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File 131888523297.png - (154.86KB , 600x500 , 264.png )
358931 No. 358931 ID: aa4c27

There's a small group of women outside your castle..
They're talking amongst themselves and examining the still mostly destroyed court. Around them you can see the remains of your floatation ring.

Everyone once in a while they pound on the door. It's been ten minutes now, they're not going away.
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No. 358932 ID: aa4c27
File 131888528913.png - (47.94KB , 600x500 , 265.png )

You stand high above them looking down.

This worries you, someone else besides the angels actually knows you are here.
No. 358933 ID: 35e1a0

can you tell what classes they are?
No. 358934 ID: d4155c

Hmmm... looks like a cleric and paladin and something else at least. Obviously good aligned folks. Well, I guess the best way to do this is carefully. Have Kassandra answer the door, but be ready to withdraw her the moment things go south. Perhaps her being a cleric can help in terms of negotiation.
No. 358935 ID: 1854db

These guys are clerics. Kassandra would be a good spokesperson for us. Possibly paired with someone else... maybe Alice. Think about it. She's been very upfront with us that she has no intention to bow before us. She would be very honest and forthcoming to these people, as well. I would like an enforcer there too though, in case things go bad. How about Solaris?
No. 358936 ID: 40cb26

They don't all look like clerics, but holy types all the same. That isn't better. Change Kass back into her robes for now (I hope we didn't sell them) and send her out there. Ah... actually I'm not sure what she should say. You'll need to trust her to make a good impression and say that the new master of the castle isn't a bad guy.

Change Ruby into the sailor suit for now and put on her robes. You look enough like a mage that you can pass for them and not a golem/demon thing.
No. 358940 ID: a2fa74

Send Kass to the door to tell them that you don't want to talk to any Pelor's Witnesses today.
No. 358944 ID: 40cb26

WAIT! Have Kass take a peek before she goes out there, maybe she knows them?
No. 358948 ID: aa4c27
File 131888794995.png - (93.09KB , 600x500 , 266.png )

You summon Kassandra. As she approaches you you hear Alalia dragging herself along the floor.

>"You know I could get rid of them all.. For G200."

"Hush you. Kassandra, do you know these people?"

Kassandra looks out the window at the group and gasps.

>Kassandra: "They actually came for me.."


>"Those are my sisters. Well not uh... They're not really my sisters but they sort of are.. It's uh... Hard to explain. They were able to track me down.. I didn't think that really happened.."

"What are they here for?"

>"They want to uhm... Take me back. By force if they need to.."
No. 358949 ID: 510737

have her assure them she is well and they are welcome to join us for a cup of tea...
No. 358952 ID: 35e1a0

what about have her be a spy, go with them willingly and see what they know about us and spread misinformation. if she can't lie then it's fine, the truth that we are a lot nicer works too.
No. 358953 ID: b57910

Entertain them to a cup of tea, yes. In fact, everyone gets some tea! Huge tea party! By the time they realize they are surrounded by evil minions inside a huge castle it'll be too late, and their tea will be spiked with sopoforics. Once they're out, we take them far away, drop them off, and go home.
No. 358954 ID: a2fa74

Have her get back in her old robes, then invite them in for tea.

Kass is free to come and go as she pleases, we ended Sylva's rampage, we just brought a mass murderer to justice, the angels know we're here and are leaving us alone, and we're working on a cure for the plaguespreader curse. She's doing more good for the world helping us than by healing sellswords.
No. 358955 ID: 40cb26

Well we aren't about to give her up. Just think, how many clerics are we going to get to actually honestly like us? But killing these girls may defeat that purpose, so lets avoid that.

"I'm not about to give you up, but I would avoid bloodshed if possible. The threat or true death is there for all humans here. Is there nothing that could get them to leave peacefully?"

Ask the mimic about what exactly she's offering. If she can manage not to kill them then I don't see why not do it.
No. 358961 ID: 252e1b


Invite them in, present them with tea, and apologize for being tardy in receiving them. "We weren't expecting guests today! You should have called ahead, sent a letter or something, we're always happy to receive friends of Kassandra's."

"Now, I imagine you're here about her terms of employment. As you can see, we're a small operation and we're just finding our feet. Kassandra surrendered when the partner she was previously working with lost against us. We were happy to accept her surrender, and have had her working on practical issues that may be of benefit to everyone.

"In fact I will present my bona fides, so to speak. So far we've ended Sylva's rampage, we just brought a mass murderer to justice, the angels know we're here and are leaving us alone, and we're working on a cure for the plaguespreader curse. It's all interesting work.

"She's not mal-treated; in fact she's an important member of the team."

If they claim that having her work with you at all is a problem, point out that 1) She surrendered and 2) She either needs to work off her value as a prisoner or they need to pay a ransom. 3) Or they can all help her work it off, it's all the same to us.

No matter what they pick, we'll need to nail down a value for her, a value for the work she provides, and maybe a value for the work they want to provide.
No. 358962 ID: 1854db

Ask her if she wants to go with them. It is really her choice.
No. 358967 ID: d4155c

In all fairness, Kassandra is doing better with us than with them. When we first found her she was basically being ordered around by a jerk. We helped her, healed her when we could have chose not to, defended her when she was picked on and helped her become stronger while doing general good.

I think we should try to shoo them away, not hurt them. Don't want to be drawn into another conflict.
No. 358980 ID: 44766a

Ask Kassandra what she wants to do.
No. 358982 ID: bd7cc2

Yeah, leave the choice up to her. Treat them peacefully, and don't do anything of the evil things people are suggesting.
No. 358983 ID: e3f578

All right I don't even give a shit about Kass's sisters, hand her over, fight or talk, I don't care. What I believe is the real important situation is with that insubordinate, arrogant mimic. I want to throttle that mimic. She misunderstands the situation. She stole from us. Quite literally, she is a fucking thief. She can be unapologetic, we're defiantly no saints and have committed enslavement with the intention of dictatorship but she needs to understand we have power and that she needs to fucking own up that she stole money from us or money that was going to be given to us. I said just own up, just admittance to the crime. No apologies, just show no pride in that fact... or I will suggest that we make her life very, very miserable.
No. 358990 ID: 34020c

Besides just saying hello, you should have Kassandra show off her nice new outfit at the tea party.
No. 358991 ID: 3fd4fb

Well, that's inconvenient. Kassandra is ours; we don't call our ability "enslave" for shits and giggles. We're not letting go of her just because some people with swords showed up and want her; what kind of horrible precedent would that set? What's next, only enslaving new minions after asking nicely if they would care to spend their lives in our service? Hell no.

Scan them to determine how dangerous they are. Depending upon if we can take them and how, our tactics may need to change. It would be better to avoid a fight regardless but if it comes down to one we'd best prepare to win it decisively.

Ideally, Kassandra will want to stay with us and we'll be able to convince her sisters to shove off one way or another. She seemed pretty miserable before entering our service and acts rather contented now, so that might actually be possible. So let's try to talk this out... but don't lower our guard, and have people called up and prepared to fight if it comes to it.

I am with you on the mimic issue- no way should we have stopped at one bracelet; she ate hundreds of thousands of gold easily and we're somehow apparently contented with less than we need to get the castle functional again? Hell no. That mimic needs to be shown the weight of our displeasure, and quite possibly we should talk with the demonologist to discover if there's a way to forcibly access her storage area by dissecting her or something, just in case she proves stubborn.

That said, I would prefer to deal with the holy types first. The mimic is going to be a frustrating issue and I don't want them deciding to kill us while we're handling her.
No. 358992 ID: b6edd6

I don't think trying to force it would work that well (she can use all that gold for her own spells, after all), but I agree we should talk with the demonologist about ways to get her to cooperate. (And to find out what that pentagram does.)
No. 359003 ID: aa4c27
File 131890109486.png - (175.87KB , 600x500 , 267.png )

You agree, you really must take care of the mimic later but for right now we really should deal with the matter at hand.
You place a heavy rock on Alalia's lid so that'll work to keep her quiet for now.

You send Kassandra out to greet her sisters.

>Uhm... Hey guys.."

>???: "!!!"

The small girl places her hands on the ground and summons a hand made of light. It snatches up Kassandra and holds her up in the air. The armored girl approaches her.

>"Kassandra! We rescued you!"

>"I can't breathe!"

>"I can imagine with all this terrible demonic air around here."
No. 359005 ID: 35e1a0

have nyx "hug" the armored one. then step out and say "i am sure you know what she is, and know that attacking one in melee is a very bad idea. now, would you please set kassandra down and talk like civilized people."
No. 359006 ID: 1854db

Damned idiots. Go out with Alice, Emily, Lenion and Ruby to tell them to put her down so we can talk.
No. 359008 ID: b57910

No. 359009 ID: 6a5a08

No. 359010 ID: 1854db

Guys, Nyx cannot even understand our orders and them KNOWING we have a plaguespreader at all is a bad idea!

Optimally we want these guys to go away and tell other people we're not a threat. We want to be left alone until we've got defenses and powerful troops.
No. 359011 ID: 40cb26

"She'd be lucky to get any air with you holding her like that! Loosen up on her a bit, ok? Now then how about you folks come in, I'll order up some tea. Sorry for not answering earlier I was afraid you'd mean us harm. But any friends of Kass are welcome here."

...Keep Silva nearby and hidden, I want to have a dance of the ice queen handy to cool these fools off. Just in case.
No. 359012 ID: 35e1a0

nyx understands us just fine. she just can't respond to them verbally. we say jump she jumps. we said talk and she opened her mouth and leaked goo everywhere.
No. 359014 ID: 40cb26

Leave Alice behind, she's half naked and doesn't quite like us yet. Putting her in the sailor suit would be an even worse idea.

Nyx is a dead last resort.
No. 359015 ID: 3fd4fb

She's not in her adorable magical power suit? Aw.

Make sure our minions are on standby here and politely request that they release Kassandra, then come inside to talk. If they refuse and it comes to a fight, I want them taken down before they know what hit them.

Good plan with Silva. She should also be equipped with those speed-boosting boots so that she can close as quickly as possible to Dance.
No. 359017 ID: 35e1a0

"will you sto-"STAB STAB STAB
they have no reason to listen to us. we need something to stop them from attacking and nyx's job is to do that, not to attack them.
No. 359018 ID: aa4c27
File 131890325192.png - (41.21KB , 274x500 , 268.png )

Sending anyone out right now might send the wrong message.
You put your units on standby and go out yourself.

"Excuse me, I think you're crushing her lungs."

The armored one looks at you.

>Armor: "?? Who are you?"

"The Overlord. Sorry for not answering earlier I was afraid you'd mean us harm. I can see you're only here for your friend now."

>Armor: "That's correct. We know you kidnapped her!"

"I did no such thing."

>Kassandra: "H-he s-s-s... oh god I'm going to pass out..."

She passes out. The short one places her down.

>Armor: "Severely beat you up? We figured. Vile demon, we will destroy you!"

She charges forward, you can hear your group behind you getting ready to move. Before the Armored Girl can reach you the short one steps in.

>Short: "Down."

The Armored girl stops.

>Short: "You are not the Overlord. My Detect Evil spell doesn't sense you as the strongest evil here. Where is the real Overlord?"
No. 359019 ID: 53062b

Say "Dead, and I'm all that's left" and try and get them to drop Kassandra before she suffocates.
No. 359020 ID: 3fd4fb

"I am the real Overlord, regardless of how evil I am or am not, and I'll thank you to not question my words. Now please heal Kassandra, who you have now severely beaten up with no good cause, and we shall talk peaceably."
No. 359021 ID: 4bdd79

No. 359022 ID: 35e1a0

"oh? overlords can only be beings of pure evil? i didn't know that, i guess i will need to up my rape and pillage quota so i don't lose my license."
give them a bit
"now, why don't you wake kassandra up and listen to her, or do you think she has nothing important to say?"
No. 359024 ID: 6a5a08

"I am the Overlord. Try a Detect Lies spell, and you'll see it's true. I found Kass working with an unpleasant gunslinger, and slew the gunner. I offered Kass the chance to join me, rather than be forced to respawn with nothing. She is here by choice, and should she wish to leave with you she may do so. Unfortunately, now that she is unconscious, we'll have to wait until she comes to. Tea?"

Invite them in. Prepare tiny sandwiches.
No. 359025 ID: 1854db

Oh great, she's detecting Silva.

Uhhh... yeah, tell her you've never been the greatest of evils, and if Kassandra hadn't had the air squeezed out of her maybe there would be someone that she'd listen to, eh? But you do have a servant or two who could be considered evil. Ask if they would like to meet them.

Call out Solaris, she should be able to help bring Kassandra back to consciousness via her healer form.
No. 359026 ID: b6edd6

This plan involves tiny sandwiches, so it has my support.
No. 359028 ID: f70e5e

remember that door ruby asked styx about? it had what looked like some kind of magical circle around it. I think she might have something dangerous sealed in that room. that could be what the detect evil spell is picking up. we should ask styx about this latter, but we should not mention it with these guys around.
No. 359030 ID: 40cb26

"I'm really him, just different now. I was mostly destroyed, lost my body and memory save for a fragment. I'm still in the same line of work, the demon lands do still need ruling, after all, but I'm not committing to the mistakes the old me made. The whole 'destroying everything' bit in particular."

"I would say that I'm not a bad guy at all and that you should leave me in peace, and allow Kass to remain. But no, I think I'll let her speak for herself. Please do take the time to listen to her... When she wakes up. Really now, was that necessary?"
No. 359031 ID: a2fa74

"First, wake Kassandra up. Your boundless enthusiasm was too much for her to handle. By boundless enthusiasm, I do of course mean your hand's grip.
Second, I am the real Overlord, although the one you're thinking of died months ago. I suppose you would best describe me as his son.
Third, don't be absurd; if evil was power you would be like ants. What you sense is probably Sylvas the wicked, whom I recently defeated bound to my will.
No. 359033 ID: f70e5e

do not mention silvia the wicked at any point. there is no way that will end well.
No. 359036 ID: d4155c

Yeah, anything evil, we don't talk about without kassandra acting as our mediator. These heroes are far too lawful stupid to even have a normal conversation without them trying to attack us.
No. 359038 ID: b57910

"I should really get a sign. I am The Overlord, once conquered, never killed. My memory was destroyed by the same force that nearly killed me - and as a result, I no longer hold the same motivations, ideals, or methods. Hence, I probably do not ping as 'evil'. However, I am still the overlord. Would you like some tea, while we wait for Kassandra to come to and give us the whole story, without interruptions?"
No. 359039 ID: aa4c27
File 131890542893.png - (79.86KB , 600x500 , 269.png )

"I am him. I was killed some time ago and lost all my memories. Still trying to be an Overlord but trying out some new less destructive methods. Kassandra can tell you all about it. When she wakes up that is. Why don't you come in? We can have tea while we wait for her to come to."

They look at one another for a moment. The short one walks in and the other two follow. You have Rose serve them tea while Solaris heals Kassandra. You take Styx to the back and talk to her.

"Question, what's behind that sealed off door."

>"Oh right, I had meant to tell you about that sooner. Well Silva was not your only helper. There was another who was quite powerful. She was your last tinkerer before I moved up the ranks. You considered her far to dangerous and sealed her away in that room."

"-I- considered her more dangerous then Silva?"


"Is she evil?"


"Why exactly did I lock her up?"

>"Because not only was she evil but she was insane and an incredibly powerful tinkerer."

"Could she be detected by a Detect Evil spell?"

>"Anyone within a 3 mile radius could detect that with a used Magical String of Detect Evil."


>Armor: "Hey this is where all the evil is coming from! The overlord must be in here!"
No. 359040 ID: 1854db

No. 359041 ID: 40cb26

No. 359043 ID: 1854db

Also this might be a good time to ask Styx if she looked at the acid-resistant claws or if she knows what sort of male companion you might have had at some point. When conquering the now-slime city, perhaps?
No. 359044 ID: d4155c

Stop them and warn them there is a reason the seal is there! Bloody stupid heroes! BLOODY STUPID HEROES!
No. 359045 ID: 35e1a0

step in front of them and point at a random symbol "do you understand what these symbols do? these are runes designed to hold things. why would the overlord be in a room he could not escape from?"
have styx pop out your eye from the body
"because i told you EYE i am the overlord, the only things back there are things i no longer want to be associated with"
No. 359046 ID: 3fd4fb

"STOP! That seal is there for a reason! Sit down and have some bloody tea instead of poking about and getting us all killed!"
No. 359047 ID: a2fa74

RUN over and stop them!
"Stop! This is sealed from the outside!
What could possibly possess you to mess around with a seal on a being so evil that an evil overlord sealed her away where he could keep watch on her?

I know how this goes! You muck with the seal, she breaks loose and destroys half the world, then I get blamed for everything! How about we not do that, 'k?"
No. 359048 ID: 8e7844

Oh dear, considering the speed at which she reacts to occurrences it may be too late to stop her.
Either way, get Styx to raise the alarm and gather everyone combat-worthy, and run down there to see the damage and (hopefully) chastise them.
No. 359049 ID: aa4c27
File 131890623452.png - (112.05KB , 600x500 , 270.png )


"Stop! That seal is there for a reason dammit!"

You run out to stop them.
No. 359050 ID: 6a5a08

No. 359052 ID: 35bcde

Tell them what it is and then let em open it.
No. 359054 ID: 3fd4fb

"What the hell is wrong with you? What kind of moronically reckless ASS sees a top-class seal obviously meant to contain something dangerous, knows that there's something unspeakably evil behind it, and decides that the best course of action is to set it free?

"Oh, wait, I know the answer to that. The kind that's YOU."
No. 359055 ID: 1854db

UGH they opened it they help us fight her when she comes out wanting to kill everything and everyone.

Get everyone together, battle formation.
No. 359059 ID: 79f5dc

"Seriously, I get that you want to stab Big Evil in the face, but don't you think a tiny bit of forethought is in order here?"
No. 359060 ID: 40cb26

"Well you've doomed us all be unleashing an unspeakable evil. Good job. Who were the bad guys here, again?"
No. 359061 ID: 35e1a0

ruby, stand in front of it and the moment you see what's inside shoot it with the pretty beam.
No. 359062 ID: b57910


No. 359064 ID: b6edd6

say:"Do you guys think that we would seal this thing up if it was our boss? Seals like that are for keeping dangerous things in, not out!"
No. 359065 ID: 1854db

Oh yeah and I don't think it needs saying that we should put those who can respawn (Rose, Silva and Emily) in front.

And if we can get the door sealed that'd be GREAT.
No. 359066 ID: a2fa74

Facepalm and call to Styx "Styx, go get everybody."

Continue facepalming, and address the Stupid Good crew of failure there.
"What possessed you to open a door containing something so evil that a demonic evil overlord hid it away and sealed it from the outside?"
No. 359070 ID: aa4c27
File 131890794024.png - (100.83KB , 560x500 , 271.png )

"What the hell is wrong with you? What kind of moronically reckless ASS sees a top-class seal obviously meant to contain something dangerous, knows that there's something unspeakably evil behind it, and decides that the best course of action is to set it free? You! You are the only idiot who would do that!"

>Armor: "Relax we can take care of any evil that's h-"

The door slams open. Something flies out of it past the Armored Girl.
The Armored Girl can't even react, she's sliced to ribbons.
No. 359071 ID: aa4c27
File 131890805442.png - (124.54KB , 800x600 , 272.png )

The old tinkerer moves to the middle of the room and climbs up the walls.

>"Hahahaha oh man feels good to be out! Overlord, where are ya!? "

Your units gather around here staring up awaiting your orders.
No. 359072 ID: 79f5dc

If none of your homies are immediately at risk of sliceage, then don't get involved. Instead, shake your fist at the heavens and shriek "Karmaaaaaa!".
No. 359073 ID: 21a619

Don't even bother trying to enslave her. Idiot deserved it.
No. 359074 ID: a2fa74

>ENSLAVE instead of looting.

"I have company over for tea and you murder them without so much as an 'excuse me'!
This is why we can't have nice things!"
No. 359075 ID: b6edd6

If she isn't immediately hostile, we might want to just try slipping her some Wine later.

As it is, though, we locked her in there, so she is probably pissed.
Quietly move your units into position, with the demonic melees (Rose, Silva, and Ellen) in front, since they can re-spawn.
No. 359076 ID: 35e1a0

"he was imprisoned in the lands of abel, you'll need to go there to get him"
No. 359077 ID: b6edd6

Also, we should try to help the stupid heroes survive, as their deaths by stupidity would look to outsiders like an 'unfortunate accident', and attract more stupid heroes to bother us.
No. 359078 ID: 40cb26

"He's hiding out somewhere in the swamps of Alemor, last I heard."
No. 359079 ID: 3fd4fb

All of our minions who won't respawn need to get back from her. Now.

And we... we get to try and talk her down. Shit. There's no point in trying to lie to her- there's no reason to think that she'd go chasing after an Overlord somewhere else rather than settling in here to do crazy things and slaughtering the lot of us.

"I am here. Less than I once was, I'm afraid."
No. 359080 ID: b57910


"You do NOT attack without my permission, is that clear? Next time you do that, I'll punish you myself. Now, since I lost my memory since we last met, who the hell are you?"
No. 359081 ID: aa4c27
File 131890932449.png - (80.14KB , 600x500 , 273.png )

You move all your non-demon units away.

"He's hiding out somewhere in the swamps of Alemor, last I heard."

>"Don't lie to me. I know he's not there. You're him aren't you? Yeah I remember that body. How are you Overlord? I missed you in there."

"I'm good. But I'm afraid I lost all my memory. Who are you?"

>"You really don't remember me? I'm the girl you locked into a room for a hundred years."

"A hundred years?"

>"Well not really a hundred for you but there was like some kind of time slowing down thing in there. Time went reaaaaaalllly slow for me. Felt like a hundred years. It's cool though. Place looks like it's a mess though, you really let the evil lair go."
No. 359082 ID: d4155c

Styx, I hope you can reseal because this is worst case shit here. If we can, we simply knock that psycho back in and reseal it asap!
No. 359083 ID: 1854db

"Yeah, it's a mess. I've been busy trying to scrounge up the gold to repair it. Why don't you help me out with that?"
No. 359084 ID: 35e1a0

shoot her with the gun and run into the room but hide around the corner, when she chases after you jump back out and slam it shut and have everyone help hold it shut while sty reseals it.
No. 359085 ID: b6edd6

Say:"That tends to happen when you get dismembered by a bunch of adventurers."

We might want to consider using Silva's corruption potion as a more permanent way of controlling her (unless her insanity prevents that), though the tinker would likely recognize it if we tried to simply give it to her.
No. 359086 ID: a2fa74

Jam an apple of life down the paladin's throat.
"I got killed. Only started rebuilding a little while ago.
Dying sucked, so I'm trying to be less evil this time around."
No. 359087 ID: 35bcde

Can you enslave the armored girl? But yeah, time effects sound dickish. Could be useful though.

Like, incredibly fucking useful.

Anyways, tell her the overlord died. You're just using his body.
No. 359088 ID: 1854db

Oh wait I know!

Tell her you're about to assault the angels. Ask her if she wants to come along. Just you and her, that's all we'll need! (then we let the angels kill her and go "THANK GOD OKAY BYE")
No. 359089 ID: 40cb26

"Yeah well, I was pretty much dead and the castle was sacked. It happens."

"Look uhm... I don't really have any problem with you. Really. I just don't want any more complications right now, it's hard enough to get anything done as it is. The old me couldn't control you and I'm sure not going to try. So I suggest you go off and have fun someplace else, because with me or against me I don't have much to offer you right now."
No. 359090 ID: aa4c27
File 131891032350.png - (169.03KB , 753x612 , 274.png )

"Yeah, it's a mess. I've been busy trying to scrounge up the gold to repair it. Why don't you help me out with that?"

>"No. I think I'm going to kill you and everyone here."

Battle Start
Placement Phase. No Limit.
No. 359092 ID: aa4c27

Level: 15
Class: Tinker
No. 359093 ID: 35e1a0

doll right in front of her, melee units a bit back, and ranged units behind that. first turn silva uses the dance of love and blows the doll up in her face.
No. 359094 ID: 6a5a08

Us, Silva, Rose, Emily, Doll.

Basically, ourselves and all units who can't permadie here.
No. 359095 ID: 35e1a0

also nyx, swords vs plauge spreader = lol
No. 359096 ID: 3fd4fb

That's not enough units. We won't be able to do enough damage to kill her before she slaughters us all; we've got to bring everyone and rely upon Solaris' resurrection abilities to restore those who fall.
No. 359097 ID: 1854db


Overlord, Rose, Silva, Emily, Silva's Doll, Nix. Doll right in front of her in fact. Nix should be the next closest, then everyone else, out of the blast radius of either Nix or the doll.
No. 359098 ID: e3f578

Nyxsplosion, final destination
plague spreaders count as demons and are revivalable here, right? Nonetheless, with Nyx up front and the tinkerer cuts into her, it'll dissolve her weapons like hot butter.
No. 359099 ID: d4155c

ANY unit who cannot die here and as much cover fire as we can safely retreat in one turn. We can't allow her to pull off any special moves so we need to try for a 1 round KO! If Styx knows anything, inform us NOW!
No. 359100 ID: 1854db

Oh also put Styx in. Even if she can't really fight, that's one more body to take a hit. I bet she CAN fight though, she's a Tinker too.

And Meagan!
No. 359101 ID: 35e1a0

and the mimic, her chest has to be able to take a hit. and maybe she will actually do something useful if in a dire situation.
No. 359102 ID: aa4c27
File 131891229151.png - (198.67KB , 753x612 , 275.png )

Units placed, your move.
No. 359103 ID: d4155c

Yes, may want to inform our mimic that if she manages to win, chances are she may experiment on her and quite possibly use all her gold for funding.
No. 359104 ID: a2fa74

Everybody but the boss out of the doll's explosion radius? Good.
Sylvas does the Dance of love. After that our melee move in to attack while our range shoots her.
Nix's job is to throw herself into the enemy's blades so they'll be ruined.
No. 359105 ID: d97c6d

This sounds good, but have the doll attack first. No sense in wasting an attack.
No. 359107 ID: 35e1a0

oh, look, we could of had alice in the back shooting arrows, and kass healing with solaris and all those awesome things, but no, we need to just tank any damage we get and PRAY we don't need any healing and shit.
No. 359108 ID: 40cb26

I'm not going to risk the doll being broken on a counterattack, so it stays put as Silva uses the Dance of Love to blow it up before anything else.

Next we have Nix move and inflict zombie status, Rose uses her Jump attack and Emily double slashes. Lastly we cast fire.
No. 359109 ID: 1854db

Doll: Attack.
Silva: Walk one square right and Dance of Love, please. Boom goes the doll.
Nix: Walk over directly to the left of the tinker and spit.
Rose: Walk one square right and Jump at the tinker.
Emily: move one square forwards.
Overlord: Scan.
No. 359112 ID: f70e5e

we should probably scan before we do anything else. also it looks like she only has bladed weapons so nyx might be useful.
No. 359116 ID: bd2a40

Hmm, I wonder where the other "sisters" are, seeing as I doubt they would just sit at the sidelines and do nothing after releasing the most evil thing in the castle..
No. 359123 ID: d4155c

I swear, when this is all over and if one of those two 'heroes' say something stupid, our entire army should bloody unicode stare them.
No. 359161 ID: 7e9c15

the doll attacks. then it explodes with love. emily will be the tans, so give her some +def... wait, we don't have a healer? shit. EVERYBODY EXCEPT NYX RUN
No. 359164 ID: 25d645
File 131896405563.png - (199.14KB , 753x612 , 276.png )

Silva's Doll attack dealing 15 dmg.

Silva starts the Dance of Love.

>Tinker: "Silva! I thought that was you. So you finally forgave the Overlord for betraying you?"

She stops her dance.

>Silva: "What..?"

>Tinker: "You know. When he betrayed you. A year ago or so? Or it might've been 50. You two had this giant fight."

>Silva: "I... I don't remember that.."

>Tinker: "You lost your memories to? And now you serve him? Isn't that convenient. For him. That you lost your memories of him betraying you and kicking your ass. And now you serve him. Do you understand what I'm saying here, I'm really trying to make it simple."

Silva is stunned.

>Tinker: "Is that a plaugespreader? They still have those? I learned how to cure that decades ago. Or it could've been a few months ago. Hard to tell when time moves agonizingly slow for you."

Nyx is stunned.

Rose moves into position and prepares to jump.

>Tinker: "Hey Rose. How are your parents doing?"

Rose is stunned.

This isn't going well.

Tinker skips her turn. Your move.
No. 359165 ID: f70e5e

I see, you fight by playing head games. no wonder i sealed you away.
No. 359169 ID: b6edd6

Well the good news is that Nyx still has enough of a mind remaining to know what people are saying. Inconvenient at the moment though.

We should not attack before she does, as that would make the fight look like our fault.

Instead, say: "Yes, I am sure that we could have a lovely discussion of who did what if you hadn't just stated your intent to murder everyone.
And please, how would you have developed a cure for anything while locked in a room by yourself?"

To say if Silva asks about her past (but we shouldn't bring it up ourselves right now):"Yes, we fought before I died. When we next met, you tried to ambush me during a supposed meeting. I could have slain you permanently, but instead I allowed you another chance at life. I suppose I could kill you if you would prefer that."
No. 359171 ID: 66b35a

Regain the momentum NOW.

"You're still decades behind in your thinking however. Even if you do know how to cure Nyx you wouldn't do it out of goodwill. Plaguespreaders still exist because you never had any interest in actually helping them."

"I've heard that Silva and I both hurt each other in the past, but we've both died and been reborn. I now care for her like she is my beautiful little sister and I will never hurt her again. Unlike you who seem to only love tearing at wounds."
No. 359172 ID: 630de5

"Damnit, why is the only one who knows anything important fighting me? I don't even remember who you are! Come on Silva, we can figure out the gaps in our memory later, when this bitch isn't trying to kill us."
No. 359173 ID: 35e1a0

yeah "even if you knew about a cure, look at you, you would never share it, and i bet you are just lying to be a bitch."
"rose, after she is dead we can do whatever you want to your parents, but right now if she won we wont really have any ability to do so."
No. 359174 ID: 35e1a0

for moves, rose move back and throw, silva finish the dance, nyx move in and puke that yummy acid poison all over her face. us shoot and Emily move forward.
No. 359175 ID: a2fa74

"Sylva, I don't remember that fight either, and we're both crippled from what we were.
Nyx, I recruited you so I can find a cure, but unlike her I intend to use it.
Rose, I don't know what she's talking about, but she's trying to hurt you.
Fight now, introspection later."

Doll attacks.
Rose moves one step to the right and jumps on the tinker.
Sylva does the Dance of Love if Rose is clear of the blast
Nyx moves forward two spaces and spits at the tinker.
No. 359176 ID: 25d645
File 131896935115.png - (201.19KB , 753x612 , 277.png )

"Damnit, why is the only one who knows anything important fighting me? I don't even remember who you are! Come on Silva, we can figure out the gaps in our memory later, when this bitch isn't trying to kill us."

>"Hold on though, why were we even fighting? What happened?"

"I don't know Silva, I lost my memory as well."

>"Then how did you know we were allies?"

"I just knew okay! We really need to get back to this fight!"

>"I'm not doing anything until you tell me what happened! I know you know!"

You and Silva continue to argue.
Tinker's move.

She moves next to Silva and punches her dealing 59 dmg.

Silva falls to the ground in pain.

>Tinker: "Neat huh? I made it so I can keep my specimens alive. Hurts just enough to cripple not kill."
No. 359177 ID: 35e1a0

shoot her from here with gun.
"we are going to all be horribly experimented on unless we kill her NOW." emily move up
No. 359178 ID: a2fa74

Tell everybody to kill her.
No. 359179 ID: a2fa74

Actually, have our allies outside of battle direct fire onto the tinker. They are literally RIGHT THERE after all.
No. 359180 ID: 3ecb91

we should just have said that her doll told about it, it's the truth
No. 359181 ID: 1e6a94

This... Isn't good.

"Any answers we get from her won't be worth their price. Let's solve our problems later, by our own strength. Now, we fight."
No. 359182 ID: 34020c

All things considered, this looks bad. I think this may call for unnecessary heroism.

"Look, you said you would kill us all, but it's ME you really want right, the past me sealed you, it's my sin to bear. Leave the others, and I will surrender without a fight, you can do as you please"

On another note, I suspect mindreading/mental manipulation might be at play here.
No. 359183 ID: a2fa74

Everybody here can't die in combat.
Sadly, other demons like Megan, Styx, and the Mimic aren't on the field in spite of being called in.
No. 359185 ID: 25d645
File 131897122789.png - (197.19KB , 753x612 , 278.png )

"Every just focus on the fight dammit! She's going to kill us!"

You fire at the tinker dealing 17 damage.
No. 359186 ID: 25d645
File 131897139945.png - (197.96KB , 753x612 , 279.png )

The Tinker punches Rose dealing 68 dmg. Rose falls.

This is bad, really bad.

"Just stop this! There's no reason to kill anyone else here but me!"

>Tinker: "That's very true but you see.. You're very hard to kill. I can do almost anything in the world but killing you, truly killing you, isn't easy. No instead I think I'll just make you suffer. First by crippling everyone here then hacking you into little pieces and taking you away with them and forcing you to watch as I torture each and everyone one of your minions. Especially Emily. You were always quite attached to her."
No. 359187 ID: 35e1a0

OVERLORD BEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No. 359188 ID: a2fa74

Sylvas and Rose: Desperation attack Tinker.
Overlord: Shoot Tinker
Everybody else: Attack Tinker.
No. 359190 ID: d4155c

"...no... I am not going to let you.. I have worked too hard to try and rebuild everything, to try and make up for the follies my previous form did. I have tried to find a cure for a plague out of duty instead of boredom, treated my followers with respect instead of fear, even trying to redeem and reform people when others would have just killed them.

Then YOU come along, act like you are the best damn thing since sliced bread, while being a BITCH to my followers!

I hate waking up with nothing including who I am, I hate being treated like a monster because past me was a dick, I hate heroes who can't learn to respect others and not only hurt innocents 'for the greater good' but can't go TEN SECONDS without touching a forbidden seal!

But most of all, without a shadow of a doubt, I hate, hate, HATE manipulative, psychopathic, sadistic little mechanical spider bitches!

No. 359192 ID: 6a5a08

Move past Nix and Overlord Beam.
If she really does have a cure, we can enslave her after and get it for Nix if she doesn't die.
No. 359193 ID: b6edd6

I rather doubt she does though. I think we would be better off enslaving the armor-adventurer if we can do that.
No. 359194 ID: 25d645
File 131897406509.png - (55.97KB , 600x500 , 280.png )

No, she's not going to harm any more of your followers.

No. 359195 ID: 25d645
File 131897417368.png - (136.16KB , 600x500 , 281.png )

The beam hits the Tinker and sends her flying back with enough force to smash the barrier surrounding the field.
Her mechanical arms move in front of her and take most of the blast.
No. 359196 ID: 25d645
File 131897424716.png - (72.09KB , 488x467 , 282.png )

She falls lands outside the field and grins.

>"Impressive very impressive. That's your most powerful attack isn't it? And it's powered by the suffering of your troops? That's pretty damn hilarious, I wish I'd come up with it myself. A machine that feeds off of misery. Nice."
No. 359197 ID: a2fa74

She's outside of the field now.
Everybody blast her with ranged attacks.
No. 359199 ID: 35e1a0

"wrong, it is powered by LOVE!"
No. 359200 ID: a2fa74

Or just say "Get out of here, Tinker."
No. 359202 ID: d4155c

Oh no, not this time. No more words for you! Hammer her. Hammer her hard. Hit her with everything you can possibly do. don't let her dodge, don't let her retaliate, don't let her say a damn thing.

She's outside the field? Then we cut scene curb stomp her. If we can fire the beam again, do it. Say the speech if needed because right now only being beaten to an inch of her life and promised the worse fate ever seems to fit her.
No. 359205 ID: 1854db

"Is it? I thought it was powered by my anger. It makes a good desperation attack either way. Now get back in here and fight, you one-armed one-titted half-brained bitch. Styx is twice the tinker you'll ever be, you know. Certainly has twice the body."
No. 359211 ID: e3f578

"Tinker, look at me. I can die. I did die. Who you see as The Overlord is technically his son. I want you to just leave, I don't care that you are free, I don't care that you are insane or evil. Just go, go and do what you want besides revenge, because you will never get it. Your captor is dead and he left nothing behind but a husk. This fight isn't worth the effort. Lay fire to many lands, raise your own army, do those things, but don't continue to fight. The Overlord is Dead. He. Is. Dead."

or smaller get back "You've come up with sicker inventions, I'm sure. You sad, lonely woman."
No. 359216 ID: 6a5a08

Nah, let's finish her and enslave her. She apparently has a cure for Nix, which we really should get out of her. It's a shame we used up the Corruption Potion on Silva.

So yeah, seconding everyone shooting her, including the backup units outside of the field, now that she's out of the barrier.
No. 359217 ID: 35e1a0

no, she doesn't, she just said that to confuse her.
No. 359220 ID: d4155c

Oh we should end her, but that's it. Look at Silva. She was nasty, but it was only focused on us. Now this psycho, she hates anyone and everyone. I don't even think a corruption potion would make her nicer. She's not worth the effort, the pain, and the very obvious fact she will betray us. She is also too dangerous to live.
No. 359222 ID: 7e9c15

50 bucks say she escapes and we're blamed for it.

fucking white mages.
No. 359224 ID: 25d645
File 131897917998.png - (89.64KB , 600x500 , 283.png )

"Is it? I thought it was powered by my anger. It makes a good desperation attack either way. Now get back in here and fight, you one-armed one-titted half-brained bitch. Styx is twice the tinker you'll ever be, you know. Certainly has twice the body."

The Tinker stops smiling.

>"... Okay that's it. When I'm done with you you'll wish you could die. I'll take each and every person you care about and make them scream. Beg. And I'll force you to listen to that every day for the next 1000 years. Then I-"
No. 359225 ID: 25d645
File 131897925581.png - (104.99KB , 600x500 , 284.png )

>Short: "BIND!"

Two hands of light grab the Tinker and hold her still.

>Short: "You're not getting out of that one."

She looks over at you.

>"I'm sorry."
No. 359227 ID: e3f578

Could somebody behead her? That would be a greeeeeat help. Honestly, your previous self should have just done that before. Or we could try putting her back inside the door again.

Tell the girl she doesn't have to apologize. Her idiot friend that did this payed for her mistake.
No. 359228 ID: 1854db

Kill her. Wait, no. Call Nix over, have her infect her first. Then say "If you were really telling the truth about the plaguespreader cure, tell me and I'll test it on you first."
No. 359229 ID: b6edd6

"I won't say letting her out wasn't foolish, but I am rather experienced in doing stupid things seeming like a good idea at the time. Nobody died from this, at least."
No. 359230 ID: 1854db

Except, y'know, someone did. Also it was really foolish. Very very very foolish. We should accept their apology anyway; they suffered the worst from it I think.
No. 359232 ID: b6edd6

I said "I won't say (it) wasn't foolish.
No. 359234 ID: d4155c

Sigh and shake your head. "apology accepted. You knew nothing and lost someone due to it. That's punishment enough. But please.. listen to Kassandra before you decide your actions with her?"

As for miss psycho, ask Styx if the portal can teleport people into oceans. Preferably the bottom of them.
No. 359235 ID: b6edd6

Thou shalt not send an enemy do a death trap you can't see when you could pop his head off right then and there.
No. 359236 ID: 44766a

Kill her if it means she won't come back to life somewhere. I want her dead. Permanently.
No. 359237 ID: d4155c

Ahhh, but we can. Last I check we are a golem. We don't need to breath. She does. Of course, if we aren't sure, we can have everyone have turns kneeing her in the stomach.
No. 359238 ID: 35e1a0

have nyx cut herself open on her and zombify her, then have ruby burn her to death.
No. 359240 ID: b1f0e2

she CAN heal nyx you know... sounds useful there...
And a corruption potion will erase her memories but not her skills...

Do we even know if she counts as a human or a demon?
No. 359243 ID: d4155c

No MrTT, I don't think so. First off, it erases memory, not personality. She's a evil monster who was going to slaughter anyone and that will not change. Second, we just saw that the potion was not a fix it all. Third, we already have the stuff needed to do it ourself or at least begin the process. Even then I wouldn't let her even NEAR any tools.

She is not worth it. For the amount of trouble she can cause, she is not worth it. Unless there is a potion that purifies her, there is no reason to have her live unless we want to make our lives hell.
No. 359247 ID: 40cb26

"That is a damn lie. Now tell me how to cure Nix and I will merely kill you. Otherwise I will be forced to get creative."
No. 359260 ID: 6a5a08

No. 359261 ID: a2fa74

"If you would like to make it up to me then hold her steady for me; I'll solve at least one global problem in a moment."
Turn to Nyx
"Nyx? Infect her."
Turn back to the tinker
"If you tell us a cure we'll test it on you. If it succeeds you go with these paladins and have at least a chance of escaping. If it fails we'll simply destroy you."
Turn back to the paladins
"This isn't a moral quandary for you, is it?"
No. 359278 ID: b1f0e2

Silva lost her memories yet remembered how to make her wine.

But fine, kill her. Although we shouldn't get "cruel and unusual" about it. The very suggestion of infected her with plague is horrendous. Not just for what it does to her but in general what plague-spreaders are. We are trying to at least keep our PR clean.
If she is irrecoverable then destroy her.

Ok, actually that is a really REALLY good idea. While we risk her escape, we are also getting a cure for a previously incurable global disaster.
But give her time to actually tell us how it is done before infecting her.
No. 359280 ID: 4bdd79

(That's the girl apologizing for opening the door, not the demon)
No. 359282 ID: b1f0e2

[quote]"If you tell us a cure we'll test it on you. If it succeeds you go with these paladins and have at least a chance of escaping. If it fails we'll simply destroy you." [/quote]
That is of course a lie... once we cure her as a test we kill her.
And if she doesn't believe you, use the potion on her and hope she remembers the technique. Learn it, and then if still needs be, destroy her.
No. 359290 ID: 25d645
File 131898900906.png - (106.44KB , 600x500 , 285.png )

You consider the best way to deal with her. Death will suffice.

The Tinker turns to her captor, the place where her right eye is twinkles.

>"I know you! Hey how's Zephie doing?"


Her hold on the Tinker falters and she breaks free. The Tinker dashes to the gate and smashes the doors open. She looks back at you for a moment then simply vanishes.
No. 359293 ID: 35e1a0

yell "I KNEW IT! mind reading, she knew what you were all most worried about and said them just to catch you off guard."
No. 359294 ID: 40cb26

No. 359295 ID: 3fd4fb

"Kassandra! Solaris! Silva and Rose need healing, badly!"
No. 359296 ID: b6edd6

The mind reading seems to be based on eye contact.
Therefore, everyone needs to acquire sunglasses.
No. 359297 ID: 35e1a0

no, she had it covered in a bandage while we fought. just needs to be pointing at the person she wants to read. maybe a giant mirror and trick her into reading herself and make a feedback loop.
No. 359298 ID: c2260d

Either she has personal teleports effective enough that we will likely start losing people as soon as a small group leaves itself exposed, or it's just invisibility of some kind. A hail of projectiles may do some good.
No. 359299 ID: a2fa74

Sigh, then turn to the paladins
"Well, you survived your screw-up, so at least you can tell the others I did my best to stop this from happening.
First to find her calls the other to help take her down, agreed? Lovely.
Kass should be awake now, and hopefully your overconfident sister was treated in time.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go see if she kept any notes on that plaguespreader cure out of a futile hope that this has been something besides an utter disaster.
Styx, would you care to accompany me?"
No. 359301 ID: c2260d

If the tinker did just flee, we should consider talking to the angels. Perhaps they could help deal with this situation.
No. 359302 ID: 6a5a08

No. 359313 ID: 22bad0

Hold a clenched fist to the sky and yell after her, "I'll hunt you to the ends of the Earth! Do you hear?! THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!"(or whatever else the name of this world)
No. 359323 ID: d4155c

...*sigh* Cannot catch a break with her. Tell styx if she can make the surgical gear we need from the slime tooth, if the translator is ready, and if we can scavenge anything from the sealed room.

We are going to need to do damage control among our members. May have to explain things to Silva.
No. 359366 ID: bd2a40

Umm, the armoured sister got sliced and diced so I think we need Solaris to resurrect her, fast.
No. 359367 ID: 35e1a0

take her before the elder slime. he recognize her and says "don't you work for the overlord?" and we say we are the overlord. and he is like "oh, you look different"
No. 359368 ID: d4155c

I'd say we have a 50/50 chance with the derpadin. She technically died while we weren't in combat so I am not sure how effective it would be.

As for the elder, it is a good idea, but we should do it personally as well. She is confused as hell and it might be a good idea to have genuine loyalty there as well. I don't like spider bitch and if she ever makes a anti-corruption potion, we will be in trouble.
No. 359371 ID: 4a1c1f
File 131900744631.png - (137.47KB , 600x500 , 286.png )

You'll worry about those damned heroes and the crazy bitch later. Right now it's best to focus on your own men.

You have the now awakened Kassandra start healing Silva and Rose while Solaris heals the mortally wounded Paladin.

After being patched up Silva approaches you.

>"Overlord, what was that crazy chick saying? Did we really fight?"
No. 359372 ID: b57910

"Neither of us remembers our past - if we did fight, then it means NOTHING now. It was over ideals we no longer had, or things we no longer own. Best not to worry on it, right now, we have things to handle."
No. 359373 ID: 35e1a0

"sigh, yes, but it wasn't a betrayal. i only know what others told me, but we fought over what would be the best way to do things. you wanted to keep fighting while i felt it would be best to consolidate what we already had. so we fought and separated. you made your doll army while i kept gathering minions and then they fought and weakened both our forces so when the army made by the heroes appeared. they took us both out easy. i was reduced to an eyeball and you were using large crystals to maintain your power. you sent me that letter and attacked me when i arrived. i destroyed the crystals and it made some kind of backlash on you. next thing you remember is waking up on the table. so fighting each other is rather obviously a thing we should not do again."
No. 359374 ID: d4155c

I think we should tell the truth as far as we know. We did have a fight with her from way back which caused a bunch of problems, but we have no reason why other than the obvious dislike of each other's management skills due to only really having second hand information.

Hell, our info sources weren't that close to past us either. The last straw could have happened over a whole bunch of things but we have no idea. We don't know what caused everything to topple, why we did what we did, and who that third member of our group was.

In short, aside from knowing that we did fight and it was because of our methods (we were more rebuild and restore while she wanted to destroy if I recall) all the information we've been getting have basically been either common knowledge, second hand, or vague.

I think I speak for everyone when I say I want to know as much about past us as possible. This lack of knowledge has been almost killing us every where we go.
No. 359375 ID: 40cb26

"...From what I've heard, side by side we destroyed all and then you took offense when I wished to build upon the ruins. I know of no "betrayal" more than that, save that we became enemies. In the end we both lost our power and ourselves. I have sought restraint from the ways led to my downfall, and I aim to help you do the same. And I... apologize, for the ways I might have wronged you then. Can you accept that?"
No. 359377 ID: f70e5e

whatever we tell Silvia mention that she seemed crazed when we went to see her after she sent us the letter. after we deal with silva's question we should probably talk to nix,
"you seem to be aware enough that tinker was able to get to you, so I know you can understand me when i say this, I swear to you I will find some way to help you."
No. 359378 ID: e3f578

"Our past incarnations fought, I heard. There was this weird betrayal thing going on, not even I know all the details. You were almost as insane as her but driven more by revenge then bloodlust and ego. I hardly would call your state when I found you 'living'. You lived in a hole and thought of nothing but my previous life's demise. You had nothing, not a single thing but that."
No. 359380 ID: 491191

second. it's not perfect, but it's close, and it's honest
No. 359385 ID: 1854db


Also we need to tell Nix (we know she understands english now) that the tinker was probably lying, but it doesn't matter. We already have one possible method of curing her available- we acquired some acid-proof claws and we'll try surgically removing the plague organs.
No. 359390 ID: a2fa74

"I lost my memories when I died so this is second-hand, but my understanding is you left after some argument over what to do with kingdoms after we destroyed them. You wanted to leave them in ruins, while I wanted to have the survivors rebuild them in our own images.

I do know that the tinker's eye let her see people's worries. She was sealed in that room two years ago, but talked about things that happened within the past few months. Her words were based on your fears, not reality."
No. 359391 ID: 3fd4fb

This sounds good to me.
No. 359414 ID: 6a5a08

Also this
No. 359449 ID: 08849d

aye, tell 'er the truth.

...I want my 50 bucks.
No. 359510 ID: b9c01a
File 131908383940.png - (119.68KB , 600x500 , 287.png )

"...From what I've heard, side by side we destroyed all and then you took offense when I wished to build upon the ruins. I know of no "betrayal" more than that, save that we became enemies. In the end we both lost our power and ourselves. I have sought restraint from the ways led to my downfall, and I aim to help you do the same. And I... apologize, for the ways I might have wronged you then. Can you accept that?"

She stares at you for a moment and folds her arms.

>"I suppose. You should have told me sooner idiot. Did you think I would attack you or something?"

"No. I just didn't want to confuse you more then you already were."

She smiles a bit and shakes her head.

>"Idiot. I'm gonna go repair the place a bit."

She leaves. You approach Nyx.

"Nyx. I know you can understand me. We're working on a cure ourselves. That girl, she was just trying to mess with you."

Nyx doesn't reply.
No. 359513 ID: 35e1a0

pet her head. "we have something we can try once we get this place cleaned up."
No. 359514 ID: b9c01a
File 131908452247.png - (44.98KB , 312x500 , 288.png )

"We'll cure you Nyx. I promise."

She still doesn't reply. You feel someone grab your shoulder. You turn around and see the short cleric. She gives a small bow.

>"... We are truly sorry for what we did. It seems our earlier assessments were wrong. After speaking with Kassandra I think that this is the best place for her to continue her practice. If there is anything we can do for you please just ask."
No. 359516 ID: 35e1a0

"yes, i have heard that someone has made progress on a cure for plague spreaders in the lands of abel. i could never even get close, but if you can get some information on that it would be good."

then find rose.
No. 359518 ID: b57910


+ "Aside from that, your apology and humility are enough. I will gather all the information I have on that tinker and send it to your people - this is not a threat we can fight alone."
No. 359521 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Well, first priority is tracking the evil Tinker's movements so we can take her out before she becomes a real threat. Second priority would be tackling the plaguespreader cure from other angles besides surgery (which we need to attempt soon, possibly with this girl's help) Third priority would be monetary, material or martial assistance.
No. 359526 ID: 40cb26

Heh. Well at least we know that someone is still in there, so I guess that bitch did some good after all in showing us that.

"You tell me what you can do for me, because I can't think of compensation enough for releasing what may just kill us all. Or worse."
No. 359527 ID: 3fd4fb

"There is something. I considered that one too dangerous to deal with even when I was mighty. Even finding her again, let alone sealing her once more, is likely beyond me now... but who would believe my good intentions were I to ask for aid? You are not so crippled by poor reputation. Gather those who might be able to stop her where I cannot."
No. 359528 ID: b57910

Downvoting this, as well. This is not a time to point fingers. She knows she erred already. Now is the time to unite people.
No. 359529 ID: b9c01a
File 131908681685.png - (27.72KB , 475x309 , 289.png )

"There is something. I considered that one too dangerous to deal with even when I was mighty. Even finding her again, let alone sealing her once more, is likely beyond me now... but who would believe my good intentions were I to ask for aid? You are not so crippled by poor reputation. Gather those who might be able to stop her where I cannot."

She nods.

>"I will do the best I can. My name is Makie. The Paladin is Dera and my monk is Eirin. We will see what we can do. Perhaps Lord Abel may help. Also here."

She hands you two golden rings.

>"Those are Phoenix rings. They cast Auto Revive on someone who falls in combat. It only works once though but it 'can' be recharged."

You take the rings.

"Thank you. Now if you'll excuse me I must go talk to the rest of my team."

>"Very well. We shall tend to the wounded."

Who should you talk to now?
No. 359530 ID: 35e1a0

let's talk to rose. she froze when asked about her parents, which is common enough that someone can just guess it. so ask her about them and why it made her freeze.
No. 359531 ID: e3f578

If more word about you being alive gets out, like when she hears such a discussion, spreading the truth that the Overlord has changed because he died and came back with no memory or identity would be a great help as well. I mean, we're still using unethical methods of growing like some slavery and such, but the old personality of pettiness, paranoia and corruption are gone.

You know, to prevent getting ransacked and having this mistake happen again. Also spread the fact that, for the love of god, do not approach the fucking overlord lair. Damn place is a death trap of a ruin with its own evils and secrets The Overlord doesn't even fully understand, and until the situation here is under control, no hero raids should be attempted. You want to rescue the people that do happen to be enslaved, also if the heroes that do raid could not be idiotic hypocrites, that would also be very appreciated. Very much. In fact, point all the good and straight and narrow heroes towards us when we got our feet back up. Especially if they have money.

Yeah, just spread the word that only non-hypocritic, smart heroes are allowed to raid in big fucking neon lights. It is exclusive to those. Just to rile the dumb, awful barely at all heroes up. Also get that dumb paladin some common sense classes, please.
No. 359533 ID: 1854db

One last thing before she leaves- make sure she remembers to tell everyone involved about the Tinker's special eye that sees into the most emotionally vulnerable part of the target's past.
No. 359534 ID: 3fd4fb

We need to talk to Rose about what was said to her that made her freeze, and then to Rose, Styx, Emily, and possibly Megan to get all available information about that tinker and our past with her. Does the tinker have a name, by the way?
No. 359549 ID: 40cb26

Yeah let's ask Rose if she's doing alright. I don't think anyone else needs to be seen to urgently, but see if Kass or anyone else looks unwell. After that we should talk to Styx about repairs and other things.
No. 359553 ID: e3f578

We also need to hire a psychologist now because everyone's got issues that are pretty vulnerable. Which means we need a medical and benefits plan, but we can't afford that. I wish there would be some stable money flow. Shit, we have got to invest some money so we can get returns without having to slog through battle after battle to get some dolla dolla bills.
No. 359555 ID: bd2a40

Kassandra can probably do that, being a healer and all. Also, everybody likes Kass anyway.
No. 359562 ID: d4155c

Actually, something occurred to me. Our third member was a male demon spear user right? Well, this may sound odd, but maybe he was Rose's dad? It might explain why she joined our 'harem army' other than her moxy.

Besides, if that is true, then she either joined us for one of two things: To follow her dad's footsteps or for revenge if we were the one who caused his death.
No. 359566 ID: b9c01a
File 131909894082.png - (65.88KB , 388x373 , 290.png )

"Oh, don't forget to mention her weird mind reading eye thing."

With that vital bit out you decide to speak with Rose. You look around the castle for her and find her in the kitchen sitting over a tub of ice cream the size of her head.

>"-sniffle- Oh... Hi my Lord.."
No. 359567 ID: 1854db

"Want to talk about it?"
No. 359568 ID: d4155c

Dear god... CHOCOLATE ice cream?! It hit her harder than I thought. Engage caring overlord mode.
No. 359569 ID: 35e1a0

put arm around shoulder, "so... parents. what up with that?"
No. 359570 ID: 35bcde

Can demons get fat?
No. 359571 ID: 08849d

perfect. a woman is never more emotionally vulnerable than when eating ice cream in tears. we must treat this delicately.

let's just listen to her story, let her talk a bit.
No. 359572 ID: 35bcde

And if she gets fat, will she gain more HP?
No. 359574 ID: 08849d


will it reduce her movement speed? will it double her jump damage? will she occupy two spaces instead of one? will we have to upgrade our kitchen to keep her? will she be too heavy to use her flying ability? will she count as two units when deployed? does that mean Silva is fat?

man, I could really go on and on.
No. 359575 ID: b9c01a
File 131910058937.png - (56.11KB , 285x363 , 291.png )

"Just came to check in on you. Are you okay?"

>"Of course I am..."

"You don't look like it."

You sit beside her.

"That girl said something that really hurt you."

>"... It's kinda funny since I'd already told you this once before." She continues eating the ice cream as she speaks. "I'm not exactly the strongest demon in the world. I'm also very short. Did you know I'm 200 years old? Most demons by this time have a pretty set goal in life. Mimics live in chests, dullahans mope about the fact that they can't wear scarves, imps play tricks. Me? I have nothing. It's all because of my stupid parents."

"What do you mean? What did they do?"

>"A few centuries ago the demon of pleasure played a nasty trick on our world. Long story short there were half breeds everywhere. My father is an imp and my mother is a succubus. The result of the two of them was me. A mutt demon who can't do anything. I can't turn invisible or hide like my father could and I sure as hell don't have the charms my mother did. In the demon world I'm nothing. That's why I fight. To try and do 'something' And I can't even do that!" Tears start forming again as she remembers the past few battles she's been in. "They don't even talk to me and just thinking about them makes me remember what I am."
No. 359576 ID: 35e1a0

give her a small quick hug. "well then, let's find them and show them how awesome you turned out without their stupid powers!"
No. 359577 ID: bd2a40

I can not help but think that her inability to do the things demons are meant to do is the gift of freedom. Seriously, her mother and father "have" to do what they were born to do. While she might not have the innate ability to what either of her parents do, she has her own ability and that is choice. She can do what ever she wants and pretty much has the freedom her parents do not.
No. 359588 ID: 1854db

Point out that she doesn't really have any disadvantages either. An Imp isn't terribly useful in a fight, and neither is a Succubus. She's perfectly capable as a soldier, especially with her flight. Sure, she's had some problems hitting targets in the last few battles but we haven't given up on her. She shouldn't give up on herself, and we can make her stronger so long as she remains with us.

Don't believe in yourself! Believe in me who believes in you!

Hand her one of those revive rings to show her our intent.
No. 359591 ID: 35e1a0

woah woah woah, woah. handing her a ring after saying how we want to keep her with us is basically asking her to marry us. and if she thinks that is what we are saying bt don't like us like that, then things will get really weird.
No. 359594 ID: 40cb26

These sound good. Add a little something about her previous problems only being a bit of bad luck, nothing more.

Er, right, let's avoid that matter too. We'll later announce the rings to the group as a whole, and state that they'll be switched among the group according to risk in every given battle.

And I'd like to add the following:

"...All the same, even if you aren't born with their gifts outright, it's hard to believe your heritage doesn't provide some kind of aptitude. Perhaps you have a knack with illusions or enchantments? If not learning spells then wielding such items? We should look into that."
No. 359595 ID: 35e1a0

figured that much. we we put the sailor suit on her she felt weird. she isn't a mage but she could feel the charm power.
No. 359597 ID: 6a5a08

No. 359598 ID: 3fd4fb

"Rose... it might not seem like a lot to you, but you stood with me even through my death and return. That kind of loyalty is something I value more than the powers of a dozen imps or succubi."
No. 359611 ID: a4cab9

"Demons are usually crappy parents, and you're being far too harsh on yourself. They're just pissy that you can't follow in their footsteps, and that's their own problem.
Actually, where are they? If we go beat the crap out of them and take their stuff then they'll have to respect you. Keeping powerful company and all that."
No. 359629 ID: 8fc114

"But your parents named you 'Rose' so they must have felt sure that you were going to flower into the most beautiful demon with the sharpest thorns."

Also get her to speak with Megan Nekkoh. Maybe there's a secret to her demon powers. Even if there isn't there's no reason she couldn't wear a revive ring and take the frontline to level up and grow stronger.
No. 359732 ID: b9c01a
File 131917169596.png - (77.02KB , 502x467 , 292.png )

"Rose, you may not have the same demonic gifts as your parents but because of that you have so much more."

>"Huh? What is it?"

"Freedom. You're not bound to the same paths that they are. You can choose what you want to be. You are a great fighter and very brave. The fact that you enter countless battles for my sake only helps prove that.
And I think they do care about you. Why else would they give you such a name? Go live it out and blossom into something that is both beautiful and deadly. If anyone can do it you can."

>"O-overlord... Uhm... Thanks..."
No. 359733 ID: b9c01a
File 131917176813.png - (110.03KB , 600x500 , 293.png )

If you could smile at her you would. A quick pat on the shoulder will suffice. You leave her to her ice cream and search for Megan. You find her examining Silva's torso, or lack thereof.

>Megan: "Hmm? Hey Overlord. What's up?
No. 359735 ID: 35e1a0

"i am sure you could tell that rose is a half-breed demon born from the lust demon's trick. i wanted to know if you knew any ways to help her use her powers, charm and invisibility would both be useful in a battle."
No. 359741 ID: 40cb26

"...Are you studying, or just thirsty?"

With that line out of the way, go on and started on a list of issues for her. First ask about what she knows of our new minions abilities. In Leons case she may need to help him learn how to use his new form. Inquire as to the potential of hybrid demons such as Rose. If she can help Styx with studying our plaguespreader that would be great, or at least lend her expertise to the matter.

>Maybe there's a secret to her demon powers.
Huh. Maybe? I guess we can ask what use she has in combat and if she is worth training that way.
No. 359748 ID: 3bad4c

Ask Silva if she minds being studied.
No. 359751 ID: 35bcde

Honk her boob.
No. 359828 ID: 1854db

Ask her about Mimics. Tell her we've got one now.
No. 359847 ID: b9c01a
File 131923257895.png - (93.68KB , 600x500 , 294.png )

"...Are you studying, or just thirsty?"

She laughs.

>"No no no I'm just studying. It's an interesting biology to say the least. She can still drink things. I wonder where her organs are.."

>Silva: "Even I don't know that."

>"I'll figure this out later.. So what's up?"

"Well I'm not sure if you'd noticed but Rose is a half demon."

>"Well technically she's a full demon, just half of two different types. But yeah I noticed, why do you ask?"

"I was wondering if they had any powers from their parents?"

>"Depends? I don't know. It's usually on a case by case basis. From what I can tell though she's a few hundred years old. She would've shown some powers by now."

"So nothing? Well I'm sure she'll be fine."

>"Oh should warn you though, don't give her anything Charmed."

"Why not?"

>"It'll awaken her inner demons so to speak. Also I noticed you got a mimic and a slime."

"Yes, good eye. Is there anything you can tell me about them?"

>"Slime are rather boring creatures. They just go about eating plants and junk. Mimics on the other hand are neat little demons. They have many many powers that all use money as fuel. They can do pretty much anything, like a djinn almost. But they're really really greedy. They'd sooner take your money then actually use it to help you."

"I did manage to convince her to part with some gold."

>"What? How the hell did you do that?"

"There's this pentagram on her stomach, I pressed it and she-"

>"Woah you actually touched that? I didn't figure you as that kind of person..."

"Huh? What? What did I do?"

>"It's.... Well Mimics brought into this land are bound by a contract. When they come here that mark is place somewhere on their body. It's a great way to control them. Basically if they're being stubborn you can just poke or press down on it. It gives them a really great feeling and they'll listen to you better. It can also be a bit addicting if used to much.. Every once in a while works best cause trust me the last thing you want is a clingy mimic."
No. 359848 ID: 40cb26

"Oh uh, thanks that's good to know. And what if I give Rose something with other enchantment powers or invisibility? And about the slime, it isn't a normal one but formerly a human archer. Maybe he can be more capable in battle because of that? Something you can help him learn to do?"
No. 359850 ID: 35e1a0

say that you had her try on the magic suit, it has a charm enchanment on it to make the wearer charming, is that going to be a problem or does she need to have it on for a long time to be effected?
No. 359854 ID: a2fa74

Get a spray bottle and squirt the mimic in the face every time she steals something or tries.
If it's something valuable then have Kass bless the water first.
No. 359859 ID: 6a5a08

So long as the holy water won't actually harm the mimic in any permanent way, I'd back this plan.

Also, ask what kind of demon Megan is and if she has any abilities we should note.
No. 359870 ID: b1f0e2

Is she really CURSED to eat gold. We need to find out. And if she is cursed, can anyone of our minions recognize the curse and who can break it.

Also, don't we have enough money to buy the flotation ring? we should do that.
No. 359877 ID: e3f578

"Don't figure me as any kind of person, I barely understand much of what goes on in this world or its inhabitants thanks to my complete amnesia, which even took my old skills away. Speaking of which, think you could study me as well, I know I'm a construct, and Styx knows a bit of my past but I bet there's a limit somewhere, but I bet you could learn more past that. Maybe, I dunno, unlock my past incarnation's skills quicker then me just learning them slowly over time and experiance? There might be something I can do no one else can. Like with Silva's wine. Uhh, I apologize talking about you like your not there ahead of time there, Silva."
No. 359911 ID: 1854db

What's she trying to grab? Can we sell it?
No. 359930 ID: b9c01a
File 131926914589.png - (111.52KB , 423x599 , 295.png )

Megan grabs Alalia and starts pulling her out of her box.

>Alalia: "Hey leggo!"

>Megan: "See? So greedy. Bad mimic. If you keep stealing I'll punish you."

>Alalia: "What're you gonna do book work?"

>Megan: "Oh trust me, I know your anatomy inside and out. I 'can' hurt you."

Alalia looks a bit worried.
Megan puts her down.

>Megan: "She's stuck in the box so if you don't want her to try and steal something just put it high up"

"That will be useful to know. Oh, about that Charm thing. I gave Rose that sailor power suit thing. Was that bad?"

>"Not really so long as she doesn't keep wearing it. Though I admit it would be interesting to see the effects it'd have on her..."

"And what about you Megan, what can you do in combat?"

>"Me? I'm not much of a fighter. I 'can' fight if I wanted to but I'd prefer not. Most of my actual attacks are just a few simple spells. Enough to let me either run away or just some flashing lights that scare off things. Anything else you need to know?"

"Well I was wondering if you could tell me anything about myself."

>"Mmm... You're just a construct. I really don't know anything about you."
No. 359932 ID: 35e1a0

very well, that is enough for now, thank her for her time. and how much does it cost to upgrade ourselves? think we should buy 2~3 lvls depending on the price.
No. 359933 ID: 40cb26

"I think that is all I have for question right now. Oh, that slime did used to be a human so mentally it isn't as simple as one of them. If you can help him learn to do something useful like throw acid that would be some help.
No. 359935 ID: 21a619

>We are a construct
>No one thinks to ask who constructed us
No. 359939 ID: 3fd4fb

All right, well. Tell Megan that we'll entrust Alalia to her oversight, since she seems best suited to monitor our new resident mimic, thank her for the help, and move on.

We'll want to talk to Kassandra about what she said to the others, if she's all right, and to thank her for her loyalty.
No. 359941 ID: 1854db

I did try to ask Styx last thread but it was ignored in favor of trying the new outfit on all our troops.

We could do that now, though. We're due for badgering our tinker anyway. We need to ask her about trying to remove Nix's acid glands, about that dude we destroyed the slime ruins with, and if she knows who created us.
No. 359943 ID: 2035fc

"Just a construct? That hurts. I'd thought I'd shown myself as more then that. *sniffle*"
No. 359951 ID: ccb4d4

"A mere construct? I'm not even that, only a eye from an age forgotten and buried by fools who may never know the consequences of their actions.
No. 359983 ID: b6edd6

Seconding asking who originally constructed us.
No. 360028 ID: 6a5a08

No. 360052 ID: 40cb26

"As far as abilities I suppose not. But I am the Overlord, and my own history is lost to me. I turned to many for scraps of what I had forgotten, and now I am turning to you. I'd like to think one as learned as yourself had at least paid attention to my actions in the world. Or to the events that lead to my rise... or very existence?"
No. 360072 ID: b9c01a
File 131932655985.png - (114.61KB , 600x500 , 296.png )

"As far as abilities I suppose not. But I am the Overlord, and my own history is lost to me. I turned to many for scraps of what I had forgotten, and now I am turning to you. I'd like to think one as learned as yourself had at least paid attention to my actions in the world. Or to the events that lead to my rise... or very existence?"

>"Nope. I don't read the news much. Sorry."

"Shame.. Well, I think that is all I have for question right now. Oh, that slime did used to be a human so mentally it isn't as simple as one of them. If you can help him learn to do something useful like throw acid that would be some help."

>"I'll do my best."

"That's all I ask for."

You leave her with Alalia and go check on Styx.

>"Mmm... Hello my Lord."

"Styx. I need to ask you a few questions."

>"Go ahead."

"Who created me? I know I'm a construct so..."

>"I do not know my Lord, it was before my time. Beatrice might know, or Silva."

"Beatrice? She was the Tinker right? Well that's not going to happen.. When I was traveling through the slime village I was told I had been partnered with a red haired male spear user. Do you know who he was?"

>"Again my Lord that was before my time."

"Damn it... It seems like there are simply no clues about my past. No one around me knows anything.."

>"I wish I could tell you more my Lord. If it helps I do know the spearmaster's name. It was Lugh. But that's all I know about him."
No. 360073 ID: 35e1a0

dang. well while we are here let's buy an upgrade.
No. 360074 ID: 6a5a08

Requesting Loyalty Screen for all minions.

Also Quest Log.
No. 360076 ID: 40cb26

She... seems down. It occurs to me there would be more reasons to that than we can guess at. Even if a few are obvious. Ask her to tell you whats wrong, because you don't want to make assumptions.

If Silva knew anything about you before she probably forgot after the corruption potion, due to the way it removes memory. Oh well, we'll just need to look elsewhere for answers.
No. 360080 ID: e3f578

Lugh's our best bet for learning our long term past, besides an authentic psychic fortune teller. Yeah, ask her what's up with the long face.

Then, ask around the base about Lugh. Emily's also our own creation and probably from a while ago, so you could ask her. Then ask why we named her Emily, because why not learn stuff like about her creation.
No. 360122 ID: 510737

thank Styx for at least managing to tell us that much.
No. 360123 ID: 1854db

Ask her if she's doing alright. Slumped over her desk like that isn't her usual posture.

Is she bored? Ask her what kind of work she can do- can she make constructs for us? Or bombs? Guns? Armor?
No. 360150 ID: b9c01a
File 131934595227.png - (57.09KB , 600x500 , 297.png )

"Are you okay? You seem down."

>"I am fine my Lord. Is there anything you need of me?"

"Well I was wondering if you could upgrade me?"

>"Certainly. It's 100 per level with a max level of 20. You're level 3. How much would you like?"
No. 360155 ID: 35bcde

Make out with her face.
No. 360156 ID: a2fa74

Give her a hug
"The mask hid your eyes. Your eyes betray lies. Please, tell me."
No. 360157 ID: 35e1a0

uhhh, guys, how do we know her eyes just aren't always like that?and buy 2 lvls.
No. 360159 ID: 3fd4fb

Can we get a more diplomatic-looking body than this one, and definitely more so than the war forms we used last time? We need something that will give a positive impression to others since we're trying to talk our way through problems these days. That's potentially more important in an upgrade than sheer power.
No. 360163 ID: 40cb26

Ugh. Let's get one upgrade if we can afford it, and during the process let's try to get her to open up.

"...I may be a construct but I'm not so hard headed that I can't see something is wrong. Speak honestly with me please. You are upset about what happened today and I need you to talk about it."

If she refuses to comply, say something about "drastic measures" and equip her with the sailor suit.
No. 360164 ID: 1854db

...are the clerics still around? We could ask them to heal her face.
No. 360168 ID: 510737

subtly hit on her and lightly continue to press her about whats wrong.
No. 360522 ID: b9c01a
File 131943022327.png - (51.49KB , 600x500 , 298.png )

"...I may be a construct but I'm not so hard headed that I can't see something is wrong. Speak honestly with me please. You are upset about what happened today and I need you to talk about it."

>"No. Now what kind of upgrades do you want? For the right amount of gold I can make any custom upgrades. If not I'll just go with the stuff your old body had."
No. 360524 ID: 35e1a0

let's first get a basic lvl up upgrade. guess have it take the form of our waist getting a bit thicker.
No. 360527 ID: 40cb26

"...No? Styx, you are in many ways my most important servant. If not for you I would not even exist. You can ask much of me, but I can not accept this behavior. Speak your mind, or there will be punishment."

Punishment in this case, is our usual one. De-equip the robe!
No. 360533 ID: 3fd4fb

An expressive and natural-looking humanoid face. Our personality seems to default to male, so go with that. We need a face that will inspire confidence and loyalty. Being attractive probably wouldn't hurt either.

And we should have a voice to match. I'm not sure what's generating our voice right now, but it's probably artificial and we can probably upgrade it. It should be smooth, strong, and compelling. The voice of someone who can be trusted and persuade people of things.

We'll also want to sculpt our body into a more closely humanoid form, so that we can wear armor or clothing and appear natural.

I suspect that none of those are as easy as slapping new guns on us, but we'll need them at some point. Speaking of guns, deadlier guns wouldn't hurt.

Argh. I really don't want to use directly forceful disciplinary measures on any of our three original servants. They stuck with us when all else was lost; surely they've earned a little bit of lenience? Perhaps instead we could ask Rose to feel out Styx and determine what's bothering her, then tell us or try to fix it. If that fails or this problem persists, then we can resort to equipment modification.
No. 360534 ID: f70e5e

I don't think we should push her right now. just say something like "if there is anything you want to talk about i'll be here for you,"
No. 360537 ID: 40cb26

>really don't want to use directly forceful disciplinary measures on any of our three original servants.
I'd normally agree with that, but this seems like a situation that will end better by breaking resolve then letting it slide. It's the kind of thing that can fester into something worse.
No. 360538 ID: cf7e04

I agree. We need to let up here. If we keep pushing she would only get upset/angry. We said what we wanted to say, so let's drop it at that.

Don't punish her. It would be a dumb thing to do, since she hasn't done anything wrong.
No. 360539 ID: 252e1b


No way José, that's not our style.

Instead we'll go with "...No? You're one of my most trusted advisers and assistants. If something is troubling you, it causes me distress. If you are set on not speaking of it to me, I won't force the issue. But I think talking about these things can help. So please, pick someone you feel comfortable talking about whatever the issue is, and discuss it so that the emotion does not fester. I simply want you healthy and happy."

If she doesn't open up to us, then go on to buying upgrades. We want a social upgrade, so let's see about getting a face that has some articulation. We look creepy right now.
No. 360540 ID: 35e1a0

"so this isn't a problem i can just kill to get rid of it?"
No. 360542 ID: 1854db

Wait, she's way loyal but she won't tell us what's wrong even when we ask? Uh, how many stars does she have? It was 4 stars when we woke up.

I think we should drop it for now, since she flat out refuses to tell us. One thing that could be very useful is some form of levitation or outright flight. How much would that cost?
No. 360543 ID: 252e1b


Yo being loyal doesn't mean being a mind-slave. It means sticking with your leader through thick and thin, it means being a loyal retainer, it means working as hard for his interests as you can. It doesn't mean telling him all your personal thoughts and your secrets and every little embarrassing detail of your innermost thoughts.
No. 360574 ID: bde240


no. if she doesn't want to talk, she doesn't have to.

let's get three levels of upgrade. not sure how much money we have though...
No. 360580 ID: e3f578

"Styx, please. I'm not asking for much. Just to help. Emily and Rose may have been the first ones for me to see, but shit Rose is technically still just a loyal bodyguard and Emily is just my own creation. You, honestly, are the person I'm most dependent on, above and beyond, and the one I respect the most since I died. You were there for my memories, there to help my body, you've given me your judgement and wisdom. Please, let me give back to the most important person in my life. That remark and plead was also completely aromantic and asexual by the way, to avoid confusion. But you are important, very very important to me. I don't know what types of bonds constructs make with people, but if there is one type I can guess, it's the between the master and construct. Around that level anyway. Not how Emily thinks it is though, she's unique in that way."

ugh, just hit some points up there. She should curve your way a little with at least letting her know that you don't just think of her as your servant, ally, or just tactically useful as a tinkerer. She's a real friend, at least whatever kinds of friendship a construct can make or understand.
No. 360581 ID: e4be56

It's so emotional and loving and not a cheese that it stabs at Hell from my Heart.

Yes, I know I reversed the analogy there.
No. 360583 ID: 1854db

I don't believe Overlord is asexual. He enjoyed watching the girls bathe.
No. 360585 ID: e4be56

We never said he was asexual. Read the whole thing before singling out single words.

And I also liked watching the girls bathe. :3
No. 360588 ID: b9c01a
File 131944126459.png - (31.62KB , 600x500 , 299.png )

"Styx, you are one of the most valuable members of my team. If you're upset I want you to tell me. It's better then keeping it bottled in."

>"I said I'm fine. What kind of upgrade do you want?"

"... I want to appear less frightening to people."

>"Well my Lord I'm not used to making something less frightening. Is there anything in particular you have in mind?"

I take a moment to think about how you want to appear.
No. 360589 ID: 35e1a0

oh god no, do NOT say she is the most important, emily or rose will appear behind you while you are saying it and it will go bad. and saying our feelings our different because we are a construct is also dumb. and saying how we are talking to her in a platonic way just confuses the issue even more. that prose is so bad it collapses in on itself and makes no sense.
No. 360590 ID: 82cf38

Spikes. Of life.

No. 360592 ID: 3fd4fb

...are we supposed to draw this? Because there's a very good reason that we're not the ones running the quest here. Several, really, but the one I'm talking about is a general lack of artistic competence.
No. 360593 ID: b57910

Familiarity. Hair, first of all, preferebly black. Fucking hell, go get Rose, ask her to describe a good face. As for the rest, "flesh-colored" works, and if the weird rib things are smoothed out/removed, all the better.

All in all, less necron, more human.
No. 360594 ID: e3f578

It, guh, did collapse on itself. Like I just want to pick a few parts from it that did sound like they worked, but couldn't figure out what did. Just really wanted the best friend thing to get across like I said at the bottom. Because, let's be honest here, she is like our most important servant, even if admitting it and Em and Rose, just for complexity, did show up and it'll hurt their feelings. I really do not know how The overlord or a construct's mind works so like I don't know how he feels. It was just very important to establish that holy shit, he's the Overlord. Romance with a servant or even implying it is below him. Also, actually just trying to manipulate her into telling her what was wrong so we could deal with it.

but, thank god, overlord was smart enough to try and get that across with very simple words, though.

All right, just give us a face that can emote properly. That's what is important. I guess nothing that gives an uncanny valley feeling. Villainous goatee is a must. So Bald Edward Norton from American History X or Dirty, rugged Robert Downey Jr. from Sherlock Holmes.
No. 360596 ID: 1854db
File 131944337002.png - (37.78KB , 600x500 , uguulord.png )

Am I kawaii?
No. 360597 ID: 1854db
File 131944363152.png - (36.06KB , 600x500 , yaranaikalord.png )

And this was fairly simple.
No. 360605 ID: 1854db
File 131944724782.png - (40.50KB , 600x500 , FACE.png )

This is less scary, right? A smiling face! Look, there's even hair!
No. 360609 ID: 2d7e90

give a me a hour
No. 360616 ID: 2d7e90
File 131945616372.jpg - (51.03KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20111024.jpg )

my scanner died...Iìve used the webcam
No. 360623 ID: f2abea
File 131945707670.jpg - (6.49KB , 200x167 , u5cb2d10.jpg )

No. 360630 ID: b6edd6

This guy looks legit:
No. 360640 ID: 6af537

No. 360641 ID: bd2a40

Voting for this one.
No. 360643 ID: a0b856

No. 360647 ID: 174bc6

This one, the other appears to fenimine for my taste. We are male, dammit.
No. 360658 ID: bde240

fucking dead tablet.

make the body look less skeletal and more anatomically correct- it's fairly deep in the uncanny valley as it is.

try wearing a mask with a smily face spray-painted on it.
No. 360660 ID: b6edd6

My point was that we should probably go for a more abstract 'face' (like the eye icon), as that sidesteps the uncanny valley of a talking statue, while also looking mysterious.
For example, there are very few mechanical mouths that look neither creepy nor completely alien.
(Though Marvels is pretty awesome looking overall, too.)
No. 360673 ID: 6f5682

Voting for this, or something like it
No. 360682 ID: f2097b
File 131948836091.jpg - (49.18KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20111024_1.jpg )

Manlier!(and more crazy)
No. 360684 ID: b1f0e2

manlier is better... crazy not so much... can it be manlier but less crazy?
No. 360685 ID: bd2a40

Umm, gotta say, compared to the first one.. this is not as approachable.
No. 360686 ID: f2097b

give me a second
No. 360689 ID: 1854db

To be honest I would like to know what our original body looked like, and go from there.
No. 360692 ID: e3cd67
File 131948971738.jpg - (53.54KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20111024_4.jpg )

less crazy face,I try another one
No. 360695 ID: e3f578
File 131949180456.png - (34.13KB , 600x500 , goateesman.png )

Dude, I'm just gonna go for a simple classic Edward Norton goatee like I said. Really fucking simple design while allowing Larro to get him to show emotions with common facial features, nothing really too uncanny or strange, and a classy evil beard/bald combo. Great for any aspiring dictator.
No. 360696 ID: d4155c

hmmmm, I like pudding's so long as it doesn't have the crazy smile.

Also no goatee. Half the time a person wears one they are not to be trusted.
No. 360698 ID: e3f578

Just go buy clothes/armor for body shit. Normal looking anatomy would be a great bonus too.

Oh wow, mine lined up with all the other designs (well there's like one serious one but the joke ones look even better then my tiny goatee face edit) makes me motherfucking snicker.
if we're going for a cool yet intimidating, mask aesthetic though this would get my vote.

I really just want a really normal face so we don't have to deal with any more "If I could smile/furrow my brows in anger, I would" messages. Feels like a complaint everytime it comes up
No. 360702 ID: e3cd67
File 131949344991.jpg - (51.66KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20111024_27.jpg )

last one, my shoulder and shoulder blade are killing me
No. 360748 ID: 6a5a08

Agreed, this with the clothes.
No. 360749 ID: 3fd4fb

I support this one, I think. Basically all of pudding's push the "sinister bishi" bit way farther than I think wise. The bald with beard look makes the overall appearance more mature and confident rather than the messy wild hair, which mostly makes us look like an insane punk.

And the goatee, while classically evil, isn't aggressively evil, which is what we're trying to avoid. Crazy grins, spikes, sinister tattoos, that sort of thing are all no.
No. 360750 ID: 252e1b


This is a line of reasoning I can get behind.
No. 360755 ID: b6edd6

We already had an eye for a face before, and that worked out fairly well for expressiveness.

I think that if we are going to go with a humanoid face, we should go with a more abstract one, as an animated realistic face is very hard to make, and an inanimate realistic face is incredibly creepy.
No. 360757 ID: e3f578
File 131950034365.png - (196.40KB , 577x235 , ghoulsofadifferentcolor.png )

These two famous sinister hair and facial hair combos are also ones I would support, but I hate manipulating images or trying to imagine one on these doll things, so I'm just putting them down.

In fact, I think I have a little bit of a mancrush on Rah's sideburns, though the vincint price stache also has it's charm. Decisions, decisions. They both pretty much have the same hair though. Maybe mix'em all together, soul patch, vincent suave stache with killer sideburns
No. 360758 ID: 3fd4fb

>an animated realistic face is very hard to make, and an inanimate realistic face is incredibly creepy.
My assumption was that between Styx's remarkable skill and using magic instead of technology, we will not have a horrible uncanny valley face. If that's all she can get us, abort and go for something abstract, sure, but I suspect she'll pull through with something that looks fairly natural.
No. 360761 ID: b6edd6

Making an animated realistic face involves components that are either flexible or otherwise shape-changing. As our body is made of metal, we can't really get pieces which are that flexible without magic (or joints, but those fall under either abstract or uncanny).
If we can get shape-shifting metal body pieces, then that opens up quite a few practical possibilities.
No. 360764 ID: e3f578

All right, if she can't get it to emote and animate right because of the difficulties Zig mentioned, yeah go for abstract but save the animated face suggestions for when the more advanced body transfer comes.
No. 360788 ID: 6a5a08

Emily's face is animated, and apparently she was one of our first constructs. It can't be too hard.
No. 360792 ID: b6edd6

Emily is stitched together from bodies. We are forged from metal/stone. One of those is pliable and the other is not.
(And a metal golem with a face made of flesh would be mega-creepy.)
No. 360805 ID: d4155c

Indeed. Flesh golems work a lot differently than iron or stone. Besides, being made out of stitched body parts would also send a bad message.Saying you mean them no harm when your kidney likely belonged to someone they know does not help diplomacy.
No. 360809 ID: 6a5a08

What about something a little more robotic, but sleek instead of bulky and intimidating?
I'd draw something, but I cannot art.
No. 360817 ID: b9c01a
File 131951170769.png - (118.10KB , 600x500 , 300.png )

Styx makes a sketch.

>"At the moment it is impossible to make something as lifelike as a human face. Unless you wish to become a flesh golem that is.. How about this?"

She shows you the sketch.

>"I can make this for G300
No. 360818 ID: b57910

Yes, I'm cool with that.
No. 360819 ID: 40cb26

Just as long as the eye can emote, give it a top and bottom lid. That will allow expression with minimal complication.
No. 360820 ID: e3f578

Not digging the hair personally. Just go bald. Eye of Truth mask is pretty okay.
No. 360822 ID: a2fa74

Move the eye over to one side and cover the other with an eyepatch, then it'll be fine.
No. 360823 ID: 3fd4fb

I hope that the hair in that sketch is just stringy-looking because it's a sketch, not because it's actually making us look like we have hair in our face. Actually, the long hair isn't that great anyway. It doesn't help us look like a leader type. Go with bald.
No. 360824 ID: 6a5a08

Yeah, no robot hair.
No. 360827 ID: b6edd6

We should eventually get some sort of impressive hat.
But we don't have to do that right now.
No. 360828 ID: b9c01a
File 131951397919.png - (112.30KB , 600x500 , 301.png )

"Take off the hair.."

She shows you another sketch
No. 360829 ID: 6a5a08

Wait, 300 for just an appearance change? Does this come with any bonuses?
No. 360830 ID: 35e1a0

don't think so. and not even sure it's possible to 'look' charismatic, but looking different is what was voted on.
i wanted to get 2 lvls for 200.
No. 360831 ID: b9c01a

No. 360833 ID: 3fd4fb

Well it doesn't look much better, but it's a small step in the right direction, I suppose. If there are items or specialists that might help her make a realistic-looking face, it would be good to hear about them so we can keep an eye out.
No. 360834 ID: 35bcde
File 131951484603.png - (113.19KB , 600x500 , face V.png )

Make the faceplate blank and magnetic. Give us several bar magnets so that we can arrange them into crude expressions.

Well, the eyes can be permanent but we need eyebrows and a mouth.
No. 360835 ID: b57910

>Someone makes you angry
>Have to adjust your eyebrows

No. 360841 ID: b9c01a
File 131951586482.png - (108.70KB , 600x500 , 302.png )

"Is there any possible way to maybe use magnets or something? Just something to help me make facial expressions."

>"hmm... It is possible... The mechanism will be a bit bulky. I could just cover it with a helmet though."
No. 360853 ID: 3fd4fb

Okay, helmet lord with magnet facial expressions is getting far too silly. It won't help us be charismatic or make people take us more seriously; we'll be either hitting uncanny valley or cartoonishly simple and ridiculous.
No. 360854 ID: 252e1b


I like it!
No. 360855 ID: b57910

How about a helmet with different colored glowy eyes? It worked for a whole race, it can work for us
No. 360857 ID: b9c01a
File 131951683384.png - (114.33KB , 600x500 , 303.png )

"I'm a bit worried it might be to simple... Or creepy."

>"Well with what I'm thinking of doing your newer face would be capable of many different expressions. I'm surprised I didn't think of this sooner. Though really you never asked for such a thing before"
No. 360864 ID: 252e1b


"Well I haven't been acting like I used to, from what I hear. I suppose my personality has changed."
No. 360868 ID: b57910

Hey, that isn't too bad. Kinda... young. New. I like it.
No. 360872 ID: b1953f

Seconding this look.

Ask Styx what materials we would need to become a flesh golem.
No. 360874 ID: 35e1a0

these are two modes of the same design. so we can probably tweak it.
No. 360875 ID: b6edd6

Huh, I do like that after all.
Could we make the circle thing look like one of those eye-icons that seem to be our theme? (And which look less like bullseyes <.<)
No. 360876 ID: 40cb26

"Raw power alone didn't do me much good last time, did it? Time for a more subtle and diplomatic approach. Handsome and intense would be ideal. Just as long as do not look too kind and silly. It will not do for an Overlord to not be taken seriously."
No. 360882 ID: d4155c

this works. I for one like this design. Emotive, strong, yet approachable. Styx does good work.
No. 360887 ID: e3f578

Ask a bit more how you were, but more personal questions, not goals. What exactly did you like and do in your free time when NOT conquering heroes and oppressing. Did you golf? Did you take advantage of your harem? Did you dance a mighty fine jig and hold fancy balls?
No. 360896 ID: d4155c

..oh god, if the old him liked to dance... would that make him... OVERLORD OF THE DANCE? Ok, bad joke aside, hobbies would be interesting to know of while she patches us up.
No. 360903 ID: b9c01a
File 131952797292.png - (64.11KB , 500x500 , 304.png )

"I love it. Let's go with that."

>"Very well..."

Styx pops you out of your older body and begins working on it.

>"Also going to implant the newest dark mana flight boots. This should give you minor flight like Rose. Full flight is impossible with such a large body. At least for now.."

"Styx.. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about the old me. How was I to my units? What were my hobbies?"

>"I'm not certain my lord. You and I seldom spoke. I simply worked for you. I know you were rather... Crude with some of your harem. It was a shame since you lacked the necessary parts to actually do anything. I was never allowed to enter the old war chamber so I don't know how you treated the other members of your group. I know you and Silva did spend time together outside of work often."

She tinkers with your body a bit more.

>"Done... What do you think?"

She pops you back into your body and brings a mirror before you.
No. 360905 ID: 40cb26


...Let's practice making faces in the mirror for a while. Styx can help by advising us on our newfound emoting abilities.
No. 360906 ID: f70e5e

nice, lets try making some facial expressions, also complement styx, its amazing she was able to make something like this on short notice.
No. 360907 ID: 3fd4fb

Wow, we look almost like a person.

We need an awesome cape, though.
No. 360912 ID: 1854db

Let's put on our best evil grin.
No. 360913 ID: d97c6d

That's perfect! Tell Styx she did an amazing job while practicing facial expressions. Start with a smile, since you're already feeling happy about this.

A cape sounds like a good idea, actually. We shouldn't make it too elaborate, but a simple cape will complement our body nicely.
No. 360917 ID: e3f578

Dramatically bring up your hand and grasp it into a fist with a devilish smile.

"I think I look like an Overlord"
No. 360918 ID: b9c01a
File 131953159127.png - (76.90KB , 600x500 , 305.png )

You smile, because people smile when they're happy.

"This looks great Styx. Fabulous job."

She smiles as well.

>"Thank you my Lord"
No. 360920 ID: 35e1a0

a bit too much, tone it down a smidge.
No. 360923 ID: e3f578

oh well
let's go strut our stuff down to the ladies
then ask Rose what we did in the war chamber because she was probably allowed in there since she's your loyal bodyguard. And ask Emily how long ago we made her.
Then we get to go out again. Probably.
No. 360926 ID: 3fd4fb

That grin is terrifying. Turn all facial expressions down to 25% until we get the hang of this.
No. 360929 ID: 40cb26

That is by orders of magnitude a largest smile than any humanoid being we've ever witnessed make. Let's tone it back a bit, shall we?

Now then, for another test... Look to Styx with a serious look, and hold her hand. Tell her that she was in not responsible for what happened today, the only mistakes made were our own. Second say that taunting the crazed woman by mentioning her was foolish and put her in danger. We should take better care of our most important servant that we owe so much to.

That should cover what was bothering her. Hopefully she'll at least be more willing to talk about anything else that's wrong.
No. 360932 ID: 1854db

That's a PERFECT evil grin.
No. 360964 ID: 8ee31d

You...do realize that she is blind, right ? She can't see our expression.

The small speech is nice tough, so let's keep it.

Let's go see what the others think of our new form next and then ask some question to Rose and Emily about our previous incarnation.
No. 360987 ID: bde240


she's blind? shit, I musta missed something big.
No. 360988 ID: 1854db

>Styx is blind
Shit, you're right. We need to fix that; that's actually pretty important. Wait, how did Styx manage to inspect Nix's body while being blind?

Man. We've been kindof neglecting our original units in the rush to repair the base and get hero troops, haven't we? I think now that it is mostly operational we should start taking more requests for tasks.

But yeah, as far as tending to our units is concerned, first we should see if we can cure Nix via removing her glands using the slime claw. That is a thing we can do immediately and we have no reason to delay it aside from making sure it won't kill her.

...but right now I think we should get someone in here, like Ruby I guess since I doubt she's doing anything at the moment, and ask for advice on facial expressions.

OH and did that translator get finished?
No. 361002 ID: f70e5e

if we are going to perform surgery on nix we should find some way of knocking her out for it. or at least numbing the area, we don't know if she feels pain or not and surgery huts if your awake for it.
No. 361005 ID: b1f0e2

the word you are looking for is Anesthesia. And yes obviously.
Although why would WE perform surgury? we aren't surgeons. And you can't just surgury eyes back... she needs magic healing.
Which we should totally ask around, her and the troops, if anyone knows how to to something like that.
No. 361007 ID: d4155c

You know, why don't we do both? We know the cause of the illness and we have the tools, but we have no way to heal.. except the potions and healers we have. We cut out one sack, heal that area before another sack forms and work our way up. With the stuff we have, we should be able to make decent progress or at least mitigate the disease. One of those rings can serve as a form of resuscitation in the worst case.
No. 361014 ID: d97c6d

The problem with healing her before the sacs can regenerate is that, at present, they're supposed to be there, so healing would just restore the sacs. The idea behind the surgery is that cauterizing the area after removing the sac and glands will prevent their regeneration.

Now, to be honest I think there must be a better way of helping her than mutilating her. As her condition manifests as a subclass, looking into all of the rules regarding those strikes me as the best way of dealing with it. Let's ask Megan about them the next time we see her.
No. 361016 ID: 1854db

Please don't make assumptions about how healing magic works. Also, Styx would be doing the surgery I assume since she's the one that suggested it.
No. 361018 ID: b1f0e2

I agree... We know a corruption potion alters a being from angel to demon, healer to necromancer...
There must be other such consumables that make such large scale alterations.

That being said. UNTIL we find a way to heal her, removing some sacks surgically might at least let her talk.
No. 361029 ID: 6a9fdc

Pfft. Nothing wrong with a nice slasher smile every now and then.
No. 361035 ID: 2035fc

I'm guessing noone would ever expect The Overlord we used to be to have expressions dialed up to 11. It's the perfect disguise!
No. 361044 ID: 25d645
File 131958526088.png - (43.27KB , 310x438 , 306.png )

The translator is done and already attached to Lenion. Right now let's see wahtwe can do with Nix..

You summon her up to Styx's chamber.

"Well Styx you performed one miracle today. Do you think you can cure her?"

>"Cure.. Most likely not. Make her better? That is within reason. She can no feel pain so long as there is venom going through her, besides any needle I try to stick her with will simply dissolve. That negates the need for painkillers. It would be best if she were conscious anyway.. My Lord, get that fire wand and get ready to cauterize the wound when I tell you to."

You grab a wand and stand by Styx. She rolls up a sleeve on Nix's robe and with surgical precision cuts off a small lump of greenish flesh.


You activate the wand and press it against the wound causing the flesh to burn. Judging from the look on Styx's face the smell is not pleasant. After a moment you take the rod off and look at her arm. The skin on it is scarred but the poison sac isn't healing.
No. 361045 ID: 35e1a0

at least the ones that are fulling her lungs and brain with toxin. if they all are then yes.
No. 361056 ID: 3fd4fb

Hrm. Get Kassandra in here; see if we can heal up that scar without also causing the sac to regrow.
No. 361057 ID: 25d645
File 131958680637.png - (138.14KB , 600x500 , 307.png )

A potion will suffice, no need to drag another minion in here. You try to use some of the potion on Nix's arm but you can see the green fluids that make up the sake starting to reform. Styx quickly cuts it out again.

>"Stop that. Now tell me, do you want me to continue or not?"

"... Fine. But not to many. Just enough to make her better."

Styx takes off Nix's robe and continues cutting out the poison sacs outside and inside her skin while you quickly burn the wounds closed. As you are cauterizing another one on her arm Nix's eyes snap open and she shoves you away. She looks around and for the first time speaks.

>"W-what the..!? Where am I...!?" Her voice is a bit gurgly, like trying to talk while swallowing a bit of honey. Some of her poison trails down her mouth.
No. 361059 ID: 35e1a0

"calm down, i'll explain. i found you in the swamps, you were turned into a plague spreader. we have just removed the poison sacs from you."
No. 361061 ID: 3fd4fb

"You are in my lair, specifically the chambers of my tinker, the talented Styx. We are attempting to mitigate your plaguespreader infection. Please allow us to continue; you are still showing severe signs of infection."
No. 361064 ID: 25d645
File 131958778902.png - (82.35KB , 600x500 , 308.png )

"Calm down Nix, it is me the Overlord. You are in Styx's chamber and you're finally being healed. Now please relax and lay back down, we must continue the operation."

Nix looks frightened.
No. 361067 ID: 35e1a0

lower the eyebrows a smidge.
put your hand on her head and go "shhhhhh, it's alright"
No. 361069 ID: bd2a40

Since the poison sacks that have been cut out will not regrow due to the cauterization, there is no need to rush this.
I am going to guess she has no memories of the events since she became how she is now, so take your time and calmly, provide an in depth explanation about what and why you are doing to her. If the need arises, get Kassandra involved in explaining things, because she seems to be a universally likable person.
No. 361070 ID: 3fd4fb

"It's all right, we'll stop if you ask us to. But as long as there's that poison in you in any kind of quantity, I'm worried that you'll have mental impairment and be susceptible to relapse. That would be terrible, so we're going to go as far as we reasonably can unless you want us not to."
No. 361071 ID: d97c6d

Overlord, she probably doesn't even remember being infected.

"Listen, you were turned into a plague spreader. Styx and I are removing some of the poison sacs to help you, so try to stay calm and let us know if it starts hurting too much to continue."
No. 361072 ID: 35e1a0

or wipe your finger across her mouth and clean the goo off and hold it up "see, you are still sick"
No. 361073 ID: 40cb26

"Relax, I'm no danger to you. You however, were a plaguespreader, and rather than incinerate you I thought I'd cure you. Now try to relax as we cut away the poison. Yes it is going to hurt, sorry."

Try to small chat with Nix, ask her if she remembers being here or if not what she remembers last.
No. 361074 ID: d4155c

...lets not wipe our finger on the corrosive goo. We may look human but we are still a construct.
No. 361076 ID: 35e1a0

which is why we CAN touch it. on a person it would be horribly painful.
No. 361078 ID: b6edd6

But Styx worked so hard building our body just today! We can't go sticking it in acid already.
No. 361079 ID: e3f578

Styx, it looks like drugs might be required the more sacs we cut out. Great. Annnd if she's healed at all the infection may return.
Ask Nix if she's in pain, from either the toxins, the surgery or the burns. Tell her everything is going to be fine. Please calm down and let us continue the procedure.
No. 361082 ID: a2fa74

"You were... Very ill when we found you. We're treating you now and it's going very well so far, but we need you awake so you can tell us what you're feeling. Your body should be pretty numb right now, and as that wears off you're going to feel the after-effects of what you went through.
It's going be rough, but we think the worst of it is over.
Now, what's the last thing you remember?"
No. 361084 ID: 510737

I think this is pretty good.
No. 361107 ID: f70e5e

she was probably infected before our defeat, she thinks we are the old overlord.
"ah, judging by your reaction you've heard of me, or at leat who i used to be. I was defeated some time ago and I've lost most of my memories. I still intend to bring order to the world but i intend to avoid going power mad this time. "
No. 361113 ID: b1f0e2

We look NOTHING LIKE the old overlord!
Make no mention of who you are yet.
No. 361124 ID: 40cb26

A bit late for that, friend.
>it is me the Overlord.
No. 361134 ID: b9c01a
File 131961032888.png - (90.22KB , 472x500 , 309.png )

You lower your eyebrows a bit and hold her head.

"shhhhhh, it's alright"

She quiets down but she's still quite frightened and shaking a bit.

>"O-o-o-overlord...? It's you right...? I think I remember you... I think..."

"Yes. I saved you. You were a plaugespreader and I brought you back to the castle to work on a cure for you. Now we really need to get the rest of those poison sacs out of you."

>"Poison sacs!?"

"Yes, a few are inside your body. Don't worry I know what I'm doing."

>"Why is my body all burnt looking!?"

"Because I had to burn you to heal you."

She's still freaking out a bit. Styx gets ready to administer an anesthetic.
No. 361135 ID: 35e1a0

"once it's over i'll explain everything"
No. 361136 ID: d97c6d

That "anesthetic" looks suspiciously like a mallet.
No. 361137 ID: b57910

"Everything will be okay. You do not have to be afraid."
No. 361138 ID: d4155c

You know, half of me likes the fact he still hasn't gotten the hang of facial expressions. But for now, let's use words instead...and avoid any jokes involving cutting out the bad.

Here, let me give it a shot. "The poison sacks regrow if they aren't treated and healing causes them to grow back, so the only other option is to make it so they CAN'T grow. It seems though that the only way to stop them from regrowing is to burn them.

Don't worry though, I promised I would cure you, so we'll do our best. Just relax and once this is over, we'll talk and get you some proper clothing, OK?
No. 361143 ID: a2fa74

Hold up a hand for Styx.
Also, order Kass to ask her sisters to come to the operating room to help with a patient.
"Plaguespreaders have powerful regeneration, and so far the only way we've found to stop that is cauterization. We're cutting out the sacs and searing the wound so they can't grow back. Don't worry about the burns; they only look bad because you regained lucidity in the middle of surgery and we can't really clean them up until the explantation is over.
You're going to be better. Maybe not completely cured, but your mind is back. We're going to keep looking for better techniques, but this works.
Right now I need you to lie down and relax; maybe you could tell me about yourself? Hopes, dreams, fond memories?"

Kass's sisters are probably pretty used to comforting the sick, dying, and/or traumatized. They can help her work this out, and once they've seen that we've brought a plague-spreader back to being a thinking feeling being we can ask them to send word of this to Abel and ask that the angels, after testing this and proving to their satisfaction that it isn't a deception, send an angel adept at healing research to help you continue searching for better treatments, a cure, and ultimately ways to vaccinate against it and easily cure victims.

Of course, once they join our side we could deploy them in battle...
No. 361147 ID: b9c01a
File 131961420471.gif - (59.21KB , 400x333 , 310.gif )

"The poison sacks regrow if they aren't treated and healing causes them to grow back, so the only other option is to make it so they CAN'T grow. It seems though that the only way to stop them from regrowing is to burn them. Don't worry though, I promised I would cure you, so we'll do our best. Just relax and once this is over, we'll talk and get you some proper clothing, OK?"


No. 361152 ID: bde240

that's... uh... well. let's just get on with it.
No. 361153 ID: b9c01a
File 131961449510.png - (128.47KB , 600x500 , 311.png )


You and Styx continue the operation until most of the poison sacks are removed. Styx thinks there are still a few tiny ones spread around but they're simply impossible to reach. With the amount removed though she should be 'healed' for the most part. The burn scars should fade with time.

You go out and tell the clerics and paladin as Styx gets Nix dressed. They're all amazed at what you accomplished. Styx enters the main room.

>"My Lord, she's awake. Most of her memories of her time before she was a plaugespreader are gone but she still remembers you. Hopefully as the poison leaves her brain she'll remember more. Oh... She still can spit up a less lethal/plaugespreader-turning grade of her poison. Nix, come here."

A completely different Nix enters the room. She's wearing the Leather Armor + you had with a wooden sword at her side.

>Nix: "...."
No. 361155 ID: 35e1a0

ruffle her hair "well don't you look adorable"
No. 361156 ID: 1854db

The clerics are still here? Let's ask them if they can heal Styx's eyes and face. Also, do we have to worry about healing magic causing the poison sacks to return? Is Nix still immortal and sword-destroying? This is totally new territory.

Maybe a Scan would help.
No. 361157 ID: e3f578

Tell her if she needs something or something's on her mind, all she needs to do is speak up. She's on the road to recovery, mental and physical, so sensitivity and kindness is suited here, even if it isn't fit for an Overlord.
No. 361158 ID: d4155c

Well hey, she cleans up pretty well. It's not 100%, but on the plus side we just formed invented a mini cure for this. Also, another unique unit!

Well, I guess the first thing we should say is, "Well, how do you feel?"
No. 361161 ID: a2fa74

Give her a hug. This is a trying time for her, and squishy creatures put so much value on physical contact.
"Sisters, I want you to take this slime claw and a copy of Styx's notes on the procedure to Abel. Tell their healers what we have accomplished, and ask that they send an Angel skilled in healing research to aid me once they are satisfied that my claims are legitimate - ideally one that could comfortably work alongside demons."
No. 361162 ID: b1f0e2

group hug!
No. 361166 ID: 1854db

To be quite honest, I don't trust them one bit. We could announce we have a cure, sure, and we have these guys to back us up in public, but we're not going to give it away.

We can just charge a moderate fee to administer the cure. Like, say, 1000 gold? Considering the prices in the mage tower, I'd say that's dirt cheap.
No. 361170 ID: 753892

we didn't exactly cured her, she is a more controlled form of plague spreader, actualy she became really powerfull because she can figth with a wepon and spitting poison
No. 361171 ID: b9c01a
File 131962200152.png - (114.43KB , 593x461 , 312.png )

"Well, how do you feel?"

She looks around for a moment then just starts crying. Between the sobs she manages to choke out a thank you for healing her and that she'll do anything to repay this debt. You have Kassandra talk to her and explain how the place is run while you go with Styx to speak with Makie.

>Makie: "Overlord. I am simply amazed by your work. I had you figured completely wrong before."

"It's fine Makie, that was to be expected. I was wondering if you or your friend could heal scars."

>"Of course. Who needs healing?"

You gesture to Styx.

>"Not a problem. Eirin, please heal this girl."

You see Styx smile as she goes with the monk.

>Makie: "Overlord I was wondering if we could spread the news about your cure? The healers around the world would surely love to hear about such a thing. If you tell me how you did it that would be even better."

"I'm sorry Makie but I'm not quite prepared to share the cure just yet."

>"Why not?"

Hmm. It may not be best to say 'Because I want to sell the cure myself.' Is there any other way you can reply to that?
No. 361172 ID: 35e1a0

because the item needed to do it is slime claws, and most people would just kill the slimes to get them. we bought ours.
No. 361173 ID: 2035fc

Not sure we should outright say it's slime claws.

More along the lines of "Because an item needed to get it is the body-part of a sentient creature. We got ours by bartering for ones that weren't attached to one anymore, but others would be unlikely take such care. If word should spread, then they'd likely be hunted, possibly to extinction. I hope you can understand why I'd be reluctant to share information that I believe would lead to that."
No. 361174 ID: 35e1a0

No. 361175 ID: f70e5e

"because one of the key items I used in the cure is in the hands of an Innocent but very vulnerable and scorned group. if i simply told you how I did it people would almost certainly massacre them for it rather than trade for it. the idea of being responsible for death and suffering on the scale that would create is something i find unacceptable. once i find a way to share the cure without putting them at risk i will share it."

this is also a way we can make money off of the cure, make the way to handle the procure widely available, then work with the elder slime to sell acid slim claws, taking a cut of the profit.
No. 361176 ID: 1854db

...ARE Slime Kings sentient? Well, we could just say we're worried about overhunting regardless.
No. 361185 ID: 65294c

Wait a minute, are we still The Overlord here? We can say straight out we want money to do the surgery. Most of the world would think we are still evil and would be suspicious of anything we do.

Also, this is our discovery. Why should we not say to Makie, "I wish to sell this cure. Whoever pays me, gets this partial cure. I won't welch on my end of the deal. If you pay me, I'll ask 'where's the patient?'. Besides, if you tried to take the cure forcefully, would that not be stealing? Would that not be wrong?"
No. 361186 ID: 55ff28

we are try to clean uor reputation
No. 361195 ID: 1854db

...yeah that's a good point too. We're not supposed to be a goody-two-shoes or anything. We can just state that we're looking for a bit of profit from this, like how the mage tower sells cures.
No. 361196 ID: ad9578

No. 361199 ID: 71e191

Why not stick with the truth?
This was a experiement, the long term effects are unknown and as she still reads as a Plague Spitter, one cannot speak of a full cure. For all we know, it only takes longer for the poison to regrow. Imagine a "cured" Plague Spreader walking through a lively town, suddenly succombing to the disease and spreading it to the innocent townsfolk.

Therefore we need more time to improve and perfect the prozedure. If people came running to us before our research is complete, it may ruin everything.

Add the >>361173 part and we´re golden.
No. 361202 ID: 63cf7a

"One of the tools required is a bodypart from a sentient species that has long been subjected to abuse and persecution. A species I have put under my protection.
The parts I purchased they had already harvested themselves, and there was no question that they were collected ethically.

If this came to light then there would be a market for their parts. At best monsters in human skin would murder them for their parts to sell at high prices, but the more devious ones would breed them for slaughter.
That's not even considering the horrors that would be unleashed if somebody used this incomplete treatment to make an army of intelligent infected.

This is where I need your help. I need somebody to go to Abel and petition for them to send me an angel adept in surgery and medical research. She can help find a proper cure and treat people for the cost of materials."
No. 361207 ID: 0555b4

Tell her you think it's too soon to safely realease the cure, since it's only a partial cure and you still need to monitor Nix's progress.

Also tell her this >>361173. And that we should speak with our suppliers first.

I say that instead of selling the cure, we should sell the tools. Make a commercial agreement with the slimes to buy their claws for a fair price, we craft the scalpels and sell them. This would give us less of a monetary profit, but it would give us PR points and make us indispensable instead.
No. 361210 ID: e3f578

"I'm no saint, I'm a business man and have a place to run, like how your guild charges money or favors for its healing services and other things to maintain itself, I have to maintain everything around here. My workers food and quarters, ethical retrieval of the parts, further research into a better cure and all of this costs money and good connections." In addition to telling her the whole extinction thing. If we can get a steady source of income from the side business of selling the partial cure and everything, we can easily make a comeback. We're going to have to patent the procedure before we reveal the cure to the world.
"Please wait until I can get the legal procedures underway. To stop a market from poaching the parts legally and to patent the thing. If you find or have loved ones turned plaguespreaders until then, please send word to me, I'll incapacitate the feral spreader and cure her to the point I can. To establish good diplomatic relations, spreaders contracted for curing from you and your associates will be the bare bones cost of the materials. If word spreads, then others will have to pay an established price."
No. 361217 ID: b6edd6

That one is a good reason.
We can say we that one of the main materials is naturally produced by a group of beings who we have dealings with, and that telling everyone about that would get our associates unwanted attention.
No. 361222 ID: e88782

just go with the endangered species e experimental procedure
No. 361226 ID: 3fd4fb

>I need somebody to go to Abel and petition for them to send me an angel adept in surgery and medical research.
I disagree with this. It would be vastly preferable for Abel not to hear about us at all. The more they get news of us, the more likely it is that they'll send an extermination party to slaughter everyone at our base who doesn't detect as good.
No. 361245 ID: d4155c

In all fairness, we do have a bit of an advantage when it comes to Abel. This, is a good act. A VERY good act. If he attacked us due to past notions, people would question him even if they are lawful stupid. We keep it civil, ask for one angel to see if we can further improve the cure, and that's it.

Besides, we still have beatrice to worry about. If she does have a cure, we need to send ours out first before she gets a foot hold. The funds, publicity and other factors would allow her to easily build up an army and I would much rather deny her such a thing.

Besides, it's obvious we exist now. If the church knew, then Ruby's mage guild will know as well.
No. 361250 ID: a2fa74

Oh, it's better than that. As long as we keep that one angel convinced that we're not bad enough to warrant acting against we don't need to worry about either Abel or Angels doing anything.
More importantly we've shown that we're more innovative in medicine than anybody they have; that makes us an asset worth protecting if somebody decides to take us out.
No. 361257 ID: b1f0e2

Why are we trying to SELL the cure? That is a very limited market and we will get massively good PR boost by giving it out for free.


You know what, go with that.

Do clarify that you didn't develop a cure but a treatment for the symptoms. That is, her mind is restored and she doesn't leak acid everywhere and is much less infectious. But she is still technically a plague-spreader and still capable of infecting others, albeit at a much reduced level.

However, do spread around that we will be delighted to perform this treatment for those poor infected people bring to you here. I recommend we do it for free or fairly cheap. It will garner good will which we could then cash on via fundraisers for our research (we have a successful track record to back it up too); the fundraisers again double as good PR machines.
And we should be able to raise more money that way then via individual payments for cures.
No. 361259 ID: bd2a40

Going to put my support behind this.
No. 361277 ID: 1854db

I agree with 'fairly cheap'. Considering that this is a heretofore incurable disease however, 'fairly cheap' is open to interpretation. Charge 200-500 gold, if you ask me. Refer back to the Mage Tower's prices. Everything that was basically permanent required at least 100g to cure.
No. 361285 ID: 6a5a08

No. 361295 ID: b1f0e2

how about phrasing the pricing as "to support further development and deployment of the treatment" with those who cannot afford it being able to apply for financial relief in that regard. We do a certain number of free treatments, charge little, but morally pressure people with more wealth to donate to the cause.

To cap it all off, if someone notices us spending some of that money on armaments we have a justification... We know an evil and insane being has a full cure and are trying to capture her both to protect the world and to extract the secret. And of course, don't spend EVERYTHING on armaments. DO hire / capture extra healers to work on researching a full cure... Honestly, I Would not even go with healers but focus on things that can alter a being's status. Like corruption potion turns a healer into a necromancer, seek some sort of alchemy or transmuter that can turn a plague spreader into a human.
No. 361298 ID: 252e1b


Yes, this is decent and good.
No. 361311 ID: b9c01a
File 131967083309.png - (46.73KB , 384x400 , 313.png )

You don't want to tell this Abel person anything. You have a very bad feeling about him.

"It's still in the works. While she may have her mind back she can still poison people. We need to keep her under observation and make sure she doesn't have any relapses. I'd rather not distribute a cure until we get all the kinks worked out. Also," you gesture to the still fairly beaten up castle "If possible I would like to make at least a bit of money off of the cure. My castle is still a wreck and my men would benefit from a more complete living quarters. I'm sure you understand."

She nods

>"I do. Very well. If you do not mind I would like to come in a check on Kassandra every once in a while. Just to make sure she's doing well."

"I have no problem with that."

>"Thank you. We're getting ready to head off now. Is there anything else you would like?"
No. 361317 ID: 1854db

Hmm... Oh, Alice has a scar too. We could get that looked at while they're here, why not. I assume Styx's eyes will be repaired along with her facial scars?
No. 361318 ID: 40cb26

"Explain the specifics on how those rings work. Due to their nature I'd much rather not rely on trial and error to work out the details."

I don't think that is something she would appreciate, somehow. For her it might disrespect the memory of what happened.
No. 361322 ID: 1854db

Well we should offer it anyway. She can always refuse it.
No. 361323 ID: a2fa74

"Yes, could you look into having people send plaguespreaders here for treatment through you instead of destroying them? I refuse to reverse a treatment to test new ideas, and clearly we can't allow people to kill them when they can at least lead semi-normal lives."

Once we have a few poison spitters treated lets cut a deal with the Elder Slime where they can move into town and start rebuilding in exchange for protecting the slimes.
No. 361325 ID: b1f0e2

rather then "refuse" say "it would be unethical"
No. 361327 ID: a2fa74

Err... Nix is right there, and saying something is unethical is NOT the same as saying we won't experiment on Nix.

nb4 Overlord/Nix/Emily OTT
No. 361331 ID: b1f0e2

uh... i meant that we will not do it because its unethical... as in, a stronger refusal.
No. 361337 ID: 6a5a08

Agreed on the Spitter-Slime symbiosis.
No. 361364 ID: d4155c

Let's just avoid unethnical as word but we should set up shop. I agree with the idea of the poison spitters forming a symbiotic relationship with the slimes. We'd need to smooth things up with both parties, but it would serve them both well.
No. 361372 ID: b9c01a
File 131968828529.png - (64.34KB , 382x500 , 314.png )

"would you mind healing another member of my team, Alice?"

>"I would if she had not refused treatment earlier."

"Did she? I'll speak to her about this later.. Well if you ask your people to send more plaugspreaders here that would be much appreciated. We still need to perfect this technique."

>"Very well. I shall see you later Overlord."

Her and her people bid Kassandra farewell and leave. Styx walks up to you.

>"It is nice to see normally again. Thank you my Lord."
No. 361373 ID: 35e1a0

"only reason it took so long was you didn't ask, and seeing you without your mask reminded me."
No. 361374 ID: 40cb26

"You've done more for me than anyone ever could, it was the least I could do in return."
No. 361376 ID: b9c01a
File 131968891794.png - (36.84KB , 257x478 , 315.png )

"The only reason it took so long was you didn't ask, and seeing you without your mask reminded me."

She places her mask back on.

>"I'd simply forgotten to wear it. But thank you again.. I'm going back to my room."

She gives a small bow and leaves.

The day is still fairly young. You can either talk to your units or go out and try to gain more money.
No. 361379 ID: 3fd4fb

We should have a conversation with Kassandra now that her friends are gone, firstly. Then onwards and outwards! Ruby and Rose need leveling, and of course we have an unending need for cash.
No. 361380 ID: 35e1a0

hmmm, alice is the only one left to talk to anything about important. lets ask her. and about why she refused healing.
No. 361383 ID: a2fa74

Go hug Nix.
"So, what do you want to do now that you have your mind back?"
No. 361386 ID: 65294c

Well, I think we'll want to see how good Nix is at fighting as well as talk to her. So talk first then fight for cash and stuff
No. 361388 ID: 40cb26

Let's talk to Kass first and we'll put her back in her other armor. Then we can see what Alices deal is, who knows maybe this whole mess made her more willing to help us?

Let's give her time before bothering her further, she needs to adjust emotionally and mentally. Taking her out fighting would do her more good than anything.
No. 361389 ID: b9c01a
File 131969123676.png - (90.24KB , 600x500 , 316.png )

Kassandra it is. You find her sitting by herself in thought. She notices you and smiles.

>"Overlord. It's still weird seeing you like this. You look more... Human."

"Hmm.. Thank you I suppose. What were you thinking about if you don't mine me asking."

>"Just about my life here. It's so different from how I was living just a few days ago. It's friendlier here.. I like it. At first I thought I'd be a slave or something and you'd do terrible things to me but everyone seems to be really happy. It's nice."

She does look happy. And it seems she changed on her own.
No. 361391 ID: 35e1a0

"you were less happy before?"
No. 361392 ID: 3fd4fb

Have a seat next to her. "What was your life like before, that it wasn't so friendly? If you don't mind telling me about it, I'd like to know."

When that's wound down:
Is she wearing a facemask? Why, when she has such a cute smile?
No. 361398 ID: a2fa74

Sit down next to her.
"Most people never realize this, but Good is not the same thing as Nice, and Evil is not the same thing as Nasty.
By now you've probably noticed I'm not really all that evil, but it's worth looking over your past in that light.
I'll save you some time and tell you something you'd figure out on your own eventually: Last week you probably thought all demons were vicious monsters. That's not true, but most of what humans know about demons was learned from the ones who are vicious monsters and attacked humans.
By the same token, most of what demons know about humans was learned from heroes coming over to crusade against demons. Make no mistake, most demons are pretty terrible, but not all of them.
I'm fumbling a bit here, but the point I'm trying to make is that it's wrong to judge other groups by the worst of them, and it's important to continually review what you know so you can make the best choices possible. Your sisters got a harsh lesson in that today; I just hope it doesn't become too harsh."
"When you feel you're emotionally ready for it, visit the slime village and spend some time talking with them so you have a feel for what they're like. Then come back and talk to Leon.

Oh, and I don't know if you were ever told this, but you're not a prisoner here. You can come and go as you please, just keep us informed on where you are so we can get in touch with you or come help if you have trouble."
No. 361400 ID: 40d63a

It was the super awesome sailor outfit we gave her. It gives her some boosts.

We gave it to her
at that time
No. 361401 ID: 40cb26

"...The old me really was terrible. More than you could imagine. To even my own people. And in the end that is what destroyed my body and mind. This time I have a fresh start and I'm taking a different path. Your approval tells me it's the right one."

then this.
No. 361461 ID: b1f0e2


lets not.
No. 361468 ID: e3bc6b

I'm relatively sure she always had that face mask. Those other girls all have one too, maybe it's a family/order/sect thing. Sisterhood of the Facemask ?

Otherwise, I'm upvoting >>361401
No. 361474 ID: bde240


I agree with letting her leave.

I disagree with the long-ass speech.
No. 361482 ID: 1854db

I hate big speeches.

Let's just ask her what her past was like rather than talking her ear off about our own motives and about how other people are horrible. I mean, that's the kind of thing we should reserve for a speech given in front of more than one person.

Also I don't think we should badtalk demons when half our troops are demons.
No. 361487 ID: 6fa1ef

No. 361488 ID: 6a5a08

Also this
No. 361492 ID: 4bdd79

No. 361495 ID: 25d645
File 131975284970.png - (112.04KB , 600x500 , 317.png )

"So what made you past life so bad?"

>"Well it wasn't really bad... I just... I don't know. It's hard to say. I was pushed around and forced to heal people who were doing bad things. Here... You guys haven't done anything terrible. And everyone here is a lot more friendly to me.. Well except maybe Alice but she's been nice lately to."

"It's because you're nice to everyone. People react to that in a positive way. So long as they're not complete jerks that is. My past self was rather evil and I've learned from that. I'm trying to be nice and you being willing to stay here shows that it's working. Also if you ever wish to visit the people in the church you are more then welcome. You are not a prisoner here."

You can see the cloth around her mouth shift as she smiles.

"If you don't mind my asking why do you wear that face mask? I can never see if you're smiling."

She laughs and pulls down her mask for a moment flashing you a brief smile before covering back up again.

>"See? I'm smiling." she laughs nervously "But don't tell anyone I did that, it's against the rules."
No. 361498 ID: 25d645
File 131975290978.png - (84.28KB , 416x500 , 318.png )

"I won't. You have my word."

She smiles again. You bid her goodbye and walk around. In the dining area you see Lenion cornering Leon.

>Leon: "G-Get away! I'm not food!"
No. 361501 ID: 1854db

Tell Lenion that if she eats him, she'll have to take over his janitorial duties.

Oh, we haven't spoken much to Lenion after getting the translator. Ask her if she has any questions or concerns.
No. 361504 ID: a2fa74

"I don't think food is on her mind. Hello, Lenion. How are you today?"
No. 361507 ID: 510737

then show her where you keep the food.
No. 361511 ID: 25d645
File 131975804988.png - (116.66KB , 600x500 , 319.png )

"He's not food Lenion, don't eat him."

She backs away from Leon and stares at you.

>"Winner, you look different."

Leon takes the chance and runs off.

>"What is it that you want?"

It's odd seeing the actual words not match the way her lips move. Her face is completely deadpan, it's hard to tell what she's thinking.
No. 361513 ID: 3fd4fb

"I had not had a chance to speak with you since we got the translation device working, and I wanted to make sure that you're not having any serious problems. Perhaps answer any questions that you have, as well; it can't have been easy coming here when unable to understand any of us."
No. 361515 ID: 40cb26

"We haven't had the chance to talk, and wanted to know a little about you and how you're liking it here. If you don't mind me asking. Also, what were you going to do to our slime friend?"
No. 361516 ID: d4155c

Ahhh, now it makes sense. No wonder she joined us. We won the fight and since she likely follows the 'strong leads the weak' code, she obeys us.

Either way, we should ask her what language she speaks and where it's from. Such a tribe can be a advantage for us.
No. 361519 ID: 1854db

Good idea.
No. 361532 ID: ac6c03

This, and ask how she likes it here.
No. 361536 ID: d97c6d

This, but I should note that she seemed to be able to understand us just fine; it was us that couldn't understand her.
No. 361557 ID: 65294c

Tell we rather be called Overlord rather than Winner. Winner makes me feel like a drug addled celebrity.
No. 361561 ID: d4155c

But.. winners don't do drugs!

Also, may want to talk to the elder slime some time about all this. Maybe after some good old grinding.
No. 361575 ID: b9c01a
File 131977782123.png - (62.03KB , 600x500 , 320.png )

"You don't need to call me winner, Overlord will suffice. Or my Lord."

>"Very well Overlord. What makes you talk with me?"

"Well I hadn't really had a chance to speak with you yet and I simply wanted to know how you were doing and how you liked the place."

>"The place is very nice and I am doing fine. A little bored. Always a fight where I'm from."

"Oh? And where are you from? Are you from a tribe?"

She nods.

>"Nhafia Tribe in The Wild. Went out alone to train. Was going to go back today but lost."

"It was a good fight, you were quite tough."

>"Thank you. I seldom lose. Good fight. Only other one to beat me was mate."

"You have a mate?"

>"Had. Here, a picture."

She hands you a beat up picture.

That thing is huge...

And clearly not human..

>"He beat me before so he was my mate. That was a good fight to."

Man how did that even work out? You'd honestly rather not consider it.

>"Still want to eat jelly man but it seems you do not want it. Matters not to me. So bored."
No. 361577 ID: 35e1a0

well we were just on our way out to fight things. and if we are in the area she came from we can... try to find her mate.
No. 361580 ID: a2fa74

"You had a mate? What happened to him?
Also, you may visit your tribe as you wish. I would like to meet them as well."
No. 361582 ID: 3fd4fb

"Sorry about that, but he belongs to me, and I don't have so many people that I can afford to have them eat each other. We'll be heading out in a bit, and there should be quite a bit of fighting if you want to come."

I got the impression that her mate was deceased, thus her use of the past tense.

Can you stop giving our minions permission to go wandering off, please? Kassandra was bad enough, but at least we knew that she wouldn't immediately get up and go; Lenion is a much less known quantity. If our minions want to leave, they should be asking us for permission to go, not taking advantage of blanket permissions that we've thrown around rampantly in hopes of extra morale. We won't be a dick about it then, but they should be the one asking us and bringing it up.

We can give them leave after a week or two, but right now we are in a delicate situation and need every last person. We're playing the nice ruler, but our ability isn't called "enslave" for nothing. What's more, people who work for us might be in danger of getting killed if they go wandering on their own, because people don't like us and that may mean they don't like our minions by extension.
No. 361583 ID: 35e1a0

i agree, let's stop telling everyone they can go do whatever.
and ask about what happened to... him.
No. 361589 ID: 40cb26

Tell her we can go to the Wild if she likes. We could use some battles against beasts, good training and rewards after all. We'll head there after we finish talking to everyone. Alice is next, right?
No. 361590 ID: d4155c

Going to the Wild is a good idea. It's pretty obvious they value strength. We train well, fight hard, and soon enough we should be able to impress them. The fact we are one of the few who could understand them can give us an advantage.
No. 361593 ID: b9c01a
File 131978291949.png - (78.14KB , 600x500 , 321.png )

"Don't worry, we'll be going out to train soon enough." You hand the picture back to her. "If you don't mind my asking what happened to your... Mate?"

She tilts her head.

>"Nothing has happened to him. You confuse me."
No. 361594 ID: 35e1a0

well then, picking him up next time we are in the area sounds like it would be a good idea.
No. 361596 ID: b1f0e2

>He beat me so he became my mate
>You beat me so I am yours
>He was my mate (not anymore?)
>Nothing happened to him

uh... I think by her people's traditions she considers us her new mate...
No. 361597 ID: a2fa74

"I see.
Come with me, then. I'm going go beat him so you'll be together again, and I need to know where he is."
No. 361598 ID: 40cb26

"You said "had" a mate, why is the one in the picture not your mate anymore?"
No. 361600 ID: f70e5e

no, i think the winner decides what happens, her mate wanted a mate, we wanted a fighter. we could offer her a chance to send a message back to her village, they might be worried. we should also try and find out more about her culture, its different enough from most we have seen that there is a real chance of us accidentally doing something she considers reprehensible.
No. 361602 ID: 35e1a0

anyway, let's go beat some people up.
No. 361626 ID: ac6c03

Cmon guys, lets not make ourselves look like a fool when its obvious what she means.
No. 361635 ID: 1854db

Yep looks like we have a straight-up harem member here. I have absolutely no idea what we used to DO with the harem members though. Did our old body have the proper equipment to fool around? Oh well, we can at least cuddle and grope and such.

Ask her for advice on your form. She's the first to really comment on it. Did she like the darker theme better? ALSO FLIRT WITH HER DAMMIT. Tell her that if you are her mate... just what does that entail? May we do with her body what we wish?
No. 361750 ID: b1f0e2

I am honestly not sure how to handle this, but I feel groping is NOT the answer.

>Equipment question
This is answered in >>360903
>"I'm not certain my lord. You and I seldom spoke. I simply worked for you. I know you were rather... Crude with some of your harem. It was a shame since you lacked the necessary parts to actually do anything. I was never allowed to enter the old war chamber so I don't know how you treated the other members of your group. I know you and Silva did spend time together outside of work often."
No. 361767 ID: b9c01a
File 131983706957.png - (58.77KB , 436x435 , 322.png )

"So... I'm your mate now?"

She nods.

"I must admit I'm not familiar with your culture. What does that mean to your people?"

She responds by lifting up her loincloth.

>"It means you are my mate. You may do with me as you wish. Until I can beat you in combat that is. Then you must do as I wish."
No. 361771 ID: b9c01a
File 131983713229.png - (72.34KB , 436x435 , 323.png )

At that moment Ruby enters the kitchen. She sees Lenion and quickly turns back around and walks away very quickly.
No. 361776 ID: 28a1c9

That looks like it was awkward.
No. 361777 ID: 476456

Be really awkward, but on purpose. Just to see if it throws her for a loop.
No. 361780 ID: e3f578

"I'm a construct, The Overlord. I do not mate. I am a leader. I give orders. Your previous mate, I declare, still holds your role as mate where I'm your leader in war and combat. I give you quarters and equipment, your mate fulfills personal desires. Or any mate you personally want if you prefer that. Just, not me. And since you have 'mate' as your terms, I'm curious if you have any kids yet?"
No. 361781 ID: aef7cc

Huh. Tell her we are a construct and don't wish for anything, but if SHE wishes we could get some junk installed for her. Tell Styx she has a 200 gold budget for penis design. Lenion can design any penis she wants within that budget.
No. 361787 ID: 1854db


Okay uh this is super awkward but put your hands on her shoulders and tell her that you won't do anything to her unless she wants you to. Also that you don't have any junk. She should put her loincloth back down, then we call Ruby back in to explain what that was about. Is that a new hat she had?
No. 361789 ID: a2fa74

"That's sort of like how things work here, except you don't become the mate of the person who beat you. You keep your old mate, you just have to follow orders."
No. 361793 ID: 510737

those...both of them :3
No. 361801 ID: 4bdd79

Just do this.
No. 361803 ID: 252e1b


Yep. This is what we're going to do.

No. 361804 ID: 1854db

Okay wait no let's not blow TWO LEVELS OF UPGRADES on a dick! Seriously. We don't need a Super Penis 9000. In fact since our previous body didn't have one I can assume there was some sort of reason for that. Like, maybe we can't actually get one. (I would actually prefer it if this quest didn't really involve sex at all)
No. 361810 ID: 510737

(it wouldn't have to be outright! it could be offscreen..or something.)
No. 361811 ID: b9c01a
File 131984046738.png - (71.77KB , 423x500 , 324.png )

"No no no. I am a golem. I can't even do that. Put your loincloth down."

She lowers the cloth.

"I give orders and lead my troops into combat. Mating with them won't exactly help me in any way. Just.... Let your last mate continue being your mate."

>"Okay, if that is what you want. But then I have no reason to listen to you."

"... Never mind then. I just need you to fight for me, nothing else."

>"Very well."

She starts walking off.

>"I would like to fight in Lily Island or the Wild. Very good fights there."

And with that she leaves
No. 361814 ID: f1f5ae

Let's honor her people's tradition. I don't see why not. We just need to get the proper equipment and we're good to go.
No. 361818 ID: 3fd4fb

All right, I think that is enough talking to our minions for now. Let's go hunting. We need to get money and level our people.
No. 361821 ID: aef7cc

She needs dickings for loyalty. If 200 g is too much, then let's just grab a 50 g strapon or something. She is our best troop, we can't lose her because of prudishness. Tell her that we did not understand that she required this and will upgrade as appropriate since she just made clear that sleeping with her WILL help us lead and command her.
No. 361824 ID: 1854db

NOTE: She doesn't need sex to be loyal, she just expected that to be part of the deal. It seems that she just wants some good fights. If we want her to be loyal, we should go to those areas. She is BORED.

So let's go hunting.
No. 361829 ID: ac6c03

no she does not, read >>361824
Lets check out Lily Island, its team-building hunting time!
No. 361833 ID: b1f0e2

Now why did you have to go hurting the poor girl's feeling by rejecting her that way. By that I mean telling her we only want her as a soldier.

Respect her culture. She can be our mate, in our harem. It doesn't mean we have to have sex (of which we are incapable of).
No. 361925 ID: 40cb26

I think we have more talking to do with our team, at least set Ruby straight about what happened lest disruptive rumors get around. And also what exactly Solaris is capable of. Anything else can wait until later.
No. 361926 ID: 35bcde

I too vote for installing a retractable penis.
No. 361928 ID: 6e44d2

Hell yes.
No. 361929 ID: d4155c

I vote against it. Seriously? We try to build up our reputation and be respectable and you want to go right back to the sort of stuff that gave old over lord a bad rap? Bad idea.

Besides, you have to KNOW that having that and a number of loyal servants vying for us will cause petty squabbles, drama, love dodecahedrons and most likely cause too much strife this early on. Last thing we want is them to fight and kill each other to 'appease' us.
No. 361930 ID: f70e5e

do I really need to say why screwing our minions would be an insanely bad idea? not to mention installing a sex drive opens up a whole avenue of attack for anyone who is willing to us honytraps.
No. 361931 ID: 6a5a08

No making Styx install a penis.
Find Ruby and explain situation.
No. 361932 ID: 35e1a0

sex DRIVE? you mean us? kidnapping is kidnapping, regardless if they take one we are sleeping with or not. rose is part succubus, a demon of sex, and emily has infinity loyalty, i do not see them being jealous. megan is professional about it. lenion would probably think having many mates to be a sign of strength.
No. 361934 ID: d4155c

First off, Rose is part succubus and I don't think it's wise to bring that out because chances are it would likely wreck her mind. ESPECIALLY since we just told her we were happy for her being her and NOT a succubus. Second, just because Emily is 100% loyal doesn't mean she can't feel jealousy. Megan did not once talk to us about sex other than poking the mimic is bound to be a bad idea.

Finally, Lenion is from a tribe who picks their position through strength. Multiple mates means competition which can mean her trying to reach the alpha position by RIPPING OUT THEIR THROATS. None of these things I see as good.
No. 361935 ID: b1f0e2

Very well put. Also it would derail the heck out of the quest.
No. 361936 ID: b9c01a

don't forget there's a DIS so please move all discussion/arguments/opinions that aren't related to the immediate problems there.
No. 361937 ID: b9c01a
File 131986994720.png - (123.89KB , 638x500 , 325.png )

You decide to just drop the issue for now. Ruby seems to have just vanished and thinking about this is giving you a headache.

You gather up your group and teleport to The Wild. You can fight here or go to the tribal village.
No. 361940 ID: 65294c

Fight a 10 or a 12 for loot, then visit tribal village for quests.
No. 361941 ID: d4155c

Hmmm... a 15 should work. It seems the strongest for a bunch of them are 5s, so we could get a pretty balanced fight. Not to mention there are likely a few beasts we can tame.
No. 361942 ID: a2fa74

Visit the tribe first so we can scan her mate. If we can beat him up then lets do that and enslave him, since then we can make him keep treating her like a mate.
No. 361943 ID: 35e1a0

that's assuming he even lives in the place.

anyway, yeah a 15 with 5s seems good.
but i suppose a detour to the town is fine.
No. 361947 ID: 40cb26

First off, let's send Rose and Emily to that 15(1). It doesn't look difficult for even one of them, but I wouldn't want them ganged up on... let's send Solaris too just in case. Should be a fair bit of loot even at level 1.

Then we can handle the 15(5).
No. 361948 ID: 35e1a0

wait, what if the 15(1) is a swarm of slimes? would make us a super hypocrite. give them a sub order that if it IS a bunch of intelligent monsters then to retreat.
No. 361949 ID: 40cb26

We can't go around avoiding every sentient of semi sentient creature, we aren't *that* nice. Slimes outside of the elder slimes territory are fair game, I say. Besides something is sure to kill whatever is out there... and since when do slimes gang up in numbers like that?
No. 361951 ID: 35e1a0

for protection. they group together and work as a team. which means they could do a fusion tech and turn into a single massive lvl 15 slime.
No. 361953 ID: 40cb26

...On second thought let's handle everything here personally, no away teams. Too many unknowns.
No. 361954 ID: a2fa74

What if it's a swarm of Plaguespreaders?

Lets visit the tribe and gather information FIRST, since then we can learn about quests in the area we can keep an eye out for. We can also gather information about what KINDS of foe we'll encounter here.

Also, we can see if they have any detachable construct penises.
No. 361970 ID: 1854db

We can't send people to solo in zones that are near their level. It has to be really easy for them. 15(5) sounds good. What's with that one at the top? It looks like a 165(5)

You should drop it. Lenion doesn't dick to be happy. Word of God.
No. 361987 ID: 13ed99

we'll attach a penis if a monster drops it... and we have the courage to pick it up.
No. 362007 ID: 1e3433

>penis penis penis
We've got fingers and a mouth, thats plenty enough to give jungle girl a good time.
No. 362008 ID: 510737

our mouth is a magnet so I doubt we can use that... but yeah I see your point.
No. 362013 ID: 6fa1ef

15(5) or the village sound good.

Also, let's drop it with the sex stuff. Only thing Legion's really expressed a desire for is interesting fights. The 'mate' thing seems to be more out of cultural expectation than actual desire. Also no one else's even brought up the subject of sex.
No. 362020 ID: 3fd4fb

Avoid the village until we've done some fighting. Stop thinking about sex until after we've gotten our fortress repaired.

Our available troops, with level noted:

I'm thinking that we break up into the following teams:
Overlord, Rose, Ruby, Nix
Emily, Alice, Kassandra, Silva
Lenion, Solaris

Then we have each group take on a different location and meet up after each battle to share loot, see how things went, and perhaps swap members if necessary.
No. 362027 ID: 1854db

I don't think you understand.

We can't send troops around like that. We can send people out to battles that are like half their level. Collective level.
No. 362036 ID: 6a5a08

+1 to 15(5)
No. 362070 ID: 40cb26

We are also limited in sending out troops with low loyalty, it needs to be 4 stars minimum. So actually my idea with Rose/Emily/Solaris wouldn't have worked, but it could with Kassandra instead of Solaris. I don't remember about the total level restriction, sounds more like a guideline.
No. 362103 ID: c79bd1

I think we should head to the village first. I want to see what kind of place Lenion comes from. Also, I feel its better to investigate first before running around hunting. Not that hunting is a bad thing.
No. 362118 ID: bd7cc2

I also vote for village first. If all the encounters are with members of Lenion's tribe, we might have to worry about picking up a horde of them if we defeat them. We should check the village first to make sure.
No. 362153 ID: 0a8688
File 131993356382.png - (62.06KB , 600x500 , 326.png )

You decide to visit the Tribal Village. For once the village isn't completely obliterated.
People who look similar to Lenion travel about carrying baskets. A few of them are accompanied by beasts of various shapes and sizes. In the center of the village there is a larger building with markings on it and two guard towers.
To the left of that are a few stands that could count as shops of sorts. You see people buying stuff with gold so it seems they do have an economy.
No. 362155 ID: 35bcde

Dunno, look for a wise woman or something. Someone who looks both intelligent and bored. Ask him/her about the whole "I am someone's mate but don't have junk" issues.

Avoid specifics.
No. 362156 ID: 1854db

It's not an issue, dammit. Lenion doesn't really care.
No. 362167 ID: 3fd4fb

Lenion's bit has made me somewhat paranoid that someone might challenge, defeat, and subsequently enslave us and/or our companions here. Ironic, given that's exactly how we operate, but we're just not that high-level to be able to stop them right now. I have no desire to meet any of their heavy people for that reason.

Lenion would likely be able to tell us who is where in this village, if she's already here with us. After that, maybe check the shops and leave.
No. 362169 ID: 40cb26

Get Lenion here, ask what's what. She has the translator, right? If you need to equip it yourself to understand everyone then you should do so.
No. 362226 ID: 35e1a0

the central building would probably contain the leader and any wise-people. lenion should translate and get us a meeting.
No. 362228 ID: a2fa74

Ask Lenion to take you to their leader and ask if there is anything they need traded.
Also, and more importantly, find Lenion's mate and scan him completely.
No. 362253 ID: 13ed99

go on a shopping spree.
No. 362344 ID: 1854db

...yeah let's see what's in the shops.
No. 362375 ID: c79bd1

I'm not really too interested in the shops, honestly. I'd much rather find out more about the social ramifications of defeating Lenion. How does the village see that? How does Lenion's mate feel about this? And what we can do to resolve any ill intent, and turn this towards our benefit?

To this effect, I think we should either find Lenion's mate or someone in charge or otherwise in a position to explain this to us.

Let Lenion guide us if she wants.
No. 362570 ID: b9c01a
File 132003969097.png - (75.15KB , 329x385 , 327.png )

"Hey Lenion, think we can see your leader?"

Lenion nods and takes you into the big hut. You noticed that there are no guards inside and the place is almost empty save for a throne and a older woman sitting in it. She glares at you.

>Queen: "What?"
No. 362571 ID: a2fa74

"Meeting leaders, seeing if there's anything they need that could improve relations."
No. 362573 ID: 1854db

Tell her you're a man for hire with a small army at your disposal. Has she got any tasks that need doing?
No. 362577 ID: b6edd6

Don't do this. Asking if she has military things that need doing would imply that she can't just crush the problems herself, which would be a large insult considering their culture.
No. 362579 ID: b9c01a
File 132004086125.png - (251.37KB , 600x500 , 328.png )

"Greetings. I am just a man looking for some work to do. Are there any jobs you need done around here?"

She stares at you a moment longer.

>"The fact that you have one of my own shows you are strong. Very well, I do have a job I need done. An object I was borrowing was stolen from me be a Esper. I want it back, no matter what the cost."

"What's the object? And where was it taken?"

>"The object is... A ball. I assume it was taken to psicrest but I am not certain on that. If you can get it for me I'll be sure to give you a nice reward."

She hands you a flier showing the ball and a G6,000 reward. It says that the thief is a girl who had green hair and wore an ornate headdress.
No. 362580 ID: 40cb26

Spiffy. But as nice as getting that loot would be right now, we have a team that needs training and a whole island of things to beat the stuffing out of.
No. 362584 ID: b6edd6

Does this ball have any abilities that you are at liberty to tell me of? The girl will likely attempt to exploit such abilities while attempting to keep possession of the ball, and knowing more about the ball would help in discerning the real ball from a decoy.
No. 362585 ID: 1854db

Tell her you'll look into it.

Shops next?
No. 362613 ID: a2fa74

"I will, of course, look into this. However, I would like to know if it has any unusual properties that could complicate its recovery."

Why have you not scanned her?
No. 362672 ID: 6a5a08
File 132007949638.png - (248.59KB , 426x733 , Terra_alt.png )

>Green hair
>Ornate headdress
We're fucked
No. 362895 ID: 13ed99


oh. oh fuck.
No. 363184 ID: 8d592b
File 132021483241.png - (72.88KB , 527x282 , 329.png )

"Is there anything we should know about the orb before trying to retrieve it?"


Well that answers that..

"Very well, I will look into this. Thank you."

You decide to leave. Hmm.. Most of the stores here simply sell food. Most of the foods they sell look rather exotic in nature. It's an unneeded luxury at this point.

You decide to check out the battle fields again.
No. 363186 ID: 35e1a0

10(5) looks good.
No. 363200 ID: 1854db

I say 15(5).
No. 363202 ID: 6a5a08

No. 363206 ID: 1c56ea

No. 363214 ID: 4a7115

I say ?. I want to see what it is
No. 363222 ID: 6af537

> Overlord enters the area. Something happens, Overlord dies.
>But we...
No. 363229 ID: f78d49

No. 363279 ID: 8d592b
File 132027138890.png - (71.32KB , 511x282 , 340.png )

"Emily, what do those question marks mean?"

>"Ah those are special fights. They're unique in that only one unit can enter and there's no chance of death. The rewards are super random sometimes though.."
No. 363281 ID: 40cb26

No chance..? Me likes. Combine that with our revive rings and we have an easy win. Maybe. Certainly without much risk.

Wait, do the rings reset after every battle or what? Maybe we should be more careful with them?
No. 363283 ID: 35e1a0

rings are single use unless we can find someone to recharge them.
No. 363284 ID: 40cb26

And we never got information on what that entailed. Fine, no rings when not needed.

Let's hit the ? on the top left.
No. 363287 ID: f78d49


with emiry.
No. 363303 ID: 1ef711

You need to look at the questdis. It was discussed there. The rings have a single charge that is used upon reviving a unit. So we can keep it equipped on our squishies, and it will be used when we need it.

It will cost a whole bunch to recharge them, but it's well worth it.

A ? encounter seems interesting. If only to try it out. I would almost say, let Lenion do it to have some fun.
No. 363650 ID: 767fea
File 132044863913.png - (224.51KB , 800x800 , 341.png )

You decide to take the ? battle.


Special Stage Set.
Win conditions: Defeat Wandering Creature. Prize: Unit Reels.
Conditions: No Ranged Attacks.
Limit: 1 Unit.

Placement Phase.
No. 363652 ID: e3f578


5 spaces straight down from enemy
No. 363653 ID: 1854db

Welp, Lenion goes in I guess, that's why we're here! Closest tile there is, directly in front of it.
No. 363657 ID: 453e62

yeah in a melee brawl lenion would be the best. equip her with a ring.
No. 363662 ID: 3947e9

that's a horrible waste of a CONSUMABLE ring that costs LOTS OF MONEY since you cannot die in this battle.
No. 363663 ID: 453e62

they aren't consumed, they just use a charge. and it would act as a double health. on lenion that makes her HP VERY impressive. ad if she doesn't drop to 0 hp it wont activate. so basically, if e need it, it's there. if not then we can still use it later.
No. 363664 ID: 6a5a08

Is that a gnome?

Send Lenion, with no ring.
No. 363670 ID: 767fea
File 132045100390.png - (229.63KB , 800x800 , 342.png )

You deploy Lenion into the fight.

>"Finally, battle."

Your move.
No. 363671 ID: 1854db

No reason to hang back. Advance 3 squares and whip it.
No. 363672 ID: 453e62

whip it good.
No. 363673 ID: 767fea
File 132045131810.png - (27.81KB , 475x309 , aww snap son is dat a revive ring.png )

Revive rings all have 1 charge that acts only when a unit is killed in battle. When used the unit is immediately brought back with full health but can not move the next round.
The ring then loses it's charge. The charge can be... Well charged again for a fee.
The ring is not bound to a character and can even be put on during the Item Phase!
Revive Rings are awesome! Any other questions go in the DIS.
No. 363675 ID: 40cb26

Wait, is a whip a ranged attack, or considered melee? Reach is what I would call it but I'm not sure what applies here.

And what happens if we break the rule?
No. 363677 ID: 767fea
File 132045169570.png - (234.73KB , 800x800 , 343.png )

Lenion rushes forward and attacks the... Gnome thing with her whip. She misses.

>"!!! Impossible!"
No. 363678 ID: 767fea
File 132045172630.png - (229.56KB , 800x800 , 344.png )

The Gnome runs off.

Your move.
No. 363679 ID: a2fa74

Full run towards that thing.
No. 363680 ID: 40cb26

I wonder if that was because of the whip attack? This looks like a hassle in any case. Give chase!
No. 363681 ID: 1854db

Yep. We have to stay close to it. Though, move so that it's between you and the wall. That way it's harder for it to run away.
No. 363682 ID: 453e62

no, don't run full. it could be a trap. regular move.

also, thing is obviously a quick little fucker.
No. 363686 ID: 4bdd79

It's escaping! Move in and take it down quick!
No. 363689 ID: 767fea
File 132045355813.png - (233.43KB , 800x800 , 345.png )

Lenion runs after it.
No. 363690 ID: 767fea
File 132045358041.png - (233.32KB , 800x800 , 346.png )

The Gnome runs away again.
No. 363691 ID: 453e62

move downward a bit, it will be forced to get closer to you.
No. 363694 ID: 1854db

10 spaces?! It must have a move rate of 5.

We need to get it in the corner and then be 5 squares away to make sure it can't get away.

We can't do that this turn though. So, just run towards it again. Directly towards it. Next turn we will be able to position ourselves to attack again, no matter what it does.
No. 363695 ID: 40cb26

Run to the diagonal bottom left, leave as little room for it to to run as possible.

If possible lets equip the speed increasing shoes first.
No. 363776 ID: ac6c03

Try talking to the Gnome, he is obviously afraid of you.
No. 363965 ID: d97c6d
File 132060958607.png - (249.88KB , 800x800 , It marks the spot.png )

Can Lenion equip the shoes? If she can, she should run to the X in this picture. Once she does that, it'll only have one square that puts it out of our range. If it doesn't go there, move up to it and attack it. If it does go there, move one square closer to it, then move to attack it on the following turn.
No. 364000 ID: b8e8f7
File 132061638772.png - (234.46KB , 800x800 , 347.png )

Lenion can equip the shoes and she does so. In a normal battle she wouldn't be able to do this again though and can't give them to someone else once she equips them until the battle is over.

Lenion burst runs to the gnome covering a larger area
No. 364001 ID: b8e8f7
File 132061641506.png - (235.34KB , 800x800 , 348.png )

The Gnome runs away.
No. 364003 ID: 453e62

perfect! move in an whip the shit out of it!
No. 364005 ID: 1854db

Sic 'em.
No. 364009 ID: b8e8f7
File 132061711256.png - (234.60KB , 800x800 , 349.png )

Lenion moves to the Gnome and Whips it but misses wounding herself for 5 damage! The Special Arena negates her self-inflicted wound.
No. 364010 ID: b8e8f7
File 132061714170.png - (231.97KB , 800x800 , 350.png )

The Gnome runs away.
No. 364014 ID: 1854db
File 132061750791.png - (231.21KB , 800x800 , orders.png )

Run to this location. There is nowhere that the Gnome can run that you will not be able to reach next turn.
No. 364016 ID: 453e62

rage mode if we can, if not then keep cornering it so it has to move closer to run. and trying to hit it.(start playing yakkity-sax)
No. 364017 ID: a2fa74


Also, put on those sprint shoes.
No. 364019 ID: d97c6d

Wait... He moved 11 spaces! Damnit, just what is this thing's SPD?
No. 364027 ID: b8e8f7
File 132061810770.png - (113.90KB , 500x500 , 351.png )


Lenion has gone Berserk.
No. 364030 ID: e3f578

That usually means speed and attack increase at the cost of being unable to use tactics right? Well, shit, so far this battle has required no tactics so fuck it, let's do this Lenion fuck the system hes dead.
No. 364031 ID: 1854db

Go to this location regardless.
No. 364033 ID: 453e62

murderlize it.
No. 364034 ID: b8e8f7
File 132061883141.png - (100.55KB , 500x500 , 352.png )

Lenions Murderlizes the Gnome.
No. 364037 ID: b8e8f7
File 132061895884.png - (50.69KB , 500x500 , 353.png )

Lenion gains XP.

Choose your prize.
No. 364039 ID: 453e62

uhhh, hmmm, the crap is a unit reel?
No. 364040 ID: a2fa74

No. 364041 ID: 5004a5

Gnomes, huh. What are THEY good for?

I'd say get the unit reel. It sounds interesting.
No. 364042 ID: e3f578

Need more info!
Was it censored for blood and gore or did Lenion rape it to death?
No. 364043 ID: 453e62

from the fact a chunk was in her mouth i am sure gore.
No. 364044 ID: b8e8f7
File 132061964167.png - (11.87KB , 460x424 , 354.png )

Unit Reels:

Select a unit. They are they forced to go through the unit reel. The prizes vary based on the roll.
No. 364045 ID: f31dfc

That's... not bad really. We do it to rose and she'd most likely get a bigger bonus than most due to her gear and such. Besides, the number of 'bad things' are rather small compared to the large number of good things.

Of course we can tame and get the loot if I recall so we do well there. So yeah, if we use it, use it on Rose.
No. 364047 ID: 1854db

Oh hell yes.

Use it on Rose.
No. 364049 ID: 3fd4fb

This is a one-use consumable?
No. 364050 ID: b8e8f7
File 132062030850.png - (68.03KB , 500x500 , 355.png )

You use Rose for the Unit Reels. She spins it and the dial lands on 33 granting her G1,000.

>"Oh sweet."

You can spend G1,000 to spin again.
No. 364052 ID: a2fa74

Lets upgrade the SHIT out of our castle!
No. 364054 ID: 453e62

the odds of getting something better then this are rather low, so let's not.
No. 364055 ID: 453e62

also, since they took the risk we should buy lenion and rose better shit with this.
No. 364056 ID: 3fd4fb

There's only 5% odds of something going wrong, and some of those options are really good, though...

I'd push for reeling again if we had money to spare, in hopes of getting Rose to level or gain subclasses/improved classes. Unfortunately, we're poor as shit so G1,000 is too high a price tag. Another time, I suppose.
No. 364059 ID: f6106a

Don't roll again. While most of the options are good, most aren't better then G1000.
No. 364064 ID: b8e8f7
File 132062119364.png - (65.07KB , 511x282 , 356.png )

You decide to keep the loot instead. While the prizes are good G1000 is just to good to give away to lady luck.

What now, more fights or the store? There are still two more ? battles.
No. 364066 ID: 453e62

our team is pretty diverse, i am sure we can do more ?
No. 364070 ID: 35bcde

Nah. Gambling is addictive and also stupid. Lets build ourselves a courtyard.
No. 364077 ID: 35bcde

Or a flotation device. I'm flexible.
No. 364082 ID: 5004a5

I say take on a real fight to see what the current fighters can do. Either one of the strength 17s or the strength 18 battle.
No. 364086 ID: 40cb26

There is no rush, the ? battles are without risk and gives us who knows what. I don't think it's all reels, but if it were that'd be ok too. Let's just finish them all and then head back to spend what we have.
No. 364088 ID: 21a619

Boos Baatal
No. 364099 ID: 979c05

No. 364106 ID: 4bdbd2

Oh hell no. That's a level 20 opponent on that square, we're far too weak for now.

Speaking of, we really need to grind Emily and Rose because even though they're our oldest and most devoted servants, they're also our weakest right now.

They're level 4 right now if I remember correctly, so let's hit one of the 15/5 one. Or we could send them to hunt by themselves, but only if it get them XP.
No. 364114 ID: b8e8f7
File 132062414175.png - (183.76KB , 685x711 , 357.png )

You decide to send Rose and Emily out to gain more XP while you take on the ? battle again.

Special Stage Set.
Win conditions: Subjugate Devoted Angel Trainee
Prize: Unit Reels 2
Conditions: None.
Limit: 1 Unit (Any unit can now subjugate).

Placement Phase.
No. 364117 ID: 40cb26

An angel? Heh... Kass!
No. 364118 ID: f31dfc

...sooooo the point is to SUBJUGATE the angel. Make it join us willingly.
...Kasandra. She is our nicest character and the closest to being considered 'holy' plus she has high loyalty. Not only that, she has minor charm and some attack power with her dress. Best fit really.
No. 364122 ID: 40cb26

I'm pretty sure that has no effect when she is the only unit, since it only effects the odds of being targeted.
No. 364123 ID: 6a5a08

Kass or Nix.
Kass because Kass.
Nix's reason being the fact that we just cured her of an incurable disease.
No. 364127 ID: f6106a

That's... a very good point. Changing vote to Nix
No. 364138 ID: 1854db

I wanna say Kassandra.
No. 364139 ID: 40cb26

Well... I could see an angel talking to Kass and thinking she is just being fooled. Nix might do better, although there's a bit more chance of a negative reaction. Plus who knows if she has all the sense needed, and Kass can talk about Nix as well. She wouldn't remember much of anything before her being cured anyway.
No. 364143 ID: a2fa74

Kass or Nix.
No. 364200 ID: b8e8f7
File 132064151204.png - (191.92KB , 685x711 , 358.png )

Kassandra is sent out.

Your move.
No. 364203 ID: 3fd4fb

Kassandra should unleash her incredible diplomatic skills, starting with looking adorable.
No. 364204 ID: 40cb26

Be strong Kass! Talk to the angel, Subjugate it by convincing it of the righteousness of your cause! Which is... uh... "learning how to cure victims of the plague", "keeping the demon realm from going out of control" and "preventing a powerful evil artificer from doing harm". Yeah that'll do.
No. 364216 ID: 1854db

Kassandra, be honest. Introduce yourself and tell her your story. Ask her if she wants to come with you and help the cause, for the greater good.
No. 364281 ID: 9c8d4f
File 132067571319.png - (84.54KB , 202x255 , lovefreak.png )

>angel trainee



start talking about love.
No. 364306 ID: 6a5a08

It's funny because we're supposed to be an evil overlord.
No. 364723 ID: b8e8f7
File 132087551390.png - (105.36KB , 600x500 , 359.png )

>"Uhm... Uhm... Uhm... Hi and uh... You should join us cause uhm... We're nice and we uh... W-we got cures and uhm... w-we helped the slimes and... Oh no I'm messing up aren't I..? I'm terrible at this..."

>Angel trainee: "!!!"

The Angel Trainee is almost subjugated.
It skips it's move, your turn.
No. 364724 ID: 453e62

take a deep breath, calm down, you are doing fine. after you are calm confidently say "you should join us so we can spread love and peace to the world!"
No. 364730 ID: 510737

fall down on your knees and start making gentle sobbing noises. that'll get em!
No. 364739 ID: a2fa74

"We got a plague spreader its mind back and the sisters of my order are willing to help us make the world a better place! I don't like fighting!"
No. 364741 ID: 6a5a08

"Um, well, there's this evil tinker... we're trying to stop her. Do you think you might, maybe, be able to help..? Please?"
No. 364743 ID: 2f64c9

No. 364744 ID: 2f64c9

No. 364745 ID: 2f64c9

No. 364754 ID: 3fd4fb

"There are so many mean people and problems... Please?"
No. 364812 ID: 9c8d4f

I was gonna say flash your tits, but nevermind.
No. 364853 ID: f70e5e

say this. its way to adorable to not work.

hey 2f64c9, are you having some sort of technical difficulty? sometimes if you refresh after hitting reply it will multipost. if you check the check box on the extra posts(upper left hand corner of the box the text is in) and hit the delete button on the bottom right corner of the page it will get rid of the extra posts.
No. 364877 ID: 12a086

No. 365009 ID: 8d592b
File 132100442835.png - (121.53KB , 500x669 , 360.png )

"T-there are uhm... P-problems and uh.... Oh no why do I keep messing this up...."

Kassandra starts crying.

Subjugation successful!
No. 365010 ID: 8d592b
File 132100449566.png - (57.97KB , 500x500 , 361.png )

Choose your prize:
Unit Reels 2
Demi Angel Summon
No. 365011 ID: 35bcde

No. 365013 ID: a2fa74

How do the summon mechanics work? Does it pop in for a single action and then leave? Is it an actual creature that can level?
No. 365022 ID: 65294c


Without knowing what the summon does, I'm going for the item rolls.
No. 365024 ID: 6af537

Talk to Kassandra, dammit. Tell her she did very well.

(I think she deserves a reward.)
No. 365025 ID: 01e7ef

summon if it last for the whole battle
No. 365029 ID: bd2a40

No. 365033 ID: 6e3bc6

No. 365042 ID: 3fd4fb

How is "Unit Reel 2" different from "Unit Reel"? Is the set of results different? Does it just denote that we get two spins? Something else?
No. 365044 ID: 6a5a08

Yeah, let Kass decide.
No. 365047 ID: 9c8d4f

No. 365053 ID: a0c2e6

I'm for attempting the more permanent reward so Unit reel, unless the summon actually works multiple times or summons a persistent demi angel.
No. 365057 ID: ac6c03

No. 365079 ID: 9a34be

Summon probably works multiple times, it'd be silly if it didn't. Going for summon, even if it's a one-use temporary, it'd be interesting.
No. 365194 ID: 3947e9

No. 365199 ID: af25e0

Choose the summon.

I doubt it's single-use. At worst, it might be one-use-per-battle.

And, yes, reward Kass.
No. 365288 ID: 8d592b
File 132114041560.png - (44.36KB , 600x500 , 362.png )

Kassandra has gained the summon Demi Angel.
Kassandra has gained the sub-class Summoner.

No. 365289 ID: 8d592b
File 132114047284.png - (60.93KB , 511x282 , 363.png )

You return to the fighting area.
It seems all the ? fights are gone now.
No. 365291 ID: 453e62

No. 365292 ID: 1854db


No. 365300 ID: 40cb26

Works for me.
No. 365309 ID: 6a5a08

No. 365312 ID: 92b399

No. 365320 ID: f6106a


But first buy Nix a Rank 2 Sword rather then her wooden one and equip her with Burst Shoes. Decent hp, decent damage, immune to certain types of attacks, and can apply paralysis to her sword every turn. Upping speed to close quicker for quick paralysis is smart, and none of our units should be using something as crap as a wooden sword.
No. 365326 ID: 6a5a08

Also this
No. 365382 ID: e3f5db

Make it so.
No. 365407 ID: 8d592b
File 132117271947.png - (120.12KB , 685x436 , 364.png )

Very well, you buy Nix a Rank 2 sword and head off for the 15(5)

>???: "Well well, let's see if this one will put a fight shall we?"

Placement Phase, Limit 3
No. 365409 ID: 40cb26

Slimes, yay I guess? Let's bring Lenion for taming purposes and put her up right next to that one slime. Let's not bring Nix since I doubt slimes care about poison, instead get Kass and put her in the middle rear square. We'll test out her new summon. Then put Solaris in the back left square I want to see what she can do when she isn't a healer.
No. 365410 ID: 1854db

No. 365411 ID: a2fa74

"Oh, hey! Are you guys with the Elder Slime? Don't wanna fight allies, after all."
No. 365412 ID: f31dfc

I'd have to say that this may be a good way to learn what Broww can do. Pitting her against other slime girls will help us figure if her metamorphosis allowed her to keep some of her human talents of archery(they did throw slime if I recall).

Leonine can help in terms of getting more slimes, and Ruby can provide heavy fire support.