certain point everyone started assuming we would decide it. Why? Like most people agreed on, let her pick.
No. 390302 ID: fcf88e

To be honest, I agree that Alice should be the one to choose the upgrade. Not only does it show we trust her, but perhaps her gut instincts and closeness to the bow may produce something much better if we go high tier.

After all, there are always cases where high class weapons can be made out of simple things.
No. 390308 ID: 07eaf7

"Combine it with anything you want. ...So long as you ask first."
No. 390312 ID: d500c7
File 133090442817.png - (35.27KB , 550x550 , 662.png )

"Before we start I should say that the items used will impart some of their properties or essence to the bow. For example, in creating the Slime Wand, I used a Vintage Healing Staff+, Royal Jelly, and a Mana Gem. The process is not always predictable and is not reversible, but the results are rarely entirely unacceptable."


She rummages through your inventory and pulls out the Blood Gem and Charm Scroll.

>"How about these?"
No. 390313 ID: ed57e8

"interesting, but remember the effects of the objects, the gem is a powerful healing item. so who knows how it will effect a weapon"
No. 390314 ID: 431fa8

"I would definitely expect something interesting and powerful to come out of that- although I should warn you that the Blood Gem is a healing item and the Charm Scroll is based on secondary effects, so it would likely shift your bow significantly away from being purely offensive in purpose. If that isn't a problem in your view, you're welcome to those items with my blessing.

"Our selection of items here is fairly limited. My guess is that the Tribal Village in The Wild would have a more plentiful stock of components on hand, since their hunters are very capable; if you wish, I would be pleased to accompany you there to seek more options."
No. 390316 ID: 49d4d7

"I have a feeling that you might bet a weapon which is less effective in comabt if you use those items, due to the fact that the charm scroll is for mind magic and the blood gem is mainly for healing."

Bow + Charm Scroll + Blood Gem = I think It'll make Cupid's Bow
No. 390318 ID: fcf88e

I suggest we let her take a shot at this. Having a weapon that can charm as opposed to a one off item may be very helpful in the long run. Besides, we asked her to choose, she chosen just say if she wants better materials, we can go hunting for some before she makes her choice.
No. 390319 ID: e1fb71

the slime wand doesn't heal, does it? so there's no reason to believe her choice will either. let her do it. it's not like she can blame us if it blows in her face, and the items she chose aren't exactly rare.
No. 390320 ID: d500c7
File 133090649134.png - (54.90KB , 550x550 , 663.png )

"I have a feeling that you might alchemize a weapon which is less effective in combat if you use those items, due to the fact that the charm scroll is for mind magic and the blood gem is mainly for healing..."

>"I don't have to deal the most damage to win a fight. Let's see what happens."

She combines the items and creates..

Despair a Rank 4 Bow
+5 Range +10 dmg
Roll of 18-20 Fatigue Status
Negates Charm on wielder.


"That is rather impressive."

You look at Alice and see her smiling like a child who'd reserved an unexpected gift.
No. 390321 ID: d500c7
File 133090657840.png - (33.99KB , 550x550 , 664.png )

>"Let's see what happens when I mix it with these!"

She puts Despair, Screecher Wings, and a Slime Wand into the Alchemy Table.
No. 390322 ID: 886a4d

After this maybe we should send out some of our people to hunt for ingrediants in addition to gold. This is turning out to be quite useful.
No. 390323 ID: ed57e8

"hang on a second" call in whoever would know what the wings do.
No. 390325 ID: 07eaf7

"Do keep in mind that items can be degraded with this process. You might want to learn when to cut your losses, that's a very good bow."
No. 390326 ID: e3f578

"My bet is that this bow would shoot demi-slimes with wings that molest women. Go ahead, I've been wrong before. And if I'm right, well, a fight with your bow would be interesting..."
No. 390328 ID: 431fa8

"Please hold on a moment. That wand is quite useful on its own- I would prefer that you not alchemize it away. Also, there is no guarantee that the resulting item would be a bow, rather than a staff, if you were to combine two different pieces of equipment. It is generally wiser to stick to one piece of equipment with one or more other items.

"The wings are yours to use- although as we have several, you might consider combining multiple Screecher Wings into a single, more powerful ingredient before combining that with the bow. That generally produces stronger results."
No. 390329 ID: d500c7
File 133090751476.png - (33.33KB , 550x550 , 665.png )

"I don't think you should add the wand."

>"Why not?"

"Well it may change your bow to a staff. It might be better to stick with one bit of equipment and a few enhancements to go with it. Also the wings you pulled out.. Well we have a few of those so you could combine them together to create an even more powerful form of them."

>"Okay so..."

She puts 3 Screecher Wings.

>"Like this?"
No. 390330 ID: ed57e8

"yes, exactly."
No. 390331 ID: 07eaf7

"Exactly. You learn fast."
No. 390332 ID: d500c7
File 133090799684.png - (42.87KB , 550x550 , 666.png )

"Exactly. You learn fast."

She smiles again and combines the items creating

Demon Wings: Enables Flight.

"Another impressive item."

>"Wow.. That's also really cool."
No. 390333 ID: ed57e8

"how about you try them on" say yes then equip them to her.
No. 390334 ID: 07eaf7

"If you wear these and fly up during battle, melee classes will never touch you." Smile. "That's perfect for you. Try them on."
No. 390335 ID: 431fa8

>Demon Wings

"It is, isn't it? Alchemy is fascinating and can produce some very impressive results. And these seem perfect for you. Would you like to try them?"
No. 390344 ID: e3f578

I get that experimentation is fun, but we need a professional alchemist/enchanter on our team. We're going to end up addicted to this like gambling, throw away a bunch of alchemical ingredients and come up with terrible stuff. We were lucky these first few times.
No. 390346 ID: d500c7
File 133090929127.png - (94.49KB , 550x550 , 667.png )

"It is, isn't it? Alchemy is fascinating and can produce some very impressive results. And these seem perfect for you. Would you like to try them?"


You equip the Demon Wings onto Alice. With them she flies a foot off the ground.

>"Wow.. I can fly now!"

She smiles again.

That's three times in one day. A new record.

It seems she's happy with the bow and wings. Now where to?
The Cave of Memories, Land of Trial, or maybe The Wild?
No. 390347 ID: e1fb71

for the love of god, cave of memories.
No. 390348 ID: 6a5a08

Let's gather more ingredients in The Wild and alchemize some more stuff.
Also we should equip the Slime Wand instead of our Fire Staff arm, so we can summon cannon fodder backup when Overlord is in solo battles.
No. 390349 ID: ed57e8

i'm glad we don't have a heart right now, otherwise it would be having an attack.

hmmm... i say cave of memory
No. 390351 ID: fcf88e

Cave of memories. Let's see how they are compared to the land of Trials.
No. 390353 ID: fa9f7e

Cave of Memories. But let's not take Silvia. I don't think we want her learning of the *exact* circumstances of our little spat.
No. 390360 ID: d500c7
File 133091096208.png - (44.24KB , 550x550 , 668.png )

You decide to teleport to the Cave of Memories.

Once you get there you can immediately tell this is unlike the
Land of Trials. There is no fanfare, no one to greet you. There are only 4 cave mouths, each with a symbol etched above them. You see your own symbol on the second entrance.

As you step forward you hear a voice in your head.

>"Death is a threat here. Pick a cave and a rank. The ranks are between 1-10. Ranks 1-5 will reward you with 100-500 gold. 6-9 give you items along with gold equal to the rank x 100. 10 will allow you to recruit the ones you fight against. Some rooms may not even have a fight. It may have a Trial where death is no longer a concern. If you wish to do those all you need to do is ask."

You get a strong sense that maybe you are not strong enough to fight here.
No. 390361 ID: 6a5a08

Examine watch and think about entering Overlord Cave.
No. 390362 ID: ac6c03

Then perhaps this is an adventure for another time. Head back to base and work on upgrading yourself and Emily with Styx's assistance.
No. 390363 ID: fcf88e

O_O Well, erm... this is seems like a good idea to go back to the Land of Trials. Possibly now.
No. 390364 ID: e1fb71

don't be a pussy. enter the overlord cave. start with rank 1. then do 2. then 3. and so on.
No. 390366 ID: e3f578

Do not look at the watch. Do not tempt the watch. Abandon the watch. If you look at the watch and it starts ticking, the tragic event is inevitable and you're stuck with the damn thing once again. Mail it to Abel.

If you mail it to Abel, without ever looking at it, and actually manage to mail it successfully, that means it was destined to go into Abel's lands, where it might find its way to Abel or someone in that land.
No. 390368 ID: fa9f7e

How about we don't die again by doing something idiotic.

How do we mail it without touching or looking at it?
No. 390370 ID: fa9f7e

Hm. Now that I think of it, we might just want to ask some questions.

"I am the Overlord. One eye of me and none of my memories survived and gained a new body. That cave's symbol is my symbol as well. Did I that cave take its emblem from me, or did I take mine from it? Either way, what significance does it bear?

Who or what are you, and why does that cave bear my symbol or why do I bear that cave's symbol?"
No. 390399 ID: 40cb26

Yeah let's step back from here... even the no death dungeon seems like a waste of effort now.
No. 390404 ID: 97486c
File 133092468827.png - (201.49KB , 550x550 , 669.png )

"What does this cave's symbol mean? Did I get mine from it or did it get the symbol from me?"

The voice does not reply.
You decide to leave. You'll return when you are at least level 10.

You decide to visit The Wild to get more alchemy supplies. When you arrive the leader runs up to you and slides her arm behind your back.

>"You have been gone far too long~ What brings you back [winner]?"

Shana seems a bit upset at this display of affection.
No. 390405 ID: ed57e8

i say grab and pop off crotch plate "well look at that, i appear to lack some vital equipment"
No. 390406 ID: 07eaf7

"Shana, calm the hell down. That's an order."
No. 390407 ID: ed57e8

oh oh oh. point to shana and say "technically she beat you"
No. 390408 ID: 40cb26

Yes, do this.
No. 390409 ID: ac6c03

This. And don't forget to commend Shana on her efforts in doing so.
No. 390410 ID: fcf88e

"Ah yes, the whole 'winner becomes mate' deal if I recall. Though, didn't Shana was the one who defeated you in combat? Shouldn't you be wooing her?"

"Either way, we are here for a few reasons. Some training for our troops, checking up on your tribe and learning more about that visitor you talked about. The one who gave you the blood Orb. Was there some sort of deal attached to the orb? Because we might be dealing with them relatively soon and the more we know, the better."
No. 390411 ID: 7c31d2

No. 390412 ID: fa9f7e

Let's phrase that a little differently. Something like:

"Shana, I do value you deeply, and I appreciate the loyalty you've shown and still show to me over all these years. But you really do need to accept that I do not belong to you and that sometimes, circumstances demand that I occasionally interact with other females. I would appreciate it if you did not get angry every time another woman dares to so much as touch or smile at me. I truly do appreciate that you're extraordinarily devoted to me, but you can't do everything for me. Thank you for your concern, but please control yourself."

Some parts might be a bit weak, you're free to rephrase it if you can think of an improvement.

Ha ha no.

I think that just makes her the ruler, not her mate. The former leader presumable beat everyone else without being their mate. The mate thing only seems to apply to males. And besides, she's our minion. We command her.
No. 390413 ID: 40cb26

Ok how about this: Convince her that since Shana beat her and that Shana serves us, she needs to get through her first in that regard as well.
No. 390419 ID: e1fb71

say you came back for alchemy supplies. that should ruin the mood.
No. 390420 ID: ed57e8

ah yes. point to shana first and say my line, then explain that.
No. 390426 ID: 40cb26

Or hell, let's just delegate that entire responsibility onto her.
No. 390432 ID: 97486c
File 133092772682.png - (101.97KB , 550x550 , 670.png )

"Shana, stop it. I don't belong to just you. This girl is one of my minions. Now calm down. As for you, do you have any alchemy ingredients?"

The Leader gives you a look.

>"Yeah... Here. I'd meant to give this to you anyway.."

You get:
1 Screecher Wing
3 Bundles of Spider Silk
2 Thorny Tentacles
1 Fruit of Wisdom
1 Unknown Fruit of Unknown Powers Which, When Consumed, Can Have Many Effects Which Can Either Be Good or Bad Depending On Several Circumstances None of Which Are Fully Understood
No. 390434 ID: ed57e8

ask what drops the thorny tentacle.

also that random fruit sounds awesome/scary
No. 390435 ID: fcf88e


Anyways, we are here for a bit of training, hunting, and any bit of data about that guy who gave you the orb. Especially what the deal for the Orb was.
No. 390438 ID: 2391c9

...I kind of feel sorry for her. Nobody to beat her and then they guy that finally does doesn't give a crap.
Alas, strength is a blessing and a curse.

Anyway, this>>390435.
No. 390439 ID: 40cb26


"Besides which, Shana is the one who beat you, take up such matters with her."
No. 390441 ID: e1fb71

overlord: equip thorny tentacles. both of them.
No. 390442 ID: e3f578

Please explain to the woman that you no lips or mating implamate to mate with. You're sorry to disappoint her desires for sex so much, but the best you could do is fingers, and that's just so disappointing and crude. Surely you know what her intents are, you're no dumb anime fool that can't tell what a woman's body gestures and tone of voice implicate.
State this matter o' factly, with no tact whatsoever and as a professional. We should get this out of the way as soon as possible. Know that you are now both the leader of this tribe and the husband of both Lenion and this chick and you are seen to have responsibilities as such, even if she is your minion. You are a terrible husband and your sex life is just as terrible~ then again, maybe you should consider it an option in the future. It isn't an effeminate gesture like hugging or kissing at all, and is quite manly, stoic and professional if you do it right, however a chaos golem can manage.

I just want to say I'm being serious here. Sexing some of your units could have positive benefits and isn't all that shameful. Diplomats are supposed to have it as a good skill in their repertoire, as it comes to good use in manipulating people. Just consider it. You're a stoic man, we should be upfront and serious about it. No desire make laughs intended here. It's a good tool. Defiantly would help keep Shana in line if you could find a way.

We don't have to make it a source of humor. We don't have to make it embarrassing. We can make it right, make it professional. Be a pimp, son. Get big pimpin'
No. 390443 ID: 97486c
File 133093028686.png - (110.43KB , 550x550 , 671.png )

"Thank you. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about the man who'd given you the orb. Abel?"

>"Yes, that is him. He is from the Land of Abel if that was not obvious. He does not like demons. To those who are not demonic he extends his mercy and other gifts. The Orb was such a gift."

"Is there anything you know about the man himself?"

>"Very little. Few people have actually seen him. The ones that have describe him as a man in golden armor that is as bright as the sun. He has on two golden gauntlets that bring death to any demon that they touch... That is all I know about him."

Take up what matters?
No. 390444 ID: e1fb71


sexy matters.
No. 390449 ID: e3f578

After what I just blatantly pointed out to you, you ask that stupid question? Damn woman obviously wants to get laid. Tell her that Shana's her mate, you just gave her orders or advice on how to take her opponent down. She did all the work.
So tell the woman to go flirt with Shana, you are above to even consider such things apparently, despite that diplomats that solve problems through sex are the most manly diplomats.
Don't put it off Overlord, this leader and Lenion are going to expect some form of "entertainment" soon or they'll not respect you and try and disobey. This isn't a damn silly romance novel situation here, we're talking seriously powerful women who's culture revolves around this process of defeat and submission. This is politics! Shana or you are going to have to take one for the team.
No. 390451 ID: fcf88e

Welp, that's not good. Insta death gauntlets can never go well. Still, at least we know a small bit about him. Thank her for that much and inform her that we may be popping up sooner or later depending if other plans go through.

For now, a bit of training in the Wild. Maybe two battles before we go to the Slime village and talk about our other plans.
No. 390452 ID: e3f578

PS, put the watch in a box and ask her how to get its way to send it to Abel through contacts or however Abel gets shit. If she has a way, then she can take it but warn her not to open or look at the box. Its Goldeon's Watch. Seriously, just label it Goldeons watch, everyone should stay clear of opening it. Then also put a label that anyone handling the box shouldn't worry because it's involved with destiny, if the people handling the box never interact with the watch, it was never destined to fall into their hands, never tick, and should be safe to travel.

Abel should accept it regardless of label. He'll keep it somewhere or actually be brave enough to handle the watch itself. Whatever, it'll actually be out of our hands and destiny will dictates its course. Don't let that destiny be in your fucking Castle. It's already out, in your possession and not ticking anymore, outside of the Castle. If you get rid of it now, it's destined to be the fuck out of our Castle and group. If you, for some reason, decide to keep it, then destiny just dictating you're keeping the watch for however long until we have where it might just keep ticking again. Just get rid of it, you can now, for the love of god get rid of the damn thing Fabio won't let you near his shop with it.
No. 390453 ID: 7633e0

This man bears a resemblence to the Overlord's current form, coincidence?

Ask how many warriors she has at her disposal and if she has noticed anyone supscious snooping around.

Simple solution, convert the Overlord to a flesh Golem. He'll have plenty of "feelings" (and urges) then right?

She did say insta demonic death, so we may be able to face him with our mortal and construct minions.
No. 390456 ID: 40cb26

She sees you as a mate, even though Shana defeated her. Thus Shana needs to be provided as a surrogate for that responsibility and the one whom she needs permission from to ask you. Establish her as the "alpha female", if you will. She is unlikely to submit to that and less likely to give permission, but this situation will keep the two of them from advancing on you and most importantly subvert Shanas jealousy.
No. 390476 ID: e1fb71


ouch, called stupid by the voices in his own brain. that ought to hurt.
No. 390479 ID: fa9f7e

Overlord may not be aware of the birds and bees, despite his reaction to Lenion and her giant monster mate. Or he could be really oblivious.
No. 390505 ID: 1e3433

Why would being called stupid by a stupid voice hurt?
This isn't How to be a Matchmaker
Or he could be a golem who refuses to so much as hug another being and doesn't give a fuck about how they feel about it.
No. 390515 ID: 6a5a08

I'm still not convinced the watch itself is what causes the disaster, but the watch is what warns of it. Besides, if it's meant to make its way back to us, or go to Abel, it will do so of its own accord. We can't really change that.

Hell, it may have already vanished from out possession.
No. 390548 ID: fa9f7e

New to /quest/, are you? And I was referring to the idea that he would tell Leader that she has to "get through" Shana to get at Overlord. Being oblivious/uncaring, he wouldn't say that kind of thing.
No. 390582 ID: 252e1b

Many of these problems would be solved if the Overlord just got an "Archie Attachment."
No. 390597 ID: 97486c
File 133101283015.png - (169.34KB , 425x595 , 672.png )

All this argument is stupid and pointless.

"Shana, please see to it that the leader gets whatever she wanted. I'm going to go train."

The Leader examines Shana.

>"You bested me in combat under his command. I suppose you will do."

She drags Shana off.

>"Only because you asked my Lord! My heart will always belong to y-"

You go to the battle select screen. The monsters here are rather tough.
No. 390598 ID: fa9f7e

Let's check out that 1. I smell a new recruit.
No. 390599 ID: ed57e8

is probably another plague spreader. suppose we can capture it and let doc try his new cure out on it.
No. 390603 ID: 49d4d7

Go for that 1. Hopefully, its a plaguespreader. Then we can try out the full cure. If that don't work, plague spitter. At the very least he/she'll have control over his/her body and mind
No. 390604 ID: f65039

You guys are wusses. Yes it might be a plaguespreader, but I'd rather go for one of the other ones. Like a 15/5 one. We could even risk it against the boss.
No. 390605 ID: 7c31d2

We can take the others out after we get the proof that curing nix wasn't a fluke
No. 390606 ID: ed57e8

we aren't going for it for the ease, but for the testing of the cure and stuff.
No. 390609 ID: 1854db

Go to the 1.
No. 390611 ID: e3aff6

If the 1 isn't something interesting, it won't delay us long, so we will have time to go after something larger.
No. 390612 ID: 97486c
File 133101782973.png - (64.56KB , 489x279 , 673.png )

You decide to go to the 1.

-Battle Start
Placement Phase
No. 390613 ID: 49d4d7

Aw, aint that a cutie. Lenion, go tame it so it can be cute with you.
No. 390614 ID: ed57e8

lol, well that explains where the thing emily was squished with came from. but how does it live in this place?
No. 390615 ID: e3f578

Don't underestimate it guys
This is a hard area, a level 1 battle has quirks! Like with Nix! Its death may attract its level 25 mother or something.
No. 390616 ID: 1854db

Oh man. This guy was what Lenion used to squish Emily, so it's probably deceptively powerful. BUT she killed one before, so let's send her in.
No. 390617 ID: 1854db

Wait, can we ask Lenion about it before we send her in? We should do that.
No. 390618 ID: 04b86a

Something like that being able to live here is suspicious, but Lenion's beat one of these things before, so she should be able to do it now, too.
No. 390619 ID: f70e5e

alright! we saw the attack Leona can do by sacrificing one of those things, and if i remember correctly it was fairly strong. lets send her out and have her tame it.
No. 390638 ID: 40cb26

Lenion is the only logical choice. Give her a ring and send her in.
No. 390659 ID: e1fb71

...doesn't she actually wear one of those?

whatever, let's have her tame it.
No. 390666 ID: 6a5a08

Lenion w/ring.
No. 390667 ID: 6a5a08

Also Scan
No. 390668 ID: fa9f7e

This. We really should have learned this by now.
No. 390682 ID: bdb3f8

Come on guys, Lenion already has a hat. Unless you want her to make more clothes to put on or something.
No. 390710 ID: f65039

Lenion just makes a hat out of whatever beast she last sacrificed in battle. At least that's more or less what we've seen so far. I suppose it has never been spelled out specifically.
No. 391108 ID: 97486c
File 133118739044.png - (76.89KB , 489x279 , 674.png )

You can not scan when not in the battle yourself.
You send in Lenion.

Your move.
No. 391109 ID: 431fa8

Can we just set her on autopilot? She has more experience with these... things... than we do.
No. 391110 ID: ed57e8

whip it good.
>> <