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File 132176807161.png - (84.12KB , 800x600 , battlequest0.png )
366586 No. 366586 ID: 1a1779

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No. 366587 ID: 1a1779
File 132176809223.jpg - (117.05KB , 749x561 , battlequest1.jpg )

No. 366588 ID: 1a1779
File 132176813285.jpg - (194.68KB , 749x561 , battlequest2.jpg )

Commander Ekia: "Tactica Command, you have a status update I assume?"

TacticaCommand: "indeed Commander-Ritualist, the exact location of the artifact has been confirmed, though the energy signature is widely out of our sphere of prediction. I have taken action to redetermine a safe landing position, landing parties have been briefed on the change of plan and are ready to implement the revised course of action. the landers are on standby I need only your order to commence this excavation mission."

Ekia: "Very well, make it so tactica-"

Tactica Command: "forgive me Commander-Ritualist, a new developement has occured."
No. 366589 ID: 1a1779
File 132176816626.jpg - (185.34KB , 749x561 , battlequest3.jpg )

Officer Mook: Tactica Command is right! an alien vessel has just jumped in from hyperspace!

Tactica Command: "Incoming Transmition from Alien vessel, auto negotiation set to begin on your order."

Ekia: "no Tactica Command, I think I'll take this call myself."

Tactica Command: "Commander Ritualist this course of action is ill advised, take caution. opening channels on your order."

Ekia: "initiate."
No. 366591 ID: 1a1779
File 132176820901.png - (268.11KB , 800x600 , battlequest4.png )

Commander Radde: "Hey! What's up, my dawgs (and assorted other mammals)? What are you doing all the way out here?"

Piyerra: "Radde..."
No. 366592 ID: 1a1779
File 132176824725.jpg - (203.93KB , 749x561 , battlequest5.jpg )

Commander Ekia: *sigh* "and to think I was just starting to relax . . . "

Radde: "Not exactly neighborly of you to set up a party and not send out invitations, even if it's a landing party."

Piyerra: "Radde."

Radde: "Kind of a shame, since it looks like we've booked the same venu-"

Piyerra: "Radde! If you ARE going to talk to them it's DIPLOMACY and I'M in charge of that! Get off the screen!"
No. 366593 ID: 1a1779
File 132176829362.png - (256.89KB , 800x600 , battlequest6.png )

Radde: "Damn it, P-R, this is a military operation and I'm the comman- oi!"

Piyerra: "Astranian vessel! I am Piyerra San-Onnka and in the - Radde, get OFF - in the name of the scellor government I DEMAND that - I said go! - that you return to your borders!"

Tactica Command:" my logic engines dictate the all lives creatures desire survival. Scellor agents on these grounds you have made an error you have passed into Astranian colonial territory and unless you leave the sector immediately this can only result in your complete and utter annihilation."
No. 366594 ID: 1a1779
File 132176833523.jpg - (176.04KB , 749x561 , battlequest7.jpg )

Radde: "Ha, you don't know us very we-"

Piyerra: "I'm pretty sure this wasn't your territory last week, and I KNOW our government hasn't formally recognized any such change! We have five ships and three hundred troops rea- HEY!!"

Radde: "Ok, that's enough."

Ekia: "Scellor As you can see you've already lost, obviously your precious undermind in it's omnipotent glory has seen fit to excise some of its defective biology, loathe as I am to obey the will of alien entities, in this case serving as a waste incinerater serves my purposes as well.
No. 366596 ID: 1a1779
File 132176839770.png - (252.88KB , 800x600 , battlequest8.png )

Radde: "That's a cute threat, plush-doll, but you seem to think we give a garg. For us, death's an inconvenience: for you, it's reason enough to get your ass-train outta here. Far as my eye sees, our forces are just about equal. And I just got a new one."
No. 366597 ID: 1a1779
File 132176844541.jpg - (235.11KB , 800x600 , battlequest9.jpg )

Ekia:"you are not the only ones with true sight fool! for all your arrogance I can feel the uncertainty in your network, and will relish in its realization of your ultimate destruction!"

Radde: "Hah. Uncertainty is what makes things fun, handlebars. We'll see you on the surface - if you get that far. Radde out!"
No. 366598 ID: 1a1779
File 132176847383.jpg - (94.29KB , 600x600 , battlequest10.jpg )

No. 366599 ID: 1a1779
File 132176849429.jpg - (82.57KB , 600x600 , battlequest11.jpg )

No. 366600 ID: 1a1779
File 132176852695.jpg - (104.67KB , 600x600 , battlequest12.jpg )



"Alert the squad, spool up the network, and bring us to condition white. We've got company."

"Looks like several companies, sir."

"Looks like. We'll find out soon."
No. 366601 ID: 1a1779
File 132176857260.jpg - (321.36KB , 800x599 , battlequest13.jpg )


>The Astranian Alliance: A spiteful people boasting mechanization, automation, heavy weaponry, and technology far beyond their peers. But, for all their technical skill, they are physically weak, complacent, greedy, arrogant, and prone to infighting.
No. 366604 ID: 1a1779
File 132176860710.png - (485.70KB , 800x600 , battlequest14.png )

>The scellor are a race of curious, hedonistic reincarnating plant/mammal hybrids, united by the will of their collective consciousness, the Undermind. Strong-willed individuals rule over the masses of mindless drones and explore the stars in search of resources to fuel their endlessly expanding population, wielding psychic power, advanced medicine and unreliable technology. Their tough bodies suffer several weaknesses, and their "immortality" makes them reckless, undisciplined and rather annoying to others.
No. 366605 ID: 1a1779
File 132176862925.jpg - (97.62KB , 800x600 , battlequest15.jpg )

>A small team of tozols, super-soldiers engineered by ancient star-gods, was quietly deployed to this planet over twenty years ago. Fast, stealthy, cunning, and preternaturally puissant, the tozols are nevertheless massively outnumbered and outgunned.
No. 366608 ID: 7f4c74

Tozzles! If one can hold back several platoons of trained and equipped soldiers, then imagine what ~10-20 can do!
No. 366609 ID: 453e62

No. 366610 ID: 6a9fdc

Tozzles, because they're the least obnoxious.
No. 366611 ID: f27b6b

omelette du scellorrrrrrrrrr
No. 366613 ID: 73eb25

Tozols, duh.
No. 366615 ID: 67008d

No. 366616 ID: 25d956

Astranians! They're really going to need our help.
No. 366617 ID: a83682

No. 366618 ID: 35bcde

Scellor if we're gonna see a lot of Piyerra. Astranians otherwise.
No. 366619 ID: 953355

No. 366623 ID: a235b4

if you guys don't choose tozols i will find and destroy you

tozols it is
No. 366625 ID: a235b4

i didn't need that tripcode anyways
No. 366629 ID: 129505

No. 366639 ID: 6f1d54


I mean Tozols. With Scellor interludes for comedic effect.
No. 366640 ID: 3bd8ec

No. 366644 ID: 1a1779

[The army choice is not permanent!]

[You will have opportunity to switch between sides several times during the quest. For now, you are selecting a side to control during Planetfall!]
No. 366645 ID: e79d6a


Er wait no I mean Tozols.
No. 366648 ID: ddc511

Scellor, if you may.
No. 366649 ID: f70e5e

tozols. the Astranian's are dicks, and the scellor are obnoxious.
No. 366651 ID: 4ae7b5

No. 366659 ID: e79d6a


Wait, Planetfall? Will Weasel make a cameo?
No. 366660 ID: a40801

Tozols. I vote this not out of personal bias but out of a sense of fairness. A handful of tozols will need the most guide in dealing with two pissed-off forces dropping on their planet if they're going to have any fucking chance at all of surviving.
No. 366662 ID: 3fd4fb

Scellor. The tozols can almost certainly handle themselves through the initial wave with their crazy stealth technology; we can switch over to them later when they're actually doing interesting things.
No. 366664 ID: 89498c

No. 366667 ID: 1e3433

No. 366672 ID: 55c4cf

i choose shrimp baby.

or scellor if that won't work.
No. 366680 ID: 385f21

Tozols, because I'm in the mood for some curbstomping.
No. 366682 ID: 2563d4

>During planetfall
Scellor. SURF'S UP, DUDES!
No. 366686 ID: 765d9c

Scellor all the way, baby.
No. 366687 ID: 9173b6

Tozols please!
No. 366689 ID: 6e44d2

No. 366690 ID: 9b6604

fuck yeah TOZOL!
No. 366691 ID: 3d67ec

No. 366701 ID: a1d7ad

Astatians, they are superior after all
No. 366704 ID: 54af1f

No. 366709 ID: 063c28

>Tozzles! If one can hold back several platoons of trained and equipped soldiers, then imagine what ~10-20 can do!

And fully equipped, too!

Tozzles or bust.
No. 366712 ID: b497b7

No. 366716 ID: db03a4

tozols, I want to see that they are like without head voices calling them fat
No. 366719 ID: f61b94

I vote for whichever currently has the least votes because I'm awkward like that.
No. 366721 ID: 44766a

No. 366722 ID: aebc1f

CUDDLE BEES, or wait... they didn't barely exist.

astranians then- closest things to bugs anyway.
No. 366738 ID: 46c430

No. 366749 ID: 95e539

Tozols for the win!
No. 366763 ID: 0d7a83

Because we must play EUROPEAN EXTREME MODE.
No. 366769 ID: 01381b

No. 366773 ID: c3ec0a

No. 366789 ID: 8c0848

No. 366798 ID: 8e18cd

No. 366809 ID: cdb8cb

Astraaaaniaaaaaans because draaaamaaaa
No. 366812 ID: d94e02

No. 366844 ID: b8207e

No. 366879 ID: 4bdd79

No. 366900 ID: cf49fc

Welp, since I abhor Scellor "morality", and find the Astranian's lack of tact distasteful, I'll go with the unknown. Tozols it is.

nozzle puns would not be out of the question...
No. 366973 ID: b79855
File 132187319414.jpg - (78.48KB , 600x600 , battlequest16.jpg )

This is Lieutenant Vaejra Alhar, a starborne pathfinder, officer of Valatan, and disembarked crewman of the cruiser Sword of Lies. Vaejra, until very recently, was having an uneventful day, in an uneventful week, in a grinding but ultimately uneventful year.

Vaejra's team was deployed to secure a relic of the old masters the ship had detected. They were only supposed to secure a landing zone for a larger force. After that, he was sent a stealthed supply drop, a hibernating technician, and a message to hold until relieved. That was twenty years ago.

He is owed a great deal of back pay.
No. 366974 ID: b79855
File 132187333315.jpg - (85.58KB , 600x550 , battlequest17.jpg )

This is Ota Karsti, his sergeant, and chief architect of the kilometers of minefields, fighting positions, and kill zones the squad has built over the years.

"This is for real, boss?" she asks. "Eight hostile ships? That's FTL warships? That's confirmed hostile?"

"Nothing's confirmed," says Vaejra. "Assume yes. Assume hostile."

"I'll help the girls get their shit together."
No. 366975 ID: b79855
File 132187347429.png - (531.13KB , 1450x1400 , BQMap.png )

This is a planet of sand and dusty rocks, baked dry from a nearby sun. However, at this spot, unnatural forces dominate the atmosphere. A gleaming, ancient spire juts skyward from a plate of solid ice, sucking vast quantities of heat from its surroundings, shifting the earth, and allowing a slender band of vegetation to survive.

From space, it looks something like this.
No. 366976 ID: b79855
File 132187354324.png - (714.36KB , 1450x1400 , BQMapTZL.png )

Vaejra knows better. His tozols have been busy, digging kilometers of tunnels, laying mines, and seeding the terrain with a network of sensors and land-lines.

He dials Anak Utaza, one of the two tozols maintaining the perpetual vigil in the frozen tower, nineteen kilometers southeast. Anak hides his surprise at the news, and confirms readiness. Anak might have been a sniper, if he weren't already a tozol. He has the best weapon of the team, an exotic and difficult to manufacture beam rifle with incredible range, power, and accuracy. Anak wants to know if he's cleared to engage aircraft.

Vaejra thinks. There's many variables at play. He's heard of Scellor, but the others are new to him. Are the aliens really sloppy enough to announce their actual troop strength? If so, his tozols are outnumbered seventy five to one.

Please suggest an action.
No. 366978 ID: 453e62

both are in mid landing, shooting now would announce to whoever is shot at that there is a third force here. for the scellor that means they would get they psychics active scanning where the beam came from. and who knows what the other could do. so no, wait until they send things to do flyovers towards their enemies. would make them think the fly over failed and overestimate how many defensive measures the enemy has.
No. 366979 ID: 765d9c

>His tozols are outnumbered seventy five to one.

Let's not announce we're here, then. Let them kill each other until the odds are better.
No. 366984 ID: 210977

sounds like entrenchment is the order of the day here.
No. 366987 ID: a2fa74

Scellor are sloppy due to not really caring about consequences.
Astranians are sloppy due to having their master-race heads up their master-race asses.

If you want to fight then the name of the game is false-flag attacks. Keep your presence hidden from them while staging strikes on one that look like they came from the other.

You could, however, attempt diplomacy with the Scellor. They're an easygoing species, and if you make it clear that you've been here for years and won't relinquish your claim then there's a very good chance they'll back down from combat in favor of negotiation.
Attempting diplomacy would sacrifice the element of surprise, so these two options are mutually exclusive.

It is not possible to dissuade Astranians from attacking due to their deeply-rooted belief that they are the rightful owners of the universe and all it contains.
No. 366999 ID: 54af1f

Don't engage yet. We need to lure them into fighting one another. They're obviously eager to do so, so let's try to get with that.
No. 367002 ID: 73eb25

Hold fire till you can take shots into the battle without immediately raising the alarm of a third hostile force.

Please tell me it's the very best kind. >>/questdis/338706
No. 367032 ID: 4912c2

"Direct application of force is a failure of tactical thinking." Don't start slappin' dicks with the enemy straight off the bat. Limit to recon for now.
No. 367035 ID: 2563d4

Stealth works better if you don't announce your presence right from the get go.

No he cannot fire at air targets. What a waste of a surprise attack.
No. 367039 ID: 3fd4fb

Our ideal endgame here is if one enemy force takes heavy losses but destroys the other completely, and then leaves the planet not realizing that we're here at all. That's not particularly likely given the forces arrayed against us, but until we realize that they've recognized our existence we should ensure that all our strikes can be attributed to someone else.

I would consider the Astranians a greater threat than the Scellor, overall. The Scellor are overly dependent upon psychic powers to which we are highly resistant if not immune, and their command structure is very vulnerable due to being concentrated in a highly limited number of self-aware individuals. We should therefore focus primarily on damaging the Astranians in a manner which leaves both them and the Scellor unaware of our presence. While that is ongoing, we should attempt to identify as many self-aware Scellor as possible, and when the Astranians are weakened enough we try to hit the Scellor with a decapitating strike.

As far as engaging aircraft- not for now. Hopefully the enemy will be foolish enough to land most or all of their ships; if they do we can attempt to destroy all enemy vessels before they have a chance to take off again. Failing that, let's keep our anti-aircraft capabilities sleeved until we need them.
No. 367059 ID: b497b7

Fuck that shit, the astranians are so one-track minded and so piss-poor at communication that even if one of them takes notice of us, they'll never manage to alert the rest of the fleet to the Tozol presence, if the individual is even smart enough to figure out "Oh hey, it's a tozol, that's kinda bad for us."

Meanwhile, a scellor sees a tozol or gets suspicious, and you get discovered a fuckton faster due to memory-sharing and psychic communication.

Damage the scellor and sabotage their efforts in every way possible, the astranians are the ones we need in charge around here if we want to remain hidden.
No. 367060 ID: b497b7

If you can actually make a deal with the astranians and never mention how tall you are you might be able to do some trade with them or even find an ally, where the scellor are just going to want to fuck you and probe your mind. Hardly useful.
No. 367085 ID: 7267f7

So hey, now that we agree to remain sneaky for a while, just how many guys do we have here? Are they all at one base or another or spread out? Any clue yet as to where the alien ships are landing?
No. 367105 ID: 6f1d54

The best weapon in a war is information. The second best weapon is the element of surprise.

No. He may not shoot at aircraft. He may not shoot at anything unless he absolutely has to.

Do we have any inflitrator-ey types? Or some way to hack into their communications and eavesdrop on what they're doing.
No. 367109 ID: 3bd8ec

Yeah it's probably better if no one knows you guys are here yet.
No. 367202 ID: f70e5e

what exactly is our objective? is it to keep either force from settling the planet or is it to secure the artifact? forcing both parties off the world is not going to happen, but we might be able to cut some sort of deal for them to leave the artifact alone. the Scellor seem more the type to keep there deals than the Astranian's.
No. 367204 ID: 1e3433

Outnumbered and outgunned while fighting a foreign power on familiar soil, I think I read this story before.
-stay mobile; towers and bases can be recaptured, the war is not lost when they are captured its lost when you die trying to defend them.
-stay mobile; hit the enemy where you outnumber them or where they are wounded or lost, then retreat before they can counterattack.
-stay hidden; if the enemy can see you you're doing something wrong, if you use a weapon that gives away your position then relocate after every shot.
No. 367232 ID: b79855
File 132196068237.jpg - (114.40KB , 800x500 , battlequest18.jpg )

The lieutenant considers his assets, beginning with himself. He's equipped with a cybernetic computer interface, a rarity these days, and specializes in information warfare. He has a broad skillset, however, and is over a century old.

Sgt Ota Karsti is not much younger, and has the stories to prove it. She knows fieldcraft, mines, traps, explosives, and every manner of entrenchment. She takes care of the squad, doing whatever she can to keep them in working order, physically and mentally.

Trooper Rinis Ayen is a tinkerer, an engineer, and an aggressive and capable warrior. Though much younger than the old hands of the squad, she's fought aliens on five worlds. This will be her sixth.

Trooper Reya Oriat is the only other member of the squad with a cybernetic uplink, and serves as backup infowar and technician. She loves to read, claiming it gives her a xenopsychological edge.

Trooper Anak Utaza is the best rifleman on the squad, and carries the best rifle. All tozols are marksmen by design, and infantry by nature, but Anak has struggled to master small unit combat, often at the expense of the technical work that's dominated the squad's life for the past two decades Despite this, he's friends with everyone in the squad.

Trooper Thaen Sinh is not native to Valatan, as the others are, and likes to tell wildly exaggerated stories of his early life on a nomad starship. He's a good mechanic, is responsible for running the base's fabricator, and the best pilot on the team.

Trooper Baj Oriat was born on this planet, the son of Reya and Anak, and is less than half as old as anyone else. To him, Valatan and tozol civilization are just one of many things he reads about, and he displays a worrying fascination with alien cultures as a result. Nevertheless, he's trusted to fight and kill.

Specialist Kaselir Vrin was deployed to this planet in a hibernation cocoon packed inside her tank destroyer, part of a rushed package to let the squad dig in for the long haul. Not being part of the original unit of pathfinders, she considers herself something of an outsider, even after all these years.
No. 367233 ID: b79855
File 132196074703.jpg - (74.36KB , 600x600 , battlequest19.jpg )

In addition to a whole stockpile of guns, ammunition, grenades, bombs, and crates and crates of mines, the squad has access to two vehicles:

A Light Dropship. It's tough, maneuerable, and still spaceworthy, but is absolutely nothing compared to the warships and fighters duelling overhead. Still, could be vital. Rated pilots: Thaen, Vaejra.

A Tank Destroyer. Kaselir nicknamed it Syel, after some old girlfriend. It's meant to have a crew of two, but can be operated by one. With so few tozols, it's Kaselir's alone, though Thaen knows how to drive it.
No. 367234 ID: b79855
File 132196086080.jpg - (337.55KB , 1303x1107 , battlequest20.jpg )

Vaejra tells Anak to hold fire, and to have Thaen activate the secondary control center set up inside the spire. The network, and its arrays of sensors and command-armed mines, can be controlled from either location.

Rinis and Baj were out on patrol. Not wanting to break radio silence, Vaejra waited until they came within range of a low-power relay to tell them the news. They're awaiting orders.

High overhead, Astranian fast movers launch from their carrier and begin strafing the Scellor landing ships. The plantfolk are moving for a landing, but are maneuvering too much to do more than guess where they're headed. Vaejra guesses somewhere to the southeast of the Spire. The Astranians may be readying to land, but they'll be using shuttles and drop pods. Impossible to estimate where they'll come.

>What exactly is our objective?
Defend the spire. Hold until relieved.
That said, tozols aren't robots. Flexibility is a cherished virtue. Abandoning the artifact and whittling the enemy down may be necessary. Be aware, though, that the spire can be controlled from inside. If the enemy secures it and uncovers its secrets, it could provide an advantage. The snow and winds around the spire could be switched off, augmenting enemy air assets, or the field could be amplified, with dangerous, unknown effects.

>You could, however, attempt diplomacy with the Scellor. They're an easygoing species
Really? Because Vaejra heard they're aggressively expansionist and have no fear of death.
No. 367239 ID: 6af537

How fast can your troops move in the tunnels? Can the Syel move in the tunnels? What happens if it shoots something in there?

I thought we might want to spread, so that wherever our guests land, there will be 1-2 tozols waiting for them. We've seen how good a single underarmed tozol can be; so the closest one will be able to spy, or at least not die embarrassingly, until the reinforcements come.

That is, of course, if you can move your troops with a reasonable speed. If not, we might want to split into 2 groups, one for Scellor projected landing site, the other for backup and/or handling Astranians.
No. 367243 ID: 54af1f

Can Anak take out the Astranian fast movers? And if so, how obvious will it be that the fire didn't come from the Scellor vessels?

Begin moving people towards the Scellor field, but don't engage yet. We should wait to see what the Astrians do before we commit to anything.
No. 367244 ID: 210977

hold that tower. dig in, and dig in deep.
No. 367253 ID: 1444d5

>Be aware, though, that the spire can be controlled from inside. If the enemy secures it and uncovers its secrets, it could provide an advantage. The snow and winds around the spire could be switched off, augmenting enemy air assets, or the field could be amplified, with dangerous, unknown effects.
Begin an immediate gradual ramp-up in the tower's output to it's maximum. For all the attacking forces know, it'd be a 'normal' automated response to their arrival. Your air assets are almost nonexistant, so denial would be entirely to your advantage. If conditions can be reduced badly enough, once the shooting starts you may even be able to take out targets of opportunity without being discovered immediately.
Of course, once someone stumbles into one of the emplaced minefields all bets are off.

On the minefields: predominantly apers, a-armour, or a mix? If it's mostly apers, then readying the tank destroyer might be good, as long as it can be kept under cover until needed.
No. 367255 ID: 5fe264

Kaselir: drive Syen through the tunnel to join the others in the Artifact.
Artifact: observe. The artifact is both factions' goal. They may head straight to it, they may not. Don't engage until the situation's made clearer. The tank, along with its gunner, are sent here in case things get hairy, for a quick retreat.
Rinis/Baj: stay close to the tunnel entrance. The jungle canopy would provide sufficient cover.
The rest: dance party.
No. 367267 ID: 4912c2

> Begin an immediate gradual ramp-up in the tower's output to it's maximum. For all the attacking forces know, it'd be a 'normal' automated response to their arrival. Your air assets are almost nonexistant, so denial would be entirely to your advantage. If conditions can be reduced badly enough, once the shooting starts you may even be able to take out targets of opportunity without being discovered immediately.
No. 367277 ID: da696f

Im not so sure sending all our assets towards directly defending that tower would be such a good idea. More than likely one of the enemy forces will try and take the tower as an observational platform or something or another, and if we get found out they find out where most of our troops are. I would suggest that we discretely set up defensive counter measures and send a few troops to the backup base to the south of the tower if things get to hot in there and Anak needs backup, and also so that they can scout out the Scellor landing party. meanwhile move most of the troops to the main base to the north away from the Scellor landing zone. Assuming the Astranians would plan for a drawn out and long conflict, they would probably set up on the north side of the valley between the river and the high mountains, but the Scellor are the only known factor we know about so lets stay out of the hot zones and keep ourselves hidden for now.
No. 367279 ID: 6e44d2

This is gonna be great.

By the way, what're the natural abilities of a fully capable tozol? The only one we've seen in action was poisoned and crippled.
No. 367303 ID: c71597

Well for one thing you should start probing the enemy computer networks. Astranians tend to over rely on AI to do a lot of their fighting. If you're able to find some ways to get into their networks and send out the wrong orders to their bots then you could probably cripple them quite a bit. Don't hack into them yet though, just see if there are any ways in or not.
No. 367313 ID: 2563d4

Keep hidden. Don't do stuff. Doing stuff means being detected. Being detected means the Astranians and Scellor don't soften each-other up first.
No. 367315 ID: 6f1d54

Hm. What do you know about the Astranians and Scellor anyways, Sergeant? Any past encounters? Or is all your info the result of debriefings from higher-ups?
No. 367319 ID: 73eb25

Fuck with astranian coms/bots/ships via e-war(veer drop pods off course, crash them into landed ships, turn bots on their masters, etc.). Attack exclusively astranians when we start the fight. Astranians are dicks but scellor will at least talk to people. Tozols also have a very large advantage over scellor psychic abilities and even regular combatants. If it comes to it we can gangbang the astranians then curb stomp the leftover scellor.
No. 367322 ID: a1becc

It is most important to stay utterly hidden from the Scellor. Their network communication is far superior to Astranians (who rely a lot on rather retarded, semi-autonamous bots) and they just reincarnate even if you kill them.

However, this also means that fighting them is a different matter than the Atranians, we are unable to simply make their whole force 'disappear forever into the void' and thus preventing them from taking the world involves just making it ' very unfun' for them to continue staying here.

Their corpses in particular can serve as bait as they WILL want to recover and recycle any 'psyckonium' (some kind of bullshit space magic metal, they love the fucken stuff.) Destroying the corpses utterly would also make this conflict TOO EXPENSIVE and make them more likely to abandon the area as a poor investment.
No. 367341 ID: 1444d5

>More than likely one of the enemy forces will try and take the tower as an observational platform or something or another
Both asides appear to be aiming for whatever the tower is, other than a mildly useful weather controller:
>the exact location of the artifact has been confirmed, though the energy signature is widely out of our sphere of prediction
>Kind of a shame, since it looks like we've booked the same venu-
No. 367515 ID: b79855
File 132204693912.jpg - (92.61KB , 700x600 , battlequest21.jpg )

"Tozols," says Vaejra.

He addresses the girls. It doesn't take long. They're to be ready to go at a moment's notice, with whatever loadout is necessary. Anti-tank, scout, auto-mortar, etc. They get to work preparing, and double-checking the base's security. Being underground and carefully camouflaged is all well and good, but this is home. Kaselir wants to wait inside Syel. Ota tells her that sounds kind of weird.

>what're the natural abilities of a fully capable tozol?
Able to sprint 180 km/h, run all day at half that speed, jump, climb, and maneuver with great agility, lift multiple tons, carry hundreds of kilograms, survive and recover from greivous injuries from weapons that would defeat power armor, hear heartbeats, sense targets at range by detecting minute air currents or shock-wave geometry, see infrared, ultraviolet, and energy signatures, hear and analyze radio, speak the nigh-unbreakable battle language, resist utterly all psionics and similar exotic weapons and sensors, alter their fur's thermal conductivity and albedo, resist biological and chemical agents, resist radiation, survive in vacuum, produce no infrared signature for significant durations, act and react far faster than most humanoids, hit a head-sized target at five kilometers, shoot down a missile in flight.
No. 367517 ID: b79855
File 132204713664.jpg - (88.80KB , 600x600 , battlequest22.jpg )

>start probing the enemy computer networks.
Unknown encryption protocols. Vaejra and Reya are literally poring it over in their brains, thanks to their implant comms. It's too early to tell, but a snatch mission may be needed, once targets land. The tozols have prepared for several infowar scenarios, but most involve going loud. Fake radio calls from remote transmitters, decoys, that sort of thing.

>Begin an immediate gradual ramp-up in the tower's output to it's maximum.
The tozols have been reluctant to explore the limits of the Spire's performance. It is not merely weather control. It draws various forms of energy from its surroundings. Mostly thermal, but at the highest tested setting, they found their weapon power-packs being drained. Cranking it up now would only cripple Anak and Thaen. Worse, it blankets the whole area with exotic energy signatures. Tozols can normally see signs of psionics, antigravity, force fields, etc, but the Spire camouflages it.

As for fucking up the battlefield... a northern volcano has been rigged with explosives. None of the tozols are geologists, so they just packed a shitload of explosives into weak looking rock and hoped for the best.

Presently, the sensor net tracks the scellor down, narrowing the landing zone. They're probably going to touch down at an island formed by rivers and a lake, at I12/I13. The land there's wet and full of marshes.

The big Astranian carrier, surprisingly, is descending as well. Strange that it wouldn't maintain standoff distance.
No. 367518 ID: b79855
File 132204730822.jpg - (80.53KB , 800x599 , battlequest23.jpg )

Anak calls in on the landline: "Sir! The carrier's launching something."

"I'm tracking," replies Vaejra. "Do you have eyes on them?"

"Yeah. They look like meteors. Speculate drop pods or bombs. Some are headed this way. Fast!"
No. 367519 ID: b79855
File 132204742917.jpg - (344.68KB , 1450x1400 , battlequest24.jpg )

Instruments track two groups of three large objects each, big enough to hold a main battle tank, plus several dozen small ones. One group will land within a few kilometers of the spire. The other, shockingly close to the base.

Reya wonders aloud if it's luck, or if they've already been found.

"Sir, should I engage?" asks Anak.
No. 367523 ID: 453e62

wait for someone that looks like a squad leader or a armored vehicle. firing at a grunt would be a waste. if you could get a communications scrambler of some kind near them when you take them out it would probably take until a general sound off until they are noticed missing.
No. 367524 ID: 453e62

actually, if you can wait UNTIL they sound off before killing them it would give maximum time.
No. 367526 ID: 5fe264

They didn't land yet.

Firing at them now would signal everyone watching the skies we're here. We havn't confirmed we lost that advantage yet. Instead, prepare to crank up the tower and scram.

Baj/Rinis: venture west but don't leave the jungle. Just enough to watch the Astranian descent.
No. 367533 ID: 786012

Right. Time to act.

I think the Spire squad will see action much earlier than anyone else. We should reinforce it.

Troop movements:
Thaen to the Northern Backup, closer to his bird.
Rinis to the Spire, he's one of the safer choices for initial hostilities.
Ota to the Spire, we'll need more tozols there.

Suggestions for dealing with the Astranian landing point closer to the Spire, codenamed A1:
While the Astranian pods are in the air, fluctuate the Spire's power in the non-dangerous ranges.
If possible with HIGH chances of success: when the pods are about to land (altitude 50~100m), lower the disturbances momentarily, and have Anak shoot one down, it'd be cool to get the biggest one, but if he doesn't feel confident in his ability to make it explode/crash TOTALLY and FOR SURE, target one of the smaller craft. We want to kill off as much of the hostiles as we can in the air, but make it look like automatic defences of the Spire, maybe even hide the beam in the atmospheric chaos. If possible, try to take down more than one of the pods.
As the pods come closer to the ground, resume Spire interference fluctuations, now in the 1/2 - 7/8 of the tested power range. We want it to screw with enemy communications, but not at the cost of interference with our weapons.

When the enemy lands at A1, crank up the Spire into 5-7/8 of the tested range, then, as the enemy is getting out of the pods, try to destroy their comms with precision strikes. We want this party to be mute for when we are slaughtering them.

Having wreaked such havoc, move in to clean the hostiles up at mid-range to CQ combat.

Regarding the second Astranian landing point, A2:
I think we can hold off engaging them. If we get lucky, they'll completely miss our tunnels and move to the Spire, thus enabling us to sneak up on them after they pass. Baj and Vaejra et al might even be able to execute pincer manuever. Don't count on it though, their tech is quite good.
The presence of Lieutenant Vaejra is intended to offset the somewhat less experienced units concentrated at Northern Backup.
No. 367534 ID: 869052

Ah, the dilemma of stealth. When do you break it for maximum advantage? Break it early, and you gareentee you have the element of surprise, but have to fight int he open in the long run. Hold onto it too long, and eventually your military intelligence can be summed up with 'Crap, I think they heard me coming.' But for now it feels way too early. If it's posible to try and nudge a drop pod towards disaster without fully exposing yourself, I suppose you can take the shot. But I'm still leaning no.

But I have a more important question about which is a worse case scenario:

- your team letting the artifact fall into the hands of a possible hostile species, or
- your team DESTROYING the artifact, so it doesn't fall into ANYONE'S hands?

Perhaps 'Fuck The Police' should be an endgame scenario.
No. 367535 ID: 210977

engage them now. better to thin out their numbers early than dealing with them later.
No. 367568 ID: db03a4

try not to attack before the other group lands and engages with them
No. 367587 ID: f70e5e

this, but with the addition of the tower spiking to near full power a few seconds(with some variation each time) before each shot. we might be able to make it look like the tower has some sort of defensive turret.
No. 367591 ID: 1854db

Do not engage unless they are an imminent threat. Allow the two forces to deplete eachothers' numbers before making yourself known and eliminating the remainders.
No. 367596 ID: 2563d4

No. 367610 ID: 73eb25

The astranians are obviously rushing. We will have to engage them before the scellor even get to attack them. No point waiting then since we just delay the engagement between us and them till they are on the ground and right on us. That plan is bust. Time for a new one.

Shoot the nice gun at one of the large meteor things that will land near the tower. Engage the one at highest altitude.
No. 367616 ID: 54af1f

Destroy the one nearest the tower before it lands. They'll detect us sooner or later, so just blow the shit out of it.

Hit the other one with the tank destroyer, assuming it can take air targets.
No. 367618 ID: 6f1d54

I doubt that they've already detected you, but to be on the safe side keep Anak on the line and tell him to keep a bead on the closest droppod. If it's definitely going to crash in or VERY near the spire, then take it out, preferably as it hits the ground as to make it look like an accident.

Is a good idea, but don't try it if you're not entirely sure as to its success.
No. 367625 ID: da696f

Is the ice near the nearby drop pod LZ solid ice all the way down to the bottom? If not, we might be able to take out an entire group of tanks if we destroy the ice and make them drop into the freezing.
No. 367634 ID: 1444d5

If the spire can be operated remotely, triggering it to ramp up to power-pack-draining levels if the Astranians approach could work, as long as the effective radius is limited.
No. 367885 ID: 54af1f

Guys. We're Tozol, not Old Masters. We shouldn't be trying overcomplex messing with the tower, we should be knifing and shooting people in the face.
No. 367899 ID: f3c121


any dickery is acceptable dickery if it is to our advantage.
No. 368030 ID: b79855
File 132222085072.png - (284.08KB , 600x600 , battlequest25.png )

Rinis Ayen runs after the northwestern meteors. Baj is behind her. He's always behind her, less experienced and simply slower. Baj is frightened but excited. He's eager to show the other tozols what he can do, sad and anxious that he isn't equipped as he'd prefer. They left the base intending to perform some maintenance, not engage hostiles. Assuming they aren't just running after a falling antimatter bomb. That would be a completely ridiculous way to die.

Rinis's worry is calculated, precise. She knows what troop landings look like. She's killed before. She intends to kill again, very soon. When she and Baj stopped off at a weapons cache, she retrieved one of her robotic mortars. She can plant it, move ahead, command it by remote, and provide artillery support for herself.

Still. She, too wishes they had some heavier weaponry. Their railguns are reliable, but weaker than she'd like...
Fusion rifles, short ranged (by tozol standards), slow firing, beastly thundersticks would be nice. An autocannon, longer ranged, more versatile, ammo hog, would provide suppression and flexibility. One of their tribarrels, perfect if they have a screen of drones or infantry. Mow those fuckers down. She just hopes they don't have heavy vehicles.
No. 368031 ID: b79855
File 132222090974.png - (97.41KB , 600x600 , battlequest26.png )

Miles away, the sun rises over Anak Utaza. He cradles his beloved weapon, a model 389 superluminal skip-rifle, a very nice gun. Its dense 25 kilograms slide smoothly down the sky in pursuit of the strangers. His finger rests on the trigger, but won't even twitch without word from its commander.

:vaejra: "Stand by. Just monitor."
No. 368032 ID: b79855
File 132222117423.png - (98.62KB , 600x600 , battlequest27.png )

Anak says "Copy" and watches the meteors streak downwards until they fall into the overcast. There's no disappointment. There's still so much to learn.
>crank up the Spire
Takes at least ten minutes to do that. Anak had only seconds.
>smaller craft
Anak saw none. Must be ghosts from the ionization trail, or decoys, or electronic warfare. Anak reckons they must have some real nice kit.

:anak: "They're down. Call it sector E6-3292. Possibly in range of the ground sensors."

:vaejra: "Confirming."
No. 368037 ID: b79855
File 132222248090.png - (202.05KB , 800x599 , battlequest28.png )

"So, who are these assholes?" asks Ota, crowding the monitor room.

"Scellor called them Astranians," says Reya. "Among other things..."

"Cracked their comms yet?"

"We're working on it. Making progress," says Reya. "Been thinking, maybe we can just step aside and let these guys fight it out?"

"No way they're gonna walk over our empty fighting holes, prepared zones, traps, and all those mines, even if they're switched off, and not notice," says Ota. "We hid everything, but these critters can't be that stupid."

"So what?" says Reya. "That just tells them enemies were around but ran away. They'll still go after the Spire. That means going after one another."

Lt. Vaejra must decide now. Kaselir is already powering up her tank. Are they going to engage the intruders, or pack up and abandon their defenses so the intruders (theoretically) kill each other?

If they're going to fight, he needs a plan. A team, a target (presumably these mechs near the Spire), an equipment loadout, and an approach.
No. 368038 ID: 1854db

Optimally we'd wait until they engage and then join the fight. Ambush, basically.

If that's not possible without abandoning passive defenses... take them out.
No. 368039 ID: 063c28

If they're going to realize there's a third party in the area even if you pull out, then you should take advantage of your preparations and fight. If you leave, then you'll have lost your largest advantage (nobody knows you're there), lost your entrenched position, and gained little.

No matter how you engage, lead up to it by jamming the shit out of their comms, and try to do something not visible to their ships. This way you'll further postpone their identification of you and limit their ability to react. If you do a good enough job, they might not even realize there's a third group of hostiles just yet. Bonus points for jamming in a way that's not obvious to people other than those being jammed, and for false-flagging as the Scellor in case some information does somehow get out.

Hey, I don't suppose you have the resources to quickly slap some markings on your personal armor and/or vehicles to identify you as members of the enemy forces? Similarly, if/when you crack their comms, be sure to spoof their IFF signals. Friendly fire incidents are fun!
No. 368042 ID: a2fa74

Munitions lying around isn't a sign of a hostile presence, it's a sign of previous occupation.

Leave the munitions live and shut down as much of everything else as you can. If it all looks abandoned then they'll focus on the obvious threat instead of chasing ghosts; battlefield hazards are simply a fact of life.
No. 368046 ID: 54af1f

Kill any that enter the spire, but otherwise let them fight it out with one another.
No. 368069 ID: 2563d4

Continue to not announce your presence.
No. 368071 ID: 453e62

engage, wait until they hit the first mines then during the explosions shoot the one with the big gun on it's back, right in it's nice exposed cockpit. may luck out and think you got void mines or something rather then a sniper. and wont expect a second shot.
No. 368075 ID: db03a4

No. 368076 ID: 0ef5d9

Melting away to let them fight eachother sounds nice until you remember that it means giving up the potent advantage of being well equipped the tozols have. At the moment, they can come up with nearly any weapon they want, and can readily get more ammo for it on short notice. The first introduction your enemy should have to your weapons' destructive capabilities is when it penetrates their armor, not when they find it lying on the ground.

Additionally sewing confusion is always nice. Tell me, does that Nice Gun do anything silly like leave a traceable line back to its firing position or create a noticeable energy signature at its point of origin? Because maybe you could take one (and only one) out with sniper fire and let them run around in a panic for a while. It would certainly slow their advance down. Might be better to wait till you break their coms though, if that seems like something that you can get done soon.
No. 368084 ID: 73eb25

Shoot the one in the center of that image with the nice gun. Aim for the pilot's head.
No. 368086 ID: 9cb4b3

pack up and leave, let them kill each other for now.
No. 368148 ID: 806251

Fuck it. Engage fast and hard. Deploy a wide range of munitions to try and get a sense what works against the enemy armor and what doesn't. Time for recon by fire.
No. 368174 ID: f3c121

Turn the mines and any automated defenses on, withing a certain radius of the tower. then, while the confusion is rife, JAM THE FUCK OUT OF THEIR COMMS.

then begin the sniping. suggest Rinis and Baj go back and get their preferred equipment, hopefully a mixture of armor penetration and rate of fire weapons, and get another two man team in with their own personal loadout.
No. 368188 ID: f70e5e

is there anyway for us to make an attack look like some form of automated response? perhaps a warning in the old masters language. something along the lines of, "attention unidentified trespasser, due to recent instability there is a (however large we want) exclusion zone around spire (random numerical designation) if you attempt to breech the exclusion zone the security system is programmed to respond with lethal force" then engage them if they enter the exclusion zone, or attempt to fire on the tower. this is of course reliant on our ability to make our fire look like its coming from some sort of automated turret. ideally they will deal with the sccelor before trying to deal with the security system. though we might want to wait until we have cracked there comms before trying this.
No. 368379 ID: b79855
File 132239477056.png - (39.33KB , 600x600 , battlequest29.png )

Lt. Vaejra: "Rinis, Baj. Monitor the second group."
Baj: "Yessir. We have eyes on the targets. Rinis is siting her mortar. Hostiles aren't advancing."
Rinis: "Stay in shadow, kid. Speculate they're a beachhead. Main landings will be here. We can disrupt their shit when they land."
Lt. Vaejra: "Noted. The rest of us will hunt the mechs in E6. We move as quickly and quietly as practical."
Kaselir: "Shit. No tank gun, then."
Sgt. Ota: "If we haul ass, we can be in position just as they enter a minefield."
No. 368380 ID: b79855
File 132239484576.jpg - (65.68KB , 600x600 , battlequest30.jpg )

Reya: "Then what, exactly?"
Anak: "It's first contact. You'll have to be creative."
Lt. Vaejra: "Thaen will coordinate from the spire command center. Anak will provide fire support."
Anak: "Blind fire. Fantastic."
Thaen: "What's our emissions level?"
Lt. Vaejra: "Short range tightbeam burst transmissions via landline relays only."
Thaen: "Better be careful with all these repeaters. Some of those haven't been maintained in awhile. I don't want to screw up arming the mines."
Sgt. Ota: "Handle it, pathfinders. Time to make some money."
Baj: "Yes ma'am! ... This is so fucking cool."
No. 368381 ID: b79855
File 132239493110.jpg - (32.87KB , 600x600 , battlequest31.jpg )

"Isn't it a little dangerous to have both infowar specialists in the first contact team, sir?" asks Reya.
"A calculated risk," Lt. Vaejra replies. "Maintain loose dispersion."
"Calculated how, sir?" asks Reya.
"Easy," Sgt. Ota intrudes. "If some scouts trash a quarter of our squad, the rest of us are dust against the whole landing force anyway."
Reya seems satisfied.
"I bet you regret letting Baj and I carve all those statues, now," says Kaselir.
"Cut the chatter," says Vaejra.
No. 368382 ID: b79855
File 132239551802.jpg - (94.53KB , 600x600 , battlequest32.jpg )

"Can they see us?" wonders Reya.
"Well, I can barely see them," says Ota. "And only with one or two parts of the spectrum at a time. Speaking of, do you see force fields, boss? I think I see force fields."
"Probable," says Vaejra.
"That's bad," says Reya. "Those don't tend to have weak spots. So how are we doing this?"

Vaejra thinks of options...

A) Pincer Attack - Split up, get closer, and engage the enemy from two directions, trying to coincide with a mine hit if possible. Most armored vehicles have weak rear armor. This would allow one group to target it. Anak provides fire support from the tower.

B) Syncronized Snipe - Follow the enemy at a distance, ready to attack. The moment one steps on a mine, have Anak engage another one, while Vaejra's team focuses fire on another. If they're lucky, they'll be able to disable all three in seconds. This can easily go wrong, however.

C) Concentrated Fire - Select a mech and have every available unit focus on destroying it first, degrading enemy firepower, before moving on to the next. Offers the lowest chance of fuckup, but a high chance of significant enemy return fire even if nothing goes wrong.

D) Delay - Follow and wait for an ambush spot further ahead. The mechs may not pass through one, however, forcing the tozols to hurriedly engage in similar or worse conditions.
No. 368384 ID: 73eb25

B/C target the one steping on a mine and a second one. Leave the third for the next volley.
No. 368386 ID: 2563d4

>Most armored vehicles have weak rear armor.
...but, but...
>Those don't tend to have weak spots.

B, then.
No. 368390 ID: 1854db

Good point, but then again we shouldn't count on luck either. I'll go with C. At this distance, I find it very unlikely that they'll be able to hit anything, if they can even see us.

...I wonder how much distance Scellor have on their remote viewing power. They could be watching this fight.
No. 368396 ID: 54af1f

Let's go with B/C
No. 368397 ID: 54af1f

To clarify, try B, but get in position to immediately do C if it doesn't work.
No. 368422 ID: 6f1d54

A and C combined, especially if you coincide with a mine hit. You gain the advantage of the chaos that results in an explosive going off (enemy confusion, dirt thrown up in the air creating a smokescreen effect), as well as additional confusion due to attacking from two entirely different locations.
No. 368443 ID: 5aae31

No. 368445 ID: 453e62

shields have no weak spots. they have weak armor though.
No. 368494 ID: ce4a4d

You should make it a priority to see what the shields are particularly strong or vulnerable against. Will they simply absorb X joules of energy before collapsing, or do certain types of weapons affect them more? Are they stronger against a single point of impact, like a beam or railgun, or against something like an explosion? This is stuff you need to know for optimal killin'.
Therefore, B.
No. 368496 ID: f27b6b

No. 368531 ID: 5fe264

I like B. Let's go with B.
No. 368585 ID: da696f

B seems to be the best tactic for our low numbers.
No. 368614 ID: b79855
File 132253688407.jpg - (99.32KB , 600x600 , battlequest33.jpg )

The tozols silently follow the interlopers into the mine field, observing undetected. With the astranian codex cracked, they can even listen in.

Scout6: "- thought for sure I saw something"
Scout3: "We detected large amounts of indigenous life forms from orbit."
Scout6: " . . . Well, they better not get in my way!"
ScoutLeader: "Come on, squad, press on. The scellor aren't going to kill themselves!"
Scout6: "Hell, with their immortality maybe they do, ya know, for kicks."
Scout3: "Energy spike! Location-"

An antitank mine detonates, shaped plasma lancing upwards.

ScoutLeader: "Eeeah!"
No. 368615 ID: b79855
File 132253718042.jpg - (106.37KB , 700x600 , battlequest34.jpg )

The tozols move like gray lightning, taking up to firing positions. Reya chatters into the radio in the battle tongue, aiming for Anak.

Scout3: "Mine field! Squad leader, report!"
ScoutLeader: "*cough* My walker's out. Hold position and scan the area!"
Scout3: "Order confirmed, scanning-"

Two fusion cannons and a laser rifle open fire on one of the intact mechs. Anak, unseeing, engages the other with invisible beams that crack into violent eruptions. Only the former seems have any effect, ablating the shield and achieving penetrating hits.

Scout3: "<ksshk> ... disabled- . .. bastards!"

A moment later, Kaselir's rocket sails through its breached shields. The mech detonates like a bomb.

Kaselir considers her work. She could hear that pilot's last instants. She ponders its thoughts, its motives, its aspirations of becoming something wholly dissimilar to burning debris falling on a frozen lake.
No. 368616 ID: b79855
File 132253722929.jpg - (124.11KB , 800x599 , battlequest35.jpg )

Scout6: "Shit, they're all around us! What the hell are they!?"
ScoutLeader: "Hold position! You'll leave me open for attack!"
Scout6 "Die you alien freaks!"
No. 368617 ID: b79855
File 132253732126.jpg - (88.65KB , 600x600 , battlequest36.jpg )

The enemy's panicking, or at least the intact mech is. It goes cyclic and retreats.

The tozols continue engaging, but the front shield is much stronger than the back. Anak provides support, but he can't reliably hit a maneuvering target he can't see. However, the vehicle's backing further into the mine field. If it keeps going, the problem will solve itself.
No. 368618 ID: b79855
File 132253741387.jpg - (148.76KB , 800x599 , battlequest37.jpg )

Hatches on the disabled leader mech slide open. Four combat droids clamber free, followed by a small figure, presumably the pilot.

"Footmobiles. One looks squishy," says Ota. "Suggest we snatch it."

A prisoner would be valuable, but how do they approach? The pilot's surrounded by robots, and the other vehicle's still blazing away. The tozols brought two paralyzer pistols, but they're short ranged and useless against force fields.

Lt. Vaejra has two main decisions. One: Finish off the last mech, or wait for it to hit a mine? Its shield strength is unknown, but doesn't seem to protect the feet. Two: Try disabling the ejected pilot from afar, possibly killing them by accident (they look fragile) or assault into stunner range?

...Or he could forget taking a prisoner and just blow them away. There's always that.
No. 368620 ID: 6f1d54

Don't waste ammo on something the minefields will take care of. Strategic shots to herd the retreating vehicle into the nice explodey things.

Take out the drones, and shoot to wound on the fleshything. If Anak is a good enough marksman, try to take out the weapon the critter is carrying - that is, if his rifle doesn't completely de-mat anything in a three foot radius when it hits something. Still not sure how that thing works honestly.
No. 368622 ID: 453e62

i can't see why it would leave it's armored robot unless it felt this maneuver gave a better chance of survival. shoot out the mech guards and then throw a grenade or something that LOOKS like a grenade at it, and when they take cover, advance. it's weapon looks ridiculous, meaning it is ether weak or incredibly powerful. rather find out when it isn't pointed at us.

with the last mech if you can blow a foot off of it then do so. but shoot from a direction that a miss would make it continue into the minefield.
No. 368623 ID: 3fd4fb

You can probably learn about as much from that disabled mech as you can from the pilot inside it. Herd the other mech into killing itself on the mines and blast apart the drones; if the pilot lives long enough to be captured, great; otherwise no sweat, you still have the mostly-intact mech to draw information from.
No. 368626 ID: 73eb25

Let the mech walk to its death.

Kill the four bots and pilot. Just lay into them.
No. 368633 ID: e79d6a


Waste them all.
No. 368636 ID: f70e5e

i'd recommend either taking a few pop shots at the active mech to see if it has any other weak points, or just letting it hit a mine.

as for the one who ejected, we should take out the bots from range whatever we do. keep in mind the pilot might still have a radio, and they haven't gotten a good look at you yet. if we try to take him prisoner from short range he might be able to get off a description of us. we might try a deliberate near miss with the rocket launcher to try and knock him out, and see if he has shields. it might kill him but its low risk and it doesn't let him get a look at us. you saw how fast the pilot panicked? these aliens do not seem to deal well with fear, the less they know about us the scarier we are. so we might want to prioritize denying them intel on us over gaining intel on them.
No. 368637 ID: 5aae31

Try to catch as many alive as you can, more chance of finding one keen on talking that way.

Shoot the guns out of their hands if possible, you tozols are good marksmans and stuff so it's probably possible. If it's too difficult a shot, destroy the drones and then hack their comms demanding surrender.
No. 368638 ID: db03a4

snatch the pilot after killing everything else
No. 368642 ID: da696f

kill the pilot. We cant be babysitting POW's with such a small force. Kill the drones and the Mech, and if you want to interrogate the pilot kill him afterwards.
No. 368666 ID: 2563d4

>Strategic shots to herd the retreating vehicle into the nice explodey things.
This, and shoot the little robots. And the pilot from afar. Now is not the time for risking return fire making open-ground charges, nor for having to wrangle feisty fuzzballs.
No. 368682 ID: 1dfd79

dont fucking kill the prisoner, once we have it disarmed it will be about as dangerous as any other tiny, powerless inteligent homicidal squirell.

just let the mech kill itself, perhaps let Anak peg it some more to keep it panicking.

In order to deal with the pilot THAT WE WILL TAKE HOSTAGE, everyone shoot at the robots in as inacurate and frightening a display as possible without actualy missing the targets. This will terrify the squirel into taking cover for its dear like, at witch point you can close distance and manhandle/stun it as much as you like.

No. 368683 ID: 54af1f

One squishy isn't much of a threat to four Tozol. Leave him or her until the last walker goes down to a mine, then move in and take the prisoner. No point in rushing this.
No. 368684 ID: 1854db

If you know exactly where the mines are, you could try shooting the mech's feet when they step near one, so that it topples into it.

I say destroy the droids and then wait for the very alone pilot to drop his weapon and surrender.
No. 368693 ID: f27b6b

This is a good plan. Waste the heavy artillery before you move in to take a squishy.
No. 368695 ID: 210977

don't saddle yourself with a hostage. better to just whack them all.
No. 368696 ID: 6af537

Capturing him is low priority. Concentrate on not getting shot.

If, however, an opportunity arises, snatch him. We can always kill him later; moreover, that's what we'll do with him anyway after he tells us everything he knows.
No. 368742 ID: 172ead

Don't kill the tiny pilot D:

try to capture alive if posible
No. 368826 ID: 1c2685

They are psychic what if this guy can send them info on us. We have their radios decoded. That’s good enough info to validate killing him. Just to be safe.

Let the mech walk off. Kill the pilot first. Then mop up the droids.
No. 368835 ID: 1e3433

>They are psychic
You're thinking of the green guys.
No. 368838 ID: 1c7ec8

Convincing the mech to off itself on the mines sounds good. Also, go for the droids next. Don't know what the hostage would be good for yet, but I'm sure a squad leader would have at least a little information we could 'convince' out of him. If not, maybe we could trade him either back to his people or to the Scellor. ...or we could plant something inside him, then trade him, then blow up him and the ones that we traded him to. That sort of trick would only work once per faction, though, and they wouldn't trust future trades.
No. 368840 ID: 1dfd79

I think you will find that dead people generaly dont trust easily. this is the best plan ever.
No. 368843 ID: 63f90e

Don't kill the pilots, try to take them alive. Shouldn't be too hard, you're tozols after all.
No. 368864 ID: 54af1f

Don't assume the pilot is completely unthreatening when you go for the snatch though, try to shoot the gun out of their hands first.
No. 368868 ID: 1c2685

"You are not the only ones with true sight fool!" Wouldn’t that imply they are psychic too?

What info are you expecting to get out of him? He is part of a group looking for the artifact. That’s why they landed near the tower. He will not know there future plans and we already have their radio. We also know where their other forces have landed. The pilot is not worth the trouble.

You can take some of the droid remains with you to get a better understanding of their tech. Just make sure to kill the pilot first. I want them to stay confused as hell about just what they are fighting.
No. 368878 ID: 1e3433

We don't have time to reverse engineer their tech. If we want to learn anything we'll have to get it from the horse's mouth and I doubt they'll start blabbing that kinda stuff over the radio.
No. 368945 ID: b79855
File 132270504256.jpg - (59.14KB , 600x600 , battlequest38.jpg )

With some coaxing, the last enemy mech backpedals into a mine and falls on its ass, pouring smoke. This time, no pilot or drones emerge from the wreck. The tozols concentrate on picking off the surviving robots. The infantry bots are quick and accurate, but with flash grenades and unerring gunfire, the team makes short work of them.

"Recommend we shoot the squishy's gun," says Ota.
"High energy density. Might explode," says Vaejra. "We need prisoners."
"We could patch them up," suggests Kaselir.
"Unknown biology," says Vaejra. "Move in!"
No. 368946 ID: b79855
File 132270507016.jpg - (36.23KB , 600x600 , battlequest39.jpg )

In the most vulnerable phase of the tozol assault, another group of bots emerge from behind the freshly fallen mech, shooting. At almost the same instant, the lead astranian pilot opens fire with a surprisingly powerful ray pistol. The engagement's over in seconds, but not before the bots score hits on Reya.
No. 368948 ID: b79855
File 132270510544.jpg - (107.08KB , 600x600 , battlequest40.jpg )

Wounded but undeterred, Reya closes on the last unsecured scout mech, along with Ota. She pries open the canopy, while the pilot fires wildly from inside. Ota silences him with her paralyzer. And that's the end of that.
No. 368949 ID: b79855
File 132270526256.jpg - (109.33KB , 800x599 , battlequest41.jpg )

In a nearby tunnel, they confiscate the enemy's equipment. Ota partially counteracts the stun effect to avoid accidentally killing them. At once, they start babbling incoherently.

"What's wrong with them?" asks Reya. "You didn't pull off anything important, did you?"
"I think I can figure out what part of an animal's the outside," says Ota.
"What about the atmospheric mix?"
"Reya, I am one hundred and twelve. Don't you think I checked that?"
"C-cold!" says the darker-furred astranian. "Give us our suits back! We'll die!"
"Cuff and bag them," says Vaejra.
"Yes sir," says Ota. "And let's take a look at that arm..."
No. 368951 ID: b79855
File 132270538449.jpg - (98.67KB , 600x600 , battlequest42.jpg )

"Let me go!" yells a tiny voice. "We'll be hurt!"
"Seriously, how are these guys a threat?" asks Ota. "They're made out of marshmallow."
"It's not them," says Reya. "It's their damned equipment. Wish I had a bunch of robots. Well, Rinis's mortars, maybe..."
"Reya," says Vaejra. "Head to the Spire. Relieve Thaen."
"I'll be fine, Sir," says Reya. "Missed the bone, and the skin's already healed over. Just gotta rebuild some muscle and things."
"Not that. You said before: We're the squad's only infowar assets. You should get to the control center there and take over the network."
"Oh," says Reya. "Right, sir. Stay safe."
Ota laughs. "Stay safe? Be better off telling our new friends to stay calm."
No. 368953 ID: 063c28

Now that you've got their equipment, you should be able to vastly accelerate cracking their comms, since any pre-shared keys will be in your hands. See if you can take advantage of that!

Also, um, find somewhere warmer to interrogate these guys I guess? Remember that relying excessively on threat/use of force will just make them make things up to get you to stop.
No. 368955 ID: 73eb25

They need surrounding environment near their own body temperature. They are very sensitive to temperature change. They are going to die before you get there if you don't do something to insulate them. Just prevent their body heat from leaving them and they will be fine. Listen if they say hot or cold and adjust the temperature accordingly. We want the astranians to leave, not kill them.

What is the ETA on your arm healing to 50%, 90%, and 100% ?
No. 368956 ID: b6edd6

Maybe give them back their clothes after checking them for hidden tools by removing any non-fabric parts.
No. 368958 ID: 1854db

A twofer! Alright, that engagement went pretty well all told.

Subjects of interrogation: Their technology, troop levels, overall battle plan, and what information do they know about us? Do they know what Tozols are?
No. 368960 ID: 453e62

they are small, perhaps they have a high metabolism and run hot? would make them vulnerable to the cold. you guys are used to it. if you have an insulating or heating thing then use it.
No. 368964 ID: c71597

Should be easier to crack into the droids coms now and try to hack their commands. So tell her to get working on it, if you're lucky then you might be able to subvert the Astranian droids and make them fight for you, giving you some much needed assets in the shape of expendable troops to throw at the Scellor.
No. 368965 ID: db03a4

tie the two together so that they share body heat
No. 368968 ID: 54af1f

scan them to check they don't have any cybernetics or crap that lets them call out, and see what the enemies doing. They must realize they've lost the scout team.
No. 368972 ID: 5bf190
File 132271084725.gif - (152.41KB , 800x600 , sideselectb.gif )

>With first blood drawn and the prisoners secure, we are now faced with A SUDDEN FACTION SELECT SCREEN

No. 368973 ID: f80f15

No. 368975 ID: 3bd8ec

No. 368978 ID: 6e44d2

Tozols again!

Fuck. Uh, Scellor, then. Let's sabotage them from the inside.
No. 368979 ID: 3fd4fb

Going with scellor on this one. We can take charge of the Astranians once everything has gone horribly wrong for them and they need a bailout.
No. 368980 ID: c7b6c2

Definitely Scellor.
No. 368987 ID: c89c59

Astranians, damn it!
No. 368990 ID: 1854db

Scellor! I'm sure they were watching that entire battle, the nosy green bastards.
No. 368992 ID: 941d59

tozols :D
No. 368993 ID: e79d6a

No. 368994 ID: 54af1f

No. 368995 ID: 5aae31

No. 368999 ID: b1153c

No. 369000 ID: da696f

No. 369003 ID: 3873fd

Astranians. They are to god damn amusing.
No. 369004 ID: db03a4

No. 369005 ID: b04765

Astranian Alliance for sure
No. 369014 ID: 742815

No. 369018 ID: 453e62

No. 369024 ID: f70e5e

No. 369026 ID: 73eb25

tozols of course.
No. 369033 ID: 46c430

No. 369043 ID: cdb8cb

Fuzzy cuddlewumps need to get their rape on. Astranians.
No. 369056 ID: 953355

No. 369064 ID: 81adbb

No. 369066 ID: 82d848

stay with tozols.

Also, tozols have been here 20 years. Never got orders, pay, or more equipment, and now 2 alien species are fighting over this rocks. A fairly safe assumption would be that it has been abandoned by tozol government and probably forgotten too. What the tozols need to focus on is stealing an FTL vehicle. Let the aliens fight over this rock while they go find answers on why they were abandoned... Maybe bring reinforcements... Or do some PMC work, or whatever.

Then the other two can finish their fight
No. 369068 ID: 786012

Stay with Tozols, hijack a cruiser, go find Penji.
No. 369071 ID: 2563d4

>Greyed out tozzles
Doesn't really work as a visual cue, that one :V

Astranians, if only so when the Scellor do something it stands a chance of being a surprise.
No. 369088 ID: 1444d5

Scellor. Radde looks like to type to enjoy a dramatic fleet engagement.
No. 369090 ID: ce4a4d

Voting team green
No. 369101 ID: 210977

No. 369106 ID: 5fe264

No. 369123 ID: f48141

Scellor. War never was so much fun!
No. 369124 ID: 4912c2

omelette du scellor~
No. 369126 ID: 6f1d54

Astro Ninnies!

I mean, Astranians.
No. 369131 ID: a1d7ad

No. 369139 ID: e32f97

No. 369141 ID: 784dcc

radio free scellor
No. 369142 ID: 0d7a83

space hippies fuck yeah
No. 369164 ID: 1c2685

hell yes! This was one of Jethro Tull less well known hits. XD Under Scellor was good too,haha.
No. 369168 ID: 5f0943

No. 369177 ID: b687f5

We can laugh at the astranians after they are desperate. I say Scellor.
No. 369179 ID: 25d956

No. 369225 ID: bd7cc2

No. 369411 ID: efc66b
File 132287863663.png - (230.74KB , 800x600 , battlequest43.png )

Hey guys. You paying attention yet? I can feel you some of you watching, at least.

Gotta admit, that coulda gone better. Could have gone a lot worse, but we were still on the losing end of the fight coming down, that's for sure. Better check the full damage.

>Radde: "What'd we lose, Avarre?"
No. 369412 ID: efc66b
File 132287867680.png - (239.49KB , 800x600 , battlequest44.png )

>Avarre: "Two of the shuttles went down, only one pilot managed to bail out: Eppe, somewhere over the northern mountains. All of the landing ships took some damage and'll need repairs before they can lift off safely, more if you want them to get into space. Couple of fried drones here and there, but they're being patched up, so no deaths. Stranners basically got off scott free, though. Not a good start."

>Piyerra: "Remind me what our full forces are? It seems Radde just grabbed whoever and never filed anything."

Yeah, then the damn plushies would already'a been dug in by the time we got here, woman.

<[ Radde, either think quieter or stop pretending I can't hear you. ]>

>Avarre: "Very well."
No. 369413 ID: efc66b
File 132287873067.png - (173.71KB , 800x600 , battlequest45.png )

>"For a start, ships. Four landers, modified mining ships with heavy armour and shields, can fly in the atmosphere but with massive fuel drain. Armed with defense turrets and torpedo launchers. Each had a shuttle attached, but there are only two left. Each has their crew: technicians, manager, medic, navs, gunners, guards, some drones."

>"One praal Ghostship, Janu, crafted as a war command vessel. He's fine and eager to be doing whatever's helpful, currently running his sensors over the area. He's got light weapons and a thin crew, but he's also housing the command squad: you two, us, our caste support, some guards, the chief tech gang and the chief medic."

>"We've got two squads of five elite sentient niiar, one with heavy weapons and armour and one fitted for scouting and sniping. Almost everyone in both squads is cybernetically enhanced."

>"Ten further formations of 20 each, 19 drones and 1 sentient, not counting an orthan and an orthe medic attached to each."

>"Three of those are light infantry, outfitted for mobility, composed entirely of niiar. Two more formations are the same but with five praal drones swapped in, each assigned to accompany a hovertruck; another two are all niiar again but with heavier weapons and armour."

>"Another two formations are mostly praal with five niiar, engineering teams. One of them has a hovertruck for the big equipment. The last formation is split in half between niiar and praal, have a hovertruck and are in charge of moving and setting up mobile emplacements."

>"We've also got two vertical mobility armoured cars and their crew."

>"And, finally, the three ayaar, who've already teleported out into the field on your orders to scout."
No. 369416 ID: efc66b
File 132287891146.png - (231.52KB , 800x600 , battlequest46.png )

Ugh. Blah blah blah. We need to get on the move, our enemies're already ahead of us! I've got a few particularly daring tactics in mind already. Perhaps we can use some sort of giant-

<[ Radde, we need to get the essentials done first. Your brilliant strategies can come after. We need to decide if we're going to set up a solid base where we are, try to move closer before digging in, or just start moving in force as quickly as possible towards our goal. ]>

<[ We also need to decide how much effort to put into repairs on the ships. Plus, we have a food situation. We're not provisioned for a long stay, so we need to choose whether we take a chance on getting this all done quickly or divert some of our forces to foraging. ]>
No. 369422 ID: 453e62

they currently have air superiority, an assault now would result in being bombed. i suggest moving to find a strategic position and setting up the base there. and what about finding some fruit bearing trees and then kel-ing them up and altering them to grow fruit faster and bigger. obviously be on the lookout for their robots, assume any moving non-psy-emmiting-thing is a enemy robot until proved otherwise. also repairs to the shuttles should only be important if they can counter the air superiority of the astrainians. otherwise just fix them up in spare time.
No. 369433 ID: 54af1f

Food can wait. I assume you've got some rations as yet. Get a base set up first. Don't worry too much about repairs either. The top priority is setting up a position and then getting this show on the road.
No. 369447 ID: 72d8c7

If it's true they have air superiority, then try to move forward to an area of good cover and then dig in real deep.

Try to have a concentrated force on the ready. Attack the astranian drop squads as soon as they land, to whittle them while their forces are dispersed. Don't be too aggressive, just try to get as many "free kills" as possible, judging each opportunity by their proximity to the base.

Anticipate the astranians to make a fast move for the tower or other strategic positions. If they made the gamble to move as quickly as possible, their forces will be divided. Let a few reach the goal without resistance, then cut them off from the rest of the force. Either they'll make a retreat to regroup or they'll make an easy target of themselves by isolating themselves.
No. 369453 ID: 9c7c3b

Maybe food wouldn't be such a problem if Piyerra didn't eat it all. The fatass.

Get a defensible position set up, then focus on getting air superiority. Repair what you can.
No. 369469 ID: 3947e9

Food can wait. So can repairs. Full focus on killing the enemy.
Especially considering the enemy relies on robots which they might actually replenish via automatic manufacturing while you rely on soldiers which take decades to breed.

Turtling up doesn't win wars... we need to strike hard where they are weak and retreat where they are strong... But setting mines and turrets would be important in defending the transports so do some of that.

The key to victory will be intelligence, we must see what they are doing at all time. Beyond the scouts, we should get some people scanning with their latent psychic abilities to detect enemy positions and movements.

Ideally we would have a unit type that is brutally effective against all but a few of their units. (ex: Assault hovercraft gunship, weak vs AA troops... annihilates everything else). Actually ideally more then one such unit type.
If they under protect their AA we annihilate it and hit them from the air. If they under protect their cyber warfare unit we hit it and then use ours to suborn their attack bots. etc... we need a tactical assessment of what their unit types are weak/strong against. To go along with our intelligence and then strike decisively.
No. 369472 ID: 5aae31

Divert some of the forces into foraging and send the rest out to directly engage the enemy.

Might want to land the ships on the surface entirely, get them out of the air, if the astranians are that good at air superiority.
No. 369509 ID: 2563d4

No. 369554 ID: 1e3433

>enemy has air superiority
>We're a million miles from the tower with busted ships
>low on food
>charge lol
I must admit ignorance, this brilliant stratagem of having all our soldiers be killed before they reach the front lines or starve to death when they capture a tower out in the middle of a froze wasteland goes over my head.
No. 369563 ID: 784dcc

Food: yes.
No. 369580 ID: 6a9fdc

Really? It sounds like you understand it perfectly! :)
No. 369581 ID: 6a9fdc

fffff I need to find a better way to open threads.
Make that >>369554
No. 369612 ID: 1854db

Reminder of Scellor abilities:


Wait a second. We don't have any Ulkam troopers? I'd think they would make better scouts than Ayaar! ESPECIALLY since they partially predict the future. Ayaar strike me as better infiltrators and saboteurs.

Set up the base here and start foraging. The location of the base doesn't matter- we have Gates via the Ayaar. Never count on doing things quickly- nothing ever goes perfectly to plan.

Put one of the engineering teams on repairing the ships. There's no telling when we'll need them, so it's best to get them up and running asap.
Please don't use images by the author in the quest. It's confusing. Use the /dis/ thread instead.
No. 369633 ID: d0a4e1
File 132297989816.png - (162.43KB , 800x600 , battlequest47.png )

<[ We do need to advance if we're to catch up. Perhaps with one quick, major strike, we can succeed without having to worry about food. Then- ]>

Woah, woah, woah, Piyerra! You've gotta give the full tactical situation, now, don't cut corners! We didn't just land here by dumb luck, you know? I was in control the whole time, guys, I know what I'm doing. This region here is under the band of the heaviest winds: the fuzzbutts are gonna have a time flying through that, while our ships turn their massive weight into an advantage! The forest'll cover our troops, and the lakes and rivers are open roads for our hovertrucks. And with all this water, they won't dare mount any kind of ground assault!

I'm not saying we shouldn't assault, but moving our base can only get us to a less defensible position. If we want to trade protection for a better attack position, that's fine. Or, if we repair the ships, we can move them and use them as forts, giving us multiple weaker bases. Or we can just get everyone moving and leave this base here, though that'll leave us with a pretty stretched out supply line, whether we're moving by ground or air.

You gotta think about these things!!

Once we've made that decision, we should probably bounce the Undermind over to the ayaar and get a report from them. They should have at least reached the ice field around the tower. Speaking of:

We have a bunch of Ulkam here, dude! We'll link them up, they can get to scanning at range. Ayaar can just move much quicker, that's why they're first out. I'm sure they'll have found something interesting by no-
No. 369634 ID: d0a4e1
File 132297993869.gif - (85.34KB , 800x600 , battlequest48.gif )

<[ Wait. Before we do that, we need to make another decision. ]>

<[ We have an orthan with every squad. It might be a good idea to shut down all our technological communication and rely solely on telepathy to coordinate. That would protect us from any cyberwarfare tactics used by our enemies, and we could still set up isolated transmitters to make such attacks ourselves. ]>

<[ On the other hand, if you can spare me the orthan to help, I can make a psychic assault on the astranians and get the information we need - maybe even put that commander of theirs out of commission. This is probably the best time to make the attempt. ]>
No. 369635 ID: 5aae31

Definitely set up the multiple weaker bases, we'll be harder to kill off completely if we have multiple bases we can retreat to, and honestly, if we attack en masse that's what we're gonna want to do, turn tail and run.

Let's not spare the orthan and shut down technological communications, our troop movements while we set up the multiple bases are going to be key, if they catch wind of our troop locations as we're setting up we're done for.
No. 369639 ID: b6edd6

If we do end up making a psychic assault on them we should avoid directly going for their commander, as she mentioned psionic abilities of her own which likely come with heightened mental defenses.
No. 369640 ID: 5aae31

Not to mention a personal shield, and probably in a shielded ship, which would make a psychic attack a pretty stupid move in the first place.
No. 369643 ID: d0a4e1
File 132298357305.png - (67.47KB , 500x500 , battlequest49.png )


<[ Her being psychic herself is part of why she's a target in the first place! Normal astranians have a natural biological resistance to psionics. But her resistance is weaker- she'd hardly be able to use her own powers, otherwise! Yes, that means she can consciously fight back, but I'm confident that I can outmaneuver her, with your help. Astranian psychics are terrible. As for shields: they don't keep those things on all the time! It'd be great if they did, because then they'd waste all their energy reserves, but they don't. ]>

<[ Give me some credit! ]>

>"I warned you about giving tactical situations, P.R.! I told you!"
No. 369644 ID: e79d6a

I am all for psychic communications only.

Also, I'd divide up into at the most two bases.
No. 369645 ID: 5aae31

Still, you'd have to sneak up on them entirely quiet in every sense of the word, and rely on not being picked up by any advanced sensors or scouts of any kind before shields go up immediately and you're turned into a salad. It's doubly unlikely she'd be anywhere vulnerable to begin with, and you're basically volunteering to go fight her blind.

Too risky. Set up the string of weaker bases for now, though if you want to keep the option open, you can keep your tech communications up and have the army of psychics for an attack later.
No. 369648 ID: cdb8cb

If you can beat the commander's defenses and fast you can play puppet master with the Astranians, leading them in just the wrong directions. But if all you can do is disable the commander it'll probably just get them even more riled up. Hope one of us has had practice playing the convincing role of a Astranian bat...thing...

Otherwise coordinating with telepathy would be awesome. But also transmit false coordination instructions on a regular subspace channel the Astranians can intercept.
No. 369651 ID: 8843e6

Go with the multiple weaker bases idea, shut down tech communications and leave the orthans where they are.
No. 369652 ID: 453e62

yes, this sounds great. communicate real orders psychically but broadcast fake info on normal things.
No. 369653 ID: 453e62

oh and psy assault would be great for now, the chances of them hacking your coms this early is low, but once they do we need to switch up.
No. 369656 ID: 453e62

oh and finally, let's dig in here.
No. 369657 ID: a5ab9d

Multiple bases, we are the rebellion, they are the empire, when they take yavin we move to hoth. shut down tech communications and go with psychics only.
No. 369659 ID: 3fd4fb

All right, for the moment let's dig in here and build up defenses while getting those ships repaired. Since that won't require a great deal of communication, we should be able to pull our orthan together for a psychic assault, then once that's complete send them back to their squads to provide communications as we used the repaired ships to establish secondary bases.
No. 369660 ID: f70e5e

psychic assault would probably be the way to go. worst case scenario we rip open the mind of some officers for good intel, best case we take out the enemy commander. though keep in mind this is obviously the best time for a psychic assault, so shes probably ready for one. good odds shes arrogant enough to not expect us to know she knows were coming though.
No. 369680 ID: 2563d4

No. 369690 ID: 54af1f

Psi attack! Do it do it do it!
No. 369695 ID: 1854db

Let's fuck up her mind. Also switching to pure telephathy sounds like a good idea in the long run.

Is there any way we can hack their comms?
No. 369708 ID: 20326c

guys it's attack or have pyschic communications, not both, they need the orthans to be together to do the attack but then they lose the ability to have psychic communications

don't attack now and make psychic communications only, it really is best for the long run
No. 369713 ID: d088df

There are rumors that the Astranians have.. parasite problems, and not the itchy kind. Before committing to a psychic assault, try for a psychic 'headcount' of their forces. Account for every living mind that you can, and brace yourselves for insanity.
No. 369714 ID: 1444d5

There's no reason the Orthan can't establish a network after conducting the assault and recovering for a bit if necessary.
No. 369735 ID: bd7cc2

Another vote for the psychic assault.
No. 369744 ID: b738b4

A good question would be: How close to the commander would the orthans have to be to pull off an assault?

Also, is there an upper limit to how many orthans can link safely? A massive, overwhelming psychic assault would be great, unless you couldn't untangle the ortans afterwards.

Oh, and will the assault leave the ortans exhausted for a significant period? If so, we should just dig in and stick on regular comms. We'll need them for telepathy when we move out.
No. 369815 ID: a20778

Waste that commander with a psychic assault. Astranian command and control is terrible; it'll take them forever to recover from getting their command structure beheaded like that.
No. 369820 ID: cf49fc

From what I have seen, Astranians are incredible morons with no tactical sense and a barely functional knowledge of how any of their equipment works. Their commanders can be smart though. WASTE EM.
No. 370203 ID: 5bf190
File 132318554459.png - (194.83KB , 800x600 , battlequest50.png )

<[ We don't need to move from here to make the assault. We'll try get it done as quickly as possible, then switch to full telepathic communication. ]>

>"Ok, guys! We're gonna keep those two ships here and move the others to set up new bases closer to the target! I want minimum repairs done to get them flyin', quick as you can, just tape and spit! Maximum security on all communications, this is the only opportunity our enemies are gonna get to listen in!"

<[ Hopefully, our attack on their commander should distract them enough to slow any aerial or cyber response they make during the move. Best case scenario is that they'll start shooting each other on the first sniff of telepathic infiltration, but I doubt we'll be so lucky, even with astranians. ]>
No. 370204 ID: 5bf190
File 132318564245.png - (194.19KB , 800x600 , battlequest51.png )

Telepathy is more about finesse than force. Persuasion, trickery, subtlety. Manipulation of emotions. Confidence and ego, matching weak points to strong. Make them think like you do, bring them into your territory, and the fight's practically won. The Undermind has more raw mental power than we could ever use, but it all depends on the connection. Closeness. Physical closeness, if someone is next to you, if you can touch them, it's easier. Mental closeness, how much you know them, how much you know about them, name and face and voice and history. Emotional closeness. How much do they care about you? How much do you care about them? All these things open the way. Without them, you can't get in, even with all the psionic power in the galaxy.

Astranians are aliens: our thoughts are different to theirs, run in different channels. They're psychically resistant, something in their bones. Almost all are non-psychic, the fires unlit or smouldering, hard to find in the dark. All so far away. And, of course, I know none of them. They're strangers. Untouchable.


No. 370205 ID: 5bf190
File 132318569227.png - (316.89KB , 800x600 , battlequest52.png )

We talked to her. Saw her face, heard her voice. Made her get angry at us. A pale, acidic bond, but a bond nonetheless.

Now, while the iron's still hot; while she still has her eye to the future, still dreams of our destruction, before the tides of battle bring her mind to the present... now's the chance.

No. 370206 ID: 5bf190
File 132318574762.png - (350.35KB , 800x600 , battlequest53.png )

We'll need to keep that path open. Keep her angry, keep her from clearing her mind. Prevent her from thinking like an alien, more like a scellor, as much as is possible. Target her weak points, push where her inclinations already lie. This battle will happen at the speed of thought, but we'll only have a limited amount of time before her underlings help her, using their shields or just knocking her out. The further I can get into her mind before then, the more we'll get.

She's on guard. No chance to be sneaky.

You have a moment to think. Consider what will get the right response. Then hit her with everything you have.

No. 370207 ID: f70e5e

she got angry when Radde tried to intimidate her with the fact he has psychics, I think she may be insecure about her own psychic powers. we can use that.
No. 370213 ID: 0d7a83

Hmm well we already know that most Astranians are:
-Massive prudes
Considering the fact she's a high ranker I'd say her arrogance and self-worth will be pretty bloated. Not sure if this makes them a strong or weak point. I wouldn't bother with anything intimate or sexually related. Things like that are something she avoids; they exist in a part of her mind she has closed herself off to.
As for actually keeping her off balance >>370207 seems like a solid plan.
No. 370217 ID: bd2a40

Hmm, probably jealous of the scellor psychic abilities along with insecurities when faced with a race simply more adept at an ability she had to work hard at.

I wonder what the Astranian attitude towards their own psychics is. If they dislike them or fear them as something different from the norm, it could be worked with, but this is much more of an unknown than her aggressive reaction earlier.
No. 370237 ID: 2563d4

Hover down and honk her tits from behind.
No. 370246 ID: 0ea59b

Seconding the honking of tits.
No. 370248 ID: 46c430

Make cracks about her height? I recall something about these bozos being sensitive about that.
No. 370250 ID: 453e62

from how thick a garment her self image wears i say she fears showing her true self, she hides behind layers. while it may seem perverted, she would probably be weakened if forced to fight in the nude.

she also seemed bored, felt that dealing with you was beneath her, her ship was built to hold the size of her ego.
No. 370253 ID: b6edd6

Now that you mention it, I do remember hearing a rumor about Astranians tending towards bulky clothes to make themselves look less tiny.
No. 370263 ID: 4912c2

Attack her pride. Mock her as a coward cringing before the light of the undermind. The Astranians are heroic and zealous in their willingness to meet force with force, but if you can convince her that going to ground with you here is the only way to legitimize her claims to power, you'll have her.
No. 370283 ID: 6f1d54

Porblem: We are also tiny baby scellor woman.
No. 370292 ID: 79586b

*honk* (this message brought to you by the color scellor... remember it's not just green, it's supergreen)
No. 370297 ID: 54af1f

Those giant ears are a pretty big weak point.
No. 370299 ID: 73eb25

Honk breasts. Make sure to say "HONK!" when you do it.
No. 370300 ID: 5aae31

Honk her tits, see if you can't make her make an adorable squeaking noise in surprise.
No. 370301 ID: 73eb25

Then rub her ears and call her cute.
No. 370302 ID: db03a4

play with her ears
No. 370379 ID: f70e5e

ok down-voting anything that would qualify as sexual harassment. that would only work if she didn't already see us as slutty hedonist, or was in some way insecure about her own sexuality.
No. 370383 ID: df7d72

Take hold of her clothes then ridicule her puny psychic abilities.
No. 370384 ID: 453e62

you mean like all astrainians?
No. 370405 ID: 1444d5

>Prevent her from thinking like an alien, more like a scellor, as much as is possible. Target her weak points, push where her inclinations already lie.
Appeal to her hedonistic side, imply (but do not outright state) that you could offer her access to increased psychic power, etc.
No. 370426 ID: b6edd6

If you aren't already doing so, make sure to appear slightly taller than her (overdoing it would be obvious, so just slightly). Astranians have a thing about their height.
No. 370429 ID: 4594e2

I'm voting up the sneak-up-behind-her-and-honk-her-boobs thing, but that should only be to get her attention. After that say, in a tone of amused condescencion, "You know, if you hadn't had to work *so hard* to get *halfway* to our level, you might've enjoyed your life some!"
This hits several of what are probably her weak points at once. You mock the effort she's made to get to her current level of power, compare her unfavorably to yourself, introducing the thought that she's facing a superior opponent, and forcibly reminding her of the bitter sacrifices she's had to make in her life to get here. All this in one quick sentence!
Odds are even that you'll remind her of a youthful tormentor as well. One who, in her current position of respect, she's not thought of in some time, and has likely relaxed her defenses against.
This should succeed in driving her into a murderous rage, and if we're lucky weaken her resistance with a little self-doubt.
No. 370430 ID: c460ad


These two. Take her clothes, then mock her. Perhaps include some comment about her size as well. Astrainians are culturally predisposed to be fairly sensitive about that.

I'd like to downvote the boob-honking, as I feel like that could backfire. She might be able to invoke her self-righteousness toward Scellor hedonism to fight back. The strip-and-mock routine is more likely to make her feel self-conscious, and perhaps open other avenues of attack, based on what we can glean from her reaction.

Additionally, I think it's a bit odd that she would be wearing clothing within her own mind anyway. I suspect this is not only due to her prudishness, but the highly structured nature of Astrainian culture. Clothing is often an indicator of rank, and to take it is to strip away the position in society she values so much. In a sense, it would isolate her by taking her out of the chain of command. Pair this with a comment or two about how little her rank actually means, how meek she really is without all those people to order around, and you may have a fairly powerful psychological attack.
No. 370431 ID: 210977

all this psychological warfare is starting to get kinda spooky.
No. 370433 ID: 26cd4c

Honk dem boobs
No. 370434 ID: b6edd6

Its almost as if we were invading somebody's head :V
No. 370438 ID: 4c851b

well gee! Isnt that surprising!

add to our mocking attitude and allure of power perhaps the suggestion that with power like ours, she wouldnt NEED the rest of her weak underlings, whom only drag her down.

this will play on her bloated supremeism while still making her feel like our lesser.
No. 370600 ID: 5bf190
File 132332976828.png - (230.66KB , 800x600 , battlequest54.png )

It should be noted that our actions on this mental battlefield are somewhat... metaphorical. The suggested "boob honk", for example, would represent an attack on her sexual inadequacies, maternal ideals and self-image.



No. 370603 ID: 5bf190
File 132332980177.png - (783.60KB , 800x599 , battlequest55.png )

Ekia: "and you're certain this plan will work?"
Tactica Command: "If I felt contrary I would not have suggested it."
Ekia: "very well, initiate your strategy"
Tactica Command: "Order Confir-"
No. 370604 ID: 5bf190
File 132332984017.png - (901.00KB , 800x599 , battlequest56.png )

Ekia: "SKRIII!"
Tactica Command: "Commander-Ritualist? your actions suggest alarm!"
No. 370606 ID: 5bf190
File 132332994109.png - (329.17KB , 800x600 , battlequest57.png )


>Ekia is startled and disorientated! Piyerra manages to assert some dominance in the confusion.

>The astranian's anger is riled, which would normally help the connection. However, she is also embarrassed and humiliated - emotions which are alien to scellor within this context. The telepathic link remains at its relatively low level.
No. 370607 ID: cdb8cb

honk HONK :o)
No. 370608 ID: 6f1d54

You're "naked". She isn't.

Time to metaphorically rip some metaphorical clothes off her metaphorical body.
No. 370610 ID: cdb8cb

Don't rip them off. Just help them fall off. Keeping up the impression of physical aggression will only make her hornyinvoke her alien Astranian emotional defenses. We can't go at this with a sledgehammer. Meanwhile, fellow Undermind, ogle her. Ogle with all your might!
No. 370611 ID: 453e62

i dunno how weapons work in a metaphor but she has some knives under her cloak. get those away from her and use them against her! being attacked by her own mental arsenal must do SOMETHING.
No. 370613 ID: f70e5e

ok new approach, if we humiliate her we weaken the link, we need to get her angry. lets see if we can get her to think we don't take her seriously, prick her pride and let her turn embarrassment to anger. a good line to use would be "you must have worked hard refining your powers, your almost as strong as a typical orthan." try and make it come off as if your honestly impressed by her skill, that'll probably piss her off more.
No. 370634 ID: 95e539

All right, the boob-honking didn't work, but it's at least gotten her attention. My previous suggestion still stands, mock her mercilessly and fast. See it for specifics.
No. 370639 ID: 3711e1

Honk dem titties!
No. 370640 ID: 3711e1

Also yeah stripping her clothes off isn't a bad idea, lets do that.
No. 370643 ID: b1153c

Has anyone else ever seen the mental projection of an astranian's tits before? I think not! This will be one small grab for scellor, one giant grope for scellorkind!

Strip her naked and see if she mentally projects her tits as being larger than they are in real life. That could be a weakness we can exploit.
No. 370644 ID: 210977

this is starting to sound less like mental hijacking and more like wish fufillment.
No. 370646 ID: 9c7c3b

>However, she is also embarrassed and humiliated - emotions which are alien to scellor within this context. The telepathic link remains at its relatively low level.


Say(?) something to the effect of "You're so cute and small, I couldnt resist."
No. 370649 ID: 4912c2

Alright, I got nothin'. Lemme know when we're done molesting the fluffies.
No. 370658 ID: 0d7a83

Can we please stop trying to strip her. Embarrassing her further is going to do weaken the link.
No. 370661 ID: b6edd6

This. Instead of going with the thing that is not working, we should do something like saying "Its cute how you try so hard to look powerful and mysterious. You even put on little airs in your own mind."
No. 370662 ID: a2fa74

Hug her! Murmur soothing nothings into her ear!
No. 370663 ID: 00826b

Some sort of dagger and sword on her mental reference's right hand side. Maybe you can take those away. Make her a bit more passive, perhaps?
No. 370664 ID: 54af1f

Ok, embarrassing her isn't working. Instead start talking about how terribly easy it was to get into her mind. Talk about how she's nothing compared to the undermind. Make her angry
No. 370671 ID: 6f1d54

Try to insult her. Astranians rely heavily upon tech. See if you can't bring out some kind of inadequacies relating to that. Like "You fuzzbutts hide behind your robots and shields like a bunch of cowards, I bet you couldn't even take a newly hatched Scellor in one-on-one combat!"
No. 370672 ID: cc0ad8

Strip off her clothes, then wiggle your ass at her saying HEY BATTY GIRL IN THE MINDSCAPE I AM WEARING NOTHING AT ALL NOTHING AT ALL NOTHING AT ALL while wiggling your ass at her.

The sight of your naked glorious green ass the likes of which the astranians have never seen before should disorient her further.
No. 370673 ID: 2563d4

Nab dem sharp and pointy things.
No. 370675 ID: 453e62

you are all also assuming it will be EASY to strip her. can probably get the cloak off easy, just unhook the clasp and it would fall off. but the rest would be a battle for each part. we need to keep up the advantage, we can't let her regain control by halting the attack to try and take her clothes. the knives or swords would be a great place to start, take them and use them against her. would have her own psyche be attacking her essentially.
No. 370699 ID: cfa804

What should b obvious is that not everyone actually WANTS the scellor to win, so people suggesting things that'd put the astranian's back up is to be expected. That said, continue honking them boobs.
No. 370715 ID: b738b4

Other than anger, I can't think of any other lines of thought or emotion that mesh between Astranians and Scellor. That's the only thread we have, so we'll have to pull it for all it's worth!

Goad Commander Ekia into attacking, then dodge and parry every one of her moves, mocking and ridiculing her the whole time. Don't disarm her though; We need her to get throughly enraged at us.

If some other chain we can yank pops up, all the better. For now, stick to what we know.
No. 370741 ID: bd7cc2

Another vote for mocking and rediculing. We want her to be angry, not embarrassed. (Or embareassed)
No. 370745 ID: b818eb

Punch her in the face.
No. 370753 ID: 5aae31

Can't scellor get angry? I don't understand the logic in this.
No. 370759 ID: 74904d

Just laugh at her, treating it like a prank. The lack of respect and not being taken seriously should focus her on anger.
No. 370844 ID: df7d72

Introduce ourselves in a chipper insulting manner. With luck she'll get angry at us personally, strengthening the link.
No. 370849 ID: 3947e9

attacking her femininity (aka the boob honk) caused her to be embarrassed and humiliated which are alien to us and degraded the connection. We must avoid any more such sexual assaults as they will continue to degrade the connection and result in our failure. Do not honk, do not strip, etc. We must also avoid fear, which the scellor do not know.

Anger is the source of the connection in the first place, we must cause more anger while invoking new emotions that we also share such that the connection expands. Mocking might work, if we can try to draw out her pride too by stating she is exceptionally gifted psychic for her species, and a formidable foe for your psychic attack; but she will fall before us. Ironically believing us that she is a formidable foe will make her more prideful which strengthens the connection. And more careless too.

Scellor know anger, it made the connection stronger.
She also knew shame, sceller have no shame. That made the connection weaker.
Overall the connection did not change in strength as a result... we just wasted our initial assault on something stupid

No. 370854 ID: 5aae31

Anger doesn't make her think like a scellor though, it makes her think like an astranian, since they both know anger. In fact, I'd argue that anger is a more astranian emotion than a scellor one, so arguably, frustration on Piyerra's part should just make her more susceptible to Ekia's counterattacks, where anger probably shouldn't make Ekia as vulnerable as Piyerra thinks.
No. 370855 ID: 453e62

no no, he means think with an emotion scellor understand.
No. 370867 ID: bdb886



No. 370868 ID: 4e0b2f

>lol psychic titties
No. 370883 ID: 20326c

I know it's dumb as hell, but I gotta agree with shot there. See if you can get her tits out, if not more.

Well, it's not ENTIRELY stupid, it's a domination thing and might mess with her ability to lead in the long run, but we'll see.
No. 370896 ID: b6edd6

So, as a military officer you ARE experienced in filtering out the stupid ideas that the Undermind sometimes has, right? I doubt our military would get very far without that.
No. 370897 ID: 1854db

Take her weapons and use them against her.
No. 370916 ID: 453e62

the connection lvl decides how much power we can bring to bear. we still need to use that power and defeat her. take weapons.
No. 370966 ID: 02c112

Keep molesting her, get her tits out, she might be embarrassed at first but eventually she'll feel pleasure which IS a scellor emotion!
No. 370970 ID: 79586b

Explain to her just how unappreciated she is among the astranians. She's a psychically gifted individual in a race of individuals, who are, for the most part, immune, insensitive, or ignorant in such things.

Tell her how much more at home she'd be joining the Undermind. It's not all just crass physical intimacy, it's also understanding, togetherness, family... forever.
No. 370973 ID: 5aae31


she's a commander

she's pretty appreciated in that she has a ton of people who trust in her judgement and follow her orders without question

don't think that's gonna work
No. 370974 ID: 784dcc

>>370970 sounds good.
She needs to be able to help her kind. Astranians are alien, cannot feel what she does, cannot think alongside her. Cannot sympathise with what she feels right now.

We can.

(so, use psi-ability as a wedge between her and her race, and a common ground.)
No. 370977 ID: 784dcc

In fact, put on a robe similar to hers...maybe slightly open, sure, but something emphasizing your psychic attributes.
No. 370983 ID: b6edd6

A mocking Astranina impression (complete with fake accent) would be great for trolling someone so uptight.
No. 371035 ID: d94b60
File 132350418344.png - (303.74KB , 800x600 , battlequest58.png )

>Success! Piyerra turns Ekia's hostility back on herself, taking advantage of the self-loathing that runs beneath the astranians' racial pride. Her cloak of indifference is torn and the advantage is seized. Of course, a sense of racial shame is utterly alien to scellor, so... oh, hold on. The connection has increased. Huh.

I've uncovered the first layer of her secrecy! I have information... The astranian forces consist of one warship carrier, 12 support craft, several fighters,; 100 astranians, thirty of which are marines... 12 walkers, a command walker, 200 robots...

... That's incredibly undetailed! Either she's better at this than I thought, or she never bothered learning the details of her own army!! I need to push on.

No. 371036 ID: d94b60
File 132350422513.png - (213.64KB , 800x600 , battlequest59.png )

She should have recovered by now, brace yourselves for... what's she doing with her cloak?
No. 371037 ID: d94b60
File 132350428104.png - (253.85KB , 800x600 , battlequest60.png )

Aargh, dammit! Why the myriad hells am I bothering with this in the first place?
No. 371041 ID: 453e62

throw away the cloak, it's powers of indifference are effecting you. remember this is a mission!
No. 371042 ID: f27b6b

Ditch the cloak! Get back in there! Provoke fury!
No. 371061 ID: 2563d4

Discard flea-infested rag.
No. 371064 ID: 453e62

oh, and say "how old is this thing? i'm guessing your staff had to learn to deal with the smell."
No. 371066 ID: f31dfc

Burn through her indifference and use that to launch another move. Perhaps snatching that necklace from her? It's probably important to her.
No. 371085 ID: c6a739

I dunno, lady, it seems like the tables are being turned on you, you've probably given up one of your own secrets already and should likely disengage.
No. 371088 ID: c460ad

Get rid of the cloak. Then proceed to use the daggers to cut off as much as you can, starting with that amulet. If the "cloak of indifference" is anything to go by, at least some of her clothing must be psychological shielding. Getting rid of it might make further attacks easier.
No. 371089 ID: de01b0

Spin the cloak so it turns into a wound up rope and slap her with her own hypocrisy. She has given you something of hers so use that to strengthen the link.

Maybe you can implant some false information... Try to plant an image of an elite force moving through the desert intended to strike the Astranians from the south. Perhaps you can pull a suitable image from the Overmind to make it seem extra real? Things like that have undoubtedly happened in the Scellor past.
For a real shake-up you could try to give her the idea that Radde is a fool who accidentally got his position and only does big, dramatic attacks with no regards to stealth of defense while seeking more promotions and glory.

Alternatively just give her the sense of some sort of secret plan involving the unfrozen end of the lake and some kind of submergible under-ice weapon. All fake of course, but sending her on a false goose chase is worth it.
No. 371099 ID: 5aae31

Removing the necklace is likely to offend her, driving her angrier but also making her more rebellious and steadfast. Faith like that can be a strong tool, and if we attack her faith it will probably backfire horribly on us.

Attack her with the cloak, and be prepared to disengage if she starts to get the upper hand, we don't want to spill secrets like where our troops are building our bases. If she gets a hold of that information, our entire army is as good as dead.
No. 371101 ID: a2fa74

Punch her in the racial self-loathing with your nebulous desire for love and peace for/with all living beings.

That's a thing, right? Scellor being like the Tau only with more Borg and hippie love?

TL;DR: Rub her self-loathing in how much you want to hug the shit out of her.
No. 371102 ID: 5aae31

I'm going to second nestling her self-loathing in a caring hug between your bosoms.
No. 371106 ID: 1854db

She has a smaller dagger as a necklace. A memento? Yank that off her.
No. 371112 ID: b6edd6

No. 371116 ID: 54af1f

Come on. If you go back empty handed Radde will be totally insufferable about it.
No. 371117 ID: bf6893

Be careful, here. She's aware of you and is now counter-attacking. Do not become overconfident. The cloak is affecting you, turn it against her as suggested. >>371089
At the same time, do not just strike her with it, go for that necklace. I have the suspicion it's a disguised weapon. Consider her as dripping with weapons to use on you, and disarm her any way you can.
No. 371129 ID: 1854db

Wait, do better than just setting the cloak aside. Destroy the cloak.
No. 371136 ID: cdb8cb

Make love to the cloak.
No. 371144 ID: 8e18cd


Just dump water on her.
No. 371855 ID: 5bf190
File 132373625285.png - (365.20KB , 800x600 , battlequest61.png )


Rrgh. Right. Right! Those are good reasons! To injure and kill people. Permanently. Right???


The cloak - yes! It's part of her, she should have trouble defending against it. And it's her own apathy - anyone as disaffected as this should harbour some regrets about their own lack of drive. This should work!
No. 371856 ID: 5bf190
File 132373629080.png - (265.75KB , 800x600 , battlequest62.png )

Space hells! She doesn't give a fuck about not giving a fuck!
No. 371857 ID: 5bf190
File 132373633278.png - (319.22KB , 800x600 , battlequest63.png )

All right, plan B. That necklace has got to be some sort of important to her, at the very least she'll get mad if I grab it - hopefully, it'll weaken her as well. I'm sure we must be running out of time, so cross your fingers!
No. 371858 ID: 5bf190
File 132373636629.png - (106.33KB , 800x600 , battlequest64.png )

No. 371861 ID: 453e62

[form of, a GLOVE]
what happened to the knife?
No. 371862 ID: 5aae31

Prepare yourself, she's likely to counterattack! put on the cloak or use it as a shield for her incoming attack!
No. 371865 ID: 1854db

No no you're doing it wrong. Grab it on the not-pointy bit. Jeez.

Can you alter your own appearance? Make yourself look like her. That would be like, mocking her, right?
No. 371868 ID: b6edd6

You know...
Is it only negative emotions that strengthen the connection?
If we can make a show of being hurt, we might be able to induce smugness, a feeling which we as the immortal Undermind are quite familiar with.
No. 371869 ID: 9c7c3b

>so cross your fingers!
No. 371870 ID: 453e62

yes, i mean, massive superiority complex is a thing we have right? and that charm seems even MORE important now, turn one of us eyes into wire cutters or something and snip the wire next time you can attack.
No. 371871 ID: 1854db

Oh man, that could work!
No. 371874 ID: f27b6b

THIS IS A BRILLIANT PLAN. Induce smugness using enormous display of injury!
No. 371876 ID: 5aae31

Yeah, that's just crazy enough to work. But how would we induce smugness? Taunt her about something we know is not true, so she can smugly answer back?

Or would positive emotions cause her to gain the advantage? Positive emotions from her while we're in a dejected state like this could make her overwhelm us... Yeah, this isn't a good idea... We'd definitely lose information this way.
No. 371881 ID: b6edd6

I don't know whether or not making her smug would help, but if it would help, we should go about doing so by acting like someone who just stuck their fingers in a running blender.
No. 371883 ID: 453e62

we aren't ACTUALLY dejected, just faking it.
No. 371900 ID: 54af1f


Yeah, that's a great suggestion. Let her think she's won. That she stands over you, having beaten you, the one who angered her so. A Scellor who dared invade her mind. Her, the leader of this task force. Induce her arrogance, her desire to win. And turn it against her.
No. 371904 ID: fa929d

Except we totally are because we aren't winning. Piyerra is totally disheartened right now and its making Ekias get the advantage.

HOW are you going to use smugness against her anyways?
No. 371907 ID: 1854db

It deepens the connection. We're in this to retrieve information. Also we aren't losing, the fight is even.
No. 371908 ID: b6edd6

I don't think our ultimate goal is to have our avatar beat up her avatar (the smugness theory won't work if that actually is what we need to do). I think the way we win this mind-fight is by synchronizing her emotions with ones that are familiar to us. Thus, smug self-satisfaction.
No. 371974 ID: 5aae31

I don't think you guys are thinking this smugness idea all the way through. Smugness will have her adopt a dominant stance and we will be adopting a submissive stance to "fake" being dejected (which we partially are now after repeated failure)

This seems more like an invitation for her to attack us more than anything.
No. 371978 ID: 2563d4

Link level is just a requirement to establish dominance to get info. Sacrificing dominance to get link level makes no sense.

Grab the dagger by the string, you dolt.
No. 371986 ID: 453e62

no, she will think we are dazed and make an aggressive attack, and then we counter.
No. 372014 ID: b84c88

Counter her negative emotion towards using what? A positive emotion? That is not how this works.
No. 372072 ID: 54af1f

If we induce smugness we're winning and can be smug about this stupid creatures failings.
No. 372100 ID: b738b4

We may have to concede that we just don't know enough about how Commander Ekia thinks and who she is to get any more than what we've already got. A strategic withdrawal is always the preferred option over flailing ourselves into a hole and letting our plans slip. Imagine how much more insufferable Radde'd be if you more than bungled, you aided the enemy.
No. 372101 ID: cdb8cb

No. 372123 ID: a1d7ad

Things are going bad, you can't fight against these superior people, surrender before you are destroyed.
No. 372171 ID: 25d956

These. Do both of these.
No. 372173 ID: 8c0848

You'd better just do this, give up, surrender and tell them everything. You're not going to make it. She's better than you.
No. 372176 ID: 5aae31

Yeah... There's no way our puny scellor mind can stand up to astranian superiority. We should probably just beg for mercy.
No. 372184 ID: b6edd6

I don't get it either.
With the smugness thing I was asking a question about the cause/effect relationship between the avatars fight, the emotional synching, and getting information, but even if that will work that wouldn't be helped by us pretending.
No. 372235 ID: bf6893

Well, now things are just getting ridiculous. Don't let this little surprise shake your self-confidence. Take a moment to grow your fingers back, just to show her that wasn't of any real use. Then make an exaggerated surprised face and tell her "Well, I may have to take you seriously." in a sarcastic tone. That dagger-like item is a proven weapon, so recover it, and destroy it. Just to prove that her weapons really are useless against the power of the undermind. Maintain a superior attitude, and you will anger her. Angering her is your goal, do not lose sight of this AGAIN.
No. 372268 ID: b6edd6

Ok, yeah the smugness thing probably would not work.
I am a bit unsure about grabbing directly for the string though. It is still the same symbolic thing that harmed us last time, and also most of the string is out of sight.
Hmm, what if we make a grab for the string, but this time using her cloak of indifference as a glove, to turn her uncaring attitude against the thing she seems to hold valuable?
No. 372353 ID: 049dfa

Time to make the most important decision anyone can make in a battle.

The decision to cut your losses and run.

Let's go to the list:

1 - You clearly underestimated the SHIT out of your opponent
2 - You have already lost the momentum, and thus the element of surprise that was your biggest advantage
3 - You clearly don't know enough about how your opponent thinks to reliably assault her mind
4 - If she keeps the momentum and pushes back, your side is going to end up in an incredibly bad position.

You do not have the grounds to mount an effective attack or defense, you don't know your opponent's capabilities, and you have everything to lose.

Break contact. Bail. Leg it, metaphorically speaking. Take what you've got, since it's at least SOMETHING, and get out while you can.
No. 372356 ID: 13d0dc

ignore the fools telling you to bail, that knife is puny compared to the undermind, and pain is swallowed by the collective like a ripple in a pool.

wrap that cloak around your hand and NOT GIVE A FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF THAT LADY. AND HER KNIFE TOO.
No. 372436 ID: 875f9c

Ooh, this might actually be a good plan B. If we can't get information FROM them we can give MISinformation TO them.
No. 372701 ID: b738b4

Or mask our knowledge so it's as vague and unhelpful as what we've already gotten out of Ekia. How good are you at hiding and obscuring your thoughts?

Or... Would it be possible to flood the connection with random trivia? Make the Commander have to sift anything useful out of a pile of garbage.
No. 372705 ID: 7aaba2
File 132400145894.jpg - (22.33KB , 800x600 , battlequest65.jpg )

>make a show of being hurt
>Induce smugness using enormous display of injury
>acting like someone who just stuck their fingers in a running blender



ok, ok, i've got to get a grip OH WAIT I CAN'T HA HA HA!!

No. 372706 ID: 7aaba2
File 132400149826.png - (181.28KB , 800x600 , battlequest66.png )

Wait, she is getting smug! She's laughing at us!!

The link is opening up more, I just need to-

No. 372707 ID: 7aaba2
File 132400153095.png - (208.04KB , 800x600 , battlequest67.png )

>"-arged up. Activating the shields!"

Oh no, don't you dare!
No. 372708 ID: 7aaba2
File 132400157692.png - (2.31KB , 800x600 , battlequest68.png )

No. 372709 ID: 7aaba2
File 132400162575.png - (194.77KB , 800x600 , battlequest69.png )


Damn it!!

No. 372710 ID: 1854db

Well that didn't get us much.

How do you usually handle mental injuries like that?
No. 372711 ID: 25d956

You should probably just cry.
No. 372712 ID: 784dcc

What just happened?
No. 372713 ID: a2fa74

I have a solution to the shield problem.
Form a battlemind, then throw rocks at them with your minds until their shields go down.

Alternatively? Target their unshielded soldiers on the ground. Make them say 'fuck this shit' and go sit-out the rest of the battle. They didn't sing up to be physically and/or mentally molested by Keen Dreams villains.
Start a rout~
No. 372718 ID: 9641ed

Calm down, go grab some soothing tea and go check on how the bases are coming. Also check and see how long you were out.
No. 372761 ID: d60822

Huh. You, the main psyker of a psychic race, just got out psychiced by a member of a race which sucks at psychery. Good job.
No. 372762 ID: e3aff6

We can't target their other soldiers; non-psychic Astranians have natural mental defenses.

I hear swearing actually does make you experience pain less.
No. 372782 ID: 9cb4b3

Not just her, she was aided by all the other psyker scellor in her attempt to boost her abilities, so pretty much that one bat defeated her entire psychic forces! How thoroughly embarrassing!

Seriously though, go get some nice herbal tea and try to relax. Maybe go have whatever freaky plant people have instead of alcohol. You need to let your mind rest a bit before doing much else.
No. 372784 ID: 1854db

Don't be hard on her. We got blocked by tech, not because the Astranian pushed us out.
No. 372800 ID: 453e62

indeed, they cheated. believe it was simply time was against us, had more time could learn more about her weaknesses and dig in deeper.
No. 372808 ID: cdb8cb

Y-yeah! They, they totally cheated! *sniff* Us Skellor is not l-losers. *sniff*
No. 372868 ID: c7dc56

Cut that shit out.
No. 372890 ID: 1444d5

The Stranners have PCM. Where's PCCM in the research tree?
No. 372898 ID: b738b4

Well, we knew going in that this little excursion wouldn't last long. At least we got a small something out of it. Take two of whatever the Scellor equivalent of aspirin is, make sure you didn't leave anything behind when the shields went up, and check in with Radde.

Hopefully the shields will keep Ekia from using any of her psychic abilities for the time being. We'll have to keep harassing her from time to time to keep that shield up.
No. 372981 ID: bf6893

All right, speaking as the guy next to you in the circle, it's pretty clear that the after-mission debrief is going to be awful. However, things could have gone a lot worse, and if nothing else we've picked up some useful intelligence data on the enemy. Not what we've read from her mind, but through observation.
1. She is an experienced mental combatant, being familiar with a variety of tactics.
a. Delaying us while that shield came on (Oo, look at the pretty toys I'm wearing!)
b. creation of dangerous psionic artifacts (your fingers are all right, aren't they?)
c. psychological warfare (Bitch looked sooo smug.) and deflection of those who aren't focused. We went in with a good plan and ended up playing with her toys instead of sticking to it.
d. Disinformation, such as suspiciously vague information that we *were* able to read from her.
2. The enemy is in possession of working mind-shield technology. This must be obtained so that we can reverse-engineer it and find a counter for it. This is an important secondary objective for this little engagement.
3. It's proven that the smug underestimation of the enemy that we've shown so far is something they are more than capable of using against us. Take them seriously, so that you can take them out.
4. Before going into psionic battle again, don't just grab every orthan you can for the sheer power. Weed out the crybabies and sympathizers, first. They proved a worse enemy than the bitch did.
Speaking of which, a little housecleaning might be in order. Let me know if I can be of assistance.
No. 373166 ID: 94f94b
File 132417883087.png - (145.58KB , 800x600 , battlequest70.png )

The connection was flimsy to begin with! That woman is much more in control of herself than most astranians, if only by lethargy.

Pfaugh, astranian technology. Their shields can block telepathy. Creeps me out.

Hmm. Radde looks upset.

>"You bet I am! Some of our scouts ran into a mine field. Some pretty bad casualties."
>"Mines!? How could that be? Was it left by whoever built the tower...?"
>"Next thing I know, Avarre's at me about a premonition saying we need to get a lander up into the sky again, no clue why, and I'm dealing with all this when you come back and it feels like things didn't go so well."
>"Well... I got a rough count of their forces... and a decent psychological estimate of their commander."
>"Show me."
No. 373167 ID: 94f94b
File 132417887783.png - (201.75KB , 800x600 , battlequest71.png )

>"Well, I see where you had some trouble. Bat lady's piled high with shits not given. Funny thing, though, P.R.; I'd have thought you'd figure what that necklace was representin'."
>"A sword hanging downward is a symbol of justice, Piyerra. Though maybe a less benevolent one than you'd be familiar with. Ended up cutting yourself, there."
>"Well, I don't think any astranian's gonna have a sense of justice all that strong. But you, you're a diplomat; fairness and laws and all that are your bag. And you don't approve of war either, do you? So you go in there, and at the back of your mind you're thinking, it isn't right. And worse still, you're aiming to do permanent damage if you can, to get info we can use to kill people, and they won't be coming back. So, Piyerra, you're fighting, but all the while you've got voices who want you to give up, back off; little voices thinking maybe you deserve to get a bit of justice for what you're doing. Some of them are our good friends, and some of them are you yourself."

>"So, Piyerra, let me remind you why we're here."
No. 373169 ID: 94f94b
File 132417900208.png - (148.81KB , 800x600 , battlequest72.png )

>"Because eventually, as you know, as I know, as we all know; we're not going to last forever. The years will grind on, and the stars will spin out, and the last days will fade. The laws of the universe will collect their dues, and all we'll be left to see is the long dark grey when all the lights have gone out. And then, even if for a hundred trillion years everything goes all the ways we could ever hope, we will die. And that'll be the end."

>"But here; here we find ourselves a little sign that maybe the rules of existence might have a loophole or two. Here, we have a machine that looks like it's doing something that shouldn't be possible. And everyone else is going to look at it and think, oh, we'll have ships that can hide, weather we can control, inexhaustible power. But I'm looking, Piyerra, and I look at that tower, and I think that someday, maybe, we can make that spire into a spear that can kill entropy."

>"So, I'm gonna laugh, because that makes me happy, and I'm gonna joke, because it's fun. But don't go doubting that we're here for a damn good reason. Alright?"

>"Y-yes, Radde."
No. 373171 ID: 94f94b
File 132417904993.png - (147.47KB , 800x600 , battlequest73.png )

>"Great! So, ready to have a go at saving the universe?"
>"Mm. So long as nothing else goes wrong."
No. 373173 ID: 94f94b
File 132417909864.png - (31.25KB , 800x600 , battlequest74.png )


oh noooooooo!
No. 373175 ID: af25e0


Well, Radde just got a lot more awesome.

Better go check out the explosion.
No. 373176 ID: 46c430

Uh, it would appear the volcano is erupting. Um. ...Yeah, something tells me this isn't just coincidence this is happening right now.
No. 373177 ID: 453e62

that could be why we need a transport in the air. start getting one done asap. cannibalize the other if you need to to do it fast. watch the flow of the lava and just divert it around the base if it's coming towards you.
No. 373193 ID: 9cb4b3

Psh, yeah, take a page out of the astranian playbook and blow a crater in front of the flow of the magma to slow it's descent towards you. I'm thinkin' the base of the mountain should be good.
No. 373240 ID: 32e092

> someday, maybe, we can make that spire into a spear that can kill entropy

Okay, I'm on these guys' side now. Let's go kick some Tozol ass.

Anyway, if you've got anything that can move bulk dirt/rocks, try redirecting the lava flow away from you. Bonus points for using it to clear that minefield or something.
No. 373242 ID: cdb8cb

This is a total wild goose chase. That tower is nothing but a red herring! I wanna be the Astranian's bugmind already!
No. 373273 ID: c7dc56

You sir, have just won my complete loyalty and dedication.

And about that volcano. If my feeble assumptions of scellor and astranian physiology are worth anything, then you need to find immediate cover and ventilation. The atmosphere in the near by are is probably going to be thicker than cake with ash. I suggest making an escape in your transport vehicles. If you feel up to it, the tower would likely be a suitable shelter. If you rush now, you might be able to take it while the astranians are weathering the ash storm, move in from low altitude flight and be prepared to leg it in the event of vehicle destruction (by hostiles or the fire storm). Expect more "indigenous" defenses inside and nearbye the tower too. It's a gambit, but one way or the other you will need to prepare yourself to weather the eruption immediately.
No. 373285 ID: 385f21

From now on Radde is assigned the call sign "QB". If anybody asks, tell them that it's for "Quite Badass".

As for the volcano... can we get a map with projected affected areas?
No. 373297 ID: 2563d4

If you can't move everything this instant, I hope you can all group up and make one heck of a psionic shield bubble.
No. 373300 ID: cf49fc

Well Radde, you seem to have a lava problem! Damned Astranians! Move your forces to high ground immediately, then continue preparations there. Also, in future don't build bases in valleys below volcanoes.

No. 373304 ID: 54af1f

Well, now we know why you need the landers. Get out of the way of the volcano.

Also, I suggest you be careful flying in the direction of the mine field. They might have automated weapons covering it or something.
No. 373306 ID: 9cb4b3

Oh hey, if the sky's filled with ash you guys can't photosynthesize, as plant people and all.

That should probably be cause for alarm.
No. 373354 ID: b738b4

Well, dammit!
If that was a volcano on our side of the valley, we're fucked. If it was on the north side, we have time. We need a map and an estimated zone of effect from the eruption.
No. 373441 ID: 73eb25


Evac, now. Primary route in red. Secondary routes in other colors and smaller. The hill is probably mined. Keep your hover trucks as high up as they can go. Psi scan for mines when advancing troops and vehicles.
No. 373903 ID: f72f26
File 132445081983.png - (102.59KB , 800x600 , sideselect2.png )

>Failure after failure greeted the Scellor forces. While the Scellor deal with yet another setback, their enemies push towards an easy victory.

No. 373904 ID: f72f26
File 132445100384.png - (323.65KB , 749x561 , battlequest13.png )

>Location:Astranian deployment site.

>mission status:all units succesfully deployed.

>unit status:all units on stand by.

>:begin new commands.
No. 373905 ID: f72f26
File 132445109978.png - (268.09KB , 749x561 , battlequest14.png )

MasterSergeant Rusk: "Tactica Command! I was not aware you deployed with our landing party."

Tactica Command: "It was not necessary to keep you informed, Master Sergeant."

Rusk: "I heard the Commander was attacked!"

Tactica Command: "She will recover."
No. 373907 ID: f72f26
File 132445135657.png - (187.16KB , 749x561 , battlequest15.png )

LeadPilot Pudj: "Ey, TV head! why'd you relieve my crew?"

Tactica Command: "Their presence here would be redundant,Lead Pilot Pudj, I am taking direct control of the Command Walker, and we do not have a surpluss on crewmen."

Pudj: "Now listen here! I'm the best Pilot in this whole opperation and-"

Tactica Command: "That is exactly why you are being relieved Pilot, after losing three walkers Commander-Ritualist feels it wise that you focus you attention on protecting those we have left, at least until more information is recovered."

Pudj: . . .
No. 373910 ID: f72f26
File 132445157246.png - (241.18KB , 749x561 , battlequest16.png )

Tactica Command: "If you are done questioning the Commander-Ritualists orders, I believe it would be more productive to concern ourselves with the salvage operation underway,"

Rusk: "A moment please Tactica Command. My men will need orders, what is our plan of action? As I understand it Commander Ekia is rounding the spire to assault the Scellor with her fleet, but what are we the ground forces expected to do? Are our forces to remain here and develop a defensive position? Move for the artifact while the scellor are distracted? Or should I be keeping the whole company in suspense twiddling thier thumbs until we complete the salvage mission?"

>Computing solutions . . .
No. 373914 ID: 453e62

the last move for the artifact is why we are doing the salvage operation, would be unwise to do so again.
No. 373918 ID: 1854db

>failure after failure
What? That was one failure (the psychic assault). We had already decided to get the ships ready to take off before even receiving the warning about the volcano, so the Scellor were going to be able to evac easily. Besides, don't they have, y'know, psychic powers capable of protecting them from SLOW MOVING LAVA? The whole volcano situation is a bit harmless really, aside from the initial splash of lava coming out, which they can shield with kinetic bubble and such. And I would advise you not go "LOL MY SIDE IS GONNA WIN SO EASY" lest you be accused of being a poor sport. Unless you mean the Tozols, in which case that seems a bit premature.

Ground forces... I want to say move in close enough to the spire that we can block access to it while we attempt to retrieve the artifact.
No. 373922 ID: 9cb4b3

Moving for the artifact should be held off until we can use the entire fleet to attack the tower en masse, completely overwhelm the tower and any defenses it has.

Contact Ekia and see if we can help attack the Scellor in any way. If we can wipe them out in one sweep, that'd be spiffy.

Where are we in regards to the minefield, the astranian carrier, and the spire? Also remind Ekia to keep her shields up, we don't know what mental trickery the cheating scellor scum may have in store in the future, and we may not be so fortunate with the next attack. They are incompetent, but they might get lucky, and we can't take that chance.

If we can't help attack or anything, we should set up defenses for the salvaging operations. That base is mobile right? Have it move with you, keep all your forces together as much as possible and maintain communications with patrols, routinely check in with each squad.

How much information are you processing, tactica command? Can you view the vital signs of each trooper and the status of each mech/ship?
No. 373926 ID: 1e3433

They got their ships shot down then they ran into mines and lost bunch of guys then they completely fucked up their mind games
And "slow moving lava"? Dude come on have you forgotten that the most dangerous thing about volcanoes is the super fast burning wall of smoke and ash?
No. 373934 ID: 1854db

That's from an eruption. This is just a bomb in the side.
No. 373943 ID: e3f578

Defensive Position
Too much data to collect and analyze while we're too vulnerable.
No. 373962 ID: 32e092

Go for the artifact while you have the opportunity. If you can get entrenched there it'll give you the upper hand long-term.

What are your plans for it? Is it something we can do mid-battle, so we can fulfill our goals before anyone else even knows what's going on?
No. 373981 ID: 73eb25

How badly are the mechs damaged? What hit them? What happened to the pilots? Do we plan to recover the pilots too? They are rather expensive and valuable. I'd say as valuable as the walkers, because walkers are only as good as their pilots.
No. 373984 ID: 2563d4

Once again, "Charge". There is nothing to defend here and no reason to attack at half-strength.
No. 373988 ID: 9cb4b3

Actually, scratch that, give Officer Mook and a Robot the orders that if Commander-Ritualist Ekia gives any sign of distress that they are to activate her shields immediately. She needs to keep her shields down for the most part so that she can use her psychic powers to give her insight on the battlefield.

If both are present and there is a conflict over who should push the button, the robot should defer to Mook and let him push the button to resolve the issue.
No. 373995 ID: cf49fc

Alright, we're going to have to use our advantages to take over this planet. That means abusing our Shield technology and our total Air Superiority. We should continue harassing the Scellor, but we should also have one or two fighters break off and scout the area where our mechs were lost. We should also try for a more infantry heavy advance into the area where the mechs were lost.

Oh, and move up closer to the tower, then deploy in a defensive posture. The Scellor attacks will be weak and poorly directed, like the Scellor. Attacking only increases potential casualties from Scellor saboteurs, like our mech unit.
No. 373997 ID: 54af1f

Push cautiously towards the spire, we don't know what hit our forward team. Don't get too spread out and make sure you've got good support between armour and infantry.
No. 374024 ID: bc06ef

([still dont know how to spoiler] it seems the tozols and the scellor could reach an agreement here. not that the tozol are technicaly authorised to make such decisions, but they know the man on the ground knows the best. usualy.)
No. 374025 ID: 453e62

go to the front page and click FAQ
No. 374028 ID: bc06ef

No. 374029 ID: e3aff6

This sounds reasonable.
Ideally we can set up long ranged firepower in a position that can fire on the area around the tower.
No. 374034 ID: f72f26
File 132449679813.png - (154.60KB , 818x560 , battlequest17.png )

>Contact Ekia and see if we can help attack the Scellor in any way.
our best option for defending the fleet is uncovering/assaulting the Scellor's hidden deployment at the objective

>How much information are you processing, tactica command? Can you view the vital signs of each trooper and the status of each mech/ship?
All data is fully available and ready, awaiting prompt to bring up vitals on Salvage team.

>What are your plans for the objective?
redirect to research and development engineers

>How badly are the mechs damaged?
one destroyed, 2 disabled.
>What hit them?
unknown:more data required
>What happened to the pilots?
unknown:more data required
>Do we plan to recover the pilots too? They are rather expensive and valuable. I'd say as valuable as the walkers, because walkers are only as good as their pilots.
negative, they have not responded, likely dead or captured. we will have to make do with pilots reassigned from command walker.

>Ekia needs to keep her shields down for the most part so that she can use her psychic powers to give her insight on the battlefield.
negative, all ship shielding must remain at full. Risk to the Carrier from enemy fire is no longer within regulation. The Commander-Ritualist has informed me that she has already pinpointed the psychic positioning, hopefully she is not mistaken.

Tactica Command: "Ground Sergeant have your soldiers advance, having a position closer to the objective is optimal."

Rusk: "understood I'll inform the troops"

>Review Salvage team data now, or continue processing information?
No. 374035 ID: 2563d4

>our best option for defending the fleet is uncovering/assaulting the Scellor's hidden deployment at the objective
Then get those scouts moving.

>The Commander-Ritualist has informed me that she has already pinpointed the psychic positioning
Well, you know what to do with known enemy positions: Artillery, and lots of it.

>Review Salvage team data now
...I guess?

Also, what's the unlabelled dot just south-east of the warfleet?
No. 374041 ID: 9cb4b3

Get the salvage team to try to clear a path through the minefield, using their equipment to uncover and disable the mines. Caution them to only do so if it is safe, of course, and suggest they use a drilling laser to remotely detonate the harder to reach mines.

Do they have a transport they can pile into and retreat with easily at the first sign or trouble, get them quickly out of there? If they are vulnerable to attack you should definitely send some troops to defend them. We can't let them fall as easily a our scout mechs fell, and if whatever attacked the scout mechs attacks them they're likely done for. They need either a really, really good transport or better, some better defense.

Tell the recon ships to double their efforts on scouting the area but not get too close to the spire itself, send a few aerial drones out to test the waters so to speak around the tower and try to uncover any AA defenses it may have.

In the meantime, we need to start moving towards the tower with the command walker and all the troops not sent to defend the salvage team, if the recon ships don't find the scellor we can at least annihilate them if they move towards the spire to take it en masse.

Even if we don't know where they are, we know where they're going to be. Let's move to intercept them.

Also, yes, review salvage team data.

...They're not in trouble already, are they?

Analyze the volcanic activity. Tell the warfleet to pause for now, if the ash is going to mess up their systems or interfere with their communications they're going to be better off providing support for the ground troops.

This is how our unknown enemy is going to attack us, they're going to disrupt us and take us out while we're stumbling around confused and blind. If the volcano hasn't gone off yet, well, advise against going directly over the volcano as it might be rigged to detonate (har har, going last has it's advantages) and instead fly around the volcano to attack them from behind (off the map shown).

How high is the fleet stationed in the air? They should be stationed as high as possible until they're ready to strike.
No. 374069 ID: 1737f4

Consider that the warp fleet has the northern pass around the spire covered, let's move our ground forces to where the walkers were downed. We can gather more information there, then proceed as a pack south and around the spire towards the Scellor location. Once we destroy them (or, more likely, those fleeing from the ships) we have all the time in the world to retrieve the objective.
No. 374072 ID: cdb8cb

Oh my god Pudj you're so fat and cute and :T
No. 374102 ID: ad5c4f

Mint was cuter! :V
No. 374111 ID: b738b4

What're those scout forces doing all the way back there? We need them up front, scouting the way for the salvage team.

Have the salvage team go to the scout walker wrecks and retrieve any vehicle data recorders. We want to determine what took down our mechs so quickly.

Move those two recon ships to a 5 km radius from the spire, on opposing sides. Then have them move in a slow inward spiral, ready to break off if they are shot at. This should give us an idea of the activation range of any automated anti-aircraft weapons.

What're the weather conditions and visibility range on the way to and around the spire?
No. 374248 ID: 73eb25

I'd hold the salvage team there till you get the advancing force to it for backup. Something took out those walkers and I don't want a salvage team running into that without some support.
No. 374437 ID: 54af1f

We already got our arm chopped off when we scrambled for the objective. Let's play this cautious. Slow measured advance on the objective and don't push anything out too far ahead.
No. 374446 ID: a2fa74

Leave a token guard for the salvage crew and have everybody else push for the spire. You need to secure it before the Scellor, since whoever entrenches there has nigh-assured victory.
The abandoned warware lying around poses a risk, but if you minesweep your path you can avoid the worst of it and leave those same defenses set for when the scellor try to oust you.
No. 374708 ID: f72f26
File 132468329971.png - (180.10KB , 749x561 , battlequest18.png )

>what's the unlabelled dot just south-east of the warfleet?
additional recon ships assisting the fleet's advance.
>Well, you know what to do with known enemy positions: Artillery, and lots of it.
"Artillery" command not recognised.
>Get the salvage team to try to clear a path through the minefield,
"minefield" target not recognised.
>Tell the recon ships to double their efforts on scouting the area but not get too close to the spire itself, send a few aerial drones out to test the waters so to speak around the tower and try to uncover any AA defenses it may have.
Order sent
Recon ships confirm order
RekonLeader : "under stood Command, we'll get your info."

Tactica Command: "Marines Sergeant Sout has been assigned to defend the salvage team, he is accompanied by four marines of his choosing and a doctor from the carrier to treat possible survivors."
Pudj:"wasn't his mate the one leading the scouting party, what if he let's his emmotions get the best of him?"
Rusk:"that won't happen Sout's a good man, This will keep him occupied and his mind off of the grief."

>Analyze the volcanic activity. Tell the warfleet to pause for now, if the ash is going to mess up their systems or interfere with their communications
threat minimal.
threat to allied currently positioned ground forces? zero.
threat threat to allied currently positioned ground forces.
halt fleet? negative.

Tactica Command: "a team of four Agents commanded by Lead Agent codename "BlueTarget" will be providing combat support."
Pudj:"that man has traitor written all over his masked face, mark my words. can't trust a man who hides his name, head and world."
Rusk:"his mate vouches for him, and that's good enough for me."
Pudj:"She's no better, hides her name, head and world aswell, traitors the both of them I say!"
Rusk:"well at least he's a man of values, and that is something I can get behind."

>This is how our unknown enemy is going to attack us
"unknown enemy" target not recognised.
>How high is the fleet stationed in the air? They should be stationed as high as possible until they're ready to strike.
Order sent
FleetCommand confirm order
Officer Mook:"order confirmed"

Tactica Command:"Tech Specialist Cudd has been assigned to manage the salvage opperation, his team consists of three utility robots."
Pudj:"Cudd?! what a free loading waste of space do we have no one better?"
Rusk:"I don't think he'll dare slack off under Sout's watch, and considering what happened to the scouting party I'm sure he'll find ways to
stay motivated."

>What're those scout forces doing all the way back there?
report indicates investigating "strange animal activity".
>We need them up front
Order sent
ScoutWalkers confirm order
Scout2:"Sir this could be som-"
ScoutWalkers confirm order
Scout2:" . . . order confirmed"

Tactica Command:"Specialist Kebe will be assisting Cudd in the salvage opperation."
Pudj:. . .
Rusk:"What, no complaint? you disapoint me Pudj."
Pudj:"Well he is a bit loud"
No. 374712 ID: f72f26
File 132468369295.png - (134.75KB , 749x561 , battlequest19.png )

>What're the weather conditions and visibility range on the way to and around the spire?
weather conditions: heavy snow
Visibility range: 110 meters
Scanner Range: 3500 meters

Tactica Command:"Pilot Sylf will be opperating the Iykon Gunship carrying the Salvage team to the site."
Pudj: "Now Sylph this is a choice I can support, one of my best pilots."
Rusk: "I'm not so sure, she seems to be lacking in experience . . ."
Pudj: "and you say I complain a lot, hmmf!"

Rusk: "So Tactica Command, you think this team will do?"

>option 1: Team is satisfactory, follow them on route.
>option 2: Team is unsatisfactory, recall gunship immediately and build new team.
>option 3: Input new course of action.
No. 374718 ID: 2563d4

>"Artillery" command not recognised.
Well I hope the warfleet's good at bombing, then!
What do we have?

Makes little odds. Get on with it.
No. 374719 ID: 9cb4b3

Strange animal activity? Have the scouting party give us a report on that. We should be keeping an eye out for ANYTHING unusual about this spire, and changes to wildlife might give us a clue that may help us later on.

Observations on wildlife unless incredibly abnormal must be passive observations, we don't need anyone chasing rabbits down rabbit holes when they could be sniffing out the enemy. Relatively speaking, of course.

The team is satisfactory. Pudj's judgement of character seems well-placed, and if anything, the loss of a mate will likely drive them to pursue this mission further, lest we consider letting that mate die in vain. This will be a chance for him to honor their memory.

Trust BlueTarget for now. If he's a lead agent, and given that title by the alliance, we can assume he has the best interests of the alliance in mind.

Nothing here is worth recalling the gunship for, and time is of the essence. Wish them good luck or gods' speed or whatever is appropriate as they go on their way, Tactica Command.
No. 374727 ID: cf49fc

Why do we only know that head agent <BLUETARGET> has a mate, and little else about them? Are our information systems SO BAD that we can only keep units marital status straight?

Oh, and move a bombardment capable vessel into position to support our recon team. We won't lose contact THIS TIME.
No. 374748 ID: 54af1f

Team is fine, let's get this moving. Also, yeah, what kind of animals exactly?
No. 374751 ID: 54af1f

Wait. If we're deploying the salvage team to the downed walkers, we should maybe give them a stronger guard detail given what happened to those walkers.
No. 374759 ID: e3f578

Give Pudj an official order to make his critique more professional, while the critique is appreciated and useful to bring up, using words such as "freeloading waste of space" is not appropriate of a man of his rank, or any rank for that matter. Announcing that the soldier has a history of neglect in the line of duty is enough, and plain statements are much more appropriate.

All teams satisfactory. Are there unit upgrade options? What are our current resources rations? How long can we afford to remain on the planet to accomplish the objective if the situation requires stationing here for a length of time?
No. 374779 ID: 0661ec

Seriously, this Pudj guy needs to get his shit together and be more professional about his feedback at once.

The team seems satisfactory and we don't have time to micromanage individual scout-pilots; they're adequate. Send them in to action.

No. 374787 ID: 9cb4b3

Um, no, keep the fleet together.

Also Pudj is fine you guys sheesh.
No. 374789 ID: b738b4

"Strange animal activity"? Inquire as to what kind of "strange animal activity" would warrant sending two scout forces tromping about the jungle. While the fauna here is unknown, it's unlikely to pose even a minimal threat to our forces.

The salvage team composition looks acceptable. However, do we have other personnel on the ground with the necessary skills to form a backup salvage team? Just in case the first team is lost or otherwise unable to complete their objective.
No. 374795 ID: 6f1d54

Do we not have ships in orbit? I'm confused why neither the Scellor or Astranians have considered orbital bombardment to back up their forces, or to make a preliminary crushing strike, since it seems to me that the majority of their forces are on-planet.

Unless there's a massive space-battle up above that we're missing out on.
No. 374905 ID: cdb8cb

inb4 Astranians are strange animal activity.
No. 374907 ID: f72f26
File 132471940047.jpg - (125.05KB , 600x600 , U7qAf.jpg )

Tactica Command: "Scout2 delay prior order and report your findings immediately"

Switching to scout4 camera

Scout2: "well my findings aren't much, it's that these herd animals keep traveling in one direction than the other, it seems really weird like something's got them majorly spooked"

Rusk: "probably some sort of mating ritual."

Scout2: "I dunno, it sure doesn't look like any sort of mating ritual"

Pudj: "I don't like the sounds of this one bit, I think my scouts are in danger, I recommend imediate withdrawl."
No. 374909 ID: f72f26
File 132471973953.png - (84.10KB , 800x600 , battlequest20.png )

Switching focus to Salvage team

Rekon Leader:"Salvage team, got visual on enemy combatants, loading prejections, and . . . done"

"BlueTarget": "Ayaar three of em looks like."

Kebe: "Scellor filth! how'd they get here before us?"

Cudd: "huh I guess it was Scellor after all."
No. 374910 ID: f72f26
File 132471992764.png - (212.05KB , 749x561 , battlequest21.png )

Kebe: "of course it was Scellor, our walkers are not going to get knocked over by a sharp wind!"

Cudd: "three little guys took down three scout walkers?, no way man.

Targ: "Ayaar are Highly skilled ambush experts, and among the best warriors the Scellor have availible, it would be unwise to ever underestimate thier capabilities."

Cudd: "welp Sounds to me like we might as well just turn around then."

Kebe: "As this is a combat Situation Sergeant Sout should make the final call"

Sout: . . .

>option1: abandon Mission return to base
>option2: attack from the sky with the gunship (risking heavy damamage to mechs
>option3: quick flyby deploying marines via grav drop right on top of the enemy with guns blazing
>option4: land Gunship and deploy all forces
>option5: something else
No. 374915 ID: 73eb25

High-speed strafing run, single pass only, should catch them a bit by surprise. Then turn around and head back to the halfway point between the salvage site and the base camp.
No. 374918 ID: 2563d4

Three vs four-plus-gunship, what little element of surprise is possible being ours? If you can't get in there and win this you may as well pack up and leave the planet already.
No. 374924 ID: 453e62

land, deploy, lift off, fly over making shots that go wide, you just want them looking at the ship, then troops attack while they are looking the wrong way.
No. 374925 ID: 9cb4b3

Land Gunship, deploy all ground forces and demand that the green bastards surrender.
No. 374941 ID: ce4a4d

Scout walkers:
Explode with the plasma mine booby traps left behind by the tozzle squad.
No. 374986 ID: b738b4

Right now we don't know if our forces are spooking the wildlife, cloaked Scellor scouts, or a pack of local predators. Recommend scouts pull back from the edge of the jungle, but remain within sensor range, and slowly follow the edge of the jungle south-southwest to meet up with the main force. Continue to monitor animal movement for patterns that would indicate enemy scouts shadowing our forces.

Fly in quick and deploy the marines. Assume that the walker wrecks have been booby trapped, and do not approach. Attempt to flush the Scellor out into the open so the gunship can get a clear shot at them. If we can take them down, but it'll destroy one of the crippled mechs, do it. Only one, though. I want the sensor record from at least one walker so we can figure out happened here.
No. 375000 ID: b738b4

Ask BlueTarget what the Ayaar's known psychic abilities are.
No. 375448 ID: f27b6b

Option 3 or 4, plz!
No. 375634 ID: f72f26
File 132506243870.png - (296.93KB , 749x561 , battlequest22.png )

Sout: "BlueTarget, you seem to know this enemy the best, I want you and your team by my side when we engage."

Targ: "very well Sergeant."

Sout: "Pilot! bring us in for a landing."


Pilot Sylf: "reaching destination in two minutes"
Marine Kebl: "Sargeant, squad is good to go, "

Sout: "Excellent. Targ, is there anything you can tell me about the aliens' psionics?"

Targ: "documents record teleporting, as well as speed and strength ehancement abilities, that said these scellor are unpredictable and could have developed further."
No. 375635 ID: f72f26
File 132506264676.png - (212.75KB , 749x561 , battlequest23.png )

the gunship lands

Sout: "Squad Radion, shield formation!"

Kebe: "Sergeant! should myself, Cudd, Doctor Gaul and the utility bots disembark as well?"

Cudd: "if you wanna get fried out there Kebe, be my guest but don't pull us sane indivuals into this mess."

Kebe: "Sout is sergeant, he will decide if our skills are necessary."

>Sout has to consider his assault plan
No. 375661 ID: 2563d4

There doesn't seem to be much point disembarking the engineering team until their guard to keep them from getting shot up have finished killing the people who want to shoot them up.

Worth getting the gunship airborne and ready in case they do need to resort to air support.
No. 375694 ID: 9cb4b3

Keep drones in front, keep a couple of drones out in the very front along with the three robots to check for mines, running scans constantly through the ground and making sure the path is safe. Stagger the robots however, so that if the scanners don't pick up the mines at all you don't lose all three at once. In fact, if the scanning range will cover the entire area that you'll be walking on, just use two and keep the third back with you as a spare.

Have Kebe and the others disembark with you, keep everyone together.
No. 375832 ID: e3aff6

Have two or more of your soldiers assigned to guard the rear of your group, because of the teleportation.
No. 375837 ID: b738b4

Have Cudd, Kebe, and the utility 'bots disembark if, and only if, they can provide significantly better scanner accuracy and coverage.
Remember that it's a bleedin' snowstorm out there, with 110 meter visibility, and these scellor are ambush experts, who can teleport! Maybe even go invisible, make sensor ghosts, or some other damn psychic trick. We're going to need every sensor and scanner we've got to look for them, and any mines or traps they left behind.

Recommend troop formations that favor maximum visual coverage, since an attack could come from any angle here. Split into three groups, at the points of a triangle pattern. One utili-bot each. Doctor in the rear point. Kebe and Cudd in each of the forward points. Be ready for anyone, or anything, teleporting in.

Also recommend that Sylf take the gunship up and start circling, ready to offer fire support against any enemy fool enough to stand in the open.
No. 375848 ID: 54af1f

Hmmm. Send the scouts some backup and pull them back. But request a fighter do a flyby of the area. It maybe an attempt to conceal something. Also watch out for ambushes along our pull back route. Don't move directly back to base.
No. 376122 ID: f72f26
File 132522549882.png - (141.01KB , 749x561 , battlequest24.png )

Scout walkers recalled


Sout: "all units disembark, Pilot take off and provide support where possible"

Pilot Sylf: "of course Sergeant"

Sout: "Cudd I want your teams scanners on full, I don't want any surprises, now soldiers let's move!"

* * *

Marine Kebl: "Sergeant we have visual on the wrecks"

Sout: "Cudd, Scanner report."
No. 376124 ID: f72f26
File 132522572330.png - (231.27KB , 749x561 , battlequest25.png )

Cudd: "I've only got residuals on psi scope and at thier fade rate, either the enemies are dead or their gone. Recon ships have also lost track of the enemy infantry"

Sout: "they detected our presence . . ."

Kebe: "hah, show a little force, and they flee with their slimy tails between their treestump legs"

Target: "maybe, or perhaps they're simply guiding us into a trap."

Cudd: "uggh, well that'd be just wonderful"

Sout: "anything else of note on scanners?"

Cudd: "not much, though I am detecting a number of objects buried beneath the ice, not exactly sure what though."

Sout: "mines?"

Cudd: "maybe, hard to say, should be easy enough to avoid if they are."

Kebe: "Sergeant, how should we proceed with the mission?"
No. 376131 ID: 9a49f4

We make sure to avoid the mines, that's what we do. Also try to disarm one with a robot, see what we're dealing with.
No. 376149 ID: bfe7b2

avoid the signatures, but as soon as the path seems like its leading to a choke or is funneling to a smaller width / movement options, invest in whatever methods of remote testing you can of them be it sending a robot right on over, firing a shot into, throwing a rock even. keep moving towards where the psi last faded
No. 376156 ID: 73eb25

Escort the salvage mechs to close to the wreck then recover each walker. Assume that the walkers are booby trapped. Avoid anything you detect that isn't one of the walkers. Could be mines under there. Check for alive or dead crew. Try to find out what took them out based on the damage they received.

Any scouts you've got make a wide sweep in a radius of the wreckage site and look out for concealed enemy positions, mines, or signs of what attacked the walkers.

If you are feeling adventurous after recovering the three walkers you can attempt to recover one of those things you detected underground. I'd highly advise against it.
No. 376172 ID: 2563d4

Seems reasonable.
No. 376184 ID: 1e3433

The Scellor could very well be hiding in the mines, its worth taking a look.
No. 376192 ID: 9a49f4

uh, no, if they were doing something that stupid they would have shown up on our scanners.
No. 376203 ID: 1e3433

>something that stupid
Because walking around on the surface when the enemy has air superiority is smart?
>would have shown up on our scanners
>I am detecting a number of objects buried beneath the ice, not exactly sure what though
No. 376221 ID: 9a49f4


No. 376292 ID: 316d2a

Try shooting one of the buried things from a safe distance (preferably with something larger than a normal infantry weapon) and see if it explodes like a mine. They could be mines or bots or something else.
No. 376331 ID: b738b4

In this situation, anything dense buried just under the surface is considered a mine or bomb until proven otherwise. Steer clear of them for now. If there's one in the way, blast it.

Put one utility 'bot on point, with a scanner group a safe distance behind to guide it 'round the almost-certainly-mines. Carefully examine each wreck for booby traps with the 'bot first, followed by a full scan to look for more traps and to determine what took them down. Then retrieve the vehicle's sensor logs and black box recorder once you're reasonably certain it is safe to.
No. 376534 ID: 54af1f

Got any mine clearance charges? If not, then just be careful and avoid the mines. We need to begin salvage as soon as possible.

Keep at least 50% of the force deployed on security.
No. 377011 ID: f72f26
File 132554350154.png - (194.44KB , 749x561 , battlequest26.png )

Sout: "is there anyway we can disable these mines, or whatever they are?"

Target: "Indeed, my men's ScorpionRifles should have the punch to shoot through the layers of ice. Aimlok!"

agent Aimlok: "I am ready to serve the alliance my love! but I will need a higher vantage lest I risk my own life"

Target: "perhaps-"

Cudd: "HEY! hate to interupt your mateship practice, but I just got a huge energy spike."

Target: "Aimlok, on my shoulders!"

Agent Aimlok: "I will do this for you."
No. 377012 ID: f72f26
File 132554355663.png - (218.73KB , 749x561 , battlequest27.png )

Traget: "Quickly Cudd, the coordinates! we can't miss this oppertunity!"

Cudd: "Right! from your mark: two seven point eight nine, Zero point four four, five point one four."

Agent Aimlok: "marked, aiming . . ."

Cudd: "shit, I've lost the reading!"

Target: "wha-"
No. 377013 ID: f72f26
File 132554361195.png - (272.74KB , 749x561 , battlequest28.png )

Cudd: "Eeeargh!"
Target: "oof!"

Kebe: "We're under attack!!!"
No. 377014 ID: 1b0f2f

Welp. We just got taken out. Hope the fuzzies are OK.
No. 377020 ID: 73eb25

Try to find the attacker.
No. 377024 ID: 453e62

hit the dirt minimize profile.
No. 377028 ID: 57711e

Get that carrier to give you some air support right now! Have a bot compute the trajectory of the shot and the location of the shooter! SHIELDS UP!

have all combat personnel stand ground, have noncombat personnel use excavation explosives to create a trench we can fight from!
No. 377030 ID: 57711e

Also everyone remain calm!
No. 377040 ID: 2563d4

Reasonable. (You had you shields up already, right. I mean you were kind of deploying into a fight.)
No. 377096 ID: b738b4

Where the hell did that shot come from?! It didn't show on scanners 'till right before it fired. This is bad. That it hit the utility bot first might be something though.

Order the bots to get away from everyone else. They're nothing but potential shrapnel bombs now.

Get Kebe on scanner and calling shots. The second there's an energy spike, everyone lay down as much fire towards it as they can, gunship included. Fill the air with shots and we'll hit something.
No. 377143 ID: 54af1f

Get to cover and return fire. If you have smoke, lay some.
No. 378959 ID: f72f26
File 132622094722.png - (194.29KB , 756x566 , battlequest30.png )

Sout: "Sylf, we need air support!"

Pilot Sylf: "I've got no target Sarge, Scanners are reading zilch on hostiles. Unless you want me dropping magma bombs or FlameNets on your heads there's nothing I can do."

Sout: "Damn, hold formation and patrol."

Pilot Sylf: "I'll stay up here as long as I can"

Sout: "thank you Sylf."
No. 378961 ID: f72f26
File 132622101005.png - (239.99KB , 756x566 , battlequest29.png )

Sout: "Kebe, I need you on Scanner. tell me anything you find."

Kebe: "ready and willing sargeant"

Sout: "everyone else ,charge your weapons and be ready to fire the second Kebe gives his mark."

Sout: "also keep those utility bots away from us, we don't need any more shrapnel hits"

Sout considers his soldiers, his marines have thier shields fully charged since drop, they'll be protected from psychic attacks and light fire. Target and his Agents are not shielded. niether are the utility bots, or Doctor Gaul. Kebe however does have light shielding.
No. 378962 ID: f72f26
File 132622108784.png - (254.95KB , 749x561 , battlequest31.png )

Kebe: "Sir! I've got an energy spike!"

Sout: "coordinates now!"

Kebe: "wait that's not-"


A scellor creature materializes

Ayaar Leader: "little children shouldn't be playing with guns . . ."

Kebe: !!!
No. 378963 ID: f72f26
File 132622117034.png - (190.55KB , 749x561 , battlequest32.png )


two more scellor creatures materialize

Ayaar Leader: " . . . Somebody might get hurt!"

Kebe: "ALIENS!"
No. 378968 ID: 5acaea

Kebe: laser hammer right.
BlueTarget: fall.
Every one else: shoot fucking everything.
No. 378970 ID: 2563d4

I'm sure your shields are good against friendly-fire, right?
No. 378971 ID: 9cb4b3

Kebe: Blast the alien as a feint and immediately follow up with a strike with that hammer/axe/whatever you have. Maybe target the upper shoulder so that they duck rather than teleport and then wreck their shit with that hammer.

Shout to the men to take them by surprise when they can, attack from wherever they aren't looking, the shields prevent them from reading your mind and they can't dodge or teleport away from attacks they don't see coming! Surround them, attack in melee then switch to ranged when they teleport away and there isn't any of your own men behind them.
No. 378987 ID: 1b0f2f


Come on this is the Astranians we're talking about. Of course their shields are protected against friendly fire. It's when that friendly fire melts the snow and shorts out the shields that they'll be in trouble.
No. 379014 ID: 9cb4b3

They're not protected against friendly fire, friendly fire will soak the shields like crazy because they're energy weapons.
No. 379077 ID: 54af1f

Try to grab some distance and light them up.
No. 379092 ID: b738b4

Kebe: Tackle that scellor in the legs. Knock it off-balance. Maybe your shield will disrupt its teleport ability. And if that's an ax you're carrying, bury it in the scellor's knee.
Sout: Turn and charge that scellor next to Kebe. Fire only if you have a clear shot. Knock that scellor down!
BlueTarget and Aimlok: Hit the deck!
Two marines in the upper right: Turn around and fire!
Everyone else: Regroup. Glue your backs to each other. Unshielded with shielded. 360 degree visual coverage. Shoot anything that isn't Astranian.

Fill the air with fire. Make 'em wear themselves out tele-dancing around your shots.
Watch for dropped grenades when they finally 'port out.
No. 379096 ID: 1737f4

If I recall, the astranian shields disintegrate flesh on contact and only auto-deactivate if another astranian approaches... So would closing in with the scellor until they collide into the shields be an available tactic?
No. 379264 ID: 1444d5

>all Scellor appearing directly between Astranians
No. 379269 ID: 54af1f

No. 379274 ID: 509c1a

they are shielded, and immune to illusions.
No. 379291 ID: 4bdd79

Left alien gets axed. Middle alien gets shot by Blue. Right alien gets shot up by the agent standing next to Blue. Thank god that you have a clear line of fire on every target.
No. 379317 ID: b738b4

If Astranian shields do do that, that makes the "tackle" plan even better. Though these scellor look like they're wearing at least basic armor.
It also looks like only the middle ayaar has a gun out. The others look like they're going to fight hand-to-hand.
Oh, and remember that scellor have those stinger tails. You don't know what ayaar stingers do, but it's definitely not going to help you.
No. 379634 ID: a2853b

Squad: Juggernaut formation!
No. 379651 ID: 9cb4b3

These guys teleport. That is the single dumbest plan.

When they teleport you'll run into each other and knock out your own shields going through with this plan.

If I didn't know any better I'd say this was the sort of "sabotage" shit people were warning about before.
No. 379682 ID: b738b4

Don't Astranian shields screw with the Scellor's psychic abilities? Even if it doesn't burn off one of their limbs, it could anchor them down. Or sever said limb if they try to teleport. And really, what option does Kebe have at this point? He's two seconds away from getting an ayaar tail stinger in the head.

Right now, the plan should be to keep these ayaar teleporting around, until they either trip up and get hit, or withdraw to recuperate. That'll give us a window to regroup, tend to the wounded, and get into formations that can counter these teleporting bastards.

Seriously, we should have seen this coming the second BlueTarget said "teleporting."
No. 379844 ID: f72f26
File 132660954849.png - (262.36KB , 749x561 , battlequest33.png )

Kebe: "DIE HEATHEN!!!"
No. 379845 ID: f72f26
File 132660968996.png - (285.40KB , 749x561 , battlequest34.png )

Sout barely has time to see the green glow emanate from the Scellor before its movement speed triples.

Kebe: "gryaah!"

Sout is knocked to the ground
Sout: "oof! it's augmenting its speed! shoot it!!"
No. 379846 ID: f72f26
File 132660975006.png - (246.62KB , 749x561 , battlequest35.png )

marine Gart: "how the hell-"

No. 379847 ID: f72f26
File 132660985907.png - (331.48KB , 749x561 , battlequest36.png )

meanwhile . . .

marine Kebl: "Get out of my path, Agent!"

Ayaar: "EeEEeeeeeaaaargh"
No. 379849 ID: 9cb4b3

Press the attack, Kebl, keep torching that one, Kebe, go for the legs and see if you can't chop that bastard's leg off, the rest, gang up on them wherever you can and fire at them if there's nobody standing behind them.

Send these pitiful scellor bastards back to their precious undermind in failure and shame!
No. 379856 ID: ed57e8

form up on the flamer, guard his flanks.
No. 379904 ID: 2563d4

Probably a good idea.
No. 379965 ID: a461ff

Kebe, pull out your gravity gun and blast that Guy for kicking you in the snout! Everyone not in melee go ranged and use full auto/shotgun/etc weapons when possible. Keep away from them and shoot the shit out of them as melee seems ineffective. Kebe, keep
Torching that one until there's nothing left, whoever is around kebl protect their flank!
No. 380012 ID: b738b4

Looks like one of the ayaar is going to hit-n-run with prox-bombs. It also looks like whatever their armor and bomb casings are made of bypasses Astranian shields. That's probably why only one of them had a gun out. Engage at range, do not attempt to melee.

BlueTarget, AimLok, and that marine that was in the upper right should guard Kebl's flanks and back while he roasts that ayaar. Kebl's flamers will be vital to this fight.

Whoever's still up near Doctor Gaul should guard him. We're going to need a doctor very soon. Gaul should check on that marine that just took a bomb to the back.

Sout, take some shots at that ayaar that just kicked Kebe in the face. Even with Kebe on top of you blocking your aim, that scellor is still damn close. He will try to teleport behind you, so be ready.
No. 380019 ID: 9cb4b3

Please don't shoot Kebe in the back of the head.

That would be bad.
No. 380037 ID: b738b4

More like half-blind firing around the left side of his head.
No. 381532 ID: f72f26
File 132721428245.png - (271.56KB , 749x561 , battlequest37.png )

Sout: "Kebe get back in the action! KEBE!"

the specialist doesn't respond.


Agent hoplast: "damn! it moves too fast, we need support!"
No. 381533 ID: f72f26
File 132721443887.png - (244.13KB , 749x561 , battlequest38.png )

marine Orts: "Support on it's way agent!"

ayaar: "eh? kyaaaaaH."
No. 381534 ID: f72f26
File 132721454622.png - (239.41KB , 749x561 , battlequest39.png )

BlueTarget: "Agents rally on marine Kebl, his flame unit seems to be effectiv-"

marine Kebl: "negative! it's resisting my flames some how."

agent Aimlok: "He's drawn a detonator grenade!"
No. 381535 ID: f72f26
File 132721460432.png - (217.26KB , 749x561 , battlequest40.png )


Target: "creature neutralized"

The Ayaar leader is fired apon
but too little effect.

marine Gart: "what the hell?
No. 381536 ID: f72f26
File 132721466885.png - (214.92KB , 749x561 , battlequest41.png )

Target: "he's absorbing your fire!"

marine Kebl: "aahhhhh!"

marine Gart: "Sergeant! it's using our own fire power against us what do we do!"
No. 381539 ID: ee12a2




Also call for the shuttle and get Kebe some medical attention
No. 381546 ID: b6edd6

Attach other hostiles if there are any around, and attack them first.
He is apparently impervious to attack while using this shield power, but he seems to be using both his hands to do so. Have the marines advance on him with melee weapons. His response, whether to retaliate or teleport away, will likely involve him dropping his shield (at least briefly).
No. 381553 ID: 118cf5

Stab his shit.
No. 381576 ID: cf49fc

Are you nuts? He PUNCHED a robot to shreds. Chuck an explosive at him instead. Also, move away from the other dead Ayaar, it's got a primed grenade.
No. 381578 ID: 46c430

Chuck the primed grenade at him?
No. 381650 ID: 369d34

He didn't punch the robot to pieces. It was some kind of ranged energy weapon. And the downed Ayaar wasn't holding the 'nade. The one that was getting cooked just pulled a detonator grenade. It looks like he's already activated it, and if he dies it'll go off.

Call Sylf and have her come in as low and near as possible, ready for evac if it comes to that. If she gets a clear shot with the cannons, she takes it. And keep her shields up as long as possible. We don't need one of these Ayaar bastards jumping on board.

Sout, get out from under Kebl and grab his battle ax. Bury the ax in the Ayaar leader.

Everyone with melee weapons, quickly advance on the ayaar. Everyone without melee weapons, pour on the fire and keep them pinned.
No. 381651 ID: 369d34

Oh, and throw every grenade you can find at their feet.
No. 383728 ID: 73eb25

Don't you have any non-energy projectile weapons? Use them if you have them.
No. 383746 ID: 73eb25

Also call for a medical ship and an extraction stat.
No. 383834 ID: 54af1f

Get in close and use swords.
No. 383843 ID: 369d34

A medical transport would be too far away. Have the gunship start decent, ready for an emergency evac if it comes to that.
No. 384033 ID: f72f26
File 132825263065.png - (324.82KB , 749x561 , battlequest42.png )

The Astranians have engaged in melee.

Gart: "Aaaargh!"
Kebl: "ergrg"

Ayaar Leader: "HA HA Ha! Is this all you are?"

BlueTarget activates a private channel.

Target: "he's too quick, we are out matched!"

Sout: "we need only distract him long enough for your agents to get a clear shot"
No. 384034 ID: f72f26
File 132825272949.png - (195.25KB , 749x561 , battlequest43.png )

sout activates public channel

Sout: Astranians! charge, for Astramarr!"

Ayaar Leader: "yes! get close you fools-

To late the last Ayaar notices his error.
as the Astranian marines draw close he sees their shield bubbles merge into one,
it is the last thing he sees before his eyes go blank.
No. 384035 ID: f72f26
File 132825283499.png - (223.91KB , 749x561 , battlequest44.png )

The Marines see the scellor freeze
why this happened they cannot say.
but they are hardly ones to ignore a golden opportunity.

the Astranians cut down the Ayaar leader, and cuntinue cutting well after it has fallen.
the alien does not get back up

with the last of the scellor dead the battlefield grows silent.
No. 384038 ID: 5b0d85

Tend to the wounded.
No. 384041 ID: 2563d4

Check for any other Scellor first.
And get the engineers sorting the mechs.
No. 384043 ID: 1b0f2f

No. 384080 ID: 54af1f

Your shields block their psi.

tend the wounded, 50% security. And get to salvaging quick before more show up.
No. 384132 ID: ec8060

Oh, so your shields cut them off from the undermind, perhaps? Definitely need to look into projecting your shields onto them.
No. 384143 ID: 4bdd79

>shields turn scellor back into drones
>suddenly, shield launchers
No. 384191 ID: 369d34

First things first, get Doctor Gaul up here to save who he can. Then get a casualty count.

Have Sylf come in for a landing. You're taking what's left of your troops and heading back to base. You'd get wiped out if you encountered more Scellor as you now are. Command also needs to know about how that shield bubble froze up that ayaar.

Send the two utility bots to salvage the data recorders from the mech wreckage. See if Cudd or Kebe are still among the living, and if either one can get on their feet. You're going to need someone on scanners.
No. 384194 ID: 73eb25

Tend to wounded, call for evac.
No. 384224 ID: f72f26
File 132834042508.png - (189.54KB , 749x561 , battlequest45.png )

Doctor Gaul declares Marine Gart, Marine Kors and one of the agents dead.

Gaul: "I've patched up Kebl and Cudd, their wounds are serious but they insist on remaining deployed on the field"

Sout: "and Kebe?"

Gaul: "his whole muzzle is shattered, the life support in his suit is the only thing keeping him alive he needs to be taken back to MedCamp."

Sout: "thank you Doctor, I-"

Target "Sargeant,I feel the need to tell you one of the alien bodies is missing."

Orts: "impossible! I cut that one down and good!"

Sout: apperently not cut down enough . . .
No. 384226 ID: 5b0d85

Call the ship and get Kebe back to medcamp ASAP then. We also need to report our findings, mainly that astranian shields can kill them when fully encompassed like that. Get the wounded looked after, the rest need to press onward, no time to delay.
No. 384232 ID: 73eb25

Evac, now.
No. 384235 ID: 2563d4

Then get the mechs recovered (or scuttled, as necessary) before the inevitable reinforcements show up. Everyone who isn't dying should stay and defend the engineers.
No. 384335 ID: 369d34

Dammit. That ayaar still had enough juice in 'em to teleport out. Mark my words, you'll be seeing that bastard again. At the worst time, most likely.

Get Cudd on scanners again, if the scanners weren't trashed. There's landmines out there to be detected. If the scanners are trashed, have 'em direct the utility bots to salvage what you can from the mechs. The gunship'll blow up what you can't take, from the air.

Think taking what's left of the ayaar's gear back to Command would help? Command might be able to get something out of their sensor and comm equipment.
No. 384685 ID: f72f26
File 132850376241.png - (147.76KB , 749x561 , battlequest46.png )

Cudd delivers his progress report to command

Ekia: "Exellent, Cudd your success here is a great victory for our operation."

Cudd: "thank you Commander but Sargeant sout deserves the credit, if not for the courage and sacrife of his team we would all be dead."

Ekia: "hmmf, shouldn't you be resting? I've been told your injuries are quite severe."

Cudd: "As much I'd like that, I'm not gonna abandon this salvage and let Sout's men die for nothing, Doc Gaul will keep me alive at least long enough to see this through."

Ekia: "Sounds like your a busy man with things to do, keep me informed. . . oh and have those alien bodies delivered to my ship.

Cudd: "yeah, sure."

Ekia cuts the com link.

Ekia: "Mook! another glass of the Vectalis 218."
No. 384689 ID: f72f26
File 132850394719.png - (195.66KB , 749x561 , battlequest47.png )

Tactica Command: "Commander-Ritualist Are you going to provide the sargeants requested reinforcements?"

Ekia: "it's your mission you deal with the technicalities"

Tactica Command: . . .

Ekia: " what's the matter Tactica Command? are you still sore about being wrong? if I didn't know better I'd say you are disappointed at thier survival!"

Tactica Command: "sending troops into certain death is against Astranian Law"

Ekia: "that was your prediction not mine, a prediction that was incorrect I might add."

Tactica Command: " . . . I shall be more thourough with my analysis in the future."

Ekia: "yes, you do that, let us now dwell upon the present! it is time for our bombardment and the absolute destruction of the scellor!"

Tactica Command: " a direct assault with the carrier will put you in danger and risk that we cannot afford to lose: your ship"

Ekia: "Danger from what? the scellor have no ability to stop our fleet, if they could not beat us at orbit, what could they hope to do now, was it not your prediction that we would be victorious? are you telling me you are again incorrect? I'm starting to lose faith in your brilliance . . . have you nothing to say? no flaw in my plan to illuminate?"

Tactica Command: . . .
No. 384691 ID: a2fa74

"Very well, Eika. Have it your way. I will, however, note in the log that this is entirely your action and against my advisement."
No. 384694 ID: 5b0d85

Tactica Command, what are the chances of the ship's victory? We cannot afford to lose the ship and you, as their AI, cannot let them man a suicide mission, but at the same time, a fight without the flagship will lack a desired punch.

How about this: Can a couple of the ships overcharge their shields and fly low against the ground directly over the scellor base in a shield-run, cutting off a sizeable chunk of them from the undermind and thus killing a fantastic number of weaker scellor and at the very least, drones, while the other ships and flagship then bombard the scellor after the "shielding run" and destroy whatever ones are left when the ones that are left are still stunned from the shielding?
No. 384721 ID: 2563d4

So get some scout craft or such out there ahead of the carrier so you can judge just how much resistance the Scellor can put up. If they get shot down in a barrage of AA fire, you know to stop.
No. 384731 ID: 41cd22

Ekia's right. It's high time for some good ol' fashioned aerial bombardment. What kinda doof deploys a force without mortars or whatever anyway?
No. 384766 ID: 5b0d85

Remind Ekia that if the shields of the ship fail she will need to activate her own shields immediately, and offer to do this for her so that her own shields go up instantaneously.
No. 384786 ID: 1b0f2f


Careful the Skellor may be armed with water pistols.
No. 385063 ID: 369d34

TacticaCommand, in previous engagements with the Scellor, where a Commander-Ritualist and a TacticaAI were leading, how often was the outcome of a battle significantly different between what the AI and the Commander-Ritualist predicted? And how much of that difference was due to lack of intelligence of the Scellor forces? Of lack of knowledge of the situation and battlefield? Basically, something is wrong here because the Commander-Ritualist's predictions are falling out of line with your own, to a statistically significant degree.

Anyway, to answer Ekia, say that none of the Scellor primary ships were destroyed outright, only a few small ones. The Scellor were not trying to engage our carrier and its escorts in orbit, they were hurrying to get to the ground. They wanted to be down here.
And our knowledge of scellor psychic abilities is incomplete, as evidenced by Sout's encounter with the ayaar. What is to say that they couldn't do to our carrier's weapons what they did to his marines' shots.
No. 385711 ID: f72f26
File 132893557685.png - (298.70KB , 749x561 , battlequest48.png )

>Tactica Command, what are the chances of the ship's victory?
Calculations predict a 93% success rate, however my current data has proven insufficient to make accurate predictions.

>Can a couple of the ships overcharge their shields and fly low against the ground directly over the scellor base in a shield-run?
Negative this would expose unacceptable danger ratios to our valuable starships

>TacticaCommand, in previous engagements with the Scellor, where a Commander-Ritualist and a TacticaAI were leading. . .
there has been no prior situation that meets those parameters this is the first.

Tactica Command: "Commander Ritualist none of the Scellor primary ships were destroyed outright, only a few small ones. The Scellor were not trying to engage our carrier and its escorts in orbit, their objective was to reach the surface. They wanted to be down here perhaps they have a type of atmospheric advantage.
And our knowledge of scellor psychic abilities is incomplete, as evidenced by Sargeant Sout's encounter with the ayaar. The Scellor could employ similar powers to deflect your carriers weapons."

Ekia: "our Shield can withstand our own power, there is no Danger, the only mistake would be to allow the Scellor a reprieve on the eve of victory. no, they die tonight.

Tactica Command: "very well I hope your strategy succeeds Commander-Ritualist Vhanione Ekia."
No. 385712 ID: f72f26
File 132893563439.png - (181.77KB , 749x561 , battlequest49.png )

Ekia: "charge weapons captian Prep!"

Prep: "Commander-ritualist! at this range our scanners won't be able to pierce the towers's interferance, we'll be firing


Ekia: "we won't be needing scanners Captain, we already know the exact locations of the scellor camps"

Prep: "What? how!"

Ekia: "I'm too tired to explain it to you, just hook the targeters up to my neural feeds, and assume it's magic."

Tactica Command: "Captian Prep, Commander-Ritualist has used psychic projection to locate the enemy."

Prep: "Commander, are you alright?"

Ekia: "I am tired Captian, tired of these aliens, tired of this war, of thise whole ordeal. let us insinerate their corpses and

be done with it

Tactica Command: "Commander-Ritualist has been under a great deal of mental strain. I will let you know if her decisions become


Prep: "Tactica Command what about the custamary surrender ultimatum, isn't it standard procedure?"
No. 385715 ID: 5b0d85

"We already gave them a chance to surrender before this entire ordeal began, Prep. They rejected the notion, they have killed our men and must not go unpunished. As they said themselves, death is not a deterrent for them, so this is our only course of action.

Without further ado, we should destroy the scellor forces in one fell swoop lest we give them any time at all to prepare."

Be wary of the tower firing upon us when we engage the enemy, place at least a ship or two between the capital ship and the tower so that it does not have a direct shot, and obliterate the hell out of those scellor.

Ekia: drink an energy smoothie and summon up some strength to deliver a rousing speech to the troops:

"You have your marching orders, Soldiers! Search and destroy, search and destroy! Any resistance we encounter is to be crushed, the Alliance does not run from our enemies, kill them all! I order all of you to leave nothing but charred green stains upon the snow in our wake!"
No. 385716 ID: 73eb25

"We will follow standard procedure unless otherwise directed by Commander-Ritualist. Commander-Ritualist, do you have any objections to sending the Customary Surrender Ultimatum?"
No. 385721 ID: e3f578

Scellor do not surrender. They don't care about death. It would be a wasted courtesy that would give them an advantage to evacuate whatever mindless drones they can muster. End them. We shall feel no guilt ending their lives, for they shall begin anew.

Ekia, don't let Tactica command insult you with the word irrational. Threaten it with a reprogramming and mind wipe.
No. 385723 ID: 1b0f2f


Oh my god you are the angriest bunny rabbit ever squeeee
No. 385724 ID: 369d34

...Frickin' protocol...
Transmit standard surrender ultimatum at 125% speed. End it with, "You have five seconds to reply 'we agree' before we open fire, starting now." If they do not reply, or reply with anything other than "we agree," open fire.

Hmmm... Ekia is using psychic projection for targeting, against one of the most psychically astute species known... Expect trickery and illusions. Even if she says it's a kill, you're going to want close-scan confirmation, ASAP. If you've got launch-able sensor drones, use them.
No. 385751 ID: 1e3433

>Scellor do not surrender
>Therefore in this case the protocol serves no purpose but to warn the Scellor of our coming
>People still voting for following protocol
No. 385756 ID: f70e5e

hey man, protocol is protocol. not following the protocol rules of the great Astrian empire would belittle the entire Astrian race. transmit the demand for surrender, it'll be fun to see them panic. sides its not like they have anything that can stop you.
No. 385764 ID: b6edd6

We have already requested their surrender in this fight, as seen in these logs:
No. 385782 ID: 8dae80

Oh just shoot them.
No. 385783 ID: 2563d4

You kind of did the talking bit in space. Now you're into the shooting bit. You really ought to get on with that rather than giving the Scellor more time to prepare.

Also have Prep-hare written up for insubordination.
No. 385789 ID: 369d34

Dump the protocol; We already gave them a chance to surrender before they landed. Granted it wasn't to protocol, but they've already made their intentions clear. They don't get a single extra second to prepare.

Open fire!
No. 385811 ID: cf49fc

Ensign Prep is merely doing his duty to make sure his commander hasn't gone suicidally insane or been mind controlled. Recommending promotion to political officer status.

Also, transmit surrender monologue. As long as it's only a few seconds long, we can just zoom over and bomb them before they reply.
No. 385824 ID: 1e3433

>hey man, protocol is protocol.
Protocol only applies when it applies, giving the enemy a chance to surrender when when they might surrender is viable, giving a enemy who doesn't fear death a chance to surrender is stupid.
>not following the protocol rules of the great Astrian empire would belittle the entire Astrian race.
Protocol was made to give a a guideline to victory, that surrender doesn't apply in this case says nothing about the Astranians, it does however say a lot about the Scellor.
>it'll be fun to see them panic.
Tactica Command's job is to assure victory, not fun.
>sides its not like they have anything that can stop you.
They can still escape, it serves no tactical purpose other than forewarning the enemy.
Frankly I think you are either malfunctioning or corrupted.
No. 385869 ID: a2fa74

Why should you comply with protocol? It's not like you're from a society where conformity and strict adherence to the rules is beaten into the populace since birth.

Oh, wait, yes it is.
No. 385888 ID: a1d7ad

There are a few rare times when even an Astarian should breach protocol, this is one of those times.
No. 385891 ID: cf49fc

No it is NOT. We've established that the Scellor are defenseless and incapable of threatening us through our shields.

There is no reason to break protocol. Any further attempts to break protocol should be logged. Attempting to break protocols at this time is irrational.
No. 385901 ID: 1e3433

>It's not like you're from a society where conformity and strict adherence to the rules is beaten into the populace since birth.
This is more of a roleplaying argument, thing is you're trying to play like Zane when we're a cultureless A.I. whos entire job is to weigh pros and cons. Although even Zane was capable of going against rules when the situation called for it.
>No it is NOT. We've established that the Scellor are defenseless and incapable of threatening us through our shields.
What? Did you miss that someone is missing a arm? Or that they took out our heavy units and that we have people missing?
>There is no reason to break protocol.
They won't surrender, the only thing we will be doing is warning them, therefore there is every reason to break protocol.
There is no reason to send a surrender ultimatum.
>Attempting to break protocols at this time is irrational.
I am seeing no rational in sending a surrender message other than Scellor sympathizing.
No. 385904 ID: cf49fc

I see no RATIONAL reason to violate protocols. Are you malfunctioning? A few men on foot killing blowing a few armored vehicles is different from a HEAVILY ARMED ASTRANIAN WARFLEET. They can't possibly reach orbit in time to attack us before we bomb them even with the message. We have them outnumbered, outgunned, and outclassed. We are going to follow protocols and send the Ultimatum. Then, IF AND WHEN they refuse, we'll bomb them to ashes instantly.

If, by some random fluke in the universe, they DID intend to surrender, and we bombed them to nothing, command would probably be PISSED. Ergo, we'll do this tiny, insignificant thing so that we do not end up being erased and the command staff do not end up in front of a firing squad.
No. 386008 ID: 5b0d85

We already know the answer for the scellor and besides, shooting them here until they stop moving isn't even murder as they just respawn back at scellor HQ anyways AND they've ALREADY TOLD US that death is, at best, an inconvience for them. Hell, they BRAG about how unkillable they are. Surrender is NOT an option when KILLING them is meaningless and we don't have the time or resources to take them prisoner, scellor trickery would make sure to that.

It's time we put our lasers where their mouths are and not give them a chance to prepare, any second not spent shooting these unkillable bastards is a second another one of our mortal men may die.

Open fire and don't look back.
No. 386040 ID: cf49fc

Shut up, your ludicrous desire to "inconvenience" the Scellor gets even more absurd with each word you say. This is the first engagement between Astranian and Scellor battlegroups.

No. 386041 ID: e3f578

Quit sayin' words like shut up and accusin' people of things. He just saying what he thinks is right for this situation.

An "inconvenience" and other negative actions for the scellor is just what we want as we play this side of the conflict. I see no large logical drawback if we don't warn them. Less chance of evacuation for them, increased chances of success for this side if their numbers are efficiently eliminated.

Command can be swayed by words and sappy crap about Astranian patriotism. It's a prejudiced regime that gives less of a shit about other cultures every passing day.
No. 386044 ID: 5b0d85

>First engagement
>The scellor have already surprise-attacked a squad of troops JUST NOW and nearly slaughtered the lot of them after
>Not to mention the attempted mindrape/assassination of comfybat

You keep saying things but none of it is true.

The OPENING OF THE QUEST was their chance to surrender, and they said in their first communication with us that they don't care about dying and cannot be killed forever, so giving them an extra few seconds to surrender now is pointless.

Even if they did get the chance to surrender, we would have to give them ten seconds max to surrender to ensure that no scellor trickery takes place, and given they no doubt know we are coming seeing as how they are, you know, PSYCHIC, if they haven't made a communication telling us that they surrender we can assume that they're not going to surrender ever.

Besides, a surrender from them would just be an excuse to get in our ships and try to take things over from the inside once ONE SHIELD goes down, so we can't risk taking them alive in the first place, they're far too dangerous.
No. 386047 ID: 99477c

Transmit no ultimatum. Surrender is ultimately meaningless for both reincarnating immortals and those lacking the self-perception to be described as 'individually sapient'.
No. 386155 ID: f72f26
File 132910964673.png - (245.67KB , 800x600 , battlequest50.png )

>question registered
> processing data . . .
>conclusion reached

Tactica Command: "unknown elements are proving a critical risk to all operations.

The enemy continues to oppose.
the enemy remains a threat.
the enemy retains an unknown qualifier.

All opposition must be removed.
All threats must be removed.
All unknown qualifiers must be removed.

Conclusion reached.
All enemies must be exterminated.

Surrender protocol: overruled."
No. 386156 ID: f72f26
File 132910986958.png - (275.41KB , 749x561 , battlequest51.png )

Tactica Command:
"The value of the mission must not be comprimised.
The Safety of Goldencharge must be preserved.
The casualty rate must be minimised.

I will not fail you again Commander-Ritualist Ekia."

Ekia: "observe the Scellor Tactica Command, observe how they burn, yet no matter the fire they will never truly die. they will go on to live a thousand lives, each as meaningless as the last. each scellor the witting and unwitting pawn of their precious hive mind . . . "

Tactica Command: "I do not understand. "

Ekia: "with all thier mindless obedience they remind me of you Tactica Command, and that troubles me, I would like you to think about what that means."

Tactica Command: . . .
No. 386159 ID: f72f26
File 132910991180.png - (10.57KB , 749x561 , battlequest52.png )

end of thread 1
No. 386164 ID: 5b0d85

Woo! Go Astranians!
No. 386167 ID: ed57e8

the odds of that being an elaborate ruse is rather high. they were told to move as soon as the volcano blew, they had no reason to stay in the location.
No. 386168 ID: 1854db

Oh hey, the astranians get the longest turn and we end with the apparent elimination of their enemy.

No. 386169 ID: 5b0d85

Explain the bodies then.

They can't make psychic projections through astranian shields.

This should probably be continued in /questdis/
No. 386177 ID: ed57e8

what? visuals aren't projections. why would a hologram need to be on the enemy ship to look real?
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